Transglutaminase, C-terminal

AccessionIPR008958; (Transglutaminase_C) matches 2118 proteins
FullNameTransglutaminase, C-terminal
SignaturesPFAM: PF00927 Transglut_C
SSF: SSF49309 SSF49309

Synonym(s): Protein-glutamine gamma-glutamyltransferase, Fibrinoligase, TGase

Transglutaminases catalyse the post-translational modification of proteins at glutamine residues, with formation of isopeptide bonds. Members of the transglutaminase family usually have three domains: N-terminal (), middle () and C-terminal. The middle domain is usually well conserved, but family members can display major differences in their N- and C-terminal domains, although their overall structure is conserved []. This entry represents the C-terminal domain found in transglutaminases, which consists of an immunoglobulin-like beta-sandwich consisting of seven strands in two sheets with a Greek key topology.

The best known transglutaminase is blood coagulation factor XIII, a plasma tetrameric protein composed of two catalytic A subunits and two non-catalytic B subunits. Factor XIII is responsible for cross-linking fibrin chains, thus stabilising the fibrin clot. Protein-glutamine gamma-glutamyltransferases () are calcium-dependent enzymes that catalyse the cross-linking of proteins by promoting the formation of isopeptide bonds between the gamma-carboxyl group of a glutamine in one polypeptide chain and the epsilon-amino group of a lysine in a second polypeptide chain. TGases also catalyse the conjugation of polyamines to proteins [, ].

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Taxonomy DistributionOtherEukaryotes: 3
Bacteria: 1
Eukaryota: 1987
Bacteria: 15
Bacteria: 1
Eukaryota: 3
Bacteria: 2
Archaea: 56
Eukaryota: 1990
Fungi: 1
Human: 39
Metazoa: 1986
Nematoda: 48
Archaea: 2
Arthropoda: 38
Bacteria: 50
Chordata: 6
Metazoa: 1982
Nematoda: 30
Archaea: 53
Metazoa: 1
Nematoda: 18
Arthropoda: 601
Chordata: 11
Metazoa: 4
Metazoa: 3
Bacteria: 1
Bacteria: 2
Arthropoda: 639
Bacteria: 72
Chordata: 1231
FruitFly: 3
Mouse: 23
Chordata: 1214
Fungi: 1