Protein kinase-like domain superfamily

AccessionIPR011009; (Kinase-like_dom_sf) matches 941150 proteins
FullNameProtein kinase-like domain superfamily
SignaturesSSF: SSF56112 SSF56112

Protein kinases () modify other proteins by chemically adding phosphate groups to them. This process is fundamental to most signalling and regulatory processes in the eukaryotic cell [].

The protein kinases contain a catalytic core that is common to both serine/threonine and tyrosine protein kinases. The catalytic domain contains the nucleotide-binding site and the catalytic apparatus in an inter-lobe cleft. Structurally it shares functional and structural similarities with the ATP-grasp fold, which is found in enzymes that catalyse the formation of an amide bond.

The three-dimensional fold of the protein kinase catalytic domain is similar to domains found in several other proteins. These include:

  • the catalytic domain of phosphoinositide-3-kinase (PI3K), which phosphorylates phosphoinositides and, as such, is involved in a number of fundamental cellular processes such as apoptosis, proliferation, motility and adhesion []
  • choline kinase, which catalyses the ATP-dependent phosphorylation of choline during the biosynthesis of phosphatidylcholine []
  • 3',5'-aminoglycoside phosphotransferase type IIIa, a bacterial enzyme that confers resistance to a range of aminoglycoside antibiotics []

This superfamily represents the protein-kinase domain and other related domains that share a similar structure.

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Database linksEC: 2.7;
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CATH: 1.10.510.10; CATH:; CATH:; CATH: 1.20.1270.170; CATH: 1.20.1270.240; CATH: 1.20.1440.180; CATH:; CATH:; CATH:; CATH:; CATH:; CATH:; CATH: 3.30.1010.10; CATH:; CATH:; CATH:; CATH:; CATH:; CATH: 3.30.505.10; CATH: 3.90.1200.10; CATH: 4.10.1140.10; CATH: 4.10.1170.10; SCOP: a.24.7.1; SCOP: a.60.1.2; SCOP: d.144.1.3; SCOP: d.144.1.4; SCOP: d.144.1.5; SCOP: d.144.1.6; SCOP: d.144.1.7; SCOP: d.144.1.8; SCOP: d.144.1.9; SCOP: d.189.1.1;
Taxonomy DistributionCaenorhabditis elegans: 673
Archaea: 26
Bacteria: 4
Cyanobacteria: 184
Fungi: 1362
PlastidGroup: 694
Virus: 13
Bacteria: 12695
Fungi: 479
OtherEukaryotes: 1144
PlastidGroup: 16190
Cyanobacteria: 213
Eukaryota: 407607
Virus: 12
Bacteria: 6
Eukaryota: 22235
Fungi: 616
Virus: 34
Eukaryota: 16190
Fungi: 964
Virus: 2
Bacteria: 37952
Bacteria: 388
Bacteria: 1012
Bacteria: 402
Bacteria: 5597
Eukaryota: 1144
Eukaryota: 391
Bacteria: 1434
Bacteria: 51
Eukaryota: 2978
Eukaryota: 538
Bacteria: 358
Bacteria: 510
Archaea: 6135
Arthropoda: 59467
Chordata: 133932
Cyanobacteria: 12695
Nematoda: 33626
OtherEukaryotes: 2978
PlastidGroup: 22235
Chordata: 660
Cyanobacteria: 1369
Fungi: 96999
Metazoa: 245989
Nematoda: 7490
OtherEukaryotes: 538
Unclassified: 1813
Archaea: 4116
Fungi: 36504
GreenPlants: 187079
Nematoda: 26136
Arthropoda: 55206
Bacteria: 6633
Cyanobacteria: 44
Fungi: 2622
Virus: 2839
Archaea: 62
Cyanobacteria: 6640
Eukaryota: 2176
Metazoa: 268
OtherEukaryotes: 2176
Virus: 1
Archaea: 11
Cyanobacteria: 2318
Eukaryota: 694
OtherEukaryotes: 391
Saccharomyces cerevisiae: 1589
Metazoa: 904
Eukaryota: 1203
PlastidGroup: 1203
OtherEukaryotes: 5396
Eukaryota: 5396
Eukaryota: 661
PlastidGroup: 661
Virus: 79
Bacteria: 21
Eukaryota: 193879
PlastidGroup: 193879
GreenPlants: 193879
OtherEukaryotes: 1
Eukaryota: 1
Bacteria: 598
Eukaryota: 6216
PlastidGroup: 6216
Bacteria: 104794
Bacteria: 27
Bacteria: 3718
Bacteria: 293
Bacteria: 27
Arabidopsis thaliana: 3481
Bacteria: 268880
Eukaryota: 661309
FruitFly: 1211
Fungi: 158154
Human: 2693
Metazoa: 247353
Mouse: 1984
Rice: 5799
SynechocystisPCC6803: 18
Viruses: 2995
Virus: 2995
Archaea: 699
Arthropoda: 4261
Bacteria: 83546
GreenPlants: 6800
Bacteria: 59
Chordata: 130988
Metazoa: 192
Unclassified: 18
Virus: 14
Archaea: 202
Chordata: 2284
Metazoa: 1435
Bacteria: 3006
Fungi: 12052