ID   BX088647; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 100183 BP.
AC   BX088647;
DT   16-JAN-2003 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone DASS-90B3 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-100183
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Williams S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 3ed6833f1566570e0dfa3540c6ba2193.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000256.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000066379; homo_sapiens.
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DR   GOA; A0A140T901.
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DR   GOA; Q9P1U0.
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DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9P1U0; RPA12_HUMAN.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2PS39; A0A1W2PS39_HUMAN.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   DASS-90B3 is from a DNA-arts SSTO human bac library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..100183
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DNA-arts-BAC.1-SSTO.1"
FT                   /clone="DASS-90B3"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 100183 BP; 28373 A; 21175 C; 22156 G; 28479 T; 0 other;
     ggccaatgtg gctgagcaaa ggagagccta cctggagggc acctgcatgg agtggctccg        60
     cagacacctg gagaacggga aggagacgct gcagcgcgcg ggtaccaggg gccatgggga       120
     gcctgctcga tctcctgtag atctcccggg ctggcctcgc acaaggaggg gaagaaaatg       180
     gaaacaccac cagaatatcg ccctccctcc tgtcctgacg gagaggaatc ctcctgggtt       240
     tccagatcct gtatcagaga ttgactctga gggcccaccc tgctcttcct gggacaatta       300
     agggatgaag tctctgaggg agtggagggg aagacaatcc ctggaagact gatccgcggt       360
     cccctttcac cccacagcaa ccttgggcac caggactttt cctcccgggc cttgttctct       420
     gcctcacact caatgtgtcg gagtctgact ccagctcctc tgagtccctt ggcctccact       480
     cagatcagga ccagaagtcc ctgctaccct gctcagagac tagaactttc caaggaatag       540
     gagattatcc caggcgcctg tgtccaggct ggtgtctggg ctctgtgctc ccttccccac       600
     cccaggtgtc ctattcatca ggatggtcac atgggcgctg ctggggtgtc ccatgaggaa       660
     tgcaaagtgc ctgagttttc cgactcttcc tttcagaccc cccccaagac acacgtgacc       720
     cacccccctc tctgaacatg aggcataacg aggtcctggg ttctgggctt ctaccctgcg       780
     gagatcacat tgacctggca gcgggatggg gaggaccaga cccaggacat ggagctcgtg       840
     gagaccaggc ccacagggga tggaaccttc cagaagtggg cggttgtggt agtgccttct       900
     ggagaggaac agagatacac atgccatgtg cagcacaagg ggctgcccaa gcccctcatc       960
     ctgagatggg gtaaggagag agatgggggc ggccatgtct cttagggaaa gcaggagccc      1020
     ctctggagac ctttagcagg gtcggggctg ggtcctggag gtcagaaccc tcacattccc      1080
     ctcctttccc agagccctct ccccagccca ccatccccat tgtgggtatc attgctggcc      1140
     tggttctcct tggagctgtg gtcactggag ctgtggtcac tgctgtgatg tggaggaaga      1200
     agagctcagg tggggaaggg gtgaggagtc gggtttgagt tttcttgtcc cactgggggt      1260
     ttcaagctcc aggtagaaat gtgttctgcc tggttaccgg gaagcaccat ccacattcat      1320
     gggcctaccc agcctgggcc ctgtgtgcca gcacttactc ttttgtaagc acctgtgaca      1380
     atgaaggaca gatttctcac cttgatgatt gtagtgatgg ggatctgacc ccagtaatca      1440
     caggtcaggg gaaggtccct gctgaggaca gaccttagga gggcagttgg tccaggaccc      1500
     acatctgctt tccttgtttt tcctgatcct gcccttggtt tgcagtcaca catttctgga      1560
     aacttctcga ggttccaaga ctaggaggtt cctctaggac ctcatggccc tgctaccttc      1620
     ctggcctctc acaggacgtt ttcttcccgc agatagaaaa ggagggagct actctcaggc      1680
     tgcaagtaag tatgaaggag gctgatccct gagatccttg ggatattgtg gttgggagcc      1740
     catgggggag ctcacccacc ccacaattcc tcctctagcc acatctcctg tgggatctga      1800
     ccaggttctg tttttgttct accccaggca gccaaagtgc ccagggctct gatgtgtctc      1860
     tcacggcttg taaaggtgag accctgggga ggctgatgtg tgtgggttgt tggggtaaca      1920
     gtggatatag ctgtgctatg gggtttcttt gacttggatg tattcagcac atgatgggct      1980
     gttgaaggtg tgacccctca ctgtgagtga tatgaatttg ttcatgaata ttttttctat      2040
     agtgtgagac agctgccttg tgtgggactg agaggcaaga tttgttcatg ccttcccttt      2100
     gtgacttcaa gaaccctgac ttctctttct gcaaaggcat ctgaatgtgt ctgtgtccct      2160
     ataggcataa tgtgaggtgg tggggagacc agcccacacc cgtgtccacc atgaccctgt      2220
     tccccacact gacctacatt ccttccccga tcacctttcc tgttccagag aagtggtgct      2280
     gggatgtctc catctctgtc tcaacttcat ggtgcactga gctgtaactt cttacttccc      2340
     tattaaaatt agaatctgag tataaattta cttttttcaa attatttcca tgacgggttg      2400
     atgggttaat taaaggagaa gattcctaaa atttgagaga caaaataaat ggaagacatg      2460
     agaaccttcc agagtccacg tgtttcttgt gctgatttgt tgcaggggag gagagtagat      2520
     ggggctgtgc ccagtgtgtg ctcaggccac catgggcttt atgtggtcac agctcacctg      2580
     ggtcatcttt gctgctccac tgtccttggc ccttcagtag aaccttgtcc caccaggacc      2640
     tgtgatcaca gggacttgga tgtcacctag ggtggtccct acacatcgaa gtccttccgg      2700
     tatgaagaga caaattttca gtcccctgta tcttttgccc tccttccagg tctctttcct      2760
     ggattgtatt ttccatcttt ttccccagcc ttcttaaagg aagcagattc tgaaatttgc      2820
     agagaggagg ggtcccatag tttctcatcg taggtaactt tctgttggaa ctcctcttct      2880
     gctttcctac tcttcttcct gcctgagttg tagtaatccc agtgctggct ccaatccaaa      2940
     ctcatgcatt tataaagcag agtctgattt agatttatat ggggttggaa aattggaccc      3000
     acaaggctag gattatcttt cctgaacaga aaaatatggc tgtgcgctgc agtgtgcagg      3060
     agggttggtg tgggaggagg tgggaaggac acacaagcag ccctggtgag aaaagcactg      3120
     gcagcactga tgttggtgtg agatgatgtt gttctttagc tacgttaata aagatattgc      3180
     ctttagaata cagaggtgct ctacagtgat cattcattca actgacattt gttgtctgct      3240
     aggtatatga ctgtttttgc atttagaaaa catcattaaa gtaaaaacag aaaaatttct      3300
     ggccttgtgg tgtatacgtt ctagatgcaa gcttgtccaa cctgcagctc tcgggctgcg      3360
     tgtggcccgg gacagctttg aatctaagaa gtttttttgc ttatctgtgg tagcaaatat      3420
     catgaaaatt atgcacgcac atgtttttct tttttctatt ctttctgctc atcagctgtc      3480
     attagtgtat tttatgtgtg gctcaagaca atgcttattc ttcccaactg gcccagggaa      3540
     gccaaaaaat tggacacctc tgtaggcaga tgatagatat agtataagca gagtaggaac      3600
     agaaaatgct tgagttagaa ggtggcaagt gctgtgtggc aggtgatcca gagggtgggc      3660
     tgtggggaca ggaaggtggc tgttgtgctg ggtggtcagc atgggccttg ttgcaaatgt      3720
     gaccttggag taaagatttg agggatgtga ggagttgtct acaaggatgt ctgggaaagt      3780
     tcttttcagg caggggaacc ttcagtgcag atgcactagg gcaggaaatt gtctgtgttc      3840
     ctggaaggag gaagaggcca gaagggctgg acacagagaa actgaagtga ggtcaaaggt      3900
     gtggctagag caggtagccc tgaagggtgt gggaagggtg ttgacctttg ctctgaatga      3960
     catggggagg acagttttga aaagtgggac atggtagggc tcatcctttg aaagcttctt      4020
     tctggctgct gtgctgagaa cagaattgag aggtggggaa ccagtgatgc agtggggaaa      4080
     atggtgggaa aggagtacag tattctagga tggacacgtt gcttaccttg actagggtgt      4140
     gagcagggga aatagtgaga agtgaaggga ttctggatga atttgaagat ggactcacag      4200
     cacttgctaa tggatgtgag aagaagaatc aaggacaccc acagtattgg actgagtgag      4260
     cagaagggtg gagctgctgt cagtggagat agggagactc tggcaggagt acacagagga      4320
     gagggcatcg caggcattca atggaggaga catctatgag gaatgcaggt gaggggccca      4380
     gatgcctctg cagctacaga ttcatcatcc aatcactctc ctactcccac cacccctgtg      4440
     tctcagagcc agagcactga ttctcccctg ggctgtgggc acaggtaggt gaaagtcagg      4500
     gaagttgtgg tctgctattg gttataataa gtcacagatc attatgcttt ctcagataat      4560
     taaagaaata ataagagaat gtgtaattag gacacttaga agactacaat aatgcaaagg      4620
     tttttattca tctaaagaag gtaacataag aaaaatagtt gagcaagaaa gagataatat      4680
     tagaaggcag caaatgacaa tggacagact taaacccaat gaggtcaata attacattaa      4740
     acataatgga ctcagacact ccaattacaa gacaaatagt gcaggggggt aaaaataaat      4800
     aactaaataa ataatcatgg gctgtttaca aaagacataa tttcagtaga aggtaaagaa      4860
     aagttgaaag taaaaggata gagaatacca gacaaacatt catgaaagac cacatggaga      4920
     cgccatttag aaaaattaca ggatatgagt ctcctgagac atagagtaca cgtagacagc      4980
     tcacaaggtc tttttccctt ttttcagaga cagggtctgt tgcccaggtt gaaatgcaat      5040
     ggtgatatca taccttactg taacctcaaa ctcctgggct ggagcaattc tcctgcctca      5100
     gccttccgag tagctaggac cacaagcctg tgccgccaca cctggctata atgtctcatt      5160
     ttctcatttg ctgtggtgtg aacaaggaaa caataccatg ccatgtattt gacttgcagc      5220
     aggtacacaa caaatgtcag gtgaattaag aaataaaacc acttagtaat ccaagccata      5280
     tccacattta catcttacag atgaggagca acatcccaga caagtaaagt aaaataaatt      5340
     gatttacatc atccagagca gaatcgagaa cacattccct gtgctaaagg aatcagagct      5400
     ctactagggg tcatagcaga tatcatgcaa gtcacatatg ttaattacta gaacaggaat      5460
     tgatacattt caagatatac taaacaaagg gtttggaagg attaactgaa tgcagaaata      5520
     gaggaagaaa atggatttgt ttaaaagatg gttagaatct ttaaagaaac aacatttttt      5580
     taaagtggcc ttatgtggac caaagcagag atgaactcaa gtgtcaggtg ggaaaatgcc      5640
     taagtgcagc ttctagaccc aagggagacc taaaaatcct gggacatttt cggttgtcac      5700
     atggggattg gtgggagggg gtgagtgggg tgttgctggc aaacctccca caatgcacag      5760
     gacagaccac tccacaagat tctctgtccc aaattgttaa tagtgctgct gttgagaaac      5820
     ccgccccaga ggtaaatgct gtaatgtcct caccatttca cagattaaga aactgaggca      5880
     ccagggggag aagtgtcagt aagacctgag ctgcaggttg aatccaggcc acttggctac      5940
     agggtcttgg ctcccctggt taagtcaggg acccagtagc cgaccacaaa caatcccagc      6000
     tgcacggtgc cttcatggtc tgtgggcgcc ttcatggtct gtggcgcccc ctggtgttga      6060
     cactgggcct gtggccaaat gaggcttgag ggaaaaggaa aaaacaggtt tgggtagggg      6120
     gatactcttt caggctctcc agatttccag ccacgactta cgctcagaaa aaataatgtc      6180
     caccttaatt atctctccaa ccctgttttt ccctgtcccg gctagttccc tcccttgact      6240
     ccatcaacat cggcacctgc cagacgccca ccacccacca tgtaaggagt gaaaaggccc      6300
     caggactaaa tgacaagacg aggttccacc ccagccatcc ctcccctcct agagctctag      6360
     ctctgtgcct ttagtgctta ggctcttaac ctggggtcca ggaacccact ttcctatgac      6420
     actgcgtgaa gaagtgatgt tacacgcaca catgacttca ctacaggaca ttggatatta      6480
     atattcatca gatcagctag aggcccaaga taccactctt ctcccaacag tttgtgatcc      6540
     tctgaattaa agaaagggta gggattgagg gaggccctaa ctccaaatct tctaccactt      6600
     ctagcgaagt gctgagaaga agtgcaaggt actcaacctg ctctggggat acagcaggaa      6660
     agcagagtgt ttacggattt cacattccat caaagaaaat ccattttgac aaaatatcca      6720
     agtcactttt ctaagcccca ggcagcagtt caaacaaata acatcaaaaa aaccaaaatc      6780
     ttggcccagg tgaaatcatt gaagctataa aactttgtga gacctgtagt tagagagaag      6840
     gacaattcag tttagggctg cagcagaaaa ttcctatatc atattgtgtt cttcttcatc      6900
     atgaaggtcc cctgaaggga ccttctccct tcagcagtgc atagtgaggc catttccgtg      6960
     caaaaagata gaatctcctg ggattcctga tgtttacact tactactcac tccttcactt      7020
     tgtagatgcc aacttcacat tagacatctt tcagttaatt tccttactct gtctaagcag      7080
     aatatttaaa cttctttctg aagcagaaaa ccagggactg gttatgtgag ctatcacccc      7140
     actctgtggc tctcttaagc aataagcata agagattgtg ggccaacaga atttgtagca      7200
     aggtaaacat aacccttcat ttcagcctat gtttcagctt gtctagtgat gttccagtct      7260
     tgctccagtc ttaacatttt aaaatttata attttacttg aatatgattt tataagaagt      7320
     catatatatt catttctgtt gagtctgtca gtgaaagcct tctcaaaaca actgtgaagt      7380
     aaagacaggt aaataaatgc atggtgctcc catgtattaa tgctcactgc atcttacaaa      7440
     tgtgtcagcc ccactgcaac agatggtgca tcaacaaatg gtgctggaaa cctggatatc      7500
     aacatgcaaa agaatgatgc tggaaaaaat tcatgtcctt ccattacacc cttttcaaaa      7560
     attaagtcag aatgactcaa agaactaatc ttaagaattg aacctgtaaa accctcaaga      7620
     aaatactgag gaaaatctta tggacattag aattggtagt ggtttcttgg ctggtgacca      7680
     atagtacaag taatataaga aaaatgacaa attagaatgc atcaaaattt aaaaactttt      7740
     ttgcatcaaa ggacactatt aagagaatca aaagaaaatg cacagactag gaggaaatat      7800
     ttgccaatca catatctgat aaagaattaa tatccagaat atgtaaagaa ctacaattca      7860
     acaatagcaa aacaatctca ttcaaaaata agtaaaagac atgaatagac aattctccaa      7920
     agaagatata caataaggac ataaaaataa ggaatgctgg tcaggcatgg tggctcatgc      7980
     ctgtaatccc agtactttgg gaggccgagg tgggcggatc acgaggtcaa gagatcaaga      8040
     ccatcccggc caacatggtg aaaccccgtc tgtaccaaaa aaatacaaat attagttggg      8100
     catggtggca ggtacctgta gtcccagcta ctcaggaggc tgaggtagga gaatcacttg      8160
     aacctgggaa gtggaggtta cagcgagccg agattgtgcc actgcactcc agcctggcaa      8220
     cagagcaaga ctctgtttca caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagga atgccaataa ggacataaaa      8280
     atatggtaaa cttcactagg ccaagtgttg gtgaagatat ggagaaactg gaacacttgt      8340
     acactgctgg tgagagtata cagtggtgca gccaccatgg aaaacagaat agtgattcct      8400
     caagaaagta aaaatagaat tactatatga gccaacaatt ccacttttgg gcatacccaa      8460
     aagaactgaa agcaggaact cacccagata tgtgtacact caggcccata gcagcactat      8520
     acccaatatc caaaaggtgg aagcaaccga gtgtccatca gaggatgact ggataaacaa      8580
     cccacggtgc acataagcat ggaatattat tcagccttaa aagtgaatga aattctaatt      8640
     ggatgagcct tgaaaacact ataagtgaaa taagccagaa ataaaaacaa atatgatatt      8700
     ttacttatat aaagtagcta gaataagcaa attcatagaa acagaaaata gaatagagat      8760
     taccaggggc tgggggtagg gagaatgggc agttatggtt taatgggtac agtttctgtt      8820
     tgggatgatg aaaatgttct ggaaatggat attggcggtg gttacacaac actgtaaatg      8880
     tgcttactgc caccaaattg tacactgaaa aaatggttag aaggtaaatt atatagtatg      8940
     catgttttac cacaatttac aaaaaatata tcaacactaa atccaatcac agctctcatc      9000
     gagttttttt atactggtgt ttcaacaagc acattgccgc tgtggagggg aggggtcctt      9060
     ggagttctta tgccaccatg ttctttggtg tcacttctca gcacaacttt ggtggtcaga      9120
     gcacaacttg gttttataca ttttaagggg acatgagaca gtgatcaaca tatgtaagct      9180
     aaagattgat tccgtctgga aaggcgggac aactcgaagc aaggaggggg cttccaggtc      9240
     acagatagat gagagacaaa tggttgcatt cttttgagtt tccgattagc ctttccaaat      9300
     gagggaatca gacatgtgtt tatctcagtg agcagagggg cgactctgaa cagatgggag      9360
     gcaggtttac cctaagcagt tcccagcttg acttttccct ttagcttagt aattttgggg      9420
     ccccaagatt ttattttcct tttacagaac catcaatact tacagaaaaa aaaaaccctg      9480
     aatgtacaca aacctctata ccaaactacc aatttacaga aaatacaggt aatagaaata      9540
     cattaaacca caccttggcg tgcaatccac aaaatgcaaa caataggaaa ccttaccata      9600
     caatataaat ttcaaggaga aacctatgga acaaatgaga acaaaaaaca tatttttaaa      9660
     ggtaaaacta aactataatt ttggatgatg aaaatataaa gtccagcata gggaagcagt      9720
     tcctttagaa ttttagtcac aattaatgga agggtactga aacctgctat ttcccagttg      9780
     aataacaggt cctggggata tagaaggtct tgccacaagt tgaatccata actgctgctt      9840
     tcctggtacc agggagaaca ggtttcctat caaggactgg gtaggagtgt ttgccaggcc      9900
     tgtatcagct attgcccaag tttccacttt acaaaagtgc catgcataca tgcaacaaca      9960
     tagtgccttc tccatgcatc ccttaagaga tgaactgcat gctatcttag ggccagtaca     10020
     ttatgagtcc agtgctgccc ctattgtgga gccctcacag gagatgtctc caatggtaca     10080
     tgaaggcatg gccctcattc ctgataatgc ttggtactta gatgcattga gccaaggtaa     10140
     ccctgtgtat ggacagtagt agctgcacaa ccacagacag tatctggttt gagatgggaa     10200
     tgcaacagag cagtcaatgg gcagaactcc aagctacatg gttggtttgt acccgtgagc     10260
     caccacctat agttctctgt acagacagtc tggcagtact taagggtctt acaatttggc     10320
     ttgcccaaag ggcctgagat gattggtata taatttaaaa atccttatgg ggagctgata     10380
     tgtggaaaga catttggaaa agtctacagg aacccactgt ggacctaatt gcttcagcac     10440
     actggtcaga ttcacctccc agaaacatgg aggcagacat cctagcaaaa attagaatac     10500
     tgagctagtt gattaggtac atatcacagt ggggatttca gtgcatgaat gggctgccaa     10560
     atagcaaagg gagcaggatt ggctctctgc tatgcagatt tagtggtggc ggtagcaaac     10620
     tgcttaattt gttcccgtct gtacctctgc cacatcccac atacacctgg acatatacat     10680
     aagacagcca cccctgtgac agactggtag atagactaca tcagaccctt gccagtaatc     10740
     ttgagacgaa agtatgcact aacatgtgta tacactgcca tgggattgtt gcaagctttc     10800
     ccttgtaaga gcaaaccaaa cagccaccat caggggcttg gagcaactca gtgtcatgta     10860
     aggataccct ccacatattg atagcaatcg aggcatgcat ttcaccagac acggtgtcca     10920
     agactggatg catgaaaggg acatagactg ggtatttcac ttactgtata ctcccccaag     10980
     caacagggtt gattgaaagg aaaaatggta ttttgaaggc acagttttga gcactctcaa     11040
     aatccaatat ctttcatagt tagacaaaga ttttgcctca agccattaga aaccttaatt     11100
     tagttgagac aaatatggtg ctggcaccac accaatgact caggaccacc acagagatgg     11160
     atccattaac cataatagta aagaaagtcc aaccagatgc atctctgacc tgagcagata     11220
     aaaggccaat ggcaaaggtt atttagaact cctcaagatc ttgagccagg gaggagacac     11280
     ttgaatgggg gttggactag caacttcccc tatgttggat agagcatttc tttccagaca     11340
     gcaaggaatt ccctaccaac taaagtggtc tccattgatc ctgctgaagt ctgggccaaa     11400
     acactccaca taccaataaa ctggaacaca gtccctttta agaagcaccc tggctggcca     11460
     tttgacatgg tcctttgctg cccctgtaac cttacacata ataccagcgc ctttgcccct     11520
     caggcaacat gtttggtgtg tactcccagc ccacaatcct atgttcctaa tcaacagaga     11580
     tggagctacc agtaattctg tttaatgggg aagaactgcc ccaccaaata cctactaaac     11640
     atttttaatt ccacccatag tcttctgttc ctattgttgt tctgctctat acctcttggt     11700
     ttggttcctg aataaacatg gtaaagggca tttttaattc tgtgtcttac acctggcata     11760
     catatcatcg cctgttgttt gtgttgttgc tgtggcccct gcttaacaag tagaaaacaa     11820
     attgataaaa tgtgtcactc acaccatcaa aatgtcaccc acagccctct ctgaaggctc     11880
     agggactatg ggggaaatgt gagtccatga gattgtaaga gctggattag agggctggga     11940
     tgtggagaga aaagtgactc cctcttggat gctaattctc tatgctgact tctgattagc     12000
     cccagtccca ggactgactc ctgattccca ctttatttac catccctatt gtaagaacat     12060
     gtcaaccttg atgttataca aattctaggc tatgacacat tagcattctt acctgttctg     12120
     gacagtagta gcctttgtct tgcacagagc atgtatactc ttcccctgtg gtatataagc     12180
     cctgggtgtg ggggtaataa gtgcagaaac ctacctgtct tgctgccatc caagaccacg     12240
     cttctgtctg taagttcccc aataaaacac tctttactga caactagatt tgtctgtctt     12300
     gttccttggt ttattggctc ctttggcatt tggggggcac tttgcataga tggccctttc     12360
     atggaacaga gggtctgtgt ggggctggga gcccaagtca gcacttgcag tcagagccta     12420
     gaacatgtgc tgaggagaca gagctagacc tgttagcaga gacagacctg ttagcggagt     12480
     ggatagctgg gccagcaggt ctgaagtaac gctatggaag agcaggccag taacagctga     12540
     agagcttcag aaactcccac ttctaacaag gtcacttcct ctaagaggga ctactgttgt     12600
     atcatagtac acagctgtct ctgcctggct gtcctagtaa atatgcagca tttgggggca     12660
     tccacactac tggaacagta gccatgagaa gagtccattg tgccagctta attgcaccca     12720
     actgtacaat gagaacatgg ggatcagtgt gttctgctac ttctctgctt agcattcctg     12780
     atatacctgc tttacatagg caccatgtgg caccgtggtg tgtgcctgtg ccactttgaa     12840
     tcacatttgg gtatctattg gaaggcttct tcgggactgt tgtgacacca actacactat     12900
     ggactgatcc ctgtcagaag gtaacaaagg ggcaagggac agcatttcca gtctaagccc     12960
     tggaatgtgc gtggcatcaa actgttttgc atttgtgagc aggaatacaa ctgctggaca     13020
     acagatattc catcagccaa cagaaactgt gactggcttt aaagaaaatg ggcttccctt     13080
     ggtcttggga acacaagact cagcagtata gaaacagaaa tggttgcagg tggaggaagc     13140
     actttcgccg gagtcaggaa agcatgaata acacaaaatc ttcagctttt cctcccttct     13200
     ctctcctgag ctttctgcac ctctgctgta gcagtgatgg cagcagtgtg gagaacacag     13260
     cctcagggaa caaccaaggt ccaggatcac tagcaaaggt tatgagaaac tatgacttcc     13320
     tttagaaaaa aaaaaaaggg aaatgagagt gcccaaggtc ttaggagagg gctggtgcag     13380
     gcctggggcg tagtaaattc tttagcttgt ctagattcac catgccaagt ggggaggttg     13440
     cttgggtcag actatattaa aggacagcat ctccaccctc ccctagaggt ctcagaatgt     13500
     ccactgactg tggctttagt ggtccttgaa cagaaatttg gtaacatgaa gagtagcaga     13560
     tgctggcatg gtaagattac aaatgtgtat cagaagaatt attttgtggg taacagaaaa     13620
     aacaacatat aaagaaacaa gttaatacca tgagaatgtc attagccaaa ctcagaatgt     13680
     ggatcattct acaggacaag taacctggct tttttgggga aacagaagca taggagagcc     13740
     agggtgacac cattttaaag tcaactccat ctttcaacta gcaaggcata ttccttgcca     13800
     gtcacaaccc atggtcataa gaggtttaca gctgattaaa caacttaata atgcctgcaa     13860
     gaacaaacgc ctatgacaga caacagaatg tccacatgtc ctgacgtcac attataatat     13920
     atgcttttaa gattattata gtcatgcttt gatatactaa ctaaaatgcc aaggataact     13980
     ttctttaaat caataggtcc taaattttgt catgctgtca gagcacccac acatagacat     14040
     ttaacttagc ttttatgtag attaaacccc tacattagaa gagtttacaa caaagatggt     14100
     gcattcttcc ttttgctttc tgaggacacc tactctgtat ctgagtaact ttcaataaac     14160
     tatctccttc tcactgcact ctgtgactca cctttaattc cttcctgtgc aagatccaag     14220
     aatactcttt tggggtcggg atcgggacct gtttttctgg taacagtttc tccaacaaat     14280
     caaagccttg agaaaaaaaa aataggtagg gtgggtggta tggtatagaa gaacagagaa     14340
     taatgagaca taagaagcaa ttgcaatgtg tggaccttct ctagcttctg tttcagacag     14400
     accaattgaa aaagacaaga cagatatttg aatatgcatt gagtgtttag caaaattaga     14460
     gaactgttgt taattttgtt agtgtgagaa tagcatggct ttatgttttt taaaaaccct     14520
     attctgtgaa agatgcatgc tgaactattt aactgtgaaa ttgtatgtaa aggatttgct     14580
     tttacaatcc tccagagatg agtttataat gatataaatg atgtgataaa taaatcaatg     14640
     gaggagagga ggcaaaatct ctcctgcaga agaactccaa ataaggtagg tagatacttt     14700
     gtccttaaag gaacagcatt aactccctct tctggaagtg tgaattcttg atatcatgta     14760
     atgaaaatgg tacctcactt gtggctttcc tccccccgaa tccataacct ctacttatta     14820
     tgaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacaa aaaaaaacac accgaattcc aatagaggaa cattctataa     14880
     aatacctaac tagtattcct caataacgtc taggtcatca aaaacaagga aaatctgagg     14940
     aattgtcaca gccaagagga gcctaaggag gcatgacaac cccatgtaat agggtatctt     15000
     gaatgggacc ttggagtaga aaaatattat taggtaaaac tcaaggacac ctgagtaatg     15060
     tatgactttt ggttaaaaat aatgcatcaa tattggttca ataattgtaa gaaatgaacc     15120
     atactaatgt tagatgttaa taacaggaga aacaacttct caattttcct gtagttaaaa     15180
     ctgttctaga actgaagtct attttttaaa attctcctgg aaaaaagtgg aaacatatga     15240
     aatatgatgg acaaatgtta gtaattattg aatgtgatga tggataatga gaattcatta     15300
     tataattctg tttttgtgta tttgaagttt tctataatgg aaagtttgag gctgggcaca     15360
     gtggctcaaa cctataatcc cagcactttg ggaggccaag agttcaagac cagcctgggc     15420
     aatgtagtga gaccccatct ctaccaaaaa acagaagaat tagccaggtg tggtgggctt     15480
     gcacctgtag tcctagctac tcaggaggct gaggtgagag gatcacttga gcccagaagg     15540
     ccaaggctgc agtgagccat gatgtcattg tactccagtc taggtgacag agagaaacct     15600
     tgtctccaaa aataaaaaat aaaaaaagtt tgaacaagaa ataaagaaat atggagataa     15660
     ggataagaag aagctattta aagcactaga gtagctgctt ttttaaatta tggttaaaaa     15720
     aatatataat aaaatttacc attttgccat ttttaagtgt atagttctat gacattaagt     15780
     atattcatgc tgtgtaacca tcaccaccct ccatctccag aactttttca tcttcccaaa     15840
     ctaaatgcta ggtctattaa gcaacatctc ctcactctct cctcctcccc agcccctgat     15900
     aacctccatt ctacattctg tctatgaatc ttactaaact aggtgaatca tgtaagtgga     15960
     ttcatacaat atttttcctt ttcagtctga tttatttaat ctagcttcat gtcttcaagg     16020
     ttcatacata atacaggaaa ataatttcct tccttcttct gaaaaatatt ccactgtatg     16080
     gatctaccat actttgttca tccattgatg gatgtatact ctgttgcttc taccttttgg     16140
     cagttgtgaa taatgttgtt ataaacatga tgtacaaata tctgcttggt ctctgcttta     16200
     acttcttttg ggtctgtacc cagaagagga attgctggat catatgtcaa ttctatgttt     16260
     aattttttga agaacaaaaa gtggccgctt ctacaaaaca gaaattttca gattaggaga     16320
     tgtgggacag ggaaaaattc ctgtctctga aaagttaaga gttttcacta taagctttgt     16380
     agaaccattt ttaaataata tatgataaaa atgaagtaaa gtatgcaata aaactcatct     16440
     tgtgctaagt actggagata catggaggga gccctcagtc ctctggggga agaacctggt     16500
     tatagaacag tgtgatcaca ggtgcaacac agagaagact ccaggggcaa gcacagaaaa     16560
     tagccatcaa gggagattct ttgcacgcca tgcagaagtg ccctacagga ggtgacgtgg     16620
     gagtgaagga ggaaaatatg acattctgag ttggagaatt ggaagattaa acttggaatg     16680
     atgtcagcac tgagattctg ggatcatatt gtacaactgg ccccatctca gcactaacac     16740
     tgtgaaatct tacctttctt atgtcttcaa attgtggccc tatatttagc ttctatatct     16800
     ttctttgact aaatctcaaa actaaaattg gtcctgattc caggggaggt gtttctctga     16860
     ctcctctctt ttgaatctca tagcctgaca ttttctcttc atcttgaaga ccatattcag     16920
     gagggaccct aggaactctg tatctcagca tgtgaggctt caggccaagg ggtgctaatt     16980
     tgattctgaa agatcttatc tgcctccagc gccataaggt cctgatgaaa tgtccagcat     17040
     ctttgtggaa attcaagtgt ctccatacag cattatatgt cttggagatt atgtatatga     17100
     aaagctttac agataggtgt gtctcagtga tgctgtgcag agtaacctgt ggcctaagtc     17160
     aagtcagaaa atgcttttga ctctatattt ctcaaaaatg taagtcttaa aatttggcta     17220
     tggatgggaa aatattacat aattgaaagg ataaatataa gtatgccaat cagccaaaaa     17280
     cactgcaaat gtttaatgca gatttaagtt ttccctcaaa aactgttaat aaattaatag     17340
     tgcagcttac aaatgatgaa aagagctgag acgtttaaaa aaactttcca agtgtcaggt     17400
     cctggtactt tacatttatt ctacctccta atccttatac taggtcaaag ctcattttat     17460
     gtcttcaaga ttcagatgta acactgggaa tgagaaaggt taatataagt gatatgtcca     17520
     ggactatact tctagtaatt atagctcact gatggagaga acattaaaat ctgtttggcc     17580
     ttcacttaaa aacaaataat atttgtgtta tagaagcaag acctttttag tcacaagtta     17640
     ataattttaa agaaaagatt caacatgtaa atttatctgg aaaggccagg ggtgaggctg     17700
     cctagagaca tgattagatt cggagataca tttgtcatca gatctctctg tacttctaaa     17760
     gaagatagcc aatatcagct tatcagctcc aactcctctc atattattct accttaacag     17820
     cttcagcaga aaaatagaca tctttctcac aatgttcata aataaagaac cagagaagat     17880
     gacctttgga ccaatacctg ttgttatgga gatgtggtac agtgtgggaa actctgattg     17940
     gtcagggctg ggtcatgtta tttcctcatc ccctggtcca ttatattatt tcttaagtta     18000
     tttaaagtca tggctactat ttttatttat tttaattgac ataattatac atattgatat     18060
     agtacagtgt gatattttga tacatgtata caatgtgtaa taagcaaata agggtattta     18120
     gcctatgcat cacatcaaac gtttaccatt tctttgtgat ggaaacattc aaaatcatat     18180
     caaaaagata atccaccaca atcaagtggg tttcatacca gggaagaagg gatggttgaa     18240
     cacactcaag tcaataaatg tgacacacca cataaacaga attaaaaaca aaaatcacat     18300
     gatcatctca atagatgcaa aaaaaacatt caacaaaatc tggcatcctt tatgattaaa     18360
     gctctcagca aaatcggcat acaaggaaca tacctcaatg taatcaaagc catctatgag     18420
     aaacccacag ccaacataat actgagtggg gaaaagctga aagcattccc tctgagaact     18480
     ggaacaagac aatgatgccc actctcacca cttctcttca acacagtcct gaaagtccta     18540
     gccagagcag tcagacaagg gaaagaaata aaggtcatcc aaatcggtaa agaggaagcc     18600
     aaactgtcac tgtttgctga tatgattgta tacctaggaa actctaaaga ctcctccaaa     18660
     aagctcctaa aactgataca aaaattctgc aatatttctg gatacaaaat taatgtacac     18720
     aaatcagtag ctctcctata ctccaacagt gaccaggctg agaatcaaat caagaactca     18780
     atccctttta cgacagctgt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa caaacttaga aatataccta     18840
     gcctaaggag gtgaaagacc tctacaagga aaactacaaa actctgctga aagaaatcac     18900
     agatgacaca agcaaatgga aacacatccc atgctcacgg atgggtagaa tcaatattgt     18960
     gaaaattacc atactaccaa aagaaatcta taaattcaat gcaattctca tcaaaatacc     19020
     acgaacattc ttcacagaac tagaaaaaaa atcttaaaat tcatataaaa cccaaaaaaa     19080
     gcctgcatag caaaagcgag actaagcaaa aagaacaaat cttgaggcat cacattacct     19140
     gatttcaaac tatactataa ggccaaagtc accaaaacag catggtactg gtatgaaaat     19200
     gggcccatag accaatggaa caaaatagag aacccagaaa tgaacccaaa tacttacagc     19260
     caattgttct tcgacaaagc aaacaaaaac atcaagtggg gaaaggacac cttattgaac     19320
     aaatggtgct gggataattg gctagccaca tgtaggagaa tgaaactgga tcctcaactc     19380
     tcaccttata caaaaatcaa ccaagatgga tcaagcactt aaaactaaga cctgaaacta     19440
     tacaaattct agaagataat attgaaaaaa acctcctaga cattggctta ggcaaggatt     19500
     tcatgaccaa gaacccaaaa gcaaaatgca acaaaaacaa agataaatag ctgggaccca     19560
     atgaaactaa agagtgtttg cacggcaaaa gaacagtcag cagagtaaac agacaaccca     19620
     cagagtggga gaaaatcttc acaatctatg catctgacaa aggactaata tccagaatct     19680
     acaacaaact catacaaatt agcaagaaaa agaacaaaca atctcatcaa aaagcgggct     19740
     aaggacatga gtagacaatt ctcaaaagaa gatatacagc tggccaacaa acatatgaaa     19800
     aaatgctcaa catcactaat gatcagggaa acgtaaatca aaacgccaat gtgataccac     19860
     cttatatctg caagaatggc cataatcaaa aaatcaaaaa ataatagatg ttggcatgga     19920
     tgtggtgaac agggaacact tctttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg agacggagtc     19980
     tggctctgta gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcgcaatctc ggctcactgc aagctccgcc     20040
     tcccaggttc acaccattct cctgcctcag cctcccgagt agctgggact acaggcgtca     20100
     ctgtgttagc caggatggtc tcgatctcct gacctcgtga tccagcctcc tcggcctccc     20160
     aaagtgctgg gattacaggc tggagccacc gtgcctggcc tgaacagaga acacttctac     20220
     actgctgata ggaatgtaaa ctagtacaac cactatggaa aacaaggtgg agattttttt     20280
     agagaactaa aagttgaact accatttgat ccagcaatcc cacaatccca caatgggtat     20340
     ctgcccagag gaaaataagt cattatatga aaaagatact tgcacacacg tttatagcag     20400
     cacaattcac aattgcaaaa atgtggaacc aacccaaatg cccatcaatc aatgagtgga     20460
     taaagaaact actcagccac aaaaaggaat gaattaatgg cattcacagc aacctggatg     20520
     cgattgaaga ttattattcc aagtgaagta actcaggaat ggaaaaccaa acatcgtatg     20580
     ttctcactct taagtgggag caaaactatg aggatacaaa ggcataagaa tgacacaatg     20640
     gactctgggg actcggggaa agggagggaa gaaggtgagg gacaaaaagc tacaatttgg     20700
     gtgcagtgtg tactgcgtgg gtgatgggtg cacatttgct ccttttaaaa tgatactatt     20760
     attattttgc tgttgtttga gtttcttgta aattctagct attaatccct tatcagatga     20820
     atactttgca aatactttca ttctctaagt tgctgtttta tctctgttga ttgttttcat     20880
     tgctgtacag gaaattttta gtttgatgta gtcccattca tacatttttg cttctcttgc     20940
     ctgtgctttc aaggtcttaa tcacaaaatc tttcctgcgt ccaacactct aaagtgtttt     21000
     ctgtatgttt tctcccagta ggttcatagt tttgggtctt gcatttaagt ccttaactca     21060
     ttttcagttg atttttgtga atggtgagag atagcagtct agtttcatac ttcctaatat     21120
     ggatatccag tttccccagc atcatttatt gaagaaactg ccctttcctc agtatatgtt     21180
     cttggtgatt ttgttaaaaa taaattgagt ggctgggcac ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc     21240
     ccagcacttt gggaggctga ggcagacgga tcacgaggtc aggagtttga gaccagcctg     21300
     accaacatgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aatacaaaaa ttagccaggc gtgatggcac     21360
     acgactgtca ttccaggctg aggcaggaga atcgcctgaa ctcagtaggt ggaggttgca     21420
     gtgagccgag atcgcaccac tgcactccag cctgggtgac agagcgagac tccgtctcaa     21480
     ataaaaaaaa aagaaaaaag aaattaactg taaatatatg gatttatttc ggggttctct     21540
     attctgtctc attggtttat gtgtccgttt ttatgccaat accttgcttg ccattttggt     21600
     tactatagct gtatattttg aagtcaggta ctgtgatact tccagctttg ttctttttgc     21660
     tcaagattgt tttagctatt cagggtcttt tgtggttcca tacaaatttt aagatttctt     21720
     tttctatttc tataaagaat gacattggta ttttgatagg tattgcattg aatctgtaga     21780
     ttggtttggg tagtatggtc actttaacaa tattaattct cccaatccat gataatggaa     21840
     tatctttcaa ttttttgtgt ccttttctat ttgtttcatt agtattttat agttttcatt     21900
     acatacttgg ttaaatttat tcccatgctt ttttatagtt actgtgaatg agatttcttt     21960
     cttgattttt catcattttg agtttgcctc tatggccttt attgtgttta ggtacattcc     22020
     atctatacct aattggttgg aagtttttat catgaagtga tattgaattt tatcaaatgc     22080
     tttttctgca gctatagaga tgataatatt agttttgtct ttcattccac taatatgctc     22140
     tatcatgttt attgatttgt atggaaagtc tacagttttt ttatgttgat tttatattct     22200
     gtaaatttac taaatttgtt tatcagttct gagagttttt tgatggagtc tttaggtttg     22260
     tgtataaata agattatgtc atctgcaaac agcaacaatt tgacttcctc ttttccaatt     22320
     tggatgcctt ttatttcctt ctcttgccta attgctctgg gtcggaccag tactatgtgt     22380
     ttttgttgtt gtcattgctg taatctttta aaattttcta tccatttcca taggaatcag     22440
     tctagtacta tgttaaattt ggtaaaagca ggcatcctta tcttgttcca attcttagag     22500
     ggaaatcttt caactttttt tccattatgt atgttgtcaa ctatcgaatt gtcatatgca     22560
     gcctttattg tatttaggta catttcatct atacctagtt ggttgagagt ttttaatcat     22620
     gaagtgatgt tgaattttac caaatgcttt ttctgcatct agagatgatc attttatttt     22680
     tgtccttcat tctgttgata tgatctatca cgtttattga tttgcagata tgtaaccatt     22740
     cttgcatccc tggaacaaat cccatttgat catggcatat aatctttttg atgtgttgtg     22800
     gatttagttt gctactattt tgttaatttt tgcatctgtg tttatcagcg tgtagttttt     22860
     tgttgttgta tccttccctg gttttgataa caaggtaatg cttgcttcct agaataaatt     22920
     tgaaagaact ccttccccct tcaatttttt ggaatagttt cagatgaatt ggtgtcagtc     22980
     tctctttaaa tgtttggtgg aactgaacaa tgaaggcatc cagtactggg cttttctttg     23040
     ttgggagact ttttattcct gattcaagct cattactcat tattggtatg ctcaggtttt     23100
     taatttcttc ttggttcatt cttggtatat tttatgtgtc caggttaaac ttcagttgcc     23160
     tttataatct aatgagagct atggaccaaa attttgggta aagcactttc cgtggcagtt     23220
     agatttttta aaaaaacttc tttcgggccg ggcgcggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc     23280
     actttgggag gccgaggcgg gtggatcatc aggtcaggag atcgagacca tcctggctaa     23340
     caagatgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaaata caaaaaatta gccgggcgcg gtggcgggcg     23400
     cctgtagtcc cagctactcg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat ggcgtgaacc cgggaagcgg     23460
     agcttgcagt gagccgagat tgcgccactg cagtccgcag tacggcctgg gcgacagagc     23520
     gagactccgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacttctt tcattgcccc     23580
     cacctttttt gttgttgttg tttcaagtga gttatgggtt tctttttaac tgaattgtat     23640
     aagcaaaata tctccaagta gccttgaatt agtaacaaat caatcttttg tttaccagtc     23700
     ttgtttgctt aattagcaaa tgtggggagg gaagaatttt agctgttttt ttttcttcac     23760
     ctttttcttt ttggcttttg catggcacaa aaaacaaaat ttttctgttg aacagggata     23820
     ccttctatta ttgctctgag atcaagattt tgacctattt ggtctgagag cctaactttt     23880
     ataaacattt attttttttt tcttttatgt tactaatttt tcaattaagt gtttcattac     23940
     tgtacacaat tgttagggaa acctaaattt atatttataa aaggtgtcag ccaggtgcgg     24000
     tggttcacgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg caggcagatc acaaggtcag     24060
     gagatcgaga ccatcctggc taacaaggtg aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa atacaaaaaa     24120
     ttagccgggc gcggtggcgg gcgcctgtag tcccagctac tcgggaggct gaggcaggag     24180
     aatggcgtga acccgggaag cggagcttgc agtgagccga gattgcgcca ctgcagtccg     24240
     cagtacggcc tgggcgacag agcgagactc cgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     24300
     aaaaaaaact tctttcattg cccccacctt ttttgttgtt gttgtttcaa gtgagttatg     24360
     ggtttctttt taactgaatt gtataagcaa aatatctcca agtagccttg aattagtaac     24420
     aaatcaatct tttgtttacc agtcttgttt gcttaattag caaatgtggg gagggaagaa     24480
     ttttagctgt ttttttttct tcaccttttt ctttttggct tttgcatggc acaaaaaaca     24540
     aaatttttct gttgaacagg gataccttct attattgctc tgagatcaag attttgacct     24600
     atttggtctg agagcctaac ttttataaac atttattttt ttttctttta tgttactaat     24660
     ttttcaatta agtgtttcat tattgtacac aattgttagg gaaacctaaa tttatattta     24720
     taaaaggtgt cagccaggtg cggtggttca cgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggccg     24780
     aggcaggcag atcacaaggt caggagattg agaccatcct ggctaacacg gtgaaacccc     24840
     gtctctatca aaaatacaaa aaattagccg ggtgtggtgg cgggcacctg tagtcccagc     24900
     tactcaggaa gctgaggcag gagaatggcg tgaacccggg aggcggcgct tgcagtgagc     24960
     ccagatcagg ccactgtact ctagcctggg ggacagagtg agaccccatc tcaaaaaaaa     25020
     aaaaaaaagg tgtctaggtg gttgattacc atggagctat tgtaatctgt aaagccatta     25080
     atttcaaagc ctttaaggct gttttctttc cttgactgaa atgccataag cagtgagttt     25140
     tatctcaaca cctgtagaaa tgtcatcatg ttcaaagtag gcagaaaaaa aaagagagag     25200
     agagagagaa cttctacatg ttaactctat aattgctggt ttttaaaaat aatgaccatt     25260
     tcagttctga attttccttc attttgccta tctacttata aatgtgcaca agaaagttaa     25320
     cattgatttt gaacatttca aaccaattaa tacatcattg tatttgtgtg acaacaaatt     25380
     ccatacagaa gctcttacag cactactttc agatgaaagc aagtctggat tcatcgtaat     25440
     agatggtagt ggtgcacttt ttggcaccct ccaaggaaac acaagagaag tcctgcaaaa     25500
     actcactgtg gatctcccaa agaaacacgg taaaggtcag tcagccttgc gttttgcctg     25560
     tttaagaatg gaaaagtgac ctaacaatgt tcagaaagta gcagagactg ctgtgcagct     25620
     gtttatttct ggggacaaag ggaaggtggc tggtctagtt ttagctggat ccgctgactt     25680
     taaaactgaa ctaagtcaat ctgatacgtt tgatcagcgg ttacaatcga aagttttaaa     25740
     attagttgat aggccgggcg tggtggctca tgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggcca     25800
     aggcgggcgg atcacgaggt caggagatcg agaccatcct ggctaacacg gtgaaaccct     25860
     gtgtctacta aaaatacaaa aacaaaatta gctgggcgtg gtggcgggtg cctgtggtcc     25920
     cagctacttg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat ggcgtgaacc tgggaggcgg agcttgcagc     25980
     gagcccagat cacaccactg cactcccgcc tgggcaacac ggcaagactc agtctcaaaa     26040
     aaaagaaatt agttgatata tcctatggtg gtgaaaatgg attcaaccaa gctgttgggc     26100
     tatctactga agtcctctcc aaagtgaaat ttattcaaaa gaagaaatta gtagggatac     26160
     attgatgaaa tcagccagga cacaggcagg tactgttttg gtgttgaaga tacactaaag     26220
     gctttggaaa tgggagctgt agaaattcta atagcctatg aaaatctgaa tataatgaga     26280
     tatgttcttc attgccaagg cacaaaagag gagaaaattc tctaactcca gagcaagaaa     26340
     aggataaatc tcatttcaca gacaaagaga ccaggcagga acatgcgctt atcaagagca     26400
     tgcccctgtt gaaatggttt gctaacaact ataaaaaagt cggagctaca ttggaaattg     26460
     tcacatataa atcacaagaa gggtctcagt ttgtgaaagg atttggtaga attggaggtc     26520
     tcttgtggta ccaggtggat ttccaaagaa tggaatacca aggaggagac gatgaatttt     26580
     tttaccttga tgactactag gtagtcgaca tgggtccggc aaaacatgcc tcactctcca     26640
     gcatccaacc caaggagcat actcatgatg gaatccaaac agatccctgc cttacaattg     26700
     gaacatttcc agaacttaat ccatgagcac tggatattga aaagaaaaca gaaacaaaac     26760
     cagacccaac cctacacttt ggtttgtcac ggtgtcagcg tagcagccta caactaagtt     26820
     cctaaatgcc actttggact aatttaaaaa agaatcccag tttttacttt tactcgatgg     26880
     tgaaattggc tgctcttgta ttttatttaa aaaatgattt ttttaacctt tatacaaata     26940
     agcaaaaata ctttaactgc tgtaaacctt caaaagttaa tagaagtgag atcgtactgc     27000
     tttcttattt tgattggaga gaaattaaat tgctacattt tgcagtgacc catttacatg     27060
     gcattctcag cttagactgc ataagaagaa atatatgtgg tgaaatgttg gaaccatttc     27120
     tctcttggtc tctgtttaat gatgaaagag tgagctaata ggaggcaatt tcaacttcac     27180
     tccctcacgc taccccttcc ccctccagac tggccgtttc aaggatgaaa attgcattgc     27240
     aaaatcaaac tgactcatga agcatttggg ccagtgcact gtttacttcc atctgtttgc     27300
     agacacattt gtgcccggtg tttgggagct ctttgtatca atgttccgac aagggtccca     27360
     ataaccttaa cctactcgaa accagtttgg gatggatatg atggggcttc tgtgctattg     27420
     ctgggattgg gagaaataaa acatgcaatt taagtggaag caaaacaatt aaaaataaaa     27480
     taaataaatc cattgcctga ttccatgtct ccctccaatt accgccccat ttctctgaca     27540
     ctccttatag aataattcct tagtcaattg tctcatgatg tttttaatat atcaaatgga     27600
     tttatggaca gtgtttcaaa agccaaatac ttctacaagg cttgttatga acacagatgt     27660
     ccccaatctt tcatgtacac catttcctga atcctagagg caatctactt tattctgcct     27720
     aattttttga tcgttacatc tgtgcctcca aatagtgtgt tatagtgccg ttttgttttt     27780
     cactcttatg tatcatcctt agtgtatagc tccctttcat atacccctct cctctcaata     27840
     tagttatttt ataattttgg ttagctgggt gttcactatt tatattatta tgaccacaga     27900
     aatgctattc acagctagac taggaaatgc tattcacaat tagattagga aatgctgttc     27960
     acaattagat taggaaatgc tattcacaag gattattttc cttcctggaa ttgacttttt     28020
     aatttccctg gaattaataa atgttttatc ccttcatgtg cttaatttct gttgtactca     28080
     ttataaaatc tcttccaaat ttccctccaa ggcctctgct atagtttgaa tgtgttcccc     28140
     aaagttcatg tgttggaaac ttgatctcca atgcagtgat attggaaagt aaggcctaat     28200
     agaagctgtc tgagtcatga gcgcagagcc ctcatgaaca aattaatatc attattatgg     28260
     gagtgagccc ataataataa tattgtcctc tctcttgccc ttgacccact tgccatgtga     28320
     agacacagca agaaggctct tgccaaatgc tggtggcttg atcttggatt cctagcctca     28380
     caactgagaa aacaaatttc tgttcttcat aactgaccca gactatggca ttctgttata     28440
     gcagcataaa tgaactaaga cagtctccat gaatatattc aaccatgccc cgtgttctac     28500
     caacctcatc tttgtgaaga cacttccctt ggtcctgcca cacgtggact ggtgcatgca     28560
     catctgggct gatttccaag atcgtcttca cctcatcctg ggcatccctc tgcctctctc     28620
     ttatgctggc tctcctattg cctggatccc atgtgtcccc ttttttggtt ttctccatcg     28680
     tttttgtttc tcatttcatc cgtgttccta agggaacatg gaaagtaaaa tctgaaagcc     28740
     taagcttctg aaaatgtctt cgggctaccc tagcacttat tccaacctgg acttggtatg     28800
     gaattctgta ttgaaaacat ttttcctagg aatttccatg acattccatc aacatttttt     28860
     agcttctaat gttgtttttc ttgccttttg atgtttttgg gatttcttct tttccaccca     28920
     ccttctaaaa tttcattgtg atgtgtcttg gtgtgggtct gttttcatct actatagtaa     28980
     gaacttggtt ggggccatta caagttaaat ttttgtctgt aaacttggag aaattttttt     29040
     attttaaata atttctatct ttccattctt ttagaatttg tattattaag ttgcaggaaa     29100
     tccttgactg atagcctagt attcgtatag tttttctgtc tttcttgaca ttgtttttcc     29160
     atttttaata tttagtggta gtacaaattt actcttccaa gtgatctatt gaaatactta     29220
     tttaaatgat cactttttga tttccaagag tgctttttgg ttctctgatt gtatataatt     29280
     ttataaaatc ctattcatca tttataaatg ccatatctta ttatttcttt taggtattat     29340
     tgagaatagt ggtagtggac ctgttagatc tcctggttat ctgctttcat ggtaccatga     29400
     acttttcttc accacactta gctcagcagt aattttatat ttctctttgt aagttctgct     29460
     aaatgtgcat ctccttcatg acagtgcaaa catcaaattg ccagcatctt acttttgctc     29520
     ttcactgtat cttcagggtc tagtagatca catgattcat cagaggactt gaaatacatg     29580
     ctgaatgagg aaatataagt gtggttaggc agggaaatca gacttccttg atcaattgcc     29640
     ccttgatgtt ctcctgagca ctgtatctca tgacctcctg tcatagaaca ttcagggaca     29700
     ttgaaagagt tcactggcat gggatacagc gtcatatcca ccaccagatg gacagggaat     29760
     cagtgaaaga tgattccatt aagagaaaat tccctgggtc cactccaccc ccaccacctg     29820
     cttaacctct ctgagtctcc ctttccctgt ctatacaaag atatcacata tcgggcttct     29880
     catgggtttg cattgaagat caaatttgac tctctcagta aaacacatgg tattatacct     29940
     tgaggtatat taagtgttct gctactcata gctactatcc ctatattgat tacagcattt     30000
     ggattgtttc aatcattttg cttttataaa ccaaaattca agaaacatcc ttgaacatat     30060
     attttttaga atgtgtgcag ttatcttctt aggaaaaatt cttgaaagag aaatatatgc     30120
     attgaaatgt aagtccattt atattgttaa catgtttcgc aaaagtcccc tctagaaatt     30180
     tataccccag tgttttttgt tgttgttttg ttttgttttg tttttgagac agagtcttgc     30240
     tctgtttccc aggctggagt gcggtggcac gatctcggct cactgtaagc tccgcctcct     30300
     gggttcacac cattctcctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct gggactacag gcgcctgcca     30360
     ccacgcccag ctaatttttt tttaatattt ttagtagaga cgggtttcac cgtgttagcc     30420
     aggatggtct tgatctcctg acctcgtgat ccacctgcct cggcctccca aagtataccc     30480
     gtttttcatc agccttcatg acagtgtatt ttccctacct ctggataata tgcttatcat     30540
     ttactttcac atatgccaaa ctgacagatt ttaattttca ttcgcatttc taatgtcatg     30600
     ttctcatttt tcctcatatt cattaatcag agtatattgt ctgatatttg atttattctt     30660
     tcccatattg ctttctaata ttattatttt tctattggga tgacttaaaa atgttgaatt     30720
     tgactaagaa aaaaagcagc tcttgacttc tgacactgac agtaggtttc agtactgtta     30780
     gaagctgtcc tactgctcaa cactaggcca tattattctt ttcttggaca taaaccatat     30840
     tacacaacat cagacaagga cactctggga acatgataaa acaagacaaa acaggggcac     30900
     tacataattt agtataagca cagacaaaaa ccaaggcact gtgtacctca caaaatacca     30960
     aacctctccc cctgctggct aatatgagtg acggctgttt ctttaccagc cacaacttta     31020
     tccttgctct gctctgcatt tattatgggt aagatttatt gagacagtcg tagaaatgtt     31080
     cctgcttttt gacaacaccc catctacagt caacccctac ctcattagct ctccccaaaa     31140
     acatccacta aaagaccaaa tcctatattg cattttttct aatatcctca cgctaagatg     31200
     gtgtgcattc tctcttgtga caatgagtaa taaaccccag ttgttcagct atagatgttc     31260
     ctggtggtct ttggctgaaa gacattgaaa tatgctacct tttgtctttc caattattta     31320
     tgtgtctttg aatttgatca caggcatatg tttgtatatt tgtgagtctg tggttgacat     31380
     agagaagttt tattttttta tttatggctt ttcatatttg ggtcatgctt acagaatcct     31440
     tttctacctc acaattgtaa aacttaacat ctattttcat ctaggtacag atgatatgaa     31500
     gagagggaag tcccagagtg aagagaaaca cacagatatg tttgatttgg ggagaaagct     31560
     ggggggaatg agcaagaagc aaagagttct aaggtggagt tttaacattt aaaacctggt     31620
     caggtgtggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccta gcacttttgg agggcaaggt aggcagatca     31680
     ctcgaggtca ggagttcaag accagcctgg ccaacatggt gtattcacca aaaaatacaa     31740
     aaactagcca ggtgtggtgg tgtgtgcctg taggcccagc tacttgggag gctgaggtgg     31800
     aagaatcacc tgaacctggg aggcggaggt tgcagtgagc catgattgcc caactgcaat     31860
     ccagcctggg tggcagaata agactctatc tcaaaaatga aaaagtttaa atcatttgct     31920
     tataatttta aaatatgtct acaaagccta taagatattt tatatggcaa cttcaataaa     31980
     tactttctct tgggctaagt aatgacttat atacctcctt gtgttcacca ggttatagaa     32040
     aacagtaaca ccaagagtct caatgaaata ttgacaagga ttagctctgg tgataagcat     32100
     ttttgaaaat gtatgacctt gagttgataa atcatgtttt ggtaatctat acgtacactc     32160
     taattgttaa aatacatatt gaactttctt gggcctgctg tattttaggg atatgtctaa     32220
     gacccacata gccaaatcca tgggttctat gtgaaggtaa ttttaatgta tttcaatctg     32280
     ggagtcacaa ggtatctttt tttgtggggg agattgaaaa ctaagagcac tctagataag     32340
     cactatcaaa aatggtaact actagctaca catggctatt tatatttcaa ttaattgaat     32400
     aaaactttta aaaaatcaac tctttatcac actagccaca ttccaagtgc tcaataacca     32460
     catgtaacta gtggctccca tattggacag tgcagatata gatcaatttc atcatcacag     32520
     aatgttctat tgaacagcac tactgctata gagattttta tgctcctccc aaaataaaac     32580
     ctaatcccca gtgagatgat atttggaagt gggtttgttt tagaggaagt gattatgtca     32640
     tgaggtcaga actcccatga attgaacttg tacccttata aaagagattc tagaaagctg     32700
     tcttggccct tctgccatgg gaggatgcag tgagaggaca gctatgaaga agcaggccct     32760
     caccagacac agagttagct gacaccttga tattggacct cccagcctcc agcactgtga     32820
     gaaatatctt tcttttgttt ataagccacc taatctaggg tatttttgtt atagcaacct     32880
     gatggattaa gataactgct cttggtgcta tgtgggcctc aagtcaagtg cattagacac     32940
     atctaaaatg aaagggtgac tggttgtggt gacttacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg     33000
     aggccaaagc aggaggatcg cttgagctca gaagtttgaa accagcctgg ggaacatagc     33060
     aagatcccat ctctacaaaa tattttttaa aattagctct acaaaatata taatttttaa     33120
     aattagctgg acatgctggc aagtgcctgt agttccaaca gcttaagagt ctgaggtggg     33180
     aggatggctt gagccccccg agagttcgcc actacagtga gccattatca tgccactgca     33240
     ctctagcttg ggtgacactg tgagacccca tcttggaaaa aacagaaatg aaagggccaa     33300
     tattatttct catagagatt gcaaattcaa agtgggtcag gagtgaaatc tctattttgt     33360
     gcttttaggc gcaaaccatt cccagctcca aaatggaaac acatttgcca cctctgttcc     33420
     cagactaagg acactctctg catccaattt acaggtgata ggttctcttc tataagagcc     33480
     cagggcaagg caaacttagc gctagctaag ttttgggatg cagggagtcc tgctcgggga     33540
     gaaaaatttg ggaaaatgaa gaggcaaagg ggccagtcaa gaactctcca cagcttaccc     33600
     agaacaggat ttctcaaagt gcaatctgtg gaacccttgt gggctgctga aaccccttca     33660
     tagatccaca aggttaaaag tatttttata atacaatgaa gacattattt gtactaaagt     33720
     aaaacttgac aagaagggag gctatggtac caaactgaaa tagtagttat tatattctta     33780
     accacttctt aattatagaa gaaaaaacag gtttcactta aatatgtcgt ggttgaagta     33840
     tcaaagaatt attaacttta ttaaatctct atcccagaat ccacagttta atatatctta     33900
     aatgagtaag tgggaagtac gcataaggta tttctactac attccaaatt aggatgtttg     33960
     aggccaggcg cagtggctcc cacctgcaat taattctagc actgtgggag gcctaggcag     34020
     gtggatcatt tgaggtcagg agttcaagac cagcttggcc aacatggtga aaccctgtct     34080
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaatta gccaggcatg gtggtgcgca cctgtagtcc cagctactag     34140
     ggaaactgag tcacaacaat cacttgaacc cgggaggtgg aggtttcagt gagccaaaat     34200
     catgccactg cactccagcc tgggtaacag agcgagaccc tgtcttaaaa cgaaaacaaa     34260
     aacaaattaa aatgtttgtg tccacaaaat cattttgtga gttgtactag tctatttttt     34320
     atggaatatc ctttttactt gaaagaatga atgacagaaa tgattatcat ttagacttga     34380
     atatttggct gacactttct caaaaacgaa cataaccctg tcccttccac ataatcaact     34440
     gatggtatta ttcccaatga taaaaggcaa gctctcaaga gaaaattaga atcctgggga     34500
     acttgtatcc accatcataa gcctgatggc ttcccaatac ttaacaatct tttctggtaa     34560
     tatctgtggt aatattaaaa aatgtgattt tttgataact tgtagttaaa tgtgtcaaca     34620
     ctggaagaca taatgtggtg aaattgtgtt tcttttttta aaagtcatgt attatacaag     34680
     aagcattcaa tgtggaagtc ggacctatat attttaatgt aacagcatgt gaaatagtta     34740
     ttgatagttt catgttccac attacaaata acctttaaga agctaacact tctatcattt     34800
     tagtgtagta tcaaggatga atatccagtt ttctaaaaat gttattaaaa acattcctgg     34860
     cctagcgagg tgacttatac ctgtaatccc agcattttgg gaggccaagg caggagaatc     34920
     atttgagcct aggagttcca cccaggagtt cgaatgagac ccccatctct acaaaaaata     34980
     aacaaaatta gctgcggtgg tgtttcgtgc ctgtggtcac agctgctcat gaggctgaat     35040
     tgggaggatc acttgagccc aggaattcga ggctgccgtg tgctatgatc acaccactac     35100
     actcaagcct gggtgatagc atgagaccaa aagaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaacccccca     35160
     acaaaaccca aaacaagaac agcaacaaaa atatcattgt gtgaggatgg attttttttc     35220
     atacacttca accaaacata acagattaac caaaataaca gattaaatga aggagaagaa     35280
     aattcattaa tcttctaatg agacacataa gaaaaggatt tacaaacata caaaatgtaa     35340
     aaagatgcac tcttctcact atactgttta ctttgggaaa tactgacttt gcataaaaat     35400
     atttctaaca tgcaatgcat tattaatatt ctaaatgaat aaaataattt aagtgatttt     35460
     agtttctaat atggtaaata ttaacgtata taactcacat aaaattatct tcagagtcct     35520
     cactaattcc taagagcatg cagagatcct gaaaccaaaa cgtttgagaa acgatgacgt     35580
     aactcctagc tctggattaa gggagcatgt gtgacaaaga gcatttggta taggaggaga     35640
     agggccaggc cttatcctgt ctctaggact gtggcaaggg ctttgtgtga ccaggtcagc     35700
     ctaggctcag gcttaggtct ggccctcagc ccccatcttg ttcattgttt tgttttgaca     35760
     gaagactatg cctgttcttc ttcttgtatc tgagttctgg tctccaagtc tccaatctcc     35820
     tctaggacag ccgtaggagt tactttttct gtcattgtcc tcacaagccc tggggtggcc     35880
     cctgcacaca ggagtctctg tggtatcaag agaccaattt ttagacccac ccagctcttg     35940
     tccttccagg gctgtttcct ggactattct tcgcatcttt tccccaatct ttttcaggaa     36000
     atcaaattct ggaattagag atcatatctc ggtttctcac cttagataaa ctcctgttag     36060
     gtttctaaca ggaatttatt tttggctcac ctaccctctc tccctgcctt tggctgtaat     36120
     aatcctagtg ctggctcaaa tccaaactca tggatgtcta gactctaatt taattcacag     36180
     ttggttggaa aatagggtcc ataagcctag gatcattttt ttttttctga aaagggaact     36240
     ataattgtct gctgtggtat atgaggattg gtgtgggagg gaggcgagaa cagcatttgt     36300
     gagaaaagta caggcagcat tgatgtcaac atgagtggtt gtttcactgt agctgccaca     36360
     aaacagcatg tggtctgcag ctacattaat aaagatactg tttctagaat agggaggtgc     36420
     tgtacactgg tcattcattt agccaatatt tgttgagtgc tggctgtatg aaatgctagt     36480
     tttacatctg gaaactaaaa acaggcaaaa attgctggcc ttgaggggca catgttttag     36540
     tgggaaaaca cagactatgt actataagca gagtaaataa ggaaagtgtt tctgtcaaaa     36600
     ggtgctgagg ggtgtgaggc aggtgatcca gattgtgggt gtgtggggac agggaagatg     36660
     gctgttttac tagggtggtc tatggtctca ctgggaatgt gaccttaaga gaaaagatga     36720
     attatctatg aggacgtctg gggcaggttc tttccaggca ggggaacccc cagtgcaaag     36780
     gcaccagaac aggagcacat ctgggttgtg ggaggagttg agggggctca gatagctgca     36840
     gcagtcattg atataaggtc agagatttgg ggagatcatg taggcttgag gatactggaa     36900
     gggttctgac tttgctctga gtgagatggg ggagacacaa acagctgtca gcagagtaga     36960
     gacttggcac atcttttaaa aggatcatcc tggctgctat gctgagaaca gaattgagag     37020
     atgaggggtg agtgagaaag tgggaaaact gtaggaaact agtgcagtat ttcagattag     37080
     caactctggt tgctttgcct ggggtgtgag cagagaaaag agtgggaagt gattggattt     37140
     cagacacatt ctcaatatgg acttcacagt acttcctaat agattaagtc tggggtatga     37200
     aaaagaggag tcaaagagga accccaaaat ttcagactgt gcaagtagaa aaatgaagtt     37260
     gttgtcagca cagatgggga aaattctgaa aggggcatat ttgaggaggg ggcactatag     37320
     gcattcaatt taggaaatgt tgaatctcag atgtcagaca ttcaagtgag gttgttgtgt     37380
     tggcagatgg atatgcaagt tggaaatgca ggagaaatgt ctgggctggg aaaatagatt     37440
     taggagttaa tgccatatta atgatattta aagcatagag catgcatgag tcgccaaggg     37500
     aaagatggct atagaagaga aaaaggacat ggactgaacc ctggaccttc agtgctaagg     37560
     gatttcatca gaacacactc tgacagcaga ctgcacagtt ctaacaccac atctagaaag     37620
     taagtaaatc tgagaatctc aaattttagt gtgcgtagga atcacctgga caactttcta     37680
     agattcaggt ggtctggagt tgagaatgag attctgtgtt tataaaaaag ttgaggcaga     37740
     cactgatggt cttcagatca cacttttagt agcaagaatg tagaccagga ttcccaggtg     37800
     gctgtgcatc agcctcacct gtggcttgtt attcctggga tccatgttcc acttctgaga     37860
     tggtgggtat ggggaaaggc ctgagtattt ttgtaaaaaa tctacaagga atcctggtga     37920
     tcagccagat tgggaaccac tgaggtcagt gatcaacagt gcctagggtg ggaaagggtc     37980
     ttaagtccac atttaaatgc tattttttct aatttaaaca taaaggactt ctatctgtct     38040
     atctatctat catctatctt cattaggctg gtgtttattt tattttggga aggtctgtga     38100
     gaataggctt aaagctacat agctagaagc agcatctata atcccatcct aggtggagtc     38160
     tcacatagga atcactgccc ctgatgctgg gcacagatgt cactgttcat accaatgaca     38220
     ctctaaagct agacactgga ccttgcagat agaactgcta tcacgactgc tcctggcaac     38280
     tggacattgc tgctgcaact cacaccacac ttactaaaat gtgtgcacag taccagctta     38340
     tgtcaccagg ctgagtcaga atccagcaag tggttatctg cctggtggaa cctaagcctc     38400
     atcccatatc cagctgccag aatatttgga aaagtgagtt tttctttcgt ggaagaagtt     38460
     ggtgtctgct tcctacaatg actctttaag tatgaaattc tttaagtatg aaatcatact     38520
     ctttaagtat gaaattctcc ctaacatgga gagggttcag gtgctgggac acaggaagat     38580
     agagtggaaa aagaatgaaa aaaaaagtca attcctagag cagtaatctg agactagaac     38640
     cttatctggt atatcataga cacttgggtt ttgctgaatg aatcagtgac taattaatta     38700
     caactttcaa tttatttcct tgatagtctg ttatgaagta caactttttc ctgatcagtt     38760
     tatactcaga taagtagagt ggcactgtgg gatggtgaaa tgattgctca aaacttatct     38820
     cttgttagga ttttttaaaa tctagatgtc taagacttca gaggacctgt gtatacacta     38880
     agattttata ctaatattta tatttctttg tatatgcaca tattttctgg aaagaatatc     38940
     tgtgacattt atgtttttgt aaccctattt taggaaaccc tctctcaaac cacattttcc     39000
     ctctgctctc ataccacaac aatcatcaac acagaagact tctgtgacca aagatgtggg     39060
     ggtttttccc cacacaccaa gcagtggaca ccagctgggt atcctccagt tcaatgtcaa     39120
     cactgtctac ctggagatag catcatatcc cacagattgg gggcttagtc cccaagacta     39180
     ctccacatca gacaccaatc gcagaagttc ccaccaccca ctctgggctt cactaatttg     39240
     ctggagtagc tcacagaatt cagggaaaca tttatgttta ctagtttatt ataaaggata     39300
     ttacaaagga tacagatgaa aatacgtgta gggtgaggta tcagggaagg agcatggagc     39360
     ttccatgccc ttcctgggca caccaacctc caaaaacctc cacttgttca gctacctgga     39420
     agctccctga acccagttct cctgggtttt tatggaagct tcgtgacacc agcattcctt     39480
     ctcccaatgt atagtgtggg accctctcca gagagggtct taagacccat aatcagaaag     39540
     gcagaagatt agagtcctgc cttggggcag gtgaaatgag gccagaagag agattctgat     39600
     tcctgaggcc tgccgaggcc gaacacaccc aatattatta caaaagaccg aaacaaggga     39660
     atataggagc taggaaccag gaactgtggc caaaaaccaa tctataacac cacacacccc     39720
     cactgtctta gtccactcag gctgctataa cagaatacct tagactgggt ggcttataaa     39780
     caacataaaa gtatttctca cagttatgga ggctggtaag tccaagagca aggtgttggt     39840
     taatttcatg tctgatgaag gcccctttcc tgtttcataa acgtatatct tctccaagtg     39900
     gcctcacatg gcagaaaggt gaagagaact gcctggggtc tttctgataa aggcagtgat     39960
     cccattcatg ggggctctgc attcataacc taatcacctc caaaaggccc cacctctaag     40020
     tatcatcaca ctggggatta agttttaaac ataggaattt gggtggggga ttggagacac     40080
     aaacattcag tctagagcat ccataaaagt ctaaaaaatt atcctaggtt tgtcaccatg     40140
     ctactcaaac tctgatctat gaatagctga tatcaaacca tttcttcaca aactctccca     40200
     aaaaggagaa aggaacactg cccaacatat tctataaggt atgttctata aggctggtac     40260
     caaaagcaga caaaacaatc acaaaaaaac tacagatcgc tattcatgaa tatagatgtg     40320
     aaaatcttca agaaaatact agcaaacaac ccagcaatgt acaaaaataa ttatacacca     40380
     tgacaaagtg agatttatcc taggaatgca agatgggttt aatatccaaa aatcaattaa     40440
     tgtaatatat tatatcaata gaataaaaac ccacaattat ctcaatagat gcagaaaaag     40500
     gttttgatca aattcgatac tctttcataa tagaaacagt caacaggtgg gcacattggc     40560
     atgtgtctat agtcccagct actcaaggag actgaggaaa gagaatcact tgaggccaga     40620
     agttcgaggg catcttgggc gatgtgttga gaccatgtta ctttaaaaaa aaaagagtca     40680
     acaaactggg aattgaaagg aactttctca gccggataaa gggcatctat aaaaaagcta     40740
     cagctaacat catactcgta ttagtccatt tatgcattgc tttaaagaaa tacatgaaac     40800
     tggataattt ataaagaaaa gaggtttaat tggctaaagg ttctgcaggc tatacaggtt     40860
     tctgctcctg gggaggcctc aggaaacaca ataatggtgg aaggtgaatg ggaagttagt     40920
     acatcttaca tggctgaagc aggaagaaga gagaaggggg aggtggcaca catgtttaaa     40980
     aagccaaatc tcactacaaa atctcaacga aaattcacta tcatgagaac agcaaggggg     41040
     aagtccaccc ccatgaccca atcacctccc accacaccct tcctccaaca ctggggacta     41100
     cagtttgaca taagatttgg gcgggtacac aaatccaaac cacatcaata tttaatggtg     41160
     aaagactggt tgctttcctc ctaagatcag caattaaaac aagaatatcc actcccacta     41220
     tgtctattca acattaccaa aggttctagc taagataatt agacaagaaa aaagcaataa     41280
     agtatattca gattggaaag aaagaagtaa aactatattc acagatgaca tgatctttta     41340
     tataaaaaaa tgctaaatga tccattaaag agctattaga actactaact tcagcaagga     41400
     taaaggatat aacaccagta tacaaaaatc aattgtattt ctaaaccctt gcaatgacaa     41460
     atccagaaat gaaattaaga aaacaattcc atttgtaata gctttaaagg aacaaaatac     41520
     ttagaagcaa atttaacaaa agaagtgcaa ctcaaacatc aatgaaataa attaaaaatc     41580
     taaataaatg gggtaaagtt catggattag atttaatata actcaatgat tatatttcca     41640
     aactgataga ttcagcacaa tccctatcag attcctaaat gactacttcg tagaaatttg     41700
     caaactaatt gtaaatttat aaagaaatta aagggacgca gactacgcaa acaatcttga     41760
     aaaaaagaac aaagggccag gcacagtggc tcatgcctgt aatcaatcgc agcactttgg     41820
     gaggccgagg caggaggatt gcttgaggcc agaagttcaa gaccagcctg ggcaacacag     41880
     caagatcctg tctctacaaa aaataaaaat tagcggggca tggtggtaca cacctgtcat     41940
     cccagctact tgggaggctg aggcaggggg attgctttag cctagaaggt tgaggctgca     42000
     gtgagccatg attatgccac tgcactacag tgtgggttac agggtaagaa actgtctcta     42060
     aaaaataaaa agaagaaaag aacaaagtag aactcattct ttccagtttc aaaacatcgc     42120
     ataaagtaat ggtaatcaag acagtgtggt acttgcataa gatagacata gatcaataga     42180
     atagaactga aattcagaaa taaaaccatg tgtctactgt caactgattt tcagcaaggg     42240
     tgctgagcac attcaacggg ggaaagcaca gtcttttcaa caaatggtac tggggaaact     42300
     tgatagccac atacaaaatg atggagtgga ccttatggtg gttgaagtgt gtactccgaa     42360
     aggtttgtct aagacctgac caccagtacc tgtgaacgtg aacttattta gaaatggtgt     42420
     ctttgtatat gaaattaagt tcaggttccc aagaaaagat catcctggat ttagggtggg     42480
     acctaaatct agtgactggt gtcttaataa aagagaagga gatatgacat aaacagagaa     42540
     gagacacagg caagaatgcc atgtgaagat gaaggcaaag atttcagtga tgtatctcca     42600
     agccaatgga gcaacaacta ccaacagcta ccagaagtta ggaaagaatc atggaatgaa     42660
     ctttccccca gagcctccag aagaaactaa tcctgccaac acctggattt caaacttctg     42720
     gcctccagaa ctgtgacaga atacatgttt gctgttttaa gccatcaaat cttggcaatg     42780
     tgttacacaa ggtctaagaa actaatacag gcctttactt cacactatat acaaaaataa     42840
     gctcaaaatg gaagaaagat ctaaatgtta gtggtgaaat tacaaaattc ttggaggaaa     42900
     acctaggtga taaatcttta tgaactggcc gggtgcggtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag     42960
     cactttggga ggccgaggca ggtggatcac aaggtcagga gtttgagacc agcctgacca     43020
     acatggtgaa actccgtctc tactaaaaat ataaaaatta gccgggtgtg gtggtgcaca     43080
     cctataatcc cagctactca gaaggctgag gcaggagaat ggcttgaacc caggaggcag     43140
     aggttgcagt gagccgagat cacaccactc cactccagcc tgggcaacag agtgagactc     43200
     cgtctcaaat atatatatat atatatatat atatttatga actcaggttg gacaatggat     43260
     tcttagatat tatgccaaag cacaaacaaa agatattaga taatattgag aaaaattaga     43320
     tgtcatcaaa attaaaatgt ttatgcttca aaggacacta tcaagaaagt gatccacaat     43380
     atatacatat atcaaaacat cacattgtac cccatatgtg tattatttac taattaacag     43440
     taaacattta gatcaaaaaa ttaaaatagt tttaaaaatt aagaattttt ttaaaagtga     43500
     aaaaaaccca caggaaagga gaaaagattt gcaaatcata catttaacaa gagatgtttc     43560
     tagaatatat aacaatctcc tacaacttaa ttgcaaaaca cacataatcc caattttaaa     43620
     atgagcaaag gagtccgagc gcagtggctc acgcctgtaa tctcagcact ttgggaggct     43680
     gaagtgggtg gatcacttga ggtcaggagt tcgagatcag cctcaccaac atggtaaaac     43740
     cctgcctcca ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc tgggtgtggt ggcacacacc tgtagtccca     43800
     gctacttggg aggctgggac acaagaatcg cttgaaccca agagacggag gttgcagtaa     43860
     gccaagatcg caccactcca ctccagcctg gatgacagag caagactccg tctctaaata     43920
     aataaataaa aatagaatga gcaaaagata tgaacagtca tttccctaaa gaagatatac     43980
     aaatagccaa taagttcata aaaaagatga tcgacattat tagggaaatg caatttaaaa     44040
     ccacagtgaa ggctgggcat ggtggctcac acctgtaatt ccagcacttt gggaggccaa     44100
     ggtgggtgga tcgcaaggtc aggagttcca gaccagcctg gccaacatgg tgaaacccca     44160
     tctctactaa aaatagaaaa aattagctgg gcatggtggc aggtacctgt aatcccagct     44220
     acttgggagg ctgaggcagg agaattgctt gaacctggga ggcagaggtt gcagtgagcc     44280
     gagaccacac cactgcactc cagcctgggc aacagagcga gactctgtct aaaacacaca     44340
     cacgcacgcg cgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgag ataccacttc ccagccaaag     44400
     aatggctaga atcaaaacat cagataataa gtattgttaa ggatatgcag gaatgagaac     44460
     cctcagacac tgctggcagg aatgtgtaat tatgtagtca ctttggaagg agtcaggctg     44520
     tggctcaact gattaaaaat gaagatacca tacgactcac ccattcttag gtatatgtcc     44580
     aagagaaata aaaatgtgtc acacaaaaat ttgtaaatga acattcatag atgcattatt     44640
     tgtattagcc aaaagacaga aacaatccag atgtctataa accgataaat aaacaaatgt     44700
     gatacatcta tggaatacag tattatttgg ccataaaaag caatgaaata ctgatacatg     44760
     ctataatata aatgacactt ggaaacatta agtgaaagaa actagtcaca aaagaccata     44820
     tatgattata tttacatatg aattttccaa aataggcaaa tccatacagg taggacatag     44880
     attaactctt gcttagggtt tggggtgatg gggaaggggg aataagagag taatagctat     44940
     agggcatggg gtttcttttt caggcgatga taatattcta aaattgaatg cagtgatggt     45000
     tgcacatatt tgggaatata ctttaaaact ttgattgcat acatacttta tttttttcca     45060
     gatttattga agtataattg acaaataaaa attgtacagt gtgacttttt atttgtacat     45120
     aatatttgca catatttatg gggtacatgt gatattttga tacacacata gtatctaata     45180
     atgaagttag ggtacatagg atatccgtca cctcaagcat ttatttctct gtgttgggaa     45240
     cattacaagt cttctagcta ttttgaaata cacaatatat tgttgttaat tatagtcacc     45300
     ctactgtgct atcaaacact agaacttatt ccttctatct gactgtacgt tcgtacccat     45360
     taacctacct ctcttcatca cccccctcac acacccacaa acacacacac acacacacac     45420
     acacacacac acccttccca gcctctggat actatctttc tgctgtttac ctcgattaga     45480
     tcaacatttt aaagctcgca catgagtgag aacatgcaat atttgtcttt ctgtgcctgg     45540
     cttatttcat ttaatatcag aacctccagt tctgtccatg ttagtggaaa tgacaagatt     45600
     ccattctttt tatagctaaa tagtattcca ttgtgtatat atgccgtatc tttttaatcc     45660
     attcatccat tgatggacag ttaggttgat tccctgtctt tgctattgta aatagtacca     45720
     cagtaaacat gggggtgcca gtatcccttt gatgtatcga tttccttacc tttggataaa     45780
     tacccagtgg tggtattgct ggatcacaca gatctatttt cagttttcta agaaatctcc     45840
     atactgtttt ccatagtggc tgtactaatt caccttccca ccaaccgtgt gtaagagttt     45900
     gtctttatat cctagctacc atttttgtct ttttaataat agctattcta gctagggtaa     45960
     gatgatatat tattgtggtt tgctttaaat ttccctgata attagtgatg ttgagcatct     46020
     ttttcacata catgttggcc atttgtattt cttaagaaat ttctattcag atcccttgac     46080
     catttttaag gggatttttt tttttttttt tttttactgt tgaattgtgt tccttgtaca     46140
     ctctggatat tagtcccctg ttggataatt tgaaaatatt gttcccatct acagttggtc     46200
     tcttcactct gttgttttct ttgctgtgca gatttttagt ttaatatagt cccacctgcc     46260
     tattttttgt tgttgttgcc tatgcttttg atgtcttaac cataaaatct ttgcctagac     46320
     caatgttctt gagcatttcc cctatattct cttttagtag tttcatagtt tcggatctat     46380
     catttaagcc tttaatccat ttttggttga ttttttaata tggtaagaga tatgagccta     46440
     gctgcaatct tctgcatatg gatatccagt tttcccagca ccatttattg aaaagggtgt     46500
     cctttcttgg tgcctttgtt gaaagtcagt tggctgtaag tatatgaaat tatttctggg     46560
     ttctctattc tttccattgg tctatgtgtc tgttttaggc cggtaccatg atgatttggt     46620
     ttctactata acagttacaa agctattact atagcttaac tattggatgg ggctcttttg     46680
     tggttccata tgaatttttt ttatttttga gatagggtct cactttgtca cccaggctgc     46740
     aacacagtgg cgcaatacca gctcactgca gccttaacct cctgaggttc aagcgatcct     46800
     cctgcctcag ccccctaagt agctgggact acatgcacat gccaccacac ccagctaatt     46860
     tttgtaattt ttgtagacat ttcaccagga acaaatagaa aacttgaaca gaccaacaat     46920
     gagtaataag actgaatcag taattaaaag tgtctcaata aagaaaagcc caggaccaga     46980
     tggctttcct gtcaaattct accatacata caaagaaaaa ttaataccaa tacttctcaa     47040
     aatatttaaa aaaaactgaa gaggaaggaa ttattcttaa ctcattttat gaagcctgca     47100
     ttgccctgat accaaaagca gagaagaata caaaaaaaaa gaaaattaca ggccaatctt     47160
     cctagtgaaa atatacacaa aaatcctgaa caaaatttta gcaaactgaa tccaacaaca     47220
     tatcaaaaat ataccacaat taattgggat tcatcccagg gatacaagag tggttcaaca     47280
     cacacaaatc aacagacatt aacatttttt aatcttattt gaaaaggtgg ataaaactga     47340
     atttggaatt ggaagatttg ttttgggtcc ccactctgcc atttccaaac tcagtactct     47400
     atcagaacta agtcacaggg tgcttgaggg ctcagaagct tttgtccagc agacaagaag     47460
     gaactgttat tacacagcct ttgaccctct agggactcca gcaacctcgt actgaaagga     47520
     gactccttgt ctccttctct ggggaccctt ttgttcagaa ataaaacttt cgtgctgcag     47580
     gtgccttgag gagacgacat gtgggtgatc ttttctagaa ggcagtggag tgaaagtttt     47640
     gggaaaagtg acagaaagag aaacaaatcc tgtactggaa gctcactgaa aaccaactaa     47700
     gtaaacaaat attttagtac ctcaactgaa atataagcat aaacagaggt tgactatgat     47760
     tgtacctgga caagatgagt aaaaagctaa agtggtctgt tatcagctat ttatgtattt     47820
     tgggcctgtc tccagcagtt aacaaatgtc ctttctttca acaaatatct attaagaggc     47880
     taacatgtgc cagactctac agaacaggct tacaggcata atgccacaaa ggaacagaaa     47940
     tctaacaggc ttcaagatca ggcctgtcaa ataaatgtac cacaatttat atatcataca     48000
     tatatctagt acacagtcac cagaacataa gattaaacat gttaatgttt atctaagtat     48060
     catttttaaa agaaaaataa aacaaaaact ggaaacaact aaatgacatc aacagaatat     48120
     ataattaagt tgtggcatat tcatgtcatg gaaatgaact acagtgtcac acatcaacat     48180
     ggatgaatcc aaaaataata atgagcaaaa gtagtcagtc atatacagta taattctatt     48240
     tatataaagg ctataaataa gcaactgtta gggatacaca gacagtaaaa tctataaaag     48300
     ctaggtgaca gttatacaaa attcaggata gtggttgcct ctggctgcag gggagagaga     48360
     tatgaatgag agcatacgag gctcctggga tgtagtaatg ttccatttct cagtctgagc     48420
     aacgggcacc tggacattta ttattgttct tctaaatata cattttcatt tgtgtattgt     48480
     atattctatt tcacattaaa aagaaaaaag accaaaaaaa aaacattaag tgtgactcaa     48540
     gatttaagca gacacagtgc aaagaaatga aaaggtggat ataatttgag gtagatgatg     48600
     gatgcaggtt tggacaaact gagttcctga aacatagact tttattctta gccgtattag     48660
     gtgtgaaatt gccctgagag caccagttgc ttttatgcta gatttggagg ggaaagaggg     48720
     cagttgaact cagcaattta tgtgtccagc actgaaaacc ttcatggtaa acaattacta     48780
     ataggttata tgttaggtta cttttcagtc ccactcagct caaagggctt gtcattaccc     48840
     tactgatttg cacttctaag tcttctgcct gttgcattct gatgatccat ttctatgcaa     48900
     aacatagaat ctaaagctga gacatagcaa tagaggacca gagaacagac acagcaacga     48960
     agtttccatg aggcaaatca ggagggtagg aatgagattt tgatgtgcat cctggccaaa     49020
     ttccagaact agcaaagaga ggtcagttcc taattccaat caaagcaaat tcagtcatct     49080
     tattttcaca cagaagtggt ctacattgat ttttaaatct ctttaaggga ttagggagcc     49140
     tctgaaatgc aaaggaaact aaactgatag taatgtaaaa tgaacagtga cctatcagac     49200
     cagcaaacac tgtcaaaaac agaaagctaa tggtgggact ggaatctaga acacagaagt     49260
     tatgtttatc cagtgctaca ctgtgcaaca gggtagtcac ttgccacatg tggcaattta     49320
     aatttaaatg aaattcaatt aaacattcca ttccacagct gcaccagcca cattttaaat     49380
     gcctcaacag ccacgtgtag caagggctac tgtactgagg agcacagaca cagaacattt     49440
     gtatcagtgg ctgacctagc agtatccagg gtaaagggtg ttctgctagt aaagcaaggt     49500
     gggcatcaga attatcacaa cttaagcata atattcctga gggcatctat ttccatttat     49560
     ttgcttctct gcttaccaac tctgaacccc tgctttccca actttctggt atctgggaag     49620
     aaaataaact gactagaaaa cacaaatttc attctgcttg acaactgtaa ttctcactaa     49680
     atttataaat ttgctttctg atttatcaat gagtgccaaa aacatgagtt tgagaaaggc     49740
     tgagtttgat tatccctgag tggatccaag cattaggaag gtcttgctta agtgggtgat     49800
     aggaagtgac aaaaaaagct ggaagaaaca tgacagacta taatactccc ttccctaacc     49860
     ttcctccttt tcaccctgct cacctgggcc aggttagaat ccgtcctttg taaagcaccc     49920
     tgtacctttc tattgtaacc tttatttact acattatctg tttatagagt gatctatgcc     49980
     attagttgaa aattattcaa gggcagagac ttctctttat tcaccttcag taactaacat     50040
     aatgcctagc atgtaggagg ctctcaaaat taagtttctc attcaaataa attgtacaga     50100
     gcaagttaca cttttagggg ctggctagta gttatctgat gaaggtatga tattaaagac     50160
     catatactaa actatagcaa tctcatcaaa ataaccttgg agggctggga acagggagaa     50220
     taagagaagt agattagaac aattctttat tcaccaccat tgcccaaccc cggtctttcc     50280
     aagtggggaa actaacattt atgaaacaac taatacatac ctacacttca caaaaaaaac     50340
     agtccttcca taaatgccat caaatattat tgccatttta aagatgagga cactgaacac     50400
     tagaaaggat atgcaacttg aacaaatgca agtcaactaa aaaagttaag ctaattttca     50460
     agtgcagaac tatctatctg tatctgatac aaatgggaat attcactgaa ccctggagag     50520
     aacgagcatt tgaaaaaaaa aagggttcac ttaagagata tgattttatc ataacagcat     50580
     tgaaacttta atctcttatt tttcctattt gacttcttaa aaagggtggc attgccaaga     50640
     attttctttg atatggtttc acaattgtat tcaccttctc tccattctga gacttatcca     50700
     taagaatact cactttaatc cgacttctac tgcatggttg gaaaagaaga tacgcaataa     50760
     ctctttcaaa ctcctttatc tcttttactc tctcatgctt ctcatatgta agtagctggc     50820
     tctggcttct tctcaagatt ctctccttga gtctttgttc tgcaagttct ctccctcgaa     50880
     tcatgcgttc ctggtgatcc ttagtctgca tctgttccct ctcatttacc tgctttcttc     50940
     tctgtgcgtt ctggatgcca tgcccttctg gcataatttt tggtaatttt gtttcattgg     51000
     ggggttgtag tacttgtcta aatggtttgt tcttaaattc tccagccttt cctgtttgat     51060
     gtatgtgcct ttctatgtgt ttcatctctc tctcaggtac caaacagtac tgttttagtc     51120
     cttctacgct ctgggttgtt ttctcctcca tttttttcta gatttcattg cctgtctctt     51180
     ctttcatcat ttccactatt attttattat aataagactc tgctttggca agccagtagt     51240
     caagagaaac agcttgctcc ctacagagta tttcacactc ctcctgatat ttctgcatta     51300
     tcaactgtct tgctgctgtt gtatgcacac cacctagatt ctgtcaaagt gaagtcagaa     51360
     atttataatg tgatcatctt tttcctttga acacatttaa acaggagcca agcccaccct     51420
     ccctaatgac accaggaaaa gctacatgct ctttacttta gcttagttgt tattttattc     51480
     ccatcactcc caggtgagcc tgggagctct gaaagtatta agtactcacc accacaaatc     51540
     agtaactagg tttaaaaatg tatggtgttg gaagtttcca aaaatgatac tttgttttgc     51600
     aactgtggat atagctgggt aacatttgcc agtgtagaca tactacctga atgtgtcact     51660
     tgggcagaag gattttaaac ctaagattcc ttctctgtgt agttccaaac tgtatgatgt     51720
     gaagataatt tacttaccaa gatctttttt tccagtggag actgctgacc tgcagcaatc     51780
     ctaggatctt tagatgatgt accccaggcc aatctggaag ataaaaaagg caaggtagat     51840
     tcaaatgtag gaggtgtcag aacaaatctg ctaataggga ggactacagc agggccattt     51900
     cccccatggg aaaccactgc attcctatgg tagaaaataa tgaatgctct tttaataaga     51960
     ggatctttcc tttcatatga acaagcatac ttttcctgtg gactcagcgt gaaccactgt     52020
     gaatctcgta ttggggattg tgagtgggaa gagacatgct ccttggtgag gtgttgtcca     52080
     agtacatcta tgtcagtctg ctcagtcctc aagcctcctt tgtgttctga gacgattgta     52140
     ggttctagtt ttctagacga ttctaggttt ctagttttct cttcctgcag tttcttgatc     52200
     cgggccctct ctgactctat cagcacatac agcatttctg ccctctaatc ttttgttctg     52260
     aaattctgtt atttgactgc tcagccctct gcttgcctga ctaacaatgc caatcatcct     52320
     tcactctaaa tccattatga gactattccc tgttgaaccc ctcaggatgg caatttgtgg     52380
     ttactctggg tttatttata gaggaggctg atggcaacac aaatgaaaac tatcatcttt     52440
     tatgtgtcat ccctggtcta gcctgagttt actgtgatgt cgtatttaag ccactgagga     52500
     tgcctggcat ttcctctgta tgtcttttat accatttaga gttcaaagga tggtctttac     52560
     agtctgacag agctagatct gaaatctaat tctaccactt cctaggtgtg tgactcaggg     52620
     caagtaactt ctgtcagctt tctcatctat aaaatggaga tgtaagacaa aaatctgcct     52680
     ctcagggtta taaagaacaa atatgaatta gatgtaaaga gcttggtaag ttctcaataa     52740
     attctatcta tctgtccttc acaggtcaag ctcctgatta taaagtcttt ccagtctact     52800
     ctgtcagtga tcttcccttc ctctaaatac ttgacatatt ttaattctac aactcatttg     52860
     aaaattaatc gtggtttaca ctgtgatatc tgtattcaca tatcactttt aacattttga     52920
     tgctgaaatt taggctcata aggaatgaaa actgtaattt atatctacaa atatgatgcc     52980
     tctatattgt tggaaaggat ctgatatcaa atatttggtc tcactgacct cttaggaaca     53040
     ttcttatttg tctacgtaag cttattttga gattgtaaac gtatgatcat cttactttta     53100
     cttctctgta catggcttct agcacaatac ttaacattag agtctgtgat cccaagttct     53160
     caaaattaat gatttgctga ttgctgatga tccttgacac ataatatctg agcatctttt     53220
     ttaaatatct gccataacat tgtatctatt tttattaagc catttcccag tcttccttga     53280
     agtttacaga tatgtttgct ttatatgcat gttctgggct ctcacatttt gtacctacta     53340
     gcacagtttt attatattct aattattcat tcatgttcct tgaggtcaga gaacacagat     53400
     ttcaactttg caggctcagc ctcagctcaa aacctggcat agttgctcaa taaatcttta     53460
     ctgattagac tgtgagcttt tgttgggaaa aggatatgcc ttttaatgct ttgttccttt     53520
     actgcaattc acaggggatg ttggctgttt ttcaaattaa aaacagaaaa ctgaggaggg     53580
     tagaatttca agttccattt tcaaaggaga cacacagata agtgagaata aaaactgtct     53640
     acgacaatca gctcaacaac acgtctccct ttgtaagaca gaataacaag caatttcaca     53700
     gttaagtgat agggcttgtc actcttcagc agtttgctga gttttaaccc tttcactatg     53760
     gcgttctctc cattattaca gagaaaggca gatgggagcc tctcccagcg aaaagactac     53820
     agcttgtgtc cttcatagga gaaaacagtg atggctccag aacttttata tgaatgaact     53880
     tagcacagct atcagagtgg atggtggtgg gagggctagc aggaaactag taaacaacta     53940
     caagctgccc cttcagggaa agtttctact tggaatataa gttacagatt aatgaaaata     54000
     gaaagatttc ccaaagatac ttattctcat gttttataaa agatcaggga aatgtcagct     54060
     gtccacttaa cggatgacat aatgaattaa gagttcgata ggcggcaggc acaactaaaa     54120
     gccaaactcg acctaagtct tatgaaatcc tacttaatga gctttcttga ctactgctag     54180
     cctcacttat ctggcaggag tcgaaggaga ggaagcccca agctcctctg ttccaccacc     54240
     tccaaagtcc tgaacccctt ctcaagtgta ccacttcatc cctgcttcct ttcgtcccgt     54300
     gggactaagc attcctcggg ccttcactct caccacttgc tgtccctcaa aaagccgact     54360
     cacccctttc caagcgcagt gaaccgtccg caaagcatga ggccggttgc gagctgcaga     54420
     aagcccacgc tcgccagcgg gacccaagga acgctagaac tatacgtccc agaacactta     54480
     gctttgtttt taactacggt gcagccgcaa aagggaaata ccggctcagg acccagggga     54540
     gttgtagttc tctaatccaa agaaatcatt atttggcaac gtacggtttt cagggggata     54600
     taccccgcga ctgcgttcct gtaggatgtg agacaaagag aataaatatc ccaggattgg     54660
     gtgctggtgg gaaaatttgc tggaagcgca gcattggtta ccaattttgt gctcaacctc     54720
     tcagtaccag ggtgaaagta gagacgcaat ctcccttgga agacgttagt ctccatctct     54780
     aacgctcccg agacacggtt cgcaattaat tatgacgtca cagccaatcg tcaacgcgaa     54840
     agcctgacgc tctagccggc tctatctcgc tgccccgccg cgggcgcaga gctggcgctc     54900
     tagcccacgg agttggttaa ctcctctcac cggcccctgg aaagggttcc aagtccttta     54960
     gtacccgacg ctgtctggga attccgggcg tttcggctcc ttggtcgcag aggcaggagg     55020
     cgtgcgtggc aggagggttc gggttatata ctcctaggtc ctgggacaga atagttacga     55080
     cctctgggac aggaactctt ctctcttttg ttaataaact tccaactccc tcctcagacc     55140
     cgaccgcatg tctgtcatgg acctcgccaa tacttgctcc agctttcagt cggacctgga     55200
     tttctgttca gattgcggct cggtcctgcc tctgcccggg gctcaggata cggtcacctg     55260
     tattcgctgt ggcttcaaca tcaacgttcg gggtgagagg cttgtacgca ggggtcctgg     55320
     cggagggcgc agggtcggaa gcttggggaa ctcaagatcg gttgggttga ggaggggatc     55380
     ctagagcagg acatcaggcg gttgtacatt tggtctagcg atgaaaactg agggaaagga     55440
     tgtagggcct cctggcctaa ccagccaggg gaaaggggag gtttccggtg tcagctctct     55500
     ctggttgtct ccataaccag ttcttacttg cctgtgcaga ctttgagggg aaggttgtga     55560
     agacttcggt tgtgttccac caactgggga cagccatgcc tatgtcggtg gaggaagggc     55620
     ctgagtgcca gggacctgtg gtaagctaat gagatcaaga actggctcca taaggtgggt     55680
     aggaaagaaa tggaggagtg attgcaaagc tctggagagt tttgtgccca attccaagag     55740
     ggaaaagaga tgtaaaccat cgacgtttga gaggcgtgat cgcctgattc ctgtgggaag     55800
     taaggggata tgaccaggcc tccctaaccc accagtttct tcccaggttg acaggcgctg     55860
     ccctcgatgt ggtcatgaag gaatggcata ccacaccaga cagatgcgtt cagccgatga     55920
     agggcaaact gtcttctaca cctgtaccaa ctgcaagtgg gtattctttc ccctccctct     55980
     gctcagtctg tttgctaact aaacaaatcc agtgatttat ttttttgtac gaaatggccg     56040
     tttcccttgg tcccatccct tatttctgtg cagttctggt aatagggaga tttgtagttg     56100
     ttttttattt ttttaagtta cactttttta aaccttttta taaccagtga aataaacctt     56160
     ttaggatttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgacaggg tgtcgctctg tcacctagcc     56220
     tggagtgcag cgaggcaatc ttggctcact gcaacctccg cctcctgggc tcaggtaatc     56280
     ctcccacctc agcctccaaa gtagctggga ccacagacac atgccaccac gcctggcttt     56340
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgtattttt agtagagatg gggtttctct atgtttccca     56400
     ggctggtctt gaacttctga gctcaagtga tccacccacc tcagcatccc aaagtgctgg     56460
     gattacaggc atgagccacc ccgcctgacc tacttttagg atatttaaaa ggaaatgaag     56520
     aaaaaaaaaa caacataaga agcaggtatt gtttagtggt cagcatctta tactgcagtc     56580
     ttcaaccgca gtcaaggtag ctttctttgg agagaattag tcacacatga cttagagaac     56640
     atgggctttc tgaatgcttt taagacctca tttttgtctt tggtgttctg cagtcactat     56700
     agtatatcaa aatacgattt tcttttattc tgtttgggat ttgttggact ttctgaaact     56760
     gagagtggac ttttttttca tcaaccttgg aaaattatca gccatcatct cttttaatat     56820
     tctctttccc ccatgttctc agtcctcaca ttctggacct cgaattagtt actagaaaga     56880
     ggtttctctc ttctgtcctc catttctctc accttctttt catattttca attgctgttc     56940
     tctttatgcc accttctgag taatttcttc aggtccctct tccatgtcac taattctgtc     57000
     ttcagtttat ttcaagtatt attatttttt actattgtta ttattttgag ttctatttaa     57060
     ttacttttca aatctcctta atttttaaat aattatcagt tctttaatca tattttaaat     57120
     tgttcctttt attattcttt aaatatatat ttaaaatatt aaatatggtt attatattct     57180
     atgtctcata attctgatat ctgcggattt tgtgtgtctg atgctgctgt cttttgtttc     57240
     tgctgtctct ctcatagtgc tttttttctt tgttttgtga tttttgacta taaattcgag     57300
     ttttttagaa cttgaactgt aggaattctt tgaggccttg ggcgagtgct gtattctcag     57360
     catttgtgtt tcttttctag gtgccttgaa gcactatcaa gctggaatta ctttaaataa     57420
     attcttggct tcatgttttt tggagcagac agatagtatg aatttgagct gcaaatccat     57480
     gtaagggcta gcttacagtt agaaattctc aggagagagt tttctctctt tctacctact     57540
     gagacagtca aattcccctt ctatagagtt gaattttttc ttttcttgtt cacttttaca     57600
     agaaagggca gccttttgca gttcccaaat ttatgcacgg gatctcctat cagaccttat     57660
     acattttgtc cctcatttcc tatgcttcca gtgactgtca aaacagtata aagggcacca     57720
     tagtgtcact gtcacgtttc atagggacat tagttttaac ttccctgtct ggatttctgg     57780
     ttttacagaa cttttaacca gtgtgcagat tgcctttact ttcttgccat ctcatcaaag     57840
     gattaaaaat attcatagtc agatatatct tttaaaagta tttttttcct atcactggtt     57900
     gtcattttac caaaaaaaaa aaaaattttt tttaaataaa aagaagattt tttttcccag     57960
     cgtgtggctt gcctattttc ttaaccctct ttaaatgagc agaagtttta agtttttata     58020
     aggttcagct tatccttttt tttttctttt acagctagtg ctttctgtgt cctaagaaat     58080
     ctttgctttg aggttataac tcattggata tatttttaat cccagaattt ttagttgtct     58140
     tggaattaga attggaagtt tgtttagggg agccagtcct caatgatgtc ataaataaaa     58200
     gtccttcctt gattatttga ttgcatatct tatcttatac tactagaaac tcatcttttg     58260
     gtgaatataa caagtccttt ctttcctcat aggttccagg agaaggaaga ctcttgacct     58320
     ttttcctggg caactctaca gtccctccct cctttcggaa ggtgaaggat actgggtttt     58380
     tagatgcctt gtccatcctg tctggttgca atgttttgct cccagaagag aatcagatca     58440
     tcatgtgggg attaccattg ttcctggagt actcctaccc ttagttgaat ttccttatta     58500
     aagttatatt tttctataag accctgacat atgtatgtta cttataatct gtcttattcc     58560
     aaaaggaatt taaatgagtt tccagagata tatttatatg aaaaagaaaa gggggaaaaa     58620
     ttaggacaaa aaagtagagt caggaatgag gctaatataa acaaaaagca attgtaagta     58680
     ttgccatact atttaaatct atttggttcc tgagtttagg ttaagaaaaa ctaggaattt     58740
     ggatagtgag acatttaaca gaaattttaa ccagatctct ttagcatata aatttggaca     58800
     acaaaaaatc tgatactaag taatgccact aagtgatcac tataggtgag tattttatta     58860
     gtattgagat aaatacaata cacagttgac ccttgaacaa cacaggtttg aactgcttga     58920
     gtctacatat atgtggattt tcttctactt ctgagaccca taagatagca gcacatttaa     58980
     gccctccttt tcctcctcct gagcctactc aacatgaaaa tgtgatccac ttctacttaa     59040
     tgaatagtaa atatattttc ttttccttat gattttctta ataatgtttt ctctagctta     59100
     cttgattgta agattatatg tattataagt atataataca tatacaaaat atgtgttaat     59160
     caacggttta tgttattggt aaggcatctg gtcaacagta aagttttggg ggagtcaaaa     59220
     gttatatatg gatttttggc tgttcagagg gtcagcaccc cttaccccca tgttgttcaa     59280
     ggatgaattg tatatctatt ataatagatt cttatataga aagaaagaaa aaagtaaagt     59340
     cacaaggaat cctactccac agagataacc aaattatact gtatatctgt gcttgtgtat     59400
     atgtatgtgg ctctgtatat gtgtgttgct atatatgtgt ttggtttttt taatggacta     59460
     gacatgctga actatatctt gcttttttct gtttgaacta aaaactttca aggggaacaa     59520
     atgcatactc aggtcccgca ttccttggct caaatagtga tcaaggggtt actgtaataa     59580
     ttatcatata attgtgtggc cctttatata tattcagagc tctcaaacat agctatcttg     59640
     tttgaccccc acagcaacct ggagaatggg cagggcagtc ttccccactg tacgtttgaa     59700
     ctgttctggc agttgacttt cctgacccac tcctgaaatc tgaaacaaac ctgttcatgt     59760
     ttctacccta ctttaagcct ttctctggcc cataacagtg attggattaa gcttaatttc     59820
     ttagcaaagc atacaggttc ttccatataa ccactgccta cctgtcaagc ttcatctggc     59880
     actccctcag atccaagcgg tacaaaactc catttcctgt agtgcacaca tctacaactt     59940
     tttaagctgc tcttctaaaa aaacctactt gtcggccttc ctggttcttg ttttaccact     60000
     ttcttttgct ctctaagaaa cgtgcacata tttttataaa atagcctata ctgtaattta     60060
     cgaccatttc tctgcttcat cctactcatc accccagaga gaacgaatat gttggcagta     60120
     tgtaactaca ttcagattta caaatcagac atggcatttg ttaatgcccc agtgtttcat     60180
     atttttgtta gttttcagca tgcctgtctt tcctactaga gctaaaaggc agggtctgag     60240
     cgtcttacgc gcctccatct tcaaggcgta gcacagtgac tgaaaaaaac tgacgttgaa     60300
     cgtgcactaa actgaactgc tcaaacacct acaggcacag ggcgaggggt agaaccacat     60360
     cgcttgactc ttaagtgtgt ttccaactgc tcccacttcc cgttttcttt agagaaaccc     60420
     agaccaaaca aggaaaggga aataggccac ggtagggtca ttactattgc tccttaagct     60480
     tcctcgccgg tccacctacc cagacaaggc aaacggaaat ctgcagcagg actcagcttg     60540
     gtgcacacaa ctccgccctc gccacaccca ctctgcagcg tctggcccgg caatacccat     60600
     ctgggcgccc ctcctgcttc ctctaggctg tgagtacgcg tgctgcccca gactctccct     60660
     cctccaccca cacccgcagt gacacccctt ccgccaaatt tgtttctctt tctttcagcg     60720
     cctgcgcgct gtcacgttac ggcggaacta atccagcgac gcctgcgctt tgacgcattt     60780
     ggtgccgtgg aagggaaaaa gggggactgc agtatgcgtc acacccggaa gcggcgagcc     60840
     ggaagtgggg ttagccaggt tatccccagg ggtggagaag cggaggccca ggaggagggg     60900
     gaataaagaa ggtggaggat cctggctacc actctgaatc cgataccgct tctcttagac     60960
     ctcagcgaca gaaaaaggga agggtgtctc atcccccttc ctcctctcct ccctgtcctg     61020
     agccttagcc atggccgagg caggggctgg gctgagcgag accgtcactg agacaacggt     61080
     taccgtgaca accgagcccg tgagaaaggc gggggggcgg tgctgtttag gggtctggga     61140
     gatactggga gggaggggac agggattaga agagttgttg gagaagctag gcctagggat     61200
     atgggaggtg tggggttgaa tatctagggc tgggagaatc ggaaggtatt ggagctattt     61260
     ggagtggcag agatggtgca ggaggcaggt caaggaactt gtaataggga ggtacagtta     61320
     ggatataagt gttgctgctt ggggtggtta tgtgtgtaag taataaacga aagggaaatt     61380
     gaggattaag gagccaggaa gatgttggga ggaaatcaaa ggtagtgtaa gaaagcatgg     61440
     ttggaggcca acttatcaat attatcaata ttgatattcg aataaatatt tattgaatgg     61500
     atgaatgtaa aaggaagtgg caggaatgag gaaacaagaa aaggagatga aaagaggtat     61560
     tttgagaaat cagagagcaa agatgtaaat ggagaaacaa gaagtattta tccaaaaaca     61620
     tgttaagttg ccttcaaagg gagaaggttg cattgggctt aatactcttg gattaaagga     61680
     agtttagtaa ttaatagatt agtaatactt gctactagag atgccaggat gccagagaat     61740
     aggtggataa gaggtaggga gggctggagc ttgagaatga gagaggtttt gtttgttttt     61800
     ttaagagaaa aagaataggg gatctggaaa aaggaaggga gatcaaagat taggtgctgg     61860
     ggactgaaaa ataattttca tgtattaata ctaccaagga tgatttgggg aggaagacgg     61920
     agaaacagca aggattatat tttcctttga agagttgctg ggacctttcc taggttagga     61980
     attgtgtctt ctcttatact ggtggtataa gaacaggaaa taatacttat tcctcaaggg     62040
     actatctgag gtaaaagacc tgttctgttt tatcttctgt cagctcctct ggtgctatgc     62100
     ctatggtact gattgagcta aagaagaaaa gagaggaggt tccctgggag ggagtgggaa     62160
     aggttagtaa gaggggacta gataggtatg ctcatcctta accttctagg agaaccggag     62220
     ccttaccatc aaacttcgga aacggaagcc agagaaaaag gtagaatgga caagtgacac     62280
     tgtggacaat gaacacatgg gccgccgctc atccaaatgt gagtaattgt tggcccgcag     62340
     tagccctgga gttctggctc ccttcagcat atcttgtatc tactcatatc cactggcttt     62400
     ccagaagccc ccagatgttc atagttctgt cacttttttg gtggtgctgt ggtatcaggg     62460
     aaagaggtag ggaagggcta gaactggaat tgcctaggtc tgacagcaag aagtgtcaga     62520
     ggtgggagaa gtggggcttt gaattcgtgg ctctctaaga ggacaagagg ggtggggcct     62580
     gagtcccaga gggtgggcct ggggaagctg gatcctggaa ggtaggagaa aataggaatt     62640
     ttcactgagt ttgagtggga atggaactga ctatatatct tacccttcct cctctttaac     62700
     tgggctcctc cctctaaatc taggctgctg tatttatgag aaacctcggg cctttggcga     62760
     gagctccacg gaaagtgatg aggaggaaga agagggctgt ggtcatacac actgtgtacg     62820
     tggccaccgc aaaggacggc gtcgtgcaac cctaggaccg acccccacca cccctcccca     62880
     gcctcctgac ccttcccagc cccctccagg gccaatgcag cactaaatcc ctctctcctc     62940
     cagcattcct gtgtctgtct ggccctaaat gtatccatgt ggctacttct ccagccccct     63000
     ccttccctct cttctgcctg atagagggaa gaggaagagg aggacgaaca gagatcctga     63060
     aattctgact tgctgctatt ccagaaccca gcctcctggg tttccccagt cctcattttt     63120
     cctcccaata cccacccttc tctctcgagg gatctaggca ccttggtccc agtgtcttcc     63180
     ttttgttctc actgctaaac tgcctgtcct gggatctagt tatcttggcc ctgcactctc     63240
     aacatgagta gcgaacactt aaattgggtt ttcaacagtc ccagctttca ctgccagggt     63300
     cccagtcaga ttccaggaat ttgcgcccta actttgcttg ctaatcctgg tttagagcta     63360
     tcccactaaa atatttaatc ctaattctta gtccttgcct gtgagatatg aggtcttaca     63420
     ggagacctca gagctcccag cccttctcct cctgctaaac cttctcacac cctcaagagg     63480
     agttagaaaa gaggtccttg tcattctcac ctcttatgga aaatggaata agaaataatc     63540
     atatcctttc ttcccaccct tctcctgtta tttaggattt ctgacaaagc tggcttgaga     63600
     ttggtcactt agagccgact gtctcctctg ccttttgttt ttcagcttca gagacagatc     63660
     caatatagtc ccagggacct gggtctctgg gagaggaagg aagagggagg gagcaaagag     63720
     attggggtat gtcccctgta gtacactctt acctcttact tcctagactt tgatttctcc     63780
     ggcagcccag atgttcagtt ctcttggccc ctctctaccc cttactggga tctggttttc     63840
     attttccggt ccttttgcca tacacagtta cagagatcag tcaaatccat accaccactg     63900
     agatctcatt tattgccaca gatgcacaaa ataaataacc caaaatcaca aaatgtgtta     63960
     aatatgggcc catttatact tatggggaag ggtgtgagac tatacacaag gatgagtttg     64020
     gagatgtctg aagtattccc aggttgagga ggagagaggg gaaatagcac cattggttcc     64080
     tttccgtgag tatgtgcggg gagaagtttc aagaaggttc ttatggaaaa aaggctgtga     64140
     gcatagaaag cagtcatagg aggttgggga actagcttgt ccctccccac ccccagatcc     64200
     tgcaaaagag gtacaaagct tcccagaggg ccacagggcc cagaccagag tcaagcctct     64260
     tgttttagga gaaacctcag tggacaggca gggtagccca gtccttagat ctgtggggaa     64320
     ggccctgagc ccttctggag ctaggagtgg caagagtggg agtcaagtat ttgaccagca     64380
     gagcctctat gtaggaatca tggtcacttt accaatactg atggggaggg cctgttcccc     64440
     attgcaggcc tagaatggtt tgaatgggag aagtcaggaa gtactgtagt agctgtaggg     64500
     gagagaagat tctgagagcc agaaggcagg aatggatttg gttttgagca gggacgtgga     64560
     aacgtggaga ccaggtgagg tctcattatt ttggggcgaa aatgtgggtt gctattaata     64620
     ctcctgcaat gggcgtgtga atgtgttccc agaaatgagt ggggaattcc acccccaaaa     64680
     agcagctgca gggccagtgg ccgggccaaa cttctagttg gagacgagac tcagctttcc     64740
     gctggtacaa tgcggagcgg agcacgaggg tcgcaggtgc agaacagcgg gaagatgcgc     64800
     tcccccaggg ggccaggcgc ctggaaggcg taaagcaggt cgagtgagcg gccgtcgtag     64860
     aaggccacgc ggccccgctc ccagtccagg tccacgcgaa tgcgccgcgg cgggggctca     64920
     acaccgccca gcagggtggg ttcgggtgcc gtgagggccc acaggcggcc gccgcggccc     64980
     cccacggccc acacggcccc cgcagggcac agccttacgc agcccttgcg ttgcactgat     65040
     tccccggccg cgcccactgc atagtggctc tcctcgtcgt ccgcatcctc cccagaagag     65100
     tctctgcagg aggcggcgtc cgcagtctcc acctcccagc agtggcggcc ggccccgaag     65160
     ccctgcgcac ccagcacagc tgggagctga tcgaagcgct tggggccgtc agggggcgcg     65220
     ggcgtccctg gtggggccag ttgtacgctg cggcggtcgg cggagatgag caggcggcgg     65280
     tgtgcggtcc cagggtccag ggtcaggtcg gctggagacg gggaggcagg gagaggacct     65340
     catgagagag ttttctaaat cacaggcggg gtagggtgga gaatagtcaa cgaagatcac     65400
     gtaaaagact gagagctagt gaccacacaa cagctcaaaa ggcgactgca ggaccaaaaa     65460
     gaaggaaggc atatgaagag cagacctggg caatatcaga ccttgtactg atgcaccact     65520
     tctgtagaat tggacctggg gaaggatcat actggcccag tgcagggagc acagcaggaa     65580
     gatcaaatga gaggttgtct cgtttgtggg gttgggggag gaagagtgag gctgatctga     65640
     cttcgaggga ggagtaagga ctgatacctc aatctgcatc atctggggtg gggcatggga     65700
     gctgggtcag caaaatgggg aaggttcatc taaagagaaa gtcgtactga tactggaacc     65760
     tcaagtaatg ggaggggcac agggaggaat ccaaggtatc ctgagaaacc agcccaccca     65820
     cccacaggaa ttggggggtg gggtggacag tcctatttct gtaggggttg tggggcagag     65880
     gaggagagca ggtggtgata gccagagacc agaaaaagaa ccattggcct tatatgtatg     65940
     gggtgctttg aagaaaaatt tctggattag gggtgtcaga agcaatctgg actgggcaag     66000
     atggtggatg accaagatgg tggaccacct tctctaggca gtttaaagaa gggtagaggc     66060
     acccttcttc ttgggagtga gtgaggaaag aagggtcaag gagatgctgg ggtccccttc     66120
     cagggaggag tgacgagagg tggtggaagc agagattttt gagaggcacc taaccttcag     66180
     ggatctgttg tttgaatgta tgaaaaagga agagggaaaa tggctggaat atgaggaatc     66240
     gaggatagac attgttatag gctgaactgt gccctccccc actccacaca cacacacaaa     66300
     gataggttga agtcctccaa acctcagaat gttaccttgt tttgaaacag gatctttaca     66360
     taggtaatca agttaaaatg aaggtcatta gggtgggctc taatccagat tgctgactta     66420
     caaaaagagg aaatttggac acagagacaa atgcatacaa aagaaaatgt gcagacctat     66480
     cacccaaaga acatgtgagg ctaccagagg ctaggagaca ggcatggaac agattctgtc     66540
     tcatggccgt cagaaggaac caacactgct gacaccttga tttcagactt ctacctcctg     66600
     aactttgaga taaatgtctg ttgtttcagc cacctacttt gcggtgcttc attagagcag     66660
     tactaggaaa ctaatgcaga catcaaaaag gacctgatca ctttttaggg ctaaaaggaa     66720
     gaaaatctaa cacagacttt cattcaattc ccttccctcc cttcttcttt ccttacctgt     66780
     cagtctatga agcatttttt tgaccactgg ataatcttca gggagatcat cctctgaatt     66840
     agatgacttg gatgttggga cttcaaatct acacagatga ggggaagggt caggaaatca     66900
     gccctctgat cctaatgccc ccacgcatac cccactcaca tctctggagg aagaagggat     66960
     gagactatac cccagaaaac ctgcctatta atgggaacaa aggtgtgggc ccagtgagaa     67020
     cgtgatggct atggcagctg gtgagaaaag gagggaacag aaaagtggaa ctcaccgtct     67080
     ccatgtcttc ctcatatcct aggatgggca gaaacaaaca tggatgtgag ctctgggctt     67140
     cattccctgg ggcatccttc cctatctctc ccctcctcag gtgagttctg tctgagttag     67200
     cagtgtccct cctcaccttt cagagtgatc tcacctcttt acacactgtg ctcctttccc     67260
     tctcattctc ctccttcacc tttcatgatc cctccttcct ctcaccccat cacttttccc     67320
     tcatcctcct aactccatcc ccactgtcct ccccctttcc actccccaag ggttctcaat     67380
     tctcttttcc caggctcgtc catgactgtt tcttgtcctc agagcccttg ccttccttgc     67440
     tgcctcctca gtcccattct ctgtctcttt cagcggcccc atccttatct accttcccca     67500
     gtgcatccca gaaaaacatc tgtcccttcc tccctccatc acacagacca aacacacacc     67560
     cagagccctc gggctaagag ttggtatata aaagccttac aataaagctg cttcccctct     67620
     tgcaataaaa gcccagtggc atttattggg ccctttgctt tgtgtctctg gaccctggcc     67680
     agggaggcag ctagacttga atgtgtccca aaaggcccag cagatccaca gagtactatg     67740
     ggagccagga gagggcactg gatgctcccc tccaaacact gggataccga cccctccact     67800
     tcactgtcta gtgctgatgg ctggagcagg ccgatatggt ggagcggggg agagagaaac     67860
     aatttgcata attgtgccaa ttactttcag actaattagg tctatgaaga cttcaaaggg     67920
     cagaagcaag acccaagacc agcttggctg ctgggaagaa gccagtcagg agtcccagac     67980
     gcccaggggt cggtcgggca agggaatggg ctggttagtg gccaaggagc cggggcccag     68040
     gagaggcgcg gggggtagat gggtggtaag actgggatgt ggagaggagc cagaggcccc     68100
     agcggctgtt ctcccgcacc tcgcctccac ccctggccgc tcctgcctgg ggccttggga     68160
     ggagccgaaa taacaataac aaacaacaca gggcttagct tgagccagag tccgagacca     68220
     acccccacga cgctacgggg aggtttggat atgccccaac cccttgctcc cttcctccat     68280
     cctcttgtca gtcccctcct ccccagcttt ttctccgccc ccaacccacc agcccagcct     68340
     cctgctcccg ctcctctaag caggttctgc cctcgcccac catcctccca ggacccctcc     68400
     tcaccctcag ctgggtcggc tctcccttcc gcccgccgct ccctcccctc cgccagctct     68460
     cctcctcccg ggcgcctgcg gctgccctgc caaaacttct gcagttccca tgcccttcgc     68520
     ggcgactcca gggctctccg cgttctatcc ggtacccctt ctctgcctcc ccagtctctt     68580
     ctctccagcc cctctcacaa ggctcaggca tcggtccagc ctcctcccct gtggaccaag     68640
     tgtcaactcc atccatcgtc cttccgggcg cctctcacct tgaggaccca gggtcctcgc     68700
     cccctcatcc tttgcttttc tctccccacc ccatcctttg cctaaacttc cacagggcct     68760
     ccggctccag acgtgccatt cccggcttcc ccgggaatct cccgcttcca ccaacaactc     68820
     cgcgacgcgc gcccagcctc acctctccgg gcaggtccag gcagcccatg gtggggatgc     68880
     gcccccctcg gcgtctcccc gcacgggccc caggctcagc cagcttctct cgcagctcgc     68940
     ggctgattcg cacctccacc gccagccgca cattagacct caggctgcgg cggggacacg     69000
     gcaggccgca gcagggacag gcggtggggg aagcctcggt gccggtcgcc ggcggagtcc     69060
     cccagcggcg ggccagacac gcgcggcaga agctgtgctc gcacgccaga agcaccgggt     69120
     cctcgaagga gcccccgcac agaggacacg tcgccagctg ctccagacgc tccaccagcc     69180
     ccgggcccag ctcgggcgca tccatggaaa gccaggatct ggacgccgcc ccttccgcga     69240
     ccaccgtgac cgccttcgag cgcgcagatg gcgggccgcc cctgctgctt gctgtgtaga     69300
     tgcccttctc tccgactccc gcattaactt ttgccgcttt ccgcccctct cctgggattg     69360
     cctctctctt caaccagagt ctcagtctcg tcaaatctct ccaccacatc aggctttata     69420
     gggagggagg aggctcccac gggaggtaaa caccaggcct tgcgtaacgc ctcatctggt     69480
     tctcctgctt cccgggtaag gtttggggga gcagggaggg gagaatagca cacctggttc     69540
     ccagagccta ggaggcggtc actagagggc gctctggggc ggggtagccc tgtgtgggga     69600
     gggtagcccc ctgtgacccc ccgaagagcc ccaattttac cttcccctcc gcctgtggta     69660
     cgcgcatggg ccgggtgccc aggctcactc ttggcatgtg cgcccacatt gccaaggtgc     69720
     gagtcattcc aggtggctgg cacacctaca tctgggggct gggggccgga agcacagatc     69780
     ctggtttgtg tggctttggc aagcctctga gtgttgatgt gtggttttca ttcctggtgc     69840
     ctctcgcctt tccatcttcc ttccttacct attaagggct taagggcatt ctgcagctct     69900
     ggggtaaggg gtggggagca ggcgcccaca cttcggcctc agggagtcgg ggcagagctc     69960
     tttcagctct acctctggcc agctcccagg gcctctcctt actttcttcg taagtctctc     70020
     tttctggttc tttctctctg tttttccccg tgtgtgattt tattaccagt tttctctttc     70080
     cttccttctt tggaatgtac ccggtattat ctatttcaac tctggtagtt cacagaggcc     70140
     cagagaactg gaatagccaa ggtcacatag caagggaatg accagaagtg gagccctacc     70200
     ctggtcttct gacttgtgtt cttgctgtga ctcaaccctg cctttttcag ttgcagatcc     70260
     ctgggacccc ctcctgcttc ctgatttttt tctggtgttc ctttgtgcct tcattcctca     70320
     cctccattct ctctttttct ccttacctgc tcctctcccc acctctcctc ttcctccctg     70380
     ctccctcctc ttcctagctt ctctaccctt ccaatgccag gcctagctaa ctggatactc     70440
     atgggggttt gtgcataagt aaacatccag atgtctacaa ctatgatcac ccacactgtt     70500
     atataacatg tgtctgcatc catcagtgtc caaatgccca aatgtgcaca aacttgcaga     70560
     cagaagcatt catgtaatac aaacatcaca gctaaatata atgtgtatga atagcctcat     70620
     atgcattgaa tatcactggg ataaatgtcc agtattattt aggaacagac ggacatgctc     70680
     aaagaaaaca ggcaaagaga cagatactct atcatcagtt ttattattaa taagaataac     70740
     agtataacag cagtaagtct ttatggagca gcaggacttt attaggcacc ccctccaggc     70800
     actcttcttc tgcctccccc atacttatcg gggagacact caaatatgac accctgataa     70860
     acaaacctac acaaacaaac acacgtacat tcatcttgga acaaccctcc cggctcagtg     70920
     ctcataaaac acacagatac ccaagcataa gactacagtt gtgactgaaa tctattttgt     70980
     aaaagatgca cttctatgct ctgataggta gcatagagag atagcagcat gagaagtgat     71040
     cagcctgaca ttgctggctt tggagactga ggcaggaagc cacaagctaa ggaagtgggt     71100
     aacctctgga agctgcaaaa gacgagggaa tggattctct agcagaccat tcagaaggaa     71160
     cctagcactg ctgacacctt aatttttgcc cagtaagacc catttcagac tctgaactac     71220
     agaataataa agtaacaaat gtgtattgtt tcaagctcct aagtttgtgg taatttgtta     71280
     cagtatcaat aggaaactaa tacacaagat tgccttttct cctccagtct ctgactctct     71340
     gagtctgttt gcacttctgt gttgttgcac cttccagttt gtcatatttt ctggatgtct     71400
     ctgcctctct tgaccttctt ttcagtctca tgttatctct tttccttcat tgtcctggct     71460
     tatccccaac tccaaggcct ctcaggatct ttttggatct gggcttgaag tactggagaa     71520
     atgtctctga gactcctcaa gaacctcaat tgtcaccaat ccaagtgcct tgctatggcc     71580
     ctcatgggct tgtcagcggt taacagcttc agttgcacat tagaattatc tgggaaactt     71640
     taaaactcct gatgcccaag tgacacctca gaccaattaa acggacacct tgggggtggg     71700
     tcccaggtgt cagtactttt aaaagctttc cagatggttg cagtgtttag ctaacaggag     71760
     aaccatggtc ttgaatgacg gctgttcatg tgggctggtc actccatttt gctccttgtg     71820
     ctctggctgc agtgccttct acttctcgtt ccccgagcca ctgctggtgc ggctgcaccg     71880
     cctttgcact cactgttccc tctgcctggg cccctgctcc tccagagctt cacatggctt     71940
     tctccatttt ctcactcatg tctcaaccca aaggtaacat tcagagagga cttcttttac     72000
     cacttgtatc tcaagtggtc tttctcaaag gtattcacta tctctttacc catatttatt     72060
     atcttcatgc tatttattac tgtctgcagt gatctattta tggacttttg atgtgtctct     72120
     gtccaataga aggtgagtga acagggacct aaccttcatg tttgctgctg ctttccctgc     72180
     acctagaata gcacctggca cacagtgagc cttaataaac ttaggtccag ttgttgaatt     72240
     gctcattaca ctgattggac aacctgagag ggtcatttga ttgactctgc ttagaccttc     72300
     ttatccttct caaccaatag tcatgcctca ctggcagatg ccaggcatag tgctgggaaa     72360
     cgctcaggtg ttataagaca tatggtgctc agtctggcta ggaagttcat gactagttgt     72420
     catttgcctt ccataaccag atggtgagga ttcctgctaa caaagcatca gctcaacctt     72480
     tacgtccagg ttacaatgag ttcataccta atggttccag gacaccagta agggaaaagg     72540
     catttggaga cagactctgc ctggaaacat ctcacttctc aagaccttct ccctcccttt     72600
     ccagaatccc taacaactct atacttgatg ctctaatcac cactgagttc attctatttc     72660
     cagagagcca gaagggtgga tgtgatttta cgtgtgtcag cttggcttgg cttgatccag     72720
     ttgaccatga cgggatcctg tctctctgct aggatccaca tcttccttcc ttaatgtagg     72780
     tgtctcctaa ataactgttc ccaccccttt ccaactcctt ccaggattcc tacttgtggt     72840
     gttgtggagt gtgacagctt gatacccatg catggcacta gggaatgtca gaggtgggac     72900
     aggccttgac ccatcccttc ttttccttct cttcattttt ttcttctatc ctttcattta     72960
     tccttcagtc tctctcctcc atattagcaa catcctcatg cttttaaaag ccccactagt     73020
     ctttagaagc tttccagagg gagagataag tatgatagag gagtttggga gactgatcac     73080
     aggacagtca tggtccctgc ccttaggaag tgtgataagg caggtaaagt gtatccatca     73140
     tcaacaaaat ttagcattac tgaattaggg tgtgtaagaa ggcagataaa gtgtatccat     73200
     catcaaccta aatctgtcat taccaaattt taaaggtgca gtgacggggg aagagtgagg     73260
     gaggattctg ttgacagatt gaaggacaag tgggaatcat ttcaggaagt cttccaggag     73320
     gaggtgacct gtaaaagaag tgaaggttgt gttgactgga agagaagtga aaaggcctga     73380
     acaaagaatg tgaagcatct ctggggagaa aactggattg ggaaaagaag ggctaggagg     73440
     taagaaatca aaatgaagga gaccataatt ctttctcaat tcccactcac tatgcccttc     73500
     ccaaagattt tcttcaatct tgattgtttc tataatgact cattttttta aggacttgga     73560
     tgtttacact gtgctttaac atagctggaa attctattag accagagcag ttttcctatg     73620
     caactactcc aaggactctg agtaaaactt gccctgatgg gggaggcagt tttaggaggg     73680
     gtggcttgag gcagggatag aggaagaata tccagccaga ttaatccaat caatcttgat     73740
     actcaaatac atgactatgt tatagaaatg tcaccttcat agtccattct ctcatttaac     73800
     cctataacag ccgtgaggcc aagtccagcc atgttacact gaggcccctg ggattctggc     73860
     atggtaaggg atttgactag gctcaaacag ccggcaggag gcagagccag gactgaaatt     73920
     caaacctgct ggctccaaag tctatattct tttccttaaa tattaatttc tttcttttga     73980
     gactttactt tctcttttct gtccctcctg gaaggctcct tcctttctct ccctttaaat     74040
     ccctgcttag ggctaacagt ttctctgaaa tgttgcccat ccttcaagtt catgtaggtg     74100
     ctcacttatt ctctttcctt ccaacaaccc acctatcaat gtcactaata tttctatcca     74160
     tcatttaaat tctcccctaa atgttcacta tttgtcttct cagttttctt atttatttat     74220
     ttatttatta ttattatact ttaagtttta gggtacatgt gcacaatgtg caggttagtt     74280
     acatatgtat acacgtgcca tgctggtgcg ctgcacccac caactcgtca tctagcatta     74340
     ggtatacctc ccaatgctat ccctcccccc tgccctcacc ccacaacagt ccccagagtg     74400
     tgatgttccc cttcctgtgt ccacgtgttc tcattgttca attcccacct atgagtgaga     74460
     atatgcggtg tttggttttt tgttcttgcg atagtttact gagaatgatg atttccaatt     74520
     tcattcatgt ccctacaaag gacatgaact catcattttt tatgactgca tagtattcca     74580
     tggtgtatat gtgccacatt ttcttaatcc agtctatcat tgttggacat ttgggttggt     74640
     tccaagtctt tgctattgtg aataatgcca caataaacat acgtgtgcat gtgtctttat     74700
     agcagcatga tttatagtcc tctgggtata taaccagtaa tgggatggct gggtcaaatg     74760
     gtatttctag ttctagatcc ctgaggaatc gccacactga cttccacaat ggttgaacta     74820
     gtttacagtc ccaccaacag tgtaaaagtg ttcctatttc tccacatcct ctccagcacc     74880
     tgttgtttcc tgacttttta atgattgcca ttctaactgg tgtgagatgg tatctcattg     74940
     tggttttgat ttgcatttct ctgatggcca gtgatggtga gcattttttc atgtgttttt     75000
     tggctgcata aatgtcttct tttgagaagt gtctgttcat gtccttcgcc cattttttga     75060
     tggggttgtt tgtttttttc ttgtaaattt gtttgagttc attgtagatt ctggatatta     75120
     gccctttgtc agatgagtag gttgcgaaaa ttttctccca ttttgtaggt tgcctattca     75180
     ctctgatggt agtttctttt gctgtgcaga agctctttag tttaattaga tcccatttgc     75240
     caattttggc ttttgttgcc attgcttttg gtgttttaga catgaagtcc ttgcccatgc     75300
     ctatgtcctg aatggtaatg cctaggtttt cttctagggt ttttatggtt ttaggtctaa     75360
     catttaagtc tttaatccat cttgaattaa tttttgtata aggtgtaagg aagggatcca     75420
     gtttcagctt tctacatatg gctagccagt tttcccagca ccatttatta aatagggaat     75480
     cctttcccca ttgcttgttt ttctcaggtt tgtcaaagat cagatacttg tagatatgcg     75540
     gccttatttc tgagggctct gttctgttcc attgatctat atctctgttt tggcaccagt     75600
     accatgctgt tttggttact gtagccttgt agtatagttt gaagtcaggt aacgtgatgc     75660
     ctccagcttt gttcttttgg cttaggatag acttgacgat gcgggctctt ttttggtccc     75720
     atatgaactt taaagtagtt ttttccaatt ctgtgaagaa agtcattggt agcttgatgg     75780
     ggatagcatt gaatctgtaa attagcttgg gcagtatggc cattttcacg atattgattc     75840
     ttcctaccca tgagcatgga atgttcttcc atttgtttgt atcctctttt atttccttga     75900
     gcagtggttt gtagttctcc ttgaagaggt ccttcacatc ccttataagt tggattccta     75960
     ggtattttat tctctttgaa gcaattgtga atgggagttc actcatgatt tggctctgtg     76020
     tttgtctgtt gttggtgtat aagaatgctt gtgacttttg tacattgatt ttgtatcctg     76080
     agactttgct gaagttgctt atcagcttaa ggagattttg ggctgagaca atggggtttt     76140
     ctagatatac aatcatgtcg tctgcaaaca ggaacaattt gacttcctct tttcctaatt     76200
     gaataccctt tatttccttc tcctgactaa ttgccctggc cagaccttcc aacactatgt     76260
     tgaataggag tggtgagaga gggcatccct gtcttgtgcc agttttcaaa gggaatgctt     76320
     ccagtttttg cccattcagt atgatattgg ctgtgggttt gtcatagata gctcttatta     76380
     ttttgaaata catcccatca atacctaatt tattgagagt ttttagcatg aagcattgtt     76440
     gaattttgtc aaaggccttt tctgcatcta ttgagataat catgtggttt ttgtctttga     76500
     ttctgtttat atgctggatt acatttattg atttgtgtat attgaaccag ccttgcatcc     76560
     cagggatgaa gcccacttga tcatggtgga taagcttttt gatgtgctgc tggatttggt     76620
     ttgccagtat tttattgagg atttttgcat caatgttcat caaggatatt ggtctaaaat     76680
     tctctttttt ggttgtgtct ctgcccagct ttggtatcag gatgatgctg gcctcataaa     76740
     atgagttagg gaagattccc tctttttcta ttgattggaa tagtttcaga aggaatggta     76800
     ccagttcctc cttgtacctc tggtagaatt cggctgtgaa tccatctggt cctggactct     76860
     ttttggttgg taagctattg attattgcca caatttcaga tcctgttatt ggtctattca     76920
     gagattcagc ttcttcctgg tttagtcttg ggagagtgta tgtgtcaagg aatttatcca     76980
     tttcttctag attttctagt ttatttgcat agaggtgttt gtagtattct ctgatggtag     77040
     tttctgtttc tgtgggatcg gtgatgatat cccctttatc attttttatt gtgtctattt     77100
     gattcttctc tcttttttct ttattagtct tgctagcggt ttatcaattt tgttgatcct     77160
     ttcaaaaaac cagctcctgg attcattaat tttttggagg gtttttttgt gtctctattt     77220
     ccttcaattc tgctctgatt ttagttattt cttgccttct gctagctttt gaatgtgttt     77280
     gctcttgctt ttctagttct tttaattgtg attatagggt gtcaatttta gatctttcct     77340
     gctttctctt gtgggcattt agtgctataa atttccctct acacactgct ttgaatgcgt     77400
     cccagagatt ctagtatgtt gtgtctttgt tctcgttggt ttcaaagaac atctttattt     77460
     ctgccttcat ttcgttatgt acccagtagt cattcaggag caggttgttc agtttccatg     77520
     tagttgagcg gttttgagtg agattcttaa tcctgagttc tagtttgatt gaactgtggt     77580
     ctgagagata gtttgttata atttctgttc ttttacattt gctgaggaga gctttacttt     77640
     caagtatgtg gtcaattttg gaataggtgt ggtgtggtgc tgaaaaaaat gtatattctg     77700
     ttgatttggg gtggagagtt ctgtagatgt ctattaggtc tgcttggtgc agagctgagt     77760
     tcaattcctg ggtatccttg ttaactttct gtcttgttga tctgtctaat gttgacagtg     77820
     gggtgttaaa gtctcccatt attaatgcat gggaatctaa gtctctttgt aggtcactca     77880
     ggacttgctt tatgaatctg ggtgctcctg tattgggtgc atatatattt gggatagtta     77940
     gctcttcttg ttgaattgat ccctttacca ttatgtaatg gccttctttg tctcttttga     78000
     tctttgttgg tttaaagtct gttttatcag agactaggat tgcaacccct gccttttttt     78060
     gttttccatt tgcttggtag atcttcctcc atccttttat tttgagccta tgtgtgtctc     78120
     tgcacgtgaa atgggtttcc tgaatacagc acactgatgg gtcttgactc tttatccaat     78180
     ttgccagtct gtgtctttta attggagcat ttagtccatt tacatttaaa gttaatattg     78240
     ttatgtgtga atttgatcct gtcattatga tgttagctgg ttattttgct cattagttga     78300
     tgcagtttct tcctagtctc aatggtcttt acattttggc atgattttgc agcagctggt     78360
     actggttgtt cctttccatg tttagtgctt ccttcaggag ctcttttagg gcaggcctgg     78420
     tggtgacaaa atctctcagc atttgcttgt ctgtaaagga ttttatttct ccttcactta     78480
     tgaagcttag tttggctgga tatgaaattc tgggttgaaa attctttttt ttaagaatgt     78540
     tgaatattga cccccactct cttctggctt gtagagtttc tgccgagaga tccgctgtta     78600
     gtctgatggg cttccctttg agggtaaccc gacctttctc tctggctgtt cttaacattt     78660
     tttccttcat ttcaactttg gtgaatctga caattacgtg tcttggagtt gctcttctcg     78720
     aggagtatct ttgtggcgtt ctctgtattt cctgaatctg aacgttggcc tgccttgcta     78780
     gattggggaa gttctcctgg ataatatcct gcagagtgtt ttccaacttg gttccattct     78840
     ccccgtcact ttcaggtaca ccaatcagat gtagatttgg tcttttcaca tagtcctata     78900
     tttcttggag gctttgctcg tttcttttta ttcctttttc tctaaacttc ccttctcgct     78960
     tcatttcatt catttcatct tccatcgctg ataccctttc ttctagttga tcgcatcagc     79020
     tcctgaggct tctacattct tcacgtagtt ctcgagcctt ggttttcagc tccatcagct     79080
     cctttaagca cttctctgtg ttggttattc tagttattca ttcttctaaa ttcttttcaa     79140
     agttttcaac ttctttgcct ttggtttgaa tgtcctccca tagttcggag taatttgatc     79200
     gtctgaagcc ttcttctctc agctcgtcaa agtcattctc cgtccagctt tgttccattc     79260
     ctggtgagga actgcattcc tttggaggag gagaggagct ctgcttttta gagtttccag     79320
     tttttctgct ctgttttttc cccatctttg tggttttatc tacttttggt ctttgacgat     79380
     ggtgatgtac agatgggttt tttgtgtgga tgtcctttct gtttgttagt tttccttcta     79440
     acagacagga ccctcagctg caggtctgtt agagtacccg gccgtgtgaa gtgtcagtct     79500
     gcccctgctg gggggtgcct cccagttagg ctgctcgggg gtcaggggtc agggacccac     79560
     ttgaggaggc agtctgcccg ttctcagatc tccagctgcg tgctgggaga accactgctc     79620
     tcttcaaagc tgtcagacag ggacatttca gtctgcagag gttactgctg tctttttgtt     79680
     tgtctgtgcc ctgcccccag aggtggagcc tacagaggca ggcaggcctc cttgagctgt     79740
     ggtgggctcc acccagttcg agcttcccgg ctgttttgtt tacctcagca agcctgggca     79800
     atggcgggcg cccctcctcc agcctcgctg ccaccttgca gtttgatctc agactgctgt     79860
     gctagcaatc agcgagactc tgtgggcgta ggaccctctg agccaagtgc gggatataat     79920
     ctcctggtgc gccgtttttt aagcccgtcg gaaaagcgca gtattcgggt gagagtgacc     79980
     cgattttcca ggtgccctct gtcacccctt tctttgacta ggaaagggaa ctccctgacc     80040
     ccttgtgctt cctgagtgag gcaatgcctc gccctgcttc ggctcacgca cggtgcgcgc     80100
     acccactgac ctgtgcccac tgtctggcac tccctagtga gatgaacctc agatggaaat     80160
     gcagaaatca cctgtcttct gcgttgctca cgctgggagc tgtagaccgg agctgttcct     80220
     atttggccat cttggctcct ccccccatct tctcagtttt ctcaaggcct tcttgttctc     80280
     caagccctta gcagtttcca tttttttttt ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtgacagagt     80340
     ctcgctctgt caccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcatgagctc agttcactac aacctctgcc     80400
     tcctgggttc aagcgattct cctagcttag cctcccaagt agctgggact acaggcacat     80460
     gccaccacac ccagctaatt tttgtatttt tagtagagat ggggttttgt catgtttgcc     80520
     aggctggtct tgaactcctt acctcaggtg atctgcctgc ttcagcctac caaagtgcta     80580
     ggattacagg tgtgagccac cgcacctggc cagcagtttc cttttaagag ctgtgcattc     80640
     attcatccat tcatttaatc attcaacaac tatttactaa gcacctacta tgtaccatgc     80700
     gttgttctag gagttaggaa gagtggagag caagccagcc atagtccctt gtcctctggt     80760
     aatttagatt ccattgaaaa aggccaacaa taagcaagta aacaaataaa ttaacaagat     80820
     aattatagat tgtgatcagt gctttgaaga atacaaagtg ggtaatataa gaggaattaa     80880
     ctggaggagg tgtgcactac ttttaatagg atgttagaaa aagctcctct gagaaggtga     80940
     agagagggag ccagcaatga gaagagttgg gagagagcaa caacagcaga tgcaaagacc     81000
     ctgaagtggg aaagatcttg aacgtatgaa gtgggatgac aatggtttga tgtgagattg     81060
     gagaggtact aagagccaag ctgtgtagga ccttagggac caggataagg agttgatcgt     81120
     tgttctaaga gcagtggaat gccactgagt agctgtaagt gtgatattta cgtggtctaa     81180
     tggattgatt gattgattga ttgattgtag agatgggatc tggctgtgtt gcccaggctg     81240
     atctcaagct cctggcttca atcaatcctc ccactttggc ctcatctccc aaagagctga     81300
     gattataggc ataagctacc acactcagca tgatttatgt attttgaagc tcattttgtc     81360
     ctagtagtct tttctctcag ttttcttttt ctaattccta ttccccttca cattatttac     81420
     attcaagacg atcatctcat ttccatgtcc acttccccat cggggagaat aggtcttcca     81480
     aacaagttat ttattaacct gtacaaggat cgctagtaag tgcaccaaat atagctaatt     81540
     tgattctggc tcccacctct attaaagact tcaaagaatc atagatttgt agaatgctag     81600
     agttgtaggg aacattaaca atgtgtagtc tagcccttac aatatggata agaaaattga     81660
     ttcccagaga gatgatcttg ctggtgtgta agtagggaaa actttcggat cctcatctgt     81720
     caagaatgca ggagcaggtt ccttcctgtc ttttaggcgc ctgtttcaat taagaaaaaa     81780
     aaatattggc tgggcacggt ggctcatgcc tgtaatccca acactttggg aggctgagtt     81840
     gggcagatca caaggtcaag agatcgagac catcctggcc aacatggtga aaccccgtct     81900
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaagtt agctgggcat ggtggcacat gatgtagtca cagctacttt     81960
     taggaggctg aggcaggaga attgcttgaa ctcaggaggc agaggttgca gtgagcaaga     82020
     tcactccact gcactccagc ctggcgacag agcgagactc cgtctcaaaa aaaaaaataa     82080
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt caggatgtcc taactggttt attggcttca aggtcaatca     82140
     ccataggtca gtagtgctgc agctactgct agcatagcag ccacgggccc agctgcccta     82200
     cccccatgca catttcatgt ttattggggc tcatccatgc tcttctatag gaaaatagcc     82260
     tctacctcac ttctgcattt caaatctcat agaaatacat ttagttggaa ggacttaatt     82320
     catgtccaga atcctagctc caaaaattct gagaaataga gttttttact tttcaatctc     82380
     ttcaatagaa aggaaatgag gtcattccat atatgtaggt ttggcagata aaatgcagaa     82440
     catccagtta aatttgaatt tcagataaac aatgattttt tagtataagt atctcccaaa     82500
     tactgcatgg ggcatactta cacaaaatac ttgtttatta tttatctaaa attcagattt     82560
     aaatggacat cctgtacttt tatttgataa atctgacatt ttgacaaatc tccagcacag     82620
     agactgagag cagaagtcct taatttagat gggggacatt gaggaaggcc catcttccaa     82680
     ggtgatattt aaggggagac ctgagagatg aataagagat catcatgctc aaagaggaga     82740
     gaagggcatt gcaggcacag gtaacagctt tgcaacagcc tagaggcaag aacaatttgg     82800
     gctaatttaa gcaaagttga cacatgatga gttaggagta aagatggcac aagataataa     82860
     tgaagacgta ggcagagact agagcaagtg aaatcttaag ttttagtagt ggaataaaca     82920
     agagtggaat gggggagacc cagggtcact acctgctaat ggcattccca gagttgtata     82980
     cggcagtcat cccaaagaga gaaaactatg ccagtaattt aggtgagaaa ggatgatggc     83040
     ttgagatagt gggatccagt ggagctgaaa atgagcaggc caatttgaag tgtattttgt     83100
     agatagaatt gacaaaaaca ttgaagtggc ctttgggtga tgagggaggg gaaaatcaat     83160
     catgaatttc taatttctgg aatggatgac tgtgtaattg caaggctgtt acagaaatgg     83220
     gctacatact taatgagctt tggatgttga gatgggatca caagagaggg ggtaaagaca     83280
     aagtgatgag atattttgtt tcagttggac cacagtccac aataactgct tctcctctct     83340
     gcagaatatt cactaacatg cacgagacct gtttgctctg tccttctctc cttcctccct     83400
     gccctcccct tcatcatttt ctccttttta ttctctgtcc tttctttctg ttctgtagtc     83460
     atcctatttc cttgacagaa tcgaagcctc agccagtgag atagatggag tgtaggcagc     83520
     tagaaatgga aaggattcct gtgcttctgt gattcacagt ctcccagtgg gcctttaaac     83580
     catttaacct ctgttgtcca gaccccagga agaggggagg ctggaagagg gaaaagaact     83640
     tggactggag cagcagggga ggccctggag gaaggagcag gtatcatcct ccagcaaatg     83700
     ggcaatccat tagtccaaac tcctcatttt aaaattgaaa aaactgaagc ctttgcccat     83760
     tttgactaaa ccagataaga aattatacag tatgaaggaa cattgacacc acttagaaac     83820
     agtagggtgt caagatttga cttgactctt gttagttttg tgactataaa gtgaaaacaa     83880
     ttatatcaaa aaatttgttt tagggatgat aaaagtaatt tatacttatt cgttcaaaag     83940
     tacttattaa ggacctacta tgtgcagata cagtgttgaa agctagggac tcagtggaga     84000
     tcaacacaga caggaacctg gcctcatggg aattctaaac tctagcgggg agaacagctc     84060
     attaacaaat aaataagtgt aatgtatggt aggtaccacg aagcaacata aagctgggaa     84120
     gaaagacaca aatgctagca tagttttctc tctttgggat gactgcctta tacaactctg     84180
     gggaatgcca ttagcaagta gtggcctcgg atcttccccc attgcactct tgcctattcc     84240
     actactaaaa cctaagtttt tgcttgctct aatctctaag tcttcattat tatcttgtgc     84300
     catctttact cccaactcat catgcgtcaa ctttgcttaa attagcccaa attgttcttg     84360
     cctctaggtt gatgcaaagc tgttacctgt gcctgggatg cccttctctc ctctctgagc     84420
     atgatgatct cttattcatc tctcaggtct gcccttaaat atcacctaga gagatgggcc     84480
     ttctcaatgc tggatggagt gctggatgga gtagatagag ttacaatctc aatagattct     84540
     atttgagcaa agatttgaag gtggtaagag aagtcgtcaa gtgcttatct gaaggaagga     84600
     tcatccagat gaaaggaaag gcagaggcaa aggctgtgat gctgaagctg ctgatgtgtt     84660
     tgagatttaa catgaggcca tgtggctgga gcagagggag cagcgggtgt ggagtaggaa     84720
     gtcagagatg ggactggccg actgtgcagg gctttgtcat tgtcaggact tcattcagta     84780
     ctgggtgagg tgagcctacc aggggttgga gttggtggga aggggctgac ttctggacgt     84840
     gagttactgc attggttgtg gagtgtgaga gcaaaggagg aggcaggaag ctctaacgaa     84900
     tttggcccca ccatggggag gatggagctg ccagtgactg cagtgggaag aactgtgagg     84960
     agctggcctg ggcaggaata tcaggggtgg catgttggac atgtgaagcc aggaggcctg     85020
     tgggccatcc aacagtgctg tgaactgtgc agcccgatgt aagcatatct gacattagga     85080
     gtggtggaga aacaaaaaga acaaggatag ttcattttaa cacagtaata attttataat     85140
     tttataattt tcaaatcatt aaagatttta ctactttctt aactactcca ggagcctgtg     85200
     tcacattcca gtcacaggga ggaaactggg ggccatgcag gataaaggtc aaagcctgca     85260
     tgctgggact caagtgcttc ctccccaaca gtattagaac accaactccc aggagcacag     85320
     agacttgaag agagtgtccg ggtcgtggac tatgagtcag agaaaccaag ccaggggcat     85380
     gcaaggcagc acgaggcaga gcagggaaac ccagcaaggg aggtggcaac gcacagtgac     85440
     ctagaaaagc ctgatgagct gagagccagc cgacaacagg ccccatgtgc ctctgtgtct     85500
     tggtccacat gatagactct ccctccctcc cttccttcct ctcctctggt gaccagtagc     85560
     taaaacatca ctggcacgct gctggcatcc agcctgccaa ttagttcagg agccactccc     85620
     tctgactgcc tcctgagcct cagatgttac ctcccctgtc tcccaaacac acccctccag     85680
     ctctgtccgg cctgccctga atctctggaa ggaaaacttg ccctgggacc tgccttggac     85740
     tctctggttc ccctcatcca gcccctccct gcgcagaaca tggcatctcg tgccctttta     85800
     tctgccatat ctggccacct ttgcaagcgt ccttgaaacc agcgcttggt agagttatcc     85860
     acgcccatgt gaggctcccc tgacccctgg gtggtgtatg tggcaggagg agcagggagg     85920
     agcttcaagg aagcagaggg aaaggaacct ataagagttc ttgggatggc ttccaggaag     85980
     ctgtgaggac agagctatgc tgaaaggaga aaggcaaagg ctacagaaaa gtgaacactg     86040
     aagaggaatt aggcaagaac aaagcctacc aagttagaag aagggaatga gagggcgaaa     86100
     caacagcacc agaaaggaat gaggttgccg ggcacggtgg ctcatacctg taatcccagc     86160
     actttgggag gccgaggcag gcgaaccacc tgaggtcggg agttcgagac cagcctgacc     86220
     aacatggaga aaccctgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaatta gctgggtatg gtggtgcatg     86280
     tctgtaatcc cagctactca gtgaggctga ggcaggagaa tcgcttgaac ccgggaggcg     86340
     gaggttgtgg tgagccgatg cgccattgca ctccagcctg ggcaacaaga gcaaaactgc     86400
     atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaagaaagaa agaaagaaaa agaaaaagaa aggaatgagg     86460
     atcaggagtc ggggggagag acatgatctt acagaacggg ctggacctgg ggagaggatt     86520
     ttgtcagaac tatggaaagt ttgaaatgag gttgaagaag gagtgatggt aatacttttt     86580
     acatttttag aacatcttct tatattttat ttcatcattc attcctcata gatctcatta     86640
     cccccatttt acggatcaag aaactgaggc tcagagaggt gatgtgagtt gtccaagatc     86700
     acacagctaa taagaaggta cattctcctc tataccacag agcacctctt ctgtgtgtgg     86760
     catattacat agaaaaatga gattagacat ttagaagttg aggattctca tcccgcaaac     86820
     acttatgggg gcacttttta tgtgccaggc aacatgctaa gcactgaaga tactaagacg     86880
     ccctgctttc aaaagactga ccttctggtt aaggagtgat atgagtggtg caaaccaggt     86940
     ggggggcggg gctgcccata ggctgagggc tcctctggga gagggcagct tagggaagct     87000
     tttacagcgg atgtctggga agaagggaac cacttcccca gtgggtggtg gaaggggata     87060
     gcagagggca tttcagggaa aagcaagcaa gcagagtgtg tgggagagct ccaaggagtt     87120
     gagatccaca aaagagggat gtgtagggag ctggatggaa aagctaaaga aataatgggg     87180
     agaatagtga tattaattaa attcgtgatc tgtttaaaac cattgcatag ggcaaggcac     87240
     agtggctcat gcctataatc ccagcacttt gggagggtga ggcaggagga tcacttagcc     87300
     caggagtgag agaccagcct gggcaacata gcaagatttg tcccaatgaa aaaaaatact     87360
     aaatgttttt aaaaggcaca atgcatagct gtaataacag ttgaggagga atcttacaac     87420
     tacagtgtta aaggagacaa agggtgtttc ttcattatgt tgcggtgatg gaaacttaaa     87480
     tgagataagg atatatttga gtcttcctat atgccagatg gcatgcaaaa tgtttttata     87540
     tacattatgt aattgaattc atgtaacagt gaaaaatagt gaagatgacc tatttgggtt     87600
     gacatgagaa gatctataag atcgtggtta aaagaaaaag tcagtgcaga acattatgta     87660
     ctataaatta tgacccatag taaagaaaca catacagggg aagggttttg gtcagaggga     87720
     gtacagagcc agggcagcca agagaaggag gtgtgtctga gcctggtgca ggctgcgtgc     87780
     ctagggctgg cactgagagg gacatggagc ttgtcatact gagggcataa ctcaatcctg     87840
     ttacactagg caagtctcag agaattttca agtggaagtg aaacacactc tggtgacaca     87900
     ggttgtagag attgttctgt ctgcaggtgg atagattgga ggcaggagga gagcagtcag     87960
     gtaggagaga tcccgagggg tggacaagcc tggcccctgg aaacagagtc gggggagagg     88020
     aagcaagggt gagaaactgg gctgaggaaa tgagtgggtg acagatcttc acatggctgg     88080
     tagggggaaa aaaaaggaac acagaacaca attagattat tttcaggatt ttcatcgcag     88140
     ttatatatgc aaataaaaag ttaaacaagt tgatgagtta attttttaaa atggcagccc     88200
     tcacccccat ctccactact ttcaactctt ttagctgttt tggtgttcac cttcacatct     88260
     gtaaatacaa ggattatatt attactattt gctcttctaa ttttaggcat tatctattat     88320
     tgatttgctg ttatcaaaga tatagctttt tcttgtaacc acaacctcac ttgatcccac     88380
     aaacacatat cctcactatt cccactgtcc ctggtttata gctatttcaa atacacacac     88440
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac atttctatgt gtataaaaca cagatatgta     88500
     aatacacaca aacatgtcct gaaggatcaa atcaaactag gattcaggaa gatcatagct     88560
     aaagaagact ttcggcttgc acggtggctc acacctgtaa tcctagcatt ttgggaggcc     88620
     aaggtgggcg gatcacccaa ggtcaggagt tcgagaccag ccagaccaac atggcaaaac     88680
     cccatctcta ctaaaagtac aaaaaattag ctgggtgtgg tggtgggcac ctgtaatccc     88740
     agctacctaa gagactgagg caagagaagc ccttgaaccc gggaggctga ggttgcagtg     88800
     agctgagatg tgccagtgca ctccagcctg ggtgacagag caaggcttca taaaaacttc     88860
     ataaaaaaaa aaagaagaag aagaagaaga tttgaaccaa aaggtagaga agcacaagac     88920
     aagaggccgt gaaaaagcaa gtcatgcatt ggtgagtatg tgtgtggagg gcagggatga     88980
     ggaaaatttc agaacagaat caattcagcc ttgtgcagaa aggaataatg aaggcaggag     89040
     gcagcaactt cagggctgtc tgatttgaag gaaatattaa agcctttatc aggaaagggg     89100
     aatcactaac agtcagacag aagcaccaga ctgaaggaaa aaagatcaca gccccatatc     89160
     cttagagagt atcagagacc tcagatgcca ggcatctgcc atgctgttga tttactctgc     89220
     agtgagtcac tggatccttg aaactggggg caagggtgag atcattaccc cagaaggcag     89280
     ggagcagaga caacaaggcc cttggggtcc aggcagctga acccgtctgg tcagaggcca     89340
     ctgtcacaaa accaacaaag aattcatatc taataggttt tcctcagggc tcagatgagt     89400
     aggtttggga gttactggga ggctgtgata ccaggcagga tgacaaacaa aaacagtcag     89460
     ccaagaaaac aagcttcaga gtgtttgccc tgggagaaca atggatgtcc gggtagagcc     89520
     aaagccactg gctcctccct ccccacaact cagagccacc agggacctgg gccacgtgtc     89580
     cctttccatg accatggggt gtgtgactgc gggaggctga aagtgtcagc actgtgacct     89640
     ggaaatatat gcctggattg gggaggtgga caccttggaa ataaactcca gacttcctct     89700
     atttgaaaaa ttttgtggcc ggaagcgttg gctcaagcct gtaatctcag cactttggga     89760
     ggccgaggca ggtggatcac gaggtcagga gatcggacca actggctatg gtgaaacccc     89820
     atctctacta aacaaaatac aaaaaattag ccgggcatgg tggcaggcac ctgtagtccc     89880
     agctactgtg gaggctgagg caggagaatg gcatgaaccc gggaggcaga gcttgcagtg     89940
     agccgagatc gcaccactgc cctccagcct aggcaacaga gcaagagtct gtctcaaaaa     90000
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaagaa aaaaaagaaa agttttttgc attgaactgg attctgcaca     90060
     tatctataca catgctccaa tcccactaat tcatcttttt tcccaatgcc caacctaaac     90120
     actgagagaa aaaaaaagag cagcctctga cattcagaag ttggcctaac agagctaaac     90180
     catgttattc acctagtagg cataaactat attacagaat accaatctca gacaagttta     90240
     ctcctagacc ttgataaagt gagacaatgc aaggctgctt cacaagtttt tctgagcaca     90300
     gatccaaaaa aagacactgt gccacccaca aaataccaaa caccccttct cttggttaac     90360
     agaaatgttt gctacttctt taccaattat agctttcccc tcgttctagt ctcccctccc     90420
     tatagaaaat atttatttgg gtattcattc acaggatctg ctctgctttc taacagcatt     90480
     aatccagagc aaacccccac ttccttagac ctttccccaa atcacctaac caaaacccaa     90540
     accctatcat aggttttttc ctaacactct tattaaaatg tcccacactc cccatggggt     90600
     gcattctcca ttgctgcaag gagtaataaa cccagcatgt ttaatgacag ttatgttcct     90660
     ggggggtctt tggctggaaa acacgggtaa cagtgttctt tgcttccttc ttaactctct     90720
     gggatctaca ttgaagacct ggccccatgt tgtgtgggag aagctggtac aaaggcagga     90780
     ggtgctctta gaaaggacaa aaccagtaat gcattcactc aacaaatatt tatggagcac     90840
     ccacacatgc cacagactgt tctaggtacc aaggacaata gacaaataaa gcaggatccc     90900
     tgaattttta ggaagctctc agttggggta gaggtgagaa acacacataa acagatcgtc     90960
     ttgattgtgg agattagtgc agtgatcaaa gtatgccctg gggactgcta tgtgcttata     91020
     gatgtggtgc ctaaaccagt gtcggagagg agtgggggat caagaaaggc tttcagggaa     91080
     ggaggcgttt gaggccctgg aaggctgagg acaagctaag aagaaggaac aatgaaagcg     91140
     ggtcagggag atgtaaacaa tgtggtgagt ggggaatttt aggcaatttg gcctttctgg     91200
     agtgaaaaat gggaagcagg tgggggcagg ggttaggctg aaggcaggcc aacgtgcagt     91260
     tcaggcttta tcctttagag aagggaggca ttattgaaag tccaacaagt tctaacatga     91320
     ccagattata tttttagaaa tcatttgaat atctgcaact tactttaaaa tgcataaaat     91380
     tataagatgg atagaaggat gaaggaatgg gtcgatggaa acatatttga taaagcaagt     91440
     acagtaaaat gctaatgaga aaatgtaggt ggtaatattt ggatggtcac tgtaaaattc     91500
     attcaactct tctgtcagaa gattttcaaa ataaaatttt agaaaagcat agactttggc     91560
     ctgggtaatg gaagatggat tgggcagaat aagtctggag gcagggaaat gagaaaggca     91620
     gctgtcataa tccaggtgag ggctgatcta gacagtgcta ggaggaagat gggtggagtc     91680
     ctgtggtagg cgctaacatc aaggaggttg gggcctcaag gactgtaaga atgaggaaga     91740
     agaaagagtt gaagataaca cctaggttgg gtgactgtgt gggggttggt agcaacaatg     91800
     agtataaaac aggcagcagg atcaggtctg ggaaggggga caagatgact tcatgacccc     91860
     agagtttcta taggaatatg ctttgggagc ttgcagaccc ctggctcctc aagggggcca     91920
     ctctggtggg ggaaggggct cagtaccgtg gatctccatc tcttgacact tgccccagtt     91980
     ttcactggat ttccccagga gtggagtggc tcttactctc cctccctagg gagcagctct     92040
     tccaccctcc taatgacttc tccactcctg ccatgctttt tcctctttta gcttttgaaa     92100
     accatctttc tcctttctct ggttttccaa gccagatact caaatttgac cctccctgga     92160
     gagtacaccc tctatgctca ctatctcttt tcccttctgc tcatcttagc atcccccaag     92220
     tgttgccctt ggctcttttc caataccatt gtttcttttt tatgttctcg ctttcctgtg     92280
     ggtgacagat tatggagttg tgggttgaat tttgtctgcc aaggacatat tgaagtccta     92340
     gccccaggta cctacgtatg tggctttatt caaaaatagg gtcttggcca gatgaggtgg     92400
     ctcacccctg taatcccagc actttgggag accaaggtgg gcagattgct tgagctcaag     92460
     agttggagac cagactgatc aacatagcaa aaccctgtcc ctacaaaaaa tacaaaaatt     92520
     agccaggcat ggtgctgtgt gcctgtagtc ccacatgctg tgtgcctgta gtcccaccta     92580
     ctcgggaggc tgatgtggga agatcacttg agccagtgag gtggaggttg cagtaagccg     92640
     agatcatgcc actgcactgc agcctgggtg atagagccag accttgtctc aaaaaagaaa     92700
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     92760
     gaaagaaaga agaaagggag ggaaagaagg aaggaaggaa gcaaggaaag aaggaaggag     92820
     ggagggaggg agggaaggaa agaaggaaag aaagagagag agaaaaagaa aatagggtct     92880
     tttcatcaag ttcagatgag gtcatattgg atcagggtgg gccattataa gaggagggaa     92940
     attttgacac agacacatgg gagacggcca tgtgaaaatg ctgtcagaga ttggagtgag     93000
     gcatctacaa gccaaagaat gccacggatt gccagcaaac accaggagct agaagaggca     93060
     atgaagcatt ttttcctaga gcctttggag agagcatggc tctgctgaca ccttgacttc     93120
     agacttcttg cttccaaaac tgtaagagaa tgtgtcattg tttcaagcca cacagtctat     93180
     ggtgatgtgt tatggaagcc ctaggaaact aatatagcag ataagttgtg tgtgtgtgtg     93240
     tgcatgtata cgtgtgtgtg tgtccgtctg tgtagggaaa taccgtggaa agttactatt     93300
     tgttatagcc attttatcat atattttatg agattttatc ttttcaagtc aactttgcat     93360
     gtgctttgtg ttgaaagacc tgagtttgaa cattcatacc atatttggaa tatgggaatg     93420
     taaccatacc taatttaagc agttgtgaga agcaaatgga ataatgtatc tgaatccatt     93480
     taataaactg ttcaacattg taaacatgct gttagtagta tcataactgt gtgaagaggc     93540
     agaaaacact ttggactggg ggatggaaat cttggccagg gttcagtatt cacttgactt     93600
     cccggccata acatcgaatg aatggccagg actctctttg agtaaatgag cttctgagag     93660
     gctcctaaag aggcgacccc catccctcac ggctgagaag agtgtgatca tcgtttaagg     93720
     ttaaggtcca ggttggaaga cctccccaaa tttaaacctt gctacaaagt attctttcat     93780
     ttactttgaa cccttccttc atttacatcc ctttaggaac caggccctgt agtgctcaag     93840
     gagggtggga gagtgaaacg aaaaggagtg agatgctgct tctgttctcg aggacttcac     93900
     agtcaacttg cggtaagtgc tgcagggaga tggctgtagt ggctttggga gtgtgcacac     93960
     ttttccaaca gaaagtacca ggaaccctgc ctggggaagg cttcctggag gaggtgaggt     94020
     ggagctggtc cacgaaaatt gagtgggatt tccaagacat cagtctttcg cgggaaaaga     94080
     gaaattaggg catggtttta atttagtaaa tatttattaa tcaagtaccc cattctaggg     94140
     tccgtgctaa gtgtctgggg ttggtagagt caggaagtat aaaatcaact taagacattt     94200
     gggaaagatc tccctttgta gtaaggaagt tgaatctgta cacaatgaaa ggaaacaagg     94260
     taaaaggcgc gaagtccatg accatgacga gggctgtgag aactgtaaat agggatttgg     94320
     gcagtcccgg ctgattctga ataaaagtcc ggaggggcgt tactttcggg tctcggcctg     94380
     tgtgtcccca gccctttgtt gtcccctccg caggaaggtg aaggctgttt atgtaatcgg     94440
     cggcgcctcg cgggcgactg ggggaactgg atgggggagc ctggccaggg ctgactgagc     94500
     gcccctggaa tccgtgctcc gggcgttggc tcactcccgc cccgacacct gggcccgccc     94560
     tcccgctgcg cagccacgcg ccgggcagca gcgtgggctg gcgggcgact ccccacgcct     94620
     cctgcaacac cgccctctcc ctaccggagc gaggaggcag gaaaagccta gagacgcctg     94680
     gtcccatccg cctacccagt ccccagccgg cctgaaggga ggaagaggaa ggaacccata     94740
     atcatcccaa actggcgcaa atggtgggtt ttactgtcca gaggtcattt cgtctctgcg     94800
     tttccaacct cctcgccctt ttactttttt tgggctcact caggaaactg gagcagtcct     94860
     tctctgggtt taacttcagt ccctcacatg gcaacactag gaatgatcaa gacttttgtt     94920
     gcgggtagtg gtgatgtggg tttgagagga ggatgcatct ggtcgtggga ttaattttgg     94980
     tttctgagta ttatgaagaa ctagaaaagt tttgcgtatg tcggttttca ggatggggtt     95040
     cagatgggtc aaagccctgt gcaggtccac gggggctgca ggaggtaaaa tggaggagga     95100
     gacaggcgga caagctgggg tcagtggtcc actcccctgt gtctgtctta accgagatgc     95160
     agctggatgc ttgcacgtgg cagctttttc aaccacctgt tgatagacgt tcgtttccag     95220
     tcttatcctg ttaccaactg tgctgcaatg aacagccttg tgtatagcct tttagtgtat     95280
     ttgagccttt cttttcgacc caggcatatt gtaaggagag aggaactgag atagaaggaa     95340
     tatttaaagc agggtcagag aaatcaggac tggatcagga ggaagcccga agggtgtaac     95400
     cttcccatag ggctgctgga agcctagctt caacccttcc agctgcagca catcccaaac     95460
     tggggcgaga agcgagtgag gaggagatgc agaggaaggc aaagaacaac tctagcgacc     95520
     cagggtgatc cgggtgccgg aaaacagaag ctggaaaaag gagatctgcc ccggaaagga     95580
     ggcatggaaa gtgtagatgt gggtcctcga ggtggcgtcg tagaagacta cctctccgcc     95640
     ctagtaatcc aagcggacgc ccactttgtt cggacagatc gggagatcct cccgggaacc     95700
     gctctcgatg agcgcctggc actgggagcc gctgctgtgc agctccacga agccggtcaa     95760
     gggctccacc tccaggaagc cccgcctggg aaccagctcc aaggccaagc ccggcacgca     95820
     ggccccgccc ccgggccctt ggagctccgc ctcccaggcg ccgcggccgg agcaaaggcc     95880
     cagcgagccc agcactcagc ggaacctgta gaagcgtcgg gggttgcccc gcttctgcga     95940
     accgccctgg gatgcgaggt tcagcgtcac tatctcatcc tgggaaagga tgagatccgg     96000
     gtgggccgag gctgcgtcca gtgtcacagg ggctgtgtga agatgaggag aaagaggtgg     96060
     ccaaccccgg gtcaagttgt ccaaaccccc taccttcctc tgataccccc gtcccaccac     96120
     ccgccccgct cgatgccgcc agagaggctt tctcttccca gtcacagcct ttgtggtccc     96180
     cagagaagtc ttaggcccgg caccgcctcc tcctcctcaa agttaatccc taaatttcac     96240
     aatgtgttgt tctgtgggcg cagagagaag ttcttcattg gtggtggtgg tgagatcatt     96300
     tcaacacccg aagatgagac catctcttcc ttgtccattt cccgtggccc ctaattccca     96360
     tgtctaagac aagaattgag tctagtataa gagggtcaag gctcagactt tctgagggcc     96420
     agtaattttc taaagtggag ttcctcaaac acagggatga gtgaaagtgt tggaatacaa     96480
     aaggaggaat agtcatcccc cgccacacac acatacactt ttactaggat tccacgttca     96540
     gtcgcagttt attaaagtta gaagtgtctc catccacccc ctacagaggc ttgcgtggtg     96600
     gttccagtct gctaaatatt tcagaatggg gacctcattc tatctactga tttatcaaat     96660
     ctcattaatt aatttccctt gctgatatga ggggttggga gagaaggggg acgtgggaat     96720
     gtaaggaaga gcgagagtgg tcgggctcat ggggtttgat ggactgtgac ccaggctggc     96780
     gttgctcctc tccggatttc actcctggct gaactggtgc cttcggtaaa cagctgctta     96840
     aagagtgcgg ggactgctgc agggacttcc tttttccact aggcggcacc acagccaaag     96900
     tgataagaag tcaagcgtgg ggcgggtggc tggagattgt ctcttcccct ccttttgctc     96960
     aagaactcgt ccattccttc tccaactctc ttcaccacca cccccgcccc catctccact     97020
     ctcagtagcc cgagccctcc cattctccac tccttcgacc caattccact aagtcaagaa     97080
     ccgtggtcgg tctcagccac tcactcagcg ccactctatg ctccgaagtc cgtgtagcac     97140
     caccgctccc cgtgttctct gagctggctt agcttgaagg aacctcacaa aaccaagccc     97200
     ggatcgctgt cagccactca ctcagtgccg catggagctc ctcggacagc gcaacgtcaa     97260
     atgtcttcgt atcctgagag ctcgctcctt gaccagaaat ctcatcataa gaggccagga     97320
     gacatactgg aaaagtgact ttcccagcag acgaggcccg aaacagggag tgggatgggg     97380
     ctgaagagtg gtgatttggt ggccccgatg tagttctgcc gcctttgcgg gagaaggaaa     97440
     ggagaaaaga ggtcagcggg agcacctcgg cagcaatcct ccattgccag acagcacagc     97500
     tgagctctac atacagcagg agggatggag gtgaaactca agaaagtaca cctgaacaag     97560
     tcggagcgcc ctctgtttcc tggcagaggt gtaatttggg gaggaactga ggaaatggaa     97620
     taaatgaatt cattcattta ttcatttatt ccatttagtg gaattgggtg gatacagcat     97680
     tttgaccacc tgtagactta gaggtccctt agtattcaga gacaggactc ttacctgcag     97740
     aagatgaccc gggctctgag gttttgttca ttttatgatt atttttctgt aacaagcccc     97800
     ctaaaaattg gggagagaaa acctatttgg tcttgataac cagaagctgc aaattaaaaa     97860
     caaaaacaag caccctgcca tcatcaatca gaacagtcaa tggttctcag tgggacccat     97920
     tccccaccca gggggaagtg tggaaacctt tcaggttgtc tcagtgacaa caagagtgtg     97980
     gttctctact ggcttatagg gctttctggg gcctgggata ctaagcattt aacagggcaa     98040
     aagtcatgga gcataacaaa gatggccttt ctaaacaccg gtagctcctt ttgtggagaa     98100
     atgctggtgg aataggatcc ctaaatcctg ctctctggct ttggaatgca ttctgtagtt     98160
     tctggctttg gagaaaggag ttctaattct ctctctttca cttaatgatc atatgacctg     98220
     ggtaacttac ctcccctccc ggaagctaca tggacctcac tgtaagttgc agataataac     98280
     acctatcttg gaggatagtt gtggggtttt gaaatattag atgcgcacat agtggtcctt     98340
     taagaaatgg tacttctact gttattgtct taggtggcag aaccatatct aatgacttta     98400
     gcacaggctg ttattacagt gggtctccat cccctgagct gtactgacct cacacccaga     98460
     ggagtttgcc tcgaaacctg gtgccctgta ggggcagcaa atactacaga ggtggagctg     98520
     cctccttgtc ccactttttc ctccctgtct ctaggagtga agaaatacat ttgtaatttt     98580
     ctattacttc tgaatacttc aaagtttggg attagtgact gttttgtgag ttacctgagt     98640
     ttaaaataat aaaacaacca tatgcctgtt ctctcaattg gctgaggaat cggcattcac     98700
     ttatatctgg ccttcatgta atcatagaga cacaattctt ccccttttct cactttcccc     98760
     aaatggcaga agcaaccaac catcatttct cacttacagc tcttcatgtc atttttattc     98820
     atgcttttga agaatctgtt ttcatctttt ttcctatcag cctggagttg gtctggggaa     98880
     taaagaatgg gatgaaatgg tgagagtcca gaggggttga gcaaagaact cactatcaca     98940
     cagcaaggca ctaatttgaa atgcctggga gaagtagaag ctgcatttga ctctcatatt     99000
     cttattggac caggaaggta tgcaaccctt gagagatgcc ctttctgctt tcctgtggtg     99060
     actgcctagc ccagcactgt ccagtatgaa tgatgaatgt aatctgagtc acgaatgtga     99120
     gccacttata tatttttaaa ttttctagta gtcacattta aaaagtagaa agaaactagt     99180
     aaaattaact ttaattatat attttattta actcaatatt ctcaaaatgt tatttcaaca     99240
     tgtattataa aaattattgc tatcttttac agtctctttt tacactcaat cttgtgaaat     99300
     taatgattct tcacatatag catgtttaaa tttggactag ctacatttca agtgcctgtc     99360
     agcacatgtg gctagcagct actaaattgg acagtgcaga gctagcccct ttctcactgc     99420
     ctgacaaagg taggtgctca ggacaaagag tgccttgagg cttcaccctt tagcttcaga     99480
     aggcctactg tagggctaac cacccaggag ccaggtgggg taaggggggg ccccactctc     99540
     ctaaagcctg gatggcagtc ctgccctctt tcccatgaaa gagggcttga gagggggaac     99600
     gaagacagag ctcctgcaag gggaggccga gtgccttcat ctcccagttc acccctgcca     99660
     gaagagactc cttttgcagg tagaggatga gcccagaagt tggggacaat ggcccattcc     99720
     tggcctagat ttcctgtagg ggtgctggac tgagtggaga actatagggt ggagccccta     99780
     gatggggagc tacttctggc cccagcaccc ttcccccagt gtcttgcagc cccaagacag     99840
     cacaagacag cctggggcta ggtagtggga caagcgtggg cagcttccct gagagccacc     99900
     agcccagtca tggggactgc tcaggggaga cgcgggggcc ctcttaggag gggtctgcaa     99960
     acctagagca taggaaacac tgcctgggag cacttcacct acaagggcct ttagcggctt    100020
     cagggcccag ccacaccctt ctccacgtac gtgttccaga cccagtcacc ccgagcaggg    100080
     agaaccaacc ctcataataa gaactgtgga gattggacct gtggtataag tagactccct    100140
     accacctcct gtatttccta ggctttaata gggccaggtg gcc                      100183