ID   AC095043; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 178037 BP.
AC   AC095043; AC019033;
DT   19-SEP-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   14-MAY-2005 (Rel. 83, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-124A7 from 4, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-178037
RA   Meyer R., Dixon R., Goyea E.;
RT   "The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-124A7";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-178037
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (15-SEP-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-178037
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (16-NOV-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-178037
RA   Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-JAN-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [5]
RP   1-178037
RA   Waterston R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-MAR-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Department of Genetics, Washington University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St.
RL   Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
RN   [6]
RP   1-178037
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-MAY-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; e3b44e4e7561b0722c64de37430b163b.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000042.
DR   EPD; EP73536; HS_UCHL1.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000064042; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000154277; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC095043.3:1-178037; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000284440; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000313860; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000381753; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000396595; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000446625; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000503057; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000503431; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000505232; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000508501; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000508768; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000509277; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000509454; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000509638; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000511424; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000512788; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000512820; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000512946; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000513024; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000514096; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000514924; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; D6R956.
DR   GOA; D6R974.
DR   GOA; D6RD46.
DR   GOA; D6RE83.
DR   GOA; D6RF53.
DR   GOA; G5EA03.
DR   GOA; H0Y8P3.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:12513; UCHL1.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:29191; LIMCH1.
DR   InterPro; IPR001578; Peptidase_C12_UCH.
DR   InterPro; IPR001715; CH-domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR001781; Znf_LIM.
DR   InterPro; IPR001997; Calponin/LIMCH1.
DR   InterPro; IPR003096; SM22_calponin.
DR   InterPro; IPR029980; LIMCH1.
DR   InterPro; IPR030297; UCHL1.
DR   InterPro; IPR031865; DUF4757.
DR   InterPro; IPR036872; CH_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036959; Peptidase_C12_UCH_sf.
DR   RFAM; RF00019; Y_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9UPQ0; LIMC1_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6R8Y0; D6R8Y0_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6R956; D6R956_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6R974; D6R974_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RD46; D6RD46_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RE83; D6RE83_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RF53; D6RF53_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RJ93; D6RJ93_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G5EA03; G5EA03_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0Y8P3; H0Y8P3_HUMAN.
CC   On Nov 16, 2001 this sequence version replaced gi:16195295.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: H_NH0124A07
CC       Drafting Center: WIBR
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
CC   donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
CC   Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
CC   approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
CC   libraries. Genomics 51:1-8. The clone may be obtained either from
CC   Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or Pieter de Jong
CC   and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
CC   The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-1I10.  Actual start of this
CC   clone is at base position 1 of RP11-124A7; actual end is at base
CC   position 178037 of RP11-124A7.
CC   The sequence of AC019033 has been incorporated into AC095043.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..178037
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-124A7"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    26793..27076
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=62.0, o/e=0.82, #CpGs=23)"
FT   misc_feature    28621..29728
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=72.1, o/e=0.77, #CpGs=123)"
FT   gene            28789..40307
FT                   /gene="UCHL1"
FT   mRNA            join(28789..28887,28993..29004,29487..29615,32525..32675,
FT                   33593..33678,33754..33801,35103..35169,35981..36039,
FT                   39865..40307)
FT                   /gene="UCHL1"
FT   CDS             join(28855..28887,28993..29004,29487..29615,32525..32675,
FT                   33593..33678,33754..33801,35103..35169,35981..36039,
FT                   39865..39951)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="UCHL1"
FT                   /product="unknown"
FT                   /note="Homo sapiens ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal esterase L1
FT                   (ubiquitin thiolesterase) (UCHL1), mRNA.; H_NH0124A07.1
FT                   This gene was based on gi(21361090)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P09936"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:12513"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001578"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR030297"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036959"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2ETL"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2LEN"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:3IFW"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:3IRT"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:3KVF"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:3KW5"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:4DM9"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:4JKJ"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P09936"
FT                   /protein_id="AAY40923.1"
FT                   A"
FT   misc_feature    52416..52676
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=60.5, o/e=0.91, #CpGs=21)"
FT   misc_feature    132114..133500
FT                   /note="CpG_island (%GC=71.2, o/e=0.76, #CpGs=149)"
SQ   Sequence 178037 BP; 50481 A; 36112 C; 38054 G; 53390 T; 0 other;
     gaattcactt aatcccagag gcattctgtg aggtgggtac tgtgagtatt catattttcc        60
     atatgggaaa aatgaaattc agagaggtac aataactttc ctaaggcaac tggaaaaata       120
     tgtgagtatc ttcatctctt tccacatttt gtgtcttctc cattttgtgc taatagaatg       180
     taggacatac aaaaatagag agatccagga acttgttatc tctaaaataa aatgtcactg       240
     aagtcaaaaa cagctaaaat caatgcttga attagaacat ctcatttcct acctcttatc       300
     ctaatgttca tttttatact tttgttctct tgatttcatg tttttcaact ggatgtttta       360
     atagtaaact ttgacttcct tctttactac atctatctgt ctgcctgcct gtctgtctgt       420
     ctgtccgtcc gtctgtccat ccgtccatcc gtccatccat ccatccaact atctatctca       480
     aaagacacat tttttctgag gcaggcactt gaaggcctcc agaggtcaag gttcttctgc       540
     tgtaaggggt agtttagtgg gaaagtttga tggaagagct tggtgagcag agtcggtgat       600
     ggctgctttc aacgtatata tttctctctt ataacctata taaatgttgc cctgtgtata       660
     acctctttgg cctggtatgc tacataaaaa tagagaaaca tatgaacaaa taaataaaag       720
     ataagtttga caatattaga gctctgaaca agcaggtttc atgagtacag aggtcataaa       780
     gaatctcttt ataaaggttg tattttttta tgtctttatt aattttctag gttccatgta       840
     cacagttcat tttcctctaa aaaaattcca atgttgtttc agtgtctcat aaatacaagc       900
     tcaaatctat aatttggaaa cttttaggag aaaagattaa ggctggctat gcctcatcaa       960
     tagcattatt tttttttaat gtttagtact ttgttcttac tctgctgtgt tgctgggcgt      1020
     acatctggga ataggaggct tatagagcca gactctaaag atgatttcta ttcctttctg      1080
     acttaaatgt tttttctttc tctctatttc tctctttccc ccacctttct ttctttcttt      1140
     tttgaaacag ggtctcactc tgtcacccag gctggggtac actggcgtga tcacagctca      1200
     ctgcagcctt gaactcctgg gctccagtga tcctcctgcc tcagcctcca gcgtagctag      1260
     gactacaggc atgccccacc atgccaggct aattttgttt tatttttgta gaaacaggtt      1320
     ctcactatgt tacccaggct ggtctcaaac tcctggcctc gagcgattct tccacctcgg      1380
     cctcccaaag tgctggaatt acagacatga gccaccgcac ccagggctga tttatactct      1440
     cgtaaatctg gcttatgtat caattaatgt tcatactgac atatttcccc acagtattct      1500
     agtttgcttt tgtggcatgg gagctaatgc catttcatct ccttaaatac tctgccccaa      1560
     tagatataga gcattatttt acatatgtta gttatccaca atattcagga actttgttga      1620
     aatatgtggt ttctgacact tgacatgcat agagaacagt agttgcacaa aattaaaatc      1680
     attttttaaa gaagatgatt gaaaacagtg ggaaagtctt tcccctgcct ttctgataag      1740
     cattccataa tttcaatact ttttaaggct ctcattttat tgcttataaa ttattttata      1800
     tctttctatt ttttattttt ttattttttt aaatttttat ttatttattt ttttgagacg      1860
     gagtctcgct ctgttgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcaca atctcagctc actgcaagct      1920
     ccgcctcccg ggttcacgcc attctcctgc ctcagcctcc caagtagctg ggactacagg      1980
     cacccgccac cacgcccggc taattttttg tatttttagt agagacactg tttcaccatg      2040
     ttagccagga tggtctcgat ctcctgacct cgtgatccac ccacctcggc cacccaaagt      2100
     actgggatta caggcgtgag ccactgtgcc cggccctttc tattttttta aacttgtttt      2160
     tcagtatgta aacaactccc aacccactaa tcaaactttg cagatactaa actagtgttt      2220
     aggataaaac ttatatgatc tcttaaatat aagcctaata aatacattca ttagaaatca      2280
     agctgtaaca atgtggcagt tttagaaaat cacaaaccaa attcttttgc tgcaatttca      2340
     tgcattacct tgacaatcta ggccacctaa aatataaagc ggtggtaaca aaggtgatga      2400
     taattcactg caaaagagaa aactgaagtg gaaaaaagcc caaccagcca atggtttcct      2460
     ttaacctaat ttcaagtata tttctaaaga ggacaataat tgaagggaaa tcaaaggcaa      2520
     tttctaaaaa agtagatttc tctattctga caagttgaaa gaaattgttg aaggaaactt      2580
     ttgccaaaac ataccacatt ggatcttctg cctgaggtca ttgtcaaagt tgagacttct      2640
     gaaaatgcag tattagtgaa acgtaaaatg agtcatatgc tctttccaat agccacataa      2700
     ataacgaaga ggcatgtggc atagtgggtt ctgtcctact ttggctactt gctggcatta      2760
     taacctttga caattcattt aaccactcag ggcttcactt tcaacacatt gaagtgacag      2820
     gtggcactgg gttggaattc caggtccatc tcttattact atatcatttt aggaaagtta      2880
     cgtgacttct atgaatctat ttcttcaacc ataagatgtg aagaagacat caaaaattat      2940
     ttggggccag gcgcagtggc tcatgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg tggaggtggc      3000
     aggctcacct aagcccagga gttacgacca gcctggtcaa catagcaaga cccccatctc      3060
     ttaaaaaaaa ttatttggaa gaaggaaggc caaaaaataa tacataatgt attattcaat      3120
     ttacataaaa ctccagaaaa tgcaaactaa tctacagtga cagtaagcag atcaatggtt      3180
     atttggggac ctgggaagca gaaagggtgg gtggaaagaa ttacaaaggg gcaaggaaac      3240
     ttgaggtggt ggatatgtcc atgatcctaa tttggtgata gtttcacagg tatatacatc      3300
     tgtcaaaatt gatcaaatca cacattaaac atttaaaaca tttattgcat gtcaatcaca      3360
     cctttcttaa aaagggtcag agaattcaat gagatagtat gtgaaaaaca attagtgcag      3420
     tgcatggcac aagtaggcct ccagaaatga gtccccaccc ccacaacccc agcttcattt      3480
     atgtcacagg gctatttaaa atggtattct acttcataaa cctccgtgaa ctctgaaatc      3540
     tcctttgcgt tttgtagctt gataaatatt ttcaaagaaa aatatgggat aatatgaaaa      3600
     tacctctgca gcttatttag gatattattt ctgtgggttt ttttcaaatc ttcattagag      3660
     gcatattttg cattgttgga atcacacttt acataggact tgcatgctac ttctcaactc      3720
     catggtttac ctaagatgtc tgcaaactat tttttccttt tttcattatt attattatta      3780
     ttatttgaga cagggtctca ttctgtcatc caggctgaaa tgcagtggcc tgaacacagc      3840
     tcaccacagc cttgacctca tgggctcaaa ctatcctccc acttcagcct cccaagtagt      3900
     tgggactaca ggcgtgcacc accacgcctg gctaattttt gtattttttt gtagttacgg      3960
     gtttttgcca tgttgcccag gctggtctca aactcctggg ctcaagtgat ccacccacct      4020
     cggcctccca aagtgctggg attacagatg tgagccatca tgcctgaccc acaaactatt      4080
     tttaatgact gtctcatgat tttcttaggg ctaagaattc ctgatatatt tgaagggaga      4140
     attgccagga tttactgaca gattgaattt gggatgtgag agaaagagga ctcagggatg      4200
     acactacagt ttttggcctg agcaattaga agtttgatga agctgacatt ttctgagaaa      4260
     ggaagaattt gtaaagggca gcttcggtgg ggaacttcca ttttgaggag aagttaggta      4320
     ttaaacatcg ctggagtagg cagtggacct gagatccaag gggaggtcca gctggagata      4380
     taaatatggg agtctccagc ataaagacga tatttaaagc catgagttgg atgtggtctt      4440
     caagggcatg agtataaata gacagcagaa gaggctcaac aactgagtca tggaggcccc      4500
     ctaatggcta gatcctggag ttgaggagga agcagtaaag gtgacagaaa aggagtgcga      4560
     tcaaggagga aggagcgtag gctgtttgga aagccaagtg aagaaagtgt ttataggaga      4620
     gaatgatgct tatcactcaa gtaagaagag aatgaaaaac atgctcttaa aacaaagggt      4680
     agttatatca agggcactat gagtagagtg gattcaaaag gttatatcct aggaagatac      4740
     acaagtggcc aatgagcaca agaaaatatt ctcaccatca ttatccatca gagaaatata      4800
     catcaaaacc acaatgatgt accacttcac acccataagg atggatgaaa tccgaagaaa      4860
     aataacgtgt tggtgagaat gtggagaaat cggaaccctc atacactgct agtgaaatgc      4920
     aaaatggtgt agcactttgg aaaacagttt ggcagttcct cagaaagtta aacatagagt      4980
     taccatatga tccagcaatt catctactag aaatatatcc taaagaaatg aaaacatatg      5040
     tccacacaaa aacttgtaca tgaatgttca tagcaacatt attcataaca gccaaaaact      5100
     gggaaaaaaa caaatgtcca gtgttcagca aaaaattaag agacataaag agaaacaaga      5160
     acgtatagct catacatgat gggggaaagt aatcagtaga aactgtccca gaattccaga      5220
     tgttagactt agtagacaaa gactttaagt cagctatctt aaatatggtc caagaacaaa      5280
     aggagttgat ttctaaagaa ctaaaaaaag tattagagca aagtctcact aaatagaggt      5340
     tattaatgaa gagatagatg ttataaaaat aaaaagtgtc aacaaatcca ctcaaaagtg      5400
     ttttctttcg agaaaaagga aagagacttt attctagcaa atggtttgca aaccagagat      5460
     acacaggctt tgatataaaa tgaaggtgtg ttcagacaga acaaagaaag tgcttgtgtt      5520
     ttatagagtt cttgcgcagg ctaccactct ggtctactta tgcaaacgat ggatgcaaac      5580
     ttgcttagtt ctgcttggtt gaggcttgct gagttctgat tggtagctgc aggttacagt      5640
     ctttggttgg ttcaggcagc ataaacagaa cagcagctac gaagtctcaa agttaaataa      5700
     gtgtgggggc ttgccaggaa ctcagagtat gtgttgtcaa ctgaagaatc ataaggttca      5760
     aaaatttgga gaggagagct ttatttctta taaagggttg tggccaggtg cagtggctca      5820
     cgcctataat tccagcactt tgggaggccg aggcgggcgg atcacctgag gtcaagagtt      5880
     caagaccagc ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc tcgtctctac taaaaataca aaaaaaattt      5940
     agctggacat ggtggcgcga gcctgtagtc ccagctactc ggggaggctg aggcaggaga      6000
     atcgcttgaa cccaggaggt ggagattgca gtgagccaag attgcaccac tgcactccag      6060
     cctgggcaac agagggagac tccatctcaa aaataaataa ataaaataaa aaaataaagg      6120
     gttgcaatct gcacactggc catctgcagg ctgggcagtg tagccttggg cagaaactgg      6180
     aagcaggcac tttgagggag ggaataatga gactggaatt tatgccaaat ggtttgtcta      6240
     agtgtatata tttaataggt tataggagga gttatgaata tttatgatgg ggtgaatgtg      6300
     tgcatgcata gtaagtaaac atgcatgtta ctacacatgt cccatgttca ctttagggtg      6360
     gaggcttaac atttaaatgc attaaaatta ggctgtatag atcaaaggtg aaacagagga      6420
     cacaagggca tcttgtgcac agcctctgcg aactgaccag aatcagtcca ttgtcaatgg      6480
     tctcttatta ggaaggaatg ctgatcagct gttgtgttga aactccaaaa agggagggga      6540
     acgcagcagt gtcaggtggt tagttgatgt cagtggtggt gcaagtcttt caaaaggggc      6600
     ggtttctgtt taacccttag gaaagaaagt ctaatggtgg ttagtgaggg tgggggttta      6660
     acaaggtgtg tctgacctct cttcttgtcg tggctgggaa ttcagttatt aacccttcta      6720
     gggttcccat ggccaagagg gagtccattc agttggttgg gggacttagg attttctttt      6780
     tatttctcag tgtgtgactt ctagtcagcc aatggccact tggctatatt ttgaatttag      6840
     gcccagttaa ccactcaggg tccatcttga cagattagcc ccttgagggc tcacaaaaga      6900
     aatttttgga gctgaaaatt acaatagctg aaatgtgact accctggaaa tcaggttcta      6960
     cccaccttca ggctttatta ttgttgttgc ttatgctcat gcttgcgttc caggcatgag      7020
     ccaccatgcc cggcctggac aaggattttc ttaattgcct gaaatcaata aatctcccaa      7080
     tctttggcaa ggggctctga gtgtattttg gggtacatca tcagcactca gccaggccat      7140
     gtacaactct ttctgggcct tcatttcctg attgtgcaga gcctcagggt cagctgcagg      7200
     tgagagctta ggggcttctc atgttttcct gagcatgtat gcagcctgag gatatgcacg      7260
     tggccttcta gattcccagg aatatgtcaa acctttccaa agctcctgta gacatttcac      7320
     tgctcagctt ttccttgtaa gctcctgtgg gagaggcttt cagcaacagg ccatctctca      7380
     gtcagtacaa ataaagaaaa gcctctcaag tgagtcttca actgtttttg gttcctttta      7440
     taaaggggtg aatttttgga gatccttctt ctgccatttt cctaatatca cccagcattt      7500
     cctcttttat cttctgggga atcatttatg taagaatagg atgatccttt gaatgtttgg      7560
     taagattgtc ataaaagcat ttaaatctca gtattttttc atgaaagatt tttgattgct      7620
     gctttatttt ctttcacagt gcatgctttc tatttttttc taagtatttg agatttttct      7680
     ctaggttcaa attcattggc aaaaaattgt tcatagtatt tcttattgtc ttttaaatct      7740
     ataaggtgta tgtgattacg ttcccatttt atgtccttga tattgtctat ttgtgtataa      7800
     tttatttttc cgtaaattct gccagatgat tgtctatttg attaatcatt tttaaaaaac      7860
     taacttttgt ttattgattt tctctatttt actctcatct atttctgctc ataattatct      7920
     actcttttct atttgccttg aatttatgtt gttgttcttt ctataacttc ttaagttgga      7980
     tgcttggctc agtaattttc tacacttctt tttttgtgtg tgtgttttgt aacagggttc      8040
     tactctgtgg cccaggctgg agggcagtgt agcaatcata gctcattgca acctcaaact      8100
     tctgggctca agccatcctc ctgtctcagc cctcctaata gctagggtta caggcatgcg      8160
     ctgccacacc cagctaattt ttattttcat ttttgtagag atgagggctc actacattgc      8220
     ccaggctggt cttgaacttt tggcatcaat tgatgctcct acctccacct cccaaagtga      8280
     tgggattaca gccatgagcc actgggcctg acttcacttc ttctttttaa tggtatgaat      8340
     ttcccataaa tatgatagca ctgcatctca taaatattga tatttaaagt tttattaatg      8400
     ttcagttctc aagattttcc aattttaatt atgacttcta ctttgaccca tgatttacta      8460
     aagagtgtga attttaattt ccaaagttaa ttttataagt ctcatttatc attttattac      8520
     tggtattaaa ttagttgtgt tgcaattaga aaacatggtc tgcataaact gattctttaa      8580
     aatttgctga ctcatgcttc ataactaagc acttaatgtt tgtaaattct ctatgtatgt      8640
     ttgagaagaa tacacatttt aaaattgtgg gatgcagagt tttacatatg tccattagat      8700
     taagattgtt aattatagcg ttcaattttt aaaattttta aaattttctt ttttttttat      8760
     tatactttaa gttttagggt acatgtgcac attgtgcagg ttagttacat atgtatacat      8820
     gtgccatgct ggtgcactac acccactaac tcgtcatcta gcattaggta tatctcccag      8880
     tgctatccct cccccctccc cccaccccac aacagtcccc agagtgtgat attccccttc      8940
     ctgtgtccat gtgatctcat tgttcaattc tcatctatga gtgagaacat gcggtgtttg      9000
     gttttttgtt cttgcgatag tttactgaga atgatgtttt ccaatttcat ccatgtccct      9060
     acaaaggaca tgaactcatc attttttatg gctgcatagt attccatggc gtatatgtgc      9120
     cacattttct taatccagtc tatcattgtt ggacatttgg gttggttcca agtctttgct      9180
     attgtgaata atgccgcaat aaacatacgt gtgcatgtgt ctttatagca gcatgattta      9240
     tagtcctttg ggtatatacc cagtaatggg atggctgggt caaatggtat ttccagttct      9300
     agatccctga ggaatcgcca cactgacttc cacaatggtt gaactagttt acagtcccac      9360
     caacagtgta aaagtgttcc tatttctcca catcctctcc agcacctgtt gtttcctgac      9420
     tttttaatga ttttctatat gtcggtcttc tatatgttag ttgagctcgg aaagagaact      9480
     gagctgccaa gtatcagagt aacgaattaa agcagcaaac caaaatgaaa gatttgtaaa      9540
     tttctgcaac agtacaagca agaggccaaa ctgaagaaag catcaactct cctccattct      9600
     gtcttcccca tagaactgca caccagtaaa gggtgaggtg ggtcaataca gctgtaggga      9660
     ttatctcaca gttgagggag ccctcaacaa aagactccag tagatttatg aaccctgggg      9720
     tcaaggtcag ggcaaggggg aagggctaga agtggaaaac tatggagtca gagtgggtac      9780
     aagtgtcttt aaggtttccc cttctctgcc cataaggagg cctaagccaa ggtgcctgca      9840
     gacctctgcc caaggtctca gataaggaga cctagaaaag aaggtgccag ggctccaaat      9900
     gcaaacatgt aaaaaaaagc atgactggcc agggggtctg agaccttgac agcaactcct      9960
     ctcagaggct gcaatgccct ggctatgccc caagcctggt gtggggcggg tagctttctc     10020
     ctgtggtcct atcagttttc gctttataca tttgagggta ctttattaga agcatacaac     10080
     tgtagaattg ttatatcttc ctggtgaatt taaaatgtaa ccataatgag gccctctatc     10140
     tctaagaatg ctttttgctt aaaaatctat tacgctatta atataactat actaggtttc     10200
     tttggttgat ctttttcttg gaaagctttc ctttgctttt tactttcaat cttgccatat     10260
     tgtaatgcat gaggcatgtc tctttaaaat agcacatatc accagcctgg gcaacatagc     10320
     aagaccctat ctctacaaga attaattagc tgggtggggt agtgcatgag tatagtccca     10380
     cctattcagg aggctgaggc ctccttcact tgagagccca ggaggttgag gctgcagtga     10440
     gccatgatca cacaatggca ctcgagactg ggtgacagag caagactctg tctaaaaaaa     10500
     taatgacaca tatctagatt ttaaaaacat aatttgattt taaaatctaa gtttagtcca     10560
     tttacattta gtatacttta tttgggcttt tgcccaaata atatatctta cctttttatt     10620
     ccattgatct tggattttct gtgctgcttt tctcttatct tgtcttttgt ggtgtttgca     10680
     ttttttccct tattctattt atctctaatt gtttgaattt atatactttt acttttcttg     10740
     attaatttcc cttgaaatgt taccatgact attttactta actaagtcta aaggtaaatg     10800
     atttcttaac ctttgccaga acaataaaag gaacctttga atactttatt ctcattatac     10860
     ttccttccaa catactatgc agaacagtat tctagcatta ttcttgtatt aatccaatga     10920
     gttagatatt attattatta ttattaattt tttttttgag acagagtctt gctctgttgc     10980
     ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc acgatcttgg ctcactgcaa gctccacctc ctgggttcat     11040
     gccattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggactac aggcacccgc caccatgccc     11100
     ggctaatttt ttgtattttt agaagagaca gggttttact gtgttagcca ggatggtctc     11160
     gatctcttga cctcgtgatc cacccgcctt ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaagcgt     11220
     gagccactgc gcctggccag aattagatat tattattata cataaataat atttatttgc     11280
     atttacatgt gtgcttccac tgaatattgg tttttgtttg ttctagagat ggggtctcac     11340
     tatgttaccc aggctggagt gcagtgacta ttcacaggca tgatctggtg cactgcagcc     11400
     tcaaactcct ggcctccagt gatcctccca gctcagcctc ctaagtagcc gggactatag     11460
     atacatgcca tcatgcccca cctgaatttg ttttaatcct ttattttttt ctcagtccat     11520
     ctactagatc aaacatcctt tagatgtttc ttttgtttgc gtctcttgat agcaaatgca     11580
     gttcctagtt atatataaat tttcactctg gttttgaaag acagttttac ggataggaaa     11640
     ttcaaggatg acagttattt tctctcaaca ttttggagac actagtctac catcttctgg     11700
     cctccctggt tgctgtggag gagaccgatg tcattttcat ttatgttttc tttatcaacg     11760
     atttttaaat cttctctttg ttcttggtat tctgcagttg cactgcttat atttaaagat     11820
     taattttttt ttatttttca cttttgagat acaacatggt ttttgaactt gtcctttttg     11880
     agatacaatg tggatttctt ttcatttttc cttcttgaaa aacaatgtgc ttggcattct     11940
     ccttgagtga ttggattacc ctttccgtgt aagtgtgagg ctcaattctg gccggttaga     12000
     cactggcaag ttttcaagca gtaggggcag ctggtgaaaa ttcagtagct aataaaaaga     12060
     aacaagctgg gccaggagtg atggctgaca cctgtaatcc cagcactttg gaaggccaat     12120
     gcggtcgaat tacataaggc cagaagttca agaccagcct ggccaacatg gtgaaaccct     12180
     gtttctactg aaaatacaaa agttagctgg gcatggtggt acatgtctgt aatcccagct     12240
     actcaggagg ctgaggtaca agaagcactt gaacctggga ggcggatgtt gcagtaagcc     12300
     gaaatcgctc cactgcactc tagcctggac aacaaagcaa gattctgtct cagggaaaaa     12360
     aaacaagctg gatatctgct tctggcatta tggctgacct agtagaagtt ttctacacaa     12420
     atggtcaagt actagaagga atatatggag acattaaact gtaaatttct aatggtggta     12480
     gatttatgga agagtagtat ttttttgaga tggagtctca ctctgtcacc aggctggagt     12540
     gcagtggtgc gatctcagct cactgcaacc tctgtctcca gggctccagc aattctccca     12600
     cctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggactaaag gcgtgcacca ccacgcttgg ctaattttgt     12660
     ttttgtattt ttaatagaga cagggtttca ccatgttagc caggatggtc tcgatctcct     12720
     gacctcatga tccgcccgcc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc     12780
     gcgcccagcc acgcctggct aatttttgta ttttttagta gagatggggt ttcgccatgt     12840
     tgcaggctgg tcttgaactc ctgaccgcag gtgatccacc cacctcggcc tcccaaagcg     12900
     ccaggcttat aggcttgagc cactgtgccc agcttttttt ttttttttga gataggggtc     12960
     tcactttgtg gcccaggctg gtcttgaact ccagggctca tgcagtcctc ccacctcagc     13020
     cacccaagta gctggaatta caggcatgag ccactgtatc cagccaaagc cctcttattt     13080
     ccagttttac aactctacaa gaatagtaac tgagggacaa tagaggaaga tctatatttc     13140
     acttgtactg agtgtacctc tcattatcta ctactagttt tatcatctct cctatgtcct     13200
     cagccctttc tctgtacctt aggaatacga gacatttttt ctttcattgc aaacagtgca     13260
     aactgctagc tatcctgaat acaaattggt tgggaagagc ttgattaaaa aaaaaccaac     13320
     atatagtgct tccttatttc ttagatgcat ttttttttat gtttaaatgc ttttgaaaag     13380
     agaaacatat attaaatgta ctgggtcctc ctgcctgcct cttgatcccc cccaaaaaag     13440
     caatttttaa atggatgatt tatcttaaaa ttgaagacat tttaaaaaat ctagaaaaca     13500
     tggtctatgt cttatgtctg tcatttgcca atcccactcc caacccaggt aagcctagca     13560
     tagtgtgtgc catgtagtag gtgctcaaaa tatatttgtg aatgactata tgagtatatg     13620
     tagtaagatg aaatttaatg agaacatgca ctgccttctt tcacgtttat tttttccttc     13680
     ttccacatat tcttgtgact acccagttaa tgaactgctt ataggaaaca ggaggaaaac     13740
     tgactttacc atgggaacta agtgcagtaa tttcttcgca ttatgtatca tttttattgt     13800
     gctattttta actttaaaat gtctggatgt cagaccttgc ttctggggaa acattattga     13860
     caaaggaatt gccaagcaag ttttaaaatg ttgagcaagt acttgtcaat aattaatgtc     13920
     atgctaatta taaattcaaa ctagattctt gaacctcaag gtgagccatg cttatgagag     13980
     ttgggtgacc tgctgtggcc ctagacatta cagaaatcat ttaagttctt tcttctctgc     14040
     agggaagctt aacttgtatt tctggtggta gtgactaagg ctgtagggct gggccttgga     14100
     tggaaggcaa gcaggagaac tgaaggtgca caggcttcga aatccagtga agctgggttc     14160
     agaccctgac ttgaacactt agtagctgtg tgacttagca agttaaatgg tctctttgag     14220
     gcctcagttt tcctatctgt aaaactaagg tagaaataca gatgtcagag gttggtatga     14280
     gaattcagtg gggataactt gttcaatgcc ctttgtgtaa ctcaaaaaag caagtactct     14340
     ttccttcctt atctctttcc ttcagtcgct taagatgtca gacagggcca cgtgcagggg     14400
     ctcacgcctg taatcccaac actttgggag gccgaagcag gtagatcagg aggtcaggag     14460
     atcaagacca tcctggctaa cacggtgaaa ccctatctct actaaaaaaa aaaaatacaa     14520
     aaaattaacc aggtgtggta gtgggtgcct gtagtcccag ctactcagga ggctgaggca     14580
     ggagaatgct gtgaacctgc gaggcggagc ttgcagcgag ccaagatcac gccactgcat     14640
     tccagcctgg gcaacagtgc gagactctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggtgtcaga     14700
     cagaaatact tactcacacc ataaaatatt tggggagtgc tgagcttgag tatcctgcct     14760
     tcataaatac actctatcat ctaccccttc aacttagcaa gagtcctgtc attagagcag     14820
     agttatccta tcttcaggat ttatgaatga cttctatcat ttttgccata ttaacattat     14880
     taaggaatat tatttactta ggatatttat ttatttattt tgagatggag tctcactctg     14940
     tcacccagct ggagtacagt gctgcgatct tggctcactg taacctccgc ctcccaggtt     15000
     caagagattc tcctgcctca gcctcctaag tagctgggat tacaggtgcc tgccaccacg     15060
     gtcggctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga caggttttca ccatgttggc caggctggtc     15120
     ttgaactcct gacctcaagt gatccacctg cctcagcctc tcaaagtgct gggatcacag     15180
     gcgtaagcca ccacacctgg cctacttagg atattttaga cttagccaaa gatttaacag     15240
     ctgtgaaatc acaaacttga tgttctgatt atacacatat acatatataa atatgcaact     15300
     tttataatat gtgttaaaat gaaaaaatat tattacctat ttgtgattca cctacaatca     15360
     tgtcatgtac cacactggta tgcgttcagc atatcagtac aggagtccaa aactactcta     15420
     ggtattttaa gtagaaaggg atttaatata gggaattagg tattgacaaa accactggaa     15480
     atgctggagg atgaaacttg gggctggccc ttcaggattg actccccgaa cactgtagaa     15540
     ctgacctgcc aagggaactc tgacttcagg gagcaccact ggccctgttg aattcacgag     15600
     catgctgctg cagctgcaat ccagggatgc agaatctgcc actgctattg tcactcccac     15660
     aactgctctc caaatctata aagtctgtga gtgggcactg tacatggagt ccagcctctg     15720
     atgatgcatg attccctctc aacatccagg aggctgaggg aaagacactg gaatgaatgt     15780
     tgctttagag aaaccctgta attccatgac cgtgcttgtc agcagaaaac aggcagaaag     15840
     atagtctctt tttcatgccc ccctttcaaa tctcatacaa ttatgtacaa gtgatagaaa     15900
     tgaatttata ttaggaagct ttgctggaag gaagtctgga aaatacaatt tttagctctc     15960
     tagcctctga aatataagaa ggcacactgg aagggcactt gggtgaaaca gtctgaggcg     16020
     tccactacag accacaggga atataccttg tttcaaggca caggagcttg tacataaaag     16080
     ctggagagca gggctttcat gctcccctaa ccttactctt cttcttctct gccttcccac     16140
     acttctttgt ctggccaatt atcactactt gagggcttca tttaccaagc tgtactgggg     16200
     atagctcttt cgcttccttc attttatttt atttatttat ttattttttt gagacagagt     16260
     cttactctgt tgctcaggct gaagtgcagt ggcactgtct tggctcactg caacctccgc     16320
     ctcctgggtt caagcaattc tcttgcctca gcctcctgag tagctgggat tacaggcgag     16380
     tgccaccatt cccagctcat ttttgtattt tttttttttt agtagagaca gggttttacc     16440
     atgttggcca gctggtcttg acctcctgac ctcaagtgat tcacctgcct aggcctccca     16500
     aagtgctggg attacagatg tgagccactg ggcctggcct tgtttccttc tttttaacat     16560
     catttattca ttttctcatt gtgttcaagg tcaaagtgag aaggaatcag ccagaagttc     16620
     tctcttttaa aaaaaaagat tttagagacg gtgtcctgtc ctgtcaccca agctggagtg     16680
     cagtggtgcc atcacagttc actgtgacct cgaacccctg ggctcaagtg atcctcccac     16740
     ctcagcctcc ccagtagctg caattacagg cacacgccac caaatccagc taattttaat     16800
     ttatttctcg tagagacgat ggtcttgcta tgttgttcag gctggtctcg aactcctggc     16860
     ctcaagtggt cctcctgcct tggcttccca aagcaatggg attacaggca tgagccacta     16920
     cacccagcca tctttttgtt ttttaacatt gcacatggtc agatttgata agcttcactg     16980
     tctctatctc agttgctagt gattggagag aactctatca tcttcagtcc attagcacag     17040
     tggacattct gaatagcgat cccatttaaa atcctacaga acactgaacg aaacaaagga     17100
     ctcagtcttg agaggttaga tctcaccagt cttaagagac tagaggcttt ggttatctaa     17160
     ctatgggaaa gcttgcccct gatttctgct ctggctctac tctggaatac ggagattggt     17220
     ccagtcaact ggacacgtgg gattgtcttg ctaaccatga atattgtatt tcaagctctt     17280
     tgttaagtgt tataaactgc cacttgtttg agtgacaaag aattaggact gatatttcca     17340
     tttaagtgaa aaatctgaag actgacattt tgtgctaagt gacaaaaatg gcagcaaagt     17400
     caacctaaat ggtctaataa aaagaacaaa tgctagagaa gataattaat cactcaatac     17460
     caggccgaag acaggagtgc aggggatatg atatactagt caagtaaact agctctgcag     17520
     tcagccttct ggggtttgga ttctggtgac cttaagcaca gtacttcatc ttgctaagcc     17580
     tcatcttgct aagcctcagt cttctcatct gcaaaatgga gaggataaca ttacgatcct     17640
     catagagttg ttactggaat taccagtgcc tggcatatag aatgtgtgca ataaatgttg     17700
     ctggacttcc agctatggga gagtaaggaa actgataaat catctctccc gaaaataatt     17760
     ataaaactgg ataaaattgt caaggagtat cattttaggg ttctggaaac caactaaaag     17820
     caaagaacaa attgaagagc atatatccac ccaaaaaatg ctgggctttg ggcaagaatg     17880
     aaggtgtctc tggcattctt gcatgttcat tcctaaggat ccctctcacc cccagcttgg     17940
     tcagcacagt aattttacca gggtggagct ggccttgaaa gccagcagca gacaaagtga     18000
     tgacttgatt tggagtgaag ggcaggaaat ctatgcccag cggtgaatga gaaaagcctt     18060
     cagctctcct agcctgaggc tgcagtctca ggtgaggaag ctcctggaaa tgagatagcc     18120
     attgaaaact cagatactaa gctctcatcc tcagatgtct gggtgcctgt acacatgcag     18180
     tagagaccca agagagccta agagaaagca aaggtgaaga cagatttgaa aacttttcaa     18240
     acttggaatg cactccccaa accaaacaca aatccacagc aaagcatgga aaccttgcag     18300
     gctcaaggtg tttgagcata atctctcacc agtcactggc tgataactca gctacgagac     18360
     atagggtcat tcttagaaag acaggtaaca caggaaaata agaatttttt taaaacccaa     18420
     actgagaaga gacatttttt taagacccaa actgagaaga aggcagctac acactggagt     18480
     gatcctttat gtagaaaatc ctaaagaacc aacaacaaaa tgactagaat aaaataaggg     18540
     tttagctagg ttgcgggaat ataaaaatca attgtatttt acatactagc tatgagcaat     18600
     gtgatactga aatgaagaaa acaatttcat tcacaatggc atcaaaaaga attcacaatg     18660
     gcatcaaaaa gaaaaaaaac ctaaaaataa atttagcaaa agaagtataa ggcttttata     18720
     ctgaaaacta caaaatatta ctgaaataat tttttaaagc tctaaataaa tggaggacag     18780
     tccatgttca tggccaggga gactcaatat tgttaagatg gcaattctac ccaaataaat     18840
     atatagattc aacctaatct ctattaaaac cccgaaaggc ttttcttgag gtggggattg     18900
     aaattaacaa gcctgtctgc agatccaaaa atgtatatga aaatgcaaag gacttagaat     18960
     agccaaaaca attttaaaaa gaaaacaaag ttgaagaact tgcattacct gatttcacaa     19020
     cttaactata aaatcatatt aatcaaggca catagtaatc aagatagaca aatcactctg     19080
     tggaacataa ttaagagacc agaaataaat cattacattt atagtcaaaa gatatttgac     19140
     aaagatgcca aggcaaatga gtggacaaag tataaccctt ttaacaaaca atgctaggac     19200
     aattagatac acatatacaa aaaaatgaat ttaaaccctt actttactcc atacacaaaa     19260
     attaactcaa aatgcatcac agacctaaat gtaagagcta aaacattaac acttcttaac     19320
     aaaaaataaa taaaagaaaa tctttgtaac cttggattag gcaaagattt cttagatgac     19380
     ccataaagga aaaactgata aattggactt catcaaaatt aaaaactttt gttcttcaaa     19440
     aaacactacg tacagcttgg ggtggtggca tgtgacaata gtcaatagcc atgaaccaat     19500
     attttgccca aggtgtcctt gaactcttat ctcaagccat cctaccacct ctgcctcctt     19560
     aggccagcct gggcacaata gtgagatcct atctctaaaa aacaaaacaa aaacctactc     19620
     aaaaacactg agtagaaatt taaagtcaca gaacaggaga tggtatttgt aaatcaaata     19680
     tttgataagg atctagtatt cagaatatat aaagaaccat tataatccat taataagatg     19740
     aaaaactcac taaaaatggg caaaagattt gaatagacat ttcaccaaaa gaagacactt     19800
     gcatggctaa taagcaccat gaaaagatgc tcaacatcag ttgtcatcag ggaaatgcaa     19860
     attaaaagtg cagtgatacc accacatacc cacagtaaag gctctagtca aaaagacatt     19920
     gacaacagca gatgtggcaa agatgtggag aaactgcgac tctcatacat tgcaagtgag     19980
     aatgtaaaat agtacaattg ctttggaaaa cagtttgaaa atgtcttaaa aggttaaaca     20040
     tagagttacc attcaaccca acatttccac ttctaggtat ttaactaaaa gaaatgaaaa     20100
     catttgtcaa catatagaca tacacaaatc ttcacggtag tgttattcat agtagctaaa     20160
     actagaagca acccaaatac ccatcaacca ctgaatggac aacaaaatgc gatgtatctg     20220
     tacaatggag taccatccaa caataaagag aaattgacct ctgatacatg ctagaacatg     20280
     aaggaacctc aaaagtatgc taagtaaaag aagctagaca tgaaagacta agtattgcat     20340
     gattccatgt atgtgaatgt ccaggaacgt ccaggatagg caaatctata aagacaagaa     20400
     aacataagta gttggctggg ctgggagagg aaattgactg caaagggcaa gagggagctt     20460
     ttgtgggtaa tggaaatgtt ttagaacctg attgtggtga tggttgtaca aatgcataac     20520
     tctactagaa agcgttgaat tgtacactta caatgagcga attttatggt atgtcaaatg     20580
     tacctcaata agctgttaaa aagtgttcca attacctgag aagataatat gtttgaatag     20640
     aaacccatca aatgtttgac agagcagaaa attcgtctat tacttctcag cctcaaacta     20700
     catccttacg cgtggtcaga ttcagctact taacaatgag tgtctgttag ttatcagaat     20760
     catcagaagg tagtttttaa agggtccatc ccaaatcttc attattgtaa gaaaaataat     20820
     gcttatgata aaaaattcta ttgctggtga atcagaatct tttttttaga aagagcaaca     20880
     tattcaggcc gggcatggtg gctcacacct gtaatcccag cactttggaa ggctgaggtg     20940
     ggtggatcac ttgaggtgag gagttccaga tcagcctggt caacatggtg aaaccccatc     21000
     tctactcaaa atacaaaaat tagccgggcg tggtggcggg tgcctgtaat cccagctact     21060
     caagaggctg aggcaagaga atcacttgaa cctgggaggt ggaggttgca gtgagccgag     21120
     atcgtgccac tccagcctgg gcatcagagt gaggctccgt caaaaaaaaa caaaaaacac     21180
     atattcatcc attgattttg tttctctgcc tgtatacata ctcagtggaa tctaaaatgc     21240
     ttaggattat aaacaagaaa actgggaccc aaagatcaca ccattcttta gaggcagagt     21300
     caggaagact ggaatcaagg tcttctaaat aatcatctat aatgttcacc atcacaccaa     21360
     attgcatctt tacttctttt tcctttgaag acacacagaa ccatattctc ctcagtactt     21420
     tgtgggtatc tcaatatcag tgaaaagaaa ttacttggct gggcatgggg gctcacgcct     21480
     gtaatcccag cactttggga ggctgaggtg ggtgaatcac ctgaggtcag ccatgcctgg     21540
     ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc caggcatggt ggcgcacgca tgtagttcca gctactcagg     21600
     aagctgaaac aggagaattg cttgaaccca ggaggcgcag tgaagttgca gtgagcccat     21660
     tgcgctgctg cactccagcc tgggcaacaa agcaagatct gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     21720
     ttacttactg aggaaaatca cagaatatta aagcaaaaag ggatcttgga gtatatattc     21780
     atccaaaaaa atgctggact ctgggcaaga acagaggtgt ctgtggcgtt cttgtatgtt     21840
     cttttctagg ggtccccctc acccccacac cagcttggtc agcacactaa ttttaacttt     21900
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tcctacctac ctacctacct acagagtttc actttgttgc     21960
     ccaggctgga gtgcagtggt gggatctcag ctcactgcat cctctgcctc ccaggtttaa     22020
     gcaattctcc tgtctcagcc tcctgagtag ctgggattac aggcgcgtgc caccacgcca     22080
     ggctaatttt tatattttga gtagagatgg gatttcacca tgttggtcag gctggtcttg     22140
     aactcctgac ctcaggtgat ccacctgcct cggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca     22200
     tgaaccactg cgcccagcat gctttcttat ataaattaat attttcctct gatttctgtt     22260
     tgtcttgtat tcttaagatt tcaaacttcc tgcccatccc cctccagcag aagttctttc     22320
     taccacatca ttaacagata ttcatcaagt ctttaaaaag ttccaggtat gatgtggcag     22380
     acactggtag ctgcctgtcc agtagccttg cccctaccct attccttggt agcaaagccc     22440
     accttacttc tcggagtcta aaaatgctac atatttactt tctcagcctc tcttttgact     22500
     agtgcatgaa tatgtgatta aattcaggcc aatgctacct aaaaggaatt cttcaggagg     22560
     gtggggcttc tgcaaaactt cagacttgag aaacagcaag agtgaaagag aatatcattt     22620
     tccttcttgc ctttggacct tgtgtgagga tgtgattctt agaacttctg taggtacctt     22680
     acaaccatta tagatgacac tttcaacaat aacgtaaaga cagtggactg gaaagacgga     22740
     aaaaccctaa attcttgata agatcattga gccatgtgtg aactttgtca gaatcaaaat     22800
     ggagtcactt gtgttaaaaa aacaggctgg gtgagatggc tcacacctgt aatcccagca     22860
     ctttaggagg ccgaggcggg tggatcatct gaggttggga gtttgagacc agcctgacca     22920
     acatggagaa accctgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaattag ctgggcgtgg tggcacatgc     22980
     ccgtaatccc agctactcag gaggctgagg caggaggatc gcttgaaccc gggaagggga     23040
     ggttgcggtg agctgagatc gcgccactgc actccagcct agcaacaaga gcgaaactct     23100
     gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga taaagaaaaa cttatccagg tgtggtggtg     23160
     cacacctgca tacccagcta ctcagggcgc tgacacatga tgatagcttg agtccagagt     23220
     tcaaggctgt cgtacactat gatcctgcca ctgcactcta gcctaggcgg cacagcaaga     23280
     ccctgtttca aaacaaaaac aagaccagtc gccgtggctc acatctgtaa tcccagcact     23340
     ttgggaggcc gaggagggtg gatcacctga ggtcaggagt tcgagaccag cctgaccaac     23400
     atggtgaaac cccatctcta ctaaaaataa aaattagtcg ggcgtggtgg cacatgccta     23460
     taatcccagc tactcgggag gcttgaggca ggagaatcgc ttgaacccgg gaggcggagg     23520
     tggcagtgag ccaagactgc accactgcac tccagcctgg gcaacaagag cgaaaccctg     23580
     tttcaaaaaa caaaaacaga aacaaaaaac aaacaaacca caaaaagcct ctgacaaata     23640
     gagctgggaa aagccaggaa gagaatgatt ctcatgcata aatgcctgat aacaaaaatt     23700
     atcacaaaag actgcaaaac ccacaacttt gtacaaaggc catcacgatc ttacataaaa     23760
     aatccttctg caaggacttg tgcctagaaa ctgcttgtcc agcctcagac tggtgtcacc     23820
     cttgttattg atccttgtag ccaaggataa ttatttcaaa acaattatgt aatattcctc     23880
     atttgtcctt aaaaaacctt tgtcttcttg tatcttcctg aatatacaca cagtttacta     23940
     tggcatgtgt atttccattg caatgcccta ttcctgaata aatatcactt tcttttagag     24000
     aacatttctc tgttatttat gttgacacat ggacaaccct agaaccacca acctccagtc     24060
     attgagttaa gagagggaat tcatgtccta agctttcagt cagttttagt tgggtattct     24120
     gcccttggta gacatagtat aatacagcgg tccccagcct ttttggcccc agggaccagt     24180
     ttcatggaag acaatttttc cacggactgg gggtgggaat ggtttcggga tgaaactgtt     24240
     ccacctcaga tcatcagtca ttagattctc ataagaagca cacagcctag atccctcgca     24300
     tgtgcagttc ataatagggt ttatgctcct atgagaatct aatactgctg ctgatctgac     24360
     aggaggcgga gctcaggcag taatgtttgc tcacccgccg ctcacctctt gctgtgccac     24420
     ccagttccta acaggccaca gacctgtacc agtcctcagc ctgggacttg aggactcctg     24480
     gtataatata gtacagtggt caagagtgca gactgtctgt ggtcaaattt cagttctcat     24540
     gacttaaata accataggca aagaacttaa cctttctgat cttcatttct aaatgagaat     24600
     aataatagta acctacctaa taggttgtta tgttgattaa aagagttaat acacagaaaa     24660
     cacaaagaag tagtgcctgg catccgtaag caatcagtaa gtgttagcta tgattatgct     24720
     gctaaaagca tgctcaccat tacatgtgaa gaatttacat aaatgttgaa ccactctaat     24780
     tattaagtgc tttcttatat aaactaatat tttcatctga cttctacctg tctgtcctgt     24840
     attcttaaat aatcataaag attattctcg ccctctttgt atttttgagc atttggtatc     24900
     atgtaactcc cctccccatc ccccaaacac acacacaaac cctttctctt ctccacatca     24960
     tatactgtct tctcaatttc ttcaaccacc tttgttcatt attttggcgc tcagtctctg     25020
     aaaactctct aatatgtcaa tgtctctttt gaagtgtggt agttcgaatt ttcagttgaa     25080
     aagtatttat tgagtgttca ttatatgcca ggctgggcat cataatccag ttatagtctg     25140
     gtcaattctg tgagtggatt agatcttgaa tattatatta atctagccaa aggttagcaa     25200
     atacctggtt atccttacca cttccctttc ccatactcgt ggtagacatc actaatcaat     25260
     cacagcattt ttccccctac tggactcagg actctccttc aggaacctat gattaaaatg     25320
     aaattgaatc tctcactcct ggtataaata aagattgcac tagctttata gtcaaattat     25380
     gacacctgaa atatttgaat ctttttctca ggtactgttc acaaagccag atctaattca     25440
     ttaatgcatc tgtaaatgat tttttttaaa aaatgttttt ccttctgatc tctgtgtatt     25500
     tatttttaaa aggttacaat caaactattg tgttgttttc acttgatatt ttccaaatta     25560
     tttcatactt ttgcaatcat agcatcaaga aaaaagttaa tataaagatt aactgtatgg     25620
     caataattga caactgttac tataatatag agctttacac atattcctgt tacattttta     25680
     atagctttat tgtgatacct aaacccactt tttagttttt tagtatattc acagggttat     25740
     gtaatcgtca cctaaatccc tgttaaattt catcatttta ttttaaactt attttttaat     25800
     cccaaaattc tgccatttat tatgtattta tttattttaa gagatggggt ctcactctgt     25860
     tgcccaggtt ggaatgcagt catgccatca cagctcattg tagcctcgaa ctcctgggct     25920
     caagcaatcc tcccactttg gcctctcaag tagctgggac tgcaggtaca caccaccaca     25980
     cctggctaag aattctgcca tttagactgc ttgttcttgc ttgtatgcac gacctctctt     26040
     tttctctgct gtaataaagt ggcaccagac aaggttaaaa ccattgtcag gtggctacag     26100
     gttgaggtag ctccatccag taccactttt ttttttaagg tagaatcaat taaataagct     26160
     ataaaaccac ctcaactgtg gtatcaacca atgccaaccc tggcagcata agaaatacaa     26220
     tgacagtgtt ctacctgtcc atccagttaa taacccccaa agaaaagaag ataagttctg     26280
     gctggcataa cttgttctaa atgcatccat cttattgttt ctaaaagtaa aaaattatga     26340
     gtcctaacat ttggctaatg actgatataa actcttctgg cctgcagttt cagcagtata     26400
     ttcccaatca ccccctactt cttcttcttc ttcttttttt tttttttaaa aaagattagg     26460
     cttaggtttg ttcatatcca gtctctggca tctctttgta agcagggagt tgtttcattc     26520
     actgctctga tgcttcctgg caaacagtag gccatatatg tatatgaatg tgaatgaatt     26580
     aatgccttca acaaatattt ctgacagtga tttcatgact gcttttatta gttattttgg     26640
     caatcactta taactgctaa cgtctgcttg ccgatcagcc cttagcttaa atgtcacttc     26700
     cttcaggacg ccttcctgat cccctccact aggttaggtg ctcctgatct ctgctccctt     26760
     tcatacaact cttatgactg ataaaaacag cacgaggggg ccaggcgcgg tggctcacgc     26820
     ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgaga cgggcggatc acgaggtcag cagatgagac     26880
     catcctggct aacacggtga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaaa attagccggg     26940
     tgtggtggcg ggcgcctgta gtcccagcta ctccggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg     27000
     aaccggggag gcggagcttg cagtgagccg agatcgcgcc actgcactcc agcttgggcg     27060
     acagagcgag actccgtctc aaaacaaaac aaacaaaaca aacaaacaaa aaaacggcat     27120
     gagggaaatt tccatgttta ttgtgttcat ctttgtatgc ctaattccaa actttccaag     27180
     ctcggcaccc agcacacagt aggttcttaa tatttgttga gtgaatgaat aaatgaagta     27240
     aattggaaat gtaatttgtc tttgtctaaa ggcaagaact cattcaatat aacctagtca     27300
     cttgtcttga ccttcacctc tttttttctt taacaacctt attgagggaa aatttacata     27360
     ccataagatt cacccattaa gctcctctta ctaatttttt tctctctcat ttttgtgtgt     27420
     gaaggtcatt ttctaatggc aaaaatggaa agaaaataga agtagaatgt tgtggaatct     27480
     tagataaaga atgggctctt ggagcccagt ttagcagggt ttacttctca gttttacttt     27540
     tcaattgtga ccgtaagcaa attaacttct ctaggcctgg gattctgatc tgtaaaattg     27600
     cactaatatg agtctcttca cggctcctct aaggattaaa tgagagacac atgcaaagga     27660
     tccccaaaaa caataactca aaaaatgttg attccctccc ttccctctgt catctgttaa     27720
     cctcaacttc ctaaatagaa ggtctattct tttaccatca tcattattct cttcggtgcc     27780
     tatttttaaa aaatactcaa ccttcttgct tccttcgcta cctaagtatt tctgcaagcc     27840
     cactttgttc tgcagcttag ctttcctggc acaattctta tagattttgg tcccttttaa     27900
     aattcattct tcagcaaatg ctttctctct ccatcttttg actagagatc attagagatc     27960
     acctgagatc attagagaac agtggtttcc ttggttgcca ttccctttct tcttcattgg     28020
     gagtattctg cggtgaactc agacatttta tttttcaaag cttcccattc ttttaaaaat     28080
     gcttttcctt ttacagcctc tcgctcaaaa tcatacccat cttttccctg gatctgtttt     28140
     ctcaagtctc caatcgcctg ccttctttgt gtcttgtatt accctcacat cccccagctt     28200
     tctactgctc tcccaggacc aaccatttct tccgcgggag tcacattaca tcagcattcc     28260
     taatgcagta tctgttatct accagattct gttttattct aggtagtcac ttaaaaacga     28320
     acctcggtac tggtctgact taacatggag gaggaattgt ctaaggttaa acgcaaactg     28380
     ctgagagatt tggggcgggg ggcacacatt tacattcatt cgtattaaat atatacctgt     28440
     tgaatttgtg ctttttctca aatgcttcag agactcgagc tttagagtaa ttgggatggt     28500
     gaaaggatgg gtttccagaa acttcgccca aaattaaaga ctccatcaaa aggactgctc     28560
     catacactca aggaacaccc accaacaaat cccgtctcca caaccaccag attatctcac     28620
     cggcgagtga gactgcaagg tttgggggcc cggccgtacc actccgcgct gcgcacgggg     28680
     ggttcgtacc catctggccg cgaccgtccg tttccccctc gcttggttct gcccctgctc     28740
     cccctgcaca ggcctcacag tgcgtctggc cggcgcttta tagctgcagc ctgggcggct     28800
     ccgctagctg tttttcgtct tccctaggct atttctgccg ggcgctccgc gaagatgcag     28860
     ctcaagccga tggagatcaa ccccgaggtg agcgccaggt gcaccgctac ccggagagcg     28920
     cgaggccgag ggagggggag ccgagtcgct gatcggttcg gttttgcctt tttctttgca     28980
     tttgcctttc agatgctgaa caaagtgagt ggcgtctcgc gccgtctctg gccccctccc     29040
     ccgcgagcgc cgaggcgggg gcgcccaccg gttccggctg ctggcaggga ccaagccgcc     29100
     cgctgcgagc accggagacg gccgggctgg ggcgtgggct gggcgccttt cctgggcccc     29160
     tgcatttagc gggtgactct acgaaaccgg tcacggggag acggaggggg ctgcgccccg     29220
     tggcgagcga gcgccaggcg gagctcccga gggcgtggcg cgggcagcac agactcggct     29280
     gcacgggctt cgcgggcgcc acgtgtgggc cgcgctttgt gctgtgtcat tgcgccggcc     29340
     cgggtggggg tggcagggcg ggactggggc tcctcccagg ctcgggtgcg ggcgcggagg     29400
     gcgcgcgcct cctggccccg ccccctggca ggtgcccgcg acccgcgtgt ccccgtgcgc     29460
     ctggccgcct tgtctcctct ccgcaggtgc tgtcccggct gggggtcgcc ggccagtggc     29520
     gcttcgtgga cgtgctgggg ctggaagagg agtctctggg ctcggtgcca gcgcctgcct     29580
     gcgcgctgct gctgctgttt cccctcacgg cccaggtagg gcgtggggcc caggatgcgc     29640
     cggccgccgg cagtgcacgc cgctccccag cttgagtcct cgggggctcc ccgccccgcc     29700
     ccctcccctg taggtgatgc ggggcgcgcc tacaaggaag ggaggagcct gcattttcgt     29760
     ggtacctact ccctgggctc ctgttccagc ggtgcctgtc gccttcttgc ccatccgtcc     29820
     acaattgcct taaatttgga agagaggcag tatctcagtt ccatctatcc cgttatccag     29880
     ggaaatcatt catcctactc atgagttccc tcgaacttgg gctttttcga gcctccggtt     29940
     ccggggaatg gctgctggtt tccctttaag ggctataacc tgtcaactca ttgtttgctt     30000
     ctcagactcc cacctagctg tagaatggag ggggaagggc tgacctaaat cgcagggaaa     30060
     caattaggtt cgctaattct ccgcctccat tacttgggtt tctgatggtc ttaaggggtt     30120
     cttctctctt ctccactccc accacttgca cacttggttt ttagcctctt gaatgtattt     30180
     cttaaagctt aatcattttg tgtatggttt ctgtgtggga acctccttcc tcttcactta     30240
     tccttgttca tctctgacct tgtagctaac tgaaataggg ggttattagc tcagttttga     30300
     aagcaccttt gcatttccct tgaaatgatt ttcctcctac aagtgtgcat ggatagatgt     30360
     atctgaaaga cagcgtcaga tttttttttt taaaggatag ctaggatatt tgcagtcttg     30420
     tgatgtatgg aatcccagtc attagcgcat ggcattgtct tatctcctat tgctgtcact     30480
     tgaccgctga tgtgggagtg actgaaatta gctttagcaa aacttggggc atcactctaa     30540
     agagtgaggt taactgaagc accgtcctaa ggctaggtgt tctggaagca tctgtagcca     30600
     aaatcaagag tatgggaagt tccaagcctt cctcctagta agtaagctaa gtattgtggg     30660
     taaaaacact tatttacagc taataagatg atctcactga catgttttta ttgctaaagt     30720
     cttttacttg ggctaaaagg aagatgccaa attgttggaa gtcgaattag cttcctggtt     30780
     gaccaaatca gtctcctgtc tccagttgag catcacacag aggtttttta ttagagcaac     30840
     catgatgact cggaggtttt gagcagcatt cagaggcaag gcctctggga ggcagtggtg     30900
     cagcatgttt gcctttaaaa gctgactgtt ctccttttgc tgaatcttgt ttagagaaca     30960
     ttctagtttg tgttatgttt gaaagagctc gatactttgt cctttagttt caattcaacc     31020
     tatcagattt atcgagcgcc tattctgcta cacagaatgc ctactggaca aaacactgaa     31080
     gccgattgaa agaaaagttg aggttttata ggttgactcc aaagatgcta atgttaattt     31140
     ggaaggcatt taatttttga ctaagggaat gttatgaccc cctacatgga ccacttctga     31200
     aacattaagt gctagtagac tatttacaga atgatttcca tggaagagct caagcagccc     31260
     taaaggatgg tgctatccca ttttaacatt tcatctaatt agcctagaaa atgaaaaaca     31320
     cttactggtc aatgaatact aagttgagga tccagttaga tagaagcgaa aaagttctgc     31380
     tagttggagt ttaagttgat cttctggggt aagagatctt actcttctat tagtaccaga     31440
     gagcaagctt aaacttcagt tcatgtacag aaatgcaaag ctactagaat tggaaatagg     31500
     tttctgatgg tctgtctggt tttgctcgtt atgggaaatc agtgtttcta tagtgttagt     31560
     accctactct ttaactggga agtcctaact tatttattat atttttattt tttagagaca     31620
     aggtctcaaa cttctgagct caagtgatcc tcctgcctca gcctccctag tagctgggat     31680
     tataggtgca agccactgac cctggctcaa gaaatcataa cttctaaggt ctttaaagct     31740
     agttagtgaa aagtccagat aggcttacta aattactata cagaaagcta gcagatgctt     31800
     tgaggaaatc cgtttcctag tccgattcat ttaccagtct ctatcctcct cctcaaattg     31860
     ccagtctgtc ctcaaagtaa actgtttagc tggcaaggac aagctagtgt cacatcttcc     31920
     tcttgtaaaa tcacagccca ataccctgga tcagttgtct tttccttaaa aagagggcgg     31980
     aggtaatggt taatttcttt cacttgttct tttcagcagt taaggccgtt tttgtttttg     32040
     aagcgaagtg tacttaagcc gagtagaagt agaactttaa agaataatga aatgtaaacc     32100
     agctggtgct cttgttgggc attcaattga ctgaagcttg atttaggatg cctatgtgaa     32160
     atagttgtta agtgttaaag ggagaaaata atgaattggt ttctttgttt tctgacttcg     32220
     tgacaccatt ttgggctgaa aggttgcagt ggtgtctaga cacagccttg ggcagtatcc     32280
     aaggcagtca ctgcactgca gcaccagggt ggagtctccg aacctctcag agccccactg     32340
     gctggcgtgg gtggtgtggg aggcagacag acgggccctt ctctgggagt cagccaacat     32400
     ctagaaccag gggttctggt cacacatccc actggtgttt ccatttagtt ggtagaactc     32460
     atgtgctgcc atctgttctt tgcactttca ttctgagatg taaaaacgct ttttacattc     32520
     gcagcatgag aacttcagga aaaagcagat tgaagagctg aagggacaag aagttagtcc     32580
     taaagtgtac ttcatgaagc agaccattgg gaattcctgt ggcacaatcg gacttattca     32640
     cgcagtggcc aataatcaag acaaactggg atttggtagg tgtgggtttt gaggccagcc     32700
     atcctaagct tgaacttgaa acatggagtt cagaaacagc tgttttcccg aggtcagaga     32760
     tgctgtacct tttgaaacca ttttgtaatg atggtgtcag acacttaatc tgactcacag     32820
     tcctcctcag aaaggattcc tagcacttcc aaattttgaa atggtcccat ttcacaaatt     32880
     ttagagctga aagttcatat tgaggtcttt tgaaatatac attgttattg ctataggttt     32940
     gtaattagtg tctcttaagc attttgttaa tgctcagtgt ggataagcct atgtcagtgg     33000
     ttagccagtc agatgtctct atgctggact attttgtttc tttacatttc tattcaagat     33060
     ctttattttt ctatctgaat aaccgaatta ctaaagttga attttctacc ccataatctt     33120
     ggtttgggaa gcatttttat tagaacatga ttatagcgtc atgtatataa tagatgttaa     33180
     ctgtacattc ttagatgctg tagatacagc aggtaaacaa ggcagccccg gcttttatgg     33240
     tgctagaaat ctcaaatatg ttttacaaat taagaattgc tgtgaaaaag tgacaggaga     33300
     tttgagagat gagtgaggtg ggagggaaaa aggggtccag ggtagaaggg aacagaggca     33360
     agaaagagct tggcatattg ggagagcgga gagacctctc tggcctgaaa gcagtgaata     33420
     gagaggggtt agaaaaagag gctaggggaa aaggtacagc tcatccacaa ccctggaggc     33480
     agtattaaag attcaggttg ctcagcatgt tcagcaaagg cttaagtcaa caataaatat     33540
     gtacccactt gtattatttt acctatacta acacatccat ttttttttta agaggatgga     33600
     tcagttctga aacagtttct ttctgaaaca gagaaaatgt cccctgaaga cagagcaaaa     33660
     tgctttgaaa agaatgaggt aagagaactt acagagcatg gcctttaaat aactctagag     33720
     atttttgtgc taattatttt cttttttccg caggccatac aggcagccca tgatgccgtg     33780
     gcacaggaag gccaatgtcg ggtaaatgca aatacaaatc ggagccaggc tgcctgggtg     33840
     ccatctgtgt ttctactgaa attgtgcagg aatctcttac tggaacacag caaatgttat     33900
     ccacccaagg ccaaatgaca ccagaaagtt ctacccaaat aatgctttga ctagacctgt     33960
     tcataaaaaa agttttcttc agaaattgta ttggtcattg aagtcttgag taaattcaaa     34020
     ttgacagtat tttgtttaga tccaaatgag tcttataggt caggcatagt ggctcatgcc     34080
     tgtaatccca acaatttggg aggccgagga gggtgaatca cttgagccca ggagtttgag     34140
     accagcttgg ccaacatagt gaaaccccgt ccctacaaaa aatacagagt agcgaggtct     34200
     gtagtcccag ccacttggga ggctgaggtg ggagaattgc ttgagcccta gaggcagagg     34260
     ttgcagtgag ctgagaccat gtcgctgcac tccggtctgg gtgaccctgt ctcaataaca     34320
     gaaacaaatg agtcttatag agtgtacacc tctcctagta agtgagcatt tcaaataatc     34380
     ttcacaggct gttggggaga atgaaatgcc caacgaagga caagttctag aaggcttgaa     34440
     tataccataa tctgatgaga acctctgagt cagctgctaa atttaagtca gatctcagtg     34500
     tcctttttaa aaaaaaaaaa aagttgacaa ggtcagcctc catttcccag gctggaatgc     34560
     agtggtgtga tcttggctca ctgcagcaat tctctcatct cagcctcccg agtagctggg     34620
     attacaagta cacaccacca cacctactaa tttttatatt ttttgtagag atggggtttc     34680
     accatgttgt tcaggctggt cttgaactct tgtgagctca agtgatctgc ctgcctcagc     34740
     ctcccaaagt gctagtattg caggtgtgag ccaccgtgcc tagccagatc tcagtgtctt     34800
     tataactaca actggctgcc actttctagc attgaccttg gttgagatag ttagcctctc     34860
     taagcctcaa ttttctcctc agtaaaaatc ctgtagtaat agcatcctca tagagttgtt     34920
     ctgacagtta acagtatatt taccttagtg ggcttagaat agggcttaat gtaagacata     34980
     cattaaatat tagctataat ttctaaaaat caagtcagtt caagcacatt tcacttgaat     35040
     tgcaagataa tttttaaaat acagcttaca ctcattttca aaaatttctt gactttcttt     35100
     aggtagatga caaggtgaat ttccatttta ttctgtttaa caacgtggat ggccacctct     35160
     atgaacttgg tatgttttac tccatttttg gaacccagtg tagtttcatg tgttctttca     35220
     gactgaattt ctcttgatat attgtgtgac tttatggcac ttggcatatc attgtttata     35280
     aagccacaat aacaaagtat tctcatgagg gcacttaacc ccttatcatc cccagagcaa     35340
     cttcctcagg caactgacta gcatccccta gtatcatcct ttctgggcaa agagtacgtc     35400
     tgaaaaagga tcagtgcctg aatatgacct tacttgtcta aaaagaatct gaacatgttg     35460
     gaataacttc tattaactag tttatggcat caagaaagac gacccacctt gtaagattca     35520
     ttccttttgt attaatggag aaagacttgt aactcttgtc tcaagccaag atacgaccta     35580
     caggcttaca aaggcaaagg aatagtgaag gcaatctaca gtcattggag ggcagataaa     35640
     atctcaggcg tctcctcctc tcgcctccat cttccctatc cccagagact gcatctgact     35700
     tttgttctgt ggccctttcc aagggttggg gcacaggccc ctctattagg gtagctgact     35760
     tgagcttgtg cgatcttgtc aattgtagac tagaattgcc tgggatggat gcctagggac     35820
     acttgaacct catttgcagc ctcttgcttc ataaccaggc ttccttctgt gggtttggca     35880
     gtggtttttg gaagaatcta aaacttccat ctaggctagg taagcacggt agccagaaaa     35940
     catgcagaga aaattgacat gcctggcttc tttgttacag atggacgaat gccttttccg     36000
     gtgaaccatg gcgccagttc agaggacacc ctgctgaagg tcatctttgg aatgcatctc     36060
     ttcttaatgt gcctcacaat tctttggcta aattttctat tctaaagtgc taacactctt     36120
     ccagtatagc cagcatcagt tgcctgggtt aatagcagtc tttagggctg caagatcctc     36180
     ttagtaactc tatctacctt attttattgc aagtggtttt aaacagggct tcagagacac     36240
     cctgagtaat ctgtttcatg tgttgtcttt agtccacagt tagaattagc ctgaaagctg     36300
     ttgctttgct tcctggtggg attaaggtga ccattgtcct cccatcagat tacatcatag     36360
     ctaaagactc acaaaacagc agcctttcat aatccctcta agacaacggg atttgggtca     36420
     gtcttggagg tagtgtacta tagattctag ttaggtggtt aaatttagga gtttttcctt     36480
     cccacatggt ctactgttac aagaacaaaa taagcagatt taaaatccac ctgacaaaaa     36540
     ctgttaatat ccaggatcac tttgtaacca tcctggacag aaaagtgatt ctgggcaaag     36600
     gttggtagac gaccctaggc ctcttcacta aaaaatgagc ctctagagtt gaatcaattt     36660
     gctattataa aggaaaattg cttaattatg atacacaaaa tactgttttt agcttgctgt     36720
     gctgaagaaa aatatacaaa ctgctattaa gatataacta tacttaattt gagtagtaat     36780
     agtataaaat ctttgcagaa cttactgtgt gcagaccagg actcagcaag cattttctat     36840
     aaagagccaa acaaaatatt ttaggctttg tatggcatat ggctctgttg caagtattca     36900
     gttctgctgt tacaactcag cagcccatag acactctcta aatgaatgta tgtagctgtt     36960
     ttccaccagc acaggctggg ttgggcccac atgctgcagt ttactgaccc ctcttcttag     37020
     gtgctgttct aggtgatcta cgtcttttat agaaatcctt taatgacaca gtgaggtagg     37080
     tattatcccc atctcagagc tgacaaaact caagagttta aggcctgagg tcaaggactt     37140
     acatggcaaa ctgtgattca aacctagata gtctggcaag gtgcagtggc tcatgcctat     37200
     aatcccagca cttgggaggc tgacgcggga ggattgcttg agctcaggag ttcaagacca     37260
     gcctgggcaa aatggtgaaa ccccatctct actaaaaata taaaaattag ccagacctgg     37320
     tggtgcattc ctgtagtccc agctgcttgg gaggctgagg cacaagaatc acttgttacc     37380
     tgggaggtgg aggttgcagt gagccgagat tgcaccactg tactccagtc tgggcaacag     37440
     agcaagactc tgtctcagaa gaaaaaaaag aaaagttagt ccgcatctag agtctgtgtt     37500
     cttagccatt gtacaatacc aatatgacct ttctttagaa aagacctctc tttggaactt     37560
     cacagacctg atagccctaa gatgctagtg gaccacatta tgccactctt aatagggaag     37620
     gttgatttct ctcatctgtc agacacacct gagatcagtt aaagctaatt cttggtattc     37680
     aagaggtatg tgggaatagt aatatggaat gaagaataga cctggagagc caggatggga     37740
     tggaagggtt tcatgagagt cagaatttac ttggtgagaa taagaaaaca ggcagaattt     37800
     ctggtctttg atccatttgg aggaaagaga ccctggtcct tcctagtaaa gcttttaagg     37860
     tacatgctaa ctcatctaac actgcactaa taccataaaa atgtgtccca cataggatac     37920
     aagtgtcaca tgagtagaat ttataaggtg tggggaaggt aaaatttttg tatagagatg     37980
     gggcggggag ggactcacta tgttgcccag gctggtcttt aactcttggg ctcaagtgat     38040
     cttcctgcct cagcttccca gagtgctggg attataggcg tgagccacag tacctggcta     38100
     aaactttttt tttttttttt tttttaactt ttctaattag aaccttattt aaaattaaaa     38160
     gagtttctaa attaaaccag cattttagtt aaaattctta ccctaagtaa ggctggttct     38220
     atatggttaa ggatgtttta ggttgtctaa atgtcacact aaattattaa actggttaga     38280
     atatacatgc acttaaccca aatatcttaa gcttgaatga attaggtccc tgcacgttag     38340
     ctctatagaa gatggttatt ctctttaaag gtacatcttt aatagtgaaa tcaatattgt     38400
     atgtcctata gtaaggtcaa ttcagggaag acaggtctgg aatactgata tattaaaaaa     38460
     cttggtagag gataaaatgt tgatgtcaat ccagatactc tttggttgct ttttttgaga     38520
     aagggtctcg ctgtgtcatt caggctggag tgcagtggtg caatcatggc ttactgtagc     38580
     cttgaagtcc ttgctcaagc aatcctccca cctaagtctt ctgagtagcc aggactagaa     38640
     gcgcacacca ccatgcccag ctaattttta aatttttagt agagattttg cccaggctgg     38700
     tcttgaactc ctgagctcaa gtcatccgct gcctcagctt cccaaagtgc tgagattgca     38760
     ggcctgagct gtgtctggcc caaactcatt gagttggtga tttctaaatt ttaggagtga     38820
     tgtttcatta ccattctgta tcatagagca ttccttttct ccttcagggt cttatactat     38880
     ggtttacaga gctatctttc cactgggctt ttttacagat tgaacagagt aatatttttg     38940
     atcccaaaac aattatatcc tagaagttgg taaataacac tgggatcagt ttcctgttac     39000
     cagtctttgt catctagatc ttagaagtag taacgcatgt cacttcacca tcaatctcta     39060
     aggttccatg cttgtctgta cctagaatat caggtaaacg ttaaggctgt tttttttttt     39120
     gtttgtttgt ttgttttctg agacggagtc tcgctctgtc gcccaggctg gagtgtagtg     39180
     gcgcgatctc gcctcactgc aagctccgcc tcctgggttc acgccattct cctgccttag     39240
     cctctcagag tagctgtgac tgcagatgcc cgccatcatg cccggctaat tttttttgta     39300
     tttttagtag agacgtggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggatg gtctctatct cccagcctcg     39360
     tgatccgcct gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc actgcgcccg     39420
     gccacgttaa ggctgttttt taaaatgttt atttgaaaga caattttctt tattccagga     39480
     atttctgagt tacaactttt cacttatgcc accttatgga agaaagatca atttccaatc     39540
     tttagatttg aggaaaataa cgttcatagt tgtgtttttg ttgttgggtt tttttgtttt     39600
     tgtttttttt aacttttcca aaaccaggta caaagtgaga gaagcacaaa accatttggt     39660
     ggaagtgata agtcaaatcc atgatgtaac cttgtctttc ccatcacctg attttttgct     39720
     ttaagccctg gttttcaaat taatgatgga attaaagttg atgagggtga actttgagca     39780
     ttaatagacc ttggagcctt tccctatgtg actttcattt tgagctcttg ctgtttggat     39840
     tttaatgaca tttctccttt ccaggacgct gccaaggtct gcagagaatt caccgagcgt     39900
     gagcaaggag aagtccgctt ctctgccgtg gctctctgca aggcagccta atgctctgtg     39960
     ggagggactt tgctgatttc ccctcttccc ttcaacatga aaatatatac ccccccatgc     40020
     agtctaaaat gcttcagtac ttgtgaaaca cagctgttct tctgttctgc agacacgcct     40080
     tcccctcagc cacacccagg cacttaagca caagcagagt gcacagctgt ccactgggcc     40140
     attgtggtgt gagcttcaga tggtgaagca ttctccccag tgtatgtctt gtatccgata     40200
     tctaacgctt taaatggcta ctttggtttc tgtctgtaag ttaagacctt ggatgtggtt     40260
     taattgtttg tcctcaaaag gaataaaact tttctgctga taagatagcc acagctgatt     40320
     ctcattttct tttaccctct cctcaatatg tcaggttatt ttggtagtaa tatatgaatg     40380
     tcttccacat aagtaactca tacagtgctg ccaagaatta ccataaaagc attggtttga     40440
     tgtgtctttg gatttttttt tgcatttgta ttccctatgt atacctgtag aaactaattt     40500
     ttaaagattt ttaaataggc aaattttgta gcacaatttt agacttataa aaatattgaa     40560
     gacaaaaaga aaatactgga cattgtagaa gtcccataaa cccaccaccc agtttcctct     40620
     attgtattaa gcggggtttt ctagaggaca gaactaatag gatatatgta tgtataaagg     40680
     ggagtttatt aaggagtgtt gacccacacg atcacaaggt aaagtcccat ggtaggccct     40740
     ctgcaagctg aggagcaagg aagccagtcc gagtctcaaa acctcaaaag taggaaaacc     40800
     aatagtgcag ccttcactct atagtcaaag gtccaagagt cccaaagctg aaaaacttgg     40860
     gagtctgata ttccagggga ggacacatcc agcacaggag aaaggtggag gtgggagact     40920
     gggccagtct agtcttccca tgttcttttg cctgctttca ttttggctgc actggccgct     40980
     gattagattg tgcccacgca gattgagggt gggtctgcct ttcccagtcc actgactcaa     41040
     gtgttaatct cctttagcaa caccctcaca gacacccagg aaaagtacaa taccttcaat     41100
     ccaagttgat gctcaatatt aaccatcaca gttattgaca tatcgataca ctgctattaa     41160
     gtccatagct tgtttagatt tcctggctgt tttccctaat gtcctttgtt ttaggatccc     41220
     atccgggatc ccacatgact gttagttgcc atgtctcacc aggctccttt gggctttgtc     41280
     agtttctcag acttctcttc tccttggatg accttgacaa attggaggag taccatcaag     41340
     tattttgtaa ggtgccctct attgggattt gtctaatgtt agactagggt tatgggtttt     41400
     ggggaggaag accacagagg caaagcgttg ttttcatcat atgctacaaa gggtacataa     41460
     gcataattta tcactgattc tcacctctta cctggctgag gtcgtgtttg aaagacttca     41520
     ccataaactc acccccactg ccttttccat gctgtactcc taggaagtca ccatgcaaag     41580
     cccacactta aggagtggag gtgtatgttc tatctccttg agggccaagt atctatatga     41640
     attatttgga attcttttgg gagagttgtc ttttttctcc tatgtaacca tttttatcag     41700
     tatgaactca tatcatatac tgtggattta tgttataatc cagtactacc tgttgcccac     41760
     attgttctgc tttagttgtt gggagctctt tcagttggct cctatgttgc tttgacatac     41820
     cccaatcagt gtagcatgtt ttgtttttct tagcaattcc ttactgtcta gaaattagtt     41880
     ttttttttta aaaaagcaaa agtctttggc atttgttgtt aagctttact ttatagatca     41940
     atgtgccctt gttttataga taaggataca ctattatgta atgtataggt tttcattaaa     42000
     tattaaagga ggacgtctgt tctcaacaat ggacgttgaa tgtaacagtt cacttccagt     42060
     tacacaaaat gagggaagca gggaagaaac ccaatgcttc ctgcctatac tgtgatcctc     42120
     acaaaagggc tctgtcctgt ctggtgccag gaatccagat aacttgggtc tcaactgcct     42180
     tattcacagt tctctaagcc ctgattatgg tggtaatatt cctgattcca actttttttt     42240
     tttggggggg gggcataatt tacagaaaat ttattcatgt attcaaatta tctgcaattt     42300
     ctttttttta aaaattatta tactttaagt tttagggtac atgtgcacaa catgcaggtt     42360
     tgttacatat gtatacatgt gccatgttgg tgtgctgcac ccattaactt gtcatttagc     42420
     attagctata tctcctaatg ctatccctcc cccctccccc aaccccacaa cagtccccgg     42480
     tgtgtgatgt tccccttcct gtgtccatgt gttctcattg ttcagttccc acctatgagt     42540
     gagaacatgc ggtgtttggt tttttgtcct tgtgatagtt tgctgagaat gatggtttcc     42600
     agcttcatcc atgtccctac aaaggacatg aactcatcat tttttatggc tgcatagtat     42660
     tccatggtgt atatgtgcca cattttctta atccagtcta tcattgttgg acatttaggt     42720
     tggttccaag tctttgctat tgtgaatagt gccacaataa acatacgtgt gcatgtgtct     42780
     ttatagcagc atgatttata atcctttggg tatataccca gtaatgggat ggctgggtca     42840
     aatggtattt ctagttctag atccctgagg aatggccaca ctgacttcca caatggttga     42900
     actagtttac agtcccacca acagtgtaat agtgttccta cttctccaca tcctctccag     42960
     cacctgttgt ttcctgactt tttaatgatt gccattctaa ctggtgtgag atggtatctc     43020
     gttgtggttt tgatttgcat ttctctgatg gccagtgatg atgagcattt tttcatgtgt     43080
     tttttggctg cataaatgtc ttcttttgag aagtgtctgt tcatatcctt cacccacttt     43140
     ttgatggtgt tgtttgtttt tttcttgtca atttgtttga gttcattgta gattctggat     43200
     attagccctt tgtcagatga gtaggttgtg aaaattttct cccattctgt aggttgcctg     43260
     ttcactctga tggtattttc ttttgctgtg cagaagctct ttagtttaat tagatcccat     43320
     ttgtcaattt tgtcttttgt tgccattgct tttggtgttt tagacatgaa gtccttgccc     43380
     atgcctatgt cctgaatggt attgcctagg ttttcttcta gggtttttat ggttttaagt     43440
     ctaacatgta agtctttaat ccatcttgaa ttaatttttg tataaagtgt aaggaaggga     43500
     tccagtttca gctctctaca tatggctagc ccgttttccc agcaccattt attaaatagg     43560
     gaatcctttc cccattgctt gtttttgtca ggtttgtcaa agatcaaata gttgtagata     43620
     tgcggcatta tttctgaggg ctctgttctg ttccattggt ctatatctct gttttggtac     43680
     cagtaccatg ctgttttggt tactgtagcc ttgtagtata gtttgaagtc aggtagcatg     43740
     atgcctccag ctttgttctt ttggcttagg attgacttgg tgatgcgggc tcttttttca     43800
     ttccatatga actttaaagt agttttttcc aattctgtga agaaagtcat tggtagcttg     43860
     atggggatgg cattgaatct ataaattacc ttgggtagta tggccatttt cacgatattg     43920
     attctttcta cccatgagca tggaatgttc ttccatttgt ttgtatcctc ttttatttca     43980
     ttgagcagtg gtttgtagtt ctccttgaag aggtccttca catcccttgt aagttggatt     44040
     cctaggtatt ttattctctt tgaaacaatt gtgaatggga gttcactcat gatttggctc     44100
     tctgtttgtc tgttattggt gtataagaat gcttgtgatt tttgcacatt gattttgtat     44160
     cctgagactt tgctgaagtt gcttatcagc ttaaggagat tttgggctga gacaatgggg     44220
     ttttctagat atacaatcat gtcatctgca aacagggaca atttgacttc ctcttttcct     44280
     aattgaatac cctttatttc tttctcttgc ctgattgccc tggccagagc ttccaacact     44340
     aagttgaata ggagtggtaa gagagggcat ccctgtcttg tgccagtttt caaagggaat     44400
     gcttccagtt tttgtccatt cagtatgata ttggctgtgg gtttgtcata gatagctctt     44460
     attattttga gatacatccc atcaatacct aatttattga gagtttttag catgaagcgt     44520
     tgttgaattt tgtcaaaggc cttttctgca tctattgaga tgatcatgtg ttttttgtct     44580
     ttggttctgt ttatatgctg gattacattt attgattttc atatgttgaa ccagccttgc     44640
     gtcccaggga tgaagcccac ttgatcatgg tgggtaagct ttttgatgtg ctgctggatt     44700
     cagtttacca gtattttatt gaggattttt gcatcaatgt tcatgaagga tattggtcta     44760
     aaattctctt ttttggttgt gtctctgcca ggctttggta tcaggatgat gctggcctca     44820
     taaaatgagt tagggaggat tccctctttt tctattgatt ggaatagttt cagaaggaat     44880
     ggtaccagct cctccttgta cctctggtag aattcggctg tgaatccatc tggtcctgga     44940
     gtttttttgg ttggtaagcg attaattatt gcctcaattt ccgagcctgt tattggtgta     45000
     ttcagagatt caacttcttc ctggtttagt cttgggaggg tgtatgtgtc gaggaattta     45060
     tccatttctt ctagattttc cagtttattt gtgtagaggt gtttatagta ttctctgatg     45120
     gtagtgggat cggtggtgat gtcccctttg tcatttttta ttgtgtctat ttgattcttc     45180
     tctcttttct tctttattag tcttgctagc agtctatcaa ttttgtggat cttttcaaaa     45240
     aaaccagctc ctggattcat tgattttttg aagggctttt tgtgtctcta tctccttcag     45300
     ttctgctctg atcttagtta tttcttgcct tctgctagct tttgaatgtg tttttctctt     45360
     gcttctctag ttcttttaat tgtgatgtta gggtgtcgat tttagatctt tcctgctttc     45420
     tcttgtgggc atttagtgct ataaacttcc ctctacacac tgctttgaat gtgtcccaga     45480
     gattctggta tgttgtgtct ttgttctcat tggtttcaaa gaacatcttt atttctgcct     45540
     tcatttcatt atgtacccag tagtcattca ggagcaggtt gttcagtttc tatgtagttg     45600
     agcggttttg agtgagtttt ttaatcctga gttctagttt gattgcactg tggtctgaga     45660
     gacagtttgt tataatttct gttcttttac atttgctgag gagtgcttta cttccaacta     45720
     tgtggtcaat tttggaatag gtgtggtgtg gtgctgaaaa gaatatatat tctgttgatt     45780
     tggggtggag atttctgtag atgtctatta ggtccacttg gtgcagagct gagttcaatt     45840
     cctggatatt cttgttaact ttctgtctcg ttgatctgtc taatgttgac agtggggtgt     45900
     taaaatctcc cattattatt gtttgggagt ctaagtctct ttgtaggtca tgaaggactt     45960
     gctttatgaa tctgggtgct cctatattgg ttgcatatat atttaggata gttagctctt     46020
     cttgttgaat tgatcccttt accattatgt aatggccttc tttgtctctt ttgatctttg     46080
     ttggtttaaa gtctgtttta tctgagacta ggattgcaac ccctgccttt ttttgttttc     46140
     tatttgctta gtagatcttc ctccatccct ttattttgag cctatgtgtg tctctgcacg     46200
     tgagatgggt ttcctgaata cagcacactg atgggtcttg actctttatc caatttgcca     46260
     gtctgtgtct tttcattgga gcatttagcc catttacatt taagattaat attgttatgt     46320
     gtgagtttga tcctgtcatt atgatgttag ctggttattt tgcttgttag ttgatgcagt     46380
     ttcttcctag ccttgatggt ctttacaatt tggcaggttt ttgcagtggc tggtactggt     46440
     tgttcctttc catgtttagt gcttccttca ggagctcttt tagggcaggc ctggtggtga     46500
     caaaatctct cagcatttgc ttgtctgtaa agtattttat ttctccttca cttatgaagc     46560
     ttagtttggc tggatatgaa attctgggtt gaaaattgtt ttctttaaga ctgttggata     46620
     ttggccccca ctctcttctg gcttgtagag tttctgctga gagatcagct gttagtccga     46680
     tgggcttccc tttgtgggta acccaacctt tctctctggc tgcccttaac attttttcct     46740
     tcattttaac tttggtgaat ctgacaatta tgtgtcttgg aattgctctt ctcgaggagt     46800
     atcgttgtgg cgttctctga atttcctgaa tttgagtatt ggcctgcctt gctagattgg     46860
     ggaagttctc ctggataata tcctgcagag tgtattccaa cttggttcca ttctccccgt     46920
     cactttcaga tacaccaatc agaactagat ttggtctttt cacatagtcc catgtttctt     46980
     ggaggctttg ttcatttctt tttattcttt tttctctaaa cttctcttct tgtttcattt     47040
     cattcatttc atcttccatc gctggtaccc tttcttccag ttgatcgcat cggctactga     47100
     ggcttgtgca ttcgtcacgt agttctcgtg ctgtggtttt cagctccatc aggttcttta     47160
     aggacttctc cgtattggtt attctagtta gccatttgtc taattttttt caaggttttt     47220
     aacttctttg ccattggttc gaacttcctc ctttagcttg gagtagtttg atcttctgaa     47280
     gccttcttct ctcaactcat caaggtcatt ctccgtccag ctttgttctg ttgctggtga     47340
     ggagctgcgt tcctttggag gaggagaggc gctctgattt ttagagtttc cggtttttct     47400
     gctctgtttt ttccccatct ttgtggtatt atctaccttt ggtctttgat gatggtgacg     47460
     tacagatggg gttttggtgt ggatgtcctt tctgtttgtt agttttcatt ctaatagtca     47520
     ggaccctcag ctgcaggtct gttggagttt gctggaggtc cactccagac cctgtttgcc     47580
     tgggtatcag cagcagtggc tgcagaaccg cggatattgg tgaactgcaa atgctgctgc     47640
     ctgatcattc ctctggaagt tttgtctcag aggagtaccc agccgtgtga ggtgtcagtc     47700
     tgcccctact ggggggtgcc tcccagttag gctactcggg ggtcagggac ccacttgagg     47760
     aggcagtctg cccgttctca gatctcaagc tgcgtgctgg gagaaccact actctcttca     47820
     aagctatcag acagggacat ttaagtctgc agaggttact gctgcctttt gtttgtctgt     47880
     gccgtgcccc cagaggtgga ggctacagag gcaggcaggc ctccttgagc tgtggtgggc     47940
     tccacccagt tcgagcttcc cggccgcttt ttttacctac tcaagccatg gcaatggcgg     48000
     gtgcccctcc cccagcctcg ctgccgcctt gcagtttgat ctcagactgc tgtgctagca     48060
     atgagcgagg ctccgtgggt gtaggaccct ccgagccagg tgcaggatat aatctcctgg     48120
     tgtgcccttt attaagccca ttggaaaagc gcagtgttag ggtgggagtg acccgatttt     48180
     ccaggtgccg tctgtcaccc ctttctttga ctaggaaagg gaattccctg accccttgca     48240
     cttcctgggt gaggcaatgc ctcgccctgc ttcggctcac acacagtgcg ctgcacccac     48300
     tgacctgcac ccactgtctg gcactcccca gtgagatgaa cctggtacct cagttggaaa     48360
     tgcagaaatc acccgtcttt ggcatcgctc atgctgggag ctgtagactg gagctgttcc     48420
     tatttggcca tccccaactt ttttttttga gacaggttct cactctgtca ctcctgctgg     48480
     agtgcagtgg tgagatctcg gctcactgcg acctccaaat cccgggctca agtgattctc     48540
     ccacttcagc ccctgctagt agctgggact acaggcacgt gccaccacac ccagctaatt     48600
     ttgtattttt agtagagaca ggttttgccc tgttgcccag gccagtcttg aactcgtgag     48660
     ctcaagtgat ccacgtgcct cagcctccca aagttctagg attactggca tgagccacca     48720
     cacctggccc gattccaact tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagatag tgtctcactc     48780
     tgtcacccag gctggagtgc agtgttgcta tcttggctca ctgaaaactc catctcctgg     48840
     gttcaagcaa ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gattacaggc acctgccacc     48900
     acgcctggct aatttttttt cttttttttt tgtattttta gtagacaggg gttttgctgt     48960
     gttgactagg ctggtctcaa actactgacc tcaagtgatc cgcccacctc agcctcccaa     49020
     agtgctggga ttacagacgt gagccaccac acctggcctc aacttttata tgaaggacat     49080
     tttggttcct tgaaagaaag tgatcccttc tgttgacatc ctattaatgt aaaaactaaa     49140
     tacacagtga ttcaggtggt tctacttgcc tttaaatttt aaattctaac ttggtgcatg     49200
     acttctatac aatcatctcg aaggttgact taggggaaag gaacaaaggg ctccttcctg     49260
     catataagcg ctggtacaaa gattgttttt ggccttcgaa atgtaaatta taccactaaa     49320
     catagctgga ggactttata cttcatatat gagaagtgta tttatttaaa tgctctcaaa     49380
     atccaacgta acttagtgtg ccaccccatg gaaggttatg caatagatca tgtatgtggg     49440
     tgattgccac cccagaggtg cagataaatt ttggtttcac taaagaaatg cacagagatt     49500
     aggttacgtg cccatgttct tgtagctagt cactagggaa accaggactt aggctatgga     49560
     cctgtattag tgcattttca cgctgctgat aaagacatac ctgagactgg gaagaaaaat     49620
     aggtttaatg gactcacagt tccatgtggc tggcgaggtc tcacaatcat ggttgaaggt     49680
     gaaaggcact ttttacatgg tggcaggcaa gagagactga ggaagaagca aaagcagaaa     49740
     ccccttataa aaccagatct tgtgagactt attcactacc acaagaacag tatgggggaa     49800
     actgcccctg tgattcaatt atcttccact gggtccctcc cacaacacat gggaatcatg     49860
     ggagtacaat tcaagatgag gtttgggtgg ggacacagag ccaaaccata tcaggaccta     49920
     aaggcagcta tcctactggt agtcaatatc ataggcttta gggttcatca aacctgtctt     49980
     tgacctctgc ttctacctca gtaactttgg gcaaaggaat tatgctctac cacatcttcc     50040
     ttgtttcatg ttgaaataga cacagtgaag atgtctggga agggcctggc ctctagaagg     50100
     tggcatctaa taccatagtc tcttctcctt tccctgggcc ctcagcaaca cacaacctca     50160
     gggggtaccg tccactttgt attccatgtt aaggcagagt gcttcctggg gttgtgagac     50220
     tcagaggacc ttgcttctcc aacaagccct cttatttgac acctcagatt tgccaatagt     50280
     ctgtgtataa ttgacttatt ccctaaaatg ttactagtct ttggtgatga agttgacttt     50340
     gtagtgcttt ccacagccaa agccatctga tgttaagtat ctccctattt atttatttat     50400
     ttagagatgg agtttcactc ttgacgccca ggctggagtg caatggtgcg atctgggctc     50460
     accacaatct ccgcctcccg gcttcaagca attctcctgc ctcaggctcc cgtgtagctg     50520
     ggattacagg tgcctgccac aatgcccagc taatttttgt atttttagta gagacagagt     50580
     ttcaccatgt tggccaggct ggtctcgaac tcctgacctc aggtgaccca cctgccttgg     50640
     cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcatga gccactgtgc ccgaccgtat ctcccttttt     50700
     aaactgacac ctcaaatgtc ttagtctaag ttatacatct atacagtaca atacttggac     50760
     tgacttaaac acccatgaac atggaaaaat gttcatatat gaaactagtg agatctgtaa     50820
     aatgtgtata cgtatgtgtt tagaagagac aggactataa cagataagtg cttactatat     50880
     cttaactgcc ttacatgttc tacttagtca tcacatgatg ttggtattat tcccattttg     50940
     cagatagaaa actaaggcat ggcgaagctt aagcaacttg cctaaggtcg ttaggttaat     51000
     aactgatgtt cctgagattc taacccaagc caattggctc taagagtcca tagtatttaa     51060
     taattcttcc gggggcaggg acagacctaa cttaaaagga atgaagttta acctttatag     51120
     ctccacactt taatggcccc ttctaatagt ctggcttgtg tgtccttgta aaatttgcaa     51180
     caataggata ttattgtatt tttattctca aaaacatggt tctacacctg tgtctgggtg     51240
     ttaagattat gggtgattta actttatatt ctaattttat aagctttcta aaattacatt     51300
     attttttata ataaaaaagc ttaagttttt cccctaagac agaattctgc cataaactcc     51360
     tgctggttaa ttctagctta cttccatgtt tctttaattt ataactgaag tcagtgcaac     51420
     ttacagattt agttgcctgt cttctaagac gtttttcaac aggctctgta ttagtccgtt     51480
     ctcatcctgc taataaagat atacctgaga ctgggtaatt aataaaggaa agaggtttaa     51540
     ttgaatcaca gttccacatg gctgtggagg cctcacaatc atggcagaag gcaaaggaga     51600
     agccaagtca catcttacgt ggatggcagc aggcaagagg acatgtgcag cggaactccc     51660
     ctttacaaaa ccatcagatc tcgtgagact tattcactgt cacaagaaca gcacaggaaa     51720
     gatccacccc catgattcaa ttacctccca ctgggtccct cccatgacat gtgagaatta     51780
     cgggagctac aattcaagat gagatttggg tggggacaca gccaacactt atcaggctcc     51840
     attatagggc tactttattt gtttttaaaa attttttaat tttcagagac aggttctcac     51900
     tgtcacccac actggagtgc agtggcacgg tcacagttta ctgtaacctc aaattcctgg     51960
     gctcaacaat ccttccacct tccgccttcc aggcggcaca gctctggttg acagcttggg     52020
     ctatacaacc agctccaccc cttaccagct gggtgccttg gccgatgaac tccctaagcc     52080
     tcgatgtcct catctgtaga gtgaggtcag tatccgcctc ataggattgt tgtgagcagc     52140
     acatgagaac attgtgaagt tcttggggat gtgcctggaa tgtatcaagt gttattgttt     52200
     ttacttttta tcaccactta gctcctttct ttatctatgc taatagaggg gagttcggcg     52260
     gggatacatt aaaactcctt tttctccagt cttaatccca aggtacaaag tgcccttttc     52320
     tgctcaatgc catactagac ctcattccct gagggtaatg ccctatttct ttctttcttt     52380
     tctttttctt tttctttctt tttttttttt tgagacggag tctcgctctg tcgcccaggc     52440
     tggagtgcag tggcacatct cggctcactg caagctccgc ctcctgggtt cacgccattc     52500
     tcccgtctcg gcctcccgag tagctgggac tataggcgcc tgccaccaaa cccggctaat     52560
     tttttgtatt ttttcaccgt gtaagccagg atggtctcga tctcctgacc tcgtgatccg     52620
     cccgtctcgt catcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggtgtga gccaccgcgc cccgcggtaa     52680
     tgccctattt ctaaaagaag ttttcctaaa agttatctta aaccatagtg cccaaaccat     52740
     caatgccttg ttcattgcag tgagacgaat gcattttgcc ttacattaaa gcatgaagaa     52800
     tataagtgta tttaccctct tgaggttacc aatttttaaa agggaatgat ataatttaaa     52860
     atttaaaagc taattttcta aggacaagaa gtattttaaa aacagatcaa taggtttttg     52920
     ctttggttga cataaggtat ctctagtcat caaaataaac aacctttaaa tgtccagcat     52980
     ttggatgttt aaatccaaac tgagcggcta atatcttgaa ttaacccatt tcacacccaa     53040
     gcacaccgac taatacggga aggcagatga tgtattcaag gctatgtgca ctatatccag     53100
     taggtggcag cataggaaaa cttatggcac tattgtagct ggtaggatga gccagaaatc     53160
     ttaataccag gagcagttgg tgactgccct tcttaggcaa gatggagcag tttgatagca     53220
     tatcccatat cattctttat tttagcgccg tgtttcagac tggatgaatt tgtccagcta     53280
     cagattggct aaagctggcc ctgtgaattg cttgttggtc cattcatatt tttgggtagg     53340
     ttctatttat tttttcatga aagtaaaatg aaagagagaa gcagtaataa tttcacaagt     53400
     tcactataat gaatgtctct tctgcttacg tcgagttaga tattatccca aatataattg     53460
     attttatgta atcaattata ttatcagttc tacttctagt aaaaccttgc tttcaaatct     53520
     atcttaacat aagggtttaa tataaaccag tttgactttt ccatcaagaa aactgaatct     53580
     ggttccaaca ttgacattaa ttagttgggt tacattaatc aattctcttt tctttttttg     53640
     gtctcaaatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatatata tattttttgt ttgtttgttt tttgttttga     53700
     gatggagtct cactatgttg cccaggctga agtgcagtgg cgtgatcttg gcctacttca     53760
     gcctccacct cctgggttca agcaattttc ctgccacagc cacacaagta gctgggatta     53820
     caggtgtgtg ccgccacacc cagctaattt taagtatttt tagtagagac agggttttac     53880
     tatgttggcc aggatggtct aaaactcctg acctcaagtg atccgcccac ctcagcctcc     53940
     caaagtgctg ggattatagg cgtgagccac tgtatccagc ctcaattata ttttaaaata     54000
     aaagaattag gtaggcttga attctactaa agtctcatat cctattatgt accacaagct     54060
     ttgaaaatgt tctttttttt ttttttgaga agatagtagc agcaatgaaa taatagttat     54120
     tattttccag ggtaacaatt ttaagagata aatacccatt tgcatacgta aatcctaatt     54180
     aatcccattc ccttgtggtc ataattccaa caatggcaat tagatgtggc acgtttgggt     54240
     tgggaacaga tcctcaattt aggagttttt ctatgatcta tattttttta cttaatgtaa     54300
     tttgtttcat tgtaatacac atttgtttcc cttttagtgc ttttttgggg ttcttacaat     54360
     agagctgata atctttttaa tgggtgcttt caaaagaaag aggtgatgag ataaggatca     54420
     gaactgctga aagacatgtg ggaagtagca gtgtttttct tctagactca gaacctggaa     54480
     agatttttta agagtttaaa tgtgactcaa tcctttgtct tatacatgaa tcctctctgc     54540
     ttttctattc agccattggg ttatttttga atccctagtt ctagtaaagc tcaaatgcga     54600
     gtgcttcaaa gaagtgcatt atttatgaac caccaagctg aggaccaaaa caggttttat     54660
     gagaaactta attttaacaa catagtgtta attttccata agcaacttaa ttatctatgc     54720
     taatagaggg gattatggct tgaatacatt aaatccgctt taaactaact taaatatttt     54780
     aatattattg tttctgttag tctaagagtc ctataaggaa ggggccatat ggttgggtgt     54840
     ggtggctcac acctgtaatt ccagcacttt gggaggccaa ggccagagga acccttgagc     54900
     ccaggagttc aaggccagcc cgggcaacat agtgagaccc ctatctctac aaaaaatgaa     54960
     acactatctg ggtatggtgg tgtgcagctg tagtcccagc tacttaggag gctgaggcag     55020
     gaggctcact tgagttcggg agtttgaggc tgcagtgagc catgatcaca ccactgaact     55080
     ccagcctggg caacagagtg agactctgtc tcacaaaaaa agagtggggg gcatataagt     55140
     tcaaaaggag tttataaacg attcagcgtc ctgatagtgt cacttatcac aaccagtctt     55200
     tcttaaagta tggcctgggg acccatgggg ctccctgaga ccttatacag agtctgtgat     55260
     gtcaaaacta tttccataat gatcctaaga cattatgtat ctttttcact cttgaatgta     55320
     gaagtagata ggtgaatcag atgtcactat taagccagta cttcacttta gatggaaaaa     55380
     tgtaaaacaa tgccattctt ctattttttt aattgtaaaa aaatgtagtt cttttttgta     55440
     aaaaatgtgt tgttaccata tttataactt tttttttttt cgagacaggg tttcactgtg     55500
     ttgcccggac tggagggagt ggcatgatca cggctcattg caatctcaac ttcccaggct     55560
     caagtgatcc tcccacctca gcctcccaaa tagctgggac tacagactca agccaccatg     55620
     cccagctaat tcgtgtattt tttttatgga gatggggttt tgctatattg cccttgctgg     55680
     tctcgaactc ctgggttcaa gcgatccaac cgctttggtc tcttaaaagt gctgggatta     55740
     caggcgtgag ccaccagacc tggccccatg tttacaattt ttatgttaaa gttaattaat     55800
     aaagatttca attattctca gctttgattg ctaagatgac atatatcaat agacataaca     55860
     tattgaggtc ctcaataatc ttgaagagat aaagggtttc ctgagaccca aaaagtttga     55920
     gaattattag actaaagcca agtactgagc cagagatact ccctgcctct cctgtatctt     55980
     tttttttgtt tttttttttt ttttgagaca gagtttcatt cttgttgccc aggctagagt     56040
     gcaatgacaa gatcgtggct cattgcaacc tctgcctctt ggattcaagt gattttcctg     56100
     cctcagcctc ccaggtagct gggattacag gcacccgcca ccatgcctgg ctaattttgt     56160
     atttttagta gagatggagt ttcactatgt tggtcaggct ggtctcgaac tcctgacctc     56220
     aagtgatcca cctgcctcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcatga gccaccatgc     56280
     ccggcctcct ctcctgtagc tttgaatgtt tgttttgctg cctacagttt ttacataatt     56340
     aatataagct atatgaagaa tattgttctc ctttcataag tttccatgtg tctccatggc     56400
     cattactctc atcgtttgta actgctgtta tactctatga tactaatata caatattata     56460
     atttaatgta attattcttt ttataacagt attacatttt ttgttatgaa atacagtcca     56520
     aggtgacagc agggtcagta tctggttagg gccctctcct tacactacag acagcaacct     56580
     tctcaatata ccctcacatg ctctttcttt ggtgcctgca gtggacagaa agagagagaa     56640
     agtcctttgg tgtctcttcc cataaaggcg ctaatgccac cacgatggcc ccaccctcat     56700
     gatgtcatct aaacttaatc accccaaagg ccccatctcc aaataccatc acactggggc     56760
     ttagggcttc agttgatgaa tttcaagggg atataattca gcccatagca gaagttcacc     56820
     ctcaaaacaa cctagtagca caaattcacc tcatgctaac ttacatatga ttggatatat     56880
     tttatattaa ataacacaaa acaattttag gtacatggga gtcgtacaac agttgcttca     56940
     aaaaatacat gcttgggggt tggtgattag gggtgacttt gggatctacg tcaggggctc     57000
     accatcctca tcagaaatcc ttcactcctc cagagaaagg gcagccacat aatcatttgc     57060
     ccaggcccca aatgctctac ctgggttgtt tgattggctt gagcaaaagg actttgatgt     57120
     tccttcggct gagctcaaag gactgctcag ctgccgtaga ttatcccaaa gttctgtgta     57180
     gtcagattgc ctggtgcttt attcctaagc tgcttttatg ccttcccgtc ctcaccttgc     57240
     ctgactcctg agcagcaggg cccaccgttc acctcttggc cagttccagc ttcagcaagt     57300
     gcacgctgtt agttgacctt tgactctcaa gtctgccagc cccacagctg cttcttttaa     57360
     gaaatttgta atgccccctt tactctccta aaataaaatt catagctaat ataacctacc     57420
     tacacatata atgtttacaa atcaatttaa agacacaaaa tatgtatttt tttcaacctg     57480
     taaacgctca gttattactc cataagatgc ataaagtagg gagaggcttg tatgtaaaca     57540
     tgagatccct gagagaggaa cagacacaca gctgatgtaa tcaggggtca cagcagctca     57600
     ttattggcca tgggaagttt ccaaaatggt gaaccatctt ggcaaaattc caaacacaat     57660
     tatattacat tctgcccttg atttacccca taattgcact tatgaaaact tcagtgcaaa     57720
     aactctgtga aaaatatttt atatatagga tcagaaaatt atacacagat ttttcatcta     57780
     caagagtccc catggggaca ttcaaaagct gtgtaagacg cagcacaaat tcctcattgt     57840
     atgagactgc cttctggtga ctcgggccct gaacactaaa tgccagtggg acctacccta     57900
     ctatgattac aacaacaaaa tatttgccca cacatttcca aaacagccct taggggttgg     57960
     cactaccacc cctaaggacc acttagctag actggagaat ctttaataac taatctgtgc     58020
     ttggcagaat tctaaaatgg tccccaagat tcccagcccc tggtgcacag acaccttctc     58080
     ccaggtattt aatccgacac taatctagat gctgcactga agggattttg caggtgtaat     58140
     taaggctcca aataaatgga cattaagata gagagattat actcagttgg cctgacccag     58200
     tccttaaaaa ggactgggct ctttctggca agggaacgac tggcagcctt gaggggctaa     58260
     gactggtctg caactgacca tcagcaagga aatgaggatg taagttctac aaccgcaagg     58320
     acttgaactt gaccaactgt cccatataag cctggaaact gattcttccc ccagagcttt     58380
     agaaagggac atagcccagc caactcctta atttcaactt ttaagtttct aagaagagaa     58440
     cccagtcact ctgtgctaga cttctaacct gcagaattat gctctaatga aggagtgttg     58500
     atttaagcct ctaagtttgt ggtaatttgt tatgcagcaa cagaaaactc acacataatt     58560
     taattttatt tatttttttt taagagacag ggtctccctg tattgtccag gctgttctcg     58620
     aacttctggc ctcaagcaat cttcccacct tggcttccca aagtgctggg actgcaggtt     58680
     tgagtcactg tacctggtct cacacataat ttaataaggc aatgcaatgt gttcactaaa     58740
     acactgggca tcccccttgt tgccctctgt caaccaccca ttctctgtcc ctaccactga     58800
     ccctcatggt tggactggga agaagtcata ttgattcttc tcagttcctt gccctctcta     58860
     tctctctgaa tatgagggtg aaaagcatac actgaaattc caaaaactga ccacactccc     58920
     tgattctaga tcctccctga ggatgttgaa ggtcatctgg gttctctggt tcagcccaca     58980
     gcctatgttt acctcattta taacctctgc ttatgctttt catcatgagg cactgtgctg     59040
     gtgaaaccta aacaggaaaa gtaatgtgta accttaacta tttattgaaa tctgatccgc     59100
     atgttttact cattgctgca gaaggtcaca taaatctaat ctgtatgaaa acaatgaaaa     59160
     aatgttcttc agcatgcatg ggactgaaat acttcacatt ttgtgtgcag gaaagaatcc     59220
     caggccctca ggtatgaccc attgcctact tccctctggg actatttttt tctgtgttct     59280
     cccacccccc accgcccttt gcaggcatca gccaccagaa atgccaccaa cagagtcagt     59340
     tcactctgga aggctctctt ttttgttcct tttggaaaca cgaaagccac atttgagagc     59400
     tttatgataa ttattatttt aaaatttaaa gcccataaaa tcatctttga aataaagaac     59460
     aacagttggc tcagagacca ggcttagttt ttctacttca tgtgcctata tttgcttccg     59520
     tgggatgcta tggacccatg cccctttttg taaagacatg tggtgccagt atagaggcca     59580
     taagtttact attatttgtg caattgactt atttcatgaa tttgccccca gactgtcttc     59640
     tgatattgtt tacccaatca caaaaggggc cttcaaatat ttatagcatt tccttctttt     59700
     ttgccttaca atatactctg gatttctcaa acttttgaaa tcagcatgca ttgtacatta     59760
     attttcttcc taatctttcc ctctgattat atatctcccc cattttctta atcgctttga     59820
     cacaggattc ttttggtgcc actttgccag acaaaaatct ccaccgtcag cagttcctct     59880
     gctggggctt cacatgggcc tgctgggctc acctcaccca ctctgctcag caggctgcgc     59940
     tctgctcatg ctactggccc agatcgcacg cctgctgtgg ctctgtgccc agcctgtggc     60000
     tggttaaggc gtgcggtgac cagcttctgc cttgggtgcc ggcgtctgga caagggagat     60060
     gtggtggtac ccaaaaactc ggagatgcca gcaactgcag agcccccaag gggtgttaca     60120
     gcttttggtt ggggagtccc aaggtctgag cccccaggaa gtgtcacagc ttgttcggtc     60180
     ctgctgcccg cagctcagtg aatgggggtg tgtggtgtca agtggttttt tcactccggt     60240
     agctctgcga gcaggaatgt atgttacagc tcttttcgca ccctccattc agcaggttcc     60300
     aggttcttgt cccgtgacca agaggaatga ggtatgcaga catcagagag tgagcaaggc     60360
     agataaaatt ttattgagcg aaagaaaagc tcttgacaat gagagggacc ctgaaacgag     60420
     cagccctctg tgtgagacgg ggctgaaagt gggtagtggt ctgtggggct gagtccgggg     60480
     ttttctgtgg gctcagaata ggagagtgtg tgctaattgg tccatgattt ggcctggaaa     60540
     aagcaccatt cgattggcta aaaggcatga aggaagttct cactgtggtc gtggactcca     60600
     cccagaactg gcagtttggt tttccagctt catgctgtct ttgacttgaa ggtcgggttt     60660
     caccggggtc ctgtccctgt ctgcctagga atttgtttcc tgctgctatc agctttatta     60720
     cggtataatc tacataccat aaaaatttaa ctgttgtaag tatataattt attattttta     60780
     tgaatagagt tgttaaacca ttactgcaaa tccggtttta gaacatttcc atcatcccta     60840
     aaagttctct catgtctgtt tacagttaat ccctgatccc actgccagcc ccagacaacc     60900
     actgatctgc tttctatctc tgtaaatatg ccttttctgg acatttcata taaatggaat     60960
     tatacaaata gaatcttttg tatttggctt ctttcactta gcacaagttc atttgtgctg     61020
     tagcatgtgt cttagttctt tcttttttgc tgctgaatag tattccgttg cataaaaata     61080
     ccatatccta tttacccatt catcagttca tggacatctg ggttgtttcc agttttgagc     61140
     tatcgtgaat aatactgctc tgaacattca tatgcatgta tttatgtgga tcagttttaa     61200
     tttcactagg gtaaattcct aagggcgagt tactgacatt ctagtttctg tctcactgac     61260
     tccttatata agaacttagg atgcatagag caaagtctgg tgttctgatg gtgtccacct     61320
     aggcaggtgg cctatgtaga ggatggccct cctcctccac cactacctgg tagtgtcagt     61380
     ggagaaggga gcggaaaaga tggctatcag tggttactgg ctgagctgcc atacgtggca     61440
     gtggccctac tcaggcatga gagtccctaa agctgaattc cctgatggcc cctatggatt     61500
     ctcaaggaac atatttcaag acttggtttt taggccaggt gcaatggctc acacctgtaa     61560
     tcccagcact ttgggaggcc aaggtgggtg gatcacctga ggttgggata tcgagaccag     61620
     tctggccaac atggtgaaac cccacctcta ataaaaatac aaaaattagc tgggtgtggt     61680
     ggtgcacacc tgtaacccca gcaacttggg aagctaaggc atgagaatca cttgaatcca     61740
     gaggtggagg ttggagtgag ccgagatcac accactgcac tccagcctgg gtgatagagt     61800
     aagactctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagacgag atttataaat atatatatta     61860
     aaaattctat atattttatt aaacaatttt taaatatata tttttttgag gcagggtctt     61920
     gctctgttgc ccaggctgaa gtgcagtggc acaaatgctg ctcaccatag tttcaatttc     61980
     ctaggctcaa gcaatcctcc cacctcagcc taagtagctg ggaccacagg tgtgcaccac     62040
     catgcctggc tgatgtttgc attttttgta aagacagggt cttgctatgt tgtcctggct     62100
     ggtcttgaac tcctggctca agcaatcctc ccaccttggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta     62160
     caggcatgaa ccccgtctgg tctattaata tgtttaaatg tcttctatta ctattttaaa     62220
     tttactatgg caggcagtat atgttattaa gaacttctga tttggaagac ttggacttga     62280
     atcttgattc tatcactaac tatatatatt tccttcagca aagagcttaa cttctcagga     62340
     tcgtcaccaa aacaggggga agggccatcc tgtggcttaa aaaggagata attttttttt     62400
     catagaaagg tgagaaaaat gaaatctatt gggcgaaaag gaacaaaagg gaaacaggga     62460
     ctctcagcaa ggcaagagtc ttgctttcag tttcctgcct cacagcttga gtcccaggta     62520
     ccacccagga agaggagagg ccaggcacct ccctgctgca gaatggcagg aacttcccga     62580
     ggctccaccc tgttctccca gtacgcagcc tggtcagagc ctctccaggg acccttttat     62640
     atttggctgt ctcagtttca tcacctgtaa agggtggata aaactatttg ttccttctag     62700
     ctcacgttga aattagatta cagatggaaa agtattctgg aaaatttcca agtgttttgg     62760
     aagtgggaat tctcctcgtt ctgtgcttcc gatcttggga aatgccacca ctcacctccc     62820
     aagacttgaa acttggactc tcttctctca tctccatacc ccatcttaat tattttcctc     62880
     ccaaatatac ttaaagtgtg tctcttcctc ccatctccac tgatacttcc tcaggtcaga     62940
     ctcttggcat ttcttaccta gattattgca acaacctttt tttctcattt ttaaatatta     63000
     ttaaaaattt ttaaattgta ataaaatata tacaacataa aatttgccat cttccccatt     63060
     ttaagtgtac agttcggtgg cattaaataa attcacatca ttgtacagcc atcaccactg     63120
     ttcatctcca aaactcttat cagcttgcaa aactgaaatt ctgtacccat tagacactaa     63180
     cgcccaattc ccttccctcc cccagtcctt ggcaaccact attctacctt ctgtctctat     63240
     gaatttgatc actctaggta catcatacaa gtaggatcat acagtattta tccttttgtg     63300
     actggcttgt ttaacttagc acaatgttct aaggcttcac ccatgttgta gcatgtgtca     63360
     gaatttcctt tctttttatt tatttattta tatatttatg tttatttatt tatttttttg     63420
     aaatggagtc tcgctctgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcgtgatctc cacttgctgc     63480
     aacctccacc tcccaggctc aagtgattct cctgcctcag cctctcgagt agctgggact     63540
     ataggcgcac gccaccatgc ccggctaatt tttgtgtttt tagtagagat gggtttcacc     63600
     atattggcca ggctggtctc aaactcctga cctcgtgatt tgcctgcctc ggcctcccaa     63660
     agtgctggga ttacaggtgt gagctaccgt gcccggccca gaatttcctt tctttttaaa     63720
     gttgaaacaa tattccattg catgcacaga ctataccaca ttttgtttat ccattcatct     63780
     gctgatggac atttgggtta ttaccaactt ttgatgcttg tgaataatgc tgctatgaat     63840
     atgggtatac aaatattaat acctctttga gatcctgttt ttaaattcct tatgcccata     63900
     agtggaattc ctggatattt ggaagttcta tttttaatta gaaaaatagt ttttgaggaa     63960
     ctgtcatata gtatgtttcc catagcaact gcaccatttt acatttccac tggcaatgca     64020
     taaggattcc aatttctcca cattctcacc aacacttatc ttctgttttt ttttttttga     64080
     aaaatgttaa agtaatcatc ctagtgggta tggaggtgct atctcattgt ggttttgatt     64140
     tgcgttttcc taatgattag tgatattgag catctttata tgtcatacat aaaaagaatg     64200
     aaaaggtaac ctatacaatg agagaaaata tttgcaaatc atatgtctga taaagggtta     64260
     aaatatatag ggttaattca ctcatctata aagggttaat tcactcatat agatgtcttt     64320
     tcttttcttt tcttttcttt tttttttttt ttttttttga gacggagtct tgctctgtca     64380
     cccaggctga agtgcagtgg tgcgatctcg gctcactgca agctccactt cctgggttca     64440
     tgccattctc cttccttagc ctcctgagta gctaggacta caggtgccca ccacaactcc     64500
     cggctaattt tgtttttgta tttttagtag agacagggtt tcaccatgtt agccaggatg     64560
     gtctcgatct cctgacctca tgatcctccc acctcggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca     64620
     ggcatgagcc actgtgcctg gcctatagat gtcttttcta aaaaaagaaa gataaagggt     64680
     taattcactc atatagatgt cttttctaag aaagaaagag agagagaaag agaaagaaaa     64740
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaaagaa     64800
     aagaaaagaa aagaaaagag aaaagaaaag agggagagaa ggagggagga aagaaaagaa     64860
     aagaaaccag aatgccagaa tggcatagag ccatgtgagg ttgcacttaa tggactgcag     64920
     agtagcagca cgagagtccc ccatgggatg cattaacaag gctttctgga gggcaggaat     64980
     cctgagtggt cccaaacttg actgtacatt gtaatcaact ggaatgcctt aaggagtccc     65040
     aatgtgtggg ttccaccaca gggattctca tttattcagt tggggtacag cctgggcatc     65100
     tgtatgtttt agaagttccc agatgagaga tgaaagtgtt ctggaactag acagtggtga     65160
     tggctgtata ttctgaacgt attagaacag attatatgtc actaatggta aatgctatgt     65220
     ttgtgtattt taccacacac acaaaagttc cctgatgatg ctatgggcaa gacaaagttg     65280
     acaatcaaca aagctttgtt gccatttctc agataataag aatcaagtgg aagtctttgt     65340
     taaataaata gattgccaga cctcaaagcc aggaagtctc attctgttta tctggatggg     65400
     ggcaaaggaa tctgtgcttt caaatagaac accaggtaat tcttctttct ttttttgaga     65460
     tggagtctct gttgcccagg ctggagtaca gtggcatgat ctcggttcac tgcaacctct     65520
     gcctcccagg ttcaagcgat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg agtagctgag actacaggcc     65580
     cgtgccacca cacccggcta atttttttag tagagacggg gtttcacggt gttagccagg     65640
     atggtctcaa aattctgacc tcgtgatcca cctgcctcag cctcccagag tgctgggatt     65700
     acaagcatga gccaccgtgc ccggccaaca ccaagtaatt cttatacaag agaagtttgg     65760
     gaaacccaga tatacccagt gcttcccaag cctgctcaat tgtaagaatc accaggggat     65820
     cctgttaagc ttccaaatct attgataggc ccatctagac tttttttttt ttttttttga     65880
     gacagagtct cactctatca cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg tgcaaccttg gctcactgca     65940
     acctccacct tctgggttca agcgattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaaagt gctaggatta     66000
     caggtgtgag ccactgagcc tggcccatcc agacctatta aacttggatc tccagaggaa     66060
     ggctgggact tggtggactt aatatgctac ccagctaatt ctcctgacca ggcacacttg     66120
     agaaacacca tctagtctag ccctcagtgt tggctattct acaaaacctc cttaaagaaa     66180
     aaatcaaatt ccttactccc agagatgcta attctgggtg gggcccaagt atccaaagtt     66240
     tattattttt tgttttataa gctaccatcc ctgagtttga ggaataactg aaatgaatca     66300
     ctgttgcagc cattcttttg gaaagcaaat tgtgctcatg tttcatggtt acttattgag     66360
     tccttgagca tgtgcagttc tacacagcag tatatccaga agctgagaat tagaaaggta     66420
     agggtgtctc agcctgctgt aagggagatg gctgtgcttt agtcaggagt agtctgagga     66480
     agccttctgg tgcagcataa ctcagcaggt ttggagtgca ggtgcacaac tccacacagt     66540
     atttaaccat gccatgtcag gcacattatg taaccacgcc acgtaaggtg cattaggtga     66600
     tcacccatgt gagctcatgc ttggcttgga gtcactattg cctgtaaaag gtataattac     66660
     cctgctgaca ctgtacatat ggctcatgcc cagggagaga atgtacatac agctcgtgcc     66720
     cacagctcat gcctaggctc gcttgtgcca gagagagggt aaaagccatg ttgaaactgt     66780
     ctacaattcc tcgaatgttt ttccagctac ctgccacccc actgactccc ctcggacctc     66840
     agttagaacc taacacctgc ccgtgaagta gctgggaaca agtcatggaa gcaggaagaa     66900
     aaggattgag atgcacaaag agtaaagaaa gagaatcctc ggtgacagct tgctgtcatg     66960
     tggggcgaaa cagagatccc tggtgagctt tgacatctcc tccaaggggc ctggttggca     67020
     gagtgtccag ggttgggtct tgggggaagt ctctggtggg ctgtgtccat tctctatcta     67080
     tctggatcct aagctaatta aaggaagctg ctgtagcctt cctccaagcc aaggagctct     67140
     atgattgctt ctgaccagaa tatggttcta cttgaggcag aaaaccctta agaagatgaa     67200
     ttcttttcca gtatcttggg cttgatagga aaatacacga gtctgacagt caattagaat     67260
     gaatcagaat tcatttattt cagtaatctt catatctgta caaggcaatc ctctatttta     67320
     ctctgcctat ccaagcgttt tcagttgtct cctatggttg ttataagctt tttctctttg     67380
     tcttgccaac atccatatca tctcttctta tgttgagagt atagggagaa acagacacag     67440
     gcatggctcc ttgaatagcc ctcccagagg atcaagtgca tgacagatcg aggcagaaag     67500
     aagcgtagtg aaagtagtga cctagagggt gctgcttatc tggctctgct ggctctgacc     67560
     cctggaaact tggcggctgt ggtcaggtag ggttcttaaa taatccactg tttatcccag     67620
     acatgaagga aacaaattac agtaatgagc cctataatga cgtttcagtc atcgatgaac     67680
     tgcatatatg acagtggtcc cataagagta taatggagct gaaaaattcc tattgcctag     67740
     tgacattgta accatcatag cacaacttca ctctagtgtg gtgataatgc tggtgtgaac     67800
     aaacttactg cactgccagt catataaaag tctagtacac acagttatgt acagcacata     67860
     gtgcttgata atgataatga ctatgctact cagttatata tttactatac tatacttgtt     67920
     ttcgttattt ttgagtgtac tcctacttat taaaaaaaag ttaactgtaa aacagcctca     67980
     ggcagatcct tcaggaggtg ttccagaaga aggcattgtt atcatagaag atgacagctc     68040
     cagccgggcg cagtggctca cacctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggcca aggtgggcgg     68100
     atcatgaggt caggagatcg agaccatcct ggctaacacg gtgaaacccc atctctacta     68160
     aaaatacaaa aaaattagcc gggggtggtg gcaggcacct gtagtcccag ctactcggga     68220
     ggctgaggca ggagaatggt gtgaacctgg gaggcagagc ttgcagtgcg ccgagattgc     68280
     accactgcac tccagcctgg gcgacagagc gagactctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     68340
     aaaaaaaagg atgacaactc catgcgtgtt attgaccctg aagaccttcc agtgagacaa     68400
     gatatgaaag tggaagacag tgatattgat gatcctgacc ctctgtaggc ctaggctaat     68460
     gtgtgtgctt gtgttttcat tttaacaaaa aagtttaaaa aataaaaaaa atttaaaaat     68520
     agaaaaaagc ttatagaata aagatataaa gaaagaagat gtttttgtaa agctgtacaa     68580
     tgtgtttgca ttttaagcta actgttatta caaaagagtc cagaagttaa aaaaaaaact     68640
     aaaagtttat aaagtaaaat gttacagtaa gttaaagtta atttattaaa gaaaaatact     68700
     ttcaaaataa atttagcata gcctaagtgt gcagtgttta taaggtctat agtagtgcac     68760
     actaacgtcc caggccttca cattcactca tcactcattg tcacccagag cagcttctag     68820
     ttctgcaagt tccaatcatg gtaagtattc tatattggtg tattattttt taatctttta     68880
     tattgtattt ttactgtacc ttttctatgt ttagataaat ttagatacac aatacttacc     68940
     attgtgttat aattgcctac attgttcagt acagtagcat gcagtacagg tttgtagcct     69000
     aggagcacta ggctatacca cataggctga gtgtgcagta ggctacacca tgtaggtttg     69060
     tgtaagtaca ctctataatg ttcacacaat gatgaaatct cctaatgaca catttctcag     69120
     aacatatttc tgtcgttaag caacacatga ctgtataagt gtttgtaatc tccctctaaa     69180
     ttactttttt acacatctgt ctcctggcta gatggagaac ttcttgagaa caagaacctg     69240
     gctttattta gttatatttc cagcaattat ctcagggtcc ggcacagaat ggagagttgt     69300
     aattgttggt aaaattaata catgagatac agactctgtc tctttagaaa taacaaaatg     69360
     atgacaagcc taaatttata agaggaatgt aaactgctgc atagataata atccatgcac     69420
     tttgatgtgt ctatatctgc gttcagcaac taatgtttca gtggtctagc attccccaaa     69480
     taaatacttt ctacttctgt tattagttat caacatctgc ttcgtatggc ttaaatatat     69540
     tttatttttt gttctactct caattgtaca attcaaagaa aatattcacg ctttcttaat     69600
     gtgcttaatt ttgtcaatcg tcaatttttt tcaaatttga tttattcata gtttgactta     69660
     tcaaatgcag cacattttga gctcctttat ctgctggatt ttctaccttt aacaataatg     69720
     gagtatgaag gtagagcaca aaaaaatcta acattaaatc tcagcctaaa aacacgatag     69780
     gaaatcccag aaattttcac tggaataatt ggcacacacc aaggaaaacc agcacaacag     69840
     ttgccagctg aaaatgttcg tgttcatttg aatcaccatt ggtgacctag tttggccaga     69900
     agtaaaccat tgtgttatct catcctccta acatacagca cctgagtcag cattctgaaa     69960
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaagcaaca ccaattttca aaataagttt gaacttggcc     70020
     agcttgtgtt ttatgagctt gtttaacagc agcaagcaat aatatttgtt acagtttaat     70080
     ctgttttcta aagaattgat gtccctgggc cttcatctaa actaaaagtg accttgtggt     70140
     acttaaaatg caaaacattc aggacccaca tagagtaaga agagtggact gattttcatg     70200
     tatgtttaaa aggtaatgga ttgcattgat tgccattttg tatggaattc tgcctcccat     70260
     actgggattt ttcaatatga aaactcaggt ttaagttaga cacaggcaga ggaaatattt     70320
     tgactttggg tcaatgtgga gatgcagcag gaaagctttc tcttccaaat atctgggaaa     70380
     gccatgatca cacccttgaa aacatcattt gctaacgagt agatctgttt tgtaactgga     70440
     gaacatctgc cttgcatttc tagagccccc tcatttgagg gtatgattta gagaagcacc     70500
     aagctgtaac atcccaatgg tagttttgaa catttttcaa gggcatccca aattccaggc     70560
     tgttttttcc tattggtttt aggcttcagt tgctctccag ggctgacctg tttgtacttt     70620
     tgtttcactt ttgttacatt cacttagtat agaagatcta gaggaatgtt tactaaatga     70680
     gctttagggt tcaccaaccc ttaggttttc attgcccaaa agcatcagta gctgacatgt     70740
     atgtctaata cccactcctc ggggagctgt gctcttcctc acccataagg ccactgtgga     70800
     ggtgccattt tcttatgtga cccccactcc tcatccaagc tgggctgtct cttccttgaa     70860
     ctttttgatt tttattttgg attcaggggg tacctgtgca ggtttgttac atggatatat     70920
     tgtgtaatgc tgaggtttgg gcttctattg aacacaccgc ccaaacagtg aacacagtac     70980
     ccaataggaa gtttttcaac ccttgctact ctccctccct cctttcctcc ctccctccct     71040
     cccttccctc ttttggagtt cccagggtct gttggtcccc tgtttgtgtt catgtgtacc     71100
     cattgcttag ctcccactta taagtgagaa catgtggtat ttgattttct gtttctgcat     71160
     taattcactt aggataatgg cctccagttg catccatgtt gctgcagagg acaggatttc     71220
     attctttttt tatggctgca gagtattcca tgggtgtaca tgtgctacat tttctttatt     71280
     taaaccaatg ttgatggaca cctaggttaa ttccatgtct ttgctattgt gaatagtgct     71340
     gcaataaaca tatgagtgca agtgtcttta tggtacaacg atttattttc ttttgggtat     71400
     gggattgctt ggtccaatgg gagttctatt tttagttcct taagaaatct ctaaattgct     71460
     ttccacaaga gttgaactaa tttacattcc caccaacagt gtataagtgt tccattttct     71520
     ctgcaacctc gccaacatct gttatttttt aactttttaa taatagtcat tctgactgat     71580
     gtgagatggt atctcattgt gggtttgatt tgcatttctg tgattatcag tggcattgaa     71640
     catttttttc atatgcctgc tagctgcttg tatgtcttct tttgtgaaat gtctctgtcc     71700
     tttgtccatt tctcaatggg gtgatttttt ttttcttgct gacttgttta tgttacttac     71760
     agattctgga tattctttgt cagatgcaca gtttgaaaat attttttctc attctgtggg     71820
     ttgtctgttt actctgttga tactttcttt tgctgtgcag aagctcttta gtttaattag     71880
     gtcccaattg ccaatttttt tttgacatct cactctgtca cccagcctgg agtgcagtgg     71940
     tgtgatcttg gctcactgca gcctctgcct cctgggctca agtgatcctc cacctcatcc     72000
     tcttgagtag ctgggattac aggtgtgcac caccatgccc agctaatgtt tgtatttttt     72060
     ggtagagaca gggttttgcc aggttgaccg ggctggtctt gaactcctga gtacaagcta     72120
     tctggccact ttggcctccc aaagtgttgg gattataggc gtgagccact gtgcccggcc     72180
     tgtttttgct tttgatgtct tagtcataaa ttctttgcat aggccagtgt tcagaagagt     72240
     atttcctagg ttttcttttc agatttttat agtttgaggt cttaacatgt aagtctttaa     72300
     tccagcctga gtttttgtat atggtgtata catttaatcc atcctgagtt tttgtatata     72360
     tggtgagagg tagggtctcc agtttcattc ttctgggtat gtttagccag tcttcctagc     72420
     accatttatt gaataggatg tcctttcccc cattgtttat gtcagctttg tcaagatcag     72480
     ctggttatat gtgtgcagct ttatttctgg gttctctatt ctgttccatt ggtctatgtg     72540
     tctatttttt accagtaaca cactattttg gttactgtag ccttatagta taactcgaag     72600
     tcaggtaatg caatgcctcc agctttgttc tttttactta ggattgcttt ggctatttgg     72660
     gctctctttt ggttctgtat acattttata atagtttttt ctaattctgt gaaaaatgac     72720
     attggtaact tgataggaat tccattaaat ctgtagattg ctttccaatc catgagaaca     72780
     gaatgttttt ccatttgttt gtgtcatcta tgatttattt caacagtgtt ttgcagttct     72840
     ccttgtagag agctttaaac tccttggttg gatgtattcc taggtatttt atttatttat     72900
     ttattggcta ttgtaaatgg gattgcattc ttgatttggt tctcagcttg aacattattg     72960
     gtatacagaa ttgctactga attttgtaca tcgatttttg tatcctgaaa ctttactgaa     73020
     gccatttgtc aggtctagga gtattttggc aaaatcttta gggttttcta tatatagaaa     73080
     cattactcgg gaggctgagg attgcttagc cctgggaagt taaggctgca gtgagccgag     73140
     atagcgccac tccactctag cctgagcaat ggagtgagac cctgactcaa aagaaaaaat     73200
     tatattttca gtgaagagag ataatttgac ttcctctttt cctactgtct ttctttctct     73260
     tgcctgattg ctctggctag gacttccagt acgatgttga atagaaatgg agagagtgga     73320
     catccttgtc ttgttccagt tcttggaggg aatgctttca gctttagctc atacagtatg     73380
     atgttggctg tgggtttgtc atagaaggct ctgattattt tggggtatgt tccctcaatg     73440
     cctagtttgt tgagggtttt tatcatgaaa gaatattgga atttatcaaa accttttttc     73500
     tgcatctgtt aagatgatca tatggttttt gtttttaatt ctgtttatgg catgaatcac     73560
     atttattgat ttgcatatgt tggaccaccc ttgcatccca ggaagaaagt ccacttgatt     73620
     gtggtaaatt atctttttga tgtgctgctg ggttctgttt gctagtattt tgctgaggaa     73680
     tttttaatct gtatttatca agaatattgg cttatagttt tctttttttc ttttttttga     73740
     gatggagtct tgctctgtcg cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg tgtgatctcg gctcactgca     73800
     agctctgcct cccaggttca caccattctc ctgcctcagc ttcccaagta gctgggacta     73860
     caggtgcacg caaccacgcc cggctaattt tttgtgtttt tagtagagat ctcggggttt     73920
     cgtcgtgtta gccaggatgg tctcgatctt ctgaccttgt gatccgtctg cctcggcctc     73980
     ccagagtgct gggattacag gtgtgagcca ccgcacctgg cctagttttc ttttttgttg     74040
     ttgttgtgtt cctgccagat tttggtatca ggatgatact ggtttcatag aatgaattag     74100
     ggagcaattc ctactccttg attttttgga agaatttcag caggattagt accatctctt     74160
     ctctgtatgt ttcatagaag tcagctgtaa atctgcctgg tccagggctt tttttttttg     74220
     gggttggtag ggtttttttt tgtttgtttt gtttttaaat gattcaattt cttaactcat     74280
     atttggtctt ttaagggttt caatttcttc ctggttcaat cttgggaggt tgtgtgtttc     74340
     caggaattta tcagtttcct ctagattatc tagtttgtgc acaaagagat gtttatagta     74400
     gtctctgagg atcttgtgtt tttctgtggg atcagttgta atgtcacctt tgtcatttct     74460
     gattgtgctt atttggatct tctcactttt tctaatgtag ctagcagtct atcaattttg     74520
     ttcatccttt caagaaacca actttttgtt ttgttgataa aaaaaatttt ttatctcaat     74580
     ttcatttagt tctgctctgg ttttagtaat tagtaatttt ctttcttctg ctaactttgg     74640
     gtttaatttg tttttgtttt tctagttgtt ttatcatttt tgaatttatt gtaataatag     74700
     agtcaaaaca gagagcctga gaagagagac caaaagggat tgctggctgg ttttatagcc     74760
     ctggttccag tagttccttg ggttcaatgg catccctgct tggtttggtt gttctagaac     74820
     tccttgggtt tctatcactt gaaaccaaac aaatacaaca tcaagagtag tttatagtca     74880
     cctctaggga aaagttcttt ttctggaact tacttgaatg atttatatgt ctatactcta     74940
     tttggttgcc agaaacagtg ttagctgagt agctttcttc attagagttt actggaggag     75000
     ataaaaatgg gagaaataag ttcaatcaag atttttttgt ccttaataca aaaagatgtt     75060
     attattgaca ctcaatagaa tgcttattta ttattattat tattattatt attattaggg     75120
     ctagtcaagt gaagcagtgg gagtggagaa gaaacaaaga agtctgtaac tggttgtgat     75180
     caattagttg taaacaccac tgtatgggac cagcctagaa ttctttttga attacttttc     75240
     taacgattag cattaatgcc attcaaattt gtaaatggca cgtattgaac acctgttgta     75300
     tgctgggcac taagcacata gagataaaag gcctaattct ccacagaagt tcatggtcta     75360
     ggacaattgt gctcaaattg tcctcttcaa gttggcagcc actgcatcac ctgggaacct     75420
     gtgagaagtg caaatgactc agaaacccag caatctgtgt tttaacaagc cctccaggtg     75480
     atgctgacat agctaaagtg tgagaactga tctagggact tatttatgta tatctgctta     75540
     cccatctccc ttctcactaa tggcacaatt tgtaaactat aatacaaacc caaaccccag     75600
     tttaaatgat tgaaaatgga aatcatcttg agacttctga acattaaaat caagctgtag     75660
     acatcctggg aaaatcactc atgttcttgt cccagggcca acaataaagg taggtgtgtg     75720
     cttctggcct gtctaaagtg gctccagctt atcacagcag ataagacaac acatggaaat     75780
     aaattagaac ggttggccct tgcagacctt gactccatct tggcaccacc tcactcaaac     75840
     ccagtctgtg agctgggagc ctgtgctagg gcctctgtgg ggaggtatct gggaaaagtc     75900
     agccgtatca gccctcaaac cacatcacag agctcttgcc ctttccttcc tctattaaaa     75960
     actactactt ggtgcaagga gagagataaa ctgacaacaa actaaaatca gggtgtttag     76020
     agaaggtaag aattcttcaa ccctgagaag ttctaattgt catcgtcttt gtgaagactc     76080
     tgtcttctag tcaccttctc tcacagaact ttctcatttg ctctattcta tcattttgct     76140
     tcatttcttg atttttatat ttcccatcac tcaatctaat taagcaaata tatcagtgag     76200
     tacctaatag ccaagctaag cataacacga ggaagaacac ttagtgcctg ctcccaggaa     76260
     gcccggagtt ggcgatgttt cacaatcagt caaccaccac ttgagggctg aagtgcatgc     76320
     caagcattca actaggttct ggggttaaaa aatgaataca acaccacctg ggcactgaaa     76380
     gagcttgttg cctgcaggag agacgggtac aaacaaaaca tgctaagggc tgtcatggcg     76440
     gtaagaaggc attaagaaag ggcagaggtg agaatgagtg aatctatctg aaggagctga     76500
     ggaaggctag aaggagaatc tgcccttgga gttgggttgg ccctgtgaag ggtggtggac     76560
     agagggatgt cttgtgacaa tgtagtgtgt ccagaggaaa gggagaagct catgctggct     76620
     agagtgcacc tctcacggtt gaagattagg ttggaaaagt aggctagggc aaggttgtga     76680
     aggatttcat atgccacaca gcaggcttca gagttgagac ctgattctct aaagagtaga     76740
     agctgatcag gtttttatca agcagggaag acatatggtc agatccaggc cttaggaagc     76800
     agtgtggagg atggatttaa gaggataaaa gcaagaagtg agtgttttag ttatcagtca     76860
     ctgtgtaaca aatgacccca aactgagtga ctaaaaatga tgatctgtta ttgctcacaa     76920
     ttttgtgagt tagttgaatg gctcttccgc tgttctcatc tggactcata tgatccattc     76980
     aactagtgca tctgagggcc agactcagct gggacactgc aaaggctggg cctctttatc     77040
     catgtgggct cgaggccatc cttgctccat ggtcgctcat ctttcagtat ctaggccatg     77100
     ttttctcaca tattggtgag agcataaaga aggctaatgc cgaacctcca tgtcttctca     77160
     aggcctgtcc ttggaggttg catgatatca cttctgctgc agtgtattgg tgataaccac     77220
     atgggagaag gagacaacat gaagaggtga atacaagttg gtttattggg gaccacacga     77280
     ttaggaagtt attttcagaa tgtaggcaat agacaatgag aggctgagct acgaagtcat     77340
     gtgagtggag aggagcagat atttagaaaa tggaagaatt cactatgcaa taggacatca     77400
     tattaaagct cagatgagag ttacaggcgc acggtgctac tgaaggtcag gttgcaggtg     77460
     tagtggatgc tgttggtgcc tcctgctcta tccccattag ctgctaatcc accatctccc     77520
     agctgctgtg agtgctggct gacaacaact cacagctgtt cctttctctg gaaaattgcc     77580
     ctcaactgaa caggagctgt ctgccaggga ggagatatat tccacctttt actgattggc     77640
     acaggccaca gaaggccgcc ccctttcctg tgggtgagac tgactcagtg gtacaactca     77700
     tgctccagag cttccctggg ggatcaggct gaagctggtc tccaggtgag tccacatcct     77760
     tgctcagccg cttctcctgc tctatgctgt ttcctttact ttccttctcc tgagagcgag     77820
     ccccagctct aagaaactca acctaagaag cggagagaaa aaatgttcaa gtaggtgctg     77880
     gaatttcttt ttataatttt tttcttcccc aaagctacct cggtgctgga atttcttttt     77940
     tctttttcct tttttttttc tttcagagtc tgtctctgtc gcccaagctg gagcgcagtg     78000
     gggtgatttc agctcactgc aacctccacc tcccaggttc aagccattca ttctgcctca     78060
     atctcgtgag tagctggaac tacaggtgtg caccaccatg cctggctcct tttttttttt     78120
     tcttgtatgt ttagtagaga caaggtttca ccatgttggc caggctggtc tgtagctcct     78180
     gacctcaagt gattccccca cttcagcttc ccaaagtgtt gggattatag gcatgagcta     78240
     ctgcacccgg cccctaggtg ctggagtttc taatgggtta gctcctctat gctttcttag     78300
     ttatgtgatt ttctccattt ttcagttcat gtttctctcc ttactttttg ccttctcccc     78360
     tataaattag tttttcttct tcttaaaaat ttttctgcac aactgggcag atttatttaa     78420
     gaatgcttag atgattcttt ctgttagatc tatctgcaaa agataaagct ttacagaagg     78480
     gaagccaaac aagataggat taactcccaa acataacgac ctcaagctta taatagttgt     78540
     cctatggata aagaacacag actatgagtt tgaagacccc atacagtaga catctgttac     78600
     atatttcttc agcatctgtg ttagtccaat ctgtgtcaca ataaagaaca acccaaggct     78660
     gggtaatttt taaacagaaa aggttcattt gtctcatggt tctgcaagtt gtacaggaaa     78720
     cagttctggc atctgcttct ggtgagggac tcaggaagct tacaatcatg gtggaaggcc     78780
     aagagggaac agacatatga gatggcaaaa aggagcaaga aagagagaag ggggaggtcc     78840
     cagacccctt taaacaacca gatcttgcac aagcaagaac tcactcatca caaaggggat     78900
     cgtgctaaac cattcatatt agttagttct cacacagctg taaagatact acctgaggct     78960
     gggtcattta taaacaaagg aggtttaatt gactcatagt tccacatggc tgaggaggcc     79020
     tcaggaaact tacaattatg gtggaagggg aggtaggcac atcttacatg gcagcaggtg     79080
     agagtgtgta ggaggaaatt caaacacatt taaaaccatc agatcttgtg agaactcact     79140
     atcacgagaa tggcatgggg gaactgtccc catgatctaa tcacctccca tcaggtctct     79200
     tcctagacag gtggggatta tgaggattac aattcaagat gagatttagg tggggacaca     79260
     gccaaaccat atcaccattc gtgagggatc tgccttcatg atccaatcac ctcctaccag     79320
     gccccacctc caacattgag aatcacgttt caacatgaga tttagagggg acaaacttcc     79380
     aaaccatatc aggatccttt tacccgctgg cccatagcct gattcttccc ataaggacca     79440
     atcctctttc ccacccctag cccatgttct tcaggtggag ccccatttct gattcagagg     79500
     aaggcatgca acctagatat aacctgatca gcacatgata ctacccagag actaattcac     79560
     agatatagac cacatgtcag gccaatcaca gacaatcaga ctcagttcat aagtttgctt     79620
     aagttcccag agaaggaggt tcctgctttt cttccttttg gtgtgaatca ggaagtatgt     79680
     aatcccagga gctgccagca gctattgttt gctggtgaga gaaggctcca agcaggagga     79740
     agtcagcaca gaggaaacag agctaagaaa tagacaaact gcatcctgat gtcataacat     79800
     tagctcttgt ataaagctgt gcctattatt cctggactct gcagttacat gagccaatag     79860
     atgtcttttc ttttttcttt ttttcttttt agcttaagcg gttccagttg ggtcctgcca     79920
     cttgcaacca aaagagaatg aacacatgga gtttttattt aaataaagca cttgctttag     79980
     tatacttaga catttgcttt ctgtttgtca aacatataca gtggatatta agtgcttaca     80040
     gggacattta ctgagggctg cagcttctta attagaaaac taaataaaaa gaaaacagtg     80100
     ttagccaaaa tgaagattgg caggtaggta ggggggagta ggacacatga actcttactc     80160
     agctcctagt ccagtatcct cttcattttg tcacatcact gctaaattcc aaagctcttc     80220
     tatacagatg ctctgcttgc tatcttgttt ctattgggtc tttggatatt tttctttctc     80280
     tcattccctt tttatctcta ttcaagggaa ctacctacaa atttgaggca tccctgtaaa     80340
     aaataaaaaa taaaaaataa agaccttcat gagtacaaaa cccctggctt ccagatccct     80400
     ggccttgttt tagctactta acatcgaaat gcttccccag cccataccat gataccaccg     80460
     tgcacagact gcttcaccac taattttaga atgtttacac aagggatcat caactcacat     80520
     ctattaatat ccccaactct cccaggaacc ttgcaaggta agtatttcta tagccatctt     80580
     atagatgaga atatttaagt tcagagtaag taatttggct agagtctaaa agctagtagg     80640
     tgggaggctg agaagggtgg atcagttgag gtcaggagtt cgagaccagc ctggccaaca     80700
     tggtgaaacc ctgtctctac taaaaataca aaaattatct gggcatggtg gcacacacct     80760
     gtaatcccag ctacttggga agctgaggca ggagaattgc ttgactccag gaggcagagg     80820
     ttgcagtgag cctaggtcac accactgcac tccagccggg gccacagagc gagattctgt     80880
     ctcaaaaatg aaataacata aaagctggta ggtgggagtc aggattcaag gagtgctgcc     80940
     tccatatgcc atgttctttc cattgcccat caggcaaata ctaggctttc tacaactgca     81000
     ctggggaagg caggtacttt tgcacctctc cccaacccct gctcttacgt tgaaacctcc     81060
     ttgaaagtcc tccatgagat taaagctgca cattcattaa tttaaaagaa attactgagc     81120
     acctactggg tgcctagcat agttctaaat gctgagaagg caacagcaaa caagataatg     81180
     ttcccagtcc tcaaagagag cttacatccc aggggagata gataataaac atgcagacag     81240
     atactatgtc ctatcaggtg gtaacaagtt ctagaaagaa aaacaaagca aggtgagggg     81300
     gtgatatggt ttgcatgttt gtcccctcca aatctcacgt tgaaatgtga tccccaatgt     81360
     tggagatagg gcctggtggg aggtatttgg atcatggggg tgggtccttg ttctgctgga     81420
     tctctattga ctgcagtagg gatggcacca ggttcaagag gcagaagaag agacctggag     81480
     ccagcagaca agacataggg ttttattagc attaaacttg cacacagggg tggtccagtg     81540
     gtagcaggct ggacaggagg accacaacca cttgcaaaaa ccctgaagtt tatatagcgt     81600
     tttcacttag cacctttcct ctaacagtct ccacctggaa aacatcattt aactcaaaac     81660
     aaagggactt gatcccctgt atgacccttg ttccatggga tgggctgggg gttcagatgt     81720
     tcctcacaaa tatgaaatta atctctgggt tggccactcc cagatttctt agcttgaaac     81780
     ttcaaacaca tattcaggtg catctgctat acagtgtaat tctcagggta tgcttaagtt     81840
     attgctgcca ggtgcatctg ccatacaatc cctcatgaat ggcttggtgc tgtccccatg     81900
     gcaattagtg aattattgct ctattagtta ctcagggatc tggttgttag agtctggcac     81960
     ctccctcccc ttctcttgca ccccctctaa acatgtgaca catctgctcc ccttttacct     82020
     tctgccatga ttataagctt tctgaggccc tcaacagaaa tagacgttgg tgccatgctt     82080
     cttgaaggtt ctgcaggttg gcacctgcag aatcatgagc caaataaacc tatttttaaa     82140
     atatccagtc tcaggtattc ctttacagca gtgcaaaaca gactaataca gggggtcaga     82200
     gagtgatggg ttgctatttt aggtggagtg gtcaaggaag acctctttca ggaagaacat     82260
     ttgaacagag acccaaatgg agtgaaaaag tgaggtctgc agttttctgg aggaggagtg     82320
     ttctatgaag gcactgcttc ctcactgtgt tagcctgttc tcatgctgct aataaagatt     82380
     tacctcaggc tgggtaattt ataaaggaaa gaggtttaat tgactcacac ttctgcaagg     82440
     caggggagac ctcaggaaac ttacaatcat agtggaaggg gaagcaaaca tgtccttcac     82500
     atggcggcag gaagtgaagt gagtgctgag tgaagtggga agccccttaa accatcagat     82560
     ctcttgagaa ctcactatca tgagaacagc atggtggaaa ccaccctcat gattcagttt     82620
     ctttacctgc tccctcccac gacacgtggg gattatggaa accacaattc aagatgagat     82680
     ttgggtgggg acacagccaa accaaatcac tcaccatgga gcatcatcag ctgtgactta     82740
     ccaccccacc atgcctccac tagatagatt ccctgaggat agggaagcca tgcagaagaa     82800
     gagcagaaac ttctatagtg atggcaggtg ggtggtggag catggctggg aatgaaggga     82860
     gaaaagaaga tgctggctac agataggaat ctgctttctt aaaaatgttt accacctaaa     82920
     agctatgtgg taatatgaat tggatcctag aatacagaaa ggacatgagt ggaataattg     82980
     gtgaaatctg aacaaagtct gtagtgtgga agctaaaaca cctccatctt ggaggctaat     83040
     ccatcacttt gacttctgat taacccagat ccaggaaagc ctctaagatt tccagttaat     83100
     ctattattcc tgtgtaacag taactactta ccataagtcc tgcccttagg ttaaagtgac     83160
     cttcattcta tcatatttca gttgtcttac acatcccttc tgagtgaccc ttccctgtgg     83220
     tatccaagcc cttggtctgg tgggtaatag cacagggatc caccatcttg tcttgctgct     83280
     gcctgagaaa caaacatggt ttctgttcat aagtccctat taaatatttc tttcttagga     83340
     gccgaatatg ttagcctcct ttttggcctt tcagcttcct tggactttgg gggcaggttt     83400
     gcataggcct gctcactgaa gaacagtagt taagggtaat atttaccaat gttaattttc     83460
     ttagttttga taaacatcat ggttataaat gatgttcaca ttaggtaaag ctgagtgatg     83520
     gcacaaaagc tgagtaatgg gagctctgtg ctatttttgt aactcttctg taaatctaaa     83580
     attatttcaa aataaaaagt taaaagacaa agccaggcat agaggctcac gcctgtaatt     83640
     ccagtacttt gggaggccaa ggcaggagga ttgcttgagt ccaggagttc gagatcagcc     83700
     tgcacaaact gagcaacata gtgagaccct gtctctacaa aaaaatacaa aaattagctg     83760
     ggtgtggtgg tgcattcctg tagtcctggc tacttgagag gctgaggtgg gaggatcact     83820
     tgagtccagg agtttgagat tagagtgagc tatgattgca ctgacacaga atggctgggc     83880
     tcccagctaa acctcaccct taagcctgga actgtggccc caagtgaaaa cagctgaccc     83940
     cattttcccc ccacaaatgt tgcctttttg acctgccacg cccctatcct gtgcccataa     84000
     aaagactgca gctggcagag caacacaagc ggctgagcag caagtagaga agcaactgag     84060
     cgtcagagac tacagataga cgcggctaac ttcagactct ggcttcaggg aaagactacc     84120
     ttcttcccgc accatcccct ttccaactcc tatcccgctg ggagccactt ccattgccca     84180
     ataaaattct ccatatacac tacccttcaa tccgtttgtg tgatctgatt cttccatgat     84240
     gcgagacaag aacccaagtg ccgagagggc aggggcttgg acgctgctgc ggggctcgca     84300
     tagaacctgc tcctgcccca gaggagtgac tggccggttc tagcattcat tccctcgggt     84360
     tcctgcactc gcttgaacgc ttcctctcgg gaggagtggc cagtggtggg ctgagtgaaa     84420
     cgtgtcactc cagttcccac ccgcaaagag ggtcaaagtc aacagaacaa gcctatttta     84480
     gcaccaccgc actgcagcct gtgtaacaga gcaagactgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaagatt     84540
     taaaaatgcc gtccgcttta tactagcaaa atattgatga aactacaaaa tattactgaa     84600
     acaaattaat caaaactctc aataaatgag gtattgatgg aatatgtctc aaaataataa     84660
     gaactattta tgacaaaccc actgccaata tcatactgaa taggcaaaag ctggaagcat     84720
     tacctttgaa aaccggtaca agactaggat gccctctctc accactccta ttcaacatag     84780
     tattggaagt tctggccatg gcaatcaggc aagaggaaga aataaagggt attcagttag     84840
     gaagagagga agtcaaattg tctctctttg tagacgacat gattttatat ttagaaaacc     84900
     ccatcatctc agcccccaaa ctccttaaac tgataagcaa cttcagcaac gtcttaggat     84960
     acagaatcaa tgtgcaaaaa tcacaagcat tcctttacac caacaataga caagcagaga     85020
     gccaaatcat gaatgaactc ccattcataa tcgctaaaaa gaaaataaaa tacctaggaa     85080
     tacagctaac aagggatgtg aaggacctct tcaaggagaa ctctaaacca ctgctcaagg     85140
     aaataagaga ggacacaaac aaatggaaaa atattccatc ctcatgaata ggaagaatca     85200
     atatggtgaa aatggccata ctacccaaaa taatttataa attcaatgct attcccatca     85260
     aactaccatt gacattcttc acaaaattag aaaaaactac tttaaatttc atatggaatc     85320
     aaagaagacc ccgtatagcc aagacaatcc aaagcaagaa gaacaaagct ggaggcatca     85380
     tactacctga cttcaaacta tactgcaagt ctacagtaac caaaagagca tggtactggt     85440
     accaaaacag atatatagac caatggagca gaacagaggc ctcagacata acactgcaca     85500
     tctacaacca tctgattttc ggcaaacttg acaaaaacaa gcaatgggga aaggatctcc     85560
     tattcagtaa atggtgctgg gaaaacgggc tagccatatg cagaaaactg aaactggatc     85620
     ccttccttac actttataca aaaattaact caagatggat taaaaactta aatgtaaaac     85680
     cccaaaccat aaaaacccta gaagaaaacc taggcaatac tattcaggac ataggtgtgg     85740
     acaaagactt catgacaaaa atgccaaaag caattgcaac aaaagccaaa attgacaaat     85800
     gggatctgat gaaactaaag agcttctgca cagcaaaaga aactaccatc agagtgaaca     85860
     ggcaacctac agcatggcag aaaatttttg cagtctaccc atctgacaaa ggtccaatac     85920
     ccagaattta caaggaactt aaacaaattt ataagaaaaa aacaacccca tcaaaaagtg     85980
     ggcaaaggat atgaacagac acttctcaaa agaaggcatt taggttgggc gtggtggctc     86040
     acacctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggtgggcg gatcacctga ggtcaggagt     86100
     ttgagaccag cctggccaac atagtgaaac cctctctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc     86160
     tgggcatggt ggcaggcacc tgtaatccca gctactcagg aggctgaggc aggagaatca     86220
     tttgaaccca ggaggtggag tttgcagtga gccaagactg taccactgta ttccagcctg     86280
     ggcaacagag tgaaactcct tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa attatatggc caacaaacat     86340
     atgaaagaaa gctcaacatt actgatcatc agagaaatgc aaatcaaaac cacaatgaga     86400
     taccatctca cgccaatctg aatggttatt attaaaaagt cagaaaacag tagttgctgg     86460
     tgaggctgtg gagaaatggg aatgcttttt acactgctgg tgggaatgta aattagttaa     86520
     accattgtgg gagacagtat ggtgattcct caaggatcta gaaccaggaa taccatttga     86580
     cccagcaatc ccattattgg atatataccc aaagaaatat aaatcattct ataagacaca     86640
     tgtacatata tgtttattgc agcactattc acaatagcaa agacatggaa ccaacccaac     86700
     tgcccatcaa tgatagactg gataaagaaa atgcggtaca tatacaccat ggaatactat     86760
     gcaaccataa aaaggaatga gattatgtcc tttgcaggga catggatgaa gctggaagcc     86820
     attatcctct gcaaactaac acaggaacag aaaaccaaaa actgcatgtt ctcactcata     86880
     agtgggagtt gaacaatgag atcacataga cacagagagg ggaacaacac acaccagagc     86940
     ctgttggggg ggtgggggct gaggggaggg aacttagagg atgggtcaat aggtgcagca     87000
     aaccaccttg gcacacatat acctatgtaa caaacctgca cattctgcac atgtgtcccc     87060
     cctttatttt ttagaagaaa attttttaaa aaagacctaa ataaatagag aaatatgtta     87120
     tatttatgga ttgatgaact tggtatttta aaaatgaaca gacaatgtag gctgggcacg     87180
     gtggctcacg cccgtaatct cagcactttg ggaggctgag gtgggcgggt cacgaggtca     87240
     ggagatggag accatcctgg ctaacacggt gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa aatatataaa     87300
     aaaaattagc cgggcgcggt ggcgggcgcc tgtagtccca gctactcagg aggctgaggc     87360
     agaagaatgg cgtgaacccg gaagtcggag gttgcagtga gccgagattg cgccactgca     87420
     ctctatcctg ggagacagag cgagactctg tctcaaaata ataataaaaa aaatgaacag     87480
     actagatgta attgcacaac aggttttcct gcctcctgca gagacaaaac cagttcactg     87540
     agaccatggt attccggcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag tttaattgac     87600
     acaaggctgg acacacggga gacggagtta ttactcaaat cagtcttgcc aagaactcag     87660
     aggctagggt ttttgtggac aacttggtgg gcaagtgggt agggaatgga ggctgctgat     87720
     tagctgggga tgaaatcata gggttgtgga aatcggtcat tttgtgctaa gtgcacctct     87780
     gggtgggcct gcagggtcag ttaagtcatg agtcacaggt ccaggtggga tcagctggtg     87840
     gccagaaagt ctgaaaaaaa aatctcaaaa ggtcaatctt aggttctaca atggtgatgt     87900
     tatctataag agaaattggg aaagtcacat gttgtgtggc ctttggccac atgactcctg     87960
     agcagtaagg gattacaaaa actacaccta tattttagca gaattcaggc ctctctcata     88020
     atcctaatat tgtggacttt cattagtctt acaaaggtgg ttttagtccc tcaactagga     88080
     ggggtttggt ttaagggagg gactttatca tccttgcttc aaagttcaac tatcaactat     88140
     attcctcccc aagttagctt ggcctgtgcc taggaatgac caaggacagc ttggagatca     88200
     gaagcaagat ggagtcgatt atgtcagatt tctcttactg tcataatttt gcaaaggcag     88260
     ctttataaac agtccagaaa cagacaatat gcagtcacta gggttatgac aaagggacaa     88320
     taaagcacaa gaaaaagaat gatcttcata aatagcaata aatcaattgg atacccacat     88380
     aggaaaaatg aatcacaact tctatactac atgatacaca aaaatcaatt ccatatgtat     88440
     tgtatgaaat gaagcttcta aaagaaaaca aggatatctt tatgatcttg gtgaaggcaa     88500
     ttatttttca aacaggacac agaaagtata aaccacaaag aaaataaatc ataaaatgga     88560
     ctaaattaaa actaacaact tcctttttaa aaagatccca ttaagagaat gaaaaaactg     88620
     gccgggtgtg gtggctcaca cctgtaatcc cagcactctg ggaggctggg gcaggcagat     88680
     cacctggtag gcaaatctcc tgaactcaac caggagttcg agaccagact ggccaatgtg     88740
     gtgaaacccc atctctacta aaaatacaaa aattagctgg gtgtattggc acacatctgt     88800
     aatctcagct actcgggagg ctgaagtagg agaattgctt gaacccggga ggcaagcaag     88860
     ccaagattgt gccactgcac tccagcctgg gtgacagagt gagactttgt ctcaaaaaaa     88920
     aaaaaagcca taacatggga gaaatttgta tctcacctat ctgacaaaga actggtctct     88980
     agaatatata actactacaa atcagtaaga caattcaaca gatactttca aagcacaaag     89040
     caacatggat gaatctcaca gacatgatga ggtcaaggag ccagacacaa aagagtatat     89100
     gtggtatgat tggtatgatt taattcatat aaagtttaaa agcaggcaaa acttctgtat     89160
     ggccatactt gttatattta aggatgaggt ggctagtaac tgaaaagggg catgagggtg     89220
     cttctgggat gctggtgata ttttatttcc tggtctgggt gttgtataaa gaaatgtatt     89280
     catttatgat ttgtacactt tctatatatc tacatctata tctctatgct atatttcagt     89340
     aaaagtttgt taaaatgcca tatggcttag ttggagagaa aagtatagat tgggattgta     89400
     atgaattatt ctctgatgaa ctattgaact caccattgta ttatctactg ctgcaaaaca     89460
     attattctga aacttagcag cttaaaacaa caaacattta ttatcattca gggtctctca     89520
     tgaggttgca gtctaacttg gctggggcta caatcatctg aaagcttgac tgggactggg     89580
     ggatccatgt tccagctcat ttgcactgtt ggcaggctct agttccttgc tagctgtcag     89640
     cgggtcttca gtctctcatt acatggccat acagcacctg agtgtcctca caacatgaca     89700
     gctggctttc tccagagtga gtgagcaaag ggggaaaggc agcccaagat gaaagacact     89760
     gtgtttttaa atgacctaat tgtggaagct acataccatc acttctgctg tattccactg     89820
     acaacacaga tcaaccctag tgcaatgaaa gggaactacc caagagcatg aagacgagct     89880
     ggtagggatc tttgggagcc atcttgtgat ggtttccaca gctatctttc tcacaaccct     89940
     tactagaata ttaatggaaa ttctaagatt ctcacacttc tctctgttat aattcattaa     90000
     tatgtacaaa aatctctagc tgctttcaaa ctggtgaccc cattggaaga acttgccggt     90060
     gggggtgagg agaaacctga gaagagggtc agattcttcc atcactgtcc caaggggcat     90120
     agactctgtg aagatggtcg tttctagcct gtgatttcag aaattctggc aggtccccct     90180
     gcccttggta cctcaacata atatgaccag tgatccctga aataactcca aaggaaacct     90240
     atgccactgg tgaaagatgt tcctttccta tcaaatgcag gcacactagc agcacagtaa     90300
     agcagtggtt cccaaacttg gctgctcttt agaatttcat ggggagctgt gaaaaatgtg     90360
     aattcctgag tctgtccaga aaaccgattc agactctcca gaggtggact tccagactct     90420
     gcagtttgag aaggcttctc tccatctgtc agagtaagaa aaaaattttg aaaatcaata     90480
     aaaaagaaaa aagagaaggc ttcttaggaa gttctgagag aagagttggc caagcatctg     90540
     acagctggtc ctgcagcggt atttggaaac tactgacata taccattagt gtgtgtagat     90600
     ttcagacccc ttctggggag tgagtttcaa tgttgggagt gagggtggga tagccatttg     90660
     tccacaaaga gcccattttt cttcccagct ctctctgctc aatgtgctga gtgagatagt     90720
     gcttctcagc ctctttgaac gctttcttgt ccctctgcct gcactttggt tcccatcacg     90780
     tcagccttga aggtggagtg gcctgtcagc accacaggct tgtgactgga gccacaggat     90840
     ctcctttatc tcctcagctt caggctctgt tgtgtgaatc caggctaaga gcagttcaat     90900
     gactcagggt taagaggaca caccgccatc tcttgactca gccaggagat ccttcctctt     90960
     tggcaataaa aggacacaat gctttgtaga gttgccactt aatatagatg agattacagt     91020
     ttgtggactg gatgaatcta gagacttgtt ttctcaccta tgagaaaata tgcaaggcat     91080
     gggaacattc ttcatagtag taaaaattga aaatatttgt ttttttcatc cattcactca     91140
     acaaatattt gttgagcatc tctgatctta tcttctacta ctgtcttgct tatacctctc     91200
     caaccacact aaccccgctg atcttcttag aacaaaccag gtactcctct gccttaagga     91260
     atctgctgca gcctggaact ttcttaccca gttgtctact gagctaactt cctcaccttc     91320
     aaatctttgc ttacttctca ccttctcgat aggggttaac gtgaccaccc tatttacccc     91380
     tgcaaccagc ttcccttcct tacactgttc taccttttat ttttccacag ctctgtttac     91440
     cttttaatac actatttcat tgattaggtc atcgtttatc gtttgagttc ctctcttgaa     91500
     tgttaagttt catcagggca ggaatctttg tctgtttttt tcaccatgtg tccctggtac     91560
     ctggcatgga gtctggcacg taagagacac ttgataaata tttgttgaat gaatcaactg     91620
     ggagccggaa gagcagcatg caatacagat aagatcactg gtgtcataga gctcatgatt     91680
     tattggaggt gaatgtaaat gaattattac agaaatgctt atttagtgat aattgtgata     91740
     gctaagaagg aaatatggag ttgtatctga gagtatacga ggggcccaac ctaattaggg     91800
     ggccagggat agtttgttga ggcagcaaca cttagcctga gaccagaagg tggagtggag     91860
     taatccagct gagggagctg ggaagacagt ggaaagaccc tcttagattt caagtagttt     91920
     tcagttgtcc ggcttataac aaccgggcat gctgacaacc acatggaggt gcctctcttt     91980
     tctcttgaag tagctattca aactgagttt ccaaaaatct gtagactacc tctacaccaa     92040
     catctgaaca ccaacttcag aatatttctc ttgttacaga tggatgctct ttgatgaata     92100
     acatttttga tcttctgaat gtctccttaa tcagttgaaa acaaattaag ttttcaattg     92160
     attaaataaa tttactcaat ccactggata aagtttaaat atttattgta tcagtccact     92220
     gaataaataa agtttaaata ttctcagcaa tcaatcaaga gtttaagaga tcttatctca     92280
     gaaacaaaac cacataaagg ctgaggtaaa agagcttcat actgagagga aagccttagt     92340
     tgatgagatg agcagttctc taggtattct tcctagcact tgaaataaag tactttgcac     92400
     aaggcaacta aagaaaatgt ctgtaggaat taggtcaaag ttgtaatagt taggcaaggc     92460
     acggaggttt acacctgtaa tcccaatgct ttcagaagcc aaggcaggag gatcccttga     92520
     gggcaggagt ttgagaccag cctgggcaat atagagagat ctgtctctac taaaaataaa     92580
     aataaaaata gctaggtgtg gtggtgcatg cctatagtcc tagctacttg gggggctgag     92640
     atgacagaat cacttaaact caggagtttg aggctacagt gagctatgtc atgccactgc     92700
     actccagcct aggtgataga gtgtgggacc ctgtctctaa aaccaaaaac attatagcag     92760
     ttaattccct tctagagatc acctggctgc attaggcagt tttttccttt ttattactca     92820
     gaagaacaaa cacatttata agaaaatata caggtatgaa ataatgagtc agtggtaaat     92880
     actgtgaaaa agattttgaa agcttctgag tactaacaga tcttaaacat tcacttgtta     92940
     attcacctct gggaactcaa tctttgacct ggaaacaaga ggaaaaacag catcctttct     93000
     tgagcagtat gttctcagct tccgagctgc ccaggagatt gggccccaga tgatacctta     93060
     gaaccagaat caatgcttgt gggaggacca tgtaggctcc ttcatcagag gcatatagtg     93120
     atacctccat taataaagcc tctggggatt ctgtgttctt tttgctttgt ttctgtttta     93180
     ttttgctttt ttgctaagtt agccaggttg tggaggggaa tggtataact tcaactgagg     93240
     attgtgctgg ttgtgaccat gtcaaaagaa gcagtaactt tatctcagga tttccctctg     93300
     tatcagtcag gagaggctag gttatgctgc tgtaacaaac aaccccacaa tctcagtggc     93360
     ttaaaatagt agaggtttat tttttcactt aacaacacat gtccatctgg ggcctgtgat     93420
     gggaaaggct gccacaaagg tctctgacat atcctggaga cattttctcc attgtcttgg     93480
     ctattaacat tcagttcctc tttacttatg gaaatttctg tagcaggctt aaatttctcc     93540
     ccagaaaatt ttttcttttc taccacacaa ccaggttgca aattttccaa acctttatgc     93600
     tctgcttctc ttttaaacag aagtttcagt ttcagataat ctctttgttc acacacatga     93660
     gtgtacactt ttagaaacag ccaggtctca tcttgaatgc tttgctactt agaaatttct     93720
     tctgccagat accctaaatc atctctctca agttcaaagt tccacagatc tctagggcag     93780
     ggacaaaatg ctgtgtctct ttcctaaagc atagcaagag tgacctttac tccagtttcc     93840
     tataagttcc tcatctccat ctgagagcac ctcagcctgg acttcattgt ccatatcact     93900
     atgagtgttt tggttacaac cattcaacaa atctctagga agttctaaat cttccatcat     93960
     cttcctgtct tcttctgagc cctctaaact gttccagcct ctgcccatta cccagttcca     94020
     aagttgcttc cacattttca ggtatctttt tagcaatact ccactcttgg taccaatttt     94080
     ctgtaatagt ccattctcac actgctataa agaactacct gagcctgggt aatttatgaa     94140
     gaaaagaggt ttaattgact cacagttcca catgcttcat aggaagcatg actgggaggc     94200
     ctcaggaaac ttataatcat ggcagaaggt gaaggggaag caaacatctt cttcacatgg     94260
     tggcaagaga gagagaaggg ggaagtgcca cacagtttta aaccattgga tctcatgaga     94320
     actcactcac tatcaagaga agagcaagga ggaaatctgc ccccatgatt caatcacctc     94380
     ccaccaggtc cctccctcaa cactggagat tacaattcaa catgagattt gggagaagac     94440
     atagagccaa accatatcac ataattattc ataacgggtg ggaaaggatg ttgctagtaa     94500
     gtatattata ggtggtcttt tgggtattct cagtagctgt acgtgcttgt tcatgtatca     94560
     catgtctcat tagcatcttc aatctccatc caggggtgtg ttttttacta ttataatgag     94620
     caaagggtca atctgaggac aagtaaaatt aaaatgcgca tgctttctac aggggaaagt     94680
     ccctgaagat agttctgctt ggatgggctt gatcacaatg tgagtactgg ggtttgttac     94740
     gttgctggtg cagttgctgt gtcccacata acagacatgg taactgacat tgttaccagc     94800
     tcatgtgttg acggtgcagt tttcatgtcc caaggacatg gttatttcct ttactatcta     94860
     tcctgactca ataatactgt tactaaactt tggcagcttg tatttttttc tctgaaatta     94920
     tatttttaag agttatccaa gttgacacaa ggagccatag ttcattcatt taactgtaag     94980
     aacagccctt cttgaacctt aattggcaca tgaatcacta caggatcttg ttcaagtaca     95040
     gattctgatt tggtatgtct gaagttctca actgaagcca acactgctgg ttgggcatca     95100
     catttttgga ggcaaggctg catagaattc ccttgaatgc atgtgggaca atttattcat     95160
     ttattcccct gttgatgaac tcttagcttg ttttaagttt atttttacca ttacgtaaca     95220
     ttacaagtat tacagtgagc attcttttgc atatctcttg gcatccttat gcaagagttc     95280
     tccagagtat atacctagaa atgcagtggc tgggtcatag gatctaccac tgttcaattt     95340
     tactaagtac tgctaacttg ctctccaaag tggtggtttc cactgattgc tgtataagaa     95400
     atttggaaaa attccttttg ttccatatgc ttactgcaca tggtactttc agcagtgagt     95460
     gtgtcttttc atatatttgt tgaacatttg atttctttag tcttttttct aagtttatgt     95520
     ggtggatact aatcttagtg tgtacctcaa aaatacgatt ttcttcactt tgccaaaatt     95580
     taactgaggg ttaacttgat taagcccacc aaacttaacc tgccctgctt gcttttaatc     95640
     acttacttct agttgatcta aaaactccca ctagcaagtc ataaagccaa ataatacaga     95700
     actaaactcc tactagcttc cttatagata acatctctga ctgtgggtca ccatagtaac     95760
     agttgcttaa ggttgttttt caggagctaa ggggcagctc ttgtccagtt caagctggtt     95820
     aagaccatca accattcaac tgggcctggg agaattcttg agaggagaca ttttgacatt     95880
     agagggccaa aaattctacc cgcagatcat gctaacactg ccattttcag aacatgtgtt     95940
     ctatgaagag ccatgaagct agactatgcg tgcacagatt gtggattaac tcacttttcc     96000
     ttatccctaa ttacctttcc cctcgcctca gaccaccttg ctcctctgtc ccataaacat     96060
     ccctctggat ctcccacctc cttccttggc tgccttgtga gtaaactgtt tcttttgcaa     96120
     aacccatcat cacagtgatt gacttgctga gtgtgggcag aataaaccta gtctgatatc     96180
     aaaaacacaa ctgaggctgg gtgtggtggc tgatgcctgt aatcccagca cactgggagg     96240
     ccgaggtggg tggatcacga ggtcaagagt tcgagaccag cctgaccaac atggtgaaac     96300
     cctgtctcta ctaaaaacac aaaaattagc tgagtgtggt ggcgtgcgcc tgcagtccca     96360
     gctactcggg aggctgaagt aggagaatcg cttgaacctg ggaggcggaa gttgcagtga     96420
     gtcgagattg tgccactgca ctccagcctg ggcaacagag cgagactccg tctcaaaaaa     96480
     aaacaaacaa gaaacacaac tgaattttga acctgtattt ttctagactg gtagaaaatt     96540
     aatcttaatc attatgggct tcccttacca cctctttccc cgagattaaa tctaaattct     96600
     gggaggttta tgtagatcca aggtgtttga gtgtaggtcc cagggcctcc atctctgcac     96660
     attgccattg atgtgtcctt caatcctgct atcaacctaa agcataatcg cctgataagt     96720
     tcttcctgcc caccgcaaag acaaagttaa ttcactgaaa ccagggcact gcagtagaga     96780
     aagagcttaa ttgacatgag gccggcctgt gtgggagaac tggagttatc actcaaatct     96840
     gtctccctga tgacttggag gttagggttt ttatggacaa tcttgtgggc aggaggctag     96900
     ggatgattgg tttaggatga aatcatagga tgtggaaaac tggcctcatg tgctgtgtct     96960
     acctctgggt ggggccacag gattagttga gtcgtgagtt ccgagtccgg gtgggggtca     97020
     gtctgaaaaa cgtctcaaag aaaccaatcc ttaggttcta taatagtgac gttatttatc     97080
     tgtaagggca attgggaaag tcacaagtct tgtgacctct ggccatatga cccctgagca     97140
     gcaaggaatt atagaaacta tgcctacatt tgagccaagt tcaggccccc ctatcctaat     97200
     cttgtggcct ttctttagtt ttaaaaaggt ggtttttggt ccctgagcaa ggagggggtt     97260
     agttttaggg aggtactatt attcttactt tcaagttaaa ctataaacta tattcctctt     97320
     aaagttagcc tggcctatag ccagcaatga tcaaagacag cttggaggtc agaagcaaga     97380
     tggagtcaag gtcagatttc tcttactgtc ataattttgc aaaagcagtt tcaaaaggaa     97440
     gaagctgagg caaaattaat ataagtatag ttaatttggg ccaagcttaa gagttgcaac     97500
     caaggagcac cgattcaagt tgctctgaat agacactctg attggcagca gttacaagtg     97560
     gatttttaaa gggaaagaag aagcagttgt tgagttgttt accaagaagt tacattagaa     97620
     ttatgcaagc tattggttat ccattgttct ttgtctcaca aattccagga acatgaggat     97680
     aatgggcaag gcaggtagtt ggggacaaaa tgactttaaa tagttgcccc caggtatggg     97740
     atatgtggag ggggcatttt gtggggaatg attgaagttt catactcatg tctctctggg     97800
     cctgcatacc tccatatagc tcagacagct ctgagctatt tttcttttct cattgccaat     97860
     ctggcccttt tgtgttagct tagagtgcac tcaaacatct gctcttcttg ccatgctggg     97920
     atgaggaaat gtctgcaaga ctctaaagac ccaggagcct agatgtccta tgcagcaatt     97980
     tcctccctga gctttgtcag tctacttaat aaggaaagca tgttgcccat ctaacaacct     98040
     ccttgggacc cccaaacagc tgccttctta tctcttctct ctgatctctt gttctcttct     98100
     cagccctgga aggaattttt ctttgtattg aagattaggg tggagtggaa tgagggaagt     98160
     cctctctctc taattccttt ttcctttttt ttttttttac atttattctg ccagtcttca     98220
     ctggtttcct aaggctttta gaaatgaaag tcagaaacac tctttttttc ttctttcagc     98280
     cagtcacatc cttctcctga ggcaatggga aaagaaagac ctaagtgctt gaatggggga     98340
     gaggagggta gggcagactg tgacaatgtg aaatggtgca gcaaatgtgg aaaatggttt     98400
     gggaatttct caaaacatta agcatagagt tgccatatga cccagcaatt ctactccaat     98460
     agaaataaaa atatatgtcc acacaaaaac aagtgttcat agcagcatta ttcattgtag     98520
     cccaaagtga aaataaccca aatgtccatc aactaatgaa tggataaaat gctttatatt     98580
     catataatga aatattattt ggtgataaaa attaatgaag tgctggtaca tgagacaata     98640
     ttggatgaac cttgaaggca ttatgggaag tgaaagaagc ctgacatgta agaccttata     98700
     ttgtataact ttgtatatat gaatgtccag aatagacaaa ttcatagaga cataaaatag     98760
     tggttgctag ggcttggggg aggaatggga gtgactgcta ctgggtagga ggtttccttt     98820
     taggtgatga atattctaaa attgatggtg gggatggttg cgcaactttg tgaatatact     98880
     aaaaccaatg agttgtatat tttaaattgg tggattgtat cacatatgac ttatatccta     98940
     ataaagctgc taaaaaaatg aattgaaaaa atattggtta cttcctcccc ccaaactatt     99000
     attcaactac atgcacatct tatatattgc agatattttt attttatttt taattatttt     99060
     aaatttattt atttattttt tgagatggag tcttattctg tcaccaggtt aaagtacagt     99120
     gagtggtgcc atctcagctc attgcaaccc tcgcctccag agctcaagca gttctctcac     99180
     ttcagcctcc tgagtagttg tgactacagg cacgtgcgct gtgcactgtt aatttttttt     99240
     aatttttggt agaaatgggg ttttgccgtg ttgtccaggc tggtttcaaa ctcctgagct     99300
     caagtgatcc attcaccctg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggtgtg agccactgtg     99360
     cctggcccag atatttcaaa aaatttgaag cagatattac atataggtta tctaactttt     99420
     cctcctaaat atgtattagg tgcctacttt ggtcaaacta ctgaagcagt attgtttgtc     99480
     tggggtaata cccaaggttc attgtcccac gccaaggaaa tcaaggacac ggacacacaa     99540
     ggagtgaggt taagagtgga agtttaatag agaattgctt gagctctgga ggcaagggtt     99600
     gcaaaagaaa gagaaaagct ctctcctgta gagagagggg tcttgagcag gtcttccagt     99660
     ccccggtgaa gtgtaagagg ttttatagat gaacttgagg aggtggtgtc tgatttacat     99720
     agggcatgaa agattggttg aacagggtgt gacatttgca tagcacacga aaaactggtt     99780
     agggctaggt gtgccattag catagtgcat gagaatctgg ccacccccag cctaatcttt     99840
     tattatgcaa acgggttctc tacctggcag gtgccatgtt acctgttcct ttactataca     99900
     catggtgaca aagaaaagag aagatggagc ccccgtgttg aacatgactg accctcagat     99960
     agcccttttc tactggcaca gctgccggca ttcaccagtg caagcttcca gcttacttat    100020
     ctatgtctgc agctcgattt ttcaggctgc tctttgttag aagagaaatg atttggaggc    100080
     tgctttttgt taaaagggaa attctgctga ggattctgtt gcccttacta tctgcctaaa    100140
     taatttctac cttctgtatc agtaccatgg taggatactg tggaaagaca aagatgaata    100200
     aggtatatcc cttcctttga gaagcttcaa tatgatcatt tccattcatt tgacttctag    100260
     ctgctgtggt ctgtaaatgg taacaattat ttatttcacc tgtccacatt aacatcacaa    100320
     actttagtga gttgaaagta gcagttaaaa taatcgagag gatggacgga ttctgtaaga    100380
     agtcatacta aaaggattta aactttttgg cctgtgaaga tgaatgtgga gaagggctaa    100440
     attggcttga actgaaatgt atgttccaaa ttaggaattc tcaaccttgt aatttttgaa    100500
     gaatctctgt tccaccctat attcattaag ccagactctg ggtgtaaaat gcaggcataa    100560
     ataggtcttt aaaacttccc agttgatggc aatgtgtagc tgaggttgaa agttactggt    100620
     gtaggtgcct taactgagta gtttcctgca aataagaaaa gtgatatatt ataaagggcg    100680
     agcagttaac ccaggtatat gctttaccca tcaaagagta tttttggaag gctcagccat    100740
     acttggtgtg accttcctgg gtgaagtggc aatgctaaca tagtaggtgg ctcccaatga    100800
     cctatttgtg acaaagaact gtcagaggga cataggagtt tatagatcaa gaaatggaac    100860
     tttgggctag aatccagaag aggcatttat cagtgcatta aaatggaggg gctatatcaa    100920
     aaaaatgtgg gaattcacct ttcaagggaa ttgaagagga ggaagtaaga gaagcaggaa    100980
     ttttgggaag taatttcttg aatgctgagt gatgactagg caggatccag tctctttggt    101040
     tgggttcaag gtagaagtgt tatatgacag agttagtctt atgaggacat ataggctgta    101100
     attaaggcca attagagata tattgggccc attgctaccc tttgggcttt acattatgaa    101160
     gcccaattac accatgcctt gaaacattca ttagtttcca ctcacaaaca caaaagattg    101220
     acctttggtc tggctcagtg gttccagtgt tcaaatgtct tgcatttatt tttctgtttt    101280
     tatttatttt tttttagggt tgattttcat gtccaaaatg agaagagaat tatgactgga    101340
     agtctttgtc caccatatga tacgagcagg gacaaaggtt tctgtgtttg ctcaaggctc    101400
     tatgccgaac aggatgcact ttcgacatca tgatttttgc aaagtattat tccttcagta    101460
     gcagtgagat gaaacacagc atgtcaacct ccatatgatt ggggtcttgg cactggagtt    101520
     atcttggcac taggagctat ttcctggtac aggaacctag aggaactgct ttcctgttat    101580
     gtttcaactg tccaactcga ttatcctctc tccaagggga ttcagaatag ggggctaatt    101640
     ccattgtggg gaaacttcac ccaggctttt aggaccatta ggcaagattt cccatggcag    101700
     aaagactgtc ggcaaagcag gagcagaaca tgcattggaa gagtccaaaa tggggtcata    101760
     tcacagtgct atgggggacc ctggcatttg gttgggtaac ctcaagggca tttggtttag    101820
     gatcaagcca gagtttattt gacagctctg aaataaccct aagttcaata tctgaagtgg    101880
     tcttatggag gagccatttg atagttcatt tccacccttg attacccacc cctttttttt    101940
     ttagctgagg tcttgctctg tcacccaggc tggagtgcag tggcatgatg tgtcgaagta    102000
     tattcaaggg aattgaagag aaggaagtaa gagaagcagg aagtatctgg ggaagtaatt    102060
     ccttgaatgc tgagtgatga ctgtgcagga cccagtctct ttggttgggt tcaaggtaaa    102120
     agtgttatat gacagtgtta gtctgatgag gacacatagg tgtaattagg gccaattaga    102180
     gatatattgg acccattgct actctttggg ctttacatta tgaagtgtac cagtggtagc    102240
     tcactgcagc ctcgaactcc tgggctcaag caatcctccc acctcagcct cccaaatagc    102300
     tgggactaca ggtgcaggcc accacagccc actaattttt aatatttttt acgtgaaaat    102360
     aaagtgtcac tgtgtttccc aggctggtct tgaaccctgg gctcaagcta tcctcctact    102420
     ttacctcccc aagtgttggg attacaggtg tgagccactg gccctgatta ttatttttta    102480
     tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttttg agacagggtc tcactctgta gcccaagctg    102540
     gagtgcagtg gcatgatctc agctcaccac aacctccacc tcccaggttc aagcgattat    102600
     cctgccccag cctcctgagt agctgggagt acaggcaccc accaccacgc ctggctaatt    102660
     attttttgta tttttggtag agacggggtt ccgccatgtt gcccaggctg gtctcgagct    102720
     cctgagctca ggatgacctg cctgcctcag cctcccaaag tgctaggatt acaggtgtga    102780
     gccaccgcac ctggcctaat tatattttaa agtgcatttc cccccaagtt ccagttgctt    102840
     ataggattta gctctgaagt caaggtattt gagatttttt aatccatgtg ctgggaaaga    102900
     gaaataattc tagaaattta gttctgctaa cattgtcaca agataagatt gtagtttttg    102960
     caaaataaaa tggtgtttgg tgagttttat tttgcttttg atggaatggg ttgcttcttg    103020
     atattaaagt tggagaaatg ggtgagattt tgatataaga gatactggat ttgtgttatc    103080
     agtatctgtt ctaatatctc tttatttgac tactgggcac attcttgagt tggaaaaaca    103140
     aagttgctaa gggttggaat tgtctcaatt ttgtttttac ttttatatgt tgacactatt    103200
     tgattaaagc cattgcacat tcagtttatt ttcttaaagt ttgttataga ggcaactaaa    103260
     gttctgcaga cttgtaaata aattatatct aactgtacat aacctgggtt acattcttga    103320
     gcgaatcata tcaacattgg cagaacgttt aaataaacat gctaggaaag gttaaataga    103380
     ggttaaacag tttattcttc ccttcatacc aagttcctta ggcatttgga ttcaccctta    103440
     aaattttcta ttttactcag caaaaatttt aagaacaaag aattttatga tcattcttaa    103500
     taaaaactgt taatagaact tgctataaaa gcatcttaat cttttgttaa ctactcattt    103560
     aatctaaaca tgtcattgcc tcttgagtgt cataatatga aaacgaaaag tttttataat    103620
     ctaaacagtt cattgcctct aaagtgtcac aatatgaaaa aagttttttt ctaaaaaaaa    103680
     agtgttgccc ataaagtgtc ataaaaacta tttgtggctg gacacagggc tcacacctgt    103740
     aatcccagtg ctttgggagt gggaggatca cttgagacca ggagttccag accagtttgg    103800
     gcaacattgc aagaccctgt ctgtacaaaa aataaaaaat ttagctgggt gtcatggctt    103860
     gtgcctgaat tcctaactac ttgggaggct gagggagggg gatcacttga gcccaggagt    103920
     tcgaggctac agtgagctat gatcatgcca ctagactcca gcctaggcaa cagagtgaga    103980
     ctctgctgca aaacaaaacc ctgtttgcta gagggttgtt tctctatata atatccatag    104040
     ctgggcatgg tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc aacactttgg aaggctgagg caggagagta    104100
     gcttgaagcc acacatttga gaccagcctg gtcaacatct tgaaaccccg tctctacaaa    104160
     aacttaaaaa gaaattagcc gggtactgtg gcgtgcacct gtagtcccag ctactcagaa    104220
     ggttgaggca ggatcgcctg agcctaggag cttgaggctg tagtgagtta tgattgctct    104280
     actgtactcc agcaccccag cctgggtgat agaacaagaa agaccctacc tcaaaaaaaa    104340
     aaaaaaagta agaaagaaag aaaagaaaat atcagtagac atttcaactt ttaacagaac    104400
     ttatgagtgg agtgggactt ggaagaaaag ggttatagaa taaatgagaa cattagattt    104460
     cctctgtgtt cccagtgaag cccagcaccg ctaacttctt tctataatag accttatccc    104520
     tttttgcaca ggggttggcg ggctgactca tgacccaagt tgggctgatc actgttcctt    104580
     atcctcttaa cttcagtgat tggtcctgaa tagacatgtg acccaagctg gactaatttt    104640
     agaactttca tggaattttg cagacagggg atagaaataa ataattcttt ttcttctttg    104700
     atcagggagt tatcaaagga tcagggagtg atttgggatg tgagtcaatc accacaggcc    104760
     accacattcc tctttgcatc gtgtattagt ctgttcttgc actactgtaa aatacttgag    104820
     actggttaat ttataaagaa aagacattta attggctcac agttccatag gctctacagg    104880
     aagcatggtt ggggaggcct caggaaactt acaatcatgg gggaaggtaa aggggaagca    104940
     gacatgtctt acacggttgg agcagaagga agagagagaa ggggggaggt gctacatact    105000
     tttaaacaac aagatcttgt gagaactcac tcactatcac aagaacagca agggggaagt    105060
     ctgctcccat gatccaatca ctcccaccaa acccctcctc caacattgga gattccaatt    105120
     caacataaga tttcggcagt gtcacaaatt caaaccatat cacgtgaaga ttttcatact    105180
     ctgctctgaa aatctctacc acatggagtc cccaactggg cttgctttga acgaaagtag    105240
     gagagccagt ggcatagaga atagctgcag tatgttggat tgagatcaga taataatcac    105300
     ctaaagaaat gccacactat ttttgtttcc taggcaacat aggcaaaaga aaatacatta    105360
     tctgtatttg agccatttgc atgataataa aaatgttaag atattggctc tagtattaat    105420
     tctcaatgtg atatggctct agtattaaat tcatggagat gtccttttgg agtatgagag    105480
     aatgagggca aaggcaaata aaagcaaaga gaaacagaga tggttacagt cattggagaa    105540
     ttgcggaaaa tggaacagac tagaattact gaagtccaaa tcattgcttg gcagtagtgt    105600
     tgagtatgcc aataatttgt tgtattggtc attgaaaatg tttatccatt acattattca    105660
     gtgtatcctt ttatgggaat atattccccc cttcttcctg tttccttgtg gagagagatc    105720
     ctcactgtcc cactcctggc ttctcttgct acttcttact tctcctgtgg caaaaggagt    105780
     tcctgggtta atcggttaag tgtggaagaa ggaagagtgc gtcctcagct gacctcctcc    105840
     ctctttcctc tcttagggga tctgcctgcc tccaaagagc ctgtgttctg gtctggttta    105900
     atgatatgca tgctgaagta cttagagggg gaaaaataag atggattaat ggatagatgc    105960
     atgcataatt atagaataaa gcaagaatag cagaatagta atgtagaatt tacgtagtgg    106020
     gaaaatgggt attaattgta gaactttaaa aattcacttt atgtttgaaa atttttatac    106080
     taaaaaggtg ggaagaagca gaatgcttta tgacagtcta gcttgacaca ggcatttgat    106140
     atacgcttgg aagctgacag agattgtatt ccttaaaaag agcctggtgt caggtattga    106200
     gttttgcaga tcctattggt attacatcca gttgggtaag tctagctgta cagcctcaaa    106260
     aagtgaccaa acaggtcaaa ccagtgattg tctaggagca gcaattcttc ttcacttgtg    106320
     aaagctgttg ctttattcac tggcaggaat tttgaagtgc tattctgttt accagaaggc    106380
     aaagtaatgg aaactggata tttgggtggt cgaggggaga tggaggtagg tggggtgggg    106440
     aaaaacatgc tgtaacttaa ttgaaataat gcttataaaa tgcttagcat gttggctaag    106500
     ttttcaataa atgttagcta tgattataat tggcttctta cctaaaaatt aaagcacatg    106560
     cgggtgtaat attgtagtag ctcgaattgt atcctccaag aagatatgtt caagtcctaa    106620
     cccctagtac ctgtgaatgt gaccttattt agaaatcagt tctttgcaga tgtgagttaa    106680
     agatctcaat atgagagtat cctgaatttt ggatgggtcc taaatccagt gactggttgg    106740
     tgtccttata agagaaagaa gagagagata cacagggttg gtggccacag catgaagatg    106800
     gaggcacagg ttggagagat gctgtcatgc aaggaaggct gggagctgct agaagctgaa    106860
     agaggttagg gctctcccct agactgtcag aggagtgtgg ccctcctgac accttgattt    106920
     tggacttctg gtctcggaag tgtgagagaa taagtctttg ttgttttaag cccccaagtt    106980
     tgtggtaatt tgttatagca gcctaaggaa acatacaaat gtcaaacaaa gaaaaaggat    107040
     gtttaaaggg aatatgtggg tttttttttt tttaaataat ggaatagtat ggatcagatc    107100
     cggcgtgtct agtggggaca tattagaatc acttggagga ggtttcaagg ctccatccct    107160
     cttttccagg ggtggggagt aggggcacca gaaatggagc atgttctgct ctgaaaatct    107220
     ctaccacaca gagtccccaa ctgggctggc tctgaatgaa agtaggagaa ccagtggcat    107280
     agagaataac tgtagtatat tggacagaga tcagataata atcacctaaa gaaatgccac    107340
     tctatttttg tttcctaggc aacataggca aaggaaaata cattatctgt atttgaatca    107400
     tttgcatgag aataaaaatg ttaagatatt ggctcaagta ttagttctca aggtctcctg    107460
     ataccttctg agagaaatgg ctgagtcttt tttttttttt gaaacagagt ctcactctgt    107520
     tgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcacaatct cagctcactg caacctctgc ctccccagtt    107580
     caagcgattc tcctgcctca gcctcccgag tagctgggat cacaggtgcc tgccacctca    107640
     cccgactaat ttttgttctt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttagtaga aatggggttt    107700
     cactggctgg gtgcagtggc tcatggtggt aatcccagca ctttggaagg ccgaggtggg    107760
     cggatcatga ggtcaagagc tcaagaccat cctggccacc atggtgaaac cctgtctcta    107820
     ctaaaaaaat acaaaaatta gctgggcatg gaggtgcagc atgtaaacca catggtggtg    107880
     gcatgtaatc ccagctactg gggaggctga ggcaggagaa ttgcttgaac ccgggaggta    107940
     gaagttgcag tgagccaaga tcatgccact gcactccagc ctgacgacag agcaagactc    108000
     tgtctgaaaa aaaaagaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaaatagaa atgggtttca ccatgttggc    108060
     caggctggtg tcgaactcct gacctcaggt gatcttccca cctcagcctc ccagagtgct    108120
     gggattacag gtgtgagcca ccatgcccag tcagtcattt ttatagttat ttcctggaat    108180
     gttggggaaa atgcctatgt gatatgggca ggacaaatgc caatcttgga gcttaggatc    108240
     tgagtctgag gtgtctctct gtttcccacc ctcatcattc atccatggtc atagtacggc    108300
     tcagccatcc tcaactattt tattttttaa ataaaaggaa gaaaatagta acacaagcaa    108360
     ttcctgtcca ttgtaagata attagaaaat acaaagcagc caggtgtggt agctcctgcc    108420
     tggaatccca gtgctttgag aggctaaggt gggagaattg cttgaggcca ggagttagag    108480
     accagcctgg gcaacagagt gagacctcat ctctacaaaa aattttaaaa aattagctgg    108540
     gctcccactt gagcccagga gttgaggctg cagtgagcca tgattgcatt cactatactc    108600
     tagcctgggc aacagagcaa gaccctgtct taaaaaaaaa aaaaaggaaa agaaagtata    108660
     aagcagtcaa atggacatgg aacttaaatt actcataatc atgtcaacca aagactgtca    108720
     ctgtaaacac attggtgaaa atcctcacag aattcttcta tgcaagtata agcatgtagt    108780
     tacaagaatt tgatcacact atacacacca tttgaaaagt tgcttttctc ccctttaact    108840
     gtgtattata agcattggat atattactaa gcatagaatt acctcaatcc tttcaatggc    108900
     ttatattgtt ctgttttaat aatttattgt aacttaataa atcccttatt gtcagacatg    108960
     tatgttactg taattattca ctattgtaag caacactgaa atgagcaatc tttacatatt    109020
     aatcttgagt gtctattgat ttctttagag ttgatgccaa actactctca aaagcattta    109080
     tattggtgta ctctcccacc aacagcattt tcaaatgccc attcccaata atttcacaga    109140
     ctggtaatta tcaacctatt taatgtttgt caatctgcta cataaaataa atggaatttt    109200
     gttgtcattt gtatttctgt gattgttggt catttctttc ctttttattt tttgacacag    109260
     ggtctcactc tgtcatccag gccagagtgc agtggtgcaa tcttggctca cttgcagcct    109320
     cgactttctg ggctcaagtg atcctcccac ctcagcctcc catgtagctg ggatcatagg    109380
     catgtgacac cgcacccagc taatttttga ctttttgtag agatggggcc tcgctttgtt    109440
     gctgtaggct cgtctcgaac tcctgggttc aagccgtcct cctgggtcag cctcccaaag    109500
     tgctgggact gcaggcatga gtcaccaagc ccagcaatta ttggtaattt ctaaaagatg    109560
     atatgatgct tgttccataa tttaggtgtg caaaaggcac tctttatttt tctgtactca    109620
     acctattttc tcagcttgtg agtccttatt ccactgggag atagaagcaa tctccattgc    109680
     catacacttt tccctggatc acagccaaat tccaagggac taagcattaa ggcattaggt    109740
     atgagtattg ctgtcagggt cggggcgtta tccaactgac tgcctctgtc accccttccc    109800
     cacaagaatc tactgaagtg aggtgaccat ctacccattg gtccttggtc atccatccct    109860
     tcatgataag tgacaacaag atgttcctta ttcctgccaa tgaggacttt ttttttggag    109920
     acagggtctc actctgccac caaactggag tgcagtggcg ctatctgggg tcactgcaac    109980
     ctccacctcc cgggttcaag agattctccc acctcagcct tctgagtagc taggactaca    110040
     ggcgcacaca aaaatgcctg gctaattttt gtatttttag tagagacggg gtttcaccat    110100
     gttggccagg ctggtctgga actcctggcc tcaagtgatc cacttgcctc ggcctcccaa    110160
     agtgctggga ttataggtgt gagctaccgc gcccggccag atctttcagt tctgaaagct    110220
     caattcacca tttctgaggc cccctttggg gcacagaccc attctgctgc cctgtgacag    110280
     tctggcaccc aactgggaga aattatgagg ctgtgagaga ttccatcagc ctagacacac    110340
     caccacttcc ctaaggcagt cagtatgtag cactgagcta ttcaaacgcg ggaagggcaa    110400
     agggagaaag aaaatacctg tttaaaacat ttgctaaata aataaataaa taaaataaaa    110460
     taaaacattt gctaatattt caaagtatat atcctaccac attattggct agttgtacta    110520
     attcttttgt gaaatgctcg ttcttgtttt tggctcatgc caactacttt taattttccc    110580
     aaagcatcat attctcttgt acttccaaag gtctttttac atactttttc tcctgattaa    110640
     ctcctgcttt aactctctgt attatcatat ttctgtttcc ctccataata acatgtatca    110700
     cgctatattg taattgtata tttatttgtt tgtggcagtg tgggcaataa aacctgctaa    110760
     aacagttgtc cttctcattg aaattctata ctccttgagg ttaaggacta tgtcatagac    110820
     cttttttttt cttaattctg aatatattct aaaacagatt tagaatagaa atagtttaca    110880
     ctcttggtaa atacgcttaa ataaaaatga ggatgaataa gcagtgtggt ttaatgcaca    110940
     ggctgtagaa tactccatcg gacagaattg agtaagctgg agattgttat ttactagcta    111000
     ttcagctttg cataatttat tgatcttcct aagcttcagt tttctcaact ataagatgaa    111060
     gagccttata atgacttgat aggtagttgc tgtaaagcct attgtctgcc acataggaaa    111120
     tgtaatagtc tattttcatg ctgctgataa agacatacct gagattgggt aacttataaa    111180
     gaaaaagagg tttaatggac tcacaattct acatggctgg gaggcatcac aatcatggca    111240
     gaaagcaaaa ggcacatctt acatggtggc aggcaagaga gaatgagagc caagcaaaag    111300
     gggaaacccc atataaaacc atcagatctc ttgagtctta ttcactacca tgagaacagc    111360
     atgggggtaa ccacccccat aattcaatta tctcccactg ggtctctccc acaacatgtc    111420
     agaactatgg gagctacaat tcaagatgag attgagtggg gacactgcca aaccatacca    111480
     ggaagcaaac aagtccaggt gatcattatt aatattaggt ggagaatgga aagaccaaca    111540
     tgcttacagc tttatacttt actcatcctt agtggaaagc actgcaaatt acttaaatca    111600
     agcaatttat gctagagaat tgatgctgga gaagcaaaca atagtgatta atatttactt    111660
     tgctagtcta ggttttaggt tggtaaaagc actgtattct gggagatagc atgtgtttga    111720
     gttttagagt ttctgtatta ctcttttgga agtgggcatt ccatgaattt aaggcagaaa    111780
     ttgtgaatgc gaatgatcca agcagctacc accaatgaat gaagtagtca aatgtaaatg    111840
     agtaaagagt gacagggatt gtggcaaatg ggacagcccc accccttcca ggggcaggag    111900
     ggggcagccg ctactgagct ctggctttga caatgcagga atgcagagcc agccacatct    111960
     tccaagtttt caagacaaaa gatggaattc tagggttttg gtttgtgtgt tttttttttc    112020
     ccatgaagtt tcctaatttc tagacattgg caattaattc aagcactatt ttaaaacacc    112080
     gtgcagaccg aaacccatgt ctgcagccta gagctgaatc acgggtcacc agctcgtgac    112140
     ctttgattga agatatcgtt aacattttca agaagcacat agaaattttg ccaattttag    112200
     agtttaaagg gatgacaaaa cattacacaa actttgtcca atgtaatatg aactgtttgt    112260
     aatatcctgt gcagtcaatt tgcattaaac atcagttaat ttttaaaaag agctcataca    112320
     gtatattgta attcctttca tccttcaact aattcagtat taaagttcgg ctcaatctgt    112380
     tttcaatctt gacctcccga ggaaacagcc cagggagttc ctaagtaaac tccattctcc    112440
     tcacaggcct ctgcttggta tttgctggag aaagccctgt agctcaacag gcagatggca    112500
     gtaagaaatt aacttgaatt tcagcaatgc tggggtttcc atgggaacag aggaagcagc    112560
     catactgcct ggcatttgaa cagaatagga aacaggctcc cctgccacac agtcttagaa    112620
     aaatggctgc attattccac cactctcgcc ttatatattt agtttttccc tcctaaagtg    112680
     ctttaacttt agttcataat aggataataa ataacattta gttaatgctt caggtgtctg    112740
     tgggttaggt taagatgtct gcgagtatca gataagtgta agcatttcta attgctgaaa    112800
     tctgaaaatt gttaataagc tgtaaggtct ccctcaggta agctgtatcg tttactagtt    112860
     aagccatgac atgcagaaag tcattgtttt aatttttata aattttaaat aacattttaa    112920
     aataaatttt ttataaattt ttataatttt tatacgtttt gtataaagaa tagacattca    112980
     aagaaatttg atttttctgt caatgaggtt ttcttttagg aataaaatat atcattaata    113040
     agttcgtctg aacttccagg cacccaatgg acatgtgaga aatcagactc cctggaaagc    113100
     actctgctct tctgaattaa cgattgaaga gagttggtct catttgtgcc ttttctcatc    113160
     cagaagtgaa ttaaagagga agctaaggaa gcctgagctt catgtcccat cccttgaatt    113220
     gtcctcttcc aaggccctgg ggagaccctt tggaatgttc acatggccat atatgtttga    113280
     aaaattttgt aaaatgtgta aaatatattt taactgcaat tggttaagac tgctgtctct    113340
     ttccactcgg acttcctctc catcacaatt cccctagtga tgggtggtga tgaaatggtg    113400
     gcaggtattt ttgtggtctg ggtaagtgta tgttgagttg gcaagatatt aagcatggat    113460
     ttagtgggat ttatttacat gggtcatggt tttgtgtatg ggtaggtcat tgctggctgt    113520
     cctggtacag gaatatcttg tagaaatact tctattgcct gctatgcctg tcactcagca    113580
     ccgtgacaca gaaatcctgc accagacact ggatgcccgt gtcctagggt ggctggcacc    113640
     gtggggtatg gacatggagg agaaacaagg ttgaaatgga gctcagagtt aagctgtaga    113700
     aaactcttcc catcctcaga tacataaaat cttcaatgga gaatttggtt ttcaatgagt    113760
     cctggtcaaa atggaagttc ttgtgatata gtttggatct gtgtccccac ccaagtctca    113820
     tgttgaaatg taatcctcag tgttggagga ggggcctggt gcgaggtgat tggatcatgg    113880
     ggtcagattt ctcatgaatg gtttagcctt atctcccttg gtgctgtggg tgattctcgt    113940
     gagatctggt tatttaaaag tatgtggcac cttccctctc ttgcttgctt ctgctttggt    114000
     catgtaatgt tcctgcttcc catttgcctt ccgccatgac tgtcagtttc ctgaggttct    114060
     cccagaagct gagcagaagc tagcatcatg cttcctgtac agcctgcaga actgtgagcc    114120
     aattaaagcc tttttctttg taaattaccc agtctcaggt atttctttac agcattgtga    114180
     cagcagacta acacatcttg tctatcaaga atagtcttga taatggagca tatataaaca    114240
     cactgcacag ttttatgaac attttgttat agataattta tcagaatttc tatgattaaa    114300
     tttctagttt aattaacttg aggtactgac aatgaaaaag gtaacataaa gctcaatata    114360
     caactactac cagaacattg atgacaaacc agttaaggac tgttgcttca aagagcattt    114420
     aagattggtc actactaaag gactgaacta taggaaactc gaaaggcctg caatattgtt    114480
     gctcatataa aaaaacctga tagaggttcc cccaatttga cagcaatctt aaaaattaca    114540
     tcacattatc aacaactgcc atggtctgaa tgcttgtgtc ccttcaaaat tcatacattg    114600
     aaacctaatc cccaatgcag tggcatgagg aggtgaggcc tttgggatgt gattaggtca    114660
     tgaaggtggt gcccttatga atggaattag tgcccttatg aaagaggccc gagggagctt    114720
     gttggtccct tccactgtgt cctcaggtag aaggtgccat ctttgaggaa caagtcctca    114780
     ctagacattg aatctgctgg ccttgatctt ggacttccca gcctccagaa ctgtgtccaa    114840
     taaatttctg ttgtccatat tacccggtct atggtatttt gttatagcag cctgaatgga    114900
     ctaagacaaa aatgaattgt gaagctaaaa gaaactttct gaaccatcag taacaaaaat    114960
     caagatttta atatgccatg ggccagcaat tcttattatt gttagtgatg aaatattctt    115020
     ctacaaaatc ttgttggtcc aagtttaaaa caattactac tgttattgtt gagtttttgt    115080
     aacacaatat atgtgtaagg cttagattgg ccaatttaaa aatgatttat cctttataag    115140
     cattgtgttc cacagttacg tttgataaac tcccagttat atgatcaact ccaggcatac    115200
     actgactcag ttacatatac attattttga gagtaggttc ataatggttc agaatcattc    115260
     cagtttactt caaacacagg ttgtgtctct aattctggtg ataatacata cccctggatt    115320
     taaacagtag ctcctttaaa cttttattta tttatttaat tttttaaaga cagggtctct    115380
     gtcacccagg ctggagtgca gtggtgcaat cacagctcac tacagccttg aactcctggg    115440
     ctcaagtgat tctcctacct cagcctccca agtatctagg actacaggtg tatgccacca    115500
     tgcctgtcta tctttaattt tttaatttct tggtagagac agggtcttgc tatgctgccc    115560
     aggctgatct tgaactccta gcttcaagtg agtctcctgc cttggcctcc caaagtgctg    115620
     gattactggg aggagccact gtgcctagcc ttaaacaata gtttctaaac aaacagtgac    115680
     agcacagtga ttgtaaaaat gaagaaatag aacttaaatt acttcaatgt gttattctca    115740
     atgcaaatca accctgaact ttggagagtt tactttttgg aagcaatttt tcatgagctt    115800
     tctcccctta aaaaaaaagg tattgtagct aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa    115860
     aagaaaaaat caatccatta tttttccttt ttctactata atgaatattg tggtttttat    115920
     tattttattt tagttaaaat gtttcctggc atgagtatgc aaatgaagta taataaaaac    115980
     actttcagtg aaaaagcccc aaatttcaat ttacatggta gagacgagtg aataatctct    116040
     ctctcttcac tctatagaaa atgattatcc aggccgggca tggtggctca cgcttgtaat    116100
     cccagcactt tgggaggcca agatgggcag attacgaggt caggagatca agaccaccct    116160
     ggccaacatg gtgaaacccc atctctacta aaaatacaaa aattagctag gcatggtggt    116220
     gcacacctgt agtcctagct acttggaggc taaggcagga gaattgcttg aacccaggag    116280
     gcagaggctg cagatcacac cactgcactc cagcctgggc tacagagtga gactccgtct    116340
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aaagaaaaag aaaatgatta tccaaaatat agttataaga    116400
     ggtaatcaaa gaggatgcag cccaaaaaat ataggaaaaa aacattatag agaggtatta    116460
     ggcagctaga taacaaaaac aattatgtga ttcttctgga ttttataata tctgtggtgt    116520
     ctgacagtct cttaaaactt gtaatctgtt tgatttcttt tgtcctcctg aataaatact    116580
     cactttcaaa cctaatttta tatttgtaat ttgtaacagc ttcaggttca gtaaaactta    116640
     gatctaccct tcctctcatt cctcctataa aagcaaagcc agttttgtaa aggtacaatt    116700
     acagagtaaa atggacaggt attgaataca gctcactgaa tttttatata accgtgtaac    116760
     caccacccat gaagaagtaa aatatttcca tcaccaaaga agaaacaaat gtaaaacctc    116820
     taaatacact cagcctgaag aggcaaatac atccacaaac aagaataact tgctaagaaa    116880
     aagcaacact caaggaacat ggtgaattct tagagataaa gttatagtta ccacaattaa    116940
     aaattcagta gaaagactag aaaataggtt acagaagcca cccagaacat caagcagaaa    117000
     ctaaaagagg gaaaatatga gagaaaagat gagatagagg aaaaccaaga ggaacaactc    117060
     cagagtaaga ctctctgtct cactctgtca cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg cgtgatcatg    117120
     tctcactgca acctcgacct cctgggctga agcaatcctc ctgcatcagc cccctgagtg    117180
     tagctgggac tacatgccca gctaatttta tttattttat tttatttttg tagagatggg    117240
     gtctcgctat gctgcccaag ctgttgttgt tattattatt attattgcct gtctcactct    117300
     gttgcccagg ctggagtata gcagcgccat ctcagctcac tgcaacctct acctcctggg    117360
     ttcaagcgat tcttctgcct cagcctcctg agtagctggg attacaggtg tgcaccacta    117420
     gtcctgggta atttttgcat ttttagtaga gatggtgttt caccatgttt gccaggctgg    117480
     tctcaaactc tggacctcaa gtgatcctcc tgcctaggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattat    117540
     aggtgtgagc cactgtgccc aacccaggct gttaatttga ttctttgttg tgcctcttga    117600
     atttgtttag gttgcattgt ttttgcattt tgaacttttg gattataaac tcatcttcag    117660
     cagggcttgt ctgtgggaat cttgtgaggt ttggattgaa ggcatgtctt ccaaatttac    117720
     atttgcttcc tccaggtgac ttacaggtcc tagaccaaat tctaagttaa tttattagct    117780
     tgtggtgttg ttgttggggg ggtggtttcc tggatcatgt atgctttgtt cataaagaga    117840
     attaggctta tatttacaca ttctcaaagg aggtttatct gtagtcccct gcccttcccc    117900
     ccacataccc agagctgagg taaagacaaa gaagctttat ttgggaggtt gaggcaggtg    117960
     gattgcttga gcccaggagt tcaaaccagt ctggccaaca tggcaaaacc ctgactgtac    118020
     aaaaaataca aaaaattagc cgggcatggt ggcacacgcc tgtagtccca gctactttgg    118080
     aggctgaggc aggcagatca cttgatccca gaaggtggag gttacagtga gctgagattg    118140
     tgccactgca cttcagactg ggtgacaaag tgagaatcca taccccccaa aaaataaaaa    118200
     gaaggaagct tccttttgtt tccctctgtg gtggcagtgg aatatcttct ggtccattgt    118260
     ttctctgtgg gagtagcctc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tctgtgtgtg    118320
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttg tctgtgaatg tgtgtgtctg tgtctgtgaa agcgtgtgtt    118380
     tgtataggtc tgtgcatgtg tgtgagtgtg tgaatgtgta ggtctgtctg tgtgtctttg    118440
     tgtatgtctg tgcatgtgtg tgtgtgagaa tgtgtgagtg tgtctgtgtg tgtgtgttta    118500
     tgcctctgca tgtgagtgtg tgtatgtttg tgaatgtgtg tctgtttgtg tatgtctgtg    118560
     tatgtgagtg tgtgtgcatg tgaatgtgtg tctgtgtgtt gctgctcagc tccaattctc    118620
     cacacagcac aggcccaggg cctggacccc tagcaggtaa gccctggccc tcggcttctg    118680
     agccaccttt cactctgttt ctccagagag gagtcaaagg tcaattcatg ggcttactgc    118740
     tctggcttta tgtttcctct tgtttgcctc cgggggattt ctgttcattc cttttcagct    118800
     cagctatgca tgcaaagaat ataatttata gtttgtgtgg catttataga gttttgtaag    118860
     aggaaaatga ttcagtatgt catagtctag gaattagaat tgttattcac attatttttg    118920
     aatggcttaa aaccttaaag caatgatgaa ttcagagtag tttttaagac ttccctaaag    118980
     attttcatac ttactttttc atgttgagag tcactatgtt atgggaacac acaaaaagtg    119040
     actaatattg ccttggtggc taaggaagtc ttcaccaaaa aggtgacatt taaggcagaa    119100
     ctttgaagat gagaaattta ttgaatactt attaacatcc aaccataagt cttcaaagta    119160
     taatatatga tgacatttgg agtttgtctt tgtccaatgg atttatctca ttttatattc    119220
     taacatatta ataagaagta atcactttat atattaataa atatgcatat ttaatatata    119280
     atgccaccaa agttatcatt actagccatg atttctaagt tccaggcaag aaaataagtg    119340
     cattataaat aaaacagact cagagagatt caataatgtt tttgttcata taacaaaatg    119400
     agcgacaggg tcggaatcaa actgaagtgt gtcagtcatg aaatgtgtcc ctctgggagc    119460
     tgaactgacc aagggcccca gttgttgctc tttgaaatcc attgtcttgt ttgtactgag    119520
     gccacacttc ccactgggct tttcccagtc agttactgaa aatggcaggg actaaggcag    119580
     acctgttcct gggagaccca ggactcctct gaggctgact ttggctcaag gaccttctga    119640
     tggccttgct gagctttgaa ctcaatggca gcctgaagtc gcttctaccc aacaaccttc    119700
     cttccttctc ttcttcactc tgggtcagac ttgcattgcg ctctgactgc ttcctcagca    119760
     tttttccagg tccctctgtg ttttctctca tttgataaaa tctttgcatg tttaattctg    119820
     tctcttattc ttctttcttt tctttttttt ttttcttttt tttgagatgg agtctcgctc    119880
     tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcatgg tctcagctca ctgcaacttc tgcctcccag    119940
     tttccagtga ttcttctgtc tcagcctcct gagtaactgg gattacatgc atgtccacca    120000
     tgcctggcta gtttttatat ttttagtaga gatggggttt caccatgttg gccaggcagg    120060
     cctcaaactc ctgacctcag gtgatccacc catctcggcc tcccaaaatg ctgggattac    120120
     aggcatgagc caccatgccc tacctaattc tccatttttt tttttttttt ttttttttct    120180
     ggagatgagg tctcactctg tcacccagcc tggagtgtag tggtgcagtc acagctcact    120240
     gcagcctgga actcctgcat acaagcgatc ttcccacttc agcctcctaa gtagctagga    120300
     ctacaggcat gcaccaggca catgcagcta atttatttat ttgtttgttt ttgtagagat    120360
     gggtgggggg gtctccgtat gttgctcagg ctggtctcga actcttggtc tcaaattatt    120420
     ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa agtgttggca ttacaggcat aagccaccat gcccagccta    120480
     atttctactt tggtgtctgc ttctcagaag accaagacta tcacactgtt tgacctcaaa    120540
     acctatgctc ttaaaaaaaa ttaactaaaa atcgatcaaa gacctaaatg taagagctac    120600
     agcaataaaa ctcttacaag taaacagcat aaatcttcat gaccttggat tagtcaatgc    120660
     tttcttagat atgacaccaa aagcaccagc aacaaaagaa aaaaataaat aattagacct    120720
     catcagaatg aaaaactctg gtacttcaaa ggacaccact aagaaagtga aaagtcccac    120780
     taccaaatgg cagaagatat ttgcaaacca tatatctgga taagagattt gtatctagaa    120840
     tatataaaga actcttataa ctcaatgata aaaagagaaa taacaactaa gaatggacaa    120900
     aagttctgaa tagacatttc tctgaagaat atgtacaaat ggccaaaaag cacaagaaaa    120960
     gatgtctggc atcattagcc atcagggaaa tgcaaactaa acccacaacc agataccaca    121020
     accagataca cactaggata gctataataa aaaaacttgg caagtgttgg caaggatgtg    121080
     gagaaattgg aaactttata cactgctgct gggaatgtaa aaggatgcag ctgctgagga    121140
     aaagtctggt cattcatcaa aagattaaac atagagttat catatgaccc agcaattcta    121200
     ctttttctcc tatactgaag agaaatgaaa acatttgtcc atacaaaatc ttgtgcatga    121260
     atgttgataa gcagcattat tcataataac caacaagtgg aaagaactga agtatccatc    121320
     aactgatgaa tgggagggtc cgttccaaga tggctgaata ggaacagctc cggtctgtag    121380
     ctcccagcgt gactgacgca gaagacgtgt gatttctgca tttccaactg aggtacctgg    121440
     ttcatctcac tgggactggt tggacagtgg gtgctgccca tgaagggtga gccgaagcag    121500
     ggtggggcat tgcctcacct gggaagtgca aggggttggg ggatttccct ttcctagcca    121560
     agggaagcca tgacagactg taccaggaaa agcgcgacac tgccacccaa atactgtgct    121620
     tttccaatgg tcttagcaaa tggcacacca ggagattata tcccgggcgt gactcagcgg    121680
     gtcccatgcc catggagccc cgctcactgc tagcacagca gtccatgatt taactgtgag    121740
     gtggcagcct ggctggggga ggagcgtccg ccattgctga ggcttgagta ggtaaacaaa    121800
     gccgccggga agcttgaact gggtggagcc caccacagct caacaaggcc tgcctgcctc    121860
     tgtagactcc acttctggaa gtagggcata agtgaacaaa aggcagcaga aacttctgca    121920
     gacttaaacg tccctgtctg atggctctga agagagcagt ggttctccca gcgtggtgtt    121980
     tgagctctga gaatgggcag actgcctcct caagtgggtc cctgacccac atgttgccta    122040
     actgggagac acctcccagt aggggccgac tgacacctca tacagctggg tgcccctctg    122100
     agatgaagct tccagaggaa ggatcaggca gcaatatttg ctgttctgca gcctccgctg    122160
     gtgataccca gggaaacagg gtctggattg gacctccagc aaactccaac agacctgcag    122220
     ctgagggacc tgactgttag aaagaaaact aacaaacaga aaggaatagc atcaacatca    122280
     acaaaaagga catccacacc aaaaccccat ctgtaggtca ccatcatcaa acaccaaagg    122340
     tagataaaac cacaaagatg gggagaaagc agagcagaaa agctgaaaat tctaaaaaca    122400
     agagcacctt ttctcctcca aaagatcaca gctcctcacc agcaatggaa caaagctgga    122460
     cggagaatga ctttgacaag ttgacagaag taggcttcag aaggtcggta ataacaaact    122520
     tctctgagct aaaggaggat gtttgaaccc attgcaagga agctaaaaac cctgaaaaaa    122580
     gattagatga atggctaatt agaataaaca gtgtagagaa gaccttacat gacctgatgg    122640
     agctgaaaac catggcacga gaactacatg atgcatgcac aagcttcagt agccaattcc    122700
     gatcaagtag aagaaagggt atcagtgatt gaagatcaaa ttaatgaaat gaagtgagaa    122760
     gagaagttta gagaaaaatg agtaaaaaga aatgaacaaa gcctccaaga aatatgggac    122820
     tatgtgaaaa gaccaaatct acgtttgatg ggtgtacctg aaagtgacag ggagaatgga    122880
     accaagctgg aaaacactct gcaggatatt atccaggaga acttccccaa cctagcaaga    122940
     caggccaaca ttcaaattca ggaaatacag agaacaccac aaagatactc ctcgagaaga    123000
     gcaaccccaa gacagataat tgtcagtttc accaaggttg aaatgaagga aaaaatgtta    123060
     agggcagcca gcaagaaagg tcgggttacc cacaaaggga agcccatcag actaacagct    123120
     gatctctcag cagaaactct acaagccaga agagagtggg ggccaatatc caacattctt    123180
     aaagaaaaga attttcaacc cagaatttca tatccagcca aactaagctt cataagtgaa    123240
     ggagaaataa actcctttac agacaagcaa atgctgagag attttgtcac caccaggcct    123300
     gccttacgag agcgcctgaa ggaagcacta aacttggaaa gggacaaccg gtaccagcca    123360
     ctgcaaaaac ataccaaatt gtaaagacca ttgatgctgg gaagaaactg catcaactaa    123420
     cgggcaaaat aaccagctaa catcataatg acaggatcaa attcacacat aacaatatta    123480
     accttaaatg taaataggat aaatgcccca attaaaagac acagactagc aaattggata    123540
     aagagtcaag acacatcagt gtcctgtatt caggagaccc atctcacgtg caaagacaca    123600
     cataggctca aaataaatgg atggaggaag atctatcaag caaatggaga gacaaaaaaa    123660
     aaaaaaagca ggagttgcaa tcctagtctc tgataaaacc aactttaaac agacgaagat    123720
     caaaagagac aaagaaggcc attacataat ggtaaaggga tcaattcaac aagaagagct    123780
     aactatccta aatatatatg cacccaacac aggagcactc agattcataa agtaagtcct    123840
     tagagaccta caaagagact tagactcgca cacaataata atgggagact ttaacacccc    123900
     actgtcaata ttagacagat caacgagaca gaaggttaac aaggatatcc aggacttgaa    123960
     ctcagtgctg caccaagcag acctaataga catctacaga actctccacc ccaaatccac    124020
     agaatataca ttcttctcag caccacatca cacttattct aaaattgacc acataattgg    124080
     aagtaaagca ctcctcagca aatgtaaaag aacagaaatc acaacaaacg tctctcggat    124140
     cacagtgcga tcaaattaga actcaggatt aagaaactca ctcaaaaccg cacaactaca    124200
     tggaaacatg gaacaacctg ctcctgaatg actactgggt aaataatgaa atgaaggcag    124260
     aaataaagat gttctttgaa accaatgaga acaaaaacac aacgtaccag aatctctggg    124320
     acacatttaa agcagtacgt aaagggaaat ttatagcact aaatgcccac aagagaaagc    124380
     aggaaagatc taaaatcgac accctaacat cacaattaaa agaactagag aaggaagagc    124440
     aaacaaattc aaaagctagc agacggcaag aaataactaa gatcagagca gaactgaagg    124500
     agatagagac acaaaaaacc cttcaaaaaa tcaatgaatc caggagctgg ttttttgaaa    124560
     agatccacaa aattgataga ctgctagcaa gactaataaa gaagaaaaga gagaagaatc    124620
     aaatagatgc aataaaaaat gataaaggag atatcaccac cgatcccaca gaaatacaaa    124680
     ctaccatcag agaatactat aaacacctct atgcaaataa actagaaaat ctagaagaaa    124740
     tggataaatt cctggacaca tatcccctcc caagactaaa ccaggaagaa gttgaatccc    124800
     tgaatagact aataacaggc tttgaaatgg aggcaataat taatagccta ccaactaaaa    124860
     aaagtccagg acaagacgga ttcacagccg aattctacca gaggtacaaa gaggagctgg    124920
     taccattcct tctgaaacta ttccaatcaa tagaaaagag ggaatcctcc ctaactcatt    124980
     ttatgaggcc agcatcatcc tgataccaaa gcctggcaga gacacaacag aaaaagataa    125040
     ttttagacca atatctctga tgaacatcaa tgtgaaaagc ctcaaaaaaa tactggcaaa    125100
     ccgaatccag cagcatatca aaaagcttat ccacgaagat caagttggct tcatccctgg    125160
     gatgcaaggc tggttcaaca tacgtaaatc aataaacgta atccatcaca taaacagaac    125220
     caaagacaaa aaaacacatg attatctcaa tagatgcaga aaaggccttt gacaaaattc    125280
     aacagccctt catgctaaaa actctcaata aaataggtat tgatggaatg tatctcaaaa    125340
     taataagagc tatctatgac aaacccacag ccaatatcaa actgaatggg caaaaactgg    125400
     aagcattccc tttgaaaact ggcacaagac agggatgccc tctcttacca ctcctattca    125460
     acatagtgtt ggaagttctg accaggacta tcatccaaga gaaagaagta aagggtattc    125520
     aattaggaaa agaggaagtc aaattgtccc tgtttgcaga tgacttgatt gtatatttag    125580
     aaaaccctat cgtcttgccc aaaatctcct taagctgata agcaaattca gcaaagtctc    125640
     aggatacaaa atcaatgtgc aaaaatcaca agcattccta tacaccaata atagacaaac    125700
     agagagccaa atcatgagtg aactcccatt cacaattgct acaaatagaa taaaatacct    125760
     aggaatccaa cttacaaggg atgtgaagga cctcttcaag gagaactaaa aaacactgtt    125820
     caacaaaata aaagaggaca caaacaaatg gaagaacatt ccatgctcat ggataggaag    125880
     aatcaatatt gtgaaaatgg ccatactgtc caaggtaatt tatagattca atgccatccc    125940
     cattaagcta ccaatgactt tcttcacaga attggaaaaa actactttaa ggttcatgtg    126000
     gaaccaaaaa agagcccgca ttgccaagac aatcctaagc aaaaagaaca aagcaggagg    126060
     tgtcatgcta cctgacttca aactatacta caaggctacc gtaatcaaaa cagcatggta    126120
     ctggtaccaa aacagagata tagaccaatg gaacaaaaca gaggcctcag aaataacacc    126180
     acacatctac aaccatctga tctttgacaa acctgacaaa aacaagaaat ggggaaagga    126240
     ttctctattt aataaatggt gctgggaaaa ctggctagtc atatgtagaa agctgaaact    126300
     ggatcccttc tttacaccta tacaaaaatt aattcaatgt ggattaaacg cttaaatgtt    126360
     agacctaaaa ccataaaaac cctagaagaa aacctaggca ataccattca ggtcataggc    126420
     atgggcaagg acttcatgac taaaacacca aaagcaatgg caacaaaagc caaaattgat    126480
     aaatgggatc taattaaact aaagagcttc tgcacagcaa aagaaactac catcagagtg    126540
     aacaggtaac ctacagaatg ggagacaatt tttgcaatct acctatctga caaagggata    126600
     atatctagaa tctacaaaga acttacacaa atttacaaga aaaaatcaaa caacccatca    126660
     aaaagtgggc aaaggatatg aacagacact tctcaaaaga aaacatttat gcagccaaca    126720
     gacacatgaa aaaatgctca tcatcactgg tcgtcagaga aatgcaaata aaaaccacaa    126780
     tgagatacca tctcacacca gttagaatgg cgatcattaa aaagtcagga aacaacaggt    126840
     gctggagaaa atatggagaa ataggaatgc ttttacactg ttggtgggac tgtaaactag    126900
     gcaaccattg tggaagacag tgtggcgatt cctcaaggat ctagaactag aaataccatt    126960
     tgacccagcc atcccattac tgggtatata cccaaaggat tataaatcat gctactataa    127020
     agacacatgc acatgtatgt ttattgcggc agtattcaca atagcaaaga cttggaacca    127080
     acccaaatgt ccatcaatga tagactggat taagaaaatg tggcacatat acaccatgga    127140
     atactatgtg gccataaaaa aggatgagtt catgtccttt gtagggacat ggatgaagac    127200
     ggaaaccatc attctgagca aaccttcgca aggacagaaa accaaacact gcatgttctc    127260
     actcataagt gggaattgaa caaggagaac acttggacac agggtggaga acatcacaca    127320
     ccagggcctg ttgtggggta gggggagggg ggagggatag cattaggaga aatacctaat    127380
     gcagatgacg agttaatgtg tgcagcaaac caacatggca catgtatacc tttgtaacaa    127440
     acctgcacgt tgtgcacatg taccctagaa cttaaagtat aattaaaaat aaataaataa    127500
     ataaatacat aaatgggtat accaaccata taagatcatt gtaaggatta agtgacaaaa    127560
     tgtgtgttag attcttgcta caaataatgt gctaaatata tgtaaactgt ctaaaaaaaa    127620
     aaacctgatg aatggatata caaaatacat agccatacaa tggcatatta tttggcaata    127680
     aaaaggaacg aagtactgat acatgctgca acatgaatga accttaatat catgctcatg    127740
     aagtcacaca caaagggcca catattgtat gattccattt atatgaaatg tccagaacag    127800
     gcaaatgtat ggagacagaa agtagagtca tggttgccag ggctcagtca gatgaggtaa    127860
     aaatgtgcca aaactgaatg tggtgatact tgcacaactc tgtgaatata ctaaaaacca    127920
     ttgacttgta cactttaaat agctggatag tagggtatgt gaatcacatc tcaataaagc    127980
     tgttaccaaa aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaaaaaccc accaacaacc cacctatatt    128040
     ctttgaatac actacatctc taatttggca cttatcatat agtattttgt cttatggttt    128100
     tttcccagtc ataattggcc gggcacagtg gctctcccct gtaatcccag cactttggga    128160
     ggtgggggag ctgggtagat cacttgaggt caagagttcg aaaccagcct ggccaatatg    128220
     gtaaaacccc atctctacta aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaatt    128280
     agccaggcat ggtggtgggt gcctgtaatc ccagctactt aggaggctga ggcaagagaa    128340
     ttgcttgaac cctggtggtg gagttgcagt gagccgagat cacgccactg cactctagcc    128400
     tgggtgatag agtgagactc tgtttcaaaa aaacaaaaac aaaaacaaaa aaccccaaaa    128460
     tgttacttca taccccccaa atcatgataa tctctgaatt gtggggtttc ttcaagattt    128520
     attttcttca ttatattttc caaattttct ccaatggcac atattacttt tatatttgaa    128580
     agaactacat tatagagaaa tgaaaatatc atttcactaa caaagtacta cgaagtacta    128640
     ctgagccata gaaaagaatg agattctgtc atttgcaaca acatggatgg aacaggaggt    128700
     cattgtgata agtgaaataa accaggcaca gaaagacaaa cttagcatgt tctcacctat    128760
     ttgtgggagc taaaaattaa aacaattgaa ctcatggaga tagcagactg atggctacca    128820
     aaggctggga agggtagttg tggtggggat tggattggaa gtggggatgg ttaacgggta    128880
     caaaaaatag gaagaataaa taagatctag tatttgatag cacaacaggg tgactatagt    128940
     gaataattta attgtaaatt taaaaataac taggctgggc atggtggctc atgcctgtaa    129000
     tcccagcact ctgggaggcc aaggtgggca gatcatgagg tcaggagatc aagaccatcc    129060
     tggccaaaat ggtgaaaccc tgtctctact aaaaatacaa aacatagccg ggcgtggtgg    129120
     cgggcgcctg taatcccagc tacttgggag gctgaggcag gagaatcact tgaacctagg    129180
     aggtggaggt tgcagtaagc ccagattgag ccactgcact tcagcctggg tgacagagca    129240
     agactctgtc tcaaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaaactaaa agagtataat tggattattt    129300
     gtaacacaaa agataaatgc ttgaggtgat ggatatgcca tttactttgg tgtgattatt    129360
     acatatttta tgcctttatc aaaatatccc atatacttca tagatgtata taccaggtat    129420
     atacccacaa aaattaaaaa tttaaataaa taaaaaaaaa cacaaaatta ttagctccta    129480
     aagggcatag tctgtgtccc cttgtggatt cttctgtatc ttccacatag taggttctta    129540
     acaactattt atggatatta ttgatagcag cactaggttt gaattctatt atggttctaa    129600
     gtctgtgggt ctttgctagc gtgaatttgt gattggtaaa agctcagaaa aagcaaatgt    129660
     taccttatga ttataaacct taaaagatgt aaaatgtatt ttcactgaag gaaaaaagtt    129720
     ttatttaaat gccaatttca atgccagata tattagagat atgataaaat ttaatactca    129780
     ttttcaaatg gatttagata taccatctgg gctagctcgc ttcccttcct cctagttact    129840
     ccatgcagtg gaacctgcct atattagccc attctcacac tgctataaac acatacctga    129900
     gactgggtaa tttataaaga aaagaggttt aattgactca tagttccaca tggctgggga    129960
     ggcctcagga acttacaatc atggcagaag gagatggaga agcaagtgcc ttcttcacaa    130020
     ggcggcagga gaaagagaac aaagagggaa ctgccagaca cttttaagcc atcagatttt    130080
     atgagaactc attcactacc atgagaacag cacggtggaa actgctccca tgatctaatc    130140
     acctcccacc aggtcccttc ctcaacatgt agggattaca attcagatta taattcaaga    130200
     tgagatttgg gtggggacat ggagccagat catatcactg cccaaagcca tatattgtat    130260
     tagtgtacca gagtcatttt gtggactgtt tgctttgcca tgtttcttta tggaaacaag    130320
     gtcatcttct gcccacacgt ctttagccct ttcccatgct tgccttcttt atctcttctt    130380
     tgtatacttt tccctccctc tgttttggac agcagggtgg aggtgaggat cagtggtctg    130440
     tactcagcaa ctgcttgttt gtcaggtcca gctttggtct gtttacattc agtccccttg    130500
     ttcgtgcctt tcacaatgat tctgctggat gactatatcc acctcatttt aggtgaggaa    130560
     actgagggac acactgtaag tgggagtctg gacaggactg gtaagacagc ttggtgtgca    130620
     gttaggagca aatctggcgc caggctgtct gggcttgaat ccaaccctcc ctgtccacca    130680
     gctctgtccc ctggtttcct cgtagggatg ataacagtcc tatcttacag agctggaata    130740
     aggactgagt tagtcaatta tttgtaatgc acttagaaca gtgcctggca cagtataagt    130800
     gccacgtaag tgttttcaaa gcaaataaac taaagcctgt ctgactccaa agctggtaat    130860
     ggtggaattt gaggcctgct ttttgttcca ttcccctatt atagcagcag aattggacaa    130920
     agattaaact cggattctgg atggggaaca gagatttaga ggctgaggca cccagggacc    130980
     tccagccacc gtcagaaacc tcttgttagc agccattctg aagaggggaa tccattagct    131040
     tgaggttagg ccaagaatac tgagctcctc cggacccagc gctgggctca cgtaggtcag    131100
     agctccctgg tggcctacca gggtataccc aggcaacaat ctaaaaggta gtgtgtgccc    131160
     cctcacccgc aggcgggacc tggcctgcct ctcccatgct atcattcccg cctggtgctc    131220
     tccacaccag ctccagtctt gctggcccgc tgtgggctcc tccacgggga agctcattcc    131280
     taccttaagg ccttggcatc catctggaat tcttccccca aattgttaca cagttaaatc    131340
     tccctcactc atgtcacctc ttcaggacat ttccttacag acaccttcct tgatcgtcac    131400
     ttgggctgta gtgcaaaaca gaaggcatgc tcaagtggga gtggccaagg agagtttaaa    131460
     ggaagggtta gaaagaagtg agccggatcg ggagaccatt atgggatggg gaagccttta    131520
     ccatacctag gcctgggagg ttgagtggga caagaggaga tgaggaacct tctggaaacc    131580
     ccctaaccac ctgcaggaag ggacgagata aataaatgca cgtctctctt cagctcactg    131640
     accatctgcc tacctcccgt taatggaacc gcgactcaca ggtcagcctc ccagccaaaa    131700
     ggggggaagg ctatcggaaa ttaccccgcg ctttttcttt ccatgtcatt atcttctcct    131760
     cttttatctt aacaacaccc gccacaatta tcttcttttg atttacatgt ttattgtctg    131820
     tcccggcccc caattccctc tacaatgtag atacctcgag ggcaaggact tccaggtagg    131880
     gtgtgtgtgg gtagggtgtg tagggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttcc    131940
     atctctgcgt ccccagcgcc tggcccagtg cctgacgcat agtaggtgca cagtgactgt    132000
     tggttgactg catcgacaga ctaggacaca ggtagccttc ctggagaaga aaagctcatc    132060
     agggtcgttt ttctttttct tcttacaaaa agatcaggtg gctgtgtact tcccggcgcc    132120
     gggccagggg ctgccccgcc ttgcccctac ctctgcggcc aggaaggact gcaggtgctg    132180
     cgcggccagt gcccgcgcgt cctactgctc cggtgccgca gcgcccgctc ccccgggccc    132240
     gggtgcgccc cactgggcgc gcgtctccca tatgatgcca gacccatccg cccgcccctc    132300
     agcagccggc ggggcgcagg gacgtgcggg gcggccagcg gattccctct atcgggccgg    132360
     gtgtgaacgg gagggagaca cgcagcgctc gctccgggtt atttttagtc cgtagctgtg    132420
     ctccccctcc ccgggggcgg agcggccctc gaaggtgggg aggagaagaa gctcccggcg    132480
     cctccgcgct cgctcccgcg ggtcactcac ggcgcgttgg agcccgggcg gcgccgggaa    132540
     cagctgccgc ggcgtcctct agcagcgcgc ggctctcccg ggacctgcgc cggccggggg    132600
     cggggagagg cggggagggg aggccggcgg gcgggaaggg gcggggagcg cgctcctgcg    132660
     gcggcgacgg cggcggccgt cctcatcccg gcgcttgaga ggacgcgggg ctgcgcaaat    132720
     ggcttgtccc gctctcggtc tggaagctct tcagcccctg cagcccgagc cgccccccga    132780
     gcccgccttc tccgaggcgc agaagtggat tgaggtaggt gcgggtggct ggcgggcggc    132840
     cttgcactgg cgccctgagc cacggacccg cgcacgctcc gaccgcaggt ccagccttgc    132900
     ctccccccaa ccgcccccac tttcttttgc cagctgctcc aggtcacccc cccgggcctc    132960
     ggcgagccgc gaaaccttag cgctttggca ttggaatccc gggcgagggt gggcgtgaaa    133020
     ggggacactg cagtctagct gcgcgcgtga gggcaggaag ggatcccctg cgcgtccatc    133080
     cttcctgccc gctggcctcg caaatctcag ctagcgccgc ttccaggcgc tgccaaggga    133140
     agcgcagtgc tagcaaagcg ttgcaaaggc gcaggaagcg cgagccccca gagacttcac    133200
     cggtgctcgc atttcggggt atcttgcttc tggtcccaca tttcgcccct tgtcccccta    133260
     ccccgcaccc ttccggagca gagttggcag tgtcttcacg gaggcgcata cccaccggag    133320
     cctcttgctg tattcctggc accgggtcag gtgtgaggct ggcacagtgc gcagggcggg    133380
     ggtagcttgc aagacccacc tgcgagcacg catccgcata gacgctgccc agcctttggc    133440
     aacccccgcc cctctccatc ccaaggactg cagggtcggt tccgaagtac gggctacccg    133500
     gtctggttgg catatttcac ttcttaaata actcgttggc aggccaggga aatcactgga    133560
     gctctcggct ctcagtcccg gaagcgctca ctgggtgatc ctgattcacg atgtctatca    133620
     gtagatgcag cttggtagcc ccgagctccc gaaatgaact gtctgcgggg ttcaggacgc    133680
     ttgaagggca tgaaggggaa aggtgacccc ctatgattag tgcaaggagc ctcagcttca    133740
     atgggtggcc tttctggagg cttagtggaa ggtatgaatt tggccttgtt tccctcagtg    133800
     acaagcagcc ctctttgcct ggtagttcag aggaggaagt gtatcgctaa atcatgaccc    133860
     agcaatgttg aagcttccag aattccgcct gtcacttagt gactccccac tccgttcagc    133920
     attgtggttc ccaagaagct gctagagtaa caagagctcc acgtacagat ttaaacctgc    133980
     tgagcttcct gcagaaacca ccctcactta atgctgctct cctgctccag ccagagacct    134040
     gtaccctaca gggttaacct gcttcccgca agcaagagtg ctacttgagt atagaaacat    134100
     ctgtttgaaa atagggttca agaaacagaa caatgaacat cagggctgtc ttgctgaaag    134160
     ccccaggcat gtctcataat ttgataactc accatcagat gagaaaaaga ccttggcttt    134220
     ttatttttga tatgtggctg gaacggtttg gcgtgtgaca ggtgctctgc ctgtgttgcg    134280
     tacttatgct cccaggatac acaggaagca tttgtagtta ctggcttatt gcagagttgg    134340
     ataactattt ttcaggttct tgaactctaa aattctcagg agagacttcg agtgtgggtg    134400
     ggggtaaggg gaggatctag aagcagaaca gtctttacta ttcttgaagg caagtgattt    134460
     attctcaatt tccttaactg tatcattgac atattctgct ttaaaaatgt attgtggtat    134520
     gagttacaca tgtaaaagtg cacaaatctg aagtgtacac ctccatgaat tttgacatat    134580
     gtatattact atagccccca cctaaatcaa gatacaaaat gtctcctttg gcccagatta    134640
     cagtttgctt ttaagtggta gtatatttca ggctattatg cagtgcagaa tattagcttt    134700
     aatatcacgt ttaagaaaag gaagaaggga ttccttaaga cagtagaacc tcattaagcc    134760
     ctatagacag tttgggattg ttcttgatgc tttaccattc ataccaattt aagaatgtga    134820
     aaaccgtaat ggggcatgcg tggctttagg accaggcagc ccaggcgagc tgcgtgtgca    134880
     ttattgaagt ggcctatctc ctttcaattg ttgggttcag tttcagggaa aggagagctt    134940
     ccccctccca ggctatataa aaaggtaatt gctccagggg aaagatagag acctccccct    135000
     tccttcccag aggttcttct tgaaatgtaa atgccgagtc tgcaaaccac gggaacccag    135060
     aagttgtaac agatggtttt gcatgcagtt gccttgtgaa caaagattcc tcagctaata    135120
     cagcaataat gtagtactta ggggcagtga atccccgggt gggggggcgg attggggatt    135180
     ggtatctcga gacaattgca actcctctag gggccccatt gtctctggca gcatcctcat    135240
     tggtagggct ttgtttttac ttttattcag ttggtgatta aatttcccat aggttttttt    135300
     tctttctttc ttctttttga gtagtcagga atttcaccct ttcataaaaa tgttcccttg    135360
     ggtggagcaa gttaataaac aaactttgct gcttgtctcg cctcgattct tggtcttcct    135420
     tgagtcatgg attggcaaga aaacattcat tcttaataaa ggctcaggga accagatcca    135480
     ggacgtaact tgttagtgag gaatttctcg gcgtgcagcc ttggctattt gaggaccgtg    135540
     ttactgggca ggaaatgtgg cctgggaacg attcccccac ttcagccccc ttcccctcac    135600
     tccttcctta gttggcaaag gtgaaagctc taacggagca ctagatggtc acagaccacg    135660
     tggggacagc cctttaacac tcctagtgac tttttatagc tgtaggaaca ggttgcacat    135720
     ctaactgtgt ttgggaagac tcctagagga gacagcaaac ttgaagtagt aactgtggct    135780
     accagcaggc aggggagtga ctaacttctt tccatactac ttttctagaa ggccttacta    135840
     agcagaacac agtaggtgag aggtcagacc ttggagctgg gcatcctagg tttgagtcca    135900
     gagtctgtta ctttgtagct ggatgaccct gagcaagcta cttttccttt actgtggttc    135960
     caaatgattt ctttggaaga tagctctagt tgttagcaac aacaaaaatg actaagagtt    136020
     attattgaga gcatctgtaa aacaggatac taataacagc tcacctattt cataggagtg    136080
     ctgtcaggat taaatcaatt aatatattta aaatgcttag aacagtgccc agtacatagg    136140
     aagtgctgtg taagtatggt tagtagtatt attaccatta ttattaccac tgctgttact    136200
     tttactacta ctattatcat tatgataatt attactacta ctgctattgc tattgttttt    136260
     ttctgttgtt aataacaact aaggttgatt ttgaaagaaa tgattcagaa caccagattt    136320
     cccgggtaga aaatatgatt caattgccta ctgatttcat cctattatct cactctgtta    136380
     actctggata cctggagtcg aagttaacta gatgctacat gtcactctaa tttgcactaa    136440
     aagtgacttg gggatcagag aaaaaccttt aatatctact cataaagtga tcttggtagt    136500
     ccatcaaagc ttagaaaatt attcttcaat attatgctga atatgtaagt ttaatgtata    136560
     atctttgtta ccaaactcca agcagaatgc tcaatgcctc tcctcttgtt cttgtagatg    136620
     atctaatatt aaatcattat acaaataatg ggtccaaata ttcatctaaa tgcagcagaa    136680
     ttttattcac tgaggttgtg tcaactcctg ctaggaataa gaagaattct tccattgatt    136740
     ttctttccct cttcctccct tttattattt ccttcttttt ttttggtggt atttattgag    136800
     ttacaagagt ttattagtag gttagatgac tctgattttc ctgattcccc gcttctcttg    136860
     gcctcaccac ccacaacaat atttatctgt tctaatctgt ggttcttctt ttcagtgcca    136920
     aacactttct gaagaaacag atgtccttcg acttggtttc ggttatgatt tggaacaggt    136980
     tcccaggcct ttagggaggg actggaaatt tcaacccaac tcagccttat ttctcaactt    137040
     gagaagttcc tggactcctt taccttcaat cagagtgtgc ccatggggct tggtgatgaa    137100
     tacaatctta tttgtgacct aatccatact tcacaagagt gagaactagt gctggaaggg    137160
     atcagtttct cattttggtt cattccctgc tgcccacata gaattgtttt cttattcagc    137220
     tgggacctaa ttctgaagat taaaaacact gagggtatca tagctctcca agaccaaaag    137280
     atgcttgtgt tgtttggcag tagggaaaat ttatgaatag cttttgagat aatttagcat    137340
     ttaatggcca gtaacatatg acttttgtga tgtaatacca taagttatac atgtagtcat    137400
     tctaattctc cacctctgta gggactagat tcttaacatc tttttatccc aacaggtagt    137460
     taactttgca gatggtcctc cagctttgca taagttgcca aggaagagga agaaaaaact    137520
     tttctggcta gatcaaggaa ggagtagtgg tctgaataga tatgtaaatg agagcaggcg    137580
     gcatctttct cacaatgaca tttaaatagt ctagcttgtt tgtatacaag agcagctatg    137640
     acacaatgct gtcacatggt aggaaaacag tgaggtccca cagatttggg gaaaggggat    137700
     gcggaatggg aggtggagct ggcacttctt gccccggcat ctccctggaa accagttgca    137760
     tcaggcgagc tccaaagggc agactgagca ctggctacca agaaagggaa ggctgagcat    137820
     gtgttctcag ccactgggtc tcttggcctc cagctctctg ctgatggatg acaatagagc    137880
     catgatgtag acagttggcc ttgattctgt gagtggcagt cagtgctagg tgggactagg    137940
     cagctctagg agtactagaa attggcctgg cagcttctct ttttgcttta gaccattctg    138000
     aagcttaaaa gcatcatagt tgggggataa catgatgata aaaattatgt taatgatgct    138060
     gatgttgctg atgataaaag gtactattta ttgggtgctt attatgtgcc tgctaaagtc    138120
     tatgtacagt tggcccctcg aagtggcgca aaatacattt tgtattttgt attttggcct    138180
     tgattttcat gattcaggac agaatcagtt aacactggtt gatttttgac caaactgttc    138240
     ttactggaat taggttttcc ttttaagccc agttcactgt tctgagattt tttaaaaagt    138300
     acaatacaat tttataatag aacacctcat atgttcctta ggatgtgtgt gtgtttacat    138360
     ctgaggcaga agaaaggtat cagatatgat cttttttgga ggaagggtag ggtagataaa    138420
     aggatgactt cagtgctatt aaatcaggaa aggaagggat aatagaactt tggttttaag    138480
     tgattgagaa atataaaaat agcctaaact agagggctaa agataatata ggggaaaaat    138540
     agttcttaaa aaaatgatag aatattggaa agacttctgt ctggacataa gatgttatat    138600
     ttcaaggagg aatgatgccg tggaattcag ttctgctgtg ataaaattcc atgtttgcaa    138660
     tattgaaaac aacacttcca aagagatgcc catgcatcta accctgatgg gatgtgtatt    138720
     agttcattta catactgcca taaagatacg acctgagact gggtaattta taaagaaagg    138780
     aggtttaact gacttacagt tccacgtggc tggggaggcc tcaagaaact tataattatg    138840
     atggaaggca aaggggaagc aagacaggtc tcatatggtg gcaggagaga gagagcaagc    138900
     gaagagggaa ctgccaaatg cttttaaaac cattagctct catgagaact cactcaccat    138960
     catgagaaca gcatggggta accgcccccg tgatccagtc atctccctgc aggctccctg    139020
     tcctgacatg tggggattac aacttgagat gagatttggg tggggacaca gagccaaacc    139080
     atatcaggat ggctagtgta tctcagggaa ttacctttgg catcaggaaa aggacagatg    139140
     atatagtcat ataaaatgca cctaagaaat aacttggctg ataccttttc ccactgtcag    139200
     caaaactgtg ctctatgctg agaccttaag aataaaatat tggttaggtt gggaaagctc    139260
     catgtttcca ctgtcctgca ttttgcctgt gagagttact ctagtgtggc tgttggaggc    139320
     tgcagcttgg cctcctggtc agtgtaagtt agggactgcc ccacccattc acccctagat    139380
     agcccattag gaggccatgg aggaatacac ctgcacttgc ttttaaaatc aaggtcggct    139440
     aggtgcggtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactatggga ggccaaggct ggtggatcat    139500
     gaggtttgga gatccagacc attctggcta acacagtgaa accctgtctc tactaaaaat    139560
     ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggaaag aaaaatcatc cgggcgtggt ggcaggcacc    139620
     tgtagtccca gctactcgga acgctgaaac aggagaatgg tgtgaacctg ggaggcggaa    139680
     cttgcagtga gccaaaatcg cgccactgca ctccagcctg ggcggcagtg cgagactcca    139740
     tcataaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaatc aaggtcaaga acagaaggac ttgtagcttt    139800
     ttcatttcca tgactgaaaa ctgttaaaaa aaattcctca gccttatttt tttgccaagt    139860
     atgttcacca aatgggtctg caccaagtga ggaactgaag ttatatttat tgcaatgagt    139920
     acatagctat ctttttctcc cctcagaagt gtttaaaaaa tattttgaac aattatttta    139980
     ttttaattga atatcttatt ccaattgaaa tggaatgaaa gcgacaataa gctcagtcaa    140040
     attgttaaaa tatgaaaata attatttggg agacttggct atcactcatt tgtaagtttg    140100
     cttcagtata aacagtggca aaaataagca ttaatatttt aatgtgtgaa agtgtgcttt    140160
     caaaaattat ttcctgaaaa gtgtttactg agctccaaca atgtgcagca tagtgttagg    140220
     catggtgtta ggtaatgaac aaaataaaca tacttcctgc cctcatgaaa tatacaatgt    140280
     ggcaggggga cagagagatt aaacaataca tatataatta cgatttggaa tacatactat    140340
     gaagacaaag aatggggcag gggggattaa gagaaaagca ctctttaaaa agacaaggat    140400
     tcttagtgaa aataagattt aagctaagac cacggaagaa ttctaagcag gagaatttga    140460
     ttgatgatga tttattgaga aaagggcttg cgttggatgc tacacatact tttattatga    140520
     ttgtgttttg aaacaaggta gggtagaaac actcttaaat ttctctaggt ctattgaagg    140580
     tagatatgtg ttggtggtag ggcagggggt gaaggtacct gcctcggaag ttcttgaata    140640
     ttccttgcag gccactcaga gtttgcatga tgatccactg tccattttac atctgaggca    140700
     cagataagaa ctcttctaag aaaaatgcgg agaggacttt gggatttgtg tttgagccta    140760
     gactctggat taaaattctt ggacaaaata gaggctgtag aggctgtact ccactcttag    140820
     caggaagggg ctgcgggaaa cctgcttgct tttcagtgag ggaagagagc cattttgtgt    140880
     gagacttagg gtggtgaccc acagatgtct tctcatttgg gaacttttcc caaattcttc    140940
     caaaagaggg ggctttataa actactaaag ccaggtgccc tttgggatcc tcataaattg    141000
     taaaccctgg aggtccttga ctgagattcc tttcaacact tgaactacca ttcttagacc    141060
     ccctccccca tcttcccagt ctaacatggc tgctggagag tcgtgatcac atcacctttc    141120
     caggaagctg gatggaggca aggaaagtga agagtgcatc cttcccatat aaggtggctt    141180
     ctgggaaacc ctttctgaca tactggctac tattttattg cccagaactt caggaacatg    141240
     gccctttctg tatataggag agactctgga gaaggatctt ttaccccagg caggagtaat    141300
     gctcagataa tattcttgag ttgtattcct caggaaaaag gggagaatgg ctattggggt    141360
     agccacaacc tggaatgccc cttctccact tctccaggga caaatccttt caagatagag    141420
     cttaaacccg actgcctctg cagcatggtc cctgattcct ctaagctcat taatccttcc    141480
     cttctttgta cacacctgag cctcagtttt tgcctttttt ttagaaaagt tgctgtattt    141540
     tactatcacg aatttttttt gtgtgtgtgt gtggtggggg gatttgcctc ctttggtgaa    141600
     ccccagagcc ctgtggccaa ggactgcgtc ttagtcatca ccctgttccc tccttgtttc    141660
     agccaggctg ttcctcacta gggcctcaca gccacatttc cccactgcct gagcgctttc    141720
     tcagtgagtc tgtgcccagc tacggttgcc tgattggcac ttggacttgg ctgtggcaga    141780
     gaaaatagac tctgttgctg ccctgacagg aagcaaagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttt    141840
     gtagtgatta aaaaaagcag tttacccaat agttgcctgg agacagtcag tgattggaca    141900
     ctcggagggt gatttctctg ttggcccttg ggtgaagata ttctttaggg tgctaaccct    141960
     cccctcaagt tagactgggt cagggctcgt tggagttcct ggctgcaagg cgggagagca    142020
     gacatctctt ttctttaaat aaacatgccc ccagcattcg gccttagggc tctcaccttc    142080
     tctttctttc cctaagtcaa agcaaacctc tctttcacct gttatagaag tctagctaat    142140
     tcccacttct taggatgagg gaaagataga gcacttccaa tgatagtgaa tctaaaaaga    142200
     aatggaagaa tttttattat agtggtcacc tgtatgagtt cttattagac aggtattttt    142260
     aaaggaaaaa aacccaaaat aactgactag tagctggtat ccatggtatc aataaatggc    142320
     cacggctgtg actgttaatt gtcatgaccc aatgggagca ctgagaaata gcatcccctc    142380
     ttcttttcct atggaaaatt aaaaaaaaag ttgcctgtgg agctgaatgt tgtcatcagc    142440
     caacagatga ggttgccacc tttttcccta agggaccatg caagatgtca taaataggag    142500
     gggccagtga caagtagaag cctgattcat tatgctgtta gagttgacag agtgtgataa    142560
     tagtgataaa aatggctagt tcagtgccaa ataaaaataa cagcaaacac acttctggaa    142620
     cacttaccat gtacaagcgg tagtctagga gcttgcttga gtggtagtgt aggtgcttgc    142680
     atgaggtggt atattgtgta tagaacaaac acccagcaca gtgcctgata tataagatac    142740
     ttctcaagca agcactgttt atggccgttt tacagatggg aaaatggaag cacggaaatg    142800
     gtaagtgata tgcttgaagc cacacagata atcagtggca gagctgggat ttgaacccag    142860
     gcaaactggt tccagagctt ggactggtga ctgctgtgtc ccgctgcctt atccttaaca    142920
     gctgctccgt atatatttac ttattggaaa aagtaccttt gcagagttag tatttgggac    142980
     cctttagaag taaaagcgaa acttctaaaa agatcatggt cccaagtaac tacctaacca    143040
     agcaggtgac ctgcctctct ccttctctct cttcattccc ttaatggttc aatatgctgt    143100
     ttattgagca tcttctatat acatagcacc gttagttgcg aggaaacaat ttcatccata    143160
     tggctcccaa gcacattctc tgaaactgga accctttcaa tatgttttaa aagataattg    143220
     tcagtagggt ggttaggacc atgatgaaaa atcattacag gagcccaatg aaccatcatc    143280
     agtgggtgga accattttta ctccctttca cttcacgtct atttccccag tctttttctc    143340
     cttgattgga acctgactcc cccactggat tcaaatagtc cttgatgctg agatccagac    143400
     tggaatgatt ataaacaagg ggaaggaaaa tgtggattta gggtgcctcc ctgccaggca    143460
     ccgttagttc tttgcgtatg gtattctgtt tagtctttgt gtaacacagg tatctgctgc    143520
     ccccgtccca gtttgaagtt ctctactgtg cctgtttcaa taaatttcac ccatgttaag    143580
     actggcaggc ctgatcccac gtagctcctg agtccccaca tagtgcccac atgatagttc    143640
     ttcttttggc ctcatctggc acctcccaac agcagctcca ctcttagacc tctcatgtgg    143700
     cacaggctct ggcattctga acaaatatag ttggctattt tataatgtcg gtttctgtaa    143760
     tgaggattat tacatatgcg attgggaaat aagagaagca tgcttggtaa ggtgcaagtt    143820
     gcgatggttc atgtgagatt tttattaaca cttgcgtatt ttgtaccacc aaatagcagt    143880
     agttgaaaac aaaataggat agtagaggtg aacacaacca gccagggagg tgaacacccc    143940
     tctttttgct ctagactcca tttggctttg tgttgattga aacgtctgct tttcccagat    144000
     ctttctgcat tttcctctca tctccataat gcagcagtct cggtctttcc tcacaccctt    144060
     ccaccatgcg ctcttgcccc ccaccttttt gtgtaatctt ccgtttgttc tgtaatagga    144120
     aatagaaaac atctttttat gtgtgctggt aatttttagt gttcttgttt ttgttactgc    144180
     tctggttaca aagttgagta gggtttgggc cttttacatg aactctgtat tttccacaag    144240
     ccctgttatt tttagtgtga gattttgtag gatacaaggt ttttggctgg ctgtcttagt    144300
     ttgggacatt attcatacat ttacaggaat atggatactg ttttatggta gaaatacata    144360
     gatattaata gtttgggcag atagtatctc tcacacactt acccacacag atgcatacat    144420
     aaaacaatac cttgaagatt cccagtgctg gagcctggga tcttgggtca tatggaaaat    144480
     gttttcttta ggaatttcac atttcctatc tgctatcaga agaccttgga caacatttcc    144540
     aggagaagct tctgttgcct ttggaggagg tagttgaata ttgtctgtgt gtgtgttttt    144600
     ctgatccatt tttctttgag attttgtgcc tgggtactac ataaagcagc actgttttca    144660
     tccaggaaac ctacaggagt tacttattgt gagtgagaag cttaagtgag ttggaaatga    144720
     ggaaactgag acttgagggt tggcaatttg tctgagggtc agtgacttct tggctgcgat    144780
     tattcctgtt ctctggagcc ctttctacac cagtatatga gtattggcaa tttgtctccg    144840
     tttgggacat cattcattca ttcatcatat agttattgag cgtgtcctag ggactcagta    144900
     gtatgagaga caaatgtgag atttccattc cacctggaag gatggacgct gagcacagaa    144960
     tcacgcgtgt gatgcatgct tggaaaggga agagcaagtt ggtctggaac acaaaaaggg    145020
     ccgggatctc ctttggtcta aggggcaatg ggacagcctc tctgaggaag tgctatgtaa    145080
     gctgagaccc caaggatgag caggggttgg ccatgcaaaa atgagcaaga aatcatgttc    145140
     taggcaaaca cttcaggctg tagtgtttgc cttaatggaa gagctgaaga agaccagtaa    145200
     ggcaggagct ttgggagtag gtatgaggga ggtgcaggat gaagctagag tgggctgcag    145260
     gaaagctgca tggtcctggc accgaagata ggaatcctcc gtgcttcttg gcccggcctg    145320
     ggccatggct ggccttgtct gggaggacag cagttggatt ttctccaaac tctctcaaat    145380
     tactatagtt cctgacaaaa gaatagaaac atagctaaca tttatgagag cttatggcct    145440
     ggcaaattct gtcctaagca cctgactttt caaccatcct atgagctagc tacaaactct    145500
     tattactccc attaaaccta gaaatgagtg aatggctaag ggttttacgg tcattaggtg    145560
     gtagagctga tcttcaaact catgcagtct ggctgcttta cctgtgctcc taaccaccat    145620
     gctatggggt gtgatatggt ttggatttat gtccctgccc aaatctcatg ttgaattgta    145680
     atccccaatg ttggaggagg ggcctggtgg gaggtgactg gatcatgggg gcaaatttcc    145740
     cccttgctgt tcttgagata gtgagggagc tctcacggga tctggttgtt taaaagtgtg    145800
     tagtacctcc ccctgctctc tcttcctcct gttcctacca tgcaggacat gcctacttcc    145860
     ccttctgcca tgattgtaag tttcctgagt ctccccagcc atgcttcctg tagagcctgc    145920
     aggactgtaa gccaattaaa ccttttttct ttataaatta cccagcctca ggtagttcta    145980
     tatagcagtg tgagaacaga ctaatacagg gtgcaaatgc aggctgttga ccaagggtgt    146040
     ctgtgaggga tattgatgag ggggaacagc agtaaagagc tgggggcagg agggtagagg    146100
     taggggatgc ctaaggatgc tggaggccag tgttggcttt agacatgttt tctgtatttt    146160
     aaaagaaact ccaaaaataa gtcctctcac cttgacagtt ttgccacctg ggaaggagag    146220
     tgattgtata gaaagagtgc tccaggcatc tcccaaaccc cacattctaa tgcatgggga    146280
     ctctggttcc caagcagcct gatgaaccct ggtattgctc tgacatgata ggccactcat    146340
     ttttaacttc catcaagagt tgtaagtagt atgatatatt taaaaatgta tttcttattt    146400
     tattttaaac tctgtgtgtg tgtttaataa tttttttcat tcaatttttt tttttgtttt    146460
     agttagcatt cttatggttg caagcaacag aaatccaacc aaaactggct ctaaaaaata    146520
     gacagttgat tgctcattga cgttctggag gtagatccct acttcataca aaggctgact    146580
     cagcagctca atgatatcag taaggatctg gattctctct ctctttccac cgtgctgtgc    146640
     attgtgtggc tttatgctct ggctttacat agggcctcca cacctgccct accccacttc    146700
     agaaggtcca ggcttttcca ctaaaggctg gctgggaaag agcgactcca gtcctcaagt    146760
     tctctttaca ccctctgggc agagaaagag gacacattct cattcatgat caccagggaa    146820
     atagatgagt tgattagcct aagccaatca gacttcaccc tggtccgtcc ctatcaaaga    146880
     tgctggctgc tacccaacag agaagcagtg aattccctag aggaaaatct gggtactttt    146940
     agtagaagaa tgggtaaagt ggatgccaaa gaggctacca ccaattgtta ctaacatttt    147000
     attaaaaatg tggtaatata caagaacaca cagatgataa gggaaggaag gaaataatta    147060
     aaatgaacta ttcagaacac tgactacttc ttggaggtga gtataagatt ataagctggg    147120
     agtggttaaa aagaggcatt aatagattgt tttactccta tttttataag actagaacag    147180
     tgctattttt agaggtatca ctgaatgtca agtgcccaac ccatacctaa tgggttctat    147240
     taggtgtaaa aatgtgattg aatgaactgg attgattttt aaactgttga ttaaaaaaat    147300
     aaagatgttc atcctgggta cttcaactct cctttcttcc caatatatat aaacctttac    147360
     actgaattac tgtaacttta aaaaaatgtt ataaattaaa gtatccaata ccagtatctg    147420
     atttttttcc catttaattt catatttctc aggtaaagat atctattttt tggagcctga    147480
     agcctagaaa tagcaaaacc atgcagttgc tgttcaccgg acactccggg tccagggggt    147540
     gtgcagctct gtgcctgagc agtccccagg catgtggggc ttttctaaaa gtggatacag    147600
     cggctgtcgc ccactgatcc tctgtgctga gtgacccaga ttggcacagc gcagctgggt    147660
     cctacccagg gcgagtacgg gaaagaggag taaaaataaa aactggttgg gcagcttagg    147720
     tggagtcagg atacttgaaa gctcacaggt tactttgcta attcttgggc agatttttcc    147780
     ttttttcttt tttgagggga tagtgatgat tccaatgaca gttttctaga tttcttggat    147840
     ttgacaaaat agtttcatac agaacagcaa aatgaagtat gtagaaaata tgttttttga    147900
     gattagaaca tttgcccttg acatgagttt cttatttatc ctattcaaca ttcaagtctc    147960
     caataaagtt ttccccaaag gtatctcttt tatggagtta ctttctgaat gaagacattt    148020
     ctgtcttttt tgttaataga acgaaatgta cttgccatta tagtttctat atagttttct    148080
     atgttatcta agaaaaatga gtaagagtgt ttaggtatgg tgtcaagtta cccacccaga    148140
     atagttgttc aatctctgcc actgtttggc attttgacat ttgtgttttt aaagtgtagt    148200
     agatttgcta atttttgaag ctttggtcct tactattaga aattttgagg ttttattttt    148260
     ggtgtttgac caagggattt ttttaaaatg caaaagcaga ttttatgtaa tgttttcctc    148320
     agttatggat agctttgata aactatatga aattttttcc ctcctgaatg ctttgtggct    148380
     tttactgtaa taatctttct gtgatctgta gaccaataat taaatctcca aatggccttt    148440
     accttgcaat agcaattgaa aataatatta aatatttata cttaaaatat atgggaaatg    148500
     tggatataac ttcttttaaa gataaaatgt ccttaaaata ccctagtagt aggaataccc    148560
     tagggtaaga catatttctg ggaaaaagaa ttttctgcaa tgtttacctc atgacactaa    148620
     tttggaacta gagttcttct aagaaatttc ttacgttttc gttcattaag ttatttattt    148680
     ataaaatcta ttaagagact gctaatagct atgggtttcc ttttggggtg atggaaatgt    148740
     tctggaattg gatagtggtg atggttgccc atatgcagta cttagtgaaa aactaaaatt    148800
     tttttaatta taaaagggtg aatttgatgg tatctgagtt atatcttaac aaaaaatctg    148860
     ctacgagctc ttaatgtttt aagcatgatt ttgagctccc aaggtatgta aacaagcaca    148920
     tgaaattaag actttcagat gtatgtacaa tattgcagca taacaaacca cccccaaacc    148980
     cagtggcaga tggcaatggt atattttatt tttcttgctc acgggttgaa gggtcagctt    149040
     gagcagctct gcttcaagct gtggattggc tgcacttggc tcaaggctgt gggttacgtt    149100
     caagtctgtt tcatgtgtct cctttcttct tggaccacag actacctggg agatgctctc    149160
     tttatggcaa atgaatgaca ggtgcaccag aacccagcca aaaccatgca acaaatggtt    149220
     ttaaagtctc cacttgcatc acatctactc acattccact gcaaaaacaa gtgatatggc    149280
     caagtccaaa gtcagtgggg caggaaaggg cattctgctc acagtgcgag gggagaggag    149340
     tggatatttt tccagtaata ctctcatcta ccgcaaagtc tgttcaggtt tccttggtgc    149400
     tgcaaaggaa gatgtgaaca ttctccctgg gtattggaat gtttgagaga tgggcattgg    149460
     gttccttggt gccttggttt gttttctgtt gctataacta aataccacag gctgggtaat    149520
     gtacaaagaa aataaattta tttgttacaa ttctggagac tgggaagtcc aaggttaagg    149580
     ggctgcatat agtgaggggc gttcttgcta gtggagacgc tgcagaatcc caagatgttg    149640
     cggggcatca catggcaaga agggctcact agagacggcc aaactggttt tggtaagaga    149700
     cccactcttg tgataactga cccactccct tggtaaccca ttaatccatt aattcatgaa    149760
     tgaattaatc caatcatgag ggcagaatgc tcatgaccaa atcacctccc aaaggttcta    149820
     tttttcaaca ctgctgcact ggggaccaag ttttcaacac atgaattctg gggtacacac    149880
     ttaagtcata gcacttgggt tgagtcttga aaaattagca agcattgtca gttggatggg    149940
     gcagtaaggg tgaggagagg tgacagcaat ggctagacct cgaagggaac atgagcagag    150000
     gcatggaggt gtgtggtagc agagtgcact tgggaagcag cagagctggg acatagcaca    150060
     tggagagtgc tgctggaaga agacacactg ggtcacatca gcagaggcct tgtgtgccat    150120
     gcctgagggt ttggtgttgg aactaaatgg gctgggctca gagtcagcct gaatcgcaaa    150180
     cttggctctg ccatttacta atgctatgac tgtgggggaa gttatttggc ctctctgtgc    150240
     tttacctctt aatctgtgaa atggtgaggg tatttttagc acctaccttg tgaattgtga    150300
     ttaggattaa ataaattaat atactcagtg cttgatataa agtcaagtgc tcaataagtt    150360
     ttggctgctg ttagtatttt ttaatggagt ttagatttta tctgtaagca atggggtatg    150420
     acttaaaagt aagaaaggga tgtgattata ttttggcaag aagacattgg tggtagtgta    150480
     ggggatgatt acgatggcca gcatggaagc agggaggcca tagggttgtt gcaataatag    150540
     aggtaagagg tgatgatggc aacatcagtg ggaatgaatg tgagagatgt taaaggtgta    150600
     aaaatgatga gacttagtga ctgagtggat gtgtgaggtg agagaaacag agaaatccag    150660
     ggaaaggagg aacaaaagat tgtagtagga tttgttttgt tctgtattta aggatgggag    150720
     agacttggac atattagaag gccttgacga aggggtagag agggagccat ttattatata    150780
     acaatgagaa ggaatgatgg ataaaacaag ttcctgagac attcagagag ggagttgaga    150840
     gtaggtgtaa atagtagaag ggacacttta gatacttgtc aagaaaactg ttaaaagttt    150900
     tttgatggtg atttagttat tggtgcataa tagattagcc caaaacacag tagcttaaac    150960
     caacaagtat ttattatttt atagtttcta tgagtcagaa atttgggaat gattagttag    151020
     atggttctgg ctcgggtttt tcttgaggtt gcaaacaaga tgttggctgg gcaggtgtca    151080
     tctgaaggct tgactgtggc tggaagatct gcttctaaga tggctccctc atgtgcctgt    151140
     atgcaggagg cctcagtact ttgctggctg ttggcaggag gtattagttc ctgtcatcta    151200
     ggcctccctg tggggctgct tgtgtgtcct tataacatgg cagctgactt cccctaaagt    151260
     gaatgattca ggagagcaaa aaggaaggca tggtaggacc tggcttcaga cttcacatgt    151320
     caccatatct gccaacttat ctgccactgt atcagccacc ataacttcct aagaagttag    151380
     tcattaagta cagcccacac ccaagaggag aggaattaga ctccaccttt tgaaaggagg    151440
     agtatcaaag aatctgtgga catattttaa agccatcata agtggctaca cgatcaatat    151500
     gtaattttaa ctgtaactgg tcatttatca tgttttatat ataagggatt caatattaga    151560
     tattctgata ctaagtcatt tgtctagtcc agtctattta gataaatgat gacggtaaga    151620
     tattctctct agatatattt tccaaaatag gtctagtatt ttatttattt atttattttt    151680
     atttttattt ttttgagaca gagtctcgct gtgttgccca ggctggggtg cagtgacgcg    151740
     atctcagctc actgcaacct ccatctcctg ggttcaggca gttctcctgc ctcagccccc    151800
     tgagtagctg ggattacagg tgtgcactac cacacctggc taattttgta tttttagtag    151860
     agatggggtt ttgccatgtt ggccaggctg gtctcaaact ccctgacgtt aacctcaggt    151920
     gatccacccg ttttggcctc ccaaagtgct aggattacag gtgtgagcca ccatgcccag    151980
     ccaggtctag tattttaaac accaccacta ccaccaccac caaacaatat aggaataaaa    152040
     atgcttccac tctgaaatcc cacctgatat aggtaatcac tggtaatatg cactatttat    152100
     attgaaactc atgttactga aagttttgat tagttctgga aacttttatt taaacaaaat    152160
     cttacagaga tttgatatct tcttttcttt tctttcttct ttcttgtaga gatggtatct    152220
     cactttgttg cctaggctgg ccttgatctc ctcctggcct caagcaatcc tgccctggcc    152280
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aagcatgagc cactgcaccc agcctgagat ttgatttgat    152340
     attttctttt ctttcttttt ttttttttag ataagcatgt aataataatt actgcctccc    152400
     tgctagtgga gagctctggc tcagcagttc tcaactctgg ctacacatta gaattatttg    152460
     ggagcttttg atttaaaatg atctggatca gggcctgagc attgttattt tatagacatt    152520
     ttcccccaag tgattgcaat gtgcagccag ggtggagaac acagcagatg acaaaataag    152580
     tgagtaagtt gcactgggcg atattggcag atctaagatt taaaacttgt ttgaatgatt    152640
     atttatgtgg gggtgtgtga agagatgtgc atccagggaa tacagttata ttctgtctgc    152700
     caacaacatc attcctagtt cacatgatgg aataaaataa tcagtatttt atggcatact    152760
     ataaagagta gtagaatgtt ctagatacct gagcagattt gaccacagct tctttaggag    152820
     aatcttctta ttttctgcac tgaatcatag gcattcctga gtgtaaagtc atatcacaat    152880
     cagttattct ttgtacaaat gtcctaattt attcatttat tcaataaaca gatcttgaac    152940
     acttactgtg tgccaggtag gtgcatttaa tatccaagcc actgaatgcc aggcactgaa    153000
     tgcccaagga agaacttaac cttattctta aactaatatc ttaatataga ttctagcacc    153060
     aagtgagtga ttctcagtcc catagaggag acaaacaggt gcacaaaagt ggaggccaag    153120
     gtaactaaat ttaaataact gtacagcaca gcaccaacca atcagagcag acccagtgac    153180
     agtagtgcct gccatggtga ataccggctg tctgtcagct ccaagtatcg gtaatacgaa    153240
     gtgcagtatt ttaaacaccc aaagaggaat gtaaacaaga gggagcagag agaagggaac    153300
     cacttttata attccaaatt catgtttccc tcacagaggg agctgaattg gtgtggttgg    153360
     ctataccagt tttccatcct gtcctgtgta catacccctt gccaagtgac tgccgttctt    153420
     ctccctgaag aggtggagtc tgtttcctga ctccttggat tcgggcaggc cctctgactt    153480
     gctttggcca gtagaatgca gcagaagtga tgaggtgcct gttccaagct taggctgtaa    153540
     gacaccttgg gtaattctgc ttgttctttc tcctctgtca tcgctgtgac aagatgcccc    153600
     agatggcctg ctggaggatg agagacctgg acaaagccaa attgccccac ttgccccaga    153660
     caaggctatc ctagatcagc taatagccag ccagcaccta cagtgaagtt tctcagcaga    153720
     agcactttga cattaggggt tggatcattg tgttttgggg agctgttcat tttaggatgg    153780
     ttagcatcat ccctggcctg tactcaccgg atcccagtag tacccccact gccaaaggtg    153840
     tgacaaccaa aaatgtctcc agacattgcc agatgccccc aaggggcaaa acatcctctg    153900
     attgagaact tgtgctccag acttatgagt gcgtccagct aagatcagca gtgctaccta    153960
     gtttctgacc gcagatacat gagcagtaaa tgcctagtgt tgtttaccac tgaagtgtgt    154020
     ggatatttgt ctcatagcat tgttgtggaa taggtagcta atacagtgat caaaaacatg    154080
     gaaacatgga agtgggagat ggaactggac aattggaagt agtccagttg ggtgggaact    154140
     tgacaagtag atttgtaggt agagttgggt tagtgtgaag tacagacgag gctagaaagc    154200
     tagggtaggc tgtatccgtg gagaatttag gtgccttggt atgaactggg gacacggtta    154260
     ttcatgggcg ggggagggag gggtgctgtc agaggtttta gttatgtatt tatagccaag    154320
     gaaacagggc tatgagtttg tactgtaggc agcagtaggg agggggaatt ggaagcagga    154380
     gggagggctc tgcagtagtt cagttgatgc atacataagg cctgaattag ggaattagga    154440
     gagtgatcat aggtgtggaa aggaggggag ggcttccagg cacatttggt gtaaaatgga    154500
     tacaacttgg taacctgtac attgctacct ttgcacattt ggtttcccct gtctcaaagg    154560
     ctccctcttc tcgagtgttg ctctactcaa ccatcaatac tcagctcaac actcagggaa    154620
     gtctttttgg tagtcttcca cgtctcgtga aggcagagct tatatggctg tcaccattgt    154680
     ttttttgata cagagtcttg ctaccatcac ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc acaatcttgg    154740
     ctcactgcag cctcgacctc ctgggccaag caatcctccc acctcagcca cccaagtagc    154800
     tgggactaca ggtgcatgcc agcacacctg gctatctttt ggtatttttt aagaggtgag    154860
     gtcttgccac attggccagg ctggtcttga gctcctgggc tcaatcgatt cacctgcttc    154920
     agcctcccaa agtgttggga ttacagacgt gagccactgt gcccagccat gctaatcttt    154980
     ttatcattga attgtccatc ttatatttga actaataatc agttgtaagt ctgtctcttc    155040
     catattatta gctgctaatt cacttagtaa gcaccctttc tatgtttggt ctggaggtag    155100
     gtgcttggga cacactggtg agttagagag atatataatt gctgatttct tgaagcatgt    155160
     ggtctagtgg ggagacacac agataaacag gcaattactg tacatgctgt aatgggggaa    155220
     gtaaagaacg gtttaggaac atataggaca gacagcctgg aatgtgtggg tgccagtgaa    155280
     gacctcatga ggagcgaagt gatgaagggg ttggatgtgg tgtgggagga gttaaagcca    155340
     gggatctgtg ggctttgtgg ctctggatta agagaaaact gcacatctga ggaaaagaag    155400
     aaaattcaac atcattttaa agggtcttgt aaactatgat cagagctgtg ttgggaaaaa    155460
     tctttgattg attttcaatc ctggctgcac aacagaacca ttgtatggcg cttttaatag    155520
     tagagggaac tgggccccac tccaagcttg tttaattact atgaccagag tgtgtggctc    155580
     agatatatat ctatatctat agatctatct atatatatgt ctatatgtat gtgtatgtat    155640
     atatttaagg ctccataggt gattctggtg tgtgaccagg gttgagagct gtagggctct    155700
     ctctgtgaac actgtgaaga atgacattta agggatgaat agaaagagga acctgcagag    155760
     aaactgagat agggaagtga gaaacgtgga caattaagtg ggagaactcc tagttgttaa    155820
     atgttgaaga caactaatag tatcagcagc taaggcaaga ggaattttca agaaggaagg    155880
     gaggaacaca attgtcaaat gctgccagga aggcaaataa tgaactgaaa agtgactgct    155940
     gaatatggct aaaaaggttg ttagagatct aggctggagc atttcagtag aatggtgggg    156000
     cagaagccag actgcagggg gctgagcagt gagtgggagg tgagagggat tagacagtga    156060
     ggggtccttc acattacatc ctgctttctt tttttttttt gagacggagt cttgctctgt    156120
     cacccaggct ggagtgcagt ggtgcgatct cggctcacta caagctccgt ctcctgggtt    156180
     gacgccattc tcctgcctca gcctccctag taactgggac tacaggtgcc tgccaccacg    156240
     ccgggctatt tttttttttt tatttttagt agagacgggg tttcaccgta ttagccagga    156300
     tggtctcgat ctcctgacct ggtgatccac ccgcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta    156360
     caggcgtgag ccaccgcgcc cggcctacat cgtgctttct tggtcatcac agaatcctca    156420
     gcagtcaata aactttgaat aagtgaaagt gtgggtattg ggagagtaag gattaagttg    156480
     atgcaacatt tttagcctga ctggttgggc acatggcagt ggcatttgct gagatttgaa    156540
     gcaaagccag aagaaagggc tgagcttgat tttgtgtttt aaatatgcaa gggagaagat    156600
     gctaagtgcg gttgtagata tattaagttt gatgctcttt ttctgattat tctgtaagta    156660
     cagcgttgtc ttcaaagtcc actccaaata ctaccaagta ttacttggtg ttgatcagaa    156720
     gtagggtttc ccctcaactt tgtatgcttg acaatatgat agaacttgaa aaaaagagga    156780
     aatctaggaa tttaagaaaa aagtctgaac agcatcattt tgggatataa gtgaagtaga    156840
     actgatagga aggggaacac atcctctttg cctgaggaag ttggagtagt tctacctctg    156900
     ttatggcatt taaaaattgt atatttaatt tttcagtgta tttaacttct ctttgtcctc    156960
     ttgaagttgg gaacattcag ttgtactctg aaccagtgga tattgtgacc tggcgctgtg    157020
     ccacttgggc cagcttttgc ttccttaatg aatgcacttc cttcatctgt tagtgataag    157080
     caggcaagtg aggaattctt atctgcatct atggattgaa catctgtttc tattccactg    157140
     tgtttcagtt ttaacttctt tgcttagaaa ttaatgtgag caagtgagcc tcctcttttt    157200
     aaagccattt tggattgaga gtatttgttt tctgagcatt ttatatgcat taaattgata    157260
     atttagattt tttttctaat gttttgagtg atacagaaat catcatcatg ggtttcctta    157320
     aatttctgtg gcaatgggct tattaaaaat gtaattttgt gcatggtgat ttttggaggg    157380
     atatcaaact tatcctatgg gtgttcagtt ttgtcagaga gttatgatac attttattct    157440
     gcatattaaa aatgttccag aaaggaaagc aaaaaaatca ccatggcaac tcagtagaat    157500
     gcccttattt tgtttttctg aaaggaaaat tctaaatctg agtaagaggt ataaaaaaga    157560
     gcagtgcaga ttgtgtctct ggcttccagg aagtgagctc ataaaagaat gggtttgatg    157620
     ccctgggtga ctctgtgtta tttaggaccc catttgtttt ttctcataag gaagagctat    157680
     aaaaaggtgg cgtatatatt gacactacta aaacagatct gccaaagagc ctgttgaatt    157740
     tttctttgta atgcaacttt ttggagccaa ctgtaagtgt caaggctaag gatgaatgga    157800
     tagctgcagg ggttggtggg ggaaggttct taaggtgtca tcacaccact tttgacactt    157860
     caacactgaa ggagtgctac tagggtgagt ttgattagaa tgattctagc agagtgtcaa    157920
     aaaagaaata atacatagtc aatgaattga tacattgatt aatagtaaaa agtagaatca    157980
     agccatgtac catttttgta gagagactgg tgggcagatc agttgtcaac atggcatcca    158040
     gtagtagcac caaactggtc gtgtagaact cagtgtctga cctgtaaatg gttgctattc    158100
     cagggcttct gttacccttc ttggggaagc accagaggac ctacaggaac atcagtattc    158160
     cttagaggag ggatgaagtg ctcaggcata gatcctgact gacaaggctg gaagtagctt    158220
     gggaaagtta cttaacctct ccaaacatca gttttcttat ctatgaaatg gttatggtta    158280
     taacagctat cttatagggt tgttttcagg aatacatgag ttaatatgta caaaaaatta    158340
     aaagaaatgc ctgaaacata gtaagcacca attattagct ctaattattg aagaatctac    158400
     aagtgatgct tttttttggc tgtgactttc ctatattgga tatgtttatg aaatggacag    158460
     gcaaacaatt agtttttgtt gttgttcttt ggtaattact ttgtaataag ttaaaatggg    158520
     atgggtataa atggggaggg gatatattga aacccaattt tccatgacct ggcgtcatgt    158580
     gggatactga gagatcactg acacatggaa cattctggtc tgtagcattt agggaaaata    158640
     tggatattta gcaaagatgt atctaaggga cagcctaggt aacttatcag ttcaatagtg    158700
     aggtttctga tgtgcatgac atccaggggt gagatttctg ctgttatatg gtaggaaaag    158760
     gaattgtatg ctgttttctt tactttaatt gtttttagcc aaagtagctg ttatagctat    158820
     atgctatggt aaaacactgc agcttttggt tgttaggaaa ctgttgggtt atctgggctc    158880
     ttctttttcc caagttctga agatgaagag ctgcctatca gaaggcacaa aaagaataaa    158940
     acagtttgtg gcttctgaga caaaaattgt tatctatgac aataaataaa tactcatgca    159000
     tactgtattt tttaaagtta aacaatattt attttcattt gtcttattag aaatgatgaa    159060
     aatacagaaa atgagaatgt acagataaca tacatgagaa catacattgt tcattcttta    159120
     tagaatgtat gtacattcca ctcataatcc ttttgcacag aaatctactt acatgaacat    159180
     tttctgggta catgcacgtt gatgtaaatg gggctcatat gctttctatt ttaaagtaca    159240
     ttataaatac atttatttta caatgaatat acatttccta tataattgag taattcataa    159300
     agcaatcaaa ggatagacca aaaaaattat tgaatcatta ttctttatca atgtgtagat    159360
     tatttccaat ttttatgaac atgttcttaa ataacaggac tgaacacttg ccagccaggc    159420
     agaacaatga gcctccttca acctaaaggg ttatttattt taacagagcc aaggcagcag    159480
     cttctctgtg catacgcacc tctgggaaga ctgttttctg atgaaggcat ggttttattc    159540
     agcatttgat gacaaatcca caccagttta gtgaaagaga tatactcatg ttcagtgatg    159600
     caccaaggaa gggcaggtta ttaccttgga agtctacatt tggcaactat ttcacaaatt    159660
     ttgccagtca aaacttgatg tgaagattct taaaaattta acttagccgg gcatggtggc    159720
     tcaatgcctg taatcctagc actttgggag gctgaggcgg gtggatcacc tgagctcagg    159780
     agtttgagac cagcctgggc aacatggcga aaccctgcct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt    159840
     agccgggtgt ggtggtgcat gcctgtaatc ccagctactt gggaggctga ggcaggagaa    159900
     tcacttgaac ccaagaagcg gaggttgcag tgagctgaga tcgtgctaca gcactccagc    159960
     ctgggcgaaa gagcaagact ctcaaaagaa aagttaactt accacagacc cagcaattct    160020
     acttttaggt agctacctta gagaattgaa aacatatgtg cctacaataa cttgctcatg    160080
     aatgttccta gaagcattat tcataatagc ccaaaagtgg aaacagccca aatgtctatg    160140
     aactggtgaa agaataaagg tggtatatcc atacaatgga atactctact gtttgacagt    160200
     taaaaggaat gaactaccaa acctcaaaaa cattatgcta agtgaaagaa accagatgcg    160260
     aaagactgta cattgtgtta ttccatttat atgtgatgtc cagaaaaggc agatctatag    160320
     agacagaaaa cagagttgcc tgggctgcag atgggtgtaa ccattaactg ctcatgggca    160380
     ggaggaatct attggggatg ttggaaatag tctaaaacgc atttgtagtg atggttgcac    160440
     aattctataa attcactaaa acttatggaa ttggactttt acaatgggtg aattttgcag    160500
     tatgcaggct atgcatccat taagcttttt tgtttttgag acagagtttc actcttgtca    160560
     cccaggctgg agtgcaatgg cacgatcttg gctcactgca acctccgcct cccgggttca    160620
     agtgattctt ctgcctcagc ttcccgagta gctgggatta caggcacctg ccaccacgcc    160680
     caactaattt ttatattttt aatagagatg gggttttgcc atgttgacca ggctggtctc    160740
     gaactccaga cctcaggtga tccacccgcc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc    160800
     gtgagccact gcacccagcc cataaagctg tttttttaaa cataatgaat ggtatttgat    160860
     tattaaaaca ttgaaaagga aattggtaag atatctatag tacttttgtg ttttttggct    160920
     gggaggtggc cagagtgcaa ctttctttgg tcatctcata tcctggttcc tctgacacca    160980
     gctgcctctc ccataccacc taagtttgac cccagtgaga tcaaggtcgt atatctgagg    161040
     tgaaccagtg gcaaaatcag agccacatct acccctggcc tctaagatca gccccctggg    161100
     tctttcccca tcaaggttgg tgaggacatt gctaaggcaa ccagtggttg gaaatgtctg    161160
     aggattacag tgaaactgat aaggcccaat ttgaggtggt accttatacc tctgccctcg    161220
     tcatcaaagc actcaagaaa ccatcaacag atggaaatag aaaaataaac tcagtagaaa    161280
     tatcactttt gatgagattg tcagcattgc ctgacaaatg tggcactgat ctttagccag    161340
     agaactctct ggaatcatta cagagatcct ggggactgcc ccgtctgtgg gccgcagttg    161400
     ttgatggcta ccaccctcat gacttcatag atgacatcaa caatgacatg gtggaatgca    161460
     cagctcgtta agtacagagg aaaatatttc agtgaagatc atttgacaac caaccaacca    161520
     accaaacaaa caaaaggaca tcaacagaag ttcccaacct gcctgctcat cagaatcttt    161580
     tgggaaataa aattaaataa aaaaagagtc ctgggcctga cctcagcctt aggattcctg    161640
     ttttcaatga tcttcctaga tcattggcta gtcaggttgg aaaccactgc tttttgtgag    161700
     ccattgctcc agatcctgaa ctattctgaa aaataccaag acagacgtag tcaataggtg    161760
     cttatttcac cttcccttct ggtgtgagct aaatagatgt caaatcccct ggctccccat    161820
     ggtttacctt gaaagccttt cttctcctac ttaaagctag acttggtgct tctctgcatt    161880
     caccttaagg aattgactca ctgcagaagc atcagcagca ccattttttt tttaactgga    161940
     gagacaagaa agtattagct acagagcaca tgacattcct gctctcccaa gttctaggtg    162000
     tcccttcctg tgacccttct gccatcttgc tgtcctgtgc ctctcactcc actactttct    162060
     gaagcttggg tgaccctgtg tggtccaatc ttctgctcta cctgcatctc tctcagggag    162120
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agcgagagcg ctcctcatgc tggggagcct    162180
     ctctgcctcc ctggaattcc ggggagtaca gttttcttta tcttgttgat gagttactgt    162240
     ttgtttcttc tgtgtttatg tgttctgctt agttcaactc aactcatcaa atacttctca    162300
     tgtagtgcgt aaggtctgcc atgcgtggtg tgcaatgtta ccaagggatg cattattaga    162360
     tggcatcaag gcacctaggc tttggcaatt agggttgcca gatttagcaa agaaaaatac    162420
     atgatgccca gttagatttg aatttcaaaa gaataacaaa ttttttattg taaacatatc    162480
     actttatctg aaattagaat ctaacgttgt atcctctatt tcattggaca ttcctaaagt    162540
     ttccatcaga cctggttttc cttttggctt ttccacttga atagttaggt actcagtagg    162600
     ttacttaaca tctctaaact ttggtttcct tatctgaaaa ttagggcaaa tattacctgt    162660
     aagtgtgggc ttccttcctt ctcagtggac tccaagctca tggggaacag tggttagccc    162720
     tctgtgccaa gtttagaact tatgcttaca ttttattgtc tgaaatataa tcagatggcc    162780
     acacctagct ctaagagtgg cttggatatg gtccttattc tgggcagcca cgtgcctaaa    162840
     gtaccaatta gggattctct tatgtgggaa gaactcggga gcaattaaca gtgtttgcca    162900
     cacacttttt tttctgtcta caatactgtt aaataaatgc tattgattaa acacatttaa    162960
     tagaataaag gccactaccc agttgcaaca aatcaagaaa ttgtttggat cactgccaag    163020
     gatatagagt aggggattat tcttggattc aactcactag ctgacctgtc ctgccatatt    163080
     ggaaaaatat tttaatcctt aagtgctcta gtttcttcat ttgtgtgaag cctatgttga    163140
     ctggggtcac agacataatt acatcatata gctggttgct gatccaattg ttggcaattt    163200
     caaaacgtgc cacctggatt ttatatacct tctattttct tggtgactaa gttaaagtag    163260
     aggtggattt ttgcagaaat taggttctaa cgtcagcaca tagaacaaac attgtgtgta    163320
     gttaaaatta ctgaatgtgg gctgatatag tgactcattt ttaacagaca gactagggga    163380
     agggaaaaat aataacttta cagtggagaa atctggcaga caccacctta tcaagtattc    163440
     aagatgaacc ttcccaacaa gtcatggtgc ttctgaagag cacttcatct ctgtggtatt    163500
     cttctcccaa atctatgccc cagattaatc atgacatagc atcagacaag cccaaattga    163560
     gggacattct acaaagtatc caaccaagca cccttcaaaa gtgtcaaggt cgtaaaaagc    163620
     aagcaaagac tgagaagcta tcacagattg atggagacta aggggtcatg ataactaaat    163680
     acaatatgga cattagtgga aaaactggtg aaatccaagt aaattctgta gttaatagtg    163740
     ttgtaccaat gtcaatttct tagttttgat aaatgcacta tggttagata agatgttaat    163800
     attagaggaa gctggataaa gaacatatga gaactctctt tgcaactttt cttaaatcta    163860
     aagttattcc aaaataattt ttttaaacta ctcctgaaat tctcttgaaa atgccctatg    163920
     ttgtgaatga gaaccatgtg ataccttgaa agaagattaa catgtcaggt tttcttccag    163980
     cattagggca gattactgtt ttcttaatag gtatttaaca tgaatttttc tggtgctggt    164040
     aatacagcag tgagaaaaca gttaaaaaaa tctctgccct cctagagctt acattctagt    164100
     agggatgtaa taaaagaaat aagcaaaatg tattatctgt aaaatagtat taagtgctat    164160
     ggaaaaaata aagcaggaaa gaaagtattg gagggttgat aaaagtttag aggtctaaag    164220
     atgtcctccc taagaagatg actttaatgt aaagacatga aggaagtgag aaaaagagcc    164280
     acatcagaca aactcaatgg atattttgga gaaaagcatt ccagatagag gaaatagtgt    164340
     gtgcaaaggc cctgagacag cacttgcctg gtataactga agaacagcaa gggatgctgt    164400
     ttgcttactt gaaccacaga tagagtagct agttttcatt tggagtcatg ttgtaggaaa    164460
     aatgtgtgtc tttgaattaa actcagcttg gtgagttact tacattatga gaggcatgtg    164520
     ggaactccac ctgattgaag gggcagtctt cttccatctc atctagggtc atatgcttat    164580
     ccagtgaaat ggaaggctaa actctccaca ctattgaaaa tgttataggc caggcgcagt    164640
     ggcttacccc tgtcatccca gcctgtggga ggccgaggca ggtggatcac ttgaggtcag    164700
     gaattcgaga ccagcctggg caacatggtg aaaccccgtc tctacaaaaa aatacaaaaa    164760
     ttagcctggc atggtggtgc atgcctatag tctcagctac ttgggaggct gaggcaggaa    164820
     tcacttgaat ctgggaggcg gaggttgcag tgagccaaga tcgcgccgct gcactccagc    164880
     ctgggtgaga gagcaagact ctgtctcaaa aaagaaaaaa gaaaatgtta tatatctttt    164940
     attttttggt cgagcacatg taatttatgt tgaatttgtt aaaggcaaag aaaagatgtt    165000
     tactttatgt gccaactttg tgatatgact acagagccca ttcatgatga agacattgag    165060
     tgttgctagg aaaggttgac ttactccttg ttggctgcct gttgtctctg gctttcctcg    165120
     ttgaatgtgt actctcctac ctgcttggga ggaagtggcc aggaggagtg tgctgtgtct    165180
     tttttccctt tggtagacaa tgtggctgct gctgctggtg gtaaattatg atggttctac    165240
     tctgcccttc atgaatgtca ctgtcacggc aataaagtgt gcattagtag agcatgggat    165300
     tgttgcattt ggctttagaa tgtcctttga taaagaattc ctttattatg ggtcctaaaa    165360
     ggcaatctct ttaaatgtac ctttcaaaca ctgggctagt tatatagatg tgtgttccag    165420
     ttactcatgt atagctagtt agtcccatga tggagactat atggctgaaa gcctgctagg    165480
     aataaaagaa aatgagagtt tcttctacag aatagagcat tatagtttca tttggagctt    165540
     gaatatctta taacaaatac catggcttta aagacatata acagaaggaa aaacactttt    165600
     atctttaacc tataaaaatg tatccctctt ttaatcatct agaattgtat atataaatat    165660
     aaactgtaaa attagaaaga cctgaagata cttgaataaa aagaaataaa aatttctttt    165720
     attcaaaatg tatctttatc ctctggctta gacttttcca tctttaggag atgtataaaa    165780
     tggaaccctt tcaattgaat tatctcagga actcgtttta ctgtgtcatt aggaaaaata    165840
     acaacggttt gggaataaca taaaatatcc ttgtgtctga agtatctggg tttaagtaga    165900
     aattttatat catctggggg caacttttta tttttgggat tgagttcttt gtctatgtaa    165960
     acttacttta tgtagtttta aagtaactac ataaagaatt ttccttccat ttccgtagtg    166020
     tgctaggcca aaattggttc tgttttatgt attattgaca gttttgattg agtcctacca    166080
     tacctttcag ggaagattgt tgaggtggtt gctgtggaac gttaaggaac gaacactttc    166140
     cataggaccc tgcttgtggt attctgatag aatcagaagt tagattcttg ggttacactt    166200
     aaacccttcc aatgaaaagg actttttatt atactctgaa atgagaatga aatattcatt    166260
     tgcttggaac ctgttaaatt cttaaatttc atataggagt tacagaataa agacctattg    166320
     ttgactaagg ctaatctgaa aatctctatc atacttctct gcaagctgta aaagctgtgc    166380
     agctgtactc tggggcttgg tatttaaaac ctttggattt cctgagattg gtagtgggaa    166440
     ggagtgtaga agtgaaaatg ccaaggaaat tactgctctt cttgatcggg gattgtaggt    166500
     acttctctga cctttaattc aagattcctt attatgagtc accttaatgt tcccctggaa    166560
     atcacatgtt ttggggaaca cctaaatagc tctcttcatt ctgtaattgg ggaatatgta    166620
     gggaagggta gattattcat agagcatctt tcgtggtgga ggaatctgag tgcttggagg    166680
     ccttgcagca ggaagtggca tttacaaatg gtgctcagaa caagaacact gcctgtgtcc    166740
     ctagccaaaa agaaactaag gacctagcat gagttcccat taaaatctgt gtggactgag    166800
     tcattaaagc taagttaacg gcttcacttt tttctttggc caaaaggaca agacatactt    166860
     cttgatatct gagaaactga actgcagatg aatttaaaga tagtattggg gtgcccagtt    166920
     tctcttaaaa agaaaaagga ggggaaagag aacaggcttg tctatgttgt atggttcttc    166980
     aaatgttaat ttaagcaaaa taatttgatt tgactccttg aagcttacct tggagaacta    167040
     taatttgata gactatttta tatttttaca atagattttc ttcatcagct agactagtag    167100
     aagttaattt tttttttttt tttttttgag atggagtttc gctcttgtca cccagtctgg    167160
     agggcagtgg cgcaatctcg gctcactgca acctccacct cccgggttca agcagttctc    167220
     ctgtctcacc ctcccaagta gctgggacta caggtgccca cccctcccac ccaccacacc    167280
     tggctaattt ttgtattttt agtagaggtg gggtttcacc atgttgacca agctggtctc    167340
     gaactcccga cctcaagtga tccgcccgcc ttggcctccc aaagtgctgt gattacaggc    167400
     atgagccacc gtgtccggcc gaatattttt agtgatagta taattgtgtt tacttttggc    167460
     ctcatgagag aaaggaaaat atactattct attaaatact tcttggtagc tgggtctcaa    167520
     ttttcctgct cttaggtctg ggcatacttt tataaaagtc ttgagtgtat tttttttcta    167580
     ttatggctcc atgtcacccc cattcattca ttcagcaaat acttattgag catctactat    167640
     atgtcaggaa cttttctagc tcctggggag ctagctcctg ccttctggga acttaggttc    167700
     tagagggtaa agacaaaaaa gaggcaagaa tgtatgtcag acagtgataa gtgtcatgga    167760
     gaaaaataaa gtagggcagt ggagatatgg attatttggg gaagggaatg tgctgtgttt    167820
     taaggtgatc agggacagtc ttactgagaa ggtgacagtg gggcagagac ctgaaaggaa    167880
     tgagggcgaa agccataaga acacctggga gaagagctcc ccggtaatgg gaacaacaag    167940
     gggagccagg gtggggctgt gagtgaggag gagcagtaac agaagtcaga gtgtttgtgg    168000
     ggccggatct gtaggatctc atagccaaga gaaggattta ggattttttt cctgtgtgag    168060
     ttgcatccta atacgattgt tgatatttct tctgcccaac ctccttcatt ttcctatacc    168120
     atttccagtt gtttcaacat gtaaactttg ttaaggtttc aaaaataaac agatataacc    168180
     caaataacaa tgtattaaat gcaaaagatt gaaatctgca tgtctatttc tactaaacct    168240
     ctcttcttta tatgtgtcat ttgctgggga aagcagcatt tgctactgac ctatttaaat    168300
     atgctgagct cagagccctt cccagcccaa caagatgcac ttaaccctct gtggggatag    168360
     aaagttgata gattgtttcg tgattgtatt gtgcgggttt ttttttgttt tgttttcttt    168420
     tgtttgtttg tttgtttttg cacctgactt tgatatttat ctgtgtctgg gcatttttta    168480
     gaaagtaagc tctgaaggcc aggtgcagtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag cgctttggga    168540
     ggccgaggtg ggcagatcac ttgaggtcag gagttcgaga ccagcctggc caacatggtg    168600
     aaaccctgtc cctactaaaa atacaaaaac tagctctggg tgtggtggca ggcacctgta    168660
     atcccaacta cttgggaggg taaggcagga atcgcttgaa cctgggaggc agaggttgca    168720
     atgagccaag tggtgccact gcgcttcagc ctgggtgaca gagcaagact gtctcaaaaa    168780
     aaaaaataaa taaataaaaa gtcagcaagc tctgagaaga caggtatgtt tggagtataa    168840
     tggttattgt gattgattcc ctgacaccca gtccacccca ctatggtcat ttcagttgac    168900
     tcccttatgt caagtccctc ctcctaagcc actcatggca ttcctgtgct ccttgctggt    168960
     tatttattag ttaaggattg ggccattggt ttggtcatgg ctaatgttga gggagcttct    169020
     atgaaggatt tccttgcttc taagaaagac acggagagaa ggttgccttt cttcctttgg    169080
     tcattgctgt gtctggttgt gatgcctgga attgctgcag ttattttgct acccgcctga    169140
     gaatgaaatt agtatgttct gagctacagg attatctaat tctgggtcct tctcactttg    169200
     ggctttttat ggcatgagat atatatcctc gttgtttgag acaggtttat ttgttttgtt    169260
     tacagctgaa agcatcctaa ctggtaaaga tgtattaatt cccttcctga agtttttttt    169320
     tcagaatacg ttatatggat ttacatgcag tgtttttcag taatatttag ccctatggat    169380
     tccaaactta ctgaaatgat ttagcagatt agagtgggaa tgtagtgaca ttaagttgcc    169440
     cttgttaaca tctggagttt tgtttcataa aagcagtatg aaaattttgt gtgtttaaag    169500
     agctgaaaag gaaaaataaa agaagtacag atacagaaaa aaaaaacaag gttattagac    169560
     tgtgttgttc aaatattctg tagctgtact aattttcgtt ggcatatttg taattgaatg    169620
     tgctgtactg aaacctccca ttatgatggt gactttgtca atttctcctt acaatcttat    169680
     cagtctgaca tatgtattga catttatata tttatatttc tctagattat tttcttagat    169740
     gcgtagagtt tataatggtt atgtctttct ggtgaattac aatttttata ttatgtaaaa    169800
     aaataaagag ctgaaaagac cttttagacc atattaattt attttaatga ttgtaccctg    169860
     ctctttaagt tagcaacatc tgaactatca atagtagaaa agaaaggtaa attatatgat    169920
     acaaacccat gtccatgtac cagattcatc acagctattc ttgcatgagc ccagatactt    169980
     taaattaaaa aaaaagaaat gttgaagaac ttggaattca tccctttatc ccattcattt    170040
     attaagagtt ttcttttttt tttttagttt ctattatttt tattttattt tttattatta    170100
     ttatacttta agttttaggg tacatgtgca caatgtgcag gttagttaca tatatataca    170160
     tgtgccatga gaagagtttt ctcaagcaca ggtaatccta gcaaattgag acatcaatat    170220
     ttgagggttt taaggtggcc agactgtggg ctcatcaatt tccgtacttt tccgtcatcc    170280
     aactgagttt tgtgggtgaa taatgttacc attttattta ttttaaagca acatatttgg    170340
     tatttttttt ctcacatatc tctttttgtt cttatagagg ctaggagtag aactttgctg    170400
     ttcaaatggg gagtgagcag taaaattaaa aaggttggcc aagaccctgg gaaaatgcga    170460
     acagtgcgtg tcttttttgc atctgaactg aaatctgaga ggttcctagg ttctgcacaa    170520
     ggtagctttg tgcatatttc tctgattgct gagcctggag tgagctacct gacaggcctc    170580
     tgataatcaa ttccaaagca cacactgttc tctttcagca tcttgtaggg aaaggtggac    170640
     aaagagtgtg aaataaatat tctcttccca agtctcccat cccaagtgtc tctttgaggt    170700
     gggatactga cgaagactta aaaataccca tctcgcttgc tccctcccac atccctaaat    170760
     acaacaagca gcaaacaacc ccaaatgcct aacaggaaga cagttccttt ttaattttgg    170820
     caaaatctag gaactctttg tgttgtggtg tccagaaaca taaaaggaga attctatgaa    170880
     aagatttcag ctaattaaca tttacagggt gcccattgct gtgccaccat gtgaggtgtt    170940
     atttaagctt tgcagaggta aattaaaatg tgctttttgt tgccttgcct gcttaaaggg    171000
     gaaagcagag gcatgggatg ttattataaa gtaaggaggt tgattttcat gtgaggccta    171060
     gtgcaaatca gcctgttgtt tattctgaaa agcatgctgt tttctacaat tcagacttca    171120
     ttatttattt gcttgtttct tatattaaga ttgctcagtg gcacaaataa ggaaaaaaaa    171180
     acccataaga atagagagga tgaagggggc agagaaaagg gagggaactc agaaggtgaa    171240
     gaaatattgt ggtttgcctg agggaatctg ggaagtaagg agatggaaga agttgggcga    171300
     tcctttcagt taaaataagt gaagacagtt gtgggttagg agaaataaga ctttctagtt    171360
     atgaagatct tacacatgta actggtcaaa tattttagat tctagatgga catttcaaga    171420
     gaagaggtaa tataatgtaa taaaaatttt ggctaatgat taatgactgc ttaacatgta    171480
     tgtgttgaaa ctgatggaga acaggacttt atatatatta ctcagctaac tttacttgta    171540
     acaatcctat gaggtggata ctcttttttt ttttttttga gatggagtct tgctctttcg    171600
     ccaggctgga gcgcagtagc gggatctcgg tgtacctcaa cctctgcctc ctgggttcaa    171660
     gtgattctcc tgcttcagcc tcccgagtag ctgggagtgt gccaccatgc ccggctaatt    171720
     tttttttttt tttgtatttt tagtagagat ggggtttcac catgttggcc aggatggtct    171780
     tgatctcctg acctcgtgat tcgcccacct cagcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggcg    171840
     tgagccaccg tgcccggccg aggtggatac tcttttcatt tccatttttt tttttttggt    171900
     ctttttttga ggaggaaact gaagcttaga gagattacat ttcctaaagt ctcagctggt    171960
     aagtaataaa accaaggttt ggaccaagac tgtgccccta acggctatcc tatactgtat    172020
     ctgaatactt gaggaaataa aatatacaac tgaaattatt ttgcattttt taaagaaaca    172080
     gtagcaatag gggcatagaa tcttaaaatt taaaaggtct tagaggtcag attatagaga    172140
     aaaaaatgga agtccaggga gagttcctaa actgtgtcat ggggtacctt ggaaaatttt    172200
     ttacctttgt attcaacttc ccaaaaacca taaaatgcat aattttctct gtcaattttt    172260
     ttccagtttt ttgttcatta tgaatgtcgg ggaaggtatc tattttaaat tggactctgt    172320
     cataagtaat gcttgaagaa ttacatgttg tgcttggcaa tttgcactgc atgcaaagct    172380
     ggaatgtagg gaatttttct gttttgtact ctctctctta ttatgtgtag ggtaaggaga    172440
     atggagccct aatgcagttt ctttaggaag tgtagtacac caccagtagt taaaatgatt    172500
     attatgcggt aatgccaagg gctgtagaat agaatttaaa cattacttga tgttttctag    172560
     atagatctta aaatagatat cgatataaaa caaactggaa ggtacagaaa attaatttta    172620
     gaatgtcaat tctggatata ttttgatgag aatatgagaa agtagccaca aatcacaccg    172680
     tgcaccatga aatttgcaac agaaatttca tagccaaata tatttaagtg ttcttggagc    172740
     ccgctttttg ttttattaaa aaagacctat ccaaatttgt ttgagttcat tgtagattct    172800
     ggatattagc cctttgtcag atgagtaggt tgcgaaaatt ttctcccatt ttgtaggttg    172860
     cctgttcact ctgacggtag tttcttttgc tgtgcagaag ctctttagtt taattagatc    172920
     ccatttgtca attttggctt ttgttgccat tgcttttggt gttttacaca tgaagtcctt    172980
     gcccatgcct atgtcttgaa tgctaatgcc taggttttct tctagggttt ttatggtttt    173040
     aggtctaacg tttaagtttt taatccacct tgaattaatt tttgtataaa gtgtaaggaa    173100
     gggatccagt ttcagccttc tacatatggc tagcctgttt tcccagcacc atttattaaa    173160
     tagggaatcc tttccccact gcttgttttt ctcaggtttg tcaaagatca gatagttgta    173220
     gatatgcggc gttatttctg agggctctgt tctgttccat tgatctatat ctctgttttg    173280
     ataccagtac catgctgttt tggttactgt agccttgtag tatggtttga agtcaggtag    173340
     catgatgcct ccagctttgt tcttttggct taggattgac ttggtgatgc gggctctttt    173400
     ttggtttcat atgaacttta aagtagtttt ttccaattct gtgaagaaag tcattggtag    173460
     cttgatgggg atggcattga atctataaat taccttgggc agtatggcca ttttcacgat    173520
     attgattctt cctacccatg agcatggaat gttcttccat ttgtttgtat cctcttttat    173580
     ttcattgagc agtggtttgt agttctcctt gaagaggtcc ttcacatccc ttgtaagctg    173640
     gattcctaag tattttattc tatttgtagc aagtgtgaat gggagttcac tcatgatttg    173700
     gctctctgtt tgtctgttat tggtgtataa gaatgcttgt gatttttgca cattgatttt    173760
     gtatcctgag actttgctga agttgcttat gagcttaagg agattttggg ctgagacagt    173820
     ggggttttct agatatacaa tcgtgtcgtc tgcaaacagg gacaatttga cttcctgttt    173880
     tcctaattga atacccttta tttccttccc ctgcctaatt gccctggcca gaacttccaa    173940
     cactaagttg aataggagtg gtgagagagg gcatccctgt cttgtgccag ttttcacaaa    174000
     tttacaagaa aaaaacaaac aaccccatca aaaagtgggc aaaggatatg aacagacact    174060
     tctcaaaaga agacatttat gcagccaaaa gacacatgaa aaatgctcat catcactggc    174120
     catcagagaa atgcaaatca aaaccacaat gagataccat ctcacaccag ttagaatggc    174180
     aatcattaaa aagtcaggaa acaacaggtg ctggagagga tgtggagaaa taggaacact    174240
     tttacacggt tggtgggact gtaaactagt tcaaccattg tggaagtcag tgtggcgatt    174300
     cctcagggat ctagaactag aaataccatt tgacccagcc atcccattac tgggtatata    174360
     cccaaaggac tataaatcat gctgctataa agacacatgc acacgtatgt ttattgcgac    174420
     actattccca atagcaaaga cttggaacca acccaaatgt acaacaatga tagactggat    174480
     taagaaaatg tggcacatat acaccatgga atactatgca gccataaaaa atgatgagtt    174540
     catgtccttt gtagggacat ggatgaaatt ggaaatcatc attctcagta aactatcgca    174600
     aggacaaaaa accaaacacc gcatgttctc actcatagat gagaattgaa caatgagaac    174660
     acatggacac aggaagggga acatcacact ctggggactg ttgtggggtg gggggagggg    174720
     ggaggaatag cattaggaga tatagctaat gctaaatgac aagttaatgg gtgcagcaca    174780
     ccagcatggc acatgtatac atatgtaact aacctgcaca ttgtgcacat gtaccctaaa    174840
     aggtaaagta taataataaa aaaaaagaaa aaaaaagacc tatccaaatg ctgaaaatga    174900
     aactagtagg aattatataa agatgaaata acttatattg aggattttac atagttatca    174960
     caacttagat atttttctat tcaaaaaata aaaaagccta gtaccatatc taggaaaaca    175020
     gactaatgct gtaaaagtgc ctcagctatc caatagacat tttattacta aaatttctcc    175080
     tgggggtggt gggggaagat ggaatttcct ggttgattta tagcatggta tttaagatgc    175140
     aaagaactat gttgctttgt ttcatgggac ccatcacgcc gggcacggtg gttcacaact    175200
     gtaatcccag cagtttggga ggctgaggca agcggatcac ttgagctcag gagttcaaga    175260
     ccagcctggt caacatgatg aaaccctgtc tctactgaaa atacaaaaat tagccagggg    175320
     tggtggcgcg tgtctgtaat cccagctatt cgggaggctg aggcaggaga atcgcttgaa    175380
     cccaggaggt ggaggttgca gtgagctgag attgtgccac tgcactccag cctgggtgac    175440
     acagtgagac tcagtctcaa gtaaataaat aaataaaata aaattaagag acccatcagt    175500
     gttttgtgtt tggttactct ccagtaataa ctttgtaatt tccacctagc tcctgcattg    175560
     atcttgcatt tttcaatcca atgcattttg gttggtctac ttatacactt aattcccata    175620
     gcaagcctca ttaatctcat taattccatg ccctagtgaa ctgctgagaa gaaaagttgt    175680
     cattaccatg gattctatca catgaaggga tggaatggtg gaaaccacct tccgttttct    175740
     ccctctgtct ctgttttgct gctgtccaaa tatttaacat taaaagagta ttataaaaaa    175800
     caaattgatt tcagacattt gagggataac atatttgaga tttaatgtat ttggggaact    175860
     gagaagtgtt tgatgtgagg tagaggtaca aggaaatggg agtgggtttt atatgcataa    175920
     tagtgcatgc cagagctagg ataggctaga ggctagatta tgtgtcagtt acaaatgacc    175980
     cccaaatctc gttggcttgc accatagaca ttttttcttg ctcatgctat atatccaatg    176040
     tggattggta cccagactga cagagacttc cttcaccata tctccaacta tgaccaccct    176100
     tacagtgggg agggaaagga gctttctgtt gagacatgat tcatgggcca aagcaagtct    176160
     tacagcaatg cccacctgca ggtggggagg ggaagagcca tcagactttg tgtctcaaca    176220
     ggaagaccag ataccaatga cagccagtac tgttccctaa cttttcttga gaaagagtga    176280
     tatcagtaaa ggattaaggt gggggcagtg ccaaccactt cagtcttgcc ttgctccttg    176340
     gggagtattt tcttttaaaa aaattgatta ataggctggg tgcggtggct cacgcttgta    176400
     atcctagcac tttgggaggc tgaggtgggt ggatcacttg aggtcagaaa tttgagacca    176460
     gcctgaccaa catgatgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaaata caaaaaatta gctgggcgtg    176520
     gtggtgggcg cctgtaatcc cagctactgg ggaggctgag gcaggaaaat cacttgaacc    176580
     tgggaggcaa aggttgcggt gagccaggat tgtgccacta cgctccagcc tgggtgacag    176640
     agtgagattc tgtctcaaaa aacaaataat aataattgat taacaatatt gcatatggag    176700
     gcaaggaccc aatatgtgat tccagggcat gttagttcat tctcttcttc attcttttgt    176760
     tccttcactc cttcactaaa tatttattta aagatcacat atcaagtaca tgatgtgagt    176820
     gctgatctat tttattgatt ttgcttttgc ttgtgtaatc tgtagtgatt atttctttaa    176880
     cccatttttt ctgtcttgtc aatttttagt tgcactcagg agcagccttt tgtttgcatg    176940
     tttattttga atctgttatt tcttaaattc cttcagggtg tgcacctgat ctgttttctt    177000
     taccgtacta tccacatgta ttattagtaa atatttgata atgagagaga aaccatagtt    177060
     tattggttat atctttttca atatttctct gaagcagttt tgattttaaa aaactatccc    177120
     agtctattag cattttaatc agcatcttga aattttatct gtaatacaca ggtagaattt    177180
     ttcccttgct gttttacttg tagagtcaaa tgactctagt atgtgttgtt caggtgacac    177240
     aaaaaaacct ctgcgtaatg agtaaaatta tcccagagga gggagctctt ttagacaatg    177300
     aaacatagtg gggtccttga gtgcaactaa aatttctttt ctgattaatc accgtcccct    177360
     tgattcatct ttgcttggtc ttgtgtattt ccattgcata gtctgactta taatgtggtt    177420
     ctgcagttga gtctttctta gaactgggtg atcacaggaa gttatcttat ttatctttgt    177480
     agtccattac ccctcctctc accctacagg ccttactcag taacttgtac atagtagctg    177540
     ttcaataaaa gcttgttaaa tattaaggtg atagatatca cagttaccct gatttgatta    177600
     tatgaatgta tcaaattatc acctataccc ctaaaatatg tgcatgtatt atgtatcaat    177660
     gaaacataaa atcttgttaa gggatttgat tttcaatgat gataggggtt gtgcttttga    177720
     agtgatgcaa ggctaagaac aaaactgtaa ttgtttaatt cagaaagtag ttgtggaatg    177780
     gagtctgaag ggagacacga caatatggcc tgcacgaagg aagattttgt gtatagaatg    177840
     ttctagcctg tttagattgc cttgacttgt gtcaggggag cagtttgttt cactttgcct    177900
     atataagatt aatgtttctg agatgaaaaa aacacacaaa aaaggagctt tttgacgtaa    177960
     tcaagcctct atcaatcact tcttgcttcc taataacttt tgtatcttcc tttcaggaga    178020
     gcagttgaag tgaattc                                                   178037