ID   CR762476; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 95554 BP.
AC   CR762476;
DT   13-SEP-2004 (Rel. 81, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 8)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone DAAP-57C1 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-95554
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Wood J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 9e781733598bfcd91e1fd2c44afab18a.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000250.
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DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; P28062; PSB8_HUMAN.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   DAAP-57C1 is from a APD human bac - B Lymphoblastoid Cell Line library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..95554
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="APD"
FT                   /clone="DAAP-57C1"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 95554 BP; 28248 A; 20263 C; 20619 G; 26424 T; 0 other;
     ggccaacatg gtgaaaccct gtctctacta aaagtacaaa aaaaaaaaat tagccaggca        60
     tggtggcaga tgcctgtaat ctcagctact tgggaggctg aggcaggaga atcacttgaa       120
     cccgggaggt ggaggttgca gtgagccaag atcgcgccac tgcactccag ccagcatgac       180
     aaagcgagac tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa aaaagatatg catttgtgtc       240
     ttctgggcag gggcgtgact acacctgtaa agataagcta ccaatttaca ttgccatggt       300
     aaaattttaa cagaaacacc ttagagtaaa gatcttgcag ctcacaagga ctttccttgt       360
     ggacaaaata tgagggaggc atgtagcttt tcattttgta gccatcttat ttaggaacca       420
     aaaaggggga ggcgggtttt cgcaaccccg ttcccagatt aacttttccc ttaggcttaa       480
     tgagttggag tcccaagatt taatttcctt tcatagttct aaaactatga ccaagtgttc       540
     atttcttcct gataggcact tagcacactg accatgtgcc ttaaattgtc catatgatgc       600
     gaagagctat aaatccatgg agtcgtaagt ttggggatac caaccacaat ccatctgcag       660
     cagaagtggt tcctttggaa ccaagcttga acaggtctaa aaactaggtt gttcttctgg       720
     tttagtgaca gagactacta tcccagatga aaatacaata gtcttttagt gcttctatgc       780
     atggtcatgt ctgtcagtag acactaaaac aatcataatt caagaacaga gtaaatagta       840
     acatagaccc ttctggaata gttgtctctg tcaccaaaac agaaaaacaa actagactaa       900
     attcagagga tgaggggaat caagaatggc ttgtgaagga gggaaacaaa tattagttac       960
     agtcataatg acaactataa tagtagacac tgtagcaaat ttcactaact ttcttgcctt      1020
     aatcttctag atcacaattg atcactcttg tacctccctt cttgaggaaa aattaaaatg      1080
     tgttaatttt ctcaggaaaa aaaatgaaag gcaccatatt ggactatggg agcttggaat      1140
     tctgaatcac cacctggaga aaagcgactc acaaatcttc aatatcctcc ttctgctaca      1200
     ttagtgagtt ataaacttct actatatttc agccacaata cactttttag tctatttgtt      1260
     gcagcagttt ggcctattct aattagtata aaaagaagaa aaaataatca tagaaaaaaa      1320
     ttaaatgaag aatataacaa ttttaatagt ttctcctgac ttagactcac ctgaaatgat      1380
     cctcattctt tgttttagga ttagcagaga tgtaagacag aatttcatga aaatattcaa      1440
     cctggtggat gatgccaaat tagcagttag cgtgtgtgcc tggaattcaa accatacaaa      1500
     tcctccctgc ccacctctca tcctatcctt tagagcagag cctgtttctc atatattgcc      1560
     cccaagtcta tatcaatcaa attaattttt attatcctga aaacacctat agaaagacta      1620
     acatgttgaa agttatattt aaatatgggc actctgcttc atactctttt gccaatatta      1680
     cttcaaagct gtacaaacct atattctttg catttgtggg aaattattat attgtagata      1740
     aggctaaaat attttgtgaa tcaaaacata ctataaaaag ttggaaagaa agacttcatt      1800
     tggatgtaaa tacatgaaaa tagcagccca gacactcaag acaagaggaa taataactaa      1860
     gtgaccacaa aggaaatttt ttatcacatg cctggctgtt ccagacaggg aagcttgctt      1920
     tacctgaagg aagtggtcac tagaccacaa tgtaaccaaa tacaggattc tgctttaaaa      1980
     aaaaaaaaaa aagattcaca aaagtcacgt tcaagttaaa ccattaaata ctttcctctc      2040
     caactaatga gaagatgtgg ggcctcatta attctctctg gcagattagg tcaatgaatc      2100
     cattccagaa aaaaaattat tgaaaagagc aataaatata caaaatatca aagcagtcat      2160
     gtgtgcaatc cacagaaaag aatagaaatt tacttaagga cagaaagaag tttagtaaac      2220
     aatgatacca ctttcttgga cagggcaatt tgtgtcactt ttccagacaa aatacacgga      2280
     cttggtgatg ctttaatcta aatagtaata agacagtttt attaacaaaa tgtttctaac      2340
     tttcaagagc ggtatacaaa aacaactatt gataaaaata aggagaggta ctctaataga      2400
     tgtttacaaa tgattataaa gctaaacaat taaaacatgt tcatagtgcc ccaaaaaaag      2460
     gacaactgtg gaatgatatt ggctgcacat aaacagaacc taatttatgc cacaattaat      2520
     gaaattgaaa attttgttta caatagcccc ctcttatcca tgggagatat gttgcaaggc      2580
     accccaaagg atgcctgaag gcatgtacca aactctgtat atgctatgtt tttctacaca      2640
     tacaaacata tgatatagtt taatttacaa attgtgcagt cataggttaa caacaataac      2700
     taataataaa atagaacaat tataacaata tactgtaata aaagttatgt aaatgagatc      2760
     tctctctctc tttctctgtc tctttctctc tcccctcttc tcaaaatatc ttattgtact      2820
     aaacacctat attttcacac tgtgattgat tgaccaccag taactgaaac tgtggaaagt      2880
     gaaaccatcg ataagggagg accactgtat tacatttcta ggaagtcgca aaccctttga      2940
     gaaaattttg ggatgggaga caaacatatt tctaagaagc cttcaatgtt acaggttata      3000
     ttcttcactt cttcaaggta cataagggcc cactctactc ttctggagtc tatccaaatt      3060
     tgtagggtaa tgggctgtag ctaatgagga atggaactca gtgggatgta aggggtccgg      3120
     aaacaagttt tttgaaatat acttgattgt catgacacca atatggaacg aaagagaaag      3180
     cagcatagtg ataaggaaat tatggtgaga tttttaggac aagaagctat tttaaaagaa      3240
     ttttaaatca tttttcttgg tgttagaaat acaatcctaa tttgatattt ttcaagaggt      3300
     tgcaatataa tttgaagtat ttgaaatgga gtacggggaa atttgctctg gcctctctaa      3360
     agaacatcat actgggactg ctttcaagga tagaacaagt tatcctgcat ttatgttgga      3420
     taaattaaga atgtagtgca taataaagca aacttttaat ccagtggaat aggaaaaatt      3480
     actaaaaata gtgttgggtc aattagtgag ttagtgggat agtaaaaaga gcccatacat      3540
     acacacatac agagattata ctgaggcaga ttaaaagttt aaatgagaag gaactcagaa      3600
     ctgaggagga accacccaga acatgcttgc tagtaacaca tcttcccacc cccttatgaa      3660
     taatcatgta agactcccat aaagggagtt tccccagtaa cattcaacac tgtctcaccc      3720
     gcacaagcaa cctgccctga attgtctctt ggggtgtact gttgattctg cacctaactt      3780
     tcagagtatc ctttctcctt tgcaataaat tgctctatgt tgtatctcct ttgctgtgtg      3840
     tctcgtttaa attcttttaa actaagaaga caagaaccga agtttcatga aagccatcaa      3900
     caaaaatata gaaaaaaaaa gtaaatattt attttattaa aaagtggtga gatgagttta      3960
     aataacaaaa caaagaaaga aaccgtacag gaaagtattc ttagactata ctaagaaaaa      4020
     gtaaagaatt aatatgtgaa aggtatatca attttaagca ttctgtttat gtcaaaggtg      4080
     cttatggtgc agtatgtaac atttaaataa acaaagcata ttgtattaat tttctagcca      4140
     ctgtcataac aaattagtag aaactttgca gcttaaaaca acacccattt attatctcag      4200
     ttttctaggt cagaagtcta ggcaaagctc aactgggctc tctgcttagg atctcacaag      4260
     actgaagtca cacgctgacc ttataattct catttgaata tggagtcctc ttccaagctc      4320
     actgcctgtt gacagaattt atttccacgt atgactgagg tccatgtttt caagctggct      4380
     atcagccagg gatcagtatc agctcccagt aaccactctc agttccttgc cacatggccc      4440
     tctacgtctt caaagtcagt aatagggagt ctttctcatg tttaatctct ctcttcaaga      4500
     aaagttcagt ccctttcaag ggctcaccta attagttcat gctcacctac aataatttcc      4560
     ttttcataag gctaattgca gtcaaaacat aacccaatca cagtagtgat cataccatta      4620
     aatttactgg ttactattgg gagcaagccc cccaaaatct ggccataaac tggccccaaa      4680
     tttatggccc caaatttatg gcccagttta tggctataaa ctgggccata aataaaatct      4740
     ctgcagcact ataacatgtc cataatggcc ctaacaccca agctggaagg ttgtgggttt      4800
     acgggaatga gggcaaggaa cacctggcct gcccagggca gaaaaccact taaaggcatt      4860
     cttaagccac aaacaaaagc atgagcaatc tatgtcttaa gggcgtgttc cggctgcaat      4920
     taattcagct catcccttca tttcccatag gaatactttt agttaattta atatctatag      4980
     aaacaatgct aatgactggt ttgctattaa taaatatgtg agtaaatctc tgttcagggc      5040
     tctcagctct gaaggctgtg agatccctga tttcccactt cacacctcta tatttctgtg      5100
     tgtgtgtctt taattcctct agcgctgctg ggttagggtc tccctgacaa agctggtctc      5160
     ggtaggttcc acccacattt aaaggaaagg aattttataa ggtatgtaca acagggggtg      5220
     atagatattc ctgggggcca tcttagaatt ctgctttcct tctcacctct tcagccctct      5280
     ggccacctgt aattcatgtc cctctcaaat gtaaaataca ttaatccctt ctcaaggacc      5340
     ccccaaagtc tcattccatt acagcctcag atcaaggcca atatcctgtc taaatcttgt      5400
     tagctcaaag tccaaattcg cagtgccttc atgccaaatt acaggacttg aagatgtgag      5460
     aattaggaac ttgacagaat atctaattat aattgctaac agtcatgaga ttagtttatt      5520
     aattaaaatc tcacctggga accaagtgta taaatgtcat tgaatccctg gggatagaga      5580
     cagggaagca cagggatctg atgatattca tagtcactta acaaaaaaga ctagttggta      5640
     tttttttcac ccacacctag ctttgctggc attgagaaga cacacctaag agaataatta      5700
     atcataccta caggactcct tcttcaccga gacagaataa caatgaagtc attattattg      5760
     gtgtcatctg cactctactt atttatactt catatactta catagtatat accagaacac      5820
     ttaaattaat ttcatctcca attactgtat attctttttt tttttttgag acagagtctc      5880
     actccattgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc acaatcttgg ctcactctgc aacttccatc      5940
     tcctgggttg aagggattct cctgcctcag tctcctgagt agctgggatt acaggcatgt      6000
     gccaccacac ccggctgatt tttgtatttt tagtagagac agggtttccc catgttggcc      6060
     aggctggtct caaactcctg aactcaggta atccgcctgc ctcggcctcc caaagtgctg      6120
     tgattatttt gtattctaca tgtcgatttt gctgtcttaa ttaatttcct gatgattgta      6180
     atagaatacc tgaaactggg taatttataa agaatcaaaa tttatttctg gaggctggga      6240
     agtccaagag catggtgcca gcatctggtg agagcctcct tgctagtggg gaccctctgc      6300
     agagtcccat tgtggtgcaa ggcatcacat agcaagcagg ctgagagggc tacctcaagt      6360
     atctctttct cctcttatca aacccttagt gccccatcac cccatcctca tgacctcatc      6420
     taatactaat tacttctcac atgtcccacc cctaaaatat catggtctgt tttcttaccc      6480
     ttttatactg ttacaatagg gattaagttt ctacataaga tttagaggag caaactttca      6540
     aaccatagca tttcacccct gcagcctcaa aactcatatt cttctcacat tcaaatacat      6600
     tcattttatc cccagagccc caaagtctta actttctcta gtaccaactc aaaagtccaa      6660
     aagtccaaag tccttatctg tgagcctgag atactaaagc caattatcta cctccaagat      6720
     ataatgctgg gacaggagaa atgggccaga agaaagaagt aacaggcctc aaggaagtct      6780
     gaaactcaac agggaaagac attaaatttt aaatctggaa ataatgtctt ttgactccat      6840
     gttcctcatc ctgagcacac aggggcagaa gttgggcccc caagacctca ggcaaccctg      6900
     ccctcatggc tttgctggtt gcagcccaca tatggctgtt ctcatgggtt ggagtcaggt      6960
     gccttgggtt ttcgaagctg ggactgcatg ctggtagctc tacagttttg gagtcttggt      7020
     ggcagtccca ctgtcacagc accactagat atttccctgg ggaggactcc ctgtagcagt      7080
     tccaacccca cagttcctct cagcattgcc ctagcagagg ctcttggtgg ttgaaggggt      7140
     gggtcgcccc tccacacctg tgggtgtttc tcgttaggtg gaacgagaga cttggaaaag      7200
     aaaaagacac agagacaaag tacagagaaa gaaataaggg gacccagggg accagcgttc      7260
     agcatatgga ggatcccgcc ggcttctgag ttcccttcgt atttattgat cattcgtggg      7320
     tgtttctcag agagggggat gtgtcagggt cacaagacaa tagtggggag agggtcagca      7380
     gacaaacacg tgaacaaagg tctttgcatc atagacaagg taaagaatca agtgctgtgc      7440
     tctagatatg catacatata aacatctcaa tgctttacaa agcagtattg ctgcctgcat      7500
     gtctcacctc cagtcttaag gcggtttttc cctatctcag tagacggaac gtacaatcgg      7560
     gttttatacc aagacattcc attgcccagg gacggacagg agacagatgc cttccccttg      7620
     tctcaactct tatactaatc ctcctcagca cagacccttt atgggtgtcg ggctggggga      7680
     tggtcaggtc tttcccttcc cacaaggcca tatttcagac tatcccatgg ggagaaacct      7740
     tggacaatat ctggctttcc taggcagagg tccctgcggc cttccacagt gtttgtgtcc      7800
     ctgggtactt gagattaggg agtggtgatg actcttaagg aacatgctgc cttcaagcat      7860
     ccgtttaaca aagcacatct tgcacaaccc ttaatccatt taaccctgag ttcgacacag      7920
     cacatgtttc agagagcatg gggttggggg taaggtcata gattaacagc actcaaggca      7980
     gaagaatttt tcttagtaca gaacaaaatg gagtctccta tgtctacttc tttctacaca      8040
     gacacagtaa caatctgatc cctcttgctt ttccccacag tggtggccct gcccctgtgg      8100
     cagttttctc cctgggttcc caggcagtct gatacatcct ttgaaatcta ggtggagatt      8160
     tctatgcctt cccactagtc ttgcatcctg aagacctgca gaaatagcac cacatgcatg      8220
     tggacattgc caaggcttac tgcttgtgcc ctctgcagct acaatatgag tcacatctag      8280
     ggccacttga gctatagctg gagcaaccag gatgagggaa gcactgtcct gaggtggcat      8340
     tgggcagcaa gcccatggag gacaccccag gcctgtctcc tgaaaccatt ctttcctcct      8400
     agagctctgg gcctgtgatg gcaggggtag acttgaagat ctctaaagtg cattcagtgt      8460
     ttgtctccca ttgtcttgat gaatagcttc tggctttatt ctattcatac aattctcctt      8520
     atcaatcaat ccctccttat caatcattcc ttcagacaca cccttggttt cctctgttga      8580
     aaatgctctt tcagggcgag gctgcaaaat ttcctaatct ttccacttag cttccctttt      8640
     aattataaat tccaccttta agttattttt tacctctcac agctttaatg taagcagtta      8700
     aaagtagcca tgcagctgcc tgactgcttt gctgcttaga tatttcttct gccatatagc      8760
     ctaataaaac catcagatat agacacaatt cagagccaag tttttcaccc atttattaca      8820
     aggatggcct ttactccagt ttccaattcc ttgttcctta gacctgagac ctcagcagaa      8880
     cagcccttac tgtccatatt tctattgaca ttctggtcct gaccactgaa atcatcacaa      8940
     aggacttcca gacttttcct agtcttcttg acttcttcta agccctcacc aaactcaccc      9000
     tttatcacca gaattgacat ttaaggcaat acaggctttt tctcgcctgc tcctttgagt      9060
     tcttttaacc tctacccatt acctagttcc acatctgctt ccacattttc agatatttgt      9120
     tattagcaac agcccaactt tttagtacca attttctgcc ttagtctgtt tcttgttgct      9180
     tgtaacagaa tgccaaaaat tgggtaattt atgaagaaac aaaatttatc tcttatggtt      9240
     ctggaggatg agaagtccca gagcatggtg ccagcatctg gtgagagcct tcttattggt      9300
     gggccctctg ccgagttctg atgaggtgca gagcatcatg tgacaagagg gcaaaggggt      9360
     atggctcaag gtctctgttt ctcctctcaa tgccccaccc tcatgacctc atctaatcct      9420
     aattacttcc caaaggtgcc acctctcaaa taccatagtt ggatttacag ccctcttaat      9480
     actattacta tggggattaa gtttcaatat gagtttcaga gaaaataaac attcaaacca      9540
     tagcattgcc catctctttt actctcctcc ctcctcttcc tttctgtact ccactgtccc      9600
     tgtccagagg ttttatttag ccactccacc tcagcccatc aggcttccaa tcaaaatccc      9660
     agtttttcag tgatcattca gatttattgt cctgttgtaa tatctggaac aataacaatc      9720
     ttctcaggac agttgttttt tatttgcttc agttcctttt gagaaagtta ttctgtgtct      9780
     tctcacttcc ttatatctat agcatacaag tgtttgaaaa cattctcctc aacctccttt      9840
     aaaatcatgg ggagcccaac ctcagctcct agccagaagc agaaagtcaa aatttggctc      9900
     tctttcctcc atagagcact tttggtttct ttcccactta ggaattaaat tcccagtcaa      9960
     taatgcctac tttcaggcat agaagtcaag acttcagccc tactcaccat atgcatatct     10020
     atcttatttg aagttctcag gaagaacttt tgtatctaca ctcatacttt ttaatctttt     10080
     ttagtacatt gcttcatata gctttcttgg tggtggttgt acttattaca atatatacat     10140
     ataacttatc acagtcaatg gtattgatgt tttaccactt tgagtgaagc atacagtcca     10200
     tacctctagt accattagta tattttaccc tctctacttt ttaaatgcaa ttgtattaag     10260
     tatttcttcc acatatgttc ccatccacag tttggatatt tgtccactcc aaatctcatg     10320
     ttgaaatttg atccccaatg ttggaggcag ggcctaatgg gagatgttta gaccgtgggg     10380
     gcagatctct catgaatggc tttgtactaa tgtcatgatc ctaatgcttg ttttattcct     10440
     taatgtcatc attgattcaa ccatagcttt tatttttaat ttgctttttg tttgtttgtt     10500
     ttcttttctt aactactatt ttaagttcgg ggtacatgtg cagttttgtt acataggtaa     10560
     actgtgtcat ggaggttggt tgtacagatt attttgtcaa acagttatta agcttagtac     10620
     ctattagtta tttttcctga tcctctccct cttcccaccc tccaccctct gataggcccc     10680
     agtgtgttgt tttcctttat gaatttcatg tgttctcata atttagctcc tatttataag     10740
     tgagaacata cagtattcac ttttctgttc ccccattgtt tgctaaggtt aatgactttc     10800
     aggttcattc atgtctctgc aaaggacatg attttgtttt ttatggctgc atagtattcc     10860
     atggtgtata tgtaccacat tttatttatc tagtctatca ttgatgggca tttaggttga     10920
     ttccatgtct ttgctgttgt gaatagtgct gcaatgaaca tatacatgca tgtgccttta     10980
     taatagaaag atttatattc ctttgggtat atacccagta ataagattgc tgggttgaat     11040
     ggtatttctg tctttaggtc tttgaagaat ctccacactg tcttccacaa tgatgaacaa     11100
     aacctctggg aaatatgggg ttatgtaaag agaccaaatc tatgactgat tggtgtccct     11160
     gaaagagaaa gagagaatgg aaccaacttg gaaaacatag ttcaggatat catccatgag     11220
     aacttcccca acctagctag agaggccaac attcaaattc aggaaatgta gagaacccca     11280
     ataagatact tcacaagaat attatcccca agacacacaa tcatcagctt ccccaaggtc     11340
     aaaatgaaag aaaaaatgtt aaaacaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaact agagagaaag     11400
     atcaggtcac ctacaaaggg aagtccatca gactaacagc agacctctca gctaaaaccc     11460
     tataagcaga agagattgga ggccaatatt caatattcat aaagaaaaga aattccaact     11520
     cagagtttca tgattggcca aatgaagcct catattgaag gagaaataag atccttttca     11580
     gacaggcaaa tgctgagcaa attcattatc accagaccta ccttacaaga gctgctgaag     11640
     gaagcactaa atatgaaaag gaaagactgt taccagccac tacaaaaaca cactgaagta     11700
     cacagaccag tgacactata aagcaaccac ataaataagt ctgcaaatta accagctaac     11760
     atcatgatga caggagcaaa tccacacata tcaatactaa ccttaaatgt aaatgagtta     11820
     aatgccccaa ttaaaagaca cagagtgaca agctggataa agaaccaaga tgtattggta     11880
     tgctgtcttc aagagattta tctcacatgc aatgacacac aggctcaaaa taaagagatg     11940
     gtgaaaaatc tacaatgcct tttttcctta aaatttgttt tcttttacac tcaatctctg     12000
     aagtgacttt tatgctttag acatatgtct tgtaaacagt ataatctgaa tttgtatttt     12060
     tgcattcaat ttgtcaatct ctctctttta atcacaagtc aagtctattt gcattttact     12120
     gaaattaata acatatatgg acctttatat tatctcacat ttttcatttc ggtcttttcc     12180
     atgatttcaa tgactttttt cctgttagcc catttctata acccattcta gcatgtgtat     12240
     caggctcgga tggcaggtgg attcattata acctctacct taagatgtgt tttcagactc     12300
     tgttaagttt actttgctca tttctggcat cctccttcac ataagaatta gtgatccagg     12360
     cccagccatt tgtagatttt gagacattgt tctggctgtc tgcatatggc ctgtctctgg     12420
     acttaacatc ccatgtcctc actcagacta cataccttta gacccaccct attactatgg     12480
     actccctgtc tatttgtatt ttttcagcaa aacctctaaa agtaattatc aatattcttg     12540
     aaacattaac ttgatagatt cttgtaaaat cacataatct attgaaaatt ctatgggtgc     12600
     tctaaactat accccctgga taatcttacc tgtacacagt ttgaacagat atcctttaca     12660
     gctagaataa tgatactagt taaaatcaga ggactaatct atgggtagat catttcaaaa     12720
     tttactctga ggcttaaaag gaaatatatt ttgtaaagca agaaagtata ttttccaaga     12780
     tccaattagc aatgaaggca tcctaatagt atctgggatc ctcacatgtg aaaaaaataa     12840
     attaggttac aaaagagaga acttacatac acttagttct tgcaggagga aaggaactat     12900
     ctagatgttg ttattttgtt caaaataagt ataagtacaa aaatctgtgg tagtaaatct     12960
     agtgcactat tcttacatgt gacactaata acccaaggaa aaataataaa atatttctgc     13020
     ttcttttgat atgagcctgt catggcctga atggaagttc actactgata agcacttgtt     13080
     tctttattcc cttactcggc tttcttcatt tgtagcttca cagcaagaat cacaacctaa     13140
     aactgcattt tatgtctgtt tattatgtga ctttttttag ttcctgctag aattaaagct     13200
     cataaaggta gggacacatt tgcctttttg actaagttat ctggaatagc atgtatcact     13260
     tagtaggagc taaataatta tttgacaaat gaatggatac attcattgat gaatttgatg     13320
     tccacatgat ggctgtcttt atttaaataa acccgttatt tccatgagtc acttgttcct     13380
     cctgctacat atagagaact attattcagg atttcagttg agttctaaac agttggatgc     13440
     ttccgcaatc agggatcttc aatttctcca cttggtgttt tattcaacag aagtgccttt     13500
     ggacattcac acttgatctt ccaaaaccac atcagcttcc agaacgacgc ttctagacag     13560
     tttcttagta acccctcaaa gacatgattt cacattttta tcaatgtata attttattta     13620
     aactgaaatg acataatatt actgtgtcaa atattataga gaaagttggc catctttgca     13680
     tatgctattt tccatttgag tttcttctgt gaattactgt tcatctactt tccaatattt     13740
     caactaggtt atttaatcca ttgatttgag cagtacttta tttcttcctt tgtgtaatat     13800
     atgtattgaa aaatatccaa atatacttca taactatgtt gcccaaattt tgtaatgcat     13860
     actaacaaat atctgttata ttcattttta agaaatatac taaaatgtaa taacttgtat     13920
     tttctcatcc cactttgctt ttctaaacag tatttatgta tttcaacttt tttacagttt     13980
     aaatacaata tacttaggtg taggttttct ttgctttttt taaatacagg gattatctat     14040
     ggaggaacta aacatagtaa tataataaaa ttgcaagaag gatgccagag acatataatt     14100
     gttggtggtc taaattatct gctttcagat aattagaaaa ctgatgtcta aattaatacc     14160
     ccacatacac aaagatacac atattaccat taaaagtcat tgagctgggg ataatgctag     14220
     tggaggaaag gaatggcatg aagggctctt gttttcatta aaatacatct ttattgttta     14280
     atcctcaaac tatgtacagg tatcctgata aatttaaaat actaattgca aaataaaatt     14340
     taattcttac tgaaatatca agaatgctgc agatggtggc agaatgctca atgtgaaaaa     14400
     ggatagtggc ttgcattaga atgacagcag cgaagtttgt tttaagcatg taattttata     14460
     gtaccaatct cttatctgtg aaagcgtgta aaagactgag ctcttcagtt ctcaaacaaa     14520
     agcagacttt aactcctgct ccagccatgc ttctttgctt ctcaaacacc cacaaccaca     14580
     tctcagattg catcatattt tgaacacatg gaaggaagag taagggaaat aagagtggct     14640
     gggttaccac cctcaagaaa tgctgatccc tcaaatctag acctgccaag gggccaggag     14700
     agaagggaaa gcagcagctc ccttgaattt ttaaagtgca atgtccccac ctactggtga     14760
     agatgaccca gttaacatcc ctacagctgt caatgtcttc ctaggacatt gacttcttct     14820
     agtagaatca gtgtgcttca gctcagtttt acaccagaag ataaacaaaa tataaatcca     14880
     agatttttgc agtgcagtgg aggtctctga gggtgttgca atgagaattt taaacacaaa     14940
     gctagtttta aaataacacc ataattagca gtccctttcc ccagtatcta tctactcctc     15000
     acagcttctg ctcagattgt cttctctcca ttgtctcttc catcgccctg tacaaatctc     15060
     ctctcttaca ctgcatttcc tgcccacacc ctgcttcccc atgcgttaag ttagcagcct     15120
     tttttccctc ttgttgtttt ctgccttctg atatttcaga taagaaatct gtttctgggc     15180
     cgggcgcggt ggctcatgcc tgtaatccca gctctttggg aggccaaggc agatggatca     15240
     cctgaggtca ggagttcgag accagactgg ccaacatcat gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa     15300
     aatacaaaaa ttattcattg atcatctact tggtgtccag cactaggtca ttcctaagta     15360
     tcactgaact ttgtgataac gctgaagata tgtttggaag tttcagaaac cagaagaaga     15420
     acacgattca ggatgtttct tcttgtgaca tttatttaaa ttctctggtt cttatatttg     15480
     agggttgact gtagctgggg gagggtggga gagggatggg aaaaagaaaa tggaaagata     15540
     ttccctggaa aagaagataa ttgtctaaga attgttcatt ttttccttgt cttggcacta     15600
     tgagacactg ggatataata taaaaggtaa cagattttga gaaaaatgca tttgtcccat     15660
     agttggagaa tttgttaagt ttgtgaccct caacaaatca catattctct gttagcctca     15720
     gtcattttaa ctttaaagtt tagatagctt ccatttggtg agattaatat taagatgaaa     15780
     tgaaatttta tatatgagac ctactaattg cagattctga cagagagcta caacaccaaa     15840
     actaagccct gttatgtgct tccacagggg acaaaataga ggctgtgaaa agtagatagt     15900
     tgagtaaagc tcatcaaatt atttagtcag ctacctccat tcttcaccat aaatcttgca     15960
     taaccattta gaggatgcca tcctgaaaaa gataatcagt tttacagaga agtgttggta     16020
     gctctgaggc tattaataac cccagttact acagtaacaa ccgggaggtg aaacagatta     16080
     atcagaggta aataggttaa aataaaggtt atcggagttc tgggaaatct ctatctatcc     16140
     cagagaagaa taatgcataa tgagtggtaa aatatttgat tttaaaaatt taaattaccc     16200
     acaaatgatc tcccattctc aattgccaca aatagaataa aatacctagg aatatagcta     16260
     acaagggaag tgaagaacct cttcaaggaa aactgcaaat cactcttcaa agaaatcaga     16320
     gatgacacaa acaaagtgaa aaacattcca tgctcacgga taggaagaat caatatcatg     16380
     aaaatggcca tactaccgaa agcaatttat agatttaatg ctattcccat taaactacca     16440
     ttgacattct tcaaagaatt tttaaaaaac tattttaaaa ttcacatgga accaaaaaaa     16500
     gagctcgaag agccaaggca atccgaagca aaaagaacaa agctgaaggc atcacattac     16560
     ccaacttcaa actatactac agggctacag taactaaaac agcgtggtac tggtacaaga     16620
     acagacatat agaccaatgg aacagaatac agaacccaga aataagacca cacacctact     16680
     agcatctgat attcaacaaa tctgacaaaa acaagcaatg gggaaaggat tccctcttta     16740
     ataaatggtg ctgggagaac tggctagcca tatgcagaag attgaaactg gacctcttcc     16800
     ttacaccatg tacaaaaatc aactcaagat ggattaaaca cttaaatgta aaacccaaaa     16860
     ctataaagac cctagaagaa aacctaggca ataccattca ggacataggc atgggcaaag     16920
     atttcatgat gaagatgcca aaaacaattg caacaaaagc aaaaattgac aaatgggatc     16980
     taattaaagt aaagagcttc tacacagcaa aagaaactac caacacagta aaaagacaac     17040
     ccacagaatg ggagaaaatt tttcaatcta tgcgtctgac aaagatctac aattcagcat     17100
     ctataaggaa cttaaattta caagaaaaaa cccattaaaa aatgggcaaa ggacatgaac     17160
     acatacttct caaaagaaaa catgcatgtg gccatgaaac atatgaaaaa aagctcaata     17220
     tcactgatca ttagagaaat gcaaaccaaa accgcaatga gataccatct cacacccgta     17280
     agaatggtta tcattaaaaa gtgaaaaaac aacagatgct ggagaggttg tgttggtggg     17340
     agtgtaaatt agttcaacca ttgtggaaga cggtgtgaca attcctcaga gacctagaga     17400
     cagaaatact gtttgaccca gcaatctcat tactgggtat ataaccaaaa gaatataaat     17460
     tactctgtta taaaagacat atgcatgcat atgttcattg cagcactatt cacaatagca     17520
     aagacatgga atcaacccaa atgcccatca atggtagact aaataaagaa aatgtggtgc     17580
     attatgtagc catgaaaagg aataagatca tgttctttgc aggcacatgg atggagctgg     17640
     aggccattat ccttagcaaa ttaacacagg aacagaaaac caaatatcat atgttctcat     17700
     ttataggtgg gagctgaatg atgagtttat agttctcatt ataggtggga gctgaatgat     17760
     gagaacacat ggacacatgg aggggaacaa cacacactgg ggcctgtcgg agggtagggg     17820
     atgggaggag ggagagcatc aggaacaaga gctaacggat gctgggctta ataactaggt     17880
     gatgggatga tctgtgtagc aaaccaccat ggcacacatt tacctatgta acaaacctgc     17940
     acatcctgca catgtacccc tgaacttaaa ataaaagttg gaaaaaatat atttaaatta     18000
     ctattatatt tatcaaaatt attatactta ttggtataac agtaacagtt atctttttta     18060
     gaccttaata tgtgccagac atattgtaca ttaaaatata ttatcacatg tgcttttctt     18120
     aacagactat gaggtaatta ttattatcta aattttcaga taaggaaaac atctttcagt     18180
     ttgagtacct tgcccaagat cacagctcat aatttgtttt aatgatatac cttagataat     18240
     cagtattaaa atttacataa tacttcagtc atttacacta ataagaaaag tgtttgagca     18300
     aaatattaaa aaaacaaaat tacataattt caaataacac agcttttatt aacccattaa     18360
     atttattaca aggaaccagt ctaaggactg ttgattgaat caaaagagtg atggtgacat     18420
     tctctttcta attgtcttga aattaataca aaacactaat ttatatcaca tattattcat     18480
     atgaatttag ttagcaacat atattaattg attatgtata agtgctttca aaatacttat     18540
     gatgtttgaa aattagacac acattcgtat tttaatgccc cagttacacc tctcccaatg     18600
     tattactgag taatcttttc aatttttatt gcgcaaacag aatctcaggt aagtctttga     18660
     attaattaat gctggtgatt agcaaataaa caccctttat gtttcatatg tcatgcacaa     18720
     ttaaggacct gaaattaatt gaggagaata gagaacctgc attaacgaga cattcccttg     18780
     ctaccactgt tgtaagtatc cagataattt gggggttcat tatagacatg gaagaagtat     18840
     tttgtataag gagaatcttc ccatgtctgc ctttggtttt gctctctccc cattaccctt     18900
     agttttatga ttttctcctt tttcaaatct aaagtgttca cagatcaatc tgaagaattc     18960
     catatggatt caacagaaat ttactaaatg cctaaaatgt gctaaagata tagacaaaat     19020
     aactgcctct gttgtgtatg tatattttgg gggaggaaat acactaaaat attttttaat     19080
     caaatatttt accagccatt atgcatcagt cactctctag gtgccaggaa tgttgcatgg     19140
     aaggaaaatg ggcatggact ctgcctcatg gggctgagac tgtagtagac atgacaaaca     19200
     gttgtctttt gttttcctat catgttaaga tctgggagag cattccaggc aaaagagagt     19260
     gcaaggctct ggaggacagt gtgagcttca tgaaagaata agaaggccag tgaggctgga     19320
     acagaacggg ttggttggac aattatagga gacaagattg gacaagtaca catgtaagac     19380
     atggtaagga gatttgattt tatcctaatg gtaatcagat caaatatctc taccctaaca     19440
     cttcactgtc acatttcata aagatatata caaatgtgaa atcttccagt gaattttttc     19500
     tgcttttttt ttctaaacaa accttcatat tctcaaaact aaggagatag cacccaagag     19560
     cagaacctaa gaagaagcaa atagaaaaag agaaattagg aaataagaaa gttagcagtt     19620
     ttctttgata gcaagtggag gaattaaaca ttcctacact gggctgggcg tggtggctcg     19680
     cgcttgtaat cccaacactc tgggaggcca aggtgagaga atcgcttgag ctcaggaatt     19740
     caagaccagt ctgggcaaca tagtgagagc cctatctcta caaaaacttt aaaaagaaat     19800
     tagccgggcc ggtggaatgt gcctgtcgtc ccagctacta aggaggctga ggcgggagga     19860
     tcatctgaac ccaagaggtc aaggatgtag tgagctgtgt ttgtgtcact gcactccagc     19920
     ctgggtgaca gagaccctct caaaaaaaaa aatcctacat tggaagaaag gagaaataac     19980
     ttctattttt acattactaa aggggaaaac acgaaataca aagctgtcac ctggcttccg     20040
     tcaacagtga tctgatgatg aacggtgtcc cctcagaata taaaggtgtt ctttgaacgt     20100
     tcacaggagc gatacctaac ccggatcata gagggtgttt gtgttccgag gacactaaat     20160
     ttgagtccct gcatgcatca cacaagtctt cgcccaaact accatttgca ggctcacttc     20220
     ttagccccac ccctactgag aacgcagagc catttgcacg cttcctgtcc ttggaaacgg     20280
     aagaaacttc aattacatga tggctttatg ctacctagac ctctttcttc agtctttggc     20340
     atgttctaat ctcggaggcg actttacaca gatggcaata gcattcgcag cttggaggtc     20400
     ttttaccagt ggctaaaact tgatccaaca gcctcagccg gttccccctg actccagccc     20460
     tctagatgct tctcaacatc accttcatct cctttccttt attcaggaca gtcgtgccaa     20520
     gaaatgccta agagaagggt gaccctggaa atgtcttgac tctgggaaga tcttctaacc     20580
     actccacatg gtaataagca cagtgttgac aggtgtgagg actgaagtgg gagatcaaag     20640
     aggaaaagcc acgaatgagg gtgtgagggg cagtcaagag aagctcccaa gggagcatga     20700
     tctgtgtaaa tgcagattct ctgggtattg gaagatcctt ggggacaaat gccaagaaga     20760
     caccaacttc ttttatcagc atctctcaga atccatgccc tgtgggtagt tatatgtgaa     20820
     tatcagaatc gccctccact gccagggaga cccaaggctt aatcttgtat ctaatttgga     20880
     aacaaaaaaa aatgtatatg atgaaattat tctgtagttt tgcttgtagc agcctcagtt     20940
     atcttaaata ttcctccaac acattatttt ctttattaac tgttactatg cccatggcat     21000
     tcatcactct gacactttca taatggatta tgaggcttgt acttgtactg atttatttat     21060
     gtatttgtct ctgtttgttt tttagagatg cggggggtct cactgtgttg cctaggctgg     21120
     tcttgaactc ctgacctcta gtgatcctcc cgcctgggcc ttccaaagtg ctcagatcat     21180
     gggcatgcac ccagccacat ttttaaccta tgtaaataga gatgggggga aaaaacaaaa     21240
     aaactccaaa gcatttttcc ttctgtctta cacagttact tctgacatca ggtatgtgga     21300
     gatttttccc ccacaccaag caattctcca gcagacaccg ggttcctcta aatcaattca     21360
     attctgatac tatttaccta aaaatagcat cagatcccac agattgaggg atcagtcatg     21420
     caaaactgcc cccctcccac ttcagatgcc agttgctatc acctgtactt ctgaccatcc     21480
     aattatagat tggaggttcc cacaaacctt tcctcaggtt caattaattt gctagagcag     21540
     cccaaagaat tcagggaaac acttacttac atacactggt ttattacata ggataagaca     21600
     aaggatacag acgaacagat taataaagaa aaacaaaaca cataggacaa agtatggggg     21660
     aaagagtgcg gagcttccac accttcttca agagcctatc ctccaggcat ctttccgtgt     21720
     tctgctatct ggaaactctc caaactctgc ccttttgggt tttaatggag gctttgttat     21780
     gtcagcatgg tgagttgatt aaaccattgg ccattggcag tcaactcaac cttcagcccc     21840
     tcccttctcc ccagagattg tgaatgggct gaaaatccca accctctaat cctgccttgg     21900
     tctttctggt gaccagcccc agccaccagt cacctcatta gcatgcaaaa gacactctta     21960
     tcactctgga gattccaaga gttttaggag ctgaagggca ggaaccaggg tcagaaacca     22020
     aatatatact tcctattata tcacaatatc acacacacta gcttgggtca atcagttgca     22080
     ttaattattt gtgtatgatg tgaagtactc tttttagtca caaatttatt tctttcaaat     22140
     taccaggtag gaagtcaaag ggaaaattct ttatttcact tttggaaaac taatgaataa     22200
     actaaattag taattgcatg ctatttccac ttctgtaaaa atgatataga ccctatatgc     22260
     ctgttatgaa taatagatga gctttgcaat gaagagatat gcatgttact ttttattaga     22320
     atgagtatgg cttcaatttt tatgtgacta tcaaaagaga aatatggttc ttttttctaa     22380
     tttagagttt atctaataat ggtccgtgag ctcttgtgac ctctctttaa actaaggtac     22440
     atctcactgt ttcaactcat gcctctgtgt cctgctcagt gattcaccat ctccctatac     22500
     aagagatccc cgacctagca agctcatcta caaacaaata ttcttattct tggaacagag     22560
     ttgccaaaag cacaggcaca cagaaaaaca agtctgtgtt tgagagctca ggagagagag     22620
     gagccaaaag aaacatctac cagcagctaa atgatttggt tcctgaaggg attcacttcc     22680
     atgaataaga atacgagtag gtactctcat tggtacttct tcctcatctg taggtacctg     22740
     agatgactgt gtcctctaaa gcttctgtga tgctagatgc acccaacatc attttctata     22800
     attgaggatc gtagctttcc cctgtgatcc tctggctgta ttgtgggaag atagtcaaaa     22860
     aatcatcttt taaagtagga aataaacttc tttttataga atcagctccc cttcctctgc     22920
     gcttgtggtt tccattacta taaaagagag cactgaagtc caaagaaagt actgtgtatt     22980
     tcccttttgg ggccctgatg tcctgcccat ggcattcatg cccccaaaat tgtttcatgc     23040
     caccatgaaa ttgcctccac gtggtgccca tctttttccc ttcactcata ttctcaacat     23100
     ttccagaacc agagagagag agacggagaa acagagaagt tctgacctca acaccacctt     23160
     ttcctacaga atatgtggca cccgtatttt gtcagagaag acaaacgtgt tgttcctcag     23220
     attggtagga ttcatgggca tttcatcctc ataatatgag gttgtatgca gacagtgcct     23280
     cctggtatcg agaagccatg tgagttacac cacagaggag aggaagttag gggtttcaaa     23340
     tatttcaaag aataaggaag ctaagtcata ctcagaagtt aagaagaact ttggggagag     23400
     aggaagtcaa aatacagaaa tgcattcaaa aaaaaagttt aggatgtaga ggaggatggg     23460
     atcaccatga gacagccgtc caatgcccat gatagttcct gttacagtaa gccacgtctt     23520
     cagatagaga gagaaaaggc cacatgtata cttgccttgt atgaatgagc actgttgttt     23580
     gatgaattcc atctcttccc ctcttttcag tcccttcatc ctcattgtaa taacaagact     23640
     gctggtgatg tggccatgca gagctcttgt ccctcatgtt ctttccacct cgatctttca     23700
     cttttctcta tttctgcttc tcctggtcct acctgggctc tccccaaggg ctgctcctca     23760
     ccgggcagct agttacacgg ccaccaccac cctgccatct acacagaggc cctccatctc     23820
     tctgtgacca ttttgatgag atctcttttt ttcatggcat ccatcttggc agtagcaagt     23880
     tcatagccca gagtaagagg attacctgtt gggatgcaca aaggaattta aaccccatta     23940
     aaatttgtga cccaaatcat tgtttatgct taacagaaat agcagcaata agatcgattg     24000
     aggaattatc tcacgtacta aaacagaaga cctatcattt tgtgggaggt agtagccatg     24060
     aatccaaatc aagcctagta gtagtacatt ccccagcgtg ctcagaatat gcatagagag     24120
     tttaaatcaa ggcgtaagag tttccaaccc ttctatctgt atggccaagc cccattcatg     24180
     ttagtgctgg aagcattctt cctgtatctc attggtttct cgggtacttt ttctcaatgt     24240
     ctccatttaa aaacgtttat atagagttct ggtttctgct tggggatgca gagaactgga     24300
     aacagtgatg cttccttgca acatgaaaga aatcacacaa attgcaaggt cgcaattttt     24360
     ttcaacccat cacagagctg ggattgagct tccaactagc ttgaaatcta ggagagttgt     24420
     cgcctgagtg cttgcttacc taaggcaggt acagctgggc actggtaaga agaatttagc     24480
     tggaatcatt taaaaattga ctgaggtcaa atgtgggctg gaaagagtac agagtcccag     24540
     gggctcacga gtatagggcg gttcacacct tcttgcaagc ttcgtatccg ggaatgccag     24600
     tgggtgttca caaataaaaa atgggagagt cctgagaagg cattccgcat gcttttcaag     24660
     gaaaagaata aatagaagtt aaaggcttta tacatcgatg tgcatcaaat gagttaacta     24720
     gcagaatata agggaagcaa agactttact atctcatgtt gagagcagac tacatactca     24780
     aaccctattt cgtctgtttt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttgag atggagtctt     24840
     gctttgtcgc ccaggctgca gtgcagtggc gcgatctcct ctcactgcaa cctccgcctc     24900
     cccattagca gggattacag tcgcacacca ccacacctgg ctaatttttt tttttttgta     24960
     tttttagtag agaaggagtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggctg gtctcgaact cctgacctca     25020
     tgtgatctgc ctgcctcggc ttcccaaagt gctggaatac acgtgtgggc cactgcgccc     25080
     agcctcctcc gttaatctat tatcattctt ctctaatatt ctcaaactta cttaattcat     25140
     taacatgata tatgttgaca tctcattaaa tatgtctcta tttatgacat actcaacaac     25200
     atgtgtgtag tgttataaaa ttttaattta ttttataaat atttaacact aactgagtgc     25260
     caggcattct tctatgcact taaatagcag acaggcatgg tggccgacac ctgtaacccc     25320
     agcactttag gaggccgagg caggaagatc acttgagccc agaagttcaa gaccctgtgg     25380
     tttcagaggc tgaggtggga agaccactgg agcccaggag gtcaagactg cagcgagcca     25440
     ttattgcacc actgcactcc agcctgtggg acagagggag tgagaccctg tctcagatga     25500
     aagaaagaca gagagagaga gaggcataga gatgcatatg cacacaacga ttacatcgta     25560
     gggctgttta aattactcat tctggctggg ggtctgtgct ctaaaccact attggtatgc     25620
     tatttctgtg tggctggtct ggaaagcttc acaccacccc cctctccctt ccctgaattt     25680
     ccatattccc cccaaccctc attatccctt tcagagtctc gcaggttgag gtgatgtgag     25740
     agaggaagca gaagcgaagg ttacgcgagg aaagcccctc gttaaacttg ggattttcac     25800
     ggggactcag tccagaggaa gttgagaaaa ccaacttaaa ttacggtctc gatcgccatc     25860
     tggcggtgga agtccacatt acatccgcgg agcaatggct gggaacgttg cataatagag     25920
     cggggctcaa attccaaatt aagtttctga attttttcca tctggaattt tatttgatga     25980
     ttagtctagc atcgtaatgg tgtccttcgt gttgacgtga aaacccagcc ttccttcagt     26040
     tcatttcccg tttattaggg atgcaaaact ccagccacag atgacctacg actctgactc     26100
     cttccccacc tactttaccc tcccctcccc cagtacattc tggggctaaa ccctaagagg     26160
     tacccatgca tcgctgggcc gatgatgaaa atgaagaagt attctgatga agcgagaccc     26220
     cggaagtgca gcttcaggca aaatcctgag cgaattcttt gctgccagga cagtccatag     26280
     gatcttactc ttagaaatta cgtaagcatg agcagtcaac gctgaaaagc agagaatgtg     26340
     gttttctggc ggactccaga gggagaccag gaaatcctct cacttacaat ccatcaagag     26400
     tagttcctcc aaattgagta caaagtctct aaaggccagc agagacaagt aaggacttgt     26460
     agtgagctgc agctcaccac ccggatcaga acataaaaga caggagacct cacggcctgg     26520
     agacccacta gagcaaaatc tgccatccca ggcagggagg agaatcaggc ggaggcctga     26580
     catggtgagg ccttgctcca agtggagaag gtgcataaac ttaacaactt tgttattgcc     26640
     ctgaggatgt gatgtggcaa aggggacaag gattggatag attgtcttac tgatggaagt     26700
     tggtaacaaa caaggcaaat caaaaaagaa gccatgagat ccagggaact gctgtacagg     26760
     ggacatggct gcataatatt agtatagtaa ctcattatgc acttgtgtgg cagacagtgg     26820
     ctgaattctg gagacggaaa atattaataa gacacggagt cctgcttacc acccaggaga     26880
     catattagca aacaaagggg cacagcagaa atgtgtgtaa aattaggaca ttgaagtcac     26940
     aaacaattag gaaaattttc tagtggaaat gacattcaag ctgatcgagg gtatatggag     27000
     aatggcttcc aagtctaaca aagcatgagc ggcttggaca cttggacagg cttcgaggga     27060
     agtgaaagtc tttcggaatt ggtaaaatgg gtgggtgaca gatgaagcag agggctaggg     27120
     atggatgcct cacacaccag gctaaggact tgggtctttg atctgcagtc agtaggacca     27180
     gtatgcagac tgatagtaag ggaagggtca tgggcagctt cacgttttag aaagactact     27240
     ctgatgggaa gagtgggtta gaggagcata aaattgaaag cagagaaagc agcgtgggta     27300
     actgttagag taacacagac cagacatgat ggggctcgaa ttaaagtagg atcagggatc     27360
     tagagagagg gtcagagaca tgtgagggag cagatgcaac atgatgtgtc gtcatccatt     27420
     gtatatggga gagaggagaa ggcgagagca gaagatgctt gggagaccaa gtggttagta     27480
     attccagtca tcaagaaagg acagtttaag agaacattcc atattagaca ttttgtattt     27540
     gtagggcctg tgggtcatcc agatgaaact ttactctgtg tggtagatgg aataatgccc     27600
     ccaactgcca cccctgaaag atctgaatct atgaaacctg tgaatctgtt accttacatg     27660
     gcaaaaggga ctttgcatta gtgattagat taaggatctt gagatgggga gattattctg     27720
     gattagccaa gtggtcctga tataattaca tgggtccttc taagtgaaag aaagaggcaa     27780
     gagaatagaa gaaggagatg tgatattaga agcaaaaatc agaggaaagt gattgctgga     27840
     agggggctac aagccgagga atgcagctgg tcgctgcaag ctggaagagg caaaaaacag     27900
     attatccgct aaagccttca gaaggggaac acagacaagc taacaccttg attagccctg     27960
     tacaagtgtt aaaagaaaaa ctttgaacaa attaaattta ttttgattta tttgagcaaa     28020
     gcacaattca tgaattgggc agcatccagg accagaagag gtacagagag ctccactgag     28080
     caataggggc aggcaatatt tatagagaga aaaaggaagt ggtatacaga agcagcttgt     28140
     ttacagctca gtatttgcct tatttgatca tggtctgatc agttggcaac ctgtgattgc     28200
     ctgaagcttg gctgctgtgt ttgcctgaga ctcagctatt tattacaaga atatgctctt     28260
     aagttagggt acaattttct tacacattaa gttagatttc agtatactac gtaggaattc     28320
     aaagtacaga ggccgcttta agccaaattt aatttaattt aacaggaccc attttaggct     28380
     tataatttcc agaactgtcc aacaataaat ttttgttgtt ttaaaacact aaattgtggt     28440
     aatttgttac agcaccaata ggaaactaat atatcctgta atcacgaagc aatatagctc     28500
     aaacctcagg cttggggacc atatggattt gagttcttat catagctcca tcgcttccta     28560
     cccatatgaa cttgcgtgtc ttaattaacc tccctaagcc tccactttct catttgtaaa     28620
     atgggactat ctactagaat ttctgtctgg aaagaggaat ggggaggcag tgtggtcagc     28680
     tgttttgcat aacaagccct gtagaaatac agatgctcct tgacttcagg tgggtttgtg     28740
     tcctgataaa ctgcaagttg aaaatgcatt caatacccct aacctatcaa acatcatagt     28800
     ttagcccagc ctaccctcaa catgctcaga acacttacat tagcgtggct gactgggagc     28860
     tgtggctcac tactgctgct cagcgtcagg tgagagtgtt ataccacata tcactagccc     28920
     agagaaagac tgacatttca aatttgaagt acatttcttc cagaatgtgt actgctttca     28980
     cgccatcaca gctgaacaat cttaagtgga accatcataa gtcaggaacc atctgtattt     29040
     gatgttttaa accatgtcat gtataacttt ttaaaaaaaa agataaaata attttaaata     29100
     ttaaaatagg aaaattttaa aaagaaaaaa gacatttttt cttttctttt tcttttcttt     29160
     tttttttttt ttttaggcag agtcttgttc tgtcacccag gctggagtgc agtggcgtga     29220
     tcttggctca ctgcaagctc cacctcctgg gttcacacca ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc     29280
     gtgtagctgg gactacaggc acctaccacc atgcccagct aatttttcat attttttagt     29340
     agagacaggg tttcactgtg ttagccagga tggtcttgat ctcctgacct agtgatctgc     29400
     tcacctcagc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta taggcgtgag ccacattttt tattttctaa     29460
     aatgaaaatg ttgatattta atttttaatc cccttcaaaa aagcaactac tctgtttatg     29520
     agatttatag agaattccat atagttaata ctaaatacat tcctacatca gaatttgttt     29580
     aatacaaaat caattattta ggttaaaatg ttaacactct tccactaaat taccactgca     29640
     attgtgtaac ttcaaaatgc tcaggatatt gtcaacagag gaaatagaaa ttgatcttct     29700
     agcacaatag tcaaacaaaa ttgactatac aagattttgg atgcttgtta cactgttgac     29760
     tcaaaacaat tctaaacaac tcaatgtact tgatggacag aatgtactaa gaaaccaaca     29820
     aaagcaattc atttcttact tagctacata agctaagtaa gaaaatcgca aatgctgaca     29880
     tcaaaggaag ctttccaagc atagaaataa actctgatag attatttcag atccaggata     29940
     tttggaaaat aaatcagatt gcctttttgg ataattccta aagaatcaca caattatgac     30000
     ttttgaatcc tttattaatg gaggttacag cagcctaaat aatttgaaaa gtggggttgg     30060
     ctctcaaata acatggaggg tttgttttag aggaaacatg taacacaaca ggactccaga     30120
     agcacgtgct ttaaggtata aggacatgta cccctggtga cagaggatgt ataaatattg     30180
     tgagtccaaa tatataggcc acttgtttaa gaaaaaaaga cattaggagt ataaaaagga     30240
     atcaaatgta agtgcaaact cataataaat ctaaactaca tgaggcataa agcctaaata     30300
     agtgcttaag tagctgaaat agtatcactt tatgttggaa acctgaaagg gactaaatat     30360
     atgacataga gtccatattt aaaaacttca tgtaggcatt aaatagaaag gatacagctc     30420
     atttgacaac cagtagaaaa ggcagctatt taaagaagcg taatccaagt taatgatata     30480
     catatatgag gtattagaat acgtaattca atggccattc atgataaaat gctcagaaaa     30540
     tgcaaataga gaggaactgc ctcaacttga taaagagcat ctgcaaaaaa atctcacagc     30600
     taacacagcg gtgaaagact gaaatttttc ccccaaagat cgggaacaaa gcaatgatgt     30660
     ccactctcgc catgcttatt caacatggcg ttggaagttc tagataatgt aatgggcgag     30720
     aaaaaaaaaa ggcgtgcaga tttcaaagga agaaataaaa atggatcaaa gtctaatatg     30780
     taaaacataa agtcacaaaa ctctcaggag aaaatcttca ggatctaggg ttaagcaaaa     30840
     agcttttaga cttgacacca aaggcataat ccataacagg aaaaattaat aacgtgcaac     30900
     tactagtggt ttgtcctcac caatttgtat ttgaggttta tggggatact ttgacactta     30960
     gttttgttga aaatgttaag atgctgtatt aaattatact ttttattttg atataattgt     31020
     tgattcacgg acacttttaa gaaatgttac agagatatct catgtacatt ttacccagtt     31080
     tcctccaagg ataacatctt gtaaactaca gtaaattatc acagtctgga tattgacatt     31140
     gatataatta aaataaagaa cactttcatc actataatat ccctcatttt gcccttttgt     31200
     agccacagcc acttccctcc catttccact tcttcattaa cacagcaatt attaatttcc     31260
     atctctatag ttttggcatt ccaggagtgt tatataagtg gaatcattta gtagacaaca     31320
     ttttgcaatt ttttttttca ctcagcataa ttccctggtg attcatccag gtcgtggtgc     31380
     ctgtatccag tttgttcgtt tttattgcta agtagtattt cctagtatgg atataccaca     31440
     gtttgtttcc agtttttgtc tgaataaagc tgctatgagc atacatgtgc agatttttct     31500
     ctgaacataa gtcttcattt ctctgggata aatgctcagg agtgcaattg ctgggttgta     31560
     tggtggttgc atgttttgct tttaaagaaa atgccaaact attttccagt gtggctgtac     31620
     tatattacat tcccagcagc caaatgtgag tgatctattt tctctgcatc ctcaccagga     31680
     tttggtattg tgcctacttt ttatttttag ctatcatgat aggtatatag taatatctta     31740
     ttgtggtttt aatttgtaat tctctaatgg ctaatgacat tgcacatgtt ttcatgtcct     31800
     tattttgtat ctatgtatct tttttggttc catatgcatt ttaaaatagt ttttactagt     31860
     tctgtgaagc atctcaattg tagtttgata ggaataacat tgaattataa attgctttgg     31920
     gcagtatggc cattttaatg atattgtttc ttcctatcca tgagcatgca atgtttttcc     31980
     atttgtttgt gtcatttctg atttcattga gcagtgcttt ttagttcttc ttgtggagat     32040
     ctttcacctc cctggttagc tgtattccta ggtattttat tctgtttgtg gcaattgtga     32100
     ataggactgc attcctgatt ttgctctagg cttgactgtt gttggtgtat agaaatatta     32160
     gtaatttttg cacattgatt ttgtatcctg agaccttgct gaagttgttt atcaacttaa     32220
     gaagtttttg ggctgagacg atagggtttt ctagatagat gatcatgtca tctgcaaaca     32280
     ggaatacttt gacttcctct tttcctattt ggctgctctt tattcttttc tcttgcctga     32340
     ttgccctggc aaggacttca gtactatgtt gaataggagt aatgagaggg ggcattcttg     32400
     tcttctgcca gttttcaagg ggaatgcttc cagcttttgc ccattcagta tgatgttggc     32460
     tgtgggtttg tcatagatgg ctcttactat tttgacgtat gttccttcaa tagctagttt     32520
     atcaagagtt tttaacatga aggagtgttg aattttatca gaagactttt ctgcatctat     32580
     tgagataatc atgtgggttt tgtctttagt tctgtttatg tgatgaatca catttactga     32640
     tttttatatg ttgaacaaac ctcatatccc agggataaag cctacttgat catggtagat     32700
     tggcttttgg atgtgctgct ggattcggtt tgctggtatt ttgttgagga tttttttgca     32760
     tcaatgttta tcaaggatat tggcctgaag ttttcttctt ttgttgtgtc tctgccaggt     32820
     tttggtattt agatgatgct agcttcatag aatgagttag gtaggagtct cttctcctca     32880
     attttttgaa atagtttcag caggaattgt accatttctt ctttgtacac ctgatagaat     32940
     tcagctgtga atccatttgg tcctgggttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tttttggtag     33000
     gctatttact actgactcaa tttcagagct cattattagt ctgttcatag attcaatttc     33060
     ttcctagttc agtcttaggg ggtgtatgtg cccaggaatt tatccatttc ttctagattt     33120
     tctactttat gtcatagaag tattcataat attctctgat ggttgtctgt atttctgtgg     33180
     ggtcagtggt aatacctcct ttgtcattcc taattgtgtt tatttgaatc ttctctcttt     33240
     tcttctttat tagtctagct agaagtccat ctattttatt aattatttca taaaaccagc     33300
     tcctgtattc attgatcttt tgaatcattt ttgtgtctca atctccttcc attcagttct     33360
     ggattttggt tatttcttgt cttctgctag ccttgagatt ggttggctct tgatactcta     33420
     gttcttttag ttattatgtt aggttgttaa attgagatat ttctaacttt ttgatgtggg     33480
     catttagtgc tataaatttc cttcttaaca ctgctttagt tgtgtcccag agcttctagt     33540
     gtgttgtatc tttgttctca ctcatgtcaa aaagtttctt gatttctgcc tgaatttcat     33600
     tattttccca aaagtcattc aggagcaggt tatttaattt ccatgtaatt gtacggtttt     33660
     gagtgaactt ttttgtcttg gtttctaatt tgattgtgct gtggtccaag agattttttc     33720
     ttatgatcag ttcttttgca tttgctgagg agtgttttac ttctaattat gtgatcgatt     33780
     ttagagtatg tgccatgtga caatgagaaa aatgtatatt ctgtcttttt ggggtggaaa     33840
     gttctataag atgtctatca ggttcatttg atccagagct aagttcaggt cctgggtatc     33900
     tttgttaatt ttctgtcttg atgatctgtc taacattgtc aatggggtgt caaagtctcc     33960
     cactatcatt gtgtgggagt ctaagtctct ttgaaggtcg ttaagaactt gctttatgaa     34020
     tctgggtgct cctcttttgg aggtatatat ttttagaata cttagatctt ttgttgaatt     34080
     gaaccattta ccattatgta atgcccttct tcatcttttt tgatctttgt tggtttaaag     34140
     tctgttttgt ctgaaactag tattgcaacc cctgcttttt tctgttttcc atttgcttgg     34200
     tagatttttc tccatctgtt tattttgatc ctatgtgtgt cactgcatgt gagatgagtc     34260
     ttttgaagac agcatactaa taggccttgg ttctttatcc agattaccac tctgtgcctt     34320
     ttaattgggg cactagccat ttactttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gagacggagt     34380
     cttgctctgt cgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgggatct cggctcactg caagctccgc     34440
     ctcccgggtt cacgccattc tcctgcctca gcctcccaag tagctgggac tacaggcgcc     34500
     tgccactacg cccggctaat tttttgtatt tttagtagag acggggtttc accgttttag     34560
     ccgggatggt ctcgatctcc tgacctcgtg atccgcccgc ctcggcctcc caaagtgctg     34620
     ggattacagg cgtgagccac cgtgcccggc cccatttaca tttaagatta gtattgatat     34680
     gtgtggattt catcctgtca tcatgatgtt agctggttat tttgcagact tgtttatgtg     34740
     gttgctttat agtgtcactg gtctgtgtac ttcagtgtgt ttttgtagtg gctagtaagt     34800
     ctttcctttc catatttagt gcttccttca ggagctcttg taagacaagt ctagtggtaa     34860
     tgaaattccc tcagcatttc cttctctgaa aaggttctta tttctccttc acttttgaag     34920
     attagtttgg ccagatatga aattctgggt tgaaattatt ttctttaaga ataataaatg     34980
     ttggccccca gtctcttctg gcttgtagag attcttctga caggtccact gttagtctga     35040
     tggacttttc attgtaggtg acctggcctt tctctctagc tgccaactgt ttttctttca     35100
     tttcaacctt ggagaatctg ataattatgt gcctttggaa tgatcttctt gtgaagtatc     35160
     ttactggggt tctctgcatt tcctgtattt taatgttggc ctctccagct aggttgggga     35220
     gattctcatg gatgataccc tgaaatatgt tttccaagtt ggtttcattc tccccatctc     35280
     tctcaggaac accaatgagt catagatttg gtctgtttac ataatctcat atttttcaga     35340
     agttttgttc cttccttttc attctttttt ctctattctt gtctgactat cttatttcag     35400
     aaagccagtc ttgaagtgtg gagattcttt tttccactgg gtcagttctg ctattaatag     35460
     ttgtgattgc attatgaaat tcttatagtg tgtttttcag ctctatcaaa ttggttatgt     35520
     ccttatctat actagctatt ttatctatca gctcctgcat tgttttatca taatttttag     35580
     ctaccttgga ttgggtttca gtgtacttct gtagctcaat gatcttcatt tctatcctta     35640
     ttctgaatta catatctgtc atttcagcca tctcagccca gttcagaatc cttgctcgag     35700
     aggtgatgtg gtcgtttgga gaacagaaga cactctggct ttttgagttg tcaaggttct     35760
     tgcctgattc tttctcatct ttgtgggctt attttccttt aatctttgag actgctgacc     35820
     tttggacagc aaagatcatc caaccttttt tatttatcct atttatccta tttgatgact     35880
     ttgagggttt gattgtggta taaggtggat tcagccaact gacttcattt ctggacaatt     35940
     ttatttggcc agtattccac tcccaactcc tggactgcat gctgtaattc tttgggactt     36000
     gtatgggacc ctgactttgt tctctgtttc ctcagaatta ggaatccgct gtgatgggcg     36060
     gggggtgggg gaggtggcag gagtggtgca gtccgaagtg ctcccagacc actggtcact     36120
     acactccaat gagtgttgtc agccaaagtg tttcatagta cagtgacagc aggatctgtc     36180
     cttgtttgag tgtaccagca gcagtggtag ttgaagctgt agcagagtac tagcaggtgc     36240
     cggggtgccc acctccctgc aggcatccac cacagtggca gaggcaatgc aactgcagga     36300
     aaggaagggg gtcccctgct ggcaactgtg tgtgtggtca cacaggaagt ggtgttggct     36360
     taggggcaag gcattggcag gtgcaggtct gcgtgccttt tctgtgcagg agtggtcact     36420
     cagggtgggg gaggatcagc tgttctctgc tcagtgttag cacagggtgg gatgatggag     36480
     ggagtggggc tggctggctc tgtgcccacc aaggctctgt ctgcaatggc tgtcaggagg     36540
     gaattggtgg ggggtgaatt acactcctat gctggtgagg caaggaaaac aaaacccacc     36600
     cagcagacat gtaccagcaa aatgatgtgg ggagttgctg tgggcccaga ggaagctgca     36660
     gtgtggggag ggagcatgga ggctggtgcc tggccatagg ggcctcctca ttggagctct     36720
     ccacttactg gtcagtcatg gtctgccagt gtagaagcta tggtgcaggc ccacagggca     36780
     cctgaggctg ctttgaaagc agatgtggcc aggccggggc cccaggagag gccagaagac     36840
     caacggttgc tcaggtagaa ccagactcat ctgatgggca agaccaccct acagatttcg     36900
     ggaccaacag tttccctagg gctaatgtct cctatgggag taagttgagc ctagggaaat     36960
     ggccatccct ggccatgctc cactgcagat gctcctgcac tgaatcctct aggctccaca     37020
     cccgctggct tgccgcccct atggcttctc taagcagctc ttcctgccaa ctcaagtgtc     37080
     catggtggtc aatgggtctc ctcctgccat ggttgcagag gtcatagtga cagtgggttg     37140
     ttccttgcca gttcaactca cccattttcc tggagccatt ggaggacagg aatgagtctg     37200
     gatgtgctgt agccccatgt agggctccca gctttctccc acttcagtcc agcttctgtg     37260
     tcttccctct gtccactcta ggtgccttct gtctgaacat ctgttaggag cacgccagtc     37320
     atctgggttc ctcgttgaga actgtttcac ctggctgcat ctagtcagcg atcttgccct     37380
     ccccccaacc aaaatacatt ccaataaaac ttgtggatac taaagaaaaa gaaaatacca     37440
     tctggatact cagcaaaagt agcaatgact ttttaataat tagattatca tcagactttt     37500
     tgatagcagt tatgtgaaaa tgtagtaact ttttaagata ctcaagagcg gaaaatggaa     37560
     ccaagatttt tatagccaca aaactgactt tcgactatga agtgcaagaa cttcctggtg     37620
     tggactgaat atgccgtccc aaaattcata tgatgaaatc gtaacgccca aggtgacagt     37680
     accaggaggt gacgcctttg gaaggtgatt aggtcatgag ggtgcagccc ttatgaatgg     37740
     cattagggcc cttataaggg agattccaga tagctccctt tccttctgcc acatgaagtc     37800
     ttagtgagaa gatgctgcca gcaggccttc accagatccc taccaggctg acacactgat     37860
     cttagacctc cagcctccag aactgtgaaa aatacatttc tgctgttttt aagccatcca     37920
     gtctctggta gttggttata gcagctcata caaactaaga cactttccta agtcttcctg     37980
     aggcacctag gagaaatagt ttcaaacaat catgatgact acatcagtag cttataattc     38040
     ttttggtatc aggatccctt tttattcgta aaattgttga gaacaccaag aagctttagt     38100
     ttacatgggt tatgtaaagt gacatttata ttaatttatt tgttattaaa taacaataac     38160
     aaacccatta catgttaaca taaacaacat acttttatgg aaaatagctg tcttctccag     38220
     cacaaaaaaa tagtgaaaaa aaaggaatta ttttacattt gtaaaaatct ctttaatgtc     38280
     tggcttaata aagctagctt ggttatatat tcttctacat tcaagctgta acaatatgtt     38340
     gttttggcta aagtacaaga ggagaatctg gcctcactct tatacacagt tgggaaaaga     38400
     aggaaagttt caataaccat ttcagctatt gtaactgttc ttccttgata agacaccaaa     38460
     actcaagaaa tggcagattc ttaaaggtta gttgcagtgt ggaatctgaa accttataaa     38520
     ttaacttttc atattctgtt gtgttaaaat tcactagtct atctttaaat ggatcttttc     38580
     ctctatgcat gactttgcaa tatcatgcat tgattatttg taaattattg attcatgggt     38640
     ttacgcagtt ttttaaaatg ttgacatatt ttattaaaca atatttttta aaccatattt     38700
     gttaatatca ccaccaatct catcagaaac atctttaagt agtgagaagc tgcggcacac     38760
     gtaagttttc caaaatttta attttctctt gaaattccaa tttccactgt caatattatt     38820
     ttctctgatg ggataggctc attttgttta tttttgagaa aatttctacc aaatacccaa     38880
     gtctgaataa tcacagtgtg cctttcagtc attctttcaa ggaaaatgat gacccactaa     38940
     aaaaaaaatg tttaacttca ctcacaactc atgcaattac ataatggctt ttccacagga     39000
     caactgcctt tccatcagta tgcaccagaa atgctgccta tgttcttaca ctgactatta     39060
     aacagatgtg tgtttgaggt ttaaaattta gtaaactaat gattttattg cttcatcaaa     39120
     gtcactggct tttgcttttt tttttttttt ttttttttaa ctgtaagctt atggcagtga     39180
     agaacatgac ctacctgtac agcttggtgt caccaccttg atttgtgctc aggcactaac     39240
     agtttcatgt gaccaccata gatttctgta ccactatgta aataatacag tgaaaaaggc     39300
     aaataacatc ttagtattag tacaaaaata gcttgacttc ataggcccct tgaagggtcc     39360
     cagggacccc cagggatcca tggaccacac cttgaaaacc accacatgac agggatatca     39420
     acataaggaa tgatggtgag cattaaacat atctctactc acagaactaa gactaacaag     39480
     ggagtaagta gtctatgcaa tgatacagga tcaactaata tagacatagt tcaactagaa     39540
     agcgggggag aacataggta aaaagggaga acacaggtaa tagggagaat gtaggtaaaa     39600
     agaatttcaa ccgttttcag tagccatttt ggtggttgta gtattagtgt tattatcctt     39660
     agactgctgt ctatgttaac tcaggaaaag caaataagta tggacattct aattgtgtct     39720
     gtccctgtgt ccttgaaaac cagagttctt ggtgtaaaag aaaggagatg cagaagtaat     39780
     atagagaaga ctgatttttt ttttaagatg gagtattgct ctgtcaccag gccgcagtgc     39840
     agtggcacaa tcttggctca ctgtaacctc cgcctcccag gttcaagcgc ttctcctgcc     39900
     tcagcctccg gagtagctgg gactacaggc gcacgccacc acgcaaggct aattttttgt     39960
     gtttttagta gagacggggg tcaaacactg atcctgcctt tccactgtac cactaagtag     40020
     cccactagta agtggaggga agtgtctctt cactagtaaa tgaagggaac tgtctctttg     40080
     tagcattaat aaagcataaa atgaagaaaa aatgacagaa taccaccatt tagcaatccc     40140
     caataaatta acaaacctaa gcaattagta tcaatggttg ctaacatcac aaaaagaaac     40200
     agctggaaat tatgtctctc atggtgaaag gccacaacac cacgtataga ttttccaaag     40260
     gaaaagattg aaccagagtc tgatccagcc tctgcatcca gatgccaatt tgcgggaggc     40320
     acagaaggca gaggatgtgt tacactgcac catgtgtatg cagccagcaa aatccagagt     40380
     gtgggaaact ctacaggtca aatggattga gcttttcaac agattaatca taagggggaa     40440
     aaaaaggctg atgggggaga aaccagtgaa gtataagaga cgtaaaagac aactaagctg     40500
     tggcgtccag gaacacatac ctgggggact agactacaaa gacatgaaag aggttacaat     40560
     aaaatcagga tatggtcact ttcgagggga aggagaggct ttgattggcc tgacgtacag     40620
     agacttctgc tggagctggc aaagtcctgt tccttgactt gattacaggg gtttttctta     40680
     aataattcac taaaatgtac attttttgta tctccatttt atttgacaat aaaaggtttt     40740
     taaaaacagt gaaaaggaaa cagtgactac ctgagcattt gtcttctgaa gactgtggag     40800
     actgcagttg gaagacagaa agctttggag atcatgactt ataggagtag ggctggacca     40860
     cagaaaagta aatgatttgg ggctggaagg agtaaggtct caggggagtt tctggacaat     40920
     gcccttggca atggggatta atgatgtaca cgtagaaggg agaagggcag atgggtggga     40980
     gatgcatgat ctcagaacac agagctccag aatcagttcg ggctcctcca aggatcaggg     41040
     aagagagtta ttcccagaac attgacctca tgaatgtcct ttacctcacc cagggcccag     41100
     actactcatc actacttcag gctccagaga gagaagcttc agtgaggacc ttagcatgac     41160
     tgagggagca gaacagctct tgagacctgg aggcacagtg atgaaggtct caggaggcag     41220
     cctcaccacc ccccacagcc gttccagaga ctcaggggac agtcccatcc agacagcagc     41280
     aaccttactc ctccctaccc ccatgtcatc tccctctggc caaagaaccg ggagaatgat     41340
     ctgccactca aagacaagga aaaagagaca ttacctcatt accagacatc tgcgtcctca     41400
     catatcctgg aaagaaatcg agaaaagaat ggattgcccc aattaggacc caatatgatt     41460
     atcccgaggg aagaacaaat ggctggcaag gtcagcactc tctctgctta tcccatttct     41520
     agcttcagaa aaaaattatc ccggtgatcc ctgagaggca caatcagctt tccttgcctc     41580
     agatcattga cgttagggaa ggtgggagtg gggaaggtct gggacaggtg gcagggcact     41640
     cctcacaggc tcattacctt tctgagccct tagctggatg acgattccca ccagaaggaa     41700
     gattagccca agtaggaagg ctgcaatgcc actcagcatc tttctccaag aatattcaga     41760
     ctgagctcct atgggaaaca ggtctttaaa ttagtaaaaa tatcccaata tttaaagcac     41820
     tttcttggaa tcccagaatc tgtactagac accaaatcca atgctagcta gagaaaaata     41880
     aataaattta gaaaaggttc ttcgaaacca aagttggcac ccatggagtt accacccatc     41940
     ggttacagat tctcacagcc cataagaatg cctcctaaat actaagacca aagaattaga     42000
     ggacaccagt tcatagggtt ggaagcacat aatgaggtga ttagatctcc tcatttcttg     42060
     gaagatatga ggatagatat ctgccatgtt ttctcccacc ctaacccaag gactctggtt     42120
     tctgtgactg tcccagatca agggaaagaa taattcatgt tgtgaccaag ataaacgcag     42180
     aagtgacaca ggctctgtat tgagtcagta tagtcctgag tcaggcccag agagtactag     42240
     aaactaattc tcactccact ccacagaaac agggctcagc aggctggagt gatcgacaag     42300
     gcaggtgtag acatgtccaa gttcaggagt catttctagc atcaccacag tctgaaaggt     42360
     ccagtctcca ttcctgatag ggccagtgga catgacccca gctctctcct cctgcccatt     42420
     caggaaccac ttgatcttga tatcccctgg atagaagcct gtcacagagc agtgcagcag     42480
     attatgctgg tgcaggagtg gggtcctctc tgggtacact gtcacctctg gttgcactag     42540
     gaagggagga aaaatgagac accgtgaaag aaaaccacca agctgggaca ggagattctt     42600
     tagggactat cactatgtct aatctctttc ccagatcacc caagtgaaca caaagtatag     42660
     gcaagtctca gcccccaaga tcagtaacag ggtatgtcaa tgcctgtcag gaggatttag     42720
     actttctgag gtactcccat aattactgct tctctttgag ggtacaatag ccctcgaagt     42780
     ccctgagaac cttgggggtc tgagaccaag atcacagtgg ctgacttgtg aggataatat     42840
     atcacagctg gggccagaac atctacacag acaaccattt atcctaaagc agaaaattgc     42900
     ttgtaagaaa gaagagccat ggccaggttc acatggggga cattcctgag ccccgccaga     42960
     cctcagcttc cagctcacct tttctcccca cagtgaaggg tgcgcccagc ctgtagttgt     43020
     gtctacagac cccatccacg gcctgtctgc tcctctccaa gagatccagc cggctgttcc     43080
     actgctcagc atctggctgc cccagcttgg tcaatgccac aaacatcccc acatcactgt     43140
     cgaaacgtac atactcctcc aagttaaaga tgaatctgac cacaaactgc accttttctg     43200
     tcccgttggt gaagtaacag tcagcctttg cctgaatcac aaaatcttct ggaaaaccaa     43260
     aaccaaaacc atgaaccagc cccctcctct gggaaaaccc atgcctggta aattacgtca     43320
     gaccacatgg atctaagagg aggcctttga cctcagtatg ctcaaaaagc acagtgtcaa     43380
     gtgagaaaag aaacagaatg ggattcaaca gagaatgaca tttattaaat tttaaaaaca     43440
     cataaagagc aagaatgcta catatttcta aaagccactc tcatacttag agacatacca     43500
     gacacgttta gaatggattc tctagggagg ggagagaatg agaacggagg caagagaaga     43560
     gacgagagag tcttgcacta ctgccaataa ttacaatgtg ctgtgaactc attgggtaaa     43620
     attaaaccaa tcctatgcac ttaagaacaa caactacaat aaaaaggaaa ttcaaatgga     43680
     gttaataatg taggtaagtc aggaaggacg tcctgaagac attgcatcta agtcaagact     43740
     tgaaagataa ttgctattaa tgttgggttg taatttactt tcctttctaa gttcagaagc     43800
     ctcctccaac tctgaactga gccataagaa tgaccttcct gggtgaaccc cacttatccc     43860
     tcactcagta gctaatttca gatgaagttc cagcctgtaa tttctcagca tgtatactct     43920
     tctctatttc ctctagtagt ctaaaccagg ggggaaatct gaatttttca tcatcattta     43980
     acatctgtgc tgattttttt ttcagttgta ttgtttaatg gacattataa actcagggcg     44040
     gtttctattc tctaagaata atgatctctc ctggccaggt ttgttcctct tttgtattta     44100
     atgaaactaa catgcaaagg ggattctgtt cttagcacat tacatcctgt ttctgctcat     44160
     taatatgtgc tttcatctca cattgcttca tggctgcata ttctgtcacc tgtgctagaa     44220
     aaataacagt tacaagtaac ttgtacctgg tagccggagg acaaggacaa tgtattctat     44280
     tcaacttctc ttacttctca aaactgttta gtacaattct gacaatataa tagtggctta     44340
     ataaatgaca gaaggagcaa cctttgtttc cagtttcatt tgtccacata taccccaact     44400
     gagatttgtt tccgtgtcct gaccaaaaaa tcacagattg cctctgtgac ccagcctact     44460
     gcaggttgtt tctcccagca ggctcgaacc caagccaagg ccttcaacac gcccaggcac     44520
     tgactgaggt tgatacacac aataaggatc ctaaacaaga cacaatgttt ccctcttcct     44580
     gcctccctac cccttgaata ggtggctctg gtatatgaag tccatcccat gtaaagaggc     44640
     aaggcgtacc tttctgccaa agggaagaac actgttcttt gaaaccaaaa gccacttcca     44700
     gtctggtctg tggcctggac ttacaaagaa aggcatcact cccccatgcc aattcttgca     44760
     tacacactgg aaaaaaataa ttgctctgtt cttacctgga gagtctgtgc cttgagtcat     44820
     ggaggaatcc agtcgggtca gattcactag cagagccacc acccagggga cccacccaga     44880
     acccattctg gagaaaggaa aaaaatgaga cagtaaaatc gtcagcctct tcagaatgag     44940
     ttcataaaat tcagtcagaa agtacccatt aagagtataa atcgctgttt ttctggcttc     45000
     cccaggattg gaaactcctc agattgacaa ccaatcaaga tagaagagtt ttgcatcatc     45060
     aggtactggg taggatactt tcacaaagtt gtgtcataca actcaaccat tgtttgcctg     45120
     cagaatcact gacagtaatt taggtatact aaaaatgggc tgggagaaga agtaaaaata     45180
     tatgtttgac atattatggg gccctagaag aactaggcag actgtttatt atgtattctt     45240
     ctattccctg gcctgttctg accaataggt ctcccttctt attgggtgtt gacattgccg     45300
     acaggcagtg tgtaaattaa gaaggaatta agagtatgta aattaagcat tctgaagcat     45360
     atgcctcaag aagatttagt aaagggatta tcagagaaga aatagaagac atagagaaca     45420
     tttggagagt acgatttcct ataagccaaa atgaccacaa aaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa     45480
     catggaaaga gaattctcaa agaataaaat tttgcaaaaa ggctcaccag gatacaatct     45540
     aagagagcat tattgtgttt tatggttagt agggcaccaa taaccttcaa gaggacagca     45600
     gagtgttaaa ggtagaagcc atatttcaaa agaatgaatt ggaaacaaga aaacaaaggc     45660
     cgcagattaa aacagtcttt caagaatttt gaaagtgaaa acaaaggaaa aaatgggata     45720
     cactttagaa aaaaacaaca ctaagaaaaa atacttttct tgggtttttt aaattgacac     45780
     gtaataattg tacatattta tggggtacag catgatgttc caacacacct atacattgtg     45840
     tattgatcaa atcagggtaa ttagtatgtg atatatatac atgatggaat actattccgc     45900
     cataaaaaag catgaaatcc tgtcattttc aacaacatgg gtgaacctgg agggctctat     45960
     gttaagtgaa ataagccaag aacagaagga ctatattacg tgatttcact catatgtgga     46020
     atctaaaaaa gttgacctca tcgaagtaaa gagtacgtta gtagttacca gaggctgggg     46080
     agtcaggggt agaaatgggt agaggttggt aacaagtaca aagttacagt tagacagaag     46140
     gaatgagttc tggtgttttg ggaaaagaaa cttttaagac aggagagact tcaacaaggt     46200
     tgcaagtgaa gtgcaaggta tctgtagaaa ggagaaactg aagagaaaaa agagaagaaa     46260
     ggggacattt tctccaaaat gctgtggtct gaatgtcact caaaattcaa gtgttgcaat     46320
     ttaatcacca atgtgatagt atcaaaaggt gggcccttta ggaggtgatt aagtcatgaa     46380
     tgcagaggcc tcctgaatgg gattagagac tttaaaaagg gctagagaga gcagggatga     46440
     tggctcatac ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggctgagg aggaagattg cttgaggcta     46500
     ggagttagag acctgcctgg aaaacatagt gagaccccca tgtccaaata aaatttaaaa     46560
     aattaaagaa ataaacatgg tggcatgcac ctgtggtctt agttactttg gaggctgagg     46620
     tgggaagact acttgagccc agaagttcaa agttgcagtg aaccatgaat gcaccactgt     46680
     actccagcat gggtaacaga acgaggccct gtctcaatca atcaatcagt caatcaataa     46740
     aaatagaagg gctggaggca atagcttggc acttttgccc ttctgccttc ctccttgtga     46800
     ggactgttac actggaatga tttgactcaa gtgtttagtt aagtattctt tcagtaaaac     46860
     ctagacagta aaacactatc tttaagcaaa taaaaccaaa agtgcaaatt gtaattcacc     46920
     atctatgtta ttattattta aagggcaatg tttactcatc atttcacatc atctttcagc     46980
     atgaaatgtg gccctgattt gcctatactg tgcatgttaa gaatgaaccc agggtatcat     47040
     ggtaaccaca agttcacttc agtgactttt ttcaagtcga tggccaaggc atcaaatctt     47100
     ccagggccat gaccttgaac ttctagcttc cagaactgtg agaaataaat ttctgttctt     47160
     cataaattac cctatctcgt gtatcttgtt acaataacac aaatggacta agatagagag     47220
     cataaggctt gggggaagaa gggtacactt cttcagataa aagaataaag acaggacgat     47280
     tagcagggga taaaggggaa tgaggaagtt ccatttagat ggttgcaagg gagtcagctg     47340
     agaacaaggc aagatctgtc aaaaaggagt tggaagaaaa tatatttgat aactaagaag     47400
     agcaagaagt ggtctgtaag tgagttttta aagttttaat taagcaggat tcagaaaaga     47460
     gaggtgagat gcaattgtgc aaccttttac tgttctatga cccttagtaa atgcccttgg     47520
     ttagaggcct ggatcagacc aatcagaaaa ataatttctt ctccatggga gattataaca     47580
     ggtaaagaaa aagagagcaa gacgtggaag acatcgctag tgttcatcct ctaattccta     47640
     ggcccatgga aaacgagaaa ctagacttcc tactctcctg gagctgtgtg actcgttctc     47700
     accaatggaa agtgaacaaa aggttcctgg tcaaagaatt taactcctcg tgcatgactc     47760
     ttctcctcct cccctaccaa gtcaaccaag acagccttgt gttgagatgg cacaatccca     47820
     gtagaaaagc agtctaatta gctgagtcac catgaagagc agctgcccca gggaatcact     47880
     cacacctaca acacactctg tatgaatgag aaacaactgt tctttaaaga aggtactggc     47940
     ttggttacca cagcctggcc tgacttgact taactgctac aggacaggag ctaggaggct     48000
     gacccctctc cctccacatc tctcatgtaa atgtgacgat tcatgaagtg gaaggctggc     48060
     cacaggctta ctggtagacc cccgagtaca aggcatttga ccctggtttt gagtactcct     48120
     cctccaggtg gatggctgtg gagctcacac tggcgagggc ttgtgtggag ccgaggataa     48180
     ggaggcatca gagggcactc aagccactgg gtctaacttc ctcccttctt cctgcccaca     48240
     cctaccttag tctttcccag atgttttatt gcatttggaa atggagacaa acactcaaca     48300
     caggctaagt gaacaaggac acggcacgga gatgatcaga tgcagtaaca gcatgagcgg     48360
     gtggaagagg cgtgtgtccc cttctttgta gacagcacca tggctggctt ctgcagcttc     48420
     cctcagagct gaaggaaggg ccatgtggag aggagaggaa gggcctagac aatatggatc     48480
     aaacgggggc ctgtatttag atttagagga gagagggggt tgataaatgg caagggatgt     48540
     ggggatgggg aggaagtgga ggatatggcg ctggaccaga aagttaggag ggctgctctt     48600
     tcttctctgt aaatgtgtct aaggctcaca aactctaaaa tctgacttgc ctacataata     48660
     atagctaatg tttgtcaatt gcttattatg agttcatttt ctaagcatta tataaatgtg     48720
     tgcgtgtgtg tgtatgagag agagagaatc atcacacaaa accctttgca gtagatacta     48780
     tcatgatctc ccttttacag atgaggtaag gatggaatga accaaagttc acataactag     48840
     taagtcccta ggctgtactt tttctgtcac actgtatttc ttgggaagcc agggaaactt     48900
     tattcctaca gctttagcat tccggtaatg ataaggtaca caaaaaggga aaataaccaa     48960
     ggaatttcat catagctgtt tggtgtcagg acagatctct gtaaggaaat catatcctac     49020
     ctaaccaaag gaaatcagtg atctcacatg acaagcaagg aatggcatag agcctggcat     49080
     gggaactaag aagagaaagc aataagcttc agttagcaag ctatggatct ccttagatgg     49140
     cctctggtac atcttaaata aactgaagca tcagattcac ccccattaga agcgtttttg     49200
     agtcattttc tgtgcatagt gtcagtgtct acgatagaag ggcctgggct tatcagagac     49260
     actgttcagt tctggggaga caagaggaaa aagatgtggt tttcttcctt tctcctgtat     49320
     ttatgttttt gtcttctact tgaacgagcc tgaaaaatag ggcagggtgt tttgatcttt     49380
     ttttcctgcc tgacttcagc cagcagccct ccctaaatag ctacaggctc ctctgtgatt     49440
     tttcactcaa gctcatattt tgcttctctc ttttctttcc ttcccctttc tctgaggagt     49500
     gagagaattt gggtgtatgt gtggttgttt tttgaaggtg gcataaaatt attattctcc     49560
     ctattgcctg acacaaatat cccttcaact gctattttgg tgactttgac atggaagtaa     49620
     aacgtacgtc tcaattcatt ttcttccttc tacttcctcc taacacatca acataatcca     49680
     cactgccctg gaggagttat gaaaaatatt ctgagtttct aggtagaata ttaaatcata     49740
     cttttagaga acacattgtt gagctacagt ttaattgaag gaattgtact aggctaagaa     49800
     ttttgccagc tcaaaatact ggtttaattc tttctcagtg gtgattgacg tctcaaacca     49860
     gcaagaggtg taacatgagg ggaaggggct ggggaagagg gaaaggatgt aagaaacaaa     49920
     agaaatagtt agaatttggg gtgtccaaag caaactcatg atcccaccta gtgagaatcc     49980
     atttggaaac tgaggaacca aaggctttgg gctccaatct gcagccactt ctttgatacg     50040
     actttgggat aggtggactc acccgaagta ttgttttaca tgtactattt gcctcaattt     50100
     ccctgtgatg gttttgtcca tcacctcatc ctgaaaaaat aaatgttggt gatgctttgt     50160
     tccacatatt cgttcatttg aactcattat tcccaggaaa tatccattga aattcaaaat     50220
     atcatgaact tccaaagggt tttctagaaa aaaaaaacaa aaaaaacccc ttgatcttaa     50280
     tgggtgtttt ttaatctgtg ctagaatctg tttggaatgt tttatttagg atttttgtgt     50340
     cagtataata agtaaattca tctacaattt ttatatttgt gcattgtcat agtttaacat     50400
     caatattata cttgcttcat aaaaaaattt tcttctatgc cattgagcca tttaattttt     50460
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt tagagacaag gcctcactct gttgcccagg ctggagtgca     50520
     gtggcacaat catagctcac tgcagccttg aactgggccc aagcgatcct cccacctcag     50580
     ccaagtagtt gaaaccacag gcacgagcca ccacatctgg ctaatttttg tattttttgt     50640
     agagacgggt tttcgctgtt gcccacactg gtcttgagct cctgagttca agcaatccga     50700
     ctgcttaggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta taggtgtgag ccactgcacc cggcctctat     50760
     tttcaatttt aaaagtttga tatagatgta gcatatctat ttttttattg atagtaatat     50820
     cttctatctt ctgtgttcat actttttttt tttttttttt tgaggcagag tctcactgtg     50880
     ccgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggtgcgatc ttggctcgct acaacctttg cctcccagat     50940
     tcaagcaatt ctcctgcctc ggcctcccaa gtagctggga ttacaggcgc ccaccaccac     51000
     acccagctaa tttttgtatt tttggtagag acagggtttc accatgttgg ccaggctgcc     51060
     ctcgaaatcc tgacctcagg tgatccgccc gccttggcct accaaagtgc tgagattaca     51120
     ggcatgaatc accaggccca gcctattttt ttgtccactt aactggtcta gtccagggaa     51180
     agggaattaa agtgttctat tggtagtaca tttctgaata ttttccttgt atctacctta     51240
     atttctgctt tataagagct acctatttgg tatttagaac ttaaacacat gtctcatata     51300
     ttcatatgaa ttttatactt tacattataa agtgcccttc ttgtcacact caattttttt     51360
     tttttttttt tttttttttg gtgaggagtg tctgaatttc atcttgtttg gtaagacgaa     51420
     tgtgacctct gcttcccttt tgtttgcatt ctcttgttat gtctttgccc atcatcttat     51480
     ttgttgaaaa taatgaatac atctttctga gtggctttat gttaggtgtc ttttgcatat     51540
     tgcaaataat agagttttta tcttaatcta atttaaaaat attttcattt atttagttca     51600
     gttaagaagc ccatttataa ttattcatac agcaaataga ttcagtctaa ttcagagata     51660
     ttaacttctg ttaagtataa tgtttacatg agtattttta aaaatctttc actatgtctt     51720
     tattgtgcat tttaaaaatt ttaccttttc agatattaag gaaggtgtat atttcaaggt     51780
     tgctttgata agtttatttg tatataatac acttagttcc ctcttccttt agataattcc     51840
     tattagtttt aaataatgaa caatcacaaa actagctcat atcctctccc ttcctctttc     51900
     tgtgtgtgtg tctacctttg tagtcttaaa tgtgtaaata cgagcacttg atttattagt     51960
     tttaaagaat atattttgat tcctagatgt tacagacaag aacatcaaca ggcttatttg     52020
     atatccttat tcatttttcc acttattcta taatcattga gaaatgtgtt tcaatttctc     52080
     aattaatttc ttcctataat tctcctatat ttcttacata ttttgtagtt ttattgctag     52140
     gtgcaaactg attcagtttt agtataatgt tctggtgact tcattatcac tatgtaatgg     52200
     ctgtctttgt ttttactaat gcctttggtt ttagactata tgtttagata tttctgtaat     52260
     tacataagct gtctttctgt cttctgttag tgtttgcttt gtgtatctta tatctggttt     52320
     tgatttaaca ttttcatgtt tttaggtttc ttgtgatctt atgaagggca tataactgga     52380
     ttttgcgata ttgttaatct aatctgagaa ctttccttta actcccatat ttaagctatt     52440
     tatacttgtg atcactgtgc tatttacatt cgtttctgtt acaatatatg gtgctctgta     52500
     tttgctatgt cttactttgc ttcttttgtt ttccttgcat cacttatatt aaatcaatta     52560
     catttttatt taaagtatta tttaatttcc ccttactgat ttaggaattt taaattctaa     52620
     ttatattagt taaaagtcag tcttatattt ttaacatgtt taccaaatgt ggcagcatct     52680
     gaaggtaatc aatatctcta ccctcctttc aaacaagaca aagactttag gtgctttaac     52740
     tttgtctgcc tcattctcat gtcacttgtg gttgctctgc cttattttta aatttaatag     52800
     tcattttcat tactgatttt tatcgttaca gtcatatttc atttctcatt ctgattttcc     52860
     aatattttag acagatttgt tattgttgtt tgtgtgtgtg tttatttttc tcatctttgc     52920
     tcccttatcc ttctgggttt agtatctctg ttacttacat gataatatta aaaagcaaat     52980
     gataactaca atacaatgct actttcaccc agaagattgt caaaatttta aaaattaaca     53040
     ctgtctgttg gatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tggagaaaca     53100
     gataaactca tatgttgctg ctggaactat aaattaatat agcctctatg aaggcaattt     53160
     tgcaatatct atcaatattt gtaatgtata tattggactc agcaactccc ctttaagatt     53220
     gtatcatact tgtatttttg cacatgtgca ttacaatgtc tatacaagac taactagcaa     53280
     cagcaaaaga cttccaataa cctaactagc catcagtaga aggaaacagg ataaatgaaa     53340
     tatggaactt ccataaaata gaatactaca tagccatata tttttaattt aaaaaataaa     53400
     gttcagaaca gtgaacttag acagctgctg tttgcgaaaa tactgagcaa gaataaagat     53460
     atacatattt gcttaataca cagtaaactt ctctggaaag ataaacacaa agctggaaga     53520
     acggattgcc tatgcaagag gaattagcaa accttgagaa ggattgagag tgaggctttc     53580
     ctctgtatac ttctttgtgt cttttgaatt tcaaaccaca ttcatatatt gcttatttaa     53640
     ataaataaat aatatatttt aaaaagagga tagtaggaag ataagtggaa tcagggagta     53700
     taggcaactc ttttgaggag ttttatgcaa agctgggcaa gtccacctct tccttagcta     53760
     tgtgacccag gcaagttagt aaatgtttct aaaactccat tttctcactc ttagaattga     53820
     gatagtaata cctgccacat agaattatct tgaaaaataa ggtaagaaga caggtttcag     53880
     atacttggca cagcaatagc acatagtaag caccagtgaa tgcttagtag tagtagtagt     53940
     ctaattccta agagtccatg gaactctagg ttcaaaaccc agtttcttct gggaccatta     54000
     gatggcatca gactcaagca ggtgctcctc tagctgacag ctctaaaaca caaggaagat     54060
     ctttgttttc cttattccct agtcctttcc ccacaaaatt ctgacaatta cgcatttcct     54120
     gcttgtttca caattgccat gtggattcca agtggctatc cctgggtgga ggcataaagg     54180
     acttgaaact caatgctgtt tccacatagg gccgggcaga caggctatgg aggtgttttg     54240
     gcatccaagg aaatctatca gtttcccaag ctttcccctc tccattcata ctttccttta     54300
     gaaagaataa ggcatgcctg ggtgggaaag atactgcagg taagcgacaa gaaggggaaa     54360
     ttacagggta aggagatcaa tcaaatggtg atggggggta ggagtgaaca aaaagaactc     54420
     tggagcaaac caggattagt gacatctgtg gttcccagac aaaccacact tacaggaatt     54480
     tgtctgtcta gcccgaatat tttgactttc agggagcatt tttctgtgtc cctgacataa     54540
     agcctacctg ggagtttccc ctgagataag aaactttcag gacatcttaa ggtctactgc     54600
     atcttcctgt actgcccatc aagataagtt ttccacccag ctttatcatg attagctgcg     54660
     tgatttcatg tcagtttctc tgtaaaatta ggtttgactg ttgcattatt tttaagatgc     54720
     cttccaggct taaagtatta tgatgcatgg gtataactgt actgaggaaa tcaaagaatt     54780
     tctcagatca tcttcttctg tgagggctgc agcttccatg tagttgggag atacaggaat     54840
     tactattcct gttttatgaa taaaggacat ttgtgggaga gaaaggaatc aggccagagt     54900
     tctttctctc caaatgccta ttttaccctc tgtgaaattt gagagatgga tgggtgtgga     54960
     gctgcaagtc agccccagga tgaaagaaag gcaaatctgc acaagaaact gcccactctc     55020
     accccatcct cactgcaccc tgctcccaac agctgccagg caagaaaaaa tccaaaacag     55080
     cagttctggg gaattcattg ccagcactgg aaactacctg ctgtttccag gaatatgaag     55140
     gtttctcttt cctagaatag caactttcca aggtaagtcc ctcccaacaa ccagtgatgt     55200
     gtacaatgtt gcattttcag tggtgggagt gggcagggag gattaagatt agtacgatgg     55260
     tggagatatt tattcattta ttcaattgac tatttattct ccactatgaa ttaggccctc     55320
     ggccaggtag cagatataaa gcttaataag atatatggct ttccgcccag gtgctcatgg     55380
     tctagtggaa ggtcaaaaaa ggtgggaaag ggaagataga actttaaaag ggctgtgaaa     55440
     gaggtaaccg cacagtgata gaagcacatg gagagttccc cagactgacg acataagtaa     55500
     ggcctcctgg aagacctgaa ccctgagtta agtcttgaac ttgaaaatca ggggcgagtc     55560
     gagcagaaaa tgggcaagaa aacaccatat gcaaaggcac aaaggtgttg gggaaggcag     55620
     aagtttgtcg tggagctgga tacaacagga gagggtgaga cagatgggct gtctatgagt     55680
     gaagactata acaacgggac tggagagaag agaatagatt ctgaattatt tagagctaag     55740
     agcagcagag cttttcttga tgggattatg gattagggtt tatggaccca agatgcaata     55800
     taattgattg ggtcagggtg tggactctag ggtcaggcct gtgttcaaac tccaactcca     55860
     ccactacgac caccttggga aagtcattga gcctctttga gcttcagttt cctcatctgt     55920
     aaaatgggga taataaccaa cctcataggg ttggagataa tgattaaaaa cgataataca     55980
     tgaaaaacac ttagcatagc tcctactcac attaaaactc tataaatggt agctgttacc     56040
     aatgtcatta ttaatactgt taatcaggga actgttctct gtccctccag accctagctt     56100
     cttcaaaata gcagacactg gtaggaacaa ggagggatat aggaaggcaa tctcatgaat     56160
     atttatgtca tttttggtta atttctatct caaacaacag ataaacgact gatggaacag     56220
     gcagcaaaat agcaactatg gttatctcca ggaagtgaaa caatgggtac ttttactttt     56280
     cttctttgta cttttttata ttgtctaaat tttctatatg aatgtataca gttcacgtaa     56340
     gaaggaaaat attttaaaat atatgtatta tgccacaaaa tactcctcat caccaggcaa     56400
     agctctagtc accagggaat taagtttcct ggacacagac agcctccacc ccaccacacc     56460
     ccaccccacc ccacctctcc accccaccaa aagcacacag tgtccaaatc tccatcgtgc     56520
     ttgcaactca ggaacagcta tctggccgca cagctctagg gaaactcaaa gcaggaacag     56580
     ctctgggtcc tggagacgcc cctgagaaga gggcccagta tccctggggc ctcagtccat     56640
     cagccgctgc tgaaccaggc gggaatagag gtcctgtccc tcctggagct gggcaagctt     56700
     ctgcagcttg ccctcctgga gcaccaggat ctggtgggcg cgctgaactg cctgcagcct     56760
     gtgagcaatc accagcactg tgcgatcccc acgggaattc cagtcctgca gctgaagggg     56820
     tgatcacagt gcctcagaaa gacaggaatg agatggacac cacatccacc tgggcaccat     56880
     ctcttatgat ttagggtaaa gaaggtgtga aataaaagaa ggtaggaaag ggcagtagat     56940
     aaaggcctgg actgcccttc tctcccagct gtactgccac agctggagga atggaagccc     57000
     aggagggaac tggggctgcc ctcacaccac cggattccat tccccaaccc caagaaggca     57060
     cagactgttt ctactagtag gtccttcgtc ctccctctgc ccaattctac acaggctgat     57120
     cctcccagca tgcccctccc aggccccact gtcccctgcc ctctcacagt actcacggcc     57180
     tgctcgcact gcacatctag ggcactagta gcctcatcca ggatgaggac ccgcgggtct     57240
     cgtacaaggg cccgggcaat ggccagacgt tgtttctgtc ccgcagccag ctggctcccc     57300
     ttctccccta catctgagga aatcagagaa attcccttcc tcagatacaa gtgacacaga     57360
     taacacacaa ggagggacaa gtgcacagca ggtacttcca gtaggacctc gggaggtggg     57420
     agggcccagt gcggggaggg cccagtggga ggagggccat ggggtgggga cctgacgggg     57480
     ctgcccatgg agggagcacc actgctgcat tgctctctgc aaacaaagac tcttgagcaa     57540
     gagggaggct gaagaattca gtgtgtgggg aaggagacgt aggaatggag gaaagggcag     57600
     aggaacagca aacatcaagt tacagggaca cgaccttcac cactaagagt aagtctgatt     57660
     ttctcttttt tactgaagga gcaggcttac aatttgtaga agatacctgt gtatattcca     57720
     tgctccattt cctggatgaa gtcatctgcg tgggcagcct gggcagccgc catcacctta     57780
     tcatcttcgc agctctgcag cccataagca atgttgttcc tcacagaacc ggagaacagc     57840
     acaggctcct gcccaactga aaccacctgt gcagcgggga caggggcaga ggactatgtg     57900
     taaaccccca aggcaggggc ccttttgtcc tccccaccta cctccctcag aatgaacacc     57960
     tggtgcgcct tcccgtggat ctcccatcct ctctctgtac atgctcccct ctcctgtccc     58020
     ctgtcttctc cctcctcacc cacctggctg tgcaggtagc agtgttcata ctgtgagatg     58080
     ggcttttcat ccagcagcac ctgtccccct gtgggctggt acagattctg cagcagggca     58140
     gccactgtgc tcttcccaga cccattgggt cccaccagcg ccgtcacctc accaggacgt     58200
     agggtaaacg tcagccccta gaaaaccaga aaaagagtta agggcctgcc ccttctccct     58260
     caaaatccct ccatttctct tcttagcaga ggcaagacca ggttctcaga ggcaaatgaa     58320
     ctataggctg tgatgtccaa ttatgcatta gcagcagaga gcaagggtcc aggtttcctc     58380
     cctctttcag gcaccttgag cacaggcctg tcagggcgat tgggatatgc aaaggagacg     58440
     tcttggaatt tcacaacccc ctgcagagtg gtgggggcaa gcgtgccagg tgaaggcaga     58500
     tttggctgtc ggtccatgta ggagaaaacc ttctctgcag ctcccacgtt gctgagcata     58560
     tccccatata tgtataccag ggtctggaaa acaggaatgg gagagccggc taattaaaca     58620
     cacttctacc agaaaccacc ctcccaactc ctcacacact ccactcacaa ctgcactgct     58680
     cctcctccat actcaaaaga gattctccac ttttaaatgt acaatttgga cggaatttaa     58740
     aagtggcacc aataccccag tgttccaatt tgcaatataa aggatataca gtcccttctc     58800
     ctaccataca gcattgcctc tagccccaga tcttttcagt tactgcttcc tattacttgt     58860
     gcccagttct gtcttgcttg attagacggg gagctcctta aatgcaggca ctgtgcccaa     58920
     ctcacctttg tagccgtcag agtgcccagc gcagttctct acacaaaaaa gatgtttatc     58980
     aagtgtctag gaaaatgttt aaataaagcc ctggatgaag tagctgtttt tgagaactgg     59040
     taaatgtagg aagagatcta aatgctcact ctgcctttcc tcatcaaact gtaccaccgg     59100
     gtaatgaaat ggtagatgag gggaagtctc ccttcataga ctacttcagc taatacatga     59160
     agaatgatag agtatctccc ttttgcagcc ctaattctgt catggatgta ggtactgctc     59220
     atcagtggct gatgttgcca caaatagaga accagacatt gtgtgcctct tggaggaaga     59280
     atgcatcacc acctaaaaag tactgttgct ggaaaaagac caaaaaaaac ccctcaatct     59340
     cacaagcttc taggtttatc tatcaataga caggaagtac agaggcagaa gagcatataa     59400
     taccacaggg attcagtcaa caaaatccag accctaagaa actccacagg acaaacaacc     59460
     tatttcttca acaaataaac tgtgcaaggg aaacttttag acagatacat ggattgatgg     59520
     gtggatggat ggatagatgg atggatagat agatagacag acagacttaa aagatgtatc     59580
     aaccagtcac aatatgtgga ccatttctgg atcctgattt aagcaaagta taataaacac     59640
     actcatacac atatactaca tggataccac aagtggaaat ttgacaattg actatttgat     59700
     aaattttaag aactactgtt aattttttgg tgtgataatg gctttgttgt tatacacttt     59760
     taaagatgtt tgtattttta agaaacatac tgaaatattt acagatgaaa gtatacaata     59820
     tcttggattt gcttcagaat aatatgggtg gggggaagtg gctggggata cagatccaac     59880
     aagattgggc atgagttgat cattgttaaa gcacaggatg tatacatgtg agtttgtaat     59940
     attattttgt ctcatttttg gcatatgttt aaaattctcc atagcaaaat tacttgcggg     60000
     ttttggtttt gtattgtatt gttaaaaaga acaaataaag cccaaggccc aggagtccac     60060
     aaagaaaaag agagggaaaa aaggagagca ggcttggctt ctcgctcacc tgcacatagc     60120
     tccccacgct ctcctggtag atcataaagg aaagcaggct gccctgggtg agctccccat     60180
     cctgcatctg ctgcagccca cagctcagca tcagcatctg cacccccaag tgcagcacct     60240
     ggaagaggag aagaaagaga tgaggctggg aatcttccca ttctttcccc ctctctgcct     60300
     ctatgagact gagctgcaaa ggcctctaga accagctgta gtttcctctt cccttgccct     60360
     ccccctttcc tgggctcctt tcacaaccac tctggtatct taccctcctt acgagcaggt     60420
     acaaggcgcg ttccaggtct ctccgccaat acagctgccg acattgttca agggcctctt     60480
     tatagcgaca gacttcatgc tcctcggccc caaaactgcg aacggtctgc agccctccaa     60540
     cggcttcccg caccacctgc cccgccctgg ccactgcatc ctggatctcc cgaagcactt     60600
     cctggaaaag agggccagca aacaccaggg ctgatgtgca aagacagcag gcccccacat     60660
     cttactccag ccagtgagat gctccctagt ctacctaaaa ataccaaact gtttctctcc     60720
     ctcttcctta ctcttctttc cagaaggaat aagagtgaag gagcaaggga acaaaatatt     60780
     attgagctct cagtgttagg tagtatagga gatacatgca atttttttaa ccttcatttg     60840
     aggtaatttt cccatcccca gtgtctgaat taggaaagaa gggtagtttt cccaaggagc     60900
     cacagatagt taagaaaggt ggagatgtaa ttccaaatgg atcagaggcc taaacataag     60960
     agctaacact ataaaactcc taggaaaatg tagaagaaaa gcctcatgcc actagatttg     61020
     gcagtgattt cttggatata acaccaaacg cacaggcaac aaaaaataga taaatcagac     61080
     ttcatcagaa tttaaaacgt ttgtgcatca aagaactcta gcaacagagt gaaaaagcaa     61140
     ccatgaaata caagaaaata tttgtgaatc atatatctga taggaaatta ataggcaaaa     61200
     catatagtga actcccacaa cttaaaaaaa aatcagaaaa tgggcaaaga acttgcagac     61260
     attctttcaa gaaagaaaca taagtggcca aaatcacacg aaaagatgct caatatttac     61320
     taatcattag ggaaatgcaa atcaaaacca caatgagata atcctaatca cctaatcacc     61380
     attagaatgg ctattaaaaa aaaagacaac agaaagtggt gttgatgagg atgtggagaa     61440
     attggaaacc ttatgcactg ctggtgggaa tttaaaatgg tgctgccgct atggaaaact     61500
     gtatggtggt ttgatacgat ctggctgtgt ccctacccat atctgatctt gaattcccat     61560
     gtgttgtggg agggactggg taggaggtaa ttgaatcatg agggcaagtc tttcccatgc     61620
     tgttcttgtg atattgaata agtctcacga gatataatgg ttttaaaaag gggaattccc     61680
     ctgcacaagc tgtcttttct cttgtctgct gccatgtgaa atgtgtcttt caccttccgc     61740
     catgatttga ggtcttccca gccacatgga actgtaagtc caataaacct ctttcttttg     61800
     taaattgccc aatcttgggt atgtctttat cagcagcgta aaaatggact aatacatggt     61860
     tcctcaaaaa ttgttaaata gaattgccat atgatccagc agctccactt ctaagtatat     61920
     acccaaaaga accaaaagca gggtttcaaa caggtgtaca ctcatgtcca cagcagcata     61980
     attcacaaca gccaaaaggt ggaaacaacg caaatgtcca ttgacagatg aatggataat     62040
     caaaatgtga tatatgcaca caacagaata ttattcagcc ttaaaaggga ggaaattcta     62100
     acacatgcta caatatggat gaggcctgaa gacattacgc taagtaaaat atgccagtca     62160
     caaaaagaca aatactgtat ggttccactt acgtaccgca ccgggagtca tcacaattca     62220
     tggagacaga aggtacaatg gaggttgcca gcggccaggg gttgggggta gtaggcagtt     62280
     actatttagt gggtacagag tttcatttta ggaagatgaa aaaagttctg gagatggatg     62340
     gtgatgatgg ttacccaata acaatgtggg tttcctaaat gtcactgaac tgtacacttc     62400
     aaatggttga aatggtaaat tttatgttat gtatgtttta ccacaatata agagaaaaag     62460
     agaaggtgga gctgacattc agacttagga cttcctgatg acgcctcctt tccctatgct     62520
     gcatccagac ttcttctgct gattttaaag ggaaaatctc cctgcctaaa agcctctaag     62580
     aaaccatttt taatcttcgc agtgggggcg ggggatgtac agactccttt gagaagctaa     62640
     tgaaaagtta tcatcgccta tcatctcccc ttcctattcc ctcccccata ccttcacata     62700
     cactttacat ttttgtttac agttctggag aatcatgaat cttctgaagt caaatatcca     62760
     ttgttggatg gctggacaaa caaaatgtag tatatactac aatatacctt ctcccctaat     62820
     ggctgagaag agaacatctc tctctagggg atcctctagc cacaaatgtg gaagcctcct     62880
     cacctgtcag ttttattctc cctttggggt tcccttacat gcacgctcac ctgatggcgg     62940
     gtgttgtaca ccttctccgc tgctattgtg aagggcatgt gcagcagaga aaggagggtg     63000
     agtcgaggcg atatgctgag catgaagcca tacagcccca ccactttcac caggcttcgc     63060
     aagagcacat tggcatttaa aggaagccag ttactcatca gggtggtatc cgagctcagc     63120
     cgtgagttca gctcccctaa gaaggacaga gcaggtgagg aaaaaggaaa ccatgtgtac     63180
     tgcagggccc ccagaaactc cctcctgacc gttccctctg acacagcccc ctcctctgaa     63240
     catcctcctt cacttgcaga gggacagtgg aggctgcttc tccaccctgt cccaaacaag     63300
     agaaaagcat ccccaagtcc tggcatacgg gtgaaggcag gaggagaggc tgtgggtgga     63360
     aggtcactga ggggcaaggg atgtccatgg gaatctcaga cctggactcc aggccccacc     63420
     tgtcttagtc tcctggaaga aaccgaggtc ctggcgcagc agggaggaga aaagctgctc     63480
     ccggatccgc aagttgattc gagacatggt gtaggtgaag cagcctcctc ggcagcctgc     63540
     agacagtgag ctgtggggta ggagaataag aggggaggga gatgcagaga aggagcaagc     63600
     cagcgggtga aacagaggag caagccagga gtgcagagaa gcgcaaagtc aggggaaagc     63660
     atgccaggag gggcaaaaga gaaagaaatg agagacagac acacagagag agaagaggta     63720
     aggaatacac agaggaagaa gaaagaggag acatggtgag ctagatgtga gaacaaaatc     63780
     ataacatgta caaatttaca agtatttatg gagtgcactc tgtactagac acaatagaag     63840
     actacaatag aagggaaaag atattgtgaa aacaagtatc ccagtgcttg cttctgtccc     63900
     agcgtccctc aggcttgtcc ctctgtgcgt ctcctccgcc ttggtctcct tcctgcccca     63960
     tacccaaagc ccttctctgt catcatagat acttcatcat gggaactgca ataataaatt     64020
     ccctgccccc acaattctct ggagccccag agtcatgtga ttcccatctt tcatccttcg     64080
     agttggaaaa tccctcttag accaactaca tgctacagta acacttagag gaaaaaatat     64140
     aaagcataaa agcatgtatt ttacaaaata tatgtttcta atacaaattt agttaccata     64200
     ttgaagaggc gtttggaata gtcagacatg atataatgag ggtttgtact ttaatgacag     64260
     ggatgtgttc tgagaaatgt gtcgttagat ggtttcatcg ttgtatgaac atcatagagt     64320
     gtacttacac aaacctagat gtcatagcct actgcacacc taggccatgt agtttagcct     64380
     attgctccta ggctacaaat ctgtacaaca tataactgca cctaacactg tgggcgactg     64440
     taacacagaa gtaagtattt gtgtatctaa acatagaaaa ggtacagtaa aaatatggta     64500
     ttataatctt gtgggtccac catcttatat gtggcccatc attgacctaa acttcgttat     64560
     gcagtgcacg actgtagttt cagcagaaag cagccaggat ggaatgaagg cacaatgaaa     64620
     tggttttcga gggtactcta aattaagtat gaccataaaa atagagacaa tcaggccggc     64680
     tgggatttgg gtaaggtgag tgcacacctc cttaaacttt gcaccccagg tgcctcgctc     64740
     acctcatccc agtcccagcc ttatcaaaca gtttgtttgt ttgagtatgt ctagaaagag     64800
     aaaggaaagc aagtgaaggg aaaagagtaa tgattctgga aagaaaggtg ataagcctca     64860
     gagtaagatc ttcagggact ggcaagatga gctgggaaag aagagtgaaa gggagaagca     64920
     tacccatcct gagggagtga ccctggagag atactttgga gacagactta ggggtaggag     64980
     gtaggaggca gaaagaaatg gaatttcatg gacctaggaa tgttgagaga caactgagag     65040
     acattccatc tgagacttaa attccttttg tactaccttc actcataact tgttcctata     65100
     ataagatcag ataaactttg aagatattgg atgaatatga acgaaggaag aaatgaatgg     65160
     atagatgaaa cagaatggtg actacattca ccatatttta gtttaagtat ttttgtgttt     65220
     tgcgcctgaa agggcctaga aatggagtta gggaagtgaa gacccctata aagatttggg     65280
     gctagcaaat ggacccagct gcccactacc tacctgccaa aggagaagag gcacatgaag     65340
     aagatggcac tggcaaaggc atgggggtca aaatcacctc ccaggatgtc aatcacacga     65400
     ccagaatagt gagggattaa tgtctcacct gaaagaggca tgaaaaataa cacaagaatg     65460
     tgctggtgcg caggcccttt taccacctcc aactcacaac gtcctctcct gactcaccca     65520
     aaacagcaag gacaaggaag aagaaggcgg caacgaggag aggcaggtcc ggcctggaga     65580
     gcttcagcag cctccacatc aagactttgt tgttcacctg gtcctgctcc ttctcctggg     65640
     ctccaggagg gctcagaaca gcccacagtg accagctgag ccccgcagcc ccgtacccca     65700
     ccagcagcca gctccaaggg gctgaagcga ctctggctgg gggagcacgt gaggcccccg     65760
     cgaccagggc tctcagggag acagtcaggg gggtggccag acagagcggg agcagcagtg     65820
     tccccacaaa tcccagcagc cctcttagct ttagcagccc ccacagccct cccagccgca     65880
     gggtcccctc cagccatagt cctggcagcc cttgaggaag caaagtcccc agagggccct     65940
     gaagcagcca cagtaaagcc gcgtccacca gcagcaggga ggtccagggt ctcaggtcag     66000
     ggagccgcat ggctctgtca acggatacga gatgagaaat catgggggtg gagtcccaat     66060
     ccttgtccct gccctcctac ccgcccggct ccgcctaacc cgtccatcgg cttctcattt     66120
     catcctattc aaccctgaga gctctcctga gtaaccggtg ctcatccgta cacccctcct     66180
     acgacagaca gctttcggcc ttctggggag ctggaagcat gaccatcagg agcctcgtgc     66240
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatcc ccggaccccc acccccaccc ccgcctgccg cggcgagcta     66300
     agtggtccgg gctccgctcc ctcctatcgc cgggtgcaga gggactggga agcaggagcg     66360
     tggagtgggt agtcacttgg gctgcgttcc tgttggcgct ccaggttccc ctccgcacca     66420
     actcaccagc cgcggcgggg agaccgcagc tccgggggct tctgcttcag cgctgaggtc     66480
     cgctccgtct ctcccaacct cgctaccggc tctggtccgc cagctacgct cggccagggc     66540
     gggcgtcagg gctcgggcag ctttcgcttt cgtttcccca accaaggcct tcattctggg     66600
     ctgggccgcc gggagggggc gcgcgagacc cgcagacagc ggaactggag cccgaactct     66660
     ggttcgcact gtacaggcct gcaatgagtc tcactcgcct ttagtggcgg ttactctggg     66720
     atataaaact gcaaaaatgt ttctttatca ttaagtaaaa tacagttgtc tcaagggcaa     66780
     ctgtatctgt tgtccttgct ttgtaattgg agaatgcttt gtaattggag aatcactgaa     66840
     ttttctcaaa gttactactt caagctctga gcctactatt aagaagtgcc ttctttctgg     66900
     tccggcgcgg tggctcacgc ctgtaatcac agcactttgg gaggctgagg cgggcggatc     66960
     gcctgaggtc aggggttcga gaccagcctg gccaacatgg tgaaaccctg tctctactaa     67020
     aaatacaaaa attagccagg gcgtggtggc ggacgcctgt aatcccagct actcgggagg     67080
     ctgaggcagg ggaatcgctt gaactcagga ggcagaggtt tcagtgagcc gagatcgggt     67140
     cattgcactc cagcctgggc gacaagagtg agacttcgtc taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtgc     67200
     cctcttccat gcaagctcca gttttaggcg agcgagccgg gctctcctaa atagaaggtt     67260
     ccaaccaatc tcaccaggcc aaaggggatt ttcacgtaca gactttgaat ttagtaggcc     67320
     ctgagcgttc atcttcatcc gtccttctca gccggagcac cttgagctgg cgcgtgttca     67380
     ggtgcctctg agtctgtact ccaaattatg ttgggcgcac cttcagccta tgagggaaat     67440
     gcccggtact gggctttggt tcttgttcta ttttaacact gtttagaaca gtaattaggt     67500
     ttttaaatat ccttcctgtc ccagagcctt cctatgcaac agaaagattc gtttattcca     67560
     gaaaggactc ttcagattga aaccacctcc caaactaaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaattc     67620
     cccaaaggaa gggtcgcttg gattccagat caccattttg aaatgttacc tgtgtgacta     67680
     ccaaggagtc acttaaagtt taaaatagtg gtggtgggga ggagggattt taagtagggg     67740
     ctcgctaaag ttttacaact ctattcattc tggcatttta agaatctctc tctaatgaaa     67800
     aaagctccat gctcaagctc atgctcctac tttcaagcat ttgtttcctt tattttctgg     67860
     aaagtgacat ggtccatagt tccagcatga ttccgaaaat ctcatgatgt gtgtctcttt     67920
     cttctaacct ggatctttta cattttcccc acactcctca cttaggggag tcctcctgat     67980
     ctcttcttcc tctaaaatta tagtcctgcc atcttgcaat tcagcatgac acatcatgaa     68040
     attagaccct taatgtctgt ctttatattc aatatccaat atctccaaag tgttatttgg     68100
     gataaatggt atggtgttta tatgattacc atattaaagt gaagtggaag ctttttcatc     68160
     ctactctata aagtcaaaaa cagttatcct aggtgcccta ctccctgttc ctcaaaccat     68220
     taacaatgga gcacacagga gtccccaggt gcctctctat ggaaaggacc ctaacctatg     68280
     tgaaattgca aacaagtgtc catggacagc aatgagcagc cttcctgagg tcttggagag     68340
     atgagtgtgg aaggaaaccc caggaagaac tatgtggtga ggccacattt cttagatagg     68400
     ggtctgagcc ccttctccag aaaaagcgtc tctttacttt ctgccccacc caacaaccac     68460
     aggcccaacc ccattcagcc acaagacaga ggtatttata accgtttttc tttattctac     68520
     ttagtggggc acccagaaac ttccctgggg gaaatgcttg ttcaaataga gaacacgcag     68580
     aagatgcact tcaccggcct cctctggctg ctgagcccgt actctctctt tggctcaggc     68640
     taggcctctt cttctccttg gacttaacgt ggcttaggtc cctgagtcgg ccaagacctc     68700
     ccagaggaga cctgcccagc tgccaccacc accattattg attggcttcc cggtactggt     68760
     gcagcaggtc actgacatct gtactttcta ctttcaccca accatcttcc ttcatgtggt     68820
     acactgtgga caaatgagaa aagaacatgg agtcaccttt cacctcagca agttcctgtc     68880
     actgatgtta tgttgaaggc agcaacaaga cacatgcgca agcttaaaac catatgactg     68940
     ggcctttaat gcccttcttc tgactctgaa aatttcctcc ctactactct ccctcctttg     69000
     agtctctcaa tcattttctt ttttttcttt tgagaaggag tctcactctg tggcccagac     69060
     tggaatgcag tggcaccatc ttggctcact gcaagctcca cctcccaggt tcaagtgatt     69120
     ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa gtagctggga ctacaggcac ccgtcaccac gtccggctaa     69180
     tttttgtagt tttagtagag acggggtttc gccatgttgg caaggctggt ttctcaatct     69240
     taaatcaccc cccccaccac ccgccgactc ctcccaggca tggtggtggg agcattggtc     69300
     tcttactatt gacaacgcct ccagaatagc tgtctctgtg agtggcataa gcaatagccc     69360
     tgcggccaag gtcataggcc tcttcagggc taagattagg ccgatagcca ctgtccatga     69420
     ccccgtaggc ataagtgttc ccactacccg tggagaacat atttcctgag agccgagtcc     69480
     catgttcatc cacgtagtag agtccaggac cctataagat gaaagatttc aggctgaaat     69540
     tggagaggaa gatgttggta acatgggggt tcaaatatga gacataaaaa gtgaacaaaa     69600
     gaattaatat taccacaaga acattggaat taggaaacca ctttggtaaa gtcatcgaac     69660
     tttagaaatg aaaaaggaaa aacaaacttg aaatcaactg tttaacaaaa gggacaagct     69720
     tacaaaacac atgcaatgat tcatatctgg gccaataaat agtccatgga tatactgaaa     69780
     cagttctata accaagcact ctatatgcca tgcatcttgt cagggaggga gtaggagtat     69840
     atgatgggaa acagatctgt catccatagg gaacatggtg ggggaacatg aagaatggag     69900
     agcacccacc ttcttatccc agccacagat catactgccc atagagaggc ccatgccccg     69960
     gtactggcac atcatgttgg acagcagctt ggaggctgcc gacactgaaa tacgttctcc     70020
     atttcgcaga tagtacagcc tgggtgagga caaggtggag tgaggaaaga gaggttagct     70080
     ctttccaact tgatggggca ggaaatgatt aaagagataa gcattggaaa ggaattattt     70140
     tgtaggatct aaagatcaga gaaagatttg gaatttaaag tatctgaaac atacaaaggc     70200
     agcctagtaa atgatactgt cccgccaggg tggatgtgtc agtgctaaat acctgacgta     70260
     ctatctggct tatgagtgga gcacaggctg agatttggga gaagggtctt atcaccaaaa     70320
     agctgttttg tgaaatatac tattagcact aagatggacc acataggaca agagtaagga     70380
     gcaatgatct gagagatcca gggattaacc actaggctaa gaaaggaaga tgagaggcct     70440
     cacttacctg cattccttgg ccagcaggcg ctcccagtac tgacagtctg ctgcacagcc     70500
     agacatggtg ccaagcaggt aagggttaat ctcaatcacc ttgttcaccc gtaaggcacc     70560
     tggaagaaga tggagctttg ggagagaagg gatgacccca tagatccccc agtgtgtcct     70620
     aaatcaatat ccacttccac tttgttgcag agttggcctc ctgtggaaag gagagcccag     70680
     ctccccagat tctgcctgct ggagcgtata cactcactaa tgtaggaccc agctgaggcc     70740
     cgagaatcca ctgctgcaat cactccatgc tggaacttga aggcgagcgt ggtggtgcca     70800
     tgggccatct caatctgaac gttcctttct ccgtccccac ccagggactg gaagaattct     70860
     gtgggctgat aagagaaaag aggttgagaa aggcaatgaa aaattctgta gtaagaggct     70920
     ccaggaaaag gttttaggga gtatgagggt gaggagatat gcagaaatga tctaaccatc     70980
     aataaatgaa acagttaata accaatctct agaaggaaat ggcttgggag aaggaaaaga     71040
     agaggcatgc cagtatcaac cttttccatt ttccagcaca acagaaatga aagcaagcac     71100
     atgttaccat tactaaaaaa ttttgagagt gacttaaagg gtttcttcca tgcataaagc     71160
     attcaaccct cacaaaacac gtttagtaac agtatcctca ctttacagaa gaggggcttg     71220
     ggacctagac taagtgactt gttctaagtc gcgcaacagt gagttgctga gaggaggcca     71280
     gcaggcaaat ttcataggtt tcccaagaca ccacacacct cctatatcat gtgataaccc     71340
     catgaaaaag gctccaccat ttgtgtgtgg acaagggcag ggaagttctc ttgtcttcct     71400
     ttgggagccc ccacctcacc tgtaactctt tgtcctaact tgcacttcct cctctcaggc     71460
     cccatcccca tgtggcctct tctttgggtc tggcgctctc cgggactgaa ggctaccccc     71520
     gaccctgtac cccgcgctcc cgctctcgcc tcctcctctc aggcgaccct ccactcctca     71580
     gcgcccgcct ccctgcatcc ctaggggctt ccctactgcc ccgacctgca ttccccgggg     71640
     taaagcgagc tctggagatc gcatagagaa actgtagtgt cctgggtccg agcgacgccc     71700
     gcttcccgca accgggagag ccgattccgg ccgctgccct cggggggctc cgcatacatc     71760
     tagtagcgcc atgaccgccc agcacccaga gatctgtccg ctctcggagg aggaagtgaa     71820
     agcgaaagcc acagatcgaa ggggagggaa caagactctt ttccacatcc ccctgccttt     71880
     tccgagaaaa ggacagttag tgcctggacc aggaccatca cactggggac cggcttctct     71940
     gctctcccgt tatgggggtc gggggaatga tgggtcaagg gtcttccgaa gaaagcgaga     72000
     aaggaacagg cgccttcaaa agcccacttg gcgatgggtt acagtaagag gtacctccag     72060
     gcccgggcat ccgctggaaa caggggtggg tagggtcgtg tcatctaaag gcgcagcttc     72120
     aaccagaaga ctagaagtca gccaggagct gggagtagtg tcacgcgggg tgggggttcc     72180
     tatgagcatc actttacaaa accaggaggg acggaagtgc gagggggcag agtcttggaa     72240
     acaggtcctg ggccaactgc aacagaatat acccgccgcg tgtaggggaa ggcggcgcca     72300
     gggagagggc gcagtctctg aatctttcca cggggtccat cctagggccc ctccaggttc     72360
     aacggtctcc taacctgtag tcacccacaa gagcgtgccc tttctgcccg cccttcctag     72420
     cgttgctccc tgcttggctg agcactgcgg agtttcacgc ctctaaaccc cgcctcttct     72480
     tgcaacctgt gttggcctca tctacccagc aactgtcgac gtcacacgac ctgggcctcc     72540
     ctgaatggga gatatttact aggcaatccc gcctactgtt ctgaggtttc ccctccaggt     72600
     gcagcttcag agccaggcga gccaggaagg accagcgggc gaggtggtga gttgtgaggc     72660
     gcgcccagtc cctctgttcc cgcctggcac ttgctctggc cgcgcccgcc ccatctgcca     72720
     cttcggagag gccacggctc tgagctgcgg ccgctagtgc cctgatgggc cctgtggctg     72780
     gggtcttgca cattcttggg ggtgggccta aggggatagg ggaagtggaa ggggcctcat     72840
     aggaattaaa aagcttaagg gaaaaggtga tgcagttagg gggtaaaaca ttgaggatga     72900
     taaaagagga gacacccgca gctgaaaagt gcgctgcaaa aggcagtggg ccgtttggtg     72960
     tgccggaaac ataagaaacc acagtacaaa acaccaattt tattataaat atcaagaacc     73020
     tacagggtgt ttatgggcca gcatatgcct tcagttatgt tgaaaatagc tgatcatctt     73080
     tccgtacatt ctgaacattt ctcagtttca gagtgctggc cacaccaaag catcagccct     73140
     ggctctaaac tccgttacag taaggaatta caaatcctgt gtttgtactc caggaagtct     73200
     gcattatcac gaggagcttg gaaaggaggt aacacactca aggcaaattt caagtaactc     73260
     atcctggagg cagctgccta ctctgcagct gtggttctcc accacagaga gaagaaaagg     73320
     gagggagatg gagtgcgcag gtctgagaag gctttcattc tggagcatct gcaggagcct     73380
     gcaccatggc ccagtagcac ccctttttct ccatgagctg ctggtgggtt cccccctccc     73440
     ggatagcgcc tccttccaga aagaggatgt ggtcagcctg ctccaccagg ctgaggtgct     73500
     gggtgatgag aagcactgag cgggagtacc gctcagggct ttcgtacagg agctgctcca     73560
     cctgaggaaa gacatcggac cgtcagagcc ggggactacc ctcagcccag ggagacacct     73620
     gtgtttccag ggctgggact gacctcacag gatcactgct ggctctgcta acaaccccaa     73680
     ggacaccaac gtttcccatt ctgagtactt ctccgcaaac cctttgtttc attaaggact     73740
     gttttacatg aagggtgcaa aagtaggata aaaatgagaa ccctagggtg aaacacgtga     73800
     cagaagaata aagactattg aatagtcctc ttctctaccc atggacttgg catttttata     73860
     ttcgatttta aggaaatata acttagtagt aaagagatga gcattcaagt caggcagacc     73920
     tgaatttggg tcaaggctgc gccactcaaa agctatatga cctctatatg agcagcttat     73980
     tcaacctctt ttaacctcca ttttgtcatc tgtagaatga tgataaatgc ctagctcaga     74040
     aggattccta atgaataaat gagtgacagt gcatgtaaac agactagctt aattaatatt     74100
     aatatgatta ggatgggctg ggcccagtgg ctcatgccta taatcctagc actttgggag     74160
     gtcaaggagg gaggatcact tgggcccagg agttcaaggc cagcctgggc aacatagcgg     74220
     gacgctgtct gtacaaaaaa taattttttt aaataaacga tattatgagg atggtctttt     74280
     ccttatgttt cgctttagaa attcagtcta taggactggg cgcagtggct cacacctata     74340
     accccagccc tttgggaggc tgaggggggc agattacctg agctcaggaa ttcaaggcca     74400
     gcctgggcaa catggtgaaa cccatctcta ctaaaaatat aaaagccaac caggcatagt     74460
     ggtgtacacc tgtagtccca gctactcggg aggctgaggg gagaatcgct tgagcccagc     74520
     aggttgaagc tgcagtgagc caagattgtg ccactgcgct ccagcctggg caactgagtg     74580
     agacactgtc ttaaaaaaaa aaaaggaaag aaagaaagaa attcagtctg tagtttgtag     74640
     atagtctctt ttaactgatt ctaggtgtct ttgcctcgtc ttctatctct actccttggg     74700
     gaggcatcca atggaactgg atttgggaac tgagaactgc aaggactggt ttgtataatt     74760
     atgatgttag taaaactaac agaagatgta taaaagaagc aagattgggt gggatatagc     74820
     cattaagaag atgactgcct cacctgtaac tggctgtttg catccagggc actggtggca     74880
     tcatccagga taagtacaca cggtttccgg atcaatgctc gggccaacgc cactgcctgt     74940
     cgctgacccc ctgacagctg gctcccagcc tcgtctacct ctgcagagca aagggccaag     75000
     atgagaacgg tatagccaca tgtgtgcacg catgtacatg cacacagaca cactcatgca     75060
     ttcacgcact cacacacacc aagatctgac ggttgtagct ggatagggga gattctggga     75120
     agatgaacag aatcctgagg atgtcaggat gaagaagcca taggagcatg atcttacaac     75180
     ttcaaattga tgtccatgag taaggaggaa ctgaaggata aaggcaagac tactggggtt     75240
     tcagcaaagg taaagatggc tgggtggtga gatgagtgga gagagtacct gtgtcatagc     75300
     cctgagggag tccagagatg aaactatggg ccccagactt tactgcagca gctgtgattt     75360
     cctccatagt tggcttctgg gtcaggccat aggcaatatt ttcttgaaga cttcttccaa     75420
     atacctgtgg ctcttgtccc actgcagcca cctgagatga aatatgatga agagtcatag     75480
     aacaaggcac atgggagtat ggttatctag agatcgaaga ctcaaaatct ttattgagaa     75540
     catgtcacaa aatcatacta cctccctcct gactacacca ccatctccac ccaaggtctc     75600
     ttatcattcc ctaacccctc tttcagagtg ctcagtaaga atgctcttcg tatttgatgc     75660
     tccctgccct ccttcaagcc acctgcttcc atacctgcct gtgcaggtag cggtgctcat     75720
     attggggaag gggcttccca tccaacagca gctgtccccc ggtgggctgg tacagattct     75780
     gcagcagggc agccactgtg ctcttcccag acccattggg tcccaccagc gccgtcacct     75840
     cgccagggcg tagggtgaat gtcagcccct agaggccaga gaagcacacg ataagaggct     75900
     accaaggcct ctaaccttga gagtgtcatt gccttgttac atagcatgat gtcttacccc     75960
     agaagaaaaa cagggaaata tagaaactcc taccctccca catgcacaga tttctgggtg     76020
     atgcctcccc aaggagtaga gatagaagaa gcagcaaaga caagggcaga gacccagcac     76080
     cactatgcca cacacttgat gtcagatacc accaggaaag ggaaaaatca cattccaaat     76140
     tacaaaggaa aaggaaagat ggaagaccga agacacagat tttgctgcag caattccttg     76200
     gaacgtgaga gcactctctt cgaaacctct tctctcattc tctttggaag cccaaactgg     76260
     gttcttgagt ttggggaaga tttatggaac agatgatgcc taccattgcc tttaaagggt     76320
     tagggaggat atatgcttgg cagtaagcag gctgaaggca ggaagaaaat ttaggatggc     76380
     agaattgcag ttggggccag tggaatacag ggagtggtag gttgtacctg tagcactaag     76440
     acatctgggc ggtttgggta ggcaaaggag acatcttgga actggacaag gccctccaag     76500
     tgtaagggag tcaacagacc actgggtggg cagcgagggg tgcggtccag gtactcaaat     76560
     attttctctg aggagcccac agccttctgt actctggggt agatggagag cagtacctag     76620
     agggaggtaa gaatagtgaa agtgaggtag tctgcttgcc agcattatgt gaagcaagaa     76680
     gggtaaagaa tggaaggaca tcacacagat ggtgctgggc cagaggaagg aatcacactg     76740
     gggagtgaag gtggagggac ctcacctcca cagcctgggt gaactgcatc tggtagagaa     76800
     caaatgtgac aaggttccca ctgcttacag ccccactggt caccagctgc ccaccaatgt     76860
     agaggattcc cactttcagc agcatacctg aaatctataa agagaccaca aaaaaaggga     76920
     ctgaggtaga gaaatctgga ggggacacaa agaaccacag tcattaacct gaaggaaata     76980
     tcaagtccct gtctcctaag tgacatcggc aggctcaata ggcagacagg agaatgaacc     77040
     agagacccca tggagtctga ctcaatgcac atcatgcaag tcacagttat cttcaccacc     77100
     atcaccacta tcaccttgtc tggggagcat tttactcttc acaaaaggct ttcattcatg     77160
     tgatgtcagc taatacatga agagccttat aaagaaggtt atatcactcc atttttgaaa     77220
     aatgaggaaa caaccagtcg ggcgcagtgg ctcatgcctg caattccagc actttgggag     77280
     gccgaagtgg gcggatcaca aggtcaggag attgagacca tcctggctaa cacggagaaa     77340
     cctcgtctct actaaaaata caaaaaaaaa aaaaattagc cgggcgtggt ggcgggtgcc     77400
     tgtagtccca gctactcagg aggctgaggc gggagaacgg cgtgaacccg ggaggcggag     77460
     cttgcagtga gcccagatcg cgccactgca ctccagcctg ggcgacaaag cgagactcca     77520
     gctcaaaaat aataataata agtaaaaata aacaaacaaa caaacaaata aataaataaa     77580
     gaggaaacag tctcagagaa ggtaaatttg ttgtcatgat cacaagacaa gtaaattgca     77640
     tcatcaagcc aggatcttcg gatcactggc gtagctctct ttccagtgca tcacagatgt     77700
     ccctcatccc tggcttccac tattcccatc actctcacta acaaatctac aaggtaccag     77760
     catgaagcag tcccaggtgc aagaatttat ggcgccctgc acttcccctg agaggcaaag     77820
     gaaggcccta ggactggaag acacgcatct ctccaatcca catggttggg tggattttat     77880
     gtaccatact gaaaggaagc cacctagcat ctttaaagag agggaggggg ctagggacac     77940
     tgagtagagt cattgagcct caggttgcta ggacgaaaat actgaaccaa ccatttccca     78000
     gtaaaggagg agtgggagca gggtcatagg aatgggaatg gagtcacggc atcttaagga     78060
     caagggaatg ggtattcatc ttcaggtgct cacactagtg gtccaggagt tgactgcata     78120
     ggccacagcc tccttctggt tgagtgtctt tatttcttgc agcttttccc taaacttctg     78180
     ggcttcgccc tcctcgttgg caaagcttcg aactgtaggc atggccgaca gagcctcaat     78240
     ggccacctgg ctggactttg ccagagattc ccgcacctgc acttccagca actgtggata     78300
     catggacaag agatgtcaca cgggttggca aaccatcagg gacactaata cctgagttac     78360
     ctatttggaa attaaaggtg agaagagaca gaggaaaagg agaaaagaga aagagacaca     78420
     gctatgcccc ttggatgcta aagaaatacg aggaagagga aaatgactca gaacgggttg     78480
     gggatcaaat tcttaaagac agattgtggg gagaagctag aaaagaagac ccagagagta     78540
     tggaggttaa tgttgagcaa cctgggaaca tggaccacag ggacagggtg ttccatgaag     78600
     atggagaatc agtaagggtg ccaggaaagc tggactgaaa gcaatgtgag aggaactgag     78660
     tctgccaagt ctgggagatg agggtctgtg tagagcgggc caactccatg aacatacctg     78720
     gtaccatttt cccaccttct tgggcagaag gaaaagcaga ggcagggtga tcagggtgac     78780
     catggtgagg gacactgatc cccagagcat gatccccaag agacataggc ctcgcaccag     78840
     gtaccacaga aataagctca gattctcact cagagaatca ctcagggtgg acgtgtcctc     78900
     tgttacccga gacatgatgt tacctgcagg gttggggaga agagagtgag gtgaatcaga     78960
     caggttccaa gtgatgagac gaactaacaa tgagccagga tgccagggtc aggggtgtca     79020
     acatggggtt ctaaggaggc tgcaggaaac aaggttaggg ttctccagag gtctgcaaat     79080
     ctcagtgcag ggaagatgag tgttaaagag gaaaggcctg accttcattt taattataaa     79140
     gtcattaatg cacatgtgaa tttccatttt cctgaaagct ttctgttccc tagagaacct     79200
     gtatgtccca tgctatacac acaggcagga agagcttaaa ctggtcacat aacagagatg     79260
     gaggaggagg gtgctgctag gaagcatgcc aaagtctgtg gagcactcac tgggactagg     79320
     gttctaaccc caggtctatc tctagccata tgtaactgta cagcttctag tgctgctaga     79380
     aagcatgccg aagtctgtgg agcactcaag agaccagggt tctaacccca agtgtgtctc     79440
     tagccatatg taactgtgca gtttcagcat ttagggtctt ggcctcagtt tccttctctg     79500
     tcagatgagg cagttggtct ctatgagctc aaaatttcca ggtttgaaat tctatggttt     79560
     ctatctaagg atacatagga atagatttat aagaaaatgc tagatgaaaa ctctaggttt     79620
     ttcttaaggt aaggaggaca atattttgct cctgaggtat atcaagaatg agaaaaacaa     79680
     ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gagagagaga gagagagaga cagagacaga gagagagaga     79740
     cagggagagg gtatatcaag aatgagaagg aacaatgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtgagagaga     79800
     gagagcgggg aggggggaga tcaaagcaga tgtatgagga tatgaacagt acatggcgta     79860
     taatgaaaga gtttcaggag aaacctgtct ggttctgttg gaaaaactcc gtctcctggc     79920
     gcaggacagc cccaaacacc tctccctgca agtggctgtg cacgtggccc atggtgttgt     79980
     tatagatccc gtcacccacg aactccagca ctgcactata aagaacccgg aaaaaaaggg     80040
     gatcagggtg tgttcaggga acagactgaa ggtcccaggt atccccatat aagtgcattt     80100
     cggacagcag ccccaacttc caactccctc atttgcaggg tgccccattt tcagccccca     80160
     gacctggcta tggtgagaat ggacatgaga gttaagtttc gagtgaaggt atcggctgag     80220
     ccatcttgta gaatccagtc agtgaggcgg cccgtaaaga atggaatggc catctcccct     80280
     ggagaaagag aagagaggtc acgcacaaat attaagtcta agtaggtcag ttccagtcag     80340
     actggcccca ccacgcctcc tccccctcac cattatcctg gagggcatca gcagaaagga     80400
     aacactgacg tctcaatccc gaacctaaat aggctgccct ggaactcact accctgtggt     80460
     tgctctacca gaactttcag gattttatta ggaaggctgg agatcatgaa gtagaaaagc     80520
     ctcctgttag agatgaggat gccccgccct tcggccccag agcaaaggat ttccccgctt     80580
     ccggcgtggc ccaaagaatc aagacccggt cagcaatgga gcccagaacc tctggccccc     80640
     gccagtccag tgccgtttct tctacaccga agtggtgttc caagacccac gctaggagtc     80700
     cttctcctgc tccacatttc ccagaaccca cgctactcta ccttactgac aattaccttt     80760
     gattcctgtc ccagtcccct tgtgtcctcc cctcttgccc tgcgttcccc ttaccaagag     80820
     aggagaggac caccaggacc aggaacagcg agaggcggcg cgtctccgag cccaggcagc     80880
     ctagaagccg acgcacaggg tttccagagc cgccctgacc gccgggcacc cagaggctcc     80940
     cgagtttgtg ccacagggct gctgcgggca gtgccgctgc ataactgaca acgaaggcgg     81000
     tagggtgact tccccagtgc agtagcctgg tgctatccgc ggacccgggg gctccccatg     81060
     agatcagctc tcggaacaag gcaagtcccg gcagggccaa gcccagtgcc gcagctaatg     81120
     gcttcaaagc agccagccag ccctgggcac ctgcgttttc gctcttggag ccaaccgttg     81180
     ccctgaggac cccgcaggcc cccagccaga gcacggccca gcggctcagg cccaccgccc     81240
     agacccggag cagtggcagc gcggtgggca ccagcaggga gaatatgcgg ggcagcgcgg     81300
     tccggagcag cacccagtcg gcgagaagta gcagtactgt ccccagccat gcgagagaag     81360
     ctccggggag gcagcggcac ccgcggggag cgggacacct agagctagcc attggcactc     81420
     ggacgccgtc ccggtcccgg ccgggcctgg gactctccgc gccccggtgg ggcctgaagc     81480
     tccgggtacc gccgagtcct cccctactgg cggctggggg agggaacgag ggcggggctc     81540
     tcggaaagtc ccaggaacag gctgatcctg cgctggcgag aagctcagcc atttagggga     81600
     aagcgaaatc gaaagcggcc gcctgctcac tagataacgc ctacttccaa aagtggcctg     81660
     cccagactat tttggtagca agcgtggaaa tcagatctga gaatctcggg agcagccctg     81720
     gtgcccaatt ttctccatca cgcacaccct tctcgcctct ccctgcctcc tgcctttcca     81780
     cttgcaccag ttttcccacc ccagcctcag ggcggggctg cctcgtcact tgtctcgggg     81840
     cagatctgcc ctacacaagt tagcgccgcg cgcaaagcag ccccgcagca cccaggcgcc     81900
     tcctggcggc gccgcgaagg ggcggggctg tcggctgcgc gttgtgcgct gtcccaggtt     81960
     ggaaaccagt gccccaggcg gcgaggagag cggtgccttg cagggatgct gcgggcggga     82020
     gcaccaaccg gggacttacc ccgggcggga gaagtccaca ccggggtaat gggtctgggc     82080
     ttgagggttg gcagaggggt ggaggagatg cagcggccag gggaccctgg aagcgcgcgc     82140
     ggagaagtga atgcagagac caacgggagc gcagggaggt cgcctgtagc agccagcgct     82200
     tgcaacccgc aatgagcata gagtatttct tttctgaggg gggtcgtcta gagtgtccgt     82260
     gaagggacca ggcacgcgag gctggtggaa aaagggggtg ctttgactct tagctggaag     82320
     cgtcaacggg aagctactct aaagcgcttt cgctttcact ctggtcccgg acagtggggg     82380
     ctggttaaat caagaaaggg ggttggggat ggtgcaaaga gatgaggaaa tggtgccctg     82440
     ggtgaagtag aacagcactt gggagaagga aatataggca cttattgaga aggaccaact     82500
     catcacacag acttttgata aacttgccac tgggcaactc ttagcccaag cactgataat     82560
     gggcgttctg tgttaactag tgatgccctt ccctagcttg acccaggaag gcctctcctt     82620
     ggcccagatg ctgccttact cccttccctg tgtcttccct gcccactccc atgtgcccac     82680
     tggggggact ttgcttagga tgggcgcctg gggcagatgg cagccccaag actggctggc     82740
     tggcttctgc tctggactac tgccaccact cgtggcttgg gggcggcttt gttagagagg     82800
     aatagcctct aacttgaagt taaccctgtt ctttgaccct ctattcatga taagtctgtc     82860
     cgtcggaaag catactcaga ggagcgtcct ttggggccag agtaatttac ggcctggtaa     82920
     gaaagacaca gtgaaaccac ttataatttg ggaaatctcc cctcactgcc aaaagagcag     82980
     tggcaagtag gaagtagaag tggaaacaag ggataagagt tagacctgaa ttttagtccc     83040
     aggtctacta ttaactctgt gtgactttgc ataagtcgtt tgcattttct gtgacttggt     83100
     ttcctcattt gaaccgagga tctttaaggc tccttccaac tcaatagtag aataaatgta     83160
     gctttatctt ccctcacttc ttcttgattc ttttcttgac ctggaaaagt cagcttaaac     83220
     ttctcagtca aattatctct tggtacaaat ttacccccct ggctgctgag atatgtattt     83280
     acctcttgat cggaaattcc ataactgaaa cttttatttt caaccatctg tatgtgttcc     83340
     ttgctgcttc tctcctgcct tgcccctggc catgctaacc actgccctcc tcgatttttt     83400
     ccaatgttca gtaaattgga agagctcact tctgatgaaa tggggggtga gagtggagga     83460
     ttgtggacca aaaaaaaaaa aatagactga ccttgtttcc caagatcata gtcaattact     83520
     ctgtgttggg tctacaccac atctgcacat actatgagcc cttccgttgg agataatttt     83580
     cacttgcgga gctgcttcac ttctacctgt aggagcctca tctccacctc tctacagtgg     83640
     agaggattcc actaggcaag ttggaactta gggacacagt tctttctgtg ttgtatcaca     83700
     gctgggctgt ggcattcccc tgcagccgga tgaagcaata gagaaagtgg aaagatgaag     83760
     ggaaaaaaag cctgtactga cagtcagctc tggcctgtta ctgtgtaatc tttgagccag     83820
     tcacttcgcc tctctgggaa tgtttcttct tctctaacat gagggcatca aggctgttct     83880
     tgccctgaca ttccatattc tgtgtctctg cagaccacca tcatggcagt ggagtttgac     83940
     gggggcgttg tgatgggttc tgattcccga gtgtctgcag ggtgagtaaa agtgaagatg     84000
     tatgcatttg gaaagaagct aatggcctca aatacacact ttccttaccc attcatgaaa     84060
     agactggcaa actggagcct tggaggaatg gagttgacct tccccaaaag ccactatgat     84120
     aagctatttg gtgggtgctt gggtctctga atttgtggag gaggatctgg ggtctgaatg     84180
     tgtatgtgac ctgtcccagt agtgtacagg gatgagtaaa ggaatagggt ctgagagggg     84240
     gacaggagat agatttttga gggtcttctt tccatctgtg cttagggatc aaaaagatga     84300
     ttctgtcaag cagatatctg gtttctcatt taccatatat tgaactattt tgtctcttct     84360
     cccactccta accaatttcc tcacatgcaa aatgagtata tggggttagg tcaatattac     84420
     tgacattatg ttccatagaa cataactctc tcaagattgt taatagcaaa gaaaattgat     84480
     gaggcatatt tttcttacct tagcattttt tgctttgtta taaaatctaa gcctgaaaaa     84540
     taagcctaat tttgattaac atctgcagtg attaataata tctgagatga ttatttgcct     84600
     cctgctttaa tccaagcatt aaacttcatg ctattctctt gtcaaagaaa tttgagagac     84660
     attgaatgat caccctcaaa aattcctgag ttctggttgg gtgcagtggc tcacatctat     84720
     aatctcagca ctttgggatg ccgaggtggg cagatatttg aggtcaggag tttgagacca     84780
     gcctggccaa catgttggga ccttgtctct actgaaaata caaacattag ctgggcttgg     84840
     tggtgggtgc ctgtaatccc agctattcgg gaggctgagg caggagaatc acttgaacca     84900
     gggaggcgaa gtttgcagtg agcccaagat tgatccactg cactccagcc tgggtgacag     84960
     agtgagactg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagcaaacct gagttttaac ttggtgactg     85020
     ttgactccct cctgacagcg aggcggtggt gaaccgagtg tttgacaagc tgtccccgct     85080
     gcacgagcac atctactgtg cactctctgg ttcagctgct gatgcccaag ccgtggccga     85140
     catggccgcc taccagctgg agctccatgg gtatgaagct ctggagttct gactccccac     85200
     ccactagagc tcccccaacc tgcatgaatc cctgtacagt gtgctgttcc aggagctgga     85260
     cactgggaaa tggaaaagtc ttgtttcggc tcttgctggc acttgaatct gtcagtttct     85320
     gcatctgtaa agtggagata atatagcacc tcatgagacg gttattttga gaaccacgtt     85380
     ctatatgtga acacagttta aaagctgtaa atcactatcc tgatataaat aatcaggaag     85440
     aaggtgatat tgtgacccac cataatatca ggcagttacc atacgagaaa tcaaggtcgt     85500
     tgggatggaa gtaaccttat ctgcttttcc ccataagagc agggtccttg cagccaaaag     85560
     aaagttatgt gggtggggct gagcaaaaga gtgagcaatt gaaagcttct taccagttgg     85620
     tggtgtggga ctctggttcc cctgtacatg tgggagggag gctgcagttt gagctattgc     85680
     agttacagtt ttcaggggtc gtttagcagg gatgatggta acagtatagg agaatgagac     85740
     ttaaaattct atcaaccttt attcctaata tttccctcag gatagaactg gaggaacctc     85800
     cacttgtttt ggctgctgca aatgtggtga gaaatatcag ctataaatat cgagaggact     85860
     tgtctgcaca tctcatggta gctggctggg accaacgtga aggaggtcag gtgagtttct     85920
     cccaaagcac tctctcctct gggcttcccc actctcctgc agaggaagat ggaagtccta     85980
     tgtcattcta gcaatgagtt ccaaggacac tacctctgaa agcatagtac tttggggata     86040
     tgagatacca gggcttcatt gcagggtgca gagaccactt aatgtctcag tgggaaggaa     86100
     gggcttgatg attctttaac ctgaggatcc ctttcccagg tatatggaac cctgggagga     86160
     atgctgactc gacagccttt tgccattggt ggctccggca gcacctttat ctatggttat     86220
     gtggatgcag catataagcc aggcatgtct cccgaggagt gcaggcgctt caccacagac     86280
     ggtaaccagc caagtggaag ggtacctggg gagggctttg aaacatggga aggaagtaga     86340
     ttatgaggaa caggaagaga aatacagggg tggccattta agttaatgcc gggcctggta     86400
     cacttttaag agtgaaaagg ggcaggacaa atgcaaagct caatggggct cttgggcaat     86460
     acggataaac cagggctgtt ctgagtaaat caaatgagga tacacagtca ctgtgagaac     86520
     cagtggtgtg ctaagcacag tggctcacac ctgtaatgcc aacaatttgg gaggctgagg     86580
     caggaggatt acttgagccc aggagtttga ggccagccta ggcaagatgg tgaaaccctg     86640
     tctccacaaa aaacaataaa aaaaagtaaa aaaaaaatga actgggcata gtggtgcaca     86700
     cctgtagtcc cagctactca ggaggctgag gtggaaagat catctgagcc ggggagatca     86760
     aggctgtagt gagcggtgat tgcaccactg cgctgcagcc taggtgacag agagagaccc     86820
     tgtctggaga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa ccagtggtgt gctgaggtgt gctgaggctg     86880
     gcttgggacc actcatgaga gcggactgtt aaatagtcaa ggatttgtga actgcttagc     86940
     tatttgtaac ttgcaattca tcatagcggg agcatttaca ccatggacat cagcagatgc     87000
     cacatatgga agcctttttg taaaaaaact gatttaccag cacaccacta aatatgcctt     87060
     cctggaagat gagttttgag gtgaaagtgg tagtaggcat atggatggag ggggagtaaa     87120
     aagatttttg aagctaagcc atcctctctc tccctctctc caacttgaaa ccctctgcag     87180
     ctattgctct ggccatgagc cgggatggct caagcggggg tgtcatctac ctggtcacta     87240
     ttacagctgc cggtgtggac catcgagtca tcttgggcaa tgaactgcca aaattctatg     87300
     atgagtgaac cttccccaga cttctctttc ttattttgta ataaactctc tagggccaaa     87360
     acctggtatg gtcattggga aatgagtgct cagggagatg gagcttaggg gaggtgggtg     87420
     cttccctcct agatgtcagc atacactctt tcttcttttg tcccaggtct aaaacatctt     87480
     tcctagagaa aacaaaaggg actaaactag aaatataaag agccctatac atgacaggtg     87540
     atcacgtact gaatgatttt gtagtacaaa caataaaaat tctcattccg catcatcatg     87600
     cggtccatga tgatgaggcc gcaagtgagg tgatgggact ctttccttta aggctaagac     87660
     tgacagatag gcaagacacc tacacacatg agaattagct aagactatca gcaaactcgc     87720
     atgtaaaaga attcctttca taatgcattc attcatatta aagggcaata catgaaaaat     87780
     gcttaaatat tttggggcac ttgtgaattt caaagaataa tgacaataac caaaagaagc     87840
     tacatttgtg gcattggcta aatgttttat aaattttatc tcttaaaatt caaaccaaaa     87900
     aaccccctgt attcacacct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggtcaaggcg ggaggattgc     87960
     ttgagcccag gagttagtga ccagcctggg caacatagtg agaaccccat ctctacaaaa     88020
     aaatttaaaa attagtcggg tgcggtggtg catgcctgta gtcccagctg cctgggaggc     88080
     tgagtgggag gatcgcttag gcctgggagt ttgaggctac agtgagctgt gattgcgcca     88140
     ctgcactcta gtgtgggtga cagagaaaga ccctatctta agaaaaaaaa aagaaaagaa     88200
     aaagaaaaaa caaacaaaca aaaacaccca accctatata ggtagtatta ttacttctat     88260
     aggacacata gaggtttgga aagattaaat cacttgacca aggtcacaaa ataagttctg     88320
     aggctgggat ctgggattca gtcttattat atgcccttcc tctaccactc cctaaaactt     88380
     ctcattccct caatccccat atatcatctt aaaatctgca ataaatagcc ccatacattc     88440
     gttggcactt aggaaactgt taccagatgg ctgagtaact gtattaaaac aaatttaatt     88500
     ctgcttctat ctttgccttg cacttcctga gtgacaggag tgaactctca tatccttttc     88560
     tgtcaaaaga tggtgctgaa tgatttctaa ggtagtttac agttccaaca ttcaatgcca     88620
     ttttgctaac aagtgggcag tcaacaggca tattcaacag aaatactagt aggatctcag     88680
     gctaaacata cgaattcaaa actctaaaac aatcacatcc ccctggagtg taaagaaaaa     88740
     aatctaaaat tacaaatgcc tggagttgtt tctagccatg atatttaact tatttgagat     88800
     tttaaatagc ccatttttcc cactgatcac aagtagaaat tctgggcagt atacaaaaag     88860
     caagtactca aggactccaa aaagtaaaca aaagcaggtg gattgtgaag agggtcaaaa     88920
     ctgggagagg ggcccctcct ggggagtggg ttttcaatgt tttccccttt tttcctccca     88980
     gctctgccct gacgtcaggc ctcaggtgca gagctgcact gcgtggtagc acaagccctg     89040
     agttaacaag agaaataccg gctttctggc cagaggaatg aagaaaaagg gcccctgcag     89100
     gcaggaatgt gtaggggaat ctccaaactg agagtacagg cggaaattcc ctaattctga     89160
     gtctgaaccc tcaggagtac caggttaccc ctgagctgca catgcgtgtg acatgcctta     89220
     agggcacagc aaagactttg agaactgaat gaagattaga tcttttaaaa ttagaagact     89280
     tcggccaggc gcggtggctc atgcctgtaa ttccagcact ttgggaggcc aaggcgggtg     89340
     gttcacctga ggtcaggagt tcgtgaccag tctggccaac atggtgaaac ctcatctcta     89400
     cttaaaatac aaaaattagc tgggcgtggt gcctgtaatc ccagctactc gggaggctga     89460
     ggcagggaga atcgcttgaa cccgggaggc aaaggtggca gtgagccaag attgcgccat     89520
     tgcactccac ctgggcgaca agagagaaat tccatctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     89580
     attagaagac ttcatttttc tgtattggcc aaataactgt tctaatgccc ttcattccaa     89640
     taaaaggttt gtagcagctt acagagataa tttaaaacaa tttttaaaag aagaaaacaa     89700
     cactgggtca aagagaaaat atggttaaga aaagtaagtg aagccaagga gtgaaactaa     89760
     tggaaactaa tggacaacgt gaatatctta aaaaaaaaaa aagtggtgcg ctgtcttata     89820
     ctggctagca agagcagatt gcaaagtatt caggattttt gaagacagtt gttaactatt     89880
     ggtaacttga tattgaccac tatggaagta tttatactat agaaatcagc aatgctacaa     89940
     gtcagaagca ttgtttttct tcagagagcc ggtttaacag gacacatatt tatcagccaa     90000
     ctataaatag ataaaaaata attggctccg ggccatagga tagtgaaagc aaagaaggaa     90060
     ataaaatgag gtacaagatt cataaaattc attttttaaa agttgccaga aaaccaaaaa     90120
     ttatatataa tagttcaagc cacacagaac atttactcaa ataggacatg catcattcca     90180
     taaaggtaac gccaataaat tccagagtat cggtatctta gaaactatct atattctagg     90240
     ccaggagcag tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc aacattttgg gaggtcaagg tgggcagatc     90300
     cctagagccc aggagtttga gaccagcctg ggcaacatgg caaaaccccg tctctacaaa     90360
     aaatttagct ggatggggtg cacctgtaat cccaactagt cagaaggcta gatgggagga     90420
     tcgcttgaac ccaggaggca gaggttgcag tgagctgaga ttgtgccact gccctccagc     90480
     ctgggcaaca gagtaagaca ctgtcttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     90540
     agaaagaaac tatattctgc aaccatactg taataaaatt agaacttgat aactaaaata     90600
     tacttaaaat tgtaagtgaa caaatatatt tatcagtaac atggatttaa aaggcagtcg     90660
     tggatgggag catcgctgga gtccagaaga tggaggctgc agtgaggcat gattgcgtca     90720
     ctgcactcca gcctcagcaa tagagtggga ccctgtgtca aataaataaa cagcagttat     90780
     aaagaaaatt aactctttta gaaccaggtg ttaaaaatgt tacacataaa atatacatat     90840
     aaaataatat tataatttca aatacattta ttagaacaag aaaagttaaa ataaaggacc     90900
     taaaaattct actcaaaaat ttggaaaaag agaagttgag caaacctaaa gaaatacgaa     90960
     gaaaaggagt tataaagata agaatagaaa gcaatgaaac agaaatagag aacaaaaaac     91020
     taggtagtga aaattaacat acttttgatt ccaaaagctg cttacttaaa aatatttgta     91080
     agatattcag agttacaaca aggccgatta tggataaagg gagaaaaaat gaataaacaa     91140
     atacataatg aaaaaggggg aacagctaca gatatgacac agatataaag catagagtgt     91200
     tatgaacaag tatatgctaa taaatttgaa aacctaggtg agatatgcaa attcctagaa     91260
     acatttaatc tatcaaaatt agcacaaaaa gaaatacaaa acttgactat accaatgagt     91320
     attaaagcaa tttttaaagt tatcaatggc atctaataaa aaaatatatt tttgaaaatg     91380
     cccagatggt ttcacagatg agttctatca aacattcaag gaacatgaaa cttctatatt     91440
     atatactttt tccagaaaat agaaaaaaac taaacctgat tagctaattt tatcagccga     91500
     gtgtaatctt gactccaaat tgagttgtgg aaaactcaag gaaaaaaaat aatagaccca     91560
     tttcaccttg aacacagatg ggagaaaaaa ataattattt atgaaccgaa ttcaacaata     91620
     ttacaaataa taatactggg aggccgaggt gggaggatcg cctgaggcca ggagttcaag     91680
     accagcattg tcaacatact gagatcctgt ctctacaaaa aattaaaaaa ttagccaggt     91740
     gtggtggtga gcacctgtag tctcagctac tagggaggct gaggcaggaa gatcatttga     91800
     gcccaggagt ttgaggctgc agtaagctat gattgcacca ctgcatttcg gcctgtgcaa     91860
     cagagcaagg ccctgtctct aaaaatatgt ataataataa caataataat aatgattatg     91920
     ctaataatga tacatcaaga tcaaataggg aatccttgga atactagggt ggttcaatat     91980
     aataaaacat attgttgcta taatttacca tattcataga gaagtcattt cctttgctca     92040
     gtctattaat aaaagacatt tggtaaagta tatccatttg tgatttttga aaaacagtta     92100
     aggaagcagg aatcaaaact ttcctatttt ggcaaaggtt ataatccaaa aaatctgtaa     92160
     ccactagtat acataacgga aaaaccttgg gtatccaaga caagaatgtt cactataatt     92220
     actagcttat catagcacta aagcctatgg gcaacataac aagaccccat ttaccaaaaa     92280
     taaatttaaa acattttaat tagctggcat ggtggcatgc acctgtagtc ctacctactt     92340
     gggaggccaa ggcaggaaga ttgcttgagc ccaggagttt gagcttattg tgagctgtga     92400
     tcacaccact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca aaggaagacc gtatttctaa aaaataaaaa     92460
     atacaaatac aactacaaac tagcactaga ccaacagtga ctatgtacca tgaactgagg     92520
     aatattatta attccaccat ttgcatctga ggttaacaat atgtcaatga cttaaataac     92580
     atcatatctc tgagagtaat ttctcctata tttccatgac aaatgttaga taattttcca     92640
     ttttttccat tcaacaaaat aaacaggaaa tataattaaa gagttcaatt gaggattggg     92700
     atttagaaag gaaggcagga attaagaata atccttagtt ctcttcctaa tttgcacctc     92760
     tctcactgat acatatgtat tattttcttt ttatgtcttt tagagtctaa taaacatgtt     92820
     ttatattata taacaaacta gaatatatgg attatctttg gtcttcctta ccaagttctt     92880
     aactctgctg gctctggggc actggacata ccatgtaaga agaaaaatgt tttaactcca     92940
     ttgaacttat tcagaagcat cggaaattgg ttcagcaata ttcaactttg cccagcaatg     93000
     tttatgaaag tttcatatat agtatagtat aagtatgtgt aatacagaat ttatgttctc     93060
     aaaaatgaag agataaagta tggagattct aaactctgtt gacatagaag agggtggatt     93120
     tctcgaagaa acagccttct atagaaagtg gcttgtatga gtcgggattc tccagagaag     93180
     cagaaccaat aggatgttgg cagagagaga tttattttaa gtaattggct catactactg     93240
     tggaagctgg cacggtcgaa atctgcaggt aggctggaga cccgggaaga gctgatgttg     93300
     cggcttgagt ctgaaggtgg tccagaggca gaattccctc ttccttggag gacatcagtc     93360
     tttgccccta agaccttcaa ctgattggaa gggccactta cattatggag ggtaatctgc     93420
     tttacccaaa atctattgat ttaaatgtaa atctcatcta aaaaatacct tcactgcaat     93480
     atctagactg gtattcaaat gtctagaaac catagcctag ccaagttaac acataaaatt     93540
     aactatcact tggctcaagg tgaaacttcc agatcaatgt ggcaggagtg ttgaggaagg     93600
     aagtgaactc ggttctaacc aagtaggaca gccaaatcat cactgaagtg tggcactggc     93660
     ctttcgccaa ggtaacatgt ggcaaggttt taggttagga taggtaccag gcaaaagctg     93720
     ggtgactcga tggaggcttt tgtgccaacc ttcagagact ggctgcgtca gactgccctc     93780
     aagagcatac aaaggaaaaa agacaaatta aaagccttta atccaaactc aagacatgaa     93840
     tgaaaaactg taaatgcctc tatagcagtt ttaaaggcta tcttttctcc tgcaacccag     93900
     cacagatatg gctgagggtc aagcccgggg gcttatgata aaggttatga agttgtagaa     93960
     atgtttgttg catcatccaa cagcagctgt tgtgataagg caagacccct ggttgggata     94020
     gaccggaccc tgagatatga aatagggaca tatgagcaga cacagagaag tctgagtgag     94080
     aactatgaat caccgcaccc cctgagggtc cttgctggaa gaagcagact caccgtatta     94140
     gttacctatt gccatgtaat gaatgacacc cgcttaaaat aacagacatt tactataagg     94200
     tgttactggg acaatggggg attttttaat atggattgtg tgtttgataa tatggtatca     94260
     attttaagta tcttgggggt gatgacagta ttagggtttt gcaggagaaa tgtccttatt     94320
     cttaaattat acatgacaaa atatttaggg gtcaagtggc ataatttcca cagattactc     94380
     tcaaattgtt taacaaaatg gttcttcaac agtaaatgga taaacaaaac gtagtctatt     94440
     cgtgcaacac agtactatgt aaacaatgaa acttcatcaa ctactgaaaa tgtaacaaca     94500
     tggacgaatc tcatagaaac aatattaagt gaagaagcca gacttgcaga aatacatact     94560
     gtatgtttcc attatctatt gctgggcagc acaccaactc caaacttaat ggcttaaaac     94620
     aaaaataatc attttattat ctctcatgaa actgtgaatt actggacttt aagagccact     94680
     gatgtagtcc atgaaccaaa acacatattc acggcagcca ctccacccag cacctcacac     94740
     ctgtgatgtt tactggctgc ccatgggatt tgaacacctt tagagtactg tgaaatttcc     94800
     cctacctttt gagtcctgcc tccctaaagt ggaaaccaga aagctcactt cccctagcct     94860
     tctttgaagc tagagcacct aagttccacc aattaaattc atccacctaa gacttcagtt     94920
     acaaaggggc cacaggagga accagggtgt gggggttgca gagcaccttt tactgtattt     94980
     atttctctgg caaaggtgac agaagaagca actgtctttt ggggaagcgg tgggtttttt     95040
     cctttttttt tttttttttt taagtgaagt tcctgaaaca gaagtggttt aggaggtgtc     95100
     ttcagtggtg gctgcagcaa cctccaggtc ctaacaacag aaccaacagc agcgtctaga     95160
     agccatgggg cagcagcagt ggtgtggctc atcagacctg ctctctgcgt ggtctgaccc     95220
     tgtacataca tgtgcctctc atccgtagtt ccagcatttc ctctctaaag tctagttctg     95280
     agagaaattt ctttggtaga cttttcaaag ttttatcaaa ctcaaagagg gaaccagcaa     95340
     gaatacaaga gccttgatcc aaagagtatt tgaaaaacag agctgtatct ctctgtgagg     95400
     aaataatttc taggctagag attcaaaatg gctaacgtgc tagagggcaa taaaatcata     95460
     accttggtgt tatcttcttt accggagaaa aagagaaagc cagcatccct tatcagctct     95520
     ctgctgatta acctctaatc gcacagggct ggcc                                 95554