ID   CR753820; SV 15; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 74851 BP.
AC   CR753820;
DT   26-AUG-2004 (Rel. 81, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 27)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone DADB-26I14 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-74851
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Humphries M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 0ab062b5a8a8618cdd5c5d122dbc4bc0.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000252.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000198563; homo_sapiens.
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DR   GOA; A0A0A0MT12.
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DR   InterPro; IPR011162; MHC_I/II-like_Ag-recog.
DR   InterPro; IPR011545; DEAD/DEAH_box_helicase_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR014001; Helicase_ATP-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR014014; RNA_helicase_DEAD_Q_motif.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs of
CC   human chromosome 6, constructed by the Sanger Centre Chromosome 6
CC   Mapping Group.
CC   DADB-26I14 is from a DNA-arts DBB human bac library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..74851
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DNA-arts-BAC.1-DBB.1"
FT                   /clone="DADB-26I14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 74851 BP; 20020 A; 17825 C; 17562 G; 19444 T; 0 other;
     ggccatgatg agacctagga ctctttaggg gagaacaaca acaaagcaac aggatcctgg        60
     tgtcagggac agaccatggc catggcggga tgatagcagc tctcctacga aataatgctt       120
     atatgacaag ggcatgagat tcaggcagag agaggagaag gtcatggagg agaggagtcc       180
     cagcatctga gaagccagag ggcgatgcat cctctctgct ctatgggtgt ttattgctgc       240
     cataaaaatt aacacaaaac aagtggcttt aaacagcatc tctttatcat gtcacagtca       300
     tgtgtgttac aatttcaaca gtctcatggg gctaaaatca aggtaagggg aggtctgtgt       360
     tccttctgac tctgaggaaa aatctactgt caagctcatt caggttcttg tctgaattca       420
     cttccttgca gataggactg agatccccac ttccttgctg gctcctgtcc aggggccacc       480
     cttagctcct agagccctct ctcagttcct cacacatatc ccatgcaaca tatccaatcc       540
     tcctgcttgg aacctctgac ctcccccttc tgcggtgtct cctctgcctt cctcctctgc       600
     agcatctgac tccagccaga gcagcttctc tgcttttaat ggcttgtgag atttgatcgg       660
     gcccacacag atagtccaaa ataatcttgc aattttaagg tccttaatct tcatcacatc       720
     agtattttcc cttttgccat gtaatgcaac ctactcgtgg gtgcccagga ttgagattgg       780
     atgtctttgg gaaccattac tcggcccatc acatctgagt atgttgaagt caccgaggat       840
     caaggagaca gcactgctgg agagggcgat agtgaaccag gaactacaag agtcaggact       900
     gagaggaacg gcctggggcc cacagggaat ggctgcaatg aggggagtgg ggcctgaatc       960
     tgatgacagc tttgggggct taggaaggaa ggaggcagaa aggtctgaga accacagtga      1020
     ggagtgagga tgccacccca cctctgggcc aagggtacaa ggtccctgtg caaactcccc      1080
     catgtgggag gactttggaa gggaccacat cctctggcag acacagacat cgctggagct      1140
     gtgaggtcca ggaacatcct gagacaggat gtggaggttt tgctgatcat gggctgagaa      1200
     ttccaagggg cacagcggga agacttctgg atttgggaat ggggtatggg gagacaaaat      1260
     aggggtgtgc agagccttgt ggggatgtga atgcagggtg tttgggggac ccagtgtgac      1320
     tgacacaaac agggaaaagg catgatgagc tcagtcctgg tggactcaag gcagatgatg      1380
     gtgctgaggc tgtgggagac gagggaggag gctcaggggt ggctttcacc tgggctctgt      1440
     ccatggaggt gaggacagtg agatagttgg gcctcagtgc tgtgtggacc ctttcttgtc      1500
     tccctgatga ctggatggag ggcctggagg aagaggggtc ttagaggatt cactcatgtc      1560
     cctgggggag ggggactcac tccaggtctc aggtctgcac tgacacattt gtttgtggct      1620
     tggggctgcc tgctataaac tattgggggt tcgtccattt tggagttata acctaaggca      1680
     gaaactcaga tggttcaaat gtcctcttca tgaagcaatg ttatcagcgt ataatttaga      1740
     ttgtcttgca agagtctcat ttgttgtttt tctaaatgcc tgccaatatt gtttgaaaat      1800
     ctacaaatgt gataaatgta tcttcaaagt taactggttg caggttgttt aaccttatat      1860
     gtacagtttc acatatgtat aaaaacagta gtttgggcct cttatattct aataattaag      1920
     actttaagct gtgtacacat tgcaatgcaa gtatgcgtca tgcataaccc tagcactaag      1980
     agtcaagagg gaaagtacct ctcccctaac attttacaaa gtttctgtgt tctttttcca      2040
     ctgagtggga acaagtcagc tagtgaggaa catgaggcct ttggcctcat ctaaagatac      2100
     tttagctacc aattgtgaga agcactgacc accgggaagg cctccctgcc tggttcctgg      2160
     acctctatac catggcagag gccatcttcc ctcctagtgc agagtgatgt cccaggtagt      2220
     gacctggtta gccattgtcc actctcgggc agttttgcct tctaagacat tggtttttct      2280
     ctgaggacct ccctgttttc agatgatcaa aactggggcc atccactccc ttctgaacca      2340
     cctctgccca gtggcctgtg gctgtgcccc cagtcacaac aggacacccc ttcagaacac      2400
     gctgcaggaa gccgacatct ctacacaggc tcacacatgc acagtgtgtg cacggagctt      2460
     tggttctagt tcaggaagaa tgggaggagg ctcactagtc caacagagct tgagccctgt      2520
     accagtgtca tattccagga gccagagtta caagggatac aaagtgccca gacctaccag      2580
     agaaggcaaa cccctacagc atgcagggct agacaggggc aagaaacaag gtcattctgg      2640
     gccagcaaga agagggaaag ggaaattaca gtcatacttc agatatatgc aggtttggct      2700
     ccagaccatg gcaacaaagc aagtcacaca aatttttcag tttcccagtg catataaaag      2760
     ttatatttac acttgactgt agtctcttaa gtgtacaata gcattatgta caaaatgaac      2820
     tatgtacata ccttaatgta aaactacttt attgctaaaa aatgctaaca atcacctgag      2880
     gcttcagcta atcctaacct tcttgctgtg gagggtcttg cctcaatgtt aataattgct      2940
     gactgatcag aagggtggtt gctgaaatcg ctgtggcaat ttcttaaaat aacacaacga      3000
     agtttgcagc aagattattc tcctcacttg gacacttaga ggccattgta gggttactaa      3060
     tcggcctgcc ttcaatattt ttgtgtctca cagaataggg aaggccggga gagagagaga      3120
     gagtcaagaa accagccagt tggtggagaa gtcacaacat acacaacatt tatcaataag      3180
     gttcaccatt ttataagggt gtgggtcatg gtgtcccaaa acagttacga gagtaacttc      3240
     aaagatcact gaccacaggt caccatacag gtgtaataat gaacaaggtt gaaatacttc      3300
     aagaattacc aaaatgtgac acagagacat gaagtgagca catgctgttg gaaaaatggt      3360
     gccaaataga cctgcttgac acagggttgc cacaaacatt cggtctataa ataaaaaagc      3420
     aagaaaaaag aaagaaagat ggaaagaaag aaaaagcaaa ggaaaaaatg cagtgtcagc      3480
     aaacagtaat aaaggaaagc acagtggaag gtgcacctgc aaaggggaaa tcagcactga      3540
     agcaaagtca ggaaaagctt tcaagtcaga tgggcctgga cctgggcatg aaccctccag      3600
     gtcctcccac cagccagctg aagaggcctg agcacatctg acccagagct ggccccgaca      3660
     gacacttgcc cagtgagtga gtgctgaatg aaaccatctg agccagtttc ctcatctgca      3720
     aaccagtgac ataattcctg ccttgcagag tttcagaaga ataagtgaga aaagacacag      3780
     tgccaagaga aacagacaca agacctgtgg cgggctggac accagggctc taaagcaagt      3840
     tctgcctaaa ctggcaagaa catttttcag gtcaggaaca ggagttgttc tggattctgt      3900
     ctggggtcag gctgggaggg agctgggggt ggcagagtag gatgggggca agggctgtgg      3960
     cagggcctgg cactgaagtg aggccaaagc ctggagagag tggctcctgg tggcttttgg      4020
     gcagctcacg caactccctg cctcacccac tgtgtgagtc agcgttctct agaggagcag      4080
     aactaatagg atgtatgtac atatgtaagg gagtttatta aggagaattg actcacacga      4140
     tcacaaggtg aagtcccacg acagaccgtc tgcaagttga ggtgcaagaa agccagtgat      4200
     ggatcagtcc aagtcccaaa acctcaaaag tagggaagct gacagtgcag ccttcagtct      4260
     gtggccaaag gtgtttggct gcagattcca ggacaggacc ttcttgtcct ctgcagtgac      4320
     cccccacctc gcctgactat atctgtccaa cttgatggtg ccaccgaggg ttctgatgca      4380
     gggaaggagc tgtgtgctct gtgtgggagg atgccttctg cctttctagc tgggcctcag      4440
     gtcagggctt tgagcctgag cagggagagg agatggaagg gagatggcct tggagcaaac      4500
     gtctgcccct gccagtgcat cccgtaggta tcatcccatc caccagtgcc ttggcaggac      4560
     cccactcact caaccctccc cctggtggta gtccctggtg gtgcctcctc aggacctcct      4620
     gcctccagcc gcacaaatcc ccaagaatgg cacgtgggta caagggtgtt gggaagtgtc      4680
     atcctccagt gctgacttga gtgtgtgtgt gtggctgcac acgtgtgtgc atgtgtgcac      4740
     aagtgggaat tggagtgtgt gtacacgtgt gtaagtgtga gtgtgagagt ggagcatgaa      4800
     tgtgcaggtg cccacaggca gcagttgggg tgccagtgtc ctcactcctg cctgctttcc      4860
     tttctctcca aaacgtgacc acacagcaac ttagtgacta tctagattta agtctatcaa      4920
     acagaaggga aacacaacta ggattcctgt agtgtaggga agggaaatgc ctagcccagc      4980
     tctctgattc cccttttaat gggtttgagc tgcaatatgg gtgcagaaga gcctcccaca      5040
     gtgccactgg tggtggagga aatagcccct ctcattggcc cattttcacg ctgctgataa      5100
     agacatactg ggaagaaaaa gaggtttaat tggacttaca attccacatg gctggggagg      5160
     cctcagaatc atggcggcag gtgaaaggca cttcttacat ggcagtggca agagaaaatg      5220
     aggaggaagc aaaagcggaa acccctgata aacccattag atctcgtgag actatcacaa      5280
     gaataccacg ggaaaaactg gccccagtga ttcagttacc tccccctggg tccctcccac      5340
     aacatgtggg aattctggga gataccattc aagttgagat tcgaatgggg acacagccaa      5400
     accgtatcac tggatgagag caattagatt gatgtcatga tgtatatggg tccatgggaa      5460
     cttgaaaaag tcttcccctt ccacctagtt taacaagata aacaggaaag gaacttccct      5520
     taagggaaga tattgactct atccctgaaa ttaaatcaca agaaaataag aaatgcatga      5580
     gatctaaact aagccatttg ggtaaactgt ctcagaattt aaagcatcag cagtcacaag      5640
     ctatcagtat cagtgacgat tctttcactc catggtctag tccaacgaga ctggtcaggg      5700
     cttgccgcct gctcctcggt gctgtcctgg tactttgaaa gtatctgtga ttctgtgaac      5760
     tgcaccgcca gctgcccaac aacttccctt tgctgatctg agccagactc tgcttttatg      5820
     gcttacaccc aaataattca agttatttta aaaaaataat aataaatcaa gttattcatt      5880
     tatgagttat acagtcccat gtggggaaag ggaaggagag tgaggtaata ctcaatttta      5940
     ctacctgcta tgcatttata agtgagatac ttctttttaa agtcatattt ttggattaga      6000
     acaaactctg gtatatttaa gtaaattccc tgaagaatgt gaacaccgta agcaggtgag      6060
     tgcattattc tctgcttccc ctccacagag ctgtggttca ctctcctcca tcctgccccc      6120
     tgcactgggg gcaccacaga gacagcacgg cctgtgctcc tgcaccacct gcttctgctt      6180
     gggtgtggat gataacaggc acctgcagga gatgggagcg tggggggaga agtaactcag      6240
     ggttttcact tccctcactc cctttggaca gctctgcggt tctgtaatca ttgccgtcct      6300
     ctacctacag ccacaggcct gcggggctgc ccctagtgaa agctacagat ttccgtgagt      6360
     tctggaaact gctccctctt ccttgttctt tcaactcaga gatggaaaca gtttcctgcc      6420
     actgatcatc ccagggagct tcagcacccc ttgtggcttt cttaggcctg ccagcacctc      6480
     tgtaatgtgt gtcttctttc tttgtcatct ctttcctgcc aggaccctga ctgtcccaca      6540
     gaagaagtga caagaattta tttatgacat gacaataaca catgtattca tggtgttaat      6600
     tcgatttgtt tcatagagac agggtcttgc tatgttgccc aggctggtct tccactcctg      6660
     gcctcaagca atccccctga cttggacttc caaagtgcta gcattacagg tgtgagccat      6720
     tgtgcccagc ccttaacttg aaaatctgac agtataataa aagaaaaaaa tagaagtatt      6780
     ctggaaatgg aagaggaaag aaggctaagg tggaaatcat caatctgtgt catctgagaa      6840
     gccccacgtg cagaggctgt cccgggactt taggggagaa caaaaacaaa gcacccagga      6900
     tcctggtgtc agggacagag catggccacg gcgggatggt agtggctctc ctatgaaata      6960
     atgctcataa acatcccttg tgagaaggat cagatcaaca tataaaaata tgccaaataa      7020
     agtgaaactc aaggcaggag tgggactggc cattctcagc ccgtgacctc catggacttg      7080
     gagaaaggct cagcctggag atgtgtgagg cctccgacct ggagcagcac ccgcccctaa      7140
     agaccaggca caaatcccag cacatggagg gatccagaca aatacacaag agatgaccac      7200
     agcaggagct ttactgggca cagagcgagg ccgcacacca ctcagctcct gcccctccac      7260
     ctgcccttct ctccccacct gcccctgccc cagcacagca gatcctcaga atccaaaaag      7320
     agaacctaac ttccatgttt tattaatggc ttataatatt ttatcacatc ttcagaaaac      7380
     actatgcaga agataactgt agagcaagac atctatttag ggtgagtgag tcacagtgga      7440
     gatctgggag ggagaccctg taaccctttc attccaagaa aagaaaggta gatccaaaga      7500
     aggggacccc aggcctggat attgggatta catgaaaggg gttctggggc atcaggggaa      7560
     tgggtccctc tccctacatc ctcccggggc tgtgcttggg aggacagcag ctgggggaag      7620
     aaaagtcagg gtccacagag atataagggg gctgagaact atctgtgtct tgctggtctg      7680
     cacaaggcag ctctcaaact gtggagaaca tggtaatgac cagattcagc tcagccactc      7740
     tcagccttta cacctagagc attatgggca gcccatcacc atcccctacc ttcaaatcca      7800
     aagatcgcta cagcccaaag ctgctccctg gcctcaactc ctgttggtat caggccccaa      7860
     ggaagctgtg agcacgtctg cctgggaccc tgtcaccatc tggagaatga caataaagag      7920
     gacccagcag cctgcaggag gagactgtat ttgaggcagg accatgggat gggtgaggca      7980
     caggactgtg gctccatcct ctctatttga ggagttagag atgagctgcc tctgccaccc      8040
     cttccatggt gatatttcta gagtacaccc ctgtgctgaa attcttatga ggaaagagac      8100
     ctgatgagat gctatggtga agaggggcca taagggtctt gaataccaag ttaattttgc      8160
     taccagctga gattaggaag tgaaacccag gacccaggag aggaggagga ggagataaca      8220
     caggaccctg tgatcactct cctggccatc tgtgtacagt gagacgcttc ccttcggggt      8280
     tgggagcacc cagtgtcatg gtcctgagtg ttgctaccct gctgttctca tctgtgaatg      8340
     cagccagacc actttcttcc tctgatataa ataacttgga ggatctgtca ccagacacct      8400
     catatctaca tattaataaa ttctgtacag tggtttggct taatgtttta tatgttataa      8460
     gaaataagca aaacataggg atgatatttt tagtaaaggt atttcagggt atataagaat      8520
     cagattccta gggccctggg tacctcatct tgctgtttaa agtcctcatg gaggatcagt      8580
     ggagtgcaga gcccagaaat catcctgaag gctgaagctc cctggtgaaa aggaccctct      8640
     cctgcaccct ggggctcaga gggaacaaca aagctccctc ccagggtctc cagcctctgg      8700
     cctatactgt cagcctgcac tttcttggcc ttcctggctg ctaatattcc agttcccagc      8760
     agcctcctct ctcacccttc acctcttctg actgggtgcg aatggtaact agaccaggca      8820
     gtgccctcct tgtcagtctg cctgtctgcc tggctccctc tcagagtttg tgtcttcact      8880
     cggttcatca tccccagccc cagcaggaac agggagaagt gacttggcaa atgccccact      8940
     caaaatggga tccctcaacc agagaccact tgtgaaagtc agttttccct gactaaagaa      9000
     acaggacatt taccctgtta gaagttgatg tctgccagag acctccacct gggaaatgct      9060
     ggttcatggc agggtctctc ttttagtaaa gggaaaaatt cctggctaat tgatagctaa      9120
     taagtcattt agaatccagt tcatgtaaaa ggattaccta cttaaaggat taactccatt      9180
     ataataagga cacacatccc acaccgcaca tccaatgtca tttgtgagat tgctttgatt      9240
     cgctcatgta gaatgttact ctgctgcttt gcagagaggc ttgccacaca tttcaaatct      9300
     ctgctcttca tttcacacca tctggctcat gaggtgaagg tgatgagaag tgtcttcaga      9360
     caatactccg aggtttgtct atcagagtca tagtcatata ttacatatag agattatttt      9420
     cttagaagtt gtaatttatt gatatgtatt ttactcatgg catagataga tactatccaa      9480
     caattcgttt ttattacctc tacattacac tgcttaggta gccactactg gtacctctgc      9540
     attttctttc ttgtatgtga cattaacgta taagattgta tgtacatggt ggcttggttt      9600
     ccaggaattg ctgattaggt aatttagacc attccttcca ctgagtacaa tgggaaaagg      9660
     aggaaaacat acatatttga aaaatctggt tgagcaaatg gatgggctaa caaagcagtg      9720
     aagatttgcc tggccaggaa ccaggagagg ggagaaatcc agaagagcaa cttgagctgt      9780
     ggggctgctt ttgtggatca gaggcagtaa cacctgctcc ctggccagaa gccaacttcc      9840
     aggattcagg actcagaatt cagaacttag acggtccctt ggtctctcta gaattcagtg      9900
     ctcatttaga ccgggctaag accctcacac tcaatggctg gaggatccaa gcttatggca      9960
     tgactgcctc tggagcattt catgctagag agatcccaac aggtgtaggt aaatggtcta     10020
     gagggtacta gccaggcttc catggaactc tgtgtaaggc acttccctgt gttgttactc     10080
     atgttggcca tgtcctcggg aatttagtgg aacggccatg tcgtcttgag tggaagtgag     10140
     gacggtgagg gggtccctgg gcagtcagag attttgtgtc cctgcgtcct ttccttccat     10200
     ctcaaccaga gaccacttgt gaaagcccaa gaacaaatgt cattaaatgt ccgaggcgaa     10260
     tccaagacca ccgatccatt gtgcccagga gccttgggcc atgtagccca gcagtagtga     10320
     ggtctgtgag gccttggtca ccctcaaagt gttgccccaa gaggagctgc cgctcgttgc     10380
     catcaggcac ctcaggagct ggacatggta ttcattataa tttctgatga ggaactagag     10440
     aggtctcata gcatatagac cttgatcaaa ttgggtcatg gtggagtcag gcaaaactct     10500
     gcaatgactc acaggtacct aagtataaaa caaagtctca actcagagca tccatcagag     10560
     cttcaggctc agtagtcatt cctttatgct gttgctgtgt ttgtactgtg ataactggtg     10620
     cttgaaggga ggacatatag ttacatgttg cgggaaaaca catgtcatta gaaaacttgg     10680
     catgatttag ggaccattgc cttttccatg gtagatgtgg gactctctgt catcttcacc     10740
     ctgttgttcc aagtgcagaa gagaaagctt cttcctgctt tcagctgcgt gactgacaac     10800
     ggaagctgga attcagagaa tcagtggcag cctctgtctc tccaggcccc aaccctgcag     10860
     gtttaaggaa tggacttagg tctctggcac tttgttctca acacacattt tccttcactc     10920
     attcagaaaa aaaaaaataa taatagaaaa tgaaccaaag gctgcaattc tcatggcacc     10980
     tagagaattg gagtacggac caaggttgcc acatgcctgt cattgctcca ccacactcgg     11040
     ttgccgtgtg acctcgggag aagctctcta ccactaggga cttttaaact catctgtgaa     11100
     tcctggataa acacagacat tccggtaacc ttactgaaat gaagtgagga ccaatgagtt     11160
     gacaggtgga gaaaaaaaaa tttttttttt ttttttgaga cggagtcttg ctctgtcacc     11220
     caggctggag tgcagtggag cgatttcggc tcactgaaag ctccacctcc tgggttcatg     11280
     ccattctcct gcctcagcct accgagtagc tgggactaca ggcgctcacc accacactcg     11340
     gctaattttt tgtattttta atggagacgg ggtttcacca tgttagccag gatggtctcg     11400
     atctcctgac ctcgtgatcc gcccgccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaagcgtg     11460
     agcctccgcg cccggccgca gaaacagaaa aatttaagtg atggccttta ctcctagaca     11520
     gggctttttt aggaacatgc accttaaaag taggaggaaa acataatgcc agcaacaccc     11580
     tgcctaaaag cccctttagt gatgataatt atcattcatc tttctataaa agtacagcaa     11640
     gactttctac ctcaatatct caaatcagtt aaatatatct tctgatcata taccagtgtg     11700
     gacccacatg ttctgctcca agtgaaaatg aaaaggaatg agaacatctc cacctttgtg     11760
     tggtgaccat gggaccacgg aggcttggaa gccagcctac atctgcccaa actctacatc     11820
     acctgccatt gtcaattttc aatctatccg ttctatgctt tggaatccta cataattcat     11880
     actcttgaaa aatctcattt tcatatgtag ggcagggtag aaaaggtgat atctctgttt     11940
     taatttgcta agacttccat aataaagtgg cacagactgg gtaagttaaa cagtagaaat     12000
     gtattatctc ccagttctgg aggctacagg tccacgatgg aatgtattgc agggctgatt     12060
     gctcctgagg cctgtctctg gcttacagat ggccatcttc tccctctatc ttgtcaacat     12120
     tggcctcaaa atatgtgtac agggacacag tttagcccat aagagtctgc gccatccttg     12180
     gcggtgcata ttataagaaa taaaagagaa tacaaccctt tggctggact ctgttgatat     12240
     tttgaaatgt tggtcttgca ataagaacac caccaaaggc caggcgcagt ggctcacgcc     12300
     tgtaatccca gcactttagg aggccgaggc gggcggatca cgaggtcagg agatcgagac     12360
     taccctggct aacatggtga aaccccttct ctactaaaaa tacgaaaaga aaaattagcc     12420
     gggcgtggtg gtgggtgcct gtagtcccag ctgctcggga ggctgaggcg ggagaatggt     12480
     gtgaacccag gaggcagagc ttgcagtgag ccaagatctc gccactgcac tccagcctgg     12540
     gcgacagacc aagactccat ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaacact accaaaacaa     12600
     gggagccgaa gtttagtttt ccctggaagg tgagcactcc ctcagcctgg ccgccccagg     12660
     gcagcaagac ccagtgctat gtagttctcc aaagtcctat ttactttagt gattctgatt     12720
     ctgtattttt aactgggaaa aggattctct ttcaggaaag caaccacttc tgatgctatt     12780
     taggtattat tctccttata cttataggag aaaaaattga tgttaatgaa caggaaatat     12840
     ttgccaaatt atcacacaaa taatttttgt atcattttaa aatactcctt attgtactga     12900
     gcttgttggt attttaataa aaattattgg cacataatat ttatacatac tttggggtac     12960
     acataatatt ttcatgcatg tgtagaatgt gaaatgatcg agtcaggata tttaggatac     13020
     tcatcacctc aagcatttat cagttatttg tgttgggtga atttcaaatc cactcttata     13080
     gctattgtga aatacacaat acattgttgt taactacagc cagcctgctg tgctatcgaa     13140
     tattagaatt tattcctcct atttaactgt atctttgtac ccattaagct acctcgtttt     13200
     atctcccaga tcccccacac acccttccca gcttctggta actattattc tactctccac     13260
     ctccataaga tcaacttttt ttcagttctc acatgtgagt gagaacatgt gatatttgtc     13320
     tttctttgcc tggtctattt cacttaacat actgacctcc agttccatcc atgttgctgc     13380
     tagttattat gaggtagttt tagctggaag aatagagaat taaaagaaat ctttgtgaag     13440
     cccctaccca ggtttgtcaa tttgtaacat tttaatatta ttggctatat gtagtataga     13500
     tagaaaataa tagaaatata tgcagatagc cctgattctc cacagttctg ttatgtatgt     13560
     gtttccgcgg aaacacatac agtacagtac tctatgtact gtacagtact actgtactga     13620
     gtactggact gccagtgggg agtggcggat gtcttgaatt tggtgaatgc ctttatattg     13680
     ctacaaagtg tttttttttt ttggttgttt gttttgagac ggagtctcgc tctgtcgtcc     13740
     aggctggagt gcagtggcgc gatctcggct cgctgcaagc tccgcctccc gggttcacgc     13800
     cattctcctg cctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggactacag gagcccacca ccacgaccgg     13860
     ctaatttttt tgtattttta gtagagacgg ggtttcactg tgttagccag ggtggtctcg     13920
     gtctcctgac ctcgtgatcc gcccgcctca gcctcccaat gtgctggcgt gagccaccgc     13980
     gcccggccta caaagttttt taaatccttt catttgacat gattttagac tttgtaaaaa     14040
     ttgttttttg ttgaatgtat cattctgtgg cttgctttat cgtttaatat ggtctatgag     14100
     gtgaacccac acacccatag aaacagttca tttgttttca gtgctggata gtatttatga     14160
     gacgaatatc ccacaattta tctcttctcc tgtccgcgac ctttagcttg tttctgttac     14220
     agacactgcc acaatgaaca tcctgggtca tctctctctg gtcacctgtg tgagttcccc     14280
     aagatacgga tgtaggaatg ggattactgt gcttttacca tgtgatgtta taggatgtca     14340
     aattgttctc tgaagaggtt gtatcaactc ccccctttaa aatcttcttt gacattttac     14400
     aggtcaagtt atcttcctcc ccaactagct gctcctcctc agtccccctt cagtggctcc     14460
     ttttgctgta gatgctggag cactgtgggg ttttactgcc tcccaatcac tctagtgtcc     14520
     tccactccca ggattttaaa tatcgtctag acacagatgg ctcccaaata tatatctcta     14580
     catatttcta taatcaaaaa actaatggta ccaaaacagg tactctgata tattgcagat     14640
     gggcctgcaa actggaaatg ttttcaggaa aggcagtatg gcaatttctg tctaaattaa     14700
     aaatgcatac acccagtagt cccacttcta gaaatgtgtc caaaaataga cctgcattcc     14760
     tgaaaaatga ctgtattcag aattatatgt tgcaaccctg tttgtaaaat caaaaaggaa     14820
     agaagaaaga aactgaaaga taaaagaaaa aataatccaa atgtctgtca ctagcggact     14880
     agttaaaaaa gcattgcaag ctgagcacag tagcattcac ctgtgaatac actctactcc     14940
     actctgggta acatgaggag gcctccctac cttcctaaga aaacccaaac aagcactgca     15000
     tatctacaca gcggagtcta caaacattta acacaaaaga agaaagacat aggaaactct     15060
     tgatattccc tcatgggatg gtctccatga tacattgtta agaagaaata aagcaaggtg     15120
     tagaataaca tatagagtct gctaaaattt gtgtgaaaag ggacaaagag atatatatac     15180
     acatttatat ttgcttgcat atgcataaaa tatatttgga agaataagca agaagatatc     15240
     cctggttgcc tgttggggat gagacagggt aagaaagaga cattttacct tttgaatatt     15300
     ttgaattttg aattttgaac tatatcaaga aataaaagat aattcctagg gcaaccaaac     15360
     aaaccccaaa aaaattcaaa atgaaaaacc ttttaaaaac taatagaatt tttttacctt     15420
     tattaaaata cattttaaaa attttctaaa tattatatta ttcctttaac aaggaggttt     15480
     accgccattt taattcagta cgttgttttc tttttaattg catgatcttt ctttacatct     15540
     atcttttttc cattacaagg taaaataaca gcatgattaa ttaaatgcaa tttgtttggt     15600
     gaatgaaatt ttgttcaaat cttggtctaa gtgggaaagg gattctaggg gatccagtgc     15660
     agcagttatg ggtttcagta tgctcacgac gccctccagt gtttgtgtgg gctcatggat     15720
     gccatatcta gaaaacactg gaattctcaa gcacacgtga ctgaagccat ttgccaaatg     15780
     ttcaaggtct tattaatggc ccatctgagt acttgtcata cgcagtcacc ctatctttgg     15840
     atcagaaggt acactcagag ctcctagtgt cacatcccag gcccaacctg ctgagagcag     15900
     tcgaggaagg tctggaggtc agtgtcgtga ggggtgggaa gactgagggt gtgggggcca     15960
     gttgtggagt ggcgggagcc ccaggtgctg tatgaagccg agcctctgga tcaccctgtg     16020
     accccacatt tggtcccttc ctgggtgtct tccattccca ggactcccag gaaataaaat     16080
     gctgcaagat tggggtgggg agctgtccag ggtgggtcag gtgtggtctc actgatccta     16140
     cacctctgcc tcccagccca ctcccagccc tcttctgata ttagaaacca acacagattg     16200
     ccttagggtg gtggttctca aagtgtggtc ctgggggaag cagcattggc atcacctggg     16260
     aacttagata tgcaatcttc agggcctggc ctggacctac tgtatcagaa actctgcatt     16320
     taacaagccc ccagcagaat tctgcttttc aaatcagatc tctctctctc tctctctctc     16380
     tctgtgtgtg tgtgtctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctgtgtgtc tctctctctc     16440
     tctctctctc tctgtttcaa gtctcaatat tcagtagctg tgacttctgg atagtcaggt     16500
     gtcagacacc ctttcttgcc aggaggcacc aggctcctca atcagcttag tctcattctt     16560
     ggcctggccc agggaaagat gttcacttcc tggattctga gcaaagctct cctatcctgg     16620
     gtgcctgtgg ggctcccact tacaccacaa aacaaagctc aaataatatt tttttctttt     16680
     atgagatttt tggtattcct tcattagtca gagctgaaga tctacatata tgtctaccaa     16740
     gcaagtgtgc atgtcccact agccagtttg ttagtcttgc caatgcacca caacgtagca     16800
     gcctctcagt ctctccttgt gaggtgttac ctggagttct ttgtctcacc accaagagaa     16860
     ttaaggagcg tggatacaaa gggtgaggtt ggagcaaaag tttaataagc aaaagaagaa     16920
     agctctcccc tgcagagagg gggcttggaa gatggttgcc atttttacag ctgaatgcaa     16980
     aggcttttac aagaaactga tgagggctgg gtgtctcatt tgcataaggc acgaatttcc     17040
     ggtagctcca ccccatcctc ctagtgccca tgcaggccct tagcttgagt tactccatat     17100
     tgctttgttt ccctgactgc ccatgtatcg ggggacagaa ttttccattg cgggcatgtc     17160
     tggacaagtc tcctgtgcag cctttcttat ttgtgcagct gtgggcatgt cttaggcaag     17220
     cccccctgtg caagttccct tctctgtgcc tgcaggccgt tcttttgttt gaaataattc     17280
     aactgagaac ccaccataac tgcccgcctg accagtttct tccttttttt ctctctcaat     17340
     ttgtgttatg atttccttac tgatctctgc ctgagcaaga ctgggcacgc cttgagggca     17400
     aggagggttt atttcctctt acctcagttc cagctcctct taaaacaatg ccccacgcac     17460
     agtaggtatt tgataaatgt ttaccaaatg aagggattgc ctggaatggc ttggcagaca     17520
     ggaaagcaga atgaaaaccc acaggccaaa agtggctggg aaaagatttt ccaaatccta     17580
     gtgctgggca cagggcccac tgaaattcac tttcggaacc ttcccatctg tcttgttctc     17640
     ctctcatcag ggacttccat gcccctcaaa gcccacctag tcacacacta cctttcagga     17700
     ccaccttcca gatcagccag gtacaaatcc cacagacttc ctgcctgtgg ctccaaatgc     17760
     tcagctgaaa ttctgaggct aatttcagtg gagttagagg cttatccctt aggagtggca     17820
     atggctggct ttaagattcg agaagtagtg tttacatctc aaaagagaag accgctccac     17880
     cagaaatgca gagtttttgt atgtgcgggt ccggggtctt caggagataa agaatgatag     17940
     ctccaggagc gctgggaccc ccgtgcagcc accagtcacc acagcctagg caggggttgg     18000
     gctctcacct cggcccctcc cctgcacgcc ctggatgtgg atggtccccg agtgtgaact     18060
     cgcctgggct ctgaccctgg gtgctcttcc cgccgttgtg gagcctctgc gggtgtggtg     18120
     catgcacagg gggcttcaca ggagacccgg ggccctttag agtctcaagg ccaacattct     18180
     tggagaatcc atgtcaggca ttcaggctct cagagactca gatgcccaaa ctatgaaaat     18240
     gagagaatct atcccactct ctcaggtgtg gtgagattcc tattatatga ctatcggtca     18300
     tctatacatg gattgtactc tcagagttgc ctttatcagt cggccaatgc ctaaaaccca     18360
     aagatgggtc aggcatggtg gaggaagagt tcctttctta ccttctgaag gtgccatcaa     18420
     caggaatttc taccctgtgg agtctagagg agactttcct tgaagctgag ttgggaatgg     18480
     acatttggac tttttttttt aagagttagt aactccgtgg agaaccacac atttatttgc     18540
     ttactttaat tctacagcaa cattcgaagt ggcttactgc aacaaaccca gtgtaataaa     18600
     tacatacgaa ttactttaaa ataacaccaa ggaaaatata cattttaaaa gattaaggct     18660
     ggggtaaagc tggaacatta ctaggcggga aggaacatct gaaacatttg ctgaaatgga     18720
     gttgaccctt tacctagcca tagatttgtt gcctcacgat ttcattacat ctgagcacca     18780
     gggagggggg tggcagttca ggtcaccagt cccttgtttc ctgcttcagg aacagtgtcc     18840
     tgttctatac ttacagtcaa agcaaattac atcgttgtaa gatgtttaat gatgaagtca     18900
     aagtccacag agtcagcaag taagtgtaaa aacctcagga gtccaaggac agtctacgtt     18960
     tctccccaga aatggcctca ctatgcactg ttgaagggag agggtccttt caaggggccc     19020
     caagatgcag gagcaattgg gctgcagctc taaataaaga tgtcctttct acctgcaggt     19080
     tccacaaaac ctcacaggca aatttggtga tctcacctga gctaggaatt cggttttttg     19140
     acgtgggttc tctttgagcc cttgtgtgag ctttaaaatg tgacgtggag attttgctat     19200
     actggtattt ccttggtgga atttgacatc cacagtggct ctggcttccc tgtctggtcc     19260
     caggaggaaa tggagtgtcc tgcacttttt ttcagcatcg ctttgtgtaa gaaggatcag     19320
     gagacctgga gtcaggggct cctccaatct cactctcctt cataaaacag tgtcccttaa     19380
     gctttctggg ggtgagggcc ttaacaccgt gctgttctga tgaatataat tgtcccagct     19440
     cccgaaacaa aagcacaggt gcacaaaata ccgactgttg caagcaatgc caaggtgggg     19500
     atgtttccta ggtgccaggt ttagcacttt gactttgtat gtacacacac aggggccagg     19560
     cgttgtggtt tatgcccgta atctcagcac tttgggaggc tgaggcatga gaattgcttg     19620
     aagccagaag ttcaagacca gcatgggtaa caaagcaaga cccagtctct acaaaaaaaa     19680
     aaaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa aaaatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     19740
     tactgggtgt ggtggctcca gtctgtagtc ccagctactc gagaagctga ggtaggagga     19800
     ttgcctgaat ccaggagttg gagcctgcaa tgagctgtga tcaggacact gctctagctt     19860
     gaccatcaga gtgagaccct gtctcaaaaa caaacaaaca aaacaaaaca aaatacatac     19920
     acacacacag ccagagccag cactgaggga gaggctggcc tcaggggtgg ggtcacaggc     19980
     atttctcagg tccctctcag tggtctttgt ctctttttcc tggaggtgga ggagtctgta     20040
     cttcatgagg agaagtcctc tgaagaaggc gggagatact caggagcggg gtccggagag     20100
     ggaaaaggat gaggaagtgg agacaaagtg gagggggcag ggcaagaagg gcacatgtga     20160
     ggaatgggga gggggaggac cttccagctg tcagaaaggt cccacgcaga atttggctct     20220
     tggtttttct gctttatcag gatggatttg ggaaaccagc cggagcggga gataaggagt     20280
     ctaccttgca aaggacacgt gtgagtctcc tcctaatttg aactcatgag tagcagctga     20340
     cagccaggac ccttgtgtgg ggcgcgtgac gcccctttgc aaccagggcg ttttctgcac     20400
     cccaccagcc atccctcctg ggaccacgct ggtcctctcc aaccctaaca gggagagaag     20460
     gaaggagagg tctggaggct ttgggtcctc cctcgtgctc cttcttcctc tgccatttat     20520
     tccctgagtg tccttgactt tcctccgcta cccggacccc actacagcaa agcacatcct     20580
     gcacactggc ctggactccc tttgtaacca cccagtgtgt tcaccttgct gactgcctag     20640
     acaaagccga tttatcaagg caggggaatt acaatagaga aagagtaatt catgcagagc     20700
     cggccgtgcg ggagaccaga gttttattac tcaaatctgt ctccccgaaa actctgatca     20760
     gtttttaagg ataatttggt ggataggggg ggccagtgaa tcaggagtgc tgattggttg     20820
     gctccggtat gaaatcatag tgagtggagg ctgttctctt aggctgagtc agttcctgag     20880
     tggggggcca caggactggt tggcaggtcc agatggggtc ctccagttgt tagaaatgca     20940
     aaaacctggc ctggcgtggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg agcccgaggc     21000
     gggcggatca cgaggtcagg agatggagac catccttgct aacacggtga aaccccgtct     21060
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaat tagccgggtg tggtggcggg agcctgtagt cccagctact     21120
     cagtaggctg aggaaggaga atgacgtgaa cccgggaggc ggagcttgca gtgagccgag     21180
     atcgcgccac tgcactccag cctgggcgac agagcgagac tccgtcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     21240
     aaaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa gaaagaaaaa gaaaaaagaa atgaaaaata catctcaaaa     21300
     ggccgctctg aggttcacaa tagtgatgtt accttcaaga gtaactgggg aagttgcaaa     21360
     tcttatgacc tccggaataa tggctggtaa tattcagaat tccagcccct ctcatcctaa     21420
     cttaatggct ggcggccttt cattcgtttt aaaagaacac tttcccttta aactataaat     21480
     tccttcccaa ggctagttcg gcctatgccc agaaatgaac aagggcaggt tagcggttag     21540
     aagcaagata gggtgagtta ggtttgatgt ctttcactgt catcatttcc ttacttataa     21600
     ttttgcaaag gcggtttcac cttggcttca gccccaccca tgcagtaaca ctgtgccctg     21660
     tccttccaac cactgccact aggtgaaagc agagagagca tcgcccagat gggctagatt     21720
     cttctcacag gctcactgct agaacgaaca ttcttgagac tttagatcta agtcagcctg     21780
     attcctgaaa gccttggacc gtttccaaaa tcaaatcaat actccaggaa caagatctgc     21840
     ctcgactttg tctccatcca aggacgctat ggcaacgcag ttttcaaacg tgctttgaga     21900
     ataaatggaa cagggtcccc tgtgtcccca ctcatttgcg tttccctttt tattacagcc     21960
     aacccctttt gtaaatattg ttacacatct ctctattcca ctgaaaacat ctctttcaaa     22020
     ggcactttaa gaaagattca atgacatgaa aatatgaagg atcctcttga aagagtttct     22080
     ggtggtgggt tttaaagaac attttggttt ttaaaactct gtaaccattt tggtgtgggg     22140
     cttagcttcg tattttcaaa ttgaaatatt ctcttcctta acgtccgcat aaatccaagt     22200
     tcacaatttt tattatttta aaattttatt tatttttgtt ttggggacag ggtctcctcc     22260
     tgtcacccag gctggattgc aatggcacaa tcatagctca ctgcagcctg gaactccccg     22320
     gctcaagcga tcctcctgcc tccaattccc aaagagctga gattataggc atgaaccact     22380
     gcaactcacc caaatccaag tttatactaa aagataaaat tccaacattt cagagaaaat     22440
     gaaagtcaca aagttatccc agtctctgaa gtcactgtca aaactttggt gaggaatctt     22500
     ccaggttttc ccctacttaa aatatatatt aatattatgt aagtaatatt agcggcattt     22560
     tcacccaggc tggagtgcag tggcacgatc tcagctcact gcaacctcca cctcccgggt     22620
     tcaagcaatc ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gtagctggga ctacaggcgc cggccaccat     22680
     gcctggctaa tttttgtatt ttcagtggag acagggtttc accatattga ccaggctgat     22740
     ctcgaactcc tgacctcagg tgatctgccc accttggcct tccaaagttc tgggattaca     22800
     ggcgtgagcc actgggccca gcctccttaa ccttttaaaa aagattaaaa gtacgctggg     22860
     cacttctttt catagcaata cttaaaagcg atcttactct ttttaatgac tgtatagaat     22920
     tttataatat aactcttctt tgggagacaa tggaaatgtt ctttatcttc actgtggtag     22980
     tggagatgtg ggtgtgtaca acagctaaaa ttcaacaagt tgaacacttt aaatagatgc     23040
     agtttattgc atgcaaagta tgtcccaata tgatgattta aaaatattat cgtctttgag     23100
     atttgtactt tgcttatgtg aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaac cctgttcttg tgcccaggag     23160
     acacaccctg actcatctgg aggtagaggg tcatgctgtc tgcaacttac cctcacaggc     23220
     tctgaaataa caataatagc agtatattta cagattcaga aagagagaaa gctatagtaa     23280
     aaatgttcat aagtaaaact agataaaggg caaaaataaa taataaaact acgtctttta     23340
     aattttatct ctcctttact ttttctctcc ccttttcttc ctatctcttc cctcctttct     23400
     taacacgtcc ccctatcctt ccctcctttc accactctct gcacttgatc cccggtgtat     23460
     tccagcctcc aggccaacac acttcaccgc gtccgcctgg ggcaggtcag aaaagggacg     23520
     cgaggcggcg ctgtcacagc attctatgcg ccccagcgcc ctgggccgcg ctggtcttgt     23580
     atcatttcag tggtcactcc cgtctttgac ggggccacac tcggggtgta aattaggatc     23640
     ctcactgaag cggcgggacc ctgagaggct ttttcctggc cccttagttg tgggttttcc     23700
     tgcgggcggt ggagcccgtt tccataagaa ccgcccagag gcgggcgctg ccttccaggg     23760
     gtgaagcgtt ttcggaccct ggaatctgtg ggcggcctgc ggcaggggct gaggcgcagt     23820
     tccctactca cccagatccg aatccaccgc ggtgctgttt ccagcgagtc agattccaga     23880
     tcgcgctcca gcctggactc ggaattcctg ccccgcgggt ctgcattttc acagcggcag     23940
     gtgtgagtgc cgcgcagctg gagaccagaa gcctgaggca gctcggccct ccccagccca     24000
     aagtgccgtt attccgtttc tgtatcagta aacacgtttc attttccgga gaccagggaa     24060
     gggtgatggg tgatcccagt cctcgcagtg aattccgggc cacaaaattc aaaacgcttg     24120
     cgggaaaagc cgtgcgcggt ggctcaagcc tgtaattcca gcactttggg aggccgaggc     24180
     gggcggatca cctgaggtcg ggatttccag accagcctga ccaacataga gaaaccccgc     24240
     ctctactaaa aatacaaaat tagccgggca tggtggcgca tgcctgtaat cccagctagt     24300
     cgggaggctg aggcaggaga ctcacttgaa cccgggaggc ggaggttgct gtgagccgag     24360
     atcgcgccac tgcactccag cctgggcaac aagagcgaaa ctccgtttca aaaaaaaaca     24420
     aaaaacaaaa agctttcggg cgccgagggc atccccgccc tgaattttgt gagcgaccgc     24480
     gctgggccgt ttctctttct tttccggacc ctgcagtggc gcctaaagtc tgcgaggagg     24540
     aagtcgcctc tgtgcttgtg agtccaggga tctaaggcaa gtgctgaggg agaaaacata     24600
     gttgatgggg cagagcagag ggggctggag gtggggtgga gggggagggc tttgaacaga     24660
     agacctggga ggcttggtgg gggaggggac ccaggcctcg gcgctgagaa gcaactcccc     24720
     tggagctcaa gtccatcttg gcctccccta gcccagggga ggactggctt catgtctccc     24780
     tgaaaccgct tctaaatgcc ttagaacaaa ccttaaatat tcattattat tattgaacta     24840
     ttaaaagtct tttttggagg cgagctgaat gagacccttt gctggagctg gcacacggag     24900
     gaagtcctgg agggagggta gacaccgtgg agggaagggc ttgggacctg tgtcaggaga     24960
     gctgggtcca tctccctctc tgtctcaaac tatgcttatg atctttagca gtgaaaataa     25020
     tctctctaag gtggggacag gaccccagtc cctgctgtgc ttaataaatt atgaggatca     25080
     aaataaatta tcagtgaatg tgtatgggaa gactaagaaa ttgttaaaat tctcgaatac     25140
     attacatttt catccacaga aaagtgtagg ctagggatga taggggaata gttagtaatg     25200
     acagggatag tggaacttaa aaaaaaaggt tgtgaggcca acaaaaaaga aatggacaca     25260
     gttcctgatc ctggagggtt catagtctaa tgggggagga gggtagaaga tggtaggtga     25320
     tggctgggtg tgtggcactc gcctgtagtc ccagctactc aagaggctgt ggtgggagga     25380
     ttgcttgagc ccaggcattt gaggctgcag tgagctataa tcacgccact gcattccaac     25440
     tgagtgacac agcaagactc ctctcttaaa aaaataaaat aaaataaatg aaaaaaataa     25500
     gattcaagac agggcacagt cggtaccatc aggaaggttc aaaccatggg ctagatcagt     25560
     agttctaaaa cttgactaca catcggaatc acgtagggaa ctttaaaaga tactaaggtt     25620
     taggtccaac ctaggtttac tgatttaact ggttgtggct gtggcctggg aacatggata     25680
     ttaaaaactc tccaggtggt tctacgcagt ggctaggttt gaagaccact gcctagatgt     25740
     cccaatgact aagaatgtgc gctgggtaca agccaattct cttagtagag gctttccaga     25800
     cagaattctt attattgaga attgagaatc cacatgccac acataattta tcgttttaaa     25860
     gtgtacagat cagtggcttc tagcataatc acaaagttgt gccaccgtca ccactatcta     25920
     cttgggaaga ttttcttcct ttttttcttt tttttttttt tttgaggcgg agccttgctc     25980
     tgttgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcgcaa tctcagctca ctgcaagctc cgcctcccgg     26040
     gttgacccca ttctcctgcc tcagccttct gagcagctgg gactacaggt acccgccacc     26100
     acgcccagct aagttttttg tatttttagt agagacgggg tttcactgtg ttagcaggat     26160
     gctctcgatc tcctgacctc gtgatctgcc cacctcgacc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac     26220
     aggcgtgagc caccgtgccc ggaccctttt tccttttttt tttttttaaa ggctagtcaa     26280
     gtgaaacagt gggagtgaag atgaaacaaa aacatctata actggttgtg atcaattagt     26340
     tgtaaacacc actgcactca gaccagccta attgggaaga ttttgaggat atgctgtggt     26400
     ctgatgggtt ccaaggcaga ggtgacagta acctggaaga gggagactgc ttaggcagtg     26460
     gcatcctggt gggatagggt gaggagatcc cagagcccac gtttactgca accctgggga     26520
     aatgtcacca gagaaatggg ggtggtgcca gacaatagat tgtgggagct atggtttcca     26580
     tggtagagta gaagcatcca ccatgtgtga cattcagcag atggggcgct gtgggtggct     26640
     tggagcactc tggttgtaac tgaggcaggc acagtgttta ggaagcctgt gcagtaatcc     26700
     agactgaagg gaggggaaag cctagactaa gactatggct gtgggattga aatagcgttg     26760
     aaggagctga ctttgactcc cggagatgaa ggggaaagag gaaatcagaa gggaccaagg     26820
     atggtgaagt tcttaagaga aactgaggag gaagagagga tgatgtggtg ggagacgtgt     26880
     agagagtcct tgtagatctg tcatattgaa ggggactatg gtcccagagg tacagatgtc     26940
     ctaaaacagg ctggaaaagg gagtctggag agagcttggt gttgtaatga accatgggga     27000
     gccgcctcgt tggccctgtg attacccagg aactgaatag agagggggcc ctgggagacc     27060
     tcagacactt agaggatata agggggtgaa aggggggacc tggctttgag tcgaagggag     27120
     gagaaggaga ttatatagct gaaacgtcta agagaatttg tgatctgagc gtttctactg     27180
     gggcaagtgc ttctgaaagg cagaggcggc tgagatctgg aaacaggtct gcaaatctgg     27240
     tcactggtct cattgcagta acgctgtgcg cggttgaggg agtgtattgg gagaaaaacc     27300
     acgcgttgtc tgtcccggaa ggaacaagcc agtgagagcc ggcctgatgg gaggaccggc     27360
     gaaaggggct tggtgaagcc cgcgctcctt gggggtggga atgcggggat ggggtggtcg     27420
     cgatgcaggg agggcgacag ggtccaggtc gtgctcataa ggttggagct gtactctcag     27480
     ctactcgggg ctggtccttg attttggctg cgctcgcgca cgctccccct tttctggccg     27540
     ccaggtcccg ccttctaaat ttccccaggt ctccaggccg ctagaatttt ctcttctgaa     27600
     cgtggccccg ccctctccac tcatgattgg ccctaagttc cgggcctcag ttttcactgg     27660
     ataagcggtc gctgagcggg gcgcaggtga ctaaatttcc acggggtctt ctcaccgttt     27720
     tcattcagtt ggccactgct gagcagctga gaaggtggcg acgtaggggc catggggctg     27780
     ggccgggtcc tgctgtttct ggccgtcgcc ttcccttttg cacccccggc agccgccgct     27840
     ggtgagtggg gatcctggcg gtccccggcg gagcgggagc ggcggggcgt ttccgggggt     27900
     ccgggtgggt tgccgcgagc gctgtgcggt cagggcgggg ctcaggtgtg ctgtctggag     27960
     tgcagggagc tggacgccgc ctgttcccgc cacacctcag ccctgctttc ccatctctcg     28020
     tctctttttt tttttctttc tgagacggag tctctgtcgc ctaggctgta gtgcagtggc     28080
     gcgatcttgg ctcactgcaa gctccgcctc ccgggttcac gccattctcc tgcctcagcc     28140
     tccctagtag ctgggactac agacgcccgc caccacgccc ggctaatttt tttttttttt     28200
     tttttttttt tttttttttg agacggagtc tcgctctgtc gcccaggccg gactgcggac     28260
     tgcagtggcg caatctcggc tcactgcaag ctctgcttcc cgggttcacg ccattctcct     28320
     gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggactaca ggcgcccgcc accgcgcccg gctaattttt     28380
     tgtgttttta gtagagatgg ggtttcaccg tgttagtcag gatggtctcg atctcctgac     28440
     ctcgtgatcc gcccgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agccaccgcc     28500
     cccgacctcc cgtctccttt cagtcctcct cgggatcgcg catcacccgc attttctggt     28560
     ctctcctgca cttgctctcc tcgcctctcc tccgtctcct ctcacttttc ggacaaacca     28620
     gtccttctga ggcccctggg ttcccgggct gctcctgtga atggcattgg aaggccgttc     28680
     cagcgcggcc gctgaggcag ccacttcccc cggtgctggg ggcggatctc aggtccctga     28740
     agtcctgtcc tctcccggag ccgatgtgtt ctcagctcct gggccgcagc tcctggagtt     28800
     ggggccctcc tttcttggga cccagaggtg gtgcttcttg ctgctgtggg gactgtgggg     28860
     ggtcctgact ctcaagctga ggggttggag tctgcaggct ccgggcagag gattcttcct     28920
     gcgacttctg tcatccccag ctcattctcc cctcgcctcc ggctccgggg gtcctctcct     28980
     ctctcgcatc ccacccctac taatgaccaa tgatctaagg acaccagatt ccctctcacc     29040
     tcctccctgc ccatcttacg gcgccctggg tcctgttgct ctcccagctc cctgctaccc     29100
     cttcctgtgt gctgttctct gatccatttc tagggtgtcc tctgccttca tcccccgccc     29160
     ccgccactga aggtccctcc tgcctccttt atgggccttt cctgcaagca gccttcactc     29220
     cgtgctgccc ctatgcctcc ccattcccaa atgtccctga ctctaacttt ctggtgctgc     29280
     cttttgtccg gggggggtct tccctccatc ccactcccct ccagaccccc aaggagagcc     29340
     ctgatgctaa tggcagttgg gccttaggca gggcgcaggg cagcgcagat gccccctccc     29400
     ctccagtgca ggtgcctgct ctgggccctg cctcattgtg gccccttccc cactccttca     29460
     tcctcagcct caccctcttg aggaccccac cctccagccc acaggtgctg gaccatccct     29520
     ccctggtccc tccgcccctc tccaccttgg gaccttgtgc tgctcctatc tcttgcccag     29580
     ctgcctgggg ccctcagcaa gttctcatct ttcagtggga aagtgggagt gctggagcat     29640
     atgacagtgc tgagaatctt tcccaagccc caccctcccc cagagcaccc tcccctcctg     29700
     tcctcaccct accccaagtt ctcccacagt cactcctgcc ccatgctcat gccgccctcc     29760
     agttcttgct ctgcccatct cccctcccca acccagacct aaaacaggct gttgggccag     29820
     ctgttccttg accttccttc ttttcttttg gttccttgac cccagtgggc tctcactccc     29880
     cacaccgcat atctaaaatc tgttttgcct gctcttgggg tgccactgct ccccctccag     29940
     cattactcct tttggcaggt ccttcctcag gctgagaatc tccccttcta ccttggtttt     30000
     ctctctctgg ccagcacccc caccccttgc tttgttttta atttttaact tttgtttggg     30060
     tacatagtag atatgtatgt atatatttat ggggtacatg ggatattttc acacaggcct     30120
     acaatatgtc ataatcacat cagggtaaat gggttatcta tcacaacaag catttatcct     30180
     ttctttgtgc tacaaacaat cccattatgc tctttcagtt atttttaaat gtacaataaa     30240
     ttattgttgg ctgtactcac cctgctgtgc tatctactag atcttattca ttctaactat     30300
     atttttgtac ccattaacca tccgcactcc cccactcccc actacccttc tcagcctctg     30360
     gtattcgtaa ttctattgtc tctccccatg aggtccattg ttttaatttt tggctgccac     30420
     aaataagtga gaacatgcga agtttgtctc tctgggcctg gggcttattt cacttcacat     30480
     gatgacctcc agttctttgc aaatgacatg atggctgaat agtactccac atacacgtgt     30540
     gcaccacatt ttctttctcc attcgtctgt tgatggacac ttaggtcgct tgcagatctt     30600
     ggctattttg aatagtgctg caataaacat ggaaaagtag atagctcttt aatataccga     30660
     tttcctttct tttgggtata tgcctaacag tgggagtgct ggagcatatg acagctctat     30720
     tatattttta gtttttggaa gaacctccac attatttccc acagtggtta tactagttta     30780
     cgttcccacc aacagtgtac aagggttctc ttttgctaca tcctcaccag gattccttat     30840
     tgcctgtctt ctggataaaa gccagtttat ctggggtggg atgatatctc gtaggagttt     30900
     tgatttgcct tcatctgatg acgaatgatg ttgagcacct tttgatatac ctgtttgcca     30960
     tttgtatgtc ttcttttgag aaatgactat tcagatcttt tgctcatttt taagttggat     31020
     tattagatat ttttcctata gagttgtttg agatccttat atgttttggt tactaatcct     31080
     ttgtcagatg aatagtttga aaatattttc tcccattctt ggatggtctc ttcactttgt     31140
     ttattgtttc ctttgctgtg cagaagcttt ttaacttgat atgatcccat ttgtgcattt     31200
     ttactttggt tgcctgtgct tgtggggtat tacttaaaaa atctttgcca gtccaatatc     31260
     ttagagagtt tccccaatgt tttctttcat agttttcata gtttgaggtc atagatttac     31320
     atctttaatc ctttttgatt ggatttttat atgtggtgag agatagggtc cagtttcatt     31380
     cttctgcata aggatatcta gtttccccag caccatttat tgaagagact ctcctttgcc     31440
     ctgtatgtgt tcttgctaac tttgttagaa ataacttcac tgtagatata tggatttgtt     31500
     tctgggttct ctattctgtt tcattggtcc gtgtgtctgt ttttatgcca ctaccatgct     31560
     gttttgatta ctctagctct gtagtataat ttgaagtcag ataatgtgat tcctctagtt     31620
     ttgttctttt tgctcagggt agctttatct attctgggtt ttttgtgatt ccatatacat     31680
     tttaggattg tttttctatt tctgtgaaga atgtcattgg tgttttgata gcaattgcat     31740
     tgaatttgta gattgctttg ggtaggatgg atattttaac aaaattgatt cttccggctg     31800
     ggcacggtgg ctcactcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccgagtcag gtggatcact     31860
     tgagatcagg agttcaagac cagcctgatc aacatgggga aaccccgcct ctactaaaaa     31920
     tacaaaatta gccaggcgtg gtggcatatg cctgtaatcc cagctactca ggaaagctga     31980
     ggcaggagaa tcgcttgaac ccaggaggca gaggttgtgg tgagctgaga ttgcaccatt     32040
     gcactccagc ctgggcaaca ggagcaaaac tccatctcag aaaataaaaa taaacattga     32100
     ttcttccagt ccatgaacat ggaatgcctt ttccattttt tgtgtcctct tcaatgtttt     32160
     gcatcagtgc tttatagttt ttattggaga gatctttcac ttcttcagtt aagtctattc     32220
     ctaggtattt tattttattt gtagctaatg aaaatgggat tcgtttcttg atttcttttt     32280
     cagattattt gctgttagca catagaaatg ctattgtttt ttgcatgttg attttgtatc     32340
     ctgcaacttt actgaatttg ttcttcagtt ctaatagttt tttggtggag tctttaggtt     32400
     ttccaaatat cagaccacat gatgtgcaaa caaggataat ttgacttctt cttttccaat     32460
     tttgatgccc tttatttcct tctcctgtca gattgctcta gctaggactt gcagtattgt     32520
     gttgcataac tgtagtgaaa gtagtcatcc ttgtcttgtt ccagatctta aagaaaaggc     32580
     tttcagtttt cccccattca gtatgttact agctgtgagt tgtcatatat ggcttttatt     32640
     atattgaggt ctgttccttg tatactcagt ttttttagag tttttatcat gaagggatgt     32700
     taaacttatc aaatgctttt tcagtatcaa ttgaaatggt gatatggctt ttgtccttta     32760
     ttctgttgat acgatgtatt acattgattg atttgtgtat gcatacctgg aatatattcc     32820
     acttggtcat gaagaatgat ctttttaata tactgttgaa tgtggtttgc tagtatttca     32880
     ttgatgatat ttgcctcaat gttcatcagg gatataggcc tgtagttttc tttttttgat     32940
     gtgtctttgc ctgattttga tatcaggata ttcctggctt tgtaaaatga gtttggaagt     33000
     attccctcct cctctgtttt tcagaacaat ttgaatagga ctgatatttc ttgttcttta     33060
     aacgtttaat tgtggtaaat tatacattac atacatttta ctgttttaac cgcttttaag     33120
     tgtatactcg gtggcattag atacattcac atttttgtgc aacccaaaac tctgtaccca     33180
     ttaatcggta actccccatt cctccctacc tctggcccct ggtaaccatc attctacttt     33240
     ttgtttctat gaatttgacc actctaggta cctcatttaa gtagaatcgt gtaatgtttg     33300
     tctttttgat tctggcttat ttcacttata atatttcgag gttcatccag gttgtagtat     33360
     gggtcagatt ttcattcctt ttaatgatga ataatactca ttatatgtat gtaccacatc     33420
     ttggttatcc attcctcaga caatggacac ttgggttact tctacctttt ggatattggc     33480
     aaatatttca tttctcttgg gtatatattt atttcttttg aatatttctt ttgggtatat     33540
     atccagaaat agaattgttg gatcatacgg tatttcattt tttaattttt agaggaatca     33600
     ccatagtgtt ttccattgca ggcgtgccat tttgtatttc tagaagcagt atacaggggc     33660
     ttcagtttct ctacctcctt gccaaacttg ctgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     33720
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga taatagccac cctgattggt ttgaagtggt atctcgttgt     33780
     ggtttggatt tgcattttcc taatgagtac tgatattgag catcttttca tgtgtttatt     33840
     gatcatttgt atattttctt tgaagaattg gccattgaag tcttgcccat ttttctcccc     33900
     cacatagctt ctcatggcta ttttgcccat ttttgagtgg gttgactgtt ttgttgtttt     33960
     tgtcaaactt ttttgcatat tctggaaact aatctctctt tctttttttt tttttttttt     34020
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgag atggagtctt gctctgttgc ccaggctgga     34080
     gtgcagtggc acgatctcag ctcactgcaa gctccgcccg ctagcttcat gccattctcc     34140
     cgcctcagcc tcccgagtag ctgggactac aggcgcccgc caccacaccc ggctaatttt     34200
     ttgtattttt agtagagata gggtttcacc atgttagcca ggatggtctc aatctcctga     34260
     cctggtgata cacccgcctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggaa ctacaggctt gagccaccac     34320
     gcctggcctt caacctctta tcagatatat gacttgcaat atttatttca tttcaggggt     34380
     tgattgcttt ctcactctgt gccctttgat gcacagatat tttgaatttt tcatgagtct     34440
     agtttgtcag ttctttctat tctatctgtg ctttggcgtc atatccatga aagcactgtc     34500
     aaaccctatg tcatgaacat tatacccaat gtttttttct aagatatttt tatgttttag     34560
     ttcttgagtt tagagtttag gtctttgatt cattttgagt taatttttgt atatagtaca     34620
     aattaagggt ccaattttat attatttgaa catccagttc ccccagcact atttgctgaa     34680
     aagatggact tactctttga gaccctgtca cctgcccacc ccagtggaca ctagctggtc     34740
     catccaattg ctgtcctggg gccttgtcat gccactcttc cactttggac ccaagcccac     34800
     atcattgctc ccctctggga tactgacccc actataaact tcactggggc tacaaccttc     34860
     ctaccccttg tgcctcatga ccaccccctc ccttgtcccc accatgccca tgatgagtct     34920
     tttctcgagg cagctcgcct tgcctccatc tcaccctcac ctgtgcacca cagccacact     34980
     ggacatgggt ccctctgagc ctgagtccct tcccattccc actgtcccct ctggcaagac     35040
     cttccttcca acactgcctt catgctcctc ccttgcccct gcagggcagc ctctcccctt     35100
     ggcccctatt cccttagggg gcttgtggcc acccagtcct ggcacctgac ctacaagttt     35160
     gccatcttca ttcccccttc ttctgttcat cagccccctc ctctatcctc ccaccctcac     35220
     agttttcctt gtatatgaaa tcttcgttct tgtccttttg cccatgtgca tttcctgcct     35280
     cctcagggag gtcgggacag cagacctgtg tgttaaacat caatgtgaag ttatttccag     35340
     gaagaagttt cacctgtgat ttcctcttcc ccagagcccc acagtcttcg ttacaacctc     35400
     atggtgctgt cccaggatgg atctgtgcag tcagggtttc tcgctgaggg acatctggat     35460
     ggtcagccct tcctgcgcta tgacaggcag aaacgcaggg caaagcccca gggacagtgg     35520
     gcagaagatg tcctgggagc taagacctgg gacacagaga ccgaggactt gacagagaat     35580
     gggcaagacc tcaggaggac cctgactcat atcaaggacc agaaaggagg tgagagtcgg     35640
     caggggcaag agtaatggga ggccttctcc aggaaagttg gagacagaga gcagggacct     35700
     gtctcttccc gctggatctg gctgggggtg gggatgagga atagggtcag ggaggctcag     35760
     cagggtggtg agccggaact cagcccacac agggaggcat ggaggagggc cagggagggg     35820
     tcgccgctgg gctgagttcc tcacttgggt ggaaaggtga tgggttcggg aatggagaag     35880
     tcactgctgg gtgggggcag gcttgcattc cctccaggag attagggtct gtgagatcca     35940
     tgaagacagc agcaccaggg gctcccggca tttctactac gatggggagc tcttcctctc     36000
     ccaaaacctg gagactcaag aatcgacagt gccccagtcc tccagagctc agaccttggc     36060
     tatgaacgtc acaaatttct ggaaggaaga tgccatgaag accaagacac actatcgcgc     36120
     tatgcaggca gactgcctgc agaaactaca gcgatatctg aaatccgggg tggccatcag     36180
     gagaacaggt accgaccctg gccaggggct ctactgttcc cgcaattctg ctagagttgc     36240
     ctcgcctccc agctctgtcc ggggaaaccc tccctgtgct atggatgcag gcgtttcctg     36300
     ttggcatatt gtgtcctgat ttgcctctcc tgttagagcc attggataaa gacagtgggt     36360
     ctgggactga actgtccagt gttgtaatct gggaaagcag tgggccctct gacagaagcc     36420
     tgagcctggg gtgggagtta ggcaggagag gaagccctca gggccagggc tgccccctct     36480
     gcctcccggc ctgcccatcc cggagagttc cctcctggcc ccatgaccca ggagtccacc     36540
     cttgacatcc ccctcctcag catcaatgtg gggatcccag agcctgaggc cacagtccca     36600
     aggcccatcc tcctgctagc ctggaggaat taggccccag ggtgaggaca gacttacaga     36660
     aggtccggga tctgtgaggg attcagccag agtgagaaca gtggagagga gcagccctgt     36720
     tccctgcatc tcccttagag gggagcaggg cttcactggc tctgcccttt cttctccagt     36780
     gccccccatg gtgaatgtca tctgcagcga ggtctcagag ggcaacatca ccgtgacatg     36840
     cagggcttcc agcttctatc cccggaatat cacactgacc tggcgtcagg atggggtatc     36900
     tttgagccac aacacccagc agtgggggga tgtcctgcct gatgggaatg gaacctacca     36960
     gacctgggtg gccaccagga ttcgccaagg agaggagcag aggttcacct gctacatgga     37020
     acacagcggg aatcacggca ctcaccctgt gccctctggt gagcctgggg tgaccctgga     37080
     gagggtcagg ccagggtagg aacagcaggg acggctgtgg ctctctgccc agtgtataac     37140
     aagtcccttt ttttcaggga aggcgctggt gcttcagagt caacggacag actttccata     37200
     tgtttctgct gctatgccat gttttgttat tattattatt ctctgtgtcc cttgttgcaa     37260
     gaagaaaaca tcagcggcag agggtccagg tgagaaaagg ggacagtttc tggagatggg     37320
     aaagctcctt tctaggcagt agggtctcct cattgctcct gcccagacaa gacgtaggtg     37380
     acaaggctgc tgggacaggg gatggaagct ggggtatttg ggaggggaat gggagctgca     37440
     tctccatcta cacccataag tgcttcccaa gccagggctg gggcaaggcc ttcgaatatc     37500
     cagctgtggc ctcctcctgc tgcaagtgag gagtgggcag cagggagggc tgtggcacct     37560
     gctctgtccc catcccagcc tctctgtctc tcgggctcac tagggtgcat ccaggtgggg     37620
     tgagttggga atcacgtgct gattgctgag ggcctggatg atcatggtgt cagagggagg     37680
     aaatagtaaa ggtggctgtg atctggggag ggccagaaac tggagaggaa tccaaggaga     37740
     ggcgatgccc acccgtgtgc ctcctccagg aggcactttc caggttccca ctacctggcc     37800
     tccctgagtt tccttgcaga tgacacagat gaatagataa gcagatgtcc ctgggccatt     37860
     tgaggagcgg ggcccagccc ctcatcaggg cagatgtggt ccctgttttc atcctacctc     37920
     cagcgtgttt tcttctgcag tccctgaggg acacagtccc caggcgccat ctctttgagg     37980
     ctttgttctg tgctctgtgg ccttaccttg ccctccctga gccaatttcc ctttctcaag     38040
     gtggtcactg cctggtaagt ttggagtaag ggacagtcag aagcatttcc cccacagtca     38100
     ggttgtttga tgggagatga aaagagacag cagaagtttt gtgtttctgc aaaaacagag     38160
     gcagtgcagg ggacagtgag aggctggggt gtccaggaga cctgagtctg gcggtagggg     38220
     cgctggtttc tcatccttga acctaattgc actgtcagtc ggcccctcat gcctgagcag     38280
     atgggaaggt tcgtcccctg ccctgcagca agagggcccc gtccaggagg cacccacagc     38340
     aggggcagtg caggtctgtg gtcactcctg ctctcacctg cggcgtctcc cgtggaggga     38400
     ttgtcacttc tggttccctg tgggcaggaa tggtttcctc gtaggtcact ggggttttgg     38460
     ccaggaaaag ggtatgaaat tcatgtgcca gtttctcaaa attcctgctt tcaatgttga     38520
     tgtccaataa agatgttcgt aatttcagct ctataatctt aataggattt cctctaatac     38580
     tgctgttgta aagcatatta aataaaacag gaactcaaat ttggagcccc ctctccagaa     38640
     gggtctgtgt ggagatggtg gctgtggcag cggcagttcc caggtgcaga gggtgggcag     38700
     aggcagcctc aggctaaggg gtctccccta ctccacgtgg agaaaagtcc ttgtaggttg     38760
     caagggcagt ggcctgggtg gaatccctgc tagggacaga gcaggaaggc ctcgcagcct     38820
     caccaagcag cagccctggg gtgaagtaag tggaccagga gtaagtggac caggcaggag     38880
     cagtagtgac tcaacagcag gtcacaggcc taggtgggtg ctgaaggtca tgggaggcca     38940
     ggcctcctcg agcaaggtgg ggggtcccag ggtcatgtca ggtgcagatc ctgtggcagc     39000
     catgtctttc catgctgggc ctgctgggcc ccccaggctt cctgatgggg tccccagtta     39060
     ggagctgcct gctcagggct gggaggggag gagtgctgag ctgcagatag agggcagggc     39120
     ccacagtggg cagggcctgc cctggtgtgc aggtgcctct gcaggagaga agggcctggg     39180
     gactgagagc aagggtcagg gcctctcttt ggggaggcct ctcactgtaa caggactggt     39240
     caggcctgag aggagggcac tgggttccct cttgggtctt gtccttttgt cttggggccc     39300
     tttcactccc tgcacggtga gtggtgggca caggacaggg gctgatgttg atggagtgat     39360
     gggagagaac tgacgggctg ggaaaagcaa ggagggagga agaaaaaagt gggggcctca     39420
     tcttctctca gagaaagggt gaatctgatt ttggggcaac tgaagagaga aaagtcctta     39480
     gggaataaac acaacactgc acccagtgga gcatttaccc gtttccctct tctccagagc     39540
     ttgtgagcct gcaggtcctg gatcaacacc cagttgggac aggagaccac agggatgcag     39600
     cacagctggg atttcagcct ctgatgtcag ctactgggtc cactggttcc actgagggca     39660
     cctagactct acagccaggc ggccaggatt caactccctg cctggatctc accagcactt     39720
     tccctctgtt tcctgaccta tgaaacagag aaaataacat cacttattta ttgttgttgg     39780
     atgctgcaaa gtgttagtag gtatgaggtg tttgctgctc tgccacgtag agagccagca     39840
     aagggatcat gaccaactca acattccatt ggaggctata tgatcaaaca gcaaattgtt     39900
     tatcatgaat gcaggatgtg ggcaaactca cgactgctcc tgccaacaga aggtttgctg     39960
     agggcattca ctccatggtg ctcattggag ttatctactg ggtcatctag agcctattgt     40020
     ttgaggaatg cagtcttaca agcctactct ggacccagca gctgactcct tcttccaccc     40080
     ctcttcttgc tatctcctat accaataaat acgaagggct gtggaagatc agagcccttg     40140
     ttcacgagaa gcaagaagcc ccctgacccc ttgttccaaa tatactcttt tgtctttctc     40200
     tttattccca cgttcgccct ttgttcagtc caatacaggg ttgtggggcc cttaacagtg     40260
     ccatattaat tggtatcatt atttctgttg tttttgtttt tgtttttgtt tttgtttttg     40320
     agacagagtc tcactctgtc acccaggctg cagttcactg gtgtgatctc agctcactgc     40380
     aacctctgcc tcccaggttc aagcacttct cgtacctcag actcccgaat agctgggatt     40440
     acagacaggc accaccacac ccagctaatt tttgtatttt ttgtagagac ggggtttcgc     40500
     caagttgacc agcccagttt caaactcctg acctcaggtg atctgcctgc cttggcatcc     40560
     caaagtgctg ggattacaag aatgagccac cgtgcctggc ctattttatt atattgtaat     40620
     atattttatt atattagcca ccatgcctgt cctattttct tatgttttaa tatattttaa     40680
     tatattacat gtgcagtaat tagattatca tgggtgaact ttatgagtga gtatcttggt     40740
     gatgactcct cctgaccagc ccaggaccag ctttcttgtc accttgaggt cccctcgccc     40800
     cgtcacaccg ttatgcatta ctctgtgtct actattatgt gtgcataatt tataccgtaa     40860
     atgtttactc tttaaataga catttctggt ctgtgtttta tttcatgcgt ctgggagcgg     40920
     ataaagtgtg aggttcagag agaaggagag gtctgtctca atgccttgac ccagcatcaa     40980
     agcaatctcc cctccttgtt ccctttccct gctagttccc aatgactgac agattcacag     41040
     cagaacagaa aggactggga agggatggag gtgggacatc tggcgccaat attcaggggc     41100
     tgaccctgtg agggaacatc tgccctgaag agttggagcc ttcatgtgat gacacagaga     41160
     tctctgtcac tgtattcagg gaaaggatca agcctcactc ctcatgcagg gaggaggttc     41220
     tggctgtgat ccggcctgtg ggagaagtga ggacccgctc cctctacagt gacagccaag     41280
     aacctgcagg tgacagagaa ggcttcccct caactgtctc ctatcaggtt cttccaggca     41340
     tcaaggaata gacctgggac attgcctcca gtgacatgaa cacacccaga agtgaggtgg     41400
     ccctgccagg gggtcctggt gctgccactt gttttgggag ctcagtgtct ggagaggggt     41460
     gtggagagta ggctttctgc aaaacagtaa tcatgaccta taaattattt tatacttcat     41520
     tagctttttg ccataaaata aaacaggtac ccaaaaagaa aaactgtctg aaaatgttgc     41580
     cctttaataa taataataaa taataataat aaaagataaa caccctttaa ccaccagaga     41640
     tatagaagtt tgtcagccag cccagaaacc atcatttgcc ccagctcagt gataaaggct     41700
     tcccttcccc acataaaatc acagcctgac ctttatgatg attgcttctt tgttctattt     41760
     tatattttca tcctctgaaa ttgtagttta gttttacctt gggatgtata atttttgttc     41820
     tcttttttct tttttttttt aagacggagt ctcactctgt cacccaggct ggagtgcagt     41880
     ggcatgatct cggctcactg caagctccgc ctcacgggtt catgcgattc tcctgcctca     41940
     gcctcccgag tagctgggac tacaggcgtc tgccaccacg cccagctaat ttttttgtat     42000
     ttttagtaga gacagggttt caccatgtta gccaggatgg tctcaatctc ctgacctcat     42060
     gatctgcctg cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca ccgcacctgg     42120
     cctgttctct ttttttctct atgctcctcc ttgaaatttt attgtctggc tgagttttcc     42180
     atagtttgca ttttgctggc tccaccccaa ggcatagttt aatatggacc tgttttatct     42240
     gtactttcta caaattggta gttggctaca gagatttgct tatagactga cttgattttc     42300
     ttcttgaata cttcatttat ggcactccat tgtattcttc catcaggagg aagaacttag     42360
     tactggttat ttacttctac tctactttta attgccattg cttttcaatg gctaaatctg     42420
     ttaattcgtt atgggttgca aaagaattat agtctcagtc tctcattcct tccccattca     42480
     ctagctgaat aatttctaaa ataagagatt tacccttggc tggatgcggt gacttacgcc     42540
     tgtaatccca gcacttgggg aggccgaggc tggtggatca cctgaggtcg ggagttcaag     42600
     accatcctga ccaacatgaa gaaactgtgt ctctactaaa aacacaaaac tagccgggag     42660
     tggtggcgca tgcctgtaat cccagctact cgggaggcgg aagtaggaga attgcttgaa     42720
     ccgggaaggc ggaggttgca gtgagccgag atggcgccat tgcactccag cctgggcatc     42780
     aagagtgaaa ctccgtctca aaataaataa ataaataaag tggagcactt gacggccatg     42840
     ggagagaatc ggctatgacc acacacagca agatgatgag cccaacaaag atgatgagcc     42900
     cgactacatg aaaacaactt ctaatttcat tcaatcagaa ccaacagaac tcatctacag     42960
     tgttaaaaat caagacagtg gctactctag ggtgggggag gctggtttat gactcaacgg     43020
     tgtttcttgg agggtgaaaa tgatgttgct tgatgaaggt gttgtttatc cgagttttta     43080
     cttgggcaaa acccactgcc cacctgtgat tcgtccacct ttctccatgc atgttgtcct     43140
     tcattcaagt ttacatttct ggtgttttga aacaattctc tctaagctaa tatagaattt     43200
     ctcctactcc aagtccttag aaatgctgca ttgaaaatac cagtgaattt ttttttaatt     43260
     ccaggaaata aatgcccatg actcagatat aaaaaggaga atctacaaga gcagtaggct     43320
     tgggagctga caccagaaca gctttggaaa gggctgtcga gccaggaact aggaatcaaa     43380
     acccaaacaa gaccacagga ggtagagggt agaaattatg ccccagtagt gcatgaatga     43440
     atgaatcaag ggcagtgact catgggttgc ctggccagtc tggaacttgg ggaaaataaa     43500
     gttggaaaat tggcggatgg aagagagaag tgtgcactga ccactttcca tgggaagagc     43560
     atgtgaagat agaggttgca tatggatgcc tgccagaggg tctccaaggg gctggggctc     43620
     cctgtaacca ggtgagcgag atggcttgat ggatgatgcc actcagccgc acaaggcttg     43680
     ctcatgagtc cctgcacaaa gtggccgtgg tggctgggat ggacactgca ttgacagagc     43740
     aattgagtca ccactcacca aggctgacct ggcagctgcc actgctgagg acccagcctg     43800
     ccaaaagcag ctgtttcttt gaacagagaa aaaaaacaga caatgttaat taagagcaag     43860
     acagtgttat gacagataaa tatgccactg cagctatagt agagatgtaa acaatcttga     43920
     aattataaaa aaaaatgtcg atggaaaaga cttactgcaa gtaagaagtt aaaacagttg     43980
     taaaaattct atctctgccc aactatatac agattgtttc acagggaagt cctactaaac     44040
     cttcaaagaa ggttattgga cttatttaaa atattcaaga gaatggagca aaatacagaa     44100
     agctaggcaa ctcactttat cagctatgaa tagtgttaat tctaaagcca gttagggaac     44160
     aaataataaa gaaacaagat aggaaaatca ctattagtaa ttagatgtaa aatagatgag     44220
     aaaaatagta gactgtgtcc atcagtgtgc tataaacaaa ttaaatatct tgaccaagtt     44280
     atgaatccca agaataaaag aatatttaaa ctttaaatct tttaatgcat tttaacactt     44340
     aattcaataa tttaaaaaga gacaatcata tttcactaga tgtagaaatc actgtagatg     44400
     aaatctaaca ctacacctga cctacatttc ttcagttatc tccactttta agaatttgtg     44460
     atcagtgcag cactattcac aatagcaaag gtaaggaatc aacccagatg cccatcaaca     44520
     gtggaatgga taaagaaaac tgcggcacag ggccaggcgc ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc     44580
     ccagcacttt gggagggtga ggcaggcaga tcacgaagtc aggagttcga gaccatcctg     44640
     gctaacacag tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa aattagccgg gtgtggtggc     44700
     gggcacctgt agtcccagct actcgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatggcat gaacccagga     44760
     ggtggagttt gcagtgagcc gagatcacgc cactgcactc cagcctgggt gacagaatga     44820
     gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa ataaaagaaa agaaaactgc agcacttata caccatggta     44880
     cgctacccag ccaaaaaaac aagaacgaaa tcatgtcctt cacagcaaca tggatggagg     44940
     tggagaccat tattctaagc aaattaatgt aggaacagaa agccaaatac cacatattct     45000
     cacctataag tggcagctaa acattgagta cacatggaca caaagaaggg aacaatagac     45060
     actggggcct ccttgagggt ggagggtggg aggaggggga ggattaaaaa actacctatt     45120
     gggtattgtg ctgattacct gagtaacaaa attatctgca caccaaacac ccgtgataca     45180
     caatttaccc atgtaacaaa cctgaatatg tatcccttga acctaaaaaa tcaaaaagaa     45240
     aaaagtaaaa aagaattcct gatcagattg agccaggaca atggccgggc gtggtggctc     45300
     acgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggcaggtg gtcagggtag gcctcttgga     45360
     ggagccatgt gagcagactt gagaaggaga gacacagcca tgcagatatt tgaaggaaga     45420
     accttccagt atcccgctct aagcataccc aggactctgc tctggggcag accctaaagc     45480
     tgcagtggaa atggaggtgg ccacactcac agagactgtg gcagagagtg atggggattt     45540
     gggtctcccc ttcctgctgt ggctgttaga agtgctggag ttggggaggg aaaggcactg     45600
     gcatgtggag gaagactagg agaggagggg aggctgaagt gtgtcccact ctcactccac     45660
     ctctctgttc tctatctcct gcatccggtg cctccccgac ttccccaaag ttgtggtccc     45720
     tgacaaggaa gaccctgagg gcaaccacac cttgccatgt agagcacctg gcttctcact     45780
     tgccaacatc actctgacct ggctgcagga aggggaggag ccaactctgg actcaagact     45840
     caaggggacc agacccagga agatgagact tatcagggct gggcagctgt ggggggccct     45900
     cccagagaag gcctgagata cacctgcctg caggtgctcc tgggcctgga gaagcccctc     45960
     agtgtgacta ggtgaggtgt tgtcagagga ccagaggctg agggtggggc gtcccatcca     46020
     gatcctgccc ctctctctgc cccagcaccc aaggcccctt cctccctcct ctatggagat     46080
     gctggggatg tcctcattct ccctctgagc actcacatct cacccctcat ctgtctctct     46140
     aacctccttc cttcctgctg cagcttctgc cccagcccca ggctctggcc tctctctccc     46200
     cagttccacc ctccaggggg tgatggttca cttccctctg aggagccagc actaggtgag     46260
     aggctaggag aaggaaaagc tcatgggcca tgggttggga gggagaatgg gcactgaaat     46320
     ggaagggtag ggagacagaa gaggcaggta tttccaaatc accatttttc tgtcatggtc     46380
     caagggtgcc atccttctcc caggcccagg gatgtggaaa gagcagcagg aattgggaaa     46440
     tactccacag gaaagaacaa tgtgcctcct ccctccaccg gcttcttcct cttgcctatt     46500
     ctggtcaatt ctctaagtga atcatgtaac caaaatgtga aatgtttatt ttaggaaagt     46560
     ctccaaatat tagggaataa aattactagt gcctaagccc tgcatactga aaaacagaag     46620
     ctttaagaaa taaagacctg catggaaaat tgctcatcaa gtcggggaag tcaaagtctg     46680
     agctgaatca gctctttttt tctttctctc tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     46740
     ttttgagacg gagtcttgct ctgtcgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcatg atctcagctc     46800
     actgcaacct ctgcctcccc gactcaagca attctcctgt ctcaggctcc caagtagctg     46860
     ggattacagg catgagccac catgcccagc taatttttgt atttttcagc agagacgagg     46920
     tttcgccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcaaa ctcctgacct caggtgatcc gcctgcctca     46980
     gcctgccaaa gttctgggat tacaggcatg agccaccatg cccagctgaa tcagctctaa     47040
     agtggtgctg aagtgagagc catttatgtg cctgtgtgag ttcacacagg tcttgagacc     47100
     tctgtgtcct ccttagaaga gtgaagtgag cacccagtgc ctagaccttg gttgtgctaa     47160
     gtcattctct gataaaagga ttcagggctc catagaaaaa cagctgattc tagggctggc     47220
     ataggaaaaa tataaggtga gcctggaaca tcttgtaatg ccagaaagta accgccaccc     47280
     atctcccaac cctcaccacc aaaaaataag ggcatgtcag agggacacag gagtcagcct     47340
     gaaagagctc cctatggaca aagccggaat aatccgagca acaaagttac aatagtattg     47400
     gattatgacc caaaatataa ataaatattc attccacact gatttattta atcaaaaata     47460
     attaaataaa taaataggga agaaggggca aatcttcctt acagaagaat ttcaaaacat     47520
     atattacgag aatctctttc ccaggagatt ggaattttat ttctctcacc ttgaatatgg     47580
     gctggacttg ctgacttgct tccaaagact agagtatgaa aaaggaaaaa taataacttt     47640
     acagtggaga aatgtagcag acactaccaa gcaatcagag tcatgttaac atcttgcccc     47700
     ccagaaatga tgtgatgagg acactcccct ctatggtatt cttcccttaa acccataacc     47760
     ccaatctaat cataaggaag catcaggcaa acccaaagtg agggacatcc tacaaattat     47820
     ctatccagta ttcttcaaaa ctttcaaggt catgaaaaca ggtaaagact gagaaactca     47880
     tgatcagaaa gactagggag acccaaaagc taaatgcatt aatgggccct ggaaaaactg     47940
     gtgaagtcca aataaagtct acagtttagc gaatagtatt atagcaatgt taatttctta     48000
     gtttcttagt cttgacagaa ttttgttaga tgttaacatt aaggaaagct ggggtttatg     48060
     gaaactctgt gttctagctt tgcaactctt taaatctatt attgttattg ttattgggtt     48120
     tttttgtttg ttttgttttt gttttttttt gagatggagt ctcgctctgt cgcccaggct     48180
     ggagtgcaat ggcgcgatct cagctcactg caacctccac ctcctgggtt caagcaattg     48240
     ccctgcctca gcctccccag tagctgggat tccaggcacc catcaccatg ctcggctagt     48300
     ttttgtattt ttagtagaga tggggtttcg ccatgttggc cagggtggtc tcgaactccc     48360
     gacctcaggt gatctgtccg cctcggcctc ccaaagttaa atctattatt attcaaaaca     48420
     aatttaacta aaagtgaaat gaagctaggt acagtagctc atgcctgtaa tcccagccct     48480
     ttgggaggcc aatttaagcc caggagtttg agagaagcct gggcaacata gtgagacctt     48540
     gtcttataaa aaaaattaat ttaaaaaatg aaatgaatag acatatatta aattaaatcg     48600
     ataattaata acattcagaa acagaaaaca tcagccccaa atgggtttac tgataaattc     48660
     tatcaaacat ttaaggaaaa aattatacca attttctata atctcttcca gaagacatac     48720
     tttcttttgt tgttgttgtt attcagtgtt aatttcataa tcataaactt aatgctgcaa     48780
     tccagctagg catggaaggg aacaaggaaa acatgaaacc caaagggaac tgcagtgaga     48840
     gcacaaagat tctagatact gcgagcagat ggatggaggg tgctctcctg agctacagaa     48900
     gcaatggtct agtggttaag ataaaacaca agtcaggccg ggcgcggtgg ctcacacctg     48960
     taattccagc actttgggag gctgacgcag gtgggatcac ctgaggtcag gagttcaaga     49020
     ccagcctgac caacacggag aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa atacagaatt agccaagtgt     49080
     ggtggcgcat gcctgtaatc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcgcctgaac     49140
     tcaggaagca gaggttgcag tgagccgaga tggcgccatt gcactccagc ctggcaacaa     49200
     gagcgaaact tagtctcaaa aaaaaacaca agtcaaactt agtcaagttg tgtacagtca     49260
     gcgatggtga tcttcttgat ggtcttgcca ttcccagacc caaagtgctc catggcctcc     49320
     acaatattca tgccatcttt caccttgcca aagaccatgg gcttgccatc caaccactca     49380
     gtcttggcag tgcagatgaa aaactgggaa ttgcccgggc taggtggctc atgccgtaat     49440
     cccagcactt tgggaggccg agatgggcag atcacctgag gtcaggagtt caagaccagc     49500
     ctgaccaaca tggtgaaacc ccgtctctaa taaaaataca aatattagcc aggcatggtg     49560
     gtgcatgcct gtaatcccag ctactcagga ggctgaggca ggagaattgc ttgaacctgg     49620
     gaggcggaag ttgcagtgag ccaagatcgc gccactgcac tccagcctgg gcgacagagt     49680
     taagactcca tctcaaaaaa aagagaaaaa agaaaaaccg ggaatcattt gtgttgggtc     49740
     cagcatttgc catggacaag atgccaggac ctgtatgctt taggatgaag ttctcatcat     49800
     caaatttctc cccgtagatg gacttgccac cagtgccatt atggcgtgtg aagtcaccac     49860
     cctgacacat aaaccctgga ataattctgt gaaaggagga acatttataa tcaaatcctt     49920
     tctctccagt gctcagagca cgaaagtttt ctgctgtctt tggaaacttg tctgcaaaca     49980
     gcttgaagga gacacagccc aagggctcac cattgacagc gatgttgaag gacacggtgg     50040
     ggttgaccat ggctgatagt atggggctcc tgatggtggc gtctgcaaag ccaagacaga     50100
     cactttctat ctcatttcat gaggccagga ttccatgagg gaatactttc taactaattc     50160
     catgaggcca gcattagcca aataccaaaa tcagatgaag acttcacaaa aaaagaaaac     50220
     cacagaccaa tatctctcat gaacataggt gcaaaaatcc tcagcaaaat gctagcaaat     50280
     caaatccaca atgtatgaga agaacaatac accatgccta agtaagattt atcccaggta     50340
     tgcaaagtta cttcaacatt ggaaaatcag ttaatgtaat ccattaaatc aactggctaa     50400
     agaagaaaat cacatgatca tatcaataga ggcagaaaaa gcaattgaca acatccaaca     50460
     cccattcatg atgattaaaa aaaaaaaatc tcttagcaag ctaggaatag agaagacctt     50520
     actcaacttg ataaacaaca tccacaaaac atccacagct aacatcacac ttaatggtga     50580
     gaaactaaaa gcttgcctgc taagatcaga acaaggcagg aatgaccctc tcaacacagc     50640
     ttttcaacgt tgtactggaa gtcctagcta aagtagtaag acaagaaaag gaactaaaag     50700
     gtatacaaat ttggaacaag aaataaaact gtctttgttt acagatgata tgattgtcta     50760
     tgtagaaaat caaaaagaat ccacacataa aaaactcctg gaactaacaa gcaattatag     50820
     caaggttgca ggatataaag ttaatatgta aaagccaatc atttttctat gtatcagcaa     50880
     tgagcatgta gaattcgcca tttaattttt ttttttcaag acggagtctt gttctgtcgc     50940
     ccaggctaga gtgcagtggc gcgatctcaa ctcactgcaa cctcctcctc ccaggttcaa     51000
     gcaattctcc tgcctcagcc tcctgagtag ctgggattac aggtgtgccc caccatgccc     51060
     agctaatttt tgtgttttta gtagagacgg ggttttacca tgttggccag gctgatctcg     51120
     aacttctgac ctcatgttct gcctgcctca gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg     51180
     agccaccgtg cctggtccag aatttgccat ttaaaacaca ataccactta cattagcacc     51240
     cccaaaaatg aaacacttag gtacaaatct aagaaaatat gtacaagatc tatatgaaca     51300
     aaactacaaa actgacaaaa gaaatcaaag aactaaacaa atggagagat attccatgtt     51360
     catagtcagg aaggctcaat actgttaata tatctgttct ttccaacttg atctgtggaa     51420
     tgaatgcaat ctcaataaaa aacctcagta agttattttg tggatattaa caaactgatt     51480
     caaactttat atggtgaggc aaaagaccta gccagcacaa tataggagaa aaataaagtc     51540
     aaagaccacc actacctgac ttagactttc tataaagcca tagtaatcaa gacagagtgg     51600
     tgattagcat agccattgtg ggaaacagta tggaggttct gcaaaaattt taaaaataga     51660
     aataccacat gatccagcaa tcccactaat gggtatatat ccaaaggata cgaaatcagt     51720
     acgttgagat atttgcactc ccatattcat tgcatcatta ttcttttttt ttttttttcc     51780
     tttagagata gagtctatgt tgcccagggc aactcctggc ctcaagcgat cctgctgtct     51840
     cagcttccca attatctggg attataagca cgagacactg cacctggctg cagcattatt     51900
     ctcaatagcc aagatataga atccacctaa gtgtccatca atggatgaat ggataaagaa     51960
     aatgtggtat atataaaaaa tggaatacta ttcagcctta aaaaacaaaa tcctgtcatt     52020
     tgtgacaaca tggatgaacc tggaagacat tatgttaagt gaaataagcc aggcacagaa     52080
     agacaaatac aatctcactt atatgtggag tatagaaaaa gccagactca taaatagaga     52140
     gtaaactggt ggttatcaga ggctgggagg tcggggaatt ggggagatgt tagtcaaaga     52200
     acacaagatt tcagttagga agaataagtt caagagatct attgtacctt atggtgacta     52260
     aacttaataa caacatattg tgtatttcaa aatagtatga gaatagcttt aagcattctc     52320
     atcacataca cacaaaatat gtatgtgagg taatgtacat attattaaat tgtttggttt     52380
     atccattcca caatgtgtgt gtatgtatgt gcatatatat ataaacatga tgtacaccac     52440
     aaatgtataa aattagtcaa tcaaaaaatt aattttagaa agacagagtg gcattggcaa     52500
     agaatagaca aattgatcca cttgagcaga atagagagcc aagaaatagt cccacataaa     52560
     tacaaggagc aaagacaata caataaagat agtcttttca gcaaatgctg ctggaacaac     52620
     tggacagcta tgtacaagaa aaatgaaaag agctctctta aaaggttact gtgaaagcca     52680
     cctgtgacag taacagaaag tgcccagcag ggtctctgac acttagtaat gtaatctctc     52740
     tcactgtaat gtaatggcta aacttcaaca tccctcagcc cccatctcca taagactttc     52800
     ccatagaggc aacaatgatt cctgtcagtc acccagtcct gccaatccac tgggtaggat     52860
     acaatattga ggggcccatc agcacactgg ccttaggggg ctctgcagcc ccttgacctt     52920
     gtggatgatg ctggccttaa tctcctcttg tccgtggcta aagacaggcc ccttctgcgg     52980
     agaccaggcc agaatgctca tctgattaag actctatatt aagagtcagg aataacaaaa     53040
     acaacaataa ataaataaac acagtaacat aatctatgtg tcttagtccg tttcctgccg     53100
     ctataacaga atactacaga ctgggtaatt tattttgttg ttttttcaga cagggtctct     53160
     ctctgtcgct cagactggag tgcagtggca tgatctcaac tcactgcaac ctccacctcc     53220
     cagactcaag tgatcctccc acctcagcct cctaaataac tgggaccaca gacccgcacg     53280
     accacaccag ctaatttttg tgtttttttg tagagatggg ttttgccatg ttgcccaggc     53340
     tggtctcaaa ctcctgggct caagccttcc acccaccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat     53400
     tacaggcttg agccaccaca cccagcacag actgggtaat ttataaagac aataaatgtt     53460
     tttcccacag agctggaggc tgagaagtcc aagagcatga cactggcatc ttatgagggc     53520
     ctggctgcag tatcatccca tagtgagagg tggaagggca aagaggctga actgatttct     53580
     atcatgccat acaatggcat taatctattc aatctaatca accctgaaag gtcccacatc     53640
     ggctgggcac ggtggctcat gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccaa ggcaggtgga     53700
     tcacctgagg tcaggagttc aagaccagcc tgaccaatat gatgaaaccc cgtctctact     53760
     aaaaatacaa aaattagctg ggcgtggtgg catgtgcctg taattccagc tactcaggag     53820
     gctgagacag gagaatcact tgaacatggg aggcggaggt tgcagtgagc tgagattgtg     53880
     ccattgcact ccagcctggg caacaagagc gaaactccat ctcaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa     53940
     aagtcttgca tcttaatacc attaggatag caattaaatg tcaacatgag ttttggtggg     54000
     gacattccac ttttgcacta ggtattctgg tttatgtatt tttttagctt aattccttca     54060
     tttctacaat tatgagatcc acgattatcc actatatttg gttttctttc tttttggttt     54120
     tgttttttgt tttttgagac aagagtctcg ctctgtcgcc aggctggagt gcagtggcat     54180
     gatctcagct cactgtaacc tctggctccc gggttcaagt gattctcctg cctcagcctc     54240
     ccgagtggct gggactacag gtgtgcacca ccatgcccgg ctaatttttg tatttttagt     54300
     agagacgggg tttcaccatg ttggccagga tggtctcgat ctcttgacct catgatccgc     54360
     ccgcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgagatta caggtgtgag ccactgcgcc tggcctcatc     54420
     cactatattt gaaccgaccc aaaggccagt gctttcttaa ttaagttccc acaggtgaac     54480
     aaagccaaaa ttcagattct attttattta tggtttagaa ttacctactg tgaaaaaaaa     54540
     aaaaactagc tactataaat tattgggggt tagtccattt agtccatttt ggagttcata     54600
     acctaaagca gaaactcaca tggttgaaat gtcactttcc caaaggattg ttattagtgt     54660
     atcatttaga ttgtcttgca aaagtctcat ttgttgtttt ttctaaatgg ctgctaatct     54720
     tttaaattaa cagatagagg gccaggcacg gtggttcaca cctgtaatcc cagcactctg     54780
     ggaggctgag gcagtcggat cacttgaggc caggtgttca agaccagcct ggccaacatg     54840
     gtgaaaccct gcctgtacta aaaatacaaa aattagctcg gcatagtggc acacgtctgt     54900
     aatcccagct tcttgggagg cagaggcata agaattgctt gaacccggca agcggaggtt     54960
     ccagcaagca gagattgtgc cattgcactc cagcctgggt gacagagcat tgctctgtcc     55020
     acctcccaaa aatgtagtta attttttttc ttttcttttt tttttttttt ttttttgaga     55080
     gacggagtct tgctctgtcg cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg cacaatctca gctcactgca     55140
     acctccgcct cccaggttca agcaattctc ctgcctcagc ctcacaagta gctgggatta     55200
     caggtggcta ccaccacgct tagctaattt tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggggtttcat     55260
     catgttcgcc aggctagtct tgaactcctg accttaagtg atccccccgc ctcggcctcc     55320
     caaagtgccg ggattacaag catgagccac tgcgcccggc caactttcaa tgttaattag     55380
     ttgtggattg tttaaccata tactgcatag tttcgcttat ctataataac agtagtttgg     55440
     ggctcttata ttctaataat taagacttta gctgtgtaca cattgcaatt aaagtatgag     55500
     tcatgcataa ccttatcacc aagatacaag agggaaagcc cttctcccct aaaactttta     55560
     caaaggttct gggttctttt tccacttaag tgggaaaaag tcagctaatg aggaacgtaa     55620
     agtctttggc ctcatctaaa ggtgctttgg cccgcaagtg tgagaagcac tgaccgctgg     55680
     gaagtcctca ctgcctggtt cctggactct tacaccatgg cagaggccat cttccctccc     55740
     aatgcagagt gatatccaga tagcgagctg gctagcagct gtccactctc cagcaatcct     55800
     gccttctggg gcatggtttt ctaaggacct tcctgttcct agatgatcaa aattgggacc     55860
     agccactccc ttctgagcca ctcctgcctc tgggcctgtg gctatgtcac agtccagtca     55920
     caacaggaca tcccttcaga acaccctgca ggaagctgac atctctatgc agactcacac     55980
     atgcacggtg tgtgcacagg cctttggttc tacttcagga ggtgttgggg gaggctcact     56040
     agtccaacag aacttgaggc cagttgtacc agtgtcatat cccaggagcc aaggttacaa     56100
     gggatacaaa gtgcccagac ctaccagaga aggcaaaccc ctacagcatg cagggctaga     56160
     caggggcgag aaacaaggtc attctgggcc agcaagaaga gggaaaggga aatgacaggc     56220
     atacctcgga gatactgaag atttgtttcc agaccatagc aacaaagtga gtcacacaaa     56280
     ctttttagtt tcctattgtg cataaaagtt atgtttgtac tatattgtag tctgttaagt     56340
     gtacagtagc attgtgtaca aaaaactgtg tatatactta atggagtctc gctctgtcac     56400
     ccaggctgga gtgcagtgcc acgattttgg ctcactgcaa cctccgcctc ctgagttcaa     56460
     gccattctcc tgctcagcct cccaagtagc tgggactaca ggtgcccatc accatgccca     56520
     gctaattttt gtatttttag tagagatgag gtttcaccat gttggccagg ctaatcttga     56580
     actcctgacc tcaagtgatc cacccacctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt     56640
     gagccactgt atctggccat atactttaat tttaaaatac ttaattgcta aacaaatgct     56700
     aacaatcata tgaggcttca gctaatcctg atctttttgc tgggggaggg tcttgcctcc     56760
     atggatcagg ggcatggctg ctgaaggctg ctttgacaac ttcttaaaat aagacaatga     56820
     tgtttgccat ttgccgcatg gattattcct ttcaatattg ttgtgcctca gggaataggg     56880
     aggcctggaa agcagagtcg ggagaatggc cagttggtga agcagtcaca acacacacat     56940
     ttttccatta agtttgctgt cttatatgag catcgctcat ggtgtcccaa aacaatcaca     57000
     atagttaact tcagtaactg attacaggtc actgtaacaa gtataataat gaaaacgctt     57060
     gaaacatttt gagaattcca cagcgtgaca tggagacatg atgtctgcct gctgttggga     57120
     aaatagcacc aatagacctg tttgatgtgc ttgacacagg gttgccacaa gcctccaatc     57180
     tctaaataaa aaacagcatc tgcaaagagc aataaaggga agcacaataa aaggtacatc     57240
     tgcaaagggg aatcagcact taagcaaggt caggatgagc tttcaagtca ggtggaccta     57300
     gacatgaacc ctccaggccc taccaacaac cagctgtgga ccttcgagca catccagcct     57360
     agagctgccc ccaacagaca cttccccagt gaatgctgaa tgaaaccatc tgagccagtt     57420
     tcctcaggtg caaaccagtg aggtaattcc taccttgcag agtgaagtga gaaaacagtg     57480
     ttaagaaaaa ggcatgccgg gtgcggtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg     57540
     ccaagacggg cggatcacga ggtcaggaga tcgagaccac cctggctaat acggtgaaac     57600
     cccgtctcca ctaaaaatac aaaaaattag ccgggcgtag tggcgagcac ctgtagtccc     57660
     agctactcgg gagggtgagg caggagaatg gcgtgaaccc gggaggcaga gcttgcagtg     57720
     agcccagatt gcgccactgc actccagcct gggcaacaga gcgagactcc gtctcaaaaa     57780
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagacaca agacctgtgg tagcctttcc tttctgtctg gcagcagcca     57840
     ctgggtaaac caagatggtg catacaagta catccagaag ctatggaaga agcagtctga     57900
     tgtcatgagc tttcttctga gggtccgctg ctggcagtac caccagctct ctgctctcca     57960
     cagggatccc cgccccaccc agcccaataa agcacgctac tgggctacag ccaagcaagg     58020
     ttatgttaca tataagcgcc acggtggctg aaaatctagt tcctaagaag gcaacttaac     58080
     agcaagcctg tctatcatgg tgttaaccag ctagtttgct taaagccttc agtctgttac     58140
     agaagagcaa gctggatgcc actgtggggc tctgagtcct gaattctcac tgggctggtt     58200
     aaagattcca catacaaagt ttttgaggct atcctagttg atccattcca taacactatc     58260
     agaaggaaac ctgacaccca gtggtccaca acaagcatag ggagatgcgt aggctatctg     58320
     caggccaaga gagccacggc cttggatagg gctgtaagtt ctaccacact attggtggtt     58380
     ctcgccatgc agcttggaga aggtgcaata ctctccagct ccacagctac cgctaatgtt     58440
     tgtaaaattc atacctaata aacactagat caaaaaaaaa aaatcacaga cctgtggtag     58500
     gctgggcacc agtgctctaa agcaagttct gcctaaactg gcagggacat ttttcacatc     58560
     aggaacagga gttgttcctg gactctgtct ggggccaggc tgggagagac gtggggcaga     58620
     gtggggcagg ggcaggggca gggctggggg ctggggcctg ggcagggcca ggcactcaag     58680
     tgaggccaag tcctggagcg aaccagttcc tggtggccgt tggacagctc acacagctcc     58740
     cggccaggtc acccgccatg gtcctccctc tgccctggct ctctcggtac catttccttc     58800
     gcctccttct gccctcctgg tccttggcac cccagggctc ccatgggtgc tgctcccaaa     58860
     accccaaagc aagcatggaa gagcagacca actccagagg aaatgggaag atgacgtccc     58920
     ctcccagggt aagtggcacc acaggtagga acagagggtg tgagaattta cactggggtg     58980
     tgggaaaaaa aaaccctcaa tcccaccctg caccacccca caccatgcct acccctgcag     59040
     ctcttttctt agttcagcta ccaactcctc tccccacctc ccccagccca gacctcaggg     59100
     ttcccttccc tcaccccacc cccacccaca acagcacagt ccacaaagtc cttgaacagg     59160
     atctattccc cctcacctaa cagttaatta tttcttagcg gggaggagcg gctgatcctc     59220
     tttccagtga ccccatatcc ttgttcaagg aagccagtta cagcccctgg gccagggaac     59280
     tctatttgct ccccctacta ccacccagag gcctatgccc aagacaggaa gctacctggc     59340
     cttctcagta caggtgtcct taaatgaccg gttcaaaaac gaatagggaa ggtggaattt     59400
     ctcacttcca gccacagcct gcgacaaagc ttcccagggc ctcggccccc tgccctggct     59460
     gatgctccct cccttaattc cctgaccagg gccctgggac ccaccgcaca gctgagctgg     59520
     cccgagctga agagttgttg gagcagcagc tggagctgta ccaggccctc cttgaagggc     59580
     aggagggagc ctgggaggcc caagccctgg tgctcaagat ccagaagctg aaggaacaga     59640
     tgaggaggca ccaagagagc cttggaggag gtgcctaagt ttcccccagt gcccacagca     59700
     ccctccggca ctgaaaatac acgcaccacc caccaggagc cttgggatca taaacacccc     59760
     agcgtcttcc caggccagag aaagtggaag agaccacaaa ccgcaggcaa ttggcaggca     59820
     gtgggggagc cagggctctg cagtcttagt cccattcccc tttgatctca cagcaggcag     59880
     ggcacccagg ccttatagga attcaccctg gaccatgccc taaaataacc tcaccccaaa     59940
     tacaataaag ggacgaagca cttatagata ccacagacac atgtgtttca tttttagttt     60000
     tgttaaaaaa aaattctgac aaatcagaaa tgggggttca ggagtggtgg tgatgcaaaa     60060
     gatggaagcc atggggtggg ggctgtcagg ggtgggggca gtagtgtctc cttcaccccc     60120
     accctggtgt cctctcctga aggacagacg gtcacattcc aaaatgggcg agtcttctac     60180
     cgtgtctgtt caactgagaa gaaaacgtag catggtcaga ataaggcatg aaaaggggaa     60240
     agtgaggcag gaacacacgg cacacatgca gacactggtg tactgcctgg gttcagagga     60300
     cggacgtggg ggtgagggaa gggatgtaat atgatgagag aagacagaaa ccccacataa     60360
     aggtcagaaa aacatcccaa cacagcatca aagaccaggg ggcatgaacc agtcaagtgt     60420
     ccattatgca tcagatgccc atgacctatg tgatgggatt taggacaaac acactaagga     60480
     acagggagga cctaaagggt ttcatgagat cagtactcac tgtaggagga gatgtctatc     60540
     tcatcaggca gctcactaat attgacctca aagcgatcct gcacatcatt gaggatcttg     60600
     gcatcattct catcggacac aaatgtgata gccaagccct tggtgccaaa ccggcctgct     60660
     ctggccacct ggagggagac agagggtagc actggaagac cgaagaggaa agagacccag     60720
     aggcaggaat gaagatgtac aaacagaaaa caagggaatg ggagagtggg attttttcag     60780
     cctgtgaggt ttacccgatg caggtaggtg tcagaatcct caggcatgtc ataattaaaa     60840
     gcaatgttca cccgctcgat gtccatgcct cggccaaata ggttggtagc cacaagaatt     60900
     cgtcgttgaa aatctttaaa ctgctgatac cgagaaagcc tttgtgagaa aggaaattta     60960
     aaacatgttg agattccctt ctctcaactg tctttttctc ccaaggacac aaaatatctt     61020
     tcccatcttc agctcacctc tcctcctggg gcatcccacg gtggatggca atggctggga     61080
     agttctgctc cactagtagc tgggccaagg caatgcaccg ctgcacagac ttcacaaaga     61140
     tcaccacctg ttgtggggtg gggtgggggg tcgcaaattg ggggaatagg ggtccatggt     61200
     gtgtgagaga cattacgtgg gagaggggag tttctagtaa ttacgttctc aggaattcct     61260
     cttcatttct cttattcccc cactatatat ttagagcaga aaaggaaata taactttatt     61320
     tcagcactga tttttcccta aggaagctgg cctctgaggt agcacagagt tcagaaatca     61380
     aaattgccag acatgctagg agatgaggat gagatcacct catgaaaaag tgataaaaaa     61440
     ctagaattaa gatctggagg ggtaactgat attcctgctc accaaaacat taaacctaag     61500
     ggagctatcc taattctaga aagcagtttt aaatgcaaat agaccactca caagtatatt     61560
     aattaaacac ttttttgaga tggggtctca ctctgtcccc cagactggag tgcagtggtg     61620
     caatcgcaag tcactgcagc ctccaccctc ctgggtttaa gagatccttc cacctcagca     61680
     tcccaagcag ctgggaccac aggtgcacac caccacgccc agctactttt tttatttttt     61740
     atttttacta tttgtagaga cgggcgtctc cctatgttac ccaggctggt cttgaagtcc     61800
     tgggctcaag caatgctcct gcctcagcct cccaaagtac tgggattatg ggcatgagcc     61860
     actgccctgc acccagtcag aaatgcttct cttgaataag cagttattag aggaattaaa     61920
     cattcaagaa ccctaacatg cccccaaaca tcgtttcaag acttttaaca acttcctaaa     61980
     atccttcaag gacttttgga gacaagatct cactctgttg cccaagctgg agcacagtag     62040
     tgcaatcata gttcactgca gcctcaattt cctgggctca agctatcctc tcacctcagc     62100
     caccagagta tctgggacta caggcataca ccaccacacc tggctaattt ttttcttctt     62160
     tggtagtgat gaagtttcgc catgttgccc agactggtct caaactcctg gactcaagtg     62220
     atccacctcc ctcagcctcc ccaagtgctg ggattacaca cataagccac cgtgcctggc     62280
     caaggatctt aatttttgaa gtttattttc cttgaggtta ttgaggacat acccgtgcca     62340
     gccatagaat agaaaagcag ctcccacctt actcatgctc agcccctaag atatttatac     62400
     cctcattatt ctctcccaca tcacacatgt gatttcctca ataaaagtgt acttaatatc     62460
     caggtttctg ctacagctgg agtgctccaa tgctcatccc cctactggac gtctaactga     62520
     cctggttgaa ctcaaggaca tccagaaggt caaagagctt ccggttcttc tcgttgtcct     62580
     tcagtttcac gtagtactgc tgcaacccat gcagcgtcaa cttcgtctca tcatccacga     62640
     agatctccat tggctggggg ggaggaaggg ggtggggaac gggaggaggg cagagtgggg     62700
     gggttaaacc tgggggggtg gaggaagttg atctccaata caccccatgg ggggatgggg     62760
     aggaaagaga agattgaaaa ccccacccca ctcccaaaaa tacccacatt ttactgtggt     62820
     ctctctcaca ttacatctaa tttccttcct atcagatgag ttttaagact gcccaactaa     62880
     aaactatcat gggaaagaaa ctgcaaatga agtcaaggag cagtgaaacc acccaatggc     62940
     acagatgcca ttacctcaaa tagaggtggg agaggaaaga aaatgggaga tgattctcaa     63000
     agggagagca aggaccaaac atctgggaaa tgatgggagg cagtgactca aggtcagaat     63060
     aactccatca gaggtgcttc taagaacatg gggtgggggg aggacaactg ctccatttga     63120
     ttctcctact tcaactaaga gaatctcgtg tgcattagca aagtggatgt cttttaagat     63180
     cagaatgctg caatggacag tcaaaatgcc acttaaggag aaacaaaaat tactcaagat     63240
     gagttacttg ccgtcagacc acaacaggat agttttagat gagactggtc tcttgactaa     63300
     gaattaaacc atctacaggt ttacaggaaa ggtatcagta agtggtgtta aaataccaaa     63360
     ttcagagcag cagatacgct tttaagggac aggatctcac catgttgccc aggctggagt     63420
     gcagtggcta ttcactggca caatcatagc acactatagc ctcaaattcc tgggctcaag     63480
     tgatcctcct gcttcagtct cctgaatagc tgggactaca ggcacacacc attatacctc     63540
     actgcattca tctttaaaat taaaaaaccc cctgaagggg aggaaagtaa caaagacaga     63600
     aattaccaca actccaaagc ccaactttcc taacactttt tatactatcc tgggggaaga     63660
     tagttaatat gaagacccag aggacaaaat aggaaaggat gtgtgtgtca tgggaaaaaa     63720
     accagaagcc caatcccaga aggcaggttt tgttttttgt tttgttttga tacagggtct     63780
     cactctatca cccaggctgg agtacagtgg cacaattaca gcttactgcc acctccacgt     63840
     cccgggctca agcaaaccct cctgcctcag cttcccaagt agctgggact acaggcatgc     63900
     gccaccacgc ccggtttttc tggtagagac aaagtctcac tacactgccc cagctagtct     63960
     caaattcctg ggctcaagca atcctcccac cttggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattagagg     64020
     tgagccacca ggcccagcca aggcaggctt tctaaagaga agttccatgg cctccttcaa     64080
     atctcattct agccccaaat acagctaaag agtgatcatc ccacgggaag gaacactgca     64140
     gggaggggaa gaacacactc cactgcttat gcaattggcc ccacctagcc ccaaacccta     64200
     acaaccaccc gattacatcc actttacctt tcctatgtcc ctctcctctg agtattaaaa     64260
     aaaacaaaaa aattttttta agaaaaaaaa tctaccaccc cattcaggac acccctcccc     64320
     aacacatatt gggggaaacg gggcacggca cgcgttgggt tcaggaaaaa aaccgggaac     64380
     ggaaaaagag gctggtttgg tcctcagctt cctggtcagg tttccccgcg gcctccgctg     64440
     ccgccatcca ccgctgggtg ccgtctgcat tccctcgccg cgccacggtg cttctctgtt     64500
     gccggctcac atcaaccgag gttccagatg ggtgcaagga gatgtgggtg ggaaggagta     64560
     gggtatcggg gattgaggtg ccaaaggccc ccacccctgg aggtggggaa ggggaggatt     64620
     catttgtgct gatgctcttc ttttggacat gccctgccat ctgtctgtcc ctctcttgct     64680
     ctcctgccac cgggaagtag gagttttggt gagcagaagg ctccagctgt atgctcgatg     64740
     ccaccttgag ggtgcgtggc tgtagggtgc atgtaagaga cgatggatgg gtgggtggta     64800
     gggcagaaaa atcctgccct cccccgaagg gagaagaggt tcaaaaatgt tgtgatttat     64860
     gaaaaagtcg aacactaccc gctctcacat taacccgacc aagtcttccg gagtttccct     64920
     ggcacccgcg caggccctaa cactagctgt ctctgcttct gtatgtctct tcaaggagtc     64980
     attactccca gttgggcaca agccgccttc ttggcacttg aatgacaagg gagtctgagg     65040
     aagagggcga ggaaggggag gaggcagcgg gcggggagtg gagggagaga aggtagaagg     65100
     gtatttacat cttgcatgaa cttgcggcag actggacgga tctctttgct caaggtagca     65160
     ctgaacatca tgacctgctt ctcgtggggg gtcatgcgaa aaatttcctg gacatcccga     65220
     cgcatgtcta caagaacaag gaaaaaaatt gtaggagaaa ataagcaggt atgataaaca     65280
     aagattagag gtagacttcc cagtgaggtg aagattgctg gaaatagtaa caacacaatg     65340
     gaaagagcaa tggacttgga atcaagaagt gggatcagat tccagctgtt ggttttaacc     65400
     aagcaagaaa taaggtaaaa ccccaaagtt cccaactatg aaatggggat aaagcccagt     65460
     gcagaggctc tcaaggcctt caaaacatgc tttatgggac cttctcccaa ccctttcctg     65520
     cccaagcccc agccagcctt cagcagacta caaatatcaa gcacatatta tattccagat     65580
     atcagagtcc atctatgact ctctggatta cttttctatc aagtcaggca aatatgacat     65640
     ccctacctgg agcccacctt tacagctcac catatagaat tgccaaagat catttgtaat     65700
     gacttatggg gcctatgtcc aaccccactc tcattcacca agattcaatt cttacagaaa     65760
     aatcttccat taaccccacc tggcacacta gaataccaca tcacacaaac tgctacaaac     65820
     actctctaca ttaatcccag acctgagtct agacacttat tcagctataa attctgactg     65880
     taaatgctgt gctggagatg ccagaagggt actgtcttct ctttcagttt agaatctccc     65940
     ctatgactcc cagtatatga atctataatg aaaacggtgg tggtggtgat gacttatgcc     66000
     taaaattatc aaagtcccct attctcaaag gttaaaaaca aaaatcatag aaagatgata     66060
     gatgacaccc tttactgtgc ttaaaagcat aataaagacc aaccagggaa cccagagcca     66120
     tcagtcatgg gtgatagata agagtcgtcc ttgcactgag gtgctcctgt ttcaaataaa     66180
     catcatttgg ctccaaagaa caactcccca gcattagcca agccccagca ctgccactca     66240
     ccgagctgtt caagcatctt atcacattca tccaaaataa agtgtttaat gtgtttgagg     66300
     ttgaggctct tatttcgagc cagggctagg atacggcctg gagtccccac gacgatatgc     66360
     gggcagttct tcttcagcac ctcttcatcc ttcttgatag acagaccacc aaaaaaaaca     66420
     gcaacctgcc gagccagaag caaagagtct caaaacagag gaaggaaaga gtccaatccc     66480
     cccagggttc ccactctgtt tgagctaaac caatttttag catgtttcca aactaaaact     66540
     aactttagag gtcacctaat ttaaaaattt tatgtccccc ccaccaaaca ctgagggtga     66600
     ttgcctaaag ttacatggct agtcggagca gtcaggacaa taattcagtt ctactgactt     66660
     aatctaacca acttccttca tttatgaggc caggcttcat ttaaaaaata aaggagccag     66720
     gtgtggtggc acacgcctgt aattccagct actcaggagg ctgaggcacg agaacctggg     66780
     aggcagaggt tgtggtgagc caagatccca ccgttgtact ccagcctggg caacaagagt     66840
     gatactccat ctcaaaaaga aataaaataa ataaaaataa aataaagcca ggcccagtgg     66900
     ctcacgcctg taatcccagc agtttgggag gtcaaggaaa gtggatcact tgaagccagg     66960
     agttcaagac cagcctggcc aacacggtga aaccccatct ctactaaaat acaaaattta     67020
     caaatttact actaaaaaac aaaaaataca aaatttagcc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa     67080
     tcgcttgaac ccgggaggtg gagattgcag tgaggcgaga ttgagccact gtactccagc     67140
     ctggatgaca gagcgagact ccatctcaaa aaataaaaaa taaataaata aaggacagca     67200
     agaaatcacc agattagtgt aaagtaccac aaaaaacaca tggaacatta aggtttccta     67260
     aataaaccca gaatctcaaa ctcttttcac acaaacccca tgaaattact gcttcgggct     67320
     aaatattatc atttcatgtt aaaaccatta ggtgaatagt tgtttgggga tctgggcctt     67380
     ggtacagtat caaataacac cagaaactac tttctggttt caagggggaa aagaacaact     67440
     gtggaatcag actgtcacga cgctaatcct atggtaaatc taaaatcatt aatgaggcca     67500
     ggtgcagtgg ctcactcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggtgg gtggatcact     67560
     tgaggtcagg agttcgagac cagcctggcc aacatggcga aaccctgtca ctactaaaaa     67620
     aaaacaaaaa ttagccaggc atgatggcac actgtagtcc cagctactcg gggggttgag     67680
     gcgggagaat cgcttgaacg tgggaggcgc aggttgcagt gagctgagat cgcgccacta     67740
     cactcacagc ctgagggaca cagcgagact ccatctcaaa acaaataaat aaaaataaaa     67800
     taaaataact aacataagtc gaccagattt gtggcataac aggagataca gcatcaccta     67860
     tgaaggattc ttgccaaaaa tgcttaactt caatcagatt ttttcttttt ttttgagatg     67920
     ggagtctcac tctgccaccc aggctggagt gtaatggcac aatctcagct cactacaacc     67980
     tctgcttcct gggttcaagc gattcccctg cctcagcctc ccaagcaggt gggactatag     68040
     gtgtgtgcca ccatgcacgg ctaatttttg catttttagt agagagaggg tttcatcctg     68100
     ttggccacat tggtcttaaa ctcctgacct caaataatcc acacgccttg gcctcccaaa     68160
     ctgctgagat tacaggtgta agccattgtg cacttggcca gaatcctcaa tattcacaca     68220
     ccactggagc tgttttaaag tttccggctt tctctgccac ataccccaaa attattaaac     68280
     tgatatgatt caaagtcagt ataaagtagt aagaaaaggg tggtcttgtg ttaagcatca     68340
     tccatagccc aattacgaat cctcctgtta cataggaact caacactctg ttacaccaca     68400
     gcaaactaaa gcttctccaa aattaaagag actattggcc tacaagtttc ttatccctcc     68460
     aacttgccac accctcactc tcaggtctct ttaccttggc ttaccttgac attgggcatg     68520
     tatttagaga agcgctcata ttccttgctg atctgaaaag ccaactcccg agtgtgacac     68580
     atcaccagca cagacacctt aggcaggaag tatacggaga catatggtaa atgtagctct     68640
     tcattatccc ctctagggaa gtgactgtca caaaaacaca cctgggccga taataaatga     68700
     cttcaattct gtgatctaaa tcatgaaccc cacgcttgcg acagaacatc ccccacagct     68760
     gtcaggttgt caagggtaac agaggtcatg tgctcatggc tctgcaagca tcatgtagtt     68820
     aggacaaaaa cacccttccc ttatagtcct aaccaaaatc ccctccccag cactctcccc     68880
     aaatatacct gcccagtaac tggctccagc tgttgcagtg tggccaagac aaacactgct     68940
     gtctttccca tgcccgactt ggcctggcac aggacatcca ttcccagaat ggcctgaggg     69000
     atgcactcat gctggactaa aagttggggg gggaggaaga taaattagac ttcagtctcc     69060
     agataactct acctttttca ccatgccaag cccatttctt accactcaat tctcaaagtc     69120
     tagtatttac ctggttcttg ccaacttcca gacccatttt acctctctct gctcaattac     69180
     attcacctca aaatcagact ctcctaattc ctcctagctt tagcctcctc cagatctagg     69240
     ccttcccagt cctagtaaca aaccccttgc atctaccaac cgctcacctt caatgatcct     69300
     agctctgtcc ttatttttct taatctgtaa caattcatga catttgaata cctgccacag     69360
     accacttctc ctgcttaggt tgctatactt cgggtcacgt aactactaca accctggaca     69420
     aaatgaagga cttggtacct gacccagaag ccagtcatct ctaaaccagt catagaggtt     69480
     tccagagacc acagttggcc tggcccaaca gagggagact acaggtccaa gcaggacctt     69540
     tctggaaatt taaaattaga agtcaagtga caaaattaaa aataagcaga caagaaaagc     69600
     cagtcacaag aatgaatggc agacctggaa gtcacttttg gatcattagc actttggtgc     69660
     tatcacgaaa gaaagaataa gcctgtataa gcctcctcta tccaaaattg tttttgatac     69720
     ttatcccgat tttttcttcc tcactgtcgc cccggctggt gcacagtggt gcaatcacgg     69780
     ctcactgaag cctcaacctt cacctgctta atttctgaac gttttgtaga gacaggagtc     69840
     tcgctatgtt gcccaggctt ctcttgcact tttgagctca agtggccacc ctcctgcctc     69900
     ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccactgc acctggccct gatctagcct     69960
     taagtataaa cccttaccac cacctgagca acgacaaaca catctttgta ttgtaccctt     70020
     aaagagccca atgagcacta catgcccaag agaaaattta ccttctgacg gatgctcaaa     70080
     gccacagtcg acaatggccc ggagcaactc tggcttgagc aggaagtcac gaaagccaga     70140
     gctgtggatg gagacatagg agcccttgac atccttcttg gcaggggcct cagccccatc     70200
     tcccccagct gctgtctcca cctcatcatc ttcatagtcc aagagctcat tgtccacatc     70260
     gttctctgcc ataactgggc cggcagggga agaagggaag ggggatctgg atgggttctc     70320
     gcaaaatagg tgaaaacaag gggtgaagag taggggattg aggaacagca aaggaaaaca     70380
     aagatactat ttctaacaga agagctggag gggggaaaaa aaaaagcaag acttaatcac     70440
     gagcacagcc ttcaccacct cttttccatc cccagttccc actttcccta aaccaggaaa     70500
     cttttacctg gaaagaaaaa cagatacaaa acataaaaac gaaaagcaaa tataacagaa     70560
     cagaaaaagc agtaccaggg aaagtggtta ggacagaggt tcccaacaag attagcaatc     70620
     acagtagcgg aaaccagaaa agttggaagg ggaagaccaa cttataaatt cttgatctga     70680
     aagtaacagt gaggaaatag aatagataat aaaaggtaaa atatgactaa taacttagta     70740
     aagtggaaaa tggagatgac aagtagagtc ctgaaaagtc ctcaaaggaa gactccgctt     70800
     tccctattat aatcccaccg ttatggatgc ctaactcagc agccatcagt caagggtgat     70860
     agatgagggt catcactgcg caaagcgctc acctttcgaa aagaaaacat catatggccg     70920
     ccgtccacct cccatagctc tcagcctccc acttctcagt atcctccctt ccgctgttta     70980
     agcaagcctt gtgtaattag catggggggg aggggcggtg caagacaaat ggctcggcca     71040
     caaaaaaaca aaattcatgt ctccacccta caataagaaa gctaataggt gacagagaaa     71100
     ggcaatcccc gcccaggctt taacaggatc tttaccaagt ggtctcacat cactgttacg     71160
     ctacgaaggt gagactcctt ttggagaaac atacaatgac accaatcgta tcgtaaacac     71220
     ttggaaggca ctccaaatta agttgggcaa gtcaaggtga gaaaaatcca actgggccca     71280
     gaaaccagct cctcctccca gtcccaccga gggccgaaaa agagctcaag aaagaacaag     71340
     gaaggtgaga agagccccgc cctccgcaaa taccaagacc aagggacgcc gagcaccgcc     71400
     tctcattgat gctgaggcct ccaatatgag aagaacccat tggaagaagg gagcaaaacg     71460
     aacacaatgg cgccgaggac accatcttgg attgggtccc cccttagctt cccttccttc     71520
     ccccaggagc tctttgctct cgaaagggat gcaagctaag gaaatagcga accaactagg     71580
     ccccagcgac cagaccatcg cctgtgaaaa gggtatcagg aacccatgtg acgggatggg     71640
     tgcggagaag cgcagatgga aacggattgt agcgaaggcc aaagcttacc taaacaggga     71700
     gagcgcgtat ggcggcagca acagcgacga aggagggaaa tctgccttca cttccggttg     71760
     caggcttccc tctactccag cctcccgcct tcttggctgc aagagcgcag gcgcaaggga     71820
     ccggaaacag ggccttccgc ggttatacag atccgtgcgc tccaggcttg cctttggaaa     71880
     atgcctgtct gaaatttgtt ttaaaaccgt ttctaacttc actgctaccg ccagtaacaa     71940
     aatatataaa ggaaactaac gtctcccccc cactgttatc tttattctct tatcctactc     72000
     ctctccatgc ccctcatctc ttcgtttagg tttttgccac gcaggtcttc tctgtaggca     72060
     cccctccgtg gatgcgcgag gaacgagtgt ggcgaaggct gcgagttccc acggggtcct     72120
     tggcccggta gtgaaggtga cctgaggact gctgggcacg cactaggaac cggcaggccc     72180
     tagctgaggg gagggaggag ggaagtctca gggaactgga ttgctcgggg gtgtttcccg     72240
     actctttccc agtcgtgggg ctggtgggcg gtattttccc aaaaggatgc tgtccgaggt     72300
     agctgatgcc ctagggccag tgagtcagga aggtgttctg aatccgagcg ggaagacggg     72360
     gtctggattc ggccccaagt gttaatagta gggcttgagg gttatactac attccattaa     72420
     tactgttttt gtttttgttt tgagacagag tctcgccctg tcgcccaggc gggagtgcaa     72480
     tgtcctgatc tcggctcact gcaaccgctg cttcccgggt tcaagcgatt ctcctgcctc     72540
     agcctcccga gtagctagga ttacaggcgc ccgccaccac gcccagcaaa tttttgtttt     72600
     tttagtagag acggggcttc acccatgtat gacctcaggt gatccaccca cttcggcctc     72660
     ccagagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca ccgcgcccgg cccattaata ctgttaattc     72720
     gagcagaatg ttcttggccc cgccccaaca gccccattgt tcaacctgga tttttttcct     72780
     gaatgaaaca tttgctatcc ccgtctttga gatggggagc cacaaaagta agacctgatg     72840
     tcctgctgtg taataaaaca acaaacgttt ggccctctcc ctgttagcat acttaatcat     72900
     ttaatactaa ggagtaggta ccgttattct catcttattg acagaagcga agcaaagcaa     72960
     catatctcaa gcagtacggc tggtgaggtt acagccagga tgcaaacatc tctcattctc     73020
     tattgtattc tgcctccctg ctcaaagaat ctggttagta aatacactgc aggttacctt     73080
     attggttcaa attcttggtg aagtaagctt gtcttcagtg acaaatgaag taactaattc     73140
     aagaatggtg tcatagaagg tattttccca agtatcattt aatttattca aaagtattta     73200
     tcaactgcct cccttgtgcc acatgttgtc ctaggatctg gggacacaac ggtgaacagc     73260
     cctgttctca cagtgtttac attacaggaa agaaaacaca taaacacaaa tacaatgtca     73320
     agtatcgata agtggtcagg gtgcagtggc tcaggcctgt aacccaaccc ttgaggaagc     73380
     cgagcccgaa ggattgcttg agcccaggag tttcagacca gcctgggcaa gtgagacccc     73440
     atctctacaa aaaattttaa aattagcaag gcatagtggc actcgcccgt aatcccagct     73500
     actcaggagg ctgaagtggg aggatcattt gagtccaggg gttcaaggct gccgtgagct     73560
     ggaactccag cctgggcaac acagcaggac cttgtctcaa aaaaccagta gcagtaagtg     73620
     ctatgaagaa aatgcaaggt aaaggggcaa agagcacttg ctcctacact ccagcttttc     73680
     tctacagttg cgatctatag tcctcagatt cccaaatgag gaaccatgtt tctcacttta     73740
     gagaaataat aaagtactac ttgttcttgt ttctccaaga agtttcaaag gatagccatt     73800
     tgggctgttt agggaatatg taaacaaaaa acaagaaagt gactgaaggc caggcacagt     73860
     ggctcacacc tctaatctca gcactttggg aggccaaggc aggtggatca cttgaggtca     73920
     ggagtttgag accagcctga ccaacatggc gaaaccccat ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa     73980
     atagccaggc gtggtggcac acacccataa ttccagcaac ttgggaggct gaggcaggag     74040
     aatcgcttga acctgggagg cagaggttgc aatgagctga gatcacgcca ttgtattcca     74100
     gcctgggcaa caagagcaaa actccatctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaacaaagt gactgaaaat     74160
     gagaaatgat gaggcaaaag gaggctgctt caactcacca atttatttgc caataattat     74220
     tttattgata ctttttttat tgttacaatg ggaaagtaag gtgtcaagga tatagaaagg     74280
     aagggcatgc atatgaggga acacagtatc attttagatc ttagaaagca atgagcatct     74340
     gataagtctt tggggaaata ggaaaggagg aaaatctaat aaagacaaag atcagcaaaa     74400
     gaaaaacaaa gagaggctac aaaatgcagt tatctacctg gaattataag agaggggcta     74460
     aatgtagtca tctcctcttt ttggagatca gaaggtctct gggaaaagag aagaaccaat     74520
     ttttcagaaa ataactaggg tcacagaatg aacaagtgga attagagagc cagtgatgga     74580
     cgtgaggaaa cagctgtgta ggttttgacc agtgagcagg tggtggtaat agtatcacag     74640
     ggttgctact tactgaatca ctgctacaac atgcaaggaa ctgtgctaga ctttacagaa     74700
     tgattcctaa tcattgaagc aaccctcaca aggtaggcat tattatcatc ccagtttcac     74760
     agaggaggac atcgaggcta ccaagttaag tagcttgtcc tggtttcaca gccagcaagt     74820
     gacagggtca agagagggac ccacatcggc c                                    74851