ID   AL662833; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 168887 BP.
AC   AL662833;
DT   18-DEC-2001 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 22)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone CH502-101P6 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-168887
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Tracey A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; ba3ddaf6d226cffb93918e2de8c45525.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000251.
DR   EPD; EP73198; HS_HLA-C.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   CH502-101P6 is from a CHORI-502 human bac - COX cell line library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..168887
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-502"
FT                   /clone="CH502-101P6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 168887 BP; 45264 A; 39556 C; 38475 G; 45592 T; 0 other;
     gaattcctgt ccccaacccc atgcgtccag ttcacctccg ccatcttgag tatccctcat        60
     caccccaaac tgcagtccct gcctctgttc ccacctcacc tctggtgtgc aggcaaagga       120
     ccaggatccc caggagcttc cagttgagga tcatggctat gtactggccc ccaaagctgg       180
     ggtgggctga gtctgggtgc ctgggaaccc caagaggctt tataggggag gagtggagga       240
     ggggccagcc cagtggcaca ggaataccat cagaacagaa ctggtcaaac ccgttgggaa       300
     ggcctgggct gatgtgtcac ccctgaaggt ggcgtccctt attttagtcc tccagcccag       360
     gacccagctg cctgctctcc ctatcatgac ccagagcctg cgtcacccca ccctggtttt       420
     cacaccctcc atccacaccc tggagcagtc aatacccact tggcatctcc gtaatcacag       480
     agatgtccac cttcatccct tgcaactatt ggaagccaaa gaatgggagc aaaccacgcg       540
     atgggcgttg ggaagcaccg taattacagg gttgggaggc aggatgcctg cgctggggga       600
     ggaggtgcct ttcaaacctg ggatgcagct gggacagtgt cagctactac cccagcctcc       660
     ccactcatcc ccgcactgaa agctccccct ggggcttcgt gctttcctgg gcacttccct       720
     tcccccatgg gatccaggca tcctgctctc caccatgtcc ttcttcaggc atgcagggga       780
     cctccaagca atgatatcca aggaattcca tctggcagcc acccaggatg actgcagaaa       840
     aggaaggaca caggaggata tcctggttcc ctcttcccac ccagagctgt ttgcatcagt       900
     cctgccaatg gctccggaag aagctgccag gctccagcaa cctcagcccc ttcctcctcc       960
     ctcaggaatc cacctatccg cctctaggac cttggctcca actctattgt actcgtctcc      1020
     tccctcccat tctccttttg gtctcagctc cttgatctaa gcctcccaga gagaccccta      1080
     gaacgtttcc ctcaaggacc tttctgcctg gaagtctgtt agcctttcag aagtaacatg      1140
     tccaaaataa aatttgattc ctcccaggtt gttccctgcc tggtccgcta ccccacagta      1200
     aggaacacct tattatgcaa tggcgtgatc tcatctgttc cctccagggc tcacgcagaa      1260
     accttcgtta cactcctcca ccatccacct gcaagcccct ccacaccctg tccaaaccca      1320
     gcccatcatc ctgagccacc atctcccctg agcctcccca acacccttct aattggcccc      1380
     cttgctccca ctgtttatcc ctccccctca cacaaagcct gtcctccacc agcaaaagag      1440
     gtcttaaaat atacatcacg cgggcctggt gtggtggctc gcgcctgtaa tcccagcact      1500
     ttgggaggcc gaagcgggcg gatcacctga ggtcgggagt tcaagaccag cctgaccaac      1560
     atggagaaac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaatatta gccggacatg gtggcacatg      1620
     cctcttggta atcccagcta ctcaagaggc tgaggcagga gaatcgcttg aacccaggag      1680
     gcagaggttg tggtgagctg agatcacacc attgcactcc agcctgggca acgagtgaaa      1740
     ttccgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aacatatata tatatatcag gccaggcgta gtggctcatg      1800
     ccagcacttt gggaagctga cacaggagga ccacttgagc tcaggagttg tgtgcgctgc      1860
     ttcacctgca gcaagactgt gggcaacacg tgggaggcct acctggggct gctgcagtcc      1920
     aagtacgctg atggggacgc cctgggcctg aagcgccaca gccgctgcct gccgcatgct      1980
     gctggcccac gtggacctga tgcggaaact gctcaattat gccctcctgg ggaagtgacc      2040
     tggttagacc cacccatctg ctgcgctggg tgccgggagc aatcgctgac cacagtgcgt      2100
     ggatatgtgt acctcactct ggaagggacc atccagtaag tccctcagga aaaaaaatgt      2160
     acaccaaatc atgttgcgtc ttccctttgt ttggggagtg aggacaggtt ctcgctctct      2220
     taggctgggg tgcagtggtg cgatcacagc tcattgcagc ctcaacctct tgggctcaaa      2280
     caatcctccc aactcagcct ctggagtaac taggaccatg ggtgcacgcc accatgccct      2340
     ccaatgtttt ttatttttat tttttatata gatggagtct ccctatgttg gctggtctca      2400
     aactcctggg ctcaagcgat ccgctcacct cggcctccca aaaaagtgct gggattcagc      2460
     tactccggag gctgaggcag gagaattgct tgaacctggg aggtggaggt tgcagtgagc      2520
     tgagattgtg ccactgcact ccagcctggc aacaagagca aaactgtctc aaaaaaaaaa      2580
     aagtgctggg attacaggcg ggagccacaa caccgggccc ccttccctgg tttttttttt      2640
     tttcttcttc ttcttttttt gaggctgagt ctcgctctgt cacccaggct ggagtgcagt      2700
     ggcatgatca cggctcactg caacctccac ctcccgtgtc caagcaattc tcctgtgtca      2760
     gcctcctgag tagctgggac tacaggctca caccaccaca cccggctaat tttttgtatt      2820
     ttagtagaga cgaagtttca ccatgttgcc caggctggtc tcaaactcct gagctcaggt      2880
     gatccgcgtg cctcagcctc ccaaagtgtc aggattacag gcgtgagcca ccacacctgg      2940
     ctttcttccc cgtttttaaa gaagtactcc aatggctttc tattgactta cagtaaaatc      3000
     caaacttggc cacatctcgg cctcgcagca gcatccttga gcattctcta cagagacctc      3060
     ctggcctcca caggagccca cttcaggcag gcctctgcac aaggtcccct gctcagaggc      3120
     ctctccccag agtcagtttc tatcatatca tcatactgta ctttctcttc aagcacttat      3180
     ttgaaacgat ctcgttcatc tgtttaggtc ccatctgctc acttatttga aacgatctcg      3240
     ttcatctgtt taggtcccat ctgctcgctc tctctcccac taggatgtag gctctcaggg      3300
     tccaagtggc ccccaggcta atacagtgcc tggcattgac attcctgttg aacgagtgaa      3360
     tgtttcatct tccccactcc tagcatttat catcttccag aagaaaagag ttttaaaaca      3420
     aaagttgaga ataaagaaaa gcaggagctt cccaaacatt tccaaagctg cctagaaaaa      3480
     ggatttgaaa aggtgccacc catagagaga gctatgggtg ggaccacttc tcacaatctc      3540
     caagagagat ggctgcaggg agaattccca cagattccca gaaataacat ttccaaacaa      3600
     tggctccttc tgtagtcgtc tttatttaga gcagaattca gactcagctg gtatccccca      3660
     gggcaacccc aggatgggga agggctggtc tgtccccacc cacttctcca ggatcctccc      3720
     agcccccagg ctggctttcc ctccaactgt cagctgctta gctgctcatc tggggattgc      3780
     agctggagca tctgtcaagg ttgtctcctt gacaaacagc ttcctctttg gaaatggctt      3840
     cactcaggtc ctgcaggtca tcgagcagga cagagaggga ccctgggaag gaagacagca      3900
     gatgagcacc agacaaggga aggtgctcgt ggttacagag gaaacagggc tggcacagga      3960
     aatgaggaat gggagagagg aggctctttg gtccaagctg ggcatcgcta aaagaggcta      4020
     agggcctcga aggaccgcag agaacaacac tcatcatgcg agagtctgaa gaggagattc      4080
     ctgaagtgcg cgcatttgtc ccttgtccct ttgtgcttgg cccaagacct tttatggact      4140
     ccctggtggg cactgctgct gctacaggtg cagatgctga acactctgga ggcctggggc      4200
     tggacaccac agatttcttc ttatccagta gggaaggaag aactgtcaac agtcgctgct      4260
     gcttgtaacg ggagaggaga ccttcctgct gcaaggtggc ctgggaagga gagggttaaa      4320
     cctagcccgg atagagcctc cctcaccatc ctctttccac acctctagcc caggaaccag      4380
     cccaggatgg gccctagtgt ctgcctgtct gccctcctgt ctcctaccag catgaggttc      4440
     ttatccctct ctagctcctg caagcgccgg gccagtcgct gcccctcctc cttccgggcc      4500
     tcctcctgca gacgcctgag ttcctggctc cgctcctttt cctgggcggc tctgcgctga      4560
     atctggcgca aggagaccac tacagagagg ccaaggcaca gaggaggcag gtgtgagtca      4620
     ggccagaggc agccaggcac catgaagaca ggaacaaacg ctgggtcacc aactctgtgg      4680
     cttggggagg ctgttctgct ctgtggatct gtctcttctg tacagttgga ggggtgggct      4740
     gatgctctag gagcctggga atctgaacct aagtatcttc ctcatccctg aaccatcctg      4800
     gagttcctca ggggaaatct gaacatgaac tgggttagat tttgtgcaat tagtgttcac      4860
     tgtcttaaag tgtgatgatt gcagctatat aggagaattt actggctttg ggagatgcgg      4920
     ctgaacaact tatgtttaca acttacttag gcgtggtggc tcacgcctat aatcccagca      4980
     ctttgggatg ccaaggcggg cggatcacga ggtcaggagc tcgagaccat cctggccaac      5040
     atggtgtaat cccgtctcta ctgaaaatac aaaaactagc tgggcatggt ggtgggcgcc      5100
     tgtaatccca gctacttggg aggctgagcc aggagaatgg cttgaacccg ggaggcagag      5160
     gtcacagtga gccaagatca tgccactgca ctccagctgg tgacagagga agactctgtc      5220
     tcaaacaaca acaacaacaa aacattaaat gattacaact taaagtgatt caaaagatgt      5280
     acaaatatgt gtgtatatag ataagagacc aaatgtggca aatgttaact gctatattta      5340
     gttagagaag atacattcat tacacaattc tttttttgac acatggtctt tctctatcac      5400
     ccaggcttga gtgcagtggc acaatcttgg ctcactgcag cctcgacctc ccgggttcat      5460
     gtaatcttcc cacatcagcc tcacaagtaa gcttggtgta caggtgccca ccaccaggcc      5520
     tagctaattt ttgtattttt agtcgagaca gggtttcgcc atgttgtcca ggctggcctc      5580
     aaactcctga cctcaggtga tacacccacc tcggcctccc aaagtgcttg gattacaggc      5640
     ataagccacc gcgaccggcc atatgctgtt tcttaatctg gtgctggcta catgggtgtg      5700
     ttcacgatgt gataattcat ctgtgctact cctggatacc ttcattactt cctgtaatga      5760
     agctttgaac acactttgag gggaaaataa taaccttatg tcttaacact tccttcttcc      5820
     tggaaggccc tatccaccct ggcaaggctc accggccttg gcatgctccc tccgagcctc      5880
     gttcagcctc ctctctgtgt ctgagagttg ctcccgcagc cgagtttcca cttcagccac      5940
     cttttcttgc agggctgggg tgaaagtgca gacggggcat atcagcagga cctttgattc      6000
     gcagttccca ccccaccctc caagggaagc acccatttcc ctctcgacac cttgcccgta      6060
     gagttcctgc tgctgggtca gctcctgccg cagactggca gcctcctctg tgctctcctg      6120
     ctggcactgg cgtgctacct ccagctgcag ccccaagcta gccagggact cctgggtctg      6180
     ctgcagctcc tgctccagct gctgggccac cttgctcagc tgctgccgct ctgcctcccc      6240
     taaaaggagg gggtgctggg tcaggcctct cccagcaccc tagacactgg gtttttcctc      6300
     atcctctcca ccctctggca accaggtgta ccttgctccc gagcccggcc cacctcctgc      6360
     tggatgaggc gggcactcag ctgcagttct gcatccaggc ggttccgttc ttcccgcagc      6420
     tgctgcaact caaggctcac atctgtgacc ggtggtggta ggggacagct gagacgggga      6480
     agagaaagag tcaggagaaa tcacccagct gcctgatccc aaagccccca tcccacctca      6540
     gtcctcatgg ttttgggggt cccagcagcc aatgccctaa agccccatcc acctcaaagt      6600
     gcccaaactt cacctctcct ggcgcagctg agcaagggca agctttcgag caatcaggcc      6660
     tgggagggaa aaagcaggga gaaaaagaga tgaagtttgc atgggagaaa gtggggacag      6720
     ggagtaaggg aaaaagagat gcaaggactg gtgaaaggag gaaggtgaat ggatgtggga      6780
     tcagagagag ctgggtcagg aagaagaaag tccgagctgg tggggtgggg gcaggacgtg      6840
     gctcgcagtt gtcctacgca ccccgaatgg tgtggacctt gcggacagca tagctgagtc      6900
     ggttgttgag gctgggaagc tgggcggcag ccccttccac cttagccatg gtggtctcga      6960
     gccagatctg agagctggag agggcacaag tcactgatcc tccatgcctc ccctcattcc      7020
     caaaggactt gctgtgcctt gtatagacaa ctccctctaa tcctgtccca ttatacaagt      7080
     acagaacgca cagcttccgt caattatcta aaggaccctt gccccaagaa tgcattaaat      7140
     gactatcttt ttaagcaacc tgttaagctt atttctcaca actgtgtttt gctcactatc      7200
     gtgtatcaaa gagtaaagtt atcctctctg gtcaggggca gtggctcctg cctgtaatcc      7260
     cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcgggcggat cacctgaagt caggaattgg agactagcct      7320
     ggccaacacg gtgaaactct ctctacttaa aaacacaaaa attagccggg catggtggct      7380
     catgcctgta atcccagcta ctccagaggc tgaggcacga gaatcacttg aacctaggag      7440
     gtggaggttc cagtgagcca agatcgcacc cctgccctca agactgggtg acagagcgag      7500
     actccatctc aaaaaaacaa aagaaaacaa agttatcctc tccaagccca ggagtgtcga      7560
     tctagcacca gtgacgggca ggtccacatg ctttaccagc tggctgtgcc agaagtagga      7620
     ccaacctggc tcatgaaaac tgagcagctt aaacaggccc caggaggagg ccaaggagtg      7680
     tctggggccg ggctggggtt tcctcaggag agtccaggtc tgcacccaca gaaaaacaca      7740
     tgatgatgaa ggcttgcagc tgcatcccca gcagcacagc aaagttcact ttgatctgga      7800
     aattgttcca gtagatgctt ccaacaccta ccacagctct tattaaagtc tccaattacc      7860
     tagagacaat ctaataaacc cagcaacaat cagagtttgg actgctttaa gcctggagga      7920
     ctttcggcaa atgcatcatt acacagacca tttctgtgat cacctggtac caaagtcaaa      7980
     ccctgtccac agtgcatctt tctgttctcc tggaggtagg gggcacccgc gatggattga      8040
     acctgggtgg taggtcatta taactagttt aattccgtgc aagtttgaaa tttttcataa      8100
     tttttaaagc taaattagtc cctaaggtac aaacccaaga gaaggaagtg gtgggcaagg      8160
     actcatcctg catcttaatt tcgctaaacc aaaaattatc tttatctaaa ttaacccatc      8220
     aagaagagcc tcacgataac aatcaacatt tacaagccag agactgtgct aagaactacc      8280
     tgccggccgg gcacggtggc tcaagcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccgaggcggg      8340
     cggatcacga ggtcagaagt ttgagaccag cctggccaac acagtgaaac cctgtctcta      8400
     ctaaaaatac aaaaaagtag ccgggtgtgg tggtgtgcac ctgtaatccc agctactcag      8460
     gaggctgagg caggaaaatc gtgtgaaccc gggaggcaga ggttgcagtg agctgagatc      8520
     gtgccattgc actccagcct gggtgacagt gcgagactct gtctcaaaaa aaaaagaact      8580
     acctgccttg ggtacctcag tgtctaaggc tgaggggaag tcatcaccag cacaaagaag      8640
     ctttgctgtt ttcttagagg tttttctgaa ggtcatacaa caattgtagg taatgaaaca      8700
     actaggaagt tggtaggaga gacaaaggct ggcaattgat ttagaaggaa actaactggc      8760
     ttacatttta gatggaatag taagcaagtt aagtatataa taagcaagta agtatacagc      8820
     tttaaataaa tagactaggc caggtgcagt ggctcacacc tataattcca gcactttggg      8880
     aggctgaggt gggtggatca cctgaggtca ggagttcaag accagcctgg ccaacatggt      8940
     gaaaccccgt ccctactaaa aatgcaaaaa ttagccgggc gtagtggagg acactggtgg      9000
     aggatgcctg taatccagct actcgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcactt gaaccaggga      9060
     ggtgaggttg cagtgggcca agattgcgcc attgcactcc agcctgggtg acagagcgag      9120
     actttgtctc aaaataaata aataaataga ctaaattttt ctccagtgaa acggattgcc      9180
     cgtaaaattt tagaaaaaaa aaggaagatg aagtgtctac actctccatc cttgaacaat      9240
     actgcaagtg aagatcctcc cgggtgctct atttagctca agccattact agactgaact      9300
     gcaggaggaa gcaaggcctc acctccagcc aaacatgcaa cgggaaattc ataacaagca      9360
     atcaggtatg aatgcagaag gggcttcccc aggaaaagaa acgaacacag gaacattgat      9420
     agagctaaat ctgcccagcc ctgtagcctc cagtggccac tttccagccc ctcttgcctg      9480
     aggatcctca gcaacaaggt gcccaggaac ctgaggtagc agaaacacta ctccacccac      9540
     ccctccatcc ctgatacctg ctgacagcat tgaccacaag cctcaactgc tcctcggctg      9600
     aggctgtctg ctgctgccac caacgcctgg cctcctgagc acggctcagc tccaactgca      9660
     ggccctgggg aggatgcagc aaaggacagg gtccctccct aagtcctggc tgcagccccg      9720
     gaacaggggc tcccttgccc tccccgagtc tctagtaggc tgacaccaac cttggcaccc      9780
     atacgctcca cctccacctc tgcggctttg tcctgcaggg atcgctgcag gatggcctgc      9840
     tcctggctct gggatgtcac tttttcctgg agtgaggcca cctgggggag gagagagagc      9900
     tgggcagggc cctctagagc taaaagatga ggggggcact ggaagcaaag tggcaggtgc      9960
     agagatctct gtaagaatgc catgcagggg ctggggggag ggggggcggg caacgggggt     10020
     gggtcgcagc acggtggctc acacctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggcagatg     10080
     gatcacttga ggtcaggggt tcaagatcag cctggccaac atggtgaaag cctgtctcta     10140
     ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc tgagcgtgat ggcatgtgcc tgtaatccca gctactcggg     10200
     aggctgaggc aggagaatca cttgaacctg ggaggcggag gttgcagtga gctgagatca     10260
     ggccactgca ctccagcctg ggtgacaaga acaagactcc ttctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     10320
     gaaaagaaaa gaaaaagaat gaatgccacg cagggagaca gaagcttagg ttctgaggat     10380
     ggaatctgag cccagtgttc catgttccac attccatgtg cccactcgaa gatgggaata     10440
     gcccttgacc caccccacaa gacccaccaa ctgaccatgc cactctcctc agatgctgtc     10500
     acctcctcag agaggctgtc tctgagcatc ctacctgagg ctgactcacc ccacagtctc     10560
     tctgtcacat tatcttttga atttttctta ctactttctt tttttttgag aaaagatctc     10620
     gctttgtcac ccaggctaga gtgcagtgat gggatcacag ttcactgtgg cctcgcctcg     10680
     acctcccagc ctcaggtgat cctcccacct catcctccag agtagctggg actacaggaa     10740
     tgagccacta tgcccggcta attttttgta tttttagtag agacgggatt tcacatgttg     10800
     cccaggctgg tctcgaactc ctgacctcca gtgatccacc tgcctcggtc tcccaaactg     10860
     ttggcattac ttgactgggc acggtggctc acacctgtaa tcccatcact ttgggaggct     10920
     gaggcaggtg aatcacctga ggtcaggagt tcgagaccaa agtgatcgca ttataggtgt     10980
     gagccactgc acccggcttc aatctttcta tcgcacatat aattacccaa cattatctgt     11040
     ttacttgcgt gttctgtgtc tctgttctag aatgcaagct ccacatttta gttttgttca     11100
     gggctgtgtg cccagcatgt ggcaaccact caataaacac tggttgaatg gatgccacct     11160
     tcatggaagg agcaaggtgc tgggagggaa taccgggaga aaagagagtg cagtgacctg     11220
     tcccttcagc tgcttaacag agtcactgtg ttccagctcc tgggccttta gctgcaccat     11280
     gagggcaaac accttctccc gccagcggtt cagcagggac tggcacttcc tggtaaactc     11340
     aggctccagg gaatctgaag gttgaacctg agggagaagg agtgggagaa aagcgtgggc     11400
     tcctggggga ggagaggaag gaggtggcat ctttgtttct cctctgtcct gcctgggcaa     11460
     catgagctac agcaagagga gttcacagga aggagatcta agcaggttct ggggcacatt     11520
     gacccctcct gcccacaggg agggaggcag gggacagtag atgcaggatg cggctgaggg     11580
     tgaggggtct gggggttggg ctgtaccttc ctggtcagct cctcctcctg cagggcgagg     11640
     atgtgtgtga ggctctgcac ccgcacctgc agcagctccg cggtggcatg caggctgtcc     11700
     cggtcctcct gcaagtgctg cgggcagagg aaagcagccc ctctgtaggg cctccatgcc     11760
     gccttaggta ccaccttctc tcccggaggc tgtgctctac acgctcctcc aagggccacg     11820
     cttgcctccc aacctgatcc ctaagtctgc acacagatac attcctgcac cctcacctgc     11880
     atggtttcca gaagcttctg tcgctccagt tcccatgtct ggctgtggac ctcagaaggg     11940
     acttgttccc caacatattt tcttagattc tcaaccaggg tcacctgagc ctccaagtct     12000
     tcctgggtct tgctagggtt ggggtgggaa tgggacagcc atcagtgggg cgccctgcag     12060
     atccaccaca tcactaattg ctgggctccc gtcggcgtcc gcccacctac ctcagctgct     12120
     tccgaagcag ctcggcctcc ctctgagcct cggccagctc cttggcttcc cctgctcttc     12180
     tggtttccag actactcaga gacttctcca agccctcagc cttgctggtc aaactggaaa     12240
     gagcctcctc gtgagcctgt gtcaaagagg acagctgcgg aaagaagagg gggctcagca     12300
     gaggctcgac cccacacgga ggccttcctt gttcccttca ctcccacttt ctgtgacctt     12360
     agagaatgac ccaaccaatc agccaactgt gcacagcaaa tggagagctg gcaactcact     12420
     ctccgcagct gccccacaac ccatcaggag ttcttgtccg atctccccca aaacatatct     12480
     tcacctctct gtctccgtct ccactgccac caaccctcat cttttgcctg ggcaacagcg     12540
     accatctcct aactagtctt tacaaaccct cagtggcttc tcacagcatt cacaacaaaa     12600
     cccaggtgtc tctccacacc tgcaggccag gggacccggc ctctgcctac ctcctgagct     12660
     caccctggag gctctcccac tgctccccgc tccggccacg gggagtctgc tgagaaccag     12720
     acagcggccc ctccttgctc cacagacccc aggcaatagc ccctcctcag ggtggcttca     12780
     ctgggccctc taataccgtc cctccccacc ctactctgcc ccatcagctg ttcacgtcct     12840
     cctgagcact tagcactgac catatcttgc ttatgtgtat gtgttactat ctgtcggacc     12900
     acactggaag gaaagctcca ggaaaggagg aattttgtgt cttttgctca tggcacctca     12960
     aagggttgca ggggtgtcag agccaccaag agtcatggga tggactggaa aggagggcaa     13020
     agtgcccacc ctgcttcctg gtctgcctcc tctagccctg tctccataca acaataaaat     13080
     taatttgggg gacataaatg acaaaatttt ttagacataa aatacaaatc taatcatgtt     13140
     atttccctgc ttaaaacctt tcaacaggcc gggcgcagtg gctcattcct gtaattccag     13200
     cactttggga ggccgaggtg ggtggatcac aaggtcagga gatcgagatc atcctggcta     13260
     acacggtgaa accccgtctc tattaaaata caaaaaatta gctgggcgtg gtggcgggcg     13320
     cctgtagtcc cagctactcg gaagaatgac atgaacccgg gaggcggagc ttgcagtgag     13380
     ccaagatcgc gccactgcac tccagcctgg gcgacagagc gagactccat ctcaaaaaaa     13440
     aaaaaaaaaa acaacctttc aacggttgct tattacttga aaaaacaatt tttttttgtt     13500
     tgtttttttg gagatggagt ttcactttgt tgcctagact ggagtgcaat ggcacgatct     13560
     cagctcactg caaacgctgc ctcccaggtt caagcgattc tcctgcctca ccctcccgag     13620
     tagctgagat tacaggcatg agccaccacg cccagctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga     13680
     tgaggtttta ccatgttggc caggctggtc tcgaactcct gacctcaagt gatccacccg     13740
     cctcagcttc ccaaagtgct aggattacac atgtgagcaa ccatgcccag ccctaatttc     13800
     ttccataaaa tagagatggg ggtctcgctt tgttgcccag gctggtctca aactcctggg     13860
     ctcaaatgat ccttccacct tggcctccca aagtgctagg attacaggta tgagccactg     13920
     tgcccagcct gctcattgct cttatgggaa agtagcaagt tctgaagtgg ccaaagcctt     13980
     gtgccctggg tcctgggctc tgcagcacac tcagtgcccc tcatctctgt gccccagcct     14040
     tctggcctcc tgtccccgcc ttcacctgtt gtcccaccaa gtgtcttcca gctaccactg     14100
     gacttcacac gcctcttcac tggccaactc ctattcagca caaacggtag cttgttgttt     14160
     ttttagtctc gctctgctgc ccaggctgga gtgtgatgtc agctcactgt aacctctgtc     14220
     tcccaggttc aagcaattct cctgcctcag cctcccaaga agctggggga ttacaggcgc     14280
     ccacgactat acccggctaa tttttgtatt tttttgtaga gttcttcatg ttggccaggt     14340
     tggtctttaa ctcctggcct caagtgatcc gcccacctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat     14400
     tacaggcatg agccactgtg cctggcctag cttcttgttt ctaagtttct ttcataaatc     14460
     tcctttgtcc attttctgat tggattgctg gtctttccct taccaatttc taggcacaca     14520
     ttttatatta gggatattac ccttttcttg tgatctgagc tataaatata gctttttttt     14580
     ttctttttgg ctattcctaa tgttcatgtt ataaagtcaa tggatcaatt ttttccttta     14640
     tggcttctag attttggatt ttgactcaca ggtagaaagg ccttgcccac tacaaggtta     14700
     taaaggaatt ctcccttgtt ttctcccagt tcctttttta ttttttgaga cagagtcttg     14760
     ctctgtcgcc caggctggag tgcaatggca cagtctcggc tcactgcaac ctccactgcc     14820
     caggttcaag tgattctcct gcctcggcct cccaagtagc tgggattaca ggtgcgcacc     14880
     accatgcctg gtgaattttt gtatttttag tagagacagg gtttcgccat gttggccagg     14940
     ctggtcttga actcctgacc ttgtgatctg cctgcttcgg cctcccaaaa tgctgggatt     15000
     acaggcgtga gccactgcgc ccagggctat ggtttctttc cttgacatgt caactggtta     15060
     cagtggcctt ccctgaaccc cagactaagt tagtgctttc tagtccttct ccttcaaggc     15120
     attcctcctg attgcaatta attatgatta aattaaatgt ggatgtgtat atcccccacg     15180
     aggctgtcag ttccatccac gaaggcagga ctcaggctaa tttggtcact gagtcttaga     15240
     gatggcagag taagtactga gtttgaggac tgaataatct ctctctccca gtccaccata     15300
     gcccccttat accccccttc ctcactgccc tccacaatac ccctgatgaa ttggtacctg     15360
     gagtaaagta gggaggcaaa ctatttccta ctagaaaggg aagcagggct tcaagtggtg     15420
     ggaggccacc tgagtcttgg gggaaaagtg caacctgaat taagataaaa gtacccaaat     15480
     tctccatctt tctagcccat gtgtgtttat tttcaccaaa ggtctcatca ctctactact     15540
     cactactcat ggagggtctt ttctgcaata cctgttcttt gcttggaagc tactgcccag     15600
     ctctccgtta tgaatttgaa tcctttctac ccctgcattc acctgctctt ggtgcagcct     15660
     ctgaacctct tccagctccc gctgcctccc ctcttccaag ttcttccgga caacctcagc     15720
     cccagccaaa gcagcacgca ggccctcagc ctcagctcgg ccggccttct ccgcccgtgc     15780
     cagagcctct agctccatgg cctgggcctc tagcctcatc ttctgctgca gcgaggtctc     15840
     ccgcaggagc cagacctcct cctccagcca ccgcagctct tgcagctgcc gaacgatcac     15900
     ctcagcctgc tggctcaggg cctgtgaccc ctccagcccc caggaccttc aaagacaggt     15960
     tagtgcaggt gagacttgtc tccagtgctg gaaggatagt tgagggcata aacatagcca     16020
     ggagaaggaa aagaggaccc ctctgcttcc gtgtggggag gtgaaggggg tgctgaagct     16080
     ggggtatggg gatgtctgca ttgacatcat catcattcat caaagcccta ttgagcatgt     16140
     tgagtccagt gcctggactc acaggaccta aagtctggct gagatcgtgg aacatgatct     16200
     ccctagagag agctacatac aggaggattc aacatcaaat gtgtatatca ttaggccaca     16260
     cattcttttt gttttttggt ggtttttttg tcttatttat ttttttattt ttaggccaca     16320
     cattttaagt ggaaaggttg gaagaacaca cagggacttc tcaattctaa tttaagggca     16380
     agaagtttga gggaggaatg ggcatagaga ggtcgtaagc ttccagtatc aatatggtga     16440
     ggccaggtgc tagttaaaag gcatttattg gctgggcgcg gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc     16500
     cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcgggcggat cacgaggtca ggagatcgag atcatcctgg     16560
     ttaacacggt gaaaccccat ctctactaaa aatataaaaa actagctggg cgtggtggca     16620
     ggtgcctgta gtcccagctg cttgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcgtc aacctgggag     16680
     gcggagcttg cagtgagcca agatctcccc agtgcactcc agcctgggcg acagagtgag     16740
     actccatctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggcatttatt gagtgttagg tatactttat     16800
     gaggagtctg agagaacagt acataaataa cacagtgcca gcctttagag aaatcgtcta     16860
     ccaatgtcac gtgaagttta atccagcttg gaacatggct cctgaggcag ctctctgaga     16920
     cccaggacta taagagattg ttgttgttgt cgtttttaga gacagggtat cactgtgtca     16980
     cccaggcctc aatgcagtgg ctggatcata ggtcactgca gtcttcaact tctgagctca     17040
     aggggtccta ccaccttagc ctcctgagta gctaggacta caaatgcatg ccaccacagc     17100
     cagctaatta ttttctgtgg agacggagtc tcgctttgtt gcccacgctg gtcatgaact     17160
     cctgggctca agtgatcctc ctgcctcagc tcccaaagtg ctaggattat aggtgtgagc     17220
     cgccatatct ggctcgctct ttctttcttt ctttagtagc agcgatctgt aggctaggga     17280
     aattaagtga cttgccaaat gtcctctagc tggtagccaa actagaaata gagtctctgt     17340
     ctcctgacac ccagtctagt attccttctt catcatgctg cttcttctaa tgtaatccta     17400
     ttctggagca aaatggcaga atgatatccc agtacatctg ggaaaagaca catgaaacaa     17460
     gaataagaat gtttacagat aatacgacag catggccagc tcccacagca tgtcctctgt     17520
     aaaggctttc ttccatcaga atgaacccac actgccacag tgctgggtct ctacctctag     17580
     tttgcacttc ttcatcttgc ctcataccat gctttaccat cagctggtgg tcaatctatc     17640
     tcccctctta ggattttaga ttccttatta attacaaatt taagtcagga tttgtcttat     17700
     tcactattgt tatcctcatc cctagcactt agcacactgc tttattattt atgcactgta     17760
     ggaactaatt gcttacataa aaatgagtac gttctggaaa ctagggccga aatagggtaa     17820
     ggagtttatt ccagtgagga agggtcacta gcaagcaagc ctgagaaaac ggcgtggatg     17880
     gatccctacc tgcctctccg ccctggctcc tgcctgtcac tggaaacatc ccgttcccac     17940
     atggtcactt gaggtctctg ggtgtctagc cgcctctctg agacatcttg atggcctggg     18000
     ggttggacca ggggaatgtc tgagagccag gtgggagcca ttcttggcag agttgaaagg     18060
     ggccgagctt gaaagtggga ggggggaatc agcccagtgg aacctgaaga attacaaaaa     18120
     caaagatggt cagtttccca ggcagagaca accaccactc cccttgtctg gtcccactga     18180
     cctgaaggtg gaaacatctc cacattattt gaaggctcta gattctgtct tcagccatct     18240
     atgttcccct ggacaagagg agaaacaaag acactccaat tcaattttca ggccaccttc     18300
     caaagagaaa gcccctacaa taacaaagtc ataatccttg aattatagcc aggtccaccc     18360
     gatgcttagc tcttttccta cttccccaaa gtaggagata ccccaaattc acttgcttgt     18420
     ctcaacctgg ttcctcatgg aacccaagca actaactatc aagtggagag aatttactga     18480
     aagagacaga ctgagagggg ctctgaggct ttactcatac tttcaggatt ctgggcagtg     18540
     cctttaccct cctccttaag tttctatggt ccctgctgct cctggccaga ggtgagaaag     18600
     gaggtacaca gtgcaggggt cttgagcgcc atctccagag ttctctccat ggctcagcaa     18660
     ggcctgaggg aagcccatcc agacaccagc aggccatgac tcttgggtcc ttccctgtta     18720
     aagtgctggc ccaaggcctg gccccagctg aatgtggcca catgcagggc tagaccctcc     18780
     ccaagacctt gggaatccag gccgcctaga tccccaggca gaaaagccag cgtcctgaca     18840
     tcttattcaa atctttcctg cggctgttct ctcagcttct ctctactatc cccttagctt     18900
     ccatgcctgc tgcccgcctc ctctttctcg agtcctaaca catagtgggc acttgaagat     18960
     cttcctccca ccctcccacc ctcattaatc tattttttac ccgaatctgg gatccctact     19020
     cccgtccctt tttacaacct aatctacctt tttctgaagg aattattctg gtcctgaccc     19080
     tcacccccat gtctcaatag cctgccctcg ccccctgtac gctagccggc tctactctcc     19140
     caccactgct cccctagata ccagaggctt cacccagtta gcccgtgagc tctaaggctg     19200
     ttctgatctc ttcatctgtc ccttcacctg gcccctgtac ccccttcccc tttggacccc     19260
     ttgaaccctc ccaggacccc cgctcagccc cttcccgccc ccaaccgact cttcccgaac     19320
     gtcccttacc aaccgcgaga gccccctact gcgctttggc cactccccct acgcctcgct     19380
     cccggccccg cctctgcccc tgaccgcgcc tgcgcaaggc gggcgcccta aagtcctatt     19440
     tcactctgtt gggaggaggg ggaaaggtgt acgcaggcgc agtggcgtct aaatttgggc     19500
     ccactaaatg cgtcggagca tctccgcgcc caggcggctc ctcctcactg cggcaacccg     19560
     ggaaaacttg tgaactaatc agaaaaagtg gaaggcggga gatcttgggg cgctgtccaa     19620
     tggcgcggaa gagaacaaat gagctggcca atcgggaacg gcacgggggc gggctcgctc     19680
     ggcgcgaagt tcgggcccgg gaattccgaa ggaggggtag gcgctgcccg cgcgcagagg     19740
     ccgcgcccct cctggccccg gcttcttggc tgtcaaacag atgcagcaac gtcggctcct     19800
     gccgaggagc ccaaggggtc ccgggatccg ccgcacaggc tggcactgct tgaagaggag     19860
     gctactcgga gactgcgccg cgcgggtaga tccgaaacgg ggctggggcg gagtgggaaa     19920
     aggccgggta tgccttgcat gatcgcgggg agctccttcc tgtttttatc ccacctagag     19980
     aagccgggaa gtaggggttt aggtccaatt tgttggagta cttaaggact cgtttgcact     20040
     ttcttttggg ggatgacagt ggattcattg ccctcggagg ttcaaccagt tatgagtgag     20100
     ggattggcca gaagatcggg gcgcaggcaa gcaggagtgc tctattagga taagcaagtt     20160
     tgacaggaag aagctgctct tctccgaatt acacagaggt gatgtgttcg tattgcacgt     20220
     agacgtgtgt ataacaggac ctccttcccc gcgccccgcc accccgacac acacaggagc     20280
     tgcctaaagt atccttgcct tgcagattgg aggctcccca aatattttgt gatctgagga     20340
     tccagctcaa gtgaggtgcc ataggacgtg ttcctgagtt tgcattgcac ggagaccttc     20400
     ctggaatttt tcatttgcaa gtcggcttaa ccaattttgc attgagtcct aggctgcttg     20460
     cactctgaat ttgggctatt caggtagtgt gctcaaagtt gaaaccgcat acagcacaac     20520
     tcaagtttgc atcagactgg gaagcgaact taagccagcg gtgcgtggcc caggagtggg     20580
     aaaggaaatg gatgcctgaa gtggaagagg tggtgcagag ggggcaccgc ccatgctgcc     20640
     ctgcttccaa ctgctgcgca tagggggcgg caggggcggt gatctctaca ccttccaccc     20700
     ccccgccggg gctggctgca cctatcgctt gggccacagg gccgacctgt gtgatgtggc     20760
     cctgcggccc cagcaggagc ctggcctcat ctctgggatc cacgccgaac tgcatgccga     20820
     gccccggggt gatgactgga gggtcagcct ggaagaccac agcagccaag gtgagcatta     20880
     agcagggcag ctttgcccct gggtggttga agcgccaggc tggaatgagt aaggtctcca     20940
     caagaccttg ctgcctgcct cccatactcc catcagattg gatggatagt cgtggtccag     21000
     accttcatct tcccaccaga agtgtgcaca gtcagaagct ctctgccaga ctgacccttt     21060
     ttggtcccgt ttagctcata caggacctgg gatatcatca gaaagatatc acagtgggga     21120
     tgttctgagg ccactagagg ccaagtttag acttgattca gtttccagct ttgctgaggc     21180
     actctgttcc tgggttaggg cagttctatg ttgaataatg tttttaataa tctgggcatg     21240
     tctttctccg tgacttgagg cagttagcct cagaaagcct agattcacat ttgagttttg     21300
     ccactgcctc ttggtaaagt cagctgtagg agtgttatgg ttattagact atagtagcca     21360
     acattcatct agtgcttact gttatgagcc aggccctatt ttaagtgtat tgaatgtagg     21420
     tggtactaat attatcctca tttacagtaa aggaaaatga ggcacaaaga ggttaaggaa     21480
     cttgtccagg gctgggcatg gtggtttaca cctataatcc agcactttgg gaggctaagg     21540
     cagggtggat cacttgagct caggagttcg agaccagcct gggcaacatg gtgaaaacct     21600
     gtctctacca aaaaattaat taatttttta aaaaaagcct gggcgcggtg gctcacgcct     21660
     gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgagatg ggcagatcac gaggtcagga gttcgagacc     21720
     atcctgacca acatgttgaa accccatctg tgctgaaaaa aaaatacaaa aattagccag     21780
     gtgtggtggc gtgcacctgt aaccccagct actcaggagg ctgaagcagc agaatcactt     21840
     gaacccggga ggcggaggtt gcagtgagct gagatcgcac cactgcactc cagcttgggc     21900
     gacagagcga gactccatct caaacaaaca aacaaaccaa aagcttgccc agggtcacat     21960
     aactggtaag tggtagagct aggatctgaa cgagctggag ctgggggaga gtgagcatgt     22020
     ttgaaaactg gaccttaggg cggggcacgg tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg     22080
     gaggctgagg cgggcagatc aggaggtcag gagtatgaga ccagcctggc caacatggta     22140
     aaaccctgtc tctgctaaaa ataaaaaaat tagccagacg tggtggcaca tgcctgtaat     22200
     cccagctact caggaggctg aggcaggaga attgcttgaa cctgggaggc ggagtgcagt     22260
     gagctgagat tgcactactg cactccagct tgggcaatag agcaaaactc catctcaaaa     22320
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaaa aaaagaagaa agaaagaaaa ttggacctta ggacagtgag     22380
     ggcagggatc ctttgtagga aagcacaaga aacacagact tgttcctagc tgacaaggag     22440
     tgtactgcct ggtacctgtc acctgctgag gggcttagga tgtgagggag aatctgacta     22500
     cagtttcata ttcttcccca gaaatcatac agatttctcc actcctgact ctggtcattt     22560
     ctgtttttgt cctccatatt tgcctggtgc cccaccatca acaggtactt tggtcaataa     22620
     tgtccgactc ccaagaggtc acaggctgga attgagtgat ggagacctcc tgacctttgg     22680
     ccctgaaggg tccccaggaa ccagcccctc ggagttctac ttcatgttcc aacaagtacg     22740
     agtcaagcct caggactttg ctgccattac catcccacgg tctaggggag aagcccgggt     22800
     tggggctggt ttccggccta tgctgccctc ccagggggct ccacagcggc ctctcagcac     22860
     cttctcccct gcccccaagg ccacactgat cctaaactcc ataggcagcc tcagcaagct     22920
     ccggccccag cccctcacct tctcccctag ttggggtgga ccaaagagcc tgcctgttcc     22980
     cgccccacct ggggaagtgg ggaccacgcc ttctgctcca ccccaacgca atcggaggaa     23040
     atctgttcac cgagtgttgg cggaactgga tgatgagagt gagcctcctg agaacccgcc     23100
     accggtcctt atggagccca ggaagaaact ccgtgtagac aaagccccac tgactcccac     23160
     tgggtaagtg gagtcctcac ttggccctct cagtgtttta ctgcttttcg attccttgta     23220
     tccctaggct gtgaggaggt ccccctgcct ggggggatgg gcacgggagg tggaatagat     23280
     ggaatggcaa gacctgggtt agctctgata ggaaaagaaa aatatgtgca ggagaacatg     23340
     agaggtgggg tggggcagtg cttataaaac aaccggagtg agcatgtcct gctttttaca     23400
     ttcatatggc tttaacccca ttcttctagt gcctaaggat ggggaacttt caggctcaca     23460
     ctagaggttt ttaggcccac cctatgtgtt tttaaggaca gagtccaggc tcaccttagt     23520
     tctcagacca ctgtgcctct gtggcctcac cctatgacca gccatagggt ggcaaggtct     23580
     aggccttctc ctacaggttt ccggtgaccc ttgtgtctgt gtcacttcct tcagaaatcg     23640
     acgtggccgt cctcggaagt acccagtgag cgctcccatg gctccccctg cagttggggg     23700
     cggggagccc tgtgcagctc cttgttgctg cctgccccag gaagagacag tggcctgggt     23760
     tcagtgtgat ggctgtgacg tctggttcca tgtggcctgt gttggctgca gcatccaggc     23820
     tgccagggag gccgacttcc gatgcccagg gtgccgggct ggcattcaga cctaaggtcc     23880
     accgccaagg caccatcgga cacacctgcc catgagtaga cacagcagcg agcaaatagg     23940
     tctgataaat accccccttc ccttccctcc ccaagaggga atgactacag ggaagaagga     24000
     tggattgatg tggactcatt cagggcctgg agcagaccct ggtggccaag acagaagaga     24060
     tggtttcctg ccaaagatat tgccacctcc aggaaattgc cagtgagctg gaagttccca     24120
     ctattacaag ccataaggcc atgttgccat ggacaccaga atatctgtag tcagagcacc     24180
     tatcagttgc aaaagccatg cctgcaaccg atggaaaatg taagagggag ttcttaaggt     24240
     tcttggtggc atcacccaag gcattctggg aaaacctagg gcctggcccc aaaacttccc     24300
     tactctgtgg ctagtcctgc tgccaacaaa atcgtagcga cctggctttt cacagctttg     24360
     cttttatttc caagtcaagg acaagccgct tcattcactc ctgggcattt actcttcttg     24420
     tgggtctgtg atattccttg ctttccaggg agaatgtgct tggcaaggtc tggagaacta     24480
     attcagaatc ttaggggaag gggagagatg gaaatacaaa cctgcttact ggaaaggtgc     24540
     aaatatatgg gttgagctgg aggtaggaat acaggtaatt aaggtttcta gtttaaggga     24600
     aaacagatct attgccattt aaataaggta actgggattt ggttaagttc acaaagatag     24660
     cagaagattt atttacaggc ttcacctgta ctgtcagggc aagagaaagc ctggtaaacc     24720
     agctacagca gtttaccagt gtgatggctg tgacacagct ccactccacg ggtggacaca     24780
     gcagagggca actgggctgg cctggttcag tgtgaatcaa accgcttaac ccacacatgg     24840
     tacatgtgat tttcttttgt gagccttaca ccaagccaaa ctattgtcaa agcatcattt     24900
     ctatagaaat aaagccttat cttgacctgt tctattaaaa cctgccacat ccgccctttc     24960
     ctacctagat ttaatgagcc caagtttttt tacatggaag aaatgactct ggggcaaaga     25020
     cccctaatga actagtggca gagccaggaa taaaacttga gtaactaatg agtcacttat     25080
     gggcagagta tgcaaaaacc ttaagtggaa accaaataga ccctggtatc aagaaagcac     25140
     aaagtattaa tagaagtttc tggttggggt gatctaggtt caacagaaat aagatgattt     25200
     ctaagtataa agccatttaa gaattccaga gtagggtggg aaagcaaaaa gccagctctg     25260
     aacaggtaac agctacatgg tgactgagtc tatgggcaaa agttcttgca tcacaggctt     25320
     ttgggaacta gcctatcaca gggccctgta caaataaact tggctgcaat cccagctctc     25380
     cctctgatgt tgtgtgacct taaggagtgt aaatggcacc ttagtttcag ggtcacttgg     25440
     gtatgagcat tggatattcc catccccacc tcagtaactg aaggacaaac caagataagt     25500
     gtgtctatct actgtgtccc aagcttcttt atttaagaaa aaagtgatac atgatgtggg     25560
     attaaaatca agagcatcat tgaacttcac cttccctcca accagttgcc ccaaactccc     25620
     ctgcccccac cctttgtgtt cccaattcct tccttagtga atgaagaact taatcccaaa     25680
     aaccctggca caaactccag gttttctttc cctagctcct cccctccccc tgtcccccat     25740
     tcctagaagg gcaggcacct cagtttgaat gcatgggaga gcccagagtg gtgacagaga     25800
     cagggggaaa ggcttccccc tcagggaaag ggaccgagga gtacagtgca gtgaagtgag     25860
     ggctcccata gcctggggta ccaaaatggg gccctggggc cagaggaaag gacactggtc     25920
     cccctgagaa aggagaccca gcagcctcaa aatcctctcg ttgtgcatag tcgctgcttg     25980
     atcgcttgcc cttctggcgc cggttacaga accacactcg gaccacctgc cagtgaatga     26040
     cagaaaggag aatgacatta gacaatgagc tgagagacgg gcctgactct gcttggacat     26100
     tctatccaaa gccaacagcc ctagagcagt tagaggagga cattagagaa tgagctgaga     26160
     caggcctgac tgcttggaca ttctgtccaa agccaacagc cctagagcag ttggaggagc     26220
     cagagctagg gaaagcgagg tggtgacagg ggaaagagat ggagcccgca gagagacatg     26280
     gcactcacat ccttctcgag cccaagctgc tgggcgatgt ggctgatctg ctgcagtgtg     26340
     ggtttcgggc actgcaggaa caaattctcc aggttgcctc tcactcggtt ctcgatactg     26400
     gttcgctttc tctttcgggc ctgcacgagg gtttctgctt tgcatatctg tgcaggtggg     26460
     aagggggtga caagggcaag ctttggactt gctgagtaac agcatcacag gggtctgtga     26520
     ctagatgtgt cagcagagcc aggtggtggt gtgaaaaggc aggatcctgg aagggttggc     26580
     tctggacctt atcccagcag aactgaggaa tttcactcca tcccactgag aaccactgca     26640
     ccaaagacgg agagctacga gccagtgatg gaagcaatgg aaattaggcc aagaaaggga     26700
     aggtccccgg gtatccccct cccaccctta cctcctgaag attttcattg ttgtcagctt     26760
     cctccaccca cttctgcagc aagggccgca gcttacacat gttcttgaag ctaagctgca     26820
     gagcctcaaa gcggcagatg gtcgtttggc tgaatacctt ccctggggga ggccagtcaa     26880
     aagagaagca aaatgaggga gcacgcaggg cccttgtgac cctgagatcc aagcttacca     26940
     cctcttccca gagggagctc aaagcccaag catcttctcc ctctccctac tcctcttcat     27000
     gggtgagggt agagtctgcc cctgcccctc cccactaggt tcagggatac tccttagagg     27060
     ggagatgcgg tcagaatctg cagaggggaa cccaccaaat agaaccccca gggtgagccc     27120
     cacatcggcc tgtgtatatc ccagggtgat cctcttctgc ttcaggagct tggcaaattg     27180
     ctcgagttct ttctgcagag ctttgatgtc ctgggactgg attttaaaag gcagaagact     27240
     tgtaagaaca taaacacacc agttatcaat ctcccctttc cattcgggat tcaagaacct     27300
     acgtgtggcc ccaaggaata gtctgtagaa gtgcatctgc cttccaagct gcccacctaa     27360
     cttctagaaa taacctaccc acaaatgtca ttcacccatt ccctgttcac tgactcatgc     27420
     atgtaacaaa ggactactct tcccccagaa actggcacat ccaagggatg cagagcatcg     27480
     tgaaaggaca gaaagagaga ccctggcctc gaggagaaca cctgtcaggt tatgaaggtt     27540
     agaagttctt tgctgggcgc ggtggctcat gcctataatt ccagcacttt gggaggccga     27600
     ggtgggcaga tcacgaggtc aggagttcaa gaccagcatg gccaacatgg tgaaaccccg     27660
     tctctactaa aaacacaaaa attagctggg cacggtggca cgcacctgta atcccagcta     27720
     ctcaggaggc tgaggcagga gaatcacttg aacccgggag gcggaggttg cagtgagctg     27780
     agatcacgcc actgcactcc agcctgggtg acagagcaag actctgtctc aaagaaaaaa     27840
     aaaaagaaga tagttcattt aatacctgca aaattctctc actcaagtat cacccccagt     27900
     ttaaggatgt tttgagatta gagaaataga taagctgcta agttctgggt taattaaaaa     27960
     ggaagagcat catgtctcag aagctaaatt cagtatatac tctccccagc ttgctttgag     28020
     ggtcccacaa actataacat ggcatgcata cacacaaaca cagcaaaaaa gtaacaggtg     28080
     tcataagaat ggataaagtg ctttgtgtgt acttactcct cattttttaa attgattatc     28140
     cctcatcttt actgtatctt tttcactata gaggcatcct aattgatttt taaattcaag     28200
     agatttatcg agcaccttct ataagccagc ggctatacaa agtggacaaa gagccctgac     28260
     atccagcatg acagaagtgc tattcggcac ttgttcttca agttgcccac ttggatctct     28320
     tccaagtgca ctttcctttt ttccctgccc tataactttt taataataaa cttccactcc     28380
     tgctctgaaa aataaaaaag taaataaaat aaaaaatggc caggcacagt ggctcatgtc     28440
     tgtaaatcct agcactttgg gaggccaagg tgggcagact gcttgagccc aagagttaga     28500
     aagcagcctg ggtaacatag tgagacccgt gccgcccctt ctcccacccc tgctgcctct     28560
     atttaaaaaa tatatatata ttatggaaaa aagcaaagca gtccgggcgc agtggtcatg     28620
     cctgtaatcc cttcactttg ggaggccaag gtgggtagat cacttgaggt caggagttca     28680
     agactagcct ggtcaacata gtgagactct gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aattagctgg     28740
     gcatcatggc gctcccctat aatcccagct actcaggagg ctggggcagg agaattgctt     28800
     gaacctagga ggtggagttt gcagtgagcc aagatcgcac cactgcactc cagcctgagg     28860
     gacagagtga gactccatct caaaaattaa aaaaaaaata aagcagtcta taggagtagg     28920
     gtaaaggagg gaaggagatt atggaggagg gtgacacttt taaagacaga gaaggtgatt     28980
     gtttgagcaa aggacaagag tctaatgtgg caaggccctg aagtgggcct tccagagccc     29040
     aaagctggtc tggtggctag gtagatcctg ttgcagacat agtgactttg ttttagtcca     29100
     agtgaaatga tctctcaccc tttttctccc cccccaagac ggaatctcgt tctatcgccc     29160
     aggctggagt gctgtggcgt gatcttggct cactgcaatc tccgccttct gggttcaagc     29220
     tattctgcct cagccgcctg agtagctggg actacaggca cccaccacca tgcccggcta     29280
     atttttgtat ttttagtaga tatggggttt caccatgttg gccaggctgg tcaggagacc     29340
     tcaagtgatc tgtccacctt ggcttcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggtgt gaaccaccgc     29400
     acctagcctc accttttttt tttttttttg agagtttcgc ttttgttgcc taggctggag     29460
     tgcactggcg cgatctcggc tcaccgcaac ctacatctcc caggttcaag cgattctcct     29520
     gcctcagctt cctgagtagc tgagattaca ggcatgcgtc accacgccca gctaattttg     29580
     tatttttagt agagatgggg tttcgccatg ttggtcaggc tggactcgaa ctcccaacct     29640
     caggtgattc gcctgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgcctggcc acacctttta aaacactgac     29700
     tctagttgac gtgttggcca cagacagtag ggaggaagca gtataatttg agaagctact     29760
     gcggtaatcc cagcagagat gatggtggct gaggccaggg ttaggttgtg attgattcag     29820
     gatgtttctt aaggatagga tgtaggacgt gaaagaaact gaggatgact gggtttggcc     29880
     ttgagcaact gggtgatcag ggtggagcag ttcagggagc catcacaaga gacagaaaac     29940
     gcggtagtca tctggtgtct aaatggcatt taagccttga gggtgggtga gaggaaggaa     30000
     gggtagatag agcagaggtt gaaggactga gccctggggc atgccatatg aggctgccgg     30060
     cggacagagg tgcacagcta gtgagaaaaa aacaaggcct ttttgtagtc ctgaagcctc     30120
     aaggaagtgt ttcaatggtg cttgatcata tcaatttcaa ataggctgtt ttcatcccca     30180
     acttctgctc agccaataac tcaaactgat aaatgccctc tgctatcctg gattttccaa     30240
     attctgtttt ggggttttgg aataaacact ggtccaaatc ctcgcttcat catttagcag     30300
     ttaaaacccg ttaaatagga taataatacc tccccctagg agattttgtg ctggttaatg     30360
     agataatgat gtataaacgg agcacacagc caggcactta ggaagtggac cacaattgcc     30420
     agccattatc attcaaggct cagcagtgac ctcctgcgaa gaggttgggg cttctcggtc     30480
     actccagaaa ccagtcacac ctttctgtga ggtctcaagg cttagtattt aatctctaat     30540
     tgcttacact tgtcgccttg gaggactgga agatacatct ttaatagtcc tcagcagggc     30600
     tggatgcctt caatcccgca gcagctctat atttgcaaat ggcctggaga aatctctcac     30660
     catttttctt gtttacaact ttggaactga ggctgaagtc aatcaaaatc cagctttcta     30720
     caaggggtgc cagggtgtgc accttaacac agtggccagt cattggcctg aggcagagat     30780
     ccggggaaga caagccctat acttgactgg aggtaaaccc agctcacaac gcgcacacac     30840
     acagcccaaa caggagatcc tatcagaaac gagtcacacc ctagactttc aggaacaata     30900
     atcctggaat gagcactgtt tttaccctca ggctatgctt aaccctaagg ccaaaatctt     30960
     gggtctgata agggtcaaat tttcaagcag gactaagggt gggaaaaggg gctcaaacca     31020
     accccaagct gggtctggtg ctgggccagt aatgagtgac cagaccctgg gcaggcctag     31080
     gagatgtgag agaccctgac aagggctggg ccagacagag caaaggccag cctgggccag     31140
     cttccgactc tcccaggccg ctctgccctc acctgcagtt gtctcttcga aatccagctt     31200
     ccagttccca cctggcccct gcctgccagg gctgcctgca gttgatacac acccctccct     31260
     ggccagggca gctgaccctg cctgctcctc tcctgggtgc caggtctggg cagctgcagg     31320
     tgaccacttc cccatcaggc tgccctgtca tgaccacctc cccacacccc aaccccgtcg     31380
     aagctcactt gcctcctccg ggttttgctc cagcttctcc ttctccagct tcacggcacc     31440
     aggggtgacg gtgcagggct ccggggaggc cccatcggag ttgctctcca ccccgactcc     31500
     tgcttcaccc tcaggctgag aggtctccaa gccgccttgg ggcactagcc ccactccaac     31560
     ctggggccca cagtacgcca tccccccaca gaactcatac ggcggggggc atgggggaat     31620
     cccccacacc tcagagcctg gcccaacccc cggcccgatt cctggccctc caggagggcc     31680
     ttggaagctt agccaggtcc gaggatcaac ccagcccggc tccggccccc ctggcccatc     31740
     acctccacca cctggagggg gcgagaaggc gaaatctgaa gccaggtgtc ccgccatggg     31800
     gaaggaaggc gccccaagcc gggggcctgg tgaaatgagg gcttgcgaag ggactactca     31860
     acccctctct ccctccccag tcccacccac tagccttgac ctctggcccc gccccctgga     31920
     tgggtggagg agagggaggt ggggggagaa actgaggcga aggatgtttg cctaatggtg     31980
     gtggcaatgg tgtctgtgga aggggaaaac cgggagacac aactggcgcc cctccaggac     32040
     ctcagtgcag gtcccccaca gaaacttttt ttatttttat tttttaagac agggtctcac     32100
     tttgttgccc agactggagt gcagtggagt acaatgatgg ctcaatgtag cctcgatcta     32160
     ctgggccaaa gcaatccttc tgctccagcc tcctaagtgg ctgggactac aggcttggac     32220
     cactgtgccc tgttagtttt tttattttta gtagagatgg ggccttgcta tgttacccag     32280
     gctggtcttg aattcctgtc ctcaagaaac cctcccgcct ctgccgccca gtgtcatgat     32340
     taaaggcgtg agccaccaca cccaactttc aactcccaac ccgctccctg gcactctctc     32400
     aggctctgca catcccagct gtctggaatc actcccacac ctccatgttc ttcaggaacc     32460
     caggtgcttg accccctctc cacagacctc tggcactgtg ccttcagggg ccagtcaccc     32520
     tctcagctcc tcaaatttat tgaatgtgtg tgtggcgcta tccctcaatg catcaacagc     32580
     cataagcaca atggccagct gctcccttat gccttccccc gatccatcca gaatcctagg     32640
     cattcccatc ccgatactgg ccaaatccag ccaccccgca gcctgggtgc ctggcaccat     32700
     ctgcccagcc tgccaaattt caccccatct tcaagagtag actgccagac aaggcctccg     32760
     tgctatatcc ccccaccccc catcccccca cccctccgtc ttccagaatc agactccaga     32820
     ctctcctcat ctaacagact aaggggttgg cccctacttc cccttcaagg gaccagactt     32880
     tggactgatt gggcctcagt ttcccaacct ttgctgaaac agagtgataa gacacccgct     32940
     ttgggccccc tccactatgg aacctgcaca tcaggttcct tgctcccctc tcaaccaaaa     33000
     ctcagacatc taataccacg gtaggccccg ttctccctcc cccacctccc tggcccaggc     33060
     ctccagccct aggccctggg tggggaaaac cagggggtgg ggggtgtgga gaaaaaatat     33120
     ctgacttcag gttcaaagaa gcctgggagg gactggggga agggggcagg acaatggcct     33180
     tggctggaca atcccggtcc ccagaggggg cagctctaac cctaaacaag tgctcaaccc     33240
     ttgaatgggc ctggatggct cccctgggga ctgcttcctg ctccccaacc ccccagtccc     33300
     aatcccctca cacagaatcc ccttcagaga cgctaaaagg agctccagca acccccctct     33360
     gcaatcccct caaagactga gcctcagacg ggcaccaagg gccccctaca gggacctagg     33420
     tatctagttc ctccttcctc tggggaactc aggcgtccag cttcatcgtg catccctccc     33480
     cgagcccgga agattgaggg atgtgctttg tttagtgggg ctggctggca gaaagacgca     33540
     gaggaggtgg cgagtgattt gtggaggggt gcaggaaggc tgccctaagc tccccttcag     33600
     ggtctgtttt tctgggcctg gcctgagtat cctgaggctc atgctgctgg tctagtgctt     33660
     gattctgttt gcaagagaat agccaacgga atgcctgtct gtgagggatg atgtttgtct     33720
     gtctgctccc aaaacttgat ctcagtggag ggcctggggt aagtctgggg gctccagagg     33780
     gggctctggg ccagggctcc ccacagcttc gaaggccaga aggccaggtc tggactgggc     33840
     acgctgacct ctgtcgactt aagtaaggct tctcattgca ggctccaggc tcagccctgc     33900
     ctgggcttgt ctgctggggt cagtggctct gtctgccttc taaggggatg ggtgtcccgt     33960
     ggccagctgt cttcatcttg gtggcatccg tgagtctttt gagacttttc ccccactctt     34020
     atgttgcctc tgttcgtgtg cccatctcct gtctgtgtag actttttgag cctaattgta     34080
     tgcgtgcatt tcaatacctg ccacaggtct gccggaaggt ctacaaggca gtggggttgg     34140
     agctgtgttc acttctcggc ctttaactgc ccaaaaggca ggtagattat ggggcctggt     34200
     gggggtggga ggaacatgct tcggaacagg aggaggcccc tccccagcca tctcaatccc     34260
     caggacagaa ccatcacggc acctttgtca tgcatctctc tgctgtctgc caagaagacg     34320
     gcctctcaga ggagggggag gggcaggcct gggatttggc tggaatctcc acaccagtgt     34380
     ttctcagctt gccatcctcc aggttcccca aaagcgctct tcccaagcca gtccagagag     34440
     tccctgctgc ccattttcct agtggctcct aaaacacctt ccccaatttc cccactcaac     34500
     accaccctct tgtttttaga ttataatttg tactgtaggt ggtgtatttc tggcctgggc     34560
     aagaggccca ttcccgagag ggacgcagac aaggggtggg tgcctgggtc cctggctgcc     34620
     ttgtggctgg atatgagccc agtcaggggt cagcctcctg catgcctaga ctcctagccg     34680
     gcccccttct ggggtgctca gggctgatgg gaggttgagg caggctttcc ttccttctca     34740
     ctgtcctgtt atgcctgaag ggtaggtggc ttcacttcag ccaaggccag ctctcccagg     34800
     ccccaaccag tgctgggggc caccgttggg cctggaggag actggaagcc aggctgagtc     34860
     atcagaactg gtcccatgat tccctgggtt ttagaaagtc accataaaaa gatacttcac     34920
     atacaccttt attattacag tgcaatgtca agacccttca cagagcactg ccaggggacc     34980
     caggtgaggc ccacctctcc ccaccaggtg tggcggctgg catggctggg tggggagagg     35040
     tgagatgagc agccttgctg ctgtcagccc agccttccct tcccctcact gggagatgag     35100
     gtgctgtttg gttgaaaaac cagctgaaaa aactcagttg ggaccaatag agacttgctc     35160
     tcgacccggt ctaggaaacc acttattttg acttccgagg cctgtcaatc tgaaggcaaa     35220
     agaaagggaa gaaatggagg gctgagggtt caggcttggc ccaccttggg agatgatctc     35280
     ccttaatagc aatttagaca aattcctttg ctcactgtgg accaagtccc ctcttctcaa     35340
     caaaggaccc tctgatctcc cccatgagac ctgcaaactg aggtcacctt atcccaaatc     35400
     cagacactct tacctcaaat agaggagtca actctctagc tgtagcctgt agggagtcag     35460
     aggtgagagc aaaaggagtg ggtgagctgg gaggattggt caggaacaaa ctaggaggca     35520
     tggaccaggt tctaagtcct ggctctgact ccctggctaa tggcacctcc ccctcctgtg     35580
     cctcagtttc ctcacctagt aaagaggatt tggactcaat gaactctaaa cttccttcca     35640
     actaagacat aaaattgctg cccggctctc atatgccctc ccatctaccc acccccctta     35700
     cttgacatgg gaatgtagac ttctctgcac acctgtgaag agaaatgggg gtaggaaagc     35760
     tgggagtggt gttcaatgag aagttggcat aggcctccct gtaccctgcc acctacctcc     35820
     aagcatcctt cctggggaat ctggcaggtt ttcccctgaa gtttgatcaa gagatatagg     35880
     aggaggccgg gagcggtggc tcatgcctat aatcccagca ctttaggagg ctgaggcggg     35940
     cggatcactt cagatcagca gttcgagacc agcctggcca acatggtgaa accctgtctc     36000
     tactaaaaat accaaaaggt ggtttttttg tttgtttgtt ttgttttttt tgcatgtggt     36060
     ggtgcatgcc tgtaatccca gctactcagg aggctgagaa acaaaaatcg cttgaactca     36120
     ggcagcagag ggtgcagtga gctgagatcg agccaccgca ctcggcaact gcattgctac     36180
     atgcctccaa accccagctg ctcatctgag gttgcacaga gactcagcat cagcctggtg     36240
     catcaccaga caggagagcc tatgctcacg tcaaagggat cacagcagac tgctggctct     36300
     gggcatctga gcagcgccat gcaagggggc aagtggctta gggttccagg gactcagggg     36360
     ctggggcagc ccatccctca gctaagttag ctggacactg gaggatagaa gtcaagggcc     36420
     tagcatgttg ggatggctcc tctccagggg ctttgcagag agtcccatgc accaaggggg     36480
     ctagcgggac agggaaaagt ggtggcaaag acctcccaga caaactggct gcctctggtc     36540
     ctatcaagct gccgtacatc ctccacacca gggctttagg caccattcca ctgtgttcca     36600
     tggtgactgt aggtgatgcc ccaccttgag agcccttggg tgctcagccc tgggtcagaa     36660
     cttgaacacc aagtgggaaa agggctgacc aagcacggga gagggaagga aagcagagtg     36720
     gctaggacgg tcagcaacag agctgtgttc atttaggaca tgggtattga aatggagttt     36780
     tgaaggctgg ctgaggggcc tgcactccat ccctcccaca gtgccctcag ctcctccacc     36840
     ttccccacat gaaccagtcc gcacctatca cacctacggt gggccgtggt cccaccccag     36900
     ctttcaggtg tttccggaga gggtagacgc agctctaggt caggaaggat tgtttccttc     36960
     ccttctctcc ttctgcagct ctgcttggtt ctggctggct tttgctggag ttgaaagact     37020
     caagtgtgct aagaagggag tcctggccat gacagttgta gtgccagtgt ccccagctgc     37080
     tccggttccc cagcaactca cagacaaccg tggtctggag ggtgtgtgac tctgaaaagc     37140
     caaaacccca gaactccaaa gttacaagag gtcaaaacag tggctctctc cacctccgct     37200
     cctacctcct cccaaaatgc atgaaattcc cttcctctga ctgataaacc ctcactcatt     37260
     ctccaagaca tatcttctct gtcaaccaca tccccaccaa agtcacactg cacccgctct     37320
     ccctcccctg cagcatgtgg ctccctccca tgtacccagc atgcactgtt cagccacata     37380
     tactcaccca ccctcctgaa ggcccagcac agacagcatt gtgtttaaat ccctgatcta     37440
     cacatcagct actggctata tgcccacggc aaatgtaatg gaacctctcc aagccttgct     37500
     ttcctcattt ggcaactgga cacaattata gtctctacca cacaagtaaa gataacatga     37560
     gataatcctt gccagtgtta atgtaggacc taccaagaag aattcaagaa ctagtagctg     37620
     ctattgtaag gtgtattatt ggtaacagca aaatgaacag cacttactag gcttaaatgt     37680
     ttgctagatg aaaaaaaatg atattggtta gaaatatatt ttgctcaggt caccaggttt     37740
     cttattaact actggtggtg gcgagagagg tgaatgtcag aaaaaggcca gtttttccca     37800
     tttcctggat ttgagaaagt tggataaatt tttttcacct ggccgggtgc ggtggctcac     37860
     gcctgtaatc ctagcacttt gggaggccca ggcaggtgga tcacgaggtc aggagtttga     37920
     gaccagcctg gccaacatgg tgaaacccca tctctactaa aaatataaaa attagccagg     37980
     tgtggtggca ggcgcctgta atcccagcta ctcaggaggc tgaggcaggg gaatcgcttg     38040
     aacctgggag gcggagtttg cagtgggctg agatcgggcc attgcactcc agcctgggca     38100
     acaagagcaa aaaaataaca gacttttttc acctgaaggg aaggcttggg agcttaagga     38160
     caatggcttc tttcttagag acctagtcct tgactgaggg aaagggtgag ggtcttatac     38220
     ttcttttttt tttttttttt attgagacag agtcttgctc tgtcacccag gctggagtgc     38280
     agtggcacga tctcggctca ctgcaagctc cacctcccgg gttcatgcca ttctcctgcc     38340
     tcagcctccc gagtagctgg gactacaggt gcctgccagc gcacccggct aatttttttt     38400
     gtatttttag tagagacagg gtttcactgt gttagctagg atggtctcga tctcctgacc     38460
     ttgtgatcca cctgcctcgg cctcccaaac tgctgggatt acaggcatga gccaccgcgc     38520
     ccagccagag ggtcttatac ttctgtccta ctcttgctaa tacctaagac ccagtccttt     38580
     tggcaccact gggtacataa aacaaggttt gagtcaggga tgaactcccc caggcaggag     38640
     gagatagcat caggatctca gtgaagtggg atggtatctg agtgcctagc acagtgcccc     38700
     acgcagagct caatgcatct tagctgaaca ataacgaatg cagctgcaca tcttcaggcc     38760
     catattgagc tcttctctct tttctgcctc ctcctgagcc cccaagccca atcaccttgg     38820
     ctctggttgt tgtgtgccat gatgctcccc aggatggtga caaggtgctg ggctctggcc     38880
     ttcagtctga gaaccagctt ctcccaagct cttgggtccc tggcctgagc ccaggatgca     38940
     cggggctctg cccacctgcc ctccttgcag catcataaga aagggtggtc atccaggtag     39000
     cctgagactt cgtaaggggc ttgcccaggg ctgggctggg aaagagtaat gaagtcatag     39060
     cacagagagt gggttgctga ggaaaagaga atgatgggaa agggttattt tccaacagga     39120
     gtcttacctg ggagacactg cacaaggtgc ctgtgtggtg aggctgtgtg actatttttg     39180
     agggcaccaa aggagtgggt aaggggaatg cagactgaac aatgggaagg gaatctcttg     39240
     tttccctgca gggcctcatc taggctcatt gttttaaata gtaatgactc ccaaatctct     39300
     tcatccctgt tcttcacatt ggtatatcca actacctacc tgttggtcat ctggacctaa     39360
     ggttccatat ggccttaaat ctgacacatc caaaactgag tatttcctct tggccctggc     39420
     catggaacaa cctgcctctc atcctatatt cctggtgagt ggcatcatcc tctcacctgc     39480
     ctgcttactc aagccagaac tgggttgagg tgtgggcaac taccggatgt catgtagcct     39540
     cctggcacaa tagcatgaag tgagctgaga ggtcatggaa caaaaaggct cacagaccaa     39600
     atgtaaatgc tcaaataaca tcgtttatta aataaatgta aaacacattc tgagaagcag     39660
     gaggcaggtg ctggggtggg tcaacacacg ggagaggggg caagttgggt ggaatgatca     39720
     caccagctga actgtgggtc atgcagtgtg catccatcct gtcaaattga aacctcctgc     39780
     atcctgagtg cctcatgtct cacgtattta gggtaccgtg aatatttagt gcctccttgg     39840
     tctttctgtc ccttttgatc tctgtacaca cgaatatgtt gtactatcta cagatgacta     39900
     atttagttat ctatgtgtaa cacttctttt gagtttattg ttttcctgtc ttctacagca     39960
     gaattggata ttcccaaaca atcggcaagt ctggtgttta tcctagagtg ctgcctccct     40020
     tcacaccccc tagtttcaaa cagtcagcaa gccctgccca tttttaactt cctgtttctc     40080
     caatctggac attcctctac ctccaccaaa ccagcccata gtatggcttg cttggattat     40140
     agccagagtc tttctaactg gtctctctcc ctccagtctt aagcatataa aatctgtcct     40200
     ccttgatata atcagagtga tctatccaga aatacatatc agaccgcata cctctctgct     40260
     cttcctctaa ggattcccct tttgtcctcg ggatggtttc caagctcctt agcaagctaa     40320
     acaaggcccc ttgaaggctg ccgtctccac cctcatctcc caccacaccc tgccttcacc     40380
     tgacccactt ggaacaggaa ggttggagca cctccatact cctgcagttc cacctcccag     40440
     tgccttcctg agatggtccc ctgaagggaa gacccatcct tcccttctcc aaacaccact     40500
     taaaccactt aaaccctttc attaaaccct taccctggcc tcaaaccatc taccacgctg     40560
     ctgtacccct ttatttcaga gacggctctg actctcactc agaggtgaca ctcaccctac     40620
     cacttgtcta tggctgtgca tccctcttgg ggccatctct tgtggacaag aatatgagcc     40680
     acattcttca tatatgagaa aattacacca atctcagagg attagaggtc atgccaaaaa     40740
     acacacctgg tagttatgtt taaatatatt tttaaggctg ggttaaaaac cacgatgagg     40800
     cgaaacccca tctctactaa aaaaatacaa aaattagctg ggcctggtgg tgcacgcctg     40860
     taatcccagc tactcaggag gctgagacag gagaatccct agaacccagg aggcggaggt     40920
     tgtagtgagc cgagattgca ccactgcact ccagcctggg cgactgagtg attctccgtc     40980
     tccaaatata tatatacaca cacacacata cgtatatata tgtgtatata catatatata     41040
     tttttttttt tttaacaaac atagctgcta tcattggctc cttttctctt ttttttcgag     41100
     acggtctcac tctgtcaccc acattgaagt gcagtggcac aatcatgagg cccaccccaa     41160
     cctctgcctc ccaggctcaa gcgatcctcc cacctcagcc tccagagtaa ctgggactac     41220
     aggcgtgcac caccacgcct ggctaatgtt tttgtatttt ctgtattgac aggttttcct     41280
     catgttccct gggctggtct caaactcctg tgtccaagca atcctccgcc cagctcggcc     41340
     tcccaaagtc ctgggattac aggcataagg acctcctacg gccaagttta agcttcaagt     41400
     gggagacatg ggacaattac ttaccagata caaccagttt cagaggaagc cctacctacc     41460
     ctctaagcct gaccttatct tgcaacctcc atcgccccag acctcccccg gctccaaaaa     41520
     gcactcccaa gaggcctcat aaaggccaca gtttggggaa ggttatggct caggggaagg     41580
     ggagaggtgc taaataatta agccccccta ctactcagca cccgcgtgag gcatcgtcag     41640
     gcatcgtcag gcctccagtg gtggtggtgg caccgggcct caacctcccc ggagggctgg     41700
     actctcgctg ccaggctgtg gggatcaggc gttgtggggg agggggacac ttaacaggta     41760
     tggagggcgg agcagagccc cgcagtcact ggcctgactt ccggaacgaa ccgtcgccag     41820
     caagcacagc agtaggacca gggggatgca agagcggggg cggccgggga tcgtgcttct     41880
     cgctcaggtc cagattcccg gcaaccaggc cggcggaatc acgtgccatg ctccaggcca     41940
     gcgtagtccc gcccatcttc cagctgagcg taccgggagg ctcccattgg actggagctg     42000
     ctacggaggc gggactttcc ctttttcttg aaccccattg ggttaagtcc agtccgagac     42060
     aagcgtctct cctcagcagt gggaggggtg atttggctca tccatactta ggaatttggg     42120
     gtttgaggcc gggtgcggtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttgggg ggccgaggcg     42180
     ggcggatcac aaggtcagga gatcgagacc atcctggcta acactatgaa accccgtctc     42240
     tactaaaaaa atacaaaaaa attagccggg tgtggtggcg ggcacctgta gtcccagcta     42300
     ctcgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg aacgctggag gcagagcttg cagtgagcag     42360
     agatcgcgcc actgcactcc agcctgggcg acagagcaag actccgtccc cccaaaaaaa     42420
     taatttgggg tttgagaccc ggcgcggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc ataatcccag     42480
     cactttgtgg ggggccgaag cgggcggatc acctgaggtc aggagttgga gaccagcctg     42540
     gccaacatag cgaaaccctg gcgcgcactt gtaaacccag cttctcggga gactgaggaa     42600
     ggagaatcgc ttgaatccgg gaggcggagg ttgcagtgag ccgatatagc tagcgccact     42660
     gcactccagc ctgggcgaca gagtgagact ccgtctcaaa aaaagagaga gaatttgagg     42720
     tttaagttgt ctctccttgg tcgctgtgca gtcgagtgtt tttatgttca gacctcttcc     42780
     tgcccatttt atttatttaa tttattattt atttatttat ttatattttt tgatatggag     42840
     tttcactctt gttgcacagg ctggagtgca atggcgcgat ctcggctcac tacaacctcc     42900
     gcctcccagg ttcaagcaat tctcctgact cagcctccct agtagctggg attacaggtg     42960
     cctgccacca taccccacta attttttgta tttttagtag agatggggtg tgtgtataca     43020
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatagcaagt agtcaagagc tagtctattt     43080
     tgatagatag catttctcat cagagtctct tgccgggcaa gaacagtcaa ggtttgacgg     43140
     gttttattag taataatttc taaacagctt gcaaccatat gattcggttg agcatgtaga     43200
     tgggggttcg atatcctcat gagccatctt gtgtctaagt ggcaggccta tagtattata     43260
     taattttttt aggaggtcat ttatcatctt tccaattacc tatggctatg cttcgttttt     43320
     cgcaggaagc atagactggg aagcccagaa gtttacctgt ttttatgggc agtaagaaga     43380
     aagatggctt aatggtgcca attacacagc tacctgtcca ctgatcaggg agcttagcat     43440
     aagctctgcg tataacccgg tgggggctgt ccagtcccgg tggagttctg ggtgggccca     43500
     aacagtctgc aactttggaa atttactgaa tggatttctt tctgtgtaat tggaactcca     43560
     ccatgtaact ttttgtggta ccattataca gtttttgccc aagacaacta agccgccaaa     43620
     caggatcttt tttatcttct ttttaagtag cccaaatgac acaagaccag tattgacaca     43680
     tctcacataa atacaattct tgacagatac acttattttt tttttactgt gtcacttttt     43740
     ttttccaatt tagagaaccg catcctattc catgctgctt actatcaata gcggcacaag     43800
     caccaaattt taaggttaca tttttggggg cccctctttt ttccgttcta gctattacct     43860
     tacttgtgtc acctagaaaa ggaccagtcc ttaattttat tttaaaaact gtgatcacgg     43920
     gaggcttaaa atgggtcata acacacatca ggttggttat tccctgggct acataccttg     43980
     gatagcatta tacaaacaag tttcttttag agtcctggta cacttataat aaccataaaa     44040
     taataggact gtagcaattt ttgtcctacc tcagtgactt gatgtatata ctggaaacag     44100
     ttctcaatct gaggaaggtc agttgaagtc cttactgtac aagtccaaat tttaaggaaa     44160
     atgagtcccg caatgagttt cctcatgctt cgcctgtgcg tggaccagtc agcttctggg     44220
     tgtgactgga gcagggcttg tctccttctt cagagtcact ttgcaggggt tggcaaagcc     44280
     gctcccatcc acgtacagct cccagtctac tgatgtttaa gggtggtctc ggaggttagg     44340
     cctactagaa taaactgagt ccagcacctc taaacagtta tgtttaactg ggctctctgt     44400
     taccaggagt aaggtggctg ggttagggtg ttggaaactt caatggtttt gtggggattt     44460
     tcacagagca aggtttggta tctagttagt ctagcattta ttagctaatg atgtcctttg     44520
     gtatttatta aagtcaccac agcatgggga gactttctgt ttaggttttg cctaagagtt     44580
     agctcatctg cttcttgtgc taacagggca gttgctgcca gggcccttgg acatgggggc     44640
     cagcctttgg aaaccccgtc tagttgtttt gagagatagg cccctggcct tgaccagggc     44700
     cctacagtct gggttaaaac tccaactgtc attttttctc tttctgacac acagagtgta     44760
     aagagttttg tcaggtcagg tagcctcagg gctggggccg acatgagttt ttctttttaa     44820
     ctaatgaaaa gctctttgct gttggttgta atagatgtag tttatctaat ctacattttt     44880
     gttgactgtc atctactaaa atattgactt aaatcctgta actatttgat ttcaagcttt     44940
     aaattgatct ggtattcctt gtggggctcc aattgcattt aagtagatgt gagaattgaa     45000
     agacctataa ggggcttctc tcgttttatg atgtcttact ttttttttcc tctggttgat     45060
     gaaatgccag ggtgaaaggg atagccaaat ggactaaagc acaagtgcca ctctagttat     45120
     tcagcagagt gcccagtaaa ggtccacccc gataccacca cacatcctct cggggatgaa     45180
     caagggctga ctgattgata agctcttgga aactcttaag ctcactgcat cccttcaggt     45240
     ctccaaggaa tgctaaatct cctccctgcc gtgagagaca agaagtgaac ttagtgttgg     45300
     gagatggaag ctggatggcc ctcgggggct gacccacaga gacttcggga tatagcagag     45360
     agagcttggc atgacttatt actccaggct gtagaatcct ggaaaagagc taccatgcag     45420
     cccacacctg gtcgactgga ggaccacctt agtggaagag ggacaatcag ggcctctggc     45480
     ctgccatgtg cacaagcata acaattgatt ttgtttaacg tgcagatgga atatttaatc     45540
     cattccaacc aggcatttgc atcttggtat gctgtcttaa ctgccaaagt ttgttttaag     45600
     tctttaactt ctatgatcct ctagtaaaat gaatgtttcc tttagcatct atttttatta     45660
     gtttttagac caaagaaagc taaacaccat tttatattta ataatgcttc ttgtatgatt     45720
     tttataccag gtaagctaaa ttttaccttt atattagtgt gttattaatg ttaaacttaa     45780
     ttttaataaa actttgtaga catatttatc caatttttca tgtttgacca taaggtaagg     45840
     ttttatagac tctttttaac cttttataat ttttgttaaa gagcaggttg atgctttaag     45900
     aaaaacctgt cacattttta ctttaatgtc cagttcacag aaaaactgga tgataccttt     45960
     ttaactttag ctaatatgtt tacacacaga attttcttta caattaacat tttaaaattt     46020
     gcttacactt tcaaaacaat aattttttta accttttaat gtaggtaaaa atccacattc     46080
     ttatgcctcc ttataatctt tttaccaaag gtatatttta cttttcttat acaccttgca     46140
     cataaactgt tttttttttt taaatagtac tcaggaggcc ttattacttt taaattacac     46200
     aatatttttt gcataaattt ttttataaaa ttttttcttt cacgactttc gccgacaatt     46260
     cttcaacatg tctcaacttt ctgacttatt acaaacattt ttttttcttt aaacaaccag     46320
     ttaatttatt tcaggacaag aatttaccat ataacactct ttttacataa attctgcctc     46380
     ccccgctttt ttttttaaag tgaacttttt ttttgtcttt ggactagacc gtctaaggcc     46440
     acaagattag aagttaccat aatacatgtt atactgttaa tttttagcaa acttcacttt     46500
     tgttgaaaac cttgtaagtt tgggatttca attatccttt gctattaata agaccttgtt     46560
     tagtctaaat taacttagaa ttggtataga tggccttttt ttctctctgc tggtctttcc     46620
     ttgcctctgc cagatgctta tgctactgtt ctcttaacta ctgtaggggg aagggggtct     46680
     aaaaccagct gtaactgtct atgtacagaa actggtctgg atgccttggc ttacaggtta     46740
     ctttgtgtca tacctttgaa acaagggacc tgtccaggct tccttctgat ggccaaccca     46800
     cctctaatgc tggccagtct atttcacaag ttctaagttt tcctggtgtc acagtaacat     46860
     cgtaatctcc cttaaattct ttcttgaaaa aaaaattttt ttaacatagt tcctagtggg     46920
     gtgggcttat ttgtgcctga cccatgcttc ttcgagacaa aacaccacgc tcacaccaca     46980
     cgtgcactac aaaacaaaaa aacagggcac acacactttt gcagtttaca ccaaaccaaa     47040
     atcagagtat ccaaaaaccc aagccaggtc aaaaccaaaa ccaaaaccaa agtatcacac     47100
     aatctaagtc aagtcaaaac cagaataaaa gtgccagtac aggcacacca tgggtgatca     47160
     ggccatgctt ccactcagat ggagtggggc aagttccaaa gactagtctt accaagtttc     47220
     agatgtccgg actccaagtg ccagttcctt cccagtgttc agccagtgtg ttaatcctcc     47280
     tcgggggcct gctacgtgct gctctggcga ggcgttccac ccggggaatt tcctacccgg     47340
     gagcgctctt tggatcgcgt cactcaggct ggccagagtc caccgcaggg atgctccaca     47400
     gggcaggcct aagccaccca aggggctgcc ttggccgtcc gtcagttacc tcgcttcctg     47460
     ttcagggaac caagaaatgt agcaggacga gccccagaca aaacctttca gacaccgagt     47520
     tgtagaagga agggctttat tcagctgcga gcatcggcaa gctactgcct taaaatccaa     47580
     actccctgaa tgcacaattt ctgtcccttt taaggtctca caacactaaa gatttcacat     47640
     gaaagtgtcg tgattgattt gagtacgcag gtggtacgtg acaggggctg catgcactgg     47700
     tggtcagaga gaaacagaac agggcaggga gtgtcacaat gttcttctat acaatgtctg     47760
     gaaactagga ataacatcgc gttctaagtc atgggttgat ttttaactac tgggtttagg     47820
     ccaggcaggc ccaggcctgg ttttgggcct ggcgccaggc tgcctgtctt tggttttact     47880
     tccttgtttt ttcttaaaac agatactgag tataaagcaa tataaaacaa tacgaaaggg     47940
     tctctctctt ccctcaaagg gaataggctg ctgtggagaa aggtaaataa atggtggaaa     48000
     gaattacatg ggggattaac taatctgtat accaaatccc cacgacaggc aatttacttc     48060
     tataacaaac ctgctcatgt aaaaggtttt tggccgggca tggtggctca cgcctgtaat     48120
     cccagcactt tgggaggctg aggtgggtgg atcacttgag gtcagtagtt taagacaagc     48180
     ctggccaaca tggtgaaact ccatctctac taaaaatacg aaaattagct gggcatggtg     48240
     gcacgcaccc gtagtcccag ctactcggga ggctgaggaa agggaatggc ttgaacctgg     48300
     gagggggagg ttgcagtgag tcgagatcat gccactgcac tccaggctgg gtgacagagt     48360
     gagactgtgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagcaaaaa gtttttaaaa gaaaatagtg     48420
     gaaagacaga gaccctagaa gagggagaag gcctaaggca atttcttctt cctctcttcc     48480
     ccatcattct ttcagccact gtggagagag ggagagtacg gggtgcaggg tagatgagag     48540
     tagacaattc tgattatttg aggagggttt gtggtttagg aagtgagctt ctcaccgatt     48600
     ttatttattt attttgagac ggagtctcac tctgtcaccc aggctggagt gagatctcag     48660
     ctcactgcaa cctccacctc ccgggttcaa gtgattctcc tgcctcagcc tcacgagtag     48720
     ctgggactac aggcatgcac caccatgcct ggctaatttt ttgtattttt agtagagatg     48780
     gggatttcac catgttggcc aggctggtct caaatttctg acctcaggtg atctgcccac     48840
     ctcggcctcc cagagtgctg ggattacagg cgtgagcccc gcacctggcc taaaaacttt     48900
     tatattaagt tcaggggtat atgagcaggt ttgttataga gataaatttc ctgtcacagg     48960
     ggtttagtgt acagattagt taattcccct tgtaattttt tccatcattt atttaccttt     49020
     ctccacagca gcctattcac ctaacaataa actgagtgcc cattatgtgc caagaactgg     49080
     agataaggat atgagtaagg aatcttactt atctccagtt cttatagcat atactcattc     49140
     tgtttctctt tcctttggcc tagtttgagt gcccagcagg tgtttcaagt cactcattac     49200
     gtatctactc tgcgaaagtt gtttgtgcag cctgtttatc ctctcctttg gaacttcagt     49260
     actctttttt ttttttttga gacggagtct tgctctgttg cccaggctag agttcagtgg     49320
     tgtgatctcg gctcactgca agctctgctt cccgggttca tgccattctc ctgcctcagc     49380
     ctcccgagta gctgggatta tgggtgcctg ccaccacgcc tggctaattt ttttgtattt     49440
     ttagtagaga cggggtttca ccatgttagc caggatggtc tcgatctcct gaccttgtga     49500
     tccgcctgcc tcagcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc ttgagccacc gtgcccggtg     49560
     tgccctgcta attttttgta tttttttttt ttgagataga gtctcgctct gtcgcccagg     49620
     ctggagtgca atggtgtgat ctggctcact gcaatctcca cctctcgggt tcaagtgatt     49680
     ctcctgcctc agcctcccag gtagctggga ctacaggcat gtgccactac gcccagctaa     49740
     tttcttgtat ttttagtaga gatggggttt tactgtgtta gccaggatag tctcgatctc     49800
     ctgacctcgt ggtccactgg tccacctgcc ttggcctccc aaagtacagg aattacaagc     49860
     gtgagtcacc acacccagcc aattttttgt atttttaata gagatgaggt tgcaccatgt     49920
     tggccaggct ggtcttgaac tcctgacctc aggtgatcct tccacctcgg cctcctaaaa     49980
     tgctgagatt acaggtgtga gccaccacac ctggcccaat tatcttattt attatcatta     50040
     ttatttttga gacggagttt tgttcttgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcaatg gcacaatctc     50100
     agctcaccgc aacctctgcc tcctgggttc aagtgatttt tctgcctcag cctcctgagt     50160
     agctgggatc acaaacccct gccaccaccc tcggctaatt ttgtattttt ggtagagaca     50220
     gggtttctcc atgtgggcca ggctagtctc aaactcctga cctcaggtga tccgcccacc     50280
     tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc atgagccaca gcccccggct actttttatt     50340
     attaacatta aaatattttt gtttaattaa tttatttatt tttaaaatta ttattattac     50400
     tttttttact ttaagttcca ggatacatgt gcagaatgtg caggtttgtt acataagtat     50460
     acatgtgcca tggtgatttc tgcacctatc aacctgtcat ccaggtttta agccccgcct     50520
     gcattgggta tttgtcctaa tgctctccct ccctttgtcc ccaaccctat tttatttttt     50580
     tgagacagag tctccctcta ttgctcaggc tggagtgcag tggtgtgatc tcagctcact     50640
     gcaacttcca cctcccaggg tcaagcgatt ttcctctctc agcctcctga gtagctggga     50700
     ctacaggtac acaccacaca cctggatgat ttttgtattt gcttgcagag acagggtttc     50760
     gccaggctgg tctcaaattc ctgacctcaa gtgatccacc cactttggcc tcccaaaatg     50820
     ctgggattac aggcgtgaga caccgtgccc agcaaaaata tttttatttt aaaatttatt     50880
     aaatttatta aaattttatt ttaaaatttc accatttaca aaaagtgaaa tgatcagatc     50940
     tttagcaaat ccatcaatga attttgacaa gtacatgtca cccacacccc tgtcaagata     51000
     tagaaagttc tctttgccct ctttgattct gccctacccc tgagtagcca tggatctgat     51060
     gactatcact atagagcagt ttttcctaat tttttttttt ttttgagatg gagtctcact     51120
     ctgccaccca ggctggagtg caatggcacg atctcggctc actgcaacct ctgcctcctg     51180
     ggttcaagag attctcctgc ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg ggagtacagg tgtgagccac     51240
     catgactggc taattttgta cttccagtag agatggggtt tcgctatgtt caccaggctg     51300
     gtctcaaact cctgacctca ggtgatccac ccgcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta     51360
     caggtgtgag ccactgtgct gggctgcctg ttttaaaact tcctataaat gcatgcatag     51420
     gtatggcctc ttttgtgtct ggctttttgt atttggcata atatctatgt aatccatcca     51480
     tgttgttgca cctatcagta gttcattctt tctttaaaaa aaattttttt ttttaaattt     51540
     tgagacagtc tcactgtctt aggctgcagt gcagtggtga gatctcaggt cactgcaacc     51600
     tccacctccc aggtacaagc atttcttctg cctcagcccc ctgagtagct ggaactacag     51660
     gtgtgtgcac caccacgcct ggctaatttt tgtattttta gtacagatgg gatttcccag     51720
     ctactccaga ggctgaggca ggagaatcac ttgaacccag aaggcagagg ttgcagtaag     51780
     ccgagatcgc accactgcac tctagcctgg gcggcaagag tgaaactctg tctcaaaaaa     51840
     aagccaggtg ttgtggctca cacctgtggt cccagctagt ggggagccca agagttcaag     51900
     ccttcagtga gtggtagtca tactagtata ccccagcctg ggtgacagag tgaaaccttg     51960
     tctcagaaag aaaaaaaaaa caagatgaag gaaagcatat gtagtttgct aaaatttatg     52020
     tggaaagagg gaaattatat gtatatacac acacacttat atttgcttgc atatgcataa     52080
     aacgtctaag tttgtttggt ttttttggga cagaatctga ctgtcaccca ggctggagtg     52140
     caatggtgca atctcagctc actgcaacct ccgcctcccg ggttcaagtg attcttctgc     52200
     ctcagcctcc caagtagctg gattacagcc ttctgccacc atgcccacta atgttttgta     52260
     tttttagtag agacagggtt ttgccatgtt ttccaggcta gtctcgaact ccttacctca     52320
     ggtgatccgc ccgcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctggaatta caggcgtggg ccaccaagcc     52380
     cgaacaaatg tcttaagttt gttttctttc tttctttaat taattaattt atttatttat     52440
     ttttcgagac ggagtcttgc tcttgtcgcc caggctggag tgcaatggca agatctcggc     52500
     tcactgcaac ctctgcctcc cgggttcaag tgattctcct gcctcagcct cccaagtagc     52560
     tgggattaca gatgcccacc accacacccg actaattttt gtatttttag tagagacggg     52620
     ggtttcatca tgttggccag gctggtctcg aactcttgac cttgtaatcc acctgcttcg     52680
     gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcttg agccactgca cccggccaag acagagactt     52740
     tttgcctttt gaaccttttg aatttttaac caagtgaaaa cacaaaaggt aattccaagg     52800
     aggaaaaaaa cccaaaaaac tcatagtgaa aatttaagaa aaaaactcag cctgatagaa     52860
     ttctcttacc ttcattaaga gaaaacaaaa attgtagctg gggccaggcg cggtggctca     52920
     cgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgcgaggcag aggcaagcgg atcacgaggt caggagatgg     52980
     agaccatcct ggctaacacg gtgaaaccct gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aaattagcca     53040
     ggtgtggtgg cgggcaccta tagtcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcag gagaatggcg     53100
     taaacccggg aggcagagct tgcagtgagc caagatcgtg ccactgcact ccagcctggg     53160
     tgacagagcg agactccatc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatt gtctaaaaat tatatcactc     53220
     cttttttttt tttttttttt gagatggagt cttgctgtgt tggccaggct ggagtgcagt     53280
     gatgcaatct tggctcactg caacctctgc cttaagagct caagcaattc tcttgcctcc     53340
     tgagtagcag ggactacagt tgcatgccac catgcccagc taatttttgt atttctagta     53400
     gagatggggt tgcaccatgt tgactaggct ggtcttgaac tcctgacctc aagcgatcca     53460
     ccgtggccca ccctcagcct ttcaaatttc tggcattaca ggcatgagcc actgctccca     53520
     gccaaaccgc agtctttaca agggattctt tttttttttt ttttctgatg gagttttgct     53580
     gttgttgccc aggctggagt gcaaggatgc aatcttggct cactgcaacc tctgccttcc     53640
     atgttcaagt gattctcctg cttcagcctc cccagtagct gagattactg gtgcatgcta     53700
     ccacacccgg ctaattttta gtagagatgg ggtttcacca tgttggcccg gctggtctcg     53760
     aactcctgac ctcagatgat ccaccctccg cggtctccca aagtgctgtg attacaggtg     53820
     tgagccacca tgcctggcct ttacaaggga ttctaatggt ctaatgcgac agttgtggct     53880
     tcagtgagct cagggtgccc tctggtgtcc atgtgggccc aaggatgtga tatttagaaa     53940
     aaacacttgt aattctgggg gacatgtaat tgaagccact tgccaacttt tcaagattct     54000
     tatttttttt ttttttttgg agacagagtc tcgctctgtt gccccatctg gagtgcagtg     54060
     gtgcaatctt ctcggttcac tgcaacctcc gcctccctgg ttcaagcgat tctctgcctc     54120
     agcctctgga gtagctggga ctacaggtgc atgccaccat gcctggctac tttttgtatt     54180
     ttttgcagag acagggtttc accatgttgg ccaaggtggt ctggaactcc tggcctcaag     54240
     tgatccattg gccttggtct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggtgtgagcc accatgcccg     54300
     gcctttttat tttattttat tttttttgaa acagagtctc acttttttgc ccaggctgga     54360
     atgttggtgg cctgatctct gctcactgta acctccacct cccgggctcc agcgatcctc     54420
     ccacctcagc ctcccaagtg gctgggatta caggcgtgcg caaccaaaga ttctcattct     54480
     tagcccattc tgttatccct atgagtctgc taatagttgt catactaggt caccctgtat     54540
     ttggatcaga aggtacggta ggagcgccta gggtcatata ccaggcccaa acagctgagg     54600
     gcagtagagt aaggcctgca ggtcaatgct tcaaggaggg gtgggaagga ttgagggtgt     54660
     gggggccaga ctgtgtagtg gcaggaaccc caggtgctgt gtgaagcaga gagcatgcat     54720
     caccctctga cccacattca gtttcttcct gggtgtctgc aattcccggg actcccaagg     54780
     aattcaaatg ctgcagcctt gggcttgcga attctccagg atgggcagag tatggtctta     54840
     tttatcctac acttctgcct catagtgctc tcccagtcct cttctgttat tagagatcaa     54900
     accaggttgc tttagggcag tgattctcaa agtgtagtcc tgggacaaac agcactggca     54960
     tcacctggaa acttgttaga gatgcaattc tcagctgggc gcagtggctc acgcctgtaa     55020
     tcccagcact ttgggaggct gaggcgggcg gatcacctga ggtcaggagt tcgagaccag     55080
     cctggccaac atggtgaaac cctgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaattag ccgagcgtgg     55140
     tggcaggcgt ctgtaatccc agctacctgg gaggctgaga caggagaatc acttgaaccc     55200
     gggaggcgga ggttgcagtg agccaagatt gcgccatcgc actccagcct gggggacaat     55260
     agcaagactt cgtctcaaaa taaataaata aataaataaa aaaggaaatg caattctctg     55320
     gcctggccca cacatattat atcagaaact gcagtttaac ctccccccac ccctggagaa     55380
     ttctgctttt cgaatcaggc ctttctcttt ttctgtctgt cttaagtctc aacattgagt     55440
     agctgtgatt ttggaatagt cagatgtggg acaccctttc ttgccaggaa gcatctggct     55500
     cctcagtcag cttagtctga ttcttggcct ggcccaggga aagaaattca tgttctggat     55560
     tctgagcaat gctctcttgt cccaggtgcc tgttgggctc ctacttacac ctcaaaacat     55620
     agcttgaaca ttgtctcttt tgtgaacttt ctgtgactcc taggtcagag aagatggtct     55680
     acttgtgagt ttgcaaagca tgtgtacatg tcctgccaac cattagtgtt acaatttcct     55740
     gactgatctc tgcctgagca agactgggac aaccttgagc gcaagggggg tttggttcct     55800
     cttacctcag ccccagctcc ttaaacacaa tgcctggcac gtggtaggta tttgataaat     55860
     atttattcaa tgaaggaact gcctgcaatg gcctggtaga caggaaagcg gaatgaaagc     55920
     aggtcaaaag tggctgggag aagattttct aaatcccgat gttgggcaca gggacccctg     55980
     aagttttctt ttggaacctt cctatctgtc ttgttctcct ctcaccaggc acatccctgc     56040
     cctccagagc ccacttagtc acacactacc tttcaggact accttccaca tcagccaggt     56100
     gcaaacccca caatgacttc tgccatggct cccaatgctt ggctgcaact ctgaggccaa     56160
     tttcagtgag agtaaggagc ttatccaatg gaagtgtcac taggagtgac aatggctggc     56220
     ttgaagatta gggaaatagt gtctacattt caaaagagaa gactgctcca caaggaatgt     56280
     acagttttga tatgtgcagg gctcaggtct tcaggggata aataagttcc taaatgcgcc     56340
     atcaacagga atttccttca ggataaatag gaaaagaaca tttaggcttt ttaattaaaa     56400
     ttttatttta catgttttta aaattcacaa tagatatttt atcctaaaat aaagtaaaac     56460
     cgagaggtga cagcgtgctg gcagtcctca cagccctcgc ttgctctccc cgcctcctct     56520
     gcctgggctc ctactttggc ggcacttgag gagcccttca gccctccgct gcactgtggg     56580
     agcccctttc tgggctggcc aaggccggag ccctctcctt cagcttgcgg ggaggtgtgg     56640
     agggagaggc gcgagcggga accggggctg tgtgccgcgc ttgccggcca gctggagttc     56700
     cgggtgggcg tgggcttggc gggccccgca ctcggagcag ccggccagcc ctgctggccc     56760
     ctggcaatga gggacttagc acccgggcca gcagctgcgg agggtgtact gggtccccca     56820
     gcagtgccag cccaccagcg ctgcgctcga tttctcaccg agccttagct gccttcccgc     56880
     ggggcagggc tggggacctg cagcccgcca tgcctaagcc tcccacccac tccaagggct     56940
     cctgtgcggc ccgagcctcc tcgacgagca ccaccccctg ctccacggcg cccagtccca     57000
     tcgaccaccc aagggctgag gaatgcaagc gcaccgtgcg gcactggtag gcagctccac     57060
     ctgcagcccc ggtgcgggat ccactaagtg aagccagctg ggctcctgag tctggtgggg     57120
     acgtggagag tctttatgtc tagctcaggg attgtaaaca caccaatcag caccttgtgc     57180
     ctagctcagg gtttgtgagt gcaccaatcc acactctatc tagctgctct ggtggggcct     57240
     tggagaacct ttatgtctag ctcagggatt gtaaatacac caatcggcac tctgtatcta     57300
     gctcaaggtt tgtaaacaca ccaatcagca ccctgtgttt agctcaaggt ttgtgaatgc     57360
     accaatctac actctgtatc tagctgctct ggtggggcct tggagaacct ttgtgtccat     57420
     actgtgtatc taactaatct gatggggact tggagaacct ttgtgtctag ctcagggatt     57480
     gcaaacgcac caatcagcac cctgtcaaaa cagaccactc ggctctacca atcagcagga     57540
     tgtgggtggg gccagataag agaataaaag caggctgccc gagccagcag tggcaaccca     57600
     gtcgggttct cttccacact gctaaagctt tgttctttcg ctctgcaata aatcttgcta     57660
     ctgctcactc tttgggtcca tagtgctttt atgagctgta acactcactg tgaaggtcta     57720
     cagcttcact cctgaagcca gcaagaccaa aagcccaccg ggagaaacaa acaactccag     57780
     acgtgccgcc ttaagagcta taacactgac cgcaaagctc tgtagcttca ctcctgagcc     57840
     agcgagacca cgaacccacc agaaggaaaa aactccggac acgtccgaac atcagaagga     57900
     acaaactcca gacgcgccac cttaagagct gtaacactca ccgcgagggt ccacagtttc     57960
     attcttgaag tcagtgagat caagaaccca ccaattccgg acacaaaact tgcttaatta     58020
     cagaaaatat gaaaagtata taaaagcagg gtctcactct gtcgtccagg ctggagtgca     58080
     gtggtgtgat cacggctcac tgcaacctca aactcctggt ctcacacgat cctcctgcct     58140
     cgcctccgaa aactctagtt ttacagatat gaaccatagc gctagctctt actgtctttc     58200
     ttcaacacgt cctcccatcc ttccctcctt tctccactct gcatttgacc ccggtgtatt     58260
     ccagcctcca ggccaacaca cgtgaccacg tctgcctggg gcagttgaag taaaggacgc     58320
     gaggcggcgc tgtcaccgca ttctgtgaac cgcagcgctc tgggtccctc ccgctggtct     58380
     agtatcattt cagtgaacgt cactctacat tttttgtgtg tgtgtgagat ggagtctctg     58440
     tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgcgatc tcggctccct gcaagctccg cctcccgcgt     58500
     tcaagccatt tttctgcctc agcctccgag tagctgggac tacaggcgcc taccaccaca     58560
     cccggctaat ttttgtattt ctagtagaga aggcttcacc atgttggcca agctggtctc     58620
     gaactcctga cctcaagtga tccgcccgcc atggtctccc aaagtgccgg gattacaggc     58680
     gtgagccacc gcgctcggct gtcactgcag actttgatgg gggccacact cggggtataa     58740
     attaggatcc tcactgaaag ggcgggacca tggaggcttt ttcttggccc cttagttgtg     58800
     ggttttcctc tgggcggcga agccagtttc catcagaact gcccagaggc gggcgctgcc     58860
     ttcctggggt gacgcagcag caggaagagt ttccggatcc tggaatccgt gggcggcccg     58920
     tgggaggggc tgaggctcat ttctctactc acctgtctcc gaatccgccg tggtgtttca     58980
     agcgagtcaa gattccagat cgcgccccag gctggactcg gaattactgc cccgcgggtc     59040
     tgcattttca cagcggcagg tgtgagttcc ccgccgctgg agaccagaag cctgaaggca     59100
     gctccgccca ccccagccca cagcgccgtt attccgtttc tatatcagta aacacttgtc     59160
     attttccgta gaccagggcg gggtgacggg tgatcccagt cctcgcagtg aactctgggg     59220
     cgcagaattc aaaacgcttg cggtcgccga gcgcagcccc gccctgggtt atgtaagtga     59280
     cagcgctggg ccgtttctct tttttttccg gaccccgcag tggcgcctaa agtctgcaag     59340
     gaggaggtcg cctctgtgct gtgagtccag gaatctaagg cgagtgctga gggagaaaat     59400
     gtagttgatg gggcagagca gaaggggctg taggtgggtt ggagggggag gggaacgggc     59460
     agccaggcct ggaccctggg gagtgactca cccggagccg aagaccatct cagctttccc     59520
     tagcccagaa agggtgggac tggctttatt tctgcctgcc atcacctcaa aatgccgtgg     59580
     gacaaatctt acatattatt attgttattt atttatgtat tttatttttt ttgagacagt     59640
     cttggtctgt cacccagact ggagtgcagt ggcgccatct gggctcactg caacccccac     59700
     ccccccgggt tcaagcaatt cttcctgcct cagcctccca agtagctgcg attgcaggca     59760
     ccccccacca cgcccggctg atttttatat ttttagtaga gacggggttt tgccatgttg     59820
     tccaggctag tctcgaactc ctgaccttag gtgatccacc cgcctcggcc tcccaaagtg     59880
     ctgggattac aggtgtaagc caccgcgcct ggccgggaaa tatctcttac agaaataaag     59940
     gcagttggct gggtgtggtg gctcacctgt aatcctagca ctttgggagg gtgaggcagg     60000
     cagatggttt gagcctagga gtttaagacc agcctgggca aaatggtgaa accccttctc     60060
     caccagaaat acaaaaaatt agccaggtga ggtggctcat gcctgtagtc ccagctactc     60120
     cggaagctga ggtgggagga tcacctgagc ctggggaggt cgcggctgca gtgagccatg     60180
     attaacccac aactgcactc cgcctgggtg acagagtgag gccctgtgtc aaaaaataag     60240
     aaagaaagaa gagagagaga gaggaaggga gggagggagg gagttgaggt tcagaatatg     60300
     taacagtgtt tattgctata ctccattcaa tggactatgg actattatgc agtgatttaa     60360
     aagtaggagt ttgggctcac acctgtaatc tcagcatttg ggaggctgag gtgggcggat     60420
     cacttgaggt caggagttcg aaaccagcct ggtcaacatg gtgaaacctc gtttctacta     60480
     aaaatacaaa aattaccctg gcatggtggc acacgcctgt aatctcagtt acttgggagg     60540
     ctgaggcagg agaatcactt gaacttggga gatggaggtt gcagtgagct gagattgcat     60600
     cactgcactc cagcctgggg gacaagagca aaactccgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaagatatt     60660
     tcccaccttg gattgctggg tcggggggtg gtgggtattt tcattcataa ttgtcagatt     60720
     actttcataa acaatggaaa cagtttcagg ctcctcagct tctcacctcc aaaatgggcc     60780
     ttttcctgta tcattaacag tcctcaatgt tctggctaat caactgagcg actgtttata     60840
     gatttgcagg ccatttggat ttacaattaa tcttattaat gaggctgaaa tgtgaagttt     60900
     atctcagcct caaagaagta attcagcaag gatcagtggt ttcacttaac agtctggctc     60960
     tgaggctggc tgtggccctg ttatccatgg tgagcaccat gggaatgcag gcaagggctg     61020
     tgagaggctt ggaacaaggc tccacccagg agagatctgg gtgggcgttg gtgaccagta     61080
     gaacctaggt gtcctgggcc agtgcccttg gagactagtc ttctttaccc caggcatctt     61140
     ctttattctg gaatgagcct gcccatccct caggaagact gaaaggaatt cggtcagaag     61200
     aatattattg acttttatcc agacttgatt tcagtagagt tctgggacct gccatatcct     61260
     atgggtgagc tctatccagg tccccttccc tgaattacct gtcctctccc cactgactgg     61320
     gatgacacct aattttacaa cctgctgtag catctttgct cccactgtga cagtaaactc     61380
     cttgagactg gtggccatct tgggaagtga ttagattcag aagaggttga gaggttgggg     61440
     cccccatgat gggattagtg tccttttaag aaaaagaaga gactggagct cccactctct     61500
     tcaccacgtg aggatatggc aagaaggcag ctgtctgcca ggcaggaaga gggccctcac     61560
     caggaactga atctgctggt tccctaacct cagatttcca gggtccagaa ttgtgagaaa     61620
     gaaatgtctg ttgttaacca atccatctgt ggtgttttgt tatggcagca caagctgact     61680
     aaacaagtgc caaaaccaaa ccagtaactc ccactttcta gtctcggacc cagtattaag     61740
     gaattctggt cacatagttt attcatccat ttaacaaata tttagtaagt gcttctgtgc     61800
     caggcatttt tctaggcctg gtgatcattt aatcaaaaga gactaacacc tgctccctga     61860
     tgcttacaat ctgaaagaca ataaagaaaa atatagtaac agtagtgaat tatatggatg     61920
     tgttccagca attgattgct gagcaaaaaa taatcttaac gcatacaaac gccgggcatg     61980
     gtggctcacg cctgtaattc cagcactttg ggaggctgag gtgggcagat cacaaggtca     62040
     agagttcgag accagcctgg ccagcatgat gaaaccctgt ttctactaaa aatacaaaaa     62100
     ttagctgggc gtggtggtag gtgcctgtaa tcccagctgc ttgggaggct gaggcaggag     62160
     aatcgcttga aaccagaacg tggaggttgc agtgagccaa gattgtgcca ctgcactcca     62220
     gcctgggtga cagagtgaga ctccatcccc cccaaaatat atatatatgt atatatatat     62280
     tataaacaac ctttatatta tctctcattc tgtgggctga ttgggctcag ctgggcagct     62340
     cttccgctcc atacaacatg ggctgggcca ccatcatctg gagcccagct ggtccaacac     62400
     attcaagagg ctcctgcaca gggctgcagt tggtgctggc ttgttggctg ggaactcact     62460
     gaggctgtga accaggtgac ttggtttctc ctccacctgc tcctccacgt gccctggctg     62520
     cttctggctc tgcacctggg gtccgggtgt ttcaagtggc caagtcagaa ccacaaggca     62580
     tcttatgctg gaacctcaga agtcaggcag catcacgttc ctcatgttct agtcaccaaa     62640
     gcaagtccca gatccaaaaa gggggattag catcagctct tgatagagga tggcaaggtc     62700
     acattgctaa agagcatgtg ggatgggaga tattgttgag gccatctttg gaaaaggact     62760
     tttatgttta caaagtgata ggtgataaaa agaaaaaata ggccaggtgc ggtggctcac     62820
     gcctgtaacc ccagcacttc gggagaccga gatgggtgga tcacgaggtc aagagatcga     62880
     gaccatcctg gccaatatgg tgaaactctg tctctactta aaaatacaaa aattagctgc     62940
     gtgtggtggc gtgcacctgt agtcccagct accctggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcgctt     63000
     gaacccagga ggtgaaggtt gcagtgagcc aatatcgcac cactgccctc cagcctggtg     63060
     acagagcaag actccacctc aaaaaaaaga aaaaaagtaa aaaaaaaaat gcaaagttga     63120
     caatcaatgc aaagtaatag aggtggcatt ttaagtaggg tggtcagggt gggcctcatg     63180
     aaggtgccat ttgagcagac ttgaagagga gagaaactga gacacgcagg tatgtgcaaa     63240
     ggaagaacct tccagaatca ccctcatgta cacctatgct ctgtacatac ccagggctct     63300
     gcactgaggc agaccctaaa gctgcagtgg gaatggaggt ggacacactt atggaaagac     63360
     ttcttcaaag aatgttgggg acccaggtct acccttcctg ctgtggctct tatacgacct     63420
     ggagttgggg agggaaaggc actggcatgt ggaggaagac taggagagga ggggaggcca     63480
     aagcgtgtcc caccctcact ccacctctct gctctctgtc tcctacatcg agtgcctcct     63540
     tccccagggc ttgtggtccc tgacaaggag gaccctgagg gcaaccacac cttgccatgc     63600
     agagcacctg gcttctcatc tgccaagctc actctgaccc ggctgcagga agggaaggag     63660
     ccaaccccgg actcaagact caaggggacc agaaccaggg agatgagaca taccagggct     63720
     gggcagctgt gggggtcctt ccagagagga gctgagatac gcctacctgg aggggcccct     63780
     gggcctggag gggctcctca gtgtgactgg gtgaagtgtt ttcagaggac cagggttgag     63840
     gttgggggca tctcatccag accctgccgg catctgcccc agaacccaag ggcccctcct     63900
     tcctccctcc tcaatggaaa tgctggagat gtcctcagtc accctctgag cactcacaca     63960
     tcacccctta tttggaaatt tttctcactc taaccttcct tcctgccgca ccttctgccc     64020
     catccccagg ctctggcctc tctctctcct cttctaccct ttagcaggta atgactcagt     64080
     tcccactgag gagccagctg taggtgagag tttgggctct cggtgaggtt gggagaagga     64140
     aaaggcttat gggccagggg gtgggaggga gaatgggcac agccagagca gagtggaagg     64200
     gttgggggag gcgataaaga cagatgtttc cgtattacca tttttctttc atggtccgag     64260
     ggagctgccc ttcccccaag cccaggaaag tgaaaagaga agcaggaaca gtaaaatact     64320
     ccacaggaaa gaaaaatctt agtgatccct cctgctgtct ctttcctttt gcctattctg     64380
     gcaaattttg taagtgaaat ttgttaccaa gatgtgaaaa tcttataaga aagtctctaa     64440
     atatttgaga ataaaattat caatgtctca gctctgcagg ctgaaaaaac ggaggcttta     64500
     caaaataaaa tcatgcttgg aaaacttctc ctctgaggga tgtcaaaggc tgcactgaat     64560
     aagctctaag gtggtgctga aatgagtcat ttatttgcct gtgtaagctc aggcaggtgt     64620
     tggaattgag gaagtatagg taatgaaaaa agtaaacatg tcctcgggac atagcgactg     64680
     gtgatgacca cacaatcaac acaataaact ctagcattca cattgtagtc cagctcattc     64740
     aagcaaagct atctccaata gggagtttac cctgtacaga acacgtgcat ttccacctgt     64800
     tctcagactg accctttgct catcacaata gtgaaaaaaa acacagccct gggtggagat     64860
     ttaagatgct aatgagtcat gagatgtatg aacaagcatg tacagctact gcacacgtgc     64920
     acccagaaga ccgcccagaa catgcttgct agtaacacct cttcccaccc acctcctgtg     64980
     aataatcatg taagactccc ataaagggag tttctccagc agtgatcaat gctgtctcat     65040
     ccttaggagc agcccaccct gaatcctctc agggtgtaca gtttattttg cacttaactt     65100
     tcaaaataat atttttcctt tgtaataaat tgctttgtac ttcatctcct ttgctgcgtg     65160
     tttcttgttt aaattctttt aaatgaagaa gtcaagaacc aaggtattac aacagccgtc     65220
     aacatttccg gtgccatgac tcagaggttt gtctgcttcg ttggtttcag tttcccttca     65280
     ctactggtga gtactatggc agccagagac ccctgattga ctatcactgc tttccccaga     65340
     tctattaagg ttttggggga ggacctttta actcactcac attctttgag caactaattg     65400
     tgattgcttt ccatttggct gctgctttta cagtgtttac aattacctta tttggatgga     65460
     acgccctgat tattcagcct tgggactttt gctgcttctg tttcactttt tgttttgctg     65520
     ttcctcccag gactgcacct gatctgtacc tactggctat tgtaactttt tttttttttt     65580
     tttttttttt gagacaagag tctcactctg tcacccagac tggagtgcag tggctctatc     65640
     tcggctcact gcaacctcca cctcctgggc tcaagcgatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa     65700
     gtagctggga ttacaggcgt gcaccatcac gcccggctaa tttttgtatt ttcaatagag     65760
     tcggggtctc accatactgg ctcagctggt ctcgaactcc tgaccttatg atcagcccac     65820
     cttggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacaga catgagccac cgcgcccagc acttgtttgt     65880
     taatcaagta atctcttcaa agatttttgt tcaccttgag ggacacatta gatctacttt     65940
     tgccaacagt ccccattcct ccaggctctg tgtgttctga gactcctctg agtctcagag     66000
     gagtgtgttc tgaacgtctc ctctgagaac aggagacgtt ccaagaggcc atccatgttg     66060
     agtgcaggat gtgtggccac atggatgtgt agtcatgggg actataacca ggcattccaa     66120
     gcatgatgac tggacattaa aaatggcaga tcagtgaaat aaggaagggc ttgttggtga     66180
     gacatccagg ctccccggct ggcagcagag atcacttcag ttcagcttgg agacgtccag     66240
     caccagtgag acctagaatg gtgcatggca aatgcccatg acctcctagg gcctcagttt     66300
     catggggatt caagggaaca ccctggactc catcgtccag cttagctcac agggatgccg     66360
     atgacctcct ggattttggt acatgtttct gtggttgcag gattctcttg ttacctagaa     66420
     agccacctcc tctactgtca ctgaaacacc tctagggtat atactaaaca ttggaatatt     66480
     ttgaaactgt ataaattaaa agataatagg tgggtgcgat ggcttacacc tgtaatctca     66540
     gcactttgcg aggccgaggt gggcagatca cctgaggttg ggattttgag accagcctga     66600
     ccaacatgga gaaaccccat ctctactaaa aatacaaaat tagctgggca tggcggcaca     66660
     ttcctgtaat cccagctact cgggaggctg aggcaggaga attgcttgaa ccaggaggcg     66720
     gaggttgcag taagccgaga ttatgccatt gcactccagc ctgggcaaca agagcaaaac     66780
     tccgtctcaa aaaaaaattt tttttaaata aatataataa acaattgcca aagagtaaaa     66840
     ctattgatac aatcctcacc actttaaggc ttaaggtttt cttttccatc actgagtctc     66900
     tccctttcct ctcattcttc cacttacaaa tctccaaaac aattctcacg cactgtgact     66960
     ttgctccctt cagctgattt atcagttcat cctgatagcc tgataggtga caagcagagg     67020
     tgaggacttc aaagttcaca ccaagtagat ctagttcact gtggccctcc ttgacaggag     67080
     gtttgtgaag ctggcagggc ttccgtccag gctgtgcact gtctgggaat cctcatttgc     67140
     aatgtctgga gatcttcatt tttcttacta ctaacaatca tcttgttatg tttgcacttc     67200
     tttgcatttc accccttttg aattctgtcc ttccatgaaa atttattgtc ctttttgatc     67260
     catctgtatt cacagacttt catttgcttt ctttttctct ctaacccgta agactgataa     67320
     aaattgtcct aaagtttctt tctttctgct ttgtgtgtca gggctcctct gcctttggtg     67380
     agagcagagt tttatcttta ccggaagaaa actttttttt ttttttttga gatgaaatct     67440
     cactctgtca cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg cccgatctca gctcactgca acctccacct     67500
     ccctggttcg agcaattccc ctgcctcagc ctcccgagta gctgggacta caggtgtgtg     67560
     ccaccacgcc tggctaattt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga tggggtttca ccatattggc     67620
     cagactgctc tggaactcct gacctcaggc aatctgcctg cctcagcctc ccaaaatgct     67680
     gtgattacag gtgtgagcca cagtgcccag ccctggaaga aaactaattg ctgggtgaaa     67740
     tatattttct accaaattcc ccttacgaga cctagaaagc ctaatgaaca tagctactta     67800
     catgtcctaa gctgttattt taaggccaaa attaaaacat taagggcaca tataaggttg     67860
     gccattacta acctgaaaaa aaagataaat aaatttccat gattaggtct tttcaacact     67920
     gcatagtccc aaacaatact gttttacaat tagagttttt gttgttgttg ctgtttttaa     67980
     ataaaaagaa aggaagtttg ggtgcagtgg ctcatgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag     68040
     gccaaggcgg gcagatcacg aggtcaggaa tttgagacca gcctggccaa tatggtgaaa     68100
     ccccgtctct actaaaaata caaaaattag ctgggcatgg tggcacgtgc ctgtagtccc     68160
     agctactcgg gaggctgagg caggagaatc acttgaacct gggaggcaga ggttgcagtg     68220
     agacaagatt cagccactgc actctagcct gggtgacaga gagagacgcc atctcaaaaa     68280
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagagga tgatcaggga ttttccaagg gcccagggga     68340
     acctgacatt attcccccta ctaaccagac agctctatac taagaccagt cccttagaga     68400
     ctgataccaa atctattatg ctcatgttat tcaaaagaat ttgggaggcc gggcgcagtg     68460
     gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggca ggtggatcat gaggtcagga     68520
     gttcgagacc agcctgacca acatggtgaa accccatctc tactaaaaat acaaacatta     68580
     gccaggcgtg gtggcttgca cctataatcc cagctactca ggaggctgag gcaagataat     68640
     cacttgaacg tgggaggcgg aggttgcagt gagccgagat cgcaccactg cactccatcc     68700
     tgggtgacag agcgagactc tgtctcaaaa aagaatttgg ggaaatctaa cataattaat     68760
     gactctataa taagaaatat accagctggg tgcaacagtg gccctttggg aggccaaggt     68820
     gggtggatca cttgaggtta ggagttcgag accagcctgg ccaacatggt gaaaccctgt     68880
     ctctactaaa aataaaaaaa ttagtcgggt gtggtggcgc aggcctgtaa tcccagctac     68940
     ttaggaggct gaggcaggag aatcacttga gtccaggagg cggaggttgc agcgagctga     69000
     gatcatacca ctgcactcct gcctgggtga tgagtgagac tctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa     69060
     aaaaaaaaga aagaaaaata cctcctacca acaactttcc tcccttacaa tctagtccag     69120
     ggttactctt caaacctctt aagcttctac tcctgtagtc cttcctcact tgacacacag     69180
     tcttctgcac cccgtcctta tcagcttgtt caccaaacac tccctaaaga gcccagtcct     69240
     gctgggacaa ctcatagcag agtatcctat tgccccccta aaacaaaaag caacctactc     69300
     tcactctcta tctgtatctc cctctctcag gtaacacaca gaacaacaac caaatcctct     69360
     tagagaccta cttcatgagt cagtctgtcc cagatatcag gaaaaagtca caaaactagt     69420
     cataaatccc caagtcccaa taaatgaact gctaaaccta acttttggtg tctttaatta     69480
     ccaagacaga gtggaaaagg cacatagaga tcaaagggaa gaaaagagag acaaaagata     69540
     gtcccaattt ttggccttca ctcactatgc gaaaactccc acctccaggt catcctgagt     69600
     ggaacccaag ggctattcct gcacttataa aaagcctgga caccggagct aagtaagtaa     69660
     caaaggcctt caggcttgca aaccctctgg agcctgtcat caatgtgaca aagaagggca     69720
     atggaagaag gactgtctcc aactctgaag ggaggaggga ctcctaattc cttattgtcc     69780
     ctggctaaag actaaagaga ccaaaggcaa aaaacagctc ctatgtggca atcagcccca     69840
     gtcacagcaa tggagcctcg gatgaccctg gacatgacag gcaaaaatat caatatcctt     69900
     ttaaagacag aggctggcct gtcagttctc actgtctgcc ctgggcctct gtctaccaaa     69960
     cacgacactg tcattggtgt taatagcaaa ctccagacta ggattttcac tctaccatgc     70020
     agctgaccaa cttctgctgc agtaaaactt aggggtgtag gcctttggtg tgtttatcaa     70080
     aaataaaaaa tgattccttt taagtcatca cagaaacttg aaacaaagac tccaagctat     70140
     tcctatgaag cactggagga tctaaggctc ctgtccaaaa acagccaaga cccaaaacat     70200
     caggcaatta atgttgcctc agcataagct tctattcaag aaaacaactc acagtgaaat     70260
     gtgatgtttt tatttttttc ttatttattt actgtatttt aggcgctttt agtaaaacga     70320
     ccttatctgc taaagaaata ataaatcata ctactaattt ataaaaatta actcagtctt     70380
     gctggctttg catgactacc aaaatttaaa aatgtgcaaa acctgtttct cgggaagaat     70440
     gggccaacat tcctatacac ctcctggaac aaactttgga ccataatgtg gaaatatctg     70500
     actaaacaaa caatacaaag agagttcctt ggacctggcc actgccagtt caaacttcca     70560
     tttttatcta tgaataatag cttcactctg ccaaggggaa aattgctttc ttaccttgct     70620
     ttttacccag agcaattccc cttctgcctt tacagcaacc atgccagttt cactcctttt     70680
     atagaaaaac tccacaagag agtcagtata tctaaacctt tctcacagaa tcatttatac     70740
     acctcatgat agaaccctaa agggggaact ttatttcaaa aagcttatta acaccactca     70800
     actctaccat cctctaatta gtccagtgac caccaaattt ccattacttt taccacctcg     70860
     atgcaaaatg cttttgcagc acaaatttca ccatcacata taatttgctt gtgttggccg     70920
     ggcgcagtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gctgaggcgg gtggatcacg     70980
     aggtcaggaa attgagacaa tcctggccaa catggtgaaa ccctgtctct actaaaaata     71040
     caaaaattag ctagatatgg tggcatgtgc ctgtaatccc agctactcag gaggctgagg     71100
     caggagaatc gcttgaacca gggagtcgga ggttgcaatg agctgagatc gcactactgt     71160
     actccagcct ggcgacagag tgagactgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaattt     71220
     gttggtattt gtggatcttc agcacgtcta caactccctc cacaatggaa gggacgatgt     71280
     cccatagttt acatttcccc ttatctacct tttgcattgg ctaacaaatc tctccctttc     71340
     cccatgtacc aacatcacaa gatccaccgc tgagcaggat tccttgttcc cttgggatta     71400
     gtgctatcct ctctatcggg actagcagag ccagccacag agacagagcc ttgggaaccc     71460
     agcataaact gtctcaggag accagagtgg ccctctgaca aacagcagag agcctcacta     71520
     gacttcagca acagctggac ttcctggcag tcctacaaaa ccgaagagcc ttagaccttc     71580
     tcacagttgg acaacgagga acatgtttgt atctagaaga agaatgttgt tttcgcatca     71640
     atcaaattac aaatatatat taatagcatt ttcttggaat aagaaaatca ttacccaggc     71700
     agacaaaatt gaatatttag gagcttccgt gggaacttgg aagcaatggc tgttttctgc     71760
     cttgctccct ttaacaatgc cagtcattac catatgttta gctctaactt ttggtccaac     71820
     tttgtttaaa atgctgattt cccagcctgg ccaacatgtc gaaacactgt ctctactaaa     71880
     aatacaaaaa attagccagg tgtggtggca ggcgtctgta atctcagcta cttgggaggc     71940
     tgaagcaaga gaattacttg aacctgggag gcagaggttg cagtgagctg agagctgaga     72000
     tcactccatt gcactccagc ctgggcatca gagccagact gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaat     72060
     tgctgatttc ttgctttgtc acctacagca aatcccggtt catgtgatgg ttttgcaagg     72120
     cttccaacct ttggctgcta atgagctatc tcacatcttg cccaccagtc ccctgaaaga     72180
     catggcttac acactgttag actaggcagg aaaagacttc agggcccagg ttaggcaagg     72240
     acaatgccgc actcagcagg aagcagctct ggaagaaatg acctagcctc tcatcctccc     72300
     gtatgattat gggtcctaag atcttttagg gaggaattga ggcaggatag ggagtcaagg     72360
     aagtaactgt gtccttggga tgcagcaaca gtgataacca tacagtcaac acaataagct     72420
     ccagcattca cattgtagac cagctcattc aagcaaagct atctccagta gggaatttac     72480
     cctgtagaga gcatgcgcat tttgatttta cctaccgtca aactgaccct tagctcatta     72540
     caatagtaag aaacacacac ctgggtggag atttaagatg cttatgagac ataagatgca     72600
     tgaacaagca tgtatagcta ctgcacatgt gcatccagag gaccacccac ccagaggacc     72660
     acccagaaca tgctgactag taacacctct tcccacctcc ttatgaataa tcatgtaaga     72720
     cccccataaa gggagtttct gcagcaataa tcaatgctgt ctcatcctta ggagcagccc     72780
     accctgaatc ctctctctca gggcatacta tctattctgc acttaacttt caaaatatca     72840
     tttttccttt gcaataaatt gctctgtact gcatctcctt tgctgtgtgt cccttgttta     72900
     cattctttta aatgaagaag acaaagacag aggtatcaca gatgtcatca acagaacctc     72960
     tatgtcctcc ttaggaaagt gaaatgagca cccaatgccc agattttggt tataatacat     73020
     caatctccaa tagaaggaac cagggctcct tagaaaaata gctgattcta ggggtgaagt     73080
     aggaaaaata caagataagc ctggaacatc ttgaaatgct acaaaagaac tgggcatggt     73140
     ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggctgaggc aggcgaatca caaggtcagg     73200
     aattcgagac cagcctggtc aacatggtga aaccccatct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaat     73260
     tagccaggcg tagtggtggg cacctgtaat ctcagctact cgggaggctg aggcaggaga     73320
     atagcttgaa cctgggatgc aagaccagga agactcaata ttgttaatat gtcatttctt     73380
     cccaacctga tctatagaat caatgcaatc ccagtcaaaa ccccaggacg ttattttgtg     73440
     tatactcaca agctgattta aaaatttata tggagaggcc gggcacagtg gctcatgcct     73500
     gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggtg ggcagatgac ctgaggtcag gagttcaaga     73560
     ccagcctcgc caacatggtg aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat tagctgggtg     73620
     tggtggcggg tgcctgtaat cccagctact tgggaggctg aggcaggaga atcgcttgaa     73680
     cccaggaggt ggaggttgca gtgagctgag attgcactcc agcctgggca acaggagcga     73740
     aactctgtct caaaaaaaca aaaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa ggtttatatg gagaggcaaa     73800
     aggcctagcc agcacaatat agaaggaaaa caaagtcaaa gtactgccac acctgacttc     73860
     aagactttct ataaaactgc agtaatccag acagataatt ggtatagtca ttgctggaag     73920
     gagtatgaag gttcctcaaa aaattaaaat atagaactac catatgatcc agcaatccta     73980
     ccactgaata tatattcaaa ggatataaaa tctgtgtgtc aaagagatgt ctgcacttcc     74040
     atgttcattg cagcattatt ctttcttctt tctttagagt tagggtgtca ctgcattgcc     74100
     cagcttggtc tcagaatcct ggccttaagt ggtcatcttg cctcagcctc ctgagtagct     74160
     ggattccatg tgcgagccac cacacctggc tgcagtgtta ttctcaagag ccaagatatg     74220
     gaatcaacct aagtatccat taatggatga atgtataaag aaaatgtggt atatatacac     74280
     agtgggatac tattcagtca acaacatgaa tgaacctaga agacattatg ttaagtgaaa     74340
     taagccaggc gcaaaaagac aaacatgatc tcacatatat gtggaatgta aaaaaagcca     74400
     aactcatata catggtgagt aaaccggtag ttgtcagagg ctgggaggtg ggaggattgg     74460
     ggaggggtaa gcaaatgaca caaaatttct tttctttctt tctttttttt tttttaaaga     74520
     cagagtctcg gctgggcgca gtggctcaag cctgtaatcc tagcactttg ggaggccgag     74580
     gcaggcaaat tgcctgagct caggagttag agactagcct gggcaacatg gtgaaaccct     74640
     gtctctacta aaatacaaaa gaaattagcc gggtgtcgtg gcatgcgcct gtagtcccag     74700
     ctactcggga ggctgagaca ggagaattgc ttgaacccgg gaggtggaag ttgcagtgag     74760
     ctgagattgc accactgaac cactgaactc cagcctgggc aacagagaga gactctacca     74820
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagacaag agtctctctc tgtcacccag tctggagtgc     74880
     agtggcatga tcttggctca ttgcagtctc tgaatcactc gggttcaagt gattcttgtg     74940
     cctcaacctc ccaagtagct gggactatat gcatgtgaca ccacatccag ctaatttttg     75000
     tatttttagt ttcaccatgt tgaccagtct ggtctcgaac tcctgacctc aagtgatcca     75060
     cccgcctcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcatga gccatcatgc ccgaccaaca     75120
     caaaatttca attagatagg aagaataagt ttaagagatc tattgtactt tatggtgatt     75180
     aaacttagta accacatatt gtatatttca aaattataag ataaattatt tgaagcatta     75240
     ttaccacaaa aagtatgtga ggtaatgtat atgttaatgg cttgctttag ccattttaca     75300
     atgtatacgt atatgaaaac atgatgctat acacccaaat ataactttta tttgtcaacc     75360
     aaaataattt aatttaaaaa agacagtgtt gtattggcaa aagaatagac aaatagatca     75420
     atgaaacaga atagagaacc aagaaataga cccacgtaaa tacagataaa ggagcaaaga     75480
     caatacagtg gagaaaagac tgtcttttca ataaatggca ctggaaaaac tggacatcca     75540
     catgcaagaa aagtgaaatg aaaagagctc tcttgaaagg ttgttgtgaa ggtcatctgt     75600
     gacaggaaca aaaagtgccc agcagggtct ctgacagcaa gctcctacat taatctaatg     75660
     gctggacttc aatagcctta gccccgtctc cataaaactt tgctatgaag gctacaatga     75720
     ttcctgtcag tcatgcagtc ctactaacct gctgggtagg atacaatatc gaaggggcca     75780
     gtatactgcc ctcagggggc tctgtggcct cttgaccttg tggatgatgc tgaccataat     75840
     gttctgcttg tccctggctg aagacaggcc cctcctgcag aggccaggca tgaatgcaca     75900
     tctgagtaag actctattat gactcaagaa taacaaacat aaataaataa acatgataac     75960
     ataacaaact aggtttcatt ttctgctgct gtaacagaat accacagact gggcaattta     76020
     ttaaaatatg tatttcttac agttctggag gctgggaagt ccaagagcat ggtatcagca     76080
     tcttgtgggg gccttcctgt agtgtcatcc catggtgaaa gaggtagggc aaaggggcca     76140
     aacatacttt ttatcaggag cccactccca caataatgac attaatctat tcaacctaat     76200
     caactcttaa aggtctcccc tcttaatact atcagaatag caattaaatg tcaacatgag     76260
     ttttgggggg tcattcaaac tgtcagaggc atgtgaacca gagcaactcc atcttgaata     76320
     ggggctgagt aaaataaggc tgaaccctac tgggccacat tcccagacgg ttaaggcatt     76380
     ctaagtcata ggatgagaca gaaggtcagc acaagataca ggtcctaaag accttgctga     76440
     taaaatgggt tgcagtaaag aagctagcca aaacccacca aaaccaagat ggtgatgaga     76500
     gtgacctctg gtcgtcctca ctgctacact cccaccagca ccatgacagt ttacaaatgc     76560
     tgtggcaacg acaggaagtt actctatatg gtctaaaaag ggaaggcata aataacccac     76620
     cccttgttta gcatatcatc aagaaataac cataaagatg ggcaaccagc agccctcagg     76680
     ggtgctctgt tgatggagta gccattcttt tgttctttta cttttctaat aaacttggtt     76740
     tactttactc tatggacttg ccctgaattc ttccttgtgc aagatccaag agccctctct     76800
     tggggtctga atcaagactc ctttcctgta acaaaacctt agcattaggt aatctgtggt     76860
     ttactttttt tttttttttt ttttgagaca gagtttctac tcttattgcc caggctagag     76920
     tgcaatggca cgatcttggc tcaacgcaac ctccacctcc agggttcaag cgattctcca     76980
     gcctcagctt accgagtagc tgggattaca ggcatgtgcc accatgcctg gctaattttg     77040
     tatttttggt agagatgggg tttctccatg ttggtcaggc tggtcccaac ctcaggtgat     77100
     cctcctgcct tggcttccca aagtgctggg attacaggag tcagccaccg agcctggcct     77160
     ggtttatgta tatttatctt tattcctaca tttccatgat tatgagattc acagttcatc     77220
     caatagactt gaactgaccc aatgcccagc actttcttaa gttcttacag atgaacaaag     77280
     ctaatattca cagattctat ttatttatgg cttaggacta cctactgtaa attactgggg     77340
     gccagtccat tttggagttc ataacctaaa gcagaaactc aggtggctaa tatgttactt     77400
     tcatgaagga ttgttatgag tgtatcattt caattgtctt gcagaagcct catttgttct     77460
     gttagataca gtaagttcct cttcaaaggt tcagcttctt caacttcctt gttctttgtt     77520
     ttctatttct aaaacccaac ttccttgtac tctcttgttc ctagttaccc gctctgtaaa     77580
     caccaactcc caccagttcc aatctgtaac ttgcagaggg ctcttcctgc ctttgccatg     77640
     ccctgacatg ttttgcacag taaaggatgg cctctctctt ctcgctgaaa cagcccttcc     77700
     cgccctactt actcacactc ctgctccatt tgaaatagcc aattgggatc agcttagatt     77760
     gtgcagtctg acttcagcaa atggggacag gacacagtag caggggctga ttgcgttagg     77820
     gataaaaccc gcttctgtcc attgttcggt gtgctctcac agcagccaga agtgcaagca     77880
     gcacccttct gcagaagtaa acttgccttg ctgagaaatg cttttgtttg agtgcttgtc     77940
     ttctttgcga ctccaagctc ttgttttttt ttttctaaat agctgctatc tttttgtttt     78000
     tgtttttgtt tttgtttttt ttgagatggg gtctcacctt gttgcccagg ctggagtgca     78060
     atggtgtgat ctcagctcat tgcaaccttg gcctcctggg ttcaagtgat tctcctgcct     78120
     cagtctcccg agtagctggg attacaggtg tgtgccacca tgcctggcta attttttgta     78180
     tctttagtac agatggggtt tctccatgtt ggccaggctg gtcttgaact cctgacctca     78240
     tgatctgcct gccttggcct cccaaagtgc tgtgattaca ggcatgagcc aatgtgccca     78300
     gcctcttttt tttttttttt ttttgagacg gagtttcact ctgttgtcca ggctggagtg     78360
     cagtggtgtg atcttggctc actgcaacct ctgcctcctg cctcagcctc ccgagtagct     78420
     gggatgacag gtgcctgcca ccatgcctgg ccaatttttg tatttttagt aaagacaggg     78480
     ttttgccatg ttggcaaggc tggtctcctg acctcaggtg attcacccac ctcggcctcc     78540
     caaagtgcta ggattacagg catgagccac tgcacctggc cccttgtttt taatttacaa     78600
     atgtaattaa tttagctttg taaaccaaaa agtgactgag gcagatctca atcaattcgg     78660
     tgttcatttt gccaaggttg aaaatatgct gggggaaaag aaacataagc cacaatagga     78720
     cctgtgacct gtgctttttc caaggaggat tttgggacct tcaatattta aaggagaaag     78780
     ggcaagcagg agaggaaaga aaaaaaaagg aaggacaggt aggcaatgat gcgagtggtt     78840
     acatacttgt gaggctgtga ttagtcctta gtgaatctac attttacatg tgaaaagaag     78900
     ggagggagga agaagtcagt tatgcattca catcatgttc agtaaatcta tattttacat     78960
     aagctaaagt aagcatgtaa aattacagtt atatgtttgg gaacaaaagg aaggcaaatt     79020
     ttgcatgact cagtttccaa gcttaatttc ttgcatagca gtttggggtc ctgagattct     79080
     attttctttt cacatttctc ccttgttatt caaaatcttt cagagaaagc atggtagaag     79140
     aaaatgggtg tctgctcatg ggtttagtct aacctcttct gctagaatga tttattcctg     79200
     gaagattaga tcccatgttg ctaggaaggc ttattcttag gggcttgtaa agtctcttgt     79260
     cccatggaga aaaatagagg gaggaagaga gaaagaaaaa agggaaagag agaaagaaaa     79320
     aagggaaaaa gagaaacaaa agggagggac caagaccaga ttatagaaac aaagggaatg     79380
     caatcctgga aaagtaattt aggatatgct accgagaagt ccatacttca gtaggcaggc     79440
     acaaaggtgg ggtgtgtgag gctctgatta gtgctcagtg aatctacatt ttataggtga     79500
     aaagaaggga gtagagaaaa aatctattat gcatttgtct tgcacttagt aagtctacat     79560
     tgtacataag aaaaagtaag cttgtgaaaa tacagttatc tgcaaatgct actatttctg     79620
     ctattacgct acaaagttta aattttctag cttcagtttg cagggctgta agaaaagcac     79680
     agttttaatt tctagtgatt ccaagtgaga aaaatgggag aaatttttct tttgaaaatg     79740
     ttactttgga gacttatagc cagggaagaa ttcaggatct agtctgaata aattgtagac     79800
     aaatagtgaa aactgaaaaa caatggacaa ggctagaatc ttataatgag tatactataa     79860
     ttttctttga aataattttt ctctctccag tcccctattt ttaccaaaat caaaatcata     79920
     gtgggaccaa cgtatctgca aaataagttt tagtcttatt atacttggtc tgattatttg     79980
     cataaagcgc agcaagaata attattggcc aataggctct tttttttttt tgagacagag     80040
     tttccactct tgttgcccat gctgagtgca atggtgcaat ctcagctcac tgcaacctct     80100
     gcctcccggg ttcaagcgag tctcctgcct caacctcccg agtagctggg attacaggca     80160
     tgcgccacca agcccagcta attttgtatt tttagtcagg acggggttac tccatgtttg     80220
     tcaagctggt ctcgaactcc caacctcagg tgatccatcc gcctcggctt cccaaagttc     80280
     tgggattaca ggcctgagcc actgtgcatg gccctaggct ctttttgaat tggttttgct     80340
     agagcttttc ataaggaatc tcagattaga gtttttcttg agtccagcca aggatttatc     80400
     tgtgcctgca gatacttgta tgaatgaggt aaatttctgt cttctcaagg tctcaaaata     80460
     acgtgtggtt cttaggtctg tgagaaagtg atattcttac ttactacctg tcaggaaccc     80520
     tgtaaaggaa atgcgtagac aaagtatgag gtcagttttt ccaagggttt tttttttttt     80580
     taatcagttc tataacatca atctcaagtt ctcaaagcag tctgcttata tcttaaaata     80640
     tggcattcta gccaaagcct tggtaaaata atcagtgtca aaattatgtc ctgttaagaa     80700
     agaaaacaga tttttattaa actcatgcaa ctaagtatat tgccataaat catgaatact     80760
     cagaaataag gccaggcgtg gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggctgag     80820
     gcaggcagat catgaggtca ggagatcgag accagcctga ccaacatggt gaaaccctgt     80880
     ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa ttagccaggc gtggtggcgg gtgcctgtaa ttccagctac     80940
     tcaggaggct gagacaggag aatcacttga acccgggaag cagacattgc agtgagctga     81000
     gatcgcccca ctgcactcca gcctgggaga tagagcaaga ctccttctca aaaaacaaac     81060
     aaacaaacaa aatctcagaa atagtttctg aattctggag aaatcaggta gagagaaaga     81120
     aatatgcctc aaattttgct tacaagagta cgcttcattg tgaaaagctg taaatgttca     81180
     aaagaaaagt tttcttgact ctgaaaaaca aagcaaaaag aatcagcaat gtttccaaca     81240
     aaaaaagtta taaaagatta ttttggccag gcgtggtggc tcacctgtaa tcccagcact     81300
     ttgggaggcc aaggcgggtg gatcagaagg tcaggagttt cagaccagct tggccaacat     81360
     ggtgaaaccc catctctact aaaaatacaa aaaattagct gagcgtggtg gtgcacatct     81420
     gtagtcccag ctacttggga ggctgaggca ggagaatcac ttgaacccag caggtggagg     81480
     ttgatggtga gctgagatca tgccactgca ctccagcctg ggcaacagag cgagactcca     81540
     tctcaaaata aataaaataa aataaaataa acccctctaa ctaggcagaa ttacttttcc     81600
     tttaacaaaa gccctatttc catgccttct tatgtttcta ccaaaaacca cattctactt     81660
     ttctttgcat gttgcttgta gaattattta tcttatatct agtaatttaa attacatcta     81720
     tgaattgtaa tgttaactct tagtaactct tatttttagt gaaaaaacta ggaggtacac     81780
     aattttaatt agtacctcct gcagaacgca atctcggctc actgcaacct ccgcctccca     81840
     ggttcaagcg attctcctgc ctcagtctcc caagtagctg ggactacagg tgtgtgccac     81900
     tacgcccggc tacttttttt tatttttagc agagatggag tttcaccatg ttacccagga     81960
     cggtctcaat ctcctgacct tgtgatccgc ccgccttggc ctctgaaagt gctgggatta     82020
     caggcgtgag ccaccgtgcc cggtctatca taggatctta taaggagatc aactgcattt     82080
     agataggtgc ttttaatttg gcctgtatct tttaactgga ccattgaact cagggtagag     82140
     cccacactga attttcagtg cccagaaaga gagtaatgcc atggggacct ggccatacaa     82200
     tatttttagt gtgttttgct acaaaaactt tctctcaagg ctggtgggca acccagtgcc     82260
     aatcagccca ctctgtgatc agcccatttc ccagccattg tatacgccaa agtcaagttt     82320
     tctcacaata taaagtgatt tctgatccca ttcaaagcca aaatcaggtc atgcaaggca     82380
     aaggaacaga gtttttgacc tgagaggatt ttgtcctctc ttggattccc tcttgggatt     82440
     ccctgaggaa aaaacagcag tttctcacaa aaatgcgtct gtggtgcctt ttgcattttt     82500
     cttaagggat cccaggctat tagaatttta tttaatttaa tttttttctt atgtggcacc     82560
     aaggttggca agaggaagga ggggctgata gaaataaata ggggaggccg ggcgcagtgg     82620
     ctcatgcctg taatcccagt actttggggg gccgaggtgg gtggatcact aggtcaggag     82680
     ttcgagatca gcctcgccaa tatagtgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaaata caaaaattag     82740
     ctgggtgtgg tggcaggcgc ctgtagtccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg tgggagaatc     82800
     gcttgaacct gggaggtgga ggttgcagtg agctgagacc acgccattgc actccagcct     82860
     gggtgacaga gtgagactcc gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacaa agaaataggg     82920
     aaacagagga agtgcatgtg gctagcaggg ggttgaaaaa gagagacatt tagttgactg     82980
     agaaatgttt acccagggag aaaagagacc ttaaagcaat atgtacacac tgaagtctaa     83040
     aatatcagtt ttaattaagt caaattttga ctatagagct ctaaaaaaat cctttgacat     83100
     ctcttattac cagattttag ccaggaggaa cagttgatat tcctggcttt tcaccttctt     83160
     taccaaaagg tatcctccca agtgccttaa ccaaagttat gactattagg ccacaaggtg     83220
     ggtggccctt agttgttccc tgatgaggtg gcaaacctga gccatggcag aagtgtttaa     83280
     tgtttttttt tttagttttg ctctgttgcc caggctggag cacagtggtg tgatctcggc     83340
     tcactgcagc ctccgcctct caggttcaag cgattctcct gcctcagcct cctgagtagc     83400
     tgggactaca ggtgcccacc accacacccg actaattttt gtatttttag tagagacagg     83460
     gtttcaccat gttggccagg atggtctcaa tctcttgacc tcgtgatccg cccacctcgg     83520
     cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcatga gccaccgcac ccggctgaga agtgtttaat     83580
     tttaactacc agaagtgttt gaagtgattt ttttgctctt aatttagtca agggaatttt     83640
     tgaagactag ccatgacact actatgtgtc cttttaagac ttgatgtttc cattaattgt     83700
     ttagaataag aaatctctga aatctttaat agcccacaga gagaggctgg gaaggtgttc     83760
     ctgttatata aatgaaacct ctcaggtagt caaattttat ctttttttaa ccagctgggg     83820
     gttttacagg tgcaacctga ctttctgcag ctgtgggctt tccagtatag ctcctgggcc     83880
     agggatctct atctgctccc cagaggcttg tacctaagat acagggctcc ctgggcttct     83940
     cagtacaggt ggacttaaac taatgggcta gaaacagaga aagggaggta gaatttccca     84000
     cttacagcca gaccctgcag cacagctttc cagagcctca gcccccctgc cctggctgat     84060
     gctccctccc tgactcccct caccagggcc ctggccccac cacacagctg agctggccca     84120
     agccaaagag ttgctggagc agcagctgga gtggatcagg ctctgctgga gggggtgggg     84180
     ggcccaggcc ctgatggtca agatccagaa cctgaagaaa cagataagga aggaggcacc     84240
     aagagagcct gggaggagac acccaagctt cccaccagtg cctgtggcac ccctcagcat     84300
     tggaaatact gtgcaccacc cccaggaacc ccaggatcag aaatatccca gctgctccca     84360
     ggccactggg aaaatggaag agaccacaaa aggccagaag ttagcagtgt gatggttaat     84420
     actgagtgtc aacttggttg gattgaagga cgcaaaatac tgatcctggg catgtctgtg     84480
     agggtgttgc caaaggagat taacatttga gtcagtggac tgggaaaggc agacccaccc     84540
     taaatctggg tgggcaccat ctaatcagct gctagcgtgg ccagaatata aagcagggag     84600
     aaaaatgtga aaaggctaga ctggcctccc agcctacatc tttctcccat actggatgct     84660
     tcctgccctc gaacatcgaa ctccaagttc ttccgctttg ggactcggac tggcttcctt     84720
     gctcctcagc ttgcaggcga cctattgtgg gaccatgtga tcatgcgagt taatactact     84780
     taataaatcc ccctttatat atatatttat tctgttagtt ctagagaacc ctgactaata     84840
     caggcaggta gtggggagcc agggctctgc agtctcagtc ccatgcctcc tttgacctca     84900
     cagcagtgca cctcagcctt acaggaattt accctggatc atgtcctaca ataacctctc     84960
     cccaaacaca gtaagaagat gtagcatgca gataccacag acacacatgt gttccatttt     85020
     tcattaggat tttttttttt tttttgagat ggagtttccc tcttgttgac caggctggag     85080
     tgcaaaggtg cgatctcggc tcactgcaac ctctgcctcc tgggttcaag cgattcttga     85140
     gcctcagcct ctcgagtagc tgggattaca ggcgctcgtc atcacgcccg gttatttttg     85200
     tatttgtagt agacgctggg tttctccata ttggtcaggc tggtcttgaa cttctgactt     85260
     caggtgatcc acccgcctcg acctcccaaa gtgcagggat tatatgcgtg agccaccgcg     85320
     cccagcctag ttaggatttt taaaattctg acaatcagga atgggggttc aggagtggtg     85380
     ctgatgcaga ggagggaagc catggggtgg gggctgttag gggtggaggc agtagtgtct     85440
     ccttcacccc caccctgggg tcttctcctg aaggacagac tatcacatcc cagaattggt     85500
     gagtcctcta ctgtgtctgt tcaactgaag agaaaatatg gcacagtcag aataaggcat     85560
     gaaaagggga aagtgaggca tgaacacacg gcacacatgc agacgctggt gtactgtgtg     85620
     ggttcagagg acggacgtgg gggtgaggga agggatgtaa tatgatgaga gaagacagaa     85680
     accccacata aaggtcagga aaacatccca acacagcatc aaaggccagg gggcatgaac     85740
     cagtcaagtg tccattatgc atcagatgcc catgacctat gtgatgagat tgaagaaaaa     85800
     catactaagg ttcagggagg aactaagtgt ttcatgagat cagcactcac cgtggaggag     85860
     acatctgtct catcaggcag ctcactaaca ctgacctcga agcgatgctg cccatcacac     85920
     tggatccttg catgattctc atctgacaca aacgctgatg gccaagccct gttccaaacc     85980
     agcctgctct agtcacctga aaggaggcag agggtagaaa cagaagaccc aaagagggaa     86040
     gacacccaga gggagggaag aggatgtaag gtgtgaaaag atagaaaaca taaggaatgg     86100
     gagagtaggt gtccttctgg gtgtggggct cacctgtcat tgataaaggc aatgctcatc     86160
     cacttgatgt ctatgacgtg gcccaatagg ttggtaacca tagaactggt cattgaaaat     86220
     cttttggggt cattcttgga catgtgcaga acagcaaaca attttagtca cctgatgtgt     86280
     ttccttggct tcctgttcag ttttccttag gcctcagctg ctgctattgc tgctggctgc     86340
     tctccacatt ctcctaaatt ccagatgggt gtgaggaggt aagggcggga agaaatagtg     86400
     gattgtggat tgaggtgcga tttcccacca ctggagggga cagattcata agctggcatt     86460
     gaagaggttc ctgccctttg cacagtgtgt ttggtcaccc cagtgctcag gctgaaccct     86520
     gagaagaaag aggaacttga ctgtctgaag gctcttgggt ggtgtttaag acccctggcc     86580
     actgtgtcct ggctgaatgc atacatgcag atggaatctc tttctttctt tttttttttg     86640
     agacggagtc tcgctctgtc tccaaggctg gagtgcagtg gcgcaatctt ggctcactgc     86700
     aagctccgcc tcctgggttc acgccattct cctgcctcag cctcctgagt agctgggact     86760
     acaggcaccc gccaccacac ccggctaatt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cagggtttca     86820
     ctgtgttaga atggtctcga tctcctgacc tggcgatccg cctgcctcgg cctcccaaag     86880
     tgctgggatt acaggcatga tccattgcac ctggcctcga tatagaagtt tttaagagcc     86940
     agacgcttga acttgtgggc atcggtttgg ggaaagagtc agttggagta aagttatctt     87000
     gaggcattaa cttttttgct tcttaaggcc attggtcttt tatgctagtc tttctacaaa     87060
     cataacatga ggaaacgcct aggctggcag caatgttttc agccagctga acaaataggt     87120
     ttttggctaa aggaggaggc tctgataact tccggtttat atgctcaaag aatgacttaa     87180
     agactcagaa ttgctcctgg gctgactgct tggttcaagt cttctttata atatacaaag     87240
     ttgttttagc tttttgaccg tagctttgta atgccatgga gtagcctata gtccatacag     87300
     gtaggtttgg ccttaagata gtaagattta caggattgca aatgcttgtc ttacaatctg     87360
     gttttgctgg tactttgatg agcaagattg gctttggcct cagtgatgat cggtcagtga     87420
     actgcattgt gcagttccag caagctattg ctagggcctt ggagggacaa acagggagtg     87480
     tacatacaat tttatactgg cagtttttat agtactttgt aggactagag attgtgagat     87540
     aggttgggtt catggatgtt aactgacaaa tatcaaagta tatggatata gcccccaccc     87600
     tgggaaggag aggcttgggt ttgacttaca agacttcttt tttttttttt tacttgtatg     87660
     aatcttaaac taagtcctag gtaaagactt cggtcatagc atatataagg ctggccattt     87720
     cttgggtcac aaattgaaca ggtggtctga ttataagtac aagttctttt tttttttttt     87780
     gagacggagt ctcgctctgt ctccaaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgcaatct tggctcactg     87840
     caagctccgc ctcccgggtt cacgccattc tcctgcctca gcctcccgag tagctgggac     87900
     tataggagcc caccaccacg cccggctaat tttttttttt tatttttagt agagacgggg     87960
     tttcaccatg ttagccagga tggtctcgat ctcctgacct tgtgatccac ccgcctcggc     88020
     ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcgtgag ccaccgcgcc cagccttata agtacaagtt     88080
     cttaagcgag tctttgtaca cttataagta tggtacaaca gagttctagt tatactgttc     88140
     tttgactaag tagtatgtgt acagtgggga cacttttctg tcagtgtttc ttctagtatg     88200
     gttaaggggg taacaacatc aaaacaatgt acagcatatt taaatctagc aaggacaaaa     88260
     gaggtcttta tttgggggag gaggttgagc acagtgacag aacaatagga aaacagttag     88320
     tattacagga aaactactag tcttaagatt tctaactaca tttacttgct tgatgagtct     88380
     ttaagcttca gccgtgcata gactagtcag cttccggtgt gtgactagag caaggcttgt     88440
     tgtttcttca aacttcagct gtgcgtagac tggtcagcca ccggagtgac cagagcaggg     88500
     ctgtcgtctt cagcagcagc ttggtcttgt ctcaggatca gccgggttgg atgatctggg     88560
     tgttgctggc tggttcactt gtcctgagct gccgatttta gccgactgtg atggagttaa     88620
     ggcacgattc ttgcaacttt aacagcagtg ggagtggaca agattactct gtggggctta     88680
     tcttacatgg gtcttagaga agttgggttc tactttttaa cttaaacaaa gctactaggt     88740
     ttaaagggtt tactgggtct gttagacttc taggcattct tttatgtact taactatgaa     88800
     cactttgcat ggctgtttct aaagcctgca tttgatttct taaggttagt tcttttagtt     88860
     cttggagatc acttttaatt tgacggtggc tgattgaaca aaatcttata gggtaaatac     88920
     ttagtttgtt tggtgggggt gcgcttggct cagaggagga ctataggcaa gacttgattc     88980
     tgtctcagat gagtttcttg gcaatatttc ttcagtagct gcttgagtgt ctggttcatg     89040
     cattctacag taaaataatc tttttttctc tttttttcct tcaactttgc tctagaaaaa     89100
     agaagtgtcc aaggcctatt tttttagccc tagctattca gacagtgtta tcttataact     89160
     gtccttgggt tgggcacagt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccgaggt     89220
     gggcagatca cgaggtcagg agatcgagac catcctggct aacatggtga aaccctgtct     89280
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaat tacccaggtg tggtggtggg tgcctgtagt cccagctact     89340
     cgggaggctg aggcgggaga atgacgtgaa cctgggaggc agagcttgca gtgagccgag     89400
     atcgtgtcat ggcactccag cctgggtgac aaagcgagac accatctaaa aaaaaatata     89460
     tgtataaaac tgtccttgag gtaagcttgc taagcagaaa aaaacttgtt cttttctttt     89520
     tctttttaac ttttgccttg ccacattcta agccttagct ttaacttttc ttaaagtaag     89580
     taaatgtaat acttattatt attattatta tttttaaatt tctgcctcag aatgaataaa     89640
     ttacatgtat tttttttttt gaagccatgc ctttggatta gggcagactc taggatattt     89700
     aagtgaattc cctgaggaat gtggacactg taagcaggtg agtgcattat tctctgcttc     89760
     tctctcccca cagggccgtc gttcaccctc ctccaccttg tcccctgcac tgggaggcaa     89820
     ccacaacagg cacggcccat gctcctgcac cacctggctt ctgcttgggt gtggatgata     89880
     acaggcacct gcaggagatg ggagcatgcg gggagaagta actcagggtt ttcatttccc     89940
     tcaccccctc tggacagctc tgtggttccg taatcattgc cgtcctctac ctacagccac     90000
     aggcatgtgg gtctgcccct agtgaaagct acagatttcc ttgggttctg gaaactgctc     90060
     cgttcgttgc tctttcaagc ttcaagatga aaacagtttc ctgccaggaa taatcccagg     90120
     gagcttcagc gccctttgtg gctttcttag ccctgccggc acctgtgtag aaggtgccat     90180
     ctcaggccag cgcggtggct caaacgtgta atctcagcac cttgagaggc cgaggccgga     90240
     ggatcacctg agattgggag ttcaagacca gcctgaccaa catggagaaa ccctgtctct     90300
     actaaaaata aaaaattagc tgggcatggt ggcgcatgcc tgtaatccca gctactcggg     90360
     aggctgaggc aggagaattg cttgaaccca ggaggcagag gttgtggtga gccgagatca     90420
     caccattgca ctccagcctg ggcaacaaga gtgaaactca gtcttggaaa aaaaaaaagg     90480
     tgccatctct ttcctgccag gtccctgact gaccacaggg tgctcccaca aaaggagaag     90540
     tgacaagaat gtatttaaga cattgcacta acacatctat tcatgatgtt aattcaaaaa     90600
     attgacttac tacaataaaa gggaaaaata agagtattct ggaaacagag caagaaggaa     90660
     ggcaaaggtg aaaacaatca atttggggca tctgagaagc cccaagtgca gaggctgccc     90720
     tgagtcttta gaggacaaga aacagaacac acgacccaaa agtgagagac agagcctggc     90780
     cggagcagga tgataacggc tctcctacag agtactattc ctgtaaatct ctgacgagag     90840
     gggtgagatc aacatgtaaa aatacacaca cacaaagtgg agctgagggc aggatggaga     90900
     actgtcattc tcagcccgtg acctccatgg acttggagaa agactcagcc tggagatgtg     90960
     tgaggcctcc gacctggagc agcacccgcc cctaaagacc aggcacaaat cccagcacac     91020
     ggagggatcc agacaaatac acaagaaatg accacagcag gaactttatt gagcacggag     91080
     caaggttgca caccactcag cacctgcccc tccacctgcc cttctctccc cacctgcctc     91140
     tgccccagca cagcaggtcc tcagaatcca aaaagagaac ctaacctgca tgttctctct     91200
     ctctctttct ttcttttttt ttttttttga gacagagttt atctcttgtt gccaggctgg     91260
     agtgcaatgg cgtgatttcg gctcactgca acctccacct cctggttcaa gcaattctct     91320
     tgcctcagca tcccgagtag ctgggattac aggcagctgc caccacaccc agctaatttg     91380
     tgtattttta gagatggggt tttcaccatg ttagccaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctgacct     91440
     caggtgatct gcctatcttg gcttcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agccaccacg     91500
     cctagcctcc atgttctctt aatagtttgt aatatcttat cacagcttca aagaaaggat     91560
     atgagaataa taactcatag agcaagatat ctatttagag ggagtgagtc acaggggaga     91620
     tctgggaggg aaacactgca actctttcat tcccagaaaa agattgatcc agggaagggg     91680
     acaccgggcc tggatattgg gattatgtgg aaggggttct gggacatcag gggaatgggc     91740
     ccctctccct atatccttcc tgggctatgc ttgggaggag acacagttta tcagctgtgc     91800
     agctggggga agagaagtca gggtccagag acaaggggag ctgagaacaa tctgtgtctt     91860
     gctggtctgc agaaggcagc tctcaaactg tggagaacag tttgggatga tgaaaatgtt     91920
     ctaaaattag atatggtgat ttaaaaatcc aaatatgtga aaaaccattg aattgtatac     91980
     tttaaatggg tgaatgatat gtgaattata tcttaagaaa gtttaaggaa agaaatataa     92040
     tgatgtgtca tgacaaatcc actagaattt ctaaattaaa atcactgact attccaaatg     92100
     ttggtgcgaa tatggaccat caagagctgt cacacacttt gtctagcagt gtggcatcat     92160
     ctttttgggt gggatatcat atacatacac cagtaattcc actcttaggc atataatttt     92220
     gaaagatata tgctcattgt gccaacatac atgtgcaaga aggcttacaa cagcattgtt     92280
     tataattttt aaaacctgaa aacaaataaa atgaccacaa acaaagaagg attaatttaa     92340
     tgtgtggaat tctatgaata ataaacatga acgctctaga gacacctata acaacttagc     92400
     aaacatacat ttgagctaaa ataaggtctc ataagaatac acatagcacg attccatttg     92460
     tatcaaaaga ttcaaaatct atatgaagtt tgagataacc tatattgttt tagagatgta     92520
     tgcatgggag taaagcttta aagaaaggcg tgaacaggat tactatgaaa tcaggatgag     92580
     ggtgaactct catgacagca aagggattgt tattgctatc aggattggta tggaaacttc     92640
     tgtgtgtttt ttttcctgac ttttgtttct ttttcacatg gattttccct ttaaaaccat     92700
     ttgttaaaat gtaaatataa ttcaggcact tcacttttgg ttgtaactta cactgtaaga     92760
     ctgctaaaaa aaaataatat tagctactta cgtgtaattg gaaaaattaa cctttattca     92820
     caaaagagat gggctgcccc ctacaccacg aatcagagaa gagaccatga attgaaatgg     92880
     gaacttggaa ttgtcattat tccgtaatta tactcaggat cctgtccatg aaacattgga     92940
     ataccactgt ccaaccccct tctgcagtga tggagtgtct atatctgagc tattcattat     93000
     ggcacagata cagacattca tattctgtga attctgagta cttgaaatat atggctggtg     93060
     caaataagaa actggctttt aaaatccatt taattttaat taattaaagt gtaaatagtg     93120
     ccatgtggac aaggcagaat tacagtgccg agaccagctc agtcagggag accctaaccc     93180
     agtggcgcta gaggaattaa agacacacac acagaaatat ggcgtgtggg gtgggaaatg     93240
     aggagtctca cagccttcat tccagtaaac agtcattgtg accagttgtc ccgctttcct     93300
     caggttttct tccaccatct gtgacagctt cttgatctgt ccccaggtgg gtggctgtgt     93360
     tcaacgggtg ttgctcgtga cagttagggt cctcctcagc atcagtctcg acatggctgc     93420
     aaccaggggg tcctcgggat cctcctggaa tctcttcctt ggcatctggc tcatgataag     93480
     gttttaggtg tcttgatagt atccaaattg gctgctggtt ttggcctgga gaaacacaag     93540
     cataacctct acccaagtta ttattttacc tatgtcccaa ctttttgtta ttggatctct     93600
     tcaccaaacc agttgttctg ctcctgtctt tgcagctggt ttctgtagat gctgttcagc     93660
     tgctgataac atctggcctt tgggcagcct caaaaaattt aaagttaata atgctagatt     93720
     cagttgtgta tgggctgtct cgtaatccct gtttctcccc cttttttgtt tttgtcatca     93780
     gttgttcatc tgtataaatc ataactgagc attttcaatt aactgcgtgg aatgaaccat     93840
     gtataaagaa tcagaaatca cattaacagg catatcaaaa gcagtcagca cctcaattac     93900
     agctacaagc tctgctttct gagctgaagt ataggttgcc tggaaagctt taccttttga     93960
     tccagaataa gaagctttac cattgctaga cccatctgtg aaataatgaa aatgcttagc     94020
     aggctgcaga ttgtttacca caggaattgt aaatgcaaac cgttcactgt cttgcttagc     94080
     taagggtata gtaaagaaag agtccttcct ggctgtaatg ctcctatagc ttgtataact     94140
     gaattaatgg ctcctaaatc agttaacatt ctccatttac ctgatttttt cttaattaca     94200
     aaaaccggag aattccaagg ggaaagtgtt gtagctatgt tctcattttc taattgtaca     94260
     ttaacgaagt tctctaaagt ctccagtttc tctttactta gcagccactg ttctatccaa     94320
     attggcttat ctgttaacca ttttaaaggt ataggttctg gaggcttaac aatgactgcc     94380
     atcaaaaatg ataccctaaa ccttggcggg aactttgtct ctccacttga agcatttttt     94440
     ttcaaacctt gcaaattttt tcctagtccc ataccaggga catgccccat ttcatgcatc     94500
     atatgttgac tttgagggct atataattgc tctggaagta gaacttgtgc tccccattgt     94560
     tgtaataaat ctctccccca taaatttata ggtacggaag ttataattgg ttgaatagtc     94620
     ccaggttgtc catcgggacc ttcacaatgc aaaatataat ggctttgata tacttcaggg     94680
     gctttaccaa ctccaactgt tttaagttga gtgtgttgaa ctggccacgc agacggccag     94740
     tgctgtcgag aaatgattga aatgtccgct cctgtatcta ccaaatcttt acatttcttt     94800
     ccctgaatag ttatttcaca ggtaggacgt ttatcagtaa tttgattcac ccaataagct     94860
     gttttgcctt gtttatttgt gcttccaaat cctcctgttt gtttaatttc actcttccca     94920
     ttcccacata cggcacaatc aggagctgtg ctatacactc tcctggctct gctttccagg     94980
     gaacagaagt agatataaca atttgaattt ccccattgta atctgaatca atgacccctg     95040
     tatgtatttg tatgcctttt aaacttaaac taggccttcc tagaaataat cctatcgttc     95100
     ccgctggcaa gggtccacag acccctgttg ggaccttttg cagggtttcc ccaggcagaa     95160
     gcctcacagc ttttgtgcaa cataaatcta ctgtggtgct actggctgtg gcgggggaca     95220
     gatattgtac aaggatgagg gaatggcctg agccagaaat gccccggttt ggaatggggc     95280
     cccgggatgg gcccctcatg gtgtttcctg aaatcaggtt cccatcttta tcaaacttag     95340
     agtgacactg attagcccaa tgttttcctt ttttgcattt tggacatatt tcaggctcag     95400
     tagttttctt tttttcccct atatggtggc ctgacttgct gattttttct acattgtttt     95460
     ttagtgtgat catgcttcaa acagttaaaa caagctccag gaaatggagt atttccttta     95520
     tccactctca gtcctgccat tgcctgtgcc aacaaagtag ctttatgcag attacctccg     95580
     ataccgtcac aggccttgat ataatcaact aaatgtgctt tccctctaat aggtcgcaaa     95640
     gcagcctggc aatcgagatt aacattgcca aaagctaata actgcaacac tatatcctga     95700
     gcagctgaat ctgaaatcac ctttttaaga gactcctgtc ttaagagatt ccaagctata     95760
     aaatctgcat acagttcttt tggtccctgt tttacagcac taaaggaagg gtattgttct     95820
     ccacctgaag tgattttttc ccaagctcta atgcacactc ctctaagctg ctctacggca     95880
     tcatcctgta tgaccacttg tgcgtctaaa ccagcccagc agccgacccc caaaagttgg     95940
     tccatgttat attaatttga gtttcggcct gggcattgca agcagcctga atggaagctt     96000
     catctgccca ccaagtttta aattgtaaga attgagcagg acttagacaa gctcgaataa     96060
     gagtgtccct gtcagtagga atcatccgac tggaaacagc aacattcttt aacagtccca     96120
     ttacaaaagg agaacctggt ccatactgat taatagcttg tttaaattat ttgagtaatt     96180
     taaaaggaaa aggctcaaat gtagctataa tatttccctg ttgatcaggt ggtgtattct     96240
     aacagggaac tgccaagcct ctatatcacc ctctcgtcta gcctgctgaa ctcctgcctg     96300
     aatagaactg acagcagtcg ctcgaggtgc tgctcagtca ctggggcaac tacttttcgc     96360
     ccagtgtcct ccagaaaaga aagatctgga gggtctggcc actctttttc ttcaaaataa     96420
     taatgagggg gtgcagaagg gtagggatga acctcttcct cctgtgccac tttagcttta     96480
     gctggcaaat aaacctgctc tgtaacctct tctgttactt cgtcatactc tccttcctcc     96540
     tcatcatcag tgtgaaaaag ttccaaggtg gaacgaacca gagcccacac ttgtcccatt     96600
     gttacccgat gcttccaagc tccccatctt actcactacg aggattgctt aagagtactt     96660
     gggtgtcctc cagcttagtt ccccattctc caactgttgc tctggcgacc cttcaacctg     96720
     gattcgagcc cccacgtatg ggtgctgctt actgagacca gcttggtggg ggagacccta     96780
     acccagcaga gctagaggaa ttaaagatac acacacagaa atatagaggt gtggagtggg     96840
     aaatcagggg tttcacagcc ttcagagcca agagccttga acagagattt acccatgtat     96900
     ttattgacag caagccagtg ataagcattg tttctataga ttatagatta actaaaagtg     96960
     ttccttacag gaaacaaagg gatgggctga aatgaaggga tgggctctgg ctagttatct     97020
     gcagcaggag catgtcctta aggcacagat tgctcacgct actgtttgtg gtttaagaac     97080
     acctttaagt ggttttccac tctgggtggg ccaggtgttc cttgccccca ttccggtaaa     97140
     cccacaacat tccagcgtgg gcatcatggc catcacgaac atgtcacagt gctgcagaga     97200
     ttttgtttat ggccagtttt ggggccagtt tatggccata ttttgggggg cccgttccca     97260
     acattacaga aacaaaatgc agcatctact atcactatct ttttgttcag tcatccatta     97320
     tgtgaatgac aacttcattg ttactaactt tggaaagatc ccatttcaaa gaaaaatggg     97380
     atttcagctt cttcagtggt agattttctt acactcagca gctaataaaa tatctgaacc     97440
     ccacaaaaaa cccctgttta tctctgttat ctctgggtat agaaaaatgc tgaattctta     97500
     tttgtatgtg aaataaagtg gtttttcaat aagaaatttt gctataaggt aagaatttta     97560
     ttctaaatat aatttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tcctccttcc     97620
     ttccttcctt gttttttgtt tttgagacag gttctcactc tgttgccgcg tctggagtgc     97680
     agtggtgcga tcttggctca ctgcaacctc tgcctcccag gtttaagtgg ttctcttgcc     97740
     tcagcctccc gagtagctgg gattacaggt gcccaccacc atgcccggct aatttttgaa     97800
     gttttagtag agacggggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggctg gtctcgaact cttgacctca     97860
     ttcctagagc attttttcca ttcatctttt attagtattc agatacacct agcagctggt     97920
     atgttttgta ggatagtttt tggtcattca ttctaccatg atttagctta gtattaaagg     97980
     tttatagaat ttccttttag tttgtaattt agaaacaaga ttgacattta cttcttgttc     98040
     atattctcta agttttcaca acagcttctc tcagataaga tctcaaggcc agacatggtg     98100
     gctcatgctt gtaatcccag cactttggga ggcccatatc acctggggtc gggagttcga     98160
     gaccagcctg gccagcatgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa attagccagg     98220
     catggtgaca ggtgcctgta gtcccagcta ctcaggagac tgaggcagga gaatcgcttg     98280
     aacccaggag gcgaggttgc agtgagccga gatcatgcca ttgcactcca gcctggcggc     98340
     agagtgagac tttgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa aaactccaat aatcagttca     98400
     aggttgaact gctaacaata agatttgaag ttaacattta attaatttat ttatttttta     98460
     gactcagggc ctcactctgt tgcccaggct ggtatgcagt ggcaccatca gagcttcctg     98520
     cagccttgaa ctcctgggct taagggatcc tcccactcag cctcctgagt agctgggact     98580
     acagatgtgc accaccatgt ccagcttaac attttatttt atctgatagt agagtgaagc     98640
     acttgcatta caaaaataaa atacatacaa attacaacaa ctttgccaat ctaacatatg     98700
     acctcgaatg atagttaaat taggagccag tcagccactt tcagacatgt ttttcaaagt     98760
     gaaattttaa aggcagtgtc attgtttact tctactaatg ctcataggtt tagctgtggt     98820
     cctgctatag agtttgttaa gaaaacttcc ctgagttgtt ttaaatggtc ttatcaaagc     98880
     caaacactga aatcctataa tcattggaat tgggaacaaa agatacattt ctaggcttta     98940
     ttttattata aattaaaatc ttagtgattg taggatcatt tttccttatg gattttttct     99000
     aatatattta aagcatagat aattgtgttc aatcagttgt attttatgct gaatcatttg     99060
     accatgtgag gaaagcatat ttttggactc ttatcccatc ttgaccagag ggatcagtaa     99120
     aaacctggaa tgaagaagtt cttcatgtgc acatcttttt ttcttgtgtg cactgccctt     99180
     cattcacact tctgtgcatt cacacatttg tgattgcacg ttttggtatt gatttagaat     99240
     catttattaa ttccacagtc aagttaataa aatgccattg ggaattaaag ataaatttta     99300
     catgcatttt ctcaaaattc attacttgat ccatttattc attctaaacc catgtcaaat     99360
     gccattcttt aaacctcatg ttttattaaa gttgatttca cttattaatt caatcaaaag     99420
     ccattgaagt ttatagcaag aggcatcaaa gaaggcagaa tgtttctatc tgttctggga     99480
     ttaacggggg tagaaagatg ggaagggcag agggacaaga ggcctcacag agacagacaa     99540
     gatataaaga cacctgcttc cctggccaga aaccaacttc caggattcag gattcaggag     99600
     taaagtgtcc caataattag aaggtttcct ggtctctctc aaattcagtg ctcatttggc     99660
     cagggataag gccctcacac cctttgcttt gaggatccaa gcttagaatg tggctgtctc     99720
     tgggacattt catgctaaag aaagcccagc aagtgtagac aaagagtcta gagggcacca     99780
     gccacccttc catggaactc tgttcaaggc aactctctgt gttctgttac ttatattggc     99840
     cgcgtcttca ggaatttagc gaaatggcca tgttgtctct gagtggaagt gaggggaggc     99900
     cactgggcag tcagagattt tgaatccctg tttcctttcc ccccatctca accagaggcc     99960
     acttgtggaa gcccaagaaa aaaagacacg aatgtcagag gtgaatccag gctcatgaac    100020
     ccattgtggt cacgggactg aagccacgtg gcccaacagt aatgaagtct atgaggcctt    100080
     ggtaacccca aagctctccc ccaattagga gctgcctctc actgccatca ggcaccccag    100140
     gagctggaca tgtggcattc tttgtcatgt ctgatgagga actggagagg tcccacagca    100200
     tatagacctt gatcgaattc gagctagagt ggagtcaggc aaaactctgc attgactcag    100260
     aggcacctac acgtgaaata aagtctccac tcagagcttc catcagagca tcaggctcag    100320
     tagcaattcc cttctgctgt tgctgtattt gccctgtgac aactggtgct tgaaggaagg    100380
     agaaatcatt atgtgtgcag gaaagcacat gcaattagaa aactgggaca tgattcataa    100440
     ggcaggaggg acccttttct ctttcgtggt agatgtggga ctccctgtca tctttgtcct    100500
     gatgccccaa gtgcacaagg tgaattttcc tgctctcagt tgagtgacca acactgggag    100560
     ctggaattca gagaaacagt ggcagcctct ctctctccat cccccatccc agtaaatcta    100620
     aggcaagggc ctagggctct tgcactttat tttcaccatg cattttcctt ctctggttaa    100680
     gaaaataacc aaatggccag gcgtggtggc tcacacctgt aatcccagca cttcgggagg    100740
     ctgaggtggg aggagcacct gaggtcagga gttcgagacc agcctggcaa acatgatgaa    100800
     actccatctc taccaaaaat gcaaaaatta gccagatgtg gtggcatgca cctgtaatcc    100860
     cagctactca ggaggctgag gcatgaggat cacttgaact cggaaggtgg aggttgcagc    100920
     cagctgagat tgtgccactg cactccagcc tgtgatagag tgagaccctg tctcgacaac    100980
     aacaacaaca acaacaacaa aaaaggaaat aaaaaaagag aaaataacca aatgtataaa    101040
     aatcaaggtt gcaattctgc aattcttgtg gcacccagaa tactggacta gaccaagggt    101100
     gccaggtgct tgtcactgct ccaccactca acggctgtga cctcaggaga atctctccaa    101160
     gtcctggtgc ttgttaattc atctgtgagt catggataaa cacatccatt ctagtgagaa    101220
     taaatgaaaa cacatttcat ccttactgag atgcagtgag tgttgcccca gtactaaggg    101280
     gtaaatgcag agagaaacat tagtttagga tttttttttt tttgagatgg agtttcactc    101340
     ttgttgccca ggctggaatg caattgcatg atctctgctt actgcaacct ctccccactg    101400
     tgttcaagca attcacctac ctcagcctcc caagtagctg gaactatagg cttgtgccac    101460
     tatgcccggc taattttttt gtatttttag tagagttagg gtttcaccat tttggccaga    101520
     ctggtcttca actcctgatc tcaggtgatc cacccgcctc agcctcccaa agtgctagga    101580
     ttacaggtgt gagccaccgt gcctgaccat cagctcggga ttttaagaaa catccttaaa    101640
     agtaggaaga aagcacataa tacctgcaaa gccctgggta aaaatcctct tttacttcag    101700
     taatgattac aaaataatta tttctcataa cttctagaaa attagaggaa aactcattcc    101760
     ttcaacatct caagaaactt aaatacagat ggtgattata tatcagattg gaaccacaag    101820
     ctttgttctg agtaaaactg aaaagaaatg gggatatctc catttttgag tggtgaccat    101880
     gggacccaaa gtggtttgta aatgaccctt tatcatctac acttgtcaat tttcaattga    101940
     ttcactcatt tcttagaaat ccctgataat tcataatctt gaaaaaattt catgtccaga    102000
     tactaggcag ggtaatatgt ttgttttaat ttgctagggc tgccataaca aagtaccaca    102060
     cactgggtga cgtaaagaac agaaaaatta ttgtgccaca gttccagagg ctggaagtcc    102120
     aagatcttgg tgttggcagt gcacatttct tctgaggctt ctttccttgg cttgtagatg    102180
     tgttttccct gtgtctttac atggtcattc ctctgcatca gtctatgtct aatcttctct    102240
     ttttataagg acactagtca cattgaatta agacccactc atatgacctc attttacctt    102300
     aatgacctcc ttaaagacct ctccaaatgc agtcactttc tcaggtactg ggggttagga    102360
     caccaacatg ccaatttttg gagagatgca atttagccca taacagtctg gattaacctg    102420
     gagactcctt ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt    102480
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ttttctttct ttctttcttt ttctttcttc tctttctttt    102540
     gttttctttt cttttattga gatggagcct tgttctgtca cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg    102600
     cacgatctcg gctcactgca acctccgctt cccaggttca agcatttctc ctgtctcagc    102660
     ttcccgagta gctgggatta cagatgcctg ccaccacgcc cagctaattt ttgtattttt    102720
     agtagagatg gggtttcacc atgttggcca ggctggtctc atactcctga ccttaggtga    102780
     tctattcacc tcggcctccc aaaatgctgg gattacaggc gccagctacc gctcctggcc    102840
     gagattgcgt tttctaaaga gtaaaacaga gtaaatctct ttggcttaac tctgtctctt    102900
     aatactctga aattttgttc ttgcagtgag aacaaaaaaa aaagacagcc aaaggttggt    102960
     gtcacgcaga aggtgagccc tccctaactc tggctgcccc aagacgcagt gctgtgtcat    103020
     tcctgaaagt ttgctccatt ctagtgattc tggctccagc tttttcattg ggaagaggat    103080
     tctctcccag aggaaaaact tctcctgcta tgcaggctta ttttctttat atttgtagga    103140
     caaaaaagtt gatgtaataa aaagaatata tttgtgaaat ttttgtggta atcattttga    103200
     tatccttatc aataccccat attgtgatga acatgttggc ttcattttgg cagaagggac    103260
     atgacactgg acattttgag ccacaatttc tctgggcctt tccatgggat tcagtttctg    103320
     ccctggtagg tgaagggaga gctcttggtg tagggtttgg tctttataat aaactatgct    103380
     tttggggtag caggtttatc tctggaagca tgaagcttag tcaggagtgc gaccctcctc    103440
     cccattcaaa aggtcaaggt agagcaggtt cttgttcagg gcgcagtgag cgagagaagg    103500
     gaaagtgaca gagcattctt tcaccttttt gtgacatgca tgcatccaag tctctggtgt    103560
     tttaaataac tgaaactgag acctagatcc acttatctgt aaagtagaac tgtggagaag    103620
     gaagcatatc atccccgcca ctggagagat ccctgaagag agatttgtga gcccccattt    103680
     tatcgaaaat gacacaaaat ttcatcaaaa taaagtgaaa ttgtggctgt agatggggtt    103740
     ttatttagag ctttgactcc gcatctgctt cctaagacat ggtccttccc caggatacta    103800
     cagaatcaca gggcttagac tggaggggta aggcgtgatg gtgttcttcc tttctggccg    103860
     ataggatgtt ttggattgta tgtattttcc aaagacggct gcagaagtat cttccatcac    103920
     actttgtttt ctttagtttg atccaccact ccctcatcaa gaggtaagtt ctttccatcc    103980
     ccttaaacat gagcagatct gatatctgcg ttagccaata aaatagggca gaaacgtggt    104040
     tgtgtcagtt ctgggcactg ctgttaacca tcctgcctgc atctggttcc ttccacttca    104100
     atccctgaac catgttaaac tccaaggcca tcatctgagc ccagccaaca catagaaccc    104160
     tatgagagat cattaaaaat tcttagttac tattttcagg aatatccttt tccatccttt    104220
     cattttcaac ttgtatgcgt ccttagatcc aaagtgagta tcttgtagcc agcatatggt    104280
     tagaatcttt ttattatatc cattgtgata atctcaattc tgattgggga gtttaatcca    104340
     ttacatttaa agtaattact gatgaagaag gacttacctc tgtaattgtg atggttttat    104400
     gcatgtctta tagctgtttc gtcccttatc ttcctcattc caaccttcct ttgtgtttag    104460
     tcgatttttt tctagtgata tgttttaatt gccttctcac tttcttttgt gtatatttta    104520
     tgtatatttt ctttgtgatt actatggtat tgcacataac aatacaacta taacaatttt    104580
     gaattgaaac cagtatgaaa ctctgcttct ttacatcttt ttccacccct cattttacat    104640
     tattgatgtc acaaattact cctctgcagg ctagcaggct ggaaagtcac aatgttgcag    104700
     tcttcagtct aaaatttgta aaccaggctg gcagattgga aatctaaact gtagttgcta    104760
     ctgtcatctt gaggcagaat tttttcttct ttgagaagcc tcacactttg cccaaaggcc    104820
     ttcaactgat tcaaaaagtc ccgcccacat ttttgagggt aatttctttt tcataaaatc    104880
     aactgacata agattttaac cacaagtgca aaacaccatc atagcaacat ataaattagt    104940
     gtttgattaa ataactagac actatggttt agtaaaattg acacataata cccaccaccc    105000
     tagtccatgc ttgtgaactt ggcacccatt aacgttttct taaaccatac ttagtctcca    105060
     aataaaaaca attataaagt catacttttg ctaaagatga tacagctatc ttgcatccat    105120
     ctaaaaacac taaccatttc ctcagaaaaa aattcaaact caatgcatga taagcatttt    105180
     tctcttcgat atactgtaac ctaaacacca tgtttaaaaa aagttgaacc atcattaata    105240
     aaagggaact attattagca cattttatgt tttattacaa gatgataagg aaaagatgaa    105300
     aacaaaggta tttgcttagt acatgtatgg gtacatacac acagacataa atatcattgt    105360
     aaaaacataa ggaagaaatg cttataacat ttactgtctt tatttctgca actgatcaca    105420
     tggttacagc tggttattta tttatttatt tacttattta tttatttgat acagggtctt    105480
     gttctgttgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc attaccttgg ctcactgcaa actccacctc    105540
     ctgggcacaa gtgatccttc tacctcaacc tcctaagtag ctgggactgc aagcacacca    105600
     ccaagtctga ctaatttttt gtatgtattt tcagtagaga tggaatttca gcatgttgcc    105660
     caggttggtc tcacattcct caacttaagg aatccacctg cctcagcctc ccaaagtgct    105720
     ggggttatag gcatgagcca ctgtgctggc cacaactagt gtaaatagct ttctttcact    105780
     aaccatccca tagtcccact gccttcagca agtccgtcag ctgatcaggt ttcttttcct    105840
     gcttgggtga ctcatacctt cattcctgaa gggcatgggt cattagtagt cctgcctgac    105900
     ttgggttgtt gtagttttta ttgactttaa ttatagagca gagtattact aagagatgct    105960
     ctaaaagatc tcctgtattt caaacatagt cttatttact gccattgtgt agtagcagac    106020
     caatttcccc ctgatgacca ggaccaatca ccccagaaag tgcagtaact ccttcctttg    106080
     tctgttgatt cagtaacatg aggagctgaa gggcccgggt gggtgtctta gcttccagct    106140
     caatggaata atttctgtgt ctcctgaggg agtattcctc cctttggtaa acctctagat    106200
     cctgatccta ttcctcgtga ctggacaaga cctcccaacc agggtctcca gtacctccta    106260
     caggtgtgtt tgggctggca acaggtctgt actttcctga gacagagctc ccaaaggaaa    106320
     aggcagacta ccatctttgc tgttatgtag ctttcactgg tgatatctcc agttactgga    106380
     aaatctgagg caactgggga ctggagcagg ccctcagcaa actgcagtag ccctacagaa    106440
     aagtggccag actgttgaaa gagaaaacaa aagaagagaa aaacaaaacc cattcataga    106500
     tcagcaacct caaagaatga aggtagataa gcccactaag atgagaaaga atcagcacaa    106560
     caatgctgaa aactcaaaaa gccagcaagg gtttggaacc aggctaaagc tgagatgact    106620
     gaaagagcag aagtagaatt cagaatatgg agagggaaga agttcactgt gctaaaggag    106680
     tacagtgtga cccaatccaa ggaagctaaa aataatgata aaacattgca ggagctgaca    106740
     gacaaaatag ccagtattat agaagaatga aaccaacctg ataaagctga aaaacacact    106800
     aaaagaattt catagtgcac tcacaagtat taacagcaga atagaacaag tggaggaaag    106860
     actctcagtg cttgaagacc agctttctaa aataagacag gaagacaaga atagagaaaa    106920
     cagaatgaaa aggaacaaac aaaacctctg agaaacatca gattatgtaa agaaactgaa    106980
     tccatgaatt attggtatac ctgaaagaga tgggaataat ggaatcaatt tggaacacac    107040
     ttcaagatat catccatgag aactttccca acctagctag acagaccaac attcaaattc    107100
     agaaatgcag aggacactag taagttactc catgagaaga tcatccccaa gatacaatca    107160
     tcagattctc catggttgaa atgaaagaaa gaacgttaag ggcagccaga gagaaaggcc    107220
     aggtcaccta caaagggaag cccattagac taacagtgga cctccaagtg gaaaccctac    107280
     acaccagaag agattgaggg ccagtattga acattgttaa agaaaagaat ttccaaccca    107340
     caatttcata tccagccaaa ctaagcttca taagcaaaaa agaaataaaa ttcttttcag    107400
     acaaacaaat gccaagggaa ttcattacca ccagacctgc attacaagaa ctcctaaaag    107460
     aagcactaaa tatggaaagg aaagacagtt accagccact acaaaaacac gctgaagtac    107520
     atagaccagt gacgcaataa agcaaccaca taagcaagtc tgcaaagtaa ccagctaaca    107580
     ccatgatgac aggatcaaat ccatacatat caatactaac cttaaatgta aatgggctaa    107640
     atgccacatt taaaagacac agaagggcaa gctggataaa gaaccaagac ctatcagtat    107700
     gctgcctaca atacactcat cttacattca atgacacaca taggcacaaa ataaagagat    107760
     ggaggaaaat tttccaagca aatggaaagc ggaagaaagc cagggttgca atcctagttt    107820
     ctgacaacac agactttaaa ccaagaaaga taaaaaaaga taaaggtggg cattacataa    107880
     tggtaaaggg ttcaattcaa tgaagagatc taactatcct aaatatatat gcatccaata    107940
     gaggaacacc cagatttata aggcaggttc ttagagaccg tcaaagagat ttagaacctc    108000
     acacagtaga agtggtggac tttaataccc cactgacaat attagacaga tcatcaagac    108060
     agaaaattaa caaagatatt caggacctga attcagccct ggagcaaatg gacctgatag    108120
     atatttacag aactccagac cccagaacaa cagaatatac atttttctca ttgctacatg    108180
     gcacttactc taaaatcaat cacgcaatca gaagtaaaac actcctcagc aaatgcaaaa    108240
     gaactgaaat cataacaaat agtctctcag actacagtgc aatcaaattc aaaatcaaga    108300
     ataagaaatt cactaaaacc atataattac ttagaaatta aataacctgt tcttgaatga    108360
     cttttagtaa ataatgaaat tcaggtagaa atcaagaagt tctttgaaac taatgagaaa    108420
     aaagatacaa tgtaccagaa cctctgggaa acagctaagg cagtgttaag agggaaattt    108480
     atagcagtaa atgcccacat caaaaagtta gaaagatctc aagtcaacaa cctaaaatca    108540
     aacctaaaag aacttaagaa tgaagagcaa acatatcccg aagctagcag aagacaagaa    108600
     ataacaaaaa aaattaacaa aagtattgtc tcctgaagga gacagagaca caaaaaacca    108660
     tttgaaggat caataaattc aggaggtttt ttaaaagaaa ttaataaaat agaccactag    108720
     ctaagctaat aaagaagaaa agagagaaaa ttccaataaa cacaatcaga aacaataaga    108780
     ggaacattac cactgacccc acagaaatac aagaaaccac cagaaaatat tatgaacact    108840
     tctatgcgca taaactagaa aatctagaag aaatggataa attcctggac acatacaccg    108900
     cccccaagac tgaaccagga agaaatgcaa tctctgaaaa aataatgagt tctgaacttg    108960
     aggcagtaat gaagagccta ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt gcaggaccag atgattgaca    109020
     ggtgaattct actggatgta caaagaagag atggtaccat tcctattgaa actattccca    109080
     aaaaatgagg aggagagact cctccctaac tcattctatt aggccagcat catcctgata    109140
     ccaaaatgtg gcagagatac aacaacaaca aacaagagaa aacatcaggc cagtattctt    109200
     gatgaacatt aatgcaaaaa tctccaacaa aatgctggca aaccgaatcc tgcagcacat    109260
     caaaaacctt atccaccaca atcaagtagg cttcatcgcc aggatgcaag gttagttcaa    109320
     catatgcaaa tcaataaatg tgattcatca cgtaaacaga actaaagaca aaaactacat    109380
     gattgtctca gttgatgaag aaaaggcttt tgataaaatt caaactctat tcatgttttt    109440
     aaaaaaactc tcaataaact aggtgttcaa ggaatatacc tcaaaacaat aaaagccatc    109500
     tatgacaaac ccacagccaa cttcatactg aatgggcaaa actagaagca ttctccttga    109560
     aatcagcaca agacaaggat gccttctctc actgctcctg ttcaacacag tatcggaaat    109620
     tctgaccagg gcaatcaggc aagtgaaatt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaggatgt    109680
     tcaaatagga cgagaggaat tcaaatgatt cctgtttgca gatgacatga ttctataact    109740
     agaaaaaccc atagcctcag tccaaaagct tcttaagctg ataaacaact tcagcaaatt    109800
     ctcaagatac aaaatcaatg tgcaaaaatt actagcattt ctacacactg acaacaggca    109860
     agccaagagc caaagcagga atgaactccc actcacaatt gccacaaaaa gaatacaata    109920
     cctaggaata atgctaattt gggaggtaaa agatgtctgc aaggagaact actggtccca    109980
     aaaagtgtgc attaatgtta gcagtagcta tgataggctg ggtggaatgc ccataggtgg    110040
     tgtttgcagg taggtgacag ctaaggtgat agcacccaac ctcggttacc caggaggagt    110100
     tctcaggtgt ccaccgtggt ggattgggtt gagcaattcc caggaccctg ggctgtgttc    110160
     tctgtctcag tggaaaaagg aaatgaagct gtcttttcat cactaaatgc tgtgccaact    110220
     agtcccttaa ttttcttttt gcctgaagga ctgaaacatt tattatagtt tagatctgct    110280
     agttataacc tttttcactc cctatataac taaaatctat ttttcgatag ctatattcat    110340
     ggtatgttaa ttggttaatt agtttgattt aatcattaca catggtatac atatatcagt    110400
     acatcacaca acatctcatg aatgtattat gatttgtcaa tttaaattat acatatatat    110460
     gttttagaaa ggtattattt tctgggaata gaatctagtt tcacagtatt ttccttttag    110520
     gactttaaag atgttgctca tctgtcttct catttgcatt gtttccagtg aaataacggc    110580
     tgtcatcttt attattattc tcatgtcttt ttttttactt tctgcttatt catttttctc    110640
     tccttctgtt ttcaacaaat acatgttttt ttcacccaca gttatagaat gaacttgagc    110700
     aacaatctat aggaatggct ttttgactgt tggttgaaaa tttttagaaa cagttgtttg    110760
     ttccttgttt tattaggaca aaggctaatt tcctcagaat attcttaaat tgaagaatgt    110820
     cataattaat tttatttgtc atcttggctg aaccacagtg cccagatagg tgatcaagca    110880
     ttattctgga tgatttgtga gaatgtttct tggataacat taatgcaaaa taactagact    110940
     ttgagtaaag tagattgatc tctataatgt gggtgggctt cattcaattc attgaaggtg    111000
     taaattgaac aaaacattga ccttctctga gcaagatgga actctgcagc agacagcgct    111060
     gggatttgaa ctgcaatatc cgtcaactga tctcaaacag ctggttggtt tgtgtacagc    111120
     atttggaaga tgaatggaca acatcctgtt tggaagtcca ccgctttgat cgaagaagat    111180
     aaaaacagaa caactcttgt gggctgaatt gcagggtgtt tctcagcagt agtggaagaa    111240
     ttgaacaata ataaagctcc tatgttttag tttttattga cttacaggca gtgactaatg    111300
     gcctggccat ataattaatc aggaaagcaa aggaaaactt gctgatgaaa agagtgccca    111360
     aatgagacac agtcctatgg aaatcacgat ggtaatttga gaggttcatt aatgtaagac    111420
     acgttgatgc ctgatataga gtggatgttg ttcttgcccg aatctcatgt tggatggaat    111480
     ccccagcatt agaggtggga cctgcaggga ggtgattgga tcacgggggc agtttctcat    111540
     gaatggttta gcaccgtccc ctcagtgccc atcaatgccc atcagaataa ctcccttcca    111600
     ggtttggaag gtgattgaaa taaacaagca tttatctcca agtgtttgcc aggtgcacct    111660
     gtaattccag ctatgacaac agctgaggca gaaggatatc ttgagtccag gagttagagt    111720
     ttggcctgag cagcacttga gtccagccag agaaagatat caagaccaca tctaaaaaaa    111780
     atccacgttt gcttgtggtg atcccctggg tccatgaaat aagtagacac tggggctgta    111840
     gcaatgcaga gagagatgga atcaaggcat attcctcttg cattccccac atcacaggca    111900
     caaaatacat ataagtgttt tctttaacaa aaaaaaagag agagagacag agatagcata    111960
     tggctatgtg gcagattctt ttatgggaag atcttgaaaa tacagagctg gcaagttaca    112020
     ctgataccag tagccccagg aagcagcaaa tgggtcttgg cagcaataga tacgcaccct    112080
     ggagctgggc attgctcagc tgctggtaga tgtgttacca aacagaactg gagtccactc    112140
     accaggggca gtaaaaacaa acatccatac tgagattttg tagtgagata aaggagggca    112200
     tttatttgta gggtgccaag caaggagaat cagccagctc acagttaaga cccaacctcc    112260
     tcaatggctc acaagcaagg tttcttaaag ataggggtaa atttcaggaa agcagagtta    112320
     taggcaacat cataaatcaa tgcatagaag ttacacactg gtttggcctt aaaaggagga    112380
     atatcctgat gagggagctt acaagtcgta gatagagata aagattctct gatttgtgat    112440
     tcataaggaa gcaaagcttc cttacacagt tgggggcagt agagaggaat gttcaggcct    112500
     ggcctgtggg ctttactctc tccaggcccc tcaggaagaa atttagaaca aagaacagtg    112560
     gtcagagttc agtcctcagt ttccccttat ctgaggtctt cctgtcagtg gatctattag    112620
     gtgggaatct gagtttctga aaaacaactc agggacatat attaagatgt tctctttagt    112680
     ttccatagag aatccaacat cttgtgactc taacttcctt ggctatcgtt ttaagctatc    112740
     attaccttct tgtttataag gtcactcact tactttttag ggctggctag gtgcctggaa    112800
     tttcttttga aggaactgaa ggtttttctt tatttccatg ttgggaggcc ctggcaggct    112860
     tctaagagag gtccctgctt tatctcagat gcaaatgctc agagtgctac taagagcttg    112920
     aatgggaggt actgcaacca tgtggaccac tgagtcacat ttctttacac cagaaaatgc    112980
     gcttgctcaa aattccagaa agacatcctt ctcagaggaa gagttccata aagaattaaa    113040
     atattccatt gaaacattgg ttgtataaag caagagtggg gaaacaagca tgaagggtgg    113100
     gcttacacac cttcatgagt gtgcttacac ttgatatgaa agtatcctct cttttccttg    113160
     tggatcaggg gaaggtgctg gtgtgatcta tatacaatcc ttcccaaggt gggaggacac    113220
     tggaatgatg actgtacttt acctcaactt gcttttctca tacctgatgc agtggtctca    113280
     ggactaggga tgcaaataaa agtccagaaa caggaattat tcctaagcaa gaaactgtaa    113340
     atatattttg tgtccattat gtaatgattc ctaagggtct ggagaagtag gttgtgcctt    113400
     cagtgcatct ggcaaagttg gggttaacac tgaatgcagc tgtattgcct ggggtcagct    113460
     agccaaccag ttctctactg cataacccta ccctctatga actggaatgg atgatgcaag    113520
     acaattgcta gaacagtatt ggtccgtgca gtctaggtca gcacagcagc agaacttcat    113580
     gtcccttcca taactagaaa tgtttggtat aaatgaagag aaggagaaat agtagctgag    113640
     ggtaaatgaa tgaataaatg ggttatgcaa tgaggaaaat ccaatgttac atgaactact    113700
     caaaagagat ataagcaaga gatgatattg tctcttaact caattttacc aaatgcctga    113760
     acgggtgcag ccttatgttg ctgagactac ttctgttttg gggctgcacc gggataattt    113820
     ttttttatta tactttaagt tctagggtac atgtgcacaa catgcaggtt tgttacctat    113880
     gtgtacatgt gccatgttgg tgtgctgcac ccattaactc gtcatttgca ttagatattt    113940
     ctcctaatgc tatccctccc ccctgtcccc accccatgac aggccctggt gtgtgatatt    114000
     ccccaccctg agttcaagtg ttctgattgt tcaattccca cctatgggtg agaacatgca    114060
     gtgtttggtt ttctgtcctt gtgatagttt gctcagaatg atggtttcca gcttcatcca    114120
     catccctgca aaggacatga actcatcctt ttttatggct gcatagtatt ccatggtgta    114180
     tttgtgacac attttctttt tttctttttt ctttttgaga tggagtctcg ctctgtcgcc    114240
     caggctggag tgcagtggtg cgatctcgct cactgcaagc tctgcctcct gggttcatgc    114300
     cattctcctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct gggactatag gcacccgcca ccatgaccag    114360
     ctaatttttt tgtattttta gtacagacgg gttttcactg tattaggcag gatggtcttg    114420
     atctcctgac ctcgtgatcc acccacctca gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggtatg    114480
     agccactgca cccggcttat gtgccacatt ttcttaatcc agtctatcac tgatggacat    114540
     ttgggttggt tccaagtatt ttctattgtg aatagtgcaa taaacataca tgtgcattta    114600
     tagtagcatg atttataatc ctttgggtat atacccagta atgggatggc tgggtcaaat    114660
     ggtatttcta gttctagatc cttgaggaat tgccacactg tcttccacaa tggttgaact    114720
     agcttacact cccaccaaca gtgtaaaagt gttcctattt ctccacatgc tctccagcac    114780
     ctgtggtttc ctgacttttt aatgattgcc attctaactg gtgtgagata gtatctcctt    114840
     ttggttttga tttgcatttc tttgatgacc agtgatgatg agcatttttt catgtgtctg    114900
     ttggctgcat agatgtcttc ttttgagaag tgtctgttca tatcctttgc ccactttttg    114960
     atggggttgt ttgatttttt cttgtaaatt tgtttaagtt ctttgtagat tctggatatt    115020
     agtcctttgt cagatgggta gattacaaaa attttctccc attctgtagg ttgcctgttc    115080
     actctgatgg tagtttcttt tgctgtgcag aagctcttta gtttaattaa atcccatttg    115140
     tcaattttgg cttttgttgc tattgctttt ggtgtttcag tcatgaagtc cttgcccatg    115200
     tctatgtcct gaatggtatt gcctaggttt tcttctaggg tttttatgat tttaggtcga    115260
     acatttaagt ctttaatcca tcttgaatta atttttgtat aaggtctaag gaagggatcc    115320
     agtttcagct ttctactatg gctagccagt tttcccagca ccatttatta aatagggaat    115380
     cctttcccca tttcttgttt ttgtcaggtt tgtcaaagat cagatagttg tagatgtgtg    115440
     atattatttc tgagggctct gttctgttcc attggtctat atctctgttt tggttccagt    115500
     accatgctgt ttttgttact gtagccttgt aatatagttt gaagtcaggt agcgtgatgc    115560
     ctccagcttt gttcttttgg cttaggattg tcttgacaat gcaggctctt ttttggttcc    115620
     atatgaactt taaagtagtt ttttccaatt ctgtgaagaa agtcattggt agcttgatgg    115680
     ggatggcatt aaatctataa attaccttgg gcagtatggc cattttcacg acattgattc    115740
     ttcctattca tgagcatgga atgttcttcc atttgtttat gtcctctttt atttcgttga    115800
     gtagtggttt gtagttctcc ttgaagaggt ccttcacatc ccttgtaagt tggattccta    115860
     ggtattttat tctctttgaa gcaattgtga atgggagttc actcatgatt tggctctctg    115920
     tttgtctgtt attggtgtat aggaatactt gtgatttttg cacatggatt ttgtatcctg    115980
     agactttgct gaagttgctt atcagcttaa ggagattttg ggctgagatg atggggtttt    116040
     ctaaacatcc aatcatgtca tctgcaaaca gggacaattt gacttcctct tttcctaatt    116100
     gaataccctt tatttctttc tcttgtctga ttgccctggc cagaatttcc aacactatgt    116160
     tgagtaggag tggtgagaga gggcatccct gtcttgtgcc agttttcaaa gggaatgctt    116220
     ccagtttttg cccattcagt atgatattgg ctgtgggttt gtcataaata gctcttatta    116280
     ttttgagata cgtcccatca atacctagtt tattgagagt ttttggcatg aagggctgtg    116340
     gaattttgtt gaaggtcttt ttggcatcta ttgaaataat catgtggttt ttgtctttgg    116400
     ttctgtttat atgctggatt atgtttattg atttgtgtat gttgaaccag ccttgcatcc    116460
     cagggatgaa gcccacttga tcatggtgga taagcttttt gatgtgctgc tggattcggt    116520
     ttgccagtgt tttactgagg atttttgcat ccatgttcat cagggatatt ggtctaaaat    116580
     tctctttttt ttgttgtgtc tctgccaggc tttggtatca ggatgatgcc aacctcataa    116640
     aataagttag ggaggattcc ctctttttct attgattgga atattttcag aaggaatggt    116700
     accagctcct ctttgtacct ctgttagaat ttggctgtga atccatctgg tcctggactt    116760
     tttttggttg gtaggctatt aattattgcc tcaatttcag agcctattat tggtctattc    116820
     agggattcaa cttcttcctg gtttagtctt gggagggtgt atgtgtccag gaatttatcc    116880
     atttcttcta gattttctag attatttgca tagagatgtt tatagtattc tctgatggta    116940
     gtttgtattt ctgtgggatt ggtggtgata tcccctttat cattttttat tgtgtctatt    117000
     tgattcttct ctcttttctt ctttattagt cttgctaacg gtctatcaat tttgttgatc    117060
     tttccaaaaa aaccagctgc tggattcatt gattttttga agggtttttt gtgtctctat    117120
     cttcttcaat tctgctctaa tcttagttat ttcttgtctc ctgctagctt ttgaatgtgt    117180
     ttgctcttgc ttctccagtt cttttaattg tgatgttagg ctgtcgattt tagatctttc    117240
     ctgctttttc ttgcaggcat ttagtgctac aaatttccct ctacacactg ctttaaatgt    117300
     gtcccagaga ttctggtatg ttgtgtcttt gttctcattg gtttcaaaga acatctttat    117360
     ttctaccttc atttcgttat gtacccagta gtcattcagg agcaggttgt tcagtttcca    117420
     tgtagttgag tggttttgag tgagtttctt aatcctgagt tctaatttga ttgcactgtg    117480
     gtctgagaga cagtttgtta taatttctat tcttttacat ttgctgagga gtgctttact    117540
     tccaactatg tggtcaattt tggaataagt gtgatatggt gctgagaaga aggtattttc    117600
     tgttgatttg gggtggagag ttctgtcgat gtctattagg tctgcctggt gcagagctga    117660
     gttcaagtcc tggatatcct tgttaacttt ctgtctcgtt gatctgtcta atgttgacag    117720
     tggggtgtta aagtctccca ttattattgt gtgggagtct aagtcttttt gtagttctct    117780
     aaggacttgc tttatgaatc tgggtgctcc tgtattgggt gcatatatat ttaggatagt    117840
     tagctcttct tgttgaattg attcctttac cattacgtaa tggccttctt tgtctctttt    117900
     gatctttgtt ggtttaaagt ctgttttatc agagactagg attgcaaccc ctgctttttt    117960
     tgttttccat ttgcctggta gatcttcctc cattccttta ttttgagcct atgtgtgtct    118020
     ctgcacgtga gatgggtttc ctgaatacag cacactgatg ggtcttgact ctttatccaa    118080
     tttgccagtc tgtgtcttct aattggggca tttagcccat ttacatttaa ggttaatatt    118140
     gttatgtgtg aatttgaccc tatcgttatg atgttagctg gttattttgc ccgttagttg    118200
     atgcagtttc ttcctagcat cgatagtctt tacaatttgg catatttttg cagtggctgg    118260
     tactggttgt tcctttccat gttagtgctt ccttcaggag ctcttgtaag gcaggcctgg    118320
     tggtgacaaa acctctcagc atttgcttgt ctgtaaaggc tcttatttct ccttcactta    118380
     tgaagcttag tttggctggt tatgaaattc tgggttgaaa attcttttct ttaagaatgt    118440
     tgaatattgg cccccacttg cttctggctt gtagagtttc tgccaagaga tccactgtta    118500
     gtctgatggg cttccctttg tgggtaacct gacctttctc tctggctgcc cttaacattt    118560
     tttccctcat ttcaacctta ttgaatctga caattatgtg tctttgggtt gctcttcttg    118620
     aggagtatct ttgtggcgtt ctctgtattt cacgaatttg aatgttggcc tgccttgcta    118680
     ggttggggaa gttctcctgg ataatatcct gaaaagtgtt ttccaacttg gttccattct    118740
     ctctgtcatt ttcaggtaca ccaatcaaat gtagatttgg tcttttcaca tagtcccata    118800
     tttcttggag gctttgttca tttcttttta ctcttttttc tctcaacttc tctgcttgct    118860
     tcatttcatt catttgatct tcaatcaccg ataccctttc ttccacttga tcgaattggt    118920
     tactgaagct tgtgcatgcg tcatgtagtt ctcatgccat ggttttcagc tccatcaggt    118980
     catttaagtt cttctctatg ctgtttattt tagctaacta ttcatctaat cttttttcaa    119040
     ggtttttagc ttccttgcga tgggttcgaa catcctcctt tagctcagag aagtttgtta    119100
     ttaccaatct tctgaagtct acttctgtca acttgtcaaa gtcattctcc atccagcttt    119160
     gttccattgc tagggaggag ttgcgatctt ttggaggaga acaggtgctc tgatttttag    119220
     aatttttagc ttttctgctc tggtttctcc ccatctttgt ggttttatct acctttggtc    119280
     tttgatgatg gtgacctaca gatggggttt tggtgtagat gtcccttttg ttgatgttat    119340
     tccttctgtt tgttagtttt cattctaaca gtcgggaccc tcagctgcag gtctattgga    119400
     gtttgctgga ggtccactcc agaccctgtt tgcctgggta acactagcag aggcttcaga    119460
     acagcaaata ttgcagaaca gcaaatgttg ctgcctgatc cttcctctgg aagtttcgtc    119520
     tcagaggggc acccggccgt atgaggtgtc attcggtccc tactgggagg tgtctcccag    119580
     ttaggctact cagaggtcag cgacccactt gaggaggcac tctgtccgtt ctcagatctc    119640
     aaactccatg ctggcagaac cactgctctc ttcaaagctg tcagactggg acatttaagt    119700
     ctgcagaagt ttctgctgcc ttttgttcag ctatgccctg cccccagagg tggagtctac    119760
     agaggcagac aggccttgtt gagctgcagt gggctccacc tagtttgagc ttcctgccac    119820
     tttgtttacc tagtcaagcc tcagcaatgg cagacgcccc tcccccagcc tcactgtcac    119880
     ctcccagttc aattttggac tgctgtgcta gcagtgagca acgctccatg ggtgtgagac    119940
     ccactgagcc atgcatggga tataatctcc tggtgtgcca ttcactacaa ctgttggaaa    120000
     agcacagtat tagggtggga gtgtcccgat tttccaggta ccatctctca tggcttccct    120060
     tggctaggaa agggaattct ctgagccctt gtgcttccct ggtgaggcaa tgccttgccc    120120
     tgcttcagct cacattctgt gggcaacact cactgtgtga caagtcccaa tgagatgaac    120180
     ccagtacctc agttggaaat gcagaaatca cccgtcttct gcaccgctca cgctgggagc    120240
     tgtagactgg agctgttcct atttggctat cttggaatga tctcccctgg gataattttt    120300
     catgaccaaa aaggattctg gtaatgtgcc aggatcttct cactgttatg attcttctgg    120360
     tataggagat ctgtgattgg ccaggcacag tggctcagac ttgtaattcc atcagtttcg    120420
     gaggccatgg taggaggatt gtttaaggcc aggagtttga aaccaactgg ggcaaaatag    120480
     tgagacccca ttcctacaaa acctttaaaa aattagttgg gcatgctggt gtgtacctgt    120540
     aatgctattg ctcaggaggc tgaggcagga ggatcacttg agcccaggaa ttcaaggtta    120600
     caatgagcta tgattgtgcc actgcattct accctgggca acagagcaag accttgtctc    120660
     tgaaataaat aaatattata aaaagagata atgtggtcaa agaccagggt gtgatctgtg    120720
     gcccaataaa aatatctggt ctttttccct gtttcctgac aagcaggttc caaaacattt    120780
     gcaatctcct cagtgataag tatgacttta atatgccaat gagatgacta tggggtgagg    120840
     ggctcctaaa tagcttcagg atgggggctg gttgccagaa acacgaagct gtgattagag    120900
     gattggaaat ttcagcagta tcccttacct ctgagaagca aagggggctg gaagttgagt    120960
     tcagtcacca gtggccattg atttaattaa tcttgcctac acaatgaaac ttccatagaa    121020
     acctctagag attgggtttt ggagagcttc ccaattgctg agcacatccg tgtgtccatg    121080
     tgctgggagg atggtgaacc tcatctccat ggggacagag gctcctgtgc tcagagccct    121140
     cccaggccac accctgtgca cctcttcatc tggctgctca tttgtaccct ttataactgc    121200
     tatggtttga atgtttccct agaaaagcat ctcttggata atttatcctg aatgcaacat    121260
     ttttaagagg tgggaccttt gagaggtgat tggaccatca gagctctgcc tccattaatg    121320
     aattaagttt gatcataaaa ggacctgagg ctgtgagttt gacctcttat tccccctacc    121380
     tctcaccctc tcttgccctt ttgctttcta ccaggtactg tccttggtct tggaattccc    121440
     atcctcaaca accatgaacc aaataaattt ctgttcgttt taagttatcc agtctcaggt    121500
     gttctactat agtggcataa tttaaaccaa gagtccgtaa cccccggctg tggactggta    121560
     caggttcctg gcttggcagg aaccagacca cacagcagga ggtcactggt gggtgagaga    121620
     gcatgagcat gaccacctga gctctgcctc ctgtcagatc agtggcggaa ttagattctc    121680
     ataagagcat gaaccctatt gtgaactctg catgtgaggg atctaggttg catgctccat    121740
     atgaaacagt aatgcctgat catctgaggt ggaacagttt catcctcaat ccattcccct    121800
     ctattccctg ccacctctgc tggtccatgg aaaaattgtc ttccatgaaa ttggtccctg    121860
     gtgccaaaaa gttgggacca ctgatttaag ctataacaat aataaactac aatactgagt    121920
     gtgaaagaaa aataaaattt agggacgcca aattcactat accaaaggga caagttaagt    121980
     ttggtaactg agtgatggaa aaaccgcctt tcttttgttc ctaaacaaat aactgcaaag    122040
     atagaggaac atatatctcc ccaggtggcc tccctcacaa attgctcacc agataattcc    122100
     ttgtgggccc caacatcttt actctaaaac agagttttgt tgaatttcac cctaacaatg    122160
     taaattaaca gcttatcttc acaggtgaag gacaaagaca agaccagaaa tcatccctcc    122220
     actcacctgg agacaaatgt gtatttgact tctctaccca acatttactt tgtcttatgt    122280
     aaaatgcaga tttactgagc actcgatgaa agcatagttg actgttcctt tttcctctcc    122340
     tgcctgctct ttctcctgta aatattaaag tcctcaaaac cctcttagta aaaagcatgg    122400
     gccacagatg ctacaataat ttgtgtctct gtttccaagg tacatcttca gcttggcaaa    122460
     ataaacttct aaattgattg atacctgtct cagatgtttt ttggtttaca tggttatagc    122520
     aacttcctga gttctttgag ttagtttaag aattcccaaa ccttgggagg tgagaaaccc    122580
     ctgactttgc agccatgata gacagaagtg caggtaacct ggaacccgat aacttgtgac    122640
     ttgcatctga agtgaggaca gacttgtgag actgagtcct taaacctgtg gagtctgagg    122700
     ctaactccag gtagttagtg tcagaattga gtcaaatcct aggactccca attgctgttg    122760
     gagaatcaga aaattatttg gctggaggaa aaccccatca ccatcccaca gagagaaact    122820
     tacagtatat tgggggaacc cacccccaat atttcaacat aggttctttc tattttccat    122880
     aagtgtcggc cagctgagaa ataaagaaag acagtacaaa gagaggaatt ttacagctgg    122940
     gccaccaggg gtgacatcac atatcggtag gaccatgatg tctgcctgag tctcagacca    123000
     acaagttttt attaagggtt tcaaaagggg agggggtgta agaataagga gtaggtaaaa    123060
     agtcacatgc ttctgagtgc aaaaagcaga actactaata agagtctaac aaagatcaca    123120
     tgcttctgag ggaacaagac aaagggcaaa agcagaacca ctgataaggg tctatgttta    123180
     gcagtgcacg tattgtcttg ataaacatct taaacaacag aaaacagggt ttgagagcag    123240
     agaagtggtc agaccacaag tttaccaggg cagagttttt ccccacccta gtaagcctga    123300
     gggttctgca ggagaccagg gcgtatctca gtccttatct caactgcata agacagacat    123360
     tcccagagcg gccgtttata gacctccccc caggaatgaa ttccttcttc agtgtattaa    123420
     tattaatatt ccttgctagg aaaagaattt agtgatatct ttcctacttg cacgtctgtt    123480
     tataggctct gcgcaagaag aaaaatatgg ctctttttgc ccaacctcgc aggcagtcag    123540
     accttatggt tgtcttccct ggttccataa aaattgctgt tattctattc tttttcaagg    123600
     tgcactgatt tcatattgtt caaacacacg ttttacaatc aaattgtagc actattatca    123660
     cagtggtcct aaggtgacgt acatcctcag cttatgaaga taacaggatt aagagattaa    123720
     agtaaagaca ggcataagaa attataaaag tattatttgg gaactgttaa atgtccatat    123780
     taaaatgaaa tcttcacaat ttatgttcct ctgccgcagc tccagccagt ccctcattcg    123840
     gggtccttga cttcccacaa caacagtaag agtaagcaag taaacctcta ccttcttcgg    123900
     tcccagagga aaagataaaa aaaaattaag catttatttc atgtccctaa gtctgctaaa    123960
     cacaggtttc taccagctgt tcattgtcca gacatggagt ggccctacct ctaatctaga    124020
     agttaggatt ttttaggcct ttgagggggt cacataaaaa ctaataagtg tcagagattc    124080
     tctccccaga aatatttcca cacacaagaa aatacaaata ttaatataaa acatcagtgt    124140
     gcaaccagat cctctgagat cttacaaaac ctgggtgttt taatcccagt aagagacaat    124200
     gccaagggaa gatgtgtgaa taatcatttc accatcacac catgccactc caataatctg    124260
     gagtatgaac tgggatagac aaaaacttga tgtaataact tattttcaag ggaatgggtg    124320
     gaaagatgtt atttattagt caccggttga ttcagacact ctgaatccct accagatact    124380
     aaataaattt cttgtcttgg agcactgctc caataattaa aatttatcat tcttttccca    124440
     cccttcacac tccagcactt gaaccctctt actacgtcag aattccatac tgtcaatgaa    124500
     aagaggcaaa cttcataaaa tatttgaaga gatttattct gagccaaata cgagtgacca    124560
     cagcccatga cacgtccctc aggagaccct gagagcatgt gctcaatgtg gttggggtat    124620
     gggttggttt tatacatttt aggaagatat gagacactaa taatatatat ttaagatata    124680
     cattggttca gtccagaaaa gcagaacaat ttgaagcaag cgagggttgg gggttactgc    124740
     ttctaggtta taggtagatt ttaaaatgtt ctgattggca attggttgag ttattatcaa    124800
     taaaaaggaa tgtctgggtt atgataagag gttgtggagt ccaaaatttt atcatgcagt    124860
     tgaagcctcc aggtgccagg cttcagagag aatagattat aatgtttctg atcagactta    124920
     aggtctgtgt tgatgttaat tgctggtcag cttttcctga attccaaaag gtaagaggcc    124980
     ataatgaggc atgttcaaca cctgcttccc atggtggcct gagccagtct ttcaagttaa    125040
     tttttgagcg ccctggctga ggagggtgtc cattaagatg gttgggagag ggtgggtttg    125100
     aagtttattt tcggtttaca acatgtaatg tgttaagagg agatagaaac cacccccatc    125160
     cctagaagag cacaacactc cagtcacccc tgcagttgat aatggacatg agtcttaaac    125220
     tccatcagtc agatgaccac ctgctgaagc agcattgttg tctcaggtaa atactcaggg    125280
     ttcattgtat ctcaccaaga agattaagga cagtgacaca caaggagtga gtttattggc    125340
     cggtgctatg ttgtctgctc tttactgaac acatggctgg caaaaagaag ggaagatgga    125400
     gccatcactg tgaacacgcc tagtcccaga tgtccttttc ctattggcac agctgccagc    125460
     attcacttgt gcaagcttcc agcttgcttg tctatgtctg aagcttgatt ttacaggctg    125520
     gtctttgtca gaaaagaaaa cgatttgggg cctgctttcc attaaaaaga aaaccttact    125580
     gagacttctg taccctcact acctgcctaa ataatttctt cttaaatcct atatcactgc    125640
     cagactctga gctagaatga ggtgacacag aaaggctggg attgtgcaga atgcatttta    125700
     gtaaacatgg ctgagtgtca gtagtgatgt ccagttgcca ggggcagcag tgacatctat    125760
     cctagccttg gggtccagtg tccagcacca ggatgtcaga ggtgtgagca gtggtgtctg    125820
     tgctcagcag caggggcagt tgttcctagg agggacctga tccaggggcg tgggctatgg    125880
     attcttttct gggatgtgta gttttcagcc tggttctgtg gccttcccca caataaaatt    125940
     aacccccaat accaggtata ctactttatg tataaattac agaaatttgt tttccatagt    126000
     tttctccaag aagtgagtga gaaatgaatc tatggaccag ggtcagagag cagcattcgg    126060
     aggtgttcct tgtgtgacag ccacatcctg aattgtctac ctggcctcta cctcatggtg    126120
     gagagatcaa cagggattat cacatctctt aactgatgat atacatcctc cctttccttt    126180
     ctgcaagaaa aatcctcttt taaacagggt ttgaaaaccc acccacccac cctgggcact    126240
     ctctgatctc tgaggttcct gatctggctg agcaacaaga tttctggtgg aggcttagaa    126300
     aatactcagg ccactcctca gaacccctgt ctcacaatat tatgcacaag accaaggaat    126360
     catttacata acaagcccta caggcgaggc cgatgcagac gtggggtcct ggtgttctgg    126420
     ctactccaag tgtgatctgg agaccagcaa cgtgagctcc agccttgtca taaatccaga    126480
     atctcttgct cgactccaga cttcctggat ctcagcacca catccaggtg atcctggtgc    126540
     acacgggagt tccttgtcta agcgtcctct agacatgggg ccagaactgt gcagtctgct    126600
     ctgtggtctg atcagatccc ttagaactgg aggtccaggg ttcagtcctt gcgctgattc    126660
     ttttccacag tcaatcactc ccttggtgct tcatccatgc ttgaggtttt aagtatcgtt    126720
     tatgtggtgt gagctcctaa atctatttct ccagcccagt cctttcccct gaactgtgga    126780
     gttgtctgcc cagctgccac cccagctccc ccacctgcat tcctagtaga catctcctcc    126840
     actgagtgcc tgtgatgccc cctcctcagg atgctcctgc cagagtctcc ccatctccac    126900
     tgacagcagc tccacccttc cttctactca ctcattttac aactatgggt gtccttgatt    126960
     cgtctttctc acaccacaga tacaatccat tggcaaatgc tgtgagtcca tcttcaaatg    127020
     catccagaat cccctcacgt cccactattt cctgtgctca caccccagtc aaggtaaccg    127080
     acatctccag cctggaatac tgcactcgat tcctactgtt ttcccttctg cctccctcat    127140
     ccctcgcctc tcaattctgt tctcagcaca gccatcagag atccttttaa gaaagaagtc    127200
     atatcatggc tctcttctgc tcaaaactgt cctctaactc cccatcccac tcagagcgag    127260
     gtcagacgca accccactcc cctcaagccc acctgctctg gccatacctc tgacctcatc    127320
     tagtttctct gtccagccct cctggcctcc ttgctcttct gggaacacag acaccttcct    127380
     gccctagtac atttggactg gagtttcctt gcctagaaag aacttcccca gacatcctca    127440
     tgtccctcaa atctttcctc aaaggtcatc tttgcaacaa ggcacacatt gacaactcct    127500
     gtccaacagc caccttccct gtccccactg cccatacccg gatcacctgc ctcatggcac    127560
     ttaccacctt ccatcacttt cttttcttac tgtggttata gtgtatgtat cgtctgcctc    127620
     ttaccactga agcatatgct cagatatttt tctgatttta cttcaatggt gttccccaga    127680
     tgcagaactt ttctgtcctg tgtctggctg acaacaaagg tcagttgaat gatcagtgta    127740
     gagcacctcc tactctaaag ccagtatctt tattaacata gcctcaggcc aagtgctgtt    127800
     ttgtggcagc tgcagcacaa ggtcccctca cactgacacc gaggccgcct gtacttttct    127860
     cagcagggct gcttgtgtgt cctccctccc ctatccctcc tcccacacca accgccccgc    127920
     acactgcagc acacgatcag gtttctctct tcaggaagga acaattctag actatggacc    127980
     caattttaca aacaaataca aatctaaatt aggctctgct ttagattcat gagttgggat    128040
     tggagtcagc acgaagatca ctggaatcag ggaagggaga gagggcagga gaccaaagca    128100
     gaagaggagc cctagaagga gggcaggagc tgaatgggtc tgaaaatttg tctcagaaag    128160
     cacagggact cccgtgtgca ggggctgccc tgggcgatgg gtgagcctct gtggtcacag    128220
     cttccgctgg acaagtttcc actgaaggga caaggacaat ggagcagtga aggtgaccca    128280
     gctgaggact gaccacataa agcccatgaa gaactgaaca gcaactaggc acaggccccg    128340
     tccacactcg gctcctcaca gccttcccca cccccacctg caacagactc agcacagcga    128400
     acatgcaaat tctggaaggt tctcaggtct ttatttgctc tctcaacttc taggaattga    128460
     cttatttaat taatccatca acgcttcata gcaaatattt gagaacacaa atttatattc    128520
     aggttcttaa cttcattagg gaagtaagaa gttgcagctc agtgcaccat gaatttgaga    128580
     cagagatgga gacatccagc cccacctctc tggaacagga aagatgatcg gggagggaac    128640
     acaggtcagt gtggggacag gggtcacggt ggacacgggg gtgggctgtc tctccacctc    128700
     ctcacattat gctaacagga acgcagacac attcagacgc ctttgcagaa agagatgcca    128760
     gaggctcttg aagtcacaaa ggagaggtgt gaagaaatcc tgcatctcag tcccacacag    128820
     gcagctgtct caggctacag aacacaatag tcatgaacaa attcaggtca gtcatggtaa    128880
     gtgatgacac tctgaacggc ccaccacaca ctcgaaacgt cccaatcaaa gaatccccat    128940
     tacccaggcc ttttccctct gccccacccc cgaccacttc agctccccag aatctcacct    129000
     ttacaagtga tgagagactc atcagagccc tgggcactgt tgctgcctgg ggtagaacaa    129060
     aaaaaaagac ctggtcagag cccgcaggag atgtgggaca agaggaatta tggagtaggt    129120
     gagctcctcc acacgcccgc cgccatcact tacacgcagc ctgagagcag ctccctcctt    129180
     ttccacctgt gggaagaaaa tgccctatga ggggactggg aggaggcagg gccatgtgat    129240
     cttaggggaa cctcctagtc ttggacccaa gagaagtttc cagaactacg actgcagacc    129300
     cagggcagga tcaggaaaca tggggaaagc agttgtgggt tctggaccaa ctgccctcct    129360
     aaggtctgtc cttagcaggg accttcccct gactcatgaa tgctggaatc aggaccccaa    129420
     caccataatc atcaaggtga tacatccgtc cttcattgtc acatgtgctt cacaaaagag    129480
     taagtgctgg cacacagggt cccaggctgg gatggcccat gtgtggatgg tgcttccagt    129540
     aacaaggcgg ggcacacttc tacctggggc ttgaaactcc cagtgggaca agaaaaccca    129600
     gaccccgctc ttcacccctt ccctacctga gctcttcctc ctacacatca tagcggtgac    129660
     cacagctcca aggacagcta ggacaaccag gacagccagg ccagcaacga tgcccatgat    129720
     ggggatggtg ggctgggaag atggctctgg gaaaggagga gaaggtgagg ggccctgacc    129780
     cccaagcctc agccctgacc cggctgaagg gctccagaag gacttctgct ttctctgata    129840
     agagatgtga ccccccattc ccctccttac cccagctcag ggtgaggggc tcttgcagcc    129900
     cctcgtgctg catatggcac gtgtatctct gctcttgtcc agaaggcacc accacagctg    129960
     cccacttctg gaaggttcca tctcctgctg gcctggtctc cacaagctcg gtgtcctggg    130020
     tctggtcctc cccatcccgc tgccaggtca gtgtgatctc cgcagggtag aagcccaggg    130080
     cccagcacct cagggtggcc tcatggtcag agagggggtg gtgggtcacg tgtgtctttg    130140
     ggggttctga cgggaagagt cagaaaattc agacactttg catctctctt gggacactcc    130200
     agcagcgccc atgtgaccat cctgagaatg gacaggacac ctggggtggg gaaggcggca    130260
     cagaacccag acgccagcct ggacacaggc acctgggata atctcctatt cattggaaag    130320
     ttctagtctc tgagggagga acagcgactt ctggtcctga cctgagtgga ggctgcagga    130380
     ctcagaaaag ctggaatcaa accttcagac acattgagtg tgaggcagag aacaaggcct    130440
     gagagaaagg tcagcagcct gaccacagct gctgcagtgg tcaaagtggt caaaggagac    130500
     ccctgatcag tattccaggg actgtcttcc cctccatttc ctcagagact tcatccctta    130560
     attgtcctag agagcagagg gggccctcag aggaaactca ggaaaactca tgccattctc    130620
     cattcaaggg agggcgatat tccagtgctg atcccatttt cctcccctcc tcgtgggagg    130680
     ccatcccggg agatctatag gagatgggga aggctcccca ctgcccctgg tacctgcgcg    130740
     ctgcagcgtc tccttcccgt tctccaggta tctgcggagc cactccacgc acgtgccctc    130800
     caggtaggct ctcagctgct ccgccgcacg ggccgcctcc aacttgcgct gggtgatctg    130860
     agccgcggtg tccgcggcgg tccaggagcg caggtcctcg ttcagggcga tgtaatcctt    130920
     gccgtcgtag gcggactggt catacccgcg gaggaggcgc ccgtcgggcc ccaggtcgca    130980
     gccatacatc ctctggaggg tgtgagaccc tggccccgcc cccgcggtca gcccagtccc    131040
     ccgagccccg ccccgccccg accaacccgc ggggattttg gcctaaaccg aaaatgaaac    131100
     cgggtaaagg cgactggggc tctctccggt cgagggtctg ggcgggttcc gcagatccac    131160
     cttggggtgg atctcagacg gggagactcg gggcgacccg ggccgtccgt gggggatggg    131220
     gaggggtcgt gacctgcgcc ccgggccggg gtcactcacc gtcctcgctc tggttgtagt    131280
     agccgcgcag gttccgcagg ctcactcggt cagcctgtgc ctggcgcttg tagttctgtg    131340
     tctcccggtc ccaatactcc ggcccctcct gctccaccca cggcgcccgc ggctcccctc    131400
     tcggactcgc ggcgtcgctg tcgaaccgca cgaactgcgt gtcgtccacg tagcccactg    131460
     agatgaagcg gggctctccg cggccgggcc gggacacggc ggtgtcgaaa tacctcatgg    131520
     agtgggagcc tgggggcgag gaggggctga gacccgcccg acccacctcc ctgcgcggct    131580
     ccccgggtcc tgcgccctcg ccgggcgggc ccctcgctcc tctccgcaga ggccgcttcc    131640
     ctcccaaccc cgcactcaca ggcccaggtc tcggtcaggg ccaggcctcc cgagagcagc    131700
     aggaggaggg ctcggggcgc catgacccgc atctcggcct ctggggagaa tgtgagtccg    131760
     ggtgggtgac tggggacttt agaaccggga ctgcggagac gctgattggc ttctctagaa    131820
     cccgacaccc aatgggagtg ggaattgggg acgcgtcatg agtattcagg aagaaggacc    131880
     cgacgcaggt tgggagaagt gaaactcagg ggagtggaga atccccaacg cggcgcctcc    131940
     ccaatgcaga cacggccctt ggagcctgag accctgagag ccccgcccgg gacctgggac    132000
     ttcgtcctga tccctcttct cctacaccaa gcatctttgt cacactgtgt gcctgagtcc    132060
     tggacaagga tctgtctgtg gaaaccaggg agagacccca aggctgcgcc cagccccttc    132120
     cccttcactt ctcctcctgg aatccccgtc cctgaactgg actccctgcc tcccaccctt    132180
     tgccttacct tacctcacct caggtaatat taaactacat ccagcaaaat aaaggacact    132240
     tacctctccc cttggactct tgtacaggga aactcaccat ggggaacttg atgccagaca    132300
     gtgagctcgc cctgggaatg gacgtgtaga gtcaggagtt ttctctttaa acctggtgaa    132360
     gttttgtctg aaagcaccag gtagagattc tcatagagac cagtttcctt tttgtttatt    132420
     gatacagtag gtagcacaat attggtaatc cctgaatgat tagaattcca atctgtgaaa    132480
     gacctgtgtc aaaactgcat tacaattaaa ttctcaaagc tcctgtttta ctttcgcaga    132540
     ctatggatct gtgactctgg gttgttgcat ttaaagttat cctcattctc tagccagagt    132600
     ttccctgtgt gagtccagaa catctcctga atacaaagaa gcagggtttg ttactgtcta    132660
     ttgcaaccgg gagcctgtag tcatcacctc aaagttgcga gggctccatg cagtcccaat    132720
     gctcttcacc agcgctccag cactgcccgt tttcgtgaac tatgcacatc taagcagtgt    132780
     gcatatttta tttggacact tgatattttt gtaacccctt tttaaaaaaa aatcataagg    132840
     agcccattag ttttaaggca gtcacacaaa atgtattaaa taccgaatgc aaagaacccc    132900
     ctgccaggct cttctactgc tttagaattc tttcctctgc tccttttcct cacctcctgc    132960
     ttctccagcc cttctctctg cccctctcat ccctcacacc ctctttcccc tttagtcccc    133020
     gccaccctgt cactcctgaa ttgtggcact aacactgtcc ctcacctcct gcccatgtct    133080
     gttctcccca cagtgctcag cagtcctgct aatgtgactc aggtcgtgtc atttcttcac    133140
     ttataatggt tggattttgg tctaccattt tgctatacgt tttcaatttg tctcgtatct    133200
     ttttgtttct gttcctcctt tgctactttc ttatgtgtca agtaaacatt ttttagctta    133260
     tggttttaat tctcctagtg gcttttagct atatttcttt acattaattt tttattgttg    133320
     taagaattga aacccaattc cttgactttt cacagtgaaa ttcaggtaat attaagctgc    133380
     atccagcaaa ataaaggaca cttcaaatgg tgtagtttca tttaaactat cattatgcta    133440
     ttattattgt atatgttaca tcaatatacg ttataaactc aacgatacag tgtaatactt    133500
     tttgttttag acaagcagtc acgtatcttc aggaaattaa gaaaatgagt gtgtatgtga    133560
     tatgtgtatg tgcatcattt ctgttgttaa ttgttccttt ctgtatatct gggtcaccat    133620
     ctagtatcat ttcccttcag cctgtagaac gtcctttaaa attacatgta gtacaggacc    133680
     cctaggaaat gaattttatg ggtttgatga tctaacaatg tctttatttt tgccttcttt    133740
     cctcccccct cccccccccc tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg cttattaggg    133800
     cgtttacgtg taaaaaaatt caccagtttt agctgcactt tttggtggat attggtaatt    133860
     atttatagtg taactaccac actgcccagt agagaaacac caaatgcaaa gatcctccta    133920
     ctaggcccct ccactgcttt agagtccttt cccctgctcc ttgtcctcac ctcctgcttc    133980
     cccagccctt ctctctgccc cttatccctc agaccttctt ctccccttac ctccccctcc    134040
     cagtcactcc tgagttgtgg cgctgtagag aacagtttct tttccctaaa aactttcttt    134100
     atcccccttt ctatttaatc cttgcctccc accctcaccc cttcccttca ttcaaccact    134160
     gctgtgcttt ctgtcactgc aatagtgaca tttctagaat ttcatggaca tgcaatcata    134220
     tgttatgtag tcttttgttt ggtctctccc ttagcataac gatgtttgag atgatgccat    134280
     tcattcattt ttgttgctga gcagctgccg agtattgctg gaatcccagt ttattcattg    134340
     gtttctgtgt ctccagttga tagacatgtg gattcctcca gttagggctt gttattaatg    134400
     aagccactat aaataactgc ttacaagtgt ggacttacat ttttatttct tttggataaa    134460
     tacgtatttg tggaattgct gggccatgtg gtaatagatg ggtaactgta taagaaattg    134520
     ccataccgct ttacaaattg gctgccacat tttttgcatt cctaccagca atatcagaca    134580
     ttcctatttt ttccatattc ttgccagtgt taagacttat catatgtctt tttaacttta    134640
     tctgctctag gtgatgtgtg atggtttctc attgtggttt taacttgcac ttctttgatg    134700
     actagtattg tttgctatct tttcatgttc atctaagcga cttattacat atattttatg    134760
     aactattttg caaattcaat gattaattcc agagactttt tcagaattcc ctagtgtttt    134820
     ctacatatac aatgaagctg gtgacaaaga aagactttca tttcttcctt tcttatccat    134880
     tgatcttttt tcttttaaaa ttattattat ttggtagaga tgaggtctca cttatcaggc    134940
     tggtctcaaa ctcctgatct caagtgatcc tcccacctca gcctcccaaa atgcagggat    135000
     tacaggcatg agccaccatg cctggtcctt gttgcactgg ttaggatgac tgttaggtgt    135060
     ttaaacaaga atgatgagag ctcacatgtt tgtttacaag gaacttaaac aaatttacaa    135120
     gaaaaaaacc catccccatc aaaaagtggg caaaggatat aaacagacac ttctcagagg    135180
     aagacattta cgtggccaag aaacatatga aaaaaagctc acacacgtat atgaaacgtg    135240
     actgtttata atcctatcca aaaaagaact gatttcaagc aacagcagta ttacttccat    135300
     tcaatacttg gacctgcaaa catcaaaaaa gccactggag aaactgaacg actctctgaa    135360
     agccttaaac taagatatga agaagttgaa atctggaaaa aacttgagga aaaggacaag    135420
     cagggggaag cacagtggct acaacaaaaa aggcaggaaa caggaagaga ggatggcagc    135480
     acgttggcta aaggttcttt ggagattgta ttggattcca aagacaaaac ccaaaagagc    135540
     aatggtgaaa agaatgaaaa atgtgagacc aaagagaaag gagcaatcac agcaaaggaa    135600
     ctatacacaa tgatgatgga taaaaacatc agcttgatta taatggatgc tcaaagaatg    135660
     caggattatc aggattcctg tattttacat tctctcagtg ttcctgaaga agccatcagt    135720
     ccagtagtca ctgctagttg gattgaagca cacctcccag ataattctat agacacatgg    135780
     aagaagaggg ggaatgtgga gtatatggta cttcttgact ggtttagttc tgcaaaagat    135840
     ttacagatta gaacaactct ctggcatctg aaagatgcac ttttcaagtg ggaaagtaag    135900
     actgtcctgt gcaatgggcc ttgggctttg gttttagagg gaggctataa aaactggttc    135960
     ctttgctatt cccagtatac aacaaatgct aaggtcactc cacccccaca acaccagaat    136020
     gaagagttgt ctatctcatt ggattttact tatccctcat tggaagaatc aattccttct    136080
     aaacctgctg ccgagatgcc acctccacct atagaagtgg atgaagacat agaattgata    136140
     agtgatcaaa taagtgataa tgatcaaaat gagaggacag gaccactgaa tatatcaatt    136200
     ccagttgaat cagttgctgc ttctaaatct gatgtttcac ccatcattca gccagtgcct    136260
     agcataaaga atgttccaca gattgatcat actaaaaaac tggcagtcaa attgcctgaa    136320
     gagcatataa tcaaatctga aagtacaaat catgagcaac agtctcctca gaatgaaaaa    136380
     gttattcctg attgttccgc caagccagta gtttcctctc caactctcat gttaacagat    136440
     gaagaaaagg ctcatattca tgcagaaact gctcttctaa tggagaaaaa caaacaagaa    136500
     aaagaacttc aggaaagaca gcaagggaaa cagaaagaaa ctgaggaggg aagaacacga    136560
     gcaaaaagcc aaaaagaaac aagaagctga agaaaatgaa attacacaga agcaacaaaa    136620
     agcaaaagaa gaaatggaga agaaagaacg tgaacaggcc aagaaagtgg ataaagaaat    136680
     ctcagcaaag aagggcaaag aaataacaag agtaaaaaga caaagtaaaa gtgatcatga    136740
     aacctctggt gccgagaagt ctgtagagga cagggggaga agatgttcaa ccccagaagt    136800
     acagaaaaag tcaacaagag atgtgtccca tacatctgcg acaggggatt caggttcagg    136860
     caagcctttt aagattaaag gacaaccaga aactggaatt ctaaggacag aaacttttag    136920
     agaggataca gatgatactg aaagaaataa aactcaacga gaaccttcga taatagcacg    136980
     aagtgaagaa atggggagga tggtaccagg actgccttca ggctgggcca agtttcttga    137040
     tccaatcact ggaacgtttc attattatca ttcaccacta acactgttca tatgtaccca    137100
     ctggaaatgg ctccttcatc tgcacctcct tccacccctc caactcataa aggcaagcca    137160
     cagattcctg ctaagcagga tagggaacct tccaaactga aatgctctta ctcctcccca    137220
     gatataaccc aggctattca agaggaagcc agcagtaact ccaacagtta atcaggaaga    137280
     caagccaaca tgctacccta aagctgagat ctcaaggctt tctgcttctc agatttggaa    137340
     actcaatcct gtttttggag gttctggacc agctcttact ggacttcgta acttaggaaa    137400
     tacttgttat atgaactcaa tattgcagtg cctatgtaat gctccacatt tggctgatta    137460
     tttcaaccga aactgttatc aggatgatat taacaagtca aatttgttag gggcataaag    137520
     gtgaagtggc agaagaattt ggtataatca tgaaagcccc gtggacagga cagtatagat    137580
     atatcagtcc aaaagacctt aaagtcacca ttgggaagat caattaccag tttgcaggat    137640
     acagtcaaga ttcacaagaa ttttttctgt tcctaatgga tggtctccgt gaagatctaa    137700
     ataaaactga taatcggaag acatataaag aagaaaataa tgatcatctc aatgacttta    137760
     aagctgcaga acatgcctgg cagaaacaca agcggctcta tgagtctatt attgttgcac    137820
     tttttcaggg tcaattcaaa tctacagtac agtgcctcac ccgtcacaaa aagtctagga    137880
     cacttgaggc cttcatgtat ttgtctctac tgatagcatc cacaagtaaa tgtacattat    137940
     aggattgcct tagattattt tctaaagaag aaaaactcat agataataac agattttact    138000
     gcaatctttg cagagctcga cgggattctt aaaaaagaaa tctggaagtt accacctgtg    138060
     cttttagtgc atctgaaaca tttttcctac aatggcaggt ggaaacaaaa attacagaca    138120
     tctgtggact tcccgttaga aaatcttgcc ttgtcacagt atgttattgg tccaaagaac    138180
     aatttgaaga actataattt gttttctgtt tcagatcact gcggtgggct ggatggaggc    138240
     cattacacag cctactgtaa aaatgcagca aaacagcggt ggtttaagtt tgatgatcat    138300
     gaagtttctg atatctctgt ttcttctgtg aaatcttcag cagcttatat cctcttttat    138360
     acttctttgg gaccatgagt aactgatgta ggcacataag gagacatagg ttataaacta    138420
     gttatctttt aaaaggctca gcaacacaat tcttgaaatg cttatcaaga taatggtagc    138480
     aatagctggc catttagagg aattctagga cagtgggagc tgtgttacta gcactatata    138540
     attcctgtca gtggtgacaa ataacactta acaagtattg cagtaagcat cacttacagg    138600
     taccatttat ttcaaaacaa cttttttagt ctgctccaaa gttaaaataa ttaactagct    138660
     aagcattatt attctactgg tctaaaaacc tttgtaccct ttttttcctt ttcactgtta    138720
     cagccttttc acatttctaa atcccatctt catatactat gaatactcta gaatgatgtg    138780
     aagcagatag gaatgtatgt gtacatattt attgcatact tacacatcaa atcgatatac    138840
     atagtttaac atgtggtcct ttcgtgaaac ttagaactca gaggattgca tttttttctt    138900
     tgagcatatt ttgagtaact gcagtgcttt cttagggaaa tgacagggca aagctatttt    138960
     tctgttggct ttgggggcat ttgggtgcgc taaatcttta tcttaaaaaa taaatggaaa    139020
     cttcctttaa ttttttaaaa tgagacatta aaatcttaat gagaaaaatt aaaaaagctc    139080
     aatatcactg ctcattagag aaatgtaaat caaagccaca atgagatacc atctcccgcc    139140
     agtcagaatg gtaattatta aaaagtcaag aaacaataga tgctggtgag gctgtggaga    139200
     aataggaaca cttttacact gttgttggga atgtaaacta gttcaaccat tgtggaaaac    139260
     agtgtggcca ttcctcagag acctagaacc agaaatacta tttgacccct tgggtatcta    139320
     cccaaaggaa tataaatcat tctactataa agacacatgc acacgtatgt ttactgcagc    139380
     actatttaca atagcaaaga cttggaacca acccaaatgt ccatcagtga tagatggata    139440
     aagaaaatgt ggtgcatacc accatggaat agtacacagc cagaaaaagg aatgagttca    139500
     tgtcctttgc agggacatgg atgaagctgg aagtcatcat cctcagcaaa ctaacacggg    139560
     aacagaaaac aaagcacctc atgttctcat tcctaagtga gagctgaaca atgacaacac    139620
     atggatacag ggaggggaac aacacatatc agggcctttt ggggagtgtg gggggcaagg    139680
     gacgggaact tagaggatgg gtcaataggt gcagcaaacc accatggcag actatacgta    139740
     tgtaacaaac ctgcaggttc tgcacatgta tcctggaacc taaagtaaaa taaaacaaag    139800
     caaattaaaa aaagaaagcc catgtcttac atgtatgcat atgttcattg cagcactatt    139860
     cacaatagca aagacatgga atcaacctaa atgtccatca atggtagact ggataaagaa    139920
     aatgtggcaa atatgctcta ccggcaggat ttgatggcgt gatgtctcac agaaagttct    139980
     ccactcccag acatgggtcc ctcggcttcc tgccttggaa gcgcagcagc aggcattgtg    140040
     ggaaggtgaa gagcttccct aaggatgacc cgtccaagcc ggtccacctc acagccttcc    140100
     tgggatacaa ggctggcatg acccacatcg tgcgggaagt cgacaggcca ggatccaagg    140160
     tgaacaagaa ggaggtggtg gaggctgtga ccattgtgga gaggccacca gtgggcattg    140220
     tgggctgcgt ggaaacccct caaggcttcc ggacttgcaa gactgtcttc gctgagcaca    140280
     tcagtgatga atgcaagaga cgtttctata agaactggca taaatctaag aagaaggcct    140340
     ttaccaagta ctgcaagaaa tggcaggatg aggatggcaa gaagcagctg gagaaggact    140400
     tcagcagcat gaagaagtac tgccaagtca tctgcgtcat tgcccacacc cagatgcaac    140460
     tgcttcctct gtgccagaag aaggcccacc tgatggagat ccaggtgaat ggaggcactg    140520
     tggctgagaa gctggactgg gctggcgaga ggctcaagca ccaggtacct gtgaaccaag    140580
     tgtttgggca ggatgagatg atcgacgtca tcagggtgac caagggcaaa ggctacaaaa    140640
     gggtcaccag tcgttggcac accaagaagc tgccccgcaa gacccaccaa ggcctgtgca    140700
     aggtggcctg tattggggca tggcatcctg ctcgtgtggg cttctctgtg gtacgtggtg    140760
     ggcagaaagg ctaccatcac cgcactgaga tcaacaagaa gatctatagg attggctagg    140820
     gctaccttat caaggatggc aagctgatca agaacaatgc ctccactgac tatgacctgt    140880
     ctgacaagag catcaaccct ttgggtggct tcgtccacta tggtgaagtg accaatgact    140940
     ttgtcatgct gaaaggctgt gtggtgggaa ccaagaagtg ggtgctcacc ctccgcaagt    141000
     ccttgctggt gcagacaaag cagcgggctc tggagaagat tgaccttaag ttcattgaca    141060
     ccccctccaa gtttggccat ggccacttcc agaccatgga ggagaagaaa gcattcatgg    141120
     gaccactcaa gaaagaccga attgcaaagg aagaaggagc ttaatgctgg gaacagatat    141180
     tgcaactggt gggatctcaa taaaagttat tttccattaa aaaaaaaaag aaaaagaaaa    141240
     tgtggcacat atacaccaca gaatactatg cagccataaa aaagaatgag atcatgtcct    141300
     ttgcaggaac atggatggag ttggaggcca ttatccttag caaactaagg caggaacaga    141360
     aaaccaatta ccacatgttc tcacttataa gtaggagtta tatgatgaga acacatggac    141420
     acgcagaagg gaacaacaca cactggggtc cacttgaggg tggagggtgg gaggagggag    141480
     aggatcagga aaaatagcta atgggtacta aggcttaata cttgggtggg tactaatggg    141540
     tacagaaata atctgtacaa taaaaccgca tgacacaagt ttacctatat aacaaacctg    141600
     tacatgtact ccttaactaa aaataaaagt taaattaaaa aaaaaagaaa caaagaaact    141660
     gcatatctgg aaagagcata tggttgggtt ctgtgttttg tttttttttt ttaaccaatt    141720
     cacacaatct ctgcccttca ttggagtgtt gattcatata ggtttttttt tcattattga    141780
     taagttttag gtctaccatg ttatttcctc agttttggtt tctctgttcc tcttgtcctg    141840
     accaacgact tcttattaga aaccatagaa acaaaagaaa gtagaataac acctttaaag    141900
     tgctggaaga aaaaaaggac aactaagaat tctatatcca gcacagatgt ccttcaagga    141960
     caggcaaaat aaggagatgt ttcaggtaaa agaaaattaa gagaatttgt caccagcaga    142020
     tctgcacaat aacaattggt aaagaaaatt cttcaggcta aaggcaaatg ataccaggtg    142080
     ggaaatgagg ttatcagaaa agatgaagat gatcaaaaat ggtaaatact gagctaagtg    142140
     caaaaggcta tcttgttccc ctcatttact ctaatttata tacatagaac tgtttaaaga    142200
     taagaagaag tttttttctt gtgggactta taacctatat agatatatta catataatat    142260
     ctgtaccata aagatggaca ttttatagag gataaatggt tgcaagattt ctctatttat    142320
     gggtactagt acatttttaa ctgaaagtgg actgtgaaat gttaagaaga gttaaattct    142380
     gaaggaaatt gagacacaaa aaccattcaa aagattaaca aatctcatga tggttttttg    142440
     aaaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aataaaaact aaacaaaaat aaaaccctag ccagtcttga    142500
     gtctcatcat tctacgattt cagaactatt gtgaatacaa aagtaatcaa agaacagtcc    142560
     tgcccagaaa gaggagttat ccctaaatat ggtgtccctg gaacaggtgg ctctccctgc    142620
     tggacctctt ccacgtgggt gctttctgca gtgactttgt tgccttgcta ttccacttta    142680
     cccagtgtcc tcacccaaga gacaaggggt gtctgctgct gtatccacac ttggagaaag    142740
     aaaccttgat agtgtcagta cattacaagc tgggcatgac agctcacgcc tgtaatccca    142800
     gcaattcagg atgctaaggc aagaggattg cttgagatca ggaattggag accagcttgg    142860
     acaacatagt gggaccctcg tctctaaaaa aaataaaaat cagtaaacgg ctgggcctgg    142920
     tggtgggcgc ttgtatttcc aggtattgtg gaggctgagg tgggaagatc ccttgagctc    142980
     ataaatacaa ggctgcattg agctacgatc ccaccactgg gctccagccc aggccagagt    143040
     gaggtcttga ctcaaaaaaa tacattgtaa gcctttgctc actatgggtt atttattatt    143100
     tattcaatgt gtattttgat tttattttac tggcagcaca ataaaccagg acatgctgaa    143160
     actagaaatc acatccactt tccagtgtta aaaagcccag tctagggagg tgagaaggag    143220
     acagtcctca ttagcgttga ggattcaggg agatcgagat gggctgggca ggaaggttct    143280
     tacttggaac ctggaggatg agcaatgaca ttcctctctc caccttaaag ctcatcctgg    143340
     gcatctgcct cctgggagca ggagcactgc aagctccgcc tcccgggttc acgccattct    143400
     ggctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggacaaca ggtgcccacc accacgcccg gctaatgttt    143460
     tgtatttttt agtagagacg gggtttcacc atgttagcca ggatggtctc aatctcctga    143520
     cctcgtgatc tgcccacctc gacctcccaa agtcctggga ttacaggcgt gagccaccgc    143580
     acccggcctc tccttgggat ttctttactg gacaccagcc tgagtcaact ttcctgtaaa    143640
     gcaaaagaag cgtgaggttg ctaaaggagg aatggtgtga tctccacctt tggcgagatc    143700
     cctgtcaccg tgttcaggcg aagggccagg ccttactccc catgcagaga ggaggctatg    143760
     gccatgaaga cgcctgtgga gaagtgagga cccgctccct ctacactgat ggccaagagc    143820
     ctacagatgg cggagaaggc ttcccttcag ctgtgtccta tcaggttctt ccaggagtca    143880
     aggagtagac ctgcatgtta cctctggtga tgtaagctgc atgcacacct agaagtgagg    143940
     tcacccctgc tgggggtcct ggggctgctg gttgttctgg gtgctcagtg tccagaaaag    144000
     aagatgggga ggaggctttg tgcaaaacag taaccatact ctataaatta ttttttcatt    144060
     agcctttgtg tcataaaata aaatatagga ctccaaaaga aaaaaatgtc taaaatttgt    144120
     gtcctttaat acaaagtaaa cacccattaa tcaccaggga tagatgtttg tggggcaaac    144180
     cagaagcccc atcatttgct ccagcccagc aataaactct ttcttccctc aaataaaaac    144240
     acaacctgac ttttacgatc atcaattctt tgttttattt ttatttttat catccaatat    144300
     tatgatttag ttttaccttt agaaatatgc ttttgttttc tttattctat agattcttcc    144360
     ttgaaattta tattgtgtgg tagagcttcc catagtgtgc attttgctga ttgctcccca    144420
     aggcatagtt taatatgtat ttctattatc tgtattgcct ctaaattggt aattggctat    144480
     ggagatcagc ttctattcag gcttggtttc tttttcactt ggacttgttt gatggtgctg    144540
     tattgtgttc ttccatcaag aggaagaacc tcacattagt tttttctttt attgtgttgt    144600
     taattgccat tgctattcaa tggctaaatc tgttaattca tgatgggttg caaaagagtt    144660
     attatagtct cagtctctca ttccttcttc atttattatc tgaataattt ctaagtaaga    144720
     gattcaccct cctctactgt ttgtttacta ctagaaactt ggtttttgag agactaagcc    144780
     aatcatctac tcacctatga tccagcaata gcactcttag ttctaaacca atagaaatgc    144840
     atgtatgtgt gtgccaaact atatgaaaat attattcata gcagcacgat ttgtaaaatc    144900
     tgtatacaac aaaattgtct atcaacagtg aaaggacaag aaatgtgagt tatttataaa    144960
     gtggagcatt ggacagccat gggagtgaat aggctacgac cacacacagc gagatgatga    145020
     gacccagggt catgatggtg actgtataat gccattcaac tagacctggc agaactcatc    145080
     tgtattagaa atcaagagtg gctactctag ggtggggagg gtggtttatg actgagtagg    145140
     acccaaagat gccagcaaag taggcctcta cattaaaaaa aaaaagagag agaaaaatta    145200
     aacagagaaa tttaaaagtt tataaataat gtttacttgt attcaagaaa attatagcga    145260
     cagccgccag ataatgatca gctctaaaaa gagaagctca agaagctcat gccacagcag    145320
     ctggtacagc tgaggagatc agataaacca gcacaagcat ggtcatgaaa gggagctgca    145380
     gacatatggt ttccagagtt tcaaaatcca tatgactaaa atctatgtga tgcgtattat    145440
     atgatgactg cctcaagaca gacaggtgtc cacttagaga cacagagctg tgacttgcag    145500
     gggctggttg attttctcag aactcattaa cctaaatcca ttagttacca tcctgtttcc    145560
     actcctatca tcacctcaga caaccctgcg tttagctcaa gattcttccc ttcatcgtaa    145620
     ctgaaagtca ctaatgactg caatcaattt gaaatactat aagtaggtaa gatttcctca    145680
     gtaagtaaat ggtcttagca tatttttgaa gtcataacta taatcaaagc ctgggacatt    145740
     tatttgctct aaacaagcag ttattcttca tccagaatta cacaatagaa gctctcattc    145800
     ttgcatttcc caacagtttg ccttagccag gaaaataaac cccatgggtc tctagcatga    145860
     ccacagtgca agaataaggg gaagggcaga ggtgagaact aagtgctctt ctacagctac    145920
     gggtctatca aggtaatctt gagaggtact tatcaatatg tgatgtgcca gcaacaacat    145980
     gagggaagat aaccacgtgt ttctaggata aggcaaaggc cctgctcatg gattcatccg    146040
     taatctgaac acagcacatg aagagtgaac agctgtcaat atctactttc acctcaatgt    146100
     aaactttcaa aattaagacc aagtggagca cggtgccctc tgaagcactg tctgtcacac    146160
     actaaggagc taagaactcc tgtggcctcc tttagaacac agctcttcca ggacacacaa    146220
     tgagcaggcc tgctttagca cccagggccc acatgcagct gctctgccca gagctgccca    146280
     gctcctggac cactcacctc tgctcctgct ggctggtgcc caagctgtaa gggctggcaa    146340
     atattttgag tattggtccc aaaggcccct gaaggtgaaa ggatcttgtt cttcattttc    146400
     attacttcta agcactgaga cctcttacaa gaatcatcca caagcattta ctaagtgaat    146460
     gttcacagga aacccttcct gaaaagggtc cttccaactt tacatttgac aagtgtgtac    146520
     taaggcaata aaactattca actgagcatt caaattcaca cagaggatac cacgccaaga    146580
     aaatgaaagc agaaatattg gattctcctt atttgttaaa cctttccctc tagaaccaac    146640
     agcttttcaa actcataaaa caccccaaaa cagtaaaaca atatcaatta ctcatctgaa    146700
     gatatccacc tgaaacacag ttattaatct tcaaaggcct agcaccaggc agcttcacac    146760
     agcacatctg cagaattgta atgatcaata agagtaaacc caaagtacac taaatacttt    146820
     catggcctac aggaaaaaaa aaaaacgctc ttttcaggac gatgtaatag ttacacccta    146880
     tttcttcatg tgcagcatga tattctatgc ttaatggcat ttaaatgtta cacagtaaat    146940
     actgagaaaa cccagaattt ttggatgtgc agaagcaata tcacatcatt aatacaaaag    147000
     gtgctcagct gcgggattat aataccattg agtgctgaga ccacttgaaa tcttaagtac    147060
     attcttagca tatggtctcc tggctgtcac ccagcctggt accagctacc cacctgttgc    147120
     atagagctag ccccagcact gccttggttg ggccggttgt ttttgtcaaa ctctaagtct    147180
     ccctcagaat ccctgtactt ctccactgca atgtattgac agggttgtga ccttgtcctt    147240
     cccaaggggc tcactcttgg cctcttgctc acacagatcc tgcacctttt ccagtcaaat    147300
     ccccattcca gtagcagcaa ggagatcact tctcgtatca ctttttggtg gctgtgcagg    147360
     ttcttgacac tttgcctcag ctactggtgg tagtgtgggg gcgaatgcat ggggaagaca    147420
     aaaaagaaga actgagccaa gaggcctggt ggggaaagtg tgtggctgga ggagggaatg    147480
     ctggacccag gggccagtgg agggagggtg aggaggaggg tgtgtggagc cagctgatat    147540
     gaggaaggag gcggcaggag gatttgcaga aggcaacaaa ggcagtttgt actgtaaaag    147600
     ggggaagaga aggaggtctt gacgggttgt aatatgcaag cacctgtgct gggagcatcc    147660
     tgtagtctcc tggagccata agtgcacagg attggaacac agctggggta aggcagggaa    147720
     gtgggggccg ctcttgaggt ccatttaggg ccatgtgcct cactgaggca gaggaggggt    147780
     ggcactcaag ctcaggggcc tggtttgtgg gcccatgtgg acatgcatct tcagctgcct    147840
     aggaagggtc gtgagaatgg tttggagtag ctcgataaga gcatccctaa catccattgt    147900
     atgggacctg ctgtctaggg acaggggttc ttgcaggatg ctccatggta cacactgaga    147960
     caacctgttg ctgggtctaa gctctttgtc atatgccatc atattccact catggtgctt    148020
     gtttctggct tttgtaatcc ttttcacatc ataagtggtg ccatctatgt ggttttgcta    148080
     cttttgatgc cttctgtctt tccttttgtc ttctgtgtcc tgcagcactt cttctttcca    148140
     gaggtcaaat aaatgggaag gatcagtata gaacttcagc ctgtctttat catctccatg    148200
     tgctctcatg ctattcaggg gaggtggtca atcactctga ttgtaaatgt cagcagcagg    148260
     agtaggaatg ctgctctttg aaactgcttg ctggtcttgg gctggggaac ttttgagggc    148320
     tttttccatg ttgatgtcct gtggtgacac ctcttccact gctgaatcca gctgagtgac    148380
     tttgaccatg aggcaacaaa ttctaagaga atttgatcta atgtggaagt agttagcctc    148440
     cttaaatagc tcaccaaata tgtcttcagc atgtatgttc agattgctta gctggtgcgt    148500
     aatagtgaca agattgttgt tggttacact ttcaagtcac tggtaatccc ttcaggcaga    148560
     gttccctggt gcaaatgctg ggattagatg ctcctcttca cgggaggcat ggcttataat    148620
     gttctaattg actaatggct tcagaaattt cctcaggaag catcaccact ttgattcaga    148680
     taccagcagt aactgcaatc aaaattaaaa tgatcagtcc cgctgatgta gaggcagaga    148740
     ttgcactggt agctccctga tcttactcca caccagaaca cacatccctg gggctagcta    148800
     agttgcctca ggccaggcca aggccttggt caccctattt gtaattttct ctgcagttat    148860
     tttgctttca tttattgaac accttagata tgagctaaaa tcccccacca aatgtgggaa    148920
     actttcaact attattttct caaatatttt tttctgatcc tgtgtcttct tttgaggatc    148980
     cacttgcata tctggtcacc tgctttatat tctctgatgg gttcatgacg ttctcttcat    149040
     ttttttcttt aatcttattt caatctgtgt tttggatttt agaattgagc acattctgga    149100
     gatttatatt caaagtcaca ggcttgttct ttattctgcc atctcaaaac ttctgtggac    149160
     ctcttccaga atactttcat tttctttttt ttctgtttga gaatttccac ttagtatctt    149220
     acgtggtttc agcaggggtt tctgggtgtg tgtcctgcat ctgtgtaatt tagaggttga    149280
     ccaagtattt gggtcattta tactcagatt ttgtgattca acttcattgt ggttgctttg    149340
     tttctggaat tctctttgaa tttccaattg ttttgttaga ctcaaatcct gccttttcac    149400
     ctctcaagcc agtaagattt ttgctttctt ctactgagct ctgtgcaggt tggcaaatgc    149460
     actcagtcca tgttactgaa gacttgcaga tcttaccagg atcatttatc tctttggagg    149520
     gtagacctcc ctctagtttc tttctggttt ttcaccagat tcccaagtgg cccacaccca    149580
     tgcagagttt agtgttcaac tagggatgag cataatttgc attcacattg ttgatctcaa    149640
     ctcttctgca gctctctttc aacattctca tttacatttc tagctgattt gggctctgaa    149700
     ctctataaac tgcccatatt gagccactag ggctgcagtt atctgctggg aggctgaaga    149760
     gcactcatag gtaagaagga aaggccacca acttgcagtc cttacctaag acagaaggag    149820
     tcttaaacaa gaaagctctt atcacatatt gcttgccttt gttaattttc cagtgacttc    149880
     aaatgtttgt ttttagtatt tagtacagtt ttcatgttgc tgttggagga aaacttgctg    149940
     gtctatctct tcatgttgcc ataaccagaa gttctaccct gaaagagact tttgggagag    150000
     aaggtcacag tccacaattc aatcttctga gacaaatatg gatccaggca ccagaaactg    150060
     tcaagttaga tttctaaaat taaaataaga ttagagctgg gtgcagtggc tcatgtctgt    150120
     aatgccacaa ctttgggagg ccaaggtggg tggattgctt gagcccagga gttcaagaca    150180
     agcctgggta acatgacaaa aacccatctc tacaaaaaac acaaaaatta gccaggtgcg    150240
     gtggcacaca gctgtagtcc cggctacttg gaaggctgag gtgggaggat cacctaagcc    150300
     tggggcggtc gaggctgcag tgagttgtgt tcgcaccatt ggactccagc ctgggcaaga    150360
     gagtgagacc attgtttgaa aaaataaaga ttgaatgaat aataaaagaa gattaggcct    150420
     ggcatctgtg accccaaggt tctatgggaa tcactgactt catacaacct acaatgataa    150480
     agaaggacac cctacatata tatgactggc ctctttagta ttggagagag cacattccat    150540
     agctcataac tttccgacag tctgtgaatc aagtcaccaa aactgcagct aaagttgaat    150600
     ggaggccatg gaagtagttc agtgaagtac aaaacaagca ctgcttttgt tcttgattct    150660
     ttccccaaac aatgcactca catgttttta ataaattcta cagccggttg tagctattgg    150720
     caatgagacc tcccattatt gaggccctgg tctttttaac ttgaggaatt ccagcaaatc    150780
     taaggagtac aagctctttg agaaataact gcatgatatt attaaactct aatgaggaca    150840
     gatgatttca ccaatgaaaa agtatgactt catatcctgc aagggtattt ctctaatcca    150900
     aaatcctatg agctagtaca agtacagaaa cattccataa taaatggaaa tgtcattttg    150960
     atccaggcaa aagtcaagca tatctgccat ttggccctaa atgcttattt ggatattgtt    151020
     gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttgtgt gtggcagtca    151080
     taggactcat tgcccaagtt tcagggtttg gggaaaaagt tccattcttt ttctgaattt    151140
     gagtaatagc ttctggctta ctactgggcc ctggtagatt ctgaattcta tgatcatgat    151200
     acagaaaatg accaagtgac ttgagatgcc cattatgacc tgagttttat cgggtcactc    151260
     atgctcacca gccctcagtc tgcaagggga aatggtatac acagcatcag actttagcag    151320
     gttccataag gccaggtaag ttgcctaata atttgtacta tactcctaat gttcttatta    151380
     ccactggaga gtccactctc ccttgtctca ttattgaggt cttgaggagt tccctaagga    151440
     caactgactg tagaaggaaa aaaatttgag tatgcttgga taccccagag ttaactgtca    151500
     gggcattaga gtctctttca ggaatcatca ttaagagtaa tggaaataaa aatacttcca    151560
     gtgagaagat gttcaattag accatctgga agtgcagttt accaaaagga gaaacgtctt    151620
     actgttgggt cctaatcaat gcacagcagt agctagtagt ttccttagat agtcagtgac    151680
     tttaaaggaa taagatggta aggtttgtga taaggagcgt tggggaggag atttgaacca    151740
     ctcacatggc acatttaggt aaacatacct accctcatgc taacaaaaat ggatagtgaa    151800
     aaaataaaac acaatgtaga agcattgaga ggcttaaact ttaataaaaa ttgtcaaatc    151860
     ctaaatcacg gaattgtgca tttacttttt ttgctgagct tatttactta atgtaggata    151920
     attaaggttt agttttcatg gcctcctaag gcatttggaa tagaagacag agttcaggta    151980
     gcactcagag tgggaaattt aatagagtgt tctcctcatt tcaccaggat cccaaagcca    152040
     gctcctcagt ataaggaaaa catccttgct tgaaggtctc cccagaaagt caccttggtg    152100
     ctgagtggag aggggcaaaa ccttctcctg agattaaaga gaagtggatt tgcagcccga    152160
     gttcacactc cctgggtggt ctaaaaatca tcaaggcatg aatttatttt aaagtagtgc    152220
     agactccaag gaaccttgga aaatcaagca aaacttctct gaaaaatttc tactgtcatt    152280
     ggcactctga aaattccaaa aaatcattac accagcaaaa ggagcactta acagttaaga    152340
     acaacaacag agaacaatgt tcataagaga caaagcaccg tgaaagaaca agaaaataca    152400
     acagacagca gaatcataca atcatataac tgagaaatca gaataattgt ataggatata    152460
     aaattgctaa atgggctatg attaaagaac agattgttaa atacatttag tgactataaa    152520
     actataaata atcttcagaa aaatttgaag agacaaacac ataacactta agcatgaaaa    152580
     tataataata aaatttaaat ctcaatgaat tttgaagaca aacaatttaa cacaaacaca    152640
     cctagtaaag tacaagaagt tctaaagaat gtactttagt cacaaaaaga tatcccaggt    152700
     agaaagtatg aggtgaaaga aaaaaacaaa caaaaaataa aggtaaatgg atggttaaat    152760
     ataaattgag gtttaaaagg atagtgtata tattgagaat ctataaatat tgttaaatga    152820
     aatacaaatt attttatctt tttccaggtc taatgttgga tttcttttct tcatattctg    152880
     attaaaattt caagataaac ttctcactca taatgtgtcc cattctggtt ttgttttgta    152940
     catttcagta taatgcatat aaaagaatat tctgcgggtc tttttatggt atctttccaa    153000
     gctattgttg gattgtccag tacttcacgt tctccaacct tgtaagtaat gaatgtacaa    153060
     gttcaactgt acatttttac tagtgggcag ttttccacaa tatgaatgcc attcatgtag    153120
     ttggcgggac ctgccagtgt atctttcaga accacggaca gatctacatg ttctgggatg    153180
     tagggagcta gagtgctctc tcaactggat gcaatggaat gccagggagg aaagtttaag    153240
     ataaactcta gtcaccacgg aattgtgatt tttaagcata gtaagcatag tctgaaatac    153300
     cacattcttt ccaacccctc tctgcaccca atacgtcatt agccctgtat tttatactca    153360
     ctgtcataaa agaacctgtt ggggaagggg aggtagcttt aggtcagtct tggtacaatc    153420
     atacagtggc taaattagta gatctagtgt aaaatggcct ggaactgaat tctagcctca    153480
     tatcttcaaa attatggaac tttgggcaag taacttaaca tctctgtacc taattttctt    153540
     gaacaagtta cagtttacag atttcattta tttattgtgg ataataacat ccttctcata    153600
     tggttgtgat aaatattgaa caaaataatc catgtaggta caaaaaccag tgcctgaaat    153660
     atagcaagag ccttttaaat gcagccatta ttgttattat ggttattctt attgtcgttt    153720
     ttcacagaat accttctggt tcccacacag gatctctgag gacctgttgg atcagcagct    153780
     cttttgtaag attcgttgat attgtgaaaa ttctctaatc acagcccagc tacaatttta    153840
     cagaagttcc caatacctta tctgaaggtt tcttacagtc agattatgag tcttggttga    153900
     aggcatcttc tggagtcatg gtaacactcc gggtattctg ggaaaacagt gatttcaaaa    153960
     tacagtttgt cttgttgaga ctaggaattt ggaaaattcc agtctgtgaa gtgaagggag    154020
     aggagatact tccttagcag gaggaagaga atgtaccaag tacagggcag ttaaagaaat    154080
     gtttgtttga tttttttgcc agtggttata tctgtggttt cattagttaa atgccttatg    154140
     tggtacattc ttcccaataa gtatttttaa aagcctctga aaggaaggag ctcttgctac    154200
     caccatcctc tcagtcaagt gggaataatc tggtgagcat agcagatgcc aatcagttca    154260
     taaaaagctc aatcttcaag tttgcagaat taattctaaa aacgagaaga gtattggaca    154320
     tagaatttga catatatgtt gcatgcagaa gctgatattt tagctttata gtttacaggt    154380
     ccctcagaat gttttatact tttttatcat aactgggaag ctgtcacttt aatctttgag    154440
     taggactaag gtatgaaaag agcaatgatg gtgtgctcaa tggctatatt actaaacaca    154500
     agaatgtttt cagctcgatc tacctgagct acatggagat ttgataacta aatataaagt    154560
     gaatggagat aaatgcctta cttaccttct gcagatgaca ccttctagtt agcaagtggc    154620
     agatccagga ctactgggct aggaagctgc ttgggctgga gtacaagggc agtttcaggg    154680
     atagagaaat taacaggcag agagggaatc tctgagacta ggaaagacta actgcagctg    154740
     ggcctagatg atctgagatc caaatgtagc tgttgatctt aaattatgca aagtagcaat    154800
     ggaactgtca gtcagtcagc atgtctagct agtcagacag atcaggagtt taatcactga    154860
     cgttatggga aatcagaaaa ctctgggatg gctgggagaa tatgtgcata tagacatctg    154920
     tagagtgggt gacaaataaa tgaaaccacc taaatattta ccccagggga gtaggtgcat    154980
     ataacatact atggaacagc attaaaatga tgagttaaac cattttttct gtgaaattca    155040
     aaggatgttc atgatataat agaaataaaa atatcaaatg gtagggcact gtgaatacaa    155100
     tgtaattttt caaaagctac aatgagcaat aagatgaaat aaaagtcatc tagattaaaa    155160
     agcaagaggt aaaactatct caattgcaga tgataaaatc ttatatagaa atacgaaaga    155220
     attcactaaa aacaagctta gcaactacta aaccactaat actaaattag tttagcacat    155280
     tggtaggcta caagatcaaa atacaaaaat tgagtgtgct tctatagagt atcaatgcat    155340
     taatacaaat gttatttaaa aatccaactt acaatagcat taaaaacaat gaagtcagaa    155400
     gaaaattgag ggcccagcaa tactcttcac ttatatggtt aattggtttt ataaaacagt    155460
     gctaatataa ttcagtgagg ggaagaaatt atcttttcat caaacagtgc agaaacaaca    155520
     ggctatccct atgcaaaaga ataaagctgg atccctactt cacaccacat ataaaaatta    155580
     cctcagtgta tcaaagacct aaatgtgaga cttaatatta gagaactctt agaagaaaac    155640
     ataagcataa atcttcatga ctttggatta ggtaaaaata cctgatctta aatgatacca    155700
     aaggcacaag caaaaagagg aaataaaaga taaattgaac atcatcaaaa ttaaaaatgt    155760
     gtgagtctaa ggacaccatc aagaaagtga aaagaaactc attgaatggg agaaaagttt    155820
     tgcaaatctt atatctggca aggaaaggac ttgtatctag aatatataaa gaatggttgt    155880
     aactcaatat aataatatta ataataagat aataataaac aataaataat aataataata    155940
     agacaaataa tatacaaaag gcccataagc acatagaaac atgttcaaca tcattaagca    156000
     tcagggaaat gcacatcaac ccaaaaatga gatactattt cccacccact agaatggcta    156060
     taattaaaaa gataataatt agtgttgatg agaatgtgga gatactagaa tactcacact    156120
     ttgctggtgg ggatttaaga gacatagccc ctttagaaag caggctagca gtagctcaaa    156180
     tttgtgaaca ttaagttatt acatgaccca gcaatcccct cctatgatac agtataccca    156240
     agagaaatga aaacatgagt tcacataaaa acctatatgc catgtttata gcagcattat    156300
     taatcacaat ccaaatgaga aggaccaaaa tgtcaccaac taataaataa attgtgatat    156360
     atccatacaa tggaatgtaa ttcagcgatg aaaaagatgt gaagtactga tacaagctac    156420
     gacccacaca aactttgaaa atgttccggt aagtaaaaga agacagacac aaaaagccac    156480
     atgttgtata atttcattac ataaaatgtt cagaataggt aaatctgtag agttaaaaca    156540
     taggttggta gtttcttagg gctggggttt ggatatggat ttttctgcag ggctgggagg    156600
     agataaaagg atctgtaatt gattgtggta atggaggcac aactgtgaat attctaaaag    156660
     ccactgaatt gtatattttg aatgtgcgga ttttatacta tttaaattat atctcaagtt    156720
     gccctgaaaa tgattaaatt acatataaaa cttatagtca ttacagctca acaaaagcta    156780
     ccagataaaa acactcacta tggtttgcgt gcaagtgaag aaagtagaca tgcagagagt    156840
     aggctgatac aatagtaatc accttagtta agtgggtttg gatttagtga aaggagagat    156900
     ttaaaagtat atttatgcat attttgattg tttcatttcc tactgtgagc aagaattatt    156960
     tttacactaa aatttaaaaa atagaaagtt acaaatcttc aaagctctgc agtcaaataa    157020
     acatagtaac aagtgataat gagctgtctg gaatgtcttc ctagagaact ggctgaagca    157080
     catgcatgca aaaggaaggc aatggctgaa gaatcaaggc agaactacag tggtagaaga    157140
     gaagaaaaat gtaaacatgg agatataaga caagaagatg actgatgaag gaagtggaca    157200
     tgaatactgt gaaaacctct tggggagtca gaaatgaccg ggtctacgtg ggagggaaac    157260
     tggattacag cccaagatgg ccagccatca gggacagtgt cccgaatcag attctgtccc    157320
     gaatcagaag ggctgtctaa tcattccctt tcttttcctt ccaacacccc agcaagatta    157380
     ttgcctaatt tacagccatg cacgttgaag aatcagtaca atttggagac tttgagacaa    157440
     cagacagaaa atttttgagc tcctctgggc attagtgagc tgttttcaga aaaacagact    157500
     cactctggta tttcaggaat aaatagaaat aagagcatac actaatgttt ggaaaccacg    157560
     ggtagcaaat attggtgaag tcatgtgaca ggcagaataa cagtctccta aatatgtctg    157620
     tgtcctaatc cctggaactt ataaaaatgt ctcctaatag ggcaaaagga aattttcaga    157680
     tgtgattaag ctgaggctct tgagatggga agattatcct ggattatctg ggcaggttcg    157740
     atgtaatcac aatagtcctt ataagtgaaa ggagtagaaa gcagcatcag agttagagct    157800
     gtgacaacag aatcagaggt caaagtgatg tgactgctga cttggaagat ggaggaagag    157860
     accacaagcc aaagaatgca ggcagcccca agaagctgga aagggtgagg aaacagattt    157920
     tcctttagag cctcagaaga aatgcagctc tgacgacatg ttaattttag cccatagtga    157980
     cacatttttg acttcttacc tccagaacta taagagaata cattggtgtt gttttaagcc    158040
     acatagttgt ggtaatttgt tatagcagca gcaggatact ataataatac cagtcaccat    158100
     tggagctcct ggaagctgca gtagggaggt cagggaagca tatactgaag acttcagctt    158160
     gaagcatgga tgggaggttc tcagaatcct gctgcgagat tgctatattc tccagaacct    158220
     atgagaaagc tcttatcact catcttagtc cacacaagca aagcaggtgg gtctctagcc    158280
     tagcagggaa gccactgaga acctgacatc tgcctgctcc tctacctgca gccaccactg    158340
     atgggtacag gtctgtccca ccatctctcc agggccccat ttcttaggca agtctctctc    158400
     actggaaaat gtaaactgga actatacagg gaaggggatc ctgggagata tagtgcctgg    158460
     cttctcctct gcagagaaga tgctagaggg gagatgaggt gatactgggt ttttaacaat    158520
     gcaacacatg agttactaac agtgaatgaa gggggactgg ctgacctcag tttgacaagc    158580
     aaatgtgcca ttagatgatg caaaccattg gtatatctat gagatttagt agttttagca    158640
     agctatttat tggagcaagg atgtatcaaa aactatgaaa agtgcaggtt taaaaaatgt    158700
     acaaaaaatt taatggacta cacaaatgaa ataaattctt tttttaatta tacttttaag    158760
     ttctgggata tatgtgcaga atgtacaggt tggttatata ggtacacatg tgccattgtg    158820
     gtttgctgca tccatcaacc cgtcatctag gttttaagcc ccgcatgcat taggtatttc    158880
     tcctaatggt atccctcccc ttgcccccat cccctgacag accccagtat gtgatgtttc    158940
     cctccttgtg tccacatgtt ctcattgttc aactcctgct tataagtgag aacatgcggt    159000
     gtttggtttt ctgtttctgt gttagtttgc taagaatgat tgtttccagc ttcatccatg    159060
     tctctgcaaa gcacatgaac tcattctttt ttatggctgc ataacattcc atggtgtata    159120
     tgtgccacat tttctttatc cagtctatca ttgatgggca tttggattgg ttccaagtct    159180
     ttgctattgc aaatagtgct gcagtgaaca tatgtgtgca tgtgtcttta tagtagaatg    159240
     atttataatc ctttgggtat atgcccagta atgggataaa taaattatta actatgctgc    159300
     tattttattt atttaaaaat gtgagttcgt ggtctgagta atttacctca gtatgactca    159360
     agaagggcac tggaagtccg ttgatctggc cagaacagaa ccacatatat gaatggaaaa    159420
     agtggtcttg tgtctgccaa tcccaggggc ttacaggatg ctgtctagaa taggctggct    159480
     acagcaactc ctagttaagc cagaagtttg gaatgagttc aattttgggg gattaaattc    159540
     taatgagagg cagaaaacag gaaagtttat gcttttccat gctaatcaat ggccccataa    159600
     acattttctt gtatatattt ttgtaatttc aaaaaactca agtgttttat cagtaatttc    159660
     ttagaggtgc acacagagag agatgagtat aattgtgaag ctaagttttg taaagcacag    159720
     ggatggctaa gaatgggaag gaactgatcc cagaatccca cagagttaac cagtaaccct    159780
     cagcccaagt acgtgatgac cactgttgag cttcaaagga aaagcggcca tctgaggagc    159840
     aaacagaatt gcatgaagaa taagagtgca gacggtgtcc taaatacagt gctgagattc    159900
     atgtagaagc acaggaggaa gcaactgtgt aagtatccag agtcctatga agtagggatt    159960
     tcaatcctcc aagccaccct ctcccatctg ctaacaagga tcaaggcttt tgtggatgta    160020
     actggctgtg gttgatggga acccctgtga tccctatggg gttacacata gcttcggaga    160080
     ggggaatgaa cacacacaca gcaaagggaa accatctggg cctttactga aaccactggc    160140
     tgacccctgg gttaaagtat gtatgttctg agtactgatg ttaattacat acagacattg    160200
     ctcagacccc atgtcacctc acactgctgg aaatttgcct tgacctcgac tctcaccaat    160260
     gaccttatgg gtagtttcta tgaccagctg acttaagagg aaaattctga gcttcttcat    160320
     aaacatgcca gcttagtgtg ttggtgtgag gcagcagtag agtgtgtctg cagtgtgggc    160380
     aactcaggaa tgagcagaga cagtgctgaa gagggtcctg ccaataggca ggtggggctc    160440
     tgatttgccc actttgtgta gacagaagtg gcctgaggtg agaacatgca cagactcata    160500
     ggcaacggca aatggcttaa atagcgggtc cggggcctgg aaggagcaag ataggaagat    160560
     caggaacagg aatatctgga aagaggcata cagtagatac aaagtgcttg gatcttttgt    160620
     atcagatgtt aatactcagc aaaaattacc ctctatacaa gtagtctaaa caaccaggtg    160680
     tacaggatga atcatttggt acacatcagc cagcctctgt ccttaaccat cccagtgctc    160740
     atgaaacagg ctcttgaaag cagtatctat ggtggaagag atgcactgtg ggtgggtccc    160800
     aaggcttggg ctcccttcag catggctgac gtggttattg tcacaaccta ccttccaacg    160860
     ataaataaac tccaacagat tacctttgct tatggaggcc aatgagcaat ttgatggcaa    160920
     attgattcta ctcttacttt ttcacaatga aaaaggcagg ggttctgtca gatttagctt    160980
     gccttgtatt agcggtatga gtttgttctt tcttcccata gtgccacact cagaaacgtt    161040
     atctaagggc tcacatatgt atgatcttct aataggggaa ccacataaca ttgccccaga    161100
     ctaagggacc tactttatag cgaacgctgt ctggtagtgg gcacacgacc atgagatctc    161160
     ctggttctac cccatactgc atcacacacg ctgccagctg atagagcagt ggaatggtct    161220
     cttgagggtg cagctgggtt ttatcttgaa gatcacatcc tatcaggatg ggtaatgtcc    161280
     ttcaggatga agcatacact taggctatgg cagcagctgt tacatagtgc caagtctcca    161340
     acaggtagag taagtaagtc tctaaccacc agtgctggaa gaaggaatga ctatactcac    161400
     cagcacttcc ggtaacccgc gtggggtgtt ggtgcttccc atcccctcaa cgtactcagc    161460
     tggtctagga gtttgggatc ccagagaagg aagttcctac catggaacag agtacaagtt    161520
     acattacgtt taggggtatg tttgttacct gttcaatttg ggttcctcat gctaggaggc    161580
     tgttgggaaa aggaggggtt actgtataag cagggataat tgatcgtgat tattatgagg    161640
     agcagaactt taatttctgt cttaatttct tgctgaaact ggtaacagtg gttgcatcca    161700
     ggcaaggaat ttggaagaat tgtggatggg gtggagaacg aaatttgctt tgcacactat    161760
     acacattttt attattataa tcttttaaat attgttcttg tattagctat tcaaaataaa    161820
     ttttaaatta caaatcaacc ccacatttat ctaaaaaatt tttttatttc aatagttttt    161880
     gggggacagg tagtttttgg ttatgtgtgt gagttcttta gtagtgaatt ctgagatttt    161940
     ggtgcaccat cacccgagca gtgtactctg tacccagtgt tgccttttat ccctcaccct    162000
     attcccaacc tccaccaaca agcccctaga gtccattatg tcattttgta tgtttttgtg    162060
     tcctcatagc ttagctctca tttataagtg agaacattca gtatttggtt tttccattcc    162120
     tgagttactc cacttaggat aatggcctcc agctccatcc aagttgctac ataaggcatt    162180
     atttcattcc tttttatggc tgagtagtaa tccatggtgt acatacacca cactttcttt    162240
     agccactggt tggtcaatga gcacttaggc tggttccaca tccctgcaat tatgaattgt    162300
     gttgctataa acatgcgtgt gcatgtgtct ttttcatata atgacttatt ttcctttggg    162360
     tagataccca gtagtgggat tgctggatca aatgatagat ctagttttag ttctttaagg    162420
     aatctccata ctgttttcca tagtagttgt actaatttac attctcacaa ccagcagtgt    162480
     aatccatcca tgccaacatc tattgttttt tgacttttta attaatgcca tttttttttt    162540
     tttgagacag aatctcactc tgtctcccag gctggagtgc agtggtatga tcttggttcc    162600
     ctgcaacctc cacctcccag gttccagcaa ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc gagtagctgg    162660
     gactacaggt gcatgccacc acgcccagat aattttttgt atttctggta gagacagggt    162720
     ttcaccgtgt tagccaggat ggtttcgatc tcctgatctc gtgatctgcc tgctttggcc    162780
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattac agacttgagc caccgcgccc agccaaatta atgccattct    162840
     tgcatgtata acgtggtatc tcatggtgaa ccccacattt atttagcaaa catttattag    162900
     gcagttacta tgtgtcaggg tctcctaggc ctcaatgagt gaaacatcaa agattccaca    162960
     aggggactaa aaaaacagct aaatgcaggc tactataatt agtgcgggaa aactgcttcc    163020
     aagaggatgc aatgtctaaa cagagaactg gatgaggaac acagttaatc caggtgaatg    163080
     gcaggagaaa tcttttaggg aatcagtatc acaaacaaag gctcagaaga aagaacacac    163140
     agggagtctg ggggaactgt cagcagttca gggtagagat tagagaaaga ggagcacagg    163200
     ggcaaaaagc aagcttggag cagtgagcag attcaatgac taaggcttgt ggggttgggg    163260
     agaacctttg gcttttatcc gaggacaatg tgcagcactg gcagcactga agtcaggaag    163320
     aaccttgatc agatctgcat tccagaatat cactttggtg aagtgtgaag aatgaactga    163380
     gagatgctag actgaataca tggagaagaa gaggttcggg gaaaccctgg caggaactgt    163440
     agggagaatg ttaggatgga ggaaaaggta gaaaggaccc tgagagatct gagtaatcaa    163500
     gacccagtgt ttcacacatg gaaaatgagg tggaaaagga gaaaggtccc catgtgaaca    163560
     gcactccatc tggaaaaatg acataaaaca agggaatttg gcccatgaca taagaggtcc    163620
     ttgggctcac atggtattga gtgatcaggg aggagtttag ttgagttcac ctctacagac    163680
     aggtattgag tgccaggtat gctgtcatca gggtcataag gaaatcaaag gtatctgcct    163740
     catatctttg tgacttacat gtctgatcct gcttaagaac tatgccaatc cccgactttc    163800
     caggaccccc agtaattttg tcgtgtccat gtgggaagtg agctgaggct tggcaagagg    163860
     atcttagccc atatggtcca aaaaatagta gaaatatttc tttagaagac acaaattccc    163920
     taattaaatg gactaattta tccatacaag agaaataaaa tcactaaaaa ataaactgag    163980
     tgaaggaaaa gaaatcaata aagtgtaatt accagaagtt cgtgggattc tgcatgaaaa    164040
     caagcttgaa gaaatagtga aagcagaaga tttgcctaac agtatgacac tcgaatgaaa    164100
     aaaaaaccag ataggtttag tggtgctgct tctttacaga tgcaggaggt ttgaaaagta    164160
     atagagaaaa acatttggag agaacgccat cttagctttc acacagaatg caagaccagc    164220
     ctttccagtg ggcgtctctt gatttttgtt tccagggatt cgatttcata aacacagctc    164280
     agctctgcag atcatctggc ccagtccagg acccgggttt gtaatgatct tgttcagtca    164340
     tggtccagcc tgtgtataga gaccctaaga tgatgcccgg tgatcctgtc tcttggcatc    164400
     tcatccagct gagaaccgat ggggcctaaa cttgcttcta accaatagaa agtgacaaaa    164460
     atgatgtcac ttccgtgatg aggtcatatt acagccgcac ttctgtatta ctagatgact    164520
     ctgtcttcta ccttctttgt ttgcaagttt tgatgaagca gaaaggccca tgtggcaagg    164580
     aactgaagtc agcctctggc caccagccag taaggaactg aggctgtcag tctaacaggc    164640
     atggaggaat gaatcctgcc aacaattgct tgagcttgga agtggatcct tccccagttc    164700
     agcctccaga taagacccag ccatggcact ctgatgaaaa tcatgtgaga aagctgcata    164760
     gctgtgtctg gattcctgac ccatagaaat gtgggataat acatgtgtgt tgttgtaagc    164820
     tgctaagttt gtggcaattt cttacatagc aatggatagc tgaaaacacc tcccacagct    164880
     ttcactgagt taagcgaccc ttggggccag ttagaactta tctcatcccc ttccctgtgg    164940
     cagcccttat ctttctcata ggttgacatc ccactttctc tttaccagtg tgaatgtcaa    165000
     gttctcttac tatctccgtc actctcctct cacaccatcc aggaggcccc actagggagt    165060
     ggcaggcaga gaggaggaag tgtggggtgt gggtagactc ctcctcatgg ttcaaccttg    165120
     agtgcaggta ttaccagttg gaagaagaga ggtcaggaac cagtagggat tggatggaga    165180
     tgagtgaaca ccccaccact ctcaggccca tgcaggctgt gaaataaaac cgtgatgaat    165240
     agactctgca tggcccctgc tggtctttac ccttcagcat tctagatagt gcacctcata    165300
     tgccatgatg caaacaccat tgactccctc cagggcagat ataaatctcc ctttcccccg    165360
     catccagcaa gcacactcca tcagcctatg ggtcacttca accccatgac tccccagtcg    165420
     ggactgtggc aaatgcaata gacttcagtc cagtctctgt gcctggagaa gaaagggaag    165480
     ctggtcagag cccacaggag gaggtgaccc acagggagcc agtagtaggt gggtgtgagg    165540
     gtgagtatga cagagcagtt acttgggctc agcagtcaga ctgtctcctt agagtcatga    165600
     gtcagcccat tgacagttac taaacttcct agtgacctca gtttccttgt ctgtaaaatg    165660
     gggctgatag ctgtctctag gtcatagggc tcttgtgagg tttaaatgat ttaattcatg    165720
     taaatccctt aggaacgtga ctgacacttt ttttaaggta caattctgta aaagagtggg    165780
     acccatccat ttaggtcctg tttccttatt ccaggtgtga tgaaaccagc tctccccaac    165840
     acttatcctg acccccgttc tatgcctgca ggtggagcgc tgttctgtcc cctacaacct    165900
     atggtgtggg gggcaaccag gaaaaggcca gggtggtgcc aagtatgagg aagtcacaga    165960
     gtaacacaca cacatacaca catacatacc catacctgct tatatacata aatatgtaca    166020
     gatacataca tatacgcact tataaacacg cacatacaca tagatgccca tacctgttta    166080
     tacatccaca tgtgcacaga cagacacaca cacattacac agtcccaatt ccttgattca    166140
     gtttggggcc tgggtaattc cagttcaatc tcttttaaga aatttaagaa tctgaaagag    166200
     aaagacctga gaatttttgt cccacaagag acagacccac ttcctaggca ctgtgggact    166260
     ttctgagccc catgtggccc tgctcctgga agctcatgga ggagcgggaa aatctgactt    166320
     aacatcaagg ttctgaagtc cagaggcagc cctaggaact ggccttccct gggtaccagg    166380
     cctccgggag tccagcaggt ccccttcctc ctatctcacc tatgacgtct cagcctgcct    166440
     tccacagcca agggcccctc ccaggctttg ctgcacagca ggaatctcca cggggctcta    166500
     gaaggaacag ggacagagtt taacttaacc ccctcgggtg atgcaccctc aggtccagtt    166560
     ttttggttct aacattggtg ataccacttt tcagtcttaa aatgtctttt tcggccaggc    166620
     gcggtggctc acgcctgtaa tcccagcact ctgggaggcc gaggcgggcg gatcatgagg    166680
     tcaggagatc gagaccatcc tggctaacac agtgaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaatacaa    166740
     aaaattagcc gggcgtagtg gcgggcgcct gtagtcccag ctactcggga ggctgaggca    166800
     ggagaatggc gtgaacctgg gaggcggagc ttgcagtgag ctgagatcgc gccactgcac    166860
     tccagcctgg gtgacagaga gagactccgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    166920
     aaaaaaaaaa agtctgtttc ttttctgatt tgcaaaaagg tttataactt ttgatactca    166980
     catctgctac tttctattag aacctagcag tccttcgtgg tactttcatc tactgtgtct    167040
     ctgccgattc cgtttcctgg tgttttatct tctggttggg ttaaagatta tatgtaattg    167100
     ttgggcacag agggccagga aagaaaaaga ttcccggtga agctagaccc aagtacctca    167160
     ctgttgacaa gggtaactac tgtcctttcc tatttacctc cctgcactcc ttcttctctg    167220
     tcctccctcc ccacccaccc atgggagagc ctcaggagcc tgggccagaa tccccaaccc    167280
     cgcagtaggg aggaggagga ggaggcggcg acggaggagg agaaggagga ggaggaggag    167340
     acggagactg ttcggtctcc tctttcctca aatatggatg cctccaagga acataattcc    167400
     agctccaaga ggtcctgacg tggggcctgg aggaccccag tacctgccgg cagcatcatc    167460
     tccttgccat gctccaggtg tctgagcagc cacctagtgc agtgacccat cggggcttcc    167520
     cttgtggcct ccgcggtcca gaacctctcc caggtgtgat ggatcctcca agccgctctt    167580
     tgagccgctg tccaggtctg caggtcctcg ttcagggaca tgaaatctcc ttgtcgtagg    167640
     cggacttaaa gtgtccttcg aggaagctcc tgtccggagc caccacccag ccagacagca    167700
     gcatctgcag gtgcggtgcc ctggacctgc cccagggtga gccggaggcg gggccaggga    167760
     ggggagggag gtcgccccgc ccaccccagc tccttcctcc ctctgtcatt ggtcacagaa    167820
     caagtcagtc atgatccaga ttgaaggaga aacctggagc aaaatggccc cagcgcttcc    167880
     ccacctgaga gggatcagct gaggccccgc ccccccatcc ctgggagaac cgggctggtc    167940
     actctggggt cggggcgggg cacacctgtg cccggagtct gaggtcactc accggctgac    168000
     cctggtggtg gtgcgggccc aggaacctca ggcccctcag taacacattc cctgcggtct    168060
     tcgagaactt tcctcagggc gcccacagcc ctgtgccatc ttctccaccc gcgcttcacg    168120
     ctctgattct cgccgcggct gtggaagctc aggaatcgcg tgtcgcccac gaaggcgccg    168180
     cggaggaact cagggcccac gtggtgaagg cggagcccgg cggccttcaa gtacccgggg    168240
     tgcgggcctg ggctccggga acccgcacat tgcgggcggg agaggcgcag ggtgcctggg    168300
     acgccgcccc gctcgcctct ctcctggacg ccgtcgccct gcctccccgc ggggacacag    168360
     cctccctccc acgtcccgcc cggcaccgga gccgctcact tgggagcttc ttactgtgtg    168420
     gggggagctg gggaggggac agagggacgg gaaccagggg agggtggctt ggggcggcgg    168480
     ctctgggaga agtgacctga ggagtctgca gatcccagcc cgggacggag gcgccgcgag    168540
     aggagctact aagccctcca agccgccctt tccctcttgc ctccccagcc cagttcatcc    168600
     tgatcttctc accagcccag ttctccctaa ggtcagggcc cacaaaggaa caggaagggg    168660
     gttccgggac acaggatccg gcttctctgg gtatcttgga gtccaggaag gatcctggag    168720
     atctcccact ttatgaagct catcctccac tgactctgat ggcttctcta gaacccgaga    168780
     ccaactgata aaggcgtccc atctggacgc ccttatcagt cctgggggaa aaacaagagc    168840
     caagggtgag aggtggccat gaggtcaggg aaacccctgc agaattc                  168887