ID   AL662845; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 97128 BP.
AC   AL662845;
DT   19-DEC-2001 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 21)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone CH502-136A3 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-97128
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Johnson C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; d1b1135aa9f37e1391738a0b13db2d19.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000251.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q5SP00; Q5SP00_HUMAN.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   CH502-136A3 is from a CHORI-502 human bac - COX cell line library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..97128
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-502"
FT                   /clone="CH502-136A3"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    45860..45864
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 97128 BP; 27370 A; 21016 C; 21520 G; 27222 T; 0 other;
     gaattcataa gggtagggcc atgattcaat aggattaatt caataggaag agaaaccagg        60
     gtatgctctc ttgctctttc tccctcccag ccttcctctc tctttctctc tcactctgcc       120
     cccagaagat ggcaactctc tctataagcc aggaagagcc cttaccagaa gctgaccatg       180
     ctggcgcctt gatctcagac ttccaacctc cagaactgtg agagaatata tttctgttgt       240
     ttaagccacc tagttttatt ttgttatggc accccaagct aatacatata tcaataatta       300
     cattattcct aatacaaaga aatgataaat tcttgaggtg gtagatgccc caattactct       360
     gatttggtca ttgcacattg tatgcctgta actaacatca catgtacctc actaatatat       420
     acaacggttg tgtacccata ataattaaac ataaaaatta agaaaaaaaa ttacactaaa       480
     tgcaaatgat ctaaatacct caattaagaa acccagttca ggccaggcat ggtggcttac       540
     acctgtaaac ccagcactct acaaaaaaaa acaaacaaac aaaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca       600
     aaaaaaaacc cagttcaaat ataacaatat aggccaggct cagtggctct cagcactttg       660
     ggaggctaag ccaggtggat aatttgaggt aggtcaggag ttcgagacca gcctggccta       720
     catggtgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaatac aaaaattagc caggcatggt ggtgtgcacc       780
     tgtggtccca gctactcagg aggctgaggc aggagaatcg cttgaccctg gaagacagag       840
     gttgccgtga gcagagattg tgccgctgca ctccagccta ggtgacaaga tgagactttg       900
     tctcaaaaaa aacacaaaac aaacaaaaac aacaataaaa ccacacaaat ataacaacat       960
     aggcaggtta aaagtaaaag gatggaaaaa gacacaacat gttttcctta attagaggaa      1020
     tacaggagtg agtgtactac tctcagataa ggtaaacttc agagccaaaa caaaaaaaat      1080
     taccagagaa agataaggac gttttataat aatagaaggg tcagtctatc aagaagacat      1140
     tgcagtcaga aatgtttatg cccaaaacac cagagctgta aaatatgtga agcaaaaact      1200
     gacggaactg aaagaaaaaa tagaaaatcc acaattataa ttggagacat caacacaact      1260
     ctcacaacta ttaataaaac tagaaagaag gcagggagtg gtggctcagg cctgtaatcc      1320
     cagcactttg ggaggccgag gggggtggat cacgaggtca ggagatcgag accatcctgg      1380
     ctaacacggt gaaaccccga ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa attagctggg cgtggtggcg      1440
     ggcgcctgta gtcccagata ctcgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg aacctgggga      1500
     cggagctttc agtgagctga gatcctgcca ctgcactcca gcagcctggg ggacagagca      1560
     agactctgtc tcaaaaaaaa taaaaataaa aaaataaaaa ctagaaagaa aatcagcaaa      1620
     gatgtagaag agctcaataa caccatcaac caacaggatc aaatccacat ttacaggaca      1680
     ctccacccat caatagcaga atacacattg gctctttttt gttgtttttc ttttccggtt      1740
     ttactaggtg caaggggtac atatgcaggt ttgttacatg ggtaaattgc gtgtcacaag      1800
     ggtttggtgt acagataatt ttaaaagaat ttaaattata caaacttttc tctgactaca      1860
     atggaatcaa attagaaatc aataacggaa agacagcaga ggaaaaatca tcagcataat      1920
     acccgatagg tgctttttca atcatcactg tcctcccacc ctccaccctc aaataggccc      1980
     cagtgtctat ttttcccatc tttgtgtcca tgtgtatgca attagctggt tttttgctcc      2040
     tgcggtaatt tgtttaggat tatggcctcc agttccatct atgttgctgc aaaggccatg      2100
     atcccatttt ttatagctgt gtagtatttc atggtgtata tgtaccacat cttctttatc      2160
     cagtgcactg ttgatgagca ctggataaag aaatctaggt tcattccatg tctttgctaa      2220
     cgtgaatagc agtgtgatga acatgcatgt gcatgtgtct ttatgacaga acaatttata      2280
     ttcttttagg tatataccca acaatggaat tgctgggttg tatgggaatt ttgctttaag      2340
     ttctttgaga aatctccaga ctgctttcca cagtgcctga actaatttac attaccccca      2400
     atagtgtaca agtgttcctt tttctccaca accttgttag cacctgttgt ttttgacttt      2460
     ttaacaatag ccattctgac tggggtgaga tggtgtctca tcattgtttt gatttgcatt      2520
     tccctaatga ttagttatac tgagcatttt tttcacatgc ttgttggccg cacagaatat      2580
     acattctttt gaagtgtcca tgcaacatat accaagttgg actatatcca gggccataaa      2640
     acaaatattg ataaatttaa aagaatataa attatacaga atgtgttctc tgactacatt      2700
     ggaatcaaac tagaaataaa taacagaaag atgacagagg aaagtcaaga aactaagcga      2760
     aaacttttaa atactctacg agtcaaaaaa taaatctcaa aggaaattta aaaatacact      2820
     gaattgaaag aaaataagaa tacaacatat caaaaatttc taggagagac aacccacaga      2880
     atgagagaag atatttgcaa actacccctc taacaaagga ttaataacta gaatatataa      2940
     ggagttcaga caactctata ggaaaaaaga gttcaatagt ccaaacaaaa aatgagctga      3000
     tctgaataga catttctcaa aagaagacat acaaatggca atcaggctta tgaaaggtgc      3060
     tcaacattat gaatcatcag agaaatgcaa atcagaagtt caatgagata ttatctcact      3120
     tcagttaaaa tagcttgtat gcaggctgga cacggtggct cacacctgta atcccagcac      3180
     tgagggaggc cgaggcgggc agatcacctg aggtcaggag ttcaagacca gcctggccaa      3240
     tatggtgaaa ccctgtctct actaaaaata caaaaattag ctgggcatgg tgggccatgc      3300
     ctgtagtccc aactacttgg gaggctgagg cagaagaatc gcttgaacct gggagatgga      3360
     ggttgcagtg agcagagatt gggccactgc actccagcct gggcaactga gtaagactcc      3420
     atctcaaaaa aaaatggctt gtatccaaaa gacaggcaat aacaagtact ggtgagtatg      3480
     tggagaaggc tttgtacact gttggcagga atataaatta gtacaaccac catggagaac      3540
     agcttggaag ttcctccaaa aaaattaaaa ttgagctacc atatgatcca gcaatcccac      3600
     tgctgggaat atacccgaaa gaaagaaaat tagtatttca aagagatatc tgcactccta      3660
     tgttaattgc agcattgttt acaatagcta agacttcgga gcaacctaag tgtctatcga      3720
     cagatgaatg gataaagaaa atgtggtaca tacatacaat ggagtactat ttagctagaa      3780
     aaaagaatga tatccagtta tttgcaacaa catagatgga actggagatc attatgttaa      3840
     gtgaaataag ccaggtacag aaagacaaac atgacatgtt ctcatttatt tgtgggatct      3900
     aaaaatcaaa acaattgaac taatggacat agtgagtaga aggatggtta ccagagcctg      3960
     agaaaagtag tggatagctg agcggggagg tggggatggt taatgggtac aaaaaaagta      4020
     gaaagaatga atatgaccta ctatttgata gcacaataga gtgactatag tcaaaaataa      4080
     cttaattgta tatttttaag ttacttaaag aatgtaattg aattgtttgt aactcaaagg      4140
     ataaatgctt gagggaatgg ctaccccatt ctccatgatt tggttatttc acattccagg      4200
     cgtgtatcaa aacatctcat gtaccccata aacatataca cctaccatga acccacgaaa      4260
     tattttcaaa ataataaaaa aaattatagg acacagctaa accagtgctg aaagggaaat      4320
     ttatagcatt aaatgcatac attaaaaaga agaaaaactg ggtgctactt gggaggctga      4380
     ggcaggaaag gatcacttga gcccagtagt tcgaggccag cctgggcaac ataaggagac      4440
     cttgtctctt taaaaaaaaa aaaaagtaca caaattaata attcaaactc tcatctcaag      4500
     agcccagaaa aagaagatca aaatacatcc aaagaagaaa ggaaggccga gcactgtggc      4560
     tcacgcctgt aatcccaata gtttgggagg ccaaggcagg tggatcactt gagctcagga      4620
     gttagagacc agcctgccca acatggtgaa tctctgcttc tactaaaatt acaaaaaatt      4680
     agccaaatgt ggtggcaggc gcttgtagtc ccagctacct ggaaggttga ggcaggagaa      4740
     tcacttgagc ccaggaggcg gaggttgtag tgaggtgaga ttgcaccact gcactccagc      4800
     ctgggccaca gagtgagaca caaaaagttg cttctttgaa aagatcagtc aactgatgaa      4860
     cctctagcag actacactga caaagaagaa agaaagaata tagaaatgtc cacagggaat      4920
     atccctacac accctgcaga catcggaaaa acataaatgg tgctggaaca attgaacatt      4980
     caagggccat aggaggagag aaagacaaca aggaggaaaa gaaggaggag cagcagttta      5040
     atctaagact cataccttct gcaaaaattg actcaatatg gattacaaac ttctatgcaa      5100
     aatgtaaaac tataaaactt ttagaataag ataggggaaa atcttctgaa tctagatctg      5160
     ggcaacaagt tcttagattt gacaccaaaa acatgatctg taaaatgaaa aaatggatat      5220
     attagacctg attaaaacta aaaactgttg ctctgtgaaa gacttgtaaa ggaatgaaaa      5280
     ggcaagctac ataatggaag aaaatatttg caaatcatgt atccaacaaa ggactagtat      5340
     ctagaatata taacaactta tcaaaactca ggccaggccc cctggctcat gcctgtaatc      5400
     ccagcacttt gggaggctga ggcgagtgga tgacttgagg tcaggagttt gagaccagcc      5460
     tagccaacat ggtgaaactc tgtctctact aaaaatacta aaaattagct gggcgttgtg      5520
     gcacacgcct gtaatcccag gaggtagagg ttggggtgag ccgaggtcat gccactgcac      5580
     tctagcctga gtgacagagt aagactccat ctcagaaaaa aaaagaaaaa aaatcaacag      5640
     tttgaaaaaa attaattaga aaatgggaaa aattcatgaa gagacatttc attaaaagga      5700
     tatacagatg gcaaataagc acatgaaaag atgttcgata tcattagcca ttaaggaaac      5760
     gcaaattaaa accacaataa gatctcacta cacacatatt agaatggctg aaataaaaaa      5820
     tagtgacaat aagccaggcg cagtggctca tgcctgtaat cccagaactt tgggaggctg      5880
     aggcaggcgg atcatgagga caggagattg agaccatcct ggctaacatg gtgaaacccc      5940
     atctctacta aaaatacaaa aaattagccg ggcgtggtgg cgggcgccta tagtcccagc      6000
     tacttgggag gctgaggcag gagaatggcg cgaacccggg aggtggagct tgcagtgagc      6060
     caagatcgca ccactgcact ccagcctggg caacagtgca agactccatc tcaaaaaaaa      6120
     taaaaaaaat agtgacaata ccaaatgcct gtgaggatgc agtaaaacaa tcactcgcac      6180
     attgctggtg caaccactct ggaaaacact ttgacagttt atttaaaaaa ctaaaaatgc      6240
     aaccaccata caattcagca ggtacactcc tgggcatttg ctccagagac attaagactt      6300
     atgtccacac aaaaacttat attcatatca gccaaatctg gaaacaaccc agatgtgatg      6360
     gacagatggc taaactaact gtgctatacc cataccatat aatacaacta ggcaataata      6420
     aattattgat atatgcaaca accttgtatg atctccagag aaatacattg agagaaaaaa      6480
     aagtcaatcc caaaagtgta tatactatat gtttccattt attaatcatt tgttttaaaa      6540
     tgacaaaaaa aaatttgtct tgaagtgaca aagtcataga aatggataag agattagtga      6600
     ttgctagaca ttaaggaggg tatgggatgg tagggaagtg ggtgtgtcta gaaaagggca      6660
     aggtgaagaa tccttgtgat catagaagtg ttctgtattg tggctgtatc catgtatcct      6720
     aattgtgata ttgtaccata gttttgcaaa atgttaccat caagggaaac tgggtaaagg      6780
     atacacagga ttgtttttat tatttcttac cactgcatgt gaatctacaa tatacagcaa      6840
     aatttatact taatggagaa tatttaggtt tatttccttt aagagtaatg ctcattatca      6900
     ccctactgtt tgacacagca ttgaagatcc tagtcaacaa catgaaaaat aaaacactaa      6960
     ggattaagag ggaaaacaca aaacaatgct cgcagatgat actattatct acctggaaaa      7020
     agagagagac agagagaata tcaataacaa caatgacaac aacaacaaca aaaaccccac      7080
     taaaaccaat aagaggatcg agcaaggttg tcccatataa gatcaactta caaaaattat      7140
     taatttctaa tatttgaaaa tcatatatca gtatttgaat atcatatatc caataaaggg      7200
     ttaatattca gaatatgtaa agaactcata aaacccaaca ataattgttt atacaaacag      7260
     ttaaaaaggg ggcaacaaac ttcaacagac atttttccaa agatgatata caagtggcaa      7320
     acacacatat gaaaagatgc tcagcattac ttattattag agaagtgcaa attaaaacca      7380
     taacatcatc taattctcat tagcatggct actataaaaa tgaaaggaaa aaggaaagaa      7440
     gggagggaat gaaggaggga gcaaatgaag gaggaaagga aagaaggaag gaaggaagga      7500
     agggagagag ggagggaaga aataagtgtt ggtgaggatg tagagacatt agaaccttta      7560
     tatgcaatgt tcgtgggatt gtaaaatgtg taactgctat gggaaacagt acggcagttc      7620
     ctcaaaaaat cagtagtaaa actactatat gacccaagag tccacttctg ggtataaatg      7680
     caaaagaatt gaaagcaggg acttaagcag atattttccc ccatattcat agcagcacta      7740
     ttctcgatag ccaagaggtg gaagcaacaa agatgtccat agacagatga atgggcaaac      7800
     aaaatatggc atatacatac agtagcttat tattcagcct aaaaaggaag aaagcactct      7860
     tacatgctgc aacaagtatg aattttaagg acattaagct aagtgaaata agccaatcgc      7920
     caaaagacaa aaactccatg attgcacttg tacagggtat ctgaagtagt cagattcata      7980
     gaaacagaat gtagagtgat agtagccagg ggctagagga agagagaaat gaggagttgt      8040
     tgtttaatgg gtgtagagtt ctggttttgc aaggtgaaaa ggagttctgg agattggttg      8100
     cacaaaaatg tgaatatact taacactgct gagctgtaca cttcaaagtg gttaagacgg      8160
     taaatgttat ttttttaacc acaatttttt aaattagata cattcttcta catcagaaat      8220
     tactgattca aaagtagaat tgcaataaga taccaatcac aatagcagca aaagctacaa      8280
     catgcctaag aattaactga gcatactcag gactactatg aaaaagtaaa gtttaaaaac      8340
     cataataaag agcaaacaaa atgatttcaa taaatgagaa aacatcctgt ttttgcatgg      8400
     tatgatttag taataaaaac aagtcagtta accccaaatt tctataaatt cagtataacc      8460
     acaatcaaaa ttcaagtggg gaagacagaa ctagaagtga gtgtcctccc aaactcccca      8520
     gtaggaaact acaaacttag tttctgttgc tactatgcgc ttgtcattgt ccaaggccaa      8580
     aagaagccca gattttgcac ctctctctcc accccacaac attgacgttt ttccttcttg      8640
     ttgtgaatgt acttcctgtc ctccatctgt ccttctggac ccactctcaa tacttctgca      8700
     cctggggtct gcctcaggtg ctgacctgca tgacattgaa tggctcccat gctccctggc      8760
     ttcttcttgc ttccagcatc agcctaagag cagagggaag aggggagtga ggtcagtgtt      8820
     tctaatccct tggcttcctc cctacaaggt caccttaagc tgttgtgtcc cttgactgaa      8880
     gggcactgcc cttggcaagg tggtgactgt acagggcttg ctgtccttct gagtcctgat      8940
     aaccccttct gtccccggcc tctttggacc ttggggtagt aacagctatc ctccacccag      9000
     ttctttgtaa atactttgct aataaataaa ctttccttga aatgtcctat ttcgagtatg      9060
     ccatctgttt tctgttgaga ctctgataca ataaaagcca tttctttatt ccctgcccca      9120
     gaccagcacg gccaggggcc tcttagaagc ctcatatgaa atggaagagg aagggtctgg      9180
     agaaacaagg agccccccat ctgggagtag tctctatagg tttggggcct ctccactctc      9240
     tgaaacccct ggagactggt ctggccaagt agtggcagga agcaccacgg agaaatcccc      9300
     catgccttgc ttcaaggcag ttggagggct cttgggaatg acagacactc aagccaaaaa      9360
     aaaaaaggat ttgaggatgg ggttgaactc caccctcgtt tttcatctga tttgcccaat      9420
     tttactttgg aaagagaaaa acttgagaaa atggcctaaa gataattttc ataaatagac      9480
     attgggatta aatgtcaatc ttgtctgttt ctttcacatg catgtgttcg tgggtaggga      9540
     ggcaaagaga acctggaacc taggaacatg ctctccctca gggaaaaaaa aaatgccaag      9600
     gataccacct cccgtggtgt atttgagatt tattctcatt gtctttaatg gtcaaaagaa      9660
     gaagctcaaa tgtggggtca acgcgtttct ctaaaatatt gttatctgcc ccaagtgttg      9720
     aaggaactcc ctgcactgtg tgtgcccttg ttaacacagg cccagttctt tcatgggagg      9780
     ggaggtggac tagatgacct ttaaaaccaa ttctagctcc aagttcagct tttaaaacaa      9840
     caagacattg aagggcgaaa acaattcttt gtgcagcttg gattatgtat aacccgaaag      9900
     tccagctctc tctctcttcc cccgctcccc tccctccctc tctctatgtc cctctccttc      9960
     tttctcccac tccacttctc tcctctcacc cttttgctcc ctctctctta ctctcttcca     10020
     ctccttctct ttttttcctc tctttctctc acatgtgctc aagtgcacac acacacacac     10080
     acacacacgc actccttttt tggcaatcca ttatgtttac attccattct cctcatgcag     10140
     catccattct cttctcctca tcctcctaca attggtgcac catcaccctt cttccacctt     10200
     cctttcaagt accactcatt cccctgtgta agaactcccc tttctaccta tagtattctg     10260
     actttctgga tcctagcaga cctacatata cttttcccta ttccttacct ggaaggggac     10320
     agcctttcct ataaaacaaa aaacctacaa agttagggca gagaaaagcc tgcactggaa     10380
     atctctagaa aaggaactgg aagccgtccc attagctaac tctctacttc ctttctctgg     10440
     gatcctgtca ctttgattcc cactgctgtg actagaacta gacccttcag atctgcagct     10500
     tctcctttaa aactgtccag ataggcctag tgcggtggct cacgcctgta atcccagcac     10560
     tttgggaggc tgagcaggtg gatcacttga ggtcaggaga tcgagaccag cctgaccaac     10620
     atggtgaaac cgcatcccta ctaagaaaat acaaaattag ccaggcgtgg tggtgcacgc     10680
     ctgtaatctc agctacttgg gaggctgagg caggagaatc gcttgaacat gggaggcaga     10740
     agttgcaata agccgagatc acgccattgc actccagcct gggcaacaag agcaaaactc     10800
     tgtctcgaaa aaaaataaat aaataaaata aaaataataa ataaaactgc ccagatatag     10860
     acaaggccca aagcccccca ttcctagact aaactagaat ttcaaaagga atttgctttg     10920
     tcaaacaaac aaaaataaaa acaaaaacag tgaatagaaa aaaatgaaaa tgaaacataa     10980
     aaatggtaaa atgtagagat taagttcctt tcactgactt cttctgttaa ccccttccag     11040
     aagagatgct ctaattccaa ggatgcttct gaagaaatta tggaggtgtt ccaaatcaac     11100
     tcatttcttg gtttcttttt cttacccata ttctagtatc tagctctaat tccaaaaaca     11160
     attccacacc ctaggtttct gtgtccagca ggtgtcgccc ttcgtgggac aacaaaccac     11220
     cagccagcat cctctcttcc ttagggtgga gtccattccc ccaaagggct ctccttggtc     11280
     ttggggtaga agggaatgga acggtggctc tgaagagatg tgtgctcacc agcatgaggg     11340
     tcttcagaat aaagtaatct gctacttcca gctcaggtag acaaacatcc tacagaaatc     11400
     tgttctttga ccttggacaa gtcacttaaa tgtctctgag cctcacatct tttgtctgta     11460
     acatagaggg aaacaatctg tcccttgtgt ggttattgtg agaagagaat gagctacaaa     11520
     tataaaggtc tgagaccagt gcctaagaca taataatcac tcaagctatg ttcccttctg     11580
     cattcagggt atgaaagaaa taactgtcta gaactcaatc tggagttaag ctctgtcccc     11640
     tgaatcctga ggggtatgag gggtctgcct tacggttgtg atgaggatca aagcacctgg     11700
     tacaatgcct ggccagaaag ttgaataatc gaatatagct aacgtcacta ttgcaggctg     11760
     gctatgtgcc tggcggtgtt cttagccatt tacaagtatg aactcattta atcctcataa     11820
     gatcctgtat gaggtgagta agctgttaat tcccttcctt gcccatactc tgtgactcca     11880
     acccaccaca gttgaatttc tccttatgaa ttataaatca gaaaacggcc ccaaattctg     11940
     tcatgtctaa gtgggaaaat ggaagaaggc attgatttct cccctactca agcagaagag     12000
     aattaacctc agtccctgct ttgcccatat tccttcccca gggccccagg aagaagacat     12060
     ggaaaaacaa tatttccacc aaagtttatt tctctgaaac aatcaccagt tgctgtcctc     12120
     tatggcacac tgagagcccc aggagggtct ttaactccct tcctcagatt atattcatcc     12180
     cagaaatata gccttggaca ataatttggt tacagcatag tcccaggaat gaggtccccc     12240
     aaattgctaa gttttacata ggggagactg ggaaattcaa agaattggat ggagaaacca     12300
     taggatccaa gataatgtca gggggttgaa gatattggag aggcatggta gcatcattga     12360
     gtttgaatct ccttctcact tggagtggaa gttgtaggat tctgcctcta ggaaatgtgc     12420
     catcctacag aataaataaa agggagataa tgaggcttca acccaacttg cccccatcgt     12480
     ttgtcactgt aaccatccca tgccttaata cagtgatact gaaaactcca gggcaccaac     12540
     aactaataca aaggaagcac cttcagcctc ctctccacag acatcccact tggtagaaga     12600
     ggaggatgct ccttcctgct cttaatccta gcaatggcag cttaaatcat gcccttgcct     12660
     agatcctcat ggaagctcac ccatataata atcaagatta gttgaaccca acactgaccc     12720
     ctctaacccg cacccctacc aaagggcaag tagggaaaca gaccaacaga gatgttacct     12780
     tctgaataat tggacccagg aagaggagtg taacctaaga gaggaagata cttgattata     12840
     ccagtctttg tggatgaaaa tatctagcag tattcatagc aaatgcagta ggaaggagag     12900
     agttaatcac aaacagaaag taagcagaga gtgggaccaa gagtggggat gggagttcag     12960
     cgagtcactc actagagtgg ccagctctcc gccagctgat cacaccaaga gagaagatga     13020
     tgaggcccag gcccagagtc actgcagaca cagaaacctt cagggtctgc atgggggaca     13080
     gcccaggtgc tgcaaaaaat agaaacttac ttgacccagt ttctgttgct cacccccagg     13140
     gcaattccat ttattgcagc cacctctcag tgggttaaaa ggtcctttat cccagctcca     13200
     agggtctagc tcacaccacc cactcccaag aaaatgatct ttctcaaatc aaaccctcgt     13260
     cccatggacc tctactccta gagtaagcct ggggaaccca tctccccaga attagcatcc     13320
     tggcttccag gtcctctcta atacagtggg gcctctcaag gcatcctctt tccttccttt     13380
     accccaaagc cacccttatc aggataaagg gctcctcact gtcctctcca ttgcccccac     13440
     ggtaacaatg tttgcttcct tactttctcc aactgagcag cttcctatta cactgtctta     13500
     ccacatgtct taacctccag tggatccatc ctgtgagtta tcctactact tgtgtacctt     13560
     ctacatctag atctcccatg tgtcctttca gagcttgtct ccatcccact ccacagcccc     13620
     tgcacttcct tgggccggtc ctgttctgaa tcatgtccca ctcagattct tttcccatga     13680
     taaaatgaac actccatttc caaagggagg ctcttgtgca cgctgtgagg agacgttccc     13740
     caggaaagtt caagtgagca tgtgatttcc actctcttct ctgttctcca ttcccttccc     13800
     aactgcccag caagaaacaa cacttcccac aaggggaaac ctggttacag cagctgatct     13860
     gagatcctgt tctctggccc tttgtagaca cccttcctct tcctcatttc ttcctctttc     13920
     ttttccaaga gtccccaaag ctgtgtgcaa cttctcacga tacctttaac tactcccgac     13980
     actgagttca aacagtgttt gaactgtaag taattcttta tccactggcc cctgagcatg     14040
     catgccaaat ggtctgccag ccgtggcttt actactcccg tatgcttggt agagcaggcc     14100
     aaatgcagta ctgccccaca ccaagaaaag ccccccttct tcaaccttca tcattccttc     14160
     agctcccatc tgcttctggc accagaatag ttgaaatcta aggaggctag aatagtgtat     14220
     tacaatttgg ggttctgaaa atatgattgc caaatttaca gcctcatttc aaagcaagca     14280
     cgctcccctc tcaccctcaa acatagacgc agcaacatca gccacaccac cagagcagca     14340
     atagcacaga ctaaatatta aactggtgca aaagtaattg cggtttttgc cactgaaagt     14400
     aatggcaaaa actgcaatta cttttgcacc aacctaaata tttccatttc tttatcccat     14460
     ttccccattc tggtcctaag ccccccgtaa gttcctccag actcagtccc cattttcagc     14520
     acttcgctgt ctaccatgta ccatgtatcg atccacatct cattttctct gctttgaccc     14580
     taattccatc catctgccat acacttactc cagtcccgaa ggatgggctc aggagcccca     14640
     gtgtgctcta ccacacaggt gtaagtgtcc ccgtaagagg gggttaaggc taaatgggag     14700
     agggtctggt atgtccagtc tccattgggc tgggcagtct tgtgcgcact gctgtgaggc     14760
     atgacaagct tcccgttctt cctccacgtg atagtcactt ctgctggata gaagccccac     14820
     acatagcagg ccagcatcac aggctccctc gtgttaaaag gagtggtttt ggctacttgc     14880
     acagatggtg gccctgcata ggagaaaaaa acatgtttag gaaggagggt gacattctgg     14940
     ctgcttcctc aacctggttt cttccctatc gcaactcttc gtagattttg caacccactt     15000
     tccaccccag ccccctctgc catgctgccc cttgaagggg aaccgttaga atgtattcct     15060
     gcattactct ttcttctctc ccattccttc attgcccctt tctttctttc ctcctccaga     15120
     attatgtttg attacaatta gtaaaagcca gatctgaact gcaagctgtt ctagaagttg     15180
     ttgtatttat ttcaagtaca taaactggaa agtatttgaa ataaggaagc taagagtaat     15240
     ccagagttgt acattgggtt tttttaaggt ggaaaaggaa tttttctcca aatcttgttt     15300
     aatacgttct tttgctagtt aaagcttttt ctcctcacat agttcaagga aacaagccta     15360
     acttaggact cactcttaaa tttggaatga atgtagtcaa actaatgaga ttgctaatac     15420
     tgccatcttt tactaattta ctctcctagg tgatcctctt gcttgcctct atcttgacat     15480
     ttttcaaaca caatcttaaa taaaaatcca aggaattatg ttaaaatgca gatttcctag     15540
     gctgtatccc cagatacttt ctttcaacag atctggagtg gtactaaggg gcttgcatct     15600
     ttaacaagca cctcctccag gcaattctga gaaaggtggt tcagaaacca cccttgagac     15660
     acactgttct gtactgtgga gatcttcaag tttactttca caaacttcaa gccattgtca     15720
     atgcaagagt ttaagggtga gaaaaagcat gtgtcagaat cccctgggat tccaaatatt     15780
     cccatgcctg ggcccacatc agatctggaa catcaaaatc tgggataaca aggcaagaac     15840
     atcttgggta tgcatcctga gatgccccag cctctgcata agctccccac atggcacctc     15900
     gcggttcaag cctcacctcc ccttctttac tcctgttcca ctcacgtcag ccaccttgtt     15960
     ccccttgagg ttcaatcctc cgtctttcta catttcagat ccacacattt tctcttattt     16020
     gctgctcaaa tctcaaaccc ctgggccact gtgggatcct ccctggcctg ccctcctaac     16080
     tgcacttcct ggtagcccct ctgcacccct ctctcctcac gtgtcctgtt ggtcagtgat     16140
     ccccagaagg gctgggtgtg tgtggcacaa ttctgaagcc cattgcgcaa gcgctgcatc     16200
     agggtgtctt tttggttgag gtgctgtgag aggacattcg ccaagctatt cagcacccca     16260
     aattcgcaag gggccatctt attctcctct ggatcccagc aggtcagcag atccttgttg     16320
     aaggagatgc agtatgtgaa atcctttgga gtcccagcat catccaacag acaggtgctt     16380
     tccacatggg ccacgaagcc acctagagga gccagggaag ggagaacagg tcaatgtctt     16440
     ctactggcct ggcaataaat aaataaatat ataaataata aatatacaca aataataaat     16500
     atataaaaca tacagacgta tatttaggag ctctgcacag agctttgtct ttgaccctgg     16560
     ttcctgacat agagtgccta atcgcttaga atttcctaga taacaggagt gtcttttgtt     16620
     ctaatgaggt actcttggtg ggctcctgca ggaggggctg gtcaccagaa agaccaagtc     16680
     atgattagaa gtctggaact tttagtccca tcccccatac tccctgaagg ggaaggggct     16740
     ggagattgag ttaataatca gtcatgccta catgatgaag cctccataaa aatcccggaa     16800
     ctatggagtt cagagaactt ctcagttggt aaacacatcc acatgccagg aggtgaagta     16860
     ccccaattct gtggggacag agctcctgtg attgggaccc ttccagatct ggtatctctt     16920
     catctggatg ttcctttgta tgctttaaaa tatcctttgt taaaggatgc aaaattatga     16980
     tctagtgttc tataccactg tgggatgact gtcattaaca ataatacttt atatcatttc     17040
     aaatcgctag aagaaggata tggaatgttt ccaacacaaa gaaatgataa atgagatgat     17100
     gatctgatct gatcactgta cattacatgt actaaaacat cattatccac cccatgaata     17160
     tttataatta ttattatcaa ttaaaatatc ctttgtaaaa aatctacaat aataagtaaa     17220
     cttttcctga gttccataag ccactttagc aaattaccaa ccccaaggag ggggtcatgg     17280
     gaacctctga tttgtaggca agttggacag aagatgtggg taatttggga acctactact     17340
     tgtgattggt gtctgaaatg gaggcagtct tatgggactg agtctttaac ctttggtgtc     17400
     tatgttaact ctagttaatg tcacaatgga attgaattat aggatatcca gctaatatag     17460
     gagaattggt tggtatgagt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacctc acacagttgg tcaaagaagt     17520
     gttgagtgtg agcatataga agaaaaaaag ttgatttttc ctatattcag ctcagaacct     17580
     aagccttggt gacatccagc tagtctggca cagatttcct gctcagggaa catctactga     17640
     ccaagctcat acactgaagt ttctgaaagt ctgatttgag ggagtcagta gaagtagtag     17700
     ataagttttt agatccagtc tcctctttat gcaagactaa gcacagggat aggagtagcc     17760
     ccccgagatt atttgcatgt ttaaacatga caatttgccc agaacacaga ccttcagtaa     17820
     ggcaaattat tgagagagaa aaagggtcaa gagaaagagt cagccttgta ttgtgctgga     17880
     aatattaaat attcacttcg cacatattta tgaagcactt gctgcatgca aggcactgtg     17940
     ctaggagctg aggaggcagc aataaataag atgaacattg tccttgccta tattccagca     18000
     gggaatatac actgcacaga taattataca gattaattac attaaaattg ctacaaagta     18060
     caaagtgcta taggaatgta taccagggag acaaactatc tggggtgtca aatgcaatta     18120
     caaaacggaa cacccttacc ctgaaacagg agcaggggaa gggagagtcc ccagaagaag     18180
     tgtccttacc tgctcctgtg cagcccaggc tgagccccag cagcagcggc aggaatgtga     18240
     tcatgctctg ctctgtaaag atgccgggag ttcagtcccc tggaccagct cttccagggt     18300
     ccgtgggtcc tcgcctgtcc cagaagcccc agcctgggta gatgatctcc agacactgag     18360
     cagaatacta tattgcccgg gtcccttgac cccccaaatg agtgatgtgg gaatacccag     18420
     cccctagata ttaaatctgt tccttccagc tcacgggagt ccagtgtccc aaacagggac     18480
     agattggcta ggtaggcagg gacaaatgta gagacaaatc actgagtgcc tcagcctagc     18540
     atcatcagtt actaggtaaa cgtcatcctg ccttagtctt agacaacagg tctccttgtc     18600
     tctcttaatt ctttttctgc agaacaacca gtagatttcc gtagattact ggagagaata     18660
     atcgcaatat tcccaggatg tatgcagcct gggctgccca ctggtttaac tttttcttct     18720
     caatgctctc ccaaaagacc aggaccagat aacctctcct attccttaca gggaggttac     18780
     ccaagaagat aattacaaaa acccttgtct gtcctgagat gagaggaccc agagcccttc     18840
     tggggcaggt ggcagaggca gggctgctga gaaggaagaa ggcacagaca gagtacagaa     18900
     ttgtctggtc tcaaagcaag actgcagaat aagggaagca gcgccaccat ggagatcagg     18960
     aataggggcc tggaaaatcc ctccatgggc ctccattgtt gcttctgttc tagccagtca     19020
     agcttcattt cctcctcagt tataatagct gctttccgga gctagtaaac catatcctcc     19080
     tacactctga gcaatctcac ggggtagacc gcaggttaac acctctcaga ctccttgaaa     19140
     aatagctggt gacgggtcag tgcccagagc tcacctgcct ttcgccaaac tctaaacacc     19200
     cctgtgtgtt tcccctacta taccctgttc cctgggggca ggtccctgca ttatgaagcc     19260
     actaggaaaa tgagataaag ctttcctact tttcttcccc tgaaaagaca gattttgttt     19320
     tttatttttt gagaatacca agtaagattt tattttttat ttattttaaa ttattttaac     19380
     ctttgtttta ggttcaaggg tacacatgca ggtttgttat ataggtaaat tgtgtgtcat     19440
     cgggatttgg cgtaaaaatt tatttcatca cccaggtaat aagtatagta tctgataggt     19500
     agtgttttga tcctctccct cctcccatcc tccaccctca agtagggccc agtgtctatt     19560
     attccctttt ttgtgtccat gtgtactcaa tgtttagctc ccacttataa aagtgagaac     19620
     atgcagtatt tcattttctg ctcctgtgtt agtttgccta ggataacagc ccccagctcc     19680
     atccatgatg ctgcaaaaga cgtgatctcg tccttttttg tctgtggagt attccatggt     19740
     gtatatgtac cacattttct ttatacagtc tactgttggt gggcatttag gctgattcca     19800
     tgtctttgct attatgaata ctgctgcagt gagcattcat gtgcatgtgt ccttatggta     19860
     gaacaatgta tactcctttg ggtatatgcc taataatggg attcctggga cgaatggtag     19920
     ctctgtttta aggttcttga gaaattgcca aactgctttc ctcaatggct gaactaattt     19980
     atgttcccac cagcagtgta taagccttcc gttttctctg caacctctcc aacatttgtt     20040
     attttttgac tttttaataa tagccattct gactggtgtg agacggtatc tcattatgat     20100
     tttgatttgc atttttctaa tcattagtaa tgttgaacat tttttcatat gcttcttggt     20160
     cacgtgtgtg tcttgaaaag gcagatttta tgtatttgcg tatttatttt tttcacaggt     20220
     tttttttttg aaagtctcac tctgtcgcct aggctggagt acagtgggat aatctcggct     20280
     cactgcaatc ttcgcctcct gggttcaaat gactctcatg cctcagccac ttgagtagct     20340
     ggggttacag tcatgtgcca ccactcctgg ttagtttttg tctttttttt ttttttggta     20400
     gagacagggt ttcatcatgt tggccaggct gttcttgaac tcctgacctc aagtgatcca     20460
     cccacctcag cctcctaaag tgctaggatt acaggcatga gccatcgtgc ctggcctgaa     20520
     aaagcagatt ttaaacggca attcattctt ctatcccatt gtgaactata cagttgatgg     20580
     attttccatc actaacttga aactctaaat tggcttcctt ctgctcccca gtaggtttca     20640
     gggctgcctc ttcacatctt agtttctgag aactcttgga ttttattaaa tagtgagcta     20700
     aacaaaagag gattgtggaa ggggcccctt gacaccacac ttacctgccc tccctcaaag     20760
     tccctgatct caggaaaatc taacacttat gaagaaaatg gggataaaaa atgcatacaa     20820
     agattattac caaaaacgaa agattcgttg tgtaactaat tgagattaac tgaagctctg     20880
     ccatagctcc cagccactgc ccccactcac cttgcttata tactctaact ctgctaacga     20940
     actgtcaagt gtgttggaat gggcagaata tggggtgggg agtgcataat ctgtagagct     21000
     tctacagata cagtgctagg taggtccttt ctataatatc tcatctcatc ttaaaagact     21060
     tgttggccgg gcatggtggc tcacgcttgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgaggaagg     21120
     catatcacct gaggtcagga gtttgagacc agcctggcaa acatggtgaa accccgtctc     21180
     tacaaaaaat acaaaaatta gctgggtgtg gtggcgcgtg cctgtaatcc cagctactct     21240
     ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cgattgaacc tgggaggtgg aggttgcagt gagccgagat     21300
     cgtgccactg cactccagcc tgggtgacag aatgagactg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     21360
     aaaaaaaaaa cttgttaatt gtcctcattt cccaggttgg aaaacaggtc caaagattca     21420
     cacccaaggt ctaaaggctg taactcctct tcttatacag ctgttacaca tgcacatgtg     21480
     tacacacaca cacacataca cactctcttg agcatgccca cacactcact acatcttgga     21540
     actgggatgg ctcaaataaa gggagttagt gaggcctccg ctgagaaaga gagaaagaga     21600
     agagtcacaa tccataaccc aattcaccca agtcttatct ttcctgtcct cagagttcct     21660
     tctgctctga gaaccaccgt cccttccact ttctcttttg acaagtttca aaactgaatt     21720
     ttcccccaca cccccccaat acatttcccc ctcacattcc tccccatcct gcccaggtaa     21780
     gctgttagcc taaccttata ggaaccaagt cctgggatcc ttttcaatgt ctacaaagcc     21840
     tagccctggc aagggagcac tggctgtgtg gtcctgtgcc agcactgaac atggccctag     21900
     ccagtaacag tggggctgaa tgtagttccc tcttatgtct agatctctgc tccggcagtc     21960
     aaaggagatg tgaaaccttc tgtgaggcca caacaggaaa tggtaggaga ggatttcact     22020
     tctctattaa ttcaaacact gagggagctt tttagaataa agaaggacag aaaacccaga     22080
     cacctgtgct cagcagtgtt ttccttcctc tcctcctccc aacccttcca tttttacaga     22140
     tatagctctg tctttccacc tctagccaat tcaaaataac atttcagttg ctctgtccat     22200
     tgttacttat ttgttaatta ttgatatagc accgggaccg aagaggtatg gagccccaac     22260
     caggttccca catgttgcct ttcttttatt gcctctacac aaccacccaa agagtgagtc     22320
     ctctcctttc ccattgcctc tgcccttagc ctgaccacca catgcctgca gtaaactagt     22380
     cccagggttt gtgtgcaaag cattactggg aaaatacaga gtgagaagat atggattctg     22440
     cccccatatc gctttgcttg tacgtcaatt ggggagtgag aacaaacact ttaaatagtt     22500
     tatattaaag taagtaagca ataaggccag tggtcttaaa agagaagaga gaaatcacca     22560
     tggacatggt agacagggag tactctcagt cgagagggcc tggaatgagc cttgaatact     22620
     gggctggatt tgtgttggag aggaggaagg cagttggcat tgtaggtctg gtgtatagct     22680
     ccacaagctt gacaatgctg tgaggtgcca tcagggagga ggtgtcctac gagagcctgg     22740
     gttagctaaa acaaagacaa gctacaataa cgtcactggc actgcacgtt ggaggaagtc     22800
     acaaatgtga tttcttgttt ttttctgaga gtatggccat aataataaat ctcttctagg     22860
     cacttcctaa agttgctcca tgtcagttcg caggttcttg gggcagacgg ttttaactga     22920
     agtctccatt ttataaacac aaaattgctc aaccagttaa tcacgcctca tagcataaga     22980
     ccacattcgt gacttcagtg tcttttcaaa actacacaca cctacatcct gccaagatta     23040
     tattacttgc ccaatctgtc caatccccac cccacccctg ccatctaccc cttacctcac     23100
     ctccgcccac acacacaccc tcctaccctg tcaggattca ctgctctaga ccctgacctt     23160
     tggattatag tttctgtagt cagttcacca tccttccaac ctacagtcaa attatttgaa     23220
     ctactaggga tagtctatct gatttgccac aactattttt ccttttttaa ttttattttt     23280
     tgccaccaca actattgaag aatgctatct tcatcttacc cacgagaaaa tggaggcaga     23340
     gggaggttaa gtggttgccc agatttaccc agatactaag taataaaacc attacttgaa     23400
     ctcaggattt attactttaa atcctgtatt gccaataatc aattggaaaa taactgaaaa     23460
     ttgcctacta tttataataa caataaaaac catagcatat ttatgaatta acatatcaaa     23520
     tataagaatt ttaagaaaaa agaaaacttt attgaagtgc acaaagacct gagaggtgta     23580
     gagatatacc atattcatgg ataggccatg ctaacataat gacaacctct ccccacatct     23640
     ctaacctaaa tgctacccca attaaagtaa cagtaggatt tcaggagaat ttaacaaact     23700
     gattatagaa tgtacatgga aataaagtcc aagagtatct tagaatattt tgataaagaa     23760
     aaggaaaata aattttttgg gaaggtggtg aaggaatgga gactagttct actaaatagt     23820
     aacacatatt aaaaagccaa aataatcaaa caatatgata ctgattagta atgagagaaa     23880
     agcaaattaa aacaacaaaa taccactcta cacccaccat gttgccaaca tttgaaagtc     23940
     aaataattac aagcattaat gagcataaag ggaaatgtga actatcttgc tctgttgatg     24000
     ggagtgtaaa ctgtttatga tccctgaatt atagaaatta taaactagtt gggcgaaaaa     24060
     attaacatag gaaataaagc ggcatatccc aatccttagg ttgagtgctt taagtcttgg     24120
     aagatttcaa taaagagaaa ttaggggcag gttcatggaa taagttgaac tggagttgga     24180
     cctatggagt gggttaagac aggaacaaga tgagcagaat aaagaaagca ttcttgtgag     24240
     aggaaagagc ctgggcaaat gccctaaacc aaaaccagat ataatacctc aaggaagagt     24300
     gaggaaaaaa gatttattca agaatagcat tcctgctggg aatagtgagt aatatttttt     24360
     attagaaaag gggcaccaga ctagagagga tactgagtgc ttctagagta cttaagtaac     24420
     agtatcatag aaggtttcat cagagagcat ctaatctaag cccatcattt tacagatgaa     24480
     gactttgagg cccagagagg ggaagtgact tgtctaaagt cacacagcat aataaagcac     24540
     ttttaagtct tgcctgacag gaaatatcta gataagttgg aaaacagaga gacagagaaa     24600
     ttaggaagaa ctagaaagca ccacatctag aattactaac atgagaataa aaagaaaaac     24660
     atctaaaatg gagaaaatac aatacttgaa gctagtattg aggtatattt cagaaaagag     24720
     aaagaagtct acgaggcaac taagttctcc tctgaagatc aagaccaata atgataaggt     24780
     taggttattc agcacatttt ctatgtgcca aacactattt taagcattct gtaggtatta     24840
     acttatttaa gcttcacagc atgaggatat gctgccttat ttcctatatt aactttttca     24900
     ctcaactagt tcataatttc tgtaattcgg gcatcataaa cagtttacat tcccaccaac     24960
     agaccaagat attacagttc acattttcct ttatcctcgc taatacttat ttgactttca     25020
     aatgttggca acatggtggg tgtagagtgg taagggggac accattgtta tcatcatcct     25080
     tttacagaaa atgacaccaa agcacaagtt aagtaacttg cccaagggct cacagctaaa     25140
     cgctgacagt tacgattgaa tccccagcag tcaggttcca gagcccatgc ttcttaaccg     25200
     gtacacatga tgctgttaga aatgagatgg ttcagagaca gtgcaacttc tcttagggag     25260
     aatttaatat tttcttttag attagactct agtacaatgc caagaacaga aactccctca     25320
     ccaaataatt gccctctcaa ctttattgcc accctgtcat ccaaagcaac tcccagaccc     25380
     taaggaatgc aagaaagaaa gcatatgcaa agcaatttac caccagtggt catgtgctgc     25440
     cacctttcgt tatcttccca ggacagcacc tgtgcagttc tccttggaca gttcactcag     25500
     gccaaggaac agattgtcag gaaagacatg tgaattcttt gcccttccag gctgttttca     25560
     cttcatgtta ggggcttcat gatactgttt tcccagaact gacataactg attggtatag     25620
     cacttgggag cttattcttc ccatccctga gcttctgttt ctcagttacg gtgagggttg     25680
     aagggagtta tatgttcctc agggcagcct atacgagaca taaacatttt cacaaacagt     25740
     aaaatacaca acacacacac acacgcacaa aacacacaag cagcttcctt aaccattttg     25800
     taagcagatt attagaaaat aactctgcct tcgtttctca catattttgc acaaaccgat     25860
     agatggaaaa acatcatgta ccgccaagac cagggaataa gagctcagct ggcaaattag     25920
     gggttttccc tatttccctc cctaacgagg tcaagctgtg ttcaggttaa ggcatgctga     25980
     atttgaaacg acaacccact caagttgaga tatccagaaa caaataccat gagttaagaa     26040
     agaagccaca ctgatataaa gaaatgagat ttattgcctt gtggggggaa gggatgtggt     26100
     tgtgataggc aggccactct gggatccctg ggatgcaagc ccagggacag cagagtcccc     26160
     aggtgggaaa tctacacaca caccccaggg atgtcccaga gacttcttct accctaagag     26220
     gagatcctgg gcaggatgtg agaaatctga gcatcctctg tttggatggc cgaagctgct     26280
     ggcatcaaac tctggtctgg aagaatcagt ctgggggaga gacagggatg gaggaaaggc     26340
     atcaggggat ccatcctcct cctccttctc ctcctcctcc tcccccacaa aggccttgct     26400
     cgccctgcct gcaccacacc ctgcagaagt tgatctctcc ttgttcccaa atcatctcca     26460
     agcacccttc ctacagcacc ccatgattcc ttttttcact caaagcaatt cttgtgaccc     26520
     ataactgtgt gtgtgtaact gggtccccaa ctgggaagat gtgcccccat ggtgctggat     26580
     acaggccccc acacccaagg gcctgaggat cgctatatgt ccccccatgc cacaaaataa     26640
     tcctgacaca tgcacgcatg caccactgta tctggctccc acaggctcac ccgccccctc     26700
     cagatgacat accacctgag caaggcttcc ggaagtagat gatgagaaca atgcccacga     26760
     tgatgcccag cacacccagg ccaaaggcca cgccacacag cacattctcc agcagatctg     26820
     agggcagtgc gttccggggt actggaggaa atgagtggct cagcctgggg acctagttag     26880
     ggagcctccc acccagggaa atgacgtggg tgtctgggat gacatgggag actgggatgg     26940
     gcttagggta ggaatggact aaacaaggta ccagtggaga aagaagcctc ctcccatgga     27000
     tctatccctt tttgccccca aaaggaccag aattccaggg agaaagcctc accccaatag     27060
     gcaattgctg tgtagcggtc aatttcgtga gtcacaatgc aggagaaaat gtcagaaggt     27120
     tctggtgtga agtttaagta agaaaaggcc tggaagctga gtccatcgac agctgagaca     27180
     aaagtaggcc caaatccttc cacagggacg gaatgatgct gccagttcac tgtcagcatg     27240
     ggtgggaaga gattactgac aaaacagacc aaagtgttgg gcttgccaaa ctccaggggc     27300
     ttcagcgtga acacttcagc gataggaaac cctggtgggg ggattgaagt gtagggggaa     27360
     aaagagacta gtttagatgg tatctctgtg tttggagggg ccatggcata tggaggggag     27420
     ggcagagaag aacacagtgg gtcaggcttt gggagacaga gatgagcgag gagctgggct     27480
     ctgaagggag gtcttcttcc aggcaaggac tgcagctaga cgtagaagca gagccagatc     27540
     caggctactc tggacccctc caccatgact tccttcagca cttcctgtct agagctcaca     27600
     ttgatgtcta accatgcact gtcttctcac taagacatag tcacgtcatc agatatttcc     27660
     actcttccca tccatcttgc tgggcatagt agcacaagtg ttaatattca gtaggtatca     27720
     gttggtacct gttgaattca tcacattcaa tacatagttc tgaatgccta ctacatgcta     27780
     ggtacttcgg cccaccaaaa gaacacaggg tgcagaccaa ggctggtgga aaaattaagg     27840
     tgatgaagag aaccagaaag tatttgagat ggggagctgg tatcaagggg aattattcag     27900
     tgtacagatc aatgaggtta atgcagccct cctcccttca ctccccagaa aactcctgac     27960
     ctctggacac cgggattttc ccatcaagtt ttggccctat ttgctggatc atccactcgc     28020
     agaactcttt gtcaaataaa atggcaggag catctccctg ttcctgagcc cagtcagcaa     28080
     attcgggcag gcgaggcacc cgagtgttct gggaaaagtc gaagaagaaa agctggtcct     28140
     cgtcgtaggc ctcagagagt cccacactgg gactcccatc ctggcagtac actgtgtgca     28200
     ggaatgtgtg gttttgcagg tcatctggcc acattggagt aggagctgca aaggacacag     28260
     ggtgaggttc agggaggtgg gagccttctc ctccaactta aaaaacagca aggtggggct     28320
     aggcgcagtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccaaggtg ggtggatcat     28380
     gaggtcagga gtttgagacc agcctggcca gcatggtgaa actccatctc tactaaaaat     28440
     acaaaaaagt agctgggcat gttggcatgc gcctgtagct actcgggagg ctgagggagg     28500
     agaattgctt gaaccaggga ggcagaggtt gccgggagct aagattaagc cactgcactc     28560
     cagcctgggt gacagagtga gactctgtct caaaacaaaa caacaaaaac aagcaaggcc     28620
     tgcttaagga gcgtgggctg aggtgagacc ctttcctgtg tctgttattt agactccccc     28680
     tcccaaaggg ggtgaagaac aaattatggc atctctccaa gcttcccctg cctataaaaa     28740
     ggccagttgg caaaagtaaa gagttctact ttctaaagtg acagattcag gccaggcatg     28800
     gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggctgag gcaggcagat tgcttgagcc     28860
     caggagttca agaccaacct gggcaacaca gcgagaccct gtctctacaa aaaatacaaa     28920
     aacttagcca ggtgtggtgg caaacacctg tggtctcagc tactctggag gctgaggcag     28980
     gaggattgct tgtgcctagg aagttggggc tgcagtgagc catgattgtg ccactggact     29040
     ccagcccagg tgacagaatg agcccgtctc aaaaaatata tatataaagg ccgggcgcgg     29100
     tggctcaagc ttgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccaagg cgggtggatc acctgaggtc     29160
     aggagtttga gaccagcctg gcaaacatga tgaaacccca tctctactaa aaatacaaaa     29220
     atcagctggg tgtggtggca tgcgcctgta atcccagcta cttgggaggc tgaggcagga     29280
     gagtctcttg aaccccagag gcaggggttg cagggagccg agatcacgtc actgcactct     29340
     agcctgggtg acagagcgag atgccgtgtc aaaaaaaata aattaaatca aataaaaaat     29400
     ttaaaaatgt atatatataa aataaagtga cagattcaga gtcactgttc attgtgtgtt     29460
     tgggggctgc acaaagacac ctagccaaag aagcaagtga aagcctgcat tctgctcacc     29520
     atgccataca tcctggcata gggctgtatc ctcccaaagg ggattccttt gtctaattca     29580
     taccaggcca ctgtattgac tagagaaggc catggatggg tttctcactc ttagaaggga     29640
     aagaggagga atggctacag cctccccaag ccatagatgg gactgcctcc cactatcccc     29700
     agacacaaat ggtaaattgg aaaacctgta tccagacatt tcttcagcca cttcattggc     29760
     accaagcgtc tctcaaaatg tcttctgttc cttaacctac caggcctccc aaagacagca     29820
     atgggagaag tgaccccata actgcataaa ataatccctc ttctttgaag ctcttggcag     29880
     gaatcgctca gccagcagga aacctttaac ccaataccca gaaaaacaga catttggagg     29940
     aagagggatc ttccagatta ttcttccatt ctgccccatc ctctacagag aaggaaacta     30000
     agacactttt caagaatcac aagataagtt aatgatagaa agcagagtag aatcttgagt     30060
     ggaggagtga aaataacatt cactttgttc aaatcccagc tctaccactt tccaatggtg     30120
     tgaacttgca caaataactc tgagtctcat tttcttcatt tgtaaaatgg agagaacaat     30180
     ctccgcttca agagattgtc ttaaatggaa catgcaaagc atcactgata tcgtttacca     30240
     accacacata gcagctgtct ttccccactc ccctgttgtt tccactgcct cataagactt     30300
     cccaccactc acaaagcaca gcgcttttcc tcacaaagct gagtgggctc cctaggttca     30360
     ggatggaagt aaataggagt accatcttac cttcagggac ggcccaggag tggggtagca     30420
     gccacagaag tggtaacatc tgtagcagcg cagctccttg gttctgttca tgacccatac     30480
     cttcttgcca cacagtaggt aggagctacc aacccagcca acccagcttc cccaactccc     30540
     tccccgagag ggtggcctta gatcatgttt tgccagatca tttccaatag gtgcccttgt     30600
     cattttgtct aaaccaatca gagaagcgta gggtttaaca tcatcagtca ctggggagac     30660
     gcctggggcc agtaacctcc tgaagacttg gctgtttgac cagggcagag tatggcatgt     30720
     aactgggctg ggaagcccag tggaggaatg ttgcttcctg gtggagttcc ctctttggtt     30780
     tcaagctgtc agcctcagtc tgtaagcgac cagctggctc ttcagagcag tgccacctcc     30840
     tggcagaatg ctgcaatggg gaaccgcatc ttccccaagt aaacccccag ggctcttcgg     30900
     accctgcctt ctcctccctc ctggctcttc ctctttctca aaaaaactta ttctccttca     30960
     ggcattagct ctaattcatt tggcagacat atattgaaaa tacaagaaat tctgggtgtt     31020
     gggcccaggg ctagaaatac aaagatgaat aggcatagtc tgccttcaaa gagcttagag     31080
     tctagtgctg ggggaggggg ccaagggata attacacaac aatgtaatgt attcaaataa     31140
     gaatgtgcca agtgttttgg aagtcgcagt aattttatga ggatgcggaa taggaggaac     31200
     ataatcaggc aggctcctaa gacttgaagg aaaaacaatt tggccagcag aacatgaagg     31260
     aagagaaaaa cacgccaggg caaagggtag gcagaagtac aaagatcaca ggcatccaga     31320
     ggtcctcttt ggagaccctg tgtactagtt gatatgaatg ttgtgaaggt cgcttgggtg     31380
     ttcctgtata ataggaggta atggggggta gaaggatgtt gtgataagct acaaattcgg     31440
     gcaagggcca gatcacgtgg gccctgctac gccacaagga ggagcttgct tttacttagc     31500
     agatgataga gatattaaaa ctggggaatg acaatcattt tagcattttg gaaaaaatgt     31560
     tctgattgat atttcaaaca atgaactgga gcttttaaag aattgaggca aaactgctgg     31620
     gcaagagtct atagcatacc aagatgaaca gttgcacata tacacaccac tcctgtagca     31680
     atacagcaat aatttaaatg acagataata agagcctgaa ttaagtcata ataagaggag     31740
     gcggaggaga tagaatatca agataattag gaagtagaat ctaaagggtt tggctactga     31800
     ttagctgtgg gagtgggaag gtggaggagt caaagatatc tcagatttcc agcatgggtg     31860
     gctgggtggg tggtcaggga tggactgaat tgaagcagaa aagaatgcca tgggagcagg     31920
     tttacagaga gaaagagctt gattttgtac atgttgaatt tgaaatgcca gtggaacagc     31980
     cagctgaaac tgcatgggag cgcagtgagg cgtgtgggta tggaccccag gtatggtctg     32040
     aagaccctga tttgagagtc atcagcacaa atgtcgaagc agaggccatg aataagatca     32100
     cccaagtaaa ctgtgcagaa ggagtgggaa gtgaaacaag gacaaaagca tgcatgggct     32160
     caaaccccaa acctcatacc agttatccag gatccagtca ggagcattta actactttat     32220
     gtgcttcaga ctgaaagaat ttaatataga gaattggtta caaaggtgtt aaaagggcaa     32280
     gaagtacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaggagagt cctagaaatg tacattttaa aaaaagattg     32340
     ctatctggaa atcagaagct gccatcatcc ctgagctgga atctgtaaat ctactcattg     32400
     ccttgtgaga gacactgtca tagtcagttc caatctacta gaaaggtgcc acctccttca     32460
     aggctagaat ccttgagaag gtacttctgc tcaggaggct ggagtcctga gtctcccatt     32520
     cttcctgctg ctacagctac agccaatagc taccagctat tgccagccac cgacactgtt     32580
     tagaggctga agcaggatgc ttctcagttt ctcttgcctt ctgatctccc atcagtgcct     32640
     cctactggca gaatcaaaaa ggaagccaga tgtccaggaa ggctgggaaa tacacacctg     32700
     gctgactcct aagctaagca gttcaaaaca cagtagagga gggtgtgtgt gtcactgaga     32760
     caaagataat aacgagtaca ctgaaatacc ctggtttgta agaatctggt ggcacgagga     32820
     ccatccagag cactaagaaa agaccaaggt agaagcagat cagagaaata aaaaagaggt     32880
     gtgccatgaa ggagggcaag gtcagcattt ttaaatgcta ctcaaaagtc aagaaaggat     32940
     tgaaaagtgt ccttagattt ggtgattatg agatggctga caaatttatt gagagcagtt     33000
     tcagtgttgt agtgggagtc aactccagat tgtggtgggc tgagaagtaa gtgggaggtg     33060
     aggaagaaac tgtcagtgta catgcttcaa gtttgttaga caaaagaaag agaaagacag     33120
     aaggggtggg ggaagaggca gtgagaaagc tctaatgtgg caatcaagta atctgagaaa     33180
     ttaatatatg tgaatattgt ccaacagtgt ttctgaggct ttcaaaattc ataccttcca     33240
     cctttttttt tttttttttt aagacaaagt ttcccctgtt gcccagactg gagtgcagtg     33300
     gctacttaca ggtgcaatca taactcactc cagtcttgaa cccccgagtt caagcgatcc     33360
     tcccgcctca gtagctgggg actataggca catgccactg tgcctggctt catatcctct     33420
     tttgataaac aagtaatagc agcagtaata gccaaaaaca aaaacaactc tatgacctcc     33480
     tagatattct ggaacagcaa tgtgtatata tgtgtgtgtg tctgtgtggt ggaggcaggg     33540
     tgccagggaa ggactagggt ttggaaatca tggtaaccct ccagaaaaca aaagaacatt     33600
     tcccagtatc ccaacattta tgcactaacc catcagcggt tctggcagtg ggaagatgca     33660
     ggcccctgga cagtagaaaa gaagtttatg agactaccag tggggagaca tatgggacac     33720
     agccacctag agtcctaaac caggggttag caaacttttt ctgtaaaggg ccagatggca     33780
     aatattttag acattgtggg ctatcagatc tctgtcatga gtactcaact gtggcacgaa     33840
     agcctccatg cacaatatgt aaatgaagga gagtggctgt gttcctagtt tcctcctagc     33900
     ttttcctccc acttcttgag catctccttc tcagtctcct tcatagactc cttcctttca     33960
     gctactcttt aaatactggt gttccctgga gtttttgtcc tcaaccctct ttttatttat     34020
     ggacactaaa attcaaattt catgtaattt tcatgtgtca cgaaatattc ttcatttgct     34080
     tttttttttc cctaaccatt taaaaatgtg aagaccattc ttagctttta ggccatttaa     34140
     aaacaggtgg taggcaagat tgtgctcaca gcccatagtg tgctgaatga tgctctacac     34200
     gtggtcagaa ttggtacgaa agccccaaat taaacccacc cttcaaagaa gaacctcagt     34260
     ccccttatta ttggattggc aatcagttaa caaacacttt gtgccagtta caccagtcta     34320
     tttggaagga gatctgggga agaacaggag aaactagact gggtggaagg gcataggaat     34380
     aggtacagca gacactgcaa tttctctggg tgagaggaac aaggcagagg ggtccaagtt     34440
     ctccataggg agcacagtgt agacaagacc aaggtgagga caaacataac catccctcac     34500
     caagactgtg gtgaggggtg gttaactcca ttctcccctt ctataatctc agtttaaatg     34560
     gtaacaagtt caaacactta taactactct tccctccatg taatccttcc ccaccaggac     34620
     ctcccaacta cctccatcat aagtatctca ggaatagtct ctcatcagtt tggaaagtaa     34680
     taattgtggg caagagatga gcaaggcagc cagttctgct ttgcagtagt tcactgtcta     34740
     ctttgtcatt agctatgaat gcctctgaaa ataatggcac agcaccggta aatccaggag     34800
     gctctggctt tctaacactc agctctgcca tccctttcta gcatttaaaa atggactcta     34860
     tttggccagg cgcagtgatt cacgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc cgaggggggt     34920
     ggatcacgag gtcaggagat caaggccatc ctggttaatg gtgaaatccc atctctacta     34980
     aaaatacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aattagccag gcgtgatggc gggtgcctgt aatccaagct     35040
     actcaggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcactt gaattcggga ggtggaggtt gcagtgagct     35100
     gagattgtgc cattgcactc cagcctgggt gacagagcaa gactccatct caaaaaataa     35160
     ataaataaat atataaaaag gactctattt tttttcccct agcagagtca gatttcttgg     35220
     aaaagtcatg ggcaactgtg gccccgctcc cattcttgcc atttaatctt ttaactctca     35280
     acaatgcaat tgttcaccaa tacttttgtg ttgccaaatc aaatgaacta gtctctgcaa     35340
     catctgacac tgttggccat accccatctc ctaaattggt caaatttctg gcatccctga     35400
     tggcactctc tcctagtttt ccctcctact tttctggcgt ccccttttca gtccctttgg     35460
     gactcctttc tttcagcaac cctttaagta ttggtgttcc ctggagtttt gtcctcaacc     35520
     tttactcttc ttagactata cacttgccct ggatggtcct ctcatttact cccacatgcc     35580
     ttctgttacc acccatttgc taatgtcttc caagcttacc tcttcagctc agatcttgct     35640
     ctgagttcca cactacccat atctgaacca cttctggtca aatccacttg gatgctatgc     35700
     aatagcagtt ttttgttttt gttttttttt taaatatgga acgcttcatg aatttgcatg     35760
     ttcttaaact gtattcttca caatagcgtt cctcaagaaa taaaaaaagt aagtttgatg     35820
     atagcaatca tttatttttg aatttatttc cacatagaca taatgcaaca tcaaacacat     35880
     ttatataata ttttttatta tgtaacaatt tattatattt aataagtcta tttattgcaa     35940
     gcaatagaaa ccaattctgg ctaacttaca ttttaaaaat gaggatttat tggaaagata     36000
     ctgatctaac tcatgaaatg aaagtaatag ttgaataagc tagcctcagg tagaatagcc     36060
     acagggacct tagaagcagg ggttgagttg ccattaatat gctcacctgc aaaggcctcc     36120
     tgcctcttta tctttcaagt tttgctttgc tgggagagcc tctctcactg gctcagcttg     36180
     tattaggtgt gtaccactgg attcattggt tgtggccagg tacagtatta cctctatgga     36240
     ttagagctat tcctagagaa gggagaatca tatgaaaagt aaccacctca atacagctat     36300
     tttcaacata tggcatctca gacaattgta tgagatcatc tgaggcataa acataaggtt     36360
     aaatctgtgt attaatgctc aaacagcatt tcctaactac tcaggtgaca tatgtcatct     36420
     gcttgatgat ctctggtcgg tcacttgtct tatcacatat tcaaattaca tttatcatgt     36480
     gattcaatat tgatttatta atttaaaatt atatattcca cgaatttcct ttgaatctct     36540
     gactaaaaag gtttttttaa ttttactttg aaaagctcca agcacacaca gaagagaaga     36600
     atctaataaa ctccaatgta ctctcatgaa tgtcaacaat tttcaacatt taacattctt     36660
     ccattcttgt ttcatctatt gttctgcatt ttttggagta ttttaaacaa attctgtcat     36720
     tacatttcac cagtaaatac ttttaggcat atctataata gataataacc tttcccttaa     36780
     cataactata atgccatcac cacaaccaac aaaattaaaa attacttaac ttcatttgac     36840
     ccaatctgtt catttctcct agttatctca aaaatgtgta agagaatgaa gttttaaatg     36900
     aaaagcagtg tcttataatt ttcaaaccgt gccattagtt taaaaaaatt ggtgagtttt     36960
     ctattttatg tttcataagc tattgatggt tcaataatga attctaatta ggtattccat     37020
     aggcaaataa agttagcaat tgttactctg aatgtatctc catctcaaga ttacaagagt     37080
     acactcatca ctttcccttc ccaatatatt ccaactcctc tcttatattt aagacttcag     37140
     tgaataacaa gatgtccacc cgagctacaa atgtgggtca tcgttgatga ccccatcttc     37200
     ctcaaacctt cccattcaat tgtcctaaca attctacctt tctaatagct cttgaatctt     37260
     cctttctttt ccttccattc ctactggtcc aggccttcaa tggttggttt tcactgatta     37320
     ttgcaacttt ctttataatt ggtctctctc tctccaatct tattattttc cacagtgctg     37380
     ccagaaggat atttttatta tgcttagttg atcatattat acttctgcat gaaaaccttc     37440
     catgattgtt aatgatctac tttccttgtc atgacccata atgacctgaa gtctacttac     37500
     ctacttctat atgtcttttc aggtgaaatc tcactcctct caggaagcct tccttgaacc     37560
     cagagttgag attaatagcc tcttcagtac gtttccaaag caccctgtgt tggccattat     37620
     cactgtttta attgtattat tctcttccat ttatatgtct gtttcatagt cacctcatct     37680
     ctactgcaag gtccttaggg gagggtgtac tatatatata tatatctcca ccaagaggcc     37740
     cactaagtga cctttcactc gatgaacaaa tgggctacca gtctctgaag gtgctgaact     37800
     gagaatggaa gagccttcag gtattagatg atgatggatt gtcccttcta acagatgttt     37860
     caaaggtaaa tcttatcagg tttatctata agccattctt tttttttttt ttttgagatg     37920
     gagtttcact ctgttgccaa ggctggagtg cagtggtacg gtgtccgctc actgcaacct     37980
     ccgcctccca ggttcaagtg attctcctgc ctcagcctct ggagtatctg ggactacggg     38040
     cacgtgccac catacccggc taattttttt tttttttttt gtatttttag tagagatggg     38100
     gtttcactgt gttagccagg ataatcttga tctcctgacc tcgtgatcca cctggctcgg     38160
     cctccctaag tgctttgatt acaggcatga gcaaccacac ccagtctcta tgagccattt     38220
     tacacctcca cagccttccc tatatactct actacccttc caattccatt ctaggccctt     38280
     cccaagctcc ttgccaacta ccattttctt cctactccct gccacctcct gtttcagaga     38340
     gcaaacctag ccatccagct cccacattta ctcttatttc tacctcagta catttctcca     38400
     tacccatatt catcctccct tttagtgaca ttactatgat gcagcaatcc ttacaactac     38460
     tctacaaggt tataatttat tatccccatt atataaacaa gaaaactggg actcagaaag     38520
     gttcatttat ttagcaaata tttattggcc accttctgtg tctagcagta tgctctgtat     38580
     cagatacctg ccatcatcac acttaaagtc taatgaaaat aaagagacat taaacaagaa     38640
     aacatacaaa tttataaact aaaaggtcca cacacacaca cacacaaaat ctcttagaat     38700
     tgataaattc agtacagttg caggatacaa aattatcata taaaaattaa tggtgcttct     38760
     ggatacaaac agtaaactag tgggaaaaga aatcaaagaa agtaatccca tttacaatag     38820
     ctacaacccc tccccccacc aaaaaaacaa aatagaatac ctagaataaa ccaaggaggt     38880
     gaaagatctc tacaaggaaa actatgagac actgaggaaa aaaactgaag aggtcacaaa     38940
     aaaatagaaa gacatcctat gtcttcggaa gaattcgtat cgtgaaaatg actgtactac     39000
     caaaagcaat ctacagattt gttgcaattc ctatcaaaat acaaagatat tccttgcaga     39060
     aacagaaaaa acaaacctaa aattaatatg gaaccacaga aaacacaaat agtcaaggta     39120
     attctgaaca aaaagaacaa agctgtagac atcataccac ccaacttcaa aatatactac     39180
     aaagctacag taactaaaag agcacggtac tggcataaaa acagatacac agaccaatag     39240
     aaccgaataa aggacccaga aataatagat ccacatctta acagccaact gattttcaac     39300
     aaaggtacca agatattcaa tgggaaaagg acacactctt cattaaatgg tgctgggaac     39360
     actgaataac aatatgcaga aaaatacaac tacaccccca tctctcatca aatacaaaaa     39420
     ttaaatcaaa atggattaaa aacttaaatg taagacctga aactataaaa gttactgtaa     39480
     gaaaatactg gggaaatgct caagactttg agcaaacatt ttttggttta agacttcaaa     39540
     aggagaggca atgaaagcaa aaatacacaa atgggattac atcaagctaa aaggcttctg     39600
     ccacagcaaa ggaaacaatc aacagagtga agagacaacc ttcagaatgg gaaaaaatat     39660
     gtgcaaacta tccatctgat aagggattaa taaccagaat atataaggaa ctcaaactca     39720
     acagcaaaaa tcctccaaat aatcccattt gaaaatgggc aaatgatctg aatagacatt     39780
     tctcaaaaga catacaaatg gccaacaggc atatgaaaaa attctcaacg ttactaacca     39840
     tcagggatat gcaaatcaaa accacaatga gatatcatct gaatctaatt aaaatggcta     39900
     ttatcaaaaa gacacagata agagatactg gtgaggatgc aaagaaaggg gaatgctcat     39960
     atactgatgg tagaaatgta aattaacata gccactatgg aaaacagcat aaaggttcct     40020
     caaacaacta aaaatagatc tactagatga ttcagcaatc ccactgctgg gtatatatcc     40080
     aaaagaaagg aaatcagtgt atcaaagaga tgtgtacatg cccatgttta tttcagcact     40140
     acccacagta gccaagacat ggaatcaatc taagtgtcta tcaagtgact ggataaagaa     40200
     aatgtggtgt atatatatac aatggatact agtcagccat aaaaaagaat gaaatcctgt     40260
     catttccagc aacatggatg gaactggaag tcattatgtt aatgaaataa gtcagacaca     40320
     gaaaaaaaaa tatcacgttc tcataagtgg gagctaaaaa agttgatctt atggaggtag     40380
     agggtagaat gatggttacc agagactggg aaagggaggg ggtggagggg ggatgaagag     40440
     agattcatta atggttacaa aaatatagtt aaattgaagg aataaattct atagtgtttg     40500
     atagcacagc tgggtgacta cagttaacat taatttactg tatattccaa aatagctagt     40560
     agatttgaag tgctcccaac agaaggaaat aataaatgtt tgaggtgatg gatatcctaa     40620
     ttatcctgat ttgatcatta cacatcgtat gcatgtatca aaatatcata tgtaccccat     40680
     aaatatgtac aattattatg tatcaataaa aaataaaaaa aaacaattca gaagtccata     40740
     aacttggatg gaataaaaaa aagtcaactt tattttcaaa aaactctcac tgaaatctaa     40800
     ttttatgaat gtagaaaata aatctttgta gtaccagcca gcagctgtaa cactgtcatc     40860
     aatagaaaac accatcaatt aatattttca tatcacatta tagttgttac agacatctta     40920
     aaatatcact tacaattatg ggagctgtta aacttgccaa aaaatcatgc tttttaatgt     40980
     attagtaaag aaacactgta ttgtattaat acagaaacac atactactag atcatcacac     41040
     gtttctttga atatagtagt gtcccccaca cagcaccaaa tgtgattata cagtttattc     41100
     ctatccatag atatacctat gataaagttt aatttataaa tttgcacagg aagagattaa     41160
     caacaaaata ggacaattat attgtaataa aagttatgtg aatatggtct ttctgtctca     41220
     tacacaaagt atcttattgt acttattttc agaccaggtt gaccttgggt aactgaaatc     41280
     acagaaattg aaactgcagt taagggggga ccactgtatt ttgataacta tagtttatat     41340
     tttattttat gcatttacaa atattatcag acaagatcca aaggcttcac caaactgcca     41400
     aaaaagctaa tggcacataa aaagcttaag gagtcctgat ttaatcagtc attcaatgaa     41460
     catgacatcc ttcctggaac catctcctgt tctagcttcc tcacattatg ttgctctgct     41520
     tctccttgag atcttccatt ggttccactt cctattcttg cttcctgtat gaagatgtaa     41580
     cccaaagctc aatccttcac cctaaattgt ttttataccc cctcttttac aaacctcagc     41640
     taccttcgtg gctgattcaa acatcacctc aaaggtgact ctcaaatctg cttttcctaa     41700
     tcttttttct ctaacttcaa tcttggatct taaactccct gctgtgccta gtaaacagaa     41760
     taatatgcca cccagagtca gctgggttca aatcccagtt ctgctactta ctaaaggtgt     41820
     gaccttaggt aaatattacc tgctatggtt tgaatctctc ctccaaaact cttgttgaaa     41880
     ataattgcca ttttgacagt tttaagaagt gggaccttta agagttaatt aggtcatgag     41940
     ggctctgctc tcatgaatgg attaatgcta ctaatgtagg tatgggttcc catttaaaag     42000
     gggacattct gaggccgggc acagtggctc acacctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc     42060
     gaggcaggtg gatcatgagg tcaggagatg gagaccatcc tggctaacac ggtgaaaccc     42120
     cgtccctact aaaaatacaa aaaattagcc aggcttggtg gcgggcacct gtagtcctag     42180
     ctacttggga ggctgaggca ggagaatggt gtgaacccgg gaggaggagc ttgcagtgag     42240
     ccaagattgc actactgcac tccagtctgg gcgacagagc gagactccgc ctcaaaacaa     42300
     acaaacaaac aaagggtaca ttctggcctc tattctctct ccatctcatg tgcttgtttg     42360
     cctttctgcc gtgggatgat gcagcacaag gctctcacca gatgccaatg ccatgctctt     42420
     ggacttccaa gcaactggaa ctgagccaaa taaactactg tttataaatt acccagtctg     42480
     tggtattctg tgatagcatc agaaaacaga ctaagacgtc ctttgcttct gttgtttcat     42540
     ttgaaaactg agggtgataa tattagtatt gactttatag ggttataagg attaaaagag     42600
     ttactacatg tactcattgc agtacctgac acattttaac tactcaataa atgttttgta     42660
     tcaccaatca catctccttc caaccccgac attttaattt gatgtttatt aacatggacg     42720
     gtgccagcca ctggaagaca gagtttctat ctaacaacat aattctgatc aagtcattag     42780
     tcaaaaaatt tcagtggttc cccactgatt ccaaacttaa cagcactgga aaccttctat     42840
     aatgtgttct ctaatataaa tttacctccc attttctctt ctcctgctct acttcttgta     42900
     gcttatgttc tggccagact ggactagact actctctgtg acaataacct gtgctgttct     42960
     atgtctgtct ttcctcacat aattctaatg tctcaggttt gaaggcaata attttgtcta     43020
     tgattattcc cctatacatg gcaccccata aaacatacac atttcaatct tacctaagtc     43080
     acatacttac ttacacatca attcacctcc atatttgctc aatttgtgag aacctaatat     43140
     tggccagata ctgtgctagg acctagggat attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag caaagcaaga     43200
     aaaagaatgc ataatggccc tgctctcaaa atcaaggtct agtactagag agaaacatgt     43260
     aatcacataa atgccattca ctgtggaaag taaaatcata aggggaaggg acaccaaaga     43320
     atgagcagtt agctcaactt gaacagtaac attaagcttt tcagagatgt tatttgggcg     43380
     tacatagatt ggggaaaagt ctactccata tagaaagtgc acatgtgtaa aacacagagg     43440
     catgaaacaa aatgatgtgt ctgggaaaca gttcaataca gctggaatat agggcccaag     43500
     aggaagtggt tagacatgag gctggaaagc taggcagact gttttggcaa acataggaat     43560
     ttggacttta tcacatagcc aataaggaat aacacagagt tttaaaaaga gctatggcca     43620
     gggctatatt ttggaaagct ctctcctggc agtattgtgg cagaggcaga gaggaaagtc     43680
     taaagcagca ctgtccaaca gaacttcttg taatgaggcc gcgcgcagtg gctcacgcct     43740
     gtaatcccag cactttggga ggctgaggcg ggcggatcac gaggtcagga attcgagact     43800
     aatttggcca acatggtgaa accccgtgtc tactaaaaat acagacacta gccgggtgtg     43860
     gtggcaggcg cctgtaatcc cagctactcg ggaggctgag gcagaattgc ttgaacccgg     43920
     gaggcagagg ttgcagtaag ccaagactgc gccactgcac tccatcctag gccacagagc     43980
     aagactccgt atcagggaaa gaaaaaaaca acttcttgca atgacacaaa tgttcaataa     44040
     tctgtgcttt cccatatgac agccactagt cacatgtggc tactgagaac ttaaaatgtg     44100
     gctagtgtat tgagacacta aatttaaaat tgtattaatt taaatccaaa tagccatgtg     44160
     tctagcaaat aatttaggag actgttggta tagctcaggt gatagaatta ggacagaagg     44220
     gtgagttgat ggatagttaa gaggcaaaat tatgagtctg taagggtgtg agaaaaggaa     44280
     atcaagaaca ggctcccaga ttacagactt tgtggttaaa cagccaccat tactcaggac     44340
     aacagaagag aaagagcagg tctagagtgt atagtgattt catcaatttt gaacatactg     44400
     gtgtctgaga gttatcccag tgggaatatt tagtagaaag tttagcttag agagctgtct     44460
     gaactaaaga ttcagacttc agaggctttg agccatggag tcagattacc tagagaagtt     44520
     gaacaaaatt agaagcaaac aagaatcaca gcaaatatca acacataaaa aggggctaag     44580
     gaagaaaaat ctactgagac tggagaggaa cagttacaca aataggaaaa gaaacaagtg     44640
     agagtggtat agaagtcaag ggtagagaga atgtcaggaa ggaaacatga tcaaatgtcg     44700
     aatgcctcag aggtcaaata aagtgagaac tgtaaagtgc ttcctgactt tgccagttag     44760
     gaggttcttg gtgacatctg ccagaaaagt tttggtggta gcagcctgac agaggtagct     44820
     tgaagagtgg ggatggggaa agagaatgtg acaaagaatt gagatagtaa ggataatttc     44880
     aatttcaggt cttggctgtg caaggaagcc gagagacatg agtctctaag agggcacgat     44940
     attgagaggg ttgttatctt tctgtcagcg gggaaaccaa gagaaaagtt taaaaaggtc     45000
     aaaaggggga gaagggaaga cagcttccgg gtaacagaga aggttgacca ggtcaatagt     45060
     aaaggatttc ctcaaaccga agggaggacc tctagtgaaa tgagaaagga atacacaatt     45120
     gacccagttt gcaggtggga aatgggaagc cagttctgca aattggcctt tctgttctgt     45180
     gaagtgccat ctgtcggtga ggagagatta gggtctgcag cgtgaaaatc tggaccatac     45240
     tctgggtaat caagggagag gttatcggct aatgacaaat taaaggctta ctttttagct     45300
     ggcaactgaa tcaccataac attttatgtt accagttcca aaattttggg gggaattcac     45360
     tcaagcttgg gagaggagag atcataactt taagagtata agaggtttaa acggtccact     45420
     acgaaataaa tagagaagga aaagttatca gctggtaaat atcgtagaag gtagagcggt     45480
     ccagggactc acaggtctca ctaaagaaaa gtctagcgta ggttcacggc acggagagat     45540
     tttaaggctg cctaagacta aagccaaata cgaagtccac atctgcggtc cgcaccttat     45600
     ctctccgcgc ggcaggcgcg acgagggcga gaaactccct ctccagtggt cgcaccacac     45660
     gacaccaggg aaggggcccc tctctccaga ccctcatatc tccaggtcca ggccccattt     45720
     tcctccgctg acagctcagc agcgtgcgct tccgctggat tcaggccagg accagcgaag     45780
     ccgcacctta cacccaccga ggaggaaaca agcctggcca cccgaggcta ccccgctagg     45840
     ccgcgggtag tgggggaggg ggcgctgagg caggaggtca gcacccgggc gcgggctccc     45900
     gccccacgaa aagcgcgcgc tccaagcccc gccgccggag atgcggttcc ggtccggacg     45960
     cctgcgcact acggctctcc ccgcagcctc tggccctcct tccccctccc ccagtcaggg     46020
     cgcacccttg cgcctgcgct gtgtgtgttc ctggtctgcg gcagccatgc tgaactcgta     46080
     tggagaggcg agtggggggg acagagtcca ggaccgcggg ataggaagct ggggatatgg     46140
     acaagcagca gcgttatagc gctctgggtt tcgggacata ggcctgggcc atgcggcccc     46200
     cttggcccct tggcgcgacc cccaggaacg ttcggaaagc tggtcctcgt ggctggggga     46260
     aaggcggggg gtggggggga agcgggcacg tgaccccggt cagccaatct gggtgctgct     46320
     gacgtggccg cgcggccccg atgctctccc caccccccca gcccgttcgg gaagggaggg     46380
     gctgggggct acgccccctc ccccagcacg gcttcgtttt ctgggggggg gttgacaccc     46440
     cggattacat accccgtacc aagccgaggg caactttgga ggccccctgg aaggctttag     46500
     gatccaggtg agaaggggcc cttgtggggc ggagatgtca gtcaagtgct taaccaatgg     46560
     tggggagtcc gggaggggga ttcttggggt tcaggaaaga atcctgagag tgggaagatt     46620
     tgtccttcaa accttttaca gccaatggga gcgtggaggg ggggcgagcg ggagagggcc     46680
     atgggggggg aggggaatgg ccagcctcat gcctccgtac ccattggagg gcaaaggggt     46740
     tagggggcgg tgtggccccc cctattccat tcgtcccctg ggggtacagc agccgggagc     46800
     caggtgagaa gggatccatc ggcggccgag ggaggggtga cctggcggtg ggctgaggag     46860
     tggtggctgt ggcccctacc cgtggatgtg aatgctttag gagttggcca cccatgttgt     46920
     gaactgaggt tgttcccagg cgccaacttc ctttctcccc agagcctctg gagggagcat     46980
     tgctgtgcgc cctttgtgtc cgcggtaggg gagctccagt cgtcacaccg caggctggag     47040
     gttacgcttc gagtcgctta ccgaatttgt gtgcattcac gtggacacgg cctgtggggc     47100
     cttttgcccc tgtagggtct ttactgagca cgtgtctact ccaggctggg gtgcttacaa     47160
     gctgaaagct tgaggtctgc ttaggaacag aaaccaggcc caaggtgggt gctggcagta     47220
     gggggtctag acagcatggt ctgagatgcg agggaggctc gggacctgga atgatttcac     47280
     agctcccaag gtttcgggtt tctccagggt ggcctcttcc atcgcctccc tcatcccctc     47340
     ccccagtcct gaacagttct ctccttgtgt actgcggggg agggaacgga aaggaggaaa     47400
     gagttacttt cccaaattac tgagtagcag tagcctccct ggtgactcat gtgggggaag     47460
     ggaggataga ggatcgggag gcagtgattt tccggaatgc agggaataaa cgagagcaat     47520
     gtctggctgc ccttttccta aggcctagta ttttctcagc ctcctaagtt tttattccat     47580
     ggccggcccc ctgatgggcc tctgtcctgg cctgcagagc cccggtggag aaaagcagat     47640
     ttgggaggtt gggccgctag ggggagggga aaaggcctct gcaaagttgc tgtgtcattg     47700
     ccctccatgc tgcagccacc cagacggggc cgcttgtact tttgggggcc agggcctgat     47760
     ccctggctgg gggaagggga ctctgctctc ctgacgctca ttttcccccg ccctcccggg     47820
     gtttgcccta ctcggggggt cagaagacag gagattggcg gccattttag acgcagtaac     47880
     cgaggttgga gttgaagggc tactgcagag gagggagggt ggcgtggttg cagctcaagg     47940
     acctaggccc ttacgagccc ttcccgggcg agggggaatc ttaccgtata tttgttcacc     48000
     tacgttgatt atttttccca gatacgtaca caagtttgtt ttctccctgg tagcgaagaa     48060
     aggggaaacg ggggagggga cgccccacca aagcccaggt tttctcgggt gggggagatc     48120
     ctttcactct cttgtaaggg ggcggggacg gccccagaga tgctctggag atcctgactc     48180
     tgggctctgg ttgattcaca gagtctgcac ccttatttag ataaccaagt taggaggaag     48240
     acttaagagt aagttggggg gagggggcga aactgagctc ccaaaatggc tcctgcccct     48300
     cctcggaggc ggacggccgg ggggagggga ggaggggagg agggggaggg ctagtctgag     48360
     ccgcagccgc cgcctcctcc gctcgccctc ctccctggcg ctgaccgatg gaccagccgc     48420
     tccgtgggga ggactccgga ccctggtggg ggggcggggg ggttctttcg cccccgtggc     48480
     ggagggcccc tgagaggcgg atacgggtgt gcctttgggg gtgatgtggc gtgtgggggg     48540
     aaaggtccga gctcgcctgg agggggaggg tttttccctt aagtcatccc tcccaggact     48600
     tgctttttct gctctgagcc ggacgccgga atggagtttg aggaagaggt gaggtgtgtt     48660
     gcattgtata gggtagatgg atgcgtttgg agattttaat cccactttta gggttgccga     48720
     ggatttttcg aacgagcaga aatgtattgg taactgtagg tgtgagtggg gagggattag     48780
     aaaggtgctt ggacgtgcaa atttgggaga cgtattttag cttttgtggt ctttgggact     48840
     aaacagtagt aaataatgtt ttgctcgtct ttccatcgtt tggcttgagg gagggagtgg     48900
     agtattataa gactctggca acactgtttt agactgtggg gcatgggaac gttagatccc     48960
     ctcatcgccg ttctgaagcc cgtagctgtt cgccatagag gagcaggccg cggcttctaa     49020
     gatggcgtct ttttcctcgt ttcagattct tcgctgctgc tgccttaccg ccgagaacca     49080
     ccacccgcca ggcgtcttgc ggccacaccc ctggcgggtt caggcaggct acgcccacgc     49140
     gacccctccc gtttccctgc tttggccaat ggaggagcta cgaatggcac gacctgctcg     49200
     agcttggcag tctccagttg ggctgtgcat ggaagcttgg gaagactttg ttggaagggg     49260
     aggcggggag agagtgctgg aggctctggg gcgatggctt ccgcacctct tccaaccacc     49320
     ctctttccct ggagtcggcg gaccacagct cagccaattg gcttggagat gtggcgggtt     49380
     gccacttccc tgtgggtctc tgcggcactc ttctgcctgg tgactgacac cttggaaatg     49440
     aagtttatga cgtcatcgtt gcggctggcc aatagaaaaa gctcccgcgg agaggtgttc     49500
     cttccccttc gactcagctt cttcacccgc gtgagcgagc gcgcgcgcgc ggagggggtg     49560
     gggaaaatct caagcagggt ggcgcgcatg agcggcgaag ctcctcctcc ccgcctatat     49620
     ataaagggct ggcgcggggc tcggcggcgc catttcgtgc tggagtggag cagcctctag     49680
     aacgagctgg aggattctgc ctaccgatac agagccttcg agtcgtccgg ggccgccatt     49740
     acaatccacc tccatccgct tggaaatggc cttcgtcccg gcctatgact ggtcccagcg     49800
     ggcagtacag accccctaga agcccctgga gctccccttt ttcgggcccc gcccaatcct     49860
     cggagtctgt ccaccccctc tactccgccc tcaagaggat ttcaaagatg gaggcggcgg     49920
     ctccctaaac cacttttcgt gttcatccgc ctccatccga gatcgaaacg ggacctcgtc     49980
     ggccccgtag gggcccgaca agaagaggga atccctgcag accaacagcg ggctatattg     50040
     acgacggtgt ctgagatcgg ggaccgtctt ttgaagagtc agtccctcct tagttgcccg     50100
     cctcagctga ggccgccgcc attttcttgc tgtccgccgt ctgcagagcg cgccaagctg     50160
     cccggagctc tccgagaggc cccaaagaga ctgctttcgt gccggccagg cagggggttt     50220
     gtcgcctgga ggcccaagag gaacggcctc cccccaactt agcgggttat gctggaccgg     50280
     gcggtgaggg gaaccgaggc cacccggact ttccgcggct gagggcagcg ccggttcctt     50340
     gcggtcaaga tgctgcaaaa cgtgactccc cacaataagt acgtttccgc gagccgcgtg     50400
     tgggaagggg atgttgcagg gcggcggcac aggggtgtgg ggcgccgtgt tgggagtact     50460
     gagcggcccc ggcgcgctgc tgttgcggcg cagctgtcga ctcggtcgcg cggagggaat     50520
     tgagcgacgg ttttggaacg gtggtggcgg ctcggctact gctcgtggag gggaatacag     50580
     gttgtcaatt tatacgctat taatgccgcc gtggcccagt cttaaccgag tcaggcagag     50640
     ctagtttgac ggtggagtgg agtgaggttg aacagcaggt ttggcgtttg gtgggtctgg     50700
     tatctagcgg cggtctgtta gccttttagg ggggattcac ggacacctct agcgccctgt     50760
     agggttgcca tggtgacgga gcgcttaagg gactggcaac ggggattccc agagaagggt     50820
     aaagggatca ctctcccgtg tgtgcaggtt cctaatgccc agggcatgtc attaaatctt     50880
     ttgctttctt tgggtgggtg ggttgtgtgt ggtgtttgtt ggtgcaggga ttgttttttc     50940
     ctaacattaa aagtttgatt cagggcagga gggtagagct aaggttccta gttcagctct     51000
     gcgatgtaaa caatgagatt cccatatgat gttttaattc ttaggtggta ggaaagactg     51060
     atcggaggag caccagaggg actgtaaatg aaccactgtt agcgtttggt gtccggagtt     51120
     ggtgctacag ggggaactgg tagtggaatc gtgttgtgta gtgggtgggt ggaagggggc     51180
     tatcacttgg tgaccttgac tgttttgtac ggctttttga cttccttgga gtgaggagac     51240
     tctgatttgg tgcgaataat tttgagggcc tggaagttac gggctgtgaa gtctgacaaa     51300
     ttcttccttg tctgaatttg tttttaagtt gatatggttc ttcctctggg tttctagtct     51360
     atgttctgtt gtggcgtgaa ctacccagac cttgtggaag atggtgctct ctcttctatc     51420
     taggtggatt attctgtgtc ttatcagcat tttatggaat tttttatagc cataatttgt     51480
     tcttttcctc cttaccggcg ctcaaccacc atggcaacca ccaaacccct agtgaggagg     51540
     aagcttgggg tttgagtttc ttaactccac ccattttgct taagccccat ccccataggg     51600
     ctgtagttct gagatgtcgt gccttgtcag aaacaatttg ggagtttttt aaaatatgaa     51660
     aaagaacaga tagagcctat cagacttaag aaggtgggat ctagatagta tactaaaaat     51720
     attaataaaa ggaaggcggg gccagcaata aaagctccac agattgtttg gatattgttt     51780
     ctgcttaaga agcacttggc ataagcttaa ccacctcact agggccagca cctggattca     51840
     tcagactatt gtgcagatgc actttttcct catttggacg atattgccct aattttgttc     51900
     ccatctttac aggctccctg gggaagggaa tgcagggttg ctggggctgg gcccagaagc     51960
     agcagcacca gggaagagga ttcgaaaacc ctctctcttg tatgagggct ttgagagccc     52020
     cacaatggct tcggtgcctg ctttgcaact tacccctgcc aacccaccac ccccggaggt     52080
     gtccaatccc aaaaagccag gacgagttac caaccagctg caatacctac acaaggtagt     52140
     gatgaaggct ctgtggaaac atcagttcgc atggccattc cggcagcctg tggatgctgt     52200
     caaactgggt ctaccggtga gtagagacat tggagccggg gaggtgtggg atgagcaaga     52260
     atgcgtgtga atgggggtgg tctgcctagt gtagatgctg cggcccctag ggagttccca     52320
     tttctcccct gtagggcagt tagctaccag atttctgggt atcttggtcc tttgtgattg     52380
     atccgaccgc ttgctgtaac tatcttggca tctttccttg tgccctccat gtgtccttcc     52440
     ttaacttttg tgccctggct ccattttaca gattcccacc tcgggttggg agaggaccac     52500
     ggtggccaaa attcttagct tcttcctttc cctcatgcag cccatggata gccagcccca     52560
     gaggtaatgt cacaggatgg gaagtttcca gagtgggtgg gaggtgggtg gttagagaaa     52620
     ggcagcaggg gcctccctgt ggatgtcaag aatctttttt atttatttat ttattttgtc     52680
     ccacagttta attggggccg cagtttaagt aactgttcct ttgatgcata gggggtgtgt     52740
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgagagtcg gggatcggta gtctccctat aagcatttat     52800
     ttttctgtgg ttctgaccta acattttttt atttaggatt atcacaaaat tataaaacag     52860
     cctatggaca tgggtactat taagaggaga cttgaaaaca attattattg ggctgcttca     52920
     gagtgtatgc aagattttaa taccatgttc accaactgtt acatttacaa caaggtgagt     52980
     ttttctgtgt gttcatttag taggtgggga gaaacagtaa cttctattat tgctggatat     53040
     gttgtctaca taaagtttaa atcctttgct actgaaggtg ttatccaggt agggtagtcg     53100
     gagtcttaaa aacctgactc tagatggtac tattgaacac agtgatgtga cttcagagct     53160
     ctagttgaag gttatttaga acacttcata cttgggggtg gtggtcctgt ttcttagaaa     53220
     tcaccagaga cctgagtaga ccagggatct gttttcttgt cagctctcaa gttttttctt     53280
     ctttcgaatt ttgggagaca gttaggagaa agtggaaatt agtagtggcc tggagtagga     53340
     aattttcttt aagatttgat gacaagatga ctggtggggg tatggtaatg gcctagggcc     53400
     tgaatgcctc tgagaaagat ggtgtgtatc tatcttctgt tggcattttt taactttctt     53460
     tattgctgtc tgtgttctca tagcccactg atgatattgt cctaatggca caaacgctgg     53520
     aaaagatatt cctacagaag gttgcatcaa tgccacaaga agaacaagag ctggtagtga     53580
     ccatccctaa gaacagccac aagaaggggg ccaagttggc aggtaggaag agtgggagtt     53640
     ttgcaaatgg acaactaaag atggggaaga gaatcaaact acactttttt ccttttttct     53700
     agcgctccag ggcagtgtta ccagtgccca tcaggtgcct gccgtctctt ctgtgtcaca     53760
     cacagccctc tatactcctc cacctgagat acctaccact gtcctcaaca ttccccaccc     53820
     atcagtcatt tcctctccac ttctcaagtc cttgcactct gctggacccc cgctccttgc     53880
     tgttactgca gctcctccag cccagcccct tgccaaggta tgatctgtgg atttcctctg     53940
     ggcagcaggg aggcaagggt cttaagtaaa gtgggcttgg agtgacaggt tccctatctt     54000
     gtttctttct gcagaaaaaa ggcgtaaagc ggaaagcaga tactaccacc cctacaccta     54060
     cagccatctt ggctcctggt tctccagcta gccctcctgg gagtcttgag cctaaggcag     54120
     cacggcttcc ccctatgcgt agagagagtg gtcgccccat caagccccca cgcaaagact     54180
     tgcctgactc tcagcaacaa caccagagct ctaagaaagg aaagctttca gaacagttaa     54240
     aacattgcaa tggcattttg aaggagttac tctctaagaa gcatgctgcc tatgcttggc     54300
     ctttctataa accagtggat gcttctgcac ttggcctgca tgactaccat gacatcatta     54360
     agcaccccat ggacctcagc actgtcaagg tacccactgc atggggcaga tgggatgctc     54420
     aggcagtgat gggagcctag gtgcaaaaca ataagtctcc ttatgtgggc acacagcagt     54480
     ctttggttct tggcatttta cttttataaa ataatagtgg aacagaaggt ctggtgtttt     54540
     gagaatttgt atttcttgga gtttgaaaca gtagggtggg gtttctttgt cttgagaaaa     54600
     atactgtcta taattaagta ctaatgtggc agtgttgggt taaggaagtt atagggtgga     54660
     aagacaggca taggccacct ctctgtcact tagaaatgat ttctttttct agacataaat     54720
     atttcttcaa cccacccaaa ttcctttgac ttcaaacttg aaccccaggg cacagatcct     54780
     taaggtcatc cccactgtgc tctcaagaga gggctcttct tgtggtgtct ggggttggca     54840
     gggaaaggtg agtcttcctg cctgtgcagc ttctgatgct gcctccttct gcagcggaag     54900
     atggagaacc gtgattaccg ggatgcacag gagtttgctg ctgatgtacg gcttatgttc     54960
     tccaactgct ataagtacaa tcccccagat cacgatgttg tggcaatggc acgaaagcta     55020
     caggtgagtg gaaaggttgg agtttgaaaa ataaatggta tggggagtta ttttgtcatg     55080
     tgtgctgcat agcctcaacg tgagggtctc actgttctgt acagttgtaa attggagcta     55140
     tatcacttgg tggctgggta tgtagggcac tgtttatcag catagttttg agtttgtgcc     55200
     tctttctagg atgtatttga gttccgttat gccaagatgc cagatgaacc actagaacca     55260
     gggcctttac cagtctctac tgccatgccc cctggcttgg ccaaatcgtc ttcagagtcc     55320
     tccagtgagg aaagtagcag tgagagctcc tctgaggaag aggaggagga agatgaggag     55380
     gacgaggagg aagaagagag tgaaagctca gactcagagg aagaaagggc tcatcgctta     55440
     gcagaactac aggaacaggt attttgtcac tcttgaaagt ttttattggg taagaggttc     55500
     atgccctttg tcctcatttt ttcttcttgt tattttatct ttatttactt tttccacttc     55560
     atgttttttt tcctttagct tcgggcagta catgaacaac tggctgctct gtcccagggt     55620
     ccaatatcca agcccaagag gaaaagagag aaaaaagaga aaaagaagaa acggaaggca     55680
     gagaagcatc gaggccgagc tggggccgat gaagatgaca aggggcctag ggcaccccgc     55740
     ccacctcaac ctaagaagtc caagaaagca agtggcagtg ggggtggcag tgctgcttta     55800
     ggcccttctg gctttggacc ttctggagga agtggcacca agtgagttag agtaggaagc     55860
     agagactagt ttggctattt ctgtctctct gggggatgcc atctctcttt gcaaagataa     55920
     ttctaaatgg ccagttaaca gatacaatag gctttgagca gtggtcccca acctttttgg     55980
     caccagggac cagtttcgtg gaagacagat tttaccacag acagggtttg aggggatggt     56040
     ttttgggatg aaactgttcc acctcagatc attgggccat tggattccca taaggagcat     56100
     gcagcctgga tatgtaccat gcgcacttca cagtagggtt catgcttcta tgagaatcta     56160
     atgcttctgc tgatgtgaca ggcagtgatg cccacatgcc ggctgttcac ctcctgcgta     56220
     gcccagtaac aggccacgga ctggtactgg tctgggggtt gggacccctg gctttgggag     56280
     tcagggtgtt tcacagctac tctgacagtg aactcaaagt agccataaac tagaaacatg     56340
     aagatggctg tgttccaaaa agactttatt tgcaaagaca cgtggcgatc agatttgttc     56400
     tctgggccat atagtttgcc tgttgctcta aatcaatgag tctagacttg tttttcatgg     56460
     cgtagtagtt tttggttttt tggtgtggtt ttgtgttttg tttttttttt tgttagtttg     56520
     ttttttgttt tgtttttttt aaagactcca ggctggagtg cagtggcgtg atctcggctt     56580
     actgcaacct ccacttctcg ggttcaagcg attctcctgc ctcagcctcc caagtagcca     56640
     ggattacagg catgcgccac cacgcccagc taatttttgt atttttagtg cgcagctagt     56700
     ttatgtagtt ttagtggaga cggggtttcg ccatgttggg caggctggtc ttgaactcct     56760
     gacctcaagt gatctgcccg ccttggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacaa atctgagcca     56820
     ctgcagctgg cccatggtgt agtttggtag tgtttaaggg agcagaaaga cccatgtcag     56880
     tatacctaaa caggtatacc ttgttttatt gtgcttcact ttacggagtt ttttttagat     56940
     actacttttt tttttagttg aagatttgtg acaaccctgt gtggagcaag tctttcaaca     57000
     gtttttccaa catgtttgtg tgtcacattt ttagtaatat tttttcatta aggtatgtac     57060
     gtacattgtc tttttaaaga catgttattg cctacttaca gtcaagagca aaatgctctg     57120
     tttcactata cagtgtccca gtagcccacc tcttacttgg ccattgaatg gaaaaacaga     57180
     agctccactc tgggcaggaa ataggatcac tgaattataa cagtgggaac atactggaag     57240
     aggttaatga agcttctttt gctgacaact ctttttgccc ttaggctccc caaaaaggcc     57300
     acaaagacag ccccacctgc cctgcctaca ggttatgatt cagaggagga ggaagagagc     57360
     aggcccatga gttacgatga gaagcggcag ctgagcctgg acatcaacaa attacctggg     57420
     gagaagctgg gccgagttgt gcatataatc caagccaggg agccctcttt acgtgattca     57480
     aacccagaag agattgagat tgattttgaa acactcaagc catccacact tagagagctt     57540
     gagcgctatg tcctttcctg cctacgtaag aaaccccgga agccctacag tacgtatgaa     57600
     atgaggttca tctcatggtt ctgaggacag ttgaggaaag atggtggggt ctgtttgcat     57660
     tcaggattgt cagctcccag gataatggga tgtgttggtt ggcagctgac gttcaagaag     57720
     ggaacttggg aaccttaggg gcccataata agatgcttgg ggcaatctta atgtatcctg     57780
     ataaatttct ttcattagcc attaagaagc ctgtgggaaa gacaaaggag gaactggctt     57840
     tggagaaaaa gcgggaatta gaaaagcggt tacaagatgt cagcggacag ctcaattcta     57900
     ctaaaaagcc ccccaagaaa ggtgagtata tactttcatg ccactacaga ttgactccat     57960
     cctgccttct tgactgtctt ttattgacaa atgaagattc agacttgaac gtctttaact     58020
     ttcgaatttg ttctgcagcg aatgagaaaa cagagtcatc ctctgcacag caagtagcag     58080
     tgtcacgcct tagcgcttcc agctctagct cagattccag ctcctcctct tcctcgtcgt     58140
     cgtcttcaga caccagtgat tcagactcag gctaaggggt caggccagat ggggcaggaa     58200
     ggctccgcag gaccggaccc ctagaccacc ctgccccacc tgccccttcc ccctttgctg     58260
     tgacacttct tcatctcacc cccccctgcc cccctctagg agagctggct ctgcagtggg     58320
     ggagggatgc agggacattt actgaaggag ggacatggac aaaacaacat tgaattccca     58380
     gccccattgg ggagtgatct cttggacaca gagcccccat tcaaaatggg gcagggcaag     58440
     ggtgggagtg tgcaaagccc tgatctggag ttacctgagg ccatagctgc cctattcact     58500
     tctaagggcc ctgttttgag attgtttgtt ctaatttatt ttaagctagg taaggctggg     58560
     gggagggtgg ggccgtggtc ccctcagcct ccatggggag ggaagaaggg ggagctcttt     58620
     ttttacgttg attttttttt ttctactctg ttttcccttt ttccttccgc tccatttggg     58680
     gccctggggg tttcagtcat ctccccattt ggtcccctgg actgtctttg ttgattctaa     58740
     cttgtaaata aagaaaatat tattcaagtt ttgagttacc ttaatatttg cttttgtagt     58800
     gtttcaaaag gaacatcata agaattgtct tgataatttt gagggaaata ttactgcagt     58860
     gagaaaaggc aatagctaac ctataattgg attgtcttaa tttttaaacc agtaggcttt     58920
     tgctgtgttt ttaataaagt aaatatgact tttgtaaatt gagtccttag aagtaatctt     58980
     taggtctaca atttgctctt gtttaaatga aaaatagtac tgtggctcat tcatgcttta     59040
     accaagaact caaaattttg aggtaggctt taggtttttc cctgtggcac tggatgtgtg     59100
     aattttctcc tgagcagact taaaatatga gaaaagggtg ggaggtagcc gaacataagt     59160
     actttatgca ttgagtttat tgccttttaa aaggaaattg gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt     59220
     gggaggccga ggcgggcaga tcacgaggtc aggagatcga gaccatggtg aaaccctgtc     59280
     tactaaaaaa aaattagctg ggcgaggtgg cgggtacctg tagtcccagc tactcgggag     59340
     gctgaggcag cagaatggcg tgaactcggg aggcggggtt cagtgagccg agatcgcgcc     59400
     actgcactcc agcctgggtg gtagacactc cgtctcaaaa aaaaaagtaa ttgggcctac     59460
     tacattgtta aacattgtta aattttgctg ccatggtcac acacaaattt acagatagtt     59520
     tattagtaga atactaaaga gtattccaac gattaaatca caaaactgct ttctgcatac     59580
     ccccttgtct tgctaagggg agagaagggt tgtataaaaa gtttaggggg ttgggatgtg     59640
     tgcattctgg aatttggggc tttaatactg gaaaagtgag acatttgctt agtatagtgt     59700
     accatagtag gaaacctgga tagagacgtg gaaattagaa tcaggaatgt agtaaagcaa     59760
     atggtttatt ttgctgtaaa tgacaccaca aactaagtgt agggcaacac cacaaactaa     59820
     atgtaggaag caataaattt tactagtgat gctcagccct ctttaggaat tccggctaaa     59880
     ctggggcttg agcaacaatt ttcaaaagct cgggagatgg taataaaaaa ttaggtttgt     59940
     gaaccacctg ctactgtttg ccaagcactt agagggaaac aaacccttgt ttgggctttc     60000
     ttgctaactt gtgtgcacca gtgaaagctc ttgagctccc tttgagctct ggttcccttt     60060
     tgagaataac agatgttgag gattcgtaag tacttaatag agacgcgttg ggcaataggt     60120
     gatgagatac aaattaaagt tctgaaaatc ggagtaaata gatttaagct aagtgcatgt     60180
     ctatgtcaag gattacatct catttcagag ggaattgaag gatttagttg gattagtttt     60240
     gggacaaaat atagaatatt ttgtctgact gcagcccctt ctgctcatgt acttttaagg     60300
     tttgttttct gtagttcgga aaaataaaag tttcaacctg acattggagg cccctgagta     60360
     cttaattccc tgtaaatgga acccagaccg ccctaaatgc tttaagagag agaagggctg     60420
     gctgacacag gggcttcaga cctgccttaa accaattgga ctagtctctt aattgacttt     60480
     agtttgaact tatttcaagc ctgtctcact tagggattgt aattgtttca ggagtttggt     60540
     tgagttccat cttggttgcc aaaggacttt attccaaaat agcagtctcc agcacaactc     60600
     aaaggactag tggagtcctg tgggcattat ttccccctat gctcctctca gctcttggaa     60660
     tcatgggttc tattgctgct gctttttccc tctcccctca tgctgccatt tactgccttt     60720
     tattgcgtcc ataggaagcc ttttgttggg ttgtggggga aggtgagagt cggtcttatt     60780
     tactcagtca cacatttatt gagttccctt gattgccttt tcagcaaact gttaggcctg     60840
     tagacctgga cgttgccaag ccagagggta taaggtgaag ataagacaag gtcttatcat     60900
     ggagtttgct tagcacgaat agggtgcaat tattaaccat catggtgtgg taattatact     60960
     gattgaatcc aagatatagg catgacttgg tcttcacaga ccatccttat tgtgcaccca     61020
     tatgtggacc ccagttccag cctgcctgta accttcccca aagtcctgct cttaggttca     61080
     ctcgggacta ccttgattgg aaggccctgc ttccatgagt gaccagcatg aaggactccc     61140
     aggacaagga ccagaggtga ctggtgttac tctggggctt agtgcaagac tggaggaaga     61200
     ttttcctgag caattagaga gtggctgtaa tggagagctg ggaaggagat gtgggaatgg     61260
     tagcatggaa ctaatgtgtt gtcaccatga tttcattttt tcctgggtca tcaccctaaa     61320
     gatactcaca aaatcccacc agctggtctc cagcactgaa tgagacgaca gcttcttgct     61380
     ctcaatttat attctaggat cggggaaagg ggcagcatta gacaactagt cacacgattt     61440
     ttaacaaaaa taagtaattc taacaggaca atgtgcagag gtctagcaag aatttagaaa     61500
     agagggttct ctggtctaag ctgagagcta ttcagatatc tcagaacgat gagttccttc     61560
     ctgtttgtaa ggggtggatg ggtgggagca gggagtagtg aacattgcca gcagaagaaa     61620
     cagcaactga gaaggtaact aggtgatgct gaagcagcaa ggatgaaggt gagtgctttg     61680
     agatgctttg aatttacatc tcaaagacta atagctaaca tttattgagc acttactgtg     61740
     tcccatgcac tgtgctaaat aaaaacttac cctgtaaact catttggtcc tcactataat     61800
     cctgtgaggt acatcttgtc tgcatttaac agataaagaa atgaggcaca gagagattag     61860
     tcaatttgcc caacatcacc acattgtcag tgagcactgg aggtgggttt tgaaaccagg     61920
     cgatctggct tcagggtcca catttataac tactgcacta gacttccagt gctgtgggcc     61980
     agtagggagc taggagatag acatgcttta aggaaattgc actagggaca atcatgttag     62040
     ggttggtggg gtgttgagag tggatagttt agaaagcaat tgcagcagtt aatcccagcc     62100
     agtgagaata gtggtgtaga agagaaaggc agcaatgtag atgaagaaat gtagatagat     62160
     ttgagagcta tgtaggagtt aaaatagatg ggacttattc tcaaaaggtt cttgtctcca     62220
     cacgttaaag gaacagcaga gcacacgtgc acttgcagac atacagctct cagagtccct     62280
     agcacagagc tttccaatag tggaagcttg atattttgtt gactaaagga gtgccacctg     62340
     gctgactggc agatttgaat ggagctccct ccagcatggc ttgccgaagg ggcaggggtt     62400
     ctgaggctct tgtagactgc cactgaaggt atttggcgcc acctgttggg cgtgttaccc     62460
     acgattgcct cctgaatcta ttgtcatttt tgtgtcctgc ccccgaggtt aggtggttct     62520
     tcccttctta ctttcctaaa cttcaactct taaaatgtga gccttcattt ttatgaccca     62580
     gagggtcaca aaagaaggag attaggcctt tttagtcctt atctcccttt acctctgaag     62640
     catcccatgg ggcttcccta gcattttatt ttatattgat ttatttattt atttttaaga     62700
     aagaggattt ctgtcaccca ggctggagtg cagtggtgtg atcatagctc actgtagctt     62760
     cgaccttctg ggctcaagta atgctcttgc ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg ggattacagg     62820
     catgagccac cgcaccctgc atctcctgac ttctttgact tgacaccact tgttcctagc     62880
     tctcatactt ttcagacagc catttcttag tctgcttctt taaagtctct gcctctgcct     62940
     cccataatat attgtccctt atgacacctt tctttgtcct ctttttattt gcacagtatt     63000
     tttaagcaag tttacccatt cctctggagg cacctcccac ccataaaatc tgtgtctctg     63060
     tttagacctt gtattagtcc attctcacat ggctatgagg aaatacctga gactaggtga     63120
     tttataaagg aaagaggttt aattgactca cagttctgca tggctgggga ggcctcagga     63180
     aacttacaat catggcggaa gacacctctt cacagggtgg caggagaatg agtgccaaag     63240
     tgaagtgggg aagcccctta taaaaccata agatctcgtg agaactcact atcacgagaa     63300
     cagcatgggg gaaactgccc ccatatcaaa ccttgagtca aagttccaag tgcctaatgc     63360
     aatgcctaat ggcaaggtcc cataagctcg tgcacacatt tttagaaaag attctacctt     63420
     tttccccaaa catgtccctc gcagtgagtt ctctaagtca gcagtcccca gcttttttgg     63480
     caccaaggac tggttttgtg gaagacaact tttctatgga tggaggcggg gagaatggtt     63540
     tccagatcaa actgttctac ttcagatcac caggcattag attctcaaaa ggagtttgca     63600
     accttccctc gcatgctcag ttcacaatag ggtttgcagt cctgtgagaa tctaatgcca     63660
     ctgctgatct gacaagaggc agagcttgct cgctgctcac ctcctgctgt gcaccccagt     63720
     tcctaccagg ccacggactg gtagtgttca gtggcccaga ggttggggga cccctgctat     63780
     aaggaacaag cacttatata gagtttacta tgtaccagac acttatgagc acttttgcaa     63840
     tttagtcttc ataataatcc taagaggtag gtactcatca ccattttata catgaggaaa     63900
     cagacattta gtaacagttc tatagctgcc tagtttcttc cccttattct cccccaactc     63960
     cctgttcagc cattgaggtc tgttgagcct tcctctgtcc cttctctcag tgcccctcat     64020
     cagcctggac tctcacacga ctctgtcact agtccatgtc tttcagctat actgtgttgt     64080
     ttcagggccc atcactcacc tctcccttca tgccctgccc tatccccacc acaccagtga     64140
     agacctccct tcctgggtta tcatcagacc tgtcacttgc agtgaggcct cacctcaact     64200
     aaggaggtca aaataagaat aacctctcat gtgagtaaga ggaactcatc atccttgcca     64260
     agctttccaa ccaaccccaa acttcaagta tttttgtgtc cttgtacagt aagtgaatat     64320
     ttctacataa taaaatattt ctttcatctc tttgccaaat gaggaccttg ctcattttgt     64380
     cagacaagct aatgtttgat ttgagattga aggagaaaag ggatttattc tccagcgata     64440
     agcatttttg ctggtgtttg acaaacaaaa aaagagcagt tcttctatta gctgccactg     64500
     tcagacctca tggagtcagt tgctattcta attgctgaga ctatgagaag gtaacactgg     64560
     ttaattgatg aatactttcc cctcttctgc ccctgcagaa gatgtgttgg aactggcttc     64620
     tctatgaagg caggttgtag agacaatgac agttcttcca agaaagacag ttattacctt     64680
     gtcttcctgc atggttttgt ttctcaccca gagttcctgc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga     64740
     gacattttgc agtttcatct accgattttc tcctctctct caaaaataat gtttttaaag     64800
     acagagtctt gctctgtagc ccaggcttga gtacagtggc acaatcttgg ctcattgcaa     64860
     cctctgcctc ccaggttcaa gcagttctcg tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag ctggagacta     64920
     caggtgtgca ccaccgcacc cagataattt ttgtatgttt agtagagatg gggtttcccc     64980
     atgttggcca gtctggtctc gaacttctga tctcaagtga tccgatccac ccgcaactgc     65040
     ctccccaaat gctgggatta caggcatgag ccaccatgcc ccacccaaaa ataattgttt     65100
     taaagcagtt ctcaaggttt tctaagttta cttatactct tttaactctt aagtaacccc     65160
     aggtaagtgg aagctgaaaa gttacaaaat gatagttaca agggccaagc agtcctgcat     65220
     ccctgtcaga gtgaaacttc attctctctg atgcaaaata aaatgatgct tgttcttcca     65280
     gatccatggt taccatgaca tattattctg tattcttgat ttaagaaagc actggcactg     65340
     cccaatctct gtgccctttg attgctatgt caagcttcag gttgcacacc ctgccttctg     65400
     taaggaactt tccttacttg gcccccaatt ccctgatgtc tggtctgtga cctggtgttg     65460
     aaactggcta tgacactgtg cttagacttc ctcttaaaat tctgcattct gttctggacc     65520
     tgtttccaac cacaataaca caacccactg atttactgtt cttaaatcca tctctgctat     65580
     tcaggctgat tcccagtgat ctcatgtcct tctatcactg cctttggtct tgcaaataga     65640
     ccctacagag ccccacaact atttaaccaa tcatttggcc agggagtaag gcaagagaca     65700
     aaaattgagg gaaggagaga atgatgagca actgagggag cagcttgggg ttgaaaagct     65760
     acctcagaaa gcagttctgt gattgggagg aaggtggctg atgttactgc agggggtatc     65820
     aaaagcatct gtcctgaact tcagagtcag gtagaaaaca aaacagaaag aatcttcttt     65880
     tcctctgagt ctggggaaac tgagagagaa ggagaaagcc aaggaaaggg aactgacact     65940
     cactgagccg ttgctatctg ccaggtgtat attgatgggc acttttcata gtcatctttt     66000
     ttggtccaca tgacgttcct accacacata tgttattatt tttattttag agaggaggaa     66060
     actctaagtt aatgtgcata agatcacaga gctagtgaga caagataagg ctaatttcaa     66120
     agtttatatc tttacatacc aaacatttct agttatattc tagatataag caaacaagga     66180
     attcagaagt aaaacttagc aaaaacttcc agatattgtt aactccacca acctgagcta     66240
     aagaatgagg ctagagatga acacacacac acatgcatgc acacacatac acacagtcac     66300
     acacacacct caatcttttt agaactttat ttatttattt atttatttat tttgagacac     66360
     agtcttgctc tgtcgcctag gctggagtgc agtggcacga tctcggctca ctgcaacctc     66420
     cacctcctgg gttcaagcaa ttctcctgct tcagcctccc aagtagctgg gattacaggc     66480
     acctgccacc atgctggact aatttttgta tttttagtag agacgggttt tcgccatgtt     66540
     ggccaggctg gtctcaaact cctggcctca agcgatccgc ccatctcggc ctcccaaagt     66600
     gctgggatta caggcatgac ccaccaggcc gagcctagaa ttttattttt attattttta     66660
     tttcgatagc tttaggagta caggtggctt ttatttacat ggatgaattg tatagtggtg     66720
     aagtctgggc ttttagtgta cccattaccc aatagtgtat attgtactca gtaaataatt     66780
     tttcatcctt caccccactc cccacttctg tgtctccaat gtccgttata ctactctgta     66840
     tggctttgca tacccatagc ttagctccta cttacaagtg agtgttaaat taggtttagc     66900
     ctaaagctgc ttccttacat gttttaagtt cagcctaaag gtttctccat acatagtaaa     66960
     ctgaaaccta acttgatgtg taatcagact gaaacctact ctagtgccaa tcactgagtt     67020
     ttggccaatc aaaggtgatc aactgttcaa actgtgttca aataagacaa atgccaagct     67080
     tcaaccaatc ctgctgtttc tgtacctcat gtctgttttc tgtacatcac tttacttttt     67140
     ctgttcataa atattccacc acttggctgt tctggagtct ctcagcctac tctggctcag     67200
     aaggctcccc aattcacaaa ttgttctttg ctcaattaaa ctctgttgaa tttcattcgt     67260
     ctaaggtttt ttttctttaa caatgagaac acgtagtact tggttttctg ttcctgagtt     67320
     acttcactta ggaaaatggt ccagttccat ccaagttgct ggaaaatata ttatttcatt     67380
     cttttttatg gatgagtacg atttcatggt atatacacat cacattttct tatccactca     67440
     tcagtttatg ggcacttagg ttgattccat acctctgcaa ttgtgaattc tatgtctttt     67500
     tgatataatg acttcttttc ttttgggtag atacccagga gtgggactgc tagatcaaat     67560
     ggtagaacta cttttagttc tttgagaaat ctccatagtg ttttccacag aggttgtact     67620
     aatttacatt cccaccagca atgtataagc tatccctttt cactgcatcc ttgccaacat     67680
     ctattgcttt ttgacttttt aatatcaatg atactggctg ggataaggta gtatctcatt     67740
     gtggttttaa tttgcatttc caggctgggc gcgatggctc acgcctgtaa tcccagcact     67800
     ttgggaggct gaggtgggag ttcaagacca gcctgaccaa catggagaaa ccccatctct     67860
     actaaaaata caaaattagc tgggcatggt ggcgcatgcc tgtaatccca gctactcggg     67920
     aggctgaggc aggagaacca cttgaaccca ggaggcggag gctgcagtga gccaagatcg     67980
     caccactgcg ctccagcctg ggcaacaaga gcgaaactct gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     68040
     aaattgcatt tccctgatga tagtgatgtt gaacattttt acatatgttt ctggacattt     68100
     gtatatcttc ttttgagaaa tgtctgtcaa tgtcgtttgc tcacttttta atgggattat     68160
     ttatttggtt ttttttttct ctcatttgtt tgagctcctt ctagattctg gatattagtc     68220
     ctttgtcaga tatttgcaaa tattttctct cattctgtgg ttgtctgttt aactcttgat     68280
     tatttcctct gctgtgcaga agctttttag tttaattagg taggtcctat ttatttattt     68340
     ttgcttctgt tggatttgtt tttgaggtcc tattcataaa ttctttgcct aggccaatat     68400
     tcataagagt ttttccaagg tttcttccag aatttttatg atcacaggtc ttagatttaa     68460
     gtcgttaatc tatcttgagt taattttcgt atatgttgag aaacagggat ctggtttcgt     68520
     tttattattt ttatttttat ttttttttga gatggagtct tgtttgtcac ccaggctaga     68580
     gtgcaatggt acggtctcgg ctcactgcaa cctccacctc ctgggttcaa gtgattctcc     68640
     tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag ccaggactac aggtgcacgc caccactcct ggcaaaatct     68700
     tgtatttttt agtagagaca gggtttcact atgttggcca ggctgatctc aaactcctga     68760
     cctcatgatc cacccacctc agcctcccaa aatgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccaccac     68820
     gctcggccct agtttcgttc ttctacctgt gtcaatccaa ttttcccagc actatctatt     68880
     gaatagggtg tcctttcttc agtgtattgt tttgtctgct tcgttgaaga ttagttggtt     68940
     gtaggtattt ggttttattt ctgggttctc tattctgttc cattgatcta ctgtgtactt     69000
     ttataccggt accatgctgt tttggttact ctagccttgt agtgtaattt gaagttgggt     69060
     aatgtgatgc ctccagattt attctttttg tttaggattg ctttggctat ccaggctttt     69120
     tttgttgttg ttccatatga attttaggat tgctttttct aattctgtga aaaatgatgc     69180
     tgatattttg ataggaattg cattaaacct gtagattgct ttgggcagta tggtcatttt     69240
     tcatattgat tcttccaatc tatgagcatg gcatggtttt ccatttgttt gtgtcatcta     69300
     tgatttcttt catcagtgtt ttgtagttct cattagggag atctttcacc tccttggtta     69360
     agtatattcc tagacattta caattttttt tgtagctatt gcaagtgaga ttgagttctt     69420
     gatttgattg tcaggttggt cgttattggt atagagctgt gttattgatt tgtgtatgtt     69480
     gattttgtaa cctgagactt tactgaattc atttatcaaa tctaagagtc ttttggagga     69540
     gtctttagcg ttttctaggt ataagattat gttattggca aacagagata atttgacttc     69600
     ctcttttcca atttgggtgt gctttccctt gtctgttttc tctggctagg acttccagta     69660
     ctatgatgaa taggagtggt gaaggtgggc atctttgtct tgtccagttc ttagggggac     69720
     tggacaagtt cccctggaca gtttttgttt ttttgtgtgt gtgagacgga gtctcactct     69780
     gtcacccaga ctggagtgca gtggtgcgac ctcagctccc tgcaacccct gcctccgagg     69840
     ttcaagcaat tctcctgcct cagcctccca agtagctggg actacaggca tgcagtccca     69900
     ccatgcctag ctaatttttt tttttttttt ttttttttag tagagatgag gtttcactat     69960
     tgttgaccag actggtgtcg aactcctgac ctcaggtgaa ttgcccacct tggcctccca     70020
     aactgctggc attataggcg tgagccactg tgcccggccg gctttcaact ttcatccatt     70080
     cagtatgata ttggctgtgt gtttatcata tctgactttt ataattttga ggtttgttcc     70140
     ttctatgcct agtttgttga aattttttat tataaaggga tactggattt taccaaatgc     70200
     tttttatgca ttgattgaaa tgatcatatg acttcgtttt aaattctgtt tatgtggtga     70260
     atcacattta ttgacttgca tatgttgaac catccttgcc tccctatgat gaaacccact     70320
     tgatcatggt gatttatcat tttgatgtgc tgatggattt ggtttgttaa tattctgttg     70380
     aagatttttg catctatgtt catcaggaat attgttctgt agttttcctt tttgttgtgt     70440
     tctttcctgg ctttggcatc aggtaacact ggcttcacag aatgagttgg ggaggattct     70500
     ctctttctta atcttttgga atagtttcaa taggattggt accagttctt ctttgaacat     70560
     ctggtagaat tcagctgtga atctggtcct gggccttttt ttttttttaa aagatttttt     70620
     attactgatt caatatcagt acttgttact ggtttgttca ggatttctat ttgttcctga     70680
     ttcaagctta gagggttgta tgcttccagg agttcattca tttcctctag gtttgttcag     70740
     gatttctatt tcttcctgat tcaagcttag aggaatgctt ccaggaattc attcatttcc     70800
     tctagatttt atagtttgtg tgcgtagagg tgtttatagt attcttagat gatcttttgt     70860
     atttctatag tgtcagttgt aatgtctcca ttttcttcta tgttcttaaa tgcagcttct     70920
     acacaagatt cctgcatact gtagaaaatt ttattttttt caccaagccc aattaattta     70980
     gcttagctgg agaactatta agaagtgtga agacacaaat aagaaacgaa cgacttcatt     71040
     ccataaatat aagtaaagga aattccagtg atggcttttg ctgcacgaag agaaaccagg     71100
     ctaagttgaa ctattaatat tcgctttaga ctgcgtaatt tctaaatggt aactattcat     71160
     acctaccatt catcctaacc ataccttcag gcttggctta gacactggga cctttgtgaa     71220
     ggaagagagg cctgagggaa ctggattgta ggagatggat ggtgagagga aagctggggg     71280
     taagggtagg cgtgcgtctg ggcttgcgtt gactacataa gaaggagatt taaaaactat     71340
     aaagactttt taagattttg gaaacttagt accttcttca tttttacttt tttttttttt     71400
     ggtttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgaaa tggagtctcg ctttgtcgcc caggctggag     71460
     tgcagtggcg ggatctcagc tcactgcaag ctccgcctct cgggttcacg ccattctcct     71520
     gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgagactaca ggcgcccgcc accacgcccg gctaattttt     71580
     tgtattttta atagagacgg ggtttcaccg tgttagccag gatggtctcg atctcctgac     71640
     ctcgtgatcc gcccgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg aaccactgcg     71700
     cccggcccat ttttactatt ttttattcct cttttctgtt ttctgattgg gattggcaat     71760
     aaaatctcaa atatggggaa aataattttt tacataacat ttttatgttt tataatttta     71820
     tataacattt taatgtttta taatttttta tataacattt taatgtctta taaaaacaaa     71880
     attatatgac atttttctag gtgaacttat tcttggtgtt cctgggatgt ctatagacaa     71940
     tgttacagta acttttgact acagatcatt tttttcaaat gatataatat tgataaagta     72000
     attgtagggc tcccaaaata aaatgagttg gttttgagcc tatggatgag aaatctgctg     72060
     gggaaatggt caaattttat gtctgtattt aatagccatg tagtggaaca aaaatttaaa     72120
     ggcattacat catgtttatt ttattttaat taaaacaaaa gaacaaccca tttacattat     72180
     ttatttaaat tataaaatat tacagaacag gctgggagcg gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc     72240
     cagcacttta ggaggctgag gtgggtggat cacctgaggt caggagatcg agaccagcct     72300
     ggccaacctg gtgaaaccct gcctctacta aaaatacaaa aattagttgg gcgtggtcgt     72360
     gggcgcctgt aatcccagct actcgggaga ctgaggcagg agaatcacct gaacccagga     72420
     ggtggagggt gcagtgagct gagattgcac cattgcactc cagcctgggc aacagagcga     72480
     gactctgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaagttat tcaattggtg acatacatca acttgtgagt     72540
     tcaggaatct agtgctctct cctttaattt cctgctattt tcaagtataa taaagcatta     72600
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacctctt taattgtgaa aatttccaaa     72660
     cctgcagaaa acttggaaaa aataaaataa tacttgaaag ctgctatggt ttgaatgtgt     72720
     ctcccaaagt tactaggctc ttccttttgc tagagctagg acatatatat tagtaaatca     72780
     ttagttaaaa ctgacatttc tagttcaaaa tatttttcta gttcaaattt aatattattg     72840
     ttttaattca actacgttta cttgcttttc atacattaaa aatctcagtt ctgaattaca     72900
     tgaacataat cactgatttg ctttatttta tacataacaa aaagttgtta tatataaaac     72960
     attggaaact taatccccaa tgcaacaacg ttgagaagtg ggacctttaa aatacgatta     73020
     ggtcatctct taaagagatg ggcagagccc tcataaaggg cttaatgcca tcatctctag     73080
     agtggattag ttatctcatc tcaggagtga attcctgatg aaaggatgag tttgactcct     73140
     ttcctctcct tcatcctttc tctcctcctt ttttcttctg ccttttttct tcatcacagc     73200
     aagaaagccc ttgccagatg ttggcacctg acattaggct tcccagcctc cagaactgtg     73260
     agaaacaaat ttctttcttt tctttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg taaattacct     73320
     agtctgtggt attctgttat ggcaacacaa aatggactaa gacaaatacc catcatatag     73380
     attcaacaac tgtcaagatt ttgctgtgtt tgtttgaact gtgtgtgtat tctgaattca     73440
     ttctgaagta aattagagat ctagcatttc atccctaaat actttagcat aaagatgact     73500
     tgatacataa ccgtggtact gtaatcatac taaacaaaac tgaaaacagc tctctaatat     73560
     catcgattac cagttcatat tcaaatttcc ccatttgtct gaaaagtgct tttatatctg     73620
     tttttcctca aagatattgc caagaatcat tcactaaatt tgattgtaat gtctcttaat     73680
     tcccactatt ccacccattt tttaaacagc atctttttag agagacaagg ccagtagaat     73740
     ctctcacatt ttgaatttgt gtgattggtt ctttgtggtt tcatttgact tattcctcta     73800
     tccaatgtat tttttttata gactagaact ttttgaaaca aaggcttgac tagatttaga     73860
     tgaaagattt ttgacaataa ttcttcatag gtattgctgt gtactttgca tttcatctta     73920
     ttaggaagca tatgcttaat gtcttgtcct attattggtg aggctaaact tgatcactca     73980
     gtcgaggtga tgacagccat cacctctgta aaggtatttc tcccatttga caatagcaaa     74040
     taatctatga ccatgatact ttggcatgat gtgactctct tgttcctcac tgtctattct     74100
     cctaatggtt ttaacatata tgatgccttc cctgaatcaa tgatcacatt aggcttacaa     74160
     aatgctggtt ttctaattct gttatttttc ccaacattta ttcactggta ctctgaaggg     74220
     tagacctttt ttcatcagtg gaacatttcc ttgtgaaatg tcaggatata tacttgtttt     74280
     ctttaagcac caatttcctg tgttatgaat tggaagatca catccagtgg taatatcaat     74340
     gggttgttgt tgcttacttt ttaaaatctg tattcgacta ttaataggaa cccatggatt     74400
     tttatatact caatgtgttt aattatatta tagtcatctt tttgatgtct gagttgttcc     74460
     agttttggcc aatggaagct ccttcaaact ggctgacctg ttttttttga catgactcta     74520
     ttagtctttg aacagtgcct tgttttatga aaacaatgag atactcacac ttgctttgta     74580
     ttttccataa ctcaggcctg gaactggtca cttctccaag aagctctatt tcctttgagt     74640
     gggaaatgat atttacacac tacaatctgt gcattgagga tgctcattgc tacagggcta     74700
     ctattaggct ctttcatttg ctggagcagg gacatatatg ttagtgaatc attagttaaa     74760
     attgacagtt ctagttcaaa tattttttct aatattatta ttttaattca gctactttta     74820
     cttgcttttt atacatgaaa atcttagttc tttttttttt tttttttttt ctttgagatg     74880
     gagtctctcc ctgttgccca ggctggagtg caatggtgca atctccgctg acctcaacct     74940
     ctgcctccca ggttcaaaca attctcctgc ctcagccgcc cgagtacctg ggataacagg     75000
     cgcccgccac cacacccagc tgattttttg tgtgttttca gtagagacgg ggtttcactg     75060
     tgttggccag gctggtcttg aatgcctgac cttgtgatcc gcccgccttg gcctcccaaa     75120
     atgttgggat tacagggatg agccactgcc cccggcctaa aaatcttagt tcttaattat     75180
     attaacataa tcactgattt gctttatttt atatatagta tagtttcaaa taaggataca     75240
     aatattactt aaccataaaa caactgaatg atgttcaaag ttctgatagt tctttttgtc     75300
     cttagaatat attctattaa gtcagctggg gcaacataat gagaccccat ttctatttaa     75360
     aacatgtatt ttaattaact gggtatggtg gcatgttcct gaagtcccag ctactgtact     75420
     tgggagaccg aggtgggagg atcacgtgag cccaggaatt tgagggtgca ctgagctata     75480
     atcacaccag cgcactccag cactccagcc ttggctggca acagagcaag accctgtcta     75540
     aaaaaacaac aaacaacaaa caacaacaac aacaaaaaat agagagagaa gagagagagt     75600
     aaatgtattc caccaagaac atacagtagt atcttttaat atcacttggg atacttattt     75660
     tttctgtgtg gttcagttct atttgtttta aattttagag gtttttgtca attttttatt     75720
     aacattgtaa attatttata cgtttcaaag gtcaatattc acttctcact tctattctcc     75780
     cttccttcct aaaagtagcc atttttatta atttcttgtt tatccttcca atgcagcttt     75840
     tttccccctt tggagacatg gtctcactct gttgcccaag ctggagtgca gtggcaccat     75900
     cataactcac tatagcctcg aactcctagg ctcaaatgat cctcttgctt cagcgtcctg     75960
     agtagttagg actacagggg gtaccaccat gcctggctaa tttttttatt ttatgtagag     76020
     acaaagtctt gctatgttgg ccaggctggt gttaaattcc tgacctcaag tgatcctccc     76080
     acttcatcct cccaaagtgt ggggattata ggcacaagcc accacatctg acccaatcca     76140
     cctttttgaa aaaatatgta tctttcctct ttcttacccc aaaggcagta catagtttaa     76200
     tcattgtatt gcactgtgaa ttttccactc taacctagag attcctccgt attagttcaa     76260
     agagatcttt ctcattcctt ttcgttagac tttttccttt aattgataca tgatatttta     76320
     catattttat ttatgaggta catgtgagta tctgttacat gcatacaatg agactaatga     76380
     tcaagtcagg tatttggggt atccttcacc ttgagcattt atcatttcta tgtgttggca     76440
     acatctcaag tcctctcttc tagctacttt gaaatatact atatatatat atatatatat     76500
     atgtatatat atatatagtt gctgactaca gtcaccccag tctgctatca aacattggaa     76560
     cttatttttt ctatctcctc attcttttta acagctttgc attactccat tgtgcagatg     76620
     tactataatt ttttcaacta ttgtactctt actaggcatg tttccaataa ttttcaattg     76680
     ttacaaataa tgacatatca tttttaaaag gcagattact atataataaa gatacatact     76740
     tcactttggg aggccaaggc ggacggatca caaggtcagg agttcgagac cagcctggcc     76800
     aatatggtga aaccctatct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggtgc ggtggtgaat     76860
     gcctgtagtc ccagctgctc ggtaggctga ggcaggagaa tcacttgaac ccagcaggcg     76920
     gaggttgcag tgagctgaga tggcaccact gcactccagc ctgggcaaca gagcaagact     76980
     ctgtctcaaa aaaaacaaaa aacaaaaaga tacatattta agtttggcat ttccttacat     77040
     gtattaaaat atgttttaac agaaaaatat tacttctatt gatttgtttt tggttaggtt     77100
     attaacactc tcctaaacac ttcggtttca tgcaacaatt taggaaatat ctggtgtgct     77160
     tcttagtgaa tgtggagata ctggatttga caaatatcag ttggttagac tagtgtttgg     77220
     cacattggaa gtgctcaata ataatagtca atactattat gaaagataat agtattaaca     77280
     aaacaatact tgttaatatc agaaaaacaa attttaattt atttttcttt atgcggacat     77340
     gtcatcaggg aatttgagag cagggtgact acattttgtt ttagtcagct ggggctttaa     77400
     acattaacca tgtttcaggc attacagtaa gaacttgtac ctgaagcaga tccatatact     77460
     gaaggcccga ggaaaggaat aaagggcaac tgggaacctg accaggtctc aagagcggtg     77520
     ttgggactct agggaggagg cagcagaacg tttccagtgg acggaagtgc cggggagtcc     77580
     accttgggag accttaggct tactcagatt tggaggctcc aggtggggtg gatgcaaacc     77640
     acaagatgga gccaaattac aagtcatagg tagcaacctc ctaaaccaca aggaggagag     77700
     gagaggaagt gaagtcgctc ctctgcgtgc acgatcactt gtctggaagc ttttctgaag     77760
     tcagagagaa aggaaagcct gagaagtggg acatcattca ttgaaaggca tctgtgtgta     77820
     gagataaata gggtaacatg atagggagag attggagata ggtggtttat ttagcaaagt     77880
     tggtcaatga agcttctctg aattggtgcc acacgagttg tgaatgggtg atgaattgga     77940
     ggcattaatg ttaaggagaa ttctggggaa gatagtgtgg ctattgctta atgaaagaag     78000
     gaagagtaga gggaagtaaa gatgaagaca catgcagcgc cagatcatat agagtcttgt     78060
     tgaccaggag ggaatttaga ctaagcaaga aagaaagtct gaactggggg agtgcttcga     78120
     ctgatccagg agggagaaga aaatctcttc agtaattcca tccccagtca ttcttcaagc     78180
     tcacctcatt ccctgcagcc tgttgctgct gaagcctcag aagaagtttg ttcccaaagt     78240
     tgggaatacc tcctcctaca catttcctag taatgctgat gtctgaccct gttcatcctg     78300
     cctcatgtct cacaagctgg tctccattcg ctgctgagta ggacagtgca gtggaaagaa     78360
     catgggctct agcatcacac agaccttcca accacctcct agctgtttga ccttgggcaa     78420
     gttaggtaat ttgaatccta gcttccttct ttataaaatg aaatcattat acttaacttg     78480
     cagattggtc ataaggaaga aatgaaataa ttcatgtatg gcagaatgat gcttttcttt     78540
     ttcctttgtt tgtatttagg tttgtcacac aagacaatag cacatgtcac cgccaaggcc     78600
     tttcctcttc tggctttgga tttcccaaaa tctgaagctc acttgacatt atgccaggtg     78660
     tcccagacat tgtgccagag agagagaggg gaatgccttt gacaggcaaa gggggaaggt     78720
     tctcccaaac tgaggaaggc acagtggcct gtgggtctga aagagccctg cttccttgca     78780
     gcagccaagg caggtgggga ggcctcccag ggacggggaa gttggccgta tggtgcatct     78840
     ttgcagtcct gctcccaggc actggggatc actcctcact aaagattccc ctgccccaag     78900
     cctagtgcag aagcagcaga gcttccactt ggaaaagagc atacaggtta agccctaggc     78960
     atgcttggag taaacagtct ggactggaga agacaacagg ggcttctcca aggcctcagc     79020
     actgtgtcag ggcgcagacc cttggaacaa ctgtaagaga ccagaagccc caataaagac     79080
     agattgaact taaaaccagc ctcatggcag gggttttgaa tcagatttaa gattttttaa     79140
     agagcaggtt ttgaatcaga ttttcgatta tttaaagaca tttactattt tttgcactct     79200
     gtgcactatc ttattaatct tttggaccaa gattcaaatc cactacacgt gaaaagcatt     79260
     aaggccaggc acattgcatg tgttgggtaa acggtagcca atgttattaa aaccagctgc     79320
     agacagtcgg accaggctgg atttgaagca aacaaaattg aattaaatag aattctacag     79380
     tgtttcaatg cccattatgt tctgggtgtt ggaactataa gacacagcct tctcttgctt     79440
     tagaggagca gttagtggca aaggcaaatt catacacagt caactgacac agggcggaat     79500
     gtggtatgca ctgcagggac agggtggcca gcatattggg ggctgggatt gaaaatgctt     79560
     cacagaagag gtgacattta atctggaccc tggaaggaca ggtagaattt tgactggttg     79620
     gtggaggaag gcaggtccag cacagagaat agtttgtgca aaggcaggga ggagtaaaca     79680
     tgcgacaaca gttttctgtg acttaagcat tgatcatttt caggaggagc tattatatgg     79740
     ttaaaatagg ccaggtgcgg tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccaagg     79800
     caggcggagc acctgaggtc agaagttcga gaccagcctg gccaacatgg tgaaacccgg     79860
     tctctactaa aaataataaa attagccggg catggtgggg gggtgcctgt aattccagct     79920
     actcaggagg gtgaggcagg agaattgctt gaacctggga gacagaggtt gcagtgagct     79980
     gagattgcac cactgcactc cagcttgggt aacagagtga gactctacct caaaaaaaaa     80040
     aaaaaaagaa aagaaaaaaa gaaaaagaaa taccctgagg acagtttgag aagggtcttc     80100
     atcttgtagg taatggagca cctataagaa tttaaaggag gaagggaaaa agcagatatc     80160
     ctataagctt ctgagagaaa aaaacaacaa cgattacgta caaagtttca tgacacaata     80220
     tcttttggat tatcaacaat aacgcaggaa gctaagggat tatagagaaa tgccttaaaa     80280
     attctgatgg aaatgatttc caatcttgaa ttttataacc gtggaagcta ttattcaagt     80340
     gtgagagtag aataaatata ttttccgaca tacgaagcat aaaaagtttt cctcatatgc     80400
     actgtttctc aggaagtgga aagaagaggt gcctcattaa aataaggcag accacaaaag     80460
     ggcaatgact ggatacaaga agcagaagat ccaactcgga ggataggtaa atcctgacga     80520
     ggatggcgaa gagtgatctc agagtgaccg ctgtatcatc aagggcaagg agttaagaat     80580
     ggagcagaca gaaggttctg ggagagttat atctggtgat aaaattgaca gaatacctga     80640
     tgtgtttgat tgtactgtga ggaattttgt gattcattaa taataagtac aaatacagcc     80700
     acacaaagga aaacaggaca actatatact ccagagaaaa cgaagtcgtc tagaaaagga     80760
     agagtgagca tggcttgctc tatggtttgc cattacatgg tcatattgat agaaacatag     80820
     taaacacagt aacttttact atattgtaaa aattacaata tagtcacatt aaaagaaagg     80880
     gcatgggaaa gggggcatga tgttctttga ggatgaaaaa aatctaaatc cccctcttcc     80940
     acagcaggag gtaaagagat aaagcctaaa gctgaaaaat ctagatgtag caacacaaac     81000
     atgttattta gagatgggag gttaatacca acaaaacata ttagaacaat tgaaagttat     81060
     tttctgtaag ggtgaggata tggtgggaga tggggctgga aactggtatt tctgtagcaa     81120
     atattgtaga aatatttgac tctttaaact ataacataat ttggttaaaa attaaaaccg     81180
     aaagagagtg gatgggaaga ggggatctgg aggcagtcca cgtagacact ctcagagagc     81240
     gtgaccagga gcttgggtgg aagggagact gggtcaagga cagacagagg atttgatgtt     81300
     cttgttatat aggagagatg acatgcttat gatttgtagg atgaccctgc aaaaagggag     81360
     agtttggata caaaggacag gagactactg gatgtctgtt ctaaaagaga gtgaaagatc     81420
     aagaatgcag gaggacaact tgttttttaa aataaaagac tacgtacctt gagactagaa     81480
     acaaatgtga gtatacacgc aggtgcataa atctaaaagc tctggaatta ctcctagaag     81540
     ttccagtgac ttcagggtag tatatgcaac agtaaaaaaa aagcatattt ctttagtcaa     81600
     aagaacacaa ttttaatgac tttatcaagc cttaggacag agatgagaga aacacctttc     81660
     caatgatgca tcaagttaac gtctaagcaa aagatcagca gagatcagag attgttgggt     81720
     acacacgtat cttgtgatgt cttctgagaa ccaacttatt cctctttctc tgagaagaac     81780
     ttgacccctc gccccggggc tgagtgcttg gcagccacat ttgtgttgag atcttgattc     81840
     ctgctctaac tacacagggc tgggatggac acctgctcca agtttggcca gtcatttatt     81900
     tttccagtaa tttaaagctg tgactaggag acacagcctc tgtgggttgt gagggttgag     81960
     atgatataaa ctcaggagct gtcgggtgga catgttcact gagaaggaca gtcagtccac     82020
     agagagagaa caccgctaac atgcaggggg gtctagagaa cacagaccat gtggatccga     82080
     gagtgttgga ggggcagctc tagcttctct gggcttttcg gatccgagtt ctgttcctgg     82140
     gaggcctggc taaaatctac ccttgggccc tgcactcctc cccatggcta tattgcaaat     82200
     atcctatact ttgcatgtga tcacacaaag agggtttctg ttactggcac acaaaaagtt     82260
     tgcctgagat gattctcctc cacttccatc agggtcttct ggtcattgat ttcaacttat     82320
     tctctcttaa gaagcccatt gagtccccat aatctcttgg tttctttctt ttccaggacc     82380
     aactgctcac agttcaaacc ctcattttgc ctctatttac ttgtaccttg attggctgat     82440
     gccctaacag acccaggttc ttcagaaagc cttcctagtc cacctcagac cttggggatc     82500
     cccctttccc atgacccccg atggcacctg attacgtcac tgggttccag ttaccagacc     82560
     acagccaagg tccaggatgg ctgcatcaga gtcatccaga gccggttaaa aatgacagcc     82620
     tcggctgggc acagtggcta atgcctgtaa ttccagtact ttgggaggga aggtgggtgg     82680
     atcacgaggt caagagatgg aggccatcct ggccaacatg atgaaacccc gtctctactt     82740
     aaaatacaaa aattagctga gtgtagtggc gcacacctgt agtcccagct actcaggagg     82800
     ctgaggcagg agaatggctt gaactcagga ggtggaggtt gcagtgagct gagatcatgc     82860
     catggcactc cagcctggtg acagagtgag actccttctc agaaaagaca gcctccctgt     82920
     tgctgccccc tgcactcccg agattctaat tcagtaggtc tgggtgatga ctgttatttt     82980
     tatattttat ttatttattt atttagagac agggtctcac tctgtcacct aggctggagt     83040
     gcagtggcgc aatcttggct cactgcagcc ttgaactcct gggctcaagc actcctccgg     83100
     cctcagcctc cccagtggct gggaatacag gtgcgagcca ccatggctgg ttaattttta     83160
     aatctttctt tgtagagatg gggtctctct atgtagccca agatggtttc cacctcttgg     83220
     cctcaagcag tcctgtcccc ttggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacagga atgagccact     83280
     gcaccaggcc aatgcctgta cttttaaaag gatcccaagc agttcttatg tgcattctgg     83340
     tttgaaaacc gtaatctgta ttgctcattt tggtcttgac ataaactatg tggtatggtg     83400
     atttatctct ttgtatgttt taaattctgt tcacagaaaa gtagaccaaa atcttctagg     83460
     ccacatattt agagtgtgtc taggtggacc tcccctctta cgagatacct tgcagaccga     83520
     ctctaccacc tcctacctaa catgactgac tccactgagg gaagtggcca ccttatccaa     83580
     gccttgggcc tctctttatc atgcatggga ctctagggaa aagtagaaaa aggagataac     83640
     atcatggcag gataccagtg gcctcttcat acagagtaaa cccaggcagg agtggagtcc     83700
     ccatgagcct gtcctgtccc agcacccttc agaactgttg ttagctgagg gggtcgtgag     83760
     gaacaggata atctgcatcc ctttcagggt aaacctgaac tcaggaggca aatttcatga     83820
     agtccatgtg aaatggctca ttcacaaagt aacacacaat gggccaaatg gagcaagaca     83880
     cacctgtgtg ggccccagga tggctgccaa tccccagcac cacatgcctc acccctggaa     83940
     gaactggcca aggcctggaa aggacacagt gcaaatacca ccaaagcatt tagtgctgcc     84000
     agccagagct ttgggtagag caagaatgtg tgtgtgtgtt gaatgggaag ggaagctagt     84060
     aggtgtccaa caaaccctgc catgaatact ggggccaaaa aagaggggac ccgtaggaca     84120
     gatgttgatc ccactcaaag tcagcacagc gggatgcact taaagggcac tgagcacgca     84180
     ggggctgtca caaacccatg aggatctgca gggtgtctcc cacaagtcat ttctctcaga     84240
     aggatcatta cctaaaatag cagaaaacat acgatcgagg ttgctcaatt tcaatatgct     84300
     gggatcctat ctctgagtgc ccacctcccc caaaacctca ctctctcacc ccacctctgc     84360
     ttcttttctc cctgcccatt tcttttctga cttctttccc cacaacagaa tctctgattc     84420
     tccacccacg tcctgttcag agtcatccac tttcctcccc caccccccag actcccgggg     84480
     cctctgcacc tggggacact ggacacatat gtgcccatga tgatgaggac ggtgcccacg     84540
     aggaagccca ccaggccgat ggccaggccc agggcacaga ccagggtctc catggcatct     84600
     ggtggtggaa taggcacctg gagctctagg agagaaagga aggagttggt ggtatatgaa     84660
     aggattctag agtaaaggaa acctggggcc aggagggtgc atggggaggg ggctccgtac     84720
     cccaatgcct gaggagtggc gcatccaggc cccagtgctc cacctggcag tcatagacgt     84780
     cctcggctga gggcacgaag ggcaggtagt ggaacttgcg gaacaaatgg tcaggctggg     84840
     aatagaagct ggtctgggcc actccctcag tgacagtttg gccgttgcgc agccaggtga     84900
     tattgatcac aggggggaag atgttgtcca cgatgcagat gaggatgttg ggctggccca     84960
     gctccacccg agacttgggg agcacggtca cccgtggagg cactaggagg aacaggccct     85020
     gagtccacag gctcatccct caccccaggg ccttactagg actgggatta agggacgttc     85080
     cccctttgta gccatctgtg ggcaggggat gctctggggt atccactggg gcaggagagg     85140
     agggaaacag agggagagga gactggggag ggagtgggga cgccaggagc tcctatattt     85200
     gactggtccc tgggcgggag tccgggtgag aggtgtcatt cctcaaggag aggggtgcca     85260
     aaggggtctg ggaagacctg gagcctcctg ggaaagaaag gaacagggca tgacaggcgc     85320
     gggcgctgag agcgcgcccc agagtgatgg gagcctagga actgggagga agtttctctg     85380
     gaccttcccg cctgactggg tgggcagagg gagggccggt accgttgatg gctctgctgc     85440
     ggttggagcg ctccaccagg atgtccagat gggctttgat tgcggcgatg ccggccagcc     85500
     cgccctgcgg gtcaaagcgg gcaaagtcgc caaactcagg cagacgccac acggcctcgc     85560
     ttttcttcag gtccacagag aacagctgtt cctcatcaaa ttcatgggtg aactggcccg     85620
     aggcgccgta agactggtag aaggcgggtc cgtaggagcc catgtggtca gctgtgtttg     85680
     gcgagttcag ggtcaaggag agagaaaaaa atgtgtctgt ctcatccaca atatgtgatt     85740
     gttgagtccc tgagcctggg ccccgtcctg ggttctgtgt ggggacagag tcctgttctg     85800
     acactgggct ggccctggga gagagaaagg gagagagaac aggaagaaag aggctcatcc     85860
     cagcacactg cagtcggcac agagacagtg cagtctggca tatcaggatg ggaagaggag     85920
     ggactgccta aaatcatgct tggggttcca gaatttaaat cttggctgtg gtcatctgcc     85980
     ctggctgtgt tgtcaggccc tgtgttgtga gctggtggga ctgtgggggt gggatgagga     86040
     ggaatgatta aggacaggag agtatggagc tttgcacaga gatgcagtgc aggtgggtgt     86100
     gaggggaaac aggccacggc tggcaggggt aagaattaag gttagtgacc cagagaccaa     86160
     ggggataggg agaggcaact caaggcatta caaagagcac tggacgagga gtcagaagtc     86220
     aaggttcatg tcccaattcc tccatctcag agcattatga ctgagtgtgg ctcttccata     86280
     actgttgtct agttttctgg aagttaggga ttaagtttta attcttgtag aactctatga     86340
     agttgtttga gcaacagtta ttgaggaact agcatgcacc cagcacaatg gtgggccagg     86400
     gaaataaaag aaaaaaaaga tgaaccatct gtagacccgc accccagctc atgtctcccg     86460
     aagaacaaag acaggtaaat agttaactac cggcatgggc ataaatactg caacagaact     86520
     ggacttgatc gggcacattc caggccaggg gtggtagagg aatcagggtg cttgctggca     86580
     tctgttgggt ggaggtttgg gtctcaggaa ggaggaagga atgaggagaa atctgaacgt     86640
     cagcaaaggc tgactggggc acctgcgcag ctgaccgagc tgcatcttca tttaggtcca     86700
     gagtggatgt gacagagatg agggggattg ggtgtctctt ggtgaaggaa gttgcccata     86760
     aaccagagag cgagaggaac aagcatcctc catgccacct cctcatgtaa cccaactccg     86820
     taaatctctg ctccccgccg caccctcctc gccctcgcac tcacccttgg tggcccctgc     86880
     ctcctgcggg ctcaggaggg tcatcagggt gtggaacccc aggaccagcc ctgctctgag     86940
     ggccattgca ctctggtgct ttaatcaaat cagtctcagt ccgtgtggtg aggacaggaa     87000
     caaggcggag gtaaagaaga agaaaacaga ttcgaggatg ggggcgaccc ctgctgtctt     87060
     cagccaatca cagaaattct ctgagtgaat gtatctgttg ctgggtaaag agggaaagag     87120
     ccggggtgag aaggtggaag gattcactgg gcccccagga gaggccagag gaagttttgg     87180
     aggatgggag gggcttggac caactattac cacgtcctcc aagaagggac cccctgaaga     87240
     gagagaaaag gccgtcagag caccgcgcag ctgagctcca acaaatcctc tctctatgtc     87300
     catctgcgat gcagggaatc ctactttccc aagaagtttc cgtggacaaa ttttgagtta     87360
     gaaagtaaaa taaactttac caataatctt taaaaggaaa acattggcta cacaatggaa     87420
     taaaaacctc ttaaaacttt aaatcacttt caaaaatgtt attttatttt tcttttatta     87480
     ttatttaatt tcattgtgta agaaaaaatg tgtaattgtt ggagttgttt ggtctaaagc     87540
     aaagtgtaaa gagctcccgt ggactccccg aggagggcag aggtgctggt cctctctgtt     87600
     ggtccctcca ggacccgggc acctcctcca ggctgacaca ggctggagga cggcatcacc     87660
     cttgcctttg gcttctggtt gggctcggct aataagaggc actgggagaa tttagtccag     87720
     tatatatatt taaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaacaaca acgtaaagct aacgtctgtg     87780
     taaagagaaa tctaaccaaa ttaggccatg tgtcaaagac catgaaatcg atgattttca     87840
     acttggaggg agctaggaaa tcatgcgggt ctctggttcc aaatgagaat cacctggggg     87900
     gttcgttata atacgtgttc ctgagtttcc tctttactta atgggttaga ttagcctttc     87960
     caaggcaggg ccagggaacc tgtgttttca gcatgctccc caggtggttc tcgggtagtc     88020
     tgtggactgg taaaacctgc tccaatgctc tttcctcaat gaataaggga tgcctatttt     88080
     aagtggggca gacacagctt ctgacttcaa attaatcaaa tgacagctag taattgattt     88140
     gcatggcccg gtttatgggg agccctaatc ttagtttttt cgtttctagt ccacagtgtc     88200
     tacgtaatgc ctagcacata ataggcgcct aggagacacc tgcgcatgaa tgaacagtgt     88260
     cttcactgct ttggtcctgc cctggttagg acccttgcca ccttcacctc cccccaagtg     88320
     aggtgggagc tggagccatg agatgaaaga cgggaaagcc atgaaaaact catgataaag     88380
     aatgttgctt ctttggttaa taacagtcga gtatcgggtg ttttttttat ttgaaaacat     88440
     acatagattt tttaaagtat gttttttgtt attaacttat aatttaatta catgataatc     88500
     ctctatggct tggagtgtgg tgaacttctg taaatatttc acatgggctc taataaatgt     88560
     gatgcagaat tttatacatg tacatgttta ttggatcaag catgtggatt ttgtcattct     88620
     aatttattac ggttttcttt atctttggac tggcctatac ataactaaga gtggtgcatt     88680
     tatttattta ttttttagag acagggcctt gctctgttgc tcaggctgga gggcagtgaa     88740
     gtaatcatgg ctcgctgcag cctcaaacag ctgggcttaa gcgatcctcc tgcctcagcc     88800
     tcccagagta gctgggacta taggcatgcc ccacaattcc tggcctatga atggtatatt     88860
     taaatctcta actgtgactg taggtttttc aacttgtttc taatttttaa atcaactttt     88920
     gccctctctg catttaggtt attaaggtgt ttactcttgg gaattattac agtcttggtg     88980
     aactgagcct tttcccaatt tgtcctgaga atctttctgt cctactctgt cttgtctgat     89040
     agtaataagt tctacagctg tctttgggta tttgttcact gtatcttttt ctactctttt     89100
     gtttttactc ttcctttgta cttatgcttt agatgtagcc cttgaaatgt cataaatata     89160
     gatttttgct tctgattcaa tctgacgatc tctgtcttct aacctatgtt caattcatat     89220
     ggtagtcaaa gtgagcaaac ttgtttctgc aagagacaaa cactgaagcc tcagtggttt     89280
     aacaaaacac aggtttattt tttagccacg tctagttcaa ggcaggttgg gcactctgta     89340
     gctcttttcc aaaacatgcc tcaaggtggc taagctccac tttgcatctc tattattgaa     89400
     aagcacttca tgaactccta gctttgcagg taggagagag aacctgggaa aggcacattg     89460
     tttccatggt tttggaccag aaactatttg ccatctctgc tcacattcca ttggcaagaa     89520
     gtaaacaatg accccacata ggcgcacggg gatggaaaaa tgtacgttac ctatgtgtgc     89580
     aggaagatat aatggtttgg tgagcacatg gcactgtctt tgctgcattc tgattgtgtt     89640
     tattgtgaat attgatgcac ttgggcttgt ttgtaatacc ttatttattt caatatttct     89700
     attttttaaa gtttttttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt gagacggagt ctcgctctgt     89760
     tgccaggctg gagtgtagtg gcatgatctg ggctggctca ctgcaacctc tgcttcccgg     89820
     gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcttccc gagtggctgg gactacaggt gcatgccacc     89880
     atgcttggct attttttttt tttttttgta ttttagtaga gacggggttt caccgtgttg     89940
     cccaggctta tcctcctgag ctcaggcaat ctgcctggct cggcctcaca aactgctagg     90000
     attacaggcg tgagccatca cacccggcca agttttcttt tttaatcttc attgcctttt     90060
     tttttttttt taagtgttac cgataccttc tccatcttcc ctctgactgg ataagaactt     90120
     tagcatgctt tcaaatttat tcacatattt tctccttcac caaattattt ggtcaacatt     90180
     acttttcata tcttttggca ccttctagaa tgtgttctct gattagaatt cttcttccaa     90240
     aacctttcag atgtgggaat ttgcatagca aaccttctaa agtcttgtat gcttgataat     90300
     tttttaaaat tataccagca cttttgaata aagtttagct gtgtattaca tactatttga     90360
     agtattttcc cctttaatat tctaaataac atcattccaa attttttttt tgcatccaat     90420
     gtcacagtta gaaaatccca tgtcagtctt tcatgctgga atcttctaga attttctcat     90480
     tgtctttgat atttttaaat tttgctagtg tgtctagagt gggtttttcc ttctctctgt     90540
     aagacattat ggatcttctc tatcttttaa ttctgggaat tcatcttttt atttctttaa     90600
     ctatttttct cctctatttt ttgtctttgt gaaactcata taatctatat ttggataatt     90660
     ctctcctcct tttcccctga cttttctatt gatgacttct caattcttcc ctcttttgtt     90720
     ctgaactagc tcctcagtgt agtcctccat ctttctgttt tgtttttcag ttgcatctct     90780
     cccactattt atcccattaa tgtggctttt actttgacta ttatatatat tttttacacc     90840
     tagaacttct aggtgttttc cctatattct ctattttttc atattataat agcttctgac     90900
     ttttaaagtg cacttttaat gctcatttta agcggctggt ctatattttc taccacttct     90960
     ttcaaggaca tagatggtcc tgtttgctgt ttttcttttg aggtgtcggc actccctaaa     91020
     ggtattattt tgacccacta gtggccatct gtgttggtgt catgtgtgta aagagaaagg     91080
     agggccagct ggagtcctag gccagcgcaa aaccatagtc actacccttt gggtgtcact     91140
     tcaggtcagg acttcagggt gggagcacta ggaggcgtag ggagcactga tagctggggt     91200
     ggcagaggag gcaatgacta gggcagtccc cagctcctcc cactccagca ggatttcagc     91260
     ttggattttc tcacccaccc ctcaacagct ggacaggcaa tcaggatctt gccatcgttt     91320
     tttgcagcag ggagcaggca gtgattgctc aaggccaaca ccggggaggc aagagcagaa     91380
     ggttccagga accttctcat agccacagcc agcaagcaac ccagttcaga acacctttca     91440
     gtctcaccag ggcttcctca ttatttgttt tcttggaatg tatatgtatg gtccacattc     91500
     cctcctagat ggaaagggcc tgtaagaagg gatcatggat gattgaatct ttgttacaca     91560
     atcttccttt tccccctaaa cgctagcacg ttattaaata aataagtcaa tgataacaaa     91620
     taaaagtgaa taaagtggat aaccctgact ctagggagag gtactgttat tgggactaga     91680
     gtctaataat gaggcaaaca cagattcgac aaaaacttac taaagtgtcc tttaaaaatg     91740
     acacaaatcc agttgttcta aattgtctaa aatgctgact ttgaggtaaa gttgtatctg     91800
     tcatgttctt tggagcatga caagttcagg taggtgttgg gggatattct tcattaaata     91860
     catgtttata ggacacctga tgtgacttag gcactgtgtg ctgctctggg agcacagaag     91920
     agcaggacat gctccccttc ctcaaggact gtgctgtcct gtgcagtagc cacaagccac     91980
     ctgtagctat taagccaaaa aaaactctaa gtataaaatg ccctgggatt tgaagactta     92040
     attaaatgta tatacataat ctcagtaatt tctatattaa ttaatgttca gtttgcaatt     92100
     ttttgtatat ttgcggttta aaatatgtat tagattaatc tcacctgttt cttattgctt     92160
     tttaaatgta gctactagaa aatttgaaat tgaattaaga ggctcccatt atatttctac     92220
     tggacagcgc tgctctgggt gctcttggtt ggctaccagt tggccactgg ctccttttct     92280
     gagattttta catttaagta gccagcttgc cagagtcttc aagtcctttc ctgttactac     92340
     ctagatattc caccagaggg cgaccttacc attgaatttt tccattctgg accttagatc     92400
     tgactgtttg ctggtgcatc gctctgtttt aatctatttt gctttaagtg ccgtgctagg     92460
     ctttgggacc acaattatgg ttcctgccaa caagaatggc tgtcttggaa gtctgtacac     92520
     agaactaaat acgtggtgga aaaaggagaa ggtctattaa tgtgcaatat aaatgttcat     92580
     gtggcctgca actttctggg gcaatccttt ccctagtaat taagcagttt caagtgcctg     92640
     tctaattgca ggaattcaaa tggctcactg ctgtcaccag aatgtctgat aattcctgga     92700
     cagagaagtg atgcaaatgt gtgcttacgt atggagttga tggcatctcc tgcaccagcc     92760
     tcctgccctg ggcagactgt tgtggtcatt tgggggcagc tccccagcac agcagatttc     92820
     ttgctggcca tcacttttca aactctggac ttctgccctt tggctgggaa ctgctcactt     92880
     cccttagaac tttcccctcc cgtctcctga cttctctaaa tgccagagtt ccaacctctg     92940
     tctcctggga aattctaagc taaaatcact cttcctttat atctgcagat agtttgaaat     93000
     ttatacatca aaaaaagtaa ctttaaaaat atataactgg tctcattaca ctctggagca     93060
     acaattccaa atgatggtag gaaaacccca aaattggcca tcgaaagaca tagatacagc     93120
     ccttcctgtt taaaagaggt atttttgaaa aacttcaaat gtcttctggg aaaggcacaa     93180
     tctttcacgg tttcttctct tccccctctt cctccccctt ttgggaatga catcctgggg     93240
     cagaggatga acttacagag cgtgctggct gtgggaagct gggtctaggt ggcatttttt     93300
     ctcttttctg atggttctct gcccccagtt ccttggcctg tccccatcgc ttgccaacat     93360
     ttccgtggct ggtctaatct gcgatcgatt atccctgacg aaggcagtgg ggctcagcca     93420
     ccttgcctgc tggtggcccc agcgtggctc tgctactact cacatccttc cagtttggcg     93480
     aggctgcagc ctgatcctgg gcccgtgtgt tctgggctgt ggcctctggc tccaggccag     93540
     ttcaagcctc tccatgacca tcctgaacac caatttactg cacgtcaact cactaaaatc     93600
     aacccatcaa ctaatcagaa attaatacat caaatcatca attccccaat tttatcaatt     93660
     tgccaaaaac ttgactttaa agttttgtcc ttttatattg aatttaatgg tttttacaac     93720
     ttttgaagac ttctgaaaat gttggttaat ttgcctttcc ttttgttttc atagtagctt     93780
     ataagtaata ttcgatttgt cagatgttgg tgatacaggg agaagatgac aatggtgaca     93840
     gagtgttttt catcttccca agtgtcctca caaaaacaga gagtgcaatt gggatagcaa     93900
     aggaaaatat ccacaggcag tgtctcttta tcagaccagg gatatcccta gaagatcccg     93960
     tgagactcta gaatgtgtgt gggtagatcc aagctgtaga tccaaggtag atcctgtggg     94020
     ctctagtgcc atgtggaggt agcagagggt tgagaggaga gggttctggt gtttctaaga     94080
     tctcaggaac acagaagtgg ccagtgagtg cccacctccc aaaagaggtg atctcagtct     94140
     agaatgaatc cccagcagag agctctaagg acctagactt ttgtaaattt agaaactccc     94200
     ttttctctta ccaatgtcta atttttaaga ctatgacttt gatatagctg tcaatattct     94260
     gttttggaat attgtttgct tttggtcttc tgtgataaaa atccaaattt tcccctgggt     94320
     gaataggcat aaggtcacat ctaaagaagt gcaaaaggaa aacattaaga cctctagtaa     94380
     attaatgttt ttataataac atatatctcc atatgcttca cagaaacatg taacttctgt     94440
     ctatacaagc tttgggtatt tcatttataa tgaaatggcg cattaacgtg tttttctaaa     94500
     tcaaaagtca atttcctcct tgagattaat tacatctcca gaatatgaaa gcagcttctg     94560
     acactatgta tttgaaatag caatttccca tgtttgctat aacaacaata aataaattgt     94620
     tgtgtaatac acaaaaggga attcttaatt ctgccctagg taggagaagc tagagagaag     94680
     atgacatttg aactgtgcct tggaggataa atacaagtct actgatgcgg agaagaggat     94740
     gagagccttg caaggagaga agatggcctg ggcaaaggca cagaggcctc aaagtatatg     94800
     gtgggcaggg gactgctgca tggccaagta aacgaggagc cggaggagac gaggcttagg     94860
     aaacaggctg gtgtcaaatt gtgaaagccg cagatgtcct gctaagtaat agggttgtgc     94920
     cttatctacg attaatggca agcaggcaca gtttttgcct tggagcccgg tgaaagcagg     94980
     attgacttga attgatagaa agagaaaaga ggcagcaaac catttaattg attgactgat     95040
     caattaatta attacccgag tctccttgtg aaagttccaa accttctcac tctcctctca     95100
     ctccacattc agttctacat agcagcagga attccttggc tcttacttca tcaagaaaat     95160
     tggtcaggca cacccttcat cagcgacatt ctgaccattt ggagaccctg gtttctcttt     95220
     cttcttcttc ctgaagtctc agaggctggg gctcttcctg ctccaggcta accctgacct     95280
     ccagttatgc gctcgagacc ttcactcctg cctccactgg gagcttgtct cagctgtcct     95340
     cccttctatc tctctgttaa ctctaatcag ccccctgctg ccagatcctt cccttcagtt     95400
     tagaatttag gctcaaatct tccttgtccc taatgctctt ctcatctccc tagcttccac     95460
     cctcatcttt cttctttact cttcccatgt tccttaaaga aaatgttaca cttctgtgtt     95520
     tcctctttct cccctcccac tcattctcag ccccactgca gtctgacttc cttgtccatg     95580
     acctcagtgg gacagaaatt gattgccaag gtcaccaaat ctttatcttt gtggagtttt     95640
     ctgctgcttt catcacagta gatcattcca ctttcttgaa atctctcctt attcagattt     95700
     caagacatca cactcctctg attttcctga caccattcag atcattcatt ctggggcttc     95760
     tgctcctctg ggaatctcta aatgcagagt gcctctaggg atctgtcccc agctaacaat     95820
     gtctccttga tcaaacattc atttgtatag cttcaattct tagtcatcta attataccta     95880
     acatagcaaa gaacaatcct tggcatctac taggtgctta gtagctgtca catcttttct     95940
     tcttctcaga ccttttgaat acagcaacct ggtcttctat taatggagag caaaatctaa     96000
     ccattccacc tcctctctcc tcagggccac aattttattc ttctagatat ctcttctttc     96060
     tctacattaa tccacttctt tttccatttc tgtacactca ctttccttct ttggctctct     96120
     tcatctgatc aaaatgaaaa attaaaagat atttcaatgt ttttgtgtaa tagctaatct     96180
     attataaaat atttatattc ttagacatgc agctttatta tgcaatcaca aatgttttac     96240
     acgtttgact tttctcaaaa ccaaaaatca gtttttaaaa ttgcttttta cctatatgtg     96300
     gttcttgctt gatgaaaaca agcaactaga aaaaactggt ctacttccac tcaaacagtg     96360
     tctccaacta tgtggcttgc ccagctacca gacccttctt gagaaatatt ctgccagaca     96420
     caaatgaaca ctcttagttc acactgccca ttggcacacg agggcatgga gagtgttctc     96480
     tatggagaag taggtgctta cagcagaaat agccttccat gaggttgcgt cggttctgct     96540
     ttcactttcc cgtctcatgc aaagtggccc agaaaacagc agcccctccc tggaactatt     96600
     tccttccttt ctcagagagt tgcatctcct gctctctgga aagtttcatg aggaaatgga     96660
     ttgcctctgt tcttggtgaa aattaactcc attactaagt tcttaatctt ttttgtttat     96720
     atagctctca ttccaaaaga caatctccct gactgggcta gaaagtcata tgtttgtaaa     96780
     taatcagaga gaggccaagg aaaaggacag agctggccac tgagcccaga gggctctgtt     96840
     gtcaatccca tggcaattca ctgctagtct tctgcaaaag acacatgacc cagaggagac     96900
     cctcagacac gaggaaagag gaactctgta ggggacttag aggcaatctc tttaattgga     96960
     ggggctaaat agctttcctc tcatggtttg cagctcagtg taaggccagg caagctccca     97020
     ggaggccatc caggctgtga ggtccctaga gaatctcaga gaccacacca aagggtcact     97080
     cctgtcttag caactgagta ggaagcattg ttgccaccaa actgtaca                  97128