ID   BX088556; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 114576 BP.
AC   BX088556;
DT   14-JAN-2003 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 24)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone DASS-67H14 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-114576
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Sycamore N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 15e5967a2b292a7d34dbe7c1eacbfe17.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000256.
DR   EPD; EP74065; HS_PSMB8.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q5SP00; Q5SP00_HUMAN.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   DASS-67H14 is from a DNA-arts SSTO human bac library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..114576
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DNA-arts-BAC.1-SSTO.1"
FT                   /clone="DASS-67H14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 114576 BP; 35417 A; 23862 C; 23921 G; 31376 T; 0 other;
     ggccaacatg gtgaaaccct gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aattagccag ggcgtggtgg        60
     cggacgcctg taatcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag gggaatcgct tgaactcagg       120
     aggcagaggt ttcagtgagc cgagatcggg tcattgcact ccagcctggg cgacaagagt       180
     gagacttcgt ctaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtg ccctcttcca tgcaagctcc agttttaggc       240
     gagcgagccg ggctctccta aatagaaggt tccaaccaat ctcaccaggc caaaggggat       300
     tttcacgtac agactttgaa tttagtaggc cctgagcgtt catcttcatc cgtccttctc       360
     agccggagca ccttgagctg gcgcgtgttc aggtgcctct gagtctgtac tccaaattat       420
     gttgggcgca ccttcagcct atgagggaaa tgcccggtac tgggctttgg ttcttgttct       480
     attttaacac tgtttagaac agtaattagg tttttaaata tccttcctgt cccagagcct       540
     tcctatgcaa cagaaagatt cgtttattcc agaaaggact cttcagattg aaaccacctc       600
     ccaaactaaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaatt ccccaaagga agggtcgctt ggattccaga       660
     tcaccatttt gaaatgttac ctgtgtgact accaaggagt cacttaaagt ttaaaatagt       720
     ggtggtgggg aggagggatt ttaagtaggg gctcgctaaa gttttacaac tctattcatt       780
     ctggcatttt aagaatctct ctctaatgaa aaaagctcca tgctcaagct catgctccta       840
     ctttcaagca tttgtttcct ttattttctg gaaagtgaca tggtccatag ttccagcatg       900
     attccgaaaa tctcatgatg tgtgtctctt tcttctaacc tggatctttt acattttccc       960
     cacactcctc acttagggga gtcctcctga tctcttcttc ctctaaaatt atagtcctgc      1020
     catcttgcaa ttcagcatga cacatcatga aattagaccc ttaatgtctg tctttatatt      1080
     caatatccaa tatctccaaa gtgttatttg ggataaatgg tatggtgttt atatgattac      1140
     catattaaag tgaagtggaa gctttttcat cctactctat aaagtcaaaa acagttatcc      1200
     taggtgccct actccctgtt cctcaaacca ttaacaatgg agcacacagg agtccccagg      1260
     tgcctctcta tggaaaggac cctaacctat gtgaaattgc aaacaagtgt ccatggacag      1320
     caatgagcag ccttcctgag gtcttggaga gatgagtgtg gaaggaaacc ccaggaagaa      1380
     ctatgtggtg aggccacatt tcttagatag gggtctgagc cccttctcca gaaaaagcgt      1440
     ctctttactt tctgccccac ccaacaacca caggcccaac cccattcagc cacaagacag      1500
     aggtatttat aaccgttttt ctttattcta cttagtgggg cacccagaaa cttccctggg      1560
     ggaaatgctt gttcaaatag agaacacgca gaagatgcac ttcaccggcc tcctctggct      1620
     gctgagcccg tactctctct ttggctcagg ctaggcctct tcttctcctt ggacttaacg      1680
     tggcttaggt ccctgagtcg gccaagacct cccagaggag acctgcccag ctgccaccac      1740
     caccattatt gattggcttc ccggtactgg tgcagcaggt cactgacatc tgtactttct      1800
     actttcaccc aaccatcttc cttcatgtgg tacactgtgg acaaatgaga aaagaacatg      1860
     gagtcacctt tcacctcagc aagttcctgt cactgatgtt atgttgaagg cagcaacaag      1920
     acacatgcgc aagcttaaaa ccatatgact gggcctttaa tgcccttctt ctgactctga      1980
     aaatttcctc cctactactc tccctccttt gagtctctca atcattttct tttttttctt      2040
     ttgagaagga gtctcactct gtggcccaga ctggaatgca gtggcaccat cttggctcac      2100
     tgcaagctcc acctcccagg ttcaagtgat tctcctgcct cagcctccca agtagctggg      2160
     actacaggca cccgtcacca cgtccggcta atttttgtag ttttagtaga gacggggttt      2220
     cgccatgttg gcaaggctgg tttctcaatc ttaaatcacc ccccccacca cccgccgact      2280
     cctcccaggc atggtggtgg gagcattggt ctcttactat tgacaacgcc tccagaatag      2340
     ctgtctctgt gagtggcata agcaatagcc ctgcggccaa ggtcataggc ctcttcaggg      2400
     ctaagattag gccgatagcc actgtccatg accccgtagg cataagtgtt cccactaccc      2460
     gtggagaaca tatttcctga gagccgagtc ccatgttcat ccacgtagta gagtccagga      2520
     ccctataaga tgaaagattt caggctgaaa ttggagagga agatgttggt aacatggggg      2580
     ttcaaatatg agacataaaa agtgaacaaa agaattaata ttaccacaag aacattggaa      2640
     ttaggaaacc actttggtaa agtcatcgaa ctttagaaat gaaaaaggaa aaacaaactt      2700
     gaaatcaact gtttaacaaa agggacaagc ttacaaaaca catgcaatga ttcatatctg      2760
     ggccaataaa tagtccatgg atatactgaa acagttctat aaccaagcac tctatatgcc      2820
     atgcatcttg tcagggaggg agtaggagta tatgatggga aacagatctg tcatccatag      2880
     ggaacatggt gggggaacat gaagaatgga gagcacccac cttcttatcc cagccacaga      2940
     tcatactgcc catagagagg cccatgcccc ggtactggca catcatgttg gacagcagct      3000
     tggaggctgc cgacactgaa atacgttctc catttcgcag atagtacagc ctgggtgagg      3060
     acaaggtgga gtgaggaaag agaggttagc tctttccaac ttgatggggc aggaaatgat      3120
     taaagagata agcattggaa aggaattatt ttgtaggatc taaagatcag agaaagattt      3180
     ggaatttaaa gtatctgaaa catacaaagg cagcctagta aatgatactg tcccgccagg      3240
     gtggatgtgt cagtgctaaa tacctgacgt actatctggc ttatgagtgg agcacaggct      3300
     gagatttggg agaagggtct tatcaccaaa aagctgtttt gtgaaatata ctattagcac      3360
     taagatggac cacataggac aagagtaagg agcaatgatc tgagagatcc agggattaac      3420
     cactaggcta agaaaggaag atgagaggcc tcacttacct gcattccttg gccagcaggc      3480
     gctcccagta ctgacagtct gctgcacagc cagacatggt gccaagcagg taagggttaa      3540
     tctcaatcac cttgttcacc cgtaaggcac ctggaagaag atggagcttt gggagagaag      3600
     ggatgacccc atagatcccc cagtgtgtcc taaatcaata tccacttcca ctttgttgca      3660
     gagttggcct cctgtggaaa ggagagccca gctccccaga ttctgcctgc tggagcgtat      3720
     acactcacta atgtaggacc cagctgaggc ccgagaatcc actgctgcaa tcactccatg      3780
     ctggaacttg aaggcgagcg tggtggtgcc atgggccatc tcaatctgaa cgttcctttc      3840
     tccgtcccca cccagggact ggaagaattc tgtgggctga taagagaaaa gaggttgaga      3900
     aaggcaatga aaaattctgt agtaagaggc tccaggaaaa ggttttaggg agtatgaggg      3960
     tgaggagata tgcagaaatg atctaaccat caataaatga aacagttaat aaccaatctc      4020
     tagaaggaaa tggcttggga gaaggaaaag aagaggcatg ccagtatcaa ccttttccat      4080
     tttccagcac aacagaaatg aaagcaagca catgttacca ttactaaaaa attttgagag      4140
     tgacttaaag ggtttcttcc atgcataaag cattcaaccc tcacaaaaca cgtttagtaa      4200
     cagtatcctc actttacaga agaggggctt gggacctaga ctaagtgact tgttctaagt      4260
     cgcgcaacag tgagttgctg agaggaggcc agcaggcaaa tttcataggt ttcccaagac      4320
     accacacacc tcctatatca tgtgataacc ccatgaaaaa ggctccacca tttgtgtgtg      4380
     gacaagggca gggaagttct cttgtcttcc tttgggagcc cccacctcac ctgtaactct      4440
     ttgtcctaac ttgcacttcc tcctctcagg ccccatcccc atgtggcctc ttctttgggt      4500
     ctggcgctct ccgggactga aggctacccc cgaccctgta ccccgcgctc ccgctctcgc      4560
     ctcctcctct caggcgaccc tccactcctc agcgcccgcc tccctgcatc cctaggggct      4620
     tccctactgc cccgacctgc attccccggg gtaaagcgag ctctggagat cgcatagaga      4680
     aactgtagtg tcctgggtcc gagcgacgcc cgcttcccgc aaccgggaga gccgattccg      4740
     gccgctgccc tcggggggct ccgcatacat ctagtagcgc catgaccgcc cagcacccag      4800
     agatctgtcc gctctcggag gaggaagtga aagcgaaagc cacagatcga aggggaggga      4860
     acaagactct tttccacatc cccctgcctt ttccgagaaa aggacagtta gtgcctggac      4920
     caggaccatc acactgggga ccggcttctc tgctctcccg ttatgggggt cgggggaatg      4980
     atgggtcaag ggtcttccga agaaagcgag aaaggaacag gcgccttcaa aagcccactt      5040
     ggcgatgggt tacagtaaga ggtacctcca ggcccgggca tccgctggaa acaggggtgg      5100
     gtagggtcgt gtcatctaaa ggcgcagctt caaccagaag actagaagtc agccaggagc      5160
     tgggagtagt gtcacgcggg gtgggggttc ctatgagcat cactttacaa aaccaggagg      5220
     gacggaagtg cgagggggca gagtcttgga aacaggtcct gggccaactg caacagaata      5280
     tacccgccgc gtgtagggga aggcggcgcc agggagaggg cgcagtctct gaatctttcc      5340
     acggggtcca tcctagggcc cctccaggtt caacggtctc ctaacctgta gtcacccaca      5400
     agagcgtgcc ctttctgccc gcccttccta gcgttgctcc ctgcttggct gagcactgcg      5460
     gagtttcacg cctctaaacc ccgcctcttc ttgcaacctg tgttggcctc atctacccag      5520
     caactgtcga cgtcacacga cctgggcctc cctgaatggg agatatttac taggcaatcc      5580
     cgcctactgt tctgaggttt cccctccagg tgcagcttca gagccaggcg agccaggaag      5640
     gaccagcggg cgaggtggtg agttgtgagg cgcgcccagt ccctctgttc ccgcctggca      5700
     cttgctctgg ccgcgcccgc cccatctgcc acttcggaga ggccacggct ctgagctgcg      5760
     gccgctagtg ccctgatggg ccctgtggct ggggtcttgc acattcttgg gggtgggcct      5820
     aaggggatag gggaagtgga aggggcctca taggaattaa aaagcttaag ggaaaaggtg      5880
     atgcagttag ggggtaaaac attgaggatg ataaaagagg agacacccgc agctgaaaag      5940
     tgcgctgcaa aaggcagtgg gccgtttggt gtgccggaaa cataagaaac cacagtacaa      6000
     aacaccaatt ttattataaa tatcaagaac ctacagggtg tttatgggcc agcatatgcc      6060
     ttcagttatg ttgaaaatag ctgatcatct ttccgtacat tctgaacatt tctcagtttc      6120
     agagtgctgg ccacaccaaa gcatcagccc tggctctaaa ctccgttaca gtaaggaatt      6180
     acaaatcctg tgtttgtact ccaggaagtc tgcattatca cgaggagctt ggaaaggagg      6240
     taacacactc aaggcaaatt tcaagtaact catcctggag gcagctgcct actctgcagc      6300
     tgtggttctc caccacagag agaagaaaag ggagggagat ggagtgcgca ggtctgagaa      6360
     ggctttcatt ctggagcatc tgcaggagcc tgcaccatgg cccagtagca cccctttttc      6420
     tccatgagct gctggtgggt tcccccctcc cggatagcgc ctccttccag aaagaggatg      6480
     tggtcagcct gctccaccag gctgaggtgc tgggtgatga gaagcactga gcgggagtac      6540
     cgctcagggc tttcgtacag gagctgctcc acctgaggaa agacatcgga ccgtcagagc      6600
     cggggactac cctcagccca gggagacacc tgtgtttcca gggctgggac tgacctcaca      6660
     ggatcactgc tggctctgct aacaacccca aggacaccaa cgtttcccat tctgagtact      6720
     tctccgcaaa ccctttgttt cattaaggac tgttttacat gaagggtgca aaagtaggat      6780
     aaaaatgaga accctagggt gaaacacgtg acagaagaat aaagactatt gaatagtcct      6840
     cttctctacc catggacttg gcatttttat attcgatttt aaggaaatat aacttagtag      6900
     taaagagatg agcattcaag tcaggcagac ctgaatttgg gtcaaggctg cgccactcaa      6960
     aagctatatg acctctatat gagcagctta ttcaacctct tttaacctcc attttgtcat      7020
     ctgtagaatg atgataaatg cctagctcag aaggattcct aatgaataaa tgagtgacag      7080
     tgcatgtaaa cagactagct taattaatat taatatgatt aggatgggct gggcccagtg      7140
     gctcatgcct ataatcctag cactttggga ggtcaaggag ggaggatcac ttgggcccag      7200
     gagttcaagg ccagcctggg caacatagcg ggacgctgtc tgtacaaaaa ataatttttt      7260
     taaataaacg atattatgag gatggtcttt tccttatgtt tcgctttaga aattcagtct      7320
     ataggactgg gcgcagtggc tcacacctat aaccccagcc ctttgggagg ctgagggggg      7380
     cagattacct gagctcagga attcaaggcc agcctgggca acatggtgaa acccatctct      7440
     actaaaaata taaaagccaa ccaggcatag tggtgtacac ctgtagtccc agctactcgg      7500
     gaggctgagg ggagaatcgc ttgagcccag caggttgaag ctgcagtgag ccaagattgt      7560
     gccactgcgc tccagcctgg gcaactgagt gagacactgt cttaaaaaaa aaaaaggaaa      7620
     gaaagaaaga aattcagtct gtagtttgta gatagtctct tttaactgat tctaggtgtc      7680
     tttgcctcgt cttctatctc tactccttgg ggaggcatcc aatggaactg gatttgggaa      7740
     ctgagaactg caaggactgg tttgtataat tatgatgtta gtaaaactaa cagaagatgt      7800
     ataaaagaag caagattggg tgggatatag ccattaagaa gatgactgcc tcacctgtaa      7860
     ctggctgttt gcatccaggg cactggtggc atcatccagg ataagtacac acggtttccg      7920
     gatcaatgct cgggccaacg ccactgcctg tcgctgaccc cctgacagct ggctcccagc      7980
     ctcgtctacc tctgcagagc aaagggccaa gatgagaacg gtatagccac atgtgtgcac      8040
     gcatgtacat gcacacagac acactcatgc attcacgcac tcacacacac caagatctga      8100
     cggttgtagc tggatagggg agattctggg aagatgaaca gaatcctgag gatgtcagga      8160
     tgaagaagcc ataggagcat gatcttacaa cttcaaattg atgtccatga gtaaggagga      8220
     actgaaggat aaaggcaaga ctactggggt ttcagcaaag gtaaagatgg ctgggtggtg      8280
     agatgagtgg agagagtacc tgtgtcatag ccctgaggga gtccagagat gaaactatgg      8340
     gccccagact ttactgcagc agctgtgatt tcctccatag ttggcttctg ggtcaggcca      8400
     taggcaatat tttcttgaag acttcttcca aatacctgtg gctcttgtcc cactgcagcc      8460
     acctgagatg aaatatgatg aagagtcata gaacaaggca catgggagta tggttatcta      8520
     gagatcgaag actcaaaatc tttattgaga acatgtcaca aaatcatact acctccctcc      8580
     tgactacacc accatctcca cccaaggtct cttatcattc cctaacccct ctttcagagt      8640
     gctcagtaag aatgctcttc gtatttgatg ctccctgccc tccttcaagc cacctgcttc      8700
     catacctgcc tgtgcaggta gcggtgctca tattggggaa ggggcttccc atccaacagc      8760
     agctgtcccc cggtgggctg gtacagattc tgcagcaggg cagccactgt gctcttccca      8820
     gacccattgg gtcccaccag cgccgtcacc tcgccagggc gtagggtgaa tgtcagcccc      8880
     tagaggccag agaagcacac gataagaggc taccaaggcc tctaaccttg agagtgtcat      8940
     tgccttgtta catagcatga tgtcttaccc cagaagaaaa acagggaaat atagaaactc      9000
     ctaccctccc acatgcacag atttctgggt gatgcctccc caaggagtag agatagaaga      9060
     agcagcaaag acaagggcag agacccagca ccactatgcc acacacttga tgtcagatac      9120
     caccaggaaa gggaaaaatc acattccaaa ttacaaagga aaaggaaaga tggaagaccg      9180
     aagacacaga ttttgctgca gcaattcctt ggaacgtgag agcactctct tcgaaacctc      9240
     ttctctcatt ctctttggaa gcccaaactg ggttcttgag tttggggaag atttatggaa      9300
     cagatgatgc ctaccattgc ctttaaaggg ttagggagga tatatgcttg gcagtaagca      9360
     ggctgaaggc aggaagaaaa tttaggatgg cagaattgca gttggggcca gtggaataca      9420
     gggagtggta ggttgtacct gtagcactaa gacatctggg cggtttgggt aggcaaagga      9480
     gacatcttgg aactggacaa ggccctccaa gtgtaaggga gtcaacagac cactgggtgg      9540
     gcagcgaggg gtgcggtcca ggtactcaaa tattttctct gaggagccca cagccttctg      9600
     tactctgggg tagatggaga gcagtaccta gagggaggta agaatagtga aagtgaggta      9660
     gtctgcttgc cagcattatg tgaagcaaga agggtaaaga atggaaggac atcacacaga      9720
     tggtgctggg ccagaggaag gaatcacact ggggagtgaa ggtggaggga cctcacctcc      9780
     acagcctggg tgaactgcat ctggtagaga acaaatgtga caaggttccc actgcttaca      9840
     gccccactgg tcaccagctg cccaccaatg tagaggattc ccactttcag cagcatacct      9900
     gaaatctata aagagaccac aaaaaaaggg actgaggtag agaaatctgg aggggacaca      9960
     aagaaccaca gtcattaacc tgaaggaaat atcaagtccc tgtctcctaa gtgacatcgg     10020
     caggctcaat aggcagacag gagaatgaac cagagacccc atggagtctg actcaatgca     10080
     catcatgcaa gtcacagtta tcttcaccac catcaccact atcaccttgt ctggggagca     10140
     ttttactctt cacaaaaggc tttcattcat gtgatgtcag ctaatacatg aagagcctta     10200
     taaagaaggt tatatcactc catttttgaa aaatgaggaa acaaccagtc gggcgcagtg     10260
     gctcatgcct gcaattccag cactttggga ggccgaagtg ggcggatcac aaggtcagga     10320
     gattgagacc atcctggcta acacggagaa acctcgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaaaa     10380
     aaaaaattag ccgggcgtgg tggcgggtgc ctgtagtccc agctactcag gaggctgagg     10440
     cgggagaacg gcgtgaaccc gggaggcgga gcttgcagtg agcccagatc gcgccactgc     10500
     actccagcct gggcgacaaa gcgagactcc agctcaaaaa taataataat aagtaaaaat     10560
     aaacaaacaa acaaacaaat aaataaataa agaggaaaca gtctcagaga aggtaaattt     10620
     gttgtcatga tcacaagaca agtaaattgc atcatcaagc caggatcttc ggatcactgg     10680
     cgtagctctc tttccagtgc atcacagatg tccctcatcc ctggcttcca ctattcccat     10740
     cactctcact aacaaatcta caaggtacca gcatgaagca gtcccaggtg caagaattta     10800
     tggcgccctg cacttcccct gagaggcaaa ggaaggccct aggactggaa gacacgcatc     10860
     tctccaatcc acatggttgg gtggatttta tgtaccatac tgaaaggaag ccacctagca     10920
     tctttaaaga gagggagggg gctagggaca ctgagtagag tcattgagcc tcaggttgct     10980
     aggacgaaaa tactgaacca accatttccc agtaaaggag gagtgggagc agggtcatag     11040
     gaatgggaat ggagtcacgg catcttaagg acaagggaat gggtattcat cttcaggtgc     11100
     tcacactagt ggtccaggag ttgactgcat aggccacagc ctccttctgg ttgagtgtct     11160
     ttatttcttg cagcttttcc ctaaacttct gggcttcgcc ctcctcgttg gcaaagcttc     11220
     gaactgtagg catggccgac agagcctcaa tggccacctg gctggacttt gccagagatt     11280
     cccgcacctg cacttccagc aactgtggat acatggacaa gagatgtcac acgggttggc     11340
     aaaccatcag ggacactaat acctgagtta cctatttgga aattaaaggt gagaagagac     11400
     agaggaaaag gagaaaagag aaagagacac agctatgccc cttggatgct aaagaaatac     11460
     gaggaagagg aaaatgactc agaacgggtt ggggatcaaa ttcttaaaga cagattgtgg     11520
     ggagaagcta gaaaagaaga cccagagagt atggaggtta atgttgagca acctgggaac     11580
     atggaccaca gggacagggt gttccatgaa gatggagaat cagtaagggt gccaggaaag     11640
     ctggactgaa agcaatgtga gaggaactga gtctgccaag tctgggagat gagggtctgt     11700
     gtagagcggg ccaactccat gaacatacct ggtaccattt tcccaccttc ttgggcagaa     11760
     ggaaaagcag aggcagggtg atcagggtga ccatggtgag ggacactgat ccccagagca     11820
     tgatccccaa gagacatagg cctcgcacca ggtaccacag aaataagctc agattctcac     11880
     tcagagaatc actcagggtg gacgtgtcct ctgttacccg agacatgatg ttacctgcag     11940
     ggttggggag aagagagtga ggtgaatcag acaggttcca agtgatgaga cgaactaaca     12000
     atgagccagg atgccagggt caggggtgtc aacatggggt tctaaggagg ctgcaggaaa     12060
     caaggttagg gttctccaga ggtctgcaaa tctcagtgca gggaagatga gtgttaaaga     12120
     ggaaaggcct gaccttcatt ttaattataa agtcattaat gcacatgtga atttccattt     12180
     tcctgaaagc tttctgttcc ctagagaacc tgtatgtccc atgctataca cacaggcagg     12240
     aagagcttaa actggtcaca taacagagat ggaggaggag ggtgctgcta ggaagcatgc     12300
     caaagtctgt ggagcactca ctgggactag ggttctaacc ccaggtctat ctctagccat     12360
     atgtaactgt acagcttcta gtgctgctag aaagcatgcc gaagtctgtg gagcactcaa     12420
     gagaccaggg ttctaacccc aagtgtgtct ctagccatat gtaactgtgc agtttcagca     12480
     tttagggtct tggcctcagt ttccttctct gtcagatgag gcagttggtc tctatgagct     12540
     caaaatttcc aggtttgaaa ttctatggtt tctatctaag gatacatagg aatagattta     12600
     taagaaaatg ctagatgaaa actctaggtt tttcttaagg taaggaggac aatattttgc     12660
     tcctgaggta tatcaagaat gagaaaaaca attgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg agagagagag     12720
     agagagagag acagagacag agagagagag acagggagag ggtatatcaa gaatgagaag     12780
     gaacaatgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgagagag agagagcggg gaggggggag atcaaagcag     12840
     atgtatgagg atatgaacag tacatggcgt ataatgaaag agtttcagga gaaacctgtc     12900
     tggttctgtt ggaaaaactc cgtctcctgg cgcaggacag ccccaaacac ctctccctgc     12960
     aagtggctgt gcacgtggcc catggtgttg ttatagatcc cgtcacccac gaactccagc     13020
     actgcactat aaagaacccg gaaaaaaagg ggatcagggt gtgttcaggg aacagactga     13080
     aggtcccagg tatccccata taagtgcatt tcggacagca gccccaactt ccaactccct     13140
     catttgcagg gtgccccatt ttcagccccc agacctggct atggtgagaa tggacatgag     13200
     agttaagttt cgagtgaagg tatcggctga gccatcttgt agaatccagt cagtgaggcg     13260
     gcccgtaaag aatggaatgg ccatctcccc tggagaaaga gaagagaggt cacgcacaaa     13320
     tattaagtct aagtaggtca gttccagtca gactggcccc accacgcctc ctccccctca     13380
     ccattatcct ggagggcatc agcagaaagg aaacactgac gtctcaatcc cgaacctaaa     13440
     taggctgccc tggaactcac taccctgtgg ttgctctacc agaactttca ggattttatt     13500
     aggaaggctg gagatcatga agtagaaaag cctcctgtta gagatgagga tgccccgccc     13560
     ttcggcccca gagcaaagga tttccccgct tccggcgtgg cccaaagaat caagacccgg     13620
     tcagcaatgg agcccagaac ctctggcccc cgccagtcca gtgccgtttc ttctacaccg     13680
     aagtggtgtt ccaagaccca cgctaggagt ccttctcctg ctccacattt cccagaaccc     13740
     acgctactct accttactga caattacctt tgattcctgt cccagtcccc ttgtgtcctc     13800
     ccctcttgcc ctgcgttccc cttaccaaga gaggagagga ccaccaggac caggaacagc     13860
     gagaggcggc gcgtctccga gcccaggcag cctagaagcc gacgcacagg gtttccagag     13920
     ccgccctgac cgccgggcac ccagaggctc ccgagtttgt gccacagggc tgctgcgggc     13980
     agtgccgctg cataactgac aacgaaggcg gtagggtgac ttccccagtg cagtagcctg     14040
     gtgctatccg cggacccggg ggctccccat gagatcagct ctcggaacaa ggcaagtccc     14100
     ggcagggcca agcccagtgc cgcagctaat ggcttcaaag cagccagcca gccctgggca     14160
     cctgcgtttt cgctcttgga gccacccgtt gccctgagga ccccgcaggc ccccagccag     14220
     agcacggccc agcggctcag gcccaccgcc cagacccgga gcagtggcag cgcggtgggc     14280
     accagcaggg agaatatgcg gggcagcgcg gtccggagca gcacccagtc ggcgagaagt     14340
     agcagtactg tccccagcca tgcgagagaa gctccgggga ggcagcggca cccgcgggga     14400
     gcgggacacc tagagctagc cattggcact cggacgccgt cccggtcccg gccgggcctg     14460
     ggactctccg cgccccggtg gggcctgaag ctccgggtac cgccgagtcc tcccctactg     14520
     gcggctgggg gagggaacga gggcggggct ctcggaaagt cccaggaaca ggctgatcct     14580
     gcgctggcga gaagctcagc catttagggg aaagcgaaat cgaaagcggc cgcctgctca     14640
     ctagataacg cctacttcca aaagtggcct gcccagacta ttttggtagc aagcgtggaa     14700
     atcagatctg agaatctcgg gagcagccct ggtgcccaat tttctccatc acgcacaccc     14760
     ttctcgcctc tccctgcctc ctgcctttcc acttgcacca gttttcccac cccagcctca     14820
     gggcggggct gcctcgtcac ttgtctcggg gcagatctgc cctacacaag ttagcgccgc     14880
     gcgcaaagca gccccgcagc acccaggcgc ctcctggcgg cgccgcgaag gggcggggct     14940
     gtcggctgcg cgttgtgcgc tgtcccaggt tggaaaccag tgccccaggc ggcgaggaga     15000
     gcggtgcctt gcagggatgc tgcgggcggg agcaccaacc ggggacttac cccgggcggg     15060
     agaagtccac accggggtaa tgggtctggg cttgagggtt ggcagagggg tggaggagat     15120
     gcagcggcca ggggaccctg gaagcgcgcg cggagaagtg aatgcagaga ccaacgggag     15180
     cgcagggagg tcgcctgtag cagccagcgc ttgcaacccg caatgagcat agagtatttc     15240
     ttttctgagg ggggtcgtct agagtgtccg tgaagggacc aggcacgcga ggctggtgga     15300
     aaaagggggt gctttgactc ttagctggaa gcgtcaacgg gaagctactc taaagcgctt     15360
     tcgctttcac tctggtcccg gacagtgggg gctggttaaa tcaagaaagg gggttgggga     15420
     tggtgcaaag agatgaggaa atggtgccct gggtgaagta gaacagcact tgggagaagg     15480
     aaatataggc acttattgag aaggaccaac tcatcacaca gacttttgat aaacttgcca     15540
     ctgggcaact cttagcccaa gcactgataa tgggcgttct gtgttaacta gtgatgccct     15600
     tccctagctt gacccaggaa ggcctctcct tggcccagat gctgccttac tcccttccct     15660
     gtgtcttccc tgcccactcc catgtgccca ctggggggac tttgcttagg atgggcgcct     15720
     ggggcagatg gcagccccaa gactggctgg ctggcttctg ctctggacta ctgccaccac     15780
     tcgtggcttg ggggcggctt tgttagagag gaatagcctc taacttgaag ttaaccctgt     15840
     tctttgaccc tctattcatg ataagtctgt ccgtcggaaa gcatactcag aggagcgtcc     15900
     tttggggcca gagtaattta cggcctggta agaaagacac agtgaaacca cttataattt     15960
     gggaaatctc ccctcactgc caaaagagca gtggcaagta ggaagtagaa gtggaaacaa     16020
     gggataagag ttagacctga attttagtcc caggtctact attaactctg tgtgactttg     16080
     cataagtcgt ttgcattttc tgtgacttgg tttcctcatt tgaaccgagg atctttaagg     16140
     ctccttccaa ctcaatagta gaataaatgt agctttatct tccctcactt cttcttgatt     16200
     cttttcttga cctggaaaag tcagcttaaa cttctcagtc aaattatctc ttggtacaaa     16260
     tttacccccc tggctgctga gatatgtatt tacctcttga tcggaaattc cataactgaa     16320
     acttttattt tcaaccatct gtatgtgttc cttgctgctt ctctcctgcc ttgcccctgg     16380
     ccatgctaac cactgccctc ctcgattttt tccaatgttc agtaaattgg aagagctcac     16440
     ttctgatgaa atggggggtg agagtggagg attgtggacc aaaaaaaaaa aaatagactg     16500
     accttgtttc ccaagatcat agtcaattac tctgtgttgg gtctacacca catctgcaca     16560
     tactatgagc ccttccgttg gagataattt tcacttgcgg agctgcttca cttctacctg     16620
     taggagcctc atctccacct ctctacagtg gagaggattc cactaggcaa gttggaactt     16680
     agggacacag ttctttctgt gttgtatcac agctgggctg tggcattccc ctgcagccgg     16740
     atgaagcaat agagaaagtg gaaagatgaa gggaaaaaaa gcctgtactg acagtcagct     16800
     ctggcctgtt actgtgtaat ctttgagcca gtcacttcgc ctctctggga atgtttcttc     16860
     ttctctaaca tgagggcatc aaggctgttc ttgccctgac attccatatt ctgtgtctct     16920
     gcagaccacc atcatggcag tggagtttga cgggggcgtt gtgatgggtt ctgattcccg     16980
     agtgtctgca gggtgagtaa aagtgaagat gtatgcattt ggaaagaagc taatggcctc     17040
     aaatacacac tttccttacc cattcatgaa aagactggca aactggagcc ttggaggaat     17100
     ggagttgacc ttccccaaaa gccactatga taagctattt ggtgggtgct tgggtctctg     17160
     aatttgtgga ggaggatctg gggtctgaat gtgtatgtga cctgtcccag tagtgtacag     17220
     ggatgagtaa aggaataggg tctgagaggg ggacaggaga tagatttttg agggtcttct     17280
     ttccatctgt gcttagggat caaaaagatg attctgtcaa gcagatatct ggtttctcat     17340
     ttaccatata ttgaactatt ttgtctcttc tcccactcct aaccaatttc ctcacatgca     17400
     aaatgagtat atggggttag gtcaatatta ctgacattat gttccataga acataactct     17460
     ctcaagattg ttaatagcaa agaaaattga tgaggcatat ttttcttacc ttagcatttt     17520
     ttgctttgtt ataaaatcta agcctgaaaa ataagcctaa ttttgattaa catctgcagt     17580
     gattaataat atctgagatg attatttgcc tcctgcttta atccaagcat taaacttcat     17640
     gctattctct tgtcaaagaa atttgagaga cattgaatga tcaccctcaa aaattcctga     17700
     gttctggttg ggtgcagtgg ctcacatcta taatctcagc actttgggat gccgaggtgg     17760
     gcagatattt gaggtcagga gtttgagacc agcctggcca acatgttggg accttgtctc     17820
     tactgaaaat acaaacatta gctgggcttg gtggtgggtg cctgtaatcc cagctattcg     17880
     ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cacttgaacc agggaggcga agtttgcagt gagcccaaga     17940
     ttgatccact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gagtgagact gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     18000
     aaagcaaacc tgagttttaa cttggtgact gttgactccc tcctgacagc gaggcggtgg     18060
     tgaaccgagt gtttgacaag ctgtccccgc tgcacgagca catctactgt gcactctctg     18120
     gttcagctgc tgatgcccaa gccgtggccg acatggccgc ctaccagctg gagctccatg     18180
     ggtatgaagc tctggagttc tgactcccca cccactagag ctcccccaac ctgcatgaat     18240
     ccctgtacag tgtgctgttc caggagctgg acactgggaa atggaaaagt cttgtttcgg     18300
     ctcttgctgg cacttgaatc tgtcagtttc tgcatctgta aagtggagat aatatagcac     18360
     ctcatgagac ggttattttg agaaccacgt tctatatgtg aacacagttt aaaagctgta     18420
     aatcactatc ctgatataaa taatcaggaa gaaggtgata ttgtgaccca ccataatatc     18480
     aggcagttac catacgagaa atcaaggtcg ttgggatgga agtaacctta tctgcttttc     18540
     cccataagag cagggtcctt gcagccaaaa gaaagttatg tgggtggggc tgagcaaaag     18600
     agtgagcaat tgaaagcttc ttaccagttg gtggtgtggg actctggttc ccctgtacat     18660
     gtgggaggga ggctgcagtt tgagctattg cagttacagt tttcaggggt cgtttagcag     18720
     ggatgatggt aacagtatag gagaatgaga cttaaaattc tatcaacctt tattcctaat     18780
     atttccctca ggatagaact ggaggaacct ccacttgttt tggctgctgc aaatgtggtg     18840
     agaaatatca gctataaata tcgagaggac ttgtctgcac atctcatggt agctggctgg     18900
     gaccaacgtg aaggaggtca ggtgagtttc tcccaaagca ctctctcctc tgggcttccc     18960
     cactctcctg cagaggaaga tggaagtcct atgtcattct agcaatgagt tccaaggaca     19020
     ctacctctga aagcatagta ctttggggat atgagatacc agggcttcat tgcagggtgc     19080
     agagaccact taatgtctca gtgggaagga agggcttgat gattctttaa cctgaggatc     19140
     cctttcccag gtatatggaa ccctgggagg aatgctgact cgacagcctt ttgccattgg     19200
     tggctccggc agcaccttta tctatggtta tgtggatgca gcatataagc caggcatgtc     19260
     tcccgaggag tgcaggcgct tcaccacaga cggtaaccag ccaagtggaa gggtacctgg     19320
     ggagggcttt gaaacatggg aaggaagtag attatgagga acaggaagag aaatacaggg     19380
     gtggccattt aagttaatgc cgggcctggt acacttttaa gagtgaaaag gggcaggaca     19440
     aatgcaaagc tcaatggggc tcttgggcaa tacggataaa ccagggctgt tctgagtaaa     19500
     tcaaatgagg atacacagtc actgtgagaa ccagtggtgt gctaagcaca gtggctcaca     19560
     cctgtaatgc caacaatttg ggaggctgag gcaggaggat tacttgagcc caggagtttg     19620
     aggccagcct aggcaagatg gtgaaaccct gtctccacaa aaaacaataa aaaaaagtaa     19680
     aaaaaaaatg aactgggcat agtggtgcac acctgtagtc ccagctactc aggaggctga     19740
     ggtggaaaga tcatctgagc cggggagatc aaggctgtag tgagcggtga ttgcaccact     19800
     gcgctgcagc ctaggtgaca gagagagacc ctgtctggag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga     19860
     accagtggtg tgctgaggtg tgctgaggct ggcttgggac cactcatgag agcggactgt     19920
     taaatagtca aggatttgtg aactgcttag ctatttgtaa cttgcaattc atcatagcgg     19980
     gagcatttac accatggaca tcagcagatg ccacatatgg aagccttttt gtaaaaaaac     20040
     tgatttacca gcacaccact aaatatgcct tcctggaaga tgagttttga ggtgaaagtg     20100
     gtagtaggca tatggatgga gggggagtaa aaagattttt gaagctaagc catcctctct     20160
     ctccctctct ccaacttgaa accctctgca gctattgctc tggccatgag ccgggatggc     20220
     tcaagcgggg gtgtcatcta cctggtcact attacagctg ccggtgtgga ccatcgagtc     20280
     atcttgggca atgaactgcc aaaattctat gatgagtgaa ccttccccag acttctcttt     20340
     cttattttgt aataaactct ctagggccaa aacctggtat ggtcattggg aaatgagtgc     20400
     tcagggagat ggagcttagg ggaggtgggt gcttccctcc tagatgtcag catacactct     20460
     ttcttctttt gtcccaggtc taaaacatct ttcctagaga aaacaaaagg gactaaacta     20520
     gaaatataaa gagccctata catgacaggt gatcacgtac tgaatgattt tgtagtacaa     20580
     acaataaaaa ttctcattcc gcatcatcat gcggtccatg atgatgaggc cgcaagtgag     20640
     gtgatgggac tctttccttt aaggctaaga ctgacagata ggcaagacac ctacacacat     20700
     gagaattagc taagactatc agcaaactcg catgtaaaag aattcctttc ataatgcatt     20760
     cattcatatt aaagggcaat acatgaaaaa tgcttaaata ttttggggca cttgtgaatt     20820
     tcaaagaata atgacaataa ccaaaagaag ctacatttgt ggcattggct aaatgtttta     20880
     taaattttat ctcttaaaat tcaaaccaaa aaaccccctg tattcacacc tgtaatccca     20940
     gcactttggg aggtcaaggc gggaggattg cttgagccca ggagttagtg accagcctgg     21000
     gcaacatagt gagaacccca tctctacaaa aaaatttaaa aattagtcgg gtgcggtggt     21060
     gcatgcctgt agtcccagct gcctgggagg ctgagtggga ggatcgctta ggcctgggag     21120
     tttgaggcta cagtgagctg tgattgcgcc actgcactct agtgtgggtg acagagaaag     21180
     accctatctt aagaaaaaaa aaagaaaaga aaaagaaaaa acaaacaaac aaaaacaccc     21240
     aaccctatat aggtagtatt attacttcta taggacacat agaggtttgg aaagattaaa     21300
     tcacttgacc aaggtcacaa aataagttct gaggctggga tctgggattc agtcttatta     21360
     tatgcccttc ctctaccact ccctaaaact tctcattccc tcaatcccca tatatcatct     21420
     taaaatctgc aataaatagc cccatacatt cgttggcact taggaaactg ttaccagatg     21480
     gctgagtaac tgtattaaaa caaatttaat tctgcttcta tctttgcctt gcacttcctg     21540
     agtgacagga gtgaactctc atatcctttt ctgtcaaaag atggtgctga atgatttcta     21600
     aggtagttta cagttccaac attcaatgcc attttgctaa caagtgggca gtcaacaggc     21660
     atattcaaca gaaatactag taggatctca ggctaaacat acgaattcaa aactctaaaa     21720
     caatcacatc cccctggagt gtaaagaaaa aaatctaaaa ttacaaatgc ctggagttgt     21780
     ttctagccat gatatttaac ttatttgaga ttttaaatag cccatttttc ccactgatca     21840
     caagtagaaa ttctgggcag tatacaaaaa gcaagtactc aaggactcca aaaagtaaac     21900
     aaaagcaggt ggattgtgaa gagggtcaaa actgggagag gggcccctcc tggggagtgg     21960
     gttttcaatg ttttcccctt ttttcctccc agctctgccc tgacgtcagg cctcaggtgc     22020
     agagctgcac tgcgtggtag cacaagccct gagttaacaa gagaaatacc ggctttctgg     22080
     ccagaggaat gaagaaaaag ggcccctgca ggcaggaatg tgtaggggaa tctccaaact     22140
     gagagtacag gcggaaattc cctaattctg agtctgaacc ctcaggagta ccaggttacc     22200
     cctgagctgc acatgcgtgt gacatgcctt aagggcacag caaagacttt gagaactgaa     22260
     tgaagattag atcttttaaa attagaagac ttcggccagg cgcggtggct catgcctgta     22320
     attccagcac tttgggaggc caaggcgggt ggttcacctg aggtcaggag ttcgtgacca     22380
     gtctggccaa catggtgaaa cctcatctct acttaaaata caaaaattag ctgggcgtgg     22440
     tgcctgtaat cccagctact cgggaggctg aggcagggag aatcgcttga acccgggagg     22500
     caaaggtggc agtgagccaa gattgcgcca ttgcactcca cctgggcgac aagagagaaa     22560
     ttccatctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aattagaaga cttcattttt ctgtattggc     22620
     caaataactg ttctaatgcc cttcattcca ataaaaggtt tgtagcagct tacagagata     22680
     atttaaaaca atttttaaaa gaagaaaaca acactgggtc aaagagaaaa tatggttaag     22740
     aaaagtaagt gaagccaagg agtgaaacta atggaaacta atggacaacg tgaatatctt     22800
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagtggtgc gctgtcttat actggctagc aagagcagat tgcaaagtat     22860
     tcaggatttt tgaagacagt tgttaactat tggtaacttg atattgacca ctatggaagt     22920
     atttatacta tagaaatcag caatgctaca agtcagaagc attgtttttc ttcagagagc     22980
     cggtttaaca ggacacatat ttatcagcca actataaata gataaaaaat aattggctcc     23040
     gggccatagg atagtgaaag caaagaagga aataaaatga ggtacaagat tcataaaatt     23100
     cattttttaa aagttgccag aaaaccaaaa attatatata atagttcaag ccacacagaa     23160
     catttactca aataggacat gcatcattcc ataaaggtaa cgccaataaa ttccagagta     23220
     tcggtatctt agaaactatc tatattctag gccaggagca gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc     23280
     caacattttg ggaggtcaag gtgggcagat ccctagagcc caggagtttg agaccagcct     23340
     gggcaacatg gcaaaacccc gtctctacaa aaaatttagc tggatggggt gcacctgtaa     23400
     tcccaactag tcagaaggct agatgggagg atcgcttgaa cccaggaggc agaggttgca     23460
     gtgagctgag attgtgccac tgccctccag cctgggcaac agagtaagac actgtcttaa     23520
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa ctatattctg caaccatact     23580
     gtaataaaat tagaacttga taactaaaat atacttaaaa ttgtaagtga acaaatatat     23640
     ttatcagtaa catggattta aaaggcagtc gtggatggga gcatcgctgg agtccagaag     23700
     atggaggctg cagtgaggca tgattgcgtc actgcactcc agcctcagca atagagtggg     23760
     accctgtgtc aaataaataa acagcagtta taaagaaaat taactctttt agaaccaggt     23820
     gttaaaaatg ttacacataa aatatacata taaaataata ttataatttc aaatacattt     23880
     attagaacaa gaaaagttaa aataaaggac ctaaaaattc tactcaaaaa tttggaaaaa     23940
     gagaagttga gcaaacctaa agaaatacga agaaaaggag ttataaagat aagaatagaa     24000
     agcaatgaaa cagaaataga gaacaaaaaa ctaggtagtg aaaattaaca tacttttgat     24060
     tccaaaagct gcttacttaa aaatatttgt aagatattca gagttacaac aaggccgatt     24120
     atggataaag ggagaaaaaa tgaataaaca aatacataat gaaaaagggg gaacagctac     24180
     agatatgaca cagatataaa gcatagagtg ttatgaacaa gtatatgcta ataaatttga     24240
     aaacctaggt gagatatgca aattcctaga aacatttaat ctatcaaaat tagcacaaaa     24300
     agaaatacaa aacttgacta taccaatgag tattaaagca atttttaaag ttatcaatgg     24360
     catctaataa aaaaatatat ttttgaaaat gcccagatgg tttcacagat gagttctatc     24420
     aaacattcaa ggaacatgaa acttctatat tatatacttt ttccagaaaa tagaaaaaaa     24480
     ctaaacctga ttagctaatt ttatcagccg agtgtaatct tgactccaaa ttgagttgtg     24540
     gaaaactcaa ggaaaaaaaa taatagaccc atttcacctt gaacacagat gggagaaaaa     24600
     aataattatt tatgaaccga attcaacaat attacaaata ataatactgg gaggccgagg     24660
     tgggaggatc gcctgaggcc aggagttcaa gaccagcatt gtcaacatac tgagatcctg     24720
     tctctacaaa aaattaaaaa attagccagg tgtggtggtg agcacctgta gtctcagcta     24780
     ctagggaggc tgaggcagga agatcatttg agcccaggag tttgaggctg cagtaagcta     24840
     tgattgcacc actgcatttc ggcctgtgca acagagcaag gccctgtctc taaaaatatg     24900
     tataataata acaataataa taatgattat gctaataatg atacatcaag atcaaatagg     24960
     gaatccttgg aatactaggg tggttcaata taataaaaca tattgttgct ataatttacc     25020
     atattcatag agaagtcatt tcctttgctc agtctattaa taaaagacat ttggtaaagt     25080
     atatccattt gtgatttttg aaaaacagtt aaggaagcag gaatcaaaac tttcctattt     25140
     tggcaaaggt tataatccaa aaaatctgta accactagta tacataacgg aaaaaccttg     25200
     ggtatccaag acaagaatgt tcactataat tactagctta tcatagcact aaagcctatg     25260
     ggcaacataa caagacccca tttaccaaaa ataaatttaa aacattttaa ttagctggca     25320
     tggtggcatg cacctgtagt cctacctact tgggaggcca aggcaggaag attgcttgag     25380
     cccaggagtt tgagcttatt gtgagctgtg atcacaccac tgcactccag cctgggtgac     25440
     aaaggaagac cgtatttcta aaaaataaaa aatacaaata caactacaaa ctagcactag     25500
     accaacagtg actatgtacc atgaactgag gaatattatt aattccacca tttgcatctg     25560
     aggttaacaa tatgtcaatg acttaaataa catcatatct ctgagagtaa tttctcctat     25620
     atttccatga caaatgttag ataattttcc attttttcca ttcaacaaaa taaacaggaa     25680
     atataattaa agagttcaat tgaggattgg gatttagaaa ggaaggcagg aattaagaat     25740
     aatccttagt tctcttccta atttgcacct ctctcactga tacatatgta ttattttctt     25800
     tttatgtctt ttagagtcta ataaacatgt tttatattat ataacaaact agaatatatg     25860
     gattatcttt ggtcttcctt accaagttct taactctgct ggctctgggg cactggacat     25920
     accatgtaag aagaaaaatg ttttaactcc attgaactta ttcagaagca tcggaaattg     25980
     gttcagcaat attcaacttt gcccagcaat gtttatgaaa gtttcatata tagtatagta     26040
     taagtatgtg taatacagaa tttatgttct caaaaatgaa gagataaagt atggagattc     26100
     taaactctgt tgacatagaa gagggtggat ttctcgaaga aacagccttc tatagaaagt     26160
     ggcttgtatg agtcgggatt ctccagagaa gcagaaccaa taggatgttg gcagagagag     26220
     atttatttta agtaattggc tcatactact gtggaagctg gcacggtcga aatctgcagg     26280
     taggctggag acccgggaag agctgatgtt gcggcttgag tctgaaggtg gtccagaggc     26340
     agaattccct cttccttgga ggacatcagt ctttgcccct aagaccttca actgattgga     26400
     agggccactt acattatgga gggtaatctg ctttacccaa aatctattga tttaaatgta     26460
     aatctcatct aaaaaatacc ttcactgcaa tatctagact ggtattcaaa tgtctagaaa     26520
     ccatagccta gccaagttaa cacataaaat taactatcac ttggctcaag gtgaaacttc     26580
     cagatcaatg tggcaggagt gttgaggaag gaagtgaact cggttctaac caagtaggac     26640
     agccaaatca tcactgaagt gtggcactgg cctttcgcca aggtaacatg tggcaaggtt     26700
     ttaggttagg ataggtacca ggcaaaagct gggtgactcg atggaggctt ttgtgccaac     26760
     cttcagagac tggctgcgtc agactgccct caagagcata caaaggaaaa aagacaaatt     26820
     aaaagccttt aatccaaact caagacatga atgaaaaact gtaaatgcct ctatagcagt     26880
     tttaaaggct atcttttctc ctgcaaccca gcacagatat ggctgagggt caagcccggg     26940
     ggcttatgat aaaggttatg aagttgtaga aatgtttgtt gcatcatcca acagcagctg     27000
     ttgtgataag gcaagacccc tggttgggat agaccggacc ctgagatatg aaatagggac     27060
     atatgagcag acacagagaa gtctgagtga gaactatgaa tcaccgcacc ccctgagggt     27120
     ccttgctgga agaagcagac tcaccgtatt agttacctat tgccatgtaa tgaatgacac     27180
     ccgcttaaaa taacagacat ttactataag gtgttactgg gacaatgggg gattttttaa     27240
     tatggattgt gtgtttgata atatggtatc aattttaagt atcttggggg tgatgacagt     27300
     attagggttt tgcaggagaa atgtccttat tcttaaatta tacatgacaa aatatttagg     27360
     ggtcaagtgg cataatttcc acagattact ctcaaattgt ttaacaaaat ggttcttcaa     27420
     cagtaaatgg ataaacaaaa cgtagtctat tcgtgcaaca cagtactatg taaacaatga     27480
     aacttcatca actactgaaa atgtaacaac atggacgaat ctcatagaaa caatattaag     27540
     tgaagaagcc agacttgcag aaatacatac tgtatgtttc cattatctat tgctgggcag     27600
     cacaccaact ccaaacttaa tggcttaaaa caaaaataat cattttatta tctctcatga     27660
     aactgtgaat tactggactt taagagccac tgatgtagtc catgaaccaa aacacatatt     27720
     cacggcagcc actccaccca gcacctcaca cctgtgatgt ttactggctg cccatgggat     27780
     ttgaacacct ttagagtact gtgaaatttc ccctaccttt tgagtcctgc ctccctaaag     27840
     tggaaaccag aaagctcact tcccctagcc ttctttgaag ctagagcacc taagttccac     27900
     caattaaatt catccaccta agacttcagt tacaaagggg ccacaggagg aaccagggtg     27960
     tgggggttgc agagcacctt ttactgtatt tatttctctg gcaaaggtga cagaagaagc     28020
     aactgtcttt tggggaagcg gtgggttttt tccttttttt tttttttttt ttaagtgaag     28080
     ttcctgaaac agaagtggtt taggaggtgt cttcagtggt ggctgcagca acctccaggt     28140
     cctaacaaca gaaccaacag cagcgtctag aagccatggg gcagcagcag tggtgtggct     28200
     catcagacct gctctctgcg tggtctgacc ctgtacatac atgtgcctct catccgtagt     28260
     tccagcattt cctctctaaa gtctagttct gagagaaatt tctttggtag acttttcaaa     28320
     gttttatcaa actcaaagag ggaaccagca agaatacaag agccttgatc caaagagtat     28380
     ttgaaaaaca gagctgtatc tctctgtgag gaaataattt ctaggctaga gattcaaaat     28440
     ggctaacgtg ctagagggca ataaaatcat aaccttggtg ttatcttctt taccggagaa     28500
     aaagagaaag ccagcatccc ttatcagctc tctgctgatt aacctctaat cgcacagggc     28560
     tggccgggtt cgtcttaggc aaattacaat ccctgaaaca ctctggtttt gataaggcag     28620
     aattatgagc aaaggttcaa gtgtgatata aaataatcaa gcacgtacaa ttttgcctta     28680
     tttataattt tgaaacactt ttcctacaca atttctgacc ttaaggggca gaattaacca     28740
     aataaaactt ttcagaaatg ctctaattca gttccactca ttttatcgtc tctatttggc     28800
     ctgttttagg gctaaaccca gaagcaaaat cttcttcaaa atgaatgtat tgacagtcac     28860
     catgccagac ttggagtacg aacaagagca tccttttacc cttactgaaa cctatgtggt     28920
     cactaaaaca tatatcaata atatttttaa cctggacaaa attaatctag aaaattgagc     28980
     tactgttttt tatttgtcag cttttaccac attgtgggtt tgagacacag gtagttcttt     29040
     tgatagtaca gcgttaattt aaaatataaa aatcatgcca aacacatcta attactttta     29100
     gcttccttca acagtaggcg gaggaaggtg aaaaattaag ccttttgcgc cacctagtgg     29160
     ccaaatgggt agtggctgtc tagtgagaaa aaacaaagat ttgggggcgt gaaaaatagc     29220
     ttgacagtgt tagtattctg aattcagggt atgaggttgg aagaaggcaa caacaaaaaa     29280
     gaattttcag agaaactggt cacttaagtg cataggtacc tgagagtgag caattgttat     29340
     aactttgata tctcaataac cagagtgaca ataaaacatt tgaaaataaa cataaagaag     29400
     gtaacaatta taagaaactt taggtgtttc agaagcaaat ggttttttgt tgttgtttgt     29460
     ttttaaaata atttaaaaac ttgatgctat cagcacaaag cactaaaagt tatcaaggta     29520
     ttaagtgaga gcattctgat aagaaaccac cgctagctgg gcagattatg ctaaagggaa     29580
     agaaaaagtt ttttctctgt ctttaagtgt agagtgtata ttccaagatc aattttaaat     29640
     tacaaatcct ctcctttttt gcttattaat tcgaattcat cattacgtgt gtgttttaca     29700
     gaaatacata catagttgaa tgacaatttt gtttaaaact ttccacttta gttttaaaat     29760
     gtagttaatc ttatcaatac aatacatgaa tgtatatcca cactaagttt accaccttaa     29820
     tttgagtttt gcaaaaatta aatatggaca aaggtatata tatagaaagc cacttagtga     29880
     cccaataatc tttctctcta tgatacactt aagaattttt tagacaataa aaagtcactt     29940
     attaactagc tcagtgaaaa ttagtccaaa gtaacaaaat catttgaggc tgcaaaacaa     30000
     caatatcact attgatatta ggagtttttc aaagaggtaa aattctaaaa tttttacata     30060
     gagtgcaagc taagtagcta agtcaaatga cttgcaatat ttttctgaaa ttcacaagag     30120
     ccaatagtta aaaaaaagca tctcataaca tttaattaaa aatatacatt ttcatttaag     30180
     tttgcttccc acaaaccact gacacactca ttgacacagt gaatgagtct agtgacaaga     30240
     aacaaatcct ttttgttagg tcacttctaa cactctgcct ccaacaaaat aaagaggacc     30300
     tattcaagct gtcagctatt atatcattta aagtaatttt gggaaggagg ccaggcagga     30360
     ggatcgcttg aggccaggag ttcaagacca gccctgggca acataatgag accctgtctc     30420
     tatgaataat aataataaaa ttagtcaggc atagttcgat gtgtcatagt cctagatact     30480
     ctgaaggctg aggcaggagg atcacttgag cccaggagtt cgaggttaca gtgagctatg     30540
     atcgcaccac tacactccat cttgggtaat ggggccagcc aaacaccaca gaaaaaactg     30600
     cgactccacc cccaccagct aaggtcaaat gaggagccta gactttcacc ctcaccaggc     30660
     tgtcataagg aacccaacac ttcaacacac acatgcccac acaccaggat ggtgtcagag     30720
     aaagtgaata gggagtcagg atggtcatgc cctcttggtg aaaatgtact cctttcccca     30780
     agcccctgaa atgtcaatgg aaacctagac ttccattcct cacccaacag taatgaagca     30840
     tctcttcccc tctcctctag ggtgatgtca gacaatgcct aatggagagt caggattttc     30900
     atcaccaccc agagttaatc cagcaaccac tccctgatac ctaccactca ctcctccact     30960
     ccactgtccc atcttggtgt caataaaggt catgtgaggg atagtaagtg gcactcctct     31020
     cccaaccaac cagggaggta ttagtgggca cctaataggg agccagaatt tctgtcccca     31080
     ctcataataa tggggaccta tctgaggtgt caatgaaggc agagtgagaa gcctggactc     31140
     ctacccctac ctggcgtcat gaagctcacc tgcctacctg ctggagaggt gttaaaagaa     31200
     gccagctaaa acagtttaaa taagaccgat agccttataa cataatgcct gaaatgtcca     31260
     agtttcaact ggaaattatt tgtcatatca ggaaccagga atatctcaaa ttgaattttt     31320
     aaaagacaat aaaatagatg ccaaaacgga aagaaaagcc tgatgaagat tttaaagcca     31380
     ccattattaa aatgctttga tgagcaatta acacttaaaa gaatgaaaaa aataggatgt     31440
     ccagttcagt ggtttaaaaa aagaaagaag aagaaaagag cagaaaagaa aaaaatagga     31500
     tgtttcagca taaaaatagg atatatacgg aagaaaacgt ggaaatttta gaactgaaaa     31560
     gtgcaatagc caaaataaaa agcacagtaa ataagctcag cagcagaagg agagaacaga     31620
     ggaaagaatt agctaccttg aagacacagc aatagcaatc actcaatctg aacaaaagaa     31680
     agaaagaaaa tacactggaa aaaatggaca aagcctcagg gacccatggg gctataacaa     31740
     aagatttaat gttcatgtac tcagagtccc aaaatgagag gaaaaagaga gtgaagctga     31800
     aaaaaattat caaataaata tggttgaaaa cttcccaaat ttggcagaag acataaacct     31860
     agtgatttaa gaaggtgagt gaaccccaaa taggacaaac ccaaagaaag ccacaccaaa     31920
     atcatagtaa ttaactaaaa attaaagaca aaaagaatct tgaaagcagt gagataaatg     31980
     acatctaaca ggtggaaaaa atgacagagc aaaattttca tcagaaactg tgtaagcccg     32040
     aaggaggtca ccaccttttt ccagtgctga aaggaaaaaa aaatatcaac ttagaacact     32100
     atatcagcaa aaatatccag ggaaattaag acatacagag atgagggaaa actaacagaa     32160
     tttgtcacta acaggtctac cctaaaaaaa caaaaagtta aattgaggac agttggaaca     32220
     tcaggaagga agaaagaaca tggcaagaaa aaatatgggt taaaaaatgg actttacttc     32280
     ttctcttgag ttatttaaat tataggattg aagaaaaacg tataatactg tatcatatgg     32340
     ttataaatgt atatagagaa aatattacag gcaattataa atgagggagg gtaaacaaag     32400
     agagaagaaa tttctacaca tcactcagac tggtaattaa tgacaataaa taagttacat     32460
     aaatataatg taatacctag aacaaccact aaaagagcta tccaaagagg tacacacaca     32520
     tacacacaca cagctataga taaattaaaa tggaatttta aaattattta ggaagcaatg     32580
     aaaaagaaaa caaagaaatg aaaaacagag agaacaaaca gaaaacaaaa aataaaatgt     32640
     cagacttaag cctggacata acaatattat aggaaatata aatcgcctaa atacatcaat     32700
     tttaagagac agagcttggc agaatagatt taaaaatatg actctgtcgg gtgcggtggc     32760
     tcacgcctgt aatcccaaca ctttgggagg ccaaggcagg tggatcacaa ggtcaggaga     32820
     tgaccatcct ggctaacatg gtgaaactcc atctttacta aaggtacaaa aattagccag     32880
     ctgtggtggc acaagcctgt agccccagct actcgggagg ctgaagcagg agaatctctt     32940
     gaacccggga ggtggaggtt gcagtgagct gagatcacac cacttcacac cgctgcactc     33000
     cagcctgggc aacagagcga gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaagact caattatttg     33060
     ctgtttatga taaactcact tcaaatatag tgatataggc ggtttataag ttaaaggata     33120
     gaaaaacata tatcaggcaa aaaataataa agggaggcta tattaatatc aaataaactt     33180
     agaacaaaga aaattactag aaatggatag gaacactatg taataataaa agggtaaatc     33240
     taccaaaaag acatagcaat cttaaatatg tatgcaccaa acaacagggc tgcaaattat     33300
     gtaaagcaaa aactgataga actgaaaaga aaataggcaa gtcaacaatg atagttgaag     33360
     acttcagtag ttttctctca ataattgatt aaacaaatag acaaaaattg agaaaaaaca     33420
     tagaagaata aacaacatca aaccataaga tctaatcaac atttatagaa cacaccaccc     33480
     aacaacagaa gatacattat tttctttttc gttgctttta gtagattcca caagattttc     33540
     ttttttcttt tttctttttt ttccttttat tttaagttca ggggtacatg tgcaggtctg     33600
     ttacataggt aaacagtgtc atggaggttt gttgtgcaga ttatttcatc atccaggaat     33660
     taagtctagt acccattagc tatttttcct gaccctctgg ctcctcccaa cctccaccct     33720
     ccaataggcc ccagtatgtg tttttcctct ctgtgtccat gtgtccatca tttagccccc     33780
     acttatgaga acatgcagta tttggttttc tgtacctgca atagtttgct aaggataatg     33840
     gcctccagct ccatccatgt ccctgcaaaa gacgtgatct cattattttt atggctgcat     33900
     agtattccat ggcagaatac actttttttt tttttttttt tttgagatgg agtttcactc     33960
     ttattgccca cactggagtg caatggcaga atctcggctc attgcaacct ctgcctccca     34020
     ggttcaagca attctcctgc ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg agattacagg cacacaccac     34080
     catgcctggc taattattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttatttt     34140
     ttgtatagat gaggtttcac catgttgatc aggctggtct caaactcctg acctcaggtg     34200
     atccacccac ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg ggattgcagg catgagccac tgcacccagc     34260
     cagaataaca tttttttaag tgcccacaga atatatgcca agatagacca tatctaagat     34320
     aacaaaagac caaaaaattt tttaaataaa atcataaaga aagtgttctc ctaccacaat     34380
     ggaaccaaac cagaaatcaa caacaggaaa atatctaaac atttggagac aaaacaacac     34440
     acttagaaat acatgggtca aggaggaagt ctcaaggaaa ttttttaaaa atacacacaa     34500
     taaacacaac taaacaaaaa tgaaaatatg ccatatcaga atttgtgaga tacagttata     34560
     gtagttataa gaggtaaatt taagttccag gatacatgtg caggatgtgc aggtttgtta     34620
     cataggtaaa catgtgccat ggtggtttgc tgcacatatc aacccatcac ctaggtatta     34680
     agacaagcat gcattagcta tttttcctga tgctctccct ccctccaacc tcaccccaga     34740
     cagaccccag tgtgtgtttt tcccctccct gtgtccttgt gttctcattg ttcagctccc     34800
     actgataagt gagaacatgt ggtgtttggt tttctgttcc tgcattagtt tgatgaggat     34860
     aatggcttcc agcttcatcc atgtctctgc aaataacagg atctcattcc tttttatggc     34920
     tgtatagtat tccatggtgc atatgtacat tttccttatc cagtctgtca ttgatgggca     34980
     gttgggttga ttccatgtct ttgctattgt gaatagtact gcaatgaaca tacaagtgca     35040
     tgtatcttta taacagaatg atttgtattc ctttgggtat atactcagta atgggattgc     35100
     tgggtcaaat ggtatttctg gttctagatc tttgaggaat tgccacactg tcttccacaa     35160
     tggttgaact aatttacatt ccatcaacaa tgtaaaagca tttctatttc tccgcaacct     35220
     tgtcagcatc tgttgtttct tgagttttaa taatcgccat tctgactggc gtgagatggc     35280
     atttcattgt ggttttgatt tgcatttgag aagtaaattt aaagcactaa ctgcatacat     35340
     tggaaaagag gaaaagtctc aaaccaataa tctaaactct cacctcaaga atctagtaaa     35400
     agaataacaa aataaaaagc aagcagaaca atgaaactga aaacagaaaa acaaaagcaa     35460
     aaaaaaaatc aatgaagcaa agagctggtt ctttgaaaga ttaataaaat tggcaaacca     35520
     ctagcaagac tcagaaaaaa agacgacaga agatagaagc taccaacatc agaaatgaaa     35580
     tgggatatca tcaaagattc tacagacatc aaaaggataa caaaagaata ctatgaacaa     35640
     ttctacacac ataaatttga cacttaaatt aaatggatca ttttctcaaa aaatataaag     35700
     tgccacaact cactaaatat aaaataattc aaaaatgtct acacctattg aggaaattga     35760
     attcataatt taaaaactca caaaaggaaa tatttaggaa caaatagttt caatgaagaa     35820
     ttctaccaaa gatttaaaga agaattaaca ccaattaatc tcttccagaa aatagaagca     35880
     gaggaagcat ttcccagttt attttataaa gctagaatta cctcaatacc aaaaccaaac     35940
     aatgacaatg ggaagaaaag aaaactgtag actaatattc ctcatgatgc agcaatcttt     36000
     aacaaaatat tagcaagtgg aatttaccaa catataaaaa gaattatgta caatgaccac     36060
     gtgagagtta tcccagggat gcaaagctgg ttggatattc acaattaatt aatgtaatcc     36120
     atcatattat aggctgaaga ggaaaattta cttgttcata tcaattgatg aagaaaaagt     36180
     atttaaccca ctttaacacc cattcattat ttttttttaa tctcagaaat ataggagtag     36240
     agtagatctt tctttacttg ataaagatcg tctacaaaaa tcctatggtg aacatacttg     36300
     attctgaaag actgaatagt ttctacctaa aatcaggaac aaggcaagaa tgtccactct     36360
     caccactctt attcacagtg ttggaagttc tagacagtgc aataggcatg aaaaaggaga     36420
     ttaaaggcat acagattgtg aagtaagaaa taaacagctc ccatttgtaa gtgacatgat     36480
     tgtctatgta gaaaatcaca aggaagctac agaaaaactt ctagatatgt gatttcagca     36540
     aattaacaga atacaggata aaccagtatc aattgtattt ctacatacaa tgaacaagtg     36600
     atacatatat atatatatat atattttttt tttttttttt tttttttgag acggagtctc     36660
     gctctgtcgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc acgatctcgg ctcaccacaa gctccgcctc     36720
     ccgggttcac gccattctcc tgcctcagcc tccggagtag ctgggactac agacgcctac     36780
     caccatgccc ggctaatttt ttgtattttt agtagagacg gggtttcacc gtgttagcca     36840
     ggatggtctc gatctcctga ccttgtgatc cgcccacctt ggcctcccaa agtgctggga     36900
     ttacaggcgt gagccaccgc gcctggcgcg gtaaattgag tattatttac aattactcaa     36960
     atacatgaaa cagttatgtg taaatctaac aaaacatgca agacttgcaa gctaaaaact     37020
     atgtaatgct ggtgaacgat atcaaagaag atctattcag tctctatcta tgtggagaga     37080
     aatactgttc atggattgga agattcaata tagtaaatat gtcaattctc cccaaaccaa     37140
     tatacaagtt taacacaatt ccaatcaaaa tctttgcaag atttgttaat tataggtagg     37200
     attactctaa aatttacaag gaaaggcaaa gggactagaa tatctaaaat attctttttt     37260
     catattatta tattttattg tagtatgtgt agtgtatact aacttaaagg gaaaaaatgt     37320
     aaacaaaatg aaagacatgg ggaaaatggc atcttgcttt aatcttcaac ttaaagttac     37380
     ccttaacaat tcatttatac cattatgcca aattgtagtc atccctgcag aattttagac     37440
     aaatgaaaat ggacaaggta acaccaaaga gattaagcac agaaagtgat attgattaaa     37500
     aagttgaaag taaaatctac cttggctaga actgaacatt cagatccatc tctagaggaa     37560
     aatctaacat gaatcatatg gttcctattt tgactagttc atagcatatc aattagcaac     37620
     ttatgacttg aaaatacttt ttctcagctg catttgacta cctaaaatcc taccgagcac     37680
     gctgtttggc atgtcttact cctctgaaat catcatctac tttctaaaaa ccagaaaatt     37740
     agtttgcttg tgatttaaaa ttcaaaaaag tttgtagaaa acacaaaaag aatcaactat     37800
     ttaaagtctc atccttttct tctctctaaa acagctactt ctactaaaag aagagtatgt     37860
     ggatactttc taagaactca aaaacgagaa aaccaaaatc agagggtgca tgaatatatg     37920
     tgcacaagta tgtacagatt taatctctat attccctaaa acatatttaa acagataatc     37980
     ccagcattct aaattcagaa agcaaaaata aacagttttg tttctaaatc agtggtatta     38040
     ctagctgaaa tgtttagtag aatactgcac ctatagttca gcagtacttt gattatgtac     38100
     catttaagaa atcaaaataa taagcacatt cttctaacag caaagaattc tcccactttt     38160
     tattttgaca tactgatatt tccataaact tgcaagtgga aaataagctg ttcaataaaa     38220
     gcctacttac atatataata tacagaaatt attttagaag tctgttcata taacagatta     38280
     ttttggcact aacaaaaatt gtatacaatc catcagttgt atggctagaa atgaaaccat     38340
     cactaaacca agacacacag ggctttcctg cacttagttt caggaaaaag ttccaagtaa     38400
     ttcttactgt gttagaagaa taaagtacat ttgtcatagt atacattatc atattccctt     38460
     aaagcaggga ctaaagtttt taaattaaac aatgtccatg attacttctg tctgtacatt     38520
     caggaataat catatcactg gttacataca attctctcct catgcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     38580
     aaaaaaacct gttgttttct taagtctaat taagccaaac aaactaataa tagcaattta     38640
     attagcaagc tataaatcag agaggtataa aaattcagca gttaaactgt atttcccacc     38700
     tatagtactg ctgctactca accattttct tcatgtatta gaagaattaa taggcattga     38760
     tggtcaaaat aagaatttca atattgcagc aaatgacaga agagtgagcg aaagagttcc     38820
     taatgtgtga cagtcttaat gattctttaa aaggtaaagg attgtgtgca tgtgtgtgga     38880
     aaggagtagg aaataaaagt aggaggttaa gacaggtatt taaagggaat gccaagatag     38940
     ctgcattaga atctttattt tttaaaaaac tgaagtctgc ccagagtacc aaaaacatta     39000
     aaaaaaaaga gcagacattg gtgcaagttt aacctgtgag aaaaaagcta gttttgatga     39060
     gaaaaagttc agtcttttcc ttgtaaatac aaagaaatgc aacaggaatt ttaaaggtag     39120
     taggccagaa aatgtaacag taactcttac aatccttttc tttctttctt tttttttttt     39180
     tgagacggag tctcgctctg tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcacaatc tcggctcact     39240
     gcaagctccg cctcccgggt tcacgccatt ctccctcctc agcctcccga gtagctggga     39300
     ctacaggcgc ccgccaccat gcctggctag ttttttgtat tttttttagt agagacgggg     39360
     tttcaccgtg gtagtcagga tggtctcgat ctcctgacct cgtgatccac ctgcctcggc     39420
     ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcgtgag ccaccgtgcc aggtcacaat ccttttcaat     39480
     taaacagaca aatcaagttg aagacaagtg ttaaaatact attcagcctg aatatttatc     39540
     agcatatata tcctgttgtt caattggctt ttggttaaaa aaaaaagtca acaaacttta     39600
     taagagctat caccacattt agagtgatga aaataaatta gttccccccc cccaaagata     39660
     ttgtttaacc tctaaagcat gaaaagctat ataatataca aattaaccag tatttttaca     39720
     aaagtaatac agttttggac tgatgatatt acaccgtatt tgtggtaaag tactaggcac     39780
     aagaatatat atatcaatta ggcattttca gtctaatcag tctttaaggt tttcatttaa     39840
     ttcttggcaa tatataataa ctggtatgca ctttggtact taagtcatga cttgtggaga     39900
     acgagaagca atgtattata gcaacggggt tcatatctaa caaacaataa gagtgttgaa     39960
     caaatccctt ctatgaactt cgtgatttat tttgctgttg gtcacttgca gtagatcctt     40020
     gatttgattc ttccgtattc atgctttctc catgtgcagt ctctaacatt tcttcaactt     40080
     tgtcatcatc gtgtaggtct tttgaaatta attgtctagc tagtttgata ttgagtcctt     40140
     cattgtagtg aagcgtcctt ctcatttcaa attgtcgctt tttttctcgt tcttcaggtg     40200
     agaggtcact atcctcctct ccactgcttt cttgttcctg aacctgatac tttggctcca     40260
     agccttcagc agcagctaag ttcttagcaa gctatctgtt gccatagctt cagtggtttc     40320
     tgtatcacta catgcatctt catcatcacc catcgtacta tggtaaggag tgcttggttc     40380
     atctattttc attaaaccat agtctttgtc tgctggacga tatgtcgcca ggatgttcat     40440
     ttcatcccac ttctgggatt ttttgctcag ctgctcgtgg acactcccac ggggatgttc     40500
     ggccgacgcc accatagagg aagtcgtaga ggtgttgtcc ttcaggatcc ccttgagggg     40560
     ccgttgcgag gccgtggagg ccgccattgc cgggtgctcc gcctgtcggc tcagggtcgc     40620
     tgcttggcgt ggggtccgcg aacagaaggg tcggcactag cagagaccag caggcagacg     40680
     cggagcccgc tcaaggctaa agcggccgca cctgctgcct cggaaagggg taccggagcg     40740
     gttgtcaaga cacaatgacc ccgacgccag actcaagcgg ggaaaagcgg gcctagagct     40800
     ccagggcggg agcgacgccg acgcctaaaa cattcttgaa aaagaagaat aaagtgagtg     40860
     aaaatcagtc tgccctattt caagtattgt tttatagcta cagtaatcaa gactgtgtgt     40920
     tactagcaga ggaatggaca cacaaatgag tggaacaaaa tagagaacgt agaaaaagac     40980
     ccacacaatc tgcccaaatg atttttgaaa gaggtgcaaa aggaagtcag tggaagaaaa     41040
     atagcctttt tcacaaatag tgaattgaac aatggtgaaa tggaacaatt gggcatccat     41100
     aggcaagaca ataaaataaa aatgaaactt gacctaagtc tcatgcctta tgcaaaattt     41160
     aattccaact ggattggatt gcttgagtcc aggagttcaa gaccagcctg ggtaagatag     41220
     caagaccctg tctatacaca aaaatgaaaa ataatgttgg tgtggtggct cctgcctgta     41280
     gtcccagcta cttgggatgc tgaggcagaa ggattgcttg agcccaggag ttcgaggctg     41340
     tcataagctg tgacacacca ctgtactcta gcctgggtga ctgagcaaga ctctgtttca     41400
     aaaaaaaaaa aatgtcagag aaatgcaata ccttaacctt taccagatac aattaattaa     41460
     aataaataaa caaaatggat tatggagtaa atgtaaagca taaaactctt aaattttaga     41520
     aaaatagaaa atatttgagc tataggtcta ggcgaagaat tcttaggctt gacattgaga     41580
     gcatgatcta tgaaaggaaa aactgataaa ttggatttca tcaaaatgta aaactgttgc     41640
     tttgtgaaga tctggtaagt ggatgaaaaa atgagctaca cagtaggaga aaatatttgc     41700
     aaactatgca ttgaacaaag gactagtatc tagagtatat aaagaactct caaaactcaa     41760
     caaagaaaac acattaaaaa tccaattaga aaataggcaa aagacttaag gtaatatttc     41820
     actaaggagg atataaaaat ggcaaattag cacatgaaaa gtcgttcaac atcattagcc     41880
     attagggaaa tgcaaattaa aaccacaatg agataatcgc tccacaccta tcaggatggc     41940
     taaaataaaa atagtgacaa tgggctgggt gtggtggctc acgcctgtaa tcccagcact     42000
     ttgtgaggcc aaggtgggca gatgacctga ggtcgggagt ttgagaccag cctggccaac     42060
     atgaagaaac cctgtctcta ctgaaaatac aaaagtagcc aggtgtggtg gcacatgctt     42120
     gtagtcccag ctactcggga gactgaggca ggagaatcac ttgaacccgg gagacagagg     42180
     ttgcggtgag cagagatcac accattgtac ctagcctggg caacaagagt gaaactcttt     42240
     ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagcgaca atgctaaatg ctggcaagga agaagagata     42300
     ctggatctct cataatttct gatgggaata taaaatggta cagccactct ggaagatgat     42360
     ttggcagttt cttaaaaaca aaacaaaacc aacaacaaca acaaaaatcc aacaactaag     42420
     catactacta ccatcctgcc cagcaactgt actcctgggt atttagcccc aagaaatgaa     42480
     aacttgcata cacaaataca caagcacaga caatgccttc acacaaaacc ttgtatgcaa     42540
     atgtttgtct aactgcctac tcattgtagc caaagataac ccagatatcc tttaacaggt     42600
     aaatggttaa accaactgtt gtacacttat accatgaaat aatactcagc aataaaaaag     42660
     aatgactgat acacacaaca acctggatga atctccagag agttatactg agtgaaaaat     42720
     gccagtccca aaaggttaca tactgcagtg agctgtgatc acgtcacttc actccagcct     42780
     gagcaacaga gcaagacccc atctctaaaa atagataaac aaacaaaaaa gatggattac     42840
     agagtaaatg tgaagtgtaa aactattaaa attttagaaa aataggagaa aatctttgag     42900
     atgtagggcc aggcaaagaa ttcgtaggct tgacatcaaa agcataatcc aggctgggcg     42960
     tggtggctca cgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggccg aggcaggcag atcattgagg     43020
     tcaggagttc gagaccagct ggccaacatg gtgaaacccg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa     43080
     attagctaag caagacggca catgcttgta atcccagcta ctcgggaggc tgactcatga     43140
     acatcactcg aaccttggag gtggaggttg cagtgagctg agatggtgcc actgcactcc     43200
     agcctgggtg acagagtgag actctatctc aaaaaaaaaa ataaataaat aaaataaact     43260
     ttattgaaaa gaaaaaaaaa gcacaatcca tttgtataac attttgtatt aagaagcttg     43320
     aaatgacaaa agtacagaaa tagagaaaaa attcatagtt gccagtggtt aaggaagtga     43380
     tgggggtggg aaggaggtga accgaccata aaagggcaag ataagggata cttggagtga     43440
     caaaaatact gtcttgactg taatattgac attgacacaa atgtcaatat cctgattgca     43500
     atactgtact gaagtgttat aagatgttac catcagggaa actggattaa agggtaaaag     43560
     gttctgtctg tattatttct tacaactgca tgtcactctc taattacctc aaaataaaaa     43620
     gttaaattta aaaaacatgt atgaggatgt gcatagtttt tcaaaataca tttaagaagt     43680
     tcatgagtgg aaagtttgag tgaataaaaa ttatatctgg aattctggtt tgcaaattag     43740
     cctgggaaat gtagcctgac tcagtgtgac tcagttctat accactgttc tcagctctgc     43800
     tgttgctcac tgctaatgtt gaagccagat atctcttgag ttgcagggca accaagatcc     43860
     catgatccaa tgttgctctc actcaccttg gcctttgaga gagaacagga aagaagatgg     43920
     agaagaagga ttttcccttt gccccatttt cctctttttg ggctgaactg tgtcccccta     43980
     taagttcata atgttgaata aacccagtac ctcagaacgt gaattttttt tggagttaga     44040
     gtctttaaaa agttaattaa gtgaaaatga ggttatgaaa gtaggtccta atatagctag     44100
     tatccatata aaaagagatt aggacataca tacacagggg gcagtccata ggaagatgca     44160
     gggaaaagac aaccatctgc cagccaagga cagagacctc ggaagaaacc aaccctgctg     44220
     acaccttgat ctcacatttc tagactccag agccaggagg caataagttt atgttgttta     44280
     agccattcag tctgtggtat ttcttatggt agccctagca aactaataca tcctcctata     44340
     tttggacata ggcctgtcct tcttgattaa aggaatgtaa aaataagact gttgtcaaag     44400
     ttttaacaag actttatgaa ggcttgggca aaattgaaaa agaaaagaca atagaaaatt     44460
     cttccattct gatcacagat attatagatg taagagatca caggctccag tcatctaagg     44520
     gttctccaac tagaaataga cggctgatgc tactaatacc tgccatgttc cttgggcctt     44580
     accactgtag tgcacactgg ctggacattt gcatcattcc tgaaggcttc ctcaaagcca     44640
     agaagggcca ctctgcccga ctcacagcag actagaaggg ccgaagagtt cacgtgtcag     44700
     gcagcagcct tcaaccaatg ggaattgatg tacaattgcc caactccctc cttccgtggc     44760
     tgggttaact ctgaggcaag tgctttccca gaatttcccc aggggattaa gttccagtca     44820
     ttcacccttc gttggctgtt ttcccttccc aatcttttac tcagctgcta ctgaagtttc     44880
     atgcacctcc aaaataaatt actttcattc atgtccctgt gtcagggact gcttctggaa     44940
     gaaaccaaac gaatgcaccc cgggttagct tctaatttgc ttcacagcag taaaggtcaa     45000
     cttttctttg cattacccaa gagaaaactt agccattacc tcatcatggt gcttggatcc     45060
     ctagaaccct gtctctcatg aaaccctgat tccttccttt ccttgtcaag atctttcctt     45120
     acccagcatg gatgacagtc cattctattg agtactaaga aaagagagtt tagaaactgt     45180
     cagaaatatt tttatttcat tcaaatttgt aatattccgt agaccagaaa cagcacactc     45240
     tttgatccca tccttgtatg cccaaaatat ctgagttgga ggaggcactg accctctgtc     45300
     acacagttta actggattac agagtgcaag accccaaaac cagttcctga cactctttct     45360
     gtcttcagcc tgtggattct tatcacttcc acagaagaaa attggctcta agattatccg     45420
     gagtacttcc caaatctatt atttatggaa caagtgctga cttcagatat ctagtaatct     45480
     aaggtttttc atctccaaag acctttcttt catttggcct ctactgggtt ttctatttta     45540
     tttatttatt tatttattta ttgagacaag gtctcactct gtcacccagg ctggagtaca     45600
     gtgacctgaa catggcttgc tgtatcccta acctcctgtg cccaagcaat cctcctgctt     45660
     cagcctcctg agtagctgaa accacaagtg agcgccacca tgcccagcta attttttttc     45720
     tttacttttc tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgtagaa actgagtctc gtcatgttgt     45780
     ccgggctggt cttgaactcc tgggctcaag caatcttcct gccttagcct cctaaatggt     45840
     taaaggcatg tgaccatcac acctggccta ccatggtttt caaatgtaaa attttaaatg     45900
     aaaaatctta atcttttggt cattgctgtt ttgctgtggt ctgtctccca tggcatgagg     45960
     ggaaatgcgt tatctgcctc tgttgtagaa agatgcctga ggaaaataat cctcagttga     46020
     tgtctcagga tttttcctgc catatacctg gaatgtgtaa aagcacagga aatatcctag     46080
     tataacacaa actacacaca gttacctttg ggacctagaa tggaatgggg aggagggaga     46140
     aacaaaggag accttttact ccgtaccctt ctgtatggtt tgaacttgtt gttttttttt     46200
     tatagacgga gtcttgctct gtagcccagg ctggagtgca gtggcacaat cttggctgac     46260
     tgcaagctcc gcctcctggg ttcacgccat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg agtagctggg     46320
     actacaggcg cccgccacca cgcaaggcta attttttgtg tttttagtag agacgggggt     46380
     ttcactgtgt taaccaggat ggtctcaatc tcctgacctt gtgatccgcc cgccttggcc     46440
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggtgtgagc caccgcaccc ggccggtttg aaccttttat     46500
     aacaagagtg aatccagata tttactatgt aattttctca tttagtctaa tcatttagac     46560
     taaatgatta gaagaaacag gacttaaaaa gaaatgaatg aatttccact agggggtggt     46620
     agagaatcat aatccatatc atagtctgaa actgaagggc aaaaggaaat agtcaagttc     46680
     agaatcacat gctgcagccc atttgtaatt ataaatcttt attaactagc tcagtgtgag     46740
     atctaatttc ttcataaatg cccaataata tataatatgc tcttttgagc aacgcttttc     46800
     agattatgtt ctcatacagc cttttacagc cctttacagc ttttctgtaa actgggctga     46860
     gatgtaccac taaatgaaat tgaatgatag gagtccattg tggttggaat agatacacac     46920
     agtgattgat ttaggtagat tagaaggtgg atggatagat agatagatag atagatagat     46980
     agatagatag atagatatgc gcacacacat tcctctcctt gagtccccct gggtaagccg     47040
     aggcatgagt actctgaagg aaaagcaacc atgagtgagc tgcagcatcc ttacttaacc     47100
     tccaaactta acctttgttg taatatatat agaaaaatga gttccgaatt ccctccttaa     47160
     tctccaacat gcaggcacta tgcctctgcc cagtttcttt acccatgcct tttattatat     47220
     cccatcccca actgaaccct atctcgacct ggtcaatagg tgtgagaccc agatattctt     47280
     atccgggaga tgctatttct ttttttccag aggccagagg tggtttttag taaccacctg     47340
     tatcattttg caggggcttc ttaaatgcgt ggccagactc acctcactgt gcctaggtgc     47400
     caatatggcc tctcagcttt attccccttg caatccaaaa tctgccagaa ctggacagca     47460
     gtttgatcct tgaattagac cgtggttcat gatgcttgct tctcaccctc ccaccagctg     47520
     tgctttattt ttctttgatt ctaactatta cagaaaagac aagtcagact ccttcatcgc     47580
     tgggcaaagt tccaagtaaa ctgcattggg aatccttggc attttaacaa tggctcactg     47640
     ctccccttgt gactaatggg caacacaggc ctgtttatga gttcaagtct ctgtccctgg     47700
     atcatgtaat tttaattgtt ctgttacttc atttcaatcc tggtccccac agcatttttc     47760
     tcactgttca ttttcaaatt tagtgtccaa cctattactg tgtgcttttc ttaatcccta     47820
     gaccaagcac tctctggctt gctcattttc ccacttgggc accctggatc ccagccagag     47880
     gtggccctta ccacttggct cctccctcag tgcccttgga cctctttggc tcgtaactgc     47940
     ttctgctgaa ggtcatcctt ttggctccat gatcttcatg gctgaggttg cttcattact     48000
     tctggaggga aatcttgctg ctttctgtaa acattttttt ctcatggcat atttatgtgg     48060
     aactgtgcca tttcttttcc tacttattct gaataaattg agcattcctg gaccagatat     48120
     tagtggaaga ctcctattgg atgggggtgg gatgatgggt tggtgagaga agacatgggc     48180
     aatagtaacc tcccaggttt tacaaccgaa ggaccaatcc tttattacta acacgtaaac     48240
     tttatcttaa aatacgctgc atccatgttt tttccaactt ggggaattta atctatttca     48300
     ggaaggattc taccacggtg ttaggacccc ctgcattcca gagggaacct ttgttatctg     48360
     ccaccttgga acctccaaaa caaagtctgc tcccccaata tgtgggcctt cttctgcctt     48420
     ccccagcatc tgggcctcac tgtagctcag gccaactgcc aacagctcca acctaggctg     48480
     gcttctactc ttagagagag aatattttcg ggccctttcc gagatcccgc accactagtt     48540
     ccctccacgc tttcatctgt tgccacagca acattttggc ttcttatgcc cagttctgct     48600
     ctccgttgct ttaagcacaa atgacatgca atttgggatg taaccatact ttttgtttcc     48660
     tagtttcact aaaaatgagg ttcttgtgtg gttttctttt tcattctctt tgctgtacta     48720
     tatagagaaa tgaattctga actgaattcc ctccatattc ctagcaaaaa cataactcct     48780
     ttgaattgca attttgattt ccttttcaac ccaaaaatta gtgagatgtt tttaagtttc     48840
     caagtggagg ctttcttgtt agtactgttt tggtgaggtt ttgttttgtt ttattttagt     48900
     tttgttttgt ttttctatgt atgtgtttta taccggtgag agaatatagc ccgtgtagtt     48960
     tctaatttct atttaatttt actttgtggt ttaatgcatt atgtttggga aaatatgcat     49020
     tcactatttg ttgagtacac aattttataa atatttgata acttaagatc attatttgct     49080
     ttagcaaaat atcttacatt cacattattt tacaattgga tatgacagtt tagtttaaaa     49140
     gtatgctaaa agctcttaaa tgtgtcaatt tatccttcct aacaaagcac atttttttcc     49200
     ctaactttca aagacttgtt taggatatga aggcttataa cttatgggta gttggtgaat     49260
     tgtacatttt agcataataa agtatccttc tttgacactg aaaaatttct tcatcattta     49320
     ttctactttg ttcaatatta gtatttgtaa tggtttgaat gtgtccccaa aaagcatatg     49380
     ttggaaatgt aatattcaat gcaacagtgt tagtaggtga ggcttaatga tgagaggtgt     49440
     ttaggtcatg acgactccat cctcataaat gaattaatgc caattacaaa aaggctaaaa     49500
     gcctgtgaat tcaacctgtt gcacttgggc gctctctctt tctctttctc tctctcagct     49560
     ctctttttat cccttttgcc ttccaccaca gtatgaggca gccagaagat ttttgcaaga     49620
     tgcaggcctc tcaaccttgg atttcctagc ctctaggact gtaataagtc aatctctgtt     49680
     ctttaaaaat tatccagtct tggatattct attatagcag cacaaaatgg agtaagacag     49740
     tatttctatc cataattaat ttttgttagc atttgcctga gtttatcatt gtccattggt     49800
     ttaatcactc ggtgtcattt tgttttaggt gctttttgtt tgtttttgtt tttattttga     49860
     gacagggtct cagtctgccg ctcaggctgg agtgcagggg tgcgactacg gctcactgca     49920
     acctcaacct tccaggctca agcgatcctt gcacctcagt ttcctcagta gctgggacta     49980
     caggcatgca caaccacgcc tggctaattt ttttattttt gtagagatag ggtctcgcta     50040
     tgttacccag gctgatctca aactcctggg ctcaagtgat cctccctcct tggcctccca     50100
     aagtgctggg attacaggta taagccattg ccaccagcac tttttgaata gcaaatacac     50160
     acacacacac acagaccatc tttactgagc agaaaaattt agatttaatg caatgatata     50220
     aatggacatt acaaatgcat atatatctgg attacttctg ccatcatatt tttatattta     50280
     ccatgttttt tcatttttta gtcttctgtc tcaataaatt tcatcaaatt gcctttgtta     50340
     cttctgtctc tatgcaaatg atttcttata catctttttc cttttttctt atgatccagt     50400
     ttttgaaata tttttctaca aataagtaat gcatgtgatg catatctaca agaattttaa     50460
     acatccattt tttcccacca gtcacatgaa ggaatggaac gttaccctta acattaaagt     50520
     ttcctgtatt tgtcttccct tagaatctcc cttcctctct gcaaaatgca actattattc     50580
     caaatttgga gttgatcatt atcttgcttt tcatcatagt aaatattgtc tttgtctgac     50640
     aacaaattaa catcataatt aatatcaaaa tgtagttttc tgttgttttc ttcattcaac     50700
     aatatgattt taagaattat gcaagtttat tattttatct gtattccact gatcttgatg     50760
     ttgcagagaa ttccacatta tgattatgcc aaaatttgtg tatcagttta cctgcaaatg     50820
     gacactgggt tgtttccagc tttttgcaat tacaaagaat gctctcatga cttttcctgc     50880
     acattgctct tggtgcctta ttcaataatt tccctaaggt gcatatatat ttaagggtag     50940
     agctgctatg ctttaggata ttctcagctt caactctaca aaatgccaat ttttttccaa     51000
     gtagattatt tcagtttgaa gtccaccatc agagtatgag ttcccctcac cctacatcct     51060
     cattgatttt tgataatgtt agacttttca atgtttgtct atttagtgat tttaaaatgt     51120
     tatttcaagg actgttctaa ttcacaattc tctgataact attgtgagct taacttttgt     51180
     acgtttattg gtcttttata tatccctttt tgtgaactgc cctttcacat cttttgatca     51240
     ttttcctatg gggctattct tagatgttct ggatattgat cctatgtaaa ttatgtgtga     51300
     tataaataag tttagattgt ggcttttttt cctttagagt gtgttttgat taaagtttct     51360
     aattttaatg tggtcaaatt tattcatctt ctcttaacat ttttgttttt aaaatgtgta     51420
     tgtgtgtctt tttaataaat atttttctac cttgaagtca tacaaatatt tctttcacat     51480
     tttcatttaa aagttttaca gttttgcctt caatacgtcg gtacttagtt catctggaat     51540
     ttattatgat gtatatatat ccactaatcc agtgtcataa attcaaactt attgaattat     51600
     acatccttta cccactggtc tttaatgacc attcttcaca tacaaggggt cctgacactc     51660
     tttccattct attctattgg cccagttgtc tactccctct ctcaccaata atagcacatg     51720
     gtcttaaatc cagtggtgta tataatatct tctcatgtag tcaggaaatt ccccaacttc     51780
     ctctttattt tcaatggtat tttggctctt cttgaacttg tgttccttcg tttcatttta     51840
     atatcattgt gtccaattct ataaaacatt ttgttgaaat ttttctagaa atagcatgaa     51900
     actatagatc acattgggga aaactggcat tttaatgata ttgatgcttc ctaaccatga     51960
     atgtgtctct ccatctgtgc agtacttctt caacttcttt taatgatttt aattttcccc     52020
     actaagatct tgcatgcctt tcctttttga gaatttattc ctgattacag tggacccttc     52080
     aacaatgcga gggttagtag cgctgaccac ctgtgcagtc aaaaatctgc acataatttt     52140
     tgactcctcc aaaactttac taatagccta ctgttgatca gaagtcttac caataacata     52200
     aagttattta acatatattt tatattttta tgtgttatat actgtactct tacagtaaag     52260
     taagctagag aaaagaaaat gttggccagg tgcggtggcc catggctgta attccagcag     52320
     tttgggaggc tgaggcagaa gtgcttgaga caaggagttg gagaccagcc tcagcaacat     52380
     agcgagaccc catctctaca aaaaattaaa aatttagcca ggtagggtgg cgtgcacctg     52440
     tagtcccagc tacttgggag gctgaggtgg agaatcgctt gagcccagga ggttgaagct     52500
     acagtgagcc atgataacac tgcactctag cctgggcaac agagcaagac cttgtctcag     52560
     aaaagcaaag aaaatgttat ttaaaaaatc ataaagaaga gaaaatatat ttactattca     52620
     ttaagtggaa gtggagcatc ataaaggtct tcatcctcat gtcttcatgg tgaatatgct     52680
     aagaaggagg aaggggagga gaggttggtc tcgctgtctc aagggtggca aaggcagaag     52740
     aaaatcatat ataagtagac ctgcacagtt caagcccatg ttgttcaaag gtcaactgta     52800
     ctgtaagttt gttatataaa ccagttaatc acatttctac ttttttgttt ttatagaaaa     52860
     tgcaatagat ttgtttatat atttagccaa ccactgtgcc aaactcttaa ttcttatgtt     52920
     ttagattatt tttctctgta gacaattgta tcatctatga ataatgaaag tttgctttat     52980
     ttcattccta tccttccaac tttttttttg gtctgttgtt aaaagccccc ctatcccatg     53040
     cctaagtaat aagtaatctc aatattacat tccatctcat ataataaaat ttgacttcct     53100
     aaaagggctt gcttcttttt aattcaatgt caatgctgga atttcagttc ttagccttga     53160
     aaccctggtg aaaaaattct cagcaaggta agaaggaaaa aaatgttctc ccctgctcct     53220
     gaagctggag agaacaataa atgaaaactg ttgtcataaa tggttatttc taacaatttt     53280
     tcaaacccct agacttcaaa tattttggac aggacctgac aaaatgaccc ttaatctgta     53340
     aaacatctgt acttttgacc actcatcttt cttaataatt cagttctctg gtgataatgt     53400
     ttgagcttaa aatctctatc ttcagaaggt aacgtgattt gtgaattttc tgtcaaatca     53460
     ggaaagaatc actggcattg ccctcttccc acacatgcat aggataaaat agctctactg     53520
     gactttttat taatcaaaga gcccgagaga cagctgaatg gctgaaccaa gcagagagtg     53580
     gaaacttggg gagggtaatt ccttgctggg ccttaaaagg agtccacaag ataggaaaaa     53640
     aacgaaaaag ccaaataaga tgaacctcta ttcaggcccc aatgagaggc tgcttgactc     53700
     tgatctttcg ttagctggct caaaattttg ttcttaaaga attattttta ctcaaaatca     53760
     agaactgtta gaaaacaaga aaaattatgg agttttgttg ttgatttcca cctctctaca     53820
     tatatatatg aaatacatat ctcctcccga tacacatgca cacacgcaaa aacatattta     53880
     actgaaacaa cggtttcatg aaactatagt tactctcatt acctgtgatg caggcaagta     53940
     ttttcaattg tattttattc tatttcattc tacttggaaa aaaagtcttt tggtctcaac     54000
     ataaatgggt tctgacctgc agtttcaagc caatacgtta cagtaagagt aaatgtaggg     54060
     tttctcccag ttttatctgg cagtcccaaa gtcaggatca gagtaaccga tggagcatca     54120
     tttgtacgct ccacgtctga ggaggaggtc tgggaaaaga tccaacgtgt aggactggcg     54180
     cagaggctca ggcctgtaat cccagcactt taagaggtgg aggcgggagg ataacttgag     54240
     gtcaacagtt cgagacaagc ctggcaaaca tggtgaaacc ccgtctctac taaaaataca     54300
     gaaattatcc aggcgtggtg gtgcgcacct gtagatccag ctcctcggga ggctgaggca     54360
     cgaaaatcgc ttgaacgcgg gaggcggagg ttgcagtgag acaagatcac accactgcac     54420
     tccagcctgg gcgacagagc gagaccctgt ctcaaataaa aaaaataata ataataatcc     54480
     aatgtgtccc tagtctggct ttcagggtct tagatgaggt tcggaagtgg acttaggagc     54540
     cttaggagcg cagccagtgc tgtggattcc cacatccacg tgacctgcgg tttcgcgtta     54600
     ttccattcag ggatagatga cgtccctcat ttctacctac cagtgggctg gtcaagattc     54660
     tcatttatca agtcagttgg agtgggctta agtaagttct cagccaaggc tgtggggtct     54720
     ggaggaccag atatcccgac caaaagcccc ccctcccatt cctttcacac gcctgccgca     54780
     gaggtgcacg ggtgcgagtg gggaactgag gcaagaagca gatggggcgg caccgagaga     54840
     agagaaacta cgctagagga aaagctcgag ctgttacccc tcccaacttc ttccgccttc     54900
     cgccttcccc cttccccctc tttcccctct tgcccctctc cagcttttct ggtccaaccc     54960
     tcttctgcgc ctaacactgg cacctccttt tcttccggct gatgaataat tgtccgcaaa     55020
     ccagcctctc tggggcactg aggggcggga aggttagaag gagccagggc tagagtcctg     55080
     gaaggtggca gtcaggtcgc agggccacag cagtcactct gcgactctct cttccggtgt     55140
     ttctccagcg ccaagcggga gaagacggag cctgggagct gggactggag gagcgggaag     55200
     cgcagtatcg ggaccacggc tctgggacca ggaaaaacgc agactctcca gagtcaatgt     55260
     ctacttcagc cagctcaagg gcgcgacaac ctggcgccga gcatctcagg ccgccgcggg     55320
     gaccccccct aagggactcg ggaacacctg cctaccctag aagaggcgga gaataacccc     55380
     gtagggagtt aagcggcctc tgcctacagc gttcctcccg cctccacggc gccgagccct     55440
     gattgacgtt cagccaggcc aatcatagcc tgtgtctgag gcgcgcggag ctggagcgcc     55500
     cagggcatgt ccgccgatcc caaggaggca atctgtcagg cgccgcccgg gcggcagtat     55560
     gcctgagggg gtcctccgtg ttcgcgcctc ccgccgcctg cactgaaagg tctgtacctg     55620
     agcctggata cttgaacaga ggcagacact gcggctcaaa accccaaggg taggtgccta     55680
     ttgtgcggag tctcggaacg cctgcctgga agaagagttc cggcggctcc ccgaacgctt     55740
     ggagaaagcg cttggatgca gttgcagggt gagatttgag acggtgattg tgttttccag     55800
     caggcgctca ggcggggtgg tgaaggaggg atacagacct ctaaagattc ctctctcgtt     55860
     ggggtgaggt ggggaacagc agtgacagta gttctcatcc ctgagcctcc tccgggccgg     55920
     cccgtggagg agagagaagg ggagggagaa gggtttgccc aggccttcag acactttact     55980
     ttgtgggaga tgtatgtgct gagtgtccct gctctggagg gattgttaaa gaatccaggt     56040
     tcttggggag tgtctcagga gaacactcca ggtgatatcc ttattcttcc tattttcacc     56100
     gtgttggttt ttttttggat ataacttgtt ccctttaacc cgaggtggcc ttggtgtctg     56160
     gcagctgttt tctctgccag gcaccaccct ctgggcctca cgtcttcatc cctcaagtcc     56220
     gctgcctctg agctgctact tagatctggt ctgtttctac ctctgctgga ccagaagttt     56280
     gcattaacgc ccccacccca tcctgcaaga ccggcgcttc caaccaaggg ctctctcctc     56340
     tgaacctaga acctgcttgg aaatcgagta tttcctctat gcccaggtgg agattgatgt     56400
     ttgggtttca catctcccaa ctctgttggg tactatgtcg tttctcagct tggttgtatg     56460
     tgcctccatt gagtggaccg tatctccaga atttctccta accctcccag tgtactcccc     56520
     tgcaatcctt tctttttttc tccaaatccc ccacccccca ccagaaatga ctttacccct     56580
     gtgccactta ttttggcctg gagcactaag gagccatact acacccaatg ccagaggtgg     56640
     aacagaaatg aggtttgaaa tgggaaccag aagctaatct gtgggaaatt cttttactcc     56700
     tcagacgtgt aaagatgtgt tggagactct cgtaaatatg tattcagtaa tgcagcatat     56760
     acagtgatca ccatgtattc attttttatg ggaatcaaca attcagaatg atcaaaaatc     56820
     cctgtgtgta gagacatgaa tctataggaa tatcacacat agtgagcaca actgtgagtg     56880
     aaatcccatg tttcatgcat cccagcagtc ccaaagggag cctccaaatg tgtacgggat     56940
     tcagactcca tgtaacctgc atctgtctat gcactagcta tgtgagctgt tacctcagtc     57000
     ttgatgaggt tactcaggaa gtctgggatc ttgatttttg ccggtcactg atcacctggc     57060
     tacaggaaag gagacctaaa tccagaactt aaatttatga acaccaggtc tgtaggcact     57120
     agacctcaga agtaggtgag taggtggcta ttggttggtc ccttctggag tgaggcagag     57180
     atacctatgc catatgcaac ataaaaggtt gcctgagccc ctcagcctga ggtagagtaa     57240
     ggagggagag gtggagaggg actttcttct cagaccaggg aaatcagaag ccatcagatg     57300
     ccttcagtag ggaatccagc acaaagagga tcataagtca tctccccact tctctatagt     57360
     catcatagac gtaattgcta acctaccctt ccttggtgct ctggttagta gagtgaagtt     57420
     gagataatat aaatgaaaaa actgagcaga aagggagtga ggatacgggg cctcttcagt     57480
     ttgccttatg ggcttcccac tctaaataga tgaggtacac aacattctgg cagtatcaca     57540
     ctagggccag agttggtagc tcacagatgt acgatagagg atggaaggag tatgcctctc     57600
     aggcaggcaa gtttagcctg gtagacagag gatgtggctt aaaagtcact gcctacaaga     57660
     ccagtgcatg caagtgagtc cctgctgctg cttggatcag aggaggtgag gcagaaggct     57720
     gatgaaaacc caccaactga tggtcagtcc gagaagcagt caagatggag aactgcaaaa     57780
     ttaacagctt aagttttcca ggagtctcag tgcccaatgt caggtctacc agggatgtcc     57840
     agcccctctg gtcagagccc caggagcctt gtctgaatgt ggatcccctc tgcttattca     57900
     aagagacctg ggaagctgag ccaggaacct ggataatgac cagaaagtca cccagacacc     57960
     tgagaaatgc ctcccttata tccaagagat ccctgtgtgt agaacacatg aatctattgg     58020
     aatatcacac acagtgagca gactcttctt acacttacta aactctcttc gtagatttac     58080
     taaatttttc accagtgact caatggagcg aaaccaggtc ccagactcga tttaaaaaaa     58140
     aaaaccacac acacacacac acaaaaagtt ctttaggtga gcatgtatgc atgtgtaaat     58200
     ggtactatac aatggtatga ttggatagtc aaaggaatat ctaacccaag tgtacataag     58260
     gagtaaattt ggagtcagag gaagttggtc attgtaggaa agtaactgct gcaagaaaga     58320
     tttcttagaa tgtaactgtc taatatgagg catttatgcc tcttttcctc catgtttcta     58380
     gtttctgcct tgggtttggc atttattgtt tatcctgctt caagtataag actagtggtt     58440
     tattcgaggg cccacaactt ccacttctac cctggcgtca cacagatcat tttctcttct     58500
     caagtcattg tattttcact ggtagtaaaa gaggataata tcttcatctt caaataaatt     58560
     agtgggaggg attcaaatta tgagggaaaa gaaaaattgg ttcttctgct gtagggaagg     58620
     gttactgaaa attaaaggac aacctactga gctgaagaga gctttggggt ttggtaattt     58680
     ggggtgtgag gtggatcttc aggaatgcca tgggcttcaa gactagtgtg tctctccctt     58740
     agtatgttcc tcctcagttt gagaggactt cctggtaaag gactgaaaga aatgtccact     58800
     ccatcatgtc tctgctgaca cctagcttct cttctccagt tataagtcca ttttcctact     58860
     ggggtaacac aagaaagagg aagaatagct caggggtctt cccttcacat ctctcctaca     58920
     aggattgtga aatgtcatat gcctcctccc atagacttag acagacctaa aattgtcaac     58980
     atgtgtccag atagttgcaa aaaatatata atttccaaca tattctccat attaacactt     59040
     taaaataaaa ctgttaatcg ctcatatgtt caattcaatc taaatatcat aatgttttga     59100
     cacccattat cattaattta aaaaatatac aaacaacctc tttcttaatg gttggaaatt     59160
     ttacattgct cttttttccc actttgaatt catattttta ttctaccccc catgtagaat     59220
     ttttcttttt cttttttttt ttttttttga gttctcaacc ctggttacat cctaatgtaa     59280
     tttttttctt tgttcttgga aatcttttat tgagccacct attctgcttc tttgcaacaa     59340
     aatatgttct tacattgaat ttttaatttc ttgttgtaag tgtaaaagtt atatgggctg     59400
     ggtgcagtgg cccacacctg tactcccagc actttgtgag gctgaagcag gaggattact     59460
     tgagcccagg agttcaagac cagcctaggc acatagggaa acctcatctc tacaaaaaaa     59520
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaattact ggacatggtg gctcctgcct gtagtctcag ctacttggga     59580
     ggctgaggta ggaggatcac ttgagcccag gaggtcgagg ctgcagtgag ccatgatcgt     59640
     gccactgcat gcactctacc ctggatgaca gagtaagatg ctgtctcaaa aaaaagttat     59700
     atggattaag ataggattac caactgttag agatcaaaat aatgtcagta cagattggat     59760
     atgccttatt tgaaatgctt gggaccaaaa gtgtgttgga tttcagatta tcttggattt     59820
     taaaatattt gtatatacat aatgagatat cttgaggccg ggacccaagt ctaagcatga     59880
     agttcactta tgtttcttat atacattatg cacatagcct gaaggtaatt ttataccata     59940
     tttaaaataa ttttatatgt gaaacgaagt tgtgttaagt acagtactta catgtggcat     60000
     catattggtg ctcaaaaagt ttcagatttt ggagcatttc agattttctg atgagggatg     60060
     ctcaatctgt aatacacatt ttggtaaata aaagtgtaag tttgtaatgg taaaatttaa     60120
     ctagaaatgc atctcttaat gagatggata gggactttat tttcccaatt tcatgttgac     60180
     aaatgttact tattgttaat gaatctgggc tgtatattat ttcaattaaa aaattttaac     60240
     atgaaagaac taaggaatct tgatcatata aatgaatgag aaaataaaga cttgttgagg     60300
     caacttcacc caatttttaa aatttcttct tagtcgtatg caaaactcac ataatgggct     60360
     attattaaat aatattttta ataatctgtc agctgacaac tcaagtataa ggttcttctt     60420
     caattttgtt gaaagcaaag aattagaaac caattgactt gcaaaactat ttttatacat     60480
     acattaggtt ctttcacttt gtttttagaa ctataccaaa gacttcacaa agtcttataa     60540
     aataactaat aattatacct gctgctcttt cccttagaga taccttgttc atgaatctca     60600
     aattagataa aactagggtt aaagaaaaac aaccccccac acacaaaatt ggagatcaaa     60660
     aatcaatagg ttcttaaaaa atatctcttc attttttatg tcatctggaa gtgcctttta     60720
     aaactatgac acagagatgg tgctgtatag tttacagttc atgtgtgtgt gtgtttaatt     60780
     tcattattgt acaaaattgt taattttata atcatgcatt tgatagatgt aaaacagtgt     60840
     gtcagcctcc aagcgggaga aattaatcca aaataaatga agctggattt ctaaagttta     60900
     gagcatcaca tccaagattg catttgggaa cattctgttt tgtatccata cacaaatgaa     60960
     tttctgtttt taagaacaca atttaatcta cttagtggaa atcaacagca aaatgaagag     61020
     aaggtattag ataattaata aatataggtt tacagaaatt ctattactga ctgctattat     61080
     gtgcattaat tacagcagaa tccacaaaac atttccatca aattaaatct tactctagga     61140
     ggtatatgat aaaaataaat aaatgaacag agaaataaca gcatactata aactgttacc     61200
     caaatagaaa aatatattta cactatccag aaatctttgg taaaagttaa tgaaaatatt     61260
     tcccctatta gttagaagaa gttcaagaaa acatacatta aaataccttc aatatgtgtt     61320
     tgttttactc caagatgtga tgttgatctg tgagaaatta attttgagcg ttttgcctcc     61380
     actgccttga aataatgcaa aataagcaac tgagctgggg gcagtggctc atccctataa     61440
     tcccagtgct ttgggaggcc aaggagggag gatcgctgga gcctgggtga cagaataaga     61500
     ctctctctct ctctctgtgt atatatatat atatatttgc aactgaagca cagatgggac     61560
     acaggtaagt gggagaactc accaagctct ttgttagtat ttagagtgtt tcatagaaag     61620
     ttaatatttc ttaacttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt acaaatttag aatatcctag     61680
     ctctgagaca aaaattggga acctcagcat gagtttgtca cctgaatgaa ataaaaaaaa     61740
     tcacgttgaa ggctggtgca gtaacatgtg cctgtagtcc cagctactct ggaggctgag     61800
     tcaggaggat cacttgagac cagaagttca ggaattcaag actggcttga gcaacatagc     61860
     aagacttcat ttcaaaacaa acagaaaaaa gccaccacct tcagtatttc ttgccaaagc     61920
     aaaggagcca tttgttcttt acgatggtca ggaaaggaag catcaaggtc atcaaatgaa     61980
     aaattttcag catttcagcc tctctgctca gggaaatacc tgaatctaga atatcacaac     62040
     atgagccaaa accgccccat ttctcatgcc acatgtcact cttaacacaa ggttactcaa     62100
     cctcgagcat ggttggcatt tggggctgaa taattctttt ttgtaggggg ctgtcctggg     62160
     cattgtagga tgctcatgag ctacctcagt ctctaccacc cactagatgc cagtagcatt     62220
     gacccctgat ctctctaccc aagttgtgac aactaaaacc atctctggat aatggaggaa     62280
     ccttaaatgc atattgctaa ggaaaagcca atctgaaagg attacatatt gtatgagtcc     62340
     aactatatgg taatctggaa aaggcaaaac catggagaca gtgaaaaggt agtggttacc     62400
     agtggtccat gggaagggtt ggatgaatag gtggagcaca gaggattttt aaggcagtga     62460
     aactattctg aatgatactg taatggtgga tacatgtcat acctttgtca aaaccaataa     62520
     aatataacaa ccaataaaac tgcacaaaga gtgaacccta atgtaaacta tggacttaat     62580
     aatgtatcaa tattggctca ccaattttaa caaatgtacc acactaatgc aagatgttac     62640
     taatagtgga aactggaggg aagagggctt gaggggacat acaggaactc tctgtaattc     62700
     ctgttcagtt tttctgtaac tgttaaactg tccaaaaaaa gtctgttttt ataaatggag     62760
     gcatggtttt atatggacta aaatactatg attgcctttt tattttacac atggtgaaat     62820
     tagagcagga catattttaa actcaaaatt cacaaaatta atttatgaaa atgtttaccc     62880
     agatcaagaa tattaaagaa acttagatta atattgttac cttgaattta ttttactgag     62940
     taatcctcta agactcctct acacattatt aatctagaag gatttttaaa gtctttatga     63000
     caattaatta ttggtctaca gtcaaattgc atatccccat taactagagt tatatttttc     63060
     cattttctga tccaaaaact ttaggaacag gaaatgttta ttttagaaaa caagaacact     63120
     tcttaagcat ttgctgttaa cagttatttt cacatgtgct tgtacttatt ttacacttgt     63180
     cagaacatag tatttacctt tgaaccaagg ttttataata agcaagcact ttttttattt     63240
     agaagtcaca ttttccaagt agaaaaatca ttaaaaattc agtcctctga aggctaattt     63300
     ctttaaatca tttaacctaa ttgtttaagg tatagattgg aatttttctc agcactctct     63360
     tgaaaacagg tgacagtgga accctgttag gttcacaaat cctagacttt gattatatag     63420
     cccaggctca aatttttctc gaatgttacg aacattcaaa gcattaggag tcttggtttc     63480
     atttcttaat tttttttctt ctgggtatat ttgagactca tcttggattc aaataaatta     63540
     ataatagtct catgaaaccg ataaaaatgg gagctccatt gaacatgaga gacattgatt     63600
     cgtagtttct aacatcctcc aaatgaggag cccatcccta atttagatgc ttctttcaaa     63660
     ggaggctcct ttccttcgtt atccataata tagtcacacc agtcctgaaa aaacatggaa     63720
     cagactccag atctttatat ttcatactct aaagtcgtac aagccaatct gcatttcctc     63780
     tagtggaaac tgtatagctg gtcatctttc caggaccctt ttatcaagaa acaatgcagc     63840
     ttctacattt gtgctgcttc tacaccaaaa cagctggaat gtatatagta tggttctgga     63900
     tgctcttgta tacctcactc ttcatttctc acctaaccca tgtgctatga tttgaatgtt     63960
     tctcccctgc aaaactcatg ttgaaatgta attgccatga taacagtatt aataggtgga     64020
     atatttaaga ggtgattagg gtgggattgg tgatgttata aaagggtaag ttcagcccct     64080
     tcttgctctc tctgtcaccc ttccaccttc ctctgtgtga tgatgcaaca aaaaagccct     64140
     tcccagatgc cagcatcttg attttggact tctcagccta cagaactata agccaataaa     64200
     tttctgttat ttgttattag tctgtgatat tctgttacag tagcacaaaa tggactatga     64260
     caccatgtgt ttacacagaa agaaaaaaat atcatacggt aattgctcct aaatatgcag     64320
     agaatatgtt ctgatatcct tagtggatgc ctgaaactgc agatagtacc aaaccttata     64380
     tatactatgt tttttttccc atacatatgc atgttaaagt ttataagtta ggcagagtaa     64440
     gatatgaaca ataactaata atgaaataga aacgtaacga tgtgctgtaa taaaagttat     64500
     gtgactgaca cctctttttc ttcctctttc tctcaaaata tcttaatatt ttcaagccat     64560
     ggataactga aactgcagaa agtgaaactg tagataaact attaactcta tttaaacaat     64620
     aaaagaatta taattatatt cttgggaaaa ttaacaatta tccaaagtcc ctttgcaaag     64680
     ggaaaaaaaa tgcatgtatt ggaaaaaatc tcaaccacag ggttccctaa gctttgcaaa     64740
     caacaaatag catccaccta tccatcctca gagagcaaca gttttactgt tatttagaaa     64800
     aagcaactat ttcaggctgc aggttgtgca catcagcact tcccagctct ctactaatat     64860
     gggaaaactg actatccctg acttcagttt ttgtgaagct aaatgcctga ctagagttta     64920
     aactgaggct aattggagat cataaaattt tacagcttgc tagaggtgga ccacgatttt     64980
     gattggaaac tttccaccaa ccaattctaa aaggtgttaa tggtgactat tttctaaaac     65040
     aaatctgaag agtaactaat atgataagac cagaaatata tttctctggc aagtccctat     65100
     aaaaagaaag ctaggtaatt aaataatctc tcaacaatat tgttttagga aacccaatag     65160
     agagtttcac aggcctgttt cttatgggat tgctcaatgt aggtaaatat tatcaaacca     65220
     aaaagtaatt ttgtaacaga aattctacag agccccaata ccttacagaa tgatgagtac     65280
     aacagtagaa acaaatagaa gataacctag aaaaataaag cgaataactt aatggcgtga     65340
     gttaggttaa gaaaagcttc ctggaaaaag acatctgaat agaattttag tagatatagc     65400
     taggaattcc caagcaggta gaagaagggg gacattccag gcaaaggaat catgtgaatg     65460
     caaaggtagg gagtcatgaa tcaatatgtt cggttttttt gttgtttttg ttttataaag     65520
     agctataata ggctgggcac agtggctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc tgaagcaggt     65580
     ggatcacttg agcccaggag ttcgagacca gcctgggcaa catggcaaaa cactgtctct     65640
     acaaaaacaa aaaaaattat ccctgttcag tggtgtgcgc ctgtggtccc ggctacctgg     65700
     gaggctgagg cgagaggagt gctcaaggtg ggaggtggag attacagtga gcagagatca     65760
     caccactgca ctccagcctg agcgacagag agactctgtc taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagct     65820
     ataataagat cagcttacta gacaatacag tgaaatgggg gaagctagag aagagaggtg     65880
     ggcagtggcc tcttatgcta cgtaagagat ttgacatcat aaagtaagtt gccagagttc     65940
     tgaatgaggg cattagaaat agtaatgaac aggaaagcat acacttaaga gctgtctgct     66000
     gtctgggagg tggaatttac actgagtact gagtaataga atgaaggggt tgagggaaag     66060
     gtaagaatct agggtgagtg taaatcttct ggttcagggg ataaacaaca ggaagtcatt     66120
     gaaatctatt ggcctatccg cattttgaaa ttatttttac tcatgtaaga ttctgtaaca     66180
     ttatatggtc attaggaaat atctgtttac tgaattatgg aggtattcga aatgttcaaa     66240
     catttcatgc aatatcaaaa actcaaactg gctgcagtgg cttatgcctg taatcccagc     66300
     acattgggag accaaggcag gagtactgtc tgagcccagg agttcaagac cagcctgggc     66360
     aacatggcaa gaccccatct ctacaaaatt tttttaaatt tgccaagagt ggagtgcaca     66420
     tctgtggtct cagctacttg gaaagctgag gcaggaggat cacttgagcc cataaggttg     66480
     agagctgcat tcagtgagcc ctgttcatgc cactgcaatc cagccttaac aacagagcaa     66540
     gaccctgtct caaaaaaata ttatattcat taatgttgct gctgatatca gaaaaaattc     66600
     taagtatccc acagtagcag atacaagctt ttcaaaattc caacttctac ttttaaaagc     66660
     ttaaatttta gcactggcaa caaatacaac tagttgtttt ccctaaagtg atagtatcac     66720
     tgtttatttt caagaaaatg tctgccaaat tcccaagtct gaataatcaa ttttctgtca     66780
     cttttttttt ccaagtgaaa agatggtgtt tccatgaaag aaaagaaaaa gtggctaatt     66840
     cagcttgcaa ctcaaacaag tgtttttcca aaagacaact atatttcagc atgcagtaga     66900
     agtgttttat gggtacatca cattgtgtca caaagaattt ttttaaatgt gcttaagggt     66960
     tgagatttag tagaaaataa tttttacaac ttcatcaagg acattatttt agtaaaactg     67020
     tttttttttt actacgaatg tgtggtggtg aagaatacaa tgactactaa taaaatttgg     67080
     tgccattgcc ttaattcgtg ctaagacacc agtcatttta cccaccattg gataaaatcc     67140
     accatttttg caccatcagt gcaaatgtta acacagttaa cacagttgtt gaggataaac     67200
     caccagattc aaaaaagtca tataacactt ttaatgtttc agaacccctg ttgcccagaa     67260
     ttcacataaa agaagatcat caatggtcaa ttgatgctga tacctgatga atgaaagcaa     67320
     aacaggatgt atagccatct gtagatcagt ccctttgtaa ggctaaggta caattcttta     67380
     gatgatatat taactcagtc tttatgtttg cagttaaatc tttaatttga caagttattg     67440
     catcattgga aaatgccagc actatgcatt cttgtggtga tttttcatcc agcaggtatt     67500
     cagcaatgtc aactgttcaa gcctttatta gtctctctgt gattgtgtgt gctcctctag     67560
     ccaatacaat atgatggctt atcctgtaag aagcttttaa agagtgtatt acatctacat     67620
     ttcggttatt taattccttt ttttaataaa ttctgaatga ttggtcccaa aatgatactg     67680
     caactttgtt ggaaccatat aagtgtttga aaatgtttta ctgcacaaga cacaatatga     67740
     taaattatta acatctataa agctgaacaa aagatcactt tcaacatatt tttgttgtgt     67800
     atagttgtgc tcagtttctt tggaatagat ttctcctttt tatgaggaat cagataactt     67860
     gctgatatgt caatgtcatc cttttcagca tctctagaca taggcaatct agacaccaga     67920
     aaatgtgttt tctcttctcc ctttttaaag ccaaccatcc accctattca gataaaattt     67980
     tttaattaaa aacatttttg aaaaatatat tattgcaaaa caacaaagta aacataattt     68040
     ttgttatgtt tctgtgtaaa aggaaaaact ttaggattta aaaatgattt cttggaagat     68100
     aatgagatta cagagattat aacaggtata actgaagata gctggtaaga gcatggtaga     68160
     aaagaaataa tttctgaaaa ctacatactt ataccgtaaa ctcactacct ttgaaaactc     68220
     tagaaaatac aatacacagg cacacaatct gttaggtatc agagaaatag tcatcactat     68280
     tcatcacatg ccattgttgt ctttggcgaa cccttctgta cacttatgag agtgagagta     68340
     aaaaaaaggc aaataacatc ttaattttat gaatattttt gaccttgttg accctctaaa     68400
     aggatccaag ggatctctcc cttccaacat ccccaggaat cctctgatca cattttgaga     68460
     actgttggat aagtcagtta atattgcagg aacataggct atcaccatgg ggaataaatg     68520
     aaaccagatc tctacctcac accattacaa aaataaattt taaatgaaat aaaaggctaa     68580
     atgtgaaaag gtaaaggttt aaagctttgg gggggaaatg tagaataact ttattatctc     68640
     aaggtagata gcctaacaat accacgtgct gaagcagaaa tgtgaagaaa tgggaatttg     68700
     catagaatct tggtggaagg gttagttttc ccacttattt caactactta tttcacatat     68760
     gcagtgttgt acaaatttaa agagacaaga atcctacaga caagcaattc tatgtttata     68820
     tgccctagag acctgaagac attctcaaat acaaaaacaa agaagtatgc ataaggatgt     68880
     tcattgcagg tttgcttata attggtggaa agtcagggga tgcccatcag tgcataaaaa     68940
     agtaaataaa attgtgttgc ctttctacaa taaattgtgc aaccattaaa ataaactaaa     69000
     tgtccatatt tcacaaggac aattctcaca acataataac aaatgatatg cactaacttt     69060
     aaactagtaa ttgcatctgg tgagggaaaa gaaaggtgga cctgaagtca ggtgcaaaca     69120
     gcacaactgt atttgagtag tggttgcatg actgttgttc catgtatttt ctgtatgtta     69180
     caaatattta ctattaatta taacaacata agatgtactc taactccttc atgctgctaa     69240
     ttatagaata tctactttgt tgactaaacc ctttagcata tatatatata tatatatata     69300
     tatatatata tatatatata gcctatttct gttaatggtt ctttggataa ataacagttg     69360
     actttgttcc tctgcttggt attttaaaaa acctattagt ttacaaatct cttactaatt     69420
     ttagttttaa tatttgtatt gttaagtatt ttaaacacac agaaaggcaa ataaaccccc     69480
     attacccaaa cacccagctt tattaaatct tagtattttg tcctatttgt ttcaatggtt     69540
     tttttaataa atcagtgact acaataaaat tgatacctct gaatccttcc attttctttt     69600
     cactgccccc agatataacc accaatgtga agtcagtttt atcattgcta tgcatgtttt     69660
     taatattttt actaaatgtt tatgaattct taaacattat gaagcattat gttatagagt     69720
     ttttaagttt tataaaatat tatctaatac tgttacttta agaaaacctg cagtaacccc     69780
     ttctgaaaaa gattaatcac acgtaatttg ttacatatta aaataactgc tcctaaatag     69840
     tgatgtggcc ttgggcaagc tctttcaagt ttctgtgagc tccagctttt ccttatctgt     69900
     gtggtaaaag aatatgagac tatgtctgcg ctctctttca gattataagt ctctataaat     69960
     tattcaactc aaatgtcccc atgggtttac ttaaaggata gttttgtcca cttatgaaca     70020
     actgtgtttc atcaaaatca gaatttactg aatgttcatt cattttaact tttttaagtg     70080
     gtttgtcaca gaattccttt caatgctgag attttcaaat atattgcaac catcgagagg     70140
     acattcttga atattcacta tgagcctgat gctatgcgag gtgccagaga tacaagaggg     70200
     aacttgacag gtacagtctg tctcccacaa agcttatggc tgagttttta aaatataatt     70260
     caagcttttc aggaatacag tcaatccata aagcaatagg gagaaacatt tccaatatca     70320
     agaggcactg atgaatgaat gtgtgaataa ctaaattttg taactttttt tgtagacata     70380
     aaaataagca ttcactgtgt catccttaaa taaaatcatt ggcagagtgt agcctataaa     70440
     tgtctggaaa tacctcacca aaggctagaa gacattttgc cagaaggaag taatgtttac     70500
     atttctatat tttgtttctt tttcctctac atatgcattt tgtcctatgt ctatgtctcc     70560
     ttcttaatag gctttgacat gaacccaaag caaatgtttc ctattatttt atctatttat     70620
     tgaatataca ttgttttctg aatgctattc ctttcattta ccagttctag tagtctgggt     70680
     ttgctcttat ttctctttac tctaaaatgg tttttttaat ctgtaacaca gaacttagtg     70740
     cttggttata tataggtagg cattgttttc taaaaacact ggtttacaaa atggaatgtg     70800
     cacactacag ggaatgtgca aatgatcctt gaggatacag gaaggaagtg ttaaagtttc     70860
     tatttatttt ggtaacttat aaactttcta tttgttacag tgtgagttct ggtgtatata     70920
     gtcaagccat atgctagtac atgggataat gtataaataa acatgtaagt gtcgataagt     70980
     actcaactct tttttactga gagggcttta ggcttttttt ttttttaagt ttcaatacca     71040
     cagttcaaat gtgtgtgttg gtcttatcta tgtaattgtt ttgtgtgctc tttcagggag     71100
     tggtggtgtc ttgtgtctct tactctgtcc aaaggacctt gtatgtataa atgcgaataa     71160
     atatttattg aactccacta ataaatgatt ccattcttca gaccatcaaa ctaaggacta     71220
     cgctttgaac atgctttgga aacattttca ttaaagccaa aatgtctcag aaatgtttaa     71280
     ttaaaaaata aaattggccg ggcgcagtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag     71340
     accgaggctg gcagatcaca aggtcaggag tttgggacca gcctggccaa tatggtgaaa     71400
     ccccgtctct actaaaaata caaaaattag ccaggcatag tggcaggcgc ctgtagtccc     71460
     agctactcga gaggctgagg caggagaatc gcttgaaccc aggaggtgga ggttgcagtg     71520
     agccgagatc acaccactgc actccagcct gggaaacaga gtgaggctct gtctcaaaca     71580
     aaataaataa ataaaattaa aagggaagac aaagatattt ttctttgtac cagtagaagg     71640
     aagatttaat gaaaaataaa ctgcaatagt aaatttagaa gtaatactga aagagcaact     71700
     gggaagtctt agatgaagtt gtcaccagct tcttcaaagc aatgaaatat ccagttgtcc     71760
     catttaattc tcatttggta taatttttca ttgataagaa taattcataa ttaaccagct     71820
     tacatatgct tcttaaattt tagtgtacat aagaattgct aagaagtagg cttaaatgca     71880
     aattctcagg ctccagccca gggatcctaa ttcagcagtt ctagaggtta ttcagaaatc     71940
     tgcattttca tgaagtaccc tggatgattc taatggatgt tgtctgtaac acaactttca     72000
     gataaatgtc ctgtataagc atattctatc ttgccattag ccatgagaat ttgattaaag     72060
     aaacaaatct aagaacccaa ctactagtct attactccaa ccattccttc ttgccaactg     72120
     tgatcagaag tatgaaaaaa acagcccatg ttcttcctta gaggaagacc atatcccaac     72180
     tgtgaaatgg tccagacatc ttggaactga atatggattg tgatcctgat acccccaacc     72240
     ctcactgctc ttcatatacc agctgagcat ttcataatat ttattcgata aacctttcct     72300
     tggtcctgag cctccttgct tcccgaccta ctccatgtag cctggctact cttatttcca     72360
     tgaggtgggc tgtcttctgg ccctcccatc atccccaaca gatgtgaaca tgagggacct     72420
     tggagcaggg gtagatactc cagtgcaaaa atagtggaca ctcacctctt ctaagacctt     72480
     ttatcaatca ttctctaaac acctctcaaa catgtccttc ccttgtattt cctctttcag     72540
     tggattaaac cactgtccac tcaactgtct gagtgagaag attggattca gtgagttttc     72600
     aggtcctacc aagtctattt caaagtgtca tttcaatgat tttatttcct ttgcttctaa     72660
     atagtggcat acatggatat caagtactgt agtgggttca aaattggaga aatggatttt     72720
     gaagtcatct ttttgcaggt acaagagaag ccatattgag tcagtcagag aagagaagac     72780
     aggaaaagta gaataaaatc tttagaatat tcaaagcatt acacaaatgt aatgttttat     72840
     tattaactgt gacttcattt tggttccaat tctgtccaga gaaatttgaa tgctggagtt     72900
     ttgggaattt taaggctttg agcaaggaac attttatgat cctctgctta ccacttgttt     72960
     atttacaaca gaatttcagc aatgaagaga aagttatttt tgtaggaaaa aaaatcctac     73020
     aatgcttact tcatacaaat tagttgtgcc ttgggttcag attaacatac acactcaaaa     73080
     gacttggtgg gctgttatac ggcaacttat ttatttagct ttgtagagga atattggata     73140
     tggaaacata gcttgtcagc ctgacagcat tagacatctt catcaggagt ctttatgtat     73200
     tctagatgct gattcttaac cctctcatct catgggaata tgcatggtca tagtagacaa     73260
     gaccacagga gtaggggaga ggcacggggg agccattcta ggatggaaga atctctcaca     73320
     tgacaggaac cacatcttat accaacccat gagtgaggat tccaagaaaa caggcatatt     73380
     cggattcaag aaacacacca taacagagtc cagggcctac atttcccaac aggttttcat     73440
     acgggtctgg tcatataggt ccaccaagtc taaatgcctg cccgcagtct gcccagcata     73500
     gatgtagttc accaaccagg ggtcatttcc acacttataa ataaataaat aaataaataa     73560
     atgtgatttt ttaaaataca gctgacattt cacatttatc caaacagtac atttcaaaga     73620
     aacagtaagt ataaggtaaa ctggagttca tcttcccatg ggaaaaaaga gcttaaaact     73680
     gttgttaacc ctttgaccta ccatcaaaca ttgcttactc ccactcaaga gctcattcca     73740
     gttaggacac aacctggtga cagcccttcc tggtagcaac tactgagcat tgcaaggaga     73800
     agaaattggg atgggtgcct ataaagagaa aaactctctt tttaaccttc aaatctaaag     73860
     aaaatcaatc caacaagcat ttgctgcaaa cctagtgcca agcactgcca cataggaaga     73920
     tgcatctgcc atctgtcaag acagactgag ggaggaatgg gggtagagac caattagaaa     73980
     ataggaaaaa acgagaccag ctggggacag ctgcagcaaa gcaccctgag gatactaaac     74040
     accctcagta tttagctagg atggcctaaa agagctaatc tgaaagaatt cataaatcat     74100
     atggatgctt ctattataaa ttagaggaaa ggcagattta tacatcatga agcctataag     74160
     gtaaatatta tctagtagta tgaacatagc ttcaccacac agcctcctaa aaatctatgg     74220
     atactttcct gaaagtaccc ctgaaggcat tcctcctgga ttctgtgaag taaattagcc     74280
     ctcaaggtgt acccagcaag ggctcaatag agtgcacaat aaatgctcaa cacacatcta     74340
     tcttcctccc ctcccactat ccaagcttca tgcctacctc atgaatctcc aagttccttt     74400
     ctctcctgtc cctggagcat agatgaatca gaatccctgc ttgccacccc attggacacc     74460
     ttgaaaagag acccttggaa tggctatgac gacacatcag tcctggctac gagtgtaaga     74520
     ccctgggcat caggaagcct caggccatga gctattgaat gtcgcttgtc actttgccct     74580
     ttgaggacca gaaataaagc ttccagttcc tgtgaaatgg caaataggta ggttcaggct     74640
     tccagctccc tcacccaaaa ttaatttttg taaaggtaga gaagcaaaag gaagcaagga     74700
     tctggggagc tggcaacacc agaaataagt ataaagtgtt tttatatttg ccaggagaga     74760
     cagaactgct gtcttgagct ggtgtgcgta gagaatgggc agggctgcat cctgggagat     74820
     aagccacagt gggagaacag gctgcaggaa gactttttaa tttctgcact atgtccttcc     74880
     caatcggctt gggacaattg ttgcctcccc ttcatacata aacaggctgc aacaggccag     74940
     gctacttgta tcttcaaggt aaatcagtag ggaacagatg aaactagggg tgagcttttg     75000
     ggtattctct tctccactac tcacgaccac tgccccaact cccagcgctg gtgaatccca     75060
     acgtggagca cctgcctact cccaactgtg cttttcctag gagttgcctg aaagagtagt     75120
     ggcaaatggg gagatccaca gtgtttctgg gctctctacc agggctggat ctggagggac     75180
     acagaccagt atttgacttt atctcttccc cattacacat taccccacag actagctggt     75240
     gccctcctgg agacgtgagc tcacagatca acataatgat atggctaagg aacaaaaaaa     75300
     ttgcaaaaca tagacaacaa attaacacca tatactatct aatgcagaat tgtgaagaag     75360
     atgaaccaag aacttgaaac aaaatggcaa atatacttaa gataatagaa gataccagca     75420
     acataaagca aaaccagtaa ctcacaaaaa caaagacaga atattagatg ttaaaactat     75480
     aacagtagaa gttgtaaata ctatagatta gacaagtacc aggataaata tagctgaaga     75540
     ataatttgtg aggtaaaaga taagatgaaa gataatccca gaagacagta ggaaagaata     75600
     aagacatcaa aaatataaaa gaaagttcag caaaatgtat gctagaaata gaagtatcaa     75660
     catctgaatc ataagagaac tcacagtgag aggaaaaaaa tatatacgtg agaaaataat     75720
     gactaataaa tttacaattt ttttttaatt atgaaagacc tcagagaaaa gggttcaaag     75780
     gatacttaac aggagcttca gaaaaatcca cacctatgct cgttatattg agacaaataa     75840
     atatttttaa aacttagaaa gaagagttta tcaactgggc acagtggctc acgcctataa     75900
     tcccagcact ttgggacttt gggaggtaga ggcgggtgga tcacttgcgg acaggagttc     75960
     gagaccagcc tggccaatat ggtgaaaccc tgtgtctact aaaaatacaa aaattagccc     76020
     cgcctggtgg cgtgtgcctg tagtcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcaa acccgggagg     76080
     tggaggttcc agtgggtgac agagtgatac cctatcagaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaac     76140
     agtttacaaa ggagtaagat cagattgatg tcagactttt caacagcaat gaatgcaaga     76200
     ataaaataaa ataatatttt tatagtagtg aaggaaaata aactggagtt tagaacttta     76260
     tatgtatcaa aattgctatt caagtgagat ggcataacaa atttattatc atgcaaagaa     76320
     tccaaaggct catatttaaa acactcttgg acgtggaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacactc     76380
     ttagaggaag tacacaaaaa gagaatcaaa tcaagaaatt tacaacaaca aatataaggg     76440
     tgatttgtca acaaatccag gaccatattt ttaaaagagg gtaaatgaat gtgtgtgtgt     76500
     gtaatatcta cttggtagga gaattggcat tagagggagg gaagtagaaa atcaaaagaa     76560
     cataagagta tgctaaagaa cttaggaggc aagatataaa tattaaggta gttaagacat     76620
     tttaaaaggt aaatgctcac tgtgttaaat taaaggcaac caccataaga acagaatcag     76680
     tatgtataac ttttaataca gcagaaaaaa atcagtctat caaatggaaa gcaagaaaag     76740
     ggaagaaaca ttgtacaata aaaacagaat gtgaaatgag ttgcaaaagt aaatctttac     76800
     ttcagcagtt accaataaaa gaacaaaggc tctaataatg gaggaaaaag ggaaccaaat     76860
     catgtgtgat ttataacaaa tactcttttt taacttttaa gttcaggggt aaatgtgcag     76920
     gtttgtttca taggtaaact tgtgtcaggg aggtttgttg tacagattat ttcattaccc     76980
     aggtattaag cctagtatac attagttatt tttcctgatc ctctccctcc tcccacctcc     77040
     accctccaat aggcccatgt gtgcagttcc cctctgtgtg tccatgtgtt ttcacaattt     77100
     acctcccact tataagtcaa aacatctggc atttgatttt ctcttcctac attattttgc     77160
     caaggataat ggcctccagc tccatccatg tccctgcaga ggacatgatc tcattcttat     77220
     ttatatctgc atagtattcc atggtgtatg tgtatcacgt tttctttatc cagtctatca     77280
     ttagtgggca tttaggttga ttccaagtct ttgatattgt gaatagtgct acagtgaaca     77340
     tatgtgttca tgtgtcttta taatagaatg atttatattc ctttgtgtat gttcccagta     77400
     atgggattgc tgggtcaaat ggtatttctg tctttgggtc tttgaggaat tgccacactg     77460
     tcttccacaa tggttgaact aatttacact cccaccaacg gtgtaaaaac gttcattttt     77520
     ctccataacc tagccagcat ctgttatttt ttgactttgt aatagtagcc attctgactg     77580
     atgtgagatg gtatctcatt gtggttttga ctttcatttc tctaatgatc agtgatgttg     77640
     agcttttttt catatacgtg ttggctgcat gtatgtcttc ttctgaaaag tgttcatgtc     77700
     ctttgcccac tttttaatgg tttttttttc ttgtaaattt atttaaggtc cttatagatg     77760
     ctggatatta tacctttgtt ggatgcatag tttgcaaaat tttctcccat tctgtaggtt     77820
     gtctgtccac tctgttgata gtttcctttt tagtgcagaa gctctttagt ttaactagat     77880
     cctgttggtc agttttgctt ttgttgcaat tgtttttggc atctttgtca tgaaatcttt     77940
     gccagtatat cctgaatggt attgcctagg ttgtcttcca ggatttttat aattttgagt     78000
     tttatattta agtctttaat ccatcttgag ttaaggtgga tggtgtaagg aagggatgca     78060
     gtttcaatct tctgcatatg gctacccagt tttcccagca ccatttattg aatagaaaat     78120
     actttcccca ttgcttgttt ttgtcagatt tgttgaagat cagacagtca taggtgtagt     78180
     tttatttctg tgttctttat tctgttccat tggtctatgt gtctgttctt gtaccagtgc     78240
     catgttgttt tggttactat agccctgtat agtttgaagt tgggtagtgt gatactgcta     78300
     acgttgttct ttttgcttca gattgccttg gctattctgg cccttttttg tttcacatgc     78360
     atttttaaat agtttttcta gctctggccg ggcacggtgc ctcaggcctg taatcccacc     78420
     actttgggag gccgaggcag ggggaatcac ttgaggccag gagtttgaga ccagcctggc     78480
     caacatggcg aaaccatgtc tctactaaaa atacaaaatt agctgggcat ggtggcgcat     78540
     gcctgtaata tcccagctac tcgggagact gaggcaggag aatcgcttga acctgggaga     78600
     cagaggttgt ggtaagccga gatcgcacca ttgcacacta gcctgggcaa caagagcaaa     78660
     aactccgtct caaaaaaaaa ataataataa taatagtttt tctagctctg tgaagtatct     78720
     caatggtagt ttaataagaa gagtattgaa tctataaatt gttttgggca gtatggccat     78780
     tttaatgata ttgattcctc ttatccatga gcatgagatg tttttccatt tgtttgtgtc     78840
     atctctgatt tctttgaacg gtggtttgta gttctccttg tagatatctt tcacctcccc     78900
     agttagctat attcctaggt attttatttt ttttgtgaca attgtgaacg ggagttcatt     78960
     cctgatttgg ctctcagctt gactgttgtt tggtgtatag gaatactagt aatttttgca     79020
     cattcatttt gtattctgat attttgctga agttgtttat cagcttaaga agcttttggg     79080
     ctgagacaat ggggttttct agatatagga tcatgtcatc tacaaacagg gatagtttat     79140
     ctttctctct tcctatttgg acgtctttat ttgtttcttt tgcccaattg ccccagccag     79200
     gacttccaac gctatgttga gtaggagtgg tgagagaggg catccttgtc ttgtgctggt     79260
     ttttaagggg aatgcttcca ccttttgctc attcagcaag atgttggctg tgggtttgtc     79320
     atatatggct cttattattt ttgaggtata ttccttcaat acctagttta ttgaaagttt     79380
     ttaatatgaa tgcatatggc aaatcctctt aaagcagaaa gatatgtaaa gattgaaatt     79440
     taaaaacagg gaaaaaagat ttacctggtg gcaaatatga cacaaaagaa agttgggcaa     79500
     cagtctcaat atgtaacaaa atagaattga tttttttttg ggagggggac agagtcttcc     79560
     tctgtctccc aggctggagt gcaatggcac aatctcggct cactgcaacc tctgcctcct     79620
     gggttcaagt gattcgcctg tctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggattacag gtgtgccacc     79680
     atgcccagct aattttttgt atttttagta gaaacagggt ttcaccatgc tagccaggct     79740
     ggtcttgaac ttctgacctc aggtgatata cccgcctcag cctcccaaag tgctaggatt     79800
     acaggcatga gctaccgtgc ccggcctatg cactttattt atttatttat ttatttattt     79860
     atttatttat ttttgagaca gagtttcact cttgttgccc aggctggagt gcaatggtgc     79920
     gatcccggta cactgcagcc tctgcctcct ggattcaacc gattctccct actcagcctc     79980
     ccgagtagct gggattacag gcatgtgcca ccatgctcgg ctacttttgt atttttagta     80040
     gagttggggt ttcatcatgt tggttaggct ggtcttgaac tcctgacctc aggtgatcca     80100
     cctgcctcag cctcccaaag tgctaagatt acaagcgtga gccacgacgt ccagcctgca     80160
     ctttattttt aaccttaaat tctattttgg gccaggtgca gtggttcatg cctgtaatcc     80220
     cagcatttcg ggaggctgag gaggacggat tacctgaggt caggagttcg agatcagcct     80280
     ggctaacatg gtgaaacgcc atctctacta aaaatacaaa aagattagcc ggtcatggtg     80340
     gcacgcacct gtaatcccag ctactcggga ggctgaggca gaagaatcgc ttgaacctgg     80400
     gagatggagg ttgcagtgag ccaagactgt gccactgcac tccagcctgg gcaataagaa     80460
     cgaaactcca tctcaaaaaa aaataaaaat aaaaaaaata aagtgcataa aggacaaaag     80520
     aaaagatgtt catataactt ttaaagaaac aagaagatat agtaatcata aatatatata     80580
     aactcaacaa tacagcctca caatttataa agcaacaagt gaaagaacta cagttagaag     80640
     ttgagttttt taaaaataca tttgatgatt tttacaaacc ctctctcaaa aactggtaga     80700
     taaactagac caaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagcagagtt cttgaagggc aaaataataa     80760
     aattatataa gttcaagcta attaataaaa cctgaataaa taagaaactg atagactctc     80820
     tcacattaaa aatgaccaaa gagacatgaa aacttactga aatgcttgat tctggattgc     80880
     aggacaagag actgggagtg gctggagtta taaggttctt tattgggaaa actggtaaaa     80940
     tttgaatatg tactgtggat tagctaatat tatatccaag ttaaattttc ttaatatgac     81000
     tgtttttctg tgtttatgta agagaacagc cttgttctta ggaaatacat tgaaatattt     81060
     agcaggaaag gggcatgtgt gtatgtaact ccagacttcc taaccatttt agagtaaacc     81120
     attttttctc tctaatgttt tttcataacc attttagagt aagtccctaa aatggactta     81180
     ggaatattaa tgttttttag gaaaaaaaca gagagggaag cagagacaga gagaaaaaga     81240
     aagcaaatat gacaaaatgt tgcaaatcat tgaatttgga caagtgtacg taagaattct     81300
     ttgtactact cttctaaaat tacttcaaaa taaaaagttt ttaaatgtca caagtaacct     81360
     gtgagttaaa agaaaaatat aaagaatatg tagaattaaa taaaaattaa aacactgcat     81420
     atcaaaatgt gttagatatg attaaagcag aacttagaag gaaatttttt acctttaaat     81480
     acacttacta ggaaacacaa aaaaagacca aaatcaataa gctgagtgtt caactcaaac     81540
     gctaggtaaa gaggaacaga atacacccaa aggaggaagg aaatagtaaa gatagtcata     81600
     aatgaaatag agaactaaaa acaataaaat agatgaacaa aaacaaaagc tgccctttga     81660
     aaagacattt ctatttatta ttccaggaaa cagaatgaag aacaaaatct gcctaggtta     81720
     ttgtttagag aaatttttat tacaaaaaca aacaaggaaa tacaagaaag gcaagtttta     81780
     cgtccatgct ttataaaagt aaatacaaca acccaagtaa aatattaact aaataacacc     81840
     aacagtaaat gtgtaactat aggatgaaca aatagggttt atcccaggaa tgcaaagatg     81900
     tttcacattt taaaaatctc tcaatataat tcactatatt aggagattaa gaaggaaaat     81960
     acaatgaaat gagtcaattc tgataaacta ttttttaaat gtaaaaaacc atttatgttt     82020
     aaaaaataaa cttttagaaa accaggaata aaaggaaacc tactaattta gtaaaggttg     82080
     acagcaaaga cttctggaaa aattgagtag acatactttt tcctattcat ctcactaagt     82140
     acaactaaaa actctggaca ttatatatat ataaaacaaa cataagaaga ctctaaaagg     82200
     tggaaatgag aaggcagaac agctagaatc tcaggatctg aggaatgaca tactagtgag     82260
     ttccctgggc tttctttttg ccacatatat gctgggcttg gagctgaaga aagtgacaat     82320
     ttggaaagac caactggcac aaacaaacaa acaaacagaa aaagccccaa caacacttac     82380
     aacaaaagcc ctgatatcac tagccaaaag accaagacag aggcaggcaa gcctgtcaag     82440
     ccttagaaag taactgttca gttctaggca aataccatag caataactgt gactctactg     82500
     ccattcacac cagaaagacc aagtgggaga cctaaacttt caccctcttg aagctgtaac     82560
     aaggtgctcc aacatcactc tgcagtggta tccaagaaga ccaattagga agctaagaat     82620
     ttcatttctg caagccagta atggggcccc ctctctaaga tgtcaatgga gatgggggcg     82680
     gggggagaac acctgcccag aaataatgaa aatggctaaa agaagttatc taaacagaat     82740
     ggaaatgata aaataggaac cttggaacat caaggaagaa gatagaacaa ggtaagcaaa     82800
     tagatgggta aatacaataa atttttcttc tcctcttaag ttttctaaag tatgtttgat     82860
     ggttgaagcc aaaattataa cactgatgtg gttctaaatg tatgtagagg aaacatttaa     82920
     gacaatcgta ttttcagtga ggaggataaa gggatgggac ataaattagg aaggtaagat     82980
     ttttattatt tactcaaaat ggtaaatgat gactccagca gactgtgaca agttacatgt     83040
     atatgtaata cttaaagcaa ccacttaaaa gttatgcatc aatacactca aaaacactgt     83100
     agataaataa aactggcgtt ctaaaaaatg cccaagtaag ccacagaaag tcagaaaaga     83160
     gtaaacagag atgaaaactg gagagaacaa acaaaataaa tgaaaaacaa ttaagccctt     83220
     catgttacta caggttggat tgtgtcccac agaatcccat gttgaagccc taaccaccaa     83280
     tgggactata tttggagata gggcctttta cagaagtaat tcaggttaaa tgaattcata     83340
     agggtagggc catgattcaa taggattaat tcaataggaa gagaaaccag ggtatgctct     83400
     cttgctcttt ctccctccca gccttcctct ctctttctct ctcactctgc ccccagaaga     83460
     tggcaactct ctctataagc caggaagagc ccttaccaga agctgaccat gctggcgcct     83520
     tgatctcaga cttccaacct ccagaactgt gagagaatat atttctgttg tttaagccac     83580
     ctagttttat tttgttatgg caccccaagc taatacatat atcaataatt acattattcc     83640
     taatacaaag aaatgataaa ttcttgaggt ggtagatgcc ccaattactc tgatttggtc     83700
     attgcacatt gtatgcctgt aactaacatc acatgtacct cactaatata tacaacggtt     83760
     gtgtacccat aataattaaa cataaaaatt aagaaaaaaa attacactaa atgcaaatga     83820
     tctaaatacc tcaattaaga aacccagttc aggccaggca tggtggctta cacctgtaaa     83880
     cccagcactc tacaaaaaaa aacaaacaaa aaacaaaaac aaaaacaaaa aaaaacccag     83940
     ttcaaatata acaatatagg ccaggctcag tggctctcag cactttggga ggctaagcca     84000
     ggtggataat ttgaggtagg tcaggagttc gagaccagcc tggcctacat ggtgaaaccc     84060
     cgtctctact aaaatacaaa aattagccag gcatggtggt gtgcacctgt ggtcccagct     84120
     actcaggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcgctt gaccctggaa gacagaggtt gccgtgagca     84180
     gagattgtgc cgctgcactc cagcctaggt gacaagatga gactttgtct caaaaaaaac     84240
     acaaaacaaa caaaaacaac aataaaacca cacaaatata acaacatagg caggttaaaa     84300
     gtaaaaggat ggaaaaagac acaacatgtt ttccttaatt agaggaatac aggagtgagt     84360
     gtactactct cagataaggt aaacttcaga gccaaaacaa aaaaaattac cagagaaaga     84420
     taaggacgtt ttataataat agaagggtca gtctatcaag aagacattgc agtcagaaat     84480
     gtttatgccc aaaacaccag agctgtaaaa tatgtgaagc aaaaactgac ggaactgaaa     84540
     gaaaaaatag aaaatccaca attataattg gagacatcaa cacaactctc acaactatta     84600
     ataaaactag aaagaaggca gggagtggtg gctcaggcct gtaatcccag cactttggga     84660
     ggccgagggg ggtggatcac gaggtcagga gatcgagacc atcctggcta acacggtgaa     84720
     accccgactc tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agctgggcgt ggtggcgggc gcctgtagtc     84780
     ccagatactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tggcgtgaac ctggggatgg agctttcagt     84840
     gagctgagat cctgccactg cactccagca gcctggggga cagagcaaga ctctgtctca     84900
     aaaaaaataa aaataaaaaa ataaaaacta gaaagaaaat cagcaaagat gtagaagagc     84960
     tcaataacac catcaaccaa caggatcaaa tccacattta caggacactc cacccatcaa     85020
     tagcagaata cacattggct cttttttgtt gtttttcttt tccggtttta ctaggtgcaa     85080
     ggggtacata tgcaggtttg ttacatgggt aaattgcgtg tcacaagggt ttggtgtaca     85140
     gataatttta aaagaattta aattatacaa acttttctct gactacaatg gaatcaaatt     85200
     agaaatcaat aacggaaaga cagcagagga aaaatcatca gcataatacc cgataggtgc     85260
     tttttcaatc atcactgtcc tcccaccctc caccctcaaa taggccccag tgtctatttt     85320
     tcccatcttt gtgtccatgt gtatgcaatt agctggtttt ttgctcctgc ggtaatttgt     85380
     ttaggattat ggcctccagt tccatctatg ttgctgcaaa ggccatgatc ccatttttta     85440
     tagctgtgta gtatttcatg gtgtatatgt accacatctt ctttatccag tgcactgttg     85500
     atgagcactg gataaagaaa tctaggttca ttccatgtct ttgctaacgt gaatagcagt     85560
     gtgatgaaca tgcatgtgca tgtgtcttta tgacagaaca atttatattc ttttaggtat     85620
     atacccaaca atggaattgc tgggttgtat gggaattttg ctttaagttc tttgagaaat     85680
     ctccagactg ctttccacag tgcctgaact aatttacatt acccccaata gtgtacaagt     85740
     gttccttttt ctccacaacc ttgttagcac ctgttgtttt tgacttttta acaatagcca     85800
     ttctgactgg ggtgagatgg tgtctcatca ttgttttgat ttgcatttcc ctaatgatta     85860
     gttatactga gcattttttt cacatgcttg ttggccgcac agaatataca ttcttttgaa     85920
     gtgtccatgc aacatatacc aagttggact atatccaggg ccataaaaca aatattgata     85980
     aatttaaaag aatataaatt atacagaatg tgttctctga ctacattgga atcaaactag     86040
     aaataaataa cagaaagatg acagaggaaa gtcaagaaac taagcgaaaa cttttaaata     86100
     ctctacgagt caaaaaataa atctcaaagg aaatttaaaa atacactgaa ttgaaagaaa     86160
     ataagaatac aacatatcaa aaatttctag gagagacaac ccacagaatg agagaagata     86220
     tttgcaaact acccctctaa caaaggatta ataactagaa tatataagga gttcagacaa     86280
     ctctatagga aaaaagagtt caatagtcca aacaaaaaat gagctgatct gaatagacat     86340
     ttctcaaaag aagacataca aatggcaatc aggcttatga aaggtgctca acattatgaa     86400
     tcatcagaga aatgcaaatc agaagttcaa tgagatatta tctcacttca gttaaaatag     86460
     cttgtatgca ggctggacac ggtggctcac acctgtaatc ccagcactga gggaggccga     86520
     ggcgggcaga tcacctgagg tcaggagttc aagaccagcc tggccaatat ggtgaaaccc     86580
     tgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaattagctg ggcatggtgg gccatgcctg tagtcccaac     86640
     tacttgggag gctgaggcag aagaatcgct tgaccctggg agatggaggt tgcagtgagc     86700
     agagattggg ccactgcact ccagcctggg caactgagta agactccatc tcaaaaaaaa     86760
     atggcttgta tccaaaagac aggcaataac aagtactggt gagtatgtgg agaaggcttt     86820
     gtacactgtt ggcaggaata taaattagta caaccaccat ggagaacagc ttggaagttc     86880
     ctccaaaaaa attaaaattg agctaccata tgatccagca atcccactgc tgggaatata     86940
     cccgaaagaa agaaaattag tatttcaaag agatatctgc actcctatgt taattgcagc     87000
     attgtttaca atagctaaga cttcggagca acctaagtgt ctatcgacag atgaatggat     87060
     aaagaaaatg tggtacatac atacaatgga gtactattta gctagaaaaa agaatgatat     87120
     ccagttattt gcaacaacat agatggaact ggagatcatt atgttaagtg aaataagcca     87180
     ggtacagaaa gacaaacatg acatgttctc atttatttgt gggatctaaa aatcaaaaca     87240
     attgaactaa tggacatagt gagtagaagg atggttacca gagcctgaga aaagtagtgg     87300
     atagctgagc ggggaggtgg ggatggttaa tgggtacaaa aaaagtagaa agaatgaata     87360
     tgacctacta tttgatagca caatagagtg actatagtca aaaataactt aattgtatat     87420
     ttttaagtta cttaaagaat gtaattgaat tgtttgtaac tcaaaggata aatgcttgag     87480
     ggaatggcta ccccattctc catgatttgg ttatttcaca ttccaggcgt gtatcaaaac     87540
     atctcatgta ccccataaac atatacacct accatgaacc cacgaaatat tttcaaaata     87600
     ataaaaaaaa ttataggaca cagctaaacc agtgctgaaa gggaaattta tagcattaaa     87660
     tgcatacatt aaaaagaaga aaaactgggt gctacttggg aggctgaggc aggaaaggat     87720
     cacttgagcc cagtagttcg aggccagcct gggcaacata aggagacctt gtctctttaa     87780
     aaaaaaaaaa aagtacacaa attaataatt caaactctca tctcaagagc ccagaaaaag     87840
     aagatcaaaa tacatccaaa gaagaaagga aggccgagca ctgtggctca cgcctgtaat     87900
     cccaatagtt tgggaggcca aggcaggtgg atcacttgag ctcaggagtt agagaccagc     87960
     ctgcccaaca tggtgaatct ctgcttctac taaaattaca aaaaattagc caaatgtggt     88020
     ggcaggcgct tgtagtccca gctacctgga aggttgaggc aggagaatca cttgagccca     88080
     ggaggcggag gttgtagtga ggtgagattg caccactgca ctccagcctg ggccacagag     88140
     tgagacacaa aaagttgctt ctttgaaaag atcagtcaac tgatgaacct ctagcagact     88200
     acactgacaa agaagaaaga aagaatatag aaatgtccac agggaatatc cctacacacc     88260
     ctgcagacat cggaaaaaca taaatggtgc tggaacaatt gaacattcaa gggccatagg     88320
     aggagagaaa gacaacaagg aggaaaagaa ggaggagcag cagtttaatc taagactcat     88380
     accttctgca aaaattgact caatatggat tacaaacttc tatgcaaaat gtaaaactat     88440
     aaaactttta gaataagata ggggaaaatc ttctgaatct agatctgggc aacaagttct     88500
     tagatttgac accaaaaaca tgatctgtaa aatgaaaaaa tggatatatt agacctgatt     88560
     aaaactaaaa actgttgctc tgtgaaagac ttgtaaagga atgaaaaggc aagctacata     88620
     atggaagaaa atatttgcaa atcatgtatc caacaaagga ctagtatcta gaatatataa     88680
     caacttatca aaactcaggc caggccccct ggctcatgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg     88740
     aggctgaggc gagtggatga cttgaggtca ggagtttgag accagcctag ccaacatggt     88800
     gaaactctgt ctctactaaa aatactaaaa attagctggg cgttgtggca cacgcctgta     88860
     atcccaggag gtagaggttg gggtgagccg aggtcatgcc actgcactct agcctgagtg     88920
     acagagtaag actccatctc agaaaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa tcaacagttt gaaaaaaatt     88980
     aattagaaaa tgggaaaaat tcatgaagag acatttcatt aaaaggatat acagatggca     89040
     aataagcaca tgaaaagatg ttcgatatca ttagccatta aggaaacgca aattaaaacc     89100
     acaataagat ctcactacac acatattaga atggctgaaa taaaaaatag tgacaataag     89160
     ccaggcgcag tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agaactttgg gaggctgagg caggcggatc     89220
     atgaggacag gagattgaga ccatcctggc taacatggtg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa     89280
     atacaaaaaa ttagccgggc gtggtggcgg gcgcctgtag tcccagctac ttgggaggct     89340
     gaggcaggag aatggcgcga acccgggagg tggagcttgc agtgagccaa gatcgcacca     89400
     ctgcactcca gcctgggcaa cagtgcaaga ctccatctca aaaaaaataa aaaaaatagt     89460
     gacaatacca aatgcctgtg aggatgcagt aaaacaatca ctcgcacatt gctggtgcaa     89520
     ccactctgga aaacactttg acagtttatt taaaaaacta aaaatgcaac caccatacaa     89580
     ttcagcaggt acactcctgg gcatttgctc cagagacatt aagacttatg tccacacaaa     89640
     aacttatatt catatcagcc aaatctggaa acaacccaga tgtgatggac agatggctaa     89700
     actaactgtg ctatacccat accatataat acaactaggc aataataaat tattgatata     89760
     tgcaacaacc ttgtatgatc tccagagaaa tacattgaga gaaaaaaaag tcaatcccaa     89820
     aagtgtatat actatatgtt tccatttatt aatcatttgt tttaaaatga caaaaaaaaa     89880
     tttgtcttga agtgacaaag tcatagaaat ggataagaga ttagtgattg ctagacatta     89940
     aggagggtat gggatggtag ggaagtgggt gtgtctagaa aagggcaagg tgaagaatcc     90000
     ttgtgatcat agaagtgttc tgtattgtgg ctgtatccat gtatcctaat tgtgatattg     90060
     taccatagtt ttgcaaaatg ttaccatcaa gggaaactgg gtaaaggata cacaggattg     90120
     tttttattat ttcttaccac tgcatgtgaa tctacaatat acagcaaaat ttatacttaa     90180
     tggagaatat ttaggtttat ttcctttaag agtaatgctc attatcaccc tactgtttga     90240
     cacagcattg aagatcctag tcaacaacat gaaaaataaa acactaagga ttaagaggga     90300
     aaacacaaaa caatgctcgc agatgatact attatctacc tggaaaaaga gagagacaga     90360
     gagaatatca ataacaacaa tgacaacaac aacaacaaaa accccactaa aaccaataag     90420
     aggatcgagc aaggttgtcc catataagat caacttacaa aaattattaa tttctaatat     90480
     ttgaaaatca tatatcagta tttgaatatc atatatccaa taaagggtta atattcagaa     90540
     tatgtaaaga actcataaaa cccaacaata attgtttata caaacagtta aaaagggggc     90600
     aacaaacttc aacagacatt tttccaaaga tgatatacaa gtggcaaaca cacatatgaa     90660
     aagatgctca gcattactta ttattagaga agtgcaaatt aaaaccataa catcatctaa     90720
     ttctcattag catggctact ataaaaatga aaggaaaaag gaaagaaggg agggaatgaa     90780
     ggagggagca aatgaaggag gaaaggaaag aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg gagagaggga     90840
     gggaagaaat aagtgttggt gaggatgtag agacattaga acctttatat gcaatgttcg     90900
     tgggattgta aaatgtgtaa ctgctatggg aaacagtacg gcagttcctc aaaaaatcag     90960
     tagtaaaact actatatgac ccaagagtcc acttctgggt ataaatgcaa aagaattgaa     91020
     agcagggact taagcagata ttttccccca tattcatagc agcactattc tcgatagcca     91080
     agaggtggaa gcaacaaaga tgtccataga cagatgaatg ggcaaacaaa atatggcata     91140
     tacatacagt agcttattat tcagcctaaa aaggaagaaa gcactcttac atgctgcaac     91200
     aagtatgaat tttaaggaca ttaagctaag tgaaataagc caatcgccaa aagacaaaaa     91260
     ctccatgatt gcacttgtac agggtatctg aagtagtcag attcatagaa acagaatgta     91320
     gagtgatagt agccaggggc tagaggaaga gagaaatgag gagttgttgt ttaatgggtg     91380
     tagagttctg gttttgcaag gtgaaaagga gttctggaga ttggttgcac aaaaatgtga     91440
     atatacttaa cactgctgag ctgtacactt caaagtggtt aagacggtaa atgttatttt     91500
     tttaaccaca attttttaaa ttagatacat tcttctacat cagaaattac tgattcaaaa     91560
     gtagaattgc aataagatac caatcacaat agcagcaaaa gctacaacat gcctaagaat     91620
     taactgagca tactcaggac tactatgaaa aagtaaagtt taaaaaccat aataaagagc     91680
     aaacaaaatg atttcaataa atgagaaaac atcctgtttt tgcatggtat gatttagtaa     91740
     taaaaacaag tcagttaacc ccaaatttct ataaattcag tataaccaca atcaaaattc     91800
     aagtggggaa gacagaacta gaagtgagtg tcctcccaaa ctccccagta ggaaactaca     91860
     aacttagttt ctgttgctac tatgcgcttg tcattgtcca aggccaaaag aagcccagat     91920
     tttgcacctc tctctccacc ccacaacatt gacgtttttc cttcttgttg tgaatgtact     91980
     tcctgtcctc catctgtcct tctggaccca ctctcaatac ttctgcacct ggggtctgcc     92040
     tcaggtgctg acctgcatga cattgaatgg ctcccatgct ccctggcttc ttcttgcttc     92100
     cagcatcagc ctaagagcag agggaagagg ggagtgaggt cagtgtttct aatcccttgg     92160
     cttcctccct acaaggtcac cttaagctgt tgtgtccctt gactgaaggg cactgccctt     92220
     ggcaaggtgg tgactgtaca gggcttgctg tccttctgag tcctgataac cccttctgtc     92280
     cctggcctct ttggaccttg gggtagtaac agctatcctc cacccagttc tttgtaaata     92340
     ctttgctaat aaataaactt tccttgaaat gtcctatttc gagtatgcca tctgttttct     92400
     gttgagactc tgatacaata aaagccattt ctttattccc tgccccagac cagcacggcc     92460
     aggggcctct tggaagcctc atatgaaatg gaagaggaag ggtctggaga aacaaggagc     92520
     cccccatctg ggagtagtct ctataggttt ggggcctctc cactctctga aacccctgga     92580
     gactggtctg gccaagtagt ggcaggaagc accacggaga aatcccccat gccttgcttc     92640
     aaggcagttg gagggctctt gggaatgaca gacactcaag ccaaaaaaaa aaaaggattt     92700
     gaggatgggg ttgaactcca ccctcgtttt tcatctgatt tgcccaattt tactttggaa     92760
     agagaaaaac ttgagaaaat ggcctaaaga taattttcat aaatagacat tgggattaaa     92820
     tgtcaatctt gtctgtttct ttcacatgca tgtgttcgtg ggtagggagg caaagagaac     92880
     ctggaaccta ggaacatgct ctccctcagg gaaaaaaaaa atgccaagga taccacctcc     92940
     cgtggtgtat ttgagattta ttctcattgt ctttaatggt caaaagaaga agctcaaatg     93000
     tgggctcaac gcgtttctct aaaatattgt tatctgcccc aagtgttgaa ggaactccct     93060
     gcactgtgtg tgcccttgtt aacacaggcc cagttctttc atgggagggg aggtggacta     93120
     gatgaccttt aaaaccaatt ctagctccaa gttcagcttt taaaacaaca agacattgaa     93180
     gggcgaaaac aattctttgt gcagcttgga ttatgtataa cccgaaagtc cagctctctc     93240
     tctcttcccc cgctcccctc cctccctctc tctatgtccc tctccttctt tctcccactc     93300
     cacttctctc ctctcaccct tttgctccct ctctcttact ctcttccact ccttctcttt     93360
     ttttcctctc tttctctcac atgtgctcaa gtgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac     93420
     actccttttt tggcaatcca ttatgtttac attccattct cctcatgcag catccattct     93480
     cttctcctca tcctcctaca attggtgcac catcaccctt cttccacctt cctttcaagt     93540
     accactcatt cccctgtgta agaactcccc tttctaccta tagtattctg actttctgga     93600
     tcctagcaga cctacatata cttttcccta tttcttacct ggaaggggac agcctttcct     93660
     ataaaacaaa aaacctacaa agttagggca gagaaaagcc tgcactggga atctctagaa     93720
     aaggaactgg aagccgtccc attagctaac tctctacttc ctttctctgg gatcctgcca     93780
     ctttgattcc cactgctgtg actagaacta gacccttcag atctgcagct tctcctttaa     93840
     aactgtccag ataggcctag tgcggtggct cacgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc     93900
     tgaggcaggt ggatcacttg aggtcaggag atcgagacca gcctgaccaa catggtgaaa     93960
     ccccatccct actaagaaaa tacaaaatta gccaggcatg gtggtgcacg cctgtaatct     94020
     cagctacttg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cgcttgaaca tgggaggcag aagttgcaat     94080
     aagccgagat cacgccattg cactccagcc tgggcaacaa gagcaaaact ctgtctcgaa     94140
     aaaaaataaa taaataaaat aaaaataata aataaaactg cccagatata gacaaggccc     94200
     aaagcccccc attcctagac taaactagaa tttcaaaagg aatttgcttt gtcaaacaaa     94260
     caaaaataaa aacaaaaaca gtgaatagaa aaaaatgaaa atgaaacata aaaatggtaa     94320
     aatgtagaga ttaagttcct tccactgact tcttctgtta accccttcca gaagagatgc     94380
     tctaattcca aggatgcttc tgaagaaatt atggaggtgt tccaaatcaa ctcatttctt     94440
     ggtttctttt tcttacccat attctagtat ctagctctaa ttccaaaaac aattccacac     94500
     cctaggtttc tgtgtccagc aggtgtcgcc cttcgtggga caacaaacca ccagccagca     94560
     tcctctcttc cttagggtgg agtccattcc cccaaagggc tctccttggt cttggggtag     94620
     aagggaatgg aacggtggct ctgaagagat gtgtgctcac cagcatgagg gtcttcagaa     94680
     taaagtaatc tgctacttcc agctcaggta gacaaacatc ctacagaaat ctgttctttg     94740
     accttggaca agtcacttaa atgtctctga gcctcacatc ttttgtctgt aacatagagg     94800
     gaaacaatct gtcccttgtg tggttattgt gagaagagaa tgagctacaa atataaaggt     94860
     ctgagaccag tgcctaagac ataataatca ctcaagctat gttcccttct gcattcaggg     94920
     tatggaagaa ataactgtct agaactcaat ctggagttaa gctctgtccc ctgaatcctg     94980
     aggggtatga gaggtctgcc ttacggttgt gatgaggatc aaagcacctg gtacaatgcc     95040
     tggccagaaa gttgaataat cgaatatagc taacgtcact attgcaggct ggctatgtgc     95100
     ctggcggtgt tcttagccat ttacaagtat gaactcattt aatcctcata agatcctgta     95160
     tgaggtgagt aagctgttaa ttcccttcct tgcccatact ctgtgactcc aacccaccac     95220
     agttgaattt ctccttatga attataaatc agaaaacggc cccaaattct gtcatgtcta     95280
     agtgggaaaa tggaagaagg cattgatttc tcccctactc aagcagaaga gaattaacct     95340
     cagtccctgc tttgcccata ttccttcccc agggccccag gaagaagaca tggaaaaaca     95400
     atatttccac caaagtttat ttctctgaaa caatcaccag ttgctgtcct ctatggcaca     95460
     ctgagagccc caggagggtc tttaactccc ttcctcagat tatattcatc ccagaaatat     95520
     agccttggac aataatttgg ttacagcata gtcccaggaa tgaggtcccc caagttgcta     95580
     agttttacat aggggagact gggaaattca aagaattgga tggagaaacc ataggatcca     95640
     agataatgtc agggggttga agatgttgga gaggcatggt agcatcattg agtttgaatc     95700
     tccttctcac ttggagtgga agttgtagga ttctgcctct aggaaatgtg ccatcctaca     95760
     gaataaataa aagggagata atgaggcttc aacccaactt gcccccatcg tttgtcactg     95820
     taaccatccc atgccttaat acagtgatac tgaaaactcc agggcaccaa caactaatac     95880
     aaaggaagca ccttcagcct cctctccaca gacatcccac ttggtagaag aggaggatgc     95940
     tccttcctgc tcttaatcct agcaatggca gcttaaatca tgcccttgcc tagatcctca     96000
     tggaagctca cccatataat aatcaagatt agttgaaccc aacactgacc cctctaaccc     96060
     gcacccctac caaagggcaa gtagggaaac agaccaacag agatgttacc ttctgaataa     96120
     ttggacccag gaagaggagt gtaacctaag agaggaagat acttgattat accagtcttt     96180
     gtggatgaaa atatctagca gtattcatag caaatgcagt aggaaggaga gagttaatca     96240
     caaacagaaa gtaagcagag agtgggacca agagtgggga tgggagttca gcgagtcact     96300
     cactagagtg gccagctctc cgccagctga tcacaccaag agagaagatg atgaggccca     96360
     ggcccagagt cactgcagac acagaaacct tcagggtctg catgggggac agcccaggtg     96420
     ctgcaaaaaa tagaaactta cttgacccag tttctgttgc tcacccccag ggcaattcca     96480
     tttattgcag ccacctctca gtgggttaaa aggtccttta tcccagctcc aagggtctag     96540
     ctcacaccac ccactcccaa gaaaatgatc tttctcaaat caaaccctcg tcccatggac     96600
     ctctactcct agagtaagcc tggggaatcc atctccccag aattagcatc ctggcttcca     96660
     ggtcctctct aatacagtgg ggcctctcaa ggcatcctct ttccttcctt tacctcaaag     96720
     ccacccttat caggataaag ggctcctcac tgtcctctcc attgccccca cggtaacaat     96780
     gtttgcttcc ttactttctc caactgagca gcttcctatt acactgtctt accacatgtc     96840
     ttaacctcca gtggatccat cctgtgagtt atcctactac ttgtgtacct tctacatcta     96900
     gatctcccat gtgtcctttc agagcttgtc tccatcccac tccacagccc ctgcacttcc     96960
     ttgggccggt cctgttctga atcatgtccc actcagattc ttttcccatg ataaaatgaa     97020
     cactccattt ctaaagggag gctcttgtgc acgctgtgag gagacgttcc ccaggaaagt     97080
     tcaagtgagc atgtgatttc cactctcttc tctgttctcc attcccttcc caactgccca     97140
     gcaagaaaca acacttccca caaggggaaa cctggttaca gcagctgatc tgagatcctg     97200
     ttctctggcc ctttgtagac acccttcctc ttcctcattt cttcctcttt cttttccaag     97260
     agtccccaaa gctgtgtgca acttctcacg atacctttaa ctactcccga cactgagttc     97320
     aaacagtgtt tgaactgtaa gtaattcttt atccactggc ccctgagcat gcatgccaaa     97380
     tggtctgcca gccgtggctt tactactccc gtatgcttgg tagagcaggc caaatgcagt     97440
     actgccccac accaagaaaa gccccccttc ttcaaccttc atcattcctt cagctcccat     97500
     ctgcttctgg caccagaata gttgaaatct aaggaggcta gaatagtgta ttacaatttg     97560
     gggttctgaa aatatgattg ccaaatttac agcctcattt caaagcaagc acgctcccct     97620
     ctcaccctca aacatagacg cagcaacatc agccacacca ccagagcagc aatagcacag     97680
     actaaatatt aaactggtgc aaaagtaatt gcggtttttg ccactgaaag taatggcaaa     97740
     aactgcaatt acttttgcac caacctaaat atttccattt ctttatccca tttccccatt     97800
     ctggtcctaa gccccccgta agttcctcca gactcagtcc ccattttcag cacttcgctg     97860
     tctaccatgt accatgtatc gatccacatc tcattttctc tgctttgacc ctaattccat     97920
     ccatctgcca tacacttact ccagtcccga aggatgggct caggagcccc agtgtgctct     97980
     accacacagg tgtaagtgtc cccgtaagag ggggttaagg ctaaatggga gagggtctgg     98040
     tatgtccagt ctccattggg ctgggcagtc ttgtgcgcac tgctgtgagg catgacaagc     98100
     ttcccgttct tcctccacgt gatagtcact tctgctggat agaagcccca cacatagcag     98160
     gccagcatca caggctccct cgtgttaaaa ggagtggttt tggctacttg cacagatggt     98220
     ggccctgcat aggagaaaaa aacatgttta ggaaggaggg tgacattctg gctgcttcct     98280
     caacctggtt tcttccctat cgcaactctt cgtagatttt gcaacccact ttccacccca     98340
     gccccctctg ccatgctgcc ccttgaaggg gaaccgttag aatgtattcc tgcattactc     98400
     tttcttctct cccattcctt cattgcccct ttctttcttt cctcctccag aattatgttt     98460
     gattacaatt agtaaaagcc agatctgaac tgcaagctgt tctagaagtt gttgtattta     98520
     tttcaagtac ataaactgga aagtatttga aataaggaag ctaagagtaa tccagagttg     98580
     tacattgggt ttttttaagg tggaaaagga atttttctcc aaatcttgtt taatacgttc     98640
     ttttgctagt taaagctttt tctcctcaca tagttcaagg aaacaagcct aacttaggac     98700
     tcactcttaa atttggaatg aatgtagtca aactaatgag attgctaata ctgccatctt     98760
     ttactaattt actctcctag gtgatcctct tgcttgcctc tatcttgaca tttttcaaac     98820
     acaatcttaa ataaaaatcc aaggaattat gttaaaatgc agatttccta ggctgtatcc     98880
     ccagatactt tctttcaaca gatctggagt ggtactaagg ggcttgcatc tttaacaagc     98940
     acctcctcca ggcaattctg agaaaggtgg ttcagaaacc acccttgaga cacactgttc     99000
     tgtactgtgg agatcttcaa gtttactttc acaaacttca agccattgtc aatgcaagag     99060
     tttaagggtg agaaaaagca tgtgtcagaa tcccctggga ttccaaatat tcccatgcct     99120
     gggcccacat cagatctgga acatcaaaat ctgggataac aaggcaagaa catcttgggt     99180
     atgcatcctg agatgcccca gcctctgcat aagctcccca catggcacct cgcggttcaa     99240
     gcctcacctc cccttcttta ctcctgttcc actcacgtca gccaccttgt tccccttgag     99300
     gttcaatcct ccgtctttct acatttcaga tccacacatt ttctcttatt tgctgctcaa     99360
     atctcaaacc cctgggccac tgtgggatcc tccctggcct gccctcctaa ctgcacttcc     99420
     tggtagcccc tctgcacccc tctctcctca cgtgtcctgt tggtcagtga tccccagaag     99480
     ggctgggtgt gtgtggcaca attctgaagc ccattgcgca agcgctgcat cagggtgtct     99540
     ttttggttga ggtgctgtga gaggacattc gccaagctat tcagcacccc aaattcgcaa     99600
     ggggccatct tattctcctc tggatcccag caggtcagca gatccttgtt gaaggagatg     99660
     cagtatgtga aatcctttgg agtcccagca tcatccaaca gacaggtgct ttccacatgg     99720
     gccacgaagc cacctagagg agccagggaa gggagaacag gtcaatgtct tctactggcc     99780
     tggcaataaa taaataaata tataaataat aaatatacac aaataataaa tatataaaac     99840
     atacagacgt atatttagga gctctgcaca gagctttgtc tttgaccctg gttcctgaca     99900
     tagagtgcct aatcgcttag aatttcctag ataacaggag tgtcttttgt tctaatgagg     99960
     tactcttggt gggctcctgc aggaggggct ggtcaccaga aagaccaagt catgattaga    100020
     agtctggaac ttttagtccc atcccccata ctccctgaag gggaaggggc tggagattga    100080
     gttaataatc agtcatgcct acatgatgaa gcctccataa aaatcccgga actatggagt    100140
     tcagagaact tctcagttgg taaacacatc cacatgccag gaggtgaagt accccaattc    100200
     tgtggggaca gagctcctgt gattgggacc cttccagatc tggtatctct tcatctggat    100260
     gttcctttgt atgctttaaa atatcctttg ttaaaggatg caaaattatg atctagtgtt    100320
     ctataccact gtgggatgac tgtcattaac aataatactt tatatcattt caaatcgcta    100380
     gaagaaggat atggaatgtt tccaacacaa agaaatgata aatgagatga tgatctgatc    100440
     tgatcactgt acattacatg tactaaaaca tcattatcca ccccatgaat atttataatt    100500
     attattatca attaaaatat cctttgtaaa aaatctacaa taataagtaa acttttcctg    100560
     agttccataa gccactttag caaattacca accccaagga gggggtcatg ggaacctctg    100620
     atttgtaggc aagttggaca gaagatgtgg gtaatttggg aacctactac ttgtgattgg    100680
     tgtctgaaat ggaggcagtc ttatgggact gagtctttaa cctttggtgt ctatgttaac    100740
     tctagttaat gtcacaatgg aattgaatta taggatatcc agctaatata ggagaattgg    100800
     ttggtatgag taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacct cacacagttg gtcaaagaag tgttgagtgt    100860
     gagcatatag aagaaaaaaa gttgattttt cctatattca gctcagaacc taagccttgg    100920
     tgacatccag ctagtctggc acagatttcc tgctcaggga acatctactg accaagctca    100980
     tacactgaag tttctgaaag tctgatttga gggagtcagt agaagtagta gataagtttt    101040
     tagatccagt ctcctcttta tgcaagacta agcacaggga taggagtagc cccccgagat    101100
     tatttgcatg tttaaacatg acaatttgcc cagaacacag accttcagta aggcaaatta    101160
     ttgagagaga aaaagggtca agagaaagag tcagccttgt attgtgctgg aaatattaaa    101220
     tattcacttc gcacatattt atgaagcact tgctgcatgc aaggcactgt gctaggagct    101280
     gaggaggcag caataaataa gatgaacatt gtccttgcct atattccagc agggaatata    101340
     cactgcacag ataattatac agattaatta cattaaaatt gctacaaagt acaaagtgct    101400
     ataggaatgt ataccaggga gacaaactat ctggggtgtc aaatgcaatt acaaaacgga    101460
     acacccttac cctgaaacag gagcagggga agggagagtc cccagaagaa gtgtccttac    101520
     ctgctcctgt gcagcccagg ctgagcccca gcagcagcgg caggaatgtg atcatgctct    101580
     gctctgtaaa gatgccggga gttcagtccc ctggaccagc tcttccaggg tccgtgggtc    101640
     ctcgcctgtc ccagaagccc cagcctgggt agatgatctc cagacactga gcagaatact    101700
     atattgcccg ggtcccttga ccccccaaat gagtgatgtg gggataccca gcccctagat    101760
     attaaatctg ttccttccag ctcacgggag tccagtgtcc caaacaggga cagattggct    101820
     aggtaggcag ggacaaatgt agagacaaat cactgagtgc ctcagcctag catcatcagt    101880
     tactaggtaa acgtcatcct gccttagtct tagacaacag gtctccttgt ctctcttaat    101940
     tctttttctg cagaacaacc agtagatttc cgtagattac tggagagaat aatcgcaata    102000
     ttcccaggat gtatgcagcc tgggctgccc actggtttaa ctttttcttc tcaatgctct    102060
     cccaaaagac caggaccaga taacctctcc tattccttac agggaggtta cccaagaaga    102120
     taattacaaa aacccttgtc tgtcctgaga tgagaggacc cagagccctt ctggggcagg    102180
     tggcagaggc agggctgctg agaaggaaga aggcacagac agagtacaga attgtctggt    102240
     ctcaaagcaa gactgcagaa taagggaagc agcgccacca tggagatcag gaataggggc    102300
     ctggaaaatc cctccatggg cctccattgt tgcttctgtt ctagccagtc aagcttcatt    102360
     tcctcctcag ttataatagc tgctttccgg agctagtaaa ccatatcctc ctacactctg    102420
     agcaatctca cggggtagac cgcaggttaa cacctctcag actccttgaa aaatagctgg    102480
     tgacgggtca gtgcccagag ctcacctgcc tttcgccaaa ctctaaacac ccctgtgtgt    102540
     ttcccctact ataccctgtt ccctgggggc aggtccctgc attatgaagc cactaggaaa    102600
     atgagataaa gctttcctac ttttcttccc ctgaaaagac agattttgtt ttttattttt    102660
     tgagaatacc aagtaagatt ttatttttta tttattttaa attattttaa cctttgtttt    102720
     aggttcaagg gtacacatgc aggtttgtta tataggtaaa ttgtgtgtca tcgggatttg    102780
     gcgtaaaaat ttatttcatc acccaggtaa taagtatagt atctgatagg tagtgttttg    102840
     atcctctccc tcctcccatc ctccaccctc aagtagggcc cagtgtctat tattcccttt    102900
     tttgtgtcca tgtgtactca atgtttagct cccacttata aaagtgagaa catgcagtat    102960
     ttcattttct gctcctgtgt tagtttgcct aggataacag cccccagctc catccatgat    103020
     gctgcaaaag acgtgatctc gtcctttttt gtctgtggag tattccatgg tgtatatgta    103080
     ccacattttc tttatacagt ctactgttgg tgggcattta ggctgattcc atgtctttgc    103140
     tattatgaat actgctgcag tgagcattca tgtgcatgtg tccttatggt agaacaatgt    103200
     atactccttt gggtatatgc ctaataatgg gattcctggg acgaatggta gctctgtttt    103260
     aaggttcttg agaaattgcc aaactgcttt cctcaatggc tgaactaatt tatgttccca    103320
     ccagcagtgt ataagccttc cgttttctct gcaacctctc caacatttgt tattttttga    103380
     ctttttaata atagccattc tgactggtgt gagacggtat ctcattatga ttttgatttg    103440
     catttttcta atcattagta atgttgaaca ttttttcata tgcttcttgg tcacgtgtgt    103500
     gtcttgaaaa ggcagatttt atgtatttgc gtatttattt ttttcacagg tttttttttt    103560
     gaaagtctca ctctgtcgcc taggctggag tacagtggga taatctcggc tcactgcaat    103620
     cttcgcctcc tgggttcaaa tgactctcat gcctcagcca cttgagtagc tggggttaca    103680
     gtcatgtgcc accactcctg gttagttttt gtcttttttt tttttttggt agagacaggg    103740
     tttcatcatg ttggccaggc tgttcttgaa ctcctgacct caagtgatcc acccacctca    103800
     gcctcctaaa gtgctaggat tacaggcatg agccatcgtg cctggcctga aaaagcagat    103860
     tttaaacggc aattcattct tctatcccat tgtgaactat acagttgatg gattttccat    103920
     cactaacttg aaactctaaa ttggcttcct tctgctcccc agtaggtttc agggctgcct    103980
     cttcacatct tagtttctga gaactcttgg attttattaa atagtgagct aaacaaaaga    104040
     ggattgtgga aggggcccct tgacaccaca cttacctgcc ctccctcaaa gtccctgatc    104100
     tcaggaaaat ctaacactta tgaagaaaat ggggataaaa aatgcataca aagattatta    104160
     ccaaaaacga aagattcgtt gtgtaactaa ttgagattaa ctgaagctct gccatagctc    104220
     ccagccactg cccccactca ccttgcttat atactctaac tctgctaacg aactgtcaag    104280
     tgtgttggaa tgggcagaat atggggtggg gagtgcataa tctgtagagc ttctacagat    104340
     acagtgctag gtaggtcctt tctataatat ctcatctcat cttaaaagac ttgttggccg    104400
     ggcatggtgg ctcacgcttg taatcccagc actttgggag gctgaggaag gcatatcacc    104460
     tgaggtcagg agtttgagac cagcctggca aacatggtga aaccccgtct ctacaaaaaa    104520
     tacaaaaatt agctgggtgt ggtggcgcgt gcctgtaatc ccagctactc tggaggctga    104580
     ggcaggagaa tcgattgaac ctgggaggtg gaggttgcag tgagccgaga tcgtgccact    104640
     gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gaatgagact gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    104700
     acttgttaat tgtcctcatt tcccaggttg gaaaacaggt ccaaagattc acacccaagg    104760
     tctaaaggct gtaactcctc ttcttataca gctgttacac atgcacatgt gtacacacac    104820
     acacacatac acactctctt gagcatgccc acacactcac tacatcttgg aactgggatg    104880
     gctcaaataa agggagttag tgaggcctcc gctgagaaag agagaaagag aagagtcaca    104940
     atccataacc caattcaccc aagtcttatc tttcctgtcc tcagagttcc ttctgctctg    105000
     agaaccaccg tcccttccac tttctctttt gacaagtttc aaaactgaat tttcccccac    105060
     acccccccaa tacatttccc cctcacattc ctccccatcc tgcccaggta agctgttagc    105120
     ctaaccttat aggaaccaag tcctgggatc cttttcaatg tctacaaagc ctagccctgg    105180
     caagggagca ctggctgtgt ggtcctgtgc cagcactgaa catggcccta gccagtaaca    105240
     gtggggctga atgtagttcc ctcttatgtc tagatctctg ctccggcagt caaaggagat    105300
     gtgaaacctt ctgtgaggcc acaacaggaa atggtaggag aggatttcac ttctctatta    105360
     attcaaacac tgagggagct ttttagaata aagaaggaca gaaaacccag acacctgtgc    105420
     tcagcagtgt tttccttcct ctcctcctcc caacccttcc atttttacag atatagctct    105480
     gtctttccac ctctagccaa ttcaaaataa catttcagtt gctctgtcca ttgttactta    105540
     tttgttaatt attgatatag caccgggacc gaagaggtat ggagccccaa ccaggttccc    105600
     acatgttgcc tttcttttat tgcctctaca caaccaccca aagagtgagt cctctccttt    105660
     cccattgcct ctgcccttag cctgaccacc acatgcctgc agtaaactag tcccagggtt    105720
     tgtgtgcaaa gcattactgg gaaaatacag agtgagaaga tatggattct gcccccatat    105780
     cgctttgctt gtacgtcaat tggggagtga gaacaaacac tttaaatagt ttatattaaa    105840
     gtaagtaagc aataaggcca gtggtcttaa aagagaagag agaaatcacc atggacatgg    105900
     tagacaggga gtactctcag tcgagagggc ctggaatgag ccttgaatac tgggctggat    105960
     ttgtgttgga gaggaggaag gcagttggca ttgtaggtct ggtgtatagc tccacaagct    106020
     tgacaatgct gtgaggtgcc atcagggagg aggtgtccta cgagagcctg ggttagctaa    106080
     aacaaagaca agctacaata acgtcactgg cactgcacgt tggaggaagt cacaaatgtg    106140
     atttcttgtt tttttctgag agtatggcca taataataaa tctcttctag gcacttccta    106200
     aagttgctcc atgtcagttc gcaggttctt ggggcagacg gttttaactg aagtctccat    106260
     tttataaaca caaaattgct caaccagtta atcacgcctc atagcataag accacattcg    106320
     tgacttcagt gtcttttcaa aactacacac acctacatcc tgccaagatt atattacttg    106380
     cccaatctgt ccaatcccca ccccacccct gccatctacc ccttacctca cctccgccca    106440
     cacacacacc ctcctaccct gtcaggattc actgctctag accctgacct ttggattata    106500
     gtttctgtag tcagttcacc atccttccaa cctacagtca aattatttga actactaggg    106560
     atagtctatc tgatttgcca caactatttt tcctttttta attttatttt ttgccaccac    106620
     aactattgaa gaatgctatc ttcatcttac ccacgagaaa atggaggcag agggaggtta    106680
     agtggttgcc cagatttacc cagatactaa gtaataaaac cattacttga actcaggatt    106740
     tattacttta aatcctgtat tgccaataat caattggaaa ataactgaaa attgcctact    106800
     atttataata acaataaaaa ccatagcata tttatgaatt aacatatcaa atataagaat    106860
     tttaagaaaa aagaaaactt tattgaagtg cacaaagacc tgagaggtgt agagatatac    106920
     catattcatg gataggccat gctaacataa tgacaacctc tccccacatc tctaacctaa    106980
     atgctacccc aattaaagta acagtaggat ttcaggagaa tttaacaaac tgattataga    107040
     atgtacatgg aaataaagtc caagagtatc ttagaatatt ttgataaaga aaaggaaaat    107100
     aaattttttg ggaaggtggt gaaggaatgg agactagttc tactaaatag taacacatat    107160
     taaaaagcca aaataatcaa acaatatgat actgattagt aatgagagaa aagcaaatta    107220
     aaacaacaaa ataccactct acacccacca tgttgccaac atttgaaagt caaataatta    107280
     caagcattaa tgagcataaa gggaaatgtg aactatcttg ctctgttgat gggagtgtaa    107340
     actgtttatg atccctgaat tatagaaatt ataaactagt tgggcgaaaa aattaacata    107400
     ggaaataaag cggcatatcc caatccttag gttgagtgct ttaagtcttg gaagatttca    107460
     ataaagagaa attaggggca ggttcatgga ataagttgaa ctggagttgg acctatggag    107520
     tgggttaaga caggaacaag atgagcagaa taaagaaagc attcttgtga gaggaaagag    107580
     cctgggcaaa tgccctaaac caaaaccaga tataatacct caaggaagag tgaggaaaaa    107640
     agatttattc aagaatagca ttcctgctgg gaatagtgag taatattttt tattagaaaa    107700
     ggggcaccag actagagagg atactgagtg cttctagagt acttaagtaa cagtatcata    107760
     gaaggtttca tcagagagca tctaatctaa gcccatcatt ttacagatga agactttgag    107820
     gcccagagag gggaagtgac ttgtctaaag tcacacagca taataaagca cttttaagtc    107880
     ttgcctgaca ggaaatatct agataagttg gaaaacagag agacagagaa attaggaaga    107940
     actagaaagc accacatcta gaattactaa catgagaata aaaagaaaaa catctaaaat    108000
     ggagaaaata caatacttga agctagtatt gaggtatatt tcagaaaaga gaaagaagtc    108060
     tacgaggcaa ctaagttctc ctctgaagat caagaccaat aatgataagg ttaggttatt    108120
     cagcacattt tctatgtgcc aaacactatt ttaagcattc tgtaggtatt aacttattta    108180
     agcttcacag catgaggata tgctgcctta tttcctatat taactttttc actcaactag    108240
     ttcataattt ctgtaattcg ggcatcataa acagtttaca ttcccaccaa cagaccaaga    108300
     tattacagtt cacattttcc tttatcctcg ctaatactta tttgactttc aaatgttggc    108360
     aacatggtgg gtgtagagtg gtaaggggga caccattgtt atcatcatcc ttttacagaa    108420
     aatgacacca aagcacaagt taagtaactt gcccaagggc tcacagctaa acgctgacag    108480
     ttacgattga atccccagca gtcaggttcc agagcccatg cttcttaacc ggtacacatg    108540
     atgctgttag aaatgagatg gttcagagac agtgcaactt ctcttaggga gaatttaata    108600
     ttttctttta gattagactc tagtacaatg ccaagaacag aaactccctc accaaataat    108660
     tgccctctca actttattgc caccctgtca tccaaagcaa ctcccagacc ctaaggaatg    108720
     caagaaagaa agcatatgca aagcaattta ccaccagtgg tcatgtgctg ccacctttcg    108780
     ttatcttccc aggacagcac ctgtgcagtt ctccttggac agttcactca ggccaaggaa    108840
     cagattgtca ggaaagacat gtgaattctt tgcccttcca ggctgttttc acttcatgtt    108900
     aggggcttca tgatactgtt ttcccagaac tgacataact gattggtata gcacttggga    108960
     gcttattctt cccatccctg agcttctgtt tctcagttac ggtgagggtt gaagggagtt    109020
     atatgttcct cagggcagcc tatacgagac ataaacattt tcacaaacag taaaatacac    109080
     aacacacaca cacacgcaca aaacacacaa gcagcttcct taaccatttt gtaagcagat    109140
     tattagaaaa taactctgcc ttcgtttctc acatattttg cacaaaccga tagatggaaa    109200
     aacatcatgt accgccaaga ccagggaata agagctcagc tggcaaatta ggggttttcc    109260
     ctatttccct ccctaacgag gtcaagctgt gttcaggtta aggcatgctg aatttgaaac    109320
     gacaacccac tcaagttgag atatccagaa acaaatacca tgagttaaga aagaagccac    109380
     actgatataa agaaatgaga tttattgcct tgtgggggga agggatgtgg ttgtgatagg    109440
     caggccactc tgggatccct gggatgcaag cccagggaca gcagagtccc caggtgggaa    109500
     atctacacac acaccccagg gatgtcccag agacttcttc taccctaaga ggagatcctg    109560
     ggcaggatgt gagaaatctg agcatcctct gtttggatgg ccgaagctgc tggcatcaaa    109620
     ctctggtctg gaagaatcag tctgggggag agacagggat ggaggaaagg catcagggga    109680
     tccatcctcc tcctccttct cctcctcctc ctcccccaca aaggccttgc tcgccctgcc    109740
     tgcaccacac cctgcagaag ttgatctctc cttgttccca aatcatctcc aagcaccctt    109800
     cctacagcac cccatgattc cttttttcac tcaaagcaat tcttgtgacc cataactgtg    109860
     tgtgtgtaac tgggtcccca actgggaaga tgtgccccca tggtgctgga tacaggcccc    109920
     cacacccaag ggcctgagga tcgctatatg tccccccatg ccacaaaata atcctgacac    109980
     atgcacgcat gcaccactgt atctggctcc cacaggctca cccgccccct ccagatgaca    110040
     taccacctga gcaaggcttc cggaagtaga tgatgagaac aatgcccacg atgatgccca    110100
     gcacacccag gccaaaggcc acgccacaca gcacattctc cagcagatct gagggcagtg    110160
     cgttccgggg tactggagga aatgagtggc tcagcctggg gacctagtta gggagcctcc    110220
     cacccaggga aatgacgtgg gtgtctggga tgacatggga gactgggatg ggcttagggt    110280
     aggaatggac taaacaaggt accagtggag aaagaagcct cctcccatgg atctatccct    110340
     ttttgccccc aaaaggacca gaattccagg gagaaagcct caccccaata ggcaattgct    110400
     gtgtagcggt caatttcgtg agtcacaatg caggagaaaa tgtcagaagg ttctggtgtg    110460
     aagtttaagt aagaaaaggc ctggaagctg agtccatcga cagctgagac aaaagtaggc    110520
     ccaaatcctt ccacagggac ggaatgatgc tgccagttca ctgtcagcat gggtgggaag    110580
     agattactga caaaacagac caaagtgttg ggcttgccaa actccagggg cttcagcgtg    110640
     aacacttcag cgataggaaa ccctggtggg gggattgaag tgtaggggga aaaagagact    110700
     agtttagatg gtatctctgt gtttggaggg gccatggcat atggagggga gggcagagaa    110760
     gaacacagtg ggtcaggctt tgggagacag agatgagcga ggagctgggc tctgaaggga    110820
     ggtcttcttc caggcaagga ctgcagctag acgtagaagc agagccagat ccaggctact    110880
     ctggacccct ccaccatgac ttccttcagc acttcctgtc tagagctcac attgatgtct    110940
     aaccatgcac tgtcttctca ctaagacata gtcacgtcat cagatatttc cactcttccc    111000
     atccatcttg ctgggcatag tagcacaagt gttaatattc agtaggtatc agttggtacc    111060
     tgttgaattc atcacattca atacatagtt ctgaatgcct actacatgct aggtacttcg    111120
     gcccaccaaa agaacacagg gtgcagacca aggctggtgg aaaaattaag gtgatgaaga    111180
     gaaccagaaa gtatttgaga tggggagctg gtatcaaggg gaattattca gtgtacagat    111240
     caatgaggtt aatgcagccc tcctcccttc actccccaga aaactcctga cctctggaca    111300
     ccgggatttt cccatcaagt tttggcccta tttgctggat catccactcg cagaactctt    111360
     tgtcaaataa aatggcagga gcatctccct gttcctgagc ccagtcagca aattcgggca    111420
     ggcgaggcac ccgagtgttc tgggaaaagt cgaagaagaa aagctggtcc tcgtcgtagg    111480
     cctcagagag tcccacactg ggactcccat cctggcagta cactgtgtgc aggaatgtgt    111540
     ggttttgcag gtcatctggc cacattggag taggagctgc aaaggacaca gggtgaggtt    111600
     cagggaggtg ggagccttct cctccaactt aaaaaacagc aaggtggggc taggcgcagt    111660
     ggctcatgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccaaggt gggtggatca tgaggtcagg    111720
     agtttgagac cagcctggcc agcatggtga aactccatct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaag    111780
     tagctgggca tgttggcatg cgcctgtagc tactcgggag gctgagggag gagaattgct    111840
     tgaaccaggg aggcagaggt tgccgggagc taagattaag ccactgcact ccagcctggg    111900
     tgacagagtg agactctgtc tcaaaacaaa acaacaaaaa caagcaaggc ctgcttaagg    111960
     agcgtgggct gaggtgagac cctttcctgt gtctgttatt tagactcccc ctcccaaagg    112020
     gggtgaagaa caaattatgg catctctcca agcttcccct gcctataaaa aggccagttg    112080
     gcaaaagtaa agagttctac tttctaaagt gacagattca ggccaggcat ggtggctcat    112140
     gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggctga ggcaggcaga ttgcttgagc ccaggagttc    112200
     aagaccaacc tgggcaacac agcgagaccc tgtctctaca aaaaatacaa aaacttagcc    112260
     aggtgtggtg gcaaacacct gtggtctcag ctactctgga ggctgaggca ggaggattgc    112320
     ttgtgcctag gaagttgggg ctgcagtgag ccatgattgt gccactggac tccagcccag    112380
     gtgacagaat gagcccgtct caaaaaatat atatataaag gccgggcgcg gtggctcaag    112440
     cttgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccaag gcgggtggat cacctgaggt caggagtttg    112500
     agaccagcct ggcaaacatg atgaaacccc atctctacta aaaatacaaa aatcagctgg    112560
     gtgtggtggc atgcgcctgt aatcccagct acttgggagg ctgaggcagg agagtctctt    112620
     gaaccccaga ggcaggggtt gcagggagcc gagatcacgt cactgcactc tagcctgggt    112680
     gacagagcga gatgccgtgt caaaaaaaat aaattaaatc aaataaaaaa tttaaaaatg    112740
     tatatatata aaataaagtg acagattcag agtcactgtt cattgtgtgt ttgggggctg    112800
     cacaaagaca cctagccaaa gaagcaagtg aaagcctgca ttctgctcac catgccatac    112860
     atcctggcat agggctgtat cctcccaaag gggattcctt tgtctaattc ataccaggcc    112920
     actgtattga ctagagaagg ccatggatgg gtttctcact cttagaaggg aaagaggagg    112980
     aatggctaca gcctccccaa gccatagatg ggactgcctc ccactatccc cagacacaaa    113040
     tggtaaattg gaaaacctgt atccagacat ttcttcagcc acttcattgg caccaagcgt    113100
     ctctcaaaat gtcttctgtt ccttaaccta ccaggcctcc caaagacagc aatgggagaa    113160
     gtgaccccat aactgcataa aataatccct cttctttgaa gctcttggca ggaatcgctc    113220
     agccagcagg aaacctttaa cccaataccc agaaaaacag acatttggag gaagagggat    113280
     cttccagatt attcttccat tctgccccat cctctacaga gaaggaaact aagacacttt    113340
     tcaagaatca caagataagt taatgataga aagcagagta gaatcttgag tggaggagtg    113400
     aaaataacat tcactttgtt caaatcccag ctctaccact ttccaatggt gtgaacttgc    113460
     acaaataact ctgagtctca ttttcttcat ttgtaaaatg gagagaacaa tctccgcttc    113520
     aagagattgt cttaaatgga acatgcaaag catcactgat atcgtttacc aaccacacat    113580
     agcagctgtc tttccccact cccctgttgt ttccactgcc tcataagact tcccaccact    113640
     cacaaagcac agcgcttttc ctcacaaagc tgagtgggct ccctaggttc aggatggaag    113700
     taaataggag taccatctta ccttcaggga cggcccagga gtggggtagc agccacagaa    113760
     gtggtaacat ctgtagcagc gcagctcctt ggttctgttc atgacccata ccttcttgcc    113820
     acacagtagg taggagctac caacccagcc aacccagctt ccccaactcc ctccccgaga    113880
     gggtggcctt agatcatgtt ttgccagatc atttccaata ggtgcccttg tcattttgtc    113940
     taaaccaatc agagaagcgt agggtttaac atcatcagtc actggggaga cgcctggggc    114000
     cagtaacctc ctgaagactt ggctgtttga ccagggcaga gtatggcatg taactgggct    114060
     gggaagccca gtggaggaat gttgcttcct ggtggagttc cctctttggt ttcaagctgt    114120
     cagcctcagt ctgtaagcga ccagctggct cttcagagca gtgccacctc ctggcagaat    114180
     gctgcaatgg ggaaccgcat cttccccaag taaaccccca gggctcttcg gaccctgcct    114240
     tctcctccct cctggctctt cctctttctc aaaaaaactt attctccttc aggcattagc    114300
     tctaattcat ttggcagaca tatattgaaa atacaagaaa ttctgggtgt tgggcccagg    114360
     gctagaaata caaagatgaa taggcatagt ctgccttcaa agagcttaga gtctagtgct    114420
     gggggagggg gccaagggat aattacacaa caatgtaatg tattcaaata agaatgtgcc    114480
     aagtgttttg gaagtcgcag taattttatg aggatgcgga ataggaggaa cataatcagg    114540
     caggctccta agacttgaag gaaaaacaat ttggcc                              114576