ID   AC114917; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 181442 BP.
AC   AC114917;
DT   15-MAR-2002 (Rel. 71, Created)
DT   19-NOV-2004 (Rel. 81, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Mus musculus chromosome 8 clone RP23-84K6, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-181442
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus clone";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-181442
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-MAR-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-181442
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (16-MAR-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-181442
RA   Wilson R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-NOV-2003) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-181442
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (18-NOV-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
DR   MD5; 382947d182e41378e97552ef78342235.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456146.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000006589; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000014444; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000015027; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000049482; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034227; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034228; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034229; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034231; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034207; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034208; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034209; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034211; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034134; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034135; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034136; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034138; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034201; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034202; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034203; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034205; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0033912; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0033913; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0033914; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0033916; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034721; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034722; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034723; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034725; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033239; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033240; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033241; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033243; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0033885; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0033886; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0033887; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0033889; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034041; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034042; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034043; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034045; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0033984; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0033985; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0033986; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0033988; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034130; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034131; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034132; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034134; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034031; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034032; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034033; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034035; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034739; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034740; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034741; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034743; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0032941; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0032942; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0032943; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0032945; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033355; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033356; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033357; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033359; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000212319; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000213029; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000213062; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0090805; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0090808; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0090817; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0090828; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0090885; mus_musculus_aj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0090826; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0090829; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0090838; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0090849; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0090811; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0090814; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0090823; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0090834; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090386; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090389; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090398; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090409; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091331; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091334; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091343; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091354; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0090946; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0090949; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0090959; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0090971; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090314; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090317; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090326; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090337; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0090527; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0090530; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0090539; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0090550; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090360; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090363; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090372; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090383; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0090555; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0090558; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0090567; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0090578; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090389; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090392; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090401; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090412; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0091648; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0091651; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0091660; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0091672; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090380; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090383; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090392; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090403; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089424; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089427; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089436; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089447; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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CC   On Nov 5, 2003 this sequence version replaced gi:19387832.
CC   ----------------- Genome Center ----------------------
CC   Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC   Center code: WUGSC
CC   Web site:http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Project Information -------------------
CC   Center project name: M_BA0084K06
CC   ------------------------------------------------------.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..181442
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="RP23-84K6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
SQ   Sequence 181442 BP; 44210 A; 47953 C; 48476 G; 40803 T; 0 other;
     gaattcctcc atgcttctct ccagctttgg ccttagtgct gctgctgctg ctactgttct        60
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgttactgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgttactgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtccgtgc       120
     atatcatgta tggtgtgggg gtccaaggac agctttgtgg aattgttgat ggttttctag       180
     ggccaaacac aaagcatcta cagctagtgt ttcactgtcc gagccatcct gacagtcctt       240
     acaggtcttt taagaatatg tttctaactc attgagaaaa tgccaattcc tcttttgttg       300
     agtgttttct ctagaaatgg atacagacgg tttctctttg tcttcacctg ttaaaaatct       360
     tcttcccccc agattgactg atgtgtgctg ctgtcctatt gcttgtgttc tatccttgtg       420
     ttcttagctg cagacaccac tcggtcaggg tgtatttttg ttatgtggga ttggattctg       480
     ttggcttgtc tttatgtaga atttgtgctg ttgcattctt aaatgacacg atttccttcc       540
     ttttggctcc tttttcagac ttgagcctta tgcagaccct tattatgact atgagataga       600
     acggttttgg cgtggtggac agtacgagaa tttcagggtg cagtatacag aagcagaacc       660
     gtatcataac tatcgcgtaa gtatgatcac gtgtgtaaac tttcctcttc ccttagacgg       720
     gtctaactat gttgtacctt aggctagcct caaatccatc atccttctgg cttggctgta       780
     caactagtgc tgtgtgcttc ctcacccagc agcagtcact cctcctgtgg tgtatccact       840
     gtgagcttat tcagttagca aaatgtattt agctatagtc ctgaatttga gcccaggttg       900
     gttgtgcagg cagccactgg ctaggcttgt ggtcatctga tgtcctgtga gctttcttgg       960
     aatcattgtt cctgccatgg ttttataagg ttagctgtgc tggtaaacag tcagtatcag      1020
     ttttcacgag actgtcaccc tcatgagtgt gtcgctctta gaagtctcct gagcagtgtc      1080
     ctcacttgta gccctgttct tgtccatcta atctgctggt tacagatgtg cctctggctg      1140
     gccttgccat gttggtcagg tcctgaaacc tagagtgtat aaagatctgt gtgctccaga      1200
     ctgcctattc catcctcact ctcggcttgc tcgggaagcg tgctcgggga aaggctagtg      1260
     aggagccctg agttattatg tgccgtgact cacataccac ccatcagctg tcacagcact      1320
     gaagacaagt actggctcca ggagtccata ggtatgagct atgcagactc ccctatagcc      1380
     cagaaccaca gcttccttcc tcctggaggt agggtgcccg gtacagtact tgttctctgt      1440
     tcagtctagt gagtagctag aaggaacgcc acaggagcct gcatggtgtc tcccaacccc      1500
     tccagaggcc cagagcctgt cagctctgcc attattggac ttgttgggtt ttaatgctga      1560
     gtattaaagc aggaaaagaa ggcagcagtg gggagttgca gtaaggggat acattcttcc      1620
     ttcagacgtg ttcataagca ctgtggtggg gccttgcctg catgacagcc attctaagaa      1680
     tgagctgggt cactcatggg agggcctgtg gtgtgggctc ctttctacag gctggtgctg      1740
     gcaaagttgt ggatttattg gttggggtaa cttcactctt aatttgtatg cattttttaa      1800
     catgtatttt tttttgtgta tatgtgtctg tgttttgtgg tactgggaat taaacctaag      1860
     tacctaagaa tctggacata cttggtcagt gacttaaaga aggctctcac ctgacccagg      1920
     cttgccttga atttgagatc ctcctgcctt agtctcctag ttgcaggcct ttgccatcag      1980
     acacagctaa cttattttaa ggaaatactt gggaatagaa tggcctcttg atagcatcct      2040
     cttacctgca ccctgttttc tctctgcttc taacaaatag tttgtgactc agcgtctata      2100
     tctggctttt taacccagga acgagagagg gaacgagagc gagaaaacag acaacgagaa      2160
     cgcgagcggg aacgagagcg tgaccgagag cgggagcgca ggcagagaga gcgggagcga      2220
     gaacgggaac gagagcggga caaggagcgg cagcggagga aagaggagtg ggagagagag      2280
     agagccaagc gagacgagaa ggaccggcaa caccgagacc gagacaggga caaggaccgg      2340
     gagaaggaca aggagaagcc gaagcccagg tccccacagc caccgaggta ggtcacccta      2400
     aatcccatct gtcaggacat cttgcccttg gcctctccat cagatctttg ggtaacagct      2460
     tcgtgcttcc ctgaagcagc ctgcctgtgt aggacatagt gtaggtgtgg ggctactttc      2520
     ttcctcttag attgtatctg cagaaagcac tgtggctgtg cctcagttcc ttttgtgtct      2580
     gtctgttggt ggacattggg ctgtgggtac tttttgacag ttgtagctgt gagtgttggt      2640
     gtgtgaatgt gttcttcttg ggttacctat gggaggaact gcggggtcat ctcataactg      2700
     atgatctgac ggaccatctt ccaaagaagc tactttgtcc atttttccta gaccttcagc      2760
     ccatagtgct gccacaccag ggtagatatc ccctcccttg tcctctgcaa agtagcagga      2820
     gcagagtaga ggtgtgagat caagagccaa ggacagtgtg ggtagcatga tgttagaagt      2880
     acattttagt gagccttgcc taccatctga agtaatacaa ataacactat tcgttttggt      2940
     ttttatctct gtgtagtgta gccttgaact tatgatcctt cctgcctccg ttttccagct      3000
     gctggttttc caggcatgtg ccactatgcc aggctatttt tgtgtctctt tgtacctgtc      3060
     ctagaacaca tgggtctagg gcctttgttg tcatctgtta ccagttctgt gtctctgggt      3120
     tttctggctt tccagtatgc tcaaaaagac attttcaaat tctgaatcag agtggtaggt      3180
     tgtggaaaag ccttgttcca gttcagcact tgcaggtcag gactgaactc agaccttctg      3240
     ggattgtcat ttggttggta atatgagcta agtgaagccc acagatagga ctttgttctt      3300
     gtattgcttc tgtggttggt tgattggttg gttgggttgg tttggttttt gttttctttt      3360
     gagatagtgt cttgctatgt ggctatggcc atcttagagc taggtgtgta gaccaggctg      3420
     ccttaacaga tgttcttgcc tctggatttt gttgctgtct cagtagattg gcatgtgtta      3480
     gccttctgtg gttttttttg tttttgtttt ttttaaagat ttatttattt atttatttat      3540
     ttatttattt attttatgta agtacactgt agctgtcctc agatactcca gaagagggca      3600
     tcagattttg ttacagacgg ttgggagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcggga      3660
     ccttcagaag aacagtctgc gctcttaacc actgagccat ctcgccagcc cgccttctgt      3720
     gttctttagg gcagagtgga gaaatggcag taagaaacac ttacatctcc gctgtctcat      3780
     acatgtaggg ctaatagaga ggaccagaca gcaagtgctg actttgggaa aagggtgcat      3840
     cacaagaagt aatggcaaag cagagcagag aacacctggg acttgtactc ctggggaact      3900
     gcagagggaa ggacttactg agctcagagg ggtttagcca gtaggcatca tcatgtgcat      3960
     ggtgtaaggc atgaagaggt acagtggtgt cacccactga aatgagggca aactgtatac      4020
     actgtgggac agtcctggga aacctgtgca atttcctggg agataaacaa aagtgtgtgt      4080
     tccttgggtg ttggcagatt gaggtagtag ggaagaaccc acatgctatg agttccttct      4140
     tcctgtcttt attagatgtt taaccctcct gattttagaa gcaacttgcc atcagttgct      4200
     ttttattctt tgaccccaga tttgacagct gtccaagctg gagttcccag ataggcgggg      4260
     tggttgcttc gctcataggc tgccgctcac ttccttgtgt ctcccttggc ctgtgtactg      4320
     tcagccttag cattgactct tgacagcaca gttgaccctt gccctgtaga gcctccggta      4380
     gcctttggat atggtactgt gctagaggga gattagaggg tactgcagct acacagaaga      4440
     tcaaggtcac agatcacctg tgcctttgtt tgtttgtctc ttcagaagta tctggaaata      4500
     gcacatctgt ccttgcccag cagatgcctg ctgtagttcc cgaccagccc ccctcccttt      4560
     gtatactacg gtcctgatac accacgcgca ctatgagggc acctatgggg agatgtagcc      4620
     tcctgtggtt ttgtattctg cctggctttc taggtctgat gtgatatctg ggtggttatt      4680
     ccccactaaa tgattcagca gttttctcag gatgtcctgg gaaacaaaga tacaacctaa      4740
     tgtcactctg cagactccag acctcgactg tccccactca gaagacaact caggtgccag      4800
     ctgggagggt gttagcctgt cgactcaata gctgctaccc tgaaacacga gctccgtggt      4860
     cgtagatcct ctccgtggcc agactcgttg gcactcagac acacgtcagt cttgcagctt      4920
     ttccctctaa atgatacatg aacacttttc tcagtgaacg tggtaatgga ttcttgaatg      4980
     atggttcatc cagtcattct tcccaaagac ctatcattaa atctggggct tctgttggat      5040
     acccatgttt cacccacata gcctctcctg tgacctgggt tcttcccagc tatgctgggg      5100
     atcagaggct ctccccacgc catccttact gcgtttcctt agggcggccc ctgggtgtac      5160
     ctggggcatt agcttccagg gtcagggctg agataacaat ggcacaagcc agactcacgt      5220
     gtctggtggt taagcttcag cactgggtgt cgctccccct gtgcccctca gcaggtaaga      5280
     gagtcctggt acccgccact ggctggtgcc tgagtaaaca gaagctgtga aaggataaac      5340
     cgcagggttt ctatctgcat ggggtagtgc agccttccct atatatgcct ttttctctaa      5400
     ctctctgagg acacgaggcc ggtgctgtta gggaggagcc tgggagcctc attctctctg      5460
     tgcattaatc aagaacttcc cagggtgcag ttaaccagac tcttgaaatt tagagaaaag      5520
     gcttaaggca tggactttcg ttcacttttt tttgttaaca ggtgtttaaa aacatggttc      5580
     ttgttgctat aatttcatga atactgtgta cctactatgt gccaacacta aaaataaaca      5640
     tgtttgaacc aggtggactc cgttgctgtc agaacggtac agtcagaaag atagagttaa      5700
     gtaatgactc ccctaaagta cttgcttttt tgtttgtttg gtttttgaga caatttctct      5760
     gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaacttgctc tatagaccag cctggcctca aactcaaaga      5820
     tctcacctgc ctttgcctcc caagtgctgg cattaaagac atgtgccacc accaccaaaa      5880
     aagtacttat tatatacaag agaagatgag gactggagag atggctcagt ggctgctctt      5940
     ccagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccaacatc cacatggtgg ctcacaacca cctgtaatgg      6000
     aatctgacgc tttcctctgg tgtggctgaa gacagctaca gtgtattcat atacgtataa      6060
     taaataaata aatcttaaag agagggtgag agaatgggat ccctcccagg aaagatggca      6120
     tggaagttaa gcccattgct gcaggaagtc gactgtggag tagaaggggt gccatgtttc      6180
     ctcttcatct gactctttcc tcgagtgtct caggtgaatg ccctggcttt ccagtctctc      6240
     ttcacagcag cattgctggg gaagggtggc agcctgattc tagccctctg tgattctagc      6300
     cgtcaagctg aaccaccaaa gaaggagagc acctctgtgg ggccccaggt gaagcgagcc      6360
     gatgagtgga aggacccctg gcgccgatcc aagtctccca agaagaagct tggcgtgtcc      6420
     gtctccccaa gccgggcacg aagacgtcgc aaaacctccg cctcctcagc ctctgcttcc      6480
     aattcctcca ggtacaaagg gactgtgaag acaggtggct tggggacagt cactggctgc      6540
     cagtttgttg tttgcgtgcg tgcctggtca gtggattact agggaggact gatgccaagt      6600
     gttgtggtaa gactttccgt gctccagagc ttacagcagt aagaaagatg ggtgacctaa      6660
     cacatagaca ccggctgtct gctcgagtca tacaggtcac tcagggaggg aaggcctctc      6720
     agatcctgtg ggaaaggctg tgggttgctg acagaggaac tacacactct gctgaccagt      6780
     cacccagctc tcagagaact tcccttagtg acagaactca tgtgtgcgtg ctgggtgcca      6840
     ggagctgtgt ctgcacctca ggggaaggaa ctccgaatgg agtctgggcg gaacacacca      6900
     gaggacacag ccaggaacac agccatggga gggaacactg ggtcagctgg aaaactcaca      6960
     ctctggcttt gtcccgcact caaactagtc tctggttccc tcctcctggg tgcgcccagt      7020
     cctgctctct gcatggcact gtgggttggt ctgcagggct cctgatcatc tctgtctttg      7080
     aaagtgcttc ttctctatgg agcctcgctg tctcactgca cgagagaaca gcggctcagc      7140
     acatcccagt gctgcaggag taaacgaacg ccaccttgtc actgcccctt ctctgtccat      7200
     tggcccacag gtcatcgtca cggtcttcat cctactctgg ctctggctcg tcccgctccc      7260
     gctcccgctc ctcctcctac agctcctatt ctagccgctc ttccagacac agctcgttct      7320
     caggcagccg atccaggtaa gtcctgcctg ctgacctcta gcaggctcag tgctcacggg      7380
     tgtgtggggt gggtcaagtg tcgtgtctct cgcaggttcc tgggtgcctg cttccaaaat      7440
     ggtgtcagta ccctgcatcc tgaggagcca acactgcagg ggctggccta ggacctgccc      7500
     ctcaggtctc tgttgagcgg caggtaggaa tgtacagtgt ccagcccaga agccctggga      7560
     gagttaggca agtttctttc tgtgatagtg tgtctgccag tggcaggtgc ccttcacctc      7620
     agtcaggctg gcttgggggt agggcggtgc tcagtggtcc gtctgtccct caactgagct      7680
     gatgctccat cgtgtccctt ccctgcgctg ctgtcactgc tctttagaaa gagcaaaact      7740
     ttggcgtggt gttcagtaaa gcggaagtgt cagtcctcgt cattacctgg gacacataaa      7800
     gacacgcaac ccactgcttt gggacatgtt accactaagc atttgtgtgg gaataaaatg      7860
     ttctgtagtt ccttagtgta atttggtccc ttgcaacgtt accccttcct ggcatatggt      7920
     cttgttttta tttctttaag gacattttga gatttatata tagccctagc tggcctggaa      7980
     tttgctatgt attagattag gttggcctct aactcccacc tgtgtctgcc tctcgagggc      8040
     tgggcggaaa gaagtgtgcc gtcacacgca gctgctcttg ctgtacatgg aatgagggtt      8100
     agcgtgcagt gctgaggctg tcttacggga tgttcactga tgcttctgcc ggtgtggagt      8160
     aaatcgcatg gggttctgtc ttcatgaaca tagaagatag gagctcttgt aagataacag      8220
     gaaactagga gaggaaggta gactagagaa ggctgtgtgg aggccatcca gagatgtgct      8280
     ggcacaaacc ccagagcaca agcattgcca ggttccttgt gcaggtgtca gcagcggggg      8340
     tgggggtggg gtgggagtgc agtaaagaga agagaccatg ggcctcacag tgggaaggac      8400
     aaggaaaacc tgtgggagtc tctgagacag acaaaggcca cttagctttc tgtaaaatat      8460
     gaggctgtag aggtagagaa cacaaggggc ctttagaaag gtcagactca gtgtggagag      8520
     aaagttgtgt atatgatgtt tgttttgggc aagcagctaa tgatagtggc agaaggtagc      8580
     aggaaaacac tccctgtgct ctaaggttag ggccttgggt cggagaagca gctgcaactg      8640
     gaccaagagg tacagactcc aggtgtcagt ccgtgtgttt ctggcccttg ctagtaaatg      8700
     gagcacagaa agcaagaagc tggttgggtc ccagagtaga caggacacag gaaggtccta      8760
     caggtcagcc aaggagctac aaggtaacgt tgcagggaga caccagtggg aatactccat      8820
     cccatccatt gtccagaagc ttcatcatgg tctccccatt cccacagtgc gcatgccttt      8880
     ctcagtggcg tagcctcact tggtgtccgt actatccttc tggagacctg tcattctggg      8940
     tgtccagctt tgaagtgagg aaggagacct ggagtcctag ccttggggtt ctgcagctgt      9000
     ccttcctgaa gttcatctat agcagcccct cccaaagccg cactcaggag gcctgctgag      9060
     gaagaagcag gggctgaggg agaggaggct ggcctgctgc caaggcttgg agggtcccct      9120
     gggtcgcagt attctgggcc tcctgtagtg cttgcccatg agagtaaatg ctaggtttcc      9180
     cgggcatctg cctttgccca tgaaagcatg gaggactgca ggaacctgac ccattgctgg      9240
     ccccacctag ctcgacgtca caggcatcaa tgtggtggtt ctgagtaggt aacataggcc      9300
     aacccagtct ctttgatcct ctcgactgaa gtgtgagctc actgttagaa cttcatcctg      9360
     gaaactccgc ctggaccagc accctttcct gggctgcttg tctaccctgc tgacacctga      9420
     cactgtggaa atcatccggc cataatctcc ccgctgtaca ctccctgctt atgtcatgct      9480
     gtcacttctt ggggacctac ctctgtgctg tgcctgtgcc tgccgaccag gcgtgtggga      9540
     cccttaccag ctctgccacc tcccggcttc taggtgtctt ggattctaca cttagccaaa      9600
     gccatctcca cccatttagc cccatgctaa ggcagaacca tgtgctttct cctgcataca      9660
     agcctccatt cctgagactg cgcgatgccc ttttctgttc tctcctatca gagtgtgtgt      9720
     tctatcagat ggtgaaacag ctgagcctga gcctaaggtc tctgtttcct aggggatgtg      9780
     ccagctccag ccagtaaggg aatttgccaa gcaccagact tcttcctcac actgtctttg      9840
     ttccccaggt cccggtcctt ctcctcgtcc ccatccccgt ctcccacacc ttccccacac      9900
     agacctccag tcagaaccaa gggggagccg gccccacctc ctgggaaagc agggtgagtc      9960
     ctgagccccc tcagtttgct gtggtgctcc acctcggtgg ggtctccagg gattccggcc     10020
     tcctccactc tccccatccc atgcttgaac tagagtgaac agcctccaaa gggcagcaga     10080
     tctggctccc aggaggtggg cggaggcacg ggctcagcac ctagacttgg gtccctgtag     10140
     cgtggaacct tagcagtcat gtgccgtgct taaactgtag aaccctgaga tgtgggttta     10200
     ttgagcaggg accctagccc taccctgcct tgacccggcc ttgcctcaca gggagaagtc     10260
     aataaagaag ccagcccctc ccccagcccc accacaggcc accaaaacta ctgctcctgg     10320
     tcctgagcct gccaaacctg gagatctccg agaagccagg agaaaggagc ggcaaaccag     10380
     gactccccca aggaggtgag cagtgtgggc ttatggcaat cctgggacag ttctctttgt     10440
     ccttggtgct gatgaagact ggagcctggg aggtgggtcc atccccaggg aagcagcaag     10500
     gagcagaggc ccaacctgga acaggcctgt tagcagcctg gtgtgcagga cggctctgcc     10560
     tcagtgaggc cgcctctgag gtgaactatg ctgcttgtgt tgcaggcgga cgctcagcgg     10620
     cagtggtagc ggcagtggta gcagctacag tggctccagt tcccgatcca ggtcacttgc     10680
     ttggtgctac cccctattga cctttttccc tcaccaggtg ggctgaccat gttagggctc     10740
     ttcagtatcc gagaacacac agctcagggc gagtatggtc tcccttcaca caacagcacc     10800
     tacctaacct ttgggaagag gccgagactg ctcctgctcc ccatctggac aaagctgagg     10860
     ccagtcccag gttctctacc cacacctttc ctgaggatag acgggtgttc tcggggcctg     10920
     ctgatcccta ttggagggag tcagccctga agcagttggg agaaagatcc cttaaagaaa     10980
     accaaaaagg agttagaagg tagagtcagc ttgatgcttt tggaatctgg tgaccatttt     11040
     tcctctgtcc tcccgcatca gggccttagc ttttgtccaa ggccttagta atctagactc     11100
     ttttaaagac ctatgggatt tttacttgtt ggctctttga gacaaggttt ctctgtgccc     11160
     aaactcactc ttgtagacca ggctggcctg aaactcatgg agatccacct gcctatgcct     11220
     cccaagttct gggattaaag gtgtgggcca ccatgcccgg cctgtttgtt tttgaaaact     11280
     aaagaacccc tgactctatc ttctccctgt ctctgctcct ctgttctgtc tcctgatgcc     11340
     cttagaagaa gctggttggt gtttgtgata gacatgtcat ggcactgccc tgtatcaaaa     11400
     ctgtatcacc atctactctc cctcccctac tcctgtgccc tgaggagagt acaaggtgtc     11460
     ttagtggtcc cactaaaacc cagggccttg cattctgctc aagctccctg tcactgagct     11520
     gcaggctcgt ttgaattggg agtctccctg tgttgcctcc ctgtgttgcc cagatgagct     11580
     tgaactccca agaagctggg agcagagggg ctccagcaca cctccagcag ctcacacccg     11640
     ttatcctgaa gcacagcgat ctgcctgtct cccaggttac cgggactatg ggttgtgact     11700
     gttgtgcacc accatcaact agcttaaagt tgtgcttttt atcagtgttg actagggctc     11760
     agtccccagt acagggtcat ccaggttagt gaagtagaga ctcagagctg tcctttcact     11820
     atgtattatg tctgtgtgca tcccataaac atggaaattg ggtaaagaca agccatggag     11880
     accctcctgt cagcctgcag cccagccatc ttgcagtcac cgtggggctg agcgcacagc     11940
     tgtgcttgtg tgtctaggtc tctgagtgtg agcagcgttt cctcagtgtc cagcgccacc     12000
     tcgagtagca gctcagtgca cagtgtggac tcagatgaca tgtatgcaga cctggccagt     12060
     cctgtgtcct cagccagctc tcgatcccca actcctgccc agaccaagaa ggagagaggt     12120
     aggcaagggc ccttgccctt gggatgtggg cttgggggtt agctttcgac agagactttg     12180
     ctttatggtc atgtacacag gaacccgtga ctgaggtttg tcgttgacag ggaaatccaa     12240
     gaaagaagac ggagtgagag aggaaaagcg gaggcgggac ccatccgcgc agccgcccaa     12300
     gtcctctaaa gctccagcgg gtgggaaggc ctcccagcag gcagcggcgc ctcagccggc     12360
     ggtccccggg cagccccaac agggctcctt tgttgcccac aaggagataa agctgacact     12420
     gctgaacaag gtgagacaag gggacaggcc tgtattactg cacctgagcc tgggtactgg     12480
     ggtctccgcc caagggacct cgcccatcca tgtgcctgta cctgcggcct ggccagcctg     12540
     ggtcctgacc ccaccccagc atcagacatc ttcaaagctc tgcacatgtc tggaagggcc     12600
     aaggcctgac atgttgagat cctgcaaggc acttcctcat gcagcacaga gggccccatc     12660
     acatggtggc aagggccaca gaactgcttt ggagggtcag gggttcagcc aagaggaggc     12720
     tcatgggagc aaagaaccac tctccagtaa caacagatac accgccaccc tctgcctggc     12780
     ctaacaacga tctgggccct accgccctca ctgtgctgtt tcaggcggct gataaaggaa     12840
     gccggaagcg ctatgagcca tcagacaagg accggcagag ccctcctgcc aagaaggcca     12900
     acttgtcccc agaccgaggt aagccttgga ggtcttgtgc ctgaggttat actatggatg     12960
     tcacccataa gccagaaggc ccacctgcgg gggcttgaca ccagtatatt ctgaaaactg     13020
     tagcggaacc taaaaacccc actgtgtgtc tgtgatgagc actgtagtgc tagcgatcgc     13080
     accgagcttt gctcttcctt ttagacattt tcttactctt tagctcaggc ttgtctccaa     13140
     ctcatgatcc tcctgcctcc acctccaaag tgctgggatt ataggtgtgt gatgggaaag     13200
     gttttaagtc tttaaatata gctcagtggt agcgcacaag atcctggtta cagatgataa     13260
     ataatgtctg cccagcgaca caaatgcagt ctgttaataa tgaccaacct tccagtatac     13320
     aaccaaaaca gtgggtgagg gggcaggtag gggctcagct agtagagggc ttgcacaaaa     13380
     gccctgggtt tggttcctgg ccccacatct gaaacgtcag cactggagac ggagggtcag     13440
     aagttcaagg tcatccttgg ctatccagag tccagaccag gctgggctgc atgaggcagc     13500
     aggcaaatga ctgagtgcat ccgctctcct cctcacgtcg gctatcgtcg tcgttgtcag     13560
     ggccactgtt gctatggtaa aacaccatca ccaaaagtgg cttggggaag aaaaggttta     13620
     ttggcttaca cttccacacc actgttcatc atggaggtca ggacaggaag ctcggggtcg     13680
     cctaatgcag aagctgtgac gtggtgctgc ctactggcct gctcagcttg ctttcttata     13740
     ccgcccatga ccacctgcct agggggagca gcacccatag tgggctgggc cttcctaatt     13800
     caattactta ttaagtaaac gccccatggc ttacccacaa ccagatccta gggaggcatc     13860
     ttcccaatcg aggttgtcag atgactctag tttgtgtcaa gttgccataa aacccagcct     13920
     gcacaaccag cagtcagtca gtgaaacctc accccagact gacccagctg tgcctctgca     13980
     caccttaggg tcattggcat gtgggaaggc acagtggctc tgagtcattg ttttaacctt     14040
     ggagactaag agagtcttgg agaccctcca aatctcccag gacaccccat ctcaagccca     14100
     gcaggaaaga tgggggattc tcctggtttg ctttaataga cagagcaaaa accaatataa     14160
     accaatacct gcctctctga agcaggtgta gaggaggtga ctgctgctgc tgaggctctg     14220
     gggctcactt caggcaggtc tctgggccca tgacccttgg gctttgaact ccagagggaa     14280
     ttctttcctc agagccatgg ccattgggtc atgctcaggc cttgccctct tctctgctac     14340
     ctagcccagc ctgacaaagg agagcactcc actcttgagt tggcttccag ttctaattct     14400
     ctgcattgtc agatgcgtgt gctgagagag aggggtctca ctaaggagaa gacttgatga     14460
     gatgagtcca gctccaggcc tgctttctga aggagcgctt ggctttgcct ggcttgtctt     14520
     gtcttgtctt cactatttat ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt taatgtttta tgtccatcgg     14580
     tgttttgcct tcgtgcattg tctgtgaggg tattggaccc cctggatgga actagagtta     14640
     cagacagtta tgagctgccc tacacgtgct aggaattgaa ctgaggtcct ctgaaagagc     14700
     agccagtctc ttaactgctg actcatgtca cccaccctgg cgtttcctgt tttattcttt     14760
     atagaaagaa aagtgccagc tgccctgata ctgtgacttt ctgagcaggg cctcgtggtg     14820
     acccgggctg actttaatct cactatgagc caaggaccac attcaagtcc tgctcctcct     14880
     tcctctacct caggtgccag agttagagct aaccacactt ggtcactttg atgctttgga     14940
     ctagggttct ctgacagccc cacatacaaa gcagtggctt cattctgtcc ccttgcttac     15000
     taggttctcg agaccggaaa tcaggtggaa gaatgggctc cccaaaacca gagaggcaga     15060
     gaggccagaa cgctaaagct cctgctgccc cagcggacag gtaagtctct gcctacttcc     15120
     atgacaggct tgtcctggac aattgatcgg ctttaggagt atgggagaca tggaagacag     15180
     gaaggaagga cagacagcag tctcagccca ctcctcttta acccctcaga ctagtcgggc     15240
     acaactgcat attactgtct tgttgaagaa ccctagacaa gggccagtgg ttctcagggt     15300
     gcctatatag tggggcaaat aggagaggct gcgggctagc ctacaccctc cttgtctccc     15360
     cacagaagaa gtggggagcc ctgggcactt acccaagggc aggctcttcg tcacctctgc     15420
     ctcacacctt ctcaatccta caggaagcgt ccactgtcac cccagtctaa gggctccagc     15480
     aaggtcacca gcgtgcctgg caaagccaca gatactgcca cagcaggcac caagtcaggg     15540
     aaggccagca cattgtcacg gcgagaggag ctccttaaac agctcaaagc ggttgaggac     15600
     gccatcgctc gcaagcgggc caagatcccc gggaaagtgt agtggcccag ctcactcctg     15660
     gagtagactc ttcatgtttt tataaagagt agggtaagcg cagccatttt ggattttcca     15720
     gtcaatgtct tattttggct gtgattcttt ttaaaaatta aaaaagaaaa aaaaagtttc     15780
     tcagctggaa aagaagccac acacaagatg aagatgaggc tgagtcccaa cctccccacc     15840
     agactgaacc agcttcttcc agaatagagt ctccatggac agacggacag atcagcactg     15900
     aacaggggac accaactctg tgtaacttaa gagcttcagg cacgcagggg ctggcctcac     15960
     ccttctgcct ccgtcctcac ttctcccagg tgacctcctg ggctgcagtt ttcagcagct     16020
     tcctctgggg acaggaaagc cgaacacttc tggactacag gcaccatccc tccctccctg     16080
     gatcagaagt atatatatac ttgcctaaag aagaatatat atatatattc ttgcctaaag     16140
     tctgattggg aaacatttcc tgtcttttat tttaagcatc aaattgtttt agttgattaa     16200
     aaaggaaaaa aacagaaaag acaaaaaaat aataataata ataaaggcca ggggtattgt     16260
     tggggtgtct gtccaatgtg gagggtcttt tttgagctat ctcctaaaat aaaatatttt     16320
     gataagcact ttctggtcct ggtaatgtct gcttgggcct cggctgcctc tctcccgggc     16380
     atccatgcct tggctcaaaa tgggccaagc accctaggag agcagatgct attacccgca     16440
     ggagccaacg ggcacagact gcctgtcatt accccccccc cccggagtgt taagcctcag     16500
     ttttcccatc ctgtggttga ggaaagagca gcccagctct tagcgctgac tcggagtgat     16560
     ttaggggcta cctccctccc gtgagccctg gctgagcagg gactgtagac acgattgcct     16620
     gaccccagct ataaagctgc ttgtcattct tgctgtgaag ctgttgcctg gccctcaccc     16680
     aggcacatgt tcaggcccag gctatgcaaa gcctagctaa gattgcagga cttgactgcg     16740
     gtgtccctcc atggccttca ttattcctgt gagaggagca cttgattaag atccagtcag     16800
     tgcagacagg tcaataccac agcgtcttcc taggccacca gtcctggtgg tgtgcccagc     16860
     ctcatctgtt ctggcaccat cttccaggaa gtaccatgcc caaaagcccc caagtctgaa     16920
     ggagctgaga ggacagccag cccaggcgtc attctcagaa atgtcttgca tctcctttga     16980
     gacagggtcg cattagcctg gaactcacca ttaggctggc ctggctagcc taagaccttg     17040
     ggacctacct atttatacct ctccagacag cacaagtgac atttttcatg gattctaagg     17100
     attggactct gatcctttgt gtcagcaagg caagctcact accagctgag cttgtcccac     17160
     caacctctag ctccaggctt cacccaggat agacctagac cccacatcct tgctcctggg     17220
     tcagagtgtc agccatcttg gctattgact ggaccccagg cccaggggag atgcagccct     17280
     acctagcaac tccaaaccga cctacagcaa cccctgcctc agagagacct gagatcttca     17340
     gacctgcact gttgcctgac ccagacaggg cagaatctgt aggggctgct caagtctagc     17400
     gtgggcgggc ctgcccagcc agggcgggtc tgcccagcat ccttccttcc tcctgggtgc     17460
     ttttccagtc ttgcccaacc tgggacttct gcatgaacct caggagcaag gctacctacc     17520
     tctgcctcca atgcttgcat gtgttctggc tcccacataa cacccactct ctctatccta     17580
     cgtacagtca gggcagtgtc ttgtcaggag agctgcactc aattcctcag actgcccatc     17640
     cagccaccag tggttaaagt gaaatacaaa acagggtggg aagacagggg tactgagacc     17700
     aaaggttaca ggacatagtc tgggcccggg cttgactagc tgttctgatg ccatcttagg     17760
     gcacccatgg actctcagct ccaacgtggg agctcagagg ctagtatgct agtgccatcc     17820
     tggcccagga gtcctgtgca tttcaagaga tggagatgtc tgaattgaag ccctgcttga     17880
     gcttaactgg gcacagaaca gctgctagcc actggggcca caggaccaac acagagctac     17940
     cataagccaa ggcaggaggt ctggtcacct cagccgtgtt ccatttggaa aatggcccat     18000
     agcacacagg tccacagatc tcagtctcag gacccggcag gaagcagagt agtacatatg     18060
     tgtacaacat atatgttgta ctgcctgggt taatttgcgg caaccctggg cctcagtttt     18120
     tccacctgtg cagtgggtaa cctggagttc ctagagtgtg cacgtggcaa tagttgagca     18180
     tgtctccaaa gttcctgctc ctgttctctg ctgggcctga ggtaccaggt ggaacaggga     18240
     caggaggtgt gcactccctc gcactgggca ctgccttgac agagcccttt tcatagggag     18300
     ccacgtggcc cctctgggct ccactctggg agaagcagcc ctggggagag atggctggtc     18360
     tagagtaggg cgctctgcag tgggcctttc tccccggaat tcctctctaa ttcccatttc     18420
     tgtttcacac acagacacag acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac atacatacat     18480
     cgacaagcac atagagacac agacacacac agagacacac atatacacag acacacacac     18540
     atagagacag atacacagag acacagacac acacacacat agagacacag atacacacac     18600
     acagacacat acacacaaag acacacagaa acacacacat agacatagac acacacacac     18660
     aaacagacac acagatacac aaacacacac agagacatag acacacacat acacagagac     18720
     agacagacac acacgcacac actggttttc ctttccttgt gttcctcctg ctctccccag     18780
     gagcactggg tgctgtcaga caggttgtat acagaaagac tccaatccaa gaagagtctg     18840
     gaatctactg acacatccct ctcttccagg atatagctgg ccaaactctt ccctcacctc     18900
     caatctgcct ccttcccacc tgtgtcttga aaactctgtg actcacagac tcagaatgca     18960
     gaaaggccac aggaatcatc agggtgccca ttggttagcc agaaaacgtg gggtctggga     19020
     aaccccaccc ctgtccacca gagtattctc caagaacctg gagccctcca gctccatctg     19080
     tatgtgtggg tgtttaagtg catgtcagtg ggcgagtgtg tgtgccaggg agaagctgga     19140
     gatcagcagg cccgtcggca agggaactag ggctgggctt tgcacaaaac ttctcagccc     19200
     cagcttcagg acccttaaga acactcactt caaagagggc ttccttggct catttagcca     19260
     gtctcagccc cacctggcat tgttccatgt aaagggaggg tgtgagagtg tccatcccag     19320
     attctggaag caggctggga gcctggcact ctgtgaatct ggtgacagcc acactttcag     19380
     cctccagtga ttcaactgac cccagccagc tggcggcatg acactgccct cgcggtggcc     19440
     tttcaagtct gtgagcagag ccgccccttc atcgaattga gttgtcattt gtagggtacc     19500
     ctgatgtgcc cccttggttc tggggctggg ccacagcaga tgctacacca cagcccctgc     19560
     actcaggttg acactgcttc taagtataaa ggctgatact gcagctatac tgcctgcctc     19620
     catcccaaga gttggacatt ttagagtcta gcaaaaccca ggacacgccg ggcaacggtg     19680
     gcacacgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct gagtttgagg     19740
     ccagcctgtt ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct     19800
     cggaaaaaat aaataaataa acaaacaaac aaacctgttg gagagggtct ggagagagga     19860
     ttcagaggtt aaaagcactg ggtgttctta cagccatgat tccagttcca ggagatcaaa     19920
     gggtccactc ctggcctccg tgggtaccag acacatacgt gcagacaaaa cactcatcca     19980
     cgtggtttgt tttttggggt ggtttattgt ttgtttgttt tgtttgttat tgcttgttta     20040
     cttgttgtta tttattgaga cagggtttct ctatgtagcc ctggttgtcc aggaactcac     20100
     tcggtagacc aggctggcct caaactcaca aagatctgcc tgcctctgcc tcctgagtgc     20160
     tcagattaaa ggcaagtgcc aacataccta gctcacacaa aaggcttatt attattatta     20220
     taaacttgta gggtcccata tcaaacctag gggcattccc tagcttccat ctctcctgcc     20280
     tgcacagggt ggtggtgcat ggtgacttta ggcaggaagc acaacctcca agtccatcca     20340
     ctggtccagg gcctggaacc ttacagactc atgtcaggca ggatgtagca cgtaagtccc     20400
     ccagtgccag ccccagagtc cctgagttca aacagccgaa ctgacacaaa tcaaagcggt     20460
     gagctgctga gaactgcttg gctgaaagcc ctagttcctg gttccagagt gtcctgccag     20520
     gcagggccct gtgctctcct gggcattcca ctgggtcgga tctttgggta gaaaggttgc     20580
     cttgcagggg ctccgaagta tctgtgacga cgggcggggt aggtgtggcc agggcagggc     20640
     ccgggctgtt ctcaggacct agctggataa ctctgtgatg caaagggaca gacccagagg     20700
     aggaagcaga gctggatttt ccccaggtgt ggccccaggt ataaagcaca cagccaggct     20760
     tcacctgtta cagcactggg accgtcgcca ggtgtgaggc tgctccgtgt ctgctgccat     20820
     ggccaccgtc accgtcactg tgatggtgag cctggtgcct ttcccagcct catgatgaca     20880
     gcctatccca gaggggtgga tggcagggcc tttgggatgc ctttaggcta agcctatttg     20940
     cccacctaca aagggaaatc taaaccccat cttttcactg agaacaggca accttgggag     21000
     gaaatgggtg ttctctgggc ttcccctaac catgcacctg ccttgctcca cagagtctcc     21060
     tgcttctagg ctggttgcct actgggatga cccaccaaga tcccccgtcc tgggggaaac     21120
     cccgaagcca taggaccctg cggtgctact ctgctgagga attatctcac ggccaggctc     21180
     ctccacacct gctaactcga agtgccaggt gggagcaggc cctccctgtg gccctggtgg     21240
     ccagtttgga ggccacgggc cacaggagac agcatgaagg acctctagct ggaacacagt     21300
     gccccgtgct gcggccggag gaggtgctgg aagctgacac tcacgagcgc tccatctcac     21360
     catggagata tcggtgaggg tgatggggtc cccatcggtg ggggcatggg gagagcttta     21420
     tttccacccc ggagccctag atcactgtct gttcagggtg cacactcgcc ccaacctcta     21480
     aaaacatgtt cccctaagaa gctggggctt gcggggctag agagatggct cagcggttaa     21540
     gagcactgac tgctctggaa gaggtcctga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtgactc     21600
     acaaccatct gtaatgggat ctgatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaggac agctacagtg     21660
     tatttacata taatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atctttgggc cggagcgagt     21720
     gaggcgagaa gggaggaagg agagagagag agagaaagag agagagagag agagagagag     21780
     agagagagag agagagagag agagactcag ctaattaaaa agaagaagaa gcagctgagg     21840
     cttgagctaa gtgagaccag agccctcact aaagcccctg tctctatgtt ctcagagacc     21900
     atggaggaat gcaggtaaca tcacttatca agcattaaca gaatgccagc ccgctcagtg     21960
     cctgcaccat tttgtctgta gcattcacat tctcagacta caaattttag agcaagcggg     22020
     gcgcagtccc aggacaatag agctccaagg agggaagcgg agtgggaggg ttgaggagat     22080
     ggctcactgc ataagagcat ttagttggca agcatgaaga cttgagttca aatcccccgc     22140
     atccacatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatgga gggaagaggg atgcccagcc caccgagctc     22200
     cgagctgctt gtggaagctc agagtggctc tgggtagagc cggagtgcac attcttatgg     22260
     ttccctcccc acagcatcga cacagatgag aaccgctacc cacagaagct ggcggtggca     22320
     gaatgcttgt gtcgtggatg catcaacgcc aagacaggcc gtgagacagc tgccctgaac     22380
     tcggtgcagc tgctgcagag cctgctggta ctacggcgac agccctgctc ccgagacggc     22440
     acggcggacc ctacaccagg atccttcgcc ttccacaccg agttcatccg cgtgcctgtc     22500
     ggctgcacct gcgttcttcc caggtctaca cagtgatgac ttctgtcgtg gccccactgt     22560
     ggcgcatcac aatccttcca ggacagacat tccaggcacc tccacagagg aggacacctt     22620
     ctatttatgt gtatttattt attatttatt gactcaagag aagcagaagc tatgcccagc     22680
     ctttgccttg tgacccataa ccactgccct gatccaggcc acatctggaa ggaccactta     22740
     gctagccctg tcaccaaagg gaaagctggg cgtggtataa agcacaccag gaatcctaag     22800
     cactcggcag aggctggaag gttgccacag gtcgtcagac agcctggtct acacaatgag     22860
     cttcagggaa gccagatggt gggatgggcc cgaaggaact ggcttcctct ccttgaatct     22920
     ctagcaacag tgacccggaa ggagatggga ggctgggtct gtgtcaccac agagccctgg     22980
     cttctgtctg atgaaaccct tcagtatctg tttttcaaca actatttatt ttaactgtta     23040
     ttaaactgac acggttcagt gtctccttca tttaccccta ccagtccgtt tttcttccct     23100
     cctggccccg tccaccgagt gggtgctcag agggtaacta aagccccaaa ctcctttcct     23160
     aaggttgagt gggtcctgct gtggtagggc gggacttgaa cacgtgggct cggcagagcc     23220
     atcaggcctg ggtctctacc tttctatggg aggcagctga agtcccaggc agtccctcaa     23280
     agccacatcg tgcccccccc cccagtttgt tgttactttg accgttcaga caacaccatc     23340
     tctgcctgag gctaatcccc acgaatgacc ccctgcatca agacagtctc tgccacaaca     23400
     gacctttcca gcatggacct gccttctccc caatggggac ccagggctgt aaagccaaac     23460
     tggagactta aactcccact cagagccagg agccaccagg gtagcaccct gtactctggc     23520
     tccactgggt ggaggggact gggtgccagt ggcttttgga agaaccagat ttggactagg     23580
     ctcagggtct cacttgtaaa catgagccca cccagggtcc accgggcagt cacgaggcct     23640
     tccatgactg gccttcgggt caccaaacag gtcagggagt gtgttccatc cattgctgac     23700
     cacagtccct cccccagcct catatggaga atttcttgtc cgtaccagct attaatcatg     23760
     tttattacag tgagcaacac caccctgggg ggggggggac aactccacag aaactcaagc     23820
     aggagctgta gacagccact gaaggtcaca cgacctcatc tgtcactggc attgggttaa     23880
     cctggggtcc tccagctgag gctgcctcct cttcaccctc actcggcttc tttcggacct     23940
     ctgcgggtgg ccggggtggg gggttggtag gtggttgctt gatggtgcct ccaacctgtg     24000
     gccgctcctt gggtttaggc tcaatgggag tccactgctc acctcggatg gctgcctggg     24060
     gcagaggggg gctatgttat ggttgaagct gcttactgtc cctagggact ccagtggaca     24120
     tgggttgggg ctggaggcac tgattgctgc tctcccagaa gtcctgaatt caatacccag     24180
     aaaccacatg gcaaaccaca accatttgta atgggatctg atggcctttt ctggtgtgtc     24240
     tgaagacagg aatagtgtac ttatatacgt aaaataaata aacaattctt ttaaaaaaaa     24300
     atgctgaata gtggtggcac ccgcctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggtgg     24360
     atctctgagt ccgaggccag cctggtctac agggtgagtt ctaagacagc caaagctaca     24420
     cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aagccagaat gaatcaattg acagatcgat ttcatatccc     24480
     acaatgctcg agagatagaa agtctgcagc acagcacaca cctgtgagca cacacctgtg     24540
     agcacacacc tgtgagcaca cacctgtggc tacgccttct aaccaacaaa ccagaatatt     24600
     ttatccagat ggtaagaatg gagctggcag aagaggacac agcgagatat ctgtatgacc     24660
     ttagaacaga gaaggcttgt aatgaacaca aactaggcca gctgaagcag cacatatctg     24720
     tcatcccagc atcaggagac agaagccgga ggaccaggaa gatcaggagt tcaaagccat     24780
     cttcaactac agagcaagtt tgaggctagt ctgggctaca tgagaccctg ctcttcttct     24840
     caaaataaaa ataagaataa ataaaataga tgcttctgtg tcatgagctc ctgggaagtc     24900
     cacctaacac cacccaaact caggcaggct tggatgagac atgggcccac acggaggctt     24960
     ggaggtatga cctggaccaa ccacgctgct tctccgagcc acagtacagc ttcatcaggg     25020
     aagtgcccag gatacagcag aggagcattc gacacagcca atgggagcga gaaagctgct     25080
     ccgagagcca cgggcaccaa gatcatgagg gtgggtgcgg gagggaggca gaccattgag     25140
     ggcagccact taccagcaga tagatcacac tggcaatggc caagcagacg gtccccagga     25200
     tggtggccag gaggaagcct gcaggcaccg acaaccttga ggcatgacag gaggaagcaa     25260
     acagatagca gtcagtgggc atctggtcac acagtcgcag agggagattc cctccccggg     25320
     gccctggacg ggggatgggc agaggctagc tctcatcagg tccagcttgg ggtttgtaga     25380
     agctcctctt tgtgacgatg tgtcctttga ttcaagccac agacatcttg ctggggaaaa     25440
     ggcccgagct ggagcgtggc catatgggtg tgtccccaaa ctgcaggtgt aacaagccca     25500
     gtacagcacc tgtggctcag gtgctaagct tggtgtgcac tgcaggtttg gggcctctct     25560
     aaaagctttt ctttttcttt ttctaagatt tatttgtttg ttttatatga gtacagtgta     25620
     gctgtctgca gacacaccag aagagagggt atctgattct attacagatg gttgtgagcc     25680
     catgtggttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctcttccaga gcagtcagtg ctcctaactg     25740
     ctgagcaatc tctccagccc caaagctgag cttttctatc tggataaact tcaatgaaga     25800
     agaggcttgg ctggctgggc gataccttcc tgtccaagct atagacccat ggggtgtctc     25860
     cttctagtct tctgttaccc tggggatgga cagagggact cacaggaagt ggagggcagc     25920
     ccggacgtag taattcctgg tgaggggccc gaaaagcttc accacagagg tcaggtactt     25980
     ctgtccacta gacagcggga agacaaaacg tcagagggtc agcaccgacc acacctagaa     26040
     gcccttgtca ctccttatct gtccccttcc agggttatgg gtccttttcc tcctgggcac     26100
     atgagcctgg cagctgggca ggccttgggc tgggagctct ggacgagtgg gctgcatggg     26160
     gcaggtcccc aggcctctcg ggtaggaatg acttaccatc gctccatggt ggaccccttt     26220
     ttcctctttc cccggggata ctccagcaga cagatgagca cacctgcagc gctgcggtga     26280
     ggttaaggaa agccatgcta ggcctaggct gctgccctct gcctcttctg ttctcaggcc     26340
     ctggcctagg agtctactgt gcagcagggt gggacagagg ggcaatggac gccagtccaa     26400
     gccttgggac cttcggcctc agctccacat ttgcctgaac cccgtctgtg gcctttggca     26460
     agggggcatc cagccctggg ccttggcctc taaagctgca gacggagctg gtcctgtctc     26520
     tggaggctgt ggtcagtcta tgtgtagcac tccgtgaact gatgtgctca tgctgagagc     26580
     actcccatca ccccaccttc ctggtcccca gtagaaggat acatagagta ggcgccgaaa     26640
     taccactgtg tgaaacgtcc agcagtagcc acgatgcccc cagtgatgag aactaaggat     26700
     ggagagaggt ggttaggatg tgccatctgc tgcaggtgtg agccagcttg agcttgcccc     26760
     gggcttggga ccatctccaa ttctctgcct actggagcag agcactgtgc agcaaggggt     26820
     tcagggacag agaggacact cagggaggta gccgcagcaa gctgaactcc accatagctg     26880
     tccagtgcta caccctggtt ggaacgttaa ctcttttcag ctatgctgtt acctcttggt     26940
     ccttttgtaa gtagcacatt tctgggttcc atccctgtcc cggggtaggg gttgggaggg     27000
     tatagctggg cgctggtggc attatacctt caatcccaat actcaggaga cagaggcagg     27060
     cagatgtctg tgagaccaag gccagcctgg tctacagagg gacttccagg acagccaggg     27120
     ctacagagaa accctgttgg ggggaggagg gacaggggga ggggaggagg agggagaggg     27180
     gagctttcct gcagtactat gctaccctca cccccactaa tgtctcagac agcccgccca     27240
     agacttcgtt acagtagaat tacacgagcg ttatgcttgg gtccccacac ccatccccac     27300
     cccggaacca cacaacgggc aacctccttc atttcaggaa gttcttgtat ctatgtcttt     27360
     agctcacatg aagttgaagt gaggtgctct gtaaataatc aggggctcac tctggtgttg     27420
     ttgctaccgg ctggtctgga actcctcgcc ccatgtgttt gtgttgcagg catggaccac     27480
     cctcctcctc ctcttcttct gttttagttg gtttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc     27540
     cctggctgtc ctggaattca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaattcag taatctgcct     27600
     gccgctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccaccgccca gcgtgattgt     27660
     gcctcaaacg aacaaacaag caaaggctgg agacatggct gggttggtgg ggggcttgcc     27720
     tagcacgcac aaagtcctca gtgcaacccc cagggctgca taggctggac atggtacttg     27780
     catgtaatct cagcacttgg aagggggagg caggaagacc gtgagtccaa ggccagcctc     27840
     gcttacacag tatgctccag gagtggctgg gatacattta agtccctaga atcctagtac     27900
     tcaggggatg actgtgggag ggccaggaat tcagagtcat cttctgcaac ttagtgaatc     27960
     tgagaccagc ctgaaaccct gtctcaaaac aaacaggtaa gcaaataaaa actaggagac     28020
     cgtgttgtag ttttagggag attcgtgaca caccaagtgt aagaaacatc tgaagatttt     28080
     ggttacaaaa gaaccagaga ggtgttggag agatggctca gaggttaaga gcactgactg     28140
     ctctggaaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaacatctgt     28200
     tatgagatct gatttcctct tctgctgtgt ctgaagacag ctatagtgta ctcctatata     28260
     taaaataagt aaattttaaa aagatagaag agctggagcg ataggtcaat gtttaagagc     28320
     tccggccact cgtccaaagt attgtttttc agctaggtgt ggccatgtat ggaatcccag     28380
     cacccttgag gctaagacag aaggatcaca gatttcaggc ccacaccctg tttcaaacaa     28440
     taaaaaaaaa ttaagtttta ctcaataaag attttagtaa aaaaaaaaaa atatatatat     28500
     atgttttagc aaggattttc aaaggtacag tgaggtatca ttgctacttt tcaaacagaa     28560
     acacgcagag tcaagttctc tttcctgtcc tcacatttga aaattaattc tcccagatct     28620
     ttaaggctac ttatcgcaag attcctcgcg gctgtgggtg ggccctagga agctccgctt     28680
     tgcttttgct ccctaacttg tttctcatct ggcagtttct gtcctctctc tcgaccatca     28740
     gctcatctct ggattcagtt tccctctcgc tacggcaaca tccgctagcc accactgcac     28800
     agaggctcgg tagctgaaac acagcaggat cttgccagcg gagatgtatt cttttctcaa     28860
     tatccgatta tcactgcacc gtctcctggc atccacgata ggtctgggaa ctctagcctg     28920
     gtagtaaccc atgacttttt ctctctttgt ctaatttcac tttcgtggat ccaaggaggg     28980
     atttgtttcc attcgttctg gaaaaaaaaa agacttcttt ttctcttcag cctaaagtct     29040
     cctcatctct gggcagtgct tgcgaagcct ccaagccctc ccccacactg gggaactcag     29100
     cgtctcacat gctcgccctt cttgtacaac gtgtgacaca acttctgtgt agaaagctcc     29160
     acgtctgtgt ggttcctctt ggcttccttc tgtttccttc ttcaaggtga tacattcgca     29220
     gtgtacccac taccatcaag agctgatcgg tgtgtgtgtc tacaaaattc cctttctcag     29280
     atccaggtgg ccatttatct cctttgacat tcaagaacac gggtccctct ttccagtggg     29340
     accagccccc ctgcccagtg ggtgccgact cctcacaggg ttcacttcct caaacggtga     29400
     gtgtgacctc atgccaatag ggtgttaatc ccacagccac ccataggcct acttgaggtc     29460
     tctagtttct gcatctgtgg gtggaggcag cctcacccct acaccctcct caggcccagg     29520
     tctcaggctt tggctgtttg ggatccctgg cagcaacagc tcttggcagc tggagggact     29580
     gatgctctat gacaatcttg ctagggtgct gactcctgcc ttcttcagta cgaagaccct     29640
     ggagcagcct caggaaaagc ttccatgctg ttctggacat ccccagactc caggtccctc     29700
     tcccactctt taaatagtat tggtgttttg ctatgctggg cttgaagctc ggctacatat     29760
     taaccttcct gttttgctgg tcagctttaa gggtgcactc tgcaggaggg aagggtactt     29820
     tgtcacacat tcactcggcc tgctacccat agtccttagg gactcatgtc ctcactgtga     29880
     gcttctgcta cactgaccac catgagtggg aggggtcatt ctttacccaa cagggagacc     29940
     caaggactga ttctcaagcc cctggcttgc tgaagtgata cactgtaaca gagggttcaa     30000
     tcccagggaa gcccactatc tgaggttgat gtctcagcag gtggcatctg agtcaagact     30060
     gaaaaggagg catcagctgt gaccccagcc aattgtacaa aaagcccccc ccccccgccc     30120
     ccctccccgt gcacattcag gaaactcaga gacagagaag gagcaaccta gcaaggaagg     30180
     caggaagagc ccaggagaca agcagggggg tcaggaacgg gctttcgtct tgagatggag     30240
     ccaggtaatg gggccagaac agatggaatt ttctgtgatt tagaaaaaaa caaaataggg     30300
     ggctggagag atggctcagg gattagtagc gagggttgct ctccaaggga cctgagtggg     30360
     gttctcagca cccgcatcag gcagttcaga gccacccgta tgtaacacca gctccatggg     30420
     ttccaatacc ctcttctagc ctttgtctgc aagcgccccc gcacttacac acatggccag     30480
     acacacacac aatctgaaaa aaatcaaatg ttaaaaaaac aaaaggaaac aaagtacatc     30540
     cctgttgatt ggacctagac agttcagaac cttcccagga cagttgtgct ttcccgtaaa     30600
     aagaaaagtt agcggaagtc acactcggtg gagaaagtaa gtggccacag cctgtgactc     30660
     ctcagcacag gagacttgtg tcagcctgaa caccctgaac aattagctga ggcagtacat     30720
     agagacctta gcacacacga ggacaggaga cactgcatgg acagcgctcg ccaggtcttc     30780
     ccacccttag gtgtgtctgg cacccccact tcctggaggt aacttttgaa accgtccata     30840
     gtggtcacag gacaaaccac tactggcagg aggctgggaa gggtaagaag ggagactgca     30900
     ggtgggggag gggcgccatt ttcaaaaggt tggggttgca aggccttcca cgggagcttc     30960
     cagcgtgggc tgggggagat ttctctatca cctcttcgat gcgctattcc cgggtgagtg     31020
     gaggggggtc tgggccatcc tccctgccct ggcaggtctt ttctggctcc cttcggcttt     31080
     gaggcatgtc tgcagtttct agtctcaggc ctgctgctca tggtctggtc tattaggttc     31140
     ctttcctggt acagtgaagc ccaggggtcc cactgcccct tggcaaacct cccagacaag     31200
     ctgaactgtt caagccacgg ccagtgtcaa cctgactaaa gactagtgtc ctgcatctta     31260
     actcggcagg ccatcagggc taagatcact ctgaggggtg tccagactct tgtgaaatag     31320
     tttctgcgca cacttcgctt gtgggatgga gccgattgct cctctaggat gagcttagct     31380
     cctatcccag gcccctcggg gagaagccgg agcccgagtg acctcaaggc cagagtccca     31440
     actcctggcc aagtgggctg tgcgcagaag agggtcttcc gggggttttc ctaaccaggc     31500
     gggaaaccac cgagtgaatg tctcttcccc agctgtaagc aacttcctcc tctgaggtcc     31560
     cagcgcggac ccaacagggt gcagggcggg gtcgcctcta gaacaggcgg ccgagcacgg     31620
     cctgcagcgg ccaccgcccg tcctgtgccc ggaggccccg gtaggtctct ccgaggatcc     31680
     gcgctttgag gtccgcagaa ccagcccgag ccctgcttcc cccgcggtgc cccacgggtc     31740
     ctgagcaacc cctccacccg cagcccacct cactcactca ggccagacgc cagcgcctgt     31800
     tcgttggccc acatggccca ctcgatctgc cccatgacga ggaccctgcg cacacgcagc     31860
     agcccggtcc aactctgcag cccacttcgc aagtcctcac tgatcggccc gccccctgct     31920
     caggccccgc cctgtcgggc tgtgccccag aggcctcctc tgcaccttcc ctttgagcct     31980
     tggtgggtgg gacagtctcc ccatcgacct ctctctccag ctggaaagta ccagggccac     32040
     ttgtgactgc ttgtgacttg tgaccgtacc cccccagggc cagaggcgta agtcacttca     32100
     tccacctgct cctctagtta tcagataaag gctgctccct aaaaggagat gaggttactt     32160
     ccgacccact gtgagctggg gcaggtgtgt gtcctgggtc acgtgactac ggggtggggg     32220
     taggggacca tagtgtgcaa ggctgggaaa acccagaaag caggggacag aacaccggaa     32280
     caccgttgtt ctgttgtctc tttcctctgg cctagaccag ctccagcagc tgttgcatgt     32340
     atgctggggt atgacttagg gtggtcacaa ggtggcagga gactctcacg gggctggctt     32400
     gtgggcagtg ggaagtgttc ctggcaggac ccacttcagc ccccacctct ccactacata     32460
     gggaaacaag actgaactca atggcgggta ggacccagca gatcagtaga ccagagaccc     32520
     taaagcgctg gtttaggaag aaagaagaaa gcacagccca cacgggcagg caggaacagc     32580
     acactttatt cctgtggtcc tcaggtccac tgactgcacc ctcatgaggc acccacacac     32640
     acaatggacc ctacctgtgg gctcgacagc ccctaccctc accaggaggc tttataaaga     32700
     aactgtggcc tgagtctcag cagagaggca ccgctgtctg agccatcacg cttagatggt     32760
     tactgaggcc ctcagagcat cttgggggag gggggaggca ccgactcccc atccctgatg     32820
     agcagctgtc tggagtgctg gaaggtccat cgagtgggtc agctagccct tcagaaacca     32880
     gcggggaacc ggaggcactt gagaggggtt cccgtgatcg cctagatggc tgcccatcac     32940
     actcgacatc ccccagtata atcgatcatc aagcagccct tcaggagagg ctgaccagca     33000
     ggccagctcc cgagttccag tgggcaaccc ctttctccaa atggcactgg acgtggaaga     33060
     ggtcaaaggt cccgttgtgg cagtccatcc tggcctagca gatgatcatg agtgtcgtct     33120
     aggacttgag gtcctggtcc gacctggggg gagaaaaatc agtgtccagt catggggtgc     33180
     ggcagtagcc gctgctccgg agactttaca ggtcagagac tctaaggcag gattagattg     33240
     gggggggtgg tgagacacgg gtgggtccct tcgtggtaag tccacaccag cttgcgcagg     33300
     atgagcctct caagctgcct ggggttccat tccgggctag attgtgggga tcttagtgac     33360
     cctcatctcg tgtgaaagga gggacccaga gcaagcctct ttgagcagga tcaggagacg     33420
     cggggatgct ggcgtgcttg tggtgggtta catcctgaga gcagattccc agggacccca     33480
     acatctacct ctcctggcaa gtgactgctt tttatcatct ttctgtccag agtacataac     33540
     cctcacatcc cgcccccgct ctcctctacg agttgtccct aaatgaccac tgaggggaaa     33600
     tgagtaaacc agacagtgtc caatgactct gagcctaaga acgccatgtg gctacttccg     33660
     tgccgtggct gatgtgggct tctgcctccg ccctgagaca cagtggggga ggcttggatc     33720
     ctccctccct ccggcaggta agggggtgcc tgccgtgtgt actggcctca cctgagtggc     33780
     aatgatgtac tggaccccac cagggctggg ctccaccgcc agcgcggcct tcagctcatc     33840
     agagagaaga acaggtgcca cctgcagccc ctttaggaac ctggggaaga aggcagaagc     33900
     gtgttcatga agttgtgcac ggaaagccca gaagagcagc tcctcagata cggtggtctg     33960
     ggtgggctag ggatggcgcg ggtgaggagc gcaggggtct actaggaggg agggtttttt     34020
     ttttgttttt ttagggatca tgagaagatg gagaagtggc ccacacattc acattcagac     34080
     cagtctcaga agatagaccc atgccaggaa gagacaagaa accacacact cagctgggcg     34140
     tggtggcaca cgcctttaat cccagcactc aggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt     34200
     cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc aggtctatac agagaaaacc     34260
     ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa aagaaaaaaa aaaaagaaac cacatactca caggttcaga     34320
     cttgttcggt atggaagaaa ctggggcttt gcttaaatcc cccacttcaa atttatgagg     34380
     taccgaacct gctcatcaga gtgcctcatg cattgatttc ctagtaaaac tcacttgtgg     34440
     gctagaacgg tggctcagag attgagaaca ctcttgcagg gatcccgggt caggtgccca     34500
     gcacctacat ggcagcccac aaccatgtgt gactccagtt ccggtggcta tgatgccctc     34560
     ttctggctgt taagggtact gcacacacac atggagaact aacttttttt tgttgtttaa     34620
     agatttaatt atttatcttt atgtatgtgt gtgcactgca gctgtcttca gacacagcag     34680
     aagaggacat cggatcacat tacaggtagt tgtgagccac cacgtggttg ctgggatttg     34740
     aactcaggac ctccaggaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaacca gtgagccatc tcaccagacc     34800
     cagcattaac attcacgcag gcaaaatact cagacacatt aaaaaaaagt cttaaaatat     34860
     tttaaataaa taaataaagc tcaagtcagt ttttgctgaa gcagggcccc tgggcttcta     34920
     gggatattat tctccttaaa aacaaaaatt ttgtttttcc ctgggtggtg gtgatgcaca     34980
     cacctttcat tccagcactc gggaggcaga gatagatgtt tggggccagt ctgatctaca     35040
     gagtaagttc cagcacatct ggggctacac agagaaactc gtgaaacaaa acaaaacaaa     35100
     acaaaacccc aaaaatcaga attttttttt ttttaaattc agctttttga gatagggtgt     35160
     cacactgtag cccaggctgg cttgggactg agctcctgag cagatgtgag gcacctcacc     35220
     cagctgagat gtcatttctt agaaggggga tgtggcattt gttcacacac ccacgacgtg     35280
     tggctaccag gagagtttca atgttgccgc gtgcacgtgc agtggctgtg tccccacggg     35340
     atgatccgtg tgcctgagag cactgcactt agcgctgtga ctaccatata tttctagaat     35400
     gttctgtgcc tctcaattcg ggaaggaggg tacacactca cttgtctcca ttggctgcag     35460
     ggggaaagct gtgtcttaca gctgccacaa actcagccac agtgtcctcc agagtgaaga     35520
     tcacagcgtt ggggccagca tcaaatgtgt atgccacctg gaaccaaagc gtgtctgtct     35580
     ccaactctta gctcggcacc cttggctctg accctctacc tgctggggga cctagggtct     35640
     cccagagctg tatggagccc atgcaatcaa accaaggagt ggtatcaacc aggcaccctg     35700
     gtgtgagtca cctctgcctg gagttcaggg acaggctacc aggcttcgaa ttgggcaaga     35760
     cacagaaact tagaacaagc cagaactgtc gggtggagct tgtctgtgcc gtgtcagcaa     35820
     ggtcctaagg ccctggccac ccgcaccctc ttcagtaatg ctggtggctg cagcggtggg     35880
     agggagcact ggcggcggcg gcggcagcag cggtggccgc ccacgttccc cacagccggc     35940
     cctctgtatg cctgcacctc cccccacgcc ctgtcacctt cgtctgcccc tggtgggtgt     36000
     tgaagcggtg gactagctgg atgatgcgcc tggaggtgtc attgaggtag gagatcggtg     36060
     ggaaggtgtc caggcaggtg gcatgaaact ggttgctatc cttcatggtc agctgggcaa     36120
     agccctgaaa gtcctgctct tggatgcagc gggtcatctc cttcatgcgc tcaggcacaa     36180
     cagactcagc ccggaactgc aaggtgggtg ggtgggtgtg tgggcgggca cactctctgg     36240
     caataggtct aggcccagga cctctggagc cacccaccca cccaccaggg gagcctgacc     36300
     ttgcctgctg cattctactc ctcaccctgc agacccacct tgggggcagg gctctggtct     36360
     ctcccgtccc cagcaagcct accttgagca gggtgctggt ctccacgctg gtctgcatgc     36420
     ccactgtact gcccgtctgc ttcttgtcgg cgctcacctg aatgggaggt agtgctgagc     36480
     ctggcccgca gggaacccag gaccacagac tatcacttgg tcctgccctc tgccatccca     36540
     accctgaagt cctcgactgg gaggggtgat atgggtacgt gtctggtgac atcatagatg     36600
     aggggcacat ccaggccatt gtgggagcca ctcctgacct caccgcctac caccaacagc     36660
     cttggtctgt tctctagctc ccgtctggcc taggatcctg gtggagtctg catagctacc     36720
     gtcgcttcca ttcctagccc tgcagccctt gctaagcagc catccccaca ccagccacat     36780
     gcccacctac ttaccacaag gataaggatt cggagctggg gccagtgcca ctctggggct     36840
     atctgccggg cgatgctgtc cttcccatcg gcctgttccc ccatctgcca ctccacaaag     36900
     cccccataga gactgcggca cgcactgcct gagccccgcc gagccacttc ggagaggtct     36960
     ccctcaaccc catagacctg agccagggta taggctgaaa gtacagcaga gagacagagg     37020
     cagggtaagg gttaatgtct tacactgctc tgctaggagt gccctcccca acacacagga     37080
     aatgaaattt ctgagaaagc agagctgggg ctgacagctc ccagctctgt cttgcttcac     37140
     tcggtactgg gtttggaaat gtagtcagtc tcataaacag cctcaggacc tggggtgggg     37200
     aagtttcttt gaggagctgc acccaagtga agcactgagg gaagaggaga caatgagaag     37260
     gccaccaggt gagagcctga ggcacaggga aggcagtagg gcaggcagtg aggtaagctt     37320
     gctgttcatc ggcatggggc cttccttgag tccagcattc ctgagaaggt gaccctgcct     37380
     caaggctcac ctacacctcc agttcaggac aacacaggtt atctatcacc cctggagccg     37440
     atggatgcgg gctaagctca ccattgtgag ggctgcctgt gccagggctg gggatgccac     37500
     gtagtgaccc aaggcaagaa gcagagagga tacggatggg agaggagagc tcctgaccat     37560
     ggggtcggac agctggaagg cagccatgcc tgaagctggg ccacggcctt ttagttctcc     37620
     aggtgtgtgt ggggagagga gccaaggata ttccccaacc ctcctcctcc caccatgcct     37680
     caagataagt agcttgtatc acttctgtca cttgggagct gaagggccct cacacaaatg     37740
     catagagggt ctggtggtca actgcattct gggaaaagcc aaactcagag tctgtgtaca     37800
     gggagctcca acaagctgtg atggtttgta tctgattggc cctaaggagt ggcactatta     37860
     ggaggtgtgg ccttgttgga gtgggtgtgt cactgtgagt atgagctata agaccctcat     37920
     cctagctgct ttcagatgaa gatgtagaac tctcagctcc tcctgcacca tgctggccta     37980
     gatgctgcca tgctcctgcc ttgatgacag tgaaccgaac ctccgaacct gtaagccagc     38040
     cccaattaaa tgttgtcctt tataagactt gccttgggag ccgaacgtgg tggcgcacgc     38100
     ctttaatccc agcactcggg aggcaaaggc aggtggattt ctgagtttga ggccagcctg     38160
     gtctacaaag tgagctcagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa     38220
     aaaaaaaaaa agacttgcct tggtcatggt gtctcttcac tgcactagaa ccctaagatg     38280
     atagtcagga tgctgacagt ccagggaacc ccctactacc acagagcaga acccaggtac     38340
     ccacctaggc aggcatagcc tgcggctgag gacgccaggc ctgcagcagt ggggaagttg     38400
     ttcactgacg ccacgtgcac cttatagctg aggctgaggg gtagagtgtc cccgtcctct     38460
     gtgctcctcc gcttccgagc caggcggcga actgcagggc agatggcaga gtgagtggcc     38520
     ttgccagttg gcagacgcac tgaacctact cctgatgctt catttaactg ggggctggga     38580
     gaggggagag gtcaccccaa ctcactctct ctcaggcagg cctggagccg tggctgcccc     38640
     acgtcctcct cgcgaccatt cagccagatg cggtcctctg tgaagtcctt gctaatggca     38700
     acggttgtgg tcgtttttag ctgggaagaa aacccagggt cagtgccgag gacgaatgcc     38760
     cgccaagcac ccctttctgc caagaggtct cagagcctac ctagggccag tatggctgtc     38820
     cacctgggca agcatgtgga aggtcagaag ggcccccagg gtcagccctg gctaggcagc     38880
     agggaagtgg gcaagcccct cagggtagcc atactggcct gacctgcgct gtgtcagggt     38940
     gagcactgtc tcaccacaga accatggaca cctggtccct cttgagtaaa ggaatcggac     39000
     gtaaaaccaa ccccgtggct ttgggtctgt gtgtggatga ggagacaagg gttaacgcgt     39060
     attggatggt caacgggaat taggaggaca caggcccggc tatggtccca tgagaagtca     39120
     ccccattcca gccaccagag cacaatcacc tggtcctggt gcagcgtgac gctcagggag     39180
     gagttgatgg gcaggatcag cgcttcatct cgcttccccc ctgaaacaac aaccgaagca     39240
     gtgagttcct ggtcctcccc tcagtgctcc atcccctctc actacacaac ctcaggaaga     39300
     cctcctaaat tggcagcaga ctcaaagctc agtgaacctt cccagagcac agtggaggta     39360
     ggggaccagt ccacttctaa ttcacacttc ctccttcttt ctctcactgc ccagatacag     39420
     ccgagggcgt ttaccaggaa tcatgtgcct atgtggctgg tggtctatct cctccacctg     39480
     cttgtccgcc cagaggagtc cgggtcctga ccgtgtccca gatggtaccg atcagaacgg     39540
     cccctctgcc caggactccc gcgaccccaa gcacagtcaa atctcccaga aagggctgga     39600
     gcaatggctc agtggttaag agcaccgact gctcttccaa aggtcctgag ttcaaatcct     39660
     agcaaccaca tagtggctca caaccatccg taatgagatc tgacgccctc ttctggagca     39720
     tctgaagaca gctacagtgt actcagattt aataataaat aaatctttta aaaaaaaaaa     39780
     tgtcccagaa agcctgaggc gcagatatct gagggtgccc gcagctctta gcttgtagca     39840
     tcacacttat gtcgggtttc tgcacatgct tggctaatta ggagttgttt ggccaggcga     39900
     taacaaaaga cccactgggc aggtgatttc accctttgct gcctacagac agacatctgc     39960
     acacaggtag ctctcctgga accacagggc tgctctgaag aacacagagc ggatgcccta     40020
     tggcctaagg ctgaagccca gctgccctat acaagacagg aaggaagacc ctggggcctc     40080
     agatgtaggc accgctaggg tatatggctt tgggtacact attttttttt gtttgtttgt     40140
     ttgatttttg gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggact cactctgtag     40200
     accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatcctc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgagattaa     40260
     aggcatgtgc caccactgcc cgacttggct ttgggtacac ttatgtgggt ttcttcttgc     40320
     ccactggtcc caggtcagca acacttgcat caagaaaacc caggcagctg agtgcgacaa     40380
     actttgtttg tttcagccct gcccttgttc caaggctctg ttagcctggg agttccacac     40440
     tttcctccct gaaggacagc aggctgccct ggctcagctg gccacctgga cttcatccac     40500
     agggcagatg gatgcttctc ccagcctggc ctgcagtttc cagaggaggc ctgatggctc     40560
     ctgcaggaac cctacagagc cccagcagga acaagtatca tacaaagtag gtgtatctat     40620
     ctgtctgcca taaaagaggt ggtgtccctc ctccaatagc taaaggttat gctttgtttt     40680
     ttaaaagatt tatttattta tttcatgtat gtgagtacac tgttgttgtc ttcagacaca     40740
     ccagaggatc ccattacaga tggttgtgag ccactatgtg gttactggga attgaactca     40800
     ggacctctgg aagagcagtc agtgctctta atcactaagc catctctcca ggcccagcta     40860
     aaggttttaa taggacttga gtctcagtgc acagcagaaa accattagat ctcaccccaa     40920
     atcatgtcac accaaaaagg aggatctcac actgagacaa aaaccaaaag acactaacgt     40980
     tgaagtgtct agagatgctg caactgctgg caaaggcttt aaagcagcca ccatggaagt     41040
     gctccaagca gcaaccacgc aaagaagaaa tggcccgcaa agagatgaag taagaaatgg     41100
     ggagctggag agatggctca gtggataaga gcgccgattg ctcttccaaa ggtcctgagt     41160
     tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aatgagatct gaccccctct     41220
     tgtggtgcac ctgaaatagc tacagtgtaa ttatttataa taattattta taataataaa     41280
     taaatctttg ggccagagag agctggggtt gactggagca agcaaaggta ctaaattcaa     41340
     tccccaacaa ccacatgaag gttcacaact ataatgtact catatacatt aaataaatta     41400
     attaaatctt aagggttggc gtagcactgg tgggaatacc agctgggtac tgccacccca     41460
     gggaacccac agatcattaa cagaatgaag aactgactct tgttctccca gagctgccag     41520
     ggcattcttc ctaggaagga tgaaagttca caccaaaacc tgcccataaa tgtggcagca     41580
     gttttcctgg taacaacaga gcccctgttc tagggcctaa gcaacagtgg gcaatgaaat     41640
     cctgctgcgt ccacctggat aatcctcggg aagagcgtgc gtactgaaac gagccaaact     41700
     caagaatcta caggctgcgt ggatccactt ctaaatgacc acggtggaag gaagagcaga     41760
     gggagactgg ggtgagaagc cctggtcccg gcaatacctc cccagtttac aagtgtcacc     41820
     agggagggag gaagatctgc ccctcaccag cgcccctcgg atccctgcat ggcaacgccc     41880
     ccttcatccc tgagctaccc tcccagcctt ctccagccca gctactccag atccgggaca     41940
     ttggtctttc cctccagccc taggaccctg aatcccggca gcagtgaccc tcatctccag     42000
     ccctgtgcac atcgatcccg gcacctgtgc cccggtctcc aactcccagg ctccccgatc     42060
     ctggttgtag taacccccat ttccaccact gtgcccatgg atctgacggt ggcgaacttc     42120
     cccctcattc cagcctggag gatccccttt ccagcccagc tactctggaa cccgaccctc     42180
     gagcccaggg gtcccagtga ctacagcctc cagctctatg ccccgatccc ggccgaggtg     42240
     actgttgtct ccagcactca cagtacttga taactgcgat gttgaccggc gccgtgcagg     42300
     tgaccattag gtcctgaggc ttttctgagg ccataactga gatgctggag tcccgagcta     42360
     gagagcccag caccgattac ccggtgtcta cagactcacg cgctgccata tgattggccc     42420
     gctggccggg cttttcccgt gctgtccaat aggcgacagg ccgagcccat gatccacttt     42480
     ttagcctatg gacaggatcg aatgatgtgc ggctgacact gagcccgccc ccggtgcctg     42540
     caagctcgtg gctgcgagcg agaggcgggg tccgctcagg gagtggaatc tacgcatgcg     42600
     caggaggtgg tatctgcgca ggcgtaggag gcctccttct tacaaaggtt cctccttctg     42660
     gcacaagcac cactggatag cctgagtgac cgtcgggaca gcggggccat ctgctgctga     42720
     aacagcggag ctgaaaaagg atacgcatct agcctctacg ctgcatgaaa agctcactag     42780
     acggtgaatc cggagggatc cgcagcccaa ggtcgcgccc gagccccaca tcctggaatc     42840
     ttctacattc acaatctgac ttctcttgtc acaacctcca gtctcctggt cccacagtct     42900
     ggggtctcac agcttgcctg aggtgtccag ccgccgcgcc ggcggatgta ctgcatccga     42960
     gatgggcatt ttctctccca agctccacac aagcaagaat tttgtcgttt tttttttttt     43020
     tttttccgta gctgaaatgg atcggcacat ttctgtgtca ttcttacggt acagtttagt     43080
     gacctttagt atatttactt gatacaaccg tcacctctgt ttccagaact aaccatccat     43140
     tctccaacag aaacagatac aacttcctgg ttccacctcc tgtaaaatcg tggctgttga     43200
     atggcttaga gttccgaaga tgtgcgagca cacgataccc acccaggcca ccagttctgt     43260
     tcctaggagt gtggatggta cctaatcctt tcacagcctt ctggctgaca ttttctacac     43320
     agtgaatggg agttgctttt tttttccatg ctgctttttc tacgtctgag tttcttggac     43380
     actttccagc tgcacaccaa aacagcttcc ttgtttgtct agaccgtcgg taattgactc     43440
     aagccgtccc ccttggaagc catgcaccgg actttccttg cattgtgtat aagagtgctt     43500
     gcgtagattc ctagaagtgg atgaaccagc caagcagcta tgtgcctggg gcgatgttga     43560
     tagctgttgg ccggctgcca tcttggaagc tggatcgatt gctcagctct ctctgctaga     43620
     gcgagagtgt gtgaataggc cttctgcgcc acagtagaca gcctgtcagt caggctgaca     43680
     gctgaccaat gggagttcac tattgtttcc ttgtggcttg tgagatggct cgtattttca     43740
     atttctcttg caataacttt tctgcttcat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     43800
     acacacacac accagcagaa aggtggtgtg tttaatccca acactcagga ggcagaggtc     43860
     aggtggattt ctgtaaattc cagggcagcc tgatctacag agtaagttcc agggctacac     43920
     agaaaccatg tcttgaaaaa acctaaataa ataaacccaa agaagaagaa ggggggagga     43980
     tgtctctgtg agttcaaggc cagccagaag ttcactgtga gatcctgtct ctaaaaaata     44040
     aaaacaataa gttaaagaaa gaagagaaca attaatttac tccggaatga atagtttcac     44100
     ccatgggtat ttttgtacat tatcaggtac agagaccaag gtcacctcat gagctgaagg     44160
     acaccagtac ctgaaacccc atatactttg aagctaagag tcagtagtag gtcatctctc     44220
     tactcatcaa atgttgtaaa tgtctgtcat gtttgtgaag ttcactgtta ggtcagggat     44280
     acacacatgc atgagacatg aagggaggag agtccaccag ggctgagtga ccatctgctt     44340
     gcacctcaga gcttggtctg aacaggccag cagaggggac caacgtgcag ctgtggttcc     44400
     cagcccaggc actggggaca gaaaacctct aaaagcaacc tcaaaaggga ggatgctgtt     44460
     tgtggatttc tgtgcccctg tcgcttgtcc ctttgaactc agttccctag agaagtcttc     44520
     agaggtcaga gttgttccag agcacctggc cggcctgggt aaccatagag actggtagag     44580
     aggtagattt catccaaggg ttctggttcc ttgtcaaaaa caaaaacaaa aaaaacaaga     44640
     aacagctcag tgcagggctg gctggcatgc gcagccaatc atgtgggtga ctgtaggctg     44700
     gcagctgtgt ttaggggggc taaggtagca aaggtccgag gggaggtttg gggcctgggc     44760
     agaactaggg gaggaaggaa agttgcattg agcagagggg aaggagaaat ggtcgggccc     44820
     accccaggct ggaatttcct tgccctgcca caagaagcaa atcccttcct tcctcaggcc     44880
     gggagggtcg tcaccaagcc ctcctctgac ctgtgcgggt tcctgggcac cagccctcag     44940
     gagtcattgt tccttccttc ccgctccccc tggcttgttc tttgcctgga ttttggcccc     45000
     tgtcacttgg ccctgacaaa tcaggccact gcactgggcg acctctaaag gccctccttt     45060
     gtttggcctc tgtgaccaca gcccaacatg gcctttaaac aggtatgcgc caaacttcca     45120
     catcttcagg agttaggcag ccttacctga gcagccagcc actccttcca aacagctgta     45180
     tgcaattctg ccaaaagtgc atgtagcgtc acatcttgga gaggagctgg agtatttgtg     45240
     tggggaagac tagggtggga ggtgtccagc tacatagcca cagcagggga cagggactgg     45300
     aggtggggtg gggtggggca tcatctgtgc tgggtgcaga cccaccagtg cggctgcttt     45360
     gacttcaccc atgttcctgc ctataaccca ttacccattg ctctatcagt aagccaaata     45420
     aacttgttaa ttcctccgtg tgaactttga tggaactgtt ccttagttta tccaagaaac     45480
     ccttagtgag agggggtaga cattgtttat gtctccccta gggaaggcat ttttgtcacc     45540
     cagcatagtc agtcgtctgg caggatacaa taaaagcaag gttgagtgcg ggaagaagag     45600
     cactggtgtt ggccctgagg tgggcaatga gactggcagc tcaagctgtg ctacttaagg     45660
     ggaaaggaca tattggcatg gtttcctata cccatgaggc cgtggtatgt cccctttgag     45720
     tatagctcat agggcagcaa gacatgggga tgtctgtggg gaagatctgg tgacagtggt     45780
     ccttacttag gtgttaacaa ggggcatgag agcccaatgg ctgaggtttg cccagggacc     45840
     atggagatgc tttgaggaca gctaaggatc tagaacagcc cctgggagtg atggggtggg     45900
     gtggggtgta gcaagctgct gcagaggcag cctagacact gcgaaggtta acaagaccta     45960
     cctgaggcta tggtggcagc caggagggaa agacatcaca ggataaaggg aggaaggcag     46020
     aggtggctga cgtctgtcct ctgtgctggc ctccaatctg gagaggaaat gggataaaga     46080
     gagaagagat ggtggtatta gctcccatct tctcagagct tagctaaagg gtaaagaaaa     46140
     cttaaatcag gtctgcattg aagagcccct tctggaagcc cggaatccac agaaggcttc     46200
     tggtagtcga gatgaagaga gtaaaagagg cagaaaacag cggtcagaaa ggggagactc     46260
     tggtccagtt cgcagacatg ggggacttag caagggcctg ctgggggaga ccatagcaat     46320
     cagagtactc agcactggaa ttcagcacta gggaaaaagc ggacactgaa ccgtctctca     46380
     cagactgata caagcggctg tgggctacag ggacaggtgg gatccacgcg agcgcgtgaa     46440
     gaagcagaga cactgagcac ggttacgcta ggttatgcat cctctaggct cacacgctat     46500
     aggcaataag actaagacac tcggatcctc caaagccttt actacttctt cacaaggatc     46560
     cctccccaca tccatctccg gagcacaagt tacattcctg aggcggcaca tgaggcatcc     46620
     accccatggg ctggctcatg agagccatca gagaggagga cacctccaca agcattgggc     46680
     tgaaggcaag tccttagggc attgtcttaa ttagcaatta gtaggggggg gtgatcccac     46740
     tggggagggc aattccattg tgggggtatc acccctgggc tggtggtcct gggttctata     46800
     agaaagcagg ctgagcaagc catggggagc aagtcagcac ccccttcatg gcctctgcat     46860
     cagctcctgc ctccaggcac ctccctggtt tgagttccac cattggcttc tgaagccaaa     46920
     taaatccttt cctccccaag ttgcttttat tcatagtgtt tcaccacagc gatagaaaca     46980
     ccaagacacg tgatcatcag catggaggtc ctctggacac tgagggctgg agagccacag     47040
     agactagagc tcaggggatc tcagaatgag ggaagcgatg tttagtgccc agggcacttg     47100
     ggctgagaag tcagtgttca ctagatactc aaggagaagc tggatccatc agggacctcg     47160
     gatctggctt ggagctctgt gactttgctg ggcccttggt gggagggggg acgggacagg     47220
     atccttatga agaaagaaag gctttggagg acctgagtgg gactatcacc tacagcgtgt     47280
     gagcatagag gatgtgtaac ctagcggaga tacaagaacc aaagcagtgg aaaaaactgg     47340
     gttttttttt gtttgtttgt tttgtttttt gccttttgct tttttgtttg tttgtgtttt     47400
     tgagacaagg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctgacggtgt agaccaagca     47460
     ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc acctgcctct gcctcctaag tgctaggatt aaaggtgtgc     47520
     gccaccactg cctggctctg gtctgggttt ttaaagcaaa agtagcaaga tgtgcctgag     47580
     ttctaagggg gtggggggaa ttctatacta aggagctgct ggaaggcttt gaagtctggg     47640
     gagggtttac agaaggcatt gtggtcaaat catccaggcg aaagtgatca agtctgtgcc     47700
     aggggtaggt aattttctat ctcctgacta agcagggaat gttcccctcc tacaacacgt     47760
     tacaataggg gtcgagccca tttgtccagc caagaccacc tccagtagcc aggtgtgatg     47820
     gatagagaaa tggctgccct tacagtcacc gtgccagccc aaacagagcc tctcggaccc     47880
     agggagccat gaggggcagc aggggagagc agggcctggg tagaggtgag caacttgagc     47940
     cagccccact gagttcacca ggatggggag gctccagaga agacttacag catgtggagg     48000
     tggaaggctc agagagtgac tgaggactgt ggagggagca tattagcacg tcctatctac     48060
     acccaaccct gatctgtgga ggaagagatt ggttctagtg gatggagggc tctttccatg     48120
     ctgtgagatc tcccttccat ttgacttcgg aatcttcctc attgtgaact tcgatgataa     48180
     ccggacactt gtggtgagct ttcggagttt gatgctggcc accaatcatt atgtcatgga     48240
     ggttcaggcc ttggcattgt ggtgtgtctt gatcatcgcc caggaaaagg catagatgac     48300
     agaatgctaa gctctgagtg tttttgcaga ttcggaaacc ctttggagat gtgtgactgc     48360
     cccaggagga gcaagtcgag gaaatcaggc ctaaaggtga cagggccagg tgcagctgtg     48420
     acattcttgg aagttttata gttgggaaga cacagatgct accaccaagg tgactgagac     48480
     aaagcctgca attacttggg tctgggtctg taaatgttaa cgatgaacag gagtgggtat     48540
     cttttatctt ttaaagattt atttattatt atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga     48600
     cacaccagaa gagggtgtca gatctcctta cggatggttg tgagccacca tgtagttgct     48660
     gggatttgaa ctcagaacct tcagaagagc agtcgggtgc tcttactcgc tgagccatcc     48720
     ctccagctca gaagtgggta tcttgtgaga gtggaaacag gtgttccctg aagctataaa     48780
     gtggttgtgt tgtttgattg tttgtttatt tgtttgttta gagacagggt ctcactatgt     48840
     ggccttggct ggcctccaac ttacagagat cctcctgcct ctgtgtcaca agtaaagttg     48900
     tatgccacca tgcccacgcc ataaagttga ctgagaatcc cagtgccagc gacgggtacc     48960
     tccctagcag ttgttggctg aagaggcccc caaaggtaac agctattgtc acagttgctg     49020
     gctctatttt agaactaaat ggtaagacct tagggatgaa gacactttac gccctggttg     49080
     cagatttgga gaaatgaagc taggactcag ctggaaggat ctcctccctg cgagctagcc     49140
     tgggtgccag accagacgtt actactaagg atgctgggga ggattaagac caaaattcct     49200
     acttagttgt ggaccctgcg tccttcacaa tgcagcagtg agtgcaatag gcactcagca     49260
     gctgtgaata aagctttcta agccagatgt ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc ccagcactca     49320
     ggaggcagag acaggtggat gtctgtgagt ttcatgcctg gctggtgtgc atagagaatt     49380
     ccaggacaac agggcacata tagagacaag aacaactccc ctcccaactt tatgaatgta     49440
     cttaaggccc ttccagagga gattcatttc cggtactggg aacttagaca aaatcctttc     49500
     accaaggaag tcataggctc cggtaaagaa atggctggta ttggtattgg ggtgtcctga     49560
     tttttcaagg catgaaatct ggcctcctag aatgaccatt gtgttgaagg ggcaggactg     49620
     tgctctggcc cggtctaagg tgcagtcaca ctgtgtggtt ttaggacctt gtggatcttt     49680
     tatctgccct tactcccctt tctgtctttt ccctgggtct gtggccacgc taggactgtc     49740
     ttctactgct acactatgtc cccacttcag agatctataa agatatacaa ctcagagcca     49800
     agggtaaaac ccagggcttc catgtgttct gttactgaag atatttttgc ttggtgttct     49860
     ctttaattct tttacattga actttggttc tctttaagga atcttttatg tatacatgtc     49920
     tatatgctac atgtctggaa gccggtgggg agaggggcca tcggatccct gaagctggaa     49980
     ttatctgctc ttgtaatttg tctgatgtct ctgttttaac ccacaagcca tgtgtccagt     50040
     cccagcagtt ttagacatgg agaagctggc tatatgatta actcagcaga cacgggatgt     50100
     tctgggctgg gcttcagggg tgtggccgct tacctcggca accatgtact cttgcttgga     50160
     tgttccgcta cacagtcaca gcagcctgga aacttgtgtt ccatcaggtt cagccagggg     50220
     gctattctta gccacgtggg cgcggccagg agtagatgct ctgggtatag atagtaacaa     50280
     gtgggctatt tcaggtatct ggagaacccc ctagaatatt ccaggccaaa aatgctattt     50340
     atataaccca ccaggcttct ggaagcaaaa gctataacct tcgtgtctct ttggctttct     50400
     gaagaggctt ctttcagcag ggctgtgggg acagggaccg ggtcatccaa aggcctgctg     50460
     tccctcaagc acctgtttcc agaaagccag ggatgttctt tgctttcaac cctgactggg     50520
     agagcagtgg ttctcctcag accctagctg ttctctcagc aggcactgtc ctgtggcctc     50580
     ctggaagggc agccagcact ctggggagac agcttccaga tgtggtgggt gacatattta     50640
     tctcctcctg aatttcactg agcttgcaga cttctgcttc ccatagacat caaagggctg     50700
     tgactaaatc cttttccctt ctctcccggg ccccttgtct ctccttgtcc ccttgctccc     50760
     attttggaga gcggttctac caaaaggcct agttttctca aaagttcgtc cttaggagga     50820
     caagtgggac tttcagaagt aattctgtag aaggtgacag gcaaggaaga aaagcaaccc     50880
     catagaaggc cgcctaagca cactgggacg gacaccctct ttctgaccct cattctggtt     50940
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttggt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtagccctg     51000
     gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcaa actcagaaat ccgcctgcct     51060
     ctgcctcccg agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gcgccaccac gcccggcccc tgaccctcat     51120
     tctgcatgtc agggactggg cctagaagtt aagtgagaac gccgcccccc cccccacccg     51180
     caccccgttc ctttgctgtg ccaggctggc tgggcaggcg caggtgtctg ctcagctgct     51240
     gcagcctgac tgaagcctgg cccgcagagt ggaaagcgtc ctctgttcat ttcgtatcag     51300
     ttccctggca ggtaccctcc tcgcacttct ctgccaaccc ccaccctctg ctacctcagc     51360
     catccatcag cccagatata aatacaagag cattttccat gggctagaac caaggggggg     51420
     gggacattcc actttatttt gggctgtgag attccctgct tcatacccga caggtgtgac     51480
     agccccattt agacatggga agccagaaat agaacacaat ctacaatata gcttcctttg     51540
     ggcatctgga tgctatttta aaagaacatt cctgtgaggt acccaggctc aagttggttg     51600
     gggttctgag ggcccctccg ccaggggaat cttgacctgg tgctgaagga ccagacattt     51660
     ggggacaaga ttcctttctt gctttgacag agagataaag aggaggtggg ggtggggtag     51720
     gggcttctta cccacaatct ttgaagctat ttctgacacc tgactacccc atgattcaag     51780
     acggactcat aagtacaccc caccccgccc caccttgctc taagagtgag ggccaggtag     51840
     ggtgacttct caaactacat gttcttagat gtttgggctt aacagcagcc ccacccccac     51900
     cccaaatcca tgtcaaaatc ctaacctgct gaagaccctt agaaagtggg tctttgcagc     51960
     tgctaaagat gaggtcctgt ccacaggcat agggcagtgt gacggcagag acaggggacc     52020
     tcctacacaa caagaacaaa atccacctcc tgcctttgaa gccactttgg gctgggactt     52080
     ctggcttcca gaactttcga tgggtgggcg catttccatt cagagggtgc cttcgagccc     52140
     acttcctgcc tcccatgtag gggggagagg gtcttgatct gggaacatga gtgtgtctgt     52200
     gtgtctcaaa agtgtgttcc tctaccagcg ggcaaaggtc tggtgctgtc agtatgtagc     52260
     cttctccctc acaggagtgt ggatacagca tttatgtgat tgcagtcact cctggtctag     52320
     aagcccaagc tcaaggtcaa gtttctaagc caggtatgtt gctcatccct gcaacccagc     52380
     tgaggaggct gaggcagaaa gactgcagtg agctcaaggt cacctgtggc ctatagactg     52440
     agactgtctc caaacaaata ggtcaagctt tgtctgggag gttccaaagg ccagcaaagc     52500
     acagctagat gctcactacc aagtctggcc tgaagcagcc gcaaaaccag aggctaaggt     52560
     acccgaaggc taaagacccc atgggctttc ctaaccgctc gatttcccac ataaaggttt     52620
     agcaggctcc tggaagctta ggagaaggtg ggaaccctta agactgggcc tggaccaagg     52680
     tggctgacac atctcccttg ttctgggcca ggagtggagt ggctgagaga ctgttaacta     52740
     aagatatgtc aagaattctc tctgccggat tctgtgggtc tcctttctct gcccaaatcc     52800
     aacatgagtc agtcagaacc actggaagaa ccaagttctg ctctctcctg tgcttgggac     52860
     gctactcaac tactagccac cctaccagtt cttccatccg agcatccttc atgggtcctt     52920
     aaccctgctg ctagcgtacc cccaacatca ttcctccagg tcacttcatg cagtttctct     52980
     tctagatttc tgaacctgaa ggccgcaggt tcgcctgcac acaggcctct gaaatgctcg     53040
     gacatgatgc cctccatctc ctgtctgctc tgtgcccaga agggtccaag ttatccaaat     53100
     cctggtgccc ctggagaatt ctgcctcctc cacagatcca gggcattggt aaagactcga     53160
     gacgtcaagg ctcaagacag gagacctgag cgtggaggct ctttattaca catagctgct     53220
     ctcctgagac gttaaccagc caccgaggcc agccccaagc aggacaacag tgctgaggac     53280
     agatgaggtg ggacctggct ttagcccact cctccctggc cctgcctcat cttacagggt     53340
     ggggccaggg tgtacctgtg cttgtgtata tacacgcatg tgtacataag gggcaggaga     53400
     aaatgtgtct ctgaccccga ggtgaaggca actgagcctg gcgctaagag gtagctatgc     53460
     ttgccaaggt tgtgcacaca ctgtgctctc aagtaaaaat ggtcattcca agctgcacac     53520
     aaggggaccc aggtgtcatg gtggattttg tccagtgtta gctatttccc aataggcgct     53580
     cctttttgga acaggtccag cagacaggcc aaactgaaaa aacggaactg ttggttctta     53640
     ttttggtgag cctcctggtg ataagtctcc tcggaacaca ggccttaggg gaagatgccc     53700
     gaaggctcca ctgggcttgg ttctggcagg acacaggtaa cagtgaactg ggccctgtcc     53760
     tggatgacag aaccactgag aggattgtcg ggtttggccc ctccaccctg ctgtgcccac     53820
     ctaggggcca ggacagcagc cggcttcctc atgccgcgcc aagagagaca tgcgggagaa     53880
     ggccttgggg cacacggcgc acctgtactt cttggtacca acgtgagtct gcaggtgagc     53940
     cctcaggttg gagcggtcag cgaaggccct gctgcagtga gaacaggtat agggcttctc     54000
     acctgtggga ggaagaaggg aggtcaggcg agcagccacc gccaggacaa tcccacagat     54060
     ggtggccaaa ggtgaaatgt cactgttgac caatgagtaa cttgcccctg tccttcagat     54120
     gttcaccata gtccaagcac ccaaggccag agccctttgg acaatccatc tgtcactcag     54180
     agcaggatca cagcatcaga ggatcttctg aggcaaaggc agtgtggctg ccatgtctct     54240
     accaatcccc aagtgctcag ttctgaccgt gagaagcagc gggagccccc gcagcttcct     54300
     ggccactggc gggtgtaata ttgagccact gtgaaggcag agctgggtgg agtagctaga     54360
     ctcctagaca caggcaccat ttgcaatcag gaccagccac caaggatgga gataggatcg     54420
     ttctgctaag accttggctt tcagaataac cctcccaaga ggaaggggag agggccattg     54480
     agaagtgtct gtctggttct gcagcctaca agaggcactt gcaccctaac tggttacaga     54540
     tctccaagtc cagagtctgt ccttcctgtg ggactacact ccttcacctt cacagacgtc     54600
     cctggccctg aagccacgag atgtcattca gagacacctg cttcctaggc tcctccctcc     54660
     aaccctactc agaaatcagg cctttacaga gataacagtt aagatgaggc catctgagca     54720
     aatcctagct ctgtgagtta caggggtctc cctcccctta gggcagagag acatacccag     54780
     gggagaaggc ttcaggaagg caaaaagaca gatacacaga tatggccatt tgccaatgag     54840
     tagggtggct gtcaggagac cagagaggca agaactgtca tccctacagc ctttgaggag     54900
     aatgtggctt ggccatgcct ggggttgagg tttctggcct caagaccttg aggggacatt     54960
     tccatgcaga tctttatcta tgggggagtg tgtctgcagc tgcaggaggg gcaaggaccc     55020
     tgccaaccag gagatcagcc cctcccccaa cctggatcct tctctgggac ggcaataccg     55080
     cccctcctac ctgtatgggt gcggatgtga ccctggagca gccagggtct ggagaaggcc     55140
     ttgccgcaca ccttacagat gcagggcagc gtgtgggtgc ggatatgcat cttgagggca     55200
     cccaggctgg catactcctt gtcacagtac ctgcaggtga aggcgcgccc agtcggcagg     55260
     tgacagtgca gctgctggtg cctggccagg ccagccagcg tatgatacgg cctgtggcag     55320
     tggatgcact caaagctacc tgggactcga gatgtcccct cagccctgag atgttcattt     55380
     agagctccgt ctgggcccag gattgggggc cagcgtgtgg gcagcaccaa cagcgggggt     55440
     agagtgaagc tgtctttaag agtcacactg ggggcctggg cagcccgagg gcccacccag     55500
     ctggtttcct gaggttctgg gccagagact cccagagttt ctctgtgatt cggcagaaga     55560
     ggcagggaga tgcaggcaac ggcagaggta ctgtcccaag gctgtagggg gtcactggga     55620
     ttgcaagggg cctcctcatc tggcaggtgg cgggatcctg ccaactcctt gcaggcagag     55680
     caggagccat tagcttctaa aagggcagag gggagagata acacataggg agacatgagg     55740
     ttccaaggct tgagcttccg agcctctgtt cacttacctg accatagtct tgcagccagc     55800
     aagaagccag aggaacgcat gcctaccatg agcccatcat tcctacagca gccagagtcc     55860
     tcaccttcat atacgttctg gtccagagag ttggtaaggg gaggtaaggg ttgaggaatg     55920
     cctgaactag acatatccag ataccagaag gtgaactggt cttgtttaaa atgagggaag     55980
     tatcttccgg aacctcgagt actcaggaac ataaacagct gcaaagccag gcatgcggct     56040
     agacactcag catccaggag actgtcagga ggatttcaaa tctgagccag cctgggctac     56100
     atagggaaga gacctcaaga atcagctctc catgggactc cttgctcaag tctgggcagc     56160
     ttgtctaagg agctccagtc ctcctataca gatgtatgct ctcggaacta aaagaacctg     56220
     gtaaagccag ccagccaccc ccacagcagt cagcctccac tcacccaccg cagggtcacc     56280
     cttgtggcgt ctccttgagt gtgtcatgat gtgctgtgcg cggccacatc cctggccact     56340
     caacagcaca cccttgctac cctgtatgcg tgcatgaaca ggcccagccg ggcaggcagc     56400
     tgcaggtggt ggccgcagct taactaggca gcatcagctc cagtcggggc ttagtgtgcc     56460
     ctttggtggt ggctcctgta tttgtggcca gaatttcgtg tgtttaatca aacaatgctg     56520
     gtatccctcc cgacacacag gagagaccag gctgcaaata aagaggcaaa ttctggattc     56580
     cccaaagaca gaagcaccaa tcagccctcc ctctgcctct cctgccacac gcgctgagcc     56640
     agatctctac cgctttttct aagttgatgc aaaggctttg ggtaggcatg gcagttcaca     56700
     ggatgggagg gaccattccc aaaggaaatg tttgattaga aattagccta ggtacaaagg     56760
     gagttttaca gctctgctat gtaaagtcta acagcacaat ttaaaaatag gtacaaaagg     56820
     gtaggaggca cagctcagct ggtagggcgc ttgcctagga ctcaaggtgt cccgggttcc     56880
     ttctccaaac tgggtgtaac ggtgcacatc tgtaatccta attaggaagg cagaggcagg     56940
     aggatcggaa gccgaaagtc atcctcagcc acaaagagtt caaggttagc ctgggatgat     57000
     acatgggaca cctacccctc aaaaacaggg gctataggaa tctctctttc tccaaagaca     57060
     atacacaggt tggcaagatg gctgagcagg tagacttgct tgcagccaag tctgccaacc     57120
     tgagtcttat atccccaacc cataagatga aagaggaaag ctacgtgcgt gtcatctctg     57180
     acgtccacac acatcccatg atatatgtct ctacacccaa ataatattaa gtttttgttg     57240
     ttgttatttt tgttttttcg agacagggtt tctctgttca gccctggctg tcctggaact     57300
     cactctgtag accaggctgg tctcgaactc agaaatctgc cagcctctgc ctatccagtg     57360
     ctgggattaa aggtgtgcgc caccactacc cctcaagttt tcttaattaa aaaagagtaa     57420
     catatttaaa aagcatatgg gcagtgtgca cacgaggaaa tatccatcat taggcaccga     57480
     aaagatgcaa attaaaacca catcaaggta gcatgtttta cttcagggat ggctagaact     57540
     tgcaagaaga gacaagtgct ggcaaggctg tgggagaacc aggaagttaa atcccattac     57600
     tttctcccta ccagacatat tgctcctaat tatatagcca gggaatcata ctctggattg     57660
     aaggaggaga gagcaggact gctaagagac tctgtcagca gagttctgga ccacagaacg     57720
     tgggaagttt ccctggggtc ctgtcggaag gaaagtctcc acctctacca ccaaggtact     57780
     gccaggttca gacactgcgt tctgtgtcca ctccacaggc agaggaaagc aacctcatgc     57840
     aggtgggagc gaccatggct tctgcatatg cctttcctat gttgtcttgc actttggtga     57900
     tttctgcagc tttggtttgc cgggagatga gggtatcaat gccccgtggc ttgaggaatc     57960
     cctgaagccc cttcggagga gggaaggaga actccaggcc tcagcacctc agtatactct     58020
     agggagacat cataatagga agagagtcac tgggaccatg ggggcctggg aaagccaaga     58080
     gcgaccgcta aagggcatta aggctactct gggaacctcc tgtccgaaac agggccctgc     58140
     aggacctgat ttgcccattt aagaggtaag ctggggagct gggcgtggtg gtgcacgcct     58200
     ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggtag gtggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt     58260
     ttacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaacca     58320
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggaagt aagctggtat gtgctctcca agtgcaatct aaggttttaa     58380
     ctcttaaaac aatggcctag ggccagaggc atggctcagt ggtaagtgct tgactagtct     58440
     tgtgtggggc attgattcta tcctccatac aaggaaaaaa aactacattc actataagta     58500
     caactttcta cctcctctgt aaggagaccc aaccacccaa ccaaaagaaa aatcacactc     58560
     taatagcgtc tgttatagaa ctgctgttgg tgactcacta aattgaatca aaaatgtctc     58620
     ccccaccccc aagagcaggg tcctagatag caccccctgg tggcagcaga ggtgatgatg     58680
     gggcctgatc caagaactcc caccagctgg ggctatatga ggggtgctgg cctgaggccc     58740
     gacatccaaa gtgtcccgag gcactgggca acttcctagt aggtctttct ctgagaagtt     58800
     gcccacctga gtgggggtag ctctgaccat caggctggct ctgaagatta agggttctct     58860
     tctcaggtgc tcagacctaa agcccctgaa cctagccgta aaggtggaca actgagcctg     58920
     ttgtgtggag gtcggctctt ccttggtcac tgcaccagga gagcaaggag gcttctggga     58980
     agagcgaaga ccaccagagg ttgtttgctc tatcaatgag ctcaccaccc acgaggcagg     59040
     atgctctggg ggagtcctgc cttttctcac cagccaccat ctgcgggtag gacaagtttc     59100
     ctggccttgt ggttagtgag accttcttta ggtgggtgta tacagcgcct gggacatact     59160
     ttaagtttgg acccttccag acctgcacag agaggacttc aggacttcag ctgagcagtc     59220
     cgcagggaga gctccgggga gatctggggc tcaggaaact ttgccaagtg gggagcccaa     59280
     ggcatgcccg aatcttctga agcagagaag ttagttgccc tgggcacatc cctcttagag     59340
     ccccagtctt aagccagaag gggaacctcc tcctctgttg aaatggaaaa ctctagcccc     59400
     ttcccctctc acctggggca ggtgtgaccc agctcccaag gacttcccag ctgcctccag     59460
     ccccgaagcg ctgcgagctg ggggcggaga tccggccaac ccctacctct cagtgtctcc     59520
     agtttcccgt agttggggac cctgtgactg gagtgcgttt tcaccaggaa ggagcgcggc     59580
     atggtcccct cccgagagca ggcagagtct agccagagcc tgcagcggga ttaccgactg     59640
     cagagtctgg cggcgccggc gggccgcgcg gccggcaggt gcgagaaggg tcaggctcat     59700
     tagcatagcg caccacctca gccaaccagc gcggagcacg gcggggcggg gccgcgaagc     59760
     cacgcccagg acaggtgcgc gggcggggaa cccgccgcgt ggtcggcggt gtctgcccca     59820
     cgggactccg ctggcccgcg tcatggtcac gcaccgaccc cgcgggggct cgccatcgac     59880
     ctgccctgga tgaaagagca gagttcaggg ttaggtgaca ggtgccagcc aacttggccg     59940
     agcagagtcc ctaacctctc cagcatcctt tataatccat gcccaggaga gtcggaacag     60000
     ccctgtctgg ttgtctaggc tctccgtgtg gatgtttacg acgttagagt ctggtgggac     60060
     agtctctggg gtaggtggac agagcaccaa ctgggtgtgt ctgtctgtgg ctgagtagca     60120
     gggctgtgtg gccagaactg aactttaccc tataacccca cattccttgg catctgtggg     60180
     ctgaggtggg aagggaaggt gagtcggcag cgtaggagac agtgggggaa ggggcctgag     60240
     tcaccctggc gttcacattc acggttgcag ggcacggtag ctggtgtcat tccgtttctg     60300
     ggagaaaagc aaggttctga gagttctgtg gtcgacagaa ctggtaacat tagcccacac     60360
     tcctggctgg tcagatgtgg ctgcaagtac tcttttgtta tggtgtaatt gtgtggaaat     60420
     agggcatctg tgggaaggct atctgaggac acattcctgc tggctgccca ttcccctgta     60480
     ccttggattt gtaagtagcc ttttttgtaa cctctcccct tccaggcata gataaaaagc     60540
     ctatggttcc taaaccggct tgcacttgca tatccttcct gtccacccac acaatgcgta     60600
     gccttgggct gactctccca gctcatctcc taacctcctt aaagagggat gatctggcct     60660
     gcttgagggg aactgccagt ttcatgaaag gtgctgggcc cacctttgag gcggggcccc     60720
     aataggcttc tgacattcat aagccattac cgtgaaggaa attggagatc cccacttctc     60780
     tgagccccct caccttgctg ctgtgcaagt tcattcttca gctatgactc acagttacag     60840
     gccagcaggc ttcatgcagc cccagggaag aggtagtagc tgtctccagc actggggttt     60900
     aaaattctta agcccacggc tgtgggaagc cttcccagcg ggagagaggc ttgcctcagc     60960
     caacacaagc ctcttcaggg cttttcctaa aaaggctgag acaagctgtc tgttgcctac     61020
     gcacgctgtg ttgctccttc agcagaagta caggtttggg aaccacgcag ggccccacgc     61080
     agatctcagc cacccccaga agcacatgga gcgggccaca ggaaaaccag cagccctgac     61140
     aatagtgagg tacactcacc caacaactcc acctgcttcc tcacaggggg ctcccaccga     61200
     ccggcccaca ggaggagatg cagtctgttt atgccttggt ccctggtata ttgccagagc     61260
     taatagatag tgtcactcat gggtcggact gtgtctattc aatgtattca actgtgtgat     61320
     ttaattcaga tgctaaatct ttacagatgt tgcagattca agagagctta acccactgat     61380
     taatgtccta gcaaagaggg caatgggact ttggtgtgca caggggtggt gggagagttg     61440
     ggatagaggc ttaaggcctg agtggttagc aacgagggag cccttgtccc cttcccttgc     61500
     tgatacacct ccatgttgga cttctggcct ccaaatacgt ttctggtgtt ctctcagagg     61560
     aacactctgt ggtatgccat tccagaggac cgcgataact tgcactgatg acatcctgaa     61620
     agcattgggt cagcagactg ggtctgccct ccagaagtcc agcagactgc ccatcacagc     61680
     ctccgtgggg gacacagctg tcatggcccc gctctcaggg ccacaacctt ccttccctgt     61740
     ggtttcccgg ggtgtctgga gttcagaact gtgcattgat taagggaggt gtgatctgca     61800
     gatagcctca ccagtccatc ttcctcctgc tcttcccgga ggaaaagctc agaatgaggg     61860
     tggaggcggg ctcagcctcc ccactccctt ggcctgacac tgagtgcaag gattgctgca     61920
     gagggtcttt gatctacaga aggcgttccg ctcgctatca agagatttca gttggaaata     61980
     gcctttgtag agggagtcct tgaacagcgc caggtctgga caccattgtg tgcgggtgaa     62040
     gcctttttct ccggtgtttt cagtgctcag aagggggcag agagcgctga catctcacag     62100
     agcaggaacc aacacgagga cagactgtgt tactgcccgt caccgaggcc tggcccaccc     62160
     tggcgtttca tatacaggga gactttctca acctcctcct gacatcagat ctttagctga     62220
     gggtctgggg tccctgcagg caccttggtt tccaggtggg ctgagtagaa aggctccacc     62280
     ctgtcctccc ccaccccata caagcttgaa acaggctctc caaaatccct tcaagtaatg     62340
     ggaatgagct cagattgggg gaggggggtt cctgcactaa gtaggtgata ccacatacca     62400
     cacaaatgtg tgtgaaggat tctgggaagg caagactcct gtagctgggt atggtggtgg     62460
     atggatgaag tgtggctagg ctaggcactg gttaattggt tcaaaggtga ggctctgagg     62520
     catgccgtgc tacagcctta caatcacaca cagtctgctc tggtgcttcc gggatctcct     62580
     aagacccagg gatcgctggc cagttcctcg gagacccaaa gctgaggagc cccatgctct     62640
     ggatttttgc ctctggtgac cacacgaccc tttcctaaga ggaaagtcca ggaatgtgtg     62700
     acaagggtgt ttgctttcta ggaagcaggg tgctagcttc cggtgctgtt gcataacttg     62760
     aaactacagg catgttgctg ccagcccagg tttctgacac cctagatgcc atagggcaca     62820
     gcagcatgag ttggagagga tggctgagtg ggcgggagag tcacagggga gtcctaggtg     62880
     acttcctgat actgctagaa tagtccaagg tggaagaata gtccttagct aactgaactt     62940
     tcagcctaga gagggtgaga cacatcttag gcaggaacca cccgattgta gacacggtgc     63000
     tgctttgctc tctgcctggg gagactgtcc cctcccccct ctggcaagtg actatgtggc     63060
     aataggtttg tgtgtaatac tctcaagaaa ggtcatgacc cctgctctta ggggccacgt     63120
     attaatttgg cagatctcag ctacttgtct ccctgaggtg gaatgctctg aagagagtgc     63180
     acacttagga aggtgtggga gaatggtaag aagacatctc tcctcttgtt tccctctctc     63240
     cactctggga ctgctttgcc tggggcagga agtgggaacc cagtacagaa gaggatagta     63300
     gctagtcacg tgggacacag gaaaggggtc ccttgttgcc cccttgcttc agctcccgtc     63360
     agcagcaggg tgtggctctt cctctcctgt agtggcagct gtgggctttt gatttctttt     63420
     aaaataaaca cagaaatatc gtctgaatgt gcttttgttt taatcccagg tgtgcgatgt     63480
     ggggcggctt caggctgccc acagcagctg attgtgatct gcctcgtgct ctgacagatg     63540
     tgtggttttg ccagctgcag agagtttctg caactgtgtg aattctgggt ctataaatgc     63600
     tagggcctga aagaggcaga gttgatggtt ggttgaagtt tgttagtagt tgtgctcaaa     63660
     gaagaaacaa aaggaaagaa atcagattca ggtatctctt ttccctctat ccttgtttct     63720
     cttctgtcta gtgttagggg gtgaaactag ggcagggtgg gggaaataaa gggtgggaaa     63780
     agaatctcca acaaaggacc aaagacagct atactctccc ccttccccag gcctcttgag     63840
     ggatgaggcc agatacccag tgtacaaggg ctaatgagtc cacacttaac tggtgagttc     63900
     gcagatctat tactgcctgt gctgtctagg aagcagagca cagccaggag agcaggctgc     63960
     cctgtgcctc ttgattagat gtgcagtgtg accacagtgg actaacggct tccccatctt     64020
     ccattccttc ttcgctttcc ccaaccccca cgggtttgca gaccctgcag ttttgaggat     64080
     cctcagagac tgggcttacc ccgtggcctc cacagatgca gcacagagaa ctcaggaaac     64140
     aagccacgtg cagggctgtt gctgaggtca gggctgctcc cgaggtcagg gcctgctggg     64200
     actggcttgg agctgggact gagtttcctg gtcacccagg gatcgtgccc tctgagtgcc     64260
     atgcctgtgt cactgtggtc agtcctgggc ctgtatgagc accactttag ctcaggacag     64320
     tgagtgactg cccaacaagt ggtaggctta gctggcagcc agggacgagc acaagctagc     64380
     cctgctctga ggcctctcag atgtagttga cactcaatga caataactag tagaagaggg     64440
     tggtcttgct gtggcactgc tggtctggaa cctgacattg cccgcaaggg cccccaaccc     64500
     cacataagtg ttaagtggaa caacagagac ctgcctgttc atgggcgcca cctatgaaca     64560
     aagtgggaca gtaaggagtc cctctgggca gacatgcctg tacatctgct ctcgtgaacc     64620
     tggctgctga gggtctcttg agctttttat tgtgttctga ggtcttatgt gcagtccttg     64680
     ctgacctcct ggagctggcc atgtagcaca ggctggcctt gaactcggag caatacagcc     64740
     tcagcctcct gagtgcggta tcccctgctt aaccgccatg cccagctctc ttcgattatt     64800
     agaaccctca gtgagctaga cgacggccct gtgtccagga ggtgggccct gggggagtca     64860
     cggcagctgg cccacctcat aagatccagg attcagcctg aagagtgaga aactggagcc     64920
     agagatgggg agaagcaact agtaccaatg tccccagcac ggcaggctac ccagagccca     64980
     gggaaaaggt caccaagggc acgtggcagt agagtcacca gggagaaagc acctgagaca     65040
     aggtggagct gtggaccctg gcagccctga cctacagaca ctggtgcagt aaaacccagg     65100
     accaaggctc gcgtgggtgc ttggaaacac tttatttaaa actcttttga aaagacagca     65160
     atttatgcca tgaacagaat aagatgctga caaatgtttt cttgcctgac ctgccaccaa     65220
     gcaggtctct ctggcccttg agggctctac cactggtaag ggaagtccct gcctgaggag     65280
     ggatgcggtt ggctctggaa ggtgacaggg cagggcagaa ggactccatt ctgtctgggc     65340
     tgtcctacat ctgctgggag cagccacagc aagtggcccg ccggtgctag ggtttcttct     65400
     gggtcatcaa gagaaagcac cagacaggag ccacctcctc agagatcaca tggcttgggg     65460
     acgccacctg tcacacagac aaagccctgg ccacacccac gctcctccct ctacactcat     65520
     cccacatgtt tttgattttt ttttttaaaa atataacttt gtaaatgctc cataaaaata     65580
     ctgctcttcc tagtcaaacc tgggtattgc gatagaagag taactgcttt gtctttgctc     65640
     tagaaaacat gaaaagatta tcacacagga taagatagaa aaacgcaggg ttcctaaata     65700
     tcacaaaagc cagtaccaaa tgctcacggt ggaagcgaag ctagggaccg accgggtggg     65760
     ctggcagcct tggctgggca cctcttcccc tggccctgct gggcacagct tagggcacct     65820
     catccttctc cacacacaga caccaagtct gggaaaggca gccacctgct ctgacccaat     65880
     ggccagcact tgccccttga agcaccgagg gcccagtgct gctggccagg acctggtggt     65940
     cctgcttgat gacaaggggc cagctagcca ggatcccagc ctggggattc tgagaccaac     66000
     tctccttgtg taacattcca cttggcctgg tgaggcgcac tcctgtgcag gtgccagggc     66060
     agaagggcaa cagccctatc ccttaaagcg ggagtgtgtc ttctgcccca taagaggcgg     66120
     gtggccaggc tgtgcctcag ttctcagaga gggacagagc cagggcagcc tggaaggcag     66180
     cttcttcgtc gatgctgtag tcctggggaa aagcagagat gcatgaggga ggagcaggat     66240
     ggctcccaaa cacccactgt cacagtgtgt cccaagcctc cttcacagaa tgcctgcccc     66300
     agttcttaca tgtgtcccca aaggtagcct tggatcgtgt gcataccagt gctctgcagg     66360
     tttgtgatca tgaggcgcgg gtttcagatg gtaagaatct ttcttctaca gcttagtttt     66420
     tggtgtgtat atgtacagac atgtgtgtgc catagtgtgg gcaggacaga ggactttctc     66480
     atttgtcaca tgggtaccag ggattgaact caagttgtca agcttggcag gcagtaggag     66540
     cctttaaccc actgttcttg gacaagaact gggttttctt agatggaagt tgtcaaggcc     66600
     atgagatctc caaccttggg gaccaggaaa aagcaagcca accctacgtg gctagaggct     66660
     gcagatgatg ggatgggggt gggagcttct gacctagtta ggagtgggca ggggctcctg     66720
     agaaaaccct tcttgcttcc cttcagagtc tccttgaagg aaacacctta ccagggactc     66780
     atctcggcag ctgctacaga gcctcagggg gcccgagtgg gcaccaaggg actcagcagc     66840
     tagcctcgtg catgcccaag cccttgacag gtttgggtgc ctggtggcct ctcgctcagc     66900
     actcccacgg cccagcaggg aatgcctacc acgaaggtgt cgtaggagaa cttgtgccgg     66960
     tgcagcagat gctgcaggaa gttggcgctt ttgtagctgg ggtcccccca gggcattgct     67020
     gagcagatgg ggcataccta gaaaagaagt tgggcgtagc agggaggggc cctttcctgc     67080
     ctgctcgccc acccacccac tcatagtatg gcatgcagag caccctccac ttaaggtgtc     67140
     ccatccccga gagcaggcct gtccccgcat ctccctcagg cagaagccct atgcccccgc     67200
     tgctcaccac acggttggga tcactgcggt gactttccac gcagtgcttc accagctcct     67260
     gctgatccag attgcgggct ccgcagtagg ggcaggcgaa ggtagaccgg ttggggatat     67320
     tgctaggggt gggaggacac tgagtgtgcc tagggctaag aaaccagcct gccctctgta     67380
     gacaggctgg tgctgaccca tcccctgcag cccacgggag cactatatgt cttgcacgga     67440
     aactcctggt ccttttcttt accgcacaca ctggactaat gggccatggt catgacagaa     67500
     gggaggtgac tgtatgatcc ttggcctagg aagaaccctt gttctgccca tcttgggtcc     67560
     ccatcgtaaa ggcttgccta cctggggatg ggctgagatg tgggcaccac agggacgaat     67620
     ttggggcagt tagccatctg ctcctggacc ttcaggcagg aggaaatgtg cgctctcatc     67680
     ttggccagtg tcacctgtga gatgagagaa gcggagctgg gcaggttagg actcaggcag     67740
     cagagataga caatggccac caaaggcatc gggcccgtcc cttctgctct tagaacatgc     67800
     agagcctgag cagcaaccta gagctggggc ttctggaagg gaccctggtg aggatgagaa     67860
     tacatggagg tatacgggta tcacagagcc acacagacac agcagtggtc atggccctaa     67920
     gggaagctcc tcccagagag acaggactag gaggccccat gcctgggtcc ctagaaaggc     67980
     ctgcaaacgg aagcgtctcc agcaggcagg caggattagt acttattagg aaaaaaggcc     68040
     tctccaccca gctggtccta tcaagtcacc acaactgtgc cagagcaagc tggccaagga     68100
     cagcagcctc cctgaaggga agggatatac ccctgccaca gaggctcacc ccagcctggg     68160
     ctcagtgagc aaccctgaag agagaaaaga agccatggtg agcctttccc tgaaggggga     68220
     catcaaagct gggggtggac actccacaag aatgaggaat gtggaggcca cgtcagtaca     68280
     ccacacttgt caggtgggtg ccgcacatgt cctcagcagc cagagtttgt gcataagagc     68340
     agcagggatc caagaaggtc ctcctgaagt cacctgtcat ggctgggtat ccatgcagtg     68400
     gaaatttgcc ccagaagaca gattataaac ttgaggtgct caggtgcagt gtgcagtcac     68460
     ttcacatgcg acactgacag gattctgtcc tcaagtctcc ctgggaaagt ctaaccaggg     68520
     aacccaagca ccaagcggta cagcagctga ctcagcccaa ggtcactcca ggtcatctgc     68580
     ctggcgacct tcaggacact gacaggttaa cacagtcgca gtttattaac tagacagggg     68640
     atgtctgaga cgtaactgca atgtgctccc agctgcttat tttcctagga atagaggagg     68700
     agtgtgggag caaggcgggg tctggggtct gtgagcccat ctcaggtgag gggaccttgt     68760
     gagatgatac agtgagtggt gcccaggcca ctctgctcag gacagaccgg acaccaggtg     68820
     caaggagcta atactcaaag gccctgtgtt tgtctggctg gacctcccac ctcagctccc     68880
     agaaccttct tggcttccac agatttgtcg cagcctgagt gcagggtctg catgggccac     68940
     agtgcacagg ctgagtggag cctaagtcag gcagtttttg acaacattgc tccttggagc     69000
     tctgaaaggg tctggcaggt ggcttcacac tggagcagat gtggttcaac agaaagggtg     69060
     tgagcccatg cacccagttc ctctatggga gaggggagcc cgtcagcgga agctgctccc     69120
     cccagaaccg ccccccaagc ctgaggaacc ccgagcaggg cgggtacctt cttgttgcaa     69180
     ccccgacagg gtgccttgta ggatgagagt tgcttctcta catgggtggc cttgtccact     69240
     ttcttggggt cgaagggcag acggcagagt gggcacagag gggacggcac ctgcagacat     69300
     ggctggaggc actccccgca gaacctgcag gtgatacgga cctgaggcta ctccctccat     69360
     gcaggcataa acagagcggc gcctggctgc tactgctagt tctgcagaca gttttgtgtt     69420
     cctatcccag ccccagccca cccgcagcgg gacacagaca agaggtgagt ggtccctcca     69480
     aacaggacag ccctcttact tggcatgtcc cctgcggcct gtaccctcag aaggaacatc     69540
     cctgcagcag ggtgcgggct ctttcctcaa agtctcctga ttgtgtggtg actgacagaa     69600
     ccttaggggt cagggagtaa aattactaac aactgtgaag aagaaaacgc caggcctgga     69660
     gccctgattc accaggtggt caaagctggc caggacaggg ttctaggcca caggagtctt     69720
     gtgtcctgcg aatcaaagct cagtgacagg agggactgtg cactctctcg ctgccatgct     69780
     cccagacacc agcagcatga gttctgtctt tgcctggcca aaccccgagc tggtgtttgt     69840
     gggatcctct gctcagcagc tgcacaccag tggggaacgg aaggaaagga gtgtcactgt     69900
     gcgagctgat ggctggtctt gctgccaacc tgactacatc tggaattagc tacaaccaaa     69960
     tggctgggca cacctgtgag ggattttttt ttttttctaa ttaaagcatt tgatgtgggt     70020
     agacccactt ctaatccaga tctttgagac cttgaatctg ggccgtaact tctgctggca     70080
     gccgatgata taaaggacac aaagaggaag ttcgctctct gcctgcttgt gcttgctctc     70140
     actggcaggt ccattccttc actggcatta cactctactt tttggaattc tggagtatcc     70200
     tgaagaccag ctgagacacc tgatgctgta gactgaacaa gtactggatt ctttggccat     70260
     tgttggacta gcaagactat ggcctgtaaa ccattctaat aaaccaatcc catatatata     70320
     ttcatattca ttctattctg tttctctaga gaacactgac taatacagat tttggtgtca     70380
     gcattgtctt tgaagcaaga agagaagtat aaggatgaat ttttaggtat ctgaagcagg     70440
     ctttccaatt tgctgacacc tacagctatt agagcctccc ctggaagcgc actgagtact     70500
     gaaagcccgt ggtgtgaact agtttatgaa ctgaagaaaa tgaatggatt tgattatgct     70560
     ggttcatcaa ctgagaggcg atggatttgg tgactctgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     70620
     tgtgtgtata tatatacaca cacacacaca cacacacata catacatata tatacacaaa     70680
     cacatatata tatatacaat ttgtagaaaa agtaaggaga atgctgctgc tggttggctg     70740
     ctcctggcat ccccatataa attaaaacgg gagtagaatg agctgtgtgg ttccagttag     70800
     ccgccttccc gcacagggaa ttcagtgaag gacaatgatg gagaatgata aaactgacca     70860
     gctccagaag ggaagacaca gcgggaaggt ttctaggtgc aggtgccctg gaagagaacc     70920
     ttctgtccag cagccacaga gtgcacgctg aagagaatca aacctcattg taaggttggc     70980
     taaatgacag caagaactca agccccaacc tcagagggca tggacattaa ctgggaaaga     71040
     gtggaatcct ggtgcctggg atgaacacgc gtgggaggac gacagtgaag ctgagaaggc     71100
     tgaagcctcg gatcctcgaa ggtctatttc ctgagaagtc tccaccctca gcagatggac     71160
     tcctacctcc ggctccctga actgcctctt ctacctttga ctgaggaaat taattgttca     71220
     ctgtctgcta aaacagcagt gactctgact aaaggaaacg ccaggcaaga cagcactgat     71280
     gtctctcagc gcccaccaac aggtaggtac ctctagaccc ataaccagac ttaatgctag     71340
     caggctccta gacaggaggt aaaaaaatgt agtccctgag gaagtgagcc atactactaa     71400
     ggagcttaat gagtttgcta actcactaag cagaagcctg gggaatatgt gtgggaatgg     71460
     actttacgtg tgtaggataa tggtggaagg aacataaaac tagatcaggc tgagtttatt     71520
     gatatgagcc cattaagatt ctaggtttaa tgtggaagct tgaggtttta agaggtgacc     71580
     tctgcacaga atggcaagtg ctcattaata gcaccgggta ggaggagggg gagtgactca     71640
     gcctccagga ctgaaggagg aggctccgag aagacagtgt gaaagtttac ttctcttgga     71700
     ggctgtgggg tcaggatgat gagccacact ggtcaggtgt cagaatattc ctgaatttgc     71760
     aggtgacata gccaatgtcc cttctagcac tttgagatct caagaaaatg tccttagccg     71820
     ggcgtggtgg cgcactcctt taatcccagg gaggcagagg taggtggatt tctgagttcg     71880
     aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctgcacag agaaaccctg     71940
     tctcgaaaag ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaatattctt tgaaacaatg     72000
     agggtggtgg acccctaggt agtgtcaaag gtccctgcac ccttcttttt gatggagcta     72060
     ccacctggca agccatatta acagagccaa gagaaacaag atcagcctga gagtcgacac     72120
     tcagtgggtg tgaaggactc tcggaagcac tgtcctgcag tcagagtggc ttgctctcac     72180
     ctacctcacc ctggcagagc aggcagagat ggcaccagca accacacacc cagacttgga     72240
     atcccagttc cgtttatagg aaatgtgcag cacggcccaa tcccgagagt gagcgaactg     72300
     gtgagcagat gccaggactg tgcaaggagt ggctgctttt tggggtggag aatgttctag     72360
     atggcgctaa aggttgtgtg actgagcatg aggggaacca atggcttcta cagttgttga     72420
     gctttttgag gcacaaggct ggagagatgg ctcagtgact cactggttaa gagccctggt     72480
     tgctcctgca gacatggtgg ctatcgactg tctgcagcta cagtcccaag gcggtccagt     72540
     gccatttctg gcctccatgg gaggtgcatg catgatacag acatacatgc aagcaaaaca     72600
     cccataaaac aaaaaataaa aaccctaaaa actttaacaa aaagacttca ctttgtggcc     72660
     tgtgccaggc tttgaactca ttcctgtctt acctcagtct tccaaatact aggagtgcta     72720
     ccaatttata ggtaggagcc accatgcctg atctgaatga acaaaccatg cagccctata     72780
     ttctacctca gagaaaccca cagggagagc aaggccacac tgggaaaaag gaaaatggtc     72840
     ccagaagagc aggccttcaa agatgctggc gtggccagag gaaggcactc cttctctaag     72900
     aaggcgagga ggtctcaagt ctacgcggtg actctcccca agaggaagta gaacgaaacg     72960
     tggggctctt ggcctagttt ccagaccaca cttctcccac agagagttcc tgcctgcatc     73020
     tacagaggct ggtgtagggc agcttctcca ccatgtgaca caactgaggg cgtgaatgtg     73080
     ggagagaaca cccattgcat tgccccttcc tgtgttcttc caccctcaag gcagccagtt     73140
     ccctcaggca aagttgcttt gtgaagtctc aagactgctc ctctgtggcc ttgggataca     73200
     gcctggagca cacctctaca gtggccttgg gatagttcct ggagcacacc tccacagtgg     73260
     cgccactggc aggcctcctg cctgtatctg cagccacaaa gtctccccac ttcctctcct     73320
     tctcttgtcc gggtagcagt gcagcaactc tgtagggagg gttctactca caaaaaacct     73380
     caagaaggaa acagcttctg gtcaggaggt gaagacagag ggatcagtga cattttaaaa     73440
     ggtgatgtga aaacttaacc ctcacactta ttttaaacaa gggctacacc caacagacac     73500
     tgcgaattaa aggtaggact gaacagctgg ggaaacggaa ctggcaaaga aagcagggcc     73560
     accttcccaa ggtgacgctg tccagataaa agcctgcaga gggagcaatg ggaacaggtt     73620
     tacaggttta aaggtgcttt tcaatcccgt gttctacctt tctaagagga caacacatac     73680
     tgattggtga atagtagcaa actgaagaat gcagcagtgg cctgtgtgca ccgagtgaag     73740
     ggattgtaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gacaacactt cacagaacac accgtaaaac     73800
     acccacttgt gcgtgcatac aaaaaaatgg gtcctgatcc aaggcttcct gctagaatat     73860
     cacaggagca ttaggctgag caggagctag ctgtgctctt ccaagacaac ctagcagagc     73920
     tctccagagg gatccagtct tcggttcagc ctgacacagg gggcagggaa agtcaaggca     73980
     gccctggatg gagacaaggt ctctgccacc tccctgtatg actcgcaggc acacgcctac     74040
     ccaagcggct ccagttccct ctgcattaga gcctccaaaa tcagctgcct ctgtttgcaa     74100
     aatgcctccc accaatctgg gtgcaccttg tcctgcccca agcagagggg ctgtctgctg     74160
     acaagtcctc ctcctgcccg ttctctatcg gctaatctca agagctgtac tgtggggagg     74220
     tcatggagca gacgttctat cttggctccc tcccaaccag gctggggttg tgaaggccct     74280
     gagcaccgct ccctcccgcg cagagtcaca tcctcaagtt tctgctcctg aaacacggga     74340
     ggaggagccg ctagattggg ggtggggggt gtcttggctc agctgggcac ctaacgaagt     74400
     gcttgatgtc tgggtccctt taggccccgc tacctggaag cttcctgttc agaataggcc     74460
     aagtccttca aaacaaaaca ccaggctcca aacgcgtccc tctcctaact ttagggaaac     74520
     tcatttcctt gacagtcaac acgagtagac atggggtgga acagagtggg ttgcagaagc     74580
     cacaagtcgt ttatttacaa cggcccgctc acccgatctc tgcaagcccg gacccccgcg     74640
     ctcggcgcag cggccgcgtc caccgccctc gaagcagccg gcggccgttg gcaacgcgcg     74700
     gggccggggc gggtgcaggg cgcgcgcgcg gccggcgggc aggggctgct ttccccacgt     74760
     ctcctttcgg ccgccagcca cgaccccggc ccggaccccc ctcccgcggg ctcccggcgc     74820
     gcgctctcac gtgtggccgc agctgccgat ggccactggc cgatggtaca cctccaggca     74880
     gatgggacag ctgaactgcg cctccaggcc gctgtcgccg cccgcgggcc cagccggcgg     74940
     ctgccgctgc tgcgccgagg ccaccaggct gcggaacatc gccatccccg gggcaggccg     75000
     ccgccgccgc cccctatcca ggccggcaga cccggcgtca ctgccgcgac ggcgccgcgc     75060
     tggcgtcacc gcccaggccc cacctccccg ggttgcgtca cgacagcgcc cgctcggcgg     75120
     tgacggcatc tcagcgcgcc ggcatctcag cgcgccggct cctcacgcca ctccgcagtc     75180
     gggacccacc cctccatgtg tcaggccggt gaggattacg cggggccggc gcggcgggag     75240
     cctccgcccg tgccgcggcc aaggtaagaa ccttctacca ccaggccggg gacagtcccc     75300
     ttcggttccc caccaaccgg aattccggga ctgctgtgag tcggcggcta gaactaaacc     75360
     taggccctgg cgcgtgagcc tggcgcttcc tccgccagct cgggccggga agcgcgaccc     75420
     tgactccccc aagcccgcca tggtgcgaga attctgccac atatgttctt gttctctcaa     75480
     agccgggagc agaaatgtgt gaagtgcgca gaaggcctgc cggtggtggt gatacgagcg     75540
     ggagatgcct tctgcaggtg agatctgggc agccgtcccc accccacccc acccccaccc     75600
     ccgcacgccc cttttccagg cttgcttgtt ttcttgtaaa ggcgcggtaa cttgtaagtg     75660
     cttagcccta accgtaaata gtggtgggaa ccactggtga cgacccttgt catctaaact     75720
     aggcacaccc gtcaattcaa cacttcagag tccatgacag gagaattacc tccgatctga     75780
     ggccagcttg ggctgcagag atgaccctgt caaacaaaat cccacagtct cctgcgcagg     75840
     tgcagccagc ctccctttgc ttctgtgtta cagggtttgt ttcaaggcat tctacgttca     75900
     caaattcaga gccatgcttg ggaagaaccg ggtcatcttt cctggggaga aggtacgatg     75960
     tgtggtgcct gggcgctcgg ctgtcagccc tgctgtcttc cgtttatgtt cgtttcttca     76020
     gctggcctac tgtccctgga cattgagggt agacttggtg tctggggctg tccaagaagt     76080
     ggacaagaca tgctcatatt gcggatgcat gcctccgtgc tgatgctgcc cttcccaccc     76140
     ccaggtgctc ctgtcctggt ctgggggccc ttcgtccagc tccatggtct ggcaagtgct     76200
     tgaggtacat ctacaccatc ttctgggcgt aagcttctgg attgaattag caggggcctc     76260
     cttcctcagc ctatactatg gaagtttttg gttaacacta gacagtaccc caccccaccc     76320
     caactgggac acctttagga tgtcccatat atattcagca ggtgtgcagt ccagacacat     76380
     gccctacaca gggtcccagg ctacatccct attgagcttt atttgttagg acacagtttc     76440
     aaagattggc caatcatgac aaagagcaga gagaagcatt tgccaaaaac aacgggagaa     76500
     gcagcatagg tagaagggag tggggcagat ggaacgggac tcaagctaag agtgtctgaa     76560
     cctgcagagg tatacagggt ttccttgagg gaccccatgc agagcaggga actacatgct     76620
     ctctcactgt agggtaccag ctagaggggc cagtgtagag gctgtcttgg taggggaggt     76680
     ctcagtggcg gtgctgctcc agtgtgaatg acctgtgtcg tacttgagtg gcttttgtgt     76740
     cacctgctgg tcccccagac ctacacatgt gaaggtgaga gctcactgtg aagccgtcag     76800
     tgtctgatac cgcttctcat gggagactcc gcccctgctc tccacgtatt gtcacctcag     76860
     ttcttacatt tcaaaacact ttctggggat tctggggaac ccagcagatg gtaaaagcgt     76920
     tccccatggc tcagccgctg tctcaggttg cttaggtgtc agagacaggc tgggggttgg     76980
     ggagagttct gaagtttctg attcagatag gacatgccct catgcaggag ggaagacttg     77040
     gccccacaca cccctgtgag gaggaaggcc taggcagttt ggtccactga ctggagcata     77100
     cttccagaga agtgcttttg gccagagctg agtcctgaca cttcccttct agggcctgag     77160
     tcaggattct gcgaaacggc tgcgctttgt gccaggagtc atctatgttg atggtatgtg     77220
     tggtcactcc tcttcctagt ccccagccat gcatgagccc cacaggcttt ccaggggaca     77280
     gactggggac agaggtgcct tccaattgta tcgaagggcc catggttgaa gaaggtgagc     77340
     ttagagctgt ctttgggaca gaaagactag ccagtttctt tagctgtgag gggagcctgt     77400
     ctgaaagcac cccaaagaaa aggggagcct gtctgaaagc accccaaaga aaaggggagc     77460
     ctgtctgaaa gcaccccaaa gaaaagggga gcctgtctga aagcacccca aagaaaaggc     77520
     cagtcctgct cttacagaac agacctggtg ggacttttgt atgtgacact gatgcccccc     77580
     ccccagcctg tcccatcagg ctcttcctct gtaaaaccta catgtgtccc cctgggtttc     77640
     acagagggcg cagcctgtgg tcagagcttg gaggacagac agaagacggt ggctgaggtg     77700
     aagcggatcc tggagaacac tggtttccca tggcatgtgg ttgccttaga agaggtaggt     77760
     gggtctgccc ctgtaaaggg tcctgtggtg gccttggagg gagaataccc atcaggctcc     77820
     atggaccttg gactcagtgt cccttctttc atctttcaag gtgttcagct tgcccccatc     77880
     agtgctatgc tgcacttccc aggagtcagc agggacagag gaggcctaca aggctgccgt     77940
     ggaccgcttc ctgcagcagc agcagcagca gcagcagcgt gtgctgggag ctgaggccgg     78000
     tgccagccca gctcagggag aggctcggct gcatccatcc cacggccggg aaccctcagg     78060
     cacggccggg taccccacag ctgctcagac agaggccttg tctaggttgt tcagctccat     78120
     aaagacactg acagccaaag aggagcttct gcagaccctg aggtgagcac actgcctcag     78180
     gccagccctg cctggcttgt gggaggggct ccggctccag ctcccatgat tctccccatc     78240
     ccaggaccca tctgattgtg cacatagccc gagtccatgg ctattgcaag gtaatgacag     78300
     gggagacctg cacccgcctg gccatcaagc ttatgaccaa cctggccctg gggagaggcg     78360
     ccttcctcgc ctgggacacg gtatgcaggg tctagaggcc aggctgtcct ttgactcttt     78420
     ggcctcctcc atttgaaggc acctttgggt tatcctgggg tcttccaaat ggagaggcct     78480
     gggacccaag catagatggc ggtggcagta ggagcccgta ctgctgggat ttgctccata     78540
     tggtgtctgc tccctagggc ttctcagatg agcgacacgg ggatgtggtg ttggtgaggc     78600
     ccatgcggga ccacacgctg aaggaagtgg ccttctacaa ccacctgttt agagtcccct     78660
     cagtcttcac accagccatc gataccaagg tgggccttca gaggaggatg gcgtgggctg     78720
     gttgggggca gcctctccac atagagtcag aaatccccag tgtatcatca gggcctcaaa     78780
     tcttcacctg acaccttcag cccttcctcc cctagggctg gccttgaaga cctagctggt     78840
     tctctgtgac cttagctcct gccacctggc ttctgaaaag gccaatagca gtgcccatgt     78900
     ttccaaagcc ccttcaagca caacctgtgt cctggaagag cagactgcta aggaggtggc     78960
     ttgggaggag agggtctgtc tgtctctgag gtgaaagggt ggcaagacga cactgtatga     79020
     gtcctgtgct ggtctcagtg ctggtcacct gaagcccatg gtacttgtct tactgagccc     79080
     ttctgaagtt ccccacctga ttgtccctag gctccagaaa aggctagcat ccaccggctg     79140
     atggaggcct ttatcctgag gctacagact ctgttcccgt ctacagtcag caccgtgtac     79200
     aggtgtgtgc acctgtgtgc cctggggtgc tgtgtacagg tgtgtgtgcg ccctggggtg     79260
     ctgtgtacag gtgtgtgtgc tccctggggt gctgtgtaca ggtgtgtgtg cgccctgggg     79320
     tgctgtgtac aggtgtgtgt gctccccggg gtgctgtgta caggtgtgtg tgtgccctgg     79380
     ggtgctgtgt acaggtgtgt gtgcgccctg gggtgctgtg tacaggtgtg tgcacctgtg     79440
     tgccctgggg tgctgtgtac aggtgtgtgt gcgccctggg gtgctgtgta caggtgtgtg     79500
     tgctccctgg ggtgctgtgt acaggtgtgt gtgtgctccc ttgggtgctg tgtgcaggtg     79560
     tgtgtgtgct cccttgggtg ctgtgtgcag gtgtgtgtct ggggtgctgt tgtgcaggtg     79620
     tgtgtctggg gtgctgttgt gcaggtgtgt gtgctccctg gggtgctgtg tacaggtgtg     79680
     tgtgtgctcc cttgggtgct gtgtgcaggt gtgtgtctgg ggtgctgttg tgcaggtgtg     79740
     tgtctggggt gctgttgtgc aggtgtgtgt gctccccggg gtgctgtgta caggtgtgtg     79800
     tgctccccgg ggtgctgttt agctttctgc ttgtcaccca tccctgtttg cctgcgcacc     79860
     tgcccacagg acgagtgaga agctggtcaa agctccccgg gagggttgtg ccgctggccc     79920
     gtcaggcccc agctgcctcc tgtgcatgtg tgccctggac attgacactg ctggttcgtg     79980
     cagggcctcc ctggggtggg gtgcggtggt tctctggcta ccccagggtc ccctcagccc     80040
     ctctctgttg cagacagtgc cacggccttt ggggctcagt cctcctcaca tctctcccag     80100
     atgccgagtg ctgaggctgg gatgcctacc cagccctgct gtgctgcagg ggagggtcag     80160
     gcccagagct gccataggga agttggcaag aggtgagacc ctgcctgtgt cctgccccgt     80220
     gagcaggggt ggagggggca gtgtccttaa acagttcaga gtgagaccag gcacataaat     80280
     ctacttctgc ttccacaggg gggatgcacg ggcctgcatc acagagcagt tatgttatag     80340
     ctgccgagtg aacatgaagg acctggtgag tggctgtcca tctgtccctg taagctatcc     80400
     ccacggtccc gtggcttctc acactccatc tcttgtagcc ctccttggac ccattgccac     80460
     cctacgtcct tgctgaggct cagctccgca gccagaggta acgcctatgc tttggggagg     80520
     ctggggacac ccctggccta gttctcactg cactctccca caggggctcg gtctctgagg     80580
     aaatccagga gtatctgatt acagatgagg aggaagacag ctgagtcgtg cggagccatg     80640
     aagcaggaag gcgaggacaa aaggattggt ctgtgacagt ccgtttgtat aaataaaaat     80700
     gttttactta gaaaacccta cagtacttgt gggaagggag agccaggccc ccagaccaac     80760
     tggcagggac gcaatgggta gggacacagc gtccctttga cagcagcatc atcagggctt     80820
     acgtaggcca ggacctgtca cagctcgtgc cttgggcagc tacactccaa cccaaggagc     80880
     tctgccagcc ctggtggtca tgctgccctg aggcagctcc ttcattcccg gtgcccaggg     80940
     cctgggctcc tactccctct cacgtgtcca cttaatcatg gtctctggag atcggtacag     81000
     gaagatgagc ttggcgtata gctcctcctc cagctccagc tcccgggtct cgcgcaccaa     81060
     gaagatgtcc tggcacagct tgaggatgcg gtccacacac ggcagttcct cgaacatgat     81120
     ggagtgagag atctcgctga agaagccccg cacaaacttg ccaaccacca gcacgatgga     81180
     gacgtacagc cccacaatcc tgtcgggaga ggcgggcatg tgagccggga ccactcagaa     81240
     cccttggggc tctcggagat ccctctgcag tactcacccg tagccggcca ggaagcccag     81300
     gctaggtggg ctgaccttgt cactgaagat gaccatgggc agcaggttgc agtcagcctt     81360
     gcagtcctgc agctcgatga cccaccactc gaggaagtcg gaggccttgg tgcccgcttg     81420
     ctccccagag gcccctgtgc ccacttgctc cctccgcagc tggatgcgca caccaaggta     81480
     gtcctcttcc tcatctgagt tgagtgggat agttagagtc gggctacact ggcccccggc     81540
     ctagcccgca tccctacatc cctgcaccca cacttccggc ctagcccaca tccctgcgcc     81600
     ctgctcccac actgacctgg ctgcagctgc ttcacagggt tggcttcagg cccattggga     81660
     gcacgaatgt acttggggaa gagatgggga atgaccctgt gggaggagtc agcaagtcag     81720
     gggcatctta gccctcctgc ccacatgccc cacagtggcc cccactcaca ctgactgctc     81780
     aggtcagggg catcttagcc ctcctgccca catgccccac agtggccccc actcacactg     81840
     actggtcagg tctgccctcg agcagttggg ccagctgcct tcgtgccgta ctgttggggg     81900
     ccagctccaa ggtgtgcttc tcattagtat actccacagt gccacccttg gccaggtccc     81960
     tggggagcag gcagtgttag gcagtgtggg gcatccccca gaccctcata agaacaggac     82020
     ccacctttgg aaattccagg taaagcgcag tgtaatgtcg gctgtgccgt tgtacagctc     82080
     ctgcttcatc tgggctcggc tgggtgggct gatgcgccac agcgcccccg agctgccctc     82140
     gatctgtgca gtgacgatgt cctcaggact gtactggcta atgaactgca tggctagctg     82200
     tgtggggtat gctcagttag gggcagcagg ccacctttcc tccgtcagcc ctcctcacac     82260
     aaatgggtcc agtgcaggtc acttactgga taggggtcaa actgctggga cagctcctcg     82320
     taggcctggg gtgtgaatgg cacaatggat ggctgctggg cgctcatggt gaacagtggc     82380
     tggggatgga agcacgctca gcatggagcc cctcaggctc aggggacggg tgggttgctg     82440
     gctggctact cacctcatag ccgcctagct tgagggtgac ggtgacatca atgggctggt     82500
     tgacgacccc gaccacagag cggatcagtg acatgaagag cagagggaac cagatgatgg     82560
     cgatgaggaa gaggataatg aggcctccca taccatactt gacaattttc ttcttcttct     82620
     gccccttggg ctgggggtat ttctggaagg gagacactgg ttaccctccc aaccccgtag     82680
     ccacaggctc taagcctcga cctggtgtca ctgcataggc ctgagctcca gagataacca     82740
     tcagtggggg cagctgggga atcagctaca tgccacgctc tcagagaagg cagcctttct     82800
     acacagctgc aggcagggtc attggagcag agagcttggt gtgacaatct tagacatggc     82860
     caaggacact tgtggaacac cagacctgag caggagagga agactatttt aaaaactgat     82920
     gtttcaggag tgatggagag agcacactgc tctgctaggg accagagttc agtttgcaga     82980
     agtcatgtta gatggatcac aactgcctgt accttcagcc ccagggcatc tggtgccctc     83040
     ttctggcttc cgtgggcacc tgcactcatg cacagacaca cacacaaata gaacagttga     83100
     cctgagtaca cgcagggtgt gatctgagca tcctttctca atggacagtg acctcacatg     83160
     cgccatgtgt aggggaacag tgaaagcagc agtccgtcca tggaaaaggc agacgcgtca     83220
     ggggtcctgc actgcacagg atcgcttatg tggctctaag caggagtatt gacctgctac     83280
     aaggaaggat cttgggagca ttgctaggtg gaggatcacc gctgaggcga ggaagcctgg     83340
     tatgaaatgg ttctgtgtaa acaggcaaac tcacgtcaag gagactacag atcaccaagg     83400
     gtggagagga gatggggagc aataaagagg acatgtccta aatgtcctct gtgggcatta     83460
     ggacattagg tgatggccta aagctggctg cagtgatgaa cacctgtctg tgagtatgct     83520
     aaaccacgaa acaattctgg taacaaacag ctaatagtcc ctaccacaca aacccagtgg     83580
     cgcacaaggc aagtccgctg tccacaagag ttctagaaag ctcccttctt tgagctgctg     83640
     tgcatgcaga ttgtgaattc ccaacaagta cccatccgtc ctctctgccc tggcaccttc     83700
     tctgtctctc ggctgcactt gatgataaag atgttggcat agatgtcttc cacacacatc     83760
     cagttggaca gggacagcgt ggtgtcggtc cacacccagt ccatgacggc ccgcagctcc     83820
     accaggaacg gcactagacg gaacctgcca aggccagggt tgcatcagca gggccagcct     83880
     gcaatggctt ctgactgctc ctgacgatcc ctaggcagac cacactcacc cctggaaaag     83940
     gaagaggttt agatggttgt atttcttggt gaggaagttg cccaagatac gggtggggta     84000
     gccacagcgg atctggtagg cggacagggc aaagtaaatg cacttgacga agtaccacag     84060
     ctgtgccacc gcattctggc tgaacatcct gaatgggaca ggacagggtg tcagggagac     84120
     atgacaaacg gttcaggagg ccaaccggag ctgtgccaca cccagagagt acagtacctc     84180
     aggacagact gaggccccaa cgtgcagagc ctcacaccac ccacctctca gtgacagccg     84240
     gtaagataaa gaacatccag atgtgaatcg ccaccaccag gaccacctga aaggccagct     84300
     ttcccaggac agtcttgcgc aggtagaggg cacggtcgat gaccatggtg ccaaactgga     84360
     ccagcagcat gaacaggaag gcctgtggca cctggtcatc tgacagcgag gatgcaatgt     84420
     ctgtggctgc agagtgcttc tgtagcagag ggtacaagtt ggggagatgg agcggcagta     84480
     caacacaggg tcctaagccc aggcactcca aagacttaga ggccagccat ctgtgctggg     84540
     gcctcaggtc aacttacccc aaaagcccaa aaaccaaaga tgatgatgat gatgtcgaca     84600
     atatcggcca ggaacatgag ggcgtagacg tcggtggccg cccggtactt tgtgtgcaga     84660
     atgtcatgga agaaacgctg caagggttgg tagaagctct gggccctgtg gatggacagc     84720
     ctcagaggtt atagagccag ggactatctt cttgccctaa cacccctccc attcctagcc     84780
     aggccactca cagtgacaca cagaagctct gcagccggcg cccagctgcc ttcattctct     84840
     cccgaaactt cgatttttct tgagtgtgac gcggcctctt tctctctgta gtttcttttc     84900
     cttctccctc ctcgtgctca gtctctgtgg gtatgtatgt ccagggaagt accagtgagc     84960
     ctatcaggga ctgggtgtcc accctgatag gctgacctca ccccacttca tggacagcac     85020
     aggaaactcc cggcagacac tattgaggag caactgctac tgtatcctct ctcggggtgg     85080
     ccccaagact tcagcccata gatactcatc ccaggcatag ggacagctcc aaggatggat     85140
     acaggaagag cactgagcaa tggtgtgctc ccaagtgcgt tatccctgta ctaggctggc     85200
     catctccaac tgaggggtca tctgtgtctc cttccctccc aggaacatgg caggggtcta     85260
     gtctgggctc tcacccatga ctgctgttcc tttgggtcct ggagtctcct tgcgcctcct     85320
     gaagcgtatg ctgatgtgcc tcgtgtgccg gggcttaagg tcctctgggg gatcttggat     85380
     aacatccttg gatctaatac ttcctttccc ttggatgtgg tccctgggag taccggccaa     85440
     cactggctcc ttgggatgcc cagtgcctgt ctcagactgc gattccagct tagcttctgg     85500
     ctcttccttg gcctcccggt ccttcacact actcctgcaa tggtccttgg gatagcgatc     85560
     ctcctcatgg tcccagaggc cataacacta tggaggatac gggttggtga ggagcctgac     85620
     ccaggtcagg tcatgcttag accagaggca ggcgattggg ctcaggaatg cccggagttg     85680
     ccaagccagc cctgccaccc ctgcactggc tggcaggctc accagtagct gcgagcggtg     85740
     gaagaagagg gccatgagct gcaccaggtc atacttgatg tagctgtccg ttttctcaag     85800
     gcccaggatt cgcggaggga agtagggctt gttctcatag cgccgcagca caacgtagct     85860
     gttccagggg aagaagccga actggaacag gtatttggtg accaccatga cctgcaggac     85920
     agggcactca gccatgggcc atgtggccca gcccctaccc tacaagctgc tacccacctc     85980
     agtgaagacg atagctgtca tccaaaagcg cttgctaggc ctcgggatgg tcagcatggc     86040
     ccacaggaac acaagcacgg gcagcaccag ggaggcagcc gaggctgtca ccatgtggtt     86100
     aaggatgatg atgaagtaac agagcagctc cgagtgtgcc gccacgcact ggtacccagc     86160
     cctgagcagc cgcagagtcc ggccctgctg tgcctcaaac cgctcggcct cctccagctc     86220
     agggatatgc aggcgcctgc cgcaggacca caggaatttg ggggcaagag ccaagagcac     86280
     ccctggggtg cagagccttg cccacaacca tggcaataga cagactctga tcccaggcct     86340
     gggcctagcc agttcctgcc tcccttaccc agcttctgtc cctgggcttc ctgctcagga     86400
     gaattccctt gaaaacctgc acacagccta gtcccatctc acctatccag tagcagctcg     86460
     ctggccgtgc gcatccgggt acgagcattg gctaaaagct cttgggagcc gtgcagggag     86520
     gtcccagcct ggaggtcccc agcgtcggtg acaatctcct cactgccact gcgggtgtta     86580
     tagcctgtgc tcagggggct gctggtgtcg tctgtcatgc tactcaaagg ctcttcggct     86640
     cccagcccac tgtgagagaa aaggttacag agggaagggt ggaggactgg tgccgggaag     86700
     acaaggggca actgagatca gtactgtacc ccaatggctc ctccagagga cacacagaaa     86760
     tgggggcccc cgactcaccc gagccccctt gggccccaca ccgaccttga ggctgtgctg     86820
     ggtccatccc gggtctccat gggacctgac aatgtggcct catcttcacc cacataaagc     86880
     tggtccagca cacctcggcg tacctctcca acctgcaggg aggatggaga agccctcagc     86940
     ccctgggatt ggactggctc tgctccacat gggctcagca ggcagcagtg gggatgtggc     87000
     cttgatgaag tataggaggg gcttggctcg aggggtgctc acccgaagaa gctcctgggt     87060
     gagcaggtag cgctctgcgc acagcacatc gctcatggtg cggtggtgct tcgtgaatgc     87120
     acgcagccag cgcgtcagcc cgtctaccgt ggcctggccc agcacccaca ggaactgcat     87180
     ggtgcttagc acacgctgca tcatgtggct acggcctata gagagggcag gacggtgctg     87240
     gagggtcggc tagccataag agccctcagc cctctgcccc cttcccagca agcgcacata     87300
     cctgccatct catcttctgg gacatctact ggttccacat ctgggttcaa gtcacctcct     87360
     ggtcacagac acagtcagta tcaggtagcc ctacagctct cctgctgaag cccccaaata     87420
     caactcacca gaagccagct gctctgcccg ctcctgccgt gcccgctccc gacgctgcct     87480
     cagcactgtc tgggcattgg ttacccatgc ctggtatgcc atctgccagc cagatttgtt     87540
     agttaggagc ctggcatctc tagctgagat acccattcac tctggcatca tggtcccctc     87600
     ccaaggaata tgacgccgag ccagccatat accagctatg gccagccacc tgctctctct     87660
     ccagctgcgg gtcttcagtg ccccaagctc tctctggaaa tggtctccag agacagacgt     87720
     gcagctgccc agcttgacca gtgccagggc ctcaaagatg gacaagggct tctcctgatc     87780
     ccatgacacc atttttcagt aggcacacat ggcctttctc ttagagcagg tggcagtcat     87840
     agagctcatt gggtaaggag ggtgggtgtg tgaacaaagg agcaattggt gacctgtgac     87900
     cttcacatca cagcccgtat ccctagctgc ctgggcaggt ctgaagggct agggggacct     87960
     cctaatatgt aggaactgga ttccacagcc ctcagatatc tgttcctgca cactgccctg     88020
     atcagaaact ctacagacag agcaggaagg catggctcca cctcacctgg aaggcactct     88080
     gagctgcagg cctggggtcc tcaggtaggg cctcctcttc ctcctcgcta tctgactcaa     88140
     acaggaagta gtcgccagag tggatgacta tagtcagcaa gggtaggaaa gagtatgtgt     88200
     gtgtgagagc ctatctccat ggcaggaccc tgagaagttc tggaattcct gtgttcagtt     88260
     ttgagttggg tggtagcaag cccattgtta agaatgactg atgttccctc tcagcatctt     88320
     cctcccacat gctcctactt gagtgccacc cttcccacta ggaccatccc atgcaggttt     88380
     cagcaggatg gggaaggcgg tccatgcaca gaacagagaa ccatgcacag gttaggtcca     88440
     tgcacacaac cagacaggac aaagaggagc tagtaggcag gagggttaac agcaggagca     88500
     cagaggggtc aaggcagggt acctgtggcg tggtccagcc aggggcgcca ccactgtctc     88560
     cgtggcgggg aggagccccc tgggctgtca ggccctgtgg aggggcaagg caagcgtgaa     88620
     caagcagggg aggctgtgag ggcagcctgt cttgggtaca agggcaagtg acagggacag     88680
     aaacagacac aggactcccc cagtggcaag gttccatgtg gtgccacatg tctcagagcc     88740
     ctggaggatg gagaggggcc acaagtgcag gtagacagtc ccaggtggcc atatggcctg     88800
     cagggacaaa ggggaacaca ccacatggca cggggcttgg gacagggttc tgtggcacat     88860
     cacttacatg tagcacagga caagggagta ggaccctgtg acacaccact tgtacaggta     88920
     cagggagact tcagcagcac acatgcctgg atgcagagtg tgtgtgtgcg cgcgtgtgca     88980
     tgtgtatgtc aggggcatcc tctgaggtga ttagttctat ccacgcttac ctggctcctg     89040
     gctgggatcc tgagggtctt tggactggag ttggccacga cttgcctggc tctgcctgta     89100
     cttctcctgt ttggcacgga tgcgcttcat cctgcaagta gggaggagct ctgagtgcca     89160
     ggctggccag aagggtcaaa gggtccctag cccagataac acctactgtc ttttcagctg     89220
     ggccagggac ttctcctcaa tctggcgatg gaagttgatg ctcttcaggt tggctgcatt     89280
     gtagagggca aagcccctgc aggaagagca agaccttagc acttatctca gacgcatgcg     89340
     ctttctctac ctcagggatg agctgggctc atccccagtg cctggggagc ctgcctggtc     89400
     ctccttacac tgagccatgt gctggaagac acctgccacc tgcagccatg agagaggaac     89460
     tgtcacctct ttctctgggg cagaaaacca tcacagaaaa ggacataggg tggcaactct     89520
     gaggtaggta ggtgaggcag ctgaccctaa gtttagctcc aggggcagag acctctgctg     89580
     gaagcataat atcatgtcac agccctccag ctgggggaca ctcaggccac tgggggccac     89640
     actgcctttt agtgtccagc cgtgggcagc aagggccgcc ctaatgatac caaggcactg     89700
     ggggttcttt ggtctccctt caggtgacag gatcaagtgg agctgctatt gtagaagaaa     89760
     cccctgctga ggatgggggg aggggtgtct tctccacccc tgggagaagc agctgtgcgg     89820
     acctggatgc ctgcagggct gtggctttca ggtcagcgct gacatgcagg aagtagtggc     89880
     tgagaaagat gcgccgttgc aagagcagga agaagaagca gatactgtcc cagatgatcc     89940
     cggcctcctc cacaggcagc aggcagtccc ggtccctggt catcatctct ttggctgtgg     90000
     ggcagagacc agcagggcta ggggtcggca ccagaagcag tgggtctcct tgtgtccgcc     90060
     cccacgcaca tcccttgccc actcacgatc atagtagcct ttgactgtgc acacgaggct     90120
     gaagagctgg atgacccagc agaagttgct ctgcatttgc tccacgaaga cacaggacag     90180
     gagctggggg cggtagtggg ggcaggttaa ctcagggccc ttggggcggg caggggcggg     90240
     gccatgtggg caggggcggg gccgtgtgag tggtctgctc accgacagca tattcttaga     90300
     gatgatgaca gtgacattat agaggatgag gcagtcccac agcacgagct gggctcgcgt     90360
     gtccttctgc agcagggtag tgccaaacag cagcaggtag aagcaggcta gcaggtaccc     90420
     cagcccgaag atgcttatgc gggtggcccc cgcaacaaac accacaacga gcaccagcca     90480
     gaacaggtag cggaagacgg ccaccttcag catatccaga taggacctgg agggggggag     90540
     gtgtggggga gacgtcactg aggttactgg gttaccccag acagcccttt agcgagtgct     90600
     tcagagtggt catgggtagg acctacctgc agtggatgaa gttgggtata gggttgggct     90660
     ccccacgcag gggctccagg tggtcagtgt tgatgcccgc catgcgttgc cactcctccg     90720
     ttcgctccgc tgagaagacc tgccactgct gggaggcgca aagcagcagg aggaagtcac     90780
     ctgcaggaca ggagaggtgt cgcaggggca tgaagcttgc aggaggagtg ggagaggaag     90840
     ggggataggg aggaggaagg ggaggaggac tgtactgcct gggaccgagg gcctcctccc     90900
     atttcacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtgtc tacataaaag ctggaaacgg     90960
     gctggtgaaa tggctcagcg gttaagagtg ccgccgactg ctcttccaaa ggtcctgagt     91020
     tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatccgt aacaaaaatc tgatgccctc     91080
     ttctggagtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acacacatat aataaataaa tacatacata     91140
     catacatcta aaaaaaaaaa aagctggaaa caggaaggca tcctactgag gacaccccgg     91200
     tctgtatgtg tgccatacac acgcacatgt gtcagagaat gtgggctgct atggctctcc     91260
     ctgcacccgt gagatcattg ccttgcacac ccatgaacac acaggtccat atcactgtgt     91320
     gcgtacacac tctgggacac gtttttgtgt gaatgagggt cagactcatc tgggtgaggt     91380
     tgcagggtgg catggctctt ttttgggatg aagtgccact cgactgtcaa cacctggaca     91440
     acctgtcctc ttgctggttc cagttctaaa caaaggtccc tgtgtatcca acaagcaacc     91500
     ctcccggccc cgcccctgag tccttacgct gtcctgcggc aggtgccctg gggtaaggat     91560
     acggttgcac ttactgataa ggttggtgga gttgggggct ctgaagaagt caggtaggta     91620
     cagccacttg atgagggcgg aattcatggg gatggccttg ctccagcgcc atggatagtc     91680
     tgtggacagg gggcacatca gaaagggcaa atgctgtcct tatcccctct gctgccagga     91740
     gccctggagg ctggggacag tgtcacatgt tcctgtgtgg tcagaacctg ttctcacatc     91800
     actctctccg tctcagggac actgacccac agattcagag atccctacag gccatgatct     91860
     ctaagtagaa ctacaccagg cttggaggga tggggggatg gggagataag gttggaaccc     91920
     acggatgagc ctcacctgag acagggcagg tacctcccaa ggagggagtg tttgggatga     91980
     attatggttc atacaattta acagcatgaa acataaaata ataaaacaca aaacgagagc     92040
     tggcgagatg gctcagcagg taagagcact gactgctctt ccgaaggccc tgagttcaaa     92100
     tctcagcagc cacacggcgt ctcacaacca cccgcaatga gatctgacgt cctcttctgg     92160
     tgcatctgaa gacagctaaa gtgtacttat ttataatagt aaataaatct ctgggccgga     92220
     gcgagcaggg atcaagtgag cggtgttgac cagagcaagc agaggtccta aattcagttc     92280
     ccaacaacca catgaaagct cacaaccatc tgtacagcta cagtgtgctc atatacataa     92340
     aataaataaa tcttaaaaat aaataagtaa aacataaaat gagaactaac tcagataccc     92400
     ttcaactact atacagcctg gatgtggttg cctcggcaac cacacctgcg aggctcctaa     92460
     gtgaacagga cgacctggag ggccctgcca tcacttagta ctgaaagcac agttgaaggg     92520
     tttctcctgc acccgctaag agaaagaagc taaagcaaca gaggcccact gtatcatccc     92580
     actctgtgat gttactgaac tggacggact atggactgat gtccgagcgg agggggcgag     92640
     gcgcagggct gacttcaaag atctgcacgg agggacgtgc agggtcgggc atgcttgtca     92700
     agaaccaggg ccctctaaga acatgtgtga aatgaatgtg tggaactgtc ccaggtacac     92760
     aacccagtta tggagggata tcccaggcaa cctcacagga aggagaggct gtttattcag     92820
     caaggacccc agcaatcacc agcagggaga gagaggtggc tgagccaggg gtgtctactg     92880
     aacgtcacag actgggacaa tctggggacc tggaacactt tctgctctgt ttaaaacaaa     92940
     gagaagggga ctggggtgta gctcaggaac tgagcacttg cctaacgtgt aaaccatggg     93000
     ctccacctca cccttaggat gattaaaaaa aaaagaactt taaatacata gctgaaatat     93060
     gcaagctccc cctcccccac caagaagcta gtggaagacc gaagacgcat gagaacagaa     93120
     agaaaagctg ccactggagc agtggacagc caccctgtgt taaccccgtg tctgtagcac     93180
     cccaatgtgg gcaggcaagg ttgcttgaac aggtcaaatg ggcagtcatg ggctacacca     93240
     ggtccgtggc accaccacgt ggaccaccat gagctctgtg cccataaagt tcttcacgct     93300
     taaccaggca catccaaact ttgaggcatg tggcaaagcc accaacctgg ctatccagaa     93360
     atgtcctagg ctaggagaag ctagatgaaa gagagaagag gacacaggag aacggccaag     93420
     ctgaggacag ctacaaagaa gagctggtgc tgttttacta cagacaacac gcccgacaag     93480
     gacactgctg ctataggctg tcaggagagg ctgcagccct gaaggcatcc acagctctac     93540
     ggacatagcg ccattctgcc ctcaggaagc caaccttgtg aaatagcaca gctatggctc     93600
     aaatggtcca gagagaatgt acaggctaca gaggatctaa cgggttccct tggcaggaat     93660
     gtaggtgtgg agctgtgtaa gtcaggaagg tgaacaggaa acggcccagg agtttccacg     93720
     tgaccacaca taccaagccc ctcagcctgt ggcttaccaa tgcacagtgc agggggcatg     93780
     cccaaacaca gcaggtactg gtacagcagg aacagcgtga ggaacagaca gtagttaggc     93840
     cagaggcggg cgatggcctc acggcgccgg cgtgtaagga tggccaccaa ccagcaaccg     93900
     tgtaagatca ccatgaagtt catacgctgc ccaatcacat tcacggccat caagaagcag     93960
     atctggaggg gaatcaaggg gtggatataa tagtaagaag ggagctactc caagtccaca     94020
     gactcagagc agccctgcct gccctgaggt ctagagtgac tcatctttac tggggacgag     94080
     gggagcagtc tctcagacca ccgtcctagg acagcagagg ctagacacat ctcatcatac     94140
     ttagaggaag ccaaggcccc gggatgagta gccccacgcc tggggaagac tttagcttca     94200
     gacagtgcag ccttggtcta gccctgccag ggagactcag tccaatctcc ttggccttcc     94260
     tgggcttgtg gcaagcctct gtgctagccc tgggctaggc tgtgcctaca gaactcaggc     94320
     atcactagag atgctcaggg ggatctcctg ctatcattcc tgccaaaagg atgcccagcc     94380
     tcacctccag cccgaatttg tagaagaaga agttgatgaa atacttgagg cagctaagta     94440
     ggtcctggtc caacctctgg cgggtgccat ctgcgcacac agcctgggcg ggcagagggg     94500
     cctgctggtg ctgccggcgg tagtgctctt ggcgccggta caccacggcc tcaaacacca     94560
     gcaacagaag gatctgcagg tggttctgtg aaggtggggt caggggtcag tgggggtcag     94620
     gggtcagtgg gggtcagagg tcagtgggga ccatctgggg ccgtcaaaga ccatctaccc     94680
     tggctgtcag tccccactca cctggatata gcccaagttg gggtaaccct tccgcacccc     94740
     aaaccagttg gcagggtcaa cagggccacg gtacagcaaa gactggttga tctccaaagg     94800
     ctgcaagttg gtattgttgg ggaagggctg caaagagggg tgagcatgag cccccaggtc     94860
     ccagacctgg atggagtggg gattgtagat gctatctttt ttttttttta aagatttact     94920
     tattttatgc atatgagtac gctgtcacta tcttcagaca ctccaaaaga gggcattgga     94980
     tcccattaca gatagttgtg agccaccatg tgggtgctgg gaattgaact caggacctct     95040
     ggaagagcag tcactgctct taaccattga gccatctctc tagcccctgt aggtgctatc     95100
     ttaagcccat ctcacagctg aagcagcagg ttgggtccag ggtagacaac agctgtccta     95160
     ccggaggttc acagggccac cttgatgggg aaggggacag gtcaaggccc aaatagaaag     95220
     aatgaagcca ggtgaatcta ggcacagctg tcctgagggc ccctctattc ttactgcagg     95280
     agtcactgtc cccgtccaca ttccatgagg aatcactggg acaacttctc aggtggtccc     95340
     cgggccctag ggacgcctcc aggcctgtac ctcagtgcag ttgctggagt actcatgcgg     95400
     gttgacaatc ttgagctgat agagcatctt gcatacaatg atgatacagg tccacacggt     95460
     ggacaggcag gaagccatgg gccggaagcg cggatagggc aaggcgaagg cccatagcac     95520
     caccagcagc aggttcatca cagacacctg tggagcacag atggcagtgg gcagaccagg     95580
     cagcatcggg actagactcc aggacgactg ccgtaaccga gcaggcctgg ctctagagca     95640
     gccaacaaag ccagggcagg agagaccctg cttcagagga ggaaacagcc caggttggga     95700
     cactcacttc tttcagggcc acccagacag tgtagagggc caccagcttg aagacgtgaa     95760
     gttctagcaa gcgccgaacg aacacctgga ttcgggtgag gacagccgag aagctggccg     95820
     ctaggtccag cagccggtca gccaccaggc cccacttgct ggccgtacct gtggaggtgg     95880
     ggttcagtga ggggggatag gccttggcga agagatagac agaagtgata aggggtgagg     95940
     cttaggaagg aaagggaaac ttagtggggt ttagaaggag gggggagtaa aaggggggag     96000
     gacacagtaa aagggggtgg agctcaggat ggaggggtgg agttcagggt ggaggggccg     96060
     gagctcagta tggaggggcc ggagctcagg atggagaggg gcagagctca ggatggaggg     96120
     ggcggagctc aggatggagt gggcagagct caggatggag ggggcagagc tcaggatgga     96180
     gggggcagag ctcaggatgg agggggcggg gctcaggatg gagggggcag agctcaggat     96240
     ggagggggta gaccttggtg aggaggggac tgagttccag aagaaacagg aagggttgga     96300
     gctcctgtct gccttcctca aaccgacatc caggaggtgg cagaactggg cacagattcg     96360
     cctcttagcc ccctgtgtgc cttgtggggc tgtgttctgc ccactccttc cagcctcacc     96420
     ctcagggacc tgtgtggcct ggtggggccc atccatgctc tgcccatctt ccctgaagac     96480
     ttcctcttcc tcctgatgct caagcagagg ggcctcgctc actgcatcct gcctgggaaa     96540
     gcccaagtgt cacttcctgc ccttgtccct ggctctccct tccctgagac agccccccca     96600
     ccccatctcc accagtccac ctgtaaactc taggccaagt ctacatggct taaggctgcc     96660
     tcacggctcc cgcccaagcg caggacggtc ggctaactct atgacacagc ccccagcgtc     96720
     aaccccagtt cccacagacc aaaaaacacc cgtggccctc gaaggcagaa cacctgtgag     96780
     cccatcgagg gtggcgggtg cctggtggcg gcacgtgctc caggtcagtg agctgcatga     96840
     acggtctgtg gaagtagtgc agctgcagga tgcaggccag caggaagaag ccagggatga     96900
     ggatactgga aaagagctcc gacacactga actgctccag gcccaggtcg cccaacctgg     96960
     cagaagagag cgagcaccat cagcccttta ctctgccctg ccccagtagc cctcctgaac     97020
     cagatcggag agtctgagca tgggacggga cgaggaaggt gcctctaccg ccccctgaag     97080
     agcgctcagc ggtactgccc ctaaggtacc ctactcactg ctcgtccgtg aagcccgtga     97140
     ggttgcgcca ataggtgggg aagtcctgga actggaaggt gtacacagcg atgagcacga     97200
     gcattgtata ggccaccacg agccaccaga agacacgcag cagcttcctc cacagggtgt     97260
     agtagacctg cagaaggatg ggggtggggt ggctggtgag cagggcaggt gagggacaga     97320
     gccccaccca cgagccctac ctgcccattc cctaggtcac ctggaacaag gtgaggcaca     97380
     gcaggaagag gaacatgtag acgattttgt agaccaccag gcggccggcg aagctgacca     97440
     caatgaacat gccggcgcac acatagatcc agtatttgac gtagatgccg gtgaccagct     97500
     cccccaggct ccgcagcagc gtctgggtct gtgtgggctc tgcagagtgg gacagaaggt     97560
     gaagtgacag cctagacaga gaggggacag tgcaggtgga ggttccaccc tcccgcatgc     97620
     cactcaccag tgtcggccac cgtgacctcc aaaagcgccg caggcacctt ttgcttcttc     97680
     agcagcttct ccttcacgaa ctgacgcaga aggagccaga atgtgagcag atagaggagc     97740
     tgtggggagc aggggtgtca ctcagggccc agcccatgag ccagggccga ggagagtcct     97800
     cagcctcttc catgacctca gcttcaacct cacatgcgtg tgtaggttta catggtcaca     97860
     gattcacgga cgtacgtgaa agcctcagag acacaggccc ccaatctttt tttttttaaa     97920
     ttcttttttt tttaatttta agatatttat ttatttacta tatgtaagta cactgtagct     97980
     gtcttcagac acaccagaag agggcatcag atctcattat gggtagttgt gagctaccat     98040
     gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctt tggaagagca gtcggatgct cttacccact     98100
     gagccatctc accagcccca ggcccccgat cttacatact ttgcccagac ttggtaaaca     98160
     caagtttaca ctcacatgca tacagatgca tacagataga tacactagta cacatatagt     98220
     ctcacttgag atgtattaaa atccaccagg ttacagtggg caggcaacac cacacctgcc     98280
     tcatgcagag atacttgggt gacccaagag tcaaatggac cagatttgag tcacagacat     98340
     tcagtgccac acagtggagc cctgtcgggc agtcagaata cacacagaca ctcacagcat     98400
     caaggacatt gcggcagcat gccacatact cggtcacaac gcctatattc tagggtggac     98460
     tcgcaggaac ccactgttga cttcagatac actctccttc aatctctacc caaccaaacc     98520
     aatggccaac gagcagagca ctgggttccc agggagaaat cctaccgcta cccagatacg     98580
     gccagtgata ctcaccatgg caccgaggtc caggcaaggg tagcgtgtgt gttccagtcc     98640
     caactggtgc aggctgacag ggcccagggt ggtgggcagc tcaggaagtt ccatggccca     98700
     cacgtacctc aggcagcaga gcgtcagccc atacagcagg atgcagggcg agcagagcat     98760
     agccagctgg tggcggctac gcaccgtcca gatgaggcag gcccagagca gcaggacgaa     98820
     ggtcagccag ctgtggtaca tgatgctcca cacctgcagg cacagccagg gtcggtcagc     98880
     agggactgca tgggacactc ggccagagct tcagccccca acagtaaggc ctcccatgag     98940
     gtagcccaca cacaacatgt acacacaccc actgcacagt tacgggatgt tggtgactta     99000
     catgggcagt tccagcactg ttactggtaa ctggacctca ggttttgaga tgaactacac     99060
     cccacctccc tgcattctat gagaagactg cagtggccag ggagtgggga ggaggggagg     99120
     gactgctcct ccctgggagg gggggggctt gggggagggg ctgttcctta ccatcatggc     99180
     aatcagggca cacacatagc tctggtccat gatgaggtgg cccaggccat gtagcggtga     99240
     catctctttc agctcagcca gcctggggcg aactaggggt gggactgaga ttagcgacca     99300
     gataggaacc atggggtcct tccccattct caatatggcc ctagagcatg gagtaggttg     99360
     tctgtagtgt cagggcctta caggtgtgag ggggccaggc ccaccaggca gccacagagg     99420
     atgctggcca aagccatcag aagagtccga gccttctgga atgtcatggc caaaccctac     99480
     tggcctcacc ttttgaagag tctcttgtag gagatggccc tttcagatcg gtgactctca     99540
     cactttacac acaatgacaa gttgcaaaag tggaggtctg cgagatgcct cagcaggcta     99600
     aggtgcctgg caccaggcct gaggagcaga gttcaagccc catgatagaa agaaagaacc     99660
     aatagctgta agttgtcctc tgacttccac acacatacaa tagcttgaca cccctgcaca     99720
     caatcaatca ataaatgtaa ttaaagattt ttcttttaag ttcaaggaaa agaaataagg     99780
     acctagaaaa agatctagca gtctccacag taatgcagac cagtgaaacc cccaggccag     99840
     cgctctcaga atgacagagg ctcccggggc tcccggggcc ttgaaccatg ggtagacaat     99900
     tcccatctga gaacagaaaa taggagacct ggagggccac ccaaagggtc taggggggtc     99960
     agccatagaa ctggccctag gaggttcaag cataaggcaa ggggtgcgta taagacctat    100020
     ggccaccagg gggcagtcta gacttgccca cagagtgatc agagcgaatg ggcccctgct    100080
     aataacgttc ccaggagggc atcccatggc cacagagcct gtaactcacc tggacgctgg    100140
     cggacagggc tctggctggt tagtacatgc acggtgcagt tgtcaaggtc aggttccgtg    100200
     gtcatgggca tctcaccctg cagaggatgt gtgggtcaga tagtcgctgc cgatggctcc    100260
     ccatcacttt ccaataattc cctgaccgcc tgctcacctg ggtggcgtcc ctagcctggg    100320
     gctctggctc caggtggtcc agttccagct catgctcctc atcctccctg ggtgtctcct    100380
     tcctctgaag agaccacaac cgtgagtgca gtccctagaa tatccacctc acccgcgtgc    100440
     cagacgccaa cagagttgac agcagggact caccagctct gagggacagc tcttgtggag    100500
     cttcaggaga gaggtggctg tgtaatatag cagcagcagg attccgggac tcacatagat    100560
     gggccaggcg tgcttagtgt tgagtaccag ggcgttgggg ctggagtagt tagggaggtc    100620
     tacgaagttc ttgagaccaa atagcctgtt cagagagggc caggccactg actgccaggt    100680
     ctgcgagcag cagagctatg gctgaggtgg gtggggctgt gtggaagcct tacctggccc    100740
     agatgttccc agggggtaac atgtcctgga taaatggtgt ctgatagcag tataggcaaa    100800
     tgagatggcc ggcaccaaaa cagctcacca tgacacagag ggtgttaaag cccagggggc    100860
     tgagaggaaa gtgacaggac caccaggtgc agatggccag gaacaccacc aggtagacgc    100920
     tggagaaggc cgaagggtgg gctatgccta caggggatgg ggtgggcaca ggcactctgc    100980
     gtcactcctg gcctgaccca tcgggaagct gagtcacccc gccgccaccg ccaccgccgc    101040
     cactgccatg ccagtcagag tcaagactcc agcccctgcc ccggggtacc tgccagggcc    101100
     agcaacacaa tgaccagcgt ccgtccagag gtcatcagca gccagtgggc cgtgacccgg    101160
     aagcgggagg ccagccacag cctgcgtttg gttgccaggg caggggctcc cttcagcccc    101220
     acggctgggg cagcatctat gtcttcatcg tcgtcatcat cgtcatcgtc atcatcctgc    101280
     tgaagtcatg gggaagtgac gtcagggtca tcaccaccga ggccactcca gcctcatctg    101340
     cttagctgaa gtaagagatg aggcctgtcc cacagctgcc tctctgatgt tgcccacagc    101400
     ctgaaaccag cctttctctc ccttctcact gagtgggcaa ccccacagcc ccatgctact    101460
     ctaaaacaca aaactctgcc aggccaggca taggatgccc cagctattct ggaatatatc    101520
     attttgcacc atcttggaca ggatgcccta aaagacaaga tagccaccca ggtcccaaat    101580
     ctgtccctga agatcctgtg tcagttttgt taggttcccg gggagaggcc tttttgggat    101640
     agagggaaag aattttttgg gtttttaaaa agatttattt atttatgtta tgtatgtgag    101700
     tccactgtca ctgtcttcag atacagaaga gggcattaga tctcattaca gatggttgtg    101760
     agccaccatg tgattgctgg gaattgaact caggacctct ggaagagcaa tcagtgctct    101820
     taaaacggct gagccatctt tccagtctgg aaaagagtgt atacacacat accatgtgcc    101880
     ctacattaca gtttttcagg catttacaga cccataatcc ttgatccaga ggtgacagat    101940
     gactgcccca attccacagg tcagggagag cgaggctaca tctgtacctt gtagggcttc    102000
     tagggagaga gggttgactc tggggaacac agcagcctca gcacctccag ccctccaact    102060
     gggcatttcc cggcctttct gtatcccaga ggagatgcct gtgtttagga ttgctgctag    102120
     ccctctttga cccctcagaa tggcagaagt gattagctac ctgggaagaa acgggacagt    102180
     ccctgcctgg ggcaagagac ggagacccga cagaacttgt tttctctggc actgatagct    102240
     ggtttcccag aacagagttg gacccgaggt ctcagagaag gccagagtat ggcagaaaag    102300
     gacacaggct gtcgtcagca gcactagctc aagccagctg ctggcagccc atgtccccag    102360
     ctgtgcctgt gggaacagtt gaggggatac caggcactta ggctgagtgc cttgactcta    102420
     gagctagatg gtatgggtac ctcccaacac caatagtctc catattgcat agccttaggg    102480
     aagtggctta acctctcagt ctgtgtccca tctgcaaagc aaggcgtgga gcctgggcat    102540
     aaaagaagag cctgcaggtc ctgccctcac gggccatccg gctgaggcgg ctatcaagat    102600
     cctggggatc acggacgaga agcatgaagg ttggaggcca ggccaggagg cagagtggct    102660
     ggtcgctgag ctcacccctt ctacagccca tagaaggcag aagtaagggc atgggtgggg    102720
     aggatcagag ggaagaaggc atagctatcc tgctatgaga ggacacgccc ctggggtaga    102780
     cggtaagatg acctggccta ggccccgaga acttcttgag aggcattgag acaaatgagc    102840
     aattccaggc aaaggaagaa agggattgct gttgacaggg acagatgtcc ccccaccccc    102900
     agctacccga tctttactgc tccactcagc ccccacctcc caaggcttcg ggagtcccta    102960
     cccctctctg gtttcctcta gagcccagca agtgtcaggt gttgatgaat gggttctggg    103020
     acctgctgtc tgagagcagg gtgtgcctgc accaagacac ctgggtggcc ataaatccta    103080
     cctcagcttg gggggtgggg gaacaggcta agcctgccat ggcgtgagga agctggatca    103140
     cagacctcac acagggctca agggtgctca gtgtccagtt gtggcccctg ggggcagtgg    103200
     caggacctag ctcacccgag aaataagttt gagatggcct caggtcatgc acggaggtga    103260
     ccctggcccc tcctaaccca gcttggtata cttcagcttg gctgatgccc acaagtgaca    103320
     gttcccgttg cacagatcca ctggagtttc tggtgtttaa gaactagggc cctagagagg    103380
     tggctcagag gctaagagca ctggctactt ttccagaggt cctgagttca attcccagca    103440
     accacatggt ggcacacaac catctgtaat gggatctgat gctctcttct ggtgtgtgtc    103500
     tgaagacagc tacagtgtat tcatctaaat aataataaat aaataatatt aaatgggggg    103560
     tgctagtgaa atagctcagg gggtaagagc actgactgca gagctggcaa gatggctcag    103620
     cgtgtaagag cactgacttt tcttccgaag gtcctgagtt caaatcccag caaccacatg    103680
     gtgcctcaca accacccgta ataagatctg ataccctctc ctggtgtgtc tgaagtcagc    103740
     tacagtgtac ttatgtataa taataaataa atcttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agagcactga    103800
     ctgctcttcc aaaggtcctg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc    103860
     tgtaatgggt tctgatgccc tcttctggtg tgtctgaaga cagttaaagt atactcatat    103920
     acataaaata tatcaacctt aaaaaaagaa aatggagaag gatgagaagg agaagaaaga    103980
     ggaggaagag gaagaggaag aggaggagga gaagagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaac    104040
     aacaacaaca acaacaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaact gtgtcctgca gagcaggctt    104100
     ccagtggaca gagccacgca tgagacaaga gagcaggaga atgtagcaga actcgggttc    104160
     ctctcccaca tccttcttcg cattctacat gtaaatatct ttcaaactta actttaaaag    104220
     tctgcatatg ttaaaatcaa aactgtcact gggagccggg cagtagtggc gcacgccttt    104280
     aatcctaggg aggcagaggc aggcagattt ctgagttcaa ggccagcctg gtctacagag    104340
     tgagttccag gacagccaag gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaca aaacaaaata    104400
     aaacaaaaca aaaagcaaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaatcaaaac tgtcactggg    104460
     agccgggcag tagtggcgca cgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga    104520
     tttctgagtt cgaggctagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac    104580
     agagaaaccc tgtcttgaaa aaacaaaaaa accaaaaaaa ctaaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa    104640
     cctgtcacct ggcagtggtg gtgggcccac atctttaatc ccagcactcc gggcagaaac    104700
     agatggagct ctgtgagttt gaagctaccc tggtctacgt attgaactct aggacagcta    104760
     gggctctgtt acgcagagaa accctgtctc aagcaaatca aatcaaatca aatcaaatca    104820
     aatcaaatca aatcaaatca aaccaaacca aaccaaacca aaccaaacca aaccaaacca    104880
     aaccaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aacaaaacac aacacgtcta aaactgtcag    104940
     agtgggactg aagcactaac accctcacgc ccatctctgc tgctgcggtg ccttaccagc    105000
     tcctgggtgc gccgactctg ccgggctttc ctcgtgaggc gtccacagag gccaaggcaa    105060
     agggaggacg ccagcagcac tcccaggtca ggtgctacca gcctggtggt gttaaagatg    105120
     tccttcaggt ccagcctgtg aagggcaggg aggcagagtg ggcaaggtga ggagatgtga    105180
     cgccatcctt aggattcggc tcacagaggg ggtggaggga acgcagatct tacctcgtaa    105240
     cccctatgtg ttgagacacc ttcacccaaa ggctacctat aaggaaaggg cttgaggaag    105300
     gagctcccag gccaggcagg gtgcccagtg gttattcctg tgaggcccgg ggaccctgtg    105360
     ggcatgactg ttaggacctc atgtaggaca gagcatccgt gattcaggaa tgctgatgct    105420
     gaatctggtg cttttttttt tttttttttt ttgacagtgt ctctctataa taatcctgac    105480
     tggaagttgc tatgtagacc aggctagcct caaactcaca gtgatcttcc tgcttctacc    105540
     tcccaagtgc catgcctggc tggaaaatgg aagatgtctt tacagacagg ggagccgaag    105600
     gcagccaggt agatgcatgc tgcctggttg gtccgttggc tgtgattggc aggacagcag    105660
     gaactctcag gcaggcgggg ctggaaatgg cctaggaaac tgaacggagc tccagagtgg    105720
     tagagacttg aagcccaggc cttctacaca taaagctggc atcagttcct gcctgactag    105780
     aaggcaggta cccactggat accccgtgca caggtacaag ggcaaggatg ctaaggatgg    105840
     acagggaccc tgaggaaccc tggtgtcaca cagactaagc tacaagcagg cacaggagga    105900
     agatgttgac aggtgggcac cagaagccca gaggccgggc tggagagatg tcagcgggta    105960
     agaacactga ctgctcttcc aaaagtcctg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct    106020
     cacaatcacc cgtaatgaga tctgatgcct tcttctggtg cgtctgaaaa cagctacaat    106080
     gatacttatg tataaatata aatataaagc aagcagagac taaatgagca gggttgacta    106140
     gagtgagcag aggtcttaaa aattcaattc ccagccaggc ggtggtggcg cacgccttta    106200
     atcccagcac tagggaggca gaggcagacg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta    106260
     cagagtgagt tctaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaaaaccaaa    106320
     acaaaaaaac caaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa acccaccccc ccccccaaaa aaaaatcaat    106380
     tcccaacaac catctgtact catatacaga aggaagaaga ggaggctatt ctaggaatgg    106440
     cctggctctg ctgacctggc acagtccata ttggattaag cctgggtaag aggctggagg    106500
     cctgaggttc ctggttggca tcctcatccc ctctacccag gactgctgtc ctcatattcc    106560
     cccccacaca cttgctcctc catcacttac cgttttgtcc cagaaactgg tccaggtgag    106620
     gcacggtgtg taggcatatc tgaaaggcaa ggtgggccac caggaagagg aggctgaggc    106680
     agagtagtgc acggagcagg cgacctgtgt gacctgtgac agaaagggca gagcagggat    106740
     cagtgggata ctgcttaccc tgacagcctc caggtagacc gtgccctatc catgtgcctg    106800
     agatacacac tcagtgtgga cagaggctct gggcaagggg actggctgtg aggaatcagg    106860
     actcagtgcc ttccaggagg caacagaaat gacccacgag gggttgctgg ttccctcccg    106920
     gtggcaccta ttggtgccta gttggcagac cctgttgtga ctctggtttc taaataagaa    106980
     tgtcagccca gaatggggaa gggactgcca gacactgttt agggaagttt aggaagcaac    107040
     tctggcccag atactacatt ggccttgctc cctgctcccc aaagaccaac actgtccaag    107100
     ccctgaacag acgagacaca attgaatttt ctaacttagt tagcatagag ggatatcact    107160
     gctaggtctt gggaacaaga agaagcaaac agaaaaacaa gaaaccatta ttgactacag    107220
     tgatgctcac ctgcccctgc gtggaggctg gaaatgaagt cacgaggagg gtggtatccc    107280
     agagaagggg cctgggcgat ggggccaaat gcctccaaaa aagtgaattg ccggctggct    107340
     gcctccattt agagtgttac gggaaagaag ccgctaggca atggtggagc atgcctttaa    107400
     tcccagcact tggaaggcag aggcagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcag atggatttct    107460
     aagtttgagg ccagcctgtt ctacagagtg agtcccagga cagcaaacag gatagatccc    107520
     caacctcagg ccccactgag tagcagcccc caaagatctt gttccactga tcactcatgg    107580
     gaaagacacc ggccaggagt tagccatcaa actatgggac ccaggtcaca cagggccatg    107640
     ctgtacatgt cccatggcca tgctcagcct ccaactgccc cagctagccc acccagcagg    107700
     gaagcccttg gctgcagaca gacagaggtg acacagggct ctggtccttg catctgccct    107760
     ctgagaccta tacagagact ggagttagcc tttagctctt tgcctgtggg caatcaaccc    107820
     actgtagcag aactgtcaat tcaagccaca aggctgctga ggccaccatc attgaaaacc    107880
     tcagagccac aggtctcttc cacaaggaca gccccaaagg atcacactga tcctctcttc    107940
     tgggggctac cactgccagt atgtctgtcc tatgtagttt cctgggcaca gtccaaatgt    108000
     gtggaatagc ctcagaactg accttggccc ccaagggcta gcttccttgg tgacacccac    108060
     tcctttttat tatcctcccc agaggtccca tgccagaagg ttctagcagt cagtcacact    108120
     gtgcatctag ctaggtaccc tgtctcactg gttccctgag ctaagccttg agcaccagag    108180
     gacaagatga tactccagct gtggtccacg tactctctag tgcccaacct ctggcagggt    108240
     atcagagaac gaaggagaga caagcatagg acgagattag caccaagagc aaccctgaca    108300
     tcagagtcag aggacccttg ctgcagtgat attgagaggc aggtgcacaa gcagagatag    108360
     gagctcaatg ctgactgtca atgaaaagtg cacggtggag acctgttcta taggacgcgg    108420
     cggtcctcct tggaaacagt caccactgag agccacaact atagccacaa agagggcacg    108480
     tcaggacaga tctgagtgag agcggaaggc atgtggtgga gggtggtaga ccatctctgt    108540
     ggtggaacag cctgtgagaa ggcccggtgg aagtcagagg gcagcaggtc tctggggcac    108600
     tgaagagctg tgaggacgtc atagtctaac tacatttgga gcctagcaca gcagggagca    108660
     ccaggagaga aagagctggc tcagtgatga caggctctac agagtaaacc ctgacctcta    108720
     aaataaccct gactcctcag gatggcaagg tggacaactc tggaaagagc acaccaccac    108780
     caccaccacc accaccacca ccaccaccac caccaccacc tccaccacca ccacctccac    108840
     catcaccacc acctccacca tcactactat caccacctcc accaccacca ccaccatcac    108900
     caccatcaca ccaccaccac cacctttacc atcacaacca tgaccaccat caccaccacc    108960
     tccaccatct tcaccaccac caccatcacc cagctgggca gggcttcctg ctgagtttcg    109020
     ggaatctcca cttgcaccta agagtcaatc cttgcttgat ccttgccaca agcttggagg    109080
     tagcagaaac ccttcccatc tgacctgaga gtaggtctag gttccatgag acagatgagc    109140
     tcccaggccc agccactccc cagactcgct gttagcaccc aggcttcacc ctcagccctg    109200
     cacagacccc agtgcctcca tgggccccaa atcttcaaag ccctgggttt cctactacac    109260
     cacacctggc tctttcccag gcagggcctc ctctacctcc tctaccggcc tgactgcttc    109320
     agccactcct ctgtcatggg gaagagagtg cattgggctt agccaggctt accccaaggc    109380
     cctggaatgg cagccacctt tgtccctggc cacctttctc tcctaccact gtctgggctc    109440
     tgacccattg gcttgataaa aggatcacaa cttcaaagaa ggaactgtca tgccacacta    109500
     ggacatgcca tacgcctata ccatttagac gagcaagggg tttagcacag caataaatag    109560
     ccactggtaa aagtctgcac tattgcaagt gctccctaga aaaaaatggg gagtgagcta    109620
     gggatggaga tgggggcatt ctaatagcag acctgtcacc tgacctgtgg ccttgaccct    109680
     gctgggactc cacaggctca gaggcgcttc tgactctttc ctctgcttcc cgtattccct    109740
     ccttcccacc ttcatgcccc atcctgacga ccacagccct ccctgggcct cacgcaggct    109800
     ggactcttga gtactccgag gcccctaaac aggtatcctg caacaaaatc tcatgagctg    109860
     ttggcaaata ctgtccttgc aatgtgagct gggccagggt gtgctgcctc gggttctagg    109920
     gagggaagga atgtcttttg tttttctgat tccacacact gacaggatga agagggatag    109980
     catggggaat taccccaaga gtctgagctg aggctcaccc ggcaaggaga agaagctggg    110040
     gaaggcttct cccgtctact ctggagcaaa gcatgggtaa acccagagag caagaagcca    110100
     gctgtgaccc agcatcccag ggtgtgttca aaggtgttct caaagggcag ggtagtctgc    110160
     tcacaggcct agggccccag ggttgcctac caatcaacta actgttcatc accccactat    110220
     ccctctccca gtcatatagt acctaacagc taagtcccgc agagaggcag gagggcacta    110280
     atggactgga gaggctaaga ctggagcagg ccccctgggg gagagtagtg aatggggggg    110340
     ggtcaaagaa gaggggcagc ctaggagata aactctgcta gggcagggag tcagcttcct    110400
     agctctaaag tacaagcagg ctgttgggag cagattcaca caccctgagg tctgatacat    110460
     cccaactctg tcctgccctg tgccttgtcc tacctgggac acccagccct aagccggtct    110520
     agcatctcct tcctgtgcag cccagcttag gcccagcctc tgagaatcag gcagccgcct    110580
     acgtggggaa cagggcccag cagagtcaga ccttccagca gtcagtgcca gggcagcagc    110640
     tgcacaaatc ataaacgcac acagggcgct ccactctgca ccgtcgggcc tcacattttc    110700
     ctctcacacc cggaaaaacc aggcagcttc atgtccccga agggcctctg aggctgggca    110760
     gatagagagt tggagggtcg aggagggaaa gacgtcccgc cccgctctcc aagtctccct    110820
     caggatacgt cctgcctggc tgcgagtctc tgtgcctccc acggttgatc aggagtattt    110880
     ccagctgttc acagggcacg aaacagtctt gagacaagtt gtttccaaag aggtcctggg    110940
     gacggaggac ctgggctctg cagtgagcag agtatggaag tcagaccttc tcaccacaca    111000
     agaaaagatt cagtgcctag gctgtgtgtc tcagaggggc ccagtggccg gctcggggcc    111060
     cagtggctac cagcacactg ttcaggctga actccttaaa tatctgtccc tgcatcccca    111120
     gaccctaccc atcctctaag accttccagt tccaaagaac accgggctgg gcaaccaccg    111180
     tgctatggtt ggcagaatgg cgaacccaaa ggcagccctg cccaatctct gcccccatac    111240
     acatgtgact cacatggcaa agagaccaag gcagagcggt gggtctgatg tcacagctga    111300
     caacaagggg agtctgtcct gaagctccag tggctgtcat cacagagcat tagcagctgt    111360
     gatgtgctcc aggatgctac agagccacgg gactcggaga ggattcagtc tgccatcgcg    111420
     gctttgaggt agaaggtgcc atgacccaaa gatgccccca aaagaagagg agccaggaag    111480
     ctgatccctg aagccctctg aaaaggcaca actgcactca taacctgact gcagccccat    111540
     aagccagtgg gtgtggctct cggcagggtg gcttgttaca ggaagtccac tctcactggg    111600
     gcccacacat gctgaatcca gcactctgag ggcagtgcca aggctgtaag tgccttcccg    111660
     ggccccaggc cgtcacatca gacccagttc tgacctttgc tgaccctcag acactgtctg    111720
     tgatacttgc agtgtctcct ggggcaggat ctctcacttc aatgctaacg ttccccaggt    111780
     tgctgccatg cggatctgaa ccccacaaac gcagaagaca acagcgagcc ttctctactt    111840
     tagaaatgtg gtacacttgg ggatgggtca ctgagtacgt accgaacacc acaaaacaga    111900
     cgctaggcac cttcagcatt ggtgaccaga gccctaggat gaaggatttc aggatgtcct    111960
     gcctctctca ggccactgcc acagcagccc ggaaggtgag gacacagtgg tcccaccctt    112020
     cccacgtcat cctatgtgga gactcaaggc acagcagcag cctttcccta cttcactatg    112080
     gtaccactgt ccactcccac gtaaggacac aacgctggcc tgcatagcat ctactgttta    112140
     aaaggcaagg aacagagaag cacccctgcc cagctcagat cctgatgagg cccactgtgg    112200
     ccagttcttt acatagcaag gtggtccaag gtagggcctg gcttacaggg tgatagagac    112260
     aagctggcca gagcccctgg cagaacaaca tcgtcagtcc aggtaactta cctagaagaa    112320
     agaatggacc acggtgcaga tccctaaacc ttctacctgc acggaacaac taggacctgc    112380
     caattccctc tgccttctga gggacactta gtgaccgatg gggatccaca tacaaccctt    112440
     cccctgtcac cttcaaggac aatagagcct cttgtgacaa gcaaccggca ggaagaaaga    112500
     aactgaacca gctacaggtg tgcactgaag gaacccttag accccagggg actgactcag    112560
     gctgttaaaa ctgggagccg aggccgtgtg gctgtagagt acctatccag atacccagct    112620
     gtggtcagag tccccccaag gagctgggct ccatcgccac cccctgatcc tgccccctta    112680
     cctggtatgc tgtgtcttga ggggcctgga agccagggca gcagcagtag aaacagcaaa    112740
     tagaccagcg agagagcatt gaagcgtaac agggaggcta gagaagagag agacaaatgg    112800
     ttagtacacc aacaataggg gcagccctca cctgaggggc tggggggcag taccccccag    112860
     tgcccctctc tcacacctgt aagcatgcat acataaggct tgtgcaccac agacagaata    112920
     cccatgttcc tgtcatccga tgcccaggtc ccatgatacc ccaaggacct gcccaaagca    112980
     gtccatgtac tcataactca tacgtggatg cacacgaggt tctgaccact ccgcataacc    113040
     ccacccacgc agggctctgg ggcccactcc tcctcatctt gcttttcctc ctgtttgaag    113100
     tttcgcttat tgatcggcag gcagctcaac taagaaatgg ttagtttttc ccactactgg    113160
     gtgggaagtc actgggaccg agctctggac cccctcctga gtcactgatg ggccggcgcg    113220
     gttctgaacc tggctttaca ccactctgcc tgtgcatgcc ccctaccagt gccagtgcac    113280
     agcacagctt ccctctggga acttccctga caccctgctg ccctacaccg tcctggtgaa    113340
     ttctgccagg gaggtcaaag gacctgaagc ataggcaggt gacacgctgg ccacttaacc    113400
     aaatgagcaa gcttcttccc agaaacacag ggccttccag gagacaaggt tctgggaccc    113460
     tatgcagcgc tcagtcccac ccacttctac ctgtgctatg ggatacaaaa ggagccaggc    113520
     caaagaggat ctacatgctg tgtgagagcc cggccacaca cagtatcact cactacaagc    113580
     catatcttgc tgtcctcacc tcgggcaatt gctattttca gaaactgact gtcctagaca    113640
     ggtaaggtta aaaggccatg agctaggagc tagggtacat taggaacccc gattccctcc    113700
     tggacaaagc aaccccaaga gcggactttc tgtggccggg agcatcaatc ctacctcatt    113760
     gtccctctga gagtctctcc tgagagtggg tatcctccac acatcctcct caggatgaga    113820
     accaacaaca gacctggaca gccagggcag acctgaactt ggggaccaag accgaccaca    113880
     gaaccaggct cccctggaag gaagcggcag ggacccaaag agcacagtac atttaaaaaa    113940
     attaaaattg agctataaat gatatttcca gtgccaaaag caaaacaaaa caaacaacct    114000
     aagctgaacc aggtcacctc ttcaggtgac actacccact tggggtgggt gacttcttct    114060
     gaattcagct tgtaccctct tcacagcccc tgcctgacac agtcttcttc caggatcaca    114120
     gtggacatga gatgtagccc aacttccaag ggcacctgct gcttcaagga gcctggcagc    114180
     aggggtggag agggtggtgg tagtggggag ggcagggtgt tgaccacgac tgcacttctc    114240
     ttggctccca agggcctctc tggagtcagg gtgctgtctt cttcctgaca tacattggct    114300
     accatgcaag gctcagctct cctaaatcaa atctgaagtt ttcaacaatg atacattaaa    114360
     aaaaaaaatc gatcttcttt ggcccaagag gcagggggga agtgcatttg tggaggcaaa    114420
     gctttctgaa atccctctgc tttccagggc tctatttctc agcccaacca gggccacgtc    114480
     cagcctagtc tcacagaggc tgcaccctcc ctcacactcg ctgcttccgg tcaggtagat    114540
     gtctacccag ctttccactg gcttgtcgat cctgcccacc tgtctaccca gctgactacc    114600
     caccagtccc ttcatccaca ggcccctgag agctttctcc tatctaacat ccctgatgtg    114660
     acaggtcctg cctctgagga cactggttcg acctcacata ccgggaatgg ccagcactga    114720
     accaagcacg tgaggggcag tgatcaaaag cccgtgtcgg gagccaagag catgtgccgc    114780
     atgaacacgt ggacctcggc tgagatcacc agaacccacg tgaaaagatg gaaagccagg    114840
     ctaaggacgc gtcttggtgg cttgccacag aagcctggtg acccgagttt ggattcccag    114900
     aattgtgcaa aagccagttg taatcccagc gcacctctac caggagatgg gagggagaga    114960
     ggagagactg gctagaagcg gtcaggccag gtggttggca aaagcagcag ggattaacag    115020
     agaaaccctg tgccaaataa ggtagaagat gagggccaac acccaagctt gccctttgac    115080
     ttccacgagc atgctgtgac acgcacggac ctgtgttcat acacatacac acacttagat    115140
     tacgtacagt gattggtgca ggtatgaaac gctgtgtgtg gtaggtagca ttctgtagaa    115200
     acagcaacag agcctgctgg tcaatcaagc caactgatga actccaaaaa gtggaacaca    115260
     actggagaag actcctgact ttgaattctg gcctcccaag cacagccaat gaagggcggc    115320
     caccacaggc cctggggagc agggaaagat gctttaccct gcagcctgct tggcaagctt    115380
     aaaattcaga ccccgaggtt ctgtgtgtgt tgagtgcggg agaggctaaa gttaatttat    115440
     tattgttttt aagaattatc tatttatttt acgtatatga gtacactgtc gatgtcttca    115500
     gacacaccag aagagggccc cagatctcat tatggttgta agccaccatg tggttgctgg    115560
     gaattgaact caggatctgt ggacgagccg tcagtgctct taactactga gccatctctc    115620
     cagtcccgcg gctaaagttt aactgttatc aagtttcagt caggaaaatg agatggtcct    115680
     ggggtggcca ttagtgacat atgaggatgt gcctaatgcc accacactat caaaaataga    115740
     ttaagatgac aaacttcgtg gatagatgtt ttaccggaat aaatacatga acggtgtcca    115800
     aaatctgtga tgggctccag aaaccagaga cccaagatgg caaggggtag ggacttccat    115860
     gcctggcttc ctggcaacga ggaaatgtga gatgggctac tgagattgag gcctggctac    115920
     tcctaatccc aggtagggcc aggagaaccc tacatagctg tatgtgccaa aggtagatga    115980
     aatgcaaggt gaggcaccag ggaccaggcg aggggaacgc cctgtcctgc ctcagcaaca    116040
     caggtcagct tgggagatgc acaggccctg agctctgccc tttcccctgc ctcttttcct    116100
     tcctgcctgc cctccgtgta gagcggtccc aacactgtac agagaaataa aggctacgtc    116160
     cagagacgaa cactctaccc aaggaaacag gctcagaggc acaacttgac actccagggt    116220
     ctcgttctca gtcatcattc ctccaagatt atcacccctc aagagcaaga agagcgagcc    116280
     aggagagcga gtcccgcctg ggtcagccgt gcagctcttg cttctgggaa gagagggaaa    116340
     gaaacactaa gaggcaacac aacctggctg tgtcgggatg cagggttccc aggtgctccc    116400
     tggtcccggt ggtgtggcgt attggttgaa acacattgat gtgactgtca caaccatgac    116460
     tttagcagtg cagaggacag aggtgagatg ttatttatca caagcagcct gaaggagaca    116520
     gccttccttg tctttgtcct tgaaggttag ctgccaccta actgcaggag aggggtcatg    116580
     ggggacaaag acattcctca aagagggcag agcctcagac tgctctggtg gagctgctgg    116640
     gcaaagcctg tgatttcaca ggaaacaggc ctttcctgag ccagcaacaa tagggacagc    116700
     cagaggcagg aagggcccct tgcaggccag cacatactta accctttata gaccctcacc    116760
     ctacagcaca aagctgaaga cccttgctaa catccactct ggggtcctca agccatagct    116820
     gagggctaat gaagtccacc gggtggctcc cctggactct gagtgaccca gagcagagca    116880
     acggtttgct cgtcgttgtg ggaaccgggt cagggaggga ggggtaaggg taataggacc    116940
     acacacaact tttagagtac accacacaga aggtttgtca ccacccctcc tccaccatga    117000
     gcatgaagat gggcctgcag attgggctgt aagggagacc tcacctactc aagaagcccc    117060
     agcctggccc agggtctgtc agggtaggag acgagaatcc accactccct ggaggctctt    117120
     tgagccagct gctcccatat gtctctggtc aaagaagcct tacagcgacc tcccaaagca    117180
     gatgccagac acatttgtaa atggctctgg aaatgagtct gaagcacacg gcagatctgt    117240
     ggggagcttc ccctaccaca gccagtgctg gacagacgga cggaaaggtg cagagataca    117300
     gtgtgtgctt gagatgaccg gatcctttgg agggatgggc tgtgtcaaca gggagagaac    117360
     acagtgaagg ttcacactag tctgcatcaa cgcagcaggc cgtccagccc aagtggagac    117420
     aagcaagcgt ccagtgcagg aacagcatgg tttcttcgag ggaagcctgg gtgaagagca    117480
     gactcacctc accctaccat ctcggcccag cacagaaaca aggttgaggg tctcatataa    117540
     ccccccaccc caccattgtc actcctgtct gcacaagaga gggaacaggt ttggatggcc    117600
     tgccctccta gtctctaggc tacctccctc tgagaaggga ggagagtctc tctaggccaa    117660
     aagaaagacc tcggtgagca gagagagttg agcagaggcc ccaacaggag agaccaggct    117720
     agcccaaagg actgcaaccc atctctaggg cagggcaggg cagggcaggg cagggcctgc    117780
     ttgggaccct ggggcagcca cagtctcagc cctggaggaa gtggtgtcta gactggcaaa    117840
     gagctacaag gcagagcaga gcctggagtc cttctatggt cccagctatg cagcagccgt    117900
     gtccagtggt ggagcagaga ctccgctgag accctgggtc ccacagagga gtacgctgtc    117960
     caaagaggcc atagctgcca ggctgggaga ggctcagcaa ggtgtgttcg gggcccagaa    118020
     gtaaccaata ccctcagaag actacttctc ggaagggcag cctctgtccc accccatggc    118080
     cttgcacaca ggcctggaca atgccacatg caggccaatg tctgtcacaa tcctggggta    118140
     ggtatcagtc tcacaagtgt ccccgaaaac ttggttttcc agggatcaga gacaggggtc    118200
     agaggaagca agctctacgc tccagggtcc atctgaccag gatcctggac acatcaatgg    118260
     ctagaactga ccaccattgg agctgagcag ccgatagatc ataagaatct gtgaatgtgc    118320
     cgggcgttgt ggcgcacacc tttaatccca gcactcggga ggcagaggct ggcagatttc    118380
     tgagttggag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctatacagag    118440
     aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaacc aaaataaaag agaagaaaag aaaaagaaaa agaatctatg    118500
     agtgtgaggg tctgtgaact gggcccctgt ccccacaatg caccacagac tgcctagtca    118560
     ccagtgggtg tggtaagtgg cctgaggtga gtccctgtcc ctagtgtgat ttatgtgcac    118620
     ttgtaagaag gaattggggc agacaaagga tccttcgaga ctcagaaaga ccaagacttt    118680
     caattcaaac ccacagaagc cacacagaga cctgggactg gagggaacca cacgtgagcc    118740
     atgaccaccg caacgtgagg tgatgggcca cagcggccca ggagcccagg gtgtagcttt    118800
     gggatgaatg ggactgcatc taccccattc cagccatgcg agagggctct gatgactgta    118860
     gccagcagca tagggtgagg gcttggtggg gcccttaagt gtggaggtga gaagatagta    118920
     cacgctgggc acagcagaga ggcaggcgtt cagaacaagg ggctaggagg agatcccaga    118980
     agagatatgg agagcaggcc tggaggaccc aactgaaaac ttgcccttcc tttttcctcc    119040
     tctgtaaaaa gcaccaaagg actgttgtca aagaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa gatagggggc    119100
     ctggtactgt gtgtccaacc tggaggacag ggaggctgag taaaagtgtg gggggggggg    119160
     cagggagggc tttgggtgtg tctaggacag taagtgactt tcatccacct ttccctacac    119220
     ccgcagaggg tctcggaagc agggaagttt agagctgttc cacatgagtg tcacagaggc    119280
     cgccaacccc agaagatgcc ttagggaggc ctggccagct agcccaacta tctctatgtc    119340
     cctaaacagc agggtgggat atgggggtgg gggaggaaga gggaaatgtc ccctccaccc    119400
     ccggcttcat gcctgtaacc ctggctgcat ccccaggcag ggtttcctcc cattgtcagt    119460
     caagggacag tggtgtccac agcttcagga cgggtggggg cctgatttct tttttctttt    119520
     cttttttttt ttttttaaaa tatggaatgc ctcgcgaatt tgggtattat ccttgcgcag    119580
     gggccatgct aatcttctct gtatcattcc acttttagta tatatgctgc cgaagcgagc    119640
     acgcgggcct gatttcttgc ctaccattta agatctttac tgtaggcccc catgggacca    119700
     cccagcctgg cgggcttcct gttgctcttc tacaagccaa tgcgctatct gtggctcacc    119760
     cttggctggg tcagtaccct ggcctctgtc tctcctgcgg cctatctcct tcgtgactgg    119820
     ttttcctcca gcctttgcag gggacagcat tcagaaaaca agcagctcac tgccaccgga    119880
     ccagtgtcct ggacctgcaa gaggcgagta gcctggcaac cagagtaaca atgtcagcaa    119940
     gagtctttgt gtccaccagt atgagtccac ggggagtata gcaccaggga ccccacagat    120000
     gctgggacat gccctgcaac actgatcctg caagataccc agattcctcc tgactgattg    120060
     gcaaccacag acaagcccca tctccctcag attgctcagc tgtacctcaa gagtcccact    120120
     gtccctatct gtggagctcc tgcaggcaca ctagatacag cacctgagag gtgacacata    120180
     cttctgaaca aaagagagag acgcggggct gaagaggtgg ctcagtggtt agaacactgg    120240
     ttgctcttcc agaggaccag agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggcagct tactactttc    120300
     tgtccttcca gttccagggg acctaacatc ctcacataga catacaccca ggcaaaatat    120360
     caatgcaatt aaatagataa ataaaatttt ttaaagattt atttatttat tttatatatg    120420
     tgagcacact gtagctgaat agatggttgt gagtcttcat gtggttgttg agaattgatt    120480
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt atagtcctgg ctgtcctgga    120540
     actcactttg tagaccaggg tggccttgaa ctcagaaatt ctcctgcctc tgcctcctga    120600
     gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg caccaccacg cccggctatt gatttttctt ttttcttttt    120660
     tttttttaag gacctctgct cactccagtc aactttattc actcaatccc tgcttgcttg    120720
     ctccggccca aagatttatt tattattata cataagtaca ctgtagctaa cttcagatgt    120780
     accagaagag gatatcagaa ctcattatgg gtggttgtga accaccatgt agttgctggg    120840
     atttgaactc aggaccttca gaagagcagt cagtgctctt aactactgag ccatgtcttc    120900
     agcccaataa gaacttttat tgaaaataaa caaacataac caagaacctg cccatatatc    120960
     tgatctttgt aaagagatag gaaggctctg agggtccaca tgatctctgt atgagggggc    121020
     ccagagtcat cttacgaata cctctctgaa atggcttgtt tggtgtgtca acttgacaca    121080
     agagtcatca gagcagaagg agcctcagtt gaagaaatat ctccatgaga tatagttgca    121140
     ggggattttc taaatcattg attgatggag gagggcccag cccattgtga gtgaggccat    121200
     ccctgggctg gtggtcctgg gttctataaa aaagcaggct gagcaagcca tggggagcaa    121260
     gccagtaagc agcaccctcc atggcctctg catcaggtcc tgctccaggt tcctgtcctg    121320
     cttggagctt ctccagtgaa agctgaataa accctttcct ccccagcttg ctttatggcc    121380
     atggtgtttt gtggcagcaa taaaaaccat agctaaggag ggctgtggtg gcgtacgcct    121440
     ttaatcccag cactcgggag gcagaggcaa gcagatttct gagcttgagc ccagcctggt    121500
     ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct caaaactcaa    121560
     aacaaaacaa caaagagttt aaacttgaca tctcctttct cataagaaga atgctgccac    121620
     acattaccac aatcacagaa gtgaagggca gggagggcca caagctatct tcctcccaga    121680
     gcatacagag gttaccagat tagacaccta gttgggcctg gtgcctcagg cctgggatct    121740
     cagctacaca ggatgctgag gcaggaggat cccaagttcc agcctggcct gggatactca    121800
     gcaagacctt gttgtctcaa aataaaaaat aaaaatggct agaggccagg tgtggcagtg    121860
     cacgcttacc ctggaagcac ttgggaggcc aaggccggag gagctggtgg gcggagaatc    121920
     aggtgaggtc accctcagct gcctagggaa ttcaaggaca gcggaggtca cacaagacct    121980
     gacaggaggt gtgacctagt gcctctgtga tagaccactt gcctaacatg tatgaaattc    122040
     taggatcaac gaccacaaaa tacctaagta tatcaaccac actaaacccg gatcttcagc    122100
     tctagggaag cgccctgcta gatcctgccc tctgccatcc ccagatggct gcatgaagta    122160
     caaaggaggg gaccagataa ctgctgctga gcaggacagc tgcaggactg gggggtgggg    122220
     tcctgaccca caccctagct gctccctgcc acccgttggg attccgggtc tcctgcctgc    122280
     cttatttggc ctgggctgca actataaaca cttctgggtg agatttcggc cagtgggtgg    122340
     ggccaggcag aggaggaaga ggaaggagga gaattccagc agcagctaga agctgcgcgc    122400
     tgggagtccg gagtcaatga agcctagtgg ccacacctgc caccccccag gaaggctgaa    122460
     agcaaaaact taagccaaac caggcccaga aggctctggc caatccccct tcctggaaga    122520
     ggagggttgg tacagtcagc tgagggcaca tgaggaagcc agctgcccgg acttgttcct    122580
     aaagcttggg actaaggctc ctagactggg ttagcctggg cagtgtggct ggatatctta    122640
     gcacctttga tcaggcccag gtgcagccag caggaaagag ggtcagtcaa gcctaaggtg    122700
     cattttgctc ctttgaagct gtcctcactt gtcacttcta cagccccagg gagacactga    122760
     gcctggcagc catgcgaagt catggtaatt tcagcgctag ccaccgtctg ttcagataca    122820
     tccaatctgg ctggcccctt ctccgagtta ttcctgatct gctggagaca ggaaaggcaa    122880
     gggggttgag gatgcctagc tgacggacgc ccacctcttc aggctccaaa gccgacgtga    122940
     agcgcaggga cagtttcaaa gcacattgtg gatacagagc tctaatcgga tctgtttcct    123000
     tctgttagag aagaaagtga tgccccttgt gggagacaga caagagcagt caggagggcg    123060
     tgtggaccag tcctggctga tcgaggagag gggtcgagtc gggagctgcc tcagcctgaa    123120
     gcagccgggg ttgggagagg cacagggact tcattttacc tacttggagc ccggccaaac    123180
     tgcctgggct ctgggagcac ttggagcatt taattaccat agtgttgggg gtttaattag    123240
     tgcgacgcgt ctgggaaccg tggtttcacg gctcagctga cctgcatggg gtgggtcgag    123300
     tcattctggc tctctctctc aacaccgagg gtggcctggt agccataata ccagtaagag    123360
     aacccatgga cacatagtca catactccca tctgaacagc tagtcaactt ttatgtttcc    123420
     ctcagcccac agtgaccttg tcatactttg aggaagtcgc agagcaagag gggacaggct    123480
     gagatgaggt aggttataca ggtaacaaac aggaggtaag gctgaatatg gacgcccgga    123540
     ggaggtggga gggagggatg cccactgccc agcgagctgg acatggcccg caaggcactg    123600
     tggttcctcg gctctcggct tctccctaac ttggagcaac tccacagtat ccactcctag    123660
     cagagcaggt cagaggtgct gaaggcagtg aatgcccaga agaccagcag gaaatggctt    123720
     ggtgctgagc cctggctctc aaccagggct gcatcaggca aagagatcaa ggatggatga    123780
     tacagctact gctggcacca gagacaagct ggcagaggga tgcttgcctc ccaccccaaa    123840
     cttctcagga cagcccagag accagagaca gagaagacac gaggagaaac tcaatccgac    123900
     cgtgacaggt cctcttccca gcagatgctg cgttggtccc agttagtcag tcagctaact    123960
     aactggggac cctgctcaca gtctcccccc ctaaacaacc cacaatgcct atcacacaga    124020
     ggcacagtct gtactctatg cgagtcgctt ggaggtatga gactgaagcc acccaaagct    124080
     gacctaccca caggcgacaa ctatcaacaa aagaggagag aactcagggt acagggtggg    124140
     ccccattccg tatcagccat ccccacccac tcctccctgg agggaggaag ccagacctat    124200
     ctgcagccat ctctactggc tgtcacaggt aaacaggccg ggtagcacat gggcagggcc    124260
     ctgggaagta catgggtgca gaaaatagtc cctatcccat ttgggaggga gttggcccgc    124320
     agaactgtcc ctcctgaagg tgacaccctc ctcacagacc acttggagct cagagggtct    124380
     tcgccctcag caggaagctg aagaaggggc tggtcctggc cctgtatact gtgtaccact    124440
     gacaaattta gcctcggact gggagttctt cccttaatac accgtgagct ctccagagcc    124500
     tggagcaagt ctggtgagcc gctcgcagag cctccaccag ggtcagtcct gtccacttcc    124560
     ctgaccacat gttacctctc cccagatcgt agctactcaa gagctcccac taactggagt    124620
     aaattgtgta tccaggtctc ccagctgagc tgtgaagggc acgggctgag ctgtgaagcc    124680
     accacgtggc ttacacaggg aggagaagca acggcctagc aaaccacgga aggctttcct    124740
     aggtagagcc tccctttccc tacccaatgc ctgccatctg tcagatgagg gaaactgagg    124800
     cactgtgggc acggcccctc cacagcttca cctactcctc tagacactac atctgtctgg    124860
     agaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaccaaaca agccaaacaa aagaaccggg ccagggcatg    124920
     atcagtttct tgatccacta gcaacaagca cacatatgcc ttgggctctt tcctaggagc    124980
     acagagaccc tgagacccca ctacagacat cccagtgcgg gacgttcaca ccgctcccag    125040
     gtgactgtgg tcagtggtca attgcaattc tcccactaga gccatctgag agtacctcag    125100
     aggttgccat ggaagaggca aactgaagca gggtggccat agaccctgcc ccaggacctg    125160
     agtatgggtg tgggacctga tgtcacccag agttccacgt tatgattcaa acctgcccag    125220
     tgcccagctg gtaaattgca gccaacagga tgaagccagc acggtagctc ttgaatgttc    125280
     agagatgaca tagttgggtt ccaggtccct caggggcttt gtgactgcca gtctgagcat    125340
     gtaagaggct ccttagtgag ccggccaggc tccaaactca gggtgagccc ctgagtctct    125400
     ataaacctgg gaaagacatc tctggcctta cctcttctct caaaggatgg gggtgctcta    125460
     acaagacaag tggggtgggg agcatcccct ggacaaagca ctgagcaacc ccagtcactt    125520
     gctgagaaag gaataggtta ccacaggcaa tttccctaca gagtggacag cacattccag    125580
     aagcctcttg aaccacactg attagcatgg aagggctggc ctttcgctct gctctgcgta    125640
     aacaacccag ctcctgacct gaaggcactg cccccagaat tccaagctgc cagaaggcag    125700
     gattcctcac tgccagctaa gcagggtacc tgaagagggt ggagaggctt cggaaaccta    125760
     gactacactc tgcagtgcct ggcccacccc cctggacctc tctgagccag actagttcct    125820
     ctgtcaccac agctccacgc tcatattctg aggctgtggc acaagtctgg gccccacaat    125880
     tctcacagcg gaaacctccc tgagactgac actcaacagt gtctctcaga actgcactag    125940
     tgagactgct ctggcctcag acaagagcag cggctccctt tcctccagag agggcactgg    126000
     cccactggca ctgccctggc ccaggctgtg gaagtcacaa aagaatgtct acagctctaa    126060
     ccccggatac ctgcagccca gagggagctt gcccacaatg gcaggaagaa cactagacca    126120
     caaataggtc agtatgagat ccagatctgc cacaaataca ggtcaggtgt ggctgtgcgc    126180
     acctgtcatg ttggcactag ggaagttgag gcaggaggat tgttgtgagt ttaaggctag    126240
     cctagtctac atggaaagtg ccaagcaagc ttgggataca aagtgagacc cagtccccaa    126300
     acaaacaaaa acaatacagg taacctcgat acccaggata gactggttct gggacccttg    126360
     aatgcaggga gcatgccgtt catgcccctt taataaagtg ctttgcccag agcctacggc    126420
     catcttccct tctccagtac tctagattac tcacaatacc taacacgaca tacatgtacc    126480
     acaaacagtc attagactga gttgttcagg aataaagaca acaaaaacag tctgtgcagt    126540
     ttagtagaaa ggcaattacc atgacctcag agcagaggaa caagaccaga ggttctcaca    126600
     cacagaattt gcaaaaagtg aggcccaaca acaggagatg cccaatgggt cctgtggtta    126660
     cacagtaata aggaacaagg gcagccaggt gtggtggcgc atgcctttaa tcccagcact    126720
     taggaggcag agacaggcaa atctgggttc aaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagctac    126780
     acagaggaac cctacctggg gggagggagg cagtgggggt ggagtggggg acaaggaggg    126840
     ccaagactca cctttagaag tctatggttt cccaaggcca tggtgaacaa taacccatgt    126900
     atatatagga agcatccgtc aggatgagtc ctctaggggc actagaggca gacatagtgg    126960
     gtgggtgggt ctggactgtg ggacttcagc agagggagct cctcacaggc aaagatgata    127020
     gggcaggacc tgctgtgagg cactgggtgt caatcacaga acaggatccc tcactgggca    127080
     catggccaca tgccccactc tctgtttggc tatgcctagg ttaagtgtca cccatcatgg    127140
     agaacacaag tcctcaaggc ctcttcaact gcacacgaga gcccatggaa atgcggaatc    127200
     ttaatgtctt ggtcagtgtg ctgttgctgg gagacaccat ggccaaggca acacatggaa    127260
     gagtttactg aggcttactc ttagagggtt agagtccagg tcagagcaag gagcgtggta    127320
     acaggcaggc aggcaggcag gcaggcaggc aggcatggtg ccactggagc agtagcttac    127380
     acctgatctg caagcatgag gcagagagct gactgggaag agtcttttga aacctcaaag    127440
     cccaccccca gtgacacacc ccacctccaa caaggccatg cctcttaatc cttcccaaaa    127500
     acttccacca actgcagacc aagtattaaa atacaggagc ctgggggctg atgagatggc    127560
     tcagcaagta agagcactga ctgctctccc gaaggtcctg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca    127620
     catggtggct cacaaccact cgtaatgaga tctgacgccc tcttctggtg ctgtctgaaa    127680
     acagctacag tgaacttatt tataataata aataaatctt tgggccggag tgtgtcattc    127740
     ctaaattcaa ttcccaacaa ccacatgaag gctcacaacc atctgtacag ctacagtgta    127800
     ctcatataca taaaataaat gaataaatct gtaaaaaaaa aatacaggag cctgtgaggg    127860
     ccattctctt tcaaattacc acattcagtc ttacctagac agtccagtcc tggggtaccc    127920
     tccctgtgac agtagacttt cagggatccc ttgaggaaga gagacaaggt acagggtaca    127980
     cctctagcca acaagctctg cctgctacaa cctgtataaa tgcatgcacg gtattagcag    128040
     cacatcccac agcaagctgc actgaaccac agctgctggg aggatgcaga gaccacagct    128100
     ggctctgatg aactccacca gcaaacctgt accattttgt cccaggaagg tagtgggctc    128160
     cacagctcta gtacctggaa gccctctggc caccactcat tagggccata gcttttctgg    128220
     tagatgtgga tacctggcct aaacagctcc agccacccca cattcccact tggctttggc    128280
     tgagactcta ggctatgcac ggactctgac cattgccctg tgattcacca tagcacctct    128340
     tggcccttat gtaagctgtc cagggcctgg tcataggcta tccagctctc cagggcctcc    128400
     tcggcacctt ggaagaatgt tacccaactg cctcttgctg ctaacaccgc agggaataat    128460
     cactgtctca agaagcagcc aggtggaggg agttccctga cccttctaag cctgagcgtc    128520
     catcttcccc cagccacacc ttggtaaatg acagcacagg acagatgggc agatgacata    128580
     aatataaaga aaggacagag agtggatgta aagatgatgg agaagcaaat atcataagag    128640
     aacagataga cgatggatgg gtggacagag agatggctat agacagatgg gatgcccctg    128700
     tctcaaagca gcagatgacc ccactctagc tccagcaccc caacaggagc agtaccagcc    128760
     aatcagaagg agacctagag ccaagttctg ctctcaacat ctgtggccac aggcagggtg    128820
     gcaaagttct gggctccaca tgtacaatgg aaggcaagtg accaaggaaa aaaatcaaca    128880
     atgtcaattc taaccgccac actggtagcc attcttggtc ccaccccaac acatgggtac    128940
     gtagatatca ctgccggaca gccggagacc tgggcccagc aagcctcagt ttcccctttt    129000
     gtaaaagacc tgaccaactc tcagaatact ttgtagtctt aatttttttc ttttctttct    129060
     tttttttttt ttcaagacag ggtttctctg tagagccctg gctgtcctag aactcactct    129120
     gtacaccagg ctagcctcga actcagaaat ccccctgcct ctgcctccca aatgctggga    129180
     ttaaaggcgt gccccaccat tggcatggtc ttaattttca agactttaaa atatggagga    129240
     gaaaagtggg gacacggttc ctgctaccat accttcccca tcagaaccga ctgaagccag    129300
     tgctctctgc ctgggtccca cagtcctctt gccttcccag aacccttcca gggaattgct    129360
     ttagctttac tgggggtcag tgtcaagggt attccaggcc tgtggctgca gggtgtgtgg    129420
     gactgaaaca gatgaaagca gcaggattcc tggcctgagc agggtcccag cagagcctgg    129480
     caggagagct gtgttgccca accctcaaca gccatcccaa gaccaggata cggaggccac    129540
     aggagcccca gacctgccgg ggaagagcct ggtgagtggc ccagtcctcc acagctactg    129600
     agagactctc tctggctttg atcaccaccc ccttggggat gctgaggtgc taagtgctga    129660
     gaggttgtgg ttgccattct atttcctggg aggacccacc cctcccctca aatctcagag    129720
     cctcacagca tcaccaactc tcagcctggg agcgggtcct gtattcacag gatgaacctg    129780
     ggacacctag gagaggggaa gtaccactgt ccccacccat agaagatgaa ctgtgccagg    129840
     agggacagag ctatctagaa atgtaccact aagccagctt caacaccagg gaccttgccc    129900
     caccatgcag aagtcgggag tagagtgaag aagactgaaa ctcagctccc actggcttct    129960
     ctcttgggac ctactagcca cgaaacagaa cccaactcac tccatgctcc catctaatgg    130020
     atgggagcat gctcacattt ctttctgtag ctttccccag gctcaggcca tggcctggag    130080
     actcttcctc agcaactccc cccccccccc ccatcagctt acaataggca ttgattctct    130140
     aagtccgtga tctcagaggc tcacaggagg gacccaaaaa ccctaattct gtgcccagtg    130200
     atgtgtcctg gggctggggc acaaggaggt cagtcatctt cagtgatcca aaccttcctc    130260
     ccactcgata ccccgtctgg cccttgaaca ctgccagagt atccccacag agccttactg    130320
     gctccgggag aagcggcgag ctcccctggc cagcaagagg agccgattaa gaagccactt    130380
     aggagcaaag tgagggctgt tccctgcata ggcaggcagg gtggggacag ggacagtgct    130440
     ggccaagggc tatatgttca gttcctggaa aaagcagtga gagaaatgac gggcgggtca    130500
     tcctcctacc gccacatcct gtttttatgg aaaactaatc taattcctga ttgtgaagcc    130560
     agcagcagac atcccctggg ggatcccggg gggcctcagt gtcagcccca tagggtcagg    130620
     cccctttgcc cagtgtccag agtggctacc ctccctgcca ccccaccctg gaaggtggtg    130680
     gagttccatc ttaaccacac tctcccctcc caggagaagc tgcatcgacg ggcttcccta    130740
     ccagtgaaag gcaggcttat ttttatcctc agcccaagct tggaccagac tatgtcccac    130800
     atggcctcag tgggtctagg gatggggaca gctatcacct ggagatgcca ctcagcacag    130860
     acaagtcaga ggtactaggt catggtatat tcctggggcc taggctgtgt tggcagcctc    130920
     gtggctgagt cctagcccag ttcccgaatg acctccgggc ctcagtttcc tcatctgtaa    130980
     agtgtgtcgg caattccatg tgccttaaag gctaccaaac tagaatcact gtatgtatgc    131040
     actgtgacat gctgtcagct tgtccttggc tctcccagct tccatcctca cctcctagag    131100
     actgctcgct gagcgtgcgt gtgaggctgc tgagtctcca agcagccgtg gaagcaccag    131160
     gctatggaat tctgagactg actcttgact cccatggcct ttgaccacaa agagcctttc    131220
     ttggcttcct gtgggcctcg aagggtcaag gctgagctca gcctcttcgc aggaaggaaa    131280
     aggcctaaag acgacaacag aaccagccct ttccctgggc caggcttcag gggcaacaca    131340
     ggaagaacag gtgggctttt ttaggggctc catggcaaga aacctgtgca gctggtgggg    131400
     ctagggcagg cctcaattac cttactcctt aaaaagacag aaagggagtg actggctgtc    131460
     ttagttaggg ttttactgct gtgaacagac accatgacca aggcaagtct taaaaaaaaa    131520
     ggacaacata taattggggc tagcttacag gtttagaagt tcaatccatc atcatcaagg    131580
     cgggaacatg gcagcatcta ggcaggcatg atgcaggagg agctgagagt tctacatctt    131640
     catctgaagg tgactagtgg aaggctgatt cccaggaagc tagagtgagg gtcttaagcc    131700
     cacacccaca gtgacacacc cactccaaca aggccacacc tccaaatagt gccgcttccc    131760
     aggccgagct tattcaaacc ttgacgctgg ctaacactgc ttctgctgaa gcccatgtgg    131820
     gcagaggctg agggacagat cactgggggt tctgggtcct attcaccatt gccagaagca    131880
     gacatacact gggaatgggt tctaacgctt tgtcttaatt cagctcccaa aggccgaatt    131940
     tccagacgct gaaggtccct gcccacatct ggctttgatc ggtaataaag gattgccata    132000
     cagtcaatgg ctgggcactt ctaaacctcc ccacagctag cacacacacc tttctggtat    132060
     tcctgaatta atacctttta aaatctatat ttcatctctg acatacagag tcttctaaga    132120
     ccaatggcag catcaattca cagtcaggcc tcagcaaagg aagtctgaca ccttcagcat    132180
     ccttcctgct gggtcagaga taacactaca gcgatgcttg agtatctagt catcactttc    132240
     cctttcaaag aaatatgcat ggtttggtct tcacctgcca agccccgagg gaaccaatgg    132300
     tgcagacacc acgagacatc cagcattcag ctcacattat gcatctcggg gcctgaagca    132360
     atggccggtc atacccaccc accctgcagc tggccacatc ccatggacag gagaccttac    132420
     tcagcttccc caggcctatg acctgcacag cagggccaag gacagcagtt gccacatgaa    132480
     gccaccatga cagtgtagta catagggagt tcagagcagg acttgcccat agacattcag    132540
     ccagagggcc tcaaagtgga taaagtcata gagggcgccc cggccgtgct ccttcggtca    132600
     gtgaattctg gctccattcc ctgagctgtg ttcctggagc aaggacatca tcagacttgg    132660
     tagaaaatac ccttagccac tgaggcatct cactggttca agcccatttt taaagatgaa    132720
     gggttcaaag tatagccaag cagtctaact tcacccagca acagatatct aatcactccc    132780
     gtgtcttagt cagggtttct attcctgcac aaacatcatg accaagaagc agttggggag    132840
     gaaagggttt attcagctta cacttccaca ttgctgttca tcaccaaagg aagtcaggac    132900
     tggaactcaa gcaggtcagg aagcaggagc tgatgcagaa gccatggagg gatgttactt    132960
     actggcgtgc ttcccctggc ttgctcagcc tgctctctta tagaaccaag actaccagcc    133020
     cagagatggc acccacccac aaggggcctt tcccccttga tcactaattg agaaaatgcc    133080
     ttacagttgg atctcatgga ggcatttcct caactgaagc tcctttctct gtgataactc    133140
     cagctgtgtc aagttgacac aaaaaaccag ccagtacact cctgtctcca ggagtagaca    133200
     cctagatgct ctcctcactt agccaacaga atgctccaag gcacacaccg ccaacaggca    133260
     atgtgtgagc agacagctaa cctttgccct gctcaagatg cacagctccc tatagctgca    133320
     atctggcctg cagagcgaga tatccagcct gtgcaccagc cctgcctccc ccaagttgga    133380
     tttcataagg catttccacc cacggaacct gcagggctat cccccgagag gtgcggggcc    133440
     aagcagtaca gttggtaacc ttacatctga agactttaaa gagactggct gggggaggga    133500
     agctctacca cagaatagtc acagctggac aattgctcca gggaccgctg gccagacact    133560
     cagccccaca ggagctgagt gcagtagaca tgtagtgcag tagaccctga ttttgtttgc    133620
     ttgctgttgt tgtttgtttg gaggcagggt ctcactatat tgtttcagtt gtcctgaaac    133680
     tatgtagact aggctggcct tgaactcaga gatccactgc ccatgcctcc cgagtgttgg    133740
     gattaaaggc atgtagtttt tttgttgttg tttttgagtc agggtctcac actgtagccc    133800
     aggctgacct ggaattaggc agtccaggct ggccttaaat tagcaacaat ccttctgcct    133860
     cggcctccta agtgctggga ttacagatgt gaactgccat acccagatgg ccagccccac    133920
     ttccaaggat gaaggattca tggctaacaa gatgactcag aggataaagg tgcttgctgc    133980
     caagcctgac agcccaagtt tgatcccagg acctatatgg ttgaagaaaa gactgactcc    134040
     cccatcttgt cctctgacct ccacatgcaa atccatccat ccatactgtc ttagtcaggg    134100
     tttctactcc tgcacaaaca tcatgaccaa gaagcagttg ggggctggtg agatggctca    134160
     gtgggtaaga gcacccgact gttcttccga aggtccggag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca    134220
     tggtggctca caaccatccg taactagatc tgactccctc ttctggaatg tctgaagaca    134280
     gctacagtgt acttacatat aaataaataa attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga agaagaagca    134340
     gttggggagg aaagggttta ttcagcttac acttccacat tgctgttcat caccaaagga    134400
     agtcaggact ggaactcaag caggtcagga agcaggagct gatgcagagg ccatggaggg    134460
     atgttcctta ctggcttgct tcccctggct tgctcagctt gctttcttat agaacccagg    134520
     accaccagcc cagggatggc accacccaca atgggctggg ccctcctcca acaatcattg    134580
     attgagaaaa cccctgcagc tggatctcat ggagacattt cttcaactga ggctccttcc    134640
     tctctgatga ctcttaactt acgtaagctg acacacaaaa gccagtgatg aacagccttg    134700
     tgaatgtgta agctgaataa accctttcct ccccagcttg cttcttggtt atgatgtttt    134760
     gtgcaggaat agaaaccctg attaagacac acacacagtc acatataaaa taaaaataat    134820
     ttaaaacatc taaacaagga gggggaagga gaatttacta aaacatagtt tggccaggag    134880
     tggtgacact taattccagc actccggagg cagagatgag atggatctct atggggccag    134940
     ggccagcctg atctacagag tgagttccag ggcagccagg gctgttacac agaaaacgct    135000
     tgtcttgaaa aactaaaaac caaaacaaaa caaaattctc cccaccacct aaaaaacaac    135060
     aaaaacctca gtttgttcaa aaatgcaaca atgatatcta atactttatg tgctagttta    135120
     aatatttaga tctctatttt gaattatgtg tgtatgtgtg catctgtgtg tgcacatgag    135180
     tgggggccac aaggtgctag atcccctgaa gctggagtcc caggtggttg tgagcacttg    135240
     atgtgagagc agggaactga acgcaggtcc tttagaagag caaaaagcgc tcttaacctc    135300
     tgagccacgc taaagccctg gataccaatt taaaaaaaaa taaaaattat gttaatttat    135360
     tctttttctt aaagatgaag ggttcagaac tcagagaagc catgtagact gcccacgggc    135420
     atgcagcagc acagccaaga gtcagaacat ctgtggacgg ggtggggtgg ggttgggggg    135480
     aggattcaac aagaggctga gcctgggact gtcctcttcc tacattgcag gaggaggcca    135540
     ttacacagca ttatcaacca cagttctaaa atgctaccca gaacctactg ggttctacat    135600
     agctcagggg tgctcttgtg gctagcacca cacacacaca gctaacataa ctcagaacac    135660
     acacagttca atgaagactt cacaaataac caaatacaag ggttcagctc tggatgacct    135720
     ggagacttag catggggaac agaaggcctt tgctgtattc acaccaccag gccccgacca    135780
     cattcaggtg ggctgtgtga tcaagagtac ctcagggagg cgcctgagcc taaatctgac    135840
     agaggagcga gggctttgct ttttgcccca taagacggtt ggttggagac acctacctca    135900
     tcaccatctc ctgaggtccc cagcagctct atcatcacca ccaccatcac acacacacac    135960
     acacacacag agcaaaacta caagcagttg aggcccctca gcagggccag gcttcctcca    136020
     gtgaatgaga agaatcacag tgtctccaca ctgcagccgc acttggggcc ctgagtgctt    136080
     cttgattggc ctctctggaa gggccgtcat ctctggaatg taactcggcc tgctggtcca    136140
     gaagctctcg ggagctccga gttccttagc cttgagagta atggttctag ctcctcccac    136200
     agccccaagg ccacactgtc ttcagtcacc tgggtctctc tgatttagac agctgaagct    136260
     ctttggcgtc aagccctgtg ctttatatag ctgtggggga gttggggggt ggaggagagg    136320
     tgcagagggg ctggaagtgg tgggagaggt ctgcccaccc atgatgagtc aagggtagag    136380
     gtgggaggga gaagcagagg agcttggctg gaaagtcagg gacacagagc ttcaacgtga    136440
     agactccctg ctgtgtggtc ctgcagaaac ccagcctcac ccaagggtgc acaatgaagc    136500
     cggtggccgg tgcttcccca ggctggagga tagagtccca gaaggaaggg gctgaccact    136560
     gattgtcagt gtaacagcag actgcgaagg agacacctat acatactgtc ttccttagct    136620
     atcacgaaga ggatctggag cagcccaggg acaggtcacc cacagcagcc ctgaccaccc    136680
     acagctggcc caccccacac ttcacgtatt cactctctag gcttgttttc actgtgagaa    136740
     ctggacactg atgcaggagg acctttatag agatcactga gccaactgct cagaggctgc    136800
     tcaaggaagg ctgcctaagg cttcaagttc cgccaagcct tttccccagc cagtaccacc    136860
     ctttgatcac caacaacttt cttaggtctc tgtttccaca gcactgtgag cctctacccc    136920
     acacccctga tccttggaga ttagggccta cccagttttc cttccctagc tgggaaggtc    136980
     tgtgcccact gataaggtct gtgtgatggt tagttttaac tgtcaacgtg tcagaagcta    137040
     caatcaatca cctgggcagt cttgagaagt tgtctaaata aggttatcct atgggggatt    137100
     gacttgattg tttattggtg tgggaaagac ccagcccact gtgggcagca ctattcccta    137160
     ggcagagggt cctggactgt gtgagagtga ggaaatcaag ctgagtaaaa gcgagtgact    137220
     ataaacgtat ttgtttttct ctgctcttga ctgtggaggt gatgtgacca gcagcctcga    137280
     gctcctgctg cggtgacatc cctacagtga tgaactgtaa cccagaatca tgagctaaaa    137340
     ataaaccagt ttcttccctt aagttgcttt ttggtctgga tcctttatca cagccaccaa    137400
     aatgaaatta ggacagctta gaatgtggtc accatgagac catgtcacca gacaagactg    137460
     gacaggtgtg acctctgaga cctggagcaa catccacctc attacctcct cctggtctct    137520
     gctaacattc ccttcccacc tacaggatgg caactcccag ccttccttga ccccactaag    137580
     ccaatataaa caagaaacca cagatgcatg acactgggca caggcaggta ggagcgtaac    137640
     acagggttgc agttttgcca ggcccggcta ccatccccag gtgcaagctt caaggaatgg    137700
     gtccagccac ctccacatga tggagcagaa acagggacgg ccctgtaggg ccagccaagg    137760
     gccacgctgg attctggagg ctgaaaagga agcaagaagt tgcacccaaa tgctacaagg    137820
     cacgctgtcc cagataagga cagggatgga ggactgaggg acaactcagc tggttggcac    137880
     acagcctctg aggagactgg ggaccatgga ctgcgcaggg ctccctagag gctctgcaag    137940
     acataggttg tcagagtaat ccacacctac accttgtgag cccctggtgc agcatcagcc    138000
     gagcacagga actaccctat ccttcagact tatgcctggg gtcctcatgg actcagggca    138060
     aagtggggaa agtaggcagg gtacagaggt agccatgaca acccctgggg acaaggacaa    138120
     gaggaatcag gacaccaaca cacaaggccc caggcccagc agaccaagga ggccacattg    138180
     taaggagaga acaagggccc tggtcagacc tgtcaatcag aacaggatta caaggagcag    138240
     gagcagccac tctgaggcag gacaagggcc ctgtgtttga agttgaccca aggactgaaa    138300
     tctgagcagg tggacaggga tggggtggtg gtgatgggac aggacattct gtaaggcacc    138360
     caggcaggtg gtaggcagga cagacagcat ccagccacac agcaaagcag ggagagtcac    138420
     gtgcgtaacg agtgaaaaga gtctgtggaa aggcagccgt ctacacagcg caggcagcag    138480
     tcacacgggt tagggcccgc ccctaatgtg acgccatgaa aactggaaga ggtgtgccac    138540
     gcagacacaa aaacactcaa gatacacggt gaatggtggg ggaaatgtcg aattcataac    138600
     aaactccaag ggccaaacct aaaggaagcc aaatggcaca tgcatgcctg taatgccagc    138660
     ctttgggtgt gggtgcaaga ggttgaggtt agcctgggct actcagtgat atcctgtctc    138720
     acctggagct cagcatatag ctctgttggt cgtctcctta cctagcagga atgcaaccct    138780
     ggttcaatcc ctagtgacat ataaaccagg cacggcggca cacacatggc atcccagcac    138840
     accaaaggaa ggtcgggagt tcgagaacat ccttggctac atatgaagtc tgaggctagc    138900
     ctgagttgca gaggaccctg tctcaaaatt aaaaatagag ctgaggagaa aactcagtag    138960
     agcgtttgtg ccatgagcag aacctgagtc cagtctcaag aacctacatg tttaaaaagc    139020
     tgggtagcag ccgggcagtg gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg    139080
     aaggtggatt tctgagttcg aagccagctt ggtctacaga gtgagttcca gaacagccag    139140
     agctatagag agaaaccctg tcgcaaataa acaaaaccaa accaaaacaa aataacaaca    139200
     aaagctggat agcctggtgt ggcagtgaat gttttcatct cagtatgaga ggcagaggca    139260
     accagagctc tgtgagtgta acgctaccct attctataca gcaaggttca gtccagctag    139320
     ggctttatgg tgagaccctg cataaaaata attttttatc aaacagctta aagctgagtg    139380
     tagcagtgca taccagtgct ggggggacag ccacgggtcg cttcttgggt ttcctggcct    139440
     gcagtcatag tccaactgga gagttatagg ttgctgaaaa atctctcaga aaacaaggtg    139500
     gccagcttct agaataaaca cttgaggttg acctctgacc tccttgtgca cctgtgtaca    139560
     tacatgaaca caccacatac acacacacac acacacacac acacagagag aagaaagaga    139620
     aaccaaatca agaagatgct caattttggg ggcttgtgag atggctcaaa ggttaagagc    139680
     actgactgaa agtcctgagt cccaacaaca acatggtggc tcacaaccgt ccataatgag    139740
     aactgacacc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag acagctacag tgtacttatt tataataata    139800
     aataaatcaa ccaaaaagaa acaataaaaa caaaaaacaa aaataaataa ataaatcttt    139860
     gggcgggagt gagcagggtt gaccggagca agcagaggta caaaatcaat tcccaacaac    139920
     cacatgaagg ctcacaacca tctgtatagc tacagtgtac ttgcatacat aaaaatcaat    139980
     aaataaatct ttttttaaaa agatactcaa tttttttaaa tggctgaaag acataaagag    140040
     acacaatgaa gctagaaagt atcacacact ggactcaaga gccagctcag ccagcaggag    140100
     tccacagaaa gcaaactgaa gccacgggag cccccccttc agcaacttgc acataggctg    140160
     taggcaccag ggtatagagt ctggaggggt ctggagtttg cacatatacc ctcttcccct    140220
     gtactcatga gaggtcctcc ccccaccccc caggacacaa acagaacagt gagtcttgtg    140280
     aggcaggagg atttggagtt gtaggactgc ctgggagtga gaccttgaag gagaagataa    140340
     aaagggaaca gtaccacaca gcagccggga tgaagctcac acgcccgagc aaagatgctg    140400
     gagaggccca tgacccgcgg gctctctgaa gcccagacgc agccaagaca gccagggctg    140460
     gagggcagca tgggggtccc ttcactgtct ggttctggaa tggttgtttg gaaagcctca    140520
     ggtgttgaac ctcaccagac agtgctacag agctacgggt tccactgggt gctggtaaca    140580
     cgcagggctc tgtgcaggcc tcggtgctca ggtgcaccgg aaactgggca gtggcggggg    140640
     accccagagc ctcaaagagc ctggggcaga gcaagtctta cagacacatt taccaagtga    140700
     atgacgagga tagtgaccag acatcaggag gagaggacaa gtgaagagac actgttgtgg    140760
     ggggaggagt ggcagagtga cctagtcctg gatgagtgac atgtctggaa ccctagggga    140820
     cccacccagg aaggtagagc agggaaattg ctgacaggat acattgaagg ggctacagct    140880
     gaaggacagg acttctggca gtgagcaagg actatgtacc ccaactatga tccacatctc    140940
     cttagaaata ggctcagaca gcggtggtgg ctcaatgcct ttaatctcag cactagggaa    141000
     ggagaggcag gcagatctct gtgagtttga ggccagcctg gtctgcagag tgagttccag    141060
     gacagccagg gttacagaga gaaacactgt ctctaagacc aaaacaaaac aagcaaacat    141120
     aagcaggcta cctgggctgt ggagacctga tggataaaag tgttgtcatg caagcctgac    141180
     aacctgaatg cttatcccgt ggcagtgtct gtgatcccag cactcctggg atgagaggca    141240
     gagatgggag agtcttccag aagctcacaa tccaactagc tggaggacac actacagtgg    141300
     caaacaagat agatcttgct tcaaacaagg tggaaggtac agagcagtat ctgaggccga    141360
     cctctgacct ccacatacgt gacatagcac acacacagac cttcacatgt gtgacatagt    141420
     acatacacac cctcgcacat gaaaatgtcc acacaggcac attcaaacac aaaaataaac    141480
     tttaaaaaaa aaaagaaaca aggccttgcc cccttagagg ccactctccc accagctgcc    141540
     atgtcttggg gagataggtg agactggaag gccagaggtc caaggctctc atagtagaca    141600
     acgttgctcg ggggattgct tggaggaaag gacactggcg tgtgctttcg aaggcaggga    141660
     cagcagtagg tgccacaggc ctcagcagca caggcaggag agggcctgga tctacacggg    141720
     gctggaagaa agcatgcacc caagagattg gccactcaag gtagactcaa ggtagactcc    141780
     atcagaggga aggaaaacag tcctggcccc actcagacag aggagatagg gctggctaac    141840
     aggccacagc ctgcaaggct gctgaaggct gcatgggacc atctcactgt cggttatgcg    141900
     ggtaacagaa agctggccag gactgggagg actcagctat cctcagagtg atcttaggca    141960
     acctggataa cctgcccacc tgttctttcc caaacaggac aagaaaaacc ctacagagga    142020
     cagaggtcat agtacgaagc tcagcgcaga acgtgcaggg gccatgaggg tcatgctaga    142080
     gagggaaagg aaaaataaaa acagctgtca ggctagtgat ggtctcattt cccttttaaa    142140
     gattttagcc aggcagtggt ggcgcacacc tttgggaggc agaggcaggc agatctctgt    142200
     gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ccacagaatg tataagtggg ggacgggagg aggtacacac    142260
     gagggcaggc gccctccgag tcccatagag ggtgtctgag tctctggagc tagagtcatc    142320
     gataaacatg agaccctgta ggtgtggtgc tcagagctga atctccatcc attctccgca    142380
     acagcggtac acactcttgg ctgctgagcc atctctctcc agctccctca ctgccctttt    142440
     aaaattccct ggaacattgt cgggatgttg ctgttaacca ctgttttaac cataaacaga    142500
     aatcaagtat gtgagagaga gggcgggcca ggagcatgct ggagccacag cagaggcagg    142560
     cacacctgct ggaagctggg atgtaagggg acagcagaca gacagcaggc tttgggggga    142620
     ggagggtcca ggaggcgaat atcaaaccct acgcttgcag tctccaaagc tcacctcggg    142680
     acccatacct catcctcggg tccccagcat gtacaggctt ccagtgcaga ccctggggat    142740
     gaagattctt ggaagggtgg ccaagacttg gagggcaaag atggcttcta gacacaggag    142800
     gagaatcagg cagcagggag agcctaacgc tcaccctctg aaggctgagc agaaactctg    142860
     cctgtacagt tcagggagat agacaggtcg tatggtggtt tgaatgagtt tggccccaga    142920
     aggcttatat atttgaaaat ttggtcccca gttggtggac tgtataggaa ggattaggag    142980
     gcgtggcttt gttgaaagaa gtgtgtcact gagtgggctc tgaggtttcg aaagctccct    143040
     gggcccagtc acatgctttc tctacctcca tcgtagtggc tcagatgtaa gcttgcagat    143100
     acccctccaa caccatgccg gcctgacacc atgtttctca ccaggatggt catgtaaccc    143160
     tctgaaactg taagcaagcc cccaactaaa tgtttttgtg ttttattaag ttgccttagt    143220
     catgctatct cttcacagca atagaacagt aaccaagata ggccagccta gcttcacgtt    143280
     ccccagagcc cagcagctgt tccctaggcc cattttaggc tgccattcaa tgggggtaag    143340
     gaaaccacag gaggccgagg tggccaccat ccctctgcag cctgaaccca gggttcagaa    143400
     acggtcccag ctatatatac tcacggagaa aaatagcgtg cacattgcag tctggtaaac    143460
     agtccagtcg tggctgaccc tgtcagcccg ttagagagaa ccaaaaatac cccctataat    143520
     tatgctatta aaacatacca gaaaagcgga gccaccccac tcagcagggg ttcctgggat    143580
     gtctacaggg agttgggagg ctgaacatac tgactaaggc atctggtagc acccaagagg    143640
     ctggtctggc tggacagcta tccttgtccc ctctaagatg atgcttgctt cccatggtgg    143700
     tcagttcccc aagggaccag tgggagtggc tacctggaca gcctatggtc ttcatgcata    143760
     aatgcaacag gacccaccca gtatctcctc agagggacat gtgaaaggca gaggtgtcct    143820
     tgacaccaga aacttaggtg ctactgaagg gaaggccgaa ttggaacccc aaaacaacca    143880
     tggatgttcc aacaacaaaa gagatgaggg gacaagggcg tagcagtagg tgacaggcaa    143940
     cagatgccac cacgctgaga ccagagagag ctagggagga ccaaggcctc ttgggaatgg    144000
     gggtgggggg ttgggaattc aaagggttca agtggagttt atgccagctg atctgagcca    144060
     catctagcca cggtccaaaa gtattaaatg aaaaactcca gaagtatgca tttcataagt    144120
     ttttaaatta ttttgtgtat gtatttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtacgt    144180
     acatgggatt tgtataaact tttgggagcc tttacctact gagccatcct accaaccctt    144240
     acctttgggg gttttttgtt tgttttgttt gtttgcttgt tttaaaaaag atttattcat    144300
     ttattatatg taagtacact atagctgtct tcagacacac cagaagtggg catctgatcg    144360
     tattacaaat ggttaagagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggaa ttaaactcag gacctctgga    144420
     agagcagtca gtgctcttaa ccgctgagtc atctctccag tccctgtttg tttgtttgtt    144480
     tgtttgtttg tttgtttttt gaagcagtgt ttcattatta gcactggttg ccctggaact    144540
     ctgacaccta caaaccaggc tggccttaaa ctcacagaga tcagtctgtt tctgcctccc    144600
     tcgtgctgga aataagggct tgtgccacca tacttgatgt aaaaaccttt gaatgcatta    144660
     catggtggta attatttaat cttattatta actatgaggt taacctctgt gcctaatatg    144720
     taaattaaat ctgaccacag gtgcatatag agcggtgaac tacatcaaga gtttgttagt    144780
     acaagggcag gtttccaaca tccaccacag gtatttgttt taggaaaaaa tggcttatgg    144840
     actacactac aagaggtcca ccaggatttt ctctttgctt ttcctggtgc tggggactga    144900
     agccagggtc tcacacgtcc caggccacca tcctatcact gggctactcc accagtccct    144960
     ctttctaccc tttactttga aaaaagggcc tgataagtga cccatacagg ccttgaacct    145020
     atgatccccc tgcctcagcc tccaacggag ttgggatcac aggctttggt caccaagaca    145080
     gtcttgtcat gaaccatgta ccaaacagat aaggggacaa ctataattga aacttgtctg    145140
     tggggcaagc tttaggctct gcccaacctc cctcccatgc ggccactccc tgctcttgct    145200
     cctggaggcc tctctacaaa gggggagggg ggataggcac agggaggact ccccaggccc    145260
     cacccagtcc caatgacact aactctagtg caccacttag ccctagctgg tgcccttcta    145320
     aggaggcaga gggccatgga atgccacagt gacctcatcc ttaatagcct agcgacctat    145380
     tccttccctc tggactggct acccgccccc ccccccatgc tataccctcc tcttcctggg    145440
     ttctctctgc ctcccaaacc ttcagaacac agcagcaggc agctaggaca tctgccctgt    145500
     ccactcacac tgtcctgacc agataagaag ggagcagacc tcggagggcc cactggggtg    145560
     ccccacttag agggacttgt tggagataac ctgtttggag tgtcattatt agaactcttt    145620
     gggggtggaa ctctttgggg gctctgtttt ggatgctgtt cctgaggaat accacgttgg    145680
     atggcatctt cgggcccctg tgaggctaac aggagcctgt tggttggtgt aactgttgcc    145740
     tttgttcctc tccacctatg aagagctgca gaggctcaca gtgccctcag gcctggcaag    145800
     gaggaggtaa gagcgctctc acctctacct cttacatcaa tcccgcctcc cacccccacc    145860
     ccatgcccag gcaccactgg cctggaacca gcactaggct cctggctgcc acccagtact    145920
     ttgtcccaca agacctcgat gagaggacgc atgaatgaac ttagaaggtc cagggagctg    145980
     cactctgagc gcggctccgt gctgcacgca gggtacagga ctggagaccc cctcagagtc    146040
     agggcctgtg cgaagaaagt gagggccttg cctaagaaga gtcctctgtg cggaagggaa    146100
     cgcagtggtg ggaagcccta gagacctggc cgagccgctg aaggccaatg tcatcacaca    146160
     gcacgcagca cgcatgggaa agcactcagg ggcgcctggc caccaagaag gaggaaatca    146220
     ccggatgaag gactggcctt tctccaaaca cagctgacct atccacctcc ccagcctggg    146280
     tgtgagatca cagcgcggga accggagatc agagcctgga agtggcctta aagcttttat    146340
     aggcccactt acgggggagg agatgaggcc tagaacgagg ttaaaggcca gacgagttca    146400
     gagcgagatg aagggactgg ccaccgccgg ctgttgtctt ccacccacag actcatccac    146460
     ccgcagcata tactccagca gactcccttt gtcctcctag tgacctgaaa gaggtacctg    146520
     ccagcaaaga gggcaaagag aacggcaccc cgaggttctc ccttcctatc cttatgctct    146580
     tgggcctgtg agttaattcc acgaaattct tcttaatttt caacagctac attctgacag    146640
     cgagaccaaa agctaacagt gaggtagaag gcagaactga gccttagaat caagaactaa    146700
     atgtatatga caaagtaaaa catctaatta cacttctaaa ctaggtaaca gaactgaaag    146760
     gggatctcag aggcacagag aggcggttcc catggggccc agacgtggag tccaagggct    146820
     ggccctcccc aactcttgac agttaagaga gcaaactcag tgtcatccta caagcaggca    146880
     gagacaccgc ccaggaagta gtctggggct gggatcagaa gccagcactt ctgcccaccc    146940
     cagcaaggtc acttcctctt taggaccctc cccctggctg ccagtgacca cctgcaataa    147000
     gaaaatggtg acaagggatc ctccctcagt tctcaggtcc ctagctcctc ccctaaacac    147060
     accaggaccc agtgggcttc ctgtcctgct tacccattcc ctcccagacc cagcatgagg    147120
     cagggtcccg cccctctgcc aggccctgtc actgaggctc agcagggagt cccccacatc    147180
     gtggcagagg gaagtgggac ctcacccact gggtggctac caagactgca gtactggtgg    147240
     caggaaaggc ttggttctct ctgttttatt gctctttctg gccctgagtt tcaatagctc    147300
     tgaccactga gtaagggctg tctgaagagg gtgggtgggc aagcccgata accgttccca    147360
     cctcccggcc cagagtggac agctaatggt gaccgagaaa acattctgag aagggagaca    147420
     cgtccccact gtaaacagtg atacttctcg gtgacaagcc gtcgagccca ggtgccactc    147480
     tgtcacggat gtgcctccca tgctatggcg aacgaaggaa gaaaacagag accacgttgc    147540
     attaccacac acaggtcttc accgggaggg agggagcttt ctcactacct ggctcttgct    147600
     tggattttaa gttcctggtt cctctgtgag gccaagaatc aggagacctg gtcctttctc    147660
     tctcaagcac aaaacatccc tcctgaatcc agatccctag gtctccaggt caccgggtta    147720
     agtctgcctg ggttggtcac tattcccatg ggactagggc atcaccttgc ctgactttcc    147780
     agattagggg agtggcaaag aggctaagca ccccaggatg attcaaacct tcaggaaggc    147840
     ctgagacagc acccagcatt taagatgact aacctgtgaa gaccttgttt ccaaaacata    147900
     ggactcaaac tgttcagagg gtggagggtg agggagccct cacaagagat ggagtgaacg    147960
     ttccacctcc agcaagaggt cccgcagtga tgactacacc ccatagaaat gaacaggatg    148020
     ccagcatccc ctacgtcacc acacagagct cttagctggc tctgtatccc ttgcccacct    148080
     ccccaggcat aaagaagact gttggtggcc aagcccacac ccaggctcag tgtcagggta    148140
     ggtgtggcct gtgcctagat atgttctcat gaatgaattt tattgggggg acagtttgag    148200
     cctaaggaaa gacaggagca ttagtcatca atattctttt gaaagctccc caggtgacta    148260
     acacacaggc tgggtgggaa cccccaaagc tggcaaagcc tccttcacat cctaaccaga    148320
     ctcagtctgg aagcttcctc tgacacccac atactacagc tgaaaagcca ggggacctca    148380
     gagcccagac tgatccttgg agggtaagga taaattctag ctagtagcac tgctgtccac    148440
     gagctaagaa atgattttgc attttttttt aactgctgga aaaaaatatc agagtatttc    148500
     atgatgtgaa agcattcacc atctggcctg tcagagaaaa gtctgccggt tttgtttaag    148560
     cacggccctt gtctgtgaaa gaggacctct tccatgaaga tggagaagcc tttctctgca    148620
     cacaacagga ccacctcttc cctgccctgc cctccttgtt cccaagtgtt gacagtcagt    148680
     gaaggagcct gagaagcagc tcttgttgaa tctttaagaa gggtacccgt cttctacatt    148740
     ctcatccacc cattctgctt atatttacag tctgaccgtc tacaggccag cgaggaaaag    148800
     aagccacaaa tgtgggccct agaccttggc tctcctaagt ccgggctgag ctgaggacag    148860
     tatccgctgg cccctccttt cagagctcaa tggttttcat tgattcctgc cttgaaaaat    148920
     cccccccacc cccccacccc ggtctcacca cattttggtc ctacaaatca aaacttggcc    148980
     tgtgtggaag tcattgcccg ggttgcctga caccccccgg agcctgttcc tgaaacaggg    149040
     tgcacaagca gtgtccgtgg agagatggag ggaatcacgc acaacccccc cacctccaac    149100
     agatggactt ccacgaggca gaccaacttt cacagtgggt acactgactc tctgtgggct    149160
     aatttaatca gaccccgagg aaggtcacat gtggaggggt gctgactgct tcaggaggtg    149220
     taagggggtg agcagctggg caaggtgccc tgggtgaggc tgggagggcg gcaatggagc    149280
     ccagcaccta tgacaccaaa agagagaagc tctttgcaag aaagggacgt atgccaaggt    149340
     aggggatctc cagttctgac atcaggcaga gcctcctggg gcgccctgtg ccccagtccc    149400
     tctggaaggt aaccaagtag ggcacaagga agacaggagc ttagcattgg acagacaacc    149460
     tcggaactga gactaagaac tgcgcctagg gctggaacat tagttctggt aggaaatttc    149520
     tgacttgaaa agctccaggc agaacgccac cttctcccag attggtcagg aagtcatgat    149580
     gcaagtttga tttttttctt tctttctttc ttttttctta actacgaaag agaatagaaa    149640
     gtcgcgctcc cctcacagct cagacactaa cagccccttg cccgggcctc tcctcccagc    149700
     ccgcgtggag acgcccagcg ctatctgggg ctctcgcgga cccgcgcctc gccgttgcct    149760
     gccgtgcttt ccactcggtg cccgggccgg gcccgccgag gccgccagcg cgctcacgcc    149820
     tctggaatgc gagcgccctg ggccgcgagt cccgcggaat ctcctcgcct atgctcgccc    149880
     gccggggcgg cgcggcgcag ggggacgcgg acgcagcctt cccgcccgcg ccctccactc    149940
     acccgccagg agcgtgcagg gcagcaacag ccagtagagc ccggcgccca gcacgtgcgg    150000
     ctccatgccc cgcggccggg ggaccgcccg gggtcgcgcc gccgtggcta aagggaggtg    150060
     cgagggccgg aggaaccgcg cgccatggca ctctgggcgg gtctccgcac gtgcggcgcg    150120
     cggctgctgt gacctcccgc cggcctcgat ctcgggtcgc cggccggccc ggccgcgccc    150180
     tctggttccc gacggccgga tcccgcgcac gctgggttgt cagcccgccc ggctcggaac    150240
     tcacggcggc tcgtggaggc cgagctgggc cggacggcga cgcggcggct ctctccctgc    150300
     tcccgcctgc gggcctttat aagctcggcc cccgccctcc ctggagtgcc cgcctccgcg    150360
     cttcccccga cggccaggcg cgcccaggca ccccctcgct gcccagcgca gtctgctcga    150420
     gcgccggccc tactagcctg gctggtgccg gtgacccgga gacctcgacc cgcgcgcccc    150480
     ccaaaccctc cttcagccca gcgcagttac tcgcactgtg cccgtggggc gcttctccct    150540
     ggggctccgg ggcctgggac ccggggtggg ggcaatacaa gaagactccc aaagacctga    150600
     cccacttagt acccacgcgc aactgcgccc ctcgtggttg gagcaacttt cgctttgttc    150660
     cccaagccgt gatggcgcag cgccctctgg gggctgtcag agtccctaac tgtggcactg    150720
     gcggccacgc tggctaggcc ttggtggttg gggtggagag acaccttact gctgtggcat    150780
     cagacagctg catcccactg tggtctgcgt tggggctttg ggactgcttc cagtcacacc    150840
     tgcccccact gtgtggcttg gctttagtca gtgtgctaca gacagtagca aaagctgaca    150900
     gagcacctgc tgtcccattg gtggccagac aaggtctgag tccggcacgt gcccggtacc    150960
     tcacccaagc cgccttggtt tggctcagtc ttccgtatta aggtggatag gaaagacgaa    151020
     atgaaaaggg gtcaagaacg gcacagttgg accaagttca ggatgcactg ggaaatgagt    151080
     agcattaggg gcagaggctt aaccgggagc ggtgatgatg tgaccctttt gagcctcaag    151140
     gcaccagcag gctaaagtca atcacacttc agaaccttca attttccaga accaccagaa    151200
     atgcaggctt tccctggaca tatagtattt aaactgccta gcttggtctc caagactcac    151260
     ctctagtctg actctgaagg ggtgctgcta agacacggga aggttcagaa attcattcag    151320
     acctgctcct tgagcagcag ttctcaacct gtgggtcgtg acagctatgg gccttgaacg    151380
     accctttcat aggggttgca taatagatat cctacataac agctatttac attatgattc    151440
     ataagagtag caaaattata ggccgggcgt ggcctttaat cccagccctc gggaggcaga    151500
     ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc    151560
     agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaagtagcaa    151620
     aattatagtt atagcaacaa aataatttta tggtcaaggg tcaccacaac atgaagtgtc    151680
     ttaaggaata ttaattaatt aattattaat taataataaa taaaaataat taataataaa    151740
     taaataagca atattagaaa ttaattaagc aatattagga aggttgagaa ccactgtccc    151800
     aaaggaactg aaatgtttat gtctcacaac cattgaagta gttgtagggt aaaaacagaa    151860
     aggaacaaac aggggaactc tcaaaaaaac taaactgtat cctacagtgt tgtagcagtt    151920
     taaagagcat ctgaagactc cctgaattgt gggagcagct tctaagatac aatgttacca    151980
     ttgaaaaact ggcgccaccc ttgcccgcca cagcaagtat gcagtcttgg catgcaagca    152040
     agcctccttc cttttgatat cctggtcagt cacacacaag cattacctag gtcaaaaaaa    152100
     actcacaaaa cagaccagga cagtggtggc acacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc    152160
     agagacaggt ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccagggca    152220
     gccaagacta tatagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaacaaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca    152280
     aaaaccagac cagatcctta gtatcagaac attccttctt gtcctttgcc aaacagggag    152340
     aggcagatca ggccagatca gcaacagcct gcctggccct cagccctggt acctctgtat    152400
     cacctttctc cctctctctc ttcctctgtc ttttgacctg gcttcatact tgctgtgtag    152460
     ttcaaggata accttgaact gatctttgtg cagccgacag gaggtgtgta ggattgcagg    152520
     tgtacaccat tacactgaga actgtcccca gggtgaagag gatggcacag ggccagagta    152580
     gacagaggga tgcaactctg ccagtagggt ccccactttt tctgagaggt gaccagtcac    152640
     ccctacttgt ctctactgga attaacattc caggatgcag aaacaccctg ttatggtttg    152700
     tatatgctca gcccagggaa tggcactatt aaaaggtata gccctgttgg agtgggcgtg    152760
     tcactgtggg tgtaggcttt aagattctcc tcctagctgc ctggaagcca gtcctttgct    152820
     agcggccttc agatgaagat gtagaactct caactctgcc tgcaccatgc ctgcctgaat    152880
     gctaatagac tgaacctctg aacctgtcag ccaccgcaat taaatattgt ccttagaaga    152940
     cttgccttgg tcatgatgtc tgttcacagc agtagaaccc caactaagcc gggcatggta    153000
     gcgcatgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagagacag gcagatttct gagttcgagg    153060
     ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccgggg cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct    153120
     caaaaaacca aaaaccaacc aaccaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaaatggct aaatggggct    153180
     ggagagatga ctcagcagtt aagagcaatg gctgcttttc cagaggtcct gagttcaatt    153240
     cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ctgtaatggg atctgatgtg cttttctggt    153300
     gattatgaag acaatgacag tgtattcaag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg    153360
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggt taaaatggcc aagaatggtg gtccatacct ttagccccag    153420
     cactggggag cagaggcagg aagatttcta agctcgagat taacctgatc tacagtgtga    153480
     gttccaggac agccagagct acacagagaa accctgtctt gaaaaaatga ttaaaatgcc    153540
     aagttgatgg tgtgtgattt actatatcaa caggtttttg ttattgttgt tgttttttat    153600
     ttgctttttt tgtgcctagt cttatcgtac cttgttatgc tctgtttggt ttatggccct    153660
     gggaggcctg ctctattctg aagggaaact gaggagaagt gtatctgggt gggtgggagg    153720
     ggctggagaa aaggagggag gggaaactga ggttttgatg tattgtatga gagaagaata    153780
     tgaacacaca cacacgtgcg cacacgtttc aaatagcgca tcctaagctc cctccaccca    153840
     ctcccagggc cagccagcct tgccaacttc tcgagcatct tgcttccttg gctcctggcc    153900
     agcaaatgtg atatttgggg agctattatt tcagttccct gagtacattt ctaccaagcg    153960
     ccaattccca ttcttggaaa cagaaaattt catctagaaa gttggcttgt acctgccttt    154020
     gcctgcagat cacaggacta tgccaaagag ctgttttggc ctaggcaaag atacaggctc    154080
     tatcaagatg ccacccatga gataggcccc tcctatctcc ttccaccctc catctaggtc    154140
     accagcagct ggtagcccca gaaggcttct ccaggttgag aggacctggg acactcatgt    154200
     tggggaacat acctggagtg acacttgtct ctctcccttc cagtgaccat aagtttaaag    154260
     gattcacacc agccagccac tgaccatgtt tataggcact ctcaccttcc agagcctggc    154320
     agtatcccag aggtctctgc ccactctttc ccacttgtcc ctgctcatgc taacactggg    154380
     cccgagtctc gaggacccca agtccatgtt tattatttgg agttgtatct aaaaccttcc    154440
     ctacttcctg aatgccaggt ggaatcagaa ggttggtcat tgaggatggg cacagtagta    154500
     cactttgtga gcccggcatt caggtggcag aggcaggaga gtcacagcaa actcaaggct    154560
     gggctgctgt ttgtttgtcg agacagggtt tctctgtgtg acagccctgg ttgtcctgga    154620
     acttgctttg tagacaagac cggccttgaa ctcacagaga ttcactgggc tctgcccccc    154680
     tagtgctggg attaaagatg cacacaatca ctgcccagct aagaccttgt cttaaaacaa    154740
     acaaaaagct ggacgtattg gtttataatc tctacacttg gatattgagg taggaggagt    154800
     caaagccagt ctggactacc tgaaactaag tcttaaataa acatataagg gtctaaaggc    154860
     cagagagatg gctcagctca gtgggtaaag atgcttacaa cccagtctga ctagctgaat    154920
     tggaccccta acaacacaca tggggaaaag agaatcagct cacagaagtt gccctctgat    154980
     ttcaacatac atagatgttt ttcaaaaaat aaagaaaaat gaggttggta gttgagaccc    155040
     ctctgggaag cctgccagta aggcttgtgg tcaggaggag cgtttggcaa attactaaca    155100
     ggagagggct gggggcagga gcaagggttc agcccacact catgtgagga agatggggga    155160
     agacagccag attagtcatc tgcattttcc aaatgagttc agcatcagga ggatgtctgt    155220
     ggttatacta gcccatctag acagcaaaac cagatcaaga ctggagtggg ggatttggga    155280
     gggataaacc caaaccaact ggaggttgat ggcccagacc caagcctgaa cccaagggtt    155340
     gcactgaacc acacacatgt ctcactgagg ttgtttctag ccaggccaca gaagaactat    155400
     aactgacagc ctctggccag cctgaaccat tgcactattt cctagtaagc agcggtggct    155460
     tagtttccct ggacaggcct tccaatacag gccaacattg gaacaaagcg acccagagcc    155520
     agagggtgct ggagagctag ctctcctacc tgctctccag ccctgctaag ggttccctgg    155580
     cctccttccc aggggtgact ctgccatcgt ggctcttaga ggcagggaac cacagcatgg    155640
     cctcttccaa gacctgctca gagccaggag ggagggataa gcctgtgtgc agacttggct    155700
     acccataccc ccactgccgc tcgctcaccc ttttcctgcc cacagctggg tgtggaggcg    155760
     ggccctgctc aggggtagaa gtgctagtaa actccacccc ttcctccttt tcaggaagtg    155820
     ccaagagggg ttacaaagaa aggcccagct gctctctgga agcctgtccg atcccttcat    155880
     ggattgcctt tcttccgact gagggtgccc gggggtctcc tagcactccc actggcccag    155940
     atagaagtca cgtgcttctc agggaaagcg tgctcaggct ggccaccgcg aggatggccc    156000
     tattctcatg tcccatgggc ctaggttaga agcagcgatg agagaaaaga acttgggcat    156060
     ccagggtcta tctgctgatt ttatgtcact cctcacagtg acaatgacca gtacttacag    156120
     atctcagggt aaacaatcct tttttttgtt tgtttgtttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt    156180
     atagccctga ctgcctggaa ctcactctag accaggctta attcccagag aatccttaag    156240
     gccgtgatca gacaccactg caatgtgctg gctgctggtc ctcaccagca aactgcactc    156300
     cttgtatcca tagacaataa tgaattcatg gcagccccaa tattaaccat gcccacctcc    156360
     tgctatggct cttggctggc atggagaagg agatgtctgt ggcacacctg tgcccacata    156420
     tgtccacttc taactgactg tgtgcccagc ttcatgcaga tagcccagcc tagcctagag    156480
     ccctgtctgc ctgcttggtc ctccttgcct ctcacactgt tccttgtggg acctgcccca    156540
     agaaccattg gctccagctc tgcttctttt gtgttccagg tccccagtcc ttggttggga    156600
     gaggtgtggc tcagtggtag agtgctcgcc tgccatgtgt gtggctctgg cttttatggg    156660
     tgtgtgaatg tgtaccaggt tttgtccctg ccgtagttcc tgtagctcct actgttaggc    156720
     tccattcagc acccgcggct tctcctagcg cccctcccct cccccacccc aaacctcccc    156780
     ttcctagggg ttatgcttcc gcttcccctc ccccaccttc agatcctttg taacctcagt    156840
     cctgtactct cttggccttc ttctctccct tctcttccct tcctcttttt ctctcctcca    156900
     acccctctcc tctcacggcc caggccagtc tgctggcccc gttcagtctg gacgcttcca    156960
     gatgcctctg gctttgctct ctgtcatatc tactataaac ctcctcgaga tggctcagcg    157020
     gttaagagca ctgactgttc ctctgaaggt cctgagttca agtcccagca accacatggt    157080
     ggctcacgac cacctgcaat gagatctaac accctctcct ggtgtgtctg aagacagcta    157140
     cagtgtactt actataataa ataaataaat ctttgggctg gagcgagtag agccagagca    157200
     aacggggctg gagagagcaa ccatccataa tgagatctta cattctcttc tggtgtgtct    157260
     gaagacagct acagtgtact tacatatact aaataaataa atcttaaata acaaacaaac    157320
     aaaacaaaac tcctcctcag ccacacctag gagcagtcac tccccatttc ttcagtcacc    157380
     tactatagca gttgttgaga tctcaaaaca cctcacccac tgtactggcc cgccacctct    157440
     cactgtcccc caggacttct ctcttgcctc tggattcttt gagtccttca ctaggctggt    157500
     ctctaattat aatgggtttc tttcttcctt tctctctctc tttctttctt tcttaaagat    157560
     ttatttattt attatatgta agtacgctgt agctgtcttc tgacactcca gaagagggca    157620
     ccagatctca ttacggatgg ttgtgagccc ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcagga    157680
     cctttggaag agcagtcagt gctcttaacc gctgagccat ctctccagcc cctgtaatgg    157740
     gtttcttatt atcaggggga gatctgaaga cagggctatc cgtcaacagt ccgaggacct    157800
     ctgccagcaa ccagcatgcc tcactcctgc tgccaatgaa gacatccctg ccaatgaaag    157860
     actggttctg tgaaatccca tttctcagcc ctgagctggc cttttagatg ggtcactgag    157920
     agagagatac gaatgactgc agttctccat catctcctca tgaggaggga ggcacgtctg    157980
     aaggcagaac aagccaagag gagaggtagg tagctgccct ctcagaaggc tctcaggcac    158040
     agcttggtgc aggaatgctg agaattccct cctggattcc ttggcggggg tgggggcggg    158100
     ggcgggggcg ggggcggggg cggacctgtc aggaaagtca gaaagtgttc tctggagtgg    158160
     gacccaccac tggctcctcc tgctggtggc catttgcctg gtcaggtccc tcccaggacc    158220
     tggtgtcttc ctctttcctt aaagtgtgtc tgtctcctcc tctttaccac aggcaggacc    158280
     tctctgtgct ggccaaaagg ctctgtgccg gtcaccatga ggccaggttg tgtcttccac    158340
     cttctgtgtg tcttgccctg cctcccatgc ctcacacagt tcagctgcta ctgtcttact    158400
     cccagcctca gtggggaagg tcaaaatgac tccatgtctt ctgtttgggt catggtctag    158460
     ccagcattcc gctgtaggat aaagtgcagg gcctatctag ggcatagaac caactcagat    158520
     cccatgaatg cccctggctc actactcagg tcgtgaatct ggccacacta tttcaaagcc    158580
     caagggcctc agcttaggag gctttttcat ttaaaaaaaa aagatttatg tatttatttt    158640
     tttttattta tttaaaagat ttatttattt catgtatgta ggtacactgt ccctgtcttc    158700
     agacacacca gaagaggaca acggatgacc tttacagatg gttgttgtgg gttcaagtcc    158760
     cattgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggaa ttgaacttgg gacctctgga agagcagctg    158820
     gtgctcttaa ctgctgagcc atctctccag ctccaagtga ctttatctta aataccattc    158880
     tcctgacagg cagtggtggc acatgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaaag cagaggcaag    158940
     cagatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc ttcaaagtga gttccaggac aaccagggct    159000
     atacagagaa accctgtctt gaaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaaac aaaacaaaac    159060
     aaaaaaaagg gctggtgaga tggctccgtg ggtaagagta cccgactgct ctttcgaagg    159120
     tttgaagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggtacacaa ccatccataa tgagatctga    159180
     ctccctcttc tggagtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact tacatataat aaaaataata    159240
     aatcttaaag acaaacaaca aaaaaatacc tttctcctgt gatacaacta cattagctgc    159300
     tctccagctt ctgggccatg cagactccct ccagaaacag gaaattgggc actgcggatg    159360
     aactggcatg ttgtaggagc cagggtatca tgggagcttc ccatagtaat agaccttaag    159420
     cagcctacag tcccgaggct gtaggtgtgc ataggagttg gccattatga attggccctt    159480
     atgcttgaga gaggctgcac gtggaaggcc agcccttgcc agcatgtggt actccagagt    159540
     ttctgctctt cctccaggga caatgaaggc tcaggcagag gagcagcaaa gcaatggtgg    159600
     cccggaaggg gctattggaa agagacttgg gaggagcctg cttgtctcat cactgggcct    159660
     ggctctccga gaatgaggtt ggggaaatat tggaggcact gccagggctc tactgagtta    159720
     ttcagacatt ttctttcttt ctttttttaa gatgtattta ttttaagtat atgagtacac    159780
     tgtagctgta cagatggttg tgagccatta tgtggtttct ggggattgaa ctctgctccc    159840
     tctggccctg ctcactctgg cacaaaaatt tatttattat tatatgtaag tacactgtag    159900
     ctgtcttcag acacaccgga agagggtgtc aaatttcatt atgactggga tttgaactca    159960
     ggacctttgg aagagcagtc agtgctttta accactgagc catctctcca gccccctctt    160020
     gaggtcttat aaataattca aagaccctct gccaagaagg aggggctaag tatgtggcca    160080
     cctgtgggca gtggtgggta gcaggcagca gataaaagac agagggtatg taccttcacc    160140
     cagctgatca gtggccccca agcagggaac ctgcacacag agccctgaga tccagttgct    160200
     tcaccaagtt tataaccgtg tgaccctcta tcaaatggaa cgggctgtgt gctcagggcc    160260
     ctgtgtcatg gttggcacta tattagccga ctgtgcagca agtgaggact atgtgcccat    160320
     ggaacttttt cagctccacc catggccagg atgggttgct gtctaggctg acagccacaa    160380
     gtcacttcct gttgacagag tctgtgctag gcttctcacc aagccctgct tccaccaagt    160440
     tctaccgctc catctgaatc aggagagaca agggaggaac tgaatcctga gaggctctgc    160500
     cctcgaccta aggctatgca atcagcagag atggagccat aaactccatc aggatgatga    160560
     tggcagtgag gctgatgctg aggatgttaa tggcggcgac gctgatgata atcaagctga    160620
     tgatttgggt ggttggtaat aaaggaaacc gtcaaatgtc ttattaaaaa acatattatg    160680
     ccgggcagtg gtgcacacgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggcggattt    160740
     ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga    160800
     gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaagc caaaaaccaa ccaaacaaac aaacccaaaa agtatatata    160860
     catatataca tgcctagatt atatatatta tccaggcaag gtggcagcaa acacctttaa    160920
     ttccagcact tagaaggcag aggtcaggca gacctcttgt gagtttgagg ctagcctgga    160980
     cgacatagtg agtttcaaga tagcaaaggc cacatagtga gactctctgt taaaaataat    161040
     aaataagctg agtgtagcag tgcacgcctt taatctcagt atctggaggc agagtcagag    161100
     tcaggtggat ctctgtgagc tcatgctagc ctggtctaca tagtgagtac taggatagcc    161160
     caggctatga agagagactg tgtctcaaac aaaccaaata atacataaat atatggctta    161220
     ttttattttg agagacattt gggggcatat ctgatataac ataattattg caagtactgc    161280
     aacctggtgc tggagagatg gctcagtggt tatgaatact ggctgctctc tcaggggact    161340
     cgattttatt cccagcaccc aaatggcagc tcaaaactat ctgtaattac agatccaggg    161400
     gatctgatgt cttctggcct ccatgggcaa tgtatgcatg tgacagacaa acatgcaggt    161460
     aaaagaccca tacaaaacaa aacaggggct ggtgtcttag ttagggtttt actgctgtga    161520
     acagacacca tgaccaaggc aactcttggg ttttttttgt tttgttttgt ttttcagttt    161580
     gttgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg    161640
     ctggccttga actcagaaat ccacctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcat    161700
     atggtaccac tgcctggctt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgatttttg accaaggcaa    161760
     ctcttttttt tttatttttt aagatttatt tattattata tctaagtaca ctgtagctgt    161820
     ctttagatat accagaagag ggtgtcagat ctcactacgg atggttgtga gccaccatgt    161880
     ggttgctggg atttgaactc aggaccttcg gaagagcagt cggtgctctt aaccagtgag    161940
     ccatctctcc agcccacaag gcaactctta taagggcaac atttcattgg ggctggctta    162000
     caggtttcag tccattatca tcaagacagg aacatggcag catccaggaa ggcttgatgc    162060
     tggaggagct gagagttcta tatcttcatc tgaaggctgc tagcagaata ctggcctcta    162120
     ggcagctagg acaagggtat taaagcttat acccacaagg gcacacgtac tccaacaagg    162180
     ccatacttcc caacagtgcc actggtggac tgagcagata caaaccatca cagctggagc    162240
     gatgtggata agagcaccag ctctcttcta gagaatcagg gttcaattcc cagcactcac    162300
     aaggcagctc atgactgtaa cttctcttcc aggggttctg acatcctcac acagacacac    162360
     atgcagacaa aacaccaatg cacatataaa aatagaaaca ggccaggcga ggtggcgcac    162420
     gcctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttcttagttc gaggccagcc    162480
     tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctgtaca gagaaaccct gtcttgaaaa    162540
     accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaacag aggggctgga gagatggctc    162600
     agaggttaag agcagtcact gctcttcaga aggtcctgag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca    162660
     tggtggttca caactacctg taatgagatc tgatgccctc ttctggtgca tctgaagaca    162720
     gctacagtgt acatataata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaatagatc    162780
     tttttaaaaa gtaaagaaaa gaaaaagaaa cagaacacaa ttgagaacaa aagtttgaca    162840
     aaattattgc cacctgattc ttactacttt ctgtaatgta cagccttgat tgatttttgt    162900
     ttgttttgtt tgttttgttt ttccaagaca gggtttctct gtacagccct ggctgtcctg    162960
     gaactcactt tgaagaccag gctggtctcg aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc    163020
     gagtgctggg attaaaggtg tgccgccacc actgccccga catgtactag ccttgaaaac    163080
     ttgaaaccac ccagttcgca acacatttct attgaacaga gcaatgttag atgactacat    163140
     aagaatagga acagacgcgg gcagtggcag cctgctctgc agagtgagtt ccaggacagc    163200
     cagggccaca cagagaaacc ctgtcttgaa aaaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaag    163260
     aaagaaagaa aaagattaga aactgttacc ttgtcagctt gacagaatgc agaaaccctc    163320
     ccccctccga ggcagcccac taggcatgcc ttgaaagaat aatcttgatt acattaatta    163380
     aagttaattg gaagacctgc ccactatggg taacaccatt cccttggcag gagctcctag    163440
     actctgtaag tggagaaagc aagctgaaca ttaacgttca ttgcttcatt gcttcctgtg    163500
     cttgacactg gctctcatgt gaccagctcc ctctccatcc cctgttgctg tgacttcctt    163560
     gttagaacag aatgaaacct gaaactgcga gacaaataac ttctctccgg agctgctttt    163620
     gccgggatat tttatgacag caacagaaaa gaaactaaaa gcagtgaggg cagagtcagc    163680
     cttctcccca cctaatgctt tcccaacgca ggagaaggcg tttgtcatcc ctgtgataaa    163740
     acgaggctct cgattcttcc tctgaggagt ctcacagcaa cctagctggg gagaaggttc    163800
     cacaagacat gacaccccag aactgtctcg aagaatctga gtcttggagg gaacggaaac    163860
     tgctggtgtc acgtgacatg ttgcgtgcct tagcgccttc cccttccatc gtgctctatc    163920
     ccggccctaa tggattccaa ggttgtctgg cagacaggga atccatccga gtgcagatca    163980
     atcttgactg agacccagat gctttcattg aaggtgagag ctgcctctct agccttggcc    164040
     acaaaccttg attgaaaagc caagaccaca aagagctcct ccgtggctgt ggctgccggt    164100
     ggctgagaga tccttagtgg gcgggtccca cgagcctgtg ttccagcatc agttactgtt    164160
     tcctgtctgg gacagggacg gtgagcagcg cgtggagagc tggaagtcgg agtgaaggtc    164220
     cagctccctg gataaccagt tgtatgcctg gagtctcagc ttcttcgcct ggcttgatcc    164280
     agagaagccc tctgaatgaa agagagaagc cattccaacc acagggattt gggctcatca    164340
     gttcagcaaa cctggatgga agcggcacac tttcagtaaa tgtacctgaa ggcagcggaa    164400
     gtgctgcaga gtctcggctt cttgtcgttg tttcttaggg atgataccag gatgcaccag    164460
     atgagcagag cctgcaagct aattattctg taactgtatc gaggttgtag cttggcagag    164520
     aggtctcagg gaaccagggt gggttctagg gaagtcaggc aaggccggaa cttggctatc    164580
     atcaacactg aggatctatg gcgaccttac ccatcctcag gtgattagaa aaatggtgaa    164640
     ggtggggggt gaggtgatgg tgaggatgga gatgagggtg aagatgagga tgcagatgat    164700
     ggttaccttt ttcactgttg tggcaacaat gaaaacccaa cccaacaaaa gcaatgtaac    164760
     tggttttaga gtcaccatgg acaagtacct ttgggtgtgt ctctgaggat gcttccaaaa    164820
     agctttaact gaggagggaa gacccactgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt cacctgttga    164880
     atgaactaaa ttaaaaaagc aagctgggca ctagccctca tctctcctga ctgtggttca    164940
     gtgtgccctg ctgttcctgc caccatgctt aggctgccat gatgaaccac actatcaaac    165000
     catgtgctaa aagctaaaaa ccccttcctt cctcaagttg cttttatcac tcctcatgtg    165060
     gattttcttt tctttttctt cctttctttc tttctttctt tctttcttta aacaaaacag    165120
     gttccttgga cagccccaat tacatagtct caaaaacaac aacaacaaca aaaaccaaga    165180
     cagggtctct cactgtagtc ctggctgaca tggaactttg tatttacacc tgctgggatt    165240
     aaaatcaaga agcagaaaga tttttttaaa ttttatttat tttctgagat acagtttttc    165300
     tgtgtagccc ctggctgtcc tgtaacttaa actctgtaga ccaggctggc ttcgaactca    165360
     gagagccacc tgcctctgcc tctcaagagc tgagattaaa ggtttgccca ggccactgcc    165420
     tggactagtt caaagtcatt tgacagggtt tcatgtattc ccagaccaga gtagaacttg    165480
     agtctcctcc ctaagcctct gaagtgctac agtcacacgt gtgagctacc aggtttccac    165540
     acctatgcct tttctccttt tttattaatt tcagtcaggg aaattaattc ccagcccatg    165600
     gaatagtggc atccaaatta gggtgtgtct tcccacttta attagcctca actagaaaat    165660
     ccctcatggg catgcccaga ggcatgggcc gcattcctca tggctgcaaa tatcaaagaa    165720
     agggactcta ttcccaaacg ctcaagcggc tgtgttaggc ttgatgcctc tggaacttcc    165780
     tgtttgcttg ctgtcttaca ttatggggga tcactagtat accagagcac tctctgatcc    165840
     tagaacatcg gattagctca gccatgtgtc acttatctaa tcagcttcga tcaggaggca    165900
     gctggctttg tcttgtcact gggccaaacc aagaattccc gcagggttcc aaggctgtgc    165960
     cctcccaaag gccaacttgg cagggatgta gaatggttac tatggctggc catgaggctc    166020
     cagggtgtag tacactcagg aggtaggagc aaccaagtct ccaaacttct aaatcttggt    166080
     cctttacttc acagctgcag atgcagttta gcctgatgcg ctggactgtg catgatccca    166140
     cttcctgaga aatctccttc ggtgcagcgt gtgcttacag ctgctatcca ggtttcccag    166200
     ttcctgcttc tccactgtcc cctcaccctc atgagagcca cctttgccca aaatgatcat    166260
     actgtctgca tggccacttc ctccaggagt tgggagcatt gggtgggtga ctgccatctg    166320
     atgaggaaag cagacctgcg tggcctctct gaattttccc atgcttctag gccgcttcct    166380
     gccaaggcgt aactccaacc tctgcagtcc ttagcccgga tgtggctagg aaaatgagat    166440
     gcttttggag ccggttcggc ggcatgagtc gtcctgggta ctcatctcgc tcatgggacc    166500
     ggacactcag cagttgcgtg tgactcagac ccagctactt ggctagcctt ggagaccggg    166560
     ctagtatttt gtaaatggga acaacaggag cagaagtgtc tcctttcacg tgattgcctc    166620
     tttgctgggc caagagctgt cagggccgca gccgccgctg tccacaccgc gcgccaagtg    166680
     gctttgagaa ccttacgcac cacagccccg cagcccgcgg aaaccacgcg gatcgcggat    166740
     gtactacgct gcacgccagc gcgccagcgc acaggagtca aatagtctcc tgcccccaac    166800
     cctccagccc cggccgctcc cattctcggt cctcaatcca aagctgccgc gggggtggtg    166860
     gcccggcatg gcgcatgcgt ctcttggtgc ctactagcgc gcatgccccg gagcgcgcac    166920
     atttcccccc tcccagaact gtgcgtggtg gtacggcctg ggcggggcga ggctgaagcc    166980
     gcgaaagttg cgcggaatcc gcgggaacta cctttttggc gccatggcgc aaagtcgtgt    167040
     taccgatttc tatgcgtgcc gtcgccctgg ccttacgact ccgcgggcca agtcgatctg    167100
     tctcaccccg agccctggtg gcctcgtggc tcctgcgttc acccggagca gcagccgcaa    167160
     gcgcgcccgg cccccagccg aacccgggag tgaccagccc gcgccgctcg cgcgccggag    167220
     gttacggctg cctggattgg taaggagcgc gcgggagtcc ccccagagga cccttggtta    167280
     ggacaagaga accaggttct cgggcgccga ggcagaggac tggaggaata gagtcgcgag    167340
     caggctgggc gctttttcct ctccccaggg cattgctgac gtaggcagag ggtacctggg    167400
     cttccgggga ggccgcagct ggcgggggtg aattgtggtg gtgtgggggt tatgcaaaga    167460
     attgagggct ggagagatgg ctcagcggtt aagagcactg actgctcttc cgaaggtcct    167520
     gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacagccat ctgtagtgag atctgatgcc    167580
     ctcttctagg gtgtctgaag acagctaccg tgtacttaca tataataata aataaatctt    167640
     taagtaggag tgagcagggc caagctgaag tgagagaggt caaccagagc aaacagagat    167700
     cctaaattca aattcccagc aaccacatga cagctcacaa ccatcaatac agctacagtg    167760
     tattcatata catataaata aacaaataaa cctttaaaaa aaaaagaatt gagctggagt    167820
     tcctgaaatg gagagagggc cctggagggc caggcctgcg agctgcttca agactggaca    167880
     gaccaggtgg atctttccta actgcttcat caagcatctc catagacagg caccccctag    167940
     cgcctgactc ctgccctccg agtcgagtga actgataccc tagttctggc tcagcaggga    168000
     gcaggtaccc cttcccaccc ccagtttatt gttctgtgcc ttcttaatcg ccaggactcc    168060
     tgccccagtt ctctgcctga gcccagttcc ccagctgagc ccagccctcc agctgaccct    168120
     agccctccag ctgaccctgg ctcccccgtt tgcccatccc ccgtcaagcg aacaaagagt    168180
     acaactgttt atgttggtca acagccgggc aaggtaagaa ggctggactg agggtgggct    168240
     gtgggcaggg gcatgcggaa tttgcagaac tgacagtgcc tatgtcccca gatcccctca    168300
     gaggactccg tctctgagct ccagtcctgc ctgaggcggg cacggaagtt gggagcccag    168360
     gcacgggccc tgagagcccg agtccaagag aatgctgtgg agcctagtac cccagatgcc    168420
     aaggtgccca cagagcaacc atggtgagtc ctagtggggc cacaaggtta aggcgaggac    168480
     agacctttgg gaggcgctgt ggggtctgag tgggtggatg gcctaaaccg tacctcagtc    168540
     tcctccctac cactatgccc ttgtccctca cttgaaaagg acattgtcaa ctcctcctgc    168600
     acgtggcttg ttctaagtac tgtgaacccc tgtgcctgtc tgtgactgtc tgcctctcca    168660
     agctgagggt gcagagctag tgtgtggagc aggtttctca tctctttctg atgctgccct    168720
     caggtagcat tagatctgtg gggactttgc aaatgggtag ttttggggtt ctgggtcaca    168780
     gtgtcctctc ctaccctgtg gtctggtggt ggtggtggtg gggtcaaacc gtgtggtttg    168840
     atagtctaat gggaatgcct ctctttgaca gtgtcgagaa agctcctgcc taccagcgct    168900
     tccatgctct ggctcagcct ggtctcccag gccttgtcct accctacaag tatcaggtgc    168960
     tagttgagat gttccgcagc atggacacca ttgtgagcat gctccacaat cgctctgaga    169020
     ctgtgacctt tgccaaagtc aagcaaggtg ttcaggagat gatgcgcaag tgagtggtgt    169080
     gggggagggg acctagctgc ccccagtgtc tgtccggtgc ccgcctgcct ggtccctctc    169140
     attctgccct ctctcccata ggcgctttga agagcgcaat gtgggccaga tcaaaaccgt    169200
     gtatcccacg tcgtatcgct tccgccagga gtgcaatgtc cccaccttca aggacagcat    169260
     caagagatct gattaccagc tcaccatcga gcccttgctg ggccagggtg agtctttggc    169320
     gaggccctgg gccttctcga tcctcttgga cttgcggctg ggcagttgga cgggttgggg    169380
     ctcaccacag gtggtctttg gcttacagag gctggcggtg ccacccagct cacagccacg    169440
     tgcctcctgc agcgccggca agtcttccgg cagaacctgg tggaacgtgt caaggaacag    169500
     cacaaggtga gggcctgggt ttctggaggc tcaagcaggc tcagtccctg ctccgagtgg    169560
     acagtggcct taatcactct gctctctatg tagctgcttt tctggcctca aatgtgaaga    169620
     aaggttcctc tgagtccctg ccttagtgag gggtttgctg ctgggagcag gtaccatgac    169680
     caaggcaact cttacaggga cgacatttaa ttggggttgg ctcgcaggtt cagaggttca    169740
     gtccattatc atcgaggtgg gagcatggca gcatccaggc aggcatgatg caggaggagc    169800
     tgagagttct acatcttcat ctgaaggcca ctagcagaat actggttgcc aggcagctag    169860
     gataaaggtc ttaaagccca cgtccatagt gacaaaccta ccccaacaag gccactccct    169920
     gggccgagca tcacagtccc ttgctatagt tttctttaaa tgtaagaagg gctgatacct    169980
     accctatagg ctggagctgg ggcagagctg cctggaaccc caaaactggg gagttcagga    170040
     ttacgtcaag atcccgagag gacgtttgta ttctttagtc aaccatggcc atgtgctaga    170100
     aacatgcctc tcttcatatt atccctggtc gtgtctaggc acagaacagc taagttggtg    170160
     ttctggttgg aaatactgaa atgagtattt caaccttctt tcctccaggt cttcctggct    170220
     tcactgaacc cccccatggc ggtgccggac gaccagctga cccgctggca tccgcgcttc    170280
     aatgtggacg aggtgcctga cattgagcca gctgaactgc cccagcctcc tgtcacagag    170340
     aagctcacca ctgcccagga agtgctggcc cgtgcccgga gcttgatgac acccaaggtg    170400
     aggctctctg acttgtaact tcattccttt ctcctcaggg agtatggctg cctggccctg    170460
     gagggcggag gtaacagctg agtgccttca ggttaccaga tacttcctca gctgagggca    170520
     caaagaaggt gtgctttgta cgcacacgtg cggctcatcg ggctgtgtgt atatgctctg    170580
     gtggggctat gcaaagagca gccttcacga ggttggggat tttatgaatc ttttgtgacc    170640
     tctgacctgt gcctaccctg cagatggaga aggccctgag caacctggcc ctgcgctcgg    170700
     ctgagcccgg tagccctggg acctctactc caccactccc ggccactccg ccagccaccc    170760
     cacctgctgc ctctccgagc gccctgaagg gtgtgtccca agcactgcta gagcgggtga    170820
     gtcctgggtc tcgggtaggg tggacttggt gacaggagtg ggctttcctt gttgaccatt    170880
     ggctgctgac ccatccccat gcagataagg gccaaggagg tccagaagca gctggcaagg    170940
     atgacacggt gccccgagca ggagcttcgc ctgcagcggt tagagcgtct gccagagctg    171000
     gcccgcgtgc tgcgcaatgt cttcgtgtct gagcggaagc cggcactcac tatggaggtg    171060
     gtctgtgcaa ggatggtgga cagttgccaa actgctctga gtccaggttt gtgcaaagca    171120
     aaacaagggt gagagggtgg gcatggtcat gctcactgtg ttcttggcaa ggagctaggt    171180
     ctatttctga ccagggacag tttgtctgcc atggtcttgg ggacccccaa ttctgccact    171240
     tataggcctg ctcaccaggc tcggagcacg ggtgtctttg cctctttgct gttcgttctc    171300
     ctggtgcttg agcacggtgt cccccatggc tcttggctct gcttggatcc actgtacata    171360
     gcagtggata agccttgaca aaggcctatt aatgggatgt cgggcacctg ggtgcgtgag    171420
     agcaaaccat ctaggcttac acccacaatc cacctgtgca ggggagatgg agaaacatct    171480
     ggtgctcctg gcagagttgc tgccggactg gctcagcctg catcgcatcc gcacggatac    171540
     ctacgtcaag ctggacaagg ctgttgacct ggctggcctc actgcgaggc tggcccacca    171600
     cgtccacgcc gaggggctgt gactttgagc tccttgcctg tttctttcat cagtacacga    171660
     cgcacttacg cctttaagcc tcgccagtgt gggcagctat cgttgcccat ggatctcata    171720
     aagtgctggc attaagttgc ttcctgaggc tttggggcat cccagactca gctctagggg    171780
     aagtagactc tgaagagtag ggtatgttgg atggccattg cacaaactac tcaagcatta    171840
     ggtatggtca agacccaaga tcaaggtcca ggtggaagcc taggctggca tagccttgct    171900
     tccccatgag acttaagaat cacacagacc ttggactttc ctgatttcac gggacgctgc    171960
     tctgagagtg aaattgggcc ttctgtaaat atgtgaagtg tggtttcttt tcaaacctta    172020
     tatggccctg catgtgactg ctagttttgg cttttaataa agtcatgtaa gatttaaata    172080
     aaatactact gagatgaagc tgaacctgtc accgtaaaat ctctttaaat gctgttgtgt    172140
     gatgtggggc aatgggctat ggacagacat cctggtcctg gtgggtggta attttcacat    172200
     ggacatggac agaaggcgtt ccatcatgtc tcctggaccc ctggctcctg tcgaagttac    172260
     agcccccaca ggagaggcat gtggctttta gtcatgtagc caatgtcaca agcttctggc    172320
     attctggcta gactccttcc cacagttacc tagcaacagc aagatggcaa agcccactat    172380
     aaggggctgt ttggcccctc ctcgctctct taagctctct ggcttttttt tctctttccc    172440
     ttcccccctc tctccacgtg gccatggcct gtccttctac cttctctttc tccttgcctt    172500
     tctacaataa agctctaaaa ccatagactg tctctgatca tgaaggccca ccgtgtttga    172560
     atgatgatcg gataggcttt ctcctaatga gccactttta acctgccaga aggccttcct    172620
     acgctgcagc catggaccag actaaggact ccacccagca cccctccctt ccccgccctc    172680
     tcttcccttc tgcccgggtc ccctattatg ttctcagctc ctccaccata tccagtgtgg    172740
     ggtgccggag actggcttaa cacagccaga tgctcacacg gggcagtgtg aaaagtatcc    172800
     accctcctgg agcaccagaa ctctggtggg acgcaggctc tctcccatcc ccctctttcc    172860
     ccaacaccca cggccccaga atgtgatttt tttttttttt tgagacaggg tttctctgta    172920
     gaactggttg tcctggaact cattctgtag atcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa    172980
     gtgctgggat caaaggtgtg tgccaccatg cctggcttga tatatatttt ttaaattttt    173040
     attttttcta aaagctctgg ctctccttgg aactatatag gccaggttgg ccttgaattt    173100
     taagcagcct gcctaccttc aaggcactag gattaaaggt ctatacacca tgccctgcaa    173160
     caaaatagct tttttgagat agtgactgtg aactgggtgt tgcggtgcgt acttttgatc    173220
     ccagcactca agaagcagag gcagtggacc tcttaagttt gaggccagcc tgggctacaa    173280
     atcaagtcca gaatagccag ggctggttat attaagaaac cccatctcga caaacaacag    173340
     aaaaaaatat agtggctgtg ggtcactgct ttcatcctcg tccatcctaa tggaataaca    173400
     gcctagaaca gtgaagcaat aaacctgttt atgtagtcag ctgcctcaga gactgacaga    173460
     gataacatct gcttccctag taggggttgt ggcttcaata caaagctgag cctatgggtt    173520
     cccacctgag cccccttgtc cctgtagtgt cactctggag gccctggaat gtgacccatg    173580
     caacaaactg aggagaagca gcatgcatat caaaacggtt tattgatctc cagtagcaca    173640
     gctctgctat gctccagggt gtgtggcacg tgtacaaagt acaaggatcc aggggtccac    173700
     aggcacggcg gatcagctga ccaaaggaat gagtgataac actcacaaaa gggcggccgg    173760
     tagctcacaa aggtcactta ggcgcctggg ctgagccacc aagcagttcc tggtgctgct    173820
     gggagcaggg gtgtgaccat ctagccagct cctcagtcat actggaggag agagaagaat    173880
     ggtataggtc ctagcctctc cctgcccttc agcgaggtca gctccaccag gctcacacac    173940
     tccaccactt cagcccggag ctggtgcagc aggtcacagg ccgcaaacat ggttcctggg    174000
     gggaagggac agagaaagag gaggtgttca agctctttgc ttagtcagca cccaggacag    174060
     ggtctggccc tttgaagtct gtttgtcttg ggttggttct ttacctcctg tggccaggag    174120
     gtcatccaca atgaccactc tctgcccggg ttccaaggca tctttctgga tttccagctc    174180
     agcctgcaga caggaagtag tgtaagacag agtctaggcg cgaacaagtg gccacctccc    174240
     tagcctcgag cgtttctggg tggtgtaaac ctgacccaat gtctcaacct ctctgagcac    174300
     ccacatttac tcctagacac tggtagccgt gataagaccc tgcccttcct ctacacacag    174360
     ctcgcttacc ttcccatact ccagagaata ggaggctgac acagtggggc ccggcagctt    174420
     cccctgtttc cggatgagca cacagcccac gcccagctcc tgagctaggg aagggccaaa    174480
     caggaagccc ctggagtcta gacctgttag ggtaaggagg gaaggttgtg ggatggagct    174540
     gaggggcatg ggaatctaga ggccaagtat gggcgaggtc aacacttgct aggaacacta    174600
     ggtcttgctg actacggcta gaagaacgtt gatggctact gggtagccat caactcatca    174660
     tctcagcctt ggggatccta cctgccttct gaacagctca gggccaccta tggtggctct    174720
     tgccaccttt caaatgcagc atctagctgt cgtgggaagg atacatacat gccctaattt    174780
     ctggagcatg gccaggggta ccaataggaa gtgaagtggg caaaagtctg tggtccctga    174840
     gcacttacca gggccactct gttctctggg gtgcccaccc tccctctgga cactcctggt    174900
     ggacattcag ctgtcctagg gtgtttctga agctcaggca tggagccagg tagacagcag    174960
     ttgtttaaca caagcttgtg tgagggaaca agagaaagat gccccggtgt agtcctgggg    175020
     agaaacagcc cctgaagcta ccaggcttga ggtctgccca ggcacgccac gcccaaccaa    175080
     ggttacctaa tttttagtat ctagttcatc ccagaggcta cccctaagca aggatgtccg    175140
     tcatctggag gttccagggt ctcccagcct gctgtcagga tgctggccag ctttgtgccc    175200
     taaaagaggg aggcctggtt ctggacacaa ggacagagca gagttcgtct ctaggaacaa    175260
     gcaccgaggg cagatgcctt agggtaccta gcagggaagg gagactccta catagttcat    175320
     ccagggtgaa caagcgtcca aggcagtgag gaaccaagga ggaagtgtca gaggttgaag    175380
     aaagaatgga tgggtgtggg gcagactgtg ggtgacacga gggggaaagg ggataggggc    175440
     taggaccgtg ggggacgagc acggcctagc aaggccactc gcctgcgatg tagtcgatct    175500
     tgccgctgtg cgtggacttc aggtgactgg ccaagaggcg gatggaagct cggaaggagt    175560
     ccgggtcttt caagaggggc gagatatccc tgggaacaag gacaggagag tgacccgcgt    175620
     gtggccgggc agaggccccg caagatcccc gaggctgcct acgcgcctgc gccgggggat    175680
     gagcgtacag cgccaacgcc tcgccggctc gtgaccgcac ctgaacagca cgcccgggat    175740
     tgggaagtcg gggaagctgc ggatgcgccg cgccaccagt ttcaactcag gttccgacat    175800
     ggccgcgtgc gtgtaggagg cagggaggag gtaggtatca gcacgctaaa ctcacgtcaa    175860
     tcccgggggg aacaagggcg gagcgtcctc gatgggcggg gcttctgggt gcgggttggt    175920
     ctagcacgag gggcgggaca ggctgagagg cggggcctct gcgaggtgtg tgtggggcct    175980
     gagtcagggg ttagatttct tgagctgcct aaacacaagc atccctacct caaagatata    176040
     tgggtggaaa ggggatgtgc gatgtccatc cttttttggt tttgccccac acacgctttt    176100
     tcagtcctgc ttttccaggg gctagtcttc tggacctggg ggagcaggga cgggtcttgc    176160
     ccaggtccgc tggagtggtt tggccttgcg ttccttccct cgcgcatagt acaaggggcc    176220
     tgagattcag cccctgcttt cctggaatta gcccggaagg gagctgatgg atagtcttag    176280
     gtccagaggt gggagtgcac tgtgtgtggg ctagagcgca ggggaaagca gggtagcagg    176340
     gcgggtaagg aatgccttct ctgagaccac agacactcct gtgcattgca acagaatgtg    176400
     ccctcctcgt tttggggtgg ggaccagaag gtcctgatag ccagagacag aactggggtt    176460
     ctaccttccc agcacagtac ctgggtctat aggtagtggt gtggaagact gtcctctgag    176520
     tataatggcc attatcatct tcagtgcagt tgcaattact caaaagatat cctccaaatt    176580
     ggcccatgct ccatcaaagg agagggtgtg gggagggtcc aatggattct aaacattcct    176640
     tcttggacct tcctgtgagc ccgtgagctg cattcttcca tttgatgtgg tctctggagg    176700
     cactagaata cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cactcacatg gaggaaggtt    176760
     aactaaaggg aagctccgtt atgaatctat taggaacttg tcatctatgc tgggccgaga    176820
     cttttccgtt tggttgatgc agctgctctg ggggtcattc atgttcttgt aggcagtgaa    176880
     ctcattggac acgatggtta ctttaggctc tcactggaat cgtatctggg gcatctgttt    176940
     ctgaatcccc agggaaagct catgcaacag gtacgtggag atctaacaca cagtctccca    177000
     tcataatctc gattttaaag accaggatat gccgggcggt ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc    177060
     ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ctctgagttc aaggccagcc tggtctacaa    177120
     agtaagttcc aggacagcca ggactacaca gagaaaccct gccttgaaaa aaataaaaac    177180
     aaacaaacaa acaaaagacc aggataggtg gtctcatgat ggcgcacgcc tttaatccca    177240
     gcactcccaa gagaggcagg cagatctctg agttcaaggc cagcctgtcc tacagagtga    177300
     gttctaggag agccagcacc tcactgagaa accctgtctc aaaccaaccc aaaaatagac    177360
     ttggggctac cagagctaac cccctcctgt tcctttattc ttcctctcag tctcttcacc    177420
     atcatttccc aaccgttaca gctcaacctt ggctctgcag ttactgcaca gatgtgaaaa    177480
     cttgtccatg agccttcaga gaaagggtct tggagattat gtggagcata tgagaggtgg    177540
     caggttacag aagtggcccc atactgccct gagccagggc cagaaactta ggctgtcatc    177600
     ttcccatctc catggggcag tgcagatgcc accttgactg gaaaaggtgc tgtctttgtc    177660
     ttttgtttgt agccagtgcg aaagaggtag ggtggctcag agggttggcc tgggggagaa    177720
     gccagataga tggcacttcc ttggcatttc gctgaaatct tcacttttgt gtacggcacc    177780
     taggttgaaa tgtatgcagg gacagtgaca gtgcttcaga ccctgggttg acgtacctac    177840
     ggtgatcaag gccccggctt ccttttcagg agccagttgg caagatgggc tgtggtgctc    177900
     gagagcggac tacagggtca gggctccagg atgagcagtc ttggagcctt gcacctggtt    177960
     gcaggggccg tccatgcagg gatgggtggg cagagggcag ctggtctctt ccattcatca    178020
     gtccgaagga caaggtctcc caggcacttg cagggctggc tggagattct ggtcttggct    178080
     aatgggccca gaaacacttc tcagggacag actcaggagg tgtcagacac ttccctagtt    178140
     tttcacagcc tgggggtgcc caattctgga aaaggacatt taagaaaatg aactgcagtt    178200
     attcaggcgt ttcagactgg gcacagttaa cgagacgtgg ccctcccgcc tcacccaccc    178260
     acctggctgc aaggcgggga tatccctatc tccatgcctt ccagaatcct aggaatgtgg    178320
     agccccgggt cctgctttaa aaagcagctc tggctctgca gaaagggggg ttaggggtgg    178380
     ggtggggctg caactggcaa gccagtagca aggaaaggga gccccagggc agagctgcgc    178440
     ctaacagcct gaactcaggc agcttccaag tgggggaagc caggaaaaag aggctcccac    178500
     agaatggaga gtctaggagt tagacagatt ccctggtagt cagggattgg ggtgataaag    178560
     gtattgaatt tccaagtggc cggtctggct tcttttttac cctcctggct tgaaacaaaa    178620
     gcgcactaat ttaagataaa ggttttggtc tcccaatagc agactcatag atgggctcaa    178680
     caaacatgtc ttgtacagtt ctgggccaat caaccatcct agcttccctc aaactgacca    178740
     accctaaatt atcgaagaaa aatgttccag agattttaaa atctttcctc tgtgtgtgtc    178800
     tgctgcatgt gtgtcccctc acccccaatg aacgccttgc ttcagctgct gattctgtgt    178860
     ggtccttgcg atttctctgc tgctgcctct acatccacat tttccctgcc tttcaattat    178920
     ttaagtggca gaggaagtga ccgcgaccaa agctccttag cctgcactac agcgtggctg    178980
     cagcctggat ggaacggcaa tgccccaccg tggtaaggac actcaggcct cctgaggccc    179040
     cagaaacctg gcagtctaag aatgagcccc ctgatctacc actgctgttc agagctcaga    179100
     ataccagtat tgtgtggaac tatcccctga gccaaactgc tgccgcctcc acaagtttag    179160
     ctggtcttgc ttgcaaaaaa aaggtcatgg cagcttggtt tgttgactat ggactctcct    179220
     ttttttttct ttttggtttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg    179280
     agctcactgt gtagaccagg ctagccttga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctcccg    179340
     agtgctggga ttaaaggtgt gcgccaccac acccagcgac tatggactct ccttaaggac    179400
     tgccatgaga atcatggaac tctctcccgc ctgattacct agccattcct cccagtcacg    179460
     ttcacacaat tctgccctaa ccacaggcag ccttggggag gggctagagg acataggtgg    179520
     agaaggacac aggaaaggag tcatctctgc tggccacaga ccttccagca tgggtgcttt    179580
     gagtgccccc tcctccaagc tcccacctgt aactcttcac tcactgtccc ataagaaagc    179640
     ctatgaattc tttggttccc cagagtaaac actggtggca tgtacctctg ttggttattg    179700
     ggaccttagg aggagaggta gatgtgggag ggagtttagc aataactagt gacacaggca    179760
     cagtctgtga atgcagcaaa gctgctcccc agtgggaccc tgagagaggg ctgtgcccaa    179820
     ccccgtcctg agcagagcta cccccctcca acactgcagt gttagtagga tgtcctcccc    179880
     cccccccccc cccccacttc acggaacgag tgcccttgcc aggctgagct gcacctgtac    179940
     agggatgaga ctaactttgt ctagcaccgg cagcagtcgc cgagcacaag caagccccag    180000
     cacgcacaca tcgctcacca tgacagcctg gttacacaca ttgagctggg gctgtccggg    180060
     gaccaaggac ttttggtgct cctggacaac ctgggtggtc ctgctgaggg cgtcctggta    180120
     ttcgtcactg tggaagctgg agagaaggcg gctctggtta cgaggctgtt gtgtcaacca    180180
     gggcccatca gctcctggca ggaagctttg acgctctcag acgttctagg acataaagtg    180240
     gtctagccct gaaagcctga gcccttgcgc taatctttag aggtgagaag agcaaggaca    180300
     gcaagctgaa gccatagtgg gctgtgggct cccacctggt gacccttgag ccttctggga    180360
     cagctgtctg ccttgtagac caggttggcc ctggactcac atagatccac ctgcctctgc    180420
     ctcctgagtg ccgggattaa aggtgcatgc cactactgcc ctacaagagg acaatggatg    180480
     cactgcgcag ccggcatata accacctctg tactgtcacc aactgtggta ccaccatgaa    180540
     gctgcaagga catctacgca gaccaaatct ttctgtcatt ttaaatcatg tcactgttgc    180600
     ccacaccatg tgccctcagg aacctataaa tgaaaacctg tgagcttttc catcccatgg    180660
     gaacaagtct atacttagag ataacatggg gaggacagga ggagccaagg tccccaccta    180720
     ggaggtggtt attgtaaagg ggaacatggt ggctcacacc tttttttttt tttttttttt    180780
     ttttggtttt tcgagacagg atttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga acttactttg    180840
     tagaccaggc tggtcttgaa ctcagaaatc cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat    180900
     taaaggcgtg caccaccacg ccctgctggt ggctcacatc tttaaagcca gcactagaga    180960
     ggcagaggca ggctgatctc tgtgaatttg aggccagcct tgtcttcata gagagctcca    181020
     ggccagggtt acatagtgag accctttctc aaataaataa ataaaaatgt aatgctaaat    181080
     ttccctccca gagaagactg attaaatata tttttctttt atgggggtgt tagggatggt    181140
     cgcactctac actgagctat gtacctaatc tgtgtcctgt cccatcccat cctgaccatc    181200
     ccaacgtcca ccaaacacct gtgtcacagc cattgctgga ctgtcaggag tctttagctg    181260
     ggtgtgaaac actcagccta ttctctgtgt gacgcccagc tcagcacaac acacacgctg    181320
     atgtgcccac aatggagtaa agagggtaga gcccggggct atgtgtatgc caagctcagg    181380
     ctacaggcaa atctcagaca tctgcactgc aggctctgac ttgcctcgtg gggagagaat    181440
     tc                                                                   181442