ID   AL671681; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 166803 BP.
AC   AL671681;
DT   30-JAN-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 17)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone CH502-32M13 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-166803
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Tracey A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 684c6793802398c8daaa56e05702a48d.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000251.
DR   EPD; EP74065; HS_PSMB8.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000168394; homo_sapiens.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   CH502-32M13 is from a CHORI-502 human bac - COX cell line library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..166803
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-502"
FT                   /clone="CH502-32M13"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 166803 BP; 50660 A; 34431 C; 34503 G; 47209 T; 0 other;
     gaattctggg caggggcagg tgggcattac agaagagtga tgaccaatcc cagacaaaag        60
     tcctcaggag tcagtgcagg agtcctggag aagagagacg aggcatgatc agcacagggt       120
     accctgaggg acacaccctc tcccctagtc ctcagttccc tctgtagcat caaacagagg       180
     atgctgaggt ccagggcata tcatcatcac gttccccaat atctgtgtaa aggtaaaatc       240
     agctcatgag gacacagaac ttcagcttga tgcagatatg tggaggtggg ggaacagcag       300
     ttacccttct gggtaatatg aagagtttga tttttttagt aaattgggtg acacttcatc       360
     tccaccacta gcagcctctt ttagtcactg aaaatgccta caggcagtag ctaacaaaat       420
     gtggcacaaa gtgggcatca ccctactatc tcacattcaa gatgtggctc tgtccccaca       480
     tttcacaaaa agatgccacc aaagttaagg cctggttcta ggaaacaatc tctggagatt       540
     cgtagaaact ggcaaacttt tcccctaagt cttaaccctc atagcagcaa acaggccatg       600
     aacagagacc actgtgccct ggaacactcc gctcatgctc ttcttttttt ttttttgaga       660
     cagactctag ctctatcgcc cagactggag tgcagtggcg ccatcttggc tcactgcaac       720
     ctctgcctcc tgggttcaag tgattctctt gcctcaacct cccaagtagc cgggattaca       780
     gatgcacacc accacgtcca gctaattttt gtatttttag tagagatgcg gtttcaccat       840
     ggctcttccc tcttatgcct gtgccctctc ccctgactgg atcatggctg aaatattacc       900
     tgctggtgga ggccctcgag gtcctacaaa aggaagttat acagagaaag gtcttgttaa       960
     acaaacaacc actatcttac cccaaaggaa aatgacacat gtagtttaat tggggttata      1020
     tcctcttccc tcccatgttc tttaagtcct taagcaccct aagttaaaat cccccaaaac      1080
     aaaggaaatt gtcactagaa gacaaggagg ccaaggctct gaccctcata atggaggaag      1140
     cttttagaaa ggagccagtg agacgatgat gaacggtaag gacgccctgg aataagctct      1200
     atcagtcagc tctggcagcg ctaccattca cccagtaaaa tcagattcca atgcctcctc      1260
     caatcttgtc ctgtctcctc gcacttcctc tcagggtaag gaggaaagag ctacatctag      1320
     agacagaacc tctctgaata gagggtctgg gtcacagctc atcttcccca tttccccctt      1380
     gggttcctca cctttctgac ccctgtgacg gatgataagg cccagcccga ggaagatcag      1440
     ccccagcacg aagcctccaa tgccactcag catcttgctc tgggcagatt cagactgagc      1500
     ccctaaggag cagaactgag tgtgagtgtt tgtccccaca ccccataatg tccttggtac      1560
     aggaggtgga gatgtcaggg gacactagtt ctccagtctg accaccctag ggaagagaaa      1620
     gaccagccag taggtctttg gacacaatag gtgggtgagg gagaggaaga agcgcacccc      1680
     tgcccctcag gacttcatcc ataaccttaa accctaaggc cccagtcacc agccctaagt      1740
     cagtctctca tagctgtcag agctggttct ggggctttag tagtgttgat atggtttgat      1800
     tctgtggccc cacccaaatt tcatgttcaa ttgtaattaa caatgttgga ggtagagcct      1860
     ggtgggaggt gactggatca ttagaccaga ttcttgtcac catctccctt agtactgtca      1920
     ttacaatagt gagttctcat gagatctggt tatgtaaaac tgcgtagcac caaccccctc      1980
     tctctcatgc tcctgcccct gccctgtgag acacctcact ccctcttttc cttctgccat      2040
     gattaggagc ttccatatgt ctccccataa gcagaagcca ctatgcttcc cctgcagcct      2100
     cagaatcata agccagttaa acctcttctc tttataaatt acccattctc aggtatttct      2160
     ttatagtgga gtgagaagag ccaattaaac ctcttttctt tataaattac tcagtctcag      2220
     agatttcttt gtagcagtac aagaatggac taacacaaat gtggaaagtg atctccctgg      2280
     tatctggaaa gacaaagaga tcaggattca tctgatgtgc ttgccatggg gcaacaggtg      2340
     ctctagtctc ctgtgattcc cagctcagta gtgatgtcag ggacaagaga tgggatggga      2400
     aggatcagcg ggagctctgc cctttgtctt gtggggccca cagtaaaagg aaaccagttt      2460
     ccccttacgc cactccacgg tgatggggct ctggaggctg gggtgctcca cttggcaggt      2520
     gtagatgtct ccacgctggg gagttatttc cagcatcacc agaatctgga aggtccagtc      2580
     accattccta atgagggagg tggacacaac accggctgtc tcctcctggt cattccgaaa      2640
     ccaccggact ttgatctggg ctggatagaa atctgtcact gagcagacca gcaggttgtg      2700
     gtggttgagg gcctctgtcc tggatgggga gatggtcact gtgggctcca ctgagggcag      2760
     taacagacag ggaaagatat aggagtgaga tgtgagacca cacagcacgc ctgctgtgag      2820
     gaaggtccct ccttggaacc agaatagaaa gatacctgga gtccaagtct tggattaagg      2880
     ttccttcaac aaatataaat ttgacaatca ctgagaatcc aaaaataaac aacaaaccct      2940
     ggttcctgcc tttatagaac ttgcaatcta gtaacagaga ccaaaaaatt gaatgttatt      3000
     tcaaaagttt gtaatatttg aaggaaaagt aggcaggcct tgaaaaaaac taacactgat      3060
     caaacatcat gtttgcccat aactcaattc ctttatcttc tcagagcgct gctcatggtc      3120
     aaaaatgaca cacctttccc tgcatatttt atacatctta acctttacct ctctggccat      3180
     tttactgcat ttcctttatt tctttagtgt aaaattatag taaatattta atgtatgctt      3240
     tatttacttg gtaatatgtt ctctcatttt cctgcttttt cttaatttcc ttttaaccct      3300
     caagatagtg taattactag ctgcctaccc tactccatcc ccttgctatt gagaattact      3360
     ttcttgttct gaaatcagac attatcatgt acgttctcca taggaaatat tctgagatcc      3420
     atgcagaggt tggcctgggt gaatgtgcct gtaatgcaaa catatacata tagctgggat      3480
     ttgctgaggt cagcaggtag caccccaatt aaatggcact catgagccat tgtctggaag      3540
     gaatcttggt ttctgcttgg acttgaactt ttctttaggc cctccttcct ggagtctgac      3600
     tgaaataaca gtcagctatg tggggactta caagatttgt tcatcttaaa aagactgaaa      3660
     gtaaaaatag agggcacaaa ttcatgagaa aaaaatgata gaataacttt tatagaaata      3720
     gacttgaaat ggcaaaaata taaataattg acagcattag gatgtgggtc agaagaaggc      3780
     aaggaagttt tgtgaacctg catagataac actggggtca gactagggat tgattaatca      3840
     gtgaattttc aatgccttga aagtatcatt ttgtcccatt aacagtgaaa acaggcagga      3900
     atagacccat tgctgcttct tgtcaaaatt ggctttaaca aggctttact tcccttaggc      3960
     tgtgtagacg agtattgaag aacataaaag aatgctgtgt atttggggga ggcttcaggt      4020
     cctggtgcat aactgtgggt tgattactta aagtgtttat catgtaccaa tattacgata      4080
     tataaagtgg caatgctaat ctctaatgca caggtaactg tgctattaaa tgacataact      4140
     tagatggtgt ttgctaaggc aattgtctag aaataagtgc tcactaagtg ggtaaaattg      4200
     acgttcagaa tgtttatgcc tgaagtggat agtgatgggg ggagggagaa aatctactcc      4260
     aaaagcaacc tgaaactatt tttattcaat aatttagtgg cttcaatcta tgtattccaa      4320
     agcttctgct cttttcattg tgccatttgt tcagcttttc taagaaatta aaactgcctt      4380
     ataacaccat tcaagcgttg tttttatttt cagcaaacac ctttttcccc agactgcatt      4440
     cacaaacctt actaagatcc aagtcaataa gagtttacag cattaagcaa aataatagaa      4500
     aataattgat aaagtccatc tttaaggctc tatttatcct ctgctttccc ttgagcctaa      4560
     gtggatgcgc agctgagtac atttattcat taatttaaca gaagatcatt gagctcatac      4620
     cacatgccgg tccacgagtc aggtactagg catgcaatga ttaaaacact ctcacctcaa      4680
     agagctccgc catgaatgag agccgtttaa gaaaacagaa ttacgatgaa taataatttg      4740
     aagccaaaag ttaaaatatc ttatttcaca actgtaattg ctggatgccc tgcgcgcagt      4800
     tgtggagcag ccctaactcc accaggccaa gcctgaagct tcctgcggcg cgagctgtgc      4860
     aagtgggcct tgctgggtgg ggcagtgcta gtggggcgga cgggcagggg aagagggcgg      4920
     gcattcgggc agaaagaact gcttagcgaa ggtaaggcac gaggaggcaa acgcataagg      4980
     cacaaggcaa gaacatgcag agcagaggac aaggccgatg gacggggagg ctggggacac      5040
     actgggcagc ctaacccaac cctgcaggga actaagggat gcttttgtgc atccccctgc      5100
     tctgccctag atccccgccc ctccgatact accccagcct ccaaatcccc gccaccttcc      5160
     tgtaccctgg gatggatcag ggctcggtcc ttgaggccgc gccgtcctcg cccctctgtg      5220
     cgcaagagac tcgggccccg gccaagggtg agccccgcgg aaggacgacg acgctcacct      5280
     tgccgctgca aggtcgtgcg cagctccgcc tcgtagttgt gtctgcacac cttgtccacc      5340
     gcggcccgct cctgctccaa gaagtcctta tagttgttcc agtcctcgat gctccgcccc      5400
     agctcggtca ccgcctggaa ctccccaacg tcgctgtcga agcgcccgta ctcctcgcgg      5460
     ttatagatgt atctggccac accgcgcacg cgctctgtcc cgttggtgaa gtagcacatg      5520
     cccttaaact ggaccaagaa atcctctgcg gagaatcacg gcgggtcagt caggccccag      5580
     cacggcccta gccccagccc ccagccggac cgcacccttc agccgctgcc ctgacccggc      5640
     cagcagctgc gaaacccgtc cacgcgaaat tgagttcttg gctgggcccg tgcctcgtgc      5700
     tccggacctg ggatcctcga ggcatctctg ccccagccct gcccgccctc tctgagggcc      5760
     tcgggaatct gccttccttt agggaggtaa gagggaaagc ccagtccctg cctgagcctg      5820
     tgaaccaagt gaagagggca gtcggaccga ttcaacattg acctctgctc ttagatcagg      5880
     gcgttctcgt atgaaatccc attttccatg gagctcttgg gaatctcgga gacagagtta      5940
     tccacataaa tttgagagtt caagggaata acgagaaagg ttcaggaatt aagcttgttc      6000
     tcatcctgat gtaagtattc tcttggtccc tgggcaagag accaagtaaa cccatgcctg      6060
     gatttactct ctttctgcta tacccgccca agtgccctgt gaggttcact cacttctgtg      6120
     ttagaaagga cctacacctc cggagtccta gaaggaaaca tttattcatg gaaagagccc      6180
     aagcttttga attctatagg gtccaattaa actgagtcaa tcaccagctt gggcaggtta      6240
     cttaacagaa tatccatatc acaagtataa ttacataaaa ggaaaatcat gatacctaca      6300
     cataggatgt taggaggagt gagagaggat ttatagaaag tactgtcctg tgtctgaatg      6360
     gagtggtttc tcaatatgta ttatttccct tctttacttc ctccttccta tcatactaaa      6420
     ttcagtccac catcaactca ggtccctgaa tcccactcaa gtcacctttt gcccataaat      6480
     cagtgaaacc caaagtaaga ctccctgtct gtggtcatcc agtcaccttc cctcagtact      6540
     aagagtttgc ctccacaaac tctccactcg agtcagtagt atagactcct ttacctccaa      6600
     tacagagact acagacacca ttgctgcctt acattttccc agtgcagaaa aatcctactg      6660
     tgtctttggg gaaatgtata tctttgggga aatgcataac cgtggagtgc catggtcatt      6720
     ttgtcctgtc acaggtagtg aatgcacact ttgtctcctc tttcctctct cctccttcag      6780
     gcttaaacct gtgggattgg ggttggatta tcctcacctc acccattata aggtggaaat      6840
     aaaaatgcaa catagctcta tttcccaaaa agaataaatg gtgataaaag actgtgttct      6900
     gagatcatgg agatcaccat cccccatact ccaacccaag gagagcctgt tcccacagtg      6960
     gtggctctcg agagcagctg ccctgcactt actgggaaag tctctggcct cagccactgg      7020
     ggtgctcagc atcaccagca tcacggtcac agctgctgcc caaaagcctc cagggatctg      7080
     cagagccatc ttccaagacg taagtgagac caaggaaaaa gcagtggtag tcaacacagc      7140
     tcaaacctaa tggaacttat gtacctgccg gaaagaataa aaacctctgg atgtttccat      7200
     gtgtggtagg attggggagt ccctaggaaa ggaaccaatc agcactggag ctgaaggacc      7260
     tcatctgcct ctgggcagac gtttttctgt gaagattctc actccaatgc ctggcactgt      7320
     ttcttcttca aattgcacta gatgaacatt tgaggtgaag atttctgaat agctgaagat      7380
     tgaatggctt aggggtttta agaagcaaaa gacaaatgtg attcaagagt agacatctta      7440
     caacctattg ttcttacact tgggattttt agtagggcaa attaagtgag gatcatattt      7500
     cagggaacag aaaattgtca cagaaatgtt cacttctatt agacactctg aagagcctta      7560
     agttttggtg agaagagcaa agttcttaga aggaaatgat ggtgagttgc agttctacca      7620
     ctaatgtgct ttatgagagt caacaaatta ctgaactcct tttcaccccc aggcttctct      7680
     ttgcaaaatg tggatcatgt tttatgcatt ttacatctag atcttcacat ataaaaattt      7740
     aacattaata tgactagttt aatattacaa aagcctcctc cactgttatg tgtaactatc      7800
     aggctaatag gaggaacaag aaaaaaaaaa gttgacaccc agccctactg gcaagtgatt      7860
     ctttattatg caagaaggta ttgcattcat gctcttcgag tgaaagtatt tgttgacttt      7920
     tctcttgtaa gttcttcagc tgcttaaatc ctccctgaac catgaaacag gtgcatctga      7980
     tatgagcaaa ggcacaatac acaaatttta cagtattcag acacagtcac atttagtttt      8040
     gaagatagag agcaaaagct gtgaagaaga atttcctggg ggctgaatcg tattaatgat      8100
     ggagcaaatg tttagagtta caggtcatat tgggccagcc ctaaacatca aatccaaaat      8160
     ggcagaggta ccaatgtgtt tttataaata aatttcttac ttatcaggct tacgttgccc      8220
     atggctaggg atagtactaa tggttataaa gcaattaaaa caatgcctga caaacattac      8280
     tggtaatcct aaccaagaca ataaatatct ccacctctct tcttgtctcc cttcctccca      8340
     ctcttccctg tatattagta aagtagaaga tagagagcat ctaaaagcag aatatgttta      8400
     ccaggtaaaa agaaacaggg aagagacggt agcaagaggt ttgcaatagt ggcacatgaa      8460
     agcattgagc cactctaata ttctgtatta ttctgtgcat agatttagat cacctgagac      8520
     tgggaacgtt gttactgggc ttctagcagc agtggtgtac tcaggatcag ggtaaccccc      8580
     agtctaagga gggtctccac tggtgcgatg gaagcataaa ggaggaacat caaactcaga      8640
     cctagaacgg aactgggggc aagaaagaat aggcagagag ggacctgaag atgccctcaa      8700
     tgtcctctca gtccccacct cagcgtccct cagaatagag gcctctggcc caccccttct      8760
     tcctgttcaa agggagaagc ttccctcagg tttattctgg ggctgtgagg caaagtctac      8820
     gtcaaaccta gggactcccc agtctcatgg gcctcttcaa acagactttt ttcttttctt      8880
     ttcctttttt ttttattttc cttttttctt ttcttttctt ttttagggac agggtctggc      8940
     tctatcacct aggctggagt acactggcat gatcatggca cactgcagcc tcaacctctt      9000
     aggctcaagt gatcctcctg tctgagcctc ccaagtagct gggagtacag gcacacaccg      9060
     ccattctgtc taatttttta aaaatttttt atagaaatag gattttgcta tgttgcccag      9120
     gttggtttca atgtcctggc ctcaagcaat cctcccacct cggcctccca aagcactggg      9180
     attataggtg tgagccacca cacctggcca cacagacttt tcaactagca acgaaagtgt      9240
     cagcttagag ccattttctg actggctaaa acctcatctg aggccaggtg cagtggctca      9300
     cccctgtaat tttctagcgc ttcgggaggc caaggcaggc agatcacttg aggtcaggaa      9360
     tttgagacca gcctggccaa catggtgaaa cccgtctcta ccaaaaataa aaaaaattag      9420
     ccaagtgtgg tggtgcatgc ctgtaatctc aattactcag taggctgagg caggcgaatc      9480
     gcttgaaccc aggaggcaga ggttgcagtg agctgagttc gcaccactgc actccattgc      9540
     actccagcct gggggacaag agcaaaactc tgtctcaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaaaaaaa      9600
     aaacacctaa tctaaaaggc tttggtttgg ggcttctgcc agttgtgtcc ccctgatcca      9660
     gccttctcta cagttctttg caatgttcct atccctgctc cattactcag ggcagccact      9720
     attggcctgg ccagaggaag gcaactcaga caagcatcct gattctgaat gcctcgccca      9780
     aatcacccac ccggcctctg tggggacaga gcgcttagga tgagaccaca cgcaccccat      9840
     gtgggaagat gggataaaga cactgctgtt attatgggtc aaggttacac tagggagact      9900
     ctccccaggg cacattgtct cttctttcag ggcagaaaaa ggttgtggac tccttctttg      9960
     tggaatcaag ggagaaatca tcttccctgg tcagcatctc ttagaatctg tgcctggtca     10020
     gtgcagttga atgtaaacac aggagtcatc ctgtcaccag aagggttatc caggactctg     10080
     tcctgcaatt acttccagaa tcaagaaaca ctgtagagtc agaaaggttc tgtggcctcc     10140
     ttaatgccgg tggtaacata attagaaata cggccccaga atatcatttt cctttaataa     10200
     aaatttatca agtaattatc tccaaatttt tcaaaacctt gtgaagctac ttacatattt     10260
     ctcttatatc aacttttagg taaccggtta catgaatttt tcatgacaca tataaggtag     10320
     gccttttctc tttaaacagt tatctcttta aaatgacaat ttagaaagtc tgaagagaga     10380
     gtctgtagca ttcagaggct gtgctcaaac agtgcctcct tcaagcaagt aaccatgggg     10440
     agactccata gtggaagtca ggtaaggact tggaggatac cgcagggtga aggactagga     10500
     gtatgggaaa agctttagca ggaagataga aaatcagatg atacaaggca tttgggacac     10560
     ttgggggaaa tggggaaggt gagtgatctc tggcacagga gtccagagcc caccagtctc     10620
     atggcttctc atgcagtatg gaaatggccc ttgaaaacag aagaagactg ggacgaaaac     10680
     ccaggctgcc tgctatggac gtgtgtacaa cggagctttg tttcctgatc tgtttctaca     10740
     ggtttcttct tccagtcaat ctcatccatg catcacctca gctggaccac tgacgatttc     10800
     atcacccaga gctaacctac acatgtcact ctttgcaaca tatctgttcg tctctacttc     10860
     tggttcccta gtaatgcctg ggatatttcc agagacaact cttccccagc ttctagattt     10920
     gtagtcatca tgtgccttca ttcccagaca aaccttaaat atctctctat gagatcttta     10980
     taatgtcttc ttctacaagt tcttaccagt agagagaaga actaatattc aggtatgtaa     11040
     aaaatatttc agtcctattt aagctcatgt ccaagtactc aagaattcaa gtgtccagct     11100
     cagctcaagg tcatggttca tgcaaaaaag caacattagc agtaatattt tggggggact     11160
     actcatatcc tcaaatagga aaacttaaga tattcaattt aaacctcaat gacatatcaa     11220
     tccatgcttt tcaggatgac tattatcaaa aagacaaaaa ataacaagtg ttaacaagga     11280
     cgtggagata agggaacatt tgcacactgt tggtgggaat gtaaattagt atggccacta     11340
     gggaaaacat tatgaaggtt cttcaaaaag ttaaaataga actgccatat gatgtagcaa     11400
     tcccacttcc aggatacaga caaaggattt taaatcagta ggttgaaaat atatccacac     11460
     tcccatgttc attgcagcat tatgcacaat agtcaaggta tgaaatcaac ctgtgtcatt     11520
     cagcagatga atgggtaaag ataatgtatg tatacacaat ggaattctat tcaggcttta     11580
     aaaagaaaga aatcctggtg taagccgaaa agtgactgag gcaggtctca atcaattaga     11640
     ggtttatttt gccaaggttc aggatgcacc tgggaaaaac acgaatcaca ggagcatctg     11700
     tgatcaatgc ttattccaaa gagggttttg agaacttcaa tgtttaaaaa gaaagagtaa     11760
     gcaggaaggg aaagagagag gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggag ggaaggtagg caatgacaca     11820
     agtggttaca ttcttgtgag tctgattagc ctcagtaaat ctacatttta catgtgaaaa     11880
     gagggagtag aggaaaaagt cacttatgca aaaacaataa cattgtagaa tcttcccaaa     11940
     agattcattt tctattctca cagaccgaca attccactca agttaatttc tgcaaaagca     12000
     tcctaactgg tcttcctgcc tctactttat aatgtcaaca ttgctcataa atccaagtta     12060
     atctctctga gtatgagttt ctttaactgc aaaatgagaa tattatctat tccatagagt     12120
     aatgccaagg attaaatgaa gtggcaaata tatagcatct aaaatagttt tgaacacata     12180
     gtagatgctc aataataatt ttttttaatt tttaatataa ttttaattca atagctttta     12240
     ggttacaagt ggttttttgt tatatggatg aattgtatag tggtgaagcc tggaatttta     12300
     gtgaacctgt tacctgagta gtgtgcattg tactcaatat gtagtttttt atccttcacc     12360
     ctccttccca tcctccccaa tttcttactc tccattgtcc tttataccat tctgtatgcc     12420
     tttgagtacc catagcttag tacccactta gctcctactt acaaatcaaa acatatggta     12480
     tttagttttc catgcctcaa ttagaagttg taaattttga tggagtccaa tttatatatt     12540
     tttttttcat ttcttgccta tgccctcggt gttatatcca agaaatcatt gcctaatcaa     12600
     atatcatgaa gattttccct attttttttc taagagtttt atggttttag ttttcacatt     12660
     taggtctttg attcattttg agttcatttt gtctataatg tagggtaaga gtccagtttc     12720
     attcttttgt atgtggactt ccagttttcc cagcaccatt gttgaaaagg ctgtcctttc     12780
     cgcatttaat ggccctggca ctcctgttga aaatcgtttg actatatatg tcaggataat     12840
     ttcctggttt tgatattgca ctttagttat gtaagatgtt acaattgggg aaaactggat     12900
     gaaggctata cagaatcttt ttgttctatc ttggtaactc cctttgaatc tacaattatt     12960
     tcaaaatata atgttaaaaa agcaaagcca accgaaataa tgtgtttatc ttttaacaaa     13020
     ctaattcaat aagataccta ataaaaatta cccaatgtga aatacaaaga gaaaagaaga     13080
     gcaggggaaa aacaaaacag atcatccaag agctgcagtg ctgtattgaa tggttacatc     13140
     acctttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttg agacagggtg tcactctgtt     13200
     gcccaggctg gaatgcagtg gtgcgatcac agctcacttc atcccccacc ctcgccccca     13260
     actcaggcag tcctcccgtc ttagcctctt gagtagctgg gaataccagc accatgcttg     13320
     cccacttaat ttttctctct ttgtagacaa ggtctcctta tgttgcccag gctgctcttt     13380
     aggttcaagc attcctccca cctcagcctc ccaaagtgct gagattacag atgtgaaaca     13440
     ttgtgccagg cttatttttt taatgtactt ttactctctt tctctctttg tgtttcactc     13500
     tgggtaattt ttattgatct atttcaaact cactgattct tcccagggct gtaccacatt     13560
     tgctgatgag cttgtcaaat gcattcttta tttttgttaa tttattttta ttttatttcc     13620
     atttcattca tccttaaagc tttcatatct ctgctgaaac tgtctaatct tgcatgttgt     13680
     ctaccttttc cattagagat tttagtatat taatcacagt ttatgaagca ggtttactaa     13740
     ttaccaatac caagggagga aagggaggac ttccactgca tggagaatag aaaagatcat     13800
     cactatgcca accaccagga aaagaggtcc agatacttct tcccactgca ttctgagcta     13860
     ctgtttatgt ccaccatgca ctggctacct gtttatctga gtctggtgaa acagaacaca     13920
     ctcacacaca aattatgtga agcagtttta ttacttacag atcagtagca agggacagaa     13980
     gaagcctcag ctccattgtg agtcagtctc ctaaagctca agaaagctgc ccaggagaga     14040
     tgaagtctta accgcaccaa ttactctatt atagcctaaa gtgtaagtca cagctcaaac     14100
     tcttgatcac ttcattcata ttacatgttc caaaaaacaa ccacaggaaa acttctccaa     14160
     cagtaacttt gcatgaactc atgtgttctg tcaatcgaga aaaatggcaa gtctcaatca     14220
     ttttaggagg tttatttgcc aaagttaaga ataagcaccc aggagacagg tctatacctt     14280
     tctccgaaga taattttgag ggctctaaat ttaaggggaa agggtaggga tattgagaag     14340
     tacacaattt tcatgtaaga ggagggtaag gaaaaatagt cattcatgcc tttgtctggc     14400
     tcagttaatc tgcatttttt ttacataaga tgacatagac aaaacggggg aaggggaaca     14460
     attagatatg cgtttgtggc cgggcgcggt ggctcatgcc tgtaatccta gcatttgggg     14520
     atgctgaggc aggcagatca cttggggtca ggagtttgaa acaggcctgg ccaacatggt     14580
     gaaaccctgt ctctactaaa agtacaaaaa aaaaaaatta gccaggcatg gtggcagatg     14640
     cctgtaatct cagctacttg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cacttgaacc cgggaggtgg     14700
     aggttgcagt gagccaagat cgcgccactg cactccagcc agcatgacaa agcgagactc     14760
     cgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa aagatatgca tttgtgtctt ctgggcaggg     14820
     gcgtgactac acctgtaaag ataagctacc aatttacatt gccatggtaa aattttaaca     14880
     gaaacacctt agagtaaaga tcttgcagct cacaaggact ttccttgtgg acaaaatatg     14940
     agggaggcat gtagcttttc attttgtagc catcttattt aggaaccaaa aagggggagg     15000
     cgggttttcg caaccccgtt cccagattaa cttttccctt aggcttaatg agttggagtc     15060
     ccaagattta atttcctttc atagttctaa aactatgacc aagtgttcat ttcttcctga     15120
     taggcactta gcacactgac catgtgcctt aaattgtcca tatgatgcga agagctataa     15180
     atccatggag tcgtaagttt ggggatacca accacaatcc atctgcagca gaagtggttc     15240
     ctttggaacc aagcttgaac aggtctaaaa actaggttgt tcttctggtt tagtgacaga     15300
     gactactatc ccagatgaaa atacaatagt cttttagtgc ttctatgcat ggtcatgtct     15360
     gtcagtagac actaaaacaa tcataattca agaacagagt aaatagtaac atagaccctt     15420
     ctggaatagt tgtctctgtc accaaaacag aaaaacaaac tagactaaat tcagaggatg     15480
     aggggaatca agaatggctt gtgaaggagg gaaacaaata ttagttacag tcataatgac     15540
     aactataata gtagacactg tagcaaattt cactaacttt cttgccttaa tcttctagat     15600
     cacaattgat cactcttgta cctcccttct tgaggaaaaa ttaaaatgtg ttaattttct     15660
     caggaaaaaa aatgaaaggc accatattgg actatgggag cttggaattc tgaatcacca     15720
     cctggagaaa agtgactcac aaatcttcaa tatcctcctt ctgctacatt agtgagttat     15780
     aaacttctac tatatttcag ccacaataca cattttagtc tatttgttgc agcagtttgg     15840
     cctattctaa ttagtataaa aagaagaaaa aataatcata gaaaaaaatt aaatgaagaa     15900
     tataacaatt ttaatagttt ctcctgactt agactcacct gaaatgatcc tcattctttg     15960
     ttttaggatt agcagagatg taagacagaa tttcatgaaa atattcaacc tggtggatga     16020
     tgccaaatta gcagttagcg tgtgtgcctg gaattcaaac catacaaatc ctccctgccc     16080
     acctctcatc ctatccttta gagcagagcc tgtttctcat atattgcccc caagtctata     16140
     tcaatcaaat taatttttat tatcctgaaa acacctatag aaagactaac atgttgaaag     16200
     ttatatttaa atatgggcac tctgcttcat actcttttgc caatattact tcaaaactgt     16260
     acaaacctat attctttgca tttgtgggaa attattatat tgtagataag gctaaaatat     16320
     tttgtgaatc aaaacatact ataaaaagtt ggaaagaaag acttcatttg gatgtaaata     16380
     catgaaaata gcagcccaga cactcaagac aagaggaata ataactaagt gaccacaaag     16440
     gaaatttttt atcacatgcc tggctgttcc agacagggaa gcttgcttta cctgaaggaa     16500
     gtggtcacta gaccacaatg taaccaaata caggattctg ctttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     16560
     aagattcaca aaagtcacgt tcaagttaaa ccattaaata ctttcctctc caactaatga     16620
     gaagatgtgg ggcctcatta attctctctg gcagattagg tcaatgaatc cattccagaa     16680
     aaaaaattat tgaaaagagc cataaatata caaaatatca aagcagtcat gtgtgcaatt     16740
     cacagaaaag aatagaaatt tacttaagga cagaaagaag tttagtaaac aatgatacca     16800
     ctttcttgga cagggcaatt tgtgtcactt ttccagacaa aatacatgga cttggtgatg     16860
     ctttaatcta aatagtaata agacagtttt attaacaaaa tgtttctaac tttcaagagc     16920
     ggtatacaaa aacaactatt gataaaaata aggagaggta ctctaataga tgtttacaaa     16980
     tgattataaa gctaaacaat taaaacatgt tcatagtgcc ccaaaaaaag gacaactgtg     17040
     gaatgatatt ggctgcacat aaacagaacc taatttatgc cacaattaat gaaattgaaa     17100
     attttgttta caatagcccc ctcttatcca tgggagatat gttgcaaggc accccaaagg     17160
     atgcctgaag gcatgtacca aactctgtat atgctatgtt tttctacaca tacaaacata     17220
     tgatatagtt taatttacaa attgtgcagt cataggttaa caacaataac taataataaa     17280
     atagaacaat tataacaata tactgtaata aaagttatgt aaatgagatc tgtctctctc     17340
     tttctctgtc tctttctctc tcccctcttc tcaaaatatc ttattgtact aaacacctat     17400
     attttcacac tgtgattgat tgaccaccag taactgaaac tgtggaaagt gaaaccatcg     17460
     ataagggagg accactgtat tacatttcta ggaagtcgca aaccctttga gaaaattttg     17520
     ggatgggaga caaacatatt tctaagaagc cttcaatgtt acaggttata ttcttcactt     17580
     cttcaaggta cataagggcc cactctactc ttctggagtc tatccaaatt tgtagggtaa     17640
     tgggctgtag ctaatgagga atggaactca gtgggatgta aggggtccgg aaacaagttt     17700
     tttgaaatat acttgattgt catgacacca atatggaacg aaagagaaag cagcatagtg     17760
     atgaggaaat tatggtgaga tttttaggac aagaagctat tttaaaagaa ttttaaatca     17820
     tttttcttgg tgttagaaat acaatcctaa tttgatattt ttcaagaggt tgcaatataa     17880
     tttgaagtat ttgaaatgga gtacggggaa atttgctctg gcctctctaa agaacatcat     17940
     actgggactg ctttcaagga tagaacaagt tatcctgcat ttatgttgga taaattaaga     18000
     atgtagtgca taataaagca aacttttaat ccagtggaat aggaaaaatt actaaaaata     18060
     gtgttgggtc aattagtgag ttagtgggat agtaaaaaga gcccatacat acacacatac     18120
     agagattata ctgaggcaga ttaaaagttt aaatgagaag gaactcagaa ctgaggagga     18180
     accacccaga acatgcttgc tagtaacaca tcttcccacc cccttatgaa taatcatgta     18240
     agactcccat aaagggagtt tccccagtaa cattcaacac tgtctcaccc gcacaagcaa     18300
     cctgccctga attgtctctt ggggtgtact gttgattctg cacctaactt tcagagtatc     18360
     ctttctcctt tgcaataaat tgctctatgt tgtatctcct ttgctgtgtg tctcttgttt     18420
     aaattctttt aaactaggaa gacaagaacc gaagtttcat gaaagccatc aacaaaaata     18480
     tagaaaaaaa aagtaaatat ttattttatt aaaaagtggt gagatgagtt taaataacaa     18540
     aacaaagaaa gaaaccatac aggaaagtat tcttagacta tactaagaaa aagtaaagaa     18600
     ttaatatgtg aaaggtatat caattttaag cattctgttt atgtcaaagg tgcttatggt     18660
     gcagtatgta aaatttaaat aaacaaagca tattgtatta attttctagc cactgtcata     18720
     acaaattagt agaaactttg cagcttaaaa caacacccat ttttatctca gttttctagg     18780
     tcagaagtct aggcaaagct caactgggct ctctgcttag gatctcacaa gactgaagtc     18840
     acaagctgac cttataattc tcatttgaat atggagtcct cttccaagct cactgcctgt     18900
     tgacagaatt tatttccacg tatgactgag gtccatgttt tcaagctggc tatcagccag     18960
     ggatcagtat cagctcccag tgaccactct cagttccttg ccacatggcc ctctacgtct     19020
     tcaaagtcag taatagggag tctttctcat gtttaatctc tctcttcaag aaaagttcag     19080
     tccctttcaa gggctcacct aattagttca tgctcaccta caataatttc cttttcataa     19140
     ggctaattgc agtcaaaaca taacccaatc acagtagtga tcataccatt aaatttactg     19200
     gttactattg ggagcaagcc ccccaaaatc tggccataaa ctggccccaa atttatggcc     19260
     cagtttatgg ctataaactg ggccataaat aaaatctctg cagcactata acatgtccat     19320
     aatggcccta acgcccaagc tggaaggttg tgggtttacg ggaatgaggg caaggaacac     19380
     ctggcctgcc cagggcagaa aaccacttaa aggcattctt aagccacaaa caaaagcatg     19440
     agcaatctat gtcttaaggg cgtgttccgg ctgcaattaa ttcaacccat cccttcattt     19500
     cccataggaa tacttttagt taatttaata tctatagaaa caatgctaat gactggtttg     19560
     ctattaataa atatgtgagt aaatctctat tcagggctct cagctctgaa ggctgtgaga     19620
     tccctgattt cccacttcac acctctatat ttctgtgtgt gtgtctttaa ttcctctagc     19680
     gctgctgggt tagggtctcc ctgacaaagc tggtctcggt aggttccacc cacatttaaa     19740
     ggaaaggaat tttataaggt atgtacaaca gggggtgata gatattcctg ggggccatct     19800
     tagaattctg ctttccttct cacctcttca gccctctggc cacctgtaat tcatgtccct     19860
     ctcaaatgta aaatacatta atcccttctc aaggaccccc caaagtctca ttccattaca     19920
     gcctcagatc aaggccaata tcctgtctaa atcttgttag ctcaaagtcc aaattcgcag     19980
     tgccttcatg ccaaattaca ggacttgaag atgtgagaat taggaacttg acagaatatc     20040
     taattataat tgctaacagt catgagatta gtttattaat taaaatctca cctgggaacc     20100
     aagtgtataa atgtcattga atccctgggg atagagacag ggaagcacag ggatctgatg     20160
     atattcatag tcacttaaca aaaaagacta ggtggtattt ttttcaccca cacctagctt     20220
     tgctggcatt gagaagacac acctaagaga ataattaatc atacctacag gactccttct     20280
     tcactgagac agaataacaa tgaagtcatt attattggtg tcatctgcac tctacttatt     20340
     tatacttcat atacttacat agtatatacc agaacactta aattaatttc atctccaatt     20400
     actgtatatt cttttttttt tttttttgag acagagtctc actccattgc ccaggctgga     20460
     gtgcagtggc acaatcttgg ctcactctgc aacttccatc tcctgggttg aagggattct     20520
     cctgcctcag tctcctgagt agctgggatt acaggcatgt gccaccacac ccggctgatt     20580
     tttgtatttt tagtagagac agggtttccc catgttggcc aggctggtct caaactcctg     20640
     aactcaggta atccgcctgc ctcggcctcc caaagtgctg cgattatttt gtattctaga     20700
     tgtcgatttt gctgtgttaa ttaatttcct gatgattgca atagaatacc tgaaactggg     20760
     taatttataa agaatcaaaa tttatttctg gaggctggga agtccaagag catggtgcca     20820
     gcatctggtg agagcctcct tgctagtggg gaccctctgc agagtcccat tgtggtgcaa     20880
     ggcatcacac agcaagcagg ctgagagggc tacctcaagt atctctttct cctcttatca     20940
     aacccttagt gccccatcac cccatcctca tgacctcatc taatactaat tacttctcac     21000
     atgtcccacc cctaaaatat catggtctgt tttcttaccc ttttattctg ttacaatagg     21060
     gattaagttt ctacataaga tttagaggag caaactttca aaccatagca tttcacccct     21120
     gcagcctcaa aactcatatt cttctcacat tcaaatacat tcattttatc cccagagccc     21180
     caaagtctta actttctcta gtaccaactc aaaagtccaa aagtccaaag tccttatctg     21240
     tgagcctgag atactaaagc caattatcta cctccaagat acaatgctgg gacaggagaa     21300
     atgggccaga agaaagaagt aacaggcctc aaggaagtct gaaactcaac agggaaagac     21360
     attaaatttt aaagctggaa ataatgtctt ttgactccat gttcctcatc ctgagcacac     21420
     aggggcagaa gttgggcccc caagacctca ggcaaccctg ccctcatggc tttgctggtt     21480
     gcagcccaca tatggctgtt ctcatgggtt ggagtcaggt gccttgggtt ttcgaagctg     21540
     ggactgcatg ctggtagctc tacagttttg gagtcttggt ggcagtccca ctgtcacagc     21600
     accactagat atttccctgg ggaggactcc ctgtagcagt tccaacccca cagttcctct     21660
     cagcattgcc ctagcagagg ctcttggtgg ttgaaggggt gggtcgcccc tccacacctg     21720
     tgggtgtttc tcattaggtg gaacgagaga cttggaaaag aaaaagacac agagacaaag     21780
     tatagagaaa gaaataaggg gacccagggg accagcgttc agcatatgga ggatcccgcc     21840
     ggcttctgag ttcccttcgt atttattgat cattcgtggg tgtttctcag agaggggaat     21900
     gtgtcagggt cacaagacaa tagtggggag agggtcagca gacaaacacg tgaacaaagg     21960
     tctttgcatc atagacaagg taaagaatca agtgctgtgc tctagatatg catacacata     22020
     aacatctcaa tgctttacaa agcagtattg ctgcctgcat gtctcacctc cagtcttaag     22080
     gcggtttttc cctatctcag tagatggaac gtacaatcgg gttttatacc gagacattcc     22140
     attgcccagg gacgggcagg agacagatgc cttcctcttg tctcaactgc aagaggcatg     22200
     tcttcctctt atactaatcc tcctcagcac agacccttta cgggtgtcgg gctgggggac     22260
     ggtcaggtct ttcccttccc acaaggccat atttcagact atcccatggg aagaaacctt     22320
     ggacaatacc tggctttcct aggcagaggt ccctgcagcc ttccgcagtg tttgtgtccc     22380
     tgggtacttg agattaggga gtggtgatga ctcttaagga acatgctgcc ttcaagcatc     22440
     cgtttaacaa agcacatctt gcacaaccct taatccattt aaccctgagt tcgacacagc     22500
     acatgtttca gagagcacgg ggttgggggt aaggtcatag attaacagca ctcaaggcag     22560
     aagaattttt cttagtacag aacaaaatgg agtctcctat gtctacttct ttctacacag     22620
     acacagtaac aatctgatcc ctcttgcttt tccccacagt ggtggccctg cccctgtggc     22680
     agttttctcc ctgggttccc aggcagtctg atacatcctt tgaaatctag gtggagattt     22740
     ctatgccttc ccactagtct tgcatcctga agacctgcag aaatagcacc acatgcatgt     22800
     ggacattgcc aaggcttact gcttgtgccc tctgcagcta caatatgagt cacatctagg     22860
     gccacttgag ctatggctgg agcaaccagg atgagggaag cactgtcctg aggtggcatt     22920
     gggcagcaag cccatggagg acaccccagg cctgtctcct gaaaccattc tttcctccta     22980
     gagctctggg cctgtgatgg caggggtaga cttgaagatc tctaaagtgc attcagtgtt     23040
     tgtctcccat tgtcttgatg aatagcttct ggctttattc tattcataca attctcctta     23100
     tcaatcagtc cctccttatc aatcattcct tcagacacac ccttggtttc ctctgttgaa     23160
     aatgctcttt cagggccagg ctgcaaaatt tcctaatctt tccacttagc ttccctttta     23220
     attataaatt ccacctttaa gttatttttt acctctcaca gctttaatgt aagcagttaa     23280
     aagtagccat gcagctgcct gactgctttg ctgcttagat atttcttctg ccatatagcc     23340
     taataaagcc atcagatata gacacaattc agaaccaagt ttttcacgca tttataacaa     23400
     ggatggcctt tacttcagtt tccaattcct tgttcctcag acctgagacc tcagcagaac     23460
     agcccttact gtccatattt ctattgacat tctggtcctg accactcaaa tcatcacaaa     23520
     ggagttccag acttttccta gtcttcttga cttcttctaa gccctcacca aaatcaccct     23580
     ttatcaccag aattgacatt taaggcaata caggcttttt ctcgcctgcc ttttttagtt     23640
     cttttaacct ctacccatta cccagttcca cagctgcttc cacattttca gatatttgtt     23700
     attagcaaca gcccaacttt ttagtaccaa ttttctgcct tagtctgttt cttgttgctt     23760
     gtaacagaat gccaaaaatt gggtaattta tgaagaaaca aaatttatct cttatggttc     23820
     tggaggatga gaagtcccag agcatggtgc cagcatctgg tgagagtctt cttattggtg     23880
     ggccttctgc cgagttctga tgaggtgcag agcatcatgt gacaagaggg caaaggggta     23940
     tggctcaagg tctctgtttc tcctctcaat gccccaccct caagacctca tctaatccta     24000
     attacttccc aaaggtgcca cctctcaaat accatagttg gatttacagc cctcttaata     24060
     ctattactat ggggattaag tttcaatatg agtttcagag aaaataaaca ttcaaaccat     24120
     agcattgccc atctctttta ctctcctccc tcctcttctt ttctgtactc cactgtccct     24180
     gtccagaggt tttatttagc cactccacct cagcccatca ggcttccaat caaaatccca     24240
     gttcttcagt gatcattcag atttattgtc ctgttgtaat atctggaaca ataacaatct     24300
     tctcaggaca gttgtttttt atttgcttca gttccttttg agaaagttat tctgtgtctt     24360
     ctcacttcct tatatctata gcatacaagt gtttgaaaac attctcctca acctccttta     24420
     aaatcatggg gagcccaacc tcagctccta gccagaagca gaaagtcaaa atttggctct     24480
     ctttcctcca tagagcactt ttggtttctt tcccacttag gaattaaatt cccagccaat     24540
     aatgcctact ttcaggcata gaagtcaaga cttcagccct actcaccata tgcatatcta     24600
     tcttatttga agttctcagg aagaactttt gtatctacac tcatactttt taatcctttt     24660
     tagtacattg cttcatatag ctttcttggt ggtggttgta cttattacaa tatatacata     24720
     taacttatca cagtctactg gtattgatgt tttaccactt tgagtgaagg atacagtccg     24780
     tatctctatt accattagca tattttaccc tctctacttt ttaaatgcaa ttgtattaag     24840
     tatttcttcc acatgcattc ccatccacag tttggatatt tgtccactcc aaatctcatg     24900
     ttgaaatttg atccccaatg ttggaggcag ggcctaatgg gagatgttta gaccatgggg     24960
     gcagatccct catgaatggc tttgtgctaa tgtcatgatc ctaatgcttg ttttattcct     25020
     caatgtcatc attgattcaa ccatagcttt tatttttaat ttgctttttg tttgtttgtt     25080
     ttcttttctt aactattatt ttaagttcgg ggtacatgtg cagttttgtt acataggtaa     25140
     actgtttcat ggaggtttgt tgtacagatt attttgtcaa acagttatta agcctagtac     25200
     ttattagtta tttttcctga tcctctccct cttcccaccc tccaccctct gataggcccc     25260
     agtgtgtgtt gttttccttt atgaattcat gtgttctcat aatttagctc ctatttataa     25320
     gtgaggacaa acagtattcg gttttctgtt cccccattag tttgctaggg ataatgactt     25380
     tcagcttcat ccatgtctct gcaaaggaca tgattttgtt tctttatggc tgcatagtat     25440
     tccatggtgt atatgtacca cattttattt atctagtcta tcattgatgg gcatttaggt     25500
     tgattccatg tctttgctat tgtgaatatg ctgcaatgaa catatacatg catgtgcctt     25560
     tataatagaa agatttatat tcctttgggt atatacccag taataagatt gctgggttga     25620
     atggtatttc tgtctttagg tctttgaaga atctccacac tgtcttcccc aatgatgaac     25680
     aaaacctctg agaaatatgg ggttatgtaa agagtccaaa tctatgactg attggtgtcc     25740
     ctgaaagaga tggagagaat ggaaccaact tggaaaacat agttcaggat atcatccatg     25800
     agaacttccc caacctagct agagagacca acattcaaat tcaggaaatg tacagaaccc     25860
     caataagata cttcacaaga cttttatccc caagacacac aattatcagc ttccccaagg     25920
     tcaaaatgaa agaaaaaaat gttaaaaaat aaaaaataaa aacaactaga gagaaagatc     25980
     aggtcaccta caaagggaag tccatcagac taacagcaga cctctcagct aaaaccctac     26040
     aagcagaaga gattggaggc caatattcaa tattcataaa gaaaagaaat tccaactcag     26100
     agtttcataa ttggccaaat gaagcctcat attgaaggag aaataagatc cttttcagac     26160
     gggcaaatgc tgagcaaatt cattaccacc aaacctacct tacaagagct tctgaaggaa     26220
     gcactaaata tgaaaaggaa agactgttac cagccactac aaaaacacac tgaagtacac     26280
     agaccagtga cactataaag caaccacata aacaagtctg caaattaacc agctaacatc     26340
     atgatgacag gagcaaatcc acacatatca atactaacct taaatgtaaa tcagctaaat     26400
     accccaatta aaagacacag agtgacaagc tggataaaga accaagatgt attggtatgc     26460
     tgtcttcaag agactcatct cacatgtaat gacacacagg ctcaaaataa agagatggag     26520
     aaaaatctac aatgcctttt ttccttaaaa tttgtttttt acattaataa attgatatca     26580
     tttttcaaaa ttagtatttg catgatatat cctttctgtc ttttacactc aatctctgaa     26640
     atgactttta tgctttagac atatgtcttg taaacagtat aatctgaatt tgtatttttg     26700
     cattcaattt gtcagtctct gtcttttgat cacaagtcaa gtctatttgc attttactga     26760
     aataaataac atatatggat ctttatatta tctcacattt ttcatttcgg tcttttccat     26820
     gatttcaatg acttttttcc tgttagccca tttctataac ccattctagc atgtgtatca     26880
     ggctgggatg gcaggtggat tcattctaac ctctaccttg agatgtgttt tcagactctg     26940
     ttaaggttta cattgctcat ttctggcatc ctccttcaca taagaattac tgatccaggc     27000
     ccagccattt gtagattttg agacattgtt ctggctgtct gcatatggcc tgtctctgga     27060
     cttaacatcc catgtcctca ctcagactac ataactttag acccacccta ttactatgga     27120
     ctccctgtct atttgtattt tttcagcaaa acgtctaaaa gtaattatca atattcttga     27180
     aacattaact tgatagattc ttgtaaaatc acataatcta ttgaaaatta tatgggtgct     27240
     ctaaactata ccccctggat aatcttacct gtacacagtt tgaatagatg tcctttacag     27300
     ctagaataat gatactagtt aaaatcagag gactaatcca tgggtagatc atttcaaaat     27360
     ttactctgag gcttaaaagg aaatatattt tgtaaagcaa gaaagtatat tttccaagat     27420
     ccaattagca atgaaggcat cctaatagta tctgggatcc tcacatgtga aaaaaataaa     27480
     ctagattaca aaagagagga tttacataca cttagttctt gcaggaggaa aggaactatc     27540
     tagacgttgt tattttgttc aaaataagta taagtacaaa aatctgtggt agtaaatcta     27600
     gtgcactatt cttacatgtg acactaataa cccaaggaaa aataataaaa tatttctgct     27660
     tcttttgaaa tgagcctgtc atggcctgca tggaagttca ctactgataa gcactttgtt     27720
     tctttattcc cttactcagc tttcctcttt tgtagcttca tagcaagaat cacaacctaa     27780
     cactgcattt tatgtctgtt tattatgtga ctttttttag ttcctgctag aattaaagct     27840
     cataaaggta gggacacatt tgcctttttg attaagttat ctggaatagc atgtagcact     27900
     tagtaggagc taaataatta tttgacaaat aaatggatac attcattgat gaatttgatg     27960
     tccacataaa ggctatcttt atttaaataa acccgttatt tccatgagtc acttgctcct     28020
     cctgctacat gtagagaact atcattcagg atttcagttg agttctaaac agttggatac     28080
     ttccacaatc agggatcttc aatttctcca cttggtgttt tattcaacag aagtgccttt     28140
     ggacattcac acttgatctt ccaaaaccac atcagcttct agaacaatgc ttctagacag     28200
     tttcttagta acccctcaaa gacgtgattt cacattttta tcaatgtata attttattta     28260
     aactgaaatg acataatatt actgtgtcaa atattataga gaaagttggc catctttgca     28320
     tatgctattt tccatttgag tttcttctgt gaattactgt tcatctactt tccaatatct     28380
     cagctaggtt atttaatcca ttgatttgag cagtacttta tttcttcctt tgtgtaatat     28440
     atgtattgaa aaatatccaa atatacttca taactatgtt gcccaaattt tgtaatgcat     28500
     actaacaaat atctacctgt tatattcatt tttaagaaat atactaaaat gtaataactt     28560
     gtacttttcc catcccactt tgcttttcta agcagtattt atgtatttca acttttttta     28620
     cagtttaaat acaatatact taggtgtagg ttttctttgt tttttttttt aaatacaggg     28680
     attacctaca gaggaactaa acatagtaat ataataaaat tgcaagaagg atgccagaga     28740
     cataaaattg ttggtggtct aaattatctg ctttcagata attagataac tgatgtctaa     28800
     attaataccc cacatacaca aagatacaca tattaccatt aaaagtcatt gagctgggga     28860
     taatgctagt ggaggaaagg aatggcatga agggctcttg ttttcattaa aatacatctt     28920
     tattgtttaa tcctcaaact atatacaggt atcctgataa atttaaaata ctgattgcaa     28980
     aataaaattt aattcttact gaaatatcaa gaatgctgca gatggtggca gaatgctcaa     29040
     tgtgaaaaag gatagtggct tgcattagaa tgacagcagc gaagtttgtt ttaagcatgt     29100
     aattttatag taccaatctc ttatctgtga aagcgtgtaa aagactgagc tcttcagttc     29160
     tcaaacaaaa gcagacttta actcctgctc cagtcatgct tctttgcttc tcaaacaccc     29220
     acaaccacat ctcagattgc atcatatttt gaacacatgg aaggaagagt aagggaaata     29280
     agagtggctg ggttaccacc ctcaagaaat gctgatccct caaatctaga cctgccaagg     29340
     ggccaggaga gaagggaaag cagcagctcc cttgaatttt taaagtgcaa tgtccccacc     29400
     tactggtgaa gatgacccag ttaacatccc tacagctgtc aatgtcttcc taggacattg     29460
     acttcttcta gtagaatcag tgtgcttcag ctcagtttta caccagaaga taaacaaaat     29520
     ataaatccaa gatttttgca gtgcagtgga ggtctctgag ggtgttgcaa tgagaatttt     29580
     aaacacaaag ctagttttaa aataacacca taattagcag cccctttccc tagtatctat     29640
     ctactcctca cagcttctgc tcagattgtc ttctctccat tgtctcttcc atcgccctgt     29700
     acaaatctcc tctcttacac tgcatttcct gcccacaccc tgcttcccca tgcgttaagt     29760
     tagcagcctt ttttccctct tgttgttttc tgccttctga tatttcagat aagaaatctg     29820
     tttctgggcc gggtgcggtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccaaggcg     29880
     ggtggatcac ctgaggtcag gagttctaga ccagactggc caacatcgtg aaaccccatc     29940
     tctactaaga atacaaaaat tattcattgg tcatctactt ggtgtccagc actaggttat     30000
     tcctaagtat cactgaactt tgtgataacg ctgaagatat gtttggaagt ttcaggaacc     30060
     agaagaagaa cacgattcag gatgtttctt cttgtgacat ttatttaaat tctctggttc     30120
     ttatatttga ggtttgactg tagctggggg agggtaggag agggatggga aaaagaaaat     30180
     ggaaagatat tccctggaaa agaagataat tgtctaagaa ttgttcattt tttccttgtc     30240
     ttggcactat gagacactgg gatataatat aaaaggtaac agattttgag aaaaatgcat     30300
     ttgtcccgca gttggagaat tcgttaagtt tgtgaccctc aacaaatcac atattctctg     30360
     ttagcctcag tcattttaac tttaaagttt agatagcttc catttggtgg gattaatatt     30420
     aagatgaaat gaaattttat atatgagacc tactaattgc atattctgac agagagctac     30480
     aacaccaaag ctaagccctg ttatgtgctt ccacagggga caaaatagag gctgtgaaaa     30540
     gtagatagtt gagtaaagct catcgaatta tttaatcagc tacttccatt cttaaccata     30600
     aatcttgcat aaccatttag aggatgctat cctgaaaaag ataatcagtt ttacagagaa     30660
     gtcttggtag ctctgaggct attaataacc ccagttacta cagtaacaac cgggaggtga     30720
     aacagattaa tcagaggtaa ataggttaaa ataaaggtta tcggagttct gggaaatctc     30780
     tatctatccc agagaagaat aatgcataat gagtgataaa atatttgatt ctaaaaattt     30840
     aaattaccca caaatgatct cccattcaca attgccacaa atagaataaa atacctagga     30900
     atatagctaa caaggtaagt gaagaacctc ttcaaggaaa actgcaaatc actcttcaaa     30960
     gaaatcagag atgacacaaa caaagtgaaa aacattccat actcatggat aggaagaatc     31020
     aatatcatga aaatggccat actacccaaa gcaatttata gatttaatgc tattcttatt     31080
     aaactaccat tgacattctt caaagaattt tttaaaaact attttaaaat tcacatggaa     31140
     ccaaaaaaag agctcgaaga gccaaggcaa tcctaagcaa aaagaacaaa gctgaaggca     31200
     tcacattacc caacttcaaa ctatactaca gggctacagt aactaaaaca gcatggtact     31260
     ggtacaagaa cagacatata gaccaatgga acagaataca gaacccagaa ataagaccac     31320
     acacctacta gcatctgata ttcaacaaat ctgacaaaaa caagcaatgg ggaaaggatt     31380
     ccctctttaa taaatggtgc tgggagaact ggctagccat atgcagaaga ttgaaactgg     31440
     acctcttcct tacaccatat acaaaaatca actcaagatg gattaaacac ttaaatgtaa     31500
     aacccaaaac tataaagacc ctagaagaaa acctaggcaa taccattcag gacataggca     31560
     tgggcaaaga cttcatgatg aagaagccaa aacaattgca acaaaagcaa aaattgacaa     31620
     atgggatcta attaaagtaa agagcttcta cacagcaaaa gaaactacca acacagtaaa     31680
     aagacaaccc acagaatggg agaaaatttt tcaatctatg cgtctgacaa agatctacaa     31740
     ttcagcatct ataaggaact taaatttaca agaaaaaaac cattaaaaaa tgggcaaagg     31800
     acatgaacac atacttctca aaagaaaaca tacatgtggc catgaaacat atgaaaaaaa     31860
     gctcaatatc actgatcatt agagaaatgc aaaccaaaac cgcaatgaga taccatctca     31920
     caccaataag aatggttatc attaaaaagt gaaaaaacaa cagatgctgg agaggttgtg     31980
     ttggtgggag tgtaaactag ttcaaccatt gtggaagaca gtgtggcaat tcctcagaga     32040
     cctagagaca gaaatactgt ttgacccagc aatctcatta ctgggtatat aaccaaaaga     32100
     atataattta ctctattata aaagacatat gcatgcatat gttcattgca gcactattca     32160
     caatagcaaa gacatggaat caacccaaat gctcatcaat ggtagactaa ataaagaaaa     32220
     tgtggtgcat tatgtagcca tgaaaaggaa taagatcatg ttctttgcag gcacatggat     32280
     ggagctggag gccattatcc ttagcaaatt aacacaggaa cagaaaacca aatatcttat     32340
     gttctcattt ataggtggga gctgaatgat gagttcatag ttctcattat aggtgggaga     32400
     tgaatgatga gaacacatgg acacatggag gggaacaaca cacactgggg cctgtcggaa     32460
     gtaggggatg ggaggaggga gagcatcagg aagaatagct aacggatgct gggcttaata     32520
     actaggtgat gggatgatct gtgtagcaaa ccaccatggc acacatttac ctatgtaaca     32580
     aacctgcaca tcctgcacat gtacccctga acttaaaata aaagttggaa aaaatatatt     32640
     taaactacta ttatatttat caaaattatt atacttattg gtataacagt aacagttatc     32700
     ttttttagac cttaatatgt gccagacata ttgtacatta aaatatatta tcacatgtgc     32760
     ttttcttaac agactatgag gtaattatta ttatctaaat tttcagataa ggaaaacatc     32820
     tttcagtttg agtaccttgt ccaagatcac agctcataat ttgttttaat gatatacctt     32880
     agataatcag tattaaaatt tacataatac ttcagtcatt tacactaata agaaaagtgt     32940
     ttgagcaaaa tattaaaaaa acaaaattac ataatttcaa ataacacagc ttttattaac     33000
     ccattaaatt cattacaagg aaccagtcta aggactgttg attgaatcaa aagagtgatg     33060
     gtgacattct ctttataatt gtcttgaaat taatacaaaa cactaattta tatcacatat     33120
     tattcatatg aatttattta acaacatata ttaattgatt atgtataagt gctttcaaaa     33180
     tacttatgat gtttgaaaat tagacacaca ttcgtatttt aatgccccag ttacacctct     33240
     cccaatgtat tactgagtaa tctttttaat ttttattgca caaacagaat ctcaggtaag     33300
     tctttgaatt aattaatgct ggtgattagc aaataaacac cctttatgtt tcatatgtca     33360
     tgcacaatta aggacctgaa attaattgag gagaatagag aacctgcatt aacgagacat     33420
     tcccttgcta ccactgttgt aagtatccag ataatttggg ggttcattat agacatggaa     33480
     gaagtatttt gtataaggag aatcttccca tgtatgcctt tggttttgct ctctccccat     33540
     tacccttagt tttatgattt tctccttttt caaatctaaa gtgttcacag atcaatctga     33600
     agaattccat atggattcaa cagaaattta ctaaatgcct aaaatgtgct aaagatatag     33660
     acaaaataac tgcctctgtt gtgtatgtat attttggggg aggaaataca ctaaaatatt     33720
     ttttaatcaa atattttacc agccattatg catcagtcac tatctaggtg ccaggaatgt     33780
     tgcatggaag gaaaatgggc atggactctg actcatgggg ctgagactgt agtagacatg     33840
     acaaacagtt gtcttttgtt ttcctatcat gttaagatct gggagagcat tccaggcaaa     33900
     agagagtgca aggctctgga ggacagtgtg agcttcatga aagaataaga aggccagtga     33960
     ggctggaaca gaacgggttg gttggacaat tataggagac aagattggac aagtacacat     34020
     gtaagacatg gtaaggagat ttgattttat cctaatggta atcagatcaa atatctctac     34080
     cctaacactt cactgtcaca tttcataaag atacatacaa atgtgaaatc ttccagtgaa     34140
     ttttttctgc tttttttttt ctaaacaaac cttcatattc tcaaaactaa ggagatagca     34200
     cccaagagct gaacctaagg agaagcaaat agaaaaagag aaattaggaa ataagaaagt     34260
     tagcagtttt ctttgatagc aagtggagga attaaacatt cctacactgg gctgggtgtg     34320
     gtggctcgcg cttgtaatcc caacactctg ggaggccaag gtgagagaat cgcttgagct     34380
     caggagttca agaccagtct gggcaacata gtgagagccc tatctctaca aaaactttaa     34440
     aaagaaatta gccgggccgg tggaatgtgc ctgtcgtccc agctactaag gaggctgagg     34500
     cgggaggatc atctgaaccc aagaggtcaa ggatgtagtg agctgtgttt gtgtcactgc     34560
     actccagcct gggtgacaga gaccctctca aaaaaaaaaa aatcctacat tggaagaaag     34620
     gagaaataac ttctattttt acattactaa aggggaaaac acgaaataca aagctgtcac     34680
     ctggcttccg tcaacagtga tctgatgatg aacggtgtcc cctcagaata taaaggtgtt     34740
     ctttgaacgt tcacaggagc gatacctaac ccggatcata gagggtgttt gtgttcagag     34800
     gacactaaat ttgagtctct gcatgcatca cacaagtctt cacccaaact accatttgca     34860
     ggctcacttc ttagccccaa ccctactgag aacgcagagc catttgcacg cttcctgtcc     34920
     ttggaaacgg aagaaacttc aattacatga tggctttatg ctacctagac ctctttcttc     34980
     agtctttggc atattctaat ctcggaggcg actttacaca gatggcaata gcattcgcag     35040
     cttggaggtc ttttaccagt ggctaaaact tgatccaaca gcctcagccg gttccccctg     35100
     actccagccc tctagatgct tctcaacatc accttcatct cctttccttt attcaggaca     35160
     gtcgtgccaa gaaatgccta agagaagggt gaccctggaa atgtcttgac tctgggaaga     35220
     tcttctaacc actccacatg gtaataagca cagtgttgac aggtgtgagg actgaagtgg     35280
     gagatcaaag aggaaaagcc acgaatgagg gtgtgggggg cagtcaagag aagctcccaa     35340
     gggagcatga tctgtgtaaa tgcagattct ctgggtattg gaagatcctt ggggacaaat     35400
     gccaagaaga caccaacttc ttttatcagc atctctcaga atccatgccc tgtgggtagt     35460
     tatatgtgaa tatcagaatc gccctccact gccagggaga cccaaggctt aatcttgtat     35520
     ctaatttgga aacaaaaaaa aatgtatatg atgaaattat tctgtagttt tgcttgtagc     35580
     agcctcagtt atcttaaata ttcctccaac acattatttt ctttattaac tgttactatg     35640
     cccatggcat tcatcactct gacactttca taatggatta tgaggcttgt acttgtactg     35700
     atttatttat gtatttgtct ctgtttgttt tttagagatg cggggggtct cactgtgttg     35760
     cctaggctgg tcttgaactc ctgacctcta gtgatcctcc cgcctgggcc ttccaaagtg     35820
     ctcagatcat gggcatgcac ccagccacat ttttaaccta tataaataga gatgggggga     35880
     aaaaacaaaa aactccaaag catttttcct tctgtcttac acagttactt ctgacatcag     35940
     gtatgtggag atttttcccc cacaccaagc aattctccag cagacacctg gttcctctaa     36000
     atcaattcaa ttctgatact atttacctaa aaatagcatc agatcccaca gattgaggga     36060
     tcagtcatgc aaaactgccc ccctcccact tcagatgcca gttgctatca cctgtacttc     36120
     tgaccatcca attatagatt ggaggttccc acaaaccttt cctcaggttc aattaatttg     36180
     ctagagcagc ccaaagaatt cagggaaaca cttacttaca tacactggtt tattacatag     36240
     gataagacaa aggatacaga ctaacagatt gataaagaaa aacaaaacac ataggacaaa     36300
     gtatggggga aagagtgcgg agcttccaca ccttcttcaa gagcctatcc tccaggcatc     36360
     tttccgtgtt ctgctatctg gaaactctcc aaactctgcc cttttgggtt ttaatggagg     36420
     ctttgttatg tcagcatggt gagttgatta aaccattggc cattggcagt caactcaacc     36480
     ttcagcccct cccttctccc cagagattgt gaatgggctg aaaatcccaa ccctctaatc     36540
     ctgccttggt ctttctggtg accagcccca gccaccagtc acctcattag catgcaaaag     36600
     acactcttat cactctggag attccaagag ttttaggagc tgaagggcag gaaccagggt     36660
     cagaaaccaa atatatactt cctattatat cacaatatca cacacactag cttgggtcaa     36720
     tcagttgcat taattatttg tgtatgatgt gaagtactct ttttagtcac aaatttatct     36780
     ctttcaaatt accaggtagg aagtcaaagg gaaaattctt tatttcactt ttggaaaact     36840
     aatgaataaa ctaaattagt aattgcatgc tatttccact tctgtaaaaa tgatatagac     36900
     tctatatgcc tgttatgaat aatagatgag ctttgcaatg aagagctatg catgttactt     36960
     tttattagaa tgagtatggc ttcaattttt atgtgactat caaaagagaa atatggttct     37020
     tttttctaat ttagagttta tctaataatg gtctgtgagc tcttgtgacc tctctttaaa     37080
     ctaaggtaca tctcactgtt tcaactcatg cctctgtgtc ctgctcagtg attcaccatc     37140
     tccctataca agagatcccc gacctagcaa gctcatctac aaacaaatat tcttattctt     37200
     ggaacagagt tgccaaaagc agaggcacac agaaaaaaaa gtctgtgttt gagagctcag     37260
     gagagagagg agccaaaaga aacatctacc agcagctaaa tgatttggtt cctgaaggga     37320
     ttcacttcca tgaataagaa tacgagtagg tactctcatt ggtacttctt cctcatctgt     37380
     aggtacctga gatgactgtg tcctctaaag cttctgtgat gctagatgca cccaacatca     37440
     ttttctataa ttgaggatcg tagctttccc ctgtgatcct ctggctctat tgtgggaaga     37500
     tagtcaaaaa atcatctttt aaagtaggaa ataaacttct ttttatagaa tcagctcccc     37560
     ttcctctgcg cttgtggttt ccattactat aaaagagagc actgaagtcc aaagaaagta     37620
     ctgtgtattt cccttttggg gccctgatgt cctgcccatg gcattcatgc ccccaaaatt     37680
     gtttcatgcc accatgaaat tgcctccacg tggtgcccat ctttttccct tcactcatat     37740
     tctcaacatt tccagaacca gagagagaga gacggagaaa cagagaagtt ctgacctcaa     37800
     caccaccttt tcctacagaa tatgtggcac ccgtattttg tcagagaaga caaacgcgtt     37860
     gttcctcaga ttggtaggat tcatgggcat ttcatcctca taatatgagg ttgtatgcag     37920
     acagtgcctc ctggtatcaa gaagccatgt gagttacacc acagaggaga ggaagttagg     37980
     ggtttcaaat atttcaaaga ataaggaagc taagtcatac tcagaagtta agaagaactt     38040
     tggggagaga ggaagtcaaa atacagaaat gcattcaaaa aaaagtttag gatgtagagg     38100
     aggatgggat caccatgaga cagccgtcca atgcccatga tagttcctgt tacagtaagc     38160
     cacgtcttca gatagagaga gaaaaggcta catgtatact tgccttgtat gaatgagcac     38220
     tgttgtttga tgaattccat ctcttcccct cttttcagtc ccttcatcct cattgtaata     38280
     acaagactgc tggtgatgtg gccatgcaga gctcttgtcc ctcatgttct ttccacctca     38340
     atctttcact tttctctatt tctgcttctc ctggtcctac ctgggctctc cccaagggct     38400
     gctcctcacc gggcagctag ttacacggcc accaccaccc tgccatctac acagaggccc     38460
     tccatctctc tgaccatttt gatgagatct ctttttttca tggcatccat cttggcagta     38520
     gcaagttcat agcccagagt aagaggatta cctgttggga tgcacaaagg aatttaaacc     38580
     ccattaaaat ttgtgaccca aatcattgtt tatgcttaac agaaatagca gcaataagat     38640
     cgattgagga attatttcac gtactaaaac agaagaccta tcattttgtg ggaggtagta     38700
     gccatgaatc caaatcaagc ctagtagtag tacattcccc agcgtgctca gaatatgcat     38760
     agagagttta aatcaaggcg taagagtttc caacccttct atctgtatgg ccaagcccca     38820
     ttcatgttag tgctggaagc attcttcctg tatctcattg gtttctcggg tactttttct     38880
     caatgtctcc atttaaaaac gtttatatag agttctggtt tctgcttggg gatgcagaga     38940
     actggaaaca atgatgcttc cttgcaacat gaaagaaatc acacaaattg caaggtcgca     39000
     atttttttca acccatcaca gagctgggat tgagcttcca actagcttga aatctaggag     39060
     agttgtcgcc tgagtgcttg cttacctaag gcaggtacag ctgggcactg gtaagaagaa     39120
     tttagctgga atcatttaaa aattgactga ggtcaaatgt gggctggaaa gagtacagag     39180
     ccccaggggc tcacgagtat agggcggttc acaccttctt gcaagcttcg tatccgggaa     39240
     tgccagtggg tgttcacaaa taaaaaatgg gagagtcctg agaaggcatt ccgcatgctt     39300
     ttcaaggaaa agaataaata gaagttaaag gctttataca tcgatgtgca tcaaatgagt     39360
     taattagcag aatataaggg aagcaaagac tttactatct catgttgaga gcagactaca     39420
     tactcaaacc ctacttcgtc tgttttttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttg agatggagtc     39480
     ttgctttgtc gcccaggctg cagtgcagtg gcgcgatctc ctctcactgc aacctccgcc     39540
     tccccattag cagggattac agtcgcacac caccacaccc ggctaatttt ttttttgtat     39600
     ttttagtaga gaaggagttt caccatgttg gccaggctgg tctcgaactc ctgacctcat     39660
     gtgatctgcc tgcctcggct tcccaaagtg ctggaataca cgtgtgggcc actgcgccca     39720
     gcctcctccg ttaatctatt atcattcttc tctaatattc tcaaacttac ttaattcatt     39780
     aacgtgatat atgttgacat ctcattaaat atgtctctat ttatgacata ctcaacaaca     39840
     tgtgtgtagt gtcataaaat tttaatttat tttataaata tttaacacta actgagtgcc     39900
     aggcattctt ctatgcactt aaatagcaga caggcatggt ggccgacacc tgtaacccca     39960
     gcactttagg aggccgaggc aggaagatca cttgagccca gaagttcaag accctgtggt     40020
     ttcagaggct gaggtgggaa gaccactgga gcccaggagg tcaagactgc agcgagccat     40080
     tattgcacca ctgcactcca gcctgtggga cagagggagt gagaccctgt ctcagatgaa     40140
     agaaagacag agagagagag aggcatagag atgcatatgc acacaacgat tacatcgtag     40200
     ggctgtttaa attactcatt ctggctgggg gtctgtgctc taaaccacta ttggtatgct     40260
     atttctgtgt ggctggtctg gaaagcttca caccaccccc ctctcccttc cctgaatttc     40320
     catattcccc ccaaccctca ttatcccttt cagagtctcg caggttgagg tgatgtgaga     40380
     gaggaagcag aagcgaaggt tacgcgagga aagcccctcg ttaaacttgg gattttcacg     40440
     gggactcagt ccagaggaag ttgagaaaac caacttaaat tacggtctcg atcgccatct     40500
     ggcggtggaa gtccacatta catccgcgga gcaatggctg ggaacgttgc ataatagagc     40560
     ggggctcaaa ttccaaatta agtttctgaa ttttttccat ctggaatttt atttgatgat     40620
     tagtctagca tcgtaatggt gtccttcgtg ttgacgtgaa aacccagtct tccttcagtt     40680
     catttcccgt ttattaggga tgcaaaactc cagccacaga tgacctacga ctctgactcc     40740
     ttccccacct actttaccct cccctccccc agtacattct ggggctaaac cctaagaggt     40800
     acccacgcat cgctgggccg atgatgaaaa tgaagaagtc ttctgatgaa gcgagacccc     40860
     ggaagtgcag cttcaggcaa aatcctgagc gaattctttg ctgccaggac agtccatagg     40920
     atcttactct tagaaattac gtaagcatga gcagtcaacg ctgaaaagca gagaatgtgg     40980
     ttttctggtg gactccagag ggagaccagg aaatcctctc acttacaatc catcaagagt     41040
     agttcctcca aattgagtac aaagtctcta aaggccagca gagacaagta aggactacag     41100
     ctgcagctca ccacccgtat cagaacataa aagacaggag acctcacggc ctggagaccc     41160
     actagagcaa aatctgccat cccaggcagg gaggagaatc agggggaggc ctgacatggt     41220
     gaggccttgc tccaagtgga gaaggtgcat aaacttaaca agcttgttat tgccctgagg     41280
     atgtgatgtg gcaaagggga caaggattgg atagattgtc ttactgatgg aagttggtaa     41340
     caaacaaggc aaatcaaaaa agaagccatg agatccaggg aactgctgta caggggacat     41400
     ggctgcataa tattagtata gtaactcatt atgcactagt gtggcagaca gtggctgaat     41460
     tctggagacg gaaaatatta ataagacacg gagtcctgct taccacccag gagacatatt     41520
     agcaaacaaa ggggctcagc agaaatatgt gtgaaattgg gacattgaag tcataaacaa     41580
     ttaggaaaat tttctagtgg aaatgacatt caagctgatc gagggtatat ggagaatggc     41640
     ttccaagtct aacaaagcat gagcggcttg gacacttgga caggcttcga gggaagtgaa     41700
     agtcattcgg aattggtaaa atgggtgggt gacagatgaa gcagagggct agggatggat     41760
     gcctcacaca ccaggctaag gacttgggtc tttgatctgc agtcagtagg accagtatgc     41820
     agactgatag taagggaagg gtcatgggca gcttcacgtt ttagaaagac tactctggtg     41880
     ggaagagtgg gttagaggag cataaaattg aaagcagaga aagcagcgtg ggtaactgtt     41940
     agagtaacac agaccagaca tgatgcggct cgaattaaag taggatcagg gatctagaga     42000
     gagggtcaga gacatgtgag ggagcagatg caacatgatg tgtcgtcatc cattgtatat     42060
     gggagagagg agaaggcgag agcagaagat gcttgggaga ccaagtggtt agtaattcca     42120
     gtcattaaga aaggacagtt taagagaaca ttccatatta gacattttgt atttgtaggg     42180
     cctgtgggtc atccagatga aactttactc tgtgtggtag atggaataat gcccccaact     42240
     gccacccctg aaagatctga atctatgaaa cctgtgaatc tgttacctta catggcaaaa     42300
     gggactttgc attagtgatt agattaagga tcttgagatg gggagattat tctggattag     42360
     ccaagtggtc ctgatataat tacatgagtc cttctaagtg aaagaaagag gcaagagaat     42420
     agaagaagga gatgtgatat tagaagcaaa aatcagagga aagtgattgc tggaaggggg     42480
     ctacaagccg aggaatgcag ctggtcgctg caagctggaa gaggcaaaaa acagattatc     42540
     cgctaaagcc ttcagaaggg gaacacagac aagctaacac cttgattagc cctgtacaag     42600
     tgttaaaaga aaaactttga acaaattaaa tttattttga tttatttgag caaagcacaa     42660
     ttcatgaatt gggcagcatc caggaccaga agaggtacag agagcgccac tgagcaatag     42720
     gggcaggcaa tatttataga gagaaaaagg aagtggtata cagaagcagc ttgtttacag     42780
     ctcagtgttt gccttatttg atcatggtct gatcagttgg caacctgtga ttgcctgaag     42840
     cttggctgct gtgtttgcct gagactcagc tatttattac aagaatatgc tcttaagtta     42900
     gggtacaatt ttcttacaca ttaagttaga tttcagtata ctacgtagga attcaaagta     42960
     cagaggctgc tttaagccaa atttaattta atttaacagg acccatttta ggcttataat     43020
     ttccagaact gcccaacaat aaatttttgt tgttttaaaa cactaaattg tggtaatttg     43080
     ttacagcacc aataggaaac taatatatcc tgtaatcacg aagcaatata gctcaaacct     43140
     caggcttggg gaccacatgg atttgagttc ttatcatagc tccatcgctt cctacccata     43200
     tgaacttggg tgtcttaatt aacctcccta agcctccact ttctcatttg taaaatggga     43260
     ctatctacta gaatttctgt ctggaaagag gaatggggag gcagtgtggt cagctgtttt     43320
     gcataacaag ccctgtagaa atacagatgc tccttgactt caggtgggtt tgtgtcctga     43380
     taaactgcaa gttgaaaatg cattcaatac ccctaaccta tcaaacatca tagtttagcc     43440
     cagcctaccc tcaacatgct cagaacactt acattagcgt ggctgactgg gagctgtggc     43500
     tcactactgc tgctcagcgt caggtgagag tgttatacca catatcacta gcccagagaa     43560
     agactgacat ttcaaatttg aagtacattt cttccagaat gtgtactgct ttcacgccat     43620
     cacagctgaa caatcttaag tggaaccatc ataagtcagg aaccatctgt atttgatgtt     43680
     ttaaaccatg tcatgtataa cttttttaaa aaaaagataa aataatttta aatattaaaa     43740
     taggaaaatt ttaaaaagaa aaaagacatt ttttcttttc tttttctttt cttttttttt     43800
     tttttttagg cagagtcttg ctctgtcacc caggctggag tgcagtgaca tgatcttggc     43860
     tcactgcagg ctccacctcc tgggttcaca ccattctcct gcctcagcct cccatgtagc     43920
     tgggactaca ggcacctacc accatgccca gctaattttt catatttttt agtagagaca     43980
     gggtttcact gtgttagcca ggatggtctc gatctcctga cctcgtgatc tgctcacctc     44040
     agcctcccaa agtgctggga ttataggcgt gagccacatt ttttattttc taaaatgaaa     44100
     atgttgatat ttaattttta atccccttca aaaaagcaac tactctgttt atgagattta     44160
     tagagaattc catatagtta atactaaata cattcctaca tcagaatttg tttaatacaa     44220
     aatcaattat ttaggttaaa atgttaacac tcttccgcta aattaccact gcaattgtgt     44280
     aacttcaaaa tgctcaggat attgtcaaca gaggaaatag aaattgatct tctagcacaa     44340
     tagtcaaaca aaattgacta tacaagattt tggatgcttg ttacactgtt gactcaaaac     44400
     aattctaaac aactcaatgt acttgatgga cagaatgtac taagaaacca acaaaagcaa     44460
     ttcatttctt acttagctac ataagctaag taagaaaatc gcaaatgctg acatccaagg     44520
     aagctttcca agcatagaaa taaactctga tagattattt cagatccagg atatttggaa     44580
     aataaatcag attgcctttt tggataattc ctaaagaatc acacaattat gacttttgaa     44640
     tcctttatta atggaggtta cagcagccta aataacttga aaagtggggt tggctctcaa     44700
     ataacatgga gggtttgttt tagaggaaac atgtaacacg acaggactcc agaagcacgt     44760
     gctttaaggt ataaggacat gtacccctgg tgacagagga tgtataaata ttgtgagtcc     44820
     aaatatatag gccacttgtt taagaaaaaa agacattagg agtataaaaa ggaatcaaat     44880
     gtaagtgcaa actcataata aatctaaact acatgaggca taaatcctaa ataagtgctt     44940
     aagtagctga aatagtatca ctttatgttg gaaacctgaa agggactaaa tatatgacat     45000
     agagtccata tttaaaaact tcatgtaggc attaaataga aaggatacag ctcatttgac     45060
     aaccagtaga acaggcagct atttaaagaa gcgtaatcca agttaatgat gtacatatat     45120
     gaggtattag aatacgtaat tcaatggcca ttcatgataa aatgctcaga aaatgcaaat     45180
     agagaggaac tgcctcaatt tgataaagag catctgcaaa aaatcttaca gctaacacag     45240
     cggtgaaaga ctgaaatttt tcccccaaag atcgggaaca aagcaatgat gtccactctc     45300
     gccatgctta ttcaacatgg cgttggaagt tctagataat gtaatgggcg agaaaaaaaa     45360
     aaggcgtgca gatttcaaag gaagaaataa aaatggatca aagtctaata tgtaaaacat     45420
     aaagtcacaa aactctcagg agaaaatctt caggatctag gattaagcaa aaagctttta     45480
     gacttgacac caaaggcata atccataaca ggaaaaatta ataacgtgca actactagtg     45540
     gtttgtcctc accaatttgt atttgaggtt tatggggata ctttgacact tagttttgtt     45600
     gaaaatgtta agatgctgta ttaaattata ctttttattt tgatatcatt gttgattcac     45660
     agacactttt aagaaatgtt acagagatat ctcatgtaca ttttacccag tttcccccaa     45720
     ggataacatc ttgtaaacta cagtaaatta tcacagtctg gatattgaca ttgatataat     45780
     taaaataaag aacactttca tcactataat atccctcatt ttgccctttt gtagccacag     45840
     ccacttccct cccatttcca cttcttcatt aacacagcaa ttattaattt ccatctctat     45900
     agttttggca ttccaggagt gttatataag tggaatcatt tagtagacaa cattttgcaa     45960
     tttttttttt cactcagcct aattccctgg tgattcatcc aggtcgtggt gcctgtaccc     46020
     agtttgttcg tttttattgc taagtagtat ttcctagtat ggataaacca cagtttgttt     46080
     ccagtttttg tctgaataaa gctgctatga gcatacatgt gcagattttt ctctgaacat     46140
     aagtcttcat ttctctggga taaatgctca ggagtgcaat tgctgggttg tatggtggtt     46200
     gcatgttttg cttttaaaga aaaagccaaa ctattttcca gtgtggctgt actatattac     46260
     attcccagca gccaaatgtg agtgatctat tttctctgca tcctcaccag gatttggtat     46320
     tgtgcctact ttttattttt agccatcatg ataggtatat agtaatatct tattgtggtt     46380
     ttaatttgta attctctaat ggctaatgac attgcacatg ttttcatgtc cttattttgt     46440
     atctatgtat cctttttggt tccatatgca ttttaaaata gtttttacta gttctgtgaa     46500
     gcatctcaat tgtagtttaa taggaataac attgaattat aaattgcttt gggcagtatg     46560
     gccattttga tgatattgtt tcttcctatc catgagcatg caatgttttt ccatttgttt     46620
     gtgtcatttc tgatttcatt gagcagtgct ttttagttct tcttgtggag atctttcacc     46680
     tccctggtta gctgtattcc taggtatttt attctgtttg tggcaattgt gaataggact     46740
     gcattcctga ttttgctcta ggcttgactg ttgttggtgt atagaaatat tagtaatttt     46800
     tgcacattga ttttgtatcc tgagaccttg ctgaagttgt ttatcaactt aagaagtttt     46860
     tgggctgaga cgatagggtt ttctagatag atgatcatgt catctgcaaa caggaatact     46920
     ttgacttcct cttttcctat ttggcttctc tttattcttt tctcttgcct gattgccctg     46980
     gcaaggactt ccagtactat gttgaatagg agtaatgaga gggggcattc ttgtcttctg     47040
     ccagttttca aggggaatgc ttccagcttt tgcccattca gtatgatgtt ggctgcgggt     47100
     ttgtcataga tggctcttac tattttgacg tatgttcctt caatagctag tttatcaaga     47160
     gtttttaaca tgaaggagtg ttgaatttta tcagaagact tttctgcatc tattgagata     47220
     atcatgtggg ttttgtcttt agttctgttt atgtgatgaa tcacatttac tgatttttat     47280
     atgttgaaca aacctcatat cccagggata aagcctactt gatcatggta gattggcttt     47340
     tggatgtgct gctggattcg gtttgctggt attttgttga ggattttttg catcaatgtt     47400
     tatcaaggat attggcctga agttttcttc ttttgttgtg tctctgccag gttttggtat     47460
     ttagatgatg ctagcttcat agaatgagtt aggtaggagg ctcttctcct caattttttg     47520
     aaatagtttc agcaggaatt gtaccatttc ttctttgtac acctgataga attcagctgt     47580
     gaatccattt ggtcctgggt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttttttggt aggctattta     47640
     ctactgactc aatttcagag ctcattatta gtctgttcat agattcaatt tcttcctagt     47700
     tcagtcttag ggggtgtatg tgcccaggaa tttatccatt tcttctagat tttctacttt     47760
     atgtcataga agtattcata atattctctg atggttgtct gtatttctgt ggggtcagtg     47820
     gtaatacctc ctttgtcatt cctaattgtg tttatttgaa tcttctctct tttcttcttt     47880
     attagtctag ctagaagtcc atctatttta ttaattattt cataaaacca gctcctggat     47940
     tcattgatct tttgaatcat ttttgtgtct caatctcctt ccattcagtt ctggattttg     48000
     gttatttctt gtcttctgct agccttgaga ttcgttggct cttgatactc tagttctttt     48060
     agttattatg ttaggttgtt aaattgagat atttctaact ttttgatgtg ggcatttagt     48120
     gctataaatt tccttcttaa cactgcttta gttgtgtccc agagcttcta gtgtgttgta     48180
     tctttgttct cactcatgtc aaagagtttc ttgatttctg cctgaatttc attattttcc     48240
     caaaagtcat tcaggagcag gttatttaat ttccatgtaa ttgtacggtt ttgagtgaac     48300
     ttttttgtct tggtttctaa tttgattgtg ctgtggtcca agagattttt tcttatgatc     48360
     agttcttttg catttgctga ggagtgtttt ccttctaatt atgtgatcga ttttagagta     48420
     tgtgccatgt gacaatgaga aaaatgtata ttctgtcttt ttggggtgga aagttctata     48480
     agatgtctat caggttcatt tgatccagaa ctgagttcag gtcctgggta tctttgttaa     48540
     ttttctgtct tgatgatctg tctaacattg tcaatggggt gtcaaagtct cccactatca     48600
     ttgtgtggga gtctaagtct ctttgaaggt cgttaataac ttgctttatg aatctgggtg     48660
     ctcctctttt ggaggtatat atttttagaa tacttagatc ttttgttgaa ttgaaccatt     48720
     taccattatg taatgctctt cttcatcttt tttgatcttt gttggtttaa agtctgtttt     48780
     gtctgaaact agtattacaa cccctgcttt tttctgtttt ccatttgctt ggtagatttt     48840
     tctccatctg tttattttga tcctatgtgt gtcactgcat gtgagatgag tcttttgaag     48900
     acagcatact aataggcctt ggttctttat ccagattacc actctgtgcc ttttaattgg     48960
     ggcactagcc catttacatt taagattagt attgatatgt gtggatttca tcctgtcatc     49020
     atgatgttag ctggttattt tgcagacttg tttatgtggt tgctttatag tgtcactggt     49080
     ctgtgtactt cagtgtgttt ttgtagtggc tagtaagtct ttcctttcca tatttagtgc     49140
     ttccttcagg agctcttgta agacaagtct agtggtaatg aaattccctc agcatttcct     49200
     tctctgaaaa ggttcttatt tctccttcac ttttgaagat tagtttggcc agatatgaaa     49260
     ttctgggttg aaattatttt ctttaagaat aataaatgtt ggcccccagt ctcttctggc     49320
     ttgtagagat tcttctgaca ggtccactgt tagtctgatg gacttttcat tgtaggtgac     49380
     ctggcctttc tatctagctg ccaactgttt ttctttgatt tcaaccttgg agaatctgat     49440
     aattatgtgc ctttggaatg atcttcttgt gaagtatctt actggggttc tctgcatttc     49500
     ctgtatttta atgttggcct ctccagctag gttggggaga ttctcatgga tgataccctg     49560
     aaatatgttt tccaagttgg tttcattctc cccatctctc tcaggaacac caatgagtca     49620
     tagatttggt ctgtttacat aatctcatat ttttcagaag ttttgttcct ctcttttcat     49680
     tcttttttct ctattcttgt ctgactatct tatttcagaa agccagtctt gaagtgtgga     49740
     gattcttttt tccactgggt cagttctgct attaatagtt gtgattgcat tatgaaattc     49800
     ttatagtatg tttttcagct ctatgaaatt ggttatgtcc ttatctatac tggctatttt     49860
     atctatcagc tcctgcattg ttttatcata atttttagct accttggatt gggtttcagt     49920
     gtacttctgt agctcaatga tcttcatttc tatccttatt ctgaattaca tatctgtcat     49980
     ttcagccatc tcagcccaat tcagaatcct tgctcgagag gtgatgtggt cgtttggaga     50040
     acagaagaca ctctggcttt ttgagttgtc aaggttcttg cctgattctt tctcatcttt     50100
     gtgggcttat tttcctttaa tctttgagac tgctgacctt tggacagcaa agatcatcca     50160
     acctttttta tttatcctat ttatcctatt tgatgacttt gagggtttga ttgtggtata     50220
     aggtggattc agccaactga cttcatttct ggacaatttt atttggccag tattccactc     50280
     ccaactcctg gactgcatgc tgtaattctt tgggacttgt atggggccct gactttgttt     50340
     cctcagaatt aggaatccgc tgtgatgggc ggggggtggg ggaggtggca ggagtggtgc     50400
     agtccgaagt gctcccagac cactggtcac tacactccaa tgagtggtgt cagccaaagt     50460
     gtttcatagt acagtgacag caggatctgt ccttgtttga gtgtaccagc agcagtggta     50520
     gttgaagttg cagcagagta ctagcaggtg ccggggtgcc cacctccctg caggcatcca     50580
     ccacagtggc agaggcaatg caactgcagg aaaggaaggg ggtcccctgc tggcaactgt     50640
     gtgtgtggtc acacaggaag tggtgttggc ttaggggcaa ggcattggca ggtgcaggtc     50700
     tgcgtgcctt ttctgtgcag gagtggtcac tcagggtggg ggaggatcag ctgttctctg     50760
     cacagtgtta gcacagggtg ggatgatgga gggagtgggg ctggctggct ctgtgcccac     50820
     caaggctctg tctgcaatag ctgtcaggag ggaattggtg gggggtgaat tacattccta     50880
     tatgctggtg aggcaaggaa aacaaaaccc acccagcaga catgtaccag caaaatgatg     50940
     tggggagttg ctgtgggccc agaggaagct gcagtgtggg gagggagcat ggaggctggt     51000
     gcctggtcat aggggcctcc tcgttggagc tctccactta ctggtcagtc atggtctgcc     51060
     agtgtagaag ctatggtgca ggcccacagg gcacctgagg ctgctttgca agcagatgtg     51120
     gccaggccgg ggccccagga gaggccagaa gaccaacggt tgctcaggta gaaccagact     51180
     catctgatgg gcaagaccac cctacagatt tcgggaccaa cagtttccct agggctaatg     51240
     tctcctatgg gagtaagttg agcctaggga aatggccatc cctggccatg ctccactgca     51300
     gatgctcctg cactgaatcc tctaggctcc acacctgctg gcttgccgcc cctacggctt     51360
     ctctaagcag ctctttcctg ccaactcaag tgtccatggt ggtcaatggg tctcctcctg     51420
     ccatggttgc agaggtcata gtgacagtgg gttgttcctt gccagttcaa ctcacccatt     51480
     ttcctggagc cattggagga caggaatgag tctggatgtg ctgtagcccc atgtagggct     51540
     cccagctttc tcccacttca gtccagcttc tgtgtcttcc ctctgtccac tctaggtgcc     51600
     ttctgtctga acatttgtta ggagcacgcc agtcatctgg gttcctcgtt gagaactgtt     51660
     tcacctggct gcatctagtc agcgatcttg ccctcccccc aaccaagata cattccaata     51720
     aaacttgtgg atactaaaga aaaagaaaat accatctgga tactcagcaa aagtagcaat     51780
     gacttattaa taattagatt atcatcagac tttttgataa cagttatgtg aaaatgtagt     51840
     aactttttaa gatactcaag agcggaaaat ggaaccaaga tttttatagc cacaaaactg     51900
     actttcgact atgaagtgca agaacttcct ggtgtggact gaatatgccg tcccaaaatt     51960
     catatgatga aatcgtaacg cccaaggtga cagtaccagg aggtgacgcc tttggaaggt     52020
     gattaggtca tgagggtgca gcccttatga atggcattag ggcccttata agggagattc     52080
     cagatagctc cctttccttc tgccacatga ggtcttactg agaagatgct gccagcaggc     52140
     cttcaccaga tccctaccag gctgacacac tgatctcaga cctccagcct ccagaactgt     52200
     gaaaaataca tttctgctgt ttttaagcca tccagtctct ggtagttggt tatagcagct     52260
     catacaaact aagacacttt cctaagtctt cctgaggcac ctaggagaaa tagtttcaaa     52320
     caatcatgat gactacatca gtagcttata attcttttgg tatcaggatc cctttttatt     52380
     cgtaaaattg ttgagaacac caagaagctt tagtttacat gggttatgta aagtgacatt     52440
     tatattaact tatttgttat taaataacaa taacaaaccc attacatgtt aacataaaca     52500
     acatactttt atggaaaata gctgtcttct ccagcacaaa aaaatagtga aaaaaaagga     52560
     attattttac atttgtaaaa atctctttaa tgtctggctt aataaagcta gcttggttat     52620
     atattcttct acattcaagc tgtaacaata tgttgttttg gctaaagtac aagaggaaaa     52680
     tctggcctca ctcttataca cagttgggaa aagaaggaaa gtttcaataa ccatttcagc     52740
     tattgtaact gttcttcctt gataagacac caaaactcaa gaaatggcag attcttaaag     52800
     gttagttgca gtgtggaatc tgaaacctta taaattaact tttcatcttc tgttgtgtta     52860
     aaattcacta gtctatcttt aaatggatct tttcctctat gcatgacttt gcaatatcat     52920
     gcattgatta tttgtaaatt attgattcat gggtttacgc agatttttaa aatgttgaca     52980
     tattttatta aacaatattt tttaaaccat atttgttaat atcaccacca atctcatcag     53040
     aaacatcttt aagtagtgag aagctgcggc acatgtaagt tttccaaaag tttaattttc     53100
     tcttgaaatt ccaatttcca ctgtcaatat tattttcttt gatgggatag gctcattttg     53160
     tttatttttg agaaaatttc taccaaatac ccaagtctga ataatcacag tgtgcctttc     53220
     agtcattctt tcaaggaaaa tgatgaccca ctaaaaaaaa atgtttaact tcactcacaa     53280
     ctcatgcaat tacataatgg cttttccaca ggacaactgc ctttccatca gtatgcacca     53340
     gaaatgctgc ctatgttctt acactgacta ttaaacagat gtgtgcttga ggtttaaaat     53400
     ttagtaaact aatgatttta ttgcttcatc aaggtcactg gcttttgctt tttttttttt     53460
     ttttttttac tgtaagctta tggcagtgaa gaacatgacc tacctgtaca gcttggtgtc     53520
     accaccttga tttgtgctca ggcactaaca gtttcacgtg accaccatag atttctgtac     53580
     cactatgtaa ataatacagt gaaaaaggca aataacatct tagtattagt acaaaaatag     53640
     cttgacttca taggcccctt gaagggtccc agggaccccc agggatccat ggaccacacc     53700
     ttgaaaacca ccacatgaca gggatatcaa cataaggaat gatggtgagc attaaacata     53760
     tctctactca cagaactaag actaacaagg gagcaagtag tctatgcaat ggtacaggat     53820
     caactaatat agacatagtt caactagaaa gcgggggaga acataggtaa aaagggagaa     53880
     cacaggtaat agggagaatg taggtaaaaa gaatttcaac cgttttcagt agccattttg     53940
     gtggttgtag tattagtgtt attatcctta gactgctgtc tatgttaact caggaaaagc     54000
     aaataagtat ggacattcta attgtgtctg tccctgtgtc cttgaaaacc agagttcttg     54060
     gtgtaaaaga aaggagatgc agaagtaata tagagaagac tgattttttt ttttaagatg     54120
     gagtattgct ctgtcaccag gccgcagtgc agtggcacaa tcttggctca ctgtaacctc     54180
     cgcctcccag gttcaagcgc ttctcctgcc tcagcctccg gagtagctgg gactacaggc     54240
     gcacgccacc acgcaaggct aattttttgt gtttttagta gagacggggg tcaaacactg     54300
     atcctgcctt tccactgtac cactaagtag cccactagta agtggaggga agtgtctctt     54360
     cactagtaaa tgaagggaac tgtctctttg tagcattaat aaagcatata aatgaagaaa     54420
     aaatgacaga ataccaccat ttagcaatcc ccaataaatt aacaaaccta agcaattagt     54480
     atcaatggtt gctaacatca caaaaagaaa cagctggaaa ttatgtctct catggtgaaa     54540
     ggccacaaca ccacgtatag attttccaaa ggaaaagatt gaaccagagt ctgatccagc     54600
     ctctgcatcc agatgccaat ttgcaggagg cacagaaggc agaggatgtg ttacactgca     54660
     ccatgtgtat gcagccagca aaatccagag tgtgggaaac tctacaggtc aaatggattg     54720
     agcttttcaa cagattaatc ataaggggga aaaaaaggct gatgggggag aaaccagtga     54780
     agtataagag acgtaaaaga caactaagct gtggcgtcca ggaacacata cctgggggac     54840
     tagactacaa agacatgaaa gaggttacaa taaaatcagg atatggtcac tttcgagggg     54900
     aaggagaggc tttgattggc ctgacgtaca gagacttctg ctggagctgg caaagtcctg     54960
     ttccttgact tgattacagg ggtttttctt aaataattca ctaaaatgta cattttttgt     55020
     atctccattt tatttgacaa taaaaggttt ttaaaaacag tgaaaaggaa acagtgacta     55080
     cctgagcatt tgtcttctga agactgtgga gactgcagtt ggaagacaga aagctttgga     55140
     gatcatgact tataggagta gggctggacc acagaaaagt aaatgatttg ggactggaag     55200
     gagtaaggtc tcaggggagt ttctggacaa tgcccttggc aatggggatt aatgatgtac     55260
     acgtagaagg gagaagggca gatgggtggg agatgcatga tctcagaaca cagagctcca     55320
     gaatcagttc gggctcctcc aaggatcagg gaagagagtt attcccagaa cattgacctc     55380
     atgaatgtcc tttacctcac ccagggccca gactactcat cactacttca ggctccagag     55440
     agagaagctt cagtgaggac cttagcatga ctgagggagc agaacagctc ttgagacctg     55500
     gaggcacagt gatgaaggtc tcaggaggca gcctcaccac cccccacagc cgttccagag     55560
     actcagggga cagtcccatc cagacagcag caaccttact cctccctacc cccatgtcat     55620
     ctccctctgg ccaaagaacc gggagaatga tctgccactc aaagacaagg aaaaagagac     55680
     attacctcat taccagacat ctgcgtcctc acatatcctg gaaagaaatc gagaaaagaa     55740
     tggattgccc caattaggac ccaatatgat tatcccgagg gaagaacaaa tggctggcaa     55800
     ggtcagcact ctctctgctt atcccatttc tagcttcaga aaaaaattat cccggtgatc     55860
     cctgagaggc acaatcagct ttccttgcct cagatcattg acgttaggga aggtgggagt     55920
     ggggaaggtc tgggacaggt ggcagggcac tcctcacagg ctcattacct ttctgagccc     55980
     ttagctggat gacgattccc accagaagga agattagccc aagtaggaag gctgcaatgc     56040
     cactcagcat ctttctccaa gaatattcag actgagctcc tatgggaaac aggtctttaa     56100
     attagtaaaa atatcccaat atttaaagca ctttcttgga atcccagaat ctgtactaga     56160
     caccaaatcc aatgctagct agagaaaaat aaataaattt agaaaaggtt cttcgaaacc     56220
     aaagttggca cccatggagt taccccccat cggttacaga ttctcacagc ccataagaat     56280
     gcctcctaaa tactaagacc aaagaattag aggacaccag ttcatagggt tggaagcaca     56340
     taatgaggtg attagatctc ctcatttctt ggaagatatg aggatagata tctgccatgt     56400
     tttctcccac cctaacccaa ggactctggt ttctgtgact gtcccagatc aagggaaaga     56460
     ataattcatg ttgtgaccaa gataaacgca gaagtgacac aggctctgta ttgagtcagt     56520
     atagtcctga gtcaggccca gagagtacta gaaactaatt ctcactccac tccacagaaa     56580
     cagggctcag caggctggag tgatcgacaa ggcaggtgta gacatgtcca agttcaggag     56640
     tcatttctag catcaccaca gtctgaaagg tccagtctcc attcctgata gggccagtgg     56700
     acatgacccc agctctctcc tcctgcccat tcaggaacca cttgatcttg atatcccctg     56760
     gatagaagcc tgtcacagag cagtgcagca gattatgctg gtgcaggagt ggggtcctct     56820
     ctgggtacac tgtcacctct ggttgcacta ggaagggagg aaaaatgaga caccgtgaaa     56880
     gaaaaccacc aagctgggac aggagattct ttagggacta tcactatgtc taatctcttt     56940
     cccagatcac ccaagtgaac acaaagtata ggcaagtctc agcccccaag atcagtaaca     57000
     gggtatgtca atgcctgtca ggaggattta gactttctga ggtactccca caattactgc     57060
     ttctctttga gggcacaata gccctcgaag tccctgagaa ccttgggggt ctgagaccaa     57120
     gatcacagtg gctgacttgt gaggataata tatcacagct ggggccagaa catctacaca     57180
     gacaaccatt tatcctaaag cagaaaattg cttgtaagaa agaagagcca tggccaggtt     57240
     cacatggggg acattcctga gccccgccag acctcagctt ccagctcacc ttttctcccc     57300
     acagtgaagg gtgcgcccag cctgtagttg tgtctacaga ccccatccac ggcctgtctg     57360
     ctcctctcca agagatccag ccggctgttc cactgctcag catctggctg ccccagcttg     57420
     gtcaatgcca caaacatccc cacatcactg tcgaaacgta catactcctc caagttaaag     57480
     atgaatctga ccacaaactg caccttttct gtcccgttgg tgaagtaaca gtcagccttt     57540
     gcctgaatca caaagtcttc tggaaaacca aaaccaaaac catgaaccag ccccctcctc     57600
     tgggaaaacc catgcctggt aaattacgtc agaccacatg gatctaagag gaggcctttg     57660
     acctcagtat gctcaaaaag cacagtgtca agtgagaaaa gaaacagaat gggattcaac     57720
     agagaatgac atttattaaa ttttaaaaac acataaagag caataatgct acatatttct     57780
     aaaagccact ctcatactta gagacttacc agacacgttt agaatggatt ctctagggag     57840
     gggagagaat gagaacggag gcaagagaag agacgagaga gtcttgcact actgccaata     57900
     attacaatgt gctgtgaact cattgggtaa aattaaacca atcctatgca cttaagaaca     57960
     acaactacaa taaaaaggaa attcaaatgg agttaataat gtaggtaagt caggaaggac     58020
     gtcctgaaga cattgcatct aagtcaagac ttgaaagata attgctatta atgttgggtt     58080
     gtaatttact ttcctttcta agttcagaag cctcctccaa ctctgaactg agccataaga     58140
     atgaccttcc tgggtgaacc ccacttatcc ctcactcagt agctaatttc agatgaagtt     58200
     ccagcctgta atttctcagc atgtatactc ttctctattt cctctagtag tctaaaccag     58260
     gggggaaatc tgaatttttc atcatcattt aacatctgtg ctgatttttt tttcagttgt     58320
     attgtttaat ggacattata aactcagggc ggtttctatt ctctgagaat aatgatctct     58380
     cctggccagg tttgttcctc ttttgtattt aatgaaacta acatgcaaag gggattctgt     58440
     tcttagcaca ttacatcctg tttctgctca ttaatatgtg ctttcatctc acattgcttc     58500
     atggctgcat attctgtcac ctgtgctaga aaaataacag tgacaagtaa cttgtacctg     58560
     gtagccggag gacaaggaca atgtattcta ttcaacttct cttacttctc aaaactgttt     58620
     agtacaattc tgacaatata atagtggctt aataaatgac agaaggagca acctttgttt     58680
     ccagtttcat ttgtccacat ataccccaac tgagatttgt ttccgtgtcc tgaccaaaaa     58740
     atcacagatt gcctctgtga cccagcctac tgcaggttgt ttctcccagc aggctcgaac     58800
     ccaagccaag gccttcaaca cgcccaggca ctgactgagg ttgatacaca caataaggat     58860
     cctaaacaag acacaatgtt tccctcttcc tgcctcccta ccccttgaat aggtggctct     58920
     ggtatatgaa gtccatccca tgtaaagagg caaggcgtac ctttctgcca aagggaagaa     58980
     cactgttctt tgaaaccaaa agccacttcc agtctggtct gtggcctgga cttacaaaga     59040
     aaggcatcac tcccccatgc caattcttgc atacacactg gaaaaaaaca attgctctgt     59100
     tcttacctgg agagtctgtg ccttgagtca tggaggaatc cagtcgggtc agattcacta     59160
     gcagagccac cacccagggg acccacccag aacccattct ggagaaagga aaaaaatgag     59220
     atagtaaaat cgtcagcctc ttcagaatga gctcataaaa ttcagtcaga aagtacccat     59280
     taagagtata aatcgctgtt tttctggctt ccccaggatt ggaaactcct cagattgaca     59340
     accaatcaag atagaagagt tttgcatcat caggtactgg gtaggatact ttcacaaagt     59400
     tgtgtcatac aactcaacca ttgtttgcct gcagaatcac tgacagtaat ttaggtatac     59460
     taaaaatggg ctgggagaag aagtaaaaat atatgtttga catattatgg ggccctagaa     59520
     gaactaggca gactgtttat tatgtattct tctattccct ggcctgttct gaccaatagg     59580
     tctcccttct tattgggtgt tgacattgcc gacaggcagt gtgtaaatta agaaggaatt     59640
     aagagtatgt aaattaagca ttctgaagca tatgcctcaa gaagatttag taaagggatt     59700
     atcagagaag aaatagaaga catagagaac atttggagag tacgatttcc tataagccaa     59760
     aatgaccaca aaaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa acatggaaag agaattctca aagaataaaa     59820
     ttttgcaaaa aggctcacca ggatacaatc taagagagca ttattgtgtt ttatggttag     59880
     tagggcacca ataaccttca agaggacagc agagtgttaa aggtagaagc catatttcaa     59940
     aagaatgaat tggaaacaag aaaacaaagg ccgcagatta aaacagtctt tcaagaattt     60000
     tgaaagtgaa aacaaaggaa aaaatgggat acactttaga aaaaaacaac actaagaaaa     60060
     aatacttttc ttgggttttt taaattgaca cgtaataatt gtacatattt atggggtaca     60120
     gcatgatgtt ccaacacacc tatacattgt gtattgatca aatcagggta attagtatgt     60180
     gatatatata catgatggaa tactattccg ccataaaaaa gcatgaaatc ctgtcatttt     60240
     caacaacatg ggtgaacctg gagggctcta tgttaagtga aataagccaa gaacagaagg     60300
     actatattac gtgatttcac tcatatgtgg aatctaaaaa agttgacctc atcgaagtaa     60360
     agagtacgtt aggagttacc agaggctggg gagtcagggg tagaaatggg tagaggttgg     60420
     taacaagtac aaagttacag ttagacagaa ggaatgagtt ctggtgtttt gggaaaagaa     60480
     acttttaaga caggagagac ttcaacaagg ttgcaagtga agtgcaaggt atctgtagaa     60540
     aggagaaact gaagagaaaa aagagaagaa aggggacatt ttctccaaaa tgctgtggtc     60600
     tgaatgtcac tcaaaattca agtgttgcaa tttaatcacc aatgtgatag tatcaaaagg     60660
     tgggcccttt aggaggtgat taagtcatga atgcagaggc ctcctgaatg ggattagaga     60720
     ctttaaaaag ggctagagag agcagggatg atggctcatg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg     60780
     ggaggctgag gaggaagatt gcttgaggct aggagttaga gacctgcctg gaaaacatag     60840
     tgagaccccc atgtccaaat aaaatttaaa aaattaaaga aataaacatg gtggcatgca     60900
     cctgtggtct tagttacttt ggaggctgag gtgggaagac tacttgagcc cagaagttca     60960
     aagttgcagt gaaccatgaa tgcaccactg tactccagca tgggtaacag aacgaggccc     61020
     tgtctcaatc aatcaatcag tcaatcaata aaaatagaag ggctggaggc aatagcttgg     61080
     cacttttgcc cttctgcctt cctccttgtg aggactgtta cactggaatg atttgactca     61140
     agtgtttagt taagtattct ttcagtaaaa cctagacagt aaaacactat ctttaagcaa     61200
     ataaaaccaa aagtgcaaat tgtaattcac catctatgtt attattattt aaagggcaat     61260
     gtttactcat catttcacat catctttcag catgaaatgt gcccctgatt tgcctatact     61320
     gtgcatgtta agaatgaacc cagggtatca tggtaaccac aagttcactt cagtgacttt     61380
     tttcaagtcg atggccaagg catcaaatct tccagggcca tgaccttgaa cttctagctt     61440
     ccagaactgt gagaaataaa tttctgttct tcataaatta ccctatctcg tgtatcttgt     61500
     tacactaaca caaatggact aagacagaga gcataaggct tgggggaaga agggtacact     61560
     tcttcagata aaagaataaa gacaggacga ttagcagggg ataaagggga atgaggaagt     61620
     tccatttaga tggttgcaag ggagtcagct gagaacaagg caagatctgt caaaaaggag     61680
     ttggaagaaa atatatttga taactaagaa gagcaagaag tggtctgtaa gtgagttttt     61740
     aaagttttaa ttaagcagga ttcagaaaag agaggtgaga tgcaattgtg caacctttta     61800
     ctgttctatg acccttagta aatgcccttg gttagaggcc tggatcagac caatcagaaa     61860
     aataatttct tctccatggg agattataac aggtaaagaa aaagagagca agacgtggaa     61920
     gacatcgcta gtgttcatcc tctaattcct aggcccatgg aaaacgagaa actagacttc     61980
     ctactctcct ggagctgtgt gactcgttct caccaatgga aagtgaacaa aaggttcctg     62040
     gtcaaagaat ttaactcctc gtgcatgact cttctcctcc tcccctacca agtcaaccaa     62100
     gacagccttg tgttgagatg gcacaatccc agtagaaaag cagtctaatt agctgagtca     62160
     ccatgaagag cagctgcccc agggaatcac tcacacctac aacacactct gtatgaatga     62220
     gaaacaactg ttctttaaag aaggtactgg cttggttacc acagcctggc ctgacttgac     62280
     ttaactgcta caggacagga gctaggaggc tgacccctct ccctccacat ctctcatgta     62340
     aatgtgacga ttcatgaagt ggaaggctgg ccacaggctt actggtagac ccccgagtac     62400
     aaggcatttg accctggttt tgagtactcc tcctccaggt ggatggctgt ggagctcaca     62460
     ctggcgaggg cttgtgtgga gccgaggata aggaggcatc agagggcact caagccactg     62520
     ggtctaactt cctcccttct tcctgcccac acctacctta gtctttccca gatgttttat     62580
     tgcatttgga aatggagaca aacactcaac acaggctaag tgaacaagga cacggcacgg     62640
     agatgatcag atgcagtaac agcatgagcg ggtggaagag gcgtgtgtcc ccttctttgt     62700
     agacagcacc atggctggct tctgcagctt ccctcagagc tgaaggaagg gccatgtgga     62760
     gaggagagga agggcctaga caatatggat caaacggggg cctgtattta gatttagagg     62820
     agagaggggg ttgataaatg gcaagggatg tggggatggg gaggaagtgg aggatatggc     62880
     gctggaccag aaagttagga gggctgctct ttcttctctg taaatgtgtc taaggctcac     62940
     aaactctaaa atctgacttg cctacataat aatagctaat gtttgtcaat tgcttattat     63000
     gagttcattt tctaagcatt atataaatgt gtgcgtgtgt gtgtatgaga gagagagaaa     63060
     gagagagaat catcacacaa aaccctttgc agtagatact atcatgatct cccttttaca     63120
     gatgaggtaa ggatggaatg aaccaaagtt cacataacta gtaagtccct aggctatact     63180
     ttttctgtca cactgtattt cttgggaagc cagggaaact ttattcctac agctttagca     63240
     ttccggtaat gataaggtac acaaaaaggg aaaataacca aggaatttca tcatagctgt     63300
     ttggtgtcag gacagatctc tgtaaggaaa tcatatccta cctaaccaaa ggaaatcagt     63360
     gatctcacat gacaagcaag gaatggcata gagcctggca tgggaactaa gaagagaaag     63420
     caataagctt cagttagcaa gctatggatc tccttagatg gcctctggta catcttaaat     63480
     aaactgaagc atcagattca cccccattag aagcgttttt gagtcatttt ctgtgcatag     63540
     tgtcagtgtc tacgatagaa gggcctgggc ttatcagaga cactgttcag ttctggggag     63600
     acaagaggaa aaagatgtgg ttttcttcct ttctcctgta tttatgtttt tgtcttctac     63660
     ttgaacgagc ctgaaaaata gggcagggtg ttttgatctt tttttcctgc ctgacttcag     63720
     ccagcagccc tccctaaata gctacaggct cctctgtgat ttttcactca agctcatatt     63780
     ttgcttctct cttttctttc cttccccttt ctctgaggag tgagagaatt tgggtgtatg     63840
     tgtggttgtt ttttgagggt ggcataaaat tattattctc cctattgcct gacacaaata     63900
     tcccttcaac tgctattttg gtgactttga catggaagta aaacgtacat ctcaattcat     63960
     tttcttcctt ctacttcctc ctaacacatc aacataatcc acactgccct ggaggagtta     64020
     tgaaaaatat tctgagtttc taggtagaat attaaatcat acttttagag aacacattgt     64080
     tgagctacag tttaattgaa ggaattgtac taggctaaga attttgccag ctcaaaatac     64140
     tggtttaatt ctttctcagt ggtgattgac gtctcaaacc agcaagaggt gtaacatgag     64200
     gggaaggggc tggggaagag ggaaaggatg taagaaacaa aagaaatagt tagaatttgg     64260
     ggtgtccaaa gcaaactcat gatcccacct agtgagaatc catttggaaa ctgaggaacc     64320
     aaaggctttg ggctccaatc tgcagccact tctttgatac gactttggga taggtggact     64380
     cacccgaagt attgttttac atgtactatt tgcctcaatt tccctgtgat ggttttgtcc     64440
     atcacctcat cctgaaaaaa taaatgttgg tgatgctttg ttccacatat tcgttcattt     64500
     gaactcatta ttcccaggaa atatccattg aaattcaaaa tatcatgaac ttccaaaggg     64560
     ttttctagaa aaaaaaaaca aaaaaaaccc cttgatctta atgggtgttt tttaatctgt     64620
     gctagaatct gtttgcaatg ttttatttag gatttttgtg tcagtataat aagtaaattc     64680
     atctacaatt tttatatttg tgcattgtca tagtttaaca tcaatattat acttgcttca     64740
     taaaaaaatt ttcttctatg ccattgagcc atttaatttt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt     64800
     ttagagacaa ggcctcactc tgttgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcacaa tcatagctca     64860
     ctgcagcctt gaactgggcc caagcgatcc tcccacctca gccaagtagt tgaaaccaca     64920
     ggcacgagcc accacatctg gctaattttt gtattttttg tagagacggg ttttcgctgt     64980
     tgcccacact ggtcttgagc tcctgagttc aagcaatccg actgcttagg cctcccaaag     65040
     tgctgggatt ataggtgtga gccactgcac ccggcctcta ttttcaattt taaaagtttg     65100
     atatagatgt agcatatcta tttttttatt gatagtaata tcttctatct tctgtgttca     65160
     tacttttttt tttttttttt tttgaggcag agtctcactg tgccgcccag gctggagtgc     65220
     agtggtgcga tcttggctcg ctacaacctt tgcctcccag attcaagcaa ttctcctgcc     65280
     tcggcctccc aagtagctgg gattacaggc gcccaccacc acacccagct aatttttgta     65340
     tttttggtag agacagggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggctg ccctcgaaat cctgacctca     65400
     ggtgatccgc ccgccttggc ctaccaaagt gctgagatta caggcatgaa tcaccaggcc     65460
     cagcctattt ttttgtccac ttaactggtc tagtccaggg aaagggaatt aaagtgttct     65520
     attggtagta catttctgaa tattttcctt gtatctacct taatttctgc tttataagag     65580
     ctacctattt ggtatttaga acttaaacac atgtctcata tattcatatg aattttatac     65640
     tttacattat aaagtgccct tcttgtcaca ctcaattttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg     65700
     tgaggagtgt ctgaatttca tcttgtttgg taagacgaat gtgacctctg cttccctttt     65760
     gtttgccttc tcttgttatg tctttgccca tcatcttatt tgttgaaaat aatgaataca     65820
     tctttctgag tggctttatg ttaggtgtct tttgcatatt gcaaataata gagtttttat     65880
     cttaatctaa tttaaaaata ttttcattta tttagttcag ttaagaagcc catttataat     65940
     tattcataca gcaaatagat tcagtctaat tcagagatat taacttctgt taagtataat     66000
     gtttacatga gtatttttaa aaatctttca ctatgtcttt attgtgcatt ttaaaaattt     66060
     taccttttca gatattaagg aaggtgtata tttcaaggtt gctttgataa gtttatttgt     66120
     atataataca cttagttccc tcttccttta gataattcct attagtttta aataatgaac     66180
     aatcacaaaa ctagctcata tcctctccct tcctctttct gtgtgtgtgt ctacctttgt     66240
     agtcttaaat gtgtaaatac gagcacttga tttattagtt ttaaagaata tattttgatt     66300
     cctagatgtt acagacaaga acatcaacag gcttatttga tatccttatt catttttcca     66360
     cttattctat aatcattgag aaatgtgttt caatttctca attaatttct tcctataatt     66420
     ctcctatatt tcttacatat tttgtagttt tattgctagg tgcaaactga ttcagtttta     66480
     gtataatgtt ctggtgactt cattatcact atgtaatggc tgtctttgtt tttactaatg     66540
     cctttggttt tagactatat gtttagatat ttctgtaatt acataagctg tctttctgtc     66600
     ttctgttagt gtttgctttg tgtatcttat atctggtttt gatttaacat tttcatgttt     66660
     ttaggtttct tgtgatctta tgaagggcat ataactggat tttgcgatat tgttaatcta     66720
     atctgagaac tttcctttaa ctcccatatt taagctattt atacttgtga tcactgtgct     66780
     atttacattc gtttctgtta caatatatgg tgctctgtat ttgctatgtc ttactttgct     66840
     tcttttgttt tccttgcatc acttatatta aatcaattac atttttattt aaagtattat     66900
     ttaatttccc cttactgatt taggaatttt aaattctaat tatattagtt aaaagtcagt     66960
     cttatatttt taacatgttt accaaatgtg gcagcatctg aaggtaatca atatctctac     67020
     cctcctttca aacaagacaa agactttagg tgctttaact ttgtctgcct cattctcatg     67080
     tcacttgtgg ttgctctgcc ttatttttaa atttaatagt catttttatt actgattttt     67140
     atcgttacag tcatatttca tttctcattc tgattttcca atattttaga cagatttgtt     67200
     attgttgttt gtgtgtgtgt ttatttttct catctttgct cccttatcct tctgggttta     67260
     gtatctctgt tacttacatg ataatattaa aaagcaaatg ataactacaa tacaatgcta     67320
     ctttcaccca gaagattgtc aaaattttaa aaattaacac tgtctgttgg ttatatacat     67380
     atatatatat atggagaaac agataaactc atatgttgct gctggaacta taaattaata     67440
     tagcctctat gaaggcaatt ttgcaatatc tatcaatatt tgtaatgtat atattggact     67500
     cagcaactcc cctttaagat tgtatcatac ttgtattttt gcacatgtgc attacaatgt     67560
     ctatacaaga ctaactagca acagcaaaag acttccaata acctaactag ccatcagtag     67620
     aaggaaacag gataaatgaa atatggaact tccataaaat agaatactac atagccatat     67680
     atttttaatt taaaaaataa agttcagaac agtgaactta gacagctgct gtttgcgaaa     67740
     atactgagca agaataaaga tatacatatt tgcttaatac acagtaaact tctctggaaa     67800
     gataaacaca aagctggaag aacggattgc ctatgcaaga ggaattagca aaccttgaga     67860
     aggattgaga gtgaggcttt cctctgtata cttctttgtg tcttttgaat ttcaaaccac     67920
     attcatatat tgcttattta aataaataaa taatatattt taaaaagagg atagtaggaa     67980
     gataagtgga gtcagggagt ataggcaact cttttgagga gttttatgca aagctgggca     68040
     agtccacctc ttccttagct atgtgaccca ggcaagttag taaatgtttc taaaactcca     68100
     ttttctcact cttagaattg agatagtaat acctgccaca tagaattatc ttgaaaaata     68160
     aggtaagaag acaggtttca gatacttggc acagcaatag cacatagtaa gcaccagtga     68220
     atgcttagta gtagtagtag tctaattcct aagagtccat ggaactctag gttcaaaacc     68280
     cagtttcttc tgggaccatt agatggcatc agactcaagc aggtgctcct ctagctgaca     68340
     gctctaaaac acaaggaaga tctttgtttt ccttattccc tagtcctttc cccacaaaat     68400
     tctgacaatt acgcatttcc tgcttgtttc acaattgcca tgtggattcc aagtggctat     68460
     ccctgggtgg aggcataaag gacttgaaac tcaatgctgt ttccacatag ggccgggcag     68520
     acaggctatg gaggtgtttt ggcatccaag gaaatctatc agtttcccaa gctttcccct     68580
     ctccattcat actttccttt agaaagaata aggcatgcct gggtgggaaa gatactgcag     68640
     gtaagcgaca agaaggggaa attacagggt aaggagatca atcaaatggt gatggggggt     68700
     aggagtgaac aaaaagaact ctggagcaaa ccaggattag tgacatctgt ggttcccaga     68760
     caaaccacac ttacaggaat ttgtctgtct agcccgaata ttttgacttt cagggagcat     68820
     ttttctgtgt ccctgacata aagcctacct gggagtttcc cctgagataa gaaactttca     68880
     ggacatctta aggtctactg catcttcctg tactgcccat caagataagt tttccaccca     68940
     gctttatcat gattagctgc gtgatttcat gtcagtttct ctgtaaaatt aggtttgact     69000
     gttgcattat ttttaagatg ccttccaggc ttaaagtatt atgatgcatg ggtataactg     69060
     tactgaggaa atcaaagaat ttctcagatc atcttcttct gtgagggctg cagcttccat     69120
     gtagttggga gatacaggaa ttattattcc tgttttatga ataaaggaca tttgtgggag     69180
     agaaaggaat caggccagag ttctttctct ccaaatgcct attttaccct ctgtgaaatt     69240
     tgagagatgg atgggtgtgg agctgcaagt cagccccagg atgaaagaaa ggcaaatctg     69300
     cacaagaaac tgcccactct caccccatcc tcactgcacc ctgctcccaa cagctgccag     69360
     gcaagaaaaa atccaaaaca gcagttctgg ggaattcatt gccagcactg gaaactacct     69420
     gctgtttcca ggaatatgaa ggtttctctt tcctagaata gcaactttcc aaggtaagtc     69480
     cctcccaaca accagtgatg tgtacaatgt tgcattttca gtggtgggag tgggcaggga     69540
     ggattaagat tagtacgatg gtggagatat ttattcattt attcaattga ctatttattc     69600
     tccactatga attaggccct cggccaggta gcagatataa agcttaataa gatatatggc     69660
     tttccgccca ggtgctcatg gtctagtgga aggtcaaaaa aggtgggaaa gggaagatag     69720
     aactttaaaa gggctgtgaa agaggtaacc gcacagtgat agaagcacat ggagagttcc     69780
     ccagactgac gacataagta aggcctcctg gaagacctga accctgagtt aagtcttgaa     69840
     cttgaaaatc aggggcgagt cgagcagaaa atgggcaaga aaacaccata tgcaaaggca     69900
     caaaggtgtt ggggaaggca gaagtttgtc gtggagctgg atacaacagg agagggtgag     69960
     acagatgggc tggaacagtg tgtgctctga aaaggatctc tgcagcaggg cttgagagca     70020
     cctgaaggaa tttccagaaa tgccatcatc gtatgtgaca cagaatttag aaaaatgact     70080
     ttgtgaagaa tggccggaag agggaagcta atggtagaga aacctctctg gtgatgggat     70140
     catcttaagt ctatgagtga agactataac aacgggactg gagagaagag aatagattct     70200
     gaattattta gagctaagag cagcagagct tttcttgatg ggattatgga ttagggttta     70260
     tggacccaag atgcaatata attgattggg tcagggtgtg gactctaggg tcaggcctgt     70320
     gttcaaactc caactccacc actacgacca ccttgggaaa gtcattgagc ctctttgagc     70380
     ttcagtttcc tcatctgtaa aatggggata ataaccaacc tcatagggtt ggggataatg     70440
     attaaaaacg ataatacatg aaaaacactt agcatagctc ctactcccat taaaactcta     70500
     taaatggtag ctgttaccaa tgtcgctatt aatactgtta atcagggaac tgttctctgt     70560
     ccctccagac cctagcttct tcaaaatagc agacactggt aggaacaagg aaggatatag     70620
     gaaggcaatc tcatgaatat ttatgtcatt tttggttaat ttctatctca aacaacagat     70680
     aaacgactga tgggacaggc agcaaaatag caactatggt tatctccagg aagtgaaaca     70740
     atgggtactt ttacttttct tctttgtact tttttatatt gtctaaattt tctatatgaa     70800
     tgtatacagt tcatgtaaga aggaaaatat tttaaaatat atgtattatg ccacaaaata     70860
     ctcctcatca ccaggcaaag ctctagtcac cagggaatta agtttcctgg acacagacag     70920
     cccccacccc accccacccc acctctctac cccaccaaaa gcacacagtg tccaaatctc     70980
     catcgtgcct gcaactcagg aacagctatc tggccgcaca gctctaggga aactcaaagc     71040
     aggaacagct ctgggtcctg gagacgcccc tgagaagagg gcccagtatc cctggggcct     71100
     cagtccatca gccgctgctg caccaggcgg gaatagaggt cctgtccctc ctagagctgg     71160
     gcaagcttct gcagcttgcc ctcctggagc accaggatct ggtgggcgcg ctgaactgtc     71220
     tgcagcctgt gagcaatcac cagcactgtg cgatccccac gggaattcca gtcctgcagc     71280
     tgaaggggtg atcacagtgc ctcagaaaga caggaatgag atggacacca catccacctg     71340
     ggcaccatct cttatgattt agggtaaaga aggtgtgaaa taaaagaagg taggaaaggg     71400
     cagtagataa aggcctggac tgcccttctc tcccggctgt actgccacag ctggaggaat     71460
     ggaagcccag gagggaactg gggctgccct cacaccaccg gattccattc cccaacccca     71520
     agaaggcaca gactgtttcc actagtaggt ccttcgtcct ccctctgccc aattctgcac     71580
     agtctgatcc tcccagcatg cccctcccag gccccactgt cccctgccct ctcacggtac     71640
     tcacggcctg ctcgcactgc acatctaggg cactagtagc ctcatccagg atgaggaccc     71700
     gcgggtctcg tacaagggcc cgggcaatgg ccagacgttg tttctgtccc gcagccagct     71760
     ggcttccctt ctcccctaca tctgaggaaa tcagagaaat tcccttcctc agatacaagt     71820
     gacacagaca acacacaagg agggacaagt gcacagcagg tacttccagt aggacctcgg     71880
     gaggtgggag ggcccagtgc ggggagggcc cagtgggagg agggccatgg ggtggggacc     71940
     tgacggggct gcccatggag ggagcaccac tgctgcattg ctctctgcaa acaaagactc     72000
     ttgagcaaga gggaggctga agaattcagt gtgtggggaa ggagacgtag gaatggagga     72060
     aagggcagag gaacagcaaa catcaagtta cagggacacg accttcacca ctaagagtaa     72120
     gtctgatttt ctctttttta ctgaaggagc aggcttacaa tttgtagaag atacctgtgt     72180
     atattccatg ctccatttcc tggatgaagt catctgcgtg ggcagcctgg gcagccgcca     72240
     tcaccttatc atcttcgcag ctctgcagcc cataagcaat gttgttcctc acagaaccgg     72300
     agaacagcac aggctcctgc ccaactgaaa ccacctgtgc agcggggaca ggggcagagg     72360
     actatgtgta aacccccaag gcaggggccc ttttgtcctc cccacctacc tccctcagaa     72420
     tgaacacctg gtgcgccttc ccgtggatct cccatcctct ctctgtacat gctcccctct     72480
     cctgtcccct gtcttctccc tcctcaccca cctggctgtg caggtagcag tgttcatact     72540
     gtgagatggg cttttcatcc agcagcacct gtccccctgt gggctggtac agattctgca     72600
     gcagggcagc cactgtgctc ttcccagacc cattgggtcc caccagcgcc gtcacctcac     72660
     caggacgtag ggtaaacgtc agcccctaga aaaccagaaa aagagttaag ggcctgcccc     72720
     ttctccctca aaatccctcc atttctcttc ttagcagagg caagaccagg ttctcagagg     72780
     caaatgaact ataggctgtg atgtccaatt atgcattagc agcagagagc aagggtccag     72840
     gtttcctccc tctttcaggc accttgagca caggcctgtc agggcgattg ggatatgcaa     72900
     aggagacgtc ttggaatttc acaaccccct gcagagtggt gggggcaagc gtgccaggtg     72960
     aaggcagatt tggctgtcgg tccatgtagg agaaaacctt ctctgcagct cccacattgc     73020
     tgagcatatc cccatatatg tataccaggg tctggaaaac aggaatggga gagccggcta     73080
     attaaacaca cttctaccag aaaccaccct cccaactcct cacacactcc actcacaact     73140
     gcactgctcc tcctccatac tcaaaagaga ttctccacct ttaaatgtac aatttggatg     73200
     gaatttaaaa gtggcaccaa taccccagtg ttccaatttg caatataaag gatatacagt     73260
     ccattctcct accatacagc attgcctcta gccccagatc ttttcagtta ctgcttccta     73320
     ttacttgtgc ccagttctgt cttgcttgat tagacgggga gctccttaaa tgcaggcact     73380
     gtgcccaact cacctttgta gccgtcagag tgcccagcgc agttctctac acaaaaaaga     73440
     tgtttatcaa gtgtctagga aaatgtttaa ataaagccct ggatgaagta gctgtttttg     73500
     agaactggta aatgtaggaa gagatctaaa tgctcactct gcctttcctc atcaaactgt     73560
     accaccgggt aatgaaatgg tagatgaggg gaagtctccc ttcatagact acttcagcta     73620
     atacatgaag aatgatagag tatctccctt ttgcagccct aattctgtca tggatgtagg     73680
     tactgctcat cagtggctga tgttgccaca aatagagaac cagacattgt gtgcctcttg     73740
     gaggaagaat gcatcaccac ctaaaaagta ctgttgctgg aaaaagacca aaaaaaaccc     73800
     ctcaatctca caagcttcta ggtttatcta tcaatagaca ggaagtacag aggcagaaga     73860
     gcatataata ccacagggat tcagtcaaca aaatccagac cctaagaaac tccacaggac     73920
     aaacaaccta tttcttcaac aaataaactg tgcaagggaa acttttagac agatacatgg     73980
     attgatgggt ggatggatgg atagatggat ggatagatag atagacagac agacttaaaa     74040
     gatgtatcaa ccagtcacaa tatgtggacc atttctggat cctgatttaa gcaaagtata     74100
     ataaacacac tcatacacat atactacatg gataccacaa gtggaaattt gacaattgac     74160
     tatttgataa attttaagaa ctactgttaa ttttttggtg tgataatggc tttgttgtta     74220
     tacactttta aagatgtttg tatttttaag aaacatactg aaatatttac agatgaaagt     74280
     atacaatatc ttggatttgc ttcagaataa tatgggtggg gggaagtggc tggggataca     74340
     gatccaacaa gattgggcat gagttgatca ttgttaaagc acaggatgta tacatgtgag     74400
     tttgtaatat tattttgtct catttttggc atatgtttaa aattctccat agcaaaatta     74460
     cttgcgggtt ttggttttgt attgtattgt taaaaagaac aaataaagcc caaggcccag     74520
     gagtccacaa agaaaaagag agggaaaaaa ggagagcagg cttggcttct cgctcacctg     74580
     cacatagctc cccacgctct cctggtagat cataaaggaa agcaggctgc cctgggtgag     74640
     ctccccatcc tgcatctgct gcagcccaca gctcagcatc agcatctgca cccccaagtg     74700
     cagcacctgg aagaggagaa gaaagagatg aggctgggaa tcttcccatt ctttccccct     74760
     ctctgcctct atgagactga gctgcaaagg cctctagaac cagctgtagt ttcctcttcc     74820
     cttgccctcc ccctttcctg ggctcctttc acaaccactc tggtatctta ccctccttac     74880
     gagcaggtac aaggcgcgtt ccaggtctct ccgccaatac agctgccgac attgttcaag     74940
     ggcctcttta tagcgacaga cttcatgctc ctcggcccca aaactgcgaa cggtctgcag     75000
     ccctccaacg gcttcccgca ccacctgccc cgccctggcc actgcatcct ggatctcccg     75060
     aagcacttcc tggaaaagag ggccagcaaa caccagggct gatgtgcaaa gacagcaggc     75120
     ccccacatct tactccagcc agtgagatgc tccctagtct acctaaaaat accaaactgt     75180
     ttctctccct cttccttact cttctttcca gaaggaataa gagtgaagga gcaagggaac     75240
     aaaatattat tgagctctca gtgttaggta gtataggaga tacatgcaat ttttttaacc     75300
     ttcatttgag gtaattttcc catccccagt gtctgaatca ggaaagaagg gtagttttcc     75360
     caaggagcca cagatagtta agaaaggtgg agatgtaatt ccaaatggat cagaggccta     75420
     aacataagag ctaacactat aaaactccta ggaaaatgta gaagaaaagc ctcatgccac     75480
     tagatttggc agtgatttct tggatataac accaaacgca caggcaacaa aaaatagata     75540
     aatcagactt catcagaatt taaaacgttt gtgcatcaaa gaactctagc aacagagtga     75600
     aaaagcaacc atgaaataca agaaaatatt tgtgaatcat atatctgata ggaaattaat     75660
     aggcaaaaca tatagtgaac tcccacaact taaaaaaaaa tcagaaaatg ggcaaagaac     75720
     ttgcagacat tctttcaaga aagaaacata agtggccaaa atcacacgaa aagatgctca     75780
     atatttacta atcattaggg aaatgcaaat caaaaccaca atgagataat cctaatcacc     75840
     taatcaccat tagaatggct attaaaaaaa agacaacaga aagtggtgtt gatgaggatg     75900
     tggagaaatt ggaaacctta tgcactgctg gtgggaattt aaaatggtgc tgccgctatg     75960
     gaaaactgta tggtggtttg atacgatctg gctgtgtccc tacccatatc tgatcttgaa     76020
     ttcccatgtg ttgtgggagg gactgggtag gaggtaattg aatcatgagg gcaagtcttt     76080
     cccatgctgt tcttgtgata ttgaataagt ctcacgagat ataatggttt taaaaagggg     76140
     aattcccctg cacaagctgt cttttctctt gtctgctgcc atgtgaaatg tgtctttcac     76200
     cttccgccat gattgtgagg tcttcccagc cacatggaac tgtaagtcca ataaacctct     76260
     ttcttttgta aattgcccaa tcttgggtat gtctttatca gcagcgtaaa aatggactaa     76320
     tacatggttc ctcaaaaatt gttaaataga attgccatat gatccagcag ctccacttct     76380
     aagtatatac ccaaaagaac caaaagcagg gtttcaaaca ggtgtacact catgtccaca     76440
     gcagcataat tcacaacagc caaaaggtgg aaacaacgca aatgtccatt gacagatgaa     76500
     tggataatca aaatgtgata tatgcacaca acagaatatt attcagcctt aaaagggagg     76560
     aaattctaac acatgctaca atatggatga ggcctgaaga cattacgcta agtaaaatat     76620
     gccagtcaca aaaagacaaa tactgtatgg ttccacttac gtaccgcacc tggagtcatc     76680
     acaattcatg gagacagaag gtacaatgga ggttgccagc ggccaggggt tgggggtagt     76740
     aggcagttac tatttagtgg gtacagagtt tcattttagg aagatgaaaa aagttctgga     76800
     gatggatggt gatgatggtt acccaataac aatgtgggtt tcctaaatgt cactgaactg     76860
     tacacttcaa atggttgaaa tggtaaattt tatgttatgt atgttttacc acaatataag     76920
     agaaaaagag aaggtggagc tgacattcag acttaggact tcctgatgac gcctcctttc     76980
     cctatgctgc atccagactt cttctgctga ttttaaaggg aaaatctccc tgcctaaaag     77040
     cctctaagaa accattttta atcttcgcag tgggggcggg ggatgtacag actcctttga     77100
     gaagctaatg aaaagttatc atcgcctatc atctcccctt cctattccct cccccatacc     77160
     ttcacataca ctttacattt ttgtttacag ttctggagaa tcatgaatct tctgaagtca     77220
     aatatccatt gttggatggc tggacaaaca aaatgtagta tatactacaa tatatcttct     77280
     cccctaacgg ctgagaagag aacatctctc tctaggggat cctctagcca caaatgtgga     77340
     agcctcctca cctgtcagtt ttattctccc tttggggttc ccttacatgc acgctcacct     77400
     gatggcgggt gttgtacacc ttctccgctg ctattgtgaa gggcatgtgc agcagagaaa     77460
     ggagggtgag tcgaggcgat atgctgagca tgaagccata cagccccacc actttcacca     77520
     ggcttcgcaa gagcacattg gcatttaaag gaagccagtt actcatcagg gtggtatccg     77580
     agctcagccg tgagttcagc tcccctaaga aggacagagc aggtgaggaa aaaggaaacc     77640
     atgtgtactg cagggccccc agaaactccc tcctgaccgt tccctctgac acagccccct     77700
     cctctgaaca tcctccttca cttgcagagg gacagtggag gctgcttctc caccctgtcc     77760
     caaacaagag aaaagcatcc ccaggtcctg gcatacgggt gaaggcagga ggagaggctg     77820
     tgggtggaag gtcactgagg ggcaagggat gtccatggga atctcagacc tggactccag     77880
     gcccacctgt cttagtctcc tggaagaaac cgaggtcctg gcgcagcagg gaggagaaaa     77940
     gctgctcccg gatccgcaag ttgattcgag acatggtgta ggtgaagcag cctcctcggc     78000
     agcctgcaga cagtgagctg tggggtagga gaataagagg ggagggagat gcagagaagg     78060
     agcaagccag cgggtgaaac agaggagcaa gccaggagtg cagagaagcg caaagtcagg     78120
     ggaaagcatg ccaggagggg caaaagagaa agaaatgaga gacagacaca cagagagaga     78180
     agaggtaagg aatacacaga ggaagaagaa agaggagaca tggtgagcta gatgtgagaa     78240
     caaaatcata acatgtacaa atttacaagt atttatggag tgcactctgt actagacaca     78300
     atagaagact acaatagaag ggaaaagata ttgtgaaaac aagtatccca gtgcttgctt     78360
     ctgtcccagc gtccctcagg cttgtccctc tgtgcgtctc ctccgccttg gtctccttcc     78420
     tgccccatac ccaaagccct tctctgtcat catagatact tcatcatggg aactgcaata     78480
     ataaattccc tgcccccaca attctctgga gccccagagt catgtgattc ccatctttca     78540
     tccttcgagt tggaaaatcc ctcttagacc aactacatgc tacagtaaca cttagaggaa     78600
     aaaatataaa gcataaaagc atgtatttta caaaatatat gtttctaata caaatttagt     78660
     taccatattg aagaggcgtt tgggagagtc agacatgata taatgagggt ttgtacttta     78720
     atgacaggga tgtgttctga gaaatgtgtc attagatggt ttcattgttg tatgaacatc     78780
     atagagtgta cttacacaaa cctagatgtc atagcctact gcacacctag gccatgtagt     78840
     ttagcctatt gctcctaggc tacaaatctg tacaacatat gactgcacct aacactgtgg     78900
     gcgactgtaa cacagaagta agtatttgtg tatctaaaca tagaaaaggt acagtaaaaa     78960
     tatggtatta taatcttgtg ggtccaccat cttatatgtg gcccatcatt gacctaaaca     79020
     tcgttatgca gtgcacgact gtagtttcag cagaaagcag ccaggatgga atgaaggcac     79080
     aatgaaatgg ttttcgaggg tactctaaat taagtatgac cataaaaata gagacaatca     79140
     ggccggctgg gatttgggta aggtgagtgc acacctcctt aaactttgca ccccaggtgc     79200
     ctcgctcacc tcatcccagt cccagcctta tcaaacagtt tgtttgtttg agtatgtcta     79260
     gaaagagaaa ggaaagcaag tgaagggaaa agagtaatga ttctggaaag aaaggtgata     79320
     agcctcagag taagatcttc agggactggc aagatgagct gggaaagaag agtgaaaggg     79380
     agaagcatac ccatcctgag ggagtgaccc tggagagata ctttggagac agacttaggg     79440
     gtaggaggta ggaggcagaa agaaatggaa tttcatggac ctaggaatgt tgagagacaa     79500
     ctgagagaca ttccatctga gacttaaatt ccttttgtac taccttcact cataacttgt     79560
     tcctataata agatcagata aactttgaag atattggatg aatatgaacg aaggaagaaa     79620
     tgaatggata gatgaaacag aatggtgact acattcacca tattttagtt taagtatttt     79680
     tgtgttttgc gcctgaaagg gcctagaaat ggagttaggg aagtgaagac ccctataaag     79740
     atttggggct agcaaatgga cccagctgcc caccacctac ctgccaaagg agaagaggca     79800
     catgaagaag atggcactgg caaaggcatg ggggtcaaaa tcacctccca ggatgtcaat     79860
     cacacgacca gaatagtgag ggattaatgt ctcacctgaa agaggcatga aaaataacac     79920
     aagaatgtgc tggtgcccag gcccttttac cacctccaac tcacaacgtc ctctcctgac     79980
     tcacccaaaa cagcaaggac aaggaagaag aaggcggcaa cgaggagagg caggtccggc     80040
     ctggagagct tcagcagcct ccacatcaag actttgttgt tcacctggtc ctgctccttc     80100
     tcctgggctc caggagggct cagaacagcc cacagtgacc agctgagccc cgcagccccg     80160
     taccccacca gcagccagct ccaaggggct gaagcgactc tggctggggg agcacgtgag     80220
     gcccccgcga ccagggctct cagggagaca gtcagggggg tggccagaca gagcgggagc     80280
     agcagtgtcc ccacaaatcc cagcagccct cttagcttta gcagccccca cagccctccc     80340
     agccgcaggg tcccctccag ccatagtcct ggcagccctt gaggaagcaa agtccccaga     80400
     gggccctgaa gcagccacag taaagccgcg tccaccagca gcagggaggt ccagggtctc     80460
     aggtcaggga gccgcatggc tctgtcaacg gatacgagat gagaaatcat gggggtggag     80520
     tcccaatcct tgtccctgcc ctcctacccg cccggctccg cctaacccgt ccatcggctt     80580
     ctcattttat cctattcaac cctgagagct ctcctgagta accggtgctc atccgtacac     80640
     ccctcctacg acagacagct ttcggccttc tggggagctg gaagcatgac catcaggagc     80700
     ctcgtgctta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatcc ccggaccccc acccccaccc ccgcctgccg     80760
     cggcgagcta agtggtccgg gctccgctcc ctcctatcgc cgggtgcaga gggactggga     80820
     agcaggagcg tggagtgggt agtcacttgg gctgcgtccc tgttggcgct ccaggttccc     80880
     ctccgcacca actcaccagc cgcggcgggg agaccgcagc tccggggact tctgcttcag     80940
     cgctgaggtc cgctccgtct ctcccaacct cgctaccggc tctggtccgc cagctacgct     81000
     cggccagggc gggcgtcagg gctcgggcag ctttcgcttt cgcttcccca gccaaggcct     81060
     tcattctggg ctgggccgcc gggagggggc gcgcgagacc cgcagacagc ggaactggag     81120
     cccgaactct ggttcgcact gtacaggcct gcaatgagtc tcactcgcct ttagtggcgg     81180
     ttactctggg atataaaact gcaaaaatgt ttctttatca ttaagtaaaa tacagttgtc     81240
     tcaagggcaa ctttatctgt tgtccttgct ttgtaattgg agaatgcttt gtaattggag     81300
     aatcactgaa ttttctcaaa gttactactt caagctctga gcctactatt aagaagtgcc     81360
     ttctttctgg tccggcgcgg tggctcacgc ctgtaatcac agcactttgg gaggccgagg     81420
     cgggcggatc gcctgaggtc aggggttcga gaccagcctg gccaacatgg tgaaaccctg     81480
     tctctactaa aaatacaaaa attagccagg gcgtggtggc ggacgcctgt aatcccagct     81540
     actcgggagg ctgaggcagg ggaatcgctt gaactcagga ggcagaggtt tcagtgagcc     81600
     gagatcgggt cattgcactc cagcctgggc gacaagagtg agacttcgtc taaaaaaaaa     81660
     aaaagtgccc tcttccatgc aagctccagt tttaggcgag cgagccgggc tctcctaaat     81720
     agaaggttcc aaccaatctc accaggccaa aggggatttt cacgtacaga ctttgaattt     81780
     agtaggccct gagcgttcat cttcatccgt ccttctcagc cggagcacct tgagctggcg     81840
     cgtgttcagg tgcctctgag tctgtactcc aaattatgtt gggcgcacct tcagcctatg     81900
     agggaaatgc cccgtactga gctttggttc ttgttctatt ttaacactgt ttagaacagt     81960
     aattaggttt ttaaatatcc ttcctgaccc agagccttcc tatgcaacag aaagattcgt     82020
     ttattccaga aaggactctt cagattgaaa ccacctccca aactaaaaac aaacaaacaa     82080
     acaaattccc caaaggaagg gtcgcttgga ttccagatca ccattttgaa atgttacctg     82140
     tgtgactacc aaggagtcac ttaaagttta aaatagtggt ggtggggagg agggatttta     82200
     agtaggggct cgctaaagtt ttacaactct attcattctg gcattttaag aatctctctc     82260
     taatgaaaaa agctccatgc tcaagctcat gctcctactt tcaagcattt gtttccttta     82320
     ttttctggaa agtgacatgg tccatagttc cagcatgatt ccgaaaatct catgatgtgt     82380
     gtctctttct tctaacctgg atcttttaca ttttccccac actcctcact taggggagtc     82440
     ctcctgatct cttcttcctc taaaattata gtcctgccat cttgcaattc agcatgacac     82500
     atcatgaaat tagaccctta atgtctgtct ttatattcaa tatccaatat ctccaaagtg     82560
     ttatttggga taaatggtat ggtgtttata tgattaccat attaaagtga agtggaagct     82620
     ttttcatcct actctataaa gtcaaaaaca gttatcctag gtgccctact ccctgttcct     82680
     caaaccatta acaatggaac acacaggagt ccccaggtgc ctctctatgg aaaggaccct     82740
     aacctatgtg aaattgcaaa caagtgtcca tggacagcaa tgagcagcct tcctgaggtc     82800
     ttggagagat gagtgtggaa ggaaacccca ggaagaacta tgtggtgagg ccacatttct     82860
     tagatagggg tctgagcccc ttctccagaa aaagcgtctc tttactttct gccccaccca     82920
     acaaccacag gcccaacccc attcagccac aagacagagg tatttataac cgtttttctt     82980
     tattctactt agtggggcac ccagaaactt ccctggggga aatgcttgtt caaatagaga     83040
     acacgcagaa gatgcacttc accggcctcc tctggctgct gagcccgtac tctctctttg     83100
     gctcaggcta ggcctcttct tctccttgga cttaacgtgg cttaggtccc tgagtcggcc     83160
     aagacctccc agaggagacc tgcccagctg ccaccaccac cattattgat tggcttcccg     83220
     gtactggtgc agcaggtcac tgacatctgt actttctact ttcacccaac catcttcctt     83280
     catgtggtac actgtggaca aatgagaaaa gaacatggag tcacctttca cctcagcaag     83340
     ttcctgtcac tgatgttatg ttgaaggcag caacaagaca catgcgcaag cttaaaacca     83400
     tatgactggg cctttaatgc ccttcttctg actctgaaaa tttcctccct actactctcc     83460
     ctcctttgag tctctcaatc attttctttt ttttcttttg agaaggagtc tcactctgtg     83520
     gcccagactg gaatgcagtg gcgccatctt ggctcactgc aagctccacc tcccaggttc     83580
     aagtgattct cctgcctcag cctcccaagt agctgggact acaggcaccc gtcaccacgt     83640
     ccggctaatt tttgtagttt tagtagagac ggggtttcgc catgttggcc aggctggttt     83700
     ctcaatctta aatcaccccc cccaccaccc gccgactcct cccaggcatg gtggtgggag     83760
     cattggtctc ttactattga caacgcctcc agaatagctg tctctgtgag tggcataagc     83820
     aatagccctg cggccaaggt cataggcctc ttcagggcta agattaggcc gatagccact     83880
     gtccatgacc ccgtaggcat aagtgttccc actacccgtg gagaacatat ttcctgagag     83940
     ccgagtccca tgttcatcca cgtagtagag tccaggaccc tataagatga aagatttcag     84000
     gctgaaattg gagaggaaga tgttggtaac atgggggttc aaatatgaga cataaaaagt     84060
     gaacaaaaga attaatatta ccacaagaac attggaatta ggaaaccact ttggtaaagt     84120
     catcgaactt tagaaatgaa aaaggaaaaa caaacttgaa atcaactgtt taacaaaagg     84180
     gacaagctta caaaacacat gcaatgattc atatctgggc caataaatag tccatggata     84240
     tactgaaaca gttctataac caagcactct atatgccatg catcttgtca gggagggagt     84300
     aggagtatat gatgggaaac agatctgtca tccataggga acatggtggg ggaacatgaa     84360
     gaatggagag cacccacctt cttatcccag ccacagatca tactgcccat agagaggccc     84420
     atgccccggt actggcacat catgttggac agcagcttgg aggctgccga cactgaaata     84480
     cgttctccat ttcgcagata gtacagcctg ggtgaggaca aggtggagtg aggaaagaga     84540
     ggttagctct ttccaacttg atggggcagg aaatgattaa agagataagc attggaaagg     84600
     aattattttg taggatctaa agatcagaga aagatttgga atttaaagta tctgaaacat     84660
     acaaaggcag cctagtaaat gatactgtcc cgccagggtg gatgtgtcag tgctaaatac     84720
     ctgacgtact atctggctta tgagtggagc acaggctgag atttgggaga agggtcttat     84780
     caccaaaaag ctgttttgtg aaatatacta ttagcactaa gatggaccac ataggacaag     84840
     agtaaggagc aatgatctga gagatccagg gattaaccac taggctaaga aaggaagatg     84900
     agaggcctcg cttacctgca ttccttggcc agcaggcgct cccagtactg acagtctgct     84960
     gcacagccag acatggtgcc aagcaggtaa gggttaatct caatcacctt gttcacccgt     85020
     aaggcacctg gaagaagatg gagctttggg agagaaggga tgaccccata gatcccccag     85080
     tgtgtcctaa atcaatatcc acttccactt tgttgcagag ttggcctcct gtggaaagga     85140
     gagcccagct ccccagattc tgcctgctgg agcgtataca ctcactaatg taggacccag     85200
     ctgaggcccg agaatccact gctgcaatca ctccatgctg gaacttgaag gcgagcgtgg     85260
     tggtgccatg ggccatctca atctgaacgt tcctttctcc gtccccaccc agggactgga     85320
     agaattctgt gggctgataa gagaaaagag gttgagaaag gcaatgaaaa attctgtagt     85380
     aagaggctcc aggaaaaggt tttagggagt atgagggtga ggagatatgc agaaatgatc     85440
     taaccatcaa taaatgaaac agttaataac caatctctag aaggaaatgg cttgggagaa     85500
     ggaaaagaag aggcatgcca gtatcaacct tttccatttt ccagcacaac agaaatgaaa     85560
     gcaagcacat gttaccatta ctaaaaaatt ttgagagtga cttaaagggt ttcttccatg     85620
     cataaagcat tcaaccctca caaaacacgt ttagtaacag tatcctcact ttacagaaga     85680
     ggggcttggg acctagacta agtgacttgt tctaagtcgc gcaacagtga gttgctgaga     85740
     ggaggccagc aggcaaattt cataggtttc ccaagacacc acacacctcc tatatcatgt     85800
     gataacccca tgaaaaaggc tccaccattt gtgtgtggac aagggcagga aagttctctt     85860
     gtcttccttt gggagccccc acctcacctg taactctttg tcctaacttg cacttcctcc     85920
     tctcaggccc catccccatg tggcctcttc tttgggtctg gcgctctccg ggactgaagg     85980
     ctacccccga ccctgtaccc cgcgctcccg ctctcgcctc ctcctctcag gcgaccctcc     86040
     actcctcagc gcccgcctcc ctgcatccct aggggcttcc ctactgcccc gacctgcatt     86100
     ccccggggta aagcgagctc tggagatcgc atagagaaac tgtagtgtcc tgggtccgag     86160
     cgacgcccgc ttcccgcaac cgggagagcc gattccggcc gctgccctcg gggggctccg     86220
     catacatcta gtagcgccat gaccgcccag cacccagaga tctgtccgct ctcggaggag     86280
     gaagtgaaag cgaaagccac agatcgaagg ggagggaaca agactctttt ccacatcccc     86340
     ctgccttttc cgagaaaagg acagttagtg cctggaccag gaccatcaca ctggggaccg     86400
     gcttctctgc tctcccgtta tgggggtcgg gggaatgatg ggtcaagggt cttccgaaga     86460
     aagcgagaaa ggaacaggcg ccttcaaaag cccacttggc gatgggttac agtaagaggt     86520
     acctccaggc ccgggcatcc gctggaaaca ggggtgggta gggtcgtgtc atctaaaggc     86580
     gcagcttcaa ccagaagact agaagtcagc caggagctgg gagtagtgtc acgcggggtg     86640
     ggggttccta tgagcatcac tttacaaaac caggagggac ggaagtgcga gggggcagag     86700
     tcttggaaac aggtcctggg ccaactgcaa cagaatatac ccgccgcgtg taggggaagg     86760
     cggcgccagg gagagggcgc agtctctgaa tctttccacg gggtccatcc tagggcccct     86820
     ccaggttcaa cggtctccta acctgtagtc acccacaaga gcgtgccctt tctgcccgcc     86880
     cttcctagcg ttgctccctg cttggctgag cactgcggag tttcacgcct ctaaaccccg     86940
     cctcttcttg caacctgtgt tggcctcatc tacccagcaa ctgtcgacgt cacacgacct     87000
     gggcctccct gaatgggaga tatttactag gcaatcccgc ctactgttct gaggtttccc     87060
     ctccaggtgc agcttcagag ccaggcgagc caggaaggac cagcgggcga ggtggtgagt     87120
     tgtgaggcgc gcccagtccc tctgttcccg cctggcactt gctctggccg cgcccgcccc     87180
     atctgccact tcggagaggc cacggctctg agctgcggcc gctagtgccc tgatgggccc     87240
     tgtggctggg gtcttgcaca ttcttggggg tgggcctaag gggatagggg aagtggaagg     87300
     ggcctcatag gaattaaaaa gcttaaggga aaaggtgatg cagttagggg gtaaaacatt     87360
     gaggatgata aaagaggaga catccgcagc tgaaaagtgc gctgcaaaag gcagtgggcc     87420
     gtttggtgtg ccggaaacat aagaaaccac agtacaaaac accaatttta ttataaatat     87480
     caagaaccta cagggtgttt atgggccagc atatgccttc agttatgttg aaaatagctg     87540
     atcatctttc cgtacattct gaacatttct cagtttcaga gtgctggcca caccaaagca     87600
     tcagccctgg ctctaaactc cgttacagta aggaattaca aatcctgtgt ttgtactcca     87660
     ggaagtctgc attatcacga ggagcttgga aaggaggtaa cacactcaag gcaaatttca     87720
     agtaactcat cctggaggca gctgcctact ctgcagctgt ggttctccac cacagagaga     87780
     agaaaaggga gggagatgga gtgcgcaggt ctgagaaggc tttcattctg gagcatctgc     87840
     aggagcctgc accatggccc agtagcaccc ctttttctcc atgagctgct ggtgggttcc     87900
     cccctcccgg atagcgcctc cttccagaaa gaggatgtgg tcagcctgct ccaccaggct     87960
     gaggtgctgg gtgatgagaa gcactgagcg ggagtaccgc tcagggcttt cgtacaggag     88020
     ctgctccacc tgaggaaaga catcggaccg tcagagccgg ggactaccct cagcccaggg     88080
     agacacctgt gtttccaggg ctgggactga cctcacagga tcactgctgg ctctgctaac     88140
     aaccccaagg acaccaacgt ttcccattct gagtacttct ccgcaaaccc tttgtttcat     88200
     taaggactgt tttacatgaa gggtgcaaaa gtaggataaa aatgagaacc ctagggtgaa     88260
     acacgtgaca gaagaataaa gactattgaa tagtcctctt ctctacccat ggacttggca     88320
     tttttatatt cgattttaag gaaatataac ttagtagtaa agagatgagc attcaagtca     88380
     ggcagacctg aatttgggtc aaggctgcgc cactcaaaag ctatatgacc tctatatgag     88440
     cagcttattc aacctctttt aacctccatt ttgtcatctg tagaatgatg ataaatgcct     88500
     agctcagaag gattcctaat gaataaatga gtgacagtgc atgtaaacag actagcttaa     88560
     ttaatattaa tatgattagg atgggctggg cccggtggct catgcctata atcctagcac     88620
     tttgggaggt caaggaggga ggatcacttg ggcccaggag ttcaaggcca gcctgggcaa     88680
     catagcggga cgctgtctgt acaaaaaata atttttttaa ataaacgata ttatgaggat     88740
     ggtcttttcc ttatgtttcg ctttagaaat tcagtctata ggactgggcg cagtggctca     88800
     cacctataac cccagccctt tgggaggctg aggggggcag attacctgag ctcaggaatt     88860
     caaggccagc ctgggcaaca tggtgaaacc catctctact aaaaatataa aagtcaacca     88920
     ggcatagtgg tgtacacctg tagtcccagc tactcgggag gctgagggga gaatcgcttg     88980
     agcccagcag gttgaagctg cagtgagcca agattgtgcc actgcgctcc agcctgggca     89040
     actgagtgag acactgtctt aaaaaaaaaa aaggaaagaa agaaagaaat tcagtctgta     89100
     gtttgtagat agtctctttt aactgattct aggtgtcttt gcctcgtctt ctatctctac     89160
     tccttgggga ggcatccaat ggaactggat ttgggaactg agaactgcaa ggactggttt     89220
     gtataattat gatgttagta aaactaacag aagatgtata aaagaagcaa gattgggtgg     89280
     gatatagcca ttaagaagat gactgcctca cctgtaactg gctgtttgca tccagggcac     89340
     tggtggcatc atccaggata agtacacacg gtttccggat caatgctcgg gccaacgcca     89400
     ctgcctgtcg ctgaccccct gacagctggc tcccagcctc gtctacctct gcagagcaaa     89460
     gggccaagat gagaacggta tagccacatg tgtgcacgca tgtacatgca cacagacaca     89520
     ctcatgcatt cacgcactca cacacaccaa gatctgacgg ttgtagctgg ataggggaga     89580
     ttctgggaag atgaacagaa tcctgaggat gtcaggatga agaagccata ggagcatgat     89640
     cttacaactt caaattgatg tccatgagta aggaggaact gaaggataaa ggcaagacta     89700
     ctggggtttc agcaaaggta aagatggctg ggtggtgaga tgagtggaga gagtacctgt     89760
     gtcatagccc tgagggagtc cagagatgaa actatgggcc ccagacttta ctgcagcagc     89820
     tgtgatttcc tccatagttg gcttctgggt caggccatag gcaatatttt cttgaagact     89880
     tcttccaaat acctgtggct cttgtcccac tgcagccacc tgagatgaaa tatgatgaag     89940
     agtcatagaa caaggcacat gggagtatgg ttatctagag atcgaagact caaaatcttt     90000
     attgagaaca tgtcacaaaa tcatactacc tccctcctga ctacaccacc atctccaccc     90060
     aaggtctctt atcattccct aacccctctt tcagagtgct cagtaagaat gctcttcgta     90120
     tttgatgctc cctgccctcc ttcaagccac ctgcttccat acctgcctgt gcaggtagcg     90180
     gtgctcatat tggggaaggg gcttcccatc caacagcagc tgtcccccgg tgggctggta     90240
     cagattctgc agcagggcag ccactgtgct cttcccagac ccattgggtc ccaccagcgc     90300
     cgtcacctcg ccagggcgta gggtgaatgt cagcccctag aggccagaga agcacacgat     90360
     aagaggctac caaggcctct aaccttgaga gtgtcattgc cttgttacat agcatgatgt     90420
     cttaccccag aagaaaaaca gggaaatata gaaactccta ccctcccaca tgcacagatt     90480
     tctgggtgat gcctccccaa ggagtagaga tagaagaagc ggcaaagaca agggcagaga     90540
     cccagcacca ctatgccaca cacttgatgt cagataccac caggaaaggg aaaaatcaca     90600
     ttccaaatta caaaggaaaa ggaaagatgg aagaccgaag acacagattt tgctgcagca     90660
     attccttgga acgtgagagc actctcttcg aaacctcttc tctcattctc tttggaagcc     90720
     caaactgggt tcttgagttt ggggaagatt tatggaacag atgatgccta ccattgcctt     90780
     taaagggtta gggaggatat atgcttggca gtaagcaggc tgaaggcagg aagaaaattt     90840
     aggatggcag aattgcagtt ggggccagtg gaatacaggg agtggtaggt tgtacctgta     90900
     gcactaagac atctgggcgg tttgggtagg caaaggagac atcttggaac tggacaaggc     90960
     cctccaagtg taagggagtc aacagaccac tgggtgggca gcgaggggtg cggtccaggt     91020
     actcaaatat tttctctgag gagcccacag ccttctgtac tctggggtag atggagagca     91080
     gtacctagag ggaggtaaga atagtgaaag tgaggtagtc tgcttgccag cattatgtga     91140
     agcaagaagg gtaaagaatg gaaggacatc acacagatgg tgctgggcca gaggaaggaa     91200
     tcacactggg gagtgaaggt ggagggacct cacctccaca gcctgggtga actgcatctg     91260
     gtagagaaca aatgtgacaa ggttcccact gcttacagcc ccactggtca ccagctgccc     91320
     accaatgtag aggattccca ctttcagcag catacctgaa atctataaag agaccacaaa     91380
     aaaagggact gaggtagaga aatctggagg ggacacaaag aaccgcagtc attaacctga     91440
     aggaaatatc aagtccctgt ctcctaagtg acatcggcag gctcaatagg cagacaggag     91500
     aatgaaccag agaccccatg gagtctgact caatgcacat catgcaagtc acagttatct     91560
     tcaccaccat caccactatc accttgtctg gggagcattt tactcttcac aaaaggcttt     91620
     cattcatgtg atgtcagcta atacatgaag agccttataa agaaggttat atcactccat     91680
     ttttgaaaaa tgaggaaaca accagtcggg cgcagtggct catgcctgca attccagcac     91740
     tttgggaggc cgaagtgggc ggatcacaag gtcaggagat tgagaccatc ctggctaaca     91800
     cggagaaacc tcgtctctac taaaaataca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaattagc cgggcgtggt     91860
     ggcgggtgcc tgtagtccca gctactcagg aggctgaggc gggagaacgg cgtgaacccg     91920
     ggaggcggag cttgcagtga gcccagatcg cgccactgca ctccagcctg ggcgacaaag     91980
     cgagactcca gctcaaaaat aataataata agtaaaaata aacaaacaaa caaacaaata     92040
     aataaataaa gaggaaacag tctcagagaa ggtaaatttg ttgtcatgat cacaagacaa     92100
     gtaaattgca tcatcaagcc aggatcttcg gatcactggc gtagctctct ttccagtgca     92160
     tcacagatgt ccctcatccc tggcttccac tattcccatc actctcacta acaaatctac     92220
     aaggtaccag catgaagcag tcccaggtgc aagaatttat ggcgccctgc acttcccctg     92280
     agaggcaaag gaaggcccta ggactggaag acacgcatct ctccaatcca catggttggg     92340
     tggattttat gtaccatact gaaaggaagc cacctagcat ctttaaagag agggaggggg     92400
     ctagggacac tgagtagagt cattgagcct caggttgcta ggacgaaaat actgaaccaa     92460
     ccatttccca gtaaaggagg agtgggagca gggtcatagg aatgggaatg gagtcacggc     92520
     atcttaagga caagggaatg ggtattcatc ttcaggtgct cacactagtg gtccaggagt     92580
     tgactgcata ggccacagcc tccttctggt tgagtgtctt tatttcttgc agcttttccc     92640
     taaacttctg ggcttcgccc tcctcgttgg caaagcttcg aactgtaggc atggccgaca     92700
     gagcctcaat ggccacctgg ctggactttg ccagagattc ccgcacctgc acttccagca     92760
     actgtggata catggacaag agatgtcaca cgggttggca aaccatcagg gacactaata     92820
     cctgagttac ctatttggaa attaaaggtg agaagagaca gaggaaaagg agaaaagaga     92880
     aagagacaca gctatgcccc ttggatgcta aagaaatacg aggaagagga aaatgactca     92940
     gaacgggttg gggatcaaat tcttaaagac agattgtggg gagaagctag aaaagaagac     93000
     ccagagagta tggaggttaa tgttgagcaa cctgggaaca tggaccacag ggacagggtg     93060
     ttccatgaag atggagaatc agtaagggtg ccaggaaagc tggactgaaa gcaatgtgag     93120
     aggaactgag tctgccaagt ctggaagatg agggtctgtg tagagcgggc caactccatg     93180
     aacatacctg gtaccatttt cccaccttct tgggcagaag gaaaagcaga ggcagggtga     93240
     tcagggtgac catggtgagg gacactgatc cccagagcat gatccccaag agacataggc     93300
     ctcgcaccag gtaccacaga aataagctca gattctcact cagagaatca ctcagggtgg     93360
     acgtgtcctc tgttacccga gacatgatgt tacctgcagg gttggggaga agagagtgag     93420
     gtgaatcaga caggttccaa gtgatgagac gaactaacaa tgagccagga tgccagggtc     93480
     aggggtgtca acatggggtt ctaaggaggc tgcaggaaac aaggttaggg ttctccagag     93540
     gtctgcaaat ctcagtgcag ggaagatgag tgttaaagag gaaaggcctg accttcattt     93600
     taattataaa gtcattaatg cacatgtgaa tttccatttt cctgaaagct ttctgttccc     93660
     tagagaacct gtatgtccca tgctatacac acaggcagga agagcttaaa ctggtcacat     93720
     aacagagatg gaggaggagg gtgctgctag gaagcatgcc aaagtctgtg gagcactcac     93780
     tgggactagg gttctaaccc caggtctatc tctagccata tgtaactgta cagcttctag     93840
     tgctgctaga aagcatgccg aagtctgtgg agcactcaag agaccagggt tctaacccca     93900
     agtgtgtctc tagccatatg taactgtgca gtttcagcat ttagggtctt ggcctcagtt     93960
     tccttctctg tcagatgagg cagttggtct ctatgagctc aaaatttcca ggtttgaaat     94020
     tctatggttt ctatctaagg atacatagga atagatttat aagaaaatgc tagatgaaaa     94080
     ctctaggttt ttcttaaggt aaggaggaca atattttgct cctgaggtat atcaagaatg     94140
     agaaaaacaa ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gagagagaga gagagagaca gagacagaga     94200
     gagagagaca gggagagggt atatcaagaa tgagaaggaa caatgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt     94260
     gagagagaga gagcggggag gggggagatc aaagcagatg tatgaggata tgaacagtac     94320
     atggcgtata atgaaagagt ttcaggagaa acctgtctgg ttctgttgga aaaactccgt     94380
     ctcctggcgc aggacagccc caaacacctc tccctgcaag tggctgtgca cgtggcccat     94440
     ggtgttgtta tagatcccgt cacccacgaa ctccagcact gcactataaa gaacccggaa     94500
     aaaaagggga tcagggtgtg ttcagggaac agactgaagg tcccaggtat ccccatataa     94560
     gtgcatttcg gacagcagcc ccaacttcca actccctcat ttgcagggtg ccccattttc     94620
     agcccccaga cctggctatg gtgagaatgg acatgagagt taagtttcga gtgaaggtat     94680
     cggctgagcc atcttgtaga atccagtcag tgaggcggcc cgtaaagaat ggaatggcca     94740
     tctcccctgg agaaagagaa gagaggtcac gcacaaatat taagtctaag taggtcagtt     94800
     ccagtcagac tggccccacc acgcctcctc cccctcacca ttatcctgga gggcatcagc     94860
     agaaaggaaa cactgacgtc tcaatcccga acctaaatag gctgccctgg aactcactac     94920
     cctgtggttg ctctaccaga actttcagga ttttattagg aaggctggag atcatgaagt     94980
     agaaaagcct cctgttagag atgaggatgc cccgcccttc ggccccagag caaaggattt     95040
     ccccgcttcc ggcgtggccc aaagaatcaa gacccggtca gcaatggagc ccagaacctc     95100
     tggcccccgc cagtccagtg ccgtttcttc tacaccgaag tggtgttcca agacccacgc     95160
     taggagtcct tctcctgctc cacatttccc agaacccacg ctactctacc ttactgacaa     95220
     ttacctttga ttcctgtccc agtccccttg tgtcctcccc tcttgccctg cgttcccctt     95280
     accaagagag gagaggacca ccaggaccag gaacagcgag aggcggcgcg tctccgagcc     95340
     caggcagcct agaagccgac gcacagggtt tccagagccg ccctgaccgc cgggcaccca     95400
     gaggctcccg agtttgtgcc acagggctgc tgcgggcagt gccgctgcat aactgacaac     95460
     gaaggcggta gggtgacttc cccagtgcag tagcctggtg ctatccgcgg acccgggggc     95520
     tccccatgag atcagctctc ggaacaaggc aagtcccggc agggccaagc ccagtgccgc     95580
     agctaatggc ttcaaagcag ccagccagcc ctgggcacct gcgttttcgc tcttggagcc     95640
     aaccgttgcc ctgaggaccc cgcaggcccc cagccagagc acggcccagc ggctcaggcc     95700
     caccgcccag acccggagca gtggcagcgc ggtgggcacc agcagggaga atatgcgggg     95760
     cagcgcggtc cggagcagca cccagtcggc gagaagtagc agtactgtcc ccagccatgc     95820
     gagagaagct ccggggaggc agcggcaccc gcggggagcg ggacacctag agctagccat     95880
     tggcactcgg acgccgtccc ggtcccggcc gggcctggga ctctccgcgc cccggtgggg     95940
     cctgaagctc cgggtaccgc cgagtcctcc cctactggcg gctgggggag ggaacgaggg     96000
     cggggctctc ggaaagtccc aggaacaggc tgatcctgcg ctggcgagaa gctcagccat     96060
     ttaggggaaa gcgaaatcga aagcggccgc ctgctcacta gataacgcct acttccaaaa     96120
     gtggcctgcc cagactattt tggtagcaag cgtggaaatc agatctgaga atctcgggag     96180
     cagccctggt gcccaatttt ctccatcacg cacacccttc tcgcctctcc ctgcctcctg     96240
     cctttccact tgcaccagtt ttcccacccc agcctcaggg cggggctgcc tcgtcacttg     96300
     tctcggggca gatctgccct acacacgtta gcgccgcgcg caaagcagcc ccgcagcacc     96360
     caggcgcctc ctggcggcgc cgcgaagggg cggggctgtc ggctgcgcgt tgtgcgctgt     96420
     cccaggttgg aaaccagtgc cccaggcggc gaggagagcg gtgccttgca gggatgctgc     96480
     gggcgggagc accaaccggg gacttacccc gggcgggaga agtccacacc ggggtaatgg     96540
     gtctgggctt gagggttggc agaggggtgg aggagatgca gcggccaggg gaccctggaa     96600
     gcgcgcgcgg agaagtgaat gcagagacca acgggagcgc agggaggtcg cctgtagcag     96660
     ccagcgcttg caacccgcaa tgagcataga gtatttcttt tctgaggggg gtcgtctaga     96720
     gtgtccgtga agggaacagg cacgcgaggc tggtggaaaa agcgggtgct ttgactctta     96780
     gctggaagcg tcaacgggaa gctactctaa agcgctttcg ctttcactct ggtcccggac     96840
     agtgggggct ggttaaatca agaaaggggg ttggggatgg tgcaaagaga tgaggaaatg     96900
     gtgccctggg tgaagtagaa cagcacttgg gagaaggaaa tataggcact tattgagaag     96960
     gaccaactca tcacacagac ttttgataaa cttgccactg ggcaactctt agcccaagca     97020
     ctgataatgg gcgttctgtg ttaactagtg atgcccttcc ctagcttgac ccaggaaggc     97080
     ctctccttgg cccagatgct gccttactcc cttccctgtg tcttccctgc ccactcccat     97140
     gtgcccactg gggggacttt gcttaggatg ggcgcctggg gcagatggca gccccaagac     97200
     tggctggctg gcttctgctc tggactactg ccaccactcg tggcttgggg gcggctttgt     97260
     tagagaggaa tagcctctaa cttgaagtta accctgttct ttgaccctct attcatgata     97320
     agtcggtccg tcggaaagca tactcagagg agcgtccttt ggggccagag taacttacgg     97380
     cctggtaaga aagacacagt gaaaccactt ataatttggg aaatctcccc tcactgccaa     97440
     atgagcagtg gcaagtagga agtagaagtg gaaacaaggg ataagagtta gacctgaatt     97500
     ttagtcccag gtctactatt aactctgtgt gactttgcat aagtcgtttg cattttctgt     97560
     gacttggttt cctcatttga accgaggatc tttaaggctc cttccaactc aatagtagaa     97620
     taaatgtagc tttatcttcc ctcacttctt cttgattctt ttcttgacct ggaaaagtca     97680
     gcttaaactt ctcagtcaaa ttatctcttg gtacaaattt acctccctgg ctgctgagat     97740
     atgtatttac ctcttgatcg gaaattccat aactgaaact tttattttca accatctgta     97800
     tgtgttcctt gctgcttctc tcctgccttg cccctggcca tgctaaccac tgccctcctc     97860
     gattttttcc aatgttcagt aaattggaag agctcacttc tgatgaaatg gggggtgaga     97920
     gtggaggatt gtggaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa tagactgacc ttgtttccca agatcatagt     97980
     caattactct gtgttgggtc tacaccacat ctgcacatac tatgagccct tccgttggag     98040
     ataattttca cttgcggagc tgcttcactt ctacctgtag gagcctcatc tccacctctc     98100
     tacagtggag aggattccac taggcaagtt ggaacttagg gacacagttc tttctgtgtt     98160
     gtatcacagc tgggctgtgg cattcccctg cagccggatg aagcaataga gaaagtggaa     98220
     agatgaaggg aaaaaaagcc tgtactgaca gtcagctctg gcctgttact gtgtaatctt     98280
     tgagccagtc acttcgcctc tctgggaatg tttcttcttc tctaacatga gggcatcaag     98340
     gctgttcttg ccctgacatt ccatattctg tgtctctgca gaccaccatc atggcagtgg     98400
     agtttgacgg gggcgttgtg atgggttctg attcccgagt gtctgcaggg tgagtaaaag     98460
     tgaagatgta tgcatttgga aagaagctaa tggcctcaaa tacacacttt ccttacccat     98520
     tcatgaaaag actggcaaac tggagccttg gaggaatgga gttgaccttc cccaaaagcc     98580
     actatgataa gctatttggt gggtgcttgg gtctctgaat ttgtggagga ggatctgggg     98640
     tctgaatgtg tatgtgacct gtcccagtag tgtacaggga tgagtaaagg aatagggtct     98700
     gagaggggga caggagatag atttttgagg gtcttctttc catctgtgct tagggatcaa     98760
     aaagatgatt ctgtcaagca gatacctggt ttctcattta ccatatattg aactattttg     98820
     tctcttctcc cactcctaac caatttcctc acatgcaaaa tgagtatatg gggttaggtc     98880
     aatattactg acattatgtt ccatagaaca taactctctc aagattgtta atagcaaaga     98940
     aaattgatga ggcatatttt tcttacctta gcattttttg ctttgttata aaatctaagc     99000
     ctgaaaaata agcctaattt tgattaacat ctgcagtgat taataatatc tgagatgatt     99060
     atttgcctcc tgctttaatc caagcattaa acttcatgct attctcttgt caaagaaatt     99120
     tgagagacat tgaatgatca ccctcaaaaa ttcctgagtt ctggttgggt gcagtggctc     99180
     acatctataa tctcagcact ttgggatgcc gaggtgggca gatatttgag gtcaggagtt     99240
     tgagaccagc ctggccaaca tgttgggacc ttgtctctac tgaaaataca aacattagct     99300
     gggcttggtg gtgggtgcct gtaatcccag ctattcggga ggctgaggca ggagaatcac     99360
     ttgaaccagg gaggcgaagt ttgcagtgag cccaagattg atccactgca ctccagcctg     99420
     ggtgacagag tgagactgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacctga gttttaactt     99480
     ggtgactgtt gactccctcc tgacagcgag gcggtggtga accgagtgtt tgacaagctg     99540
     tccccgctgc acgagcgcat ctactgtgca ctctctggtt cagctgctga tgcccaagcc     99600
     gtggccgaca tggccgccta ccagctggag ctccatgggt atgaagctct ggagttctga     99660
     ctccccaccc actagagctc ccccaacctg catgaatccc tgtacagtgt gctgttccag     99720
     gagctggaca ctgggaaatg gaaaagtctt gtttcggctc ttgctggcac ttgaatctgt     99780
     cagtttctgc atctgtaaag tggagataat atagtacctc atgagacggt tattttgaga     99840
     accacattct atatgtgaac acagtttaaa agctgtaaat cactatcctg atataaataa     99900
     tcaggaagaa ggtgatattg tgacccacca taatatcagg cagttaccat acgagaaatc     99960
     aaggtcgttg ggacggaagt aaccttatct gcttttcccc ataagagcag ggtccttgca    100020
     gccaaaagaa agttatgtgg gtggggctga gcaaaagagt gagcaattga aagcttctta    100080
     ccagttggtg gtgtgggact ctggttcccc tgtacatgtg ggagggaggc tgcagtttga    100140
     gctattgcag ttacagtttt caggggtcgt ttagcaggga tgatggtaac agtataggag    100200
     aatgagactt aaaattctat caacctttat tcctaatatt tccctcagga tagaactgga    100260
     ggaacctcca cttgttttgg ctgctgcaaa tgtggtgaga aatatcagct ataaatatcg    100320
     agaggacttg tctgcacatc tcatggtagc tggctgggac caacgtgaag gaggtcaggt    100380
     gagtttctcc caaagcactc tctcctctgg gcttccccac tctcctgcag aggaagatgg    100440
     aagtcctatg tcattctagc aatgagttcc aaggacacta cctctgaaag catagtactt    100500
     tggggatatg agataccagg gcttcattgc agggtgcaga gaccacttaa tgtctcagtg    100560
     ggaaggaagg gcttgatgat tctttaacct gaggatccct ttcccaggta tatggaaccc    100620
     tgggaggaat gctgactcga cagccttttg ccattggtgg ctccggcagc acctttatct    100680
     atggttatgt ggatgcagca tataagccag gcatgtctcc cgaggagtgc aggcgcttca    100740
     ccacagacgg taaccagcca agtggaaggg tacctgggga gggctttgaa acatgggaag    100800
     gaagtagatt atgaggaaca ggaagagaaa tacaggggtg gccatttaag ttaatgccgg    100860
     gcctggtaca cttttaagag tgaaaagggg caggacaaat gcaaagctca atggggttct    100920
     tgggcaatac ggataaacca gggctgttct gagtaaatca aatgaggata cacagtcact    100980
     gtgagaacca gtggtgtgct aagcacagtg gctcacacct gtaatgccaa caatttggga    101040
     ggctgaggca ggaggattac ttgagcccag gagtttgagg ccagcctagg caagatggtg    101100
     aaaccctgtc tccacaaaaa acaataaaaa aaagtaaaaa aaaaaatgaa ctgggcatag    101160
     tggtgcacac ctgtagtccc agctactcag gaggctgagg tggaaagatc atctgagccg    101220
     gggagatcaa ggctgtagtg agcggtgatt gcaccactgc gctgcagcct aggtgacaga    101280
     gagagaccct gtctggagaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaacc agtggtgtgc tgaggtgtgc    101340
     tgaggctggc ttgggaccac tcatgagagc ggactgttaa atagtcaagg atttgtgaac    101400
     tgcttagcta tttgtaactt gcaattcatc atagcgggag catttacacc acggacatca    101460
     gcagatgcca catatggaag cctttttgta aaaaaactga tttaccagca caccactaaa    101520
     tatgccttcc tggaagatga gttttgaggt gaaagtggta gtaggcatat ggatggaggg    101580
     ggagtaaaaa gatttttgaa gctaagccat cctctctctc cctctctcca acttgaaacc    101640
     ctctgcagct attgctctgg ccatgagccg ggatggctca agcgggggtg tcatctacct    101700
     ggtcactatt acagctgccg gtgtggacca tcgagtcatc ttgggcaatg aactgccaaa    101760
     attctatgat gagtgaacct tccccagact tctctttctt attttgtaat aaactctcta    101820
     gggccaaaac ctatggtatg gtcattggga aatgagtgct cagggagatg gagcttaggg    101880
     gaggtgggtg cttccctcct agatgtcagc atacactctt tcttcttttg tcccaggtct    101940
     aaaacatctt tcctagagaa aacaaaaggg actaaactag aaatataaag agccctatac    102000
     atgacaggtg atcacgtact gaatgatttt gaagtagtac aaacaataaa aattctcatt    102060
     ccgcatcatc atgcggtcca tgatgatgag gccgcaagtg aggtgatggg actctttcct    102120
     ttaaggctaa gactgacaga taggcaagac acctacacac atgagaatta gctaagacta    102180
     tcagcaaact cgcatgtaaa agaattcctt tcataatgca ttcattcata ttaaagggca    102240
     atacatgaaa aatgcttaaa tattttgggg cacttgtgaa tttcaaagaa taatgacaat    102300
     aaccaaaaga agctacattt gtggcattgg ctaaatgttt tataaatttt atctcttaaa    102360
     attcaaacca aaaaaccccc tgtattcaca cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggtcaag    102420
     gcgggaggat tgcttgagcc caggagttag tgaccagcct gggcaacata gtgagaaccc    102480
     catctctaca aaaaaattta aaaattagtc gggtgcggtg gtgcatgcct gtagtcccag    102540
     ctgcctggga ggctgagtgg gaggatcgct taggcctggg agtttgaggc tacagtgagc    102600
     tgtgattgcg ccactgcact ctagcgtggg tgacagagaa agaccctatc ttaagaaaaa    102660
     aaaaagaaaa gaaaaagaaa aaacaaacaa aaaaaacacc caaccctata taggtattat    102720
     tattacttct ataggacaca tagaggtttg gaaagattaa atcacttgac caaggtcaca    102780
     aaataagttc tgaggctggg atctgggatt cagtcttatt atatgccctt cctctaccac    102840
     tccctaaaac ttctcattcc ctcaatcccc atatatcatc ttaaaatctg caataaatag    102900
     ccccatacat tcgttggcac ttaggaaact gttaccagat ggctgagtaa ctgtattaaa    102960
     acaaatttaa ttctgcttct atctttgcct tgcacttcct gagtgacagg agtgaactct    103020
     catatccttt tctgtcaaaa gatggtgctg aatgatttct aaggtagttt acagttccaa    103080
     cattcaatgc cattttgcta acaagtgggc agtcaacagg catattcaac agaaatacta    103140
     gtaggatctc aggctaaaca tacgaattca aaactctaaa acaatcacat ccccctggag    103200
     tgtaaagaaa aaaatctaaa attacaaatg cctggagttg tttctagcca tgatatttaa    103260
     cttatttgag attttaaata gcccattttt cccactgatc acaagtagaa attctgggca    103320
     gtatacaaaa agcaagtact caaggactcc aaaaagtaaa caaaagcagg tggattgtga    103380
     agagggtcaa aactgggaga ggggcccctc ctggggagtg ggttttcaat gttttcccct    103440
     tttttcctcc cagctctgcc ctgacgtcag gcctcaggtg cagagctgca ctgcgtggta    103500
     gcacaagccc tgagttaaca agagaaatac cggctttctg gccagaggaa tgaagaaaaa    103560
     gggcccctgc gggcaggaat gtgtagggga atctccaaac tgagagtaca ggcggaaatt    103620
     ccctaattct gagtctgaac cctcaggagt accaggttac ccctgagctg cacatgcgtg    103680
     tgacatgcct taagggcaca gcaaagactt tgagaactga atgaagatta gatcttttaa    103740
     aattggaaga cttcggccag gcgcggtggc tcgtgcctgt aattccagca ctttgggagg    103800
     ccaaggcggg tggttcacct gaggtcagga gttcgtgacc agtctggcca acatggtgaa    103860
     acctcatctc tacttaaaat acaaaaatta gctgggcatg gtgcctgtaa tcccagctac    103920
     tcgggaggct gaggcaggga gaatcgcttg aacccgggag gcaaaggtgg cagtgagcca    103980
     agattgcgcc attgcactcc acctggacga caagagagaa attccatctc aaaaaaaaaa    104040
     aaaaaaaaaa aattagaaga cttcattttt ctgtattggc caaataactg ttctaatgcc    104100
     cttcattcca ataaaaggtt tgtagcagct tacagagata atttaaaaca atttttaaaa    104160
     gaagaaaaca acactgggtc agagagaaaa tatggttaag aaaagtaagt gaagccaagg    104220
     agtgaaacta atggaaacta atggacaacg tgaatatctt aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtggtg    104280
     cgctgtctta tactggctag caagagcaga ttgcaaagta ttcaggattt ttgaagacag    104340
     ttgttaacta ttggtaactt gatattgacc actatggaag tatttatact atagaaatca    104400
     gcaatgctac aagtcagaag cattgttttt cttcagagag ccggtttaac aggacacata    104460
     tttatcagcc aactataaat ggataaaaaa taattggctc caggccatag gatagtgaaa    104520
     gcaaagaagg aaataaaatg aggtacaaga ttcataaaat tcatttttta aaagttgcca    104580
     gaaaaccaaa aattatatat aatagttcaa gccacacaga acatttactc aaataggaca    104640
     tgcatcattc cataaaggta acgccaataa attccagagt atcggtatct tagaaactat    104700
     ctatattcta ggccaggagc agtggctcat gcctgtaatc ccaacatttt gggaggtcaa    104760
     ggtgggcaga tccctagagc ccaggagttt gagaccagcc tgggcaacat ggcaaaaccc    104820
     cgtctctaca aaaaatttag ctggatgggg tgcacctgta atcccaacta gtcagaaggc    104880
     tagacgggag gatcgcttga acccaggagg cagaggttgc agtgagctga gattgtgcca    104940
     ctgccctcca gcctgggcaa cagagtaaga cactgtctta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag    105000
     aaaaagaaag aaagaaacta tattctgcaa ccatgctgta ataaaattag aacttgataa    105060
     ctaaaatata cttaaaattg taagtgaaca aatatattta tcagtaacat ggatttaaaa    105120
     ggcagtcgtg gatgggagca tcgctggagt ccagaagatg gaggctgcag tgaggcatga    105180
     ttgcgtcact gcactccagc ctcagcaata gagtgggacc ctgtgtcaaa taaataaaca    105240
     gcagttataa agaaaattaa ctcttttaga accaggtgtt aaaaatgtta cacataaaat    105300
     atacatataa aataatatta taatttcaaa tacatttatt agaacaagaa aagttaaaat    105360
     aaaggaccta gaaattctac tcaaaaattt ggaaaaagag aagttgagca aacctaaaga    105420
     aatacgaaga aaaggagtta taaagataag aatagaaagc aatgaaacag aaatagagaa    105480
     caaaaaacta ggtagtgaaa attaacatac ttttgattcc aaaagctgct tacttaaaaa    105540
     tatttgtaag atattcagag ttacaacaag gccgattatg gataaaggga gaaaaaatga    105600
     ataaacaaat acataatgaa aaagggggaa cagctacaga tatgacacag atataaagca    105660
     tagagtgtta tgaacaagta tatgctaata aatttgaaaa cctaggtgag ataagcaaat    105720
     tcctagaaac atttaatcta tcaaaattag cacaaaaaga aatacaaaac ttgactatac    105780
     caatgagtat taaagcaatt tttaaagtta tcaatggcat ctaataaaaa aatatatttt    105840
     tgaaaatgcc cagatggttt cacagatgag ttctatcaaa cattcaagga acatgaaact    105900
     tctatattat atactttttc cagaaaacag aaaaaaacta aacctgatta gctaatttta    105960
     tcagccgagt gtaatcttga ctccaaattg agttgtggaa aactcaagga aaaaaaaata    106020
     atagacccat ttcaccttga acacagatgg gagaaaaaaa taattattta tgaaccgaat    106080
     tcaacaatat tacaaataat aatactggga ggccgaggtg ggaggatcgc ctgaggccag    106140
     gagttcaaga ccagcattgt caacatactg agatcctgtg agatcctgtc tctacaaaaa    106200
     attaaaaaat tagccaggtg tgatggtgag cacctgtagt ctcagctact agggaggctg    106260
     aggcaggaag atcatttgag cccaggagtt tgaggctgca gtaagctatg attgcaccac    106320
     tgcatttcgg cctgtgcaac agagcaaggc cctgtctcta aaaatatgta taataataac    106380
     aataataata atgattatgc taataatgat acatcaagat caaataggga atccttggaa    106440
     tactagggtg gttcaatata ataaaacata ttgttgctat aatttaccat attcatagaa    106500
     aagtcatttc ctttgctcag tctattaata aaagacattt ggtaaagtat atccatttgt    106560
     gatttttgaa aaacagttaa ggaagcagga atcaaaactt tcctattttg gcaaaggtta    106620
     taatccaaaa aatctgtaac cactagtata cataacggaa aaaccttggg tatccaagac    106680
     aagaatgttc actataatta ctagcttatc atagcactaa agcctatggg caacataaca    106740
     agaccccatt taccaaaaat aaatttaaaa cattttaatt agctggcatg gtggcatgca    106800
     cctgtagtcc tacctacttg ggaggccaag gcaggaagat tgcttgagcc caggagtttg    106860
     agcttactgt gagctgtgat cacaccactg cactccagcc tgggtgacaa aggaagaccg    106920
     tatttctaaa aaataaaaaa tacaaataca actacaaact agcactagac caacagtgac    106980
     tatgtaccat gaactgagga atattattaa ttccaccatt tgcatctgag gttaacaata    107040
     tgtcaatgac ttaaataaca tcatatctct gagagtaatt tctcctatat ttccatgaca    107100
     aatgttagat aattttccat tttttccatt caataaaata aacaggaaat ataattaaag    107160
     agttcaattg aggattggga tttagaaagg aaggcaggaa ttaagaataa tccttagttc    107220
     tcttcctaat ttgcacctct ctcactgata catatgtatt attttctttt tatgtctttt    107280
     agaatctaat aaacatgttt tatattatat aacaaactag aatatatgga ttatctttgg    107340
     tcttccttac caagttctta actctgctgg ctctggggca ctggacatac catgtaagaa    107400
     gaaaaatgtt ttaactccat tgaacttatt cagaagcatc ggaaattggt tcagcaatat    107460
     tcaactttgc ccagcaatgt ttatgaaagt ttcatatata gtatagtata agtatgtgta    107520
     atacagaatt tatgttctca aaaatgaaga gataaagtat ggagattcta aactctgttg    107580
     acatagaaga gggtggattt ctcgaagaaa cagccttcta tagaaagtgg cttgtatgag    107640
     tcgggattct ccagagaagc agaaccaata ggatgttggc agagagagat ttattttaag    107700
     taattggctc atactactgt gggagctggc acggtcgaaa tctgcaggta ggctggagac    107760
     ccaggaagag ctgatgttgc ggcttgagtc tgaaggtggt ccagaggcag aattccctct    107820
     tccttggagg acctcagtct ttgcccctaa gaccttcaac tgattggaag ggccacttac    107880
     attatggagg gtaatctgct ttacccaaaa tctattgatt taaatgtaaa tctcatctaa    107940
     aaaatacctt cactgcaata tctagactgg tattcaaatg tctagaaacc atagcctagc    108000
     caagttaaca cataaaatta actatcactt ggctcaaggt gaaacttcca gatcaatgtg    108060
     gcaggagtgt tgaggaagga agtgaactcg gttctaacca agtaggacag ccgaatcatc    108120
     actgaagtgt ggcactggcc tttcgccaag gtaacatgtg gcaaggtttt aggttaggat    108180
     aggtaccagg caaaagctgg gtgactcgat ggaggctttt gtgccaacct tcagagactg    108240
     gctgcgtcag actgccctca agagcataca aaggaaaaaa agacaaatta aaagccttta    108300
     atccaaactc aagacatgaa tgaaaaactg taaatgcctc tatagcagtt ttaaaggcta    108360
     tcttttctcc tgcaacccag cacagatatg gctgagggtc aagcccgggg gcttatgata    108420
     aaggttatga agttgtagaa atgtttgttg catcatccaa cagcagctgt tgtgataagg    108480
     caagacccct ggttgggata gaccggaccc tgagatatga aatagggaca tatgagcaga    108540
     cacagagaag tctgagtgag aactatgaat caccgcaccc cctgagggtc cttgctggaa    108600
     gaagcagact caccgtatta gttacctatt gccatgtaat gaatgacacc cgcttaaaat    108660
     aacagacatt tactataagg tgttactggg acaatagggg attttttaat atggattgtg    108720
     tgtttgataa tatggtatca attttaagta tcttgggggt gatgacagta ttagggtttt    108780
     gcaggagaaa tgtccttatt cttaaattat acatgacaaa atatttaggg gtcaagtggc    108840
     ataatttcca cagattactc tcaaattgtt taacaaaatg gttcttcaac agtaaatgga    108900
     taaacaaaac gtagtctatt cgtgcaacac agtactatgt aaacaatgaa acttcatcaa    108960
     ctactgaaaa tgtaacaaca tggacgaatc tcatagaaac aatattaagt gaagaagcca    109020
     gacttgcaga aatacatact gtatgtttcc attatctatt gctgggcagc acaccaactc    109080
     caaacttaat ggcttaaaac aaaaataatc attttattat ctctcatgaa tctgtgaatt    109140
     actggacttt aagagccact gatgtagtcc atgaaccaaa acacatattc acggcagcta    109200
     ctccacccag cacctcacac ctgtgatgtt tactggctgc ccatgggatt tgaacacctt    109260
     tagagtactg tgaaatttcc cctacctttt gagtcctgcc tccctaaagt ggaaaccaga    109320
     aagctcactt cccctagcct tctttgaagc tagagcacct aagttccacc aattaaattc    109380
     atccacctaa gacttcagtt acaaaggggc cacaggagga accagggtgt gggggttgca    109440
     gagcaccttt tactgtattt atttctctgg caaaggtgac agaagaagca actgtctttt    109500
     ggggaagcgg tgggtttttt cctttttttt tttttttttt aagtgaagtt cctgaaacag    109560
     aagtggttta ggaggtgtct tcagtggtgg ctgcagcaac ctccaggtcc taacaacaga    109620
     accaacagca gcgtctagaa gccatggggc agcagcagtg gtgtggctca tcagacctgc    109680
     tctctgcgtg gtctgaccct gtacatacat gtgcctctca tccgtagttc cagcatttcc    109740
     tctctaaagt ctagttctga gagaaatttc tttggtagac ttttcaaagt tttatcaaac    109800
     tcaaagaggg aaccagcaag aatacaagag ccttgatcca aagagtattt gaaaaacaga    109860
     gctgtatctc tctgtgagga aataatttct aggctagaga ttcaaaatgg ctaacgtgct    109920
     agagggcaat aaaatcataa ccttggtgtt atcttcttta ccggagaaaa agagaaagcc    109980
     agcatccctt atcagctctc tgctgattaa cctctaatcg cacagggctg gccgggttcg    110040
     tcttaggcaa attacaatcc ctgaaacact ctggttttga tcaggcagaa ttatgagcaa    110100
     aggttcaagt gtgatataaa ataatcaagc acgtacaatt ttgccttatt tataattttg    110160
     aaacactttt cctacacaat ttctgacctt aaggggcaga attaaccaaa taaaactttt    110220
     cagaaatgct ctaattcagt tccactcatt ttatcgtctc tatttggcct gttttagggc    110280
     taaacccaga agcaaaatct tcttcaaaat gaatgtattg acagtcacca tgccagactt    110340
     ggagtacgaa caagagcatc cttttaccct tactgaaacc tatgtggtca ctaaaacata    110400
     tatcaataat atttttaacc tggacaaaat taatctagaa aattgagcta ctgtttttta    110460
     tttgtcagct tttaccacat tgtgggtttg agacacaggt agttcttttg atagtacagc    110520
     gttaatttaa aatataaaaa tcatgccaaa cacatctaat tacttttagc ttccttcaca    110580
     gtaggcggag gaaggtgaaa aattaagcct tttgcgccac ctagtggcca aatgggtagt    110640
     ggctgtctag tgagaaaaaa caaagatttg ggggcgtgaa aaatagcttg acagtgttag    110700
     tattctgaat tcagggtatg aggttggaag aaggcaacaa caaaaaagaa ttttcagaga    110760
     aactggtcac ttaagtgcat aggtacctga gagtgagcaa ttgttataac tttgatatct    110820
     caataaccag agtgacaata aaacatttga aaataaacat aaagaaggta acaattataa    110880
     gaaactttag gtgtttcaga agcaaatggt tttttgttgt tgtttgtttt taaaataatt    110940
     taaaaacttg atgctatcag cacaaagcac taaaagttat caaggtatta agtgagagca    111000
     ttctgataag aaaccaccgc tagctgggca gattatgcta aagggaaaga aaaagttttt    111060
     tctctgtctt aagtgtagag tgtatattcc aagatcaatt ttaaattaca aatcctctcc    111120
     ttttttgctt attaattcga attcatcatt acgtgtgtgt tttacagaaa tacatatata    111180
     gttgaatgac aattttgttt aaaactttcc actttagttt taaaacgtag ttaatcttat    111240
     caatacaata catgaatgta tatccacact aagtttacca ccttaatttg agttttgcaa    111300
     aaattaaata tggacaaagg tatatatata gaaagccact tagtgaccca ataatctttc    111360
     tctctatgat acacttaaga attttttaga caataaaaag tcacttatta actagctcag    111420
     tgaaaattag tccaaagtaa caaaatcatt tgaggctgca aaacaacaat atcactattg    111480
     atattaggag tttttcaaag aggtaaaatt ctaaaatttt tacatagagt gcaagctaag    111540
     tagctaagtc aaatgacttg caatattttt ctgaaattca caagagccaa tagtttaaaa    111600
     aaagcatctc ataacattta attaaaaata tacattttca tttaagtttg cttcccacaa    111660
     accactgaca cactcattga cacagtgaat gagtctagtg acaagaaaca aatccttttt    111720
     gttaggtcac ttctaacact ctgcctccaa caaaataaag aggacctatt caagctgtca    111780
     gctattatat catttaaagt aattttggga aggaggccag gcaggaggat cgcttgaggc    111840
     caggagttca agaccagccc tgggcaacat aatgagaccc tgtctctatg aataataata    111900
     ataaaattag tcaggcatag ttcgatgtgt catagtccta gatactctga aggctgaggc    111960
     aggaggatca cttgagccca ggagttcgag gttacagtga gctatgatcg caccactaca    112020
     ctccatcttg ggtaatgggg ccagccaaac accacagaaa aaactgcgac tccaccccca    112080
     ccagctaagg tcaaatgagg agcctagact ttcaccctca ccaggctgtc ataaggaacc    112140
     caacacttca acacacacat gcacacacac caggatggtg tcagagaaag tgaataggga    112200
     gtcaggatgg tcatgccctc ttggtgaaaa tgtactcctt tccccaagcc cctgaaatgt    112260
     caatggaaac ctagacttcc attcctcacc caacagtaat gaagcatctc ttcccctctc    112320
     ctctagggtg atgtcagaca atgcctaatg gagagtcagg attttcatca ccacccagag    112380
     ttaatccagc aaccactccc tgatacctac cactcactcc tccactccac tgtcccatct    112440
     tggtgtcaat aaaggtcatg tgagggatag taagtggcac tcctctccca accaaccagg    112500
     gaggtattag tgggcaccta atagggagcc agaatttctg tccccactca gtaataatgg    112560
     ggacctatct gaggtgtcaa tgaaggcaga gtgagaagcc tggactccta cccctacctg    112620
     gcgtcatgaa gctcacctgc ctacctgctg gagaggtgtt aaaagaagcc agctaaaaca    112680
     gtttaaataa gaccaatagc cttataacat aatgcctgaa atgtccaagt ttcaattgga    112740
     aattatttgt catatcagga accaggaata tctcaaattg aatttttaaa agacaataaa    112800
     atagatgcca aaacggaaag aaaagcctga tgaagatttt aaagccacca ttattaaaat    112860
     gctttgatga gcaattaaca cttaaaagaa tgaaaaaaat aggatgtcca gttcagtggt    112920
     ttaaaaaaag aaagaagaag aaaagagcag aaaagaaaaa aataggatgt ttcagcataa    112980
     aaataggata tatacggaag aaaacgtgga aattttagaa ctgaaaagtg caatagccaa    113040
     aataaaaagc ccagtaaata agctcagcag cagaaggaga gaacagagga aagaattagc    113100
     taccttgaag acacagcaat agcaatcact taatctgaac aaaagaaaga aagaaaatac    113160
     actggaaaaa atggacaaag cctcagggac ccatggggct ataacaaaag atttaatgtt    113220
     catgtactca gagtcccaaa atgagaggaa aaagagagtg aagctgaaaa aaattatcaa    113280
     ataaatatgg ttgaaaactt cccaaatttg gcagaagaca taaacctagt gatttaagaa    113340
     ggtgagtgaa ccccaaatag gacaaaccca aagaaagcca caccaaaatc atagtaatta    113400
     actaaaaatt aaagataaaa agaatcttga aagcagtgag ataaatgaca tctaacaggt    113460
     gaaaaaaatg acagagcaaa attttcatca gaaactgtgt aagcccgaag gaggtcacca    113520
     cctttttcca gtgctgaaag gaaaaaaaaa tatcaactta gaacactata tcagcaaaaa    113580
     tatccaggga aattaagaca tacagagatg agggaaaact aacagaattt gtcactaaca    113640
     ggtctaccct aaaaaaacaa aaagttaaat tgaggacagt tggaacatca ggaaggaaga    113700
     aagaacatgg caagaaaaaa tatgggttaa aaaatggact ttacttcttc tcttgagtta    113760
     tttaaattat aggattgaag aaaaacgtat aatactgtat catatggtta taaatgtata    113820
     tagagaaaat attacaggca attataaatg agggagggta aacaaagaga gaagaaattt    113880
     ctacacatca ctcagactgg taattaatga caataaataa gttacataaa tataatgtaa    113940
     tacctagaac aaccactaaa agagctatcc aaagaggtac acacacatac acacacacag    114000
     ctatagataa attaaaatgg aattttaaaa ttatttagga agcaatgaaa aagaaaacaa    114060
     agaaatgaaa aacagagaga acaaacagaa aacagaaaat aaaatgtcag acttaagcct    114120
     ggacataaca atattatagg aaatataaat cgcctaaata catcaatttt aagagacaga    114180
     gcttggcaga atagatttaa aaatatgact ctgtcaggtg cggtggctca cgcctgtaat    114240
     cccaacactt tgggaggcca aggcaggtgg atcacaaggt caggagatga ccatcctggc    114300
     taacatggtg aaactccatc tttactaaag gtacaaaaat tagccagctg tggtggcaca    114360
     agcctgtagc cccagctact cgggaggctg aagcaggaga atctcttgaa cccgggaggt    114420
     ggaggttgca gtgagctgag atcacaccac ttcacaccgc tgcactccag cctgggcaac    114480
     agagcgagac tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagactc aattatttgc tgtttatgat    114540
     aaactcactt caaatataat gatataggcg gtttataagt taaaggatag aaaaacatat    114600
     atcagacaaa aaataataaa gggaggctat attaatatca aataaactta gaacaaagaa    114660
     aattactaga aatggatagg aacactatgt aataataaaa gggtaaatct accaaaaaga    114720
     catagcaatc ttaaatatgt atgcaccaaa caacagggct gcaaattatg taaagcaaaa    114780
     actgatagaa ctgaaaagaa aataggcaag tcaacaatga tagttgaaga cttcaatagt    114840
     tttctctcaa caattgatta aacaaataga caaaaattga gaaaaaacat agaagaataa    114900
     acaacatcaa accataagat ctaatcaaca tttatagaac acaccaccca acaacagaag    114960
     atacattatt ttctttttcg ttgcttttag tagattccac gagattttcc tttttctttt    115020
     ttcttttttt tccttttatt ttaagttcag gggtacatgt gcaggtctgt tacataggta    115080
     aacagtgtca tggaggtttg ttgtacagat tatttcatca tccaggaatt aagtctagta    115140
     cccattagtt atttttcctg accctctgcc tcctcccaac ctccaccctc caataggccc    115200
     cagtatgtgt ttttcctctt tgtgtccatg tgtccatcat ttagccccca cttatgagaa    115260
     catgcagtat ttggttttct gtacctgcaa tagtttgcta aggataatgg cctccagctc    115320
     catccatgtc cctgcaaaag acgtgatctc attattttta tggctgcata gtattccatg    115380
     gcagaataca cttttttttt tttttttttt gagatggagt ttcactctta ttgcccacac    115440
     tggagtacaa tggcacaatc tcggctcatt gcaacctctg cctcccaggt tcaagcaatt    115500
     ctcctgcctc agcctcctga gtagctgaga ttacaggcac acaccaccat gcctggctaa    115560
     ttttttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat tttttgtata gatgaggttt    115620
     caccatgttg atcaggctgg tctcaaactc ctgacctcag gtgatccacc cacctcagcc    115680
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattgc aggcatgagc cactgcaccc agccagaata acattttttt    115740
     aagtgcccac agaatatatg ccaagataga ccatatctaa gacaataaaa gaccaacaaa    115800
     ttttttaaat aaaatcataa agaaagtgtt ctcctaccac aatggaacca aaccagaaat    115860
     caacaacagg aaaatatcta aacatttgga gacaaaacaa cacacttaga aatacatggg    115920
     tcaaggagga agtctcaagg aaatttttta aaaatacaca caataaacac aactaaacaa    115980
     aaatgaaaat atgccatatc agaatttgtg ggatacagtt atagtagtta taagaggtaa    116040
     atttaagttc caggatacat gtacaggatg tgcaggtttg ttacataggt aaacatgtgc    116100
     catggtggtt tgctgcacat atcaacccat cacctaggta ttaagacaag catgcattag    116160
     ctatttttcc tgatgctctc cctccctcca acctcgcccc agacagaccc cagtgtgtgt    116220
     ttttcccctc cctgtgtcct tgtgttctca ttgttcagct cccacttata agtgagaaca    116280
     tgtggtgttt ggttttctgt tcctgcatta gtttgatgag gataatggct tccagcttca    116340
     tccatgtctc tgcaaataac aggatctcat tcctttttat ggctgtatag tattccatgg    116400
     tgcatatgta cattttcctt atccagtctg tcattgatgg gcagttgggt tgattccatg    116460
     tctttgctat tgtgaatagt actgcaatga acatacaagt gcatgtatct ttataataga    116520
     atgatttgta ttcctttggg tatatactca gtaatgggat tgctgggtca aatggtattt    116580
     ctggttctag atctttgagg aattgccaca ctgtcttcca caatggttga actaatttac    116640
     attccatcaa caatgtaaaa gcatttctat ttctccacaa ccttgtcagc atctgttgtt    116700
     tcttgagttt taataatcac cattctgact ggcgtgagat ggcatttcat tgtggttttg    116760
     atttgcattt gagaagtaaa tttaaagcac taactgcata cattggaaaa gaggaaaagt    116820
     ctcaaaccaa taatctaaac tctcacctca agaatctagt aaaagaataa caaaataaaa    116880
     agcaagcaga acaatgaaac tgaaaacaga aaaacaaaag caaaaaaaaa tcaatgaagc    116940
     aaagagctgg ctctttgaaa gattaataaa attggcaaac cactagcaag actcagaaaa    117000
     aaagacgaca gaagatagaa gctaccaaca tcagaaatga aatgggatat catcaaagat    117060
     tctacagaca tcaaaaggat aacaaaagaa tactatgaac aattctacac acataaattt    117120
     gacacttaaa ttaaatggat cattttctca aaaaatataa agtgccacaa ctcactaaat    117180
     ataaaataat tcaaaaatgt ctacacctat tgaggaaatt gaattcataa tttaaaaact    117240
     cacaaaagga aatatttagg aacaaatagt ttcaatgaag aattctacca aagatttaaa    117300
     gaagaattaa caccaattaa tctcttccag aaaatagaag cagaggaagc atttcccagt    117360
     ttattttata aagctagaat tacctcaata ccaaaaccaa acaatgacaa tgggaagaaa    117420
     agaaaactgt agactaatat tcctcatgat gcagcaatct ttaacaaaat attagcaagt    117480
     ggaatttacc aacatataaa aagaattata tacaatgacc acgtgagagt tatcccaggg    117540
     atgcaaagct ggttggatat tcacaattaa ttaatgtaat ccatcatatt ataggctgaa    117600
     gaggaaaatt tacttgttca tatcaattga tgaagaaaaa gtatttaacc cactttaaca    117660
     cccattcatt attttttttt aatctcagaa atataggagt agaggagatc tttctttact    117720
     tgataaagat cgtctacaaa aatcctatgg tgaacatact tgattctgaa agactgaata    117780
     gtttctacct aaaatcagga acaaggcaag aatgtccact ctcaccactc ttattcacag    117840
     tgttggaagt tctagacagt gcaataggca tgaaaaagga gattaaaggc atacagattg    117900
     tgaagtaaga aataaacagc tcccatttgt aagtgacatg attgtctatg tagaaaatca    117960
     caaggaagct acagaaaaac ttctagatat gtgatttcag caaattaaca gaatacagga    118020
     taaaccagta tcaattgtat ttctacatac tcacaatgaa caaatgatac atatatatat    118080
     attttttttt tttctttttt tttttttttt tttgagacgg agtctcactc tgtcgcccag    118140
     gctggagtgc agtggcacga tctcggctca ccacaagctc cgcctccggg gttcacgcca    118200
     ttctcctgcc tccggagtag ctgggactac agacgcctac caccatgccc ggctaatttt    118260
     ttgtattttt agtagagacg gggtttcacc gtgttagcca ggatggtctc gatctcctga    118320
     ccttgtgatc cgcccacctt ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccaccgc    118380
     gcctggccca aaaatataaa tatattattt acaattactc aaatacatga aacacttatg    118440
     tgtaaatcta acaaaacatg caagacttgc aagctaaaaa ctatgtaatg ctggtgaacg    118500
     atatcaaaga agatctattc agtctctatc tatgtggaga gaaatactgt tcatggattg    118560
     gaagattcaa tatagtaaat atgtcaattc tccccaaacc aatatacaag tttaacacaa    118620
     ttccaatcaa aatctttgca agatttgtta attataggta ggattactct aaaatttaca    118680
     tggaaaggca aagggactag aatatctaaa atattctttt ttcatattat tatattttat    118740
     tgtagtatgt gtagtgtata ctaacttaaa gggaaaaaat gtaaacaaaa tgaaagacat    118800
     ggggaaaatg gcatcttgct ttaatcttca acttaaagtt acccttaaca attcatttat    118860
     accattatgc caaattgtag tcatccctgc agaattttag acaaatgaaa atggacaagg    118920
     taacaccaaa gagattaagc acagaaagtg atattgatta aaaagttgaa agtaaaatct    118980
     accttggctg gaactgaaca ttcagatcca tctctagagg aaaatctaac atgaatcata    119040
     tggttcctat tttgactagt tcatagcata tcaattagca acttatgact tgaaaatact    119100
     ttttctcagc tgcatttgac tacctaaaat cctaccgagc acgctgtttg gcatgtctta    119160
     ctcctctgaa atcatcatct actttctaaa aaccagaaaa ttagtttgct tgtgatttaa    119220
     aattcaaaaa agtttgtaga aaacacaaaa agaatcaact atttaaagtc tcatcctttt    119280
     cttctctcta aaacagctac ttctactaaa agaagagtat gtggatactt tctaagaact    119340
     caaaaacgag aaaaccaaaa tcagagggtg catgaatata tgtgcacagg tatgtacaga    119400
     tttaatctct atattcccta aaacatattt aaacaggtaa tcccagcatt ctaaattcag    119460
     aaagcaaaaa taaacagttt tgtttctaaa tcagtggtat tactagctga aatgtttagt    119520
     agaatactgc acctatagtt cagcagtact ttgattatgt accatttaag aaatcaaaat    119580
     aataagcaca ttcttctaac agcaaagaat tgtcccactt tttattttga catattgata    119640
     tttccataaa cttgcaagtg gaaaataagc tgttcaataa aagccttctt acatatataa    119700
     tatacagaaa ttattttaga agtctgttca tataacagat tattttggca ctaacaaaaa    119760
     ttgtatacaa tccatcagtt gtatggctag aaatgaaacc atcactaaac caagacacac    119820
     agggctttcc tgcacttagt ttcaggaaaa agttccaagt aattcttact gtgttagaag    119880
     aataaagtac atttgtcata gtatacatta tcatattccc ttaaagcagg gactaaagtt    119940
     tttaaattaa acaatgtcca ggcttacttc tgtctgtaca ttcaggaata atcatatcac    120000
     tggttacata caattctctc ctcatgcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacctcaa aaaaaaaaaa    120060
     cctgttgttt tcttaagtct aattaagcca aacaaactat taatagcaat ttaattagca    120120
     agctataaat cagagaggta taaaaattca gcagttaaac tgtatttccc acctatagta    120180
     ctgctgctac tcaatcattt tcttcatgta ttagaagaat taataggcat tgatggtcaa    120240
     aataagaatt tcaatattgc agcaaatgac agaagagtga gcgaaagagt tcctaatgtg    120300
     tgacagtctt aatgattctt taaaaggtaa aggattgtat gcatgtgtgt ggaaaggagt    120360
     aggaaataaa agtaggaggt taagacaggt atttaaaggg aatgccaaga tagctgcatt    120420
     agaatcttta ttttttaaaa aactgaagtc tgcccagagt accaaaaaca ttaaaaaaaa    120480
     agagcagaca ttggtgcaag tttaacctgt gagaaaaaag ctagttttga tgagaaaaag    120540
     ttcagtcttt tccttgtaaa tacaaagaaa tgcaacagga attttaaagg tagtaggcca    120600
     gaaaatgtaa cagtaactct tacaatcctt ttcttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    120660
     tttttttttt tgagacggag tctcgctctg tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcacaatc    120720
     tcggctcact gcaagctccg cctcccgggt tcacgccatt ctccctcctc agcctcccga    120780
     gtagctggaa ctacaggcgc ccgccaccat gcctggctag ttttttgtat tttttttagt    120840
     agagacgggg tttcaccgtg gtagtcagga tggtctcgat ctcctgacct cgtgatccac    120900
     ctgcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcgtgag ccaccgcgcg aggtcacaat    120960
     ccttttcaat taaacagaca aatcaagttg aagacaagtg ttaaaatact attcagcctg    121020
     aatatttatc agcatacata tcctgttgtt caactggctt ttggttaaaa aaaaaaaagt    121080
     caacaaactt tataagagct atcaccacat ttagagtgat gaaaataaat tagttccccc    121140
     ccaaagatat tgtttaacct ctaaagcatg aaaagctata taatatacaa attaaccagt    121200
     atttttacaa aagtaataca gttttggact gatgatatta caccgtattt gtggtaaagt    121260
     actaggcaca agaatatata tatcaattag gcattttcag tctaatcagt ctttaaggtt    121320
     ttcatttaat tcttggcaat atataataac tggtatgcac tttggtactt aagtcatgac    121380
     ttgtggagaa cgagaagcaa tgtattatag caacggggtt catatctaac aaacaataag    121440
     agtgttgaac aaatcccttc tatgaacttc gtgatttatt ttgctgttgg tcacttgcag    121500
     tagatccttg atttgattct tccgtattca tgctttctcc atgtgcagtc tctaacattt    121560
     cttcaacttt gtcatcatcg tgtaggtctt ttgaaattaa ttgtctagct agtttgatat    121620
     tgagtccttc attgtagtga agcgtccttc tcatttcaaa ttgtcgcttt ttttctcgtt    121680
     cttcaggtga gaggtcacta tcctcctctc cactgctttc ttgttcctga acctgatact    121740
     ttggctccaa gccttcagca gcagctaagt tcttagccaa gctatctgtt gccatagctt    121800
     cagtggtttc tgtatcacta catgcatctt catcatcacc catcgtacta tggtaaggag    121860
     tgcttggttc atctattttc attaaaccat agtctttgtc tgctggacga tatgtcgcca    121920
     ggatgttcat ttcatcccac ttctgggatt ttttgctcag ctgctcgtgg acactcccac    121980
     ggggatgttc ggccgacgcc accatagagg aagtcgtaga ggtgttgtcc ttcaggatcc    122040
     ccttgagggg ccgttgcgag gccgtggagg ccgccattgc cgggtgctcc gcctgtcggc    122100
     tcagggtcgc tgcttggcgt ggggtccgcg aacagaaggg tcggcactag cagagaccag    122160
     caggcagacg cggagcccgc tcaaggctaa agcggccgca cctgctgcct cggaaagggg    122220
     taccggagcg gttgtcaaga cacaatgacc ccgacgccag actcaagcgg ggaaaagcgg    122280
     gcctagagct ccagggcggg agcgacgccg acgcctaaaa cattcttgaa aaagaagaat    122340
     aaagtgagtt gaaaatcagt ctgccctatt tcaagtattg ttttatagct acagtaatca    122400
     agactgtgtg ttactagcag aggaatggac acacaaatca gtggaacaaa atagagaacg    122460
     tagaaaaaga cccacacaat ctgcccaaat gatttttgaa agaggtgcaa aaggaagtca    122520
     gtggaagaaa aatagccttt ttcacaaata gtgaattgaa caatggtgaa atggaacaat    122580
     tgggcatcca taggcaagat aataaaataa aaatgaaact tgacctaagt ctcacgcctt    122640
     atgcaaaatt taattccaac tggattggat tgcttgagtc caggagttca agaccagcct    122700
     gggtaagata gcaagaccct gtctatacac aaaaatgaaa aataatgttg gtgtggtggc    122760
     tcctgcctgt agtcccagct acttgggatg ctgaggcaga aggattgctt gagcccagga    122820
     gttcgaggct gtcataagct gtgacacacc actgtactct agcctgggtg actgagcaag    122880
     actctgtttc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatgtca gagaaatgca ataccttaac ctttaccaga    122940
     tacaattaat taaaataaat aaacaaaatg gattatggag taaatgtaaa gcataaaact    123000
     cttaaatttt agaaaaatag aaaatatttg agatataggt ctaggcgaag aattcttagg    123060
     cttgacattg agagcatgat ctatgaaagg aaaaactgat aaattggatt tcatcaaaat    123120
     gtaaaactgt tgctttgtga agatctggta agtggatgaa aaaatgagct acacagtagg    123180
     agaaaatatt tgcaaactat gcattgaaca aaggactagt atctagagta tataaagaac    123240
     tctcaaaact caacaaagaa aacacattaa aaatccaatt agaaaatagg caaaagactt    123300
     aaggtaatat ttcactaagg aggatataaa aatggcaaat tagcacatga aaagttgttc    123360
     aacatcatta gccattaggg aaatgcaaat taaaaccaca atgagataat cgctccacac    123420
     ctatcaggat ggctaaaata aaaatagtga caatgggctg ggtgcggtgg ctcacacctg    123480
     taatcccagc actttgtgag gccaaggtgg gcagatgacc tgaggtcggg agtttgagac    123540
     cagcctggcc aacatgaaga aaccctgtct ctactgaaaa tacaaaagta gccaggtgtg    123600
     gtggcacatg cttgtagtcc cagctactcg ggagactgag gcaggagaat cacttgaacc    123660
     cgggagacag aggttgcggt gagcagagat cgcaccattg tacctagcct gggcaacaag    123720
     agtgaaactc tttctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggcgacaat gctaaatgct ggcaaggaag    123780
     aagagatact ggatctctca taatttctga tgggaatata aaatggtaca gccactctgg    123840
     aagatgattt ggcagtttct taaaaacaaa acaaaaccaa caacaacaac aaaaatccaa    123900
     caactaagca tactactacc atcctgccca gcaactgtac tcctgggtat ttagccccaa    123960
     gaaatgaaaa cttgcataca caaatacaca agcacagaca atgccttcac acaaaacctt    124020
     gtatgcaaat gtttgtctaa ctgcctactc attgtagcca aagataaccc agatatcctt    124080
     taacaggtaa atggttaaac caactattgt acacttatac catgaaataa tactcagcaa    124140
     taaaaaagaa tgactgatac acacaacaac ctggatgaat ctccagagag ttatactgag    124200
     tgaaaaatgc cagtcccaaa aggttacata ctgcagtgag ctgtgatcac gtcacttcac    124260
     tccagcctga gcaacagagc aagaccccat ctctaaaaat agataaagaa acaaaaaaga    124320
     tggattacag agtaaatgtg aagtgtaaaa ctattaaaat tttagaaaaa taggagaaaa    124380
     tctttgagat gtagggccag gcaaagaatt cgtaggcttg acatcaaaag cataatccag    124440
     gctgggcgtg gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcaggcagat    124500
     cattgaggtc aggagttcga gaccagctgg ccaacatggt gaaacccgtc tctactaaaa    124560
     atacaaaaat tagctaagca agacggcaca tgcttgtaat cccagctact cgggaggctg    124620
     actcatgaac atcactcgaa ccttggaggt ggaggttgca gtgagctgag atggtgccac    124680
     tgcactccag cctgggtgac agagtgagac tctatctcaa aaaaaataaa taaataaata    124740
     aaataaactt tattgaaaag aaaaaaaaag cacaatccat ttgtataaca ttttgtatta    124800
     agaagcttga aatgacaaaa gtacagaaat agagaaaaaa ttcatagttg ccagtggtta    124860
     aggaagtgat gggggtggga aggaggtgaa ccgaccataa aagggcaaga taagggatac    124920
     ttggagtgac aaaaatactg tcttgactgt aatattgaca ttgacacaaa tgtcaatatc    124980
     ctgattgcaa tactgtactg aagtgttata agatgttacc atcagggaaa ctggattaaa    125040
     gggtaaaagg ttctgtctgt attatttctt acaactgcat gtcactctct aattacctca    125100
     aaataaaaag ttaaatttaa aaaacatgta tgaggatgtg catagttttt caaaatacat    125160
     ttaagaagtt catgagtgga aagtttgagt gaataaaaat tatatctgga attctggttt    125220
     gcaaattagc ctgggaaatg tagcctgact cagtgtgact cagttctata ccactgttct    125280
     cagctctgct gttgctcact gctaacgttg aagccaaata tctcttgagt tgcagggcaa    125340
     ccaagatccc atgatccaat gttgctctca ctcaccttgg cctttgagag agaacaggaa    125400
     agaagatgga gaagaaggat tttccctttg ccccattttc ctctttttgg gctgaactgt    125460
     gtccccctat aagttcataa tgttgaataa acccagtacc tcagaacgtg aatttttttt    125520
     ggagttagag tctttaaaaa gataattaag tgaaaatgag gttatgaaag taggtcctaa    125580
     tatagctagt atccatataa aaagagatta ggacatacat acacaggggg cagtccatag    125640
     gaagatgcag ggaaaagaca accatctgcc agccaaggac agagacctcg gaagaaacca    125700
     accctgctga caccttgatc tcacatttct agactccaga gccaggcggc aataagttta    125760
     tgttgtttaa gccattcagt ctgtggtatt tcttatggta gccctagcaa actaatacat    125820
     cctcctatat ttggacatag gcctgtcctt cttgattaaa ggaatgtaaa aataagactg    125880
     ttgtcaaagt tttaacaaga ctttatgaag gcttgggcaa aattgaaaag gaaaagacaa    125940
     tagaaaattc ttccattctg atcacagata ttacagatgt aagagatcac aggctccagt    126000
     catctaaggg ttctccaact agaaatagac ctggtatggc tgatgctact aatacctgcc    126060
     atgttccttg ggccttacca ctgtagtgca cactggctgg acatttgcat cattcctgaa    126120
     ggcttcctca aagccaagaa gggccactct gcccgactca cagcagacta gaagggccga    126180
     agagttcacg tgtcaggcag cagccttcaa ccaatgggaa ttgatgtaca attgcccaac    126240
     tccctccttc cgtggctggg ttaactctga ggcaagtgct ttcccagaat ttccccaggg    126300
     gattaagttc cagtcattca cccttcgttg gctgttttcc cttcccaatc ttttactcag    126360
     ctgctactga agtttcatgc acctccaaaa taaattactt tcattcatgt ccctgtgtca    126420
     gggactgctt ctggaagaaa ccaaacgaat gcaccccggg ttagcttcta atttgcttca    126480
     cagcagtaaa ggtcaacttt tctttgcatt acccaagaga aaacttagcc attacctcat    126540
     catggtgctt ggatccctag aaccctgtct ctcatgaaac cctgattcct tcctttcctt    126600
     gtcaagatct ttccttaccc agcatggatg acagtccatt ctattgagta ctaagaaaag    126660
     agagtttaga aactgtcaga aatattttta tttcattcaa atttgtaata ttccgtagac    126720
     cagaaacagc acactctttg atcccatcct tgtatgccca aaatatctga gttggaggag    126780
     gcactgaccc tctgtcacac agtttaactg gattacagag tgcaagaccc caaaaccagt    126840
     tcctgacact ctttctgtct tcagcctgtg gattcttatc acttccacag aagaaaattg    126900
     gctctaagat tatccggagt acttcccaaa tctattattt atggaacaag tgctgacttc    126960
     agatatctag taatctaagg tttttcatct ccaaagacct ttctttcatt tggcctctac    127020
     tgggttttct atttttttta tttatttatt tatttattga gacaaggtct cactctgtca    127080
     cccaggctgg agtacagtga cctgaacatg gcttgctgta tccctaacct cctgtgccca    127140
     agcaatcctc ctgcttcagc ctcctgagta gctgaaacca caagtgagcg ccaccatgcc    127200
     cagctaattt ttttttcttt acttttcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tgtagaaact    127260
     gagtctcgtc atgttgtccg ggctggtctt gaactcctgg gctcaagcaa tcttcctgcc    127320
     ttagcctcct aaatggttaa aggcatgtga ccatcacacc tggcctacca tggttttcaa    127380
     atgtaaaatt ttaaatgaaa aatcttaatc ttttggtcat tgctgttttg ctgtggtctg    127440
     tctcccatgg catgagggga aatgcgttat ctgcctctgt tgtagaaaga tgcctgagga    127500
     aaataatcct cagttgatgt ctcaggattt ttcctgccat atacctggaa tgtgtaaaag    127560
     cacaggaaat atcctagtat aacacaaact acacacagtt acctttggga cctagaatgg    127620
     aatggggagg agggagaaac aaaggagacc ttttactccg tacccttctg tatggtttga    127680
     acttgttgtt ttttttttat agacggagtc ttgctctgta gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg    127740
     gcacaatctt ggctcactgc aagctccgcc tcctgggttc acgccattct cctgcctcag    127800
     cctcccgagt agctgggact acaggcgccc gccaccacgc aaggctaatt ttttgtgttt    127860
     ttagtagaga cgggggtttc actgtgttaa ccaggatggt ctcaatctcc tgaccttgtg    127920
     atccgcccgc cttggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg tgtgagccac tgcacccggc    127980
     cggtttgaac cttttataac aagagtgaat ccagatattt actatgtaat tttctcattt    128040
     agtctaatca tttagactaa atgattagaa gaagcaggac ttaaaaagaa atgaatgaat    128100
     ttccactagg gggtggtaga gaatcataat ccatatcata gtctgaaact gaagggcaaa    128160
     aggaaatagt caagttcaga atcacatgct gcagcccatt tgtaattata aatctttatt    128220
     aactagctca gtgtgagatc taatttcttc ataaatgccc aataatatat aatatgctct    128280
     tttgagcaac gcttttcaga ttatgttctc atacagcctt ttacagccct ttacagcttt    128340
     tctgtaaact gggctgagat gtaccactaa atgaaattga atgataggag tccattgtgg    128400
     ttggaataga tacacacagt gattgattta ggtagattag aaggtggatg gatggataga    128460
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagatatg cgcacacaca ttcctctcct    128520
     tgagtccccc tgggtaagcc gaggcatgag tactctgaag gaaaagcaac catgagtgag    128580
     ctgcagcatc cttacttaac ctccaaactt aacctttgtt gtaatatata tagaaaaatg    128640
     agttccgaat tccctcctta atctccaaca tgcaggcact atgcctctgc ccagtttctt    128700
     tacccatgcc ttttattata tcccatcccc aactgaaccc tatctcgacc tggtcaatag    128760
     gtgtgagacc cagatattct tatccgggag atgctatttc tttttttcca gaggccagag    128820
     gtggttttta gtaaccacct gtatcatttt gcaggggctt cttaaatgcg tggccagact    128880
     cacctcactg tgcctaggtg ccaatatggc ctctcagctt tattcccctt gcaatccaaa    128940
     atctgccaga actggacagc agtttgatcc ttgaattaga ccgtggttca tgatgcttgc    129000
     ttctcaccct cccaccagct gtgctttatt tttctttgat tctaactatt acagaaaaga    129060
     caagtcagac tccttcatcg ctgggcaaag ttccaagtaa actgcattgg gaatccttgg    129120
     cattttaaca atggctcact gctccccttg tgactaatgg gcaacacagg cctgtttatg    129180
     agttcaagtc tctgtccctg gatcatgtaa ttttaattgt tctgttactt catttcaatc    129240
     ctggtcccca cagcattttt ctcactgttc attttcaaat ttagtgtcca acctattact    129300
     gtgtgctttt cttaatccct agaccaagca ctctctggct tgctcatttt cccacttggg    129360
     caccctggat cccagccaga ggtggccctt accacttggc tcctccctca gtgcccttgg    129420
     acctctttgg ctcgtaactg cttctgctga aggtcatcct tttggctcca tgatcttcat    129480
     ggctgaggtt gcttcattac ttctggaggg aaatcttgct gctttctgta aacatttttt    129540
     tctcatggca tatttatgtg gaactgtgcc atttcttttc ctacttattc tgaataaatt    129600
     gagcattcct ggaccagata ttagtggaag actcctattg gatgggggtg ggatgatggg    129660
     ttggtgagag aagacatggg caatagtaac ctcccaggtt ttacaaccga aggaccaatc    129720
     ctttattact aacacgtaaa ctttatctta aaatacgctg catccatgtt ttttccaact    129780
     tggggaattt aatctatttc agcaaggatt ctaccacggt gttaggaccc cctgcattcc    129840
     agagggaacc tttgttatct gccaccttgg aacctccaaa acaaagtctg ctcccccaat    129900
     atgtgggcct tcttctgcct tccccagcat ctgggcctca ctgtagctca ggccaactgc    129960
     caacagctcc aacctaggct ggcttctact cttagagaga gaatattttc gggccctttc    130020
     cgagatcccg caccactagt tccctccacg ctttcatctg ttgccacagc aacattttgg    130080
     cttcttatgc ccagttctgc tctccgttgc tttaagcaca aatgacatgc aatttgggat    130140
     gtaaccatac tttttgtttc ctagtttcac taaaaatgag gttcttgtgt ggttttcttt    130200
     ttcattctct ttgctgtact atatagagaa atgaattctg aactgaattc cctccatatt    130260
     cctagcaaaa acataactcc tttgaattgc aattttgatt tccttttcaa cccaaaaatt    130320
     agtgagatgt ttttaagttt ccaagtggag gctttcttgt tagtactgtt ttggtgaggt    130380
     tttgttttgt tttattttag ttttgttttg tttttctatg tatgtgtttt ataccggtga    130440
     gagaatatag cccgtgtagt ttctaatttc tatttaattt tactttgtgg tttaatgcat    130500
     tatgtttggg aaaatatgca ttcactattt gttgagtaca caattttata aatatttgat    130560
     aagatcatta tttgctttag caaaatatct tacattcaca ttattttaca attggatatg    130620
     acagtttagt ttaaaagtat gctaaaagct cttaaatgtg tcaatttatc tttcctaaca    130680
     aagcacattt ttttccctaa ctttcaaaga cttgtttagg atatgaaggc ttataactta    130740
     tgggtagttg gtgaattgta cattttagca taataaagta tccttctttg acactgaaaa    130800
     atttcttcat catttattct actttgttca atattagtat ttgtaatggt ttgaatgtgt    130860
     ccccaaaaag catatgttgg aaatgtaata ttcaatgcaa cagtgttagt aggtgaggct    130920
     taatgatgag aggtgtttag gtcatgacga ctccatcctc ataaatgaat taatgccaat    130980
     tacaaaaagg ctaaaagcct gtgaattcaa cctgttgcac ttgggcgctc tctctttctc    131040
     tttctctctc tcagctctct ttttatccct tttgccttcc accacagtat gaggcagcca    131100
     gaagattttt gcaagatgca ggcctctcaa ccttggattt cctagcctct aggactgtaa    131160
     taagtcaatc tctgttcttt aaaaattatc cagtcttgga tattctatta tagcagcaca    131220
     aaatggagta agacagtatt tctatccata attaattttt gttagcattt gcctgagttt    131280
     atcattgtcc attggtttaa tcactcggtg tcattttgtt ttaggtgctt tttgtttgtt    131340
     tttgttttta ttttgagaca gggtctcagt ctgccgctca ggctggagtg caggggtgcg    131400
     actacggctc actgcaacct caaccttcca ggctcaagcg atccttgcac ctcagtttcc    131460
     tcagtagctg ggactacagg catgcacaac cacgcctggc taattttttt atttttgtag    131520
     agatagggtc tcgctatgtt acccaggctg atctcaaact cctgggctca agtgatcctc    131580
     cctccttggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggtataag ccattgccac cagcactttt    131640
     tgaatagcaa atacacacac acacacacac agaccatctt tactgagcag aaaaatttag    131700
     atttaatgca atgatataaa tggacattac aaatgcatat atatctggat tacttctgcc    131760
     atcatatttt tatatttacc atgttttttc attttttagt cttctgtctc aataaatttc    131820
     atcaaattgc ctttgttact tctgtctcta tgcaaatgat ttcttataca tctttttcct    131880
     tttttcttat gatccagttt ttgaaatatt tttctacaaa taagtaatgc atgtgatgca    131940
     tatctacaag aattttaagc atccattttt tcccaccagt cacatgaagg aatggaacgt    132000
     tacccttaac attaaagttt cctgtatttg tcttccctta gaatctccct tcctctctgc    132060
     aaaatgcaac tattattcca aatttggagt tgatcattat cttgcttttc atcatagtaa    132120
     atattgtctt tgtctgacaa caaattaaca tcataattaa tatcaaaatg tagttttctg    132180
     ttgttttctt cattcaacaa tatgatttta agaattatgc aagtttatta ttttatctgt    132240
     attccactga tcttgatgtt gcatagaatt ccacattatg attatgccaa aatttgtgta    132300
     tcagtttacc tgcaaatgga cactgggttg tttccagctt tttgcaatta caaagaatgc    132360
     tctcatgact tttcctgcac attgctcttg gtgccttatt caataatttc cctaaggtgc    132420
     atatatattt aagggtagag ctgctatgct ttaggatatt ctcagcttca actctacaaa    132480
     atgccaattt ttttccaagt agattatttc agtttgaagt ccaccatcag agtatgagtt    132540
     cccctcaccc tacatcctca ttgatttttg ataatgttag acttttcaat gtttgtctat    132600
     ttagtgattt taaaatgtta tttcaaggac tgttctaatt cacaattctc tgataactat    132660
     tgtgagctta acttttgtac gtttattggt cttttatata tccctttttg tgaactgccc    132720
     tttcacatct tttgatcatt ttcctatggg gctattctta gatgttctgg atattgatcc    132780
     tatgtaaatt atgtgtgata taaataagtt tagattgtgg ctttttttcc tttagagtgt    132840
     gttttgatta aagtttctaa ttttaatgtg gtcaaattta ttcatcttct cttaacattt    132900
     ttgtttttaa aatgtgtatg tgtgtctttt taataaatat ttttctacct tgaagtcata    132960
     caaatatttc tttcacattt tcatttaaaa gttttacagt tttgccttca atacgtcggt    133020
     acttagttca tctggaattt attatgatgt atatatatcc actaatccag tgtcataaat    133080
     tcaaacttat tgaattatac atcctttacc cactggtctt taatgaccat tcttcacata    133140
     caaggggtcc tgacactctt tccattctat tctattggcc cagttgtcta ctccctctct    133200
     caccaataat agcacatggt cttaaatcca gtggtgtata taatatcttc tcatgtagtc    133260
     aggaaattcc ccaacttcct ctttattttc aatggtattt tggctcttct tgaacttgtg    133320
     ttccttcgtt tcattttaat atcattgtgt ccaattctat aaaacatttt gttgaaattt    133380
     ttctagaaat agcatgaaac tatagatcac attggggaaa actggcattt taatgatatt    133440
     gatgcttcct aaccatgaat gtatctctcc atctgtgcag tacttcttca acttctttta    133500
     atgattttaa ttttccccac taagatcttg catgcctttc ctttttgaga atttattcct    133560
     gattacagtg gacccttcaa caatgcgagg gttagtagcg ctgaccacct gtgcagtcaa    133620
     aaatctgcac ataatttttg actcctccaa aactttacta atagcctact gttgatcaga    133680
     agtcttacca ataacataaa gttatttaac atatatttta tatttttatg tgttatatac    133740
     tgtactctta cagtaaagta agctagagaa aagaaaatgt tggccaggtg cggtggccca    133800
     tggctgtaat tccagcagtt tgggaggctg aggcagaagt gcttgagaca aggagttgga    133860
     gaccagcctc agcaacatag cgagacccca tctctacaaa aaattaaaaa tttagccagg    133920
     tagggtggcg tgcacctgta gtcccagcta cttgggaggc tgaggtggag aatcgcttga    133980
     gcccaggagg ttgaagctac agtgagccat gataacactg cactctagcc tgggcaacag    134040
     agcaagacct tgtctcagaa aagcaaagaa aatgttattt aaaaaatcat aaagaagaga    134100
     aaatatattt actattcatt aagtggaagt ggagcatcat aaaggtcttc atcctcatgt    134160
     cttcatggtg aatatgctaa gaaggaggaa ggggaggaga ggttggtctc gctgtctcaa    134220
     gggtggcaaa ggcagaagaa aatcatatat aagtagacct gcacagttca agcccatgtt    134280
     gttcaaaggt caactgtact gtaagtttgt tatataaacc agttaatcac atttctactt    134340
     ttttgttttt atagaaaatg caatagattt gtttatatat ttagccaacc actgtgccaa    134400
     actcttaatt cttatgtttt agattatttt tctctgtaga caattgtatc atctatgaat    134460
     aatgaaagtt tgctttattt cattcctatc cttccaactt tttttttggt ctgttgttaa    134520
     aagcccccct atcccatgcc taagtaataa gtaatctcaa tattacattc catctcatat    134580
     aataaaattt gacttcctaa aagggcttgc ttctttttaa ttcaatgtca atgctggaat    134640
     ttcagttctt agccttgaaa ccctggtgaa aaaattctca gcaaggtaag aaggaaaaaa    134700
     atgttctccc ctgctcctga agctggagag aacaataaat gaaaactgtt gtcataaatg    134760
     gttatttcta acaatttttc aaacccctag acttcaaata ttttggacag gacctgacaa    134820
     aatgaccctt aatctgtaaa acatctgtac ttttgaccac tcatctttct taataattca    134880
     gttctctggt gataatgttt gagcttaaaa tctctatctt cagaaggtaa cgtgatttgt    134940
     gaattttctg tcaaatcagg aaagaatcac tggcattgcc ctcttcccac acatgcatag    135000
     gataaaatag ctctactgga ctttttatta atcaaagagc ccgagagaca gctgaatggc    135060
     tgaaccaagc agagagtgga aacttgggga gggtaattcc ttgctgggcc ttaaaaggag    135120
     tccacaagat aggaaaaaaa cgaaaaagcc aaataagatg aacctctatt caggccccaa    135180
     tgagaggctg cttgactctg atctttcgtt agctggctca aaattttgtt cttaaagaat    135240
     tatttttact caaaatcaag aactgttaga aaacaagaaa aattatggag ttttgttgtt    135300
     gatttccacc tctctacata tatatatgaa atacatatct cctcccgata cacatgcaca    135360
     cacgcaaaaa catatttaac tgaaacaacg gtttcatgaa actatagtta ctctcattac    135420
     ctgtgatgca ggcaagtatt ttcaattgta ttttattcta tttcattcta cttggaaaaa    135480
     aagtcttttg gtctcaacat aaatgggttc tgacctgcag tttcaagcca atacgttaca    135540
     gtaagagtaa atgtagggtt tctcccagtt ttatctggca gtcccaaagt caggatcaga    135600
     gtaaccgatg gagcatcatt tgtacgctcc acgtctgagg aggaggtctg ggaaaagatc    135660
     caacgtgtag gactggcgca gaggctcagg cctgtaatcc cagcacttta agaggtggag    135720
     gcgggaggat aacttgaggt caacagttcg agacaagcct ggcaaacatg gtgaaacccc    135780
     gtctctacta aaaatacaga aattatccag gcgtggtggt gcgcacctgt agatccagct    135840
     cctcgggagg ctgaggcacg aaaatcgctt gaacgcggga ggcggaggtt gcagtgagac    135900
     aagatcacac cactgcactc cagcctgggc gacagagcga gaccctgtct caaataaaaa    135960
     aaataataat aataatccaa tgtgtcccta gtctggcttt cagggtctta gatgaggttc    136020
     ggaagtggac ttaggagcct taggagcgca gccagtgctg tggattccca catccacggg    136080
     acctgcggtt tcgggttatt ccattcaggg atacatgacg tccctcattt ctacctacca    136140
     gtgggctggt caagattctc atttatcaag tcagttggag tgggcttaag taagttctca    136200
     gccaaggctg tggggtctgg aggaccagat atcccgacca aaagcccccc ctcccattcc    136260
     tttcacacgc ctgccgcaga ggtgcacggg tgcgagtggg gaactgaggc aagaagcaga    136320
     tggggcggca ccgagagaag agaaactacg ctagaggaaa agctcgagct gttacccctc    136380
     ccaacttctt ccgccttccg ccttccccct tccccctctt tcccctcttg cccctctcca    136440
     gcttttctgg tccaaccctc ttctgcgcct aacactggca cctccttttc ttccggctga    136500
     tgaataattg tccgcaaacc agcctctctg gggcactgag gggcgggaag gttagaagga    136560
     gccagggcta gagtcctgga aggtggcagt caggtcgcag ggccacagca gtcactctgc    136620
     gactctctct tccggtgttt ctccagcgcc aagcgggaga agacggagcc tgggagctgg    136680
     gactggagga gcgggaagcg cagtatcggg accacggctc tgggaccagg aaaaacgcag    136740
     actctccaga gtcaatgtct acttcagcca gctcaagggc gcgacaacct ggcgccgagc    136800
     atctcaggcc gccgcgggga ccccccctaa gggactcggg aacacctgcc taccctagaa    136860
     gaggcggaga ataaccccgt agggagttaa gcggcctctg cctacagcgt tcctcccgcc    136920
     tccacggcgc cgagccctga ttgacgttca gccaggccaa tcatagcctg tgtctgaggc    136980
     gcgcggagct ggagcgccca gggcatgtcc gccgatccca aggaggcaat ctgtcaggcg    137040
     ccgcccgggc ggcagtatgc ctgagggggt cctccgtgtt cgcgcctccc gccgcctgca    137100
     ctgaaaggtc tgtacctgag cctggatact tgaacagagg cagacactgc ggctcaaaac    137160
     cccaagggta ggtacctatt gtgcggagtc tcggaacgcc tgcctggaag aagagttccg    137220
     gcggctcccc gaacgcttgg agaaagcgct tggatgcagt tgcagggtga gatttgagac    137280
     ggtgattgtg ttttccagca ggcgctcagg cggggtggtg aaggagggat acagacctct    137340
     aaagattcct ctctcgttgg ggtgaggtgg ggaacagcag tgacagtagt tctcatccct    137400
     gagcctcctc cgggccggcc cgtggaggag agagaagggg agggagaagg gtttgcccag    137460
     gccttcagac actttacttt gtgggagatg tatgtgctga gtgtccctgc tctggaggga    137520
     ttgttaaaga atccaggttc ttggggagtg tctcaggaga acactccagg tgatatcctt    137580
     attcttccta ttttcaccgt gttggttttt ttttggatat aacttgttcc ctttaacccg    137640
     aggtggcctt ggtgtctggc agctgttttc tctgccaggc accaccctct gggcctcacg    137700
     tcttcatccc tcaagtccgc tgcctctgag ctgctactta gatctggtct gtttctacct    137760
     ctgctggacc agaagtttgc attaacgccc ccaccccatc ctgcaagacc ggcgcttcca    137820
     accaagggct ctctcctctg aacctagaac ctgcttggaa atcgagtatt tcctctatgc    137880
     ccaggtggag attgatgttt gggtttcaca tctcccaact ctgttgggta ctatgtcgtt    137940
     tctcagcttg gttgtatgtg cctccattga gtggaccgta tctccagaat ttctcctaac    138000
     cctcccagtg tactcccctg caatcctttc tttttttctc caaatccccc accccccacc    138060
     agaaatgact ttacccctgt gccacttatt ttggcctgga gcactaagga gccatactac    138120
     acccaatgcc agaggtggaa cagaaatgag gtttgaaatg ggaaccagaa gctaatctgt    138180
     gggaaattct tttactcctc agacgtgtaa agatgtgttg gagactctcg taaatatgta    138240
     ttcagtaatg cagcatatac agtgatcacc atgtattcat tttttatggg aatcaacaat    138300
     tcagaatgat caaaaatccc tgtgtgtaga gacatgaatc tataggaata tcacacatag    138360
     tgagcacaac tgtgagtgaa atcccatgtt tcatgcatcc cagcagtccc aaagggagcc    138420
     tccaaatgtg tacgggattc agactccatg taacctgcat ctgtctatgc actagctatg    138480
     tgagctgtta cctcagtctt gatgaggtta ctcaggaagt ctgggatctt gatttttgcc    138540
     ggtcactgat cacctggcta caggaaagga gacctaaatc cagaacttaa atttatgaac    138600
     accaggtctg taggcactag acctcagaag taggtgagta ggtggctatt ggttggtccc    138660
     ttctggagtg aggcagagat acctatgcca tatgcaacat aaaaggttgc ctgagcccct    138720
     cagcctgagg tagagtaagg agggagaggt ggagagggac tttcttctca gaccagggaa    138780
     atcagaagcc atcagatgcc ttcagtaggg aatccagcac aaagaggatc ataagtcatc    138840
     tccccacttc tctatagtca tcatagacgt aattgctaac ctacccttcc ttggtgctct    138900
     ggttagtaga gtgaagttga gataatataa atgaaaaaac tgagcagaaa gggagtgagg    138960
     atacggggcc tcttcagttt gccttatggg cttcccactc taaatagatg aggtacacaa    139020
     cattctggca gtatcacact agggccagag ttggtagctc acagatgtac gatagaggat    139080
     ggaaggagta tgcctctcag gcaggcaagt ttagcctggt agacagagga tgtggcttaa    139140
     aagtcactgc ctacaagacc agtgcatgca agtgagtccc tgctgctgct tggatcagag    139200
     gaggtgaggc agaaggctga tgaaaaccca ccaactgatg gtcagtccga gaagcagtca    139260
     agatggagaa ctgcaaaatt aacagcttaa gttttccagg agtctcagtg cccaatgtca    139320
     ggtctaccag ggatgtccag cccctctggt cagagcccca ggagccttgt ctgaatgtgg    139380
     atcccctctg cttattcaaa gagacctggg aagctgagcc aggaacctgg ataatgacca    139440
     gaaagtcacc cagacacctg agaaatgcct cccttatatc caagagatcc ctgtgtgtag    139500
     aacacatgaa tctattggaa tatcacacac agtgagcaga ctcttcttac acttactaaa    139560
     ctctcttcgt agatttacta aatttttcac cagtgactca atggagcgaa accaggtccc    139620
     agactcgatt taaaaaaaaa aaccacacac acacacacac aaaaagttct ttaggtgagc    139680
     atgtatgcat gtgtaaatgg tactatacaa tggtatgatt ggatagtcaa aggaatatct    139740
     aacccaagtg tacataagga gtaaatttgg agtcagagga agttggtcat tgtaggaaag    139800
     taactgctgc aagaaagatt tcttagaatg taactgtcta atatgaggca tttatgcctc    139860
     ttttcctcca tgtttctagt ttctgccttg ggtttggcat ttattgttta tcctgcttca    139920
     agtataagac tagtggttta ttcgagggcc cacaacttcc acttctaccc tggcgtcaca    139980
     cagatcattt tctcttctca agtcattgta ttttcactgg tagtaaaaga ggataatatc    140040
     ttcatcttca aataaattag tgggagggat tcaaattatg agggaaaaga aaaattggtt    140100
     cttctgctgt agggaagggt tactgaaaat taaaggacaa cctactgagc tgaagagagc    140160
     tttggggttt ggtaatttgg ggtgtgaggt ggatcttcag gaatgccatg ggcttcaaga    140220
     ctagtgtgtc tctcccttag tatgttcctc ctcagtttga aaggacttcc tggtaaagga    140280
     ctgaaagaaa tgtccactcc atcatgtctc tgctgacacc tagcttctct tctccagtta    140340
     taagtccatt ttcctactgg ggtaacacaa gaaggaggaa gaatagctca ggggtcttcc    140400
     cttcacatct ctcctacaag gattgtgaaa tgtcatatgc ctcctcccat agacttagat    140460
     agacctaaaa ttgtcaacat gtgtccagat agttgcaaaa aatatataat ttccaacata    140520
     ttctccatat taacacttta aaataaaact gttaatcact catatgttca attcaatcta    140580
     aatatcataa tgttttgaca cccattatca ttaatttaaa aaatatacaa acaacctctt    140640
     tcttaatggt tggaaatttt acattgctct tttttcccac tttgaattca tatttttatt    140700
     ctacccccca tgtagaattt ttctttttct tttttttttt ttttttgagt tctcaaccct    140760
     ggttacatcc taatgtaatt tttttctttg ttcttggaaa tcttttattg agccacctat    140820
     tctgcttctt tgcaacaaaa tatgttctta cattgaattt ttaatttctt gttgtaagtg    140880
     taaaagttat atgggctggg tgcagtggcc cacacctgta ctcccagcac tttgtgaggc    140940
     tgaagcagga ggattacttg agcccaggag ttcaagacca gcctaggcac atagggaaac    141000
     ctcatctcta caaaaaaaaa aaaaattact ggacatggtg gctcctgcct gtagtctcag    141060
     ctacttggga ggctgaggta ggaggatcac ttgagcccag gaggtcgagg ctgcagtgag    141120
     ccatgatcgt gccactgcat gcactctacc ctggatgaca gagtaagatg ctgtctcaaa    141180
     aaaaagttat atggattaag ataggattac caactgttag agatcaaaat aatgtcagta    141240
     cagattggat atgccttatt tgaaatgctt gggaccaaaa gtgtgttgga tttcagatta    141300
     tcttggattt taaaatattt gtatatacat aatgagatat cttgaggccg ggacccaagt    141360
     ctaagcatga agttcactta tgtttcttat atacattatg cacatagcct gaaggtaatt    141420
     ttataccata tttaaaataa ttttatatgt gaaatgaagt tgtgttaagt acagtactta    141480
     catgtggcat catattggtg ctcaaaaagt ttcagatttt ggagcatttc agattttctg    141540
     atgagggatg ctcaatctgt aatacacatt ttggtaaata aaagtgtaag tttgtaatgg    141600
     taaaatttaa ctagaaatgc atctcttaat gagatggata gggactttat tttcccaatt    141660
     tcatgttgac aaatgttact tattgttaat gaatctgggc tgtatattat ttcaattaaa    141720
     aaattttaac atgaaagaac taaggaatct tgatcatata aatgaatgag aaaataaaga    141780
     cttgttgagg caacttcacc caatttttaa aatttcttct tagtcgtatg caaaactcac    141840
     ataatgggct attattaaat aatattttta ataatctgtc agctgacaac tcaagtataa    141900
     ggttcttctt caattttgtt gaaagcaaag aattagaaac caattgactt gcaaaactat    141960
     ttttatacat acattaggtt ctttcacttt gtttttagaa ctataccaaa gacttcacaa    142020
     agtcttataa aataactaat aattatacct gctgctcttt cccttagaga taccttgttc    142080
     atgaatctca aattagataa aactagggtt aaagaaaaac aaccccccac acacaaaatt    142140
     ggagatcaaa aatcaatagg ttcttaaaaa atatctcttc attttttatg tcatctggaa    142200
     gtgcctttta aaactatgac acagagatgg tgctgtatag tttacagttc atgtgtgtgt    142260
     gtgtttaatt tcattattgt acaaaattgt taattttata atcatgcatt tgatagatgt    142320
     aaaacagtgt gtcagcctcc aagcgggaga aattaatcca aaataaatga agctggattt    142380
     ctaaagttta gagcatcaca tccaagattg catttgggaa cattctgttt tgtatccata    142440
     cacaaatgaa tttctgtttt taagaacaca atttaatcta cttagtggaa atcaacagca    142500
     aaatgaagag aaggtattag ataattaata aatataggtt tacagaaatt ctattactga    142560
     ctgctattat gtgcattaat tacagcagaa tccacaaaac atttccatca aattaaatct    142620
     tactctagga ggtatatgat aaaaataaat aaatgaacag agaaataaca gcatactata    142680
     aactgttacc caaatagaaa aatatattta cactatccag aaatctttgg taaaagttaa    142740
     tgaaaatatt tcccctatta gttagaagaa gttcaagaaa acatacatta aaataccttc    142800
     aatatgtgtt tgttttactc caagatgtga tgttgatctg tgagaaatta attttgagcg    142860
     ttttgcctcc actgccttga aataatgcaa aataagcaac tgagctgggg gcagtggctc    142920
     atccctataa tcccagtgct ttgggaggcc aaggagggag gatcgctgga gcctgggtga    142980
     cagaataaga ctctctctct ctctctgtgt atatatatat atatttgcaa ctgaagcaca    143040
     gatgggacac aggtaagtgg gagaactcac caagctcttt gttagtattt agagtgtttc    143100
     atagaaagtt aatatttctt aacttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt acaaatttag    143160
     aatatcctag ctctgagaca aaaattggga acctcagcat gagtttgtca cctgaatgaa    143220
     ataaaaaaaa tcacgttgaa ggctggtgca gtaacatgtg cctgtagtcc cagctactct    143280
     ggaggctgag tcaggaggat cacttgagac cagaagttca ggaattcaag actggcttga    143340
     gcaacatagc aagacttcat ttcaaaacaa acagaaaaaa gccaccacct tcagtatttc    143400
     ttgccaaagc aaaggagcca tttgttcttt acgatggtca ggaaaggaag catcaaggtc    143460
     atcaaatgaa aaattttcag catttcagcc tctctgctca gggaaatatc tgaatctaga    143520
     atatcacaac atgagccaaa accgccccat ttctcatgcc acatgtcact cttaacacaa    143580
     ggttactcaa cctcgagcat ggttggcatt tggggctgaa taattctttt ttgtaggggg    143640
     ctgtcctggg cattgtagga tgctcatgag ctacctcagt ctctaccacc cactagatgc    143700
     cagtagcatt gacccctgat ctctctaccc aagttgtgac aactaaaacc atctctggat    143760
     aatggaggaa ccttaaatgc atattgctaa ggaaaagcca atctgaaagg attacatatt    143820
     gtatgagtcc aactatatgg taatctggaa aaggcaaaac catggagaca gtgaaaaggt    143880
     agtggttacc agtggtccat gggaagggtt ggatgaatag gtggagcaca gaggattttt    143940
     aaggcagtga aactattctg aatgatactg taatggtgga tacatgtcat acctttgtca    144000
     aaaccaataa aatataacaa ccaataaaac tgcacaaaga gtgaacccta atgtaaacta    144060
     tggacttaat aatgtatcaa tattggctca ccaattttaa caaatgtacc acactaatgc    144120
     aagatgttac taatagtgga aactggaggg aagagggctt gaggggacat acgggaactc    144180
     tctgtaattc ctgttcagtt tttctgtaac tgttaaactg tccaaaaaaa gtctgttttt    144240
     ataaatggag gcatggtttt atatggacta aaatactatg attgcctttt tattttacac    144300
     atggtgaaat tagagcagga catattttaa actcaaaatt cacaaaatta atttatgaaa    144360
     atgtttaccc agatcaagaa tattaaagaa acttagatta atattgttac cttgaattta    144420
     ttttactgag taatcctcta agactcctct acacattatt aatctagaag gatttttaaa    144480
     gtctttatga caattaatta ttggtctaca gtcaaattgc gtatccccat taactagagt    144540
     tatatttttc cattttctga tccaaaaact ttaggaacag gaaatgttta ttttagaaaa    144600
     caagaacact tcttaagcat ttgctgttaa cagttatttt cacatgtgct tgtacttatt    144660
     ttacacttgt cagaacatag tatttacctt tgaaccaagg ttttataata agcaagcact    144720
     ttttttattt agaagtcaca ttttccaagt agaaaaatca ttaaaaattc agtcctctga    144780
     aggctaattt ctttaaatca tttaacctaa ttgtttaagg tatagattgg aatttttctc    144840
     agcactctct tgaaaacagg tgacagtgga accctgttag gttcacaaat cctagacttt    144900
     gattatatag cccaggctca aatttttctc gaatgttacg aacattcaaa gcattaggag    144960
     tcttggtttc atttcttaat tttttttctt ctgggtatat ttgagactca tcttggattc    145020
     aaataaatta ataatagtct catgaaaccg ataaaaatgg gagctccatt gaacatgaga    145080
     gacattgatt cgtagtttct aacatcctcc aaatgaggag cccatcccta atttagatgc    145140
     ttctttcaaa ggaggctcct ttccttcgtt atccataata tagtcacacc agtcctgaaa    145200
     aaacatggaa cagactccag atctttatat ttcatactct aaagtcgtac aagccaatct    145260
     gcatttcctc tagtggaaac tgtatagctg gtcatctttc caggaccctt ttatcaagaa    145320
     acaatgcagc ttctacattt gtgctgcttc tacaccaaaa cagctggaat gtatatagta    145380
     tggttctgga tgctcttgta tacctcactc ttcatttctc acctaaccca tgtgctatga    145440
     tttgaatgtt tctcccctgc aaaactcatg ttgaaatgta attgccatga taacagtatt    145500
     aataggtgga atatttaaga ggtgattagg gtgggattgg tgatgttata aaagggtaag    145560
     ttcagcccct tcttgctctc tctgtcaccc ttccaccttc ctctgtgtga tgatgcaaca    145620
     aaaaagccct tcccagatgc cagcatcttg attttggact tctcagccta cagaactata    145680
     agccaataaa tttctgttat ttgttattag tctgtgatat tctgttacag tagcacaaaa    145740
     tggactatga caccatgtgt ttacacagaa agaaaaaaat atcatacggt aattgctcct    145800
     aaatatgcag agaatatgtt ctgatatcct tagtggatgc ctgaaactgc agatagtacc    145860
     aaaccttata tatactatgt tttttttccc atacatatgc atgttaaagt ttataagtta    145920
     ggcagagtaa gatatgaaca ataactaata atgaaataga aacgtaacga tgtgctgtaa    145980
     taaaagttat gtgactgacg cctctttttc ttcctctttc tttcaaaata tcttaatatt    146040
     ttcaagccat ggataactga aactgcagaa agtgaaactg tagataaact attaactcta    146100
     tttaaacaat aaaagaatta taattatatt cttgggaaaa ttaacaatta tccaaagtcc    146160
     ctttgcaaag ggaaaaaaaa tgcatgtatt ggaaaaaatc tcaaccacag ggttccctaa    146220
     gctttgcaaa caacaaatag catccaccta tccatcctca gagagcaaca gttttactgt    146280
     tatttagaaa aagcaactat ttcaggctgc aggttgtgca catcagcact tcccagctct    146340
     ctactaatat gggaaaactg actatccctg acttcagttt ttgtgaagct aaatgcctga    146400
     ctagagttta aactgaggct aattggagat cataaaattt tacagcttgc tagaggtgga    146460
     ccacaatttt gattggaaac tttccaccaa ccaattctaa aaggtgttaa tggtgactat    146520
     tttctaaaac aaatctgaag agtaactaat atgataagac cagaaatata tttctctggc    146580
     aagtccctat aaaaagaaag ctaggtaatt aaataatctc tcaacaatat tgttttagga    146640
     aacccaatag agagtttcac aggcctgttt cttatgggat tgctcaatgt aggtaaatat    146700
     tatcaaacca aaaagtaatt ttgtaacaga aattctacag agccccaata ccttacagaa    146760
     tgatgagtac aacagtagaa acaaatagaa gataacctag aaaaataaag cgaataactt    146820
     aatggcgtga gttaggttaa gaaaagcttc ctggaaaaag acatctgaat agaattttag    146880
     tagatatagc taggaattcc caagcaggta gaagaagggg gacattccag gcaaaggaat    146940
     catgtgaatg caaaggtagg gagtcatgaa tcaatatgtt cggttttttt gttgtttttg    147000
     ttttataaag agctataata ggctgggcac agtggctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc    147060
     tgaagcaggt ggatcacttg agcccaggag ttcgagacca gcctgggcaa catggcaaaa    147120
     cactgtctct acaaaaacaa aaaaaattat ccctgttcag tggtgtgcgc ctgtggtccc    147180
     ggctacctgg gaggctgagg cgagaggagt gctcaaggtg ggaggtggag attacagtga    147240
     gcagagatca caccactgca ctccagcctg agcgacagag agactctgtc taaaaaaaaa    147300
     aaaaaaaagc tataataaga tcagcttact agacaataca gtgaaatggg ggaagctaga    147360
     gaagagaggt gggcagtggc ctcttatgct acgtaagaga tttgacatca taaagtaagt    147420
     tgccagagtt ctgaatgagg gcattagaaa tagtaatgaa caggaaagca tacacttaag    147480
     agctgtctgc tgtctgggag gtggaattta cactgagtac tgagtaatag aatgaagggg    147540
     ttgagggaaa ggtaagaatc tagggtgagt gtaaatcttc tggttcaggg gataaacaac    147600
     aggaagtcat tgaaatctat tggcctatcc gcattttgaa attattttta ctcatgtaag    147660
     attctgtaac attatatggt cattaggaaa tatctgttta ctgaattatg gaggtattcg    147720
     aaatgttcaa acatttcatg caatatcaaa aactcaaact ggctgcagtg gcttatgcct    147780
     gtaatcccag cacattggga gaccaaggca ggagtactgt ctgagcccag gagttcaaga    147840
     ccagcctggg caacatggca agaccccatc tctacaaaat ttttttaaat ttgccaagag    147900
     tggagtgcac atctgtggtc tcagctactt ggaaagctga ggcaggagga tcacttgagc    147960
     ccataaggtt gagagctgca ttcagtgagc cctgttcatg ccactgcaat ccagccttaa    148020
     caacagagca agaccctgtc tcaaaaaaat attatattca ttaatgttgc tgctgatatc    148080
     agaaaaaatt ctaagtatcc cacagtagca gatacaagct tttcaaaatt ccaacttcta    148140
     cttttaaaag cttaaatttt agcactggca acaaatacaa ctagttgttt tccctaaagt    148200
     gatagtatca ctgtttattt tcaagaaaat gtctgccaaa ttcccaagtc tgaataatca    148260
     attttctgtc actttttttt tccaagtgaa aagatggtgt ttccatgaaa gaaaagaaaa    148320
     agtggctaat tcagcttgca actcaaacaa gtgtttttcc aaaagacaac tatatttcag    148380
     catgcagtag aagtgtttta tgggtacatc acattgtgtc acaaagaatt tttttaaatg    148440
     tgcttaaggg ttgagattta gtagaaaata atttttacaa cttcatcaag gacattattt    148500
     tagtaaaact gttttttttt tactacgaat gtgtggtggt gaagaataca atgactacta    148560
     ataaaatttg gtgccattgc cttaattcgt gctaagacac cagtcatttt acccaccatt    148620
     ggataaaatc caccattttt gcaccatcag tgcaaatgtt aacacagtta acacagttgt    148680
     tgaggataaa ccaccagatt caaaaaagtc atataacact tttaatgttt cagaacccct    148740
     gttgcccaga attcacataa aagaagatca tcaatggtca attgatgctg atacctgatg    148800
     aatgaaagca aaacaggatg tatagccatc tgtagatcag tccctttgta aggctaaggt    148860
     acaattcttt agatgatata ttaactcagt ctttatgttt gcagttaaat ctttaatttg    148920
     acaagttatt gcatcattgg aaaatgccag cactatgcat tcttgtggtg atttttcatc    148980
     cagcaggtat tcagcaatgt caactgttca agcctttatt agtctctctg tgattgtgtg    149040
     tgctcctcta gccaatacaa tatgatggct tatcctgtaa gaagctttta aagagtgtat    149100
     tacatctaca tttcggttat ttaattcctt tttttaataa attctgaatg attggtccca    149160
     aaatgatact gcaactttgt tggaaccata taagtgtttg aaaatgtttt actgcacaag    149220
     acacaatatg ataaattatt aacatctata aagctgaaca aaagatcact ttcaacatat    149280
     ttttgttgtg tatagttgtg ctcagtttct ttggaataga tttctccttt ttatgaggaa    149340
     tcagataact tgctgatatg tcaatgtcat ccttttcagc atctctagac ataggcaatc    149400
     tagacaccag aaaatgtgtt ttctcttctc cctttttaaa gccaaccatc caccctattc    149460
     agataaaatt ttttaattaa aaacattttt gaaaaatata ttattgcaaa acaacaaagt    149520
     aaacataatt tttgttatgt ttctgtgtaa aaggaaaaac tttaggattt aaaaatgatt    149580
     tcttggaaga taatgagatt acagagatta taacaggtat aactgaagat agctggtaag    149640
     agcatggtag aaaagaaata atttctgaaa actacatact tataccgtaa actcactacc    149700
     tttgaaaact ctagaaaata caatacacag gcacacaatc tgttaggtat cagagaaata    149760
     gtcatcacta ttcatcacat gccattgttg tctttggcga acccttctgt acacttatga    149820
     gagtgagagt aaaaaaaagg caaataacat cttaatttta tgaatatttt tgaccttgtt    149880
     gaccctctaa aaggatccaa gggatctctc cctcccaaca tccccaggaa tcctctgatc    149940
     acattttgag aactgttgga taagtcagtt aatattgcag gaacataggc tatcaccatg    150000
     gggaataaat gaaaccagat ctctacctca caccattaca aaaataaatt ttaaatgaaa    150060
     taaaaggcta aatgtgaaaa ggtaaaggtt taaagctttg ggggggaaat gtagaataac    150120
     tttattatct caaggtagat agcctaacaa taccacgtgc tgaagcagaa atgtgaagaa    150180
     atgggaattt gcatagaatc ttggtggaag ggttagtttt cccacttatt tcaactactt    150240
     atttcacata tgcagtgttg tacaaattta aagagacaag aatcctacag acaagcaatt    150300
     ctatgtttat atgccctaga gacctgaaga cattctcaaa tacaaaaaca aagaagtatg    150360
     cataaggatg ttcattgcag gtttgcttat aattggtgga aagtcagggg atgcccatca    150420
     gtgcataaaa aagtaaataa aattgtgttg cctttctaca ataaattgtg caaccattaa    150480
     aataaactaa atgtccatat ttcacaagga caattctcac aacataataa caaatgatat    150540
     gcactaactt taaactagta attgcatctg gtgagggaaa agaaaggtgg acctgaagtc    150600
     aggtgcaaac agcacaactg tatttgagta gtggttgcat gactgttgtt ccatgtattt    150660
     tctgtatgtt acaaatattt actattaatt ataacaacat aagatgtact ctaactcctt    150720
     catgctgcta attatagaat atctactttg ttgactaaac cctttagcat atatatatat    150780
     atatatatat atatagccta tttctgttaa tggttctttg gataaataac agttgacttt    150840
     gttcctctgc ttggtatttt aaaaaaccta ttagtttaca aatctcttac taattttagt    150900
     tttaatattt gtattgttaa gtattttaaa cacacagaaa ggcaaataaa cccccattac    150960
     ccaaacaccc agctttatta aatcttagta ttttgtccta tttgtttcaa tggttttttt    151020
     aataaatcag tgactacaat aaaattgata cctctgaatc cttccatttt cttttcactg    151080
     cccccagata taaccaccaa tgtgaagtca gttttatcat tgctatgcat gtttttaata    151140
     tttttactaa atgtttatga attcttaaac attatgaagc attatgttat agagttttta    151200
     agttttataa aatattatct aatactgtta ctttaagaaa acctgcagta accccttctg    151260
     aaaaagatta atcacacgta atttgttaca tattaaaata actgctccta aatagtgatg    151320
     tggccttggg caagctcttt caagtttctg tgagctccag cttttcctta tctgtgtggt    151380
     aaaagaatat gagactatgt ctgcgctctc tttcagatta taagtctcta taaattattc    151440
     aactcaaatg tccccatggg tttacttaaa ggatagtttt gtccacttat gaacaactgt    151500
     gtttcatcaa aatcagaatt tactgaatgt tcattcattt taactttttt aagtggtttg    151560
     tcacagaatt cctttcaatg ctgagatttt caaatatatt gcaaccatcg agaggacatt    151620
     cttgaatatt cactataagc ctgatgctat gcgaggtgcc agagatacaa gagggaactt    151680
     gacaggtaca gtctgtctcc cacaaagctt atggctgagt ttttaaaatg taattcaagc    151740
     ttttcaggaa tacagtcaat ccataaagca atagggagaa acatttccaa tatcaagagg    151800
     cactgatgaa tgaatgtgtg aataactaaa ttttgtaact ttttttgtag acataaaaat    151860
     aagcattcac tgtgtcatcc ttaaataaaa tcattggcag agtgtagcct ataaatgtct    151920
     ggaaatacct caccaaaggc tagaagacat tttgccagaa ggaagtaatg tttacatttc    151980
     tatattttgt ttctttttcc tctacatatg cattttgtcc tatgtctatg tctccttctt    152040
     aataggcttt gacatgaacc caaagcaaat gtttcctatt attttatcta tttattgaat    152100
     atacattgtt ttctgaatgc tattcctttc atttaccagt tctagtagtc tgggtttgct    152160
     cttatttctc tttactctaa aatggttttt ttaatctgta acacagaact tagtgcttgg    152220
     ttatatatag gtaggcattg ttttctaaaa acactggttt acaaaatgga atgtgcacac    152280
     tacagggaat gtgcaaatga tccttgagga tacaggaagg aagtgttaaa gtttctattt    152340
     attttggtaa cttataaact ttctatttgt tacagtgtga gttctggtgt atatagtcaa    152400
     gccatatgct agtacatggg ataatgtata aataaacatg taagtgtcga taagtactca    152460
     actctttttt actgagaggg ctttaggctt tttttttttt taagtttcaa taccacagtt    152520
     caaatgtgtg tgttggtctt atctatgtaa ttgttttgtg tgctctttca gggagtggtg    152580
     gtgtcttgtg tctcttactc tgtccaaagg accttgtatg tataaatgcg aataaatatt    152640
     tattgaactc cactaataaa tgattccatt cttcagacca tcaaactaag gactacgctt    152700
     tgaacatgct ttggaaacat tttcattaaa gccaaaatgt ctcagaaatg tttaattaaa    152760
     aaataaaatt ggccgggcgc agtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggagaccga    152820
     ggctggcaga tcacaaggtc aggagtttgg gaccagcctg gccaatatgg tgaaaccccg    152880
     tctctactaa aaatacaaaa attagccagg catagtggca ggcgcctgta gtcccagcta    152940
     ctcgagaggc tgaggcagga gaatcgcttg aacccaggag gtggaggttg cagtgagccg    153000
     agatcacacc actgcactcc agcctgggaa acagagtgag gctctgtctc aaacaaaata    153060
     aataaataaa attaaaaggg aagacaaaga tatttttctt tgtaccagta gaaggaagat    153120
     ttaatgaaaa ataaactgca atagtaaatt tagaagtaat actgaaagag caactgggaa    153180
     gtcttagatg aagttgtcac cagcttcttc aaagcaatga aatatccagt tgtcccattt    153240
     aattctcatt tggtataatt tttcattgat aagaataatt cataattaac cagcttacat    153300
     atgcttctta aattttagtg tacataagaa ttgctaagaa gtaggcttaa atgcaaattc    153360
     tcaggctcca gcccagggat cctaattcag cagttctaga ggttattcag aaatctgcat    153420
     tttcatgaag taccctggat gattctaatg gatgttgtct gtaacacaac tttcagataa    153480
     atgtcctgta taagcatatt ctatcttgcc attagccatg agaatttgat taaagaaaca    153540
     aatctaagaa cccaactact agtctattac tccaaccatt ccttcttgcc aactgtgatc    153600
     agaagtatga aaaaaacagc ccatgttctt ccttagagga agaccatatc ccaactgtga    153660
     aatggtccag acatcttgga actgaatatg gattgtgatc ctgatacccc caaccctcac    153720
     tgctcttcat ataccagctg agcatttcat aatatttatt cgataaacct ttccttggtc    153780
     ctgagcctcc ttgcttcccg acctactcca tgtagcctgg ctactcttat ttccatgagg    153840
     tgggctgtct tctggccctc ccatcatccc caacagatgt gaacatgagg gaccttggag    153900
     caggggtaga tactccagtg caaaaatagt ggacactcac ctcttctaag accttttatc    153960
     aatcattctc taaacacctc tcaaacatgt ccttcccttg tatttcctct ttcagtggat    154020
     taaaccactg tccactcaac tgtctgagtg agaagattgg attcagtgag ttttcaggtc    154080
     ctaccaagtc tatttcaaag tgtcatttca atgattttat ttcctttgct tctaaatagt    154140
     ggcatacatg gatatcaagt actgtagtgg gttcaaaatt ggagaaatgg attttgaagt    154200
     catctttttg caggtacaag agaagccata ttgagtcagt cagagaagag aagacaggaa    154260
     aagtagaata aaatctttag aatattcaaa gcattacaca aatgtaatgt tttattatta    154320
     actgtgactt cattttggtt ccaattctgt ccagagaaat ttgaatgctg gagttttggg    154380
     aattttaagg ctttgagcaa ggaacatttt atgatcctct gcttaccact tgtttattta    154440
     caacagaatt tcagcaatga agagaaagtt atttttgtag gaaaaaaaat cctacaatgc    154500
     ttacttcata caaattagtt gtgccttggg ttcagattaa catacacact caaaagactt    154560
     ggtgggctgt tatacggcaa cttatttatt tagctttgta gaggaatatt ggatatggaa    154620
     acatagcttg tcagcctgac agcattagac atcttcatca ggagtcttta tgtattctag    154680
     atgctgattc ttaaccctct catctcatgg gaatatgcat ggtcatagta gacaagacca    154740
     caggagtagg ggagaggcac gggggagcca ttctaggatg gaagaatctc tcacatgaca    154800
     ggaaccacat cttataccaa cccatgagtg aggattccaa gaaaacaggc atattcggat    154860
     tcaagaaaca caccataaca gagtccaggg cctacatttc ccaacaggtt ttcatacggg    154920
     tctggtcata taggtccacc aagtctaaat gcctgcccgc agtctgccca gcatagatgt    154980
     agttcaccaa ccaggggtca tttccacact tataaataaa taaataaata aataaatgtg    155040
     attttttaaa atacagctga catttcacat ttatccaaac agtacatttc aaagaaacag    155100
     taagtataag gtaaactgga gttcatcttc ccatgggaaa aaagagctta aaactgttgt    155160
     taaccctttg acctaccaac aaacattgct tactcccact caagagctca ttccagttag    155220
     gacacaacct ggtgacagcc cttcctggta gcaactactg agcattgcaa ggagaagaaa    155280
     ttgggatggg tgcctataaa gagaaaaact ctctttttaa ccttcaaatc taaagaaaat    155340
     caatccaaca agcatttgct gcaaacctag tgccaagcac tgccacatag gaagatgcat    155400
     ctgccatctg tcaagacaga ctgagggagg aatgggggta gagaccaatt agaaaacagg    155460
     aaaaaacgag accagctggg gacagctgca gcaaagcacc ctgaggatac taaacaccct    155520
     cagtatttag ctaggatggc ctaaaagagc taatctgaaa gaattcataa atcatatgga    155580
     tgcttctatt ataaattaga ggaaaggcag atttatacat catgaagcct ataaggtaaa    155640
     tattatctag tagtatgaac atagcttcac cacacagcct cctaaaaatc tatggatact    155700
     ttcctgaaag tacccctgaa ggcattcctc ctggattctg tgaagtaaat tagccctcaa    155760
     ggtgtaccca gcaagggctc aatagagtgc acaataaatg ctcaacacac atctatcttc    155820
     ctcccctccc actatccaag cttcatgcct acctcatgaa tctccaagtt cctttctctc    155880
     ctgtccctgg agcatagatg aatcagaatc cctgcttgcc accccattgg acaccttgaa    155940
     aagagaccct tggaatggct atgacaacac atcagtcctg gctacgagtg aaagaccctg    156000
     ggcatcagga agcctcaggc catgagctat tgaatgtcgc ttgtcacttt gccctttgag    156060
     gaccagaaat aaagcttcca gttcctgtga aatggcaaat aggtaggttc aggcttccag    156120
     ctccctcacc caaaattaat ttttgtaaag gtagagaagc aaaaggaagc aaggatctgg    156180
     ggagctggca acaccagaaa taagtataaa gtgtttttat atttgccagg agagacagaa    156240
     ctgctgtctt gagctggtgt gcgtagagaa tgggcagggc tgcatcctgg gagataagcc    156300
     acagtgggag aacaggctgc aggaagactt tttaatttct gcactatgtc cttcccaatc    156360
     ggcttgggac aattgttgcc tccccttcat acataaacag gctgcaacag gccaggctac    156420
     ttgtatcttc aaggtaaatc agtagggaac agatgaaact aggggtgagc ttttgggtat    156480
     tctcttctcc actactcacg accactgccc caactcccag cgctggtgaa tcccaacgtg    156540
     gagcacctgc ctactcccaa ctgtgctttt cctaggagtt gcctgaaaga gtagtggcaa    156600
     atggggagat ccacagtgtt tctgggctct ctaccagggc tggatctgga gggacacaga    156660
     ccagtatttg actttatctc ttccccatta cacattaccc cacagactag ctggtgccct    156720
     cctggagacg tgagctcaca gatcaacata atgatatggc taaggaacaa aaaaattgca    156780
     aaacatagac aacaaattaa caccatatac tatctaatgc agaattgtga agaagatgaa    156840
     ccaagaactt gaaacaaaat ggcaaatata cttaagataa tagaagatac cagcaacata    156900
     aagcaaaacc agtaactcac aaaaacaaag acagaatatt agatgttaaa actataacag    156960
     tagaagttgt aaatactata gattagacaa gtaccaggat aaatatagct gaagaataat    157020
     ttgtgaggta aaagataaga tgaaagataa tcccagaaga cagtaggaaa gaataaagac    157080
     atcaaaaata taaaagaaag ttcagcaaaa tgtatgctag aaatagaagt atcaacatct    157140
     gaatcataag agaactcaca gtgagaggaa aaaaatatat acgtgagaaa ataatgacta    157200
     ataaatttac aatttttttt taattatgaa agacctcaga gaaaagggtt caaaggatac    157260
     ttaacaggag cttcagaaaa atccacacct atgctcgtta tattgagaca aataaatatt    157320
     tttaaaactt agaaagaaga gtttatcaac tgggcacagt ggctcacgcc tataatccca    157380
     gcactttggg actttgggag gtagaggcgg gtggatcact tgcggacagg agttcgagac    157440
     cagcctggcc aatatggtga aaccctgtgt ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agccccgcct    157500
     ggtggcgtgt gcctgtagtc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaaacccg ggaggtggag    157560
     gttccagtgg gtgacagagt gataccctat cagaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaacagttt    157620
     acaaaggagt aagatcagat tgatgtcaga cttttcaaca gcaatgaatg caagaataaa    157680
     ataaaataat atttttatag tagtgaagga aaataaactg gagtttagaa ctttatatgt    157740
     atcaaaattg ctattcaagt gagatggcat aacaaattta ttatcatgca aagaatccaa    157800
     aggctcatat ttaaaacact cttggacgtg gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cactcttaga    157860
     ggaagtacac aaaaagagaa tcaaatcaag aaatttacaa caaatataag ggtgatttgt    157920
     caacaaatcc aggaccatat ttttaaaaga gggtaaatga atgtgtgtgt gtgtaatatc    157980
     tacttggtag gagaattggc attagaggga gggaagtaga aaatcaaaag aacataagag    158040
     tatgctaaag aacttaggag gcaagatata aatattaagg tagttaagac attttaaaag    158100
     gtaaatgctc actgtgttaa attaaaggca accaccataa gaacagaatc agtatgtata    158160
     acttttaata cagcagaaaa aaatcagtct atcaaatgga aagcaagaaa agggaagaaa    158220
     cattgtacaa taaaaacaga atgtgaaatg agttgcaaaa gtaaatcttt acttcagcag    158280
     ttaccaataa aagaacaaag gctctaataa tggaggaaaa agggaaccaa atcatgtgtg    158340
     atttataaca aatactcttt tttaactttt aagttcaggg gtaaatgtgc aggtttgttt    158400
     cataggtaaa cttgtgtcag ggaggtttgt tgtacagatt atttcattac ccaggtatta    158460
     agcctagtat acattagtta tttttcctga tcctctccct cctcccacct ccaccctcca    158520
     ataggcccat gtgtgcagtt cccctctgtg tgtccatgtg ttttcacaat ttacctccca    158580
     cttataagtc aaaacatctg gcatttgatt ttctcttcct acattatttt gccaaggata    158640
     atggcctcca gctccatcca tgtccctgca gaggacatga tctcattctt atttatatct    158700
     gcatagtatt ccatggtgta tgtgtatcac gttttcttta tccagtctat cattagtggg    158760
     catttaggtt gattccaagt ctttgatatt gtgaatagtg ctacagtgaa catatgtgtt    158820
     catgtgtctt tataatagaa tgatttatat tcctttgtgt atgttcccag taatgggatt    158880
     gctgggtcaa atggtatttc tgtctttggg tctttgagga attgccacac tgtcttccac    158940
     aatggttgaa ctaatttaca ctcccaccaa cggtgtaaaa acgttcattt ttctccataa    159000
     cctagccagc atctgttatt ttttgacttt gtaatagtag ccattctgac tgatgtgaga    159060
     tggtatctca ttgtggtttt gactttcatt tctctaatga tcagtgatgt tgagcttttt    159120
     ttcatatacg tgttggctgc atgtatgtct tcttctgaaa agtgttcatg tcctttgccc    159180
     actttttaat ggtttttttt tcttgtaaat ttatttaagg tccttataga tgctggatat    159240
     tatacctttg ttggatgcat agtttgcaaa attttctccc attctgtagg ttgtctgtcc    159300
     actctgttga tagtttcctt tttagtgcag aagctcttta gtttaactag atcctgttgg    159360
     tcagttttgc ttttgttgca attgtttttg gcatctttgt catgaaatct ttgccagtat    159420
     atcctgaatg gtattgccta ggttgtcttc caggattttt ataattttga gttttatatt    159480
     taagtcttta atccatcttg agttaaggtg gatggtgtaa ggaagggatg cagtttcaat    159540
     cttctgcata tggctaccca gttttcccag caccatttat tgaatagaaa atactttccc    159600
     cattgcttgt ttttgtcaga tttgttgaag atcagacagt cataggtgta gttttatttc    159660
     tgtgttcttt attctgttcc attggtctat gtgtctgttc ttgtaccagt gccatgttgt    159720
     tttggttact atagccctgt atagtttgaa gttgggtagt gtgatactgc taacgttgtt    159780
     ctttttgctt cagattgcct tggctattct ggcccttttt tgtttcacat gcatttttaa    159840
     atagtttttc tagctctggc cgggcacggt gcctcaggcc tgtaatccca ccactttggg    159900
     aggccgaggc agggggaatc acttgaggcc aggagtttga gaccagcctg gccaacatgg    159960
     cgaaaccatg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa ttagctgggc atggtggcgc atgcctgtaa    160020
     tatcccagct actcgggaga ctgaggcagg agaatcgctt gaacctggga gacagaggtt    160080
     gtggtaagcc gagatcgcac cattgcacac tagcctgggc aacaagagca aaaactccgt    160140
     ctcaaaaaaa taataataat aataatagtt tttctagctc tgtgaagtat ctcaatggta    160200
     gtttaataag aagagtattg aatctataaa ttgttttggg cagtatggcc attttaatga    160260
     tattgattcc tcttatccat gagcatgaga tgtttttcca tttgtttgtg tcatctctga    160320
     tttctttgaa cggtggtttg tagttctcct tgtagatatc tttcacctcc ccagttagct    160380
     atattcctag gtattttatt ttttttgtga caattgtgaa cgggagttca ttcctgattt    160440
     ggctctcagc ttgactgttg tttggtgtat aggaatacta gtaatttttg cacattcatt    160500
     ttgtattctg atattttgct gaagttgttt atcagcttaa gaagcttttg ggctgagaca    160560
     atggggtttt ctagatatag gatcatgtca tctacaaaca gggatagttt atctttctct    160620
     cttcctattt ggacgtcttt atttgtttct tttgcccaat tgccccagcc aggacttcca    160680
     acgctatgtt gagtaggagt ggtgagagag ggcatccttg tcttgtgctg gtttttaagg    160740
     ggaatgcttc caccttttgc tcattcagca agatgttggc tgtgggtttg tcatatatgg    160800
     ctcttattat ttttgaggta tattccttca atacctagtt tattgaaagt ttttaatatg    160860
     aatgcatatg gcaaatcctc ttaaagcaga aagatatgta aagattgaaa tttaaaaaca    160920
     gggaaaaaag atttacctgg tggcaaatat gacacaaaag aaagttgggc aacagtctca    160980
     atatgtaaca aaatagaatt gatttttttt tgggaggggg acagagtctt cctctgtctc    161040
     ccaggctgga gtgcaatggc acaatctcgg ctcactgcaa cctctgcctc ctgggttcaa    161100
     gtgattcgcc tgtctcagcc tcccgagtag ctgggattac aggtgtgcca ccatgcccag    161160
     ctaatttttt gtatttttag tagaaacagg gtttcaccat gctagccagg ctggtcttga    161220
     acttctgacc tcaggtgata tacccgcctc agcctcccaa agtgctagga ttacaggcat    161280
     gagctaccgt gcccggccta tgcactttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt    161340
     atttttgaga cagagtttca ctcttgttgc ccaggctgga gtgcaatggt gcgatcccgg    161400
     tacactgcag cctctgcctc ctggattcaa ccgattctcc ctactcagcc tcccgagtag    161460
     ctgggattac aggcatgtgc caccatgctc ggctactttt gtatttttag tagagttggg    161520
     gtttcatcat gttggttagg ctggtcttga actcctgacc tcaggtgatc cacctgcctc    161580
     agcctcccaa agtgctaaga ttacaagcgt gagccacgac gtccagcctg cactttattt    161640
     ttaaccttaa attctatttt gggccaggtg cagtggttca tgcctgtaat cccagcattt    161700
     cgggaggctg aggaggacgg attacctgag gtcaggagtt cgagatcagc ctggctaaca    161760
     tggtgaaacg ccatctctac taaaaataca aaaagattag ccggtcatgg tggcacgcac    161820
     ctgtaatccc agctactcgg gaggctgagg cagaagaatc gcttgaacct gggagatgga    161880
     ggttgcagtg agccaagact gtgccactgc actccagcct gggcaataag aacgaaactc    161940
     catctcaaaa aaaaataaaa ataaaaaaaa taaagtgcat aaaggacaaa agaaaagatg    162000
     ttcatataac ttttaaagaa acaagaagat atagtaatca taaatatata taaactcaac    162060
     aatacagcct cacaatttat aaagcaacaa gtgaaagaac tacagttaga agttgagttt    162120
     tttaaaaata catttgatga tttttacaaa ccctctctca aaaactggta gataaactag    162180
     accaaaaaga aaaaaaaaaa aaaagcagag ttcttgaagg gcaaaataat aaaattatat    162240
     aagttcaagc taattaataa aacctgaata aataagaaac tgatagactc tctcacatta    162300
     aaaatgacca aagagacatg aaaacttact gaaatgcttg attctggatt gcaggacaag    162360
     agactgggag tggctggagt tataaggttc tttattggga aaactggtaa aatttgaata    162420
     tgtactgtgg attagctaat attatatcca agttaaattt tcttaatatg actgtttttc    162480
     tgtgtttatg taagagaaca gccttgttct taggaaatac attgaaatat ttagcaggaa    162540
     aggggcatgt gtgtatgtaa ctccagactt cctaaccatt ttagagtaaa ccattttttc    162600
     tctctaatgt tttttcataa ccattttaga gtaagtccct aaaatggact taggaatatt    162660
     aatgtttttt aggaaaaaaa cagagaggga agcagagaca gagagaaaaa gaaagcaaat    162720
     atgacaaaat gttgcaaatc attgaatttg gacaagtgta cgtaagaatt ctttgtacta    162780
     ctcttctaaa attacttcaa aataaaaagt ttttaaatgt cacaagtaac ctgtgagtta    162840
     aaagaaaaat ataaagaata tgtagaatta aataaaaatt aaaacactgc atatcaaaat    162900
     gtgttagata tgattaaagc agaacttaga aggaaatttt ttacctttaa atacacttac    162960
     taggaaacac aaaaaaagac caaaatcaat aagctgagtg ttcaactcaa acgctaggta    163020
     aagaggaaga gaatacaccc aaaggaggaa ggaaatagta aagatagtca taaatgaaat    163080
     agagaactaa aaacaataaa atagatgaac aaaaacaaaa gctgcccttt gaaaagacat    163140
     ttctatttat tattccagga aacagaatga agaacaaaat ctgcctaggt tattgtttag    163200
     agaaattttt attacaaaaa caaacaagga aatacaagaa aggcaagttt tacgtccatg    163260
     ctttataaaa gtaaatacaa caacccaagt aaaatattaa ctaaataaca ccaacagtaa    163320
     atgtgtaact ataggatgaa caaatagggt ttatcccagg aatgcaaaga tgtttcacat    163380
     tttaaaaatc tctcaatata attcactata ttaggagatt aagaaggaaa atacaatgaa    163440
     atgagtcaat tctgataaac tattttttaa atgtaaaaaa ccatttatgt ttaaaaaata    163500
     aacttttaga aaaccaggaa taaaaggaaa cctactaatt tagtaaaggt tgacagcaaa    163560
     gacttctgga aaaattgagt agacatactt tttcctattc atctcactaa gtacaactaa    163620
     aaactctgga cattatatat atataaaaca aacataagaa gactctaaaa ggtggaaatg    163680
     agaaggcaga acagctagaa tctcaggatc tgaggaatga catactagtg agttccctgg    163740
     gctttctttt tgccacatat atgctgggct tggagctgaa gaaagtgaca atttggaaag    163800
     accaactggc acaaacaaac aaacaaacag aaaaagcccc aacaacactt acaacaaaag    163860
     ccctgatatc actagccaaa agaccaagac agaggcaggc aagcctgtca agccttagaa    163920
     agtaactgtt cagttctagg caaataccat agcaataact gtgactctac tgccattcac    163980
     accagaaaga ccaagtggga gacctaaact ttcaccctct tgaagctgta acaaggtgct    164040
     ccaacatcac tctgcagtgg tatccaagaa gaccaattag gaagctaaga atttcatttc    164100
     tgcaagccag taatggggcc ccctctctaa gatgtcaatg gagatggggg cggggggaga    164160
     acacctgccc agaaataatg aaaatggcta aaagaagtta tctaaacaga atggaaatga    164220
     taaaatagga accttggaac atcaaggaag aagatagaac aaggtaagca aatagatggg    164280
     taaatacaat aaatttttct tctcctctta agttttctaa agtatgtttg atggttgaag    164340
     ccaaaattat aacactgatg tggttctaaa tgtatgtaga ggaaacattt aagacaatcg    164400
     tattttcagt gaggaggata aagggatggg acataaatta ggaaggtaag atttttatta    164460
     tttactcaaa atggtaaatg atgactccag cagactgtga caagttacat gtatatgtaa    164520
     tacttaaagc aaccacttaa aagttatgca tcaatacact caaaaacact gtagataaat    164580
     aaaactggcg ttctaaaaaa tgcccaagta agccacagaa agtcagaaaa gagtaaacag    164640
     agatgaaaac tggagagaac aaacaaaata aatgaaaaac aattaagccc ttcatgttac    164700
     tacaggttgg attgtgtccc acagaatccc atgttgaagc cctaaccacc aatgggacta    164760
     tatttggaga tagggccttt tacagaagta attcaggtta aatgaattca taagggtagg    164820
     gccatgattc aataggatta attcaatagg aagagaaacc agggtatgct ctcttgctct    164880
     ttctccctcc cagccttcct ctctctttct ctctcactct gcccccagaa gatggcaact    164940
     ctctctataa gccaggaaga gcccttacca gaagctgacc atgctggcgc cttgatctca    165000
     gacttccaac ctccagaact gtgagagaat atatttctgt tgtttaagcc acctagtttt    165060
     attttgttat ggcaccccaa gctaatacat atatcaataa ttacattatt cctaatacaa    165120
     agaaatgata aattcttgag gtggtagatg ccccaattac tctgatttgg tcattgcaca    165180
     ttgtatgcct gtaactaaca tcacatgtac ctcactaata tatacaacgg ttgtgtaccc    165240
     ataataatta aacataaaaa ttaagaaaaa aaattacact aaatgcaaat gatctaaata    165300
     cctcaattaa gaaacccagt tcaggccagg catggtggct tacacctgta aacccagcac    165360
     tctacaaaaa aaaacaaaca aacaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaaaa acccagttca    165420
     aatataacaa tataggccag gctcagtggc tctcagcact ttgggaggct aagccaggtg    165480
     gataatttga ggtaggtcag gagttcgaga ccagcctggc ctacatggtg aaaccccgtc    165540
     tctactaaaa tacaaaaatt agccaggcat ggtggtgtgc acctgtggtc ccagctactc    165600
     aggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcgcttgacc ctggaagaca gaggttgccg tgagcagaga    165660
     ttgtgccgct gcactccagc ctaggtgaca agatgagact ttgtctcaaa aaaaacacaa    165720
     aacaaacaaa aacaacaata aaaccacaca aatataacaa cataggcagg ttaaaagtaa    165780
     aaggatggaa aaagacacaa catgttttcc ttaattagag gaatacagga gtgagtgtac    165840
     tactctcaga taaggtaaac ttcagagcca aaacaaaaaa aattaccaga gaaagataag    165900
     gacgttttat aataatagaa gggtcagtct atcaagaaga cattgcagtc agaaatgttt    165960
     atgcccaaaa caccagagct gtaaaatatg tgaagcaaaa actgacggaa ctgaaagaaa    166020
     aaatagaaaa tccacaatta taattggaga catcaacaca actctcacaa ctattaataa    166080
     aactagaaag aaggcaggga gtggtggctc aggcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc    166140
     gaggggggtg gatcacgagg tcaggagatc gagaccatcc tggctaacac ggtgaaaccc    166200
     cgactctact aaaaatacaa aaaattagct gggcgtggtg gcgggcgcct gtagtcccag    166260
     atactcggga ggctgaggca ggagaatggc gtgaacctgg ggacggagct ttcagtgagc    166320
     tgagatcctg ccactgcact ccagcagcct gggggacaga gcaagactct gtctcaaaaa    166380
     aaataaaaat aaaaaaataa aaactagaaa gaaaatcagc aaagatgtag aagagctcaa    166440
     taacaccatc aaccaacagg atcaaatcca catttacagg acactccacc catcaatagc    166500
     agaatacaca ttggctcttt tttgttgttt ttcttttccg gttttactag gtgcaagggg    166560
     tacatatgca ggtttgttac atgggtaaat tgcgtgtcac aagggtttgg tgtacagata    166620
     attttaaaag aatttaaatt atacaaactt ttctctgact acaatggaat caaattagaa    166680
     atcaataacg gaaagacagc agaggaaaaa tcatcagcat aatacccgat aggtgctttt    166740
     tcaatcatca ctgtcctccc accctccacc ctcaaatagg ccccagtgtc tatttttccc    166800
     atc                                                                  166803