ID   AC007225; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 218892 BP.
AC   AC007225;
DT   07-APR-1999 (Rel. 59, Created)
DT   20-JAN-2000 (Rel. 62, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Homo sapiens chromosome 16 clone RPCI-11_480G7, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-218892
RA   Bruce D., Mundt M., Doggett N., Munk C., Saunders E., Robinson D.,
RA   Jones M., Buckingham J., Chasteen L., Thompson S., Goodwin L., Bryant J.,
RA   Tesmer J., Meincke L., Longmire J., White S., Tatum O., Campbell C.,
RA   Fawcett J., Maltbie M., Bussod M., Sutherland R., Han C., Deaven L.;
RT   "Sequencing of Human Chromosome 16q12";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-218892
RA   Ricke D.O.;
RT   "Large Scale Sequence Analysis and Annotation with the Sequence Comparison
RT   Analysis (SCAN) System";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [3]
RP   1-218892
RA   Bruce D., Mundt M., Doggett N., Munk C., Saunders E., Robinson D.,
RA   Jones M., Buckingham J., Chasteen L., Thompson S., Goodwin L., Bryant J.,
RA   Tesmer J., Meincke L., Longmire J., White S., Tatum O., Campbell C.,
RA   Fawcett J., Maltbie M., Bussod M., Sutherland R., McMurry K., Han C.,
RA   Deaven L.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (06-APR-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Center for Human Genome Studies, DOE Joint Genome Institute, Los Alamos
RL   National Laboratory, MS M888, Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-218892
RA   Bruce D., Mundt M., Doggett N., Munk C., Saunders E., Robinson D.,
RA   Jones M., Buckingham J., Chasteen L., Thompson S., Goodwin L., Bryant J.,
RA   Tesmer J., Meincke L., Longmire J., White S., Tatum O., Campbell C.,
RA   Fawcett J., Maltbie M., Bussod M., Sutherland R., McMurry K., Han C.,
RA   Deaven L.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (19-JAN-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Center for Human Genome Studies, DOE Joint Genome Institute, Los Alamos
RL   National Laboratory, MS M888, Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA
DR   MD5; 462c77aa0355e37c1dfe49d4d50e62bd.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000126.
DR   EPD; EP73250; HS_VPS35.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000069329; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000091651; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000140795; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000166123; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC007225.2:1-218892; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000568784; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000640313; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; H3BT22.
DR   GOA; H3BU54.
DR   GOA; Q32MK0.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:13487; VPS35.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:17151; ORC6.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:18062; GPT2.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:29826; MYLK3.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:33754; C16orf87.
DR   InterPro; IPR000719; Prot_kinase_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR004839; Aminotransferase_I/II.
DR   InterPro; IPR008271; Ser/Thr_kinase_AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR008721; ORC6.
DR   InterPro; IPR011009; Kinase-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR015421; PyrdxlP-dep_Trfase_major.
DR   InterPro; IPR015424; PyrdxlP-dep_Trfase.
DR   InterPro; IPR017441; Protein_kinase_ATP_BS.
DR   InterPro; IPR020529; ORC6_met/pln.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q32MK0; MYLK3_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2PP10; A0A1W2PP10_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H3BT22; H3BT22_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H3BU54; H3BU54_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; I3L4P4; I3L4P4_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; I3L4S0; I3L4S0_HUMAN.
CC   On Jan 19, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:4567163.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..218892
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="16"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="RPCI-11_480G7"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    complement(589..853)
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   misc_feature    complement(1526..1623)
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 0"
FT   repeat_region   complement(3450..3774)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5258..5553
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   5615..5747
FT                   /rpt_family="MER5"
FT   repeat_region   complement(6186..6348)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   6576..6652
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   6666..6977
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   7063..7149
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   7139..7283
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(7364..7656)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(8004..8501)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(9329..9630)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(9671..9990)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(9919..10260)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(10375..10556)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(10602..10867)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(10864..11169)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(11158..11365)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(11449..11512)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   11540..11810
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(12445..12839)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   13055..13854
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1"
FT   repeat_region   13106..13787
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTAR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(13885..14267)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(14409..14787)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(15068..15155)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   15164..15339
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(15425..15798)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(15854..16087)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   16103..16179
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1"
FT   repeat_region   16182..17770
FT                   /rpt_family="MSTAR"
FT   repeat_region   17771..17910
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(17968..18256)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   18252..18477
FT                   /rpt_family="THE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(18506..18805)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(18992..19158)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(19616..19897)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   19952..20249
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(20373..20677)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(20940..21227)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(21743..21957)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22226..22479
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   22834..23194
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(23930..24226)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(24227..24536)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   25671..26079
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(26081..26376)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   26552..26596
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   27005..27290
FT                   /rpt_family="MER"
FT   repeat_region   complement(28321..28625)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   28663..28958
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(29011..29310)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   30537..30845
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   31696..31963
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(32064..32690)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR8"
FT   repeat_region   32691..33006
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(32989..33087)
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR8"
FT   repeat_region   33682..33977
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(34926..35159)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   35156..35703
FT                   /rpt_family="MER41"
FT   repeat_region   complement(36563..36790)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(37010..37313)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   38240..38590
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   38541..38867
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39006..39317)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   39415..39570
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39720..40012)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40060..40360
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   40483..40739
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   41768..42378
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   42382..42678
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   43092..43168
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   43590..43919
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(44095..44205)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   44234..44544
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   45332..45422
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(45876..46149)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(46780..46920)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(47102..47264)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(47284..47438)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(47407..47719)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(47801..48091)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48144..48674)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   48720..48963
FT                   /rpt_family="MER7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48721..48906)
FT                   /rpt_family="GOLEM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(49049..49228)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(49211..49426)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(49433..49733)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   49930..50097
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(50109..50269)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   50613..50879
FT                   /rpt_family="Tigger1"
FT   repeat_region   50880..51199
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   51194..52031
FT                   /rpt_family="Tigger1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(51625..52048)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER37"
FT   repeat_region   complement(52043..52299)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   52293..52383
FT                   /rpt_family="Tigger1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(52487..52689)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(53221..53554)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(56356..56467)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1"
FT   repeat_region   57285..57573
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   57621..57936
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    complement(59391..59569)
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(59578..59882)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   60548..60848
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   63298..63451
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(65516..65816)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   65906..66282
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   66147..66271
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(66284..66669)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER51B"
FT   repeat_region   66656..66824
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   67338..67474
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(67805..68106)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(69301..70284)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(73241..73691)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(73979..74291)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    75762..75944
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(76211..76469)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(77845..78005)
FT                   /rpt_family="CHESHIRE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(78055..78358)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   78955..79267
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    81101..81358
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   misc_feature    82477..82595
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(83976..84281)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   85575..85830
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(86753..87281)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   87878..88172
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(89080..90784)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(89296..89585)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   90936..91226
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(91466..91542)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(91810..92110)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(92119..92466)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(92427..92727)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(92801..93065)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(93124..93217)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    complement(93487..93612)
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   repeat_region   93789..94163
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   95889..96003
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(96161..97209)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(97586..97853)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(97881..98189)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(98429..98714)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(98772..99583)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(100647..100973)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   101081..101379
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(101666..101745)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   102160..102434
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   102559..102869
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   103079..103479
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(104373..104509)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(104849..105139)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(105701..105941)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   106273..106358
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   107774..107887
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(108419..108707)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   108758..109046
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   109376..109504
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(109551..109779)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(110091..110669)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(110693..110983)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   111284..111559
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   111582..111886
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   112292..112575
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(113184..113249)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(113357..113628)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(113873..114144)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(115157..115474)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   115625..115694
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(116061..116352)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   116867..117190
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   118088..118363
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(118511..118797)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(119086..119217)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(119680..119920)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   120001..120435
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(120507..120791)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(121111..121347)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(121437..121558)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(123699..123965)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125598..125881
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   125987..126097
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   129312..129603
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(129773..129888)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   complement(130039..130252)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   130321..130609
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(131593..131872)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(132621..132908)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   133105..133236
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(134088..134382)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(134513..135086)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(135800..136015)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   138807..139082
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   139201..139437
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(139764..140028)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(140666..140811)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   140880..141453
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    142619..142771
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(143068..143222)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   143584..143740
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(144262..144380)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   144660..144959
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    145400..145490
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(145654..145996)
FT                   /rpt_family="Tigger2"
FT   repeat_region   146246..146665
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(146944..147122)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   149211..149463
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   150017..150262
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(150359..150640)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(150896..151168)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(152150..152420)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    154849..154954
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 2"
FT   misc_feature    155860..155953
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   misc_feature    156414..156524
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(156813..157083)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   157695..157950
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    158170..158334
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(158968..159210)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   159305..159541
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   159725..161533
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   misc_feature    160684..160876
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   repeat_region   161572..161860
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   162535..162762
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   162864..162953
FT                   /rpt_family="MER33"
FT   repeat_region   163854..163945
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   165036..165251
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(165330..165607)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(166169..166453)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(166566..166822)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   168156..168939
FT                   /rpt_family="MER21"
FT   repeat_region   168740..168792
FT                   /rpt_family="MER39"
FT   misc_feature    169261..169374
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 0"
FT   repeat_region   171230..171274
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   172025..172311
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    172771..172899
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   repeat_region   173230..173520
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   173861..173960
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    174784..174910
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(176055..176360)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   176881..177054
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   177348..177523
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   178732..178918
FT                   /rpt_family="Tigger2"
FT   misc_feature    178814..178879
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   repeat_region   178928..179217
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   179271..179430
FT                   /rpt_family="Tigger2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(179527..179790)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(179970..180252)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   180931..181057
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(181058..181112)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER33"
FT   repeat_region   181143..181361
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(181578..181678)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(181619..181678)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER33"
FT   repeat_region   complement(182574..182860)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    183494..183598
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 0"
FT   repeat_region   complement(183705..183781)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT2B2"
FT   repeat_region   184245..184415
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   184699..184965
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(185572..185826)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(187404..187678)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    complement(187966..188089)
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 2"
FT   repeat_region   188568..188806
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(189142..189239)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    complement(189873..189985)
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   repeat_region   191012..191645
FT                   /rpt_family="SVA"
FT   repeat_region   191204..191528
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR5"
FT   repeat_region   191534..191620
FT                   /rpt_family="LTR5"
FT   repeat_region   complement(191706..191993)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(192645..192923)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    complement(194427..194556)
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 2"
FT   misc_feature    complement(194428..194557)
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(194870..195038)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER5"
FT   misc_feature    complement(195778..195842)
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 2"
FT   repeat_region   199286..199405
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   201488..201780
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    201942..202040
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   misc_feature    204050..204171
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 0"
FT   misc_feature    204695..204877
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(205931..206055)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    206392..206605
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 0"
FT   repeat_region   complement(207093..207283)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER30"
FT   repeat_region   complement(207301..207407)
FT                   /rpt_family="CHESHIRE"
FT   repeat_region   207714..207970
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   208311..208451
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    208855..208964
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(209425..209729)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   210420..210729
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    211085..211233
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 0"
FT   repeat_region   211461..211675
FT                   /rpt_family="MER30"
FT   repeat_region   212226..212401
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   misc_feature    213075..213282
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 2"
FT   misc_feature    213687..213842
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   repeat_region   213932..214052
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   214928..215217
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   complement(215813..216104)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   216213..216373
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   misc_feature    216495..216617
FT                   /note="GRAIL 2 excellent exon, frame 1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(217097..217398)
FT                   /rpt_family="Alu"
FT   repeat_region   217606..218845
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
SQ   Sequence 218892 BP; 58075 A; 46386 C; 48869 G; 65562 T; 0 other;
     gaattctgcc gactctcttc cgggaatcag gattggcaaa gaccctaaag gccaaagaca        60
     cggagaaaga gactggggaa cagaaccaac tttccgcaga gcccccccca ccccgtctcc       120
     cctcctacct aaaatggttt ccctcccacc gcccccatcc caaccctctt ccgttttact       180
     tttttccaag aacttatcac tgagactcta ttgcttcttt cttcattcgc ttatgttcct       240
     ctctccactg gaccttggtt ccacgagagt agggcagaca cacaacgtgc ggtgcctggc       300
     agcacggccc gctcaacaat tgacgaattc aattcaacaa gtgaaccgta ttgcaaggcc       360
     tcactgagtg cccggtgctg ggcaccagta agtgaacggg cgggaggggg cattctctcg       420
     ttttagccag gcttggctga ctgaggagct ggccatgggg gtggacgtcg tgggaaggac       480
     cccagctggg gctgctgcgg tttttccctt gctcagcggc cccagcctcc ccggggccca       540
     gcgcgcgctc acccgctgca gctcgagctc gatctcgccg gccttgagca cgatgggtcc       600
     ccgcacggcg tactccaccg ccttcacctg cgggttcatg gactccagcg tgaggatgcg       660
     ctcgcgccgg ctgcgctcgg gccgcacctt gagcaccgcc gaggcctcgg cggccgcgct       720
     gctctggctg cggccccagg agctgggggt ccggggacca cagccccgcc ggaccagcgc       780
     cgccgcccgc tgcatcgcgc gcttgcggag agaaaccctg gcacaaaaag agaaaaagaa       840
     caaacacgtc gcgcactgcc caggcgtgca gcactccccc acacaagccc agccaagggc       900
     tctttcagcg agcggtgcca gcctggcttc ggcgctggtg cccatccccc ggcgacccgg       960
     accctccacg gcgccgctga agcaccaacg cacacccaac cggctttcgc aaaggctgcg      1020
     cccaaggcat gcatgcaacg tgcctgtcgc ccctggtagg ccctcgccgc actcggttag      1080
     ctcgcgcgcc tggagcagct acccggcccc ggcgcccaca gccgcatccc cgcgcccggc      1140
     gcccgcgccg cccggcccct gcgctcgcac acccaccacc gtcggggccg ccccgggcct      1200
     gtgcgctgcc tcctgggccc tgtagttccc ctggctgctc cggagcggct gcggagagtg      1260
     acgcgaacta caagtcccac agcgccccgc gccgggccgg accgggaccg gacagtaggc      1320
     gggagcgttc gtccgaacgt ggccggggct gggcgggctc tttgtcccag ttgaggggct      1380
     ggagagcctg gaggggcggg gcaggggccg tgctctctgt cgcgtctgcg aagctagagc      1440
     tgttggcagc ctgtccccag tggcgcgtcc gcccccctac cgccctcact gcccgcacct      1500
     gcgaggacgc aggctgctgg atggtgcagt catcgccccg agtttcatca tccaaggcca      1560
     cacggtgcct gcggctgccc accagagctg gcaggaaggc gggtgaggag tctgggactt      1620
     ggccacgccg ccctgactac cgaacgccag cttccttctc agcaaaacgg ggatctgccc      1680
     acggcctctg agggttgttg tgagacttca aggaccatct gccaagtggt caggttttcc      1740
     cgaccactcc atctgacctc agacctccat cacttccgtt ttattttctg cctaccatct      1800
     gaaattatct tcggttactt tttactggct tatggtttac ctcccccgac taaccgtgcg      1860
     agctccagag gggcagaggc agtgtctttc ttgttcatgg cattcgcagc acctctaaca      1920
     gttcccgcca cagaggagcc actcagtaaa tatttgttga agaatgaatg cccagcacaa      1980
     gggggctatt atgtttggta acggtgtctg ctggcgaaag gctccctggc ttgcccagag      2040
     caagagcagg gcaagactag gaggtggcgt agggtggcgc aaagggagtt ctggaagact      2100
     cggggtctaa tggagacacc aaaatctaca aaatcaaaaa tacaaataca gaatctacaa      2160
     aatcccgtct aggtcccaga ttctccatgt gcaaaatgag ttaaataccc tctaaggtcc      2220
     ttccccttgg aaattctgtg agtctgggtg ttttcaacca gaaaaacagc ccagagctcc      2280
     cacatcccaa cacacacaca ctcacattag gtttatgaaa gttggggcag cagtgtaggg      2340
     gagaaggtag acctgagtcg gaatatccac agttgcatac agccgtgcac tgcttaactg      2400
     agtttgtact acctcgtctt cgtaaagcct agtttcccca tgcgtaaagt cagggtaaca      2460
     cctacctcat actgtgatta aatacattgg ttgccaataa aagaggaaag taggtgggga      2520
     gaacaacaga aaccgaagat atctttgagt attcctatgt ctgcaaactg gcttggtcca      2580
     ccaaaggcgc tggaaagtta tttgggctct catgtactgg ttccaccccc gcacctttgt      2640
     ctacactagg tcttgatggc caggtattca gtctctaggt aaaagtcttc cccagtgagc      2700
     ttagctcctc cttcagtgtc gtcgttatca actgcccagt tgagacacaa acataaccct      2760
     ccacctccaa aacacgcttg accttgactt gcatgtaatg tccatgcagt cccttgctgt      2820
     ccacccacgt gtcagtgtac tatgctcttc tgttatctct gtctctgatc agtagggaca      2880
     ggggaggagg ggcttagaga ggtgatcaca aatctatttc cacaactgag aacaacaagc      2940
     acacagcctt cttatgtgtg ctcccacgtc atcactgtga aaaacaagtc gagtgcctaa      3000
     tatgccctct gccaacccgt ctctctgaga ttgcatgagg aaaaaagctt cattgatttc      3060
     ttgtgaacca ctgtacaatt tgcaaagcac tttcttaccc aaaagcacag gcagtattat      3120
     tcccacttta tagatgaggc tcagagaggt taggtgactt gttcaggtgg tacagctaaa      3180
     aggagagcag gaattgtgat ttctaaccca gtgctacagc ccacgcatgc agggaccatt      3240
     catgtgtagc tcgctgggtt tggaaattca agcttgctgt tacaatgcac agagcctttg      3300
     aaaaatttct gggtggtggt tgtgatgacg atggtggcaa tagcatgaac tttgctttta      3360
     ttttttattt ttgtacacag ctaacccagt ccaaaagctt gcgtgtgtgt gtgttcattt      3420
     tgttttgttg ttctcatctg atttttttat tttattttta tttttatttt ttgagacaga      3480
     gtcttgtttc tgtcaccaag gctggaatgc agtggcatga tctcatctca ttgcaacctc      3540
     tgcctcctgg gttcaagcga ttcttctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctga gactacaggc      3600
     atgcatcacc atgcctagct aatttttttt gagggtagag gggggtgtat ttttagtaga      3660
     gagaaggtgt cccgatattg gccaggctgg tctcaaactc ctgacctcaa gtgatccaca      3720
     caccttagcc tcccaaaatg ctgggattac aggggtgagt cacctcaccc ggactagtga      3780
     tttgctttta ttttgccctc tagaccaggt ggggatggat aggatctggc tcctaaatat      3840
     taaagctaaa acctgattga aatgatcatt aaagccctcc ctataagcta aatgagagct      3900
     tcaaatacac agcaacctcc tatcaaccca catagctgga gagtcatatg tttgcaagac      3960
     ataatacccg tctttattcc ataatttaac aaattcttct tgggcactta ccctgtgcca      4020
     ggcatgaggc tgagttctgg gactacaaag agtcaagctg actgttccta cctgtgtaga      4080
     acatacagtt tcttagggaa ggcggaggtc atcacacgtg attacaaact gtgataactc      4140
     ctcgggataa aaaggatgga gttttctgag agttcagagg tctgcacaaa gatttcccaa      4200
     atgaggtgtc ccatgagctg ctcccacccc agccctggaa ggttgataag agacattact      4260
     cctggccagt gtggagatgc gcctagcctg ggattgctgt ggcaccctaa gtgaagaggc      4320
     aggtactcag catataagaa tccagccgtt tccatagctc cagggcttcc ccagcaggtt      4380
     acctgaggct ttgtcaggcc tatttttcat tccctgccca ttcctacttt ctcccacttc      4440
     ctcttgcaag agttgatccc taatacccat cttgctcctt acaccccatc tcagtgtcag      4500
     tggtgagatg gacagcttcc cggtctggga ccactgaaga ccctgaggaa ctctaagaag      4560
     gccatagtga ctgcagggca aacaattaag caaaatggga atcagtgagg tgagctgtgt      4620
     caagacaggc aggccaggtc ctgaatgtaa gaattttggt cttcatccta agaaaaaatg      4680
     gaagcctctg gaaggcttaa agcaggggag tgacatgatc agatttctat tttaaattct      4740
     gttgcatgga ggatggattg gaggtgtgca agggaggttg caggaggatt aattgtggct      4800
     ccaacaaggt ccaacgttgg cctggaccag ggtgtggggg atgggaagtg gctaggttct      4860
     tctgtatccc caacacccag catattacct gacacacagg tcttcagtaa aatgttgaat      4920
     ggatgttgaa gtagattctg tacggtccat gctctccaga tatctgcagt ccagcaggag      4980
     ctgagtggcg taggtaagta tgctaagggc agcccccaag aatgcaggct accccatcct      5040
     tggaggcagt gagggctgtt cataaataac cacagagcag aacagaaagt gagagaatct      5100
     ttggagaaga tcaggtgggc actgtggggc tgcaaggagg gacagctaat ctcccagaat      5160
     gccagatcat gcctggtctg gaggcttggg gaactctttc aaaggtaact cttagtctct      5220
     tgctctcgag ggagcctgat ggaagttagt gctctcagcc agttgtggtg gctcacacct      5280
     gtaatcccag tgctttggga tgcccaggca ggaggatcac tgaagcctgg agttggagat      5340
     cagcctgggc aacataacga gacccatctc tacaaattaa aaaattagct gggcgtggtg      5400
     gtgtgcacct atagttctag ctatacagga ggctgaggca ggggaatcgc ttctacccag      5460
     aagttctagg ctgcagtggg catgattgtg ccactgcact ttagcctgag taacagagca      5520
     agaacttgtc tccaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat tagtgtgtaa ttaatcaaat gccttggctt      5580
     atggtccagg gtagtgattc taaagtgtcc aaggatcacc tgagtatttg cttaaaatgt      5640
     ggattccaga gtcttgcccc agacttgctg attctgaaat tccaggggtg ggttggccca      5700
     ggaattttcc tgtaattagg attctgatat gcactaaagt ttgagaaatc caggtgcagg      5760
     accaggtgca gggtgtgttt ctttgggaaa aatccagatc agggaggtct gaattctgat      5820
     tccaaatttg ttaataatct ccggtatgac ctggagccag ttctatcctc accttgtagc      5880
     ctttgcttct tctgcagcac tgcctacact tctgcccgac ttctagtcac ttgctcttct      5940
     gaggaagctt gaagatgtta cagcctcccc ttccaactca actgactcct cgagtcacag      6000
     cccctgcctg tattcattga gcctctgttt cctcacctgc cagtgagagt gaccacagta      6060
     cctgcctcaa agtgttgctg agaaaattag agatgatatt ttaacttttt atttttctta      6120
     tggatgtttg ggtagattag gaagtctgaa agcatcaaca ctctattgtt gtgtgtgtgt      6180
     gtttgtgtgt gtgttttgag atggggtctc cctctatcat ccaggctaaa gtgcagtggc      6240
     atgatcatct tactagatcc tcaaactcct ggactcaagc cattaaccct cctcagcctc      6300
     ccaagtagct gggtctacag ctgcatgaca ccatgcctga ctgttgttaa tggtggttat      6360
     ctttgagtgg tgggattatt ggtaactaat ttttcttttt gtttaatgta ctttcaacgt      6420
     tttaagaaat ttttaaaata ataaataaat tttaaaaaag aaacctagaa tggtcatatg      6480
     atctagcaat tccatttctg ggtatatcac gaaagaattg aaagctgaga cttgaacaga      6540
     taattataaa ctaatgctca ttatggcatt atggcaactg ctaaaaggtg gaaacaaccc      6600
     aaatgtccat tgacagatga atgggtgaac aaaatgtggt atatatacac aagaaatatt      6660
     agtcaggcct gatgtggtgg ctcacacctg taataccagt actttgggag gctgaggcag      6720
     gcggatcacg aggtcagaag ttcaagacca gcctggccaa catggtgaaa cctcgtctct      6780
     actaaaaata caaaaattag ccaggcatgg tagcgcatgc ctgtaatccc agctactcgg      6840
     gaggctgagg caggagaatt gcttgaactc gggaggtgga ggttgcagtg agccaagatt      6900
     gtgccactgc actccagcct gggcgacaga gcaagactct gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      6960
     aaagaaatat taatcagcct taaaaaggaa ggaaattgtg acacatacca caacacagat      7020
     gaaacttaaa gacattatgt aaagtgaaat acaccagata taaaaggata agtatgtatg      7080
     attccactta tttgaggtac ccagaatagg caaatacata gagacagaaa tttaaatata      7140
     ggttaccagc caggtgtggt gactcacacc tgtaatccca gcacttaggg aggccacagc      7200
     agacagatcc cttgagccca ggagtttgat atcagcctgg gcaaaatagt aagaacctat      7260
     ctctaccaaa aataaagtaa ataaataata aattaaaata gaggttacca agggctgggg      7320
     ggaggcggaa tggggagtta ctgtttcttg tgtttttttt ttgttttttt gttttttttt      7380
     ttgagacaga gtctcgctct gtcgcccagg ctggagtgca gtggcacaat ctgggctcac      7440
     tgcaacctcc gcctcctggg ttcaagtgat tctcctccgt ccgaagtaaa tgggactaca      7500
     ggtgcatgcc accatgcctg ggtaattttt tgtattttta gtggagacgg ggtttcacca      7560
     tgttagccag gatggtctcc atctcctgaa cttgtgatcc gcctgcctca gcctcccaaa      7620
     gtgctggtat cacaggcatg agccaccgca ccctgctggg agttactgtt taatgagtac      7680
     atagtttcag tttgcaacat gaaaacgttc tggagatgaa cagtggttat ggttgcataa      7740
     tgtggatgta tataatgtca ctgaactgta cacccccaaa tagttaaaat agaaaatttt      7800
     atgtacatct taccatatta taatatgaat aaggatttcc tgtgtgatgg aagataattt      7860
     aaaaagagaa agagtgtaaa tcttagagtg tttgtggcct ttttcagaga tggcgactga      7920
     gcagtttctg ggggtgttag aaggtatttg ggtatttgct tggaatctcc ctccaactcc      7980
     tacattttag ttagctttaa tccttgtcct tcgtgttttt cttttttttg agatggagtc      8040
     tcgctctgtc gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcccaatctt ggcttactgc aagctccgcc      8100
     tccccggttc acgccattct cctgccttag cctcccaagt agctgggact acaggtgccg      8160
     ccaacacacc cagctaattt tttgtatttt tagtagagat ggggtttcat cgtgttagcc      8220
     aggatggtct tgatctcctg acctcatgat ctgcccgcct cagcctccca aagtgctggg      8280
     atgacaggca tgagccacca cgcctggccc atgtttttct ttctaaatga aggcctcatt      8340
     tttttttgtt tgtttgtttt tacatagaga caagtttttg ccatgttgcc caggctggtc      8400
     ttgaactcct ggactcaagg gatccgcccg cctttgcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag      8460
     gtgtgagcca ctgtgcccgg ccttcttttt tttttttttt aatttaagtc aggctcaagt      8520
     ttttagggga tggtcaggga aatttcgttg agatcctact tgctctgagt ctccttgaag      8580
     caaatcattg cctctaacaa gcaaatatta gtttaggtga gctaatagcc gggacacatg      8640
     tatcccaatg ctctcaccat gacgttcaaa gtggattaaa gataaactta tgatactaag      8700
     ctaagctata cacaaacaag ggacacattc ttatgtaact tacagaggtt aaaactgagt      8760
     aaagacattt tacaaaagtg gtgtttacaa ttcagtactg cattgataac atttcaaagc      8820
     actggcaggc acgtttcggt cttggcagtg cactcaacca aatccaggtg gtttcggaga      8880
     atgaggagag gctggaagag ctgtagcgaa tgaacaattg tataagcttc atgagcaaat      8940
     aaaacctttc attcagaggg tgtttgttgt tccatattcc ttgatttctt gcttcctgat      9000
     ctttagggat ctgaggactc ttatttgcgc catggaagac atatggaaac aatttcagaa      9060
     acaccccaag ggactaatag aatccttatc tgcaaactca agtgatttca gctgttgaat      9120
     gtgctaaaac acagacaaaa tattaagcaa tggctcaaat cagtatttcc aaaaggttta      9180
     cttatctagt tttcctagat attttcataa agccacagaa tttttcaact agagaagctc      9240
     acaaaatagt tttgggacct agaaacagga gaaaaaaata atcatacaat accataagcc      9300
     ctatgctttg tagttctcat ttattctttt tgtttttgtt atttttgaga cacagtctca      9360
     ctgtgtcgct caggttggaa tgcgatggtg cgatctcggc tcattgcaac ctctgcctcc      9420
     tggagtcagg tgattctcct gcctcagcct cctgagtagt tgggattaca ggtgcccacc      9480
     accatgccca gctaattttt gtgttctttc aatagagacg gggtttcacc atgttggcca      9540
     ggctggtctc gaactcctga ccttaagtga tccacccacc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg      9600
     gattataggc gtgagccact gcgcccggcc tatactttta tttttttgaa ttctagtttt      9660
     tttggtatct tttcttttct ttgctttctt tttttctttt tctttttgtt ttagatggag      9720
     tcttgctctg ttgcctaggc tggagtgcag tggcatgatc tcggctcact gcaacctccg      9780
     cctcccgggt caagcaattc tcctgcctca gcctcttgag tagctgggat tataggcacg      9840
     caccaccaca tccagctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cagggtttca ccatgttggc      9900
     caggctggtc ttgaattcct gacctcgtga tccacccgcc tcggctgccc gaagtgctgg      9960
     gattacaggc gtgaaccact gcacccggcc tctatttttt gttttttttt agaggtaggg     10020
     tcttgctctg ttgcccaggc tggagcagtg acatgatcct ggctccctgc agcctcgaac     10080
     tcctgggccc aagcaattct cctatctcag cctcctgagt agctggcact ataggagttt     10140
     gccaccatac ctggctgatt ttttatgttt aatttttaga gacagggtct tgccatgttg     10200
     cccaggttgg tttcaaactc ctaggctcaa gtgatactcc cgcctcagtc tcctaaagtg     10260
     tgaattctag ttcttattca ttcttcagaa gaaacgggca gaactattta cctagagtat     10320
     tatctatgat ttgggtttag caccaggtag gcctggcaca aagctttctt tttttttttt     10380
     ttccttcaac ttttatttta agttctgggg tacatgtgca ggacgtgcag gtttgttata     10440
     taggtaaaca tgtgccatgg ttgtttgctg cacagatcaa cccatcacct aggtgttaag     10500
     cccagcatcc attagctatt cctccttatg ctctctttcc atcccacccc cagctttatt     10560
     aataataata ttatataaca tttataggta atatttatta gacttttaaa atatattttc     10620
     ttaatagaaa tggggttttg ccatgttgcc caggctggtc tcaaactcct gagctttaag     10680
     ccatcctcct gccttggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca tacaggcatt gagccactgc     10740
     acctggactt ttggactttt tttttttttt ttttgagaca gtcgtgctct gttgcccagg     10800
     ctggagtgca atggcatgat cttggttcac tgcagcctcc acctccccag ttgaagcgat     10860
     tcttttgttt gtttgtttgt gtttgagatg gagtctggct ctgtcgccca ggatggagtg     10920
     cagtgacgca atctgggctc actgaaggct ccgcctcccg ggttcacgcc attctcctgc     10980
     ctcagcctcc cgagtagcta ggactacagg cgcctgccac gacgcctggc taattttttt     11040
     gtatttttag tagagatggg gtttcacctt gtttgccagg atggtctcca tctcctgacc     11100
     tcgtgatccg cccgtctcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccaccgcgc     11160
     ccggcctgaa gcgattcttg tgtctcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggattac aggtgccctg     11220
     acaccatgcc tggctaattt tggtattttt agcagagatg gagtctcgcc atgttggcca     11280
     ggctggtctc aaactcctga cctcaagtgg tccaccctcc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg     11340
     gattatatac aggcattgag ccaccacacc cagccttatt ggatattttt aatgtgctgg     11400
     atactgcccc aagtgcttta atgcatcatc tcatagatgc cttagaagaa ccctatgaca     11460
     taccaccgtt atcgccatta tacagatagg aaaactgatg ttcagagagg ttgggctact     11520
     tatcaagatt acatagctag actgggcaca gtggctcatg tctgtaatcc cagcactttg     11580
     ggaggcttga gcccaggagt tcgagaccag catgggcaac atagcaagac ctcatctcta     11640
     ccaaaacata aaaaaattag ccgacatgat ggcatacact tgtggtccca gcttcttagg     11700
     ggcctgaggt gggaggatac ccttgagcct gggaggccga agctgcagtg agctgtgatc     11760
     atgccactgt acttcagcct gggcaacaga gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat     11820
     cacatagcta gggtggcaaa gctaagactt gaacttagga ctccatgggt tcagtgctca     11880
     gtctcacaag actgccccca cttcagacac cagccacaag tggggtcccc agggcaccca     11940
     cacttctgcc cagctggtta aaaattcggg agttcccatg acttaccccc tgtattcaat     12000
     aattcactag aattactcac acaactcagg aaagtgctat aatcattatt acagttttgt     12060
     tttaaagaat aaaacaagaa cagccaaaga acaaggcgtg ggaggctggg aggggcacag     12120
     agcttccatg ccctctcttg agcatgccac cctcccacta cattgatgtg ttcagcatcc     12180
     cctaagtata gttacaaaca gaaattacag taatactggt tttcatattt gtctatttac     12240
     ctttgctatg gaaatttata ttttcatgtg gctttgagtt actgtctggt gtcatcgcat     12300
     ttcaacttga aggattccct ttagcatttc ttgtagggtg agtctagtga taacaaattt     12360
     cctcagcttt tgtttattta gaaatgtcta ttttctcctt tgtgtttcat ttttaatatt     12420
     attatttatt tatttattta tttatttttg agacaaagtc tcactctgtc gcccagtggt     12480
     gcgatctcgg ctctcccaaa ttcaagcgat tctcctgctt cagcctcccg attagctggg     12540
     attacaggca tctgctacca cgcctggcta attttttgta ttttcagcag agacagggtt     12600
     tcatcatgtt gtccaggctg gtctcgtcct gacctcaggt gatccgccca ccttggcctc     12660
     ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca ctgtatccgg ccaattatta ttattatttt     12720
     ttagagacgg tgtctcacca tgttgtccaa gctggtcttg aactcctggg ctcaagtaat     12780
     ccacctgcct cagtctccca aaatgctggg attacacgtg tgagttactg tgcccagtct     12840
     cttctttgtt tttgaagaac agttttgctg ggtgtagaat tatcagtgac aggttttctc     12900
     tttcagcacc ttacatacaa ttgtgtgcca tataacaacg tttcaatgac agagcatgta     12960
     tacaatggtg atctcataag attataatac catattttta ctttgcaaaa gagaaacact     13020
     ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaac aacttacttt tcttcccagt ctcaggtatg tctttatcag     13080
     cagcatgaaa atggactaat acagtaaatt ggtaccagta gagtggggcg ttgctgaaaa     13140
     gatacccgaa aatgtgaaag caacttcgga actgggtaac aggcagaggt tggaacagtt     13200
     tggagggctc agaagaagaa aggaaaatgt gggaaagttt ggagcttcct agaaacttgt     13260
     tgaatggctt tgaccaaaag cctgatagca atatggacaa taaggtccag gctgaggtgg     13320
     tctcagatgg agatgagaaa cttgttggga actggagcaa aggtgactct cgttatgttt     13380
     tagcaaagag actggcggca ttttgcccct gccctagaga tttgtggaac tttgaactcc     13440
     aaagagagat gatttagggt atctggcaga agaattttct aagcagcaaa gcattcaaga     13500
     agtgagatgg gttctgttaa aggcattcag ttttatagtg gaagcagagc attcaagttt     13560
     ggaaaatttg cagtgaccat gtaatagaaa agaaaaaccc attttccaag gagaaattca     13620
     agccggctgc agaaatttgc ataagtaagt aggagccaaa cgttaacccc caagacaatg     13680
     cggaacatgt ctccagggca tgtcagaggc cttcatggaa gcccctccca tcacaggccc     13740
     ggagggctag gagaaaatgg tttggtgggc caggcccagg gtccccgtgc tgtgtgcaga     13800
     ctagggactt ggtgccctgc gtcccagcgt ggctgaaagg ggccaacata gagccagatt     13860
     ccaggacagg agaggaggat aggctttttt ttttttgaga cagagtttcg ctcttgttgc     13920
     ccaggctgga gtgcaatggt gttttctcgg ctcattgcaa cctctacctc cctggtccaa     13980
     gcaattctcc tgcctcagcc tcctgagtaa ccgggattac aggcatgagc caccacacct     14040
     ggctaatttt gtatttttag tagagacggg gtttctccat gttggtcaga ctggtcttga     14100
     tctcccgacc ttaggtaatt ggcctgcctc accctcccaa agtgctgggg ttacaggcat     14160
     gagccaccac acccagccaa ggataggctt ttgaggactg tttgtgatag atgatacggc     14220
     agtgatgcaa gcaagcccca gacagatgag gccaggggct gctggccaca ggctccttcc     14280
     ctacaagtgc aaagaaaagt gccagctcat aagctgggga tgagctggat gtgttcatct     14340
     agctgcaagg ctctggttcc agctcccagc ttttctttct ttcccttcct tccttccttc     14400
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttcctttct ttctttcttt     14460
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt tttgatggag tctccctgtg tcacccaggc tggaatgcag     14520
     tggcatgatc tcggctcact gcaagctccg cctccctggt tcacgccatt ctcccacctc     14580
     agcctcccga gtagctggga ctacaggtac gtgccaccat gcccagctaa ttttttgtag     14640
     ttttagtaga gatgaggctt catcatgttg actaggctgg ttgcaaactc ctgacctcac     14700
     gtgatctgtc tgcctcaccc tcccaaagtg ttgggattac aggtgtgagc caccacaccc     14760
     agccttagct tttctttttt gccttagact caggtactca gcttgctgga ttagatactt     14820
     ggttagacag tttggccacc aatgcagagc tctcctttct tgttgcctcg ggacacagag     14880
     agcagaggat ctcagctttt gaacagtttg gggaaacaga gtataccaaa aaatatgaga     14940
     aaaatacaaa ttttacaaag acctgacaat cttgtactag tctagagtat ccagaaccct     15000
     attatggtca gagcctctca gagatgaaga aatgctccag ccaattccat tgtttgaggg     15060
     tttgttgttg ttgctcttgg tttttttttt tttttttttt gagacagggt ctcactctgt     15120
     cacccaagct ggagttcggt ggcataaaca caggtagggc aagtgatatg gtttggctgt     15180
     gtccccaccc aaatcttatc ttgaactgta gctcccataa tccccacatg ttatgggagg     15240
     gacccagtgg gaggtaattg aatcatgggg gtggttatct ccatgccgtt ctaatgatag     15300
     taagtgagtt ctcacgagat ttgatggttt tataaggggc ttttcccctg ctctgctctg     15360
     tagttctcct tgctgccacc atgtgaagaa ggacgtgttt gcttcccctt ccaccatgct     15420
     tgtatgtttc ctgaggggct tctccagaca tgctgaacag tgagtcaatt aaacctcttt     15480
     tttttttttt ttttttttga gatggagtct tgctccatcg ccatgctgga gtgcaatggc     15540
     acgatctagg ctcactgcaa cttctgcctc ccgggttcaa gcaattctcc tgcctcccgg     15600
     gttcaagcaa ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gactacagcc atgtaccacc     15660
     acacccagct aatttttttt gtatttttag tagagacggg ggtttcacca tgttggccag     15720
     tgtgatctcg atctcctgac cttgtgatct gcctgcctca gcctcccaaa gtgctaagat     15780
     tacagtcgtg agccaccgtg cctgacctaa acgctttgcc ttgccgatgg agtcttgctc     15840
     ttgttgccca gggtggagtg caatggcatg atctccgctc actgcaacct ccacctcctg     15900
     ggttcaagcg attgtcctgc ctcagtctcc tgagtagctg ggattacagg tgtccaccac     15960
     taagcctggc taattttgta tttttagtag agacaaggtt ttgccatgtt ggtcaggttg     16020
     gtcttgaact cctgacctca tgatacaccc gcctcagcct cccaaagtgt tgggattaca     16080
     ggcatgaagc cactgcacct agcctctaaa cctcttttct ttataaatta ctcagtctta     16140
     ggtatgtctt tattagcagc atgagagcag actaatacaa taaattggta ccacagagag     16200
     tggggcgctg ctgtaaagat acccaaaaat gtggaagcga ctttggaact gggtaacagg     16260
     cagaagttgg aacagtttgg agggctcaga agaagacaga aaaatgtggg aaagtttgga     16320
     acttcataga gacttggaag gctcagaaga caggaagatg taggaaagtt tggaacttcc     16380
     tagagacttg ttgagtggct ttgatcaaca tgctgatagt gatatggacc atgaagtcca     16440
     ggctgaggtg tgatcagatg gagatgagga acttgttggg aactggagca aaggtcactg     16500
     ttactatgca aagagaccgg cagcattttg cctctgccct agagatctgt ggaactttga     16560
     acttgagaga tgatttagtg tatctggtgg aagaaatttc taagcagcaa agtgttcaag     16620
     aggaagcaga gcataaaagt ttgaaaattt tccagcctga ggatgcagta gaaaagaaaa     16680
     acccattttc tgaggagaaa ttcaagcctg ctgcagaaat ttgcataagt aacaaggagc     16740
     caaatgttaa tgaccaagac aatggggaaa atgtctccag ggcatgtcgg agaccttcat     16800
     ggcagctcct tccatcacag gcctggaagg aggcctagga gaaaaaaatg gtttcctagg     16860
     ctgggtccag agccccccta ctgcgtgcag cctcaagact tggtgcccag catcccagtc     16920
     actctagcta tggctaaaag gggttaaggt acagcttggg ccatggcttc agagggtgca     16980
     agccaaagcc ttggcagctt ctgcatggtg ttgagtctgt gggtgcacag aagtcaagaa     17040
     ttgaggtttg ggaacctctg cctagatttc agagaatgta tggaaacacc tgaatgtcca     17100
     ggcagaattt tgctgcaggg gtagagccct catggagacc ctcggctagg gcagtgtgga     17160
     agggaaatgt ggggttggag cccccacaca gagtctccac tggggcactg cctaatggag     17220
     ctgtgagaat agggccacca tcctccagac cccagaatgg tagatccacc gacagcttac     17280
     accatgcacc tggaaaagct gcagacactc aacaccagcc catgaaagta gccgggaggg     17340
     ggctgtgccc tgcaaagcca aaaaagtgga gctgcccaag gtggtaggaa ctcacccctt     17400
     gcatcagcat aacctggatg tgagacatgg agctaaagga gatcttttgg aactttaagg     17460
     tttagtgact gccctgttgg attttggact tgcatggggc ctgtagtccc tttgttttgg     17520
     ctaatttctc ccatttggaa tgggtgtatt tacccaatgc ctctacctcc attgtatcta     17580
     ggaagtaact aacttgcttt tggttttaca ggctcatagg cagaaaggac ttgccttgtc     17640
     tcagatgagg ctttggactt ggacttttga gttaatgctg gaatgggtca agactttgag     17700
     ggactgttgg gaaggcatga ttgcattttg aaagtgagga catgaaattt gggaggggcc     17760
     aggggcagaa tgatatggtt tgactttgtc cccacccaca tctcatcttg aactgtagtt     17820
     cccataatcc ccatgtgtcg taggaggaac tcagtgggag gtaattaaat catgggggtg     17880
     gttacctcca tgctgttctc atgatagtga gtgagttatc acaagatcta atggatttat     17940
     ttatttattt atttacttgt ctatttattt tgagatggag tctcaccctg ttgcctggac     18000
     tggagtgcag tggcgcaatc ttggctcact gcaacctcca cctcccaggt tcaagtgatt     18060
     ctcctgcctc agcctcctga gtagctggga ttacaggcgc ccgccactac gcccagctaa     18120
     ttttttgtat ttttaggaga gatggggttt caccatgttg gccaggctgg tcttgagctc     18180
     ctgacctcat gattcaccca ccttggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gtgtgagcca     18240
     ctgtgcccgg ccgagatctg atggtgttac agggggcttt ccgccccctt tgctctacac     18300
     ttctccttgc tgctgctatg tgaagaagga tgtgtttgtt tccccttctg ccatgattgt     18360
     aaatttcctg aggcttcccc agccatgctg aactatgagt ctattaaacc tcctttcttt     18420
     ataaattacc tagtcttggg tatgtctcta ttagcaatgt gtaaacaaac taatacagta     18480
     aacaaaacat gaaacttcct tccttttttt tttttttttt ttttgagaca gagtctagct     18540
     gtgttgccca ggctggagca cagtggtgtg atctcagctc actgcaacct cttacctccc     18600
     aggcttgagc attctcctgc ctcagcctcc tgagtaactg ggactacagg catgtgccac     18660
     catgcctggc tagtttttgt atttttagta gagatggagt ttcactatat tggccaggct     18720
     ggtctcaaac tcataggctc aagtcagccg cccacctcgg cttcccaaag tgctgggatt     18780
     acagacctga gccatcatgc caggctcctt ccatttttaa tgtggctttt tcttagatgt     18840
     gcattcactc agttgctggt ctttttattg atttccacag tccctattaa gttattttag     18900
     ccagtttcta gttgttcatt taatgtttcc atagtggaaa caaggacctg aagctttcta     18960
     gtccaccatc ttgctggtga cactccaagc ttgtttcttt gtttgtttgt ttgaggcaga     19020
     gtctcgctct gttgcccaga ctggagtgca gtgatgcaat caggggtcac tgcagcctca     19080
     accttctgag ctccagccat cctctagcct cagcatcctg agtagttggg attataggca     19140
     tgtgtcacca tgcccagcct ttaaaataaa ttatagtaaa ttcttcaata tgtatctcca     19200
     aaaataagaa cattctactc cataactaca ataccattat attatatgta cacatttaac     19260
     aatagtttca taatactacc ccagtccata ttcaagtttc cctaatgtaa ttattatata     19320
     ttttatttca tcattatttt ttaaactttt tattatataa cataacacag atatttaaaa     19380
     aacaccaaac atacatatgg taaattatta aaaatgaaca cccttacagc tacaactcag     19440
     gactagagat agaacttcca gctacctctg aaactatcca cataccacat cccaatcata     19500
     accatccctc cctcaaagtg accatgatta taagcaagat gcctgagttt ttgcacgttg     19560
     agaggttgtt agtgtttgtg tcccttatac tcagatacaa aatcttggct cacactttcc     19620
     tttctttgga gacagggtct tactctgtca cctaggctgg agggaatggt gcaataagct     19680
     cactgcagcc tcaacctccc aggatcaagc aatcctcctg cctcagcctc ctgagtagct     19740
     gggactacag gtgtgtgccc caacacccac ctactttttg tattttttgt agagatgggt     19800
     tttcaccatg ttgcccaggc tggtctccaa ctcctgagct caagtgatcc acctgccttg     19860
     gcttcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcatg agccaccatg cccagccaat atgtaatctt     19920
     taagaaagtt gtcttgaatt ataggttttg agctgggtat ggtggctcat gcctgtaatc     19980
     ttggcacttt gggaggctga ggctggggca tcacttaaat caggagttca agaccagcct     20040
     ggccaacata gtgaaaccct gtctctacta aaaatataaa aattagctgg gtgtggtggg     20100
     acacacctgt aatctcagct acttgggagg ctgaggcagg aaaatcgctt gaacctggga     20160
     ggtggaggtt gcagtgagcc aagatcacac cactgcactc cagcctgggc aatacagtga     20220
     gactgtgtct caaaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaaccaatt atagtttttg gtatttgcca     20280
     cattgttcct ttaatctggt tttcttttgc agttacttct atttataata tgttggaact     20340
     gccaatctga aataatcaaa aggatcagaa tccagttttt tttttttttt ttttttgaga     20400
     cgggtctcac tctatcaccc aggctggagt gcagtggcac tatctcagct cactgcaaac     20460
     tccgcctccc aggatcacgc cattctcctg ccttagcctc ccgagtagca ggaactacag     20520
     gcgcccacca ccacgcccag ctaatttttt tgtattttta gtagagatgg ggtttcacca     20580
     tgttagccag gatggtctca atctcctgac ctcgtgatcc gcctgcctcg gcctcccaaa     20640
     gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agccaccgtg ccccgcccag aatccagttt taaagagttt     20700
     attaaagcaa aatgttggga atgactatct gggagacaca gcgtgtaggg aaatggggtc     20760
     agtgttctga agttgagagt taagttcttg cttaagtagg cagaaaacaa agaagtagga     20820
     tcattttcta tatgaggctg gttcatgagt taacaaccat ttagttacag cttctttcct     20880
     tttctatatg gcttggtttc ttttctttac aactggtttt catttccttt cctacatagt     20940
     tatttatttt tgagacagga tgttcctctt tcgtccaggg tggagtacaa tggtgcaaac     21000
     atgactcatt gcagccttga cctcccaggt tcaagggatc ctcccacctg agcttcctga     21060
     gtagctggga ctacaggtgc ttgccgccat gtctggttaa tttttaaaaa aataataaga     21120
     agaaatagga tctcactgtt gagcaggctg gtctcaaact cctggcctca aaaaatcctc     21180
     tcacctaggc ttcccaaggt gctgaaatta caggtgtgag ccacctcctg gccctccttt     21240
     ccaatttaag gtatttagca ttccatttta tgacaatgtg atggccaaaa agtctatgtg     21300
     agaaaggtaa gagggaagtc aatctataat gaagatcaac agtgaagagt ctttcctgat     21360
     gccctttagt catttgaaac attttacaaa acaatgtagg taagtaataa gactaatcta     21420
     taatcagaag caaagggtta cagctgccta agttacagtt gcctgtcagg taacattcct     21480
     ctaaggctca aaataattta gagttccaat agcttagatt tttaattatt ttcagagatc     21540
     ttatttgcat ggcttcaata tttgtcactt ttttgcacat actttttgtt ttcttttttc     21600
     cttattttca attttaattt ttttcacctt ctatttctta tcaggcaata cttgtagcat     21660
     ttatctactt ttttgttgtt gttgttgaga cagggcctca ctatgtctgt agtacagtgg     21720
     cacaatcaca gctcactgaa gtctgtgctt aagtgatcct cccacctaag ccaccggaat     21780
     agctgggatt attggcacac accatcatgc cgggctaatt ttttttaatg tttggtagag     21840
     atggggtttc actatgttgc tcaaactcct gagctcaagc aatcttcctg cctcagcctc     21900
     ccaaagtgct gggattacag gtgtgagcca ctgtgcccag cttatttatt tacttttgtt     21960
     ttccttctgg tttagtttca tttctgaaat aaatttttta tttattacta ttttttcctt     22020
     gagttttatc acctaattgc tatatttttc tagttctgat ttacgtatgt atgttgttct     22080
     ttgtatcttt caaaatgtct tttagctagt ttcaaaatac tagtttatac tgtttatctg     22140
     ttttgtggaa gggagcttgg ttgattagtg ctgtagcttg aatatttaaa cctccaaact     22200
     tcatgttgaa atttgatccc cagccgggca gtggctcacg cctgtaatct taacacttta     22260
     ggaggccact tgaggccagg agtttgagac cagcctggcc aacatggtga aaccctgtct     22320
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaagtt agctgggcgt ggtggctcac acttgtaatc ccacctactc     22380
     agtaagccga gggaggagaa tcacttgagc cgagattgtg ccgtgtactc ctgcctgggc     22440
     aaaagagcga gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaagatat ctgatcccca gcgttggcag     22500
     caaggcctaa caggaggtgt ttgggttatg ggggtggatc cctcatgaat gtcttggtga     22560
     cctctttgtg gtaatgagta agttcttact ctactagttc ccaagaaagt aggttgttat     22620
     aaagagcctg gtgcctcctc ctctctcttc ttgctgctct ctctcatcat gtgatctctg     22680
     cccatgctgg ctgcccttcc ccttcagcca tgagtggaag cttcctaagg cctcaccaga     22740
     agcagatgct ggcgtcatgc ttcttataca gtctgcagag ctgtgagcca aataaacctc     22800
     ttttcttaat aaattactca gcctcaggtc tttcttcata gcaacacaaa aggactaaga     22860
     caattgcttt aaaagttgat gttgcggccg ggcgcggtgg ctcatgcctg taatcccagt     22920
     actttgggag gctgaggcgg gtggatcaca aggtcaggag attgagacca tcctggctaa     22980
     cacggtgaaa ccccatctct actaaaaata ataataatta aaaaaattag ccgggcatgt     23040
     tggcgggcac ctgtagtccc agctactcgg gaggctgagg caggagaatg gtgaaccagg     23100
     gaggcggagc ttgcagtgag ccgagactgc gccactgcac tccagcctgg gtgacagagt     23160
     aatactccgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagttgat gttgcctcaa ttgctccaac     23220
     ccctccagtc ttatcagaga ctccttgtac tcacccatat tgaagcatgc agaacacctc     23280
     ccactttagc tgcttttctc agtttggctc actctgccct cctgcgaaga cctgtttgct     23340
     ggcccctgag gtgccctatc tcttccctct gcattattct atataaatgc gaatatcata     23400
     tagatcttat agtggtggga attgttgtcg tcatgctctt accttttaca gttcatgggg     23460
     ataccttata atctggcttt gttgaaaatg ctcttcatag gtttttggtt ttaccatcta     23520
     gttgctctgc cttttttttt tttttttttt ttcctgcaag gtggattcta ggagatcaaa     23580
     aaactatacc actgctgtgt ctttccagaa ttatgaaggg aaaaagaacc atgagagctc     23640
     aggaagcaaa ttattatatt tgcccccatg gccaggccag gaccatgtgc tggaaccaca     23700
     ctcagatgtg aataggatgt ggttcccagg aagcaagcta ccttatatta gattctacac     23760
     ccaaagaagg caaaacataa cacatgttta ttacagtgtt tcatatcagg ttttatttga     23820
     gggttccact actttaaaaa aaagtataaa aacattcatc taagatagtg taattatatg     23880
     acttgttctt taactcaaac tttttatttt tatttttatt atttatttat ttatttattt     23940
     ttgagatgga gtttagctct tgttgcccag gctggagcgc aatggtgtga tcttggctca     24000
     ccgcaacctc tgcctcctgg gttcaagtga ttcccctacc tcagcctctt gagtagctgg     24060
     gattataggc atatgtcatc atgcctggct aatttttttt gtttttagta gagacggggt     24120
     ttctctgtgt tggtcaggct ggtcttgaac tgctgacctc ggatgatccg cctgtctcgg     24180
     cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggtgtga gccagcatgc ttggcctatt tttattttta     24240
     attttgagac agggtctcat tgtgttgtcc aggctagagt gcagtggtgt gatcacaact     24300
     cactgcagcc ttgacctctg ggttcaagtg atcctcctgc ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg     24360
     ggattacagg cacacgccac cacacctgga taattttttt atttttcatg tttgtagaga     24420
     tgtggtctca ttattttgcc aagcctctgg tcttgaactc cggagctcaa gtgatcttcc     24480
     catctcggtc tcccaaaagt gctgggattt acaagcgtga gccaccatgc ccagcccctg     24540
     acttcaactt tttaaagata actttcaatt atatgacctt ccttcataag agatgaacac     24600
     atagatgagg ctaaagtccc cttgtctctg ggttcccttt ggatgcctgg ctgacttaaa     24660
     tgccatctca gcagggctga ggaccatgca ccggagtctg ctgaggatgg gacatagtca     24720
     ttttaacatt aaccagagtg aaatgcaatc atgaaagtga atcctttaat gcagttgtga     24780
     gggattatct gtgctgttgc cattctccat ttgtacaaaa atgtaaagct tgagaatggt     24840
     tgaggatttt agaaacatgt tcctggctct ttctctgttg tttagcatgg tgaggacctt     24900
     gattcacagt ttcatttttg actgacagac ttactgttcc atcccagcat tggtaactaa     24960
     tgggctttct ggctcggttt ttgctaggct cattgagatt gttttgatta ggatgcatta     25020
     ttattcaagt ggcagaaaac cccactcata ttgcctttta aaaacatata cattggctca     25080
     tggagtgtgg aggtatttga cacttcagga gtggctggat tcaggattca aatgaggtga     25140
     tggcaatatt gcccttccca gtctcagggc ccatttatat tatgtgacat gagtccaaca     25200
     ctatgtgctc ttggtgatgc cccagtcact gctgtgggtc ctggtctgca gcccaggtcc     25260
     cctttttgct attttctctg tttttgtcga cttcccttca ggcagcttcc cctcatgtag     25320
     tgaaagggct ccagtagatc cttgctgaac tccctgccat ccaaaatcag cagagaacag     25380
     agaacttcag aggcctcagg aaaagtctca tcgtgactca ctggttctca ctgcatcaca     25440
     gccccagcct gggtcccgcc cacatcactg aggtcagggc aaggctgatg tccgactggc     25500
     tcatacctag tcaaagtctc cactgctggt taccaatgaa gatggcagcc tcatcagaat     25560
     tccttgaatg aagaggaagg gaggggggat gtgacaaggg atagctcagc atagctcaga     25620
     tggcaccccc tctgaaaggc agcagcctca atttgaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ggcagggcac     25680
     agtgactcac acctataatc ccagcacttt gggaggccaa ggcttgcgga tcatctgagg     25740
     tcaggagttc aagaccagcc tggccaacaa ggtgaaaccc cgtctgtact aaaaatacaa     25800
     aaatcagctg ggcgtggtgg caggaacctg taatcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcac     25860
     aagaattact tgaacccagg agggagaggt ttcagtgagc cgagattgca ccactgtact     25920
     ccagcctggg cgacagtgag accctgtctc acacacacac acagggccag gcatggtggt     25980
     tcacacctgt aatcccagca ctttggaagg tagaagtggg aggatttctt gagcccagga     26040
     gttgagacca gcctaggcaa tgtagcaaga ccccatctca tttttttttt ttttaaggga     26100
     gagtgtcgtt ctttcgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcgcg atctcagctc actgcaacct     26160
     ccatctccca gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gattacaggc     26220
     acccaccacc gcacccagct aatttttgta ttttttagta gagatggggt tttgccatgt     26280
     tggccaggct ggtcttgaac tcctgacctc aagtgatatg cccaccttgg cctcccgaag     26340
     tgctgggatt acaggcataa gccaccgctt ctagcccccg cctcaatttt ttaaaaaatt     26400
     gaattaacga caataacaaa aagaggcagc atgtcacagt ggttgaaagt gtgtactgcg     26460
     gtgccaagag gcagcatgtc acagtggttg agggtgtgta ctgtggtgcc aaaccacctt     26520
     ggttctaaca atggctttac catttagggt atgtgacctt gggtaagtta ccaatctctg     26580
     tgcctcagtt tcctcacctg tacaatggga gataatggcc tcaccttcat aaaattattg     26640
     acataaaatt gatttaatat atataaaata cttagaactc tgactggcat gcaacaagat     26700
     ctagatatct ttgccattat tgagatttca tgatccttag gagagaatag gggaaattcc     26760
     taatgcagca agttttcaac aaagggcagt gttcctttgg cctaggacag tgatgctgtg     26820
     gcttgaagtg actcctttca tcagtttacc catcttagtc tgcaatgagc aacttccaga     26880
     tatcacccct ttgcatgtgt tggagctcag aaaatgatac cccaagacga aggctgcaga     26940
     agcagcctca gaggctaaag gttttcactg accttctgcc ctcctgtctt ttaggcccat     27000
     tctccccagg aactagttat agaaactaga atccctcttc ctcaaggcag atcatagaca     27060
     ccaaaaccct ttttccccca agccagccat aaaacctaaa aatattctgt gaaaaaactg     27120
     gcctaccctg tttgactgta ggtcataaga tccctattgg aaagaggatc ctgccccata     27180
     cctagaggga aggaatgctg cttggagagg ccaagaagaa tccagaccga cagatcttgc     27240
     tgggtttccc cactctgtct attagcgagc gttagcgcag accctttttg cccaatccta     27300
     tttctacatg gctgtccaga ctttgtcgaa tctaagcgca aaaatggaca acttcccctg     27360
     catctttggg tcttcatttg gaagtctcct gtgtatacat gtcatgcttc ttctccaatt     27420
     aacctacctt ttgtgagctg atttttcagt gaaccttcca agggtgaagt aaaagtctcc     27480
     ttggccccca cacacactgg ggtgtagttt gctttgaggc tggtctgggg gtgagggcat     27540
     ggctgttgtg gtttgccttg aggctggtct gggggtgagg gcatagctgt tgaataccat     27600
     taagggcatt tcactgtgag gtttgattca cattgttcta gaactttaga ctgattcaca     27660
     atttcgctgc cagccggtgc agcagcaact gcttccatct gtgacgtcgt gcactgattt     27720
     ataaaccatt tatagctctc ctccccactt gacacagctg ctccacaaat ggctcaggat     27780
     tgcaactaga ggggaaattg gggactgcac ttgaactttc tctataatga agtgtaaatt     27840
     gtccttttga aaagtgcttt cttcataaat cccaggcctc aaatgtggca attaagagaa     27900
     gccttaaaag caaaagaggc ttctgttcca ggtcttttca aaccctaaat gtcaaattct     27960
     ctgtgcctgt gtcctggcct ggcatcttat ttccctcaac accctcctcc catctctttc     28020
     ttagtaacaa tctcagatcc tggcagcgaa tggcatgcga aactgggaac atttttcttc     28080
     tacacagaca gggttatata aatcttcctg ttttaaagtg atttctttta ccctttattt     28140
     cttttgtgtg cctttaggag tctgcttgaa ttcttaatgg gctagatccc tggctggctt     28200
     gttctctgct taaagcaaac catatcgatg ccaattactt ttatccaggc atttgcatgt     28260
     ttactaaggt cctactacca ggcactgata tcatcagaga ctgtctccat attctttgta     28320
     tccagtcttt tttttttttt ttgagacgga gtctcgctct gtctcccagg ctggagcgca     28380
     gtggcacgat ctcggctcac tgcaacctcc gcctcccagg ttcaagcaat tctcctgcct     28440
     cagcctcctg agagtagctg ggactacagg cgccggccac catgcacggc taatttttgt     28500
     atttttaata gagacggggt ttcaccatat tggtcaggct ggtctcgaac tcccgacttc     28560
     aggttatcca cccgcttcag cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccaccgcgc     28620
     ccagctatgt atccagtctt tttccacaaa cattctactt ttggccgggc gcagtggctc     28680
     acgtctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggtgggcg gatcacaagg tcaggagttc     28740
     gagaccagcc tggccaacat agtgaaaccc tgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaattagcca     28800
     ggtgtggtgt cgtgcgcctg tagtcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcag gagaatcact     28860
     tgaacctggg aggtggaggt tgcagtgagc cgagatcgtg ccattgtgct ccagcctggg     28920
     tgacagagtg agactctatc ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaagaaaaga agaaaaaaaa     28980
     aactactttt gataaatctc ctttctgttg ttgttactgt tgttttttta ggcagggcct     29040
     cactctgtca ccaggctgaa gtgcagccat gtgatcatag ctcactgcag cctcaaactc     29100
     ttaggctcaa gtagtcctcc tgcttcagcc tttgaagtag ctgggactac aggcacatgc     29160
     caacatgtcc agctaattaa aaaaaaaatt taaagagatg gggtcttgct gtgttgccca     29220
     ggctggtctc aatctcctgg cctcaaggaa tgctcacacc tcagcctccc aaagtgctgg     29280
     gattacaggt gtgagccacc aagcccagtc tgccccttta ttttctactg ttttaaaaaa     29340
     ggcattggct tatctaaagg acctagttcc tagatagtta cttcctgttc tagagagtta     29400
     atacaatgag actaaggtca tcaagtccca ccagaataca tcaggctatg ttacatgtcc     29460
     atgttttcga atacgcttca gagggaatct tcttcctctc cttcatctct ctaatgcctt     29520
     ctcatttttc taaagttagg ccaatgtcat gactctgctg ggaaacactg ttggagccct     29580
     ctgattttga tattccttcc ccaggctccc ttgagttcac cattcttgga gaaagcattg     29640
     caactggaca gtgatcattg atttactagt ctgcctccat cattaaggta gaggccagaa     29700
     agggactatg tcagattgaa cttattttcc tcagtttcta atagacaatt atcaaatgaa     29760
     tgaacaaatg tacatttcct gaataccctc tatgtgccag ttactgtatg agggtctggg     29820
     gacaccaaga ccttgtccct ttgaagttta tggtctagtg gaaagttaca cactaggtta     29880
     ataatcacac atatcacaat attatcttga actgataaag ggaaaaaaca gaatgctttg     29940
     aaggaaaaaa acagaatgtt aggagactgt ctgataggag cgcccagaga ttggataagc     30000
     aggactttta tctgggaaga agggagaggg agggctggaa gtgctttcag gacgtcctga     30060
     agtgtaccga atgagtaaac tgatgaaagt gagtgggagg gggatggaaa ctcgctctct     30120
     ggtcatcgtg ggcatcgatg aattggtttg tcttgtgtct tctccaggtg gcaggaccct     30180
     gatttttgga ggatccaagc ctccctcatt ctcatcctga cctacccctc tttctaataa     30240
     tgggcacttg acctagccaa attgagtatg tcatctacca gggctcctcc catgtgatta     30300
     atttaggaat gagtttgaat ttaagtcaag tctgggattc ttggcataac taggaagaaa     30360
     gacctgcatt tctttcagca ctttggatat tgtgcttgaa agagaagggt agagatagat     30420
     gaagacaaat tgatttctga ttttttttga gcacctggat ccagccatac ctgaaactcg     30480
     tgtggctaca gttgtgtcta aattaacaca cctatgactt ttaaagctat taactaggct     30540
     gggtgaagta gctcatgcct gtaatcccag cactttgtga ggctgaggtc agaggattgc     30600
     ttgagcccag gagtttccag cctaggcaac ataggaagac ctcgtctcta ccaaaaacaa     30660
     aaaacaaaaa acaaaaacaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaac atggtgagca     30720
     cctgtagtcc cagctactca ggaggctgat gtgggaggat tacttgagcc taggaagttg     30780
     aggctgcagt gagccatgat agtaccactg cactctagcc tggatgtctc aaaaaaaaaa     30840
     aaaaagctat taactaaata actatcccat ctttttatat ggcttaggct agtttgcaca     30900
     gggcttcagg tacttgcaag accaatggca ctcatttgct aagtccaaag agggtaaggg     30960
     aggccagcta aagcgattat ggaggtcatc cagccaggga gagcccaaac acagcaatct     31020
     ttcctgcacc aggagagttc cccctaagtg tctgtattct ggtcttctcc tcagagaccc     31080
     tgacccttgg gtttccattt gtttgagtgt ctagcaacag gtgcactgag ggagggtggt     31140
     tggagagaga taccaatagg aaccttccca ggccctgaca gggcagggag ttccaggtac     31200
     ccaaagtgct ggaaaatcac gaactgcctc tgcattggag gaatgtggac taaccctgat     31260
     ttgagagtgg agagccagca ggagagctgg cttttgctgg actgcaaatg gtgaacctgc     31320
     tgggccaggc aagctggaat tgttaatggg cctcagtgag caacaacacc agtgggtcac     31380
     agctgccatc tagcgccgga tgccggcttt tgcaaattgt ttactggctg tttccagctg     31440
     aaaggccttt ctgagggcca atctgggggg aaatgggtag gtcagtacct ctaccttcat     31500
     attcaggaag aaccttcaaa tcagactttc agtattatct ctaaatcaga ttattataca     31560
     tatagtccca gagccaaatt gactagatga caaaaatggg caatcattgc acaacattaa     31620
     tttctgtttc attccaaatc tctagagtgt tatgatagat tgattagata gatagataga     31680
     cagacagaca tttaagggca ggcatggtgg ctcatgtctg taatcccagc accttggggg     31740
     ctgagacccg gagatcactt gagtccagga gtttgaggcc agcctgggca atatagcaag     31800
     ctcgtctcta caaaagatgg tggtgcatcc ctgtggtccc agctactcgt gaggctgagt     31860
     tgcttgaacc ctggagtttg aggctgcagt gagctatgat agcaccactg cacactccag     31920
     cctgggccac agagtgagac ctgtctcttt aaaaaaaaaa aaagatggat ttttttaaaa     31980
     gatggataga tggatatttt aaaaataaat cctgtaatgg tcctatttat gattcaggtt     32040
     tctggcagaa aataggcagg tagtgtaact gcccagtggg ttcacctttc ccactgccta     32100
     gacctgccta gacaggggaa ttgcaatgga gaaagagtaa ttcatgcaga accggctgtg     32160
     caggggactg aagttttatg attactcaaa tcagagcatt cagggatcga agtttttgaa     32220
     gataatttgg gagatagggg cttgggaagt ggggagtgct gatggttgag gttggagata     32280
     gaatcgcagg gggtcgaagt gaggttttct ttctgtcttc tgttcctggg tgggatggca     32340
     gaactggttg agccagatta cgggtcttgg tggtgtcagc tgatccatca agtgcagggt     32400
     ctgcaaaata tctcaagcac tgatcttagg ttttacatgg tgatgttatc cccaggagca     32460
     atttggagag gttcagactc tttggagcca gagtctgcat gacccctaaa ccacaatttc     32520
     taatattgta gctaatttgt tagtctggca aaggcagact gggccccagg caaaaagggg     32580
     tcttttcagg aaagggctat tatcaatttt gtttcagagt caaaccatga aactgaattc     32640
     cttcccaagg ttagttcggc ctacacccag gaatgagtaa gaacagctta ggctgggcga     32700
     ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ctagcacttt gggaggccaa gatgggcaga tcacctgagg     32760
     tcaggagttc gagaccagcc tgggcaacat ggtgaaaccc agtctctact aaaaatacaa     32820
     aaattaaccg ggcatggtgg tgggcacctg tgatcccagc ttctcgggag gctgaggcag     32880
     gagaattgct tgaacctggg aggcagaggt tgcagtgagc tgagattgtg ccactgcact     32940
     ctagcctggg caacagagtg agactccatc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gagagcttaa     33000
     aggttagaag caagatagag tggattaagt ctgatctctt tcactgtcat aatttcctca     33060
     gttataaatt ttgcaaaggc ggtttcagta gtacactaca aagggatgcc tggggagagt     33120
     ttaatgatag gctactaaca aaggtgtgag aagggaccaa aggaaacaat caaagtccag     33180
     ggaagcaggc cagggtcagt gattggagga agctgcttcc accctccaga actgatggga     33240
     caggaagagg gcaggagctc agcaggatgg ctccgtaggc cagagctcct gcacaggcac     33300
     caaccccagg ggctggttct tggttgggtt tggagaagta ctccctaaga tgtggattca     33360
     ggtgagactg actcgttaag gagtgctccc aggggagagg gaaaatggag tagcagggag     33420
     cagggcagag gagaggaagc cagcaggtgt gaccgcaggc atacctgtgg aggtagctcc     33480
     agcttgacct gcagggcaac tctgaagggg aagttgtttc aggaggtctg actgcaggcc     33540
     aagagcttgg catcgaactc ctgacctatc agtcattgat caaatgggag ggcaggagga     33600
     gaagtggggg agtcatccca ggcactttga ctttttgcat gttgggttga accaagtatc     33660
     ttcaagaatg atttacttat aggctgggcg tggtggctca tgcctgtaac cccagcactt     33720
     tgggaggctg agatgggcgg atcagttgag gctaggagtt cgagaccagc ctgcccaaca     33780
     tggtgaaacc ccaactctac taaaaataca caaattagca gggtgtggtg gtgggcacct     33840
     gtaatcccag ctactgggga agctgaggca ggagaatcac ttgaacctgg gaggcagagg     33900
     ttgcagtgag ttgcgatcat gccactgcac tctggcctgg atgacagagc aagactccat     33960
     ctcaaagaaa aaaaaaattt ttactcataa tttaataatg actttgtgag aagtacagca     34020
     ataatgtgtg agaggtttta attataatgt atgttatttg ttgaattcta aagtactcca     34080
     caggtgtttt gatagacacc tgtttggggt tagcaacata ctttctggtt aaacatcaca     34140
     agggattaca catttctctt ctcaccaaaa ctgctcctgt aagtggtatg taaatatgac     34200
     gggcctcctt tttctcttaa actcaacatg atattctggc ttcactcatt tgctttctag     34260
     cagccgcccc atgttagcct tgccaaatgg tcagtcttct atttggtagg ttttataagt     34320
     cctaaaagtc ttacttcaga aatagctcta ataaaccaag catggaaaat ttcactcatt     34380
     tcttctgagg ctgtagaatt tgcatccatt tttttccgca gctgtcacaa ctgttgcaga     34440
     tgcctctgac cagcccacaa ggttgactag cctgctatac tctacagagc aactgaaaag     34500
     catacagaga tccaaaggaa tatgggtaaa gccaggaaag ctgctgtgag tggggatggg     34560
     ggaccagtga ggtgtagtgt gtctggaagg aagatgcaga gatggagttt gaagtatcag     34620
     aggtgtgttt gggggaaagg gcaagagctg tgaaggataa aggaggagga agtagggttg     34680
     ggcagggaga ggctcagaac acaatcagat cttacattat ctgccgagct ctggagcaaa     34740
     gattacctat tacaacagtc atgcattagg caaaaatgac caggccctgg tacactttgc     34800
     tatgtctggt cattggctgg tggctgactg agccaggcat gaatcctaaa ggtggtacag     34860
     ctggaggctg gtaactaact acgctccttg cagctgaatg gcaagtgttt gtgtttttgg     34920
     ttttgttttg ttttttgaga cagggtcttt ctctgttgca taggctcagg tgcagtggca     34980
     caaacagctc actgcagcct caaactccca ggctcaagtg atcctcctgc ctcagcctcc     35040
     caagtaggtg ggattatagg tgtgcaacat catgcctgct cattattttt ttttttttac     35100
     agggatggca tcttgctatg ttgttcaggc tcttctcaaa ctcctggcat caagttgtca     35160
     gagccgtttg aactggagca actccatctt gaataggggc tcagtaaaat aaggctgaaa     35220
     cctactgggc tgcattccca gatggtaagg cattctaagt cacaggatgg aataggaggt     35280
     cagcacaaga tacaggtcat aaggaccttg ctgataaaac aggttgcagt aaagaagccg     35340
     gctaaaaccc accaaaactg agatagccac cagagtgacc tctggtcatc ttcactgcta     35400
     cactcccacc agtgccatga cagtttacaa atgccatggc aacatcagga agccacccta     35460
     tatggtctaa aagtgggagg catgaataat ccactccttg cttagtatat aatcaataaa     35520
     taaccataaa aatgggcaac cagcagccct cggggctgct ttgcctatgg agtagccatt     35580
     cttttattcc tttactttcc taataaactt gcttttacct tatagacttg ctctgaattc     35640
     tttcttgcgt gagatccaag aaccttctat tggggtcttg atcaggaccc ccttccagta     35700
     acaaagtgat tcttcctcct cagcctccca aagtgctggg atgaaaggtg tgagtcacca     35760
     taccagcctg caagttattt ttgaaaagaa atccaagtgg agcattttca tggctgccac     35820
     acttaatgaa atgtagtgta tttggctatt ccagccatcc ctccaacacc aataaggaag     35880
     accctacctg caaggggtac agaaacaagg ggcagagaga gaaatggggc cctgatggct     35940
     cacatgagtg catagatcca gctgtgcctg aagcccatca gattcttggc tcttttggtt     36000
     atgtgagcca ggaaatactc tttttgctta agccattttg agttgagttt ttatttcaca     36060
     aaatttctga ttcctgattt atatactctc tgagtttcat gttccttaac tgtaagatgg     36120
     ggctcatgat tccactttgc agggtttgag agaaagaacg acaagtaata taaaggacaa     36180
     gctgcaaagt agatgcccaa taaatagtaa atagcatgaa agggaaaagc aaaggaggca     36240
     aagcaaggtg tgggactcct ggagactcct ctgtgcccag ggcaggcagc aggctgagtt     36300
     cagtgctcag cgagggtggt ggctggcttg ggctgtctag agttacccag ctacaaagga     36360
     ggctgcctcc tgagctgctt tgagcctgtg gcttttcaac aatgaatgtg cccacccagt     36420
     gtgttattag ctctgtagga ggagaagaaa agcactcttt ctagccaaaa ataaggcttc     36480
     tcatactctt tatcttcatc tggacagttt tgggggtttt gttttattta tttatttatt     36540
     tatttattta tttatttatt tattttattt tttttcgaga tgaagtcttg ctctgttgcc     36600
     cagaatggag tgcagtggca tgatcatagc tcactgcagc ctcgatgtgc atgcccgact     36660
     aattttatta tattttgtag agacaaagtc tcattatgtt tcccaggctg gtctcaaatt     36720
     cctgggctca agcaattctc ctgccttggc ctcacaaact gttaggatta cagatgtgag     36780
     cccactgctc ccagctggac aattatttgt attcattttt gttactgttg ttatttaaag     36840
     atgattcctt tgtgcaaata tataaaattt gtagaaaaaa aattaaaaga ataaacaagc     36900
     gatgaccaca tttgtagcat tgtgatgatt cccaaagctt ctggtgaaaa aacaaacaag     36960
     aaagaacaca aacccctcta atttatataa tttataactc aggatctatt ttctttttct     37020
     tttttttttt tgagatggag tcttgctctg tcgcccaggc tggcatgcag tggcgcaatc     37080
     tcggctcact gcaacctctg cctcccaggt tcaagtgatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccga     37140
     gtagctggga ttacaggcat gcaccagcat gcctggctaa tttttgtatt tttagtagag     37200
     acggggtttc accatgttgg ccaggctggt ctcaaactcc tgacctcagg tgatccacct     37260
     gcctcggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggtgtgagcc accacacccg gcctaggatc     37320
     tattttgtaa gataagtggt tatgtttata ttttaaagat tgctaaggct cctactgttc     37380
     ctctcctccc actaaaaatg taaaagcctt aaaaggctca ttgatagggg ctttgtgtcc     37440
     tgaatgttaa cagtgacagg tgtagaggtg gaggctacat ctcatttctc ccaatctctg     37500
     ggggaagctc aggtcctaat tacaagagag aacaaaaagt ggctttgaat atccattttg     37560
     gttcattcat caagtactta ttattaaaga acctcctgct aggtctaatt gcatagtgtg     37620
     agattagaag cacctgcagt cactttaata gcaagcatga aagatcttga gcaaagttag     37680
     aaacaggatc aaaaaccagt gaaaagtgga ctctttggca cccaacctgg ttctttcttt     37740
     ctgtcttcag gtcaaggaca gatgacctac acagatcctt ctcatttttc tccaggtcag     37800
     tgggacccca aaggcccatc tctctgtcac ttcctctatg gacctctccc cagcatgcac     37860
     tgatggaatt attgtttcat ttgagtaccc atgaaagccg gcatccaaga cgatccctac     37920
     ttcctgggat acatgccctt atttagtccc ctcccacact gactggggtg acctgtgtaa     37980
     ctaataggat attgcaaaaa tgacagagtg tgagttttga agttcagtta taaaagatgt     38040
     tgtggattcc ctcccgttct ctgatggaaa atgtgccctg tagaagaaca gttgctatgt     38100
     taaaaggata cttaagcagt cctatgggga agcccacgct ctaagtaact gaggccacct     38160
     gacctcagcc agtgtagtgg ttttaaaaga tgtccacaca ttctttgacg tgtctccctt     38220
     taagaagtgt agtttaaacc acgcgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg cttaggcacg     38280
     tggattgctt gagcttgagt tcgagaccag tctgggcaac atggcgagag cccatctcta     38340
     ccaaaaccca gccaaccaaa caaaaaacaa aaatcagctg ggcatggtgt ctcgggcctg     38400
     tggtctcagc tggagggatg gggttggggc gggggctgag gtgggaggat cacttgagcc     38460
     tgggagatta aggctgcagt gagctgagat catgtcactg cactccagcc atggcaacag     38520
     agtgaaatcc agtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagcc gggcatggcg gctcacgcct     38580
     gtaatcccag aggccgtggg gcgggggcgg gggggggtgt ggatcacctg aggtcaagag     38640
     ttcgagacca gcctggccaa catggtgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaaata caataattat     38700
     ccaggtgtgg tggcaggcac ctgtaatccc agttactcag gaggttgaga caggagaatc     38760
     acttgaacct gtgaggcaga ggttgcagtg agctgagacc gtgccattgc actccagcct     38820
     gggcgaaaga gcaagactcc gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtg gagtttaatt     38880
     ttctcctttc cttcaatgtg gaccgaactt gttgactcac ttctaataaa tagaatatag     38940
     cagacatgat ggtttgtgac ttttgagact tggttatgaa agtattgcaa ccttactctc     39000
     agcctttttg ttgttgttgt ttggttgggg gggcctgcgg actgggacag gctcttgctc     39060
     tgtcacccag gctggagtga gtggcacgat cacatctcac tgcagcctca acctcccagg     39120
     ttcaagtgat cctcctgtct cagcctcgca agtagctggg gctacaggca tgccctacca     39180
     tgcccagcta atttttcttg tcttttcttt tctttttttt tttttttttt tgcagagaaa     39240
     ggttttcact gtgttgccca gggtggtctt caactcctgg actgaaacga tccaccttcc     39300
     tgggcctccc aaagtgggcc tctctcttga atcacttcag ttggcaggga agtcagctga     39360
     catgtcacaa ggacattatg gcatccctat agataggtcc atgaggcaag ggatgaggcc     39420
     acttgccaat agccaggggc tggcgccatc ttggaagcac atcccctagt tcctgtcaag     39480
     ccttcagatg ctcagccctg gccaacagcg cgattacaac tcccttctga gagactctgg     39540
     gccagaacca ccgaattaag atgctcctaa taatcattta atttttttaa ttaggccttt     39600
     aaaatatgtg tatatggttt aatctcatta gctaaattaa ggaattaaaa tttgtttcat     39660
     ttatttttca cccaagtgtg gcaaaacaaa ctttatcatt tttgtttttt tttcagtatt     39720
     ttgttgttgt gttgttttga ttaagacagg gtctcactct gtcatcaagg ctggagtgcc     39780
     gtggcacagt cacagctcac tgtagcctcg acctccctgg ctcaggcgat tctcccactt     39840
     cagcctcctg agtagctggg actacaggtg tgtgccatca tgcctggcta atttttgttg     39900
     agacgggatt tcctcacgtt gctcaggctg gtcttgagct cctgagctca atctgcccac     39960
     ctcggtctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg catgagccac cgtgcctggc cacatttttg     40020
     ttttttcgag aaagccaaaa ggtacagcca agagctcagg gccgggcgcg gtggctcatg     40080
     tctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccaag gcgggtggat cacctaaggt caggagttcg     40140
     agaccagcct ggctaacatg gcgaaaccct gtctctacta aaaatacaga aattagccgg     40200
     gtgtggtggc gggtgcctgt agtcccagct actcgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatggctt     40260
     gaacccggga ggcggagctt gcagtgagcc gggattgcgc cactgcactc cagtctgggt     40320
     gacagagcca gactccgtct caaaaagaaa aaaaaaaccc aaagaaataa attcaaaacc     40380
     aaaataatat tttaaaacaa agattgctat agagaaaaca gaaacatagg gcagctcctt     40440
     tggaaaacag gcagttcttt acaaatttaa acatagaacc tgggtggctc acgcctgtaa     40500
     tcccagcact ttgttaggcc gaggcgggtg gatcacttga ggtcagtgac tagcctgaca     40560
     aacatggtaa aacttcgtct ctgccaaaat aacacaaaca ttagccgggt gttgtggcgg     40620
     gctcctgtaa tcccagctac tcgagaggct gaggcaggag aatcgcttga acccgggagg     40680
     ggtagtttgc agtgagccga gatagggcca ctgcactcca gtctggaaaa aaacaaaaac     40740
     aaaaacatag tgttaccata tgatcccaca atttcaatac taagaatatg ctcataagaa     40800
     aagtgtacat atgaatgttg atagcagaat tatttataac agttaaaaag tggccacgct     40860
     cagagctgcg gacccaccga gcgcccgcac atgcccttct ccgacagccg cggggcgctg     40920
     aagctcgcct cccggcgcag gacgagtttc ccgacctgag cggccaccaa gacccagtgg     40980
     ccgaggcgct gccccagctg aacgcggagc tgcgcgccag gggtggcttc gcgctggagg     41040
     cgccatccag acccgcgtgg acagcccggg ccacccgtac tcagggccgt gggccgcgtg     41100
     gcggccgacg aggagtccta cgacgtgttc aaggatctct tcggccccat ccttgaggac     41160
     cggcaccgca ctacaagccc agcgatgagc acaagaccca gctcaacccc gacaacctgc     41220
     tgggaggcgg ccacctggcc cccaactgtg ttgagctcgc ggtgcgcacg gcctccactt     41280
     ctgcctcccg tgggtcccgc gatggacgcc ctagagactg gtcggcgacc tggcgggcct     41340
     ggacgacgcg cgcaggagca ggaccgacgc ggaacagcaa cagcagctcc tcgacagcca     41400
     cttcctcttc cacgagcctg taccgcccct gctcctggcc tcgggcatgg cccaacgccc     41460
     gcggcatctg gcacaaggac agtatagacc ttcctggtgt ggggcggcga cgaggaccac     41520
     ctgcgggcca tctccgtgca acaggggggc aaacgaagga ggcatttact gcttctgcct     41580
     cggcctctcc cggtttgaaa ctcttcaagt ctaggaacga cgagttcatg tggaatcctc     41640
     acctgggctc catcctcacc tgccctccca acctgggcac agggctgcag gggcaagtgt     41700
     gcacatcagg ctgccccacc tgggcaagca cgagttctcg gaggtgctta agaggctgtg     41760
     gcttcaggct gggcgcggtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccaaggcg     41820
     ggcggatcac ttgaggtcaa ggagttcgag accagcctgg ccaacatggt gaaaccaccg     41880
     tctgtactaa aaatacaaaa attagccggg cgtggtggtg gatgcctgta atcccagcta     41940
     cttgggaggg tgagacacga gaatcgcttg aacctgggag gcagaggttg cagtgagcca     42000
     agatcacgcc actacactcc agcctgggcg atagtgcgag attcagtctc aaaaaaaaaa     42060
     aaaaaagagt ctgtggctgg gcgcggtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg     42120
     ctgaggcagg cggatcacct gaggtcagga gttcgagacc aacctgacca acgtggagaa     42180
     acccctatct ctactaaaga taccaaaaat tagctgggca tggtggcaca tgcctgtaat     42240
     cccagctact cgggaggctg aggcagaaga acggcttgaa cctgggaggt ggaggttgtg     42300
     gtgactggag atcgcgccat tgtattccat cctgggcgac cagagcgtaa ctccgtctca     42360
     aaaacaaaaa acaaaaaaca gtcaggcgtg gtggctcacg cctgtaatct caaaactttg     42420
     ggaggccgag gcgggcagat cacgaggtta agagatcaag acgatcctgg ccaacatggt     42480
     gaaactccat ctctactaaa aacacaaaaa ttagctgggc gtggtggcac gcgcctgtac     42540
     tcccagctac accagaggct gaggcagaag aatagcttga acccaggagg cggaggttgc     42600
     agtgagccga gatagtgcca ctgcactcca gcctggcgac agagagagac tccgtctcaa     42660
     gaaaaggaaa aaaaaaaaga ggctgtgact tcagaagtga gggacagacg gtgtggacgt     42720
     ggccgcggtg ggtggggtct ttgacgtctc caacgctgac ctccggggct tctcagaggt     42780
     ggtgctggtg cagatgcggg tgggcgtcat aaagctgctc attgagatgg agcagtggca     42840
     tcaccagggc caggccacct atggcctaat gcttgcccag cccgcaccca ccaccagccc     42900
     ttgctgcttc ctaacttatc gcccggccag tgcctgccat gcacccctga tgtcggccac     42960
     ctggcaagcc cttagcctcg ctgtagagac ttccgtcacc ttgctagcat tttttttttt     43020
     taatggtaag atattgctga cgctgaaata aactagaatt ttggcctaaa aaaaaaaaaa     43080
     gtagaaacaa tccaaatgta catcaactga tgaatggata ataaaatgtg gtatatccat     43140
     acaatggaat attattcagc cataaaaagg aatcaagtac tgatagatgc tataacatag     43200
     taaaccttga aaacattatg ctaaatgaaa gaaaccaaac acaaaaggaa tatactgtag     43260
     aattccattt ataggaaatg accaaaatag gcagatccaa agagacagaa agtattaata     43320
     gattagtggt tgtcaggggc tgagaacaga gaatgggaag tggctgctat tgggtataag     43380
     gtttcatttt gtagggatga caatatctgg gaattaaatt gtggtgatag ttacataaca     43440
     tctgtgaata tactaaaaac tgaattgcac actttaagtg gtatgtgaat tatatctcta     43500
     taaagctact gttaaagcca gcagaagcag acattcaata cttcccacat aaacattact     43560
     gctttttggc ttcttataaa ggtgcactaa aaccataaga taggctgggc gaggtggctc     43620
     acacctgtaa tcccaacact ttgggaggcc gaggcgggtg gatcacctga ggtcagaagt     43680
     tcgagaccag cctggccaac atggtgaaac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac aacaattagc     43740
     caggcgtggt ggcaggcacc tataatccca gctactcagg aggttgagat aggagaatcg     43800
     cttgaacccg gagaaggagg ttacagtgag ccaagattgc accactgcac tctagcctgg     43860
     gcaataagag tgaaacttca tctcaaaata aaaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaat     43920
     aaataaaacc ataagatgac aaagatattt acttggaatg tgggccagac ttgagttact     43980
     tctaataaat agaatatagc acatatgatg gtttgtgact tttgagactt ggtcatgaaa     44040
     gtaattgcaa cctcagtctc tctttttttg gtggggagtg gggctgggag agggggacag     44100
     gctctcgctc tgtcacccag gctggagtgc agtggcacaa ccacagctca ctgcggcctc     44160
     aacctcctgg gttcaagtga tcctccggtc acacaatatt gtgtgaatct atggcaagaa     44220
     taatagaaca agggctggtc gtggtggctc aagcctgtaa tcctagaact ttgggaggcc     44280
     gaggcgggcg gatcacttaa agtcaggagt tcgaaaccag cctggccaac atggtgaaat     44340
     cccatctcta ctaaaaaatc aaaaaaatta gccgggcctg gtggtgcacg cctgtagtcc     44400
     cagctactcc agaggctgag gcaagagaat cgcttgaacc caggaggcag aggttgtagt     44460
     gagccgagat tgtgccgctg cactccagcc tgggtgacag agcaagattt cgtctcaaaa     44520
     aaaaaaaaaa ataataataa taatagaaaa atggaagcta gcaaagtatt tttcattgca     44580
     acataataca tgctgagata ttgctaagat gtgcattttg aacatgaagg tgatacaaag     44640
     aaaaaaattg ttttcctgct tctttggtca caaacacagc tagctctgat attgtcaaca     44700
     aatgtggtgt ggagctttag aactgtggag aagtacgttg gatggcagag ctgcaacaaa     44760
     aaaataccct ggagtaggta gccagtttaa ggagcaaaga tcaaaatgag agtgaaaaca     44820
     atgattcttt ccttaagaaa gtcatgctat gaaaaaaaag tcagctgaaa taaacagtgc     44880
     agttaggcat atagtaaaaa ttgtgaatta tgtaaaagtg aatgcattaa atttgagatt     44940
     attctttttg ttaggtgata atatggaagg tgatcataaa caattgttat tgcatgccat     45000
     agtagcttgt agcaagtcct gatatcttta ttatttatga atcgttattc atggatgctg     45060
     tatttgcaaa ttagcctact cactaaaatt tatttgtaat cccaaaatca atacttgaag     45120
     tgcttttgcg gtcattcgtg gacatgttca gagtagtaaa aacattgagt tgactgacac     45180
     tcccattccc agcagtggtc aaagtcgacg ctttgcttct tgttttggct ctcatactgt     45240
     aaacaaacgt cccattttgt ggtctattta gtgacacttt gggtgggggg gtgttgttag     45300
     tgattttgct gtttaaaatg gcctccaagt aatcgcgata accccagagg cggaggttgc     45360
     agtgagcaga gatggcaccg ttgcactcca gcctggggaa caagagcaag actccatttc     45420
     aaaaacaaac aaaaaacccc tccaagcaca atgctgaagt gctgcctcgt gttccaaagt     45480
     gcgagaagtc tgatgtgctt tacagaaaaa atacatgtgt tggagaagct tcaggcacaa     45540
     attgttgtgc tgctggccat gagttcaatg ttaatgaatg aacaatatgt attaactatc     45600
     gtgtttttaa acagaagtac acatagacta aggttctgga ttaatctctt gagaaaaacg     45660
     tgaccagagg cttgcaggaa acgaatcctg catattccct gggagcaatg gtcagaattt     45720
     gctaattcgg tgtttgcagt gactttctag aacataacta ctgcaaataa caagaatcaa     45780
     ctgcatgtct ttgtgtagct ctcttccacc aggccagtga atatggccta accctgtgtt     45840
     actaatagaa ctcagtggga gcaattctcc atgacttttt ttttttttga ggtggagttt     45900
     tgctcttgtt gcccaggctg aagtgcagtg gtgtgatctt ggctcactgc aacctccacc     45960
     tcctgagttc aagcaattct cctgcctcag cctcccaagt agctgggatt acaggcacgc     46020
     accaccatgc ctggttaatt ttttgtattt ttagtaaaga cggggttttg ccatgttggc     46080
     caggctggtc tcagcctccc ggcctcccga agtgctggga ttacaggtgt gagccaccac     46140
     acctggccga ttctccatga cttctgagcc cataaaagcc ttgcagcttc caccttggtc     46200
     tctggaatac ttgttattag agccctaaac tgccacataa gaggtttgac tgtgtaaaag     46260
     gagagaccat acggcaaggc tctaagtcta tgtggagagg gagaggagcc cagttgattc     46320
     cagtctgcca agatattggg tatgtgagtg aagtcagtct ggccaggaga tcagaggctg     46380
     ccttcctcca tgcatgcggt ttgtttctgg acactcaact ctattccact gatctgtatg     46440
     tctatccttc tgctagtatt gcacttgctt gttatgtagg tttttaggtt taaaatctgg     46500
     aagtgtgagt ctttcaggtt tgctcttctt tttcaagatt gtttcattat tctttttcaa     46560
     gcttgtttgg ggaaaaaatt cagagtccct gtaatttcta tatgaatttt aggatcgttt     46620
     tgtcaatttc tgcagagaaa ccagctggat ttttataggg attgtgttca tcagcagatc     46680
     aatttgggga atattgccat tttaatatta agacctccaa tccaggaaca tgggatatct     46740
     tattttttta atacattaaa aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac tagagacaga gtctagctat     46800
     gttgcccagg ctggtctcaa ccttctgggc tcaagcagtc tgcccacctt agcctcccaa     46860
     agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccaccac acccagccag gatatctttt catgtattta     46920
     gacctttaat tcctttcaac agtgtcttgt agttttcaga gtataagttt tacacgtttt     46980
     tgttttactc ctaagtattt tattcttttt gatgatatta taaatggaat taatttcatt     47040
     atcatattgt tgagtccaag tgtatagaaa tagatttgat atttatatat tgtgtcctac     47100
     aactttgctg aactcattta ttcattctaa taataggttg acttcttagg attttctaca     47160
     tataagacaa tgtcatctgc aaatagagat agttttgctt cttccttttc aatctagatg     47220
     ccttatttca ttttcttgtc taactgccct ggccagaact tccagtacaa ttttgagaga     47280
     tcaacttttt tttttttttt ttctgaaatg gggtctcgct gcattgtgca ggctggtcgg     47340
     aaactcctgg gctcaagcga tcctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg aattatgagc     47400
     atgtacccag cttagtgcca actttttttt tttttttttt agatggaatc tcgctctgtc     47460
     gccaggctgg ggtgcagggg cgtgatcttg gctcactgca acctccgtct cccaagttta     47520
     agcgattctc ctgcctcagt ctcccaagta gatgggacta caggcacgtg ccaccattcc     47580
     cagctaattt ttgtattttt ggtagagaca gggtttcacc atgttggcca ggctggtctt     47640
     gatctcttga cctcatgatc cgcctgcctc agcctcctaa agggctggga ttacaggtgt     47700
     gagccaccgt gcctggccaa gtgccaactt ttaaagacaa ggattggtca atcagatgtg     47760
     ctaatttttc taatatcttc agtattttaa tgatcctaat attttacttt tttttttttt     47820
     cctgagactg agcattgctc tgtcacccag gctagagtgc aatggtgtga tctcggctca     47880
     ctgcaacctc tgtttcccag gttcaagtga ttatcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg     47940
     gattacaggc atgtgccacc acacctggct aattttcgta tttttagtag agacggagtt     48000
     tcaccatgtt ggctaggctg ttcttgaact cctgcccacc ttggcctccc aaagtgttgg     48060
     gattataggc gtgagccact gcacccagcc tacttctttt ctaatttgga tgcctctgat     48120
     ttctttttct tgcctaattt cctctggcta gaacttctaa tactatgtgg aatagaagtg     48180
     aaaccaggca accttgtctt gttcctgatc ttaagggaaa agctttcagc ctttcactat     48240
     tgaatatgat gttggctgtg ggtctttcat atatggcctt taacatgttg aggaagtttc     48300
     cttgtattcc tagttgattg aatatttttt ctttttgatt gtgataaaat atacataaca     48360
     taaaatttac cattttagcc atttaaaaat gtatagttta gtgtcattaa gtacgttggc     48420
     attgttgtgc aatcatcacc agcatccatt gccagaacat tttcatcatc ccatactgaa     48480
     actccatacc cattaaacaa taatgtcccc ttccctcctt cctctaggcc ctgacaacca     48540
     ctgttctact ttcagtttct atgaatttca tgacgctagg tctctcatct aagtagaatc     48600
     atacaatatt tggtattttg tgtctgaatt atttcactta gcatcctgtc tttgaggttc     48660
     atccatgttg tggtgtcaga atttcctttt tatggctaaa taatattttg ttgtatgcac     48720
     agtcatgagt cacttaacga tggggaaatg ttctgagaaa ggtgtcatta ggtgagttca     48780
     tcattgtgtg agcatcgtag agtgtactta cacaagcctg gatggtatgg cctactatac     48840
     acctaggcta tgtggtgtag cctattgctc ctaggctaca aacctgcata gcatgttact     48900
     atattaaata ttgtaggtga ttgtaacaca atggtatttg tgtatctaaa tacagtaaaa     48960
     atatggtatt ataatctcat gggaccactg tcgaatgtgt agtctggaat gatgttatat     49020
     ggtgcatgac tgtacgtaac atattttgtt tattcactca tctgtgaatg ggcatttggg     49080
     ttgtttctac cttttggcta ttgtgaataa tgctgctgca aacattggca tacaaatatt     49140
     tgcttgagta ttggctttca atgcttttgt gtatatgcct agaagtggaa ttgctagatc     49200
     aaatggtaat tctttttttt tttttttttt gagatggagt cttgctgtgt cacccaagct     49260
     ggagtgcagt ggcacgatct tggctcactg caacctctgc ctcccggtta aagtgattct     49320
     catgcctcag cctcccaagt agctgggatt acaggcatat gccaccatgc ctggctaatt     49380
     tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggggtttcac cgtgttggcc aggcttcttt tttttttttt     49440
     tttttttttt tgagacagag tctcgctctg tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgggatc     49500
     tcggctcact gcaagctccg cctcccgggt tcacgccatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa     49560
     gtagctggga ctacagacgc ccgccactac gcccggctaa ttttttgtat ttttagtaga     49620
     gatggggttt caccgtttta gccgggatgg tctcgatctc ctgacctcgt gatccgcccg     49680
     cctcagcctc ccaaagtgtt gggattacag gcatgagcca ccacaccagg cctcaaatag     49740
     taattctatg tttacttttt ttaggaacct ccaggctgca tttccacaac aactgcacca     49800
     ttttacattc tcacaagggt tgcattttct ccatatccat atccatatca acacttgttt     49860
     tctgctattg agtgttttta ttatgaaagg gtgttgaatt ttgtcaaatg ctttttctgc     49920
     atcaattaaa atagtcatgt cattagctgg tcgtggtagt gcacagctgt aatcccagct     49980
     acttgggagt ctgaggaagg aggatcactt gagcccgaga ggcagaggtt gcagtgaacc     50040
     gagatcgagc cactgcactc cagcatgggt gacagagtga gaccctgtct caaaaaggtc     50100
     atgtcgtttt ccctttcatt ctattaatgt ggtatattac attgatcgat ttttgtatgt     50160
     ttaatcattc ctgaattaca gaaataaatc ctccttgatc atgatgtata atccctttaa     50220
     actgtgctga agatggtttg ctagtattct gtgcaggatt tttggatctt aaaattttag     50280
     tgcaagtaag gaaggcagca tatttttccc tggtaattat gattgaggga tgcaaattta     50340
     agttagaaac ttgaaagaac agagatttta catattatta taatatgttc catgttttca     50400
     cagtaattat taaaaaggca atgaacctga cattgcacct ctgtgaatgg tataattaaa     50460
     cattttacaa atgtgataga acagttggaa gtttattttc cctgaaaaga aaattcctgc     50520
     atagaaaaat cagagatctg aaatccattt ttccactgaa gatagtttaa attttaacta     50580
     ttacactatg ggctaaatag ttaaccaagt tatgaatgca aagaaaaagt cttgaaggaa     50640
     attaaatgtg ccactccagt gaacatgcaa atgatgagaa tgaaaaacag cagtactact     50700
     gatatgaaga aagttttagt agtctggata aaagatcata atagccacaa caatccctta     50760
     agtcaaagcc taatccagat caagtcccta actctcttca attctacaga agactacagg     50820
     agaaaagttt gaagctagca gaggttggtt cttgaggttt aaagaaagaa ggcaactcgg     50880
     ccaggtgcag tggctcacac ctgtaatcct agcactttgg gaggccaagg agggcagatc     50940
     acctgaggtc aggagtttga gaccagcctg gccaatatgg tgaaacccca tctctactaa     51000
     aaacacaaaa attagccagg catggtggtg ggtgcctgta atcccagcta ctggggaggc     51060
     tgaggcagga gaattgcttg aactcgtccg ggaggtgggt ggaggttgca gtgagctgag     51120
     atcatgccac ttcactccag cctgggtgaa agagcgagac tccgtcataa agaaaaaaaa     51180
     gaaaaagaaa aaaaagaaag aagccatttc cataatgtaa aagtacaagg tgggaagcaa     51240
     gtgctgatgt agaagctgca gcaagttatc caaaagatct agctaattct acattgaaga     51300
     acaaattttc attgtaggca aaacagcctt ttactggaag aatatgctac ctaagacttt     51360
     catagctaga gagaagaagg caatcaaggc ctggcttcaa accttcaatg gagaggctca     51420
     ctgtcttgtt agggggcaag tgcagctgat gactttaagt tgaagtcagt gctcatatac     51480
     cattccccaa atcctagggc ccttaaggaa catattaaac ctactctccc tatactctat     51540
     aaatggaata acaaagtctg gatgacagca aatctgtcat ggtctactaa atatttcaag     51600
     ccccctgttg agacctactg cttggaaaaa aagattcttt tcaaaatatt attactcatt     51660
     gacaatgcac ctggttacct aagggctctg atggaggttt aagaaattaa tgttattttc     51720
     atgcctgcta atccattctg taacctatgg attaaggagt aatttcgact ttcaagtctt     51780
     attatttcag aaatacattt tgtaaggcta ttgctgccat agatagcaat tcctctgatg     51840
     gatctgggca aagtcaattg aaaaccttct ggaaatgatt taccatttta gatagtacta     51900
     agaacattca tgactcatgg aagcaagtca aaatataaac attaacagga gcttgggagg     51960
     agttgattac aatcctcatg gatgactttg aggggttcaa gacttcagtg gaggatgtaa     52020
     ttgcaaatgc gggacacaca gcagggtctc actctgttgt ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc     52080
     acgattgtgg ttcactacag cctcgacctg ctgggctcaa gcattcctcc cacctcagcc     52140
     tcccaagtag ctggaactac aggtgcacat catgcccagc taagatttgt atttttttgt     52200
     gaagatgagg tttcactatg ttgcccaggt tggtcttgaa ctcttgagct caagcaatcc     52260
     tcctgtctca gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat taatgttgca atctcatgat aaaacttgaa     52320
     cagatgagga gttacttctt acgaaggagc aaagaaagtg gttttttgag atggaatctc     52380
     ctggggaaga ttctgtgaac atagtggaat ggcaacaaag gatttagaat attacataaa     52440
     tattagttga taaagcagtg gcagggtttg tgaagattaa ctcctttttt tttttttttt     52500
     tttttttgag acagggattt tctctgtcac ccaggctgaa gtgcaatggc gcaatcatgg     52560
     ttcactgcag ccttgacctc ctgggctcag tggatcctcc aactcaacct cttgagtagc     52620
     tgggactaca ggcatacgct gtcaccacat ggctattttt taattttttg tggagacggg     52680
     tttcaccatt ttgcccagga tttttagccc aattttaaca tcaacgtgtg tacactgttt     52740
     tttagacata atgctattgt acttttaata tattacagta tagtggaaac atgtttatta     52800
     tatacactgg gaaacaacaa caaaaaattg agtgtggctc tcttttttgc aatggcctgg     52860
     aactgaaccc ccagtccctc caaggtatgc ctgtaaatgg accaaacagg aagcaatttc     52920
     gtgggtttca tattaaaagc tttaaacatt tatataactg ttatttatac aaagtgtgct     52980
     tacaggcatt tactatgtaa aattgtaact cataactttg ctttagttaa caattgttga     53040
     ataaaaagtt atcagtggaa tagccagtct ctgtaataaa tgcatattgg taaattttct     53100
     ctgagccaag tgtacagttt gtaaattttc tttctgttat gtttgttctg attgtttatt     53160
     aagtataact ttgggtctgt caaattaaat atttaaaagt aagcttacgt tttgcatagt     53220
     tgtttttaaa tttcactttt tctttctttt tctttttttt gagacggagt ctcgctctgt     53280
     cgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggccacaatc tcggctcact gaagcctcaa tctcataggc     53340
     tcaagcgatc ctcccacctc agcctctcta ctagctagga ctccaggcat gggccaccac     53400
     gctcagctaa tttttaaaaa tcttttactt tttgtagaga tgggggtctc gctatgttgc     53460
     ccagggtggt ctggaactcc tgggctcaag agatccgccc tcctcggctt cccaaagtgc     53520
     tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc attgcgccca gcctcgaata atttaatttt aatgttaatt     53580
     tagtaagtat cagtcacgga cagattggaa aaagaaaaac atctgatccc tcatcttgat     53640
     agtgagtagc actggtttac acagctaggc tgctccttga aggctgacac tgcattttat     53700
     tcaaattttc ctgacagtgg gacttaggca attatatatt gaataaataa atgaattttc     53760
     actctgctgc tgggtccagt ggtctcataa aatgtctatc ataatttctc aatgattagc     53820
     cttggtaaca tctacttaag tttattaaat gccaggatcc acgctacgcc cttcaccatt     53880
     cattccccag ccttcgctcc cacggtctct gtggggatgg ggcgtgccca gcactacggc     53940
     ccgccctacc tatgcattcg ttggtcgaac tcgacgcccg ttactgccga gtcccgccca     54000
     ggccttgccc cctcgtagtc ggccaggccg agaggaggcg tggccactgc cgcgccgggg     54060
     cggtctggcg gagggggggg aggtctcccc tcgtctcgtg atactctggg cgagctcgcg     54120
     ggcgggctgt gggtcgcgag ccgccgtggg agcgcgtgtc gcggtcccca ggagccgccg     54180
     gccgacgctc cgccccgccc ccttggcgcc caggtcccgc gcgagctcgc gcacgcgcgc     54240
     gcgcgcaccc gccagaggct tgtttgaggc ccgcggggac tgggcgggcg gaggccgggc     54300
     tgccgaagtg tgaggggagg agcccgagcc gtcgctgctg ccgccgctaa gggagaggag     54360
     catgtctgca actcgagcca agaaagtgaa gatggccacc aaatcatgcc ccgagtgcga     54420
     ccaacaggtg ggtgccgggg gccgggcgcg cgggcgggcg gcagtggctt ggcggccgtt     54480
     gtctgtggag gggggcctcg ccgggctccc ggaggccgag cggtgggcag atcctggggc     54540
     ccgccggcgg cggcggggat ccggggccgg tcgggctgca ccgaggggtt tcccgggaaa     54600
     agcccggggc cgtggcccgc cagcgtccac ctggcggcgg ccagacggcc aagccccttc     54660
     ttgctgtgtc ccggccactg gaggagcgcg cctttggtgg gctcaccggg cggctgtctg     54720
     gagccccaga ctctcctcgc cggcggcggt gacagcggtg ggagcctgcg ggccgcagcc     54780
     ccggcgagag tgtgccgcac gcccgcctcc gaggccaggc cctagctccg agaacccctc     54840
     ctgcggccgg ggcggctttg ttcccggttc cgacgggtgc ggggcttccc caaaacggcc     54900
     cctccgcgac cggggcgggc gcctgagtgg gacaaagggg gccgcgtgta atgattttga     54960
     gtttcggcga atttggagat tttttcccct tcctcatcta tttattatat ttttgctgtg     55020
     caatcgcgaa tcctgccttt acatcgtttt taatgggtca tgattgaata aagcccctgt     55080
     ttaagccctt cctccttttt gggcgctcct aacttcccca cccctcgcag tatccactgt     55140
     tacaaatttg gcctgtctgc ttccagatct gtatccctgt ctgtctgaat gtctctgtgt     55200
     gtctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctgtctgtct ctctctatct     55260
     ctctatctct ctatctcgtt tcttgaattt gaaacgattc ctttctacat tgagttcatg     55320
     gtgtaatagt tgtaatttaa aacatctcat ttcagtgatc gctgtgttga agcgtgtctc     55380
     aattctttac tggaataata gacattcctt taagccttaa catctaatga gttaaaacta     55440
     cttcagttaa aaccattcgt aaggccctcg tttgttacca acatgtagat ctgggtgtgt     55500
     tttttccttt tccactgagt ggattttttc aaaatgacta cctttctctc ctcccctccc     55560
     cccaccgcct tttttttttt ttaaatcaag agtaatttga aatggctgga gactttttaa     55620
     taagctgatt ttagtgcatt tttcaaggag aattcttgta ggtttttcaa atcttttaac     55680
     agaaaacatg ttacatgttt tattaagtat cctttatggg ctgtagtaaa aatgcttatc     55740
     agaaaaaggt tgtgcaagaa atacagtgta ggagctatac cagtatgcag tataaaaaca     55800
     gtttagtcat gttttccaaa gagttacttt cattcttact actgaactaa atttgttaaa     55860
     ttttgacaaa actggacttt gcaatatgac tctttgcggg agattatttc agtgtttaaa     55920
     tcatttccaa ttattccagt taattgtgta gaagtgtaag gtttacatgg tatgcgttat     55980
     gcattccaat ttctgtaagg cacaagtatt tgcaaatcct gactttgttc taattggcat     56040
     aaagcaacct tttgggaaaa atagccactt tttatggcta tttttatata aaagagcaaa     56100
     ggataataaa cttataggag tttctgaaaa actgttcaac aaaacaagat cagcgtttta     56160
     tttggaaaga tcacattcat tttgttatac accccctccc ccatatttat tctttcatat     56220
     aaaatcagct tacccagctt tggctgccat aacaaaagca tgattatgtt ctggtgaggg     56280
     ctctcttctt ggcttgcaga tggctgtctt cttggtgtcc tcacatggca gaaagagggt     56340
     caagctctct cccttttctt aaaaggtccc taatcacatc atgagggccc caccctcatg     56400
     acttaattta aacctaattc tctctcaaat ggcccatctc caaataccat cacattgcgg     56460
     ttaaggcttc aatatatgaa tttggatgtc gaggggtgca taattccacc cagagcaaac     56520
     tagtacataa tttaatgagt tggtttgttt tgtcctttat tccaaatact taagtgaatg     56580
     taacatacat aaggactaat taaaactttt ggtgatatga acctgatgtg aaaaaataat     56640
     ggatgaattt tagctttctc attatttaaa agtactagct tcttttagtt ataagccaga     56700
     atatgattat aatccagaaa gccattttct aaacattaga atactgctat gattctaagt     56760
     tgcctaaaaa aaattaaatt cgaatttagg tatagtttat aaacataaat gtaaaatctt     56820
     taaatttgag atttcccagt tgactagatt tacttatgtg ggtgtgtaag tttgaaaaat     56880
     gggtacagag atcagcaaag aagaaaaagc tagattttca actgctttgt aacatctcct     56940
     ttgcaggctt ctattgaaca tatcattcta aaacatctta aaccacagtc cttttcattt     57000
     tcaaggggtt tcatatccat caatcactca aaattactga gccattttgt gtgcatcagt     57060
     gctcaagatt cttgtcagtt ttctggtatc ttttgtgtat gcttctgttt ttgccttcat     57120
     ttttaaaaaa aatagagcag ctttttttta atttaaagga cattttatgt gatgtatata     57180
     aaatatgtct ggtataagtt cctttggttc tttcagtagt aaagaatata aatgagtttt     57240
     ctgtaatgta attattttgg agcttttaaa aaatcagtta aatggctgtg tgcagtggct     57300
     cacacctgta atcccagtac tttgggaggc cgaggcaggt ggatcacgag gtcagaagtt     57360
     ccagaccatc ctggctaaca cggtgaaacc ctgtctctac taaaaaatta gctgggtgtg     57420
     gtggcatgca cctctgtagt tccagctact cgggaggctg aggcaggaga agtgattgaa     57480
     cccgggaggc agaggttgca gtgagccgag atcgcaccac tgtactccag cctgggcgac     57540
     agagactccg tctcaaaaaa aaaaagtaaa aaaatcagtg aaacactata ggaccagatt     57600
     tttttttttt tcagatttaa aaaatccagg ctgggcatgg tggctcacac ctgtaatccc     57660
     agcactttgg aaggccgagg tgggtggatc acctgaggtc aggagttcga gaccagcctg     57720
     gccaacatgg tgaaacccca tctctactaa aaatacaaaa attatccggg cgtggtgaca     57780
     ggcacctgta atcccagcta cacaggaggc taaggaagga gaatcacttg aatctgggag     57840
     gcagaggttg cagtgagcca agatcgcgcc attgcactcc agcctggggg acaagagtga     57900
     gacttcgtct caaaaaaaaa agataaataa ataaataaaa aatctgtttt acttgtaaaa     57960
     catacaaaca acctaaatct ttttttaaaa aagtgaatta atgcccagta aactatcagt     58020
     aaacaatact ttgaatattt tctttttttt aaaatcctga aagtgtaata ttagaatttc     58080
     agtactgtta ggtttagtat tatcaactga aatttaaaga aactttagtg tgtttgttta     58140
     aaatctaaat tatactataa ttaatgaaat gaggttaata ttactgaagt tgtccaacct     58200
     atttgataat tctttttaca ggatctaggg tggtgatggt ggtggtggtg tgttttttgt     58260
     tttttgtttt ccagggcaga ggttgtgggg aaggaacttt ttattttaaa taggactata     58320
     gaatgaatta actcagacta tagaatgaat taactcaaac tatagaatga attaactcag     58380
     gcacatgagg gtttattgag cataaaacac tttcatttgt ggatgaaaat caacctgtta     58440
     attcagttag tcagtgtttg tgcattctgg gtcccaaagc caaatgtata cttctcatct     58500
     aactgcaaca ctgttaattc tggagatgga ttgatatgaa gttcttttgt ataagactga     58560
     aacccaaatt caaatttatt gagtttcagt agctggaaga aaatgcttgc tgattaggaa     58620
     aggagctgtt gagtaagaac atgcatttgc gtattttgga tagcattaat ttaaaacaat     58680
     ttacattact gtggatgccc ttaataatat gtttaggtgt aaaggaaatg agtcagtgcc     58740
     tttgagcttg gtttctatga agatacgaaa tttgaaaaaa tgtcagacat ctattttaga     58800
     cagattttac actatttaaa aaatgtagca ttttttttgt cgtgatttga agggatctca     58860
     ttacattctt aacaaagcaa gctgttagac aaatctggag tttgattatt tttattgatt     58920
     tctttgttat ttttcttaaa tacaaattgg agatcctttg ttcaatgttt ttatacaaag     58980
     aaaaggaatt attctgccaa aatttcaatt tagctcaatt agatcaagtg tttagattct     59040
     ataacatgag gcattctgta catacataga taaaaagctt cataatttta actcagtttt     59100
     tacatagcag aacaactgcc aaatggggga atttatctta caaagggaat tgcagttttc     59160
     ttactgtaat tattctgtaa atactttttc gttgagatta gtttcagact tttggtgaac     59220
     atgtcttgat tccaaggatc attaactttg atatgggtga aatgattatg gggaaaacta     59280
     aaaaattttt tcaatgattt tcagtagcac ttggcttaaa aaacagttat aagtttggag     59340
     tagagaaagg aaatttacgt attttgcaga tttggaaaca gaagcttgaa gatcttaaat     59400
     atcttgtccg gagtcattcc tggaactaag atataagatt ctggatctaa attcctacct     59460
     tctcctacat tctctttttt tatgtcagca tacttttgcc cctcaaactg gttgttgtta     59520
     gaaagaataa gacctaatat ttgatagcac aacaggggga ctatagttaa taataatttt     59580
     tttttttttt ttttttgaga cagagtcttg ctcatgttgc ccaggctaga gtgcaatagt     59640
     gcactcttgg ctcactgcaa cctctgcctt ccaggttcaa gcgattctcc tgcctcagcc     59700
     acccaagtag ctgggattac aggcatgtgc catgacgcct ggctaatttt gtattttttt     59760
     tagtagggac ggggtttcac catgttggtc aggctggtct caaactcctg acctcaagtg     59820
     atccacctgc ttcggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg tgtgagccac tgcgcccagt     59880
     cctatagtca ataataattt aattgtacat ttaaaaataa ctaaaagagt atagattgtt     59940
     tgtaacaaaa aggaagaatg cttgaggggt tgaataccca attttccatg atgtgattgt     60000
     tacgcattgc atgtctatat tagtgtaccc cataaacatg tacacctact atctacccac     60060
     aacaatttaa gaatttaaga aaaatctggt tgctataaac tattctttat tctttgtcag     60120
     tggtagttga tatcttctcc tctcatgtta gaatcctgag ttattttcac ttcttcccac     60180
     tttatcacca gtcatcagtt tgggcctttg tctgtttttc ttgccttgga aactctggca     60240
     gatctacctt tttccatttc cgttctcact attccacttg gtccttcata atcttttacc     60300
     aggattactt taatgacttc ctacccactc acccttttca aatttgttct ataccgtaaa     60360
     aagctgtcaa actaacattt taggaaatgc tacctttttt tccacatact tccccttgct     60420
     ctgaccctat tacagttttc tattggtcac tcacatcagt gcatatttaa tacatattta     60480
     ttttttatgg tattggtatg gtatagtctt catggttttg ttaagcagta gaagaatatg     60540
     agtatcaggc cgggtgtggt ggctcacttc tgttatccta gcactttgag aggctgaggt     60600
     gggcggatca cgaggtgagg agttcaagac caacctggcc aatatagtaa aaccccatct     60660
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggcat ggtagcgtgt gcctgtagtc ccagctactt     60720
     gggaggctga ggcagaagaa tcacttgaac tcaggaggtg gaggttgcag tgagcctaga     60780
     tcatgccact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gagtgagact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa     60840
     aaagaatgtg aatatctatg tgatatgata ctcatctcag ataatttgtt gtaaggagtt     60900
     gaggtttaaa taaatacatg attcctcctt caagtaattt atcattcatt tgaggagacc     60960
     acatagacac tgagaaattt aacaatagaa aaatagtaat aatatatatt tttctttttt     61020
     tcctacaggt tcctgttgca tgtaaatcat gtccttgtgg ttacatattt attagcagaa     61080
     aacttttaaa tgcaaaacac tcagagaaat caccaccttc tacaggtaac tgtgagttta     61140
     atacattttt agctttttga tgtagaaatg taaagttaat ttttgtgaag tttctattta     61200
     cattttttgt tgaagttaaa agtttaaatc tattcaagtg tttttggctt ttattaacta     61260
     ttggaattag tttacgacgt tggtttcatg tgcattccat ttaaatgtta agtcccttac     61320
     aatgctgata acgcttgtaa caaatttttt atttttgaag gtggagaacc attgaaaggt     61380
     tttagcaagg gagtgacctg atctgatata aaaacttttt aaaaaaatag ctttagtaat     61440
     aattgacatt gagtaaattg gatgtatttg aagtgcacag tttgataagt tttgacatat     61500
     gtatatacca atcaatcacc acaatcaata ttatgaacat tcatcaattt caaaagtgtt     61560
     ctagttccct ttgtaatccc tccttcctgc tacctccacc ccaggtaacc acagatctgc     61620
     tttctgttac tgttcgtatt tatggaatca tatagtatgt actctttttt gcctggcttc     61680
     tttcactgag tgtaattatt taggattcag ccatgttgta tgtaccaata agagttcatt     61740
     cctttttatt gcttagtagg agtctttgta tggagatttg tttatccatt ctcctgttga     61800
     tggacatttg aattttttct ctcataatgg tggtaaaatt tgcagcaact tttaagtttt     61860
     gttttttttt taaactagtg accgttgaaa aatatagctt ggttttggta tgaaaaacgt     61920
     ttttagacat gttgactatg ttttacagtt ccctgactga ggatatccaa ataatgattt     61980
     tgtttgaact tgttgctttt ccattaacgt agacaaattg gatttattca atagacatat     62040
     ttattaatat taaaagatac aattttgtta cttattcttg gctaaaagca gaccttcata     62100
     tggtggtgac ctcgaaataa gagtaggttc attacaaata tatactgagc acctgctata     62160
     tgctagacac tattccaagc cttgggcaca aagcactgaa ttctactgtt aaggcagatt     62220
     tactggtgtc atggagctta tattcttgtg ggtgggagat agacagtgaa caaatataca     62280
     gagaaaatgt aaccttgtga taaatgcttt atagtcctat gaagtgactg gaaggctact     62340
     tttgattggg tggttagaga aggcccctat gaggaggtga catttaaatg gagtctcagt     62400
     ggatagaagg ggctagccat gataagatca gggaaaagaa cattcttgac agatggaaat     62460
     agcaagtgca aaagttctaa ggttggaaaa cattttttat attttaggaa caaaaaagac     62520
     cattgcgatt gcagtgtaga cagtatgatt agaagagtgg aagatgagtt cacagggcta     62580
     ggcagaggct agattgtata gggctttgta aaccagagta agaagtttgg attttgtttg     62640
     taaactgtga ggagaaactg tccctgagat ggggtgggat gaagagagga gaagatggca     62700
     tcctctgatt tgagttttag aaagatcatt ctagctgctg tgtagagaat agtttgtagg     62760
     ggtacaaata tggaagtgga ttattgcagt aggctaacta agaatactga gttagacaaa     62820
     gactgatgat agtagcagat gattcaataa taatttttat ttatgtctga gaggtttatt     62880
     tatcttaggt ctatatagaa gtggcaggaa acttgtttag ttccatttct gtcactgttt     62940
     cagttctctt ctcatcatga gaatgaacat aattcactgg ttcttaaagg cggttgctgg     63000
     gttggctgta taggattcat gcagagaact tgttaaaaat gcatttctgg atcttactct     63060
     ctgagagttt ggtttagata aaggaaccct gaaatgatga ttcactcggt agctattttg     63120
     gggtggcgtg tcagctcagt gctgagtttc taaaaatgaa taagacatgg tccttgttct     63180
     tagggagaca aagtgcttat ttttttaatt caagtatttt tgagctcctt ttatgtacca     63240
     gtgattcaga tgagaaatga gttaagaaag tcaacaaaga taaaagaagg aacagggcca     63300
     ggcatgatgg cttatgccca taattccagc attttgggag gccgaggcag gaggatcgca     63360
     tcagcctggg aagttgaggc tgcagtgagc tgtgattgta ccactgtatt ctagcctggg     63420
     tgacagagtg agaccttgtc taaaataaaa tgaaaaaaag gaggaacaga tgatacaagt     63480
     gttaatgagt tgttaagttt aaccagttaa accagaggga agaatttaga agattcccag     63540
     atctctgact tggattgcta gttaaaagag aatataagag ggaaaacaag ctgtggggga     63600
     aagatgaaga atttaatttt gggtatagaa acatcatccg tgtagatttt tttttcagtt     63660
     ggacatatag tctgcagcct cagctgcagg taaaactttt gagccatcag tgactagatg     63720
     gtagttgtca tcatggaaaa tggatgagct cgcggtgcag agtttgtaag ttaggaagag     63780
     gaaggcattc agggactaaa ctgtgacaga caccaatttt acagacaggt cagatcaact     63840
     aagaagaaat gtcagctgta ggagaaaaac caacagcaca atgttatgta agtcatggcg     63900
     atgagtttta agaagcaatt cattattatt ttgtatttgg agtttcctga gatttccttg     63960
     tttagtaaga gtggtctttt gactttgaag tgaagatgaa acattgaagc ccagaaatcc     64020
     ctgcaggagg aggaagaacc agcaacaaaa ccaaaccaga aaggaaggag aaacatcaag     64080
     gataggctgt gccatagaaa ccacaggagg aaaagatttt agggagagga ttaagagtat     64140
     tcaaagcctc aaaaacagtt tggtagagta cagacgtggg ggtcagaaaa cctggcttca     64200
     gattcagatt ctgtcccttt ctaagcagcc tagttaacct ccatgagcaa ctgttgtttg     64260
     tttataagat agatttatag taccagtgtt agaggattga agtacatatg aaaatgtcta     64320
     acatttgcaa agcatggtaa gttttaggta ctcagtaatt ctcgttttta caattaaatt     64380
     tcttagaagt aagatttgcc ttggataatc ccatggtatg tagggaattg agaagagttt     64440
     aaggtcacta caatttatca agtgcttaat gtcgtcagtg agatatagaa catttcagtt     64500
     ttaaggaaag tagtggagaa ttaatagaag aaatgaaaat atacactata tatctgaaag     64560
     ataaccaact tcactaatta tcagggaaat gcggttgaaa caaaatgcca ttctttttgc     64620
     ccacagttca cataaatgta aagaatttct aagtactttc atgagtatgg caaaatggat     64680
     agtctcatac tgttggtggg agcattagtt ggtacagcca ttttggagac cagtcttacc     64740
     agtagttgtt aaaaggttta aatacacata acctagaatg cagagctctt aatcagtagg     64800
     taggtagcct agagagccta attgtttata tacacaatga agcatttact agggttttca     64860
     aggcaacact ttataatagc agaaggttgt tagtaagcca gatgtaatca gtaggggaat     64920
     ggttaaatta agtagctaaa ttatctttta gttaatagta tgtgctagtt tgaaagaatg     64980
     atacagattt tatgtactga aatggaaaga tctctaaaac attgttaatt taaggaaaaa     65040
     ctgcaaaaca atacttggat atgagcttgt ttgtttttaa aaccccacaa aatgatttct     65100
     acatgtagta ttaataagta aatacataaa tggatagata ggtaactata taacaagtac     65160
     agagtcaagg aagacttgtt tgcataagta aacatctttt taaaaaaact ataattaaag     65220
     ctcattgatt ttaaaaataa agctgtaaaa gatattttta aaatttcact aggttgaaag     65280
     ctcttattca attattgtac acagtttgtg atgtgcagga agaaaagaat ctgttaggct     65340
     gaatagattt agctagatat gaattgttta aaagtcatgt ttttcatata tgccaatcaa     65400
     ttatttatac cttcgtaaca tgcagagaaa tagggaggtg gtagagtaaa actatataga     65460
     acttagcgta gctgaaaata tgtatatata aaatctatta caggaattaa tgaaattttt     65520
     tttttttgag atggagtctc gctcttgttt cccaggctgg agtgcaatgg cacaatattg     65580
     gctcaccaca acctctgcaa cctctgcctc ctggattcaa cccattctcc tgtctcagcc     65640
     tcccaagtag ctaggattac aagaatgtgt caccacaccc ggctaatttt gtatttttag     65700
     tagaggtggg gtttctccat gttggtcagg ctggtctcaa actcccgacc tcaggtaatc     65760
     cgcccgcctc ggcctcccag agtgctagga ttacaggcat gagccactgc gcccggtgga     65820
     attgagtttt ttaaagttta aaattaattt gtgtgagaga aagagatgcg tgttagcagt     65880
     aacactgtgt taagaaatgc tcagccggca cggtggctca cgcctgtaat cccagcactt     65940
     taggagactg aggcgggcgg atcatctgag gtcaggagtt tgagaccagc ctggccaaca     66000
     tggtgaaatc ccgtctctgc taaaaataca aaaattagtt gggcgtggtg gtgtgcactt     66060
     gtaatctcaa atactcggga ggctgaggca ggagaatcac ttgaaccagt gaggcggagg     66120
     ttacaggctg ggcacaaggt ctcacacctg taatcccagt gctttgggag gccaaggcga     66180
     gcagttcact ttgagctcaa gagttcgaga ccaggctggg caacatggcg aaaccctgtc     66240
     tgtaaaaaag aaaaataaca aaaaattagc caggcatggt gatgttaact gtggagggtg     66300
     tccaggttct tggtgtcttg aacaaagaat tggacgaaac acacaaagca aggaaggaat     66360
     gaagggattt attgaaaatg aaagtacagc gtgggagtgg gcttggagca taggggctca     66420
     aaggccctgt tagttacaga gtttttgtga gtttaaatac cctctttttg gggcacaccc     66480
     tatgtaaaag gagaggatga agtaaggtta caaagtcatt tacttggcct atgccctatg     66540
     gagaggatga agtaaagtta cgaagtcatt tacctggcct atgccctatg aagaggatat     66600
     ttcctgttat agctgaagtg tgagattgcc ttagttccct gcctccagac cctatttttc     66660
     tgcctcagtg gtgtgtgcct gttgtctcag ctacttggga ggctgaggtg ggaggattgc     66720
     ttgagcctgg gaagcagagg ttgcagtgag cggtgatctc actactgcac tccagcctga     66780
     gtgacagagt gagactctat ctcaaattta aaaagaagaa aattttaatt ataaaaacta     66840
     tagaagaaaa agtaaatttc taaatggaca ctagttcata aaatttagaa tttaaaattt     66900
     aataaaattt aagatttaga atttcctgta aaggaaagaa aaaatagttg agacagtagg     66960
     aaattataat tgcttattag tattttaact atgaaatttt cagtgagtaa aaggtttaga     67020
     gtaagcatag tcaaataaat aacctcctcc ttttttcact gggagaaaga aaaaagggaa     67080
     aaaaaccctc aacttagttt tcaagttatt ctttaatata agttaatagg ctaaggctga     67140
     taagcaaaga cgttcataag tgacaagttc acttttagtt aagggaaaaa aatggagaaa     67200
     tgattatcac ctgtaccttt tataaatcca aagtgattga gtattaattc agtagtataa     67260
     gtggtcctca actctgaatt acttgactgt ggaggtttgg ttctgttatt cagaaagtat     67320
     tgttctttac ttgctggcca ggggcggtga ctcatgccta taatcccagc actttgagag     67380
     gctgaggcag atggatcact tgaggtcagg agttcaagat caacctggcc aacatggtaa     67440
     aaacccatct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agaaaaaaag aaaaggaagc atcttccctt     67500
     acatgctaat tgcataaaag tgctgtacat tcctgtatgg aacatggctt ttatatagtt     67560
     gatttttgtg gttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgctttt tgatgaaaaa aatgcatacc     67620
     tttacctctg agcctgtact tttaggttct taatcatata gtctatgata tctatattca     67680
     tctttaaaac acttttcata gagttctttg acttctaatt aagactgatt gtttttaggt     67740
     ctgccgtaca gctattgtac taggatttct ttccattgta ctcccaggat aatcccactc     67800
     tttctttctt tctttatttt tttgagacag agtcttgctc catcacccag gctggagtgc     67860
     agtggcctga tatcggctta ctgcaacctc cacctcccgg gttcaaatga ttcttctgcc     67920
     tcagcctccc tagtagttgg gattacaggt gtgtgccacc atgcccagct aattttttta     67980
     tttttagtag agacagggtt tctctatgtt ggtaaggctg gtcttgaact tctgacctca     68040
     ggtggagctg cccgcctctg cctcccaaag tgctggaatt acaggggtga gccactgcac     68100
     ctggtaccac tctttcttac atactatgtc tttgttcttt tttacccata tgtttttact     68160
     tttggaataa atttcccaga aattgtttta tttctggaaa aacttttcca gaaaagacat     68220
     aatgtgcatt tcctatcttc tgttgtggag agtgcctttg ttttgcattc acactttaat     68280
     tttgttctca ttcttccttg gcattcagtg ggtcctttcc atctgaaagc tcaggtcttc     68340
     aactcaaggt ggtttctatc cattattgct tttccctcca tttccttttc ttttcattct     68400
     ggcatgccta taggatcatg ttaggattgc cttttacact gtcttggaaa ctgacactgt     68460
     attggaagaa ggataaagat aggcagtaca aggatattgg ctcaatgatg tcatcaaaga     68520
     ctttagtctc ttctctttct tccaccttaa gaagacgtgg cttatcctca tggttctgag     68580
     gtagttctta ttgcacatct aagcatccta tacacatttc aagaaggaag aagagggaag     68640
     agcagagaga caaagggaca tgccagctat gcttcttccc ttgaaaaaaa tctttctgga     68700
     aaccttaccc agtttcactt acctgtcatt ggctagagct agatgccacc tcacctgcag     68760
     ggagagtctt gagaatgtat acctatttta ggcatattgt cctctttaac agaacaagat     68820
     tctgttctta aagaagatgg ggagaaagaa taatgggtat ataattagca gttctgtcat     68880
     agggatatct attaggtttc ttggatcttt cctttatttt tctttacttt ctgtcacatt     68940
     ctctttttgt ctttttgctt tattccagga aattttgttg attttccttt ctacatctat     69000
     aattttgtca tcaagcgtgt caaatttagc ttattagcac ctacgcttta gcagggtatc     69060
     ttgttttcta atttattctt tttcatagaa ttttgaaaat acttttattg tgggaaaata     69120
     taacaaaata ttctatttta accatttata agtgtatagt ttagtggcat taagtgcatt     69180
     catattgtat tcttaaccat cactaccatc caattccaga acttgttttt ccaaactgaa     69240
     accgtgtacc cattaaacaa tgacagccac ttccttctcc cccatacccc aggcaaccac     69300
     cattctgctt tctctgtctg tgaatttcac tgctctagcc atctcatgta agtggaatca     69360
     tacaatattt gtacttttat gtctggctta ttttacttaa cacagtgtcc tcaaggtttc     69420
     attcatgttg taacatgcat gacaatttcc tttttaaggt taaataatat tccattgtat     69480
     gtatatgcca tattttgttt atgtattcat cagtggacac ttgggttgct ttaacctttt     69540
     tgctattgtg aataatgctg catggtatac aaatatctgt cctgatctct gctttcattt     69600
     cttttgggta tatgcccaga ggaattgctg gatcatatgt tgattctatt ttaatttttt     69660
     gaggactgaa tttactgttt tccatagcag ctccatttta catttctacc agcagtgtac     69720
     aaatgttcct tccggtttct ctacatcctc accaacactt tattttttgg ttttgttttg     69780
     ctttgctttt tataataatc tgaagagtat gaagtggtat cttgctgtgg ttttgatttg     69840
     cattttctta ttgatgtgat attgaacatc tttgcatgtg cttagtggcc atttatatat     69900
     cttctttgga gaaataccta ttcaagtctt ctgcccattc ttgaattggg gatttttttt     69960
     gttgttgttg ttgacttgta aattctttat attattctga atattaatct cttataataa     70020
     tttgcatata ttttctccca ttccatgtat tgccttttca gtctgttgat agtgtccttt     70080
     gatacacaga agtttaattt tgatgaagtc cattttgtct gttttttttt tttctttcat     70140
     tgcttttgct ttcgcttttg gtatcatatc caagaaatta ttgccaaaat ccaatgtcat     70200
     gaagcttttc catgattttt taaacagttt tatggtttta gtggttatat ttagatattt     70260
     gatccatttt gagttaattt ttgtgtatgg agtaagataa gggtctaact tcattttttg     70320
     gctagtgtga attatgctac attgtgtaga tacccagttt tcctgttaca acttgtggaa     70380
     gatactgtac tttaccttga attgtctcag actcttattg aaaatccttt gactgtatgt     70440
     gtgtgtttat gtctgaggtt tatttttatt cctttggtct gtatatttgt ctttatgtcg     70500
     gtaccatact gttttgatta ttatagcttt gtagtaagtt ttgaaatcaa gaagtgtggg     70560
     acctctaact ttgaattttt tcaagattgt tttggctact tggaaatcct tgggattcca     70620
     tgtgaatttt aggatgggtt tttctgtttc tgcaaaaata atcttattct taatgataat     70680
     ctcctttcag atctctcaag gtatgcatta gaatgtttta attttttgtt tgcttgtttg     70740
     ttgaactatc tttgttcttc ctgttttatt ttggctcttc tcttgactat tattttcttc     70800
     ttatagctag taatgtttaa ttgactgttg gtgtgataca aatgaaggac ttggtttatc     70860
     agtgtaggta agtttaatga ataccctaca ctgttttaaa cgtctgtttt gacaaaaggt     70920
     ctcttcagtg tataattggg agtttagtgg caggaggtga gcaggcagta cactggtgaa     70980
     ttcccttatt gccaaaataa ggcaggcttc attctggggt ggaatgtgaa atctcttaca     71040
     gtatttcatt cctgtgagga gctggctttt tcctatatta tggaggtttg aagttctctt     71100
     gcacattgct ctgttcctga gagcttcctt atgtcagttg ctctgtatac ataggcccaa     71160
     ctgtactgca atagtctcta gttattttga tgatcacctt ggtggcctgc tctcccttac     71220
     tgtacttttt gtcctgccct gggattatcc ttgagaatcc tcctttggga ggaacagctc     71280
     tccgttctat agcagctatc acttactcct atttttggat tgtagtttat tttattcttg     71340
     tttcttatca gaaccatcag gttgccagtt tgctgaaatt ctgtaatttt gggtcattaa     71400
     tagtaccttt ttcttgtttc cagcaccaca gatatatttt cctttttctc cttcccctct     71460
     tcccatgttt cttctcattc aatgggattt tgagaaggtg gtaaggtaaa tgtgtgtcct     71520
     atccgatttt atttattcaa cagtctgtgt aagtaatgtt ctgggttctg caaataaggt     71580
     aggccaagga ttcccaagtt tcataaagcc tatattttga tggaggagac gcattgagca     71640
     tataagtaaa taaataacag attatagctg tagtagatta caggaagtaa cttgggctgg     71700
     gagaatcaga gcaagtgacc tgtatatgga tatctgaaga gaaaaaaagg cttatcttat     71760
     gaagagccgt gggaagagag ctctaggcag aaggattagc gtatacatag actcagcgga     71820
     ggaaggagct cgttttatta aaagaaaggc acgtctggag tgtagtgaac aaagtggtga     71880
     gcttgagcat catgagactg gagaaagagg caaatgccag atctgttggg gacttgtctt     71940
     tggtaaggaa tttttagttt aaatatggaa aaaagcttat gaaaggcttt agaagggaag     72000
     ctatgcagtt tgattttttt tttttttttt ttaagataat attggctggt acgtagagaa     72060
     taggtttgac tgggatgttg cctgtggagg tggagagaaa tgaagagatt atgggtatat     72120
     tttgcaagga gtatctgtgg accttagcga tggtacagga agcaagatga gtcacaaacg     72180
     actacaagtt atttgactag tacaaccagg tgatgctatt tactaatatg atgaaagtag     72240
     taggagtaac agatttggga gagggagaac caagagttat tttttgatac aatttgaaat     72300
     gcctttgaga cattcaagtg aagttgtcag gtaggcagtc tagagtttag ggaagaaatc     72360
     agagcagaag gtgaaaactt tggagccatc ataacaatag tgtttaatgc tgtgggttta     72420
     cgagatgatc taggcaaagt ctaagtaaga gaagagggct ctggacagaa tcctggggcc     72480
     ttgacgttag attgggaaag cacctagggg aagggcacac agcaaaggcg attaggagga     72540
     gtgactgatg aggtgaagaa actgggggag cctgagaatc aagcaaaata atttcaagga     72600
     aagtagtagt catctttgtt gaatttttga gagatggtgt aagatggtaa gtgaggtgtc     72660
     tattaagatt tggtaacagg tttttgttgt ttttgacagt cagtttcagt gggataggaa     72720
     ctatactgga atagatttga tgagtgaatg ggagatgaaa aactgaaggc agaaagtaca     72780
     ggtacctctt ttgagaagtt tggctgtgaa gaagtttgca gagatgactg ggtagctggg     72840
     ggaacaaacc caaattcagt gttagacttt aataggcata ctatttaaag cttcatctat     72900
     cactagttct tttaaccttt atttttttga gaaattctaa gcatatgcaa aagtagaaaa     72960
     tgaccaaccc tgccccatcc acaatcctgt ctacctcttc ctttgcatca ttttgaagca     73020
     aatcccatat aatttcagtt ataaatattt cattatgttt ccaaaagatg aacattaaaa     73080
     aatgtaagca caatgccatt ataacataaa aaattaatga taatttctta ttaataaata     73140
     tccgacttgt gttcacattt tcacttttct caaaaattgt cttagaattt taaaaacaga     73200
     ttttaaataa ggtccacaaa ttgcatatgg gtgctatctt atttatttat ttatttattt     73260
     atttattgag acagagtctc gctctgtcac ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc acgatctcag     73320
     ctcactgcag cctcttcctc ctgggttcaa acaattctca tgtcttggcc tcctgagtag     73380
     ttgggactac aggcgcacac caccatgcct ggctaatttg tatattttca gtagagatgg     73440
     ggtttcatca tgttggctag gctggtctcg aactcctgaa ctcaggtgat ccgccccctt     73500
     tggcctccca aggtgctggg attacaggcg tgagccacca caccctgtca tttgtttaag     73560
     aacagggtgt cgctttgtca cccaggctga gacagggtct tgctatgtgg cccaggctgg     73620
     tctcaaactc ctggcctcaa gcaatactct tgcctcggcc tcccaaatgc ctaaagtgct     73680
     tttggattac aagcatgagc tactgagcct ggctagatta tatctttttt aaccctctta     73740
     ttatctatta ttttctcttt ttctccttgc aagttagatg ttgaagaaat ggcatcacct     73800
     gtccatttgt atgtgctgtt tgtatcccca tggtgtcact taacatattc cttgaataac     73860
     ctctttttcc tattagttgt aagttagatc taagggctgg agagattgga attttttttt     73920
     ttttacaaga ctacttaata ggtagtgatg tgtacctcta tccagaggtg cttaaagtct     73980
     gcttctctct ctcttttttt ttttttttga gatggagttc atttttgttg ctcatgctgt     74040
     aatacaatgg tgctatctca gctcaccaca acctctgcct cctaggttct aacgattctc     74100
     ctgtctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggatta cagacacgtg ccaccacacc cagctaattt     74160
     tgtattttta gtagagacgg ggttttgcca tgttggtcag gctggtctcg aactcctgac     74220
     ctcaggtgat ccacccgcct tggctaccca aagtgctagg attatgggtg tgagccaccg     74280
     cgcctggcct gcttctctct tttagtgatg ttagtacctg ctgatgttta gtgcttagaa     74340
     cctttagttc attgcaggtt gaaaaatgtt gatactctga ttctgtcatt ccttcttcat     74400
     ttattagctt taatatgaga aacctcttca tttgcccttt ggttaccccg tgagtagcac     74460
     agtttaaata gaaaaagcag aagaaatgct ttgttcttgc cctatattta agttttcaaa     74520
     gtaatgagtt ggttctttag tatcttcgta tggtggccaa gtagtttttg tttttaatgt     74580
     taatgtactc atatgcttga tatatttcaa tctgttacag ttactatttt tattgatgct     74640
     caaattgtcc tgtaatagtg ggagcctctt catgttagcc caagtcttaa caacaccctg     74700
     cttgtctttg ataactttct tgcaatctgg gataattaaa tattcttgta ttatctggta     74760
     tatgtctaat ttgaaacttc agattaattc tccaaggata tggtgtttgg ggataatatt     74820
     actattttac ttttaatttt tttacagcag tctattaagc atacttattt tatagtcttt     74880
     cacattgttc cctttagttc tttggatatg aatttttctg tttgttttgc ccctttacca     74940
     ctgagatttt tggcatttgg ggaattctct ttcttgcttt tgagtgcagg tatgtgttaa     75000
     agcaaggtat catctttttt gtttttgttt tgtttttttc tttaagttta ttgtttgtct     75060
     tatccaacat tttgatttgt ttagagtggg aggggtggct tcttgcacta attaaatcac     75120
     catatttagt aaagtttccc tattgctatt ccatttatgg aacaacatgc tcttatatca     75180
     gaaattacct tatctgtggc taaagtgaaa attactcact tgcctagggt ttttatattt     75240
     gttatggatg ctttctgttt gatttttatt gtaaccttaa tacgttatct ctaagatcag     75300
     ttttgctttt gcatatttca catattttaa tctttaactc aggtagaggg caaaagggca     75360
     tgcagttttt ttcctttctt aatatttcac tatttttagc ttggaaacag gaagaaaaag     75420
     gcagaaaggt tgctatggaa ttgtgtgaac ttgtagaggc tgaaatttaa gctgccaaat     75480
     gaagaaactt gttttctctt ccaagattcc tcctacttca tgtgttattg tgatctgaat     75540
     tctattgaat ttcttttttt cttatgaggg tgtgggggag acatatatgt tatggttgta     75600
     gttctatgaa atatgccagg aagcatactc tagtgctatt tagaaagaaa aaggaagaca     75660
     atgagaactt gggcaaacag ttcttgctaa gccctaaaat atatcacttt tattcatcca     75720
     tacagaaaac aagcatgagg ccaagaggag gcgaacagag agagttagga gagagaagat     75780
     aaattctaca gtaaataaag atttagaaaa cagaaagagg tctcgaagta acagccattc     75840
     agatcatatc agacgaggaa gaggaagacc taaaagtgca tctgccaaaa aacatgagga     75900
     agaaagaggt atgaacaaat caagcagttt ttttttcaag tattaaattg atctgggatc     75960
     ttaattaggt agtagtgaag aaagtggagg cattgagctc ctggacttaa aaatcacaac     76020
     tcatatttta gtttgaaagc atttcctctg tggtagatgc ttattatttt tttaatcaca     76080
     ggaatttaat tcttattgga aacctgaagg cttagttagg taaaatttac cttgctataa     76140
     actgatgata atagagttca aagataattt gtatatgaca tcctgaagaa gcctgttaaa     76200
     atgattgtac tttttttttt ttttgagaca gcgtgttgtt ctgtcaccca ggctggagtg     76260
     cagtggcgcg gtcatggctc actgcagcct taaactccag ggctccggtg attctcccct     76320
     gagcctcctg agtagctggg actacaggtg tgcaccatca tgcctagcta attttttgta     76380
     gaggggggtt tcaccatgtt gcccaggcta gtcttgaact tctgggctca agcaatctgc     76440
     cctccttggc ctcccaaagt gttgggacct cttttttttt tttttttttt tgtcttttaa     76500
     agacatgtct gagttctgtt aagactactt caaactatta tactgtgagt tttaaaattt     76560
     tactattgaa agtgttgttg gtggagtttt taattgctca ttgggagatt tgtgtgcttc     76620
     ctactctgag gcagcttttg catagatgaa ttcttcttgg tccagagtat atttcttttt     76680
     ctccttacag gtcttctttc ttctgacgaa tatctaccaa tagcttgttt ttagacatta     76740
     aaacttcagt ttctcttttt ctttgattta tgcatctttt taaaaactta cagaaaattt     76800
     caacatatgc aagagtagag aaaatagtat aatgaacctc tctatgtcca caaatacctt     76860
     tttaaaattg agactttcaa gctggtagtt aatttaaaaa agggatagtt gctctttatt     76920
     gttctttaaa aacctctgtc aaaatgattt catcttcact gaaatgcatt tttaatttct     76980
     tacactattt gtgagttatg ctttgctttt cagacgttct gtcttagata ctcaagtgct     77040
     ttttgtataa atgtaaattt cacttatttt agacaataag accattctac cagtttgcta     77100
     tttctctctg ctttatgtgc ttttatttga ataaagttac tattgctaga aaacagcttc     77160
     accagtatag ccattcctag cttttatcaa agttaaaggt gtcttagtat tgtatggcta     77220
     aaggagtaag gtttatatcg gttttgactg tattctagga aggctgtact aaggtactcc     77280
     atattccttg ggtaatttta ctgcttttct ctttctatta tgctcttcca gagggtttga     77340
     gttatttgtt aaatttgtat gtttctttaa caatagggtg cagaaaacct atgccgagga     77400
     ctcctatttt agaagggaaa ctaggtaaag aaaagtcagc agagaaaaag gaaaagagag     77460
     aaatactgcc tggctcagaa aacaacattc ttttcagttg aaatagaggg aatgcagctg     77520
     aaagaagaga atgcttctgg tggtgggtga gagaagatga gaaagcagat aatgaccatc     77580
     tttagctggg gaaatgaagt ctatatactt gtggtagaac tgtatatatg caggatttca     77640
     gcttttattt catgattaca tgaaaaaaga agcatttgtt tagctgtaaa tattttttag     77700
     gcattttctg tttattacag aaaaatttta agaaagctat ttctagagta agatatgctt     77760
     ttttttgttt ttgatacaaa ttgtaggaaa ttacttaaat taatttttgt agcacaaact     77820
     ggaatcttat gtagaccatg aagtcattac actttttctg taaagagcca gatagtaaat     77880
     gttctaggct ttgtgggcca tactatctct gtcacaacta ctcagctctg ccattgtagc     77940
     tggaaagcag ccataaatca tgcataaatg aatgggcatg cctgtgttcc agtaatactt     78000
     tataaagcag gtggtgggcc acatttgtta cttgtactat agtttgccaa tctctttctt     78060
     tcttttcttt ccttgctttt ttttttttcc ttctgagata gcgtctcact ctgttaccca     78120
     ggctggagtg cagtggagtg atcatggctt acttcagcct caaactcctg ggctcaagcg     78180
     atcctcctgc ctcaggtgca tgccaccaca ccaggctact ttttttactt ttagtataaa     78240
     tgaggtctca ctatgttgct caggctggtc tcaaactcct gggctcaagg gatcctttca     78300
     gcttggcttt ccaaagtgct gggattgcag gcatgcatga gccactgcac tcggcctagt     78360
     ttgccaatct ttgttgtaaa ccattgtact cttaaatata atgtggacaa gaactattag     78420
     gttggtgcag aagtaattgc ggttttactt ttataccaat ctaacatgaa cttttgaaat     78480
     gtctgtgttt taggatagat ttcttggata tgcttcttag tgctaaatag ctatttagtt     78540
     ggtttttatt gattccttgc tcttagagca tttgaaaatt ttgaagcaag ctttaacttt     78600
     attttaacca tgaattaagg aaaacctgac aatgtgtcta aaaaacctaa cttaaaaatg     78660
     gacttttcta tctagtcaga tgagagatcc aaagggggaa aaatgacttt tctattttga     78720
     aacagaataa gaaggaagaa tggaaaagga aagcttgtta gacatcatca taataatata     78780
     tctttataaa gtcataaaaa caaatcatta aacaattttt ggttagtcta atgtaagtct     78840
     tcgttttata tataagggta ttctggatat tataatatag aagtgacatt ttgactgatt     78900
     aaaatatgtt aggcagttct gaacatcata ttaatgaact taagaatgaa tgggtcaggc     78960
     gtggtggctc acgcctgtaa tcccagcact gtgggaggcc gaggctggtg gatcatgagg     79020
     tcaagagatc aagaccatcc tggccaacat ggtgaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaatacaa     79080
     aaaaaattag ccgggcgtgg tggtgcgtgc ctctagtccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg     79140
     caggagaatc agttgagccc aggaggcgga ggttgcagtg agctgagatc gcgtcactgt     79200
     gctccagcct ggagacagag cgagactccg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatgaat     79260
     gtagacttca agctgaagat tgtggattga agaaacacat ctagctctaa actcctttgg     79320
     ggaaatctaa gaaagaaact gatttttatt acacagttac ctaaaagtca ggaatttgtg     79380
     tatcagttat gtctggaagt agaagtgaaa ttgaggctaa aaatgagagg attgtttgca     79440
     agtcttttta tgagtagccc accaggactg tttaccctct tatcccccag gtttatcctt     79500
     tgaaaaaggt aaataataca gtctttggtc tcaggaacac caggtgtctg ttgacggcca     79560
     ggataccatg ttaagatcag gaagcctagg tgaaaattgg acatagtaaa tgctgagttc     79620
     ttgagtttgg cttattagcg tccaggtaaa aaaagtaaaa aagtttgaac atatcttctc     79680
     tagagaatcc gaaggaccca agagaaaagg ccccaaataa agatactctc attagagatt     79740
     cacagagaag tggcctaatt ggatcatcct aatctgatga ctacagtcaa gctccacgta     79800
     tgtgtatgtt tctaatcagc ttctttggtc actctcctaa atatgagcat attgccaaga     79860
     attacccaga tatctggaag aaagcatcta ttatagtatg aaaggctaag accaaatcaa     79920
     caggagagaa aaaataactt ggaaaaaagc aagattttgc agggaaaaga aaaactataa     79980
     actactatta atatctttag caaaagaagc aattgtaatt gtaaaatgaa caaggtgata     80040
     tttaaaagga aattgcagag gtcaaaaagc cagttggaaa atgaacttta aaatattcca     80100
     aaaaacccca aaacatagat gatacacaga aatgaacaac tttaataaaa ggcttaaaga     80160
     taaaattgaa gaaaggttcc agaaactata acaattgaaa agagatggaa aaaacagaat     80220
     ggaaacctta agaaatttag aggaccagta tgaggtctga catctgtaaa taattaaagt     80280
     ttcagataag gaacatggaa gatggaggag aaggaagtca tcaacgactt taacaatgac     80340
     aattatttat tcaagaaaat ttttccaacc tgaaggacat tgagtttctt tgttaaaagg     80400
     gcctacaaat tcccagtcta aaaagagaaa tgatggttaa aaagagaaat tataccagag     80460
     ttcgtcatca tatctcatat ctttggttaa ataaaatttt tcaggttttc agaaaaaaga     80520
     aaagcaaaat gatattggaa ctaatacaat gcaatattgc ccagcaaaga acaaactact     80580
     gatatatgac tagcatcaat gaatttcaaa aacatgttga gcaaaataag ctaggcacaa     80640
     aagagtacat actatatatg atgccattta tatgaagttt aggaacagac agaatgattc     80700
     tgtggtaata gaaatcagaa cagtggttgc ttgtaggtgt agagagggat tggctggaaa     80760
     gaagcatgag gaatttctgg aggaaatttg ttatatgttg attgtgacat gggttacatg     80820
     tttgtatatg tttgtcagaa ctcctccagt tgaacacata aaagatctgt gtattcacta     80880
     tatgtaaatt tatcattgat tttaaaaata actataaaaa aggtattggt tttctcaaca     80940
     atggcaccag tagtcagaag acagtttact gccttcacag ttctaagcgg aaacctacaa     81000
     gtctatactc aatcaaacta tgaattaatg tgaaggtaga ctaaagatat tttctgacat     81060
     tcagggtctc aaaaaatttg ctaccaatac tgcctttctc aggaagcccc tacaagttac     81120
     ctgctaccaa aatgaagaaa taaaccaaga aaggatcttt ggattcaaga caaaggtggg     81180
     tccacccaac tctagagatg agagtctcca gcatgatgct gatgaaagag cacaagatga     81240
     taattttgca gtaggcctag agagcaatca tttcatactg gagcaggttg gaagacttgg     81300
     agcgatttct tcaagaagat aaaaatgata aaatacctga tacgtgtaaa catcctgaaa     81360
     aacaatttat acaactagga aagacattgg gttgagttag aaatgaaaac taagcaagta     81420
     aaaagagaat cacttcaggg aaaacaatgt aaaggaaaag tgaaaaatca cttaccatag     81480
     gcataataat gtaatcactg aaaactgatg ttactaaagt tgtgatttaa ttatagtgag     81540
     aagatgaggg atgggcagag tgtttattgg ggcaagagat gcaaaacagt gtaaccctta     81600
     ttttccctgg tggaaagtga atcagtaatg cctaaaaccc tgaagtagca tcttgtacaa     81660
     atgttactta gagatttgtt tttgtaaaag caaaaaggaa caactgaaaa aaaaagtcac     81720
     aaaaaaagta gttgcatttg gagagtggaa aatgtgtatg gggcaaagga cttctgtttt     81780
     ttttttttaa caagttttat aaaaatgatt tgattgtaaa ttatatgcat ttaactttga     81840
     ttagactgtc aaaacaaaat aaacaaaaat agaatcaggg gatcctgaaa aagtaacttg     81900
     gaagaatata caccaagatg ttaattgtga tttttgctga ctcatgagat tacgagtgat     81960
     ttttattttc tttttcaaat tttctgtgaa cttggattac atttgtaatc gagaggggaa     82020
     aaataaaaat aaatgtcatt tcctgtataa gaagatgaag atgaatatgt taatgtattc     82080
     ataaagtcac cattgatgtt cagaagggga ccatctctca gagtgaattt cgtctagcag     82140
     agaaaattca ttttgattga gacagtgagg agatagaaat gtatgagatt cttagaaaaa     82200
     ttatgtagct gttagagtgc ctgtgtatag aaataaatat tgtcttcatt taatcttcat     82260
     ttcagtaact cctttgtata atttaaaaaa ctttttagtt cagtagcata gtaacattta     82320
     atgtatattg tagtattata tataatactg tcatttaaag aaatacttga aagctttaaa     82380
     aaatttaaat ttactgcatc tactgccttt atattaaact ttcccttttt cttttaacag     82440
     agaaacagga aaaggaaatt gacatctatg ctaacctgtc tgatgaaaag gctttcgtgt     82500
     tttcagtcgc cttggcagaa ataaatagaa aaattatcaa tcaaagactt attctctgat     82560
     acttgtttgc aaaatctgct gaaacttctg tcaggataac atcagcaaat tctcaaacag     82620
     ttatggactc tcaggagcat tctgactgca tcaataaggg ccatcgattg tttctttctc     82680
     gcctgtcgtt tagcctgtgc cacacttcgg gagcaaagct gtgtaggctt ggactgttct     82740
     gggatttcct tgtttaccaa ggagtattgt cagtgttttg tgtttgggat ataagtaagt     82800
     gtatttgcca acaacaaaaa aaaaccaaca aaaatgctgg atggatgtta aaggataaaa     82860
     agtgatgggg tatggggtag gtatgaaaac tagggtaata agatgcttga ttgttttcag     82920
     gtttgccacc agagatgcaa tattttaaat actgtcagaa agagtgattt ttaaaaatat     82980
     atatttcaga ttttcagtgc taacagattg catatataca gttcatttac ttttattaaa     83040
     ttggcaatcg atattttatt gaatggggaa ttaagaatat aaactgtaaa ttttgtctta     83100
     aattgatttt ttttcttggc ctttattttt attacttaag gtatgagtta tattttagga     83160
     gatactttct agacagtttg aagtttgggt gctatatgaa gaaaaacatt taatgatata     83220
     ctcagatata aacaccttgt tttcttgaat gtaatttatt tattagctaa aaaaaaaaaa     83280
     caaactgctc tcaagatggt gcctgttaac ctaaacatga aatatattta ttacatgcaa     83340
     aatatttctt agccactttt aagcagtaat gttttatctg aatggatatt tgtttctata     83400
     tcctgataat tatttaaatt gttactttca atctggaaga aaaaataaac cttaatattg     83460
     aaactaagta gattaaatag tgtgataaaa gttttttgtt ctggtgaagt ttgtgaaata     83520
     tatttaaatt cttaattttt ctagtgttaa gtcataatcg tttatagttg atttatatta     83580
     aatgcttttg cattttggca tatcaattta atgattaaca tattcaaact tggtaatcac     83640
     tccccttatt ttcagtcgct cttcccccaa tctgtttaga aatcctttta aagccttctt     83700
     acagaagata gtcatcagtt agatttagcc cccttttaag agaatctccc tttcaatttt     83760
     agccgtaaca ttatcaattt cagacttcat cctgcatctc ccatcacctc ctcaaagaaa     83820
     aaaggtcaac attttttcct actttattta aatggtaacc agcagaggga gcttaagagg     83880
     tactctagat aggataaaga attttcctaa ggattccttt tcctttaatc cctgtatcta     83940
     tctgcaggta ctactgcaac tattttgtat gcattttatt tatttattta ggagacagag     84000
     tcttgctcgg tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcactgtc tcagctcact gcaacctctg     84060
     cctcctgggt tcaagtgatt cttatgcctc agcctcctga gtagctgtga ctagaggcgt     84120
     gcgccaccac gcctggctgt tttttttttt gtatttttta gtacagatgg ggtctcagca     84180
     tgttggccag gctggtctca aattcctggc cttaggtgat ctgcccgcct tggcctccca     84240
     aagtgctggg attacaggca tgagccactg cactcagcct tgtgtgcgtt ttagagtctt     84300
     aactagtagt ttccccaata atgtaatgtg attttatctt tgaaacatac tgtaaggaaa     84360
     cttttgattt taagtaaaaa agcttaaaaa tgattaatat ctaaaaatgc ttgtatacat     84420
     atatatgtcc tcagaaaaag caagaacagc ttgtggaata agcacgtctt taaggaatta     84480
     tcgatgtcag agtctatcca tttaaagctg aagaccatta caggaaagtc atgttaaaat     84540
     attcattgga tatggtaaag gaggtactgg tggctgggct ggagcttgcc gtatagaaaa     84600
     gtaattactt cagatctcat aatgttaaat tattggctta tttaaaaatt tccgtggcag     84660
     agaggcaaat taggtttcct ctgtgacata acctatttaa ccaatttttc aaaaaattgt     84720
     actctatgag ctttcttgtt ataaagctaa aaaatttaat ttgtctaggc atgttgtaat     84780
     ggtcccagaa aatattactt tgtcactggt gtcagagaaa cctctgtcat cagcagatgt     84840
     cctaagagta taattatagt tctttactta atccaaaatt tgttctgctc tgatatctat     84900
     aaatgatatg attattcaaa ataccttgaa atgattccac aattagatta ggtctgttga     84960
     agataactta ttcttaaata tgagtaagat taaataaaag tagtttgaga gttgttactc     85020
     cctgcctcaa ctccatggta ttccaaaatg tttttgtggg cactttaata cttgtagttt     85080
     gattttgttt gttagtttta gaaatgaaca tttcttagat tttcatgggt attttttggc     85140
     tgtatttaaa tgtaaatgat ataaaagtaa gggaaattgt gcaaattatt tcttgtgtag     85200
     taatcagtgg aagtgatcaa acagcttgaa gcagtttatg atgagaaaat ttaaaattgc     85260
     aaatgacctg aaaatttagc cagtctattc ttatttcttt aaatttcaga aatacttaag     85320
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggtcag tatgacctct gagttgcttc ctaaaagtaa tcagatagtg     85380
     ttctccctca gataagattt caaattgaaa agtatttgac ttctttaact ctagtaattg     85440
     cacttgattc tctaattctg atcattaaaa tgacttggca atatttaatt ttggcttgcc     85500
     tttcaatctg catgtttgtc ttaaatttag aaaaattaag ctctttactt acttttatat     85560
     aaagtattaa ttggccaggc atggtggctt acacctgtaa tcccaacact ttgggaggcc     85620
     aaggcaggag agttgtttga agccaggagt ttgagaccag cctgggcaac atgatgagac     85680
     cgcgtctcta caaaaagtaa aattagctgg gtgtggtgct tccagctact aggcagctga     85740
     ggctaaagga tcacttgagc ccaggagttc gaggctgcag tgagtgatga tcttgccact     85800
     gcactccagc ctgggaggca gagcaagaaa caccctgtgt gaaaaaagta ttgaatttgt     85860
     ttgattccac tttcaaaata tgctctagat acaggtagtc attctgccaa attgtgttct     85920
     tctctaaaac attttgtccg tcattctttg aaactcattc ttaattattt ccactttacc     85980
     ttctagtttg gtttgatgcc ttatattctt gctagttaaa agcatttttt ccctagtatt     86040
     ttctgtcttt ctagccttta aggcatattg ttgttaacaa atctcttatt taagttaatt     86100
     aaagtttttt ctgtgcagct gggttttttc ttttactaca tgacaagctt catttttaca     86160
     tttggaagta catgtatata tgtttatata tttttattct caggatctat tttctaggga     86220
     actatttttt taaattattc ttttgtgctg ccttaaccca tttattatag tttgaatatt     86280
     agtagtactt actactcaaa gattacaact atactaataa ctatcctaac atacaaagca     86340
     gactctccag gattaaaagt atgagacata taacagagtc tggaatagaa taattctttt     86400
     taccccagtc aagtatttgc cttttgcatt attaaggaat ctgttttgtt cttttattga     86460
     taatttctat atttttttct ttgccttatt gcactggttg ggactttttg ccttgatcca     86520
     gttgtagggg ggaaacattc agtcattaag cattaaataa ctttgttgtt gttgtgggct     86580
     tgaaaaaata ccctttagta gattgagggt agactctttt atttctgctt gttggaagtt     86640
     ttctgtcagg aacagatgtt gaattttgtc agatgctttt tctgcataat tgataggacc     86700
     ttttttctcc cctttagaat gttcatatgg tgaaacatac tgatagcttt tcttttcttt     86760
     tttttttgac acggagtctc actctgtcac ccaggctgga gtgcaatggt gcgatcttgg     86820
     ctcactgcac cctctgcctc ttgggttcaa gcttccctca ccagcctccc aagtacctgg     86880
     gtatacaggt gtgcatcacc atgcccggct aatttttgaa tttttagtag agataggttt     86940
     ttaccatgtt ggccaggctg gtcttcaact cctgactcag cctcccaaag tgttgggatt     87000
     acagtctcgc tctgtcgccc aggctggagg gcagtggtgt gatcttggct caatgcaacc     87060
     ttgcaacctc tgcctcccga gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc ttagcctcct gagtagctgg     87120
     aattacaggc gcacgccact acacccagct tctttttgta tttttagtag agatggagtt     87180
     tcaccatgtt ggccaagctg gtctcgaact cctgagctcc ggtgatccac ccgcctttac     87240
     aggcatgagc caccgtgccc ggctgcattt ctcttttgta agaacctgct ctggtttatt     87300
     gatattttgc tgtttttctg ttttaagttt cattaatttc tgatctttag tattttctcc     87360
     tttctttgct ttgggcttat ttgctccctt ttctagctta ttgtggcgga agctcagatc     87420
     attgatttta aaatttactt atttatttat ttatttattt aattcaacac tgatcagaag     87480
     gctttttgtg cttttctaaa aaaagcattt aatgctataa atttcccatt tgctttatct     87540
     cacaaatttt attgtgttgt aattttgtgt tcaatttaga atattctgat ttttcttggt     87600
     attactataa ttttcaaata tttagagttt ttttcagtta tctttctgtt actgattgta     87660
     atttattgtt ttttaaaatt atagttcttt gaatagtttt gcagtatttg ctctagggat     87720
     tactataaac atacttcact ttttacagtt cacttagaag tcaatatttt accagttcaa     87780
     gtggaatgta gaaaaatctt accactgttt acattccttt accctctccc ctttatgtta     87840
     taattttctt ataaatcata agacttggct gggcacagtg gctcacctgt aatcccagga     87900
     ctgggaggcc gaggcgagca gattgcttaa gtccaggagt tcgagaccag cctggacaat     87960
     gtggtgaaac cccaactcta caaaaaatac acaaaattag ctaggcgtgg tagcatgttc     88020
     ctgtagtccc agctactcag gaggctgaag tgggaggatt acttgagccc aggaggcaga     88080
     ggttgcagtg agccaagatc actccactcc actccagcct gagtgacaga gctagacact     88140
     gtgtctcaaa aaataaaaat aaaaaataag actcatcaga taatgtattt tttccttaca     88200
     actatcatag atatttttaa gaacccaaga ggaaaacagt ctatcacatt taccacaata     88260
     tttatcattt gtattaatct tccttaattc ttgatgttcc aagtttacat aggtatcagt     88320
     ccttttcatc tggaaaattt cttttagtgc aggtctgttg acatttaatt ctcttatttt     88380
     ttcttcatct gagaatgtct ttattttgcc ttaattcatg aaagatattt ttgctggata     88440
     taaactactg tgttgacagt tctttcagcc tccatggttt ctgatgagaa atgtgcagcc     88500
     attaaagtaa tatttcccct gtatgaaaca tgttattttt ctctgagtat tttcaggaat     88560
     ctttgtcttt ggtttttatt ggtttgatta tgatgtgccc gggtgtttga atttattctc     88620
     tttgggattt gttgagctta aatgtgtaag tttatgcctt tcatcagatt atgtaaagtt     88680
     ttaaaccatt cagatatttt ctgctctact ttctcctccc tcttaggctc cagtgatgca     88740
     agtgttagac tctttggtat tatctcacag atctcagaac ctctgttcat ttattttatt     88800
     ttaataaatc atttcagtta acaaaatcat atattgtatg cagcatgatg tttcaatatg     88860
     tatgttcaca ttgtaggatg tctaaagtaa agataatgaa catatgcatt atcatgtata     88920
     cttaccattt tttttgtggc tgcaacaatt ctcttggcaa ttttcaagta tacaatatgt     88980
     tattaactat agtcgttatg ctgtataatt gatctcttga acttttgcct cctaactgaa     89040
     agtttgtttc atttgaccag catctcccta gctcccctcc ctcaccactg gtaaccacca     89100
     ttctactgtc tgtttctatg agtttgactt ttttagattc cacatgtaag tgaggttata     89160
     caatacttgt ttttttgtgc ctggcttatt tcacttaata ttcaccaggt tatccatatt     89220
     gtcataaatg gcaggatttc ctttttaatg gctgaagagt attctactgt gtgtatgtac     89280
     tacattttct tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagatgg agtctcactc tgttgcccag     89340
     gctagaatgc agtggcgtga tctcggctca ctgcaaggtt tgcctcccgg gttcacacca     89400
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc gagtagctgg gactacaggc gtccgccacc atgcccggct     89460
     aatttttttg tattttttaa ttgagacggg gtttcaccgt gttagccagt atggtcttga     89520
     tctcctgact ttgtgatccg cccacctcgg ccttccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga     89580
     gccactgcgc ctggcctatg ctacattttc tttatccatt catctgttga acacttacat     89640
     tgattttata tcttgactat tgtgaataat gctacaatga aaatgggagt gcagatatct     89700
     cttcaacgta caacgtactg acatcatttc cttggatata tacccaaaaa tgggattgct     89760
     ggatcataag gtagttctat ttttagttct ttgatgaacc tccataccat tttccataat     89820
     gactgtacca gtttacattc ccaccaacag tgtacaggat tttctgtttc tccacatcct     89880
     gaccaacact tgttattttt tgtcttttta ataatagcca ttctgacagg tgtgagctga     89940
     tattatggtt ttgatttaca tttccctgat gattagtgat gctgagcact ttttcttata     90000
     tgtgtacacc atttgtatgt cttcttttta agaaatgtct attcacatcc cttgcccatt     90060
     tttaaattgg gttattttct tgctattgag ttgtttgaat tacttatgta ttttggatat     90120
     taacccctta gatgtatgtt ttgcaaatat ttcctcccat tcaacagatt atctcttcac     90180
     tcttgattgt ttcctttgct gtgtagaagc tttttagttt gatgtagtct cacttgtttg     90240
     tttctgcttt tgttgcctgt gcttttggtg taatattcaa aaatcatagc caaggccaat     90300
     atcaaggagt ttttctagct tgttacctgt tttcttctag taattttatg atttctggtc     90360
     ttaggtttag gttttttaat ccattttgag ttgatttttt gtatatggtg taaggtaagg     90420
     gtccagtcta gttcttttgt atatggatag cctgttttcc caacaccatt tgttgatgat     90480
     actatccttt ttccattgtg tcttcttggt ggccttgttg aaaattagtt gaacatatat     90540
     gattgggttt gtttctggac ttgctgttct ttttcattgg tgtatgtgtc tgtttttatg     90600
     ctagtaccat actgttttga ttagctttgt aatatagttt gaaatcatga attgtgatgc     90660
     ctccaacttt gttttccttt ctcaagattg tttttgctat ttggggtctt ttgtgttttt     90720
     ttaagagttt ttttttttct gtgaagaatg tcattggaat tttgataggg gttgtgttga     90780
     atctgtatca ttttggatag tatgtgtagt ttaaatagta ttcttcaaat ctatgaacat     90840
     gggatatctt tccttttttt gtgtctttgg tttctttcat caatgtttga tagttttcag     90900
     ggtacagatc tttattagtt aaaattattt ctgggctggg cgtggtggct cacgcctata     90960
     atcccagcac tatgagagtt cgaggcaggt ggatcacgag gtcaggaatt caagaccagc     91020
     ctggccaaga tggtgaaacc ccatctctac taaaaataca aaaattatcc gggtatggtg     91080
     gcgggtgcct gtaatcctag ctactcggga ggctgaggca gagaattgct tgaacctggc     91140
     aggtggaggt tgcagtgagc cgagatcgcg ccactgcact ccagcctggg caacagagcg     91200
     aaactccatc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtct aaatatttta ttcttttgat ggtattgtaa     91260
     atgtgatttt tttcttgatt ttttttttgg atagattgtt attggtgtaa agaaatgcaa     91320
     ctgatatttg tatgttgatt ttgtatctta caacttatta attcatttat tctaataatt     91380
     tttctgtgaa gttgttaggg ttatttatat tgaggatcat gtcatctaca aatggataat     91440
     tgtacttctt tctttctgat atgatgcctt ttatttattt ttcttgcctg attgctcttg     91500
     ctagtatctt tagtgctatg ttcagtggaa gtattgagtg ggcatccttg ccttacacag     91560
     atcttaaagg aaaagctttc cgttttttcc ccattaatga tattagctga gaatgtaggc     91620
     tattcataaa ttgcctttat tacattgagg aatttgtctt ctatatttat tttgttgaga     91680
     gttcttttat cataaaagga tgttatgtca ttgcgatgtc tgactttagt attagggtga     91740
     tgctgcactc agaaaatgag ttcagaactt gtactttttg gcagagttta cgaaggattg     91800
     gtataaattc tttttttttt ttttttgaga cagagttttg ctcttgttgc ccaggctgga     91860
     atgcaatggt gtgatcttgg ctcatgcacc ctccgcctct tgggttcaag tgattctcct     91920
     gccttggcct cctgagtagc tgtaattaca ggcgtctgcc accaagcctg gctaattttt     91980
     gtatttttag aagagatggg gtttcaccat gttgggcagg ctggtcttaa actgctgacc     92040
     tcaggtgatc tgcctgcctc agcctcccaa agtgctagga ttacaggcat gagtcactgc     92100
     acctggtcag tattaattct ttgaatattt ggtagaattc aaccatgaag ccatctggtc     92160
     ctgggctttt ctttgatgaa aagtatttta ttacaacttt aatattttta tttgtgattg     92220
     gtatgttcag gttttctagt cttgattcaa tctttgtagg ttctatgttt ctagaaatac     92280
     ccattttctc taggttatcc aatttgttgg catataattg ataataatag tcccttatgg     92340
     tcctttttat ttctgtgaca tcagttgtaa tgtctccgct ttcatttctg attttgagtc     92400
     ttcttttttt tctttttttc tttttctttt tttttttttt tttgagacgg agtcttgctc     92460
     tgtcgctcag gctggagtgc agtggcgcga tctcggctca ctgcaagctc cacctcccgg     92520
     gctcacgcca ttctcctgcc tcagcctccg gaatagctgg gactacaggc gcccaccacc     92580
     acgcccggag aatttttttt tgtattttta gtggagacag cgtttcacca tgttagccag     92640
     gatggtctcg atctcctgac ctcgtgatcc acccgccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat     92700
     tacaggcgtg agccactgcg cccggccgtc ttcttttttt tcttagtgta gctaaaggtt     92760
     tctcaacttt tatatttttt gaaaaaccaa cttgattttg ttgattttct gcagtttttc     92820
     tattctctct ttgatttatt tctgtcctga tctttattat ttccttcctt ctgttaactt     92880
     tgggtttagt ttgttctttt tctagtacct tgaggggtaa acttaggtta tttgggatct     92940
     ttcttctttt ataatgtagg catttatcac tataaaattc ccttttagta gtgcttttgc     93000
     tacatcccgt aagttttgat atgtagtatt tttgtcttca tttgtgtgta tgtatgtatg     93060
     tatgtatatg tatgtatata tacacacagg gtcttgctat tttacccagg cggagctcaa     93120
     actaacaatc ctcccatctc agccttccaa gcggctgaga ctacaggtgt gtaccaccat     93180
     tcccagcttg agatattttt aaattttctt tttttaaaat tcgcatataa aatttatttc     93240
     catatagaaa aatttataag ctaaatataa agattaaact aaaatagtgt ttgaaaagcc     93300
     cactacttca gtgctaacaa actaaatgaa aataaggcta ttttgcattt taaatcataa     93360
     aaaactgaaa tatatattaa aataattaga tccccagtgt ttgctctttt ttttatttta     93420
     ttttctttcc tgctacagct tctttcttac ctgagtgttt gctcttcttc catcacagct     93480
     atattgaaga gcatactggt ttgggttgac tggcctacct tggtcatctc ttattaatct     93540
     aaaaacatca caaatgtcat gcagtttctg tttcattatg ttaatagctt tattacattg     93600
     ggctcactct caagagtttc cttctttgct tgcaatttac atacatcatc ctctagattc     93660
     aaaattatgt ctaatttgca tttgtaacag ttctgagcag caactttact tttccctctt     93720
     catctgatat cacagatgag caagacttgt aggtctgtca gatagtacct atttaatgtg     93780
     ctactgaaaa aatcaacagg tgggctgggc acagtggctc atgcctataa tcccagcact     93840
     ttgggaggcc gagctgagca gatcacctga ggtcaggagt tcgagaccag cctggccaac     93900
     atggtgaaaa cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc caggcgtggt ggcgggtgcc     93960
     tggactctca gctacttggg aggctgaggc agaagaactg cttgaaccca ggaggtaaag     94020
     gttgcagtga gatgacatca caccactgca ctccagcctg ggcaagagag caagactcgg     94080
     tctcaaaaaa acaaaaaaca ggcatgtgga caatttcatc tacagaaaaa gggatatgca     94140
     aagctttagc atgccattca tcacagctca agtttctatc agtcactgag gtacctactc     94200
     cttattttct gtgactttcc aggcctgaaa aagattccga agtagattct ggtgcatttg     94260
     gctgtaagtg ataagtgtgg ttataaaata tgtcttgaaa tgcaagatcc ccatggaaac     94320
     cataatcact actatgatcc atgtgataaa acatactggg ttctgggtag cagcctccta     94380
     cagcaccttc taagtcatga tgggaacgag actatactaa aaccctatag cagcttcaca     94440
     gagtgagaag aattagacct ggtgatagag gtgctattgt gacgagtcta aagaaaggcc     94500
     agaatcagaa tctggttctt cagaaagccg agaaacatcc aaagtccttg tctgtggcta     94560
     atgacattaa gtttatcaaa tacatttacg ggaaggtcat atagtaggtc ttggcttttt     94620
     agattcgtca tctgattgtc aacatgtgga agagatcctc tcaaattagt tctaggaagg     94680
     gtttgcccag gattggtggt atgagaatgt aactgtagaa atggttcttg tgcctgtgaa     94740
     gtgcttccta ctggatctcc tcgaaatgta ttgttgggac acagcaacat ggcctcatga     94800
     atattgacat cgtgacttac agcctgggta aagtctccat tataatgtgc tgaagaaatt     94860
     catgccatca ttgatactgc ctggaaaagg aggaatatct cccgatgaga tccctccagt     94920
     gaattttcag gctatgatga aaacaacaat cttccagaga gaaagaagta tctgtcccat     94980
     tcagatgtct catttctagg ttcagtggtc ttttctgcct cccggtcagg tttatctgct     95040
     gtttgttttc atcttcattg ttctgctttg taatgagttc ttctgggttg acacattttc     95100
     ctcgtgctgg gaactgggag ccccagcttc atgctctttt cttagtgcct catttttctc     95160
     gttcttcccc gccggcccag gggctactcc gagctgcttg gggatccccg ccgcccccac     95220
     tgtgcagcct ggctggcgcc gactcctctg gccaacgtgg cggtggcgcc gagcagcccg     95280
     tgagccacgt ctgcatcctc agctgccacg ctgtgcacca gccacgaatc cacttggctg     95340
     cgggggatgc aggggacccc cgagcgcgcg cacctcccgg agcggctggc ccttggtgtg     95400
     cacctggccc gctcaccctc ccgaggcggg gaaggggctg agcgcggagg cggagctggc     95460
     cgggcctttc gggagtagca gctcatcgcg gtagcagggt gggcggagct ggcagggtgg     95520
     gcggagctgg cagggtgggc ggagctggca gggtgggcgg agctggcagg gtgggcggag     95580
     ctgggtgggc ggtggcaggc agagggtgag gtccattttc ttatttcctt tttagtccag     95640
     tggctgttta ggagtatgtt atttagtttt cactatttgt gaatgttcct tttttgtgtg     95700
     tgtgctgtta cggatttcta atttcactcc atgtagttgg aaaacatact tgatatgatt     95760
     ttgaccttaa atttgttaag acttctgttg tggcctaacg tgatcaatat atctgggaga     95820
     atgttttgtg tgtgcttaag aatgtgtagg ccaggcttgg tggctcacac ctgtagtccc     95880
     agcactgtga ggctgaaggg acaggatcgc ttgaggccag ttcaagatta cactgagctc     95940
     tgatcacacc actgcagtct agcctgggtg gcagattgaa atcctgtatc ttaaaaaaga     96000
     agaataagaa taagaatgag gaggaagagg aggaggaggg ggagggggag gaggaggggg     96060
     aggaggagga ggaggaagaa aagcagaatg tgtattctgt tgagtgaaaa gttctattta     96120
     tgtctgttaa gtccatttgt tatagtgttc aagttcactc cttaccgatt ttctgtctgg     96180
     acgttctgtc tgttactgaa agtggagtgt tgaagtctcc tactactatt gctgtcaatt     96240
     tgtactttta gatctgtcaa tatttgcttt gttaggtgct tttaagtttg gtgtatatat     96300
     atttctaatt gttatatctt gttgacccat tttttgttaa atgaccttct ttgtgtctag     96360
     tgacagtttt tgacttaaag tctgccttct tggatatgag ttatagcaac ttctgccttt     96420
     tttgggttaa catttgcatg caatatcttt tttcttccct tcactttcag cctttgtgtg     96480
     tccttgagtc taaacgagtt tcttgtagac aacatataaa ttttaaatct gttcaggtac     96540
     tctacatctt tcttttgtgg agtttattcc atttacattt ttttgtttta aaaaatattt     96600
     ttatttgaca aattataatt gtatacatga atggggcaca atgtaatggt ttgatgtatt     96660
     atataatgtg gaataattaa gctaattaac atacctatca cctcattttt tttgttgtaa     96720
     gacctttaaa atttattctt agctattttg aaatacataa tgcattatca ttgactatag     96780
     ttgccctact gtgtgttaga tcttatatat ttttcatcct aatggaaact ttgtactctt     96840
     agatcattta tttgacactc tgattccttg ttctctcctt cttctaaccc ccagcctctg     96900
     gtaaccacct ttctactcta gtactatgag tttgacattt tttagattcc acatataagt     96960
     aagatcgtgt ggcatttgtc tttctgtgcc tgccttattt tacttagcct gatgtcctcc     97020
     aggttcatcc acagtatcac aaatgacagg attttcttct ttttaaaggc tgaatgatat     97080
     tctattgttg tatataccat attttcttta tccattcatc tgttgatgaa tatttaggtt     97140
     gaattcatat ctagctattg caaataatgt tgcaataaac atgggagtgc agatacctct     97200
     tcagcatgat tttaatgcat ttattccatt caaatttaaa gtaatttttg gtaaggaagg     97260
     atttattctt gccattttgt tgttttattt gtcttgtggt tattttattt cctttttttt     97320
     tcttgctgtc attttgtttc tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgcatt gctaggtttt     97380
     gattcccttt ttctttgtgg ttatcacggg gcttacacag aatatagttc tcacagtcta     97440
     ctttaagctg ataacttccc tctcatgcaa gaatgctttt ctctcttctc ttcccacatt     97500
     atgctattga tgtcacaatt gtctactatt tatattatgt atccattaac atattttagt     97560
     attagttgtt tttaatactt taaccttttt tttttttttt ttctgggata gagttttcct     97620
     tgttgcccag gctggagtgc aatgtcgcaa ttttggctca ctgcaacctc cgcctcccgg     97680
     ttcaggagat tctcctgcct cagcctccca agtagctggg actagaagtg cccgccacca     97740
     cgcgtggcta atttttttgt aattttagta aagacggggt tttgctgtgt tgacttaagg     97800
     tgatccgcct gcctcagctt cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggtgtgagcc accaagcctg     97860
     gcctaatact tcaaactttt tttttttttt ttttttttgc tttttaagag acagggtctt     97920
     gctctgtcac ccaggctagt ggcctgatct tggctcactg caacctccac ctcctacatt     97980
     caagtgattc tcctgcctca gcttcccaag tagctggggg attacaggtg tgcactacca     98040
     cactcagcta atttttgtat tctttttagt agagatgggg ttttgccatg tcggccaggc     98100
     tggtctcgaa ctcctgacct caagtgatcc actcacctca gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat     98160
     tataggtgtg agccaccgtg cctggcctaa actttcatag taagattgca gtctatttac     98220
     tcaccactgt tggaataata aaagattttt tgcctgtgta tttacatcta ccaatgagtt     98280
     ttatgcttta ttttgctttc ctattgttgt tcagcattct ttcagcttga aggactcccc     98340
     atatcatttc ttatttcttg tcagacaggt ctagtggtga taaactccct cagtttttgt     98400
     ttgtctgagt aagtctttat agcccctctt tttttttttt tttggagtct cactcttgct     98460
     ggagtgtaat ggtgtgatct cgggtcactg caacctccgc ctcccgagtt caagtgattc     98520
     tcctgcctca gcctcccaag tagctgggat tacaggcacc tgccaccacg ctcagctaat     98580
     ttttgtattt ttaatagaga tggggtttca ccatgttggc taggctggtc tcgaactcct     98640
     gacctcaggt gacctgcctg cctcagcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcatgagcca     98700
     ccccacctgg cccagcccct tgttttttaa ggatagtttt gatgggcata atatttttgg     98760
     ttggcagttt tcttccttga gtactttgaa tgtactgttc cactcccttc tgtcctgcaa     98820
     ggtttctgct gaaaacggtt agtctaatgt ggatttcctt gtatgtacca agctgccttt     98880
     ctcttgctgc ttcaaaattc tttgtcttta ccttttgtta gtttgattat aatatgtctc     98940
     tgtgtagatc tctttggatt cttcttattt ggcatccttt gggcttcctg gatccagatt     99000
     tctcttttct tccccagtct tgggaagttt tcagccatct ctttctctct ctctcctcct     99060
     agtactccag taatgtataa attgttctcc ttaatgcttt ccaataagtc ttttaagtta     99120
     tctttactct tttattctat ttttacttct cagattgcgt gattgtgatt gacctctttt     99180
     ctagttcact gatcctgtct tcttgatcta gtctgctgtt gaatgctatt gaatttttca     99240
     gttcagttat tcttcagctc tgcgatttct gcttgataat tttaaatatt tcctatctct     99300
     gttgaaattt tcagttcaag aattgctctc ttaatcttgg tgaacgtctt tatgacctat     99360
     ttcacattcc ctatcaggta aatcacgtat ctttatttcc ctaggttctg tttctggaga     99420
     tttatcttgt tctatttgta acatatttcc ctgtttcttc acttttcttg actttctgtg     99480
     ttggtttttg cacagtaggt aagacagcca cctcttctag tcttgtcaca ctggcctcat     99540
     ctgggagatg gacctcacca accagcccta ccagatattc taattctaga tgcctctcat     99600
     atctttttgc ttgtccaaat tgctttgttc ttcatggccc tttggatact agggtgtgcc     99660
     aagttctgtc agcaccccaa gatatgtgag atagaagcca gtcccttgag atgcagcttg     99720
     aaaagtcgga gtgctagatt tatgttccaa ttccttctac ctcagggaga agctgggagc     99780
     tagagtttat ctcccactta ctctgtccta agcctggaag aggatctgtg gcaaatgcct     99840
     gcacttttat gcagtctgca cattccgagt ttcaaaggaa tccactggat gtgcacccat     99900
     ttagcaacca gctttttttg tcttctgtgt tctggggaga ctccagaata cagagccctg     99960
     tcaactccca gagctaggtg atttaggaat cagttcctca tatgggaact gttaaaattg    100020
     gggcacttga tgcatacata tactttttcc aggaaatctg cagacctgga tttatcactt    100080
     agttgagctg gtggagaagg tacaggaagt gcccattctt ccctagagcc tttcagaggt    100140
     ttattgttta tctgctctgt ttgctcccag atacaggcta gccagaagcc cgaccctcag    100200
     gcagtagctg gaaaagtatg cagacagacc tctttcagag agatacttgg agctgggcct    100260
     cttagcttat tctctctgga ctgatcctgg gtgggctaca gccactggaa gtgcccttta    100320
     actctacaag ttagatgagc tcacaaacaa actcttcatt cctgagggag aagctgggag    100380
     ttgggggatg cttcctgttt gtaaagtgct gtccctgtgg tggggtttgt gcacaaaggt    100440
     gtctcagctt ttactacctg ttttgatgtg aatattttct cagttgctca gtgtgttaga    100500
     gtctttcaac tagtttttgg cattctctca gagggattta atttgtgcgt agatgtttat    100560
     ttggtgtgtc tgtgagagga gatgaagtca gcattctcct tttctgccat cttgctaatg    100620
     tttattgtaa ttttcttttt cttttctttt tttttttttt tttttttttg agacaaggtc    100680
     ttgctctctc acccagattg gcatgcagtg gcatgatcac agctcactgc agcctcaatt    100740
     tcctgggctc aagcaattct ctggcctcag gcttcctgag tagctgggat tacaggcaca    100800
     caccaccaca cccagcggat tttaaaaaat tttttgtaga gatgaggtct cactatgttt    100860
     cccaggctgg tctcaaactc ctgagctcaa gtgatcctac tgccttggcc tcccagagtg    100920
     ttgggattat aggcatgagc cactgtgccc agcttaattt tcttttcttt tgatgtcttt    100980
     gtctgtctat atcagggtaa tgctggcctc atagaatgag ttagtatgtg ttgcctcctg    101040
     ttctgttttg tagaagtatt tgatattaaa attccttagg ctgggtgcag tggctcacgc    101100
     ctctattccc agcactttgg gaagctgagg gagggggatc acctgaggtc aggagtttga    101160
     gaccagcctg gccaacatgg caaaacccca tctctactaa aaatacaaaa attagtcagg    101220
     catggtggtg ctcacttgta atcccaacta cttgggaggc tggggcagga aaattgcttg    101280
     aacccaggag gcagaggttg cagggagcca agatcatgcc actgcactcc agcgtgggca    101340
     acagagcgag actccgtctc aaaaaaaaag aaaaattctt taaatgtttt atggaattca    101400
     tcagtgaaac catctggttc tggactttcc tttgttgaaa ggtttttgat tactgagtca    101460
     atctctcgtt atgtgtctgt tgagattctc tatttcttct tgagtcattt aggtagtttg    101520
     tgtgtttcta ggaatttgtc tgtttcatct aggttattta atttgttggc atacaattgt    101580
     gcatagtctt ttcttataat cctttgtgtt tctgtatggt cagtagtaat gtcctcactt    101640
     tcacttctga ctttactcat ttgcctcttc tttttcctta gtctagctaa atgtttgtta    101700
     attttgttga tcatttcaaa gaaccaattt atggtttcat tgattctctc tattggtttt    101760
     ctattctcta ttatatttat ctccaactgg taattttaag gaactcaatt ccagaacctc    101820
     aacttctatt ttattattta ctatggcatc atataagttc ttttctacca cccctttctc    101880
     tccagtcctt ccccaacctg gcaaaataaa gttgaaacct tcactcatct gaatcttact    101940
     gtggagcatt ttctggagtg caaaaacctc caggatgccc cccaaaatgg ccatttgaaa    102000
     tattgtaatg ttttatgccc taatcttact atagggtttc ctttttgctt ttatctgttg    102060
     agggtaaagc attgtcagtc agggttcaac caaggaaaga ggaccagtag gagataacca    102120
     ttaagaaatt tattgcggct gggcacggtg actcacgctt gtaatcccag cactttggga    102180
     ggcctaggtg ggtggatcat gaggtcagga gtttgagacc agcctggcca acacagtgaa    102240
     actccgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaaat tagctgggcg tggtggtggg cgcctgtaat    102300
     gctagttacc caggaggctg aggcaggaga attgcttgaa cccaggaggc agaggttgca    102360
     gtgagctgag atcatgccat tgcattccag cctgagcgac acagcgagac tctgtctcaa    102420
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtcttt ctgaacaaaa tattgaacct cattcgatct aagacaccgt    102480
     cagctgtcaa atacactttt gtgtcatgta acacatataa ggaagccaat taacctttaa    102540
     cattttaatt ttgtacttaa aaattatttt aggctgggca tggtggctca tgcctgtaat    102600
     cccagcacct tgggaggcca aggtaggagg attgcttgtg acaagaagtt tgaaaccagc    102660
     ctgggccaca tagggagaca gcctctctac aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat taaccaggca    102720
     agatgcacac ctatagaccc agctacttaa gaaactgagg caggaggatt cagcccacaa    102780
     gtttgacatt gcagtgagct gtgatcacac cactgcactc cagcctgggt gacagagaaa    102840
     gactctgtct ctaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatt tattttagac ttatttagac    102900
     atagaattaa tgatgatgaa cagctgtggc caagttcact catgtgcaga caatgataac    102960
     cataccacaa ctgctacctg gctgatggtg tcagatacca ttgattgtat gatgcacgtg    103020
     aatttcagag atgttaaaaa gtgggggaag aaagtgcatc ttggccagac atggtggttc    103080
     acgcctgtaa tcccagccct ttaggagcct gaggtgggtg gatctcctga gctcaggagt    103140
     tcaagaccag cctgggcaac atggtgaaac cctgtcttta cctaagataa aaaataaaaa    103200
     aagggtcagc cgtggtggct cacgcctgta atcctagcac tttgggaggc caaggcaggc    103260
     ggatcacgag gtcaggagat tgagaccatc ctggctaaca cggtgaaacc ccgtctctac    103320
     taaaaataca aaaaattagc caggggtcgt ggcgggcgcc tgtagtccca gctacttggg    103380
     aggctgaggc aggagaatgg cgtgaacccg agagatggag cttgcagtga gccgagatca    103440
     caccactgca ctccagccta ggtgacagaa cgagactcca tctccaaaac aacaacaaca    103500
     acaacaacaa cattttaaaa agcgcatctt aaagtcaatg aaatatgttt tgcttcagcc    103560
     aatccctaga atatagagac tttatttttc ttgattcaat tacatgtctt tgatacatga    103620
     atttatgtaa aataattttt gtgtcccaag acttcagatt ttaaaatgtt tctagcttta    103680
     agagaaaata ttttggctga ggcaatgatt tgttgttgat tcttatttca ggcaatagca    103740
     gaggctctgt gactgagttg tcaaacatac atattaagaa tttggttttt ttcattttat    103800
     cagacagaaa agatgattaa aagtttatga ccctcctaga gagatgtatg ctgtttgatt    103860
     cttagctaca atttcataac actttaaatt tcttcttagt gtggcataaa gaacaatatt    103920
     ttggagtcaa acagaccgac ttggatttat attctggctt tgccacttac taatgatgtg    103980
     actcggtatg tcacttcacc ttcctagatc tcagtttgct cctctgtaaa ctcctcatag    104040
     attagacaat gtatataaag cataaactgt ttaccagagc agttgtttag taaactgctg    104100
     tatcgatgaa aatgatggtc tattggagtg ctaggaatac acgattggta gagctggatg    104160
     gcacgccagg cagtggggtt gctggaacct tacctggagt cagtctggag aggaaggata    104220
     gttttttaat aggtcattcc tcaggaaatg aagtgacttt actattagtc aaaaagaatt    104280
     agtgttacaa attgccgcta gagagaagga ataaattcta gtgttccata gcaccgtagg    104340
     atgactatag ttaataatac atagtttctt tctttttttt tttttttttt gagacagggt    104400
     cttactgtat tggccaggct ggagtgcagt ggagtgatcc tggctcactg cagcctaaaa    104460
     ctcttgggct caggcaatcc tcccacctta gcctcccgag tagctgggac tacaggtggg    104520
     tgccaccatg actggctaaa ttttttaaaa gtagtttgta gagacagagt ctcataatat    104580
     tgcccaggct aatatatagt ttcaaatagt tagaaagagg atattgaatg tccccaacac    104640
     gaagaaacga taactggttg aaatgatgga tatgccagtt accctgattt gatcactcta    104700
     cactgtatta tcagaatatc actatgtatc tcttaaatat gtacaattat gtcaaatttt    104760
     taaaaagtgg ccctgactca gatagataga tagatgatag atagaattag tgctaataaa    104820
     caccatattg gccttttttg gggttttgtt tttgtgtttt tttttttgag acggacactc    104880
     actctgttgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtaac acaatctcag ctcactgcaa cctttgcctc    104940
     ctgggttcaa gtgattcttc tgcctcagcc tccagagtag ctgggactat aggtgtgcac    105000
     ctccgcaccc ggttaatttt tgtattttta gtagagacag gttttcacca tgttggtcag    105060
     ggtagtctca aaccccttga cctcagatga tccacccatc ttggcctccc aaagtgctgg    105120
     gattacaggc ttgagccact gcggctggcc aatattgttg aatgataaca ttatattagt    105180
     ctgggagcag aaggaaaggt tgggactgca aaaagaatgg tttttgatca tttgagaggg    105240
     attttgaaat aggaattgat tcctaaagct tacgaatgga agaggtcatt tactcttcat    105300
     tcatgaagta cgtattgagc acctgctaaa tgtcaggtgt tctgctaggc cctgggaact    105360
     cggtggtgag gatgcagaca aggtccctgt ccttgcggag cttactttag ggtgggggta    105420
     aggatacgca ataaaaaagg aaaccacttt aaagacaagt taatgatata atgattctta    105480
     gggttttctg gtaagggaag gtctctctgg gaagatgaca tttaactgag gcctgatgac    105540
     agagtgatgt ttcttgtgct tgaggttcat tgagcttctt ctttttatct gtggatttat    105600
     agttggctct ctctctctct gtctctctgt ctctctctcc tttctttctt ctttcatttt    105660
     attttctttg tttttatagg gtctggctct gttgtccaga ctggagtgca gtggtgcgat    105720
     cttggctcac tgcatgctgc ttcctgggct caagcgattc tcctgcttca ggctcccaag    105780
     tagctgggac tacaagttca tgccaccagg cctagctaat tttttaaatt ttttgtagag    105840
     atgaggtttc actatgttgc tcaggcttgt cttaaactcc tgggctcaag tgatcctcca    105900
     gcctcagcct cccagagtgc taggattaca gatgtgagcc aacgcacctg gctgggttta    105960
     tagttttcat caaatttgga aatgacgtgg ccattatttt ctcccctctc ctttggacat    106020
     tccaattaca catatattag gccacttaaa gtcctacagc ttactgctct tttttttcct    106080
     cttttttttt ggatagttct attgttatga ctgtgtctta atcttcacta atctttgtcc    106140
     tttgtagtgt ttaacctgcc tttagtccca tccagtgtat ttttcatcta aaatgtttta    106200
     ggtttcatct ctagaatttc aacttcggac ttcaacaaat gttttccagg caggcccagt    106260
     gggcggctca cacctgtaat ctagcacttt gggaggcaga ggtaggcaga tcacctgagg    106320
     gcaggagttt gagaacagcc tggtcaacat ctactaaagc atggccggga tctttgggat    106380
     gtcagttttc ttcccagaaa cctctgcagg ccatggcacc tttgcctgag ttcttgtcct    106440
     gtctgtgtcc aggaagagca gacaagtgaa gggtgaccaa ttgtctgagt tcttgtccag    106500
     cgttcagcaa agtgaagggt gaacatgaag atgagcttta tcaagtatta caacaactca    106560
     gcaaatgaaa atgagcttta ttaagtgtta cagtagctca gaggagacct gcagggggta    106620
     gctcctctct ataggcaggt catccaccaa gtgttcagtt ctcagcagag aggaggccct    106680
     ggagagggta gctcctctgt gcaactggtt gtcccagata tctgcagttc tcagtggaga    106740
     ggaggccctg gaaagggtgc ctcttctgtg cggtcaggta gtcactaaag ctctcagcag    106800
     agagggtagc tcctctctgc aggtggttgt cccatcctct ccagctctca gcagacaggg    106860
     tactcctctc tgcagctgat catcctgttg tctctctgcc cccttcatcc tctggctgtc    106920
     tgctgccctg ctctggctga gcccagggcc tttatggacc tcagagggga ggaagtgtgt    106980
     gcccattggt ccatgggtgt catgggccgc cataggccag caggaaaagg cagcaaaagt    107040
     ccccactcca gtccattgga ctggcagccc agtccccagc cttctggccc tccctggttg    107100
     aagatgggga cttcctgggg acctgcctct tctgcccagg actctgtctg tctcctgctg    107160
     ccattcatgg ccctggggct gggccccaac cccactctga gatgagagca ggcgccagga    107220
     gccaagagag gccaggcagt gggagcggaa acctctgagc ctgcagagat gggcggaggg    107280
     tccttcctgg ggccttggag ggtgcaggct gcagagatgt ccggtcctgc acctgggagg    107340
     gcagccacag ctgcaccctg gagctcccat cccgccaact cggaaggctc acgcttgtcc    107400
     cccagctcct gcctcctctg tagagtggga ggcccaggtc tgcagccaca ggtccgctgc    107460
     acctgggagg gtagatcttg cctgttcctg cgctcccccc acaccccgcc cccacaagag    107520
     cacaggtagg ctcggatcca cagctgtagt ttgggagggc agggctcctg gcctgctccg    107580
     taggtcagga cgtctgggtc tgcagctggg gtttggctgg ctgcagttgc acccggggag    107640
     ctcctggctc caacttagca ggggcggggc tccctcaggc tccatggagt gtgtagcccc    107700
     tgctgcagcc tgcgtgatta cagcagccac tacctttagc ggtgcaggcc tgtagtccca    107760
     gccacttggg agactgaggc aggaaaattg cttgaacctg ggaggtggag gttgcagtga    107820
     gccgagattg caccaccaca ctccagactg ggcgacagaa tgagactgta tctcaaaaaa    107880
     ataaaaataa ataaaaaatt taaaagtaaa aatgtgttcc atgtctctgc ttaacatcta    107940
     ctttttctct agttatctgg atgctggggc catcagaggg ttcacctcat tttctcgtca    108000
     cttctcatgc ctcactgtcc gcatcaccca tgtccagtgt cttgagcagt gatctttcct    108060
     atatcctgtc cagatccttg gttgttacct taggagggta aatctagtcc tgctttatct    108120
     tggctgaatg taggagtacc ccacctttat tatttagctc atatttatat ttactgtaag    108180
     gttttaaaat gtgcaagtag gctacatatt gattttaatg agttgctgtt aataaaaaaa    108240
     ctcttgagat tctaactaat tttcctgctg catggtaaag cccatgcctt cactttgatc    108300
     tccgtactaa tcttcattca ctgtgtattt attaacaaca tagctctcaa aaagctctgg    108360
     ctttgctttg cctttccttt cctttccttc cttttccctt tccttcttct ctttcttttt    108420
     tttttttttt tttttttttt gacagtcttg cttcatcacc caggctggag tgcagtggcc    108480
     cgatctcggc tcactgcaat ctccacctcc cggattcaag tggttctcgt gcctcagtct    108540
     cctgagtagc tgggattaca ggtgtgcgca aacatacccg gctaattttt gtatttttag    108600
     tagagatggg gtttcaccat gttggccagg ctggtctcaa actcctggcc tcaagtgatc    108660
     cacccacctc agcctcccaa agtgttggga ttacaggcgt gagccactgc acctggcctc    108720
     tttcttgtca attaaaaaag gcacttctgg ccaggcacgg tggctcatgc cgcctgtaat    108780
     cccagcactt tgggaggccg aggtgggcgg atcacttgag gtcaggagct ggagacttgg    108840
     ccaacacagg gaaaccctgt ctctactaaa aacacaaaaa attagctggg tgtggtggtg    108900
     ggcgcctgta atcccagcta ctcaggaggc tgaggcatga gaatcgcttg aacccaggag    108960
     gtggaagttg ctgtgagccg agatcaggcc actgcattcc agcctgggtg acagaatgag    109020
     actctgtctc caaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtca cttctgacct taccagtaag agaaatctac    109080
     ttcagatcct tttattattt attatctatt atggtatcac attcctaggc tgagctgttt    109140
     cccagatgta cttatcaaac atttttatgc attatatatg gcccaagaac tttagaatgt    109200
     gggttgaggt ggagttacat tttttttagt tgtggtaaaa tctatataac aacatttacc    109260
     attttttctt ttcttttttt tttttttttt ttccaagaca gggattacag gcgtgagcca    109320
     cagcacctgg cctctttctt ttttgtcaat taaaaaagtc acttctggcc aggcacggtg    109380
     gctcatgccg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccaag gtgggcggat cacttgaggt    109440
     caggagctgg agacttggcc aacatgggga aacgctgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaat    109500
     tagctgggct tggtggtggg cacattacag gagctgattt tgctccgtca cccaggctgg    109560
     agtgcagtgg cacgatcaca gctcactgca gcctcaactt cctgggctca ggcaattctc    109620
     cttcctcaac ctcccaagta gctgggacaa caggcacttg ccaccccacc tggctaattt    109680
     ttgtgttttt tgtacagaca gggcttttct gtattgtcca ggctggtctc gaactcctgg    109740
     gctcaagcca tctgcccgcc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgc gattaaaagc atgaagcacc    109800
     gtatctggct ttaatcattt ttaactgtcc atttcagtga cattaagggc attcacaatg    109860
     ctgtgtatca gtgactacta tctaattcta gaactttttc atcatcccgt actaaaactc    109920
     tgtacccctt acacagtaac tcctcattcc ctccttcccc agcccctggc aacctctatt    109980
     ctactgttcg tctctatgaa tttgcctatt ctaggtacct catataagtg ggatcataac    110040
     aacatttgcc tttcagtatc tggcttattt cacttagcat aatggtttca agcttcatcc    110100
     atgttgtatc aggtatcaga atttcattcc ttctgaatga gtaataataa ggctgaataa    110160
     ttttccgtcg tgtatatatt ccacattttg cttacccatt catctgttga acatttgggt    110220
     tgtttccacc tctgagctac tgtgaataat actgctgtga ccataggtgt accagtattt    110280
     gtttgagttc cagttttcca ttctttcggt tatgtaccta ggagtggaac tgctggatca    110340
     tgtggtaatc ctatgtttca ctttttgaga aatcaccaaa ctgttttcca tagtggttgc    110400
     atcatttttg cattcccatc agcgatgcac agtgtcccag tttctccacc tcctcaccaa    110460
     tacttgttat tttctatttt tgtaagtaat agccattcta atgggtgtaa agtggtattt    110520
     cattgtggtt ttaacttaca tttccctaat gactagtgat actgagaagc ttgtcatgtg    110580
     cttattggct atttctgtgt cctttttata gaaatgtcta tttaaatcac ttgaccattt    110640
     ttgagaacaa ccgttgaatg gggttgtttc agtggggatt gtggtttttt tgttttttgt    110700
     ttttttttga gacagggtct tgctctgtca ctcaggctgg agtgcaatgg tacgatcttg    110760
     gctcactgca acctccgcct gccagattcc agtgattctt ctgcctcagc ctctcaatta    110820
     gctgggacta caggtgcaca ccaccatgcc catttagttt tttgtatttt cattagagat    110880
     ggggtttcac catgttggcc agtctggtct caaactcctg acctcaagtg atccacctgc    110940
     cttgaacgct caaagtgctg ggattacagg cgtgagccac cgcacttggc ctgggagggg    111000
     ttatgtctta atgcccaaat ctatctgctc tccaagtgat ctttggagtt ttggtattct    111060
     ttctgatgtt tcatatctaa catatctaga aagtactcca tagaaaattg cttcatgttt    111120
     ccatgataat tgcccatatg tgacagattt ttctttgcaa tagatgaagc agatggtgat    111180
     ttcaagttgc ttcccatgta tccgagctgt ttccagagtc tgccctttct gtttctatgc    111240
     agctatagag tggctgacca ggaggcggga gtggaggccc acacctgtaa tcccagaact    111300
     ttgggaggcc gagacgagtg gatcacttga agtcaggaat tcaactgacc agcctggcca    111360
     acatggtaaa accctgtctt tactagaaat acaaaaatta gccaggtggt agtggcacac    111420
     gcctgtaatc ccagatatgt gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tttcttgaac ccaggaggca    111480
     gagattgcag tgagccaaga gtgcaccctc cagcttgagc gacagagcaa gactgtctcc    111540
     ataaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagggc tgggcgcggt ggctcacgcc    111600
     tgtaatccca gcattttggg aggccgaggt gggcagatca tgaggtcagg agatcaagac    111660
     catcctggcc aagaccatcc tggctaacac ggtgaaactc catctctact aaaaatacaa    111720
     aaacaaaatt agccaggcgt ggtagtgggc acctgtagtc ccagctactc gtgaggctga    111780
     ggtgggagat tgtgtgaacc cgggaggcgg agcttgcagt gagcagagat catgccactg    111840
     cactccagcc tgggagacag agcgaggctc catctcaaaa aaaaaacaaa ccagtggctg    111900
     atcagggatg tgatctggga atgagactcc caaggctccc gtgatagacc tgttaagctt    111960
     cacttttctt ttgcttggaa aattttatct ctttagtaaa ataagaatac aacaaaacaa    112020
     accgctcact tattggcctc tggttgctgt catttcacgt caccagcaac agcaatgcct    112080
     ctgccagaag cttgccaggt gccccatttc ggttgggaga cacatgccct tgccgttagg    112140
     gatacggata aatatcaccc ctgctcttca tcaggaaacc tggggtccaa agttttaagt    112200
     gggattttga gattgtaaga atataaaaca cctaaaaaaa agtagaactc atgtttgtta    112260
     caagttaaaa gaatcatttg aagctgggcg tggtggctca cacctgtaat ctcagtactt    112320
     tgggaggcca aggcaggcag atcacttgag gtcaggagtt caagaccagc ctggccaaca    112380
     tggcaaaacc ctgtctctac tgaaaataaa aaaaactagc caggcatgat agcatgcgcc    112440
     tgtaatccca gctactgggg aggctgaggc tgaggcactg aactcgggag gcagaagttg    112500
     cagtgagcca agattgtgcc actgcactcc agcctgggcg acagagccag actctgtctc    112560
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatcact tgaacacatg tgagcagtta tgaattcttt tatggtgtgc    112620
     caacatttga gtgtggttac aagaaacaat agtaaaaaca gtagtaaaga gtgaccattt    112680
     ctggagtagt cactgctgtg gacacagtac caaatacttt ccatgtatga ttgtgttcga    112740
     tcactacaaa tcaggaaaac aaagctcaaa gagctaagaa agttgctcca ggtcacatac    112800
     ttcatacgtg acagagcctg gatacaaacc taggtcagtg tgactcctgt tttggagcgg    112860
     aagtactgac agcttgttgg gtggaggaga aacaggaaaa cacatttcaa atagcttagc    112920
     attattgcaa ctgactagga aagcaacata ggtattattt agaaaataga ggatttcagt    112980
     ggatataaag acctttttgt ccttaagctg tgttggtaat gttacttcca agcgcagaag    113040
     gccaagtgct cattgtaacc tttctggttg atgcaggtgt tctcgctaca tatgttgtag    113100
     gttttctttt cagattcaaa ttttggggga ttttggggtc tatttttatt tttatttttt    113160
     taagacaggg tctcactctg tcacccaggc tgaagtgcag tggtatgatc acagcccgct    113220
     gcagcctcag actcctgagc tcaagcgatc ctcccacatt ggcttcccaa aatgctgaga    113280
     tcacaggcat gagccactgc acctggccca gattcaaatg gtggattcaa gtattttgtt    113340
     tatattttgt tttggatttt gagatagggt ctcagtctgt tgcccaggct gactgcagtg    113400
     gtgtgatcat ggcttactgc agtctcaaac tcctgagctt aagcagtcct cctacatcag    113460
     cctcctaaat agctaggact acaggtgcac caccacaccc ggctaatttt tgtatttttg    113520
     tagagacagg ggtctcgctg tgttgtccag gctgatcttg aactcctgga ctcaagcaat    113580
     ccacccgcct gaacctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca tgagccacta tgcctgccct    113640
     tgttcatatt ttgattggct tttatttcag ttactgtgtt ctctcttcat tggtgtcacc    113700
     acttcttcct gaacaaaata ttatttcaaa agtctccttt cctaagaatt cttaccatgt    113760
     tctcatcttt ctgcctctaa ccttaatgac ttccctaaac ctgtctttaa tggattctgc    113820
     tccttcattt gaggtttgaa agtctccagg tctccagtta atctgctact tctttttttt    113880
     tgagacaggg tcttgctctg ttgtccaggc tggagtgcag tggtgcaacc atggctcact    113940
     gcagccttgg gctctggggc tcaagcgatc ctctcgactc agccccctaa gtagctggga    114000
     ccacaggcac atgccaccat gcccagctaa tttttgtatt ttttgtaaag gtggggtttt    114060
     tgccatgttg cccaagctgg tcttgaactc ctgagctcaa gcaatccacc cacctcagcc    114120
     tcccaaagtt ctgggattac aggcagagta atccaccatc cctgcttagt taatctactt    114180
     ctatctacat cacagcccta ctcttacccc acaaccccca ttgttgacaa agatactttc    114240
     tttgttatct gagccttttg tcttgtacat cctcatttgt gttttttttt tttcaccctg    114300
     tcctttctga tttatgggcg ttgatggcct ctctaggctg aaacctaaag actgtctcta    114360
     gaatctgtgt cttaccagac caatttttaa cttcctagga tggaaaatcc agttgtttca    114420
     aattgataga aatctaccat caatgtagac tgggtttagc caggcactca tgcaagacaa    114480
     tgcctgctct atgctgtaga ccaagggatt gcaaaagttg tgatgttctt gtccaaacat    114540
     ggagaaacat gagctgggga cttgtgtgcg attgtaagca attgaacaac cacacccaaa    114600
     gagggtgaac tgatgtcacc ctggagacaa gtcgtcagtg atgagctgaa gggctctgct    114660
     cactctgctc tgattttagc atttctttta atgactcaaa tgagttatcc ctagacagca    114720
     agcgtccaca cacaggctat ggccctggct tccttggtgc aagcaggcca cattaaaaaa    114780
     gtcgtgcaca tttctcattt ttttgaccac cctctgtcaa tgccccttcc tcaaaatacc    114840
     atcccgcagt ctttgtggga cagtaaatcc aggagctaag ctccacagtg gccgccaaac    114900
     aggttcccat cagatgccct gggagtgaaa gatgcaaagg tggggaaatg gctggagcgc    114960
     agtctttgat tgcagtgaat ggcagactgc agttcacccc agtctttatt ctcttttcct    115020
     gggactccat tagtgaattg tggagttttg aattgtcctt ttgtttctca tctgttcttt    115080
     cacagtttat tttttcccct aggttctggg aaatttcctc ttttatgatt ccttgaacat    115140
     cttatttcag ctatcatttt tttttttcta agatggagtc tcgctctgtc ccccaggcca    115200
     gagtgcagag gtgtgatctt ggctcactgc aacctctgcc tccttggttc aagaaattct    115260
     cctatctcag cctcccaggt agctgggatt acaggtgccc gccaccacgc ccagctaatt    115320
     tttttttttt tttttttttg tagaaacagg gtttcaccat attggtcagg ctggtatcga    115380
     attcctgacc tcaggtgatc cacctgccta ggcctcccaa agtgctagga ttacaggtgt    115440
     gagtcactgt gcccggccag ctatcatatt tttaatctat ctaattgctt ccccttgttt    115500
     tctgattatt cttttttcag atcaacctgt tctggtttta taaacttttt cttaaacctc    115560
     ttctagtcgg ctgggcacag tggctcatgt ctgtagtcct agcactttgc aaagcttgct    115620
     tgagcccggg agattgcagc tgcagtgaac tatgactgca ccactgcact ccagtctggg    115680
     tgagagagcg agaccttgtc tcgaaacaaa caaacaaaaa acaaaaaacc tctttgagcc    115740
     aagttttctt ctattccctg acgatctttc caccagagtt catttttcac ctatatatct    115800
     tgctctttct ttttcaggct gctggttctg ggaatgtctt ggtgatcttt ggttgtctgg    115860
     tcatatctta aaaagaaggt ctatgtgact cggtggcttc tccccagtga gaattctgac    115920
     tgggtgctct gggtatgggg tcgaggagga tgaggtcact tgattgccca gaatgaggac    115980
     tttagtgtac caaggtgatg aataaaagcc tttgattctc caatatggat tgcttaattt    116040
     cttttttctt tttctttccc tttttttttt tttttgagac cgagtcttgc tctgtcgccc    116100
     aggctggagt gcagtggcga gatctcggct cactgcaagc tccacctcca ggttcacgcc    116160
     attcttctgc ctcagcctcc caagtagctg ggactacagg cgcccgacac cacgcccagg    116220
     taattttttt ttgtattttt agtagagtaa catggtttca ccatgttagc caggatggtc    116280
     tccatctctt gacctcgtga tccgcccgtc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc    116340
     gttagccacc gcccgaccaa tacttaattg ctttaaagag ctgtcaagga cttgtttgtt    116400
     tacttttgcc tgagggtaga tgccagctgc ttggactgag ggcctgggga tgggggaagg    116460
     tgggggagga gagagagaag caggtgggta cagttgatcc accctagagc tttcccggct    116520
     cacaggcctc ctggcagcac ttccctgccg cctgctgttt gtctgttaac cctctcccaa    116580
     ctgacctcag cttccagggt gtagggactc tcatccctgt gtggtaccca cttaccctgt    116640
     cctcagggta tgagcttatt ccttattgga cttcttgtcc atcaatctga agagtcaagg    116700
     cagagacatc ctgtctggtt tattaatgaa aaatgaaaaa aaaatcccac atgcacgttt    116760
     agtatttgtt atcccatggg tagtatctct agtaaaagaa ctgtaaatta acatattatt    116820
     tccattgaag taaataatgt attgctttaa aagatatata tgtaatatac aaaaacatgc    116880
     ttcttaggcc gagcacagtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccac tttgggaggc tgaggcaggg    116940
     ggatcacgag gtcaagagat cgagaccatc ctggccagca tggtgaaacc ccatctctac    117000
     taaaaataca aaaatttact gggcatggtg gcgcgcgcct gtggtcccag ctatttggga    117060
     ggctgaggca ggagaatcgc ttgaacctgg gaggtggagg ttgcagtgag gtgagatcgc    117120
     gccactgcac tccagtctgg caacagagtg agacactgtc ttaaaaaaaa agaagggaag    117180
     aaaaaaaaaa ctaaaaaaca catgtttctt gtaaaaatgc agatacaaga tggcttttcc    117240
     ctttatttcc ccaccccagt tctgctcttt tcccaggaag tggctgctgt taataattgg    117300
     gtgtatatct ttgccaacca ttattaatgg atttacgtat ccatgttcat ctgtctgatt    117360
     atcagtctct tctcaattta gacaggatta aattgtatat gttattttgt gatttttttt    117420
     taactcggtc atatgccttg ggtggctttc catgtcggta catgtagagc tatcattctt    117480
     tcccctactg gttgacattt aagtagttta cagtttttct aaaaaggcag aatctgttgc    117540
     tttcttgttt cattgactct tagcatgttt ctcactgaaa ttaagaaatc ctggtcatat    117600
     ctgtaaagaa gcccggtgtg ttgaatggaa aaacctaatt ggatgaaata caacaagtcg    117660
     agcagatcat acataaatat ggtaaaactt agaagtgcag tttcaacatc agccaaataa    117720
     aatactaaaa cttctttaat aaagcgtgtt attctatccc agttcgtgaa tgaagcagaa    117780
     tcaaatcaaa tttattttgc tccgagttaa ggagacaagc cagtttgctt ttcttctgtc    117840
     aaatatattt ataacaagtg cccaagttta aaatgtcctt gtttctcccc tactgtttgt    117900
     ttcctactat tttatgccta tttttcttat tctccacact cttaagttct tgatttatca    117960
     gttgttcttt ttgttatagg tcttgaaact ggaatcagtt taacctcaaa gggactatca    118020
     caatgtaaat ttccagtcaa atcccattta aagcaatgag aacatgggcc tggcacgatg    118080
     gctcattcct gtaatgccag cattttggga ggctgaggtg ggaggattcc ttgagcccag    118140
     gagtttgagt ccagccctgg taacaaagcg agatcccatc tctacaaaaa ttttaaaaat    118200
     aaaaatatta gctgggcatg gtggcgcaca cttgtagttc tagctactca ggaggctaag    118260
     gtgggaggat tccttgagct tgggcagttg aggctgcagt aagctgtggt tgtgccactg    118320
     cactccagcc tgggtaacag agtgagaccc tgtctcaaaa aaaccaccaa caccaacaac    118380
     agaaaacaac aaaaacagaa acaaaaaaac aaactgaaga gaacatctat agacaaaacc    118440
     acacattttc aggatctaga tccacacctt ccctggagaa agggagaagt ctcctctctc    118500
     tttttattta tttttttgag gcagggtctt gctctgttgc ccaggctgga gtgtagtggt    118560
     gtgatcacaa gtcattgcag cctcgacctc ctgggctcaa gtgatcctgt cacctcagcc    118620
     tcctgagtag ttgggaccat aggcacggga catgccacca tgcctgccta actttttttt    118680
     tattttttgt agcaatgggg tctcaccatg tctcccagac tggtcttgaa atcctgggct    118740
     gaagtaatcc tcctgcctca gccttccaaa gtgcttggta ttacaggcat gagccactgc    118800
     gcctggccga ggtcttcact tttgaaagag cacaaatcct ttacatggcc agttctggca    118860
     ggtcttttct accattccac accaaaagat tttcagagtt ctgctatgct gagattagca    118920
     ttgaatttca ctggctgtgt ggcagaatga ctttacttcc cattttcaca tttttttaat    118980
     ctgcagaaac ttggtactca ccaggtgtcc ctttgcaagg ctgggtcaga actccagctt    119040
     atatcctgct cttaacaaga gcagctacca ctaagggggc acctgactat gtgcaggcac    119100
     tgttgtatga gtttcacatt cattttctca cttaatcctc aaaatattcc catgcagtag    119160
     gccttgatgg ggaaactgag gcccagagca gttgggtcac ttgcttaagt cacacagtgc    119220
     ttcagattcc tgagagagct gggcttcaga cccagtctgc ctggtgccaa agcctggact    119280
     tttagcctct gtgctacacg ttcaccacta accaactctc tctctctttc tttcttcctt    119340
     ccttccttcc ttcctttctt tcttctttct ttctttcttt ctttccttcc ttccttcctt    119400
     ctttctttct tttttccttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt    119460
     ctttctttct ttctttctct ttccttctct ttctttctct ctctctctct ctctccctcc    119520
     ctccctccct cactccctct ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ctctccctcc    119580
     ctccctccct ccctctctct ctctctctct ctctccttcc ttcctttcat tctttggttc    119640
     tttcattctt tcaacagagt ctcactctgt tgcccaggtt ggagtgcagt ggtgcaatca    119700
     tagctcatgg catcctcaaa ctcgtgggcc caagtgatcc tcctgcttca gcctccagag    119760
     taactagctc cgggcatgca ccactatacc cagctaattt taaaattttg tgtagagaca    119820
     gggtctccct gtggtgccca gactggctct gaactcctgg cctcaaacga tcctcctgcc    119880
     tcagcctccc agagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc ccatctggct taatgagccc    119940
     tcttgagcac gtgagaaggg agacctgcag ccaccacctg atagtaacag gatgggtgac    120000
     tgtggtagac tagataatgg cccccccaaa aaagatgttc ctatgttaat ccctggaacc    120060
     tgtgaatgtc actttacaaa tcaaaaaaag gaccttgcag atgtgattaa gttcaggatc    120120
     ttgagattgg gagactgtcc tggattagcc aggggggcct cgatgcaatc acgtgtatta    120180
     atatgaaagg gaggcacagg gaggtgtgac atacacagag gaggatgtgt ggtcctggag    120240
     gcagagaccg gaacgatgca gccacaaacc acgaaagcca gtggctgcca gcaactggaa    120300
     gatacaagga atgggctctc ctccgaggcc tctagagcac gcattagtca gcatagttcc    120360
     tgaactatga aggaataaat ttcttttgag ccactaagtt tgtggtaatt agagcaggca    120420
     taagaaacta atacagtgac tgtgtggtct ctctaggcct cagtttcctt atctgtaaaa    120480
     caaggatatt aatgatacat acctagtttt tttttttttc agggtctctc tctgtcaccc    120540
     aggctggagt acaatggcac aatcttggtt cactgcttcc tctacctccc gggttcaagc    120600
     gattctcagc cttgcctcag cctcctgact agctaggatt acaggcatgc gccaccacgc    120660
     ccggccaatt tttgtatttt tagtagagac agggttttgc catgttggcc aggctggtct    120720
     cgaactcctg actttaagtg atccgcccac tgcggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacaag    120780
     catgagccac cacatccagc ctagtatttt ttaaaactaa ggaatttaaa atgcttggca    120840
     ggaggcctgg catgaatata tgctcaaccg agatgaggta ttgtgatcac taattggctc    120900
     tgataggagc acacatgggt ttttggggag cacatgggcc actcagcaaa cccaacttta    120960
     gttcatgtga tgtgcttggt tatccagtaa ggtccacagg gcactttaga ggcaaagaag    121020
     ttgaaattag ttaaaagtga caatacatgg tatttactga ccaactggca ggaaattcac    121080
     ccaaaaatct tcacctccaa tttccttttt tttttttttt ttttgtttga gacagggtct    121140
     catgctatta cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg cgtgatcata gagcactgca gcctcaactc    121200
     ctgggctcaa atgatcctcc tgcctcaccc ttccaagtag ctgggactac aggcacccac    121260
     caccacacct ggctaattat tgattttttt tttttttttt agatacagga tcttgccatg    121320
     ttgccctagc ttggaatcca actcctggcc tcaagtgatt ctcccatcat gacctctcaa    121380
     gtaggtggga ctatgggtgc ctgccaccat gcctggctaa tgttttttat ctttattttt    121440
     tgtagagaca ggggtctcta tgtagagaca ggggccacta tgttacctag gctggtttca    121500
     aactcctggc cttaagcact attttcacct tggcctttca gaaggctggg attacaggtg    121560
     tgagcaacca gcccagcctc cccttccaat ttctagtgtg actgtagcca tcagagaaac    121620
     acttttcagg tagtaatttt tattacctgg tggatgcccc agtaacttct tattttctgg    121680
     atctaattct gagtggtcat tccaggacac ttaattaata aacataaaag taaacatggc    121740
     agctgggaat tataagtgca aattcagttg cccatcagga atgtaacaag tgacctgcac    121800
     gctttgctac agcaaagcat ggatgctcat ttcatccacg gaaatgagca gagggagggc    121860
     tgttttgatc taggcacccg ggtcccagat gcctgagagc tatttctccc caagggccag    121920
     actgcagcag agccaatgag tttgcctttg agatgttccc atttgttcgc ccagctccaa    121980
     gagaagtcat cgccttcatt gtgggttgtt ttgggcaaat gatggaggaa ttagcagcat    122040
     ggcctggagc ggctctgagc aggcctgggc cagctgacac acgccactta ggtttccagg    122100
     gagccaagct gtccccactc acgcacggct gatgcacttg tggctaaatg cggtgcagtc    122160
     agggccccgg gccagattca gggcaggaaa tagaatacca cctccattgc cagggaaaca    122220
     atggtctacg gacatgattt aaactggagc caacgagaac gctcagaggg ccgaccagca    122280
     gaggaaggga gaccagaggg cagcttgcac agatcttgtc ttgggttata actgttgaca    122340
     agccacttaa ctgcctccag gtttaagttt gtctgtgtat aagatggagg taacaatatt    122400
     tatacatctc actggagact tatgaaaaca agattttgga cagatccctt gggacccatg    122460
     gatggaaagt ggtatgtaag tgcagtgata aacctactgt gtgtgtgtgg gggggtgttt    122520
     tcagcagtgt attagggact tgtagaccca ccagaaaaca cttttggagt ctgatcaaaa    122580
     acgacaagaa aaatgagcag ctcttggttg caagtgcatg ggtttgcttt ggttttgtac    122640
     aggtctggga gaattgcatg tgtaactcag acttcagaat tgttttccac ctgtcgctgt    122700
     gatgagtcat acaggtgctc agatcatctg agaatgctgt agtgattgtt cccaaatatt    122760
     tgccaacttt gctttacaaa acttcccaat tctactgtgt ggtttatgag ttgtacatgg    122820
     agtctggaac atttcttccc aaggtgggtg gggaatctat ttaaaaacaa agcacacagg    122880
     aggataattg ttccttcccc gtgacatgtg tgatttctga ggagtcttcc tgcggctgct    122940
     aaatagacat gtttctgttc atttaagcct aagcaattga cctcagacct cccaataacg    123000
     tttgtaaatg ttttccgtca gctggggtcc tgcgggagtc tattgctccg tgttcttggt    123060
     tagttaaacc tgtctcttag gcgtatcatc tgtctagaat aattcctctg gctctaggtg    123120
     aatgatgact attatagaaa aaaattgttg agtaataaac tacacactta attttttatt    123180
     agaaaaatat aaatgaaata tagaaaatag agattatctg taattctcac aggcggaatg    123240
     aaccatactg gcatacatac atgtatattt tcaacaaaaa tgggattcta tgtatacgct    123300
     tgaggtgaag tctttaccta gtaaacctgg aagagcattg catatcctta gagatttttg    123360
     cctttttgcc tgcagcaggg aggggtcctg cttctgttgc ccgcctgcgg ggtggcagaa    123420
     tgagaggcct tggaagaact ttcaaagact cgttccttga gatgttgctc cacttagcgc    123480
     ccctgtgttt tggcaacaac atgcttccca gaagtggtaa acacttgctg atttgagctt    123540
     ctatgtggat gctggtccct accactcccc tctatcctcc ttcctttttt tttttttttc    123600
     atgctagcag aactgattaa ggcatgactt acatgcagtg caatacacac acattacagc    123660
     ctgtggaatt tgttttttgt tttgttttgt tttgaaatgg agtctcgctc tgttgcccag    123720
     gctggagtgc agtggtgcaa tctcagctca ctgcaacccc caccccccag gttcaagtga    123780
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gattacaggt gtgtgctacc acacctggct    123840
     attttttgta ttttttagta gagaccgggt ttcgccatgt tggccaggct ggtctcgaac    123900
     tcctgacctc aggtgatcca cctgcctcag cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga    123960
     gccactgtgc cctgctcagc ctatggaatt tgaacataca catacactct tgtgacacca    124020
     cccaagacat aaaacactta cctccagcat cccagaattc actttgtatc ctctctgcac    124080
     caatcccccc accccaggta atcacttcca ttcattccta aatgctaact ttatcatgtt    124140
     actgcccacc ccaaaatgtt ccatagcatc actgtccctc tgtcttgctg cttcaggtct    124200
     gtatgtctcg gcctaatttt cctggtccac tgtcttaagg gtcccacctg ctgggcctcc    124260
     attgatgtcg tgtggctgga gggtggtcct tgcatcctca cccccacctg ccaggctcca    124320
     cctgagcttt gctccctctg tgacctcact agaaccgtct tttcttagcc ttccaagtct    124380
     tgcccatcat tcaaggctca gctcaagtcc catttcctcc aagaagtcct ccctaatttt    124440
     tttgcctccc tcttacatgc tgagttcgct ggcaccatgt ggctgagttt ctgcagatgt    124500
     ggggccccag aagcctgccc tggccactgt gtcattccaa cttttgatcc ccaacaacca    124560
     tttatatctt ggagcagaca tttttccaaa ccctcctctg cccttaccca ttctctctca    124620
     catcctgcgg ctgcctgagg gtctgtccct ccccagacct cagaccctgc tcggtgtctg    124680
     tgtcaccttt ttcctgcccc agtgttggga ctttgctacc cagatcaacc aagtcctctc    124740
     ctatggaccc tcaggtcccg cctctgctac cagttcttca gatttgatac caagacatct    124800
     tgggactggg ctcagctcag agggtagggg tagactgagg ggagagagtt cacaggtgaa    124860
     gagaaagttc ttttgatggg atgtggggtg gggctgggag cactggtgag ttacatagtc    124920
     atcccatctc actcatgtcc cctgcacctt gcagttagcg actgtcccac tttctctgtt    124980
     gttcctatgt gttaacctca ctcctgtcca gacttttggg gtttcccatg gcacaagcag    125040
     agctcagagc ccacaagaat gggcacagtg aaggggatta aataagacag tgcagctaag    125100
     gtgctgagca cagggcctgc ccacggtagg gctgagagaa gtgagttaac ttcaagaccc    125160
     tgcagtccct tctctgattc ttgtcagccg gggaggtgag gtggggtccc aaagctgcgc    125220
     gtgtgtttgt aggagtcgaa gggacttcca gaaaccctct cgtccacagt gaacacaggc    125280
     cccagagcag cagagccagg tctgaggccc agcttcgtgc ggactctccc tgtgacctca    125340
     gtctctccac gagtgaaatg gggcagtggt ccctccccct tggatgagca gagatcacga    125400
     gcactggtgc tcaaggactt tgcagatgga accctgcatg aggcgggttg tcctggttcc    125460
     aacttaagca taattgagtc ttctgaattg gcagctggaa gatgtagccc ctcatagaaa    125520
     aagttgggtt ctagacagaa agcagaaagt ttcagtgaga ttagagcatg tggaaaaggg    125580
     gctgggcgtg gtggctaacg cctgtaatcc cgcactttgg gatgccaagg agggtggatc    125640
     acctgaggtc agggattcga gaccagcctg gccaacatga tgaaacccca tctctactaa    125700
     aaatacaaaa aattagccag gtgtggtggt gcccgcctgc ctgtcatccc agctactagg    125760
     gaggctgagg caggagaact gcttgagccc gggaggcaga ggttgcagtg agcagagatc    125820
     gcgcctcttc actccagcct gggtgacaga gcaaaaataa aaaaaattaa aaaaaaaaaa    125880
     agtggagaaa agggcagaaa aaataggaaa gaaaagaaag ctgcagtgac actaccctca    125940
     gttgtaggca aactcgagtc tgactttgga acatgccttc gtcaccctgt gcctcagttt    126000
     acttgcctgt gaaatgggga taacagtttt ttcctcctag aattgttgtg aggggcaagt    126060
     acagtaattg atgtaaggat gtagcacagt gcctggctca atcaacacta gtgttattat    126120
     ttcctaataa gtgtttgttg ttgctcagtg aatgaatgga tggatggatg aatggccgtt    126180
     ggtctggatt tagcttcagg gggtgctttt ttgttattct ctagcatttt caggctgatt    126240
     ccatttgact ttgcttaggc agggaacagt ttgacttgca tgtggagaag gaagagagta    126300
     aatgagaagt cttcgcccag gggtgcagga ctgcacacag aaggcagtaa gatcctggga    126360
     gcaaacccag tggcaccgga gagccagtgg ggacaccccc tcaccaggcc aggtttccct    126420
     gaggctgcca tttccctctc cacttctgta aagtcagact tgcactttgg ttttactccc    126480
     aagctcagct ccttgattca tcctggcagg gctgtggctg ttgctttatc atctttctgt    126540
     atggccagga tgagacaggt catagacatt ttactatgga agaataagca accaatattg    126600
     aatatctcgg agtccctgcc cctcggccct ctccccatct tctcagacaa ccgtcagagc    126660
     cgagcctata tccagtctca ccccgcaccc cgcacacacc tctcaaccca cagagccagg    126720
     gagttccagg tcattacaag ggcaatggtt ttaccatctg gccctgtctt tgctacttac    126780
     gtgctgtgtg accttcagaa agccccttcc catctctggg cgtcagaatc tccatctaca    126840
     aaataaggga aatgaccctt ctcgtgtctg agatccctcc tgtctgtgaa agtggcagag    126900
     ggtgtgagtg atgagcatgg tgttggaacg ctgtccccat gcctttctgg gggactggcc    126960
     ctgggcagct gttaaagttc cccaggttgc tcctcctctg tgaaatgggg atgacaaaca    127020
     atgacccacc ccacagggct gcagtgtgtc tcaaataagg agaggcagcc aaagcgctca    127080
     gcgcaggggc tgtgagtgcg tacagaagcc gacagccctg tctctccttc ccgtcagcca    127140
     agctagttaa tttgtggtcc caaagttgag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    127200
     agagagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtggagaga gagaggcagt    127260
     gtgtgtgtgt atggcagtgt gtgtgtgtat agcttggtct ctcccaggcg ctttgggaag    127320
     atctggccag ggagccctcc ctggcatgtc cctgacagag ccacgtgtcc ttgtctcctt    127380
     gtcttctcct gcactgcagc cccaggcttt ggggactctg tgcctctttg ctgcctcctg    127440
     agtagtttta tttggagggc caatagcagg accctcccag cacagaagtg actgaccagg    127500
     tccggccagg gtacaagcag ccccactgaa gacctgcagg gccgccacct ctctgctgca    127560
     gacccggcct ctcctctgtc ctcagggctc cctgaatgca aggagtccct gcacatcccc    127620
     agggcccctg cacccggatg tggggttttg aactcaggtc agttctgccc gaggactccc    127680
     tcccttcatt cctccctcct tggaccacac ggtgtttgtt tcacagctgg acactttgct    127740
     aagtgatgca ggaagtaggc ccccggggag gcagatagag cccagcaagg cagataacca    127800
     agtgaagcct ctggatgccg ctggggcctg gacagggtca gagataagcg gaaatgccag    127860
     gcttatcgct cctgcctgag ttcttccaga gaaatcatcc tggccagcca gcccacctca    127920
     ttcccagcgc tccgggcgtt tgggcagcat ccatctctag gcagagtaaa cacggagttg    127980
     gcacagtcac agtggctgat ggatggggac tctgtgcccc actccagcac tgcgcggtcc    128040
     cagcaccaga ggccagcagc gggcgtcggg ttacacccag atatttgcgg taagggcagc    128100
     tctgggcaag tgtgctttga agtaagagcc tgaggaacaa ttggtagggc acgggactaa    128160
     gggagacctg gtgacagttg ttccccggtc ctgggttctc ttgcgccaag aaagtcagca    128220
     gaaagctttg gtttaggggg acagtttggg gatggtcagc ttgggccttc tgcaacaaat    128280
     gcatcgtgtg gtggacagac aatgtggatg gcagctaccc ctgaagttgt ccgcattaaa    128340
     ctctgcgtgg ctttctggag ttcttcttca tctctgcttt cctttcttaa gtgagcttgg    128400
     tgccatggag gagatgtgtg tacttcctca gtgcattcca gcaatggtgt ggtgcgggcg    128460
     gggaggtggc ctgggctggg aggaggtcca ctggcttagg actgggaagc tgtccccctt    128520
     cctcctcctg cccctcaccc cacaatgaag tgactgagca agcacattgc tgccttgctg    128580
     ggctgaccgt ctgcggtcag acggggagaa ggtgtggctg gtcttaagga tggccgttcc    128640
     aatcgctgcc attttcgtgg acttaccacg tgccaggtgc tgtgctagac attttgctta    128700
     cgttaatgtc caacagccct gtggttattg cagttaatgg gcccccagtg cagatgagga    128760
     aacctgtgtt cacagaggct aagtgccagg tgcaccgtga gcccctatgg cattttgtgt    128820
     gaattagaaa actttcctct caacatgtgg cttccttccc tcggaaaatc gtcatcatat    128880
     atgattttgt tagaacaaga cctttcactg ctacacgctg caacacgact gttataaata    128940
     aatacacaaa tcaacaaagg gcactgtgtg tttctcccct aagaggctgt ccttaggttc    129000
     tggataaccc gtctcctgtc ctggtcccca gaagcaaaca cgttgaagct gtttctttgt    129060
     ttcttttgat atttgcctcc atatttcttc attctctgtt ttgtgcatga tatatggagt    129120
     tgccggtaag ataaatgagg acttagcttt ctcacactcc ccactttccc tccctcaccc    129180
     tcacaagaca gatgtcactg cttttactta ataaagggtt tactttacta tgactgtaaa    129240
     tattcttcaa tgcaaaatca atgattgtat tttaatctca ttctttcttg taagaactct    129300
     gggctgggcg aggtggctca cacttgtaat cctagcactt tgggagacca aggcgggtgg    129360
     attgcctgag cttaggagtt cgagaccagc ctgggcaaca cggtgaaagc ccatctctac    129420
     tgaaatacaa aaaattagcc gggtgtggtg gcatgtacct gtagtcccag ctactctcag    129480
     gaggctgagg caggagaatt gcttgaaccc gggaggcgga ggttgcagtg agccaagatc    129540
     gcgccactgc actccagcct gggcaacaga gcaagactcc atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    129600
     aaaagaaaga aaaaagaaaa aagaactcta gttgtcctgg catctctaat tccttttgtt    129660
     ccccttttgc catatctgcc atcatcatgc tgatggctaa tgtttgagca cttgctgggt    129720
     gcctctcagg cattctcatg gcacctcccg accactccat gagggtatgt gttattatta    129780
     ttctcctgtt acaaacaagg aagtatagac tcagagaggt taagtgaaca atggcccatg    129840
     gctctggcta ataactggca gaggcagaag ttaaatccag gcagtctgac tccaggtccc    129900
     atgctctcca cattttgctg catgtgttta attgcattct attgtacact ctttttcccc    129960
     cgggagggtt cctgttgaac actcttgatt ttcttgcttc aactttgggc ctaggttgaa    130020
     gctattgttt cttggagctt tttttttttt ttgagacaga gtttcactct tgtcacccag    130080
     gctggagtgc aatggcgcaa tctcggctca ctccaacctc cacctcccaa gttcaagcaa    130140
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gattacaggc acccaccacc atgcccagtt    130200
     aatttttttg tatttttagt agagacgggg tttcaccttg ttggccaggc tgtttacccc    130260
     ctcattttgc tggagtatat cgtcaaagca gcttccttag aaagcgtgcg tgggtcaggt    130320
     gtggtggctc aagcctataa tcccagcact ttggtaggct gaggcaggtg gattgtttga    130380
     gcccaggagt tcaaaagcag cctgggcaac atggcaaaac cccatctcta aaaaaaaccc    130440
     cacaaaaatt agccaagcgt agtggcacac gcccatagtc ctggctactt gggaggctga    130500
     ggtggaagac tgcttgagtc caggaggttg aggcagcagt gagccgagat cacaccacag    130560
     cactccagcc tgggtgacag agtgagacca tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaag cacgaattgt    130620
     ttgcattttt gcaaatcaca aaacccttca ttttgttctc tgatggtggt gtaatgtctt    130680
     caaaattcta aggggaagtg ctttcctatc tagactttga catccagcct ctcttccagc    130740
     atccagttgt ttttaggatg agaagtttca tgtcattctg attctagttg tttggtatgt    130800
     gtagtagtct attttcagaa atacctgaaa ctggataatt tataaagaaa agaaatgtgt    130860
     ttctttagtt atggaggctg agaagtccaa ggttgagggg ctgcatctgg tgaggacctt    130920
     cttgctggtg ggccctctct gtagagtcca gaggtggccc agggtatccc atggcgaagg    130980
     ggctgagtgt gctccctcag atctctgttc ctcctcttat gaaatcacca ggcccactcc    131040
     catgataacc tattcatcca ttaacccata aggtcaggga cctcgtgatc cagttgcttc    131100
     ttaaaggcct tacctctcaa tactgccaca ctgggattaa attttgacat gaattttgaa    131160
     ggggacaaat tctcacaagt atgtgttttt tttttttctt ttaaatttca gggagttttt    131220
     aaatcttctc tttatccctg tgttctaaaa ttgcataatg actgtagtat ttcttttata    131280
     aattctttcc ttctttcatt tctctttctg aaactccagt taattagata taaggctagc    131340
     tggactcatt gtcaaacagc tttctctcct gcacatgtct ttatctttta gttttatttt    131400
     ctgggacatt atcttagctt catcttcgaa tccctatatt gaatttttaa attttactat    131460
     tcatattttt aaattccaag gcctctcttt tattctacag ttgtcttttt ccatagcatc    131520
     ctctcctttt ttaaagaatg gaatagcctt tcacgctttt ctgtggccac aaatgacagc    131580
     tttgtctgtt tgttttttga gacagggtct cgtcctgtca ccctggttgg agtgcagtgg    131640
     cacaaacaca gttcgctgca acctctgcct cttgggctta aacaatcctg ccacctcagc    131700
     ttcccaaata tctgggagta caggtgcatg ccaccacacc cagctaatta aaattttttt    131760
     tttgtagaga cagggtctcc ctatattgcc caggctggtc ttgaattctt gtgctcaatc    131820
     gagcccccca ccctggcctc ccaaagtgct aggtttacag gcgtgagcca cctcaccccg    131880
     caaaatgaca gcctttttga aactttctgt ttctcatttt ctctgtttct tctatgatcg    131940
     tgtttctgtt tatttgcttt agtcttccct tttcatcttg aaggctttct ttgaacatcc    132000
     agtgatcctt tttgtctgtg catatttctg aagaaggtac taacagctgg gtgggtggtt    132060
     gaggcttgtt aactgcatgg ttttgttgag gatgatcagg tgggacgctc ctgaggaacc    132120
     ccaaaagcca gcccctggaa ctattgtggt gtggaccatt acatttctcc agaagcaggc    132180
     tctgatctct agggagggtg ggcctggtca ggcccttctg tgctgaggtg tggggcagga    132240
     ggagggatgg acttttcagt cttgcattcc tgctccccat ttaccctacc gggggtatcg    132300
     gggtccgaag cctctctggg gtcctacagg gaaagctggc tccatgccag cttttgtatt    132360
     cgcctgtatc tgtattcacc tttgtggcca gtgaggctgc agtttttctt gtttctccag    132420
     ttacctctcc tccaccagtt ttctatctcc tagaaattca ttgataacac tcattcacca    132480
     atggcccctt ccattctgtt catcgttgcg ggtgggtatt tattttcttc ctttaccgtg    132540
     aagtctctgg aggggaagga gagaaatatg agaggtcagt ctttcaactt gagtcagagc    132600
     cttgatatca ttttatttta ttttattttt tgagtcaggg tctttttctg ttgtccaggt    132660
     tggagtacag tgtctccatt gctgctcact gttgcctcaa cctcccaggc tcaagagatc    132720
     cttctgcctc agcctcctga taactgggat gacaggcaca tgccaccatg cttggctaat    132780
     atatacatat atgttctttt gtagagacag ggtcttgcta tgttgcccag gctggtcttg    132840
     aactcctggg ctcaagcaat cctcctgcct cagcctccca aagtgtgggg ttacaggtgt    132900
     gagccaccac tgtcctgggt taataaagcc tggaaagtta ttgaaagacc ccatctctac    132960
     aaaaaagttt tttttttaac ttttaagttc agtgatacat gtgcaagttt gttacataag    133020
     taaacttgtg tcatgggggc ttgttgtata gattaactag tgggtactag gcttaatacc    133080
     tgggtgacga catttaaaaa aattaaaaat tagctgggtg tgggggcatg cacctgtaat    133140
     cccagttatg caggaggctg atgctggagg atcgcttgag cctaggagtt ccagttgcag    133200
     tgagctgtgg ttgtgccatt gcactccagc ctgggcaaca gatcgagacc atatcttaga    133260
     aaaaaacaaa gtaaaataaa atgagggtgt tgaaatctct ctcaccccat gatccccgag    133320
     actgttaggt caccagaagg ccagggaagg gtcttggggc ctggtgcgtg ctggccccac    133380
     cctagggtga atagaggtca gcctgtcttt ttccgcgaga ggatccgctg ccctgtcctt    133440
     acccaggaaa gacaaggggt tattgtattt gctgctctgt caatccagtt cagctacctc    133500
     ttctctggtc ttctttctct tggcttgggg ggtcaatgcc tccccatcct ctgggcaagc    133560
     accatcaccc aaaaactggc caagccccct gctgtgtcct gtgcatcagg gagagttaga    133620
     gagaagcatc cccgcaggaa atccatgtgc tccaaactca tttctcctaa agtgagaatg    133680
     aaagaggtta aagctggtcc ttctggctac tcctttccac cacagaggcc ccaggaactg    133740
     cctgcaatat gttctaggct ttctcccaga gggccccgga gctccctgga gctcccttcc    133800
     cggattgtca gggtttcctg ccctgtgctc actttgaggc ctcctccttc cacagaagtc    133860
     tcaggacggt ctgctcagcc gcctgctgcc tcctccttag ctcattcctc catgttgaac    133920
     acctgccatg taccaggcgg ctggtgcctc cgggaatcca ggccaagccc aagaggcttg    133980
     gtctgccctc agggagcttc cagccgcagc caccttctta gcaaatgagc taccttgtaa    134040
     acttgttgct taatgaagac atgacaaatc cttttgtaat ttaattcttt tttttttctt    134100
     ttttgagaca gagtcttgct ctgtcaccca ggctggagtg cagtggcacc atctcagttc    134160
     actgcaacct ctgtctccca ggttcaagtg attctcctca gcctcctgag taactgggat    134220
     cacaggtgct caccatcatg tcctgctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga tggggtttca    134280
     tcatgttgac caggctggtc tcaaactcct ggcctcaagt gattcgcctg ccttggcctc    134340
     ccaaagtgct gggattacag gtatgagcca ccacgcccgg cctcagataa ttcatgtttg    134400
     ttatagatac atggctgggg tatttggtgt tttcctctgg attcatttag actttgaagt    134460
     tatctttctg gctttattta tttatttgtt ttatttatta ttatttttat tatttttgag    134520
     acagagtttc actcttgttg cccaggctgg agtgcaatgg cgtgatctca gctcactgca    134580
     atctccgtct cctgggttca agagattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggatta    134640
     caggcatgca ctaccacacc cggctaattt tttgtgtttt tttagtagag atgggatttc    134700
     accatgttag ccaggctggt ctcgaaatcc tgacctcagg tgatccacct gcctcggcct    134760
     cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcatgagcc accacaaccg gcctatatat ttatttttga    134820
     gacacagtct tgctctgtca ccaggctgga gggcagtggc gcaatcttgg ctcactgcaa    134880
     cctctgcctt accagttcaa gcaattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggattat    134940
     aggtgcacgc catcatgccc agcaaatttt tgtattttca gtagagacgg tgtttcacca    135000
     tgttggccag gatggtctca atctcttgac ctcgtgatcc atttgctttg gcctcccaaa    135060
     gtgctgggat tataggcgtg agccactgca cccggccctt tccggcttta ttaacccagg    135120
     acttgcctgg ttgctggttc tccagagatc tccacagcag tggcaataat aaagtctctc    135180
     ctccagagac cagggtctgc ctctcttgtc tggtgggaat tttattccac aaaaattatg    135240
     ggcaccagct ggggagaggc acaggggctg ggtgtgttag acttctgaga cttctctaag    135300
     cagccatttc ccaaaggttg gcccagggag ccccgatctg cagggaagtg ctaagtgtga    135360
     agtgtcagga gagccccctg ccctggtcgg gtgggggagt cttctgtggc agatgaggtc    135420
     ctcctgaggt gcacggtgaa tccccagagg gactggaaca cagggttacc cctcaaattt    135480
     ccttttccag ggagactttg tttatttgtg tgtttgtttt cagtggcggt gaatataaca    135540
     gaccctgctc tttctagcat gttctgggtc attccaccaa tgacacccag ggctgtgctc    135600
     tcaggaatgg gtttggattt ctctgtgggc tgcccagggg caactatcgg gatagaaggg    135660
     taggtagaga aggttgtggt caagctgcat ttgcatagca agctcactgc attgataggt    135720
     taatggtcta acatagcaaa acctctaatg gtgctttcgt gtatttattt attttgaaga    135780
     cagggtctcg ttctgttggc caggctggag tgtagtggca ggatcagagc tcgctgcagc    135840
     ctcaagcaat cctcccgcct tagcctcctg agtagctagg tccacaggtg cgtgccacca    135900
     cgcctggctt attttttgta gagaccaggt ctcgccatgt tgcccaggct ggtttcgaac    135960
     acctggacac aagcaatccg cctgccaaag tgctgggatt acagatgtga gccactgcat    136020
     ccggccctaa tagtgctttt agattccaaa tgtccaggtc agtttttatc ataattgctt    136080
     ttattcagaa gggggaagct tgagggggac actaaagccc cctcccttgg gggcagccct    136140
     gcccatggct ggaccatcct caggaggccg tgtgcctgcc tgggccacct tgggcaaatg    136200
     cccctctctg ggctttgccc tctgcccacg gggagctgga tggaaatggt gtaggtcaga    136260
     ctgctccgtg gcgtccttgg gactttaagg ggctccctgt gccccacctc gggggtaacc    136320
     ttagcatctc tgcttgtgtc tgctttattg actgatactt ctgtaaaacg ttttatttga    136380
     accaagggct tataaggcaa aaacgtttgt aaaccacagg aaacacaggc ctgttgtgct    136440
     ctgggtccct gctagtctgt ttcagtatgg aaattgcatg tctgatacct gcatagttgt    136500
     tattggggga gcaggtgtct ctggtgagtg tccccctgag ggccctgtga agaacatggc    136560
     cctcgggaca gcgcttggca ggtggccagg gccattgccc tcagttctat ttttaggtac    136620
     aagggactag tcactgaggg ctccggtggg gagggacctg ccggccaccc cacagacagt    136680
     ctaaacacat gttctgaacg ctggtgtagt aggggcacct gaagtttgtt ttaaatttgc    136740
     agaagcatca aaattttcat catggcagaa gtcacaactt tgctgagtgg tctcacattc    136800
     ctttctgtct tggtcttgct ttttattgtg actctgatgt gtgtggcctc agggctctgg    136860
     gcctctaagg accttcctcc gccctgggat ccctcctgga gcccagctgg caggtgccgt    136920
     tctccaaagg accctttcct ttcctccgaa ccattagttg catgaaccct gctggctctg    136980
     ggcagattct taacatattt gcccatcagc agcctctcag agaggaatgt taaatgctgc    137040
     cgtgatgtca aaggggcccc aaggagaagg gcctgggctg acctcggcct gtcactcaca    137100
     ggcccgtgta gggtgggaga taagcaaagc aaaggcacag gaagaacctg ggcctctgcg    137160
     ctcctcacac agcccaggcc atcgtggagg ttggtgctgc caggagtctg tcagctacgg    137220
     aggacaatga ccttgcagac accaccgcct gagtgagaac caggggtctg tgcctctcct    137280
     cattccccgc tcttgccctt gtcaagcctg caccagcatg tcaggaacct ccaaggagag    137340
     tctggggcat ggggggctgc cagggttggg caagacctgc ttaacaacca tggacacaaa    137400
     gctgaacatg ctgaacgaga aggtggacca gctcctgcac ttccaagaag atgtcacaga    137460
     gaagttgcag agcatgtgcc gagacatggg ccacctggag cggggcctgc acaggctgga    137520
     ggcctcccgg gcaccgggcc cgggcggggc tgatggggtt ccccacattg acacccaggc    137580
     tgggtggccc gaggtcctgg agctggtgag ggccatgcag caggatgcgg cccagcacgg    137640
     tgccaggctg gaggccctct tcaggatggt ggctgcggtg gacagggcca tcgctttggt    137700
     gggggccacg ttccagaaat caaaggtggc ggatttcctc atgcaggggc gtgtgccctg    137760
     gaggagaggc agcccaggtg acagccctga ggaggttggt tcctgcttcc ctgccctggc    137820
     tggatgggag gccccggccc tggtgggaga ctggccaggc agccagtgtt tggagagctg    137880
     gaggcatggt gtccccttcc tgtgtgacct gttgatgggg aaaaggagag ctggaaactt    137940
     acaggtcata ggtggatttc cagtccggac actgcctgcc attctcccca gggaagggaa    138000
     gaagcggggc tctggccagg actgcagggt cttggcagct ccagggaacc tagctgtggg    138060
     ggacacgctg gcggtttggg agggaggacc accacacttc tctgacaccc ccgtgactgc    138120
     ccttctgctc cttcacacat ggggtgggac aggcaggagt ggccagtttg tcctgatgga    138180
     gccctgctca gaaacccacc cgccacctcc tgtccccaac cttgagctta gctccagagg    138240
     gagtggagag tgcagctgcc tgtggggaga cgagtgttga cagtgaccca gggggacagc    138300
     aggcaggagc cggagcctgg gggtggaggg tggcattcct gggagcggct gttcctaaga    138360
     gttgcataat caatcctgca ggctaatgga agcttggctg ctgggagaag gatatggggg    138420
     gtgaggtctg tagagggaac accctgtttg gggacagcta ggggtcagcc acttagcaac    138480
     actcagacaa cctggagcca ccatttcaga cccctgcagt gactcaccag cctctggcaa    138540
     gagatgagct ggggtcagag gggtccgtgc ttgactctgt gtcggctgcc tgccgaggac    138600
     aggagcatgc ctcccctccc cgcaccaggc cagagctccc ctgctgcccc ttcccctccc    138660
     tgccctgcag ctccttcaga gctgcccctc tccctagccc ccgctgtctg caccgtgcct    138720
     tttctgagga cttggcctgc agggcagtgt gaccctaaca aagcccggct ttaaaaaata    138780
     aaattatgct gggtgcagtg gctgatgcct gtaatcctag tgctttggga ggccgaggtg    138840
     ggaggattgc ttgaggccaa gagtttgaga ccagcctagg caacatagga agaccccgtc    138900
     tctacaaaaa ataaataaat aaatttacca ggcattgtgg cacaaacctg tagtcctagc    138960
     tactcgggag gctaaggtgg gagaattgtt tgagtcctgg aaatggaggc ttcggtgagc    139020
     tatgtttgtg ccagtgcact ccagcctggg ccacagagtg aggccctgtc tcttaaaaaa    139080
     aataaagaaa tttaatttaa ttatagtcag ccctccatat ttgtgggttc tacatctgca    139140
     gattcaatca aatctcggat caaaatgtac ttagtcctat gatggtgtgt ccgtactgag    139200
     catgtacagg tttttctttc ttgtcattat tctctaaata ataatacagt tgttatacaa    139260
     tagtataaca acttctcata tagcatctac attttattag gtattataag taatctagag    139320
     gtgatttaaa gtgtatggga gggtgtgtgt aggttacatg caaataccat gacattttat    139380
     atcagggact tgagcagcca tagattttgc tgtggagggg gcccgggaac caatccctgg    139440
     cacatacaga gtcacgactg taaataataa aatagatcta atcaatagct ttaacaaaat    139500
     taatatgcac atagtaaaaa aaatcatgta gagtaaagag catacatctc cttcctattc    139560
     catcccccag gccccagaac accaataccc tggcccccta ggcaagcgtg gattctgagt    139620
     tcctttgaat ccttccagat agaggctgtg tctacaagcc tctatctgga gcaccctttt    139680
     gtttggtatc cacagcaccc ttttgttttg ttttgttttt cccacaatct gtagcaccag    139740
     aactgctttg ttgtttttgt ttgtttttga gacggagctt cactctgtca cccctggagt    139800
     tcaatggcgc gatctcgact gactgcaatc tccacctcct gggttcaagc gattctcctg    139860
     tctcagcctc ctgaatagct gggattacag acgccctcca ccatgcccgg ctaatttttt    139920
     tgtattttta gtagagatgg ggtttcacca tgttggccag gctggtcttg agctcctgac    139980
     ctcaagtgat ctgcctgctt tggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggtg tgagttaccg    140040
     ctcctggcag aattgtttta ttttaattca aatgttattc acattgtcct ggccccgatt    140100
     tctaattttt tacttaatat attttgggca ttgattgatg ttcatatcgt tatgaatata    140160
     tctgggtact ccctttgggg gctgtgtctt cagttgttaa ccagcccaga tcctcgtttg    140220
     tttctgttgt ttcttatttt tagcaactat aaataaagat gcagtgaata tccatagatg    140280
     tatgtcactg aacacaagtg tgagtttatc tgcatgttac actcctggca gtggaaatac    140340
     caagccaaat ggtaaattta tacagataaa ggcaagtcag ccttcaaaga agttactcca    140400
     aatcagtctc ctaccatcaa ggtgtgggaa tgcttttgat tctttgcctt tctggtgaat    140460
     gaaaacggga aattattgtg catgtttttt tttttctctt ttccccaccc acttccccct    140520
     tcagattatt ttaaggaaat ctgagatgtt ggatcatttc tttcataaat gttttagcat    140580
     ttatagcaaa aagataaggg ctcttttaaa aaacataatc ttgatactat catcacacct    140640
     aaaaaagtga ataactttgt ttatttattt ttatttagag acagggtctt actacattgc    140700
     ccaggctggt cttgaactcc tgggctcaag caatcctcct gcctcagcct cccgaagtgt    140760
     tgggattata ggcacgagcc actgcactgg gccaaatgat aactttttag tgttactgaa    140820
     gttcagtgtt caaatttccc tgattatctt atactttaaa aatattttag gctgggcgag    140880
     gtggctcaag cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gtggggggat cacctgaggt    140940
     caggagttcg agaccagcct ggccaacatg ctgaaaccct gtctttaata gaaatacaaa    141000
     aattagctgg gcatggtggc gcatacctgt aatgccagct acttgggagg ctgaggcagg    141060
     agaattgctt gaacccagga ggttggaggt tgcagtgagc caagattgca ccaccatact    141120
     gcagcctggg caataagagc aaaaacacca tcttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    141180
     gctgggtgtg gtggctcacg cctgtaattc cagcattttg ggaggccaag gtgggcagat    141240
     cacgaggtca ggagttcgag actagtctgg ccaatatggt gaaacccccg tctctactaa    141300
     aaatacaaaa attagccggg catggtggcg tgcacttgta gtcctagcta cccgggaggc    141360
     tgaggcagaa gaatcacttg aacccgggag gcggaggttg cagtgagcca agactgcacc    141420
     actgcactcc agcctgggtg acagcgagac tccatctcac aaaaataaaa taaaataaaa    141480
     tttacagttt atttgtatca gacccagata agacaattat ttatatgtct cttaaagcta    141540
     accttttgaa cttatgaaaa aattttaggt ttttattatg gaaaatttca aatataacca    141600
     aagctagttt tggtttatgt ctcatagttt tgatttatat ttattttact agaggactga    141660
     acatcactca caggtttgaa accttttgta ttttctgtga actgcctgct catatctttt    141720
     ccccctcttt cctattttgt ttttttgcct ttttcttatt gatttgtaag agcacttcat    141780
     gtattaatga aattagctgt tatacgtgtt gcatgaaggc atttctgggt aagggaagtc    141840
     atagagcttc ctcttttctg agttcttgtg ccatttcccg tctgtcctgc cccactggaa    141900
     cttgctagat ttctcctctg gtcctggcgt ttaataaaca tgttaggaat gtctttaggt    141960
     ttggtccagg ctccccatca ggctgtcggc tgctgattgg cccattgaca ggaagcctct    142020
     gcttccctcc gtgttctgag gccagggcag gtcttgcagg aagggctcag agaatgagcg    142080
     gtgaactgag acacagccac agctgctaaa cacatcgtca gtgctgaacg ccgtgcatta    142140
     tggaggcttc ttggggactg tgtttcctgg gagagtgggg catggcaacc atctgtggaa    142200
     tggaattaaa tcctagcaac tggcggttaa atttgaaaat tgtgccagga ctttttgaag    142260
     gtcctcctga gatcttcaga agtccccagc agcacttcat ttggttccag cagtgaattc    142320
     gatgatccct ggaagccagg tgcggtctcc tggaaaacag ccccaggcat atgtgttcag    142380
     aggcaccagt cttctagaat ggtgtgtgag gaagcacaga aacggcaggg actagaaggc    142440
     tgagccctga agacagcacc cagctggggg tggggggtgc gtacgcatgc gcctgcctac    142500
     cctaaagata agggaaggag aggacagttt gagcccaaca aggtctgcca aaggacagtc    142560
     tgtccaagtc cctttctgcc agtgggtaaa agaggaggag gtctgtttca tgcctccagt    142620
     tcccccagct ccgggggcag caggacagag cctgcagaag gataaggggg agctgtctgc    142680
     cgagcagggg atctgggcca cattgatgac gctggtgatc atggtgacag cggcagtgag    142740
     cagttttgat gaagtgcctc ccccacgccg gtgctgggct gtgtgttctc catgtgctat    142800
     gtccttactg ttcagaggtc aaagcttggt gtcctggaat cgcaaaataa tgagcaggta    142860
     gtaactgaga ggaggggcat gatgtagaca aacagtggaa ccaccacctt agggttgggg    142920
     agacatttgg gacagctgtg gtgccctgct tagaggggac tgccctagcc gagttttgcc    142980
     atcttggcct agagttgcca gatcttcagg tttttttctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    143040
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttttgct gggattacag gtgcctgtca ccacgcctgg    143100
     ctaatttttg tatttttgta gagacagggt ttcaccctgt tggccaggct ggtcttgaac    143160
     tcctgacctc atgtgataca ccctcctcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga    143220
     gctaccacgc cccgccatcc tcagattttt aaagaaaagc tgggaactta gatttttttt    143280
     tttctagtga gtttattaag gtatagtaat tacataataa ttatgatggt ataatttaca    143340
     tataataaac tgcacataca cacaaactat gcacatttca aatatatagc tccacaaatg    143400
     tttccatcca tgtcaccatc accacaataa aaatgggaaa caattctgtc accccaaaat    143460
     ggatcctgac tgtaaaaatc tcatagattt taaaagttgg gaataaattg aaaaatttaa    143520
     acctgggtaa caaagtgagt accttgtctc tataaaacaa catcaaccaa caattagctg    143580
     gaggtggtgg cacgtgcctg tagtcccagc tactcgtgag gctgaggtga gaggatcact    143640
     taatcctgga aggtcgaggc tgcagtgagc tgggatccaa ccactgcact ccaggctgga    143700
     caacagagcg agactctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ttgcaagccc aacaaaatat    143760
     gtcctgagct gtttttggcc tctgggcttc taattaaggg cttctgtggc aaggcagggg    143820
     aaggccctgg ctgggccccc aggtgtaagg cactcactga tacagcggcc tctcttgcct    143880
     tggccacaga agcccggaga ctggtgagtg ccttatgcct gggggcccag caaggctctg    143940
     ggctgtggct ggcactgctg ctgtaacatg tgccaggatt catcttaggg acttcacgga    144000
     agggtccaaa ccccagaagc accatgctct tgcaagaggt cagaccatct ggaaatattt    144060
     gcttgagtgt ggactaacta agcatactga tggctctggg ctgttttatg ggtgaaagca    144120
     tgggcaggcc aggcactggt ctggtgtgga ccctttggat ttaaggaaaa gcttctgaga    144180
     gcttctctgg gccagttcct tacactgggc tcatttaaca ctgatagctc ttggttcctg    144240
     gcaggacaaa attagcagag ctattgagca cccactatgt gctgggcaca cttctaggac    144300
     atttgcacat tactcccaaa tcctcctact gactctacaa ggctgataac atgattatcc    144360
     ccattttaca gatgaggaaa gtgagatgca gagaatttaa ggatcttggc caagtggtga    144420
     aggtggggtt caaacccagc atggctggct ccagagtcca tgcccctggc tacactgcta    144480
     cactgtaaag aggtgaccat gggatccccc aacccagctc ccaggcacac attactaatt    144540
     gaccttggca ctgtttcccc ctaagcatgg atttgacttc agaattcaac cgaaaccaat    144600
     gctgtagtag ccatgaccag ttgatctggg ttggcatatt gagattattt tccatctctg    144660
     gccgggcgtg gtagctcaca tctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggctgag gagggagagt    144720
     agcttgagtc caggagcttg agaccagcct ggccaacatg gtgaaaccct gtctctacta    144780
     aaaatacaaa aattagccgg gcatgttggc ccatgcctgt agtcccagct actcgggagg    144840
     ctgaactggg agggtcgttt gaacctggga ggcagcggtt gcagtgagcc gagattgtgc    144900
     cactgcactg cagcctggat gacagagcaa gaccttgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat    144960
     atatatatat atatgtatgt atatatatat atttatgtat atatttttaa atgattattt    145020
     tgcatctgta gtctaagtcc tttggggtcc agcctatttt gaaccctgta tcgggggctg    145080
     ggttcatccc ttatggggaa tatggtgaag ccctggaaaa ggaggtggtt ctgggtgtga    145140
     agctgggcgc ctcctctttt aaattttatg acgttgggaa ggcctcagtg tccttctctc    145200
     taaagtgata attgcagtat ctactctcca atgttactgt gagactgtgt gaagtaatct    145260
     aaatgccctt atcttaaaca agggggaggt gctaaacaaa tgtctgtggc ctgaatggca    145320
     atgttgatga taatgatgac attttttatg gttgttattt tagaataaag agcgagtgga    145380
     agaagaggga ggaaaaccaa agcatgtgct gagcaccagt ggggtgcagt ctgatgccag    145440
     ggagcctggg gaaggtgagt gggaccccat ttgctttatc taacattgca gacacaacag    145500
     cttcagaata aaggccccaa caacacggcc cacagtatga ttcctgggca actgtcaaag    145560
     cttctttttt tcttgttttt gcagggtttt ttgtcatata tatcccacca gagacacata    145620
     gtcaattgct gcatttcaaa accacctgga atacagttga cccttgaaca cctcggggtt    145680
     ggggaactga cttcctgcac agttgaaaat tcaagtataa tttttgaatc ttccaaaatt    145740
     taactactaa tagcctactg ttgactggaa gtcttgctga taacataaat aagcaattaa    145800
     cacatgcttg ttaaatatgg tattcttaga gtaagctaaa gaaaagaaaa tgttattacg    145860
     gtgatcacaa ggaagataaa atatattccc tattcattca gtggaagtgg gtcttcattc    145920
     ttgtcatttt cacattgagt aggctgagga ggatgaggaa ggtgaggggt tggtcttgtt    145980
     gtcttggtgg cagaggagga agaaaatcta cgtctaagtg aacccgtgca gttcaaacct    146040
     gtgttgctca agggccaact gtagtacctt tctgtgcagg ctatgccacc aacttgttac    146100
     tcaaatgctt taaatgttta tggattactt tcttaacctt taattttctt gtataatttt    146160
     gcatgatatt tatgtggttc caaagtcaaa tagacaaaac aatgcgtatt aagagaagtc    146220
     tagaggccag gtgcaatggt ccattcctgt aatcctagca atttgggagg ccaaggcagg    146280
     agtatcattt gagcccagga gtttgagacc agcctgggca acatagtgag actccatcac    146340
     tatgaaattt ttttttactt caaaataaga ggccgggcac ggtggctcac acctgtaatc    146400
     ccagcacttt gggaggctga ggtgggcaga tcagctgagg ttaggagttc gagaccagcc    146460
     tggccaacat ggtgaaatac tgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaattaactg ggcatggtgg    146520
     catgtgcctg taatcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcag gagaatcgct tggaccaggg    146580
     aggtggaggt tgcagtgagc cgagatcacg ccactgtact ccagcctggg tgacaagagc    146640
     aagactctgt ctcaaaaata aaaaacaaat aaaagagaag tctatcttct acctttgttc    146700
     tctgcaccct gcttcctccc ctgatatgta agtaaccatt taaaaaactt ttgtcttttc    146760
     tttcccttga ggtccagtct aactagacaa catgatcagt ggttatgtgc acatgtgcac    146820
     acatgcacac tcacacatgc tcccttctta gagaaacagg atgccagaca caccattctc    146880
     caccttgctt tctttcactt acagtatatt cagagatcac tccttagctg tgcttagaga    146940
     ttgttttttt gagatggggt ctcactctgt tgcccaggct ggagtgcaag tggcgtgaat    147000
     atggctcact gcagcctcta tctactgtgc tcaatcctcc tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag    147060
     ctgggattgc aggcacatgt gaccatgccc aactcattta aaaatgttta tttttagtag    147120
     aggcaagctt tcattgtgtt gcccaggctt ccatagagat attaatttct cctttttcac    147180
     ggctgtgccg cactccttgt tggatgcatc atggtttagt caaccagccc ctttcatttg    147240
     ggttgcttcc agtctttggc tattataaac ctgagcactg aatggccttg tgcagattcc    147300
     ttgcagtatc tttgtggcag actcctccac atgggagtgc atttttgtcc tgcctgtttt    147360
     cctgtagaga gccagaaggc ggacgtgctg gaggggacag cggagaggct gccccccatc    147420
     agagcgtcag ggctgggagc tgaccccgcc caggcagtgg tctcaccggg ccagggagat    147480
     ggtgttcctg gcccagccca ggcattccct ggccacctgc ccctgcccac aaaggtggaa    147540
     gccaaggctc ctgagacacc cagcgagaac ctcaggactg gcctggaatt ggctccagca    147600
     cccggcaggg tcaatgtggt ctccccgagc ctggaggttg caccaggtgc aggacaagga    147660
     gcatcgtcca gcaggcctga ccctgagccc ttagaggaag gcacgaggct gactccaggg    147720
     cctggccctc agtgcccagg gcctccaggg ctgccagccc aggccagggc aacccacagt    147780
     ggtggagaaa cacctccaag gtaaggggag ctcttccagg ctgggtgagg gaggggatgg    147840
     actgtggccc ctcgctggag ctcggccgtg ggcagcatcc actgcataca tgttcctggg    147900
     ctgttcttgc gaggggaatg gggaggaggc ctgggccctg cctctgggag cttagagtac    147960
     cagtgctcac cggctgccca ctagaaataa ctggggggag tttggaaaat aaagatgcct    148020
     ggagatgttg attgaattgg tctggagtga gtctcaggaa ttagattttt cttttttaca    148080
     tgcttcccag gtggtcctaa tggggaacag ggttgagaat cactagctct tagatcagta    148140
     ctaacagtag ctaaaagatg gggctcacgg agcacctgcc cctgagctgg ccattggctg    148200
     ggcatttcac cgggttcacc ttctattctc aagccatcca cagaaggtga atgtggttgt    148260
     tatccccatt tcattgatga gaatacttag gctcccagtg cccagggccc cacagctagg    148320
     aattcataga gttgggatct gaatccgggt taccggattc cggaacctgt gccccaatca    148380
     ctgcaccatc ctgcttcctc aagtcggcat ttaattaagt tctaaataat atggtgggga    148440
     gagaaggaca gggccctcag gaatgtgaga ggagtgcagg ctgagtcagc cccaggagct    148500
     ttcagcaggc tcacgcagaa gtcctggagg tggagtcgtg gcagctgccc tgcccctaga    148560
     acgcagcctg aggacctgct ctcggcaggc agatgtctgt agcagagtaa agaacccgca    148620
     gactctcatg ccctccccag cacgtcccgg tccccagggc agccctgctg aagggcgctg    148680
     tggccccggg cttctctcgg agggacctgg tgtttcctag catcttctgc gcctgcctag    148740
     ggtggccctg acctgtcacg gagaacccaa gcctggctca gggagtggat ctggtgtctg    148800
     tgtttgctgt ggtgacaggc agagaagccc agatcatttg tcagacttgg ttctaggagg    148860
     aaatgggagc ctcccaggag gcctcgcagg atggaggaag gggttcctgg caggcatccc    148920
     gggatcggaa ccaggacact aaatgtggaa tctggggctg ggggtgaact gtctatgaag    148980
     ttgttagggg cctcaaaaga ttctgacaga gaagaaaagt tctctatctc agtttcaacc    149040
     cttggctgaa ttcaggccca gcagacctgc agcggcctca ggaagagagg agatcactac    149100
     ctgcccttcc tcacctcaga catgggtgta ttttgaggaa aataggttgg aagtcaagta    149160
     tcagctctga cgggccatgg ctgcctgtgc agaggatcct gccgggcact gtggctcatg    149220
     ccttgatccc agcactgtga gaggccgagg cgggaggatc gcttgagcct aggagcttga    149280
     ggccagcctg ggcaacaaag caagacccta tctctacaaa aattagctgg gctaccgtgg    149340
     gcatggtggc gtgcacctgt aatccatgca tgctactggg gaggctgagg tgggaggatc    149400
     acttgagccc aggaggttga ggctgtagtg agttatgatc acaccattgc actccagcct    149460
     gggagacaaa gtgagaccct atttgaaaca aacaacaaca acaacaaaca aacccagagg    149520
     atcctgaggc catgactact gaggcattga gctggacctg gtcagcactg cctgccgtga    149580
     gtctgccaca tggcgggtag acagctttgg gtactgaagg tggcaggagc tgcttgtaag    149640
     tgcctttagg ggcttcactt catgcccctg gaagtgaaga cccaaaggga agtcatgact    149700
     gctggccttc tcagctgacc gttgactggc agcagtttcc tgtgtccctt ggtctggcag    149760
     gaggcctgag ttagatttgg agtgccttgc tatggatgcc acacttccct tcctacctgt    149820
     cattaccgaa ccatgcccag tcccaaggca cagtgttgga aggatttcta cctcccaccc    149880
     agtgagtcac acgcacctag ggacaggtgt gtcagagagg tccagcagct cagacacggg    149940
     gacggggcct tcagctgctg gagaaaggcg tcactgtttt cttttaaaaa attgggataa    150000
     aaactgtcca ggcacagtgg ctcatgcttg taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggcgg    150060
     gcggatcagc tgaggtcaag agttcaagac cagcctggcc aaaatggtga aaccctgtct    150120
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggcat ggtggcgggt gcctgtaatc ccagctactc    150180
     aggagactga ggcaggagaa tctcttgaac ctgggaggcg gaggttgcgg tgagccaaga    150240
     ttgtgccatt gcactccagc ctaggggaca agaccgagac tttgttgcaa ataaataaat    150300
     aaataaatag gggtaaaaac cacataatgt aaaatttaac atcttagcgc ccccctcctt    150360
     tttttttttt gagacagggt ctcactctgt caccgaggct ggagtgcagt ggtgccatct    150420
     cggctcactt cagcctccac ttctcgggct caagtgagcc tcctgcctca gcctgcagtg    150480
     tagctgggat tacaagcatg tgccaccatg cctggttaat tttttatgtt tttgtagaga    150540
     caggtcccac tatgttgctc aggctggtct cgaactcctg gcctcaagtg atcctcctgc    150600
     ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacaag tgtgagccac agtgcccagc cccatcttaa    150660
     ccttttaaaa gtgtacactc agtagtgtta agtatattca cgttgttgtg agacagatct    150720
     ccaggacgtt tccatctagc aaaactgaga ttcatcatcc actaaataac acctcctgcc    150780
     cctcagccct tgacagccac cattgtactt tctgtctcca tgaatctgag tatttgaggg    150840
     tcctaatatc agtggaatca tacaggattt gtctttttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgatggagt    150900
     ctcactgtgt cacccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcatgatct caactcactg caaactccac    150960
     ctcctgggtt caagcgatta gctattctcc tccctcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggactac    151020
     aagcacgtgc caccacactc agctaatttt tgtattttta gtagagatgg actttctcca    151080
     tgttggccag tctggtatca aactcctgat ctcaggtgat ccattctcct tggcctccca    151140
     aagcgctggg attacagatg tgagccactg cacctggcca caggatttgt ctttttgtgc    151200
     ctggctcatt tcactgagca cagtgtcctc agggtccatc gatgctgtag tgtgtgtcag    151260
     aacgtccctc ctctttaagg ctgaatagta ttctgtgcta tataatgcgt agacaccacc    151320
     ttctgtctat gtattatcca tcactgggca tttgggttgc ttccaccttt tggcttttgt    151380
     gagtaatgct gctacagtta tgagtgtaca gatgtctctt ggagaccctg ctttggattc    151440
     tctgggatat atacccagaa gtggagttgc tgaaacatgc ggtaatccta cttttaattt    151500
     ctgaagagcc tccagttttc cacagcagtt gtgccatttt agcccttttg aacccctgca    151560
     tttgtgcctt cctctcttgg ttgactcttg gtgcatctgt aaggtatcac cgtccctgaa    151620
     gagaaaagag agaactgagg ccagacttat ccaaagctgt ccagcaacct gctggcagag    151680
     ctaagcccag aatcgaggcc acctgcctcc ctgctgagac tcagtccccg ccagacactg    151740
     tcaccctcac cccctaacac acatagaccc cgtgctgtgg gattgtggcc cagcaaaaag    151800
     aagccccacc aagaggcagc cagaggtggg gagactcgga gagagagggt ttggattccc    151860
     gggtgacttg actgccagga tcagggtcct tccttctaga ggtcggggct cagagggcct    151920
     ttcccacctc catctgggct cacaaaccct agtattgcag agtctgggca gtgaaaatga    151980
     gtgaagtgag ctggggcatt gccagggtgc gcagggcctg tgctgaagtg gagagctgtt    152040
     cctcaaccat gtgggcacgt gggcccagca cagccagctc ttctgtttgt tcaagatgaa    152100
     cagaaagtct agtcttttat gagaattgcc tgattttatt ttattttagt ttttgagaca    152160
     gggtctctca ctctgtcgcc caggctggag tgcagtggta tgatcatagc tcactgtagc    152220
     ctccatctcc tgggtttaag cagtcctctt gcctcagcct cctgagtatc tgggaccacc    152280
     actcctggct aagtttttta aaattatttt ttgtagaggt ggggtcttgc tatgttgccc    152340
     aggctggtct caaactcctg gcctcaaggg atcctcccac cttggcctcc caaagcactg    152400
     ggattacagg tgtgagccac tgtgcccagc tggaattgac tgattttaaa caaatacttc    152460
     tgatctgggg cttccagtgt gacgtttgag ttggtttctc cttatcttca tttaagtgaa    152520
     agggaaactg ggcccagggg aaggtagagg gacccgggcc tcccgcctac aggcctcagt    152580
     tctcctggga cagaagcagg ttctcagggg tgtatggtcc tcacccctgt ccattctcaa    152640
     gcttcccagg accctcatcc ggtgggatcc tgggagctga tggcaccaac tgtcactgaa    152700
     gtcagctcct gccctggtgt cctgtctagc agggccccag ggccattgtc aatgatggca    152760
     gcagtgggca ttggaaccca cgtctgttct gactccagag tccttgcctc taacctcagc    152820
     accatgtttc tctccacccc aggatctcca tccacataca agagatggat actcctgggg    152880
     agatgctgat gacaggcagg ggcagccttg gacccaccct caccacagag gctccagcag    152940
     ctgcccagcc aggcaagcag ggcccacctg ggaccgggcg ctgcctccaa gcccctggga    153000
     ctgagcccgg agaacagacc cctgaaggag ccagagagct ctccccgctg caggagagca    153060
     gcagccccgg gggagtgaag gcagaggagg agcaaagggc tggggccgag cctggcacga    153120
     gaccaagctt ggccaggagt gacgacaatg accacgaggt tggggccctg ggcctgcagc    153180
     agggcaaaag cccaggggcg ggaaaccctg agcctgagca ggactgtgca gccagggctc    153240
     cggtgagagc tgaagcagta aggaggatgc ccccaggcgc cgaggctggc agcgtggttc    153300
     tgggtaagtg gggctgttgc ctggctagac acgagccctg aggggaggga gtttggagcc    153360
     cctactcctg gggagtcttc ctgtagcttc caggggtaga tcatatgagt ctgggggcgt    153420
     ccaagagtcg ggaacatctc caggtacatc ctggggctgg agaccaaggc gcagagatgt    153480
     ggggcctgaa cttgggctgg ctgcaggggt aagggagagg ggacacgtgt ggcccacctg    153540
     ggtacatttc cttttttgga gacagggtct tgctctgttg cccaggctgg agtccagtgg    153600
     catgatcata gtcccctgca ggcttgaccc aggttcaagt gatcctccag cctcggcctc    153660
     ccagagcttt gggattgcag gcataagccg ctgtgcctgg ccactgggga gatttcttac    153720
     cgccacctgc ccacctgagc ttgccaccat gagtctcatt ttggattgag agagagaagg    153780
     ctctgttaaa aagcgaagac atgaattggt gtctgtgacc actgtcagcc attcccaccc    153840
     acccgggcta gtgacccagg gtgtgttctt atgatctaaa agccctcaac ccctccagcc    153900
     ctagggtcac accctccttg gtctgagaat tgtccacgga ccactgtcgg tgttcccggt    153960
     agttggagag caggcaaagt gctcccatgg cgagcactga acaaacgcta gcccgagcca    154020
     acttccttcc agcccttggt gcacaaccgg ttcataccac tgcacttgct gtgtgttcta    154080
     gattctgttt tattcattta gtctatttcc tgtaacattt ctaggtattc atatcacctc    154140
     tgaaggacaa gattaaaata aaacaaccct aaaccattaa aaaacaaaca aacaagcaaa    154200
     cctttccaag tgctggccgt cctctatttc ccttgccgac agatcccctg tccaccccct    154260
     ccccaatcct gtgccccggg gcctgcccct ctggctccat cacgggctgt catgctgagc    154320
     ttctggttgg gctcagctgg caggagatgg agggtgagag gagagagggt ggatgtttat    154380
     ttctccagct gcctccctct cataacaccc tcatgagttt ccacagccct gactttacag    154440
     tccctttaaa aatagtggcg tcactaactg ccccatcacc ttgtccacat gggccctctg    154500
     tttcctgtgg gccacacaga tccactagga tcaccttcta gatgtcatga acagactgga    154560
     tagaacttct cggccttgcc aagggcactg tcctgggtgc cgggagacct gggtttgagt    154620
     gctgtctgtc acgggctccc ttctctgccg aatggatggc tctactgaga tggtttggag    154680
     aaaaggtttc aaataccagg gctgtacata gggcctggtg gaccaagaga agctaagtgg    154740
     gtctggcaca ggtgaccgag aggtgtgggc tgcacagagg aggctcacag gtccttattg    154800
     cctcctgagc agatgacagt ccggccccac cagctccttt tgaacaccgg gtagtgagcg    154860
     tcaaggagac ctccatctct gcgggttacg aggtgtgcca gcacgaagtc ttgggagggt    154920
     aggtgggcat ctgccttggt tggggggctt agagcaggag tcacggggca gggtcgggac    154980
     cacctggaga actggggtgg gtgctgcagg atgactctct ctcgagctga tggagccaag    155040
     gctggggtgg gacatcctgt acagcatggg gtgcatggtg gcccacagag taggggaaag    155100
     agaatagctt gagaggacac gagagcccac gtggcatcgg ggaggggagg ctcaggaggg    155160
     cgggcaccct gtgggtatgg gaggaggcac agcctggagg tggccggaaa gccgacatga    155220
     ggtggggtga ggagaagctt ctttagggtg gatagcccag gtggtgtggg gtgaggggat    155280
     gttccctggg atgcaagatg gcccaggtgg tgtggggtga ggggatgttc cctggggtgc    155340
     aggatggccc aggtggtgtg cggtgagggg gatgttcctt caggtgcagg atggcctcag    155400
     tggtgtgggg tgaggagatg ttccctgggg tgcaggatgg cctgggtggt gtggggtgag    155460
     gggatgttcc ctggggtgca ggatggcctg ggtggtgtgg ggtgagggga tgttccctgg    155520
     ggtgcaggat ggcctgggtg gtgtggggtg aaggggatgt tccttcgggt gcaggatggc    155580
     ctcagtggtg agggatgagg ggatgttccc tgggatgtgg aatggcctgg gtggtgtggg    155640
     gtgaagagtt gctttgcagg tttcgggata gccagcaggg ttttggggtg atgacaggct    155700
     gcactctggg atgtaggatg gtccacatgg cctgtgtgtg gatgagttgg acccagaagt    155760
     ccagggatgg gtgtgggatg agcctctggg ctctcagcct gccgtgtggc tatgtctctg    155820
     caggggtcgg tttggccagg tccacaggtg cacagagaag tccacaggcc tcccactggc    155880
     tgccaagatc atcaaagtga agagcgccaa ggaccgggtg aggcatctgg ctgggccagg    155940
     tccctgtggc cagcctcagg attcctttcc ttccctcagg gcccccaggc tcccatgctg    156000
     agctggaaat gctacttatt cctgctcttt tccagaattc ccaccctcca gtcaggcagt    156060
     ccccttcaca gccctgggtc cagacccacc ctccatgcgc aggtgtccag gcacagctct    156120
     gtagagctgc ctgtggggcc tggggcaaga aggtcctgtc cttgttgggc cttaggtttc    156180
     ctgtctgtga gatgagtggg tcacactcag gccctttgtg ttgtagaatc tggtttgggt    156240
     gttgagtcag ggagacctgg tgtgagaata ggaaactaag gaagaatgag gagttctgtg    156300
     tctgtcttgg gaggtcagct ggctcctctt cttgactcat tcgcttggaa atccttctgt    156360
     cctctggttc ccccaaggag gacgtgaaga acgagatcaa catcatgaac cagctcagcc    156420
     acgtgaacct gatccagctc tatgacgcct tcgagagcaa gcacagctgc acccttgtca    156480
     tggagtagtg agtatcagag gcggggcggc cgcctcggct caagccaggg ctcagtgctg    156540
     gggcttagag ccttcattcg aggcaaagcc ctctctctcc tttccccttc ctggcacgtc    156600
     cagggtcgtg tcatcctgtc ttctctggct tggctatttg acctccaata cggaatgtgg    156660
     aggacaaagc aactttgtca caaaccagtg gccagtgagc ctgatttgac ctgcaggtgt    156720
     atgtatgtca attgacctat actactttca gtgatttttt gaaaattaaa ttaaattgaa    156780
     acttttttta gagacaaggt cttactctgt cacccaggct ggagtgcagt ggtgtgatca    156840
     cagctcactg cagccttgaa ctcccagact ccagtgatcc tcccactgta gcctcccatg    156900
     aagctgtgac cacaggcgtg tgccacaatg cccagctaat ttttaaattt tttgtagaga    156960
     tgaggtcttg ctatgtcgcc caggctggtc ttgaactcct gaactcaagt gatacttctg    157020
     cctcagcttc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gtgtgagcca ccacactctg cctattttta    157080
     gtaatgtggg atttgttgtt aaccattgga aattaggaag cttcacatta aaacctagat    157140
     atctggcttt tcttgaaaac ataaaagatg tagtaaatgc cgggcctgcc tttccaagtg    157200
     gaagtgatgt gtgggagctc ccaggggttg ctgtttgtat acagggtgac caggcttcct    157260
     ttgccacaat ccccaccact cccaaccgcc ccagtgctgg ggccaagggc tcagaggccg    157320
     ttcatatttg tgcttgtgtt gctgttttcc ttatgggcag agctgaagag agtaaaacat    157380
     ttgtcatgtc atgtccttat tgaaagtgga aaaagaaaag ataagcgaaa gactatgtgt    157440
     cttcagaaca tgtttgcttc atgtatggcc ttattggccc atttaggctt atgccacaaa    157500
     ggtctgagtt ggcctccata ggtgaatgag ttcacagccc tggtcagaat catccagagt    157560
     gtgcctggat catcaacact gatggccatc ccctcttccc tttgacctgt cacttccttt    157620
     ttaccacgcc taatctttgc tgggagcaga ctggagcaaa ggtcccaata aaaccccaat    157680
     ggcaggcccg gcggggtggc tcacgcctat aatctcagca cttcgggagg ccgaggtggg    157740
     tggatcacat gaggtcagga gttcgagaca aggctgaccg acatggtgaa accctgtctc    157800
     tattaaaaat acaaaaatta gccgggtgtg gtggtgagca cctataatcc cagctacttg    157860
     gaaagctgag gcaggagaat cacttgaacc caggagacgg aggttgcagt gagcagagat    157920
     cgcgccactg cactccagcc tgggcgacag ggtgagactc tgtctaaaaa caaaacacac    157980
     aaaaaaccca agggcagtgg cagcagccct gtgacccatg gggtgtgatg gtgggcctac    158040
     ccgggctggc ctcttttggc cctataatga cagtggacaa gccctgaaga gccttgctta    158100
     ggctggtgcc tgcctctccc tttgctctgg cagcgtggac gggggtgagc tcttcgaccg    158160
     gatcacagat gagaagtacc acctgactga gctggatgtg gtcctgttca ccaggcagat    158220
     ctgtgagggt gtgcattacc tgcaccagca ctacatcctg cacctggacc tcaaggtggg    158280
     ttctgccctg ggcatgcggt aggggcccct ggtgtcctag ctcctggcgt gctctcacca    158340
     ttgagagctc tatccacaga cagtcccagc ttccattcct ggctctctgt cattttgtag    158400
     ttctggagtc tgggacaggc cactcttgct gcctcttggg gctgtagttc ttccatctgg    158460
     ataatggtac ctctttaagt attatttgaa gattaagtga aacaatgagc ttttcttctt    158520
     taaaaatatc tttaagatta ctttttttaa aagttcaaaa gggaacatag gcttttggta    158580
     acaactatag acaacagagt agtgtgtaaa atacacagtg aaagttcctc ccgccagccc    158640
     tccgtgcgga agggacttct ctgtgagcaa gctggcatga ctcacagaca cacaaaagga    158700
     gatcctacga tgcattcttc cctccctccc tccccctctc tctctttctt ttctttcttt    158760
     ctctctctct ttcttttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    158820
     tctttctttc tttctctttc tttctttttc tttcttcttt ctttctttct ctcactttct    158880
     ttttctttct ctttctcttt tctctctctc tctctcttct ctcctctctc ctctctttct    158940
     tttttggaga cagggcctct ctctgttgcc caggctggag tgcagtggtg ccatcatatc    159000
     tcactgcagc ctggacctcc caggcttaag tgatcctcag tctcccaagt agctaggact    159060
     acaggcacgt gccaccacac ttggctaatt tttgtatttt gtatagagac aaggtttcac    159120
     catgttgccc aggctggtct tgaactcctg gactcaagca atcctgcctc agcctcccaa    159180
     agtgctggga ttacaggcat gagccaccac acctagccca gatggctgca aatgccatta    159240
     attcattcct ttttatggct gagtagtata tggtactggc ataataatag gcgctgagtg    159300
     gtatatggta ctggcataaa aataggcaca tagaccaatg gaacataatc gagaacccag    159360
     aaataaaccc taatacttac agccaactga ctgacaaagc aaacaaaaac aagtgaagaa    159420
     atgacaccct attcaacaaa tggtgctggg ataattggca agccacatgt aagagaatga    159480
     aactggatcc tcatctctca ccttatacaa aaatcaactc aagatggatc aaggacttaa    159540
     atctaaggcc tgaaactaaa aattgtagaa gataacattg gaaaaaatcc ttctagacat    159600
     tggcttaggc aaggatttca tgagcaagaa cccaaaagca aatgcaataa aaaccaaatg    159660
     tttgaagaag aattaacacc tttacaaatt cttccaaaaa tagaagagga gagaacactt    159720
     gcttctcatt ttatgaggct aatcttatcc tgataccaaa atcaaagaca tcacaaggaa    159780
     agagggctac agaccaaaat cccttatgga tatagatgca aaaattctca ataaagtatt    159840
     agcaaactga ataaaacata taaaaaggat tatattcatg acaaagtgga atttatccca    159900
     agaatgcaag gttggtttaa catatgaaaa tcaaccaacg taatgggcca tattaataga    159960
     ataaaggatg aaatcatgta atcattttaa tagatgagaa aaaataattg acaaaatcca    160020
     aaaacttttc atgatgaaaa taataaacaa atgaggaaca gaacttcctc aacctgataa    160080
     cggccatttg tgaaaaaccc acagctgaca ctatagtttg tagtaggaga ctgaatgttt    160140
     tctccttaaa atcaggaata agacaaggat atctgttctt gcaacttgta ttaaacattt    160200
     tactggaggc tatcactagg gcaattaggc aagaaaataa aaggcattca gattgggaag    160260
     gaagtaaaac tgtctctatt tgcaaatgac acgctcttgt atataaaaac tcttaaagag    160320
     aggagactat taggattaat aaattcatca aggttgcagt atacaagaca aatatacaaa    160380
     aatcaattgt atttctaaat actgggactg aacaatctgt aaataaaatc aagaaaataa    160440
     tttcatttat gacaatatca aaagaaaaaa tacacttaga aatatactta gaaaaaaatt    160500
     aacaaaataa gtgcaagaca ttctctgaaa actacaacaa aatgttaaga taattcaaag    160560
     acctaaataa atggaaaggc atgccatggt catggattgg aaaatttaat attgttaagg    160620
     tgacaatact cccccattga tctatagatt caacataatc cttatcaaag tcatagctgg    160680
     cttctttcca gatattaatg aaatcctaaa attcagatgg gaattcaagg gacctagaat    160740
     aacaaaaaca atcttgaaaa agaacgaatt tggaggacta acttttccca attttgaaac    160800
     tttctacaat gctacagaaa ccaaaacaac gtattactaa tgtaaggtta gatatgtgca    160860
     tcaaattaat acacttgaga gtctagacat aaaccattac atttatggtc aattgatttg    160920
     tgacaatggt gctatgacaa ttcagtagaa aattatagtc ttttcaacaa ttgtgctggg    160980
     accccatgct agggagctac atgtgaaaga acgaagttgg acccttacct cacaccatat    161040
     acaaaaatta attcaaaatg gattgtagac gtaaatgtaa gagctaaaac tataaaattg    161100
     ttagaagaaa acatagtaat aaatccttat gaccttggat taggcaatgg tttcttagat    161160
     atgacactaa aaatataatt aaaaaaagat aaattagact tcatcaaaat gaaaaaaatc    161220
     tcatacttca aaggatacca tgagaaaagt aaaataatag ctcacagaat gggagaaaat    161280
     atttccaaat catatatcag ataaaggatt tgtatctaca acatataaca aactcttata    161340
     actcaacaat agaaagaaat aacccaattt aaaaatggtc aaaggatttg aatagatatt    161400
     tatccaatga aaacatacaa ttgccactaa gcacatgaag tgattctcag catcattagt    161460
     cactagggaa ttgtaaatca aaatcagaat gagatactat ttcatatcca ctagactgac    161520
     tacaataaaa agtaaaaatg acagacaata aaaagtgtta aagtctgggc acggtggctc    161580
     acgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggcaggcg gatcacctga gctctggaat    161640
     ttgagcccag cctgaccaac atggagaagc cccatatcta ctaaaaatac aaaattatct    161700
     gggtgtcgtg gcacatgcct gtaatcccag ctactcggga ggctgaggca ggagaatcac    161760
     ttgaacctgg gaggtggagg ttgcggtgag cggaatcagg gcactgcact ccagcctggg    161820
     tgacaagagt gaaaccccat ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gcatcagcta ggatatggga    161880
     aaattggaac cctcatacat tgctggtggg gttgtaaaat gtgcattcgc tttttaaaaa    161940
     gtttggcagt tcctaaaaat gctaaacata gaattaccat ataacccagc aattttactc    162000
     ctagctatac ccctaagaga attaaaacat aagttgacac aaaaacttgc acacaaatgt    162060
     ttttagcagc attacttata atagccaaaa gtgtaaacaa cccagatatt cattaatttt    162120
     attagttaac ggataaacaa aatatggtct aatccataca atggaatatt atttagccat    162180
     gaaaaggaat gaagtgctga tacctgctac acaacacgga taaaccttga aaacattctg    162240
     gtaagtgaaa gaaatcagac atgaaaggcc atatctttta tgattccatt tatatgaaat    162300
     gtccagaata ggcaaatcca cagagaaaga gaatacatta atgattgcca tggggtggga    162360
     agtgaggaaa gaatggacag gaactgatga tgggtatggt tttgtttttt ttttgaggtg    162420
     atgaaaatgt tccaaaatta gatagtgata tcattacaca actctgtgaa tatactaaaa    162480
     ataattgaat cgcacacttt aaaatggtga ggggctcatg cctgtgatcc cagtactttg    162540
     ggaggttgag gcaggcagat cacctgaggt cgggagtttg agaccagcct ggccaacatg    162600
     gtgaaacccc gtctcaacta aaaatacaaa caaatttgct gggtgtggtg gcccacacct    162660
     gtaatcccag ctactcggga ggctgaggca ggagaatcac ttgaacctgg gaggcggagg    162720
     ttgcagtgag ccgagatcgt gtcactgccc tccagcctgg gcaacaagag tgaaactctg    162780
     tccccacccc caccccaaaa aaggtgagtt ttatggtaaa aatcagtatt atttgtatta    162840
     cttataatgt tataaaattt aagttcacct gtttcttttg acctttttaa atgtacattc    162900
     tagtaaactt taaattacta tatatgtggc tcacattata tttttattgg acagtgttat    162960
     tctagatctt atatagaaga cagagatttt taaacaccat tctctcacac ctatctgagg    163020
     aattgtacaa ccccattgta acataaataa caatgaaaac ttctgttggg agaaacagta    163080
     gctgacattt gctttggaag ctgtaaagtg tttcatgcat gttatgtcat tttatcctca    163140
     caccctctgg ggggacagac aggaagaggt tattactccc gttttacgta tggagacatt    163200
     gagtcttcag gaatggggag ggactcatct cgggctacag aaccaggtaa tgagcccctg    163260
     ggcctcaggc actggaccct gggtctgcaa gtcctgtcta tcataagccc tacatcttca    163320
     ctcagcttct ctccccaagc ccccaacaca cataccccca aatttgtcat gcatgagcag    163380
     cgagcatcct tccagactcc ctcagggcct cagagctgat ccaaatgccc taagaggaga    163440
     ggcgtgccaa ggctgccacc ctcatgccat gggccacagc tgtcactgca gaatggcagg    163500
     tggacattca gcagctctgc tctccttaac caaccagtga tgctttggtc tcaccccaga    163560
     ggttctgatg taattggtca ggattgaggc ctcggcactg ggactttttc tttttcttct    163620
     ttttttaatt ctcttagcat tccagtataa cattgggatt ttaaaagctc ccctgatgat    163680
     tccaatgtac agccagggtt gggaacccag ccccatacaa gcagctcatg ggccaattat    163740
     atatcacaga ggtattctgt tgggttctga gacgtgagtt tagatttcgt ttagttgtta    163800
     acatttaaaa gcatggaatt ttcacataaa aacctgaatt cctagctgga catggtggct    163860
     cacgcctgta agcccagcat tttgggaggc tgaggctgga ggatctcttg agcccagcaa    163920
     ttcgagacag gcctgggcaa catggcgaga ccccatctct gttttttaaa ttaaaaacaa    163980
     aactgaccaa acaaaacacc cctgaattcc cggcttctct tgaggactga aaaactctgg    164040
     cattgtgtct gcactcctac atagtgacca gtgtctggta ctgggtagtg ctgtcccttt    164100
     acacaggctg ggagcctcca gttccccaca ctctacacca atccttattg tctcaccagc    164160
     cccttcatgt atttccatta tctatccagc ccttgcaggg ctgccctgag ccattcatgt    164220
     cccttgaagg ctggaaaaca gaggcctata gacaagtgtg gcagctgcag acctcctcag    164280
     ctattgcttg ggctaagcag acttctttct ttcccagccg gagaacatat tgtgcgtcaa    164340
     tcagacagga catcaaatta agatcattga ctttgggctg gccagaaggt aagggggttt    164400
     tatttagata ccttaacaaa attccttggg actctttgtg gctctctggg catggttact    164460
     cctgacccag ctaatgcttg agttttggaa ctgatgcaag aaagctcttg tgtgcagaag    164520
     ctggtggcct ttgacttgca gacaggcctt gttgctcttg catgggctgg ctttgtgctg    164580
     tgggctctgc ttcttcctaa aaggctatgg aattaactga acttcactcc acctgtcaga    164640
     agagaggaga gtgatggtga agggggctgc tgagcgaggt gctgggctgc ttagttctat    164700
     gggttcccca ggcatcctgg ggccaggagg tgctgggcta tgtgatgcat ctgtcaccat    164760
     ccctgccctc caggaaatga ccagattaaa tacaaaaagt gagtatgtga cagtgttggg    164820
     tggcgccatg ggtaggtgtt tctgtaacca ctcaggactg gtttacatct tggtgaaatg    164880
     gtgatataat acattacctg ctggcatggg gtggttatga gggttaaatg agaaaataca    164940
     cagacagtgt ggacccatcc tatccaggag gttaggttct caagtttcag ggcataaagt    165000
     aaacattgta ggcccagcac agtggctaat gcttataatc ccaacacttt tggaaggcca    165060
     aggagggagg atctcttgac cccaggagtt cgagaccagc ctgggcaaca cagcaagacc    165120
     tcatctctac aaaaaataca aaaattagcc cagcatggtg atgagcacct gtagtctcag    165180
     ctacttggga ggctgaggtg ggaggatcac ttgagcctgc agtgagccaa aatcacacta    165240
     ttacactcca gtctgggcag tagagctaga ccctgtctaa aaataaataa ataataaata    165300
     aagtaaacat tgtatattat ttattattat tttgagatgg agtcttgctc tgttgcccag    165360
     actggagtgc agtggtgcaa tctctgttca ctacaacctc tgcctcccgg attctagcaa    165420
     ttcacctgcc ttagcctccc aagtagttgg gattacaggc gcctgccacc acacgtggct    165480
     aatttttgta tttttagtag aaatggggtt tcactaagtg ggtcagactg gtctcaaact    165540
     cctgacctca agtgatcctc ctgcctcaga ctcccaaagt actgggatta caggcgtgag    165600
     ccaccacatc aggcccattg tatatgatgt taaaaatctc atagtctctt aaaatgcctg    165660
     aagcctagtg cagtgtggct aatgttgctg tgtagcccag gggtgccaca ctacccatgg    165720
     cgccacccaa cactgtcaca tactcacttt ttgtatttaa actggtcatt tcctggaggg    165780
     caggggtggt gacagatgca tcgcatagcc cagcatgtcc tagccccagg aggcctgcgg    165840
     aacccacaga actgagcagc ccagcacccc actcagtggc tcccttcacc atcaccctac    165900
     tctcttcaca gataggtgct gtgaagtcca gtcacatgtg tgctgaatac tgtgcgcctg    165960
     gagagctcct gcccacggca tgcatgccca gtggtgtggg ttcttggcag tggtagtagc    166020
     agacccttgg catttgggaa ggcttcccct aaaccttcag gcatcctcag ttcgtaaaca    166080
     tggcagtagt tgtatgccca gcttctagga ttcctccagg attctgtttc ctccgagaat    166140
     gacatttctc tgggaatcac atatcttctt tttttttttt ttttgagacc gagtctcatg    166200
     ctgtcaccca ggctggagtg cagtggcacg atctcggctc actgcaacct ccgtctcctg    166260
     gattcaagca attctcctgc ctccgcttcc caagtagctg ggattacagg tggccgccac    166320
     catgcccagc taatttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt ttcaccatgt tggccaggat    166380
     ggtcttgatc tcttgacgtc gtgatccgcc tgcctggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattata    166440
     ggtatgagcc accacggcag gccgaatcac atatcttcca ggtaggtctt tcagctgcag    166500
     ctgaattttc aactcttctg gaagctcctt ctctctccta atggctggct gttttcttct    166560
     tcctcttttt ttttcagaca gagtcttgct ctgtcaggct cactgcaacc tctgcctcct    166620
     gggttcaaac aattttcctg cctcagcctc ccgagtagct ggaactgcag gcgcctgcca    166680
     ccacgcctgg ctaattttta tatttttagt agagacaggg tttcaccatg ttggccaggc    166740
     tggtcttgaa ctcctgactt caagtgatct gcccgcctca gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat    166800
     tacaggcgtg agccaccacg cctggccctg atggctgttt tccatgcaga agtagttttg    166860
     ttatttcatg gccacgcggt accctctatc acatccacga gtggaaggaa acacagcatc    166920
     gcccctggat gcagagccgc gcgcctgagc tcagctctgc cttccagcac ctgcctccca    166980
     agcagcacct acaccctcag tgctggtctt cctggtcact cctccactgg ttgaagtgta    167040
     aacattaccc atttgcagtg tgatgatgca ttttcagtgc cccatgtgct gctagtgtaa    167100
     ccgcaggagg aatttcacat catcccacga gacagggtct ctatcacaca gtgtattgta    167160
     gttcatgaac agaaaaaaaa tcacattcaa tctatcatgt tagcaaattg cttagtattt    167220
     tccctggtaa tgtgctataa aattcagatg cctcccacat gcttgcacgt tgtatacact    167280
     agggcagtgt ttctcaacct atttcattat cgctgcctgc cctgtagtga gccctttttg    167340
     actttatttc cccaattgcc tagtccccct atgccatgaa atttaatacc actgatgtac    167400
     tgtgtatctg tttatgtgct gtggcccttt ggagagccac aaaccattgc aatagctaag    167460
     gttgttttgt cccccaagaa ccaatgtttg tcccccatgg ggcaatattg tcttcactga    167520
     gaatgcacat gctggtgtat gcagtacact ctcaaatacc tgatggcccg ctgccaaatg    167580
     agcatttgca gggacacatt gtgaacacca agaaagaagc aattattgga cacccctgaa    167640
     atctgggaag gcttttctga gcggttggca gggactggtg gacaggattt gctgtctgca    167700
     ggcaatgctg ctatgctggc aaatgcttca gcaccagcct gggggagtgg ggagtgagag    167760
     gggatgggtt tgatttgtaa tctttgccag ggtttgctaa ttacacacta ccaagatgat    167820
     atcactgaag gtggagttgg aaggagaggc actcaggact cccgtgcacc tgagagccgg    167880
     ctctagtgca gcactgcctg gaggggaggt ggggggggcg ccctgtgagt tatgggctga    167940
     gaacagggtg catgccgtgt atgtgcgggc tggttggggg aacatacagt ggaagatgag    168000
     ggcactaatg gggaatcctg aatgcgaggc tcacacgtct gaacattatc ctataggcca    168060
     cagagtctta cctggtgggg atgtgaaaag ggctataggt caatttacca aaaattagtc    168120
     aagccaaaag cctccatgct gagtggctgt ttggggaaaa actctcaaat tgtatttcct    168180
     ctgctctcac accacagcaa acaacactga agacttctgt gatcaaaagc gggcagctgg    168240
     gttccctacc agtgagcagt ggatgccagc tgggtgtcct gcagttcagt tccgacatcc    168300
     cctaccggga gatagcgtca gatcccacag gttgagggct cagtcctcaa ggataccctc    168360
     tcttccccca gacagtggtc acaagtgcag gcctctggag cttctgatgg aatgtcttca    168420
     tgttggggtt cccaagaccc cctctttggg tttgcttaat ttgctggaat ggctcaaata    168480
     actcaaggaa atacttactt acatttactt gtttatatta caaagaatac aggtgaagag    168540
     gggcacaggg caaggtatgg gggaaggggc atggagcttc catgccttcc ctgggtgccc    168600
     cctctctcca ggaatctccc catgttcagc catcgggaag ctctccaacc ctgtcctctt    168660
     ggggttttat ggaggcatca atacataggc atgattgaca atggcataga aaggtgattg    168720
     gacaaaaagc ccatgatcta aacccagcaa ggcctgtctt tttcttagcc tttctgtgtt    168780
     gcattccttc ctttagggta gggggcagga ccctctctag aatgagagtc ttttgatcca    168840
     cagtcagagt agagtcctgc cttgggcagg tgaaagaagg actggagaag gacagagaga    168900
     gagattctct cctgaggcct aaagtgtccc aacattataa caaggactat gcaagttaga    168960
     agccaggaat aaacatacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acatatatat    169020
     acacatacac acacacatat atatatacac acatatatat acacatacat acatatatgc    169080
     gggctatata tatatataca catacatata tatgtgggct atatatatat acatatacat    169140
     atatatatat gcgggctata tatatctctc ataacatcta tctgtctatc tatctatcca    169200
     tctatctatc ccataacact acagtgccca atccattcaa aagtgtcaga caaattcctt    169260
     aacctggtca agggcaagaa tttgctggcg ggaccagaag cagagggcaa gttccagaaa    169320
     ataaacatgg tgccacatgt aagagcaggc cactcatgga aaacagctgg gctctggtga    169380
     cgggcaggca cccaaaaccc atgataatgc aggaaaccgc actccgtggg gccgggctgg    169440
     cagagacaca ggttctggct gtgaggtgga ctgaaaacgt caaaaacaac ctccatcatc    169500
     tggcacacag gtcattcagc agttttattt agcaaattgt tttttgccaa actggcctgc    169560
     ttcttgggca cagtgtcttt ccaagaggat ctgtgggggt tttgcaggtt aaggaagcat    169620
     attccatgct gcagaataaa taaatgtttg taaagacaaa gggaatgcta atttcccccc    169680
     aatacaaact atagaaaata aagttggttt tcagcaggga catggctcct ggtgcagtgg    169740
     aggcacatat ttgtacaatt ctctgatatc aggatctcca gcaagaggga ccaggtttat    169800
     cccaggccag gcagtgagag ccatcagtgc atctaaatag tgacatgtcc agggttaagg    169860
     ctggagacac aatggaaatt atcttaaaca ttttgggagt cccctgactc ccagtccagt    169920
     gctcagacta gagtcagagc acaaaagatc ccatttcatc agatcctttg gcagagtaag    169980
     aggatgcctt ccccgagccc tgtgaggata cggtctccta tttgacctta tggccataga    170040
     cagacttgag ctaagaatat gaagagagcg ttttgatgga tattttgaca gctttggggt    170100
     gaatgtctca gttagctatt gctgcaatac tgctgtgtaa caaaccaccc caaaaccaga    170160
     ggcttaacat gacagtaatt tattcccatc cacacatttg tgatttagct gggggagtgg    170220
     tatgctggat gcaactttaa ctagtactta ctgtattagc tcatgataag gagttttgta    170280
     atccagttgt taaacacagc cattagtaag aattaaattc tgtaagttta caaataaaga    170340
     aattatatta aaatagaaga tactaaatat tcagactcca ttgcttccta actatgctgc    170400
     tgtgctctgt gcttgaggtt gcttctgccc atcgtgtctc tatggtggaa atacttgagg    170460
     ggggtgccac tgtgcagctc ttcccacctt cgttcagtga cgtcatgata ataccttgac    170520
     attgaccatg gtgaaattgg tatctacacc acagaaattg caaatgctac aaatcagggc    170580
     tttaaaacaa caacaaaaac aaatagatga ttgtgaagca tttacccaca tacccctgac    170640
     tgggagtcgc tgatctagac tgggcacagt tgggcttgaa tccagggtgc aggtcagtga    170700
     gggtgggtct gctccgtgtg ccctcattct catggtgatg gtgaaggaga ggacaagctc    170760
     tgatggccta ggttggcatg ggcccactgt cagtgggggt gatatattac acctcttgtg    170820
     gagggaacta caaagtcaca tgacacgagg tgtggctgtg gggcacgaag aggcactggg    170880
     aacagtaatg caactgggga gagtggcttt gggggcttct ccttgagggg aaggctcttc    170940
     ccttagttgg agttcggctc ctgatccttg agtcctgggt cagctgctgg gcaggggagg    171000
     gacaggtgcc agaggagcgc ttgccccccg aggcccagtc cttcaacccc cgtcaccttg    171060
     ctgctctttc actggatggg ctcagctgtg ttggcgctga gtctttgtct gcctggctct    171120
     cagcaaattt ggaggagagg agactgctct ctgaaagctg atttaaagga agcagggcat    171180
     attggcagaa tgttcatttt atttatttta ttattgttat tctcaattgc ctcatctata    171240
     aaatggggac aataatccta cctatttcat agggctattg ggaggaggga aagagatgct    171300
     atacatgtat aaaactttta gcatagtatc tggcaaataa agtgcccatg aaattttagc    171360
     tagagactct ttttcttcaa gagtgattct aaaacacact gtttgccccc ctttcccact    171420
     caaccgttga ctctcttcct agccttaaac ttcatgtcca gaactttttc taatttttta    171480
     tttttggaat tgtggttaaa aaaatacata acataaaagt taccacctag tgtccatcag    171540
     tggataaaaa atctggggtg tatatatgca gatgaatact gttcagcttc aaaagataag    171600
     ggaatcctgt catttgcagc aacatggatg accctgtagg gcattatgtt aggtgaaata    171660
     agccaggctc agaaagacaa gtaccacgtg atctcactta ggtgtggaat ctaaaaaaga    171720
     caaactctta caggcagaga gttggatggt ggttaccgaa gacagggcag gtggcactgg    171780
     ggagacgtct gccaaaggat acaatatttc acttagaaag gaggaataaa ttcaagagag    171840
     ccattgtaca acatggtgat tatagttaat gtattgtata cttcagaatt gccaagagaa    171900
     tagattttaa gtgttctcac cacaaaaaat aagtatgtga ggtaatactt atgttaatta    171960
     gcttgactta gccatcctac aatgtacaca tgtatcaaag catcatatat accggctggg    172020
     tgtagtggct catgcatgta atccagcact ttgggaggct gagacaggca gattgtttga    172080
     gctcaggagt ttgaggccag cctgggcaac atggtgaaac ctcatctcta caaaaaatac    172140
     aaaaaattag tcagatgtag tggcgtgtgc ctgtagcccc agatactcag gaggctgagg    172200
     tgagagaatt gcttgagcct gggaggcaga ggttgcagtg agccgagatc ttatcactgc    172260
     actccagctt gggtgacaga gtgagaccct gtttcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggcatcata    172320
     tataccataa atatatacaa ttagtacatt ctcgttgttg tgcaaccaat ctccagaact    172380
     ttttcatctt gcaaaactga aattctatac ccattaaata ataacttccc attttctgcc    172440
     tgcccctaac cccttcctaa tttctgtttc ataaatttga ctactgaaag aagcaaatgc    172500
     ctggaggagg aagactgtgg ttttctgatt ctatcgctga cttagaaaag ccagaagttt    172560
     ggggcctggg atctgattat tccccagtaa ttcacaggtg taatgtgggt gtggagtcca    172620
     ggccatatgg ctgatgggaa gtggggaatg tctgcatccc accagaaatg agccccagca    172680
     ccacatctcc caggcctcac cccatgcttc tttgtaccct ccccttctcc ccaggtacaa    172740
     gcctcgagag aagctgaagg tgaacttcgg cactcctgag ttcctggccc cagaagtcgt    172800
     caattatgag tttgtctcat tccccacaga catgtggagt gtgggagtca tcacctacat    172860
     gctgtgagtg cttagcaccc tggctctgaa gtggggacag gggtcatttg tcttcctttg    172920
     ggtaatctta gaagcaaaat tttgagcaca agtagtctat ttgggaggta accccaggaa    172980
     accccaatag aggaataggg tagtgagatg gggaaggaaa ggagccaggg aagggtatgt    173040
     tatcaagcca gttaccatat ttacaaggca gtcgtatttc caagttataa ttttagtagg    173100
     ttaatattga aaaaattgag atgtgccgat attattccct ggaacaaagg tctaaaggcc    173160
     tgtttctcgg tgaggaaggc ctacttgggc ttcagcagct gtatcaaagt tatgggttga    173220
     gctgggcatg gtggctcatg cctgtaatcg cagcactttg ggaggccaag gtgggaggat    173280
     tgcttgagcc aaagagttca agaccaacct gggcaacata gggagaccct gtctctacca    173340
     aaaccaaaaa aaattagttg ggcattgtgg tgcgtgccta tcgtcccagt tactagggag    173400
     actgaggtgg gaggattgct tgagcctggg aagttgaggc tgcagtgagc catgatcatg    173460
     ccattgcatt ccagcctgag tgacagagca agaccatgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    173520
     attatggctt gagccattga attttttggt actgagacat aaaagtaata actgaaaata    173580
     acaaaggtat tcatcgagag taaggcccga ttgtgggcaa ctggagtttc attctgctgg    173640
     ggaactccag aatgcatcat ggaatacccc ctgagagtta tttcatctag ggggtattta    173700
     tacactaatt cttaccagtt attccttgtg gactaatgga gatggggtgg aattgatttc    173760
     ctgatacttc tgggtgggta aagcaagctt cagctggaga gaaagccctc cagcaaagac    173820
     atgcaggtgc tttggtacaa atggagctgg atcatgccta taatcccagc actttgggaa    173880
     gctgtggcgg gaggattgcc tgagcccagg agtttgaggc tgcggtgagc tatgattgca    173940
     ccatagcact ccagcctggg tgacagaatg aggcactgtt taaagacaaa acaaaataaa    174000
     aacccaaatg aggctggagt gcaccgaagg ggtaaggggg tggggggcag ggcaggatac    174060
     cctttgtggc atcattgaac ccctgtgctc cctgttttct tctctgtctg gctgtggact    174120
     tcccgtggct gcttcctcag aggtaaagtc atgttttact tctggtctcc tgattattgt    174180
     gtaactgctg cgcactgtcc ctgcactcag atatgggagc tgcgccaggc tggggaagtt    174240
     cagatccctg aggctggccg tcagggtgtc ctgattctct atcctccctc aggcgggaac    174300
     ctaataaagc ccattttcct ttggcttggg gcctgggtag catctaaata agcctggctg    174360
     tctcaaggac atggaaggct atttctattt ctaaaattaa atcaatgtgt acttgataac    174420
     tgggcatacc aagttgggcc ctaattttac tctttacttc aggaatgagg tggaaagagg    174480
     tgagcacaag aggggactta ttccaaaaat tcttcttgcc tccaaatttt aaatccttcc    174540
     gcttcctccc tttaatgaac acactggact ccatcctgtg gagaagtagt ggaggtgctt    174600
     ttattttgaa ccctcttggt tctggctagg tccacttgaa ctctgtaagc ttctctattc    174660
     tgccaatgca tgttggcaaa tgtggcctcc acctactgat ggtcctttct ctcttctata    174720
     gactcagtgg cttgtcccca tttctagggg aaacagatgc agagaccatg aatttcattg    174780
     taaactgtag ctgggatttt gatgctgaca cctttgaagg gctctcggag gaggccaagg    174840
     actttgtttc ccggttgctg gtcaaagaga agaggtacct ttcattgctt gtcactcatg    174900
     ggcccttctg atggggaccc caggtctggg agctgggcag gactgctgac cgtgaaggtc    174960
     cttcttcctg tggacaaatt ccattcaaga tttcttagtt tgctacttct ttggaaaaat    175020
     aaagggaaca gagaaaggga caaaggaaat caatgaaaca acaaacaagt aggggcataa    175080
     aatatagttt tagaaagaag catatgtaga ttggtcctat ctgcaagtta tcagttgtca    175140
     taggctaagg ttgaagaaaa gaactgagat atgcagatgt tatttccaga ataaagatct    175200
     gaataccttg tttcttggtg aagaagatct atttaggctt cagcgtctat atcaaagtca    175260
     tgggtcaagc catttgagtt ttttgatact cagaataagg taataactgg acataaccaa    175320
     aggtattaac cacccaaggc taaggcccag gagtctgggc tctaagacag cttgtatttc    175380
     cctgactttt acaattttgt ttctttctga ctgtgaaaag ttatgtgaga ggaaaaaaaa    175440
     ttctaagtca gatgaacaag ttggctttat actctggaag gagaaatgag cttccttcaa    175500
     atttcctgtt cttttgcttc tttaagagca attccaggca tagctagcct tcctactgcc    175560
     ctgcctcaac ttctcagccc cctctgggaa gtggttcctc ccagaatcac tggaatatgt    175620
     tccccctata gaggtcagag aacattttgc tgacgacctt ctggcacttt gaaggaaggg    175680
     aattttagac acaaggagtt ccctttttgg tacatggcat gaatctgcct aaatgattaa    175740
     tctgttccac tgactcaggc ttcctactca agtgaacaga tttttggatg agaaaaggca    175800
     actccaacta aaagtcttaa ctgctctttg atttcacagc tgcagaatga gtgccacaca    175860
     gtgcctgaaa cacgagtggc tgaataattt gcctgccaaa gcttcaagat ccaaaactcg    175920
     tctcaaatcc caactactgc tgcagaaata catagctcaa agaaaatgga aggtatttgg    175980
     tttttctctt agtaaaggtg gaatttgtca tcctaatctg tccttggaaa aaactgtagc    176040
     taagtttcct tttctttttt tttttttctt ctttttgggt ttgtttttat agacagggtc    176100
     ttgctctgtt gcccaggctg gagtatagtg gcatgatcat ggttcactgt aaccttaaat    176160
     tcctgggttc aagcaatcct cccacctcag cctcctaagt agttgggact acaggcatgt    176220
     accaccatgc cttgctaact ttcatatttt ttgcacagac agggtcttgt taagttgcct    176280
     aggatggtct tgaactcctg gcttcaagca ctcctcctgc ctcagcctcc caaattgctg    176340
     gcattacagg catgagccac tgcacccagc ctgtagccag ggttttactt acattttgat    176400
     tctaaacaga aagattattt agggggaaaa atctctctca tgtcaaaagc tgctagcttg    176460
     atttaaaaat gtcacagagc aaaaataact ggcataaaac ttacatttgg tttgtgctta    176520
     tatggacact tgaagtgaca gaatgaagct taagcatatg ttctcagtgg caatcatcgt    176580
     gaagctcctg aactaactgc ttagagcttg aggcctgatt cttccacatt tcagaaatgg    176640
     gagataagaa aggcctgtta aacttttaaa actttataat tttgtttaca acagaattct    176700
     ttagtcccat ggacataaaa cctatcttaa aagcaattgt gatccaggga agtggcttcc    176760
     aacaatttaa tatggactta gatcctcact ggggatccaa aagcacaaac aaaacccttt    176820
     atgtatggag ccagtacaca agaataccta tacatgtaca cacttaccgg gaaacacaca    176880
     acaaaaattt gactcaggcg tggtggcctg cacctatagt tccagctatt tgggaggctg    176940
     aatggggagg atcacttgag ttcaggagtt tgaggctgca gtgagccgtg atcacgccag    177000
     tgtactctag cctgggtgac agagggagac tcccatctct gtttaaaaaa aaaatcacaa    177060
     cattttctct aacagaatat gatgtattct gatattttct attctgtgcc acttggtttt    177120
     attttttaaa tgctgttcac aacccaccaa tttgatttca tgacccattg ctcggttgtg    177180
     aatcacaatt tgaaaaacac tgttctatca aagcatgatg taggctgatg aaaaataaaa    177240
     ataagacact gttctagggt gctccatttt tcatgtgaaa agggcaggat aaacctgggt    177300
     aacctagtga gactgtatct ttacaaacaa gacaaaagtt agctggtcgt ggtggtggtt    177360
     gcctgtagtc ccagctactt gggaggctga ggtgggagga ttgcttgagc ccaggaggta    177420
     gaggttgcag tgagccaaga tcacgccact gcactccagc ctggacaaca gagccagacc    177480
     ccatcctgac ccccctaccc cctccccaaa aaaagaaaaa aaagagggca ggatgatgta    177540
     tcttcccact tcatatttac tcccaacatg cccctgaaag tcatgtgact attctataat    177600
     tattttagaa acttgtttcc ctttaggtat cagatttaaa ccaaccccag tggctggact    177660
     cacttaaatc cttttattgt ttcttcataa ggcaactggt ctaaaataca tgctttttct    177720
     tttcttttat tctctccttg cctcaagaaa catttctatg tggtgactgc tgccaacagg    177780
     ttaaggaaat ttccaacttc tccctaatct tcaactctgc tgctccaatg ggtccagaaa    177840
     ttactgaggc cagtggtgaa gtgaagagat gactcaaaca tttaaataat ttggcttttt    177900
     ggtattattg attccactta ttttgtaaaa atggttatgg ctgctgcctt ccttgtggat    177960
     gaaaagtggc tgtaaagaag cttcctaaga acgttttttt ctgccttgta agatcactac    178020
     gtgtgaaatg ctctgagtac ctttcaaata tacctacttt tggtggtaag tgtagggatg    178080
     ctttaggtag gtactttgca tctgtcgaat ttaaattcta aactcacact gattaaggaa    178140
     ctcagtagac tactttgcag gggccatgtt attcagtgtt atctcctcca gtacaaagaa    178200
     ttcctagaat tttgatttgc tcaggtgtga gctgacattt tattgtacta ccccattctt    178260
     gtgttaagcc atgtggattt aggacagtga tcttcaaact tgctttaact tatgctccct    178320
     tttgagaatc agcatcactt gaaatgtcaa aatatgtcaa ctctcatagc caaatcaaag    178380
     aagtgatcat tttgactgtg ctttttaaat ctccacacac ctccacctct ctcctaattc    178440
     tgcctgtctt aacccctctg tcttagttat aaatttctgg tcttgtaagt ctggaagctg    178500
     ataggcaatt tatgaaagag ataagaatgt aatgaggttc cgctttctga gaaacacaga    178560
     aatgatacat cctgagacat aaaggaaagc tgctcttctg ctgcctcagg ctgtagcact    178620
     ctcaatgttg tcactctaca catacacttt ctatatacat gtacagttga cccttgaaca    178680
     gggtttgaat tgcagtcaac ttaaatgtgg attttctttc acctttgtca cccctgagac    178740
     agcaacacca tgctctcctc ttcatcccac tctgcagcct actcaacagg aagatgatga    178800
     agatgaacac ctttatgatg atccactttc acttaatgaa tagtaaacat atgttttcct    178860
     ccttatgatt ttagtaactt ttctctagct tactttattg taagaataca gtatataagc    178920
     tgggtgtggt ggctcatgcc cataatccca gcactttggg aggctgaggc aggcagatca    178980
     cttgaggtca ggagttcaag accagcctgg ccaacacagt gaaaccccat ctctactaaa    179040
     aatacaaaaa ttagtggggc gtggtggcgg atgcctgtaa tgtcagctac tctggaggct    179100
     gaggcaggag aactgcttga acctgggagg tggagtttgc agtgagccaa gattgcacca    179160
     ctgcactcca gcctaggcaa cagagcaaga ctccgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa    179220
     tacagtatat gtatatatac acacacacaa acacacacac acacgaacac atatgtgtgt    179280
     atgggtatta actgactgtt tatattattg atagggcttc cagtcaacat taggctatta    179340
     gtagttaagt ttttggggag acaaaagtta tactcagatt ttctactgca agggggtagg    179400
     cactcctaac cctcacattg ttcaagggtc cactgtacat ttaaacactt ttctatatgc    179460
     attagagtag ccctgtcatc ccttcactga aatcatactg ttctcaacat ggcaagcaac    179520
     taacactttt tttttttttt gagacagggt ctcactctgt tgcccaggct gcagtgcagt    179580
     ggtgtgatct tggctcactg tagcctccgc ctcctgggct caggcgatca tgagtacctg    179640
     ggaccatagg tgcccgctac tacacccagc taatttttgt atttttagtg gagatagggt    179700
     tttgccatgt tgcccaacct ggtcttgagc tcaagcgatc cacctgcccc agcctcccaa    179760
     agtgctggga ttataggtgt gagccaccac acccagcttc aactaacaca tttacgaact    179820
     tgtatacatg tatatttaga tactttacca acttgtaaaa tggttaaagg agtactttat    179880
     tatgaaaaaa tatacaatct ttaaaatttc cttacttcta catgattttt gtgctattcc    179940
     catttttttc ctcaggtgag cagctttagt tttttatttt ttttgagaga gtcttcctct    180000
     gtcacccagg ctggagtgca ctggtgtgtt cttggctcac tgcaacctct gcctcccggg    180060
     ttcaagtgat cttgtgcctc agcctcccag gtagctggga ttacaggcgt gtgctgccac    180120
     gcccagctaa tttttgtatt tttggtagag atggggtttt gccatgttgg ccaggctggt    180180
     ctcgaactcc tgacctcaga tgatccacct gtcttggcct cccaaagagc tgggaatata    180240
     ggcatgagcc actgtgcttg gcctcaggtg agcagcttta gtcaatgttg tgaattttag    180300
     attttaatta gacatgcaac agtttcacta cctttcagga tttttgtcct gtaacagagg    180360
     ctcttgcttt ttgacagaga ggtaggcagg tggagaggtt atcctgctgc tgcagttctc    180420
     aagttgttaa gtttcctctg gaaggctaac ccttgttggg aactaacagt ttcaatacca    180480
     gcaagtctag gcctgctcca agttggtcag ctgaagaatg aacatcagaa gacacagctg    180540
     ctgaaagttg tcctttgatg agacagtgat agtgatttgg taaaatgtct tattttttaa    180600
     atgtcagtta tctttcttta aaaggttttt tgagggcagc ctccagaagg agctagagag    180660
     tatattttat agttctattg tggttcatac cctgttttcg acttaagatt ctggagaatg    180720
     ctatgaaaca tctccccaga aaaagacagt taattaccat atctagagca gcactgccca    180780
     acaaaaatat agtacaggct atacacataa ttaaaacatt tctagtagct tctctaacaa    180840
     aacccattga aagccaattt taataattta tataacttag tgtatcaaaa atatttcaat    180900
     atgtaatcaa cataaaattg agatacttta ccagctacta gggaggctga ggccagagaa    180960
     tcacttgaac ccagggggtg gaggttgcag tgagccaaga tcacaccatt gaactccagc    181020
     ctgggcaaca agagcaaaac tccgtctcaa aaaaaaagag atattttata ttctttttct    181080
     catactaagt ctcaaaaatc tggtatattt tacacttaaa aacacatgtc aaggctaggc    181140
     atggtggctc acatctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc aaggtgggca gattgctggc    181200
     caacatggta aaaccccatc tctaaaaata taaaaattag ctgggcgtgg tggcgcatac    181260
     ctgtaatccc agctacttgg gaggctaagg cacaagaatc acttaaacag gaggcagggg    181320
     ttgcagtgag ctgagatcac accactgcac tccagcctgg gtggcagagc aaaactttgt    181380
     ccccacccct gacaaaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaacaaa aaaaaacctg tcaattcaga    181440
     tgctaggttt tcatcagacg tacttaatct gtatttagat ttcttaaaac ttactgtgga    181500
     aaatgtattt acatactcaa gttgtttgaa acataactca ctgttttcca ataactgaag    181560
     tatccacttt tacatgtatt aaaattaaat aaaattagaa attcagttct gcagttgcac    181620
     tagccacatt ttaagtgttt aatagccaca cgtggttagt ggcatctata ttggacaggg    181680
     cagatctaga gagaatcctg tatctaacaa ttttaatttt tttcccttta tgctgttatt    181740
     ccttacctag agaaacaatt tccctccaaa gttcctttga ggggtctgtt taggccaggc    181800
     caacacaagt gacctatgtg gattttagca tccttttttt gaaatttgag gttttatgaa    181860
     gcttgagttt ttctggatat ttttagtaat ttgctggtgt gtacttagct caaatacttg    181920
     attgcaactg tgttgggtca actatttcta atgggacttt tccatttgca tgtacagtca    181980
     ctggaaactg ctgggcagag aaactctaaa aggtagttgg ggcacacttt ttccacctgt    182040
     cagattggtg aagaattggt gaggctgtgg ggaaaatggc attctcccac ttttgatgga    182100
     tatgtatcca aataaaagtc attcccatgc tttctttcat ccagaaattt tatttctaga    182160
     aatttatccc tccgtacttg aacaattgta tagagattta ttcaaaatga tgtttactat    182220
     agcactgttg ctaatggccc agtaaaaaca accaacacat gcctattagt ttggttttag    182280
     ttaaatgaat tttgccacat ccatgtagtg gaatacctca cagctgttat agatagatct    182340
     agatatactg aaagccattt tttcttaaat tatagaatgt atatatggta tcatcccatt    182400
     tgtgaagaga catatgctta tatgtgcatt aaaaaaccgt aggatatgca agaaacttaa    182460
     cagtggagtg tgaaaagtgg gtgattggga gagggggaat tccacttttc atttatcttt    182520
     ctgaaccttt tgaatctttt tttttttttt ttttacaatg agcatgtatt cctttttttt    182580
     tttttctttc caagatggag tctcactctg ttgccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgcaatct    182640
     tggcttactg caacatccac ctcccgagtt caagtgattt ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa    182700
     gtagctggga ctacaggcat gcgccaccac gcccagctaa tttttgtgtt tttagtagag    182760
     atgggctttc accatgctgg ccaggatggt ctcgatctct tgacctcgtg atctgcccac    182820
     ctcggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg tgtgagccac tgcgcctggc ccgcatgtat    182880
     tacatttata attaaaaatt cacaactcaa tgtcaagtgt gaaccttgtg ttgaccctga    182940
     tttgagcaag caataaaaag atatttttga gacatttaga ttatgaattt cacatttgat    183000
     gatagttact attaattttg tgaggtgtga tattggcaat gtggttagat gacttcagag    183060
     aaaaaggaag gtatagttaa gcaagtatgg caacatctaa taacttgggt ctaggtgatg    183120
     tgtatgggtt tcattatact gtcctcttta ctgttgtatg tatttgaaaa cattcatgac    183180
     aaaaaaactt tttaatcagt taaataaacc atgaagaacg gttaaagaag tgagcttcca    183240
     agaagtgttt ataataacag tactgaaaca cacgaattca ctaactagta agcatctgta    183300
     ttagtcaggg ttctctagat ggacagaata ggatatatat agatatatgt aatatgtata    183360
     taggtaatat gtatatatat gtaatatgtg tatatatatg tatataaagg ggagtttatt    183420
     aagtattaac ttacatgatc acaaggtccc acaataggct gtctgcaagc tgaagagcaa    183480
     ggagagcgag tccgagttcc aaaactgaag aacctgaagt ccgacgttcg aaggcaggaa    183540
     gcatccagca caggacaaag atgtaggctg ggaggctagg ccagtgtctc cttttcacat    183600
     tttactgcct gctttatatt tgctggcagc tgattagatt gtgtccacca gaataagggt    183660
     ggatatttcc cagcccagac tcatatgtta atctcttttg gcagcaccct cacaaacaca    183720
     cccaggatca aactttgtat ccttcaatcc aatcaagttg acactcagta ttaaccatca    183780
     cggcattcat cactgggatt gtaattgtgt tagaaaactg tagaaaggct tcctaggagg    183840
     gcatttggac aagactgctt taaggtaatt cctccactcc ccaactaatt taaaaaataa    183900
     ctaagtacat attatattgc aaataataaa aataattacc attacttgct ttcatggcat    183960
     aaagaaaaaa cagacaatac tacttatatt tattctcata tgctatttaa acaaggctca    184020
     gaaattttag atttatcaga atcacatctt aacagggtaa tttaaaagtg aatgtgcctg    184080
     attaactcaa aatggattaa agacctaaat gtaagagctt aaaccattta actcttagaa    184140
     gaaaacaagg gaaaagcttc atgacattgg atttggcaat gatttcttgg atatgatagc    184200
     aagagtacag accacagaag taaacataaa ttggactata tcaaaattaa aagcttctgt    184260
     gcatcaaagg ccataatcaa cagagtgaaa aggcaaccta aggaatggga gaaaatattt    184320
     acctatcata tctgataagg gtgaatatct agaatatata aagagctcct acaactcaac    184380
     aacaaaaacc aaacaacctg attcaaaaag gggcatattc gctgtttgta tattttcttt    184440
     aaaaaatgtc tattcaagtc catgaagaga tgcccaacat ctttcccctc atcattaggg    184500
     aaaagcaaat taaaaccata atgacattaa cacctcacat ccattaggat ggctactatt    184560
     aaaaaaaaaa aaactagaaa ataactagtg ttggcaaaga tgtagagaaa ttggaatcct    184620
     tatgaactgt gggtggaatg taatatggta taccctctat ggcagttcct caaaaattta    184680
     aaagtagagg ctgggtgtgg tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc aacactttgg aaggctgagg    184740
     agggtggatc acctgaggtg agtttgagac cagcctggcc aacatggcaa aaccctgtct    184800
     ctactaagta aactacaaaa attagccagg cgtggtggtg ggcacctgta atcccatcta    184860
     cttgggaggc tgaggcagga gaactgcttg aacctgggag gcagagtttg cagtgggctg    184920
     agatcacgcc actgcactcc agcctgggcg acagagtgag actccatctc aatcagtcaa    184980
     tcaatagaat taccatatga tctagcaatc ccatttctgg gtgtataccc aaaagaattg    185040
     aaagcagggt cctcaagagg tatttgtaca cacatgttca tagcagcatt actcaacccg    185100
     tgtcacactg atggatgaac aaaatgtggt atatacaact gaatattcag ctttaaaaag    185160
     taacttctga cacgttacaa catggacaat cttgagaaca ttatactaag tgaaaaaagc    185220
     cagtcacaaa tactgtgatt ccacttatat gaatccttag tcaaattcag agagagtgag    185280
     tacaatggtg gttgtcaggg gatgtgggga ggaatgggga gttgtttaat ggttaagtca    185340
     gttttgcaag atgaaaaaat tctggagatt ggttgcaaaa caaagtgact acataatact    185400
     taaccataaa cactttaaaa agattaagat agcgtatttt gttacatata ttttactaca    185460
     attttaaagt aggtgaatgt gcttaacttt acagggtgat aagtacattg cttttgactc    185520
     aaagctagaa atctgtatct tggcaccaaa taacaaatta catagcttct atttttttga    185580
     gatagtctcg tctgtcgccc aggctggagt gctgtggcat gatctcggct cacggcaacc    185640
     tccaccttct gggttccagc aattctcgtg cctcagcctc ctgcgtagct aggactacag    185700
     gcgcctgcca tcatgcctgg ctaatttttt gtatttttag tagagacagg gttttgccat    185760
     attgcccagg ctggtctcga actcctgagc tcaggcaatc tgcctgcctc agcctcccaa    185820
     agtgctagga ctacaggcct gagccattgt gctgggtctc aaattacata ccttcttaat    185880
     aaatgaggaa gatttatcaa ttttggatca aagccataac aagagctatt taatgaatgc    185940
     cttctaaatg ccgtgcactt cacaaataca atagtacctt taaacctcac aaggcaggta    186000
     tttctatttt agctactgtt attattattt ttttaagaga tggggtctcc ctgtattgcc    186060
     caggctggag tacaatggct attcacaggt gtgatcatag catactacag acttaaactc    186120
     tttggctcaa gtgatcctcc tgccttggct cctgaatagc tgtgactgta ggtgcacacc    186180
     actgtgccca tcttttctat tttataaata ggaaaactta ggctcagtaa gattttgggc    186240
     ttttgttagg ggagaagtgg cagagccaga atttaaaccc aagtgtgtgt ggctccaaag    186300
     ctcatgttca ttccccaata ccacaggcct tgccagacat gcttatgttg ggaccatttg    186360
     attgtggtat ttctttagcc ttagtctgct aaagttctaa aactaaaaag gtagggggaa    186420
     aaaagagaca tcacctttag tcattctaga tctatgtagc aggtattatt cattacctgt    186480
     agcagataaa aggcaaccat tattattact gatgtcattc taagtagatt ttaaacattt    186540
     ggatgcaatc cttttatcat ggaaatattt aattatatca tatattctta attttagtta    186600
     aaatcatgtc tggcatgatg cctttagcaa cttcttacca tccaagaaaa ggtccttttc    186660
     catagtctta aaataagtag tatttactaa gtttacactt ttcaatatgt agatactaaa    186720
     aaaaaagctt gattttataa aaaggtggta atgtttaatt cattatgaga cctccatatg    186780
     tgagattctt tctctcttct aatattttct aaatacttac tcatagcagg tactgtccta    186840
     aatgctttat atgtattggc tcagaaactc ctccatatta tctacgaggt ggtaccattt    186900
     ctactcctac tttatagatg aggcataaaa aagttaatta atttgctaaa ggtttcacag    186960
     gtgataagtg gctgagcagg gttttaaagt ctgatttgag tttgtggtct ggtgggcagt    187020
     gtggctcagt ggacaggaac ctgggctttt tcctgtagag aagacatagc ttttagcata    187080
     aggattcccc caaactgatg acaagtacaa cttgaatgca tatataaata acatttatta    187140
     acttaggctg tacaatatat tgatttagtc aaataaaaaa taccgtacac aaaaattgaa    187200
     gtaaaatctg taagatgcca ttcagactga attttatatt ctgaataaga caagggactg    187260
     ccattcactt aaagcaaaat ggctccaatt ccgtttatct atctatctat ctatctatct    187320
     atctatccat ctatctatct atctatctat aagtctcgct ctgtcaccca ggctggagta    187380
     tctatctatt tatttatgag ataagtctcg ctctgtcacc caggctggag tgcggtggtg    187440
     caatctcggc tcactgcaac ctctgcctcc cacgttcaag tgatgctcct gtctcagcct    187500
     actgaggagc tgggattaca ggcatgcacc atcacacctg gctaattttt gtatttttag    187560
     tagagatggg gtttcaccat gttggccagg ctggtctcga gctcctgacc tcaggtgatc    187620
     cacccacctt ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccactgc gcccggcctc    187680
     caattccatt ttgtaggaaa gcacataagg ctataccaat caggcactgt ggctggtcta    187740
     atgctcacac caggggccag cccactgccc agacttagcc tccaggtagg ctgctttgct    187800
     atttaaaggc aacagtctta ggatccttat tataaaagtt taaacaaaat cccaaagccg    187860
     tcaagtcttc ctggagatgg caatgtacta tcagtttgga atgtatacca gtttggaagc    187920
     tgaaatcact ctgctgtagc cttttgagca ctggcagcat tttccaaaat ttttcttttc    187980
     cattcttcat aatcctgtgt cagatcttca tctttctgtg gtttatgtgg catctcctct    188040
     accttctcca tttctgacag aaaattatca aaagcaattt caaaattctt agcttagaaa    188100
     tgaaatttaa aaaaaggtaa acttgtttaa attgtctaaa atagaaaaga tactgaaatg    188160
     acatggagaa acagcagtta tcactttttt ttgagatggg gtcttgtaat gttgctcagg    188220
     ctgcactcaa attcctaggt tcaaatgatc ctcccacctc cacctcttga gtagctggga    188280
     ccgtggctgg gactataggc tcacactatc acacctagct tagctatcac ttttttccct    188340
     cccttacact ccaagcattc caagacatct aataatagct aacgtctatc aagcacttaa    188400
     ctggtgcttg ataggcactg aaccaagtac tttaaatagc attatttcat ttaaccccta    188460
     ctacactccg taataggtga taatattaat cacattttat aggtcaggaa attgaggctc    188520
     acagaaatta tactttctta gaatcccata gccagtggtt gggcatagtg gctcatgcct    188580
     gtaatcccag cactttggga ggtgaagggg gcgggtcact tgagcccagg agttcaagac    188640
     cagcctgggt aacatagtga ggtcccatct ctatcaaaaa tacaaaaatt agccaggtgt    188700
     ggtagcacat gcctgtagtc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggtgggagga tggtttgagc    188760
     tcaggaggcg gaggctgcag tgagccgaga ccgtgccact gcactctagc atgggtgaga    188820
     gaaccaggcc atgtctcaga aaaagagaaa ccaaaaaacc aaaatcaaac aaacaaacaa    188880
     aaaaaccaaa aaatcacata gccagtaggt ggtattaaaa caataatgca gccatttgcc    188940
     tgagattgtc tttgtagcta aagctcttat aagcaaactg gaacctaact tggaaacatt    189000
     tcttttgtcg ggggaaaaga acctccgaaa gacaaaaata atccccagcc aatcacaaac    189060
     agccaaccag ctgacttgtt atacaactag ggacttccca tcagaccatg cccaggttta    189120
     agacaaatac ctagctgtag ctgcccaggc tggtctcgca ctcatgggct caagcaatcc    189180
     tcccgcctca gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggaata agccactgtg ccagaccagc    189240
     catattctta attacccaat aacgatgtta cttccattac tgattgcttg gaaaactggt    189300
     cttatcaaat gattcacagt cagaatgtac ttaaaactgg actcctgtca ggcaagctgc    189360
     tagagcagca ctgggctgtt cactgcataa aatgtcaacg tcagtaccgt gttagtaaaa    189420
     cttacccttt gctggggctt caaccactat cttctttctc ttccgtggtg gagtagctac    189480
     atctccaggt tctcctttaa gaagtgttat caaggttaat ttttctcctg ttctcaattt    189540
     cagtatttgg gcatgttttg gatcacaaat aaaattagac atcttaactg atcaaatatg    189600
     aggagaagag aaatgatctt agacctctct tttgggcctc ttgtcagact tgagaatcat    189660
     tttccaggca tagattcatg gaatcatagg ttagaaacat caataaaaac atacctggtc    189720
     cacatgtaat acggaattta ggaagcagcc agtttacata tttgaaaata tttgactttt    189780
     acaagcaaaa ggactacatt ttcaaatgac gcattcttga actacagaat acttactgtc    189840
     gacctgctgt ccaatcttct ctagttgttt acacagtcga tcaaatatag ctttttttac    189900
     accggatgtg gctaccattt tgtttttatc cactttcagc tttagaatcc tacaaaacaa    189960
     tttcataagt tgcttttctc aagacctgta cagttttctt ctctgggcaa ccagataatc    190020
     aacttatttt ctttttgacc atgcttccag agcctctgtc tagttttttt ccttcattcc    190080
     aaacatgtta ttatctatgc taagttgttt agttgtttat tggactgaga gttaaaatgc    190140
     acatgggatc tattttataa caaaaggggc acataaaaga catttgctgt agtgcttcat    190200
     gacttttaga actctttagt aaatctcaga ttaatttaat gaatgacaat cataggactt    190260
     ttttgttcca ctcattttaa ctcacaggat atttatatta caggaatgta acaaccccac    190320
     cccaccctga aaataaactt tcctaataag actccacagc aaccactaat tacaaacaca    190380
     aaataaactt tttcttcaga atagacctgt caagaccttt tcttactcag cgtaatatgg    190440
     tttcaaaagt agagttgact attctcactg ttttctacaa tatcagctgc actccctccg    190500
     tatatgcaca tacttttgtt gaattgaaga gatgttttcc ataaatgcca attaatactc    190560
     ctaggtatgt acctaataga gccaagcata ccaaaattag tgggtaggta gtgagaaatc    190620
     cattctttaa gggccaacta cattttgttt tctaaggagt tttctggcaa gataaaaata    190680
     agataacttt agacaaagat tatcaacaat tactaatatt tccaaggtaa catttcagca    190740
     tacacataga taacccacaa ttgtaagatt cagatgtgat aatttatcac taaaatgtta    190800
     taaattcctt gaagaacagt tgtagccagt gttttgtttt ttttttaaga gacagtgttg    190860
     tgggggggtc agccccccgc ccggccagcc gccccggccg cccctactgg gaagtgagga    190920
     gcccctctgc ccggccagct gccccgtccg ggagggaggt gggggggtca gccccccgcc    190980
     cggccagccg ccccgtccag gaaggaggtg gggggggtca gcccccccgc ccggccagcc    191040
     gccccgtccg ggaggtgagg ggcgcctctg cccggccgcc cctactggga agtgaggagc    191100
     ccctctgccc ggccaccacc ccgtctggga ggtatgcccg acagctcatt gagaacgggc    191160
     caggatgaca atggcagctt tgtggaatag aaaggcggga aaggtgggga aaagattgag    191220
     aaatcggatg gttgccgtgt ctgtgtagaa agaagtagac atgggagact tttcattttg    191280
     ttctgcacta agaaaaattc ttctgccttg ggatcctgtt gatctgtgac cttaccccca    191340
     accctgtgct ctctgaaaca tgtgctgtgt ccactcaggg ttaaatggat taagggcggt    191400
     gcaagatgtg ctttgttaaa cagatgcttg aaggcagcat gctcgttaag agtcatcacc    191460
     aatccctaat ctcaagtaat cagggacaca aacactgcgg aaggccgcag ggtcctctgc    191520
     ctaggaaaac cagagacctt tgttcacttg tttatctgct gaccttccct ccactattgt    191580
     cccatgaccc tgccaaatcc ccctctgtga gaaacaccca agaattatca aaaaaaaaat    191640
     aaattaaaaa aaaaaaaata aaaataaaaa taaaaaaaat gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    191700
     aaaagagaca gtgttgctgt gttgcctagg ctgcagtgta gtagcgtgac catagctcac    191760
     tataaccaag aactcctagg ctccagtgag ccttcagctt cagcctcccg agtagctgag    191820
     aagccaggac tggaggcatg tgctgacacc cagctaattt tttttttttt tcttaagaga    191880
     ttggggtctt attatgctgt ctaggctagt cttgaactcc ttgcctcaag cagtcctcct    191940
     gcctctgcct cccagtgttg ggattacagg cgggagccac cacgcctggc ccaaccagta    192000
     ctttttaaaa aatatgagca gaaaaatcac atgtgaagac tgttttaatg acagatatca    192060
     tctcttacaa aaggcagact gaaatcagaa ttcccagcat atatatacag ctgctatttg    192120
     ctagtggaat tctggcaaca ctagttccaa gttgttagct acattatggg ataaactggg    192180
     aatatagtca cttggccaat attcctaata ttatttctag gggaaaatat gctctgaatt    192240
     gatatcaact aagttagaag tattccttgg ggatgaaaaa cccacttgta aattggtaac    192300
     ttttctgaat gtttaatgaa atacctactt gcatgctgaa agcagtgcag cagaagtgaa    192360
     aagtggcctg gataagtcaa gatccacttg ctgtgtctgg ggaagactgg actcatagct    192420
     aaaggagaag ttattgcaga attatctgtt agaaaatatt atttgaaaag agactgaaag    192480
     tatcaaccag aacttacaag cttttaaaat ggatatgtgt gctgtcactt aacacgagtc    192540
     atttttttta agactgaaaa ttaaccagaa caggacaatg gataatttgt atctatcagt    192600
     ataaattttc tggtcccccc caccgccacc gccgccccgc cccaagacgg agtcttgctc    192660
     tgtcatccag gctggagtgc agtggtgcaa tctcggctta ctgcaacctc cacctcctgg    192720
     gttcaagcaa ttctcctgcc acagcctccc gagtagctgg gattacaggt gcatgacgcc    192780
     tcgcccagct aatttttgta tttttagtag aaatggggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggctg    192840
     gtcttgaact cctgaccaca tgatccaccc aacttggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca    192900
     ggcgtgagcc accacgcccg gcctattggt atacattttc aattaaggtt ctctatgccc    192960
     catacctttt tagtatcttt gaagccatgt tcactgcttc tatacagcta aactgtacag    193020
     ctaggtctct tattccaata tttgaattca ggcccagtaa acactcaaaa gatttaagac    193080
     agctctgata tgtctccttg ttcaaaccag aaagtttaat taaataagcc tgtgaaagga    193140
     aaaacacata cacaaatcat aaaaacctta agttctatat attagtaccc ttaaacactt    193200
     gtttaataag cagtataact tttcaaaatt aattttgtgg caagtcactc tacctaaagg    193260
     tttagcttca tttagtcaaa aaactggtaa tcatgtcagg ctgaggaagt actgctttca    193320
     aagagttcaa actatgcaaa ggcaggcagt catgcatatg cacagatgat ttaaaattat    193380
     aacacaatat taatatagtc aaaataggca gtaaaaaacc acaggaaaca cacagatggt    193440
     tacttgtgtt tatacaaagg tgctaacgtg taatttattg ggaaaaggaa ggagagaagt    193500
     agcgggagtg gagtaggggg cggggtggtg agagagagag agagagagag agtgtgtgtg    193560
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca ggagagaaag aggaaaagga aactaggaaa agaaacagga    193620
     ggatccactg tgggaaacca gctctgtctg ggagacttaa ggaaagtttc aatgtaacaa    193680
     taaggcaagg tcatgtaaga caaataggag tttgccagaa gagcattgca ggaaaaaaac    193740
     aaggtattgc attttcaaag ccacaaatca ttgacgtgca gagtctgtta agagaatact    193800
     gcagcttgag gccaggattc aagagaggct ggagagtttg atggtcatca acaaagcttt    193860
     gtttttagta ttaccattta atgagtgtat cgttatgaca caggtgctgt gttaatggtg    193920
     ttatgtacat ttaatcctca taataatcca gcgaaattgg atattttatc ttcactttat    193980
     ggatgaggac actggaggct aacagaggta gctagtgtgg agatttgatc tcaacatgaa    194040
     actcctcctg actgacccca aagcttgttc tctcaaacac tgtgacattg gaagaaaagc    194100
     ataggggttt ggaaatacgt gctttaaaag gagggtaatg ctagcagcaa tgtggaagat    194160
     ggcctctagc cgagaaagag gtggtcaggg aaaacagtga agagtaaaga aaacatggca    194220
     aaaaaatatt ttccaatgca aaatgattct acagtatttc cagaataaca cacaagaata    194280
     cccaggacaa ttctaaaaca agagttttta ctagggttta gttcaaccaa aagttaaaag    194340
     agcttcaatg ttgcactgga ttattcagac attcggtggg acctacttac cctgtccaag    194400
     gggcacttca tccaggaagc tgcaaggtcc aggcacatga ctgcactgct ggtctccgtg    194460
     gtgcgtgcgg agaggccgac acacttcacc cgggacaggc gcaagtactc ctctgctttc    194520
     ctggttaaaa gggcagtgtg ttcgctacaa cttattcaga agtttgctca acacgttggt    194580
     aaacaatgaa tacagcctgg ttagcttcac actaagccta actcctgtgg ctcgtttatc    194640
     tggggctggg aatgaaggtc atatcctctg gtgagaggaa gacagaacca gcactgactc    194700
     caaacatcac tgtgctcaaa tgctttcagg caaaaggaag ttaaattttg acaaaaaaat    194760
     tacccttctt tcctccttcc attactggaa caagcacgaa ctatcagaga caggcaggtt    194820
     agaccagggt tcctcctttc ctcctatttc ctttaaatca gtagttctta aacttgatgg    194880
     taggcgaaaa tcaccttggg gacttgcaaa ttactgggtc ccaggccgag ttactgatca    194940
     gcaggcttga ggtgggaccc aagaatttgt atttctaaca agtgacaaga tgatatggct    195000
     gttgctggtc caggaaccac attttgagaa ccactgttct aaatgactac cgagtcctgc    195060
     aggtttgtct tcaaatcttt taagtgctgt tttccttgcc ttccctcgcc tgactgctcc    195120
     acgttttagc tacaatggct ttatttcgaa ccccggatcc cgcttcccat ctcaacgctt    195180
     ttacaggagc tgtcgcccct gcctgggctg ctcttgccat atctttcctc gcctagcatc    195240
     tgccatcaat ccggcctcag cgggaacggc gcctgctttt ccgagttttg tttgtttctt    195300
     tgtgttaaag gcagccgcta ggccgcgctc caccccaagc ccagtggctc aggagcattg    195360
     cccggttaag gtctacacag tcctcgccct tacagacagc ggggtctgcg cctcgttgtc    195420
     gggttccccg ctataaaccc gactgcagta ggcgttggcg gaatgaacgg aaagttctcc    195480
     ctggctcatt tttctaccca cggacagggc tggctgttcc cagggacgtg tgccatcgcc    195540
     gtttgctatc gcccttcttg ccatctcatt caagctcacg gccgagaagt ttttcttgaa    195600
     gtaggcccta aaccccgccc ggccccagcg ctccccgtca ctcccccgcc gcccgtcgcc    195660
     tgggaagggc gcgggcctca cctgagggcc cagggccgcg aggcggaagc ccagccctgg    195720
     tcttgcgcgg ccgaactcac ctcagcatgt cgggctcggc gaggcccagg cgcggggcta    195780
     ggcgcccgat cagctccgac cccatggcgc cggcactaaa gcgaacaatt cccgtgaacg    195840
     ccgcgggtca acgaaacccg cgcgcaaagg ctgcaccggc cagtgagagc caggccccac    195900
     ccccggcgca tctggattgg ttaggacagg acgttgagac cgtcccacaa accaatcagg    195960
     gtcttccttt tgcgcatgcg catcaatagc gcaatcgcca acgcagatgc ggtgaacgtg    196020
     gacttgtcgg ctccccctcc ttccattcct tcttgacaaa ctcatcacac actgcctttc    196080
     cctcctgttg tctcctgcct gccgccgggc gatccccact gccctgcact gctccgccca    196140
     ctctcgcacg ctgtggtgag attggctggc gctcaggtcc gtccatctag cgttaagtga    196200
     cagggccaat aagcacgcga gactcgggtt cctagaagta ggccaatcaa tgagccgcct    196260
     gtagggcccg ggggcggggc tagagagggc ggggcttgga ggggccgcag cgtcacatga    196320
     ccgcgggagg ctacgcgcgg ggcgggtgct gcttgctgca ggctctgggg agtcgccatg    196380
     gtgagtgctg agggggcagt ggcacctggg tcgaccctcc ttgtagcccc tgctctctcc    196440
     caccgccccg cactccagcg agtggagaag gggccccaca gaccgttcgg gattaagacc    196500
     agcccgattt ggcctgcggg ataggggaca gcaggaggaa ggccgcgggc aggctgatcc    196560
     gggccggggt gggcggcggc tcttggctgc ggccgttgct gagagacggg gcggcctctc    196620
     tgtggggttg acttggcatg taggctttgg ggtccatgaa ggcctgcggc ctcctttaag    196680
     tggaatcggt cacctgccta ccacgagggg accggtagtc ctaggtctga gcgtctggcc    196740
     cccggggcgc gtggaggccc tgagactcgg aggtggcgcc gggacccgcc cagatgttgc    196800
     gtttctacct ttgtgcctag ttgtgctcgg ccgtccccac gccctcctgg aggggtcgca    196860
     gtgattcctt ggcctttctt ggcctcatac ccgccttcgg ctgcagtgtt tgtcagcgag    196920
     ttctggggac ctgcttacat gaatttcctg gaaggactca ggctgtcttc taatcctgac    196980
     ggtcgcaaag gagactgatt gtttacttta gcatttgtgc attgggcgca ccttgcctct    197040
     tttgtctcgc cattgataaa atccaagtat ttgacttgct ggaagcagta cttctcctta    197100
     gggcccgtct atgacggcag caaatcgtgg tgtggctgtt ggccggtaaa cttgaacttc    197160
     ctcaaaatgt gaatctttgt gtctggttcc cacaaaggca agttgtcact tgcattttat    197220
     tagcgtttaa catagcctgc actgtgtaaa taaatttttt gagtatatac tgtatgtccg    197280
     ctttaattac cttactcact ctgtgtagat aggcttctgt aaatctgtaa gcctggaaac    197340
     agatttcact ttaaatgtct taatgccaga aaggattaag tgttttacaa atactatttt    197400
     catataacgt gttgccgtac aaggtgattt tgcctgtttc tcaggatttt tataattggg    197460
     aattgataca agaccggcgc aaaatttaac tttaggattt gtgtgtttcc agcgtttatg    197520
     gattgacatt tatattgttt tgtaatggaa aacacttaat tgaggatgta ttacacactc    197580
     cgattctttg ttgggtgaac cagttgggag caatcagcca gacacacagt cttgtcctca    197640
     tgaattttat tgggaaagga aacttgagta ttcgttcttt cacagtcact gtctataatt    197700
     taggcagctc gcttagtctt cttggtgtcg cacttttgca tccgaaagca agtgttggcg    197760
     gcccctttgg cccttcccag ccctaaaatt ccagaatcca cttcaattca tcaaacatct    197820
     tgtgtgcctt cagtgtcacg gactgtggcc ctgggtacca atgtcgaact taagaggcta    197880
     ctgggggaga cacgcttgta gaacttaact gtaatacagt gtgtggattg ctttactaac    197940
     attgtcaact cagtgctttg gggtcatgga gggatagttt tgcctgggga ttttgggaag    198000
     gactacagga agtaacgtga actgagacta taaagagggt ggaaagaaat tctccaggtg    198060
     gaaagaaaag gtattgctaa tagatgaagc caaaacgttc agtgtgctcc atcagaggat    198120
     tcttggggat atgtattgga aatgaagtta gagccgtttg gtgttcaaat tatattttga    198180
     agttgtcatg ccctcatcat ccttatttct ctctacttca gttgtcaatg tatgccatgt    198240
     catcattttt aaaatagttc tttcattaac gtgatattct gtacctttgt ttgaagaaat    198300
     gagcgttaca tttggtttac attgtactgt cagattacat ctacagcata taagcaggga    198360
     ggttgaacca caataggttt ctaacataag tggagataat tatttgtatc taaactgaat    198420
     aataattata gcacttatta agtgcttatt gctaagtagt aggcacgttt tgagctttgg    198480
     tttcatttgt tcttcataac agtggtgtac tctcatctct gtttcataga agaggaaaga    198540
     aaagcacatt gtttcagtgg agagtagttt tccaagtgat cagttcatga tctttgcttt    198600
     gctctgcaca ttagaactgt agacttgaga gggctgtttg tgggtctcaa gctaaaatgg    198660
     gactaatcac aaatgttaat ttgattccca ttctgtaggg tttccatttt cttctgattc    198720
     atgtagctgt gaagtacggt catttacaaa tggaaaacca ctttcatgat tgaggaaaca    198780
     ttggttaatt ggcttgtgtt taatgatagc gtgctcatat tataactgtt aaggctctat    198840
     gtgacacttc atagtaaggc atcaagaata gcccttataa tagctgttgc tagcataact    198900
     acactgtttt atgagtaata tataaaaata gattgcttta ctatagcttt atgtcttcac    198960
     ttgtagctta ctttgtaata agtcatattc tgtaatcttc aacattttgt atttacattt    199020
     ctattttaag ctgagttgag acaaaataga agaattttcc taaaattgca ttcttttgtt    199080
     tacacatctc taaatctttc tagtcattct atacaaatgt ttttggaact gattgtatcc    199140
     tctttgtagc cacagtttca tttgctatat aataaaaatt atcatacaca acagccaaaa    199200
     ggtggaaaca acccatatgt ccatggataa acaaaatgta gtgtgtgtgt atatatatag    199260
     atatataatg aaatacttcg tttttaaaag gagggaaatt ctggcacata ctgcaacatg    199320
     gatgaacatt gaagatatta tggtcagtga aataagcgag acataaaagt aaaaatattg    199380
     tatgatttca cttaaatgaa gtatatagag tagtcaaact cagagaaaag aaggtagaat    199440
     tgcctggggg ttcggaatgg gagtttaatg gctacagttt ctatttgcat ttgtaaagat    199500
     aaaaagtttt agagatagat ggtggtaatt gtattaatgt gaatgtacct aatgccactg    199560
     aactgtacat ttaaatgtta aaatggtaaa ttttaggtac attttaccac aacaagaagt    199620
     catttttaat taaaaatatc cagatgtatc ataaagaaaa ataaaaaaaa ttcagatgta    199680
     tcactgttta tctctaaatg gatcaattga acttaatgaa atccattgat tcaaattatt    199740
     attaaatcta ttgcgtccag aggtaaggag ccaaaaaatt ccaaatgatg gcctggtttc    199800
     actaaagttc agagaagact agcccatgat gaatagtaaa tttcattaag tcagagtctt    199860
     taaatgctgg tgtcatcctt gcctctgaaa ccagcatttt atggtaatag ttccactggg    199920
     ttaaattcat gttcccttta agtgaagttt aaaagatacc taacttcttc tttgaaattt    199980
     gtttgtgctt ctgaggaaga gtgcttgcag cagagctcag tttactagag tttttcatag    200040
     ggaaaaaaag ggagatgcat ggtgttgttc attattcagt taatattttt ctctttccaa    200100
     agttagaaca agagaaagtt ttcaattttt ataagctatg ctagttcaga agtgggtttt    200160
     atgttatcaa gtttctttgt taatctcaaa atgaaatgtt gttttgcttt tcttagataa    200220
     tgaaacagac cagattttac ttgcaggttg atgtgtaagt ccttgccttc cacctcttca    200280
     actcattgtg tgagaggcat tttgtcttta gtcattgttt taaaaaataa aagtgaaatg    200340
     acataacaaa aaattaacca ttttaaagtg aacaatttat aaagtggcat ttagtatgct    200400
     cacaatactg tacaatcacc acctttggtt tcaaaacatt ttccctaccc ctaaaagaaa    200460
     gccagtgccc attaagtgat tattcccctc agcctctctc ctggtaatca tcagtctact    200520
     ttctgttcct atacagaata tttcatatta gaggaatcat acaatatgtg gctttttatg    200580
     tctagcttct ttcatttagc atgatgtttt ctaggtttgt ttatgtagca atacttcatt    200640
     ccttttcatg gttgaataat attctgtaat tgtatgtata taccacaact tgtttattca    200700
     tccattaatt attcagtctt tttttgttaa atatctaaac attctaaaac cagtgtattc    200760
     atttatgcag tgaacatttg tggagcatat tatgtatcaa gcagtgtgtt ggatcccaag    200820
     gatgtaaaaa tgaccgtcat ttataataat aatgtgatac atgctgtggt ggagatgtaa    200880
     acagtgttta tatgacttga agaagtggtt aattcttttt ggcatggaga ttgaattcat    200940
     tttgcaagca gatttttgct gatggcaaag agaagagtgt ctagatatat tttgtccact    201000
     gtagctgtag atcagtatat ctgaaatggt gtaagctatt tgaggacagt gctctttatt    201060
     gttttctact gtaagtcact aacaattttg gctgttttat ttctagactg tttagtcttt    201120
     tgttaaatat tgccaaggag gggctggtca ctgttctcgt aaactagttc cttagtctgt    201180
     cttaagaata gactgaaatg cagatgataa gtagtctaga ggaaaagaga ggctttagag    201240
     attggtttcg gctataccta tcacaagatt tcgattggtc agatggctat gtctgggttg    201300
     gattcagagt gtgttagcag aacacagcca tgaactacca ctgcaagttt ctttgaggcc    201360
     agcctacttt ctgagagaga ggcaattctt tgtacacata ctattctcct ttgtcagtct    201420
     tattctgtta acttcagcga taaggcatga ctctgtgtgc agcagctgtt aataattggt    201480
     aaatgggctg ggtgcggtgg ctcatgccta taatccaagc actttgggag gtcgaggcag    201540
     gcgaatcacg aggtcaggag atggagacta tcctggctaa catggtgaaa ccccgtctct    201600
     actaaaaata gaaaaaaaat tagccgggtg tggtgatggg cgcttgtagt cccagctact    201660
     taggaggctg aggcaggaga atggcttgaa cccgggaggc ggagcttgcc atgagccgag    201720
     atggcaccac tgcactccag cctgggcgac agagctagac tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaatt    201780
     tggtaaatgg gtttgaggta tagagctgga cattgttgga gaaggactat ggctagaact    201840
     atagaaataa cgtacttgct agaagaatgt gcttgagaca tcagtggaat tttttatttt    201900
     tcagcctaca acacagcagt cccctcagga tgagcaggaa aagctcttgg atgaagccat    201960
     acaggctgtg aaggtccagt cattccaaat gaagagatgc ctggtaagaa tggagatgtg    202020
     ggaggcacag ttgcagttcg tgtgttccta aggaagcatg tgcagtgtct tctagagtca    202080
     ggtgtttctg gtaaatctaa tcttcaccgt ttaccagcat ctatcttcag tctcatctcc    202140
     ctcaagcact ttgtggagca atttcaacaa agagccctgt ttactcacat gtatatttat    202200
     ggtttgggat tgtctgtctt ccctactaga atacaagctc ataagaataa gagacccttc    202260
     cttttattta cacattactg tattattacc acaccagtgt ctgaccagaa ttactagcct    202320
     ccttggttct atacctcaga cctgaggaat atttaacata taataggtac tcagtaaata    202380
     tttgttgaat gaatggattt aaatgctttg catttgaatt attcagcttt ttttctaaat    202440
     atcttgaaaa ctttaatttc tttgctgaat agatatattt attgtagaag ctagcttaaa    202500
     aattatactt aacacttatt tacatatttt tatattctaa aagataaagt aagagataat    202560
     ctgtgtagat acttttgatt ctctggatta aaatgtaagg aattgagcca aattggttag    202620
     tactttaaac tataaattac tgtgatgaag atgatgctat tttacctttg taaaatgtct    202680
     tactgtgctt tctaaagcat agtaatatgc tcttgtgtct tttattggtt taattcctaa    202740
     caaattggga atgaaaaata aatgtcttgg aatggagaag ctgggtttgc tattgcttgc    202800
     ttctttctct tcctgtgtat ggatagtgtt tcctctatct caaggaattg cttgcatttc    202860
     tgagttaagt ggaacatatg ggcattgtga gggcttgaag aatgcaagag gaaagcaaac    202920
     ttacatggat agtcatttca gacagctctg aagagtcttt aacccatgac aaagccatgt    202980
     caggatagta tcttccttca cctgaatcag tatgccagtt ctcttgattg caggtaaaat    203040
     gtgatgaatg gagctagttt cctagtctct atagattgaa aagattagca ttctatcaag    203100
     aagcttgcag tcttagctat gttaagtctt actaagaatc atgtatcttt ttctttttca    203160
     gtagagacgg caaggtgaac cgatctaagt tgttttttta atgtggttaa aatcatttaa    203220
     gtgcggtatt cttttaaaac tatgtaacaa gtccttgatg taaagaattt gtacaaccaa    203280
     gataaatgtt tatttaaatt aagcattctc atctattctc ttggtatttc tgtaggacaa    203340
     aaacaagctt atggatgctc taaaacatgc ttctaatatg cttggtgaac tccggacttc    203400
     tatgttatca ccaaagagtt actatgaact ttgtatcttt tgaatgttga agactaaaca    203460
     tttggaccat acctttttct tgataaggcc tattttgttt gttctttatg aagtttttct    203520
     ggagttatct tattcttcgt tatctgagtc acatggcact ccttctccat gcagatgtgc    203580
     taagtgagaa aaacactttg agagtactcc tttcctatgc ttaaacatct ttaaatgtgt    203640
     tgtcggtgca tctcaatttt cagacccttc atgaggatat ttaggctatg acacagttgg    203700
     ttctttaata cttagatttt gttatgcagc agtctcaaat ggacaggaat ttaatcattt    203760
     gccatttcaa aacccattag cagtctgaca ggtaaccatt gtatttactg ctttgcttga    203820
     ccacacatgc tttaaaaccc ttattttaaa gtaagaaaag tccggctaaa attcatcctt    203880
     cgcttgaaca ctttcttaaa ggactaaaac ttaagatgtc tgcccagtag ttagtaatga    203940
     ctccaacaag tttcaaagtt ttgtttaggt tggcttattt ttatttttag tccttaatca    204000
     taattaaaag atatggccat ttctgatgaa ctgcactact tggaggtcta cctgacagat    204060
     gagtttgcta aaggaaggaa agtggcagat ctctacgaac ttgtacagta tgctggaaac    204120
     attatcccaa ggctgtaagt aattacaaat cagagaactt ttgtgtctgt atttctcact    204180
     atatgttacg tcttttatga ttatcagctt aagaaaaagt tttaagggta acttcttaac    204240
     aaattgagat gaacattttg gtagatattc tcttacttgt tttagagtaa ctagatttac    204300
     gttttatgta gatatttgag gaattttgga aatagaaaaa atggacatgc ttgctatttt    204360
     ttttaatgtc ttgactatta gaaaaattaa tataattgtt ctcttcctaa tatgtttaaa    204420
     ggtaatatct atgttgtata tatacagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat    204480
     agttttttta gaggtcagtc agtggttata ttttaaatga gatattttcc ttgtcatgcg    204540
     ggagaaaaca acatggttcc tgtcttgttt atttaatgtt ttgttcagtg tgtttggaaa    204600
     taaattcttg atttgaatat tttatttcta atcagcattt cttcataatt ttcctagtta    204660
     ccttttgatc acagttggag ttgtatatgt caagtcattt cctcagtcca ggaaggatat    204720
     tttgaaagat ttggtagaaa tgtgccgtgg tgtgcaacat cccttgaggg gtctgtttct    204780
     tcgaaattac cttcttcagt gtaccagaaa tatcttacct gatgaaggag agccaacaga    204840
     gtaagtgatt ttctttctta attttgttgc aatatttctt tcattgtaga atgtataaaa    204900
     gtgtggaaac atatacagaa acaaagtgtg aataattctt ccacccagtc agccatttag    204960
     gtagcatttg tatatagatt tcctttgtaa tatagaactc ctcagtatat gtggtatcat    205020
     ctaaaatgta ctcttatgca aattttatct ttggattgtt aggacctgct tttttcattt    205080
     aatgtaattt tttctactac attaaatctt ctttgaaaat aaaacttttt taagagagtt    205140
     gtatttggaa attgaatttg taatgaaata ataaagtgtg agccagctgg atttcataat    205200
     tgttccttta gtgtctatca gtttttataa tttatagact gctagttacc ttggaatata    205260
     agtgatttga attatctgtt acgagttagc tattaactcc agagaaggaa aaataaaagc    205320
     cattcagaga cactcctgtc tcttgtgtta tcagtattct agcatcaaag tctactgtac    205380
     ttttatccca cagcaggggc agatggtcag ccaactgtgg tcttcagtgg ggtgagctgt    205440
     tcacatgaca ggtccccaga ttaaagaact tcattccttt tttaaaaagt ttattcattt    205500
     attttctttc tttttttaat ttttaatctt ttttcagttt gccccaacag attttgtttt    205560
     tttcttttta atattttcat ttatttctaa ggtttttaat atatcattta tttctaatgt    205620
     tttttaatat atctgcatca atttctttta aaacagtaca gaaaagataa aacatttaac    205680
     aatgtagaga aattgatgaa gttacttgct ttattatgtt ttgagtgtcc gttttgagca    205740
     tttaattagg caatcaataa caatttttga aaggtactga ggtctccatc ctaggagacg    205800
     tagaaaaata aagcaggaaa tccatggtct cttccctcac aaagcttaca ttccaattaa    205860
     aaacaaaata ttcaacagta aaatgatgta gttagcagta caccataagt gttacatttt    205920
     ttagcctttt gtttttgttt ttggtttgtg gggatggggt ctcattatgt tgcccaggcc    205980
     agttttaaac tcctggccta aagcgatctt cctgccttgg cctcccaaag cactggatta    206040
     cggacatgag ccaccatgcc catccttcta gcctttttca attaaggaag ttgccataag    206100
     agcaagtcca gttggcccag gatgaggagt tggggaaagt aatttgccct ttaaatttat    206160
     actgtcctct ccatggtact ttttacccta gagtctgttc cctttgaaat ttaacactaa    206220
     gccaatgaag ttgaaagtga ttttttataa agcattggtg tactatagag ataagtagga    206280
     aatacacaaa ggagaaggat agtagtaagt tggtcctgta aatactgtgt aaagactttt    206340
     ctgtttcttt gcagtgaaga aacaactggt gacatcagtg attccatgga ttttgtactg    206400
     ctcaactttg cagaaatgaa caagctctgg gtgcgaatgc agcatcaggg acatagccga    206460
     gatagagaaa aaagagaacg agaaagacaa gaactgagaa ttttagtggg aacaaatttg    206520
     gtgcgcctca gtcagttgga aggtgtaaat gtggaacgtt acaaacaggt ttatatattt    206580
     ttgttacctc ttcttatgtt cagagataaa ctgaaatctg atttttaaaa tcagaatatt    206640
     tttgttatac aatagtacat tgaaaaacat cttaaaatgg ctgttattga agaagactta    206700
     aacggaaaga tatatatgca gtgtttgtgg attggaagac ttaatattgt caaaatagca    206760
     tttaaaaaga attgatttat agatccaatg taatctcagt caaaatccca gcagactttt    206820
     gtagaaatta agaagctgat tctaaagttt atatgaagaa acaaagaacc tggaacagct    206880
     acaacgaatt tgaaaaggaa gaacaagttg aaagacccaa gcaacctgaa ttaatgattt    206940
     actctaaagc tgcagtgaga tcctgtgtgg tattggtgaa aaggatagac acacaaatca    207000
     atggagggga ataaaacagg gaatggcaaa ctttacctgt gagggaccag ataataaatg    207060
     gtttttggct ttgtaagaca tgtgctgtac aacaagcttg tccaacctgc agcccaggac    207120
     agccttgaat atggcccaac ataagtttgt aaactttaaa acatgagatt ttttgctttt    207180
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttaaagct catcagctaa gtgtatttta tgtatggccc    207240
     aagacaattc taattcttct tcaagccaaa agattggaca ccctagtcta caactaataa    207300
     cagtgcagat atggtgcaaa agcacccaca ggcaatatgg aagtgaatgg gcatggctgt    207360
     gttctagtaa aactttattt gtaaaaacaa gcagcagctc agtttaccga tctctgactg    207420
     gacaatccat aatagaccca gatatttatg atcagttatt tttgataaaa gtacaaaggc    207480
     aaccttttca gcaagtgatt ctggaacaat tggatgttta tatgcaaaca aaaaaccctg    207540
     aaccttgacc catccctcat accatataga aaaaacacag aaatcaatca gagacctaaa    207600
     tatagaacct aataatgtta gaagaaaaca cagaggaaat ctttatgacc taggattaga    207660
     caaagatttc tgaggatata caagcacaag ccatgaagaa aaaagctcac ttttgagagg    207720
     ccaaggcaga tggatcactt gagtccagga gtttgagaca ggcctgggca acatagggag    207780
     accccatctc tacaaaaatt accaaaatta gctgggcatg gtggaacgta cctgtagtcc    207840
     cagcactcag gaggcttgag gtgggaggat gacttgagcc taggaggtgg atgttgcatt    207900
     gagtggagat tgtgccactt cactccagcc tgggcaaccg aacaagacct tgtctcaaaa    207960
     agaaaaaagc ttttaaagtt tagaagtgaa gtcttggtga gaaaaatctc aaatacgatt    208020
     ttcaagttag tagttcaaat gcgttactag aggaatagct taagattttg aaaacagatt    208080
     ttaaccctta tgtgtgtttt ttctctttta gattgttttg actggcatat tggagcaagt    208140
     tgtaaactgt agggatgctt tggctcaaga atatctcatg gagtgtatta ttcaggtagc    208200
     tgggaacatt tcattttttt ttaaacgacc tattttatct ttcattaaat ttaattgttt    208260
     tgaaaaaatt ttgatggaat aggaaataag ctttcctgaa taaagagttt tccttgcggg    208320
     gtgtggtgac tcacacctgt aatctcagca gtttgggagt tcaaggtggg aggatctctt    208380
     gaggccagga gttcaaaacc agcctgggca acatagcacg atgccgtttc tataaaaaat    208440
     taaaaaaatt tttttagtgt ttcttttttt tttcatgtaa tcttgcttct tctaaaaata    208500
     atttaaaaat aggaattttc tgtttctaac ttataccttg gtctttgtat caatgtggtt    208560
     tgttttcctc caaaatgtag gaatgagtaa tctgagtttt ctaggtctct gtagctttag    208620
     tttaattgta ggtgcacttt gtttattgga atatttctgt ctgagcttat gtttagtaga    208680
     gaggttcaaa agtaatgtgt ttgaatttag ttgtataaga atacagtgtt tttttcccac    208740
     aaatgtgaac tttaccatat gtgagtccag aatattacgt gaaatacttt tatttgtatt    208800
     gatcatttga ttttcaggtt ttccctgatg aatttcacct ccagactttg aatccttttc    208860
     ttcgggcctg tgctgagtta caccagaatg taaatgtgaa gaacataatc attgctttaa    208920
     ttgataggta agaccttcca acactggcgg ataaatgctc tgacttggga ataatgaatt    208980
     ttaaacattt ttttgaatta tttgtttctg ttacatcttt atcataccaa tgatcttaat    209040
     ttaattatac tataaataat ttagctttgt gagtatgagt actaggtact tgtctaggtt    209100
     agacatgaaa gaggcttaac ttaaatgtgc aggagacgtg aagataatga atatctttat    209160
     tctgtgtgct taattgacat ttaaagatgt tgtacagact tattttttaa atcatacaaa    209220
     tccaaagatc atattgaaga acaaaatttg ttttttacca tgatgtaagt atcttgcagt    209280
     gggaactcat ttgatttaga gtagccgtaa gatactgatg attgaaaatg ttcaagtaat    209340
     cactctatca tcacattttc ttaaagaaaa aattttaagt atcaaatatg tttagtacat    209400
     ccactttttt attttcttag gttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgagaca gatcctcact    209460
     cttgtcaccc aagctagagt gcagtgacgc tgtctcggct cactgcaacc tctgactcct    209520
     aggttcaagt gattctagtg tctcagcctc cggagtagct gggattacag acatgcacca    209580
     acaagcccag ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagacaggg ttttgccagg ttggctaggc    209640
     tagtctcaaa ctcctgagct caaatgatct gcctgcctca gcttcccaaa gtgctgggat    209700
     tacagacatg agccactgcg cttggccaat gggtggcttt tttgcagcca tgttatgtag    209760
     tagtatatga tgtctgtcct acacttgtaa gcattgtcat gaaaccagaa acctaagaga    209820
     agatttattt ctgcagatac cttttgtatg ttttttaaaa aactaagtta ttagttttaa    209880
     agtctgagaa tttagataac aaatttttcc aaattgtcag ctcaatcctg ggcagcaaaa    209940
     attccatact tattgggccc actcttaaag gaagctagta actggatttt cctgagttgc    210000
     ctgtaatgtc acttacacat ctctgtcagt agtgatgctt ctgggcatag caaaatgtgg    210060
     atgtagttgt gactgacaaa cagataatga taatgaaaca tactattttg agtaatttaa    210120
     gatgtgggaa ataaaagtta attttatgaa ttttagactt agttgtattt caagctttag    210180
     taaaaatgca gtatcttaaa atagtctatg tacttttatt ttttaaaggt tatttattta    210240
     aatcatggtt gttgaataca tttgtcactt taatgcattt ctgtccatat ctgcttaatt    210300
     atgcttcaaa gagttgagag aattatcttg ttgaaaatct acttaatatg gtgtgaaata    210360
     agaatgctga tgaaaaaggt ttcattggca aaactgttta gttaaaaatg aattgaggag    210420
     gccgggtgca gtggctcaca tctgtattcc cagcactttg ggaggccaag gagggaggct    210480
     tgcttgagtc caggtcagta ccaccctggg caacatggtg aaaccccatc actacagaaa    210540
     acacaaaaat tagctgggta tggtggcaca tgctgttagc cccagctact caggaggctg    210600
     aggtggaagg aggatagcct gagctcagca ggtggaggtt tcattgagtg gagagtgcgt    210660
     gactgcactc cagcctgggc gacagagcga gactctgtct caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa    210720
     caaaaaaaac aaaaaccttt tgggctcata caaaatatag aaaagcaata aagaataaga    210780
     tgtcatccat gatctcacta cccaaaccct gtatctttta aaataaaggg gtgttttttt    210840
     tttttttaga ttagctttat ttgctcaccg tgaagatgga cctggaatcc cagcggatat    210900
     taaacttttt gatatatttt cacagcaggt ggctacagtg atacaggttt gtgtagcatt    210960
     tctcctaagt tctcaaaact ttgaaacttc tctgccttcc ttttacaatt gtttaaaata    211020
     aattgtgtgg ttttctaaac attccagtct agacaagaca tgccttcaga ggatgttgta    211080
     tctttacaag tctctctgat taatcttgcc atgaaatgtt accctgatcg tgtggactat    211140
     gttgataaag ttctagaaac aacagtggag atattcaata agctcaacct tgaacagtaa    211200
     gtcagttaca tttttgtaaa aatcctcaaa gatatttttg tcctagattt gcttttcttt    211260
     ctcaattgtt ttttgaactg ctggcatttg tcttgtttta atcatgcatt aagattgtca    211320
     tgcttagcac tactaggggc agaaagtagt gaccaattac ttgttttttt atattaagga    211380
     aattgtggta cctatggacc ataggcagtc ttcagggacc agtgtctcca atttggatcc    211440
     ctttctgtgt gtcaggggca tccaatcttt tggcttccct gggctgcact ggaagaagca    211500
     ttttcttggg ccacacataa aatacactaa cactaacaat agctgatgag cttaaaaaaa    211560
     aaatcccaaa aaaactcata atgttttaag aaagtttacg aatttgtgtt gggccgcatt    211620
     caaagccatc ctgggctgca tgcggcctgt gggctttggg ttggacaagc ttgcatgtga    211680
     ctgagtttgt tcttaaactg gtaaggaaac tttgtcaggc agtatttatt tccataagtg    211740
     gtgttttcct acgaatcagc acatggtgaa aaatgagggg ctatgtatat ttaaggtgca    211800
     gaattaaatt ggtttaaata tcttttctat tttgagcttt gattttgata ccttaaagga    211860
     aatatcaaca gtactatttc caacctgaag cctcctcagc tgttctgtcc tagacttatg    211920
     gcgtcctcta gtggccacta tgggcagcta tgatcctgtt accttcccca gcagttccct    211980
     tcctgccctg ttccccactg ctctggcttg ggtcaagcca ggcctgcctc ccgccaacat    212040
     attcttcaga attttacctc atgtaatctt cctcctttct atctcccttc cagtggttta    212100
     cctgcatcaa gaaaatttct tctttttttc ctccctttgt gttacccttg ttcttttggt    212160
     catttttggt tttgtgtgtg tgcaaactga aaacaagtcc agatgtggaa tgataagtgt    212220
     gagagaaaat taaatgatgt gccaggtgtg gtggcttgca cctgtaatcc cagctattca    212280
     ggaggctgaa ttgggagaat cacttgagtc catgagtttg agaacagcct gggcaacata    212340
     gcgagacccc gtctctaata aaaaataaaa ttaaaaataa aaaaaattta aattaaaaaa    212400
     actaaatgat gtatctgtgt ctttctcccc aagtgaattt taaagtaaaa atagacaaag    212460
     taattagaaa taacaacctc taaagaggtt gtaataaatg ccccaatatg cctcaatatc    212520
     tacagaatga ttttactaac aactacgtaa aagtcagtca gcctgctttt ccttaatcac    212580
     caacatctga tgcagaagaa atagtttatg tgtttttctg ttgtgtcaaa ttgctggttt    212640
     tgcatggagt ttttttccta tttattttca tcatgaatat acaatacttg ttggctggcc    212700
     cctgggaacc aaactaccac ttaaaatact tcccttagaa atgtcatcaa attctagaca    212760
     gtcatcttaa ctccagctat accatctgtt catgagttgg aaactgtatc tagttttgta    212820
     tcaacagaaa aataatagat gaatatatat ttgtgtttag ataagcattt ttatcctcct    212880
     gaaaggaggt tgttatagtc ttctgtggtg gtatgattca cttgacccat ttcctttaat    212940
     gtgtaatgaa aaatttcaaa ttcttatgga acaaatgcta tttgtgtata tagaaagtta    213000
     attttattca ttaagacttc tgtttttctt tttgtagtat tgctaccagt agtgcagttt    213060
     caaaggaact caccagactt ttgaaaatac cagttgacac ttacaacaat attttaacag    213120
     tcttgaaatt aaaacatttt cacccactct ttgagtactt tgactacgag tccagaaaga    213180
     gcatgagttg ttatgtgctt agtaatgttc tggattataa cacagaaatt gtctctcaag    213240
     accaggtaag agaataccta cgtgctattt tagggaaaca gtgttacaat tttagacttt    213300
     ggacctagat acctgagatg ggaggggagg gtaattcaat actaaataaa atttacaagt    213360
     aactttttca ttatataaat taaaaattgg agatgtataa agaattataa aacatttata    213420
     attccaccag atagagaata accactgtta attaacattt ggtgcatatc tttccagact    213480
     tttgtctgta tatgtgtgta tgacatacat gtgtatcgac tttctcacca aaaaaaggaa    213540
     tatcttgttg atactgtatt gtaattttat aactggaaac acttttgata atggctttgt    213600
     atgccaatgg tttcacctca gtgggtttct tgtgcctcgc atgttacagg tggattccat    213660
     aatgaatttg gtatccacgt tgattcaaga tcagccagat caacctgtag aagaccctga    213720
     tccagaagat tttgctgatg agcagagcct tgtgggccgc ttcattcatc tgctgcgctc    213780
     tgaggaccct gaccagcagt acttggtatg agtttaccct tagtatatcc ctgtatcagc    213840
     tcctagtgaa atcacatgtt caagtgctta aaatggttta attcactttc tggtcttaga    213900
     tggttttgaa ggaattgcaa ctgaattaaa gattcacttg aacctgggag gcggaggttg    213960
     tagtgagccg agattgtgcc actgcactcc agcctgggca acacagcgag actccatctc    214020
     gaaaaaaaaa aagattcatg gcatccatgg gcttttactt tatatataaa cacataattg    214080
     tttgtaaact tctggagcat gtgagtaaca attcagttgc tctgatttct tttgaagact    214140
     ctctgagaat tacaaaaaag tctgtcttct tttgcttgag tgccgataat tattccatgt    214200
     tcattttttc tgaactatgt attgcttata ataaacttta taagaaatac aattcttata    214260
     tttaatttta cttttccaaa tttgcaagta taaattatat ttgtcatatt gaaaatgtga    214320
     gtttttgttt tttgatgaaa gatttaaaaa ttcattttgc ctttttctta actttttttt    214380
     ttctgataaa gaacaatcac atgaggttct ctctttatta ttagtccaca gggaatcatt    214440
     gtgaaatgga taaaacatgt tgcctgagta ggtgtatcag tgaccgatac tagatagata    214500
     gtttatttta gtgaagggtt agcacagttg gctgcttaat tattgtttgg gcaaagtagt    214560
     ttaaccattc ttggatgcat aaggctatta ggctgctatg atgaaaaaga catttgcttg    214620
     aggatgtcct gactgtctca tccctttctg ttgactttct tcattgtagt tgacacacct    214680
     gtacttcata atcagtgtga aataagaggc tgacttctgt tgatagtgtg atggtctttg    214740
     tcttggttta gtgacaaaca ttccaggact gtggtattgt gctctgtgag ctatgtgatc    214800
     tgtacagagt gactgtctta agtattttaa ctgattgcct tatgtttctg tgtgagattg    214860
     tttgtatctg tgtgttttca ttttctattg cctaccaaat atagtagtta gaaactattc    214920
     cttccggcgg ggcatggtgg ctcgcatcta taatcctggc actttgagag gctgaggtgg    214980
     atggatcacc tgaggtcagg agttcaggat cagcatggcc aacatggtga aaccccatct    215040
     ctactaaaaa tgcaaaaaat tagctgggcg tggtggtggg cgcctgtaat cctagctgct    215100
     caggagactg aggcaggaga atcacttgaa cctgggaggt ggaggttgca gtgagtggat    215160
     atcatgccat tgcactccag cctgggcaac aagagtgaaa ctccgtctca aaaaaaatta    215220
     tgccttctgc atgtggctga ttggttattc ccatgtatgg agatctttaa tgatagggtc    215280
     attagctctg actgccccta ggggaaatgc attctcttat tcatctacca tatcaggaat    215340
     ttcacaaaac ctgaatgcca ttgtgtcaca tatactaaaa atattttata aactctgtgt    215400
     ttttcttgta atttttctga attggctata tgttgtgcca tttcagaaaa aaaaatccaa    215460
     gaaaaacaca gaattcatgg aatatttcac aagtagctct tttaaagtat gttagcattt    215520
     tccttgactt aaatggtctt aaaatttttt tgaatgagga ggtatgatgt accagtaata    215580
     tgcatatagt tgttgtgtat catagtaata gttaatatta ctgagcttat gccttgtgct    215640
     aagtagtggt aagccttcac atgtgtcact tgatcttccc aacaacccta ggagtttata    215700
     gaaacttgtg gctaagagaa ggtaaataat ttgcccaagg ccacacatgt aataagtatt    215760
     agcatctgct tttaaatgtg agtctctgag tatcttcaca gccttctttt tttctctttt    215820
     cttttttctt tttttttttt tttgagatgg aatcttgctc tgtcacccag gctggagtgc    215880
     agtggcatga tcccagctta ctgcaacctc catctcctgg gttcaagcaa ttctcctgcc    215940
     tcagcctcct cagtagctga gattacgggt gtgcgccacc atgcccagct aatttttgta    216000
     tttttagtag atacagggtt tccctatgtt ggccaggctg gtctcgaact cctgacctca    216060
     actgatctgt ccaccttcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acagacatga gtcaccacac    216120
     ctggccagag cctacattct ttatcagtgc agcatacttt gcacatgtgt gtatgaaaat    216180
     atatttaaat atatctttgc ttctaactcg ctaccttggg caggttatac aacctctctg    216240
     aaactcaggc ttccccattt gtgaaatgga atagtatctg tctctgggtt gttgtgacaa    216300
     cttgaggaga taagaaatat gtaaattgcc taccataaag tatggtacat tgtatatatt    216360
     cacaaaatgt tagcaatgat gattagagcc cacatttatt tcacaaatga ttaatcagag    216420
     tttggaaatt tttttttctt taatgctttt gggtcagatt ttgaacacag cacgaaaaca    216480
     ttttggagct ggtggaaatc agcggattcg cttcacactg ccacctttgg tatttgcagc    216540
     ttaccagctg gcttttcgat ataaagagaa ttctaaagtg gtgagtttac ttttaagtat    216600
     ttaggtactt tttttcctct ttcatcactc tgagtgtgtg tgtgtttgtt ttatattata    216660
     aaaaatttca aacgtacaaa aatagacagt ggtataataa aatcccattt tcgccaactc    216720
     tctatttgtt acttatcctg tgctaagtgt tcctaacggt gatggtggtg gatcacatac    216780
     tgagggatca cgtaaaaagc acttagaaat gcaagattaa agcagtgtga atttatgctg    216840
     aaactctttc ctaagttcta attcaggtta gctttaaaac ctaaggagag ggcctagcat    216900
     tgcagtcgtt tctctctaaa ggcatatcat tgaataatat gagttgtggg caacttttta    216960
     tgagcttttt tcttcctcaa aatggaacca tggcttgagt cttcacagtg tagttttgaa    217020
     gaaaatacct caagctcacg tacctgaaag ttggacattc aggttaatgt taaggaacaa    217080
     cctcagtaac ttaattttgt ttgtttgttt gttttgagat agggtctcat tctgtcgccc    217140
     gggctggagt acagtggcgc agtcttagct cactgcaacc tccaactcct gggttcaagc    217200
     gattcttgtg tgtcagcctc ctaagtagct gggattacag gtgtgcacca ccatgcccag    217260
     ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagacaggg tcttgccatg ttgaccagtt ggtctcgaac    217320
     ttgtggcctc aggtgatcct gctgcctcag cctctcaaag tgctaggatt gtaggtgtga    217380
     accactgcat ctggcctcag tatggacttg attttctcgt aatagagaaa aaagatgtat    217440
     gcagtagacc taccagcatg aaacagcagc ttttggccaa tttttattag gccagcttat    217500
     cattcactct ttaccagcgt ttatggatag gaatttgtga atataacaat aaaaatagca    217560
     accagcctac attacaaagc catagtaatt aaagcagtat ggtaatatgg tactggcata    217620
     aaaacagaca catagaccaa tggaacagaa tagagagtct agaaataaac ccacacatat    217680
     gcaataaact aatctttgat aaggacacca agaatacaca aaggggaaaa gaatggtctc    217740
     ttcaataaat agtattggga aagttggata tccacatgca aaagaacgca tttggactct    217800
     catcttatgc catatataat aatgaactca aaatggatta aagacctgaa accataaagc    217860
     tcctagaaga aaacataggg aaaaacctcc ttgtcattgg tcaatgattt tttggatatg    217920
     aaaccaaaaa cctatgcaac taaagcaaaa ataagtttaa aaataagcaa aaaataagtt    217980
     taaaataagc ttaaaataag caaaaataag tttaaaataa gcaaaaaata agcaaaaata    218040
     agtttaataa actaaaaacc ttctgtacaa caaaggaaac aatcagcaga gtgaagagac    218100
     aggcaatgga atgggggaga atatttgcaa actatacatc tgaaaagtgg tcaatatcta    218160
     aaatatatat ggaatgcaac tcaatagcaa gcaaatgaat aacttgattt aaaaatgagc    218220
     aaaggatctg aatagacatt tttccaaaga agacatacag gtggccaact ggtatatgaa    218280
     cagatgttca acatcattta tcaggaaaat gtaaatcaaa accactatga gatgtcacct    218340
     cacatctgtc agaataactg ttatcaaaaa aacagaaaat caagtgttgg caaggatgta    218400
     gagaaatggg aaccctgttt attattggtg ggaatataaa ttagtatagc cattatggaa    218460
     aacagtatgg aggttcctca aaaaactgaa actagaacta ccatgtgacc ctgcagtccc    218520
     acatctagtt atgcattcaa aggaaaggaa atcagtatct caaagagata tctgcactcc    218580
     catgtttatt gcagcattat tcacaatggc tgagatatgg aaacaacctt agtgtccatc    218640
     gatagatgag taaagaaatt gtgttgtgta tatatgtgtg tgtatatacg tatatatgtg    218700
     tgtatatgta tgtacgcaca tattctctac atagtagaat aatactcagc tatagaaatg    218760
     aagaaaatct tgccatttat gacaacaggg attaatctgg aggacattgt tctaagtgaa    218820
     ataagccaaa cacagaaagg caaatactat atgacttcat ttatatgtag aattgttttt    218880
     taagttgaat tc                                                        218892