ID   AL662832; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 161348 BP.
AC   AL662832;
DT   18-DEC-2001 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 20)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone CH502-141O14 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-161348
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Tracey A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 588fe85c3cb3d815d0894c6f5261a90b.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000251.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000623385; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; A0A096LP39.
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DR   GOA; A2AE50.
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DR   IMGT/HLA; L*01:01:02; HLA02661.
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DR   InterPro; IPR001841; Znf_RING.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2AE50; A2AE50_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H0Y735; H0Y735_HUMAN.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   CH502-141O14 is from a CHORI-502 human bac - COX cell line library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..161348
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-502"
FT                   /clone="CH502-141O14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 161348 BP; 46379 A; 34507 C; 34638 G; 45824 T; 0 other;
     gaattctccg gtcttttttt taaccactcg agcaatgggt ttcccaaccc agaacttctt        60
     ccgtggatac ctaagaagat gacatacata acaagctgtt actcagctct tcttactttc       120
     cttcatactt atctctcaat cctcatggca attatgaagg ggagaggaaa ggtatgatta       180
     tccccaaaca agtgacagaa aaacagtggc ccaaagacac cagctgaacc agggcttcag       240
     aacatcagta gactccacat ccagggcgct ctgtctacta agccatgttt ctaacctctc       300
     tgctctgtcc cacctcaaat aaggccagtg ggccaaggag ctggggctac acagagaact       360
     cataaggagg agagcaagtc tccagttctc aatgatgtgt cctgctcctc agaaaggcat       420
     caggatgaac catgggatgt gagtacctct ggcaccatac cactccccat gaattcaaat       480
     gcacctggtc agaagcgggg gaacataaac aagggggatg aggtacgcca tggagaggag       540
     actcttttac ctgtttagga agtctctcgt gtcctagaag ggaaagaaaa aagcacaagt       600
     atcaatatga atcaaataag acttcaatgc atctgcaccc aacactgtag cagagatggg       660
     acatatcagt gaacaaaaca aatgtggtcc cttttttatg gagctgacat tccagtgggg       720
     tcactgcata aaacaacaag aaaacaaaca aaatcggcac aatgacagaa gccacaatgg       780
     ctgggagatg acatgggcaa cctctctggg agatacctgc gcagagaatt gacggataag       840
     aagtactggc cggatgaaga gaggtaaggt aaaacaggaa agggcttagt gagaacggca       900
     gaggccagac tgcgcagggc tggatatgca tggtaaggag tttcactttt gctccacgta       960
     cagtggaaac ccaccaaggg tttcaagtag gggcatgata tgtgtgatcc gctctacatg      1020
     tggctgagac tgctgtgtaa cctccagagt ccactctccc cttcctcctt ttaataatag      1080
     aacccccgga gttattgctg gtcaggcggc cacctgggaa gactacattt tccagatccc      1140
     ctacgacaag gtctggtcat gagactaagt tccagccaat ggaatgtgat agaaagcaat      1200
     gaccataatt ctgggcattg tcctttaaaa aaagaaaatt gctttctact tcctttttac      1260
     cccaactgaa ttttggacat ggtggtggtg agcccaactt tgaccacgca gcagaggaca      1320
     acatccctag aagctggtgg aagaaccaca tggaagtaac ccagtccctt ggataagctt      1380
     atgtacagct actgtgatag ctctagaccc tgcacctctg aactgttaac tgaggcagaa      1440
     ataaacttct attctgtttg cgtcactgta cagcagtgag ccaaaaccct aagtgaccac      1500
     tcacttggct gccccacaga gaagggacta aggaggcaag aggaacatgg ggaggttggt      1560
     ccggaggctt ttgccgtgga ccaggggaga gctaaagatg gcctgaacta aggtggtggc      1620
     agtagggaga aaaagagaga agcaatacat tccaggtatt ttagagacag attcaactgg      1680
     acatactggt caaggataaa caagaacaga gcatggtttg tacagggggg agaatggtgg      1740
     tgctatctct gtgacagaca ggtggtaggg cagggtgagt gggaagaggg ctattctgag      1800
     atgctcagat tcccttttgt gagtcaaaag cctccttaat accctgtatt aattgatttt      1860
     tgccttcctt tcactcattc cacaaatatt tattaagtgc ttcctaggta ccaggcactc      1920
     atctagaagc ctcagaacag ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gagagagaga gacaaatccc      1980
     tacttctgta gagctgacat tctagcaggg ggaagcagac aataatcaat gtagcaaata      2040
     catcatacta cgtgagtgat acgcaccacg ggaaaagaga gcagagtgaa gggggatggg      2100
     agcaggggcc ggtggggtgc aggctggctt cctggagagg gtgagatttg ggaaacaaat      2160
     ggaattaaca aattgtggct gctgatgact gcttccaaaa gtttgggaag agttgtgagc      2220
     tttactccag aggaataaga caagaagtca gaggcacatc ccaacccccc gctatgaagc      2280
     aagtgcccag agactggtag cacatttctg gccaagtcct ctaacatgcc cctcaaaaca      2340
     tgtaagtcca aggcggcttc agaggacagg caacaaaaca gacagtgtgt cctgacagct      2400
     ctgctgacaa aggtggcata aaagagcaaa tgaatggagc agtagctgga gtgtgggcca      2460
     gaggcccatt tgggcatatt tcctgacatg gaagttccta gaacagtaga aagggagaga      2520
     atcatacagg agaaagaaga gtcctctaaa ggttaaaggt tgtgagcagc ccagagaggg      2580
     tgggtcccga gagccagggc agggctggcc ctgcggagaa gaggctgaaa gactcaggag      2640
     cccccatcca cagccacata cagggcctct ggagggaagt gatccgccca agtctcctgg      2700
     aggactcttc tcacccaaga catctgaagc tgtcatgaaa caggcagagc cgagcagtgg      2760
     ggctgcggca atgagtcatg gcaagctccc ggaggggatg tgcccggtta ctaacagaga      2820
     gcatcaagaa agttcttcac gggggtgtac agcaggagaa gcagggtaca agcatgccac      2880
     ctgatcctgc agggcctgcc cgggttacca gggcaggatg cagtgtctct ctgggcctct      2940
     cctgtcaccc caatcccttt aatgtcttct tgatgctccc agcccatagg tttgtctttc      3000
     ctttcctatc acctctatca aaaggtctct tctattttac acattttgtc ctgctgcttc      3060
     tccctctcac ctgtatttct attttatttt aatttttttg agacaggatc tcactatgtt      3120
     gcccaggctg gtctcaaact cctgggttca agcaatctgc ctgcctcagc ctcccaaagt      3180
     gctggaatta taggtgtgaa tcaccacacc agcctcacct gtatttctct atcagacttc      3240
     tggaccctat tttaggtctt tttcttacta tactttgaca gccaaataat ctctgggaaa      3300
     atattaatgc taattaggga ggtagctgtc cagttcccac gcagtacaat caaactcaaa      3360
     taagcacaca gacaaaatct accaatacca tttttctgcg tatggttggt tacccagttt      3420
     tcctagcacc atttattaaa gagactgtcc cttccccatt gtatgttctt ggttcctttg      3480
     ttgaaaatca gttggctgta aatatgtgaa tttatttctg agttctctac tctgttccat      3540
     tggtctatgt gtctgctttt atatcaatac atgctgtttt ggttactaca gctttgtagt      3600
     atatatatat atgtatatat acatatatat gtatatatat acatatatat gtgtgtatat      3660
     atatatatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat atatatatat atatattttt tttttttctt      3720
     ttttttaatg gagtctcact ctattgccca ggctggaatg cagtggcaca atctcggctc      3780
     actgcaacct ctgcctcctg gattcaagtg attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg      3840
     ggattatagg tgcgcaccat cacgcccagc taatttttgt atttttagta gagatggggt      3900
     ttcaccatgt tggtcaggct ggtctcaaac tcctgacctc gtgatccgcc tgcctcggcc      3960
     tcacaaagtg ctgggattac aggtgtgagc caccacaact ggctgtagta tattttgaag      4020
     taagatagtg tgaggcctcc agttttgttc tttttgctta ggattgcttt ggccatttgg      4080
     ggttttttgt gactccatat gaattttagt tttttttcta tttttctgaa gaatgtcatt      4140
     cgtattttga taacagggat tgtattaaat ctgtagactg ctttgggtag gacagtcatt      4200
     ttaacaatat taattctaat ccacaagcat ggaatatttt tccatttgtt tgtgtcttct      4260
     tcaatttctt tcatcagtgt tttatagttt tcattaaaga ggtctttcac ctccttggtt      4320
     aacttcattc ccaggtattt tattttactt ttgtagctat tgtaaatggg gttgctttct      4380
     tgatgtcttt tttagctagt ttgttattgg tgtattaaaa atgcagtaga ctttttatgt      4440
     tgattttgta tcctgcaact ttactgaatt tgtttattag ttctaagggt tttttggtgg      4500
     ggcctttagg tttttctaca tataagtata gccgttacgg aaaacagtat gagagtttct      4560
     caaaaaacta aaaatagaac taccatatga tccagcaatc tcattactag gtatttatcc      4620
     aaagaaaaga aaatcagtat atcaaaggga tacctgcaca ctcatgttta ttgtggcact      4680
     attcacaata gttgagatgt ggactcaatc taagcatcca tcaacagata gataaagaaa      4740
     atgtagcata tatacacaat ggagtactat tcatccataa taaatttgag ttcatggaag      4800
     taagacagta gaatagtaat gattagaggt tgggaagggg gctggggaga ggagggtggg      4860
     gagaagttgg ttaacagata caaagttata gctacatggg aagaataaat tctagtgttg      4920
     tgcagcattg cagggagaat ataattaact ataatttact atacattttc aaaaagctag      4980
     aagagaggat tttgaatgtt ccaacacaaa gaaatgataa gtgtttgagg tgacagatat      5040
     actaattact ctgagttgat tattatatat tatatacttg tatcaaagta tcactctagg      5100
     ccaggcacag tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc agcactgtgg gaggctgagg caggcgatca      5160
     cctgaggtca ggagttcaag accagcctgg ccaacatggt gaaaccctga ctctaccaaa      5220
     aatacagaaa atagccaggt gtggtgatgt gcacctgtaa tcccagctat ttgggaggct      5280
     gaggcaggag aatcgcttga acccaggaga cagaggttgc agaggcagga gaattgcttc      5340
     aacccaggag gcggagatta cagtgagctg agatcacgcc actgcactcc agcctgggag      5400
     acagagcgag actctgtctc aaaaataaac aaacaaaaac ctctacatcc cataaatata      5460
     tacattatat agcactaaaa ttaaaagaga aaacacaaaa caaaaaaaga aacctaccag      5520
     taccaataac atttcctata ctagtttcaa gctgacacca ttttctctcc cttcccttga      5580
     ccttatccca ccccagggag agctgcaatc tgagtgctct gagtcattga gggccaggct      5640
     tctgctctga gggccacttc tctgggtgca ttaggaaaag gcacccctcc gggcaaacac      5700
     aatggatttc agccccacca catcctcagc tgtgtgcctc tgttccacac agtaggcatt      5760
     cacacatggc aggggcgtga ggagaggaag gagaagagaa acgggcaaaa ggagatgcag      5820
     aaaatgaccc agtcaaagag tatgacgaga gaaatctgag agaacagaat gacatctgga      5880
     ggaaaagagg gggccagaga gacattctgg acaaaataag aacaagagct cagagcccag      5940
     gagtcaggac atctgggctc aagctgtgac ctgacaccca ccccatggcc tgggacaaac      6000
     tcctcccact ctctggacct cagtgacttc atcagtaggg gctgaactgg aaggtctaaa      6060
     atccctgcca gtcctcattc tgtacatctg aattcacaac aatgaggagc aggtggccgc      6120
     ctccttctgc agtctgtccc agtgcacata ctgcagagtc tgccttgcta tctctccctc      6180
     ctagctattg ccctgccatt agcctgggac tccaccttcc tagagatcct gggtggctct      6240
     gctgctgaca gacagaccca gccaccctaa acagtgcaag tgggggaata ccatcagaga      6300
     gcccctcccc tcccagccta tgagagcagg aaggttgagc cctctacccc tccaaagggg      6360
     actgggccct cttcagggta agtgtgatcc ccagaggctc ccggggggga ggagatgtgg      6420
     tgccatttca gcttcacagc cagttcttca gccccaaacc ctccctttct cactatcaaa      6480
     gccccctcct ctaggaggtg ccccgaggcc cccttgtctg ctttccatct tgttctctgt      6540
     gtggtaatcc catgggccaa agaaaacctg gccatctctg tctcccttcc ccagttaccc      6600
     tatctcttcc agatcctctg ggtctttgag aggagctgct ggtcagccct ccctcagcca      6660
     cccccaacca caacaccata aaaagcttcc accagctgct aaatgtctgc caatgacttg      6720
     ttaagagggc ttgtgatggc agtgatgagg atggaggatg gtaaatgata ttaataatct      6780
     tcccttccat tttctactat accatttagt tttttgaaca gttttgtgta aaaagtttat      6840
     tttttgaagt gacagcatgc cagttatttc attttatgct catgcaatct acagactaat      6900
     tggcagcagt aaggattatc atctccatgt ttcagatgac aaaactgagc ccccaagtct      6960
     tctaaggtcc tgcaagtgaa tggcagggct gggacccacc gtcctggtcc ctggcgccct      7020
     gcccagggac ggcctctcac ctgcatgagc tctgcagctg gctgctgcgc cttgccctcc      7080
     agttcggaga tgaccagggc cagccgggca agctccccga cgccccggct cttgaacttc      7140
     tccctgccct ccgtgagctc ctgctccagc ttcgccagct gttccagcag gtgttcctcc      7200
     cgctccctca ggaactgatg accctgctca aactcagcca caatgtactg cctctggtcc      7260
     tggagcttct tctgcagggg gcaggaaggg gagaagggct gacacctctg ctcagggtgg      7320
     agggcccagt gctggaggtg tgcaaggctg gctcgttcac ctcgctaccc ccgttcagga      7380
     attctacagg atctggagtg ggaggagcta cagagggttc ctggtccaca ctccgcttct      7440
     caaagaagac tccagtaatg aattagttca gttcacccca ccactatatg gtcaaaaccc      7500
     tgtctccacc tgactggtca gccacaatct gttctagcta aaccagtacg ctctggggcc      7560
     cctagagaaa ctctgtgggt ctcactcatg agccgacgca cttttccctc ctggacaaaa      7620
     tctgtcacct cttccaggaa gttttgcttg attaatgtca tctaagcctg accagccctc      7680
     tcttcagcac cccactgttc agtctaaaat atctatatgt accccacccc tgccatgtaa      7740
     gactgcatcc tgtttcctca gcaaaattgt gtgacgtctg tgcttaggga ctatgtcctt      7800
     tcctgcctcc aaatctcctc cccagctggg gttgggggag tcctcagtgg ccctgttgac      7860
     tggtgctgag ctgggggcag ccatgcacac tgagggcctg gaggggtcct tggacttggc      7920
     tgtctctagc ttactgtttc cctctcccta ggcctaatga ctcaccactg gccctgaccc      7980
     cactactcct ccactgccca cttcctcaac atacacagtt tcccagaaaa tcagaaccat      8040
     ttgatcagtt ccccccaacc ccatctctaa tcaagtacat aatgtgctgc ctgttttcta      8100
     actacagttg tcccttggta tcagtgggtg atgggttcca ggatctccct ccccaaggat      8160
     accaaaatcc aaggatgctc aagttcttat gtaaaatgga ataatagtta cataaaatct      8220
     actatatact ttaaattatc actagattac ttataatgcc taatataatg taaatgctat      8280
     ataaatagct gttacactga attgtttaga gaataatgac aagaaaaaaa atctgtacat      8340
     gttcagtaga gacgcttttt cttttttctg aatatttctg atccatggtt gggtaaattc      8400
     gccgctacga aacccacaga tatggaggag gtcccactgt actggcaacc atgatcctgg      8460
     gcctggacct cactacatac agtgccatca gaattggcag acctgcctta gctgttttct      8520
     agcccttccc tctcagttct taccctggag ccagctccct ccttctaaac cctctccact      8580
     ctcaggcaac cttgtctctc tctctctctt tgaaaggaag aatgaagcca caccttcttc      8640
     agtcccctgg cagaagagaa ccagcagctg gacatgggcc ctgccttcaa ggtgacagtc      8700
     acagaaaacg gaagggactc tagctgacat ccaggcagcc cacttgtctc tcagacaaga      8760
     aacaggccca agactacacg gctcagaaag acagcacttg ggctaaaacc caggtctgct      8820
     actgccaggc tgacacccat cctccctgtg agcagcgcct agaaacacct cccagctgcc      8880
     gcctacttgc ccaggctcac cctgccctac acgggcgcac cgcctcaggg cttcctgaaa      8940
     cagcctcact taccagcgcg gccaggatat cagcttctcc ctttgcctgg aagccctgaa      9000
     ttttgtctct gtctctcctt agggtactca ggtggttcag gattttttcc tgtggaaaaa      9060
     caagcagtgg caacaggtgg atgctctggg ctggggcagg aagggagact caggctgagt      9120
     cctctgagga ctgcaaggtg gagcatccag agaaggtggc aaggcaccct cgggggtgaa      9180
     gagggcttac cctgtggggc tgggcggcct tctccatgag gacggccgtg tggggcctgt      9240
     gctcccggga ctcccggcac atcacgcaca gcagcttccc gtcgtcctca cagtagtagt      9300
     gcagcttctc tcggtgtcgc tcgcacaact ttgcatcctg ctgctcccgg gtcacctctc      9360
     ccggctgcct gcccttgtcc accttcagcc gctcaatgtt ctccaccagg ctggccagtt      9420
     gccacacggg tcggatgttc tccttcttaa aaggcttctt gcagagtggg cagacggggc      9480
     ggctccctga gatggggcgg acgtctgtgg tgcagctgcg gcagaagacg tggccacagt      9540
     caatggtcac agggtcccgc aggtaatcaa gacagatgga gcaggtcacc tcctcttcca      9600
     ggctccgtag tggggctgac gtggccatgg tattcttagt tcagagaggt ctccgttcac      9660
     tggtgaggac ttcttctcct tggagacgcg acatagagtc aggagcaagc acagtaaagg      9720
     ggcaaaggtg gcagcctgca cagggctgcc agctccagca ctcagtcaat cgacagacac      9780
     caccagctcc tacaaggttc acacaatgtc aacgagaaga ggaccttata gatctagtcc      9840
     aacttcctca ttgtacagat aaggatatgg aaacccagaa agattagctt ggtagagtga      9900
     agagcaggac agccactagc ctataccttg ctgttgggag agcctcaaca ccctttcctt      9960
     ctatctgttg gaaaatcgct gtaatgcacc aactgtaata aaaaatctct cactacctgc     10020
     tgggaaactc ataatgatac atatataaat ctacaatgtc tactgtggac acagtgctcc     10080
     ttcactcaac tgtgcaaagc acaagacaca cgagcagtca tgggggtcct gacagagtca     10140
     agagaccgcc cgtttttttt tttggttttt tttttttgag atggagtctt actctgtcgc     10200
     ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc gtgatctcag ctcactgcaa cctccgcctc ccaggttcac     10260
     accattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccgagtag ctgggactac aggcacccac caccacacct     10320
     ggctaatttt ttgtattttt agtagagacg gggtttcacc gtgttagcca ggatggtctt     10380
     gatctcccga cctcgtgatc cacctgcctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt     10440
     gagccactgc acctggccaa gagacccctt ttgtttgctc ctcaaggttt caggtttcaa     10500
     gaactaagag agggcaatgt gacatggctc accctgtaaa tccaacactt tgggtggctg     10560
     aggcaggagg atcacttgaa tcgaggagtt tgaaaccagc ctcagcaaca tagtgagacc     10620
     ctgtctcaac taaaaaaatt taaaaatttt ttaaaatacc ccagtgtagt agcatgcatc     10680
     tgtagtctca gctactgagg aggctgtggc agaaggatta cttgaatctg ggaggtggag     10740
     gctacagtga gccatgattg tactactaca ctccagactg ggcaacagaa taagagactg     10800
     tctcaaaaca aacaaaaaac cagaaaacat taaaaaacaa acaaacaaac agcactgagg     10860
     ttctttacca aaactcgaga agcatcagga agcttcagga gtctgactgt cagcatttcc     10920
     ctttgtgagt atttccctgg gctgttctat agtttgggtt taatttgctt cccctagaag     10980
     gctggactct aaacacagcc ctccagagga gcacagctta gcctcagtgg acttgttctt     11040
     ggctgtaact gcctcgtcta gatgtcagga atcctcaggt ggctgtggct gctatgtgct     11100
     gtgaggcctt ggcttgtaca gggagcgggg acacacagaa aggactctgc ttctgtttac     11160
     ctttgtagtc ctgacccagt tccaggctga ggttatgagc ctcagcacat ctaacccaag     11220
     agcagcctcc tgcccctgac tctgtgtgac aatacagaag tcacttaagt actgagcctc     11280
     agtgtatcca tctgtaaaat gggaagagtg atacttacct ttaagggttt ctaagcaggt     11340
     catgtgaaag aattatggga aaagtgctaa gcacaagcct ggtacacaga cggaaatcta     11400
     ggagagaacc cacaacccct ggtttccaaa tccagtgagt gtccaaacca caaacaaaga     11460
     gttaaattca aaagtggcag caaaagagga agtgagcaga accagccaca gtgacacacg     11520
     tgctacagag ttcaacaaca tcgtcacagg gcagtacctg gaggacttgc tctcctatag     11580
     atccatggaa ggcaactaca gcagcgctgg gaagacaacc agcagggcac agaggtgact     11640
     gcgaggctgg aatgaagcaa cctgaattac aggcaaatca atactattaa tgattatgta     11700
     tggtgaaagt ccatcacaac agagttcagt ggcctctgtc agtagtgaca ttaatgggac     11760
     agaaataaaa cccccagtct ataagaccca agagtaaaca aaacagggat ataacgtcca     11820
     ctcattgagg gtctagtgca ataatacata aaaagtgttt tataacgtaa aaggactaca     11880
     taaatataag agattcttat agtgctgata ataaattcca actggaagca ctaatggatc     11940
     taggtatgtg tgactttaag agacataatg aggggaaaat caagcacctt caaagctcaa     12000
     atgaaggatt caaggaattt aactgtcaag tgaaagtaat atcaagttcc tacatgttag     12060
     taatgctggt aggaatgcta ggaattggcc gggcacggtg gctcacacct gtaatcccaa     12120
     cactttggga ggccgaggca ggtgaatcac aatgtcagga gattgagacc atcctggcta     12180
     acacggtgaa accccatctc tactaaaaat acaaaaatta cccaggtgtg gtagcatgca     12240
     cctgtagtcc cagctactca ggaggctgag gcaggagaat caatcacctc aacccgggag     12300
     gcagaggttg cagtgagccg agatcgtgcc attgcactcc agcctgggtg acagagtgag     12360
     actccatctc aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaagaa atgctaggaa ttgcctggtc caactccttg     12420
     gctttactgt tgaggaaata agcctggctc agcagttttt cagttgtaac atactgcaag     12480
     tgtttggaaa gaggaaaaag gagtggtact gggcgtgtct gtgggctttc aagcccttta     12540
     tcatgcctct ttgccaaatg gcctagaagt ttaaaagctg aggtttttct ttgttgaagg     12600
     atagcctgtg ttatctttgg gttgggaact tattttgcaa tttacttgca aaataagaac     12660
     aataaaagga ctatgaaggc tcagctacag ctcttcttcc atgcaaaaca ggacacctca     12720
     tcacccaggc tccatgctgg ggtttgatgg tctctaaacc tcctgaaact gtctaaaaat     12780
     tattgcatat gtactagata cctaaaattg tctggggatt acagaagaat aaccttctgt     12840
     aagattaatc agcaaataag tagaagaggg ataacagaat tagaaaatca ttttgcgact     12900
     gccattataa tagcacaagg atcatcaata gatgctaaaa ctattaggtg aaaagttttg     12960
     ggggatgaga tagtacccat ggtgccaaag caccaatgaa tggattactt cctgacatac     13020
     cttcgtaagg aggagatcca gtggttatct taactaagtg accaaatcca gcgtcatcag     13080
     cagacggggc aaagtggcat gtgctttctg gcatggcact atatgaatca cacaacatta     13140
     cctatgaagt gtttgtgcca aaaatgtttg acttgaatga atctagtcaa gactttagat     13200
     ctaacttcca gtttataaaa aatataaagg aaaggaatac tctgaagtat gttacaactg     13260
     aaaaagtact gatggaggaa ttaaaccaca ccataaggaa agaaccagat aaatccagaa     13320
     tgctggacat tgcacatggc aactggccta gtcttttaaa aagtcaatgt cataaaaaaa     13380
     aaaccttcga aagaactgct tttgattttt acagactaaa gagaaataat aaccaaatgc     13440
     aatacgtgaa ccttgattgg atcctgtaaa aagaaaaaaa aggttataaa aatagtcttg     13500
     gaactattgt gggaaatttg taagtaggct gggtgttaga tcatattaaa aaattatttc     13560
     ctctctttct ttcttttttt tttttttgag acagggtctt actctgtccc ccagagtgca     13620
     gtggaactat ctgggctcac tgcaacctct gcctccctgg ctcaagcaat cttctcatct     13680
     caggctcccg agttgctgca acaacaggtg catgctacca cacttggcta atttttaaag     13740
     gtttttgtag agaagagttg ccactatatt gcccaggctg gtctcaaact cctaggctca     13800
     agccatcctc ccacctcagc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta taggcatgag caactgcacc     13860
     atgtctaaaa ttattttctt aatggtattt actgaggtta tgtatgagaa tgcctatact     13920
     tcttatttat ttattaatat atttatttat ttttgagatg gagtttttct cttgttgccc     13980
     aggctggagt gcaatggcgc aatctggctc actacaacct tcgcttgtca ggttcaagcg     14040
     attctcctgc ctcagcctcc ctagtagctg ggattacagg tgcccaccac cacatccggc     14100
     taattttttg tatttttagt agagacgggg tttcaccagg ttggccaggc tggtctcaaa     14160
     ttcctgacct caggtgatcc acctgccttg gcttcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggtgtg     14220
     agccaccgcg cccggctgag aatacctgta tttctaggca atggatgctg tagtatttag     14280
     agctccatgt ctcccaccta atttgaaatg gttcctttct tttttttttt tttgagacag     14340
     ggtcttactc tgtcccccga gtgcagtgga actatcttgg ctcactgcaa agcaaaataa     14400
     aaagctagaa aagttttctg gggagggagc tacagttttc tatcacattc ttaaagaggt     14460
     ctgtagtaac catcaaaaat ggttaaatca ctgatacaga gatcatggtg cttgacacct     14520
     tgtagaagct caatacacat ttactgaaca agtgaatgga ttcaggggaa ctgcagacaa     14580
     tgttagttgt atagaaccat ttgtttttga gagtctgcca taactagata aatgaaacac     14640
     agtaccactt ctatgaccaa tcccttccct tgcttataca gactccttct gaggaaactg     14700
     aggctcagca gggttaagca acttgcccaa gagcacatgg ctaggaagca gtgtctggtg     14760
     ccaaggcctc tgctcaatcc actacactct cttccctacc caggcacact gtaaaatggg     14820
     gtctaatacc agctcctttg ttaggaagct cagatgaggt catctacatg gaagggcttt     14880
     gtaagcggag taatgctgac aaaagaaagg gggcatatat tctgctgata ctgaccaaaa     14940
     gcaccctagc cttagctatg acaaactttc acatatgggg tgagcaataa agtgtccctg     15000
     ttggacagta gttttccttc ttagtgatag aggatctcaa gatttcagaa ttaggagaaa     15060
     tgaggttgag tatgagagat gtgagcagac cagaataacc gctccccttc cccatacaca     15120
     attctgtcag gtccaatgca aaattcaccc tctccaaaaa ctcttcccca acttaccgca     15180
     ccctgctatg gttctgccct tttatgccgt cagtatattc tctgtgatct caacaggttt     15240
     ccacaataag aggtaacacc attacccttc tctccattcc tgactcctgg gcagacagaa     15300
     accaaaatca gagccaaaaa aaaaaacctc agagatgacc cactccaccc ccactccctt     15360
     tactcagatg agaattctga acctgaagaa gtcacttcat gaactccctt gcaccagagg     15420
     tcacacatcc ctgctggggg tgagggggta tttttctgtc tcttcaataa accagaagcg     15480
     gccgggcgcg gtggcttctg cctgtaatcc tagcactctg ggaggcagag gcgggtggat     15540
     cacctgagat cgggagtttg agaccagcct gaccaacaag gagaaacccc atctctacta     15600
     acaatacaaa attagccagg tgtggtggcg catgcctata atcccagcta ctgggcaggc     15660
     tgaggcagga gaatcgcttg aacccaggag gcggaggttg cagtgagctg agatcacgcc     15720
     aattgcactc cagcctgggc aacaagagca aaactccatc tcaaaaaata aaaatgaaaa     15780
     aataaaccag aagctagctg caattctata gaaccaggaa gatgcaacaa acaagccctg     15840
     caatgtcctg gtaccctcct cacaggcaga actgcagaca ctccctacct ttctctaaga     15900
     ggttcccttt tccctgaaat ccacccctcc cctataagtc tctggatctc ataaatacct     15960
     aatctgcata tgtcaacaga ctggtcaagg tgacaccatg taatttcaag atgtggatgc     16020
     atgcacgatt attggctcca agaataatca ctatgagcta caaaaactag ctaaaagccg     16080
     ggcacggggg cttgtgcctg taattccagc actgtgggag gctaaggcag gaggactgcc     16140
     tgagcccagg agtttgagac cagcctgggt aatatagtga gacattgtct ccaaaaaaag     16200
     aaattagctg aattagctgg gtgcgatggc acatgcctat agttccagct acttaggaag     16260
     ttgaggcagg aggatctccc aagcccggga agttgaggct gcagacagcc atgactgcgc     16320
     cactgcactc cagcctgggt gaaactctgg cctgcctccg gctcctagat gccacccaga     16380
     gaggtgccct ggtagacagt gaatcccaaa tgtggactct ggggcccaag aaagtaaatg     16440
     gagaggcctg ggttttcatc ctggcctcca gggtaccagt tcaggcctct cttgagtatc     16500
     ccaagctgct tctcaagcat atgtctggac ctccaaacaa gagcaaagca cctgtaatcc     16560
     caaagcactt agcctagagc tccattccct gtgggtactc catttaaggg ctcctgggtc     16620
     ccagattaat ccccatattt taatctgaga taagcaaact ctccatgggg taaacttccg     16680
     tgagacacct ctaacaaacc tggagaggcc agaattcggg gcaaaaagca agtgatctgg     16740
     atgtgcatac taggagtgac tgcaccccta ctggccaggc caaaggcctg gatcccaggc     16800
     tgtcccagga gatcccagtg actgtggatg atgcgttctt gtggtcacac ttggcttact     16860
     ttccccacgg agctgagcat cagtggtgct ctgaagcaca gtgcaggcca caaaaactac     16920
     cagggctctg aacgctagaa atccccacag ggctcaaaga ggggcaggag gtagcagcca     16980
     gctgggaggt ggatgagaca aggcgttaaa ttgccctggt cttgtggctg acccacaggg     17040
     gaaaattgag ggttcttcat atttgtgcca gaatatctgt ctaatgttga atcatgaacc     17100
     aagctctctt gtctaaaata ttcctaagtg tcacttggtg ctttgcacca aatataggaa     17160
     ggaatccttt ttcatcttgt ggaatggttc aaaccttgac tacacatcag atttgtagtc     17220
     ttcaaactgg tgagtcttca aaacatacct agaccaactg acttaggatc tccagaggtg     17280
     gcccaggctc tggtattaaa aaacaaactt cccaggagat tctaaagtct atccaggact     17340
     gtgaatcact agaacccctt atttacagag gaggaaagtg agtgccagag cctcggactc     17400
     atttgcccag cagcagagct ggctggcagc aaggccagca ctagcacgag gtggggtgag     17460
     gtgcacctcc cagctctggg ctccttccat tccaccatac actgcacttt ggtgcctgga     17520
     aaatgaactc ttccctgccc atatggagtg ctgtggaggg ttagcctcac aggcagagga     17580
     aatcatccgc cggagaaagg gtagcggtga atttgaggag ctgacaattg gccacaggtg     17640
     gagtgcagtg aggcgagcag aggaagggtg gagaaacagg agggaacaga ttatgcaaga     17700
     ctgtgaccca ggttaagaat tttggacttt atcctaacag ccctgggaag ccattgaggg     17760
     tttaagcagc aggatgttga aagttattca acagctagca gatgtttatt aggtgccgac     17820
     tatgtgtcag gcaccgaggt tacagcagag aacaaaagtg gcaaactccc tgtcctacca     17880
     gaacttacat ccagtgacct gaggaatcct ttagaagctg aaatcagatc caactgtggg     17940
     atcatcaaac cctcaagggt ttcctgattt acataaacct cctctcccct ttgctgcccc     18000
     agtgctgcag ccactctggc cttttgatcc tcaaacacac tcggtcacgt gttaaactgc     18060
     caatctgccc gggtgaccaa ccaggttaaa cccctcaatg gctttctggt gctccaggaa     18120
     taaagtcaaa actcctgtcc ttcctttctt ctgtgaggag gctgtcccag gagatcctag     18180
     ctggattccc agataatcat ggcccagcct gtgtctccag gctcatttcc tgccactccc     18240
     cacctcaaac tcacagccaa accaaaccgc tctccatgcc tcaaagtgct atgctctttc     18300
     ctggctaagc ccttcgacaa tgtaattcct tctgcctaga acaccatccc tttcccactt     18360
     agcaaatgcc ttttctagct tgaagtctca gctgaaagcc acctcctctg gcaattcttt     18420
     cctgacctgt cagattgggt ccacatgtag tctagttata cagccccaaa acaccccatg     18480
     ctgcaccctg tacttctctg cagttttaag tcctgactta ttagtgtaat tactcgctta     18540
     acaccagctt tttccatgaa acaaggagag agattgtgtc tgtcttatcc ccagaatcta     18600
     catattactt ggcacagagt agacaataaa aactgactga gaaaacaaag cacaagcaca     18660
     gagtatctga cacaaagaag atgcttccta cacatctgct gaaggaatgc gaacaatctt     18720
     agccacctgc cctttctctc cagcaagatg gtagtaaatt ggtagagaga gaagcaattt     18780
     cttcatattc cctgtagcag caagaacagt gggctgcacg tcaccagcaa atcatcgtat     18840
     ccaaggtttc gctccagcaa cttacagaaa ccaggagaag aaaaagctgt gtctgagaaa     18900
     atggttgttg tggagtaaat tgtaatagtg agaatcactc cttccctttt ctttagtttt     18960
     agacctaggt atacacccca taaacagagt ttattttctc aggttttgag cctcaaatga     19020
     atggaatttt tttccttttt tttttttttt ttgcatgtat ttgggtgggg ggctgtcaac     19080
     atgtttgtga ggctcatcca tgtgattatg agctgatttt acttaattgc tgctctctaa     19140
     ctatacaatt tttaatgcag tctactgata gccatatgag ttgtttccag tttgggacaa     19200
     ttacaaacac tgcttcagtg aatatttctg catacatgtt ctagcacaca caggcaagat     19260
     gtaccctcaa tttgactaag caggccaaac tgtttccaaa gtgactatag tgctatgtag     19320
     tctgctcagc aggctatgag cactcatgat gccccacagc ctcaccaaca cctgataata     19380
     tcagctttaa tttttgccac tctggaggat gggatataga atatctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     19440
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatttaact ccccaaaagg aaacagcatg     19500
     agacaggccc aataacaggc caaggaatcc tatagcagca gaccagatat tgtgctcctc     19560
     gacccaacca gtaaatgttg taaatgttta tctttgggga gagaagggga agggcccacc     19620
     cagcttctgt tcttctttcc cttggtaact taccatctat gagttagtga gatggagaca     19680
     tcctaaccat taatccaggg aaagggagga atctaagcca tcagcaaggg agttagtgct     19740
     tttcatcaaa tttgagacac ctgtgacatc acattttagc atctctgaaa tgtgatcaat     19800
     tgcatgtcat aatttaactg gcaaaatatt tttttgatgt ggagcataaa ataagggcac     19860
     ataaaagatt tggtggtgct gtggtttgaa catgtccccc aaaagttcac gtgttggaaa     19920
     cgtaattgcc aatgtaacgg tattaagagg tggggtcttt aagacgtgac tgggtcatga     19980
     gggtgtaact ctcatgaatg gattaatgcc tttcttgcaa gagtccattg gccagaaccg     20040
     tgagctgaat aaacatctgt tgtttacaat ttacccagtc tgtggtattc tgttacagca     20100
     acagaaaatg gattaagaca aatagcatct tagatttggt gagatgtggc atatttccta     20160
     aaaagtgctg ccaggatcat ccttctagca cacaggatct catccttgtt attctcctgc     20220
     ttcaaatctc ctagctgagg ctgggtttgg tgcctcatgc ctataatcct agcactgtgg     20280
     gaggctgagg caggaggatc ccttgaatcc aggggttcaa gactagcctg gccaacatag     20340
     ggagagactg tctctaaaat aaaataaata aataaaaata aaaataaaaa taaaaacaaa     20400
     cacaccaaaa aaactcctac tagctgaggt caaaactgca caggtggccg ggcacggtgc     20460
     ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggtgg gcagatcatg aggtcaagag     20520
     atcgagacca tcctggccaa catggtgaaa cccagcctct actaaaaata caaaaattag     20580
     ccgggcatgg tggcacgcgc ctgcagtcct agctactcgg gaggctgagg caggagaatc     20640
     gcttgaaccc aggaggcgga cgttgcagtg agctgagatc acaccactgc actccagcct     20700
     gggtgacaga gcgagactct gactcaaaac aaaaaaaaaa actgcacaga catcctcccc     20760
     tgccctgcat ccggctagcc ccaacttacc catccagccc caaatccctc ctcgtcctac     20820
     ctaattctct ggccattaga tacactgaac caggaagaca gccccttctt cactccccac     20880
     tctccaccca ttcccttgta catgctcttc tctccagtcc agcgcatcct tgaaggcttg     20940
     aatacaattt gtccccttat ctgtgaggtg tttcctgtac ccatcccacc tctgagttga     21000
     atgtatccct cctcctgcag ctttgcatat actgtatttc tacaatagca ctatcacagt     21060
     gcttcataca gtagcacccc ccatccgcta aagatacatt catacaggag tcccctcaat     21120
     cctcaggaga tgcattccaa aacccccagt ggatgtctga aacctgtttc tcctacacat     21180
     acacacttgt aataaagttt ataaagtagg cacagaaata gattaacaat aataacacaa     21240
     cagaataact ataacaatat accgtaataa aagttatatg catgtggtct ctctctctct     21300
     caaactatct tgtactgtac ttacccttct tgtgatgaag gaacagtggg agggcaagag     21360
     atttcatcat gctactcaga acaatgcaca tctaaaactt atgaattgtt tacttctgga     21420
     attttctgtt tactgtcttt gggctgaggt tgaccatggg taacggaaac cacggaaaac     21480
     taagctatgg ataagtggct gtaattgata tttttatctg tcttctctcc caccagaatg     21540
     tgaacccaaa ggtcatgcct cactgacctt tttatctcca atatctggca caaagtaggg     21600
     ggtctgcaaa tgtttgtgaa atgaatgacc tcctctaatt ccagagccct gccatctcca     21660
     ttcttccccc tttcactaca cacccccctt tcccacatta aaattctgct tcagcagcag     21720
     gcttccaggg ctctctttag attagacatt cttgcccaca cacattacct agatctctct     21780
     tggcctccct ccacacacac acaattttgg ggggaagaac aaaattccat ttctataaag     21840
     ctggcaaaat ctaattcatc ctgatgccag ccaatttatg tttttgtctt ctcaaaccaa     21900
     cttcccattc tccgtgtctt ttctattctg atcctggggg ggtccaagtc tgaagtcatt     21960
     ccaagaagcc tcaatacaga ccatggactc tcttcggggg tttgcagtgt cttctgtggt     22020
     ggtcacacac aatctgagtc caacctgtta ctcccctgca ggaagtgata tctaagaagt     22080
     cacccactgc cttaggcctt cagtctcctt acctcttaac aaggggaaaa tattttgcca     22140
     agtttaccag gctatttgag gttgaggcaa ggtcacataa gtacgagtgt ctcattagca     22200
     aaaagctcta taaaaatact atgaaagagc acaggagcca atgtgaaaag agctcccaac     22260
     agccaaagcc acagtaattt gagcaacaaa attaagtagt attggattat aaaccaaagt     22320
     ataaaataaa tgtccctgag tctacactga aattaatgat tgaataaatt aataaattgg     22380
     ggagaagaga gaaacaaatc ttccatgcag aataactgca aacaataata tgtagatact     22440
     tgccctcaag aagggggaat ataactcttg gctccctagg tatgggctgc acttagtgac     22500
     ttccttctaa agaggacaat acacgcaaag agtggaaaag agactaactg tacagtggag     22560
     aaacctgaaa aacactatct cacccaaatc aatattaagt cataaatcat gttagtacat     22620
     gcccttgata cgatgggatg ataatggcaa tctacctctg tggtcttcct cccagttacc     22680
     cataagccca gtcttaggag aaaaacatca aattccaata gaggggcatc ctacaacata     22740
     cacgaccagt attcttcaat gctgtcaagg tcatcaaaac aagtctgaga aactcccaca     22800
     gccaagagga gcataaggag acatgacaac taaatgtaat gtggtaacct ccatgggatc     22860
     atgaaacaga aaaagtactg aggtaaaaac taaggaaatc tgaacacact atggactttg     22920
     gtcaataata atgtattgat attggttaac tgcaacaaat gtaccacact gaggtaagat     22980
     gttaataaca ggggacccgg tttggagcat gtgggaagtt tgtactatct tctcaattct     23040
     tctgtaaatc taaaagtgtt gtaagaaata aagtctactt aaacaataaa attgcaattt     23100
     ttgaaacata aaaagcctat tttttttaaa ggtgattttt ttgaacttgg ggaaaaacat     23160
     gttagggatt atgatttcag ctaagagtta aaaacaggag gttaaggcat gcataaacga     23220
     atgtcattct cccctctttt gaagtacaca caaatcgtgg gtcaaaattt gaaatctact     23280
     ggagatttgg aagtgtgtcc ctcccattta ctccacagag ttaaatttac actttttttc     23340
     taaggccaaa tagggagaaa atcagtaaga aaaatgctaa tgagctggaa ggagtgaaag     23400
     cacagctcca agtatttgtg gctaaaccgg tttactccga acaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaag     23460
     aaagagaaag aaagcatgac actttggtca gggagctgga ttagtcgcct atctaccagg     23520
     ctccaagcaa ccggacggtc atccaggccc cgcttacttc tggttccgca gactagaatg     23580
     gatgggagtc tgagtaggat accagaaagc gagaaagacc caagaggagg gggagaatgt     23640
     aaggacaagc aaacaggagg gatctggctg gcagggagga cgcagcgaac ttgaccccct     23700
     cctgagcccg cccgggggcc tggccccgtt ttgaacccgg gcccggcggc tgcgttgggt     23760
     cgccccaaac ccggtgagcg tacgagactg ttgcttcgct gtatgtctca tgtgcacccc     23820
     ctactcaccg gtcccgagct ccgggccgcg aatcccggcc ggcgcccctc ctctctcacg     23880
     gcggtctgtt ccgggtcccg ctcctgcacg agcaaccagc gcgacagctc gtccccgccc     23940
     cgtaatctcc cggctattcg gggcccttcg ccgagatttc tcccggacca gccccgggat     24000
     tggctcctgc cgaacttcgc cgtccaatgg gaaccttagt ctcttttacg tcactgatca     24060
     ccgggcaaat ccccagacag ccgcgggcgg tggggcacca ggggcagcga aatggaaact     24120
     gaaatcaggc gggaccgagg ctgcgccaag agccgcagcc tgagtttggc gcgtaattgg     24180
     ggtggcctgt tacacggtct aagggagtaa atgctaaggc ttaggagtca cctacgtagg     24240
     actcttgaga gggcaataat cccctttcca cctctcgaga cccctcactg cccaactctg     24300
     gccttatgct ggatccaggg tccgagggcg ctttgaggcg aaggtggcgc tcgccaggtg     24360
     ctcaacatta aatacgaagt ccccgcccct aacgtggcct aaatttgctt ccaggacaaa     24420
     gcaggatttt agcaagcaaa tactctcaga gacctattta cgaaaattat tacttcctag     24480
     gtaaaataac gttcaaccag acagccattg tcgccattcg acggaaggaa aaactgaggt     24540
     tccaggagct taagggtctg ggcccagttc aggggggttg ttttcgctcc tcgacgctga     24600
     atttagaaac cagaggctac aaagcgggcc aagacttggg ttccccaggt ccttggtggg     24660
     gaggtttcca ggaggctcgg gcgcgccccc gtccacggcc ccggaagctg acgtcgccga     24720
     agcgtacgcc gctgcccagc ctgcgctctc ttcctgctct gcctgcagcc gccgcgtccg     24780
     gtccagccgc agggccatgc cctgtgctgc ggttgccgtg tcccaggcgc cgccgcgtca     24840
     agatccccgt ctttcccggc cagccaggcg gcagcggcat tcagctcgtg cactgggctg     24900
     gcagcaggct gagaagaggc ggcgcaggtt ctccgggtca gccagtgccc tgctcctaag     24960
     ggtagagatc tagctgggga cactggtcgt ccgcctaggc agtggtgaga gggtgggcta     25020
     cagttgtttg ggtattcatg aatggaggag ctcagggtcc tagaccctaa aacctgctga     25080
     atcttcaccc ctcctccgct gggggtaggg aaatttgcac tgcatttaag caatgtatag     25140
     tggagtgggt gggacattca gaagaaacca cgcccacatt taacacccgc gtccttccct     25200
     tctaccccag cccagcattt tgtctttttc ccctttgtcc agcagtataa ctcacgctgc     25260
     ccctccgggc tgagaggagt gtagacctca cctgctgagc acaactctgg cgggcctgtg     25320
     ctctggaggt ggtctcagca cctacctaga ccctcttgat acctgctttt ttagttggtg     25380
     gtgtgggaag aaagtgtgtt taacatgctc cttaaataat gctctgccgc cgagcgcggt     25440
     ggctcacgcc tgtaatctca gcactttggg aggccgaggt gggcggatca cgaggtcaag     25500
     agatcgagac catcctggcc aacatggtga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt     25560
     agccgggcgt ggtagcgcgc acctgtagtc ccagctactc aggaggctga ggcaagagaa     25620
     tcgcttgaac ccgggaggcg gaggttgcag tgagccgaga tcgccccact gcactccagc     25680
     ctggggacgg agcgagactc cgtctcaaaa aataataata aaataaaaaa taatgctgtg     25740
     ccactaagcg ttttctccct gtcctgaggt ctttggccta ttcacagacc attctgggca     25800
     gactccagcc acaaatccac caccccactt aaaattctct atcctctcag cacacttaga     25860
     ggggcatgga agactcttgc aggggctggg gctcctgaca tgacagctct gcttaactct     25920
     ctgacctccc tcatgccact tctccctcgg tccctgtgct ttcaccttac acctggtctt     25980
     gaaactccct gccccagccc cttgcatggc tgcccgcttc ttgtcagtca tgtctacatc     26040
     tcagaaaggt cttcctccct cacccagttg aaaccagttc cccatcatgc attattctgt     26100
     ttccctttct tcatgcattt gttgccattt gaaagcacct tgttcatttc tttgtcaatg     26160
     tgtttatttt cgatcttcct ccccctcagt gtacgcccca agagagttga gacaacacct     26220
     gtcttccatg cacatggctt ccatgtaaat aaatgtttgt taaatgaaat gagctcagtg     26280
     tgggcatttc tttttctttt tgtaaaaaaa ttttattatt attacacttt aagttttagg     26340
     gtacatgttc acaacgtgca ggtttgttat catttagcat taggtatatc tctcctaaag     26400
     ctatccctcc cccctccccc caccccacaa cagcccctgg tgtgtgatgt tccccttctt     26460
     gtgtccatgt gttctcattg ttcaattccc cagtgtgggc atttctaaag ctgcctggcc     26520
     ctgcttggct gggtatcagt catgcactga gtccctctcc caccacacta catcttgatt     26580
     gatacagctt ctcaagtcca agtaagggta acagaaatgg atgctgggaa cacaatttct     26640
     gctttgtgtt ggaggagaca gctttggagc agctttgtag ctttgtgccc ctctacagct     26700
     tcctgcttca tttaaggttc tgaagcagag ttgaaattcc ttcctccagc tctccatttc     26760
     tgtggtcata ccagatggag gccaaggcag catatggggc tgggtaagag ttctgcgttg     26820
     aattctccag tctgccacat tctgtgaggc tttggggcag ctgctcaacc tctgtgtgcc     26880
     acaggttctt cttctgtaac atggaagtag ctagatctgc ttcgtacggt tattatgagg     26940
     cttaaatgta aagctttgaa atagtgaatc agtgctgact aggccaaagg gtatggtata     27000
     attatttgca tttgaaataa atatcttaaa tggagcaaga agatttagta ggtatattcc     27060
     ttgagcagct ctggtttaac ctcaggagga actaaaggcc gctgtctaaa aatgagtttg     27120
     tatatgacag ggtacaggaa atgccacccc aaaatatggc accttggaaa ttgagaaaat     27180
     agcagaaaca ggaaggtttc tctgacctct tgctcctttc tgccctgaag caggccatag     27240
     aaactagagt tcccctcgcc ccttcttccc tgaagcaggc cacaaaatct aggaaggtca     27300
     ctctctgacc tgctccctcc ttctccctcc ttcatctgag gccccttata taacaggcat     27360
     cctctcctat gccctgaggg agggactgcc acacaggtat gccaagaaga aactgaatag     27420
     acaggccttt ccaacttctc agtttatcac cgttagctca tacacttttg tccttgcaat     27480
     catacatctg cctgactgtc tatacaacta cacaaatgtc cccatttctt tgggttttcg     27540
     tttctgaaag ttcccatgtc atgtaaaact tggataaaat aaatgtgcat gcttttctct     27600
     tgttagtctg ttttttgtta ttgaagtctc agcataaacc ttgtgatggg taaggaaaat     27660
     atattagttt ttttccccta agtttagtat aaacatattg agctaaatca taccattcag     27720
     aatctcagga ttttaagaat actagagtgc ttggaaagag gcctccaaac aaaaaacaaa     27780
     caaacaaaca aacaaaaact tgaaaacatg aaactcccat tggtaaagat gcaaagaatc     27840
     tgtttgaatc ttttgtgtga aggatacctt ggtattaggg ccagaatgaa taaatgaata     27900
     tctgtaaagg aaaaggtaaa agttacatca atgaaacaat tttaagccaa catttctgtt     27960
     ttctggtaga ggcataagct aataaataac ttttgtgcta ctaaaatctg cctgcttttg     28020
     tgctaagaac tggctgcagg ataaaaaata acaggtttaa ctgtcctttt taaaaggaaa     28080
     aaaaggcatt ttgaatgcta atagcattaa ctactgggtt ttgaacagaa agcgtaggct     28140
     gaaccaatct cttatatgac ttgggatgtc atttaaaata ctttgtattc caaatttggt     28200
     gacttttaaa tgtctattag ctcaaaagtt agtgaaaata tattgtataa tatataatga     28260
     caaattcaac ttaaaaaaaa attttttttt tttttttgaa acagggtctc actctgtcac     28320
     ccaggctaga gtgcaatggt gcaatcatgg ctcactacag cctcgacctc ctgagctaat     28380
     gcaattctcc cacctcagcc tcctgagtag ctgggacaga tgtgtgccac catgcccggc     28440
     taatttttgt attttttgta cagacaaggt ctggccatgt tgcccaggct ggtctcaaac     28500
     ttctggaccc aagcaatcct cctgccttgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcttga     28560
     tacaacgcgc ccggccgaca ctgtagcatt ttctaatagg cctacgtaaa aattatctaa     28620
     ttctctaggg tagtttaact ttgatttagt attttagggt atttagagta ctccttaggg     28680
     gtagacatta acttgtagaa aagtgatatc aatggaaatg attcttggtc aatagcaatg     28740
     tcaatgaatt ttgttcagtg gaggtataga agatgtatgt ccagtgtatg tatattcaat     28800
     cttccaaatt ctctttgaac tagttctttt tttactagtc tcttgttagt acatctttga     28860
     tacatgctca ctttgtatag gatactgtca ttgactttta aaaattatat tttggcaata     28920
     cattgcattt tattattatg tctcttaatc ttattataac aatctaccct tcccttattt     28980
     tcattccatt aatttgctgg agaagccagt tcatttatcc catagaatgt tcccagtact     29040
     ggatttggtt gattgcttcc tcatggtatc aattaacttg ttcctctatt tcctgtgtat     29100
     cttagataag attcataaga taataaagga tgctatgtag tcatctctca ttctaagcaa     29160
     tcaaacattt tcaatatctt tcaccatatg tccctaaccc agatactact agtccgtctc     29220
     tctctgctat agaggtaagc atcactctgc atttctgtga taatcattcc ttagctttta     29280
     tttttattta cttaaaaggc tttatcagat ttggggtttt tgtttgtttg tttttgagat     29340
     ggagtctcgc tgtcatccag gctggagtgc agtggcacga tctcgggtca ctgcaacctc     29400
     tgcctcctgg gttcaagtga ttctcctgcc tcagtctcct gagtagctaa gattacaggt     29460
     gcccgccgct atgccaggct aatttttgta tttttagtag aaacggggtt tcacaatgtt     29520
     ggaccaggct ggtctcaaac tcctgacctc aggtgactcg cccgtttcgg cctcccaaag     29580
     tgctgggatt gcaggcgtaa gccaccgctc ccggctgggt tcaatttttt aaggagaata     29640
     cttcaaaagc agtgctgtgt acctatggta tcacatttag aggtatatga tctcatccca     29700
     ctattagtga tggtagattt gatggaagat tcaggtattg tcagcctgat ccctccattc     29760
     cccagtttgt gagttatgga tttactgcct ctcagctcca aaaatgatcc tgaatctttt     29820
     aattatgttt tctttgccat ctggccctga agctttgtca gtagagggca ctggagagtc     29880
     attgcaggga aaaacgattt tgcttccagg ttctggtgtg ctgtttgcca ggttcctgca     29940
     gtgagtgcat ggtttagcag cacctgctcc tgcagcaccc aaaacttacc tagtgtccag     30000
     ttacttcagt cacagtcagc aacacccagc agtgagcagc ttccttaggc acccctcctg     30060
     aaggggtttt atactggagt gtctctggta tgaacagctt ttgcctgcac cctagagagt     30120
     gggtttccag caagttctgc catagcagaa ccaccttgat gtctctactc tccctgacaa     30180
     ggctagatcc catcctctct tgttttctca aaaatggact aaccatctat aaatatctac     30240
     tctcctgctt cagcaaattt tttttaccgt ttcactgaat tattctcatg agcatacaaa     30300
     catgttataa tatatcgctt taaaaaccaa aacaagacaa actccttgat accataagtt     30360
     tttttgtttt tgtttttgtt ttgtagagtt ttgctcttgt tacccaggct ggaaagcaat     30420
     ggcacgatct cagctcactg caacctccgc ctctgggttt caagtgattc tcctgcttca     30480
     gcctccccag tagctgggat tgcaggcgcc ccccaccacc actcccggct aattttgtat     30540
     ttttagtaga gacggggttt caccatgttg gccaggctgg tcttgaactc ctgtcctcag     30600
     gtgatccacc acccccctcc ccgccccacc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc     30660
     gtgagccact gcgcctggcc agtaacataa gtttttaaaa ggtttttgct tcaggtactc     30720
     tcctattttc ctgctccaca tttacagcaa aattagaaaa tattgtctgt acctgccctc     30780
     tgtttccttt tctctccttc tttaatcaaa aactgtgaaa tatatattca aaagtgtaca     30840
     tataatccat atacacattt taaagtattg atgagataat aaaggatgtt atgtaatcat     30900
     ctgtcactct aagcaatcga atatttccaa tatcttttat tatgtgctcc taaccaatag     30960
     atcactctcc ctctctcttt gctagagctg catttttttg tgataatcat tccctagctt     31020
     ttatttttat ttttattttt tgagacagaa tctcgctctg tcacccaggc tggagtgcag     31080
     tggcgcaatc tcggctcact gcaacctccg cctcctgggt tcaagcgatt ctcctgcctc     31140
     agcctcctga gtagctggga ctacaggcac gtgccaccac tcccagcaaa tttttttgta     31200
     tttttagtag agacagggtt tcaccgtgtt agccaggatg gtctcaatct cctgacttcg     31260
     tgatccgccc catcagcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca ccgcacccag     31320
     cttttatttt tatttttaag agattaggtt tcagtcagtc atccaggctg gagtgcagtg     31380
     gcacaattat agctcactgc agcatgtgaa ctcccgagcc caagggatct tcccacctca     31440
     gctacaggct cataccacca cacctagtga gcttttcttt tcgtttggtt tcacttcttt     31500
     ttctttcctt ttttcttttt tttttttttt tgagacagaa ttccgctctt gtcacccagg     31560
     ctggagtgca atggcgtgat ctctgctcac tgtagcctcc gtcttccagg ttcaaacaat     31620
     tctcctgcct cagcctccca aggtagctgg gattacaggt gcccgccacc acgcccagct     31680
     aatatttttg tatttttagt tgagacgggg tttcaccatg ttggccaggc tagtcttgaa     31740
     ctcctgacct caggtgatcc acttacctca gcctcccaaa gtgctggtat tacaggtgtg     31800
     agccaccgcg cccggtccca gtgaactttt cttcttatta ttatttttgt agagatggtg     31860
     tctagctatg tcgcccaggc ttgtctcaaa ctcctggcct caagcaatcc tactgcctca     31920
     acctcccata gttctaggat taaagacaag ccaccacacc ggccatccta gcttttcttt     31980
     ttatttattt atttatttat tttttatttt ttagtgttta ttgatcattc ttgggtgttt     32040
     ctcggaaagg gggatgtggc agggtcatag gataatagtg gagagaaggt cagcagataa     32100
     acacgtgaac aaaggtctct ggctttccta ggcagaggtc cctgcagcct tccacagtgt     32160
     ttgtgtccct gggtacttga gattagggag tggtgatgac tcttaacgag catgctgcct     32220
     tcaagcatct gtttaacagc acatcttgca ccgaccttaa tccatttaac cctgagtgga     32280
     cacagcacat gtttcagaga gcgcggggcc gggggtaagg ttatagatta acagcatccc     32340
     aaggcagaag aatttttctc agtacagaac aaaatggagt ctcctgtgtc tacttctttc     32400
     tacacagaca tagtaacaat ctgatctctc tttcttttcc ccacatttcc cccttttctt     32460
     ttccacaaaa ctgccattgt catcatggcc cattctcgat ggtcgctgtc tcttcggagc     32520
     tgttgggtac acctcccaga cggggcagcc gggcagaggc gctcctcact tcccagacgg     32580
     ggcgggtggg cagaggcgct cctcacatcc cagacgatgg gcggccaggc agagatgctc     32640
     ctcacttccc agacggggca gctgccaggc agaggcgctc ctcacttctc agatggggcg     32700
     gctgggcaga ggcgctcctc agttcccaga cggagtggcg gccgggcaga ggcgctcctc     32760
     acatcccaga cggggtggcc gggcagagga gctccccact tcctagatgg ggtggcagcc     32820
     aggcagaggc tgtaatctta gcactttcgg aggccaaggc aggcggctgg gaggtggagg     32880
     ttgtagcgag ctgagatcat gccactgcac tccagcctgg gcaacattga gcactgagtg     32940
     agcgagactc cgtctgcaat cccagcacct cgggaggcca aggcgggcag atcactcgag     33000
     gtcaagagct ggagaccagc ccggtcaaca cggcgaaact ccgtctccac caaaaataca     33060
     aaaaccagtc aggcattgca gcgcatgcct gcaatcccag gcactcggca ggtcaaggca     33120
     ggagaatcac gggagcccaa ggcagggagg ttgcagcaag ctgagatcac ggcagtacag     33180
     tccagcctct gcaacagagg gagatccaag ggaaaggggg agagggagag ggagaggcca     33240
     aggcctagct tttctttata cttccttgat acatgtatgt atccctaaac aggatattgt     33300
     ctagttttgc ctatttttaa actttgtata cgtggaattg taatgtatgt gttcttctgt     33360
     gacttgtctt tatttttgag attcaccatc ttgatgcata tagctttggc ttgttcattt     33420
     tcactgctgt gtggtattcc aaatttgaaa gtcccatgtt tttttcttct ccattttact     33480
     attcttagaa cttggtttgt cttcatagtt ttgctgttat gaccaatgat gctatgaaca     33540
     ttctcataca tgtaccctgg cacatacctg caagactttt tagaatatgt aactagtaat     33600
     gaaatttctg agtcttagaa tgtggttgca gtatatatag tgttactttg tgaggggaga     33660
     ctatttccca ggggttgtat aatctacatt ccctttagtg gcagatgaaa ttcccattaa     33720
     accacatctg caacttcact tggaattgtc agacttttga ctttttgcca ttttgatgtg     33780
     tgtgaaatgt tatcgcattt ggttttaatg tgcattttcc taattattaa tgaagctgag     33840
     catttttctt ttctttcttt tttccttttt tttttttttt ggccagttgt atttctcttt     33900
     ctgtatagtg tcttttatgt tttttatact ttcttctatt ggctattttt agttttcttt     33960
     tggatttgtt accaaaatgc caagggtttg gtctaggttg ctcactgcac agtaagccaa     34020
     tcactgagac aacaagtatt gtgagggaag aaggctttat tcaggtgttg caaccgagga     34080
     gattggagat cagtcttaac tctgtctcct cttttcaaca gattaaaatt aagggtttat     34140
     agagcaggga agaaaggtaa ctacatatgg gaaaacagga attagggagg ggaaaggaag     34200
     aggagttggt caacaggcag cctggggtca gttaggcagt catgaagggt gaggggtctg     34260
     gtgtcttagc agatgcagtg aaaggtaagt ttcagtttcc tgatactacc agggagccct     34320
     gatcgtcaat ttcctgagaa aggaactcag ataagacaaa tgtaagtttc tcaagtttta     34380
     agacttgtag ggtaaatttc tatgtttatt aaaagaaaaa aaaacataat cagtcctatg     34440
     ggacaaatgg gttggtttca gatttatggg aaatatttgt tttttgtata ttctggacac     34500
     taattccttg ttggttatat gtgttacaaa catcttcttg gagtttctgg cttgttgttt     34560
     ctctctcttt atgtcatctt ttgagaagag agaagcattt gttttttcat tctaaagtag     34620
     ctaaacgtat caatctttat gttttggact cttggtctag tttaataagt cctaccttgt     34680
     cttgagatta caaagataat ctatattatt gactaaatat ttttcagttt agctgctata     34740
     gactgaatgc ttgtgtccct cctaaaattc acatgttaaa acctaatcct cagtgtgatg     34800
     gtatttggag gtggggcctt tgggaggtga ttaggtcatg agatcagagc actactgaat     34860
     gggatttgtg cccttatgac agagacccca aagagctccc ttgtctcttc caccatgtga     34920
     agacacaatg agaagttagc agtctgcaac ccagaagaga acattcatct gaaactgact     34980
     gtgcaccctg agctcagact tcccctacct ctagaactat gagaaataag tggttgttat     35040
     ttaagccacc cagtctatgg tatttttgtc atagaggcct gaacaactga gacatttgcc     35100
     tttcatatgt aaatctttat atatctggaa ttaatttttg tgtttagagc aaaatatata     35160
     tttgtttccc cttttttcca tatggttaac taattatctc agtgtcatct aatgcacagc     35220
     ctctaatttt ccccactgtt ttacactgca agctctgtca tatgttatat atccatccat     35280
     gccttcacca atactcattg agcatctact ttatgctaag tgctcttctg ggtcctggga     35340
     ataaagcagt gacaaaacag acaaaaatcc cagtggagct tgtgttctgt tggaggaagg     35400
     caaaccacga acaaagtaat aaaaaatttg taatactccg gatgcagtgg ctcacacttg     35460
     taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggcgg gtggatcacg aggtcaggag atcaagacca     35520
     tcctggctaa catggtgaaa cactgtctct actaaaaata caaaaaattg gctgagcgtg     35580
     gtggcacaca cttgtagtcc caggtacttg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cgcttgaacc     35640
     tgggaggcag aggttgcagt gagccaagat cctgccactg cactccagcc tgggcgacag     35700
     agcaagattc agtctcaaaa aaaaaaattt gtaatattag atggtggtag gtactatgaa     35760
     ttaacacaaa ccaagaaggg gaacagggag tggggagaaa atattacaat tttaaatagg     35820
     gaggttagag aagtccttac agagaaagtg atatttcagc aaatgcctga aagaggttag     35880
     agagccagct ttgagaatat ctgagagaaa tgtgttctag gcaacgggaa gagtctgcac     35940
     aaaggccttg aggcagaagc atgcctagca agtataagga gcagtaggga tgccagtgtg     36000
     tctggaccag agtgaaggag gggtgaagtg caggacatga ggtcatcagg tgaagtgcag     36060
     gacattagct caacagaagt gagcgggtcc aggctgggta ggaccatgtg gcccattcta     36120
     aggactttga ttctactttg agtgagatgg atggcactaa aaggacaaag gactgatagg     36180
     ctctgactat aggctttaac tcatgtttta atttctctgg ctcctctgtt gaaaatagaa     36240
     ccaaggaagc aagaatggag gtagcaacat ctgtcagaag gccattgaaa taaactaggc     36300
     aagtgatgat gggggttgtg ggaaatagtc aagttcagaa tacatttgaa gatagaatta     36360
     acacaattag gtatggtgtg ataggaacaa tagagacaag gattatgccc aggtgtttgg     36420
     cttaagcaac tggaaggatg ctgagatggg aaagacttga tagagggtag gggcgtgggc     36480
     agggacagac caggggagag gatttggatc tgattttgga tatgctaatt ttgagatgtc     36540
     tattagacat gcaaaatgta gaccagactc tcgactcatt taaactacta ttagtggcta     36600
     gccttttctc ttaccttcca gatttctggg caacactcca ctcttcctga tgcacactct     36660
     tgcgttgcag cctgggactc tacatttcaa gcaagatatt cttacacata acaaagcttg     36720
     aaaagcattg ctttaagctt tcctttgtct ctccaagtac ctccaaatgt gtatttaatg     36780
     cttttataat cagaaaagtg ttacaaaatc aaatacccaa aaaaaattcc ctattttccc     36840
     agcataccat acaactactt tctacagagt ttccaacatt ttgcagtaaa atcattgttc     36900
     acaatttttt tgggtcacag tttttggcaa atgaagcatg gtataggatg cctgggactg     36960
     tggagtttcc caggacacag gactttccac gcaaaaccag aaaggttccg gacaaaccaa     37020
     gaagagttct tcaccccaga cgtgtgaaac cagtggcaaa gtgcctgctt tagggaaggc     37080
     agcatgggac agtgaatcag agtggacact gaacctgggt ccatttgtgg aaggtggtcc     37140
     tgttacagga aagaggtccc aatccagacc ccaagagagg gttcttggat ctcgtgcaag     37200
     aaagaattca gggcaagtct gctggagtgc acagcaaaag caagttcagt ggtgaaagaa     37260
     gagctacccc atagacagag tagggcattc cagaaagtaa gaggaggaac gcgtccaccc     37320
     taggtacaat gcttatatat atatctttat atatatatca tatatatata tgataaaaga     37380
     agatcatggg aagatgtgct ctgctacaag agtttgtgat aaaggattaa tttccttaat     37440
     tactatgttt tgcaagaatc aatattatta tctttaaagc aaaattagaa gtgcctttgt     37500
     tctccaggtg tcaggattat ctggacattg ctaaatctgg gtcagtttag taaacttttt     37560
     tttttttttg agacagagtc tccctctgtt gcccaggcca gagtgcaatg gcacaatctt     37620
     ggctcactgc aacctccgcc tcctgggttc aagcgattct tctgcctcca tttcccgagt     37680
     agtcgggaca ggcacatgtc accacaccca gctaattttt gtatttttag tagagacggg     37740
     tttcacgata ttggccaggc aggtctcgaa ctccttacct tgtgatccac ccaccttggc     37800
     ctcctgaagt gctgggatta caggtgtgag ccacctttcc tggcctagta aatattatta     37860
     atctattccc ttaaccataa atgtctagag gctaggaata cctatatttc tggaaatgca     37920
     ccccgccaag ttgcagcctc attttcctag ctctcactca aaatggcgtc gctctggttg     37980
     gaatgcctct gacagtcttt atgaatgata aaagagtgta gtcaatcata aagctctgac     38040
     tcactcccag tttgcccttt ccttcctaga gaatgtcttt caggctcttc ctcccctcag     38100
     aagctttcaa catccactcc attcccctaa actggggacc gaggacattg cagcttcttt     38160
     ggtgcttcta gggaccagaa catagcttct tttagttatg gattaggttt ttattgctgc     38220
     tgtaacaaat taccacaaac ttagctgttt aaacaacacg aatgtattct cttacacttc     38280
     tgcaatgtcg ttggtgggcc agattcagat tctgggccac acaaaagaat ttgagagtga     38340
     gtccaaaata agactaggca aaggagttta ttgcaaagtg aaagtacact ctgagaggca     38400
     gagtgggctg ctcaaagcta gctcaaagct agaggcagta gttagtgcct taaggggaat     38460
     ttcctttgtg gaaactgtac atacatatta ataaaatact ggtgagatca agtaagcaaa     38520
     ggcagacctg tggttagcac atgagctact tggtctaaca cgcatcccat gtatcattag     38580
     cgtataaaat ccccacgtgg tggtgtgttt tttgctatta caatgaggaa aaggtcacca     38640
     taagctaaac cttgagccta gctgtgtatg caagaccctg gagaatttcc cagtcacacc     38700
     tccacccacc ccaaccaagg caggaatttg tagctaatag cttcttgggc ttttggtgct     38760
     gattggctgg agatgggtag ctacatcatg aacaaagggc tttcgttctc tttcccaggc     38820
     tgtatagggt atcaagaact tgtaaccacc tggcagaatc ctgcaggact gcttgtcttg     38880
     caaaagactt cagtgctgat gcaggagggt gcaagtgaaa agaattcact gtaaaaggag     38940
     ccgtggggct tcacacatgg gacaagttag tatggcctcc taaccttact tatcttgcct     39000
     cagtaggtca gaggtctgaa acaagtctca atgggctaaa atcaagttgt tagtgtggtt     39060
     gcatctcttt ttgaaggctt taggggaaaa tttgttttct gttcattctg gttgcttgca     39120
     gaactcaatt ccttgtagtt ggaggactag gttcctgtct ttttactggc tttaaacaga     39180
     gctgttaaca gctcaaaggg ctgtagaatt ccttggctca tagcctcttt tctctgtatt     39240
     caaatccaac aacagttggt tatgtccatc tcatgtccta tctctctgag ctacattctg     39300
     cttcttcttc tttccacttt tattaaagat tggtgtgatt agattggacc tcatacggcc     39360
     taataacctc cctttttaca aagtcaactg attagcaacc ttaattctct tttgccgtat     39420
     aacataatat agtcaggttc tagggattag gacatggaca tcttggggat agggacattc     39480
     ttctgccttc tacaagttat atgggatata ttgaacctct aatatgtgcc aggtgctatc     39540
     ataggttctg gtgatacagt aatgaaccaa acaaaggccc caaccttcat gagcttatgt     39600
     ctcagtgaaa tcccatatgc aatactatga atgtatctct ttgtttattt tttagtacac     39660
     cttaaaaata gctttattga gtccaactga tattcaataa actgcacata tttatgtttt     39720
     tcatgctctc tcaagatgtg gaacaaaaaa atagcacaca tatttttgta cctgcctggc     39780
     aaaaattccc aaagctttgc ttaattctat tcaggttgtt gaacaaaatt tacattagca     39840
     acaaatacca gggaatgaaa ataatgcact tttgttgata aagtaacaga ttttgcctgg     39900
     ttgtctttgg agccgtcatg ctctgtgtgt gtttctgctt ccagatttct ttttttttct     39960
     ctccaacttt tattttaggt tcaggggtac atatgcaggt ttgttacatg aataaattgt     40020
     gtgtcacagg cgtttgttgt acagattatt tcatcaccca ggtaataagc gtagtacctg     40080
     atgggtagtt ttttgatcct caccctcctt ccaccctcca tcctcaaata gacctcaatg     40140
     tctattgttc ccttcttggt gtccttgtat actcaatgtt tagctcccac ttataagtga     40200
     gaacatgtga tgtttggttt tctgttccta cattaattta cttaggataa tggccctcca     40260
     gttccatcca tattgctgca aaggacacga tctcattctt ttttatggct gcatagtatt     40320
     ccatggtgta tatgtactac attttcttta ttcagtctac agttgatggg cagttaagtt     40380
     ggttccacgt cttcactatc gtaactagta aactgcatgt atttaaagta tataatctga     40440
     tgagttttga cataggaatc cacctgtgaa atcatcacca caattaaaat aatgaatata     40500
     tctgtcaccc cccatagctt ttccctgctc ctttgaattc aacccatcct ataatccatc     40560
     cccaggcaaa tactggtctg ctttctgtca ctataggttg gcttcctttt ttagaatttt     40620
     acataaatga actcataata tgtactctat ttttgtctag attctttcat ccagcataat     40680
     tattttgtga ttaatctatg ttgttgagtg tataaatagt ccattccttt ttattgctat     40740
     atagtagttt attgtatgga tgtactacaa tgtgtctatt cattcaaatg ttgatggaaa     40800
     tttagattgt ttccagtgtt gcctgcttct tgttgcattt agcaaaatat tataagaaag     40860
     tgcaaactca ggcaagaaat gaccagattg caagcagaga ttgaaggaaa tagagtccag     40920
     agatgtgagt ctttacaaga ttgagaaatg cttttatatt tcagataaca ggaaatatgg     40980
     ctttagttgc ttgtgttagg ccaaataatg actgtccccc caccaaaatg tccacattct     41040
     agtccccaga atctgtgaat atgttaccgt acatggcaaa agggactttg caaatgcaat     41100
     taaggacctt gagatgagga gatcatcctg aattattcca gtgggcccaa tttaatcaca     41160
     tgagtcatta aaagcagaag atctttccca gctgcagtaa gagagagaca tgtgatgatg     41220
     ggacaaaggg tcagagagat gtgttatatt gctgattttg aaggtggaga aacagggcca     41280
     taagccaaag aatgccagca acctctagaa gctgaaaaag gcaagaacac agattctccc     41340
     tgtgagcctc tagaagtaat gtggtcctac tgataccttg attttagctt agcgaaacta     41400
     gtgttggttt tctgacttac agaactgtaa gttcataaat ttctattata aatatataat     41460
     atatattata ttatcataaa tttatattta tagattatac atttatattt aagcaactaa     41520
     gtttgtggta atttgttaaa tcagtgataa aaaactaata ccttcctcta agcttttccc     41580
     aaaggccttg tattaaggca aacagaagga cagacgccta aggaaacaat tagattaaag     41640
     gagttttctt cccactcaaa gttgttacca ttaaattaag agtgacatga gtcattcaac     41700
     agagcttaga acaaaagatt tcagaatcag acctagaaaa gaactttggt tgtggtcatt     41760
     gatgcatgaa acaaataaac aagaagccct tttagttttt gaagaaatta tattcccaag     41820
     gaagccataa agcctaacat aaaaaagcct gtggttaagc ttaaaataac tcataggccc     41880
     tcaaattgca accacagaag tcaggctgca aaatctgtac ggggcaatcc taagaaatga     41940
     gtactcctca cttcttctta tattggctat ggtagataat ggagaagaaa gaatcttcca     42000
     gaaagcaaag ccagtggtca ggatgacaaa caaaggagtt cctcccacag agaggaccag     42060
     tgatagtcag atggactaag cttggaactt actccattga gagggcaagg ataatttagg     42120
     attcctaccc agtaagattt aatcattgct gtgggccaat gattgtgtgt ttctgttttt     42180
     taaataagag tttcttttgc cattatcctg ttctcacttc accattgtat attatctgtg     42240
     tttacgtggt agagagtgat aatttagatt ttattacttt atgggtcact gggccatgag     42300
     gactcaagtg tatatccaat agaaaactgc atgtcaccta aagatcctgg attttgagct     42360
     ggatgtcata actggatgag atatttccct agggggtgag gtgagttttt tctaaatgtg     42420
     aaaagtagag tatatgtgga ttattggtga ccattgctgg tctgtgtaat gacttctaac     42480
     tgaccacaaa atccattttc cttctctcaa acaaataaag tatagctgag acctggccgg     42540
     accacatttc ctagccctct ttgcagttag atgtagccat gtgactaggg tcttgacaaa     42600
     ggaatataag ttgtgataaa tgaaacagtc acctcacaga ttaaagagac cttgaacttc     42660
     agcccttctt gaaacccttc atcattggtt gaagcaaatt gatcttgtaa tcacatgttg     42720
     aagatagaag aacttctaat agcatgcatc cctaagtgac ttcatagagt acaaccactc     42780
     accatcttga taaacctacc caggactgtt gagatggaaa taaactattt tgtttgagtc     42840
     atctcattta cagttttctc cattattaca gttttgtttt ctaccctaac atgcagaata     42900
     aaatagctat aggaagaagt aaatagtttt catgtatcca aatcaacatt taggtagaag     42960
     atataacaga agaaaagata ctatttataa tatcaacaaa aagataaaat actctggaat     43020
     gaacttactt tgaaatgtgt gatacctata tgtaacaaac acttaaatac tttaaaaacc     43080
     tgaaatattt ctcgaataca tacattgatc atcataaagt tatcatccct ccgggctaat     43140
     cttaatttaa cttgtaaaaa ataaaaatac cagaggtgtt cttttttttt tttgagacag     43200
     agtttcactc ttgttgccca ggctggagag caacggcaca atctcagctc actgcaacct     43260
     ctgtctcccg ggctcaagcg attctcctgc ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg cgattacagg     43320
     cacacaccac caccccagct attttttgta ttttagtaga gatggggttt caccatgttg     43380
     accaagctgg tctcgaattc atgacctcag gtgatcctcc ctcctcagcc tcccaaagtg     43440
     ttgggattac aggcgtgagc caccgtgccc agccaggtgt tctttttaac tagataaact     43500
     gattcaaaga ttcatatgaa aaataaagaa agaataccaa ctaaacctca gacaagggga     43560
     gcttgagaaa aactggcttt gccaaatatg aaaacattct aaagcctcaa taacgaaaag     43620
     aatgtgatgt tggtacataa acagacagat caatgaaaaa taaaaggaaa tctagaaata     43680
     gacccaagca tacagtaatt tagtggatga taaaaatggg atctcagatc agtggaaaag     43740
     atagatgacc attcaataaa tgcttttgag ataactggat aactacatgg gaaataatat     43800
     ttaaagttgg gcacaattcc aactgtatag catgataaac tccaaatggg tcaaagtttt     43860
     caatgaaaaa aaggaaatat tcctttctaa ctttggagga gggctatcta actgtaactc     43920
     caaatcgtaa aagccatagg acagaaaatt aataaactga actacataaa ataaaaagca     43980
     gttccgagta gcagaaaata tcataaaaaa tcaaaagaca aatgaaaaac ttatagaaat     44040
     attttcatgc atatcacatc caaagaaatg acctctttag caattaaaat gcaccttaaa     44100
     attgagaaga aagagactag caatctctga aagaaaaagt aaaaagaatt ttaacagaca     44160
     attgttgttg aaattctgtc tgctgaaatc ctttttcctt ttttctgtct cgggaactgt     44220
     gaagaaactc agaaaaggaa acaaaaatag ttattaaaca catgaaaaaa cacttaacct     44280
     tgcttttacc agaggaagaa gaaaaactac aggagatatc atgtctttcc tgtcagattg     44340
     gcaaaaagtt aaaagtttgg caacaccctc tgttgacaag gctatggaga aacaagcact     44400
     ttgatttatt ggttatagga gtccagtttg ggacaaacct tttggaggac aattaggcaa     44460
     tcaatacctt tcaaaattgt ttgtgaatac agccttaaac ctttcaattt cattttttga     44520
     aactcattct acagatataa ttatacacat gcaaaaatat tatgtacaag tttattcaat     44580
     actgcttgcc ttaacaaaag attggaaaaa ttcatgcacc tatcaatttg agactaacta     44640
     aacactcaca cacacacgaa caatggaata ttatgcaatg aaaatctaat cacaacacag     44700
     gaggtctctg tgtgcttttg gtaagatctc caagatatat tgtgaagtga gagaatgagg     44760
     tgaagaacgt tgtataacag gctacctctg tgttaaaaaa agagggaatg aagagtcatt     44820
     attatattat catgaaaaaa ttggaagata cacaggtaat taacaaaaga gattacctct     44880
     ttggggtaag gtgtaaactg gacagattgt ggacaggatt ctgagtgaga tccttcactg     44940
     ttcagtctcc tttgcatcag taagtgtctc ttaaagtaaa tggacaagta gaggaatggt     45000
     gtcagcataa tgtggaagct gcattgtgta atatacaatt tcccccatat gttaatgttc     45060
     tgcactgagt aatagcagct gtaccaaaat agcagccaag tcccaaacac gatttaaggg     45120
     agcaagctat gaatacaatg ctgtgcacaa tgccgttgac tccttctcca ttttactcat     45180
     tttggctaca ttctctatcc tgaagtgctt actaagtagt tcccccaatt ttcatgcact     45240
     ttttctgaac tattttgaga atgggaatat taagatgttg ccacagttcc ataacaactt     45300
     gttgctgaga tgtcccttaa gagtggggaa gaaaaatcca ttagacttta gaataattcc     45360
     acaagagctt tctttttcta ctttaggtgt gattgacatg catttgtaga tgtgttagtg     45420
     cagattgcac ttcatggcac aaggtcctat ttggagccat aacagcagct tcttaatgaa     45480
     agaaggaagg tggcaataca gaaaaaaaaa aatcaggtgt ttttttttaa gcaggtgcaa     45540
     aacaaacaag cagaaaataa ccatccagag ctacccatct ttgtcatcta cattttgtgc     45600
     aaagcttcaa ctgcttatcc tctatagctt ctcatggtga tgtccctcca ccttgtctcc     45660
     ataaagcagc agcttccatc tttccttatc cccttgtatc tttagttccc cctttattta     45720
     ttttatttta ttttttcatt cttttaattg ttattttttt tgagatggag gctcgctctg     45780
     tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tcgtgcaatc tcggctcact ccaacctccg cctcccgggt     45840
     tcaagccatc ctcctgcctc agcctcctgg gtagctggga ctacaggcac gtgccaccat     45900
     gcctggctaa ttttttgtat ttttagtaga gacggggttt taccgtctta ggcaggatgg     45960
     tcttgatctc ctgatatcgt gatccaccca cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag     46020
     gcatgagaca ctgcacctgg cctccttttt taaatttttt ttgagatgga gtcttgctct     46080
     gtcaccaggc tggagtgcag tggtgagatc tcggctcact gcaacctctg cctcccaggt     46140
     tcaagcgatt ctcttgcctc agtctcccga gcagctggga ctaccggcgc gcaccaccat     46200
     gcccagctaa tttttgtatt tttagtagag atgggggttt caccatcttg gccaggatgg     46260
     tctcgatctc tggacatagt gatctgccca cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag     46320
     gcatgagcca cccctcagcc tagttccccc tttaaaaagt ctttcatcta tttagagttt     46380
     aacaagtctt ttttttttct ctttaaaaac tatgctagta tttttattcg aattgttatt     46440
     gctttgttag tgttatgagt atgaagatga atagattttg agttgcctat caaaactctg     46500
     tttttcctac aaacactgtt gtttttttgt gaacatttcc atatgaattc aaggacctgc     46560
     ttttccatat ctgtttaaaa ggctgttgaa attttgatag agattaattg agtctgtaga     46620
     tcactttgga tattattgac aacttaacaa ttttaagtct ttctacccat caacacaaga     46680
     tgtctttcca tttatttaga tcttcaattt cagcaatttt ttatagtttt cagtgtacat     46740
     tctcacttga gcgtacatcc tcacttctcc ctctccttct cggtctctgg taaccgctat     46800
     tctcctcttc ccttctatga gatcagcttt tgcagttcca catatgagtg aaatcatgtg     46860
     ccatttgttc ttcattgctt ggcttactta atataatgtc ctcttggttc attcatgttg     46920
     ttacaaatga cagaatttca ttctttttat ggctgaaaag tattccattg tgtacatacg     46980
     ccacattttt taaaatctat tcattctttg atggccactt tggttaattt catatcttgg     47040
     ctattgtgaa tagcgctgca gtgaacatgg gagtgcatgt atctctttga cgtaccaatt     47100
     tcatttcctt tggatatata tccattagtg agattgatgg atgatatagt agttctactt     47160
     ttaatttttt gagaagcctc cttactgttg tctgtaatgg cttggataat ggggtggcta     47220
     ttggtacgtg ttcctgagga ataggaagaa tgagagagat agtggatttg gatgtgtgag     47280
     tttaaggtgc aagattcaag tggtggttca gtaggccttg gtagctcccc agagtttgca     47340
     tctgtaggta gaggtcactg ttagtgataa agttgtggtt tgatttgttt ttcaaaatgt     47400
     aggtgatacc tactgtcatg aaaccaattt tgcaggttat aaccagcatt tttaaaacgg     47460
     actgtaattt aaaaatcaga atatattaca aataataaag aaaaatggta cccaacaaaa     47520
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgcata tgcatgtata ttagactggg acatgagtga     47580
     cttttttact gtgatgtttc aaaacatgtt tgaaaaaaat tagtttaaac catgatgaag     47640
     agatttctca ggcagtgtat gaataacaga cctgtggatg aacctagtgc attcttttct     47700
     tttctcttct tttgtgacgg agtctggctc tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcacaa     47760
     tctcggctca ctgcaagctc cgccccccgg gttcacgcca ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc     47820
     gactacctgg gactacaggc gcccgccatc acgcccggct aatttttgta tttttagtag     47880
     agacggggtt tcaccgtgtt agccaggatg gtctcgacct cctgactttg tgatccgccc     47940
     gccttggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc accgcgcccg gccaaaacct     48000
     agtggtttct aatatgtagc tctcatgttt tcagatgagt tttaagatac aggcccaaat     48060
     tttgttagtt cttattctct acttttgaat tatttacagg aaatatattt tactgagctg     48120
     atctactgag aggtgggcac aaatccttta gactttattg aaaaattagt tgtccaaaat     48180
     cttctaggat actcccactt aattacatat atgaggccgg gcgcggtggc tcacaccggt     48240
     aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccaaggcggg cagatcacga gatcaggaga tcgaaaccat     48300
     cctggctaac acggtgaaac cccgtctcta ctcaaaacac aacaaattag ccggacaagg     48360
     tggccggcgc ctgtagtccc acctacttgg gaggctgagg aaggagaatg gcgtgaaccc     48420
     gggaggtgga gcttgcagtg agccgagata gtgccactgc actccagcct gggcgacaga     48480
     acgagactcc gtctcgggga aaaaaaaatt acatatatga gcaccctttg aaatgcttac     48540
     agcagagcta gctgcctaaa attaacattc atctaacact gcaagccaga acgtgttctg     48600
     agtagtgctc tggaagggac tttggatttt gagaaaaaag gttgggagca gtttgaacat     48660
     aaaaactatt ttctcatggg ttccattttg atgttcatta aactcacaac ttctttgttt     48720
     tcttcatgtc ttcttagaaa gtgatttctc actttgaaag tgaactcttt gcaggacttg     48780
     agcatagtga tcacaactgc tgcctcccct ctgagaaatc tggaggatga ggttctccat     48840
     ctgtcttgac tacttgagag acccagtgac cattgactgt ggtcatgtct tttgctacca     48900
     ctgcatcatt caggtctgtg aatctactag gcaaccatta cattgttctc tgtgcaagcc     48960
     agcttttaag aaaaaatatc tgccatgtgt ggcagatggc caacctgatg gagaacattt     49020
     ggagaatgaa ggtagatgag gagagacaac ccagagagga aagaccacct gagcaaaaag     49080
     cagagaagct gtgtaggcga cacctggaga agctccatta atgcttcaaa ggatgaccag     49140
     cagatggtgt atgtgatgcg ttggagtccc gagaacacaa gcaccatgct gctgttctcc     49200
     tagaaaaggc tgcacagcct cgtcgggtaa gaatcgtgtt ggaccccagc tctgttcttt     49260
     tagccagaaa gttctatggt accttcagga taaggtgcag gttttttgca ttactttatt     49320
     gaggtatgat tgacatgtaa aagctataca tatttaatgt ataccaatta atgagtttgt     49380
     agatgagtat acacctctga aaccatcatc acagcaaaaa cacgtctatc actttccaaa     49440
     ctttccacac accctcttta ttgttattat tttgtgtgtg tgataagaac acttagccaa     49500
     agatctattc ttttagtaaa tttgaagtat acaatacagt gtttttagct ataggcatta     49560
     tgctatatag taggtctcta gaacttcttt atcttgcata actgaaactt tgtaactttg     49620
     accatcaacc ctccattccc cgtccccacc agtccctggc aaccaccatt ctactctgtt     49680
     tatgtaagtt tgactgtttt agattccaca tataagtgag gtcgcacagt atgtgtctgg     49740
     catattcact tagcataatg ttctcaaggt ccatccatgt tgttaccaat ggcagaattt     49800
     ccttcttttt aaggctgaat aatattgcat tgtatgtata taccacattt tctttattca     49860
     tccatcagtg aacatttagg gttttttaaa tcttggttat tgtgaatagt gctgcaaaga     49920
     acatgggaag tatatgggct ataaataccc agaagtgaaa ttgctggatc atatggtagt     49980
     tctgttttta attatttgag gagcttctta ctgtttttat aatggctgta ccagtttgca     50040
     tttccaccaa cagcgtatca gggttcccct ttctccacat cctcaccaac gcttcttatc     50100
     ttttaaaaaa atataatagc atttctaaga ggtgtaagac agttcaaatt ctttagcatg     50160
     aaagattctt ggtaaagtac taccctttgc atttggataa taaagctggt ttggttttat     50220
     atcttttatg gaagtaagta tatcacattg ccttgatggt ttcatctctg aggttcagat     50280
     caagtcttat cagctataca gaataccagc actcctgata gctctcgtag tatatagctt     50340
     caagtggtat gtacacagtt gttataaaaa tatttttgag gtctggtgcg gtggctcacg     50400
     cctgtaatcc cagcactttt ggaggccgag gcgggcggat cacagggtca ggagatcgag     50460
     accatcctgg cacacacagt gaaatcctgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa attagccggg     50520
     cgtggtggcg ggcgcctgta gtcccagcta ctcgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg     50580
     aacccgggag gcggagcttg cagtgagccg agatcgcgcc actgcactcc agcctgggcg     50640
     acagagcgag actccatttc aaaaaaaaaa aaattttttt ttcacaatat ttcagcctgt     50700
     ataaaatcta tgtaattttt ctttcagaat ttaacaagga aaatattatt tcctctgggg     50760
     tcctagtatg tttcttcttg cctgctaaag aaacatcagg ccaggcttgg tggctcacat     50820
     ctgtaatcct agcgctttgg gaggctaagg caggtgaatc acttgatgtc agggactcaa     50880
     gaccagcctg gccaacatgg caaaacctca tctctaccaa aattcaaaaa ttagccaggc     50940
     atggtggcat gcacctgtaa tcccagctac ttgggaggct gaggcaagag aatcgcttga     51000
     acccaggaag cggagcttgc agtgagccaa gattgtgcca ttgcactcca gcctgggcag     51060
     cagtgtgaga ctttgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaaa gaaaagaaaa aagaaacatc     51120
     aggcagttca ttgtttccct tttctctttg cctgccaatt tagtcatcct cttaataatc     51180
     tggagttgct gccaggtgtg gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc caacactttg ggaagccaag     51240
     gcaggaggat agcttgagaa caggagacca gcctgggcta tagcaagacc ccatctctac     51300
     aataataata ataatagtta ttattattat tatttggagt tggcatatat actttccttg     51360
     actttttgtg ttaatttttt gtttctattt ttttttcttt ttacaagaca gggtctcact     51420
     atgttgccaa ggtatgccct caaagacttg ggctcaagag atacttcacc cttattttcc     51480
     caaatagctg ggactacagg cacataccac tgcacccacc ttctattttt gttttattaa     51540
     ttttaatttt aattgtctgt atttttggta gaaaaggata gtataaatat aaattagaaa     51600
     ctataccata agtcttgtta gttataatga taatacgata ttattttgtc ttacttctaa     51660
     gaaattgctc taggccattg tatcactcaa tggatcttcc ttattaacta gaatggaaat     51720
     tgttccacac aaccattatt aaactacaca tggtcaaatg cagttggatt tcactctgga     51780
     atcactttgc atctcccttt tttcattgag gtcattttca tcttgatctt gagactatcc     51840
     aagtttattt tctttttctt tttctttttt tttcttttct tgagacagag ttttgctctt     51900
     gttgcccagg ctggagtgca gtggcgcgat cccgactcac tgcaacctcc gcctccaagg     51960
     ttcaactgat tctcctgcct cagcctccca agtagttgga attacaggtg ctcaccacca     52020
     tgcccagcta atttttgtat tttttagtag agacagggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggctg     52080
     gtctttaact cctgacctca ggtaatccac ctgcctcgac ctcccaaagt actgggatta     52140
     caggcatgag ccaccacgcc cagcccgaga ctatccttgt ttattttcat agggcaaaat     52200
     tctaaaccat cggaagattc tgaagggata cagggatagc attcagaatt ctcaatctat     52260
     gggagaagat gagattcagg ccctggtggt aagagaggtc tctagtaaat gttctgtatg     52320
     aatgtgtgta tgtgtgtagg gcaggggtgt gtgtgtaggt agtagcgggg cataggttaa     52380
     ggagaggaag gggtatgtgt gtgggggaag tattgaggaa tggggagggg gagagtgatc     52440
     aaagagattt ctgttctgaa ctcatcctca gaagatctca cacatgttct ggtgttccct     52500
     agcctctcaa aaaggtcact tttctctttc tgcatttact ggagacaaca tttcagaacc     52560
     acaggcaaga cattgtatca gtgtttgaat agggccatcg gtttttgaga gaaagggaac     52620
     agtacctgtt ggagcagctg gtagggctag agcaagagct caccaaaagg aggaacagcc     52680
     gtgtcatcaa gggttctgag gaggtggtcc agcttgggac cctgatcact gagttggaga     52740
     agtctcggca gccagcactt gaacttttga aggtaaagga ccaaccaaac tgtatctgag     52800
     tcctcttgct ctatgactac ggtgtggcct atttgcaaga gatttggacc aagagtcaag     52860
     agagacaagg tgttattctc atttactgaa ttctttaata actgaattag ccaaccaata     52920
     ggttttaagc cccaaagtgc agtgggcagg ggtctataat atgcacagac catataatgg     52980
     aatattaaga tctgtacatt tataattaca acaaataatc tgatgttaaa tcttccagtc     53040
     agattggatg ccacaagaat tctggaaaca gctagtgttt agtcagagaa gccttcaaag     53100
     aagaggcttt tgatgttggc cttgaaggaa acgtaaagat ttattttatt ttatatttat     53160
     ttatttattt gagatggcat ctccctctgt cacccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgcgatct     53220
     caactcactg caaccttcac ctcctgggtt caagtgattc tcctgcctca gcctcctgag     53280
     tagctgggaa tacaggcacc catcaccacg cccagctaag taagatttag attgtcagaa     53340
     aggagctaaa cattccactt ggtagggggt ggggacacac tagttacaat tagataaatg     53400
     aatgtaataa taaacttggt atatgtgttg gcaggtgggc ataggtgctg gggaagatag     53460
     gagtaggaag actgataaga aggggacata gaatgaaggt agctaccttt ctggaagagt     53520
     cagattaagt gagggagaag tgaaaagtat gatggggcca actgagttga ggccttccaa     53580
     agcaggctga aatttgagcc ttaactgaat agacaatggg attcttaaca gatttttatc     53640
     tgtctataaa tcaagaaagg tttctgaaga ggatagtcta gaactcgaat gaaagacatg     53700
     aaggggaagc atttgtcctt ataaattgaa actgcaggcc gggcacagtg gttcacacct     53760
     gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccaaggca ggcagatcat gaggtcagga gatcgagacc     53820
     atcctggcta acacagtgaa accgcgtctc tactaaaaaa tacaaaaatg aagccgggtg     53880
     tggtggtggg tgcctgtagt cccagctact ccggaggctg agtcaggaga atggcgtgaa     53940
     cccgggaggc ggagtttgca gtgagccgag attgtgccac tgcactccag cctgggcgac     54000
     agagccagac tccatctcaa aaaaaaaaga aagaaactgc aggttgggag tagtggctca     54060
     tgcctataat cccagcactg tgggaggctg aggcaggcag ataacgaggt caggagttcg     54120
     agaccatcct ggccaacata gtgaaatccc atctctacta aaaatacaaa aattagccgg     54180
     acatggtggc aggtgcctgt aatctcagct actctggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcgctt     54240
     gaacccggga gacagaggtt gcagtgagcc aagatcacac cactgcactc cagcctgggt     54300
     gacagagtga gactccatct caaatgaaaa aaaaataaaa aataaataaa aaaataaaaa     54360
     aaaaaacaag aaaagaaaag aaaaaaagaa actgcagcag agggaggaca ggtccgggtc     54420
     catcagaata attctctgtt cagtcctggt gtatacccat ttctcaatga tcccacagta     54480
     gagaatgatg atggctcctg agaactattt ttatgacagt gtctgtgttc tgtttttttc     54540
     caggacccaa gtgacataat atgcaggtaa gtgctgcttg ctttttttct tttaaatttt     54600
     aaccacttat gtctccttat tgttttctct gtctatcatc ttactgaaat ttgacaagtg     54660
     ctggaaaggg attgtttaga agggagagag gttattctgg ttagtgtatg ttgaaaggta     54720
     ttctatggaa tagaggaggg agttctagaa aaaaatattg tcatggaact tacgatggta     54780
     atgggctgag aaaaataaaa tgagaggaga ttatagaaaa gtattggaga aaatttagaa     54840
     tccatgttca tttctaaaac tagtttcctt tcattcttcc ccttcctaca tggttcccag     54900
     cctccactcc tggccacagt ttctcccata ttctgtagag cacatttcat tatcagattg     54960
     tcctctgcct gatagtgagg tttcctgcat tctggttgtc catagaaagc aaacacttct     55020
     atggctcaca gggataatga tttcttcctc atgtctttca tttgagttct agactgtcct     55080
     ccgcaggaca ttcctcagca gtgggtctga ggaatatgtt aaacatttaa cattgacagt     55140
     tttcaaaatc atacccacat gatacagaga agctttgaac agagaataaa gtcaggcatt     55200
     ttgataatac acaacttatc tgcagagaca cccaggacta ctggcatata ctgagcattt     55260
     cctgtgggca aaacactggg tagaaaggcg tgtgatgaga taggttacca gattatggct     55320
     ggggatacca gatagacaca tatgagagat gaataatgat ataaaaaatg aggttgacac     55380
     agaatgggta atacttcttg ccttgaagtg ttttgtccgc tttagcaaaa ttattccagc     55440
     tttatattga ttagtgttca catggcattt ctttttctgt cctttaattc tcaaactttc     55500
     tgtgtttttt aaaaatgtct cttataagca acataaattt tgttctgttt tttaataaat     55560
     ccattctgac aatatgcaat ggaatattta gtatttatcc atggaaaatt actatttcat     55620
     tcacattttc aaaataattt gcatagttga tcaagataat gtgcttagat ttactaattt     55680
     ttctttttat atctgaatgt tttcatttct tattttgtgt atttctacct ttttcttttt     55740
     cttttgagct ggagtctcgc actgttgccc tggctagagt gcaatggtac aatcttggct     55800
     cactgcaacc tccgcctcct gggttcaaga gattctcctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct     55860
     gggattacag gtgcccgccg ccatgcccag ctaattattt tttgtatttt tagtagaaat     55920
     ggggtttcac tatgttggcc aggctggtct cgaactcctg accttgtgat ctgctcgcct     55980
     cagcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca tgagccacca cgcccgcccc cctctttctt     56040
     ttcttttctt ttcttttctt tttttttttt ttaagagaca agggtctcct tatgttgccc     56100
     aggccggact cctgggctcc tgggctcaag cgatcctctc acttcagact cccaagtacc     56160
     tgggaataca ggcacatact gccacactca gctgtgtagt tctattttat ctcttctatt     56220
     tgcctgtccc ttttttccct cctactttta tggattgttg agccctgctt ttacaaagta     56280
     ccttaatttc tagcatatgg tatttttatt actgttttct agatattttg aaattttgaa     56340
     tttgattttc tatttaacat aagatttgtt taagaaagaa gctatttgtc agtgatatgc     56400
     tgagtttttt tctaataggt ctttttgttt catagttttc aagtcttgtg ataagaaaag     56460
     tttgctatgt ctactttttg gacttttttt gaggctttct aggttatatg ttgtaaattt     56520
     ttggacagtt tcagacactt gaaaagaagg tgcacttttt cttggaatag aataggattt     56580
     tgtatatctc tgtaaggttg gccttagtaa ttctgttatc taggtatttt gtactaatac     56640
     ttattttctg acttcttgat atgtcatgga ctaaaagagg tcagtcacag attcctacta     56700
     acagtgagtt tttgcctatt ttttcttttt tttctgagat ggagtcttgc tctgttgtcc     56760
     aggctggagt gcagcggcac gatcttggct cactgcaaca tccacctccc gggttcaagt     56820
     gattctcctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct gggattatag gtgtgcacca ccacacccag     56880
     ctaatttctg tatttttagt agagacaggg tttcaccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcgaa     56940
     ctcctgacgt gatctgcccg cctcagcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcctgagcca     57000
     ccgtgcccag cctatttttt cttatattga tatagttttt gctttttaca ttttgatgtt     57060
     ctttttctac atgactttta aggaaagttg tatcttaatt gtgaattata atcttgtttt     57120
     aaaaaacaga gacagagttt taaaaaaccg agactcgctc agtcacccag actagatgca     57180
     atggtgcaat catagttcac tataaccttg aactcttggg ctcaagctac ctctccgcct     57240
     cagcctccca agtagctggg actacaggtg catgtcatca cacctggcta atattaaaat     57300
     aattgtttta gaggggttct cactgttact cagtctgatc ttgaactcct ggcctcaagt     57360
     gattctcctg ccttggactc ccaaagtact gggattatag gcataagcca tagcacttcg     57420
     cctataatct ttaagtaaca aaaaatgttg ttgtcttatt taatattttt ctctcccaaa     57480
     ttcaattctg tccgatagta agatcaagat atcagaattc tttcattttg gatttagtta     57540
     atacaccttt gcctaccatt atcttaattt taaatttaaa aaaaatgtaa agctttatct     57600
     taattttctt tttttaattt aatttttaaa atatatttta aggtatacaa catgatgctg     57660
     tgagtaaaat ggttattaca gtgaagcaaa ttaacacctc catcacctca catagttacc     57720
     tgcttccctt cccactccca acccctcatt gcaagagcag ttataattta ctcatttagc     57780
     aaaaatcctg aatacaatac accattttta ttattttttt aatttatttt tttgagacaa     57840
     ggtctcactc tgtcacccag gctggagtgt agtggcgcga tcttggctca ctgcaacctc     57900
     cacctcccag gctcaagaga tcctctcacc tgagccttgc gagtagctgg gactacaggc     57960
     acgggcacca catttggcta atttttgtag agacagggtt tcaccatgct gctcaggctg     58020
     gtctcgaact ccttggcctt aagtgatctg cccacctcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggata     58080
     acaggcgtga gccgtcatgc ctggcctaca atgccctgat attagctata gttggcaggt     58140
     tgggcattag atctccagac ctgttcatcc tacatatttc ctactttgta tcccttgagg     58200
     tacatctccc catttcttcc acccacccta cctctggtaa tcactatttt attctctatt     58260
     tctgtatatt tgacttttta aaaaattcta catatatgta aaataatgca atagttttca     58320
     ttttgtatct ggcaagtttt atcttaattt tcatttaatc tgatatatat ccccaaataa     58380
     ttcctttaga ggttgtaaca gcgaggaagg agccaagatg gccgaatagg aacagctccg     58440
     gtctacagct cccagcgtga gcaatgcaga agatgggtga tttctgcatt tccgtctgag     58500
     ctttgaagag agcagtggtt ctcccagcac gcagctggag atctgagaac gggcagactg     58560
     cctcctcaag tgggtccctg acccctgacc cccaagcagc ctaactggga ggcactaccc     58620
     agcaggggca gactgaaacc tcacacggcc gggtactcca acagacctgc agctgagggt     58680
     cctgtctgtt agaaggaaaa ctaacaaaca gaaaggacat ccacaccaaa aacccatctg     58740
     tacatcacca tcatcaaaga ccaaaagtag ataaaaccac aaagatgggg aaaaaacaga     58800
     gcagaaaaac tggaaaatct aaaaagcaga gcgcctctcc tcctccaaag gaatgcagtt     58860
     cctcaccagc aacggaacaa acctggacgg agaatgactt tgacgagctg agagaagaag     58920
     gcttcagacg atcaaattac tccgaactat gggaggacat tcaaacgaaa ggcaaagaag     58980
     ttgaaaactt cgaaaaaaat ttagaagaat gcataactag aataaccaat acagagaagt     59040
     gcttaaagga gctgatggag ctgaaaacca aggctcgaga actacgtgaa gaatgcagaa     59100
     gcctcaggag ccgatgcgat caactggaag aaagggtatc agcgatggaa gatgaaatga     59160
     atgaaatgaa gcgagaaggg aagtttagag aaaaaagaat aaaaagaaac gagcaaagcc     59220
     tccaagaaat atgggactat gtgaaaagac caaatctacg tctgattggt gtacctgaaa     59280
     gtgacgggga gaatggaaac aagctggaaa acactctgca ggatattatc caggagaact     59340
     tccccagtct agcaaggcag gccaacattc agattgagga aatacagaga acgccacaaa     59400
     gatactcctc gagaagagca actccaagac acataattgt cagattcacc aaagttgaaa     59460
     tgaaggaaaa aatgttaagg gcagccagag agaaaggtcg ggttaccctc aaagggaagc     59520
     cgatcagact aacagcggat ctctcggcag aaactctaca agccagaaga gggtgggggc     59580
     caatattcaa cattcttaaa gaaaagaatt ttcaacccag aatttcatat ccagccaaac     59640
     taagcttcat aagtgaagga gaaataaaat cctttagaga caagcaaacg ctgagagatt     59700
     ttgtcaccac caggcctgcc ctaaaagagc tcctgaagga agcactaaat atggaaagga     59760
     acaaccagta ccagccgctg caaaatcatg ccaaaatgta aagaccatcg agactaggaa     59820
     gaaactgcat caactaacga gcaaaataac cagctaacat cataatgaca ggatcaaatt     59880
     cacacataac aatattaact ttaaatgtaa atggactaaa tgctccaatt aaaagacaca     59940
     gactggcaaa ttggatcaag agtcaagact catcagtatg ctgtattcag gaaacccatc     60000
     tcacgggcag agacacacat aggctcaaaa taaaaggatg gaggaagatc taccaagcca     60060
     atggaaaaca aaaaaaggca ggggttgcaa tcccagtctc tgataaaaca gactttaaac     60120
     caacaaagat caaaagagac aaagaaggcc attacataat ggtaaaggga tcaattcaac     60180
     aagaagagct aactatccta aatatatatg aacccaatac aggagcaccc agattcataa     60240
     agcaagtcct gagtgaccta caaagagact tagactccca cacattaata atgggagact     60300
     ttaacacccc actgtcaaca ttagacagat caacaagaca gaaagtcaac aaggataccc     60360
     aggaattgaa ctcagctctg caccaagcgg acctaataga catctacaga actctccacc     60420
     ccaaatcaac agaatataca tttttttcag caccacacca cacctattcc aaaattgacc     60480
     acatagttgg aagtaaagct ctcctagcaa atgtaaaaga acagaaatta taacaaacta     60540
     tctctcagac cacagtgcaa tcaaactaga actcaggatt aagaatctca ctcagaacca     60600
     ctcaactaca tggaaactga acaacctgct cctgaatgac tacttggtac ataacgaaat     60660
     gaaggcagaa ataaagatgt tctttgaaac caacaagaac aaagacacaa cataccagaa     60720
     tctctgggac acattcaaag cagtgtgtag agggaaattt atagcactaa atgcccacaa     60780
     gagaaagcag gaaagatcca aaattgacac cctaacatca caattaaagg aactagaaaa     60840
     gcaagagcaa acacattcaa aagctagcag aaggcaagaa ataactaaaa tcagagcaga     60900
     actgaaggaa atagagacac aaaaaaaccc ttcaaaaaat taatgaatcc aggagctggt     60960
     tttttgaaag gatcaacaaa attgatagac cgctagcaag actaataaag aaaaaaagag     61020
     agaagaatca aatagatgca ataaaaaatg ataaagggga tatcaccacc gatcccacag     61080
     aaatacaaac tagtatcaga gaatactaca aacacctcta tgcaaataaa ctagaaaatc     61140
     tagaagaaat ggataaattc ctggacacat acactctccc aagactaaac caggaagaag     61200
     ttgaatctct gaatagacca ataacaggat ctgaaattgt ggcaataatc aatagcttac     61260
     caaccaaaag agtccaggac cagatggatt cacagccgaa ttctaccaga ggtacaagga     61320
     ggaactggta ccattccttc tgaaactatt ccaatcaata gaaaaagagg gaatcctccc     61380
     taactcattt tatgaggcca gtatcatcct gataccaaag cctggcagag acacaaccaa     61440
     aaaagagaat tttagaccaa tatccctgat gaacatcgac gcaaaaatcc tcaataaaat     61500
     actggcaaac cgaatccagc agcacatcaa aaagcttatc caccatgatc aggtgggctt     61560
     catccctggg atgcaaggct ggctcaacat acgcgaatca ataaacataa tccagcatat     61620
     aaacagaacc aaagacaaaa accacatgat tatctcaata gatgtagaaa aggcctttga     61680
     caaaattcaa cagcccttca tgctaaaaac tctcaataaa ttaggtattg atgggatgta     61740
     tctcaaaata ataagagcta tttatgacaa acccgcagcc aatatcatac tgaatgggca     61800
     aaaactggaa gcattccctt tgaaaacggg cacaagacag ggatgccctc tctcaccact     61860
     cctattcaac atagtgttgg aagttctggc cagggcaatc aggcaggaga aggaaataaa     61920
     gggtattcaa ttaggaaaag aggaagtcag attgtctctg tttgcagatg gcatgattgt     61980
     atacctagaa aaccccgttg tctcagccca aaatctcctt aagctgctaa gcaacttcgg     62040
     caaagtctca ggatacaaaa tcaatgtgca aaaatcacaa gcattctcat acaccaataa     62100
     cagacagaga gccaaatcat gagtgaactc attcacaatt gtttcaaaga gaaaaaaaca     62160
     cctaggaatc caacttacaa gggatgtgaa ggacttcttc aaggagaact acaaaccact     62220
     gctcaacgaa ataaaaaaag gatacaaaca aatggaagaa cattccatgc tcatgggtag     62280
     gaagaatcaa tatcgtgaaa atggccatac tgcccaagct aatttataga ttcaatgcca     62340
     tccccatcaa gctaccaatg actttcttca tagaactgga aaaaactact ttaaagttca     62400
     tatggaacca aaaaagagcc tgcatcgcca agtcaatcct aagccaaaag aacaaagctg     62460
     gaggcatcac gctacctgac ttcaaactat gctacaaggc tacagtaacc aaaacagcat     62520
     ggtactggta ccaaaacaga gatatagacc aatggaacag aatagagccc tcagaaataa     62580
     taccacacat ctacaaccat ctgatctttg acaaacctga caaaaacaag aaatgaggaa     62640
     aggattccct atttaataaa tggtgctggg aaaactggct agccatatgt agaaagctga     62700
     aactggatcc cttccttaca ccttatacaa aaattaattc aagacggatt aaagacttaa     62760
     atgttagacc tgaaaccata aaaaccctag aagaaaacct aggcaatacc attcaggaca     62820
     taggcatggg caaggacttc atgactaaaa caccaaaagc aatggcaaca aaagccaaaa     62880
     ttgacaaatg ggatctaatt aaactgaaga gcttctgcac agcaaaagaa actaccatca     62940
     gagtgaacag gcaacctaca gaatgggaga aaattttttc aatctactca tctgacaaag     63000
     ggctaatatc cagaatctac aaggaactca aatttacaag aaaaaacaaa caaccccatc     63060
     aacaaatggg caaagatatg aacaggcact tctcaaaaga agacatttat gcagccaaca     63120
     gacacatgaa aacatgctca tcatcactgg ccatcagaga aaaggaaatc aaaaccacaa     63180
     tgagatacca tctcacacca gttagaatca tgatcattaa aaagtcagga aacaacaggt     63240
     gctggagagg atgtggagaa ataggaacac ttacactgtt ggtgggactg taaactagtt     63300
     caaacattgt ggaagacagt gtggcgattc ctcagggatc tagaactagg aataccatat     63360
     gacccagcca tcccattact gggtatatac ccaaaggatt ataagtcatg ctgctataaa     63420
     gacacatgca cacgtatgtt tattgtggcg ctattcacaa tagcaaagac ttggaaccga     63480
     cccaaatgtc catcaatgat agactggatc aagaaaatgt ggcacatata caccatggaa     63540
     tactacgcag ccataaaaaa ggatgagttc atgtcctttg tagggacaca gatgaagctg     63600
     gaaaccatta ttctcagcaa actatcccaa ggacaaaaaa ccaaacaacg catggtctca     63660
     ctcacaggtg ggaattgaac aatgagaaca cctggacaca ggaaggggaa tatcacacac     63720
     cggggcctgt tgtggggtgg ggggagggcg gagggatagc actaggagat atacctcatg     63780
     taaatgacga gttaatggtt gcagcacacc aacatggcac atgtatacat atgtaacaaa     63840
     cctgcacatt gtgcacatgt accctagaac ttaaagtata ataaaaatat atagacatta     63900
     aaaaaaataa cttaaaaaaa agaaatctgt aacaataaga tgatcctgtg ggactgaatg     63960
     cttttgtcat ccttaaactc ataattgaaa cctaatctct aatgtgatgg tgtttggagg     64020
     tggagccatt aggaagtgat catgcaatga aggcaaaacc ctcattaatg aaatgaatgc     64080
     ccttataaaa gggaccccag agagctcctt gccccttcca ccatgtgagg acaccaagga     64140
     aaagcaacat ccatgaatca ggaagcagcc cttaccatac acggactctt cccaggcctt     64200
     gatctttgac tttccagcct ccagaattgt gagaaataga tttctgttgt ttgcaagcca     64260
     catagtctat ggtattcttt tataactgcc cagattgact aagacagatg atgatgaaaa     64320
     tactaccaag tattggaaat taacatcaaa attctaaatg acaatttatt caaagaggaa     64380
     atctagagaa attagaaagt cttctgtatt ctgaagaata atgaaacata catatcaaat     64440
     gtatgggatg cagctgaagt agtactagag aaaaaaccaa tacccttaaa tgcctatatt     64500
     aagaaagaag gtaggtctca aattagtaaa ttagcttctg ctataagaaa caaagaaaaa     64560
     caaattaaac caaagcatgg agaaggaaga aaataataat taaatggaaa aaatgaagca     64620
     gaaagacaga gaaaattaat gaacccaaat attggttcta tggggaaaaa tcagtacact     64680
     ttataaattt ctagctagac tgatcaagac aaaaagatgc acattaacaa tgtcaagaaa     64740
     aaacgaacat cagtgcacac tctctagatc tcaaaaagaa atattgataa tctcatgtca     64800
     ataagtttga caagcaaatg aaatgaacaa tttccttgag agagaaaact tatgaaaact     64860
     gacctgagaa gagatagaaa atgtggccag tcatatattg attgtagaaa ttgaatgtgt     64920
     aatcaaaatc cttctcatat aggaaactcc aggtccagaa ggcttcattg atgaaatgta     64980
     tctaacaaat aatttagaaa taacatcaat tttacacata ccttttagaa attaaaggag     65040
     gcaacaactt tcaatttaat ctatgcagcc agctttcaca gtcaggcgtg agtatctggc     65100
     ttttccaggt gcacagtgca agctgttggt caatctacca ttctgagatt tggagcaccg     65160
     tggccctctt ctcacagctc cactgggcag tgccctaata ggaactctgt gtgggggctc     65220
     cagcccccta tttcccctcc acactgccct agcagaggtt ctccgtgagg gccctgcccc     65280
     tgcagcaaac ttttgcctgg gcatcctagc atttccatac atcttctgaa atctaggtgg     65340
     aggttcccaa acctccattc ttgacttctg tgcacctgca ggctcaaaac catgtggaag     65400
     ctgtcaaggc ttaaagcttg caccctctgg agccatgggc caagctgtac caagcttggc     65460
     cccttttagc agccgtggga gcagttggga cccagggcac caagtcccta agctgcacac     65520
     agcatgggaa ccctgggcct ggaccaggag accatttttt cctcctgtgc ttctgggtct     65580
     gtgatgggag gggctgccat gaagacctat ggcatgccct ggagacattt tccccattgt     65640
     cttgggggat caacgtttgg ctctttgtta cttacgcaaa tttctgcagc cagcttgagt     65700
     ttctcctcaa aaaaattggt ttttctttct attgcatcgt caggctgtaa attttctgaa     65760
     cttttatcct ctgtttccct tttaaaatgg aatgctttta acagcaccca agtcacattt     65820
     taaatgcttt gctgcttaga aattttatct gccagatacc ctaaatcatc tctctcaagt     65880
     tcagagtgcc acagatctct agggcagggg caaaatgcca ccagtctctt tgctaaaacg     65940
     taacaagagt cacctttgct ccagttccca acaagttcct catctccatc tgagaccacc     66000
     tcagcctgga ccttattgtt catatcacca tcagcatttt tgtcaaaggc attcaacaag     66060
     tctttaggag gttccaaact ttcccacatt tttctgtctt gttctgagcc ctccaaactg     66120
     ttccaacctc tgcctaatac ccagttccaa agtcaattcc acatttttgg gtgtcttttc     66180
     agtagcaccc actctactgg tactaattta ctgtattagt gcgttttcac gctgctcata     66240
     aagaaatacc caagactgag atgaaaaaga ggtttaactg gacttagaat tccacatggt     66300
     tggggaggcc tcagaatcat ggcgggaggt gaaaggcact tcttacatgg cggtaacaag     66360
     agaaaatgag gaagatgcaa aagcagaaac ccctgataaa accatcagat ctcatgagac     66420
     ttattcacta ccacgagaac agtatggggg aaaccaaccc catgattcaa attatctccc     66480
     actgggtccc ctgggtccct cccacaacac atgggaatta tgggagtaca attcaagata     66540
     atatttgggt ggggacatag agccaaacca tatcaccagc attacccaaa taaaaatccc     66600
     agacaagaac atcacaagaa aaagaatcaa gaacaaatat tcctcttgaa cacagactca     66660
     caattcaata caaaacgtta tccaattaag atatacataa aatgaataat atgccatgcc     66720
     atattggttt ttttaaaggg aaagtaaggt tggtttaaca tctgaaaatt aaacaataca     66780
     attcacccaa ttaatagaac aaagaacaaa tgttgcacaa ttattatagt caatgcagaa     66840
     aaagcacttg caaaatcaag accatttcat gacaaaatag ctcagcaaac aaaatcgaaa     66900
     ggaatatctt caatgtggtt aaggacaccc acgaaaagtt tacagctacc ctcatattca     66960
     attatgaaag gccagatgct tacttcctaa gattagcaac aaagcaaaga tgtggctctc     67020
     ctcatttttg tttaaaacac cttacgagca tcctaactag tgcaatatgg caagaaaatg     67080
     aaataaaaga ccaataagag gaccaagtgt ggtgcctcat gcctgtaatc tcagcacttt     67140
     gggaggccaa ggtgggagga tcactttagt tcaagagttt gagactagct tgagcaacat     67200
     agttagaccc ctgtctttac taaatataaa taatttttaa aagaaaaaaa acaatagata     67260
     ggaaaggaag aaataaaatc tttctttctc agcttaatta catatgtaga aaacaataag     67320
     gaattctgaa aaagtctctg gaagtaataa ttaaatttgc aaaattgttc acaaaagata     67380
     tgtaataagt ctcttagaca aacatgacaa gatagcaaca atactagtca tcaaagaagt     67440
     gcaagttaaa accacaatga gaaaccatca cacatcacct agaataagta aagttcaaaa     67500
     gacatatgat aattctaaat actggtatga atatggaaaa aataaaaatc tcttatattg     67560
     ttggtaggaa cgcaaaaaaa agttgcagtc agtttgtaaa ataatatggc aatttcttaa     67620
     acagctaccc atccatttac catatcaccc aacaattcca caaatattta tttatccaaa     67680
     ggaaatgaaa atttaaggcc atgcaaagac atgtagtcag ttatttatag tggtttcatt     67740
     aattacagac cctaaccgga aataacccac atgtttatca gctggagaat agagaaacca     67800
     acgaataaac tggaattcca acaatactca gcagctactc agtgacaaaa atgaatgaaa     67860
     tattattact cttaactaca tggaaaaatc tcaaatattg ttatgacaag tgagagacca     67920
     aaggactaca taacatatga ttgcatgtcc atgaaattct agaaatttca ttattacagt     67980
     aacagaaagc acagcagtgg ttgagtgaag agaagagggt gagggtggga ggcaaggatt     68040
     aaatagaaaa ggggcataag gaaagttttt agggaaaaga aactgtcctc tatctgggca     68100
     atgtggtagt tacatgacta taaataatta ccaatattca taaaacattg tagctaaaac     68160
     tggtgagttt tattatacac aaacgcccca attaggaaaa aaaaaggtgg gggaagaagg     68220
     caaaaatgaa gacactttta cataatccaa atcagaaaat tcatttccta gggatcttgt     68280
     actacgtata attttgaagg aagttcttca ggctgaaggg aaatgatact agatggtgac     68340
     ctagatatat agaaagggat aattaacaac agaaattatg cacatacaca gatcacatac     68400
     acactcattt tcttaatgac aatatgaatg cttaaaacaa aaagtattac tgtattattg     68460
     agtttataaa gtatattgat gtaatatata caacaagaat agcacaatgg taggttacat     68520
     gaaactacac tcttacaagt gtcctttatt ttgctggatg cagcttaata ttacctgaac     68580
     ttcaccatga aaagtcaagg aatcgggttt caattcttac aacaataaaa aattagtgta     68640
     aagaaatata cctaaaagcc actagaatta aaaccataaa ctaaaaaatg tttacttaac     68700
     acataagaaa gtaggaaagg aggaatagaa acaaaaagat acgagacaaa ttgaaaacat     68760
     acagcaaaat ggtagaccaa aacccaacca ttgtaagtga agaaatgaca cgacctgagt     68820
     cacattagca gaactgctga gcactgtggg gagaacagac atgggtagga agtgagggac     68880
     agtgttagtg ccacaattca ggggtgacag ggtggcaggg actaagggga ggggagggtg     68940
     tgagggatga gaggggcaga gagaagggct ggagagacag gaagtgagga aaaggagcaa     69000
     gggaaaggac tctaaagcag tggaggagcc tagcaggggg ttcttggtat gcattcggta     69060
     tttaatacat tttgtgggac tgccaaaaac taatggcctc ctcatgatta aaaacataag     69120
     agtaaaaaaa taccaagtat gcaaataaaa tgtgcacact gcttagatgt gcataattca     69180
     taaaaacaag cagtgcttaa gcattgatga taggcatttt gacttcagtg caattttgag     69240
     gctccttgtt acaatataca gtaacaaatc ctgcttcttt gtattgagat gtcctggact     69300
     cacacaggga aactcgggct atggaatgaa gataatttta aatgcaacaa cccagagtca     69360
     tggatccaca gtctgggaaa gtaaacttag aagctttgtg actcgaattg caatgctgtt     69420
     tggatacact tatatatgaa gcaggcaaaa tcaggtcttt tacagattag aatcctgatc     69480
     attcaggggt tagattgtgc taaccactgt attaataaac aaacaaacaa aaaaacctgg     69540
     tcactatgag aatctctatc ttgtgccttc agccacaact tcaccaggtt taaagagaaa     69600
     acccctttct ctacaccgcc attcccaagg cgagctcact ctctggcatc aaagttccct     69660
     ggggtgagtt ttcttctagg atagtccaag gggagaggta aggagtcgga agtccagttc     69720
     agggacgagg attccaggat gagcgtgaat gggaaggggc tgggcccagc ctgggggttc     69780
     tctccctagt ttccacagac agatccttga ccaggactca ggcagtcagt gtgacaaaga     69840
     ggctggcgta ggaaaagaga ggtcaggaca aagtcccagg ccccaggcgt ggctctctgg     69900
     gtctcaggcc ccaagagcga tgactgcact ggggagtcac agggttgggg attgcccact     69960
     cccctgagtt ttggttctcc caaccttctt cctggatact tgtgacataa tcccacttct     70020
     cactcccatt gggtgccggg tttttagaga agccaatcag cttcgccgcg atcccggcac     70080
     tacgatcccg gcactacagt cccggcgcaa ccacccgcac tcagattctc cccaaacgcc     70140
     aaggatgggg gtcatggctc cccgaacgct cctcctgctg ctcttggggg ccctggccct     70200
     gaccgagacc tgggccggtg agtgcggggt cgggagggaa agggcctctg cggggagaag     70260
     cgagtggcct gcccggcccg gggagccgcg ccgggaggag ggtcgggcgg gtctcagcct     70320
     ctcctcgcct ccaggctccc actccttgag gtatttcagc accgcagtgt cccagcccgg     70380
     ccgcggggag ccccggttca tcgccgtggg ctacgtggac gacacagagt tcgtgcggtt     70440
     cgacagcgac tccgtgagtc cgaggatgga gcggcgggcg ccgtgggtgg agcaggaggg     70500
     gctggagtat tgggaccagg agacacggaa cgccaagggc cacgcgcaga tttaccgagt     70560
     gaacctgcgg accctgctcc gctattacaa ccagagcgag gccggtgagt gaccctggcc     70620
     cggggcgcag gtcacgatcc ctccccatcc cccattgtca gcccaggtcc cgggtctgag     70680
     tctccggtct gagatccacc ccgaggctgc gggacctgcc cagaccctcg accagggaag     70740
     aaactcgggc gcctttaccc ggtttaattt cagtttaggc caaaatcccc gcgggttggt     70800
     cggggcggga gcggggctcg gtgttcgggg ctgacggcgg gggcgaggcc atggttctca     70860
     caccatccag aggaagcatg gctgcgacgt gggcccgaca ggcgcctcct ccgcaggtat     70920
     gaacagttcg cctacgatgg caaggattac atcgccctga acgaggacct gcactcctgg     70980
     accgccgcga acacagcggc tcagatctcc cagcacaagt gggaagcgga caaatactca     71040
     gagcaggtca gggcctacct gagggcaagt gcatggagtg gctccgcaga cacctggaga     71100
     acgggaagga gacgctgcag cacgcgggta ccaggggcca cgggggcgcc tccctcattt     71160
     cctgtagatt tcccgggctg gcctcccacc aggagagtag gaaaatggga ccaatgctag     71220
     aatatcgccc tcccactggt cctgaatggg aagaatcctg ggtttccaga tcctgtacca     71280
     gagagtaact ctgagagccc accctgctct ctgggacaat taagggatga agtccctgag     71340
     gaaatggagg agaagacagt ccctggaata ctgatccgtg gtcccctttg acccctgcag     71400
     cagcctgggg caccaggaat tttcctctca ggccttgttc tctccctcac actcagtgtg     71460
     tccatggctc cgattccagc tcttctgagt gccttggcct ccactcaggt caggaccaga     71520
     agtccctgct cccccatcag agactcgaac tttccaagga ataggagatt atcccagatt     71580
     cctgtgtcca ggctggtgtc tgggttctgt gctcccttcc ccatcccagg tgtcctgtcc     71640
     attctcagga tggtcacatg tatgctgctg gagtgtccta tgaggaatgc aaagtgcctg     71700
     aattttctga ctcttcccct cagatccccc aaaggcacat gtgacccagc accccatctc     71760
     tgaccatgag gccaccctga ggtgctgggc cctgggcctc taccctgcgg agatcacact     71820
     gacctggcag caggatgggg aggaccagac ccaggacacg gagcttgtgg agaccaggcc     71880
     tgcaggggac ggaaccttcc agaagtgggt ggctgtagtg gtgccttccg gagaggagca     71940
     gagatacatg tgccatgtgc agcatgaggg gctgccagag cccctcaccc tgagatgggg     72000
     taaggagggc tgtaagttgt ctcctctcag ggaaagcagg agaccttcgg cagggcaggg     72060
     ctgaggcctg ggggtcagaa cccctcacct ccctctcctt tcccagagcc gtcttctcag     72120
     cccaccatcc ccatcgtggg catcgttgct ggcctgtttc tccttggagc tgtggtcact     72180
     ggagctgtgg ttgctgctgc gatgtggagg aagaaaagct caggtaggga aggggtgaga     72240
     ggtggggtct gggttttctt gttccactgt gggtttcaag ccacaggtag aattgtgact     72300
     tgcttcatca ctgggaagca ccgtcgacac acaggccgac ctagcctggg gccctgtgtg     72360
     ccaacacttg ctcttttgtg aagcacatgt gaaaacgaag gacaaattta tcaccttgat     72420
     gattgtggtg atggggacct cccagcagtc acaggtcaca agggaagatc cctactgagg     72480
     acagacctca ggagggcagt tggtccagtc cccacacctg ctttcctcat gtttcctgat     72540
     cctgccctgg gtctgcagtc acagttctgg aaattttcct ggggtccagg atttgctgtt     72600
     tccttaagga cctcatgccc catgtcctcc ctgacctctc acaggttgtt tttttctcac     72660
     agatagaaca aggaggagct atgctcgggc tgcctgttag tatgggggat tagagggctg     72720
     ctccctgaga ttgttgggac agtgtagaca agattcctcc tttagccaca tctcctgtgg     72780
     gctctgacca gttcctattt ttgttctacc ccaggcagca attgtgctca gtactctgat     72840
     gcatctcatg atacttgtaa aggtgagaca tgggggggcc tgaagtgggt gggggtgagg     72900
     cagaggggac atgattctgt tgaggggttc tctggattta gacatcttga ccatgtggta     72960
     ggctgttcag agtgtcacca ggtacagtga ctgccctgga tttgtttatg attattttct     73020
     cctgtagctt gagacaactg ccttgagtgg gactgagaga tacaaaattt cttcaggtcc     73080
     ttcctctgac acacaccatt gtaatttcaa gagctcctga cttctatatc tgcacttgac     73140
     acgtgaatat atctatgtgt ctgtgttcca gttagcataa tgtgaggaaa tgggctactg     73200
     gtccaccact gccaccagga ccaccacccc acactaacct gtcctctctt ccccggtcaa     73260
     gtttactcca ctattcaaaa taagaacctg gatatgaatt tttcaaattc ttgccatgag     73320
     gttgggttga tcgttcaatg aaaggagagc aagactctta aaacttgaga gaggaagtaa     73380
     aacctgagag ccttccagaa tccatttttg ctgtgctggg cctgttgtag atggagactg     73440
     gagagagggg gctgtgagga gctgagtgtg gacagcctat gctcagttca tcatggaatt     73500
     tgacgtggtc attcattggg ttggtcatct tcactgctcc attgtttgtg tcccttcagt     73560
     agaaccttgt ttcaccagga cctgtgatca cagggacaca gacattgcct gggccttgtc     73620
     ctgtctctag gaccgtggac agcaagggct tcatgggctg ggtcagtcta tggtctggcc     73680
     ctaatatttt gtatcattat ttttggtttc tttgtttctg tagaggacta tgcctgttcc     73740
     tgttctggtg tctgcgttct gatctctttc tcccctgggt gtccctcatc tctgacagca     73800
     gcaggagtca tttttcctgt cattaacccc acaaggtgga aggcagcccc tgcacacaga     73860
     agtctgtggt attaagagat gaattttcaa gcccatgcag cttttaccct atttccaggg     73920
     ctctttcttg gattgtattt tctgtctttt ccccaacttt ttaaaggaac tagattctga     73980
     aattagcaga gaagagggac gccacaagtt ctcatcttag gtaactttct agtggaactc     74040
     ctcttctgct cagctctcct acccactctc ccttccctga gttgtagtaa tcctagcact     74100
     ggctctaatg caaactcatg gatctataaa gcaaagtcta acttagattt atatttgttt     74160
     ggaaattggg attcatagtc aaagattgtt ctttcctaag agggaaatat aattgcatgc     74220
     tgcagtgtgc agaggggttg gtgtgaagga gggatgcggg gagggaggga ggcaggacac     74280
     acaagcagca ctgctgggaa aagcacaggc ggcctggatg tcagtgtgag gggaccctgt     74340
     gctgtcgttg ctgcaaaacc gcatttggcc tgaggctatg ttaataaaga tactgccttt     74400
     agaataggag gtgctctaca gtgatcattc attcagccaa catttgctgt ctgccagaca     74460
     tatgacagaa tgtttttgca tctggggaaa gtcattgaac taaaatcaga aaaatctcta     74520
     gccttgtgga gcatgtgttc cagtgggaag aggcagacgg tacatacact ctaatatatg     74580
     cagagtaaat gaggaaagtg ttagaaggtg ataagtgctg tggaacaggt gatcagagta     74640
     tgggttgtgg gacagagaag gtagctattg tgccggggtg gtcagcgtgg gccttgttgg     74700
     gaaggtgacc tttgatgaaa tatttgaagg acataaagga atttgtcatg agggtatctg     74760
     gaagaagttt tttctaggga gtaggaacct tcagtgtcag tgtaccaggg caggatcatg     74820
     tctgtgtgtt ctgggaagaa cacgggatcg ggtatggcta gagcagagag tcactgagat     74880
     aaggtcaggg gtttggtcag atcatgtggg catagggctc gagtatgtgg gaaggatttt     74940
     gattttgaat gagatagttt taagcagaat aaagacatgc cacaacttct cttttaaaag     75000
     gatcactgta gctgctctgc tgagaacaga atccaaaggc cggcgatgag caaggcaggt     75060
     gggaaaactg taggaaatga gtgcagtatt tcaggctgga gatgtcagtt acttcaactg     75120
     gggtgtgagc agtggaaata gtgggacgtg attggattcc tactatttcc aatcacttta     75180
     taccgcattt tctaatggac taaatctggg gtatgagaag agtaaaggat accaaaaatg     75240
     tcagactgtg actaaaaaga gttgccatca gctgagaatg agaagactag caggagcata     75300
     tgagaggagg ggacgtcgca ggcagtcact atgggagatg tgggatctga gatgccgctg     75360
     agaaatacca gtgaggtagt cgggttggca gttggacaga tgaatctgga gacatttagg     75420
     agaaatagac ttgggaggtg atgtcatata aaagttattt aaagccttga gtctgaatga     75480
     cgtctccaag ggagtgattg gctgtagaag agaacaggaa caaggactga acactaggcc     75540
     tctgttgcta aaggatctga tcagacaaca cacctagatc agactgcaca gtcctgaccc     75600
     cacatctaga aggtacataa accagggagt tctagacttt cctgtggaca ggaatcacct     75660
     ggacatcacc ttaagtctaa gctgatctgg aatcgagaat gagatttcct acttatataa     75720
     tgttgctgtt ggcgctgatg ctgctggtct tcagatccca cttttggtag caagaacaca     75780
     gaccaggatt cctaggctat gcatcagcct cgcctgtgag gcttgttaat aagcaattcc     75840
     tgcactccat gcgcaacatt ctgacacagg ggcatctgtg gagaggcctg agtattctac     75900
     aacaagccca cagcaaacct ggtgctcagc cagatttgat atcactgaga tcagtagttg     75960
     gagaatgccc aggatgggga ggggtctcag acccacattt aagtgttgct ttattctggg     76020
     ttttttattt atttatttat ttatttattt ttaaggagga tgtgtttctt taattataag     76080
     acaggatgct gagagataaa tgtcattttc tctatcatgg ggtatagcca gatggaagat     76140
     tgagaagtgg ctcacagctc agcagaatga aaaaatatct gaacgctgct ttctgaaact     76200
     actctccaga atgatttcac actcactcat tggagcaaac aatgacttgc aaatttttct     76260
     aatttaaaca taaaggagtg tacatattgg tattagtatt cattttattt tggggaaggg     76320
     cactgtatta gtccatagtc cgttttcaca ctgccgataa agacataccc aacattggga     76380
     agaaaaagag gtttaattgg acttacagtc ccatttggct ggggaggcct cagaatcatg     76440
     gtgggaggcg aaaggcactt cttacatggt ggtggcaaga gaaaatgagg aagaagcaaa     76500
     tgccaaaacc cctgataaac acattggatc tcaggagact tattcactat catgagaata     76560
     gcatgggaaa gactggcccc catgattcaa ttacctcccc ctgggtccct cccacaacat     76620
     gtgggaattc tgggagatac aattcaagtt gagatttggg tggggacaca gccaaaccac     76680
     attggacaca gaaccaggtt tgaagctaca cagccaggaa cataatccac agccacccta     76740
     attcagatct ctcataggaa ccactgtccc tgctcctgag cacagatgct actgcatata     76800
     cctctgatac cctgatggcc gatactgggc cctgtggcaa agactgctat cactgctgct     76860
     cctgagaact gctccactac tgctcctcag ccatctttac caaaatgcag tatttactgt     76920
     cccagcctct ctgtgtcatc tcatcctgat tagaagccca catgtggtta tctaaattgt     76980
     gcagccaaag cctcttgcag tgtttaactg caataatgtt ggggaaagtg aatttttctc     77040
     ctttgtagaa ggaggtagtc cctgccttct aataagactc ttcaacatag gaagagaatt     77100
     cagttgctgg aggtagaggg gtgagggatg gaaaaagaat gacaaatttc aattcctaga     77160
     atcatgttct gagactagaa ctttatctag tacattgcag gcacctgggt ttggttgagt     77220
     gtataataaa tgacatagtt caacttattc ccttgacagt ttgttttggg gtccagcttt     77280
     tgtctacccc agttttctca cacagatacg tggagaagca ttgtgtggtg gtaaaatgat     77340
     tacttgaaag cctttttccc tatctttgtc ccttgctagg attaaaaacc catatctgta     77400
     agacatcaga ggatccatgt atacactgac attttatata aatttttaat attttgttct     77460
     atctgcacat gctcctaggg agagttatct atacattcac cagttttaat gtgactgctc     77520
     acagaagcct aaaaaaccat cctaatttag atgccatttt actcaaacta ttgtatgaac     77580
     agctgataac catactgttt tcagcagacc cagtggcatg gtataaatgc tcatcttttg     77640
     cttgactgtt actagtctgg gatgagataa agtagaggtt tacttgcata gttcactcac     77700
     aatttctata tgtatattat tgtgggctgc taacaaacag tccacagacc agtgctagcc     77760
     cacagactgc actttgagag tagcattggt ctagatgtac ttgtattcca gcatctacct     77820
     cggtgtcaga ttaatggcag gaattaatca gtagcgaatg gggattccat ttccagtaat     77880
     agggtgaact aggttttaaa gctgcctctt ctaccaaaaa caactaaaaa agagatgaaa     77940
     tgtgaaaatc acccaaaagt atagaaatat aaaaaaggga ataatctttt tggtcaaaat     78000
     ataaatgtgg gcaggattta gaaaaaggga agttgctttt atcttgaggg cgtttgccaa     78060
     atctggaaaa atcttagctt tggttttctc agcttcatat ggtatagtgc aaaggaggta     78120
     attctcagaa cttgtttgta tagggagtat aagaggagac acttttgtgt accccatgaa     78180
     atatgggaaa caaaagatgt gtttcctcag agtaagaaaa gaaaatctgt ttcatccccc     78240
     agcacaagag tattctaaag aaatttgcct ttgagtcagc aaaacctgtt tttgagaatt     78300
     tacaaccacc agccagcact cctgcagatt tgttgcccaa actagcttta ccgttttggg     78360
     ccaaaataac ctcaaagcat gattttgatt aataattgtc ctggattagc gatgatccaa     78420
     aaattggaag aaggaaacaa aaatctttat aggaatgcat atttaaccca tatgtcaaag     78480
     aatttgccca aataattcta caaggaaaaa gctgctcaga gcatgaactg tataaagtac     78540
     aagtggagaa aagtcagtct gattgagaac cagtggaaac aatagataag aggctcataa     78600
     agcttcaata tttgaattat gaaacaaaat aacgtaacta gtattacatt taaaataatt     78660
     atgagctggg cacggtggct catgcctgtt atcccagcac tttgggagtc tgaggcaggc     78720
     ggatcacctg aggctgggag tttgagacca gcctgaccaa catagaaaaa ccccgtctct     78780
     actaaaaata gaaaattagc tgggcgtggt ggcacatgcc tgtaatcccc gctacatggg     78840
     aggctgaggc aggtgaatca cttgaaactg ggaagtgggc attgtggtaa gccgagattg     78900
     tgccactgca ctccagcctg ggcaacaaga tcaaaactct gtatcaaaat aataataata     78960
     ataataataa taataataat aataataatg acaagcttga aaatgcctac agaatgtatt     79020
     aacctaaaaa tgacctgttt ttcaaaagaa ctaaagttag tttttaggaa gtaaaattaa     79080
     ctttgatttt aaaattttta acttagttga attaaaaatt gaaaagtcat gatctattga     79140
     cttttgcttt ggattatgat ggaataacaa ggaccagatt tactctcatg ccttaagcac     79200
     aacaaactca aaataatata tgaaaaaata gctatgtact cagatactag acagcaggta     79260
     tcccagagac tgtgatctct gggagaaggg gaatggaaaa ggtaaggtct acagttgtcc     79320
     agcttccttc ctggacagag tttccaaggc agagtgcaga gaggcagagc cctaaccagg     79380
     aggttcactg aggtgagggg acagagttgt gaacttggag actccaggac atccagaata     79440
     tgcaaagatg aaggcacata gaaaagacag ctgatgataa aaagcactgt aagtctgcag     79500
     gaggtacccc tcaaattttc agttaatcag catattatat aagggaacta cccaaagaca     79560
     gggaaagaat tatccgaaag gacttcagag aatagtaccc agtgatatac agggctggaa     79620
     ataatgcctg ttcccactag ccagactgga aaacctcata atttgctgag cattggatag     79680
     agtattctga agggtcttat gtcagcagtg gtaaataatt agccctggac taaacacttt     79740
     ttgttttttt gctaaaagat attaaaagac ttaaaatgat caaacagctc ctgaataact     79800
     taatttgtcc cagtaaaaat aaaaagctca gccgggcacg gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc     79860
     tagcactttg ggaggccaag gtgggcagat cacctgaggt tgggagttcg agaccagcct     79920
     gaccaacatg gagaaatccc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa attagctggg catggtggcg     79980
     catgcctata atcccagcta ctcgggaggc tgagacagga gaattgcttg aacccaggag     80040
     gcagaggttg cagtgagcca agttctcacc attgcactcc aggcaacaag agggaaactc     80100
     tgtctcaaaa taataataat aataataaag ctcatgaata cttatagaat gcaaaaatat     80160
     ctggcaccta acctggtaaa gtcatgtctg gcattaaata aaaacaatca ccaggcatat     80220
     aataaaaaca agaaaataca actcagaagg cagagaaaac catcagtcta aagttaccta     80280
     gaactgacat agatgtcaga attagcaggc aataacataa aacggttatt gtaaatgtat     80340
     tccatatgtt caaaaagtta cacagagaca tgaaagatac ataaaacatc aaaatcaaac     80400
     ttccaaagat gaaaatgtca gacataaaat acactggatg tgaggtgaga ttaatggtaa     80460
     actttatgct gtagattaaa cagtgacttt gaagacatag aaatagaaac tttctgggcc     80520
     aggtgcggtg gctcaagcct ataatcctag cactttggga ggcttagata tagaaggaat     80580
     gtatcttacc aggataaagg ctatgacaaa ctcacaacta acatcatact caatggcgaa     80640
     agttgcatac ttttcctgta agatcaggaa caagacaatg atgcccactc tggccacatc     80700
     tattcaacat tgtactgata attctaggca gagtaattag ggaagaaaaa gaaaagggat     80760
     ctaaactgga aaaaaagaag tcaaattgcc tctgtttgta gatcacaaga tcttatatat     80820
     ggaaacccca aacactccac caaaatacta ctggcactga aaaaaaaaat cagtgaagtt     80880
     gcagcataca aaatcagcat acaaaaatta gtggtacttt tatatactta ccaaaaactg     80940
     tctgaaaaag aaatcaagaa aataatctca gttataacag tatcaaaaag aataaattag     81000
     gaataaattt gatcaaggag ctgaaagatc tgcacactga aagccataac agtgacaaaa     81060
     aaaattgaag aagccacaaa taattggaaa gatatccttg ttcttggatc agaagaatca     81120
     tattgcgaaa atgtccatac tacccaaagc aatcaacaga tttaatgtaa cccctatcaa     81180
     aattccaatg ggatttttaa ctgaattaga caatctcaaa agtcgtatgg aaccacaaaa     81240
     gaactgcaat agctaaagca atcttcaaca agaacaaagc tggaggcatc acacttcctg     81300
     atttaacatg atactacaaa gctatattaa tgaaaacagt atggtactgg cataaaaaca     81360
     gcacatagaa taatggaata gaacagaaag ctcagaaata aatccatgca tatacaatta     81420
     actaatcttt gaaaaggtgt caataatata taatagggaa aggatactct cctacatata     81480
     tagtgatgga aaaactggat atccacatgg aaaaaaataa aactgcatcc cgatcttaca     81540
     ccatatgcaa aatcaactcc gaatagatta aagatgtaaa tgtaagacct gaaaccacaa     81600
     aacttggaga agaaagcagg tgaaaagctc cgagacattg gccttggcaa tgattttttt     81660
     gggggtatta cctcaaaaac atatgccaaa aaagcaaaat taaacaagtg agactacatt     81720
     aaagtttttg cacagcaaca caacaataaa caaaatgaaa aggcaaacca cagaatgaga     81780
     gaaaatattt gcaaacctta tattcactaa tgggttaata tgtaaagtct atagactcca     81840
     tagaacttaa tagcaaaaaa cagataaccc agttcaaata tgggcaaaag acccgaatag     81900
     acatttttca aaaaagacat acaaatgacc aagaagtata tgaaaaggtg ctcaacatca     81960
     ttaatcatca gagagctgca aatcaaaact gcattgacat atcaccttac atcagtaaga     82020
     atagccatta acaaaaagac aagagataat cagtgttggt aaactgtaga gaaagggaac     82080
     ccttatacat ggttggtagg aatgtgaatt ggtaaaagca taatggaata caatatagat     82140
     gttcttcaaa aaattaaaaa cataactacc atatgataca gtaatcctac ttctgggcat     82200
     atataaaaaa tgaaatcagt aaagaaattt ctgtaccccc atattaattg cagcactatt     82260
     cacaatggcc aagatataga aacaaagtaa gtgtttattg attaatggat gaataaagac     82320
     attgtgatac acacacatac acacacacac gaatattatt cagacatgaa aaggaaggaa     82380
     atactgccat ttgtaacaac atggataaat ctgaaggaca ttatgctaag tgaaataaga     82440
     caaacacaga aataaaaata ctgtatgatc tcatttatat gtgtaatcta taaagtggaa     82500
     ttcagagaaa cagaggtaga aacagtcagt tgaattaact taactttgac ctgaggctgc     82560
     ctgtgtacct aagtaagtag gtaaacaaat caaaacctaa gttaggagta taactgttag     82620
     ctggggttca cccaatcaca agcagccagc tcatcacacc atgcccaaat aaggcaaatg     82680
     cctagctgta gccaatcagg tgatttttct tcttctgtgt ctggcacata aaggcttgct     82740
     gtgcacactc ctgggtggag ctttctgacc ctctcctggt tctgagtgct gccaaatttg     82800
     taaattattt tttgcttaaa taaactcttc taaatttagt ttgtctaaag ttgatggaat     82860
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt aggggttact aggagtcatg gttaggggaa     82920
     atggggagat gttggtaaaa gtttaccaac ttgcagttat agggtgaata agttctggaa     82980
     acctaatgta cagtgtgaaa ggaaaaataa tctcaggtcc ccaaaatcac taagccaaag     83040
     tgatttgggc ttacaacagg atggcaacta ttggtatact tgaaatttac taagagaata     83100
     gatcttaagt attctcacca cacacaaaaa tattaactat gtgtcataga tatgttaatt     83160
     agcttgattg tggtaatcat ttcacaatat atatgcattt taaaaatcat gttgtacaac     83220
     ttgaatgtat ataattcttg tttgtcaatt atgcttcaat aaagctaggg aaaaataaaa     83280
     tacttagaaa taaatgtaat aaaagaagta cgaaatttat actacaaaaa aaccgacaat     83340
     atttttacag aaatcaaaga actaaataaa taaaaagatg ttctattttt atggatcaga     83400
     agacaatatt attaagatgg cagtatatca aaattggtct acaaattcaa tgcagttcta     83460
     tcaaaatccc agctgactgc tttgcagaaa ctgacaagat gatattaaaa tttatatgga     83520
     aattcagtga actacaaaag ttacaaaact tttgacaaag aacagagttt gaggaactat     83580
     acttgctcat ggcaaaagtt actacaaagc tgcaataatc aatacagagt gatactgaca     83640
     taaggataga catacagatc aatagaatag agaggctaga aataaaagtt tataattatg     83700
     gtcaattaaa tttcaaaaat actgccaagg caattcagtg ggggaaagaa aaatcttttc     83760
     gagaaattat acacaactca atagcaataa aacaaataac ctaattcaaa aatggacaaa     83820
     ggacctgaat agacatcttt ccaaagaaga catacaaatg accaacaggt atatgagatg     83880
     gtgctgaacg taactaatca gaaaaatgca aatcaaaatt gcaatgaagt gttacctcac     83940
     acctgtcaga atagttatta tcaaaaagat aagaggtaat aagtgttaat gagggtgtag     84000
     aggaaaggga atccttatac atggttggtg ggaatgtaaa ttggtataag cattatggaa     84060
     aacagtatgg tttttcctca aaaaattaaa acgatctttc cttaaaaaaa ttaaaaacag     84120
     aactaccagt atatgatcca gcagttttac ttctgggcat gtatccaagg aaaatgaaat     84180
     cagtatctca aagaaatatt tgcacccata tgtttatcac agcattattt cctggaaata     84240
     acctgaatgt ctgtcaactg atgaatggat taaacatatg ttttactcta ttttatgctg     84300
     ctataacaca atatcacaga ctgggtaatc tataacaaat agaaatgtat tttctctcgg     84360
     ttcaggaggc tatgaatcca agatcaaggc actggctaat ggtgagagcc atcttgctgc     84420
     atcatcacat ggctgaaggt agaagggcaa gtaaagtaca gagaacacac tcctggaagc     84480
     ccttttataa aggcattaaa accaccccca agggtggaac cctcatggtc caatcacctc     84540
     tcaaaagtct cacctcctaa taatgttaca atagcaatta aatttcaata tgcagctggg     84600
     tgcagtggct cactcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc tgaggtggga ggactgcttg     84660
     agtccaggag ttcaagacca gcctgggcaa catagtgaga ccccatctct acaaatatat     84720
     atatacttca acccatgttg aaatataaat gggttgaaac aacatgggtt ttggagggga     84780
     caaaaattca aaccatagca atatggtgtg tatgtataca cacacacaca aaatggaata     84840
     atagccacag aaaaaggaag tactgacatt tgcaacaaca tggatgaacc tggaggatat     84900
     tatattaaat gaaataagcc agacacagaa agacaaatat tatataacct catatttgca     84960
     atctaaaaca agtgaaactc ctagaaacag aggtagaacg gtggttacca ggggcttgag     85020
     tgggagaaat ggggagatgt tggtcaaagg gtgcaaattc tcagttatat aatgaacaag     85080
     ttctagaaat ctaatgttca gtatgggcag taatggattt gttaatttgg ttgcaataat     85140
     aatcatacaa tgtatatgtg tattaaatta tcatgatgta tgccatgcac aactttgtca     85200
     attaaatgtt ttttaaatat gaaatggcca atggttaaaa aaaattgtgc tgatgtaact     85260
     gtatatccac ctgcaaaaga atgaagtttg accctacctc atatcatata cataaatgac     85320
     ttaacatgga ccaaagacct aaatgttagt gctaaaacta taaaacttac aaacaaaaat     85380
     gtatgcaaaa accttcatga cctcggatta agcagtgttt tttaaatatg acaccaaaac     85440
     acaagtaaca ataaaccaaa cagataaatt ctatctcaac aaagtttaaa actctgtgtt     85500
     ccaaagaata caatcaaaaa agtaaaaata ccaccctcag gctaggagaa agtatatata     85560
     aatcttatat gtgagaaaga attagtatat agaacacaca aactcttaca agtcaaaaat     85620
     taaaagacaa ataatacaag taaaaaatga acaaagggct gaatagatac ttctccacag     85680
     gagatagaaa gatggctaat aagaatatga aaagatgctt ggcactatta atcatcaggg     85740
     aaatgcaaat taaaagcaca gtgatatacc cctgcacggt cactggaata gctagaataa     85800
     ataagacaga tatcaataag cagtggtgag gatgtggaga aattggaatt cttgcacact     85860
     gctggtaaga atgtaaaatg gtgcagcctc ttaaagaata gtctggcagt tcctcaaagt     85920
     ttgaatgtag aatgagtatt tgacccagca attccattcc caggtatata cccaagagaa     85980
     atgaaaacat gtccatgcaa aaatttgtac ataatggtca agcagcatta ttctcaatgg     86040
     ctgaagagtg gaaacaatac agatgcccag gaacaaatga atgaataaga tatggtcaat     86100
     ctatggaacg gaatatttgg ccataaaaag aaatgcagta ctaataaatg ctgcaatgtg     86160
     gatgaacctt gaaaacatta tgctatgtga aagacgccag tcacaaaaga ccatccatta     86220
     tattatttca tttatatgaa atgtctataa gaaataaatt tgtagagaga aagtagatta     86280
     gtggttgcct aggactgagg aaatgttgga gggaaaaatg gggatgactg cctgagaata     86340
     aatatacatg ggtgatgaaa atgttctaaa aatagttttg gagtgatgaa catgttctac     86400
     aattgattgt ggtgatggtt gcactataaa tatgctaaaa accattgagt ttaaatggtt     86460
     gaataatata tgaattttat cttaatgaaa ctgttctaat gaaaaatgat ggctcacatg     86520
     aaataaaatc gatgtgccag agctgccatg gcagattgtg gagaaagaga ccaaaaggct     86580
     cagagcagtg agcatgctgg catagataga tacactctat aaaactggat catgcactgg     86640
     gtgactgttt atttggaagg gcccaaagga aactctgttt atcaggcagc aagtcatggg     86700
     caggtgaacg gggtattaac ctaattttgt cctttgtggg ctggagctga ctctatgaga     86760
     tgatattgga gaacttggtg ccctagcaac aataggacag taggattcca gaaagctaga     86820
     ggccagctgg cagcaaggca gaatcaaaat ggacaaaatc cccaaaatag tgagtaatgt     86880
     tagaatggaa gccaggaaat cctgactgca agggatttag ggaaattatt aagactatgg     86940
     tgtttctagt tgggcagcct ataagactgt tgtttaatat tagaatcaat agatgaaaaa     87000
     tagatgagct gaagtctgag attaatttct ccaatagaag tttaaaatcc cttgcccagt     87060
     ttccagacct gagccagtgc ttagatccag aatccattca ttgaaggaga gtcacgtccc     87120
     ctgatgaagt atctgcaaca ccataagtgt gtacagtaga cactttctac acccttccct     87180
     aaagggatca atggccattt actcaggtat caagacactg ataaagggga atgtccagat     87240
     attttcaggt ctattggata cagggtccaa tttcacactg atacctgggg aaccaaagca     87300
     ccctcatgga cttctattag aggagagcca cacagggaac tgaaaataat ttcctgtctc     87360
     aggtccaccc gtatctccgt ggattctctg tgtccacaca tctgcttggt ggttattttt     87420
     ctggtttcca aatatgtaat tgatggattt attttgtaca ttagttattt cactcacact     87480
     ttagtcattt cacctgtgga ataaaggatt tgtagtaaga aaggccaagt ggatgcccct     87540
     aagagagctt ctaatatcga ccaagataga aattttaaaa caatgtagta tttgaggggc     87600
     aatgaaataa actgtcactc aaagacataa aagatgcagg ggttgtggtt tcatcatcaa     87660
     ctattgaatt taccactcca gttctagcaa aaattggatg gatgataaca gatgacagtg     87720
     gattaatgaa aatgtaacct ataattagcc ccaacttcag cagctgtgct gaatgtgata     87780
     tgtttaaaaa aaaaagattt attgtttttg tatattatat aatgccattg atctgcctaa     87840
     atgcattctt ttaaatacct ataaaaagga gggccagaag cgagttttat tcacagagga     87900
     caaataataa tacattttaa aaaatatttt atttttgatt ttcaattttt gtgggtacat     87960
     aatagctgca tatatttatg gggtacatga gatgttttga tacaggtatg caatgtgaaa     88020
     taagcacatc atggagaatg gggtatccat tccctcaagc atttatcctt tgagttacaa     88080
     accattcaat tacactattt ttaaatgtgc attattgact atagtccccc tattgtgcta     88140
     tcaaatagta ggtcttattc ttctaaattt ttttttaccg attaaacatc cccaccttcc     88200
     cttcagcccc ccactaccat tcctagcctc tggtaaccat tcttctactc tttatgtcca     88260
     ttagttcaat tgttttgaat ttaggtccca caaataagtg agaacatgcc atgtttgcct     88320
     ttctgtgcct ggcttatttc atttaacata atgatctcca cttccatcca tgctgttgca     88380
     aatgactgga tctcattcct ttttatggct gaatagtact tcattgtgta tacataccaa     88440
     attttcctta tccattcatc tgctgttaga catttaggtt gcttccaaat cttagctatt     88500
     gtaaacagtg ttgtaaaaaa cataggagtg cagatatctc ttccatatac tgattttctt     88560
     ttttgagaca gggtcacact ttgtcaccca ggctggagtg cagtggcatg atcttggctc     88620
     actgcaacct ccacctccta ggttcaagtg atcctacctc agcctccaca gtagctagga     88680
     ctataggtgt gaaccactac aactgcctaa tttttttttt gtattttgta gaaatcaggt     88740
     tttgccatgt tgctcgggct ggtcttgaac ttctgggctc aagtgatctg ccctcctcgg     88800
     cctcccatag tgctgggatt acaggtgtga gccaccatgc aaaacgctgg ttttgtcttt     88860
     tgtggggtat atacccagca gtaggattgt tgcatcatat cgcaactcaa tttttagttt     88920
     tctgaggaac ctctaaactg ttatccatag tggttgtact aatttacatt cccatcaaca     88980
     gtgtacgagg gttccctttt atccacatcc tcaccagcat ttgttattgc ctgtcttttg     89040
     gatataagcc attttaactg gggtgagatt atatctcatt gcagttttga tttgcatttc     89100
     tctgaggatc aataatcatc agcacctttt catatgcctg tttgtcattt ttatgtcctt     89160
     tctttttttt ctttttcttt tttttgagac aatgtctctc actctgtcgc ccaggctgga     89220
     gtgcattggt gcaattatga ttcactgcag gctcaagtga tcctcccatc tcagcttcct     89280
     aagtagctgg gactacaggt gtgcaccacc actcccagct attttttatt tttgtatttt     89340
     gcagaattgg ggtttgacca tattgctcag tctggtctca aacttctggg ctcaattcca     89400
     tctgccttgg cctcctaaag tgctaggatt agaggcataa gccactgtac ctggctttgt     89460
     atgtcttctt cctttttctt ttcttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgtg agacggagtc     89520
     tcactttgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gtgtgatctc ggcttactgc aacctctgtc     89580
     tcccaggttt aagcgattct cctgcctcag cctcctgagt agctgggatt acaggtgtgc     89640
     gccaccatgc ctggcttatt tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggagtttcac aatgttggtc     89700
     aggctggtct cgaactcctg acctcaagtg atccacccgc ctgggcctcc caaagtgctg     89760
     ggattacagg catgagccac cacgcatggc ctgtatgtct tcttttgaga aatgtctatt     89820
     caaatctttt gcccattttt ttacttagac ttttagaatt tttttttttt tttttttact     89880
     atagagttgt ttgagcttct tatatactct ggttattatt tctttgtcag atgggtagtt     89940
     tgcaaatatt ttctcccatt ctgtgggttg tctctttatt gattgtatcc tttgctttgt     90000
     agaagctttt aaacttgatg tgatactatt tgtccagttt tattttggtt gcctgtgctt     90060
     gtggggtatt gctcaagaaa tttttggcca gactactgtc ctggaggttt tccccaatgt     90120
     tttcttatag tagtttcatg tttgaggtct tagatttaag tctttattac attttgaatt     90180
     tattttttat tttttgagat ggagtcttgc tctgtcgcca ggctggagtg cagtggcaca     90240
     atctcagctc actgcaacct ccacctcctg ggttcaagcg attctcctgc cccagcctcc     90300
     tgagtagcta ggactgcagg cacatgccat cacgcccagc taatttttgt atttttagtg     90360
     ggtggggggg ggtgagtttc accatgttgg tcaggatggt ctcaatctct tcacctcgtg     90420
     atacgcctgc ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg agattacagg tgtaagccac catgcctagc     90480
     cttgatttga cttttgtcta cagtgagagg taggggtcta gtttcattct tctgcatatg     90540
     gatatccagt tttcccagca ccatttcatt gaagagactg tcttttcttt tctccagtat     90600
     aagtacttgg caactctgtc aaaaatgagt tccctgtgag tgtgtggatt tgtttctagg     90660
     ttctctattc tgttctgttg gactatgtgt ctgtttttat gtcagtacca tgctgttttg     90720
     gtgattatag ctctgtagca taatttgaag tcaggtaatg tgattcctcc agttttgatc     90780
     tttttgctta atataatttt ggctattctg ggcattctgt gttttcatat aaattttggg     90840
     attttttttt ctatttctct gaagactatt attggtattt tgatagggat tgcattaaat     90900
     ctgtagattg ctttgggtag tatggacatt ttaacaatat tgattcttcc aatccataaa     90960
     gatggaattt tttccatttt ttttgtgtcc tcttcaattt ctttcatcaa tgttttataa     91020
     ttctcctcat agatatcttg cacatttttg gttaattcct aggtatttaa ttttatgtgt     91080
     ggctattgta aatgaaatta ccttcttaaa tttaaaattt ttcaaattgt tcactgttga     91140
     catatagaaa tgctactggt ttttatatgt tgattttgtg tcctgcaact ttactgaatt     91200
     tattgattct aatagttttc ctgtggagcc tttaggtttt ttccaaatat aagttcatat     91260
     catctgcaaa ctagggtaat ttaacttctc cctttccagt ttggatggcc tttatatctt     91320
     ctcttgtctg atcgctctag ctagaacatc cagtactttg ttgaataaca gtagtgacag     91380
     tgaacatccc tgttgtgttc cagatcttat aggaaagtct ttcacttttt ccccattcag     91440
     tatgatacta gctgtgggtc tgtcatatct ggctattacg ttgaggtata tttcttttat     91500
     acagtttttt gagggttttt atcatgaagg gatgttggat tttataaact actttttcag     91560
     catcaataga aataatcata tggttttaat cattcttttt gatatgatgt attacattga     91620
     ttgatttgca tgtgttgaac catccttgca ttccagggat aaatcccact tggtcatgat     91680
     aaatgatttt ttttttaatg gagtctcact ctgtcaccaa ggctggagtg cagtgccaca     91740
     atctcagctc actgcaacct ccacctcctg ggttcaagtg attctcctgc ctcagtctcc     91800
     tgagtagctg ggattacagg catgcaccac cacactcggc taattttgta ttttcagtag     91860
     agacgaggtt tcaccatgtt ggtcaggctg gtcttgaact cctgacctca ggtgatctgc     91920
     ccacctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta gaggcttaag ccactgcacc cgaccctgat     91980
     gaatgatctt tttaatgtat tgttgaattt agtttgctaa tattttgctg aggattctgg     92040
     catcaatatt catcagagaa attggccagc agttttcttt ttttgatgtg tctttgtctg     92100
     gttttggtat cagggtgata ctggtctcct agaatgactt tggaaatatt ctctcctcct     92160
     ctatttttca atagcttgag tgggattggt attagttctt ctttaaatgt ttggtagaat     92220
     tcaacagtga agccatcggg tccttggttt tctttagtgg gagacttttt attatggctt     92280
     caaccttgtt acttgttatt agtctgttca ggttttggat ttcttcctgg tccagtctca     92340
     gtaggttgta tgtgtctagg aattgtcaat ttcttctaga ttttccaatt tattggcata     92400
     gagttgctca tagtagcccc taatgatcct ttgaatttct gcagtgtcag ttgtaatgtc     92460
     tttttcattt ctgatttgta tcttgtctct tttttctcag tcttgctaaa ggcttgtcag     92520
     ttttgtttaa cttttgaaaa aaagcaactt tttgtttcat tgttcttttg cattgatttt     92580
     tatttcaatt ttatttattt atgctctaat ttttattatt tgttttcttc taattttgtg     92640
     tttgttttgc tcttgctttt ctggttaagg ttcattgtta aattgcttat ttgaagtttt     92700
     tcctcttttt tcatgtaggc acttatagct atcaatttgc ctcttagtac tgcttttgcc     92760
     gtatcccata ggttttggta tgttgtgttt cctttatcat ttgtttcaag aaattgttca     92820
     atttccttct taatttcttc attgactcaa tggtcattca ggagcatatt gtttaatttt     92880
     catgtatttg tagtttcaaa aattcctctt gttattagtt tctagttgta ttccactgtg     92940
     gtcagagaag atgcttgatg gtattcaact tttttaatgt tttaagactt gtgacctaac     93000
     atatggtcta tccttgagaa tgatacatgt gctaaaaaag aatgtgtatt ctgcagccat     93060
     tggataaaat gttctgcaag tatgtattag atccatttga tctacagtgc agattaagtc     93120
     tgatgtttct tttttatttt ctgtctggaa gatctgtcca gtgctgaaaa tgtggtgttg     93180
     aagtctccag ctattattgt attggggtca ctctctctct ttagctctaa tcgtatttgc     93240
     tttatatatc tgggtgctgc agtgttgagt gcatatatat ttatatttgt tatatcctct     93300
     tgctgaattg aaccctgtat tagtctattc ttgcactgct ataaagaaat acccgagact     93360
     gggtaatata tagagaaaag aggtttaatt ggctcacagt tctgcaggct gtacaggaag     93420
     catggctggg gaggcctcag aacacttaca atcatgacaa aaggtgaagg ggaggcaagc     93480
     ctgtcttaca tggctggagc aggaggaaag tgggaggagg tggcacacac ttttaaacaa     93540
     tcagatctca caataactca ctcactgtca tgagaacagc acccaggggg atggtgttaa     93600
     accatgagaa accaccccca ttatccaatc ctcttccacc aggctcaacc tccaaaattt     93660
     aggattacaa ttgaacatga gattttggtg gggatgcaga tccaaatcat attattccac     93720
     ctctggtgtc tcccaaatct catgtccttc tcatactgca aaatacagtt atatcttccc     93780
     aacagtccct caaagtctta actcattcca gcattaattc aaaagtccaa agtccagagt     93840
     ctcaacctga gacaaggcaa gtctctccca cctgtgagct tacaaaataa aaaaacagtt     93900
     agttacttcc aacatacagt gggggtacag gaattgggta aacactccca ttccaaaagt     93960
     gagaaattgg ccaaaagaaa ggggctactg gacccatgca agtctgaaac ccagcaggta     94020
     gtcattaaat cttaaagctc caaaatactc tcttttgact ccatatctca catccagggc     94080
     acactggtgc aaggggtggg ctcccaaggc cttgggcagc tcagcccctg ggactttgca     94140
     gggtaagcca ctgtcactgc tttcacgggc tggcattgac tgcctgtggc ttttccagtt     94200
     gtacagtgca agctgtcatt ggcagatcta tcatcctgga atctggagga cagtggctgt     94260
     cttctcacag ctccactagg cagtacacca gaggggaagc tgtgtgggaa ctccaacccc     94320
     aaatttcccc tccacactac cctagtagag gttctccatg agggctctgt ccctgcagct     94380
     ggcttctgcc tggacatcca ggctttccca cacatactct gaaatctagt tggaggctcc     94440
     caagcctcaa ttcttgcact ctgtgcacct acaggcttaa tttaacacca cacgggagcc     94500
     actaaggctt ataacttgca tcctatggag cagcagcctg agctatacct ggggcccttt     94560
     gagctgaagc tggagctgga gcagctggga tttggagagc agtttcctga ggttgtgcag     94620
     ggcagcagga ccctgagcct ggcccaggaa accatccttc cctcctaggc ctttgggcct     94680
     gtgatgggag aggctgcccc caaggtatct gaaatgcctt caaggtgttt ttcccactat     94740
     cttggctatc aacattttgc tccttgttac ttgcaatttt ctgcagctag cttgaattcc     94800
     tctccagaaa atggtttttt tcttttctac aacatggcca ggctgcaaat tctccaaact     94860
     tttacactct gcttcctttt taaatataag ttccagtttc ttgtcatgtc tttgctcaca     94920
     aatatgagca cagactacca gaagcagcca ggccacgtct tgaacgcttt gctgcttaga     94980
     aatttcttct gccagatacc ctaaatcttc gctctcaagt tcaaagttcc acagattcct     95040
     agggcagggg cacaatgtct ccaaccacaa tgtcctaaca aaagtgacct tcactccagg     95100
     tcccaataag tccctcatct ccatctgaga cctcctcagc ctggacttca ttgtccatat     95160
     cactatcagt attttggtca aaacaattta acaaatctct aagaaattcc aaacttcccc     95220
     tcatcttcct atcttcggag ccctccacac tcttccaacc tctgtctatt tcccagttcc     95280
     actgctgttt ccacattttc aggtatcttt ctagcaatgc ctcactcctc tttaccaatt     95340
     ttctgtatta ttctgttctc acactgctat aaagaaatac ccaagacttg ttaatttatg     95400
     aagaaaagag gttgaattgg ctcatagttc cacaggctgt tcaggaagca tagcggcatc     95460
     tgattctggg aaggcctgag ggagctttta ctcatggaat aatgcaaagt gggagcaagc     95520
     atctacatag caggagtaga ccaaggcaag cgggtggtgt ggagaggtgc tacacacttt     95580
     taagcaacca gatttcagaa gaactcacta tcatgagaac agcactaaga agatggtgct     95640
     gaattagtca tgaaagatcc acccccatga tctaatcacg tcccaccagg ccccacctcc     95700
     aacattgagg attacaatag aacacgaaat ttgggtgggg cacaaatgga aaccatatta     95760
     acccctttat cattgtatag tgactttatt tgtctcatag tttttgtatc aaaatcaata     95820
     ctccttctct ttttcctggt ttccattggc atggaataac tctttccaac tctttacttt     95880
     cagcctatgt gtgtctttat agtttaagtg tgtttcttgt aggcaacaga tcaatgggtc     95940
     ttgttttctc cattcattca gccagtctat gtcttttgat tggagagttt agtccatatt     96000
     tccattcaat gtattatcga taagtaaaga cttactcctg ccttgttatt tatttgtttt     96060
     ctggttgttt tgtggtcttc ttctttcttt tcttcctgtc ttcctttagg gaaggtagtt     96120
     tgctctggtg atatgattta ggtttttgct ttttattttt tatgtatcca gtgtatgttt     96180
     ttaggtttga ggttaccata aggattacaa atactatttt gtaacccatt attttaacct     96240
     ggtaacactg tttgcattaa caaacaaaaa actaataaaa actctacatc ttaacttcat     96300
     ccccccactt tttaactttt tgttgtttct aattttatct tatttttctg actggtcttg     96360
     aaaagttgta gttactattt ttgattggtt tatcatttat tctttctact tacacaccac     96420
     agttacaatg ttatcacact ttgggttttt ctgtgtactt actcttaaca gtgagttttt     96480
     tacctttaga tgattctttg ttgctcatta atgtctgttt ctttctgacc aaagtactcc     96540
     cttaagcgtt tcttatggga ccagtctagt gttgatgaaa tccctcagct tttgtttgtc     96600
     tggggaagtc tttgtttatt cttcatgttt gaaggatatt tttgctggat atactattct     96660
     agggtaaaag gttttttccc ttcagcactt taacatatgt catgtcactc tctcctggct     96720
     tgtaaggttt ccactgaaaa atatactgcc agatgtattg gagctccatt gtatgttatc     96780
     tgtttctttt ctcttgctgc ttttaggatc ctttctttac ccttgtcctg tgggagtttg     96840
     attattaaat gccttgaggt aatctttggg ttaaattggc ctggtgttct ataaccttct     96900
     tgtacttgga tataaatatc tttctgtagg tttaggaagt tctatgttat tatccctttc     96960
     aacaaacttt ctattcctat ctctttctct atctcttctt taaggccaat aactcctaga     97020
     tttgccctta agaagttatt ttctagatcc tgtgggcatg catcattgtt ttttattttt     97080
     tgtctcctct gaatgtgtat ttttctttct ttcttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgaga     97140
     tggagtcttg ctccttcacc aggctagagt gcaatggtgt gatctcggct cactgcaacc     97200
     tctgcctcct gggttcaagc aattctcctg ccttggcctc ccaagtagct gggattacag     97260
     gcatgagcca ccacacctgg ctaattttgt atttttagta gagatggggt ctctccatgt     97320
     tggtcaggct ggtctcaaac tgccgacctc aggtgatccg cctacctcag cctcccaaag     97380
     tgctgggatt acagtcgtga ggtgagccac tgtgcccagc tttgttactg ttaatagtgc     97440
     tgcaatgaac atacacttgc atgtgtcttt atggtggaat gatttatatt cctttaggta     97500
     aatatccagt aatgggattg gtgagtcaaa tggtagttct gtttttagct ctctgaggaa     97560
     tcaccacact gctgtccaca gtgattgaac taatttacac tcctaacaag tgtataagtt     97620
     ccttttctcc ataacctcac caacatctat tattttttta cttttttgta gccatcctga     97680
     ctggcagatg atatctcatc atggttttga ttttgcattt ctctaatgat cagtgataat     97740
     tgaggttttc tttaacacgc tagttggctg tatgtatgtc ttttttgaaa agtgtctgtt     97800
     catgtccttt gcccattttt taatggagtg ggtttttttt tttcctgtaa ctgtgtttaa     97860
     attccttata gatgctagat attagcccct tgtcagatgc atagtttgca aaaattttct     97920
     gtcatttggt agattgtctg ccctgttgtt tattttgcta tgaaaaagct cttaaatcca     97980
     atttgtccat ttttgctttt gttacaattg cttttggtgt cttcatcatg aaatatttgc     98040
     cagttcctat gtccagaatg gtattgccta agttatcttc aggattttta taattttggg     98100
     ttttaactct ttaaaccatc ttaatttttg tacatagtaa aaggggtcca gttacgatct     98160
     tctgcatatg gccagccagt tatcccagca ccatttattg aatagggaga cctttcccca     98220
     ttgcttgttt ttgtcaactt tgttgaagat cagatggctg taggtttgtg gccttatttt     98280
     tgggctctct attctgtccc actggtctgt gtgtctgctt ttgtaccagt accatgctgt     98340
     tttggtcatg gtagccctgt agtttgaagt taggtaatgt gatgcctcca cctttgttct     98400
     ttttgtttag gattgccttg actactcagg ctttttggtt ccatatgaat tttaagtttt     98460
     ttctagttct gtgaaaaatg taattgatag tttgatagga atagcattga atctataaat     98520
     tgctttgggt agtatggcca ctttaatgat attgattctt cctagccatg agcatggaaa     98580
     gtttttccat ttgtttgtgt catctctgat ttctttgagc agcgtttgtg attctcattg     98640
     tagagatcct ttacttcctt ggttagctgc attcctgggt attttattct tttttgtggc     98700
     aattatgaat gggattgtgc tcctgatttg gctcttggct tggcgactgt gtataggaat     98760
     gttagtgatt tttgtacact gattttgtct cctgaaactt tgctgaaatt atcagatgaa     98820
     ggaccttttg ggctgaggct atggggtttt ctagatatag aatcatactg tctgcaaaca     98880
     aggatagttt gacttcctct cttcctattt ggatgccctt tattatttct gttgcctgac     98940
     tgctgtgatc aggactttca acactatatt gaataggagt ggtgagaaag ggcttcctta     99000
     tcctgtgcca cttttcaagg ggaatgcctg cagcttttgc ccattcagta tgatgttggc     99060
     tgtgggtttg ttatagttgg ctcttattat tctgagttat gttccttcaa cacaagatgg     99120
     gaagctcccc aaatccacat ctcttgcttg tgggggagcc atcctcagca catcggccct     99180
     acccaaccca cagtagatac caacatccct atgatggatg agctatggtg gagtcccccc     99240
     aaccccagag tgagaattgg cccccgatgg ggacttaggg agggctgagt tggcgagctg     99300
     tgggaggtca tcatcagtgg ggctcaagct ctcccctcca agctccaagg atctctgcag     99360
     ccacaggacg cattccttct ccacttagat cttgtctgtg aagtatccaa ttgccttcca     99420
     tttctacttg gtgtagaatg tagggggcaa tgaatgaaac tgccgcatat tgcagagggt     99480
     ccatgtccaa gcacaggcag ttgtaacggt agtagccaca ccaccagtac ctgtggttcc     99540
     tgctagcccc tccactgccc aggccagaca gtgtcagtct ggcagatgta cccccaagga     99600
     ctctctctca tggtgtctgc tcctctgccc cacccttctg atctcacagc ttctccttag     99660
     gtgacattca cactttagac aaagttgttt ggtcccctga ttatgatctc ctttacttgc     99720
     tgtcagctct gcctgggaag aggtctatgc tcagttccag gatacatgga aaaggcagtg     99780
     gatgggcagg tacagtcttg ggctttacca tgaactgtgt tgtttagtca agttgtttaa     99840
     cctccactct gttcatcttg tatatatggg tggggggtga agactatgag cccacaggtc     99900
     tgcttctgtg ctcactgtaa cagattccta agtgcaagtc cctgaaacag gatcacagta     99960
     cacaacatta acataagagg gtacattatg cacggtacag ctttccttga ggttctagag    100020
     aatgcaaacc ttaacattaa caagtaccaa acctctgctg aaaaatcctc taatgaattt    100080
     caaggttaaa tataaataaa ctgtgggatt gttctgccta gagtagccac accctcctcg    100140
     ggggtcccac agtccacagg ctcaaactcc tcatccaaca gttacatgct ccaccaactt    100200
     tcagactgtc tctcccagta ggcagtgagc ccctagaagg cagggactat gtaacggtga    100260
     cctggcaact ttgttgaaca gctgctccta tcaggatcag ttcgtaaaaa gccaagcact    100320
     gctcagcctt ttattatgcc tcttactgat ttatgccttc atttggcatt caagaacttg    100380
     ctccaatagt gccaaacagt tgggagatat ttactacaaa ttattaaaac tgcagtctat    100440
     cctctgaacc aactgtgctc aatcccacca cacatcttgc tgctccctaa cttctagctg    100500
     cttggaaagt ctcattttct tcatctactc aaatcataca catccctcgg gttccatgca    100560
     aagttccatc tcattcatga aactccctga ccactgggat atctggccca tgaacttgag    100620
     caaactattt cttctgcatc tcatttggca tttgaggagg gactgttctc tgacgtctcc    100680
     tggtatgcct cacagagtca gtaaagtgtt tccagaccta taggtaccac cccatattgt    100740
     tagctctttg aggatacaca ctaggttata cttttctggt tctccaccct aagcacccaa    100800
     aaggcagatg gtaggtacat ctcagctcca aagagactgc tgaagactga atgaattaat    100860
     gacacacaga gaaactgacc ctggtgacca gcctgggcca gttcactcac gtgactgtgg    100920
     gggctggcaa gtacataatt ttcaggttag actggcaggc tggagaccca gggaagagct    100980
     gacactgcag cctgaggcca caggtagcag tgttgctggg ttgctgcatt ctttactgtg    101040
     agatttagaa aaactgtcat tatcattatc ctaatattgt caaaacttgt aggcagccta    101100
     tttgctgttt ttggttctta ttgttagtgt gttgttattc ctgtggaaat cataattgtg    101160
     cagcgttttg atatctatga attcaaaaac ttaaacagaa tattaagaac aaactaataa    101220
     taaagtgaca aactttggat acctttttaa cattgtttct aaatattgta aacatgaatc    101280
     ttctggacct cagagggaac aaggaagcaa tgatattaat aatgaatcat aatctggaac    101340
     acctgatatt gtacacaaac tataacaact ggaaatgcct ttgcaactgc ataagagtta    101400
     gttcaaagaa acaataattt gcatttctaa aatttaaaaa atccccaata acttttgaca    101460
     aaactcacag atggcttatt attgctagca atgtaaatat tggatgcaaa tcatgctcaa    101520
     aagctgtgtg aatagccaaa agtgctaagc acattctgtc agtgctcata attcaaggaa    101580
     aacattagca aaattcaaag aaaaaaactt gaaaaatatt aagaacagct ttgtacaata    101640
     aagtatttga aaaaagcaac aaacagtgga aaaatgccat cagatgttag tatacagttt    101700
     acccaaatgt gtaattaaat agagcatttt acatcattaa gtagaggctt ttaaacaatt    101760
     atacatagtg catatcattg cagtatagat taatggttct gctggttgca aaccatattc    101820
     tacataagac aacttttgga aaatttatta atccaagcaa taaatcatta tcagtgaagt    101880
     gtcaaccatt tcacaaaatg tatttaagtt ttagttcctt aaatactaaa tgtaagactt    101940
     acaggaaaat gggtttttgt tgatctgagg aacttatacc aaccttactc atcagtgccc    102000
     aagaaaaata gctttaatgt gagacagttg tatgatggta cagatagtgc cagtatatgc    102060
     aacgaagaaa gttcaggttt caccaaaatt ttgcaaaatt tcggggttta aaaatctgtt    102120
     tatcgcagaa gtcacattga ctgtctcaca tttactcttc ctcgtgtcct gatcctgctg    102180
     acttgtccac atgggcaact acgaagctgg cacaactata cttctttgtt cactttggtc    102240
     accaccattt gttctgctgt tgggctgccc atgtgtaggc aggtttcacg aaaatatcag    102300
     gttccctaag caacatgaac tgggaggctc agagagggat ttccctagtc actgacttac    102360
     tgagggattg actcaagatt cccaggcact agacagaagc agtcgggaaa ggaatcattt    102420
     cctgattgcc tgtgggggaa aaagaaactt ttttggatag aacagtctgg atggactcta    102480
     acacagtaaa aagtgaaggc agtgcattct tcagaagggc ggcagatggg gcaccacgca    102540
     tccccacaga ggggctgtcc tgcggtcctt gcaggagttg ccaggctccc aaaatctcct    102600
     cctgctgcta tccccaccct gcctgaaaag aggtgaggag gatgatgggg agggagtcaa    102660
     acagacttgg gataggagga gtgagtgcgc tggtaaaacc aattacttag ctaaaccttt    102720
     ggctaaaact ctaggaaggg aggcacaaaa tgggaaagtg tgggtttttt ttttttgctt    102780
     ctctaggtga aggtttaaat taacttcagc atgggtaaaa ctattctttc cttctttttt    102840
     ctctcccaga gttctcacca cctcctccca ggctaaatcc ttcatgttgc aggagacaga    102900
     gaatcccagg tgagacccgg actttttctc ctccctccct tccttttttc accgtgttca    102960
     ggataaatta tcttggtttt gtttctggag ggaaaagggc agagaggccc tgacttgaat    103020
     ctcaatcaca tttctgcaca cagtacctga ggagacagaa tagcagaggg gtgggaacaa    103080
     ttaacattgc tttatgggct ttagaatgga gaaaaaataa ttcccactct tttttctttt    103140
     acccaaatcc aacttcagtt ttctctccaa ctctctaaaa ccaccaccaa tactattatc    103200
     acatcatgtg tagctacttg gggggtggtg aaaggctgag tacgcatcat gttcaggtag    103260
     tagggtgtta aacgaaatag ttcctcacag caatgcccaa agtcatcctt ggtcacaata    103320
     aaggagaata aagggaaaaa agtatgatta ttgtattaga ttgtggggtt gcaggtgagt    103380
     tttttttttc cattttaaaa attattttgt ggttataatg atgatgtcaa tttttaaaaa    103440
     aataaaagaa tggaaaaagt tgacttggga tttcataatg caaagaaaaa agcaaaacaa    103500
     aaaagaacaa caaaaagcaa acaaaacaga tttacatgta atacctaatt taatcccttc    103560
     ataactctgt gaagtgggtc agtattgacg ggtcagctta actaacagat attaggaatg    103620
     agatccaaaa caaccagcca tggtcgcaca gcttgtggaa cccaggttct ttgacactca    103680
     gcccagtgtt ccacctgcaa tggcaaccta agtgaggagg gggcctcaga gatgaggtgg    103740
     tcgaccctta caatgttgat attctccatg ctttctcaga gcaagtggct gaatctcttt    103800
     cgtgacagag aactcaccac ctaccaaggc agcccatttt attaagtcta acttttaaaa    103860
     aagatactta tgatgagcac aattctgtct ctctcatact ctatggaaac gaccaatttc    103920
     tgacctctat gtcacaaaga gtaagtttag ttcttcacat aatagccctc caaatatttg    103980
     aaatctctag tcatagccag atatattgca tcaaaataaa tggctatttt ctgcaggagg    104040
     gttggtccaa atgtcctagc ctaccattac ctgaagcaag aagtcctccc tattttttga    104100
     agaactatat ttatttgctc aaatcatatt tattaggggc ctgctatctg ccaggcagtg    104160
     gggatgcagc gatacacagg tcaaataggc atttggagtg tggaagtggg tgcccaccct    104220
     agtcggggag catctcagga tgtcctcctc aaggagatga catgtcaact gagcccagag    104280
     gacaacagga gttgacaggg aagagtattt cctagagcga gaaactggag gcagctgtag    104340
     tgaggtgctg atgggttctg gccaccacct ggaccaccta gatttgatgt ttctccaccc    104400
     ccacttagtt gtgtgaccct ggacaagttc ctcacccact acgtgcttta gaaccctcac    104460
     tgtgaaatgg gagatgtgat aggaatgttg tgaggattgt ttgagtgaat acatgcaaag    104520
     gacttaggac aagcctggca catagttaat gctcaatcaa tgttttctct cgcaactgga    104580
     gggaaacaag gtagtgggca ggaaggggga gtgcgcagac agttcctgct aagccttgta    104640
     agttaccatg gcccagcact gtaaccagag aagtgaggat gagacttcca ctttgagaaa    104700
     ggcctctctg gccgcagcat gtaaaggaat gggaggggat tagaatgtgt gtgcacggac    104760
     taggtgggag ctaactgcag ggccagcatc tgtggcacag attatctctc ttcatcctga    104820
     acccctccct cttcccgtct cgaatccttt tcccactcct gaccacatcc tccacctgtc    104880
     agaaagtcac agttaaggaa gagatttccg agcacacctt ggacagaagt catgatgatg    104940
     gggcccatga ctggcaacct gctgggagag gtggcctgca gtgtgtctgg agtacatggg    105000
     ggaccccggg agcatcttct gtgtctgtgg cccctggcag gcctgcatca cttggtgcta    105060
     tgccactatc agatccacca caggagccat gtgctattca ttccacaagg agccctttca    105120
     acagggagac atcaggccca actggattct agccaccttg gtctccagtc tcctactctc    105180
     aagcccatga gtgacaattc agcacaggaa atttggttct gtgagcagca tctattggca    105240
     ggatgaccag caattcttgt gtgtggtttg caaagatctt aacggagaac aaatgttact    105300
     tagtgctgca gaaggagaac aatgctaggt tccacaaggt agtctgtcct tttgctgtct    105360
     tgtctacacc agagaacctt tggttgactt gctttaatat tggcttcagt cctattacaa    105420
     aacaacaaca aattattgta ttctaaacac agttctaaat gcaacaatag tttatctttt    105480
     aatcctggat tatacagttt acaattactt gcaaatgcat agtacctcac tccaaaaaac    105540
     ctcaggcatc caggcatcac aatttctcta tctgcatgac acagaaactt ccatgtcact    105600
     agaggatttc acaatccata tatgaatccc ctgaagactt cttggtgtga aggaaacatc    105660
     actggacaca acactgaaaa tggcaatagt ccaggcatgg tggttcatgc ctgtaatccc    105720
     agcactttgg gaggcttacg cgggtagatc acctgaggtc aggagtttga gactagcctg    105780
     gccaacacag tgaaacccca tttctactaa aaatacaaaa attagccagg tgtggtggtg    105840
     catgcctgta gtcccagcta ccagcgaggc tgaggcagga gaatcacttg aatcccgtag    105900
     gctgaggttc tggtgagctg agatcacgcc actgcactcc agcctgggca acagaacgag    105960
     actccgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggcaa caaaagccct ggatagatag ggttttttta    106020
     ggtgagctat aacatctggg caaataaaaa cactatgtta ttcctagaaa aattatagaa    106080
     atctaactta accttgtcaa catggggatt cattatctta tttagcaaac taaaggaaca    106140
     ataatgtaac tgcacctcag gtacaactgg aaccagggat ttgaatgcaa ctaagacttc    106200
     ccatctttta ttttctcttc tctagattag ctcaattttt tgcaacacat ttcctgtatg    106260
     aactataact atagccattt ctagattaat acctcttgtc agcaaagcaa gacagaggta    106320
     ttctctggtc atgaagaaaa ttccagaaaa gagctctgaa tcaaaggcca aaatcctggc    106380
     atatctggtg ctgtgcagag ctgagagact ggctgaagag tgtgccagca gtaagctatc    106440
     ctaggcatag ggcctgacta gaaatcaaag accctaatgt agcagtattg catcatctat    106500
     agcctagatt atgctgcaat gatatacaac tcccgtatct cactggtata aaccaaaaag    106560
     atttctttta catgctacct gttcatcagg agttgctgag ggggtcactt ggagatccag    106620
     gctcgccaag cagccactgt cttcagcacc agctaatgcc ctgctagtgg gcaaagaggg    106680
     agctctggaa gaacataaac cagcagttaa attcccagtc cagaagaaat acatatcacc    106740
     cctactaaca cctcattaca gggcacagat gatgacaata atgacctctc aggcttaagg    106800
     acccttcaac tctgagagag ggtatctagt ggtcacctag ctactatcct gtctttccct    106860
     caggcagaag tgggtgtggt ttccaacacc cccagctgtg tcccggtccg tgacaacaaa    106920
     atctttgtaa tctaaagttt gaagcatttc agaggtcaga agggtgtttg ctgttacgac    106980
     tcttgctctc acttctacct gacaagagag aagaatttgt atagactgtt agacatgtta    107040
     ctattttttg aaagcactag gtatttggga caaggtcaac atgtttccct atcagaaatc    107100
     actcatagat atgttctttg aggtcaggaa ttctatgaaa taaaaataaa gaaaattatt    107160
     gagcctctct tggatgccag caccatgctc agtgctttca tttttttcag tatactcaca    107220
     ttactgatta tccttcattt tacttatgat caaagcaaga gttgaaggaa tgtccttggt    107280
     tcaaggctac accctaggag acacagtcag aatttaaatc cagctttctt tcatttgaaa    107340
     gactgtgctc tgtgctggac cacactgtac agtttttaaa gtgatctaac aacgacagca    107400
     tccatcagtg aactctgagt ctaccaaaca gaaattgctc ttaatgggtt catctaatgg    107460
     cagggccggc tcaaggcaaa attttttgcc cccatccctc tttttcattc gacacgattt    107520
     tgctgtatca tccaggctgg actgcagtgg cgtggtcaca gctcactgca gcctcaaact    107580
     cctggctcaa atgatcctcc ctccttatct tcctgagtag ctgggactat gggcgcatgc    107640
     caccatacct gctaatgttt aaaatttttg taaagatggg gtctcactat gttccctaag    107700
     atggtctcaa attcctggcc tcaagcaatc ctcctgccgc aaatctcctg aagtgctggg    107760
     attataggta gaagccacaa tgcccagtcc ccttctccct gattaaaaat atattttttt    107820
     attttttttc actattcaac ttccatttta ggttcaaggg gtacatgtgt aggttcgtta    107880
     tatgggtaaa ttacaatgtt gtgggggttg tgtatacaga taattttgtc gcccaggtaa    107940
     tcagcataat acccaaaagg tagtttttaa gtcttcaccc tcctttcacc ctccaccctc    108000
     aagtaggtcc tggtgtctgt tgctcccttg tgtccatgtg tactcgatgt ttagctccca    108060
     tttaaaagtg acaacataca gtatttggtt ttctgttcct gcattaattg tcttaaggaa    108120
     tggcctccag ctccatccat gctgctgcaa aggacattat gtcattcttc gtggttgtgt    108180
     agtattctat tccacggtgt atatgtacat tttctttttt tttttttttt gagacagtct    108240
     cgccttgtca cctaggctgg agtgcaatgg cgcgatctcg gctcactgca acctctgctt    108300
     cccaggttca aacgattctc ctgccttgag tagctgggat tacaggcacc tgccaccatg    108360
     tccagctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga caaggtttca ccatgttggc caggctggtc    108420
     tcaaactcct gacctcgccg aactccaccc gaatcggtct cccaaagtgc taggattaca    108480
     ggcgtgagcc accgaacctg ggcatctagg ttgattccgt atctttgcca ttgcgaatag    108540
     tgccgcagtg aacatacatg tgcgtgtgtc tttaggtaga actatttata ttcctttggg    108600
     gatataccca gtaaagggat tgctgggtta aacggtagtt ttaagttctc tgagaaattt    108660
     ccagactgct ttccacaatg gctgaactaa tttacattcc catttgcagt gtataagcat    108720
     tctctttttt ctgcaacctc atcagcatca gttagttttt gactttttta ataatagcct    108780
     ttctgactgg tgtaagatgg tatctcattg tggttttgat ttgcattccc ctaattaggg    108840
     atattaagca ttttttttct tatgtttctt ttgaaaagtg ttcatgtcct ttgcccattt    108900
     tttaatgggg ttcttttttg cttactaagt tccttataga ttctggttat taaacctttg    108960
     tcagatgcac agtttgcaga tgttttctcc cattctgtag gctgtttact ctgttgacag    109020
     ttccattttc tgtgcaggag ttctttagtt taattaaggc ttatttggca atttttggtt    109080
     ttgttgcagt tgcttttgga gtcttcatca tgaagtcttt gccagggctg atgctcaaaa    109140
     tggtatttcc taggttttct tctagtattt tcatagtttt aggttttaca tttaagtctt    109200
     taatccactt tgagttgatt tttatatatg gcgaaagata ggggttcagt gtcattcttc    109260
     tgcctatggc tatccagtta tcccagcacc atttattgaa tagggagttc tttccccatt    109320
     gcttgttatt gtcaattttg tcaaagatca gatggtttta ggtatgtggc tttatttctg    109380
     agttctctaa tctgctccat tagtctatgt gtctgttttt gtaccagtgc catgctgtct    109440
     tagttactgt aacctcataa tttgaagaca ggtagtgtga tgcctccagc tttgttcttt    109500
     ttgcttagga ttgctttggc tatttgggct ccttcttggt tccatatgaa tttttgaatt    109560
     ttttttccta actctgtgaa aaatgtcatt ggtagtttga cactgaatct gtaaattgct    109620
     ttgactagta tggcagtttt aacaacaata ttaattcttc ctatccagga gcatggaatg    109680
     ttttcccatt ggtgtaatct gatttctttg ggcagtgtct tgtaaaattc tcattgcaga    109740
     gattgtttac ctctttggct agctgtattc ctaggtattt tattcttctt gaggctactg    109800
     tgaatgaaac tgcattcttc acttggttct cggtttagat gttattggtg tatagaaatg    109860
     ctactgattt ttgtaaactt attttgtatc ctgaaactct gctgaagttc tttttcagat    109920
     ctagaagccc tcaggaagag accatggagt tttctaggta tagaatcatt atctatgaag    109980
     agagataatt tgacttcctc tcttcctatt tggatgcctt ttatttcttt ctctcacttg    110040
     actgctccaa atagaacttc cagtactatg ttgaatagga gtagtgagag tgggcatcct    110100
     tgtcttgttc cagttcctaa agagaatact tctagctttt gccaattcag tattatgttg    110160
     gctttgggtt tgtcagagat agcttttatt attttgagga ctataacttc aaacctagtt    110220
     tgttgagggt ttttaacatg aatgaatgtt taattttacc aaaagccttt tctgcatcta    110280
     ttaaggtatc atgtggtttt tgtttttagt tctctttatg tgatgaatca catttattga    110340
     tttgggtaag ttgagccaac tctgcactcc agggataaag cctacttgat cacaatggat    110400
     tagctttttg gtgtgttgct ggatttcatt tggtagtatt ttgtggagga tttttgcata    110460
     tatgttcatc agggatattg gcctgaagtt ctttttttct gttgtgtctc tgccaggttc    110520
     tggtatcaga atgatgctgg tctcacagac tgagttaggg aggtgtccct ctttctcaat    110580
     tttttggaat agtttcggta ggaatgatac cagttcttct ttatatgtct ggtagaattt    110640
     ggctgtgaat ccatctggtc caggactttt tctggttagt aggcttttta ttactgattc    110700
     aattttggaa cttgttattg gtctgtttgg ggtttcaatt tctggttcaa tcttgggagg    110760
     ttgtatgttc ccaggaattt atccattctt ctaggttttc tagtttgtgt gcagaggtgt    110820
     tcataatagt ctccaagcgg tttttgtatt tttgtgtggt cagtgacaac gtcccctttg    110880
     tcattcctga ttgtgtttat ttagattatc tcccccctcc tttttttatt agtctagtta    110940
     gtgcctatca accttattta ttctttcaaa gaaccaactt ttgctttctt tgattttttg    111000
     tacggttttt ctcatctcca ttttgttcag ttcagctctg attttgggta ttctcttctg    111060
     ctagctttgg ggttggtttg ctcttgttta tttagttcct ctagatgtga tgttaggttg    111120
     agatctatct ttttgatgtg ggcatttagc actatagttt tcccttaaca ctgctttagc    111180
     tgtgtcccag attctggtat gtttttatct ttgttttcat tagttgtaaa caatttcttg    111240
     atttctgcct taatttctct ttgtttaccc aagtcattca ggagtagatt aatttccact    111300
     taattatatg gttttgagag atcttcttgg tatttatttt tatggcactg tggtccaaga    111360
     gtgtggttgg tatttcaggg tttttttgtt tttttgagat gagtctcact ctgtcaacca    111420
     gactggagtg caatggcgtg atctcagctc actgcaacct cctcctccca ggttcaagca    111480
     attctcgtga ctcaacctcc gaagtagctg ggattacagg cgcatgccac catgcacggc    111540
     taatttttat attttttaga agagatgggt ttttgccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcaaa    111600
     ctcttgacct caagtgattt gcccacctca gccttccaaa gtgttgggat tacaggtgtg    111660
     agccactaca cctggccggt atttcaggtt tcttgaattt gttgagaatt gctttctggc    111720
     caataaagca attgtggtcg attttaagag tatgtaccat gtgcagctga aaagaatgta    111780
     tattctgttt ttgttggaca gagagtgctg ttttttgttt tccatttgct tgatagatct    111840
     ttctccatcc cttactttga ggctattggt gtccctgcat atgagatggg tctcttgaag    111900
     acatacagtt gggtcttgct tctctgtcca acttgccact ctctgcctat taattgaggc    111960
     atttagctca tttacattca aggttaatat tgatatgtgc agatttgatc ctatcatcat    112020
     gttgttattt ggctgttatg tagacttcat tgtttacttg ctttatagtg tcaatggtct    112080
     atgtactcga gtatattttt gtgatggcca gtattggtct gtacatctca gggtggctta    112140
     aagcactagg agaaagcatg caaaacagcc caaggtgaag ctcacttggc agctgagagt    112200
     gagttcacac catgtactct aaaatgagga ggtgctcttt tcttctcact ctaattaaag    112260
     aagactgaga agcccttcag cacttcactg tgccccctgc tgccctgcac ctcccggcta    112320
     ctttgtggta gattcctggc acttgaactc tctacaggcc caggagagaa cagctttctt    112380
     gaggtcctaa ggatacctga gaatcattct cagagttaat ggaatcttct atattttctg    112440
     tggattttga ttatctactt tttttctaac ttctgtgaga ttagagaatt gaaagcctgt    112500
     catatcactg gaactcagtt aaaatgtggt gtcttctcca atattgtcca actagaagat    112560
     gtgggaatcc caactgatat aagaactaag aaatatgact acaaactaaa gggaaaataa    112620
     gagaagaact taaagaatat ttgggagttt tagggaggtc ataactgtaa tgagctaatg    112680
     tcatccatat gtccaaggga aagtgaatct gaatttacag ggcaacttcc gtgggccagg    112740
     ttccttcaca cataatttca agtcatgcta aaatgaatgc atccaaggaa aattttatca    112800
     tacataactt atgataagga aacttatgct taggaagatt aattaggagg ttaaggtcac    112860
     caagcctcta gactgtttcg ccaggaccca acccaggtct ggcttctgtt tggttttgga    112920
     gtatgtgtta tccccactcc atcatgctgc ctctccaacc tgcagcccag tgcccagggc    112980
     acaggggtca ggccaagatc agaagggaca ctaacaccaa caggcctggc gaggtgggaa    113040
     gtacagggaa ggggtgactc cagcttactc ttctctccct cccagaggga ccatcagggc    113100
     cattggcact gttgggtgat agaagttgta aatacggggt aaggtacatg gatgacacca    113160
     tctccatatg tgtatgtgat agagtggcag gccagaagtt aatagccaca tccagggagc    113220
     caaggatata gttcccagta acggcgcttg cgttctgctc tcagggctga tgaaagagga    113280
     tggaagttgt actctgttcc tctacttcaa tagaaagtaa gctaaaagga gaaattggga    113340
     gacagaggtt tacaaaagga aatttataat ggggtcatat caagataatt caagagggaa    113400
     aataagacaa ggtggctcct tccctgaatt ggtgacacaa cactaatcac tgtccccaca    113460
     gagtggctgg gcctgacccc aactacagga gctcagctgt ctctaccctc tgagggtaga    113520
     caggaagcag tggtcatgct actgcagcct aatgacttga gattagaatt ggccattgcc    113580
     ccactgcagg gtgtgtgccc agcacacttt gacagcttcc ctctctgttc agtcttgaga    113640
     aaaaaataac actaaataag gaaggtgaag ctacagaaag tcctgactat caaaaaatgt    113700
     taacattcag ggcgaggaaa gactttagaa atcattccaa atttcatgag ggtaaatcaa    113760
     ttgtaagggc cattaaggtt ggcaagtggc agaatatgga tgcaaaccta gggcccttca    113820
     ctcctcctcc agtgcacttt ccaccatgcc aggaggaagg gcgaagagta aaggtgccag    113880
     gggaagggct gaggcttgtc tccttccact tctttacctc acagaaaatg aaggatacaa    113940
     atggagccga aaatttaggc ctctggaagc tacaggtctg tttcagatgg atctattctt    114000
     tttcctgggt tcagtgaagt tatttggcca taaagcccta agccatgtat gatcataaca    114060
     ttttaagaaa tagaagccag gtattagaag gttccgtttt ctctataaat agttcaaagt    114120
     atctcaatga agtttaggta tccaaaaaaa aaaatacccc aactttagga gcattaagta    114180
     ttatgagtaa taaaataaat acttatagca atgggggttt caggacaatt tacctcttga    114240
     acataagtag atatgctcaa gaaagctatc ccaaggacag ggttgcatgc acgaagagac    114300
     gagaccaagt taagttccac agtcaaaaca gacatcccta tttccttcct agtagcatct    114360
     gtacagcata aataggtatt tgtgaatgaa gtcatgaaaa gatcctcaaa ggtctgtgtt    114420
     agagcaactg tggttaaaat acgagagtag gaaaagtgag attctccagt taagttacta    114480
     ataattcaga cttaagactt tttagaaaga tgatcatctt ttatttcttt caggagccat    114540
     ggctatcaac ctggagagag gccaaaagac acctaggctt tttgtaaacc aaagattgag    114600
     gtatccacat cagtcagcag tggcttctgc agcagcagcc acagaaagtg agtaatggaa    114660
     acaaaaggat agagatatac aggaagtcct ctttcctcac ctggagaaga aagaagacag    114720
     caaaaaaaat taggtcaacc ccacaatcaa ggtagagctg ctctaaaatc tgaggtagcc    114780
     aatgaccaac acaaaccacc tcacctttct gagactcggc tctcctgtaa aggagaaacc    114840
     acactgaccc tggatcaaaa tccccagaca gtagacgtga ccttggattt caagaaggag    114900
     caaattacct ctgctaatgc agataaagac gccaccattt ttggttttca ggatttcaca    114960
     gggaaaatag tcccattatt tggcctctat tagccagagg cccagatgac cctgtgtccc    115020
     tgagatagga catggctttc ccatggcctc ttatgagaac ctgcccagca ataagtgttt    115080
     ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt tgttttttag acagtttcac tcttgttgcc caggctggag    115140
     tgcaatgatg cgatctcagc ttactgcaac ctccacctcc tgggttcaag tgtttctcct    115200
     gtcttagcct cctgagtagc tggaattata ggcaacccca ccacgcccag ctaattttgt    115260
     atttttagta gagatggggt ttcaccatgt tggccaggct ggtcttgaac tcctgacctc    115320
     aggtgatctg cccacctttg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt tcaggcgtga gccactgtgc    115380
     ccggccacaa taagttttta attaccagag tcagtggttc ctgtcattga ttgagcttac    115440
     tgactggaca atgagagggt catatgtggc tgtctccagc cattacatta aggtgacact    115500
     tgagcatgac acgaggtctg cattctctac aatcaactgg atctgtccca ctgcttccca    115560
     ccaggagcag aagcatgctt gtgccagttc ctaaacatca tcatttcatt ttcagcccac    115620
     agccctcccc tgctcagatt tcccaccatc taaggcagca atcctcaaat gctagtgtgc    115680
     acaaggatct aaggcacttg ccgaaaatgt agattcctgc accaacccca gagaaccaga    115740
     agcaatccct ctagggtaga gcttgagaat ttgctttgaa aaaagatctt acatgttttt    115800
     ggataacact taaagatggt cctagaacag tgcttctgga aattttaata cgtaagcaaa    115860
     ttaagagcag cttgttaaaa tgcagacgtt taaaaacttg gtgcaggcct gaaattctgc    115920
     actcatatgt tctcccagag aagctaaagc tgctggtcct tttggccaca ctttgagtca    115980
     ccagaaccca aaggatttcc ggcctgtatc tgggcccaag agagcaaaag tgtcacaaac    116040
     acacacagtt ttaaccttcc ctgattctct gtggagtaga atcttctccc ttacttccag    116100
     tcagacaggt ccccatggat aagggggtac tgctctgcct tgtgtgccct cagtttccct    116160
     ttatggaact ctgttctgat ctcaagcttc cactagacct gctattagaa gtgctgaaca    116220
     ctgattttct gtgagtataa agtagttaaa agaaaaaaga aatatatgta aggctgtaga    116280
     gtttccatct gtagatatca agaaatgagt atgaactgtt aggcattccc caagattgtt    116340
     gttcaaagat cctcccaagt ttgagacctc aaattctttc aggtgatatt catatcattt    116400
     actctttttt tttttaaact tagaaagtga gttgcagcaa attttctcct gaaagaattg    116460
     caaagatgaa ccgtggcctc tttctatatt cataattttt gtcttagggt taaaaagact    116520
     cccccaagga cagaaaattg tacctaatga tacagcctag agcgcatgtt gttccttttg    116580
     tctacagtac cttctacctc tggctcaaat gcactctggt cactgatgca cctccagttc    116640
     tcacagctta gtaaattatg gtgtagtgat cacgtctatg tccctacttc cccaaccaaa    116700
     ttttctgagc tatgccaggg tgaggatgtg gcccttttca tcttgtaatt cccaaaagtc    116760
     tgtggtggag tgcagagatg accactaaat gaaagaatca ctcgtactgg ttgaaacaat    116820
     accaataaat accttaggtt ctgtggtgaa cacagatcag taaataaatg ttgggcaatc    116880
     ttccagtctc tcagtgtccc acggtatatc tgttccccca tagggagcac agctagagct    116940
     cctttaccta cgctgcgggg acactgattt gcatggggag gcctggtgca aggcctctgc    117000
     tgggtatgag cagcagtaca agcctttgaa ggctgtgtgc tgttcagaac ttggagctgg    117060
     ttgggggcct ccgatgccct gtgctgacaa gctggcctgg ggcttctccc cactagagtc    117120
     ttctctatat ctcaaggtat gcacatctct tcctgggcac acaggcaatg ggctagacaa    117180
     gcatctctct cctctaaggc ttgtcaccaa gcattccttc cttccagggg gtggggtttg    117240
     gaaattccca cttaatatag cccaccttct gtcatttgac attttctaac actggagtgg    117300
     tggttcccaa tctcttcacc atcaaggagg cttaatttct tccctctcta ttttaatacg    117360
     gttttaacta ccaaacagga tcctctaagt gatcatttgt tttcttatac tgttcatcag    117420
     agagatgttt aagatcaaca tgaagatgac aaagttacat catttgctat tcaatattgg    117480
     aaaatacatc tcaccccata ttgagatcct agtctgggct agctgagtta cgggggctgc    117540
     taaaactcta gtaatagcaa cagctgtctg ccttccattc tcctgctatg gcacacactt    117600
     ctttccttca gaatcacacc cccgagatat atgattcata accttatggc tagaaaaaag    117660
     aggacatgat cattctacag gtcccttgct cccttgaatt acctctcctg ggcccattaa    117720
     gaacaggcac atgaagaaag aaacccaggg ttgtgccaca atcgcacaaa aatctgtcca    117780
     cagataacac ctcaaggagg tagggcctgc ccacctgaat cactgttgtc tacataatgc    117840
     aacttaacca tcctgttctg cgtttagcta ttcaagactt ttgtaaccag tccctgtggt    117900
     atgggttgtt ttcccaattg taccctgact gaatcactgg gtatcatgtc agaggagggg    117960
     gacctattta acctcttttc cctggtgtcc tggagcccag gggctcctac gtggcaatgg    118020
     gtgccagata cccttcctca gctaggatat aggggtccag atttccataa tatctataga    118080
     ttgatttact taaaacttat ttgttgtcaa aatacaaata ccctgggctt aggaagaaat    118140
     taatacttat caagactatg tcaaataaaa acaactacca ctaactgaaa ccacttagtt    118200
     atcagatata ttatacatat cactccatgt aatcctccca acaaaatgat gtcatctaag    118260
     agatgagaaa ctgggaccca gaccagtgaa gccccatggc ataagtcaca caggcaagaa    118320
     atggtaaagc aaaaattcac acctacgtct tcctgggctt tgccataacg cacactggct    118380
     tcttcactgt ggctattgcc tgacagaatg agactcaagt aattacaagg attcatcaga    118440
     agggaaaagc tgacatgacc agaactagaa cacagcccag ggaatgcaag tctgggtaga    118500
     tcatggtact cgaagcccaa ggatcatttg aaagaggttt aaaaaaataa aaaaaggagt    118560
     aaaatgcaca agtgaaatgg aggtgaaact taactatagc ttaattttta cttcaaagac    118620
     tgctcagctc attttgggaa tgtgagggga attaagaaga ttctggatag gtttgtagga    118680
     gaggcaaggt gtgtagggta tatgtgggga caaagggagc aattgtatcc tagactgtat    118740
     ccaataattt tctgggacaa aagagagcaa atgtagacgt ggggaagtag tagcttgagt    118800
     ggtatcaggt gccagaaaga agaccaaggg aaaaacctct gatgaccatg gggatagtgt    118860
     aaattgagta gcaagaggaa ggaggactgc agaagttcaa gaatgatgag aactgaggaa    118920
     acgaagataa acacagagat aaacacagac aacttcactg cagcgaaaga gaagatggtg    118980
     ttacacaggt aagcaggatc aagaaatggc ttttttgttg ttgctgttgt ttgttttttt    119040
     tttttttttt tgattcggag tctcgctctg tagccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgtgatct    119100
     cggttcactg caacccccga ctccctggtt caagtctcct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc    119160
     tgggattaca tgcacgcgcc accatgcctg gctaattttt gtatttttag tagagatggg    119220
     gttttgccac cttggctagg atggtctcga tctcctgacc tcgtgatctg cccgcctcag    119280
     cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcatga gctaccgcac ctggcctggc tttttttttt    119340
     tttttttaat ggagtgtagc tctattgctc aggctggagt acagcgatgc gatctcggct    119400
     cactgcaatc tctgcctccc aggttcaagc aattctcctg cctcagcctc ctgagtagct    119460
     gggactacag gcatacacca ccgcaccagc taatttttgt atatttagta gagatggggg    119520
     tttcgccatg ttggccagga tggtatcgaa ctcctgacct caggtgatcc acccgccttg    119580
     gcttcccaaa gtgctgggat tacagacata agccatcgtg ccaggccaag aaatggcttt    119640
     taaaaatgct gatttgaaag caaaagagaa ggaagtagag gagagattta tgattttaag    119700
     aaaaaggagg aatatgaagg atcaactttg ctcttttcac cagccaaagg gcatattcta    119760
     gaaagatggt tttaaacctt ctcttcctgc atttgtaagt gtgcaaagat gccatgcctt    119820
     tatttctcta gaactggttt ttcttcctca caagtctctc atccataacc ttagtccagc    119880
     ccaatggaca aaaccatgag gaacctcaaa cacccttcca aaaagattta gattttactc    119940
     aagaggtgaa ggagaatcat taaagatgac tgagtagggg aatactatag tcagagtttt    120000
     ttgttagaaa tatcactgag gccatacagg ggaaagactg ggagtgtggc aagagagtga    120060
     gaccaaatgc tcagataaag gtagggaggc aattgttata gtccagaact gaaataggac    120120
     agtggaagtg gaaatggagg gaggggacaa caaagacatg tttagagata tcagaaattg    120180
     accattaaaa taggcataca ggaagggaaa atgtatctca ttaattaaga aagcaatggc    120240
     atactggata ccaacagcaa atagcaaaga aatggttgtg tgggtgtgtg tgtttttttt    120300
     taagggaaaa aaatgaggat aaagggaaga gaaagtgatg ttactaaccc tccatgtaat    120360
     gataatctcc aaatagctct tcccagcagt tccatactta agggtcagga tctccattca    120420
     gggatctttc tgtggtgctc taaaggggca gactgaggac tttaagggct atcactttca    120480
     ggtggctttc taagcagcag aattcgtggg atgaggagga catgcttgtt ctttacagat    120540
     tcactgaagt gaatctgggg gctgatcgat gataacactg tgttgatccc agagatgaca    120600
     aaggggctga gtgtgagata atggagttcc tgaaacccct acgatgaata tgtccaccct    120660
     tccttttcat cagctgctag tccctatctc atccttctcc tgtcccaacc ccattattcc    120720
     taaatctgag ctcaggcttg ccagcacctc taggagtaaa tcacaagact gagaccagag    120780
     caacaagaaa agcagagaca aatgactcaa caagacagcc acaggaggca gggcaaggtg    120840
     gctcacgctt gtaatcccag cactttggaa ggccgaggca ggcagatcac gaggtcgaga    120900
     ttgagaccat cctggccaac gtggtgaaac cctgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc    120960
     tgggcatggt ggcatgtgcc tgtagtccca gctactggga ggctgaggca gaagaatcac    121020
     ttgaacctat gatgcggagg ttgcagtgag ccgagatcat gccactgcac tccagcctgg    121080
     cgatagagca agacaatgtc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag acagccaaag    121140
     gaaagggact agaagagaga ggaatgcaaa agaatagaaa atctgggcca ggtgtagtgg    121200
     ctcatgcctg taatcctagc actttggaag gccgaggcag gcagattgcc tgaactcagg    121260
     agttcgagac cagcccaggc aacatggcaa aaccccatac aaatacaaat acaaaacgtt    121320
     agctgggcat gttggtgcat gcctatagtc ctagctactt gggaggctga ggcattagaa    121380
     ttacttgaac gcgggaggtg gcagagattg cagtgagctg agaattcacc actgcaccac    121440
     tgcattcgag tctgggcaac agaacaaggc tctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    121500
     aagaacagaa aatcaaactc taacaccatc acctgggtag ttccctccat tctcctatga    121560
     cttccaataa gtcattagca gatcacctat catctcttta atttcttcaa aaacaaataa    121620
     aatctcaaac ttgcatttgg gaaactgaga aactttcagg aaacacagaa acacatcttc    121680
     aggaccttgg acagcagaaa aaggaccacc ccgcacacac cccgacccca ccccggcctc    121740
     cccacaacac atgacaccca cgccagcaag actgctgaga aaatgtgaca cctcaacatg    121800
     ctgatgaggg aaaggataaa taaagggcta tatagtcatc aatggagagt gttcagggaa    121860
     ggtatgaaga ctcaggctac aatagtcaag aggagccctg ggccctacag aatgcctagt    121920
     ccaacttcct aatactctga gccagagaag gacattctct acacctacat tacaacttcc    121980
     ctcttcagac attgattttt aaaagaatat atagaataga atattgatat tgagactttt    122040
     tccaattcct tggggaaaaa tgcataaaaa tataacttgc agttcacgga tctagaaata    122100
     gccttacaaa tgataaagaa aatttcacaa aggtaaaata tctcatcaag gtagagtaac    122160
     acaagagctg ttgacccagt attagtcctt ggacatcctg acttctgtgc agtgtttttc    122220
     tctttgtagt tggtaagtgg ctaaagatct ggattcttct tctagctctg ccatacacca    122280
     gatgtgtgac ctttggcaaa ttactcaatc atgctgagcc ttgggttcct tctttgaact    122340
     gagcccccac ccccacccca cacgtcaggc actattaggg aatgaaaaac aaaaccaatc    122400
     tccatgctaa agtagctctc cagtgtagca cagttcagat atgaaaatat caataatcca    122460
     acaatactag ttaaacatat aaaagtagta cagagaaaaa cattaataac ctgacattta    122520
     gagcaagatt aggagggctt cacaatataa gcaaagggaa atccaggaag aagaaacagt    122580
     aaaagcatca agcggtgcaa caagacatta gatttaggaa accatcaata atttagtttt    122640
     gatggatggc aatggtggtg gggagagaca tggggtaatg aaacctatca tatactgatg    122700
     ttgtggaagt ccaatgagtc actatagata atcattagct actattatgc caacagctat    122760
     ccctatgaga aaaaaattcc ttaatttaac atttatagaa aacctctgtt tgctccctat    122820
     actaggggca gctccttttg gtcccttcct aaagaaatag agccagtttg agaaacagga    122880
     aaatcaagtt ccatactttc ctagcctatg aaataccagt caagaggtaa aagtgcttcc    122940
     tctgtcaata tcctgattct tccactgaaa tgtcacttag cagagcacat cttttacttg    123000
     tgcgatttga aaacaaggct ttgcctaaag accagggtat gcaagggatc acctctggga    123060
     cgatctcatg gcactgagca ctcaagcaag gtggtaacat aagagtcaga cttgataaaa    123120
     gtccatttcc caggaccact tgacaataag ggcacagaaa agtgctctga ggaataatct    123180
     tcatgctatt accattttca acctcttgta cttaatacta attttcttag cttcctataa    123240
     ttagatatgt acatatgagc tagtagcagc cacagtccta caatctgact agttcatgcc    123300
     caactgcatg cctgcatcag ggacatctgg ctattgtagt gtcatggaaa ctctcctctc    123360
     tggtgaagag tatctagaga cacccatgag ttttattatc tataccctgt actggtttga    123420
     acagtgtccc ccaaactcat gtccacccag aacctcagaa tgtaatctta tttggaaata    123480
     gggtctttga aaatataatc aagttaagat gaggtcatac tgaattaagg gtggaccctt    123540
     aattcaatga ctagtttcct tgtaagaggg acacttggat gcaaagagac ccacccatag    123600
     agaatgtgat gtgatgatgg agggagagat tgtagtgaca agcctacaag ccaaagaatg    123660
     ccaaagattg ccggcaaatg ccaaaagcta ggagagaggc atgaaataga tgctccctta    123720
     gaccctccag gaggaaccaa cctggctgac acttggattt cagacttctg gcctccagaa    123780
     ttttgaccaa ataaatttct gttgttttaa accacccagt ttttggtagc ttgttaaagc    123840
     agccctagga aataaatgca taccaccacc actccatcta ttttccttct atgtgcccaa    123900
     catttatctt ctcagaggat gattataaac cctagttatt gtatcaacac acgggaaggg    123960
     acactgagca gaacagcagg agaatgaaca attagtatca gattagcaac ttcacaggta    124020
     aggtaaaggg catgggaatt tacttctcaa ggctctataa tatgagactc tttaaaaacc    124080
     ctgtggtgtt tttatataca tctacaagtt ctgtgatatg cttcctttga aaaaggcaga    124140
     gcctaattcc cctccctttg agtgtggtca gtgctcgatg acttgctttt aacaaacaga    124200
     agtgacagat gtgacttctg aaattaggcc attaaaaaca atgtagcttt ctccctgctc    124260
     tcgctctcaa atcacttgct ctgggggatg ctagcagcca tgccatgaag acactctaaa    124320
     aggagactta tgtgacagga aacacacctt ctgcctcagg cacacccagc acaccctgcc    124380
     aggcacatga gtgagctacc ttggaagagg atcctccagc cctgctcaca ctttcagaac    124440
     tgcagcccca gctgatatcg actggaacca cattagactc tgagccagag ccactcagct    124500
     atgccatttc cagattccta accacgcaaa ctgtgagaca atacaagttt attgttttca    124560
     accattaatc tttggagaaa aacagggcaa tagataatta acataagaac ctttaacata    124620
     gtcttcaagt cctagtaagt actcttcctg cctacaagac acccgctatg tgatttcttc    124680
     ctgcctctaa catacctctg aaacaagtgc aattccaaat cccttaaccc aagctagagc    124740
     atagaattca caggaccgct gcctttgtcc tcctccagct cagagactga tgtctatatc    124800
     atgaatgcgc taagaaaggg agaatcacga gtggaatcca gtatcagtag ctgggagcaa    124860
     aagacacttg cggtaagggt cctcgggttt ttcactgcaa gacttttacc tgtcaaaaaa    124920
     attaaaatgg aaaagaaaat ttaatcattt gaaacaaaca ttcattgagt accttcaatg    124980
     gcaagcatag taccagacag caggcataaa aatggtccct gcttagaaat tcacaggaat    125040
     gacaaatagg ttttgtaaca gaagctactg ctgtaccatt tatattccct tagaccaaga    125100
     tctggctaca gaatttgtga atccctgtgc aaaacaaaaa cgtggggtcc cttgttcaag    125160
     aatttcaaga ggacagcagc agaccagtaa accaactcca taggtatatg tccatgaagc    125220
     tagccctgcc tcaggcattc acctctgtgt gaaggctact aactgctctt tcagtaagct    125280
     tttttctggc tgatttggat gcttaatttg caccaaggga aagcttaata tccctgaaag    125340
     cagcactcaa ccaacggcaa aatggcagtt ggtagataaa tgctccagct tcttcccccc    125400
     ttgggtggta taactgagaa ctattctagt gttgagtttt ccagtgggat tgagatgcaa    125460
     gtgtccacag tgtaattggg agattcctta agattacctc taaaataaac tacttatact    125520
     cacattctta tctcacagtc tgcttcttgg taaacccaaa ccatgacatc tttcatcttt    125580
     caagccaact ctaacttgga atacagtaaa atgaaaaaaa tctaaagctg catctcattc    125640
     aacaggaatg aatgtaatat agtaacgctg gccctcacca tggcaaggaa agtggtggct    125700
     ctttaaatct gaatggtgaa agaccttgtg tttggacttt gagacaaaaa gctgttaatg    125760
     aaggctgtta agcagcagtt acagggtctt attttagagc tacttctttc cgtaatgtac    125820
     aagtggatca aagtgtggca aggctgaagg taggaaaacc aattaggaaa tgagaaactc    125880
     gcaactggta aataggacag gatatctacc tggatgacta cccacatcat tgaccaaaat    125940
     ggagaaagca cactaagttg tcaagaataa atcaatctgt gtcacataag tggccacaag    126000
     tactgggatc acctacccat tgagcccctg aatttaacta gcaaggagtg ggaaatgaag    126060
     aaggccaagg ggccgatgat gagcactggg aactgatggc tctttttgat actaagacca    126120
     aattaggaac acgaagcact aacaatgctg ccgcatccac cactgatttt caccacggag    126180
     tgcttagcaa aatcaaaaca agaacttgta tcctaaagat gatatcacat gggcctactg    126240
     aacactaatc ttacgacttt ttaggaattt agagatgatc actccatgag acactgaaat    126300
     ggtgtctagc ttggcaaggt agaagtctgt ttctctgaca tgtgatggcc ttgttgtagg    126360
     tagtcttgga ctaaaatgct gtcagcaaca tagacttcct cagtgttcct gctctggaac    126420
     tcccaaggca gtggttccca aagtctgctg cacactggaa tcacttgatt tttttaaaca    126480
     atgatgtctg gcttccaccc tgagacattc tcatttgatt ggtacacatg gtgtgacctg    126540
     ggaaccggga tttttaaaag ttccccagct aattctaatg tgcagcaaag tttggaggtg    126600
     actaccctaa ggaactgggc ccaccacagg gtctgacagg gcttaccgcc atacctgtac    126660
     tgcactccaa acagtgggac aaagcaaggg gcatgaacca gaagctgcac acaccatctc    126720
     tgctcaccct tactggccag tcacatggcc atacctggtt gcataagatg ctgaaaaatg    126780
     taacttgtat tcagccagcc atgtgcccag ctaaaatttt ttattcagga agaagaggaa    126840
     gacaggtact ggaagataac cagcaatctc tcccaccccc acgcttgtct ttttcaaaca    126900
     gaagcagccc aatctggcaa aagtaccgat ccttagatct ggagacaaaa ctcaacaacg    126960
     ggcttctctg acttttgtca gacatcttgc acatcacatg tagatagagc cagagactgt    127020
     aacgcatcat tgtcagcggg aagaagatac aagcttggag atatgcatca gaatgactac    127080
     ccatgcaaat tcttgaattt tcacctgagg gaggtgttgg aggaataaat tgttctacgg    127140
     gacaaaatca ggtgcaatat caaaattcca tgtacccact ctagttgact gaatacagtg    127200
     aagcatttcc agtacaacaa tataggaaaa cttcaaataa aggggtattc tctaaattcc    127260
     actaaataca tcatctttgg cctgaaacta tcttgttaag ctacttgttg agactcttca    127320
     ctctagatat gcttggtgct gcctttgcat tcaagtcctg ttttccagac gaaatacaga    127380
     cataatccaa ttgtaatttc atcaccatgc atcttggatg ctgcagttag cctaaatgaa    127440
     ataaaatata ctaatcatga gtgacagtga tttttttaat cgtaaaacgt attatcaagc    127500
     tatttataag taaatttcac attacaaata aggcattaac taaaccactg ctttacagaa    127560
     aatcacttaa tgacactcta gtattatata ctgtttacag attaaaaact taagtttaaa    127620
     aaggtaattt gtttgaagtc acatagctag taaactacta gttataactt aattaagagt    127680
     acattgaatt aagttataac tagtaaagga ctaaacttct agacttgaac ttctgatggt    127740
     ctgacttcaa aaatatctta tttttaaaat catagcacgg agcaccttgt atatcatgat    127800
     atagctatat tactttgcag ggtttttatg tctaagttat tttctcctcc tgttccactt    127860
     ccaccctccc attcactctc ttctctccta gtagacaaag tccttacctg tctgccagtc    127920
     cccaacccca tgcatgcaat tacctcatgg aaggacggaa gcggggcagg gaagagggga    127980
     cctcctagcc caccaccttc caacacacct ctgcagagcc caggcccttt caggcacccc    128040
     agtcacagcc acaccaagct tctagctact gctcagcaca cacttaccac ctggtttccc    128100
     tgtgcttctc atttgtaatt ttggatttta gtctagttca gacattcctt caattcacat    128160
     taagcatcca tttcctctct gatattcttg tctctggtcc cttttttgtc ttatccattt    128220
     ggacatctat tcctaagcaa aacattctaa attctatttt cattatctta ctccttagcc    128280
     cagatcacca gaagctccct actatcaaca caaattggaa aatctctggt gtgattatga    128340
     ggagaccatt cagtattttc tttgacacta ttaaacaaca ttgagtttgc ctaatgtcag    128400
     tactaaaggc caggttgtaa aatagtaaaa cctgcagtgg tctctaaggc aactagctgt    128460
     ttattatagt agttggggaa aggaagatat aaaaaatctt ctaaggaact ttattataga    128520
     tctgtttact taggtaaagc atatacagga agatgcggga atcataataa atgcttatga    128580
     agcaaaacta aatgcacctg tactgctaca tccagattca catacaaacg acaaagagct    128640
     tatatccaga ctgcatgtgt ctgtttttgc actgctataa agaaatacct gagactgggt    128700
     agttcagttt ataaagaaaa gaggtttaat tggctcacgg ttctgcagcc cgtacaggaa    128760
     gcacagtggc ttctgcttct gaggaggcct caggaaattt acaatcatgg ccgaaggtga    128820
     acagaaagca ggcacatctt aaatgacagg agtaggagca agagagagag tggggaggtg    128880
     ctatacattt aaacaaccag atctcacaag aactcactac cataagaaca gcatccaggg    128940
     ggaaatccac ccccaggact caatcacctc ccaccaggcc ccacttccaa cattggggat    129000
     tttcattcga catgagattt gggaagggac acaaatccat atcacagact gtataaagaa    129060
     cccctccagt ccaggcgtag tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc agggctctgg gaggccaagg    129120
     tgggaagagt gcttgaggcc aggagtttga gaccggcctg ggcaacacag taagactctg    129180
     tctctacaac agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggaattcc tccaggtacg ggggatgctg    129240
     aatatagagt caagggtgat tattccccag ctttgagatt taatgtctgc cctcttaggc    129300
     tttggacttg cttggggctt attaaccctt tcttttggcc tacttttccc ttttcaaatg    129360
     ggaatgtcta tcctatgccc gtcctgccgt tgtaccttag aagtagataa cttgttttga    129420
     tttcacagat ggaattttgg acttctgagt tgatgctgaa acaagttagg accttgggga    129480
     tatggggatt aagtatagtt gtatgtgaga agaacatggg tttgggggac cacaggcaga    129540
     atgcaatggt ttgaatgttt gtcccctcca aaactcatgt tgaaacttaa ccttcaatgt    129600
     ggcagtattg acaggtgggg cctttaagag atgttcatgg attaatgggt tatcatggga    129660
     gttagactag tggctttata agaggaaaag aggcttcagc tagcatgctc tgctcctttg    129720
     ccatgtgatg ccccatacca cctcaggatt ctgcagagtt cccatgagta aggaggctct    129780
     gaccagatgc atccccttga ccttggactt cccagcctct ggaactgtca gaaatgaatg    129840
     ttattttttt tctaaaaaat aaacaaaaaa ctccttcata agaaaaagat tgatgactca    129900
     atggaaaaat gtgagcagaa cagatgtttc agaatagaga ataccaaatg gcctataaac    129960
     ataggacaat atatactatc tgatttgtaa tcatggaaaa tactcagtaa aaatggccaa    130020
     aattcaaaag tctgaaaata ccaagtactg agagaatgtg aagcaatagg gactctgcac    130080
     tgcttggtgg agctgctgtg agctgatact agggagaatg aatggatctg ggaacagaga    130140
     ttaacatgta aatagttctc tttgacactg aaagggtctg ttcaggtgcg agtacactct    130200
     gggtctaaca agggagggca agaaaaaaca acagttctct ttggtgggtg tagatcttag    130260
     gcagataaag aaacttcaac ttatttgaga gaggaggtag gggatgggga ggtcacagag    130320
     aactctgggt ttcttcagtt tactatgcca cagcaccata ttttcgggta tgagttctga    130380
     gccccacaat ggccataagc acttaaccac agacctagtg acgtatgtgt aaaatataca    130440
     ctagattcca aagacttagt atacaaaaga acataaaata tcttatttgt aattgtttaa    130500
     aactgattac atgttaaaat gataatattt taaatataat gggttaggtt ggtaaaataa    130560
     aatatattat taaagttaat tttaactgtt tctctttacc ttttttaatg cagctataat    130620
     tagaaaacca caaatcatat aagcggcttg cattatattt ccttttttga gacagagtct    130680
     tgatgtcacc cagtttggag tacagtcgcg cgatctgggc ttactgcaac ctctgcctcc    130740
     cgggttcaag cgattctcct gcctcagcct cccaagtagc tggaatgaat tacaggcatg    130800
     agccaccagg cctggctaat ttttttgtat ttttagtaga gatgaggttt tgccatgttg    130860
     gctaggctgg tctcaaaccc ctgacctcaa gtgattaacc tgccttggcc tcccaaagta    130920
     ctggcattac agacgtgagc caccgcacct ggctcgcttc cattatattt ctattggaca    130980
     gcactgctct ggagaaaaat taagattctc cttttacagg atatttttaa aaaatattta    131040
     aatgtaagga ataaaaaata ttgtaagaaa ccgaagaaag caaattagaa tctggaggtc    131100
     aggatggatt tcttaatgag gacaggtagg ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg tttgcatgca    131160
     tggacacacg gatagggcaa gcacacatac atgtgtgcat atgtatgaga ctgataaaca    131220
     atccaatagg aaaaatgggc aaaggataga attgaaaatg cacagaaaat ctgaatggca    131280
     aacagtaaca taatcaaaat tactaaagga agagaaaatt aaaagtaact aagacttctc    131340
     tttattggct gggaaaaaaa taaaaacata aataatatgt atctttgctg ggcaagtggg    131400
     aagggagcag gatcatacat tgttgtaagg aaatgtaaag gttaacagcc tactgagaaa    131460
     gcaatatggc aacatccatc aaattagaaa catgccatat ccttcgaccc agaaaccttt    131520
     ctcacaaaaa tctaccagca catgacatgt gttcagaaag ttattattgt aatactgtgt    131580
     agcagaaaaa aagaggaaac taagtatcaa taggaaatga agtaaatgcc tatctactga    131640
     caaaaggtta aaaacattac ctgcaaaaca agacctgtta tggaattatt aaggattata    131700
     aataaaaata tcagcaaatt tttaaaaata tgaaaatatc aggaatggca ccactgtagg    131760
     aaaacagact acagtagttc cctcttattc ttgggagata tgttccaaga tccccggtgg    131820
     atgtctgaaa ccactgatag tactgaaccc gattgctgtt aataggaagt tttttttggt    131880
     gatgtttccc acccacaatt ttaatgactt ttctatctta accaagtgct taacatgcac    131940
     tgtggctgca acttttccat tttgaagtgt gacagtaaaa ctagcaaaaa tttctttttc    132000
     ctcctttata atttcaggga tagaagattt gttctgacca tggatcttag caaactcagc    132060
     atttaaaaaa tttccttaag tcaagaactt ttaccttttc acttaaaaga agcactttat    132120
     ggcttctctt ttgtatatcc aagttgccat cattagtact cctgcacttt ggggccactg    132180
     tcatgtaaaa taagggttcc atgaatataa gcactgtgat acttaggcag taaaattgat    132240
     aagaaggcta ttaagtgact aataggcagg ctgcatatac actgtggata ctgggcaaag    132300
     ggatgatgca aatcctgggg agggatggag tggtatggca tgagatttca tcatgttcat    132360
     cagaatggtg cagcgcccaa tttaaaacag gaattgttta ggtgccaatt taaaacttag    132420
     gaattatttc tgatattttc cacttaaaat attcagactg tggttgccaa gagtaatgaa    132480
     accttgagaa atgaaaccga ggataagggg aggactactg tatttcatga tatgctggtg    132540
     tggataaaaa taggtgcaac cttactgaag ttgaccatga ggttgatcac ctgttgacca    132600
     ctgaataggc cccacagaca aaagctcctg atctgaggaa tttcgaaggg aacaaagacc    132660
     acctggtgac caccaaacgg gccagacaga ggcgaaactc cttttctggg aattcagaag    132720
     taattaaact ttcctagtat ctaaagtctg gttccaggcc tctttcaact tttacaagta    132780
     actaaaattt atatacatct ctgaaatgcc atgccgaaac tctttttact atcctaagct    132840
     cctgccttaa ggtccataaa tacctctaaa gaaaaatcca tggcagcaca cttagtcctc    132900
     ttgctgaggc gccccactgc actcttctgc agtgttctgt taccgcctaa ggggttcacc    132960
     ttgcccatgc ctagacagag tcaattcatc gagacagggg aattgtgata gagaaagagt    133020
     acttcacgca gaaccagctg tgtgggagat cagtctcccc gagcacgggg gagcagagtt    133080
     ttaaaagata acttcgtggg tggggggaag ccagtgagcc agaagtgctg attggtcagg    133140
     gatgaaactg tagggaatca aaaccgtctt cctgcactga gtcagttcct gggtgggggc    133200
     cacataatca gatgagccac tttgggcagc caaagtgagt ggatcaccgg aggtcgggaa    133260
     ttggaaacca gcctggccaa cattgtgaaa ccctgtctct actaaaaaac aaaaaaaaaa    133320
     aaacaaacag aaaaagccag gcgtgatggc aggtgcctgt aatcccagct actcgagagg    133380
     ctgagacagg agaatcactt gaatccggga ggcggaggtt gcagtgagcc gagatcgtgc    133440
     catttgcact ccagcctggg cgacaagagc aagactccgt ctccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    133500
     aaaaaaaaga gccagtttat tgatgtgggt agtgccagct gacccatcaa gtacggggtc    133560
     tgcaaaatac ctcaagcact gatcacagga gcagtttagg gagggtcaga atcttgcagc    133620
     ctccagctgc atgactacta aaccaaaaat tctaatcctg tggctaatgt tagtctagtc    133680
     ctcagacaag aaggaagtct gctttgggaa agggctgtta ccctctttgt ttataaacta    133740
     agtttctccc aaagttagtt cagcctacgc ccaggaatga acaagaacag cttggagctt    133800
     agaagcaaga tggagtcggt tacgttagat ttctttcact gtctcagtca tcattttgca    133860
     aaggctgttt cagttcttcc tttctaataa actttccttt tttcaaacct atactgtttg    133920
     taggtatggt aaattcattt taccaacctg cgagttgacc acttcccggt gccagggctc    133980
     tgacaccttg ccaggcactt acggaaagat aattgtaaaa atctaataga attttaaatt    134040
     tccatgcctt cgaacccagc agccaaactt ccagaaattt atcctactaa tataatggca    134100
     cgacgatcta aagagatatg tacaaggatg ttctcgacag cctttattta ataagatgtg    134160
     gaaagaacct taaatgtcta ctcaaaattg ttgaataaat cacatgtcta caaaatgaat    134220
     aatgcagact ttaaaaagag tgaggtagct ctatgtcacc aaactggaac aataaaagcc    134280
     actataaagt ataaaaagca agctgaagac tgtctctatg tttgaaattt ttcataataa    134340
     aaaatgaaaa aaatggaggg ggattagata tattgccttt tcatgagtaa gaatctcaca    134400
     agtcttggac aattaaaccc cgccttcatc cctcccatct catcatatct gacctcaacc    134460
     agtttcctac ctacactgct tatatgccca tttgctctat atgactcagt catttcaaga    134520
     ttgcttctgt tttcccttat tgatataaaa atattaaaaa tgtatattta aaatttgttt    134580
     aattacatcc cattattaca gttcattttt gcatattcct gtgttgaaaa tcctttggta    134640
     taaatcaaca tcaaaactcg gtgttattcc acttttcttg aactgtaatc ctttttaaac    134700
     aaggaatata ccttttcttg tttagagaat atacgtacat tcataaatct tggcaacttt    134760
     caaaggccat aacaaatttg tgttaagaat tcagatcccc tttattattg tggtaaacag    134820
     acagatgaaa ttaagagatt atagcttgtt ttcactctct cccaattact atcgcttgaa    134880
     aaataccgga tatttcatta ttatcctgtc cggagtcggc aaactacggt ctactatctg    134940
     tcttcgtata cgtcaaaagc taagaatggt ttttacattt ttaaatgact ggggagggag    135000
     ggccagaatc caaggggagt atttaatgac acttgaaaat gttattaaat tcaaatttta    135060
     gcatccataa taaagtttca ttggaacaca gccatgctca tttagctttt gtttgttttt    135120
     ggagacagag tctcgctctg tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgagatc tcggctcact    135180
     gcaacctctg cctcctgctt tcaagccatt ctcctgcctc cgccttccag gtagctggga    135240
     ttacaggtgc gcgccacacg cgccacacgc ccggctaatt tttgtctcta ctaaaaagta    135300
     gagacagggt ttcgctatgt tggccaggct ggtctcaaac tcctgacctc aggtgatcca    135360
     cccgcctcgg cctcccaaag tgataggatt acaggcgtga gccaccgcgc ccagccttca    135420
     tttagtactg tctaatgatg ttttcatact gcaaggagaa agctgagtat ggaccacaag    135480
     gccaaaaaga tgtcctctct ggctctctac agcaaagatt tgccaagccc tgttatatgt    135540
     catactactt gcgcttcata attttatagt tttacctaga cagtctccct tttttccttc    135600
     catattcagc ataaaatccc cttaatatca gtctctaggc aagcacattc ttcacagtcc    135660
     ttagaactgg acctcctctt gttaatttcc ttagtctaat cacattcctc ctggttatct    135720
     acaaacagaa agccagaaag gagggctatc aacatcttaa gcgccacaaa ttaacaaatc    135780
     aaaaccaaat ctctctctcc ctccgaagcc acggctaagg aggctcactg cccagttagt    135840
     ggctttcaaa ctacccttac aagtgagaca tcttgtgaat tagaacaagt gctgctgcta    135900
     aaatccctaa cggctacata gcaatgtgaa aaaaggtatc aaatgtaatt ttctcaaatt    135960
     taatcttctt caattcttgg cacaaaaaaa ggaacagtaa aggtagacaa ctgtaattag    136020
     catgtgtgat cccaaatctt tataccttag atactggatt atattttcag caagtaaata    136080
     gtttctggct cccaagatga gaggttaaat aatgcagggt gtttgtaaac agcagcacaa    136140
     tttacaccgg aaattagggc cctttctcac cgaggagagt acagcaaaat ctgctcatct    136200
     ctttcaatga atattctcca tgactagtgc tggcggcggg gaggcggagc aagctatctt    136260
     ttctaccagc cgtgtcacac ccctcctagc actaacccct cctcctcagc cttttcacac    136320
     ctctacccac tactagcccc tccccagccc catcacctct tcccgggccc ctcacacctc    136380
     tcccagcata ctcttcccca gcctcatcac ctcacccact tcctccaaaa tcactgacct    136440
     gctaagcttc cagcagcagg cgggcaaagc agggaggctg taatgcaaaa gtccgcagtc    136500
     cctacacaaa cactatctgc tcctgcggag aaactcaagt cacagcccca gaagtggaaa    136560
     gaacaggcct tggctctcac ccagttaaca agcgtttatc cagcgcacgt gttgcggtcg    136620
     gaccccatgc gaaggagcta aggacacaaa ggtgagcagc agagacgcgg ttccagctct    136680
     cccccggctc ccactccagc gggataggta gataatttcg gtaaatttcg ccaagcaggg    136740
     gcaggacaaa gagtatttga agtctaccgc ggggagaact tacctaatcc ttgaatgtta    136800
     aaaggctaaa aactccacta gtcggaagtg acgtgccagc ttagccccgc aggtccgcca    136860
     cgtaattggc cgccgccaca gctagccacc ctctccccag actggcccga agagaggaaa    136920
     agtgtggaag tccacaagcc gcccccgccc cgccctcttc gtcgactttc agctgcaccg    136980
     ggaggcggcg gcgcctggcc agagccgggg cctggagcct ggactagaca gcctcgccgg    137040
     ccggggcgcc agtccagcgc cctgcgggca atgggcttca gcgctcgagc acgcgcatgc    137100
     gcgggcctgt atctccagag gattcctcgg gtcacctgga cgccagcatc tcagccacct    137160
     gcccctctgg gtcccttctt gcccttgatt ccccctgctg cttctcatcg ccagccctcc    137220
     tcctccttct tccgcaggca ccgctagacc cggccgcggc cgcccgccga caccccagct    137280
     tccactgaca cgagcctcgg cgcggcttcc gcttccggcg agtattgtgt gtcgcgccgc    137340
     ggggcggggg cgaggggagg aggaaggagg gaggcagcgc tccggcggct ccgcgccccg    137400
     cactcccgga cccgaagccg ggaaggtagg tgctgtcccg ccgccgcgcc cgagcctggg    137460
     gcctgcgctc gccggccggc tccgcaagcc gcgtcccagc gccccgcgac tgcgtcaccg    137520
     gccccccgca cgtaaccaca gctgcctccg cccgcctcgg gcccgggcgg acgttttgcc    137580
     gccccggcga cgtcagcgcg tccggcgttg cttggctacc ccgccgttcc cccgtcccgc    137640
     tgctgctcac ctccccgggt gaaactctga cgcagtcacc gcgggtctcg gcagcgtcat    137700
     agcggcgggc atcccatctg cacgtcacac ctctttctca cctggacacg catcccttcc    137760
     taccctgcca gccacgacgt ttcctctttc ccctctccaa tgccccagcc ccagatctgg    137820
     cggaagaaga tggagaacgg gggtgggaca gagttgtgga caacctctca ggagagggtc    137880
     gcaaggtggg accctgaaca gtggtagaaa caaaatgaga ttgtccctga agtttgccct    137940
     tcagctgaga cacaaggagt agaggaagag gaaggactaa cgcagaggca ctcaaggtct    138000
     cactatgact gtagttgaga gtcctctccc ttcttcccta accctttccc catttctctc    138060
     accacttctt tgccagtcta gatccgtcct ggtgccttac tgtgcataca gttctactcg    138120
     tctcaggtga ggaggccact taatttgtaa aagactgagg aaggggtagg atcaccacaa    138180
     gtcaaagttg gattcccaca gatagaaatc atctgactga acttctctcc tattgctgac    138240
     agaagaaatt caaatccaaa gaagttatca gttcctactc caaatcaaac acatttgtgt    138300
     gtgccaacaa tatatacagg aacaattgtt gttaacctac ctcattacat ggccacttat    138360
     ctctcagcac atagatctac caaatttcct tccttccagt aggtccctgg agaaggatgg    138420
     gggtcgggag gagaaaaggt tatggggata gttaaatcaa cttacccatg gctaaaagta    138480
     tggatgtttt aaggatggag tagggggcca gccttgtgtt ttataaatct ctcctatgca    138540
     tttccaattc ttctgaggct gcgcttgagg gagatctcat tgcctctttt gtgtctctta    138600
     attcgcaacc actccaggac ctataagttg gagacacact atgcccaggg tgttagttat    138660
     caatagctat attgaaagat tccagtcact acaaatagac tcgttgctct cttttcaaga    138720
     agttgttggc ctgagctcag caatatttaa tatggttgcc ataatttatc agttttcagc    138780
     agttctgagt gtccagatga acacaagaga aatggaatgt tgcgtgaaat gtcattccaa    138840
     gaagagagca gatttccttt aggctagtct gatggataaa aggaagaata atttcagatt    138900
     ttcctaaaaa gaggaggttg cctttgcctc attcattcca tttgttagcc tttagagcag    138960
     tggtatctaa ccctttcaat atgaggactc tctttgctta tctgtggtgg ctgataaaaa    139020
     ttatgcatgg accttctgtg gtggtgatag aacaaaagtt atgcatggac tttttttttt    139080
     ttaagcttat cagctgtcat tagtgtcaat gtattttatg tctggcccaa gacacttctt    139140
     ccagtgggcc cagggaagcc aaaaggttgg atattgtgat ttagaagaat gagagaacag    139200
     tgtcagagaa tcaagcttag actccagtgg attaatcata aagctcttat aacattaaac    139260
     tttaaaatat ggttaattta agaaatgtta atatttttat gacatttttt acttctcaga    139320
     ttcctttctt gtctgttaga aacgtatgtc aaacgaggat acagtgtctg gaactattgg    139380
     ttctaagata taagtggaat gagcctggat caggagaagt atgctgagct agagttgaag    139440
     gaagcttctc tttctaacaa gagaaagcag aggtaagaga caagatagat caattggggg    139500
     ttgtgtgtca gtttactaac aagaaaaaaa aggttgatgg ctgggagtca caagttttga    139560
     aaatggagaa acaaagaggt tgaattgatt ggaagagaag atggagaata acaagaaggg    139620
     gcaaatctgg agttaggact taacataggg ataaatgtcg ggtcagggat gcaaaaaaaa    139680
     aaaaaagaaa aaacctccaa ttaatatttt tattttctct gtcctcttcc ccactcccaa    139740
     gttaaattat ggcagagaca agtctgttag aggctggggc ctctgcagcc tctacagctg    139800
     cggctttgga gaacttacag gtggaggcga gctgctctgt gtgcctggag tatctgaagg    139860
     aacctgtcat cattgagtgt gggcacaact tctgcaaagc ttgcatcacc cgctggtggg    139920
     aggacctaga gagggacttc ccttgtcctg tctgtcgaaa gacatcccgc taccgcagtc    139980
     tccgacctaa tcggcaacta ggcagtatgg tggaaattgc caagcagctc caggccgtca    140040
     agcggaagat ccgggatgag agcctctgcc cccaacacca tgaggccctc agccttttct    140100
     gttatgagga ccaggaggct gtatgcttga tatgtgcaat ttcccacacc caccgggccc    140160
     acaccgttgt gccactggac gatgctacac aggagtacaa ggtggggaag cagacacacg    140220
     atgtcagtgt gggtaaaaag ggagaagcgg cagaggatga gatactccct aggtagagat    140280
     cgtaagctcc tactactcac tttgtattct cagagctgca tatgcagggg cacacagtat    140340
     gtgtgatcag ttgtcctcta gcctgaaaaa gagcaatggt gagaagtgcc ctaaaatttc    140400
     tctctgactt ttgcaataca tgtgagtctt atgggtgaat attggtatgt gtggtcatat    140460
     ttttcataaa tgaatgaaac cacatggaaa agattaaact taggaagaac tgaaaagtag    140520
     tctggtttct tcattctgcc tgcctgctca gaatgctcct tgttttcaca ctggttattg    140580
     ggcataggta atatcgcttg agactgatac ctaccggact aagctgaacc attcaattgt    140640
     ttgcagcttc tctaggtaat gggtaacatg gcatatcatt taacttactg ctgagacaaa    140700
     ggaaaatgtt tgaataaagg gaacagagat atgaatgtgt tagcatttta tcatatactt    140760
     tgcttagtta tgttactctt gaaaacaaga tttcaggtaa cttacagtat aataaccatg    140820
     tttttattgt aggtggacag aggtggatgg gaggacaggt ttaaagagag atattagggt    140880
     acagaaggtt gcttggatgg taataggcag ttgcctcagt aagaaaatgg aaagagttga    140940
     gaaaggacac agagttgatg acagctatct cagattcagt aaaaggacag ttgggtgagc    141000
     agagaaggtg atgtggacag gctagtggca ggaggaggga ctgtagaaag ttgacatccc    141060
     aaatgacagg caaggaagga agtcagatca agaggcagta agatggctag gaagcaaata    141120
     aatggtttaa aacaaatggt ttaatctctg aatggtaggt ataccagtca accccaaatg    141180
     tcacctctcc cacttcctcc ctacccctca ggaaaaactg cagaagtgtc tggagcccct    141240
     ggaacagaag ctgcaggaga tcactcgctg caagtcctct gaggagaaga agcctggtga    141300
     gctcaaggta aaggcaggca atcccatgta ggctgctctg aagggtattt gcctatgagg    141360
     gaattaactg tacactattt aatccaccag ttccggttca ttagaaaaat gcagttctcg    141420
     ccggacatgg tggctcacac ctgtaatccc agcaattctg gaggccaagg tgggcagatt    141480
     gcttgagctc aggagtttga gaccaccctg ggcaacatgg tgaaaccctg tctttactaa    141540
     aaacaaaaaa ttagccgggc atggtggcac atgcctgtag tcccagcgac ttgggcggct    141600
     gaggcaggag aattgcttga acctgggagg cggaggttgc agtgagccaa gatcacacca    141660
     ttgtactcca gcctgggcaa cagagcaagg ctctgtctca aacaaacaaa aaaaacaaaa    141720
     aaaaaaaaag aaagaacaat gtagttctct caaaaatgat ggcattttat taggcttgat    141780
     tgtcattaaa cattgtactt aaattacttg tcatgaatta agtattaaga gggatttaag    141840
     agatgaagaa cagacagaat atcttacatc tggtgagctg agagagttcg tgcctcttgg    141900
     gctccttttt ttgttaaagc agcaaaggag gctttctgct gagaaggcag ggatgggagt    141960
     ttcttagagg acttgaagag aggagaatat ggaagattca ctggggagaa agggaaaagg    142020
     agctgaccaa gagtctcaga agaactatct aatgacatta ggaccacatt cttaaaactc    142080
     aagtaagctt acatatgcta gaatgttctc cccctcccca tcctccacca taggatctta    142140
     ttcatctctc aggcgggatg aaagccactt cctatgcagc ctttcctgac ccttcagaaa    142200
     ttaacattct taattttcat acaattttgc acctctttta tagcattgcc ttatttgtag    142260
     catggtattt tggtgtctgt ctgtcttcca ttgaacagtg aacaattatc atttgtagca    142320
     aaaataacta gaattgagtc ctatgcatta attcattagg tatccgtaac attccagatt    142380
     tatagggttg ttagggtctt agagttcagg ccaaattggg ataagtgaga catagaaaag    142440
     ctacgagaaa gagacagaag gaaatcctga ggccatcttt agtaagatgt aggggtaaac    142500
     ctagatattc tttaaggtag gtattattac cttcagctta cacagaagga aatggacctt    142560
     gggtaagtga ctagtccaag atcataaagc cagtaagtgg caaaaccagg aatactagtt    142620
     cttcgtgaat cagtaaatat ttgttaagct cctggtttag gccaaacccg gtatttgaca    142680
     ctggggaaca atgatgagca aaaacacagt tcctgccctc cttgagctta aagttaagtg    142740
     gagaaaataa gtaatggcac aaaatgcaca gctgcaagtt cataagaaga caacatagaa    142800
     atttggcctc attaaaggtt tcccgaagaa gtaatgagtt tttaagagtt gacatgtaga    142860
     gatcaccaga agctaaatcc aagttttgat tcatagaaac atgaattttt aaatgaatga    142920
     taacatttca tcagaaagca agtattatta ccttagtgcc ttatacattt tagcaaagta    142980
     agcatttgaa attttaaaat ttgaaccaat tttggttaga aatgtgaact tttaaagttt    143040
     tttgttcttt tagaggcctt ccaagaaacc taaaaatatg aaaatggtgc ttattgctag    143100
     tcattaactt tcttcttcat gttgatcacc ttcttgaagg taaaggatgg agagagaaat    143160
     ataccttttt aaaaccttct aaatgcttga acagaactgt cctgtttttt aaactgtaaa    143220
     ttgtcatttc agtggtctcc aaaactacca ccaacattcc tcttgtgacc atttgaattc    143280
     tccctccttc tccctcatca gactcaatgc ccctttaaaa aataatttgt aattatgctg    143340
     aactgaaaat tacaggtaat ataacctatg tgcataatgt taaattttaa agagtctatc    143400
     atgtccaaat ataatataat gaaacataat tgatgataaa atgtggtatg taatatttgg    143460
     gcatgactac cctgaacgac tttacagtgt agctggttat atgcttgccc ctatatgtgt    143520
     cattatcagc aacgccataa atacaaattc agactgagat ggatgtgtgc caatatgatt    143580
     gaaataccat aagtagctta gctcttggtg atatgatttt tcatagtaat aacttttggt    143640
     aaagttctaa gtataacaat ataatcttgg gttttattca gctattgctg aaaaattcac    143700
     gtatagtaaa accatgtaag aattactctg tgtttatact atataaaatg gcattcaagc    143760
     ccaggcctat gtttttgttt ttgtggtttt tttttttttt tttttttgag acggcgtctc    143820
     gctctgtcat ccaggctgga gtgcagtggt gccatctcgg ctcactgcaa gctctgcctc    143880
     ccgggttcat gccattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccaagtac ctgggactac aggcgcccac    143940
     caccacaccc agctgatttt ttttttctat ttttagtaga gacagggttt caccgtgtta    144000
     tccaggatgg tctcgatctc ctgaccttgt gatctgccca cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct    144060
     gggattacag gcgtgagcca ccgtgcctgg ccgcccaggc ctgtgttttt gaatatccag    144120
     cagaacatta gaaaatgttg caggtcagtt cactatgccg gattgtctca cacattggag    144180
     gagtgcttgc gtcattgtca ggaacttccc caaccatgga aaacaagaag atgtgcctat    144240
     ttccaaaata tcctcagagt gtgttaacag cttcatcaag aaccactgcc ctaaaatata    144300
     gagtgaaaaa aagagaaaag attaccggtt tataagagga agggcctttt tgcttcctat    144360
     ttatcacagt catgaatgtt aaacttacac ccatacctaa acaaacacac atgcatgcac    144420
     acacatgtgc aaacacacac acacaaaggc tgtgttttat tgagggcaaa tgtgagaata    144480
     tattttgttc agatgtacac tgagaaggca gtggtggaaa gtgaagcagc aagtggccct    144540
     aaactagaag agctagtcag cctctgccag gaactagctt gaatccacaa atgccacgct    144600
     tgtcaggccc atcctggctt tgcatcccca ctctctctcc accctcaagc ctgcctttca    144660
     ttccctatcc acttccttct agagtcccag tctctgcttc tcactttgct tcatcatcag    144720
     tcacatgatg cttggggaat tctttcttta gggagatcac tatttgttgt agtggagatg    144780
     cagaagagag gatgtgctga taattctcag aaagtgttat ggctggtgtt tgagtcctat    144840
     attatcaaat ttcaggaatg ttagaggctt aagtctgtgt gctggcttaa agaaagcatg    144900
     tttcaaattt caagaaacta aattactaac aaacttctgt aacctgttcc tggggtagga    144960
     attgccagtt ctctgaagtg acttgaaaca atttaacaag ttcagccctg aaatctacat    145020
     atgtatattt tataataacc catataactc ttactgattc ttacactttc ccagttctct    145080
     ggtttttatc tggtgcatgt gttgcaatat gcaaaggatg acaatcttat ttttaacttt    145140
     ttattatttg tactttcctt tttgtttcgt tgttttttgt ttgcttgttt tgagacagaa    145200
     tctcactcac ccaggctgga gggcagtagt gatcacagca cactaactca aactccagtg    145260
     ttcaggccat ccatcctctt gattcttttt gagtagctag gactgcagat gtgcattgcc    145320
     atgcccgact aatttttttt tctttttagt tgaaacaagg tctcactatg tttcctaggt    145380
     tggtcttggc ctcaagtgat cctctcacct gggcctccta agcactaagt ttacaggcat    145440
     gagccaccat gctgagccta tactttcctt ttctcgacag attgaattaa ctagaacttt    145500
     acagttgata ataacacaga tatctctgat atctgtaata gttaatgtca tcatattatt    145560
     gagttcttta tcttaaatta aaacaaatat atatatccgc agtggtcttc actaccaagt    145620
     catcagtagg ggggtgatag tgatggagcc attctttaca gaaggaaatt ccaatggaat    145680
     aaaaaatgag tgttctgtta aaccattttc tctcattttc tttctttctt ttctttctgt    145740
     ctttgtcttt ctgtctttct ttcctgtctg tctgtctttc atctcgatct gttgcccaag    145800
     ctggagtgca atggtgcaac aatttcagct tactccaacc tctgccttct ttgctcaagc    145860
     catcatccca cctcagcctc tccagtagct gggactacag gcatgcacca ccagactcag    145920
     ctaatttttt gtattttttg tagagttggg gtttcaccat gttacctagg ctggtctcaa    145980
     acttctcatc ccaagcaatc cacctccctc ggcctcccaa agtcctggga ttacagtcat    146040
     gtgtcaccac acccagcctt tgttaaacca ttttcaatga aactggaagt ctgtgttaat    146100
     tcatacatat ggtgggtgag agaaaggctt ccttatacca cactgaccct gctgatacaa    146160
     catcttccct ctcttctcag agactagtgg aaagtcgccg acagcagatc ttgagggagt    146220
     ttgaagagct tcataggcgg ctggatgaag agcagcaggt gttgctttca cgactggaag    146280
     aagaggaaca ggacattctg cagcgactcc gagaaaatgc tgctcacctt ggggacaagc    146340
     gccgggacct ggcccacttg gctgccgagg tggagggcaa gtgcttacag tcaggcttcg    146400
     agatgcttaa ggttcgacct ttgcccctgc atagcccctc aggctgagtg cagcgtagct    146460
     ttgcgtagcc tgggatttgt cagcctggga tactcattct tctgctctcc ttctctaaat    146520
     ccagttcttt ctgccaggtg tactcaaagg gtctttgcta cggaaaagtg atttctccca    146580
     tccccttcta accatttttg tgttcttatc tctggtcagc aattatgtgc ttaatctgtt    146640
     ccaaagaaaa gattcattct tttgaaagga gggaagtcta gcctgagtta gtgaaaaact    146700
     atgcattaaa aattttgtaa atgcagttac cattactttt aagtcctgaa atttgattta    146760
     tgtactgctg aaaaaggaca gaaacatagt ttaaaggata caggcatacc tcagagatat    146820
     tgtgggttca gttccatacc acttcaataa agcgagtatc ttgataaagc aagtcacatt    146880
     aattgttggg tttcctagtg gaatcatatt tttgctggtg gagggtcttg tgttagtatt    146940
     gactgatcga ggtggtggtt gctgaagatt ggggtgactg tggtaatttc ttaaaataag    147000
     acaacgacga agtttacttt caactcttcc ttttatgaaa gatatctctg agcatgtgat    147060
     gctgtttaat agcattttac tcaccagtag aacttctttg aaaatctttg aaaacccaca    147120
     tttgcagtta cttacaacat gggagtcttg aacccctaaa agtcatccat aagggttgga    147180
     atagacttct tctaaatgcc tgttaatatt gatattttgg cttcctttca caaatcacaa    147240
     atgttcttaa tggcatctag aatggtgaat ccttaccaga aagccttcaa tttactttgc    147300
     ctagatctat cagaaaaatc actatttata gcagctttat gaaatacatt tattaagact    147360
     tgaaagtcca aattacttct tgatccatgg gctgccgatt ggatgttgtg ttagcggacg    147420
     tgaaaacaac atgaatctca ttttacatct ctatcagaac ttttgggtga tcaagtgcat    147480
     tgtcagtgag cagtaatatt ttgaaaggaa tctttttttc tgagcagtag gtctcaactt    147540
     aaaattttca gtaaagggtt gggcacggtg gcttacacct gtaatcctat cactttggga    147600
     ggccaaggca ggtggatcac ctgaggtcag gagtttgaga ccagcctggc caacatggtg    147660
     aagcccaatc tctactaaaa atacaaaaaa attagctggg catggtggtg ggcgcctgta    147720
     atcccagcta ctcgggaggc tgagggagga gaatcgcttg aacccgagag gcagaggttg    147780
     cagtgagcca agatcatgca gttgcactcc tgcctgggtg acaagagtga aactccatcc    147840
     ccccaaaaaa aacttcagta aaggctaggc acgttggctc acatctgtaa tcccagcact    147900
     ctgagagatc aagccaggag gactgcttaa ggccaggaat tcaagaccag tctgggcaat    147960
     atagcaggac cccatctcta caaaaggtaa ttttttttaa ttaaaaacat tcagtatacc    148020
     atgctgtata caggtgtact gtcatgtagg ctttgttatt ccatttctag agcacaagga    148080
     aagtagattt agcataattc ttaagagccc taggattttt gaaatggtaa gtgagcactg    148140
     gtttcaactt aaagtcacca gctgcccttg cttctaataa gaaagtcatc ctgtcctttg    148200
     aagctttaaa gccaggcatt gacttctctc gaactgtgaa agccctggat agcaccttct    148260
     tcaatagaag gctgtttgtt gacattgaaa atgtgttgtt tagtgtagcc accttcatca    148320
     gtaatcttgg caagatcttc tggataactt gctgcaactt ctgcatcagc acttgctgct    148380
     tctccttgca catttttgtt acagagatgg cttcttttct taaaacaacc tacctaactt    148440
     taaacttttc ttctgcagct tccttacctc tctcagcttt catagaactg aaggagttaa    148500
     cagccttgct ctggattggg ctttggctta agggaatcat gtgatcttat atccagatca    148560
     ctaaaatttt ctccatctca gcaataaagc tgtttcactt tcttatcatt catgtgttca    148620
     ctggagtagc acttttaatt ttcttcaata acttccttag cattcacagc ctggcttggt    148680
     gtttggcaca agaggcctag ctttcagccc atcttggctt tcaatgtgcc tttctcacta    148740
     agcttaaaca tttttaggtt ttgatttaaa gtgagagaca tgtgattctt ctttcacatg    148800
     aacacttaga ggccattgca ggattattaa ttgatataat tttaatatcg ttgtgtctcg    148860
     gaatagggag gccagaggag atggagaaag atgagggaat agctggtagt ggatcagtta    148920
     gaacacataa aatatattta tcgattaagt tgttcgtctt atgtggatgc agttcacagt    148980
     gcccccataa cgattacaat agtaacatca aagatcactg atcacagatc atactagata    149040
     taataatgaa aaagtgtgaa atattgtgag aattaccaaa atgtgacaca gagacatgaa    149100
     gtgaacacat gctgttggaa aacatggtgc cagtagactt gctcaacaca ggttgccaca    149160
     aaccatctat ctgaaaaaca tacaatgtca acaaaacaca ataaagcgaa gtgcaataaa    149220
     atgaggtatg cctgaaattg tttaaataat atattgcttt tgatatgtat atattaataa    149280
     tacctctaaa gtgtttgaaa tattttgttc tcttacgtaa atgaatggtg ttagcaaaac    149340
     tagggaacat attttttatc ttagagatta gattaccagc atttgaagca gtgaggcttc    149400
     attgtacatt tatttttatg ttacgtattg cttggtattt gttcctatgg cctttcatgt    149460
     atgtgtgttc tgccttccat attaaactgg gaaatccttg tgggacagag atttgtcttc    149520
     tttgtcttct ggaccccaag tattcacaaa tcagtattag cacacagtta ttaatgtgtt    149580
     tattcttcct tttttttttt tctgagagag tcttgctctg tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag    149640
     tgcatgatct cggctcactg caacctttgc ctcctgtgtt caagcgattc tcctgcctca    149700
     gcctcctgag tagctggggt tacaggcgca caccaccaca cctggctaat ttttgtattt    149760
     ttagtaaaga cagggtttca ccatgttggc taggctggtc ttgaactcct gacctcaagt    149820
     gatccacccg tcttggcctc ccaaagcgct cagattacag gcgtgagcta ctgtgcccag    149880
     ccagttattg atgtttatta actaatgcaa gacaggggat accaaaccgt aacaggaatg    149940
     tgtgatttgt tcctatgcca ccagtctgga actctctgta cttatcctca aggagagtca    150000
     gatatgtggt tggtacttgg gggacagagt aaagaattga tacaatccct gtcccttata    150060
     gggagctccc agcatccttg aggagcaaag acaagcataa aagaaatcat tgggaagtga    150120
     tataaatgac caagcttcat gatgaccaga agttgaaagt agggattagg ttgggagaag    150180
     tgcattcagg tcccgctgga gctcttcttg cactgtgtga ccctcagttt atcctatccc    150240
     tattttatag ctgtggaact ttggggagga gggggaacct tttgccttca ggaccactga    150300
     ataccaggac caatattgct ttcttttctc cttccttcta ggatgtcaaa agtaccctgg    150360
     aaaagtaagt gattgttgta tctctctgag tgagttaggt cttggcttag agaggagggg    150420
     tacagtcagg agtttgggtt gggggtgagg ttgggaaagt catgtagtgt gtctgggcag    150480
     ggtatgggag aatgttcatt gtgcccatga agccagttag agaacaaatt attgggaata    150540
     ataatccctt ttcccctttg aacatcagga cttcttgaga aggagaatga taaggtagaa    150600
     tcagattcta cttgtgccag tgggtggaat tgtgtccaaa caagatggca ggaggaaggg    150660
     gttgggagag cagggagggc aatcatccat ttgcatgaaa tacaggaata ttcctagaaa    150720
     gttcggaggc tcactctcaa cgatctgtcc acgggatcat aaggctctcc ttggattagt    150780
     aaaagaaatc aacaggtgag cttttcaggg aggaggaaga aagtgggaag atggagaatt    150840
     ttaatttctc cctaaaaatg ttaacatctg aatagtcact tggctggagc ttctccctaa    150900
     ccctgccctt tcttccccta tctccctatc cctcctagat gtgaaaaggt gaagaccatg    150960
     gaggtgactt cagtatccat agagctggaa aagaacttca gcaattttcc ccgacagtac    151020
     tttgccctaa ggaaaatcct taaacagcta attggtgagt tgttcccaaa aggaaactag    151080
     aagaaaccac tagagagaag aaagttttta ggtcctacct tatatgggtt tcagttatcc    151140
     tatgtctcac ttttcttact cccacacaca cctacccctt tatctggctt ttagtctcac    151200
     cctgagtcac agaacttgga gtgagaggaa gccttaagcg ttatctactc ttaggtccat    151260
     tcttttctaa atagagaccc agaaaggtta aataatttgc caaagtcatc gggtagagtg    151320
     gttatataat ttaccatgta aacttgcata accttcaaag gccgggtgcg gtggctcaca    151380
     tctgtaatcc tagcactttg ggaggccaag gctggtggat cacttgaggt caggagttcg    151440
     acatcagcct ggccaacacg gtgaaacccc atctctacta aaaatataaa aattagccag    151500
     atgtggtgtt gggcgcctgt aatcccagct cctctggagg ctgaggcagg agaactgctt    151560
     gaacctggga agcggaggtt gcagtgagct gagatcacac cactgcactc cagcctgagg    151620
     gacagagtga gattccatct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa gaaactgaaa gggagtgtca    151680
     ttatattaat gtgaatatgc agggaaaata gtcataaacc aggccagttc ctggaaaaca    151740
     cacatggtca ccctatccct agaccatatg ctgtcttgct cggcatcctt cttaacactt    151800
     tccgtttttt tctgcccctc agactacacc ttgtacttct ctacatagtg agataaatga    151860
     taatgtcaga gggagatgaa gagaggacca ggcgggaacc tagattacca gccactgcag    151920
     actcaagaga ttattatctg tttactttag ggtcagggtg agaagtgagc cattgctttc    151980
     tccccttcct taggtgacac catggattga gaaagttaac caaaccaggt tgttctgggg    152040
     acctttaagg gaccaggctc tgtaaaggca ggctggaaga gtgaggcagg ggcatttagc    152100
     tattcccatc ctcatctagc tccccactct ggcttctccc gccagcggat gtgaccctgg    152160
     accctgagac agctcatcct aacctagtcc tgtcagagga tcgtaagagc gtcaagttcg    152220
     tggagacaag actccgggat ctccctgaca caccaaggcg tttcaccttc tacccttgcg    152280
     tcctggctac tgagggtttc acctcaggtc gacactactg ggaggtggag gtgggcgaca    152340
     agacccactg ggcagtgggt gtatgccggg actccgtgag ccgaaagggc gagttgactc    152400
     cactccctga gactggctac tggcgggtgc ggctatggaa tggggacaaa tatgcagcca    152460
     ccaccacacc ttttacccct ttgcacatca aggtgaaacc caagcgggta ggcatattcc    152520
     tagactatga ggccggcaca ctgtctttct acaatgtcac agaccgctct catatctaca    152580
     ccttcactga tacttttact gagaaacttt ggcccctctt ctacccaggc atccgggctg    152640
     gacggaagaa tgctgcacca cttaccatca ggcccccaac agattgggag tgacaggttg    152700
     ggatgtggga atgactgggg tgaggcaggg tcaagtgcta cgggcctcct tcccgtgtcc    152760
     tgctggaacg tcttcgtgtc cacctgggtc cagtcctgaa tcatcttgga gaaacacctt    152820
     ggtttctagg atggttttgt gtggaggggg aggtaggact gggctggatg agagagcaca    152880
     gctgtgactt cctcctaact gtcagggtgg ggagctggtt cccagaggat tgtctaccct    152940
     gaagtccatc aggttttctg ttgcacaagg acgggtcagg aaggaaggag aggcttttcc    153000
     agaaacaaaa aatctgtgag ggtctgactt gctcaaacca gaggaggaaa cagaaacccc    153060
     tgcacatctt tttagggggt tctttgaccc aggatagtct tgcttcttga ggtagatcac    153120
     aggggtctgt gtacctctga attcatgaga gatgaatgac agatgctctc atgggtctag    153180
     atattgagga gtttttctga gggcagagat tggacatcaa caaggctaga agggtcaggg    153240
     aagtgggcta aaggaacaga ttcctagaga ttaatgaaga ggagggaggt ttctttggtc    153300
     ttctattcca agggtaaggt tgcgattatg ggtaagattg gccagaggta ggaatgtggg    153360
     gagaaggaga ggctgaaaag aaagcagagg agaacccagg tccctgcctc agccttcagc    153420
     agagttggct tattgcctgc ctctatacca ataagtcagt caccttgctc ctctccagag    153480
     gcaaagtgga agagatcctg caagacacat ctatcctttc acagtgttcc caagggaact    153540
     tggaaaggag agtcaggtat tagaggaaag agaagggtat ttgtatacaa agccctggcc    153600
     ttaaagaatg ttacttagta gctactccca aattgtcagc cttcttacct ggccaaggtg    153660
     tccaagccag aaaggaaaaa aggttatgga gtctttctca ccctaaggac agggtggaag    153720
     agggtggtat atagggaagg gccagatagg caacttcatt tggcttgtgt gcatctggcc    153780
     tggaactggt gttaagccag gcttttgctt gtttgttgcc atccctcacc ctttgccatt    153840
     tcccttttca gagaatgtaa atgattttca tgttaggcca aaataaacaa cttatagggt    153900
     acatatgttg tcataaaagg taaaagtgat gcatgccaaa ccaaactaaa ccaatttgga    153960
     ttatctgcta ttcgggtaat cttcacagaa atgactgaga gaagaatctg cagtttactg    154020
     agggcatttc agttcctcct accacctcaa caggactttg tccagactct cctcctctta    154080
     cctttgtgcc ttgactgtgg ttctttgtgg caagatactt tggttggtta aaataatatg    154140
     gaacaaagga tccactgaag tgatctctgt gttgtgtggt aatttggtga cagccttgta    154200
     ctgatgtgta agaatcactg ggtgttagac atgcatgttc ctgggtctca cccttagtgg    154260
     ttagtcaagg tctggggtgg gccggacatc tacattttat ttatgagaca gagtctcgtt    154320
     ctgtcgccca ggctggagta cagtggtgat ctcagctcac tgcaacctcc gcctcccagg    154380
     ttcaagcaat tctcctgcct cagcctccag agtagctggg attactatgg actatagcca    154440
     tgcaccacca cacccggcta attttagtgg agacagggtt ttgccatgtt ggacaggctg    154500
     gtctcgaact cctgaactca agtaatctac ctgcctcagc cactcaaagt gctaggatta    154560
     caggtgtgag ccaccgtgcc cagcctacat ctacatttta aacacaccac tctcatttga    154620
     gtccgaaaac ccttgtgaaa ctagttccag aggaggtttc agccatgtcc ttcctcccag    154680
     ctggagccct gcttgtctgt ccccgcctgg cactgggtct gaaattggag agaagtcatc    154740
     ctctcctgac ttatgctgcc ctccccatct cagggttcat tgatcttcta cccctccaat    154800
     tcatgtccct ctgcttctga cttcagtaac tggtagtcac tatgagtcac aggacaccag    154860
     acagaagaac tggaagatag aagaggtcag agggaggggt gtgaggtgaa tgtcagtgtg    154920
     gggagtgggg tgaagtttca ggggcagggg atgctgttga cagatttctg tgctgtacct    154980
     aagcctagga gttagaaacc attcactcag aaagtgagga tcacctactg tgtgtccagc    155040
     actgcataac aggaagtgtg tttctttggt aggtggaata gtaggagtaa actgtgcttt    155100
     ctgaggaccg ggagtccttt tccctccctc cagcaccctc atgatccttc ccactttcac    155160
     ccccactggc accagtgctt ttttttaatg tattacctct gtgccttccg tctgtagatc    155220
     ttacaggcat ctgcctcgga cctcaggaga gtagggcaga agctctagct gggtataaat    155280
     tgcacataac catctcccca acgtagctac ataaagagac cagccttctg tcctgaaaat    155340
     ggccgattta agatcctcac ctgctccact aggtctctag gtgatataat tggtcatgag    155400
     cttgaggaag acaaaagcac tgaaaattca taaagggacc ctgggcatgg attgctgggg    155460
     ttgtgtttag aaaccgatga gtttgtgagg cctccgggag gctcccgagg gcgcggggac    155520
     tacgtttccc aggaggcctc gcgcggacgc ccgggcgggg ctgtgcgagg ggtggggctg    155580
     cgggaggccc tggagcgcgg cggtgatggc ggggccggtg aaggaccgcg aggccttcca    155640
     gaggctcaac ttcctgtacc aggtgagtct gcgacaaggg ccccacgggg acggtgctcg    155700
     gcgtcccaga gtgactgctc ccctcccgca ggccgcccat tgtgtccttg cccaggaccc    155760
     cgagaaccag gcgctggcga ggttttactg ctacactgag aggaccattg cgaagcggct    155820
     cgtcttgcgg cggtgagaca gccacggggc gggcggcggg cgggacgcgg gaggaacgcg    155880
     agagggagcg cgggcgccag accactatcc tcctccgccc ccagggatcc ctcggtgaag    155940
     aggactctct gtcgaggctg ctcttccctc ctcgtcccgg gcctcacctg cacccagcgc    156000
     cagagacgtg agtgctccaa cggaggtgga agactgcgga gcattggggg cgcggagggg    156060
     ggcggggtgg ggggcgggca ctggaggcca acagcgcctt tctcactgta gatggatgtt    156120
     gggtgtggga ttcgcaggag tcttccttct tcgggtttgg attaagttcc taacgccact    156180
     tgcacaaact agggtttggg ctcggctgtt tttttttttt ttcttccagt gtgggcaata    156240
     aataataact tttaagaggc aaccccaccc atgcacaata atagatgttg ttcggctttg    156300
     tggaggacga ttcccatcac cattcattta ttaagcaaat acttattttc taaaatgtgt    156360
     caggtactgt gctagattca ttattctcat tgaaattacg gtctgatggg acagactaag    156420
     aaacaaaatg gtgtagaaaa agattaactg ggggagtaga atgctcactt actcatgcca    156480
     gtggtggcga agtttatgat aagcaaaggg agtgagagat ggaaattcta ggcatgtgtg    156540
     cagactctga gacaagagag cttgtggtgc tgtcaaagaa atgagagttc aggaggctgg    156600
     agtttgaggt aggagggcaa aacatgagac tggaggggga aacaggccag ttcttgaagt    156660
     cttgttaggg agtttgaact ttatcttaaa gagttccagg aaatcgatgg agcttatgcc    156720
     gaggcctgac accatcaaat gtgcattcaa attgggggtg tggtggggga gcggggatac    156780
     ctactgaaaa acactggagg caaaactggc agcaagagac cgttacttct aaacgtggac    156840
     agtctttttc ccatgttcac cctaggctgc aggggacagc gctggaccgt acagacctgc    156900
     ctaacatgcc agcgcagcca acgcttcctc aatgatcccg ggcatttact ctggggagac    156960
     aggcctgagg cccagctcgg gagccaagca ggtgagaggt gagggagaaa atggaggaca    157020
     ccccagagga tagggacaat ggagaacgta gagtgaagag gacacatgga caggttctgg    157080
     gttggtgtga gaagtaccac agtcagaaaa ctaattctgt ttctctgatt ctgctcattt    157140
     actcagattc caaaccacta caacccttgc caaacacagc ccactccatt tcagaccgcc    157200
     ttcctgagga gaaaatgcag actcagggtt ccagtaacca gtgatggatt caccccatct    157260
     cccaaataaa gtttacttgt tttacattcc atgattctgt tctgtgggta tttcaactct    157320
     taattccatt ttcttctgtt tctgtctgtg tttcttggtc acctttgtaa tcccaccatg    157380
     cagggagatc gtgatttcca tagaccactt ggcctcactc agcagcttgc atttccaagg    157440
     ccatggcccc agttccctat caatgtcctg agccacctta gggcattcca tgtttgggca    157500
     gccataattg ctgactgaag agctggagag aatgatgcca ctgctgctgt ttttaaacaa    157560
     ggggagaaat atggggcagc ggagagtgtt tgtatcctct aggcccactc atagtcagaa    157620
     aagactcagg tcttttccca gtctcaaagt tgtctttaat aaaattctga taaaggaaat    157680
     ggcgcaaacc tgaactaaca aagtcaaaga tgctaacaaa ggacaccgac agacattttg    157740
     caattatgtc ccataggtaa actctcagag ttttcttaag aataaacaac taaaatgttt    157800
     tcttcgatat ccctagaaag cctactgaag tacagaattc ttagactgac ctttttgcta    157860
     aatgccagct aataaggtta taccaaaagc atacaaacaa aatttactac ttccagaatg    157920
     cagttttctt ttatttctct tataaaccct gtgtttgctt atcgatagct gtataaaaaa    157980
     atcacttcat catgttggag cttaaaacat aatgatttat tatttcctct ggttctgtga    158040
     actaggaatt ctgaaagact ttggctgggt ggttctcctg ttacatatga aatcagctta    158100
     aatagctgca tttagctgct atctcgtagg tggtctggaa gacccaagaa atttcactca    158160
     cgtgtttagc acctcattgc ttctccaagt agccttgctc cctcgctagc tttgatgttc    158220
     ccacagcatg gctgactcag ggtagttgta tttcttacat cccctctggc ttctacaaaa    158280
     gcatcccaat atgtaagtgt ttggctggat gctgtggctc acacctgtga tcccagcact    158340
     ttgtgaggcc gaggcaggtg gatcacttga gttcaggagt ttgagaccag cccggacaac    158400
     atggtggaac cctgtctgta cttaaaatac aaaaaaatta gcagggcgtg gtagcaggca    158460
     cctgtaattc cagctactcg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cacctgaacc caggaggcag    158520
     agttgcagtg ggccaagatc gcgccactgc attccagcct gtgtgacaga gtgagactgt    158580
     ctcaaaaaaa aaaagtgttt atcgagcctc tgttggggtc acacttgcta atgttccctt    158640
     ggccaaagca aggcacagtg ccaatgccag attcaatgtg gaaggggcta cactggagtt    158700
     tgaacgctgg gaggttcatt agttccctgg ggatcaccag tgtaacaatc taccacaggg    158760
     gtccccaacc cccaggccct gtggactggt actgggctgt gtcctgttag gaaccaggct    158820
     gcctagtagg aggtgagcag tggtggaagg gagggatggg ccagcattac tgcctgagta    158880
     atcagtggca gcattagatt cacataggag catgaaccct actgtgaact gcgcatgcaa    158940
     gggatctggg ttgcatgctc cttatcataa tctaattgct gatgatctgg ggtgaaatag    159000
     tttcatccca gaaccatacc cttcctgctc catggaaaaa ttgcctttca caaaaccagt    159060
     ccctggttaa cctgtcccta gtgccaaaaa ggttggggat cactcatcta ccacattctt    159120
     gttttgcctt tgtccctgac ttggtctctc cactgcctcc ttcacatgtc agtaaattat    159180
     ttgcgtagaa aatactaaac agtgtacatg taagtaaatg tttctgagtc atcctttgac    159240
     attttatttc tggaaatagt gcctacctgg gtcaactttc agtccaacaa aaatgtgtag    159300
     cctgaaagta acacctcgtg catacctggg tcctttgcat cctcagctca ccttccatgg    159360
     ctcctccagt aagtttaatt tgggatgact gagctcgact cttgcacact taatctgatc    159420
     tttggctaag tttgtcttga gtgtgttatg attgcatgtg actgaacatg tctacagtgg    159480
     gatagcagtg gggaaactga gtttcgattt catggctcag tcactaagtg attcctctca    159540
     tgtgggagat catgggaatc aggtcccagt caggatgagc ggcagacaaa acagtatctg    159600
     gaatctggtt cacttgtgag tctttgtggt ttctttattt gttgtgggtt tctatcaata    159660
     tataactcta aagatcacag ccctcttcct ctttccacag ccctcttcct ctttcctttt    159720
     tcatgtttaa ttataaatat atgattacat atataacatt tatattctat acattgatac    159780
     atgattctat gtattaatac agatacatca taaagatata taatgtgata gtggcatatt    159840
     atatgcaaaa atggatttcc tagatgaaag atgaaaataa actgaatccc tggaatgcag    159900
     tagctttctc aagtgtttct agaagttcaa taactcaaaa tttatgccct tttaggactc    159960
     taaataaaat taaaggagag agaagaaact taggttattc aaatcgaatc aagaaatgag    160020
     gtcttccagt aaccatagaa actatgcctt agtcactccc tgaacattaa gttcatttag    160080
     cactttcaaa actagtgaaa accagtatcg ttattgtcag gaggcaaaag agagaaggat    160140
     tgagagactg ttattttgaa ttcaagtagc aaaaacgtta gaaaagacag gtcttgaaca    160200
     ttgaggaatc tgagttattg tcaccataat aaatcagtgt gtatctctaa tttaaaacaa    160260
     ttatatcact atgaagatag tgcctatgct tagtaactgc ttaataaatt ttcaaaacta    160320
     ttttgaaata tagattcact ggaagctgca aagagcatac tgaaatgtcc cctacatcct    160380
     cacccagtgc cccccagtgg ttcctctttt tattgtggta aaatatactt aacttaaaat    160440
     gtatcatttt agccatttta aagtgtacaa ttcagtggca ttaagtacat ttgcaatatt    160500
     atacaatcac caccactatt tagttccaga tctttttcat catcccaaac agaaacctgt    160560
     ttccattaaa cagtcacttc caatttttcc ctattccagc ccttagcaac cactaatctg    160620
     tttctgcctt tacggatttg tctattctgt atatttcata taaatggaat catacaattt    160680
     gtagcttatt gtgtctgatt tctttcactt agcataatgt tttcagggtt catccgtgct    160740
     gtagcaaatg tcagtatttc attcctttct atggctgaat agtagccgat tatatggata    160800
     taccacattt tgtttatcca ttcagccatc aatggacact tccgttattt ctgctttttg    160860
     gctattgtga acagtgctgc tatgaacatt tgtgtacaag gttctgtttc agtatctgtt    160920
     tttagttttt ttgttggagg atataggtgc ggttcgtttg atagttttat attttaactt    160980
     tttaaggaac taccaaactg ctcttcatgg ctgctgcacc attttgcact cccaccagca    161040
     atgcacatgg ttctaatttc tctccatcct aatctacact tactttcagt ttgttttgtt    161100
     gtttattata gccatcctat aataacattc tagtgggtat aaaaccgcta gaagtcaatc    161160
     caaaacacta gacaaaaacc acaaaacctc tttgtggttt tgatatacag ttctctaatg    161220
     agtaatgatg ttgagcatct tatgtgtttg ttggctattt gtatattttc tttggaaaaa    161280
     ggtcctttca agacctttgc ccatttaaaa aaaataggtt gcctttatgt tttgagtttt    161340
     aggaattc                                                             161348