ID   GU182359; SV 1; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 164419 BP.
AC   GU182359;
DT   13-JUL-2010 (Rel. 105, Created)
DT   14-JUL-2011 (Rel. 109, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Homo sapiens haplotype T7526 KIR Bdel KIR gene cluster, complete sequence.
KW   .
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RC   Publication Status: Online-Only
RP   1-164419
RX   DOI; 10.1371/journal.pone.0015115.
RX   PUBMED; 21206914.
RA   Pyo C.W., Guethlein L.A., Vu Q., Wang R., Abi-Rached L., Norman P.J.,
RA   Marsh S.G., Miller J.S., Parham P., Geraghty D.E.;
RT   "Different patterns of evolution in the centromeric and telomeric regions
RT   of group A and B haplotypes of the human killer cell Ig-like receptor
RT   locus";
RL   PLoS One 5(12):E15115-E15115(2010).
RN   [2]
RP   1-164419
RA   Pyo C.-W., Vu Q., Wang R., Geraghty D.E.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (06-NOV-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Clinical Research, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, 1100 Fairview
RL   Ave. N. PO Box 19024, Seattle, WA 98109, USA
DR   MD5; 4ee0f60ea26ed060a27470bd667922d5.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270916.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000273498; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000273517; homo_sapiens.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0G2JM36; A0A0G2JM36_HUMAN.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8N742; Q8N742_HUMAN.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..164419
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="19"
FT                   /map="19q13.4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /haplotype="T7526 KIR Bdel"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    6030..161852
FT                   /note="KIR gene cluster"
FT   gene            <6030..>17591
FT                   /gene="KIR3DL3"
FT                   /allele="KIR3DL3*00801"
FT   mRNA            join(<6030..6063,6741..6776,7547..7831,9105..9404,
FT                   10987..11280,16748..16852,17315..17367,17466..>17591)
FT                   /gene="KIR3DL3"
FT                   /allele="KIR3DL3*00801"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor three
FT                   domains long cytoplasmic tail 3"
FT   CDS             join(6030..6063,6741..6776,7547..7831,9105..9404,
FT                   10987..11280,16748..16852,17315..17367,17466..17591)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="KIR3DL3"
FT                   /allele="KIR3DL3*00801"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor three
FT                   domains long cytoplasmic tail 3"
FT                   /protein_id="ADJ94682.1"
FT                   RPKTPPTDTSV"
FT   gene            <20034..>33688
FT                   /gene="KIR2DS2"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DS2*00101"
FT   mRNA            join(<20034..20067,20860..20895,23332..23631,25150..25443,
FT                   28612..28662,32929..33033,33496..33548,33647..>33688)
FT                   /gene="KIR2DS2"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DS2*00101"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor two
FT                   domains short cytoplasmic tail 2"
FT   CDS             join(20034..20067,20860..20895,23332..23631,25150..25443,
FT                   28612..28662,32929..33033,33496..33548,33647..33688)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="KIR2DS2"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DS2*00101"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor two
FT                   domains short cytoplasmic tail 2"
FT                   /protein_id="ADJ94683.1"
FT   gene            <36216..>50205
FT                   /gene="KIR2DL2"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DL2*003"
FT   mRNA            join(<36216..36249,37158..37193,39630..39929,41444..41737,
FT                   44998..45048,49314..49415,49878..49930,50029..>50205)
FT                   /gene="KIR2DL2"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DL2*003"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor two
FT                   domains long cytoplasmic tail 2"
FT   CDS             join(36216..36249,37158..37193,39630..39929,41444..41737,
FT                   44998..45048,49314..49415,49878..49930,50029..50205)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="KIR2DL2"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DL2*003"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor two
FT                   domains long cytoplasmic tail 2"
FT                   /protein_id="ADJ94677.1"
FT                   RSKVVSCP"
FT   gene            52747..58202
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="KIR3DP1"
FT                   /note="KIR3DP1 variant"
FT   mRNA            join(52747..52780,53553..53588,54347..54631,56082..56381,
FT                   57909..58202)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /gene="KIR3DP1"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor three
FT                   domains pseudogene 1"
FT   gene            <71535..>82003
FT                   /gene="KIR2DL4"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DL4*00501"
FT   mRNA            join(<71535..71574,71774..71809,72676..72960,73840..74133,
FT                   76722..76772,81016..81120,81582..81634,81734..>82003)
FT                   /gene="KIR2DL4"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DL4*00501"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor two
FT                   domains long cytoplasmic tail 4"
FT   CDS             join(71535..71574,71774..71809,72676..72960,73840..74133,
FT                   76722..76772,81016..81120,81582..81634,81734..82003)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="KIR2DL4"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DL4*00501"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor two
FT                   domains long cytoplasmic tail 4"
FT                   /protein_id="ADJ94678.1"
FT   gene            <84394..>98379
FT                   /gene="KIR3DS1"
FT                   /allele="KIR3DS1*01301"
FT   mRNA            join(<84394..84427,85427..85462,86207..86491,87980..88279,
FT                   89860..90153,93324..93374,97655..97760,98223..98273,
FT                   98372..>98379)
FT                   /gene="KIR3DS1"
FT                   /allele="KIR3DS1*01301"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor three
FT                   domains short cytoplasmic tail 1"
FT   CDS             join(84394..84427,85427..85462,86207..86491,87980..88279,
FT                   89860..90153,93324..93374,97655..97760,98223..98265)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="KIR3DS1"
FT                   /allele="KIR3DS1*01301"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor three
FT                   domains short cytoplasmic tail 1"
FT                   /protein_id="ADJ94684.1"
FT   gene            <101032..>110024
FT                   /gene="KIR2DL5"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DL5A*00501"
FT   mRNA            join(<101032..101065,101799..101834,102597..102881,
FT                   103757..104050,106222..106272,109035..109139,
FT                   109602..109654,109755..>110024)
FT                   /gene="KIR2DL5"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DL5A*00501"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor two
FT                   domains long cytoplasmic tail 5A"
FT   CDS             join(101032..101065,101799..101834,102597..102881,
FT                   103757..104050,106222..106272,109035..109139,
FT                   109602..109654,109755..110024)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="KIR2DL5"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DL5A*00501"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor two
FT                   domains long cytoplasmic tail 5A"
FT                   /protein_id="ADJ94679.1"
FT   gene            <112428..>126586
FT                   /gene="KIR2DS3"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DS3*002"
FT   mRNA            join(<112428..112461,113766..113801,116245..116544,
FT                   118064..118357,121511..121561,125827..125931,
FT                   126394..126446,126545..>126586)
FT                   /gene="KIR2DS3"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DS3*002"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor two
FT                   domains short cytoplasmic tail 3"
FT   CDS             join(112428..112461,113766..113801,116245..116544,
FT                   118064..118357,121511..121561,125827..125931,
FT                   126394..126446,126545..126586)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="KIR2DS3"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DS3*002"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor two
FT                   domains short cytoplasmic tail 3"
FT                   /protein_id="ADJ94680.1"
FT   gene            <129218..>143046
FT                   /gene="KIR2DS1"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DS1*00201"
FT   mRNA            join(<129218..129251,130216..130251,132700..132999,
FT                   134525..134818,137973..138023,142287..142391,
FT                   142854..142906,143005..>143046)
FT                   /gene="KIR2DS1"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DS1*00201"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor two
FT                   domains short cytoplasmic tail 1"
FT   CDS             join(129218..129251,130216..130251,132700..132999,
FT                   134525..134818,137973..138023,142287..142391,
FT                   142854..142906,143005..143046)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="KIR2DS1"
FT                   /allele="KIR2DS1*00201"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor two
FT                   domains short cytoplasmic tail 1"
FT                   /protein_id="ADJ94681.1"
FT   gene            <145575..>161852
FT                   /gene="KIR3DL2"
FT                   /allele="KIR3DL2*00701"
FT   mRNA            join(<145575..145608,146338..146373,147116..147400,
FT                   148865..149164,150744..151037,154202..154252,
FT                   160926..161030,161491..161543,161643..>161852)
FT                   /gene="KIR3DL2"
FT                   /allele="KIR3DL2*00701"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor three
FT                   domains long cytoplasmic tail 2"
FT   CDS             join(145575..145608,146338..146373,147116..147400,
FT                   148865..149164,150744..151037,154202..154252,
FT                   160926..161030,161491..161543,161643..161852)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="KIR3DL2"
FT                   /allele="KIR3DL2*00701"
FT                   /product="killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor three
FT                   domains long cytoplasmic tail 2"
FT                   /protein_id="ADJ94685.1"
SQ   Sequence 164419 BP; 44929 A; 36709 C; 39740 G; 43041 T; 0 other;
     cacaaaatag cccaggacca gacggattca cagccaaaat ccaacagcca tacaaagaag        60
     aactgatacc gatcttactg aaacttttgg aaaaaatcaa ggagtggggg cttcttccta       120
     actcattcta tgaagccatc atcaccatga taccaacatc tgtcagagac ataatgaaaa       180
     aaagaaaact acaactaaat atccttaatg aacatagaca taaaatcctc aacaaaatgc       240
     tagcaaattg aatctgtcag tgcatcaaaa gttaattcac atgatcaagt aagctttatt       300
     tttgggatgc aaggttggtt caacctacaa agtcaacgaa tgtgattcac ctcataaaca       360
     taattaaaaa caaaaactat atgatcatct caatagatgc aaaaaaagct ttctgtaaaa       420
     tccaacatcc cttcatgata aaaactgtca ataggcatca aaggaacata cctcaaaata       480
     ttaagagcca tctatgacaa acccacagcc aacatcatat tgatgggcaa aagctggaac       540
     catacccctt gagaaccgaa acaagaccag gatgaccact cccgccattt taattcaaca       600
     tggtactgga agtcctagcc aaagcaatca ggcaagagaa ggaaataaaa ggcattaaaa       660
     ttggaaaaga agtagtgata ctgtctctct ttgctgatga aataatttta tacatagaaa       720
     accctaaaga ctctgtcaga aggctcctga aactgataaa caaattcaat aaagtttcgg       780
     gattaaaaaa atgtacacaa attagtaaca tttctatgca ccactaacat tctagctgag       840
     aactaaatca agaacacaat tccatttaca ctagccacaa agaaaataaa atacctagga       900
     atccatctaa ccaagaaggt gaaaattctc tacaaggaga actacaaaac acttctgaaa       960
     gaaataagaa atgatacaaa caaatggaag aatattccat gctcatgaat taggagaaca      1020
     aatagttaaa atcgccatac ttccaaaaac aaattgcaga gtcaatgcta tccatttcaa      1080
     aatgcaatgt catttttcac gaaattataa aaatttattc taaaatgtat ttggcaccaa      1140
     aaaaagagcc tgaatacaca taggaatcct aagcacaaag aacaaagccc aggcatcaca      1200
     ttacccaact tcaaactata ctacaatgct atagtaaccc aaacagcatg atactactac      1260
     aaaaacagac acatagacca atgagacaga atagagaacc cagaaatgag gctacatacc      1320
     tacaatcatc tttgaaaaaa ttgacaaaaa caagcaatgt ggaaagtacc ctttcttcaa      1380
     taaatagttc tgggataact gactactcat atgcaaaata atagaactgg acccctaact      1440
     ctcactatat acaaaaatta acccaagata gtttaaagat ttaaatgtaa aacctcaaaa      1500
     tattaaaatt ctagaagaaa acctaggaaa tatccttctc aagatagact ttggcaaaga      1560
     atttatggct aactccccaa aaccaattgt gacaaagaca gaaattggga cctaactcaa      1620
     ctgaagagct tctgcacagc aaacgaaagt atcaacagag taaacagata acctacagac      1680
     tgggagaaaa tatttgcaaa ctatgcatct gacaaagttc taatatccag aatctataag      1740
     gaatgtaaac aaatcaacaa gcagaaaacc aaaaaacctc aattaagtat gacatgaaca      1800
     gacacttctc aaaagaagat gtacacatgg ccaaaaaaca tatgaacaaa tgcttattat      1860
     cagtaatcat cagagaaatg caaattaaaa ccacagtgag ataccatctc acaacaatca      1920
     gagaagcaga agcaattact aaaaagtttt ttgttttttt taataacaga tgctgacaag      1980
     attgtggaga aaagggaaca cttatacact cttggtggga atgttaacta gttcagccaa      2040
     tgtgataagc agtttggaga cttctcaaat aacttaaaat agaactacta ttcaatcaag      2100
     caatcccact actgggtata taccaaaagg aaggtaatta actatgtcaa aaagacacat      2160
     gcactagtat attcattgct gtgcaattca gaatagcaaa gatttgcagt caacctaagt      2220
     gctcaccaac agtggattag ttaaagaaaa tgtgctacat atacacatgg aacattacat      2280
     ggccataaaa aataatgaaa tcatgtcctt tgcagcaaca tgaatgtagc aggaggtcaa      2340
     tctcctaagt gaactaaccc aggaacagaa aaccaaatac cacatgttat cacttataac      2400
     tgagaaccaa acattgaata cacatgaaca taaagatgga aacaacagat accgaggact      2460
     acagatgggg ggaggagtag ggaggtatag gctgaagaaa cacctgttgg attctatgct      2520
     cattgcctgg gtgatggcat tgttggaacc acaaacctca gagtcacaca atatgcctat      2580
     gtaacaaacc tgcatgcata cctttaatct acagtaaagg ttgaagttat ttaaaaatag      2640
     gaagaagaat taccctatac ctaaagctaa gatttttccc tttgaatatt cgtttcttca      2700
     tcactgtaga taagcaggga aagaaaaatt attaaactat actagccttt tatgtgacca      2760
     tgaggatttg gggtaggtag gtggacagct tagataattc accaggatat tgatacaggc      2820
     tccatggctg gaaataacca aggatgagtg ctgtgttttg agtggtctcc cccagaaacg      2880
     tttgttgaaa tcctaacccc tggtatgtat gaatgtgaat tcatattata taaaaaggaa      2940
     taaatagcct gagcacagtg gctcacacct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccaaagca      3000
     ggtggatcat ttgaggtcag gagttctggc caatatggca aaacttcatc tctacaaaaa      3060
     aaaaatacaa aaaaaaaaat tggctgggta tggtggcgca tgcctgtagt cccagctact      3120
     caggaggctg aggcaggaat tgctgaaacc tggaaggcag aggttgcagt gagccaagat      3180
     catgccactg cactccagcc tgggtgagac ggcaagatat tctgtcaaaa ataaataaat      3240
     aaaaaacaga agaagaaata caagaatgac agcaaacttt gtattcaaaa ctatgaaagt      3300
     aagaaacagg tggaccaaca tttttaaagt gctacaagaa aatatttcaa actagaatct      3360
     ttcaacctga aaaggaaaac attttcctgc aataaaggtg ccattaaaaa tgtctcacaa      3420
     tttattacat gaagcattgt tctacaataa atgttaagct cttgaagcaa agattaatga      3480
     taccatttag taacttgaaa ttcaaaaaag tggaagtatc ccaagaggca aatacgtgtg      3540
     caattattaa atgtttcata tcaacaccca accttatgct gtctacataa gctgcacttc      3600
     aaatactaat ccacaagatg taaatattga aagaatgaca ttaccttgtc atgataatgc      3660
     ccagtgcaaa atatgcttct agtcagttgt atacatagaa taggtaaatg tttgtaataa      3720
     aaagtattcc tcaatagaag tttcttaact caaagaatga aatatttcac catgcacata      3780
     caaagaagag atatatggag atatgaagag gagtacttca taatgacaaa gaggcaaatt      3840
     cataaataag acataatcat cctaaatgcc tacacaccta aagctggaac ctcaaaacac      3900
     attaaattaa aggcataatt caaaacataa tcaatcacat ccaaattgca gctagagata      3960
     gcaacattca cctcacttcc agaacaagta cacagaaaat tattaagcat atgaaagact      4020
     tgaaaaacat ttgtgtaggc ggcgggtgca taaggttggg tgttgatatg aaacatttaa      4080
     taatttcaat aatcctagca ctttgggagg ccaaaatggg aggatcactt gaggccagga      4140
     gtttgagacc agcctgggca ccatagtgag accccgtctc tatttttttt aaataaagaa      4200
     aaacatttga atgatttttt tcttaactga catttagaaa gcatccacct caaatcttcc      4260
     taatccacaa acttgtctag cacccctgga acattcacca aaataaattt ttaaatgctg      4320
     aatcataggt aatatgatag atgaaacagt tgaattaaat tataaatgta caacaaggaa      4380
     atgctgggga aattatcaaa tattttaaaa ttaataaaca cacatagcaa taaacaatga      4440
     gtggaagaaa aacatttcaa agaaaggtgg aaaatatttt gtatcaatta aaaatgaaaa      4500
     cacatctcgg caaatgactg gggatacaga tagaacagcg ttaagggaca ataagcctca      4560
     aatgtctgtg ttagaaaaga aggaagagct gagtaaatag gtaactttca cttgcagaaa      4620
     tactacacat cagcaaatta attccaaagt aacgtcgagg aaaaacataa aatggcaagc      4680
     aaatatatac gtgcatatgt acatacattc ataaatgaca aacaggacag aaaaatcagt      4740
     gacatcaatt ttgttcctta gaagaaacag gaaaattgac cccaaaaaac tttccaggcc      4800
     acatttggtc atgatggaaa tattttggca cttcctggtt aagctcaaca ccaacttgca      4860
     cccaaaacca ataatttcat ttctaggtaa atatgtctaa ttaattcagc atatgtatgc      4920
     aagggatcac acagaaacac gattatcaag gcccgagtta taaaagagaa aatccggaaa      4980
     caacacaaat gtccatgata aaaagaatgg ataattacat gttgataaag ttatgcatgg      5040
     actattaaac tgcaatccaa aagaataaaa tagagctata aaattcaata tgtatatggt      5100
     gtcatagaaa cacaaatgtg agaaaaagaa agaaaaatac aaaatttata ttttttaaaa      5160
     tttgaaacaa ctatatatgt gagtgcttag ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta      5220
     taaccatatg tatataaatg cacacatacg cacacatata gaatgtcccg gccaggcatg      5280
     gtggctcaca cctgtaatct cagcactttg ggaggctgaa gtagacagat cacttgaggt      5340
     taggagttca agaccagcct ggccaacatg gagaaacctc ctctctacta aaagtacaaa      5400
     aattaggtgg gcgtggtggt gggtgcctgt aaatccagct acttaggagg ctgaggcacg      5460
     agaattgcgt gaacctggga ggtggaggct gcaatgagcc gaggtctcac cactgcattc      5520
     caaactgggt gacgaagtga gattgcgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaagttcta aaagttgtga      5580
     cttgggtgtg gcagattgtg acatactgcc agctgctaga aatgctgggg caggaggatt      5640
     gcttgaactc tgaagtcaaa gaacagcctg gggaaaatag cacatgaaga agagtttgaa      5700
     tctcagataa aaacaacaaa aatacatcaa aagtctttaa tgtaagccaa gcattcagtc      5760
     atctcctgta tgagagattg gatctgagac gtgttttgag ttggttatag tgaaggatgc      5820
     aaggtgtcaa ttctagttgg aacaatttcc aggaagccat gttctgctct tgaccaaaca      5880
     gccactgggc ctcatgcaag gtagaaatag cctgcatacg tcatcctccc atgatgtggt      5940
     cagcatgtaa actgcatgag cccctcacaa catcctgtgt gctgctgaac tgagctgggg      6000
     cgcagccgcc tgtctgcacc ggcagcacca tgtcgctcat ggtcgtcagc atggcgtgtg      6060
     ttggtgagtc ctggaaggga atcgagggag ggagcggtgg ggtggagatc tgggcctgga      6120
     gtggagatat gggcctggag tggagatatg ggcctggagt ggagatatag gcctggagtg      6180
     gagatatggg cctggggtgg agatatgggc ctggagtgga gatatgggcc tggaactgta      6240
     gatatgggcc tgaagtagag atatgggcct ggagtagaga tatgggcctg gaactgtaga      6300
     tatgggcctg gagtggagat attggcttgg agtgcagata tggacctgga attgagatac      6360
     gggcctggag gtggagatat gggcctagag tggagatatg ggcctggagg tggagatatg      6420
     ggcctggaac tgtagatatg ggcctggagt agagatatgg gcctggagtg gagatgttgg      6480
     cttggagtgc agatatgggc ctggaatgga gacacgggcc tggaggtgga gatacaggcc      6540
     tggaggtgga gatatgggcc tggagtgtag atatgggcct ggagtagaga tataggacag      6600
     aggtggagat ataggcctgg agtggagata tgggcctgga gtagagatat aggacggagg      6660
     tggagatatg ggcctggagt ggagatatgg gcctggaggt gatgtacaga tggatcatcc      6720
     atcatgatct ttctttccag ggttcttctt gctggagggg ccctggccac atgtgggtga      6780
     gtccttcccc caaaccttag gttgtcatct ccccacataa gatgatgttc ctgaaacggg      6840
     aggcaggcga cacagggggt tgactgatgg gctgaccatg ggaagccatg tgggaatctc      6900
     tcatgaacta ggaaaaggaa gccaggggaa gcttcgccac agttctgtcc tagccctccc      6960
     cggcctttct ttcccttggc tgagtctgtg gggacccagg gggagactga agtgctcaaa      7020
     ggagtggtgt gcagggagga agtggtgtca ccggcagagg aagggagaga agcagtgcaa      7080
     ggaacaacag gcctctgagg acaagagcat aactcacacc ctccagcgtt tccatgacgg      7140
     taggggctgc aatgtggctg ctgtcattct acctaagagg tgggggaacc acagtcatga      7200
     ccctgacatt ccagatcttc taataggggc tcagttgttt attatggttc atgcattagc      7260
     tgatcatgcc ctccatcctg tgtctacctt gtgttctttt atgtaagtaa ttttgcagtg      7320
     ttaaaatcta gtaagagtcg cttcttcagc acctgctcaa agttctcagc tgacacttgc      7380
     tgtagggaga cgccatgtct atgcgggatg ggtccttcct gtagccctgg gcacccaggt      7440
     gtggtaggag ccttagaaac gtggaaatgg gagaatcttc tgagcacagg gagggagggg      7500
     cggctccaca tcctcctctc taaggtagtg cctccttctc ccccaggtgg tcaggacaag      7560
     cccttcctct ctgcctggcc cggcactgtg gtgtctgaag gacaacatgt gactcttcag      7620
     tgtcgctctc atcttgggtt taacgaattc agtctgtcca aagaagacgg gatgcctgtc      7680
     cctgagctct acaacagaat attccggaac agctttctca tgggccctgt gaccccagca      7740
     catgcaggga cctacagatg ttgcagttca cacccacact cccccactgg gtggtcggca      7800
     cccagcaacc ctgtggtgat catggtcaca ggtcagaggc tttctgtctg ggcttctcac      7860
     tgtcccacct cctgaatccc agagcttctg gtgggggcgt ccatcagggt ccaatcatcc      7920
     aggcccagac tgtatttggg gtaaaggggg attcagtaca gagaaatagt tgctgtggtg      7980
     ggaagaataa ttgtccccag tgatggctac atggtaatcc atgaaccctg tgactattta      8040
     tgtcataggg caggggactg aaggggaaga tggagctcag gttgttgatg agttgacctt      8100
     gcgatgggga gacagcctgg actgtcctgc tgtgctcaga gtaatcacaa gggtcctcat      8160
     gagaggagga ggaagaggaa agtggggtta gagcaacgtc gtgggaggga gactccatca      8220
     gccacagcgg gctttgaaga tgggggaagg ccatgagcca caaaggcagt tggcctctaa      8280
     gggctggaga agtcaaggga actgattctt ccctgagtct ccagaggaaa cacagccctg      8340
     tagatgcctt gattttagcc cagagagaac tgggtccgat ttctgttctc cagaagtgga      8400
     aggggtcatt gtattctctc ctgccccatg tttgtgacaa ttttctccag cagcaacagg      8460
     aaaccaacac aggaacccag gtgaagcaca agttaagaaa ccaaacaagg agaaggttgg      8520
     ctacactgat tttagcatgg gtgggatact gatgctacca ccaggctcga tccacatagg      8580
     gaggggttga tgctcctgga accagcacca ggggccaccc tatggaagct ggggccatgg      8640
     agaaggcaca gacatgacag gagaggctcc caatccccat caggaacagg gacactgatg      8700
     cctgccttac tgatgagttc gtacctcctg ccagcctttc caatctgtcc aaaagagatt      8760
     gattcaggct gctaagagcc tggacatgca gcctgtcgtg gttcctcttc cacccccaca      8820
     taaacaccag gaaagagatt agtgggaaac agatacaaca gcataagagg tgacactgag      8880
     cacagtggga agggaatcag ggctactaga gacagagaga cagggaagag ggagggagac      8940
     agatggaggg acctgcaaca ggggttatgg gcacaaaaga acacggagac acagagagga      9000
     aggagagaga tagacaccat ggaggggaag cctcacttat ttcaggtccc atgaatggga      9060
     tgagaaaggg agacgccttc tgaactcaca acctctcttc ttaggagtcc acagaaaacc      9120
     ttccctcctg gcccacccag gtcccctggt gaaatcggga gagacggtca tcctgcaatg      9180
     ttggtcagat gtcaggtttg agcgcttcct tctgcacaga gaggggatca ctgaggaccc      9240
     cttgcgcctc gttggacagc tccacgatgc gggttcccag gtcaactatt ccatgggtcc      9300
     catgacacct gcccttgcag ggacctacag atgctttggt tctgtcactc acttacccta      9360
     tgagttgtcg gctcccagtg accctctgga catcgtggtc gtaggtgaga gaatacagac      9420
     ctgcctctca cccttgctgg gagatggagt gaatgatcta ggactggaag ccccaggtgg      9480
     tcatgaggaa gatgagtgtg gggttcctat ggagagaaag tgacttggtg aggtctgtac      9540
     caacaaaggc agagaaacag gagacacaag tacagacctc atgtcataac atagaagcca      9600
     gacacagggg ccatacaagg tgttagaaaa agagataaag aggtaaagaa gacacagaga      9660
     gacagatata tcccagagag aggtgtcctt ctatgctgac tttgttcaga gaccaggcac      9720
     aggttagaag gttccattct gttttacctc tacaaagtgt tctctcccag gagaacccaa      9780
     agagacacat ctatctggcc tgagttgggc cgtgtggccc caggctggtg gcacctacag      9840
     atgctgtgtt tattcttaaa cctctgcctt ccgtgcagtg gagctgtcgt cgtcgcagga      9900
     caccatggcc ccaggtgagg gagcagaaca ccaacccctg tatgttgtga gttcctggag      9960
     tccccatact ggattctgag gctcatattc aaatagcacc acatgttata ggattactga     10020
     gaacaaaagc ccacagagag acacggagtg aaatcaggga aatcaaaaag caaagacatg     10080
     aacacacaca cagaatgagc cagaagaagg gaattgagag actcacagac acataaagag     10140
     atagaaaaag agggcagaga agtggagcgt atgatggaag gaagcagaga aaagccctaa     10200
     aatcagagcc ctgagggagg ggcacaaaga cagggaaaga taaagatgtg gggatggatt     10260
     gcagagactc caaaagggaa ctagagagac tgagaggcag agaaagacaa ggagatggag     10320
     agagacagat gatagatgga tagatagata tagatagatg aaagataaaa ggtagatgat     10380
     agataataga gagacaggtg atagacaaat agatgatgaa tgactgatag atgatataga     10440
     tagacaagta gaaagacaga cagatgatat ataaatagat atagagagat agaaagacag     10500
     ataaacacat gatgatagat ggatagatgc atacatacat acattgattg atagatgata     10560
     gataacagag agataggtca tagatacaca gatgatgata gatgatagat acatacatag     10620
     ataaatgata gatcgatcaa tagatagtag atagaaatat gcagaaagtt atgagcaaga     10680
     cagaaagtga gagactcaga attaaagaaa gaggaagatc aagtcaacca gtccaaggag     10740
     ggtcagagag aataaaatgg tacaaaaaaa gaaaacatag ctagggatgg agaagtgagg     10800
     tcagagacct agagagacag agaaggtgga aggaggaaat agacatgaag agagatgggg     10860
     gtggagggtg agagagagaa agagagcatt aagtcataga gcaggggagt gagttctcag     10920
     ctcaggtgtg aggagagctg tgacaacgaa gaacctccct gaggaaacca cctcttctcc     10980
     ttccaggtct atatgggaaa ccttctctct cagcccagcc gggccccacg gttcaggcag     11040
     gagagaatgt gaccttgtcc tgcagctccc ggagcttgtt tgacatttac catctatcca     11100
     gggaggcaga ggccggtgaa cttaggctca ctgcggtgct gagggtcaat ggaacattcc     11160
     aggccaactt ccctctgggc cctgtgaccc acggagggaa ctacagatgc ttcggctctt     11220
     tccgtgccct gccccacgcg tggtcagacc cgagtgaccc actgcccgtt tctgtcacag     11280
     gtgagaaaac accatgcctg tcccatgtct tgtgatccta gagccatagc tgaggagctt     11340
     cctgctgatg atggagagaa gcatggacag atgccgagac agaacacaca gcatgggtgt     11400
     aagggcgggg tcagggggca ggatggcaga cagggcacct ccaaaccctc ctgtatggcc     11460
     tgcaaggagg cccttgatca gggttccagg cacccaggca gatggagaaa gaggtcagaa     11520
     cagacccaga ggagggagac tgggctctgc ctggggagat cagaggttct ctcagcccct     11580
     caaccttacc cacttcccag aagcccatcc tggcctgtca cccacagaga gatgtcatca     11640
     ccagcaacgc ctacaccctt ttctttttgt ttgaagaaat atttattgag gtgaaatata     11700
     cctatgtaat ttaccacctt taccattttt aagtgtgaag tctactgttc ataaatacat     11760
     ttataggctg ggcacggtgg ctcactgttg taatcccaac actttgagag gccaaggcag     11820
     gtggatcatt tgagatcagg ggctcaagac caccctggcc aacatgggga aaatccatct     11880
     gtactaaaaa tacaaaataa taataataat gataataatt agccgagcat ggtggcacat     11940
     gcctgtagtc ccagctactt gggagggttg ggcaggagtt gcacttaatt gcaggaggcg     12000
     gaggttgcag tgagctgaga tcatgccact gcactgcagc ctgggcaaca gagagagaca     12060
     ctctctcaaa attaattaat taattaatta gtattctttt ttttttaccc tccacccttc     12120
     ccttcctggc ctctggtagc caccattcta ctctctacct ttgtgagatc caccttttag     12180
     ctcctgcata tgagtgagaa atggaaatac ttgtaatgac ctccagttcc attcatgtgg     12240
     ctgtaaatga caggatgtta ctctttctat ggatgagttg tccctattgt gtgtgtgtac     12300
     cacattctct ccatccattc acccactgat gggcgggtag gttgatccac atcttggcta     12360
     ctgtgaacac tgctggaaca gtcatgggag tgcagatgtc acttcgatac gctgatgtcc     12420
     tttcctttgg gtttacaccc agtcatggaa ttgctagatc ctctggaagt gtctttttac     12480
     attttgtttt atggtttttg tttttgtttt tgtttttttt agacagtttc actcttgttg     12540
     cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg tgccatctgg gctcactgca acctccacct ccaggattca     12600
     agagattccc cagcctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggttac tggctcccac caccacactc     12660
     ggctaatttt tatattttta gtagagacag agtttcgcta tattggccag gctgctcttc     12720
     aactcctgac ctcaagtgac ctacccacct cggcctccca atgtgctggg attacaggca     12780
     tgaaccactg tgcccgacct cattttattt tttgaggaac ttccatactc ttctcctctg     12840
     taatggctgt actaatttac attcgtatca gcagtgtacc agatgcaacc ctggttgact     12900
     cagcagagca agagacgtgc agtaagagag aatttagctt atttatgcac acgacacttc     12960
     cactcactca ctcgttcagc caatgcccca tgctctggct gtgcagtgtg gaatcttttc     13020
     ctattgttgc cataacaaat ttccacaagc ttcgtggatg aaaacatgtt tttcttaatt     13080
     atctcacagt gctgtaactc agaagtatga actgcatttc actgggctga tatcaaaggg     13140
     acagtaaggc tggatttctt tttaaggttc caagcaagaa tctgctcctt aacgtttccc     13200
     agctcctaga ggctcccacg ttcctgggcc cctggtcccc ttccttcttc ctccttcctc     13260
     aaagcccaca aaggctggtc acgtctcaca tggcatcatt cagactcttc ttctttaccc     13320
     ataccttttt ctctgaatcc tgctctgcct tcttcctcat cttttaagga ctttgggatt     13380
     ctattggggt caccaagata atccatctca atctccctaa aatcatccag cgtaccctct     13440
     ttttaagttc agctgattag caaccgtaat gccatctgca atcttcattc ctcctttcct     13500
     gtaaaataac atattcacaa gctatggagg ctaagacagg gacattttgg gggtggggca     13560
     gcattctcct gccttccaca aatggtaaac aggatgcatt tggcctctgc tcttgggacg     13620
     ctgatattgc agatgggtaa atgcgagggc agagaatgaa tgcacaaggg taccaataaa     13680
     tgaatgatcc attgggaagc atctgtgcac caaatctggg gttttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg     13740
     ttttttgttt tctttttttt ttttgagtag agtctctctc tgttccacag gctggagtgc     13800
     agtagcacaa tctcagctca ttgcaacctc tgcctcctgg gttcatgcaa ttctcctgcc     13860
     tcagcctacc gagtagctgg gattacagct gtgcgccacc acactcggct aatttttttg     13920
     gtatattttt tagtagaaat gaggtttcac catgttgtgc aggctgtctc aaactcccaa     13980
     tctcaagtga tcccaccgcc ttagcgtccc taagtgcaaa gattacaggc gagagctact     14040
     gcgcccagcc aggatttaaa ataagtaata gataatgctg agtatataat ttcaggtgac     14100
     agagaaggtc tcactgatca gataatattt gtgaccttaa tggaaaaaat ggattcaacc     14160
     cttggaagat tggcggaagg attttccaca ctgagctctc agccgtgaag gcacaaaggt     14220
     ggaaacattc ttagttcaag gaagaggctc tgcctcaaat gctgggaatg agatggggag     14280
     aatgacaaga caactgtaga gagatggaga gcacactggg tacacaggaa actaaggagg     14340
     aacaaggagc atgtttttga tactcacagc ccttggattc aactcagagc taactaggaa     14400
     tccctacctg attaacagtg accgacatga aaataaggga ggcccaggtg cgtaactgga     14460
     atctaggaga ccgtggaaaa ggcaattccc gccccactgg tgaaacgtag ggttgattta     14520
     cacactaaat gaatgaaaga tggatataag ctatgcttgt gaggtagaat catttgcagg     14580
     gagggcttgc tgggtttgat ttttcctagt agtttaatcc ttgtttcatt aatttctttc     14640
     tgagatgtgt tttttttcta catctaaatc aatacctggc agaggagcga tagacacatg     14700
     aggggtggtg caaatgaagg gacctagtat aatataatat acaagactgt ggatgggggc     14760
     tcacacctgt aacccaacac tttgggaggc caaggcgggt agatcactta agggtaggag     14820
     tttgagacca gcctggccaa catggtgaaa ccccgtctgt actaaaaata caaaaattag     14880
     cctggtgcat tggcacctgc ctgtaatccc agcgactggg gaggctgaag cagaagaatg     14940
     gcttcaaccc tggaggcaga ggttgaactg agatcgcatc actgcactcc agcctgacac     15000
     agggggactc tgtctcaaaa aataaaaata aaacatacat aattatgaca cacagaaatt     15060
     acaaaggcaa ctggatacca accatcattt ttctatttct ctgtgtttaa ttctttgacc     15120
     ctttatctta tccattaaac aatcaggtta aacctcttcc ttatttggct ttctgtgagc     15180
     ttgggatcat atggaaaatg tgaaagcctc ctgaacccac cagcacaggt cctggaatag     15240
     agaacatgct ctgttcatgg cataaaactt gccccttcac ccaaatcccc caattcatct     15300
     ctacttccaa tcacctatgg agatacagat agatcatggg gaggtaaaca ctaatactct     15360
     ttggagtgag ctcagatctt ggactcagag accagtgcca gcactagccc ctggtcacat     15420
     ttcgtactaa ctcacagaag gacaggctgt attgaaacaa taaacgacgg agagggcggt     15480
     ccttccccgt gcttctcggg tggaatagca gcctaatata tgtctcagca gatcacaaaa     15540
     agtagcatgt tgttcctggg ctacatcatt atttcatggc tgtttgattt aagtcagttc     15600
     tacttcactt tttttatctt gatttcattt tttctttctt ttcttggaga atgtaatttt     15660
     ttttgagtca agagggttgt ggtggtagaa actgtaaagc acattcgctg tgtatcaatc     15720
     ccaatccagt cttcccagag aagattctaa acacctcctg gaatgcacct gggcctatac     15780
     caattcctat cactcaccgt cactccaggg agacagaaca cacagagaac acattacaca     15840
     ggcaggttca ttactaacag ataagcagcg agtgacaaca gaaacctaca tttcaatgtg     15900
     agccagtccc tcaaggctca gaaaagctgc tcgagacatg tggagtcacc ccatatgcag     15960
     tgtatctggg ggaaatcaaa aagcagccca gcctgggttt tgtaccctgg agccacagga     16020
     agcactcagc taaagcactg catgacgtcc tcctccagga agaacaggaa gacagcccag     16080
     gctgttctgg gatgttcctc ctgatctcag gacgttgctg tcttagtcca tttttgttgc     16140
     tctaaaggaa cacttgagcc tgggtaactt ctaaagaaaa gaaatgtgtt tgcctcacag     16200
     ttctgcaggc tgtactggaa gcatggcacc agcatctatt tcttgtgacg gcctcaggct     16260
     gctcccactc tggcagaagg gaaggagggt ctgtctgtgc agagaccaca gagatcacac     16320
     ggcaagagag ggaccaaggg ggagggggag cgatggagct tccaagctct tttaacaacc     16380
     agttctccag gaactaatag agggggaact tgctaacccc gtctccttgg aacagcattg     16440
     atctgttcat gatggatcca cctccatgac ccaaacaact cccaagaggc ccaacctccc     16500
     accctggggg ttacatttca atgtgaggtt tgaaggggtc aaacatctaa actaaagcag     16560
     ttgtatcctc agcacgttct atggttacta caactgagaa agcaggagga agctaggtct     16620
     cccgccatct gggtgcttgt cctaaagaga cgttgtatgt ggttacctgt caatcaagaa     16680
     atgtgagaca attcatatag aggaactgct atgattagct tcttattggt gtcttgtctt     16740
     cctccaggta actccagaca cctgcacgtt ctgattggga cctcagtggt catcatcccc     16800
     tttgctatcc tcctcttctt tctccttcat cgctggtgtg ccaacaaaaa gagtaagtct     16860
     cacgaagcag aagccagaga gctcagggcc atgtggggaa gcaggatggg agcactcagg     16920
     tgtgtgttcc tcacaggcag gatggtccct ggcccaaggc aggagccaca gaggcaggac     16980
     tttctagaga gagcaccaga ctccctgcct ctgccttcag ctcacagacc attgcctgat     17040
     tctgaaccgt atcctcacat cccctgcagc cactcacatc caggagaagg ttccatgaca     17100
     ggcagaaagt gggacacaga atcaatagga tgggaactca gagctataca tgggatggat     17160
     ccttgagctc agagagatag aatgtctgag tctgctgttg gcaactgagg gacctcaggc     17220
     acctatggcc tccccctgta tgttggtatc tgcttatgaa atgaggaccc agaagtgccc     17280
     tccgagctgt tttgacgact tccgtcttct acagatgctg ttgtaatgga ccaagagcct     17340
     gcagggaaca gaacagtgaa cagggaggta ggtgctcctc cgcccagcct cgtggctagt     17400
     cttattccca aagagtcctg gaaaatgtga gcaccctccc tcactcagca tttccctccc     17460
     tccaggactc tgatgaacaa gaccctcagg aggtgacata cgcacagttg aatcactgcg     17520
     ttttcacaca gagaaaaatc actcgccctt ctcagaggcc caagacaccc ccaacagata     17580
     ccagcgtgta acacggaact tccaaatgct gagcgcagat ccaaagttgt cttctgtcca     17640
     ctagcaccac agtcaggcct tgatgggatc ttctagggag acaatagccc tgtctcaaaa     17700
     ccgggttgcc agctcccatg taccagcagc tggactctga aggcgtgagt ctgcatctta     17760
     gggcatcgct cttcctcaca ccacgaatct gaacatgcct ctctcttgct tacaaatgtc     17820
     taaggtcccc actgcctgct ggagagaaaa cacacttgct tagcccacaa ttctccattt     17880
     cacttgaccc ctgcccacct ctccaaccta actggcttac ttcctagtct acttgaggct     17940
     gcgatcacac tgaggaactc acaattccaa acatataaga ggctccctct taacacggca     18000
     cttagatacg tgctattcca cctttcctca gagtatcttt cagccttctg tcagcagtaa     18060
     aacttataaa ttttttttat aatttcaatg tagttttcta ttcttcaagt aaacatgtct     18120
     gccctcatgg tttcgtcaat gggactcttt tcttgcctaa ggcttccggt gttatcatta     18180
     ccacgtccac ataaccccat ctgttctccg ctgggttctc acccctggac tctgagcttc     18240
     tggaagcagg gtggagcctg aattgtctct gagactccag tttccatcca aagatgcagc     18300
     acataggagg ttccaaggat ggtgaatcag atgaacaagt gatattctta ctctctgcag     18360
     atctggaaag ctggcagagt cattccacga tgaaacattt gtagagtcat aggccttgtt     18420
     agtctcatct ccacagggac acgtatcaac acatcatctt tcatactact ataaatagac     18480
     agtcactcct ccatatctct ggggtttaca catgtttatt gaatcagcaa taaatcaaaa     18540
     atattttgag aaaaaaaatc cccgaagttt caaaaagcaa aaaactatgt tgaatcgaca     18600
     caaattgagt ggcgtgtagg ctgtgtcagg aattataagt aatcaagaga tgatttcatg     18660
     tatacaggag gatgtgcatg ggttctatgc aattgctatg ctattttttt ttttgagaca     18720
     gtctcactct ctcacccagg ctggagtgca gtggcgtgat ctcaactcac tgcaacctcc     18780
     gccttccagg ttcaagcgat tctcttccct cagcctcctc agtagcctcc cctaggatta     18840
     caggcacgtg ccaccctgca cagataaatt tttttgtgtg tgtattttta gtagagacgg     18900
     ggtttcagaa tgttggacca gctggtcttg aactcctgac cttgtgatct acccagctca     18960
     gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacgggcgtg agccacggtg cccagcttca ctatgccatt     19020
     tcatgcaagg ggcttgagca tctgcagatt ttggtatctg aatggggatc ctggaaccaa     19080
     tcacccaggt atagtgaagg accatggtat ataattttta tttgtcaatc ttaaaaataa     19140
     agcataaaaa atttacaaca acaagataaa aaataagaag tgtttttata gtgtgaggat     19200
     aagtttagat ttattttttc ctacgtgtaa ccctatggtc ctgtgttatt tgttgagaaa     19260
     atattctatt ccaccttaaa ctacatggca gcctttgtca actataaagg gactgtgtat     19320
     ccacagatgt attttagaca cagttttctg tccagtggtt ctctgtatcc cctctcatga     19380
     ggatgctgca ttttatataa acttatagaa ccccttaaaa tttggtaacc tgagtcctct     19440
     gatttgttat tataggttat ttagtttgct tttttttttt cttgagacag actcttcctc     19500
     tgtcacccaa gctggagttc agtggcttga gctcagctca ctgcaacctc cgcctcccag     19560
     gttcaagcta ttctgatgcc tctggtttag tactagaaac tcaagcagga aaattagaat     19620
     ggcttcttgt cacaattact ctgataatgt taataatacc tgttagacat tttgcacatt     19680
     acatatgaag aagagtttga atctcagata aaaacaaaaa tacatcaaaa atctttaatg     19740
     taagcacaga attcaatcat ctcgtgtatg agaggttgga tctgagacgt cttttgagtc     19800
     tggtcgtagt gaaggacgca aggtgtcaat tctagtgaga acaatttcca ggaagccatg     19860
     ttccgctctt gagcgagcac ccactgggcc tcatgcaagg tagaaagagc ctgcgtacgt     19920
     caccctccca tgatgtggtc aacatgtaaa ctgcatgggc agggcgccaa ataacatcct     19980
     gtgcgctgct gagctgagct ggggcgcggc cgcctgtctg cacagacagc accatgtcgc     20040
     tcatggtcgt cagcatggcg tgtgttggtg agtcctggaa gggaatcgag ggagggagtg     20100
     cggggatgga gatcggggcc cagagttgga gatataggcc tggaagtgga gttatgggcc     20160
     tagagatgga gtgatgggcc tagaagtgga gatctgggcc tggagtggag atatgggcct     20220
     ggaggttgag atatgggcct gcagtagaga tatgggcttg tagtggagac atgggcctgg     20280
     agatggagat atgggcctgg agatggagat atgggcctgc agtagagata tgggcctgga     20340
     gtggagatat gggcctggag tggagatatg gatctggagg tggagatacg ggcctgcagt     20400
     agagatatgg gcctggagtg gagatatggg ccaggagtgg agttatgggc ctagaggtgg     20460
     atatctgggc ctggagtgga gatatgggcc taggaaggag atatgggcct gggtgtggag     20520
     atatgggact ggagaggtga tatgggcctg gagtggagat atgggcttag ggtggagatc     20580
     tgggcctggg gcagagatat gggactggat tggagatatg ggcctagggt ggaaatatca     20640
     gcctggagtg gagatatggg cttgtggtgg ggatctgggc ctggaaactg ggtctctgca     20700
     cagccgacag ccctgttctt gggtgcaggt aggcactgag ggtgagttta acttcagccc     20760
     aggaagggcc tggctgccaa gactcacagc ccagtggggg cagcaaggga gtcctggttt     20820
     gcctgcagat ggatggtcca tcatgatctt tctttccagg gttcttcttg ctgcaggggg     20880
     cctggccaca tgagggtgag tccttctcca aaccttcggt tgtcatctcc ccacataaga     20940
     ggattttcct gaaacaggag ggaagtcctg tcagggagtc tctcataaac tgggaagaga     21000
     ggaccctggg gtgctcggcc cacatttctg accttgcctc cctggcctct caaccccttg     21060
     gcagagtcaa gttctgtggg gaccagggtt agactggggt gctcaaagct ggggtgtgtg     21120
     gtggggaagt ggtaggaaca gcagatcctc tgaggacaaa ggtgttactc acacacttca     21180
     gcgtttccat gatggtaggg gctgcagtgt ggctgctgtc attctaccag aagaggtggg     21240
     aaaccacagc catggccctg acattccaaa tcctctgatg ggggctcagt tgtttatttt     21300
     cgttcaggca tccgctgata tccactcaca aaggacatgc cctccacctc atgtctaccc     21360
     tgtgttgttt tatgtgagta atcttacagt attaaaatct agtaggagtc tctttactca     21420
     gcacttgctc aaagttctca gctgaggctt ttgttgtagg gagacaccat gtctttgcgg     21480
     gatgggtcct tccttcagcc ctgggcacca aggtgtgata gtagccatag aaacgtggaa     21540
     agcgaggaga atcttctgag cacagggagg gaggggcagt tccacatcct cctctctaag     21600
     gcggcgcctc cttctcccca aggtggtcag gacaagccct tgctgtctgc ctggcccagc     21660
     cttgtggtgc ctctaggaca tgtcattctt cggtgtcact cttatcttgg gtttaacaac     21720
     ttcagtctgt acaaggaagg tggggtgcct gtccctgagc tctacaacag aatattctgg     21780
     aacagccttt tcatgggccc tgtgaccccc gcacaacagg gacatacaga tgtcggggtt     21840
     cacacacaca ctcccccagt gggtggtcag cacccagcaa ccccctggtg atcgtggtca     21900
     taggtcagag ggctcctgtc ttggattctc cttgtcccac ctcctgaatc ccagagcttc     21960
     tggtgggcat gtccttgagg gtcccatcac gcaggccctg actgtatttg tggtaaaggg     22020
     ggattgaata cagggaaatg ggtgctgtgg tgggaagaat aattgtcccc agtgatgact     22080
     acattctaat ccctggagtc tgtgactatg tatgttatag gggaagggac tgaaggggaa     22140
     gatggagctc atggggagac agcctggact gtcccactgg gctcagtgta atcacaaggg     22200
     tgcacatgaa aggaggagga agaggggagt ggggattaga gcagtccagt ggaagtcttc     22260
     accagctttg aaggtggagg aaggccaaga gccatgaatg caggtggcct atagaggctg     22320
     gaaaagtcaa ggaactgatt ctccagagtc tccagaggaa acgaagccct gcagatgcct     22380
     tgattttagc ccaggaaaaa tagggtccaa tttctgtctc cagtactgga aggtgtcagt     22440
     gtggtctctc ctgcttccat gcttctgata attttgtaca gcagcaacag gaaaccaaca     22500
     ctggaaccca ggtcaaggac aagttaagaa acaacccaag gaaagccagg catggtggca     22560
     ggcgcatgta atcctagcga ctcaggaggc tgagggcagg agaatcactt gaacccagga     22620
     aacagaggtt gcagtgagcc tagaccacac cacttcactc cagcctgggt gaaggagtga     22680
     gactctgtct ccaaaattaa ttaattaatt aaagaaacca aacaaggaga aggttggcta     22740
     ccctgagatc agcaagggtg ggatgatgat gccaccacca ggctccatcc acatagggag     22800
     gggttgatac tcctccaacc agcaccagga gccagcctat ggaagctggc accatggaga     22860
     aggcacaggc atggcaagag tggctcccag tcccgaccag gaacagggtg tgtggacact     22920
     ggtgcctgcc ttattcatca gttcatacct tctgccaagg attgcaattc atccaaaaga     22980
     gattgaacaa ggctgataag agcctggatg tgcagcctat cctggttcct ctttcacccc     23040
     cacataaaca gcaggaaaga cgttagtgtg aaatagatac aacaccccaa gagatgaggc     23100
     taagcccagt gggaagggaa tcagaggcta ctagagacag agggacagag aagagggagg     23160
     gagacagatg gaaggacctg caccaggagt tatgggcaca gaaaagaaca tgaagacaca     23220
     gagaggaagg agagagacag acaccagcaa ggggaagcct cactcattct aggtgccatg     23280
     gatgggatga taaagagaga caccttctaa actcacaacc tctcttctta ggagtccaca     23340
     gaaaaccttc cctcctggcc cacccaggtc ccctggtgaa atcagaagag acagtcatcc     23400
     tgcaatgttg gtcagatgtc aggtttgagc acttccttct gcacagagag gggaagtata     23460
     aggacacttt gcacctcatt ggagagcacc atgatggggt ctccaaggcc aacttctcca     23520
     tcggtcccat gatgcaagac cttgcaggga cctacagatg ctacggttct gttactcact     23580
     ccccctatca gttgtcagct cccagtgacc ctctggacat cgtcatcaca ggtgagagtg     23640
     tccggacatt ctcattgtca ttgggctgca gagtgaatga tccacgactt ggaaccccca     23700
     ggtagttgta aggaagatga gcttggtatt cttatggaga gagactgact tgctgaggtt     23760
     tgtaccaaca gagacagaga aacaggagac acaagtacag accaggtgtc ataacggagg     23820
     acagacacag gggccataca gggagttaga aaagacagaa agagttaaag gagacagaca     23880
     gacagacatg tcccagagag aggtgtccct ccatgctgac tttgctcaca gacctggcac     23940
     aggatagaag tttcatttct gttttacctc cacaaagtgt tctctaccag gagaacccaa     24000
     ggacacccat atttctgacc tgagttgggc cctgtggcct caggccttgt ggcacctaca     24060
     ggccatgttt attctgacac ctctgccttc catgtaatgg agagtaaccg tcccaggata     24120
     tcatggcccc agaacaccaa cccctgtatg ctgtgtgaac ttgtggtctc cagactggat     24180
     tctgaggctc acattccaaa taaccccaca tatgaaagga tcactgagag gcacagagag     24240
     aaatcaggaa caccaaaaag caaagacata aacacacaga gaatgggcca gaggaaggag     24300
     attgagagac tcactgacac ataaagagag agaaaagagg gcagaggagt ggtgagaatg     24360
     atggaaggga gcagagaaaa gcactaaaat tagagtcctg agggagaggc acaaggacat     24420
     agaaagatgg agatgtgggg atgaactgca gagattccaa agagaactag agagaccgag     24480
     aggcagagca agacagatga tagatggata gatatagata gatgataaat aggtagatga     24540
     tagataatag gttaaagata catagatgat gattgattga ttcattaata gataatacat     24600
     agagatgatg atgatgaaga cagatagata atacgtacag atagagaggc agacagaaat     24660
     catagagaga gagatgatac atacatataa ataacagatg attgatggat agatagacaa     24720
     ctgatagata catagatgat atatagatat agatgacagg tagagaattt gtagataggc     24780
     accgaataga taaatagata gatcgacaga taatagatag aaatatgcag aaagttatga     24840
     acaggacaca acgtgagaaa cttagaattt aaaaaagtaa catcaagtca accaatccaa     24900
     ggagagtcag agagaataaa agaatccaaa aagggaaaac atatctagag gtggggaagc     24960
     gaggtcagag acctagagag acagagaagg tggaaggagg aaatagacat gaagagagat     25020
     ggggtggagg gtgagagaga gagagagaga gcattaggtc atagagcagg ggagtgagtt     25080
     ctcagctcag gtgaagggag ctgtgacaag gaagatcctc cctgaggaaa atgcctcttc     25140
     tccttccagg tctatatgag aaaccttctc tctcagccca gccgggcccc acggttttgg     25200
     caggagagag cgtgaccttg tcctgcagct cccggagctc ctatgacatg taccatctat     25260
     ccagggaggg ggaggcccat gaacgtaggt tctctgcagg gcccaaggtc aacggaacat     25320
     tccaggccga ctttcctctg ggccctgcca cccacggagg aacctacaga tgcttcggct     25380
     ctttccgtga ctctccctat gagtggtcaa actcgagtga cccactgctt gtttctgtca     25440
     caggtgagga aaccccatat ctgtctcatg tcctatgatc ctagagcctt agctgaggag     25500
     cttcctgctg atgatggaga gaagcatgga cagatgcaga gagaagacga agcttgggtg     25560
     tgagggaggg atcagggcac aggatggcag acagggcacc tccaaaccct cctacacggc     25620
     ctgcatgaag gcccgcggcc agggctccag gcacacaggc agatggagaa aacggtcagg     25680
     agagacccag aggagagaga ctgggctcag tttgggaaga tcagaggttc cctcagcccc     25740
     tcaacattat ccatttccca gaagcccatc ctggcctctc acccacacag ggatgtcatc     25800
     accagcaacc cctacaccct ttacttttgt ttgaagaaat atttattgag gataaatata     25860
     cctatatagc ttaccacctt taacattttt tttttttttg aggcagagtc tagctctgtc     25920
     ccctatgctg gagtgcagtg gcacaatctc agctcactgc aatttccgcc tcctgggttc     25980
     aagcgattct cttgcctcag ccacctgagt agctggtgct acaggcgcgc accaccacgc     26040
     caggctactt tttgtatttt tagtagagag gtggtttcac catgttggtc gagctggtct     26100
     ccaactcctg accacgtgat ccacccgcat gtgcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca     26160
     tgagccacca cgcccagcca catttaccat ttttaagtgt aaagtctagt ggtcataaat     26220
     acatttatat atatatattt tttttttttt tttttaccct ccaccctttt cttcctggcc     26280
     tctggaagcc atcattctac tctctacctt catgagatcc accttttagc tctgtatatg     26340
     ggtgagaaat gggaatcttt gtaatgactt ccagttccat ccatgtggct gcaaatatca     26400
     ggatgttatt ctttctatgg atgagtagtc tccactgtgc gtatgtacta cattctctct     26460
     atccattcat ccactgatgg gcaggtaggt tgactccaca tcttggctac tgtgaacagt     26520
     gctgcaccaa tcatacgagt gcagatatca cttcgatata ttgatttact ttcctttgga     26580
     tataaaccca gtagtgaaat tgctggatac tatgaaagtt ctctttttag tttttcgttt     26640
     gttgttttgt ttttgttttt gagacagttt ccctctgtgc ccaggctgga gtacaagtga     26700
     tgtcatcttg gctcattgca acctctgcct cctgggttca aatgattttc ctgcctcagc     26760
     ctccctagta gctgggatta caggtgcacg ccaccatgcc tggctacttt ttgttttttt     26820
     tagtatagat ggggtttccc catgttggct gggctgctct caaactcatg acctcaactg     26880
     agatgcccgc ctcagtctcc caaagtgccg ggattacagg cctgatccac cacacccaac     26940
     ctctttttag ttctttaaag gacttccata cttttctccg taatcgctgt actaatttac     27000
     actcctccca acagggtacc agggttctcc tttctctacc accttgccag catttctttt     27060
     gcctgtcttg cagctaaaag ccattttatt ttatttcatt ttattttgag atggagtttt     27120
     gctcttctca cccaggcagg agtgcagtgg cgctatctcg gctcaccaca acctccacct     27180
     cccaggttca agcgattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccgagta gctggaatta caggcacact     27240
     ccaccacgcc cgactaattt ttgtattttt agtagagaca gtgtttctct atgtgggtca     27300
     gactggtctc aaactcctga ccttatgaga ttcacccacc tcaggctctc aaagttctag     27360
     gatgacagac gtgagccacc acgcccggcc taaaagccat tttaatgggg tgagatgaaa     27420
     actcactttg attttaattt gcgtttctct gatgatgagt gatactgagc actttttagt     27480
     atgtggggaa atttcatgtc ttctgctcct ttttcaatta aatcatttgt tttattgagt     27540
     tgtttgagct tcttatattt ctagttatta atcccatctc agatgcatag tttgcacata     27600
     tttgctccca atctgtgggt tgtctcttca ctttgttggt ttatttttag cagtgcagaa     27660
     gttgcttagt ttgaggtaat cccaatggtc tatttttgct tcgattactt gtgttttcaa     27720
     ggtttaaaac aaaatgtctt tcttcagaca aatgtcctgg agcatttccc caatattttg     27780
     ttctacgtgt ttcataggtt caggccttag actcacatct ttaatccatt ttcatttgat     27840
     ttttgtgtat ggtgacaggt agaggtgcag tttcattcct ctgcatgtcg atgtccaggt     27900
     ttccctgcac tgtttattga aaagactgtc ctttcctgat tgtgagttct tggcaccttt     27960
     gtcaaagtcc attggatggg ctgggcttgg tggctgacac ctgcaatttc agcactttgg     28020
     gaggccgagg cgggtggatt acctgaggcc aggagttcaa gatcagtctg gacgacgtga     28080
     tgaaacatcg tctccactaa aaatataaaa attagctgag catggtggtc agcacctgta     28140
     ataccactac tcaggagttt gaggcaagag aatgattgaa cccaggaggc tgaggttgca     28200
     gtgaactgag attgcacctc tgcactccag cctgagtgac agagcaagac tccatctcaa     28260
     aagaaaaaat aaaaaaccat tggatgtaaa tgcatggaat atatctgtgt tattcattct     28320
     gctccgttgt tctatgtccc tttctttatg ccaatgtcat gctgttttgc ttactacagc     28380
     tctgtaacat attttgagat caggtagtgt gatgctcctg ttttctcttt ataccttgaa     28440
     gtctcaagac agtgggcgtc acataaaaaa attatggaaa aaaggatccc aggactccca     28500
     gggcccaata ttagataaca gagtgttggc catgaaccat cctcaaagat ttccactgag     28560
     tagaggacag acaccctcat ttcctcacct ctctcctgtc tcatgttcta ggaaaccctt     28620
     caaatagttg gccttcaccc actgaaccaa gctccaaaac cggtgagtac agaaccctct     28680
     tatatccgct tttggaaacc tggggaggtg gaaaccttgg attcaggcgt tgactcagca     28740
     tctcacagct ctgacattgt acccctgtct tccaccatct ccgaactcca gatactccta     28800
     cagcgaaagg gatctgggtc caacacaggg ctcagtgaaa tctcttcatc tctcatttta     28860
     tggagctgag acttcctaca agctagaaga atgattgcca atctgacatc cttctcagga     28920
     aaaatgcaat gtttgttctg cctgcattcc taactggagg ataaattcct ggagacttga     28980
     gagagggaag ggaagggaac atctgatgag ggcgaggtgt tttagagaag ttccacttgc     29040
     caaggaatga gctcctatag gtcatgaagc aaccctggct gactcagcag agaaagagcc     29100
     ttgctgtaac agagaacaga gctcatgcac gcacacttcg actcactgac tcattcagcc     29160
     acggccccat gctcaggctg tgcactgtgg aagcttttcc tattgttgcc ataacaaatt     29220
     tccacaagat tcgtgggtga aaacaaaacg gttttttaat tatcttacag tgctgtagct     29280
     caaagtatga agtgcatctc actgggctaa aatcaaggtg acagcaaggc tgccttccct     29340
     ctgaggattc caggcaagaa tctgcttctc acttttctca gcttctagag gctcccacat     29400
     tccttcgctc ctggtcccct tcctccttcc tcaaagccca caaagactgg tcacatctca     29460
     catggcatca ctcagaccct tcttccttac cacacctctt tctctgaatg ctgctctccc     29520
     ttcttcctca tcttttgaaa acttggggat tctattgggt tcaccaagat gaaaatccat     29580
     cataatctcc cggaaatcat tcaggatacc cttgttttaa gttcagctga ttagcaacca     29640
     taattccatc tgcaatcttc attcctcctt tccatgtaaa ataagatatt cacaagctat     29700
     ggaggctagg acagggacat tttggggtgg gacagcattc tcctgccttc cacaaacagt     29760
     gaacaagatg catttggcct ctgctctttg gacactgata ttgcagatgg ttaaatggga     29820
     gggcagaaaa tgaatgcaca agtggaccaa taaatgaatg atccattggg aagcatctgt     29880
     gtatgaaatc tatttgtttg tttcttcatt tgtttattga gacagagtct ccctctgtct     29940
     tccaggctac agtgcagtgt caccatcttg gctcactgca acctgcacct tctggatcca     30000
     agtgattctc ctgcgtcagc ctctcaagta gctgggatta caggcaactg ccaccatgcc     30060
     cggctaattc tttttgtata ttttttgtag aggatgtttc accatcttcg ccaagcttct     30120
     ctgaaactcc caacctcaag tgatccgacc gtctcagcat cctaaagtac tgggataact     30180
     ggcgtgagcc actgtgccca gccagaattt aaaataaata atacataatg ctgagtgtat     30240
     gattttgggt gacagagaag atctcactaa tcagatattt gtgacattaa tgaaaaacac     30300
     ggattgaacc cctgaaagat tggcggaagg attttccaca cacagctgtc agccgtgaag     30360
     gcagaaagct gaaaacaatc tgatgtggaa ggaagaggct ctgcctcaaa tgctgggaat     30420
     gaggtgggga gaatgacaag acgactgtgg agagacggag agcacactgg gtacacagga     30480
     aactaaggag caacaaggag tgtgtgtttg acactcacag ccattggatt cacctcgggg     30540
     tagccaggaa tccctacatg attaatagtg actgacatga aaataaggga ggcccaggtg     30600
     cgtaactgga atctaggaga ctgtggaaaa ggcaattccc gccccactgg tgaaatgtgg     30660
     tgctgattta gaccctaact gggtgaagca gatggatata agctatgctt gtgaggtgga     30720
     atcattggct ggaaaggctt gctgggtatg attttcctag ttgtctaatc ctcgcttaat     30780
     ttctttctga gctttattcc tactacacat aaatcaatac ctggcaaagg agtgacagat     30840
     atatgagggg tggtggaaat gaagggacct attatagcat aatatacaag tctgtgaacg     30900
     gtggctcacg cctgtaaccc agcactgcag gaggccaagg cgggtggatc acatgaagtc     30960
     agcagttcga gaccagcctg gccaacatgg tgaaaccctg tctctaggaa aaacacaaaa     31020
     attagccgag catggtggtg catccctgta atcccagctc ctactctgga ggatgaagca     31080
     ggagaatgac ttcaacccag gaggtggagg ttgcagtgag tggagattgc atcactgcac     31140
     tccagcctgg gtgacacaag gagactccgt ctcaaaaaat aaaaataaga aatgcataaa     31200
     tataaatata atataacaca tgcaaatgag aaagggacct gaattccaat catgattttt     31260
     ctatttctct ataattactt ctttgatcct ttatcttatc cattaggcaa tgagcctaaa     31320
     acctcttccc tatttggctt tctgtgagca tgagatcata tagaaaatgt gaaagcccgc     31380
     tgaatcctcc agcacagatc ctggaataca caaagtgctc tgttcatcac aagaaaacat     31440
     gccctctcac ccaaatcccc cacctcaccc ctacttccaa tcatctgtgg agattcagat     31500
     aggccatggg gaggtaaatt ctaatactcc ttggagtgag tccagatctt ggaatcagag     31560
     attagcgtca gcagtagctc ctgctcccct ttcctactaa ttcacaggag gacaggtggt     31620
     attgaagcaa tagatggccg agggggtggt ccttccccca gcctctcggg tagaacagca     31680
     acctaacatg tgtctcctga gatcacaaag agtagcacgt ttcacatggg cttcaacact     31740
     gtttcctggc catttgacat aagagaattc tacttcgctt tttttatctt gatttcactt     31800
     ttgtttcctt ttcttggaga atgcaagttg tttgactcaa gaatgccgtg gatgtagaaa     31860
     tcctaaagca cagtcgctgt gtatcaatcc cagtgcagtc ttcccagaga agactctaaa     31920
     cacctcctgg actgcacctg ggcctatgcc aattcctatc actcaccgtc actccaggga     31980
     gacagaacac acagagaata cattacacag gcaggttcat tactaacaga taagcagcga     32040
     gtgacaacag aagcctacat ttcaatgtga gccagtccct caaggctcag aaaagctgct     32100
     cgggacatat ggagtcaccc catttgcagt gtagctgcgg gaagccagaa agcagcccag     32160
     cctgggtttt gtaccctgga gccacaggaa gcactcagct aaagcactgc atgacgcctt     32220
     cctccaggaa gaacaggaag acagcccagg ctgttctgag acattcctcc tgatctcagg     32280
     tcgttgctgt cttagttttt ttttttgttg ctctgaagga acacttgagc ctcggtaact     32340
     tctaaagaaa agagatcggt ttgcctcaca gttctgcagg ctgtactgga agcatggcac     32400
     cagaatctat ttctcgtgat ggcctcaggc tgctcccact ctggcagaag ggaaggaggg     32460
     tctgtctgtg cagagaccac agagatcaca cggcaagaga gagagtaagg gggagaggga     32520
     gcaatggagc ttccaagctc tttttaacaa ccagctgtcc aggaactaac agagggggaa     32580
     cttgctaacc ccgtctcctt gggacagcat tgatctgttc atgatggatc cacctccatg     32640
     acccaaacac ctctgaagag gcccaacctc ccacaatggg ggtgaaattt caatgtgagg     32700
     tttgaagggg tcaaacatct caactaaagt agttgtatcc tcagcacgtt ctatggttac     32760
     tatgagagct ataattgaga aagcagggga aagctaggtc tcccgccatt tgggtgcttg     32820
     tcctaaagag acgttgtatg tggttacctg ccaatcaaga aatgcgagac aattcataaa     32880
     gaggaactgc tatgattagc ttcttattgg tgtctcctct tcttccaggt aaccccagac     32940
     acctgcatgt tctgattggg acctcagtgg tcaaaatccc tttcaccatc ctcctcttct     33000
     ttctccttca tcgctggtgc tccaacaaaa aaagtaagtc tcacgaagca gaggccagag     33060
     agctcagggc catgtgggga agcaggatgg gagcactcag gtgtgtgttc ctcaccagca     33120
     ggatggtccc tggcccaaga caggagccac agaggcagga ctttctagag agagcaccag     33180
     attcccttcc cctgccttca gctcacagac cgttgcctga ttctgaactg taccctcacg     33240
     tcccctgcag ccactcacat ccaggagaag gttccatgac aggcagaaag tgggagatag     33300
     aatcaatggg atgggaactc agagctattc atgggatggg tccttgaact cagagagata     33360
     gaatgtctga gtctgctgtt ggcaactgag ggacctcagg cacctatggc ctccccctgt     33420
     ttgttggtat ctgcttatga aatgaggacc cagaagtgcc ctccgagctc ttttgttgac     33480
     ttccgtcttc tacagatgct gctgtaatgg accaagagcc tgcagggaac agaacagtga     33540
     acagcgaggt aggtgctcct cggcccagcc tcgtggctag tcttattccc aaagagtcct     33600
     gaaaaatgtg agcaccctcc ctcactcagc atttccctct ctccaggatt ctgatgaaca     33660
     agaccatcag gaggtgtcat acgcataatt ggatcactgt gttttcacac agagagaaat     33720
     cactcgccct tctgagaggc ccaagacacc cccaacagat accagcatgt acatagaact     33780
     tccaaatgct gagcccagat ccaaagttgt cttctgtcca cgagcaccac agtcaggcct     33840
     tgaggggatc ttctagggag acaacagccc tgtctcaaaa ccgggttgcc agctcccatg     33900
     taccagcagc tggaatctga aggcatcagt cttcatctta gggcatcgct cttcctcaca     33960
     ccacgaatct gaacatgcct ctctcttgct tacaaatgtc taaggtcccc actgcctgct     34020
     ggagagaaaa cacactcctt tgcttagccc acaattctcc atttcacttg acccctgccc     34080
     acctctccaa cctaactagc ttacttccta gtctacctga ggctgcaatc acactgagga     34140
     actcacaatt ccaaacatac aagaggctcc ctcttaacac agcacttaga cacgtgctgt     34200
     tccacctccc ttcagactat ctttcagcct tctgccagca gtaaaactta taaatttttt     34260
     aaataatttc aatgtagttt tcccgccttc aaataaacat gtctgccctc atggtttcgg     34320
     taacgagact cttctcttgc ctaaggcttc cggtgttatc attaccatgt ccacataacc     34380
     ccatctgttc tccattgggt tctcagccct ggactctgag cttctggaag cagaatggag     34440
     cctgaattgt ctctgagact ccaatttcca tccaaagata cagcacatag gaggctccaa     34500
     ggatcgtgaa tcacatgaac aagtgatatt cttactctct gcagacctgg aaagctggca     34560
     gagtcattcc acgatgaaac atttgtagag tcataggcct tgttagtctc atctccacgg     34620
     ggacacatat caacatatca tctttcataa tataaatata cagtcggtcc tccatatctg     34680
     tggggtttac aggtgtttat tgaaccaaca ataaatcaaa aatattttga gaaaaaaatc     34740
     cccgaagttt caagaagcaa aaaactatgt tgaatcgaca caaattgagt ggcgtgtagg     34800
     ctgtgtcagg aattataagt aatcaagaga tgatttcatg tatacaggag gatgtgcatg     34860
     ggttctatgc aattgctatg ctattttttt tttttgagac agtctcactc tctcacccag     34920
     gctggagtgc agtggcgtga tctcaactca ctgcaacctc cgcctcccag gttcaagcga     34980
     ttgtcttccc tcagcctccc cagtagcctc ccctaggatt acaggcacgt gccaccatgc     35040
     acagataaat ttttttgtgt gtgtattttt agtagagacg gggtttcaga atgttggacc     35100
     agctggtctt gaactcctga ccttgtgatc tacccagctc agcctcccaa agtgctggga     35160
     ttacgggcgt gagccacggt gcccagcttc actatgccat ttcatgcaag gggcttgagc     35220
     atctgcagat tttggtatct gaatggggat cctggaacca atcacccagg tatagtgaag     35280
     gaccatggta tataattttt atttgtcaat cttaaaaata aagcataaaa aatttacaac     35340
     aacaagataa aaaataagaa gtgtttttat agtgtgagga taagtttaga tttatttttt     35400
     cctacgtgta accctatggt cctgtgttat ttgttgagaa aatattctat tccaccttaa     35460
     actacatggc agcctttgtc aactataaag ggactgtgta tccacagatg tattttagac     35520
     acagttttct gtccagtggt tctctgtatc ccctctcatg aggatgctgc attttatata     35580
     aacttataga accccttaaa atttggtaac ctgagtcctc tgatttgtta ttataggtta     35640
     tttagtttgc tttttttttt ttcttgagac agactcttcc tctgtcaccc aagctggagt     35700
     tcagtggctt gagctcagct cactgcaacc tccgcctccc aggttcaagc tattctgatg     35760
     cctctggttt agtactagaa actcaagcag gaaaattaga atggcttctt gtcacaatta     35820
     ctctgataat gttaataata cctgttagac attttgcaca ttacatatga agaagagttt     35880
     gaatctcaga taaaaacaaa aatacatcaa aaatctttaa tgtaagcaca gaattcaatc     35940
     atctcgtgta tgagaggttg gatctgagac gtcttttgag tctggtcgta gtgaaggacg     36000
     caaggtgtca attctagtga gaacaatttc caggaagcca tgttccgctc ttgagcgagc     36060
     acccactggg cctcatgcaa ggtagaaaga gcctgcgtac gtcaccctcc catgatgtgg     36120
     tcaacatgta aactgcatgg gcagggcgcc aaataacatc ctgtgcgctg ctgagctgag     36180
     ctggggcgcg gccgcctgtc tgcacagaca gcaccatgtc gctcatggtc gtcagcatgg     36240
     cgtgtgttgg tgagtcctgg aagggaatcg agggagggag tgcggggatg gagatcgggg     36300
     cccagagttg gagatatagg cctggaagtg gagttatggg cctagagatg gagtgatggg     36360
     cctagaagtg gagatctggg cctggagtgg agatatgggc ctggaggttg agatatgggc     36420
     ctgcagtaga gatatgggct tgtagtggag acatgggcct ggagatggag atatgggcct     36480
     ggagatggag atatgggcct gcagtagaaa taggggcctg gagtggagat atgggcctgg     36540
     agtggagata tgggcctgaa gtggagatat gggcctggag gtggagatat gggcctggag     36600
     gtggagatat gggcctggag tggagatatg ggtctggagg tggagatacg ggcctgcagt     36660
     agagatatgg gcctggagtg gagatatggg ccaggagtgg agttatgggc ctagaggtgg     36720
     atatctgggc ctggagtgga gatatgggcc taggaaggag atatgggcct gggtgtggag     36780
     atatgggact ggagaggtga tatgggcctg gagtggagat atgggcttag ggtggagttc     36840
     tgggcctggg gcggagatat gggactggat tggagatagg ggcctagggt ggagatctga     36900
     gcctggattg gcgatatggg cctagggtgg aaatatcagc ctggagtgga gatatgggct     36960
     tggggtgggg atatgggcct ggaaactggg tctctgcaca gccgacagcc ctgttcttgg     37020
     gtgcaggtag gcactgaggg tgagtttaac ttcagcccag gaagggcctg gctgccaaga     37080
     ctcacagccc agtgggggca gcaagggagg gctggttcgc ctgcagatgg atcgtccatc     37140
     atgatctttc tttccagggt tcttcttgct gcagggggcc tggccacatg agggtgagtc     37200
     cttctccaaa ccttcgggtg tcatctcccc acataagagg attttcctga aacaggaggg     37260
     aagtcctgtc ggggagtctc tcataaacta ggaagagagg accctggggt gctcagccca     37320
     catttctgac ctcgcctccc tggcctctca accccttggc agagtcaagt tctgtgggga     37380
     ccagggttag actggggtgc tcaaagctgg ggtgtgtggt tgggaagtgg taggaacagc     37440
     agatcctctg aggacaaagg tgttactcac acacttcagc gtttccatga tggtaggggc     37500
     tgcagtgtgg ctgctgtcat tctaccagaa gaggtgggaa accacagcca tggccctgac     37560
     attccaaatc ctctgatggg ggctcagttg tttattttcg ttcaggcatc cgctgatatc     37620
     cattcacaaa ggacatgccc tccacctcat gtctaccctg tgttgtttta tgtgagtaat     37680
     cttacagtat caaaatctag taggagtctc tttactcagc acttgctcaa agttctcagc     37740
     tgaggctttt gttgtaggga gacaccatgt ctttgcggga tgggtccttc cttcagccct     37800
     gggcaccaag gtgtgatagt agccatagaa acgtggaaag cgaggagaat cttctgagca     37860
     cagggaggga ggggcagttc cacatcctcc tctctaaggc ggcgcctcct tctccccaag     37920
     gtggtcagga caagcccttg ctgtctgcct ggcccagcct tgtggtgcct ctaggacatg     37980
     tcattcttcg gtgtcactct tatcttgggt ttaacaactt cagtctgtac aaggaaggtg     38040
     gggtgcctgt ccctgagctc tacaacagaa tattctggaa cagccttttc atgggccctg     38100
     tgacccccgc acaacaggga catacagatg tcggggttca cacacacact cccccagtgg     38160
     gtggtcagca cccagcaacc ccctggtgat cgtggtcata ggtcagaggg ctcctgtctt     38220
     ggattctcct tgtcccacct cctgaatccc agagcttctg gtgggcatgt ccttgagggt     38280
     cccatcacgc aggccctgac tgtatttgtg gtaaaggggg attgaataca gggaaatggg     38340
     tgctgtggtg ggaagaataa ttgtccccag tgatgactac attctaatcc ctggagtctg     38400
     tgactatgta tgttataggg gaagggactg aaggggaaga tggagctcat ggggagacag     38460
     cctggactgt cccactgggc tcagtgtaat cacaagggtg cacatgaaag gaggaggaag     38520
     aggggagtgg ggattagagc agtccagtgg aagtcttcac cagctttgaa ggtggaggaa     38580
     ggccaagagc catgaatgca ggtggcctat agaggctgga aaagtcaagg aactgattct     38640
     ccagagtctc cagagggaac aaagccctgc agatgccttg attttagccc aggaaaaata     38700
     gggtccaatt tctgtctcca gtactggaag gtgtcagtgt ggtctctcct gcttccatgc     38760
     ttctgataat tttgtacagc agcaacagga aaccaacact ggaacccagg tcaaggacaa     38820
     gttaagaaac aacccaagga aagccaggca tggtggcagg tgcatgtaat cctagcgact     38880
     caggaggctg agggcaggag aatcacttga acccaggaaa cagaggttgc agtgagccta     38940
     gaccacacca cttcactcca gcctgggtga aggagtgaga ctctgtctcc aaaattaatt     39000
     aattaattaa agaaaccaaa gaaggagaag gttggctacc ctgagatcag caagggtggg     39060
     atgatgatgc caccaccagg ctccatccac atagggaggg gttgatactc ctccaaccag     39120
     caccaggagc cagcctatgg aagctggcac catggagaag gcacaggcat ggcaagagtg     39180
     gctcccagtc cccaccagga acagggtgtg tggacactgg tgcctgcctt attcatcagt     39240
     tcatatcttc tgccaaggat tgcaattcat ccaaaagaga ttgaaccagg ctgataagag     39300
     cctggatgtg cagcctatcc tggttcctct ttcaccccca cataaacagc aggaaagaca     39360
     ttagtgtgaa atagatacaa caccccaaga gatgaggcta agcccagtgg gaagggaatc     39420
     agaggctact agagacagag ggacagagaa gagggaggga gacagatgga aggacctgca     39480
     ccaggagtta agggcacaga aaagaacatg aagacacaga gaggaaggag agagacagac     39540
     accagcaagg ggaagcctca ctcattctag gtgccatgga tgggatgata aagagagaca     39600
     ccttctaaac tcacaacctc tcttcctagg agtccacaga aaaccttccc tcctggccca     39660
     cccaggtcgc ctggtgaaat cagaagagac agtcatcctg caatgttggt cagatgtcag     39720
     gtttgagcac ttccttctgc acagagaagg gaagtttaag gacactttgc acctcattgg     39780
     agagcaccat gatggggtct ccaaagccaa cttctccatc ggtcccatga tgcaagacct     39840
     tgcagggacc tacagatgct acggttctgt tactcactcc ccctatcagt tgtcagctcc     39900
     cagtgaccct ctggacatcg tcatcacagg tgagagtgtc cggacattct cattgtcatt     39960
     gggctgcaga gtgaatgatc cacgacttgg aacccccagg tagttgtaag gaagatgagc     40020
     ttggtattct tatggagaga gactgacttg ctgaggtttg taccaacaga gacagagaaa     40080
     caggagacac aagtacagac caggtgtcat aacggaggac agacacaggg gccatacagg     40140
     gagttagaaa agacagaaag agttaaaaga gacagacaga cagacatgtc ccagagagag     40200
     gtgtccctcc atgctgactt tgctcacaga cctggcacag gttagaagtt tcatttctgt     40260
     tttacctcca caaagtgttc tctaccagga gaacccaagg acacccatat ttctgacctg     40320
     agttgggccc tgtggcctca ggccttgtgg cacctacagg ccatgtttat tctgacacct     40380
     ctgccttcca tgtaatggag agtaaccgtc ccaggatatc atggccccag aacaccaacc     40440
     cctgtatgct gtgtgaactt gtggtctcca gactggattc tgaggctcac attccaaata     40500
     accccacata tgaaaggatc actgagaggc acagagaaaa atcaggaaca ccaaaaagca     40560
     aagacataaa cacacggaga atgagccaga ggaaggagat tgagagactc acagacacat     40620
     aaagagagag aaaagagggc agaggagtgg tgagaatgat ggcagggagc agagaaaagc     40680
     actaaaatta gagtcctgag agagaggcac aaggacatag aaacatggag atgtggggat     40740
     gaattgcaga gattccaaag agagctagag agaccgagag gcagagcaat acagatgata     40800
     gatggataga tatagataga tgataaatag gtagatgata gataataggt taaagataca     40860
     tagatgatga ttgattgatt cattaataga taatacatag agatgatgat gatgaagaca     40920
     gataatacgt acagatagag aggcagacag aaatcataga gagagagatg atacatacat     40980
     ataaataaca gatgattgat ggatagatag acaactgata gatacataga tgatatatag     41040
     atatagatga caggtagaga atttgtagat aggcaccgaa tagataaata gatagatcga     41100
     cagataatag atagaaatat gcagaaagtt atgaacagga cacaacgtga gaaacttaga     41160
     atttaaaaaa gtaacatcaa gtcaaccaat ccaaggagag tcagagagaa taaaacaatc     41220
     caaaaacgga aaacatatct agaggtgggg aagcgaggtc agagacctag agagacagag     41280
     aaggtggaag aaggaaatag acatgaagag agatggggtg gagggtgaga gagagagaga     41340
     gagagcatta ggtcatagag caggggagtg agttctcagc tcaggtgaag ggagctgtga     41400
     caaggaagat cctccctgag gaaaatgcct cttctccttc caggtctata tgagaaacct     41460
     tctctctcag cccagccggg ccccacggtt ctggcaggag agagcgtgac cttgtcctgc     41520
     agctcccgga gctcctatga catgtaccat ctatccaggg agggggaggc ccatgaatgt     41580
     aggttctctg cagggcccaa ggtcaacgga acattccagg ccgactttcc tctgggccct     41640
     gccacccacg gaggaaccta cagatgcttc ggctctttcc gtgactctcc atacgagtgg     41700
     tcaaactcga gtgacccact gcttgtttct gtcacaggtg aggaaacccc atatctgtct     41760
     catgtcctat gatcctagag ccttagctga ggagcttcct gctgatgatg gagataagca     41820
     tggacagatg cagagagaag acgaagcttg ggtgtgaggg agggatcagg gcacaggatg     41880
     gcagacaggg cacctccaaa ccctcctaca cggcctgcat gaaggcccgc ggccagggct     41940
     ccaggcacac aggcagatgg agaaagcggt caggagagac ccagaggagg gagactgggc     42000
     tcagtttggg aagatcagag gttccctcag cccctcaaca ttacccattt cccagaagcc     42060
     catcctggcc tctcacccac acagggatgt catcaccagc aacccctaca ccctttactt     42120
     ttgtttgaag aaatatttat tgaggataaa tatacctata tagcttacca cctttaacat     42180
     tttttttttt tttgaggcag agtctagctc tgtcccctat gctgcagtgc agtggcacaa     42240
     tctcagctca ctgcaacttc cgcctcctgg gttcaagtga ttctcctgcc tcagccacct     42300
     gagtagctgg tgctacaggc gcgcaccacc acgccaggct actttttgta tttttagtag     42360
     agaggtggtt tcaccatgtt ggtcgagctg gtctccaact cctgaccacg tgatccaccc     42420
     gcatctgcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcatgagcc accactccca gccacattta     42480
     ccatttttaa gtgtaaagtc tagtggtcat aaatacattt ataaatatat atatatatat     42540
     atatgtatgt atatatatat acacacacat atatatacat atatatatgt gtatatatat     42600
     atatatatat atatatatat atatattttt tttttttttt accctccacc cttttcttcc     42660
     tggcctctgg aagccaccat tctactctct accttcatga gatccacctt ttagctctgt     42720
     atatgggtga gaaatgggaa tctttgtaat gacttccagt tccatccatg tggctgcaaa     42780
     tatcaggatg ttattctttc tatggatgag tagtctccac tgtgcgtatg tactacattc     42840
     tctctatcca ttcatccact gatgggcagg taggttgact ccacatcttg gctactgtga     42900
     acagtgctgc accaatcata cgagtgcaga tatcacttcg atatattgat ttactttcct     42960
     ttggatataa acccagtagt gaaattgctg gatactatga aagttctctt tttagttatt     43020
     cgtttgttgt tttgtttttg tttttgagac agtttccctc tgtgcccagg ctggagtaca     43080
     agtgatgtca tcttggctca ttgcaacctc tgcctcctgg gttcaaatga ttttcctacc     43140
     tcagcctccc tagtagctgg gattacaggt gcacgccacc atgcctggct actttttggt     43200
     ttttttagta tagatggggt ttccccatgt tggctgggct gctctcaaac tcatgacctc     43260
     aactgaggtg tccgcctcgg tctcccaaag tgccgggatt acaggcatga tccacctcac     43320
     ccaacctctt tttagttctt taaaggactt ccacactttt ctccgtaaag gctgtactaa     43380
     tttacactcc taccaacagg gtattagggt tctcctttct ctaccacttt ggcaggattt     43440
     cctttgcctg tcttgcagct aaaagccatt ttactttatt tcattttatt ttgagatgga     43500
     gtttcgctct tgtcacccag gctggagtgc agtggtgcga tctcggctca ccacaacctc     43560
     cacctcccag gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc gagtagctgg aattacaggc     43620
     acacgccacc acgcccgact aatttttgta tttttagtag agacagtgtt tctccatgtg     43680
     ggtcagactg gtctcaaact cccgacctta tgagattcac ccacctcagg ctctcaaaga     43740
     tctaggatga cagacgtgag ccaccacgcc cggcctaaaa gccattttaa tggggtgaga     43800
     tgaaaactca ctttgatttt aatttgcgtt tctctgatga tgagtgatac tgagcagttt     43860
     ttcgtatgtg gggaaatttc atgtcttttg ctcctgtttc aattaaatca tttgttttat     43920
     tgagttgttt gagcttctta tatttctagt tattaatccc atctcagatg catagtttgc     43980
     acatatttgc tcccaatctg tgggttgtct cttcactttg ttggtttatt tttagcggtg     44040
     cagaagttgc ttagcttgag gtaatcccaa tggtctattt ttgcttcgat tacttgtgtt     44100
     ttgaaggttt aaaacaaaat gtcttccttc agacaaatgt cctggagcat ttccccaata     44160
     ttttcttcta cgtgtttcat aggttcaggc cttagactca catctttaat ccattttcat     44220
     ttgatttttg tgtatggtga caggtagagg tgcagtttca ttcctctgca tgtagatgtc     44280
     caggtttccc tgcactgttt attgaaaaga ctgtcctttc ctgattgtga gttcttggca     44340
     cctttgtcaa agtccattgg atgggctggg catggtgact gacacctgca atttcagcac     44400
     tttgggagcc caaggcgggt ggatcacctg aggccaggag ttcaagatta gtctggccga     44460
     cgtgatgaaa cattgtctcc actaaaaata tataaattag ctgagcatgg tggtcagcac     44520
     ctataatacc actactcagg agtttgaggc cagagaattg attgaaccca ggaggctgtg     44580
     gtggcagtga accgagattg cacctctgca ctccagcctg ggtgacagag cgagactcca     44640
     tctcaaaaga aaaaagaaaa aaacattgga tgtaaatgca tggattatat ttgtgttgtt     44700
     cattctgctc cattgttcta tgtgcctttc ttcatgccaa catcatgctg tcttgcttac     44760
     tacagctctg taacatattt tgagatcagg tagtgtgatg ctcctgtttt ctctttatac     44820
     cttgaagtct caagacaatg ggcgtcacat acaaaaatta tggaaaaaag gatcccagga     44880
     ctcccagggc ccaatattag ataacagagt gttggccatg aaccaacctc aaagatttcc     44940
     attgagtaga ggacagacac cctcatttcc tcacctctct cctgtctcat gttctaggaa     45000
     acccttcaaa tagttggcct tcacccactg aaccaagctc taaaaccggt gagtacagaa     45060
     ccctcttata tccgcttttg gaaacctggg gaggtagaaa ccttcgatgc aggcattgac     45120
     tcagcatctc gcagctctga cattgtacgc ctgtcttcta ccatctccga actccagata     45180
     ctccaacagc gaaagggatc tgggcccaac ctagggctca gtgaaatctc ttaatctctc     45240
     attttatgga gctgagacct cctacaagct agaagaatga ttgccaatct gacatccttc     45300
     tcaggaaaaa tgcaatgttt gttctgcctg cattcctaac tggaggataa attcctgggg     45360
     gcttgagaga gggaagggaa gggaacatct gatgagggcg aggtgtttta gagaagttcc     45420
     acttgccaag gaatgaatta ctgttggtca tgaagcaacc ctggctgact cagcagagca     45480
     acagccttgc cgtaacagag aacggagctc atgcacgcac acttcgactc actgactcat     45540
     tcagccacgg ccccatgctc aggctgtgca gtgcggaacc ttttcctatt gttgccataa     45600
     caaatttcca caagattcgt gggtgaaaac aaaacggttt tttaattatc ttacagtgct     45660
     gtagctcaaa gtaggaagtg catcttactg ggctaaaatc aaggtgacag caaggctgcc     45720
     ttccctctga ggattccagg caagaatctg cttctcactt gtcccagctt ctaaaggctc     45780
     ccagttcctt ggctcctggt ccccttcctc cttcctcaaa acccacaaag actggtcaca     45840
     tctcacatgg catcactcag tgccttcttc cttaccacac ctctttctct gaatgctgct     45900
     ctcccttctt ccttatcttt tgaaaacttg gggattctat tgggttcacc aagatgaaaa     45960
     tccctcataa tctcctggaa atcatccagg atacccttgt tttaagttca gctgattagc     46020
     aaccgtaatt ccatctacaa tcttcattcc tcctttccat gtaaaataac atattcacaa     46080
     ggtatggagg ctaggacagg gacattttgg ggtgggacag cattctcctg ccttccacaa     46140
     acagtgaaca agatgcattt ggcctctgcc cttgggacac tgatattgca gatggttaaa     46200
     tgggagggca gaaaatgaat gcacaagtgg atctataaat gaatgatcca ttgggaagca     46260
     tctgtgcatg aaatctattt tttgtttgtt cttttgttta ttgagacaga gttgccctct     46320
     gtcttccagg ctacagtgca gtgtcacgat cttggctcac tgcaacctgc ttctcctgga     46380
     ttcaagtgat tctcctgcct ccgcctctcg agtagctggg attacaggca actgccaccg     46440
     tgcccggcta attctttttg tatatttttt gtagagagga tgtttcacca cgttggccaa     46500
     gcttgtctga aactcccaac ctcaagtgat ccgaccgtct cagcatgcca aagtaatggg     46560
     actacaggcg tgagccactg tgcccagcca gaattcaaaa tcaataatag ataatgctga     46620
     gtgtatgatt tcaggtgaca aagaaggtct cactattcag atatttgtga cattaatgaa     46680
     aaacacggat tgaacccctg aaagattggc ggaaggattt tgcacacaca gctgtcagcc     46740
     gtgaaggcac aaaggtgaaa acaatctgat gtggaaggaa gaggctcttc ctcaaatgct     46800
     gggaatgatg tggggagaat gacaagatga ctgtggagag acggagagca cactgggtac     46860
     acaggaaact aaggaggaac aaggagtgtg tgtttgacac tcacagccat tggattcacc     46920
     tcggggtagc caggaatccc tacatgatta atatgactga catgaaaata agggaggctc     46980
     agttgcataa ctggaatcta ggagaccgtg gaaaaggcaa ttgccgcccc actggtgaaa     47040
     tgtggtgctg atttagacac taaatgaatg aagtagatgg atataagata ggtttgtgag     47100
     gtagaatcat tgactggaaa ggcttgctgg gtttgatttt cctacttgtt taatcctcgc     47160
     ttaattaatt tctttctgag atttattcat cctacacata aatcaatacc tggcaaagga     47220
     gtgacagata tatgaggggt ggtggaaatg aagagaccta ttatagcata atatacaagt     47280
     ctgtgaacgg tggctcacgc ctgtaaccca gcactgcagg aggccaaggc gggtggatca     47340
     catgaagtca gcagttcgag accagcctgg ccaacatggt gaaaccctgt ctctaggaaa     47400
     aacacaaaaa ttagccgagc atggtggtgc atccctgtaa tcccagctcc tactctggag     47460
     gatgaagcag gagaatgact tcaacccagg aggtggaggt tgcagtgagt ggaggttgca     47520
     tcactgcact ccagcctggg tggcacaagg agactccgtc tcaaaaaata aaaataagaa     47580
     atgcataaat ataaatataa tataacacac gcaaatgaca aagggacctg aattccaatc     47640
     atgatttttc tatttctcta taattacttc tttgatcctt tatcttatcc attaggcaat     47700
     gagcctaaaa cctcttccct atttggcttt ctgtgagcat gagatcatat agaaaatgtg     47760
     aaagtccgct gaatcctcca gcacagatcc tggaatagag aaagtgctct ggtcatcaca     47820
     aaaaaaactt gcccactcac ccaaatcccc cacctcaccc ctacttccaa tcacctgtgg     47880
     agattcaggt agaccatggg gaggtaaaca ttaacactcc ttggagtgag tccagatctt     47940
     ggaatcagag atcagcgaca gcactagctc ctgctcccct ttcctactaa ttcacaggag     48000
     gacaggtggt attgaagcaa tagatggccg agggggtggt ccttccccca gcctctcggg     48060
     tagaacagca gcctaatatg tgtctcccga gatcacaaag agcagcaggt ttcacacggg     48120
     cttcaacact atttcctggc cgtttgacat aagagaattc tatttcgctt tttttatctt     48180
     gatttcactt ttgttttctt tccttggaga atgcaagttg tttgattcaa gaatgctgtg     48240
     gatgtagaaa ccctaaggca cattcgctgt gaatcaatcc cagtccagtc ttcccagaga     48300
     agactctaaa cacctcctgg actgcacctg ggcctatgcc aattcctatc actcaccgtc     48360
     actccaggga gacagaacac acagagaata cgttacatag gcaggttcat tactaacaga     48420
     taagcagcga gtgacaacag aaacctatat ttcaatgtga gccagtccct caaggctcag     48480
     aaaagctcct cgggacatat ggagtcaccc catttgcagt gtagctgcgg gaagccagaa     48540
     agcagcccag cctgggtttt gtaccctgga gccacaggaa gcactcagct aaagcactgc     48600
     atgacgtcct ccaggaagaa caggaagaca gcccagggtg ttctgagacg ttcctcctga     48660
     tctcaggaag ttgctgtctt aggccatttt tgttgctcta aaggaacact tgagcctcgg     48720
     taacttctaa agaaaagaga ttggtttgcc tcaccgttct gcaggctgta ctggaagcat     48780
     ggcaccagca tctatttctc gtgacggcct caggctgctc ccactctggc agaagggaag     48840
     gagggtctgt ctgtgcagag accacagaga tcacacggca agagagggag caagggggag     48900
     ggggagtgat ggagcttcca agctcttttt aacaaccagc tctccgggaa ctaatagagg     48960
     gggaacttgc taaccccgtc tccttgggac agcattgatg tgttcatgat ggatccacct     49020
     ccatgaccca aacacctctc aagaggccca acctcccaca gtgggggtga aatttcaatg     49080
     tgaggtttga aggggtcaaa catctcaact aaagtagtcg tatcctcagc acgttctatg     49140
     gttactatga gagctataac tgaaaaagca ggagaaagct gggtctcctg ccatctgggt     49200
     gcttgtccta aagagatgtt ttatgtggtt acctgtcaat caagaaatgc gagacaattc     49260
     ataaagagga actgctaaga ttagcttctt attggtgtct catcttcttc caggtaaccc     49320
     ccgacacctg cacattctga ttgggacctc agtggtcatc atcctcttca tcctcctctt     49380
     ctttctcctt catcgctggt gctccaacaa aaaaagtaag tctcacgaag cagaggccag     49440
     agagctcagg gccatgtggg gaagcaggat gggagcactc aggtgtgtgt tcctcacaaa     49500
     caggatggtc cctggcccaa ggcagcagcc acagaggcag gactttctag agagggcacc     49560
     agactccctg cccctgcctt caactcacag accgttgcct gattctgaac tgtatcctca     49620
     tgtcccctgc agccactcac atccaggaga aggttccatg acaggcagaa agtgggagac     49680
     agaatcaatg ggatgggaac tcagagctat tcatgggatg ggtccttgag ctcagagaga     49740
     tagaatgtct gagtctgctg ttggcaactg agggacctca gccacctatg gtctccccct     49800
     gtatgttggt atctgcttat gaaatgagga cccagaagtg ccctccgagc tgttttgttg     49860
     acttccgtct cctacagatg ctgcggtaat ggaccaagag tctgcaggga acagaacagc     49920
     gaatagcgag gtaggtactc ctcggcccgg gctcgtggct actgttattc ccaaagagtc     49980
     ctggaaaatg tgagcaccct ccctcactca gcatttccct ctctccagga ctctgatgaa     50040
     caagaccctc aggaggtgac atacacacag ttgaatcact gcgttttcac acagagaaaa     50100
     atcactcgcc cttctcagag gcccaagaca cccccaacag atatcatcgt gtacacggaa     50160
     cttccaaatg ctgagtccag atccaaagtt gtctcctgcc catgagcacc acagtcaggc     50220
     cttgagggcg tcttctaggg agacaacagc cctgtctcaa aaccgggttg ccagctccca     50280
     tgtaccagca gctggaatct gaaggcatga gtctgcatct tagggcatcg ctcttcctca     50340
     caccacaaat ctgaatgtgc ctctcacttg cttacaaatg tctaaggtcc ccactgcctg     50400
     ctggagaaaa aacacactcc tttgcttagc ccacagttct ccatttcact tgacccctgc     50460
     ccacctctcc aacctaactg gcttacttcc tagtctactt gaggctgcaa tcacactgag     50520
     gaactcacaa ttccaaacat acaagaggct ccctcttaac gcagcactta gacacgtgtt     50580
     gttccacctt ccctcatgct gttccacctc ccctcagact agctttcagt cttctgtcag     50640
     cagtaaaact tatatatttt ttaaaataac ttcaatgtag ttttccatcc ttcaaataaa     50700
     catgtctgcc cccatggttt cggtaatggg actcttttct tgcctaaggc ttccggtgtt     50760
     atcagtacca tgtccatata atcccatctg ttccccactg agttctcatc cccggactct     50820
     gagtttctgg aagcagggtg gagcctcatt tgtctctgag actccaattt ccatccaaag     50880
     atgtagcaca taggaggttc caaggatcac gaatcatatg aacaagtgat actcttactc     50940
     tctgcagacc tggaaagctg gcagagtcat tccacaatga aacatttgta gaatcatagg     51000
     ccttgttagt ctcatctcca tggggacaca tatcaacaca tcatctttca taatataaat     51060
     atacggtcac tcctccatat ctgcggggtt tacaggtgtt tattgaacca agtataaatc     51120
     aaaaatattg agagaaagta tccacagagt ttcaaaaagc ataactatgt tgaatggaca     51180
     caaatgaagc tgtgtgtagg ctgtatcagg aattataagt aatctagaga tgatttcatg     51240
     tatacaggag gatgtgcata ggttatttgc aaactctgtg ccatttcata taagaggctt     51300
     gagcatctac agattttggt atctgagtgg agatctcaaa accaatcacc cacgaatagt     51360
     gaaggatgac cgtatatgac ttttatttct caaatttaaa tataaatcat aaaaaatgta     51420
     caactagata aaaactaaga agtgttttta tagtgtgagt tagatttatt ttttcctagg     51480
     tgtaaccaat tggtttaata ttatttattg agaagacatt ctatgccacc ttaaaccaca     51540
     cggcagcctt tgtcaactct aaagggactg tgtgtacatg gatgtatttt agacactgtt     51600
     tctgctaagg ggctctctgt gtccacactc ttgatgatgc tgcactttat gtagccttat     51660
     agaacccttt aaatttagta gccagagccc tctaatttgt tattataggc tgtttgcttt     51720
     ttttttcttg aggcggagtc ttgctctgtc gcccaggctg gactgcagtg acacaatctc     51780
     agctcactgc aacctccgcc tcccaggttc aagcgattct cgtgcctcag cctcttgagc     51840
     agctggcgtt acaggtgcct gccaccaggc acggctaatt tttggatttt taacagagac     51900
     acggtttcac tatattggcc aagctgctct caaactcctt atctcagttg atccgcccac     51960
     ctcggcttcc caacgtgctg gggaaaactt gattttctat agcattatgt tactggatat     52020
     ttctgtaaaa tttaaaacga gggagggaga gagacagaca gagagcaaac tccagagttg     52080
     ggactctgga atcttgggtc atgagacaaa ttttagatta aactacaaaa ctccagaatt     52140
     tacaggtgtg gtttttgctg ataaagtaca attctaagat tgtaaataat tgcataatcc     52200
     ttccctggga atttaaatca ttttagctgg ttctgctgta atactagaaa tacaagcatg     52260
     aaaaattcta atggtttatt agtcacaatg actccgaaaa cattaataat acctattaga     52320
     tactttgcat attacacagg aagaagagtt tgaatctcag ataaaaacaa aaaaaataca     52380
     tgaaaagtct ttcatgttag cacagatttt aggcatctcg tgttcggata aaaatacatg     52440
     aaaagtcttt cacgttagca cagattttag gcatcttgtg ttcgggaggt tggatctgag     52500
     acgtgttgtg agttggtcat agtgaaggac gtgaggtgcc aattctagtg agaacaattt     52560
     ccaggaagcc gtgttccgct cttgagcaag catccactgg gcctcatgca aggtagaaag     52620
     agcctgcgta cgtcaccctc ccatgatgta gtcaacatgt aagctgcatg ggcagggcgc     52680
     caaataacat cctgtgcgct gctgagctga gctggggcgc ggctgcctgt ctgcaccggc     52740
     agcaccatgt cgctcatggt cgtcagcatg gcgtgtgttg gtgagtcctg gaaaggaata     52800
     gagggaggga gcgcggggat ggagatctgg gcccagaggt ggagatatag gcctggaggt     52860
     ggagttatgg gcctggagtg gagatctggg cctggagtgg atatatgggc ctggagatgg     52920
     agtgatgggc ctagaagtgg agatctgggt ctggagtgga gatatgggcc tggaggtgga     52980
     gatatgggcc tggagtggag atctgggcct ggagtggaga taggaacctg gaggggagat     53040
     atgagcctgg agtgaagata ttggcctggg atggagatat gggcctggag tggagacatg     53100
     ggcctggagg tggagatatg ggcctggagg tggagacatg ggcctagagg tggatatctg     53160
     ggcctggagt ggacatatgg gcctaggatg gagatatggg cctgggtgtg gagatatggg     53220
     cttggggtgg agatatgggc ctggattgga gatatgggtc tagggtggaa atattggcct     53280
     ggagtggaga tatgggcctg gagtggagat atgggcctgg agtggagata tgggcttggg     53340
     gtggggatag gggcctgggg tgcggatatg ggcctgcagg ctgggtctct acacagccga     53400
     cagccctgtt cttgggtgca ggctggcact gagggtgagt ttcccttcag cccagcaagg     53460
     gcctggctac caagactcac agcccagtgg gggcagcaag ggagtcctgg tttgcctgca     53520
     gatggatggt ccatcatgat ctttctttcc agggttcttc ttgctgcagg gggcctggcc     53580
     acatgagggt gagtccttct ccaaacctta gggtgtcatc tccccacata agaggatttt     53640
     cctgaaacag gagggaagcc cggtggggga ttttcttata aacaaggatg aggagaccct     53700
     ggggtgctca gcccacagtt ccgaccttgc cctccccagc cttcctttcc cttggctgag     53760
     tcaggttctg tgggaacccg ggagggtaga ctggggtcct ccaagctggg ctgtgcggct     53820
     gggatgtggt gtcactggca gaggaaggga gcaaagcagt gctaggaaca gcaggcctct     53880
     gaggacaaag gtgtaactca caccctccag cgtttccatg acggtagggg ctgcagtgtg     53940
     gctgctgtca ttctacctca gaggtggggg aaccccagcc agggccctga ccttccaaat     54000
     cctctgttgg gggctcagtt gtgtattgtg gttcacacat tggctgatat tccattcaca     54060
     aagaacatgc cctcgacccc atgtctattt gtgttgtttt atgtgagtaa tcttgcagga     54120
     ttaaaatcta gtaggagtcc cttactcagc acttgctcaa agttctcagc tgacactttt     54180
     gttgtagaga gacgccaagt ctatgcggga tgggtccttc ctgtagccct gggcacccag     54240
     gtgtggtagg agccttagaa agtggaaatg ggagaatctt ctgacacgtg gagggagggg     54300
     cggctccaca tcctcctctc taaggtggcg cctccttctc ccccaggtgg tcaggacaag     54360
     cccttcctct ctgcctggcc cagccctgtg gtgtctgaag gagaacatgt ggctcttcag     54420
     tgtcgctctc gtcttgggtt taacgaattc agtctgtcca aagaagacgg gatgcctgtc     54480
     cctgagctct acaacagagt attccgaaac accgttttca taggccctgt gaccccagca     54540
     catgcaggga cctacagatg tcggggttca cacccacact tcctcactgg gtggtcagca     54600
     cccagcaacc ccctggtgat catggtcaca ggtcagaggg ctcctgtctg ggattctcct     54660
     tgtcccacct cctgagtccc agagcttctg gtgggagtgt ccaccagcgt cccatcatcc     54720
     agaccctaac tgtatttggg gtaaaagggg attgaataca gggaaatggg tgctgtggtg     54780
     gaaagaataa ttgtccccaa tgatgactgc attctaatcc ctgcagtctg tgactattta     54840
     tgttataggg gaaggcactg aaggggaaga tggagctcag gttgttgagt tgaccttgag     54900
     atggggagac agcctggact gtcctgctgg gctcagtgta atcacaaggg tgcacatgag     54960
     aggagaagga agaggggagt ggcgattaga gcagtgcaat ggaagtctcc atcagctttg     55020
     aaggtggagg aaggccatga gccatgaatg caggtggcct atagaggctg gaaaagtcaa     55080
     ggaactgatt ctcctgggtc tccagaggga acgcagccct gcagatgcct tgattttagc     55140
     cctcaaaaaa cagggtccga tttctgtctc cagaaacgga aggggtcagt gtgctctctc     55200
     ctgctgccat gcttctgata attttctaca gcaccaacag gaaaccaaca ctggaaccca     55260
     ggtcaaggac aagataagaa aggacacaag gatagccggg cgtggtggca ggtgcatgta     55320
     atcctagcaa ctcaggaggc tgagggcagg agaatcactt gaacccagga gacagaggtt     55380
     gcagtgagcc tagaccacac cacttcactc cagcctgggt gaaggagtga gactctgact     55440
     ccaaaattaa ttaattaatt aaagaaacca aacaaagaga aggttggcta caccgagatc     55500
     agcaagggtg ggatgatgat gccaccacca ggctccatcc acatagggag gggttgatac     55560
     tcctcaaacc agcaccagaa gccagcctat ggaagctggc accatggaga aggcacaggc     55620
     atggcaagag tggctcccag tccccaccag gaacagggtg tgtggacact ggtgcctgcc     55680
     ttactgatca gttcatacct tctgccaagg attccaattc gtccaaaaga gattgaacca     55740
     gtctgctaag agcctggacg tgcagcctat cctggttcct cttccacccc cacatagaag     55800
     caggaaagac attagttcga aatagataca acagcccaag agatgaggct gagcccagcg     55860
     gcaagggaat caggagctac tagagacaga gggacagaga agagggaggg agacagatgg     55920
     aaggacctgt accaggagtt atgggcacag aaaagaacat gaagacacag agaggaagga     55980
     gagagataag acaccagcga ggggaagcct cactcattct aggtgccatg gatgggatga     56040
     taaagagaga tgccttctaa agtcacaacc tctcttccta ggagtccaca gaaaaccttc     56100
     cctcctggcc cacccaggtc ccctggtgaa atcagaagag acagtcatcc tgcaatgttg     56160
     gtcagatgtc atgtttgagc acttccttct gcacagagag gggaagttta atgacacttt     56220
     gcgcctcact ggagagctcc atgatggggt ctccaaggcc aacttctcca tcggtcgcat     56280
     gacgcaagac cttgcaggga cctacagatg ctacggttct gttcctcatt ccccctatca     56340
     gttgtcagct cccagtgacc ctctggacat cgtgattaca ggtgagagtg tctggacatt     56400
     attctcattg tcactgggac acagagtgaa tgatccacga cttggaggcc caggtggtta     56460
     taaggaagat gagcttggta ttcttatgga gagagactaa tttggtgagg tctgtaccaa     56520
     cagagacaga gaaacaggag acacaagtac agaccaggtg tcataacaga ggacagacac     56580
     aggggccata cagggagtta gaaaagacag aaagagttaa aggagacaca gacagacatg     56640
     tgccagagag aggtgtcctt ccatgctgac tttgctcaga gacctggcac aggttagaag     56700
     tttcatttct gttttacttc cacaaagtgt tctctaccag aagaacccaa ggacacccat     56760
     atttctggcc tgagttgggc cctgtggcct caggccttct ggcacctaca gatgccgtgt     56820
     ttattctgac acctctgcct tccatgcaat ggagagtaat cgtcccagga tatcatggcc     56880
     ccagaacatc aacccctgta tactgtgtga acttgcggtc cccagactgg attctgaggc     56940
     tcacattcca aataacccca catatgagag gatcactgag agacacagag agaaatcagg     57000
     gacaccaaaa agcaaagaca taaacacaca gagaatgagc cagaggaagg agattgagag     57060
     actcacagac acataaagag ggagaaaaga gggcagagaa gtggagagaa caatggaagg     57120
     gaacagagaa aagcactaaa attagagtcc tgagggagag gcacaaggac atagaaagat     57180
     ggagatgtgg ggatgaattg cagagattcc aaagagaact agagagaccg agaggcagag     57240
     caagacagat gatagatgga tagatataga tagatgataa ataggtagat gatagataat     57300
     aggttataga tacatagatg atgatcgatt cattcattga ttaatcgatg atacatagag     57360
     atgatgaaga tgaagataga tagataatac atagagatag agaggcagac aaagagaaat     57420
     catagagaga gagagatgat acatagatat agataataga tgatttttgg atagacaatt     57480
     gatagataaa tagattatat atagatatag atgacaggta gagaatttgt agataggcac     57540
     cagatagata aatagatata tcgatagata atagatagaa atatgcagaa agttatgaac     57600
     aggacacaaa gtgagaaact cagaatttaa aaaaagtaac atcaagtcaa ctagtccaag     57660
     gagagtcaga gagaataaaa caatccaaaa agggaaaaca tatctagagg tgagaaagtg     57720
     aggtcagaga cctagagaga cagagaaggt ggaaagagga aatagacata aagagagatg     57780
     gtgtggaggg tgagacagag agagagagca ttaggccata gagcagggga gtgagttctc     57840
     agctcaggtg ggaggggagt tgtgacaagg aagaacctcc ctgaggaaac tgcctcttct     57900
     ccttccaggt ctatgtggga aaccttctct ctcagcccag ccgcgcccca tggttaaggc     57960
     aggagagagc gtgaccttgt cctgcagctc ccggagctcc tatgacatct accatctatc     58020
     aagggagggg gaggctcatg aacttaggtt ccctgcagtg cccaaggtca atggaacctt     58080
     ccaggccaac tttcctctgg gccctgccac ccacggaggg acctacagat gcttcggctc     58140
     tttccgtgac tctccctacg agtggtcaga ccttagtgac ccactgcttg tttctgtcac     58200
     aggtgaggaa accagtctgt tccccaaata gtgggactca gatggactac aatggccaca     58260
     ttcaggggag cctcagatgg agggggtggc catgggggtg tcagccagag atgctggaca     58320
     gaagagacac aaagcaaaca tacagaaaga ggcatagaca gacagacaga gcgaggcaga     58380
     cagatcacat tagggtttgg ggtggtaact gcaaccctac ctgaagcttg cagatagagc     58440
     acaggccaca taaaccactt cccagtcttt gtacagaagc ccacctggga cacatgtaaa     58500
     cagcatcaat gctgactcag gagcatgaaa ggccgggctc agattggaaa gactagaggt     58560
     agcattggcc gcccgccatt gcccatttcc agaagccccc acctctcacc aaagagtgat     58620
     ttccacatgg ggggcacaga tgcaaccatc gttgggggag ccccaatgtc tcttgatggg     58680
     aggcattttc caccctagat gttttttgct ctctccacac cttggagact cagtggggga     58740
     gtcttctctg gggactcggg gagggcctcc ctgggactcg caggatttcc aagctagatg     58800
     acaacatgac aggtggaaac aggcccattc cttcgccagg ggccccaagc tccatcccag     58860
     gagatgagaa gaggctcttc tcattggtca gtggatccct gaggggacag aggctcagca     58920
     ctgaaggctg agaaggatct gccacttcgc tcagtggcct caagccagac atcttcccta     58980
     cagacttgca gtgattctcc atcagcattt agggctgtgg ccaccaacct gggtgttggt     59040
     ctgtaggaac ttttcatttc tgaccttcca taactgagtt ctcttcctaa atgtggaatg     59100
     ccttgtactc catgttactc tctccccaga aagaatgtgt ggcttgtctg ctctccagcc     59160
     ctgtcatgga gattgataat ccttagggag caagaggaga gggaaagaac aaagtatgag     59220
     accacctagg tgctactggt tgaggttcca tttgccagtg aagggacttc actcagccga     59280
     gggggcaact cagggaagtc agccgaggga gggcattaga gtagagagaa ctgagctcac     59340
     ccagtaaatg accccttcac taactcattc atctaatatt tatttcacac ctaccatcag     59400
     ttctctctgt ttcatggcca ggagtagaca gcacggccaa gctcctgggt tcatgatgct     59460
     cacattgctg tggggtggga gagagaggca gaacatgaat gaatgaatga gagaatgaat     59520
     gaatgagtga atgatggaat gagtgaatga atgaatgaat gaatgtatga attagtgagt     59580
     gaatccttag cacttggtga aagtgccatg cacagaatga aatgaatgaa cgtggaacgt     59640
     tgtcatttgg agtgtacagg agggaacgtc tcactgagac ctcatcagag agatcacatt     59700
     taaactccga tcttagagac aagagggagt gagccctggg gagtgtgttg aaaggaactt     59760
     tcatggactt aggacattgg ggatgaccct aatgtgagaa tgagcttggt gtgttccaag     59820
     aagtccatgg acctgccata tggtgagggc tggtcagaat ccagagagat ttctaaatgc     59880
     ccttgtgctt gtaaggaaag tgagtcctgt ggttgggagt ggacttatac cttgggtcag     59940
     gtccagcaat tatctttcta aatcctctct aattgcctga accacttcta tcaacaactg     60000
     agaaaagagg agtgttaaac accccactgt ggccgtggat ttgcctacct gtccatttat     60060
     ttccgcgact cttcctccat gtatatttgc aggaatatta ctgggagtgg ttaagtgtaa     60120
     actgattata tattcctggt aaatttaaaa tgctataaat ttacctgctt ttttcctaca     60180
     ttttatgctt aatgttttcc gctgattttt cccaaagact aattttgtct aattttaata     60240
     tagttatacc acatttctaa cagtgattgc ttggtatatt tctacattgt ttaatttcaa     60300
     actccatgaa ttgttaacat tgagatgtgt cctttgtaaa tttcaaacaa ttcgccttag     60360
     aaagtaagac tttctgacaa tcttttgttc atgtttgagc agttcttcca atcatatttt     60420
     tgttattatt acgttgtgtt ttcctgattc cctttttttc ccactgactt ctgtggtttt     60480
     ctatttcaaa cattctattt ttgatctatg tcgtttagga atacatatat ggtgtactca     60540
     tcctgaagtt gttacatatt tttaaaattg aaattaatca tttcagagat taaactgcaa     60600
     atataaaaac atatttccac tcttcctgtg taagaacagg attttagagc atatttagta     60660
     catatgtttg tatttactta tatgatgttt tgttttgtgg tatacataat tctatctttt     60720
     tcagaaatta cacaggggca tgttttcata cactatcgta tggtccatat tcatttttgg     60780
     catagccata tttttagttc ttcctctgct cttagttatt gtcagaatct tcgacacccc     60840
     atctggtttc actttcttta tctttgaggc acggtcatca gaatttcctt tagggtcagt     60900
     gagaaaagct ttctttgccc ttttgtcttt cagttctgtt tctttcctgc gttgatcttg     60960
     gacagtaact gtactatgta aggaattgtc ggtggctggc gacggtatct tagctgggta     61020
     aagatgctat tctactggct tatgttttcc ttttttctgt ggggaagaca atgcttggct     61080
     ccctataaat ccttaccagc tgatcctttt cctctggcta attttaaggg ttggttgtgc     61140
     ttttatgctg cttttctgta atgttgaacg tgaggtgtgt ttacttcatt ctgcctggca     61200
     ttcactggat ttcttgaacc tgtggattga tggatgtgtc tacttcctcc aaataatcaa     61260
     caattgcctc tttaaagatt gcttctgacc tgttttctcg ttctttcttt ttggaactca     61320
     agttaggagc attctaaaac tgttgtcaat ttttaccctg tcacaaaact gctctttctt     61380
     gtttcagtta tttgcttttt ctgtgcatta atattgatgg tttcctctgt catagaggat     61440
     aaatactctc ttcactgttg tgtacacaac attttaacta gttattctgg tttaaattta     61500
     atattgactt tatctacata tcacaattga ttactgtgta cagactttct tttctattag     61560
     tataaattta tgaggtacac ttgtaatttt gtgacatgag tatgttgcag agtagtgaag     61620
     tcaggacttt tactatatcc atcacccaaa taccgtacat tgtactcatt aagcaaattc     61680
     tcatcactca cccacgtccc gccaccctcc agccttctag cctccgctgt ccgtcattcc     61740
     acactctacg tccatatgta cacattactc ccctcccatg tagagtgaga agatgtggta     61800
     tttgtctttc tgagtggttt tatgtaaaat aatggcgtcc agctccatct atgttgctgc     61860
     aaaagacatg gttttatttt tatgaccaaa tagtatttcg ttgtgtatac acgcatcctt     61920
     tttttaatcc aatcattcat tcacagacac ttagattgat ttcatatctt tgctattgca     61980
     aacagtgctg caataaacat acaggtgcag atattttttg agtagatacc cagcagcggg     62040
     acccctagat cgaatggtgc ttctattttt ggttctctgc caaatttcca tactgtcttc     62100
     catagaggct atactaattt acataccggc caacagtgta taagagtttc cttttctctg     62160
     catccttgcc aacacctgtt atatgtttca ctttttcttt ttttcttttt gagatggagt     62220
     cttccactgt cacccaggct ggagtgcagt gccgccatct ccacgcgctg caacctccac     62280
     caaccaggtt caaatgattc tcctgcctca acctcctgag tagctgggat tacagaacca     62340
     caccaccatg cccagctaat cttttgtata tttagtagag atggggtttc actatgttgg     62400
     tcaggctggt ctcaaactcc tgacctcatg atccacccgc ctcagcttcc caaagtgctg     62460
     ggattacaag cgtgagccac cactccccac cagcattttt agtaatagcc attctgacta     62520
     ctgtaagatg atatctcatt gtggtttcaa tttgcatttc tctgatgatt agtgatgttc     62580
     atacgctgtt tggccattcg tatgtcttct tttgaaaaat gtctatgtat atccctttgc     62640
     ccacttttta atgctattat ttgaggggtt atgtttagtt gtttgagttg cctagaaatt     62700
     ctggatgtta gtcccctgtt gggtgcatag tttgcaaaca tttccattca ttctgtgggt     62760
     tgtctgttca ccctgctact atttcctttg cttggcagaa gctctttcgt ttattaagtc     62820
     ccattggtct agttttattt ttattgcctg tgcttttgag gtcttagtga tgaattcttt     62880
     gcccagacca atgcccagaa gagtttctct ttgggtttcc accggtgatt ttatagttct     62940
     ggatttacat ttaagctgct aattacctta agttaattta tgtgtatgat tacagataca     63000
     ggtccagttt tattcttctg catatggcta tttagttttc ccagcacctt ttattgaaaa     63060
     ggaaatcttt ctccagggta tgttttgtta acgtcgtcaa tgattattca ctgtagatat     63120
     gaggctgtat ttctgggctc tctattctgg tctattgatc tctgtttctg tgtctatacc     63180
     agcactgtgc tatttaagtt actatagcct tagagcatag tttgaagtca gatagcgtga     63240
     tgcctccagg tttctacatt cacctagaat tgctttctct attaggatct tttttggttc     63300
     tgtatgaatt ttaggattgc tttttctaat tctgtgaaaa ctggtgttac tattttcata     63360
     taagaattgc actgaatctg tagattgctt taggcagtat ggtcatttta acaatattaa     63420
     ttcttatgat ccatgagcgt gggatttttt ttcttttttt tttttgtatt atctataatt     63480
     gctttcattg gtgtcttaca cctttcctgg tacagatctt tcaccacctt ggttaaatgt     63540
     attcctgagt gttttaattt tgcgtatcta ttgtaaacgg cattgccttc ttgatttggt     63600
     tctcagctag atcattatag gtgtagagaa atgctaccgg cttttacata ttgattttgt     63660
     attctgaaac tttacttagt tcatttatca atcataagaa tttttggcag ggtctttagg     63720
     attttctaga tttaagatca tagcatcaga aataaaaata attttacttc ctcttttcta     63780
     atttggattt ttacttcttc ctgttgccca atagctctga caaggcttcc agtactatgt     63840
     tgataggaag tggtggatgt ccgtgtcctt gtcttgtgcc agttctcaga ggagtgcttt     63900
     taacttttcc tgttcagtat gatgttgact ctagatatgt catctatggc ttttattatt     63960
     ttgaggtatg ttctttctat gcctaagttt ttgagggttt tcatcaggta aggatgttga     64020
     atttcttttc agatgctttt ctttatgtct attgagatga tcatatggtt tttgttctgg     64080
     attctgctcg ttcttctaag tggatgagac atgccagaaa agcatttagt cagccatctt     64140
     ggaaacaagc atctcagatg ttttctttct ctatagctca ttctttctta ccagtgtttt     64200
     caattttgta cttaattttg taaagagagt aaatgatata atttccacat atgtttcctc     64260
     tgccaaatca gactcactat gcttcctttc cttgtatgca taacctaccc agcaatacac     64320
     acaaacattt attgctttgg agaattagtt tgggaacatt tttgaaatgt acaaaaaaat     64380
     gtatatcttc aaaagaaatt tctttttgtg gcaaaagact tctgaaggtg ctcatgatga     64440
     tatagggaga agaggggttc tggacaggaa gaattttatg aaggtgagat ggggaaatag     64500
     ctccatttca gagcttctgg ggagagaggg gcctggccca catggaaagg tctctgatct     64560
     tacccccacc ctccagcccc tgttctccag aactatactg tggagagttc catcaggatt     64620
     gttgtggctg gtctggtctt cctggctctt ttggcaatgc tggctaagac ctggtggaga     64680
     catgaggggc cacaggtgga aatggaagaa acatgactga agctggctgg agtgaatggc     64740
     gcgacattct gtctgtggga gattggccag atgggtttca agtgtgttgt atcagctgtg     64800
     acttttagta atgttcttgc taccacaata tccactcgtc catcccgaat aattgtgatg     64860
     aaatattgtc cttgggataa tattcatttg ctaaagacag ggatgatacc tcaaggtgcc     64920
     actatataca tcgaggggat ccacaaaagt ccattcagta aaatgtagtt ggcatcttag     64980
     ggtaggttga ttccacctct aaaaaagtag gtacaacatc aggttgattt ttccgaagaa     65040
     aagtggtgat tggccatctt tagtctcaat gtaaacggta atactgatga gtgtggaaaa     65100
     ggcagggaag aggattgaca ataagtgaca ctcattgttt tcatctgagc tttgagactg     65160
     aaagaggaac acaggagtga gatgtatggg aacaaacccc ttctttttcc agctaaacag     65220
     agtggaagtt ggacactgag ttttggcgta cagcaaaatc ctaagtccat tgttgggttg     65280
     aacacggcca tgttgtacat cctggtttca cagcagacac tggaggaaaa cagcctgtat     65340
     tcataagagg ctgtccctcg ggtcactgcc cagaatatcc ggagttggtg ctcacagggt     65400
     tgggaactct cctggaccag acaggctctg gatatggggg ggtaccaagc tccccggggc     65460
     catgcctcca cagctctctt ctcacctcat tcttgaccat ttcccaaacc tctgacctca     65520
     ccttcattca tccatggtga acacgctaaa gctggccttc aaagcttgag acagaggaaa     65580
     attgggcttc atctctggga actaaattgg ggagtggaga ctcagttctg gcctgacagg     65640
     agggagaaga ccctggatcc cagtgtggat gggaagaagt atgtgtttct cttttgtgct     65700
     tggaccctgt gtccaagcat gtctgagatg tgatgaagat gaatcttcct ttccttgtct     65760
     attttctcat gccagagaat tggaatctta tattccatta actctttctg ttctgttcat     65820
     ccagattcta tgaaggagaa aggaaaagat gtgatactgt aattttgctc catttgtcta     65880
     aaatgagtag gctgcaactc ctcttgaagt gatacctttt ctagctcttg ttggaggtgt     65940
     ctcaggactc attacttcgg ggaacctgca actgtgtcag tctggggaaa ctgcaaatat     66000
     tcttgtctta catttgtctc cagccaattg tgatggactc cagtgacctg caattgctgt     66060
     tattgcaggt aaaatgtacc tgagtcaggc cacagttctc ctggactatg agcccctggc     66120
     catgttcctg aggcaattct gttcatctaa atataataat aataacacac taaaaatggc     66180
     aagccattgt taattcctga agtctcattt gaaaattact aaatgtctgt tattttttgg     66240
     tgtttacatt atatgtagac agataaacta cacacacaca cacacacaca catgcacaca     66300
     gaagaatgga ttggttcatg tagaaaagta aataattcaa gatgaaagga tgaaatgtca     66360
     tggcacctac tattctattt tagataaagg gtctatgaaa agattgattt ctttttatgt     66420
     tttatttgtt gacatttgaa cacaaactat gtaagtgagg gagtcgattt gaaagggaga     66480
     agagcaagtt caaacacatt caggtgaggt catgctttac atgttttaat tgaaatgatc     66540
     catcttggga gtagatcaat aactgagatg gtgccaggaa tgttaaaaag cttttgtcag     66600
     tcctaaatat tgacaaataa aatttaatta aagtcttaga agaaaacaca aaggaaaact     66660
     tcacaacatc ggatttggca gtgattcttt agatgtgaca acaacggcac aggctactac     66720
     agaaaaaata aacaagttag actttatgaa aattttgaaa tattgtgact caaaagacaa     66780
     catcagttac ttcacatggc aaggaaaaag aacttttaag acgatattat caaagtaaaa     66840
     agacaaccca cagaatggga gaaaatgttt tcaaaccaca ccacctgtaa gggattaaca     66900
     tccagaatat acagacaact cctaaaactc aatcacaata aactcaattc aaaaatgggc     66960
     aaagtactga aacagacatt tctccaaaga acatacgcat gaaaagatat tcagcatcac     67020
     gaatcattag ggaaatacta actaaaacta caccagatgc catttcatac cccttaggat     67080
     gggtatcatc aaaacaacaa caacaacaac aacaaagttt ctatacatta acaacaaact     67140
     atccaaaaaa gtttacaaga aaataagccc atttgcaata actacagaaa acaaaacatg     67200
     caggaataaa ttcacccaag gagtagaaag atctgtatgc aaaagctata aaacattgat     67260
     gaaaaaactc aagaaataaa caaataaatc gaaagatatt ccatgttcac ggatcagaag     67320
     gattaatgtt gttaaaatgt ccattctatc caaagtgatt caatgcaacc attatcaaaa     67380
     atccaatgac atttttttta cagaaataga aaaaacagtc ctaaaattca tgtggaacca     67440
     caaaagatct caaataacca aagccatcta gagggaaagg aacaaagttg gaagcatcac     67500
     attacctaaa cacaaactac attacaaaat tacagtaatt aaaacaacac agtacttgca     67560
     taaaaacaga cacatagacc aatggaagtg attcatagcc caggaaaaaa atgcatgcat     67620
     ttagggtcaa acaatttttg ggatgtgtca agaacacaca atggagaagg aacagtctct     67680
     ttaataaatg ggattgggag actgcatgtc cacatgcaga agaatggaag tggacatttg     67740
     cctcacaaaa catacaaagt caactcaaga tagattaatg acttaaatgt aagatgaaag     67800
     actataatcc cagcaatttg ggaggccaag gtgggcagat cacctaaggt caggattcca     67860
     agaccagcat ggccaacatg gtgaaatccc gcctctacta aaaatacaaa aacagctggg     67920
     tgtggttgtg ggtgcctgta atctcagcta ctcgggaggt tgagacagga gaatcacttg     67980
     aacccaggag gtagaggttg cagtgagccg agatcgcacc actgcactcc agccggggca     68040
     acacagtgag actccatctt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactac taaaagaaat caagggaaaa     68100
     ctccactggc ttgggcaaaa ccattttgga tattaaccca aaggcccagg caacaaaagc     68160
     aaaagtagac aaataacatt atatcaaatt gaaagtttct gcaaagaaaa aaaaaactca     68220
     acaagtggaa agacaaccta tggaatggga gaatatattt gcacccatac atctaataag     68280
     gaattaatat ccaaaatata taagaaactc aaacaactca atggtaagaa atcaaataac     68340
     ccaacttaaa aaaatgggca aagtatctga ataaacattt ctaagaataa gacaaatcac     68400
     caaaaggtat atgaaaaaat gattagcatt actaaacatc agctaaataa aaattaaaac     68460
     tagaatgaga tatcacctca cacctcttag aatgaccatt aacagtctgg gcatggtggc     68520
     tcatgcctgt aattcaggca ctttgggagg ccgaggcagg gagattacct gaggtcagca     68580
     gttcgaaacc agcctggcca atatggtgaa accccatccc tactaaaaat acaaaaatta     68640
     gcagagtttg gtggcgcaca cttgtagtcc cagctactct ggagactgag gcaggggaat     68700
     cgcttgaacc caggaggcag aggttgcagt acaccgagat tgtgccactg cactccagcc     68760
     tgggtgacag agcaagactg agtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagacca ttatcaaaaa     68820
     cataaaaaat aacaagggtt aacgaggatg tggagaaaag ggaacatttg tatgcagttg     68880
     atgggaatgt aaattagcac aaccattatg gaaaacagtc tggaagttcc tgaaaaaatt     68940
     aaacatagaa ttcccatatg tgtctgcaat ccaactactg cgcatgtatc caaaggaagt     69000
     ggaatcagta tgttgaagag atatctgcat tcccatgttt acagccgcat tattcataac     69060
     agccaagatg tggaatcacc cttactgccc atctatgggt gcatggacaa agaaaacgtg     69120
     gtatacgata ggaacgtaat gaagtactat acaaccttta caacaaagaa ggaagtcctc     69180
     tcatttgtga caatgtgaaa aaacttagag gacattatgt taagggaaac aatccaggca     69240
     cagaaagaca aatgccacat gatctcatgt gtggagtgta agaagtggaa cctagaggaa     69300
     cagtaaaatg gtcgtcgaaa gaacctggga tggagagaga ttgaagagat gttggtcaaa     69360
     ggatgcaaaa tttcagttag aagaaatcgg ttcaagagat ctattgtatg tcttggtgac     69420
     tccagttaat agcaacatat ggtgtattga acattactaa gagattagat tttacatgtt     69480
     ctcaccacac acacaaaaca tacaagtatg tgaaaaaata aatatgataa agaggttgtt     69540
     tcatccattc cacaatgtgt acctatatga aaacatcatg atggacacca caaataccct     69600
     tttcctcatt aattaaattt gttttggttt tttttttgag atgcagtttc actgttgttg     69660
     cccaagctga ggtgcaatgg cgtgatctcc gctcactgca acctctgcct cccaggttca     69720
     agcggttctc ctgactcagc ctcccaagca gctgggacta cagttgcgta ccaccccgtc     69780
     cggctatatt tgtgtttcta gtagagacag ggtttcgcca tgttggccag gctggtctcg     69840
     aactccagac ctcaggtgat ccacccgctt cgccctccca aagtgctaga tttcaggctg     69900
     agacaccaca cccagcctgt acattgactt tctgccctta aactgtgctg aagtttgttt     69960
     ctcagatgta ggagcctttg ggcagagact atggggtttc taggtataga aattatctca     70020
     tcttcaaaca gaggtaattt gactacctct ctctgctact ctcttcttac ttggatgcct     70080
     tataattctt tctctttcct gatggctctg tctaggactt caagtactat gttgaatagg     70140
     atggtgagag tgggcattct tgtcttgttt cacttatgaa gggaacttct tccagctttt     70200
     actcattcag tatgatgttg gttgtgggtt tgtcacaggc ggctcttatt atattgagtt     70260
     atgtttcttc aatgcttagc ttgttgaggg cttttaacat gaagaaatgc ttagtaaaaa     70320
     gtatgttcta catgtgtgtt gagaagatca tgtggttttt gtttttagtt ttgtttaggt     70380
     gatgaatcac atgtattgat tgtgtatgtt caaccaacct tgcaccctaa gaataaagtt     70440
     gacttgatca tggtggattc actttttgat atgctgcggg attcagttct tagtattttt     70500
     tgtggatttt tgcctctatg ttcatcagga atattggcat gtagttttct tttgtttaat     70560
     gttcttttct gtctttagta tcagggtgat gccagcctta tagaatgagt aaaggccacc     70620
     ctgggcaaac agtgagaccc atcccttttt aaaaattatg agttttacaa atttaaaatg     70680
     catagtgaaa aagttcttac aaactccaga aaggtaggtg taaataagag acatttgtaa     70740
     gaatgacagc acattaaatg tgtagatttc aaccttcagt tattgcaata ttccagtatc     70800
     aagttggagg atgttatcag tctgatattt tttcctcaaa tgagagagag aaagaaagac     70860
     acacaaacaa cacagggaga aaaaaagcac acgttacaga gagacaaaaa gggagacagg     70920
     gaactgtgaa tttggactct tgtgtcataa gacaaattct agataacacg accagacctt     70980
     caattgacat attgtgtttt tgctaataag gtggaattct atgatgcgaa ataactatat     71040
     agtcttttct actgggattt aaatcatttt atctgtttct ggcttaacag gaaaaataca     71100
     accatggaaa attatgatga tttatttaat acgattgctc tatagtgtta ataaaaccta     71160
     ttaggtattt tgcatattac atatcaagga gagtttgaat ctcaggtaga aacaaaaaaa     71220
     aatacatcaa aagttcctca tgtgagtgca gaattcaatc gtcccgtgca ggggtaagtg     71280
     agtctgagat gtgttttgag cctggccgtt gcgcatgatg tgaagtgaca agtctagtct     71340
     gcagttttca gaaaccctca ttcctccctt gactgattca ccacttgaac ctcatatgac     71400
     gtagaagaag cctacctatg tccccttcac atgttgtggt caatgtgtca actgcacgat     71460
     ccgggcccct caccacatcc tctgcaccgg tcagtcgagc cgagtcactg cgtcctggca     71520
     gcagaagctg caccatgtcc atgtcaccca cggtcatcat cctggcatgt cttggtgagt     71580
     cctggaaggg aaggagcacc agggttacac tatgggcctg cagattgggt gtctccccag     71640
     cagagagcca tgttctgaag caagtgagtg gtgaggatga gttaattttc agtccagcgt     71700
     ggcgcccagt ggctcaggag gaaagggtag gttgctgccg agatgaatag ttcctcatga     71760
     tctttctttg cagggttctt cttggaccag agtgtgtggg cacacgtggg tgagtccttc     71820
     cccaaatgat gggttgccat cttcacccca atacaagtga attttccgga aatgggaggg     71880
     aggcagcaca gagggtgggc tgatgggctg accatgggaa ggcctggggg gagtctctca     71940
     tgaactagta agaggagatc ctgggagtct ctcatgaact agtaagagga gatcctggga     72000
     gtctctcatg aactagtaag aggagatcct ggtatgctca gccttctgtt ttgtcttagc     72060
     cctccccagc ctttcttccc catggctgag ttgagctctg tgtggcccag gcgggatact     72120
     gaggtgctca aagctggggt gtgtgggggg atgtggtgtc accgacagag gagggaaggg     72180
     tagcagtgtt aggaacagca ggtcctctga ggacaagagg gtaactcaca ccctccagcg     72240
     tttccatgac ggtaggggct gcagtgtggc tgctgtcatt ctgccagaag aggtggggga     72300
     accacagcca cgaccctgcc attccaaatc ctctgatgga gctcagttgt ttattgtggt     72360
     tcaggcatta gctaatattc cattcacaaa ggtcataccc tccaccccat gtctactttg     72420
     tgttgtttgg tgtaactaat cttgcagtat taaaatctag taagagtccc ttactcagca     72480
     cctgctcagt tctcaactga cacttttgtt gtagggagac gccacgtcta tgcgggatgg     72540
     gtccttcctg tagccccagg cacccaggtg tggtaggagc cttagaaaga agaaatgggg     72600
     agaatcttct gagcacaggg agggaggggc agctcaacat actcctctct gaggcggcat     72660
     ctccttctcc ccaaggtggt caggacaagc ccttctgctc tgcctggccc agcgctgtgg     72720
     tgcctcaagg aggacacgtg actcttcggt gtcactgtcg tcgtgggttt aacatcttca     72780
     cgctgtacaa gaaagatggg gtccctgtcc ctgagctcta caacagaata ttctggaaca     72840
     gtttcctcat tagccctgtg accccagcac acgcagggac ctacagatgt cgaggttttc     72900
     acccgcactc ccccactgag tggtcggcac ccagcaaccc cctggtgatc atggtcacag     72960
     gtcagagggc tcctgtctgg gcttctcctt gtcccacctc ctgagtccca gagcttctgg     73020
     tgggggtgtc caccagagtc cgatcatcca ggccccaact atatttgggg taaaggggga     73080
     ttgaatacag gggaatgggt gctgtgttgg aaagaataac tgtccccatc gatggccaca     73140
     ttgtaatcct tggagcctgt gactatgtta tagggcaggg gactgaaggg gaagatggag     73200
     ctcaggttgt tgatgagttg accttgagat ggggagatgg cctggaccct cccactgggc     73260
     tcagtgtaat cacaagggtc catatgagtg gagaaggaag aggagaatgg ggattagagc     73320
     agcatcgtgg gatactccac cagccactgt gggctttgaa ggtggaggaa gaccacgagc     73380
     cacgaagggg ctggagaaat caatggaact gattctcccg agtctccaga gggaatgcag     73440
     ccctgcagat gccttgattg tagcccagga agaacagggt ctgatttctg tctccagaag     73500
     tggaaggggt cagtgtgttc tctcctgccg ccatgtttgt gataattttc tccagcaaca     73560
     tcaggaaacc aacacaggaa cccaggtgaa ggacaagtta aaaaaccaaa caagaaggtt     73620
     ggctaccctg agatcagcaa gggtgcactg ctgatgccac caccaggctg gaaccacata     73680
     gggagggatc gacaggaaga gttgggggtg gagggtgaga gagagagaga gagagagagc     73740
     actaggccat agagcagggc agtgagttct cagctcaggt gggaggggag ctgtgacaag     73800
     gaagaacctc cctgaggaaa ctgcctcttc tccttccagg tctatatgag aaaccttcgc     73860
     ttacagcccg gccgggcccc acggttcgcg caggagagaa cgtgaccttg tcctgcagct     73920
     cccagagctc ctttgacatc taccatctat ccagggaggg ggaagcccat gaacttaggc     73980
     tccctgcagt gcccagcatc aatggaacat tccaggccga cttccctctg ggtcctgcca     74040
     cccacggaga gacctacaga tgcttcggct ctttccatgg atctccctac gagtggtcag     74100
     acccgagtga cccactgcct gtttctgtca caggtgagga aagccaatgt ctgtcccatg     74160
     tcctatggtc ctagagcctt agctgaggag cttcctgctg atgatggaga gaagcatgga     74220
     cagatgtgga gagaagatgc agcatggtgt gagggtggga tcagggcaca ggatggcaga     74280
     cagggcacct ccaaaccctc ctgcatggcc tgcatggaag cttgcagtaa gggctccggg     74340
     tacccaggca gatggagaaa gtggtcagga cagacccaga ggagggagac tgggctcagt     74400
     ttggggagat cagaggttcc ctcagcccct caaccttacc catttcccag aagcccaccc     74460
     tggcctctca cctacacaga gatgtcatca ccagcaaccc ctacactttt tcttttcctt     74520
     tgaaaaaatg ctgattgagg ttaaatatac ctatataatt tatcaacttt accattttta     74580
     agtgtaaaat ctagggatca taaatacctt tatatgctgt gtgcggtggc tcacgcctgt     74640
     aatctcagca ttttgagacg ccaaggcagg tggatcattt aaaatcaggg gctggagacc     74700
     agcccggcca acatggggga accaatcttt actaaaaaga caaaaaaaat aaaattagcc     74760
     aggcatggtg ccaggcgcct ataatcccag caacttggga ggctgaggcg ggagagtggc     74820
     ttaaacccag gaggaggagg ttgcagtgag ctgagatcat gccactgcac tgcagcctgg     74880
     tgacacagag agactctgtc tctaaataaa taaataaata cttttatatt cttcttttgt     74940
     taccctccac cccttccttc ctaacctctg gtatccacca ttctactctc taccttcatg     75000
     aggtccacct tttacatcct gcatgtgagt aagaaatggc aatccttgta atgacctcca     75060
     gtccatccat gtggctgcaa atgacaggac gtttctcttt gtatggatga gttgtctcca     75120
     ttgtgtgtat gtactacatt ctctctatcc attcatccac tgatgggcag gtaggttgac     75180
     tccacatctt ggctactgtg aacagtgctg gaacagtcat gggagtgcag atgtcacttc     75240
     aatacactga agtccttttc tttgcattta cacccactag tggaattgct agatcctctg     75300
     gatgttctct ttttaggttt tgttttatgc tttttgtttt tttgacatag cgtttcactc     75360
     ttgttgccca agctggagtg caatggcacc acctgggctc actgcaacct ctacctccag     75420
     gattcaagtg attctccagc ctcagcctcc cgagtagttg ggattactgg tgcccgccac     75480
     cacgcctggc tgatttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt ttcaccatgt tagccaggct     75540
     ggtctcgaac tcttgacctc cagtgatctg cccacttcag cctcccaagg tgctgggatt     75600
     acaagcgtga gccacagtgc ctaatctctt tttagttttt aaggaacttc catattcttc     75660
     tcctctgtaa tggctgtatt aatttacatt cctatcaaca gtgtatcagg gttctccttt     75720
     ctccaccacc ttgccaacat ttgttttgtc tgtctctgag ataaaaccca ttgtaatggg     75780
     gtgagatgat agctcattgt gacttcattt gcatttctct gatgattagt gatactgagc     75840
     actttttcat atatgcaatg tatatatgtt catttgtatg ttttgttcat tgagaaatgt     75900
     ctgttcaggt cttttactaa ttttataatt aaattattag ttttattgag gtgtttgagc     75960
     ttcttttata ttctagttat taatcccatc tcagatgcat agtttgcaaa tatttgctcc     76020
     cattctgtgg gttgtctctt cttcacttca ttggttgctt cctttgcggt gcagaagctg     76080
     cttgatttga tataatccca atggtctatt tttttgttgt tgttgtgatt acttgtgttt     76140
     ttgaggtttt aaacaaaatg tcttccctca gacaaatgtc ctggagcatt tctccagtgt     76200
     ttccttttag acatttaatg gattcaggtc ttaagtcatt aatccatttt catctgattt     76260
     ttgtgtatgg tgagaggtag aggtgcagtt tcatccctct gcatgtagat atccagtttt     76320
     ccctgcacca tttattgaaa tgactgtcct ttccagattg tagattcttc gaacctttgt     76380
     caaagtccat tggatgtaaa tgggtggatt acatccgtgt tcttcattct gctccattgt     76440
     tttatgtgct tttctttatg ccaatgtcat gttgttttgc ttactacagc tctgtaacat     76500
     atttttaagt caggtagtgt gatgctcctg ttttctcctt ataccttgaa gtctcaagat     76560
     agttggtgtc acctacaatg attatggaga atgggatgcc aggactccca gggcccaaca     76620
     ttagataata gaatgttggc catgaaccaa cctcaaagat ttccattgag tagaagacag     76680
     gcatcctcat tgccacacct ctctcctgtc ccatgttcta ggaaaccctt ctagtagttg     76740
     gccttcaccc actgaaccaa gcttcaaaac tggtaagtga aggacccctc ttatctctgc     76800
     ttttggaaac ctggggaggt agaagccttg gattcaagcg ttggctcagc acctgccagc     76860
     tctgtgattg tgggcctgtc ttccattgtc tctgaacccc agacactcca acagcgaaag     76920
     ggatctgggc ccagcacagg gctcagtgaa atctcttaat ctctaatttt ctgctgctga     76980
     gacctcaggg tagaaggatg agtgcaaatc agacattctt ctcaggaaaa atgctgtgtt     77040
     tgttctgcct gcattcctaa ctgggaggac aaatgcctgg gggcttgaga aggggaagga     77100
     cggggaacat ttttgagggt ggtgtatttg tagagaagtt ctacttgcca aggaatgagc     77160
     tcctgtctgt catgatccaa ccctggttga cttagtggaa caagagcttt gcggtaagag     77220
     agaacgtagt tcatccgtgc acatgacact tccacttact cgttcagcca ctgccccatg     77280
     ctcagactgt gcagtgtgga accttttcct atgttgccat aacaaatttc cacaagcttc     77340
     gtggatggaa accacatttt aaaaaaatat ctcatggtgc tgtagctcag aagtatgaaa     77400
     tgcatcatct cactgggcta aaatcaaggt gacagcaagg ctgccttccc tctgaatgtt     77460
     ccaggcaaga atctgcttcc tcacttttcc cagctcctag aggctcccac attccttggc     77520
     tcctggtccc cgtcttcctc cctcaaagtc cacaaaggct ggtcacgcct ctcacacggc     77580
     atcactcaga cccttcttcc ttgtccacac ctctttctct gaatgctgct ctgccttctt     77640
     cctcatcttt taaggacttt ggcattctat tggaaacacc aagataatcc atcataattt     77700
     ccctaaaatc atctaggata ccctcctttt aaggttagct gattagcaac cgtaattcca     77760
     tctgcaatct gcattccttt tttccatgta aaataacata ttcacaagat atggcgacta     77820
     ggacaggaac attttggggt ggggcggcat tcttatcctt tccacaaatg gtaaacaagg     77880
     tgcatttggc ctctgctctt ggacactgat attgcaaagg attaaatggg agggcagaaa     77940
     atgaatgcac cagtggacca ataaatgaat gatccattgg gaagcatctg tgcatgagaa     78000
     tgattgattg attggttgtt tttatgagac ggtgtctccc tctgtgcccc aggctggagt     78060
     gcagtggcgg gatctcggct caccgcaacc tccacctccc aggttaaagc gattctctac     78120
     actcagcttc ccgagaggct gggattacac ccatgtccca ccacgcctgg ctaatttttt     78180
     tttggtattt tttttttagt acagacaagg ttttaccatg ttgcccaggc tatctcaaac     78240
     tcccaacctt aagggatccg cccgtctcag cctcccaaag tgctgagatt cgaggcgtga     78300
     gccaaggcgc cgagccgtat tttaaaagaa ataatagata atgctgagtg tataatttcg     78360
     ggtgacagag aagttctcac tgatcaaata atacttgtga ccttaatgaa aaaaatagat     78420
     caacccctgg aagattggcg gaaggatttt ccacacagct gtcagccgtg aaggcacaaa     78480
     ggtgaaaaca atgttatgtg gaaggaagag gctctgcctg aaatgctggg aatgagatgg     78540
     ggagaatgac aagacgactg tggagagaca gagagcactc tgggtacaca ggaaactaag     78600
     gaggaacaag gagcgtgtgt ttgacactca cagccattgg acttacctcg gggctaactg     78660
     ggaatcccta catgatgaat agtgactgac atgaaaataa gggaggccca ggtgcataac     78720
     tggaatctag gagactgtgg aaaaggcaat tcccgccccc ctggtgaaat gtggtgctga     78780
     tttagacact aaatgaatga aagatggaca caagatgtgt ttgtgaggta gagtaatttg     78840
     cagggagggc ttgcctgctt tgatttttcc taattgttta atcttcactt cattgatttc     78900
     tttctgagat ttatttttcc tacatgtaaa tcaatacttg gcagaggagt gagagataca     78960
     tgaggggtgg tgcaaaggaa gagacctatt ataatataac acacaaggtt ctgaacggtg     79020
     gctcacacct gtaacccaac attttgggag gctgaggagg ctggatcaag tgagatcagg     79080
     agttcgagat cagcctggac aacatggtga aaccccatct ctactaaata tacaaaaact     79140
     agctgggggt ggtggcgcat gcctgtaata ccagctattc gggaagttga agaaggagaa     79200
     tggcttcaac cagggaggga gaggttacag tgagccaaga tcgcgtcatt gcactgcacc     79260
     ctaggtgaca gagtgagact ccatggcaaa aaataaaaat aaagaataca taaatataat     79320
     ataacataca cgaatgacaa aggcacacca attccaatca tcatttttct atttctctat     79380
     aatgacttct ttgatccttt atcctatcca taagaaaatc aggcgaaaac atcttcctta     79440
     tttggctttc tgtgagcatg agatcatatg gaaaatgtga aacccaccag cgcaggtcct     79500
     ggaatagaga acgtgatctg ttcatggcac aaaacttgcc ccttcaccca aatcccccac     79560
     ctcaccccta cttccaatca cattaatgat acagatagat catggggagg taaaaactaa     79620
     tattctttgg agttcagatc gtagactcag agaccagtgc cagcactatc tcctggtcac     79680
     cttttggagt aattcacaga aagacaggct gtattgaagc aacagatgat ggagggggtg     79740
     gtctttcccc cagactctcg ggtggaacag cagcctaata tctgactccc aagatgacaa     79800
     aagtagcatg ttgcccacga gcttcatcat tatttcctgg ctgtttgata taagacagct     79860
     caacctcact tatgttgatt tcaatgtcac tgttttttcc ttttcttgga gaatgtaatt     79920
     tgtttgagtc aagagggttg tggatgtaga aactgtaaag cacattcact gtgtatcaat     79980
     cccagtccag tcttcccaga gaagactcta aacacctccc atactgcacc tggggctgtg     80040
     ccaatttcta tcactcacca tcactccagg gagacagaac acacagggaa tacattacat     80100
     aggcaggttc attacttata gataagcagc gagtgacaac agaaaccttc ctttcagggt     80160
     gagccagtcc ctcaaggctc agaaaaactg ctcaggacac atggagtcac ttcatgtgca     80220
     ctgtagctgg gggaagccag aaagcagccc agcctgggtt ttgtaccctg gagccacagg     80280
     gaacactcag ctaaagcact gcatgatgtt ctcctccagg aagaacagga agacagccca     80340
     ggctgttctg agacgttcct cctgatctca ggatgttgct gtcttagcct atttttgttg     80400
     ctataaaaga acacttgagc ctgggtatct tctaaagaaa agagatgtgt ttggctcact     80460
     gatctgcacg ctgtactaga agcaggacac taccatctat ttctggctgc ggcctcaggc     80520
     tgctcccaca ctgacagaag agaagggggt cctgcgtgtg cagagaccac agagatcaca     80580
     tggcaagaga gggagaaagg gggtgtgatg gagcttccaa gctcttttta agaatcaact     80640
     ctccagggta ctaatagagg gagaacttgc taaccccgtc ctctggggac agcattaatc     80700
     tattcatgat ggatccaccc ccatgaccaa aacacccctc ccaataggca caacctccca     80760
     cactggggat taaatttcaa agtggggttt ggaggggtca aacattgaaa caatagcagt     80820
     tgtatcatca gcacattcta ttgttattat gaaaactata acggagaaag caggagaaag     80880
     ctgggtctcc cgcctcgtgg gtgcttgtcc taaagaggtg ttttatgtgg ttgcctggca     80940
     accaagaaat gagagacaat ccacaaagag gaactgctat ggttagcttc ttattggatt     81000
     ctcatcttcc tccaggtatc gccagacacc tgcatgctgt gattaggtac tcagtggcca     81060
     tcatcctctt caccatcctt cccttctttc tccttcatcg ctggtgctcc aaaaaaaaaa     81120
     gtaagcctca cgaagcagag gccagagaac tcagggccct gtgcggaagc aggatgggag     81180
     cacgcaggtg tgtgttcctc actggcagga aagtctctgg cccaaggcag gagccagagg     81240
     cagagctttc tagagagagc accagacaac ctgcccctgc cttcagctca cagaccattg     81300
     cctgattgtg aactgtatcc tcacgtcccc tgcagccact cacatccagg agaagattcc     81360
     atgacaggca gaaagtggga gatagaatca atgggatggg aactgacagc tattcatgga     81420
     atggggtctt gcactcagag agatggaatg tctgagtctg gctgttggca gctgagggac     81480
     ctcaggcacc tatggcctcc ccctgtgtgt tggtatctgt tcatgaaatg aggacccaga     81540
     agtgccctcc cagctgtttc gattgcttcc gtctcctaca gatgctgctg taatgaacca     81600
     agagcctgcg ggacacagaa cagtgaacag ggaggtaggt cctcctagcc cagcctcatg     81660
     gatacagtct tattccctaa tagtcctgaa aaatgtgaac accctccctc actcaggatt     81720
     tccctctctc caggactctg atgaacaaga ccctcaggag gtgacatacg cacagttgga     81780
     tcactgcatt ttcacacaga gaaaaatcac tggcccttct cagaggagca agagaccctc     81840
     aacagatacc agcgtgtgta tagaacttcc aaatgctgag cccagagcgt tgtctcctgc     81900
     ccatgagcac cacagtcagg ccttgatggg atcttctagg gagacaacag ccctgtctca     81960
     aacccagctt gccagctcta atgtaccagc agctggaatc tgaaggcgtg agtctccatc     82020
     ttagagcatc actcttcctc acaccacaaa tctggtgcct gtctcttgct taccaatgtc     82080
     taaggtcccc actgcctgct gcagagaaaa cacactcctt tgcttagccc acaattctct     82140
     atttcacttg acccctgccc acctctccaa cctaactggc ttacttccta gtctacttga     82200
     ggctgcaatc acactgagga actcacaatt ccaaacatac aagaggctct ctcttaacac     82260
     ggcacttaga cacgtgctgt tccaccttcc ctcgtgctgt tccacctttc ctcagactat     82320
     ttttcagcct tctggcatca gcaaacctta taaaattttt ttgatttcag tgtagttctc     82380
     tcctcttcaa ataaacatgt ctgccttcat tctttaggtg actctttttt tggctgaaag     82440
     tttccagtgt tatcattacc atgtccaaat aactccaact gttctccact gggttctcac     82500
     ccctggactc tgagcttctg gaagcagggt ggagcctcat ttgtctctga gactccaatt     82560
     tccatccaaa gatgcagcac ataagaggtt ccaaggatcg tgaatcacat gaacaagtga     82620
     tattcttact ctctgcagac ctggaaagct ggcagagtca ttccatgatg aaacatttgt     82680
     agagtcatag gccttgttag tctcatctcc acggggacac atatcaacac atcatctttc     82740
     atactataaa tatacagtcg gtcctctgta tctgtgggat ttacaggtgt ttattgaacc     82800
     aaatataaat caaaaatatt cagagaaaaa atccacaaag tttcaaaaag caaaactatg     82860
     ttgaatggac acaaatgaag ctgtgtgtag gctgtatcag gaattataaa taatcaaggg     82920
     atgatttcat gtacacagga ggatgtgcat gggttatttg caaatgctgt gccatttcat     82980
     gtaagaggct tgagcatctg cagattgtgc tatctgagtg gagatcctga gaccaatcac     83040
     ccacgaataa tgagggatga ctgtatataa tttttatttc tcaattttaa atataaaaca     83100
     taaaaaaatt acaataacaa gataaaataa acaagtgttt tatagtgtga gaatactttt     83160
     agatatattt ttctccatgt gtaacccttg ggcccatgtt atttattgag aagacattct     83220
     attccacctt aaaccacatg gcagcctttg tcaactataa agggactgtg tgtacacgga     83280
     tgtattttag acactgtttt ctgctcagtg gctctctctc tgtccactct cttgagaatg     83340
     ctgcatttta tgcagcctta tacaacccct aaaatttggt agctggagtc ctctagttat     83400
     ttattatagg ctatttgcta tgcttttttt atttttcttg aggcagagtc tcgctctgtt     83460
     gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcacgatctc ggctcactgc aacttctgcc tcccaggttc     83520
     aagggattcc gtgcctcagc ctcttgaata gctggcatta caagtgcctg ctaccaggca     83580
     tggctaattt ttgtattttt agcagagaca tggtttcact atattggcca ggctggtctc     83640
     aaactcctga cctcggttga tcactcacct cggcttccaa agtgctgggg aaattgattt     83700
     tctatagcat tatgttactg gatatttctg taaaatttaa aatgagggag gcagagagac     83760
     agagagagag caaaccatga gttggaactc tggaatcttg ggacatgaga caaattctag     83820
     ataaatctac aaaaatccag aatttacatg ttgtgatttt tgctgataaa gtacaattct     83880
     aagattgtaa ataattgcat aatccttccc tgggagttta aatcatttga actggttctg     83940
     ctgtaatact agaaatacaa tcatgaaaaa ttctaatggt ttattagtca caattgctct     84000
     gaaaacctta ataataccta ttagatattt tgcatattac acaggaagaa gagtttgaat     84060
     ctcagataaa agcaataaaa atacatgaaa agtctttcat gttagcacag attttaggca     84120
     tctcgtgttc aggaggttgg atctgagacg tgttttgagt tggtcatagt gaaggacgcg     84180
     aggtgtcaat tctagtgaga gcaatttcca ggaagccatg ctccgctctt gagcgagcac     84240
     ccactgggcc tcatgcaagg tagaaagagc ctgcgtacgt caccctccca tgatgtggtc     84300
     aacatgtaaa ctgcatgggc agggcgccaa ataacatcct gtgcgctgct gagctgagct     84360
     ggggcgcagc cgcctgtctg caccggcagc accatgttgc tcatggtcgt cagcatggcg     84420
     tgtgttggtg agtcctggaa gggaatcgag ggagggagtg cggggatgga gatctggacc     84480
     tggaggtaaa gatatgggcc tagaggtgga gttatgggcc tggaggtgga gttatgggcc     84540
     tgaagtggag atctgggcct ggagtggaga tctgggcctg gagtggagat aggggcctgg     84600
     ggtggagata tgtgcctgga gtggagatct gggcctggag tggagatatg ggcctggggt     84660
     ggagatatgt gcctggggtg gagatatggg cctggagggg agatatgggc ctggagggga     84720
     gatgtgggcc tagaggtgga gtgatgggcc tagaagtgga gcgatgggcc tggagtggag     84780
     atatgggcct ggaggtggag ttatgggcct gcagtagaga tatgggcctg aagtggagat     84840
     atgggcctgg agtggagata tgggcctaga ggtggagtta tgggcccgga ggtggagtta     84900
     agggcatgaa gtggagatct gggcctggag tggagatatg atcctggagt ggagatatgg     84960
     gcctggggtg gagatacggg cctggagcag acatacaagc ctggaaagga gatatgggcc     85020
     tggagaggag atagaagcct ggagtggaaa tatgggcctg gagtggagat atgagcctgg     85080
     agtggatata tgagcctgga gttgagatag gagcctggag tggagatatg ggcctggagt     85140
     ggacttatca gcctggagag gagatatggg tctggagtgg agatacggac ctggagtgga     85200
     gatctgggcc tgttgtgtag atctaggcct ggaggtagag atctgggcct ggaggctgag     85260
     tctctgcaca gccgagatcc ttgttcctgg gggcaggtag gcagcgaggg tgagtttacc     85320
     ttcagcccag caagggcctg gctgccaaga cgcacaaccc agtgggggca gcagggtgcc     85380
     ctggtttgcc tgcagatgga tggtccatca tgatctttct ttctagggtt gttcttggtc     85440
     cagagggccg gtccacacat gggtgagtcc ttccccaaac cttagggtgt catctcccca     85500
     cataagagga ttttcctgaa atgggaggga agtcctgtcg gggagtctct catacactag     85560
     gaagagggga ccctcggatg ctcggcccac atttctgacc ttgccctccc cggcctttct     85620
     ttccctttcc tgagtcaagc tctgtgaaga ctggggtgag actagggtgc tccaagatgg     85680
     gtgtgcaggg aggaagtggt gtcagcagca gagaaagaga gggaagcagt gctaggaaca     85740
     gcaggtcctc tgaggacaaa ggtgtaactc acaccctcca gcgtttccgt gatggtaggg     85800
     gctgcagtgt ggctgcggtc tttctaccag aaaaggtgag gaaaccacag ccatggccct     85860
     gacattccaa atcctctgat gggggctcag ttcatcaatt ggctgatatt ccattcacat     85920
     aggacttgcc ctccatgccg tgtctacttt gtattgtttt atatgagtaa ttttgcagta     85980
     ttaaaatcta gtaagagttg cttctccagc acttgctcaa agttctcagc tgacacttgt     86040
     tgtagggaga cgccatgtct atgcaggatg ggtccttcct gtagccctgg gcacccaggt     86100
     gtggtaggag ccttagaaag tggaaatggg gagaatcttc tgggcactgg gagtgagggg     86160
     cggctccaca tcctcctctc taaggcagtg cctccttctc ccccaggtgg tcaggacaag     86220
     cccttcctgt ctgcctggcc cagcgctgtg gtgcctcgcg gaggacacgt gactcttcgg     86280
     tgtcactatc gtcataggtt taacaatttc atgctataca aagaagacag aatccacgtt     86340
     cccatcttcc atggcagaat attccaggag ggcttcaaca tgagccctgt gaccacagca     86400
     catgcaggga actacacatg tcggggttca cacccacact cccccactgg gtggtcggca     86460
     cccagcaacc ccatggtgat catggtcaca ggtcagaggc tttccgtctg ggcttctcac     86520
     tgtcccacct cctgaatccc agagcttctg gtggggctgt ccgtcagggt cccatcaccc     86580
     aggccctggc tgtatttggg gtcaagggag attgaataca gggcaaatgg gtgctgtggt     86640
     gggaagaata actgtcccca atgatggcta cattgtaatc cctggagcct gtgactattt     86700
     atgttatagg gcaggggact gaaggggaag gtggagctca ggttgttgat gagttgacct     86760
     tgagatgggg agacagcctg gactgtccca ctgggctcag tgtaatcaca agggtccgcg     86820
     tgagaggtgg aggaagaggg gagtggggat tagagcagtg tagtgggagg gagacgctat     86880
     cagccactgc gggctttgaa agtggaggaa gaccactagt cacagaatgc aggtggcctc     86940
     taagggctgg agaagtcagg agaactgatt cgctgattct ccagagggaa cgcagccctg     87000
     tagacgcctt gatttcagca cagggagaac tggatccaat ttctgtctcc agaagtggaa     87060
     ggggtcagtg tgttctctcc tgctgccatg tttgtggtaa ttttctgcag cagcaacagg     87120
     aaaccaacac aggaacccag gtcaaggaca agttaggaac ccaggtcaag gacaagttag     87180
     gaaaccaaac aaggacagcc aggtgtggtg gtgggcgcga gtaatccaac gactggggag     87240
     gctgaggcaa gagaatcact tgaactgggg aggcagaggt ttcagtgagc caagacaaca     87300
     ccactacact ccagcctggg tgaaaaagtg actgtctcaa aaataaatta attaatcaat     87360
     taattaaaga aaccaaacaa ggagaaggtt ggctaccctg agatcagcaa gggcaggatg     87420
     ctgatgttac caccaggctc catccacata ggaaggggtt gatgctcctg gaaccagcac     87480
     caggggccac cctatggaag ctggggccat ggagaaggca cagacatggc aggagaggct     87540
     cccaatcccc atcaggaaca gggtgtgtgg tcactgatgt ctgtcttact gatgagttga     87600
     taccacctgc cagagactcc aatttgttca aaagagattg attcaggctg ctaagagcct     87660
     ggacatgcag cctgtcctct tccaccccca tataaacagc aggaaagaga ttagtgggaa     87720
     acagatacaa cagcccaaga gatgaggctg tcttcacagt ggcaagggag tcaggggcta     87780
     ctggagacag agggacagag aagagggagg aagacagatg gaggcacctg caccagggga     87840
     tatgggcaca gaaaagacac ggagatgcag agagggagga gagagacaga cacggggagg     87900
     ggaaccctca ctcattccag gtgccatgga tgggatgata aagagagatg ccttctaaac     87960
     tcacaacttc tctttctagg aaaccacaga aaaccttccc tcctggccca cccaggtccc     88020
     ctggtgaaat caggagagag agtcatcctg caatgttggt cagatatcat gtttgagcac     88080
     ttctttctgc acaaagagtg gatctctaag gacccctcac gcctcgttgg acagatccat     88140
     gatggggtct ccaaggccaa tttctccatc ggttccatga tgcgtgccct tgcagggacc     88200
     tacagatgct acggttctgt tactcacacc ccctatcagt tgtcagctcc cagtgatccc     88260
     ctggacatcg tggtcacagg tgagagtgtc tagacattgt tctcattgtc actgggacac     88320
     agagtgaatg atccaggact tggaaccccc aggtggtcat gaggaagata agtgtgggat     88380
     tcttatggaa agagagtgac ttggtgaggt ctgtaccaac agagacagag aaacaggaga     88440
     cataagtaca gaacaggtgt cataacaggg gacagacaca ggggccatac agggaggtag     88500
     aaaagagaga aagaggtaaa ggagacactc agacagacag acatgtccca gagagaggtg     88560
     tccttccatg ctgactttgc tcagagacct ggcacaggtt agaagtttca tttctgtttt     88620
     acctccacaa agtgtttcta ccagaagaac ccaaggacac ccatatttct gacctgagtt     88680
     gggccctgtg gcctcaggcc ttgtgccacc tacagatgcc gtgtttattc tgacacctct     88740
     gccttccatg caatggagag taatcatccc aggatatcat ggccccagaa caccaacccc     88800
     tgtatgctgt gtgaacttgg ggtccccaga ctggattctg aggctcatat tccaaataat     88860
     cccacatatg ataggatcgc tgagagacac agagaaaaat cagggacacc aaaaagcaaa     88920
     gacataaaca cacacaaaat gagccagaag aaggagatta agagattcac agacacataa     88980
     aaagaaagaa aagagggcag agtggagaga atgatggaaa ggaggagaga aaagccccaa     89040
     aatcagaacc ctgagggagg gacacaaaga cagagaaaga taaagatgtg gggatggatt     89100
     gcagagattc caaatagaac tagagagact gagaggcaga gaaagacaag gagacggaga     89160
     gagagagatg atagatggat agatagacgt agatagatga taaataggta gatgatagat     89220
     aatggattgg ttatagatac atagatgatg actgatagat gatacataga gatgatgatg     89280
     atgacgatga tgatgataga cacatagata tatacataga tgatacataa atagagacag     89340
     agaggcagac agagaggtaa tagagagaga gatagatgat acatatatag ataatagatg     89400
     attgatggat agatagacag atagacaatt gatagagaga tagataagtg atacataaat     89460
     atagatgata gataatttgt agatagacac aaaatagata aatagataga tcgatagata     89520
     atagatagaa atgtgcagaa agttatgaac aagacagaaa gtgagagact caaaattaaa     89580
     gaaaaaggaa gatcaagtca accaatccaa ggagggtcag agagaataaa acaatccaaa     89640
     aagggaaaac atacctcagg gtggggaagt gaggtcatag acctagagag acagaaaagg     89700
     tagaaggagg aaacagatat gaagagagat ggggtggaga gtgagagaga gagagagagc     89760
     attaggtcat agagcagggg agtgagttct cagctcaggt gtgaggggag ctgtgacaag     89820
     gaagaacctc cctgaggaaa ctgcctcttc tccttccagg tctatatgag aaaccttctc     89880
     tctcagccca gccgggcccc aaggttcagg caggagagag cgtgaccttg tcctgtagct     89940
     cccggagctc ctatgacatg taccatctat ccagggaggg gggagcccat gaacgtaggc     90000
     tccctgcagt gcgcaaggtc aacagaacat tccaggcaga tttccctctg ggccctgcca     90060
     cccacggagg gacctacaga tgcttcggct ctttccgtca ctctccctac gagtggtcag     90120
     acccgagtga cccactgctt gtttctgtca caggtgagaa aagcccatat ctctctcatg     90180
     tcctatgatc ctaaatcctt agctaaggag cttcctgctg atgatggaga aaagcatgga     90240
     cagatgcaga gagaagacac agcaggtgtg agggcggagt cagggcgcag gatggcagac     90300
     agggcacctc caaaccctcc ttcatggcct gcatggaggc ctccgatcag ggctccaggc     90360
     acccaggcag atggagaaag cggtcaggac agacccagag aaggggagac tgggcttagt     90420
     ttggggagat cagaggttcc ctcagcccct caatcttacc catttcccag aagcccatca     90480
     tggcctctca cccacacaga gagatatcat caccagcaac ccctacaccc ttttcttttc     90540
     attttcaaaa atatttattg aggttaaatg taactatata atttaccacc tttaccattt     90600
     ttaaaagtaa aatctagtgg tcataaatac ctttatatgc tgggcgtggt ggttcacagt     90660
     tgtaatctcg gcgctttgag aggccaagga aggtggatca tttaagatca ggaactcgag     90720
     atcaccctgg ccaacatgtg ggaaattcat ctttactaaa cagacaagaa aaattagccg     90780
     agcatgctgg catgcacctg tagtcctagc tacttgggag gctgaggcag gagaagcact     90840
     taaagccagg aggccgaggt tgcactgagc cgagatcatg ccactgcact gcagcctggg     90900
     agacagagag agactctgtt tctaaataaa taaatacatc tatattcttt tttttgttac     90960
     cctccaccct tcccttcctg gcctctggtg tccaccattg tattctccac cttcatgaga     91020
     tccacctttt atctcctgca tgtgggtgag aaatgggaat ctttgtaatg acctccagtt     91080
     ccatccatgt ggctgcaaat gacaggatgt tattgtttct atggatgagt agtctccact     91140
     gtgtgtgtgt accacagttc tctatccatt cacccactga taggcaggta ggttgactcc     91200
     acatcttggc tactgtgaac agtgctggaa cagtcatatg agtgcagata tcacttcgat     91260
     acactgatgt cctttccttt ggatataaac ccagtagtga aattgctgga tactatgaaa     91320
     gttctctttt tttttttttt cttttttgag aaagagtttc cctccttagt ccaagctgga     91380
     gtctaagtgg tgagatcttg gctcattgca acctgtgcct cctaggttca aatgattgtc     91440
     ctgactcagc ctccctagta gctgtgatta caggtgcatg ccaccatgcc tggctaattt     91500
     ttgtattttt ttagcacaga cgggatatcc caattttggg caggctgctc tcaaactcct     91560
     gacctcaagt gaggtgcctg cctcggtttc ccaaagtgct gaaattacag gcataagcca     91620
     ctatgcccag cctcctttta gttttttaaa gaatttccat acttttctcc ataatagttg     91680
     tactaattta cattcctacc aacagggtac cagggttctc ctttctctac catcttgcca     91740
     gcatttgttt tgcctgtctt gcagataaaa gccattttac tttactttat tttatttatt     91800
     tatttatgtt gagatggagt ttcactcata gtcgcccagg ctggagtgca agggtgtgat     91860
     ctcagctcac tgcaacctcc gcctcccgcg ttcaactgat tctcctgcct cagcctccaa     91920
     agtagctggg attacaggcg tgtgccacca cgcctagcta atttttgtat gtttagtaga     91980
     gagggagttt ctccatgatg gtcaggctgg tctcccgacc tcaggtgatc cgcccacctc     92040
     cgcttcctga agtgccggaa ttacaggcgt gagccaccgg cctaaaaggc attttaatgg     92100
     gatgagatga aaactcatcg cgattgtaat ttacatttct ctgatgatga gtgatgccga     92160
     gtactttttc atatacgtga tcgccatttc tatgttttgt ttgtggagaa atgtctcctc     92220
     atgtcttttg ctcgtttttt aattaaattg ttttattgag ttgtttgagc ttcttatatt     92280
     tccagttatt aatcccgtct cagatgaata gtttgcaaat atttgctcct attttgtggg     92340
     ttgtctcttc actttcttgg tttatctttt gtggtgcaga agttgcttgg tttgatgtaa     92400
     tcctaatggt ctattttttg ctttgattac ttgtgttttg aaggttttaa acaaaatgtc     92460
     tttcgtcaga caaatgtctt ccccattatt ttcttctaca tgtttcatag gttcaggcct     92520
     tagactcatg tttttaatcc attttcattt gatttttgtt tatggtgaca ggtatagatg     92580
     cagttttatt cctctgcatg tagatatcca gttttcccca caccatttat tgaaaagact     92640
     gtcctttcct gattgtgagt tcttggcacc tttgtcaaag tccattaaat gggctgggta     92700
     tggtggctca cacctgcaat tccagcactt tgggaggccg aggcgggtgg atcacctgaa     92760
     gccaggagtt caagaccagg ctggccaaca gagtgaaacc tcgtctctac taaaaataca     92820
     aaaattagct gagcatggtg accagtgcct gtaataccac tactcgggtg tttgaggcaa     92880
     gagaattgct tgaatccagg aagtggaggt tgcattgagc tgagattgca cctctgcact     92940
     ccagcctgca tgacagagca agattccatc acacacacac aaaaaaaagc cattgggtgt     93000
     aaatgcatgg atcatatccg tgttctccat tctgttccat tttttatgtg cctttcttta     93060
     tgccaatgtc atgctgtttt gcttactaca gctctgtaac atatttctaa gtcaggtagt     93120
     gtgatgctcc tgttttctct ttataccttc aagtctcaag acagtgggca tcgcacacaa     93180
     aaattatgga gaagaggatc ccaagactcc cagggtccaa cattagataa cagagtgttg     93240
     gccatgaacc aacctcaaag atttccattg agtagaggac aagcaccctc atttcctcac     93300
     atctctcctg tcccatgttc taggaaaccc ttcaagtagt tggccttcac ccacagaacc     93360
     aagctccaaa tctggtgagt aaaggacccc tcttatctct gcttttggaa acctggggag     93420
     gtggaagcct tggatgcaag cgttggctca aacctcccag ctctgtgaat gagggcctgt     93480
     cttccaccat ctctgaactc cagacactcc aacagtgaaa gggatctagg gccaccaaag     93540
     ggctcagcga agtctcttaa cctttaatgt cctgcaggtg agacctccta caagctagaa     93600
     gaatgattgc caatctgaca tccttctcag gaaaaatgca gtgttttttc tgcctgcatt     93660
     cctaactgga ggataaattc ctggggactt gagagaggga agggaaggga acatctcatg     93720
     agggtgggtg ttttagagaa gttccacttg ccaaggaatg aattactgtt ggtcatgaag     93780
     caaccctggc tgactcagca gagcaagagc cttgccgtaa cagagaacag agctcatgca     93840
     cgcacacttc gactcactga ctcattcagc cacggcccca tgctcaggct gtgcagttgg     93900
     aatcctttcc tattgttgcc ataacaaatt tccacaagat tcgtgggtga aaataaagcg     93960
     gctttttaat tatcttacag tgctgtagct caaagtatga agtgcatctc actgggctaa     94020
     aaacaaggtg acagcaaggc tgccttccct ctgagggttc caggcaagaa tctgcttctc     94080
     acttgtccca gcttctaaag gctcccagtt ccttggctcc tggtcccctt cctccttcct     94140
     caaagcccac aaagactggt cacatctcac atggcatcac tcagaccctt cttccttacc     94200
     acacctcttt ctctgaatgc tgctctccct tcttccttat cttttgaaaa cttggggatt     94260
     ctattgggtt caccaagatg aaaatccatc ataatctccc ggaaatcatt caggataccc     94320
     ttgttttaag ttcagctgac tagcaaccgt aattccatct gcaatcttca ttcctccttt     94380
     ccatgtaaaa taacatattc acaagctatg gaggccagga cagggacatt ttggggtggg     94440
     acagcattct cctgccttcc acgaacggtg aacaagatgc atttggcctc tgctcttggg     94500
     acactgatat tgcagatggt taaatgggag ggcagaaaat gaatgcacaa gtggaccaat     94560
     aaatgaatga tccattggga agcatctgtg catgaaatct atttgtttgt tcgttcattt     94620
     atttattgag acagagtctc cctctgtctt ccaggctaca gtgcagtgtc acgatcttgg     94680
     ctcactgcaa cctgcgtctc ctggatccaa gtgattctcc tgcctcaccc tctcgagtag     94740
     ctgggattac aggcaactgc caccatgccc ggctaactct ttttgtatat tttttgtaga     94800
     gaggatgttt caccatgttg gccaagcttg tctgaaactc ccaacctcaa gtgatccgac     94860
     catctcagca acccaaagta ctgggattac aggcgtgagc cactttgccc agccagaatt     94920
     caaaatcaat aatagataat gctgagtgta taattttggg tgacagagaa ggtctcacta     94980
     atcagatatt tgtgacatta atgaaaaaca cggattgaac ccctgaaaga ttggcggaag     95040
     gattttccac acagctgtca gctgtgaagg cacaaaggtg aaaacaatct gatgttgaag     95100
     gaagaggctc tgcctcaaat gctgggaatg aagtggggag aatgacaaga cgactgtaga     95160
     gagacggaga gcacactggg tacacaggaa actaaggagc aacaaggagt gtgtgtttga     95220
     cactcacagc cattggattc acctcggggt aaccaggaat ccctacatga ttaatatgac     95280
     tgacatgaaa ataaaggagg cccaggtgcg taactggaat ctaggagact gtggaaaagg     95340
     caattgccac cccactggtg aaatgtggtg ctgatttaga ccctaagtgg atgaagcaga     95400
     tggatataag ctatgcttgg gaggtagaat catttgcagg gagggcttgc tgggtttgag     95460
     tttcctagtt gtttaatcct tgctaaatta atttctttct gagatttatt cctcctacac     95520
     ataaatcaat acctggcaaa ggagtgacag atatatgagg ggtggtggaa atgaagggac     95580
     ctattatagc atagtataca agtctgtgaa cggtggctca ctcctgtaac ccagcactgc     95640
     aggaggctaa ggccagtgga ttccaagaaa tcaggagttc gagaccagcc tggccaacat     95700
     ggtgaaaccc tatctctaca tggtgaaacc ctatctctcc taaaaataca aaaattagcc     95760
     gagcatggtg gtgcatccct gtgatcccag ctcctgctct ggaggatgaa gcaggagaat     95820
     gacttcaacc caggaggtgg aggttgcagt gagtggagat cgcatcactg cactccagcc     95880
     tgggtgacac aaggagactc cgtctcaaaa aataaaaata agaaatgcat aaatataata     95940
     aaacacacac gaacgacaaa ggcacctgaa ttcccatcat catttttcta tttctctata     96000
     attacttctt tgattcttta tcttatccat tagacaatca gcctaaaacc tcttccgtat     96060
     ttggctttct gtgagcatga gatcatatag aaaatgtgaa agcccgctga atcctccagc     96120
     acaaatcctg gaatagagaa agtgctctgg tcatcacaaa aaaaacttgc cccctcaccc     96180
     aaatccccca cctcacccct acttccaatc acctgtgcag atacagatag accatgggga     96240
     ggtaaatgct aatactcctt ggagtgagtc cagatcttgg aatcagagat cagtgccagc     96300
     actagctcct gctccccttt cctactaatt cacaggagga caggtggtat tgaagcaata     96360
     gatagtcgag ggggtggtcc ttcccccagc ctgtcaggta gaacagcagc ctaacatgtg     96420
     tctcccgaga tcacaaagaa tagcacattt cacacgggct tcaacactat tttctggctg     96480
     tttgacataa gagaattcta cttcgcattt ttgatcttga tttcactttt gtttcctttt     96540
     cttggagaat gcaagttgtt taactcaaga atgccgtgga tgtagaaatc ctaaagcaca     96600
     ttcgctgtgt atcaatccca gtccagtctt cccagagaag actctaaaca cctcctggac     96660
     tgcacctggg cctatgccaa ttcctatcac tcaccgtcac tccagggaga cagaacacac     96720
     agagaacaca ttacacaggc aggttcatta ctaacagata agcagcgagt gacaacagaa     96780
     gcctacattt caatgtgagc cagttcccca aggctcagaa aagctgctcg agacatgtgg     96840
     agtcacccca tttgcagtgt agctggggga agccagaaag cagcccaacc tgggttttgt     96900
     accctggagc cacaggaagc actcagctaa agcactgcat cacgtcctcc tccaggaaga     96960
     acaggaagac agcccaggct gttctgggac tttcctcctg atctcaggaa gttgctgtct     97020
     tagtccattt ttgttgctct aaaggaacac ttgagcctgg gtaacttcta aacaaaagat     97080
     tttggtttgc cttacagttc cgcaggctgt actggaagca tggcaccagc atctatttct     97140
     tgtgactgcc tcaggctgct cccactctgg cagaagggaa ggagggtctg tctgtgcaga     97200
     gaccacagag atcacacggc aagagaggga gcaagggaga gggggagtga tggagcttcc     97260
     aagctcttat gaacaaccag ctctccagga actaatagag ggagaacttg ctaaccccgt     97320
     ctccttaaaa cagcattgat ctgttcatga tgtatccacc cccatgactc aaacacctcc     97380
     caagaggccc accctcccac actggggggt aaatttcaat ctgaggtttg aaggggtcaa     97440
     acatctcaac taaagtagtg gtatcctcag cacgttctat ggttactatg agagctataa     97500
     ctgagaaagc aggaggaagc tgggtctccc gccatctggg tgcttgtcct aaagagacgc     97560
     tgtatgtggt tacctgtgaa tcaagaaatg caagacaatt cataaagagg aactgctatg     97620
     attagcttct tattggtgtc tcctcttctt ccaggtaacc tcagacacct gcacattctg     97680
     attgggacct cagtggtcaa aatccctttc accatcctcc tcttctttct ccttcatcgc     97740
     tggtgctcca acaaaaaaaa gtaagtctca cgaagcagag gccagagagc tcagggccat     97800
     gtggggaagc aggatgggag cacacgggtg tgtgttcctc accagcagga tggtccctgg     97860
     cccaagacag gagccacaga ggcaggactt tctagagaga gcaccagatt cccttcccct     97920
     gccttcagct cacagaccat tgcctgattc tgaactgtat cctcacgtcc cctgcagcca     97980
     ctcacatcca ggagaaggtt ccatgacagg cagaaagtgg gagatagaat caatggaatg     98040
     ggacctcaga gctattcatg ggatgggtcc ttgaactcag agagatagaa tgtctgagtc     98100
     tgctgttggc aactgaggga cctcaggcac ctatggcctc cccctgtttg ttggtatctg     98160
     cttatgaaat gaggacccag aagtgccctc cgagctcttt tgttgacttc cgtcttctac     98220
     agatgctgct gtaatggacc aagagcctgc agggaacaga agtgaacagc gaggtaggtg     98280
     ctcctcggcc cagcctcgtg gctagtgtta ttcccaaaga gtcctgaaaa atgtgagcac     98340
     cctccctcac tcagcatttc cctctctcca ggattctgat gaacaagacc atcaggaggt     98400
     gtcatacgca taattggaac actgtgtttt cacacagaga aaaatcactc gcccttctca     98460
     gaggcccaag acacccccaa cagataccag catgtacata gaacttccaa atgctgagcc     98520
     cagatccaaa gttgtcttct gtccacgagc accacagtca ggccttgagg ggatcttcta     98580
     gggagacaac agccctgtct caaaactggg ttgccagctc ccatgtacca gcagctggaa     98640
     tctgaaggca tcagtcttca tcttagggca tcgctcttcc tcacaccaca aatctgaatg     98700
     tgcctctcac ttgcttacaa atgtctaagg tccccactgc ctgctggaga aaaaacacac     98760
     tcctttgctt agcccacagt tctccatttc acttgacccc tgcccacctc tccaacctaa     98820
     ctggcttact tcctagtcta cttgaggctg caatcacact gaggaactca caattccaca     98880
     catacaagag gctccgtctt aacgcagcac ttagacacgt gctgttccac cttccctcat     98940
     gctgttccac ctcccctcag actagctttc agccttctgt cagcagtaaa acttatatac     99000
     tttttaaaat aacttcaatg tagttttcca tccttcaaat aaacatgtct gcccccatgg     99060
     tttcggtaat gggactcttt tcttgcctaa ggcttccggt gttatcagta ccatgtccat     99120
     ataatcccat ctgttcccca ctgagttctc atccctggac tctgatcttc tggaagcagg     99180
     gtggagcctc atttgtctct gggactccaa tttccatcca aagatgtagc acataggagg     99240
     ttccaaggat cgcgaatcac atgaacaagt gatactctta ctctctgcag acctggaaag     99300
     ctggcagagt cattccacaa tgaaacattt gtagagtcat aggccttgtt agtctcatct     99360
     ccatggggac acatatcaac acatcttctt tcataatata aatatacggt cactcctcca     99420
     tatctgcggg gtttacaggt gtttattgaa ccaagtataa atcaaaaata ttgagagaaa     99480
     gtatccacag agtttcaaaa agcataacta tgttaaatgg acacaaatga agctgtgtgt     99540
     aggctgtatc aggaattata ggtaatctag agatgatttc atgtatacag gaggatgtgc     99600
     ataggttatt tgcaaatgct gtgccatttc atataagagg cttgagcatc tacagatttt     99660
     ggtatctgag tggagatctc aaaaccaatc acccacgaat agtgaaggat gaccgtatat     99720
     gacttttatt tctcaaattt aaatataaat cataaaaaat gtacaactag ataaaaacta     99780
     agaagtgttt ttatagtgtc agttagattt attttttact aggtgtaacc cattggttta     99840
     atattattta ttgagaagac attctatgcc accttaaacc acacagcagc ctttgtcaac     99900
     tctaaaggga ttgtgtgtac atggatgtat tttagacact gtttctgcta aggggctctc     99960
     tgtgtccaca ctcttgatga cgctgcactt tatgtagcct tatagaaccc tttaaattta    100020
     gtagccagag ccctctaatt tgttattata ggctatttgc tttttttttc ttgaggcgga    100080
     gtcttgctct gtcgcccagg ctggactgca gtgacacaat ctcagctcac tgcaacctcc    100140
     acctcccagg ttcaagcgat tctcgtgcct cagcctcttg agcagctggc gttacaggtg    100200
     cctgccacca ggcacggcta atttttggat ttttagcaga gacacggttt cactatgttg    100260
     accaggctgc tctcaaactc cttatctcag ttgatccgcc cacctcggct tcccaacgtg    100320
     ctggggaaaa cttgattttc tatagcatta tgttactgga tatttctgta aaatttaaaa    100380
     cgagggaggg agagagacag agagagatca aactccagag ttgggactct ggaatcttgg    100440
     gtcatgagac aaattttaga ttaaactaca aaactccaga atttacaggt gtggtttttg    100500
     ctgataaagt acaattctaa gattgtaaat aattgcataa tccttccctg ggaatttaaa    100560
     tcattttagc tggttctgct gtaatactag aaatacaagc atgaaaaatt ctaatggttt    100620
     attagtcaca atgactccga aaacattaat aatacctatt agatactttg catattacac    100680
     aggaagaaga gtttgaatct cagataaaaa caataaaaat acatgaaaag tctttcacgt    100740
     tagcacagat tttaggcatc ttgtgttcgg gaggttggat ctgagacgtg ttgtgagttg    100800
     gtcatagtga aggacgcgag gtgccaattc tagtgagaac aatttccagg aagccgtgtt    100860
     ccgctcttga gcaagcaccc actgggcctc atgcaaggta gaaagagcct gcgtacgtca    100920
     ccctcccgtg atgtggtcaa catgtaaact gcatgggcag ggcgccaaat aacatcctgt    100980
     gcgctgctga gctgagctgg ggcgcggccg cctgtctgca ccggcagcac catgtcgctc    101040
     atggtcatca gcatggcgtg tgttggtgag tcctggaaag gaatagaggg agggagtgcg    101100
     gggatggaga tctgggccca gaggtggaga tataggcctg gaggtggagt tatgggcctg    101160
     gagtggagat ctgggcctgg agtggatata tgggcctgga gatggagtga tgggcctaga    101220
     agtggagatc tgggtctgga gtggagatat gggcctggag gtggagatat gggcctggag    101280
     tggagatctg ggcctggagt ggagatagga acccggaggg gagataggag cctggagtga    101340
     agatattggc ctgggatgga gatatgggcc tggagtggag acatgggcct ggaggtggag    101400
     atatgggcct ggaggtggag atatgggcct agaggtggat atctgggcct ggagtggaca    101460
     tatgggccta ggatggagat atgggcttgg ggtggagata tgggcctgga ttggagatat    101520
     gggtctaggg tggaaatatt ggcctggagt ggagatatgg gcctggagtg gagatatggg    101580
     cttggggtgg ggataggggc ctggggtgcg gatatgggcc tgcaggctgg gtctctacac    101640
     agccgacagc cctgttcttg ggtgcaggct ggcactgagg gtgagtttcc cttcagccca    101700
     gcaagggcct ggctaccaag actcacagcc cagtgggggc agcaagggag tcctggtttg    101760
     cctgcagatg gatggtccat catgatcttt ctttccaggg ttcttcttgc tgcagggggc    101820
     ctggacacat gagggtgagt ccttctccaa accttcgggt gtcatctccc cacataagag    101880
     gattttcctg aaacaggagg gaagcccggt gggggatttt cttataaaca aggatgagga    101940
     gaccctgggg tgctcagccc acagttccga ccttgccctc cccagccttc ctttcccttg    102000
     gctgagtcag gttctgtggg aacccgggag ggtagactgg ggtcctccaa gctgggctgt    102060
     gcggctggga tgtggtgtca ctggcagagg aagggagcaa agcagtgcta ggaacagcag    102120
     gcctctgagg acaaaggtgt aactcacacc ctccagcgtt tccatgacgg taggggctgc    102180
     agtgtggctg ctgtcattct acctcagagg tgggggaacc ccagccaggg ccctgacctt    102240
     ccaaatcctc tgttgggggc tcagttgtgt attgtggttc acacattggc tgatattcca    102300
     ttcacaaaga acatgccctc gaccccatgt ctatttgtgt tgttttatgt gagtaatctt    102360
     gcagtattaa aatctagtag gagtccctta ctcagcactt gctcaaagtt ctcagctgac    102420
     acttttgttg tagagagacg ccaagtctat gcggggtggg tccttcccgt agccatgggc    102480
     acccaagtgt ggtaggagcc ttagaaacga ggaaagtggg gagaatcttc tgagcactgg    102540
     cagggagggg cggctccaca tcctcctttc taaggtggcg cctccttctc ccccaggtgg    102600
     acaggacaag cccttgctgt ctgcctggcc cagcgctgtg gtgcctcgag gaggacatgt    102660
     gactcttctg tgtcgctctc gtcttgggtt taccatcttc agtctgtaca aagaagatgg    102720
     ggtgcctgtc cctgagctct acaacaaaat attctggaag agcatcctca tgggccctgt    102780
     gacccctgca cacgcaggga cctacagatg tcggggttca cacccgcgct cccccattga    102840
     gtggtcggca cccagcaacc ccctggtgat cgtggtcaca ggtcagagga ctcatgtctg    102900
     ggcttctcct tctcccactt cctgaatccc agagcatctg gtgggggtgt ccaccagggt    102960
     ccaatcatcc aggccctgac tgtatttggt gtcaatgggg attgaataca ggggaatggg    103020
     tgctgtggtg gaaagagtaa ctgtcggcag catggctata ttgtaatcct tggagcctgt    103080
     gactatttat gttataggac atgggactga aggggaagat ggagttcagg ttgttgatga    103140
     gttgaccttg agatggggag acgacctgga ctctcccact gggctcagtg taatcacaag    103200
     ggtccacatg agaggaggag gaagaggaga gtggggatta gagcagcgta gtgggaggga    103260
     gagtccacca gccactgcgg gctttgaaag tggaggaagg ccagaagcca cggaatgcag    103320
     gtggccttta ggggctggag aagtcaatgg aactgattct cccgagtctc cagagggaat    103380
     gcagccctgc agatgccttg attgtagccc aggaagaaca gggtctgatt tctgtcaaca    103440
     gaagtgttct ctcccgccgc cgtgtttgtg ataattttct gcagcaacaa caggaaacaa    103500
     cacaggaatc caggtcaagg acaagttaaa aaaccaaaca agagggttgg ctaccctaag    103560
     gtcagcaagg gtgcactgct gatgccacca ccaggctgga gctgcatagg gagggatcca    103620
     cagggagagt cgggggtgga gggtgagaga gagagagagc attaggtcat agagcagggg    103680
     agtgagttct cagctcaggt gtgaggggag ctgtgacaag gaagaacctc cctgaggaaa    103740
     ctgcctcttc ttccaggtct atttgggaaa ccttcactct cagcccagcc gggccccacg    103800
     gttcgcacag gagagaacgt gaccttgtcc tgcagctcca ggagctcatt tgacatgtac    103860
     catctatcca gggaggggag ggcccatgaa cctaggctcc ctgcagtgcc cagcgtcgat    103920
     ggaacattcc aggctgactt tcctctgggc cctgccaccc acggagggac ctacacatgc    103980
     ttcagctctc tccatgactc accctatgag tggtcagacc cgagtgaccc actgcttgtt    104040
     tctgtcacag gtgaggaaag cccatgcctg tcccatgtcc tgtgatccta gagccttagc    104100
     tgaggagctt cctgctgatg atggagagaa gcatggacag atgcagagag aacacgcagc    104160
     atggtgtgag ggagggatca gggcacagga tggcagacag ggcacctcca aaccctcctg    104220
     cacggcctgc atggaggccc gcggccaggg ctccaggcac ccaggcagat ggagaaagtg    104280
     gtcaggacag acccagagga gggagactcg gctcagtttg gggagatcag aggctcctca    104340
     gaccctcaac cttacccatt tcccagaagc ccatactggc ctctcaccca cacagagatg    104400
     tcatcaccag caacccctac acccttttct ttccgtttga aaaaacattt attgaggtta    104460
     aatgtaacta tataatttgc cacctttacc atttttaaaa gtaaaatcta gtggtcataa    104520
     attcctttat atgcagggtg cagtggctca cagttataat ctcggtgctt tgagaggcca    104580
     aggaaggtgg atcatttaag atcagaggct cgagatcagc ctggccaaca tgagggaaat    104640
     tcatctttac taaacagaca agaaaaattg gctgggcatg ctggcatgca cctgtattcc    104700
     tagctacatg ggaggctgag gcaggagaag tacgtaagcc caggaggcag aggttgcact    104760
     gagctgagat caggccactg cactgcagcc tgggagacag agagagattc tgtctctaaa    104820
     taaataaata catctatatt cttttttatt gttgttgtta cactccaccc tttacttcct    104880
     gccctctggt agccaccatt ctactctcta ccttcatgag atccaccttt tagctcctgt    104940
     atatgggtga gaaatgggaa tctttgcaat gacctccagt tccatccatg tggctgcaaa    105000
     tgtcaggatg ttattctttc tacggatgag tactctccac tgtgtgtgtg tactacattc    105060
     tctctatcca ttcacccact gacgggcagg taagttgact ccacatcttg gctactgtga    105120
     acagtgctgc accaatcgta tgagtgcaga tatcacttcg atacactgat gtccttccct    105180
     ttgggtttac acccagtagt ggaattgcta gatcctatca acagggtacc agggttctcc    105240
     tttctctacc accttgccag cattcatttt gtctgtgttt cagataaaag ccactttaat    105300
     gggatgagat gatagctcac tgtgatttca attggcatga ttagtgatac tgagcacttt    105360
     ttcatgtaca tgttcgccat ttgtacgttt tgtttgttga gaaatgtctg ttcaggtctt    105420
     ttactaattg ttaaattaaa ttcattgttt tataccgttg cttgagtttt atgtatattc    105480
     tagttattaa tcccctctca gatgcatact tcacaaatat tttctcccaa tttgtctctt    105540
     cttcactttg ttggttgctt cctttgcggt gcagaagctg cttactttga tgtaatcccg    105600
     aaggtctatt attttgtttt gatttcttgt gtttttgaga tttcaaataa aatgtctttc    105660
     ctcagacaaa tgtcctggag catttcccca ctctttcctt ttagacgctt aatggtttca    105720
     ggccttaagt gtttcttcca ttttcatttg atttctgtgt atggtgagag gtagaggtgc    105780
     agtttcatca actgcatgta gataccagtt ttccctgctc catttattga aaagaccgtc    105840
     gtttcctgat tgcaggttct tggcacctac aatcgtcaaa gtccattgga tgtgaatgca    105900
     tgaattatat ctgtgttctt cattctgctc cattgctcta agggccttta tgccaatgtc    105960
     atgctgttgt gcttactaca gctttgtaac atatttttaa gtcagggagt gtgaggcctc    106020
     cagcacctgt tttgtcttta tacctcgaaa tctcaggaca ctgggcatca tttaacaatg    106080
     atgatggaga aggggacgcc aggactccta gggcccaaca ttagataaca gagtgttggc    106140
     catgaaccaa cctcaaagat ttcctttgag tagaagacag gcatcctcat ttcctcacct    106200
     ctctcctgtc ctgtgttcta ggaaactctt caagtagttc atcttcaccc actgaaccaa    106260
     gctccaaaac tggtgagtaa agatccctct tatctctgct tttggaaacc tggggaggtt    106320
     ggtatcttgg attcaagcat tggctcagca cctcccagct ctgtgattgt gggcctgtct    106380
     tctaacatct ctgaccccca gacactacaa cagcgaaggg tatctgagga cagcaaaggg    106440
     ctcagtgaag tctcttcatt tcaaatttct gcagctgaga cctcctccaa gctagacgga    106500
     cgagtacaaa tctgacatcc ttctcaggga taatgtggtg ttttttctgc ctgcattcca    106560
     aattggagga taaattcgag gggacttgag agagggaggg gaagggaaca tctgatgagg    106620
     gaaaggtgat ttagagaagt tccacttgcc aaggaatgag cccctgttgg tcatgatgcg    106680
     accttggctg agtcagcaga gcaagagcct tgcagtaaga aggaacgtag ttcatccacg    106740
     aatatgacac ttccactcac tcacttattc agccactgcc ctgtgctctg actgtacagt    106800
     gtggaaccct ttcctgctgt tgccataata aatctccaca aacttcatgg atgacaacaa    106860
     cacagctttt aaaattatct tacagtgtta tagctcagaa atatgaaatg catttcactg    106920
     ggctaaaatc aaggtgactg cgaggctgcc ttttctctga aggttccagg cgagaatcgg    106980
     cttttcacat ttcccagctc ccagaggttc ccacgttcct tggtatctgg tccccatcct    107040
     ccttcctcga agtccacaaa agctcgtcac atctctcacg tggcatcact cagatccctc    107100
     ttccttacct cacctctttc tctaagtgtt gctctgactt tttcttcctc ttttaaagac    107160
     tttgggattc tattgagttt accaagataa tccatcacaa tctccctaaa atcacccaag    107220
     ataacctctt tttaagttca gctgattagc aaccataatt ccatctgcaa tctttattcc    107280
     tcctttcatg taaaataaca tattcacaag ctatggaggc taggacaggg acattttggg    107340
     ggtgggccag cattctcctg ccttccacaa atggtaaaca cgatgcattt ggcctctgct    107400
     cttaggacac tgacattgca gatgggcaaa tgggagggca gaatatgaat gcacaagtgg    107460
     accagtaatg attgatccat tgggaagcat ccgtgcatga aatctattta cctatttatt    107520
     tatctattta tctatttatg tatttattta tttgcggcga agtcattctc tgtccccggg    107580
     ctggagtgca gtggcatgac ctcagctcac cacaacctcc gcctcccggg ttcaggcgat    107640
     tctcctgcct cagcctcctg actagttgtg attccagtcc cctccaccac acccagctaa    107700
     ttttctttta tattttttag tagagatgga gtttcaccat gttgcgcaga ttgtctccaa    107760
     ctcccaacct caagtgatcc gaccgtctca gcatcccaaa atgctgggac tcaaggcgtg    107820
     agccactgcg cccagccgaa atttaaaata aataataaag aattctaagt gtataatttc    107880
     aggagacaga gaaagtctca ctaatcagat aatatttgtg accataatga aaaaaaaaag    107940
     tagattcaac ccctggaaga tgggcggaag gattttccac acacagctgt cagccgtgaa    108000
     ggcacaaatg tgaaaacaat ctgatgtgga aggaagaggc tctgcattca aatgctggga    108060
     atgacgtggg gagaatgaca agatgactgt agggagacgg agagcacact gggtacacag    108120
     gaaactaagg agcaacaagg agcgtgtgtt tgacactcac agccattgga ttcacctcgg    108180
     ggtaaccagg aatccctaca tgattaatat gactgacatg aaaataaggg acgcccaagt    108240
     gcgtaactgg aatctaggag accgtggaaa aggcaattcc cgccccactg gtgaaatgtg    108300
     gtgctgattt agacactaaa tgaatgaagt agatgggtat aagatatgtc tgtgaggtag    108360
     aatcatttgt agggaggtct tgctggattt gataatgcct acttatttaa ttttgaatat    108420
     attaatttct ttctgagatt tatttttcct acatgtaaat caatatctgg cagaggagtg    108480
     atagatagat gaggggtggt gcaaatgaag ggacttatta tagcataata tacaagtctg    108540
     tgaatgggag cttacgcctg taacccaaca ctttgggagg ccaaggcgtt tggatcactt    108600
     gaggtcagga gtttgagacc agcctggcca acatggagaa accccatgct ctttttagca    108660
     accagtccta gggacctcat ggagaacttg ccaaccacgt ctcatgggga cagcattaat    108720
     gtattcatga tggatccacc cccataactg gaacgtctct caataggccc agcctcccac    108780
     actgcgagat aagtgtcaac gtgaggtttg gcggggtcaa acattcaaac tatagcagtg    108840
     gtatccccag catgttctct gattattttg agaactataa ctgagaaagc aggagaaagc    108900
     tgggtatcct gccatcgggg aacttgtcct aaacagatgt tgtatgtgct tagctggcaa    108960
     ccaagaaatg agagacaatc cataaagagg aactgctata attagcttct tattggattc    109020
     ccaccttccc ccaggtatcc gcagacacct gcacattctg attgggacct cagtggctat    109080
     catcctcttc atcatcctct tcttctttct ccttcattgc tgctgctcca acaaaaagag    109140
     taagtctcac gaagcagagg tcagagagct caggaccatg tggggaagca ggatgggagc    109200
     acactggtgt gtgttcctga ctggcaggat ggtccctgga ccaaggcagg agccacagag    109260
     gcagggcttt ctagagagag caccagacac cctgcccctg ccttcagctc acagaccatt    109320
     gcctgattct gaactgtatc ctcacgtccc ctgcagccac tgacatccag gagaaggttc    109380
     catgacaggc agaaagggga gacagaatca ctgggatggg aactcagagc tattcatggg    109440
     atgggtcctt gagctcagag agatagaatg tctgggtctg gctgatgaca gctgagggac    109500
     ctcaggcacc tacggcctcc cgctgtgtgt tggtgtctgc tcatgaaatg aggacccaaa    109560
     agtgcccttc cagctgtttt gatgacttct atctcctaca gatgctgctg taatggacca    109620
     agagcctgcc ggggacagaa cagtgaacag ggaggtaggt tctcctcagc ccagcctcat    109680
     ggattgagtc tcattcccta atagtcttga agaatgtgag caccctccct cactcagcat    109740
     ttccctctct ccaggactct gatgatcaag accctcagga ggtgacatat gcacagttgg    109800
     atcactgcgt tttcacacag acaaaaatca cttccccttc tcagaggccc aagacacctc    109860
     caacagatac caccatgtac atggaacttc caaatgctaa gccaagatca ttgtctcctg    109920
     cccataagca ccacagtcag gccttgaggg gatcttctag ggagacaaca gccctgtctc    109980
     aaaaccgggt tgctagctcc catgtaccag cagctggaat ctgaaggcat cagtcttcat    110040
     cttaggggat cgctcttcct cacaccacaa atctgaacat gcctctctct tgcttacaaa    110100
     tgtctaaggt ccccactgcc tgctggagag aagacacaca cctttgctta gcccacaatt    110160
     ctctatttca cttgacccct gcccacctct ccaactgaac tggcttactt cctagtctac    110220
     ttgaggctgc aatcacactg aggaactcac aattccagac atacaagagg ctccctctta    110280
     acatggcact gagacacgtg ctgttccacc ttccctcatg ctgtttcacc tttcctcaga    110340
     ctattttcca gccttctgtc agtcagcagt gaaacttata aaattttttg tgatttcaat    110400
     gtagctgtct ccttttcaaa taaacatgtc tgccctcatt gctttaggta atgtgacact    110460
     attcgctgaa agaaaccgct gttatcatta ccatgtccac ataaccccat ctgttatcca    110520
     ctgggttctc tcccctggac tctgagcttc tggaagcagg gtggagcctc atttgtctct    110580
     gggactccaa tttccatcca aagatgcagc acataggagg ttccaaggat catgaatcac    110640
     atgaacaagt gatattctta ctctctgcag acctggaaag ctggcagagt cattccacga    110700
     tgaaacattt gtagagtcat aggccttgtt agtctcatct ccatggggac acatatcaac    110760
     acatcatctt tcatgctata tatatatata cagtcgctcc tccgtatctg tggggtttac    110820
     aggtgtttat tgaaccaact ataaataaaa aatattcaga gaagaaaatc cacaaacttt    110880
     caaaaagcaa aactatgttg aagggacaca aatgaagcag tgtgtaggcc atatcaggaa    110940
     ttataagtaa tctagagatg atttcatgta cacaggagga tgtgcatggg ttatatgcaa    111000
     atgctgtgcc atttcatgta agaggcttga gcatctgcag attttggtat ctgagtggag    111060
     atcctgaaac caatcaccca ggaatagtga aggatgaccg tataaaactg ttatttctca    111120
     attttaaata taaatcataa aaaaattata aactagataa aaacaagaag tgtttttata    111180
     gtgtgagaat aagtttagat ttattttttc ctacgtgtaa ccctttggtt taatattatt    111240
     tattgagaag acattctatg ccaccttaaa ccacagggca gcctttgtca actctaaagg    111300
     gactgtgtgt acacggatgt attttagaca ctgtttctgc taaggggctc tctgtgtcca    111360
     cactcttgag gatgctgcac ttcatgtagc cttatagaac cctttaaatt tagtagccag    111420
     agccctctaa tttgttatta taggctactt gctatttttt ttttcttaag gcggaatctt    111480
     gctctgtcac ccaggctgga ctgtagtagt gcaatctcag ctcactgcaa actccgcctc    111540
     ccaggttcaa gcgattctcg tgcctcagcc tcttgagtag ctggcattac aggtgtctgc    111600
     caccaggcac ggctaatttt tgaatgttta gcagagacac ggtttcacta tgttggccag    111660
     gctgctctca aactcctcat ctcagttgat tcgcccaccg cggcttccca acatgctggg    111720
     ggaaacttga ttttctatag cattatgtta ctggatattt ctgtaaaatt taaaatgagg    111780
     gagggacaga gacagagaga gagcaaactc cagagttggg actctggaat cttgggtcat    111840
     gagacaaatt atagataaaa ctataaaaat ccagaattta catgtgtggt ttttgctgat    111900
     aaagtacaat tcgaagattg taaataattg cataatcctt ccctgggaat ttaaatcatt    111960
     ttaactggtt ctgctgtaat actagaaata caagcatgaa aaattctaat ggtttattag    112020
     tcacaatgac tctgaaaaca ttaataatac ctattagata ttttgcatat tacacatgaa    112080
     gaagagtttg aatctcagat aaaaacaata aaaatacatg aaaagttttt cacgttagca    112140
     cagattttag gcatcctgtg ttccggaggt tggatctgag acgtgttttg agttggtcat    112200
     agtgaaggac acgaggtgtc aattctagtg agaacaattt ccaggaagcc gtgttctgct    112260
     cttgagcgag cacccactgg gcctcatgaa aggtagaaag agcctgcgta cgtcaccctc    112320
     ccatgatgtg gtcaacatgt aaactgcatg ggcagggagc caaataacat cctgtgcgct    112380
     gctgagctga gctaggggtg cggccgcctg tctgctccgg caccaccatg tcgctcatgg    112440
     tcatcagcat ggcatgtgtt ggtgagtcct ggaagggaat agagggaggg agcgcgggga    112500
     tggagatctg ggcccagagg tggagatata ggcctggagg tggagttatg ggcctggagt    112560
     ggagatatgg gcctggaggt ggagatatgg acctggagtg gagatatgag cctggagtgg    112620
     agatatgggc ctagagtgga gatatgggcc tggaggtgga gatctgggcc tggagtggag    112680
     atctgggcct ggattggaga tatgggcctg gagtggagat atgagcctgg agtggagata    112740
     tggccctgga gtggagatag gggcctggag tgcagatatg ggcctggagt ggagatgtgg    112800
     gtctggagtg cagatatggg cctggaggtg gacataaggg cctggagtgg agatatgggc    112860
     ctagagtgga gatatgagcc tggagatgga gatatgggcc tggagtggag atatgggcct    112920
     ggaggttgga gatatgggcc tggagtggag atatgggcct ggagcggaga tatgggcgtg    112980
     gggtggagat atgggccttg agtggagata tgggactgaa gtggagatat gggtgtgggg    113040
     tggagatatg ggactggagt gcagatatgg gcatggggtg gagatatggg actggagtgg    113100
     agatatgggc gtggagtgga gatatgggac tggagtggag atatgggcgt ggggtggaga    113160
     tatgggcctg gagtggagat atgggcgtgt ggtgaagata tgggcctgga gtggagatat    113220
     gggcctggaa tggagatatg ggcgtggggt ggagatatgg gactggagtg gagatatggg    113280
     cctgttgtgg agatatgggc ttggagtgga gatatgatcc tggaatgtag ttatgggcct    113340
     ggaggtggag atctgggccc ggggtggaga tatgggcctg gagtggagat atgggcctgg    113400
     agaggagata tgggcctgga gtggagatat gggcctggac tggagttatg ggcctggggt    113460
     ggagatctga gcctggattg cagatgtggg cccagattgg ctatatgggc ctagggtggg    113520
     aatatcagcc tggagtggag atatgtgcct ggagtggaga tatgggcttg gggtggggat    113580
     atgggcctgg aggctgggtc tctgcacagc cgagagccct gttcttgggt gcaggtaggc    113640
     actgagggtg agtttccctt cggcccagga agggcctggc taccaagact cacagcctag    113700
     tggggatagc aagggaggcc tggtttgcct gcagatggat ggtccatcat ggtctttctt    113760
     tccagggttc ttctggctgc agggggcctg gccacatgag ggtaagtcct tctccaaacc    113820
     ttaaggtgtc atctccccac ataagaggat tttcctgaaa cgggagggaa gtcctgtcgg    113880
     ggagtctctc ttaaactaga aagaggggac cctggggtgc ttggcccaca gttccgacct    113940
     cgcctcccca gcctttcatt tccttggcag agtcaagttc tgtggggacc agggttacac    114000
     tagggtgctc aaagctgggt tgtgtggtgg ggaagtggta ggaacagcag atcctctgag    114060
     gacaaaggtg ttactcacac acttcagcgt ttccatgatg gtaggggctg cagtgtggct    114120
     gctctcattc taccagaaga ggtgggaaac cacagccatg gccctgacat tccaaatcct    114180
     ctgatggggg ctcagttgtt tattttcatt caggcatctg ctgatattcc attctcaaag    114240
     gacatgccct ccaccccatg tctaccctgt gttgttttat gtgagtaatc ttacagtatt    114300
     aaaatctagt aggagtctct tactcagcac ttgctcaaag ttctcagctg acatttttgt    114360
     tgtagggaga caccttgtct ttgtgggatg agtccttcct ttagccctag gcaccaaggt    114420
     gtgatagcag ccatagaaat gtggaaagtg gggagaatct tctgagcaca gggagggagg    114480
     ggcggctgca catcctcctc tctaaggtgg cgcctccttc tccccaaggt ggtcaggaca    114540
     agcccttgtt ttctacctgg cccagccttg tggtgcctcc agaacatgtg actcttcggt    114600
     gtcactctaa tcttgggttt aacaacttca gtctgtacaa ggatgatggg gtgcctgtcc    114660
     ctgaacacta caacagaata ttctggaaaa gccttttcat gggccctgtg accccgtcac    114720
     acacagggac ctatagatgc cggggttcac acccacactc ccccagtggg tggtcggcac    114780
     ccagcaaccc cctgctgatc atggtcacag gtcagagggc tcctgtctgg gattctcctt    114840
     gtcccacctc ctgaatccca gagcttccgg taggcatgtc cttgagggtc ccttcacgca    114900
     ggccctgact gtatttgggg taaaggggga ttgaatacag ggaaatgggt actgtggtga    114960
     gaagaataat tgtccccagt gatgactaca ttctaatccc tggagtctgt gactatttat    115020
     gttatagggg aagggactga aggggaagat ggagctcagg ttgttgatga gttgaccttg    115080
     agatgggaga aggcctggac tgtccccctg ggctcagtgt agtcacaagg gtccacatga    115140
     aaggaggagg aagaggagag tggggattag agcagcataa tgggagtctc catcagcttt    115200
     gaaggtggag gaaggccagg agccatgaat gcaggtggcc tatagaggct ggaaaagtca    115260
     aggaactgat tctcctgagt ctccagaggg aacgaagccc tgcaggtgcc ttgattttag    115320
     cccaggaaaa acagggcccg acttctgcct ccaaaaatgg aaggggtcag tgtgctctct    115380
     cctgctgcca tgctgctgat aattttctac agcagcaaca ggaaaccaac accggaaccc    115440
     agctcgagga aaagttaaga aaggacacaa ggatagccgg gcgtggtggc aggtgcatgt    115500
     aatcctagcg acttgggagg ctgagggcag gagaatcact tgaacccagg agacagaggt    115560
     tgcagtgagc ctagaccaca ccacttcact ccagcctggg caaaggagtg agactctgtc    115620
     tccaaaatta attaattaaa gaaaccaaac aaggagaagg ttggctacac caagatcagc    115680
     aagtgtggga ttatgatgcc accaccaggc tccatccaca tagggagcgg ttgatactcc    115740
     tccaaccagc accaggagcc aggctatgga agctggtaca ggcatggcaa gagtggctcc    115800
     cagtccccac caggaaaagg gtgtgtggac actggtgcct gccttactgt tcagttcata    115860
     cctcctgcca aggattccaa ttcgtccaaa agagattgaa ccaggctgct aagagcctgg    115920
     atgtgcagcc tatcctggtt cctcttccac ccccacatag acagcaggaa agacattagt    115980
     tcaaaataga tacaacagcc gaagagatga ggctgagccc agcggcaagg caatcagagg    116040
     ttactagaga cagagggaca gagaagaggg agggagacag atggaaggac ctgcaccagg    116100
     agttatgggc acagaaaaga acatgaagac acagagagga aggagagaga cagacaccag    116160
     ggaggggaag cctcactcaa tccaggtgcc atggatggga tgataaagag agacaccttc    116220
     taaattcaca aactctcttc ctaggattcc gcagaaaacc ttccctcctg gcccacccag    116280
     gtcgcctggt gaaatcagaa gagacagtca tcctgcaatg ttggtcagat gtcatgtttg    116340
     agcacttcct tctgcacaga gaggggacgt ttaacgacac tttgcgcctc attggagagc    116400
     acattgatgg ggtctccaag gccaacttct ccatcggtcg catgaggcaa gacctggcag    116460
     ggacctacag atgctacggt tctgttcctc actcccccta tcagttttca gctcccagtg    116520
     accctctgga catcgtgatc acaggtgaga gtgtccagac attcttctca ttgtcattcg    116580
     gacacagagt gaatgatcca ggacttggag gcccaggtgg ttgtaaggaa gatgagcttg    116640
     gtattcttat ggagagagac tgacttggtg aggtctgtac caacagagac agagaaacag    116700
     gagacacaag tacagaccag gtgtcataac agaggacaga cacaggggcc attccgagag    116760
     ttagaaaaga cagaaggagt taaaggagac agacagacag acatgtccca gagagaggtg    116820
     tccctccatg ctgactttgc tcagagacct ggcacagatt acaagtttca tttctgtttt    116880
     acctccacaa agtgttctct accaggagaa cccaaggaca cccatatttc tgacctgagt    116940
     tgggccctgt ggcctcaggc cttctggcac ctacagatgc cgtgtttatt ctgacacctc    117000
     tgccttccaa gtaatggaga gtaatcgtcc caggatatca tggccccaga acaccaaccc    117060
     ctgtatgctg tgtgaacttg tagtctccag actggattct gaggctcaca ttccaaataa    117120
     ccccacatat gaaaggatca ctgagaggca cagagaaaaa tcaggaacac caaaaagcaa    117180
     agacataaac acacagagaa tgggccagag gaaggagatt gagagactca cagacacata    117240
     aagagagaga aaagagggca gaggagtggt gagaatgatg gaagggagca gagaaaagca    117300
     ctaaaattag agtcctgagg gagaggcaca aggacataga aagatggaga tgtggggatg    117360
     aattgcagag attccaaaga gaactagaga gaccgagagg cagagcaaga cagatgatag    117420
     atggatagat atagatagat gataaatagg tagatgatag atactaggtt atagatacat    117480
     agatgatgat tgattgattc attaatagat gagacgtaga gatgatgatg aagacagata    117540
     gataatacat agagatagag aggcagacag aagtcataga gagagagatg atacatagat    117600
     atagataaca gatgattgat ggatagatag acaagtgata gatacataga tgatatatag    117660
     atatagatga caagtagaga atttgtagat aggcaccgaa tagataaata gatagatcaa    117720
     cagataatag atagaaatat gcagaaagtt atgaacagga cacaaagtga gaaacttaga    117780
     atttaaaaaa gtaacatcaa gtcaaccaat ccaaggagag tcagagagaa taaaacaatc    117840
     caaaaacgga aaacatatct agaggtgggg aagcgaggtc agagacctag agagacagag    117900
     aaggtggaag gaggaaatag acatgaagag agatggggtg gagggtgaga gagagagaga    117960
     gagagcatta ggtcatagag caggggagtg agttctcagc tcaggtgaag ggagctgtga    118020
     caaggaagat cctccataag gaaaatgcct cttctccttc caggtctata tgagaaacct    118080
     tctctctcag cccagccggg ccccacggtt ctggcaggag agagcgtgac cttgtcctgc    118140
     agctcctgga gctcctatga catgtaccat ctatccacgg agggggaggc ccatgaacgt    118200
     aggttctctg cagggcccaa ggtcaacgga acattccagg ccgactttcc tctgggccct    118260
     gccacccaag gaggaaccta cagatgcttc ggctctttcc atgactctcc ctacgagtgg    118320
     tcaaagtcaa gtgacccact gcttgtttct gtcacaggtg aggaaagccc atggctgtcc    118380
     catgtcctat gatcctagag ccttagctga ggagcttcct gctgaggatg gagagaagca    118440
     tggacagatg cagagagaag atgcatcctc ggtgtgaggg agggatcagg gcacaggatg    118500
     gccgacaggg cacctccaaa ccctcctaca tggcctgcat ggaggcccgc agccagggct    118560
     ccaggcaccc aggcagatgg agaaagcggt caggagagac ccagaggagg gagactgggc    118620
     tcagtttggg gagatcagag gttccctcag cccctcaacc ttacccattt cccagaagcc    118680
     catcctggcc tctcacccac acagagatgt catcaccagc aacccctaca ccctttactt    118740
     ttctttgaag aaatatttat tgaggataaa tatacctata tagcttacca cctttaacat    118800
     tttttttttt ttgaggcaga gtctagctct gtcccctatg ctggagtgca gtggcacaat    118860
     ctcagctcac tgcaacttcc gcctcctggg ttcaagcgat tctcctgcct cagccacctg    118920
     agtagctggt gctacaggtg cgcaccacca cgccaggcta ctttttgtat ttttagtaga    118980
     gaggtggttt caccatgttg gtcgagctgg tctgcaactc ctgaccacgt gatccacccg    119040
     catctgcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcatgagcca ccacgcccag ccacatttac    119100
     catttttaag tgtaaagtct agtggtcata aatacattta tatatatata tatatataca    119160
     ttttttttac cctccaccct tttcttcctg ccctccagta gccaccattc tactctctac    119220
     cttcatgaga tccacctttt agctcctgta tatgggtgag aaatgggaat ctttgtaatg    119280
     acctccagtt ccatccatgt ggctgcaaat gacaggatgt tattctttct atggatgagt    119340
     agtctccact gtgcgtatgt actacattct ctctatccat tcacccactg atgggcaggt    119400
     aggttgactc ctcatcttgg ctactgtgaa cagtgctgca ccaatcatac gagtgcagat    119460
     atcacttcga tatattgatt tactttcctt tggatataaa cccagtagtg aaattgctgg    119520
     atactatgaa agttctcttt tttttttttt tcttttttga gaaagagttt ccctccttag    119580
     cccaagctgg agtcaaagtg gtgcgacctt ggctcattgc aacctccgcc tcctgggttc    119640
     caatgatttt cctgcctcag cctccctagt agctgggatt acaggtgcac gccaccatgc    119700
     ctggctactt tttggttttt ttagtataga tgcggtttcc ccatgttggc tgggctgctc    119760
     tcaaactcat gacctcaact gaggtgcccg cctcagtctc ccaaagtgcc gggattacag    119820
     gcctgatcca ccacacccaa cctcttttta gttctttaaa ggacttccat acttttctcc    119880
     gtaatcgctg tactaattta cactcctccc aacagggtac cagggttctc ctttctctag    119940
     cactttgcca gcatttcttt tgcctgtctt gcagctaaaa gccattttat ttatttcatt    120000
     ttattttgag atggagtttt gctcttctca cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg cgctatctcg    120060
     gctcaccaca acctccacct cccaggttca agcgattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccgagta    120120
     gctggaatta caggcacacg ccaccacgcc cgactaattt ttgtattttt agtagagaca    120180
     gcgtttctct atgtgggtca tactggtctc aaactcccga ccttatgaga ttcacccacc    120240
     tcaggctctc aaagttctag gatgacagac gtgagccacc tcacccggcc taaaagccat    120300
     tttaatgggg tgagatgaaa actcactttg attttaattt gcatttctct gatgatgagt    120360
     gatactgagc actttttcat atgtggggaa atttcatgtc ttttgctcct ttttcaatta    120420
     aatcatttgt tttattgagt tgtttgagct tcttatattt ctagttatta atcccatctc    120480
     agatgcatag tttgcacata tttgctccca atctgtgggt tgtctcttca ctttgttggt    120540
     ttatttttag cagtgcagaa gttgcttagt ttgaggtaat cccaatggtc tatttttgct    120600
     tcgattactt gtgttttcaa ggtttaaaac aaaatgtctt ccttcagaca aacgtcctgg    120660
     agcatttccc caatatttct tctacgtgtt tcataggttc aggccttaga ctcacatctt    120720
     taatccattt tcatttgatt tttgtgtatg gtgacaggta gaggtgcagt ttcattcctc    120780
     tgcatgtaga tgtccaggtt tccctgcact gtttattgaa aagactgtcc tttcctgatt    120840
     gtgagttctt ggcacctttg tcaaagtcca ttggatgggc tgggcttggt ggctcacacc    120900
     tgcaattcca gcactttggg aggccgaggc gggtggatta cctgaggcca ggagttcaag    120960
     atcagtctgg ccgacgtgat gaaacatcgt ctccactaaa aatataaaaa ttagctgagc    121020
     atggtggtca gcacctgtaa taccactact caggagtttg aggcaagaga atgattgaac    121080
     ccaggaggct gaggttgcag tgaactgaga ttgcacctct gcactccagc ctgagtgaca    121140
     gagcaagact ccatctcaaa agaaaaaata aaaaaccatt ggatgtaaat gcatggaata    121200
     tatctgtgtt attcattctg ctccattgtt ctatgtgcct ttctttatgc caatgtcatg    121260
     ctgttttgct tactacagct ctgtaacata ttttgagatc aggtagtgtg atgctcctgt    121320
     tttctcttta taccttgaag tctcaagaca gtgggcgtca catacaaaaa ttatggaaaa    121380
     aaggatccca ggactcccag ggcccaatat tagataacag agtgttggcc atgaaccatc    121440
     ctcaaagatt tccactgagt agaggacaga caccctcatt tcctcacctc tctcctgtct    121500
     catattctag gaaacccttc aaatagttgg ccttcaccca ctgaaccaag ctccaaaacc    121560
     ggtgagtaca gaaccctctt atatccgctt ttggaaacct ggggaggtgg aaaccttgga    121620
     ttcaggcgtt gactcagcat ctcacagctc tgacattgta cccctgtctt ccaccatctc    121680
     cgaactccag atactcctac agcgaaaggg atctgggccc aacacagggc tcagtgaaat    121740
     ctcttcatct ctcattttat ggagctgaga cctcctacaa gctagaagaa tgattgccaa    121800
     tctgacatcc ttctcaggaa aaatgcaatg tttgttctgc ctgcattcct aactggagga    121860
     taaattcctg gagacttgag agagggaagg gaagggaaca tctgatgagg gcgaggtgtt    121920
     ttagagaagt tccacttgcc aaggaatgag ctcctatagg tcatgaagca accctggctg    121980
     actcagcaga gaaagagcct tgctgtaaca gagaacagag ctcatgcacg cacacttcga    122040
     ctcactgact cattcagcca cggccccatg ctcaggctgt gcagtgtgga agcttttcct    122100
     attgttgcca taacaaattt ccacaagatt cgtgggtgaa aacaaaacgg ttttttaatt    122160
     atcttgcagt gctgtagctc aaagtatgaa gtgcatctca ctgggctaaa atcaaggtga    122220
     cagcaaggct gccttccctc tgaggattcc aggcaagaat ctgcttctca cttttctcag    122280
     cttctagagg ctcccacatt ccttcgctcc tggtcccctt cctccttcct caaagcccac    122340
     aaaggctggt cacatctcac atggcatcac tcagaccctt cttccttacc acacctcttt    122400
     ctctgaatgc tgctctccct tcttcctcat cttttgaaaa cttggggatt ctattgggtt    122460
     caccaagatg aaaatccatc ataatctccc ggaaatcatt caggataccc ttgttttaag    122520
     ttcagctgat tagcaaccat aattccatct gcaatcttca ttcctccttt ccatgtaaaa    122580
     taagatattc acaagctatg gaggctagga cagggacatt ttggggtggg acagcattct    122640
     cctaccttcc acaaacagtg aacaagatgc atttggcctc tgctcttggg acactgatat    122700
     tgcagatggt taaatgggag ggcagaaaat gaatgcacaa gtggaccaat aaatgaatga    122760
     tccattggga agcatctgtg tatgaaatct atttgtttgt ttcttcattt gtttattgag    122820
     acagagtcgc cctctgtctt ccaggctaca gtgcagtgtc accatcttgg ctcactgcaa    122880
     cctgcacctt ctggatccaa gtgattctcc tgcgtcagcc tctcaagtag ctgggattat    122940
     aggcaactgc caccatgccc ggctaattct ttttgtatat tttttgtaga ggatgtttca    123000
     ccatcttcgc caagcttctc tgaaactccc aacctcaagt gatccgaccg tctcagcatc    123060
     ctaaagtact gggataactg gcgtgagcca ctgtgcccag ccagaattta aaataaataa    123120
     tacataatgc tgagtgtatg attttgggtg acagagaaga tctcactaat cagatatttg    123180
     tgacattaat gaaaaacacg gattgaaccc ctgaaagatt ggtggaagga ttttccacac    123240
     acagctgtca gccgtgaacg cacaaaggtg aaaataatct gatgttgaag gaagaggctc    123300
     ttcctcaaat gctgggaatg acgtggggag aatgacaaga cgactgtgga gagacggaga    123360
     gcacactggg tacacaggaa actaaggagc aacaaggagt gtgtgtttga cactcacagc    123420
     cattggattc acctcggggt agccaggaat ccctacatga ttaatagtga ctgacatgaa    123480
     aataagggag gcccaggtgc gtaactggaa tctaggagac cgtggaaaag gcaattcccg    123540
     cctcactggt gaaatgtggt gctgatttag accctaactg ggtgaagcag atggatataa    123600
     gatatgcttg tgaggtggaa tcattggctg gaaaggcttg ctgggtatga ttttcctagt    123660
     tgtctaatcc tcgcttaatt tctttctgag ctttattcct actacacata aatcaatacc    123720
     tggcaaagga gtgacagata tatgaggggt ggtggaaatg aagggaccta ttacagcata    123780
     atatacaagt ctgtgaacgg tggctcacgc ctgtaaccca gcactgcagg aggccaaggc    123840
     gggtggatca cacgaagtca gcagttcgag accagcctgg ccaacatggt gaaaccctgt    123900
     ctctaggaaa aacacaaaaa ttagccgaac atggtggtgc atccctgtaa tgccagctcc    123960
     tactctggag gatgaagcag gagaatgact tcaacccagg aggtggagtt tgcagtgagt    124020
     ggagattgca tcactgcact ccagcctggg tgacacaagg agactccgtc tcaaaaaata    124080
     aaaataagaa atgcataaat ataaatataa tataacacac gcaaatgaca aagggacctg    124140
     aattccaatc atgatttttc tatttctcta taattacttc tttgatcctt tatcttatcc    124200
     attaggcaat gagcctaaaa cctcttccct atttggcttt ctgtgagcat gagatcatat    124260
     agaaaatgtg aaagcccgct gaatcctcca gcacagatcc tggaatacac aaagtgctct    124320
     gttcatcaca aaaaaaacat gccctctcac ccaaatcccc cacctcaccc ctacttccaa    124380
     tcatctgtgg agattcagat aggccatggg gaggtaaatt ctaatactcc ttggagtgag    124440
     tccagatctt ggaatcagag atcagcgtca gcactagctc ctgctcccct ttcctactaa    124500
     ttcacaggag gacaggtggt attgaagcaa tagatggccg agggtgtggt ccttccccca    124560
     gcctctgggg tagaacagca gcctaacatg tgtctcctga gatcacaaag agtagcacgt    124620
     ttcacatggg cttcaacact atttcctggc catttgacat aagagaattc tacttcgctt    124680
     tttttatctt gatttcactt ttgtttcctt ttcttggaga atgcaagttg tttgactcaa    124740
     gaatgccgtg gatgtataaa tcctaaagca cattcgctgt gtatcaatcc cagtgcagtc    124800
     ttcccagaga agactctaaa cacctcctgg actgcacctg ggcctatgcc aattcctatc    124860
     actcaccgtc actccaggaa gacagaacac acagagaata cattacacag gcaggttcat    124920
     tactaacaga taagcagcga gtgacaacag aagcctacat ttcaatgtga gccagtccct    124980
     caaggctcag aaaagctgct cgggacatat ggagtcaccc catttgcagt gtagctgggg    125040
     gaagccagaa agcagcccag cctgggtttt gtaccctgga gccacaggaa gcactcagct    125100
     aaagcactgc atgacgcctt cctccaggaa gaacaggaag acagcccagg ctgttctgag    125160
     acattcctcc tgatctcagg acgttgctgt cgtagttttt ttttgttgct ctaaaggaaa    125220
     acttgagcct cggtaacttc taaagaaaag agatcggttt gcctcaccgt tctgcaggct    125280
     gtactggaag catggcacca gaatctattt cttgtgacgg cctcaggctg ctcccactct    125340
     ggcagaaggg aaggagggtc tgtctgtgca gagaccgcag agatcacacg gcaagagaga    125400
     gagtaagggg gagggggagc gatggagctt ccaagctctt ttgaacaacc agctctccgg    125460
     gaactaatag agggggaact tgctaacccc gtctccttgg gacagcattg ttctgttcat    125520
     gatggatcca cctccatgac ccaaacacct cccaagaggc ccaacctccc acagtggggg    125580
     tgaaatttcc atgtgaggtt tgaaggggtc agacatctca actaaagtag ttgtatcctc    125640
     agcacgttct atggttacta tgagagctat aattgagaaa gcaggggaaa gctaggtctc    125700
     ccaccatttg ggtgcttgtc ctaaagagac gttgtatgtg gttacctgtc aatcaagaaa    125760
     tgcgagacaa ttcataaaga ggaactgcta tgattagctt cttattggtg tctcctcttc    125820
     ttccaggtaa ccccagacac ctacacgttc tgattgggac ctcagtggtc aaactccctt    125880
     tcaccatcct cctcttcttt ctccttcatc gctggtgctc caacaaaaaa agtaagtctc    125940
     acgaagcaga ggccagagag ctcagggcca tgtggggaag caggatggta gcacgcgggt    126000
     gtgtgttcct cacaggcagg atggtccctg gcccaaggca ggagccacag aggcaggact    126060
     ttctagagag agcaccagat tcccttcccc tgccttcagc tcacagacca ttgcctgatt    126120
     ctgaactgta ccctcacgtc ccctgcagcc actcacatcc aggagaaggt tccatgacag    126180
     gcagaaagtg ggagatagaa tcaatgggat gggaactcag agctattcat gggatgggtc    126240
     cttgagctca gagagataga atgtctgagt ctgctgttgg caactgaggg acctcaggca    126300
     cctatggcct ccccctgttt gttggtatct gcttatgaaa tgaggaccca gaagtgccct    126360
     ccgagctgtt ttgttgactt ccatcttcta cagatgcatc tgtaatggac caagggcctg    126420
     cggggaacag aacagtgaac agggaggtag gtgctcctcg gcccagcctc gtggctagtc    126480
     ttattcccaa agagtcctga aaaatgtgag caccctccct cactcagcat ttccctctct    126540
     ccaggattct gatgaacagg accatcagga ggtgtcatac gcataattgg atcactgtgt    126600
     tttcacacag agaaaaatca ctcccccttc tcagaggccc aagacacccc caacagatac    126660
     cagcatgtac atagaacttc caaatgctga gtccagatcc aaagctgtct tctgtccacg    126720
     agcaccacag tcaggccttg aggggatctt ctagggagac aacagccctg tctcaaaacc    126780
     gggttgccag ctcccatgta ccagcagctg gaatctgaag gcatcagtct tcatcttagg    126840
     ggatcgctct tcctcaaacc acgaatctga acatgcctct ctcttgctta caaatgtcta    126900
     aggtccccac tgcctgctgg agagaaaaca cactcctttg cttagcccac aattctccat    126960
     ttcacttgac ccctgcccac ctctccaacc taactggctt acttcctagt ctacttgagg    127020
     ctgcaatcac actgaggaac tcacaattcc aaacatacaa gaggctccct cttaacacag    127080
     cacttagaca cgtgctgttc caccttctct catgcagttc cacctcccct cagactatct    127140
     ttcagccttc tgtcagcagt aaaacttata aattgttttt agtaatttca atgtagtttt    127200
     ccctccttca aataaacatg tctgccctca tggtttcggt aatgggactc ttttcttgcc    127260
     taaggcttct ggtgttatca ttaccatgtc cacataaccc catctgttct ccactgggtt    127320
     ctcacccctg gactctgagc ttctggaaca gggtggaccc tgacttgtct ctgagactcc    127380
     aatttccatc caaagatgca gcacatagga agttccaagg atcgtgaatc acatgaacaa    127440
     gtgatattct tactctctgc agacctggaa agctggcaga gtcattccat gatgaaacat    127500
     ttgtagagtc ataggccttg ttagtctcat ctccacgggg acacatgtca acgcatcatc    127560
     tttcatacta taaatataca gtcgctcctc cgtatctgtg gggtttacag gtgtttattg    127620
     aaccaagtat aaatcaaaaa tattcagaga aaaagcccac aaagttccaa aaagcaaaac    127680
     tgtgttgaat gcacacaaat gaggtggtgt ataggctgta tcaggaatta taagtaatca    127740
     agagatgatt tcatgtatac aggaggatgt gcatgggtta tatccaaatg ctgtgtcatt    127800
     ttatgtaaga ggcttgagca tctgcagatt ttagtatctg agtggagatc ctgaaaccaa    127860
     tcacccatga atagtgaagg atgacggtat aggactttta tttctcaaat ttaaatataa    127920
     atcataaaaa atgtacaata actagataaa aactaagaag tgtttttata gtgtgagaat    127980
     aagtttagat ttattatttc ctatgtgtaa ccctttggtt taatattatt tattgagaag    128040
     acattctatg ccaccttaaa ccacacggca gcctttgtca actaaaaagg gactgtgtgt    128100
     acacggatgt gtattttaga cactgtctct gctaaacggc tctctgtgtc cacattcttg    128160
     aggatgctcc actttatgta gccccataga accctttaaa tttagtagcc agaggcctct    128220
     aatttgttat tataggctat ttgctatttt tattttcttg aggcggagtc ttgctctgtc    128280
     gcccaggctg gactgcagtg gtgcaatctc agctcactgc aacctccgcc tcccaggttc    128340
     aagcgattct cgtgcctcag cctcttgggt agctggtgtt acaagttcct gccactgggc    128400
     acggctaatt tttggatttt tagcagagac acggtttcac tgtgttgcca ggctgctctc    128460
     aaactcctta tatcagttga tccgcccacc tcggcttccc gacgtgctgg gggaaacttg    128520
     attttctata gcattatgtt actggatatt tctgtaaaat ttaaaatgag ggagggagag    128580
     agacagagag agagcaaact ccagagttgg gactctggaa acttgggtca tgagacaaat    128640
     tttagataaa tctacaaaaa tccagagttt aaatgtgtgg tttttgctga taacgtacaa    128700
     ttcaaagatt gtaaataatt gcataatcct tccctgggaa tttaaatcat tttaactggt    128760
     tctgctgtaa tactagaaat acaagcatga aaaattctaa tggtttatta gtcacaatga    128820
     ctctgaaaac cttaataata cctattagat attttgcata ttacacagga agaagagttt    128880
     gaatctcaga taaaaacaat aaaaatacat gaaaagtctt tcacgttagc acagatttta    128940
     ggcatctcgt gttcaggagg ttggatctga gacgtgtttt gagttggtca tagtgaagga    129000
     cgctaggtgt aaattctagt gagaacaatt tccaggaagc cgtgttccgc tcttgagcga    129060
     gcaaccactg ggcctcatgc aaggtagaaa gagcctgcgt acgtcaccct cccatgatgt    129120
     ggtcaacatg taaactgcat gggcagggcg ccaaataaca tcctgtgcgc tgctgagctg    129180
     agctggggcg cggccgcctg tctgcaccgg cagcaccatg tcgctcacgg tcgtcagcat    129240
     ggcgtgtgtt ggtgagtcct ggaagggaat agaggaaggg agtgtggggt tggagatctg    129300
     ggcccagagg tggatatata ggcctggagg tggagttgtg ggcctggagt ggagatctgg    129360
     gcctggagtg gatatatggg cctagagatg gagtgatggg cctagaagtg gagatctggg    129420
     cccagaggtc gagatatagg cctggaggtg gagtgatggg actgtagtgg agatctgggc    129480
     ctggagtgga gataggaacc tggaggggag ataggaacct ggaggggaga tatgggcctg    129540
     gaggtggaga tatgggcctg gagtggagtc atgggcctgg aggtggagtt acgggcctgc    129600
     agtagagata tgggcctgaa gtggagacat gggcctggag tggagatatg ggccaggagt    129660
     ggagatatgg gcctagaggt cgatatctgg gcctggagtg gagatatggg ccaggagtgg    129720
     agatatgggc ctagaggtcg atatctgggc ctggagagga gatatgtgcc taggatggag    129780
     atacgggcct gggtgtggag atatgggact ggagaggata tatgggcctg gagtggagat    129840
     atgggactgg agaggagata tggacctgga gtggagataa gggcctggat tggagatatg    129900
     ggcccagggt ggagatctga gcctggattg gagatatggg cctggattgg cgatatgggc    129960
     ttagggtgga aatatcggcc tggagtggag atatgggcct ggagtggaga tatgggcttg    130020
     aggtggggat atggacctgg aggctgggtc tctgcacagc cgacagccct gttcttgggt    130080
     gcaggtaggc actgagggtg agtttacctt cagcccagga agggcctggc taccaagact    130140
     cacagcccag tgggggcagc aagggtgccc tggtttgcct gcagatgggt catccatcat    130200
     gatctttctt tccagggttc ttcttgctgc agggggcctg gccacatgag ggtgagtcct    130260
     tctccaaacc ttcgggtgtc atctccccac ataagaggat tttcctgaaa tgggagggaa    130320
     gtcctgtcag ggagtctctc ataaactagg aagaagggac cctggggtgc tgggcccaca    130380
     tttctgacct tgcctccctg gcctttcatt cccttggcag agtcaagttc tgtggggacc    130440
     agggttagac tacggtgctc aaagctgggg tgtgtggtgg ggaagtggta ggaacagcag    130500
     atcctctgag gacaaaggtg ttactcacac acttcagcgt ttccatgaca gtaggggctg    130560
     cagtgtggct gctgtcattc taccagaaga ggtgggaaaa ccacagccat ggccctgaca    130620
     ttccaatcct ctgatgggga ctcagttgtt tattttcgtt caggcatcgg ctgatattcc    130680
     attctcaaag gacatgccct ccaccccatg tctaccctgt gttgttttat gtgagtaatc    130740
     ttacagtatt aaaatctagt aggagtctct tactcagcac ttgctcaaag ttctcagctg    130800
     acacttttgt tgtagggaga caccttgtgt ttgcgggatg ggttcttcct ttagccctgg    130860
     gcaccaaggt gtgatagcag ccatagaaac ttggaaagcg aggagaatct tcagagcaca    130920
     gggagggagg ggcggctcca catcctcctc tctaaggcgg tgcctccttc tccccacggt    130980
     ggtcaggaca agcccttgct gtctgcctgg ccaagccctg tggtgcctcc aggatatgtg    131040
     attcttcagt gtcattctta tcttgggttt aacaacttca gtctgtaaaa ggaagatggg    131100
     gtgcctgtcc ctgagctcta caacataata ttctggaaca gccttttcat gggccctgtg    131160
     accccagcac acgcagggac ctatacatgt cggggttcac aaccacacta ccccagtggg    131220
     tggtcggcac ccagcaaccc cctggagatc acggtcacag gtcagagggc tcctgtctgg    131280
     gattctcctt gtcccacctc ctgaatccca gagctcctgg tgggcgtgtc cttgcgggtc    131340
     ccatcatgca agtcctgact gtatttgggg taaaggggga ttgaatacag ggaaatgggt    131400
     gctgtggtgg gaagaataat tgtccccagt gatgactaca ttctaatccc tggagtctgt    131460
     gactatttat gatatagggg aagggactga aggagaagat ggagctcagg ttgttgatga    131520
     gttgaccttg agatggggag acaacctgga ctgtcctgat gggctcagtg tagtcacagg    131580
     ggtccacagg aaaggaggag gaagagggga gtggggatta cagcagcata atgggagtct    131640
     ccatcagctt tgaaggtgga ggaagtccag gagccatgaa tgcaggtggc ctatagaggc    131700
     tggaaaagtc aaggaactga ttctcctgag tctccagagg gaacgaagcc ctgcaggtac    131760
     cttgatttta cccacgacaa acagggtccg atttctgtct ccagaattgg aaggggttag    131820
     tgtgctctct cctgctgcca tgcttctgat aattttctac agcagcaaca ggaaaccaac    131880
     actggaaccc aggtcaagga caagttaaga aacaacacaa ggatagccag gcatggtggc    131940
     aggtgcatgt aatcctagcg acttgggagg ctgagggcag gagaatcact tgaacccagg    132000
     agacagaggt tgcagtaagc ctagaccaca ccacttcact ccagcctggg caaaggagtg    132060
     agactctgtc gccaaaatta attaattaat taaagaaacc aaacaaggag aaggttggct    132120
     acactgagat cagcaaggct cggatgatga tgccaccacc aggctccatc cacataggga    132180
     gcggttgata ctcctccaac cagcaccagg agccaggcta tggaagctgg cactggcatg    132240
     gcaagagtgt ctcccagtcc ctaccaggaa cagggtgtgt ggccactggt gcctgcctta    132300
     ctgatcagtt catacctcct gccaaggatt ccaattcgtc caaaagagat tgaaccaggc    132360
     tgctaagagc ctggatgtgc agcctatcct ggttcctctt ccacccccac acagacagca    132420
     ggaaagacat tagttcgaaa tagatacaac agcccaagag atgaggctga gcccagcggc    132480
     aagggaatca gaggctacta gagacagagg gacagagaag agtgagggag acagatggaa    132540
     ggacctgcac caggagttat gggcacagaa aagaacatga agacacagag aggaaggaga    132600
     gagataagac accaggaagg ggaagcctga ctcaatccag gtgccatgga tgggatgata    132660
     aagagagaca ccttctaaac tcacaacctc tcttcctagg agtccacaga aaaccttccc    132720
     tcctggccca cccaggtcgc ctggtgaaat cagaagagac agtcatcctg caatgttggt    132780
     cagatgtcat gtttgaacac ttccttctgc acagagaggg gatgtttaac gacactttgc    132840
     gcctcattgg agaacaccat gatggggtct ccaaggccaa cttctccatc agtcgcatga    132900
     agcaagacct ggcagggacc tacagatgct acggttctgt tactcactcc ccctatcagt    132960
     tgtcagctcc cagtgaccct ctggacatcg tgatcatagg tgagagtgtc cagactttct    133020
     tctcattgtc attgggatgc agagtgaatg atccaggact tggaggccca ggtggctgta    133080
     aggaagatga gcttggtatt cttatggaga gagactgact tggtgaggtc tgtgccaaca    133140
     gagacagaga aacaggagac acaagtagag accaggtgtc ataacagaga acagacacag    133200
     gggccatacc gggagtttga aaagacagaa agagttaaag gaaacacaca gacagacatg    133260
     tcccagagag aggtgtccct ccatgctgac tttgctcaga gacctggcac aggttagaag    133320
     tttcatttct gttttacctc cacaaagtgt tctctaccag gagaacccaa ggacacccat    133380
     atttctgacc tgagttgggc cctgtggcct caggccttgt ggcacctaca gatgccatgt    133440
     ttattctgac acctctgcct tccatgtaat ggagagtaat cgtcccagga tatcatggcc    133500
     ccacaacacc aacccctgta tgctgtgtga acttgtagtc tccagactgg attctgaggc    133560
     tcatattcca aataagccca cttatgagag gatcagtgag aggcacagag agaaatcagg    133620
     gacaccaaaa agcaaagaca taaacacaca gagaatgagc cagaggaagg agattgagag    133680
     actcacagac acataaagag aaaagagggc agagaagtga gaatgatgga agggagcaga    133740
     gaaaagcact aaaattagac tcctgaggga gaggcacaag gacattgaaa gatggagatg    133800
     tggggatgaa ttgcagagat tccaaagaga actagagaga ccgagaggca gagcaagaca    133860
     gatgatagat ggatagatat agatagatga taaataggta gatgatagat aataggttat    133920
     agatacatag atgatgattg attgattcat taatagatga gacatagaga tgatgatgat    133980
     gaagacagat agatagataa tacatagaga tacagaggca gacatagaga aatcatagag    134040
     agagagagat gatacataga tatagataat agatgattga tggatagata gacaattgat    134100
     ggataaatag atgatatata gatatagatg acaggtagag aatttgtaga taggcaccga    134160
     atagataaat agatagatcg atagataata gatagaaata tgcagaaagt tatgaacagg    134220
     acacaaagtg agaaactcag aattaaaaaa agtaacatca agtcaaccaa tccaaggaga    134280
     gtcagagaga ataaaacaat ccaaaaagag aaaacatatc tagaggtggg gaagtgaggt    134340
     cagagaccta aagagacaga gaaggtggaa ggaggaaata gacatgaaga gcgatggggt    134400
     agagggtgag agagagagag agagagcatt aggtcataga gcaggggagt gagttctcag    134460
     ctcaggtgaa gggagctgtg acaaggaaga tcctccctga ggaaactgcc tcttctcctt    134520
     ccaggtctat atgagaaacc ttctctctca gcccagccgg gccccacggt tctggcagga    134580
     gagaatgtga ccttgtcctg cagctcccgg agctcctatg acatgtacca tctatccagg    134640
     gaaggggagg cccatgaacg taggctccct gcagggacca aggtcaacgg aacattccag    134700
     gccaactttc ctctgggccc tgccacccat ggagggacct acagatgctt cggctctttc    134760
     cgtgactctc catacgagtg gtcaaagtca agtgacccac tgcttgtttc tgtcacaggt    134820
     gaggaaagcc catggctgtc ccatgtccta tgatcctaga gccttagctg aggagcttcc    134880
     tgctgatgat ggagagaagc atggacagat gcagagagaa gacgcagcct cggtgtgagg    134940
     gagggatcag ggcacaggat ggccgacagg gcacctccaa accctcctac atggcctgca    135000
     tggaggccca cggccagggc tccaggcacc caggcagatg gagaaagcgg tcaggagaga    135060
     cccagaggag ggagactggg ctcagtttgg ggagatcaga ggttccctca gcccctcaac    135120
     cttacccatt tcccagaagc ccatcctggc ctctcaccca cacagagatg tcatcaccag    135180
     caacccctac accctttact tttctttgaa gaaatattta ttgaggataa atatacctat    135240
     atagcttacc acttttaaca tttttttttg aggtggagtc tagctgtgtc ccctatgctg    135300
     gagtgcagtg gcacaatctc agctcactgc aacctccacc tcctgggttc aagcgattct    135360
     cctgcctcag ccacctgagt agctggtgct acaggcacgc accaccacgc caggctactt    135420
     tttgtatttt tagtagggag gtggtttcac catgttggtc gagctggtct cgaactcctg    135480
     accaagtgat ccacccgcat ctgcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca tgggccaccg    135540
     cgcccagcca catttaccat ttttaagtgt aaagtctagt ggtcataaat acatttatat    135600
     acatatatat atatatacat tttttttacc ctccaccctt ttcttcctgt cctccagtag    135660
     ccaccattct actctctacc ttcatgagat ccacctttta gctcctgtat atgggtgaga    135720
     aatgggaatc tttgtaatga cctccagttc catccatgtg gctgcaaatg acaggatgtt    135780
     attctttcta tggatgagta gtctccacta tgcgtatgta ctacattctc tctatccatt    135840
     tacccactga tgggcaggta ggttgactcc tcatcttggc tactgtgaac agtgctgcac    135900
     caatcatacg agtgcagata tcacttcgat atattgattt actttccttt ggatataaac    135960
     ccagtagtga aattgctgga tactatgaaa gttctctttt tttctttttt tcttttttga    136020
     gaaagagttt ccctccttag cccaagctgg agtcaaagtg gtgcgacctt ggctcattgc    136080
     aacctacgcc tcctgggttc aaatgatttt cctgcctcag cctccctagt agctgggatt    136140
     acaggtgcac accaccatgc ctggctactt tttggttttt ttagtataga tggggtttcc    136200
     ccatgttggc tgggctgctc tcaaactcat gacctcaact gaggtgcccg cctcagtctc    136260
     ccaaagtgcc gggattacag gcatgatcca ccgcacccaa cctcttttta gttctttaaa    136320
     ggacttccat acttttctcc gtaatggctg tactaattta cactcctccc aacagggtac    136380
     cagggttctc ctttctctac caccttgcca gcatttcttt tgcctgtctt gcagctaaaa    136440
     gccattttat tttatttcat tttattttga gatggagttt tgctcttctc acccaggctg    136500
     gagtgcagtg gcgcgatctc ggctcaccac aacctccacc tcccaggttc aagcgattct    136560
     cctgcctcag cctcccgagt agctggaatt acaggcacac gccaccacgc ccgactaatt    136620
     tttgtatttt tagtagagac agtgtttctc tatgtgggtc atactggtct caaactcccg    136680
     accttatgag attcacccac ctcaggctct caaagttcta ggatgacaaa cgtgagccac    136740
     ctcacccggc ctaaaagcca ttttaatggg gtgagatgaa aactcacttt gaatttaatt    136800
     tgcgtttctc tgatgatgag tgatactgag cagtttttcg tatgtgggga aatttcatgt    136860
     cttttgctcc tttttcaatt aaatcatttg ttttattgag ttgtttgagc ttcttatatt    136920
     tctagttatt aatcccatct cagatgcata gtttgcacat atttgctccc aatctgtggg    136980
     ttgtctcttc actttgttgg tttattttta gcggtgcaga agttgcttag tatgaggtaa    137040
     tcccaatggt ctatttttgc ttcgattact tgtgttttca aggtttaaaa caaaatgtct    137100
     ttcttcagac aaatgtcctg gagcatttcc ccaatatttt gttctacgtg tttcataggt    137160
     tcaggcctta gactcacatc tttaatccat tttcatttga tttttgtgta tggtgacagg    137220
     tagaggtgca gtttcattcc tctgcatgta gatgtccagg tttccctgca ctgtttattg    137280
     aaaagactgt cctttcctga ttgtgagttc ttggcatctt tgtcaaagtc cattggatgg    137340
     gctgggcttg gtggctaaca cctgcaattt cagcactttg ggagcccgag gtgggtggat    137400
     cacctgaggc caggagttca agattagtct ggccgacgtg atgaaacatc atctccacta    137460
     aaaatataaa aattagctga gcatggtggt cagcacctgt aataccacta ctcaggagtt    137520
     tgaggcaaga gaatgattga acccaggagg ctgaggttgc agtgaaccga gattgcacct    137580
     ttgcactcca gcctgagtga cagagcaaga ctccatctca aaagaaaaaa taaaaaacca    137640
     ttggatgtaa atgcatggaa tatatctgtg ttattcattc tgctccgttg ttctatgtgc    137700
     ctttctttat gccagtgtca tgctattttg cttactacag ctctgtaaca tattttgaga    137760
     tcaggtagtg tgatgctcct gttttctctt tataccttga agtctcaaga cagtgggtgt    137820
     cacataaaaa aattatggaa aaaaggatcc caggactccc agggcccaat attagataac    137880
     agagtgttgg ccatgaacca tcctcaaaga tttccactga gtggaggaca gaaaccctca    137940
     tttcctcacc tctctcctgt ctcatgttct aggaaaccct tcaaatagtt ggccttcacc    138000
     cactgaacca agctccgaaa ccggtgagta cagaaccctc ttatatccgc ttttggaaac    138060
     ctggggaggt ggaaaccttg gattcaggcg ttgactcagc atctcacagc tctgacattg    138120
     tacacctgtc ttccaccatc tccgaactcc agatactcct acagcgaaag ggatctgggc    138180
     ccaacacagg gctcagtgaa atctcttcat ctctcatttt atggagctga gacctcctac    138240
     aagctagaag aatgattgcc aatctgacat ccttctcagg aaaaatgcaa tgtttgttct    138300
     gcctgcattc ctaactggag gataaattcc tggagacttg agagagggaa gggaagggaa    138360
     catctgatga gggcgaggtg ttttagagaa gttccacttg ccaaggaatg agctcctgta    138420
     ggtcatgaag caaccctggc tgactcagca gagcaagagc cttgccgtaa cagagaacag    138480
     agctcatgca cacacacttc gactcactga ctcattcagc cacggcccca tgctcaggct    138540
     gtgcagtgcg gaaccttttc ctattgttgc cataacaaat ttccacaaga ttcgtgggtg    138600
     aaaacaaaac ggttttttaa ttatcttaca gtgctgtagc tcaaagtagg aagtgcatct    138660
     tactgggcta aaatcaaggt gacagcaagg ctgccttccc tctgaggatt ccaggcacga    138720
     atctgcttct cacttgtccc agcttctaaa ggctcccagt tccttggctc ctggtcccct    138780
     tcctccttcc tcaaagccca caaagactgg tcacatctca catggcatca ctcagtgcct    138840
     tcttccttac cacacttctt tctctgaatg ctgctctccc ttcttcctca tcttttgaaa    138900
     acttggggat tctattgggt tcaccaagat gaaaatccct cataatctcc tggaaatcat    138960
     ccaggatacc cttgttttaa gttcagctga ttagtaacca taattccatc tgcaatcttc    139020
     attcctcctt tccatgtaaa ataacatatt cacaagctat ggaggctagg acagggacat    139080
     tttggggtgg gacagcattc tcctgccttc cacaaacagt gaacaagatg catttggcct    139140
     ctgcccttgg gacactgata ttgcagatgg ttaaatggga gggcagaaaa tgaatgcaca    139200
     agtggatcta taaatgaatg atccattggg aagcatctgt gcatgaaatc tattttttgt    139260
     ttgttctttt gtttattgag acagagttgc cctctgtctt ccaggctaca gtgcagtgtc    139320
     acgatcttgg ctcactgcaa cctgcttctc ctggattcaa gtgattctcc tgcctccgcc    139380
     tctcgagtag ctgggattac aggcaactgc caccgtgccc ggctaattct ttttgtatat    139440
     tttttgtaga gaggatgttt caccacgttg gccaagcttg tctgaaactc ccaacctcaa    139500
     gtgatccgac cgtctcagca tgccaaagta atgggactac aggcgtgagc cactgtgccc    139560
     agccagaatt caaaatcaat aatagataat gctgagtgta tgatttcagg tgacaaagaa    139620
     ggtctcacta ttcagatatt tgtgacatta atgaaaaaca cggattgaac ccctgaaaga    139680
     ttggcggaag gattttgcac acacagctgt cagccgtgaa ggcacaaagg tgaaaacaat    139740
     ctgatgtgga aggaagaggc tcttcctcaa atgctgggaa tgaggtgggg agaatgacaa    139800
     gacgactgtg gagagacgga gagcacactg ggtacacagg aaactaagga gcaacaagga    139860
     gtgtgtgttt gacactcaca gccattggat tcacctcggg gtaaccagga atccctacat    139920
     gattaatatg actgacatga aaataaagga ggcccagggg cgtaactgga atctaggaga    139980
     ccgtggaaaa ggcaattccc gacccactgg tgaaatgtgg tgctgatttt gacactaagt    140040
     ggatgaagca gatggatata agctatgctt gtgaggtaga atcattggct ggaaaggctt    140100
     gctgggtttg attttcctac ttgtttaatc ctcgcttaat taatttcttt ctgagattta    140160
     ttcatcctac acataaatca atacctggca aaggagtgac agatatatga ggggtggtgg    140220
     aaatgaagag acctattata gcgtaatata caagtctgtg aacggtggct cacgcttgta    140280
     acccagcact gcaggaggcc aaggcgggtg gattccatga agtcaggagt tccagaccag    140340
     cctggccaac atggtgaaac cctatctgta ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc cgagcatggt    140400
     ggtgcatccc tgtaatccca gctcctactc tggaggatga agcaggagaa tgacttcaac    140460
     ccaggaggtg gaggttgcag tgagtggaga ttgcatcact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca    140520
     caaggagact ccgtctcaaa aaataaaaat aagaaatgca taaatataat aaaacacaca    140580
     cgaatgacaa aggcacctga attccaatca tcatttttct atttctctat aattacttct    140640
     ttgatccttt atcttatcca ttaggcaatg agcctaaaac ctcttcccta tttggctttc    140700
     tgtgagcatg agatcacata gaaaatgtga aagcccgctg aatcctccag cacggatcct    140760
     ggaatagaga aagtgctctg ttcatcgcaa aaaaaaactt gcccactcac ccaaatcccc    140820
     cacctcaccc ctacttccaa tcacctgtgg agattcagat agaccatggg gaggaaacat    140880
     taatactcct tggagtgagt ccagatcttg gaatcagaga tcagcgacag cactagctcc    140940
     tgttcccctt tcctactaat tcacaggagg acaggtggta ttgaagcaat agatggtgga    141000
     gggggtggtc cttcccccag cctctcgggt agaacagcag cctaacatgt gtctcccgag    141060
     atcacaaaga gcagcacatt tcacacgggc ttcaacacta ttttctggct gtttgacata    141120
     agagaatctt gcttcgctat ttttaatcgt gatttcacct ttgtttcctt tccttggtga    141180
     atgcaatttg tttgactcaa gaatgctgtg gatgtagaaa tcctaaagca cattcgctgt    141240
     gtatcaatcc cagtgcagtc ttcccagaga agactctaaa caaatcctgg actgcacctg    141300
     ggcctatgcc aattcctatc actcaccgtc actccaggga gacagaacac acagagaata    141360
     cgttacatag gcaggttcat tactaacaga taagcagtga gtgacaacag aagcctgcat    141420
     ttcaatgtga gccagtccct caaggctcag aaaagctgct cgggacatat ggagtcaccc    141480
     catttgcagt gtaactgggg gaagccagaa agcagcccag cctgggtttt gtaccctgga    141540
     gccacaggaa gcactcagct aaagcactgc atgacgtcct cctccaggaa gaacaggaag    141600
     acagcccagg ctgttctgag acattcctcc tgatctcagg atgttgctat cttagtccat    141660
     ttttgttgct ctaaaggaac acttgagcct gggtaacttc taaagaaaag agattggttt    141720
     gcctcacagt tctgcaggct gtactggaag catggcacca gaatctattt ctcgtgatgg    141780
     cctcaggctg ctcccactct ggcagaaggg aaggagggtc tgtctgtgca gagaccgcag    141840
     agatcacacg gcaagagaga gagtaagggg gagagggagc gatggagctt ccaagctctt    141900
     tttaacaacc agctctccag gaactaacag agggggaact tgctaacccc gtctccttgg    141960
     gacagcattg gtctgttcat gatggatcca cctccatgac ccaaacacct ctgaagaggc    142020
     ccaacctccc acaatggggg tgaaatttca atgtgaggtt tgaaagggtc aaacatctca    142080
     actaaagtag ttgtatcctc agcacgttct atggttacta tgagagctat aattgagaaa    142140
     gcaggggaaa gctaggtctc ccgccatttg ggtgcttgtc ctaaagagac gttgtatgtg    142200
     gttacctgcc aatcaagaaa tgcgagacaa ttcataaaga ggaactgcta tgattagctt    142260
     cttattggtg tctcctcttc ttccaggtaa ccccagacac ctacatgttc tgattgggac    142320
     ctcagtggtc aaaatccctt tcaccatcct cctcttcttt ctccttcatc gctggtgctc    142380
     cgacaaaaaa agtaagtctc acgaagcaga ggccagagag ctcagggcca tgtggggaag    142440
     caggatggga gcacgcggat gtgtgttcct caccagcagg atggtccctg gcccaagaca    142500
     ggagccacag aggcaggact ttctagagag agcaccagat tcccttcccc tgccttcagc    142560
     tcacagacca ttgcctgatt ctgaactgta tcctcacgtc ccctgcagcc actcacatcc    142620
     aggagaaggt tccatgacag gcagaaagtg ggagatagaa tcaatgggat gggacctcag    142680
     agctattcat gggatgggtc cttgaactca gagagataga atgtctgagt ctgctgttgg    142740
     caactgaggg acctcaggca cctatggcct ccccctgttt gttggtatct gcttatgaaa    142800
     tgaggaccca gaagtgccct ccgagctctt ttgttgactt ccgtcttcta cagatgctgc    142860
     tgtaatggac caagagcctg cagggaacag aacagtgaac agcgaggtag gtgctcctcg    142920
     gcccagcctc gtggctagtc ttattcccaa agagtcctga aaaatgtgag caccctccct    142980
     cactcagcat ttccctctct ccaggattct gatgaacaag accatcagga ggtgtcatac    143040
     gcataattgg atcactgtgt tttcacacag agaaaaatca ctcgcccttc tgagaggccc    143100
     aagacacccc caacagatac cagcatgtac atagaacttc caaatgctga gcccagatcc    143160
     aaagttgtct tctgtccacg agcaccacag tcaggccttg aggggatctt ctagggagac    143220
     aacagccctg tctcaaaacc gggttgccag ctcccatgta ccagcagctg gaatctgaag    143280
     gcatcagtct tcatcttagg gcatcgctct tcctcacacc acgaatctga acatgcctct    143340
     ctcttgctta caaatgtcta aggtccccac tgcctgctgg agagaaaaca cactcctttg    143400
     cttagcccac aattctccat ttcacttgac ccctgcccac ctctccaacc taactggctt    143460
     acttcctagt ctacctgagg ctgcaatcac actgaggaac tcacaattcc aaacatacaa    143520
     gaggctgcct cttaacacag cacttagaca cgtgctgttc cacctccctt cagactatct    143580
     ttcagccttc tgccagcagt aaaacttata aattttttaa ataatttcaa tgtagttttc    143640
     ccgccttcaa ataaacatgt ctgccctcat ggtttcggta acgagactct tttcttgcct    143700
     aaggcttccg gtgttatcat taccatgtcc acataacccc atctgttctc cattgggttc    143760
     tcagccctgg actctgagct tctggaagca gaatggagcc tgatttgtct ctgagactcc    143820
     aatttccatc caaagataca gcacatagga ggctccaagg atcgtgaatc acatgaacaa    143880
     gtgatattct tactctctgc agacctggaa agctggcaga gtcattccac gatgaaacat    143940
     ttgtagagtc ataggccttg ttagcctcat ctccacgggg acacatatca acatatcatc    144000
     tttcataata taaatataca gtcggtcctc catatctgtg gggtttacag gtgtttattg    144060
     aaccaacaat aaatcaaaaa tgttttcaga aaaaaatccc cgaagtttca agaagcaaaa    144120
     aactatgttg aatcgacaca aattgagtgg cgtgtaggct gtgtcaggaa ttataagtaa    144180
     tcaagagatg atttcatgta tacaggagga tgtgcatggg ttctatgcaa ttactatgct    144240
     attttttttt tttgagacag tctcactctc tcacccaggc tggagtgcag tggcatgatc    144300
     tcagctcact gcaacctccg cctcccaggt tcaagcgatt gtcttccctc agcctcccca    144360
     gtagcctccc ctaggattac aggcacgtgc caccatgcac agataaattt ttttgtgtgt    144420
     gtatttttag tagagatggg gtttcagaat gttggaccag ctggtcttga actcctgacc    144480
     tcgtgatcta cccaactcag cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccacggtgc    144540
     ccagcttcgc tatgccattt catgcaaggg gcttgagcat ctgcagattt tggtatctga    144600
     atggggatcc tggaaccaat cacccaggaa tagtgaagga ccacagtata taatttttat    144660
     ttgtcaatct taaaaataaa gcataaaaag tttacaacaa caagataaaa aataagaagt    144720
     gtttttatag tgtgaggata agtttagatt tattttttcc tacgtgtaac cctatggtcc    144780
     tgtgttattt attgagaaaa tattctattc caccttaaac tacatggcag cctttgtcaa    144840
     ctatgaaggg actgtgtatc cacagatgta ttttagacac agttttctgc ccagtggttc    144900
     tctgtatccc ctctcatgag gatgctgcat ttcatataaa cttatagaac cccttaaaat    144960
     ttggtaacct gagttctctg atttgttatt ataggttatt tagtttgctt ttttttttct    145020
     ttcttgagac agactcttcc tctgtcaccc aagctggagt tcagtggctt gagctcagct    145080
     cactgcagcc tccgcctccc aggttcaagc aattctcgtg cctcaggttt agtactagaa    145140
     actcatcagg aaaattagaa tggctttttg tcacaattac tctgataatg ttaataatac    145200
     ctcttagata ttttgcacat tacacatgaa gaaaagtttg aatctcagat aaaaacaaaa    145260
     atacatcaaa agtctttaat gtaagcacag aattcaatca cctcatgtgt gagaggttgg    145320
     atctgagacg tcttttgagt ctggtcatag tgaaggatgc aaggtggcaa ttgtagtcac    145380
     aacaatttcc aggaagccat gttccgctct tgagcgagca cccactgggc ctcatgcaag    145440
     gtagaaagag cctgcgtacg tcaccctccc atgatgtggt caacatgtaa actgcatggg    145500
     cagggcgcca aataacatcc tgtgcgctgc tgagctgagc tggggcgcgg cctcctgtct    145560
     gcaccggcag caccatgtcg ctcactgtcg tcagcatggc gtgcgttggt gagtcctgga    145620
     agggaataga gggagggaga gtggggatgg agatctcggc ctagaggtaa agatatgggc    145680
     ctggagtgga gatatgggcc tggagtggag atatgggcct gggtgtggag atatgggcct    145740
     ggaggtgtaa atatgggcct ggagtggaga tatgggcctg gaggggagat atgggcctgg    145800
     gtgtggagat atgggcctgg agtggagata cgggcctgga gtggagatat gggcctggag    145860
     tggagatatg ggcctgcagg tggagatctg ggcctggagt ggagatatgg gcctggagtg    145920
     gagatatggg tctgatgtgg agatatgggc ctggagtgga gatatgggcc tggagtggag    145980
     atatgggcct agaggggaga tctgggcctg gagtggagat atgggtctga tgtggagata    146040
     tgggcctgga gtggagatat gggtctgatg tggagatatg ggcctggagt ggagataggg    146100
     gcctggagtg gagatatggg cctggagtgg agatctgggc caggaagtgt tgatctgggc    146160
     ctggagcctg ggtctctcca cagctgagag ccctgttctt ggcagcaggt agcagggagg    146220
     ctaagtttac cttcagccca gcaagggcct ggctgccaag acacacagtg cagtgggggc    146280
     agcagggtgc cctggtttgc ctgcagttgg atcgtctatc atgatctttc tttccagggt    146340
     tcttcttgct gcagggggcc tggccactca tgggtgagtc cttccccaaa ccttagggtg    146400
     tcatctcccc acataagagg atttttctga aacaggaggg aagtcctgtc ggggagtctc    146460
     tcataaacta ggaagagggg acccttggat actcggccca catttctgac ctcgccctcc    146520
     ccggcctttc tttccctttc ctgagtcaag ctctgtgaag actggggtga gactggggtg    146580
     ctccaagctg gggtgtgcag ggaggaagtg gtgtcagcag cagagaaaga gagggaagca    146640
     gtgctaggaa cagcaggtcc tctgaggaca aaggtataac tgacaccctc cagcgtttcc    146700
     gtgacggtag ggactgcagt gtggctgcgg tctttctacc agaagagggg ggaaaccaca    146760
     gccatggccc tgacattcca aatcctctga gggggctcag ttcatgaatt ggctgatatt    146820
     ccattcacat aggacatgcc ctccatgccg tgtctacttt gtgttgtttt atgtgagtaa    146880
     ttttgcagta ttaaaatcta gtaagagtca cttattcagc acttgctcaa agttctcagc    146940
     tgacacttgt tgtagggaga cgccatgtct atgtggggtg ggtccttcct gtagccctgg    147000
     gcacccaggt gtggtaggag ccttagaaag tggaaatggg agaatcttct gagcacaggg    147060
     agggaggggt ggctccacat cctcctctct aaggcagtgc ctccttctcc cccaggtggt    147120
     caggacaaac ccttcctgtc tgcccggccc agcactgtgg tgcctcgagg aggacacgtg    147180
     gctcttcagt gtcactatcg tcgtgggttt aacaatttca tgctgtacaa agaagacaga    147240
     agccacgttc ccatcttcca cggcagaata ttccaggaga gcttcatcat gggccctgtg    147300
     accccagcac atgcagggac ctacagatgt cggggttcac gcccacactc cctcactggg    147360
     tggtcgacac ccagcaaccc cctggtgatc atggtcacag gtcagaggct ttctgtctgg    147420
     gcttctcact gtcccacctc ctgaatccca gagcttctgg tgggggtgtc catcagggtc    147480
     ccatcaccca ggccccaact gtatttgggg tcaaggggga ttgaatacag gggaaatggg    147540
     cgctgtggtg ggaagaatca ctgtcgccaa tgatggctac attgtaaacc ctggagcctg    147600
     tgactattta tgttataggg caggggactg aaggggaagg tggagctcag gttgttgatg    147660
     agttgacctt gagatgggga gacagcctgg actgtcctgc tgggctcagt gtaatcacaa    147720
     gggtccgcgt gagaggtgga ggaagagggg agtggggatt agagcagtgt agtgggaggg    147780
     agacgctatc agccactgtg ggctttgaag gtggaggaag gccactagtc acagaatgca    147840
     ggtggcctct aagggctgga gaagtcaaga gaactgattc gctgagtctc cagagggaac    147900
     gcagccctgc agatgccttg atttcagcac agggagaact ggatccaatt tctgtcccca    147960
     gaagtggaag gggtcagtgt gttctctcct gctgccatgt ttgtgataat tttctgcagc    148020
     agcaacagga aaccgacaca ggaacccagg tcaaggacaa gctaggaaac caaacaagga    148080
     tagccaggtg tggtggtggg cacgagtaat ccaacgactg gggaggctga ggcaagagaa    148140
     tcacttgaac cggggaggca gaggttgcag tgagccaaga caacaccact gcactccagc    148200
     ctgggtgaaa aagtgactgt ctcaaaaata aattaattaa tcaattaatt aaagaaacca    148260
     aacaaggaga aggttggcta ccgtgggatc agcaagggtg ggatgctgat gccaccacca    148320
     ggctccatcc acataggaag gggttgatgc tcctggaacc agcaccaggg accaccctat    148380
     ggaagctggg gccatggaga aggcacagac atggcaggag aggctcccaa tccccatcag    148440
     gaacagggtg tgtggacact gatgtctgcc ttactgatga gttgatacct ctgccagaga    148500
     ctccaatttg ttcaaaagag attgattcag gctgctgaga gcctggacat gcagcctgtc    148560
     ctcttccacc cccacataga cagcaggaaa gagactagtg ggaaagagat acaacagccc    148620
     aagagatgag gctctcttca cagtgggaag ggagtcaggg gctactggag acagagggac    148680
     agagaagagg gaggaagaca aatggaggga cctgcaccag gggatatggg cacagaaaag    148740
     acacggagac acagagaggg aggagagaga cagacctctg ggaggggaac cctcactcat    148800
     tccaggtgcc atggatggga tgataaagag agatgccttc taaactcaca acttctcttt    148860
     ctaggaaacc acagaaaacc ttccctcctg gcccacccag ggcccctgct gaaatcagga    148920
     gagacagtca tcctgcaatg ttggtcagat gtcatgtttg agcacttctt tctgcacaga    148980
     gaggggatct ctgaggaccc ctcacgcctc gttggacaga tccatgatgg ggtctccaag    149040
     gccaacttct ccatcggtcc cttgatgcct gtccttgcag gaacctacag atgttatggt    149100
     tctgttcctc actcccccta tcagttgtca gctcccagtg accccctgga catcgtgatc    149160
     acaggtgaga gtgtccagac attcttctca ttgtcattgg gacacagagt gaatgatcca    149220
     ggacttggaa cccccaggtg gtcatgagga agataagcgt gagattctta tggagagaga    149280
     ctgactcggt gaggtctgta ccaacagaga cagggaaaca ggagacataa gtacagacca    149340
     ggtgtcataa cagaggacag acacaggggc catacgggga agtagaaaag agagaaagag    149400
     gtaaaggaga cactcagaca gacagacatg tgccagagag aagtgtcctt ccatgctgac    149460
     tttgctcaga gacctggcac aggttagaag tttcatttct gttttgtctc cacaaagtgc    149520
     ttctacgagg agaacccaag gacacccata tttctgacct gagttgggcc ctgtggcctc    149580
     aggccttgtg gcatctacag atgccatgtt tattctgaca cctctgcctt ccatgcagtg    149640
     gagccataat tatcccagga tatcatggcc ccagaacacc aacccctaaa tactgtgtgt    149700
     acttggtgtc cccagactag attctgaggc tcatattcca aataatccta catataatag    149760
     gatcactgag agacacagag ataaatcagg gacttcaaaa agcaaaggca taaacacaca    149820
     gagaatgagc cagaggaagg ggattgagag actcacagac acacaaaaag aaagaaaaga    149880
     gggcagagga gtggagagaa tgctggaagg gaggagagaa aagccccaaa atcagaaccc    149940
     tgagggaggg gcacaaagac agagaaagat aaagatgtgg ggatggattg cagagattcc    150000
     aaatagaact agagagactg agaggcagag aaagacaagg agatggagag agacagatga    150060
     tagatggata gatagatata gatagatgat aaataggtag atgatagata atggataggt    150120
     tatagataca tagatgatga ttgatagatg atacatagag atgatgatga tgatgatgat    150180
     gaagatagat agatagaaga cacatatata aatatataga tacatagatg atacatagag    150240
     actgacaggc agacagagag gtaatagaga gagagagaga tgatacatag atacagataa    150300
     tacatagatg attgatggat agacagatag acaattgata gataaatgat acatagatat    150360
     agatgacaga taatttgtag atagacacaa aatagataga tagataatag atagaaatat    150420
     gcagaaagtt atgaacaaga cagaaagtga gagactcaga attatagaaa aaggaagatc    150480
     aagtcaacca atccaaggag agtcagagag aataaaacaa tccaaaaagg gaaagcatac    150540
     ccaggggtgg ggaagtgagg tcagagacct agagagacag agaaggcgga aggaggaaat    150600
     agacatgaag agagttgggg tggagggtga gagagagaga gagcattagg tcatagagca    150660
     ggggagtgag ttctcagctc aggtatgagg ggagctgtga caaggaagaa cctccctgag    150720
     gaaactgcct cttctccttc caggtctata tgagaaacct tctctctcag cccagccggg    150780
     ccccacggtt caggcaggag agaacgtgac cttgtcctgt agctcctgga gctcctatga    150840
     catctaccat ctgtccaggg aaggggaggc ccatgaacgt aggctccgtg cagtgcccaa    150900
     ggtcaacaga acattccagg cagactttcc tctgggccct gccacccacg gagggaccta    150960
     cagatgcttc ggctctttcc gtgccctgcc ctgcgtgtgg tcaaactcaa gtgacccact    151020
     gcttgtttct gtcacaggtg aggaaaaccc gtgtctgtcc catgtcttat gatcctagag    151080
     ccatagctga ggagcttcct gccgatgatg gggagaagca tggacagatg cagagagaac    151140
     acgaagactg ggtgtgaagg gggggtcagg gtgcaggatg gcagacaggg cacctccaaa    151200
     ccctcttgca tggcctgcat ggaggcccat ggtcagggct ccaggcaccc aggcagatgg    151260
     agaaagcggt caggacagac ccagagaagg ggagactggg ctcagtttgg ggagatcaga    151320
     ggttccctca gcccctcaac cttacccatt tcccagaagc ccatcctggc ctctcaccca    151380
     cacagagaga tgtcatcacc agcaacccct acactctttt cttttcattt tcaaaaatat    151440
     ttattgaggt taaatgtaac tatataattt accaacttta ccatttttaa aagtaaaatc    151500
     tagtggtcat aaataccttt atatgctggg tgtggtggtt cacggttgta atcttggcgc    151560
     tttgagaggc caagaaaggt ggatcattta agatcaggga ctcgagatca gcctggccaa    151620
     catgcgggaa attcatcttt actaaacaga caagaaaaat tagccaagca tgccggcatg    151680
     cacctgtagt cctagctact tgggaggctg aggcaggaga agcacttaaa gccaggaggc    151740
     agaggttgca ctgagccgag atcatgccac tgcactgcag cctgggagac agagagagac    151800
     tctgtttcta aataaataaa tacatctata ttcttttttt tgttaccctc cacccttccc    151860
     ttcctggcct ctggtatcca ccattctatt ctctaccttc atgagatcca ccttttatct    151920
     cctgcatgtg gtgagaaatg ggaatctttg taatgacctc cagttccatc catgtggctg    151980
     caaatgacag gatgttattg tttctatgga tgagtagtct ccaccgtgtg tgtgtactac    152040
     agttctctat ccattcaccc actgataggc aggtaggttg actccacatc ttggctactg    152100
     tgaacagtgc tggaacagtc atatgagtgc agatatcact tcgatacact gatgtccttt    152160
     cctttggata taaacccagt agtgaaattg ctggacacta tgaaagttct cttttttttt    152220
     tttctttttt gagaaagagt ttccctcctt agtccaagct ggagtcaaag tggtgcgatc    152280
     ttggctcatt gcaacctctg cttcctaggt tcaaacgatt ctcctgactc agcctcccta    152340
     atagctgtga ttacaggtgc acgccaccat gcctgactaa ttcttgtatt ttttagcaca    152400
     gacgggatat cccaattttg ggcaggctgc tctcaaactc ctgacctcaa gtgaggtgcc    152460
     tgcctcggtt tcccaaagtg ctgaagttac aggcataagc cactatgccc agcctccttt    152520
     tagtttttta aagtttttcc atacttttct ccataatagt tgtactaatt tacattccta    152580
     ccaacagggt accagggttc tcctttctct accatcttgc cagcatttgt tttgcctgtc    152640
     ttgcagataa aagccatttt actttattta tttatttatt tatttatgtt gagatggagt    152700
     ttcactcata gtcgcccagg ctggagtgca agggtgtgat ctcggctcac tgcaacctct    152760
     gcctcccgcg ttcaactgat tctcctgcct cagcctccaa agtagctggg attacaggca    152820
     tgtgccacca cgcctagcta atttttgtat gtttagtaga gagggagttt ctccatgttg    152880
     gtcaggctgg tctcccgacc tcaggtgatc cgcccacctc cgcctcccaa agtgctggaa    152940
     ttacaggcgt gagccaccgg cctaaaaggc attttaatgg gatgagatga aaactcatcg    153000
     cgattgtaat ttacatttct gtgatgatga gtgatgctga gcactttttc atatacgtga    153060
     tcgccatttc tatgttttgt ttgtggagaa atgtctcctc atgtcttttg ctcgtttttt    153120
     aattaaattg ttttattgag ttgtttgagc ttcttatatt tccagttatt aatcccatct    153180
     cagatgaata gtttgcaaat atttgctcct attttgtggg ttgtctcttc actttgttgg    153240
     tttatctttg gtggtgcaga agttgcttgg tttgatgtaa tcctaatggt ctattttttg    153300
     ctttgattac ttgtgttttg aaggttttaa acaaaatgtc tttcgtcaga caaatgtctt    153360
     ccccattatt ttcttctaca tgtttcatag gttcaggcct tagactcatg tttttaatcc    153420
     attttcattt gatttttgtg taaggtgaca ggtatagatg cagttttatt cctctgcatg    153480
     tagatatcca gttttcccca caccatttat tgaagactgt cctttcttga ttgtaagttc    153540
     tcggcacctt tgtcaaagtc cattaaatgg gctgggcatg gtggctcaca cctgcaattc    153600
     cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcgggtggat cacctaaagc caggagttca agaccaggct    153660
     ggccaacaga gtgaaacctc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aattagctga gcatggtgat    153720
     cagtgcctgt aataccacta ctcaggagtt tgaagcaaga gaatttcttg aatccaggaa    153780
     gtggaggttg cattgagctg agattgcacc tctacactcc agcctgcatg acagagcaag    153840
     attccatcac acacacacaa aagaaagcca ttggatgtaa atgcatggat tatatctgtg    153900
     ttctccattc tgttccattt tttatgtgcc tttctttatg ccaatgtcat gctgttttgc    153960
     ttactacagc tctgtaacat atttctaagt caggtagtgt gatgctcctg ttttctcttt    154020
     ataccttcaa gtctcaagac agtgggcatc gcacacaaaa attatggaga aaaggatccc    154080
     aagactccca gggtccaaca ttagataaca gagtgttggc catgaaccaa cctcaaagat    154140
     ttccattgag tagaggacaa gcaccctcat ttcctcacat ctctcctgtc ccgtgttcta    154200
     ggaaaccctt caagtagttg gccttcaccc acagaaccaa gctccaaatc tggtgagtaa    154260
     aggacccctc ttatctctgc ttttggaaac ctggggaggt ggaagccttg gatgcaagtg    154320
     ttggctcaaa cctcccagct ctgtgaatga gggcctgtct tccaccatct ctgaactcca    154380
     gacactccaa cagtgaaagg gatctagggc caccaaaggg ctcagcgaag tctctttacc    154440
     tttaatttcc tgcaggtgag acctcctaca agctagaaga ataattgcca atctgacatc    154500
     cttctcagga aaaatgcagt gttttttctg cctgcattcc taactggagg ataaattccc    154560
     gggggcttga gagagggaag ggaagggaac atctgatgag ggtgggtgtt ttagagaagt    154620
     tccacttgcc aaggaatgaa ttactgttgg tcatcaggca accctggctg actcagcaga    154680
     gcaagagcct tgccgtaaca gagaacagag ctcatgcacg cacacttcga ctcactgact    154740
     cattcagcca cagccccatg ctcaggctgt gcagtgtgga agcttttcct attgttgcca    154800
     taacaaattt ccacaagatt cgtgggtgaa aacaaaacgg ttatttaatt atcttacagt    154860
     gctgtagctc aaagcatgac gtgcatgtca ctgggctaaa atcaaggtga cagcaaggct    154920
     gccttccctc tgagggttcc aggcaagaat ctgcttctca cttttctcag cttctagagg    154980
     ctcccatgtt ccttggctcc tggtaccctt cctccttcct caaagcccac aaagactggt    155040
     cacatctcac atggcatcac tcagaccctt cttccttacc acacctcttt ctctgaatgc    155100
     tgctctccct tcttcccctt cttttgaaaa cttggggatt ctattgggtt caccaagatg    155160
     aaaatccatc ataatctccc ggaaatcatc caggataccc tccttttaag ttcagctgac    155220
     tagcaaccat aattccatct gcaatcttca ttcctccttt catgtaaaat aacatattca    155280
     caagctatgg aggctaggac atggacattt ttggggtggg acaacattct cctgccttcc    155340
     acaaacagtg aacaagatgc atttggcctc tgttcttggg acactgatct tgcagatggt    155400
     taaatgggag ggcagaaaat gtaggcacaa ggggaccaat aaatgaatga tctattgaga    155460
     agcatctgtg catgaaatct atttatttat gtatttacct acttgtttat tgagacggag    155520
     ccttgctctg tcgtccaggc tagagtgcgg tggcatgatc tcggctcact gcaacctcca    155580
     cctcctgggc tgaacggatc tcctccctca gcctctccag tagctgggat tacagaccac    155640
     aaccaccacg cccggctaac tctttttgca tattttctgt agagaggatg tttcaccatg    155700
     ttggccaggc tggtctcaaa ttcccaacct caggtgatcc aatagcctct gcctcccaac    155760
     acgctgggat aagaggcatg agccacgggg ccaagccaaa ttttcaaatc aataatagat    155820
     aatgctgagt gtatgatttc aggtgacaga gaagttctca ctaatcagat atttgtgaca    155880
     ttaatgaaaa acacggattg aacccctgaa agatgggcgg aaggattttg cacacacagc    155940
     tgtcagccgt gaaggcacaa aggtgaaaat aatctgatgt tgaaggaaga ggctctgcct    156000
     caaatgctgg gaatgacgtg gggagaatga caagacgact gtagagagac ggagagcaca    156060
     ctgggtacac aggaaactaa ggagcaacaa ggagtgtgtg tttgacactc acagccattg    156120
     gactcacctc ggggtaacca ggaatcccta catgattaat atgactgaca tgaaaataag    156180
     ggaggcccag gtgcgtaact ggaatctagg agaccgtgga aaaggcaatt cccgccccac    156240
     tggtgaaatg tggtgctgat ttagacacta aatgaatgaa gtagatggat ataagatatg    156300
     tttgtgaggt agaatcattg gctggaaagg cttgctgggt ttgatttttt cctggtagtt    156360
     taatcctcgc ttcactaact tatttctgag atttatttct cctgcatcta aatcaatacc    156420
     tggcagagga gggagagcta gatgaggggt ggtgcaaatg aagggaccta gtatagcata    156480
     atatacaagg ctgtgaacgg tggctcacgc ctgtaaccca gcacttcagg aggccaacgc    156540
     gggtggatca catgaagtca ggagttcgag accagcctgg ccaacatgga gaaaccctat    156600
     ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa ttaaacaggc atgatggtgg tgcatgactg taatcccagc    156660
     tactctggag gaggaagcag gagaatgact tcagccctgg aggcagaggt tgcagtgagt    156720
     ggagatcgcg tcactgcaca ccagcctggg ctacacaggg atactctggc tcaaaaaata    156780
     aaaataaaaa atacataaat ataataatat acacaaatga tgcaggcacc tgaattccaa    156840
     tcatcatttt tctatttctc tataattact tctttgatcc tttatcttat ccattagaaa    156900
     atcagcctaa aacctcttcc atatttggct ttctgtgaac atgagatcat atggaaaata    156960
     tgaaagcccc ctgaacccac cagcacaggc cctgaaatag ggaaagtgct ctgttcatca    157020
     caagaaactt gccccctcac ccaaatcccc cacctcaccc ctacttccaa tcacctgtgg    157080
     agatacagat agatcatggg gaggtaaacg ctaatactcc ttggagtgag ttcagatctt    157140
     ggaatcagag atcagcacca gcactagctc ctgctcccct ttcctactaa ttcacaggag    157200
     gacaggtggt tttgaagcaa tagatggtgg agggggtggt ctttccccca gcctctcagg    157260
     tggaacagca gcctaacatg tgtctcgcga gatcacaaag agtagcacgt ttcacatggg    157320
     cttcatcatt atttcctggc tgtttgacat aagagaattc tactttgctt ttttgatctt    157380
     gatttcactt ttgtgtcctt ttcttggaga atgtaatttg agtcaagagg gttgtggatg    157440
     tagaaactgt aaagcacatt cactgtgtat caatcccagt tcagtctttc cagagaagac    157500
     tctaaacacc tgctgtactg cacctgggcc tatgcaaatt tctatcactc accgtcactc    157560
     cagggagaca gaacacacag agaatacgtt acataggcag gttcattact aacagataag    157620
     cagcgagtga caacagaagc ctacatttca atgtgagcca gtccctcaag gctcagaaaa    157680
     gcttctcggg acatatggag tcacctcatt tgcagtgtat ctgggggaag ccagaaaata    157740
     gcccagcctg ggtttcgtac cctgaagcca caggaagcac tcagctaaag cactgcatga    157800
     cgtcctcctc caggaagaac aggaagacag cacaggctgt tctgagacgt tcctcctgat    157860
     ctcaggacgt tgctgtctta gtccattttt gttgctataa aagaacactt gagcctgggt    157920
     tacttctttt tttttttttt tttttgtata gtgcttctga tgagcttttt ttttaaattt    157980
     ttattattat tatactttaa gttttagggt acatgtgcac aatgtgcagg ttagttacat    158040
     atgtatacat gtgccatgct ggtgtgctgc acccatcaac tcgtcattta gcattaggta    158100
     tatctcctaa tgctatccct cccccctccc cccacccaac aacagtcccc agagtgtgat    158160
     gttccccttc ctgtgtccat gtgttctcat tgttcaattc ccacctataa gtgagaacat    158220
     gcagtgtttg gatttttgtc cttgtgatag tctactgaga atgatgattt ccaatttcat    158280
     ccatgtccct gcaaaggaca tgaactcatc attttttatg gctgcatagt attccatggt    158340
     gtatatgtgc cacattttct tcatccagtc tatcattgtt ggacatttgg gttggttcca    158400
     agtctttgct attgtgaata gtgccacaat aaacatacgt gtccatgtgt ctttatagca    158460
     gcatgattta tagtcctttg ggtttatacc cagtaatggg atggctgggt caaatggtat    158520
     ttcaagctct agatccctga ggaatcgcca cactgacttc cacaatggtt gaactagttt    158580
     acagtcccac caacagtgta aaagtgttcc tatttctcca catcctctcc agcacctgtt    158640
     gtttcccgac tttttaatga tcgccattct aactggtgtg agatggtatc tcattgtggt    158700
     tttgatttgc atttctctga tggccagtca tggtgagcat tttttcatgt gttttttggc    158760
     tgcataaatg tcttcttttg agaagtgtct gttcatgtcc tttgcccact ttttgatagg    158820
     attgtttgtt tttttcttgt aaatttgttt gagttcattg tagattctgg atattagccc    158880
     tttgtcagat gagtaggttg cgaaaatttt ctcccatttt gtaggttgtc tgttcactct    158940
     gatggtagtt tcttttgctg tgcagaagct ctttagttta attagatccc gtttgtcaat    159000
     tttggctttt gttgccgttg cttttggtgt tttagacatg aagtccttgt ccatgcctat    159060
     gtcctgaatg gtaatgccta ggttttcttc tagggttttt atggttttag gtctaacgtt    159120
     taagtcttta atccatctca aattaatttt tgtataaggt gtaaggaagg gatccagttt    159180
     cagctttcta cctatggcta gccagttttc ccagcaccat ttattaaata gggaatcctt    159240
     tccccattgc ttgtttttct caggtgtgtc aaagatcaca tagttgtaga tatgtggcat    159300
     tatttctgag ggctctattc tgttccattg atctatatct ctgttttggt accagtacca    159360
     tgctgttttg gttactgtag ccttgtagta tagtttgaag tcaggcagca tgatgcctcc    159420
     agctttgttc ttttggctta ggattgactt ggcaatgcag gctctttttt gattccatat    159480
     gaactttaag gtagtttttt ccaattctgt gaagaaagtc attggtagct tgatggggat    159540
     ggcattgaat ctataaatta ccttgggcag tatggccatt ttcacgatct tgattcttcc    159600
     tacccatgag catggaatgt tcttccattt gtttgtatcc tcttttattt cattgagcag    159660
     tggtttgtag ttctccttga agaggtcctt catatccctt gtaagttgga ttcctaggta    159720
     ttttattctc tttgaagcaa ttgtgaatgg gagttcactc atgatttggc tctctgtttg    159780
     tctgttattg gtgtataaga atgcttgtga tttttgtaca ttgattctgt atcctgagac    159840
     tttgtagaag ctgcttatca gcttaaggag attttgggct gagacaatgg ggttttctag    159900
     atatacaatc atgtcatctg caaacaggga caatttgact tcctcttttc ctaattcaat    159960
     accctttatt tccttctcct gcctaattgc cctggccaga acttccaaca ctatgttgaa    160020
     taggagtggt gaaagagggc atccctgtct tgtgccagtt ttcaaaggga atgcttccag    160080
     tttttgccca ttcagtatga tactggctgt gggtttgtta tagatggctc ttattatttt    160140
     gagatacgtc ccatcaatgc ctaatttatt gagagttttt agcatgaagt gttgttgaat    160200
     tttgtcaaag gccttttctg catctattga gataatcgtc cggtttttgt ctttggttct    160260
     gtttatatga tggattacat ttattgattt gcatatattg aaccagcctt gcatcccaga    160320
     gcctgggcaa cttctagaga aaacagattt gtttgcctca cagttctgca ggctgtactg    160380
     gaagcatggc accagcatct gtttcctgtg acggcctcag gctgctccca ctctggcaga    160440
     agggaaggag ggtctgtctg tgcagagacc acagagatca catggcaaga gagggagcaa    160500
     gggggagggc gagcgatgga gcttccaagc tctttttaac aaccagccct ccgggaacta    160560
     atagaggggg aacttgctaa ccccatcatg tggggcagca ttaatctatt catgatggat    160620
     ccacctccat gactcaaaca ccttcccata ggcccaaact tccacactgg gggttaaatt    160680
     tcaatatttc agtgtgaggt ttcaaagggt caaacatcta aactaaagca gctgtatcct    160740
     cagcatgttc tatggtttct atgagagctg taactgagaa agcaggagaa agctgggtct    160800
     cccgccatca ggctgcttgt cctaaggaga tgttccatgt ggttacctgt caatcaagaa    160860
     atgagacaat ccataaagag gaactgctat gattagcttc ttattggatt cccatcttcc    160920
     tccaggtatc tgcagacacc tgcatgttct gattgggacc tcagtggtca tcttcctctt    160980
     catcctcctc ctcttctttc tcctttatcg ctggtgctcc aacaaaaaga gtaagtctca    161040
     cgaagcagag gccagagagc tcagggccat gtggggaagc aggatgggag cacgcgggtg    161100
     tgtgttcctc actggcagga tggtccctgg cccaagggag gagccacaga ggcagggctt    161160
     tctagagaga gcaccagaca acctgcccct gccttcagct cacagaccat tgcctggttc    161220
     tgaactgtat cctcacatcc cctgcagcca ctgacatcca gaagcttcca tgacaggcag    161280
     aaagtgggag acagaatcaa tgggatgcca attgagagca cttcatggga tggggtcttg    161340
     aactcagaga gatagaatgt ctgagtctgg atgttggcag ctgaagagcc tcaggcacct    161400
     acagcctccc cctgtgggtt ggtgtctgcc catgaaatga ggacccagaa gggccctcca    161460
     agcggttttg atgacttccg tctcctacag atgctgctgt aatggaccaa gagcctgcgg    161520
     gggacagaac agtgaatagg caggtaggtc ctcctcggcc cagcctcacg gatacagtct    161580
     tatccctaat agtcctgaaa aatgtgagca ccctccctca ctcagcattt ccctctctcc    161640
     aggactctga tgaacaagac cctcaggagg tgatgtacgc acagttggat cactgcgttt    161700
     tcatacagag aaaaatcagt cgcccttctc agaggcccaa gacaccccta acagatacca    161760
     gcgtgtacac ggaacttcca aatgctgagc ccagatccaa agttgtctcc tgcccacgag    161820
     caccacagtc aggtcttgag ggggttttct agggagacaa cagccctgtc tcaaaaccag    161880
     gttgccagat ccaatgaacc agcagctgga atctgaaggc atcagtctgc atcttagggg    161940
     atcgctcttc ctcacaccac gaatctgaac atgcctctct cttgcttaca aatgcctaag    162000
     gtcgccactg cctgctgcag agaaaacaca ctcctttgct tagcccacaa gtatctattt    162060
     cacttgaccc ctgcccacct ctccaaccta actggcttac ttcctagtcc tacttgaggc    162120
     tgcaatcaca ctgaggaact cacaattcca aacatgcaag aggctccctc ttaacacggc    162180
     acttacacac ttgctgttcc accttccctc atgctgttcc acctcccctc agactatctt    162240
     tcagccttct gtcatcagta aaatttataa atttttttta taacttcagt gtagctctct    162300
     cctcttcaaa taaacatgtc tgccctcatg gtttcgataa tgtgactctt tattcgccaa    162360
     aagtttccag tgttatcatt actatgtcca tataacctga tatgttctct actgggttct    162420
     cagccctgga ctctgagctt ctggaagcag ggtggagcct catttgtctc tgggactcca    162480
     atttccatcc aaagatgcag cacataggag gttccaagga tcgtgaatca catgaacaag    162540
     tgatattctt actctctgca gacctggaaa gctggcagag tcattccaag atgaaacatt    162600
     tgtagagtca taggccttgt tagtctcatc tccacaggga cacatgtcaa cacatcatct    162660
     ttcatactat aaatatacag tcgctcctcc atatctgtgg ggtttacagg tgtttattga    162720
     accaaatata aatcaaaaat attcagagaa aaaatccaca aagttccaaa aagcaaaaat    162780
     actatattgt gtggacacaa gtgaggtggt gtgtaggctg tatcaggaat tataagtaat    162840
     ctagagatga tttcatgtat acaggaggat gtgcatgggt tatatgcaaa cgctgtgcca    162900
     tttcatgcaa caggcttgag catctgcaga ttttggtgtc tggtagggag gggggtttcc    162960
     tggaaccaat cacccatgaa tagtgaagga ctactgtata taattttcat tcatcaattt    163020
     tataaataaa tcatcaaaat gtatgataat aagataaaaa attagcagtg tttttatggt    163080
     gtgaaaataa gcttagattt attttttcct gcttgtaacc ctctggtcca atgttattta    163140
     ctgagaagac attctattcc accttaatcc gcatggcagc ctctgtcaac tataaaagga    163200
     ctgtgtgtac acagatgtat tttacacact cttttctgct cagtggctct ctgtgtccac    163260
     tctcatgagg atgctgcact ttatgtggcc ttatagaacc ccttaaaatt tggcagcctg    163320
     aatcctctaa tttctccttc ctctttaaga ttgccattat tattattatt ggctatttgc    163380
     ttttccatgt aaatttgtaa tcatttttct catttccacc aaaaacaatg cttgtaattt    163440
     tgttgtgact cccttacatc tacaggtaag ttctgtccta tagaaacata atgcaaacca    163500
     catgcattct ttcaaacttg ctagtatcca aattaaaaag ctaacaagaa acagataaaa    163560
     ttaatttaag ttaacccaat ggacccaaaa tattattaac ccaacagacc caaaatatta    163620
     acctaataga tccaaaatat tattttatta tacaagtaga ctcaaaatat tatcatttca    163680
     acatgtaatc atgtgtcatc ttggaaaaca tcagatccct gtctaggtgg gcaaagattt    163740
     ttcttcgtaa tatctcattt ccacatttcc acttggcaca gaaactgccc ccaaggctca    163800
     ggatactaag atgcagtagg aatgggtaga tgtatctgga ggaaagtgac tgaatgaaat    163860
     tgagacatca gagtctgggg aactcactag aactacaggg acagtgtggg ggagggaatt    163920
     gggagatgtt gatcaaagga tacaaactat caggtattca ggaggaatgg gtctgaagat    163980
     ctcttgtaca gctttgccac tatggttgac aatactgtac tctatacttg aaatttacca    164040
     ggaaagtaga tttttttttt taaatatgga acacttcacg aatttgcgtg tcattcttgc    164100
     gcaggggcca tgctagtttt ctctgtatcg ttccaatttt agtatatgtg ctgccgaggc    164160
     aagcatggga gagtagattt tttttttttt tttttttttg agctggagtc ttgctctgtc    164220
     acccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcgcgatctc ggctcaccgc aagctccgcc tcctgggttc    164280
     acgccattct cctgcctcag cctcccgagt agctgggact acaggcgccc gccaccacgc    164340
     cctgctaatt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cggggtttca ctgtgttagc caggatggtc    164400
     tcgatctcct gacctcgtg                                                 164419