ID   BX927138; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 110856 BP.
AC   BX927138;
DT   21-JAN-2004 (Rel. 78, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone DAMA-91I23 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-110856
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Sycamore N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; ba10cc11acdc91d9680fb5ba8cad5387.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000253.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   DAMA-91I23 is from the DNA-Arts human BAC library MANN.1
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..110856
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DNA-Arts BAC library MANN.1"
FT                   /clone="DAMA-91I23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 110856 BP; 34287 A; 23004 C; 23164 G; 30401 T; 0 other;
     ggccactgca tcctggatct cccgaagcac ttcctggaaa agagggccag caaacaccag        60
     ggctgatgtg caaagacagc aggcccccac atcttactcc agccagtgag atgctcccta       120
     gtctacctaa aaataccaaa ctgtttctct ccctcttcct tactcttctt tccagaagga       180
     ataagagtga aggagcaagg gaacaaaata ttattgagct ctcagtgtta ggtagtatag       240
     gagatacatg caattttttt aaccttcatt tgaggtaatt ttcccatccc cagtgtctga       300
     atcaggaaag aagggtagtt ttcccaagga gccacagata gttaagaaag gtggagatgt       360
     aattccaaat ggatcagagg cctaaacata agagctaaca ctataaaact cctaggaaaa       420
     tgtagaagaa aagcctcatg ccactagatt tggcagtgat ttcttggata taacaccaaa       480
     cgcacaggca acaaaaaata gataaatcag acttcatcag aatttaaaac gtttgtgcat       540
     caaagaactc tagcaacaga gtgaaaaagc aaccatgaaa tacaagaaaa tatttgtgaa       600
     tcatatatct gataggaaat taataggcaa aacatatagt gaactcccac aacttaaaaa       660
     aaaatcagaa aatgggcaaa gaacttgcag acattctttc aagaaagaaa cataagtggc       720
     caaaatcaca cgaaaagatg ctcaatattt actaatcatt agggaaatgc aaatcaaaac       780
     cacaatgaga taatcctaat cacctaatca ccattagaat ggctattaaa aaaaaagaca       840
     acagaaagtg gtgttgatga ggatgtggag aaattggaaa ccttatgcac tgctggtggg       900
     aatttaaaat ggtgctgccg ctatggaaaa ctgtatggtg gtttgatacg atctggctgt       960
     gtccctaccc atatctgatc ttgaattccc atgtgttgtg ggagggactg ggtaggaggt      1020
     aattgaatca tgagggcaag tctttcccat gctgttcttg tgatattgaa taagtctcac      1080
     gagatataat ggttttaaaa aggggaattc ccctgcacaa gctgtctttt ctcttgtctg      1140
     ctgccatgtg aaatgtgtct ttcaccttcc gccatgattt gaggtcttcc cagccacatg      1200
     gaactgtaag tccaataaac ctctttcttt tgtaaattgc ccaatcttgg gtatgtcttt      1260
     atcagcagcg taaaaatgga ctaatacatg gttcctcaaa aattgttaaa tagaattgcc      1320
     atatgatcca gcagctccac ttctaagtat atacccaaaa gaaccaaaag cagggtttca      1380
     aacaggtgta cactcatgtc cacagcagca taattcacaa cagccaaaag gtggaaacaa      1440
     cgcaaatgtc cattgacaga tgaatggata atcaaaatgt gatatatgca cacaacagaa      1500
     tattattcag ccttaaaagg gaggaaattc taacacatgc tacaatatgg atgaggcctg      1560
     aagacattac gctaagtaaa atatgccagt cacaaaaaga caaatactgt atggttccac      1620
     ttacgtaccg caccgggagt catcacaatt catggagaca gaaggtacaa tggaggttgc      1680
     cagcggccag gggttggggg tagtaggcag ttactattta gtgggtacag agtttcattt      1740
     taggaagatg aaaaaagttc tggagatgga tggtgatgat ggctacccaa taacaatgtg      1800
     ggtttcctaa atgtcactga actgtacact tcaaatggtt gaaatggtaa attttatgtt      1860
     atgtatgttt taccacaata taagagaaaa agagaaggtg gagctgacat tcagacttag      1920
     gacttcctga tgacgcctcc tttccctatg ctgcatccag acttcttctg ctgattttaa      1980
     agggaaaatc tccctgccta aaagcctcta agaaaccatt tttaatcttc gcagtggggg      2040
     cgggggatgt acagactcct ttgagaagct aatgaaaagt tatcatcgcc tatcatctcc      2100
     ccttcctatt ccctccccca taccttcaca tacactttac atttttgttt acagttctgg      2160
     agaatcatga atcttctgaa gtcaaatatc cattgttgga tggctggaca aacaaaatgt      2220
     agtatatact acaatatacc ttctccccta atggctgaga agagaacatc tctctctagg      2280
     ggatcctcta gccacaaatg tggaagcctc ctcacctgtc agttttattc tccctttggg      2340
     gttcccttac atgcacgctc acctgatggc gggtgttgta caccttctcc gctgctattg      2400
     tgaagggcat gtgcagcaga gaaaggaggg tgagtcgagg cgatatgctg agcatgaagc      2460
     catacagccc caccactttc accaggcttc gcaagagcac attggcattt aaaggaagcc      2520
     agttactcat cagggtggta tccgagctca gccgtgagtt cagctcccct aagaaggaca      2580
     gagcaggtga ggaaaaagga aaccatgtgt actgcagggc ccccagaaac tccctcctga      2640
     ccgttccctc tgacacagcc ccctcctctg aacatcctcc ttcacttgca gagggacagt      2700
     ggaggctgct tctccaccct gtcccaaaca agagaaaagc atccccaggt cctggcatac      2760
     gggtgaaggc aggaggagag gctgtgggtg gaaggtcact gaggggcaag ggatgtccat      2820
     gggaatctca gacctggact ccaggcccca cctgtcttag tctcctggaa gaaaccgagg      2880
     tcctggcgca gcagggagga gaaaagctgc tcccggatcc gcaagttgat tcgagacatg      2940
     gtgtaggtga agcagcctcc tcggcagcct gcagacagtg agctgtgggg taggagaata      3000
     agaggggagg gagatgcaga gaaggagcaa gccagcgggt gaaacagagg agcaagccag      3060
     gagtgcagag aagcgcaaag tcaggggaaa gcatgccagg aggggcaaaa gagaaagaaa      3120
     tgagagacag acacacagag agagaagagg taaggaatac acagaggaag aagaaagagg      3180
     agacatggtg agctagatgt gagaacaaaa tcataacatg tacaaattta caagtattta      3240
     tggagtgcac tctgtactag acacaataga aaactacaat agaagggaaa agatattgtg      3300
     aaaacaagta tcccagtgct tgcttctgtc ccagcgtccc tcaggcttgt ccctctgtgc      3360
     gtctcctccg ccttggtctc cttcctgccc catacccaaa gcccttctct gtcatcatag      3420
     atacttcatc atgggaactg caataataaa ttccctgccc ccacaattct ctggagcccc      3480
     agagtcatgt gattcccatc tgtcatcctt cgagttggaa aatccctctt agaccaacta      3540
     catgctacag taacacttag aggaaaaaat ataaagcata aaagcatgta ttttacaaaa      3600
     tatatgtttc taatacaaat ttagttacca tattgaagag gcgtttggaa tagtcagaca      3660
     tgatataatg agggtttgta ctttaatgac agggatgtgt tctgagaaat gtgtcgttag      3720
     atggtttcat cgttgtatga acatcataga gtgtacttac acaaacctag atgtcatagc      3780
     ctactgcaca cctaggccat gtagtttagc ctattgctcc taggctacaa atctgtacaa      3840
     catatgactg cacctaacac tgtgggcgac tgtaacacag aagtaagtat ttgtgtatct      3900
     aaacatagaa aaggtacagt aaaaatatgg tattataatc ttgtgggtcc accatcttat      3960
     atgtggccca tcattgacct aaacatcgtt atgcagtgca cgactgtagt ttcagcagaa      4020
     agcagccagg atggaatgaa ggcacaatga aatggttttc gagggtactc taaattaagt      4080
     atgaccataa aaatagagac aatcaggccg gctgggattt gggtaaggtg agtgcacacc      4140
     tccttaaact ttgcacccca ggtgcctcgc tcacctcatc ccagtcccag ccttatcaaa      4200
     cagtttgttt gtttgagtat gtctagaaag agaaaggaaa gcaagtgaag ggaaaagagt      4260
     aatgattctg gaaagaaagg tgataagcct cagagtaaga tcttcaggga ttagcaagat      4320
     gagctgggaa agaagagtga gagggagaag catacccatc ctgagagagt gaccctggag      4380
     agatactttg gagacagact taggggtagg aggtaggagg cagaaagaaa tggaatttca      4440
     tggacctagg aatgttgaga gacaactgag agacattcca tctgagactt aaattccttt      4500
     tgtactacct tcactcataa cttgttccta taataagatc agataaactt tgaagatatt      4560
     ggatgaatat gaacgaagga agaaatgaat ggatagatga aacagaatgg tgactacatt      4620
     caccatattt tagtttaagt atttttgtgt tttgcgcctg aaagggccta gaaatggagt      4680
     tagggaagtg aagaccccta taaagatttg gggctagcaa atggacccag ctgcccacca      4740
     cctacctgcc aaaggagaag aggcacatga agaagatggc actggcaaag gcatgggggt      4800
     caaaatcacc tcccaggatg tcaatcacac gaccagaata gtgagggatt aatgtctcac      4860
     ctgaaagagg catgaaaaat aacacaagaa tgtgctggtg cccaggccct tttaccacct      4920
     ccaactcaca acgtcctctc ctgactcacc caaaacagca aggacaagga agaagaaggc      4980
     ggcaacgagg agaggcaggt ccggcctgga gagcttcagc agcctccaca tcaagacttt      5040
     gttgttcacc tggtcctgct ccttctcctg ggctccagga gggctcagaa cagcccacag      5100
     tgaccagctg agccccgcag ccccgtaccc caccagcagc cagctccaag gggctgaagc      5160
     gactctggct gggggagcac gtgaggcccc cgcgaccagg gctctcaggg agacagtcag      5220
     gggggtggcc agacagagcg ggagcagcag tgtccccaca aatcccagca gccctcttag      5280
     ctttagcagc ccccacagcc ctcccagccg cagggtcccc tccagccata gtcctggcag      5340
     cccttgagga agcaaagtcc ccagagggcc ctgaagcagc cacagtaaag ccgcgtccac      5400
     cagcagcagg gaggtccagg gtctcaggtc agggagccgc atggctctgt caacggatac      5460
     gagatgagaa atcatggggg tggagtccca atccttgtcc ctgccctcct acccgcccgg      5520
     ctccgcctaa cccgtccatc ggcttctcat tttatcctat tcaaccctga gagctctcct      5580
     gagtaaccgg tgctcatccg tacacccctc ctacgacaga cagctttcgg ccttctgggg      5640
     agctggaagc atgaccatca ggagcctcgt gcttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaatccccg      5700
     gacccccacc cccacccccg cctgccgcgg cgagctaagt ggtccgggct ccgctccctc      5760
     ctatcgccgg gtgcagaggg actgggaagc aggagcgtgg agtgggtagt cacttgggct      5820
     gcgtccctgt tggcgctcca ggttcccctc cgcaccaact caccagccgc ggcggggaga      5880
     ccgcagctcc ggggacttct gcttcagcgc tgaggtccgc tccgtctctc ccaacctcgc      5940
     taccggctct ggtccgccag ctacgctcgg ccagggcggg cgtcagggct cgggcagctt      6000
     tcgctttcgc ttccccagcc aaggccttca ttctgggctg ggccgccggg agggggcgcg      6060
     cgagacccgc agacagcgga actggagccc gaactctggt tcgcactgta caggcctgca      6120
     atgagtctca ctcgccttta gtggcggtta ctctgggata taaaactgca aaaatgtttc      6180
     tttatcatta agtaaaatac agttgtctca agggcaactt tatctgttgt ccttgctttg      6240
     taattggaga atgctttgta attggagaat cactgaattt tctcaaagtt actacttcaa      6300
     gctctgagcc tactattaag aagtgccttc tttctggtcc ggcgcggtgg ctcacgcctg      6360
     taatcacagc actttgggag gccgaggcgg gcggatcgcc tgaggtcagg ggttcgagac      6420
     cagcctggcc aacatggtga aaccctgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agccagggcg      6480
     tggtggcgga cgcctgtaat cccagctact cgggaggctg aggcagggga atcgcttgaa      6540
     ctcaggaggc agaggtttca gtgagccgag atcgggtcat tgcactccag cctgggcgac      6600
     aagagtgaga cttcgtctaa aaaaaaaaaa gtgccctctt ccatgcaagc tccagtttta      6660
     ggcgagcgag ccgggctctc ctaaatagaa ggttccaacc aatctcacca ggccaaaggg      6720
     gattttcacg tacagacttt gaatttagta ggccctgagc gttcatcttc atccgtcctt      6780
     ctcagccgga gcaccttgag ctggcgcgtg ttcaggtgcc tctgagtctg tactccaaat      6840
     tatgttgggc gcaccttcag cctatgaggg aaatgccccg tactgagctt tggttcttgt      6900
     tctattttaa cactgtttag aacagtaatt aggtttttaa atatccttcc tgacccagag      6960
     ccttcctatg caacagaaag attcgtttat tccagaaagg actcttcaga ttgaaaccac      7020
     ctcccaaact aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa attccccaaa ggaagggtcg cttggattcc      7080
     agatcaccat tttgaaatgt tacctgtgtg actaccaagg agtcacttaa agtttaaaat      7140
     agtggtggtg gggaggaggg attttaagta ggggctcgct aaagttttac aactctattc      7200
     attctggcat tttaagaatc tctctctaat gaaaaaagct ccatgctcaa gctcatgctc      7260
     ctactttcaa gcatttgttt cctttatttt ctggaaagtg acatggtcca tagttccagc      7320
     atgattccga aaatctcatg atgtgtgtct ctttcttcta acctggatct tttacatttt      7380
     ccccacactc ctcacttagg ggagtcctcc tgatctcttc ttcctctaaa attatagtcc      7440
     tgccatcttg caattcagca tgacacatca tgaaattaga cccttaatgt ctgtctttat      7500
     attcaatatc caatatctcc aaagtgttat ttgggataaa tggtatggtg tttatatgat      7560
     taccatatta aagtgaagtg gaagcttttt catcctactc tataaagtca aaaacagtta      7620
     tcctaggtgc cctactccct gttcctcaaa ccattaacaa tggaacacac aggagtcccc      7680
     aggtgcctct ctatggaaag gaccctaacc tatgtgaaat tgcaaacaag tgtccatgga      7740
     cagcaatgag cagccttcct gaggtcttgg agagatgagt gtggaaggaa accccaggaa      7800
     gaactatgtg gtgaggccac atttcttaga taggggtctg agccccttct ccagaaaaag      7860
     cgtctcttta ctttctgccc cacccaacaa ccacaggccc aaccccattc agccacaaga      7920
     cagaggtatt tataaccgtt tttctttatt ctacttagtg gggcacccag aaacttccct      7980
     gggggaaatg cttgttcaaa tagagaacac gcagaagatg cacttcaccg gcctcctctg      8040
     gctgctgagc ccgtactctc tctttggctc aggctaggcc tcttcttctc cttggactta      8100
     acgtggctta ggtccctgag tcggccaaga cctcccagag gagacctgcc cagctgccac      8160
     caccaccatt attgattggc ttcccggtac tggtgcagca ggtcactgac atctgtactt      8220
     tctactttca cccaaccatc ttccttcatg tggtacactg tggacaaatg agaaaagaac      8280
     atggagtcac ctttcacctc agcaagttcc tgtcactgat gttatgttga aggcagcaac      8340
     aagacacatg cgcaagctta aaaccatatg actgggcctt taatgccctt cttctgactc      8400
     tgaaaatttc ctccctacta ctctccctcc tttgagtctc tcaatcattt tctttttttt      8460
     cttttgagaa ggagtctcac tctgtggccc agactggaat gcagtggcgc catcttggct      8520
     cactgcaagc tccacctccc aggttcaagt gattctcctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct      8580
     gggactacag gcacccgtca ccacgtccgg ctaatttttg tagttttagt agagacgggg      8640
     tttcgccatg ttggccaggc tggtttctca atcttaaatc acccccccca ccacccgccg      8700
     actcctccca ggcatggtgg tgggagcatt ggtctcttac tattgacaac gcctccagaa      8760
     tagctgtctc tgtgagtggc ataagcaata gccctgcggc caaggtcata ggcctcttca      8820
     gggctaagat taggccgata gccactgtcc atgaccccgt aggcataagt gttcccacta      8880
     cccgtggaga acatatttcc tgagagccga gtcccatgtt catccacgta gtagagtcca      8940
     ggaccctata agatgaaaga tttcaggctg aaattggaga ggaagatgtt ggtaacatgg      9000
     gggttcaaat atgagacata aaaagtgaac aaaagaatta atattaccac aagaacattg      9060
     gaattaggaa accactttgg taaagtcatc gaactttaga aatgaaaaag gaaaaacaaa      9120
     cttgaaatca actgtttaac aaaagggaca agcttacaaa acacatgcaa tgattcatat      9180
     ctgggccaat aaatagtcca tggatatact gaaacagttc tataaccaag cactctatat      9240
     gccatgcatc ttgtcaggga gggagtagga gtatatgatg ggaaacagat ctgtcatcca      9300
     tagggaacat ggtgggggaa catgaagaat ggagagcacc caccttctta tcccagccac      9360
     agatcatact gcccatagag aggcccatgc cccggtactg gcacatcatg ttggacagca      9420
     gcttggaggc tgccgacact gaaatacgtt ctccatttcg cagatagtac agcctgggtg      9480
     aggacaaggt ggagtgagga aagagaggtt agctctttcc aacttgatgg ggcaggaaat      9540
     gattaaagag ataagcattg gaaaggaatt attttgtagg atctaaagat cagagaaaga      9600
     tttggaattt aaagtatctg aaacatacaa aggcagccta gtaaatgata ctgtcccgcc      9660
     agggtggatg tgtcagtgct aaatacctga cgtactatct ggcttatgag tggagcacag      9720
     gctgagattt gggagaaggg tcttatcacc aaaaagctgt tttgtgaaat atactattag      9780
     cactaagatg gaccacatag gacaagagta aggagcaatg atctgagaga tccagggatt      9840
     aaccactagg ctaagaaagg aagatgagag gcctcgctta cctgcattcc ttggccagca      9900
     ggcgctccca gtactgacag tctgctgcac agccagacat ggtgccaagc aggtaagggt      9960
     taatctcaat caccttgttc acccgtaagg cacctggaag aagatggagc tttgggagag     10020
     aagggatgac cccatagatc ccccagtgtg tcctaaatca atatccactt ccactttgtt     10080
     gcagagttgg cctcctgtgg aaaggagagc ccagctcccc agattctgcc tgctggagcg     10140
     tatacactca ctaatgtagg acccagctga ggcccgagaa tccactgctg caatcactcc     10200
     atgctggaac ttgaaggcga gcgtggtggt gccatgggcc atctcaatct gaacgttcct     10260
     ttctccgtcc ccacccaggg actggaagaa ttctgtgggc tgataagaga aaagaggttg     10320
     agaaaggcaa tgaaaaattc tgtagtaaga ggctccagga aaaggtttta gggagtatga     10380
     gggtgaggag atatgcagaa atgatctaac catcaataaa tgaaacagtt aataaccaat     10440
     ctctagaagg aaatggcttg ggagaaggaa aagaagaggc atgccagtat caaccttttc     10500
     cattttccag cacaacagaa atgaaagcaa gcacatgtta ccattactaa aaaattttga     10560
     gagtgactta aagggtttct tccatgcata aagcattcaa ccctcacaaa acacgtttag     10620
     taacagtatc ctcactttac agaagagggg cttgggacct agactaagtg acttgttcta     10680
     agtcgcgcaa cagtgagttg ctgagaggag gccagcaggc aaatttcata ggtttcccaa     10740
     gacaccacac acctcctata tcatgtgata accccatgaa aaaggctcca ccatttgtgt     10800
     gtggacaagg gcaggaaagt tctcttgtct tcctttggga gcccccacct cacctgtaac     10860
     tctttgtcct aacttgcact tcctcctctc aggccccatc cccatgtggc ctcttctttg     10920
     ggtctggcgc tctccgggac tgaaggctac ccccgaccct gtaccccgcg ctcccgctct     10980
     cgcctcctcc tctcaggcga ccctccactc ctcagcgccc gcctccctgc atccctaggg     11040
     gcttccctac tgccccgacc tgcattcccc ggggtaaagc gagctctgga gatcgcatag     11100
     agaaactgta gtgtcctggg tccgagcgac gcccgcttcc cgcaaccggg agagccgatt     11160
     ccggccgctg ccctcggggg gctccgcata catctagtag cgccatgacc gcccagcacc     11220
     cagagatctg tccgctctcg gaggaggaag tgaaagcgaa agccacagat cgaaggggag     11280
     ggaacaagac tcttttccac atccccctgc cttttccgag aaaaggacag ttagtgcctg     11340
     gaccaggacc atcacactgg ggaccggctt ctctgctctc ccgttatggg ggtcggggga     11400
     atgatgggtc aagggtcttc cgaagaaagc gagaaaggaa caggcgcctt caaaagccca     11460
     cttggcgatg ggttacagta agaggtacct ccaggcccgg gcatccgctg gaaacagggg     11520
     tgggtagggt cgtgtcatct aaaggcgcag cttcaaccag aagactagaa gtcagccagg     11580
     agctgggagt agtgtcacgc ggggtggggg ttcctatgag catcacttta caaaaccagg     11640
     agggacggaa gtgcgagggg gcagagtctt ggaaacaggt cctgggccaa ctgcaacaga     11700
     atatacccgc cgcgtgtagg ggaaggcggc gccagggaga gggcgcagtc tctgaatctt     11760
     tccacggggt ccatcctagg gcccctccag gttcaacggt ctcctaacct gtagtcaccc     11820
     acaagagcgt gccctttctg cccgcccttc ctagcgttgc tccctgcttg gctgagcact     11880
     gcggagtttc acgcctctaa accccgcctc ttcttgcaac ctgtgttggc ctcatctacc     11940
     cagcaactgt cgacgtcaca cgacctgggc ctccctgaat gggagatatt tactaggcaa     12000
     tcccgcctac tgttctgagg tttcccctcc aggtgcagct tcagagccag gcgagccagg     12060
     aaggaccagc gggcgaggtg gtgagttgtg aggcgcgccc agtccctctg ttcccgcctg     12120
     gcacttgctc tggccgcgcc cgccccatct gccacttcgg agaggccacg gctctgagct     12180
     gcggccgcta gtgccctgat gggccctgtg gctggggtct tgcacattct tgggggtggg     12240
     cctaagggga taggggaagt ggaaggggcc tcataggaat taaaaagctt aagggaaaag     12300
     gtgatgcagt tagggggtaa aacattgagg atgataaaag aggagacatc cgcagctgaa     12360
     aagtgcgctg caaaaggcag tgggccgttt ggtgtgccgg aaacataaga aaccacagta     12420
     caaaacacca attttattat aaatatcaag aacctacagg gtgtttatgg gccagcatat     12480
     gccttcagtt atgttgaaaa tagctgatca tctttccgta cattctgaac atttctcagt     12540
     ttcagagtgc tggccacacc aaagcatcag ccctggctct aaactccgtt acagtaagga     12600
     attacaaatc ctgtgtttgt actccaggaa gtctgcatta tcacgaggag cttggaaagg     12660
     aggtaacaca ctcaaggcaa atttcaagta actcatcctg gaggcagctg cctactctgc     12720
     agctgtggtt ctccaccaca gagagaagaa aagggaggga gatggagtgc gcaggtctga     12780
     gaaggctttc attctggagc atctgcagga gcctgcacca tggcccagta gcaccccttt     12840
     ttctccatga gctgctggtg ggttcccccc tcccggatag cgcctccttc cagaaagagg     12900
     atgtggtcag cctgctccac caggctgagg tgctgggtga tgagaagcac tgagcgggag     12960
     taccgctcag ggctttcgta caggagctgc tccacctgag gaaagacatc ggaccgtcag     13020
     agccggggac taccctcagc ccagggagac acctgtgttt ccagggctgg gactgacctc     13080
     acaggatcac tgctggctct gctaacaacc ccaaggacac caacgtttcc cattctgagt     13140
     acttctccgc aaaccctttg tttcattaag gactgtttta catgaagggt gcaaaagtag     13200
     gataaaaatg agaaccctag ggtgaaacac gtgacagaag aataaagact attgaatagt     13260
     cctcttctct acccatggac ttggcatttt tatattcgat tttaaggaaa tataacttag     13320
     tagtaaagag atgagcattc aagtcaggca gacctgaatt tgggtcaagg ctgcgccact     13380
     caaaagctat atgacctcta tatgagcagc ttattcaacc tcttttaacc tccattttgt     13440
     catctgtaga atgatgataa atgcctagct cagaaggatt cctaatgaat aaatgagtga     13500
     cagtgcatgt aaacagacta gcttaattaa tattaatatg attaggatgg gctgggcccg     13560
     gtggctcatg cctataatcc tagcactttg ggaggtcaag gagggaggat cacttgggcc     13620
     caggagttca aggccagcct gggcaacata gcgggacgct gtctgtacaa aaaataattt     13680
     ttttaaataa acgatattat gaggatggtc ttttccttat gtttcgcttt agaaattcag     13740
     tctataggac tgggcgcagt ggctcacacc tataacccca gccctttggg aggctgaggg     13800
     gggcagatta cctgagctca ggaattcaag gccagcctgg gcaacatggt gaaacccatc     13860
     tctactaaaa atataaaagt caaccaggca tagtggtgta cacctgtagt cccagctact     13920
     cgggaggctg aggggagaat cgcttgagcc cagcaggttg aagctgcagt gagccaagat     13980
     tgtgccactg cgctccagcc tgggcaactg agtgagacac tgtcttaaaa aaaaaaaagg     14040
     aaagaaagaa agaaattcag tctgtagttt gtagatagtc tcttttaact gattctaggt     14100
     gtctttgcct cgtcttctat ctctactcct tggggaggca tccaatggaa ctggatttgg     14160
     gaactgagaa ctgcaaggac tggtttgtat aattatgatg ttagtaaaac taacagaaga     14220
     tgtataaaag aagcaagatt gggtgggata tagccattaa gaagatgact gcctcacctg     14280
     taactggctg tttgcatcca gggcactggt ggcatcatcc aggataagta cacacggttt     14340
     ccggatcaat gctcgggcca acgccactgc ctgtcgctga ccccctgaca gctggctccc     14400
     agcctcgtct acctctgcag agcaaagggc caagatgaga acggtatagc cacatgtgtg     14460
     cacgcatgta catgcacaca gacacactca tgcattcacg cactcacaca caccaagatc     14520
     tgacggttgt agctggatag gggagattct gggaagatga acagaatcct gaggatgtca     14580
     ggatgaagaa gccataggag catgatctta caacttcaaa ttgatgtcca tgagtaagga     14640
     ggaactgaag gataaaggca agactactgg ggtttcagca aaggtaaaga tggctgggtg     14700
     gtgagatgag tggagagagt acctgtgtca tagccctgag ggagtccaga gatgaaacta     14760
     tgggccccag actttactgc agcagctgtg atttcctcca tagttggctt ctgggtcagg     14820
     ccataggcaa tattttcttg aagacttctt ccaaatacct gtggctcttg tcccactgca     14880
     gccacctgag atgaaatatg atgaagagtc atagaacaag gcacatggga gtatggttat     14940
     ctagagatcg aagactcaaa atctttattg agaacatgtc acaaaatcat actacctccc     15000
     tcctgactac accaccatct ccacccaagg tctcttatca ttccctaacc cctctttcag     15060
     agtgctcagt aagaatgctc ttcgtatttg atgctccctg ccctccttca agccacctgc     15120
     ttccatacct gcctgtgcag gtagcggtgc tcatattggg gaaggggctt cccatccaac     15180
     agcagctgtc ccccggtggg ctggtacaga ttctgcagca gggcagccac tgtgctcttc     15240
     ccagacccat tgggtcccac cagcgccgtc acctcgccag ggcgtagggt gaatgtcagc     15300
     ccctagaggc cagagaagca cacgataaga ggctaccaag gcctctaacc ttgagagtgt     15360
     cattgccttg ttacatagca tgatgtctta ccccagaaga aaaacaggga aatatagaaa     15420
     ctcctaccct cccacatgca cagatttctg ggtgatgcct ccccaaggag tagagataga     15480
     agaagcggca aagacaaggg cagagaccca gcaccactat gccacacact tgatgtcaga     15540
     taccaccagg aaagggaaaa atcacattcc aaattacaaa ggaaaaggaa agatggaaga     15600
     ccgaagacac agattttgct gcagcaattc cttggaacgt gagagcactc tcttcgaaac     15660
     ctcttctctc attctctttg gaagcccaaa ctgggttctt gagtttgggg aagatttatg     15720
     gaacagatga tgcctaccat tgcctttaaa gggttaggga ggatatatgc ttggcagtaa     15780
     gcaggctgaa ggcaggaaga aaatttagga tggcagaatt gcagttgggg ccagtggaat     15840
     acagggagtg gtaggttgta cctgtagcac taagacatct gggcggtttg ggtaggcaaa     15900
     ggagacatct tggaactgga caaggccctc caagtgtaag ggagtcaaca gaccactggg     15960
     tgggcagcga ggggtgcggt ccaggtactc aaatattttc tctgaggagc ccacagcctt     16020
     ctgtactctg gggtagatgg agagcagtac ctagagggag gtaagaatag tgaaagtgag     16080
     gtagtctgct tgccagcatt atgtgaagca agaagggtaa agaatggaag gacatcacac     16140
     agatggtgct gggccagagg aaggaatcac actggggagt gaaggtggag ggacctcacc     16200
     tccacagcct gggtgaactg catctggtag agaacaaatg tgacaaggtt cccactgctt     16260
     acagccccac tggtcaccag ctgcccacca atgtagagga ttcccacttt cagcagcata     16320
     cctgaaatct ataaagagac cacaaaaaaa gggactgagg tagagaaatc tggaggggac     16380
     acaaagaacc acagtcatta acctgaagga aatatcaagt ccctgtctcc taagtgacat     16440
     cggcaggctc aataggcaga caggagaatg aaccagagac cccatggagt ctgactcaat     16500
     gcacatcatg caagtcacag ttatcttcac caccatcacc actatcacct tgtctgggga     16560
     gcattttact cttcacaaaa ggctttcatt catgtgatgt cagctaatac atgaagagcc     16620
     ttataaagaa ggttatatca ctccattttt gaaaaatgag gaaacaacca gtcgggcgca     16680
     gtggctcatg cctgcaattc cagcactttg ggaggccgaa gtgggcggat cacaaggtca     16740
     ggagattgag accatcctgg ctaacacgga gaaacctcgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa     16800
     aaaaaaaaaa attagccggg cgtggtggcg ggtgcctgta gtcccagcta ctcaggaggc     16860
     tgaggcggga gaacggcgtg aacccgggag gcggagcttg cagtgagccc agatcgcgcc     16920
     actgcactcc agcctgggcg acaaagcgag actccagctc aaaaataata ataataagta     16980
     aaaataaaca aacaaacaaa caaataaata aataaagagg aaacagtctc agagaaggta     17040
     aatttgttgt catgatcaca agacaagtaa attgcatcat caagccagga tcttcggatc     17100
     actggcgtag ctctctttcc agtgcatcac agatgtccct catccctggc ttccactatt     17160
     cccatcactc tcactaacaa atctacaagg taccagcatg aagcagtccc aggtgcaaga     17220
     atttatggcg ccctgcactt cccctgagag gcaaaggaag gccctaggac tggaagacac     17280
     gcatctctcc aatccacatg gttgggtgga ttttatgtac catactgaaa ggaagccacc     17340
     tagcatcttt aaagagaggg agggggctag ggacactgag tagagtcatt gagcctcagg     17400
     ttgctaggac gaaaatactg aaccaaccat ttcccagtaa agaaggagtg ggagcagggt     17460
     cataggaatg ggaatggagt cacggcatct taaggacaag ggaatgggta ttcatcttca     17520
     ggtgctcaca ctagtggtcc aggagttgac tgcataggcc acagcctcct tctggttgag     17580
     tgtctttatt tcttgcagct tttccctaaa cttctgggct tcgccctcct cgttggcaaa     17640
     gcttcgaact gtaggcatgg ccgacagagc ctcaatggcc acctggctgg actttgccag     17700
     agattcccgc acctgcactt ccagcaactg tggatacatg gacaagagat gtcacacggg     17760
     ttggcaaacc atcagggaca ctaatacctg agttacctat ttggaaatta aaggtgagaa     17820
     gagacagagg aaaaggagaa aagagaaaga gacacagcta tgccccttgg atgctaaaga     17880
     aatacgagga agaggaaaat gactcagaac gggttgggga tcaaattctt aaagacagat     17940
     tgtggggaga agctagaaaa gaagacccag agagtatgga ggttaatgtt gagcaacctg     18000
     ggaacatgga ccacagggac agggtgttcc atgaagatgg agaatcagta agggtgccag     18060
     gaaagctgga ctgaaagcaa tgtgagagga actgagtctg ccaagtctgg gagatgaggg     18120
     tctgtgtaga gcgggccaac tccatgaaca tacctggtac cattttccca ccttcttggg     18180
     cagaaggaaa agcagaggca gggtgatcag ggtgaccatg gtgagggaca ctgatcccca     18240
     gagcatgatc cccaagagac ataggcctcg caccaggtac cacagaaata agctcagatt     18300
     ctcactcaga gaatcactca gggtggacgt gtcctctgtt acccgagaca tgatgttacc     18360
     tgcagggttg gggagaagag agtgaggtga atcagacagg ttccaagtga tgagacgaac     18420
     taacaatgag ccaggatgcc agggtcaggg gtgtcaacat ggggttctaa ggaggctgca     18480
     ggaaacaagg ttagggttct ccagaggtct gcaaatctca gtgcagggaa gatgagtgtt     18540
     aaagaggaaa ggcctgacct tcattttaat tataaagtca ttaatgcaca tgtgaatttc     18600
     cattttcctg aaagctttct gttccctaga gaacctgtat gtcccatgct atacacacag     18660
     gcaggaagag cttaaactgg tcacataaca gagatggagg aggagggtgc tgctaggaag     18720
     catgccaaag tctgtggagc actcactggg actagggttc taaccccagg tctatctcta     18780
     gccatatgta actgtacagc ttctagtgct gctagaaagc atgccgaagt ctgtggagca     18840
     ctcaagagac cagggttcta accccaagtg tgtctctagc catatgtaac tgtgcagttt     18900
     cagcatttag ggtcttggcc tcagtttcct tctctgtcag atgaggcagt tggtctctat     18960
     gagctcaaaa tttccaggtt tgaaattcta tggtttctat ctaaggatac ataggaatag     19020
     atttataaga aaatgctaga tgaaaactct aggtttttct taaggtaagg aggacaatat     19080
     tttgctcctg aggtatatca agaatgagaa aaacaattgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagaga     19140
     gagagagaga gagacagaga cagagagaga gagacaggga gagggtatat caagaatgag     19200
     aaggaacaat gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgaga gagagagagc ggggaggggg gagatcaaag     19260
     cagatgtatg aggatatgaa cagtacatgg cgtataatga aagagtttca ggagaaacct     19320
     gtctggttct gttggaaaaa ctccgtctcc tggcgcagga cagccccaaa cacctctccc     19380
     tgcaagtggc tgtgcacgtg gcccatggtg ttgttataga tcccgtcacc cacgaactcc     19440
     agcactgcac tataaagaac ccggaaaaaa aggggatcag ggtgtgttca gggaacagac     19500
     tgaaggtccc aggtatcccc atataagtgc atttcggaca gcagccccaa cttccaactc     19560
     cctcatttgc agggtgcccc attttcagcc cccagacctg gctatggtga gaatggacat     19620
     gagagttaag tttcgagtga aggtatcggc tgagccatct tgtagaatcc agtcagtgag     19680
     gcggcccgta aagaatggaa tggccatctc ccctggagaa agagaagaga ggtcacgcac     19740
     aaatattaag tctaagtagg tcagttccag tcagactggc cccaccacgc ctcctccccc     19800
     tcaccattat cctggagggc atcagcagaa aggaaacact gacgtctcaa tcccgaacct     19860
     aaataggctg ccctggaact cactaccctg tggttgctct accagaactt tcaggatttt     19920
     attaggaagg ctggagatca tgaagtagaa aagcctcctg ttagagatga ggatgccccg     19980
     cccttcggcc ccagagcaaa ggatttcccc gcttccggcg tggcccaaag aatcaagacc     20040
     cggtcagcaa tggagcccag aacctctggc ccccgccagt ccagtgccgt ttcttctaca     20100
     ccgaagtggt gttccaagac ccacgctagg agtccttctc ctgctccaca tttcccagaa     20160
     cccacgctac tctaccttac tgacaattac ctttgattcc tgtcccagtc cccttgtgtc     20220
     ctcccctctt gccctgcgtt ccccttacca agagaggaga ggaccaccag gaccaggaac     20280
     agcgagaggc ggcgcgtctc cgagcccagg cagcctagaa gccgacgcac agggtttcca     20340
     gagccgccct gaccgccggg cacccagagg ctcccgagtt tgtgccacag ggctgctgcg     20400
     ggcagtgccg ctgcataact gacaacgaag gcggtagggt gacttcccca gtgcagtagc     20460
     ctggtgctat ccgcggaccc gggggctccc catgagatca gctctcggaa caaggcaagt     20520
     cccggcaggg ccaagcccag tgccgcagct aatggcttca aagcagccag ccagccctgg     20580
     gcacctgcgt tttcgctctt ggagccaacc gttgccctga ggaccccgca ggcccccagc     20640
     cagagcacgg cccagcggct caggcccacc gcccagaccc ggagcagtgg cagcgcggtg     20700
     ggcaccagca gggagaatat gcggggcagc gcggtccgga gcagcaccca gtcggcgaga     20760
     agtagcagta ctgtccccag ccatgcgaga gaagctccgg ggaggcagcg gcacccgcgg     20820
     ggagcgggac acctagagct agccattggc actcggacgc cgtcccggtc ccggccgggc     20880
     ctgggactct ccgcgccccg gtggggcctg aagctccggg taccgccgag tcctccccta     20940
     ctggcggctg ggggagggaa cgagggcggg gctctcggaa agtcccagga acaggctgat     21000
     cctgcgctgg cgagaagctc agccatttag gggaaagcga aatcgaaagc ggccgcctgc     21060
     tcactagata acgcctactt ccaaaagtgg cctgcccaga ctattttggt agcaagcgtg     21120
     gaaatcagat ctgagaatct cgggagcagc cctggtgccc aattttctcc atcacgcaca     21180
     cccttctcgc ctctccctgc ctcctgcctt tccacttgca ccagttttcc caccccagcc     21240
     tcagggcggg gctgcctcgt cacttgtctc ggggcagatc tgccctacac acgttagcgc     21300
     cgcgcgcaaa gcagccccgc agcacccagg cgcctcctgg cggcgccgcg aaggggcggg     21360
     gctgtcggct gcgcgttgtg cgctgtccca ggttggaaac cagtgcccca ggcggcgagg     21420
     agagcggtgc cttgcaggga tgctgcgggc gggagcacca accggggact taccccgggc     21480
     gggagaagtc cacaccgggg taatgggtct gggcttgagg gttggcagag gggtggagga     21540
     gatgcagcgg ccaggggacc ctggaagcgc gcgcggagaa gtgaatgcag agaccaacgg     21600
     gagcgcaggg aggtcgcctg tagcagccag cgcttgcaac ccgcaatgag catagagtat     21660
     ttcttttctg aggggggtcg tctagagtgt ccgtgaaggg aacaggcacg cgaggctggt     21720
     ggaaaaagcg ggtgctttga ctcttagctg gaagcgtcaa cgggaagcta ctctaaagcg     21780
     ctttcgcttt cactctggtc ccggacagtg ggggctggtt aaatcaagaa agggggttgg     21840
     ggatggtgca aagagatgag gaaatggtgc cctgggtgaa gtagaacagc acttgggaga     21900
     aggaaatata ggcacttatt gagaaggacc aactcatcac acagactttt gataaacttg     21960
     ccactgggca actcttagcc caagcactga taatgggcgt tctgtgttaa ctagtgatgc     22020
     ccttccctag cttgacccag gaaggcctct ccttggccca gatgctgcct tactcccttc     22080
     cctgtgtctt ccctgcccac tcccatgtgc ccactggggg gactttgctt aggatgggcg     22140
     cctggggcag atggcagccc caagactggc tggctggctt ctgctctgga ctactgccac     22200
     cactcgtggc ttgggggcgg ctttgttaga gaggaatagc ctctaacttg aagttaaccc     22260
     tgttctttga ccctctattc atgataagtc ggtccgtcgg aaagcatact cagaggagcg     22320
     tcctttgggg ccagagtaac ttacggcctg gtaagaaaga cacagtgaaa ccacttataa     22380
     tttgggaaat ctcccctcac tgccaaatga gcagtggcaa gtaggaagta gaagtggaaa     22440
     caagggataa gagttagacc tgaattttag tcccaggtct actattaact ctgtgtgact     22500
     ttgcataagt cgtttgcatt ttctgtgact tggtttcctc atttgaaccg aggatcttta     22560
     aggctccttc caactcaata gtagaataaa tgtagcttta tcttccctca cttcttcttg     22620
     attcttttct tgacctggaa aagtcagctt aaacttctca gtcaaattat ctcttggtac     22680
     aaatttacct ccctggctgc tgagatatgt atttacctct tgatcggaaa ttccataact     22740
     gaaactttta ttttcaacca tctgtatgtg ttccttgctg cttctctcct gccttgcccc     22800
     tggccatgct aaccactgcc ctcctcgatt ttttccaatg ttcagtaaat tggaagagct     22860
     cacttctgat gaaatggggg gtgagagtgg aggattgtgg accaaaaaaa aaaaaataga     22920
     ctgaccttgt ttcccaagat catagtcaat tactctgtgt tgggtctaca ccacatctgc     22980
     acatactatg agcccttccg ttggagataa ttttcacttg cggagctgct tcacttctac     23040
     ctgtaggagc ctcatctcca cctctctaca gtggagagga ttccactagg caagttggaa     23100
     cttagggaca cagttctttc tgtgttgtat cacagctggg ctgtggcatt cccctgcagc     23160
     cggatgaagc aatagagaaa gtggaaagat gaagggaaaa aaagcctgta ctgacagtca     23220
     gctctggcct gttactgtgt aatctttgag ccagtcactt cgcctctctg ggaatgtttc     23280
     ttcttctcta acatgagggc atcaaggctg ttcttgccct gacattccat attctgtgtc     23340
     tctgcagacc accatcatgg cagtggagtt tgacgggggc gttgtgatgg gttctgattc     23400
     ccgagtgtct gcagggtgag taaaagtgaa gatgtatgca tttggaaaga agctaatggc     23460
     ctcaaataca cactttcctt acccattcat gaaaagactg gcaaactgga gccttggagg     23520
     aatggagttg accttcccca aaagccacta tgataagcta tttggtgggt gcttgggtct     23580
     ctgaatttgt ggaggaggat ctggggtctg aatgtgtatg tgacctgtcc cagtagtgta     23640
     cagggatgag taaaggaata gggtctgaga gggggacagg agatagattt ttgagggtct     23700
     tctttccatc tgtgcttagg gatcaaaaag atgattctgt caagcagata cctggtttct     23760
     catttaccat atattgaact attttgtctc ttctcccact cctaaccaat ttcctcacat     23820
     gcaaaatgag tatatggggt taggtcaata ttactgacat tatgttccat agaacataac     23880
     tctctcaaga ttgttaatag caaagaaaat tgatgaggca tatttttctt accttagcat     23940
     tttttgcttt gttataaaat ctaagcctga aaaataagcc taattttgat taacatctgc     24000
     agtgattaat aatatctgag atgattattt gcctcctgct ttaatccaag cattaaactt     24060
     catgctattc tcttgtcaaa gaaatttgag agacattgaa tgatcaccct caaaaattcc     24120
     tgagttctgg ttgggtgcag tggctcacat ctataatctc agcactttgg gatgccgagg     24180
     tgggcagata tttgaggtca ggagtttgag accagcctgg ccaacatgtt gggaccttgt     24240
     ctctactgaa aatacaaaca ttagctgggc ttggtggtgg gtgcctgtaa tcccagctat     24300
     tcgggaggct gaggcaggag aatcacttga accagggagg cgaagtttgc agtgagccca     24360
     agattgatcc actgcactcc agcctgggtg acagagtgag actgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa     24420
     aaaaaaaaaa aacctgagtt ttaacttggt gactgttgac tccctcctga cagcgaggcg     24480
     gtggtgaacc gagtgtttga caagctgtcc ccgctgcacg agcgcatcta ctgtgcactc     24540
     tctggttcag ctgctgatgc ccaagccgtg gccgacatgg ccgcctacca gctggagctc     24600
     catgggtatg aagctctgga gttctgactc cccacccact agagctcccc caacctgcat     24660
     gaatccctgt acagtgtgct gttccaggag ctggacactg ggaaatggaa aagtcttgtt     24720
     tcggctcttg ctggcacttg aatctgtcag tttctgcatc tgtaaagtgg agataatata     24780
     gtacctcatg agacggttat tttgagaacc acattctata tgtgaacaca gtttaaaagc     24840
     tgtaaatcac tatcctgata taaataatca ggaagaaggt gatattgtga cccaccataa     24900
     tatcaggcag ttaccatacg agaaatcaag gtcgttggga cggaagtaac cttatctgct     24960
     tttccccata agagcagggt ccttgcagcc aaaagaaagt tatgtgggtg gggctgagca     25020
     aaagagtgag caattgaaag cttcttacca gttggtggtg tgggactctg gttcccctgt     25080
     acatgtggga gggaggctgc agtttgagct attgcagtta cagttttcag gggtcgttta     25140
     gcagggatga tggtaacagt ataggagaat gagacttaaa attctatcaa cctttattcc     25200
     taatatttcc ctcaggatag aactggagga acctccactt gttttggctg ctgcaaatgt     25260
     ggtgagaaat atcagctata aatatcgaga ggacttgtct gcacatctca tggtagctgg     25320
     ctgggaccaa cgtgaaggag gtcaggtgag tttctcccaa agcactctct cctctgggct     25380
     tccccactct cctgcagagg aagatggaag tcctatgtca ttctagcaat gagttccaag     25440
     gacactacct ctgaaagcat agtactttgg ggatatgaga taccagggct tcattgcagg     25500
     gtgcagagac cacttaatgt ctcagtggga aggaagggct tgatgattct ttaacctgag     25560
     gatccctttc ccaggtatat ggaaccctgg gaggaatgct gactcgacag ccttttgcca     25620
     ttggtggctc cggcagcacc tttatctatg gttatgtgga tgcagcatat aagccaggca     25680
     tgtctcccga ggagtgcagg cgcttcacca cagacggtaa ccagccaagt ggaagggtac     25740
     ctggggaggg ctttgaaaca tgggaaggaa gtagattatg aggaacagga agagaaatac     25800
     aggggtggcc atttaagtta atgccgggcc tggtacactt ttaagagtga aaaggggcag     25860
     gacaaatgca aagctcaatg gggttcttgg gcaatacgga taaaccaggg ctgttctgag     25920
     taaatcaaat gaggatacac agtcactgtg agaaccagtg gtgtgctaag cacagtggct     25980
     cacacctgta atgccaacaa tttgggaggc tgaggcagga ggattacttg agcccaggag     26040
     tttgaggcca gcctaggcaa gatggtgaaa ccctgtctcc acaaaaaaca ataaaaaaaa     26100
     gtaaaaaaaa aaatgaactg ggcatagtgg tgcacacctg tagtcccagc tactcaggag     26160
     gctgaggtgg aaagatcatc tgagccgggg agatcaaggc tgtagtgagc ggtgattgca     26220
     ccactgcgct gcagcctagg tgacagagag agaccctgtc tggagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     26280
     aagaaccagt ggtgtgctga ggtgtgctga ggctggcttg ggaccactca tgagagcgga     26340
     ctgttaaata gtcaaggatt tgtgaactgc ttagctattt gtaacttgca attcatcata     26400
     gcgggagcat ttacaccacg gacatcagca gatgccacat atggaagcct ttttgtaaaa     26460
     aaactgattt accagcacac cactaaatat gccttcctgg aagatgagtt ttgaggtgaa     26520
     agtggtagta ggcatatgga tggaggggga gtaaaaagat ttttgaagct aagccatcct     26580
     ctctctccct ctctccaact tgaaaccctc tgcagctatt gctctggcca tgagccggga     26640
     tggctcaagc gggggtgtca tctacctggt cactattaca gctgccggtg tggaccatcg     26700
     agtcatcttg ggcaatgaac tgccaaaatt ctatgatgag tgaaccttcc ccagacttct     26760
     ctttcttatt ttgtaataaa ctctctaggg ccaaaacctg gtatggtcat tgggaaatga     26820
     gtgctcaggg agatggagct taggggaggt gggtgcttcc ctcctagatg tcagcataca     26880
     ctctttcttc ttttgtccca ggtctaaaac atctttccta gagaaaacaa aagggactaa     26940
     actagaaata taaagagccc tatacatgac aggtgatcac gtactgaatg attttgaagt     27000
     agtacaaaca ataaaaattc tcattccgca tcatcatgcg gtccatgatg atgaggccgc     27060
     aagtgaggtg atgggactct ttcctttaag gctaagactg acagataggc aagacaccta     27120
     cacacatgag aattagctaa gactatcagc aaactcgcat gtaaaagaat tcctttcata     27180
     atgcattcat tcatattaaa gggcaataca tgaaaaatgc ttaaatattt tggggcactt     27240
     gtgaatttca aagaataatg acaataacca aaagaagcta catttgtggc attggctaaa     27300
     tgttttataa attttatctc ttaaaattca aaccaaaaaa ccccctgtat tcacacctgt     27360
     aatcccagca ctttgggagg tcaaggcggg aggattgctt gagcccagga gttagtgacc     27420
     agcctgggca acatagtgag aaccccatct ctacaaaaaa atttaaaaat tagtcgggtg     27480
     cggtggtgca tgcctgtagt cccagctgcc tgggaggctg agtgggagga tcgcttaggc     27540
     ctgggagttt gaggctacag tgagctgtga ttgcgccact gcactctagc gtgggtgaca     27600
     gagaaagacc ctatcttaag aaaaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa agaaaaaaca aacaaaaaaa     27660
     acacccaacc ctatataggt attattatta cttctatagg acacatagag gtttggaaag     27720
     attaaatcac ttgaccaagg tcacaaaata agttctgagg ctgggatctg ggattcagtc     27780
     ttattatatg cccttcctct accactccct aaaacttctc attccctcaa tccccatata     27840
     tcatcttaaa atctgcaata aatagcccca tacattcgtt ggcacttagg aaactgttac     27900
     cagatggctg agtaactgta ttaaaacaaa tttaattctg cttctatctt tgccttgcac     27960
     ttcctgagtg acaggagtga actctcatat ccttttctgt caaaagatgg tgctgaatga     28020
     tttctaaggt agtttacagt tccaacattc aatgccattt tgctaacaag tgggcagtca     28080
     acaggcatat tcaacagaaa tactagtagg atctcaggct aaacatacga attcaaaact     28140
     ctaaaacaat cacatccccc tggagtgtaa agaaaaaaat ctaaaattac aaatgcctgg     28200
     agttgtttct agccatgata tttaacttat ttgagatttt aaatagccca tttttcccac     28260
     tgatcacaag tagaaattct gggcagtata caaaaagcaa gtactcaagg actccaaaaa     28320
     gtaaacaaaa gcaggtggat tgtgaagagg gtcaaaactg ggagaggggc ccctcctggg     28380
     gagtgggttt tcaatgtttt cccctttttt cctcccagct ctgccctgac gtcaggcctc     28440
     aggtgcagag ctgcactgcg tggtagcaca agccctgagt taacaagaga aataccggct     28500
     ttctggccag aggaatgaag aaaaagggcc cctgcgggca ggaatgtgta ggggaatctc     28560
     caaactgaga gtacaggcgg aaattcccta attctgagtc tgaaccctca ggagtaccag     28620
     gttacccctg agctgcacat gcgtgtgaca tgccttaagg gcacagcaaa gactttgaga     28680
     actgaatgaa gattagatct tttaaaattg gaagacttcg gccaggcgcg gtggctcgtg     28740
     cctgtaattc cagcactttg ggaggccaag gcgggtggtt cacctgaggt caggagttcg     28800
     tgaccagtct ggccaacatg gtgaaacctc atctctactt aaaatacaaa aattagctgg     28860
     gcatggtgcc tgtaatccca gctactcggg aggctgaggc agggagaatc gcttgaaccc     28920
     gggaggcaaa ggtggcagtg agccaagatt gcgccattgc actccacctg gacgacaaga     28980
     gagaaattcc atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatta gaagacttca tttttctgta     29040
     ttggccaaat aactgttcta atgcccttca ttccaataaa aggtttgtag cagcttacag     29100
     agataattta aaacaatttt taaaagaaga aaacaacact gggtcagaga gaaaatatgg     29160
     ttaagaaaag taagtgaagc caaggagtga aactaatgga aactaatgga caacgtgaat     29220
     atcttaaaaa aaaaaaaaag tggtgcgctg tcttatactg gctagcaaga gcagactgca     29280
     aagtattcag gatttttgaa gacagttgtt aactattggt aacttgatat tgaccactat     29340
     ggaagtattt atactataga aatcagcaat gctacaagtc agaagcattg tttttcttca     29400
     gagagccggt ttaacaggac acatatttat cagccaacta taaatggata aaaaataatt     29460
     ggctccaggc cataggatag tgaaagcaaa gaaggaaata aaatgaggta caagattcat     29520
     aaaattcatt ttttaaaagt tgccagaaaa ccaaaaatta tatataatag ttcaagccac     29580
     acagaacatt tactcaaata ggacatgcat cattccataa aggtaacgcc aataaattcc     29640
     agagtatcgg tatcttagaa actatctata ttctaggcca ggagcagtgg ctcatgcctg     29700
     taatcccaac attttgggag gtcaaggtgg gcagatccct agagcccagg agtttgagac     29760
     cagcctgggc aacatggcaa aaccccgtct ctacaaaaaa tttagctgga tggggtgcac     29820
     ctgtaatccc aactagtcag aaggctagac gggaggatcg cttgaaccca ggaggcagag     29880
     gttgcagtga gctgagattg tgccactgcc ctccagcctg ggcaacagag taagacactg     29940
     tcttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaag aaagaaagaa actatattct gcaaccatac     30000
     tgtaataaaa ttagaacttg ataactaaaa tatacttaaa attgtaagtg aacaaatata     30060
     tttatcagta acatggattt aaaaggcagt cgtggatggg agcatcgctg gagtccagaa     30120
     gatggaggct gcagtgaggc atgattgcgt cactgcactc cagcctcagc aatagagtgg     30180
     gaccctgtgt caaataaata aacagcagtt ataaagaaaa ttaactcttt tagaaccagg     30240
     tgttaaaaat gttacacata aaatatacat ataaaataat attataattt caaatacatt     30300
     tattagaaca agaaaagtta aaataaagga cctagaaatt ctactcaaaa atttggaaaa     30360
     agagaagttg agcaaaccta aagaaatacg aagaaaagga gttataaaga taagaataga     30420
     aagcaatgaa acagaaatag agaacaaaaa actaggtagt gaaaattaac atacttttga     30480
     ttccaaaagc tgcttactta aaaatatttg taagatattc agagttacaa caaggccgat     30540
     tatggataaa gggagaaaaa atgaataaac aaatacataa tgaaaaaggg ggaacagcta     30600
     cagatatgac acagatataa agcatagagt gttatgaaca agtatatgct aataaatttg     30660
     aaaacctagg tgagataagc aaattcctag aaacatttaa tctatcaaaa ttagcacaaa     30720
     aagaaataca aaacttgact ataccaatga gtattaaagc aatttttaaa gttatcaatg     30780
     gcatctaata aaaaaatata tttttgaaaa tgcccagatg gtttcacaga tgagttctat     30840
     caaacattca aggaacatga aacttctata ttatatactt tttccagaaa acagaaaaaa     30900
     actaaacctg attagctaat tttatcagcc gagtgtaatc ttgactccaa attgagttgt     30960
     ggaaaactca aggaaaaaaa aataatagac ccatttcacc ttgaacacag atgggagaaa     31020
     aaaataatta tttatgaacc gaattcaaca atattacaaa taataatact gggaggccga     31080
     ggtgggagga tcgcctgagg ccaggagttc aagaccagca ttgtcaacat actgagatcc     31140
     tgtgagatcc tgtctctaca aaaaattaaa aaattagcca ggtgtgatgg tgagcacctg     31200
     tagtctcagc tactagggag gctgaggcag gaagatcatt tgagcccagg agtttgaggc     31260
     tgcagtaagc tatgattgca ccactgcatt tcggcctgtg caacagagca aggccctgtc     31320
     tctaaaaata tgtataataa taacaataat aataatgatt atgctaataa tgatacatca     31380
     agatcaaata gggaatcctt ggaatactag ggtggttcaa tataataaaa catattgttg     31440
     ctataattta ccatattcat agaaaagtca tttcctttgc tcagtctatt aataaaagac     31500
     atttggtaaa gtatatccat ttgtgatttt tgaaaaacag ttaaggaagc aggaatcaaa     31560
     actttcctat tttggcaaag gttataatcc aaaaaatctg taaccactag tatacataac     31620
     ggaaaaacct tgggtatcca agacaagaat gttcactata attactagct tatcatagca     31680
     ctaaaaacta tgggcaacat aacaagaccc catttaccaa aaataaattt aaaacatttt     31740
     aattagctgg catggtggca tgcacctgta gtcctaccta cttgggaggc caaggcagga     31800
     agattgcttg agcccaggag tttgagctta ctgtgagctg tgatcacacc actgcactcc     31860
     agcctgggtg acaaaggaag accgtatttc taaaaaataa aaaatacaaa tacaactaca     31920
     aactagcact agaccaacag tgactatgta ccatgaactg aggaatatta ttaattccac     31980
     catttgcatc tgaggttaac aatatgtcaa tgacttaaat aacatcatat ctctgagagt     32040
     aatttctcct atatttccat gacaaatgtt agataatttt ccattttttc cattcaataa     32100
     aataaacagg aaatataatt aaagagttca attgaggatt gggatttaga aaggaaggca     32160
     ggaattaaga ataatcctta gttctcttcc taatttgcac ctctctcact gatacatatg     32220
     tattattttc tttttatgtc ttttagaatc taataaacat gttttatatt atataacaaa     32280
     ctagaatata tggattatct ttggtcttcc ttaccaagtt cttaactctg ctggctctgg     32340
     ggcactggac ataccatgta agaagaaaaa tgttttaact ccattgaact tattcagaag     32400
     catcggaaat tggttcagca atattcaact ttgcccagca atgtttatga aagtttcata     32460
     tatagtatag tataagtatg tgtaatacag aatttatgtt ctcaaaaatg aagagataaa     32520
     gtatggagat tctaaactct gttgacatag aagagggtgg atttctcgaa gaaacagcct     32580
     tctatagaaa gtggcttgta tgagtcggga ttctccagag aagcagaacc aataggatgt     32640
     tggcagagag agatttattt taagtaattg gctcatacta ctgtgggagc tggcacggtc     32700
     gaaatctgca ggtaggctgg agacccagga agagctgatg ttgcggcttg agtctgaagg     32760
     tggtccagag gcagaattcc ctcttccttg gaggacctca gtctttgccc ctaagacctt     32820
     caactgattg gaagggccac ttacattatg gagggtaatc tgctttaccc aaaatctatt     32880
     gatttaaatg taaatctcat ctaaaaaata ccttcactgc aatatctaga ctggtattca     32940
     aatgtctaga aaccatagcc tagccaagtt aacacataaa attaactatc acttggctca     33000
     aggtgaaact tccagatcaa tgtggcagga gtgttgagga aggaagtgaa ctcggttcta     33060
     accaagtagg acagccgaat catcactgaa gtgtggcact ggcctttcgc caaggtaaca     33120
     tgtggcaagg ttttaggtta ggataggtac caggcaaaag ctgggtgact cgatggaggc     33180
     ttttgtgcca accttcagag actggctgcg tcagactgcc ctcaagagca tacaaaggaa     33240
     aaaaagacaa attaaaagcc tttaatccaa actcaagaca tgaatgaaaa actgtaaatg     33300
     cctctatagc agttttaaag gctatctttt ctcctgcaac ccagcacaga tatggctgag     33360
     ggtcaagccc gggggcttat gataaaggtt atgaagttgt agaaatgttt gttgcatcat     33420
     ccaacagcag ctgttgtgat aaggcaagac ccctggttgg gatagaccgg accctgagat     33480
     atgaaatagg gacatatgag cagacacaga gaagtctgag tgagaactat gaatcaccgc     33540
     accccctgag ggtccttgct ggaagaagca gactcaccgt attagttacc tattgccatg     33600
     taatgaatga cacccgctta aaataacaga catttactat aaggtgttac tgggacaata     33660
     ggggattttt taatatggat tgtgtgtttg ataatatggt atcaatttta agtatcttgg     33720
     gggtgatgac agtattaggg ttttgcagga gaaatgtcct tattcttaaa ttatacatga     33780
     caaaatattt aggggtcaag tggcataatt tccacagatt actctcaaat tgtttaacaa     33840
     aatggttctt caacagtaaa tggataaaca aaacgtagtc tattcgtgca acacagtact     33900
     atgtaaacaa tgaaacttca tcaactactg aaaatgtaac aacatggacg aatctcatag     33960
     aaacaatatt aagtgaagaa gccagacttg cagaaataca tactgtatgt ttccattatc     34020
     tattgctggg cagcacacca actccaaact taatggctta aaacaaaaat aatcatttta     34080
     ttatctctca tgaatctgtg aattactgga ctttaagagc cactgatgta gtccatgaac     34140
     caaaacacat attcacggca gccactccac ccagcacctc acacctgtga tgtttactgg     34200
     ctgcccatgg gatttgaaca cctttagagt actgtgaaat ttcccctacc ttttgagtcc     34260
     tgcctcccta aagtggaaac cagaaagctc acttccccta gccttctttg aagctagagc     34320
     acctaagttc caccaattaa attcatccac ctaagacttc agttacaaag gggccacagg     34380
     aggaaccagg gtgtgggggt tgcagagcac cttttactgt atttatttct ctggcaaagg     34440
     tgacagaaga agcaactgtc ttttggggaa gcggtgggtt ttttcctttt tttttttttt     34500
     ttttaagtga agttcctgaa acagaagtgg tttaggaggt gtcttcagtg gtggctgcag     34560
     caacctccag gtcctaacaa cagaaccaac agcagcgtct agaagccatg gggcagcagc     34620
     agtggtgtgg ctcatcagac ctgctctctg cgtggtctga ccctgtacat acatgtgcct     34680
     ctcatccgta gttccagcat ttcctctcta aagtctagtt ctgagagaaa tttctttggt     34740
     agacttttca aagttttatc aaactcaaag agggaaccag caagaataca agagccttga     34800
     tccaaagagt atttgaaaaa cagagctgta tctctctgtg aggaaataat ttctaggcta     34860
     gagattcaaa atggctaacg tgctagaggg caataaaatc ataaccttgg tgttatcttc     34920
     tttaccggag aaaaagagaa agccagcatc ccttatcagc tctctgctga ttaacctcta     34980
     atcgcacagg gctggccggg ttcgtcttag gcaaattaca atccctgaaa cactctggtt     35040
     ttgatcaggc agaattatga gcaaaggttc aagtgtgata taaaataatc aagcacgtac     35100
     aattttgcct tatttataat tttgaaacac ttttcctaca caatttctga ccttaagggg     35160
     cagaattaac caaataaaac ttttcagaaa tgctctaatt cagttccact cattttatcg     35220
     tctctatttg gcctgtttta gggctaaacc cagaagcaaa atcttcttca aaatgaatgt     35280
     attgacagtc accatgccag acttggagta cgaacaagag catcctttta cccttactga     35340
     aacctatgtg gtcactaaaa catatatcaa taatattttt aacctggaca aaattaatct     35400
     agaaaattga gctactgttt tttatttgtc agcttttacc acattgtggg tttgagacac     35460
     aggtagttct tttgatagta cagcgttaat ttaaaatata aaaatcatgc caaacacatc     35520
     taattacttt tagcttcctt cacagtaggc ggaggaaggt gaaaaattaa gccttttgcg     35580
     ccacctagtg gccaaatggg tagtggctgt ctagtgagaa aaaacaaaga tttgggggcg     35640
     tgaaaaatag cttgacagtg ttagtattct gaattcaggg tatgaggttg gaagaaggca     35700
     acaacaaaaa agaattttca gagaaactgg tcacttaagt gcataggtac ctgagagtga     35760
     gcaattgtta taactttgat atctcaataa ccagagtgac aataaaacat ttgaaaataa     35820
     acataaagaa ggtaacaatt ataagaaact ttaggtgttt cagaagcaaa tggttttttg     35880
     ttgttgtttg tttttaaaat aatttaaaaa cttgatgcta tcagcacaaa gcactaaaag     35940
     ttatcaaggt attaagtgag agcattctga taagaaacca ccgctagctg ggcagattat     36000
     gctaaaggga aagaaaaagt tttttctctg tcttaagtgt agagtgtata ttccaagatc     36060
     aattttaaat tacaaatcct ctcctttttt gcttattaat tcgaattcat cattacgtgt     36120
     gtgttttaca gaaatacata tatagttgaa tgacaatttt gtttaaaact ttccacttta     36180
     gttttaaaac gtagttaatc ttatcaatac aatacatgaa tgtatatcca cactaagttt     36240
     accaccttaa tttgagtttt gcaaaaatta aatatggaca aaggtatata tatagaaagc     36300
     cacttagtga cccaataatc tttctctcta tgatacactt aagaattttt tagacaataa     36360
     aaagtcactt attaactagc tcagtgaaaa ttagtccaaa gtaacaaaat catttgaggc     36420
     tgcaaaacaa caatatcact attgatatta ggagtttttc aaagaggtaa aattctaaaa     36480
     tttttacata gagtgcaagc taagtagcta agtcaaatga cttgcaatat ttttctgaaa     36540
     ttcacaagag ccaatagttt aaaaaaagca tctcataaca tttaattaaa aatatacatt     36600
     ttcatttaag tttgcttccc acaaaccact gacacactca ttgacacagt gaatgagtct     36660
     agtgacaaga aacaaatcct ttttgttagg tcacttctaa cactctgcct ccaacaaaat     36720
     aaagaggacc tattcaagct gtcagctatt atatcattta aagtaatttt gggaaggagg     36780
     ccaggcagga ggatcgcttg aggccaggag ttcaagacca gccctgggca acataatgag     36840
     accctgtctc tatgaataat aataataaaa ttagtcaggc atagttcgat gtgtcatagt     36900
     cctagatact ctgaaggctg aggcaggagg atcacttgag cccaggagtt cgaggttaca     36960
     gtgagctatg atcgcaccac tacactccat cttgggtaat ggggccagcc aaacaccaca     37020
     gaaaaaactg cgactccacc cccaccagct aaggtcaaat gaggagccta gactttcacc     37080
     ctcaccaggc tgtcataagg aacccaacac ttcaacacac acatgcacac acaccaggat     37140
     ggtgtcagag aaagtgaata gggagtcagg atggtcatgc cctcttggtg aaaatgtact     37200
     cctttcccca agcccctgaa atgtcaatgg aaacctagac ttccattcct cacccaacag     37260
     taatgaagca tctcttcccc tctcctctag ggtgatgtca gacaatgcct aatggagagt     37320
     caggattttc atcaccaccc agagttaatc cagcaaccac tccctgatac ctaccactca     37380
     ctcctccact ccactgtccc atcttggtgt caataaaggt catgtgaggg atagtaagtg     37440
     gcactcctct cccaaccaac cagggaggta ttagtgggca cctaataggg agccagaatt     37500
     tctgtcccca ctcagtaata atggggacct atctgaggtg tcaatgaagg cagagtgaga     37560
     agcctggact cctaccccta cctggcgtca tgaagctcac ctgcctacct gctggagagg     37620
     tgttaaaaga agccagctaa aacagtttaa ataagaccaa tagccttata acataatgcc     37680
     tgaaatgtcc aagtttcaat tggaaattat ttgtcatatc aggaaccagg aatatctcaa     37740
     attgaatttt taaaagacaa taaaatagat gccaaaacgg aaagaaaagc ctgatgaaga     37800
     ttttaaagcc accattatta aaatgctttg atgagcaatt aacacttaaa agaatgaaaa     37860
     aaataggatg tccagttcag tggtttaaaa aaagaaagaa gaagaaaaga gcagaaaaga     37920
     aaaaaatagg atgtttcagc ataaaaatag gatatatacg gaagaaaacg tggaaatttt     37980
     agaactgaaa agtgcaatag ccaaaataaa aagcccagta aataagctca gcagcagaag     38040
     gagagaacag aggaaagaat tagctacctt gaagacacag caatagcaat cacttaatct     38100
     gaacaaaaga aagaaagaaa atacactgga aaaaatggac aaagcctcag ggacccatgg     38160
     ggctataaca aaagatttaa tgttcatgta ctcagagtcc caaaatgaga ggaaaaagag     38220
     agtgaagctg aaaaaaatta tcaaataaat atggttgaaa acttcccaaa tttggcagaa     38280
     gacataaacc tagtgattta agaaggtgag tgaaccccaa ataggacaaa cccaaagaaa     38340
     gccacaccaa aatcatagta attaactaaa aattaaagat aaaaagaatc ttgaaagcag     38400
     tgagataaat gacatctaac aggtgaaaaa aatgacagag caaaattttc atcagaaact     38460
     gtgtaagccc gaaggaggtc accacctttt tccagtgctg aaaggaaaaa aaaatatcaa     38520
     cttagaacac tatatcagca aaaatatcca gggaaattaa gacatacaga gatgagggaa     38580
     aactaacaga atttgtcact aacaggtcta ccctaaaaaa acaaaaagtt aaattgagga     38640
     cagttggaac atcaggaagg aagaaagaac atggcaagaa aaaatatggg ttaaaaaatg     38700
     gactttactt cttctcttga gttatttaaa ttataggatt gaagaaaaac gtataatact     38760
     gtatcatatg gttataaatg tatatagaga aaatattaca ggcaattata aatgagggag     38820
     ggtaaacaaa gagagaagaa atttctacac atcactcaga ctggtaatta atgacaataa     38880
     ataagttaca taaatataat gtaataccta gaacaaccac taaaagagct atccaaagag     38940
     gtacacacac atacacacac acagctatag ataaattaaa atggaatttt aaaattattt     39000
     aggaagcaat gaaaaagaaa acaaagaaat gaaaaacaga gagaacaaac agaaaacaga     39060
     aaataaaatg tcagacttaa gcctggacat aacaatatta taggaaatat aaatcgccta     39120
     aatacatcaa ttttaagaga cagagcttgg cagaatagat ttaaaaatat gactctgtca     39180
     ggtgcggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccaac actttgggag gccaaggcag gtggatcaca     39240
     aggtcaggag atgaccatcc tggctaacat ggtgaaactc catctttact aaaggtacaa     39300
     aaattagcca gctgtggtgg cacaagcctg tagccccagc tactcgggag gctgaagcag     39360
     gagaatctct tgaacccggg aggtggaggt tgcagtgagc tgagatcaca ccacttcaca     39420
     ccgctgcact ccagcctggg caacagagcg agactccgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     39480
     actcaattat ttgctgttta tgataaactc acttcaaata taatgatata ggcggtttat     39540
     aagttaaagg atagaaaaac atatatcaga caaaaaataa taaagggagg ctatattaat     39600
     atcaaataaa cttagaacaa agaaaattac tagaaatgga taggaacact atgtaataat     39660
     aaaagggtaa atctaccaaa aagacatagc aatcttaaat atgtatgcac caaacaacag     39720
     ggctgcaaat tatgtaaagc aaaaactgat agaactgaaa agaaaatagg caagtcaaca     39780
     atgatagttg aagacttcaa tagttttctc tcaacaattg attaaacaaa tagacaaaaa     39840
     ttgagaaaaa acatagaaga ataaacaaca tcaaaccata agatctaatc aacatttata     39900
     gaacacacca cccaacaaca gaagatacat tattttcttt ttcgttgctt ttagtagatt     39960
     ccacgagatt ttcctttttc ttttttcttt tttttccttt tattttaagt tcaggggtac     40020
     atgtgcaggt ctgttacata ggtaaacagt gtcatggagg tttgttgtac agattatttc     40080
     atcatccagg aattaagtct agtacccatt agttattttt cctgaccctc tgcctcctcc     40140
     caacctccac cctccaatag gccccagtat gtgtttttcc tctttgtgtc catgtgtcca     40200
     tcatttagcc cccacttatg agaacatgca gtatttggtt ttctgtacct gcaatagttt     40260
     gctaaggata atggcctcca gctccatcca tgtccctgca aaagacgtga tctcattatt     40320
     tttatggctg catagtattc catggcagaa tacacttttt tttttttttt ttttgagatg     40380
     gagtttcact cttattgccc acactggagt acaatggcac aatctcggct cattgcaacc     40440
     tctgcctccc aggttcaagc aattctcctg cctcagcctc ctgagtagct gagattacag     40500
     gcacacacca ccatgcctgg ctaatttttt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat     40560
     ttattttttg tatagatgag gtttcaccat gttgatcagg ctggtctcaa actcctgacc     40620
     tcaggtgatc cacccacctc agcctcccaa agtgctggga ttgcaggcat gagccactgc     40680
     acccagccag aataacattt ttttaagtgc ccacagaata tatgccaaga tagaccatat     40740
     ctaagacaat aaaagaccaa caaatttttt aaataaaatc ataaagaaag tgttctccta     40800
     ccacaatgga accaaaccag aaatcaacaa caggaaaata tctaaacatt tggagacaaa     40860
     acaacacact tagaaataca tgggtcaagg aggaagtctc aaggaaattt tttaaaaata     40920
     cacacaataa acacaactaa acaaaaatga aaatatgcca tatcagaatt tgtgggatac     40980
     agttatagta gttataagag gtaaatttaa gttccaggat acatgtacag gatgtgcagg     41040
     tttgttacat aggtaaacat gtgccatggt ggtttgctgc acatatcaac ccatcaccta     41100
     ggtattaaga caagcatgca ttagctattt ttcctgatgc tctccctccc tccaacctcg     41160
     ccccagacag accccagtgt gtgtttttcc cctccctgtg tccttgtgtt ctcattgttc     41220
     agctcccact tataagtgag aacatgtggt gtttggtttt ctgttcctgc attagtttga     41280
     tgaggataat ggcttccagc ttcatccatg tctctgcaaa taacaggatc tcattccttt     41340
     ttatggctgt atagtattcc atggtgcata tgtacatttt ccttatccag tctgtcattg     41400
     atgggcagtt gggttgattc catgtctttg ctattgtgaa tagtactgca atgaacatac     41460
     aagtgcatgt atctttataa tagaatgatt tgtattcctt tgggtatata ctcagtaatg     41520
     ggattgctgg gtcaaatggt atttctggtt ctagatcttt gaggaattgc cacactgtct     41580
     tccacaatgg ttgaactaat ttacattcca tcaacaatgt aaaagcattt ctatttctcc     41640
     acaaccttgt cagcatctgt tgtttcttga gttttaataa tcaccattct gactggcgtg     41700
     agatggcatt tcattgtggt tttgatttgc atttgagaag taaatttaaa gcactaactg     41760
     catacattgg aaaagaggaa aagtctcaaa ccaataatct aaactctcac ctcaagaatc     41820
     tagtaaaaga ataacaaaat aaaaagcaag cagaacaatg aaactgaaaa cagaaaaaca     41880
     aaagcaaaaa aaaatcaatg aagcaaagag ctggctcttt gaaagattaa taaaattggc     41940
     aaaccactag caagactcag aaaaaaagac gacagaagat agaagctacc aacatcagaa     42000
     atgaaatggg atatcatcaa agattctaca gacatcaaaa ggataacaaa agaatactat     42060
     gaacaattct acacacataa atttgacact taaattaaat ggatcatttt ctcaaaaaat     42120
     ataaagtgcc acaactcact aaatataaaa taattcaaaa atgtctacac ctattgagga     42180
     aattgaattc ataatttaaa aactcacaaa aggaaatatt taggaacaaa tagtttcaat     42240
     gaagaattct accaaagatt taaagaagaa ttaacaccaa ttaatctctt ccagaaaata     42300
     gaagcagagg aagcatttcc cagtttattt tataaagcta gaattacctc aataccaaaa     42360
     ccaaacaatg acaatgggaa gaaaagaaaa ctgtagacta atattcctca tgatgcagca     42420
     atctttaaca aaatattagc aagtggaatt taccaacata taaaaagaat tatatacaat     42480
     gaccacgtga gagttatccc agggatgcaa agctggttgg atattcacaa ttaattaatg     42540
     taatccatca tattataggc tgaagaggaa aatttacttg ttcatatcaa ttgatgaaga     42600
     aaaagtattt aacccacttt aacacccatt cattattttt ttttaatctc agaaatatag     42660
     gagtagagga gatctttctt tacttgataa agatcgtcta caaaaatcct atggtgaaca     42720
     tacttgattc tgaaagactg aatagtttct acctaaaatc aggaacaagg caagaatgtc     42780
     cactctcacc actcttattc acagtgttgg aagttctaga cagtgcaata ggcatgaaaa     42840
     aggagattaa aggcatacag attgtgaagt aagaaataaa cagctcccat ttgtaagtga     42900
     catgattgtc tatgtagaaa atcacaagga agctacagaa aaacttctag atatgtgatt     42960
     tcagcaaatt aacagaatac aggataaacc agtatcaatt gtatttctac atactcacaa     43020
     tgaacaaatg atacatatat atatattttt tttttttctt tttttttttt tttttttgag     43080
     acggagtctc actctgtcgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc acgatctcgg ctcaccacaa     43140
     gctccgcctc cggggttcac gccattctcc tgcctccgga gtagctggga ctacagacgc     43200
     ctaccaccat gcccggctaa ttttttgtat ttttagtaga gacggggttt caccgtgtta     43260
     gccaggatgg tctcgatctc ctgaccttgt gatccgccca ccttggcctc ccaaagtgct     43320
     gggattacag gcgtgagcca ccgcgcctgg cccaaaaata taaatatatt atttacaatt     43380
     actcaaatac atgaaacact tatgtgtaaa tctaacaaaa catgcaagac ttgcaagcta     43440
     aaaactatgt aatgctggtg aacgatatca aagaagatct attcagtctc tatctatgtg     43500
     gagagaaata ctgttcatgg attggaagat tcaatatagt aaatatgtca attctcccca     43560
     aaccaatata caagtttaac acaattccaa tcaaaatctt tgcaagattt gttaattata     43620
     ggtaggatta ctctaaaatt tacatggaaa ggcaaaggga ctagaatatc taaaatattc     43680
     ttttttcata ttattatatt ttattgtagt atgtgtagtg tatactaact taaagggaaa     43740
     aaatgtaaac aaaatgaaag acatggggaa aatggcatct tgctttaatc ttcaacttaa     43800
     agttaccctt aacaattcat ttataccatt atgccaaatt gtagtcatcc ctgcagaatt     43860
     ttagacaaat gaaaatggac aaggtaacac caaagagatt aagcacagaa agtgatattg     43920
     attaaaaagt tgaaagtaaa atctaccttg gctggaactg aacattcaga tccatctcta     43980
     gaggaaaatc taacatgaat catatggttc ctattttgac tagttcatag catatcaatt     44040
     agcaacttat gacttgaaaa tactttttct cagctgcatt tgactaccta aaatcctacc     44100
     gagcacgctg tttggcatgt cttactcctc tgaaatcatc atctactttc taaaaaccag     44160
     aaaattagtt tgcttgtgat ttaaaattca aaaaagtttg tagaaaacac aaaaagaatc     44220
     aactatttaa agtctcatcc ttttcttctc tctaaaacag ctacttctac taaaagaaga     44280
     gtatgtggat actttctaag aactcaaaaa cgagaaaacc aaaatcagag ggtgcatgaa     44340
     tatatgtgca caggtatgta cagatttaat ctctatattc cctaaaacat atttaaacag     44400
     gtaatcccag cattctaaat tcagaaagca aaaataaaca gttttgtttc taaatcagtg     44460
     gtattactag ctgaaatgtt tagtagaata ctgcacctat agttcagcag tactttgatt     44520
     atgtaccatt taagaaatca aaataataag cacattcttc taacagcaaa gaattgtccc     44580
     actttttatt ttgacatatt gatatttcca taaacttgca agtggaaaat aagctgttca     44640
     ataaaagcct tcttacatat ataatataca gaaattattt tagaagtctg ttcatataac     44700
     agattatttt ggcactaaca aaaattgtat acaatccatc agttgtatgg ctagaaatga     44760
     aaccatcact aaaccaagac acacagggct ttcctgcact tagtttcagg aaaaagttcc     44820
     aagtaattct tactgtgtta gaagaataaa gtacatttgt catagtatac attatcatat     44880
     tcccttaaag cagggactaa agtttttaaa ttaaacaatg tccaggctta cttctgtctg     44940
     tacattcagg aataatcata tcactggtta catacaattc tctcctcatg caaaaaaaaa     45000
     aaaaaaaacc tcaaaaaaaa aaaacctgtt gttttcttaa gtctaattaa gccaaacaaa     45060
     ctattaatag caatttaatt agcaagctat aaatcagaga ggtataaaaa ttcagcagtt     45120
     aaactgtatt tcccacctat agtactgctg ctactcaatc attttcttca tgtattagaa     45180
     gaattaatag gcattgatgg tcaaaataag aatttcaata ttgcagcaaa tgacagaaga     45240
     gtgagcgaaa gagttcctaa tgtgtgacag tcttaatgat tctttaaaag gtaaaggatt     45300
     gtatgcatgt gtgtggaaag gagtaggaaa taaaagtagg aggttaagac aggtatttaa     45360
     agggaatgcc aagatagctg cattagaatc tttatttttt aaaaaactga agtctgccca     45420
     gagtaccaaa aacattaaaa aaaaagagca gacattggtg caagtttaac ctgtgagaaa     45480
     aaagctagtt ttgatgagaa aaagttcagt cttttccttg taaatacaaa gaaatgcaac     45540
     aggaatttta aaggtagtag gccagaaaat gtaacagtaa ctcttacaat ccttttcttt     45600
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgag acggagtctc gctctgtcgc     45660
     ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc acaatctcgg ctcactgcaa gctccgcctc ccgggttcac     45720
     gccattctcc ctcctcagcc tcccgagtag ctggaactac aggcgcccgc caccatgcct     45780
     ggctagtttt ttgtattttt tttagtagag acggggtttc accgtggtag tcaggatggt     45840
     ctcgatctcc tgacctcgtg atccacctgc ctcggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg     45900
     cgtgagccac cgcgcgaggt cacaatcctt ttcaattaaa cagacaaatc aagttgaaga     45960
     caagtgttaa aatactattc agcctgaata tttatcagca tacatatcct gttgttcaac     46020
     tggcttttgg ttaaaaaaaa aaaagtcaac aaactttata agagctatca ccacatttag     46080
     agtgatgaaa ataaattagt tcccccccaa agatattgtt taacctctaa agcatgaaaa     46140
     gctatataat atacaaatta accagtattt ttacaaaagt aatacagttt tggactgatg     46200
     atattacacc gtatttgtgg taaagtacta ggcacaagaa tatatatatc aattaggcat     46260
     tttcagtcta atcagtcttt aaggttttca tttaattctt ggcaatatat aataactggt     46320
     atgcactttg gtacttaagt catgacttgt ggagaacgag aagcaatgta ttatagcaac     46380
     ggggttcata tctaacaaac aataagagtg ttgaacaaat cccttctatg aacttcgtga     46440
     tttattttgc tgttggtcac ttgcagtaga tccttgattt gattcttccg tattcatgct     46500
     ttctccatgt gcagtctcta acatttcttc aactttgtca tcatcgtgta ggtcttttga     46560
     aattaattgt ctagctagtt tgatattgag tccttcattg tagtgaagcg tccttctcat     46620
     ttcaaattgt cgcttttttt ctcgttcttc aggtgagagg tcactatcct cctctccact     46680
     gctttcttgt tcctgaacct gatactttgg ctccaagcct tcagcagcag ctaagttctt     46740
     agccaagcta tctgttgcca tagcttcagt ggtttctgta tcactacatg catcttcatc     46800
     atcacccatc gtactatggt aaggagtgct tggttcatct attttcatta aaccatagtc     46860
     tttgtctgct ggacgatatg tcgccaggat gttcatttca tcccacttct gggatttttt     46920
     gctcagctgc tcgtggacac tcccacgggg atgttcggcc gacgccacca tagaggaagt     46980
     cgtagaggtg ttgtccttca ggatcccctt gaggggccgt tgcgaggccg tggaggccgc     47040
     cattgccggg tgctccgcct gtcggctcag ggtcgctgct tggcgtgggg tccgcgaaca     47100
     gaagggtcgg cactagcaga gaccagcagg cagacgcgga gcccgctcaa ggctaaagcg     47160
     gccgcacctg ctgcctcgga aaggggtacc ggagcggttg tcaagacaca atgaccccga     47220
     cgccagactc aagcggggaa aagcgggcct agagctccag ggcgggagcg acgccgacgc     47280
     ctaaaacatt cttgaaaaag aagaataaag tgagttgaaa atcagtctgc cctatttcaa     47340
     gtattgtttt atagctacag taatcaagac tgtgtgttac tagcagagga atggacacac     47400
     aaatcagtgg aacaaaatag agaacgtaga aaaagaccca cacaatctgc ccaaatgatt     47460
     tttgaaagag gtgcaaaagg aagtcagtgg aagaaaaata gcctttttca caaatagtga     47520
     attgaacaat ggtgaaatgg aacaattggg catccatagg caagataata aaataaaaat     47580
     gaaacttgac ctaagtctca cgccttatgc aaaatttaat tccaactgga ttggattgct     47640
     tgagtccagg agttcaagac cagcctgggt aagatagcaa gaccctgtct atacacaaaa     47700
     atgaaaaata atgttggtgt ggtggctcct gcctgtagtc ccagctactt gggatgctga     47760
     ggcagaagga ttgcttgagc ccaggagttc gaggctgtca taagctgtga cacaccactg     47820
     tactctagcc tgggtgactg agcaagactc tgtttcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atgtcagaga     47880
     aatgcaatac cttaaccttt accagataca attaattaaa ataaataaac aaaatggatt     47940
     atggagtaaa tgtaaagcat aaaactctta aattttagaa aaatagaaaa tatttgagat     48000
     ataggtctag gcgaagaatt cttaggcttg acattgagag catgatctat gaaaggaaaa     48060
     actgataaat tggatttcat caaaatgtaa aactgttgct ttgtgaagat ctggtaagtg     48120
     gatgaaaaaa tgagctacac agtaggagaa aatatttgca aactatgcat tgaacaaagg     48180
     actagtatct agagtatata aagaactctc aaaactcaac aaagaaaaca cattaaaaat     48240
     ccaattagaa aataggcaaa agacttaagg taatatttca ctaaggagga tataaaaatg     48300
     gcaaattagc acatgaaaag ttgttcaaca tcattagcca ttagggaaat gcaaattaaa     48360
     accacaatga gatcatcgct ccacacctat caggatggct aaaataaaaa tagtgacaat     48420
     gggctgggtg cggtggctca cacctgtaat cccagcactt tgtgaggcca aggtgggcag     48480
     atgacctgag gtcgggagtt tgagaccagc ctggccaaca tgaagaaacc ctgtctctac     48540
     tgaaaataca aaagtagcca ggtgtggtgg cacatgcttg tagtcccagc tactcgggag     48600
     actgaggcag gagaatcact tgaacccggg agacagaggt tgcggtgagc agagatcgca     48660
     ccattgtacc tagcctgggc aacaagagtg aaactctttc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaggc     48720
     gacaatgcta aatgctggca aggaagaaga gatactggat ctctcataat ttctgatggg     48780
     aatataaaat ggtacagcca ctctggaaga tgatttggca gtttcttaaa aacaaaacaa     48840
     aaccaacaac aacaacaaaa atccaacaac taagcatact actaccatcc tgcccagcaa     48900
     ctgtactcct gggtatttag ccccaagaaa tgaaaacttg catacacaaa tacacaagca     48960
     cagacaatgc cttcacacaa aaccttgtat gcaaatgttt gtctaactgc ctactcattg     49020
     tagccaaaga taacccagat atcctttaac aggtaaatgg ttaaaccaac tattgtacac     49080
     ttataccatg aaataatact cagcaataaa aaagaatgac tgatacacac aacaacctgg     49140
     atgaatctcc agagagttat actgagtgaa aaatgccagt cccaaaaggt tacatactgc     49200
     agtgagctgt gatcacgtca cttcactcca gcctgagcaa cagagcaaga ccccatctct     49260
     aaaaatagat aaagaaacaa aaaagatgga ttacagagta aatgtgaagt gtaaaactat     49320
     taaaatttta gaaaaatagg agaaaatctt tgagatgtag ggccaggcaa agaattcgta     49380
     ggcttgacat caaaagcata atccaggctg ggcgtggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc     49440
     actttgggag gccgaggcag gcagatcatt gaggtcagga gttcgagacc agctggccaa     49500
     catggtgaaa cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc taagcaagac ggcacatgct     49560
     tgtaatccca gctactcggg aggctgactc atgaacatca ctcgaacctt ggaggtggag     49620
     gttgcagtga gctgagatgg tgccactgca ctccagcctg ggtgacagag tgagactcta     49680
     tctcaaaaaa aataaataaa taaataaaat aaactttatt gaaaagaaaa aaaaagcaca     49740
     atccatttgt ataacatttt gtattaagaa gcttgaaatg acaaaagtac agaaatagag     49800
     aaaaaattca tagttgccag tggttaagga agtgatgggg gtgggaagga ggtgaaccga     49860
     ccataaaagg gcaagataag ggatacttgg agtgacaaaa atactgtctt gactgtaata     49920
     ttgacattga cacaaatgtc aatatcctga ttgcaatact gtactgaagt gttataagat     49980
     gttaccatca gggaaactgg attaaagggt aaaaggttct gtctgtatta tttcttacaa     50040
     ctgcatgtca ctctctaatt acctcaaaat aaaaagttaa atttaaaaaa catgtatgag     50100
     gatgtgcata gtttttcaaa atacatttaa gaagttcatg agtggaaagt ttgagtgaat     50160
     aaaaattata tctggaattc tggtttgcaa attagcctgg gaaatgtagc ctgactcagt     50220
     gtgactcagt tctataccac tgttctcagc tctgctgttg ctcactgcta acgttgaagc     50280
     caaatatctc ttgagttgca gggcaaccaa gatcccatga tccaatgttg ctctcactca     50340
     ccttggcctt tgagagagaa caggaaagaa gatggagaag aaggattttc cctttgcccc     50400
     attttcctct ttttgggctg aactgtgtcc ccctataagt tcataatgtt gaataaaccc     50460
     agtacctcag aacgtgaatt ttttttggag ttagagtctt taaaaagata attaagtgaa     50520
     aatgaggtta tgaaagtagg tcctaatata gctagtatcc atataaaaag agattaggac     50580
     atacatacac agggggcagt ccataggaag atgcagggaa aagacaacca tctgccagcc     50640
     aaggacagag acctcggaag aaaccaaccc tgctgacacc ttgatctcac atttctagac     50700
     tccagagcca ggcggcaata agtttatgtt gtttaagcca ttcagtctgt ggtatttctt     50760
     atggtagccc tagcaaacta atacatcctc ctatatttgg acataggcct gtccttcttg     50820
     attaaaggaa tgtaaaaata agactgttgt caaagtttta acaagacttt atgaaggctt     50880
     gggcaaaatt gaaaaggaaa agacaataga aaattcttcc attctgatca cagatattac     50940
     agatgtaaga gatcacaggc tccagtcatc taagggttct ccaactagaa atagacctgg     51000
     tatggctgat gctactaata cctgccatgt tccttgggcc ttaccactgt agtgcacact     51060
     ggctggacat ttgcatcatt cctgaaggct tcctcaaagc caagaagggc cactctgccc     51120
     gactcacagc agactagaag ggccgaagag ttcacgtgtc aggcagcagc cttcaaccaa     51180
     tgggaattga tgtacaattg cccaactccc tccttccgtg gctgggttaa ctctgaggca     51240
     agtgctttcc cagaatttcc ccaggggatt aagttccagt cattcaccct tcgttggctg     51300
     ttttcccttc ccaatctttt actcagctgc tactgaagtt tcatgcacct ccaaaataaa     51360
     ttactttcat tcatgtccct gtgtcaggga ctgcttctgg aagaaaccaa acgaatgcac     51420
     cccgggttag cttctaattt gcttcacagc agtaaaggtc aacttttctt tgcattaccc     51480
     aagagaaaac ttagccatta cctcatcatg gtgcttggat ccctagaacc ctgtctctca     51540
     tgaaaccctg attccttcct ttccttgtca agatctttcc ttacccagca tggatgacag     51600
     tccattctat tgagtactaa gaaaagagag tttagaaact gtcagaaata tttttatttc     51660
     attcaaattt gtaatattcc gtagaccaga aacagcacac tctttgatcc catccttgta     51720
     tgcccaaaat atctgagttg gaggaggcac tgaccctctg tcacacagtt taactggatt     51780
     acagagtgca agaccccaaa accagttcct gacactcttt ctgtcttcag cctgtggatt     51840
     cttatcactt ccacagaaga aaattggctc taagattatc cggagtactt cccaaatcta     51900
     ttatttatgg aacaagtgct gacttcagat atctagtaat ctaaggtttt tcatctccaa     51960
     agacctttct ttcatttggc ctctactggg ttttctattt tttttattta tttatttatt     52020
     tattgagaca aggtctcact ctgtcaccca ggctggagta cagtgacctg aacatggctt     52080
     gctgtatccc taacctcctg tgcccaagca atcctcctgc ttcagcctcc tgagtagctg     52140
     aaaccacaag tgagcgccac catgcccagc taattttttt ttctttactt ttcttttttt     52200
     tttttttttt tttttttgta gaaactgagt ctcgtcatgt tgtccgggct ggtcttgaac     52260
     tcctgggctc aagcaatctt cctgccttag cctcctaaat ggttaaaggc atgtgaccat     52320
     cacacctggc ctaccatggt tttcaaatgt aaaattttaa atgaaaaatc ttaatctttt     52380
     ggtcattgct gttttgctgt ggtctgtctc ccatggcatg aggggaaatg cgttatctgc     52440
     ctctgttgta gaaagatgcc tgaggaaaat aatcctcagt tgatgtctca ggatttttcc     52500
     tgccatatac ctggaatgtg taaaagcaca ggaaatatcc tagtataaca caaactacac     52560
     acagttacct ttgggaccta gaatggaatg gggaggaggg agaaacaaag gagacctttt     52620
     actccgtacc cttctgtatg gtttgaactt gttgtttttt ttttatagac ggagtcttgc     52680
     tctgtagccc aggctggagt gcagtggcac aatcttggct cactgcaagc tccgcctcct     52740
     gggttcacgc cattctcctg cctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggactacag gcgcccgcca     52800
     ccacgcaagg ctaatttttt gtgtttttag tagagacggg ggtttcactg tgttaaccag     52860
     gatggtctca atctcctgac cttgtgatcc gcccgccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat     52920
     tacaggtgtg agccactgca cccggccggt ttgaaccttt tataacaaga gtgaatccag     52980
     atatttacta tgtaattttc tcatttagtc taatcattta gactaaatga ttagaagaag     53040
     caggacttaa aaagaaatga atgaatttcc actagggggt ggtagagaat cataatccat     53100
     atcatagtct gaaactgaag ggcaaaagga aatagtcaag ttcagaatca catgctgcag     53160
     cccatttgta attataaatc tttattaact agctcagtgt gagatctaat ttcttcataa     53220
     atgcccaata atatataata tgctcttttg agcaacgctt ttcagattat gttctcatac     53280
     agccttttac agccctttac agcttttctg taaactgggc tgagatgtac cactaaatga     53340
     aattgaatga taggagtcca ttgtggttgg aatagataca cacagtgatt gatttaggta     53400
     gattagaagg tggatggatg gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     53460
     gatatgcgca cacacattcc tctccttgag tccccctggg taagccgagg catgagtact     53520
     ctgaaggaaa agcaaccatg agtgagctgc agcatcctta cttaacctcc aaacttaacc     53580
     tttgttgtaa tatatataga aaaatgagtt ccgaattccc tccttaatct ccaacatgca     53640
     ggcactatgc ctctgcccag tttctttacc catgcctttt attatatccc atccccaact     53700
     gaaccctatc tcgacctggt caataggtgt gagacccaga tattcttatc cgggagatgc     53760
     tatttctttt tttccagagg ccagaggtgg tttttagtaa ccacctgtat cattttgcag     53820
     gggcttctta aatgcgtggc cagactcacc tcactgtgcc taggtgccaa tatggcctct     53880
     cagctttatt ccccttgcaa tccaaaatct gccagaactg gacagcagtt tgatccttga     53940
     attagaccgt ggttcatgat gcttgcttct caccctccca ccagctgtgc tttatttttc     54000
     tttgattcta actattacag aaaagacaag tcagactcct tcatcgctgg gcaaagttcc     54060
     aagtaaactg cattgggaat ccttggcatt ttaacaatgg ctcactgctc cccttgtgac     54120
     taatgggcaa cacaggcctg tttatgagtt caagtctctg tccctggatc atgtaatttt     54180
     aattgttctg ttacttcatt tcaatcctgg tccccacagc atttttctca ctgttcattt     54240
     tcaaatttag tgtccaacct attactgtgt gcttttctta atccctagac caagcactct     54300
     ctggcttgct cattttccca cttgggcacc ctggatccca gccagaggtg gcccttacca     54360
     cttggctcct ccctcagtgc ccttggacct ctttggctcg taactgcttc tgctgaaggt     54420
     catccttttg gctccatgat cttcatggct gaggttgctt cattacttct ggagggaaat     54480
     cttgctgctt tctgtaaaca tttttttctc atggcatatt tatgtggaac tgtgccattt     54540
     cttttcctac ttattctgaa taaattgagc attcctggac cagatattag tggaagactc     54600
     ctattggatg ggggtgggat gatgggttgg tgagagaaga catgggcaat agtaacctcc     54660
     caggttttac aaccgaagga ccaatccttt attactaaca cgtaaacttt atcttaaaat     54720
     acgctgcatc catgtttttt ccaacttggg gaatttaatc tatttcagca aggattctac     54780
     cacggtgtta ggaccccctg cattccagag ggaacctttg ttatctgcca ccttggaacc     54840
     tccaaaacaa agtctgctcc cccaatatgt gggccttctt ctgccttccc cagcatctgg     54900
     gcctcactgt agctcaggcc aactgccaac agctccaacc taggctggct tctactctta     54960
     gagagagaat attttcgggc cctttccgag atcccgcacc actagttccc tccacgcttt     55020
     catctgttgc cacagcaaca ttttggcttc ttatgcccag ttctgctctc cgttgcttta     55080
     agcacaaatg acatgcaatt tgggatgtaa ccatactttt tgtttcctag tttcactaaa     55140
     aatgaggttc ttgtgtggtt ttctttttca ttctctttgc tgtactatat agagaaatga     55200
     attctgaact gaattccctc catattccta gcaaaaacat aactcctttg aattgcaatt     55260
     ttgatttcct tttcaaccca aaaattagtg agatgttttt aagtttccaa gtggaggctt     55320
     tcttgttagt actgttttgg tgaggttttg ttttgtttta ttttagtttt gttttgtttt     55380
     tctatgtatg tgttttatac cggtgagaga atatagcccg tgtagtttct aatttctatt     55440
     taattttact ttgtggttta atgcattatg tttgggaaaa tatgcattca ctatttgttg     55500
     agtacacaat tttataaata tttgataaga tcattatttg ctttagcaaa atatcttaca     55560
     ttcacattat tttacaattg gatatgacag tttagtttaa aagtatgcta aaagctctta     55620
     aatgtgtcaa tttatctttc ctaacaaagc acattttttt ccctaacttt caaagacttg     55680
     tttaggatat gaaggcttat aacttatggg tagttggtga attgtacatt ttagcataat     55740
     aaagtatcct tctttgacac tgaaaaattt cttcatcatt tattctactt tgttcaatat     55800
     tagtatttgt aatggtttga atgtgtcccc aaaaagcata tgttggaaat gtaatattca     55860
     atgcaacagt gttagtaggt gaggcttaat gatgagaggt gtttaggtca tgacgactcc     55920
     atcctcataa atgaattaat gccaattaca aaaaggctaa aagcctgtga attcaacctg     55980
     ttgcacttgg gcgctctctc tttctctttc tctctctcag ctctcttttt atcccttttg     56040
     ccttccacca cagtatgagg cagccagaag atttttgcaa gatgcaggcc tctcaacctt     56100
     ggatttccta gcctctagga ctgtaataag tcaatctctg ttctttaaaa attatccagt     56160
     cttggatatt ctattatagc agcacaaaat ggagtaagac agtatttcta tccataatta     56220
     atttttgtta gcatttgcct gagtttatca ttgtccattg gtttaatcac tcggtgtcat     56280
     tttgttttag gtgctttttg tttgtttttg tttttatttt gagacagggt ctcagtctgc     56340
     cgctcaggct ggagtgcagg ggtgcgacta cggctcactg caacctcaac cttccaggct     56400
     caagcgatcc ttgcacctca gtttcctcag tagctgggac tacaggcatg cacaaccacg     56460
     cctggctaat ttttttattt ttgtagagat agggtctcgc tatgttaccc aggctgatct     56520
     caaactcctg ggctcaagtg atcctccctc cttggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg     56580
     tataagccat tgccaccagc actttttgaa tagcaaatac acacacacac acacacagac     56640
     catctttact gagcagaaaa atttagattt aatgcaatga tataaatgga cattacaaat     56700
     gcatatatat ctggattact tctgccatca tatttttata tttaccatgt tttttcattt     56760
     tttagtcttc tgtctcaata aatttcatca aattgccttt gttacttctg tctctatgca     56820
     aatgatttct tatacatctt tttccttttt tcttatgatc cagtttttga aatatttttc     56880
     tacaaataag taatgcatgt gatgcatatc tacaagaatt ttaagcatcc attttttccc     56940
     accagtcaca tgaaggaatg gaacgttacc cttaacatta aagtttcctg tatttgtctt     57000
     cccttagaat ctcccttcct ctctgcaaaa tgcaactatt attccaaatt tggagttgat     57060
     cattatcttg cttttcatca tagtaaatat tgtctttgtc tgacaacaaa ttaacatcat     57120
     aattaatatc aaaatgtagt tttctgttgt tttcttcatt caacaatatg attttaagaa     57180
     ttatgcaagt ttattatttt atctgtattc cactgatctt gatgttgcat agaattccac     57240
     attatgatta tgccaaaatt tgtgtatcag tttacctgca aatggacact gggttgtttc     57300
     cagctttttg caattacaaa gaatgctctc atgacttttc ctgcacattg ctcttggtgc     57360
     cttattcaat aatttcccta aggtgcatat atatttaagg gtagagctgc tatgctttag     57420
     gatattctca gcttcaactc tacaaaatgc caattttttt ccaagtagat tatttcagtt     57480
     tgaagtccac catcagagta tgagttcccc tcaccctaca tcctcattga tttttgataa     57540
     tgttagactt ttcaatgttt gtctatttag tgattttaaa atgttatttc aaggactgtt     57600
     ctaattcaca attctctgat aactattgtg agcttaactt ttgtacgttt attggtcttt     57660
     tatatatccc tttttgtgaa ctgccctttc acatcttttg atcattttcc tatggggcta     57720
     ttcttagatg ttctggatat tgatcctatg taaattatgt gtgatataaa taagtttaga     57780
     ttgtggcttt ttttccttta gagtgtgttt tgattaaagt ttctaatttt aatgtggtca     57840
     aatttattca tcttctctta acatttttgt ttttaaaatg tgtatgtgtg tctttttaat     57900
     aaatattttt ctaccttgaa gtcatacaaa tatttctttc acattttcat ttaaaagttt     57960
     tacagttttg ccttcaatac gttggtactt agttcatctg gaatttatta tgatgtatat     58020
     atatccacta atccagtgtc ataaattcaa acttattgaa ttatacatcc tttacccact     58080
     ggtctttaat gaccattctt cacatacaag gggtcctgac actctttcca ttctattcta     58140
     ttggcccagt tgtctactcc ctctctcacc aataatagca catggtctta aatccagtgg     58200
     tgtatataat atcttctcat gtagtcagga aattccccaa cttcctcttt attttcaatg     58260
     gtattttggc tcttcttgaa cttgtgttcc ttcgtttcat tttaatatca ttgtgtccaa     58320
     ttctataaaa cattttgttg aaatttttct agaaatagca tgaaactata gatcacattg     58380
     gggaaaactg gcattttaat gatattgatg cttcctaacc atgaatgtat ctctccatct     58440
     gtgcagtact tcttcaactt cttttaatga ttttaatttt ccccactaag atcttgcatg     58500
     cctttccttt ttgagaattt attcctgatt acagtggacc cttcaacaat gcgagggtta     58560
     gtagcgctga ccacctgtgc agtcaaaaat ctgcacataa tttttgactc ctccaaaact     58620
     ttactaatag cctactgttg atcagaagtc ttaccaataa cataaagtta tttaacatat     58680
     attttatatt tttatgtgtt atatactgta ctcttacagt aaagtaagct agagaaaaga     58740
     aaatgttggc caggtgcggt ggcccatggc tgtaattcca gcagtttggg aggctgaggc     58800
     agaagtgctt gagacaagga gttggagacc agcctcagca acatagcgag accccatctc     58860
     tacaaaaaat taaaaattta gccaggtagg gtggcgtgca cctgtagtcc cagctacttg     58920
     ggaggctgag gtggagaatc gcttgagccc aggaggttga agctacagtg agccatgata     58980
     acactgcact ctagcctggg caacagagca agaccttgtc tcagaaaagc aaagaaaatg     59040
     ttatttaaaa aatcataaag aagagaaaat atatttacta ttcattaagt ggaagtggag     59100
     catcataaag gtcttcatcc tcatgtcttc atggtgaata tgctaagaag gaggaagggg     59160
     aggagaggtt ggtctcgctg tctcaagggt ggcaaaggca gaagaaaatc atatataagt     59220
     agacctgcac agttcaagcc catgttgttc aaaggtcaac tgtactgtaa gtttgttata     59280
     taaaccagtt aatcacattt ctactttttt gtttttatag aaaatgcaat agatttgttt     59340
     atatatttag ccaaccactg tgccaaactc ttaattctta tgttttagat tatttttctc     59400
     tgtagacaat tgtatcatct atgaataatg aaagtttgct ttatttcatt cctatccttc     59460
     caactttttt tttggtctgt tgttaaaagc ccccctatcc catgcctaag taataagtaa     59520
     tctcaatatt acattccatc tcatataata aaatttgact tcctaaaagg gcttgcttct     59580
     ttttaattca atgtcaatgc tggaatttca gttcttagcc ttgaaaccct ggtgaaaaaa     59640
     ttctcagcaa ggtaagaagg aaaaaaatgt tctcccctgc tcctgaagct ggagagaaca     59700
     ataaatgaaa actgttgtca taaatggtta tttctaacaa tttttcaaac ccctagactt     59760
     caaatatttt ggacaggacc tgacaaaatg acccttaatc tgtaaaacat ctgtactttt     59820
     gaccactcat ctttcttaat aattcagttc tctggtgata atgtttgagc ttaaaatctc     59880
     tatcttcaga aggtaacgtg atttgtgaat tttctgtcaa atcaggaaag aatcactggc     59940
     attgccctct tcccacacat gcataggata aaatagctct actggacttt ttattaatca     60000
     aagagcccga gagacagctg aatggctgaa ccaagcagag agtggaaact tggggagggt     60060
     aattccttgc tgggccttaa aaggagtcca caagatagga aaaaaacgaa aaagccaaat     60120
     aagatgaacc tctattcagg ccccaatgag aggctgcttg actctgatct ttcgttagct     60180
     ggctcaaaat tttgttctta aagaattatt tttactcaaa atcaagaact gttagaaaac     60240
     aagaaaaatt atggagtttt gttgttgatt tccacctctc tacatatata tatgaaatac     60300
     atatctcctc ccgatacaca tgcacacacg caaaaacata tttaactgaa acaacggttt     60360
     catgaaacta tagttactct cattacctgt gatgcaggca agtattttca attgtatttt     60420
     attctatttc attctacttg gaaaaaaagt cttttggtct caacataaat gggttctgac     60480
     ctgcagtttc aagccaatac gttacagtaa gagtaaatgt agggtttctc ccagttttat     60540
     ctggcagtcc caaagtcagg atcagagtaa ccgatggagc atcatttgta cgctccacgt     60600
     ctgaggagga ggtctgggaa aagatccaac gtgtaggact ggcgcagagg ctcaggcctg     60660
     taatcccagc actttaagag gtggaggcgg gaggataact tgaggtcaac agttcgagac     60720
     aagcctggca aacatggtga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacagaaatt atccaggcgt     60780
     ggtggtgcgc acctgtagat ccagctcctc gggaggctga ggcacgaaaa tcgcttgaac     60840
     gcgggaggcg gaggttgcag tgagacaaga tcacaccact gcactccagc ctgggcgaca     60900
     gagcgagacc ctgtctcaaa taaaaaaaat aataataata atccaatgtg tccctagtct     60960
     ggctttcagg gtcttagatg aggttcggaa gtggacttag gagccttagg agcgcagcca     61020
     gtgctgtgga ttcccacatc cacgggacct gcggtttcgg gttattccat tcagggatac     61080
     atgacgtccc tcatttctac ctaccagtgg gctggtcaag attctcattt atcaagtcag     61140
     ttggagtggg cttaagtaag ttctcagcca aggctgtggg gtctggagga ccagatatcc     61200
     cgaccaaaag ccccccctcc cattcctttc acacgcctgc cgcagaggtg cacgggtgcg     61260
     agtggggaac tgaggcaaga agcagatggg gcggcaccga gagaagagaa actacgctag     61320
     aggaaaagct cgagctgtta cccctcccaa cttcttccgc cttccgcctt cccccttccc     61380
     cctctttccc ctcttgcccc tctccagctt ttctggtcca accctcttct gcgcctaaca     61440
     ctggcacctc cttttcttcc ggctgatgaa taattgtccg caaaccagcc tctctggggc     61500
     actgaggggc gggaaggtta gaaggagcca gggctagagt cctggaaggt ggcagtcagg     61560
     tcgcagggcc acagcagtca ctctgcgact ctctcttccg gtgtttctcc agcgccaagc     61620
     gggagaagac ggagcctggg agctgggact ggaggagcgg gaagcgcagt atcgggacca     61680
     cggctctggg accaggaaaa acgcagactc tccagagtca atgtctactt cagccagctc     61740
     aagggcgcga caacctggcg ccgagcatct caggccgccg cggggacccc ccctaaggga     61800
     ctcgggaaca cctgcctacc ctagaagagg cggagaataa ccccgtaggg agttaagcgg     61860
     cctctgccta cagcgttcct cccgcctcca cggcgccgag ccctgattga cgttcagcca     61920
     ggccaatcat agcctgtgtc tgaggcgcgc ggagctggag cgcccagggc atgtccgccg     61980
     atcccaagga ggcaatctgt caggcgccgc ccgggcggca gtatgcctga gggggtcctc     62040
     cgtgttcgcg cctcccgccg cctgcactga aaggtctgta cctgagcctg gatacttgaa     62100
     cagaggcaga cactgcggct caaaacccca agggtaggta cctattgtgc ggagtctcgg     62160
     aacgcctgcc tggaagaaga gttccggcgg ctccccgaac gcttggagaa agcgcttgga     62220
     tgcagttgca gggtgagatt tgagacggtg attgtgtttt ccagcaggcg ctcaggcggg     62280
     gtggtgaagg agggatacag acctctaaag attcctctct cgttggggtg aggtggggaa     62340
     cagcagtgac agtagttctc atccctgagc ctcctccggg ccggcccgtg gaggagagag     62400
     aaggggaggg agaagggttt gcccaggcct tcagacactt tactttgtgg gagatgtatg     62460
     tgctgagtgt ccctgctctg gagggattgt taaagaatcc aggttcttgg ggagtgtctc     62520
     aggagaacac tccaggtgat atccttattc ttcctatttt caccgtgttg gttttttttt     62580
     ggatataact tgttcccttt aacccgaggt ggccttggtg tctggcagct gttttctctg     62640
     ccaggcacca ccctctgggc ctcacgtctt catccctcaa gtccgctgcc tctgagctgc     62700
     tacttagatc tggtctgttt ctacctctgc tggaccagaa gtttgcatta acgcccccac     62760
     cccatcctgc aagaccggcg cttccaacca agggctctct cctctgaacc tagaacctgc     62820
     ttggaaatcg agtatttcct ctatgcccag gtggagattg atgtttgggt ttcacatctc     62880
     ccaactctgt tgggtactat gtcgtttctc agcttggttg tatgtgcctc cattgagtgg     62940
     accgtatctc cagaatttct cctaaccctc ccagtgtact cccctgcaat cctttctttt     63000
     tttctccaaa tcccccaccc cccaccagaa atgactttac ccctgtgcca cttattttgg     63060
     cctggagcac taaggagcca tactacaccc aatgccagag gtggaacaga aatgaggttt     63120
     gaaatgggaa ccagaagcta atctgtggga aattctttta ctcctcagac gtgtaaagat     63180
     gtgttggaga ctctcgtaaa tatgtattca gtaatgcagc atatacagtg atcaccatgt     63240
     attcattttt tatgggaatc aacaattcag aatgatcaaa aatccctgtg tgtagagaca     63300
     tgaatctata ggaatatcac acatagtgag cacaactgtg agtgaaatcc catgtttcat     63360
     gcatcccagc agtcccaaag ggagcctcca aatgtgtacg ggattcagac tccatgtaac     63420
     ctgcatctgt ctatgcacta gctatgtgag ctgttacctc agtcttgatg aggttactca     63480
     ggaagtctgg gatcttgatt tttgccggtc actgatcacc tggctacagg aaaggagacc     63540
     taaatccaga acttaaattt atgaacacca ggtctgtagg cactagacct cagaagtagg     63600
     tgagtaggtg gctattggtt ggtcccttct ggagtgaggc agagatacct atgccatatg     63660
     caacataaaa ggttgcctga gcccctcagc ctgaggtaga gtaaggaggg agaggtggag     63720
     agggactttc ttctcagacc agggaaatca gaagccatca gatgccttca gtagggaatc     63780
     cagcacaaag aggatcataa gtcatctccc cacttctcta tagtcatcat agacgtaatt     63840
     gctaacctac ccttccttgg tgctctggtt agtagagtga agttgagata atataaatga     63900
     aaaaactgag cagaaaggga gtgaggatac ggggcctctt cagtttgcct tatgggcttc     63960
     ccactctaaa tagatgaggt acacaacatt ctggcagtat cacactaggg ccagagttgg     64020
     tagctcacag atgtacgata gaggatggaa ggagtatgcc tctcaggcag gcaagtttag     64080
     cctggtagac agaggatgtg gcttaaaagt cactgcctac aagaccagtg catgcaagtg     64140
     agtccctgct gctgcttgga tcagaggagg tgaggcagaa ggctgatgaa aacccaccaa     64200
     ctgatggtca gtccgagaag cagtcaagat ggagaactgc aaaattaaca gcttaagttt     64260
     tccaggagtc tcagtgccca atgtcaggtc taccagggat gtccagcccc tctggtcaga     64320
     gccccaggag ccttgtctga atgtggatcc cctctgctta ttcaaagaga cctgggaagc     64380
     tgagccagga acctggataa tgaccagaaa gtcacccaga cacctgagaa atgcctccct     64440
     tatatccaag agatccctgt gtgtagaaca catgaatcta ttggaatatc acacacagtg     64500
     agcagactct tcttacactt actaaactct cttcgtagat ttactaaatt tttcaccagt     64560
     gactcaatgg agcgaaacca ggtcccagac tcgatttaaa aaaaaaaacc acacacacac     64620
     acacacaaaa agttctttag gtgagcatgt atgcatgtgt aaatggtact atacaatggt     64680
     atgattggat agtcaaagga atatctaacc caagtgtaca taaggagtaa atttggagtc     64740
     agaggaagtt ggtcattgta ggaaagtaac tgctgcaaga aagatttctt agaatgtaac     64800
     tgtctaatat gaggcattta tgcctctttt cctccatgtt tctagtttct gccttgggtt     64860
     tggcatttat tgtttatcct gcttcaagta taagactagt ggtttattcg agggcccaca     64920
     acttccactt ctaccctggc gtcacacaga tcattttctc ttctcaagtc attgtatttt     64980
     cactggtagt aaaagaggat aatatcttca tcttcaaata aattagtggg agggattcaa     65040
     attatgaggg aaaagaaaaa ttggttcttc tgctgtaggg aagggttact gaaaattaaa     65100
     ggacaaccta ctgagctgaa gagagctttg gggtttggta atttggggtg tgaggtggat     65160
     cttcaggaat gccatgggct tcaagactag tgtgtctctc ccttagtatg ttcctcctca     65220
     gtttgaaagg acttcctggt aaaggactga aagaaatgtc cactccatca tgtctctgct     65280
     gacacctagc ttctcttctc cagttataag tccattttcc tactggggta acacaagaag     65340
     gaggaagaat agctcagggg tcttcccttc acatctctcc tacaaggatt gtgaaatgtc     65400
     atatgcctcc tcccatagac ttagatagac ctaaaattgt caacatgtgt ccagatagtt     65460
     gcaaaaaata tataatttcc aacatattct ccatattaac actttaaaat aaaactgtta     65520
     atcgctcata tgttcaattc aatctaaata tcataatgtt ttgacaccca ttatcattaa     65580
     tttaaaaaat atacaaacaa cctctttctt aatggttgga aattttacat tgctcttttt     65640
     tcccactttg aattcatatt tttattctac cccccatgta gaatttttct ttttcttttt     65700
     tttttttttt ttgagttctc aaccctggtt acatcctaat gtaatttttt tctttgttct     65760
     tggaaatctt ttattgagcc acctattctg cttctttgca acaaaatatg ttcttacatt     65820
     gaatttttaa tttcttgttg taagtgtaaa agttatatgg gctgggtgca gtggcccaca     65880
     cctgtactcc cagcactttg tgaggctgaa gcaggaggat tacttgagcc caggagttca     65940
     agaccagcct aggcacatag ggaaacctca tctctacaaa aaaaaaaaaa attactggac     66000
     atggtggctc ctgcctgtag tctcagctac ttgggaggct gaggtaggag gatcacttga     66060
     gcccaggagg tcgaggctgc agtgagccat gatcgtgcca ctgcatgcac tctaccctgg     66120
     atgacagagt aagatgctgt ctcaaaaaaa agttatatgg attaagatag gattaccaac     66180
     tgttagagat caaaataatg tcagtacaga ttggatatgc cttatttgaa atgcttggga     66240
     ccaaaagtgt gttggatttc agattatctt ggattttaaa atatttgtat atacataatg     66300
     agatatcttg aggccgggac ccaagtctaa gcatgaagtt cacttatgtt tcttatatac     66360
     attatgcaca tagcctgaag gtaattttat accatattta aaataatttt atatgtgaaa     66420
     tgaagttgtg ttaagtacag tacttacatg tggcatcata ttggtgctca aaaagtttca     66480
     gattttggag catttcagat tttctgatga gggatgctca atctgtaata cacattttgg     66540
     taaataaaag tgtaagtttg taatggtaaa atttaactag aaatgcatct cttaatgaga     66600
     tggataggga ctttattttc ccaatttcat gttgacaaat gttacttatt gttaatgaat     66660
     ctgggctgta tattatttca attaaaaaat tttaacatga aagaactaag gaatcttgat     66720
     catataaatg aatgagaaaa taaagacttg ttgaggcaac ttcacccaat ttttaaaatt     66780
     tcttcttagt cgtatgcaaa actcacataa tgggctatta ttaaataata tttttaataa     66840
     tctgtcagct gacaactcaa gtataaggtt cttcttcaat tttgttgaaa gcaaagaatt     66900
     agaaaccaat tgacttgcaa aactattttt atacatacat taggttcttt cactttgttt     66960
     ttagaactat accaaagact tcacaaagtc ttataaaata actaataatt atacctgctg     67020
     ctctttccct tagagatacc ttgttcatga atctcaaatt agataaaact agggttaaag     67080
     aaaaacaacc ccccacacac aaaattggag atcaaaaatc aataggttct taaaaaatat     67140
     ctcttcattt tttatgtcat ctggaagtgc cttttaaaac tatgacacag agatggtgct     67200
     gtatagttta cagttcatgt gtgtgtgtgt ttaatttcat tattgtacaa aattgttaat     67260
     tttataatca tgcatttgat agatgtaaaa cagtgtgtca gcctccaagc gggagaaatt     67320
     aatccaaaat aaatgaagct ggatttctaa agtttagagc atcacatcca agattgcatt     67380
     tgggaacatt ctgttttgta tccatacaca aatgaatttc tgtttttaag aacacaattt     67440
     aatctactta gtggaaatca acagcaaaat gaagagaagg tattagataa ttaataaata     67500
     taggtttaca gaaattctat tactgactgc tattatgtgc attaattaca gcagaatcca     67560
     caaaacattt ccatcaaatt aaatcttact ctaggaggta tatgataaaa ataaataaat     67620
     gaacagagaa ataacagcat actataaact gttacccaaa tagaaaaata tatttacact     67680
     atccagaaat ctttggtaaa agttaatgaa aatatttccc ctattagtta gaagaagttc     67740
     aagaaaacat acattaaaat accttcaata tgtgtttgtt ttactccaag atgtgatgtt     67800
     gatctgtgag aaattaattt tgagcgtttt gcctccactg ccttgaaata atgcaaaata     67860
     agcaactgag ctgggggcag tggctcatcc ctataatccc agtgctttgg gaggccaagg     67920
     agggaggatc gctggagcct gggtgacaga ataagactct ctctctctct ctgtgtatat     67980
     atatatatat ttgcaactga agcacagatg ggacacaggt aagtgggaga actcaccaag     68040
     ctctttgtta gtatttagag tgtttcatag aaagttaata tttcttaact tttttttttt     68100
     tttttttttt tttttacaaa tttagaatat cctagctctg agacaaaaat tgggaacctc     68160
     agcatgagtt tgtcacctga atgaaataaa aaaaatcacg ttgaaggctg gtgcagtaac     68220
     atgtgcctgt agtcccagct actctggagg ctgagtcagg aggatcactt gagaccagaa     68280
     gttcaggaat tcaagactgg cttgagcaac atagcaagac ttcatttcaa aacaaacaga     68340
     aaaaagccac caccttcagt atttcttgcc aaagcaaagg agccatttgt tctttacgat     68400
     ggtcaggaaa ggaagcatca aggtcatcaa atgaaaaatt ttcagcattt cagcctctct     68460
     gctcagggaa atatctgaat ctagaatatc acaacatgag ccaaaaccgc cccatttctc     68520
     atgccacatg tcactcttaa cacaaggtta ctcaacctcg agcatggttg gcatttgggg     68580
     ctgaataatt cttttttgta gggggctgtc ctgggcattg taggatgctc atgagctacc     68640
     tcagtctcta ccacccacta gatgccagta gcattgaccc ctgatctctc tacccaagtt     68700
     gtgacaacta aaaccatctc tggataatgg aggaacctta aatgcatatt gctaaggaaa     68760
     agccaatctg aaaggattac atattgtatg agtccaacta tatggtaatc tggaaaaggc     68820
     aaaaccatgg agacagtgaa aaggtagtgg ttaccagtgg tccatgggaa gggttggatg     68880
     aataggtgga gcacagagga tttttaaggc agtgaaacta ttctgaatga tactgtaatg     68940
     gtggatacat gtcatacctt tgtcaaaacc aataaaatat aacaaccaat aaaactgcac     69000
     aaagagtgaa ccctaatgta aactatggac ttaataatgt atcaatattg gctcaccaat     69060
     tttaacaaat gtaccacact aatgcaagat gttactaata gtggaaactg gagggaagag     69120
     ggcttgaggg gacatacggg aactctctgt aattcctgtt cagtttttct gtaactgtta     69180
     aactgtccaa aaaaagtctg tttttataaa tggaggcatg gttttatatg gactaaaata     69240
     ctatgattgc ctttttattt tacacatggt gaaattagag caggacatat tttaaactca     69300
     aaattcacaa aattaattta tgaaaatgtt tacccagatc aagaatatta aagaaactta     69360
     gattaatatt gttaccttga atttatttta ctgagtaatc ctctaagact cctctacaca     69420
     ttattaatct agaaggattt ttaaagtctt tatgacaatt aattattggt ctacagtcaa     69480
     attgcatatc cccattaact agagttatat ttttccattt tctgatccaa aaactttagg     69540
     aacaggaaat gtttatttta gaaaacaaga acacttctta agcatttgct gttaacagtt     69600
     attttcacat gtgcttgtac ttattttaca cttgtcagaa catagtattt acctttgaac     69660
     caaggtttta taataagcaa gcactttttt tatttagaag tcacattttc caagtagaaa     69720
     aatcattaaa aattcagtcc tctgaaggct aatttcttta aatcatttaa cctaattgtt     69780
     taaggtatag attggaattt ttctcagcac tctcttgaaa acaggtgaca gtggaaccct     69840
     gttaggttca caaatcctag actttgatta tatagcccag gctcaaattt ttctcgaatg     69900
     ttacgaacat tcaaagcatt aggagtcttg gtttcatttc ttaatttttt ttcttctggg     69960
     tatatttgag actcatcttg gattcaaata aattaataat agtctcatga aaccgataaa     70020
     aatgggagct ccattgaaca tgagagacat tgattcgtag tttctaacat cctccaaatg     70080
     aggagcccat ccctaattta gatgcttctt tcaaaggagg ctcctttcct tcgttatcca     70140
     taatatagtc acaccagtcc tgaaaaaaca tggaacagac tccagatctt tatatttcat     70200
     actctaaagt cgtacaagcc aatctgcatt tcctctagtg gaaactgtat agctggtcat     70260
     ctttccagga cccttttatc aagaaacaat gcagcttcta catttgtgct gcttctacac     70320
     caaaacagct ggaatgtata tagtatggtt ctggatgctc ttgtatacct cactcttcat     70380
     ttctcaccta acccatgtgc tatgatttga atgtttctcc cctgcaaaac tcatgttgaa     70440
     atgtaattgc catgataaca gtattaatag gtggaatatt taagaggtga ttagggtggg     70500
     attggtgatg ttataaaagg gtaagttcag ccccttcttg ctctctctgt cacccttcca     70560
     ccttcctctg tgtgatgatg caacaaaaaa gcccttccca gatgccagca tcttgatttt     70620
     ggacttctca gcctacagaa ctataagcca ataaatttct gttatttgtt attagtctgt     70680
     gatattctgt tacagtagca caaaatggac tatgacacca tgtgtttaca cagaaagaaa     70740
     aaaatatcat acggtaattg ctcctaaata tgcagagaat atgttctgat atccttagtg     70800
     gatgcctgaa actgcagata gtaccaaacc ttatatatac tatgtttttt ttcccataca     70860
     tatgcatgtt aaagtttata agttaggcag agtaagatat gaacaataac taataatgaa     70920
     atagaaacgt aacgatgtgc tgtaataaaa gttatgtgac tgacgcctct ttttcttcct     70980
     ctttctttca aaatatctta atattttcaa gccatggata actgaaactg cagaaagtga     71040
     aactgtagat aaactattaa ctctatttaa acaataaaag aattataatt atattcttgg     71100
     gaaaattaac aattatccaa agtccctttg caaagggaaa aaaaatgcat gtattggaaa     71160
     aaatctcaac cacagggttc cctaagcttt gcaaacaaca aatagcatcc acctatccat     71220
     cctcagagag caacagtttt actgttattt agaaaaagca actatttcag gctgcaggtt     71280
     gtgcacatca gcacttccca gctctctact aatatgggaa aactgactat ccctgacttc     71340
     agtttttgtg aagctaaatg cctgactaga gtttaaactg aggctaattg gagatcataa     71400
     aattttacag cttgctagag gtggaccaca attttgattg gaaactttcc accaaccaat     71460
     tctaaaaggt gttaatggtg actattttct aaaacaaatc tgaagagtaa ctaatatgat     71520
     aagaccagaa atatatttct ctggcaagtc cctataaaaa gaaagctagg taattaaata     71580
     atctctcaac aatattgttt taggaaaccc aatagagagt ttcacaggcc tgtttcttat     71640
     gggattgctc aatgtaggta aatattatca aaccaaaaag taattttgta acagaaattc     71700
     tacagagccc caatacctta cagaatgatg agtacaacag tagaaacaaa tagaagataa     71760
     cctagaaaaa taaagcgaat aacttaatgg cgtgagttag gttaagaaaa gcttcctgga     71820
     aaaagacatc tgaatagaat tttagtagat atagctagga attcccaagc aggtagaaga     71880
     agggggacat tccaggcaaa ggaatcatgt gaatgcaaag gtagggagtc atgaatcaat     71940
     atgttcggtt tttttgttgt ttttgtttta taaagagcta taataggctg ggcacagtgg     72000
     ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggctgaag caggtggatc acttgagccc aggagttcga     72060
     gaccagcctg ggcaacatgg caaaacactg tctctacaaa aacaaaaaaa attatccctg     72120
     ttcagtggtg tgcgcctgtg gtcccggcta cctgggaggc tgaggcgaga ggagtgctca     72180
     aggtgggagg tggagattac agtgagcaga gatcacacca ctgcactcca gcctgagcga     72240
     cagagagact ctgtctaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagctataa taagatcagc ttactagaca     72300
     atacagtgaa atgggggaag ctagagaaga gaggtgggca gtggcctctt atgctacgta     72360
     agagatttga catcataaag taagttgcca gagttctgaa tgagggcatt agaaatagta     72420
     atgaacagga aagcatacac ttaagagctg tctgctgtct gggaggtgga atttacactg     72480
     agtactgagt aatagaatga aggggttgag ggaaaggtaa gaatctaggg tgagtgtaaa     72540
     tcttctggtt caggggataa acaacaggaa gtcattgaaa tctattggcc tatccgcatt     72600
     ttgaaattat ttttactcat gtaagattct gtaacattat atggtcatta ggaaatatct     72660
     gtttactgaa ttatggaggt attcgaaatg ttcaaacatt tcatgcaata tcaaaaactc     72720
     aaactggctg cagtggctta tgcctgtaat cccagcacat tgggagacca aggcaggagt     72780
     actgtctgag cccaggagtt caagaccagc ctgggcaaca tggcaagacc ccatctctac     72840
     aaaatttttt taaatttgcc aagagtggag tgcacatctg tggtctcagc tacttggaaa     72900
     gctgaggcag gaggatcact tgagcccata aggttgagag ctgcattcag tgagccctgt     72960
     tcatgccact gcaatccagc cttaacaaca gagcaagacc ctgtctcaaa aaaatattat     73020
     attcattaat gttgctgctg atatcagaaa aaattctaag tatcccacag tagcagatac     73080
     aagcttttca aaattccaac ttctactttt aaaagcttaa attttagcac tggcaacaaa     73140
     tacaactagt tgttttccct aaagtgatag tatcactgtt tattttcaag aaaatgtctg     73200
     ccaaattccc aagtctgaat aatcaatttt ctgtcacttt ttttttccaa gtgaaaagat     73260
     ggtgtttcca tgaaagaaaa gaaaaagtgg ctaattcagc ttgcaactca aacaagtgtt     73320
     tttccaaaag acaactatat ttcagcatgc agtagaagtg ttttatgggt acatcacatt     73380
     gtgtcacaaa gaattttttt aaatgtgctt aagggttgag atttagtaga aaataatttt     73440
     tacaacttca tcaaggacat tattttagta aaactgtttt ttttttacta cgaatgtgtg     73500
     gtggtgaaga atacaatgac tactaataaa atttggtgcc attgccttaa ttcgtgctaa     73560
     gacaccagtc attttaccca ccattggata aaatccacca tttttgcacc atcagtgcaa     73620
     atgttaacac agttaacaca gttgttgagg ataaaccacc agattcaaaa aagtcatata     73680
     acacttttaa tgtttcagaa cccctgttgc ccagaattca cataaaagaa gatcatcaat     73740
     ggtcaattga tgctgatacc tgatgaatga aagcaaaaca ggatgtatag ccatctgtag     73800
     atcagtccct ttgtaaggct aaggtacaat tctttagatg atatattaac tcagtcttta     73860
     tgtttgcagt taaatcttta atttgacaag ttattgcatc attggaaaat gccagcacta     73920
     tgcattcttg tggtgatttt tcatccagca ggtattcagc aatgtcaact gttcaagcct     73980
     ttattagtct ctctgtgatt gtgtgtgctc ctctagccaa tacaatatga tggcttatcc     74040
     tgtaagaagc ttttaaagag tgtattacat ctacatttcg gttatttaat tccttttttt     74100
     aataaattct gaatgagtgg tcccaaaatg atactgcaac tttgttggaa ccatataagt     74160
     gtttgaaaat gttttactgc acaagacaca atatgataaa ttattaacat ctataaagct     74220
     gaacaaaaga tcactttcaa catatttttg ttgtgtatag ttgtgctcag tttctttgga     74280
     atagatttct cctttttatg aggaatcaga taacttgctg atatgtcaat gtcatccttt     74340
     tcagcatctc tagacatagg caatctagac accagaaaat gtgttttctc ttctcccttt     74400
     ttaaagccaa ccatccaccc tattcagata aaatttttta attaaaaaca tttttgaaaa     74460
     atatattatt gcaaaacaac aaagtaaaca taatttttgt tatgtttctg tgtaaaagga     74520
     aaaactttag gatttaaaaa tgatttcttg gaagataatg agattacaga gattataaca     74580
     ggtataactg aagatagctg gtaagagcat ggtagaaaag aaataatttc tgaaaactac     74640
     atacttatac cgtaaactca ctacctttga aaactctaga aaatacaata cacaggcaca     74700
     caatctgtta ggtatcagag aaatagtcat cactattcat cacatgccat tgttgtcttt     74760
     ggcgaaccct tctgtacact tatgagagtg agagtaaaaa aaaggcaaat aacatcttaa     74820
     ttttatgaat atttttgacc ttgttgaccc tctaaaagga tccaagggat ctctccctcc     74880
     caacatcccc aggaatcctc tgatcacatt ttgagaactg ttggataagt cagttaatat     74940
     tgcaggaaca taggctatca ccatggggaa taaatgaaac cagatctcta cctcacacca     75000
     ttacaaaaat aaattttaaa tgaaataaaa ggctaaatgt gaaaaggtaa aggtttaaag     75060
     ctttgggggg gaaatgtaga ataactttat tatctcaagg tagatagcct aacaatacca     75120
     cgtgctgaag cagaaatgtg aagaaatggg aatttgcata gaatcttggt ggaagggtta     75180
     gttttcccac ttatttcaac tacttatttc acatatgcag tgttgtacaa atttaaagag     75240
     acaagaatcc tacagacaag caattctatg tttatatgcc ctagagacct gaagacattc     75300
     tcaaatacaa aaacaaagaa gtatgcataa ggatgttcat tgcaggtttg cttataattg     75360
     gtggaaagtc aggggatgcc catcagtgca taaaaaagta aataaaattg tgttgccttt     75420
     ctacaataaa ttgtgcaacc attaaaataa actaaatgtc catatttcac aaggacaatt     75480
     ctcacaacat aataacaaat gatatgcact aactttaaac tagtaattgc atctggtgag     75540
     ggaaaagaaa ggtggacctg aagtcaggtg caaacagcac aactgtattt gagtagtggt     75600
     tgcatgactg ttgttccatg tattttctgt atgttacaaa tatttactat taattataac     75660
     aacataagat gtactctaac tccttcatgc tgctaattat agaatatcta ctttgttgac     75720
     taaacccttt agcatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatagcct atttctgtta     75780
     atggttcttt ggataaataa cagttgactt tgttcctctg cttggtattt taaaaaacct     75840
     attagtttac aaatctctta ctaattttag ttttaatatt tgtattgtta agtattttaa     75900
     acacacagaa aggcaaataa acccccatta cccaaacacc cagctttatt aaatcttagt     75960
     attttgtcct atttgtttca atggtttttt taataaatca gtgactacaa taaaattgat     76020
     acctctgaat ccttccattt tcttttcact gcccccagat ataaccacca atgtgaagtc     76080
     agttttatca ttgctatgca tgtttttaat atttttacta aatgtttatg aattcttaaa     76140
     cattatgaag cattatgtta tagagttttt aagttttata aaatattatc taatactgtt     76200
     actttaagaa aacctgcagt aaccccttct gaaaaagatt aatcacacgt aatttgttac     76260
     atattaaaat aactgctcct aaatagtgat gtggccttgg gcaagctctt tcaagtttct     76320
     gtgagctcca gcttttcctt atctgtgtgg taaaagaata tgagactatg tctgcgctct     76380
     ctttcagatt ataagtctct ataaattatt caactcaaat gtccccatgg gtttacttaa     76440
     aggatagttt tgtccactta tgaacaactg tgtttcatca aaatcagaat ttactgaatg     76500
     ttcattcatt ttaacttttt taagtggttt gtcacagaat tcctttcaat gctgagattt     76560
     tcaaatatat tgcaaccatc gagaggacat tcttgaatat tcactataag cctgatgcta     76620
     tgcgaggtgc cagagataca agagggaact tgacaggtac agtctgtctc ccacaaagct     76680
     tatggctgag tttttaaaat gtaattcaag cttttcagga atacagtcaa tccataaagc     76740
     aatagggaga aacatttcca atatcaagag gcactgatga atgaatgtgt gaataactaa     76800
     attttgtaac tttttttgta gacataaaaa taagcattca ctgtgtcatc cttaaataaa     76860
     atcattggca gagtgtagcc tataaatgtc tggaaatacc tcaccaaagg ctagaagaca     76920
     ttttgccaga aggaagtaat gtttacattt ctatattttg tttctttttc ctctacatat     76980
     gcattttgtc ctatgtctat gtctccttct taataggctt tgacatgaac ccaaagcaaa     77040
     tgtttcctat tattttatct atttattgaa tatacattgt tttctgaatg ctattccttt     77100
     catttaccag ttctagtagt ctgggtttgc tcttatttct ctttactcta aaatggtttt     77160
     tttaatctgt aacacagaac ttagtgcttg gttatatata ggtaggcatt gttttctaaa     77220
     aacactggtt tacaaaatgg aatgtgcaca ctacagggaa tgtgcaaatg atccttgagg     77280
     atacaggaag gaagtgttaa agtttctatt tattttggta acttataaac tttctatttg     77340
     ttacagtgtg agttctggtg tatatagtca agccatatgc tagtacatgg gataatgtat     77400
     aaataaacat gtaagtgtcg ataagtactc aactcttttt tactgagagg gctttaggct     77460
     tttttttttt ttaagtttca ataccacagt tcaaatgtgt gtgttggtct tatctatgta     77520
     attgttttgt gtgctctttc agggagtggt ggtgtcttgt gtctcttact ctgtccaaag     77580
     gaccttgtat gtataaatgc gaataaatat ttattgaact ccactaataa atgattccat     77640
     tcttcagacc atcaaactaa ggactacgct ttgaacatgc tttggaaaca ttttcattaa     77700
     agccaaaatg tctcagaaat gtttaattaa aaaataaaat tggccgggcg cagtggctca     77760
     cgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggagaccg aggctggcag atcacaaggt caggagtttg     77820
     ggaccagcct ggccaatatg gtgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aattagccag     77880
     gcatagtggc aggcgcctgt agtcccagct actcgagagg ctgaggcagg agaatcgctt     77940
     gaacccagga ggtggaggtt gcagtgagcc gagatcacac cactgcactc cagcctggga     78000
     aacagagtga ggctctgtct caaacaaaat aaataaataa aattaaaagg gaagacaaag     78060
     atatttttct ttgtaccagt agaaggaaga tttaatgaaa aataaactgc aatagtaaat     78120
     ttagaagtaa tactgaaaga gcaactggga agtcttagat gaagttgtca ccagcttctt     78180
     caaagcaatg aaatatccag ttgtcccatt taattctcat ttggtataat ttttcattga     78240
     taagaataat tcataattaa ccagcttaca tatgcttctt aaattttagt gtacataaga     78300
     attgctaaga agtaggctta aatgcaaatt ctcaggctcc agcccaggga tcctaattca     78360
     gcagttctag aggttattca gaaatctgca ttttcatgaa gtaccctgga tgattctaat     78420
     ggatgttgtc tgtaacacaa ctttcagata aatgtcctgt ataagcatat tctatcttgc     78480
     cattagccat gagaatttga ttaaagaaac aaatctaaga acccaactac tagtctatta     78540
     ctccaaccat tccttcttgc caactgtgat cagaagtatg aaaaaaacag cccatgttct     78600
     tccttagagg aagaccatat cccaactgtg aaatggtcca gacatcttgg aactgaatat     78660
     ggattgtgat cctgataccc ccaaccctca ctgctcttca tataccagct gagcatttca     78720
     taatatttat tcgataaacc tttccttggt cctgagcctc cttgcttccc gacctactcc     78780
     atgtagcctg gctactctta tttccatgag gtgggctgtc ttctggccct cccatcatcc     78840
     ccaacagatg tgaacatgag ggaccttgga gcaggggtag atactccagt gcaaaaatag     78900
     tggacactca cctcttctaa gaccttttat caatcattct ctaaacacct ctcaaacatg     78960
     tccttccctt gtatttcctc tttcagtgga ttaaaccact gtccactcaa ctgtctgagt     79020
     gagaagattg gattcagtga gttttcaggt cctaccaagt ctatttcaaa gtgtcatttc     79080
     aatgatttta tttcctttgc ttctaaatag tggcatacat ggatatcaag tactgtagtg     79140
     ggttcaaaat tggagaaatg gattttgaag tcatcttttt gcaggtacaa gagaagccat     79200
     attgagtcag tcagagaaga gaagacagga aaagtagaat aaaatcttta gaatattcaa     79260
     agcattacac aaatgtaatg ttttattatt aactgtgact tcattttggt tccaattctg     79320
     tccagagaaa tttgaatgct ggagttttgg gaattttaag gctttgagca aggaacattt     79380
     tatgatcctc tgcttaccac ttgtttattt acaacagaat ttcagcaatg aagagaaagt     79440
     tatttttgta ggaaaaaaaa tcctacaatg cttacttcat acaaattagt tgtgccttgg     79500
     gttcagatta acatacacac tcaaaagact tggtgggctg ttatacggca acttatttat     79560
     ttagctttgt agaggaatat tggatatgga aacatagctt gtcagcctga cagcattaga     79620
     catcttcatc aggagtcttt atgtattcta gatgctgatt cttaaccctc tcatctcatg     79680
     ggaatatgca tggtcatagt agacaagacc acaggagtag gggagaggca cgggggagcc     79740
     attctaggat ggaagaatct ctcacatgac aggaaccaca tcttatacca acccatgagt     79800
     gaggattcca agaaaacagg catattcgga ttcaagaaac acaccataac agagtccagg     79860
     gcctacattt cccaacaggt tttcatacgg gtctggtcat ataggtccac caagtctaaa     79920
     tgcctgcccg cagtctgccc agcatagatg tagttcacca accaggggtc atttccacac     79980
     ttataaataa ataaataaat aaataaatgt gattttttaa aatacagctg acatttcaca     80040
     tttatccaaa cagtacattt caaagaaaca gtaagtataa ggtaaactgg agttcatctt     80100
     cccatgggaa aaaagagctt aaaactgttg ttaacccttt gacctaccaa caaacattgc     80160
     ttactcccac tcaagagctc attccagtta ggacacaacc tggtgacagc ccttcctggt     80220
     agcaactact gagcattgca aggagaagaa attgggatgg gtgcctataa agagaaaaac     80280
     tctcttttta accttcaaat ctaaagaaaa tcaatccaac aagcatttgc tgcaaaccta     80340
     gtgccaagca ctgccacata ggaagatgca tctgccatct gtcaagacag actgagggag     80400
     gaatgggggt agagaccaat tagaaaacag gaaaaaacga gaccagctgg ggacagctgc     80460
     agcaaagcac cctgaggata ctaaacaccc tcagtattta gctaggatgg cctaaaagag     80520
     ctaatctgaa agaattcata aatcatatgg atgcttctat tataaattag aggaaaggca     80580
     gatttataca tcatgaagcc tataaggtaa atattatcta gtagtatgaa catagcttca     80640
     ccacacagcc tcctaaaaat ctatggatac tttcctgaaa gtacccctga aggcattcct     80700
     cctggattct gtgaagtaaa ttagccctca aggtgtaccc agcaagggct caatagagtg     80760
     cacaataaat gctcaacaca catctatctt cctcccctcc cactatccaa gcttcatgcc     80820
     tacctcatga atctccaagt tcctttctct cctgtccctg gagcatagat gaatcagaat     80880
     ccctgcttgc caccccattg gacaccttga aaagagaccc ttggaatggc tatgacaaca     80940
     catcagtcct ggctacgagt gtaagaccct gggcatcagg aagcctcagg ccatgagcta     81000
     ttgaatgtcg cttgtcactt tgccctttga ggaccagaaa taaagcttcc agttcctgtg     81060
     aaatggcaaa taggtaggtt caggcttcca gctccctcac ccaaaattaa tttttgtaaa     81120
     ggtagagaag caaaaggaag caaggatctg gggagctggc aacaccagaa ataagtataa     81180
     agtgttttta tatttgccag gagagacaga actgctgtct tgagctggtg tgcgtagaga     81240
     atgggcaggg ctgcatcctg ggagataagc cacagtggga gaacaggctg caggaagact     81300
     ttttaatttc tgcactatgt ccttcccaat cggcttggga caattgttgc ctccccttca     81360
     tacataaaca ggctgcaaca ggccaggcta cttgtatctt caaggtaaat cagtagggaa     81420
     cagatgaaac taggggtgag cttttgggta ttctcttctc cactactcac gaccactgcc     81480
     ccaactccca gcgctggtga atcccaacgt ggagcacctg cctactccca actgtgcttt     81540
     tcctaggagt tgcctgaaag agtagtggca aatggggaga tccacagtgt ttctgggctc     81600
     tctaccaggg ctggatctgg agggacacag accagtattt gactttatct cttccccatt     81660
     acacattacc ccacagacta gctggtgccc tcctggagac gtgagctcac agatcaacat     81720
     aatgatatgg ctaaggaaca aaaaaattgc aaaacataga caacaaatta acaccatata     81780
     ctatctaatg cagaattgtg aagaagatga accaagaact tgaaacaaaa tggcaaatat     81840
     acttaagata atagaagata ccagcaacat aaagcaaaac cagtaactca caaaaacaaa     81900
     gacagaatat tagatgttaa aactataaca gtagaagttg taaatactat agattagaca     81960
     agtaccagga taaatatagc tgaagaataa tttgtgaggt aaaagataag atgaaagata     82020
     atcccagaag acagtaggaa agaataaaga catcaaaaat ataaaagaaa gttcagcaaa     82080
     atgtatgcta gaaatagaag tatcaacatc tgaatcataa gagaactcac agtgagagga     82140
     aaaaaatata tacgtgagaa aataatgact aataaattta caattttttt ttaattatga     82200
     aagacctcag agaaaagggt tcaaaggata cttaacagga gcttcagaaa aatccacacc     82260
     tatgctcgtt atattgagac aaataaatat ttttaaaact tagaaagaag agtttatcaa     82320
     ctgggcacag tggctcacgc ctataatccc agcactttgg gactttggga ggtagaggcg     82380
     ggtggatcac ttgcggacag gagttcgaga ccagcctggc caatatggtg aaaccctgtg     82440
     tctactaaaa atacaaaaat tagccccgcc tggtggcgtg tgcctgtagt cccagctact     82500
     cgggaggctg aggcaaaccc gggaggtgga ggttccagtg ggtgacagag tgatacccta     82560
     tcagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaacagtt tacaaaggag taagatcaga ttgatgtcag     82620
     acttttcaac agcaatgaat gcaagaataa aataaaataa tatttttata gtagtgaagg     82680
     aaaataaact ggagtttaga actttatatg tatcaaaatt gctattcaag tgagatggca     82740
     taacaaattt attatcatgc aaagaatcca aaggctcata tttaaaacac tcttggacgt     82800
     ggtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacactctta gaggaagtac acaaaaagag aatcaaatca     82860
     agaaatttac aacaaatata agggtgattt gtcaacaaat ccaggaccat atttttaaaa     82920
     gagggtaaat gaatgtgtgt gtgtgtaata tctacttggt aggagaattg gcattagagg     82980
     gagggaagta gaaaatcaaa agaacataag agtatgctaa agaacttagg aggcaagata     83040
     taaatattaa ggtagttaag acattttaaa aggtaaatgc tcactgtgtt aaattaaagg     83100
     caaccaccat aagaacagaa tcagtatgta taacttttaa tacagcagaa aaaaatcagt     83160
     ctatcaaatg gaaagcaaga aaagggaaga aacattgtac aataaaaaca gaatgtgaaa     83220
     tgagttgcaa aagtaaatct ttacttcagc agttaccaat aaaagaacaa aggctctaat     83280
     aatggaggaa aaagggaacc aaatcatgtg tgatttataa caaatactct tttttaactt     83340
     ttaagttcag gggtaaatgt gcaggtttgt ttcataggta aacttgtgtc agggaggttt     83400
     gttgtacaga ttatttcatt acccaggtat taagcctagt atacattagt tatttttcct     83460
     gatcctctcc ctcctcccac ctccaccctc caataggccc atgtgtgcag ttcccctctg     83520
     tgtgtccatg tgttttcaca atttacctcc cacttataag tcaaaacatc tggcatttga     83580
     ttttctcttc ctacattatt ttgccaagga taatggcctc cagctccatc catgtccctg     83640
     cagaggacat gatctcattc ttatttatat ctgcatagta ttccatggtg tatgtgtatc     83700
     acgttttctt tatccagtct atcattagtg ggcatttagg ttgattccaa gtctttgata     83760
     ttgtgaatag tgctacagtg aacatatgtg ttcatgtgtc tttataatag aatgatttat     83820
     attcctttgt gtatgttccc agtaatggga ttgctgggtc aaatggtatt tctgtctttg     83880
     ggtctttgag gaattgccac actgtcttcc acaatggttg aactaattta cactcccacc     83940
     aacggtgtaa aaacgttcat ttttctccat aacctagcca gcatctgtta ttttttgact     84000
     ttgtaatagt agccattctg actgatgtga gatggtatct cattgtggtt ttgactttca     84060
     tttctctaat gatcagtgat gttgagcttt ttttcatata cgtgttggct gcatgtatgt     84120
     cttcttctga aaagtgttca tgtcctttgc ccacttttta atggtttttt tttcttgtaa     84180
     atttatttaa ggtccttata gatgctggat attatacctt tgttggatgc atagtttgca     84240
     aaattttctc ccattctgta ggttgtctgt ccactctgtt gatagtttcc tttttagtgc     84300
     agaagctctt tagtttaact agatcctgtt ggtcagtttt gcttttgttg caattgtttt     84360
     tggcatcttt gtcatgaaat ctttgccagt atatcctgaa tggtattgcc taggttgtct     84420
     tccaggattt ttataatttt gagttttata tttaagtctt taatccatct tgagttaagg     84480
     tggatggtgt aaggaaggga tgcagtttca atcttctgca tatggctacc cagttttccc     84540
     agcaccattt attgaataga aaatactttc cccattgctt gtttttgtca gatttgttga     84600
     agatcagaca gtcataggtg tagttttatt tctgtgttct ttattctgtt ccattggtct     84660
     atgtgtctgt tcttgtacca gtgccatgtt gttttggtta ctatagccct gtatagtttg     84720
     aagttgggta gtgtgatact gctaacgttg ttctttttgc ttcagattgc cttggctatt     84780
     ctggcccttt tttgtttcac atgcattttt aaatagtttt tctagctctg gccgggcacg     84840
     gtgcctcagg cctgtaatcc caccactttg ggaggccgag gcagggggaa tcacttgagg     84900
     ccaggagttt gagaccagcc tggccaacat ggcgaaacca tgtctctact aaaaatacaa     84960
     aattagctgg gcatggtggc gcatgcctgt aatatcccag ctactcggga gactgaggca     85020
     ggagaatcgc ttgaacctgg gagacagagg ttgtggtaag ccgagatcgc accattgcac     85080
     actagcctgg gcaacaagag caaaaactcc gtctcaaaaa aataataata ataataatag     85140
     tttttctagc tctgtgaagt atctcaatgg tagtttaata agaagagtat tgaatctata     85200
     aattgttttg ggcagtatgg ccattttaat gatattgatt cctcttatcc atgagcatga     85260
     gatgtttttc catttgtttg tgtcatctct gatttctttg aacggtggtt tgtagttctc     85320
     cttgtagata tctttcacct ccccagttag ctatattcct aggtatttta ttttttttgt     85380
     gacaattgtg aacgggagtt cattcctgat ttggctctca gcttgactgt tgtttggtgt     85440
     ataggaatac tagtaatttt tgcacattca ttttgtattc tgatattttg ctgaagttgt     85500
     ttatcagctt aagaagcttt tgggctgaga caatggggtt ttctagatat aggatcatgt     85560
     catctacaaa cagggatagt ttatctttct ctcttcctat ttggacgtct ttatttgttt     85620
     cttttgccca attgccccag ccaggacttc caacgctatg ttgagtagga gtggtgagag     85680
     agggcatcct tgtcttgtgc tggtttttaa ggggaatgct tccacctttt gctcattcag     85740
     caagatgttg gctgtgggtt tgtcatatat ggctcttatt atttttgagg tatattcctt     85800
     caatacctag tttattgaaa gtttttaata tgaatgcata tggcaaatcc tcttaaagca     85860
     gaaagatatg taaagattga aatttaaaaa cagggaaaaa agatttacct ggtggcaaat     85920
     atgacacaaa agaaagttgg gcaacagtct caatatgtaa caaaatagaa ttgatttttt     85980
     tttgggaggg ggacagagtc ttcctctgtc tcccaggctg gagtgcaatg gcacaatctc     86040
     ggctcactgc aacctctgcc tcctgggttc aagtgattcg cctgtctcag cctcccgagt     86100
     agctgggatt acaggtgtgc caccatgccc agctaatttt ttgtattttt agtagaaaca     86160
     gggtttcacc atgctagcca ggctggtctt gaacttctga cctcaggtga tatacccgcc     86220
     tcagcctccc aaagtgctag gattacaggc atgagctacc gtgcccggcc tatgcacttt     86280
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttattttt gagacagagt     86340
     ttcactcttg ttgcccaggc tggagtgcaa tggtgcgatc ccggtacact gcagcctctg     86400
     cctcctggat tcaaccgatt ctccctactc agcctcccga gtagctggga ttacaggcat     86460
     gtgccaccat gctcggctac ttttgtattt ttagtagagt tggggtttca tcatgttggt     86520
     taggctggtc ttgaactcct gacctcaggt gatccacctg cctcagcctc ccaaagtgct     86580
     aagattacaa gcgtgagcca cgacgtccag cctgcacttt atttttaacc ttaaattcta     86640
     ttttgggcca ggtgcagtgg ttcatgcctg taatcccagc atttcgggag gctgaggagg     86700
     acggattacc tgaggtcagg agttcgagat cagcctggct aacatggtga aacgccatct     86760
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaga ttagccggtc atggtggcac gcacctgtaa tcccagctac     86820
     tcgggaggct gaggcagaag aatcgcttga acctgggaga tggaggttgc agtgagccaa     86880
     gactgtgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggcaa taagaacgaa actccatctc aaaaaaaaat     86940
     aaaaataaaa aaaataaagt gcataaagga caaaagaaaa gatgttcata taacttttaa     87000
     agaaacaaga agatatagta atcataaata tatataaact caacaataca gcctcacaat     87060
     ttataaagca acaagtgaaa gaactacagt tagaagttga gttttttaaa aatacatttg     87120
     atgattttta caaaccctct ctcaaaaact ggtagataaa ctagaccaaa aagaaaaaaa     87180
     aaaaaaaagc agagttcttg aagggcaaaa taataaaatt atataagttc aagctaatta     87240
     ataaaacctg aataaataag aaactgatag actctctcac attaaaaatg accaaagaga     87300
     catgaaaact tactgaaatg cttgattctg gattgcagga caagagactg ggagtggctg     87360
     gagttataag gttctttatt gggaaaactg gtaaaatttg aatatgtact gtggattagc     87420
     taatattata tccaagttaa attttcttaa tatgactgtt tttctgtgtt tatgtaagag     87480
     aacagccttg ttcttaggaa atacattgaa atatttagca ggaaaggggc atgtgtgtat     87540
     gtaactccag acttcctaac cattttagag taaaccattt tttctctcta atgttttttc     87600
     ataaccattt tagagtaagt ccctaaaatg gacttaggaa tattaatgtt ttttaggaaa     87660
     aaaacagaga gggaagcaga gacagagaga aaaagaaagc aaatatgaca aaatgttgca     87720
     aatcattgaa tttggacaag tgtacgtaag aattctttgt actactcttc taaaattact     87780
     tcaaaataaa aagtttttaa atgtcacaag taacctgtga gttaaaagaa aaatataaag     87840
     aatatgtaga attaaataaa aattaaaaca ctgcatatca aaatgtgtta gatatgatta     87900
     aagcagaact tagaaggaaa ttttttacct ttaaatacac ttactaggaa acacaaaaaa     87960
     agaccaaaat caataagctg agtgttcaac tcaaacgcta ggtaaagagg aagagaatac     88020
     acccaaagga ggaaggaaat agtaaagata gtcataaatg aaatagagaa ctaaaaacaa     88080
     taaaatagat gaacaaaaac aaaagctgcc ctttgaaaag acatttctat ttattattcc     88140
     aggaaacaga atgaagaaca aaatctgcct aggttattgt ttagagaaat ttttattaca     88200
     aaaacaaaca aggaaataca agaaaggcaa gttttacgtc catgctttat aaaagtaaat     88260
     acaacaaccc aagtaaaata ttaactaaat aacaccaaca gtaaatgtgt aactatagga     88320
     tgaacaaata gggtttatcc caggaatgca aagatgtttc acattttaaa aatctctcaa     88380
     tataattcac tatattagga gattaagaag gaaaatacaa tgaaatgagt caattctgat     88440
     aaactatttt ttaaatgtaa aaaaccattt atgtttaaaa aataaacttt tagaaaacca     88500
     ggaataaaag gaaacctact aatttagtaa aggttgacag caaagacttc tggaaaaatt     88560
     gagtagacat actttttcct attcatctca ctaagtacaa ctaaaaactc tggacattat     88620
     atatatataa aacaaacata agaagactct aaaaggtgga aatgagaagg cagaacagct     88680
     agaatctcag gatctgagga atgacatact agtgagttcc ctgggctttc tttttgccac     88740
     atatatgctg ggcttggagc tgaagaaagt gacaatttgg aaagaccaac tggcacaaac     88800
     aaacaaacaa acagaaaaag ccccaacaac acttacaaca aaagccctga tatcactagc     88860
     caaaagacca agacagaggc aggcaagcct gtcaagcctt agaaagtaac tgttcagttc     88920
     taggcaaata ccatagcaat aactgtgact ctactgccat tcacaccaga aagaccaagt     88980
     gggagaccta aactttcacc ctcttgaagc tgtaacaagg tgctccaaca tcactctgca     89040
     gtggtatcca agaagaccaa ttaggaagct aagaatttca tttctgcaag ccagtaatgg     89100
     ggccccctct ctaagatgtc aatggagatg ggggcggggg gagaacacct gcccagaaat     89160
     aatgaaaatg gctaaaagaa gttatctaaa cagaatggaa atgataaaat aggaaccttg     89220
     gaacatcaag gaagaagata gaacaaggta agcaaataga tgggtaaata caataaattt     89280
     ttcttctcct cttaagtttt ctaaagtatg tttgatggtt gaagccaaaa ttataacact     89340
     gatgtggttc taaatgtatg tagaggaaac atttaagaca atcgtatttt cagtgaggag     89400
     gataaaggga tgggacataa attaggaagg taagattttt attatttact caaaatggta     89460
     aatgatgact ccagcagact gtgacaagtt acatgtatat gtaatactta aagcaaccac     89520
     ttaaaagtta tgcatcaata cactcaaaaa cactgtagat aaataaaact ggcgttctaa     89580
     aaaatgccca agtaagccac agaaagtcag aaaagagtaa acagagatga aaactggaga     89640
     gaacaaacaa aataaatgaa aaacaattaa gcccttcatg ttactacagg ttggattgtg     89700
     tcccacagaa tcccatgttg aagccctaac caccaatggg actatatttg gagatagggc     89760
     cttttacaga agtaattcag gttaaatgaa ttcataaggg tagggccatg attcaatagg     89820
     attaattcaa taggaagaga aaccagggta tgctctcttg ctctttctcc ctcccagcct     89880
     tcctctctct ttctctctca ctctgccccc agaagatggc aactctctct ataagccagg     89940
     aagagccctt accagaagct gaccatgctg gcgccttgat ctcagacttc caacctccag     90000
     aactgtgaga gaatatattt ctgttgttta agccacctag ttttattttg ttatggcacc     90060
     ccaagctaat acatatatca ataattacat tattcctaat acaaagaaat gataaattct     90120
     tgaggtggta gatgccccaa ttactctgat ttggtcattg cacattgtat gcctgtaact     90180
     aacatcacat gtacctcact aatatataca acggttgtgt acccataata attaaacata     90240
     aaaattaaga aaaaaaatta cactaaatgc aaatgatcta aatacctcaa ttaagaaacc     90300
     cagttcaggc caggcatggt ggcttacacc tgtaaaccca gcactctaca aaaaaaaaca     90360
     aacaaacaaa aaacaaaaac aaaaacaaaa aaaaacccag ttcaaatata acaatatagg     90420
     ccaggctcag tggctctcag cactttggga ggctaagcca ggtggataat ttgaggtagg     90480
     tcaggagttc gagaccagcc tggcctacat ggtgaaaccc cgtctctact aaaatacaaa     90540
     aattagccag gcatggtggt gtgcacctgt ggtcccagct actcaggagg ctgaggcagg     90600
     agaatcgctt gaccctggaa gacagaggtt gccgtgagca gagattgtgc cgctgcactc     90660
     cagcctaggt gacaagatga gactttgtct caaaaaaaac acaaaacaaa caaaaacaac     90720
     aataaaacca cacaaatata acaacatagg caggttaaaa gtaaaaggat ggaaaaagac     90780
     acaacatgtt ttccttaatt agaggaatac aggagtgagt gtactactct cagataaggt     90840
     aaacttcaga gccaaaacaa aaaaaattac cagagaaaga taaggacgtt ttataataat     90900
     agaagggtca gtctatcaag aagacattgc agtcagaaat gtttatgccc aaaacaccag     90960
     agctgtaaaa tatgtgaagc aaaaactgac ggaactgaaa gaaaaaatag aaaatccaca     91020
     attataattg gagacatcaa cacaactctc acaactatta ataaaactag aaagaaggca     91080
     gggagtggtg gctcaggcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgagggg gtggatcacg     91140
     aggtcaggag atcgagacca tcctggctaa cacggtgaaa ccccgactct actaaaaata     91200
     caaaaaatta gctgggcgtg gtggcgggcg cctgtagtcc cagatactcg ggaggctgag     91260
     gcaggagaat ggcgtgaacc tggggacgga gctttcagtg agctgagatc ctgccactgc     91320
     actccagcag cctgggggac agagcaagac tctgtctcaa aaaaaataaa aataaaaaaa     91380
     taaaaactag aaagaaaatc agcaaagatg tagaagagct caataacacc atcaaccaac     91440
     aggatcaaat ccacatttac aggacactcc acccatcaat agcagaatac acattggctc     91500
     ttttttgttg tttttctttt ccggttttac taggtgcaag gggtacatat gcaggtttgt     91560
     tacatgggta aattgcgtgt cacaagggtt tggtgtacag ataattttaa aagaatttaa     91620
     attatacaaa cttttctctg actacaatgg aatcaaatta gaaatcaata acggaaagac     91680
     agcagaggaa aaatcatcag cataataccc gataggtgct ttttcaatca tcactgtcct     91740
     cccaccctcc accctcaaat aggccccagt gtctattttt cccatctttg tgtccatgtg     91800
     tatgcaatta gctggttttt tgctcctgcg gtaatttgtt taggattatg gcctccagtt     91860
     ccatctatgt tgctgcaaag gccatgatcc cattttttat agctgtgtag tatttcatgg     91920
     tgtatatgta ccacatcttc tttatccagt gcactgttga tgagcactgg ataaagaaat     91980
     ctaggttcat tccatgtctt tgctaacgtg aatagcagtg tgatgaacat gcatgtgcat     92040
     gtgtctttat gacagaacaa tttatattct tttaggtata tacccaacaa tggaattgct     92100
     gggttgtatg ggaattttgc tttaagttct ttgggaaatc tccagactgc tttccacagt     92160
     gcctgaacta atttacatta cccccaatag tgtacaagtg ttcctttttc tccacaacct     92220
     tgttagcacc tgttgttttt gactttttaa caatagccat tctgactggg gtgagatggt     92280
     gtctcatcat tgttttgatt tgcatttccc taatgattag ttatactgag catttttttc     92340
     acatgcttgt tggccgcaca gaatatacat tcttttgaag tgtccatgca acatatacca     92400
     agttggacta tatccagggc cataaaacaa atattgataa atttaaaaga atataaatta     92460
     tacagaatgt gttctctgac tacattggaa tcaaactaga aataaataac agaaagatga     92520
     cagaggaaag tcaagaaact aagcgaaaac ttttaaatac tctacgagtc aaaaaataaa     92580
     tctcaaagga aatttaaaaa tacactgaat tgaaagaaaa taagaataca acatatcaaa     92640
     aatttctagg agagacaacc cacagaatga gagaagatat ttgcaaacta cccctctaac     92700
     aaaggattaa taactagaat atataaggag ttcagacaac tctataggaa aaaagagttc     92760
     aatagtccaa acaaaaaatg agctgatctg aatagacatt tctcaaaaga agacatacaa     92820
     atggcaatca ggcttatgaa aggtgctcaa cattatgaat catcagagaa atgcaaatca     92880
     gaagttcaat gagatattat ctcacttcag ttaaaatagc ttgtatgcag gctggacacg     92940
     gtggctcaca cctgtaatcc cagcactgag ggaggccgag gcgggcagat cacctgaggt     93000
     caggagttca agaccagcct ggccaatatg gtgaaaccct gtctctacta aaaatacaaa     93060
     aattagctgg gcatggtggg ccatgcctgt agtcccaact acttgggagg ctgaggcaga     93120
     agaatcgctt gaacctggga gatggaggtt gcagtgagca gagattgggc cactgcactc     93180
     cagcctgggc aactgagtaa gactccatct caaaaaaaaa tggcttgtat ccaaaagaca     93240
     ggcaataaca agtactggtg agtatgtgga gaaggctttg tacactgttg gcaggaatat     93300
     aaattagtac aaccaccatg gagaacagct tggaagttcc tccaaaaaaa ttaaaattga     93360
     gctaccatat gatccagcaa tcccactgct gggaatatac ccgaaagaaa gaaaattagt     93420
     atttcaaaga gatatctgca ctcctatgtt aattgcagca ttgtttacaa tagctaagac     93480
     ttcggagcaa cctaagtgtc tatcgacaga tgaatggata aagaaaatgt ggtacataca     93540
     tacaatggag tactatttag ctagaaaaaa gaatgatatc cagttatttg caacaacata     93600
     gatggaactg gagatcatta tgttaagtga aataagccag gtacagaaag acaaacatga     93660
     catgttctca tttatttgtg ggatctaaaa atcaaaacaa ttgaactaat ggacatagtg     93720
     agtagaagga tggttaccag agcctgagaa aagtagtgga tagctgagcg gggaggtggg     93780
     gatggttaat gggtacaaaa aaagtagaaa gaatgaatat gacctactat ttgatagcac     93840
     aatagagtga ctatagtcaa aaataactta attgtatatt tttaagttac ttaaagaatg     93900
     taattgaatt gtttgtaact caaaggataa atgcttgagg gaatggctac cccattctcc     93960
     atgatttggt tatttcacat tccaggcgtg tatcaaaaca tctcatgtac cccataaaca     94020
     tatacaccta ccatgaaccc acgaaatatt ttcaaaataa taaaaaaaat tataggacac     94080
     agctaaacca gtgctgaaag ggaaatttat agcattaaat gcatacatta aaaagaagaa     94140
     aaactgggtg ctacttggga ggctgaggca ggaaaggatc acttgagccc agtagttcga     94200
     ggccagcctg ggcaacataa ggagaccttg tctctttaaa aaaaaaaaaa agtacacaaa     94260
     ttaataattc aaactctcat ctcaagagcc cagaaaaaga agatcaaaat acatccaaag     94320
     aagaaaggaa ggccgagcac tgtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccaatagttt gggaggccaa     94380
     ggcaggtgga tcacttgagc tcaggagtta gagaccagcc tgcccaacat ggtgaatctc     94440
     tgcttctact aaaattacaa aaaattagcc aaatgtggtg gcaggcgctt gtagtcccag     94500
     ctacctggaa ggttgaggca ggagaatcac ttgagcccag gaggcggagg ttgtagtgag     94560
     gtgagattgc accactgcac tccagcctgg gccacagagt gagacacaaa aagttgcttc     94620
     tttgaaaaga tcagtcaact gatgaacctc tagcagacta cactgacaaa gaagaaagaa     94680
     agaatataga aatgtccaca gggaatatcc ctacacaccc tgcagacatc ggaaaaacat     94740
     aaatggtgct ggaacaattg aacattcaag ggccatagga ggagagaaag acaacaagga     94800
     ggaagagaag gaggagcagc agtttaatct aagactcata ccttctgcaa aaattgactc     94860
     aatatggatt acaaacttct atgcaaaatg taaaactata aaacttttag aataagatag     94920
     gggaaaatct tctgaatcta gatctgggca acaagttctt agatttgaca ccaaaaacat     94980
     gatctgtaaa atgaaaaaat ggatatatta gacctgatta aaactaaaaa ctgttgctct     95040
     gtgaaagact tgtaaaggaa tgaaaaggca agctacataa tggaagaaaa tatttgcaaa     95100
     tcatgtatcc aaaaaaggac tagtatctag aatatataac aacttatcaa aactcaggcc     95160
     aggccccctg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggctgaggcg agtggatgac     95220
     ttgaggtcag gagtttgaga ccagcctagc caacatggtg aaactctgtc tctactaaaa     95280
     atactaaaaa ttagctgggc gttgtggcac acgcctgtaa tcccaggagg tagaggttgg     95340
     ggtgagccga ggtcatgcca ctgcactcta gcctgagtga cagagtaaga ctccatctca     95400
     gaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaat caacagtttg aaaaaaatta attagaaaat gggaaaaatt     95460
     catgaagaga catttcatta aaaggatata cagatggcaa ataagcacat gaaaagatgt     95520
     tcgatatcat tagccattaa ggaaacgcaa attaaaacca caataagatc tcactacaca     95580
     catattagaa tggctgaaat aaaaaatagt gacaataagc caggcgcagt ggctcatgcc     95640
     tgtaatccca gaactttggg aggctgaggc aggcggatca tgaggacagg agattgagac     95700
     catcctggct aacatggtga aaccccatct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaat tagccgggcg     95760
     tggtggcggg cgcctatagt cccagctact tgggaggctg aggcaggaga atggcgcgaa     95820
     cccgggaggt ggagcttgca gtgagccaag atcgcaccac tgcactccag cctgggcaac     95880
     agtgcaagac tccatctcaa aaaaaataaa aaaaatagtg acaataccaa atgcctgtga     95940
     ggatgcagta aaacaatcac tcgcacattg ctggtgcaac cactctggaa aacactttga     96000
     cagtttattt aaaaaactaa aaatgcaacc accatacaat tcagcaggta cactcctggg     96060
     catttgctcc agagacatta agacttatgt ccacacaaaa acttatattc atatcagcca     96120
     aatctggaaa caacccagat gtgatggaca gatggctaaa ctaactgtgc tatacccata     96180
     ccatataata caactaggca ataataaatt attgatatat gcaacaacct tgtatgatct     96240
     ccagagaaat acattgagag aaaaaaaagt caatcccaaa agtgtatata ctatatgttt     96300
     ccatttatta atcatttgtt ttaaaatgac aaaaaaaaat ttgtcttgaa gtgacaaagt     96360
     catagaaatg gataagagat tagtgattgc tagacattaa ggagggtatg ggatggtagg     96420
     gaagtgggtg tgtctagaaa agggcaaggt gaagaatcct tgtgatcata gaagtgttct     96480
     gtattgtggc tgtatccatg tatcctaatt gtgatattgt accatagttt tgcaaaatgt     96540
     taccatcaag ggaaactggg taaaggatac acaggattgt ttttattatt tcttaccact     96600
     gcatgtgaat ctacaatata cagcaaaatt tatacttaat ggagaatatt taggtttatt     96660
     tcctttaaga gtaatgctca ttatcaccct actgtttgac acagcattga agatcctagt     96720
     caacaacatg aaaaataaaa cactaaggat taagagggaa aacacaaaac aatgctcgca     96780
     gatgatacta ttatctacct ggaaaaagag agagacagag agaatatcaa taacaacaat     96840
     gacaacaaca acaacaaaaa ccccactaaa accaataaga ggatcgagca aggttgtccc     96900
     atataagatc aacttacaaa aattattaat ttctaatatt tgaaaatcat atatcagtat     96960
     ttgaatatca tatatccaat aaagggttaa tattcagaat atgtaaagaa ctcataaaac     97020
     ccaacaataa ttgtttatac aaacagttaa aaagggggca acaaacttca acagacattt     97080
     ttccaaagat gatatacaag tggcaaacac acatatgaaa agatgctcag cattacttat     97140
     tattagagaa gtgcaaatta aaaccataac atcatctaat tctcattagc atggctacta     97200
     taaaaatgaa aggaaaaagg aaagaaggga gggaatgaag gagggagcaa atgaaggagg     97260
     aaaggaaaga aggaaggaag gaaggaaggg agagagggag ggaagaaata agtgttggtg     97320
     aggatgtaga gacattagaa cctttatatg caatgttcgt gggattgtaa aatgtgtaac     97380
     tgctatggga aacagtacgg cagttcctca aaaaatcagt agtaaaacta ctatatgacc     97440
     caagagtcca cttctgggta taaatgcaaa agaattgaaa gcagggactt aagcagatat     97500
     tttcccccat attcatagca gcactattct cgatagccaa gaggtggaag caacaaagat     97560
     gtccatagac agatgaatgg gcaaacaaaa tatggcatat acatacagta gcttattatt     97620
     cagcctaaaa aggaagaaag cactcttaca tgctgcaaca agtatgaatt ttaaggacat     97680
     taagctaagt gaaataagcc aatcgccaaa agacaaaaac tccatgattg cacttgtaca     97740
     gggtatctga agtagtcaga ttcatagaaa cagaatgtag agtgatagta gccaggggct     97800
     agaggaagag agaaatgagg agttgttgtt taatgggtgt agagttctgg ttttgcaagg     97860
     tgaaaaggag ttctggagat tggttgcaca aaaatgtgaa tatacttaac actgctgagc     97920
     tgtacacttc aaagtggtta agacggtaaa tgttattttt ttaaccacaa ttttttaaat     97980
     tagatacatt cttctacatc agaaattact gattcaaaag tagaattgca ataagatacc     98040
     aatcacaata gcagcaaaag ctacaacatg cctaagaatt aactgagcat actcaggact     98100
     actatgaaaa agtaaagttt aaaaaccata ataaagagca aacaaaatga tttcaataaa     98160
     tgagaaaaca tcctgttttt gcatggtatg atttagtaat aaaaacaagt cagttaaccc     98220
     caaatttcta taaattcagt ataaccacaa tcaaaattca agtggggaag acagaactag     98280
     aagtgagtgt cctcccaaac tccccagtag gaaactacaa acttagtttc tgttgctact     98340
     atgcgcttgt cattgtccaa ggccaaaaga agcccagatt ttgcacctct ctctccaccc     98400
     cacaacattg acgtttttcc ttcttgttgt gaatgtactt cctgtcctcc atctgtcctt     98460
     ctggacccac tctcaatact tctgcacctg gggtctgcct caggtgctga cctgcatgac     98520
     attgaatggc tcccatgctc cctggcttct tcttgcttcc agcatcagcc taagagcaga     98580
     gggaagaggg gagtgaggtc agtgtttcta atcccttggc ttcctcccta caaggtcacc     98640
     ttaagctgtt gtgtcccttg actgaagggc actgcccttg gcaaggtggt gactgtacag     98700
     ggcttgctgt ccttctgagt cctgataacc ccttctgtcc ccggcctctt tggaccttgg     98760
     ggtagtaaca gctatcctcc acccagttct ttgtaaatac tttgctaata aataaacttt     98820
     ccttgaaatg tcctatttcg agtatgccat ctgttttctg ttgagactct gatacaataa     98880
     aagccatttc tttattccct gccccagacc agcacggcca ggggcctctt ggaagcctca     98940
     tatgaaatgg aagaggaagg gtctggagaa acaaggagcc ccccatctgg gagtagtctc     99000
     tataggtttg gggcctctcc actctctgaa acccctggag actggtctgg ccaagtagtg     99060
     gcaggaagca ccacggagaa atcccccatg ccttgcttca aggcagttgg agggctcttg     99120
     ggaatgacag acactcaagc caaaaaaaaa aaaggatttg aggatggggt tgaactccac     99180
     cctcgttttt catctgattt gcccaatttt actttggaaa gagaaaaact tgagaaaatg     99240
     gcctaaagat aattttcata aatagacatt gggattaaat gtcaatcttg tctgtttctt     99300
     tcacatgcat gtgttcgtgg gtagggaggc aaagagaacc tggaacctag gaacatgctc     99360
     tccctcaggg aaaaaaaaaa tgccaaggat accacctccc gtggtgtatt tgagatttat     99420
     tctcattgtc tttaatggtc aaaagaagaa gctcaaatgt ggggtcaacg cgtttctcta     99480
     aaatattgtt atctgcccca agtgttgaag gaactccctg cactgtgtgt gcccttgtta     99540
     acacaggccc agttctttca tgggagggga ggtggactag atgaccttta aaaccaattc     99600
     tagctccaag ttcagctttt aaaacaacaa gacattgaag ggcgaaaaca attctttgtg     99660
     cagcttggat tatgtataac ccgaaagtcc agctctctct ctcttccccc gctcccctcc     99720
     ctccctctct ctatgtccct ctccttcttt ctcccactcc acttctctcc tctcaccctt     99780
     ttgctccctc tctcttactc tcttccactc cttctctttt tttcctctct ttctctcaca     99840
     tgtgctcaag tgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacgcact ccttttttgg caatccatta     99900
     tgtttacatt ccattctcct catgcagcat ccattctctt ctcctcatcc tcctacaatt     99960
     ggtgcaccat cacccttctt ccaccttcct ttcaagtacc actcattccc ctgtgtaaga    100020
     actccccttt ctacctatag tattctgact ttctggatcc tagcagacct acatatactt    100080
     ttccctattc cttacctgga aggggacagc ctttcctata aaacaaaaaa cctacaaagt    100140
     tagggcagag aaaagcctgc actggaaatc tctagaaaag gaactggaag ccgtcccatt    100200
     agctaactct ctacttcctt tctctgggat cctgccactt tgattcccac tgctgtgact    100260
     agaactagac ccttcagatc tgcagcttct cctttaaaac tgtccagata ggcctagtgc    100320
     ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggctga ggcaggtgga tcacttgagg    100380
     tcaggagatc gagaccagcc tgaccaacat ggtgaaaccc catccctact aagaaaatac    100440
     aaaattagcc aggcatggtg gtgcacgcct gtaatctcag ctacttggga ggctgaggca    100500
     ggagaatcgc ttgaacatgg gaggcagaag ttgcaataag ccgagatcac gccattgcac    100560
     tccagcctgg gcaacaagag caaaactctg tctcgaaaaa aaataaataa ataaaataaa    100620
     aataataaat aaaactgccc agatatagac aaggcccaaa gccccccatt cctagactaa    100680
     actagaattt caaaaggaat ttgctttgtc aaacaaacaa aaataaaaac aaaaacagtg    100740
     aatagaaaaa aatgaaaatg aaacataaaa atggtaaaat gtagagatta agttccttcc    100800
     actgacttct tctgttaacc ccttccagaa gagatgctct aattccaagg atgcttctga    100860
     agaaattatg gaggtgttcc aaatcaactc atttcttggt ttctttttct tacccatatt    100920
     ctagtatcta gctctaattc caaaaacaat tccacaccct aggtttctgt gtccagcagg    100980
     tgtcgccctt cgtgggacaa caaaccacca gccagcatcc tctcttcctt agggtggagt    101040
     ccattccccc aaagggctct ccttggtctt ggggtagaag ggaatggaac ggtggctctg    101100
     aagagatgtg tgctcaccag catgagggtc ttcagaataa agtaatctgc tacttccagc    101160
     tcaggtagac aaacatccta cagaaatctg ttctttgacc ttggacaagt cacttaaatg    101220
     tctctgagcc tcacatcttt tgtctgtaac atagagggaa acaatctgtc ccttgtgtgg    101280
     ttattgtgag aagagaatga gctacaaata taaaggtctg agaccagtgc ctaagacata    101340
     ataatcactc aagctatgtt cccttctgca ttcagggtat ggaagaaata actgtctaga    101400
     actcaatctg gagttaagct ctgtcccctg aatcctgagg ggtatgaggg gtctgcctta    101460
     cggttgtgat gaggatcaaa gcacctggta caatgcctgg ccagaaagtt gaataatcga    101520
     atatagctaa cgtcactatt gcaggctggc tatgtgcctg gcggtgttct tagccattta    101580
     caagtatgaa ctcatttaat cctcataaga tcctgtatga ggtgagtaag ctgttaattc    101640
     ccttccttgc ccatactctg tgactccaac ccaccacagt tgaatttctc cttatgaatt    101700
     ataaatcaga aaacggcccc aaattctgtc atgtctaagt gggaaaatgg aagaaggcat    101760
     tgatttctcc cctactcaag cagaagagaa ttaacctcag tccctgcttt gcccatattc    101820
     cttccccagg gccccaggaa gaagacatgg aaaaacaata tttccaccaa agtttatttc    101880
     tctgaaacaa tcaccagttg ctgtcctcta tggcacactg agagccccag gagggtcttt    101940
     aactcccttc ctcagattat attcatccca gaaatatagc cttggacaat aatttggtta    102000
     cagcatagtc ccaggaatga ggtcccccaa gttgctaagt tttacatagg ggagactggg    102060
     aaattcaaag aattggatgg agaaaccata ggatccaaga taatgtcagg gggttgaaga    102120
     tgttggagag gcatggtagc atcattgagt ttgaatctcc ttctcacttg gagtggaagt    102180
     tgtaggattc tgcctctagg aaatgtgcca tcctacagaa taaataaaag ggagataatg    102240
     aggcttcaac ccaacttgcc cccatcgttt gtcactgtaa ccatcccatg ccttaataca    102300
     gtgatactga aaactccagg gcaccaacaa ctaatacaaa ggaagcacct tcagcctcct    102360
     ctccacagac atcccacttg gtagaagagg aggatgctcc ttcctgctct taatcctagc    102420
     aatggcagct taaatcatgc ccttgcctag atcctcatgg aagctcaccc atataataat    102480
     caagattagt tgaacccaac actgacccct ctaacccgca cccctaccaa agggcaagta    102540
     gggaaacaga ccaacagaga tgttaccttc tgaataattg gacccaggaa gaggagtgta    102600
     acctaagaga ggaagatact tgattatacc agtctttgtg gatgaaaata tctagcagta    102660
     ttcatagcaa atgcagtagg aaggagagag ttaatcacaa acagaaagta agcagagagt    102720
     gggaccaaga gtggggatgg gagttcagcg agtcactcac tagagtggcc agctctccgc    102780
     cagctgatca caccaagaga gaagatgatg aggcccaggc ccagagtcac tgcagacaca    102840
     gaaaccttca gggtctgcat gggggacagc ccaggtgctg caaaaaatag aaacttactt    102900
     gacccagttt ctgttgctca cccccagggc aattccattt attgcagcca cctctcagtg    102960
     ggttaaaagg tcctttatcc cagctccaag ggtctagctc acaccaccca ctcccaagaa    103020
     aatgatcttt ctcaaatcaa accctcgtcc catggacctc tactcctaga gtaagcctgg    103080
     ggaatccatc tccccagaat tagcatcctg gcttccaggt cctctctaat acagtggggc    103140
     ctctcaaggc atcctctttc cttcctttac ctcaaagcca cccttatcag gataaagggc    103200
     tcctcactgt cctctccatt gcccccacgg taacaatgtt tgcttcctta ctttctccaa    103260
     ctgagcagct tcctattaca ctgtcttacc acatgtctta acctccagtg gatccatcct    103320
     gtgagttatc ctactacttg tgtaccttct acatctagat ctcccatgtg tcctttcaga    103380
     gcttgtctcc atcccactcc acagcccctg cacttccttg ggccggtcct gttctgaatc    103440
     atgtcccact cagattcttt tcccatgata aaatgaacac tccatttcta aagggaggct    103500
     cttgtgcacg ctgtgaggag acgttcccca ggaaagttca agtgagcatg tgatttccac    103560
     tctcttctct gttctccatt cccttcccaa ctgcccagca agaaacaaca cttcccacaa    103620
     ggggaaacct ggttacagca gctgatctga gatcctgttc tctggccctt tgtagacacc    103680
     cttcctcttc ctcatttctt cctctttctt ttccaagagt ccccaaagct gtgtgcaact    103740
     tctcacgata cctttaacta ctcccgacac tgagttcaaa cagtgtttga actgtaagta    103800
     attctttatc cactggcccc tgagcatgca tgccaaatgg tctgccagcc gtggctttac    103860
     tactcccgta tgcttggtag agcaggccaa atgcagtact gccccacacc aagaaaagcc    103920
     ccccttcttc aaccttcatc attccttcag ctcccatctg cttctggcac cagaatagtt    103980
     gaaatctaag gaggctagaa tagtgtatta caatttgggg ttctgaaaat atgattgcca    104040
     aatttacatc ctcatttcaa agcaagcacg ctcccctctc accctcaaac atagacgcag    104100
     caacatcaac cacaccacca gagcagcaat agcacagact aaatattaaa ctggtgcaaa    104160
     agtaattgcg gtttttgcca ctgaaagtaa tggcaaaaac tgcaattact tttgcaccaa    104220
     cctaaatatt tccatttctt tatcccattt ccccattctg gtcctaagcc ccccgtaagt    104280
     tcctccagac tcagtcccca ttttcagcac ttcgctgtct accatgtacc atgtatcgat    104340
     ccacatctca ttttctctgc tttgacccta attccatcca tctgccatac acttactcca    104400
     gtcccgaagg atgggctcag gagccccaat gtgctctacc acacaggtgt aagtgtcccc    104460
     gtaagagggg gttaaggcta aatgggagag ggtctggtat gtccagtctc cattgggctg    104520
     ggcagtcttg tgcgcactgc tgtgaggcat gacaagcttc ccgttcttcc tccacgtgat    104580
     agtcacttct gctggataga agccccacac atagcaggcc agcatcacag gctccctcgt    104640
     gttaaaagga gtggttttgg ctacttgcac agatggtggc cctgcatagg agaaaaaaac    104700
     atgtttagga aggagggtga cattctggct gcttcctcaa cctggtttct tccctatcgc    104760
     aactcttcgt agattttgca acccactttc caccccagcc ccctctgcca tgctgcccct    104820
     tgaaggggaa ccgttagaat gtattcctgc attactcttt cttctctccc attccttcat    104880
     tgcccctttc tttctttcct cctccagaat tatgtttgat tacaattagt aaaagccaga    104940
     tctgaactgc aagctgttct agaagttgtt gtatttattt caagtacata aactggaaag    105000
     tatttgaaat aaggaagcta agagtaatcc agagttgtac attgggtttt tttaaggtgg    105060
     aaaaggaatt tttctccaaa tcttgtttaa tacgttcttt tgctagttaa agctttttct    105120
     cctcacatag ttcaaggaaa caagcctaac ttaggactca ctcttaaatt tggaatgaat    105180
     gtagtcaaac taaagagatt gctaatactg ccatctttta ctaatttact ctcctaggtg    105240
     atcctcttgc ttgcctctat cttgacattt ttcaaacaca atcttaaata aaaatccaag    105300
     gaattatgtt aaaatgcaga tttcctaggc tgtatcccca gatactttct ttcaacagat    105360
     ctggagtggt actaaggggc ttgcatcttt aacaagcacc tcctccaggc aattctgaga    105420
     aaggtggttc agaaaccacc cttgagacac actgttctgt actgtggaga tcttcaagtt    105480
     tactttcaca aacttcaagc cattgtcaat gcaagagttt aagggtgaga aaaagcatgt    105540
     gtcagaatcc cctgggattc caaatattcc catgcctggg cccacatcag atctggaaca    105600
     tcaaaatctg ggataacaag gcaagaacat cttgggtatg catcctgaga tgccccagcc    105660
     tctgcataag ctccccacat ggcacctcgc ggttcaagcc tcacctcccc ttctttactc    105720
     ctgttccact cacgtcagcc accttgttcc ccttgaggtt caatcctccg tctttctaca    105780
     tttcagatcc acacattttc tcttatttgc tgctcaaatc tcaaacccct gggccactgt    105840
     gggatcctcc ctggcctgcc ctcctaactg cacttcctgg tagcccctct gcacccctct    105900
     ctcctcacgt gtcctgttgg tcagtgatcc ccagaagggc tgggtgtgtg tggcacaatt    105960
     ctgaagccca ttgcgcaagc gctgcatcag ggtgtctttt tggttgaggt gctgtgagag    106020
     gacattcgcc aagctattca gcaccccaaa ttcgcaaggg gccatcttat tctcctctgg    106080
     atcccagcag gtcagcagat ccttgttgaa ggagatgcag tatgtgaaat cctttggagt    106140
     cccagcatca tccaacagac aggtgctttc cacatgggcc acgaagccac ctagaggagc    106200
     cagggaaggg agaacaggtc aatgtcttct actggcctgg caataaataa ataaatatat    106260
     aaataataaa tatacacaaa taataaatat ataaaacata cagacgtata tttaggagct    106320
     ctgcacagag ctttgtcttt gaccctggtt cctgacatag agtgcctaat cgcttagaat    106380
     ttcctagata acaggagtgt cttttgttct aatgaggtac tcttggtggg ctcctgcagg    106440
     aggggctggt caccagaaag accaagtcat gattagaagt ctggaacttt tagtcccatc    106500
     ccccatactc cctgaagggg aaggggctgg agattgagtt aataatcagt catgcctaca    106560
     tgatgaagcc tccataaaaa tcccggaact atggagttca gagaacttct cagttggtaa    106620
     acacatccac atgccaggag gtgaagtacc ccaattctgt ggggacagag ctcctgtgat    106680
     tgggaccctt ccagatctgg tatctcttca tctggatgtt cctttgtatg ctttaaaata    106740
     tcctttgtta aaggatgcaa aattatgatc tagtgttcta taccactgtg ggatgactgt    106800
     cattaacaat aatactttat atcatttcaa atcgctagaa gaaggatatg gaatgtttcc    106860
     aacacaaaga aatgataaat gagatgatga tctgatctga tcactgtaca ttacatgtac    106920
     taaaacatca ttatccaccc catgaatatt tataattatt attatcaatt aaaatatcct    106980
     ttgtaaaaaa tctacaataa taagtaaact tttcctgagt tccataagcc actttagcaa    107040
     attaccaacc ccaaggaggg ggtcatggga acctctgatt tgtaggcaag ttggacagaa    107100
     gatgtgggta atttgggaac ctactacttg tgattggtgt ctgaaatgga ggcagtctta    107160
     tgggactgag tctttaacct ttggtgtcta tgttaactct agttaatgtc acaatggaat    107220
     tgaattatag gatatccagc taatatagga gaattggttg gtatgagtaa aaaaaaaaaa    107280
     aaaacctcac acagttggtc aaagaagtgt tgagtgtgag catatagaag aaaaaaagtt    107340
     gatttttcct atattcagct cagaacctaa gccttggtga catccagcta gtctggcaca    107400
     gatttcctgc tcagggaaca tctactgacc aagctcatac actgaagttt ctgaaagtct    107460
     gatttgaggg agtcagtaga agtagtagat aagtttttag atccagtctc ctctttatgc    107520
     aagactaagc acagggatag gagtagcccc ccgagattat ttgcatgttt aaacatgaca    107580
     atttgcccag aacacagacc ttcagtaagg caaattattg agagagaaaa agggtcaaga    107640
     gaaagagtca gccttgtatt gtgctggaaa tattaaatat tcacttcgca catatttatg    107700
     aagcacttgc tgcatgcaag gcactgtgct aggagctgag gaggcagcaa taaataagat    107760
     gaacattgtc cttgcctata ttccagcagg gaatatacac tgcacagata attatacaga    107820
     ttaattacat taaaattgct acaaagtaca aagtgctata ggaatgtata ccagggagac    107880
     aaactatctg gggtgtcaaa tgcaattaca aaacggaaca cccttaccct gaaacaggag    107940
     caggggaagg gagagtcccc agaagaagtg tccttacctg ctcctgtgca gcccaggctg    108000
     agccccagca gcagcggcag gaatgtgatc atgctctgct ctgtaaagat gccgggagtt    108060
     cagtcccctg gaccagctct tccagggtcc gtgggtcctc gcctgtccca gaagccccag    108120
     cctgggtaga tgatctccag acactgagca gaatactata ttgcccgggt cccttgaccc    108180
     cccaaatgag tgatgtgggg atacccagcc cctagatatt aaatctgttc cttccagctc    108240
     acgggagtcc agtgtcccaa acagggacag attggctagg taggcaggga caaatgtaga    108300
     gacaaatcac tgagtgcctc agcctagcat catcagttac taggtaaacg tcatcctgcc    108360
     ttagtcttag acaacaggtc tccttgtctc tcttaattct ttttctgcag aacaaccagt    108420
     agatttccgt agattactgg agagaataat cgcaatattc ccaggatgta tgcagcctgg    108480
     gctgcccact ggtttaactt tttcttctca atgctctccc aaaagaccag gaccagataa    108540
     cctctcctat tccttacagg gaggttaccc aagaagataa ttacaaaaac ccttgtctgt    108600
     cctgagatga gaggacccag agcccttctg gggcaggtgg cagaggcagg gctgctgaga    108660
     aggaagaagg cacagacaga gtacagaatt gtctggtctc aaagcaagac tgcagaataa    108720
     gggaagcagc gccaccatgg agatcaggaa taggggcctg gaaaatccct ccatgggcct    108780
     ccattgttgc ttctgttcta gccagtcaag cttcatttcc tcctcagtta taatagctgc    108840
     tttccggagc tagtaaacca tatcctccta cactctgagc aatctcacgg ggtagaccgc    108900
     aggttaacac ctctcagact ccttgaaaaa tagctggtga cgggtcagtg cccagagctc    108960
     acctgccttt cgccaaactc taaacacccc tgtgtgtttc ccctactata ccctgttccc    109020
     tgggggcagg tccctgcatt atgaagccac taggaaaatg agataaagct ttcctacttt    109080
     tcttcccctg aaaagacaga ttttgttttt tattttttga gaataccaag taagatttta    109140
     ttttttattt attttaaatt attttaacct ttgttttagg ttcaagggta cacatgcagg    109200
     tttgttatat aggtaaattg tgtgtcatcg ggatttggcg taaaaattta tttcatcacc    109260
     caggtaataa gtatagtatc tgataggtag tgttttgatc ctctccctcc tcccatcctc    109320
     caccctcaag tagggcccag tgtctattat tccctttttt gtgtccatgt gtactcaatg    109380
     tttagctccc acttataaaa gtgagaacat gcagtatttc attttctgct cctgtgttag    109440
     tttgcctagg ataacagccc ccagctccat ccatgatgct gcaaaagacg tgatctcgtc    109500
     cttttttgtc tgtggagtat tccatggtgt atatgtacca cattttcttt atacagtcta    109560
     ctgttggtgg gcatttaggc tgattccatg tctttgctat tatgaatact gctgcagtga    109620
     gcattcatgt gcatgtgtcc ttatggtaga acaatgtata ctcctttggg tatatgccta    109680
     ataatgggat tcctgggacg aatggtagct ctgttttaag gttcttgaga aattgccaaa    109740
     ctgctttcct caatggctga actaatttat gttcccacca gcagtgtata agccttccgt    109800
     tttctctgca acctctccaa catttgttat tttttgactt tttaataata gccattctga    109860
     ctggtgtgag acggtatctc attatgattt tgatttgcat ttttctaatc attagtaatg    109920
     ttgaacattg tttcatatgc ttcttggtca cgtgtgtgtc ttgaaaaggc agattttatg    109980
     tatttgcgta tttatttttt tcacaggttt tttttttgaa agtctcactc tgtcgcctag    110040
     gctggagtac agtgggataa tctcggctca ctgcaatctt cgcctcctgg gttcaaatga    110100
     ctctcatgcc tcagccactt gagtagctgg ggttacagtc atgtgccacc actcctggtt    110160
     agtttttgtc tttttttttt ttttggtaga gacagggttt catcatgttg gccaggctgt    110220
     tcttgaactc ctgacctcaa gtgatccacc cacctcagcc tcctaaagtg ctaggattac    110280
     aggcatgagc catcgtgcct ggcctgaaaa agcagatttt aaacggcaat tcattcttct    110340
     atcccattgt gaactataca gttgatggat tttccatcac taacttgaaa ctctaaattg    110400
     gcttccttct gctccccagt aggtttcagg gctgcctctt cacatcttag tttctgagaa    110460
     ctcttggatt ttattaaata gtgagctaaa caaaacagga ttgtggaagg ggccccttga    110520
     caccacactt acctgccctc cctcaaagtc cctgatctca ggaaaatcta acacctatga    110580
     agaaaatggg gataaaaaat gcatacaaag attattacca aaaacgaaag attcgttgtg    110640
     taactaattg agattaactg aagctctgcc atagctccca gccactgccc ccactcacct    110700
     tgcttatata ctctaactct gctaacgaac tgtcaagtgt gttggaatgg gcagaatatg    110760
     gggtggggag tgcataatct gtagagcttc tacagataca gtgctaggta ggtcctttct    110820
     ataatatctc atctcatctt aaaagacttg ttggcc                              110856