ID   CR753864; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 82192 BP.
AC   CR753864;
DT   28-AUG-2004 (Rel. 81, Created)
DT   24-APR-2013 (Rel. 116, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone DAMC-190B12 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-82192
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Phillimore B.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (24-APR-2013) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 0e2ae1f5ad681036d460b0d67e54a84b.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000254.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000198563; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000456662; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000456666; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000456976; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000457900; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000458640; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000483251; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; A0A0A0MT12.
DR   GOA; F6R6M7.
DR   GOA; F6S2B7.
DR   GOA; F6S4E6.
DR   GOA; F6U6E2.
DR   GOA; O95670.
DR   GOA; P59942.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:20668; MCCD1.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:862; ATP6V1G2.
DR   InterPro; IPR001650; Helicase_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR005124; V-ATPase_G.
DR   InterPro; IPR011545; DEAD/DEAH_box_helicase_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR014001; Helicase_ATP-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR014014; RNA_helicase_DEAD_Q_motif.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6U6E2; F6U6E2_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0Y400; H0Y400_HUMAN.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   DAMC-190B12 is from the DNA-Arts.org BAC library MCF.1
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..82192
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DNA-Arts.org BAC library MCF.1"
FT                   /clone="DAMC-190B12"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 82192 BP; 21829 A; 19660 C; 19361 G; 21342 T; 0 other;
     ggccagcagc ccttggttgg tgcagatggt gataggacca gtgggtccca cagcatggcc        60
     acactgcacc tccttcgctg tcaagtgggt cccccacgaa gatactgcac ggagagcagt       120
     gccaagcctg tggatcagga atatcaacag cccccagaga gtggtgctgg ctgagggtct       180
     gagagcagga caggaaaacc cacctatgga ataggtgcct atccctgtga agatgaacct       240
     ctggcccttc caggatggaa ggagtgcaat gtagtcaact cctcacttag ggtctggttg       300
     gtcacctaaa gaaatagagc cctaccaggg aagatcattg ggttcaaatg ctgatgagta       360
     ggacatttag aggtggcagt gtctggatct accttggtag gagggagtca gtactgttgg       420
     acccataggt agcctcatcc ctgccactgt gtttgctcca tttatgtacc catcctaccc       480
     ggcctgggct gacccatggg gaaggctggc taatttcagt gcttctgctt ggttgttcag       540
     ggccatttca ggtttgggtg ttttctgggg atgttaacat gggattcagg ctcaactcac       600
     aagaaacttt tccatctcat gatggatgct gttgggcatg tccaatgtat gacttcatga       660
     gttacacaga tgctaattcg taggggcact tggaatcaca tggttgtttt gtgtcccatg       720
     gtcaagcatt ctatcttatc agggcctaca gtaacatgcc aaaagttgct tccaacatat       780
     ttctctgctt tggatggggc atatttctgt gctgtggatg acatggcctt actccagaat       840
     cccaggccct ccactgtgac tctcctactg gtgcttggtt cagctccacc ccaaatctta       900
     ccccaccact ggcactttca gcaccagggg gtctgaagga tggtgactgc gccatggcct       960
     ggatctgctg cagtgtcctt tcctgtggag gctccactca aagctggcat cctcctatgt      1020
     cacctagagt gtgggtcaaa gcaatacacc tacatgtaga atgtgatgtc agaactcaaa      1080
     caggctcacc aggcagtgtg cttccttcct tgcatgagga tgcaagatgc aacagtttgt      1140
     ctttcacatt ggaagggaca cccctggatg cccctaacca ctagacctgt aaaacttcac      1200
     tgcagtggcc acttctgaat ctctgtaagg tttatttatc ttcaccctct ggagagaaga      1260
     tgttttacca aagcctctag tgtaccttcc tcctcttact catccatccc agtcaacatg      1320
     atgttgtcaa tgaaataaag gaatttaata ttctatagta tatccaggtt ctccagatct      1380
     cttaagactg tactatagag gcctggggaa ttataatagc cctgaggcaa actatgaatt      1440
     aaagtgttgt ggatcccaca tgaatcactt tatatccact tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag      1500
     gcagagtctt actctgtcac ccaggctgga ttacaggtgc acaccaccat gcctggctaa      1560
     tgttttgttt ttggttttgg ttttgttttt gttttgtttt tggacagagt ttcactcttt      1620
     ttgcccaggc tggagtgcga tggcatgatc tcagctcacc gcaatgtccg cctcccaggt      1680
     tcaagttatt ctccttcctc agtctcccaa gtagctgaga ttagaggcat gtgccaccac      1740
     gcccggctaa tttggtattt ttagtagaga gaggttttct ccatgttggt caggctggtc      1800
     tcgaactccc agcctcaggt gatccgccct cctctgcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag      1860
     gcatgagcca ccacacccgg gctatatcca cttctaattg gaatggaagg gaatgcactc      1920
     accacatcca cagctgcaca ctgtgtgcct gaggccttat taatctgctc taccagatat      1980
     atccagccag catgctagct gcaatcagga ctcctacttg gtcacatctg gagtaatccc      2040
     attcattcct tagtaatccc attcattcct taggctccat caggcttatt tgctaaatta      2100
     catggagata ataggcaacc ccaacaccac cccacatcct ccagctctct aatggtggtg      2160
     ctacccccac agcacttgca gtgccttcca caagattcac cctgggacat atgatcattt      2220
     ttgatttggc cagaatggag gcagtttcag aggtttccct ttggccttca gcacaatgag      2280
     agcccttact ccacagacta gggatgcagt gtgggggtga ctccagctgc cagggcatca      2340
     gtgtcaatta tgcactagga gaatggggag ataaccaggg ctgggtctgt ggactcagtg      2400
     accccatggt gagccgtgat gtgtccaggt ttatttcgtg gtctccgtaa tccccaatgt      2460
     gagggggtca tgatgatgct gtgggcctct gggcatcaat gtcatctcac acccaaagtc      2520
     agtactcccc caagttctcc ctatttccct ttcccagggt acagtctcta aagtaaatgg      2580
     ctgtaggtcc ctttgcacaa tggctcaggg aattgaccca gcatacactt gccacagggt      2640
     tgcagggtcc ttcctcctag gaatatggac acctcctctg tcactgggtt ctgaatctga      2700
     agcttggctg agatctaggc actgagaatg gatcatgatt ttgtattggt tcaaacaccc      2760
     tcagcctcct gctcctcaat tcttgctttc ttatcataga taccaagcag tgctcttgct      2820
     ggctgccctt ctgttctgac cctggaacac caccctctat taaccttacc cacaactgca      2880
     ggcaggtcaa gccccctcgg ctgctcctct ggggttgcca tggtaaccgt gtcctctggc      2940
     ttttgcaggt cactgccacc acttgttctc tatctcttca gggccacacc ctctccgtgg      3000
     atattaatga gcccaactct gggacatctt ttcctaccat caccctcagc cttcagagaa      3060
     caatacaatg aaacttctta gtgatgcagg tccctgttgc cagcacgttc ctgaggctct      3120
     ggtggaaggt gggccccctg ggtcctctta taaagcacgg ttccggtggg ctttccggcc      3180
     tcacgtaatg tctccatccc acaggccaaa ttcccccagc ctcattattc cctcttctac      3240
     atgttccggg gcaactaagt caggtctagc ttgtgagata ccggcatcat tttttcccag      3300
     tctacatgga tcaccccagc agtgggtttg ccccatgccc tggggtcttt gaaaaaccca      3360
     tgtgatacgg ttggctgtgt ccccaaccaa atctcgtctt gaatttccac gtgttgtggg      3420
     agggaccagg agggaagcaa ttaaatcatg ggggcaggtc tttcccatgc tgttctcatg      3480
     atagtgaata agtctcatga gatctgatgg ttttaaaagg agaaatccct ttcgcttggt      3540
     tctcattctt ctcttatctg ctgccacgtg agacatggct ttcaccttct gccgtgattc      3600
     tgaggcctcc ctagccacat ggaactgtga gtccattaaa cctcttttgg taaattgccc      3660
     attctggggt atgtctttat cagcaacatg aaatggacta atacatcatg gcttgagaaa      3720
     gtgttcccaa gtcaaaggat ttttatctat ctagcttgaa attctgtccc tttgatcaaa      3780
     tgccctcaaa ttccaatccc agaagtgttc cccaggatcc tatgtggaca tgccagctag      3840
     ttcctgcaaa gctcctgagt ggaattcctg ctgcattata agggtgaggc ttctgcagca      3900
     tcttccagcg taggaagtgg gaaccattac tggaaaaggc gagccttctc tgcatgccca      3960
     gagggtactg gagggcaccc atctgataat gctgtcctag tttgcagaat ctcatgtttc      4020
     cccaccaggg ccctgatttt ccacaacagg cctgccttgg ctgaatgtca aacatctctg      4080
     gaggtctgta accctcacaa tgatatcttc agctaccatt ccacactatc taccctttcg      4140
     ctacaggaaa taagggcctc tccatgagac actgcagagg cctcacacgt agccagtgac      4200
     agctgttaga atccctcaga ttctcattct ccttttatag ggcatcaaca cagctgagca      4260
     gtaaccagcc agcttccctg ttgtaggttt tccctcccac cctgtcatta ttgtgtagag      4320
     gcttctatca caccacctgc catagcaccc gggaaccagg gcatcttctc aggtccgtgc      4380
     tggggatatc cacagcagct cagctgcacc ttgtgccatg gactttctct gtccccaacc      4440
     aacgtggatg gcattctcgg cctgccaggc agtgggcaag ctcagcccca atccccgttt      4500
     ttgtctgtgt ctatggacca ctcctgaagc cacttgtgtt ggttagcatc ccctgaggag      4560
     cagactgcaa tacagaatta aatgtgccag gatttattag gggaaatagc catgaaagaa      4620
     attggggagc aagacagaaa agactgggaa agccataaga ctgtgacgca agtggctttt      4680
     ttatttttat tttttgagca atctcagctc actgcaacct ccacctccca ggtgcaagtg      4740
     attctcatgc ctcagcctcc caagtagctg ggattacatg catgcaccac caaacctggc      4800
     aaatttttgt ctttgtagta gaggcgggtt ttcaccatgt tagctaggcc ggtctcaaac      4860
     tcctgacctc atgtgatctg cccaccttgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga      4920
     gccactgtgc ccaaccagac tgcaatgcaa gtttaaaccc cagtgaagga gagagggaag      4980
     gaagtttggc tgaaagtatc ctagacccag tgcaggttaa gagaagttca gtaagggtga      5040
     gccctggagc ctcagtgggc ctttaaagga gggacaatcc tgtctttgtt tctcctcttc      5100
     tctcaattat tgaatcgaag aagccaatgg caagtatggt ctgagagcaa acgtagcaat      5160
     agatttcagg cggcaacagc tggagcatca tcagttgtgc ttcctctagc tgaggggctg      5220
     ggatgtgcat tctcaagact gccacaacaa tccagtgggg agaaaggaca aagggtaatg      5280
     atcaaagaga aaaaaaggta tgaactgatg aactgatacc tttaagtaga tgagaaggat      5340
     gatgtttggg acaccagtag agggactggc tctggctggg agcgggaagg ttaacccaca      5400
     acaaccatcc atgtggtaga agacccagca tgcagtgcag ctgcaaatgc atgagcagat      5460
     ggaatctgtg aaattgtctt ctagtgtgtt cagttttctc agtgaagtag gaagcaaggt      5520
     catcagctga agtaagaatg cagatagaag gttggatgtg tgagcagaga gaaggtgtgt      5580
     gagagtcacc cagaccagta ggaggctgag ggtgagccat gcttggagag ggtgattgct      5640
     ggtcgtggtg gggggtcccc atgaggtttg ggtcatgaag ttagagagag aagtcagcat      5700
     gctgtgtgct gctttccagc ctccttcagc tcatgggggc aggtgcagtg taggcagagg      5760
     tggattccac cagctgtgta gttttgccaa acaagtatgg caacgcaagg gaggggcaag      5820
     ggagggatgg aaattattta caatagaatt caaaatggct gaagagggag gagaggacat      5880
     caagggtgag ggacagtgag tagatggcag gatcactgga ttgggaatcc cagagtgggt      5940
     ggaaggattg ttggaattga tgtactacag ggaagactcc aagcctggaa agcaggcaca      6000
     taggcaatga gtggttcact gatattacgt cacagcatat gataaaatga tagtataagt      6060
     atcctcagag cctgtggcct ccgtgcaagg ggatgagtgg aaagatggtc agagaatgga      6120
     aagtgtgaga tagagagtat ggaagggctg gggttcttgg ccatgatgag acctaggact      6180
     ctttagggga gaacaacaac aaagcaacag gatcctggtg tcagggacag accatggcca      6240
     tggcgggatg atagcagctc tcctacgaaa taatgcttat atgacaaggg catgagattc      6300
     aggcagagag aggagaaggt catggaggag aggagtccca gcatctgaga agccagaggg      6360
     cgatgcatcc tctctgctct atgggtgttt attgctgcca taaaaattaa cacaaaacaa      6420
     gtggctttaa acagcatctc tttatcatgt cacagtcatg tgtgttacaa tttcaacagt      6480
     ctcatggggc taaaatcaag gtaaggggag gtctgtgttc cttctgactc tgaggaaaaa      6540
     tctactgtca agctcattca ggttcttgtc tgaattcact tccttgcaga taggactgag      6600
     atccccactt ccttgctggc tcctgtccag gggccaccct tagctcctag agccctctct      6660
     cagttcctca cacatatccc atgcaacata tccaatcctc ctgcttggaa cctctgacct      6720
     cccccttctg cggtgtctcc tctgccttcc tcctctgcag catctgactc cagccagagc      6780
     agcttctctg cttttaatgg cttgtgagat ttgatcgggc ccacacagat agtccaaaat      6840
     aatcttgcaa ttttaaggtc cttaatcttc atcacatcag tattttccct tttgccatgt      6900
     aatgcaacct actcgtgggt gcccaggatt gagattggat gtctttggga accattactc      6960
     ggcccatcac atctgagtat gttgaagtca ccgaggatca aggagacagc actgctggag      7020
     agggcgatag tgaaccagga actacaagag tcaggactga gaggaacggc ctggggccca      7080
     cagggaatgg ctgcaatgag gggagtgggg cctgaatctg atgacagctt tgggggctta      7140
     ggaaggaagg aggcagaaag gtctgagaac cacagtgagg agtgaggatg ccaccccacc      7200
     tctgggccaa gggtacaagg tccctgtgca aactccccca tgtgggagga ctttggaagg      7260
     gaccacatcc tctggcagac acagacatcg ctggagctgt gaggtccagg aacatcctga      7320
     gacaggatgt ggaggttttg ctgatcatgg gctgagaatt ccaaggggca cagcgggaag      7380
     acttctggat ttgggaatgg ggtatgggga gacaaaatag gggtgtgcag agccttgtgg      7440
     ggatgtgaat gcagggtgtt tgggggaccc agtgtgactg acacaaacag ggaaaaggca      7500
     tgatgagctc agtcctggtg gactcaaggc agatgatggt gctgaggctg tgggagacga      7560
     gggaggaggc tcaggggtgg ctttcacctg ggctctgtcc atggaggtga ggacagtgag      7620
     atagttgggc ctcagtgctg tgtggaccct ttcttgtctc cctgatgact ggatggaggg      7680
     cctggaggaa gaggggtctt agaggattca ctcatgtccc tgggggaggg ggactcactc      7740
     caggtctcag gtctgcactg acacatttgt ttgtggcttg gggctgcctg ctataaacta      7800
     ttgggggttc gtccattttg gagttataac ctaaggcaga aactcagatg gttcaaatgt      7860
     cctcttcatg aagcaatgtt atcagcgtat aatttagatt gtcttgcaag agtctcattt      7920
     gttgtttttc taaatgcctg ccaatattgt ttgaaaatct acaaatgtga taaatgtatc      7980
     ttcaaagtta actggttgca ggttgtttaa ccttatatgt acagtttcac atatgtataa      8040
     aaacagtagt ttgggcctct tatattctaa taattaagac tttaagctgt gtacacattg      8100
     caatgcaagt atgcgtcatg cataacccta gcactaagag tcaagaggga aagtacctct      8160
     cccctaacat tttacaaagt ttctgtgttc tttttccact gagtgggaac aagtcagcta      8220
     gtgaggaaca tgaggccttt ggcctcatct aaagatactt tagctaccaa ttgtgagaag      8280
     cactgaccac cgggaaggcc tccctgcctg gttcctggac ctctatacca tggcagaggc      8340
     catcttccct cctagtgcag agtgatgtcc caggtagtga cctggttagc cattgtccac      8400
     tctcgggcag ttttgccttc taagacattg gtttttctct gaggacctcc ctgttttcag      8460
     atgatcaaaa ctggggccat ccactccctt ctgaaccacc tctgcccagt ggcctgtggc      8520
     tgtgccccca gtcacaacag gacacccctt cagaacacgc tgcaggaagc cgacatctct      8580
     acacaggctc acacatgcac agtgtgtgca cggagctttg gttctagttc aggaagaatg      8640
     ggaggaggct cactagtcca acagagcttg agccctgtac cagtgtcata ttccaggagc      8700
     cagagttaca agggatacaa agtgcccaga cctaccagag aaggcaaacc cctacagcat      8760
     gcagggctag acaggggcaa gaaacaaggt cattctgggc cagcaagaag agggaaaggg      8820
     aaattacagt catacttcag atatatgcag gtttggctcc agaccatggc aacaaagcaa      8880
     gtcacacaaa tttttcagtt tcccagtgca tataaaagtt atatttacac ttgactgtag      8940
     tctcttaagt gtacaatagc attatgtaca aaatgaacta tgtacatacc ttaatgtaaa      9000
     actactttat tgctaaaaaa tgctaacaat cacctgaggc ttcagctaat cctaaccttc      9060
     ttgctgtgga gggtcttgcc tcaatgttaa taattgctga ctgatcagaa gggtggttgc      9120
     tgaaatcgct gtggcaattt cttaaaataa cacaacgaag tttgcagcaa gattattctc      9180
     ctcacttgga cacttagagg ccattgtagg gttactaatc ggcctgcctt caatattttt      9240
     gtgtctcaca gaatagggaa ggccgggaga gagagagaga gtcaagaaac cagccagttg      9300
     gtggagaagt cacaacatac acaacattta tcaataaggt tcaccatttt ataagggtgt      9360
     gggtcatggt gtcccaaaac agttacgaga gtaacttcaa agatcactga ccacaggtca      9420
     ccatacaggt gtaataatga acaaggttga aatacttcaa gaattaccaa aatgtgacac      9480
     agagacatga agtgagcaca tgctgttgga aaaatggtgc caaatagacc tgcttgacac      9540
     agggttgcca caaacattcg gtctataaat aaaaaagcaa gaaaaaagaa agaaagatgg      9600
     aaagaaagaa aaagcaaagg aaaaaatgca gtgtcagcaa acagtaataa aggaaagcac      9660
     agtggaaggt gcacctgcaa aggggaaatc agcactgaag caaagtcagg aaaagctttc      9720
     aagtcagatg ggcctggacc tgggcatgaa ccctccaggt cctcccacca gccagctgaa      9780
     gaggcctgag cacatctgac ccagagctgg ccccgacaga cacttgccca gtgagtgagt      9840
     gctgaatgaa accatctgag ccagtttcct catctgcaaa ccagtgacat aattcctgcc      9900
     ttgcagagtt tcagaagaat aagtgagaaa agacacagtg ccaagagaaa cagacacaag      9960
     acctgtggcg ggctggacac cagggctcta aagcaagttc tgcctaaact ggcaagaaca     10020
     tttttcaggt caggaacagg agttgttctg gattctgtct ggggtcaggc tgggagggag     10080
     ctgggggtgg cagagtagga tgggggcaag ggctgtggca gggcctggca ctgaagtgag     10140
     gccaaagcct ggagagagtg gctcctggtg gcttttgggc agctcacgca actccctgcc     10200
     tcacccactg tgtgagtcag cgttctctag aggagcagaa ctaataggat gtatgtacat     10260
     atgtaaggga gtttattaag gagaattgac tcacacgatc acaaggtgaa gtcccacgac     10320
     agaccgtctg caagttgagg tgcaagaaag ccagtgatgg atcagtccaa gtcccaaaac     10380
     ctcaaaagta gggaagctga cagtgcagcc ttcagtctgt ggccaaaggt gtttggctgc     10440
     agattccagg acaggacctt cttgtcctct gcagtgaccc cccacctcgc ctgactatat     10500
     ctgtccaact tgatggtgcc accgagggtt ctgatgcagg gaaggagctg tgtgctctgt     10560
     gtgggaggat gccttctgcc tttctagctg ggcctcaggt cagggctatg agcctgagca     10620
     gggagaggag atggaaggga gatggccttg gagcaaacgt ctgcccctgc cagtgcatcc     10680
     cgtaggtatc atcccatcca ccagtgcctt ggcaggaccc cactcactca accctccccc     10740
     tggtggtagt ccctggtggt gcctcctcag gacctcctgc ctccagccgc acaaatcccc     10800
     aagaatggca cgtgggtaca agggtgttgg gaagtgtcat cctccagtgc tgacttgagt     10860
     gtgtgtgtgt ggctgcacac gtgtgtgcat gtgtgcacaa gtgggaattg gagtgtgtgt     10920
     acacgtgtgt aagtgtgagt gtgagagtgg agcatgaatg tgcaggtgcc cacaggcagc     10980
     agttggggtg ccagtgtcct cactcctgcc tgctttcctt tctctccaaa acgtgaccac     11040
     acagcaactt agtgactatc tagatttaag tctatcaaac agaagggaaa cacaactagg     11100
     attcctgtag tgtagggaag ggaaatgcct agcccagctc tctgattccc cttttaatgg     11160
     gtttgagctg caatatgggt gcagaagagc ctcccacagc gccactggtg gtggaggaaa     11220
     tagcccctct cattggccca ttttcacgct gctgataaag acatactggg aagaaaaaga     11280
     ggtttaattg gacttacaat tccacatggc tggggaggcc tcagaatcat ggcggcaggt     11340
     gaaaggcact tcttacatgg cagtggcaag agaaaatgag gaggaagcaa aagcggaaac     11400
     ccctgataaa cccattagat ctcgtgagac tatcacaaga ataccacggg aaaaactggc     11460
     cccagtgatt cagttacctc cccctgggtc cctcccacaa catgtgggaa ttctgggaga     11520
     taccattcaa gttgagattc gaatggggac acagccaaac cgtatcactg gatgagagca     11580
     attagattga tgtcatgatg tatatgggtc catgggaact tgaaaaagtc ttccccttcc     11640
     acctagttta acaagataaa caggaaagga acttccctta agggaagata ttgactctat     11700
     ccctgaaatt aaatcacaag aaaataagaa atgcatgaga tctaaactaa gccatttggg     11760
     taaactgtct cagaatttaa agcatcagca gtcacaagct atcagtatca gtgacgattc     11820
     tttcactcca tggtctagtc caacgagact ggtcagggct tgccgcctgc tcctcggtgc     11880
     tgtcctggta ctttgaaagt atctgtgatt ctgtgaactg cacccccagc tgcccaacaa     11940
     cttccctttg ctgatctgag ccagactctg cttttatggc ttacacccaa ataattcaag     12000
     ttattttaaa aaaataataa taaatcaagt tattcattta tgagttatac agtcccatgt     12060
     ggggaaaggg aaggagagtg aggtaatact caattttact acctgctatg catttataag     12120
     tgagatactt ctttttaaag tcatattttt ggattagaac aaactctggt atatttaagt     12180
     aaattccctg aagaatgtga acaccgtaag caggtgagtg cattattctc tgcttcccct     12240
     ccacagagct gtggttcact ctcctccatc ctgccccctg cactgggggc accacagaga     12300
     cagcacggcc tgtgctcctg caccacctgc ttctgcttgg gtgtggatga taacaggcac     12360
     ctgcaggaga tgggagcgtg gggggagaag taactcaggg ttttcacttc cctcactccc     12420
     tttggacagc tctgcggttc tgtaatcatt gccgtcctct acctacagcc acaggcctgc     12480
     ggggctgccc ctagtgaaag ctacagattt ccgtgagttc tggaaactgc tccctcttcc     12540
     ttgttctttc aactcagaga tggaaacagt ttcctgccac tgatcatccc agggagcttc     12600
     agcacccctt gtggctttct taggcctgcc agcacctctg taatgtgtgt cttctttctt     12660
     tgtcatctct ttcctgccag gaccctgact gtcccacaga agaagtgaca agaatttatt     12720
     tatgacatga caataacaca tgtattcatg gtgttaattc gatttgtttc atagagacag     12780
     cgtcttgcta tgttgcccag gctggtcttc aactcctggc ctcaagcaat ccccctgact     12840
     tggccttcca aagtgctagc attacaggtg tgagccattg tgcccagccc ttaacttgaa     12900
     aatctgacag tataataaaa gaaaaaaata gaagtattct ggaaatggaa gaggaaagaa     12960
     ggctaaggtg gaaatcatca atctgtgtca tctgagaagc cccacgtgca gaggctgtcc     13020
     cgggacttta ggggagaaca aaaacaaagc acccaggatc ctggtgtcag ggacagagca     13080
     tggccacggc ggaatggtag tggctctcct atgaaataat gctcataaac atcccttgtg     13140
     agaaggatca gatcaacata taaaaatatg ccaaataaag tgaaactcaa ggcaggagtg     13200
     ggactggcca ttctcagccc gcgacctcca tggacttgga gaaaggctca gcctggagat     13260
     gtgtgaggcc tccgacctgg agcagcaccc gcccctaaag accaggcaca aatcccagca     13320
     catggaggga tccagacaaa tacacaagag atgaccacag caggagcttt actgagcaca     13380
     gagcgaggcc gcacaccact cagctcctgc ccctccacct gcccttctct ccccacctgc     13440
     ccctgcccca gcacagcaga tcctcagaat ccaaaaagag aacctaactt ccatgtttta     13500
     ttaatggctt ataatatttt atcacatctt cagaaaacac tatgcagaag ataactgtag     13560
     agcaagacat ctatttaggg tgagtgagtc acagtggaga tctgggaggg agaccctgta     13620
     accctttcat tccaagaaaa gaaaggtcga tccaaagaag gggaccccag gcctggatat     13680
     tgggattaca tgaaaggggt tctggggcat caggggaatg ggtccctctc cctacatcct     13740
     cccggggctg tgcttgggag gacagcagct gggggaagaa aagtcggggt ccacagagat     13800
     ataagggggc tgagaactat ctgtgtcttg cttcttgctg gtctgcacaa ggcagctctc     13860
     aaactgtgga gaacatggta atgaccagat cccgctcagc cgctctcagc ctttacacct     13920
     agagcattat gggcagccca tcaccatccc ctaccttcaa atccaaagat ccgtacagcc     13980
     caaagctgct ccctggcctc aactcctgtt ggcatcaggc cccaaggaag ctgtgagcac     14040
     gtctgcctgg gaccctgtca ccatctggag aatgacaata aaggggaccc agcagcctgc     14100
     aggaggctgt atttgaggca ggaccatggg atgggtgagg cacaggactg tggctccatc     14160
     ctctctattt gaggagttag agatgagctg cctctgccac cccttccatg gtgatatttc     14220
     tagagtacac ccctgtgctg aaattcttat gaggaaagag acctgatgag atgctatggt     14280
     gaagaggggc cataagggtc ttgaatacca agttaatttt gctaccagct gagattagga     14340
     agtgaagccc aggacccagg agaggaggag gaggagataa cacaggaccc tgtgatcact     14400
     ctcctggcca tctgtgtaca gtgagacgct tcccttcggg gttgggagca cccagtgtca     14460
     tggtcctgag tgttgctacc ctgctgttct catctgtgaa tgcagccaga ccactttctt     14520
     cctctgatat aaataacttg gaggatctgt caccagacac ctcatatcta catattaata     14580
     aattctgtac ggtggtttgg cttaatgttt tatatgttat aagaaataag caaaacatag     14640
     ggatgatatt tttagtaaag gtatttcagg gtatatgaga atcagattcc tagggccctg     14700
     tgtacctcat cttgctgttt aaagtcctca tggaggatca gtggagtgca gagcccagaa     14760
     atcatcctga aggctgaagc tccctggtga aaaggaccct ctcctgcacc ctggggctca     14820
     gagggaacaa caaagctccc tcccagggtc tccagcctct ggcctatact gtcagcctgc     14880
     actttgttgg ccttcctggc tgctaatatt ccagttccca gcagcctcct ctctcaccct     14940
     tcacctcttc tgactgggtg cgaatggtaa ctagaccagg cagtgccctc cttgtcagtc     15000
     tgcctgtctg cctggttccc tctcagagtt tgtgtcttca ctcggttcat catccccagc     15060
     cccagcagga acagggagaa gtgacttggc aaatgcccca ctcaaaatgg gatccctcaa     15120
     ccagagacca cttgtgaaag tcagttttcc ctgactaaag aaacaggaca tttaccctgt     15180
     tagaagttga tgtctgccag agacctccac ctgggaaatg ctggttcatg gcagggtctc     15240
     tcttttagta aagggaaaaa ttcctggcta attgatagct aataagtcat ttagaatcca     15300
     gttcatgtaa aaggattacc tacttaaagg attaactcca ttataataag gacacacatc     15360
     ccacaccgca catccaatgt catttgtgag attgctttga ttcgctcatg tagaatgtta     15420
     ctctgctgct ttgcagagag gcttgccaca catttcaaat ctctgctcct catttcacac     15480
     catctggctc atgaggtgaa ggtgatgaga agtgtcttca gacaatactc cgaggtttgt     15540
     ctatcagagt catagtcata tattacatat agagattatt ttcttagaag ttgtaattta     15600
     ttgatatgta ttttactcat ggcatagata gatactatcc aacaattcgt ttttattacc     15660
     tctacattac actgcttagg tagccactac tggtacctct gcattttctt tcttgtatgt     15720
     gacattaatg tataagattg tatgtacatg gtggcttggt ttccaggaat tgctgattag     15780
     gtaatttaga ccattccttc cactgagtac aatgggaaaa ggaggaaaac atacatattt     15840
     gaaaaatctg gttgagcaaa tggatgggct aacaaagcag tgaagatttg cctggccagg     15900
     aaccaggaga ggggagaaat ccagaagagc aacttgagct gtggggctgc ttttgtggat     15960
     cagaggcagt aacacctgct ccctggccag aagccaactt ccaggattca ggactcagaa     16020
     ttcagaactt agacggtccc ttggtctctc tagaattcag tgctcattta gaccgggcta     16080
     agaccctcac actcaatggc tggaggatcc aagcttatgg catgactgcc tctggagcat     16140
     ttcatgctag agagatccca acaggtgtag gtaaatggtc tagagggtac tagccgggct     16200
     tccatggaac tctgtgtaag gcacttccct gtgttgttac tcatgttggc catgtcctcg     16260
     ggaatttagt ggaacggcca tgtcgtcttg agtggaagtg aggacggtga ggtggtccct     16320
     gggcagtcag agattttgtg tccctgcgtc ctttccttcc atctcaacca gagaccactt     16380
     gtgaaagccc aagaacaaat gtcattaaat gtctgaggcg aatccaagac caccgatcca     16440
     ttgcgcccag gagccttggg ccatgtagcc cagcagtagt gaggtctgtg aggccttggt     16500
     cacccccaaa gtgttgcccc aagaggagct gccgctcgtt gccatcaggc acctcaggag     16560
     ctggacatgg tattcattat aatttctgat gaggaactag agaggtctca tagcatatag     16620
     accttgatca aattgggtca tggtggagtc aggcaaaact ctgcaatgac tcacaggtac     16680
     ctaagtataa aacaaagtct caactcagag catccatcag agcttcaggc tcagtagtca     16740
     ttcctttatg ctgttgctgt gtttgtactg tgataactgg tgcttgaagg gaggacatat     16800
     agttacatgt tgcgggaaaa cacatgtcat tagaaaactt ggcatgattt agggaccatt     16860
     gccttttcca tggtagatgt gggactctct gtcatcttca ccctgttgtt ccaagtgcag     16920
     aagagagagc ttcttcctgc tttcagctgc gtgactgaca acggaagctg gaattcagag     16980
     aatcagtggc agcctctgtc tctccaggcc ccaaccctgc aggtttaagg aatggactta     17040
     ggtctctggc actttgttct caacacacat tttccttcac tcattcagaa aaaaaataat     17100
     aataatagaa aatgaaccaa aggctgcaat tctcatggca cctagagaac tggagtacgg     17160
     accaaggttg ccacatgcct gtcattgctc caccacactc ggttgccgtg tgacctcggg     17220
     agaagctctc taccactagg gacttttaaa ctcatctgtg aatcctggat aaacacagac     17280
     attccggtaa ccttactgaa atgaagtgag gaccaatgag ttgacaggtg gagaaaattt     17340
     tttttttttt ttttttgaga cagagtcttg ctctgtcacc caggctggag tgcagtggag     17400
     cgatttcggc tcactgaaag ctccacctcc tgggttcatg ccattctcct gcctcagcct     17460
     accgagtagc tgggactaca ggcgctcacc accacactcg gctaattttt tgtattttta     17520
     gtggagacgg ggtttcacca tgttagccag gatggtctcg atctcctgac ctcgtgatcc     17580
     gcccgccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaagcgtg agcctccgcg cccggccgca     17640
     gaaacagaaa aatttaggtg atggccttta ctcctagaca gggctttttt aggaacatgc     17700
     accttaaaag taggaggaaa acataatgcc agcaacaccc tgcctaaaag cccctttagt     17760
     gatgataatt atcattcatc tttctataaa agcacagcaa gactttctac ctcaatatct     17820
     caaatcagtt aaatatatct tctgatcata taccagtgtg gacccacatg ttttgctcca     17880
     agtgaaaatg aaaaggaatg agaacatctc cacctttgtg tggtgaccat gggaccacgg     17940
     aggcttggaa gccagcctac atctgcccaa actctacatc acctgccatt gtcaattttc     18000
     aatctatccg ttctatgctt tggaatccta cataattcat actcttgaaa aatctcattt     18060
     tcatatgtag ggcagggtag aaaaggtgat atctctgttt taatttgcta agacttccat     18120
     aataaagtgg cacagactgg gtaagttaaa cagtagaaat gtattatctc ccagttctgg     18180
     aggctacagg tccacgatgg aatgtattgc agggctgact gctcctgagg cctgtctctg     18240
     gcttacagat ggccatcttc tccctctatc ttgtcaacat tggcctcaaa atatgtgtac     18300
     agggacacag tttagcccat aagagtctgc gccatccttg gcggtgcata ttataagaaa     18360
     taaaagagaa tacaaccctt tggctggact ctgttgatat tttgaaatgt tggtcttgca     18420
     ataagaacac caccaaaggc caggcgcagt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttagg     18480
     aggccgaggc gggcggatca cgaggtcagg agatcgagac taccctggct aacacggtga     18540
     aaccccttct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaga aaaattagcc aggcgtggtg gtgggtgcct     18600
     gtagtcccag ctgctccgga ggctgaggcg ggagaatggt gtgaacccag gaggcagagc     18660
     ttgcagtgag ccaagatctc gccactgcac tccagcctgg gcaacagacc aagactccat     18720
     ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga acactaccaa aacaagggag ccgaagttta     18780
     gttttccctg gaaagtgagc actccctgag cctggccgcc ccagggcagc aagacccagt     18840
     gctatgtagt tctccaaagt cctatttact ttagtgattc tgattctgta tttttaactg     18900
     ggaaaaggat tctctttcag gaaagcaacc acttctgatg ctatttaggt attattctcc     18960
     ttatacttat aggagaaaaa attgatgtta atgaacagga aatatttgcc aaattatcac     19020
     acaaataatt tttgtatcat tttaaaatac tccttattgt actgagcttg ttggtatttt     19080
     aataaaaatt attggcacat aatatttata catactttgg ggtacacata atattttcat     19140
     gcatgtgtag aatgtgaaat gattgagtca ggatatttag gatactcatc acctcaagca     19200
     tttatcagtt atttgtgttg ggtgaatttc aaatccactc ttatagctat tgtgaaatac     19260
     acaatacatt gttgttaact acagccagcc tgctgtgcta tcgaatatta gaatttattc     19320
     ctcctattta actgtatctt tgtacccatt aagctacctc gttttatctc ccagatcccc     19380
     cacacaccct tcccagcttc tggtaactat tattctgctc tccacctcca taagatcaac     19440
     tttttttcag tcctcacatg tgagtgagaa catgtgatat ttgtctttct ttgcctggtc     19500
     tatttcactt aacatactga cctccagttc catccatgtt gctgctagtt attatgaggt     19560
     agttctagct ggaagaatag agaattaaaa gaaatctttg tgaagcccct acccaggttt     19620
     gtcaatttgt aacattttaa tattattggc tatatgtagt atacatagaa aataatagaa     19680
     atatatgcag atagccctga ttctccacag ttctgttatg tatgtgtttc cactgaaaca     19740
     catacagtac agtactctat gtactgtaca gtactactgt actgagtact ggactgccag     19800
     tggggagagg cggatgtctt gaatttggtg aatgccttta tattgttaca aagtgttttt     19860
     ttttttttgg ttgtttgttt tgagacggag tctcgctctg tcgtccaggc tggagtgcag     19920
     tggcgcgatc tcggctcgct gcaagctccg cctcccgggt tcacgccatt ctcctacctc     19980
     agcctcccaa gtagctggga ctacaggagc ccaccaccac gaccggctaa tttttttgta     20040
     tttttagtag agacggggtt tcactgtgtt agccagggtg gtctcggtct cctgacctcg     20100
     tgatccgccc gcctcagcct cccaatgtgc tggcgtgagc caccgcgccc gggctacaaa     20160
     gttttttaaa tcctttcgtt tgacatgatt ttagactttg taaaaattgt tttttgttga     20220
     atgtatcatt ctgtggcttg ctttatcgtt taatatggtc tatgaggtga acccacacac     20280
     ccatagaaac agttcatttg ttttcagtgc tggatagtat ttatgagagg aatatcccac     20340
     aatttatctc ttctcctgtc agcgaccttt agcttgtttc tgttacagac actgccacaa     20400
     tgaacatcct gggtcatctc tctctggtcc cctgtgtgag ttccccaaga tacggatgta     20460
     ggaatgggat tactgtgctt ttaccatgtg atgttatagg atgtcaaatt gttctctgaa     20520
     gaggttgtat caactccccc ctttaaaatc ttctttgata ttttacaggt caagttatct     20580
     tcctccccaa ctagctgctc cgcctcagtc ccccttcatt ggctcctttt gctgtagatg     20640
     ctggagcact gtggggtttt actgcctccc aatcactcta gtgtcctcca ctcccaggat     20700
     tttaaatatc gtctagacac agatggctcc caaatatata tctctacata tttctataat     20760
     caaaaaacta atggtaccaa aacaggtact ctgatatatt gcagatgggc ctgcaaactg     20820
     gaaatgtttt caggaaaggc agtacggcaa tttctgtcta aattaaaaat gcatacaccc     20880
     agtagtccca cttctagaaa tgtgtccaaa aatacacctg cattcctgaa aaatgactgt     20940
     attcagaatt atatgttgca accctgtttg taaaatcaaa aaggaaagaa gaaagaaaat     21000
     gaaagataaa agaaaaaata atccaaatat ctgtcactag cggactagtt aaaaaagcat     21060
     tgcaagctgg gcacagtagc attcacctgt gaatacactc tactccactc tgggtaacat     21120
     gaggaggcct ccctaccttc ctaagaaaac ccaaacaagc actgcatatc tacacggcag     21180
     agtctacaaa catttaacac aaaagaagaa agacatagga aactcttgat attccctcat     21240
     gggatggtct ccatgataca ttgttaagaa gaaataaagc aaggtgtaga ataacatata     21300
     gagtctgcta aaatttgtgt gaaaagggac aaagagatat atatacacat ttatatttgc     21360
     ttgcatatgc ataaaatata tttggaagaa taagcaagaa gatatccctg gttgcctgtt     21420
     ggggatgaga cagggtaaga aagagacatt ttaccttttg aacattttga attttgaatt     21480
     ttgaactata tcaagaaata aaagataatt cctagggcaa ccaaataaac cccaaaaaaa     21540
     ttcaaaatga aaaacctttt aaaaactaat agaatttttt tacctttatt aaaataaatt     21600
     ttaaaaattt tctaaatatt atattattcc tttaacaagg aggtttaccg ccattttaat     21660
     tcagtacgtt gttttctttt taattgcatg atctttcttt acatctatct tttttccatt     21720
     acaaggtaaa ataacagcat gattaattaa atgcagtttg tttggtgaag gaaattttgt     21780
     tcaaatcttg gtctaagtgg gaaagggatt ctaggggatc cagtgcagca gttatgggtt     21840
     tcagtatgct cacgacgccc tctagtgttt gtgtgggctc atggatgcca tatctagaaa     21900
     acactggaat tctcaagcac acgtgactga agccatttgc caaatgttca aggtcctatt     21960
     aatggcccat ctgagtactt gtcatacgcg gtcaccctat ctttggatca gaaggtacac     22020
     tcagagctcc tagtgtcaca tcccaggccc aacctgctga gattagtcga ggaaggtctg     22080
     gaggtcagtg tcgtgagggg tgggaagact gagggtgtgg gggccagttg tggagtggcg     22140
     ggagccccag gtgctgtatg aagccgagcc tctggatcac cctgtgaccc cacatttggt     22200
     cccttcctgg gtgtcttcca ttcccaggac tcccaggaaa taaaatgctg caagattggg     22260
     gtggggagct gtccagggtg ggtcaggtgt ggtctcactg atcctacacc tctgcctccc     22320
     agcccactcc cagccctctt ctgatattag aaaccaacac agattgcctt agggtggtgg     22380
     ttctcaaagt gtggtcctgg gggaagcagc attggcatca cctgggaact tagatatgca     22440
     atcttcaggg cctggcctgg acctactgta tcagaaactc tgcatttaac aagcccccag     22500
     cagaattctg cttttcaaat cagatctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctgtt     22560
     tcaagtctca atattgagta gctgtgactt ctggatagtc aggtgtcaga caccctttct     22620
     tgccaggagg caccaggctc ctcaatcagc ttagtctcat tcttggcctg gcccagggaa     22680
     agatgttcac ttcctggatt ctgagcaaag ctctcctatc ctgggtgcct gtggggctcc     22740
     cacttacacc acaaaacaaa gctcaaataa tattttttct tttatgagat ttttggtatt     22800
     ccttcattag tcagagctga agatctacat atatgtctac caagcaagtg tgcatgtccc     22860
     actagccagt ttgttagtct tgccaatgca ccacaacgta gcagcctctc agtctctcct     22920
     tgtgaggtgt tacctggagt tctttgtctc accaccaaga gaattaagga gcgtggatac     22980
     aaagggtgag gttggagcaa aagtttaata agcaaaagaa gaaagctctc ccccacggag     23040
     agggggcttg gaagatggtt gccattttta cagctgaatg taaaggcttt tacaagaaac     23100
     tgatgagggc tgggtgtctc atttgcataa ggcacaaatt tccggtagct ccaccccatc     23160
     ctcctagtgc ccatgcaggc gcttagcttg agttactcca tattgctttg tttccctgac     23220
     tgcccatgta tcgggggaca gaattttcca ttgcgggcat gtctggacaa gtctcctgtg     23280
     cagcctttct tatttgtgca gctgtgggca tgtcttaggc aagcccccct gtgcaagttc     23340
     ccttctctgt gcctgcaggc cgttcttttg tttgaaataa ttcaactgag gacccaccat     23400
     aactgcccgc ctgaccagtt tcttcctttt ttctctctca atttgtgtta taatttcctt     23460
     actgatctct gcctgagcaa gactgggcat gccttgaggg caaggagggt ttatttcctc     23520
     ttacctcagt cccagctcct cttaaaacaa cgccccgcgc acagtaggta tttgataaat     23580
     gtttaccaaa tgaagggatt gcctgcagtg gcttggcaga caggaaagca gaatgaaaac     23640
     ccacaggcca aaagtggctg ggaaaagatt ttccaaatcc tagtgctggg cacagggccc     23700
     actgaaattc actttcggaa ccttcccatc tgtctcgttc tcctctcatc aggatagagc     23760
     ccacctagtc acacactacc tttcaggacc accttccaga tcagccaggt acaaatccca     23820
     ccgacttcct gcctgtggct ccaaatgctc agctgaaatt ctgaggctaa tttcagtgga     23880
     gttagaggct tatcccttag gagtggcaat ggctggcttt aagattcgag aagtagtgtt     23940
     tacatctcaa aagagaagac tgctccacca gaaatgcaga gttttggtat atgcaggtcc     24000
     ggggtcttca ggagataaag aatgatagct ccaggagcgc tgggaccccc gtgcagccac     24060
     cagtcaccac agcctaggca ggggttgggc tctcacctcg gcccctcctc tgcacgccct     24120
     ggatgtggat ggtccccgag tgtgaactcg cctgggctct gaccctgggt gctcttcccg     24180
     ccgttgtgga gcctctgcgg gtgtggtgca tgcacagggg gcttcacagg agacccgggg     24240
     ccctttagag tctcaaggtc aacattcttg gagaatccat gtcaggcatt caggctctca     24300
     gggactcaga tgcccaaact atgaaaatga gggaatctat cccactctct caggtgtggt     24360
     gagattccta ttatatgact atcggtcatc tatacatgga ttgtactctc agagttgcct     24420
     ttatcagtcg gccaatgcct aaaacccaaa gatgggtcag gcatggtgga ggaagagttc     24480
     ctttcttacc ttctgaaggt gccatcaaca ggaatttcta ccctgtggag tctagaggag     24540
     actttccttg aagctgagtt gggaatggac atttggactt ttttttttta agagttagta     24600
     actccgtgga gaaccacaca tttatttgct tactttaatt ctacagcaac attcgaggtg     24660
     gcttactgca acaaacccag tgtaataaat acatacgaat tactttaaaa tcaacaccaa     24720
     ggaaaatata cattttaaaa gattaaggct ggggtaaagc tggaacatta ctaggcggga     24780
     aggaacatct gaaacatttg ctgaaatgga gttgaccctt tacctagcca tagatttgtt     24840
     gcctcacaat ttcattgcat ctgagcacca gggagggggg tggcagttca ggtcaccagt     24900
     cccttgtttc ctgattcagg atcagtgtcc tgttctacac ttacagtcaa agcaaattac     24960
     atcgttgtaa gatgtttaat gatgaagtca aagtccacag agtcagcaag taagtgtaaa     25020
     aacctcagga gtccaaggac agtctacgtt tctccccaga aatggcttca ctatgcactg     25080
     ttgaagggag agggtccttt caaggggccc caagatgcag gagcaattgg gctgcagctc     25140
     taaataaaga tgtcctttct acctgcagat tccacaaaac ctcacaggca aatttggtga     25200
     tctcacctga gctaggaatt cgattttttg atattggttc tctttgagcc attgtgtgag     25260
     ctttaaaatg tgacatggag attttgctat actggtattt ccttgctgga atttgacatc     25320
     cacagtggct ctggcttccc tgtctggtcc caggaggaaa tggagtgtcc tacacttttt     25380
     ttcagcatcg ctttgtgtaa gaaggatcag gagacttgga gtcaggggct cctccaatct     25440
     cactctcctt cataaaacag tgtcccttaa gctttctggg ggtgagggcc ttgacaccgt     25500
     gctgttctga tgaatataat tgtcccagct cccgaaataa aagcacaggt gcacaaaata     25560
     ccgactgttg caagcaatgc caaggtgggg atgtttccta ggtgccaggt ttagcacttt     25620
     gactttgtat gtacacacac aggggccagg cgttgtggtt tatgcccgta atctcagcac     25680
     tttgggaggc tgaggcatga gaattgcttg aagccagaag ttcaagacca gcatgagtaa     25740
     caaagcaaga cccagtctct acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaaaaata     25800
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact gggtgtggtg gctccactct gtagtcccag     25860
     ctactcgaga agctgaggtg ggaggattgc ctgaatccag gagttggagc ctgcaatgag     25920
     ctgtgatcgg gacactgctc tagcttagtg agaccctgtc tcaaaaacaa acaaacaaaa     25980
     caaaacaaaa tacatacaca cacacagcca gagccagcac tgagggagag gctggtctca     26040
     ggggtggggt cacaggcatt tctcaggtcc ctctcagtgg tctttgtctc tttttcctgg     26100
     aggtggagga gtctgtactt catgaggaga agtcctctga agaaggcggg agatactcag     26160
     gagcggggtc cagagaggga aaaggatgag gaagtggaga caaagtggag ggggcagggc     26220
     aagaagggca catgtgagga atggggaggg ggaggacctt ccagctgtca gaaaggtccc     26280
     acgcagaatt tggctcttgg tttttctgct ttatcaggat ggatttggga aaccagccag     26340
     agtgggagat aaggagtcta ctttgcaaag gacacgtgtg agtctcctcc tagtttgaac     26400
     tcatgagtag cagctgacag ccaggaccct tgtgtggggc gcgtgacgcc cctttgcaac     26460
     cagggcgttt tctgcacccc accagccatc cctcctggga ccacgctggt tccctccaac     26520
     cctaacaggg agagaaggaa ggagaggtct ggaggctttg ggtcctccct cgtgctcctt     26580
     cttcctctgc catttattcc ctgagtgtcc ttgactttcc tccgctaccc ggaccccact     26640
     acagcaaagc acatcctgca cactggcctg gactcccttt gtaaccaccc agtgtgttca     26700
     ccttgctgac tgcctagaca aagccgattt atcaaggcag gggaattaca atagagaaag     26760
     agtaattcat gcagagccgg ccgtgcggga gaccagagtt ttattactca aatcagtctc     26820
     cccgaaaact ctaatcagtt tttaaggata atttggtgga tgggggggcc ggtgaatcag     26880
     gagtgctgat tggttggctc cggtatgaaa tcatagtgag tggaggctgt tctcttaggc     26940
     tgagtcagtt cctgagtggg gggccacagg actggttggc aggtccagat ggggtcctcc     27000
     agttgttaga aatgcaaaaa cctggcctgg cgtggtggct cacgcctgta atcccagcac     27060
     tttgggagcc cgaggcgggc ggatcacgag gtcaggagat cgagaccatc cttgctaaca     27120
     cggtgaaacc ccgtctctac taaaaataca aaaaaattag ccgggtatgg tggcgggagc     27180
     ctgtagtccc agctactcag taggctgagg aaggagaatg gcgtgaaccc gggaggcaga     27240
     gcttgcagtg agccgagatc gcgccactgc actccagcct gggcgacaga gcgagactcc     27300
     gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggaagaaa aagaaaaaag aaatgcaaaa gacatctcaa     27360
     aaggccgctc tgaggttcac aatagtgatg ttaccttcaa gagtaactgg ggaagttgca     27420
     aatcttatga cctccggaat aatggctggt aatattcaga attccagccc ctctcatcct     27480
     aacttaatgg ctggcggcgt ttcattcgtt ttaaaagaac actttccctt taaactataa     27540
     attccttccc aaggctagta cggcctatgc ccagaaatga acaagggcag gttagcggtt     27600
     agaaacaaga tagggtgagt taggtttgat gtctttcact gtcatcattt ccttacttat     27660
     aattttgcaa aggcggtttc accttggctt cagccccacc catgcagtaa cactgtgccc     27720
     tgtccttcca accactgcca ctaggtgaaa gcagagagag catcgcccag atgggctaga     27780
     ttctcacagg ctcactgcta gaacgaacat tcttgagact ttagatctaa gtcagcctga     27840
     tttctgaaag ccttggaccg tttccaaaat caaatcaata ctccaggaac aagatctgcc     27900
     tcgactttgt ctccacccaa ggacgctatg gcaacgcagt tttcaaacgt gctttgagaa     27960
     taaatggaac agggtcccct gtgtccccac tcatttgcgt tttccttttt attacagcca     28020
     accgcttttg taaatattgt tacatatctc tctattccac tgaaaacatc tctttcaaat     28080
     gcactttaag aaagattcaa tgacatgaaa atatgaagga tcctcttgaa agagtttctg     28140
     gtgctgggtt ttaaagaacg ttttggtttt taaaactctg taaccatttt ggtgtggggc     28200
     ttagcttcgt attttcaaat tgaaatattc tcttccttaa cgtccgcata aatccaagtt     28260
     cacaattttt attattttaa aattttattt atttttgttt tggggacagg gtctcctcct     28320
     gtcacccagg ctggattgca atggcacaat catagctcac tgcagcctgg aactccctgg     28380
     ctcaagcgat cctcctgcct ccaattccca aagagctgag attataggca tgaaccactg     28440
     caactcaccc aaatccaagt ttatactaaa agataaaatt ccaacatttc agagaaaatg     28500
     aaagtcacaa agttatccca gtctctgaag tcactgtcaa aactttggtg aggaatcttc     28560
     caggttttcc cctacttaaa atatatatta atattatgta agtaatatta gcggcatttt     28620
     cacccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcacgatct cagctcactg caacctccac ctcccgggtt     28680
     caagcaatcc tcctgcctca gcctcccgag tagctgggac tacaggcgcc ggccaccatg     28740
     cctggctaat ttttgtattt tcagtggaga cagggtttca ccatattgac caggctgatc     28800
     tcgaactcct gacctcaggt gatctgccca ccttggcctt ccaaagttct gggattacag     28860
     gcgtgagcca ctgggcccag cctccttaac cttttaaaaa aggttaaaag tatgctgggc     28920
     acttcttttc atagcaatac ttaaaagcga tcttactctt tttaatgact gtatagaatt     28980
     ttataatata actcttcttt gggagacaat tgaaatgttc tttatcttca ctgtggtagt     29040
     ggagatgtgg gtgtgtacaa cagctaaaat tcaacaagtt gaacacttta aatagatgca     29100
     gtttattgca tgcaaagtat gtcccaatat gatgatttaa aaatattatc gtctttgaga     29160
     tttgtacttt gcttatgtga aacaaaacaa aacaaaaacc ctgttcttgt gcccaggaga     29220
     cacaccctga ctcatctgga ggtagagggt catgctgtct gcaacttacc ctcacaggct     29280
     ctgaaataac aataatagca gtatatttac agattcagaa agagagaaag ctatagtaaa     29340
     aatgttcata agtaaaacta gataaaggtc aaaaataaat aataaaacta cgtcttttaa     29400
     attttatctc tcctttactt tttctctccc cttttcttcc tatctcttcc ctcctttctt     29460
     aacacgttcc cctatccttc cctcctttca ccactctctg cacttgatcc ccggtgtatt     29520
     ccagccccca ggccaacaca cttcaccgcg tccgcctggg gcaggtcaga gaagggacgc     29580
     gaggcggcgc tgtcacagca ttctatgcgc cccagcgccc tgggccgcgc aggtctttta     29640
     tcatttcagt ggtcactccc gtctttgacg gggccacact cggggtgtaa attaggatcc     29700
     tcactgaagc ggcgggaccc tgagaggctt tttcctggcc ccttagttgt gggttttcct     29760
     gcgggcggtg gagtccgttt ccatcagaac cgcccagagg cgggcgctgc cttccagggg     29820
     tgaagcgttt tcggaccctg gaatctgtgg gcggcctgcg ggaggggctg aggcgcagtt     29880
     ccctactcac tcagatccga atccaccgcg gtgctgtttc cagcgagtca gattccagat     29940
     cgcgctccag cctggactcg gaattcctgc cccgcgggtc tgcattttca cagcggcagg     30000
     tgtgagtgcc gcgcagctgg agaccagaag cctgaggcag ctcggccctc cccagcccaa     30060
     agtgccgtta ttccgtttct gtatcagtaa acacgtttca tttttcggag accagggaag     30120
     ggtgatgggt gatcccagtc ctcgcagtga attccgggcc acaaaattca aaacgcttgc     30180
     tggcaaagcc gtgcgcggtg gctcaagcct gtaattccag cactttggga ggccgaggcg     30240
     ggcggatcac ctgaggtcgg gatttccaga ccagcctgac caacatagag aaaccccgcc     30300
     tctactaaaa atacaaaatt agccgggggt ggcgcatgcc tgtaatccca gctagtcggg     30360
     aggctgaggc aggagactca cttgaacccg ggaggcggag gttgctgtga gccgagatcg     30420
     cgccactgca ctccagcctg ggcaacaaga gcgaaactcc gtttcaaaaa aaaacaaaaa     30480
     acaaaaagct ttcgggcgcc gagggcagcc ccgccctgaa ttttgtgagc gcccgcgctg     30540
     ggccgtttct ctttcttttc cggaccctgc agtggcgcct aaagtctgcg aggaggaagt     30600
     cgcctctgtg ctcgtgagtc cagggatcta aggcaagtgc tgagggagaa aacatagttg     30660
     atggggcaga gcagaggggg ctggaggtgg ggtggagggg gagggctttg aacagaagac     30720
     ctgggaggct tggtggggga ggggacccag gcctcggcgc tgagaagcaa ctcccctgga     30780
     gctcaagacc ttcttggcct cccctagccc aggggaggac tggcttcatg tctccctgaa     30840
     accgcttcta aatgccttag aacaaacctt aaatattcat tattattatt gaactattaa     30900
     aagtcttttt tggaggcgag ctgaatgaga ccctttgctg gagctggcac acggaggaag     30960
     tcctggaggg agggtagaca ccgtggaggg aagggcttgg gacctgtgtc aggagagctg     31020
     ggtccatctc cctctctgtc tcaaactatg cttatgatct ttagcagtga aaataatctc     31080
     tctaaggtgg ggacaggacc ccagtccctg ctgtgcttaa taaattatga ggatcaaaat     31140
     aaattatcag tgaatgtgta tgggaagact aagaaattgt taaagttctc gaatacatta     31200
     cattttcatc cacagaaaag tgtaggctag ggatgatagg ggaatagtta gtaatgacag     31260
     ggatagttga acttaaaaaa aaaggttgtg aggccaacaa aaaagaaatg gacacagttc     31320
     ctgatcctgg agggttcata gtctaatggg agaggagggt agaagatggt aggtgatggc     31380
     tgggtgtgtg gcactcgcct cgcctgtagt cccagctact caagaggctg tggtgggagg     31440
     actgcttgag cccaggcatt tgaggctgca gtgagctata atcacgccac tgcattccaa     31500
     ctgagtgaca cagcaagact cctctcttaa aaaaataaaa taaaataaat gaaaaaaata     31560
     agattcaaga cagggcacag tcggtaccat caggaaggtt caaaccatgg gctagatcag     31620
     tagttctaaa acttgactac acatcggaat cacgcaggga actttaaaag atactaaggt     31680
     ttaggtccaa cctaggttta ctgatttaac tggttgtggc tgtggcctgg gaacatggat     31740
     attaaaaact ctccaggtgg ttctacgcag tggctaggtt tgaagaccac tgcctagatg     31800
     tcccaatgac taagaatgtg cgctggggac aagccaattc tcttagtaga ggctttccag     31860
     acagaattct tattattgag aattgagaat tcatatgcca cacataattt atcgttttaa     31920
     agtgtacaga tcagtggctt ctagcataat cacaaggttg tgccaccgtc accactatct     31980
     acttgggaag attttcttcc tttttttctt tttttttttt tttgaggcgg agccttgctc     32040
     tgttgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcgcaa tctcagctca ctgcaagctc cgcctcccgg     32100
     gttgacccca ttctcctgcc tcagccttct gagcagctgg gactacaggt acccgccacc     32160
     acgcccagct aagttttttg tatttttagt agagacgggg tttcactgtg ttagcaggat     32220
     gctctccatc tcctgacctc gtgatctgcc cacctcgacc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac     32280
     aggcgtgagc caccgtgccc ggaccctttt tccttttttt tttttttaaa ggctagtcaa     32340
     gtgaaacagt gggagtgaag atgaaacaaa aacatctata actggttgtg atcaattagt     32400
     tgtaaacacc actgcactca gaccagccta attgggaaga ttttgaggat atgctgtggt     32460
     ctgatgggtt ccaaggcaga ggtgacagta acctggaaga gggagactgc ttaggcagtg     32520
     gcatcctggt gggatagggt gaggagatcc cagagcccac gtttactgca accctgggga     32580
     aatgtcacca gagaaatggg ggtggtgcca gacaatagat tgtgggagct atggtttcca     32640
     tggtagagta gaagcatcta ccatgtgtga cattcagcag atggggcgct gtgggtggct     32700
     tggagcactc tggttgtaac tgaggcaggc acagtgttta ggaagcctgt gcagtaatcc     32760
     agactgaagg gaggggaaag cctagactaa gactatggct gtgggattga aatagcgttg     32820
     aaggagctga ctttgactcc cggagatgaa ggggaaagag gaaatcagaa gggaccaagg     32880
     atggtgaagt tcttaagaga aactgaggag gaagagagga tgatgtggtg ggagacgtgt     32940
     agagagtcct tgtagatctg tcacattgaa ggggactatg gtcccagagg tacagatgtc     33000
     ctaaaacagg ctggaaaagg gagtctggag agagcttggt gttgtaatga accatgggga     33060
     gccgcctcgt tggccctgtg attacccagg aactgaatag agagggggcc ctgggagacc     33120
     tcagacactt agaggatata agggggtgaa aggggggacc tggctttgag tcgaagggag     33180
     gagaaggaga ttatatagct gaaacgtcta agagaatttg tgatctgagc gtttctactg     33240
     gggcaagtgc ttctgaaagg cagaggcggc tgagatctgg aaacaggtct gcaaatctgg     33300
     tcactggtct cattgcagta acgctgtgcg cggttgaggg agtgtattgg cagaaaaacc     33360
     acgcgttgtc tgtcccggaa ggaacaagcc agtgagagcc ggcctgatgg gaggaccgcc     33420
     gaaaggggct tggtgaagcc cgcgctcctt gggggtggga atgcggggat ggggtggtcg     33480
     cgatgcaggg agggcgacag ggtccaggtc gtgctcataa gtttggagct gtactctcag     33540
     ctactcgggg ctggtccttg attttggctg cgctcgcgca cgctccccct tttctggccg     33600
     ccaggtcccg ccttctaaat ttccccaggt ctccaggccg ctagaatttt ctcttctgaa     33660
     cgtggccccg ccctctccac tcatgattgg ccaagttccg ggcctcagtt ttcactggat     33720
     aagcggtcgc tgagcggggc gcaggtgact aaatttcgac ggggtcttct caccggtttc     33780
     attcagttgg ccactgctga gcagctgaga aggtggcgac gtaggggcca tggggctggg     33840
     ccgggtcctg ctgtttctgg ccgtcgcctt cccttttgca cccccggcag ccgccgctgg     33900
     tgagtggggt tcctggcggt ccccggcgga gcgggagcgg cggggcgttt ccgggggtcc     33960
     gggtgggttg ccgcgagcgc tgtgcggtca gggcggggct caggtgtgct gtctggagtg     34020
     cagggagctg gacgccgcct gttcccgcca cacctcagcc ctgctttccc atctcccgtc     34080
     tctttttttt tttttttttt ttttctttct gagacggagt ctctgtcgcc taggctgtag     34140
     tgcagtggcg cgatattggc tcactgcaag ctccgcctcc cgggttcacg ccattctcct     34200
     gcctcagcct ccctagtagc tgggactaca ggcgcccgcc accacgcccg gctaattttt     34260
     tgtgttttta gtagagatgg ggtttcaccg tgttagtcag gatggtctcg atctcctgac     34320
     ctcgtgatcc gcccgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agccaccgcg     34380
     cccgacctcc cgtctccttt cagtcctcct cgggatcgcg catcacccgc attttctggt     34440
     ctcctcctgc acttgctctc ctcgcctctc ctccgtctcc tctcactttt cggacaaacc     34500
     agtccttctg aggcccctgg gttcccgggc tgctcctgtg aatggcattg gaaggccgtt     34560
     ccagcgcggc cgctgaggca gccacttccc ccggtgctgg gggcggatct caggtccctg     34620
     aagtcctgtc ctctcccgga gccgatgtgt tctcagctcc tgggccgcag ctcctggagt     34680
     tggggccctc ctttcttggg acccggaggt ggtgcttctt gctactgtga ggactgtggg     34740
     gggtcctgac tctcaagctg aggggttgga gtctgcaggc tccgggcaga ggattcttcc     34800
     tgcgacttct gtcatcccca gctcattctc ccctcgcctc cggctccggg ggtcctctcc     34860
     tctctcgcat cccaccccta ctaatgacca atgatctaag gacaccagat tccctctcac     34920
     ctcctccctg cccatcttac ggcgccctgg gtccttttgc tctcccagct ccctgctacc     34980
     ccttcctgtg tgctgttctc tgatccattt ctagagtgtc ctctgccttc atcccccgcc     35040
     cccgccactg aaggtccctc ctgcctcctt tatgggcctt tcctgcaagc agccttcact     35100
     ccgtgctgcc cctatgcctc cccattccca aatgtccctg actctaactt tctggtgctg     35160
     ccttttgtcc gggggggtct tccctccatc ccactcccct ccagacccct aaggagagcc     35220
     ctgatgctaa tggcagttgg gccttaggca gggcgcaggg cagcgcagat gccccctccc     35280
     ctccagtgca ggtgcctgct ctgggccctg cctcattgtg gccccttccc cactccttca     35340
     tcctcagcct caccctcttg aggaccccac cctccagccc acaggtgctg gaccatccct     35400
     ccctggtccc tccgcccctc tccaccttgg gaccttgtgc tgctcctatc tcttgcccag     35460
     ctgcctgggg ccctcagcaa gttctcatct ttcagtggga aagtgggagt gctggagcat     35520
     atgacagtgc tgagaatctt tcccaagccc caccctcccc cagagcaccc tcccctcctg     35580
     tcctcaccct accccaagtt ctcccacagt cactcctgcc ccatgctcat gccgccctcc     35640
     agttcttgct ctgcccatct cccctcccca acccagacct aaaacaggct gttgggccag     35700
     ctgttccttg accttccttc ttttcttttg gttccttgac cccagtgggc tctcactccc     35760
     cacaccgcat atctaaaatc tgttttgcct gctcttgggg tgccactgct ccccctccag     35820
     cattactcct tttggcaggt ccttcctcag gctgagaatc tccccctcta ccttggtttt     35880
     ctctctctgg ccagcacccc cactccttgc tttgttttta atttttaact tttgtttggg     35940
     tacgtagtag atatgtatgt atatatttat ggggtacatg ggatattttg acacaggcct     36000
     acaatatgtc ataatcacat cagggtaaat gggttatcta tcacaacaag catttatcct     36060
     ttctttgtgc tacaaacaat cccattatgc tctttcagtt atttttaaat gtacaataaa     36120
     ttattgttgg ctgtactcac cctgctgtgc tatctactag atcttattca ttctaactat     36180
     atttttgtac ccattaacca tccgcactcc cccactcccc actacccttc tcagcctctg     36240
     gtaatcgtca ttctattgtc tctccccatg aggtccattg ttttaatttt tggctgccac     36300
     aaataagtga gaacatgcga agtttgtctc tctgggcctg gggcttattt cacttcacat     36360
     gatgacctcc agttctttgc aaatgacatg gtggctgaat agtactccac atacacgtgt     36420
     gcaccacatt ttctttctcc attcgtctgt tgatggacac ttaggtcgct tgcagatctt     36480
     ggctattttg aatagtgctg caataaacat ggaaaagtag atagctcttt aatataccga     36540
     tttcctttct tttgggtata tgcctaacag tgggagtgct ggagcatatg acagctctat     36600
     tatattttta gtttttggaa gaacctccac attatttccc acagtggtta tactagttta     36660
     cgttcccacc aacagtgtac aagggttctc ttttgctaca tcctcgccag gattccttat     36720
     tgcctgtctt ctggataaaa gccagtttat ctggggtggg atgatatctc gtaggagttt     36780
     tgatttgcct tcatctgatg acgaatgatg ttgagcacct tttgatatac ctgtttgcca     36840
     tttgtatgtc ttcttttgag aaatgactat tcagatcttt tgctcatttt taagttggat     36900
     tattagatat ttttcctata gagttgtttg agatccttat atgttttggt tactaatcct     36960
     ttgtcagatg aatagtttga aaatattttc tcccattctt ggatggtctc ttcactttgt     37020
     ttattgtttc ctttgctgtg cagaagcttt ttaacttgat atgatcccat ttatgcattt     37080
     ttactttggt tgcctgtgct tgtggggtat tacttaaaaa atctttgcca gtccaatatc     37140
     ttagagagtt tccccaatgt tttcttttat agttttcata gtttgaggtc atagatttac     37200
     atctttaatc ctttttgatt ggatttttat atgtggtgag agatagggtc cagtttcatt     37260
     cttctgcata aggatatcta gtttccccag caccatttat tgaagagact ctcctttgcc     37320
     ctgtatgtgt tcttggtaac tttgttagaa ataacttcac tgtagatata tggatttgtt     37380
     tctgggttct ctattctgtt tcattggtcc gtgtgtctgt ttttatgcca ctaccgtgct     37440
     gttttgatta ctctagctct gtagtataat ttgaagtcag ataatgtgat tcctctagtt     37500
     ttgttctttt tgttcagggt agctttatct attctgggtt ttttgtgatt ccatatacat     37560
     tttaggattg tttttctatt tctgtgaaga atgtcattgg tgttttgata gcaattgcat     37620
     tgaatttgta gattgctttg ggtaggatgg atattttaac aaaattgatt cttccggctg     37680
     ggcacggtgg ctcactcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccgagtcag gtggatcact     37740
     tgagatcagg agttcaagac cagcctgatc aacatggaga aaccccgcct ctactaaaaa     37800
     tacaaaatta gccaggcgtg gtggcatatg cctgtaatcc cagctactca ggaaagctga     37860
     ggcaggagaa tcgcttgaac ccaggaggca gaggttgtgg tgagctgaga ttgcaccatt     37920
     gcactccagc ctgggcaaca ggagcaaaac tccatctcag aaaataaaaa taaacattga     37980
     ttcttccagt ccatgaacat ggaatgcctt ttccattttt tgtgtcctct tcaatgtttt     38040
     gcatcagtgc tttatagttt ttattggaga gatctttcac ttcttcagtt aagtctattc     38100
     ctaggtattt tattttattt gtagctaatg aaaatgggat tcgtttcttg atttcttttt     38160
     cagattattt gctgttagca catagaaatg ctattgattt ttgcatgttg attttgtatc     38220
     ctgcaacttt actgaatttg ttcttcagtt ctaatagttt tttggtggag tctttaggtt     38280
     ttccaaatat cagaccacat gatgtgcaaa caaggataat ttgacttctt cttttccaat     38340
     tttgatgccc tttatttcct tctcctgtca gattgctcta gctaggactt gcagtattgt     38400
     gttgcataac tgtagtgaaa gtagtcatcc ttgtcttgtt ccagatctta aagaaaaggc     38460
     tttcagtttt cccccattca gtatgttact agctgtgagt tgtcatatat ggcttttatt     38520
     atattgaggt ctgttccttg tatactcagt ttttttagag tttttatcat gaagggatgt     38580
     taaacttatc aaatgctttt tcagtatcaa ttgaaatggt gatatggctt ttgtccttta     38640
     ttctgttgat acgatgtatt acattgattg atttgtgtat gcatacctgg aatacattcc     38700
     acttggtcat gaagaatgat ctttttaata tactgttgaa tgtggtttgc tagtatttca     38760
     ttgatgatat ttgcctcaat gttcatcagg gatataggcc tgtagttttc tttttttgat     38820
     gtgtctttgc ctgattttga tatcaggata ttcctggctt tgtaaaatga gtttggaagt     38880
     attccctcct cctctgtttt tcagaacaat ttgaatagga ctgatatttc ttgttcttta     38940
     aacgtttaat tgtggtaaat tatacattac ataaatttta ctgttttaac cgcttttaag     39000
     tgtatactcg gtggcattag atacattcac atttttgtgc aacccaaaac tctgtaccca     39060
     ttaatcggta actccccatt cctccctacc tctggcccct ggtaaccatc attctacttt     39120
     ttgtttctat gaatttgacc actctaggta cctcatttaa gtagaatcgt gtaatgtttg     39180
     tctttttgat tctggcttat ttcacttata atatttcgag gttcatccag gttgtagtat     39240
     gggtcagatt ttcattcctt ttaatgatga ataatactca ttatatgtat gtaccacacc     39300
     ttggttatcc attcctcaga caatggacac ttgggttact tctacctttt ggatattggc     39360
     aaatatttca tttctcttgg gtatatattt atttcttttg agtatttctt ttgggtatat     39420
     atccagaaat agaattgttg gatcatacgg tatttcattt tttaattttt agaggaatca     39480
     ccatagtgtt ttccattgca ggcgtgccat tttgtatttc tagaagcagt atacaggggc     39540
     ttcagtttct ctacctcctt gccaaacttg ctgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     39600
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgata atagccaccc tgattggttt gaagtggtat ctcattgtgg     39660
     tttggatttg cattttccta atgagtactg atattgagca tcttttcatg tgtttattga     39720
     tcatttgtat attttctttg aagaattggc cattgaagtc ttgcccattt ttctccccca     39780
     catagcttct catggctatt ttgcccattt ttgagtgggt tgactgtttt gttgtttttg     39840
     tcaaactttt ttgcatattc tggaaactaa tctctctctt tttctttttt tttttttttt     39900
     ttttttttga gatggagtct tgctctgttg cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg cacgatctca     39960
     gctcactgca agctccaccc gctagcttca tgccattctc ccacctcagc ctccctagta     40020
     gctgggacta caggcgcccg ccaccacacc cggctaattt tttgtatttt tagtagagat     40080
     agggtttcac catgttagcc aggatggtct caatctcctg acctggtgat acacccgcct     40140
     cggcctccca aagtgctgga attacaggct tgagccacca cgcctggcct tctggaagct     40200
     aatctcttat cagatatatg acttgcaata tttatttcat ttcaggggtt gattgctttc     40260
     tcactctgat tgtgcccttt gatgcacaga tattttgaat ttttcatgag tccagtttgt     40320
     cagttctttc tattctatct gtgctttggc gtcatatcca tgaaagcact gtcaaaccct     40380
     atgtcatgaa cattataccc aatgtttttt tctaagatat ttttatgttt tagttcttga     40440
     gtttagagtt taggtctttg attcattttg agttaatttt tgtatatagt acaaattaag     40500
     ggtccaattt tatattattt gaacatccag ttcccccagc actatttgct gaaaagatgg     40560
     acttactctt tgataccctg tcacctgccc accccagtgg acactagctg gtccatccaa     40620
     ttgctgtcct ggggccttgt catgccactc ttccactttg aacccaagcc cacatcattg     40680
     ctcccctctg ggatactgac cccactataa acttctctag ggctacaacc ttcctacccc     40740
     ttgtgcctca tgaccacccc ctcccttgtc cccaccatgc ccatgatgag tcttttctca     40800
     aggcagctcg ccttgcctcc atctcaccct cacctgtgca ccacagccac actggacatg     40860
     ggtccctctg agcctgagtc ccttcccatt cccactgtcc cctctggcaa gaccttcctt     40920
     ccaacactgc cttcatgctc ctcccttgcc cctgcagggc agcctctccc cttggcccct     40980
     attcccttag ggggcttgtg gccacccagt cctggcacct gacctacaag tttgccatct     41040
     tcattccccc ttcttctgtt catcagcccc ctcctctatc ctcccaccct cacagttttc     41100
     cttgtatatg aaatcttcgt tcttgtcctt ttgcccatgt gcatttcctg cctcctcagg     41160
     gaggtcggga cagcagacct gtgtgttaaa catcaatgtg aagttatttc caggaagaag     41220
     tttcacctgt gatttcctct tccccagagc cccacagtct tcgttacaac ctcatggtgc     41280
     tgtcccagga tggatctgtg cagtcagggt ttctcgctga gggacatctg gatggtcagc     41340
     ccttcctgcg ctatgacagg cagaaacgca gggcaaagcc ccagggacag tgggcagaag     41400
     atgtcctggg agctgagacc tgggacacag agaccgagga cttgacagag aatgggcaag     41460
     acctcaggag gaccctgact catatcaagg accagaaagg aggtgagagt cggcaggggc     41520
     aagagtaatg ggaggccttc tccaggaaag ttggagacag agagcaggga cctgtctctt     41580
     cccgctggat ctggctgggg gtggggatga ggaatagggt cagggaggct cagcagggtg     41640
     gtgagccgga actcagccca cacagggagg catggaggag ggccagggag gggtcgccgc     41700
     tgggctgagt tcctcacttg ggtggaaagg tgatgggttc gggaatggag aagtcactgc     41760
     tgggtggggg caggcttgca ttccctccag gagattaggg tctgtgagat ccatgaagac     41820
     agcagcacca ggggctcccg gcatttctac tacaatgggg agctcttcct ctcccaaaac     41880
     ctggagactc aagaatcgac agtgccccag tcctccagag ctcagacctt ggctatgaac     41940
     gtcacaaatt tctggaagga agatgccatg aagaccaaga cacactatcg cgctatgcag     42000
     gcagactgcc tgcagaaact acagcgatat ctgaaatccg gggtggccat caggagaaca     42060
     ggtaccgacc ctggccaggg gctctactgt tcccgcaatt ctgctagagt tgcctcgcct     42120
     cccagctctg tccagggaaa ccctccctgt gctatggatg caggcgtttc ctgttggcat     42180
     attgtgtcct gatttgcctc tcctgttaga gccattggat aaagacagtg ggtctgggac     42240
     tgaactgtcc agtgttgtaa tctgggaaag cagtgggccc tctgacagaa gcctgagcct     42300
     ggggtgggag ttaggcagga gaggaagccc tcagggccag ggctgccccc tctgcctccc     42360
     ggcctgccca tcccggagag ttccctcctg gccccatgac ccaggagtcc acccttgaca     42420
     tccccctcct cagcatcaat gtggggatcc cagagcctga ggccacagtc ccaaggccca     42480
     tcctcctgct agcctggagg aattaggccc cagggtgagg acagacttac agaaggtctg     42540
     ggatctgtga gggattcagc cagagtgaga acagtggaga ggagcagccc tgttccctgc     42600
     atctccctta gaggggagca gggcttcact ggctctgccc tttcttctcc agtgcccccc     42660
     atggtgaatg tcacctgcag cgaggtctca gagggcaaca tcaccgtgac atgcagggct     42720
     tccagcttct atccccggaa tatcacactg acctggcgtc aggatggggt atctttgagc     42780
     cacaacaccc agcagtgggg ggatgtcctg cctgatggga atggaaccta ccagacctgg     42840
     gtggccacca ggattcgcca aggagaggag cagaggttca cctgctacat ggaacacagc     42900
     gggaatcacg gcactcaccc tgtgccctct ggtgagcctg gggtgaccct ggagagggtc     42960
     aggccagggt aggaacagca gggacggctg tggctctctg cccagtgtat aacaagtccc     43020
     tttttttcag ggaaggcgct ggtgcttcag agtcaacgga cagactttcc atatgtttct     43080
     gctgctatgc catgttttgt tattattatt attctctgtg tcccttgttg caagaagaaa     43140
     acatcagcgg cagagggtcc aggtgagaaa aggggacagt ttctggagat gggaaagctc     43200
     ctttctaggc agtagggtct cctcattgct cctgcccaga caagacgtag gtgacaaggc     43260
     tgctggaaca ggggatggaa gctggggtat ttgggagggg aatgggagct gcatctccat     43320
     ctacacccat aagtgcttct caagccaggg ctggggcaag gccttcgaat atccagctgt     43380
     ggcctcctcc tgctgcaagt gaggagtggg cagcagggag ggctgtggca cctgctctgt     43440
     ccccatccca gcctctctgt ctctcgggct cactagggtg cgtccaggtg gggtgagttg     43500
     ggaatcacgt gctgattgct gagggcctgg atgatcatgg tgtcagaggg aggaaatagt     43560
     aaaggtggct gtgatctggg gagggccaga aactggagag gaatccaagg agaggcggtg     43620
     cccacccgtg tgcctcctcc aggaggcact ttccaggttc ccaccacctg gcctccctga     43680
     gtttccttgc agatgacaca gatgaataga taagcagatg tccctgggcc atttgaggag     43740
     cggggcccag cccctcatca gggcagttgt ggtccctgtt ttcatcctac ctccagcgtg     43800
     ttttcttctg cagtccctga gggacacagt ccccaggcgc catctctttg aggctttgtt     43860
     ctgtgctctg tggccttacc ttgccctccc tgagccaatt tccctttctc aaggtggtca     43920
     ctgcctggta agtttggagt aagggacggt cagaagcatt tcccccacag tcaggttgtt     43980
     tgatggggga tgaaaagaga cagcagaagt tttgtgtttc tgcaaaaaca gaggcagtgc     44040
     aggggacagt gagaggctgg ggtgtccagg agacctgagt ctggcggtag gggcgctggt     44100
     ttctcatcct tgaacctaat tgcactgtca gtcggcccct catgcctgag cagatgggaa     44160
     ggttcgtccc ctgccctgca gcaagagggc cctgtccagg aggcacccac agcaggggca     44220
     gtgcaggtct gtggtcactc ctgctctcac ctgcggcgtc tcccgtggag ggattgtcac     44280
     ttctggttcc ctgtgggcag gaatggtttc ctcgtaggtc actggggttt tggccaggaa     44340
     aagggtatga aattcatgtg ccagtttatc aaaattcctg ctttcaatgt tgatgtccaa     44400
     taaagatgtt cgtaatttca gctctataat cttaatagga tttcctctaa tactgctgtt     44460
     gtaaagcata ttaaataaaa caggaactca aatttggagc cccctctcca gaagggtctg     44520
     tgtggagatg gtggctgtgg cagcggcagt tcccaggtgc agagggtggg cagaggcagc     44580
     ctcaggctaa ggggtctccc ctactccacg tggagaaaag tccttgtagg ttgcaagggc     44640
     agtggcctgg gtggaatccc tgctagggac agagcaggaa ggcctcgcag cctcaccaag     44700
     cagcagccct ggggtgaagt aagtggacca ggagtaagtg gaccaggcag gagcagtagt     44760
     gactcaacag caggtcacag gcctaggtgg gtgctgaagg tcatgggagg ccaggcctcc     44820
     tcgagcaagg tggggggtcc cagggtcatg tcaggtgcag atcctgtggc agccatgtct     44880
     ttccatgctg ggcctgctgg gccccccagg cttcctgatg gggtccccag ttaggagctg     44940
     cctgctcagg gctgggaggg gaggagtgct gagctgcaga tagagggcag ggcccacagt     45000
     gggcagggcc tgccctggtg tgcaggtgcc tctgcaggag aggagggcct ggggactgag     45060
     agcaagggtc agggcctctc tttggggagg cctctcactg taacaggact ggtcaggcct     45120
     gagaggaggg cactgggttc cctcttgggt cttgtccttt tgtcttgggg ccctttcact     45180
     ccctgcacgg tgagtggtgg gcacaggaca ggggctgatg ttgatggagt gatgggagag     45240
     aactgacagg ggctgggaaa agcaaggagg gaggaagaaa aaagtggggg cctcatcttc     45300
     tctcagagaa agggtgaatc tgattttggg gcaactgaag agagaaaagt ccttagggaa     45360
     taaacacaac actgcaccca gtggagcatt tacccgtttc cctcttctcc agagcttgtg     45420
     agcctgcagg tcctggatca acacccagtt gggacaggag accacaggga tgcagcacag     45480
     ctgggatttc agcctctgat gtcagctact gggtccactg gttccactga gggcgcctag     45540
     actctacagc caggcggcca ggattcaact ccctgcctgg atctcaccag cactttccct     45600
     ctgtttcctg acctatgaaa cagaaaataa catcacttat ttattgttgt tggatgctgc     45660
     aaagtgttag taggtatgag gtgtttgctg ctctgccacg tagagagcca gcaaagggat     45720
     catgaccaac tcaacattcc attggaggct atatgatcaa acagcaaatt gtttatcatg     45780
     aatgcaggat gtgggcaaac tcacgactgc tcctgccaac agaaggtttg ctgagggcat     45840
     tcactccatg gtgctcattg gagttatcta ctgggtcatc tagagcctat tgtttgagga     45900
     atgcagtctt acaagcctac tctggaccca gcagctgact ccttcttcca cccctcttct     45960
     tgctatctcc tataccaata aatacgaagg gctgtggaag atcagagccc ttgttcacga     46020
     gaagcaagaa gccccctgac cccttgttcc aaatatactc ttttgtcttt ctctttattc     46080
     ccacgttcgc cctttgttca gtccaataca gggttgtggg gcccttaaca gtgccatatt     46140
     aattggtatc attatttctg ttgtttttgt ttttgttttt gtttttgttt ttgagacaga     46200
     gtctcactct gtcacccagg ctgcagttca ctggtgtgat ctcagctcac tgcaacctct     46260
     gcctcccagg ttcaagcact tctcgtacct cagactcccg aatagctggg attacagaca     46320
     ggcaccacca cacccagcta atttttgtat tttttgtaga gacggggttt cgccaagttg     46380
     accagcccag tttcaaactc ctgacctcag gtgatctgcc tgccttggca tcccaaagtg     46440
     ctgggattac aagaatgagc caccgtgcct ggcctatttt attatattgt aatatatttt     46500
     attatattag ccaccatgcc tgtcctattt tcttatgttt taatatattt taatatatta     46560
     catgtgcagt aattagatta tcatgggtga actttatgag tgagtatctt ggtgatgact     46620
     cctcctgacc agcccaggac cagctttctt gtcaccttga ggtcccctcg ccccgtcaca     46680
     ccgttatgca ttactctgtg tctactatta tgtgtgcata atttataccg taaatgttta     46740
     ctctttaaat agacatttct ggtctgtgtt ttatttcatg cgtctgggag cggataaagt     46800
     gtgaggttca gggagaagga gaggtctgtc tcaatgcttt gacccagcat caaagcaatc     46860
     tcccctcctt gttccctttc cctgctagtt cccaatgact gacagattca cagcagaaca     46920
     gaaaggactg ggaagggatg gaggtgggac atctggcgcc aatattcagg ggctgaccct     46980
     gtgagggaac atctgccctg aagagttgga gccttcatgt gatgacacag agatctctgt     47040
     cactgtattc agggaaagga tcaagcctca ctccccatgc agggaggagg ttctggctgt     47100
     gatccggcct gtgggagaag tgaggacccg ctccctctac agtgacagcc aagaacctgc     47160
     aggtgacaga gaaggcttcc cctcaactgt ctcctatcag gttcttccag gcatcaagga     47220
     atagacctgg gacattgcct ccagtgacat gaacacaccc agaagtgagg tggccctgcc     47280
     agggggtcct ggtgctgcca cttgttttgg gagctcagtg tctggagagg ggtgtggaga     47340
     gtaggctttc tgcaaaacag taatcatgac ctataaatta ttttattctt cattagcttt     47400
     ttgccataaa ataaaacagg tacccaaaaa gaaaaactgt ctgaaaatgt tgccctttaa     47460
     taataataat aaataataat aataaaagat aaacaccctt taaccaccag agatatagaa     47520
     gtttgtcagc cagcccagaa accatcattt gccccagctc agtgataaag gcttcccttc     47580
     cccacataaa atcacagcct gacctttatg atgattgctt ctttgttcta ttttatattt     47640
     tcatcctctg aaattgtagt ttagttttac cttgggatgt ataatttttg ttctcttttt     47700
     tctttttttt tttttaagac ggagtctcac tctgtcaccc aggctggagt gcagtggcat     47760
     gatctcggct cactgcaagc tccgcctcac gggttcatgc gattctcctg cctcagcctc     47820
     ccgagtagct gggactacag gcgtctgcca ccacgcccgg ctaatttttt tgtattttta     47880
     gtagagacag ggtttcacca tgttagccag gatggtctca atctcctgac ctcatgatct     47940
     gcctgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agccactgca cctggcctgt     48000
     tctctttttt tctctatgct cctccttgaa attttattgt ctggctgagt tttccatagt     48060
     ttgcattttg ctggctccac cccaaggcat agtttaatat ggacctgttt tatctgtact     48120
     ttctacaaat tggtagttgg ctacagagat ttgcttatag actgacttga ttttcttctt     48180
     gaatacttca tttatggcac tccattgtat tcttccatca ggaggaagaa cttagtactg     48240
     gttatttact tctactctac ttttaattgc cattgctttt caatggctaa atctgttaat     48300
     tcgttatggg ttgcaaaaga attatagtct cagtctctca ttccttcccc attcactagc     48360
     tgaataattt ctaaaataag agatttaccc ttggctggat gcggtgactt acgcctgtaa     48420
     tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggctggtg gatcacctga ggtcgggagt tcaagaccat     48480
     cctgaccaac atgaagaaac tgtgtctcta ctaaaaacac aaaattagcc gggagtggtg     48540
     gcgcatgcct gtaatcccag ctactcggga ggcggaagta ggagaattgc ttgaaccagg     48600
     aaggcggagg ttgcagtgag ccgagatggc gccattgcac tccagcctgg gcatcaagag     48660
     tgaaactccg tctcaaaata aataaataaa taaagtggag cacttgacgg ccatgggaga     48720
     gaatcggtta tgaccacaca cagcaagatg atgagcccaa caaagatgat gagcccgact     48780
     acatgaaaac aacttctaat ttcattcaat cagaaccaac agaactcatc tacagtgtta     48840
     aaaatcaaga cagtggctac tctagggtgg gggaggctgg tttatgactc aacggtgttt     48900
     cttggagggt gaaaatgatg ttgcttgatg aaggtgttgt ttatctgagt ttttacttag     48960
     gcaaaaccca ctgcccacct gtgatttgtc cacctttcta catgcatgtt gtccttcatt     49020
     caagtttaca tttctggtgt tttgaaacaa ttctctctaa gctaatatag aatttctcct     49080
     actccaagtc cttagaaatg ctgcattgaa aataccagtg aatttttttt taattccagg     49140
     aaataaatgc ccatgactca gatataaaaa ggagaatcta caagagcagt aggcttggga     49200
     gctgacacca gaacagcttt ggaaagggct gtcgagccag gaactaggaa tcaaaaccca     49260
     aacaagacca caggaggtag agggtagaaa ttatgcccca gtagtgcatg aatgaatgaa     49320
     tcaagggcag tgactcatgg gttgcctggc cagtctggaa cttggggaaa ataaagttgt     49380
     aaaattgggg gatggaagag agaagtgtgc actgaccact ttccatggga agagcatgtg     49440
     aagatagagg ttgcatatgg atgcctgcca gagggtctcc aaggggctgg ggctccctgt     49500
     aaccaggtga gcgagatggc ttgatggatg atgccactca gccgcacaag gcttgctcat     49560
     gagtccctgc acaaagtggc cgtggtggct gggatggaca ctgcatggac agagcaattg     49620
     agtcaccact caccaaggct gacctggcag ctgccactgc tgaggaccca gcctgccaaa     49680
     agcagctgtt tctttgaaca gagaaaaaaa acagacaatg ttaattaaga gcaagacagt     49740
     gttatgacag ataaatatgc cactgcagct atagtagaga tgtaaacaat cttgaaatta     49800
     taaaaaaaaa atgtcgatgg aaaagactta ctgcaagtaa gaagttaaaa cagttgtaaa     49860
     aattctatct ctgcccaact atatacagat tgtttcacag ggaagtccta ctaaaccttc     49920
     aaagaaggtt attggactta tttaaaatat tcaagagaat ggagcaaaat acagaaagct     49980
     aggcaactca ctttatcagc tatgaatagt gttaattcta aagccagtta gggaacaaat     50040
     aataaagaaa caagatagga aaatcactat tagtaattag atgtaaaata gatgagaaaa     50100
     atagtagact gtgtccatca gtgtgctata aacaaattaa atatcttgac caagttatga     50160
     atcccaagaa taaaagaata tttaaacttt aaatctttta atgcatttta acacttaatt     50220
     caataattta aaaagagaca atcatatttc actagatgta gaaatcactg tagatgaaat     50280
     ctaacactac acctgaccta catttcttca gttatctcca cttttaagaa tttgtgatca     50340
     gtgcagcact attcacaata gcaaaggtaa ggaatcaacc cagatgccca tcaacagtgg     50400
     aatggataaa gaaaactgcg gcacagggcc aggcgcggtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag     50460
     cactttggga gggtgaggcg ggcagatcac gaagtcagga gttcgagacc atcctggcta     50520
     acacagtgaa accccgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agccgggcgt ggtggcgggc     50580
     gcctgtagtc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tggcatgaac ccaggaggtg     50640
     gagtttgcag tgagccgaga tcacgccact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gaatgagact     50700
     ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaataa aagaaaagaa aagaaaactg cagcacttat acaccatggt     50760
     acgctaccca gccaaaaaaa caagaacgaa atcatgtcct tcacagcaac atggatggag     50820
     gtggagacca ttattctaag caaattaatg taggaacaga aagccaaata ccacatattc     50880
     tcacctataa gtggcagcta aacattgagt acacatggac acaaagaagg gaacaataga     50940
     cactggggcc tccttgaggg tggagggtgg gaggaggggg aggattaaaa aactacctat     51000
     tgggtattgt gctgattacc tgagtaacaa aattatctgc acaccaaaca cccgtgatac     51060
     acaatttacc catgtaacaa acctgaatat gtatcccttg aacctaaaaa atcaaaaaga     51120
     aaaaagtaaa aaagaattcc tgatcagatt gagccaggac aatggccggg cgtggtggct     51180
     cacgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc cgaggcaggt ggtcagggta ggcctcttgg     51240
     aggagccatg tgagcagact tgagaaggag agaaacagcc atgcagatat ttgaaggaag     51300
     aaccttccag tatcccgctc taagcatacc caggactctg ctctggggca gaccctaaag     51360
     ctgcagtgga aatggaggtg gccacactca cagagactgt ggcagagagt gatggggatt     51420
     tgggtctccc cttcctgctg tggctgttag aagtgctgga gttggggagg gaaaggcact     51480
     ggcatgtgga ggaagactag gagaggaggg gaggctgaag tgtgtcccac tctcactcca     51540
     cctctctgtt ctctatctcc tgcatccggt gcctccccga cttccccaaa gttgtggtcc     51600
     ctgacaagga ggaccctgag ggcaaccaca ccttgccatg tagagcacct ggcttctcac     51660
     ttgccaacat cactctgacc tggctgcagg aaggggagga gccaactctg gactcaagac     51720
     tcaaggggac cagacccagg aagatgagac atatcagggc tgggcagctg tggggggccc     51780
     tcccagagaa ggcctgagat acacctgcct gcaggtgctc ctgggcctgg agaagcccct     51840
     cagtgtgact aggtgaggtg ttgtcagagg accagaggct gagggtgggg cgtcccatcc     51900
     agatcctgcc cccctctctg ccccagcacc caaggcccct tcctccctcc tctatggaga     51960
     tgctggggat gtcctcattc tccctctgag cactcacatc tcacccctca tctgtctctc     52020
     taacctcctt ccttcctgct gcagcttctg ccccagcccc aggctctggc ctctctctcc     52080
     ccagttccac cctccagggg gtgatggttc acttccctct gaggagccag cactaggtga     52140
     gaggctagga gaaggaaaag ctcatgggcc atgggttggg agggagaatg ggcactgaaa     52200
     tggaagggta gggagacaga agaggcaggt atttccaaat caccattttt ctgtcatggt     52260
     ccaagggtgc catccttctc ccaggcccag ggatgtggaa agagcagcag gaattgggaa     52320
     atactccaca ggaaagaaca atgtgcctcc tccctccacc ggcttcttcc tcttgtctat     52380
     tctggtcaat tctctaagtg aatcatgtta ccaaaatgta aaatgtttat tttaggaaag     52440
     tctccaaata ttagggaata aaattactag tgcctaagcc ctgcatactg aaaaacagaa     52500
     gctttaagaa ataaagacct gcatggaaaa ttgctcatca actcggggaa gtcaaagtct     52560
     gagctgaatc agctcttttt ttctttctct tttttttttt ttttttcttt ttttgagacg     52620
     gagtcttgct ctgtcgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcatg atctcagctc actgcaacct     52680
     ctgcctcccc gactcaagca attctcctgt ctcaggctcc caagtagctg ggattacagg     52740
     catgcgccac catgcccagc taatttttgt atttttcagc agagacgagg tttcgccatg     52800
     ttggccaggc tggtctcaaa ctcctgacct caggtgatcc gcctgcctca gcctgccaaa     52860
     gttctgggat tacaggcatg agccaccatg cccagctgaa tcagctctaa agtggtgctg     52920
     aagtgagagc catttatgtg cctgtgtgag ttcccacagg tcttgagacc tctgtgtcct     52980
     ccttagaaga gtgaagtgag cacccagtgc ctagaccttg gttgtgataa gtcattctct     53040
     gataaaagga ttcagggctc catagaaaaa cagctgattc tagggctggc ataggaaaaa     53100
     tataaggtga gcctggaaca tcttgtaatg ccagaaagta accgccaccc atctcccaac     53160
     cctcaccacc aaaaaataag ggcatgtcag agggacacag gagtcaacct gaaagagctc     53220
     cctatggaca aagccggaat aatccgagca acaaagttac aatagtattg gattatgacc     53280
     caaaatataa ataaatattc attccacact gatttattta atcaaaaata attaaataaa     53340
     taaataggga agaaggggca aatcttcctt acagaagaat ttcaaaacat atattacgag     53400
     aatctctttc ccaggagatt ggaattttat ttctctcacc ttgaatatgg gctggacttg     53460
     ctgacttgct tccaaagact agagtatgaa aaaggaaaaa taataacttt acagtggaga     53520
     aatgtagcag acactaccaa gcaatcagag tcatgttaac atcttgcccc ccagaaatga     53580
     tgtgatgagg acactcccct ctatggtatt cttcccttaa acccataacc ccaatctaat     53640
     cataaggaag catcaggcaa acccaaagtg agggacatcc tacaaattat ctatccagta     53700
     ttcttcaaaa ctttcaaggt catgaaaaca ggtaaagact gagaaactca tgatcagaaa     53760
     gactagggag acccaaaagc taaatgcatt aatgggccct ggaaaaactg gtgaagtcca     53820
     aataaagtct acagtttagc gaatagtatt atagcaatgt taatttctta gtttcttagt     53880
     cttgacagaa ttttgttaga tgttaacatt aaggaaagct ggggtttatg gaaactctgt     53940
     gttctagctt tgcaactctt taaatctatt attgttattg ttattgggtt tttttgtttg     54000
     ttttgttttt gttttttttt gagatggagt ctcgctctgt cgcccaggct ggagtgcaat     54060
     ggcgcgatct cagctcactg caacctccac ctcctgggtt caagcaattg ccctgcctca     54120
     gcctccccag tagctgggat tccaggcacc cgtcaccacg ctcggctagt ttttgtattt     54180
     ttagtagaga tggggtttcg ccatgttggc cagggtggtc tcgaactccc gacctcaggt     54240
     gatctgtccg cctcggcctc ccaaagttaa atctattatt attcaaaaca aatttaacta     54300
     aaagtgaaat gaagctaggt acagtagctc atgcctgtaa tcccagccct ttgggaggcc     54360
     aatttaagcc caggagtttg agagaagcct gggcaacata gtgagacctt gtcttataaa     54420
     aaaaattaat ttaaaaaatg aaatgaatag acatatatta aataaattaa atcgataatt     54480
     aataacattc agaaacagaa aacatcagcc ccaaatgggt ttactgataa attctatcaa     54540
     acatttaagg aaaaaattat accaattttc tataatctct tccagaagac atactttctt     54600
     ttgttgttgt tgttattcag tgttaatttc ataatcataa acttaatgct gcaatccagc     54660
     taggcatgga agggaacaag gaaaacatga aacccaaagg gaactgcagt gagagcacaa     54720
     agattctaga tactgcgagc agatggatgg agggtgctct cctgagctac agaagcaatg     54780
     gtctagtggt taagataaaa cacaagtcag gccgggcacg gtggctcaca cctgtaattc     54840
     cagcactttg ggaggctgac gcaggtggga tcacctgagg tcaggagttc aagaccagcc     54900
     tgaccaacac ggagaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaatacag aattagccag gtgtggtggc     54960
     gcatgcctgt aatcccagct actcgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcgcct gaactcagga     55020
     agcagaggtt gcagtgagcc gagatggcgc cattgcactc cagcctggca acaagagcga     55080
     aactcagtct caaaaaaaaa acacaagtca aacttagtca agttgtgtac agtcagcgat     55140
     ggtgatcttc ttgatggtct tgccattccc agacccgaag tgctccatgg cctccacaat     55200
     attcatgcca tctttcacct tgccaaagac catgggcttg ccatccaacc actcagtctt     55260
     ggcagtgcag atgaaaaact gggaattgcc cgggctaggt ggctcatgcc gtaatcccag     55320
     cactttggga ggccgagatg ggcagatcac ctgaggtcag gagttcaaga ccagcctgac     55380
     caacatggtg aaaccccgtc tctaataaaa atacaaatat tagccaggca tggtggcgca     55440
     tgcctgtaat cccagctact caggaggctg aggcaggaga attgcttgaa cctgggaggc     55500
     ggaagttgca gtgagccaag atcgcgccac tgcactccag cctgggcgac agagttaaga     55560
     ctccatctca aaaaaaagag aaaaaagaaa aaccgggaat catttgtgtt gggtccagca     55620
     tttgccatgg acaagatgcc aggacctgta tgctttagga tgaagttctc atcatcaaat     55680
     ttctccccgt agatggactt gccaccagtg ccattatggc gtgtgaagtc accaccctga     55740
     cacataaacc ctggaataat tctgtgaaag gaggaacatt tataatcaaa tcctttctct     55800
     ccagtgctca gagcacgaaa gttttctgct gtctttggaa acttgtctgc aaacagcttg     55860
     aaggagacac agcccaaggg ctcaccattg acagtgatgt tgaaggacac ggtggggttg     55920
     accatggctg atagtatggg gctcctgatg gtggcgtctg caaagccaag acagacactt     55980
     tctatctcat ttcatgaggc cgggattcca tgagggaata ctttctaact aattccatga     56040
     ggccagcgtt agccaaatac caaaatcaga tgaagacttc acaaaaaaag aaaaccacag     56100
     accaatatct ctcatgaaca taggtgcaaa aatcctcagc aaaatgctag caaatcaaat     56160
     ccacaatgta tgagaagaac aatacaccat gcctaagtaa gatttatccc aggtatgcaa     56220
     agttacttca acattggaaa atcagttaat gtaatccatt aaatcaactg gctaaagaag     56280
     aaaatcacat gatcatatca atagaggcag aaaaagcaat tgacaacatc caacacccat     56340
     tcatgatgat taaaaaaaaa aaaatctctt agcaagctag gaatagagaa gaccttactc     56400
     aacttgataa acaacatcca caaaacttcc acagctaaca tcacacttaa tggtgagaaa     56460
     ctaaaagctt gcctgctaag atcagaacaa ggcaggaatg accctctcaa cacagctttt     56520
     caacgttgta ctggaagtcc tagctaaagt agtaagacaa gaaaaggaac taaaaggtat     56580
     acaaatttgg aacaagaaat aaaactgtct ttgtttacag acgatatgat tgtctatgta     56640
     gaaaatcaaa aagaatccac acataaaaaa ctcctggaac taacaagcaa ttatagcaag     56700
     gttgcaggat ataaagttaa tatgtaaaag ccaatcactt ttctatgtat cagcaatgag     56760
     catgtagaat tcgccattta attttttttt tttcaagacg gagtcttgtt ctgtcgccca     56820
     ggctagagtg cagtggcgcg atctcaactc actgcaacct cctcctccca ggttcaagca     56880
     attctcctgc ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg ggattacagg tgtgccccac catgcccagc     56940
     taatttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt tttaccatgt tggccaggct gatctcgaac     57000
     ttctgacctc atgttctgcc tgcctcagcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcgtgagc     57060
     caccgtgcct ggtccagaat ttgccattta aaacacaata ccacttacat tagcaccccc     57120
     aaaaatgaaa cacttaggta caaatctaag aaaatatgta caagatctat atgaacaaaa     57180
     ctacaaaact gacaaaagaa atcaaagaac taaacaaatg gagagatatt ccatgttcat     57240
     agtcaggaag gctcaatact gttaatatat ctgttctttc caacttgatc tgtggaatga     57300
     atgcaatctc aataaaaaac ctcagtaagt tattttgtgg atattaacaa actgattcaa     57360
     actttatatg gtgaggcaaa agacctagcc agcacaatat aggagaaaaa taaagtcaaa     57420
     gaccaccact acctgactta gactttctat aaagccatag taatcaagac agagtggtga     57480
     ttagcatagc cattgtggga aacggtatgg aggttctgca aaaattttaa aaatagaaat     57540
     accacatgat ccagcaatcc cactaatggg tatatatcca aaggatatga aatcagtacg     57600
     ttgagatatt tgcactccca tattcattgc atcattattc tttttttttt ttttttttcc     57660
     tttagagata gagtctatgt tgcccagggc aactcctggc ctcaagcgat cctgctgtct     57720
     cagcttccca attatctggg attataagca cgagacactg cacctggctg cagcattatt     57780
     ctcaatagcc aagatataga atccacctaa gtgtccatca atggatgaat ggataaagaa     57840
     aatgtggtat atataaaaaa tggaatacta ttcagcctta aaaaacaaaa tcctgtcatt     57900
     tgtgacaaca tggatgaacc tggaagacat tatgttaagt gaaataagcc aggcacagaa     57960
     agacaaatac aatctcactt atatgtggag tatagaaaaa gccagactca taaatagaga     58020
     gtaaactggt ggttatcaga ggctgggagg tcggggaatt ggggagatgt tagtcaaaga     58080
     acacaagatt tcagttagga agaataagtt caagagatct attgtacctt atggtgacta     58140
     aacttaataa caacatattg tgtatttcaa aatagtatga gaatagcttt aagcattctc     58200
     atcacataca cacaaaatat gtatgtgagg taatatacat attattaaat tgtttggttt     58260
     atccattcca caatgtgtgt gtatgtatgt gcatatatat ataaacatga tgtacaccac     58320
     aaatgtataa aattagtcaa tcgaaaaatt aattttagaa agacagagtg gcattggcaa     58380
     agaatagaca aattgatcca cttgagcaga atagagagcc aagaaatagt cccacataaa     58440
     tacaaggagc aaagacaata caataaagat agtcttttca gcaaatgctg ctggaacaac     58500
     tggacagcca tgtacaagaa aaatgaaaag agctctctta aaaggttact gtgaaagcca     58560
     cctgtgacag taacagaaag tgcccagaag ggtctctgac acttagtaat gtaatctctc     58620
     tcactgtaat gtaatggcta aacttcaaca tccctcagcc cccatctcca taagactttc     58680
     ccatagaggc aacaatgatt cctgtcagtc acccagtcct gccaatccac tgggtaggat     58740
     acaatattga ggggcccatc agcacactgg ccttaggggg ctctgcagcc ccttgacctt     58800
     gtggatgatg ctggccttaa tctcctcttg tccgtggcta aagacaggcc ccttctgcgg     58860
     aggccaggcc agaatgctca tctgattaag actctatatt aagagtcagg aataacaaaa     58920
     acaacaataa ataaataaac acagtaacat aatctatgtg tcttagtccg tttcctgccg     58980
     ctataacaga ataatacaga ctgggtaatt tattttgttg ttttttcaga cagggtctct     59040
     ctctgtcgct cagactggag tgcagtggca tgatctcgac tcactgcaac ctccacctcc     59100
     cagactcaag tgatcctccc acctcagcct cctaaataac tgggaccaca gacccgcacg     59160
     accacaccag ctaatttttg tgtttttttg tagagatggg ttttgccatg ttgcccaggc     59220
     tggtctcaaa ctcctgggct caagccttcc acccaccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat     59280
     tacaggcttg agccaccaca cccagcacag actgggtaat ttataaagaa aataaatgtt     59340
     tttcccacag agctggaggc tgagaagtcc aagagcatga cactggcatc ttatgagggc     59400
     ctggctgcag tatcatccca tagtgagagg tggaagggca aagaggctga actgatttct     59460
     atcatgccat acaatggcat taatctattc aatctaatca accctgaaag gtcccacatc     59520
     ggctgggcac ggtggctcat gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccaa ggcaggtgga     59580
     tcgcctgagg tcaggagttc aagaccagcc tgaccaatat gatgaaaccc cgtctctact     59640
     aaaaatacaa aaattagctg ggcgtggtgg catgtgcctg taattccagc tactcaggag     59700
     gctgagacag gagaatcact tgaacatggg aggcggaggt tgcagtgagc tgagattgtg     59760
     ccattgcact ccagcctggg caacaagagc gaaactccat ctcaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa     59820
     agtcttgcat cttaatacca ttaggatagc aattaaatgt caacacgagt tttggtgggg     59880
     acattcaact ttagcactag gtattctggt ttatgtattt ttttagctta attccttcat     59940
     ttctacaatt atgagatcca cgattatcca ctatatttgg ttttctttct ttttggtttt     60000
     gttttttgtt ttttgagaca agagtctcgc tctgtcgcca ggctggagtg cagtggcatg     60060
     atctcagctc actgtaacct ctggctcccg ggttcaagtg attctcccgc ctcagcctcc     60120
     cgagtggctg ggactacagg cgtgcaccac catgcctggc taatttttgt atttttagta     60180
     gagacggggt ttcaccatgt tggccaggat ggtctcgatc tcttgacctc atgatccgcc     60240
     cgcctcggcc tcccaaagtg ctgagattac aggtgtgagc cactgcgcct ggcctcatcc     60300
     actatatttg aaccgaccca aaggccagtg ctttcttaat taagttccca caggtgaaca     60360
     aagccaaaat tcagattcta ttttatttat ggtttagaat tacctactgt gaaaaaaaaa     60420
     aaaactagct actataaatt attgggggtt agtccattta gtccattttg gagttcataa     60480
     cctaaagcag aaactcacat ggttgaaatg tcactttccc aaaggattgt tattagtgta     60540
     tcatttagat tgtcttgcaa aagtctcatt tgttgttttt tctaaatggc tgctaatctt     60600
     ttaaattaac agatagaggg ccaggcacgg tggttcacac ctgtaatccc agcactctgg     60660
     gaggctgagg cagtcggatc acttgaggcc aggtgttcaa gaccagcctg gccaacatgg     60720
     tgaaaccctg tctgtactaa aaatacaaaa attagctcgg catagtggca cacgtctgta     60780
     atcccagctt cttgggaggc agaggcataa gaattgcttg aacccggcaa tcggaggttc     60840
     cagcaagcag agattgtgcc attgcactcc agcctgggtg acagagcatt gctctgtcca     60900
     cctcccaaaa atgtagttaa ttttttttct tttctttttt tttttttttt ttttttttga     60960
     gagacggagt cttgctctgt cgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcacaatct cagctcactg     61020
     caacctccgc ctcccaggtt caagcaattc tcctgcctca gcctcacaag tagctgggat     61080
     tacaggtggc taccaccacg cttagctaat tttttgtatt tttagtagag acggggtttc     61140
     atcatgttcg ccaggctagt cttgaactcc tgaccttaag tgatccccct gcctcggcct     61200
     cccaaagtgc cgggattaca agcatgagcc actgcgcccg gccaactttc aatgttaatt     61260
     agttgtggat tgtttaacca tatactgcat agtttcgctt atctataata acagtagttt     61320
     ggggctctta tattctaata attaagactt tagctgtgta cacattgcaa ttaaagtatg     61380
     agtcatgcat aaccttatca ccaagataca agagggaaag cccttctccc ctaaaacttt     61440
     tacaaaggtt ctgggttctt tttccactta agtgggaaaa agtcagctaa tgaggaacgt     61500
     aaagtctttg gcctcatcta aaggtgcttt ggcccgcaag tgtgagaagc actgaccgct     61560
     gggaagtcct cactgcctgg ttcctggact cttacaccat ggcagaggcc atcttccctc     61620
     ccaatgcaga gtgatatcca gatagcgagc tggctagcag ctgtccactc tccagcaatc     61680
     ctgccttctg gggcatggtt ttctaaggac cttcctgttc ctagatgatc aaaattggga     61740
     ccagccactc ccttctgagc cactcctgcc tctgggcctg tggctatgtc acagtccagt     61800
     cacaacagga catcccttca gaacaccctg caggaagctg acatctctat gcagactcac     61860
     acatgcacgg tgtgtgcaca ggcctttggt tctacttcag gaggtgttgg gggaggctca     61920
     ctagtccaac agaacttgag gccagttgta ccagtgtcat atcccaggag ccaaggttac     61980
     aagggataca aagtgcccag acctaccaga gaaggcaaac ccctacagca tgcagggcta     62040
     gacaggggca agaaacaagg tcattctggg ccagcaagaa gagggaaagg gaaatgacag     62100
     gcatacctcg gagatactga agatttgttt ccagaccata gcaacaaagt gagtcacaca     62160
     aactttttag tttcctattg tgcataaaag ttatgtttgt actatattgt agtctgttaa     62220
     gtgtacagta gcattgtgta caaaaaactg tgtatatact taatggagtc tcgctctgtc     62280
     acccaggctg gagtgcagtg ccacgatttt ggctcactgc aacctccgcc tcctgagttc     62340
     aagccattct cctgctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggacta caggtgccca tcaccatgcc     62400
     cagctaattt ttgtattttt agtagagatg aggtttcacc atgttggcca ggctaatctt     62460
     gaactcctga cctcaagtga tccacccacc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc     62520
     gtgagccact gtatctggcc atatacttta attttaaaat acttaattgc taaacaaatg     62580
     ctaaccatca tatgaggctt cagctaatcc tgatcttttt gctgggggag ggtcttgcct     62640
     ccatggatca ggggcatggc tgctgaaggc tgctttgaca acttcttaaa ataagacaat     62700
     gatgtttgcc atttgccgca tggattattc ctttcaatat tgttgtgcct cagggaatag     62760
     ggaggcctgg aaagcagagt cgggagaatg gccagttggt gaagcagtca caacacacac     62820
     atttttccat taagtttgct gtcttatatg agcatcgctc atggtgtccc aaaacaatca     62880
     caatagttaa cttcagtaac tgattacagg tcactgtaac aagtataata atgaaaacgc     62940
     ttgaaacatt ttgagaattc cacagcgtga catggagaca tgatgtctgc ctgctgttgg     63000
     gaaaatagca ccaatagacc tgtttgatgt gcttgacaca gggttgccac aagcctccaa     63060
     tctctaaata aaaaacagca tctgcaaaga gcaataaagg gaagcacaat aaaaggtaca     63120
     tctgcaaagg ggaatcagca cttaagcaag gtcaggatga gctttcaagt caggtggacc     63180
     tagacatgaa ccctccaggc cctaccaaca accagctgtg gaccttcgag cacatccagc     63240
     ctagagctgc ccccaacaga cacttcccca gtgaatgctg aatgaaacca tctgagccag     63300
     tttcctcagg tgcaaaccag tgaggtaatt cctaccttgc agagtgaagt gagaaaacag     63360
     tgttaagaaa aaggcatgcc gggtgcggtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga     63420
     ggccaagacg ggcggatcac gaggtcagga gatcgagacc accctggcta ttacggtgaa     63480
     accccgtctc cactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agccgggcgt agtggcgagc acctgtagtc     63540
     ccagctactc gggagggtga ggcaggagaa tggcgtgaac ccgggaggca gagcttgcag     63600
     tgagcccaga ttgcgccact gcactccagc ctgggcaaca gagcgagact ccgtctcaaa     63660
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaca caagacctgt ggtagccttt cctttctgtc tggcagcagc     63720
     cactgggtaa accaagatgg tgcatacaag tacatccaga agctatggaa gaagcagtct     63780
     gatgtcatga gctttcttct gagggtccgc tgctggcagt accaccagct ctctgctctc     63840
     cacagggatc cccgccccac ccagcccaat aaagcacgct actgggctac agccaagcaa     63900
     ggttatgtta catataagcg ccacggtggc tgaaaatcta gttcctaaga aggcaactta     63960
     acagcaagcc tgtctatcat ggtgttaacc agctagtttg cttaaagcct tcagtctgtt     64020
     acagaagagc aagctggatg ccactgtggg gctctgagtc ctgaattctc actgggctgg     64080
     ttaaagattc cacatacaaa gtttttgagg ctatcctagt tgatccattc cataacacta     64140
     tcagaaggaa acctgacacc cagtggtcca caacaagcat agggagatgc gtaggctatc     64200
     tgcaggccaa gagagccacg gccttggaaa gggctgtaag ttctaccaca ctattggtgg     64260
     ttctcgccat gcagcttgga gaaggtgcaa tactctccag ctccacagct accgctaatg     64320
     tttgtaaaat tcatacctaa taaacactag atcaaaaaaa aaaaatcaca gacctgtggt     64380
     aggctgggca ccagtgctct aaagcaagtt ctgcctaaac tggcagggac atttttcaca     64440
     tcaggaacag gagttgttcc tggactctgt ctggggccag gctgggagag acgtggggca     64500
     gagtggggca ggggcagggg cagggctggg ggctggggcc tgggcagggc caggcactca     64560
     agtgaggcca agtcctggag cgaaccagtt cctggtggcc gttggacagc tcacacagct     64620
     cccggccagg tcacccgcga tggtcctccc tctgccctgg ctctctcggt accatttcct     64680
     tcgcctcctt ctgccctcct ggtccttggc accccagggc tcccatgggt gctgctccca     64740
     aaaccccaaa gcaagcatgg aaaagcagac caactccaga ggaaatggga agatgacgtc     64800
     ccctcccagg gtaagtggca ccacaggtag gaacagaggg tgtgagaatt tacactgggg     64860
     tgtgggaaaa aaaaaccctc aatcccaccc tgcaccaccc cacaccatgc ctacccctgc     64920
     agctcttttc ttagttcagc taccaactcc tctccccacc tcccccagcc cagacctcag     64980
     ggttcccttc cctcacccca cccccaccca caacagcaca gtccacaaag tccttgaaca     65040
     ggatctattc cccctcacct aacagttaat tatttcttag cggggaggag cggctgatcc     65100
     tctttccagt gaccccatat ccttgttcaa ggaagccagt tacagcccct gggccaggga     65160
     actctatttg ctccccctac taccacccac aggcctatgc ccaagacagg aagctacctg     65220
     gccttctcag tacaggtgtc cttaaatgac cggttcaaaa acgaataggg aaggtggaat     65280
     ttctcacttc cagccacagc ctgcgacaaa gcttcccagg gcctcggccc cctgccctgg     65340
     ctgatgctcc ctcccttaat tccctgacca gggccctggg acccaccgca cagctgagct     65400
     ggcccgagct gaagagttgt tggagcagca gctggagctg taccaggccc tccttgaagg     65460
     gcaggaggga gcctgggagg cccaagccct ggtgctcaag atccagaagc tgaaggaaca     65520
     gatgaggagg caccaagaga gccttggagg aggtgcctaa gtttccccca gtgcccacag     65580
     caccctccgg cactgaaaat acacgcacca cccaccagga gccttgggat cataaacacc     65640
     ccagcgtctt cccaggccag agaaagtgga agagaccaca aaccgcaggc aattggcagg     65700
     cagtggggga gccagggctc tgcagtctta gtcccattcc cctttgatct cacagcaggc     65760
     agggcaccca ggccttatag gaattcaccc tggaccatgc cctaaaataa cctcacccca     65820
     aatacaataa agggacgaag cacttataga taccacagac acatgtgttt catttttagt     65880
     tttgttaaaa aaaaattctg acaaatcaga aatgggggtt caggagtggt ggtgatgcaa     65940
     aagatggaag ccatggggtg ggggctgtca ggggtggggg cagtagtgtc tccttcaccc     66000
     ccaccctggt gtcctctcct gaaggacaga cggtcacatt ccaaaatggg cgagtcttct     66060
     accgtgtctg ttcaactgag aagaaaacgt agcatggtca gaataaggca tgaaaagggg     66120
     aaagtgaggc aggaacacac ggcacacatg cagacactgg tgtactgcct gggttcagag     66180
     gacggacgtg ggggtgaggg aagggatgta atatgatgag agaagacaga aaccccacat     66240
     aaaggtcaga aaaacatccc aacacagcat caaagaccag ggggcatgaa ccagtcaagt     66300
     gtccattatg catcagatgc ccatgaccta tgtgatggga tttaggacaa acacactaag     66360
     gaacagggag gacctaaagg gtttcatgag atcagtactc actgtaggag gagatgtcta     66420
     tctcatcagg cagctcacta atattgacct caaagcgatc ctgcacatca ttgaggatct     66480
     tggcatcatt ctcatcggac acaaatgtga tagccaagcc cttggtgcca aaccggcctg     66540
     ctctggccac ctggagggag acagagggta gcactggaag accaaagagg aaagagaccc     66600
     agaggcagga atgaagatgt acaaacagaa aacaagggaa tgggagagtg ggattttttc     66660
     agcctgtgag gtttacccga tgcaggtagg tgtcagaatc ctcaggcatg tcataattaa     66720
     aagcaatgtt cacccgctcg atgtccatgc ctcggccaaa taggttggta gccacaagaa     66780
     ttcgtcgttg aaaatcttta aactgctgat accgagaaag cctttgtgag aaaggaaatt     66840
     taaaacatgt tgagattccc ttctctcaac tgtctttttc tcccaaggac acaaaatatc     66900
     tttcccatct tcagctcacc tctcctcctg gggcatccca cggtggatgg caatggctgg     66960
     gaagttctgc tccactagta gctgggccaa ggcaatgcac cgctgcacag acttcacaaa     67020
     gatcaccacc tgttgtgggg tggggtgggg ggtcgcaaat tgggggaata ggggtccatg     67080
     gtgtgtgaga gacattacgt gggagagggg agtttctagt aattacgttc tcaggaattc     67140
     ctcttcattt ctcttattcc cccactatat atttagagca gaaaaggaaa tataacttta     67200
     tttcagcact gatttttccc taaggaagct ggcctctgag gtagcacaga gttcagaaat     67260
     caaaattgcc agacatgcta ggagatgagg atgagatcac ctcatgaaaa agtgataaaa     67320
     aactagaatt aagatctgga ggggtaactg atattcctgc tcaccaaaac attaaaccta     67380
     agggagctat cctaattcta gaaagcagtt ttaaatgcaa atagaccact cacaagtata     67440
     ttaattaaac acttttttga gatggggtct cactctgtcc cccagactgg agtgcagtgg     67500
     tgcaatcgca agtcactgca gcctccaccc tcctgggttt aagagatcct tccacctcag     67560
     catcccaagc agctgggacc acaggtgcac accaccacgc ccagctactt tttttatttt     67620
     ttatttttac tatttgtaga gacgggcgtc tccctatgtt acccaggctg gtcttgaagt     67680
     cctgggctca agcaatgctc ctgcctcagc ctcccaaagt actgggatta tgggcatgag     67740
     ccactgccct gcacccagtc agaaatgctt ctcttgaata agcagttatt agaggaatta     67800
     aacattcaag aaccctaaca tgcccccaaa catcgtttca agacttttaa caacttccta     67860
     aaatccttca aggacttttg gagacaagat ctcactctgt tgcccaagct ggagcacagt     67920
     agtgcaatca tagttcactg cagcctcaat ttcctgggct caagctatcc tctcacctca     67980
     gccaccagag tatctgggac tacaggcata caccaccaca cctggctaat ttttttcttc     68040
     tttggtagtg atgaagtttc gccatgttgc ccagactggt ctcaaactcc tggactcaag     68100
     tgatccacct ccctcagcct ccccaagtgc tgggattaca cacataagcc accgtgcctg     68160
     gccaaggatc ttaatttttg aagtttattt tccttgaggt tattgaggac atacccgtgc     68220
     cagccataga atagaaaagc agctcccacc ttactcatgc tcagccccta agatatttat     68280
     accctcatta ttctctccca catcacacat gtgatttcct caataaaagt gtacttaata     68340
     tccaggtttc tgctacagct ggagtgctcc aatgctcatc cccctactgg acgtctaact     68400
     gacctggttg aactcaagga catccagaag gtcaaagagc ttccggttct tctcgttgtc     68460
     cttcagtttc acgtagtact gctgcaaccc atgcagcgtc aacttcgtct catcatccac     68520
     gaagatctcc attggctggg ggggaggaag ggggtgggga acgggaggag ggcagagtgg     68580
     gggggttaaa cctggggggg tggaggaagt tgatctccaa tacaccccat ggggggatgg     68640
     ggaggaaaga gaagattgaa aaccccaccc cactcccaaa aatacccaca ttttactgtg     68700
     gtctctctca cattacatct aatttccttc ctatcagatg agttttaaga ctgcccaact     68760
     aaaaactatc atgggaaaga aactgcaaat gaagtcaagg agcagtgaaa ccacccaatg     68820
     gcacagatgc cattacctca aatagaggtg ggagaggaaa gaaaatggga gatgattctc     68880
     aaagggagag caaggaccaa acatctggga aatgatggga ggcagtgact caaggtcaga     68940
     ataactccat cagaggtgct tctaagaaca tggggtgggg ggaggacaac tgctccattt     69000
     gattctccta cttcaactaa gagaatctcg tgtgcattag caaagtggat gtcttttaag     69060
     atcagaatgc tgcaatggac agtcaaaatg ccacttaagg agaaacaaaa attactcaag     69120
     atgagttact tgccgtcaga ccacaacagg atagttttag atgagactgg tctcttgact     69180
     aagaattaaa ccatctacag gtttacagga aaggtatcag taagtggtgt taaaatacca     69240
     aattcagagc agcagatacg cttttaaggg acaggatctc accatgttgc ccaggctgga     69300
     gtgcagtggc tattcactgg cacaatcata gcacactata gcctcaaatt cctgggctca     69360
     agtgatcctc ctgcttcagt ctcctgaata gctgggacta caggcacaca ccattatacc     69420
     tcactgcatt catctttaaa attaaaaaac cccctgaagg ggaggaaagt aacaaagaca     69480
     gaaattacca caactccaaa gcccaacttt cctaacactt tttatactat cctgggggaa     69540
     gatagttaat atgaagaccc agaggacaaa ataggaaagg atgtgtgtgt catgggaaaa     69600
     aaaccagaag cccaatccca gaaggcaggt tttgtttttt gttttgtttt gatacagggt     69660
     ctcactctat cacccaggct ggagtacagt ggcacaatta cagcttactg ccacctccac     69720
     gtcccgggct caagcaaacc ctcctgcctc agcttcccaa gtagctggga ctacaggcat     69780
     gcgccaccac gcccggtttt tctggtagag acaaagtctc actacactgc cccagctagt     69840
     ctcaaattcc tgggctcaag caatcctccc accttggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaga     69900
     ggtgagccac caggcccagc caaggcaggc tttctaaaga gaagttccat ggcctccttc     69960
     aaatctcatt ctagccccaa atacagctaa agagtgatca tcccacggga aggaacactg     70020
     cagggagggg aagaacacac tccactgctt atgcaattgg ccccacctag ccccaaaccc     70080
     taacaaccac ccgattacat ccactttacc tttcctatgt ccctctcctc tgagtattaa     70140
     aaaaaacaaa aaaatttttt taagaaaaaa aatctaccac cccattcagg acacccctcc     70200
     ccaacacata ttgggggaaa cggggcacgg cacgcgttgg gttcaggaaa aaaaccggga     70260
     acggaaaaag aggctggttt ggtcctcagc ttcctggtca ggtttccccg cggcctccgc     70320
     tgccgccatc caccgctggg tgccgtctgc attccctcgc cgcgccacgg tgcttctctg     70380
     ttgccggctc acatcaaccg aggttccaga tgggtgcaag gagatgtggg tgggaaggag     70440
     tagggtatcg gggattgagg tgccaaaggc ccccacccct ggaggtgggg aaggggagga     70500
     ttcatttgtg ctgatgctct tcttttggac atgccctgcc atctgtctgt ccctctcttg     70560
     ctctcctgcc accgggaagt aggagttttg gtgagcagaa ggctccagct gtatgctcga     70620
     tgccaccttg agggtgcgtg gctgtagggt gcatgtaaga gacgatggat gggtgggtgg     70680
     tagggcagaa aaatcctgcc ctcccccgaa gggagaagag gttcaaaaat gttgtgattt     70740
     atgaaaaagt cgaacactac ccgctctcac attaacccga ccaagtcttc cggagtttcc     70800
     ctggcacccg cgcaggccct aacactagct gtctctgctt ctgtatgtct cttcaaggag     70860
     tcattactcc cagttgggca caagccgcct tcttggcact tgaatgacaa gggagtctga     70920
     ggaagagggc gaggaagggg aggaggcagc gggcggggag tggagggaga gaaggtagaa     70980
     gggtatttac atcttgcatg aacttgcggc agactggacg gatctctttg ctcaaggtag     71040
     cactgaacat catgacctgc ttctcgtggg gggtcatgcg aaaaatttcc tggacatccc     71100
     gacgcatgtc tacaagaaca aggaaaaaaa ttgtaggaga aaataagcag gtatgataaa     71160
     caaagattag aggtagactt cccagtgagg tgaagattgc tggaaatagt aacaacacaa     71220
     tggaaagagc aatggacttg gaatcaagaa gtgggatcag attccagctg tttgttttaa     71280
     ccaagcaaga aataaggtaa aaccccaaag ttcccaacta tgaaatgggg ataaagccca     71340
     gtgcagaggc tctcaaggcc ttcaaaacat gctttatggg accttctccc aaccctttcc     71400
     tgcccaagcc ccagccagcc ttcagcagac tacaaatatc aagcacatat tatattccag     71460
     atatcagagt ccatctatga ctctctggat tacttttcta tcaagtcagg caaatatgac     71520
     atccctacct ggagcccacc tttatagctc accatataga attgccaaag atcatttgta     71580
     atgacttatg gggcctatgt ccaaccccac tctcattcac caagattcaa ttcttacaga     71640
     aaaatcttcc attaacccca cctggcacac tagaatacca catcacacaa actgctacaa     71700
     acactctcta cattaatccc agacctgagt ctagacactt attcagctat aaattctgac     71760
     tgtaaatgct gtgctggaga tgccagaagg gtactgtctt ctctttcagt ttagaatctc     71820
     ccctatgact cccagtatat gaatctataa tgaaaacggt ggtggtggtg atgacttatg     71880
     cctaaaatta tcaaagtccc ctattctcaa aggttaaaaa caaaaatcat agaaagatga     71940
     tagatgacac cctttactgt gcttaaaagc ataataaaga ccaaccaggg aacccagagc     72000
     catcagtcat gggtgataga taagagtcgt ccttgcactg aggtgctcct gtttcaaata     72060
     aacatcattt ggctccaaag aacaactccc cagcattagc caagccccag cactgccact     72120
     caccgagctg ttcaagcatc ttatcacatt catccaaaat aaagtgttta atgtgtttga     72180
     ggttgaggct cttatttcga gccagggcta ggatacggcc tggagtcccc acgacgatat     72240
     gcgggcagtt cttcttcagc acctcttcat ccttcttgat agacagacca ccaaaaaaaa     72300
     cagcaacctg ccgagccaga agcaaagagt ctcaaaacag aggaaggaaa gagtccaatc     72360
     cccccagggt tcccactctg tttgagctaa accaattttt agcatgtttc caaactaaaa     72420
     ctaactttag aggtcaccta atttaaaaat tttatgtccc ccccaccaaa cactgagggt     72480
     gattgcctaa agttacatgg ctagtcggag cagtcaggac aataattcag ttctactgac     72540
     ttaatctaac caacttcctt catttatgag gccaggcttc atttaaaaaa taaaggagcc     72600
     aggtgtggtg gcacacgcct ataattccag ctactcagga ggctgaggca cgagaacctg     72660
     ggaggcagag gttgtggtga gccaagatcc caccgttgta ctccagcctg ggcaacaaga     72720
     gtgatactcc atctcaaaaa gaaataaaat aaataaaaat aaaataaagc caggcccagt     72780
     ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcagtttggg aggtcaagga aagtggatca cttgaagcca     72840
     ggagttcaag accagcctgg ccaacacggt gaaaccccat ctctactaaa atacaaaatt     72900
     tacaaattta ctactaaaaa acaaaaaata caaaatttag ccgggaggct gaggcaggag     72960
     aatcgcttga acccgggagg tggagattgc agtgaggcga gattgagcca ctgtactcca     73020
     gcctggatga cagagcgaga ctccatctca aaaaataaaa aataaataaa taaaggacag     73080
     caagaaatca ccagattagt gtaaagtacc acaaaaaaca catggaacat taaggtttcc     73140
     taaataaacc cagaatctca aactcttttc acacaaaccc catgaaatta ctgcttcggg     73200
     ctaaatatta tcatttcatg ttaaaaccat taggtgaata gttgtttggg gatctgggcc     73260
     ttggtacagt atcaaataac accagaaact actttctggt ttcaaggggg aaaagaacaa     73320
     ctgtggaatc agactgtcac gacgctaatc ctatggtaaa tctaaaatca ttaatgaggc     73380
     caggtgcagt ggctcactcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccgaggt gggtggatca     73440
     cttgaggtca ggagttcgag accagcctgg ccaacatggc gaaaccctgt cactactaaa     73500
     aaaaaacaaa aattagccag gcatgatggc acactgtagt cccagctact cggggggttg     73560
     aggcgggaga atcgcttgaa cgtgggaggc gcaggttgca gtgagctgag atcgcgccac     73620
     tacactcaca gcctgaagga cacagcgaga ctccatctca aaacaaataa ataaaaataa     73680
     aataaaataa ctaacataag tcgaccagat ttgtggcata acaggagata cagcatcacc     73740
     tatgaaggat tcttgccaaa aatgcttaac ttcaatcaga ttttttcttt ttttttgaga     73800
     tgggagtctc actctgccac ccaggctgga gtgtaatggc acaatctcag ctcactacaa     73860
     cctctgcttc ctgggttcaa gcgattcccc tgcctcagcc tcccaagcag gtgggactat     73920
     aggtgtgtgc caccatgcac ggctaatttt tgcattttta gtagagagag ggtttcatcc     73980
     tgttggccac attggtctta aactcctgac ctcaaataat ccacacgcct tggcctccca     74040
     aactgctgag attacaggtg taagccattg tgcacttggc cagaatcctc aatattcaca     74100
     caccactgga gctgttttaa agtttccggc tttctctgcc acatacccca aaattattaa     74160
     actgatatga ttcaaagtca gtataaagta gtaagaaaag ggtggtcttg tgttaagcat     74220
     catccatagc ccaattacga atcctcctgt tacataggaa ctcaacactc tgttacacca     74280
     cagcaaacta aagcttctcc aaaattaaag agactattgg cctacaagtt tcttatccct     74340
     ccaacttgcc acaccctcac tctcaggtct ctttaccttg gcttaccttg acattgggca     74400
     tgtatttaga gaagcgctca tattccttgc tgatctgaaa agccaactcc cgagtgtgac     74460
     acatcaccag cacagacacc ttaggcagga agtatacgga gacatatggt aaatgtagct     74520
     cttcattatc ccctctaggg aagtgactgt cacaaaaaca cacctgggcc gataataaat     74580
     gacttcaatt ctgtgatcta aatcatgaac cccacgcttg cgacagaaca tcccccacag     74640
     ctgtcagatt gtcaagggta acagaggtca tgtgctcatg gctctgcaag catcatgtag     74700
     ttaggacaaa aacacccttc ccttatagtc ctaaccaaaa tcccctcccc agcactctcc     74760
     ccaaatatac ctgcccagta actggctcca gctgttgcag tgtggccaag acaaacactg     74820
     ctgtctttcc catgcccgac ttggcctggc acaggacatc cattcccaga atggcctgag     74880
     ggatgcactc atgctggact aaaagttggg gggggaggaa gataaattag acttcagtct     74940
     ccagataact ctaccttttt caccatgcca agcccatttc ttaccactca attctcaaag     75000
     tctagtattt acctggttct tgccaacttc cagacccatt ttacctctct ctgctcaatt     75060
     acattcacct caaaatcaga ctctcctaat tcctcctagc tttagcctcc tccagatcta     75120
     ggccttccca gtcctagtaa caaacccctt gcatctacca accgctcacc ttcaatgatc     75180
     ctagctctgt ccttattttt cttaatctgt aacaattcat gacatttgaa tacctgccac     75240
     agaccacttc tcctgcttag gttgctatac ttcgggtcac gtaactacta caaccctgga     75300
     caaaatgaag gacttggtac ctgacccaga agccagtcat ctctaaacca gtcatagagg     75360
     tttccagaga ccacagttgg cctggcccaa cagagggaga ctacaggtcc aagcaggacc     75420
     tttctggaaa tttaaaatta gaagtcaagt gacaaaatta aaaataagca gacaagaaaa     75480
     gccagtcaca agaatgaatg gcagacctgg aagtcacttt tggatcatta gcactttggt     75540
     gctatcacga aagaaagaat aagcctgtat aagcctcctc tatccaaaat tgtttttgat     75600
     acttatcccg attttttctt cctcactgtc gccccggctg gtgcacagtg gtgcaatcac     75660
     ggctcactga agcctcaacc ttcacctgct taatttctga acgttttgta gagacaggag     75720
     tctcgctatg ttgcccaggc ttctcttgca cttttgagct caagtggcca ccctcctgcc     75780
     tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccact gcacctggcc ctgatctagc     75840
     cttaagtata aacccttacc accacctgag caacgacaaa cacatctttg tattgtaccc     75900
     ttaaagagcc caatgagcac tacatgccca agagaaaatt taccttctga cggatgctca     75960
     aagccacagt cgacaatggc ccggagcaac tctggcttga gcaggaagtc acgaaagcca     76020
     gagctgtgga tggagacata ggagcccttg acatccttct tggcaggggc ctcagcccca     76080
     tctcccccag ctgctgtctc cacctcatca tcttcatagt ccaagagctc attgtccaca     76140
     tcgttctctg ccataactgg gccggcaggg gaagaaggga agggggatct ggatgggttc     76200
     tcgcaaaata ggtgaaaaca aggggtgaag agtaggggat tgaggaacag caaaggaaaa     76260
     caaagatact atttctaaca gaagagctgg aggggggaaa aaaaaagcaa gacttaatca     76320
     cgagcacagc cttcaccacc tcttttccat ccccagttcc cactttccct aaaccaggaa     76380
     acttttacct ggaaagaaaa acagatacaa aacataaaaa cgaaaagcaa atataacaga     76440
     acagaaaaag cagtaccagg gaaagtggtt aggacagagg ttcccaacaa gattagcaat     76500
     cacagtagcg gaaaccagaa aagttggaag gggaagacca acttataaat tcttgatctg     76560
     aaagtaacag tgaggaaata gaatagataa taaaaggtaa aatatgacta ataacttagt     76620
     aaagtggaaa atggagatga caagtagagt cctgaaaagt cctcaaagga agactccgct     76680
     ttccctatta taatcccacc gttatggatg cctaactcag cagccatcag tcaagggtga     76740
     tagatgaggg tcatcactgc gcaaagcgct cacctttcga aaagaaaaca tcatatggcc     76800
     gccgtccacc tcccatagct ctcagcctcc cacttctcag tatcctccct tccgctgttt     76860
     aagcaagcct tgtgtaatta gcatgggggg gaggggcggt gcaagacaaa tggctcggcc     76920
     acaaaaaaac aaaattcatg tctccaccct acaataagaa agctaatagg tgacagagaa     76980
     aggcaatccc cgcccaggct ttaacaggat ctttaccaag tggtctcaca tcactgttac     77040
     gctacgaagg tgagactcct tttggagaaa catacaatga caccaatcgt atcgtaaaca     77100
     cttggaaggc actccaaatt aagttgggca agtcaaggtg agaaaaatcc aactgggccc     77160
     agaaaccagc tcctcctccc agtcccaccg agggccgaaa aagagctcaa gaaagaacaa     77220
     ggaaggtgag aagagccccg ccctccgcaa ataccaagac caagggacgc cgagcaccgc     77280
     ctctcattga tgctgaggcc tccaatatga gaagaaccca ttggaagaag ggagcaaaac     77340
     gaacacaatg gcgccgagga caccatcttg gattgggtcc ccccttagct tcccttcctt     77400
     cccccaggag ctctttgctc tcgaaaggga tgcaagctaa ggaaatagcg aaccaactag     77460
     gccccagcga ccagaccatc gcctgtgaaa agggtatcag gaacccatgt gacgggatgg     77520
     gtgcggagaa gcgcagatgg aaacggattg tagcgaaggc caaagcttac ctaaacaggg     77580
     agagcgcgta tggcggcagc aacagcgacg aaggagggaa atctgccttc acttccggtt     77640
     gcaggcttcc ctctactcca gcctcccgcc ttcttggctg caagagcgca ggcgcaaggg     77700
     accggaaaca gggccttccg cggttataca gatccgtgcg ctccaggctt gcctttggaa     77760
     aatgcctgtc tgaaatttgt tttaaaaccg tttctaactt cactgctacc tccagtaaca     77820
     aaagatataa aggaaactaa cgtctccccc ccactgttat ctttattctc ttatcctact     77880
     cctctccatg cccctcatct cttcgtttag gtttttgcca cgcaggtctt ctctgtaggc     77940
     acccctccgt ggatgcgcga ggaacgagtg tggcgaaggc tgcgagttcc cacggggtcc     78000
     ttggcccggt agtgaaggtg acctgaggac tgctgggcac gcactaggaa ccggcaggcc     78060
     ctagctgagg ggagggagga gggaagtctc agggaactgg attgctcggg ggtgtttccc     78120
     gactctttcc cagtcgtggg gctggtgggc ggtattttcc caaaaggatg ctgtccgagg     78180
     tagctgatgc cctagggcca gtgagtcagg aaggtgttct gaatccgagc gggaagacgg     78240
     ggtctggatt cggccccaag tgttaatagt agggcttgag ggttatacta cattccatta     78300
     atactgtttt tgtttttgtt ttgagacaga gtctcgccct gtcgcccagg cgggagtgca     78360
     atgtcctgat ctcggctcac tgcaaccgct gcttcccggg ttcaagcgat tctcctgcct     78420
     cagcctcccg agtagctagg attacaggcg cccgccacca cgcccagcaa atttttgttt     78480
     ttttagtaga gacggggctt cacccatgta tgacctcagg tgatccaccc acttcggcct     78540
     cccagagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc accgcgcccg gcccattaat actgttaatt     78600
     cgagcagaat gttcttggcc ccgccccaac agccccattg ttcaacctgg atttttttcc     78660
     tgaatgaaac atttgctatc cccgtctttg agatggggag ccacaaaagt aagacctgat     78720
     gtcctgctgt gtaataaaac aacaaacgtt tggccctctc cctgttaaca tacttaatca     78780
     tttaatacta aggagtaggt accgttattc tcatcttatt gacagaagcg aagcaaagca     78840
     acatatctca agcagtacgg ctggtgaggt tacagccagg atgcaaacat ctctcattct     78900
     ctattgtatt ctgcctccct gctcaaagaa tctggttagt aaatacactg caggttacct     78960
     tattggttca aattcttggt gaagtaagct tgtcttcagt gacaaatgaa gtaactaatt     79020
     caagaatggt gtcatagaag gtattttccc aagtatcatt taatttattc aaaagtattt     79080
     atcaactgcc tcccttgtgc cacatgttgt cctaggatct ggggacacaa cggtgaacag     79140
     ccctgttctc acagtgttta cattacagga aagaaaacac ataaacacaa atataatgtc     79200
     aagtatcgat aagtggtcag ggtgcagtgg ctcaggcctg taacccaacc cttgaggaag     79260
     ccgagcccga aggattgctt gagcccagga gtttcagacc agcctgggca agtgagaccc     79320
     catctctaca aaaaatttta aaattagcaa ggcatagtgg cactcgcccg taatcccagc     79380
     tactcaggag gctgaagtgg gaggatcatt tgagtccagg gggtcaaggc tgccgtgagc     79440
     tggaactcca gcctgggcaa cacagcagga ccttgtctca aaaaaccagt agcagtaagt     79500
     gctatgaaga aaatgcaagg taaaggggca aagagcactt gctcctacac tccagctttt     79560
     ctctacagtt gcgatctata gtcctcagat tcccaaatga ggaaccatgt ttctcacttt     79620
     agagaaataa taaagtacta cttgttcttg tttctccaag aagtttcaaa ggatagccat     79680
     ttgggctgtt tagggaatat ataaacaaaa aacaagaaag tgactgaagg ccaggcacag     79740
     tggctcacac ctctaatctc agcactttgg gaggccaagg caggtggatc acttgaggtc     79800
     aggagtttga gaccagcctg accaacatgg cgaaacccca tctctactaa aaatacaaaa     79860
     aatagccagg cgtggtggca cacacccata attccagcaa cttgggaggc tgaggcagga     79920
     gaatcgcttg aacctgggag gcagaggttg caatgagctg agatcacgcc attgtattcc     79980
     agcctgggca acaagagcaa aactccatct caaaaaaaaa aaaaacaaag tgactgaaaa     80040
     tgagaaatga tgaggcaaaa ggaggctgct tcaactcacc aatttatttg ccaataatta     80100
     ttttattgat acttttttta ttgttacaat gggaaagtaa ggtgtcaagg atatagaaag     80160
     gaagggcatg catatgaggg aacacagtat cattttagat cttagaaagc aatgagcatc     80220
     tgataagtct ttggggaaat aggaaaggag gaaaatctaa taaagacaaa gatcagcaaa     80280
     agaaaaacaa agagaggcta caaaatgcag ttatctacct ggaattataa gagaggggct     80340
     aaatgtagtc atctcctctt tttggagatc agaaggtctc tgggaaaaga gaagaaccaa     80400
     tttttcagaa aataactagg gtcacagaat gaacaagtgg aattagagag ccagtgatgg     80460
     acgtgaggaa acagctgtgt aggttttgac cagtgagcag gtggtggtaa tagtatcaca     80520
     gggttgctac ttactgaatc actgctacaa catgcaagga actgtgctag actttacaga     80580
     atgattccta atcattgaag caaccctcac aaggtaggca ttattatcat cccagtttca     80640
     cagaggagga catcgaggct accaagttaa gtagcttgtc ctggtttcac agccagcaag     80700
     tgacagggtc aagagaggga cccacatcgg ccagacactg aagtcaggat gttttccaca     80760
     ttcctacttc cccatattac aaatttcaca gagggtttag gtgagaatga cttggaagtt     80820
     tacaaagtcc cagtgagggt taaagaacaa caaggagatt cagatgtgag caggatattt     80880
     ataagtgtca caggaaaatt attggatcct gcctcccagg atttctaggg gatggaaaga     80940
     agacagggat tatggtggga ggtgattttg attggaggat ttctttgagg gagggaactg     81000
     gcagaaggag tcaggcccta cggtggccct aggcagaaat ccggtagttg gggtggacct     81060
     ggggcctgac gtcgcagacc atgccaagaa gctgggccag gacacgctct cggtttctct     81120
     gctgggagct ctgcatgccc tgcacctggc gccttgtagc ctgctccacc tcagcagaca     81180
     ggttcccctg ggagcccatg gcctgggggg tagggagagg ggtggaagag agaaagggaa     81240
     aagcagaaac agacaagggt ccaggcatat gaggggaaag atcctgaaac aaagcctaga     81300
     agaaaggccc tctcagaaac cacccccatc ccacagaaat atcccaacac caaagagatc     81360
     aacacagtcc cctttcccct tagacctaac atgcaacttc atactaaaac agaccgtaat     81420
     atccccacca cctcaccatc catgaccata aaactctacc ctccaccaca aatgttaatc     81480
     atactccaca tagatgttat actttacaca gactgtggca ttccgcccac aagctctatg     81540
     tggccttcaa aactcccaga ctctcctaca tatcatcaca aagtttcacc aatgttgtgg     81600
     tccctgccag ggtcccctca gcctcagccc tctgccacca tattttcttg ttgagtcacc     81660
     cttacacacc tcactagatg cacccaccaa cttgcagtgg ggtctcatcc cgactctgcc     81720
     tcaactcacc gcctgctgct tgctctggaa ttcgtgctct cgctctctgc ggtattgctc     81780
     cacctccatc tgtgcctcct cctttgcctg cttcagtcgc cgggccttcc ctggaggcag     81840
     aagaaaggac agtgagtggg gatggaccca cacacacaca atgtaatagc aggagtcagt     81900
     cccttccaga aagttataca gccttctctc agccaaccag gtgccagatt ctaatatcca     81960
     tccatttctt ccctcctaac cagcctccag accctagctg tcttcccgcc agccttgggt     82020
     tttcccaaaa tgtttgctgt cccccacccc caattttctt tccaaactcc taagggagga     82080
     aagaggagac tcactctttc tggcatctgc caccttctca gctgcccgct tctcagcttg     82140
     cagaagctgc tggatacctt gggactgact ggccatttct gttgttatgg cc             82192