EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC104834; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 215113 BP.
AC   AC104834;
DT   24-DEC-2001 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   20-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Last updated, Version 7)
DE   Mus Musculus Strain C57BL6/J Chromosome 15 RP23-274F23, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-215113
RA   Montgomery K.T., Grills G., Li L., Brown W.A., Chiu D., Decker J.,
RA   Fusina M., Haider A., Keller A., Perera A., Shim C., Thomas E.,
RA   Zencheck W., Xi C., Juels P., Kucherlapati R.;
RT   "High Throughput Mouse Sequencing";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-215113
RA   Montgomery K.T., Grills G., Li L., Brown W.A., Chiu D., Decker J.,
RA   Fusina M., Haider A., Keller A., Perera A., Shim C., Thomas E.,
RA   Zencheck W., Xi C., Juels P., Kucherlapati R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-DEC-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Harvard Partners Center for Genetics and Genomics, Harvard Medical School,
RL   65 Landsdowne St, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-215113
RA   Montgomery K.T., Grills G., Li L., Brown W.A., Chiu D., Decker J.,
RA   Fusina M., Haider A., Keller A., Perera A., Shim C., Thomas E.,
RA   Zencheck W., Xi C., Juels P., Kucherlapati R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (18-JUN-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Harvard Partners Center for Genetics and Genomics, Harvard Medical School,
RL   65 Landsdowne St, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-215113
RA   Montgomery K.T., Grills G., Li L., Brown W.A., Chiu D., Decker J.,
RA   Fusina M., Haider A., Keller A., Perera A., Shim C., Thomas E.,
RA   Zencheck W., Xi C., Juels P., Kucherlapati R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (19-JUN-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Harvard Partners Center for Genetics and Genomics, Harvard Medical School,
RL   65 Landsdowne St, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
DR   MD5; 218d51ea40b4a4c178ee48ebaa20bcfb.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456174.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000000530; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000023033; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000095440; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC104834.4:1-215113; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000000542; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000082209; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000096198; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108908; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108909; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108910; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000117984; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000119063; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000120028; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000120754; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000121718; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124151; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000130432; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000178140; mus_musculus.
DR   GOA; D3Z7H9.
DR   GOA; F6U329.
DR   GOA; F7D6H8.
DR   GOA; F7D6J5.
DR   GOA; F7D6K4.
DR   GOA; J3QK54.
DR   GOA; Q4KL32.
DR   InterPro; IPR000048; IQ_motif_EF-hand-BS.
DR   InterPro; IPR001696; Na_channel_asu.
DR   InterPro; IPR003593; AAA+_ATPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR003959; ATPase_AAA_core.
DR   InterPro; IPR005821; Ion_trans_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR008054; Na_channel_a8su.
DR   InterPro; IPR010526; Na_trans_assoc.
DR   InterPro; IPR024583; DUF3451.
DR   InterPro; IPR027359; Channel_four-helix_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
DR   MGI; MGI:103169; Scn8a.
DR   MGI; MGI:1338946; Acvrl1.
DR   MGI; MGI:3646919; Fignl2.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z7H9; D3Z7H9_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6U329; F6U329_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7D6H8; F7D6H8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7D6J5; F7D6J5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7D6K4; F7D6K4_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; J3QK54; J3QK54_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q4KL32; Q4KL32_MOUSE.
CC   On Jun 18, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:18030119.
CC   -----------------Genome Center:
CC   Center:   Harvard Partners Genome Center
CC   Center Code:   HPGC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   CLONE LENGTH: This sequence represents the entire insert of this
CC   clone unless otherwise noted. If there are overlapping clones, the
CC   overlaps are noted in the beginning and end of the Features
CC   listing.
CC     STSs are identified using ePCR (Genome Res. 7:541-550).
CC     Repeats are identified using RepeatMasker (A. Smit and P. Green,
CC   unpublished.) for Human and Mouse sequences.
CC     Genes and Regions of sequence similarity are identified by BLAST
CC   (Nuc. Acids Res. 25:3389-3402) similarity (expect < 1e-34) to EST
CC   and cDNA sequences in Unigene. Genes demonstrate at least two exons
CC   flanked by consensus splice sites that maintain sequence continuity
CC   across the splice junctions. Sequences that are not identical
CC   matches are annotated as similar.
CC   SEQUENCING READ COVERAGE: Attempts are made to complete double
CC   strandedsequence for all regions.  All sequence is completed to a
CC   standard of coverage with a minimum of 3 reads with no ambiguities.
CC   If the sequence coverage for a region does not meet this standard,
CC   it is indicated in the annotation asLow Coverage.  Low coverage
CC   linkages are verified by PCR product size verification or
CC   verification of forward and reverse reads from clones which span
CC   the low coverage area.
CC   QUALITY OF INDIVIDUAL BASES: This sequence meets stringent quality
CC   standards - estimated average error rate is less than 1 per 10,000
CC   bases using the Consed quality parameters.  Regions that do not
CC   meet this requirement are annotated as Low Quality.
CC   -----------------Summary Statistics
CC   Center project name: ALG
CC   Sequencing vector: pSMART; AF399742
CC   Chemistry: Dye-terminator Big Dye; 100%
CC   Assembly program: Phrap version 0.990319
CC   Contig length: 215113
CC   Fraction of Phrap value < 40: 0.000958
CC   Error Rate in Consed: 0.01 per 10,000 bases
CC   Number of N's in consensus: 0
CC   ------------ Distribution of Quality < 40 Bases:
CC          1000|
CC           900|
CC           800|
CC    #      700|
CC    bases  600|
CC           500|
CC           400|
CC           300|
CC           200|
CC           100|                                     *
CC             0|                 *    *    *    *    *
CC               -----------------------------------------
CC                 5    10   15   20   25   30   35   40
CC                          Phrap Value Range
CC   -----------------------.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..215113
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="15"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="RP23-274F23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   repeat_region   complement(1234..1449)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   1494..1525
FT                   /rpt_family="(CCAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   2211..2244
FT                   /rpt_family="(CCCTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(2628..2748)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   2927..2984
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(3049..3213)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(3567..3883)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(3964..4054)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(4177..4537)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(4603..5136)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1B-int"
FT   repeat_region   complement(5180..5320)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(5560..5689)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   6780..6913
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   6922..6964
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(7009..7105)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(7641..7773)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR3"
FT   repeat_region   7818..7915
FT                   /rpt_family="MER5A"
FT   repeat_region   8039..8152
FT                   /rpt_family="MER58"
FT   repeat_region   8690..8721
FT                   /rpt_family="(T)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(8769..8820)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   8892..8912
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   9020..9041
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   9854..9904
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   9905..9976
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   9998..10069
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAGG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(10271..10538)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   12791..12851
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   13920..13982
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   14048..14094
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTC)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(14095..14234)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   15232..15262
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   15786..15880
FT                   /rpt_family="T-rich"
FT   repeat_region   17676..17718
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   18097..18120
FT                   /rpt_family="(A)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(18306..18654)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(19143..19280)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(19149..19312)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   19744..19765
FT                   /rpt_family="YREP_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(19766..19886)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   19887..19918
FT                   /rpt_family="YREP_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(20183..20381)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(23856..23964)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   24482..24557
FT                   /rpt_family="ID_B1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(25977..26204)
FT                   /rpt_family="URR1A"
FT   repeat_region   27233..27411
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   27594..27685
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(27725..27789)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID2"
FT   repeat_region   28677..28731
FT                   /rpt_family="(TGGGGG)n"
FT   repeat_region   28732..28834
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   29599..29868
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   29872..30048
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   30087..30239
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   30363..30398
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   31344..31441
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   31429..31565
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2B"
FT   repeat_region   31464..31589
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   31556..31778
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   32118..32306
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   32662..32794
FT                   /rpt_family="(TCTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   33409..33458
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(33459..33608)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   33793..33873
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   33911..33937
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(34047..34181)
FT                   /rpt_family="Charlie1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(34242..34372)
FT                   /rpt_family="Charlie1"
FT   repeat_region   34446..34675
FT                   /rpt_family="(TCTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   35110..35137
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(36056..36181)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(36190..36368)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(36418..36511)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER5C"
FT   repeat_region   37943..38095
FT                   /rpt_family="Charlie2a"
FT   repeat_region   38908..38999
FT                   /rpt_family="Charlie2a"
FT   repeat_region   39182..39230
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   39347..39473
FT                   /rpt_family="Charlie2a"
FT   repeat_region   39935..39971
FT                   /rpt_family="(TC)n"
FT   repeat_region   41579..41621
FT                   /rpt_family="(TC)n"
FT   repeat_region   42287..42318
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   42813..42850
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   43445..43471
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(43696..43834)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   43866..43967
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   43968..43990
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   43991..44009
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   43998..44017
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   44011..44070
FT                   /rpt_family="(GAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   44744..44893
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   45131..45273
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   45352..45389
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   45438..45633
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(45645..45705)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID_B1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(45706..45815)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   46010..46151
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB8"
FT   repeat_region   46191..46446
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB8"
FT   repeat_region   47181..47495
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(47937..47988)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48043..48280)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx7"
FT   repeat_region   48281..48339
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48340..48394)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx7"
FT   repeat_region   48430..48504
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   48522..48622
FT                   /rpt_family="(TC)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48682..49480)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(49497..49720)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(49724..50074)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(50427..50907)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(50933..53273)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx7"
FT   repeat_region   54110..54136
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   54136..54173
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(54177..54308)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(54312..54449)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MC/D"
FT   repeat_region   complement(54497..54566)
FT                   /rpt_family="tRNA-Ala-GCY"
FT   repeat_region   complement(54575..54680)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   54708..54740
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(54971..55161)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(55246..55420)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(56010..56287)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MC/D"
FT   repeat_region   58015..58037
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   58049..58219
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   59368..59450
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   60184..60365
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   60430..60491
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   61603..61686
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(62467..62583)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   62685..62704
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   62799..62849
FT                   /rpt_family="G-rich"
FT   repeat_region   63274..63417
FT                   /rpt_family="GA-rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(63647..63701)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(63702..63856)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   64090..64311
FT                   /rpt_family="URR1B"
FT   repeat_region   66111..66232
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(66787..66968)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA4A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(68427..68616)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   70686..70807
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   71116..71168
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   71609..71758
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   71759..71783
FT                   /rpt_family="(A)n"
FT   repeat_region   73002..73021
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   74017..74209
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   75418..75453
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(75768..76154)
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(76163..76279)
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2A"
FT   repeat_region   78291..78374
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   78353..78451
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   78848..78955
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   78981..79053
FT                   /rpt_family="ID2"
FT   repeat_region   79054..79090
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   80505..80553
FT                   /rpt_family="T-rich"
FT   repeat_region   84428..84558
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(86380..86561)
FT                   /rpt_family="URR1B"
FT   repeat_region   86786..86921
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   87172..87248
FT                   /rpt_family="ID4"
FT   repeat_region   88706..88965
FT                   /rpt_family="(TC)n"
FT   repeat_region   89397..89498
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   90192..90263
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   90415..90448
FT                   /rpt_family="(CCCCCA)n"
FT   repeat_region   90557..90790
FT                   /rpt_family="ID_B1"
FT   repeat_region   90658..90797
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   90822..90986
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(91001..91140)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   91209..91327
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   91328..91360
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   92408..92443
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(92444..92830)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTC"
FT   repeat_region   92831..93020
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   93021..93167
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   93168..93254
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   93989..94064
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTCC)n"
FT   repeat_region   94095..94241
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(94307..94336)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   94337..94375
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(94376..94540)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(94542..94739)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   97444..97502
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   98074..98114
FT                   /rpt_family="(A)n"
FT   repeat_region   99199..99220
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   STS             99780..99876
FT                   /standard_name="674463"
FT   repeat_region   99985..100025
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   100076..100099
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   101660..101826
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   102966..102988
FT                   /rpt_family="GC_rich"
FT   repeat_region   103016..103084
FT                   /rpt_family="G-rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(104747..105014)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   105608..105625
FT                   /rpt_family="BGLII"
FT   repeat_region   complement(105626..105872)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER3"
FT   repeat_region   105873..105900
FT                   /rpt_family="BGLII"
FT   repeat_region   106103..106146
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   109955..110003
FT                   /rpt_family="GC_rich"
FT   repeat_region   110022..110178
FT                   /rpt_family="(CGCGG)n"
FT   repeat_region   110124..110177
FT                   /rpt_family="(CGG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(111277..111411)
FT                   /rpt_family="URR1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(111412..111432)
FT                   /rpt_family="CYRA11_MM"
FT   repeat_region   111433..111625
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(111626..111724)
FT                   /rpt_family="CYRA11_MM"
FT   repeat_region   115097..115279
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   115306..115664
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   117117..117175
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   117216..117244
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(117310..117483)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   117502..117531
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(117539..117673)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   118643..118914
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   119659..119765
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   119830..120000
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   120035..120208
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(120209..120486)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   120744..120837
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   120874..121103
FT                   /rpt_family="(TGGG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(121817..121941)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR3"
FT   repeat_region   122128..122147
FT                   /rpt_family="(CCCTAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(122330..122474)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER3"
FT   repeat_region   123301..123347
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   123526..123570
FT                   /rpt_family="(TCCCC)n"
FT   repeat_region   124361..124384
FT                   /rpt_family="(A)n"
FT   repeat_region   124548..124579
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   125050..125121
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAGG)n"
FT   repeat_region   128273..128389
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   128523..128686
FT                   /rpt_family="ID_B1"
FT   repeat_region   128599..128700
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   129565..129715
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   130138..130235
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   130970..131076
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(131078..131139)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(131336..131442)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(132393..132596)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   133644..133666
FT                   /rpt_family="(CCCA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(133783..133819)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   134565..134593
FT                   /rpt_family="GC_rich"
FT   repeat_region   134856..134953
FT                   /rpt_family="(CCCCG)n"
FT   repeat_region   135430..135458
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   138439..138500
FT                   /rpt_family="(CCCCCA)n"
FT   repeat_region   139146..139164
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   139165..139283
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1"
FT   repeat_region   139284..139303
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   139477..139653
FT                   /rpt_family="GA-rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(139882..139934)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   139949..139979
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   140238..140264
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTC)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(140265..140384)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   141638..141670
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   141670..141714
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(141989..142167)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   142378..142423
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(142433..142565)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(142591..142763)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(143232..143525)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1F1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(143598..144018)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTB"
FT   repeat_region   complement(144022..144134)
FT                   /rpt_family="HsTC2"
FT   repeat_region   144135..144277
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   145225..145408
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   145440..145470
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   145537..145715
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   145743..145788
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(145817..145973)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   146908..147114
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   147115..147293
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   147294..147360
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   147371..147547
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   147817..147900
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   148388..148434
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   148562..148641
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   150088..150214
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   150223..150301
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   150386..150439
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(151109..151172)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   151699..151748
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   152183..152302
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   152327..152410
FT                   /rpt_family="GA-rich"
FT   repeat_region   152546..152680
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   152682..152701
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   152703..152748
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAGAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(152777..152858)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID5"
FT   repeat_region   153373..153413
FT                   /rpt_family="(TGGGGG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(153479..153573)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(153816..153917)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(155715..155826)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   156128..156329
FT                   /rpt_family="URR1B"
FT   repeat_region   156348..156418
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   156419..156463
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(156469..156680)
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2B"
FT   repeat_region   156669..156774
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   156775..156831
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   156855..156996
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx9"
FT   repeat_region   157056..157088
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTCA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(157632..157751)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(157757..157832)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   159124..159163
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(159169..159344)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   160685..160760
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   160799..160975
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   161003..161220
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   161255..161323
FT                   /rpt_family="GA-rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(161326..161424)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   162219..162255
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(162256..162372)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   162500..162597
FT                   /rpt_family="MER5B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(162822..162880)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID3"
FT   repeat_region   162887..162931
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   162943..163131
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(163133..163322)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(163336..163551)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   163571..163602
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   163603..163662
FT                   /rpt_family="(GA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(163670..163888)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   164175..164643
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER4B"
FT   repeat_region   164647..164777
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(164965..165072)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(165086..165096)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(165097..165238)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   165239..165268
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTCA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(165269..165429)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(165440..165554)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   165568..165596
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(165597..165761)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M"
FT   repeat_region   complement(166078..166344)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   166607..166690
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(166681..166837)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A0"
FT   repeat_region   167014..167164
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(167754..167938)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(167952..168016)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(168307..168719)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA6"
FT   repeat_region   complement(168754..168869)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   168821..168913
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   170082..170156
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   170199..170348
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   170349..170497
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   170517..170550
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   170559..170680
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   170999..171056
FT                   /rpt_family="AT_rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(171057..171263)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   171403..171791
FT                   /rpt_family="MTB"
FT   repeat_region   173021..173072
FT                   /rpt_family="(CACCC)n"
FT   repeat_region   173581..173650
FT                   /rpt_family="C-rich"
FT   repeat_region   173673..173837
FT                   /rpt_family="(GTATG)n"
FT   repeat_region   173906..174054
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   176485..176690
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   176704..176876
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   176913..177045
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   177200..177381
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   177861..177984
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(177988..178125)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR3"
FT   repeat_region   178652..178810
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A3"
FT   repeat_region   180511..180662
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   180688..180718
FT                   /rpt_family="(TATAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   180768..180930
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   180964..180983
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(181007..181130)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   181154..181479
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1D"
FT   repeat_region   complement(182218..182308)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(182679..182804)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER45A"
FT   repeat_region   182856..182964
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   182965..182990
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(183180..183275)
FT                   /rpt_family="L3b"
FT   misc_feature    185511..185548
FT                   /standard_name="low coverage"
FT                   /note="Low Coverage, GT Repeat"
FT   repeat_region   186226..186254
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(186612..186734)
FT                   /rpt_family="ETnERV2"
FT   repeat_region   186864..186964
FT                   /rpt_family="Tigger7"
FT   repeat_region   186965..187017
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   187018..187282
FT                   /rpt_family="Tigger7"
FT   repeat_region   188597..188636
FT                   /rpt_family="(TTCC)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(189854..189994)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   190099..190265
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   191197..191242
FT                   /rpt_family="(CCA)n"
FT   repeat_region   192785..192882
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   192905..192934
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   192976..193021
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   193022..193157
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   193158..193178
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   194031..194169
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2B"
FT   repeat_region   194055..194174
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   194726..194771
FT                   /rpt_family="(TG)n"
FT   repeat_region   195200..195322
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   195335..195404
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   195700..195821
FT                   /rpt_family="(CTGTG)n"
FT   repeat_region   197539..197707
FT                   /rpt_family="(CTGGGG)n"
FT   repeat_region   197985..197992
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   197993..198139
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   198140..198225
FT                   /rpt_family="(CATATA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(198305..198460)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   198494..198645
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   198737..198802
FT                   /rpt_family="C-rich"
FT   repeat_region   complement(199337..199357)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(199358..199484)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   misc_feature    200672..200798
FT                   /standard_name="low coverage"
FT                   /note="Low Coverage"
FT   STS             201402..201513
FT                   /standard_name="425872"
FT   repeat_region   203128..203255
FT                   /rpt_family="ID_B1"
FT   repeat_region   203864..203906
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGA)n"
FT   misc_feature    204784..205122
FT                   /standard_name="low coverage"
FT                   /note="Low Coverage"
FT   repeat_region   205152..205175
FT                   /rpt_family="(T)n"
FT   repeat_region   205274..205346
FT                   /rpt_family="ID3"
FT   repeat_region   205363..205568
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   misc_feature    205430..205592
FT                   /standard_name="low coverage"
FT                   /note="Low Coverage"
FT   repeat_region   205599..205790
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(205918..206101)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   206141..206251
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(206285..206396)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(206513..206881)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MC4a"
FT   repeat_region   207044..207071
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MCa"
FT   repeat_region   207072..207193
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   207194..207272
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MCa"
FT   repeat_region   207544..207642
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   208158..208252
FT                   /rpt_family="ID_B1"
FT   repeat_region   208253..208271
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   208273..208333
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   208371..208394
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAGA)n"
FT   repeat_region   209131..209213
FT                   /rpt_family="ID_B1"
FT   repeat_region   209229..209255
FT                   /rpt_family="(GGAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(209479..209593)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   209671..209863
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(210058..210069)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   complement(210070..210148)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID_B1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(210149..210183)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   210598..210740
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   211570..211699
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   211742..211877
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   211965..212106
FT                   /rpt_family="CT-rich"
FT   repeat_region   212361..212402
FT                   /rpt_family="(TA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(212421..212888)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx7"
FT   repeat_region   212890..213208
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1D"
FT   repeat_region   complement(213210..213482)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(213496..213559)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(213562..213685)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(214087..214220)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   214294..214486
FT                   /rpt_family="B2_Mm2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(214536..214588)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME4a"
FT   repeat_region   214589..214720
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(214721..214851)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME4a"
FT   repeat_region   complement(214914..214983)
FT                   /rpt_family="tRNA-Ala-GCY"
SQ   Sequence 215113 BP; 53108 A; 54188 C; 52358 G; 55459 T; 0 other;
     gaattcagga gtgtacgcag tatgcagtgg actgtttcta cacacaggac cccacacgtt        60
     ttagcgacac ccagagctgt gatacctgat agcctatcgc tccttcagaa aagaggctct       120
     gcttcccaag tcctttgcaa gcactaagct gtacacacag gagccagtgt tcacctgaat       180
     tctaggatgg gtttgcctca gccatgatat ctgctgaaag ctataaaaat tttactctaa       240
     tagacgtcgg cctgttgctc tctttaataa tgatcattta gatgacggac gatgtcttgg       300
     cgatcatagc gatcattttc tgaaatagtc agcttcattt taaccctttc ctagtcgtga       360
     gcactagggc tgtcacttcc gcaggagacc tctcttattt actgtttctg aagtcacaca       420
     gacatcatga gtagtttttt acatacaacc tggttgatcc aagccgtttc tgttaaccgt       480
     gggtgttaac taccaagagg gtgtctgatt caggctctga agatgtttcg tgtgctctgc       540
     tggggctgca aactctggcc tgtggaatca cgtctgagca cttctggttc caggcgataa       600
     ggctgtccct gtccctctgc tgttcaagac tgggcgccac acctttgtcc cttcctgtcc       660
     tctggactgt ccagctcttg gccacaggtt atcccttccc tttctgcact tctatcctcc       720
     tctcccctgc ctggtgttgc tctcccctcc tgcctcaccc ccatcccaga agggaagcat       780
     gcctcatggg tctcagctcc ctgctgatcc agtcatttct tatgccattg agaccccctc       840
     catccccaca gcctctcctt gcccatgcca gcctccagat ctctttctcc ttccgtcccc       900
     ctcccatcca tgctgccgcc ctcccagggc cccagccttg ggctgtgttt tctcttgaca       960
     ctcaccctgg gcgacctcct cctgtctcag caccaggcct ctgattttgt actttctgcc      1020
     tgattgtctc tttataactc agcacattcc cagacaaccc tatgggttcc ccacaggtga      1080
     ccagagtgtt caaaatggga ctgtttctcc ctcgggcctc ttgcttttgt ctttgatagc      1140
     accactgata ttccagaaag ccaagtttct gtgatatctg aggatatcag acagtattaa      1200
     agacatgttg gtattacgat gaatattctt acgttttaat tgcttatgtg aatgagtatt      1260
     ttgcctgcac atatgtcagt gcaccatgtg tgtgcctgat gcctgcagag gccagaagag      1320
     ggcttcagat gtcttagaac tggggtttta aactgttgtg agctgccacg tgggagctgg      1380
     gactgagccc aggccttcca gaagagtaag tagcaagcac actgaaccat tgaccatctc      1440
     tctagcccct gatgcacgtt tttaaaagtt agaaaagaaa aatctagctt aaaaacaaac      1500
     caaccaacca accaaccaac caaccttctt atccaaataa gttactcaac tcgtgtgtgg      1560
     aagtgccagg tttgcatcct gtggtctggg aacgtgtcag gtcacagtag aaggggcccc      1620
     actctgctcc ctatctgctg tgtgctacag aaagatgatc ggggtgggtg gttgtggggg      1680
     ttctgctatg gcttgcagac acttcctctc ttgtttggtt tagaaattta atgtattggg      1740
     tctcttagcc atttttcaag ccacatcttc gccatggtat cggaggcttt gaaaacgtaa      1800
     gaagacgttt caaaagctaa actcaatgac ttttttagag gcgggtgagc caagggtcag      1860
     aaagcagact gtatctctga gcacctgaca gagggctggc cagagctctg gggtctttga      1920
     ctttcactgt acaatttctt catgtctaag agacccagtc atacatgtaa taagcatgta      1980
     tgacatgtca actttgtgcc acgtgggcct catatcacgt cccctgcttg ctaaactggt      2040
     aatctaatct tggtagatgg aagatagaac ctgcctatct ggattatcat tggtctttac      2100
     agaatgtgcc tcaagtttgc tgtgttcttg aacatctgca atcctctacc ttaagaggag      2160
     aaattgccaa tgaaggaggt tgggaagagt ggccctagag gagggttaga cctgccctgc      2220
     cctgccctgc accaccctgc cctggggagc atcattatgc cgacttagcc ttgaagcagg      2280
     cactgggtgc tgctgtcagg tggctcctgt gatgtaggta ggaagtgaca gtgtacagcc      2340
     acacccatgt gtcatttaca ttgagttcct ccaggcaacc acctgagaag acctactgag      2400
     ctctcagtta caggagactt ctttttgttt ctgaatgtta aagtgaataa ttagacacga      2460
     ttccctcact gatgaaaggg ttagacctgg tgctgcggga agagccctcc ctgcctgtga      2520
     gccagcagac gttgtccgag agcccttccc aatcctgtcc ctgccctcac tctgactacg      2580
     gctctggctc tggcagatac ctctgggact gctgtcatca gacttgcttt tgtttttgag      2640
     acagtgtctc tctctgatcc ctggctggtc tggagcttct tatatagacc aagctggcct      2700
     tgaacttaga gatctgccag ccagtcctgg gattaaagtc gtgcagcatt caaaggtttt      2760
     atcaaattct aaagcaatct ttttctgcag tactgcaaat aagttagatc tagatcttgg      2820
     ggttggagca tccccctgca gtcctgtgtc tccagactta ctgctgtcac cttgggcaac      2880
     ttcctgtacc tctgtcatag tccatcttct atccactgtg gttgccatga gataatcaca      2940
     gaaagcctga tagcatgcct ggcatgcagt aaatgattaa taaacacagt gtggttagct      3000
     cttcaagtag actcataggt aaaatcatca ggaatttttt ttaaaaaaaa aggttgtatt      3060
     tacttattta atgtgcatag gtgtttagtc tacacgattg tctgtgcacc tcaagtgtac      3120
     agtacccgtg gagggcctgg agttacagtt tctgaacacc atgtgtgtac tggaagtcag      3180
     tgctcttaag agctacgtca tgtctccaga cccgctacaa ggattttttt ttttaaaaac      3240
     atagaggcct cctttgctca gtccccaggg tagtggaata gagactgagc atgccagagc      3300
     tctgactgtt catatagagc aagcaaaaga gttttgctga gtcctcatgt cttgcttgag      3360
     ctcagtcttt ttcaagaaac ccgagttgta tgagtatccg ggtgttctgg aaatatggcc      3420
     ccatttgttt tcattggtgc ctctctggga tactaaagct attacagtaa tttcacttca      3480
     gccagcaaat ctggtttcta gaagttttcc cacccagcca atgcacatta aggtatcagg      3540
     ttagtaattc tgacttgaca ggtgtcttag ggtttactgc tgtgaacaga gaccatgacc      3600
     aagacaagtc ttataaagga caacatttaa ttggggaggc tgacaggttc agaggttcag      3660
     tctattgtca tcaaggtggg aacatggcag catctaggca ggcttggtgc agacagagct      3720
     gagagttcta catcttcatc tgaaggctgg tagtgggaga ctcactttca ggcagctagg      3780
     ataagggtat taaagtctac acccaaaggg acacacttat ttcaacaagg ccacacctcc      3840
     taatagtgcc actccctagc ccaagcatac acaaaccatc acaatgggtc acttatttct      3900
     tagtagcttc acagcctgct tagattctgc ctcatatttt ttcctcaaat gagtgtttgt      3960
     ttatttgttt gttttgaggc agggtcttgt taggagtcca aactgatctc aaactcaaaa      4020
     cttccctgcc tcagactccc agagaacact aggaactctt tttaaaatgt atttgctgcc      4080
     tgctctgttg ctgagctggc catgtgcata gttactcaga agagagcgcc aacctgctga      4140
     taattagtga aaactagcct agaagaagta agtgggtata ttagctactg ttctattgcc      4200
     gtgaccgaat acccaacaaa aagcaaaaag gaacttaggg gaggacaggt ctgtagtggc      4260
     tcactgttta agaagggcac agtctgccat ggcagcaaga ggcacctggt cactctgcat      4320
     ctgtactcgg gaagcacata gggaccaggg ctggactcag ttcactggct gattcctttc      4380
     tatccagtcc agagccccag accagggaac agagtcaccc gtgttcacag tgggtctccc      4440
     ctcagtgaga gattggcgtg aacatcttat aaacacacca ggaggtgttt ctgtggtgac      4500
     tgtaaaccca gccaagtggg caagattaac ctccacatcc ccatcccaga cacacgccgt      4560
     tagcttcagt tgtaacatcc accctctcta agatctcatt ttcatttcat aacgcacagt      4620
     gcatttattc cctctctgtt catctccata gtctataacc atcccaacgc tgttcacggg      4680
     tcctgagtct cagctgagaa tcaagatttt ttatttttac tcgtgagctt ctagtgagtg      4740
     aaaagtacgg attgcattct gacagtatcc gagacagaga attagcaccg cccatttcag      4800
     aacggaggga tggctgccta gcagggaaag actgggccga aggaagccag cgaggccaag      4860
     ctcggcaagc agccaccaac ctctgcgctg cgacagcctt ggatgcccat ctctccttta      4920
     ctgtacccac agcacacaga gctttggggg cgggggggag ttgtagcaca aatctactct      4980
     atggctacat ccttccttcc tcagtggaca gggcgcattc tgaggtctct ctcttgcaac      5040
     ttagcttcac ttcccaactt cacgcagcaa cctctcaggc acttgtgggg aacccagccc      5100
     taccacactt tgcctggcct cagtgacttt ccagaccttg gcacaagctt tttattgggg      5160
     ggcggggggg agatggtggt tcaagacaag gtctctttgg cttgtagccc tgaatatcct      5220
     ggaactcagt ctgtagatca ggcaggcctt gaactcagaa acccttctgc ctctgcctcc      5280
     cgagtgctgg gactacagac ttgagccacc actgcctgac agcacaagcc cttaggaccc      5340
     ctcacttttg catctcttgc ctagaagccc actgctatct ggacagtacc accaagttct      5400
     acaaccagct tgagagataa gtagcctttt ggattacccc attgcagcaa gcctttatac      5460
     cttcaaggct gactatggga agtattcctc caggcagctg ctctcaaatt gggaaggtcc      5520
     taggtggcat tcagagactt ggcttccagc ctgttcctaa ccattctcat ttaggacagg      5580
     ccccctgtcc ttagtcaaat cttcttggaa aaacctctac agacacgccc agagatgtgt      5640
     ttctatggtg attctaaacc ctgccaagta gacagcaggg actatcacag caagcctgag      5700
     cgaatgcaga atgtgtagca gagttaggca ggtaagagtg ttgggctgta gaagccagcc      5760
     caaagtgaga gggttgggca gttctagaaa tctaaacggt tccaacttca ggctctagag      5820
     actgtcgcca ttgaagccag aaagagtaaa gggatctttg tcccagctaa accctcctgt      5880
     gggttaggtg ggtcggtaga gccaggaggt catgatcatg agctgcttgc ctctcagaag      5940
     gctgagaact tacccgtgag gacactcccc tgagccacgc atcacacttc tgaccagggc      6000
     gactgactcc ttaaaacgct ttccgttatg cgttggtctc tggccacatg ctgagtacga      6060
     atctgcacgg tggtatcctt tcccactcac ctttgctcat ttccatgtat actttttaga      6120
     tggccaggaa tcgctctagt tcggggtaca gggctgagaa tacgctacta agcgggccac      6180
     accgcattac ggtgaagctg tacgttgtat tgcatctgaa ctgtatcgcc atttgtttgg      6240
     taggcatgtg aatgcgcttg tactggcaca agctactctt cccctaacgg tggaccccga      6300
     agataaggcc gcatgcctcg gttaactccg gtcatgtgct ctgagcccca catagctaac      6360
     tcgaggtggt ttaggagact cgctttatgc caacctggca catttattaa tactccaccc      6420
     cataatttgc taagagctgt cccactgctc ttaacgggct ttgtgcttag aaaccttcac      6480
     tggctgttgt taggagcgga tatttcccct tgggcagtaa accacagtcc aatttcattt      6540
     tccttttaac tcatttactt cacaaagatc taatttaaga catattgggt aaaatagtct      6600
     tagactttat gggcaccaag tgactgttgc ttaagaagta ttctcataaa agtccccaga      6660
     cgtggttttg aagggcctgt ggctgcagcc gcattgagct aaggatgagt ctttctttct      6720
     ggatgagaga ggtcgaatca aagggctgtg tagacgcttt accttttcaa ttatgtgctg      6780
     tggcgcacac ctttaatccc cacactcaga ggcagaggca ggtggatctg caaattcaag      6840
     gccagcctgg tctacagtga gttcaaggcc agccagagct acatcatgag tccctgacta      6900
     gaaaaacaga taattcaatt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      6960
     gtgtagtcag cgggttttca gtcatatgtg tttatgtctc actgctcact gttccatccc      7020
     tggaacaaat acttgagaat gtcaacttta aggaagaaag atgtattttg gctcctgatt      7080
     tcagtgggtc cagtcccgtg gtcagcggtc tctgtttctt caggcctttg gtgagacagg      7140
     gtcatggcag aagggcataa aagaggatag ctgctcactt cttggcagcc aggaagcagc      7200
     agcaggaagg aacgagaaaa cacgcctatc catagcaccg gtcccttacc tgctcacttt      7260
     gccctgcctc ccagtccctc acgagcctgc tcactccagc tctgccctgc ctcccagttt      7320
     ctacaacctt tcaatcatgc tgtctgatta taacggggac aatgggttca cccaggcact      7380
     acatgagaac cttatgatcc agtgtcgggg agataacaca gcacatgtgc acacacacgg      7440
     tgtatcgctc tctgccgggc ttcctgggca gtatcaacca cactcatccc tagtcttttg      7500
     agactaaacg taagagagca aaatcactct gcgagttcta ccagacataa agtggaagga      7560
     taactaatgg tagattttct cctcagaagc acagcatgct gccttttgcg cttcatcgtg      7620
     gatgtcttgc gaaatttcta aaccatagat aacaaagcta gaaagggctt gccgtgccca      7680
     accgacaggc ctctcgccca ctttctaaat gtgaaaagtg agatctaggg agaggtagtg      7740
     gttcatctga ccacccagct agggaggggc agatggagat ggcccacgtg ggatgatccg      7800
     attgctccct ggtgggccag agtctctgga ctctcccaca gactcattta accatccccg      7860
     aggcgggagt tagcaatctc tgtttttaaa aaggttctca gagggttcca gtgcagccaa      7920
     tctggtcttc gtcagaaact ggtactagct acgccacagc ccagatcagt gccatctgtc      7980
     ctgtgtggcc cacgagctaa gtatgggttg tctattccca cgaggttgga tgtgtgaaaa      8040
     gtttgtgtgt ccgtggagtt ctatggaatt acagccactc ctgtttattt acatgttgtc      8100
     agtggcttct gtgcacctca gtggcggagt cagctatggt gacagagact gtgcctccca      8160
     caatacttaa cagcccgcac actcacagag agagcctgcc gtcattgccc atttccagtc      8220
     tttcatgaga gctctacgag gaccagtgtt cactgggaaa tccctgagct gtgaggattg      8280
     cacttgtgtt ggtccagaca cactcttgtt ttacagaagg cgtgtttaag aaacactaca      8340
     tgcaaattat cagtaaatct agttattttg atgataaagt aaattataga ggtactgaat      8400
     tatagaggat gttcatttgt ttaaggagtt ggtttacaaa agatgattct tataagtaaa      8460
     ggacttttta taagtggtga agataaaggc gtttagaaag aggtaatgtt aaattgtttt      8520
     tattttgtgt gcaacattgt ctctaaatta tgaaagttat actttatata taatttctaa      8580
     ctgataaagc ctctatttgc aaaccgatct ctttttaatt ctataaaagc acctaatttt      8640
     cctcaggagc ctcagttttc tggctcatca ccagaaccct agccagctct tttttttttt      8700
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tactaacaag taagggtctc ctcttctctc acctcagata      8760
     acggattgtt cattaaccaa cagacagtat ttactgaaca ccttctgtgt gcaagcaatg      8820
     attttgtaat aggaaatagc tcccatgtga ctagcccaaa agacaagaaa atgaagggca      8880
     aagagaacag gttattttta ttatttttta aagtcttgtt gcttgtctct taaggtaggc      8940
     aggcaagtta gtaaaggctt taggtggggg gggggggaag ggtgaatttt aggtcctgct      9000
     gcatagaaca gtgttgtggt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttccccacta tttttggcta      9060
     ctttatatgg tgtacccagg aacacaaatt tcccttttac cagagaatcc atcccttaca      9120
     acaacattct gccatgcagt cctgaaatta ccacctaggc ccgcacagta gaagctgtaa      9180
     agaggctctg agcttggcat actatagcac tttttgccat gtaaccttta tgggcggtgc      9240
     ccctcctgga gcttttgtaa gatgcacata ggctggtagt tccctcttta ccggggcttc      9300
     aggagaatac tcagcggctg aatgaggagg ttgtttgaaa ggcctggcgt ttctcagaga      9360
     gagttgctat agaaacacag aggggtacac gtacttcaga aagagggaat gttgtggccc      9420
     atttatttct tcggaaagca agtctctgcc cttgacctgt tttgagctaa ccccggatct      9480
     tctagttcca cttgctttca ggattgggct tttcctgggg accacaacag aatctgtaca      9540
     ccctgctatc agaagagtga ttagcacagc agcctaccaa aaatgggatg ggggcttggg      9600
     ggtgtatttc taaatgaaga gagctgcacc aaaaagttgc ttttctactg ggagagactg      9660
     gtgactctgg cagatcagga gaatataaaa cactggataa gaggaaaggg acttaaactt      9720
     aagaaacctg ctaaccactc tttgggagcc tgtggaccga gcactgtatt ggaactgcat      9780
     aggaaacttg aacttggctc ctgcctccaa gaaattcagt ttctaggaga gagggcagag      9840
     gaaggggcag gaggagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag      9900
     agagagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag      9960
     aagaagaaga agaagaggga aagggagggg gagggggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg     10020
     gagggaggca ggcaggcagg caggcaggca ggcaggcagg caggcaggct atgtgtccca     10080
     agtggtgtgt tctaggttaa acttccgcat ctttgttgtg agatgtaaga ttttgttgga     10140
     ggtacttgac gcctctattg agatcaccac agcaccctcc ttgtattacc aggctgtgtt     10200
     acactgctct gttttcctag ttaagctgtc tttgtccttc tgggttgtac tcaggtgctc     10260
     agtcctttga gtgccgtgag acttggttgc tagtattttc gacagtgcct tttatatcag     10320
     tattaataag atcttatctg tcaagagctt tctcttcccc tgacgtcatt gcctggttcc     10380
     gtataaagtc accttacaga atgagtttgg gaattgtccc cttctcttct agtcttttgg     10440
     aagaatttgt gctaattctt taaacatttg gtagaattca ttagtgaagc catctggtcc     10500
     ccgggctttt ctttgtgggg gttcattttt ttttaatgca cggtacagcg gtgtatttat     10560
     agtagtctca cttgagggaa agactgctta aggatggatc tgtatgctaa gacttataaa     10620
     gaaaaaattc tggaaggata ttaaaaaaat aaacagcagc caagattacc attggataat     10680
     agagcagaac aatctagcgt tttaaaattc taggtgtgca ccattctaaa taaaaagttt     10740
     tacttaaaag tgactggcac ttggttttgc aagagagggc ctaaccctcc agggaccccc     10800
     agttccatag gccctgtgtg tgtgtcttca gagccctctg tcctccatcc tcacaggatt     10860
     gcttgtcaac atcctaaagg cctggctctc tctcctttgt cattactcac agacagcctg     10920
     ggggtggggt cctctgtcct gcaacctctc agattttgaa cttgtactta cccactgtca     10980
     tgacttcgag tttacttcct tcctcccata aagtatagtt ctgttcaatt gtgaatcccc     11040
     accaccaccc cagccccgtc tcagcacaac gctcgacacc agggagatgc gcggtgtcag     11100
     caaagccccg agctaggcat ctctatagcc cgctcccagg atgtggacga gtttgacttg     11160
     attggaagat tcctgctggg aaatatgaca gaatggtttt ggctaggcgg atgttggaag     11220
     ctctgagaag ccaggccgaa cacccaggga gtgaatattg aacgagtgct cacctccctg     11280
     ctaccttcct gtctttgccc ggctcccagc aggctgactc ccagccacct gaccgggtcc     11340
     ttccttcaca gtggtctcct ctgcattggc ctgcctctgc cctgacattc ctgctttcta     11400
     tgtgtcagga tcggcatagc cgacttacct gttctggcat agacggttca gaattatcca     11460
     aatccgaacc tgctaatatt gtggctactg tgctgcggcc tgagcctggg tgggcactgg     11520
     cccagagggg ggaacaggag ctcttttact tacaggtttt gttttgtttg cttatttgtt     11580
     tgttgcctca aaaaccaatc aggagcaagg ttctaggcag ctttaagtgt gtttatctga     11640
     cttaaggaaa tgttgcttgg tgtggtgact aacgcgtttt aatggtttct ctctctcttt     11700
     ctccacagac ttttgtagta ttaaacagag ggaaaactct cttcagattt agcgccactc     11760
     ctgccttgta cattctaagt ccttttaacc tgataagaag aatagctatt aaaattttga     11820
     tacattcata tccttttctg cactgggaat gagtgtgcac gtccggggct ttgacaactg     11880
     cagtgtgtgc atccccacca ggagtggagc agcctgaggg ttaggaatga agttgcactg     11940
     gattgccaag ccgagcttca gcagacactg aggggcaaat taagacgttt taaccttatc     12000
     ctgaggtctt ggcttttcgg taatttcatt ccatgatagt tcagcttgtt aacatattaa     12060
     tatctgatcc aagaattttt tttgaagacc acatcttgaa tcacaaatag ttgaatgaat     12120
     gctttatttt tattttcttt tttcttgagc aaagagctta tgcattcctg gtagctctcg     12180
     gatgaaatca actccttgga gcagaggttt agatacagac tgtggataaa taggaatttt     12240
     tctgggatct gcctcgcgcc ccccccctta ggtaggaaag tgccaacctt tatatcttat     12300
     taatatagat cagatggcac atggcaaatg atctgatggg tttaacaacc tggaacactg     12360
     gataaacttg tgtgatgggc acttaaggaa agagggcttg gtccctggac aacctgtgat     12420
     gcaactcagg gctccagctg agcctctgcc atgtccaact catagctgaa atctatggtc     12480
     tgcgagtacc acagtcgtga gactgtggta cgatccgtta aactttgtcc cttccaggac     12540
     gacattaacg acattaacgc cctgccacaa cttcagtgtg agtgactcct gctgactttc     12600
     atctctctca atagacagga acagaaaagg gccgagaaga tcctgggctg tgagggacac     12660
     ccacagtgat caggctgact caccccatta cctacgtctc ggggctgctg gggcgcaggc     12720
     accctggaag ccaggccctc acaggccaca ctggtcttca ggcgagacac atgcacatcg     12780
     actggattat ttattattat tattattatt ttattattat tattattatt attattatta     12840
     ttattattat tgcttgtgga gataatccag cccctcggca tttgcaggag gaaaacgagc     12900
     caccacgcac ctgtagattt tcaaataact aatcatacga gataattaac agtccgggat     12960
     gactgaaaca aaaaaatgta gatttatttc ctcacctggt ggcctcaggg cctttggtcg     13020
     cttctggctg cttttcacag aggtttaagt atttagagat tgacccattc tcatcttgca     13080
     aggtgttcaa gtttataccc aaaagtagtg gggcagtgac agttctgtgg gcaggggagt     13140
     ggctgtccag ccccactacc agtcagatgg gatgtccagg gctttccttg tggtggcggt     13200
     ggccagtttc cctcaccacc tgtctcctgc cagcctgtga acttagctcc ggtgagacct     13260
     ggtatgagcc gggtttgttt cctaagcgtc cgggtcagac ctcgctcgcc ccttaactcc     13320
     tctctacagt cttcagcatg atcatcatgt gcaccatcct gaccaactgt gtattcatga     13380
     cttttagtaa ccctcccgaa tggtccaaga atgtggagta agtaacactt cctttgtttc     13440
     tcgcatagag tctggttctg ttgctccaca gtttatctgt gtgtgggagc tggggggtgt     13500
     atgggggtgg ggcacggagg gtaacgtgga atctagggaa cagcattaga cgtgaattct     13560
     agaaagccag tctaccctgc ccctcagccg cagaggcttt gccatcctgg gtgccccttc     13620
     cccaaggctg agatagcttt gagagcctcc ttgcctgttt cagagtcatc ccggttatat     13680
     tctttagagc cctgagcagg cctagtgcag cattccagtt cccaccagga gtaacctcag     13740
     ctgtccgcat ccctgacagg tacacattca cagggattta cacatttgaa tcactggtga     13800
     aaatcatcgc cagaggtttc tgcatagacg gcttcacctt cttacgagac ccgtggaact     13860
     ggttagactt cagtgtcatc atgatggcgt gagttccttg tttattttac tgtttcctct     13920
     gtgtgtgtgt ggtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggtgt     13980
     gtcctgaata ggcttgcaag atggtgcaag taaatgtgag ttttgggctc agcagaatag     14040
     agaccctttc ttgtttttct ttttcttttc tttcttcttc ttcttcttct tttttttttt     14100
     ttttttggag atagggtctc ttggagccca ggttgtcctt gaactcacca tatagcctag     14160
     gctgtcttga gctctaatct ttttacctcc atctccctga gctgggacta gaagcttgtg     14220
     cctcgacacc tggctgcaga atggggaatt cttgggtaat tgcctgtgat gcatgggcgt     14280
     ttaactatgg ttcttgcttg caaggccttc tcagttttta gacagcaaca aacttatgtg     14340
     ggggaaggta aagagatgat ttatagctgg gagaacagtg ggcatcaatt tctcatgacc     14400
     tttctcttat attttattcc cctttatgac actggccaag gtccccatta ctagagggcc     14460
     tcttcgaagg catgaaatat tttggatata aactttggct gaaaacacag ctgaggcctc     14520
     tgactcaaaa cttaagccaa agtatccaga ctggcatgtc cagaaaatgt actaaccaga     14580
     gttcccacta gagactgtgt gagtctacac agatgtgccg gctgcttccg ggcagttcat     14640
     ttttttccag ttataaaaag tgcctgtttg agaaatttag ctgatggtgg ctgtagtatt     14700
     tttatttttg tgttaagaaa gtactttatc atttaagggg agacctagag tggggtacag     14760
     ctcgtgtgta taaagatgtg tgaacagaag aaaatgtttg tgggggggtg gggtggggcg     14820
     ggggcaggcg attatcagga ggaagatgtc gttccactgt gagatgggag agcgtgatgt     14880
     gtgctgcatg tctgcaaaca gaagtgacac tttattctag ggagacactc tctactctag     14940
     cattttagaa tctacattga ttggtgtgcg tttagaaatc tgtgtcctca gtagacacaa     15000
     ggctgctgat acagtgggca catgactgga tttttgctct gatctcatga tctggatttt     15060
     ttttttcctg agccttactt ttatctgcca caggataaaa cttcatctgc agacatgact     15120
     gcaaaacata catacaactc ctagggatac tgccacatcg gcatttggct ttgtcaacca     15180
     ggggattcct ttaacgtgaa tttgggtttt tttttttgtg aggctcttgc tacaaacaaa     15240
     caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa cacatgcctc tgtttcttag ggaattgttc ataaaattgg     15300
     gaacatatat ctttgatacc tagtggcctt ctctcttcct aaagaaaggt aaatgggctg     15360
     acagtcaagt tactctgata aaattagcac accacacacc aattaagaga gtaaacccca     15420
     gaacgccctg gattatcaat tctttagaat atactctgaa ttcttcttgc ccattttttt     15480
     taaatacctg ttccttaaat gtttatattt tgaaattttt cttttttcag gggaacacaa     15540
     taaaatcata acttgtatat aagacccttt cttcccccct gttttcaaac ccccacccag     15600
     tgataccatt acaagttaac tttggtttga ttctgcaggt atataacaga gtttgtaaac     15660
     ctaggcaatg tttcagctct acgcactttc agggtactga gggctttgaa aactatttcg     15720
     gtaatcccag gtaagacggc ccgggcttgg tgtcaggtgt tgggttaggg ccctgacgtg     15780
     acgtattgta cttttttttg ttttgttgtg gttttgtgtg tgtgtttttt tttttccttt     15840
     ggtgtttgtg tctgtacccg tgtttgtcat ttgtgtctgt gtgtgacctc cctcactaca     15900
     gatatgtgac agagtttgtg gacctgggca atgtctcagc gctgagaaca ttcagggttc     15960
     tccgagcttt gaaaactatc tctgtaattc caggtgagcg aattcgtgca caagaccagt     16020
     cttgccacgc tcctacttcc tcccattcgt aatgtctgcc acatttgaac ctgggatcgg     16080
     cacatctgat atgccttgtc tcgctctgca tgcttccccc tgagaagaat tctctggaat     16140
     ggccctttgg tcctgaggca gacgtctcgg accttgcttg ccgggcatgc ggctctcatt     16200
     ccatccatgc gtttgaaata aaaaataaaa aaagcacatg cttataaacc cttaggccct     16260
     cacagcaccc gaggagaggt gtaccggggt gggctgtgcc tctgtatgtg gaccactcga     16320
     atcatggcct catggaatta cagtgtcttt aatatccacc cccattccac tgcttgtgat     16380
     ttcagacttc ccgtagcatg ttctgccaac agcatgttat ccaaagactt gtacttttac     16440
     tggtgttata cgaatgtaat cattttagtc aaggagcaac ttgcccagtt aactagtcag     16500
     gtcagactag ttaaagtgga gaaggcttgg aagtcagtga gacagatttt aagttaccgt     16560
     ctcccatatt ttgcaagtgt ctgcttcggt agagtgagac ctggtaggtg tctcctggga     16620
     gcagactcag gggtctcagg ggtcgctctc aagtgcaaac cccggtgaga gcgtatacag     16680
     gtgctgattt aaagtcaaag gtaagccgta aacaaaaatc ggagaaactg gaagggacga     16740
     aaggaagaag agagtgggcg gaagactagt tcagtgacaa tctcctaaag atatttgcct     16800
     tttactctga cctggtccag ctagctcagt ggttctaaat ctcttgaggg tttttggtcc     16860
     cctagagaca cagatgaaat ttcacagaca ccccatccac catcaggtta agattctgtc     16920
     atctaaaatc attgcatccg gggaaataac ctttctaaga accaaccggc cttgaaatct     16980
     agaagggaag gtatgtttga ggttaagact gacagcaacg aggcagagac aaaggcatgt     17040
     tgatgccgtc tgggctttag ctagggtcga ggagagaaag ggagactcct tagagtcccg     17100
     ctgtcccctg ggttctatgg aaacagggtg ctgagcaagc accatcgcct gatcttgtag     17160
     gccctcctct tgtggctgat tacagaaacc gttcttttat cctctattca acatcacgcc     17220
     agtgtcctag gtgagggggt gggggtgggg acacagagat ctgaggtgtg aggagaggaa     17280
     ccacaagggt ggtaaccccc aggcaggcct tcatctgcag cagctggacc accatgtctc     17340
     tcctttccct ttccccttgg tctctctgct cctctggccc ctttaacacg attccatgtt     17400
     cctgctcatc tccccagcac accctgcgag gcatctgtct ctttatgttc ttgtgatctc     17460
     aaaacttctc ttccagaatt aaatcggaaa gctgtgttct gttcactaac tggggcagca     17520
     gatgctctcc ccagcctggc tcatcactgc tgttcttgtc tctgctgtag ggttaacttt     17580
     caagccggga atttctgcaa agtaattcct gtcaggttac ttaatactct gtagcgtgtg     17640
     tgcatgcgtg tgcatgtgta aatatgtagt gtctatagca tagggcctgg tccacagcag     17700
     tgctgcataa atgcttgtac tagaagcact taccgtaaaa gcccaataaa aggtctatgt     17760
     ccaagcttca cggtctgagg tagattctcg gattactatt cccataagtg acccctcccc     17820
     acgccccccc cccccccgag tcgagctttg ggaagctaac tgtgatgaaa aactaacttt     17880
     aactatagta aagctagcag tcctgtcagt gacaaagctt tttctcgctg ttaagcattt     17940
     ctgagggaaa cccaggtgtt ggcatcttct gtagaattcg gaacttgtct gtcattccct     18000
     ggagggctga tgtcctgttc ctgtaagcta tccatgtttc cttccaaggt ggggccacct     18060
     tgtgtacatc agtggatcag cagctatctc ttgcttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     18120
     gtcaaagtta ctttgctccc aggttgcaga gctgggacac agtagctctc agtaaacact     18180
     aaagtcatgt acacaaccac gtcagaagga ttttccgctc tcccccttct cccattagcc     18240
     atttggatct taggcttttc ctgaagcggt tagggctatg aaaggaagcc tgggcatatc     18300
     ggtcactttt caggctttcg tgacagactg tctgatgaaa gcaaccgaag gagggagggt     18360
     tcgtgttgca tagagaagtg cagtccatca tgtgagcagg tatggcggca ggaacatggg     18420
     gccactggtc acacgggtac acagctagcg cgatgctccc tgatgctcga tgcttgccac     18480
     gccgctggcc tttgtgttta gtgcaggacc ctagctcgtg gaatggccac acccaaccct     18540
     gagggtagac tttctgcacc tcattgaaac ctgcatggac accctctcgg acacgcccca     18600
     gaagcttgtc tcttagcaat tccaaaccct gtcaagttga cagtccagat tagctgcttc     18660
     agagggtaac caggagttga cacaacacgg agcctgtaag atctcgtggc aatctctgca     18720
     gctcagctct catgtgagaa atgcttgccg agagccttca ccccatcttg tcctggttag     18780
     cgttttgctt ttgtttttgt ttttttcagt tttacatctt ggtagttgtt ttgaatgtgt     18840
     caggtcagcc aggattctat tagtacacgc caaccttttg tataagaagt ctttccccaa     18900
     gaacctccgt ggcacttaca aaagaccaat ctcacattct gaccctactt atttgatggc     18960
     tcaagattgg gcagacaggc cacttgtggc ttcttctttg cttcgaaggc atcatcttgg     19020
     agaacggtgc atacctctgt gctgagagag ccattgtttt gggggcagaa ttggtgaggt     19080
     tccccctgac atggagctat tctgctggga agttcacatc tttctttctt aattttgttt     19140
     tgttgttgtt tttgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt     19200
     gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga     19260
     ttaaaggtgt gggccaccac tgctctcgct ttttattcag tggcggccag ggcagaaagt     19320
     gatcatctgt tgactccatc ggaagtgtca cctaacacct gccctgatct caggagttct     19380
     cctggagagg acccttcctt caccttggtc agacctggag cgagggagaa ctgcagctct     19440
     gggtgctgtg gtgggctccc aggcgaacct gcagctccca gtgctaagac atactgctgt     19500
     cttcagagtt gtgggtctgc cttatacttc tcttggacat ttcctttctc tatgttcatt     19560
     tctgtttctt ccattccttc ccagtgagtt caggtagcaa acagacagtg tgagtggctt     19620
     tttcttcctg cccagttttc ccaaagcctt ttctttaaac gtatacattg catacgtggc     19680
     agcttttcct gcttagcggc agggtagaaa gatgctttaa gactatagtc attgatggtt     19740
     tggttttatt tatttatctt tgtagtttgt gtactttgtg acagggtttc tctgtgtagc     19800
     cctggctata ctagaactca ctctgtagac caggctggct tcagctcaga aatccgcctg     19860
     cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg ggattatata gattatatag acttctatta tatagattat     19920
     atagacttct attatataga ttatataggc ttcttccacc accaccaggc tgattgtttc     19980
     tttttaaaca ttcaagtttt aaatcttgtt gcttttgtgt ttctcttcct ctatgttgaa     20040
     aatattaagg aaaaataacc aaaagtaata gtggtcctag gtggaaaaag aaaaagagag     20100
     agccagcatc cccaggcaga aagtgaacga ggcttgcttt actcctggga ctagccggac     20160
     tgatgggcac tgggggctct cctttctttt tttaaaaatt tttttgaaga tttatttata     20220
     ttatgtatat gagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacacatt agaagaagta tcagatccca     20280
     ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga cctctggaag     20340
     agcagtcagt gctcttaacc actgagccat ctctccagcc cggagctctc ctttctgtct     20400
     ggccgagagt gattccaaca ttcatttcgt gagaaatcag ctcacatggc ttcaaactgc     20460
     ttacacgtct caacctgagc agcaaatggg aatttgaatt aactttatga gtaattggac     20520
     ctccatagcc acagattgtt cccaacatgc atggctgctt ctctggacac agcacacagg     20580
     tggctttatt aatttgctca ggggatttct ggttattgcg cacagtgaca gaagggacca     20640
     aaggtgcctt tggacgtaga gtggagtaga agcctgcagt gccagcttcc cctatttctc     20700
     cagaccccta aagtacccag ccgcctctcc ggaggctgtc cttcgtacct tgagtcctcc     20760
     tgtcctttca aggtctgtgg taaatgtatg aacctctgtg agggtacatg ctgatgctgg     20820
     ttaacgctag cctctcggga gttcttgtgg tccaatttgc ccccacgtgg cttcttgcgt     20880
     gctctgttgt gtaggagtcg ttttgaaggc gcattctgct ctgatttgga taaccagctt     20940
     ttcagggtct tgcttgttct gctgtgtggt gctgtgagcc aacagaagag gcagggcagc     21000
     ttctcttgac agccggggca gtggcagtct acatactctg cacaggctca ccaggtcatg     21060
     aattccacca ggagtcttgt gtctctgccg accgctgctt ttggtggtta actgtatgtt     21120
     ctccatgagc aaccacacca ggcaacctgg ctacaatact gttgacagct ctgcaaattc     21180
     ggtggctctg ttatcagccc cagggaaaga ggaattgcca gtgaggccag tgtacagctc     21240
     ggtggactgt ctagtgctaa ggacctgacc agcactgctc tgtaatgtgt cctcatcctg     21300
     cacacctggt gtcttcctgc acacctggta ccttcctcct gcacacctgg taccctcccc     21360
     ctgcacacct agtgcccttc ccctgcacac ctggtgccct ccccctgcac acctggtacc     21420
     ttcctcctgc acacctggtg cccttcccct gcacacctgg tgccctctcc ctgcacacct     21480
     ggtaccttcc tcttgaacac ctggtgtcct cctgcacacc tggtgccctc ctcctgcaca     21540
     ccttgtgccc ttcccctaca tacctggtac cttcctcctg cacacctggt gccctccccc     21600
     tgcacacctg gtgcccccct cctgcacacc ttgtgccctt cccctgcata cctggtacct     21660
     tcctcctgca cacctggtgc cctccccctg cacacctggt gcccccctcc tgcacatctg     21720
     gtaccttcct cctgcacacc tggtgccctt cccctgcaca cctggtgccc tccccctgca     21780
     cacctggtac cttcctcctg aacacctggt gtcctcctgc acacctggtg ccctcctcct     21840
     gcacaccttg tgcccttccc ctgcatacct ggtaccttcc tcctgcacac ctggtgccct     21900
     ccccctgcat acctggtgcc atttctcagt cctttcccct gtgccatcct ctcttttcct     21960
     ttgagatctg gatgagaatc ttggagagca ctttgcagat gactgctgct gttcgtgtga     22020
     cttagagatt actctcgcct aattaagatt tatttctctg agcctctatg cagtacaagc     22080
     agccgaaatg tcatccccgg ctaagtttcc actttaaact ttaagctaaa caaactcacc     22140
     agcaagacaa tctaagcctc agatgtcaga gcacttgagg aaagtgtctt tagttttgtg     22200
     gactcctgtt tgcagatttc ctcagctgtg acgcctggct gatggagaag ggatagcaag     22260
     acaccggctt gtgaggattc aggcccatct ctaggaagtg agcaccaggc ctgggacagg     22320
     agctcttctg gaaagcttca ggctccagtc aggcacctct gaggcaagca gagcgcagag     22380
     ccagaagacc ccagagaccc gagagaccgg agagttcttt gtctctgcct ctctctctcc     22440
     acatgtctgt ttctttcctt ctgagtacaa atccctctac gttcttaatc actctttaaa     22500
     tgacccagaa gggctgctgc aaactctcag ttttatgtta gtatttctgc cacgtgacca     22560
     gataactgtt tcttgtcctg ctccaggtcc ttataggaaa gggtctgggt ttaggtcaga     22620
     cgaccacgct gacatccaca actcccaaga gagagtcacc ttgtacaaac aaagctgctg     22680
     aaagcacact ggcagggagg gagctgctta gagcgcgtgg cctagaattt cttcttacat     22740
     agacttggaa cacccaaaga ttcccaccct ggcaaaccag gtcagactcg tggtgaaatt     22800
     atgtgattaa ttgagtgaat tgttttatct gttaacgagc gctcttgttt ggtgtacttt     22860
     gtggtttcaa actcttcttg cgattgtaaa cagcagcgtt gtcaggggca ttagatgatc     22920
     accactgctc agacaggtgc ctgtctgaag tctttggagg agggagctgc gtaagatctc     22980
     catcaaaaag aattgcaggg aaagaaacat ggcagccatt cttcacgact gcccagttgt     23040
     cctgttccag tctctgttca atagcttaga cgcccaaact tgaattttaa ttcccgggta     23100
     ggcctgttcc aatccagtca aaatataatg aggaattccc attctccaga agtggtgtgg     23160
     agatcagttt cataactcgg ggaccgttct tgacgcctgc cttctccttg gcgtgcctag     23220
     ctgcacgatc acatgcctcg ggtacaaatg atggtttgac gtcttttgca tgggcaagcc     23280
     aagctcattc tccttggcgc tcctggaacc tgggcaagct cgctccccct gggcgcgata     23340
     gcctacagcc tggaggaagg ccatgctgga agaaggctca acccctgcac acttttccct     23400
     taggtgccat tctggttagg tagaaagaaa agaagagaga aggaagaacg agtctctgtc     23460
     atctactctc tcagcagaca tttaagtgtc tgtctggggc caggtcctct cctagactag     23520
     gcgcaacatc ctttgctgct atcggcctca ggaagaagag tctgcagagc ttacctctga     23580
     gcatctagat agtcccttgc aaaatacagt gggcaaaaaa gcacactcaa acgcccatta     23640
     gatagatcat caccacaagg gctgagccct gagcagtggc tttatcccaa ccaagtctct     23700
     tcaagggggg cactagatgt gtaacagtaa cacatcacac gtgctctggg tcataccctg     23760
     cattagatgt ttctcctatt atttcactta aatatcacga cggttccatg agatcagaat     23820
     tgcagatctc tgtagacaaa taacccgagg ctcagacagt gattgatcgt aatcactgtg     23880
     taccaggtgc tgttaagttt gccgtatcaa actcacccag ccctcacaac atctgatagc     23940
     cagccatgat aatctcttat ttactttttt atttgtggtg gtgctgggga cggtgccagg     24000
     gccttgcctg tgctgggcaa atgctctggc gtctggcaca acctcttgaa attatccttt     24060
     taaaggtaga aatgctgaga tcccagagcc tgagttgtag cgtccaggtg atatgtgtaa     24120
     gtagcacgcc tggttagact cagccacgac ccacccagct acggcaggca tgctcacatc     24180
     agccttcccc ggggtgccca aagttgatca aagctgagca cctccctgag gctggtgtgt     24240
     gaaggctcag agactcctct tgctcatctt gtataccgca ggagtcttgg tgttttgtgg     24300
     gctgtgtcct atgtgtcctg ctgctgggca cactgagaat tgccacacac agacgtttaa     24360
     ctcaagcagt gtagactgta ttttgtgtgc tgtccgtcac tgacttctcc ctaggccgtg     24420
     tggaagcggc cgccttaagg tttaaattta aacatgttgt ctcacattta aacctcaggt     24480
     tgggactggc acgatataac tccttcagag agcatgcgcc cagcgtgcat gaagctttga     24540
     gtccaattcc cagcaccaac caacaaaata gaatgacaaa acctcacctg acaatgagtt     24600
     gcaagcgttt tgtttctaat cgaggacaca aggagatgag tatagcaagc agggattgca     24660
     gactgtaaaa cctgtattga taacaacctt ttcaatacat ggacatctcg agagctcacc     24720
     agaagtcctt gcttcttctt ggcttataga ctatccaacg aatccctctc cagcttgccg     24780
     gcctccttaa ttaatccgtt tactcaacaa acatttatcg tgggttagtt gttatagata     24840
     agagtgcgga caagacggaa cccccccccc cccaaaaata gccatgacaa aagctacagg     24900
     ggagatagaa ggctctctgc taaatccaca gctatggtgg gagaggcagg cgagctgaga     24960
     ggcaggaagg ggcttcccag ggaaggggga gttatgtgga gaggctgagg gaaggggtgg     25020
     agcctctagg aggaggggcc agcagatgtg aggcccctgg agagcgaagg ggaaaggggc     25080
     cactgagcta gaaggtgcag catttttaaa ttctttttta aaggatgatt gagttagaaa     25140
     cggatacttc tagaaagcga tacttcttcc tactcgttat tactccgtgt aaagatgcag     25200
     tgcccgtatt tcaagtggtg gtcctctggg gagagtagag ctaggaccaa gagagggagg     25260
     ccagggaaag taggcaggac cttagattga ctctggctct gggggctctg tctcttcagg     25320
     cctgaagaca atcgtgggcg ccctcatcca gtctgtgaag aagctgtcag acgtgatgat     25380
     cctgacggtg ttctgcctga gtgtcttcgc cctgattggc ctgcagctct tcatggggaa     25440
     ccttcgaaac aagtgtgtcg tgtggcccat aaacttcaac gagagctatc tggagaacgg     25500
     caccagaggc ttcgactggg aggagtatat caacaataaa agtaggtgtc cctcctcggc     25560
     gagagggaag cgtcacccca ggttctggtc agaccccacc aaaagagcta ccaaaaagtg     25620
     gtccggccca gagaggcaca gcgcagcgca gccagatgga gcttggaaag ccattccctt     25680
     gtctccgagg cagaactgca caggagctct caagcctgct gttaccagtt ttatcttatt     25740
     ttatttcatt tcgagacaca tgtgaaacta ctagtcactc gagagaaata aaaatcaatt     25800
     aagtcgccac aaggaagtgt tgcgaaggag aactcaggga cggcaccttc cgattaaaag     25860
     tagggcacgg taactaatga ctagtgcgga gtttgggaac atactgataa aaatattaca     25920
     aggataaaag ggcaaaccgt gtaaagggat gccgatctct gaaacttact ttagatcggc     25980
     gtttttcagc ctaggggtca agacccccgg ggagggtcac attccccccc cggggggtgg     26040
     gtcacatatc agacatcctg caatcagata tttacatcat gagtcataac tagcaaaatc     26100
     acagttatga agtaggaacg aaataatttt atggttggtg gtcagcacaa catgaggtgt     26160
     tgcaggcact aacgggccac cgtgttagga aggttgagaa ccacccaccg cctaagaccc     26220
     tctgactcag cagcagaagc gggcatgtgg agctgaggca ggggagtcaa gtgctcgtgg     26280
     gtgcagcgtc acctcaaggg ctttagggcg gctcctagtt ctagccagag tacaggagat     26340
     cattaatggg aggagttctc cttagcttcc tgctgctggg aaagacttat ctgagctaaa     26400
     atcaatagtg gcttctgcca gtaacgctga ggcgcacgta accgaattct cccgttgacc     26460
     agaatctgcc tattcatttc ctgtctcttc ccacttttct agcaaacttt tacatggtcc     26520
     ctggcatgct agaacccttg ctctgcggga acagctctga cgccgggtaa gtagctcacc     26580
     gactcctgtt gttcttaacg tgctgattgc cagctggatc tacacgggca agagtctccc     26640
     tttctttgtg ctcacgtact gggccctacc cggtctgacc tatcggcaga accagattct     26700
     ctttctgttt catatttgac cctccaaagt tgagatttcc ctggaaagtg aatgtgccag     26760
     caatctcaaa ctaaaatcac aggtgcggaa agatcagggg ttctctgaag cacaagcagc     26820
     tttcctggct cttgtgcacc ctctcgtcct acactgacac ggttaatgta acaaggttaa     26880
     tgtaatgtaa caaatggaac aagggctctg tcttggtgag aggttaagtc caaggatggc     26940
     ccacagtgta ctagctccga cacggtacag gaagggatag cggccaagat tacagtctcg     27000
     tgcctgcagc ttctggccaa cccatttagg tcttcctcat ccgtgacaca gatttaattg     27060
     actacgctct cttcctcaca gggttactat gaagggcctg ttaagggccg tgcatgcaag     27120
     tatttcataa gcatactaag gtgctagtgt ctcactgagt gcattggttc cgtagtatct     27180
     gctttttaat attatcctga caactggaaa gcgagttata ttttgtaatg agggggctgg     27240
     agagatggct cagtggttaa gggctctgac tgctcttcca gaggtcctga gttcaaatcc     27300
     cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct gtaattaaat cagataccct cttctggggc     27360
     gtctgaagac agctacagtg tacttacata taataaataa attttaaaaa attataatga     27420
     aacagacact agcaattaca ttaaaaagag gcatcatgac aggagtccaa aagcaggaga     27480
     aagtatatac ctgtttctct caagggcatg ggatagatgg gtttgtgtaa tctattatca     27540
     ttgaggtccg gactgggtgg ggttattttg aaaaatgctg aacttcctcc ccatgtttgt     27600
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttat atgcacacat atgcatttgt     27660
     gtgtgggtat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcatac acacatgtgg atgtacgcat ttgtgtgtat     27720
     cttttgccag gaatgaaatc tagggccttg gagttacaag gtaagtcctc ttgcactgag     27780
     ctgtgttcca ttcccgttgt gtccctttcc ttcttcaggc aatgcccaga ggggttccag     27840
     tgcatgaaag caggaagaaa tcccaactac ggctacacca gcttcgacac cttcagctgg     27900
     gccttcctgg cactgttccg cctcatgact caggactact gggagaactt ataccagctg     27960
     gtgagtacac tggggtatgg caagctgggg actttctgtg cgacacaccc atactgcaga     28020
     cattaagtat gatctgggaa cggcgtttct cgatccctcg ggatggatga attcagccag     28080
     ctcttagccc agtttcttga ctgtttagtc agctgtggaa gctgacaccc cgaccgcctc     28140
     agagcgcctg cttcctctca ggttgctctc cgcagtgtgc atcttctttt ggacttctgc     28200
     tgtcagcacg tttgtttaag aaacagcaaa cacttgtttg tgcagggccc cttcctaggt     28260
     gcttaaatga tggggtctct ctccagagga ccttgaagta tgacttatca atatttttag     28320
     agccatactg catttggtct tgttcaggtg tgtggtcccc attccaagat gacttcattg     28380
     tcttgtaact cacaagtcat aatgagggaa ctggtggcgc tgatttgcta accttagaag     28440
     tcctgacaag ccactgcatt tgtctctggc tgatgatgct ggttggttag aggacagaaa     28500
     ataactctcc ctctgcaaaa aggagcctct ttaagagaag cttcagtttc caatccccaa     28560
     gtcagtcctt actgttgagc ataacagaca caaaatccca ctaagtgctt gctgactgaa     28620
     agactcaaga tgagccaggc ctgtggtgta ggttaagatc cccgtgctca ggagacgggg     28680
     gtgggggagg gggtatgggg gtgtggggtg gggggggtgg ggggtggggg tggaaggagg     28740
     taggaaggtc actggggagt ttgaaaccag tctgatttac atagcaagct ccatgccagc     28800
     cagggctaca ttgcaagacc ttttctaaaa cagacaggca gacagaatat ttttctgtga     28860
     aagcaaaata caaggagaca ttcttctaca atggaagtga gagataagca ataggaagac     28920
     atttgaccac tgggatatgg agtgggagca aggtaccatg caaggaaact ctgagccccc     28980
     ccccccccaa gccggcatca gtccctgctg aggaacccgg ctcacactga gaacgtggcc     29040
     ttcctctttc agaccttacg agcggctggg aaaacgtaca tgatcttctt tgtcttggtg     29100
     atcttcgtgg gttctttcta tttggtgaac ttgatcttgg ctgtggtggc catggcttac     29160
     gaagagcaga accaggcaac actggaggag gcagagcaga aagaggcaga gttcaaggcg     29220
     atgctggagc agctcaagaa gcagcaggag gaggcgcagg tgagtgggca gccctgcgtg     29280
     ccccgccttc ttccgggtct cagaggctaa ggctcccact gattggctga ttgccagtgc     29340
     acacgctctt ttattgactt tctcaactca gcattcaact cctgtggtga ctggaagcga     29400
     gcgacaagca gtttctgctg tggcactgtc tggtttgttt attggctcag ggttggagac     29460
     tgaacacaga gcttcgtgca tctgtgcact gggcaatacc ccacacctac ccactttctg     29520
     attagagaaa cactgggata cccttgatgg gttcactatg gccagagaat attatttcta     29580
     acttaaaaca aaatacaggg gcctggggag agaacgcaga cagtgaagtg cttgccacag     29640
     aagggtgagg acccaagttg atccccagaa tccacacaaa aagccagaca tggtggctcc     29700
     ctgaagccgt gtccataggt ggaaataggt gggtcccagg ggtcctggcc agccagccta     29760
     gcctacttag tgagttccag gctagtgaga gaccctgtct cacaaaacaa ggtgagtgga     29820
     atcctgggtt gacctctagc ctcaaccata tacatttgca cacacacata tacacacata     29880
     cacacaggca cacacacaca aatacacaca catacaaata cacacacata gaaatacaca     29940
     gacacacaaa aatacacaca catgcacaca caaatatata cagatagata cacacaaata     30000
     tatacaaata cagacaatac acaaaaaata cacacacata cacacacata tacacaacac     30060
     acacatattt aaggaggtga gagacacagt gagacggctc agtgggcggt cacgggagct     30120
     ttccacatga gcctggtgac ctgagcttga tccccagaat gcaaaaactg actttataaa     30180
     agttgtcctt tgatatctgt atgcacacac atagacacac tcccacgcac atacatacaa     30240
     taataaatag gttttaaaca cttaaaatga agatgttggc aaaaaataaa acttagaaac     30300
     aatttgttat tctattactg ttaatatgta acttcctact tgtatatatg agtcacatga     30360
     gtcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacatt gcagtgtttg cccgctactg     30420
     tgtaatatcg tttctaagcc ttcatttcca ttgtcactca cttcatcctt tggtatgaag     30480
     acagcagcca ggtccttacc tgggatgctc agaataaatc tccagcatgc tcaccatgag     30540
     atgtgctggc catcttggcc tgagtaccag gatgcaagtt cacagagagt ggaagcagcc     30600
     agtgctgacc tcagcctcct ccagcaggat gggcttcccc atgtccgtgt ctgttagtgt     30660
     ctgattgggt ggccccagat aatgcttctg accaggtcta ttgctgtggt ccctttccta     30720
     ggctgctgca atggccactt cggcgggcac cgtctcagaa gatgccattg aagaagaagg     30780
     ggaagatggg gtaggctctc cgaggagctc atctgagctg tctaaactca gttccaagag     30840
     cgcgaaggag cgtcggaacc gacggaagaa gaggaagcag aaggagctct ctgaagggga     30900
     ggagaagggg gaccccgaga aggtgtttaa gtcagagtcg gaagatggca tgagaaggaa     30960
     ggccttccgg ctgccagaca ataggatagg gaggaaattt tccatcatga atcaggtaaa     31020
     gtctgtgtat tgtctcaaat aaaccaagag agtcccgctt tcttcatcct gcttggcctt     31080
     gcagctccca ggctcctccc cagcacctgt ccttcctccc cctggtcaga caggcccagg     31140
     gctgtagtct cctacttggc agccttgcct cacactagtg actacttcac actagcaagc     31200
     tgtaggtcaa aacaccagaa gggacttttt cccctcctag tggccaaact gccccataac     31260
     aattgtgtgt gagtgttgct aatgatagct gttgtgaaag tcttaggggt aatttatttg     31320
     agcctgtgtg aaagcttgtt atttggcaca tgctgataat cccaacactc cagtggctaa     31380
     ggcaagagga tcccgagtcc agagccaacc tgcaaagcaa gcccctatgt caggaaaata     31440
     acacatgctc caagcaggaa tggatacctt taatcctagc attcaggagg cagaggcagg     31500
     aggatctctg aatttgaggc ctgcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccagatc agccagggct     31560
     acacagagac cctgcctcaa agaaaagaac cctgactgct cttgcagaga acccaggttc     31620
     gatccctagc tcccacttgg tagcccacaa cctaactcca attccagagg atccaatgcc     31680
     accttctgcc ctccatgaac accaggcatg catatagcac acagacagac agacaggcag     31740
     gcaaaacaca catgcacgta aaataaataa taaaatttca aaataaacaa ataataaaca     31800
     caaagaagag tctggatgaa atcagcattt ttataatgcc ggtagacaaa agacagcagt     31860
     accaggttac agagcggtgt gcagcaggat agccttggcc acggtcttgg acaacgcgga     31920
     aatagatgta gtcgttagcg agaaagggca ccttatccct tattccgtga gatctcagga     31980
     aataggcaaa ggtggacagg aagattctcc tgactgcttt catttttcca tatcatagga     32040
     aatataaaat cttgtcaaag gaaatgagct tgacttggac attagagaaa tagtgacaat     32100
     ttagaatagt ttagttaggg gctggagaga tggctcagca gttaagagca ccgactgctc     32160
     ttccagaggt cctgagttca gttcccagca accccatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaat     32220
     gagatccgat gccctccact ggtgtatctg aagacagcta cagtgtactc ataaataata     32280
     taaataaata aaattttaaa acagaatagt ttaattaaaa agaatgagag gatttcccta     32340
     atgagggtaa ttctgtctgc taatcaagtc ctggctcctt atcatcgagt tcatggagtc     32400
     gcctgcacca gcgtgcatac gatcattctc cagtctcagt cattggaccc catcaggtgt     32460
     ccaccagtta tttcacatat gtgactgctg gtttctgcca tgtgtggaat tgtcccatat     32520
     gtaaatgtcc acatcacaga tgatcttcac atcttgccgt gaagaactgt ctcctggtcc     32580
     ttcctcccag agcagaaatc tccgctccat ctttccatca cattgtacaa gcctccttgt     32640
     tgctttttac tgtgtgtgcc ttctgtctat gcatttgctt atgtgccttc tggctatgtg     32700
     ccttctatct atgcatttgt ttatgtgcct tctatctatg catttgttta atgtgccttc     32760
     tgtctatgta tttgtttatg tgcctttcat ctatgatttt ttaattttca tatcctttct     32820
     tctactcaag tcctaacctc tgctttcata cccatggctg tcattcagac acagttagcc     32880
     aaatgaacac aggacttgta gaaacctgat ttccctccct ctaggatgcc atcatggccc     32940
     acaggccacc tctgcatcac cttcacaccc ccctttttcc tggtcctgct ctcttggggc     33000
     ctgtgtctgc agctttgctg tagttctgtc cttgtcttga gagtatcact gtgctccgca     33060
     atggaaacct ctcggttcct aggcttggct gttggatact ctctgattat ctataggctt     33120
     tagcagagtc ccagtgattg ctctctcact taggaagtaa aactgggaaa tagaaaaaaa     33180
     aaaaaaaaag tagattgcta gcagacgtgg ctgactatgt gccaagactg gctttagact     33240
     taaacacctc acactaacaa tgttctttgc cctgagactc tcttgctgtt tctctgactg     33300
     tattgtgttc ccagccgtcc ttcttcactg gtacacagac atggtttaag ggattttcag     33360
     ttttccacag cacagttcag gtatagcttc atttcttctc cattctcatt gtttgtttgt     33420
     ttgcttgctt gcttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt caagacaggg tttcactgtg     33480
     tagataaata gatgtcctgg ctgtcctcaa actcactcag tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa     33540
     ctcacagagc tctgcctgtt tctgcctccc aaatgctggg attaaaggtg tgcgccacta     33600
     tgcctggctt gctgtcatcg gacatctccc aaaccctcgc tctccactca tttctctcag     33660
     ttttcaggac tcaccacact cccgttacag ttatcctgaa gctgtgcttc tgttttgtaa     33720
     agtgtctcct gttgtagaag ttctcaggtc tttatggtct tagaacatct ttatattttt     33780
     aaaaattatc gaggggtcaa tgagaggact cagtaggtaa aggaccttgc tgccaagcct     33840
     gaccacatga gttcagttcc tggaacagac acgaatggct tcccacaagg tgcacacatg     33900
     tgcacagcag catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgta aatgtaaaag tgacggaggg     33960
     ccccacatgg cttttttctt taaaaatatt ttagtctatg ttattaggag ctatatttaa     34020
     gaaaacttat acatatttat gtattttaaa cttccacatg ctgatatact aaactccttt     34080
     gctgttttgt accaacagct cttaaaccat gcatgatggt agcacgcatt actctttgcc     34140
     aaactttggt tccctggcct atgcagagct tccaaatgct ggggaaatct tagaagcctt     34200
     caaatatagc aaagctgtca gcccacagct tccctcagat gctcgtgaga aaataagaat     34260
     aatttaaaaa gttatcatct cagcattatc accaaacagt tttgacctgg ctgggaggca     34320
     gagtggttag gtaggtctct agaagtccta gtatcacatt ttaagaatca cttttggaaa     34380
     gaaaatggtg agggaaaaat aaataggctg tttaagacca tctatccatc tatcaactac     34440
     aagtcatcta tcatctatat atcgcctatt atctatcatc aatctatcta tcatccatca     34500
     atcatctatc ctctatccat ctatcatcta tttacctatc atctatcatc tatgtatcta     34560
     tcatctgtta tctatatacc tacctatcat ttattatcta tcaacctatc atctattatc     34620
     tatctatcat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctgtcatatt     34680
     tcaaatatgg tcacatgcct gtggatgtct acagatttat gtatggagaa tggaaaggcc     34740
     tgtcccttag gtccttatgt atggagaatg gaaaggcctg tcccttaggt ccttatgtat     34800
     ggagaatgga aaggcctgtc ccttaggtcc ttatgtatgg agaatggaaa ggcctgtcct     34860
     taggttctta tgtatggaga atggaaaggc ctgtccctta ggtccagagc acccgagagc     34920
     tattctccca agaaaaacct atagaaggtc atatttctta agtagctatg atgtgaccat     34980
     ctgagaaggg ccagaagcac tcacttggtt gacaagaaca atttttaaaa taagaagcaa     35040
     gaccttctcc tttcatgaac ctgactggtc tcaggagtga atagagccat ggccctgaga     35100
     cccaataggt attttattaa ataaaattaa attttatcat caagtaaata gagtgtcttt     35160
     ctttagacaa tgcacaaagc agtgtcagtg gaacatgatc cagttgaggg gtaacaggga     35220
     cctgtgagca tggccagttt gcagtgtata atcagagtat aagccattga agctagttat     35280
     atctactata tagaaagcag cccaagagat ataaggagat gaaaatggca tgaagcttgt     35340
     aagggccttg tagatggtcc aaggagattt aacaactata aaaaggatgc catactcaca     35400
     aagaggtgct tgacactgtg caagggttgg ggaagttaac aggaagaagc cgaacaatgg     35460
     gaaggaagag aatttagaca acaggaaagg agtggtgtgg cagccacaga gaaggaaagt     35520
     cctgtggcag ggtggctgcc tggtgcacac ttgaagggca gcaatgatat taacgaaaac     35580
     acctcccaat cctggaatag gccttactgc atctcctgat gtacaaattg ttaaggatga     35640
     ctctgggagc taccaaaggt gctcccggtt tgctttgtcc atacgtcttt ctagtgaggc     35700
     tctcagatgc tttgtgtcgc tgagcagttt attaaatttc ccttatatct ggcccctata     35760
     gttgcctgtg agtgttcctt catgtgtgac ttaaccaacc caaagctact gtccctagct     35820
     acttcctttc tgtgcaagct agtatttccc ttccctaaac cactccagag ctgagtacct     35880
     agcagtccaa tactatctcc atagctcaca tacactccac attattaaaa ttctccagtt     35940
     tggggctgtc tcagacctgc ctctcctgct ttgaccattc cctcctacaa accacaccag     36000
     tgtggtcctg cacacgatgg attgagcagc tgtctggggc agaggcacag actcctctca     36060
     ctgtgtcctt ttgttggtgg ttattgctga ggcaggatct tgatgttata gcctagtctg     36120
     atcacaaact tgtgtgatcc tcctgcctca gccttctgag ttctggaatg actgcatgca     36180
     cagcttttgt ttttatattt ttttttaaga tttatttatt ttatttatat gagttcacag     36240
     acacaccaga agagggcatc agatcccgtt acagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc     36300
     tgggaattga actcaggacc tctggaagag cagtcggtgc tcttaaccgc agagccatct     36360
     ctccagccag tgatttttat atcttaagac accatctttc agccagacat tttttaccag     36420
     actgtctgtg gtgaaggatt agttactatt tcctccagtt gttcatgagc tgatactatt     36480
     gtaacatgta acaacaatga atttctagaa attatcatat tctttggtgt tatgacaatg     36540
     ttaattgcca taaaatttcc tagtgtgcat ttgtcttact gtaagccagt aagctttgtg     36600
     ctagctttga tctgcaaagg ctgcactcat cactcagact gagtagaaca agcgcaggaa     36660
     tccagtgagg acgcacatgc acacgtgtaa cacgcacaca tgtaagacaa gaaaaggaaa     36720
     gtagagaggc ccggatctcc cttaccagcc cacaacttgg gagaaggaag tctagagctg     36780
     accatgtgtg tgccctcata atgccagcgc tcattcacaa acaggataca atcagcatta     36840
     tggaatctaa ccgcagtgtc atccactctc accaccagga tgtgtcagaa tagtaatgga     36900
     gggtgctggg tcctccttta acatttatta ctgaacaagg cctgtgtgtg gcatgccaca     36960
     agcattccac aatgacttta ccttcacata ggtgaaaata acctatgtat gattcatgac     37020
     tctctctttg tttttacttt tgttttgttt ttttgtggta ctgggggtag agctcagccc     37080
     cgtgtgaaac tccagcaagc gctgtaacag gctgtgcttc cagtcctgat tttgattttc     37140
     ttggtgtgat ccccagtgat aaaactcaga tatgtctcag aagtttgtgg gttttagagg     37200
     caagtcagga aaagaccaag cagcaagtgg aagacacggg tgatgtgcat tgaattagaa     37260
     ttcttcaaag agaatgtaac ccatttaggg acagaggctt tgtgcattac aaaaagagaa     37320
     gggacctaga aacactttgg aacatagaag cagaaatgaa attctggaca gtcaagggca     37380
     aaatcctgaa cacagcagcc ctaccagggt tattattatt aactgcgtat tgcagttttc     37440
     ctttaatgtt tgcaatatgt atgctatatt gacacagtag tcattttagc agaaaagtag     37500
     gcctaaactc tgaggcaaaa aactctggct acagctttga actgtaaaat ttccctcaaa     37560
     gcctggtgcc ttcctcttac agaagttagc tcgccctggg ctttgtctcc ctttcagcac     37620
     ctgaagactt aggaaccaga tctacccgtg acctacacag agctgtggct gagatcaagc     37680
     cccggggccc aaagctcccc tgcagtaccc tccccatgcc ccaccctacc ccatcccagg     37740
     tcagcttatg cgactccttg ccctaaggat gtcagctgaa aggagtattg aaagcattgg     37800
     tgcctacaaa gtcttcttta aaacaggaac cttaactaca ccacaacact ttcctcctat     37860
     gcatctatta agagaaaaat agttataatc aaatattctg aaatgctgta aattcaggat     37920
     tggaattatt atgagtggca cacatacttt ttcaagtgaa agcaagttta atttgaccac     37980
     ttcctttgat atagaaaact acctttgtgg aatagatcat atttcagact cccttaaact     38040
     aatgacagta aatctgcagt cttaagactc tgatacaatg tatttagagc aggtactgtg     38100
     agactgtaat acaatgtatt tagaacaggt actgtgagac tgtaatacaa tgtatttaaa     38160
     gcaggtacta tgaaactctg atacaatgta cttagagcag gtactatgag actctgatat     38220
     aatgtattta aagcagatac catgagactc tgatacaatg tacttagagc atgcactatg     38280
     agactctgat ataatgtatt taaagcaggt agcatgagac tctgatacaa tgtacttaga     38340
     gcatgtacta tgagactctg atacaatgta tttagagcag gtaccatgag actctgatac     38400
     aatgtattta gagcaggtac cacgagactc tgatacaatg tatttagagc aggtactgtg     38460
     agactgtaat acaatgtatt tgaagcaggt actatgaaac tctggtacaa tgtacttaga     38520
     gcaggtacta tgaggctctg atataatgta tttaaagcag gtaccatgag actctgatac     38580
     aatgtattta gagcaggtac tattataaaa ttcttttgct ttaaaatatc cacactgttg     38640
     ataatttaac atggttttgc ttgtcccttt ttctgttgtg ttagccagag ctgccttaga     38700
     gtaagagtag cacacagtgt ccgagaatca ttaatatccc cctttccaag accctcagca     38760
     ttcaggaaag gggctgcttc tagccaggca acacattcac tagcaagttc accacgctcc     38820
     atgctcaaca aaatgaaaag gagtgagttc atcatctggc aggtccttaa aatacatctg     38880
     gctgcacatc tggctgctag tctgcagtat ggttttcggc atataacttg gaaggagttc     38940
     aaagaattga atgacattat aatacaattc tttccaagat aatatttaca tgaataaggg     39000
     gcccaaccct taaaatcgat tattaggaat gagcgtgggt gagtcatagc ttcctcccct     39060
     cataagtaac cctgtcaaca aacggggaag cgcgaactta aaaaacaaaa caaaacagcc     39120
     atctcactga aaggtgtgca tcaatagcta cttttaagtt aattgcttgt caaatataca     39180
     ctagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat tgtgtttgtg     39240
     cgtgtgtgat caggtacatt cataaaaact ataatctgag agaaattgaa aaatatctca     39300
     gggactcatc accacagaag gaagttttaa attttagagg cgcttctttt gttcagaaaa     39360
     gtattcagtg gtgatcaata aaacacttgt aagcataaac atgcactttc ataaaatttt     39420
     agagggagtg tgcaaagaaa atatgctgaa agataaaaat aaatgaaaaa tttggtagag     39480
     tcttgaacat gtcagtgctg ggaaataaat tatttacaac gatttaaatt ctgattttaa     39540
     aaggtgttag cttgaaagta gaggagagtc ggctgactaa acagtggtgt tttctagttc     39600
     tatcagaact ccagcaggtt cccatggaga gagggcaagt tctgattttg ctaggtgggc     39660
     catggagtcc caagttgggt ggcgttaaat gcacattctg tgggagctgg tcgtaagcac     39720
     aagaaacagt gatttgcaag cagggtccat tggagatcct gggtatttgg gcagcgaggt     39780
     gtgattaaga gtaagatgtt tggtaacaga ccaacctccc acaggacttt ctgggtcccg     39840
     gtgtggccag aggacagcag gggcgcattg ggcagggcca catagggcag ggggaggcca     39900
     tgtctctggg ccgtggggct gcttggtctt actcctctct ttctctttct ctctctctct     39960
     ccctctctct catcccccac cacccagtcg ctgctcagca tcccaggctc gcccttcctt     40020
     tcccgacaca acagcaaaag cagcatcttc agctttcggg gtcctggacg gttccgggac     40080
     cccggttcgg agaacgagtt cgcagacgac gagcacagca cagtggagga aagtgagggc     40140
     cggcgcgact cgctcttcat cccgatccgc gcccgcgagc gccgcagcag ctacagcggc     40200
     tacagcggct acagccagtg cagccgctcg tcgcgcatct tccccagcct gcggcgcagc     40260
     gtgaaacgca acagcaccgt ggactgcaat ggcgtggtgt cgctcatcgg gcctggctcg     40320
     cacatcgggc ggctcctgcc tgaggtgaaa atagataagg cagctacaga cagtgtaagg     40380
     aaggacatgg tgggcggggc taggcatggc agcctcccct cctgcagcct cctgcctgcc     40440
     ttcctggcct cgtgggctgc cttcccttct ctccactgtc cctcctcggt ttccctttac     40500
     tcgacctcag tcttccctca ctcctttccg tagtttctgc ttcatctcct cctgcctttc     40560
     cgggctcttc ctaatttacc tctttccctt ttcctccatc taaacaaatc aggccgccct     40620
     ctgcccctcc ctctatacac acacgctttg attgactgca ggacagaatg aaaaatgacc     40680
     atttgccact accagtgagt gacctagtct gagctggttt gaaatcactg cttcttttcc     40740
     gtcatctttt cccgactagg aaaacagctt ggaatttaaa gactttactg tttcaattta     40800
     aatatatatt gtttttgagt tattttctgc ccctatacag gatgagacat tttttttttt     40860
     ccaaagagaa atgatcatac ttgatgctgg ggtggaagtt gtaccagaca agcaagccag     40920
     gagtggtaac tggacccaga gtatcagaat ggattggaat ggggaactga ggagccggga     40980
     aagtgggagg ttggggcacg aacacatgct ttatggggga ggaaggaaag aaaagaaagg     41040
     cagaagataa atttaagtgg agtcgattgt caggctctgg aggaggaaca cataatagct     41100
     tctaagggct cagtaacggt tccctctttg ggaaaagcca tctccacatt tctttaaatt     41160
     ctaagctctt tttaaaaagt tttaaattac tagacctcag tagtcctaac cctgcctact     41220
     tccagctttt taacgtctgc aactggtgtg ggcctcttga ggcagcatgt tcttctaacg     41280
     gtctaacccc tctgtgcctc taacacagca tgaagaccat tagcccctta attagcatgg     41340
     tgcatgtggg aaaggaagca gatcgtgggc aaaatgtctc tgggtgatct gtgttaggac     41400
     tctaggaagc tgttgactgt acagataaag atccgaaagg acagggctgg tatatggaac     41460
     ttaatggaag cagaggtata tctggcatgc ccatggctct ccgttccctc tagcagcaca     41520
     tgctggggtg gaaggaaatg gaaaaaaaga attcaaaagt cggtttgagt tgcctcccct     41580
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cccccctttt atttaaaagg     41640
     aaaatgtctt gtcccttaga cacttagtga tttacaagct acaaatccct ccccccacct     41700
     tccgtggttg tggcaaagca gctacgtttg gttctaggat ccaaccaggg ccatctacat     41760
     agtagaccaa agctctccaa ctgggctaca cctctagaca gcctataagt tagttttaga     41820
     accgttaccc tctgaatacc cagtcctttc cttccagttg gctttaatgt catctctgtc     41880
     tactctgttg gccattgccc ttttggagac ccaattgttt acaggtacaa tgaaaagtaa     41940
     tgacaaacag tgactcggtc cttcaaccag agcgctggcc aaataaacaa agatattacc     42000
     atcttattac attttcattt gattttcact gattctgtag ctagggtgaa ctttgaactt     42060
     gatacccaga tacatattct ctgggaaaac caacaagagt ggacaccagt ggaaagtaag     42120
     gattgggtca cagggtggca cagctgaggc agctcaaaaa ttcaaatatt caaaggcaaa     42180
     ttgaactgtg atgtattgat aaagctgcct ttcccaccct cccccagaga aaaagtatga     42240
     gaggaagtat ctatacgtta gcttagacat gatcaggctg gaggactgga ctgggttggg     42300
     ttgggttgga ttgggttgaa tggtttctgc tgtactgtgt agaaatgttc agttgagcag     42360
     atggcggtgc agtaaggttt ctgtccctcc ctgtactgtg gagtaccatg taggcactta     42420
     ggagattctt taaaatagcc ctatgtgatg ttggaatgaa gagccccaag gccaggagct     42480
     cagaactcca gcacaacaga aagaggcagc aggcaagagc atcattatca tccccgaggg     42540
     cttcatagcc aaggaagcca gaacacttca gttatggctg attcctaatg gtgcaggaag     42600
     atgtgtcagt tatactaaca ggctctcaag aaccaaacag actaagtagg atgcatctgc     42660
     tatgtggtgc gagaccaaat ccacatggag acagatgtgg agggggaaag acaactggtc     42720
     ggaggctaga gacattccct gtgaatgagt gaggtatttt cccaaccttg tgattttctt     42780
     atgtatgtat cgatcaacta cgtccatatt ccgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     42840
     gtgtgtgtgt ctaacccaag gccggcaatc actctatgac tgagctgcat ttatttctat     42900
     cccttgggtt tcggttgctc ccttgccttc actttgtagt tcagattgcc tcaccctcct     42960
     gagcactgag cctgcagacc cgagccacca cagcttgcta ttgcttaatt tttgtgacca     43020
     cactgtaaag taagtgattt ttgtcttcag agagagattt agtaactcgg cgtaagtgaa     43080
     acttgaaccg aggtctccgg agacccaaga gatctttctg acagttaaaa tattagcttc     43140
     tttgcaaagt tagggaaata gtcatttttc ctaagaggaa ataacatatt aattctttta     43200
     tgttaaaaca ttattgtttt aattatgaaa tttaaggtat taattactca tctggaagcc     43260
     tgagccagat aaataatcac tgcatcttta ggctgagata tattgatcct tactatcagg     43320
     tatgttaaga acgaacttgt cttcatacat gttcatgctc tgtggattgg tatagaagcc     43380
     attgatactg tatccagtat ccatgcctag gcatgagtcc agctaagaaa tacaaataaa     43440
     atttaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaaaaga ggggggaggg gagaagaaag tcttctgtgc     43500
     tctatctcat tagcatctca ttagcatctc attagcatct cattagcatc tcatacaaaa     43560
     cattcacacc ctcattgatt atgtggttgt gattgacaga tgggttttct tttttcatgg     43620
     tttagaaatt ttcactcttc ttttttgctg atgcagagga gactcttctg attctttttt     43680
     tgtttgtttg ttttgttttt gttttttgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc     43740
     ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct     43800
     cccgagtgct gggattaaag acgtgcacca ccaccgatgg gaaagggaga acagaaccgt     43860
     tgatctggcg cacgccttta atcccagatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga     43920
     gtgagttcca ggacagtcag ggctacacag agaaaccctg acttcaaaaa caaacaaaca     43980
     aacaaacaaa aacaaacgaa agaaagaaag aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaga     44040
     aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaga ggtgccacca acagtccaga acccacttaa     44100
     ctgagaaatc tgtcgaggga gattgcaaat gtccaggctt tgtctcctgt gatgctcaga     44160
     ggcccctctc tgagagggag gtattgctat tgcctttgtt gttgaagaaa caacagggct     44220
     tcgggaatta agcagcccct ctcccctccc agatcacaca ggaattagtt aaggtgccct     44280
     aagcagtgta aagcttgctc taccttgaaa ctgacgctaa agcacaagct ctcctgactg     44340
     ctcatgggac tctgggacga tttattgctt ggcctgtttt cttctctgta aaaagcaaaa     44400
     ccaaaatgga gaacacaaag ccggaggcct ttgcggtagg ggccacagtg aaggctagaa     44460
     gtcaggctgc ggtgcccggg tgcttacagc ctgactttgc catgctctgc ccgatctctc     44520
     ttagtccaaa gaaggatgga gagagttgtt tgcctgactt ggaaagggtg aggccccttc     44580
     ttagaccata tagatccttt gagaaaaggg agttatggta gacttatttc aaagcagaac     44640
     cccacaggaa ttgtagaaat tcttgactag ttaatgattg taatggttct aaggaagctt     44700
     ttaaaatact ataaatttca gttataagaa agtgattgat ggacaggcag tggtggcgca     44760
     cgcctttaat cccagaacct gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt tgaggccagc     44820
     ctggtgtaca gagtgagttc cagaacagac agggctacac acagaaaccc tgtcttgaga     44880
     ggaaaaaaaa aaaaagtacc tggcggcaga tgaagttcag ttgtgattcc tcgtgaaagc     44940
     aagtttgtat cagtatgaag ctgtagcttc cttgggtaga tcttgagaaa tgtgggcagg     45000
     actggccacc tgcagatgta gtcgcatctt tatgacaatg actccagttt aagaggctgg     45060
     gcatcagtag catcggagca tcctgataga cttcgtgttt gggctaagaa agatggtgat     45120
     ggagctagct tgtacgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tcctgggatt     45180
     ccagggtgtg tgtgtttcct gtgaccccag ggtatgagtg tatgtgtatg agtgtgtgtg     45240
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttcctgg gattccagtg tgtgagtgtg     45300
     tgtgtcttgg gattccaggg tgtgtgtgtt tcctgtgacc ccagggtatg agtgtatgtg     45360
     tatgagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tcctgggatt ccagggtgtg tgtgtttcct     45420
     gtgaccccag ggtatgagtg tatgtgtatg agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     45480
     tgtgtgtgtg tttcctggga ttccagtgtg tgagtgtgtg tgtcttggga ttccagggtg     45540
     tgtgtgtttc ctgtgacccc agggtatgag tgtatgtgta tgagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     45600
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttgtttgtg tgtttcctgt cactccaggg tttcatgcat     45660
     gttaggcaag cactaagttt acatcattga gctacaactc cagcctcttt actttctttt     45720
     agatagagtc tcactgtgta actcgggcct tgaatttgtg atcttcctgc ctcagcctcc     45780
     tagtgtggga ttgcagatgt gtgccacaaa gcctgagcaa cccagcccaa aagtcaataa     45840
     cccactcacc tcacctcagt gaccctcagc tcccctcccg tgtggtaaga gttggcagca     45900
     gcttctagaa ggggtcgcct cccagaatcc ccaggagaat tagagatgaa aagcccacca     45960
     tacagctgct ctttctgagg gagtctaact tcggtagcca tggcctgact ggagaaacaa     46020
     cagccagcat tgctcataaa agtgtaaaat gtgacagccg ctttggccag tacttcttgc     46080
     tgttcatcag aaagtcacac agcattgtct tgcatcctag caaagctgct cctaccaaga     46140
     attgaagcaa gttaccacaa aacaggtaca tcattcgtca ggtcacagtc agaagtggga     46200
     caacccaagt ccatcagctg atgaacaaat gtgtcccggc tccacaaagg ggaggaattc     46260
     atctgtgaag tagagcaagg ttttacgtgc cgtggacgaa gctttaaaca agctaagtga     46320
     agctgcgtta caaaggccac ataccacatg attctgttta atgaaaagcg gcaaatctgt     46380
     cgagacggaa atcagattat tgattggccg agtctagcag agagtgtaat taggagtgac     46440
     tcctgaccga tccagccgtt agagagtggt gatagatagt tgagttgtac ggaactatca     46500
     atattctatc tatgactgaa gtaagtcact cattttagaa tggtttgaaa tgataatttg     46560
     ttgcgtgtat ttccatttca ttttttttat tggaaaagaa gaagtgagaa ccaagaacct     46620
     ggcttttcag cagcagcatt cttgacctca gaaagagagg acgtgttggg cccgaccgcc     46680
     caacttggag ttctgtgcac ttggaatcta gcgggttggg tttcctagtg acgcgcatgg     46740
     tttttctcgg catgacacct ggttccatct gtgcttggtg atgcttagtg atgtccttag     46800
     gcaacttcag ctctagctta tgtcatcgta ggagctgccc atccttatgt taatcagtct     46860
     gagctgataa atgctaggga gagcatctgc aggcaggctg tgagcaggtt acccgtgaaa     46920
     acctagagcc atggtctgcc aaaggaccca agcccctgga ttatggcgaa cagcccaggg     46980
     agccagcctc attggccact cccttaatta ttgttttcat tcgcaactaa ggtccaagct     47040
     taccagagca agtgggtcat gctcccagtc agttatgtgg gacactcacc tttatgaacc     47100
     agtagcttcc tcatgtccat ggccacgccc agtgcctgct ctttcaccca gtaaagcctc     47160
     tggcttcttg gcatgcctgg tgtgttggtt tctatatgct tgggccagag agtggcacta     47220
     ttaggaggtg tggccttgtt ggagaaagtg tgtcaccttg ggggtgggcc ctagtcctag     47280
     ctgcctggag gccagtcttc tcttagagac cttcagatga agatgtagac ctctcagctt     47340
     cttcagcacc atgcctgcct ggaggctgcc atgctcccca ccttgatgat atgatactgg     47400
     actgaacctc caagccagcc ccaattatat gttatccttc taagagtttc cttggtctgg     47460
     tgtctgttca cagcagtaaa accctaacta agacacctgg agttgcagag aaaatgcaga     47520
     tgacaagtgg ctatagcaca gtctgaattt gcagcatgcg ttctgttccc ataacagaga     47580
     taagagaggg tacttagaca catactctgt gacccagatt ccctgtcaag ccattcactg     47640
     ttagcttgtt tggccctgtg taactcttac ccaagagtca ccagaattgc tggtaaaagg     47700
     gggaaggact ctctggcaat tacagatcac tcccctaatg ttagccttac tacatcagga     47760
     gtctgccctg ccctgacatg cctgctccct cgtcctagtc tggttcccct acgctgggtg     47820
     gcatttctaa tctgcttacc gtattcttgt tcatatgtgt cgtcttgtaa agtatatggt     47880
     tttcaccttc ctatattaag caaggtgttt ttgtttttga ggtatacctg ggtacatagt     47940
     tcattcctta ttactgctgg atggatcgca ttgcctagat ataacacatc attcagggtg     48000
     ttccagtttg cagctgatat gaattagctt gctatgagta ccttttcttg aaaatggatt     48060
     ttttttaata cagtacattc tgattatggt ttccccccct taactcctcc cagatgctcc     48120
     ccacctcctt atctacccat atccacgccc tttccttctc tcacgaggag acaaacatct     48180
     aaaacaatta ctactaataa tacaatatta ttaattaatt aattaacaaa cagaagaaaa     48240
     agagccaaag aaaaagccca agaagcatat gtggatgcgg acacacacat acacacagac     48300
     acacacacac aggtgcacac acacacacac acacacacaa agacagaatc ccattaaaaa     48360
     cacaaaactg gaaactatta tatatatgca aaggggcaaa gggcctgtaa ggtcaagaca     48420
     gaataaagtt cttgctctct tctcttgctc ctgctccctt accattttcc ccctctctcc     48480
     ccattcccct ccccctctct ctctacgtac tcagagccaa cctctctcta ctccttctct     48540
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct tcccctctcc ctctccctct     48600
     ccctctctct ctttctcttt ctttattaca cccccaactc ccctccccat gccctaaata     48660
     aactctattc tatcaagaga gaaagagaga gagaaccctc acaaagcatt atgagacaaa     48720
     acccctcaaa aaatgccgtt gaattcatgt tgcgttagcc atctactgct gggcatggac     48780
     ccgccttgaa gagtggtttg tataatcaat gagactctgt tgatgaaaac caatttttca     48840
     tctgcaagca gttgtaattg gagaaagctt cgaggttagg gtcacgtcca cttcctctct     48900
     tagcacattg accccagcag gttcagacct gcacagggcc tgtgcatcct gccacagtct     48960
     gtgtgacctc gtgtgtgtat ctgtcctgcc tggtcccctt gctgtcctcc atccccgctg     49020
     actcttaccg tcttcccagt tccagttcca cagggttccc agagccacag ggcagggatt     49080
     tgatgaaaac atctcattta ggccttagtg tttcaaggtc tactctctgt acagtgtcca     49140
     gctgtgggct ctgtgttccc ctctaatgca ggaggaacct tctctgagga cggctgagca     49200
     agacattcat ctatgaatat agcagatgct gttaggattc attttgttgc tatattcctt     49260
     tagaagagtg gtagaattca gttttccccc atgtccctgg cctatgtagt ctcaggtcct     49320
     tggccaccca agcagtgtca gggatgggct ccatctcatg aagtgagcct aaaatccagt     49380
     ctgatccatt ggtctgcaat agtgggtctt gcaggcaggt caccattgta gattgaaggg     49440
     cttgtggctg ggttggtgtt cacctttctc cattggtagc gtaacgagct ccttccatag     49500
     ccttggaaat agtctgggtt gtcccataga gccctttcgg ctaacaatta tattagctgt     49560
     aacccatttc cagtactggg agcttcattt ggtgatgggg atgtccagtt gagcctctgt     49620
     ctcctatgct atttggcagt tccatttaga tcacttttct gtgtatgtat ttcggaagct     49680
     tgtacagtac cgggtttcca caggggccct cgaatagccc aagttctagc tccatccatg     49740
     tacttttgaa tttcatgatt ttatattttt aacagctgag taataaccta ccatgtaggt     49800
     gttccacgtt ttctttatct atttatccac taataggcat ctaatctgtt tccactttct     49860
     ggctattatg aattgagcag cagtgaacat ggttgaacaa gtgtgtctgt agcgggatgt     49920
     agagtccctg aggtatatgc ctgagtggta tagctggctc ttgaagtagg tgtaggccca     49980
     gcttcctggg aaaccaccac tctgctttcc atagtagctg aacgtttgca gccccacgag     50040
     cactggatag ttgatcctct tactccacgt cctcccacaa tggatgggtg ctcctcttac     50100
     tccatgtcct cccacaatgg ataggtgttc ctcatactcc atatcctccc acagtggatg     50160
     gatgctcttc ttactccaca tcctcccaca atggatgggt gctcctctta ctccacgtcc     50220
     tcccacaatg gatgggtgct cctcttactc catgtcctcc cacaatggat gggtacacct     50280
     tactccacgt cctcccacaa tggatgggtg ctcctcttac tccacgtcct cccacaatgg     50340
     atgggtacac cttactccac gtcctcccac aatggatggg tgctcctctt actccacgtt     50400
     ctcccacaat ggatgggtac accttactcc acgtcctccc acaatggatg ggtgctcctc     50460
     ttgccccatg tcctcccagc atgagctgtc acttctgttg ctgatcttta ccattctaac     50520
     tggtgtaagg tggaatctca aagcagtttt gatttgcatc ttcctgatga ctaaggctgt     50580
     tgaacatttc cgtgtttctc aaccatgtgt gtttcttctt tcaagaatac tgtttagatc     50640
     catgtactcc attttaattg agttgttttc ttgatgtcca ttttttttta gttctttagt     50700
     tgactttaaa agtttttttt tcccattctt ttgcctactc tttagtcaga atgatggggt     50760
     gtgtcctttg catacagaag cttttcaatt tcataaggtc ccatttatta attgttccta     50820
     gtgcctgtgc tctcagtgtt ctgttcagaa agccttctcc cgggtaatga gttgaacact     50880
     attcccctct ttctcttctg tttgagtcga tggaccaggc ctttgttgag gtccctgctc     50940
     tccttcagtt atcttattgc tttagctagg atgtccagtg ctgtagttga ctagatctgg     51000
     agagagtgga cagccttgtc ttgttccaga tttgagtgga aatgctttga atttctctcc     51060
     atttaggttg atattggcct tgggcttgct gtaatttgcc tttattatgt tgaggtttgt     51120
     cccttatatc tctaatatct ccagaacttt tatcttgaaa aggtgttaga ttttgtcaac     51180
     ggccttttca gcatctgaga taacctcgtg gttcttatct ttcagtttgt tgatatagtg     51240
     ggttacattt gcaatttata tatgttgaac cgccactgca cctctgggtt gaagtttact     51300
     tgatcatggt ggatgatctt tttgatggat tcctgtattt ggtttgcaag tattttattc     51360
     agaatttttg catctacgtt cataacggaa attggtctgt aattctttgt taggctttta     51420
     tgtggtctgg gtgtcaggtt aactgtgacc ttgtaaaaag aattgggcaa agttcctttt     51480
     gtttttattt tatggtgtag tttgaatatt ggcattcact ctttgaaagg ctggtagaat     51540
     tctgagctaa gtccatctgg ccctaggctg gttttggatg ggaggctttt aatgactgct     51600
     gtttccttag gggttatagg gttatttaaa ttgcttgtct gatcttgatt taactttgta     51660
     agtcatatca agaaaattgt ccatttcttt cacatttttt aaaaatttgg ttgagtatat     51720
     aggtttgaaa gtatgttttt ataattttct ggatttccag tatctgttgt cacatttcgc     51780
     tttgtctcta attttgttaa ttttgatctt ctccctccat cttttggtta attcggctaa     51840
     gagtttgccc agcattgagt ttactcaaag aaacgattct ttgttgcatt gatttttgtt     51900
     tgttttgttg gttctatttt attgatttca tccaccatct actcctttgg ggttttaatt     51960
     ctttgttttg ttctagagtg tttaggtgtg aggttaagat actactatga gatctcgcca     52020
     actttttgat gtaggcaact tagtgctatg aacttgcctc ttagaagtac tttcactgtg     52080
     ccccgcaggt tgtgtatggt gtatgtttac attttcattc aattctaaaa aggtttttag     52140
     ctctttctta atttctatcg tgacccattt tttttttttt atccagtaga gagttgttca     52200
     gtttccctga gtttgtaagc tttgtgttgt tgttgatatc catccagctt tagtccatgg     52260
     tggtcaggta agatgcaggg agttatctaa atttccttgt atttgttgag atttgcttta     52320
     tgtccaagta tgtggatatc agttttgaag aacgctctgt gaggttcaga gaagggggcg     52380
     tattcttttg tgcttaggta aagcaccctg tgaacgtatg ctaggtccat tggtgggtca     52440
     tttagcttaa gcatagctac tgagtttttg tctgggtgac ctgtttattg gtgagattgg     52500
     ggtattgagg tcacccgcta taagtgtgtg gggtcaatgt gtgacttcag ctgtagtggt     52560
     gtctttgtta tttttggctt tgggggttgt tttgcttttt taatgaactt cgatgccctg     52620
     tgttttgtgt ataaatgttc agacttgcaa catcctcttg gcagaatttt cctttgagtt     52680
     tataggatcc ttccctatct ctttggatta gctttggttt gaagtctatt ttgccaggta     52740
     ttaaactgac caaactgatg tgtgtcttgt gtccatttgg ttggaatatc tctatccatc     52800
     attttaccct gaggtaatgt ctgcccttca tgtttgatat gtttcttgga atgtaggaga     52860
     aggatcctgt tttcccattc attttctttt tccgtgtctt tttattagga attgatacca     52920
     tagttgttga gagttatcag cgagcagtgt tggttgattg ctgtggtatg aggatctttt     52980
     tcctctgctc cttaattgct gctctgagat tatttattcc ttgtgatttc atggctgtga     53040
     ttgacctctt taggttgaaa tttttcttct agtgccttca ggagagctgg atttgtagat     53100
     aaatactgct taaatttagt tttatcatgg aatatcttgt tttctccatc tatggttact     53160
     gtaagttttg ctgggtatag tagtctgggc tggcatctgt ggtctcttag agtctgcagc     53220
     acatctgccc aggcccatct gggttttagg gtctccattg aaaagtcggg tgttgtcttc     53280
     agtgccgaag attctgtccc tgttgctgag gcttgctgct gaggctcctg ttcgagttcc     53340
     taaattttct gttcccagtt ttaccaattt gtgctttctt tagtgatccc atttccattt     53400
     ttttgtgtct tgaactcttc tcatcattgc attccaccgt tttgtatgtt ttcatagatt     53460
     tcactaatgg atatatttgt tcatgtcctc tctcaggccc ttgagcatat tcataacagc     53520
     tagtttgaag tcctaggttt gtgcttcagc catatggcat gccctaggcc tcctgtagta     53580
     ggatgctgcg ctctagcgga gactactgtc ctagctgtta ctgaggactc tcaagccggt     53640
     atctggggtg attgtaattc taagtgttgg tttggtcttg tcttgtggtt tctctgtcct     53700
     ctctgaggaa actgtggtgg gtgtgagttt cctggtgggg agtgcttctg agtccctgcc     53760
     tggtgtggcc aatgggaata agggcagacg gaacttattt ctgagtattg ggagctgata     53820
     tgcaggaatg ggaatggcta ggagggcagg gagaggaggc tgagaaggta ccctgcaggg     53880
     agcgtagctg gtatgtcagg aggatctgag agcgcacaga gaatggagga agagagggaa     53940
     gacagggaga tggggtgagg aagggaaaat tgtaggagtg ggtcagctta gttccctggg     54000
     agtgggggta gagacagagg ggaggctgag gagaggctga agcaggtagg gttagtctgg     54060
     agagctggag gggaatgaag cgctcccacg tgatttcaag gcttctgtgg tgtgtgtgtg     54120
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaccctcac     54180
     tgtatggccc tcaccatcct aaaactctgt gtagacgagt ttggccttga actcacagag     54240
     atcctcctgc ccctgcccct accctcttct gagtactggg attaatggtg tgcaccacca     54300
     cacatggctg aaagttttct ttcttattaa atacctttgt ggcgaaatcc tggggttatg     54360
     ataaattatg tttaatgttt atgagaaatt acaaactagt tctctaaagt agttacacta     54420
     tttttttatc ccagcaagtg tattagagag agctttgtta gtctttgatt catttacttt     54480
     atatatttac cttatagtgc tggtgattgt accctagacc tcatgcacgc taaaaaggga     54540
     gcagagagct gccactgaac tataccaact cctgtctttt agttttaaag gaggttggtt     54600
     ttactagttg tcctggctgg cctagaacta agcaggcctt ggtctcacag acatctgccg     54660
     gcctctgctt cccaattgct tgcttttttt ttttttaagt acatgagttt attattattt     54720
     atagtttatt aaaaaaaatt gatcacagcg aggaggtcag cacagcatga gaagcagatc     54780
     cagtcacgtg taaactcgtg actctttact acgtgaggga agcaccactc ttcccacagc     54840
     agagcagctg cgtccagcgc ctctttctcc aggagcccgc ccagggccac agccaccgtg     54900
     tgctccaaag cccacgaggc tggggcacac agagaagcag aggcagttgg actattgaaa     54960
     tgtatcctcg ttttttaaag ctttattttt attattttaa gtatgtatat gtctgtggat     55020
     ccatgcccgt gaatgccagt acccagagtt ccaaggcact gacaggtatt tgtaaaccac     55080
     ctgatgtggg tgctgggaat tgaactctgg tcctcaggag gaccagtgtg tgctcttagc     55140
     cactgagccg tctctccagt ctgtatatgt cctcattagc gcgatgttta agatctttga     55200
     ttgttttttt gttgagttgc tatggttgtt ctagatatag gctctttttt ttttttttta     55260
     aagatgtgaa tacactgttg ctgtcttcag aaacaccaga agtgagtatc gaaccccact     55320
     acagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga actcaggacc tctggaagag     55380
     caatcagtgc tcttaactac tgagccatct ctccagcccc ttagataaag gttctttagg     55440
     acaaaaattt taacattagg gtttttttgt tttgtttttg gtattgcttt ctgcatcttg     55500
     ttcacgagct ctgcttctga ctcggtgcta tgaaaatgtt tttaacgtgg ctcttgattt     55560
     catatccaca tctctgatca tctcaaatta atttcatata aataaggact tataaaatga     55620
     ggactaggct ggatggctat cctgcctctc agaacctctt gtaagcactc tcccctcctg     55680
     gcatgttggg acctgctcac atgcactagt ttatatactg tgagcctatt tctagagtcc     55740
     acttctctac ttatgccaat acatgctgac cttcttcatt ctcacctcat gggaagttct     55800
     aaaatggggc agtacaaatc ttctaaacaa aaatctacat gtatttaaag atgtgtaaca     55860
     gaatccttca aaagctgatt tttaaccttc tgattctttt ttttttaaga tcccctttct     55920
     ttccccagcc tttatatgtc cttattaatt tcacaaccat cagcttcttc cgaaaagcct     55980
     tgacttttga tgggtgcaac gcctggctga tgagtccatt taaagagggc ggccatctta     56040
     gctctaatgt ctgtgaacat ggtgtactcc tttgtttatt taagtcttct gaagtgtctc     56100
     tcagaaaagt cacacaattt actatgagag tgtcttgtct ttctattgct ttattccctg     56160
     gtatcttttt aaaatgcttc aataaggata taatttaaga gctttatttt tgaagtattg     56220
     ccaggatata gaaatgtagt caggttgaat attctatacg ttgtagcatc ttggctctgt     56280
     tagatttgaa gggtttggag aaacttccat cgagtttcta cacatatgat aacactttct     56340
     gtgaataacg ttcatgtttt ccagtttgct ttattgtaca aaagcctgga cttcagattc     56400
     aaccctgata gatgtagtga gagatgccag ccttccttct tccccacatc acaggaaaag     56460
     ggttcacagt tgaaccagga tggatggcgt tgctttgcca gggatgtcct atcaggccga     56520
     tgctgccatg tttgttctct gtcctgccag tctgatgaca gactcacctc agctttcctt     56580
     ggttaaaccc tgttgctggc ccctgtaacc tctctccagg caactcacac gtggtgtgag     56640
     aagatagaaa taagggtgat cctcccttaa taggcttgaa gcttaacttt tctatagttg     56700
     atgtgagtct ttgagcaccc agctaggatt gggagtatgg aatacatgcc caagtccagt     56760
     ccgcggcgga gggaggcgtg ctcgattctg agaaggatca ccattgatgg tctagtgact     56820
     gcaccccacc ttttagcctc cacttttact aatcttattt tttcaaaggt tgttaataat     56880
     gcagtctgaa gaaattattt cttgctatat acagaaacag aaaatagaca ccaaacccat     56940
     aatataagga gtttcccttc catatttgtc atctggtctt ttcaggggtg aacattttga     57000
     aaatcatctg tcatctattc tgtagattga tagaagggcc aactcagtaa aaatctgaga     57060
     tcaatccaat gccagaagta agtgtctaat agagagactt cgtccattca tttttacatg     57120
     gttatcattt ttacagtgta gtagacttaa tatgataatt aaatattcta tcagaatgaa     57180
     aattatggca aaaaatggct tcttagaaac agtaccttat ctgaaataat agttaataag     57240
     tcattcttac atatacagat gtttttatag aactacagga gaggggcgga gctcctccag     57300
     acaggaaaca gcagctgggg aggagctcgg cctcctaaat ttcagtcact ggtgaatctc     57360
     agttttgtca agcaagccaa ttctagccaa atgtgtggct atgagactag gacaggggaa     57420
     cacaggatct gttcccatct ccttgtcccc gggggggctg tggcattcct gcttaagacc     57480
     taaccagagg aggtatttag gtcccagcca gattcttagg ttcactgaag atcgggctaa     57540
     atccagatga cttggtcttc gccacagaac taaagatcat ctgtggccaa cttacgagta     57600
     ggattatagg ggcacgagtc gtttgttgtt tgtttaagcg tctttcggag caggattcaa     57660
     atccagtcag aaagtggctg tttactctca agatgtttgt gctgctgcca cggacagcat     57720
     cttgctggga tatcttgcca gggctgctca atattatagc ttgcagggct catggttgtg     57780
     taagatttgt ggggactcaa gccagaccaa attccagcat ggagcgggga ggtgggcatg     57840
     aagcccaccc ctggctgagg agctcctggg atttgctagc tgcatgggag aggaaggggg     57900
     tgggggacac gaggttggac agacagggaa gaaggtgagc ggatccagga gaagtcggga     57960
     gagggagtgc acgtaatcaa accaccttgt actaaattct taaagaacta gttcaaatat     58020
     atatatatat ttaaaaagcc atgctgatgg gaatggagag atggctcaac agtcaagagc     58080
     actggctact tttccaaagg tcatgagttc aattcccagc aaccacaagg tggctcataa     58140
     tcacatctgt aattggatct gatgccctct tctggtgtgt caaggacagt gtgctcatat     58200
     acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagccttgca gatgataagg ctcttgctca tgcttgactg     58260
     tcaatccact ggggcccaag ccttatgtta gccatatatt actcacccta tttgctttat     58320
     tttatttctc aggcaacaac tgaggtggag attaagaaga aaggccctgg atcgctctta     58380
     gtctccatgg aacaactcgc ctcctacgga cggaaggaca gaatcaacag tataatgagc     58440
     gttgtcacaa acacactagt ggaaggtgtg tgccctgtct tatctatcgg agcagctgag     58500
     ccgtgagtgt gtagtgtgtg tggtaaatac agccccgccc ctcgtaaagc ccgataagcc     58560
     tttcgaatag atcccaccac atacagaaat cagggtcgca aattgtcttc ccaaagctgc     58620
     gtgcagagaa tcaaatgaac cacttcagac ctgcgagcag catcacacac aggtgagaca     58680
     gagggaagag acgcagggaa tgaatcatgg gaggatctca agtagctccg gggaaaccac     58740
     ccttcctggc ctcggcctca tgggtacctt cctcctctct gctctgctga cctactctac     58800
     agccctttag gttttccctg aaggaacttg tacatgtgtt agatcttccc tagctgccag     58860
     tctctgaaag cctccaagag ccacaactat gtgaaatgtg tggctagaac cccgaaccat     58920
     aagcctctct ttgggacttg gtttacaggg agcaagcagc cacttttgca tcataactgt     58980
     ctgcagggtt gttgctgtga aagctgattt ctctgggctg catggcttct ccctgacaca     59040
     gcttggaact gctgggagct tcctttaggc catggtaccc ctggcaagtt ccagcctctc     59100
     tgccattctg gtttatatct ccaggctccg cttggaggtc aactcaggac ctagcgtccc     59160
     tcacaaggat cctcgttggt tctgtttgta ttttactcct ttggtatggg ttctagccga     59220
     gtctggatgt ttctgaggct tcagatatct ggtctcatgg ttcactctgc caggctaact     59280
     cagcaccaag cacagcccct gagatgatgg tgtggatcat tggcttgcta gcctcgggac     59340
     acattttctg agttgtttaa gctcaccgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     59400
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg gtgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctgcctatct     59460
     gtcttactct ctgtgtgttg ggataggggt gccatagaaa gagaacccct aagaaacccc     59520
     tataatagca ttggtacccc cagaggtgca aacagtgaga gatagcactg ggcgtaagaa     59580
     tatcaagttg aacaaccttc tttcagctgc ctgagcagcc gccgttcact ctgggttttc     59640
     agttcccgcg gaggtcaatg actgattctg ggttttcagt cctgttgagg tcagcatttg     59700
     atagagcgtc ttcaaacttt gtggcatgtg tgttgtgtgt gtgtttcagg caaactgctg     59760
     cagactgtaa gaactacaag ctgaggaaca ctagcttgag gattttggct aattttattt     59820
     atgcacttag agcccaagac agacttttcc caagtgtgtg tggcaattga ggtagaaagt     59880
     cacgctccct cagatacatt cattattggc agggacaccg tcacaacaga atgatctgtt     59940
     cagcacagtg attagactga ttgctcattg cagtggtctg gcacagggtc tggccaatgt     60000
     ggagactcaa gcaacaccgt taaactggct tagctgtgcc tggggcagtg gaatattggt     60060
     gtggtatcac ttccggagac tttttttgaa tgtgagcatg gggcacttgt actttgaaag     60120
     ctgactttgt cttcctccct ctgctctaca cattctcttc tttccactag acacacacac     60180
     tctcacacac actcacatat acacactcac acacacatac acatactcac tcacacacat     60240
     tcacacacat acacacttac atacatacac actctacaca cacactctca cacacccaca     60300
     tattcacata cactcacaca catacacact catacatacc acacatatgc atacacacat     60360
     acacatatac tcatacactc acacatatat atgtacccat atatgtgtgt gcatgcatgc     60420
     acatgcttgc acacgcatgc acacacatgc ttgcacacgc atgcacacac acacacacac     60480
     acattcacac aggacagaag catcactcag gggatggaga tggctgtagc tgtaattatg     60540
     tttcctaagg aagaaagcta ttccagcact tctctgttgg taggttcgac tgttcccata     60600
     gcctgtgcct gtcctatcac cacaccctcc agtcctgtac tttgtcttgt ctcctttaat     60660
     tgaagctgag gagctgggac tgctataagc aaagagcagt gaatggctgc aactgagtaa     60720
     tgtgagcaga ttaaagacat taacaaagag ccactggttt taaccacagc ccctggctct     60780
     agttactgct tgctacatta agagcattaa atgaataatt atcctgcttc caagacttgc     60840
     aattggaaag gtctgatgtc attttaatcc aaagatttaa ataattgctt ttgaagccaa     60900
     gaaacaggct cttgcctacc taaaggttta ggtaccgtag tggagaattc tagaattggt     60960
     tcttaagaag aaaagcctct ctgcccctcc ctacctgatc ctgtataaaa ctcactcagc     61020
     agtgtcctgt aaactgacaa atccccagct agcagagcca tgagctctgg gatgtgtcag     61080
     cactgggtcg gatgtaggcc tgcgagtgca gcctcactgt tcctcagagc agtgaagaac     61140
     actgaggaag agagcttgga ggaggcagtg cttttagtgc tgcagtgtga cagttctgat     61200
     tccctgggga ggaatggtca tggccattgc tgcccctcga gcagccatct agtccctgct     61260
     gctgaaaact gcccaggcag tgggcactct ttcctgcgca gccaaaaact gctggaagtt     61320
     tttgagttga ggaaaactct tgccataaac cttttggtcc ctcaaagtca ctgtcgtggt     61380
     ggactgaggg tgcacgttgg aaacagtctc cagtattcct gggactgact catagggcaa     61440
     cccttcaaaa atgcccagaa gaaaggcagg agaaagacca caaactccag acactcaccc     61500
     ccttatctca gctcattcct ggaacacttt gccacggagg cctgtggggc tggccggtaa     61560
     cagcagagaa cccgtaaaaa catcagatac aatgtatatc tgctgttcct gtcactaggg     61620
     aatctgaggc gggaagatcc aatgtaccca tgagataaca taatgagatc cccatctcca     61680
     aaaaaactga tacaaagaaa ctaacaagcc ttcattgagc caaggatcca tgaaaccaag     61740
     tatccactga gacaaggacc cactgagaca aggaccttca cctcccaccc tcactgtgct     61800
     ctctatggca ctgacccact ggggctttcc tcagctcacc gatgtagcta gggaccggaa     61860
     acagcctgta gggatcctct aggtggccca aaggtagaga acccctttac tgtctgctaa     61920
     gacatggaga caagtgcagc gtacgtaagg tgcggcagtc atgtcatctc tcagatgtga     61980
     acagtcaggg cttcaccttc cccagcagaa ccactaagct gcagacattg cgagaaggga     62040
     ggagataaaa aaggaacgga accgaatttc caaatatgca ctgtaagaat ttatggaaat     62100
     cagagaacct tttcgttttt ctttttcagg gatgaaaact aaatttacct tgggaaaggg     62160
     gggagttctg cgggaaggag gctgaggcaa attctcttca cagacttctt ttcccacgca     62220
     gactcccacg tggctctcac tggggccctt cagtctgaaa accaaggcaa ccattttctt     62280
     agcaaccagg gagccagtct gatacccaac caaaccaccc ctccctaaaa taaagtcatt     62340
     gccatgggcc acaccagctg gctggagaag gggaagcaag ccggttgaca cccccttcta     62400
     gaggaagcat tggaaatttt tgtgtatttt gtttttattt gtttgcttac ttgattgatg     62460
     gtggggtttg cttttataga aatcagggct tattatgcaa tccaaactag tgcagtcatt     62520
     tagcccaggc tggcctcaaa ttaataatta gtctcctgta tgttcggttt ataggcgtgc     62580
     ccagctttgg ggaggatttc atttttattt tattggtgtc actggggttg aagtcctgtg     62640
     aacctgtgat atatatctct ctctctctct atatatatat atatagagag agagagagag     62700
     agagtttatc atagggaggg gagttaagag ggtaataaag gcaaataaag gcagagagag     62760
     agtagagaag tagaagaata gaggctggcc atgagcatgg gggggggggg ggcggggaat     62820
     ggggaaggag caaggggaca gagagggagc aagaagccaa gagaccaaga gaaggaacaa     62880
     gagagcaagt tcaggttctt gaagaacatc ttcactagat gaggaactgt ttcatttcct     62940
     gtaacttgag gagggtcttg cagtccgagc gatcaacaca cggaggttgg agtggccaca     63000
     agctaagcag ctctctgcct tagctatcta atcattcttt ttattttggc ttcctacata     63060
     atcagagaga ccctttattc agtgtctgtt ccgtgctgag agtcccacag ttctggggac     63120
     ggacctgcgt ggctctaggg agggagcctg ggaaggaggg cgtgtcttgg accgggctgt     63180
     aagctcctcc cctcacagtc agccagagca gttcccggct gacctgtatg taggggccac     63240
     gtgaggcggt tgaaaagcta ggtctttctc ttaagagaga taggactaag acgaagtaaa     63300
     ggaagagaaa cagaaaggaa gtatggaggg gtggagagag atgctacagg aagagaagga     63360
     agcacgagag taggaaaggg gagagagatg gaggtaggaa gagagagaaa ggagaggatg     63420
     caccctgggt agctacctca gctctggctg cagcctcact gaaggtagga cactaccctg     63480
     tgctctggaa gcagcagaca tgtgcgtggt gtcggtccat ccctttcctg ctaatggaga     63540
     gggcatttct gccagacaca ctgtccacag ctcccacttt ctgctaaggg ccgaggcacc     63600
     tggtggatat tttagcttgt ttaattccat gtgtgtatgc gtatgcttgt gtatgtatta     63660
     gtgtaggtct gtgcatgtgt gtgcagatac acatctgtgg taaggaggct aggctggcta     63720
     ccagcaagct ccgagggatc tgcccacaga catgcaccgc tgtgctcagc ttttatgtgg     63780
     gtggtgggga tcttaactcg gggcccagtg cttgcacagt aagcatttta ctgactgagc     63840
     tgtctctccc agcacccagt ttgtttcatt cttaccgctg cccaccaaaa agtggcttaa     63900
     ccttcttcat ggtcctacaa ttaatagcga gtatctggtc tggtattaga gagaagggac     63960
     tttccctttt atcttaacgt gaaggaaacc tgagaagggt cagcggacaa gcacccttta     64020
     ctcacagatt taataaagac aaccacctgt ccagaggaag atactctgta tcctgttttc     64080
     tctctgtgcc agtggctctc acccttcctt ccctttaata cagttcctca tgttgtggtg     64140
     acccccccaa ccataaaatt atttttattg ttacttcgta acggtaattt tgctactgtt     64200
     atgaatcgta atgtaaatgc ctgtgttttc cgctggtctt aggtgacccc tgtaggagga     64260
     tcgttcacat ctccccccag ggagtcacga cccacaggtt gagaaccatt gctccatagt     64320
     gagggctctc tttgttcttt gctctctcca gagctggaag agtctcagag aaagtgccca     64380
     ccatgctggt ataagtttgc caatactttc ctcatctggg agtgtcaccc ctactggata     64440
     aaactgaagg agattgtgaa cctgatcgtc atggaccctt tcgtagactt agccataacc     64500
     atctgcattg tcctgaacac actatttatg gcaatggagc accatcccat gacgccacaa     64560
     ttcgaacatg tcctggccgt agggaacctg gtaagacgga gcagggtctc tgagagaatg     64620
     acttgaatgt ggtttcgctg tgggactttc cctggggtgg gaagctggaa tttagttaac     64680
     aaggaggtga tggttaattg gagacgaggg catccatatg ccctggtgcc catgcttctg     64740
     ccagcagcag cgcaccttca gctgcatctt ctctgcagaa ctctgaagtc gcctcgtaga     64800
     gctgttggca ggaagccagc tacagtggca gagtgggaga gaggacagtg ggtcggttca     64860
     gcacccgcac caggatttcc gagttggttt tggagaaccc cctcatctgt ttctcgtgtt     64920
     catccccgtg ctgctcagaa cccctctttc cctgccacct taggtaacag ccccctaaaa     64980
     gaaggggttc cctgataccc tgcctgtact gtgggatctt acctcccata tgctgttatt     65040
     tatgaggaac attcgattcc aaactgcttt cccctccgat ccaacttctg ggccatcttc     65100
     cagtttctgc tattagctga tccctgccaa gtttcttgta acgttaagtc atatatctaa     65160
     ttatattatt tacaagataa aagtatgaag ttttaaaaca tcaagaagtc atgactttgg     65220
     gttatgtatt ccttctattt agtataaaga tgagaaattg ttggtttcta atggttggga     65280
     cccaggcttg agctccagta cccgacgctg ggtgcttcag cacacgtatg gtacctacca     65340
     ccagcctgtt ggcatcccga ccactgccct tcatatggaa agtccttcat acttccaaga     65400
     ctgacagcct gcacaggcct ccctacacac ctgcatgtgt gccctgcttg accataaaga     65460
     atcgtttgag cccgcctgga cacattgctc atgcccccgc accccatagg ctttctctag     65520
     cgtggaaact ctcttcaccc cacttagacc ctgccttctc acactgtgcc acctatctgt     65580
     gtaccactac ccaggcactc acttccacct ggctcaaacc agaccacatc ctcaccctcc     65640
     tgttctctca gcatgggcca cttctcctta ggggcacccc gtccctacct tacatggggc     65700
     cttccgctcc ctaagcaagg gcattcttcc ttactcgtat cttccctgat gacacggtgt     65760
     ctttgccctg cttaagcttc ccttctctgc cagccctact tcacccttca gtgtggatgc     65820
     attcccatcc cacttggccc tcggtgccag tgtagggtag ctatccaagg cagatcttag     65880
     cccacttcta gtagcccctc catagtgaat agaagccccg ccccctggct ccgatagcca     65940
     tgctgttcat tctcataatc gtctcattcc ttctggagaa ctggcttctg atgctgggaa     66000
     gcaggtcgca gaggtgccct gcttcgcccc aagagccgga actggcccct ccttgtggat     66060
     tacaataccg ctgcataaaa agttctctgt aaaaataata ataataattg gctgggcggc     66120
     agtaaacacc tttaatccta ataattggga agcagaagca ggcagatctc caagttcaag     66180
     gatagtctgg tctactgaaa gagtttcagg gcagtcatgg ctttaaaaaa aagtaataat     66240
     cagtaagagt catatgtggg tcacctgcac tgaggtattg tgggtaaccc accctgaggt     66300
     attgtgggta tcctgccctg aggtattggc cttcaagcct ctgtcctgta atctggcatt     66360
     cttccagcac gttactttcc taaggcctgt ggaataggga tggcctcagg aaatacacag     66420
     tgctctatgt cgcagaagaa gcagagaaga agggagtagt tcttgcatac accaagctat     66480
     agatgaattg gctgttatac tgagaggtca gaaggagaca ccaagtgtcc cacaatgagt     66540
     gggttccttg agaaagtttt atccaatgga acagtaatga gcaacagaat ggatcaggaa     66600
     gaccatgcaa cagctgagat agacttgcaa cagctgggga attaggccca agatattctg     66660
     tattgcgata tatatgtatt taaaaacgca gaaagagatc atagaaaatg gaaattgtat     66720
     gcaaagcagg gagaccgtgg gcttgcttct ggttttgtac cctttggaca atacgtgatt     66780
     gcgtacatac ttatgtgtgt ttatagggtg cggctattat ttaaatacgt gtacacactg     66840
     aacagtgatt agttcagagc aattaacaaa tccaacacct ccaacactta cctttctttg     66900
     ctgtaaccat cagagtcctc tctagccact ctgaaatgcg gatacattgt tgctgattat     66960
     aattactcgt aaccccctta aaattagacc accagatgcc tcccagcctt taaaaggaga     67020
     tgtggccttc tgtcctgttc atattgttta gattatttct taatcgtgtg cccacccaat     67080
     atgaactgag tggctctggc aacagagatg gaagtgctgg gactgtgaac tccattcaaa     67140
     caaaatggag cctgtcctgt gtcatatggg acgcccatgg gacatccagg tgttgatggc     67200
     ctgcagcatg gaggccaaag ctggctcttg attcttgcgt aagttgtatt gacagagatg     67260
     ataaggtgtg ttcgttccgg tgtcccctcc ttacctcctg cctctgcttc ttcaggtgtt     67320
     cactgggatc ttcacggcgg aaatgttcct gaagctcata gccatggatc cctactatta     67380
     cttccaagaa ggctggaaca tttttgacgg atttatcgtc tccctcagtt taatggagct     67440
     gggccttgca gacgtggagg ggctctcagt gctgcgatct ttccgattgg tattccagat     67500
     tcctccaatt tctctgcgcg tttctgtctt acgactacca gacagcactt tgtataaaat     67560
     aacttagggc atctcctgaa gtgcacctgc ctcgctgtgg ttggccgatt agttggcctc     67620
     tccactaaaa tcttgaaacc ttttctgcta aatgtaagaa ggtgtaaaag ttagggtttg     67680
     aagtcaataa gccaaagaag ctagttctta agaggttcct tagaaaataa tgatgacttc     67740
     agaaggtgaa ggtgtcccag ggccttctga ggtcatttga ttggctcctc gggttgtttc     67800
     ctctccccta aggccatttg attggctcct cgggttgttt ccctacggtc atttgattgg     67860
     ctcctcaggt ggtttcctct cctctaaggc catttgattg gctcctcggg tgtttctctt     67920
     ccctgaggtc atttgattgg ctcctcgggt gtttctctcc cctgaggtca tttgattggc     67980
     tcctcgagtt cctctgagtc taatctcccc aaaataaaga gaatctctgt atttaaagat     68040
     ggttttcttc gtttcttcaa tgtggtaccc ccctccagaa attaagattt gttttattaa     68100
     attatactga aattagtcat tgaacattga cttcattttc catgttatta gggattaatg     68160
     tcaaattatt aacttatttg tataaggaca tgtttaaatg ggtcagtaat tctggagaaa     68220
     ccaccgtaaa cacaggagtg aatgacacct ggagccactg aatgaccttg ctcagcttgt     68280
     tcttctctca gtcaggacaa cggctgtggg tttctcatgg agacagtcgg cttcctgaga     68340
     aaagaactgg ctggcgctcc taaaaccgac actgcatgag aggcgcctca ctgaaatggc     68400
     tgctccacag ttttgttttg agatttatat atttttcctt tatgtgtatg ggtgttttgc     68460
     ctgcataact gtgtgctgca tgcagtcctt gaggagacca gaagagagcc ttgtgttctt     68520
     tggaactaga ataacaggtg gttgtgagcc gccatgcggg tactgggaat tgaactgggg     68580
     tcctgtgctc tcaacccctc agccatctct ccagccaccc cccacccacc ccacatagtt     68640
     aactttttaa aaactagttt tatctcaact gcaggagaaa gagttaagaa ctaatatttt     68700
     ttaataactc agaagccagg cagggataac tgagagtggt ccagaatggt gcccggtgac     68760
     ccacaagctt tcagatcaga cctacatctc cagtcagtac cagttactgc tgtcatcatc     68820
     taccaaaatg tctatgtaac atgtggcacc tgacagtgat acttcacggc agagatgtta     68880
     ttattccatt ggccaacaca ccctggcttc atgcatcata attcccaacc tgtttgccag     68940
     gaccttgcga tgattacaga atataaacac ttatgattga cagacaccaa aatctgtgtt     69000
     ttctgaatta ttaacattgg ttgccccttc cacagatgtt tcccacatgt ggtaccgtct     69060
     ctccttgccc caaattattc tgaacatctt tcatatcagc cattggttag ttgttggtaa     69120
     gcacaaggaa atccttagca ttttctgatg cgtgcttttc gaggtaacaa atgcattatt     69180
     ttattgttct tagagaatcc tgcagatcgc acgccccttg ccagttcgtc tctttgagaa     69240
     cgtaagagtt gaatcagaaa tggttgtgtt ctgactcaat gacgtaaaga tccaggggcc     69300
     agtccttggg acgtggactt aaacttttca ttcaatttct gaaattcatc agtgttctct     69360
     tatctgtaac tcagtttaat cgctcacagt ctgcgacacg atcaggaagt tctgagaatt     69420
     tcctaaggat ggatgataaa taaatttaag ccaatctttc taattctgca ttttttttta     69480
     tttcagcaat gtggggtagc agattatcat ttcatatttt attatttgtc tccttagctc     69540
     cgagtcttca aattggccaa gtcctggccc accctgaaca tgctgatcaa gatcattggg     69600
     aactccgttg gcgccctggg caacctgacc ctggtgctgg ccatcattgt cttcatcttt     69660
     gccgtggtgg ggatgcagct ctttggaaag agctacaagg agtgcgtctg taagatcagc     69720
     caggagtgca agctcccgcg ctggcacatg aacgacttct tccactcctt cctcatcgtc     69780
     ttccgagtgc tgtgtgggga gtggatcgag accatgtggg attgcatgga agtggccggc     69840
     caggccatgt gccttatcgt gttcatgatg gtcatggtca tcggcaacct ggtggttagt     69900
     accaacgtct tcttctccac caccttctct ggtgaactct ttcctggccc agatctgtgt     69960
     taaggcccat cagctaccat ctcccaaatc tcaatgacca gaaatgtccg cagactttgc     70020
     cacgtgttca gtgggtaact tgtgctcctg agagcaggga aagcagctca catggtcgct     70080
     ataaagtggc tcacacagtc cctatagagc aactcacgca atccctataa acccacatca     70140
     gttctcccag ttcttctgta aaaagcttcc ttgcactgga cacattcctt gaagccaacc     70200
     atggctctcc cataataaag acagtcacca cgaagcatct gcaatccctg acattctcca     70260
     cacgcctccc ccaagtccag ctccttcccc cacccctttt ctgcaggcag ctccttcctt     70320
     tatatttctc tcttcacata ttcttgtacc cacagccttc ctcacagcat gtcttggctg     70380
     catctttgca tttctatagt aggatcagag aactacctgc atcatactca cacaaggtgc     70440
     atttagtaaa agaaagatcg agccaggccc tgtaccagat cagagtctct tcagggtagg     70500
     ccaaggagat atatgtgcta ccagatggta acagtgttac cagacatcca gctgcctcca     70560
     gctggctaca ctgtatcagc ccttctctgt ctctgcccca accttctgat gtagctaaca     70620
     ggaatgactc cttgagatct tggtcatcat ttatacccct tcatttaaga gcagttagca     70680
     agctgggtgg ttcactcctg taatgccagc catcaggagg ctgcgacatc gggattgtga     70740
     ggttacggcc agtttgggct acataatgag accaaaacag gagtgtgtgt tatccaacac     70800
     agtaaaatga ggaattttac ttgcatttca ctccttggca tctggctctg cagtagacac     70860
     tgaagtcagc gtactgtcct gctcaggctt tgaactcgtg actctggtgg tcctgcctta     70920
     gctttccatg tagccagttt acaggccctg cccctgctcc tagcaaaggg gtttttgtaa     70980
     acactaagaa agcagagata actcactctt tttttgctta gtttttaata cgttacagga     71040
     ccttgcacac atattgtgca catgttctgc cattaaagtg tacccaaact ccagagcaca     71100
     ttcttgaggg aaggttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt     71160
     acgtgtgtat atatatacat actagttttg cctttttggt ttgtttacga aagtatggct     71220
     ctaggaactt aattttattt ttctaacacg ggcccttgga gacatctgct attagaaatg     71280
     catgactctg cgcactcctc tgccctcccc agtcatccat acaggcattt ttggtttggg     71340
     ttttgagtaa ttttctttca aagtgaatac agcctttgct tctgtcataa gaaaattaat     71400
     atattttggg ccttgtcata caaacgtaaa agtagagaag agccaggaaa agtgcaaaac     71460
     tacttacagt aaaaccaaaa gaaatctgca tctggtagtg tgaacattta aaataacaca     71520
     cggagaggct gaacacttag cacgctagcg tgcacaaggt caggcgttcc atcttttgca     71580
     cacacacaca aaatggataa aatgaacagc tgggtgtggt ggcacacgcc tttaatccca     71640
     gcactcggga ggcagaggca ggcgggtttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt     71700
     gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc ttgaaaaccc aaaaaaaaaa     71760
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaactatgac aggagccaac acagcacaga aacctctatg     71820
     tgactctgtt ggcttccaat ttgtaactct gaggaaagag gataacttcc taagacaatt     71880
     ccacatttgc tcctttttct gcggcggctg ctgcttctat aggtgctgaa cttatttctg     71940
     gccttgcttc tgagctcctt cagcgcagac aatctggcgg ccacggacga cgacggggaa     72000
     atgaacaacc tgcagatatc ggtgatccgg atcaagaagg gcgtggcctg ggccaaagtg     72060
     aaggtgcatg ccttcatgca ggcacacttc aagcaacggg aggctgatga agtgaaacct     72120
     ttagacgagc tgtatgagaa gaaggccaac tgcatcgcca accacaccgg cgtggacatt     72180
     cacaggaacg gcgacttcca gaaaaatgga aatggcacca ctagcggcat cggcagcagc     72240
     gtggagaagt acatcatcga cgaggaccac atgtccttca ttaacaaccc aaacctgacc     72300
     gtgcgggtgc ccattgctgt gggcgagtct gatttcgaga acctcaacac agaggatgtt     72360
     agcagcgagt cagaccccga aggcagcaaa gacgtaaggt cccaaccaag aaaaccaccc     72420
     acgttgtgtg tgagctctcc aacagggcac tctcagcccc aaagactggc tcggttctag     72480
     gcttaacaga gagatctaca atagccactc tgtgagccag cccagtgccc tggagtggtg     72540
     ctaggtcttc ccttgggaac cgagctccct gggctagtcc agagttagtt gcatcaattc     72600
     tggagtacct gggcctgagg ctgcagtcag ccctttagtt tgtcccggct ctgaatccac     72660
     gtgaccctgt ggttagtgtc tgtctgtagc gtgaccccca gcagaagtca cgtgcgtgtg     72720
     atccgggcac gtgtccctgc acagctccct gagcatcctc ttccttcctc tgtgtctaga     72780
     aactggacga taccagctcc tcagaaggga gtaccatcga catcaagcct gaggtggaag     72840
     aagtcccagt ggagcagcct gaggaatact tggatccaga cgcctgcttc acggagggtg     72900
     aaagggcgcg gggacgggtt gggagaatct tagtgctatt cagtctatga ctgccggggc     72960
     tggaggcgct gtggctgggt gccattttgg tggaacttgg ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt     73020
     gatttccctt acccagttct gatatatata agtttccagt ctctagattt tcttgcccat     73080
     cttctcttgg caccagcccc cagactgcca ttagaaaggc ctctgcgtgg tcaccgtgcc     73140
     tctcgccccc ctcacagctt ccttgtagga gtcttcctga ttccagaggt cttaccttat     73200
     tattaccctt gcagcatagc ctcagcggtc cttaccgcgt tcagctgcta ccctccctac     73260
     tgtggagtgg gagcctggaa aaggaaccag tcaggccgca caagcgtcca gtctgacccg     73320
     agtctcccat tggtgccagg ttgtgtccag aggttcaagt gctgccaggt caacatcgag     73380
     gaaggactag gcaagtcgtg gtggatcctg cggaaaacct gcttcctcat tgtggagcac     73440
     aattggtttg agaccttcat cattttcatg attctcctca gcagtggagc cctggtgaga     73500
     gtcagggaag agcggctgcg gctggcgggg gagggtacaa aggaacagcg agcagagggt     73560
     gggcgaggac agataggcca agctcccaag aacaggaatt tgttcaagcg cttcgagctg     73620
     gctggcatat ctggtgctga gtctagaatc cacccttctt cacctctggc cttaagacga     73680
     ccccctcgac cctgcaacac tctttacatg gggggtgaag acaaacctgt cactgccagt     73740
     ttttgctcta ccccaggcag cttcctgagg tgagagtccc tctccgcttc cagactgctt     73800
     gctcttcgtt tctgtttccc gaggtagata ggatggagcc ctggaaaacc cacctcatag     73860
     caagtgttca gagatccagg tctgctctgg cctcagtgct cagctgcagg gagccatgca     73920
     gaactgaaca cagattccgc ttctcgtggg ctcattctct tggcatttgt ccccatattc     73980
     cgccggattg tcacagagaa cccttcagag tctgagaagg gcaagtgctg cttttccaga     74040
     ggacctgagt ttggttccta gcacccatag caggccatcc acaactgcct ctaactccag     74100
     gcacaggcgg ttcagcatag catccctagg cacctgcact cctgcacaca caccctcaca     74160
     caaacacaca cagagataca cacagacatg tgattgaaaa gaagtttttt tatatatata     74220
     aaaataagca gccaggcaca aagaaaacct ctattggaat catcttactt gtatgaaatg     74280
     cccccgaaag gcagattagt gtaccgaaga ccaacaggat gaggggtcca gaggtaacag     74340
     ctagaaaatg tgtggataat gaaaacgtta taaattcatg tgatggatat gtattatcct     74400
     aaaagccatt gatttggaga tttaaatatg ggatgcaaat tatttctcag taaagcactt     74460
     ccctggactc agtggttact cttcatactt ccagccctgg gttccatccc cagcttcact     74520
     agctaataag caaggagggg aagccaggga gcagagagga ggaacaggag cctgacggtg     74580
     ggcagcttgt gtgaggagcc gggatgctag cacactccca tgattcagca gccgctatgt     74640
     ctctttcagg ccttcgagga catctacatt gagcagagga agaccatccg taccatcctg     74700
     gagtatgcgg acaaggtctt cacctacatc ttcatcctgg agatgttgct caaatggaca     74760
     gcctatggct tcgtcaagtt cttcaccaat gcctggtgct ggttggactt cctcattgtg     74820
     gctgtaggtg tccagttatc cattcctcct cctttgtagc aggagctggg gctagcttag     74880
     tcataggtgt atacctgcag gcttgggtga aggtccactt atgacagctc ttctttgaag     74940
     aacaggacct ctgaagaccc tgcattgccc atagcctgtc ctggcctttg taccactggg     75000
     cctggcttat ttagattcag agagtcccct gtctttagct ggacagcgga aggttcttgc     75060
     tctatgacag caggcatccc ttttctgcta ctatgagatg ggattctgaa atgaggtggg     75120
     atgtgggcat gaggtggggt gtatggataa agtgggttac aggaatgttg tggggtttcg     75180
     ggatgaggta ggatggcggg attgggggcg gggtctgtta ctcctgtcca tgccatggat     75240
     gcatcccagg tgtgccagtt gactggcagg tgtgtcactt ctcctgggaa aaggggcctg     75300
     agatggtggc caccatttct gctgtgatca ccaaatgaaa acttttgtcc tccaggctct     75360
     atgaccctgt ccacgacttc gtggcctcga gctccggtgt tatgttttca ggttggaagc     75420
     agcggcggcg gcagcagcag cagcagcagc agctgattct cgccccacca gcactaacca     75480
     tgaccgtctt ctgctttctg cagcaactaa aacatttctc ttgcttcatc taaaaaaagg     75540
     gtgtgtgaga ctcacaggac cagggctgcg gagaattcat ccgaggacta ggatgaagga     75600
     cctagaggct ggagacgggg tgggcgtgtt ttgaagaggc ttcgtgggct gtgtggtgat     75660
     ttgtttcata aacacattcc cttcccaagt tctcttcaac ctctgtggtt agtgagtgct     75720
     tccaggagct gacattgtct catcctctcc tgtttcagga agctgggtgt gttcgtcagg     75780
     gttgtctaga ttaacagaac ttatagagtg aatatagaca gacagacaga caggatttat     75840
     ttgaatgact tacaggctgt ggtccagcta gtccagcaat agctgcctat aaaacagaag     75900
     ttccaagaat ccactcattg tccaacccac aaggctggac atctcatctg gtcttcagtg     75960
     tcccccagaa tcccaaagaa ccaggctctg atgccaggga aggaatcgac ttgctagaga     76020
     acaaggaggc caagagcaag tcttccttct tccatgtcct tatctaggct cccagcacaa     76080
     ggcatggccc agattagagg acagtcttcc catctcaaaa tatctggatt gaaagtgcgc     76140
     cttggtgtgc ctcaccactt taaagatctg tgttagaagt gggtcttccc ctcagattaa     76200
     gcagaaaccc tcacggggtg ccctctgtgt tttgggtttt aacaccaggt gtagtcaggt     76260
     cgacaaactc cagggaaagg gggccgtctt tgcagttaac agacctaggc atttaagcag     76320
     ctatggattc cagctgtggg aggaaaatgg gatggcacct gaagctaggc tgtctctctt     76380
     cctagaggag acatgcacag taactctcgg ggcacctgga ctccggaaga tgcccacaca     76440
     agcccctcct ctctcagact taatgaggac acagacagac aggtcctcca ccacagtcta     76500
     gctgcccaag aagaactgtg gtctgggaca actcttccca ttccttccat ggtcaacccc     76560
     aacctgaacc acttcctgtg tgggctgagc caccccagat tcaaggatac agtcaggcaa     76620
     tgtcacctgc acctgaatcc aggccacccc ttatatttag cagtaagatg ggcattttct     76680
     aattgactgt aacccaccgg ttcctctagc tttctgaagg tcctggatta ctctgctgat     76740
     gtgggtccca cattcactct gaagactgct ctgtaccagt tgctggtaat caacatgagt     76800
     tgaatactgc actctgcatt gaactgcctt agttccgaag gaatcctaga aaggcaaggc     76860
     agcacggccc cagctctggg gaccttgtac cagcttctac agcggctcta acctagctct     76920
     gtgccaaggt agcccagcat gtgagaacag ggtttgacct ctgacctctg tccagtaatt     76980
     cttgtgtctg atgtttaccg aatatccatg atatgcaaaa tctgctctgt gttgtgggga     77040
     atatcaagag tatcaaacac gactgctctc tcagagcctg agagatgaaa cccatagaca     77100
     gagtcacagc ctgctgtgta gggggcacct tactctgtaa tgatgggtcc atagattgac     77160
     acttttaaat tgtgagtgga agataggcat tgactggtac ccagacagct agacctgccg     77220
     agcatgtgtg ctgtccatcg gaggaatctg cctggttctg tgggcattgt agagcttgta     77280
     ggtcctagca tagtacatct gtgtcacttg tccatctcat ccactagcgc cttcctgtca     77340
     caatgagttc atcgctgtgc ccactgccct gatacggatt tgtttttcct tgttgtctct     77400
     tgaagatgct gcaagcacta cttttatgaa gccatgagga tactcagaca acgtcttaga     77460
     tcagttctct ttattactag taagccatgt gaattcccaa acacacattt ttttttcctc     77520
     ctcaggtctt tgcctgcatt ggcgtttgtg tcctgtgaaa tactttcaca gtctttcccc     77580
     gaggaatgtc ttccattgct tgtaggggtt agctcgcagt tgtgatcggg agtgggagtg     77640
     tgcaagtgct gacacctcag accaacctca gcctgctgat acattccctc catcagaagt     77700
     caccagtgtc cacttccttc cctccatgag aagtcaccag tgtccacttc cttctatgcc     77760
     tacacggttg aactttgtct ctttaactcc ttttttcttt cttttaggtt tgattccttt     77820
     gtacacttga ccagatgttt tcattatgtc cagtaagggt ttaacctgga gacccaggag     77880
     tctgtaacag agccatcagc tactgaggga gagtccagag gagagccttg ctgggctcac     77940
     tgtgtagatc ttggctcagt tgaacagctg agcaggccat ctcttggtgg ctttagggat     78000
     agcctcttaa ttgacctctg aacctcatct acccttcctc cccctacact gttatcagtt     78060
     aagttgccac ccctcagagc cagggtcctc cttctttgtg taggacctca aaacactcaa     78120
     agtctatacc tgccaaggct tcatggcatt tgggtttagg gttaggactt tgagctggag     78180
     atcctggttg aaatgggata atttaccgta agatgttccc attaaggcct cactaacaac     78240
     tgggtagttc tagactactt ggtgttaaga gttggcttgc aggtgggaga gatagatagc     78300
     ttagcaatta aaagtgtgca ctgctgtctc tgaggacacg tgttcaattt ccatcaccca     78360
     tgtgactgca gctccagagg gatgtcaaga caccaccagc ctcacacgca tgcacccaca     78420
     cacacaaaca cataatttaa aaataatttt taattaaaga gaattgttgg cttgctctac     78480
     caatagtgtc caagaggtag ctccatgtaa ctttttatta accattaaaa ataaatggga     78540
     agtgacagtt gactgctttg ttctagatat gggttttgag acccttgact taagtaaaga     78600
     tttacaggac accgagagcc tgggggttgt aatctttcct gattagcttt gaacactgcc     78660
     taggactcag ccccacagaa gacatggaag ctgatgggtg ataagtataa gtcagtttgc     78720
     accctgtttc aaaattgaat cccgtaagcc tacgtctttc tacatctttg accatctact     78780
     tccaccccat actaaccctg gttcccaatt ataaatatct tctttttttt aaacaaatta     78840
     tttttttgcc aagtgtggta gcctatagtt ccagcactgg gaaggcagag gcaggtggac     78900
     ttctgaattc aaggcaagcc tgatctacca gataagttca aggacagcca gtgtttgttt     78960
     gtttgtgttt gttttaatgt ctatggatgt agctcagtag tgaaacactt gcccagcaag     79020
     cacaaggcct gggtttaatc tctacttaca aaacatgcaa gagaggcacc tgtgtgtgct     79080
     gaacccatgc agggcagaca cagaattgag gcctagtcta agagagatca aagaacagca     79140
     gatgactccg agatgacacg agagaccgag atgacacgag agacagcttt cccctctggc     79200
     tttgagacat cagtgaaagt aaacttccaa gctcccataa gaaagaagat cttaatccat     79260
     cccacaatcg ggtataaata gaacagactg tgatgtgaaa gaaagtcctc tgcaaggatc     79320
     cccaagcaga cattcccaga tatgtctggg taaaggtatg ctcaggccaa gtggccctga     79380
     ggagccccat atcctgctca ggtcaagccc aagcaggctt gtatccatgg tggctaatgt     79440
     ccattgtgaa gggtcatcct gatagaagga gcaaggtaag tttgctcttg ggagaacagg     79500
     aaagtcttgg cccacgtcta ggctcacaga catcggtgac ctatctgtta ggatcctgcc     79560
     tgtcatcttt gtgctgcaga cagtctccag gtagactgcg cactggttca ggtcagcaat     79620
     gtggggctca tcctagctcc agagctacta ctggcactgg ccattccctg cctacaaagg     79680
     aaatggaccc tccccgcaga agttcttcta gtcattgtgt taaggaaaag aataatggaa     79740
     gactgtccta ccctggcaga ggctagggta gctatttgga gctatcatgg aggaaagaga     79800
     gggtattaca agaagtatgg ttccaaatgc cacaaagggt tctaccgtca gggagagtga     79860
     tggttgggct ttcaaggtgg aagttatcat ctgacaggga gagaggggat tatggggcca     79920
     gagccatgtc aaggatgctc ttgggagaga cagtccctgg tggtgcttat tcactgcgtt     79980
     tcttttgtta atgtagtgac tcattaaatt ctcaaatggt ttcttgtcaa ccaggataag     80040
     agagcttgtc cctgtcggaa atcccatgtt ggcagagctg aggaggggca gctgaggggt     80100
     gtggaatgtg tgtatttatc tgtattcttt tccataggtt ccattaagtt tgtctggctt     80160
     aatttaatgg gagcttctgg gagctgcaga ctgtaaaggg cgagggtaag gctcttgtca     80220
     cctcttcagg ctcctctcct tccaacggga cctcttcctc ccccatcccc tcagcccctc     80280
     ccttctccaa cctgcgtgtg tgttctgccg ccttcccttc ctccttctct cttccctttg     80340
     tggttttctt ccgcctctct caaccacctt tccttccagg tcgtttgagt caagttgaag     80400
     taggctgaag taggcagccg gtggtaccca cttccgctgc tgggggggtc ccccgcctgt     80460
     taaatcagtg ctagggggtt tattctaaca ctctggaacc tctgttttct ttttcttttc     80520
     ttttcttttt tttttttttt ctcttctgtt tttgtgtagg tctctttagt cagccttata     80580
     gctaatgccc tgggctactc ggaactaggt gccataaagt cccttaggac cctaagagct     80640
     ttgagaccct taagagcctt atcacgattt gaagggatga gggtaagaca ctaagagtag     80700
     ccgatccttc tgcatgccag tggaaactgt taaagcatgc tagaaccgat cccacggtgg     80760
     caagatcatt cagacacgag ctcggtgatg cagccgctga tttgatcctc cacgctctcc     80820
     ctcgcacctg ccccgcgtgc aggggagtcg cactaagctg cctcatcaca ttaatatcag     80880
     ccccaacccc aacaacgtgc cgctgtagaa catgttaaca ctggctccct catctggcct     80940
     ggcttacctg tagcacttgg ggcggctttc tgggctgttg ggtttatagg gagaaccacc     81000
     aggtgcaaaa aaggggaatt ataacccaga gacccactga aatgcctagg ctgcaggcag     81060
     gcagagtgct ggggagaggt agaaaccaga tgaggcctgt ggccttggag cagccactga     81120
     gaaaacagcc aagaagggac ttgaagacag ggtggcaggc tcggggactg ggggcggagc     81180
     agaatttggc gaccccggga gaagagatgc ttttctctgt attccgattc ctctcattgc     81240
     accttgttgt tctcagccca gtcccacgag gactggcagc ctctgtctga tagcaaagct     81300
     tcccccctca ccccaacccc tgtgcccatg ctctgtggcc cctggactca caccatcaga     81360
     acagcggaca gtgctaggtg acggcatatc agctagttct gagacccccg ttccttcctg     81420
     cttgggtgat atactaccca agtccagatg atacaagggg ataccccccc ctccaccgtg     81480
     tcatgttaga aaggctttct ctttgatgcc ttttctctct tggttctgat gattgttagt     81540
     gtgcacagat acatgcacac aaactaaagt gtcttccaga aaatcacctg ggcagctggt     81600
     ttggtggtga tagtttccct atgctaatca gagaggtctg ttattactta aggggcccaa     81660
     gaaagctcac tttattttag atgttgaata catgcaggag agcaaaacag aggatgattt     81720
     tcaatgtgca aatatcagaa cgtaggcata agaacggagt gattgcaatg gtccagaggg     81780
     agtaagactg atgggcagaa ctggagacca ggacagtgcg gctgtgccca ttcctcatct     81840
     gggaccctgg ccactgtgac cctgttcaca gctgtacaga aaggtggaac ttatggagac     81900
     ttagaaatgt tattatctcg ttttatttaa acaaacaatg tctgaacgag ctcgtgtttc     81960
     ctctagcatg gtcacagttt ggctttctaa acccaagcct tcaacagccc tcttgacgcc     82020
     ctctgcaaga agggcagttc ccgggcagta aatccattct aattaaaaat gagttctaag     82080
     tctttctccc acaagtaaga ggggtttgag cattttgcac tatgggcact gttccaacca     82140
     ggctaaattc aaagagaata tatagtactc caaggtcaac agctgaaatg gccacagtgt     82200
     gagtggaagc agggttaaga tgtccatctc tgctccccgc tgctgcctgc ccacatattt     82260
     cacaagggat gataggcctt ggtagtttta gagccaagag tccatcttgg taaccgaaca     82320
     actctgaaca agatggacag acagctatag acattccatc aaaggcattg attataccac     82380
     tgaacctaaa cctaatctct aacaaggaac ctggacctcc taaagagatc accgctacct     82440
     ctagacagct cccagaatgc tcagctggag ctatgaagtc tctctccatc tggctgctca     82500
     ttactgtcac tctgtcactg tgtcaaaagc agtcaccatg gacgggctgg aggcatttgc     82560
     tcaaaggaag ttatttgaat cctccagatt ccttttggta acccctcccc ccttttccac     82620
     ttaacccctt tcctcacctt ccctcacctc tcatttgtca tgtcccccaa aacttggact     82680
     tgccaactct caagaagatt agaaacccaa agtctagaat aggtaaaaag gaagtttcat     82740
     ttttaaagta cctacctggt tttgctcaag ataatattgg caagaacaag tgtgagccca     82800
     cagctgcaag ttaaattagt agcgctcagt ggggtcagcg gggtagaaat accacttctg     82860
     gtcggtgcca gtcaaccagc agagctaacc agctgcttgg gcaagtggag agggcttaga     82920
     gatccactcc tgccccaaag ctctccaatc cttctgtggg agagaagcca ctaacctggg     82980
     caaagtttag ggccagttac ccagcagtgc ctgtgtttat tcaagcgtga ttttccacgg     83040
     ggtacgtgtt gtcatgcagt agcctggctt ctacatgcca gcatttgcaa gataccacct     83100
     aacctctcag ataggagacc ttggtaagcc ggatagcctc cgcgcagatg ggctcagctg     83160
     tcattgtgct gctctggttc gaggctcggc ccttcaggtg aaaggtgacc ctaaaggggg     83220
     catcacccta aagggggtgt caccctagcc tgtcctgggt actcacttca gtcttctctc     83280
     cttcctcaaa ccaaagacca gaaattgcaa cagtcctgcc tgctattggc aaaggagcac     83340
     tatttcgctc tttgcttttc tctcctccat agtaaccctt aagaccgtgc tgtgctgtta     83400
     actcttgagg gtattttact gctatgaaac atgcatgcat ttctgttgtc agtacacggt     83460
     tgtcactaaa gccatgttcc ctctgccaga cgctaaaagc catctcacag actatagagt     83520
     gtgctgagca ggagtggtca gtggcgggtg gggtggtaaa tgtgagaatc agcatccagt     83580
     gtgtttccga cgaactgata gtcatatcgg tcactgagta taaactgcct ttgaaaaatg     83640
     caaacccttc acaggtttct ggagcccacc cttgagttct gtgtcttacg ctgtagaaat     83700
     ctagcttttt accagtaaca gattccatca taattagggc aacataaaat acccagagag     83760
     cacaggaaga gagctagggt actgagtgac cactggtgag aactcattaa gcttgtcttg     83820
     cccctgggct gccgagagga acacagtgac agtcactctg gggggggggg gcacttaact     83880
     ctacttcagt gcttatggct tggcggccag tatccacagc agagaagtga ggggcaaatt     83940
     ccaccaactt tgtccactat ttggtttgta aagctaaggt aaaaagctct ccagtagctg     84000
     tgattagtaa ataaaaagac actgcagtgg ccgagaatac agcttgaagg aaaagccctt     84060
     ttcatcccct gcacagagag gaagaagtat attttacaga tgcattttat cttataggat     84120
     ttttttttta tattctgtga gcgatgaggc tcactttagc atcggactta caaaggttca     84180
     aagagaccac ctaggatttt ttacctttcc cttgcagtga gcattttgca tccatatgtg     84240
     actttagcgg gtggacacct cgtagggtgc gttagactga accttacaag agttcatcag     84300
     catcttggaa gtgagaggag tgtgcagagc aggtgatagg ctgacttgcc aggaaaaacc     84360
     acagacccag gcttccacac caggctctgc tctcagccac acacttgagc tctgctgtga     84420
     catgtgccac acccatgcag gcaaacgcac cacacacacg catgcacgcg ccacgtatgc     84480
     actcaccaca cacatgcact cacatgccac gtgcatacat gcacctgcat gtgcatgggc     84540
     acaagggcac acacacacga gcttgtgagt ctgtaacctg ctcttcctgt ttgagaggtg     84600
     actgttccac tgtggactgt cctctatggc ctgtttttga tgctttcacc aaagacgaac     84660
     aactgtcgaa tgaggtaaag attgagactg attatctagc acccttgata aatgtacaaa     84720
     ataacatgga taatctccag gctgcagaga ttctgggtgc ccttgcttga aggaatagac     84780
     atttacagta gtgactatgt cttggtctaa gagttagaaa agaactgcct cttggtctaa     84840
     aggcagagat tttctgatta tggattgcat aatcagaaaa tgaacagtct aaaggaagtc     84900
     tgactgttgt ttccagtaca ggacagcaca gtgtcttctc agccgtgttt tccagtgagg     84960
     acggtctgaa gtaaaaacag tgctatcagg ccagcctttc caggccttgg ccactccact     85020
     caagacattg tttgacccag tgacctccag tgttgctttc taagcactgg gctctagtga     85080
     acaccgctga gcagtgcggg aggtgctgcc tggctgcctc tagtatagtg cagaaaccaa     85140
     gaagcatcta aagttcctaa aggctgctcg gttttaactt tgggaagtgt ggagttgagg     85200
     ccccgactga gcagagcatg agccgtcagt gtatcgaagg cagaacagca acgagccttg     85260
     agggagactc atgtctgccc acattttaat cttaaactgt ttggtagagg gaatatagct     85320
     ttttctttct tccttgagcc tgcaaaactc tgcatgctca gctattgcct gagaagagat     85380
     aactgccttg cataattgta agatgttctg tagtgtgcta acccaaaggg cagtgctctg     85440
     attttgaaca attgtgcctt gttttccaga aggggaatgt ctggtgaaag gccgctagtg     85500
     agcatgtgat tgctctctga acggagcata ttttgtgagt tgggaaaaat aaaaaaaaaa     85560
     aaaaggaagt ttggactaag aaattgttct tctggtccca ggttggtgcc taggggaaaa     85620
     aaaaagagtc aacttgggca gagaagtttg tattaaccga aataaaccac aacttactaa     85680
     aacttactca aatacagtgt agacatgggc acttggggtc ctgcttgtgg acctttccag     85740
     tttctctagt tgtaaagagt acagtgtgtc tgtggcagaa catgccacag aagtgtcatt     85800
     cccctcctgg aagcaaacag aatgtgcctg tggcaggttc ctgcgcgagc actcagccgc     85860
     ctcccttcca atgcaggtgg tggtgaacgc cttggtgggc gccatcccct ccatcatgaa     85920
     cgtgctgctg gtgtgtctca tcttctggct gattttcagc atcatgggcg ttaacctgtt     85980
     tgctgggaaa taccactact gcttcaacga gacttcagaa atccggttcg aaatcgacga     86040
     ggtgaacaat aaaaccgact gtgagaagct catggagggc aacaacacag agatccgatg     86100
     gaagaacgtc aagatcaact tcgacaacgt cggggcaggc tacctggccc ttcttcaagt     86160
     ggtgagtgtg gcaggcaagc tgccagcaca ggccccaccc tcctccttcc agatcaggat     86220
     cactctcggg gttctcgaga acgttatgct ccccaaatca gcctcagggc catgcctttc     86280
     ccctggcttt cctggtgcct cttggcagca tcttggtgag aggctcagtt ctgtcgagca     86340
     gcagacagaa gcactgcagc agaccgaagg gtgcaagagc ggcggttctt aacctgtggg     86400
     tctccattcc gagtcacaga gcagatgtct gcatcatgat ttcataacag tggcaaggtt     86460
     atagttatgg tgtagcaatg aaataatctg atggttaggg gtcaccacaa cgtgaggaaa     86520
     tgtagtaaaa tgtctcagca gtaggaaggt tgagaccccc taggctagag tgctactgcc     86580
     cctgcaggga gcccagcccc gggcataggt cccagcgtgt cagttactaa gctaattctg     86640
     ccaaagccac catccctagc ttcccagtgt cctcagtgtt cccagtgttg ggaccatttg     86700
     ctgggtgaca cagtgtgctg catgggggct ggtagggcct tgcctcgggc cgtcacggag     86760
     ctgaggcaca cccgagtgct gcccataacc tgggacaaat cactccgctt ctccgatgac     86820
     cctttgattc tgttgttgaa tgcagataat aataccttgc ctagttgtta agagaatttg     86880
     tgattttttt taaatactca gcacaatgcc tagcacgaag ttaattaaga taattgttat     86940
     tctgtgtttt cactcctgtt attactatgc ctacattatt cagtcttcat aaggactaaa     87000
     cataatggca cagggaaagc tcccagccta agccaacctt ggtaagctct cactgctggc     87060
     tacagcagga ggaaagctaa tgggatgact gtgatccatc ccatgacagt ccctttgctt     87120
     tctgtcagtt taagaagttg gggctccttg gccctaggct agaatggaag agtagggccc     87180
     ttacctgata tggacaaggc cctgggttca attcccagca ccacaaaata gctaacttgt     87240
     taaaagaaaa aaagaaatag gttgggctca tgacttaaac ctgagcagct cacgaaaaca     87300
     agggtgcatc tgccggtcag ctcaacaaat gtccactctc caagcatgca cgggacagcc     87360
     ccacgagcgt ccactgtcca tgtgtgcgca ggactgtttg gcagcaggcc atccaatcga     87420
     tgagtaaagc agacccccag aagtctagaa tctgattgag ctcagccaag ctgagaatgc     87480
     taagctgact gtttatgttt gctctgccat ggcagctcta gcaggctgaa ggagggctga     87540
     gaggaggctg ctgaagaaga agtcagtaag ctagtcccag ggccacatgg gtgtgtcagt     87600
     aagggatgag ttccaagctt gtgggtttgt ctgtttaatg cagccgtgag tatcccgggc     87660
     acttggtgct tatgtaactc ctttgcatag agcagctcct tgggtggggg tccaagcatt     87720
     cacacacatg acctccctgc cctcactgtt ctcaaaccct gtcaagccgc agtccagcca     87780
     ctgccgtctg tttctttgcc agacttcagt gatattttca gggacttcac tcaaagcctc     87840
     tttggaatct ttcttgataa aagtaacgta tgtctatgta ggctgtacct atctagaccc     87900
     cctccatccc catttggtat tctcactgaa cctaagcccc acctttagga ccttgactcc     87960
     caaccactcc ccaacaggca cagcctaatg actgactctg tttcccaggc aaccttcaaa     88020
     ggctggatgg acatcatgta tgcagctgta gattcccgaa aggtaaggat gtgcgtagtg     88080
     agatgtggcc agcttaaatg atagaaagca agctacgtgc tagatccatc aggaaccacg     88140
     cagggcggaa gaacggaggg ccggaagtgt ctcctgggac cctaactgct cgtcctgtta     88200
     attatagata cttttcctcc tctcagtaaa tcctccctct gtcactgctt ggtcagaccc     88260
     agctggctac ttgaccccag tggcactgac tgccctcagg tcactgctcc cacaggtgac     88320
     agtgccttgg aaggacaggt agaccatggg agggaagaga gaaccccaag cctgtcagcc     88380
     gcacaaaggg agagtagggc tggtggcttc ggcatgctgg agtcagctac ctgacggacg     88440
     acccgggaac tgactcgagt ccctctttcc tgtccttcaa cagccggacg agcagcctga     88500
     ttatgagggc aacatctaca tgtacatcta cttcgtcatc ttcatcatct tcggctcctt     88560
     cttcaccctc aacctgttca tcggtgtcat catcgacaat ttcaatcaac agaagaaaaa     88620
     gataggtttc ctccccgcgc cgccagctgc agaggccagc ccagctgaga ggcactctgc     88680
     cttgtttcta gagaaagaat cagtgtctct gtctctgtct ctctctctct gtctgtctct     88740
     ctctctctct ctctctctgt ctctctgttt ctctctctct ctctgtctct ctgtctctct     88800
     ctgtctctct gtctctctct gtctctgtgt ctctctctct gtctctctgt ctctctctct     88860
     gtctctctct ctctgtctct ctctctgtct ctctctgtct ctctgtctct gtctctgtct     88920
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcgttgc caccctatgg     88980
     tagcaccggc ccactgtcca gccccagaca accccttttt gtttgaggct ggactttgca     89040
     gtgtgtggtt tacaacattt ccctgaagtt tcgctttctg gaggctgccc ctgatgggac     89100
     tctctgccag aaggagggac agagaaaaga ggcagatagt accacgggga gatgcagatg     89160
     tgacacctgt agcatggtgg gagtggagag gtcaccctca taggactcac ttccttgtgg     89220
     gtaatggttc tcctaaggta cactgggaga cttagactta attctaagct gcctttttat     89280
     accacaagtt ccaaattctg aatttcatta aaagtgaatt tgctgttggc tgctccaaaa     89340
     tacttttttt tttttttgta atgtttggga gggccacagg gcacagtgca cacagggtac     89400
     acctttgaca caagcactca ggaggcagag gcaattctca ctcaaattct cactccatag     89460
     ttccaggcca cccgggatta cacagtgaga ccctgtctgg tgtgactgtg tgactgccct     89520
     ctcatccctt gctctcgctc tacttcctgc cctgaaagcc tgtagtcaga cggccctgtc     89580
     tcaagacttg gcctgggaga ttccagacac ccccactgaa actggcagct gtctctgact     89640
     gggatgactg gccccatgag agtcctcacc accggtgacc tctggaggga aaatagagtc     89700
     cttcctagcc tcagtggtgc tcggtcgcac ctccagagct ggttgtaatt gtcccctctc     89760
     tgcattctct ctctactttg gaggtcagga catcttcatg acagaggaac agaagaagta     89820
     ctacaacgcc atgaagaagc taggctccaa gaagccacag aagcccatcc cccgaccttt     89880
     ggtaggtaca ctgggcaagc taacggatgg cacactgtac atctgtttgg aaagaacaca     89940
     tgagggaggg ctgctacaaa ggaagaggtg actggctgcc tagtgctgcc cgctggtcct     90000
     ctcctagatg cccagtacca aagctcagaa agagctctgc agccaggatt aggaatcagg     90060
     tgggtttgca tcagtgcctg gcctgtgatg ggagccctcc tgcaagacag cacactgcca     90120
     gaggggaacg aaggaaagtg atccctcctc tgcctgttca aggcaggatt caggagccag     90180
     gcatggtggt accaaggcag gactgtcata aggttagagg ccagcctgag ctacatagtg     90240
     acatcaccct ttaaataaca agagcactaa ggtttggtca atattttcac agctgtcctg     90300
     ccctaaagca tggtagcagt aagggtgtga cagcagggtg cttacatccc ataatcagga     90360
     agcagagggg aggtactgag agctggctcc tcctccttat tccctctgga cgctcacccc     90420
     catccccacc cctaccccta cccctaccag tgggacagtg cttagtaatc ttctggtgtt     90480
     cttcactcca gtcaaccacc acattggaaa tttcagagag agcacgctgt ccccttcctg     90540
     tccaggcttt caccttgagc tagaaatgaa aagcaagcag aaagcctgtc tcccaagctc     90600
     catgcacacc tgcgtttgga agccacccta aactgtaaag tcatgggctg ccaattggtg     90660
     gtgacacaca tctttaatcc cagcattctg gaggcataga caggtagatc tttgaagttc     90720
     aagaccagcc tggtctaccg agggagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaacact     90780
     gtcttgaaaa acaacaacaa aaccaccatg gagcctgctg agctaagaac atgcactgct     90840
     cctgtggagg atccaggtgt ggttgccagc atcggggtgg gtcaccagct cacaagcgcc     90900
     tgtagctcca gttgcagggg atccagtgtc acactgtccc ctccgggcac ataccttata     90960
     catatactaa atgtaaataa gtctttgggg atggggaagg ttcaagacag ggtttctcta     91020
     tgtagtcctg gctgtcatgg gactcactct gtagacaaag gctggccctg aacttaagag     91080
     atccacctgc ctccacctcc caagtggtgg gattaaatac atgcaccacc actgcccggc     91140
     cataaatctt taaaacatat gtcatatata aatactataa gtgcttgcat atatacacac     91200
     acatataggc cagtaatccc agcatgcagg aggctgagga agaggatgtc tgtgagttcc     91260
     aggccagtgt gggccacaca gttgagtggc agaccagcct gactacagag ggagaccctg     91320
     cctcaaacta tttggaggct gggagagagg caaggatggc catccctctt ctgactagag     91380
     accagtgaga aggaaggagg ctgggtgagg ttgtcaggag gtgcatagtg aacccagcgt     91440
     gagtacagag ccacagacca gttcccctaa tctctagagt aaagtagcca ctggggtcgg     91500
     ggcagcatca ggacggggag aaagtcccca ggcgtggtga tgtcagctca ggtcagcaga     91560
     acaatacttg aggacactgg accagctatc ccaaagtggg ctctgcaggt gctccagaca     91620
     gatgccggca gatactgtag cctagaaggc aacaaggaga gcaccgggaa cagggcagag     91680
     cagcccgtgg gtctacaggc ttccgcgaac gggcttctgt ctttcctctg cagaacaaaa     91740
     tccaagggat tgtctttgat ttcgtcacgc aacaagcctt cgacatcgtg atcatgatgc     91800
     ttatctgcct taacatggtg accatgatgg tggagacaga cacacagagc aagcagatgg     91860
     agaacattct ctactggatt aatctggtct tcgtcatctt cttcacctgc gagtgtgtgc     91920
     tcaaaatgtt tgccttgaga cactactatt tcaccattgg ctggaacatc tttgactttg     91980
     tggtggtcat tctctccatt gtgggtgagt gggtgcagcc acaggaaggg gggtgagtgg     92040
     gcggggccac aggaagggtg agtgggcggg gccacaggaa gagggggtga gtgggcgggg     92100
     ccacgggaag aggggatgag tgggcggggc cacaggaagg accaggaccc caggtgtgag     92160
     gaccagattt ctgagagcag tgactagctc tcagggtggg ctggtgcctc tcttgtccct     92220
     cctctgtgtg cacctcagcc tcccaggcag gtcgcatggc ttgcctgttc ctactgagtg     92280
     ctcccggcac tcttggtgca aatgctgcag ctcagaggca agaggtaaaa tctgctgtgc     92340
     tttcaagggg tttaaagtct accaggaaaa gtaggagaaa cttgtttttc caatatggca     92400
     atagcctgag agatggccca gatggtaaaa cgctttgctg agggtcttag tcagggttac     92460
     tactgctgtg atgaaatccc atgaccagaa gcaacttggg gaggagaggg ttttttcatt     92520
     catggttcat caaaggcagt gaggacagga actcaagcag ggcagggacc tggaggcagg     92580
     agctgatgca gaggccgtgg agggatgctg ctcactggct tgctcatcat ggttggctca     92640
     gcctgctttc ttacagaacc caggagcacc agcccaggga cagcccctct cacaaagggt     92700
     caggtccacc tccattcact aattaagaaa atgctctgca ggcttgtcta cagcccattc     92760
     ctatggagac ataccctaag ttgaggctcc ctcttttcca gcttgggtca agttgacata     92820
     agctggccag agcactgtat aagccaagga cctgagtgtg atccccagaa cccacgttct     92880
     gggcatggtg cacacactta caatccctca ctagggaggc agagacagtg acgagctctt     92940
     gggcttaccg gataaccaat gtagcctaat tgatgggttc caggccagta agagacccta     93000
     tctcaaaaaa caagatggag ccaggcagtg gtggcacatg cctttaattc cagcacctgg     93060
     gaggcaaagg caggcgaatt tctgagttca aggccagtgt ggtctacaga gtgagttcca     93120
     ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tcttgaaagg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     93180
     aaaaacaaga tggataatac ctaagaaatg acacccaagg gtgacctctg accttgacat     93240
     gtaagtacat acactgcaca tgcacgcgca cacacatgtg atgagaagag ggtgggtgga     93300
     gattattgag gtggccagta actggggcag tggtcacagg tgctggctac tgagacggca     93360
     ctgtgtgaaa gtgtctcact ggggccttac agtggcacca gaatggagtt gtcttattgt     93420
     cttcactgtg tgggttgttt acctgggagg taaaagaagc agagctcagg ctagccccaa     93480
     acagagccca ggctagcccc aaagttccta ttttcttcaa cctaaaaatc cagcaggttg     93540
     ggattctgac aggtcaggag agaagtgtga gcctattggc tctcgtcagg gaacgccatt     93600
     gcctcctgga atggcatccc aagtgctatg tacgtgcttt ggttccaggc aggtgtaact     93660
     gacttctgat accacaaaag agtgtttaaa aaaacgacaa ccaccaccac acagggagct     93720
     agtccagagc acagctggcc gcaccctggt ttctgaggtt gatgattatg aatacaaggc     93780
     agacgacccc cctttgccta tatcaccctg taaggacaaa atatgttggt acatgggaca     93840
     ctgagtcttg gggcattttc ccaagagtcc ctaagctaga gtgtctgagg tgagtctgca     93900
     caaggacttg gcttttgaga gttactgcct atactcacct tctgaagtat gcctcgtgtg     93960
     acactggttc ccatacttcc cacttctgcc tgcctgcctg cctgcctgcc tgcctgcctt     94020
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttct ttccatcctt tcttttcttg cttttttttt     94080
     aagacttaat gtcagagcac aatgctacac acactttaat cgcaggactc tggagacaga     94140
     agcaggcaga tctctgtaaa ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta catagcaagt tccagaacag     94200
     ccagggctac ataataagac cctgtctcaa acaaacaaaa aagacttatt tctgtgtgcg     94260
     tgttttgcct gcatatgtat attcaaggag agggcctttc ctggcttttt tttttcatgt     94320
     gttttgcctg gagatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatcac     94380
     atgtttgact ggtatccaca gaggttcgaa gagggtgttg aattctccaa aataggaatt     94440
     gcagacagtt gtgagccatc acgtggttgc tgggaattga acccaggttc tctagaagag     94500
     cagtgagtgc tcttaaccac tgagccacct ctccagcccc aatttttatt ttattatttt     94560
     gtgtgcatgt atagctgtgt accatgtgca tgcaatgccc tggaggtcag aagttgttgg     94620
     agcccctgta actgaagtta tgggtaggat gtgcacaact atgtgggtgc agggattgga     94680
     acctgggtct tctgcatgaa caacaagggc ttttaaccac tgtaccatct ctccagccct     94740
     tctcttctgg cttaaaacca tcagggcaga gatttttgag ttctgaagct gaagtctcaa     94800
     tacacttccc tggttaaaag cttcgtgtga gtgggtgctc atcttgtctc cttggccctt     94860
     aaaaggcaga aagtagggct gatgtagaga gaacacctcc cgctgctggc cttccttcca     94920
     tggccttcct tggactctcc ctgcctccac cacccccagc tcccgcctct gcctctaccc     94980
     cccagtcact ccctagtttt aagacaggtt atctgtgtaa actgagtcac aggaatggaa     95040
     agagaaaggg gagccagatg ttcacttcac ctctaccttt gcctccaacc ccagcctgca     95100
     tgctccctgc tttgaaaccc ttctgatgta cagctttcag ttcaaaaatc ttggggcacc     95160
     aagcagtagc caccctgggc agcccacttt agtctccaag gcaagctctc tcatggagat     95220
     gggggatgag aaacaaagac taggatgttc tgagaagtca gagcatccgc agagtaatta     95280
     ggacaggaag ccaaagggta gcatgtcaca ggggagtgtc tcactccctg ctcgtagatt     95340
     tagaaatctg gtggagaata tttgagagct gcatatgcac gtgctgaaaa agtggatcct     95400
     tgagcaggaa aggaaagatc tgctttgttt tagccatagg aagggataat gcaaaagcca     95460
     tttttatctg aggaaccagt cttgcagaca aaaccgatta acatcttaaa tatagagata     95520
     cagaaagata gccctgtgcc atttcctaaa tgtagaggac accttgttaa tgaattcaca     95580
     cgtagtaaaa ctagaaaaat actaaaaccg ctgaggcctg cggaggcccc tcgggtcccg     95640
     tgctggccac ggataagcct gctcactgag cacacggtct ctgcttttct gtgctctcta     95700
     cgcttctatg tttggaacat gtcattgttt cattacaagg attctgtgca ttctacacgg     95760
     cccattgagc gtctgcacgg taagaggagg gaagggttgt gcccgactcc agtaatcaca     95820
     tcctctgttc ctctctcagg aatgttcctg gctgatatca ttgagaagta cttcgtctcc     95880
     ccgaccctat tccgcgtcat ccgattggcc cgcatcgggc gcatcttgcg tctgatcaag     95940
     ggcgccaaag ggatccgcac cctgctcttt gccttaatga tgtcgctgcc cgccctgttc     96000
     aacatcggcc tcctgctctt cctggtcatg ttcatcttct ccatctttgg gatgtccaac     96060
     ttcgcgtacg tgaagcacga ggccggcatt gatgacatgt tcaacttcga gacgtttggc     96120
     aacagcatga tctgcctgtt ccagatcacg acctctgctg gttgggatgg cttactgctg     96180
     ccaatcctga accgcccccc tgactgcagc ttggacaagg agcacccagg aagtggcttc     96240
     aaaggggact gcgggaaccc ctccgtgggc atcttcttct tcgtcagcta catcatcatc     96300
     tcctttctga tcgtggtaaa catgtacatt gccatcatct tggagaactt cagcgtagcc     96360
     acagaggaaa gcgccgatcc tctgagcgag gacgacttcg agactttcta tgagatctgg     96420
     gagaagtttg atcctgatgc cacccagttc atcgagtact gtaagctggc cgactttgcc     96480
     gacgccctgg agcatccgct ccgagtaccc aagcccaaca ccatcgagct catcgccatg     96540
     gacctgccca tggtgagcgg agatcgaatc cactgcttgg acatcctttt cgccttcacc     96600
     aagcgagtcc tgggagacag tggggagttg gacatcctgc ggcagcagat ggaggagcgg     96660
     ttcgtggcgt ccaatccttc caaagtgtct tacgagccta tcacgaccac tctgcggcgc     96720
     aagcaggaag aggtgtctgc agtggtcttg cagcgtgctt acaggggaca cctggctagg     96780
     cggggcttca tctgcagaaa gatcacttcc aacaagctgg agaatggagg cacccaccga     96840
     gagaagaagg agagcacccc gtccacagcc tccctcccct cttacgacag cgtgacaaag     96900
     cccgacaagg agaagcagca gcgggcagag gaaggcagga gggaaagagc caagaggcaa     96960
     aaagaagtca gggagtccaa gtgctagagg agagggtaag ggaagcttac gctggctgaa     97020
     cacgggcaag tgaaagcttg tttacaaact tccgaatctc acggacacag agcagctgcg     97080
     gagatgctgt actggaagac ctataccaaa catagtctgc ttacacgtga cacggttgca     97140
     tcctgagcgg tgacctgctg gggacaaagg accctgctcc ctggactcac agattttttc     97200
     tatcgcttgg gcagacgtta ctgcatgttc cacactcggt caatgcaact taggagtaaa     97260
     cttaacagga tacaaacaga ggcggctgcc aggaccagca gatcgccgct gcagccaaat     97320
     ggattctatt ttttttttca ttttgttgat tctcagaagc agaaagcatc actttaaaag     97380
     tttgtttgtt catgcaaaca atatttgcat tcttacatta gttaagctaa gcagcaaaaa     97440
     gaaacacaca cacatacaga cacacaaaga cacacacaga cacatacaca cacacacaca     97500
     cattcagcct atgtcactaa tcgtctgttt ctttaacata acagcatctt ctccacgtgg     97560
     gtggcacatg gtttggagac ggtgggggaa acaatcaggg tttcaggctg aggaggactt     97620
     gctcaggcca attccaaata ttgtgctcgt tcaatgcgta gaaatgactt gcatgatggc     97680
     atgctgtgtt cagaagtcat gcatgaggtc catacaccaa cagacactag caatcctgtc     97740
     cctcgcattg gctcagcctt cggacaggac ccagccctgc actgttcact gtatttggag     97800
     aaatggtaag agttccatac cggctgcaat cctctcagtg tacaagtctt tcatacacct     97860
     ctgggtaggg agacataatt aaccaattga ccactaccaa caaaaacaac ccaaccaaac     97920
     aagcagatgg atccgctgca tatacatgtt tgacagacat ctctgacata cagccattgt     97980
     cgtacatttt gctgctctgt ccaatacatg gggagactct ggccccgaat ggcttgtact     98040
     attaatgtca ctgtaaaacc aaatcctagg gctaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaagaa     98100
     aaaaaaaaga aaaatactaa tagaaaaaag agttcatttg tatcttgcaa tatcctgttg     98160
     attgtttagc cttcatcctg gagaactgac cctggggtag agataaaagt gctatgtatt     98220
     gtagcatgtt acctctaggg ggcctttggg gggcttacag aaaccttgtg gggggtttgg     98280
     ggtgcttatt gcattcagtg tcatgtctgt ctgcttttct ccaggctcag gtagatacgg     98340
     aaaggggttc agatattctg aactgccctg tcctgcagag gggttgtcac aagctcctgg     98400
     ctgcacggtt cttcctgctt ctgccatatc cctccagcca gcagggctcc ccttcccagc     98460
     cgctcagggc tggcaaggac agcagtgttg gctgagataa ggctgtaggc tcttccattt     98520
     gtagaataac gctctctaac aggacctgat ggaaagatgg agctgcctct ggacagagcc     98580
     cacttggtct tgtttctacg acggcttttg tgagaaaggg actcagtagt cattctttag     98640
     ggtgtcacag cttcccctgg cctttccttt cagctcacct tgctttctgc ttagtggcct     98700
     gcccactgtt gttgggggat ggcttctaga ggggcgtcat atcttccatt ccatccccca     98760
     ctttatagaa gacagttctt agtccagggt gtctcagctg accacaaggt ctcaaagcca     98820
     agatgctgca ctcgaatgcc agaaagtctc tctgaaccaa atcaacacaa actctccctg     98880
     agcatagtat ggagggaatc gagtggccca tcagtagaca catcagatgc accagtccgc     98940
     cttgcagtag aagcactttg gatgtaatct cacagtccac ctgactagtt ttgcatagaa     99000
     caaaccacag ccagtcagtg agcagagctt tctatcttct tggaccggta gacactgtcc     99060
     aactctccca gctcagagag tgtgtccgtg tcaccacagc taggacaatt ctagagcgcc     99120
     acctgcaggc aacatcgcaa acagcacaaa acaggagctg acctgtggtt attcttttta     99180
     agagaattat aaatactgta atatataatt ttattttatt ggcatgcctt tttgtaaata     99240
     caaattacta acttattaaa taggaaatgg cttctggctt acgccattgt catggttatt     99300
     tttatttttt atactttcct ttcttcttag aatttagaag ctgtcagcca atgtataccc     99360
     ctaaccagac agacagacaa aaaatttttt attgctaatg gtattttcca aaacaacaaa     99420
     atatatatat atttttgttc caatgtgcaa taaattctaa ccacttctat gcaagatttg     99480
     gctaaactca atcattgttc ttagatcttg agatgggcaa cagctatttg atcctgctag     99540
     gaacaccaag cgccatgcta gtaatgttca gcgattagat ctgaccctcc taccccagct     99600
     cctgacccag cccagcaggc tgtgcctcag tttctcacac cctccaacag cctcgcaggg     99660
     aagaagccac ctccgagtct gcttgctcta actttcactc tgatcagacc tctcccagca     99720
     atgcccctca ccttccatct gtccacccag ccactctctg cccgcctcgc tctctctgtc     99780
     ccactccatg atcctttctt gtgaaccaca ccatcaccag cagttcacac ccgcagttaa     99840
     caggcatcga accttaaaga atcagctacg gcaggttttg gttggtttgg ttttgttttg     99900
     cgtcctcatt gcgtgagcaa gtggcagggc tttgccaaat attcatgaag cctgtcaaag     99960
     agcggcagca gccagtacca ctgcacatat atatatagat atataaatat aatataaata    100020
     tttatttttt gtagccgggt ccttggtgca gtatttatat tccacgatcc tcctttaaaa    100080
     ataataataa taataataaa aaggacaaaa aagcaaaaag tcatgtgatg ctgttcattt    100140
     aaaacgcaga gccaaagccc ctgagcagta gtcgccatga ctactggttg tgtgaaaaca    100200
     ctcccttctt ccttaacttc cctgtggctt agggtgagag gctgggagtc acagggcaga    100260
     gggtgggagc aggaaagccg agtctgagtg atctgctctc accatctgga aatgagccac    100320
     ttgggcatct gaagctgcgc acagagagac aagctccccc tcagggcccc tgaagcgaca    100380
     tagagtgccc aaagggcttc tctcatcacc acaacccacg taaactgtaa gagacccata    100440
     gtgtgctagt gagtgcatgg agcctgatgc tgccctaaac gatacctgat ctttagaaaa    100500
     gtaaatcact attagccaaa aggaaacaaa atttacaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaaaat    100560
     acggcccttt ttaaccacac aagggaagcc cgtcttgctg tgtgtctgtt tgactttcca    100620
     gttattgagg tctgggaact gggaccctgg agctttgggg aaggagaaag gaaaacagag    100680
     cccccccccc ccaattctaa gtaggtactg cagagaaaag ccaggtcctg accccccagg    100740
     tccctgctta ctgattgcat gtggcattac cccttagact ggacccccct ccctcaccgt    100800
     ttccacccag cagagccccc cagagatgac ttcaaccaac ctagctggtc tggccttact    100860
     tctgccttgt tcatggttat gatttaagaa agaaagaaaa aaaaaaaacc tctcctgacc    100920
     ccccacctcc caaggctagc gcaagcacgc tgcccggcag cttccagtcc accagctcgt    100980
     gctggccctg ccttccatcc actcccatta tcagaccggc agactggggc tgtccccttc    101040
     acatttgtgc aggggagggg gcatcccttg gggacatccc tctccaggcc atgtctcctg    101100
     gtctaggaac actcaggagg atcttgaagt gcccactcta gtccactcta gtagctgaac    101160
     tagagagagt cggctggtag gtcagtccct gtccttgtcc ctcagctcca gcctccaggc    101220
     cttctgtgga ggtgaaattg ccatgggtcc ggacatggtg acctgaaccc tgggcatctt    101280
     ctggaacgat gcctctttct tttctcagat gttgcccaaa gttttgcaaa aagcttcctt    101340
     cattttcagg tactcccccg ccccctaaag aattagctgc cgtcagtcag ccaggggggt    101400
     caggagaaga ggaagtctgg gttcagagga caagacttgc accccggcct gtgcttcttg    101460
     cctcttctca agactgccaa gatttcctcc attaaaacac tcctgaggca cccctgcccc    101520
     tgaccccact gctgtttgct gtacatagag gctaagtggg gtgaagtggg caggtgtgca    101580
     catgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgaagaatgt acataggtaa aggggagcgt ggtccagtgg    101640
     ttccagaaga gggacagaac tgtgttccat ccctagcttg accactggct cgctgtgtgg    101700
     ccttgggcaa gtcacttaac ctctctgtgc ctcagtttcc ccatctgtaa aatgggggta    101760
     ataatactga cctacctcac aggggtgttg tgaggcttta actagatgtt ttgtaaagcg    101820
     ttctgagata cagagacaaa ggcgccaggg aagggcaaag tattctttgg acttgaggaa    101880
     gaggaactag taccataaac gctgctattc tgagagccat tttaaactgc actgctccac    101940
     caccccccgc ttctcatcac caggacagca ggtcgagaaa tgtctttcct tgcacttgct    102000
     tctggggttt gtgattcttc tgatttttcc ctttgctgta tctccttcct tacccctcca    102060
     ctcgttccct gttctgttaa tgcggaaatg gcagaaatgc ttgagaaatg agaatgtata    102120
     agtggattgg aagtttatag tctggatttt caattttact ttgtactgta catcttttta    102180
     ctttagaatt tgcaataaag ggttacgtca atcttgtttt caactctcct cttggaatgg    102240
     cctgtcattc tgtcatggct ctctcgctcc aggcccctaa ctctaggatt ccctggcaac    102300
     agacactccg gggtttggtt tccaggtagg gctgactcgt ccctcagagg tgggtgggaa    102360
     agtggcccga atgactgagt ggtgctatgc gcgggcacgc ggccttgcaa gtcacacaac    102420
     tccagttcaa gaggccaact gtgactctaa ggagtaggga gcagtttcct ggtacacagc    102480
     agacagacga gagagtatcc aaaagcaggg gcacgcgggc gctgggaaac gctggggacc    102540
     ccgggccagc tcccttgtcc ccacttccat ccaagcagcc acagactgct ccctcctccg    102600
     ctttaggaaa ctttatagcg gtgcgccgcc gtcaagcggt tcacagagac gggcagaggg    102660
     gcaagggtgg ctgcggcgcc caggaccgag gcaggagcgg ctccgtttcc cagctgcagg    102720
     gcgtccgagc cggcctgggc cgggaggcgg cggcctggcc gcgggcacga ggccacgccg    102780
     ggtcgtcgtc gcggttgtcg ccggtgatcc acagcgtgag cacggtgatc agcgccccgg    102840
     tgcacagcgc tcccaggaag ccggcaaaaa ggccgagcgc cagcggcccc acccaggctg    102900
     agaggctgcg cgtgtacggg ggctgcggca ggcgctccat gatcagatcc agcttgtccc    102960
     agtcaggcgc gggggcggcg gcgcggcgag cacgcggagc cgggacaggg accctggcgg    103020
     gaccgggggc gggacccggg acgggggcgg ggaccgggac cgggaccggg gccggggctg    103080
     gggccaggag ttgctgcagg taatttgcgc cggtcctccg cagctgcaac gtcgcctgct    103140
     ggtggaggtt cttggccagc tcccgtgcca catccgggcg gccactgcgc cgtagggctc    103200
     gggccacgcg gtcccacgac agggacggag cctgagcggc caaccaggtt gccagcgcct    103260
     cgcggcagcg gtcagaaacc tcactggact cggatgtgcc ctccctcccc tccgaagcct    103320
     gcgcggttgt ggcccgcagc ggctctccca ccgagtcctg cgccctaagc gagggtgtgg    103380
     gtggctcggg cgttgcccgc cggtccgcag atagccggac cagctccgct gccgcccgcc    103440
     gctgttgtcc caccgagtcc tgcgccccac gccgggatgc gggtggctcg ggcgtcgcca    103500
     gcaagtcctc agataaccgg gccaactcct tgtccaggtc gggctcgggt acctcgagga    103560
     gtgaacgaaa gtggttgcac tcctcggggg tcagcagttc cgccaggcgg actgctgtgt    103620
     gggggcccat ggcgtccagc gcgctcgtga ggggcagcaa ccggttacag agggccagga    103680
     tcagcgccca caccatgact cggcctgagg gaggggcttc gaatgccgag gctctgttgc    103740
     aagactggag attgtggcgt agaggcgagg aacttttgtg gaaagctgaa cgctctaggc    103800
     agagacaact cagctagggg ggggggcgca gatctgactg ctcagggtcc agaggaacga    103860
     ggttcccagc agctctcctt cccccacccc tgcagctccc cattcccacc ccctccacct    103920
     tatggagggc aggaactggt gacccaaccc acagcaatgg ctgtggaact gggtaggaat    103980
     ctggacctta tattgaagtg cctactctaa ccccactgat accccaacct cttctaattc    104040
     atttaccacc ctttgccctc taacagaagc cctggaccct ctgctcacta tcagcgtcca    104100
     tattcagtca aggtctccca tgcctggttg ttagcctgct agcacgtatg actgctagtc    104160
     taaaccctca ttttaaatct gagcaaattc ccagttcccc catccacaca ctgggcccac    104220
     acttatctca catcatttcc caaggtggct tgactgtggg ccctactgtc tcatcccttc    104280
     tgggagccac gtacaagcac agtcaacaca cacatatccc cggcccccta tcacacccaa    104340
     cacgctgctg ttagatcttt ttactgccct gcccatgaga aggaagtctt cacgttgctc    104400
     caacactgac tagtgcccaa gtttcaggaa aggcctgttg actgcctgtg tgaagttttg    104460
     tgaaccagtc ccctagccac agctacctat acgcctgtaa gtcgaggctt cattgtagtg    104520
     taccaggcct taagggtagc ttagtctcgc ctgactcctc tagcctcagg tctccacaat    104580
     ctcgcctcca ttttatgctc ttctgacaaa tatgaatggt gccaagaaca ctctctccag    104640
     cctccacatt ttgctggcct ctagccctcc tacctgggaa ggttcctgac ttgccatttg    104700
     tgactactcc ccgcttcccc tccccactct gtgtggtgtg gagccctgtg tgtgcatctg    104760
     tacaggcctg aggcaaacct gctctatccc ttccctccct actaaaagtc agactctctc    104820
     agttgaatcc agagttcact gatagggtta gcccagctag ccatcttaat ctgagggagc    104880
     acctagttct gccttccaaa gggctggaat tgctgagttg ccccagcgat gcagctttgc    104940
     atgggtgctg gggatccaaa ctctgatcct cacacttgca tggtactgca cccgttgaac    105000
     catttcccca gctctcttgg gcattcttaa gagaagccat gtgtccttca gtgcatccct    105060
     ccaatgagtg cagagattct agggtctact cgccaagttc caggtgactg tgtcaccatc    105120
     aaacaactgt gtcagccgtg agaagactcc tagggccctc cccccagcac ccctacctag    105180
     tttttatagt tacacatgct ctgtttgcga ggctgtcccc actgtgaatt ctcaggggta    105240
     cccctggcaa tttggggagg tggcttgatt tggcattccc acgatgtctt caaatgctag    105300
     gtacatggca aactgcggga gagcttatct ggaccgccaa aaaccaagag gttatcgctc    105360
     tttgaatcct ggaaatacat gcatttgtct cccccacaca cacacccccg cccccagagg    105420
     ctgcttctgg tgttgcctct gtgaacctgt agtgagccct aagagagaga gccaagaata    105480
     ctgttccctt ggcccatggt acatttttaa gagtccagct gtgtgtggca ggcaaggacc    105540
     tgcctctcca cagaactttt aaacggtgtc cctaattttt ctgtggcagg attttccctg    105600
     tccaattaca ttaaaatatt agtgcagcag gaggcctgtg attggacagg ggaaagggag    105660
     gcagcctgaa gagttgcagg gacagagagg gactcagagg aggagaggaa aaaaccaaga    105720
     tggaggacag acaggaagaa gatcctgaag cagcatggct ttgaatagcc acaggtagat    105780
     atgacatcat aaaggaaaga ataattggga ttgcttgtct aatctaggtg ggcagcttgt    105840
     aacattatcg attggccctg aaattattgt gtgggcatct tgtgaactga aaatttattg    105900
     acacgtaaat ccgactcctt aattataagc ttctagaatt ttgtttctac cgggttgctg    105960
     ggtgttgtgg aggctgaccg tggggtggac agtcgttgca tggggctggc atagcagcaa    106020
     aggtaactcg ggagctctgg ccttgatgga gaattggagg gcagagagta agtggttgga    106080
     gctcaggaac ttggtggttt cttttctttc tttctctctt tttttttctt ttctttcttt    106140
     cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc ttcttctttt tattatttcc cacaacattt ttcccgcaac    106200
     ggcttcttac cgtgagtgat aaccaggact gaacagcagg gtggaaatgg gcaaaagatc    106260
     tcatgtggcc cgcaggactt ggcttcagat gtctccaaac cttgccctcc accctgtgga    106320
     agacaaatat gaccctcatc atgctcaccc agggctactg ccctgctctt gggagcccct    106380
     cttcctcttc cagtcccaag gaacagaaac actcagaacc acagccagga gactgacaga    106440
     cccaagtagc caacactccc catatcccac tacccacaag aaatcctctg gatgccacac    106500
     atcataactt taatactgtg taatatcttc ttttaaaata cagtgtcttc tgaggtagac    106560
     aggccacaac tgcagaacat catcagatag gagataaata tgtccatgta caacacacag    106620
     caaaatgagg tagaaatggg ttacaaccga gagaggatcc caacccaatg ttagcagagg    106680
     gagtggaggg ccggtgtgcc ctcccctgcg ctccatccct ggattctttg gtatgccccc    106740
     caacattgct agggctagac ccgccctgcc atcctgcccc atgctcgtga ggtaggtgct    106800
     gcagccgggg gctgtcttct tgtgcaaagc ttccaaaccg ggaacagaaa gagcccagca    106860
     aaggaagtgt ggggacccca gcggtgggtc catgtactcc taacccagcc cacccccccc    106920
     ccactttcct gcaccggtat ccccaccccc accccagacc tgagagaact cccttactct    106980
     aggccccacc gaggatcatc tgcagtatca ccctgggcca cttgctctga agcatcaagc    107040
     cctgtacttg gtcggctggc tccagagaga ggcttggaga gaacaaggat gaaggagaca    107100
     tagtagctct cctgttcaca ctcctcacac ctgccctcag caccctgccc ctgctcctgc    107160
     catgtctctc atggtattct cagcatctag aacatgaagg gatctaggag ctgtaggggc    107220
     aaggggtagg ggggctaagg tgggacaaag atagggggtg taccttcttt gcaccaaaga    107280
     gtgtgaaatg gcctgagggg accaaagagc cttatcaaga gaaggagcag gagggatgtg    107340
     gtttgcagag aagtctggac taacgtcaca ggaaagcacc cagttccctc caggccctca    107400
     gtttagaccc agagctccat ggggacaagt agacacccca cacagagaca cagaaccctt    107460
     tccagggcag tgctctgtct cgtcacaggg tgcctggctc ctagtagtca atgttgtgtc    107520
     cagccagact tgtggctaga ccacgttcac gccagaggca atcctcttag cctgttattg    107580
     agcacctctg acagaacctg cttccagtca gatggcctga gaaccttctg cccagctgaa    107640
     tggacaagag caccccaact ctctgcaagg ttcacagacc accggaagct gaggactggg    107700
     gcccacgggg aagaatggta agaaggcagc aagcagcacc ccctggagcc tctgccccat    107760
     cctcttgctt gcaagctggg cctggggaga aagcccctag atacattctg cgtctatccc    107820
     agggacagca gtctggggct cgggtctggt ctttcctcat tagccccaaa tctctctggt    107880
     ctgggagaat ctgctcccca gggacggggt tgggggtaac aggagagcag ccaaactcta    107940
     acattctttc tgaggtcagt ttcttcctga gttgtcaaaa taaaacgaaa aacagcaaat    108000
     cctacacatc ttacaaaaat aagaggccta aaatattaag caacctacat ttctgggact    108060
     tcccctcaaa aatgaacaaa ccaaaaaggg ggggggaagc cttctttggg tggtttttta    108120
     atccttgtcc caccccctaa ggccccaaga tttcaggtgg gtaaagtacg gagggggttg    108180
     gggctccctg tcccccaccc cccttctcag cctctgggcc aaaagaactt ccgccaagag    108240
     tcgctgtggt gtgaatcaga acaatgagag agggagggtt aaagcacagg gtccaggaga    108300
     cagagacaag cacagaaggt gatggatggg gaccagaagg aagagctgaa aaggaacaga    108360
     gacagcatgg ggaggggtca gtgacacaac catgagaaga aaaactaagc caatactgag    108420
     aaagtagaat gggaaaggag gatgtcgctc agaggacaag agacaaaggt tgcggggaga    108480
     gagagcagga gttccttagg ccctggtgcc aactcatgtc gggtatggcc agtctgccga    108540
     gcggagatgg cgaacttccc gtccacaata aataggaaaa aaaacctgag tacaccggtg    108600
     catatggcat cgatctgcct ggcagaagca ttttccttcc catttaaaaa aaaaaaaatc    108660
     caccgggaga gcccgccctc tccccgcccc acattcatca ctcctttggc caaagacatc    108720
     acccccccgc acccccaggc agagttggcc tcccctgcca ccctcagtgt ccggagccat    108780
     acattttgtc ccactcaact aacgagtcca gctccttgga gggagcccga gagcccacct    108840
     tggctagagc agcctccaca tctttgtagg agaggggcct ctgcagtcca gagatgcccg    108900
     cctcggccgc tgcctgctgg cacaactgcc ccagctcgcc cccagaaaag ccctgagttc    108960
     cctgcaccag ggcggccagc tcccgctcgt tcagcgcaca gccctgctga gccagcgccc    109020
     tctgcaggat ctgcccgcgc gccgcgccgt cgggcagcgc cacgtagaag cgcagcgcga    109080
     accgccggcg ggtagcttcg tccagggccg ccggccgcga ggtggtaccc accaccagca    109140
     cgccgtcggc gcgcgcgccg cagctgccgt ccaggcaggt cagtagaggc gcccgcaggg    109200
     acgcgccgtc gtccctcgcc ggcagcagcg cgtccagctc gctgatgagc agcacagcgg    109260
     gcgggcggca gcgcgcagca gcaaaggccg cctgcaggag gcgcgcgccc tcgacggcgc    109320
     ccgaggccgc caggccggct ccgcgcaggc gcagcagcgt ggcacctagt cgggtggcga    109380
     ggcagcgccc cagcagcgcc ttaccgcagc cgcggggccc gaagaacagc acggtccgcg    109440
     gcgggagcgc gctgccggga caggcgggcg gcctcagcaa gggccaaagc agctcctcct    109500
     ctagggccgc cttgagcgcg ccctggcccg ccacatccgc ccactgcact gggggcccgc    109560
     agtctaccat cttgctgctc accagctcca gcgcccccgg gtccacgccc ttggcgggct    109620
     cccccgacgg ctccgcgaag cctccgtggg cggccgggac ccgctccggg aacttgtcaa    109680
     agggctcgag ctgcggcgcg taggcggggg agcccaggac cttgagaggg ccgccgccgc    109740
     cgtacttgcc ggtcccatcc tccgtcgccc cgggtggctt cgaacggaac ccgttgcccc    109800
     gacactcggt gtcgtccgcg gcggggtagg aggcgccgtc ggccgcgggg gccttggccg    109860
     gctcgtaagc gtacttgcgg tagcgggctt ccgcgccctc gtccaccgcc ttgcgcttca    109920
     gcgacacgcc ctcggcggcc gcggggaagc cgtagggcgc gggccggggt ggcgcgggcg    109980
     cgggcagggg cgtgggcgcc gccagcccgg agggcaagta gggcgcgggc ggcgcggcgg    110040
     gcggcgggag cgccccgtag ccgggctgcg ccgcgtagcc ggccgccggg tagttgtaga    110100
     gcggcgccga ggggccgtag ccgggcggcg gcgctggctg cagcagcgcg ggcgggggcg    110160
     gcggggcgag cgcggcgctc gtttgcgcgc agtagccgga cgccaggtac ccgcctccgt    110220
     agcccgccgc gtactcagtg gccgccgacg gtcccccgca cgcgttgccc gtgtacagcg    110280
     gctcagtcag gttgccagct actaccgggg agcccccgag gccggcggag ccacccgcgc    110340
     cagccgcctt ggctcccggg aggccttcgt ggagcgaggc tagagggtaa ggtggctctg    110400
     gcccgggcca gggctccggg tcccctttgg caccgttgag gaaggcggcg tcaccgtagc    110460
     tgcccaggcc cgggcgctcg tagtccagga ctccggagta cttctcggcg tagcgcttga    110520
     ggaggttgga ggctgtgagg gcggaaatgt cgtcgtgtgc ccaagcgtag tggcagcgct    110580
     ggcgaccccc tggaggcaac tccaacttgt gagccggcga cggagtggtg gaggagacgt    110640
     ccaggtgctg ctctggccac tggtttaggg gctgggcgtg ttccggtgtc cagtgcatct    110700
     tcaacagagc tgcaggcgag aagaacagcg gctggtcagc tcctgcagtg gctctaggga    110760
     cccactgaca gcttggttag ccaatgacag gctacccgag accctttaga cctagagtta    110820
     gttttttaaa atagtttgct gtactccaag aggaatgcag aaatgccata gtaaaccttc    110880
     actcccggca agttaccctg accacaccgg ctatgcccct ccatggacca gatcgaggga    110940
     agggccagac catgtgaggc tcacccgtag cagacacttg ctgttcgctc actatgggcc    111000
     agccactgca gcgtatcaag gtttgtaaag attagtgcag cctgtccaga gctgctggat    111060
     atgaggccca acaggttgac atcctactct gtccaccttg gcgttccctt gagattcaaa    111120
     ggtccaccat aggccctggg atgtgagcgt acccatcagc cctggaaacc acagtggcta    111180
     gcccagcaac cttatttcct tgcggtttga tttcttccgg cctttggcta aagctcaatc    111240
     ttcaggtcat acccctcccc gccccaaccc actcaaattt atattatgat tcgtaacagt    111300
     agccaaatta gagttatgga gtagcaacaa aaataatttt gtggttgaga attaccataa    111360
     catgagcaac tatatttaag gttgcagcat taggaagatt gagaaccact ggcctaaaga    111420
     aactagaacc tgggagctgg agagatggct cagtgggtaa gagcaccgac tgctcttcca    111480
     gaggtcctga gttcaattcc cagcaaccac atggtggttc acaactgtct gtaatgggga    111540
     ctggtgccct tttctagtgt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tactcataca cattaaataa    111600
     ataataaata atttaaaaca aaaaactaga acctgaccga atgctgtttg tttgcctgct    111660
     acctgctcca tccaaaatga ctcttatcac cttacaaaca ttatttggga tgaacagatg    111720
     gtgtgctgag gtatgtgaga tagtacgagc atgcagatca tgtcaagtgc atcacagggc    111780
     tggtaaagta cctgcctcat ctcatgctcg gggacccggg ttctatcacc cgaggggtta    111840
     aagatgaacc ctactttgtt ctgagctccc cagtcaccaa atgaagaggg agctgtggtc    111900
     agactcattt cacaaaacac ccttactcaa agggagcaaa actatttgtg gtgtggggat    111960
     cctagagcca atctgtgaga taccacctct ggaccatgaa gagggtaaat gttcccaggc    112020
     tggtcctaca ccctcctcta gcacccatca aggcaccagt cctgaaccaa taagagatac    112080
     agggcccaag aaatagaacc atgtaggcac ctgcctccag tgaaccgacc tgacccaagg    112140
     acaaaattcc aaagatgaca taagcccatg gcatactgat tttacagtga ttatttctca    112200
     agcccaaagc ttccaaactc tgtgttggta tgtgcatatt ttgctgcact ggggttggaa    112260
     cccacagtct cccgcgggcc aggtaaacac tcccaagctt cttggcaata tcatatcaat    112320
     catatcaaat cctgcatgtc ctactaggcc tggggttaga tcaaaaggta tcccgaatgg    112380
     ttcagccagc tgagaagtcg agaaagcaac atcctttgtg gagtaaggaa atagaggcct    112440
     ttgaccttgg ggctcttgag agcataacac tcctagttaa ggactcacca aaagactggt    112500
     attttggtag caccatgaag ggttacgggc gggggtgggg gggtgtcagt gcatcccgga    112560
     tgacaggacc agtacatctg gaacagcagg gctggtcaga tgcagctgtg cctgcctgca    112620
     ttccttgcac tcaggagcct gagccctggt gtttaacgcc agcctcaact gcacagagca    112680
     aagcaaacca caggcggctc ccttaggata ctctattgcc acctgctgga gacatcacaa    112740
     cctacagagc tagacgggct cttgtacagt gcacaccaac aaaactaacc acggtgagcc    112800
     tgtagagagg accaagagat ggggttgaag tgtttccacc ggctctgcac acccagccat    112860
     agtggcaatg gtcatacaca gcaacgtggc cgtgccatgg ctaatggcaa aagacagcct    112920
     tggaaagtga atcccccccc ccatgttaac catctatatc aaccacgtag ccaaatgcct    112980
     gatggtccac agagaaggca ttaggaaagt cactggctcc tagaaggaag gtaagtcctg    113040
     gagggtgcca gcagccagac gtactacatg aggggcgtgt ttttcagagc ctcagctctc    113100
     tctgaggggt tttcaaagat gagagccagt caaaagagca gtttcccagg acgtccggtg    113160
     acaagtgacc cagtgacagg gtcacaggag gtagcatcag ttacatcaat gcaagtgtgt    113220
     cactacatca aacccaggct ctgcccacag ttactattac ctgtgttctg gctcagagga    113280
     aaaacatgtg actttgagga ccgcgtctcc cctgggtaca caaacccaac ggagggaaga    113340
     agggcacaat gaaggtccag gcctgggccc gaccctcgac tcccttatcg ggcagtgtct    113400
     cttcttactg tccagccttg gctccagcag tcttcaccca agtcctccgc taggcagcgc    113460
     tggcgctcac tcatcggact aaggatccca ggtttccact ttgacgggtt ctcctagact    113520
     gattcggccc tcaatttcct ctgcaggaga ccccgtgctt gacatggcac ctataccact    113580
     cattcgctgg ctctcctcaa acacttcagg tcaaggtctc cccacgttag ccaggaaaaa    113640
     aagaaacacg aaaccatggc tcctgttttc actcttatct gcgtccgtat ccacctcgtg    113700
     accaaaagct tgacggtcca cccacctcaa tagatcccca tctcgagcta gcacaggatc    113760
     atcagtccag cctaactgct gtacaccagg tccttccccc tggtgagtgt actcttcata    113820
     tctccaagat gacttccctt gaccctaggt ccccactaac tgccagccag gctctgaacc    113880
     acttcttttg aggatgtctg tctacacgtg gtgaccatga cctgttacat ggcctttagg    113940
     atagcaggga ggcaagagct gttcttccag caacttctgc tgagctgggt tctagagtgt    114000
     tacattcccc tcaagcccag caagggaaag gacaaagatc tggtctaaat cttagtgtat    114060
     aaggacaggg ttgaacaaaa aaaggaaggg aggccaggcc ccagcacctg tgttcaagtt    114120
     gaaaaacctg gtagcaaaag gagcctggag acacaccaga aagcaagagt gtgtgcagcc    114180
     ttgggtccgt gtgcacttgg aagtgccggt atccagcaag agcacctgcg aatgcataca    114240
     acacactgca agactggacc tgcgaatgca tacaacacat tgaagactgc agactggagc    114300
     gaggtccatc cttacagacc aagccacaca ggtctggcct tcaggatggc tggagatctg    114360
     caactccctc cccgctacca gcccttaaca tgtccacaca gccaccagcc ctcctgcaac    114420
     cctcccaaat catactctgt cctatagccc ctaggtcagc caggccaggg gtgagggaag    114480
     acacaggact tgggcaagat aggagctttg aatcagaagc gtatttcaga gccagactca    114540
     gacacttaca ggggaccctg agcagactac ccaaccttat ggaacctgta tctccagatt    114600
     aaagggcatc atatccagca ggcagaggga ctggggattc aaaaggactg tgaaaagcag    114660
     tccaaactac aaatcccagg tggtgccttt tggcccgctg ttgaacaggt tactgacgtg    114720
     gggggcgggg ggggggtgga acaagggact ggctagaagt cttcctgctc tgacaggaca    114780
     agatggtcct tatgccactt cctagtcccc tgctctgtgc ttcacccatg tgagacagag    114840
     cacacctgtc ctggcctagg gaaatggaca tagctgtctc ccagtgctgt gggtttgctc    114900
     ttcaaacctc atgggaaaac tgtatcctcc tggccaaaca gccccgaaag ggctgtccct    114960
     ttccctgtgg atatgctgcc acacagctgc acgtggccca gggctggaaa acagctcctt    115020
     ggttagtttt tgtggtctgc cctagtggtt ggtagctggg actctggaga aagcactctc    115080
     tttccacaca ggggtggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtacgtgccc atctgtctgt ctgtgtcttt    115140
     ctgtgtgtgt gcatgtgtgt acatatgtgt ctctatgtct gtctgtgtat gtctttctct    115200
     gagtatgtct gtatgtgtct gtgtctcttt ctctgtctct ctgtgtatct atatgtgtgt    115260
     gtttgtgcat ctgtgtgtgc ctttctatct ttgtatgtct ttctatgtgt gtgtgtgtgc    115320
     atgtgtgtct ctttgtgttt tcctatgtgt gtctgtgtgt ctatctctgt gtgtctgcct    115380
     gtgtgtgtct tgtgtgtgtg agtctgtgtg tctgtgtgtg tgtgagtcta tgtatgtgca    115440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgttgtgtgt gagtctgtgt atgtgcatgt gtgtctgtgt gtgtgcatgt    115500
     gtgtctatgt gtgtctttct atgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt gcatgtgtat    115560
     ctgtctctgt gtctgtgttt ttctgtgtgt atctgggtat ctatctatgt ggtgtgtgtg    115620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtggtggtc cctgcctagc    115680
     tttgcccaga gcacaacaga gcaaccagtg attacagaat taccgaatag aagaaaaaag    115740
     tttctcctac agccccactt ctcagtgtta ggaagtccaa gattgcaaaa cagtgattcc    115800
     accttctgtg ggtggtcccc agtgtaccaa catccacaat gtgccacagt cctgcattgc    115860
     cttcctgagg tcttgccgcc tacgggtgcc ccgcccatct ctgtgcacca gtcagagcgt    115920
     gaggtctgat gctccacatc taatcccagt gaaccccaca caatcattgc atggccacca    115980
     gccagaccta accctcacct aagctttaca ctctggcaag aactattggc cctgtgagaa    116040
     gagccaaaca gttcactaaa gccctacagg gcttctcaaa aactaagtca cacaatctag    116100
     ttggggtggg atgggaacaa agggcagctt ccttgtcagc acccctctcc attcccagga    116160
     gcccctcaga aattctagga ttccagattc cattaccctc tgctgggggt gggcggggag    116220
     ggggggtgca tggtagagaa ggggcatctg gtcgccactc aaccgtggtg gaggagggct    116280
     gatgccccct tctgggcaag cctcctccag ctccattatc ttagcctgga acaaaagggc    116340
     tgagtggaga atcccattgt ggggcctctg catggagatc tcgttagtta atctattcac    116400
     tgaggctccc acaggccttt tgtcacaggc ttttgtctac agcttacaac tcttggggtg    116460
     gggggacgtc cacagtccct ggcagagcct gaacaggcct cactcctctg gaccctgccc    116520
     ctcatgccaa cccccagcta ctgaaagagg agagacagta actggagaac tgggtactta    116580
     aacccagtcc ttatgattac cacacacagt aacctctttc cccagttcca ggccagagaa    116640
     gaggccccag cacagcgggg gtcctgctac ttgggggaca gactgggggc ctggcacagg    116700
     acctaacatg gatggggatc aacgcatgtc taggaattag aagttactgg aaaagtgact    116760
     gtggcccgca tttgctaaat acactgtttt ctccctttga cactatggta tcaatcatca    116820
     tatgacagcc aatgacaggt aggatggggt cagagtgtgg cccaagttca cagccttgat    116880
     cagctgagtg tggtcaggaa gaaagggagg gagaaggaac ggggcagtat cagccaaaaa    116940
     tgcatttgag ttaggacgag cagagtagta cgtgctgctg actgtggcta acagagcctc    117000
     tgaaaactga gcgttctcca caaacaacca tgtgacgtga tgtgtggagc aagcttgact    117060
     taagccttaa aacagtatac tcctgcaaac attcaaatca aaagtgaagc ttcaaggccg    117120
     ggtggcagtg cacgccttta atcccggcac tcaggaggca gaggcaggcc aacctggact    117180
     acagaaagaa acagacagac aaaaaacaac aaagtttttg ttttgttttg ttttgtttca    117240
     ttttaaatca ctactattct caaaactctg acaactgttg gtactttttg gtgtcaacgg    117300
     gactcacagt tgatttgatg tactatatat gggtgttttg cctacatgta aaccaaccac    117360
     atgcctggtg tccaaagaga ctacaagaag gtgtttgatc tcttgggacc agaggtacaa    117420
     atggttgtga gctgccatgt gagtactggg gatcgcaccc tggtcctatg caaaagtaac    117480
     agtctccagc ctattaataa agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttagggcta    117540
     tgtgcacatt catgcacata ccagcagatg ccaaaagagg gcatgatatg ccctgaaact    117600
     agaattatag gccacacaac atatatacta ggaaccaaac gtaggccctc tgtaagagta    117660
     gtataagttc ttactgagac ctgcctagtt ggatttgttt gttttttctt atgaaagtaa    117720
     actaagggag ggagtaggga gggagggata aaagatttat tctggaagtt cagacatagc    117780
     caaggctatc tgagtctgtg cacatcaccc aagatgggtc tgcaaagatt ggagccttga    117840
     cacagaatcc tggcccaaga ttttaaaaag ggaacaagtt tgctgagcca caaacagcat    117900
     ccatgccagt cctcttgtcc tcccattcca caaacataag tagatatttt cagggtcgag    117960
     aacaatgccc tggaagcatg gctgtccctg gaaaggggac ctgacctctc ccctcggtac    118020
     cagcttgttc tatctgcacc caccactgca aggttcatgt gcccaccgag gaccggtgct    118080
     gagggaacag gagatgcaat gccctcccca gctgtcccta acttcacttc tagctcagag    118140
     ccagagtaaa gagcatgggg ctgcggaggg ggtgaggcag aggggtgtga gaaacaagca    118200
     caggtctgga gtggggatgg taggacctga aagttcctcc ttggactgat cctccacctg    118260
     cctctatcca agatgcttat cctctcttaa ttgtctgaga acagcacagg tctctttgct    118320
     gaggggtgcc agcctaacac aagaatgcaa gccactattc ctcccagaag aaatccagag    118380
     aaatcagccc tgctcactca gagccacaga caggcttttg gctcgtgcgg tatctcacag    118440
     ctgccatgtg ctctctgctc agtaattttt cagctcgtca gggtccacgg agagtcctgt    118500
     ttctctcctg catcctttgc agccctctgt cgctaacccc ttacctcctt gggggaggct    118560
     ggagaaagtc ttggccataa gaacagaggt ggatgaactg agctgtgtgt ggtcctcctc    118620
     ttaggccctg atcctatttt cccagctctc ccgactccac tctcctgcag ggccaatctc    118680
     ccccctcacc actgtgtcct catcagccca taatatgctg tgatttttcc caccgtaggg    118740
     ggcaaagcct ggaatgatct ctgactacat cctctgcctg ctttttaaaa ctttcccaaa    118800
     gccaacagct tgaaaattgt ctaaattatt atttccaaat cctcgtctca tttcatctct    118860
     gcgttcgggg cccaacactc cactcacccg cctccacacg tctcactcca ctgactgtgg    118920
     tgaccagaca ccagaccagg ctttccctgt ccttacctct tctctgcctc tctagctgtg    118980
     atccatcatg cccctagcca acctcacagg ctcacatcct cgactctgat tctctctcca    119040
     ttcaggcatt tgaatcatca tagccagtct caaaatctga gcatcacttg catatggatg    119100
     caacctaggc cgagttctgc agtttcttaa ccgagttcca ccatggccgg cacatgcagc    119160
     ctgcaggcca acagttaacc accatcatga acaagtctca aactcaaagc tgagcacatg    119220
     cccgggccat ctgagcgctt ggaagtggga gaagggagtc aggagctcaa agtcaccctc    119280
     agctaagtca tgagtttgaa ggcagccttc atgaaacctt gtcccaaaac acaaagacaa    119340
     taccaaaagc atggccccag atcaaaattc tcccaccctc cacacaccct cagctttctc    119400
     catggcagga gagggcagct tcctcccttc tggttgtcaa gacagacgcc gctgcctctc    119460
     atcatccact ccttcacacg ttagctgccc cgacttcaaa ctgtgtacag agtggaagcc    119520
     tttctcagca cctcaggggc atgtctcact caccccaatt accacattgt cttctctgtt    119580
     tcctactagt cacgagggtg ctctaaaatt tctcatgtgt caccattcat ccttcaaaag    119640
     cttttttact tcttcatctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcatg tgagtatgtg tgtgtgtatg    119700
     tgtgtgtgca agtgagcatg catgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg caagcgagca tgcatgtgtg    119760
     tgtgttcatg tgagcatgag tatgtatgca agtgagcatg catgtgtgta tctgtgcatg    119820
     tgagcatggg tgtatatgtg tgtgtgcatg tgagtatgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtacaagtg    119880
     agcatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttatgtgag catgtgagta tgtgtgtatg catgtgttta    119940
     tctgtgcatg tgagcatggg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgcaag tgagcatgtg tgtgtatgtg    120000
     aacatgtaag tatgtgtgta tgtgcaaata agcatgtatg tgtgtgcatg tgaatgtgtg    120060
     tatgtgtgtg catgcatgtg agcatgtgag tatgtgtgtg tgcatgcatg tgatcatgtg    120120
     agtatgtgtg tgtgcaagtg agcataagtg tatgtgcaag tgagcgcgtg cgcgcgcgcg    120180
     cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg taggccagag    120240
     gccgatgtgg aaggttttcc tcagttgccc ttcaccttac tttctgggac agcatctctt    120300
     gctgaaccta caactgacag atttggctag gctagccact gagccccagg aatccatccg    120360
     tttctgcctc ctggcgctgg gactacccac tgcactactg tgcctggctt tctttttcct    120420
     gtggcgaata aaactctggt cctcaccatt gcatgactga cccatttcac aagtccttta    120480
     cccactcctc tcagattaga agctgaagtt ctctcgtggc tgagaggtcc taacagatct    120540
     gtcaccgtag ggatgggtgg acagatctgt ctgagtcctc cgcctcggcc atcatccctg    120600
     tcccaatggg agctcccacc ctggggtcgt tcatgttcac cctcacagct cagcttcact    120660
     tgacaccctg gccctcatcc tcatgctctt gccagcactt tacctgtagg ctgcttcccc    120720
     tccccttccc aacccccgag gaaccactaa gaagccccac gagagttctg tgtgctttgc    120780
     tctttgtccc aagaagctaa gacagtgcct ggcacacagt aattcttaat aggttttagg    120840
     atgggcaggt gggtggatga atagataggt gaatgggtga gtgggttgat gagtgggtga    120900
     gtgggttgat gagtgggtgg gtgggtgggt gggtgggtag gaggtaggat gggtgggtgg    120960
     gtggatggat gggcaggtag gatgagtgga taggtggatg gatgaagtgt gtagggtggg    121020
     tgggtggatg gatgggtggg tatgtgggtg gatgggtaga gtgggtagag tgggtgggtg    121080
     gatggatggg tagatgggtg ggtagattga ttggcaccca aagaagttca aaattgcttc    121140
     ttctgtctcc agacaaggaa atggggtctc actaaaatgg taggatggca agagaagcca    121200
     gcaatagaca aagagggaac tctgtttccg agaacaccac aagaaagcac tcagcaccaa    121260
     ctggaccaaa ggtgcccaac ccagttcccc aggacccacc ctgcctccct cctcttgtgt    121320
     ctcccttcag ctcccctccc acaggcctcc gacagaagac aaagggggca acggaattcc    121380
     catcaaaggc cacggacaca tggtaaagag atcagggccc ttgggaccct gcttcctgga    121440
     ggtagtgagg cctccccgac agcctggctc ctctccaggg tgagggtgtg gggggtactg    121500
     cccccgggcc tcctcatatg tcaaatgcca aacagcagga ggtcagcctg agctaagctg    121560
     gccaagtggc ccccatctgg gccatgtgtg cgcacacacg aactgggggg agggggcagc    121620
     aaagaaatcc ctgtctgtgt cctcagtcag ggtcacagcc aagctgtgac catctgttgt    121680
     cctcttgaga ggccaggcca ggggccagca cccttgagga gcaagcaagc cttccacttt    121740
     tgctgagctg taggatttgc aaagacttca gttagcatca gtctttcttc ttgggggaaa    121800
     acaacggaga gcactgctct cccatcttat aggagaggaa atggaggctg ggaaggaagc    121860
     aggggttctc ccaagctgta acagccacta aaggtagcat gggactcaat ccatgtgtcc    121920
     agcccttctc tctgctgcag ctttaatcca ggtgcccgta ctcaggatcg aagtcagaga    121980
     gtcatcaggc ctgggctcca aagcccagca cccacccatt ccctggctgc ctctctgctc    122040
     cagcccaact gcaccccgcc tcctcctcca ggaagccttc tcaggttggc agccccactg    122100
     aagtccctac ttttctatcg tggctgtcct aaccctaacc ctaacccgtg tcggcgtcac    122160
     cagagaacag ctcagcttcc cacgctcagt ctatggccac aggaacgtat acaacatttc    122220
     cagacaactt gacagaagga gcatgatgtg acagataagg tcatgattag agcagaggtg    122280
     tcattggctc ccaagcccct cacttaaagc cccatagctt ctaaccccac actatccaaa    122340
     aaacagccac cagccacagg gaactattta cacgtaaacc cattaaaact taatacaact    122400
     aaaatgtaat tccagattag cattggctac atttcaagca ctcaacagtc acgtgtggta    122460
     gctccatata ggacgtgacc atggaaagtt ctagatgggg ttgctctcgt ggccaccagg    122520
     gctctgctct gtagcctgct ttgtgggagc agtggtggca ggcctcagaa tgcaggctgt    122580
     cccttcagct tccctggtgg ctttacatcc agtcactctg gactccagct tccctgagat    122640
     ggcctcagct ttgctggggc aaccccctcc cccagcccag cctgtctggt ctgccctgcc    122700
     cggagagagg aggggcaggc cggagagcag gacacaaggt aggacagggc agtttgtcat    122760
     ctgggcctcc ctagggctgc tgggcttccc tcccccatca gctcctaagc gcccctcccc    122820
     caccccgccc atcatcctca tcctcaacca atcccaagga cagatggggg ttggcagagg    122880
     gagagaaatg taacctcggt gaaagctcct tcaaatgaca agacagtccg ggggtcacag    122940
     ctgtgtcccc tgaggcctgg acagtccatg cccagccttg atgtctggac aggcctgggc    123000
     ttcatgaagt ggatctctgc aaggggagtg agggggtggg gagagacaat ggagggtcct    123060
     agagggagat catctcagat gggttattcc aacagatgca acccagtccc accacacaca    123120
     cactcccatt cactagctct aaccaggtag agatgcaaat ataagactcc ctcatcagcc    123180
     ggaccaggta agggaacagc ttgttctgag cgtaatcctt gttccaggct agctaaagat    123240
     cctttgtctc tgtccagtgg tctgagcagg gtggacatcc cccccaaccc cctccctcaa    123300
     acagacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacagct gctttcacaa    123360
     accccctctc atagtctctg gccaatcaca acactgacaa ataagtccca ctgtccaaca    123420
     gcccccaggg agtgtattag cacattggaa aggctcaacc ctccactgac aaagcctggg    123480
     gcctggggaa gagccacagc aggagggtgg gcctttgggg agctaccctc cccctccccc    123540
     tcccctcccc ctccctcccc tcccctcccc ggaagaagct tcggtggggc tcagagaaat    123600
     tggggggtgg gggctcagct ccagcagtga ataagcaatg cataaaatcc caatttacac    123660
     actcactgaa caaacagact gtccgcaacc cggggaggcc aggggggcgc ccaaggcccc    123720
     tccccacaac tctcagcggt gatgaggagc ctgaagctgg atacaaggcc tgactacaag    123780
     ggctcaggga cccgccagtg cctcctgtga cctggttgcc ttgggggtat ctcagctagg    123840
     ccccagcaac ctttgtccac tccaagtctg tcctctggtg ccaacggcct gacttccaga    123900
     ccagaaggcc tctttctccc gccccctttc ccagctgctc cacccagctc tcccaggacc    123960
     atctccaggt gctgtcccta ctgaggaagg ccctaaggcc tgtccttcca ctaccccatc    124020
     ttgcccccag gacagggcaa tacccagaaa cactgggctg tcagggctat gtctttccat    124080
     aaaccatctc cctgtggaag ctaaggagaa agtaccagac tagttagtat ccccatgtcc    124140
     tcctcaaaga aagcacaaac tattctactc atgcctacgt ctgagtgaga gacatcatct    124200
     ggtagaaaat aaataaatga tgttttagac agccacacca tttcagatgc caggcgatta    124260
     gccagggacc tcagaggggg gctcaccaga gctgacctgt gtgtacctct tgccttctgg    124320
     agatgggata aaggaatggc agaatgtgtt tcctggattt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    124380
     aaaagtgact ccaggggctg ggaacagctt agagggcagg acagctcagc ccacactgtc    124440
     ctggagcaac agctgcagtc agtcagggac agagttaccc ctgggtcccc aaggaagctg    124500
     caggaaggag ttaggatagc ccagtgtgct tcctaaatac taaaaggaca cacacacaca    124560
     cacacacaca cacacacacc ccatccggaa atcccaagga cagaaggagt gggcagacgt    124620
     cactacattt tctacactct ctcggggcca ctatagaagg aaggatgtag tataagcccc    124680
     attctacagc aggacatgct ccccctttcc cctccttctt gttacctgct gactctcaga    124740
     gtcctgacct atacagttta gacccaccat ggacctgagg gaggcagatc ggtattaaac    124800
     agccaagcag aagaatggcc acgactggag ctctctcagg cccttgtagc ccagggaaca    124860
     actgtggtct gggggagagg gatcacagac ctccttcctg cccacggctt atctgtggaa    124920
     gaatgagcac acacatgaca ttggtctatg agatgaatga caagtctgga tctccgatct    124980
     ctcctcagtg tgaactggta gggagggcag cgtgcctttt cagatcatgc tggtgggagc    125040
     tagggctgag caggcagcag gcagcaggca gcaggcagca ggcagcaggc agcaggcagc    125100
     aggcagcagg cagcaggcag ggacaggggc aggggcaggt ttgaaccagc taccccagac    125160
     tctgttctat gctccagcct gagagtgccc taggaaaaaa gtgctttctc agccagaaaa    125220
     acaaaactaa acgaaaacta gaaaaccaaa acccagcaga tctgaagggc aactccggag    125280
     aaagggccaa cttaagagct gcctgccaac cctgggagag catagtcagg tctgtggacc    125340
     tgacagcccc tgagaacaca gagcttccca ggctagctca gccagcccct ggcccctcca    125400
     gtctatatct tgggacatct tttaccagct tctcctctgt ccatatggac cctcagagcc    125460
     ctcataatgc cttctctgtc accgtgaaac tgtgcaagca agatcccctg cttatgtttc    125520
     aagtccctac tgagagtcca ctgactaaat ccaagccatc ccaacctccc cttttttact    125580
     atccctgcga cctcaagagc caagaaccca ggtgacgatc tatagggcca gatggggtgt    125640
     ccagagacct tggatgccac acaatcccct ccagagttac ctaagactgt cactacccag    125700
     gagccacagc ccatatcgta aggcacctag ttccacggac attctctgaa acggtcccct    125760
     acatctggtg ccacattgag ccctctgcct ctgctctcca gcccttcagt ctgggctacc    125820
     agagaggtcc cccagcacgg agagtacaaa gccagtccag tcaagaaaca gatagaatcc    125880
     cttaaagtgg ttccagttag gagatcaatt ctttcttctg accagtctca ggcttgtcat    125940
     ctcaactcca aagtcacagc cagtctaccc cctgagccac ctgtgcgtac tccgccaggc    126000
     ttctgccctg aacaccttcc tacagtctgc actgaggaac tcccaagccc aagcgtaatt    126060
     tcaccttggc tctgaagcca tccccggctc cctgctccac tgtcccacca tttagatgct    126120
     tattcacagc tgctgtcaat cattaaaccg agctcccctc cccgtttgac acccttgggc    126180
     atgagtctcg ctagacctag ctgtctgacc aagcaccccc tgtcacttcc cccatgcttg    126240
     cttcttatcc tttccctccc ccaggtacag atggtatgtg tgaggggatc caaggcctta    126300
     gggctagagg ctggtctata ccgcttttca ataacaattt aaggacagct gccttctgga    126360
     gctgcgggtt ctacatcctc aagttcaaac aactacccag caaaagcatt tcagaaaaaa    126420
     aggcttccag cctgcactga gcctatctct gtaattactt tttggagaga tgctttgggc    126480
     tttcctctgg atactcaagg acctgtagtt gaaccctagg ctggcccacc tcaaactaac    126540
     tgccccctgg gggctcagct cctcctcatt tctgcagaga gagcagtaca ggtctgttta    126600
     agggctgtta gggacctgtg gggaagacgc aggcactgag gaagaaagct gtcagctgct    126660
     gttctgctga gctgggtcac tgctttctag cagtctgtct ttgtgtgggg ctgcacggaa    126720
     ggttctccga cctttggggc ttagtgctgg ataggcagga gggaagaaac cgtgaggggg    126780
     cttggccaga ttttaagcca taggcccttt tggcagctgg ggagtctgtg gtctgttctc    126840
     aaaaatactt ttcattgtac aaataagact gtgtttgtct acaaatgaag agtagtgttt    126900
     gaaaactctc ctaacccacg aacttctcag aggtcctgga acacaagact caggtcaggg    126960
     gcccagagtc tccctcaaaa ctcagtgttc cgcctccact cagccagccc taggatctag    127020
     ttgccttgag ttggtgtggg agggctctaa gaggctcaaa gtctggttgg tctttttttc    127080
     cctggcccca aaagtgcccc tattcctgca cttcatggtg ctgtatgaga gatgagagac    127140
     acaccctcac agtgtctgtc tgaccaaagg tgagaaaaca ggcccaggca gccctcctcc    127200
     aaatccccag gcaggcagcc ctcccagcct ctcctcagcc ctggggtgct gggctgaatc    127260
     actcagctat gcagccaggc cggtccacct gggtgttgag tgggaagggc tggccccaag    127320
     gagatgactc ccatagctgc agggccgcct ggagagagag agagagcagg agaaagtggg    127380
     ggaggtcgct aagcaaggac tgagcagcca cggacacccc tctgcttgct ccggtgggtt    127440
     ctcagcacat gactacccac tactatatgc ccggttttca caagaatccg agggagggtg    127500
     gcccttgtaa cagataagga cattgaggag gtacagttcc cttgtctaag tcagcaggcg    127560
     ggccaaaggg atgccattcg atttaacagc taacaaaatg aggataccac ttgactcttc    127620
     cgtcctaatt ggcctccctc accatttgta aggctcccta aaacctcctc ccatccagtc    127680
     aaactcagag ctcaatgccc tctaaagctg ttcctgtggc cagggctctg aggacctttg    127740
     tccttaatgt taactccaga cagtggtttg agtcactctc acactcagag aaagtgacca    127800
     ccacttacca ccccttgaca aatagcaaac gttccatgaa gtatttctgg cttcgtgcaa    127860
     ggtgagcctg agggaagatt ctagaaacct ggagatgctg cgttccccac ccacaggggc    127920
     actggacttc caacactgcc tttccactgc agctatcccg tcctctggga agctctcttg    127980
     caattcccac atgggtgggc acctgctgga tacctaatgg gtcccaagct gaactcccag    128040
     actccctcac ccccagtaac ccagattcat gtttcttggt gagggactgg agatctaaag    128100
     ctccggcctg aagagggtgg gaccgtagga aaacaagaga cagaagagga catgcccaca    128160
     ggacatggtc tgtctgcaaa ggaagctctt ctagagagag aggtcctggc gctttaaatc    128220
     tgaggctcct tgctaaaact cacaccaaag ctgggtctcc tggcccatat ttcacttggg    128280
     aaaccaaagt aggagaattt ctggaagcct gaggccagtc agtgctacag tgaaccctct    128340
     aggccagcct aggctacaca gtaagacttt aaaataaata aatataaaat taaaaataca    128400
     gaaatcgaga gacagagaga aagaaagaag cagacaggca ccccatcctt aaaggagtgg    128460
     ctgaaccata aaggttctga cctcaagagt ggattcctgt ccggccaaga catgaatcag    128520
     aagtagaata cccaactggc aagtactagg tcccaggttc aaggcccagc actacttccc    128580
     acaaaaggat gtctaagctg gtggctcaca cctttaatcc caacattcat aaggcagagg    128640
     caggcagatc tcagtgagtt caaggcagcc agggctatag agtaagatgc tgtctccaaa    128700
     tagcattacc agaacaaaca gctatcccta tccagttcga tcttaggcta atccccatgt    128760
     gccctctgcc atgctatgac cagttgcaaa cacccttgct agaggcccta tgcacttgaa    128820
     cttcttagcc ataagatgtt caaataaact tccactcgtg gaaaatccct agcttctggt    128880
     aattcggaga agcaaagcca tctatgaact gccatagctc tgtggaatga ggcaaaagag    128940
     gcgatttctc ctagtgatga gggtccctag agagctcatc tgtccctaac agacatctac    129000
     aagtggggat ggagtcacag catgcagggg ctgggggcac ttgggaagtg tacagtaacc    129060
     actagttttt ccctctatga cctcagggaa gaaacacctc ccagactctt gagcatccaa    129120
     gggtcaaaag ggactctgag cttcaggaag accagtgcta agtgaccttt gtcccagttc    129180
     cctgctgatt cccactgaca caaactccca aggacaagcc cccttcccag ggttcctgta    129240
     acgacagttg gctttcctcc cagcctcttc ccaaaccaca ctgtacagtt ctgagtggcc    129300
     acaccctcag aagttccctt ctactcagga aatcttggga ccaaacctgt ctttgcctca    129360
     ttgctggtgc ccagcatctc gcaagttcct tgaaggtgac atcacataaa aacaatggat    129420
     gggtgttgga tgaaccacct ttgagcacga cctccaacca catagcaacc actgttcatg    129480
     ttagaggcct gtgtcaggca acactggagc tggcctcccc tacctctcac ccctagtgtg    129540
     aggctgagac ttaagagacc tctaggggct ggcgagacag ttcagtgggt aagggtgctt    129600
     gctgctaagc ctgacaaccc ggagttccac cccggaaccc cacatggtag gaagagaacc    129660
     aattcctcca agttgtctcc cgacttccgc atgtgtgcag agacacagac acacaaccaa    129720
     tcaatcaatc aatgtgaaaa atgttttcga gagagattaa ctctggctcc aagtatgaaa    129780
     accttgttga tgtgggagaa atctcagaga gcatggctga tgctctcagg gagcatggct    129840
     gatgctctct cgaacacgac tgagatccaa acaggatggt ggtatgttgc tgcgtcacca    129900
     cagaaggtag gaatctatca aggggtcaaa cggtaaacca cggtctcttc cttgtgtcaa    129960
     tgactaatct tgtcactggt ctaggtgtgc caggccctga agagaacaga agaaggcagg    130020
     cctctgtctc ccaattcctg cagggagcca ctctcctgct gcatgattcc tgagccctgt    130080
     tctttatccc gatgctgcct gggagtccag gactagccag tataaagtag gcttggtggg    130140
     tgtggagata aaacccagtg ctagagtgcc cacctagcat gcacaaggcc ccaactcgaa    130200
     gctacagtac tgtaataagt aacagaaaca aacagtgagt gtgagctcag ctcttcactg    130260
     tgaactcctg cccacctcca gctcacaggt gaattctaaa gctgtccacg gtttgaaact    130320
     gaaggcagca cggctgctgc agtgttttct tggtgtggca agccagggga atgtcccctc    130380
     cagagcaagt gcagccctat ggactgggtc attcaggaac accaggtcct tgatccctgc    130440
     tcattcactt tctcactggg ccgctcaaca ccttcctaag ctcacttccc aaggggctct    130500
     tagcgcttcc aagccacaca tcagacggag gggagcagcc caaccttgat ggggcactgt    130560
     gatccctccc agttgaaagc tgtgccagca gctggcatgc ttggcaagcg gctcatgtag    130620
     tcccctgcca gtgacaccct gcagtgcata cagtcccctg ccatgggatg aacacctagt    130680
     ggggtcagaa aaccttggtt gtcctcagaa tctcagaggg gcgagacctg gggagggctt    130740
     ctggatatac tccttatggg cttcaggggt tcaagggccg ttaaaggaga atacagagta    130800
     tcatggtgtc agctcatgat agtacacttt tcctggggac gctttcattt ctgcaggctc    130860
     tgtaagtcaa aacatagaga cccacagttt gttattttac cctagtggct cagaatccaa    130920
     cccagaggct ctcctttagt cttagccctc aggaggcaga ggtggaggcg gaggcagagg    130980
     caggcagatc tctgagttcg aggctaacct agtctactaa ttgagttctg agacagccaa    131040
     gctacacaga gaaactctat catgaagaga aaaaaaaatt caacccagga ccttgtacat    131100
     tctagccaaa tacactactg ctgagctaac ctccagccct cgcgctagac tccggttatg    131160
     tgtacttaaa cataagccct actcaccaat tctgaaactc aagctaaccc tgtcatggct    131220
     caaggaaaca ccagattttt tgttttactc ctgggtatgg tggggatcac cacatatata    131280
     tactgtagca ctgagatata cccgggccct ttttattgtt ggtgatagtg gctggtttga    131340
     gacaagaatc ttactctgtg acccagacta gctctgaact cgagataatt ctgtctcagc    131400
     ctgtttagtg ctaggattac aggggtgagt cctcacatcc agttttacag tggtcctctt    131460
     tctcccttgc agggaaagcc ttggaattcg gtgtcacaca gtttggagaa tctctctatc    131520
     ttcctaaccc tctagttccc aggagacagc agtgtcaacc attactaaga ctgcaggtga    131580
     ctatggctca ccctttcctc tgacttctgc ccgctggtgg caggagctat caaggcaaca    131640
     gaccaaaggt atgccaggcc ttggccacct tccagtatgt agccctggga ccttcctgag    131700
     ccatcctcct gtggagcctg tttttcatta aataaggtga cgaagtcatt aagcgccaag    131760
     gcaagaagag gcaaaatcct gctggagggg tcagggaagg agggggcagc caaccaacct    131820
     gtcccctgac ctccttcatg accagtgggg tggggggtgg ggggaggctc ctcaggatcc    131880
     agagctgctg tagtaggaac tagtggtggg gagttggggg tgtctcagcc agataataag    131940
     caattgttaa tgtgatccat atgggtcctg actggcctct ctgtttaaca ggatgataat    132000
     ggcaaggggg aggatgaagg tctgtggaga aggaaaggag caaagtcctc cctggacttg    132060
     gggggtgggg agggtcacta aggaggagga gagaaagaaa ggaggagctg agccactcag    132120
     ggggctccaa aacccaggag ggcagagctt cttgcccaaa gtgaccggat tccaggtttt    132180
     gcagaccacc aggtcaaagt cttcacaaag ctccttctcg tcacccaacc aacatttatg    132240
     ggcacccaaa cggtacaaag taactgtgag gcaggcgcaa gtgtatatac cctggcctcc    132300
     tggagccaga gcctaatatg gacccagcca caacggaaaa aagatacagg tgcagcacta    132360
     ggagaccgtg gagggagggg caaatggtaa agctggggac tctgggggag gctacccagg    132420
     gggatatgtg gcatcctagc cgggccttga agaatgagga ggttgtggca agaccaggac    132480
     aatggagaag gcatttggcc gaaggaacag caggagcaaa ggcagagagg cgtgaaattg    132540
     cgtggagagc ctgagattca gcaataaagc tgcagccagg caggggaggg gagggactct    132600
     tggtccatga aaagctgtgg ccatggatga ccaggagaga ggcaggaacg gactctggaa    132660
     taccacactg gagtctgggt tcctctctct tgctttccat tctgctgcct tgatctggct    132720
     gggtactgga attgtctgac taggtgaccc tcatcctgac cactgtcctc tccagagcca    132780
     aagaacatgc aagtccttgg aggtccacgg catccctggt catccagccc ctctcctact    132840
     cctagggaca ctgagaagga gcaactccaa tcctgccttt caactaaact cccattggcc    132900
     caaaggggct tccctcagaa gactgtatag taagggcgtg agggtcgcct ctggatgctg    132960
     cgggcaccaa tggaatcaag tagaaagaaa tgaaatggtg ctaaatgtgg gtaagggcga    133020
     tttacgaggc ctgtcacaca gtcctcccgg gccatccaag caagatcctc ccctttcttc    133080
     gggcgactgg agaaagtccc gccccgcccc cctgcccaca gctcagggtg gtcgaaaacc    133140
     cgctctcgga tcctggagca ctgcagaccg gcaccccctt gcaccctgtt acggctgtcc    133200
     cagggggggg ggcaggacta aaacccagag aaggacgttc gcgccctgcc tagggatact    133260
     ggggtgacgg gaggttccgg aaggatgctc aggggttttg gatgggattc tggcagggtt    133320
     caaaactacc ccgtacagtc agaggtcttt ggactgcagt atctccaggc ccactccaaa    133380
     tactgggtgg ctctagggga ggtgtcaaac cccgggaacc gagaagctcc caaactgtaa    133440
     acctaaagtg ggaaagcgag cagatcccca cttctagcta ctgggctgaa agcaggagcc    133500
     cgctcagcct ctactgccag tgcggacaac acaaacattc ttccgtcctc tattctcctc    133560
     caaattaggt atccatggag acagggccgg cagcctgaca gccccacggc ctaatcctga    133620
     tttagtgacc gtccctttaa cagcccaccc acccgcccac ccacccctgc actccgggcc    133680
     tcagcggggc gcaggctcca ggctgctctc gctctccccg gcgtttaacg ttcacaggcc    133740
     ctccgccagc gggaaccact agaccggaga ggtccgggag gaagccaaca tatattaagc    133800
     tcttactgtg tgcccaacaa tctacagagg accctctaac aagagtctgg aagtgggaat    133860
     ctctgcatag accataaggc tctaggagta gggaagttta aggggttttc gcaagagctg    133920
     ggaactccga ggggctccgg gtaaccaatg gtccactggt gaaagtaagc gcagtttcgt    133980
     gcaatacccc aactctgagc tgggactact gtcccagcct gaggagaaac gaagggcgtg    134040
     tgcgttaggg gcgcagggac cgaaatggcc tcagtctcct gtcactgccc cgtcacgatg    134100
     ctggggaatc tccaggccag taacccagcc cccaccccct cccgcacaca caggggccgc    134160
     tggacaaaga cctgacggag tgggaggggc ctgcgggccg gccctcgggc tcaggccgcc    134220
     ggacccttct gggacccgaa cccgcaaatc ctagctccct ctccccaagc ccacagactc    134280
     cccagagtcc gccgctcgct aacaccacct cctcagctcc agagtgggcg gtaaagcggg    134340
     ttcccgtcgg cgaccgaggg gcgatctcaa ctggtcgccc cccttcctcc ggggaaatga    134400
     ccctgggctc ccacgcaccc tctcaggtct ctcccggcct tgccctccga cctccgccta    134460
     gttggagccc cggcccctca gcccccgccc tccctgggcc tcgcacggcc ccgcgcccgc    134520
     ggacaaagct ctggacatcg gaccgcacag tcgccacccc ctgacccccg gccggcccgc    134580
     gcgctcccgc gcctaccccc tccctggcct gcgacgcgta cctcggcatc ccggccgggt    134640
     cctaggtgag tgtgcgcggc ctgggggggc gtccggccca gggaccgggg cggaagcgcg    134700
     ggccgggggc gacgggccag ggctgggggt cagcggcgct caccatcctg gggccgctgc    134760
     tgctgcggct gctgcggccg ccgcggccgg gagcgggact gggcagtggg ggtggccgga    134820
     caaggggcgg cccaggctcc ccccgcaggc aggaccccca ccccgcctcc cctcgcccgc    134880
     ccccagcgcc ctccctccgg gcccgcgccc cgcccctccc agcgccccgc ccccgccccg    134940
     ctcgcccggc ccctcgcggc agcctcgccg ccccgcctct ccctccccgg gctcgaaaat    135000
     aaattagcca cccgggggaa aaagagcaaa tgaccctcgg tgcgagcgtg tccttgcacc    135060
     actctcaggc cgctcgcccg ctcccgcctc ccctgccgtc ggagcgggaa gttgcgctgg    135120
     gcttggaggc cggcctggag gcggggagac tggggaggcc gggcgggcgc cgaggccagg    135180
     actgagctcc tggctgccct gagtggccgc tggctgtgag ccgcttcctg ggtcgaaggg    135240
     caaaggggaa ggcggctggc cagacccgcc ccgtccgctg cctggccaag accacctctc    135300
     ctaggacgcc tgtggactct ggcctacgtc cccgccctgg gcgcgcagag caactacagc    135360
     gtgcaggatg cccctggcag ggtgcatagc cagatgaggg cactgtctct gcacaggtgc    135420
     cacagaacag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg cgcacgcgcg cactatcaaa    135480
     gcagtggact aggtggtggg acaatcacac tggagagctt gcccaaagag actacagtca    135540
     ccctgagccc actggcacct acgtataagg agccccagcc agtatacgta taaggggact    135600
     tacaggtgac cagaggaatt tgcattgaat cgctcccagt ctagagttgg caccgtttta    135660
     agcaggcgtc tcagagcttc ggtggtgata aaggtcaaga ctccctccgc cttaggaggc    135720
     catggcacag gcgcgatgct tatggtggag gttctggagg agcccagagc gtcaagaggt    135780
     tctgtgacca gcatttccca cccataggtc gtacttcgag gctctgccgc caccctttct    135840
     gggacttcct ttccttccgg gtggtagttc agcaagagca tccgtaggac aggactcacg    135900
     ctggaggggc ttcctctaac ctgcagaaca ggcctctgac ctccaagtct ggcagaattc    135960
     taaagactct tcacttgtga ttatgtttcc ggatcccaca gacccagaca gctctgtaga    136020
     ttggcaggga agaggaaggc acaggccgcc aatcatcctt tttgtctttt ctttttcata    136080
     gtctaaatat ggaaataaga ccagcaataa agttctgaaa ttcatcaagg gggcggggag    136140
     acttctggcc ccagaatttt cctgtttata aaccaccttc ccgttcttac acacccacac    136200
     accctgacac aaatcaggga tgcgccaaga ctcaggagtg ctgggccaga cccccaggat    136260
     tgtattcata gagggtgcaa acagctacag ttgccatctt agcagagcag agacaaaaca    136320
     agaaacttgt gacaaaacaa gaaactgatt aaatgtggtc tttcttcact gttatgacat    136380
     ccgaggccag agagaagaga cttaattggg agcactgaga aaagcctgac ctagagcccc    136440
     tgcacccctt ttctctgtac tcccagtcct tgccggctcc cttgaaggcc aagtccactg    136500
     gagccgagca gagacacccc tgtcatccgg aattgtgcca ggatgccaag gctggctagc    136560
     cttgctgatg ggtggcccta ggacctgact gtaccgagtt ctaagatgag gtggtgcctt    136620
     ctgaggcatc cagcttgaag gaatgttagt gtctgcctag agacaaaagc cttccagggc    136680
     caggatgaga ggagagcttg ctcatgcctc atcggggatg ctcagcgtgc cgctgaagcc    136740
     ttcctgaggc gccacaggcc agcccagtat caggtggtcc tgattctcag gtggctgtgg    136800
     gtcacagtaa gggctctggt tagcaggtga ggggagccta gtcgcttccc tccttcactt    136860
     accccctgtc cagcgcccag gcaatgaagt atcactttcc ttccctgagc taattatggt    136920
     cctgttaata catcaccttg aagctgacac acactcagtc ttggcaaatg gcctttcatc    136980
     atatctccat tcttggcctt tctggggggc taatctctga gggctcctgc ttgacccctc    137040
     tcctatctgc cctcaggcaa gggatctgtg ccccgaaagg cccctgctga ggtcaccggg    137100
     agcctcccag ggcaggtcaa gtgcccacaa tggattggat aataatagtg gtaaagatgg    137160
     ctaatgcatc gctcttccaa cccgccaccc tttgcagcca cttggtttcc atcactaact    137220
     gcatggagta ctgccaccca ccccaggaga aggggctccc cttggtatgt ggctagatgc    137280
     taacaactgc gtgtgagtct gtgtgcacgt atatctagga gagggtgggg tacctcttgg    137340
     cccagagatg ggtgtcaagt actttccaaa accacacagg atgcctccca cccactggaa    137400
     ggcctttaga gggagggagc aggactcagg gcggcagaag gagccagacc cagagaatcc    137460
     aggagcaggt ggggcaagga aagaaataaa gggccccagg gaagcatggg tggacagagg    137520
     aagcagaaag aaatggaaag gaggaagagg aaagggcggg cgggagttcc ctttctcagt    137580
     gctcttctgc tggcccctta ggagtcacca tgggcaggaa aggaaggaag catgtcctgc    137640
     cccaaaggac agggaatatg cccagaggac accacacccc accagccgca gtcggaactt    137700
     gccactggct ggtctcaggc tgccctggct acaaatctaa gtgccagcct tttgggattt    137760
     gaggttcagc catcaaggcc cagctggcaa agtctcctcc attgccaaaa ctctcctacc    137820
     cgtgacccac ccgccatccc agaccctccc acccatgcct taccccactg ctgtttttaa    137880
     actttcacca gtgctctccc caccccaaca cacactcctg cttcaggctg ggtgggggcc    137940
     agcaccccct cagccagcct gagagtttct gggaatatct gggaattaga aaatgcactc    138000
     tactttccta tagcctctag gttgggccat tggagaggtg tccctatttc acctccacat    138060
     gcctaactca gagggactcc agcaccccac actcagaatc ctcaatttac ttgagtacag    138120
     ctgttgctat gtaaacagag gtcccccacc cccatcctac agcacagcct ttgcaccagc    138180
     cacttgaatt gaccccactt tttatctcta gtcccacaga actcagtcgc atccacgcta    138240
     tttgaatact tccaaatctg agccgagaat ctcatttccc tactcctatt caaccttcag    138300
     aacccaactc agctgagctt gtgggatcct gcgattgggt cagtaactcc aaaccagtcc    138360
     tcctctaagg tcttttctct ggaaggttct acacactgag ccagatctct gctttcatga    138420
     gcgtccctct cactcactcc cccaccccta cctcccatcc cccacgccgt ccaccccctg    138480
     cccccacccc acccccaccc ttgtccattc aaaggcagga cccacccctg caggacccac    138540
     accctcttaa caggccagtc cctggagacc tacaggaagt ctctcctctc ttacaaagtt    138600
     tacaaaccca ggacagggtg gggaattaga aaaccagttt gcatggaagg tcccttgccc    138660
     ctgctttgcc ctctggggct gggcctgatc ggaaagtctc agtacatctg gttgtactta    138720
     agtcaactag taatgtagtg gattgtgcct cctgctcagc ctcctccctt ctaacccggc    138780
     cctctgctcc ctcctccagc ctcagagggg aggggcttag caaagcccaa gaggttgaac    138840
     ccaaccctac cagagctgtg gtgccatggt actgtggttc tgaggtgctg tggtgccatg    138900
     ggaccgtggg actgtggtgt cgtagtgcca atgtgctccc tgggccacaa cagagccctc    138960
     caggccctgc atacgttgct cacttggacc agctctagcc ccgctctcat ctacaatagt    139020
     acaacaccaa gaaaacagct gatcctgaat cagcttcaaa gtacaacgac aagaaaacag    139080
     ctgatcctga gtcaacttca gctgtcagtc atttcccaga agcctttgca aaatattgaa    139140
     gggtaacaga gaagagccta aataggtagt gtgtgtctgt aaccccagct actccagaga    139200
     cagaggcagg aggattgctt aagtcctaga gcttgagacc aacctgagca gcatagtgag    139260
     accctgttgc aaaaaaaata agagagaggg tcttgggaaa ataaataaag aacagagtgg    139320
     actcaccaag atgggcctca aaagactcca gattctagta gagagcacct acgggtccgg    139380
     ccagagaaga ggatgcagca agaggggaag aggcagacag tacaagaagt cagatctgtg    139440
     catgactata acctcaatac ggcagaggca gaggcagagg aggcagaggc agaggaggca    139500
     gaggcagagg aggcagaggc agaggaggca gaggcagagg aggcagaggc agaggaggca    139560
     gaggcagagg aggcagaggc agaggaggca gaggcagagg aggcagaggc agaggcagag    139620
     gcagaggcag aggcagaggc agaggcagga ggatcactac aaattcacgt cagtcttatg    139680
     tacaaacata atcagtctac aaagagtgtc tcaaggaagc agtagaagtg cagctatggt    139740
     gtaatgacca agacttgggg tgcagtaaag gttgcagtcc ccttacctgg tgctggtgtt    139800
     caaacaaaac ggtgtgtaga agcactttgg aaagagctga gtggccacca ttatcagact    139860
     caaagttccc tatctgctgc tctgcttagc ctaggttgac ttgaaactca ctcagcagtc    139920
     caggctagcc ttcatgcatc atgcatcaac acacacacat ccacacacac acacacacag    139980
     tttggttgca caagtaattt taaaagtctc ataaaaatca ggagatgtta ataaacacaa    140040
     aagttaaaaa ttaaaattca aacaccttta atcccattac ccaaaagtaa actatggtca    140100
     ttttttgtag ctgccaaaca tgtgggtgtg tatgtgtgtg tccatgcttg tgaacataca    140160
     tatgtgtaga gagactgact gtacacttct gcaaccagct tttctcagtg acaaatagtt    140220
     tgcacacctt ttcacctttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt cttttttttt ttggtttttc    140280
     gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct ggcctcgaac tcagatatcc gcctgcctct    140340
     gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcaggc gccaccacca ccgggctaca cctttcctta    140400
     tctaatgctg ttgatgacag catagtgcgg cagatgacat acacttgcaa gagttaactt    140460
     tcctttgctg ttggtaattt tttttctcag aaacaacatg tttttaatgg attttttaag    140520
     ctataaaaac atgtattatg gacgtgtgtg cgtacacctg agtgcacgtg tcagaggacc    140580
     cttccaggaa gggtcgactc ggtcaggctt ggcctctagt gtggttacct gctaaaccat    140640
     ctcactgtct cagaaacaac atcttgatga ggaaaaaatt tgtcgtccac ctttggggga    140700
     gactgggaat atgtcttagc ttgaggagtc acctagccca ggcctctgcc ctctgccctc    140760
     tgccctgcca gttccttcag gcagcctccc agactggcct tggaatgtga gatgtccctc    140820
     aaggcctacg cctcacagag accaggagaa ctgcccaaga ggacagtggc ccaggcctag    140880
     ccagcaggga gtcagagcgc gaaggtgtgt tgcatgaagg tggtttcagg aacacacctt    140940
     cactgagccc tgggtcaagt tgcaccagtt ctcaaaacag gaagcaggtt gctcagcgct    141000
     gggagtgagg tcgcagctga gccatcacca ccaacacgca acaggggcag ccctgccccc    141060
     tcagaaggcc actgctaact aactgactgt acaagcgcga tgcagattgc cacctcaacc    141120
     cgctttggaa tcagaccaat cgcccaaata ctggtcttct ggacctgtga acttaatacc    141180
     ctgtttctga cagacacttc tccacctgcc ttctcattgg ctggctaaag gctgtgtctc    141240
     ctgatcacct ttgacggtgc ccaaagtagt tccaccccac tcctcctgct cagagcaaca    141300
     tttacctccc ccacctcggg gcagggtgct aacgggcacc tggtgggcat gggaaaggtc    141360
     ctctctgcag gtctctagat ccccttctgt ttgcaggaaa gctgccgttg ctctgcacac    141420
     cccccccccc aaaaaaaaag agacaaataa aagttgaggg caaataaaag ttgaaacaga    141480
     aatattgtca ggtctcatct tatttttgtt tgagaaatgc aggcgtttcc aaggcagcca    141540
     gggctggaaa tacctaggaa tatggcctct tgcctaacat gagagaatcc ccaagctcaa    141600
     ccaagctcaa tcgccgagac ctcctcttcc ctcacttaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    141660
     cacacacaca gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaataatt    141720
     cggacagtgg tcagtgtggc tgtgtaaata cttttgagct gtttgccacc aaccttatgt    141780
     gtccctcaca cacgcctatc ctcctttttt ccattttcct tcaatcaccc agtttctaca    141840
     gggccctggc ttaaaactac accaagttcc agcaacccct ccttagtggc ctagcccata    141900
     aaacaaacac gtgaccagaa ttcatcccat taggtgccac tactgaagaa aaaaaaaagc    141960
     acaactactt tattttttaa caaatatatt tttaaaagat gtatttattt tatatgagta    142020
     cactgtcact gtcttcagac accccagaag agggcgtcag atcctgttac agatggttgt    142080
     gagcctccgt gtagttgctg ggaattgaac tcaggacctc tggaagagca gtcagtgctc    142140
     tgaactgctg aaccatctcc ccagccctgc atgactactt tatatttatt ggaaaggaaa    142200
     gccaattaaa ctgactagga ttccatattg cttattgaaa agacttttaa aaataaatgc    142260
     aaacacccat tgctggaccc tgtgagctgc cttgccagtg agccttctct ccagcccagc    142320
     ccacttcagc tccatccata agtgcatttg aaaacaggct cctcactttg taaaacatta    142380
     tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttatttg tttgagtggg tacacgttca    142440
     tggcatagtt cagagggtaa attttgagag tctgttcttc cctgcagagt aagccctggg    142500
     agtccaactc aagttaccag acttagcagc aatcaccttt acccactgag ccagttcagc    142560
     tgcccttgtg tgtgtgtgtg cacgcgcatc taggtgtttt gccttattat actctgtata    142620
     ccacattcac aatgtgcctg ggcaggccag aagagggtcc tctaatccct tgggattggg    142680
     atttcagaca gctatgagcc accatggaga tgctgggctt caaacccagt gcctcataag    142740
     aactgaacca tccctccagc ctcctgcctc ttttttttcc cctctttgag gcagggcgtt    142800
     actgtgctgt gcagaccctg agctcacact agtccaggac gaacttgtga ctgtcctgct    142860
     ccagtgcccc acacagcagg gattgcagtc ccgtgccacc aggtcaggct tgcaaataca    142920
     tctctgacat cagtcacttt agctcgccta taacacggag gatgtggata aaatgaaagt    142980
     tctcttaaaa ctgtatccca ttcaggaagg agccgttctc tcttgtgctt agtgagtgtt    143040
     gttctgagct tcgtctcccc aaaccaaaaa gaattaagta agaggaaaaa gctttctcat    143100
     gttcggagtc tggttcctgg aatcattttt aaactctgta ctgctggcgc ccgacttttg    143160
     tgcagatccc ctgaaccctc gagaagacgg atgaaatttg tgatcggaca tctccgaagt    143220
     gcactgtaca atataaactg cccattgctg ggtaaaaagt tgtcccaaac ttaacagttt    143280
     tgacagcaaa cattttattc tctaaggggc aggagcacag gagtcttaac tgcctggttc    143340
     tggctcatca tggcctcttg tgaaactgta cacaagttgt cctgcccggt gctggagaat    143400
     ctccaaggtc attcctgtgg ctggtggcag acctcagttc cctgttggca ctggctgggt    143460
     gcccgaggtt ctcacagttt ctacagaact gtttcctcat gatggaaatc ctggccccat    143520
     tcaaaaggtt gatgctgagt caggactaag acatcacagt tagtaactgt cctttgagac    143580
     atcaggaacg ccaggaaagt ctgaggggtt ttattgctgc aacaaaccac cataaccaaa    143640
     aagcaagctg gaaaggctag gggttcttgg cttatatttc tacagcacta ttcatcacca    143700
     aaggagggca ggacaggaac acaaagaggg caggaacatg gaggcaggag ccgatgcaga    143760
     ggccatggag cgatgctgct tatgggttgc ttgtaatggc ttgctcagcc tgctttcttt    143820
     ttattttatt ttatttatgt atttattcat ttgtttgtag aacccagaac ccaaggaaaa    143880
     ggctgggacc ttccacctaa atcactaatt aagaaaaagc cccacatttg gaccctatgg    143940
     agacgtattc tcaattggca ttcccttctc tctgataatt ccagcttgtg tcaagttgac    144000
     agaagactag ccagcacagc taccaagttc acacatacag gaagggtcgc tgactcatgg    144060
     ggtcgtctag atgacatatt aagatgccac tgaatgtaag atatacaaca atttttaaag    144120
     tgctaaaaag gaaaccaggt gtggttgccc acaccacagg acacagaggg ctgttgcagg    144180
     aggattgcca caagtttgct gacaggctag gctacaaagg agttccaagc tagctttggc    144240
     tgtagaataa gaccttgtct tagaacaaat aaagaaaaac atgtgctgga atgtaaagct    144300
     gagagttggt gagacggcgt gtcccagaag cctggagcat ccgggttccc aggtctatct    144360
     ttgtgctctg acaccgtctc tgggtggttc ctctgagggt cactgtgtta gccaattttt    144420
     atcatcatga caaaatctca gagacaaatg attgagagga agaaagattc atttgggttc    144480
     ctaatttcag agcctccgtg gtaactcagc tatggtaact cggctgggtc gtttctaggt    144540
     gagttacagt gaggaaaagc acgactgtgt gtgctgaagc tttacttcac aggcagtgag    144600
     agtcaggagg aggccagggc cagggcatat ccccagtggc ctgtctcctc tactttgtaa    144660
     aacctcttca gctatggtca gggttccatg attcagtcac ctctcagaac tgccaccagc    144720
     taggtccagg ccgtcaacac acgagccttt gggggtatac ttcacattca aactgtaacc    144780
     atgacaacgt ggctggggta gttctgctca tgatgtgtgt atccacgatt ctttccaaga    144840
     aaaccccagc atctccttga gttaggctca cttggatgta ttagctgact tgggctgatg    144900
     ctttaaattc tttcttacac aaaagaaatc tgaaggtgga agtgttggga tgggaacccc    144960
     accagcaccc aggagctgac atcacatgat ttaactctca aatctacatt ccaaagggcc    145020
     tgttggagct ccagatctat gttgtcaccc aaagtgggaa aaatggaagg agcaaaggct    145080
     gcccctcccc aggggccact ctcctaacag ctctgctatc ctgtggcatg gcttgcagcc    145140
     accatctcct tcttctccta catttagtgt gcatgcctca tgtggggggg aggggtactc    145200
     atgtctgtgg cagtgtgtat gccgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    145260
     tgtgtgtgtg cttgttcctg tggaagggta catgcctctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    145320
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgttcatgcc tgtggaagtg tgcatgactc    145380
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtac gcttgttcct gtggaattgt gcatgcctcg    145440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cttgtgcctg aggaagggtg catgcctctg    145500
     tgtgtgtgct tgtgcctgag gaagggtgca tgcctctgtg tgtgtgcttg tgcctgagga    145560
     agggtgcatg cctctgtgtg tgtgttcatg cctgtggaag tgtacatgcc tcatgtgtgt    145620
     gtgtgtgtgg tgctcatgcc tgaggaaggg tgcatgcctc gtgtgtgtgt tcatgcctgt    145680
     ggaagtgtac atgcctcatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttcatg cctgaggaag ggtgcatgcc    145740
     tcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttc atgcctgagg    145800
     aagtgtacat gcctcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ctcatgcctg tggagtagaa    145860
     ggacaacatt tggagccagc ttcccctacc atcacacatg gattctggag tcagaactca    145920
     ggtcgccagg cttgatagca agtgctgagc cgtcctacac acccaaccat ctccacagca    145980
     cacatttcca ttcgctaagg cacaaaagag gagactgtat gcaggggtcc acagtgtcct    146040
     tcactgtcct ctctggaggg ctaggatgac cagcagtaat agcaacgtgt ggccattgct    146100
     cctggaaaga aaacacagac tccactcctc aaagtgaacc ttccatgatg agggtaagtc    146160
     cccaagcagt taccctgggt ccgcctcctc tctcctgatc tgcttcaaac cctggccacc    146220
     atgttcttta gtggaagctg ggtccctacc ccacctcaga taaatgttaa tctctctgag    146280
     gacctccgtg aaatccaatc tctgctagta cctggcccac aggggaatcc gaggtatgct    146340
     ttgggcctga gagacacaga ggaagttctt tggaaaatgt ttggagatct tctcaggcca    146400
     gagggaactt ctgcttctcc tgccctctga tcactgctac cttcctgaga tgtctgaaac    146460
     tgcagcatct accacgtgag tttcagaaat gccagtcaga gacacggcaa aaaccaacat    146520
     ggaaagggtg gtagagaatg cggcgggaga gccccgggat ggaatcctcc gtggatcaaa    146580
     gtggattcga cagagcagag gaacctcaag ccagtgtctg aacccagaag gacaggcaca    146640
     aaacatggca tccaatacca tcctgtaata gaaagaacac acaaaggccc ctagaggaac    146700
     agagaagagg ccggcagtta cctatgatga gagcaaggaa gagaccaaac actgaaaaca    146760
     cagaggactt cctgaggtca actctacttc ttgatggtta cagttggctc accaggcaca    146820
     aatttgtcaa aatccattat tttctcagtc cgtgttttgt ccaccatgta aattattttt    146880
     ataaagttct tgatgaggga agagagaggg agagagagca gtcaggaagg ccttgcctta    146940
     taagcataag aacctgcatt aaccatcaga acacagctaa acaccaagaa tggctgcaca    147000
     ctcgtgatct cgatgccatg ggggagaaaa ccatagcatc cttcagggct cagtggccag    147060
     cagcctagcc tacctgctga gctctggacc agtgagatat cctgtctcaa aaggggggct    147120
     ggagagattg ctcagtggtt aagagcactc actgctcttc tgaaggtcct gagttcagtt    147180
     ccctgcacct acatgacagc tcacaccggt ctgatgcagt tttctggtgt gcagataaaa    147240
     tacccataga cataaaatta tgtaaacaaa tacatctttt gaaacctaaa aaaggtagat    147300
     gtcagctgag gaacaacaat tcaagattgt actctgtaca cacacacaca tacacactca    147360
     tgcacatact cacacacact cacacataca ctcacacaca ctcacacact tacactctca    147420
     cacgcataca tgcacacaca cacatgcaca tactcacaca tcgcacacat acacttacac    147480
     tcatatacac tcacatactc atacacacac tctcacacac atacacgcac acacacacac    147540
     acacacaaca cacatttata tacagaacaa aacatggcat tttaagaaaa caatgaaggg    147600
     ggcagggaga aagctaatat gagtcctcct gtctcagcct cctgagtagc tgctctaacg    147660
     cctcaccacc tcacacaaga acacaagaaa caaacaaagg ctcttggcag gttcatggca    147720
     acactgtaag cccctgagtt aggcagcagc ctctgcccag gtcttcttgt ttggtgacaa    147780
     attcactcaa taaaccattt ttaagaagtt aggtcttggt ggcatgagcc tttaacgcta    147840
     gctagcactt gagatgcctt gtgaggcaaa ggcaggtgaa tctctgtgag ttccgagcca    147900
     tgggagatgc tgcagggtag gcaaggaggc gagcctggga ccgaggcttt ccagatccag    147960
     tgtgaggagg actcttgtat ctgggtctct gcgaccagtt cctctggaag catctctaag    148020
     agctagaaac atttcagcga tcctgaacag gcttgccagg cctcggccac cagacccaac    148080
     ctgaaggagg aaagttgaga tgtgaagcct ccacaggcga gggcaggaac agaagctcat    148140
     cagctctgtt gctcacaggt caacttgact caactcggtc accagaggta agggtggaca    148200
     gccaggcact tgtccctcag ccctcaggag tttcagaatt acagatacta tggaccagag    148260
     ggtagagcca ggtatggcct ccccatcctg tggccgccct tgtcttccct aggcacctct    148320
     tggggttgca aggccacccc aatgtgtggg gcaacgcggg ttggacaggt tcgcatgaat    148380
     caatgaaccc aactgtctag tgtcatgcct ggcacacagt aggtgctcat caaacggggt    148440
     aagatcctcc tctgcctttg cagcagcctc atgctgatct gctgcagcag gttttctgag    148500
     cttccccttg ctgtatcctg tttgtggcgg tagagtgact gcagaggatt tcctctcctt    148560
     gtccctccct tccttccagt acctactctg ccctacttct tccaggaagc tttccctgac    148620
     tgccaaggtc tgggtgacct ctcaactcca cattcccttc acagttggat ttcaggctct    148680
     cccagcccag ttcagatgag acctgcacca taaggctact ggcctcacga aggaaaggct    148740
     accctctctc accacatgcc cactcattgc agacggcctt gatgggggtt gggggagtga    148800
     ggaggaggcc acctgccaga gtggcagcag acaggccagc taaatccttg acctacgctt    148860
     taagaggtcg ggcatagttc aatagagcac tccaggctga atcccagctc attcacccag    148920
     gtcgaggggg atgagggata gaggaggagg gtacgaaaag ggaggagggc cttctcttcc    148980
     aagagctcgg tgccttcatc cctggctttc tgagcactgc ggagcaccct gaaacccaca    149040
     ctcccatccc ccagcagtgc agaagcggag ggcgggcgga ggcagaaagg agggaagcca    149100
     gtgcctggaa cgggaatgag ggttcaacac agagcctttt acgagcagag tcctttcctt    149160
     tgttgagaca gggatttcag ctctgctcag gtcctggctg gccctagacc agcatcattt    149220
     ttgtaatttt ctcctactta gatccaacta gggtagagag gaggtccccg gaaccgcggg    149280
     atggttggat ggagtcccat gtgtaatagt gttttgtgtt tgtttcattt tagtttttcc    149340
     cgagtggcca caatcggcag atcagggaat gacccagatt gggtctagcc ccagccaccc    149400
     gccgcctccc ccacaggacg ccagcgaggc ctaccctctg gagatgctat gcagatgaaa    149460
     tgcaaagcag gccgagatgt ctgtggggat tggctggtac cgaagacctt gtggcccaat    149520
     cctgggccgt tgaaggcctg agcttcccta cccaaccacc cccagccccg gccttgtctg    149580
     gccgataaat cagctcagtc atcgttaatg gctcctgact aattgcctgg acttgggctc    149640
     cagggctcgg gtcgcccaca ttaaaattca atcaggccca gcactagcta ttaaatattc    149700
     attgggagag cttcccgaaa ccaggctcgg gggggatggg ttggatgaag agggactacc    149760
     tggagctgca gcctacttct agggcagatg cgcccacact ggtttacctg cctgcaactg    149820
     cagcctggtt tccagtctgt tccagccggc agattcctct ccggaagcct cagagccatc    149880
     tctgaaggac tctgagacca agacgcctta cgggagtgta gagataagtc aagcaggccc    149940
     ccagaacctg ctctgtggtc tttgcgtgcg tgcttggtca cctcgcctca gggagacccc    150000
     ctctccaaac tatgaagagt gctgggacct tgggttcctt cagttccatc taggaatgaa    150060
     ctagctccag atacagacgc ttgtccaggg actagagaga tggctgggtg gttaagagca    150120
     aatactgacc gctcttgcag aagaccttaa atttggttcc caatacccta gtgggttggg    150180
     tcacacagtt acctgtactc cagttccagg ggatggatga taagagagag agagagagag    150240
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaacagaaa gagggagaga    150300
     ggggaattaa aagtaaaata aatccttaag aaacgaacaa aaaagcagag ggttgtccag    150360
     cctggagccg gaatgaacag tatctggatc ccagcgttcc aggccaacct gggctttaag    150420
     accctgtctc aaaagccaac aggcaaactc ccagagcttt cctccttagc tgagcctcca    150480
     ggtgccacgc actgtccagg cactggctga cgtcagggct caaaggcaga gcatctgcac    150540
     tgcaggatga gtgtgtgctg aaaggaagga gggctcctcc tcctgccctt agcccaggaa    150600
     tgcagccctc cagcttctga tactgagcag gaggcctaga agttctaaag ccggggtcca    150660
     aggagtgagg tggggtgggg ggtggggagt tggagggagg ggtgaggggt aggatgctgg    150720
     aaagcagagt acactcatgc acacacccac actgtagtca cagggctata gagtccagca    150780
     gaagcaatgt tagcagagac ccaaagcttg tggatctgct caggaacagg agtgtcctag    150840
     gcctctgggc tttactgaga ctcccagcgt gaacgaacac caaagggtgt taggagagaa    150900
     aaaagcgcca ggatatctgc taggagggac ccatgccctc ttgtttcctc gagattctgg    150960
     aagcaaagca cctgctcaca gacctctttc ctttcagctc ttcctgtacc tggggcatga    151020
     agtgggacac cgcgggaagg ctaagcctgc tggaatgaca gagagtccct caggcactgc    151080
     ggagaaacct ctgcaaagct ccggggccgt aactctagct ggcctagaac tcactgtgta    151140
     gacttataga gagctgcctg cctctgcctt tctgttccat catatctaag cccatccaat    151200
     attggcccag caggaaacca aaaactctca tctgaaaact tctactcctc aggacttctg    151260
     tgctccgcaa caggaaagag tacccaagag ccatcccctg tcccggaagc aggcaggccc    151320
     cagggctggg tgcagaacac ggtgtctggc agccattagc cattaggaag ggagctgggg    151380
     ctgggaggcc tcagagctca gcaggtcagg agtgacctca accaagtgtc cgattccaaa    151440
     gccaaacgtc acaggcaatc caggattcca ggcttgtccc acgtgtggtt cccattaccg    151500
     ctggttgggg tcttcctaaa ggccgggccg gatctctgag cccctccccc aggactacca    151560
     cactccttct tcaggccctt tggaatgtct tacccagctc caagatgtgg cctgcctgag    151620
     cacagtcctt ggattttcag agagataccc ctcccccgga aacaggcttc tactcactag    151680
     gtggttatga ggggtatggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    151740
     gtgtgtgttt tcaaactctt taagaggtca aagggatagc ctgcagcctt ccaaagagag    151800
     ctaatttcca aagaccccta ccctgagccc acggggtctt ctctcctgtc caggtcagct    151860
     gcttttattc ccactgcaac tccgcagcct ggataattgc aactggcccc atgacctttg    151920
     actcccaggc ctagctccac actgctcaga atgtatgcac ccttgaagcc caggcttgct    151980
     actcaaacca tactttcctc cagtatgtgt gctaacttct ccagggctct gtggccatgg    152040
     gtacaacctg gtccctgcac aggtttgtgc catggtattt ttagacgcat gatgaggctg    152100
     taaaaaaaaa atttaaagta ttgccaacag ttaaaaaacc tgagccaaca gatacaaaca    152160
     cacttccttg taaatagtga gaggcatgat ggtgcacacc tacaatccct gcctctggga    152220
     actgaggcaa aagaatcaga aagttcaagg tcatcttccc ctacatagta agttcaagac    152280
     tatgggctac atgaaacctt gttaaagagg tggggggtgg ggtggagaga agggggaaga    152340
     ggaagaggag aaggaggaag aagaagagga ggaaaaagaa gaggaaggag aggggggagg    152400
     agaaggagga caagaaaaat gaacctagca tgttgctaat gccctcaatt ggctgaagct    152460
     tcctaacagc agtgagatct tacccaaaca tgaactgtag accccactgg gccctactgt    152520
     ctctcaagtt taaagctcaa gctaggctgg gtagtggtgg cgcacgcctg taaacccatc    152580
     acttaggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg tgagctggag tccagcctgg tctacagaaa    152640
     gttcctggac aggcaggaca gcacagagag actctgtctc aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa    152700
     ctagacagag acaggcagag acaaagagat agagacacag agagaaacta aatagtaaaa    152760
     aggtgtattt aaaacatttt taaagggaga tcaagcccag gagcccatgc atgctcattc    152820
     taggcaaggg ctccacctct gaaccacatc ccaggccctg ggccgccttc tagccagtga    152880
     cccttttctc tcacttcctg gccttggaag ctcctacctg tctctccctg aaaagatact    152940
     tcaaggtgct atagcaaatt caggtctaat tagcttggcc tgagaggcat gtccgtccag    153000
     cctctcctcc aacacaggcc tcatgcctgc caggggactc cctgacccag tcttggggag    153060
     cactcttctg actagagtac ttctcatctg ccctgcagaa attaccttca aattgaccag    153120
     tgggccctct ggctccagaa aacttcccaa accatgctcc ctctgtagaa agacctcctc    153180
     taggaccaag atgcctgcca ggtatcccag gccaccagcc tggtgctagg gactcattgg    153240
     ggaaactctg ggagtaggaa gagaggcaga ggatattctc tgcatcttag gttggaagca    153300
     catttggatc tccatgtgac ccctgtgacc agtgggcaga atttctaaag gaagcaagga    153360
     gcactggctg gtggggtggg agctgggggt ggggggtggg ggtggtgctg gggtatgcta    153420
     gctcactgca ggctcagcac ctgcaaggtc acatgcacaa gggctttaga aatacatgtt    153480
     tttgacaggc ccttggtata tagtccaggc tagcctctta cctgccttcc tgccaaccag    153540
     caccctgcta gttctggggt cacatgcatg agcataggac accccaatga aaaaaaaaaa    153600
     acctttcagt gggaaaaagg ggccagagta ggagaaagca tgatgtcccc agaagcgatt    153660
     cttgaatatc tatgaccttc tctgtccaga tcccaccttc actgccgaag ctgttgatga    153720
     agaacgggtg cggtcttggc ctagctggat ccctagctca ggccctcctt tctcaaggct    153780
     cccagatgtc acagactctt acctcaaagg tgcattttgt ttgtgttttg agacaggatc    153840
     gtgctctgta gcctgaattt acagagcctt ctccacttaa taaatgctgg gattataagc    153900
     aagcacctta tgcctggttc tcagccactc aagaacccta ccccggcctt cccagggcta    153960
     ttacagaaag ggttccgccc cccgaccccc cccccccaag atcagcagaa ctaactaact    154020
     actctatcca gtatgttttc tatctcttcc caaactctag aatcaatctt caggtcaccc    154080
     ccaagaaata ggtcctaggg agcggcgact ctgatcccca ggtgccagaa agccagcctc    154140
     ctggtcccaa gatctaaatt gtgcctcctc tcagcagctc aattctgagc cttagcttct    154200
     ctactccaat ccttcccaca ctggcccttc tgtgggttcc aggtcgcagg cgtcacatct    154260
     caaggccagt tgatgaggga gcctgggagg gataatccca ccccctctag atctgactct    154320
     atgaagcaga gcccgaaaga cacggtgcgc acacgtcagg gtggggggag ctgaccgatc    154380
     tcctaccaag cggcggaaga aggccttagc tcgcccaggc tggccgggcc gtgggggaag    154440
     ggaggcgctg agagcagatg gcagcaatta ccgttcggac cctcccccgc ctgcagcccc    154500
     aggccagaag atcggcttcg ctggctctgc tggctctgag gacctgaggg gcgggaaaca    154560
     caaggggcac tggcgttcca gtttagtggc aagggtatga gtgtcaggtt gggacaactc    154620
     tttctccagg gagatcccct ctggaactgg gaggacgcgt cctcgcagag ttaccaacac    154680
     ccgcagtacc tcaaaggtcc tcaaagatgt acttgcaggc tggagagaag gaagctatga    154740
     ctgtgcaggt tgtgagctaa tcaaggaccc agagggtgaa tgctgtccga aatgtaagcc    154800
     ttgggactta gcaggcaact cgtcctggag aaaggcaaag ggcaccttcc tcacaaaagc    154860
     aaggcagggg gttaaggccg cccggacgga gggctctgat taacctgctg attagaagag    154920
     atcgtaaatg gctaaggtta gccaggctta aagagagcag gactccagaa gctcagaaga    154980
     gaaaaagctg aatcatttgg ctctttggtc cttagtgaat tccttcccct tcttggcctg    155040
     aatcttgtcc ccgtgtcttg aagacagagt ctgaccccag atttgttgta caactgaaaa    155100
     agctctctca gttctcctca gttcacatag caacaaatag acgtttaaaa acactaatcc    155160
     agaaaaccga gggcacaaac actaatccag aaaaccgagg ccacatgctt tgctttccct    155220
     gcttaccacc gacatgctcc cctcagaaga aagcccagca ccccacattg ccccccccca    155280
     ttcactgctt ctgcttcttg aatttgacag gctggacctg actggcccct tttgctggtc    155340
     ccctctgccg tgttccatat cgcagaggca acgccatcca ctgcatctac cgttataact    155400
     gccactgaac ctcacatgtg tgtcctgtct ctcccacagg acacgccaat tctgtaacta    155460
     ttctcctcat tcacttgctt ggcagtcagt ctcatgccct tgtcgggctc attatctggt    155520
     ggggcaatgg agtaaacctt ggagccactc cacacatatt ctgaacattt aaccaatgga    155580
     gacatcccta aacaccaagc tgattgctac tccatttggc cacctccacc caaaagggct    155640
     tctcccgaga ggaaccaact gcaagcactg tatacaccat gctcccagag acaccttacc    155700
     tgagttgtct gctctgagta cggactcagc gctggccatt attctcagca ccttagatgg    155760
     cttcgctaat taacttcaca aaccacccta taaagtagac tgtactctgt catcatcatc    155820
     ttagaggcag atacaccctg tatatccaga cccgccaaag atcccactta ctcaacaaac    155880
     acaagcatgg tgcaagcccc tggatccaga tcactaccac acgacaggtt tggagtgggc    155940
     tactaaagac tgtgcctagg acagttcata actattcggg gaggtgaaac agaacagggc    156000
     atcagggaag agccttacaa tgaggcggga cacaagataa tcttgtcaaa aggaaaggaa    156060
     accacaggca tggtggtgta cacctttaat ctcagccctc tgtattagtc agggttctct    156120
     agaggagtga tgctgcgacc ctttaataca gttcctcatg ttgtggtgac acccgaccat    156180
     aacgttattt tcattgctac tttataactg taactttgct actgtcataa atcgtaatgt    156240
     aaatacctgt gctttctgat ggtcttcggt gactcctgtg aaagggtcat ttgaccccca    156300
     aagggggctt gacccacagg ttgaaaacct agaggaacac accatgcata catttatata    156360
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatattca tgtaaattta tatatatata tatatatagt    156420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgcagttgt tcatctagtc    156480
     cagcaatgac tgtctaccat caggaggtac aagaatcctg tggttaaatc cacgaggctg    156540
     gatgtctcag ctgatcttta atatatacca gaatctcaaa gatgtactct ctcattccag    156600
     tgaaggaatg gacttgctag gaagagcaag caaagattaa gcaagctttc ttcttccgtg    156660
     tcctttatgg aaggcagaag caggcagatt tctgagtttg aggcctgcct ggtctacaga    156720
     gtaagttcca ggacagccag ggtcacacag agaaactgaa ttaggggaaa aagaagagag    156780
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag aataaagaat    156840
     caggggagga aggcgtacaa tgaccctaag gaagcaataa tggcatgcat acttgggagt    156900
     aaccaatagc tctgtaattt gacccaagat ctagtcaaca agagggaaat caaatgtggt    156960
     gcaggaaaac tagttaatta actacctagg actagttaac taactacatg tgagctagta    157020
     aagtcttagg tcttggagga gaatctatag ttacctcatt cattcattca tttgttcatt    157080
     cattcatttc tggctttttt gagacaagga agtacttcac ctgccattgg gggctcttga    157140
     attagaacaa gggtaccttc ccatcaccct tgctcctctt cttcatggcc actactggga    157200
     gcccttctag gctgagggcc tgggctccca atcatggcct cctaagcact tggccttatg    157260
     tgcagctaga actccaggga agttcagtga ggaaatgccc aggtgaggga gtgactggag    157320
     agcagcagga gagaagtgag ggaagaagac ctggacaggg ggtgctagca tcagcctccg    157380
     agccagcctt cttgtaaccc aatctgacct cagactcaac cctgcctcag ccaggctggt    157440
     cagcacactc catctctcgt caccttaagt ttctttacat agtatctctc actgaaccca    157500
     gagctctcca cgtccacacc ccttccccca cacccacact ctgtgctagg atgacaatgt    157560
     tgcagaaaca ctgggacttc tttcttcaca tgtattcatt tgtttctttg tttctttgtt    157620
     gtggatttgc ctcagtggat atgctgaggt tagagctctc tcccaccatc tctaagtaga    157680
     ttctggagat acagctcagg tcaccagatc tgtgcaagca cctttacccg tggagccatc    157740
     ttgcaggcac cactctggct ttggggaaga cagactcagg cccccacacc tttatggcag    157800
     acactttgct gactgagcca tcttctcagc ccaggacctc atcttcttca tctgtaaaag    157860
     atgatgagag atctggtcca catttctcag ctggttcctg tataggctat gaagggcaag    157920
     tccatgaaag gcctgcctgc ccttttctgt ctttgcaggg acctgagcgg gtaggaggca    157980
     ctaaaatgac taggtccctt cccccacagc cctgtccccc agaatttata gattccttat    158040
     tgtcttgcac aatggccttc ctggggaggg ggtgtagtgg gagaggggcc tggggaatgg    158100
     aaaagtcaaa ggctaattaa aagccagcca cacccgaagc ccctgtagga cagactgaga    158160
     gtgaatggcc atgcctttca gcagttccaa tggcctggct tctgggactc tctttgctgg    158220
     gagcagcacc aggtgaatcc attgctgatc tttccacctg ccatccaact cccccatccc    158280
     cactccaccc catggttcct gtaactttag ctcaccttag ttagtcctga actttctgag    158340
     ggtgttctga ggcctttgag tggaagggtc cccaagaccc tggaagatgg gctcctcccc    158400
     cactctggcc tcagggggga cagagggagg ctgagagtag tagacctgac agatggtacg    158460
     ccatgttaat agatggcatg gaaagcagaa ttactcagct gcttgtccgt gctctttccc    158520
     caccaaaagg ggtggccttc acaatgaact caaagtgaaa ggctgctgag gagagcgata    158580
     gaggagtcat gggctacaga gaacagggaa agatgtggct tggacgccca tcactcatct    158640
     gccaggtgag gtcagccaga cccttcgacc tctggggctc gtttcctcat ctatcaaaca    158700
     ggtccatgaa aacttctgcc ttgtctttct ccctggcttt tctgaagaca agtaagtgtt    158760
     tgggtctgtc aactgagtat taaacagggt gtggtggcac atgcccaaat tcccaaggct    158820
     cgggaggcct tgtgaggtcc acaccagcta catggtatct taccagaaaa aataaagtgt    158880
     ctaagggggg gggggatgag ctaacactaa gcatatatga gagattcgct gtaaggaggg    158940
     attgtagttt gtgagctagt taaaaaatag attagaaatt tcatagcaaa ttgcttttca    159000
     gttgtttttt ctgagaacct gatagctcta tctgatactt ctctgatgct ccagggaatc    159060
     cagctctcta ttctgatctc caagagcaca aacctacaca tgcaattaaa ataaacctta    159120
     aattatatat atatatatac ctatatacat atatatagta tattatagtg tgtgtgtgta    159180
     ctcgctcatg tgacacgctc atgtgacaca gattacctgc ggaagtctga gaacaactta    159240
     taagagttag ttctctcctc ccaccatgta gatcccagga attgaactca ggtcatcaga    159300
     cttggtggaa gacaccctta accactgagc catctcactg acccttggaa tttgctttta    159360
     gtgtcatgta tgcccatgtg tccgaagtcc agctgaaatg agtaggaaga tgagactggg    159420
     ttgaaggaca cagagcagag gacattcttc actgacatct gtggagaata ttggctggat    159480
     acaaagtatc atgtgaaatg agctaatggg aaaggatcat gaaatgtgct aaaggggaag    159540
     ggctatagcc tctggcatgc aggctgggga ccaagctgct cagcctaagt gagtctggtg    159600
     gccctgtgaa ggggctgtca cagagtctgt tgactgtcct cttggtgggt gacgaggctt    159660
     tctgtttcct aagattcctg gtacccgagt cctgacgatg ctgcccctga gtgcccacca    159720
     gccagggctg agctaagcag agagaaggtc ttgagagcct ggaaagtgtc tgagagaccc    159780
     ctcccttttc cccatgggga gtgctgaagg gcttgtcaca ggtgcactgc aatgatgctg    159840
     aggaccttcc tgactgaact tcacccatga cccttgctcc tgtccacgcc ccaggaccat    159900
     cgtccataga gggtgggcta atcagagcca accctaaatc aatcccagac ttccctggcc    159960
     agccctgagt tatgagctgt cggcattgtg atgtagatca cggttgggga gtaggggaca    160020
     tgacctatgg cagatcacac tggaccccca gaaggggcca gagttggggt cagaggtcat    160080
     ctcctccatt ctctgcccca ccctgctggg tcccgtcccc ggcctaatat ttaaactggg    160140
     tgaggccatt tttgtactga cctgtggccc cagcagaatc tgccatcaag tctacctata    160200
     gcctgctctt gggaatagcc ttcagaagag agaaaacaga tgtggtaaac atgaatttgg    160260
     ttgcttgatg gagcctgtgt tccaaaccac actcagctcc ttcctcggta ctttgcccat    160320
     agaattgctt ctacagccac caagtgtcca cttccccatc tgattgaatc ccatatgcag    160380
     acagacacac gagagcatcc caggccagga agaggaaggg cgcagccaga tcagcaccaa    160440
     gcctcaccca gatggagttc tcaggcttag tagagggtgg ttagatggct agagaggtgg    160500
     cgagagccag ccagtgagcg gcatcagaga actaggataa actgaaagag aagacactga    160560
     actaacactc tctctttctc tctcatgttt ttttacaggg tgggagaatc aggggatcaa    160620
     acccaggttg ttacacatat tgagcctggc tttggaaagc attagagctg agacagtgct    160680
     ggcagctgaa gaaatggctt ggcagttaag agcacttgct gccctctcag ataacccaag    160740
     atctaatctc accatccaca ctggcctctg tgggtaccta aacatacatg tggaatgtac    160800
     acacacacat gcacacacac acatgcgcgc acacacacac acatgcacac acacacatgc    160860
     acacacacat gcacacacac atgcacacac atgcacacac acatgcacac acacatgcac    160920
     acacacgcac atgcacacac acacacatgc acacacacac acacacacac acacatttta    160980
     agagagagca tcttggggtc ctggggctgg agatgatggc tcagtgctta gaggcacttg    161040
     gtactttttc agaggctcag ggtttggttc ccagacccag catagtggct cacagacatt    161100
     cagttacaca ggatccaatg ctctcttctg atttctgcag atgtcagaca cacaagtggt    161160
     gcacatatag acatgtcatc agaccactca tgcacattaa ataattctaa acaacatttt    161220
     aaattaaaat gaaaggacac acggacacac atacagagac agagagagag aggaagggag    161280
     ggaaggaggg ggagggaggg ggagagggag agagagacag agacagaaag agaatcttac    161340
     tctataacac aggctggcct ttaactaaca gcatccctcc tgtctcagcc tttcaagttc    161400
     taggatctca gacatgacct gccattaact ttcaaatgtg actcccccta ccccatatag    161460
     gttattagca aaaatgaagc tgaagaaaaa ttagtatgga cagtaaggtg aactttcgtc    161520
     agaaccaaca gtgaaaagac aaagaacagt ttgtaacact tttggacctc cgggccacca    161580
     tacagaagct ctatgaccgt tggttgaaat gaacatgtat cacctggggt ctgaccaaca    161640
     ctttcctccc accatctctg tgatggagac atacacaggc aaggccaaga cccatgctgg    161700
     gaaccaagaa aggcatggag ctgagaaggg catggagccc gacagagtgc tgctttcctc    161760
     ggggaggaaa cttggacagg acacaggaca tggacgtggc tgacagaggg gaacagaatc    161820
     ctcaccaacc tctctgtgac agacctggac ctctgaggct caggggcgct gactgttcct    161880
     gctcatggct tccccctagc ggctggacat gacctgacag aaacaggatg ctcactggag    161940
     gcaagaggtg acctgctctg gaccactgaa gagaattaca aagcaaatgt cctttcacta    162000
     gcttagtgtc ctcgaagcat ttccacacag gctgacgttc ccttgtcctt cagcggccac    162060
     ttgcatgcgc tcctttctct tcggacctag gagaaatggg cggggctttc tgtctgctga    162120
     cctgttaacc caattggatg caggtggcag atgtccaagg tgaagaaaaa gccaagggca    162180
     cggttaatgt agagagagga gcaatgtatt gtggggtttt ttgttttgtc ttgttttggt    162240
     ttcggttttg gtttgagact gtctttgtgt aaccctgact gttctggagc tcgctccgca    162300
     gaacaggcca cccccgaact gcctctgtct cccaagtgct ggaattaaag gcatgtacca    162360
     ccactgcctg gcttaatatt ttctcttttt accattatct aagtaacgtc actcaagttc    162420
     aaaaggcaac cgatgaatcc tgcatgttac tcaccaaccg cctctgcgtt cggccctgtt    162480
     tagtgggcgt tgttctgagc agaggctgcc agccttggcc tgcattcgaa ctctccagga    162540
     gagctttgaa atcctcttgt ttgggctgtg ccccagacaa gtgcctcaga atccttgtgt    162600
     ggccagtgat gagaactgct gcaccccttt ctagtcattc acaagagaag cacccacttc    162660
     acacttacac acgcgtgctc cagatagaat gtgtgtttgc aagtgtgtgt ccttacattt    162720
     acttcttcca atagattaac agcatagctt agctcacagg aattttcagg acaagacatt    162780
     ccttacggat ctcagtttct ttttgtgtgt gcacattttc agaaatggaa ctcagggcta    162840
     gtgcatgcta gactcagcca ctgagccaca ctcccagccc ttattctaaa aataataaaa    162900
     taaaataaaa ataagtaaaa acttttaaaa acatgctttc ctggctggag agatggctca    162960
     gcgatttaga gcactgactg ttcttccaga ggttctgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacat    163020
     ggtggctcac aaccaactgt attgggatat gatgccctct tctggggtgt ctgaagacag    163080
     ctacaatgtt ctcacataaa ataaacaaac aaataaactt ttttaaaaaa actttttaaa    163140
     aaaaatttgt ttgtttattt attgtatgtg agtacacggt agtggtcttc agacacccca    163200
     gaagagggca tcagatgtca ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt    163260
     gaactcagga ccttcagaag agcagacagt gctcttaacc gctgagccat ctctccagtc    163320
     ccccataaat aaactttttt aaaaaatgct ttatgtgtgt tttgcctgca tggatgtatg    163380
     tgtactacct gtgggcctga tgcccacaga gtttggaagc agccatggga tcctctgaag    163440
     ctggagtaat agagggttgt gagtcaccat agggtgctag gagccaaacc cggattctct    163500
     gcaagaggaa ccaagactct tagcctctct ctgcgccatc tttctagctc ctgtcccagc    163560
     ccttaatctt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgagagagag agagacagag    163620
     acagagagac agagacagac agagagacag agaaagagag aggacataag aggccaaagg    163680
     ataacttaga tgttattcca ccaattgttt gagactaggt ctttctctga cctggagctt    163740
     gtcaagtcat caggctggct tgctaaggag cccccaggaa tccgtggatt tccacttcct    163800
     tgatgctggc atcacacaca gaccatctca cgtggctttt tttgtgtgag gaattctggg    163860
     tatcaaaccc aagtccttgt gctttgcatc attccagcct cctgtattct tttatggtgg    163920
     agacatactc ttcatactgc tccaatcctt ctagtaatag tttctcccct ccctcacccc    163980
     cagcggagcc aacagagccc ttcacacctg ctagttcagc acagggccac taagccacag    164040
     tcccccaaac agcgctgtga gctccatacc agacacttct gctcatatat gtaagtgctg    164100
     ctgtggaaaa ggttcctaga ggcaggattt ctaggtaaat gtgtactttt gttggtgtgt    164160
     ggcatttttg ggggggctag tttattgggt tcttatatct accattcttc caacccttat    164220
     tccactctaa tcccttccaa tcccccagca ctaggtagga gaagaagttt agaggggaaa    164280
     gggtgcatag acctccctag actacttcct gctgattaga ggcattgagt tccttggggc    164340
     aaggccaatc tccatcatca ggacatctcc aaccagcaag ccagcaatag caagccacaa    164400
     cgccaacaat agcaaacaca acagcggggg agctgctgtc atcacaggtc acctcaggga    164460
     tctggaattt atatcctctc cagagcctcc ggaattaaac caactgcagt tggcaaagat    164520
     cacactcccc tagagtatag tcaatgtttg tgggcaaact gaagcagccc atatcccaca    164580
     cctgacatta aaacaaaaac atattcacat aacagaactg tgtttttcaa gaaaccaaaa    164640
     ctctcagggc tggagagatg gctcagaggt taaaagcact ggctactttt cccagaggtt    164700
     ctgaattcaa ttcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc acttacaatg agatctggtg    164760
     ccctcttctg gcctgccgcc tggccttggc tctgtgatcc tcctgcctca acttcccagc    164820
     aagcccagcc acagttgtta ttttggtaga cactgtcaac ttctatccaa aatttcctca    164880
     ctgaatttct ctacagggtg gatacgtaat gttacattta attgttgcta agctgatggc    164940
     ccaaaataga tgtatcatta ttgttctgtt atgcttatga gataaagtgt ccttgtgtag    165000
     cccaggctgg ccttgcattc tctaccatcc tgcctctgcc tcccaactgc tgacattaca    165060
     gatctatacc actgtccctt tattcttgtt tttttgttta tttgttttga ggcaggatct    165120
     ctttatttag tcctggctat cctggaactt actgtgtgga ccagactagc cttgaattca    165180
     tatagatcct tttctttgcc ttttgaatgc tgggattaaa agcatgtgcc actatgcctt    165240
     cattcattca ttcattcatt cattcatttt taactattta gttacttttt tttaatgtat    165300
     ttattttatg tatatgaata cagacacccc agaagaagga gtcagatccc atcacagatg    165360
     gttgtgagct accatgtggt tgctgggaat tgaactcaaa acctctggaa aattacccag    165420
     cactcaacct ccacccccat tttatttttt taagacaggg ttgctctttg tagccctgga    165480
     tgtagaactc agagatcaac ctgtctctgc ctccctaatg ctggaattaa aggcgtgcac    165540
     ctgacatgcc tggctttctt ttttttgttg ttttttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttttaa    165600
     tttgccttgt gctactttct tgtaggacta aagatctttt catatagtta ttgatcattt    165660
     gtatttcttg tatgaattta attgcctttt tggcaatttt tatggattta tgaggagatg    165720
     ttgctgttat ttgttttagt agaatatctt ttatgcattc tttgatgagt tcatacgtgt    165780
     aaataacatt tcttaattat ggtgtccact cccaattctc cctcccccac tcctccgcaa    165840
     gcgcccccct tcccccacag gcaccccaag cttgacctcc tcgtcctttt ttatcttttc    165900
     ttcatttgtt ttttgcagcc cactgagtca agttagtatt ctctttgggg tgctgatact    165960
     ccgattgatt ggtttgatct tgagcaggca atcatagcag catagatctt tcaggctcct    166020
     cttccaaaag attccccgag ccttgtgagc cttactataa atgatccact ttgggcaccc    166080
     aacattctga ccagtcatga gtctctgccg tcactgctgc ccactgaaga gagaggcttc    166140
     tctggccaag gttgagggca gtgctgatct gtgtataaac agaaatactt agaaggaagc    166200
     ttgccaacat gttcacttag caagacaaca gtcgtcggct ccccttagga tctgtgatct    166260
     ccctagctgc gggcttttga tcaggtttag agtactaggc atgagttcct gactgtgagc    166320
     aggcctcaga tctaatccca aagcaaagga ggatatgtca gacactaagg attataacta    166380
     atgtaactca gcatatatgt ggtgtaagac aaagatgagc aagaacacct gatgcttttg    166440
     caacaaccga gttctttaag gcccttggat cacaacactc ttaaaaagct ggcaatcaag    166500
     ggtgagtatg taagaccacc ctggacaaaa aggctaaccc cagtgaagga cataagggaa    166560
     acctaggaaa gagccaaaca ggatgccctg attcctaggc tgttgaggga ctgggagatg    166620
     gctcagccag tgaaggcttt ctgggcaagc acggagtccc tagttgaatc tccagagccc    166680
     aagttaaaaa ctccaagacc agcatttcaa tatctaccaa ggattcattt cctggttccc    166740
     agacatctgc tgtgtcccac ataaaggaaa cacaaggcat tctctggctc tactcaccta    166800
     gcactggtcc cttccccaaa actgtgcttc cagtaccatg ggggacaggg acaacgtact    166860
     ggacgagata gcagtgtgtg tgtggtttag gagtgtatgc caggttcatg gtgagcacac    166920
     aatgataggt agtctctgtt ccccagttaa tctacaaaga tcaatgcaat tcctatcaaa    166980
     agtttattaa aaaatttaaa gttttcaaca gttgggttgg ggagactctt cggatatagg    167040
     agcttgctgc taagcccagc aacctgagtt tgattccagg ccccacctgg aaggagaaac    167100
     aacttctgta agtccttcca tgtgtgccct gtggcatgca tgaccactgg aagacacaga    167160
     cacatacaaa actaaataac taaatgtgtg atttttaaag ttttaagaga attcaacgat    167220
     cttacttgca attttataca agagaataaa aattcgtttg gtaaaacatc ctaaaatgtg    167280
     gagggttcac cccattatct agccagagaa gcattgccac cccaatggtc tggcagcatg    167340
     gcacaaaatg ttaaacggaa ttctaagttt gtgcgtggtt aggtggcacc agaaatcggc    167400
     agagagaacg gcttagtctg tgcagtggac tcagtcagtg gggaaaaacg aggttagatc    167460
     tggtcgtcat cggcttgggg aacctgaacg aaattctgaa gctactgttc taggggccgg    167520
     gagtccaggg tcaggaccct gcagcctccg tttcaggtga agtccagagt taggacaccg    167580
     cagcctccat ttctggtgag agtccagagt tagaaccctg cagcctccat ttctgatgag    167640
     agtccagggt taggaaccca cagcctcaat tgctgctggg attccagggt caggcacagc    167700
     agcctcagtt cctggtgaga gtccagggtc aggattccgc aacatccatt gcagttggga    167760
     atccaggctc aggaccccgc agcctcggtt gctactggga gttcttgccc tgggctggat    167820
     cccctcactg cgtcttcagt gacggtttct cctacaggca cagagctttc tactgtcttc    167880
     ttccttccaa ggacagtaat cctcttaggt cagggtccca cctgccttta tgctctcagt    167940
     aacatctgcg ggtgctgaga atggaaccca gggacttctg cctgccaggc aaacactcta    168000
     ccacttagcc gcatccaccc gtgcccactc tggtttttat aatgtttcat cgtgacattt    168060
     tcctctgcat cattgtcctt ggctcccgtg acggccatct ctctctgctg tgctctctgc    168120
     cgctcccagc ttctctgcaa gtggctccct ttcagttaga tctaaatcca aatccacgtg    168180
     tgaaagaaag cacccacaca gggcctgagc gtctcttgct ccccgcccct tatggacacc    168240
     tcctcctccc tgcttgaccc ttcctttgtg tgtgtgtgta tacatataca tatatacagt    168300
     tgaatataga ttccacattt aagaaaaaaa tcacttgata ttttctaatc tgggttatta    168360
     cacttaatgt gattgtcttg tttacatcca ttattccccc aaatcacatg acttcattct    168420
     aaatggccag gtaacgctcc cttgcataca cggaccacac tttcttcatc cactcgtctg    168480
     ttgatgagca tctggtctgg ctccctatct aggctgttgt gaacggtgtt ccaggaagca    168540
     tgggtgcctg ggcatgctga ctgcagcatg tgctcaggag tggaatggct ggccggtggg    168600
     acagctttcc ttttcctttg gaggaactcg aataatcctt accattatgg ctaccaattt    168660
     gcattcctgc cagcagggaa taagagctcc tctttctcac atcctgacta gtgtggtgta    168720
     tccttgctca ctttcttcct ttctttctct tacttttttt ttttgagaca cagtttctct    168780
     gtgtagccct ggctgtccca gaactctctc tgtagagcag gctgcctcat tctcctgctt    168840
     ccataacctc tcggttgtgg tagattgaac cctagagctg tgagacaaaa taaactgttc    168900
     cttaaggtac attcacccct ggaagaatgg gaacgttaaa tgtggtggat gcacacacct    168960
     gtgctcatcc acctgcgtgg acacacctgc gcttatgcac ctctggaaga atgggaaagc    169020
     taaatgtgga tgcacacacc tgtgtgcatt cacttgtgtg cacacacctg tgtgcattca    169080
     cttgtgtgca cacacctgtg tgcattcact tgtgtgcaca cacctgtgtg cattcacttg    169140
     tgtgcacaca cctgtgtgca catgcctatg tctatccacc tgtgtgcacc cacctgtgtg    169200
     catccacctg tgcacatgca cctgtgtgca cacacctgtg ctcatccact gggattccat    169260
     acagcagcta gctctaaggt gactagagaa aaagaaagct gtagataggg tgtctgtaaa    169320
     tgatcagaga tgtctggcct ataacgtcat agatattttc tacctactgc atagaattcc    169380
     acatttgact ctgatggctt ggggtagagc agccatcttg tgactaagga acaataagag    169440
     aattccaggc aaggccctga gaccatcaga tcagatccct taaccaagac cagcttgctg    169500
     tccctgaaat agtttgcacg tgcaaagtaa aactctagtt tgctaacccg tgcacatccg    169560
     ttagagtgca gtggcagaca gcagaaattt cgttggctag ttcagacaga aagggctgga    169620
     aaagcaggct ctaggtcaca aactactgcc agctttggca gtcacatgac ctctgcctgt    169680
     gattgagaaa tcacagtcag taccacagga agctggtaaa ccaggaagct gttcgcagag    169740
     cccgcctatc ctgccacggt ctgcgggtgt cccataatac aaagctctgc tccaaattta    169800
     cttacacaac ataaagccca gacccacagc tccagggcag ctggaaaata aatgtttgct    169860
     tagcttccag ctttggcagc tccggagaaa actcaccagc agctttggat gaatgctgag    169920
     tccagcccag acggaacccc ctactttcca ggccagcccc accccatcaa gatactaact    169980
     tccaaattgc atgtgacatc actagaacag gactttaaaa aaacaggttg gggtggaata    170040
     aaacaaacaa acaaaagttc tgcagcataa ttagaaactg attaagtttc cagtcagtgg    170100
     tggcagaggc aggcagatct ctgtgagttt aagacatgtc tggtctacat agtgagacac    170160
     ctcccccccg accccccgta ttaaaaaaag aaagagaagg agctggtgag gtggctcaga    170220
     ggttgagagt actgttctga gttcaattcc catcaaccac atggtttata agggggtctg    170280
     atgccctctt ctgacatggt aaggtatgtg cagctgggta ctcatacatt aaatacaatt    170340
     ttaaagaagc caggcagtgg tggcacatgc ctgtaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc    170400
     aggcagattt ctgagtttga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacagcaggg    170460
     ctacacagag aaaccctatc tcaaaaaacc aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaagaa agaggaaaac    170520
     aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac acacacacaa gccaggttgc atttgatcct agtatttggg    170580
     aggttggggc atgagaatag tgagttcaag gccatcctag ggtacatatt aggttctggg    170640
     atatcctggg ctacataaga gtctttctca aaacaaaaga ctaataaaac caacaaacac    170700
     aagaaaccag acaatagcaa tacacaaaca caaatcaaca ttttactttt aatgaagtgt    170760
     acatgttcag tgattattag caccaatgag taaagagcgg aggagttgtg caggaaccaa    170820
     actgtgaaag aaaagcaaaa cgatgctgga aagcagagcc ccgcagtgtg gagagtgcga    170880
     cactctgagc gctaagtcac tcaacttatt aatcttaaaa atgacagtac aaaagtactg    170940
     ttactttaat acatcatttt aaaatgccat actttactta ccacctcaga tctaatccat    171000
     taaaattaat acatcataat ttttctttta aaatttattt tattttaata atttaataat    171060
     ttatgtttgc aggcattttt ccagtgcccg tgtctgtgca ccatgaaagc acagtaccag    171120
     cacagaccag aagagggcat cagatcctct ggcactggag ttacagacag ttgtgagcta    171180
     ctcagtgggt gctgggaact gaaccacggt cctttggaag agcaagccag cgttcttaac    171240
     cgctgggcag tctctccagc ctcctggaaa ctcttcatgt tttgatttct ttgggtaaac    171300
     tgtagtgcat acctccccat tcatctttat ttaatgccta caccttcccc atccatagcc    171360
     ccttcaccca aatctactcc tttgaagtgg aagggatctc tgtgtactga ctggttctgt    171420
     gtgtcaactt gacacaagct ggagttatca cagagaaagg agcctccctt caggaaatgc    171480
     ctccatgaga tccagccata aagcattttc tcaattagta atcaagggtg gagggcctgt    171540
     tgtgagtggt gccatccctg agctggtagt cttgtgttct ataagaaagc aagctgagca    171600
     agccagggga agcaagccag taagtaacat ccctccatgg cctctgcatc agctcctgct    171660
     tcctgacctg cttgactggc ttccttggtg atgaacagca gtatggaagt gtaagctgaa    171720
     taaacccttt cctccccaac ttgcttcttg gtcctgatgt ttgtgcagga atagaaaccc    171780
     tgactaagac actcaggctc cacagctggg tgccaagacc tccataatgc ttctcttgca    171840
     aggccatatc taagtgcagc tgacttccca cgatgaaggg agaaagatca gcccggagga    171900
     attcactcag ctctgagcct ggagaagctg ccaccatcca agtctagcag gatcttaggg    171960
     caaggattga gcaatggcag agagtacagt caccccccag ccccccaatc ccttcctaac    172020
     ccgcttgacc tggctcagct ctgaggtgtt tatggcagct ttctgcaggc acagccatct    172080
     gtcacctgcc ttgtttcttg gtatcagcta ccccacagaa gggctagtga gcttttgagg    172140
     tgtgggggtg gactgagcca caggctggcc ctctgctgtg atggagaccc tagagtccca    172200
     ggtaaggttg ggggatggga aatgataacc cctgtcatga gcttccttga gaacctgacc    172260
     tacatacagt aagatgcttg gctacctgtc ttgggtctag gcagaggtga gacaccctcc    172320
     agggtaaagg tttgtcctgg ggagacggtg cagctgcagg gacttattca ctcagggttg    172380
     caggaggaac tgctccttgg cgttttgtca tagctgcctg ctgaataaag agggactcgg    172440
     gccggcggca gaggagtcac tattgccccg agaggactgg acatgtctga ggccctgccc    172500
     ttccccagca acaagacctc aacccctgaa tgcaatttga agacactgta ctgggcatgt    172560
     gtccacaatg accttgctga gctccaagcc aggctggacg ctggtgtgtc cccagaggag    172620
     gcctcccaag tggacagcaa cgggagggtg agatgcccca gggctcacca gaacagttga    172680
     ggacagtcca ggcttcatac ataacatcct ggtctgggtc cccagagagt cacagagtca    172740
     tccccactct agatgggtga aaaccatctt gacaggggtt gggataggcc ctgggggaaa    172800
     acagacttag gagggaaagg aggtcctaag aagaacttag tggaaagtgg gggtccaagc    172860
     tgctctgtcc cctagacagg cctcatggtt gcatgctacc atggctttgg ttccattgtg    172920
     gctctgctca gctgctgtcc tttcctggat gtgaaccagc aagacaaaga cgggaacaca    172980
     gccctcatgc tggctgccca agcaggtgtg agacacaacg ccccacccca gcccacacct    173040
     accccacctt cacccccaac tccatcccac cctcactccc agccattagg acagcagccc    173100
     caaaccttgc acaagagtct cccaggccaa gcttcagcat tcccttacct tgagagacta    173160
     gctatgtggt cctgtctctg caggtcacat gtctcttgtg actctcctgc tcaactactt    173220
     tgctggcctg gacctggaac gcagggacca gcggggactc acagctctga tgaaggctgc    173280
     cattcaagat cgctccgagt gtgtagttgc cctccttatg gcaggtgtgc aatggcaggt    173340
     gtgcaatggc aggtgtacta tgccatatgt gctttgccag gtgtgctatg gcaggtgtgc    173400
     agtggcaggt gttctctgcc aggtgtgcgc tggcaggtgt gttctagcaa gtatgctctg    173460
     acatgtgtac tatggcaggt tgctatgaaa aatgtgctgt ggcaggtgtg ctgtgggagg    173520
     tgtgctgtgg gaggtgtgta atggcaggtg ttgtatggct gctcatgtag gtgtgagaca    173580
     ccacactccc acctcatccc acagcaatcc cacccttacc cccaactcca ccccatcccc    173640
     actcccagcc attagggcca cagcccctgt gctatggcag gtatactatg gcaggtctgc    173700
     tatggaaggt gtaatatgta tggcaggtgt gtaatagcag atgtgctatg gcaggtgtgc    173760
     tatgataaat gtgctgtggc aggtgttctc tggctggtat gtaatggcag gtgtgttatg    173820
     gcaggtgtgt tatggcaggt gtgaagctgc actttctcca ctaccacccc agcagatacc    173880
     atttagctac agcaagagag gtggagccgg gcagtagtag tgcatgcctt taatcccagc    173940
     acttgggagg tagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcgaggc cagattggtc tacagagtga    174000
     gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaccaa aaaacaaaaa    174060
     caaaaacaaa gagagatggg aatggaatat ggatcgaggc caacttattg gaggaggccc    174120
     gtgctaccac cctctcacag tctactagtg cagttagcta cagctgttta tgggggtccc    174180
     agcaaagagt gtagacataa gatggggaaa ggtgtgaggg tgtggtggta cctaaaacca    174240
     gactcttgag ttctagtccc agccttgcct ctgcccgagg cccgggcgga gaaagatggc    174300
     cacagcactg tgaaggttga tggatggggt atccgtgagg actgattcca accttaggca    174360
     gtattcagtt gcagctggag ccttgcatgg ggaggaggac cactctctgt gtgtggaaga    174420
     ccactctgtg tgtgtggagg accactctgt gtgtgtagag gaccactctg taggtggaag    174480
     accactctgt gtgtgtagag gaccactctg tgtgcatgga ggaccactct gtgtctggag    174540
     gaccactctg tgtgtgtgga ggaccactct gtgtgtgtag aggaccactc tgtaggtgga    174600
     agaccactct gtgtgtgtag aggaccactc tgtgtgcatg gaggaccact ctgtgtgcat    174660
     ggaggaccac tctgtgtgca tggaggacca ctctgtgtct ggaggaccac tctgtgtgtg    174720
     tggaggacca ctctgtgtgt gtggaggatc actctgtgtg tggagggcca ctctgtgtgt    174780
     gtggaggatc actctgtgtg tggaggacca ctctgtgtgt gaaggaccac tctgtgtatg    174840
     gtcttgtaga gcccttctta ctccctaagg tgactgatgg tgccctctac tggtttctct    174900
     gagaaatctc tgcctccacc ttttcccttc ccaacccccg tgggtgtttc agagtgactg    174960
     tctctctggc cccagagaca agggcatgag aatgaagaaa caaaatggga ggggtccagc    175020
     aacggggcac tgcccccaag cagctgtgtc ttgagcatac tatgctccac cctgctaggg    175080
     tggctctgcg agcctgctgg agaccccgtt tgctcactgc aaggttcccc cagtcctgac    175140
     cttggtagct tcctgtctct tatacagaag tctgcagccc tgggctttca gtctgtgagg    175200
     tgttttgaat ctggcttaaa tcagccctgc tgctgtagaa cgtgtccttg tacagcccgt    175260
     ggctcactaa ccaatctgtc acactgcgcc acttgcaggt gctgacctga gctccgtgga    175320
     tcctgtccgg ggcaagacag ccttggaatg ggccgttctg accgacagct ttgacactgc    175380
     tcagaagatc cggcagctgc tgaggcggcc ccaggcggag cagctcagcc tgcattacca    175440
     gccagagtgg ccagccttgg ctcaacttgt ggcccaggcc caggcccagg cccaggctcc    175500
     agctgcccca tccctcctag aaaggctaca ggctactctg agcctctctt ttgctcagtc    175560
     tccgcaggaa gggggtgtcc tggaccactt ggtgactgtc accaccagct tagccagtcc    175620
     cttcctgagc actgcctgcc acacactgtg ccctgatcac ccacccaagc tgggcactag    175680
     aggcaaatca gtgccagaac ttttaggtac tgcccctccg ccacccccag aaccccaccc    175740
     tcctcagcaa gtccctgtcc cccaggtctt tgcccccaac caaagccctc agagtatgtt    175800
     ttcccagtgg ctacagtcca gggacagcac caggtcccaa gtccctaaga tcctcctctc    175860
     taaagcaccc tccccttctg cacggtatga gctgacactc aggcctcagg ggcagcaaag    175920
     tctggctcct ccagtctgga gattccagga gaggaagaag aaggaggaag aaacagaacc    175980
     acgaggaggt gggctgggcc aagctggagg cagcaagtaa gacacattcc ccgccagggc    176040
     ctctttctgc ttcccagcta tctctgccag cgggaacctg ctcccaccaa gtatacacgg    176100
     ttgtccacag cagcgtctgc agcagagaag ggaccaaccc agtgtctgca ggcaggggac    176160
     tggctggcta cagtggttat ggtagtgata cccacgctgt attctgtgta ggtcgtccta    176220
     aagcaaggga aagcaaactg ctctcacatg aaatctccaa gttgtatcaa ataaatagct    176280
     gaggctaggg aggcgtgcat ggcataccgt tcatcaaagt gaaaaaatct ccctcgtgta    176340
     atcatgcgtg tcggcttttg tttatcctca acttcttgtg aatcagaatc acacaagaga    176400
     cgtgcctgtg ggggtccatg gatgcttaac tgagaatgag agagctacct ggatgtgagg    176460
     agcgccgtcc agctaactgg gaccctggag agatggctca gaggtaaaga gcactgtctg    176520
     cccttgcacc caggtttggt tcccagcacc cacatggagg cttacaacca tctgtaactc    176580
     cagtaatggg gatctgatgc cctgtttgat cttcttgagt accaggcact cacttggtgc    176640
     ttagagctac atgcagacaa aagacctata cacttaaaat aaaattaaat aaaaggattg    176700
     gagagcagtt gagagcactg atggctcttc cagaggtcct gagttcaatt ctcagcaacc    176760
     acatggtggc tcacaaccat atgtaatggg atccagtgcc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag    176820
     agaccgacag tgtactcacg taaataaaat aaataaatct taaaagaaca aacaaacaaa    176880
     caaaccaaaa caagaaaagc tctacagtat gcctgggtat ggtggcgcat gcctaatccc    176940
     agcagaggca ggcagaactc tgagtttgga gcctgcctgg tctactaagt gagttccagg    177000
     ccagctagag ctacaaagag agaccctgcc tcatcaaaaa caaaagcaac tctgcacttt    177060
     tagtacagtt tcagtttaca gaaaagttac agaagggcac agacagctca cttttgcctt    177120
     tgttgctgtg tttatcgaag tagtgctgat gaaccagaca gcttagagta tttgaatccc    177180
     cctcctcctt cttttcttct cctcctcctc gccctcatcc ccatactcct cctcctcctc    177240
     tccccctcct cttccttgtc ctcctcctcc cttctcctct tcttcctcct aatcttcctc    177300
     ctcctctttt cctccttctc atcctcctcc tcctcctctt cttcttcctc tccctcctcc    177360
     tcctcttcct ctccctcctc cttcttttct cccctgtccc cagctaggtt ctgttctgca    177420
     gcccaaggct gatagaccct gctctatagc tcaaggctgg tgtttttctt aggtttagcc    177480
     tggggctctg ggtttagtgt tttcaggggc aaggcaatat agaggggtca agtttcccat    177540
     caggtagcat tggggtgtca tttgctggcg ttgatcagtt ggctgagtat taaggaagag    177600
     tattaaaaaa ttgaacttga ctggggtgct tctgggcctc cggggtggac aaagagtctt    177660
     ttcctcctca tttagtactg aagtcacagc acgcaacacc agtcttggca atggccagga    177720
     aagaaactat gtctacagcc tagcaacgca atggtggcaa gatgctgtgg cctgagaatt    177780
     ggcttgggac cctggggaag tggtttagcc ctcctgaacc acacagctct catatgtaga    177840
     cagaaacaac aacaagcttg ggggcttgat acatggctca gtggttaaga gcactggatg    177900
     ctttcccaga ggacccaggt tcaaatccca gtgcacacat atacgacagc tcacaactgt    177960
     cccggtccca ggggatctga cacctggcca ttcttaactt ttaccttatg cctgaggaga    178020
     ctgaagctat gacagctaag tgactgccca gtgtcagcag ctgataagta caaaagagag    178080
     ccaacactca cgtctctgag acaacaaaac ctgctccccc tgctcgtggc ttctgcccac    178140
     aaccagggtt cctctcattc tttctcctgc ccaggggtca ccctagcatt gtagggtcct    178200
     gtctgagctg gatctggaca gcagttctcc ctagggagcc cccacacccc aggtgaagga    178260
     cagcccctgc agtcctgacc atctctaggg tatctgggtc ctaaggcttc tacccgaaag    178320
     acctccttag ccttagtgat cccttagtgg tctccagcct gcctgtgtcc cttcatctga    178380
     gtggaaagag gccaacctcg ccctgcctgt gctccctgac gttaatctcc tctctaacac    178440
     cctgtggcca gccccatccc agctctgagg tttccatact tggctttcca tgtctgcaaa    178500
     ggccaagaaa ctcagcttct cgtcaagcca aatattagct tccaccctgg tcctgccacc    178560
     aaagaaagac cacttataaa aactgcctcc caggatctga ggaacagatt cgacctggta    178620
     ggtgagaagc agactcctgc tgattgcccc ttgtggtggt ttgaatatgc ttggctcagg    178680
     gagtggcact attaggaggt gtggccttgg aggaggtgtg gccttgttgg aagaaatgtg    178740
     tcactgtggg ggtggacttt gagagagatt cctcctaagg atctggaagc cagttttttc    178800
     ctctttgcct gatcttttaa ggtctgtcgc ctttaaggtt cacctaccac tagaggagcc    178860
     cacctgccca ggcacatgca atggttggaa tccatgggcc tctgcccttg tcctttaagg    178920
     ccatgacttt cattgtatag aaagactctg agtctgaaag gaggccttga gaacaaggct    178980
     tggccctctc tctggagcct tcagctctac caacacctac ttctggaaaa tttggccata    179040
     ttcacatagg tatggtccca tgtacacatg ccatctgcca gaacccacag ggacctgcat    179100
     gattacggac atcacctgac attgacacac aggctcccag gtgaacacag acaagccata    179160
     cacccaagca taaggcacac atgcacaccc ttagccacag ggcacacaaa cacggatgta    179220
     gaaagcagtg tcccctgctc caggcccacc acacttccac ctgtgtctca agtaccacac    179280
     accattcact tcattgtctt gtggctgggg ctggagtgac cttgtgaagt cagagttggg    179340
     gcactcagag gaagcccaga gcttgtcctc aaatcttcct gcagaccccg gtggcttcct    179400
     taactgttca gagctatggc tctgctaagg agaggagagc ggtgagcagg cctgggctca    179460
     actttttcta gtttattcca gacctgtaca gagggcagga agggggcaca tgaggggaca    179520
     gaggcctatg gcttgggggt cctggagaca agggctttcc tgggggcctt ccagtcctgg    179580
     gaagggcaga ggctgggcaa ggatgctgga ggggcaggag aagggaaggg tttatggcat    179640
     ttcccctcca gctggaaaca aaggcagatt cctgtgtcct gcatgagcaa tccggtccca    179700
     ccctcccgag tgactggagc cgaaggaaat tccactggcc tctggcctca cccagtcact    179760
     tggcccctct ttcaatctct cccctagcct gagccatttc tagtctcaag tcccaaagac    179820
     cctctcctgc ccactagcac tggctacctt aagcccctcg tctcttctag gaagtaagat    179880
     tcccttcaca ccacctccca gccttactga ctagcctggc cctccctcaa ctaagctcag    179940
     gcccggtttc tcactggagg aaggaaaagt ctagatgccc ctggaaggct ccatgctgtc    180000
     caaaaggctc agtaagaacc ggacacgcgc accgtaagga tgggaattag gaagaagaca    180060
     agacaaggca gctcacccca gggccttgac acatcttcct gagctcaccc cagtgccttg    180120
     acacatcttc ctgagctcac cccagtgcct tgacacatct tcctgagctc accccagtgc    180180
     cttgacacat cttcctgagc tcaccccagt gccttgacac atcttcctga gctcacccca    180240
     gtgccttgac acatcttcct gagctcaccc cagtgccttg acacatcttc ctgagctcac    180300
     cccagtgcct tgacacatct tcctgagctc accccagtgc cttgacacat cttcctgagc    180360
     taatagcaaa tgagagttct agggaaggtg agggggagga ggggtgccac tgtcatcact    180420
     aagtgtagct ttgtaggctc ctatctaatg ctaataagaa ctgcagattt ggctatgtta    180480
     tttaaaatta caaaacatta gtatcatcag gaggcagggg aaaagggaat gcgaggaaag    180540
     tgctaacttg gacagcaaga ggacctgggt tcagatcccc agaattcatg taaaaagcca    180600
     ggcatggtgc ttggtgccta taatctcagc accagtcaca tccaggtccc aaaggcttat    180660
     tgtattttac atatatatat atatccaata atataatata acataatata atttaataag    180720
     tctgtgccac catacctggc tgtttttaag gtttgagata gagtcttggg ttggaaagat    180780
     ggctcatcaa gtaaagacac tgcctgtaaa cccgatggcc tgagtttaat ccccagaacc    180840
     caggatagag agaacctact ctcacaagtt gtcctctgac ctccatgtgc atactgtggt    180900
     atgctctcct ctcaggcaca cacacataca tgcatgcaca tacacgcatg cacacacaca    180960
     tacaataaat aaataaataa atatgataaa gataatatct gaacctggtc ttactaagtt    181020
     acacaggctg gtcttcaact cactctgcaa tccaggcaag ccttgggatg tatgcccttc    181080
     ctacctcagt ctcccaagta gccgggatcg cctatgccac cattttcggc ttcttcctat    181140
     aataaattct tacggtggtt tgagtgagaa tggtccccat atgttcgaat gcctggtccc    181200
     caactggtgg aactgtttgg gaaggattga gaggcgtgtc cttgctggag gaggtgtgtc    181260
     actgggggtg ggctttgtgg tttcaggagc ctaagccagt tccagttagc tttttctcta    181320
     cctcatgttt gtgggtcagt gtgccagctc tcagttactg ctccagtgct gtgtctgcct    181380
     gttgctttgc caggctcctc agcacaaggg tcatgagctc accatctgaa actgtaaact    181440
     ctatggtacc ccttcacagc aatagaaaag taactaggat gcttctcatg cagaaaattt    181500
     ttatttcatc ctgtactgac ttggctcacg ctgctaacac acagtcgcac ctggagtcta    181560
     agcatgatac cccctctcag ccatctgcct ctccccaaaa caaactggac atgggtgtgc    181620
     aaattactcc tgctagagga ctttcccaca tgcttttctg ctggtctgtg atgtgtttga    181680
     gaaggcatta ctgacctatt ctacaggaga ggaaactgag gatcacattc agctgtccca    181740
     actcccagcc tgggctcttt ccacttactg tcctctcttg cggtcaggtc agctggtaag    181800
     aattcatggc tttggaagca tgtggggaag gataacccag agctcaatgc cctgcctggg    181860
     agcagacaag ggtagaccag tttcccaaga gacaccaagc ttcatgtcca tgcaccccta    181920
     tgacaccact tggccacctt ctaaccttca tgctcctcgt cctgatgtgc catctcttgc    181980
     tcaagggtcc cttgagatga gtggccttga tggttcgggg tgggtgaggg atgggtagca    182040
     ctttcaaggg gtcctgagga ggaagatgcc ttagtggtcc taactctagg gatgtggagg    182100
     gtctgccagc ctcttctcga ggagcagggc tgttctccag cttccgggat ttcccaaagc    182160
     tggacgtaac caagctgtgt tttgatccag actagagtga caggcctggg actaataaga    182220
     atgtcataca ggctgggagg agactccggg gttttctagc tcacaccctt cattgtacag    182280
     agaaggaaac tgagggatga agaggtgatc caggcctgga acccaactct atgacccata    182340
     tgattaacct ttgcaaggca ctgtggtgtt tgctgcctgg aactaaggac acctgtccct    182400
     tcaggattcc atttagccct ccacagtgag gacctcttcc cgtgtttaat agacagagag    182460
     ctgaaatctg cagatatgta ccccctcgct ttccctaaag gagacccaca actcccctct    182520
     gtcatccacc ttgtctttct agtttgaaaa gcctggcctt gaacgtgcca gggaggcgcc    182580
     ctgactactg agctgcccct cttccactcg aatttcagag gagcaaaccc cagcttgctt    182640
     ccccctcctt tgttcttctc cccgcctacc ctgatgcaga tggggtacat actttgtagg    182700
     gcctggtgca aaacaaaaat tatgtgtcca aggtccaaat gccattaaga atactatgaa    182760
     gaatttcatg gtggcagcaa caaagcactc aagcacaggg ctctgaatgg ctgtgcgtgc    182820
     tcggccttca tcactcttga gagtggggcc tgaaacaggt ttggggcaag cacatggaat    182880
     cctagctctg cggaggtgga aacaacaaga tctcatgttc acagccagcc taggatttta    182940
     gggaccgttc tcaaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca cagcacacag    183000
     ttgagaattt agtgctggtc cccgaaagct cattgctcca cctctgcatc aaaccgttgt    183060
     cacctgcctc tagagaggac ctccttgaag ttcttcagac taacttctga ggatcagcaa    183120
     tcctctgctt cagaccctgc tgggaagtct tctgagtccc tggatctaaa tcggaattct    183180
     ttgggcctgt ttcatttcgt tctgtcctca gaatatagga acagctgggc cttgtgagca    183240
     actaattctt gtagacttgg acgcagtctg taattccttt tctatgtcct cattggcctg    183300
     aggccctagt gctttctcca actcttgtca ctcctcccac atcccccgcc cctgccccaa    183360
     gctccccgtg cactatggga ggcttgggtt cacaagaaca gcccaggcac cagccagtgt    183420
     cgggaacgct aagaagaggg gaaagatgcc acccctgtcc acagcttctc ttcaacctcc    183480
     taaattgact tctctccgtc ttacttcaca ggcctgccca cagaaactct tcagtcccca    183540
     ctgaccccct cagccacttc ccagctcctg accttaccca tggtccccta tctgcccctt    183600
     cccaaggagg cggaccttag acttgggctg cagaggtccc atgggtcctg tcccactcaa    183660
     gacagagagc cgccggctgg agaatgaaag gcttaccgga agccatggca tgtgggagga    183720
     agagtgggtg tgaagatggt catgtatcca agctccctgt tctatagagt gtaacaaagc    183780
     gaccaccaca atctggaaaa gcagatactg taatccatag tactgcaaga catggtctgt    183840
     cctgaccctg aaatttggtt gagccggggc tctggaaggt catggggctc acaattcaag    183900
     aagctgctag catgtggagc tcagcagagg aagtaagacc agtgggagcc tcccgccttt    183960
     ctctccccca gcctctatcc ttgccaaagg atagggcacc tctgtcccat cttgcaaaat    184020
     ctacatgaca ggcatgacac cttagagatt gcttctgtgt tctcccactg ggctagggcc    184080
     accccttccc tagccttctc aaatattagc cgacaaactc cttccttgag gaacttagat    184140
     aggcaccatc ttttaccgtt tgaaagatgg aacactatgc tcattagtag cggggggggg    184200
     gggggggggt tgaagcccct ggaggtgtta gtggggtcac agcaactagc ctggattccc    184260
     agctggtgga actacttcaa ggtcccccac aaggatattc acaaggctaa gagtaaaact    184320
     caagtcctgc ccaggaaagc atagattttc acccagtccc agcctgtact gccgatcagg    184380
     aagaggaaga gtgtcctgtc ttccccatcc cgagccctct gcccaactcc ccagccgcag    184440
     gtcccagcct cacaaggttc catgccccaa attctaaagc tccccatctg gtagttgtgc    184500
     cccgccccca tcccgtggtt ggggtcccag cccggctaga caaaaaggac acggctgaac    184560
     agaaaagaca aggtggcctt tccctctatt ctggccaccc ctgacctgag ggagaggaac    184620
     aactaactgt caagccttga ggtgcacaga ccagactgac tcagaacgga cctatctagg    184680
     tttctttagc ccgaggctga gcgttgatgg ccagcactgt ggacaacgga agggaacaaa    184740
     agtattaagg gtgaagggct ggaatttgga ggcaaaaaga tttaagccaa ctggagaatc    184800
     caaagggcgg agccaactct ggagcagaca ctcccagccc aaactcagct ttcttagcgc    184860
     tgttccttag gagtgagcac aggtaagttg gctgctacct cacgcgggtc cctccctgaa    184920
     gccctcacga atctagattt ctgcctctgg gtgcaggcta ccctctcctg gcctagagcg    184980
     acgcttccgc agctagctca gtccctacgt tcctacccag gacgcacggg accccaatgc    185040
     ctgggttcga agcctgtccc ttcgtggcag ggaggggctg gggtggtcgc actcggtctg    185100
     cagccctcta gagccgagcc ctgctgctgg gaggcgtact gggcaatagg aaacgagtta    185160
     ttaggaggga gtggtggagc cgggccaggc aggaagaagc tagaataaga aacattttgc    185220
     tccagcccct tcccagtccc cggaggccgc cgcgccagcc gcgcagatcg agacctttcc    185280
     cggccccaca ggccggctct ggacgtgaga ccccggccgc ctccggcaag gagaggcggg    185340
     ggtcgagtcg ccctgtccaa aggtgagtcg gagtgccgct gggccgggca gggagacctg    185400
     tccctggtct cagggggacc cttctttatg tggatctcaa agacctctca gacggcgcgt    185460
     ggcagggtca gttttagccg ggcaagacag tcagcagtcc cctggttgtg gacacacacc    185520
     tccctgctac cccgacctga gcgtggaagg gggcgggtcg agcacggatg gggaatcaaa    185580
     aaactttttt tgctaggtat cctgaggcct ttagcttctc ttccctgccg agattaactc    185640
     ttctaccctt atctataaag gtaaaacggg actgaaagat tcttccctcc tgagctccag    185700
     ggtgctctgt tgacatagga gcgacttccc ttgcggaacc tcctcataga gaccacttaa    185760
     cctggcaccc caatccttat ctctataggg tcacagaatt cccctgccgt gggtgtcctt    185820
     gacattcccc tttagggact cctggccctc ccccaggctg agatccaggc agtcagtcag    185880
     ccctgcagag aacagctctg ctttcttagg tcttcctttg aaggacacat tcccctgctc    185940
     acgagcaact tctggatgag ttcggccccc tctctgaccc tccagggtca gtctgtctag    186000
     ggggtctgtc tagggtcttt cctctctgga tcctcaccac tctagctggc cccccacctg    186060
     tcttcacaat tatccttctt tgttgtgggt ggttttgctc acacagccta tcagatggga    186120
     gataactgtg cccagcttgt ggaagagagg tcagcttcag gctttggatg actctgagaa    186180
     gggtgtcagt caatgacatc aggagacacc atggttggga ggttttttgt ttgtgtttgt    186240
     ttgtttgttt gtttttgata cagagctggc ctcagatttt cagtccacct gattcagctt    186300
     tagtctcttt cctgccctgc ctcaggaggc ttctgagtgc tgggatacag gtcagtgccg    186360
     gcacatctgg ctgccgaggg cttgctccgt gccacttgcc acacagttga gtaactctcg    186420
     tgggtctcac ctgggaaatg gtactcttct tatgccaatc tccaagctgt gagacgtagc    186480
     tgccacagac caccctagct aggtatgggg gtccctggga tgtgggttct cgaggctagg    186540
     taggtaagga tttggcggtg acaaacagaa acaaacacag aggccaggaa caatactcaa    186600
     tactgccagg aacatgcctg ttcctggact gtgaatgtcc catgattctt acctcctcgc    186660
     catcttaact cgatgtgtct ctgtggagga gtctgcagca ctctgacgag gtcctctcct    186720
     tacctgagaa agtatttttt ttttttttag aaaaaggata gagaaagctt acctgcctcg    186780
     agccccacat tgaaccccag cttccacgga ccaccccagt cgggtgcttg ctcagggcca    186840
     gtgtgttggt ctgtgtgctg tataggagtc tctcctttct gcagcttccc ggtcagagat    186900
     cttagtcact tacaattaac tgtggtgtga aaacagtcaa tgggaatttc cagaactagg    186960
     gaagatatat atttatatat atatatatat gtatatatat atatatatat atatataatt    187020
     taaatccata ctgtctccag aatgtagcga agtctcacct cccctcacct catcggtcat    187080
     atgaatcatc tctttgtcca gtacatctat actgtacact ttacctgtca gtcacctagt    187140
     agctgtcagg gttatcagat tgatcgagaa acctttattt tagtcaacca tggtctcaat    187200
     tgcaagctca ggggtgctgg tgactcagta caccaaggag aagctttata atgctccctt    187260
     taagtaaaaa gacagaggtc ctggctatag catattacta tgggtattgt aatttcttac    187320
     taatgttgct gtctcctggg tctaatatac aaactagact ttattacagg tatgttatag    187380
     gtagagggga caggacatgc agtttgggtt tcatgcaccc aatgtgattc agggattcat    187440
     caccgtcaga tgagggggaa ccattgtgcc gtactgctta cagaggctta agactctaaa    187500
     atccaggctg ttccatccta ttctaccact atagacttaa aggaatatgc aggtgaatac    187560
     cgagactggc tgcgtccaag aggccagtaa gtgcacagct gtggaagata gctgagtttc    187620
     cactgtgctt ccctacctta ggataatcac agtgtggcag agccctactg ctgatagaaa    187680
     caggaagact gacagccacc atccaggctc actcctctct gggtcctcac ctgaccctca    187740
     gaaggtgact gagaagaagt ctggcaatga gtaggtggtt tccgggcaac aatatttgga    187800
     ggagggcagc agtcactgac accaccaggg gggcgtgttg ttaatgtctg cagagaccag    187860
     gacccctttt gcctctttga gggcctcacc aaactctaga ggaagagcag tgattgagga    187920
     aggattagtt gttggccact tacgtttagc gccacgccat atttagcact gcttcctgta    187980
     ggagtgttgc gaggctccaa ggagacaagc ccctgcggtt cagtgcctgg tgcagagtga    188040
     gaccttaggg caccctgcct gccatgactt ccctgcgtta agttggtctt tgaaagccgc    188100
     ttaacatctg ggtgatgttt aacaacagcg gtgacgcttc tgtgtgcagg agattttttt    188160
     cctgtgcttt tactaaggag gaaaggagac gcttaagacc gagatttact cccacgccca    188220
     cctcatgctc aaccccagat aggacgaggt tagctccgtc tgtcacagcc ccggggctgc    188280
     accagggtga cttctgctaa cctttcccta cgctgctgat gtttagagat gcttttcacc    188340
     cacctccata ttcacgctcg atttgcggtg tcaccaactc cctgatccta taacattctc    188400
     tttcttcccg cagacatagg gaggcaccgg gaaaggaact aagagtccct tccatctctc    188460
     catccatcta gcgatgcccc atgaacaaaa gcacaggaga caggtttggc tcagtgccag    188520
     acacatttct caaagcctgg tgcccacccc aatggatcag aattccctgg ggagaccatt    188580
     tacaatacat gccttccctt cctcctttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc tttctttttt    188640
     ttttttttat ccccttcatt tttgacttct ggagtcatat cttgttacat aactgaggct    188700
     ggccccagca tcttagatct tcacttggta ttcccaaatc tccggcctcc acagtgctgg    188760
     atcacaggca tgcactactt actgtacccc aacccagtat gtttcttgct cgtctcagac    188820
     agactgaatg gaagcctgga atggctgaca gaccaaggga tctacctagc taacccactg    188880
     catggggttc caatacacag aaaggaggca agttggggag gtggaagctt gataatatgt    188940
     cccagaaaga tgtcttgttg ctaactagct gactcccatc tcaggtaaag tctgccaata    189000
     atggcttcct gccccaaagc cttggaacat gccctgtctg catttatcca caaaagccct    189060
     tcggagtcct aactggctac tagctggggc aagaggcagg aggtcaggca gaagctggga    189120
     cacagctgcg gcagtgcagg tctctatttc cttccctgga ccgggcctct gggtagagga    189180
     aacccaggca ggaaggccag agcctccact agaaagcttc accaagaccc tcagcctgac    189240
     cctagacatc ctgcccccaa aagcctcagc atcttgggtc ttcgttcagt accaagctta    189300
     gagcacaggc ctctgttgca taaccagtcc ttccagccta ccggtgtctt ctcacatgtg    189360
     ttggctccct cactggggat ccagcctgca caccctgcca ttcagaaagt ctgtgttcct    189420
     gtttgacccc ggtccctctt gctacaggct cagcactgtc ttctggctct gaggctttga    189480
     gaagggaagg gtggtatagc ttctgaaacg atagctgatt tgggccccgg gttgagggct    189540
     atcacatcat accagaatca tgactcttac cagtgcccat cacacttctg gaagaacaaa    189600
     accctaggca agagtgaagc ccaggcaact ctctgaggtc aaacactcag tgtctaagta    189660
     tgtttcactt cctgtactac tggccctccc cccagccctt tcccaggaca atgagaagag    189720
     agaagggggc ccagatggct ttgaaggaga aacagacctt ttatacgatg tgctataagc    189780
     ctggggatgc aggtagggac tgaccccacc cgctcaggac acagagaaga aagaccagtt    189840
     tggggagatg gagtctagag agggtatagc attcactctg taaccctggc tgtcctggaa    189900
     ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccaag    189960
     tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgt gccaccactg cccgtctggg ggctagactc ttgtgttaga    190020
     ctcctgttac taatggaatc tgacaagcct cccctggatg aggcttactc tctcctttaa    190080
     gaccagagct gcaggggagg gccacgaaga gatgatacag caggtaatga tgcttgctac    190140
     gtaagctggg tgacctgagt tcgatctcca gcgcccacgt aaaggcagaa ggagaaaaac    190200
     agctgcacag aattatctct gactttcaca cttgtacctt agcacgaaga cccttacaga    190260
     cagacccaat aataatgaat acatttaaaa caacaaaacc ccccagagct gtgtaaggta    190320
     cctacacaaa cgtcacacag ttgtctctgc tcctggtggt ccctttaaac ccccgtcccg    190380
     cttccagcct gccctgagct ccctgctgtg cgtgacttca gcctgttcta tccaggcctc    190440
     aatctaaaca atcttgattc ctgttgccgg cctggcggga ccctgaatgg caggaagtaa    190500
     ggacaagagc ctgtttatgt ttgaagcagc caggctgggg gtggggagtg ggggcactgg    190560
     gaaacggtgg gcaggggtgg aggctggagc gatgggcaaa cggctgagga caagagatga    190620
     gctatgagag agtcgtcctt cccactgtag ctctgtctgt ctgcaaccct cccggcctat    190680
     taccctctga acagttgcag tgggcacaga gccccggtcc tctctggctc tcttcattta    190740
     aacacagttc tccacccttt acccccaaca gatggtttcc atggggaagt gaaccaggac    190800
     ttcccttgca ggccccgccc taaagtcaga cgtaggagtt gggaggtggc ttccctgcct    190860
     ccccccaccc cccaaaaaaa acctcacagt gatttcctct ggtaggagga gaccttggtc    190920
     accacagcta tcacgttttg cagatctcac cacatctctt ctcctatctc caaggaccat    190980
     gaccttgggg agcttcagaa ggggcctttt gatgctgtcg gtggcctttg gcctaaccag    191040
     gggtgagtat gggaggggca gcatggaaaa cggggacctg aatggaggaa ggctatctgg    191100
     gctcagctca gcttttgctg gggactggaa ctgggggtag ggggtgctga gaacaggagc    191160
     gtggctggag aggaacagta gtcctataga acagccccac caccaccacc accaccacca    191220
     ccaccaccac caccaccacc acagctgttc ctaccttctt ttatatctaa gtgatactga    191280
     ctgccaagct gaggctcctt ccaggacagc acctacatct tgggtggaga gactaagtaa    191340
     gaagcttatt gttctctgtg aacagggaga gcctgagacc atggcaggac ctgtagcagg    191400
     gagaggaggt cccagtacag actgtggaca gaagctggct tctcactgtc cactgcctgt    191460
     gtggctaggg acaaggctcc gaggaagaac agtttggggg tggaatgaaa ggaccaaggc    191520
     ttgaggggct ggtctgtgag agcagaaggg atggaagaag ttcctgaatt tttcctgccc    191580
     ccacccccac ccccaggaga cttggcgaag ccttccaagc tggtgaactg cacttgtgag    191640
     agcccacact gcaagagacc attctgccag gggtcatggt gcacagtggt gctggttcgg    191700
     gagcagggca ggcaccccca ggtctatcgg ggctgcggga gcctgaacca ggagctctgc    191760
     ttgggacgtc ccacagagtt tctgaaccat cactgctgct atagatcctt ctgcaaccac    191820
     aacgtgtctc tgatgctgga gggtatgtca ggtggctcac ccactcttcc tcctcctctt    191880
     aaccctgtcc cgccctcccc ccaccctgct ttcttctcat gccccggccc acacgtagag    191940
     ggagggtgtg gggaggcagg atgctgggat ctgactgtaa gtagtctggc tcagggtcag    192000
     gagagctggc ctggtggagc tgggactcaa tgtcccccct tctccagcca cccaaactcc    192060
     ttcggaggag ccagaagttg atgcccatct gcctctgatc ctgggtcctg tgctggcctt    192120
     gccggtcctg gtggccctgg gtgctctagg cttgtggcgt gtccggcgga ggcaggagaa    192180
     gcagcgggat ttgcacagtg acctgggcga gtccagtctc atcctgaagg catctgaaca    192240
     ggcagacagc atgttggggg tatggatctg ggccaacccg ggacccaggg tggagggtgg    192300
     gtgtgtagac aggagcaacg gtatcagggg tcacccatga tgacagtgag gaccaagctg    192360
     tgatagagaa cagagaaagc tgtgactgat gagggtggct gcagagtaac tacttggtgt    192420
     ccctaggact tcctggacag cgactgtact acgggcagcg gctcggggct ccccttcttg    192480
     gtgcagagga cggtagctcg gcaggttgcg ctggtagagt gtgtgggtaa gcactcaacg    192540
     ggctgggggt gaggaccaaa ggctcccata gggctggaga gggcaggaag ctttcagctt    192600
     ccaggatcac aaatggatcc agcctgggtc agagtaagac actctgctgg gcagaggagt    192660
     aggttgatcc tgggccaagg ttaggtcctt cttcaaggac atggatgagc taataagcta    192720
     agggtagccc aaagctgaga caagatgttg ataaaggtat attcagattt gaggagagca    192780
     atggggctca gcaggtaaag gtgatggcct aaattcaatc cctgggacat atacgacaag    192840
     aggagagaac tgtctctctc aggttgtcct ctgaccccca tatgtgattc cagttagtgt    192900
     gtatcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaaccacc accaccaata ccaacacaca    192960
     caaatgacta aataaataaa tacataaatg tgacttaaaa atttttttaa agacagctgc    193020
     agcggtggca catgccttta atcccagcac taggaaggtg gaagcaggca gatctctctg    193080
     agttcaaggc cagcctggtc taccacagca agttccagat cagccagaca tgagacctta    193140
     tctttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gtttaaaaaa aaatccgatt tttacagagg ggatctttat    193200
     agcatccaga attggggtgg ggtcttctag ggctatgtgt gtctagtatg tggtccttat    193260
     tcttcccttg gccacggatt aggaaagggc cgatatggtg aggtgtggcg cggttcgtgg    193320
     catggcgaga gtgtggcggt caagattttc tcctcacgag atgagcagtc ctggttccgg    193380
     gagacggaga tctacaacac agttctgctt agacacgaca acatcctagg caagctgggg    193440
     ggacatgtct gctattctag gcctaggcat ctcaaccccc ttagctcagg actagaatac    193500
     aacgaactct gggcattgat gtaaccctga gtgactgact cccggaccgc ttcagccttc    193560
     ggtctctgct ccaccccttc tgtgactctc agccctacct tcccctcacc actcattcct    193620
     cctgggtact taggttgagc catcacaccc ttctgcttac aggcttcatc gcctccgaca    193680
     tgacttcgcg gaactcgagc acgcagctgt ggctcatcac ccactaccat gaacacggct    193740
     ccctctatga ctttctgcag aggcagacgc tggagcccca gttggccctg aggctagctg    193800
     tgtccgcggc ctgcggcctg gcgcacctac atgtggagat ctttggcact caaggcaaac    193860
     cagccattgc ccatcgtgac ctcaagagtc gcaatgtgct ggtcaagagt aacttgcagt    193920
     gttgcattgc agacctgggt gagtaggcgg gaaaggggtg gggcttcacc tgtgggcggg    193980
     gcttgcatgc ttggctctac ctgttctgta ggggagagaa ttggtgcttt aaaaacttgt    194040
     ttccaagctg ggattttaag cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggctga ttcctaagtt    194100
     caaggttagc ctggtctaag tagtgagttc ccgtataccc agggctacat agaaaaaccc    194160
     taccttaaaa cgaactgttt ccagcccaga ctcttcctcc agaaaagggg cggggtctca    194220
     tgagcctgta cctcacccca acttttctga gaacatggct cctcccaaca cacctggaaa    194280
     ttctaccatg tgaaatgggt atcatcatgc cgagtctttg ggacccttga gaacactata    194340
     aagcaaaggc cactatctgt attccagaca tctcagagca ggtctccagt atcctgttct    194400
     tcaatgtttt tctgtttcca tcctcactgt atctgaccat ataaagcctg cctgggctcc    194460
     accctgtgtg ggagccctgc aggactgata agcctaacac ccgcaggact ggctgtgatg    194520
     cactcacaaa gcagcgatta cctggatatc ggcaacaacc cccgagtggg taccaaaaga    194580
     tacatggcac ccgaggtgct ggatgagcac atccgcacag actgctttga gtcgtacaag    194640
     tggacagaca tctgggcctt tggcctagtg ctatgggaga tcgcccggcg gaccatcatc    194700
     aatggtgaga gcccatgcag atttcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    194760
     tgtgtgtgtg tagatatatg gagaccaggt tttctgtggt ggctggtgcc cttgacctaa    194820
     gagtttgagg ctagatcttc tagctttctt ttactgctat aaatagacta gtacagcaca    194880
     gatggacttt aagactcgtc tgagtctgtg agggtgtgga tgtggccttg aaatcttcaa    194940
     ttagagacaa aatttttttt tcagagctgg agatacatcg aggtggtaga atgtttgcca    195000
     gacatgttca aggccgtagg ttttgatcct gagcatgggg gtggggtggg gcagggaagc    195060
     agctaagcta gcagtcatgg agcttaaaga tgtgtcatga tgaatgctct atcttgttga    195120
     aatctcctat tttggtagaa gttggtgtca gtcagtcaga ttgtctggac tcagtttcag    195180
     gttttgttat gacagggagt actcagcctc tgtgtgcctg cttcctcatt tgtgaaatta    195240
     gaagaaaaaa ataagtatag ttgtagactt ggtcccaata aagtatttag aacaatatct    195300
     acaacctggt gtgatctcag tactgcaaaa attgttccaa gttcaaggcc agcctggtct    195360
     atataaacag cgagtttcag atcagccagg actacgcaga gaaaaaaagg ccaacaatgc    195420
     ctagagctaa gtattagtga tcataatgaa agagtaccta cataatatta ttccattttc    195480
     taaaagaaaa gacagagatg caggatcgta gctgacagtc ttaagtcagg ccatctgact    195540
     ctgggccagt gctctctgtt actgtggcgg cttaatgttg gccctggctt ctttgttcat    195600
     gtgtaagcta tctagtgtct gtactgccta cttattgcaa ccttgttatc acagtggatt    195660
     gccacaggag accataactt ggaaaggctg gagaagcacc tgtctgtgca gccctgtgct    195720
     ggcctgtgca actcctatgc agccctgtgc agccttgtgc aggtctgtgc tagcctatgc    195780
     agccctgtgt agccctgtgc tggcctgtgc agccctgtgc tcgcctgtgg ctgatggcct    195840
     ctcaaccctg ggatagatgg aggatcacag gttgactggc cagctagctg ctgcaatgtt    195900
     actcttcctg gggcctgtct atagccaggg ttgctaggag tcctggaagt ttgcagacaa    195960
     tccctggggc atgactagag ccccactcct tgggaacaga gatgttttca tttcctgagc    196020
     atatactagg ccagcctttt acaacttcat tcctcctcag tggtcggtca tctgtaacag    196080
     cagagaccca ggtggcacca gagtctccct gggcaaatat ttactgctgg agtcagctct    196140
     aagtggctgg agttggggaa ggggtagggt acctggatgg caccagagaa gtaggcttag    196200
     ttataggcag aaaaggaagg actgaaggat ttgccttggg ctcctggggt ggaggggaag    196260
     ctctgtcagc ctcacacaga ctcctagcgc attataaaca ctgtaatctg gtgtcagccc    196320
     cggcactgat taaaggctca ttagacacgc tcgggcctct gcaaatcgct gattagggcg    196380
     ctggcggcac aggggcagcc tggaagcccg ccacggggag aacagctgct gaagggttca    196440
     ctaaggttgt ggcctacaca gtcacagccg cagcctgggg ttgggaagca ggaagagacg    196500
     tggggctgcc tctgacacca caagcacacc tttcagaaaa ggctcaggat aacttgacat    196560
     ggggtgggga cgcagttggt tgtgggatct gcagagacgt gagccttccc tgatggtaaa    196620
     ctcatcttat ttggaccagg gagtaaatca tttgcttcca ggagaggtgt atttctgtcc    196680
     tttgttgtcc cgattatgag ccttatctag tcctacctac cagaaatgca gccgagagag    196740
     cagaatcatg caatgtggtg ttggatttct gccttaagtc ccagctctgt catttgctac    196800
     ttgttgatcg ttaaagacaa actttctgag cttttgggcc tactgttcat gacttgaggc    196860
     tacaatgtta caatccccac aggccactgt gaggctttcc catttagcac taaggacccc    196920
     gactggcaca taggaagtgc tctgtaacac aagctgttag tataatctgg catcagtcag    196980
     ggagtagtac ccaggcccag gatggaagac agctgaacaa gatggaaata aaatccagcc    197040
     tggaaagcca aaagatgggt ttcaagtcct gactctgccg tgactggtta ggcaacatga    197100
     atcccgtgct tcatttgtga ctcgggtggt accacacaga gataccagga ggatggacag    197160
     gaaagcctgg aatgtgctta tcacgcactg gggaagtgtg aaacacagca atagttctga    197220
     gctatacgta cagttgctat gttataggac aggatccctc tcaggagcaa tatagtcaag    197280
     cagctagctc caggcagtca tcctctgggt gctctttgga ctccttaagt cccaagtgat    197340
     tgtcccacat cccttgaatc cccaggcatt gtggaggatt acaggccacc tttctatgac    197400
     atggtaccca atgaccccag ttttgaggac atgaaaaagg tggtgtgcgt tgaccagcag    197460
     acacccacca tccctaaccg gctggctgca gatccggtaa ggtctctgct tgggcttgtg    197520
     ctggggcggg gctggagcgg ggctggggct ggggctgggg cggagctggg ctggggctga    197580
     ggcggggctg gggctggggc tgaggctggg gcggggctgg ggctggggcg gggctggggc    197640
     tggggcggag ctgggctggg gctgaggcag ggctggggct gaggctgggg cggggctggg    197700
     gctggggcgg agctgggctg gcatgggtgg agattgattc tcagctggaa tttctgagtt    197760
     cttggctcta caacctctga ttcttgggta gatcgtgggt tgttctgagt attccctgcc    197820
     acacacctga cttgcgaatt cttcatcctt cttggaccgt ccttccagtc tatatgattt    197880
     tagaaacttt cacctcagct gctttcttct ctccatttgt tattgttgtt attgttgatg    197940
     atgatttgga tttttttttc tcaagacatt ctacactgaa agaaatacat aagccgggcg    198000
     tggtggcaca cacctttaat cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt    198060
     cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aaatgagttc caggacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc    198120
     tgtctcgaaa aataaaaaat aaaaataaat aaatacacac atatatgtgt gtatatgtat    198180
     acacacacac atgcacacat actcagtctc agacatgtat acacaagtaa gcagactcat    198240
     gacaccaaga agacaaaacc tgtgaacctg tgtttttagc tctttttttg ttttgtttag    198300
     tttgtttttg ttttggggac aggagtctta cttactatgg cagtgctggc tggcctggaa    198360
     cttgctatgt agaccaggct gacttcaaat tcaaggagat ccacctatct gcctctgcct    198420
     cctgagaact aggattaaag gttttcacac cttgtccagc tcactccttt tttttaaaag    198480
     aaattatttc ttcgccaggc atgttggtac acgcttttaa tcctagcaat gggaggcaga    198540
     ggcaggtgga tctctgagtt caaagccagc ctggtctata gagtgagtgc taggtcagcc    198600
     agagctacac agagaaaccc tgcctcaaca ccccaaacaa acaaaagcaa gtaaacaaac    198660
     aacaaattat ttcttctttc gattttatac aaacataatg tatttttgac catatgcccc    198720
     tcattatgtc tctcatcctt tcccctccca ctcagcccct ccttctcctg ctcagcccct    198780
     ccttctcccg ctcagcccct ccttttttct aagaagcacc tccttcttct cattctaata    198840
     ttcctaccag ctaccttggt gcccggccta cactaagact catatttgta ctaaaagata    198900
     ataaacgtat atgtgtatac gtaagagacc gcatagctac cttccagcgc acagatgtat    198960
     actcactctt aggaaccaga ggaggcaggc tgccatgttc aggggccact atgcttccca    199020
     ggatgggctc cttctgggaa acaggcactt ttggggcaat gcccgccgtt gcctcactct    199080
     cagtcatggc tggtggaggg gcagggagtc ggtactctgt gcactaggtc tcaggctgca    199140
     agaggtgcaa cacagacttg caggaaaacc cttcacagcg gatcctgcca tgggggcggg    199200
     gtgggggaca ggtgctcacc agaggccgtg cactgcgcgg ctctcaaaga cctccacacc    199260
     ctcctatgct ctctcctgct tgttttgcca ccttcttcca cttctccctc cctcattctc    199320
     agctcctccc ctccccctcc ctctaccccc cccttggttt ttcaagacag gatctatctc    199380
     accctagcta tcctgtctct cactctagtc ctggctggcc tggaactcaa agatcctcct    199440
     gactttgcct cttaagtgct gggattaaag gtgtgcacca ccacctggct ccattctctt    199500
     ctcttgcctc ctgtccaata catgctctcc ctgtcccttc tcctgctatg tctcccgatc    199560
     ctgagccatt tccgggcctc ctttccatct tcctgaccca tgtacctctt tttcctctct    199620
     gctcctctcc caacccccca ggtcctctcc gggctggccc agatgatgag agagtgctgg    199680
     taccccaacc cctctgctcg cctcaccgca ctgcgcataa agaagacatt gcagaagctc    199740
     agtcacaatc cagagaagcc caaagtgatt cactagccca gggccaccag gcttcctctg    199800
     cctaaagtgt gtgctggggc agaagacata gcctgtctgg gtagagggag tgaagagagt    199860
     gtgcacgctg ccctgtgtgt gcctgctcag cttggctccc agcccatcca gccaaaaata    199920
     cagctgagct gaaattcgat ctgcctccgt ctgggctgct caaagtggcc ggctctctga    199980
     cgcctggctg ggttccccat ccccaaggcc agcagggtac acccactacc actcccaggg    200040
     cagggtggcc aagccaggga atcccgggcc cggatcctgg gctttcactc ttccctaccc    200100
     ttggtcaacc ttactgaact gtcagagctg ccaggatggc acagggccct gtccagcttc    200160
     agcagacatt ccacctgccg gggctcagcc agggatactc agcagcctca gtgtctctct    200220
     gtgggtgttt attgcttcta tgatgccttt tagttgtcct gattagagcc cctggctagt    200280
     ctcttgggac aggcggtacc tgactcttcc accctctgtc cccttaccat ctcagctgac    200340
     tcactaggtc atcaaaatcc aagggctctc tgaggagaag gtcaatcatg gtggaagcga    200400
     tcgacccagc attgctccgt tcgataggag aggtcttcac catcttacca tcttaggttt    200460
     tgcctcaatg tcctctgagg tgtctcagag cctgattttc tttgaagctc aggctgtgtg    200520
     aaagctgagt cttgtctatt atgccctgtc cgctgtcgct tgagtcaagc tggggtttgt    200580
     aaataacggc caggttccag catggcctaa agtgccccct aggctagtct ccaggcccca    200640
     gttcttgcct taagctatgc tagcagccac ctcaggaccc aggcagtaca agaacttctg    200700
     actccctctg cggcttggcc ttctgcccag ggctcaaggg tggcttcctt tggggtctcc    200760
     aatactgaaa gaaacttagc ccctgtcaag aagcctccag caaccagggt tctgctcccc    200820
     acccccaccc ccggctgtga ctctctggcc aaagcccaca ccctgggcca gaccccagaa    200880
     agtgagcctt gggagaacgt agcctagaga aacacagaga gtctggtatt tagaaatgtg    200940
     aagggttcac ccacgtactg aacaggtgaa actgaagcct gggttgatgg actgaagaga    201000
     agtgaactgt aggcgaggct taagaagggt aaagcagggt tcaggcaaga gacaaggtca    201060
     gcctccatct tgggaagacc tggcctagaa actattggcc actgaaggga gaaacggcga    201120
     gagttcatca tgctccacac aggccccgac ctcttgagtt cctccagtgt gacctcccag    201180
     ctctccagcg ctgttctctc tctcaagcct gtctttcagc aatatgcaag gaccaaggag    201240
     aaccaggaag tgaaacgaga caaaaacaga aagtagtccg gctttcccca gaccagtggg    201300
     ggcaaagtct gaaggttctc ccgtcactgg agccagggaa tcgctttctt gcctgaagga    201360
     ttttatttct actgaacttg ggaacaaatt tatccccaga ctccacagtc agagccagaa    201420
     gacagtagct cctccaaggc caggaaatcc taagtggagg tggggggggg gggttgaaca    201480
     actggaaacg tggcaaggag agtggccctc tagagacaac tatcttcaaa tgcttcccag    201540
     tgcaggtgtg tgagtggaac cacacagttt gtgggagcac ttggcctgtg acaggcatgt    201600
     agtaggtctt caataaacca tgtttgaccc cctgagtttc tgctgccttc caggctagta    201660
     cccccccgca gtggtccagt tgcaggggtc cagagagaac cctaggggga tgggaagtag    201720
     agcatcccaa agtacacacc accaaatttc cctgggacag gcttgctcta gaatgccccc    201780
     atacctagaa ccgtgctgag tgaggttcaa acttcagatc ccacccggga tagacagcaa    201840
     cctgatccat gacagccacg tcgccctctg ctggccaatg cgctgcccac ggctgccctg    201900
     ctcccttcct acagcgggct ggctcctccc agtaggcctg ggccctcctt cccgtccctg    201960
     ccgcagcgtg cgtgcttgcg tgcatgcgtt cagctgttct gggctgtagg gactgtgcct    202020
     ggaaaccaca cctagcaaag gagctttgtg cttccttact cagaggcggc tccgcccctc    202080
     cctgttcagc tccttcttaa ttccctccct aggtgctccc caccccttgt ctgcaattag    202140
     tccacacccc cggaatgaaa agctcccctt acctggaaat ctcagagaac acctcatgtc    202200
     cccttccgcc ccaccccaga aactatgagc aaagtgccac tggaggggtg agagagaata    202260
     ggagaccgta ctgaaggaag ctgggaggag tcttttggtt caatccagcc cagaaataca    202320
     aactttctaa gaagagggtg ttggaccttt cttaggaaaa cagggagggt gccccagttt    202380
     cttctgcggt tgacaatttg gtctgctccc catgcctccc aagtgggcac aaatctgcag    202440
     ccttctgcgc tggggtcgtg gacctctccc tggcacatac agcagacaag acctttcccg    202500
     aggactctga agggagccct cagaggatgg tgacactaat agcattccca ttctcccacc    202560
     tttccttccc ctggagtcca cacagcctgg caggccaggc ccctaaatga ccacagtgtg    202620
     gttgaggacc gggaaaaggg cagcgggaaa acagccgtgc aagagttccg tgtgggctgg    202680
     acaggatctg gcaggactga cccgtcacca tgctgttaga agagaatctt tcgaggttac    202740
     taggacccaa attcttggcc acttgcacat gctgttactg ccttggggga aaagaaagag    202800
     aaatcgcaag cctctctgct ctttgctctg atttcctgcg gtgaccccag cctccaactt    202860
     ccttattaca tataaaaagt gaggaagcat ttctatccct ccctgagagg gtatggttgg    202920
     tagggcatgc aaaacggagt gagggtggcc cctgcagcct gagccttgac actgacgctc    202980
     agcccttcct ctgccaaggc ctcttggtac cccggctttc atggacagct cctttccttc    203040
     ccagactcca tcctctctca gtcctacctc accctagcct gtgaggaagg agcaatgcct    203100
     cccctggctt accccttgca ttaagatcag catcccaaag ccaggtgtag ccaggcatac    203160
     ctacaatccc agcacctggg aggtggaggc aggaggatca ggatttcagg gttatcctta    203220
     gccacaagat gatttcagag gtcagtcagg gatacaaacg gaataaagaa atggcagccc    203280
     aaaagatggc aaaatctgca tgcattgaag cctactctgg gatagggtag gggtttgtgt    203340
     gcccagtcca gtgtcccagg gctgggattg atggtaactg tgcagtcatc gctccgggtg    203400
     ggcgactctt gaaacaagct gctgcttcta ccaggaccac attccgtttg ctagaaatag    203460
     agacagaggg ctcctcgact ttgcatacaa tttgcataat gtcatagaca cactgtctat    203520
     tttcaggcag tttccaggtt caagtgttac cactgttgcc ctgaggggtg tcatgtctgg    203580
     atgagtctct gttctttctc acccacccac tcctattgac ctacatcccc ggctgcagga    203640
     acacaagaag gggagggctg cccagggaga cacagtggcg gcgagaagcc agggcatact    203700
     agattatcac ctccatcacc aacagcccct ccgccggttg cggttgccca agggcaactg    203760
     atagcggcag ataggacgaa ggattcaagt accccagctc ccttccttcc tctgccacca    203820
     gaactgcctg tctgagtgtt cagacttctg acagtttcaa agcaggagaa ggaggaggag    203880
     gaaagggagg aagaggagga ggaagacggt tagacagata aatagataac ttgggcttga    203940
     gccacctaga ttgacttgct tgtcccccag ataattgcaa taggggaaca gcgctaacct    204000
     gcagtccacc actctcctgc atcacgtctg tgctgagtac ctggctgacc tagagttgtg    204060
     cccttcacta ggactggttg ggatgactgt caccgagttg cttacgacct tggcaggtct    204120
     ttggcctctc ctctgagaag aagtgaggct ggcgattaaa agaattccca ctttatagtg    204180
     acttgtcctt ggtcactgag gctcaggact ggacttcttc tctgggctcc ctcctgtaaa    204240
     cactcaagcc cggggcccct gctggagtat acagtacagc tttcgctgaa tgccagagca    204300
     atgcgtctgg attctggaaa tcccaagaca gctcagttag gctgatcagc agcaaggcac    204360
     tacccagaat tcccagtctc tggcatccaa ttcccctgga cctgcctcat cccttcaggc    204420
     aggcgtttcc tgttgataag aagcttagtt acaaacactg ataaagagat gaaaaaggaa    204480
     gtcgacaggc tagggtatgg cgggcattag gtctgccttt gctacccctc ttcctgcttg    204540
     atgccacaca ccccttcccc ccacccccac cccgcaacca tttcccagaa ctgcgcagaa    204600
     aacaggcccc cacctccact ccctattttg gagactcccg ttatttggcc cgaagtctta    204660
     catagttctc agaaccctgg gagaggagct ttggaagcag gaagcactga gtgccgggtc    204720
     cccccaaccc caagtccagg ggcaagggcc gaggcacaga aagtactgcc ccacaggttg    204780
     ggttccatct gagatcttgt ctgccctttt ctcagaggcc tggatcaaag ctgtgcttta    204840
     gtggctgctg gctggtctct aattagtaga tttttttccc catcatttta ttctcggggt    204900
     tactgatggg aagtctcgct aatttccagt tgactaattt ggaacctgtg atccttcagg    204960
     acaaatgctt caggcagatg cttagaataa gaagcaaagc aaacaagtag ggtttagatt    205020
     acagaggctg ctttctaagc gccctgcctg cagttacacc aggtgggtga ggaggctcag    205080
     cctgcttctg ggcttcaaat tgtccttatt cagggacaga aggtaccacg atttgatgtt    205140
     ggacgttgga cttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgtctc cccacagatg caactcctta    205200
     acaaagccgt caagcacaca taaatagact gggtaggtct gtgtgctcaa agtttaaagt    205260
     gaacgtcagt accctgggcc tgtggcactg tattgaacac ctgcctagca cacacggagc    205320
     ccagggttcc atcctcagca ccacaagtaa aacagaataa aaggggctgg agagacagct    205380
     cactggttaa aagcactgac tgctctgcct caggacccac gttcactccc cagcacccac    205440
     atggcagctt acatgacttc tatttccagg ggatccagtg ctcttttcta gtctctgtag    205500
     gcaccaggta cactcgtggt gcacagaaat acacacagtc aaaacacccg tacatataaa    205560
     ataataattt ttagaaatta aaaataaagt aagtttaagg ggctagagag atggcttagt    205620
     ggttaagagc actggctact tttcccaggg tcctgagttc aattcccagc aaccacatgg    205680
     tgactctcaa ccatctgtaa tgggatccga tgatctctta tggtgagtct gaagacagct    205740
     acagtgtact cgtgtatgtg caataaagaa atctttttta aaaaaataaa gtttaaaaag    205800
     aacgacagtt tggagactgt ctcctgaaat cttaactatt tctagtcatg gctaccacgg    205860
     gacaagtcct cataggactt tgatacttgg aggatgagta aagagttgat gtggtttttt    205920
     gtttttgttt taaaatttta tttattttat gtatatgagt agctgtcttt agacacacca    205980
     gaagagggca taggatacta ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt    206040
     gaactcaaga cctttagaag agcagtccat gcccttaact gatgagccat ctctccagcc    206100
     caagcaaagg gttttaatcc tagcggaaat ctaggtgcct ggttaagaac actggcggct    206160
     cttgcagagg aggagggttg gttcccagca cccacaccgg agctcacaac cgactccagc    206220
     cgaagaagat ctgatacttt ttgtttagtt tggtttattt tttccttccg gtgcgaaagc    206280
     ataagtcact gtttctctta gcattggttg cttttatttt gcagtgctga agtgaagccc    206340
     gaggcctcag acatgttagg caatctctct acaactgagc aagaggccta agccccgggg    206400
     ttatttttgg gagatgtaca cagtcagtac ccagttctaa aacagatttg gctggtgtgg    206460
     cgtcggctcc ccatcctcgc ggctctttgg tctctggtct gggctctcaa gtccccaaag    206520
     gaaaccacgg gcatcagttt cttacgttgc tgttcctcta gaacggcttt ctatttgcac    206580
     gagtagatct gaatgtgtat ttttgctcca catccttcaa aataataagc acatggtaca    206640
     caatatcctg taccttactc tacccagtta ataatctatc ttcgagggat ttatatatag    206700
     tgtagataac tttcatttta tttttagtac aatgtagtat tccatagttt gtctccgttt    206760
     gtttggaagt tttgattatt tccaaattct ggccttgtat catgcttagc gagtaaacca    206820
     gaacaaacat cagtctgctc tcttccagcg aatctatacg ttctgagaag tggaattcct    206880
     gccagaggcc attcactcac acagatagta ggagatagat tacaggataa aagaatgaga    206940
     ccaggcaggc cagcaaaggg aaatgggaaa taactcagaa gccaacccag gcacacctgt    207000
     gaactgctat acacatggga agcataaaac aaaaacaaaa gcaaaaacaa aacaaaaaac    207060
     aatgaagtca agccaggtgg aatggcctac acctttaacg ccagatcttg ggaggcagaa    207120
     actctgagct tgaaaccagc ctgatctaca gagtgacttc caggacaaac atggctacaa    207180
     agaaattctg tctttgtata tgtgtatatc tgtatgtata tatgtgctgg gtatgtatat    207240
     aaatgtatat atatgtatat agagtgaagt gaggttctca aggcttagat ggaggacagt    207300
     ctgaaacaca caggaagttc ctatctgaac aacacagaaa gcatttgtgg aggtgatgga    207360
     taaaagcaag tgaggaaaac tgctctagag ctggtcgtag taacagttgt acagttgtgt    207420
     gagcattgga agcagtggga cagacatgtc tctgtgtgtg tgtttgcaag tgtgtatgta    207480
     caacagcatg gcaagacctc ttaaacacag aaccgaagct ggacctggag gatcagttac    207540
     acccccagca ctcaggagga aggcaggatt gctgcaagcc acagcctgtt ctgcatagtg    207600
     agtgccaggc ccgaggccac acagtgagac cttaaacaaa cacacacaca aagaatatat    207660
     atataacaaa agaagagact gaattcaata gcacaatgcc tttttattca aatgtagaat    207720
     gcatacatat tcaaaacaac gttacatcct taacaaggat atgcatatat ttcaggacat    207780
     gaagcagctc attagagtgt tgtggggtgt ggggaacagg agagatggag actgaaatgg    207840
     aactgagaat tatatttaag agggagacct gtcaccttat gtaagataag gatgccatat    207900
     gacctcctga ttcacccgag gcttgtgtgg aggtggggat ggcgaggaat ccagaccata    207960
     aagctgagtc ttgaatcagc cacccttgtg ctcatgatca ggctggagat ggaacagaag    208020
     caggcgttct gtgtcctccc tcaccttgct caggtggttg cttatgaggc attgtgatca    208080
     cgaaggtcac taggcctggc cagagctact gttaaacaat gaaccacagc agctgggcaa    208140
     gcctgcagtc ttgatggtct tggcccttgg aaggtacagg ctggaggatc aggagttcaa    208200
     agccatcttc agctacctag gggggatttg aagccaggat ggactatagg agcagtgaga    208260
     ctttaaaaag ctgattgata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    208320
     gatagataga tagtaataaa tagatgattg ctagatgact gataaatggt cagacagaca    208380
     gacagacaga cagatgaatg tagataacaa gcctcgcagt ggtagaacac tattcttacc    208440
     cataggattt cgggcttcag tttacagagc tctgtgctat tcagtgtcac cggctcccca    208500
     gtccccggct ttcttatctc cctggcctcc aggagcagca gctcaatggg gaaaacctag    208560
     ggttacacgt acgtatttgt atatttctct cgttctattt acttgaatta gaaaagagct    208620
     ctccctcctg cttttactgg ctgctccctt tggatcaata ctctcgttag gtcttttgag    208680
     aaatgaaatt ttacattcac acccccattg ttcccttggt tacaatctcg agccatcaga    208740
     tctgcctgtg gtggcaatgg cctttggaag cacctgtgcg ggcaagggtt taccttgctg    208800
     gaagctgttt tctgatgtag ccagtatctt taaaaaaatc tttttctaaa ctacatttaa    208860
     gcagacttaa caaggtctta aaatagatac aaagtggttt taccccacaa ggggattctt    208920
     aaaatactaa ctactgtttt taagcatagt caagtacttc agaaaaggaa tttacattgc    208980
     aaacagtttc tatgctaatt acaaagtgtt ctttcccaac ccataggtaa tagtttatac    209040
     tttcgtttgt acctgaaatg aatacaatta attgtttttt ttcttaatgt tcactcattc    209100
     aaaatggcct ttcctcctgg cctggtggtg cagagcttga aggagaggca ggaggaacaa    209160
     gggttgaaga cccttctcat ctgcagagtg agttcaaggc cagtctaagt tacaacagag    209220
     aaaagggaaa gaaaggaagg aagaaaggaa ggaagttcga tctttccacc acgcttccag    209280
     atttacatta aaaagaaaaa atccaggtgt atattggcga atgcaaggga aaagactcac    209340
     aagctgacct gttacagtta ttttgagaag gcgatggtga ctctcagcac cttcagtaac    209400
     tttttttcaa acatttaaac ttccacagct gaagcgtcag caagggtggc ttcttccttc    209460
     cagggccctc atcctgcttt ttactttatt ttttgagata ggatcttgct atatctcttt    209520
     ctactctggc cttgagctca gcctttgcct cagcctcctg aaagctcagg ctagcggcag    209580
     tcccatgtcc agctaaactc ctcacctggc gatttgggtc tttcccacca atttcgcatt    209640
     aacccgctcc aggcagaaac cttcatgccc accccacccc cacctcccct cctccctccc    209700
     gtccccttta tggtcacatt attggaagag tgtctgcctg ctcactccca ctcacgcctc    209760
     agcccactgc cttctgattt tgccatggaa actgatctct tagaggttac cactggcctc    209820
     cttgttacta aatctagtgg gcctttctta ttccttccgt ctttaaacct gctgaccatg    209880
     ccagcctctg gctctcccag cacccactgc gggcgtcctg gtcgcttcgt cactgctttc    209940
     gcccgaggtt ctcggtacgc ggtgcttgca ctgggttctc ttcttttgca caatcttcct    210000
     gggtcatctc aatgcaactt ggtattaatg cgtatgaacg gcctccagtt ttgtgtttct    210060
     gtttgttcct tatgacagga tctctcgtgg ctcaagctgg cctcaaaggc gctatgtagc    210120
     agaggattac cttgaactcc tgactctctg aagagccgag aggcaagcat gtaccgctgt    210180
     gcctcatcta ttcagttctg ggtgttaaac ccaaggcttt gggtatgctc agtaagcacc    210240
     cttgggcctt ctgagtttga ggtctccaac cttctggatg gttctttagc acaatcatgt    210300
     ctgacatgga tctcctccat cctgttttcc tccctacctg gagtgacctg ctttagctca    210360
     acaaacacaa cgttcattca taattatctg ttccctccca ccaggtcccc attccagtca    210420
     ggagaacctc atctccctgg ctcccaagac ctctgtcaac tgctcctcag ttcccagcat    210480
     gcttggctag gccactgggc cctgttccta ttcacccccc tggttctggc ccatccagtt    210540
     ggaaaagctc cccttatttc attgtcctgc tcagacctgc aaatgtagct aacaggcctc    210600
     tgacctgcag cctggggcca cagtccccct cccccccacc atccagccac attgaatgtc    210660
     ttctccagcc cttagttcct tttgcctcag ggcttttaca tactgtcccc tttgtctggg    210720
     acatgcttag cctggctacc tggcactcat cagtaataag cacgtgggag gtgagatgga    210780
     gtggaccttg aagggtggca ggcatgaatg tcaattccag ctctctcagc tacataacct    210840
     catgtctgtc gattaacttc ccaggactca tccataggga agggcgtagc aagacctaga    210900
     actcctaatg tgtattggtt ttttagccat ctgacctacc cctacctatc tgaattctat    210960
     tccttcttcc tcatgcatgt acagatggca gtgagcccca gaaagtacat aggcagcaca    211020
     gcatggcata acccaccccc acaggcaccc cacagcccac cctcacatgc accccacagc    211080
     tcacccccac aggcacccca cagtccaccc ccacatgtac cccacatgca taccatagtc    211140
     catccctaca ggcaccccca cagacactca acagcccacc ctcacaagca ccccacagtc    211200
     cacccctaat ctcctaaact aagccctgga gtccaggaag actcagtgct aggtagcaga    211260
     gagggcagat ttgagtaaca gactggagca gaggaagcaa cgcccagaga ggaagaggct    211320
     gccaaaggga gggctcttca gtatctaaca cccttgttct agtgcccaac tgaagccaac    211380
     tgaattgtga gaaactcctg catttctagc cagggaggag gaagggggtt ccctggattt    211440
     cagtgaagtc ttaagtgact tatatatctt gtgaaacaag catggttgag gctagggctg    211500
     tggctcatca gtagagtaca aagcacacac agagccatgg gctcaagccc cgtggttaca    211560
     taaagccagg cctggtgggt ggggcatgcc ctcaacccca gtactttgga agtagaggca    211620
     agatctggag tacaaggtca aactcagcta catagtgaat ttgagtcaag cctgggctac    211680
     aggagacctt gcctcaaaag caagcaagca aacaaaattc attgtaaaaa tgaggaaatg    211740
     agccaggcac ggtggctcat ggctataacc acagtgtgtg agaagctggc gggagaccac    211800
     tgctgtagat ttgaaggcag cgtggtctac atagtgagta tggggactcc tcggaccagg    211860
     tcacgagaaa ataaaaatta aaaagtttaa agaaataaag ccataaatga ggtgtttaca    211920
     tatatagtag ccactaataa gtggggctgt gcagtgagcc gattctctcc ccctccttct    211980
     tctctccctc cctccctttc ttctctccct tccccctttc tcttccccct ccctcccttc    212040
     tctccctccc tccctttctt ctctccctcc ctttcttctc tccctccctt tcttctctcc    212100
     ctccctttat gcatgtgtta caccctccca tcctcttctt tcatctttct ctgcctccca    212160
     gtctttcaaa ttcctttacc ccttcttttt acatttttcc catacaatat attttgatca    212220
     tgtctcccca ccccacaata cctcccagac ccttcccatc tcctacccac ccaattttat    212280
     tctctttctt gaaaataaag tccaagaaca aacccacaaa aattaaaatt aaaagaacca    212340
     atgagacata catattgcgc atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    212400
     atccaccaaa acaaagcaaa atgaaacaaa aagtccacac aaaaaaagtg gaatttagtt    212460
     ttagtttgaa ttagccagct actgctgggc atggagtctg ccctagagtg gttgataacg    212520
     cccagtgaga ctccattgga gaaaactgat ttcctctttg gcagagagta tcaattacaa    212580
     atagcgtcgt ggtcggggtg ggaccccatg tcaactttcc cctctcggtt ctgagacccc    212640
     atcaggcttg agtgtgtgct gatcttgtgg aagctgccgg ggtctctgag ttcatgtgga    212700
     tgtcagtcct gttgtgtctg ggatacattg tttctttcga gtcctccaac acctctggct    212760
     cttataatct ttccacctct ttttccaggc agatccctga gcctagaggg gaggggtttg    212820
     atggagacat gccatttaag actgactccc aagtctctca ctctctgtcc actgtccact    212880
     tgtgggtcct ggtggtttga atgaggatgg agcctgtggg ctcatgtgct cttcaggtgg    212940
     tggaactatt tgggaaggac aaggaggtgc agccttgtta gaggtgtggg ctgccattcc    213000
     cagttagctc tctctgcctc atgcccgtgg gtcaataggt aaggtctcag ctactgctcc    213060
     aatgccagtt cttgcttgtt gccgcgctcc ctaccatgtg ggtcatggac tctagccctc    213120
     ggaagctaca agccccaaaa ttaaatgctt ctttctatgt tgccttggcc atggtgtata    213180
     atcatggcat tagaaaagta actcagacct gggtctctgt gttaactcct atctaccaag    213240
     aagagtctct gatgaggata gtgtgaatct ctctggttta acatacgagc agtcattgca    213300
     ttgctatgtt cctgtagcag aattatagca ggtttccctc taggcctatg acccatctag    213360
     cctcaggttc ttggtcactc tactagtgtc aagtatgggt tccatgtcat ggatggaatg    213420
     ggccttaaat ctaatgaaaa aaaaatggtt ggctcctcct ataacatctg tgccattatt    213480
     gcccaatata ttttgcagac accttcttgc ctctggctcc tgaatgcagg gactacaggt    213540
     gtgcaccatt gtgtctggcc tgataaggtc ttggatagcc caggatggcc ttgaactttc    213600
     tatatagccg gaatgatttt gaacccctca tcctcctgtt tctaccttgt gagtgtggct    213660
     attatgggag tgagccacca tgccccaccc caccccgccc cgcctggcca tttgcttact    213720
     attgagcagg agaaggattg tattttgaaa gtgaagaatg aaactacaca gactctatcc    213780
     tactaaatgg aagccattta tgttattgcg cctgtactgt gtatatttac cactgtggtg    213840
     cacattctgt tttgtgtctg gtatttctta gttagcagct cataaatatt taaatatttc    213900
     tacagggttt gtaaccattt taatgacagc ataatattta agtttatcat gtaatttata    213960
     aacacacaca cacatttctt cttccttttt tttcagcata atcatgcttt gaaggtaagg    214020
     ctttttttaa attagctttc agttgggttg ttttttgttt tctattttgc tgttgtttgt    214080
     ttttgttttg ttttgtttta agacaggatt tctcagaatg gccacagcta tcctggaact    214140
     tgctctgtag accaggctgt cttcaaactc agtgatctat cttacctgca gagattaaaa    214200
     gcatgtgaca acccattcag atagcttggt tttgttttgg ttttgttttg atcagtgatc    214260
     tatcttacct gctgagatta aaagcatgtg acagggctgg agagatagct cagcagttag    214320
     gagcactgac ggctcttctg aaggtcctga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc    214380
     acaaccatct gtaatgagat ctgacaccct cttatggggt gtttgaagac agctacagtg    214440
     tacttacata taataaatag ataaatcttt aaaaaaatca aacaaacaaa caaaaagctt    214500
     gtgacaaccc atctagatag cttggttttg ctttgttttt gttttgatca taaaaaagga    214560
     tataatcctc tttagaaatg atctctttgg atgtggtggt gcacacctct gatcagaagg    214620
     cagagacagg ttgataactg tgagttcaag gctagtctag tccacatagc aagttccagg    214680
     acagctctac aaagtgagac ctgtctttaa aaaaaaaaaa atgctgataa tacagtcaag    214740
     aagaaattat ttaaaatttc actgagctga gagatcttgt aaacattttg ctgtgtgtct    214800
     ttctagccct tttatgtata attttagatt ataccataca tattttataa cctgttttcc    214860
     ccaaccctaa ttatatggca tagacatacc ttcctgtcat tactcttcgc tgaggatgtt    214920
     cttgaggttg caccctgggt cttgtggatg ctaagcatga gttctgccac tgaactccat    214980
     gccggctcct accagaaact ttcccacaag cctttgtcga gggcctgaac cttacgggga    215040
     cagttctctc cctgtgggca ctgacttgtc tgtgatgtca ggaacatgtc tgctcacggt    215100
     atttcttcgg aat                                                       215113