ID   AL662824; SV 9; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 187964 BP.
AC   AL662824;
DT   18-DEC-2001 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 24)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone CH502-22I16 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-187964
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Almeida-King J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; d7bbc8cb389c9fb3bed2bc19d70496b2.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000251.
DR   EPD; EP74555; HS_HLA-DPB1.
DR   EPD; EP74604; HS_HLA-DPA1.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   CH502-22I16 is from a CHORI-502 human bac - COX cell line library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..187964
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-502"
FT                   /clone="CH502-22I16"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    125878..125906
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    174662..174773
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from reads from a
FT                   short insert library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
SQ   Sequence 187964 BP; 51951 A; 42219 C; 43564 G; 50230 T; 0 other;
     gaattccttg gctcttactt catcaagaaa attggtcagg cacacccttc atcagcgaca        60
     ttctgaccat ttggagaccc tggtttctct ttcttcttct tcctgaagtc tcagaggctg       120
     gggctcttcc tgctccaggc taaccctgac ctccagttat gcgctcgaga ccttcactcc       180
     tgcctccact gggagcttgt ctcagctgtc ctcccttcta tctctctgtt aactctaatc       240
     agccccctgc tgccagatcc ttcccttcag tttagaattt aggctcaaat cttccttgtc       300
     cctaatgctc ttctcatctc cctagcttcc accctcatct ttcttcttta ctcttcccat       360
     gttccttaaa gaaaatgtta cacttctgtg tttcctcttt ctcccctccc actcattctc       420
     agccccactg cagtctgact tccttgtcca tgacctcagt gggacagaaa ttgattgcca       480
     aggtcaccaa atctttatct ttgtggagtt ttctgctgct ttcatcacag tagatcattc       540
     cactttcttg aaatctctcc ttattcagat ttcaagacat cacactcctc tgattttcct       600
     gacaccattc agatcattca ttctggggct tctgctcctc tgggaatctc taaatgcaga       660
     gtgcctctag ggatctgtcc ccagctaaca atgtctcctt gatcaaacat tcatttgtat       720
     agcttcaatt cttagtcatc taattatacc taacatagca aagaacaatc cttggcatct       780
     actaggtgct tagtagctgt cacatctttt cttcttctca gaccttttga atacagcaac       840
     ctggtcttct attaatggag agcaaaatct aaccattcca cctcctctct cctcagggcc       900
     acaattttat tcttctagat atctcttctt tctctacatt aatccacttc tttttccatt       960
     tctgtacact cactttcctt ctttggctct cttcatctga tcaaaatgaa aaattaaaag      1020
     atatttcaat gtttttgtgt aatagctaat ctattataaa atatttatat tcttagacat      1080
     gcagctttat tatgcaatca caaatgtttt acacgtttga cttttctcaa aaccaaaaat      1140
     cagtttttaa aattgctttt tacctatatg tggttcttgc ttgatgaaaa caagcaacta      1200
     gaaaaaactg gtctacttcc actcaaacag tgtctccaac tatgtggctt gcccagctac      1260
     cagacccttc ttgagaaata ttctgccaga cacaaatgaa cactcttagt tcacactgcc      1320
     cattggcaca cgagggcatg gagagtgttc tctatggaga agtaggtgct tacagcagaa      1380
     atagccttcc atgaggttgc gtcggttctg ctttcacttt cccgtctcat gcaaagtggc      1440
     ccagaaaaca gcagcccctc cctggaacta tttccttcct ttctcagaga gttgcatctc      1500
     ctgctctctg gaaagtttca tgaggaaatg gattgcctct gttcttggtg aaaattaact      1560
     ccattactaa gttcttaatc ttttttgttt atatagctct cattccaaaa gacaatctcc      1620
     ctgactgggc tagaaagtca tatgtttgta aataatcaga gagaggccaa ggaaaaggac      1680
     agagctggcc actgagccca gagggctctg ttgtcaatcc catggcaatt cactgctagt      1740
     cttctgcaaa agacacatga cccagaggag accctcagac acgaggaaag aggaactctg      1800
     taggggactt agaggcaatc tctttaattg gaggggctaa atagctttcc tctcatggtt      1860
     tgcagctcag tgtaaggcca ggcaagctcc caggaggcca tccaggctgt gaggtcccta      1920
     gagaatctca gagaccacac caaagggtca ctcctgtctt agcaactgag taggaagcat      1980
     tgttgccacc aaactgtaca aatctgagaa acttagtcaa ggagggaagg gaggactttg      2040
     gggcttacag ttaagcagac tactgcccag acaggcgatg gcaaggacag gcagagtcca      2100
     aagtgtcctt tgagacagaa gcagcatcaa tggtgtggtg ataatccaag gacatgatag      2160
     aacttcaggg gataaacaca cacggattct agagaaaaac tgtatacacg gccagcgtgg      2220
     attagtctca aagccaaggg gaggtttgat gggactgaga tgtcttcatg aggccaacct      2280
     ggagtgggac tgccctcatt tccagaggat ttagtaagta ggtttgggca gagtcaggct      2340
     gggaccagct ataaaggctt tgccaatctg acttgactta gtgccatagg aaagtgaagg      2400
     caggaaactg atgctaattg attctgggcc tcttgttttc tgcctcaaaa tagagagctc      2460
     tgggattgag gagggaatca tactagcacc ataaatggtt tgaaaggtgt aaaggggaaa      2520
     atgtgaaaac attttttata tgtcatgtca aagtccagtc tttctggagc acagcgtgtt      2580
     tgtaaggaca cagagggagg tcaggctgag gaaagactgt agacaactgc aatgccaggc      2640
     tcaggatgtg ggactttgca ggcagtggag agacagtgat ggtttttgag gaggaagtga      2700
     gatgatcatg gttgtgttct aggattatta acctggcact agtgtagcaa ataaattcga      2760
     tctgagggtg gcaggaaggt taaagaaaaa ataagaacag ccttagccaa ctgctttgga      2820
     gaacaacagg gtaagctcag aaatgcccaa ttcgatacaa taattatcac aaaaggagtt      2880
     gcatttgtaa cgtacgtatt actttttaat gtgccttttc atctgtcaca tcatctggtg      2940
     cctctggtgt gaccttccaa gtccatcctc cttcctgacc ctatccatcc aggctcagcc      3000
     cctgggagtg tgcccactgc tcctacagtg ccttccacca ctggtcctga gttttggaga      3060
     agacataggg agatgacaaa actttagaaa caacggaaac aatttaggga atggggtggt      3120
     cactatgaga ggaataaaag atgtccactg tagacagcat atatggtgca agtctataat      3180
     cttggaaaaa gtcagactac attaatcttg ttcaccaaat cctgaaatac acaacaggga      3240
     gagtctttta aactttgaag atggtaagtt taacataagt agaaaagcag actctctcat      3300
     accaaggcta acaaacctat gggaacctgt tagtcccaaa agtgaaatgt gtaaattctc      3360
     aaaacatgta catatatata tataatctac tcacacacac acaagggtga cagaaacttg      3420
     aaggactgct aagagagctc aaggatattt atggcctatt taaacttatg aagcttctgt      3480
     ggaggaaatc tgtccttcta cactttgtcc ctgatgaaag agagaaaccc tatgcttaca      3540
     gcaatatcca ccaggagtga ttttgcctca caggggatat ttgccaatgt ctgtaaacat      3600
     ttttgttctc acactaggag aggggagcac tattgatatc tggtgggtgt agcccaggga      3660
     tgttggatgt tgctaaacat cttggaatgc gtaggacagc ccccagcaca aagaattatt      3720
     cagccctaaa tggcaatggt gccaggttga gaaaccatgg cttagggtca tgctcctgcc      3780
     ctaaagtgcc gttgctattg tttgcaagtt taattattcc aggagctata cctctgttaa      3840
     ggactgaatt ttatccctcc ccacaactcg aaattcctat gttgaaacct taacactaat      3900
     gtgaatgctt tggagacagg gcctttaaat aggtaattaa ggtgaaacga ggttatccag      3960
     gtggggccct aaggcccctt ataaggactg gtgtccttat aagaagagga agagacacca      4020
     ggagagcaaa tgtacagagg ccctgtgagg acacagtgag aaggcagtca tctccaggcc      4080
     agcgagagag gcctcagaat ggaacctacc ttgctggcaa cttgatcttg gacttccaga      4140
     ctctgagaaa ataagtttaa gtttaagcca cccagcctgt ggtatcttgt tatggtggcc      4200
     ctggctaact aatcaccctt tctcacttac ctttagctct tccttactca ataagtttcc      4260
     actgaaaact agatgctggt gtggacccct gcccgatgtg cacacgtggc ccactgcaga      4320
     tggacctaca caagtggcgc tggaaccccg aggggctgag gggaccccgc gtccaggcca      4380
     cccaggtgcg gggtgagggg gcaccccaac ttccctggat cacatgggct gcggtggccg      4440
     gtggatcagg gaggagaggc gcggggagct tgctgcaact cctcaccagg gcaggaggga      4500
     agatgccccc cacctcctct agttcaccct ctggattcaa gtttgtcagc ccctgccgct      4560
     gagatcaggg tatggcacca gatagaattt taattcaaaa ggaagcagaa cttaaagatt      4620
     aagaaaattc ttagcctatc catattgtga aaactaagaa atcatgttca ggacagaaca      4680
     ccagtggtgt gtctatgtaa ccatcggatg aggaaattag tatggatcaa ccatctcagt      4740
     ggaatctggg tgctattcat caaggcaatg aaagaatgac ccaaagacat ttcagatcag      4800
     ggctgccact cctatccgag gtgcggaata caagggcatg agggacagaa tgatttcaaa      4860
     ggaggggctg caggtacttg tggggcttca gcactcacta tcatgggcca ccttgaggct      4920
     ctgctctcca cattccatca cagggctcct aggctacccc aggtatggct ccaacagatc      4980
     ctggtttagt gagtgctgtg ctctgaaaag ctgtgcgggc atggtaacct ccacctagat      5040
     ttcaaaggat gctctggaaa gccacagtgc gtaggcagaa agccaccatg tgcagggcca      5100
     ccatggagag attgcactgc gcaatgccca gtgaagcagt agggtaaggc cacccctgag      5160
     gccctagacc aattgaacca ctggtataca atttcagcct gggagagcct cgggcaccca      5220
     gctgcctcag aggtagggcc accaaaggga gcaactatga gggcagggct gcacaaagcc      5280
     atgaggcaga ggccacctcc ccagtgtgcc tggagggcag aaccttgatt caaaaagatt      5340
     attctggaaa cttgacttgc tcaggacctg gtacactttt cttctctccc atttcttcct      5400
     tttggaataa gaatttctat cctatgcctg tcccatcatt atattttgga agcaaatagc      5460
     atattcgatt tcacagctgg tgagcaattt gcctcacaat gaatcatacc ttgagtctca      5520
     tccatatctg atttatcctc ttaacccttt tatgtgtata gctcagttgg gtaaataata      5580
     ttcacattgt tgtgtgacaa ctctagaact tttttatatg caaaatgaaa ctttatcctc      5640
     agggaacaac tccctatttc ccgctcttcc cagctcctgg aaacccccac tctgtttcta      5700
     ttattttgac tttagatatc tcttataagt gtaatcatac agtatttatc tttttgtgac      5760
     tggcttattc cacttaccat aatgttcatc catgttgtac catgtaagag gatttcttct      5820
     ttttttaagg ctgaataata ttccactgca tatacatata tatatatata tacacaccac      5880
     attttcttta ttcatttatc tgtcaataaa cttttcggtt gtttacaccc attgtctatt      5940
     gtaaataatg ctgcaatgta catgaaagca gaaatatctt tattaaatgc tgattttgtt      6000
     tcctttgggt atgtatctag acatggaatt gctgaatcat gtgataattt tatttgtaaa      6060
     ctttttagga aatctcatac tgttttccat ggtggctgca ccatttacat tcctaccaac      6120
     agtgcaccag gattccagtt cttgacatcc tcgctaacac ttgttatttt ttttgttggg      6180
     ttggttttgt agtggccacc ttaatggctg tgagatatct atctcattgt ggttttgatt      6240
     catgtttctc gaataattaa tggtgttaca catattttca tacacttgtg ggctatttgt      6300
     atatattatt tgaagaatta tctgttcaag tcctttgccc atttttaaac caggttattt      6360
     gcttttttaa ttgacaaaga aaaatcatat atacctatca tgtacaacgt gatgtttaaa      6420
     atatgtatgc attgtggaat ggttaaattg acctaattaa tatatgcatt atatacttct      6480
     atggtgagaa cacttaaaac ctactctctt agcaatttgc aagaatacaa tgcattgtta      6540
     ttaattatat tcaccacatt gtacactagg cctcttgaac gtattcctcc tatttggctg      6600
     aaattttgta acctgggaca aacatctttc caaccagcag cattttcagc tcctaataac      6660
     caccattcta ttcactattt ttattagttc aacttttttg gattcacata taaatgagat      6720
     tatgtggtat ttgtctttct gtggcatatc cacttaacat aatgttcttc aagttcatcc      6780
     atttttgttg tgagtgacag gatcttactc ttttttaagg ctcaatagta tgccattgtg      6840
     tgtatatacc acattttcat tatccattta tctgttgata cacacttagg ttgtttccat      6900
     atcttagcta ttgtgaaaaa tgttgcaatg aacatggagc ataagtatct ctatgaagtg      6960
     ctgatttcat ttcctttggg tgtatgctca gaaatgagat tgctggatca catggtagtt      7020
     ctatttttaa ttttttaagg agcctccata ctgttttcca taatgactat ataatttaca      7080
     ttcccaccaa cagtgtacaa gggttccctt ttctccacac ccttgccagc acttgttacc      7140
     tgcctttggc aatagtcatt ctaacagttg tgagatggta tctcactgtg gttttaattt      7200
     tcatttctct gattagctat gtcgagcatt tttttcatat gcctgttggc catttgtatg      7260
     tcaacttttg agaaatgtct tttcaaatcc tttgctcatt ttaaaatcag gctgttttct      7320
     tgctattgag ttgtttggat tcctataccc cttatcaagc atatggtttg caaatgtttt      7380
     gtcccattcc atatgttgtc tcttcactct attgattgtt tctttggctg taagaaaaac      7440
     aaggttttta gtttgatata atcccatttg tctatttttg cttttgttgc ctgtgctttt      7500
     gggattatat caaaaaatta ttgcccaaac taatgtcatg gagcttttct tctatgtttt      7560
     cttctagtag ttttacagtt tcaggtctta tgtgtaagcc tttattctga gttgattttt      7620
     gcatatggtg tgagatgaca gtctagtttc attcttctac atgtggatat tcagttgtcc      7680
     caataccatt tattgaagag actatgcttt acccattgtt ggttcttggc acctttgttg      7740
     aaaatcaatt gaccatgaat gtgtggattt gtttctgggc tattttgtca atgcatctgt      7800
     ttttatgtca gtaccatgtt gttttgatta ctatggcttt gtagtatatt agtatatttt      7860
     gaaatcagat agtatgatgc ctccagtttt gttctttttg ctcacaattg ctttggctat      7920
     tcaaggtctt ttgtggttcc atatgaattt aaggattttt ttttctgttt ctgtgaaaaa      7980
     tgtaaggaaa ttttgatagg gattgcatca aatctgcaga tcactttggg tagtacagac      8040
     attttaacaa tattgattct tataatctat aaacacagga tatctttcca tttgtttgtg      8100
     acttcttcaa tttccttcat cagtgtttta tagttttaag cgtataggtc tttcacctcc      8160
     tttgttaaat gtattatttt acttatttac ttatttttag ctattgtaaa tgagattgtt      8220
     ttattggttt cattttcaga tagttctttg ttagtgtgat gctactgatt tttgtatgtt      8280
     gatttttgta tcctgcaact ttacaagatt cctttatttt tttttcagta caatctgtat      8340
     tctgttgcaa ctagatttct ttattacttc atagttttta agtggagtta ttatggtttt      8400
     ctatttatat aatcatgtca tctacaaaca gtgacaattt acatttttcc tttccaattt      8460
     ggatgatttt tatttcttac tcttgcctaa ttgctggcta gaacttcagt actatgttga      8520
     atagaaatgg ttagagtgga cctccttgtc ttgttcctgg tcttagagga aaaaaatttc      8580
     aacttttcac cattgagaat gatattagct atgagtttgt catatatgac cttcattgtg      8640
     ttgaggtgca ttccttattt gttgagagtt tttttttaaa tcacgaaagg atgttgaatt      8700
     ttgtcaaatg ctttttcaga gtctattgag atattaatat ggttagtatt cttcattctg      8760
     ttaaagtggt atgtcacatt tttagatttg agtatgttga aacatcttgc atccttggaa      8820
     taaaacccac atgatcatga taaaagaccc ttttaatgtg ctgttgcatt cattttgcta      8880
     gtattttgct gaggatgttt ataggctatt tgtcattgtt gctgctgttg agttgtagaa      8940
     gctccttata tattctggat attaacttct tactgaaaag ataatttgca aatatcttat      9000
     ttcatattgt ttttcactct gttgattgtt ttcattgatg tgcagaaatg tttaagtttg      9060
     atgaagttgg atttgtgtat tttttgttgc ctgtttttgg tcatatccaa taaattgttg      9120
     caaaatttaa tgtcataaag ttttcttcta tgtttgatag aacttctagg agtttgatac      9180
     ttttagctct tacatttagg tcttttatcc attttgagtt aatttttgta tttgcatatg      9240
     gtgtcaggta agaatccaac ttcattattt tccatgtgga tatccagttt tcccaacgca      9300
     atttgtcgaa gagattgacc tttccccatt gtatactctt ggcaccctgg tggaagatca      9360
     tttgaccata tacttgaggg tttacttctg gaatagacag ttgacattgg ggtactcaga      9420
     aaacagcaag aatctaagag tgtttgaggg tctattctta gaaaaaaacc tttttcatac      9480
     ctcataatct ctgcttttgt gaatcctttc tatctttgaa aacaaaatcc atacttattc      9540
     attcatttat cattcattca tttactcact tacttaactc gattttattg agcacttagt      9600
     ggcaggattc agagtaaaga cccccctgta ggacttacgt ccttcagtta tcctcagttt      9660
     ttaatgattc atgtttcatc ttagctcctg taactcttcc atatggtcgt tcatttactg      9720
     tacccatagt gtcccgtatt tgcatgggac tcaaatatat atgtcttgaa tctagacaag      9780
     ggatattgtg ttttaagaag ttataacaat gaacaaattc cattcgccca gagcaacttt      9840
     ctaatggatt atatatatat atatatatat atatattttt tttttttttt tttttttttt      9900
     ttttgagaca gagtctcgct ctgtcgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcccg atctcggcac      9960
     actgcaagct ccgcctcctg ggttcacgcc attttcctgc ctcagcctct cgagtagctg     10020
     ggactatagg cgcccgccac cgcgcccggc taattttttg tatttttagt agagacgggg     10080
     tttcaccgtg gtctcgatct cctgacctcg tgatccgcct gccttggcct cccaaagtgc     10140
     tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc accacgccca gctctaatgg ataaatttaa gacacaacta     10200
     taagatggga gtggctgaaa aagcagggac ttcctaatgc cctgaaatca tgtgataact     10260
     ttttatcttc tctaagactg tctggcatgg ttttctcttc tattattttt gacaaatgtg     10320
     gtacctctag gcgtgagttt ttctttcact tctcatttct ccaaccacaa atgctgtcac     10380
     aggccaacag ggagaattca gtgatacatc atactcatcc ctgagctgtg atgttggctc     10440
     tccacctcta tcagccatca gattttcata ttatcttgtc tctctcttcc tctttcctta     10500
     caccaaacat tgattcatca aggagtctta ccactttact atacttccat ttcaactcac     10560
     actcaaattc atcactgata atgtctactt tataaaatat tccttcaaag cagccattgg     10620
     cctaatcccc agatgatgcc attgatccat gacaataggg agaataatgt ctccatcatt     10680
     actttcttct catagtcttt taattcctta tacagaggct agtttcaact gcagaagtaa     10740
     catggggtcc tttgtctatc aaacactccc cttgtaacat tcatatctgc tctgggacag     10800
     aaatctgtcc tttggacacc agagtaggag gtttaagaaa ggccaaacgt tgatacaatc     10860
     caactgatgt agagtgataa ggaaggcagt caggcagcat gaggaagtgg gaggatggga     10920
     gttacagaga atttctgatg tagacaatga gcttcttttc tttttcttaa gggatttcca     10980
     caatcctcca ctttgtggta ttggggacag tggtaatgac agggtgggaa gggcagaaga     11040
     ggcttatttc aagaggaagc agtaaaaggt gggcctgtga ggacctgttt agcaggcttt     11100
     aacatcctat gtacaagtcc ttatcttttg aagtgctctc ctgatccagg ccctgcttat     11160
     cattattcac aaatttcagt gtctgaaata atccagaagg tggacaatca gacatccaca     11220
     gattaattga tgatttatac ttattctccc tctctcccca ctctctctcc ctttctcttc     11280
     tctctctccc cctctccctc ccctccctcc ctccccctct ctccttctcc atctctccct     11340
     ctccatctct ccctcttcat ctcttcctcc ccttccctcc cctcccctct ccctcttcat     11400
     ctcttcctcc ccttccctcc cctcccctct cctttctgtc tctctcagct ccaaaaaaga     11460
     atgatacaga gatgcataac actcctctct ctcccatctg aaaatttagg gatggggtgg     11520
     ggtcctaaga agctagcctt agaatctctt cctcttactg tggtttcctt aaccctccat     11580
     catctcataa ctaatgataa gtctgaaaat gagcttccgt attaattctc attattctga     11640
     caacagactc tagaatccag ccatattcta ctgtttggag ccagccaggg actttccaag     11700
     tattcacagt gaaacactgg cttccatgcc tgggtctccc cacccactgc ctctgcactt     11760
     ggtgcctttg aacctctctt gttcctcttg cccttgctac ttctgtatag atcacaagct     11820
     ccctccacac agcttcagtt acacacatcc gtgcagcagg accttctcag gggcttagtc     11880
     tgccagaaac tagtgacact gcctttcacc cactttttat tggatagaga gaaatgttac     11940
     cagaatttcc caggaaaaga gcttctttga agtctctaca tgcattcaga taaatccttt     12000
     cccctgatat tttccctcca tccccctcct cacagccctg ttcagaagcc tgaacatgtc     12060
     atgatggctg gggcctcaaa tccaggggac aatctgaggt gaaggtgagc aaggagacag     12120
     tctacaaaga ggccgtggaa gctgtcgggg aaggagaatg ttcaagtagc acaggcaatc     12180
     aaacacttcc tattgctcca ggtgccaaag caggaatgaa aacctgtccc ctctgttgaa     12240
     tactcttctt cttcactcct aaaactacac acctgatgtt agtcgtcagc cctcttctta     12300
     tcactctaca cctgctgctc tggagaactc atccaggcct gtggctccct gcacgtctac     12360
     actagtaacc tctgaatcca cggtctccag cactccctcc tgctcccatc cccaggtggc     12420
     agtcaggtgc ctgcacttgg ctatctcaac atcaacatca ccccaacacc tgttttttca     12480
     tgcattcaag ggagattttt tttctcccca agtttctttc accttccctt tggggttcct     12540
     ggaataaata atacaaaact tgaggttctc ttgtgatgct gtttggagtc gagagagaga     12600
     cagagagaga gagatacccc caggagggag ttgtcccgat tcttttccat cactcgggag     12660
     ctagccctac atctagtctt actgtttgga gccttataaa aagatctcat gagcagcccc     12720
     ctgggaatag catgtctttg ttctctgaga ggcaatgatt tttatctgga ccccacataa     12780
     cttttcccca gagagcatca cagtaaaagc acatgtttat cttctctcct taacttctga     12840
     catccttaaa tcccaaggaa gggtatggag ggagacagat tgatgattct gtgtatttgg     12900
     gtaaaccagg ttcctggcta aaatcactta gtcaaaaatg ccaagcatgg tcaagggaga     12960
     agggttagag agtctaaaag aatgaaattt ggagacaggt aaacttgaaa tttattcttt     13020
     ccttcaccta ttattgtgta tgtgatttgg ggtcatattc ttaactataa ctacctattg     13080
     tctcatctta gaataaggat aaataatatc tatgttgaaa cactgctgtg agcattagtg     13140
     ctcaataact attactactg tactaatgca ggttcttgat tttaaacaat agaatgcaaa     13200
     cttgaataat taagcagaaa aggcatttat tggaaaggaa ctaaacagct catagaggat     13260
     atgacaaagg caggagttct tcatagttga tattgtatct ccgtgcattg aatcaggaga     13320
     cacatgatgt tgatttgttc tgttatcagt gatgctaatt ttgactactt gattttagtg     13380
     gtaactgaca gattttttca accataaagt tactattttc attgcttgat tttcgtatat     13440
     taaacttacc ctgtgatgct aattttgact acttgatttt agttgtaact gacagatttt     13500
     tcaaccataa gttactattt tcattgcttg attttcatat attaaactta ccctatgttc     13560
     atagaataaa ctcaacttgg tcattatttt acctagtgtt atatttaatt gactaataga     13620
     tcttttagga gttttgtatc tgtgtttaaa aatgagatga gccttacttt tgcttttttg     13680
     tttttgtttt tgcttcatgc ttatgaggat ttggcatatt gctgcatgag ttgagaaatg     13740
     ttcctttatt cccccgtctt ttggaatcgc ttgtgtaagg ttagcaaatg ccttcactga     13800
     atatttagaa gaattcaccc aataagatca tctttgccta cagattgctt tgtggaaagt     13860
     tttgtaatta ccaactcaat ttctttaata gatacaggat tatgaaaatt tttctattat     13920
     ttcttgagtt cattttagta agtggtgttt tctagaatat gtctatttca tctagctttt     13980
     caaatttgtc agcataaagt tatttataat attttctatt gtaattttaa tgtctacagg     14040
     acccataatg acagtacctt tttcattcct gatattggaa tttcatgcct tctgtcttgt     14100
     tttaaaatct tccacagtct tgctaaaatt ttatcaatcc tattagtctt ttcaaagaaa     14160
     caagccttta gtgttgttga tgtttttcta ctgtattatt atttcctatc aaattatttt     14220
     cttcttttat gtatataatt cccttacttt tacttttctt gggttaaatt tgacattctt     14280
     tttctaagta tatgattgat tttcagtatt tctttctttc caattaatta tatgcactta     14340
     aggttgcata taatttttgt ctagacctga cttcagcttc atcttatgtt ataatatttt     14400
     gtaatgcaag tataatttgc aatattttca gttttctttc ttccttcctt cttttctttt     14460
     tctttccttt cctttttttt tctttcaaga cagggtctca ctctgttgcc ctggctggag     14520
     tgcagtggtg ctgtcatatc tcactgcagc cttggactcc tgggctcaag tgatcctccc     14580
     acctcagcct cctaagaagc taggacctca ggcatgcagc accacaccag ctaacttata     14640
     ttttattttt cgtagagatg ggatcttatc atgtggtcca ggctggtttt gaacttccta     14700
     ggctcaagca atcctcttgc cttagcctcc caaagtactg ggattacagg catgagccac     14760
     cacacccaac tgatattttc aattttttat tgtcagggat ctgataataa ttagatttaa     14820
     tctctgatta tcttctttga tctatggatt attttaattt gtatttctta atttctaaac     14880
     tcttcaaaat tttttggtta tctttctgta attgatctct agctctgttc tatttttgtc     14940
     aaagaacatt ataaaagata aaatactttg aaatattgta ttctttttca ttgttttagt     15000
     agttatgttt ttcgagaaat ttgtcttttt tttttttgac aggttgctat gttgcccagg     15060
     ctacagtgca cgataacccc atactcctgg gttcaggcaa tcctcctgcc tcaacttccc     15120
     tagtagctgg tactacagat gtgtgccacc ctgcccagca caaaatgtgt ccattttatc     15180
     tagattatct aattgttggc acgcaattgt acacagtatt cccttatatt gtttttcatt     15240
     tctgtaaagt ggtagaaagg tctcatcttt tattcctgat ttgagtaatt caattccttt     15300
     cttttttttc ttactcaatc tagctaaagt ttcctcagtt ttgattcttt aaaagcaaaa     15360
     acttagtttt gttgattttc tctatctttt tctatttcct agttcattta ttcccattct     15420
     aacattcctt tcactagttc tggtttgtct tactcatttc taatttcttt tcttttcttt     15480
     tctttttttg tttgtttatt tgtttgtttg agacagggtt atttttttga gatggagtct     15540
     tgctctgtca cccaggctag agtgcagggg cctgatctcc actcactgca acctccccat     15600
     cccgggttca aacgattctc ctgtctcagc ctcccgagtg gctggggtta taggtgcctg     15660
     ccaccacgcc aggctaattt ttgtatgttt agtagagatg gggttacatc atgttggcca     15720
     ggctgatctc aaactcctga cttcaagcaa tccaccctcc ttggcctccc agagtgctgg     15780
     gattacagag tgagccaccg cacccggcct cttttctaat ttcttaaagt ggaaggttgt     15840
     tactgatttg caatttttct tcttttttaa tgtaggtatt tacagctata actttctctt     15900
     ttatcattaa aatgtcctta cttttctcta gtggtatgtt tgtattaagg tctattttgt     15960
     ctggcattag tgtagccact ccagctttct tttggttgct ctttgcatgg tgtatctttt     16020
     cctgccttgt actttcaacc tctttgtaac tttgtatcta aggtttgtct ccagcagaga     16080
     atatatagtt gcatcatttt tattttatcc attctgctaa cctgtctaaa ttgaaatgta     16140
     atgtatttat atttagtgtg attactgtaa catattttta tgtctgccat ttcattgttt     16200
     attttctatt tttcttatat cttttttgtt cctctattcc tctattactg ccttttgttg     16260
     tgttaaatag acattttcta tgtatcattt taattcactt atcatttctt ttactctaca     16320
     tttttagttc ctctactttt ttgtcttagt gactacccta cagattaaaa ttagcatatt     16380
     aataatctag tttgtattaa taccgactta atttcaatag tatacaaaca ctttatttct     16440
     atacagctct gttccctatc cccgtgctgt tattgtcata caaattatac cattcttaca     16500
     tgtgtgccta tcaacacaga tttataaata ttgtttgctg aagttttaaa ttaaatagga     16560
     gaaaaagtca ttaaaaagta catttatatt gtcttttata ttcacctatt tcagttacct     16620
     tattggtgtc tttatttcct tacatggatt tgactatatt acactatatt ctagtgtctt     16680
     ttcacttcag cctgaaagta ttttagtaca gctgtcttgc taatgatgaa atctctgttt     16740
     ctttttacct gaaaatgtct taatttctcc ttcatttaga gtttttggct gacagctttt     16800
     cccctcagca ctttgaataa gtctttcaat tgcattctag cctccatggt tctctttctt     16860
     tctcttcctt tctttctttc tctctctctc tctttttatc ttcctctgtc tctctttttt     16920
     atgtttttac ttttttcttt taaataggga tggagtgttg aactcctaca ctcaagcaat     16980
     cctcccacct cagcctccca aagtgctagg attaaaggca tgagtcaccg cacctgaccc     17040
     tccatggctt ctaatgaaag atcatctgtc aatcttcttg cttgaatgtg ataagtcatt     17100
     tctctcttaa tggtttcaag atatctttgt cttcaacttt caacagattg attacaatgt     17160
     gtgtaggtgt ggatctcttt gagtttattc tacttatagt tcattaagat tctcagatat     17220
     gtagattaac attttttatc aaatttgcaa agttttcagc cattatttct tcaaatattt     17280
     tttctggcac cctttttttc attttaggac tacagttata catattttgg tctgcttgat     17340
     ggtgttctac aggtctctga ggatctgttc atttttcttt tcccattttt cttcttcttc     17400
     ctcaaactgg ataatcaaaa ttaacctaca tttaactttg ttgattattt cttctgcctt     17460
     gctcaaatct gctgtcaagc cagtctggtg aaattttcat ttctgttatt gtatttttca     17520
     actccagaat ttctatttgg ttcttttctt atataattcc tgttgctgta gtctctactg     17580
     ggtggtgaga catcattcat atgcttgcct ttagtaaaca tgatttcctt ccgttctttg     17640
     aatatatttt aaatgcttat ttaatgtctt tgtctagtaa gtctaaatgc tgggcttcct     17700
     tagagacatt ttttatttat taatttcccc cctatgtaca ggccatgctt tattatttct     17760
     ttgcatgtct tgtaattttt gttgaaaact agatattttg tgtaatataa tgtggcaacc     17820
     cagataatga gattcttccc tcgctttccc ttctagggtt tgctttcatt gtttgttgtt     17880
     gttttatttt gtgacttttc tgaacaaatc ttgcaaagtc tgattctttg ttatgtgtag     17940
     ctattacatt ttttctcagt tagcttagtg gtcacctaat gtttgaacaa aggtttccta     18000
     aaatgcctgg aataaacata tctcctagtc tttcctgggg agctttttct ttgttttgtg     18060
     ttcctataag agaacacctg agatgaagta atttataaag aaaagaggtt tattttactc     18120
     atggttctgc aggctggaaa gttcaatatt agacagctga tttggtggct tctgctgagg     18180
     tccttgtgct gtgtcaaaaa atggcagaga aacaaaagga gaacgaggta tatgtgaaca     18240
     ggacaaaaca agagaggtaa actcacttta taacaaccca ctctcaaggg aacttcataa     18300
     ctaacccagt ctttcaagaa agacaccaat ccaacttaat gacctaagca cctcttaaag     18360
     gcaccatctc ccaacaccac cagattggga accaagcctc aaaataagtt ttgatgagga     18420
     caagccatat tcaaaccaca gcaggttctg tgtgcatgtt ggtgatacct tcaacactca     18480
     gccagacagt tgacaactcc actttaccct ttatttcctc cttgtacaga gcaccaaggc     18540
     cagtccaaga agaaagctta caatcttctc aggtctttcc taagtatgca ccccatccta     18600
     catatgtaca tggccttcta gatttccagg aatatgatgg aaataatcaa agccccttgg     18660
     acatctcatt tcccagattt tccctttaag ctttttattt aatctcttgt tttcctcaac     18720
     tgttatccac tgcctcaggc aactcggttg cctttaattg tttccaataa atattttcat     18780
     ggaaaaggat ttttgcaccg ggcaagttcc caatcaggtc aaatgagaac tactttgcaa     18840
     attgggtatt ccaggaaacc accagacagg taaaataatg acaattctct gatcacaagg     18900
     ttttggaaaa gccccagctc tgttctgctc cctccaggcc gctgattttc accatgatta     18960
     cagcttgttg gttctcaagt ctactgcaga acccgagagg acagaatggg aattgtacaa     19020
     gttaaaatgt cacaaaactg ttcttattga gattgcacca tttttcttta gtaaatgttc     19080
     tctggattgc tgcaagactt tggttaattt ccagagttct gaaagagttg attttttttt     19140
     caatttttgt cacttttctt gttgctttta tggagaggag agtttttgga ggttcttact     19200
     ttgttatttt tgccaatatt gacccatcta taggagtttt taaaaattta tatcatcatt     19260
     ttttagttct agaatttcta ttaattcttt tctatacatt ctatttcttt aataaaattt     19320
     ttcattatga tttctattat ctttttacat attcattata gctattataa agtttatctc     19380
     taatccaata attaagttat tcattatttt tctcagtgat gcacttttcc tccagaagga     19440
     attagcctta tcctctgtta ggcatataga gtagaaaatg atccttattt taatctggaa     19500
     tggatctgac ttgaagcaga gtttaagctt tttctggctg tcattgtcta ctgtttcact     19560
     gacatcctga tcccttaaat ttggcagccc cagataccat tctttgtctc tccatggcca     19620
     taagttgttt gctagaatta tcagtctgtt gctctgccct aaaaataaga taatctttag     19680
     gagtaaagca actggagaat gttggctcct ctcttgttat tttcttttca tgatcttgtc     19740
     ttctcaagct gtcatcacct tgagagtttt atgattccct caagcatata ttttttgtag     19800
     ttttttttcc tttgagaggg ggtcttgctc tgtcacccag gctggagtgc ggtggtgtga     19860
     tcatagctca ctgcagactc agcttcctga gctccagtat tcaagcaatc ctcctgcctc     19920
     agattcccaa gtagctagga ctataggcat gggccaccat gcccagttga ttttttattt     19980
     ttatggagtc tgggtcttgc tatgttgccc aagctggtct taagactcct aggctcaagt     20040
     gatcctcctg ccttggcctc ctgaagtgct gggattgcag gtatgagcca ctgtgcctgg     20100
     cctatttttt gtattttatc tggctttact cattattatt ggaaggaaca ttaatactgt     20160
     acaagctatt ccatcatagc caaaaagagg aaggcaatct atggtattgt tttttattga     20220
     caactgggga tagaattgga aactcaggtc tttctactag tctcttcctt cataatctct     20280
     tatttcagaa gtggaagttg atattggaca tcttccagta gccaagtgta tatattgcat     20340
     taatatagta tggatctggg agataaccga atgatgtgtt atgactacca taatctacca     20400
     ctttgaccag caaaccatag tcactccttg ttgggagaat acaatggatc aaacatacat     20460
     tatgtctggg actagaagaa aaataatttt attcctcttc agttactata cggtaatcat     20520
     taatcttaga tactcctaga attaatgaca ctcattaacc agtttatcat tgatgtcatt     20580
     gttgtcatag taaattagaa atgagggatt atcttcatca atgtcagtat ttcaagtaat     20640
     accagcaaga aattaataat aacctgtata gatgtgcttg ggcagattca tttgaggctg     20700
     gggagagaga atagccaagt acatcaagta catggtctgg taaaagtaag gcgtccagta     20760
     tggccaaagt gtagtgtaca atagcgtgac agagagtaaa tgactagaat aatgagttga     20820
     tgccttttat ttactacttc tctgcctctc gctgggtaga gaggaggtaa acaatatcaa     20880
     atgttggcaa gtaacaatat cttattatgg ctttacattg aagaatcaag gcctatagtg     20940
     attagtaagc acataaaaca caatattgag agttctaaga tcattagtat aagaatcagt     21000
     catccttagt ttaaacctat ctatgtccct gattaagccc gtgtaataat ttaactatgc     21060
     atggagtgaa tgtaaagcca taaatacatt ttctaccttg tgtatcccca acttaacttt     21120
     cccttatttg aatctctgaa atatctatgg tcactctatt gccgcctaac aaggggcaaa     21180
     atgtatgatg gatgagaagt cagaatgaag aaatacaaca gtcttaacaa tttgctgtta     21240
     aattatctta ctttttgcag attgtacaaa aatatatgat gttaaaaggc tcctgcaaga     21300
     aggggtcccg aatattaagt ctttttagat taaaggtaag tcagcctctg tataaggaca     21360
     atttcattcc tatacttgct cctattttct ttcctttttc tctggatttg gctctctcct     21420
     atcttctttt tcttgtcact ctatttattc atcttttttt tgcctattta ccaactggtt     21480
     gtaatttaga aatgaaaaat atgtatctta atattttgat gtattcattt acgtaataat     21540
     gtaagttctg aagatttgga atgtataagt gaaaatgtca ttatgctttg tttctgtaaa     21600
     ataaaaacta aactacatgt ttgggttggg ggctttggtt tttgttttta gttctaaaat     21660
     tttttgatac attatatttg aacatattca tgggttatat gtgacatttt gttacatgca     21720
     tgcaatgtaa tgatgaagtc agggtgttta gggtatctat cacccacaat ttatcatttt     21780
     tatgcattga gtacatttca agtcctctcc tctagttttt ttgaaaaata ctatacattg     21840
     ttgttaacta tagtcaccct actctgctat caaacactgg aatttattct ttatattagt     21900
     ataggttcat aaccattaac caacatctct gtatctccgt ccacttccta gtctctggta     21960
     tctatcattc tactctctac cctgatgtga tcaacttttt aaactcccac atacgagtga     22020
     gaacatgtga tatttgtttt tttgtgcctg gcttatttca cttaacatta tgacgtccac     22080
     ttccatccat gttactgcaa atgacatgat ttcatctttt taaatggctg aatactttca     22140
     ttgtctatat atagtacatt ttctttatcc attcatccat tcatggaccc ttaggttgat     22200
     tccatatctt ggctcttgtg aatagtgctg caataaagaa tgtgtgtatc cctttgatac     22260
     attactttct tttccatttg gataaatact aattagtgag attgcttgat tgtgtagtag     22320
     ttctattttt agttttttga gaaatctcca tattattttc catagtggct gtacttactt     22380
     acattccaag caatggtgaa taagagttcc cttttctcca tatccttgcc aacacctgtg     22440
     gtttttttgt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt gtctttttca tagtagccat cccaactggg     22500
     gtaaaatgat atctcattgt ggttgtttgt tttgcttttg tagtgatggg atctcactac     22560
     tttgcttagg ctggtctcaa actcctggct caagcgatcc tcccaccttg gcctctgaaa     22620
     gtgtcggcat tacagtcatg agccactgtg gcctgacttc attgtggttt tgatttgcat     22680
     ttccctgatg attagtaatg ttgagcattc tttcatgtac ctgttgacca tttatatgtc     22740
     ttcttttctt tctcttgctc tctctcattt ttcttttctc aatgaagaga acaaatgcct     22800
     gtcttctttt gggaaatgtc tgttcatgtt ctttgctcat tttaaaaatg gggttattaa     22860
     ttaattaatt taattattta tttttgagac tagatcttgc ccaggttagt gtgcagtggt     22920
     cccatagttc actgcagcat caaattcctg ggttcaagct atccttttgc ctcagtcctt     22980
     cagctgggac tacaggctca tgtcaccata ccaggctatt tggttctttt taattttagt     23040
     aagagactga ggtctagcta tgcttcctgg gctgatcttg aactcctgga ctcaagagat     23100
     cctcctgctg taggccccca aagtgctgac attacaggca ttagccacca cacctggcca     23160
     ggattattta tttttttact atgaagatgt ttgatttcct tgtatattct ggatattcat     23220
     cccctgttgg atgagtagct tgcatatatt ttctcccatt taagaggttt tctcttcacc     23280
     ctgtagattg tttcttttgc tgtgcagaag ctttttagtt taatatagtt ccatttgtcc     23340
     atttttggtt ttgttactgg tgcttttgag atcttagtca taaaatcttt gcctagacct     23400
     atttcctgaa gaactttttc tatgttttct tctagcagat ttatagtttc aggtattaca     23460
     tttaagtctt taatctatct tgagttgatt tttgtatatg gtgagaagta ggggtccagt     23520
     ttcattcttc tgcatatggt tatccagtgt tcccagcacc atttatagaa aaggatgtca     23580
     tatccccaat gaatattctt catagcttca ttgaatgtaa gtcagctata aatatgtgga     23640
     tttatttctg ggttttctat tctgttctat tcttttttaa aaaaaattta tttctatagg     23700
     ttattgggaa acaggtggtg tttggttaca tgagtgagtt ctttagtgaa gatttttgag     23760
     actttggtgc acccatcacc caagcagtat acactgcaac caatttgtaa tcttttatcc     23820
     gtcaccccct tcccaccctt tcctgcagag tccccaaagt ccattgtgcc atgcttatgc     23880
     ctttgcatcc tcatagctta gttcccactt atgagtgaga acatacgatg cctggttttc     23940
     ccttcctgag ttactgcact tagaataata gtctccaatc tcaaacaggt cactgcaaat     24000
     gccattaaat cattcctttt tatggctgag tagtattcca tcatatatat atattccatc     24060
     atatatatat atatattcca tcatatatat atatatattc catcatatat atatattcca     24120
     tcatatatat atatatattc catcatatat atatatatat atattccatc atatatatat     24180
     atatatatat tccatcatat atatatatat atatatatat tccatcatat atatatatat     24240
     atatatatat atatatatat caaagtttct ttatccactc attgggttac ttccacattt     24300
     ttgcaattgt gaatcgtgct gctataaata tgtgtatgca agtatctttt ttgtataatg     24360
     acttcttttc ctctgggtag atacccagta gtgggattgc tggatcaaat ggtagttcta     24420
     cttttaggac tctttaagga aactccacac tgttttccat agtggttgta ccagtttaca     24480
     ttcccaccag cagtggaaaa ttgttctctg ttcaccacat ccttgccaac atctattatt     24540
     ttttgatttt ttgattaagg ccattctttc aggagtgaaa tggtattgca ttgtggtttt     24600
     gatttgcatt ttcctgatta ttagtgatgc tgagcaattt ttcttatgtt tgttggccat     24660
     ttgtatgtct ttttttgaga attgtctatt catgccctta actcatattt tatgggattg     24720
     tttgtttttt acttactaat ttgtttgggt tcattgtaga ttctggatat tagtcctttg     24780
     tcatatgtat agattgtgaa gattttctcc cactctgtgg gttatctgtt tactctgctg     24840
     actgttcctt ttgccgtgca aaagctcttt agtttaatta aggtctcagc tatttatctt     24900
     tgttcttatt gcatttactt ttgggttctt ggtcattaaa tccttgccta agccaatgtc     24960
     tagaagggtt tttccgatgt tatcttctaa aattcttata gtttcaggtc ttagatttat     25020
     gtccctgatc taccttgagt tgatttttgt gtagagtgag agacatggat ccagttttat     25080
     tctcctacat gtggcttgcc aattatccca gctcaatttg ttaaataggg tgttttttta     25140
     ccactttatg tttttgtttg ctttgtcaaa gatcagttgg ctgtaagtat ttgggtttat     25200
     ttctgggttc tctattctgt tttattggtc tatgtgccta catttatacc agtaccatgc     25260
     tgtcttggtg actatggcct tatattatat tttgaaatca ggtaatgtga tgcctccaga     25320
     tctgttcttt ttggttagtc ttgctttggc tatgtgggct cttttttggt tccatatgaa     25380
     atttagaatt gttttttcta gttctgtgaa gaatgatggt ggtattttga tgggaattgc     25440
     attgaatttg tgactgcctt ttgcagtata gtccttttca caatattgat tctacccatc     25500
     catgagcatg ggatgtgttt ccatttgttt gtgtcatcta tgatttcttt cagcagtgtt     25560
     ttgtagtatt cctggtagag atttttagcc tccttggtta agtatattcc aagcattttt     25620
     taaatttatt ttcgggaaac tattgtaaaa gggattgagt tcttgatttg attctcagct     25680
     tggtcattgg tgtatagtag tgctacttat ttgtatacat ttattttgta acctgaaaat     25740
     ttgctgaatt catttttcgg atctaggagc tttttggatg agtctttagg gtttttgaag     25800
     tatatgatca tatcattagt gaacagtgat ggtttgactt tctctttacc tatttgtatg     25860
     tcctttattt ctttctcttg tctgattatt ctggctagga cttccaatcc tatgttttgt     25920
     cttttttttt tttaatttgt aacttccctt ttctttttct ttttttattt ttattattat     25980
     tatactttaa gttttagggt acatgtgcac aatgtgcagg ttagttacat atgtatacat     26040
     gtgccatgct ggtgtgctgt acccattaac ttgtcattta gcattaggta tatctcctaa     26100
     tgctaaccct cccccctccc cccaccccac aacagtcccc agagtgtgat gttccccttc     26160
     ctgtgtccat gtgttctcat tgtccaattc ccacctatga gtgagaacat gcggtgtttg     26220
     gttttttgtc cttgcgatag tttactgaga atgatgattt ccaatttcat ccatgtccct     26280
     acaaaggaca tgaactcatc attttttatg gctgcatagt attccatggt gtatatgtgc     26340
     cacattttct taatccagtc tatcattgtt ggacatttgg attggttcca agtctttgct     26400
     attgtgaata gtgccgcaat aaatatacgt gtgcatgtgt ctttatagca gcatgattta     26460
     tagtcctttg ggtatatacc cagtaatggg atggctgggt caaatggtat ttctagttct     26520
     agatccctga ggaattgcca cactgacttc cacaatggtt gaactagttt acagtcccac     26580
     caacagtgta aaagtgttcc tatttctcca catcctctcc agcacctgtt gtttcctgac     26640
     tttttaatga tcgccattct aactggtgtg agatggtatc tcattgtggt tttgatttgc     26700
     atttctctga tggccagtga tggtgaccat tttttcatgt gttttttggc tgcataaatg     26760
     tcttcttttg agaaggggtg aaagtcagca ttcttgtctc cttccagttc tcaaggggaa     26820
     tgctttcaac ttctccctgt tcagtataat tctttctgtg ggtttgtcat agatggcttt     26880
     cattaagttg atgtatgtcc cttctatgcc aattttgctc agggttttaa ttataaagcg     26940
     atggtaaatt ttgtcaaatg ttttttctgt gtcttttgag ttgatgatgt gatttttgta     27000
     tttaactgtg tttatgtgat gtatcacatt tattgacttg catatgttaa accatccctg     27060
     catccctggt atgaaaccca cttgatcatg gcgtattatc tttttgacat gctgttggat     27120
     tcagttagct agtgttttgt tgaggatttt tgcacctatg ttcatcaggg atattggtat     27180
     gtggttttcc tttttttctg cctattccca gttttagtgt tagggtgata ctggcttcat     27240
     agaatgaatt agggaaaatt ctctctttct ctatcttttt gaatagtttc agtaagattg     27300
     ataccaattc ttctttgact gtctgataga attcagctgt gaatacatct ggtcctggac     27360
     tttttctttt gggcagtttt taaattatta ttttaatctc actacttgct attggcctgt     27420
     tcagagtttc tatttcttcc tgatttaatc taggagggtt gtatatttcc aagaatttgc     27480
     ccatctcctc tagactttct agtttgtctg cataaaggtg ttcatagtag ccttcaatga     27540
     tcttttgtat ttctgtggta tcggttgcaa tatctcctgt ctcatttcta attgagctta     27600
     tttggatctt ctctcttctt ttcttggtta atcttgctaa tggtctgtca attttgttta     27660
     tttgttcaaa gaaccagctt ttcatttcat ttatcttttg tattcttggt ttcaatttca     27720
     tttatttctg ctctgaaatt tatttcaatt tcatttattt ctttgctatt tattttattc     27780
     tgatgggttt gggtttggtt tgttcttgtt tctctggttc cttgaagggt gaccttagat     27840
     tgtctatgtt gactttttga tgtctagatt gactttttga tgtaggcatt taatgctatg     27900
     aactttcctc ttagcaccac ttttgctgtc tcccagagtt tttgtttttg ttttgttttg     27960
     tttttttgag agtttcgctc ttgttgccca ggctggagta cagtggcaca atcttggctc     28020
     actgcaacca ccacctcctg ggttcaagca attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg     28080
     ggattatagg cacacaccac cacacccggc tgatttttgt atttttagta gagatggggt     28140
     ttcatcatgt tggccaggct ggtctcgaac tcccgacctc aggtaatcca cccacctcgg     28200
     cctcccaaag tgccaggatt acaggtgtga gccaccgtgc ccggccttcc tagagtttct     28260
     gataaattgt gtcactatta tggttcagtt caaagatttt taaaatttcc atcttgattt     28320
     cattgttgac ctaaagatca ttcgggagca gattatttaa tttccatgta tttgtatagt     28380
     tctgagaatt cattttggat tcaatttcca gttttattcc actgtagtct gagagggtac     28440
     atcatataat tttgattttc ttaaacttat tgagacttgt tttgtggcct accataacat     28500
     ctgtcttgga ggatgttcca catgctgatg aaaataatgt atattctgct gttgttgagt     28560
     agaatgttct gtaaatatct gttaagtcca tttgttctac agtgatatgg tttggatctg     28620
     tgtccccacc caaacctcac cttgtagctc ccataattcc cacgtgttgt gggaggcacc     28680
     ctgtgggaga ttactgaatt atgggggtgg gtctttccag tgctgttctt gtgacagtga     28740
     atgggtctca gttgatctga tagttctgaa aacggagttg ccctcacaag ctctctcttt     28800
     gcctgccacc atccaaggaa gatgagactt gctcctcctt gccttccacc atgattgtca     28860
     ggcttcccca gccatgtgga actgtaagtc caattaaacc tttatctttt gtaaattgcc     28920
     cagtctcagt tatgtcttta tcggcagtgt gaaaacagaa taatacagta aattggtacc     28980
     ggtagagtgg ggcaccacag aaaagatacc caaaaatgtg gaagtgactt tggaactagg     29040
     taacaggcag aggttgcaag agtttggagg gctcagaaga agacaggaaa atgtgggaaa     29100
     atgtggaact ttctagagac ttgttgaata atgatatgga caatgaaatc caggctgaga     29160
     tggtttcaga tggagatgag gaacttgttg ggaactgaag caaaggtgac tcttgttatg     29220
     ttttagcaaa gacactggtg gcattttgcc cctgccctag agatttgtgg gactttgaac     29280
     ttgagagaga tgatttaggg tatctggcag aagaaatttc taagcagcaa agcattcaag     29340
     aggtgactgg agtgctgtta aaagcattca gttttaaaag ggaaacagca taaaagtttg     29400
     aaaaatttgc agcctgacaa tgcgatagaa aataaaatcc cattttctga ggagaaattc     29460
     aagccagctg cagaaatttg cataagtaac aaagagccaa atgttagtgc ccaaaacaag     29520
     tcccttccgc tgcttcctct acccctgtgt ttccctcagc ttctaaatgg actcagctcc     29580
     agttcaggtc agaatcttct cccatgatct acaccttcag gttccccagt gaggtatgca     29640
     ttcaagggtg gaagatcccc ctttcccacc tccacagttt gggcactcac agtatttggg     29700
     atgtctccca ggtcctgcag gagcaatctg ctcccttcag agggtctgtg ggttctctca     29760
     gctttcccag tcattcctgc aataggtctg gagcaaaagt tcatgatgca agactccaca     29820
     agctgctctg tccatccaag ttggaggggc aatgtataat gcctcccatc caccatgatt     29880
     ctgtccccta ttctgttgta ttctattggt ctatgtgtct gttttttata ccagtactct     29940
     actcttttgg ttactacagc cttgtaaaat gttttgaact caggtattgt gatacttcca     30000
     gctttgttct ttttgctcag gatggctttg cctattcagg atcttttatg gttctataca     30060
     aattttagga ttgtttttta tatttttgtg gaaagtgaca ttggtatctt gatagggatc     30120
     acattaaatc tgtagattgc tttgggccat atggtcattt taatgatatt aattcttctg     30180
     atccattagc atggaatttc tttccatttg tttgtgtcca cttcaatttc tttcatcagt     30240
     gttttgtagt ttgccttgta gggatctttc atctctttgg taaaatttat tccaagtatt     30300
     ttatcatatt ttttgtagct atcataaatg gaattctctt cttcatttct ttttcagcta     30360
     tttcattgtt ggtgaataga aatgctactt atttctgcat attaattttg tatcctgcca     30420
     agtctactga attggcttat cagttctaag agtgttctgg tggagtgttt ggtttttcta     30480
     aatataagat tattttggaa cttgctttat gagctcttgc caggaagatg gcagatagga     30540
     gacagggctg atgtgcagcc ccccttggat agatagaata gtactatgtt gagtaggagg     30600
     ggtgaacatg tgtatacttg tcttttccca gttcctaaag aaaaagcttt caacttttca     30660
     ccattctgta tgatgttagc tgtgggtttt gtcacataga gcctttatta tattaaggca     30720
     tgatcctttt atgcctagtt tgttgagagt ttttattacg aaaaggtgtt gaattttatc     30780
     aaatgcttct tctgcattta ttgagatagt catatggatt ttggccttca tcatgttgat     30840
     gtgatgtatc acattcattg atttgtgtat gttgaaatat ccttgcatcc ttgctgtaaa     30900
     tcctacttga tcacattata ttattgtttt gatctactgt tggattcggt ttgctcctat     30960
     tttggtaagt atttttccat ctgtatgtat caggatattc acctgtagtt ttctttcttg     31020
     gagcatcctt gtctgggttt gccattaggg taatgctagc ctcacagaat gagtttggga     31080
     gaattccctc ttcttcaact ttttggacca gttggaggaa aatcggtggt ggttctctga     31140
     aagtttggtg gaattcatca gtgaaactat atgctcttgg atttttcttt tttgggagat     31200
     tttttattac tgattccatt tcagtactca gtattagtct gtccagattt tctttcttcc     31260
     tgattcaatc ttggtaagtt gtatgtttcc agaaatttat ccatttcctc ttgtttctcc     31320
     agtttgttac catatatttg ttcataatgg tttctgatta tcttttgtat ttatgtggga     31380
     tctgttgtaa tagcttcttt ttcatttatg atatggttta cttgggtatt ctcttttctt     31440
     ttcttggtta gtctagtgtg ggggttcagt caggatggtg ggagaaattg taaaattata     31500
     ggatatagac acaaaccttc ttggaaggcc agaaggtatt tgcaaaagtc tcaagatagg     31560
     gttatggctg aaagcagcgt aatccttacc ttgagttaat tgcttggggc acagatacaa     31620
     aggaacattt atctaaatag cttgtttact catgtggtcg taagaccaac atttgttcaa     31680
     ctgcagatgc ataattgctc tctacttggg ggggtcggca aacaggtcaa ttgccctcta     31740
     gtggtgtgaa caaatgcgag ctttgctggt tgatcagggc catagatgca actctttaca     31800
     gcaccttcct tggtgtctgt gtgtggcctg gaccctcagc tgaactgaca agcaagatat     31860
     ctgtgtcagt gtacacctct catccattac tgggtcaggg tctgtgggtc agactaccac     31920
     agctggtgcc ccgcatgagg aatgctgcaa agggagattg atgaaccccc tgaaaatgaa     31980
     ggtgaaaaag gaactgcgca gtcagtgagt aatcagtaag tcattggtac ttgcttggga     32040
     tttccaagtt cggggcgggg gattgttcag gctaaggttt catcatggga caacagttat     32100
     cagctcaaca gaaacagtat ataaaagtat tgaaatggct gcttaaagct agcagagcct     32160
     cagtttcaca ggtttaatta aggaacctaa tgcaaactgt tgtatcccat aacccatggt     32220
     tcccccaaga aggcatgcta gacctagagc tctgggaacg agtgggaaaa aatcttaagc     32280
     aacatcatgt tcaagggtaa cgggtcccag tatcatcttt aatgctatgg gccttagtaa     32340
     gggcggcttt ggtcccatta tacacagaag agcctaaaaa ggggaaggac aaggcaccat     32400
     catgtatttt accacccgca agttcctcag ccctgatatc accaggccaa aataacaaag     32460
     aggaaatgga ggttttgcct gagccccctc ctccaataga taggaaaaaa gacaggagac     32520
     atgctccagc tatgggacct tgtcttaagc aagtggcatt ggaaggggag ctcttagcct     32580
     gcctggtaat gcaagaccga caaggcaatc aggtacatga acccatttct tttaatgctt     32640
     ataaggagct aagaaaaagc attaaagaaa acagagctgc tagcccattt atgaaaggaa     32700
     tgattgaggc cttggcagac cacttttcta tgaccccatg ggactgggca atgctaacca     32760
     aaacaacttt ggagcctagc caatacctcc tctggaaggc agaatatgat gagctgtgtg     32820
     aacaataagc taaccagaat caggcgacgg ggcaagacct aacagctgct atgctccagg     32880
     ggaaggatcc catgcctatg tacaacgact agattttgat tccccaggcc taaaatcaag     32940
     tgtctttgtg tgctctcagg gcttgggact gaattcctga aagtggagtt tagcagggat     33000
     cttttataaa tgttcaacaa gggcctcagg agccatttgt tgagtttttc aattggttaa     33060
     cccaggcaat taagagacaa attagtcacg cccaggctgc tgatatctta ttgttgcaat     33120
     tggcttttga aaactctcat gtggatcacc agcaggcaat gcaggcaatc agaggaaagg     33180
     cagccacagt cggggaactt atatgagcat gtcagctggt gggaactgag acacacaagc     33240
     caaaatattg gttatggcat taaggcctcc taaagtgaaa agggagagaa gccaaagttg     33300
     ttttctatgt ggagagccag atcatatgaa gagggaatgc ccccataata gagacgaagg     33360
     taactcaggg aaagaacccc cttctatatg ccccggatgt aaaacggtga aacattgggc     33420
     aaatcaatgc aggtcaaaat ttgataaaaa cagaaacccc ataagtaacc aggtgggaaa     33480
     cttcatgacg ggctggccct aggccctgct tcaaactggg gcaatcccac cagctttcct     33540
     cggtctgatg gagagctcac agtcctctct ctcagagcag ccaccactgg gagtgcagga     33600
     ctggacttac tctgccccaa caaatcagtg ctgaaagaag gagaagaccc taaaagggct     33660
     gcatacggga tctggggcca gctgcctcca gaagcagtgg gattagtcct agggcggtct     33720
     agcctgtcca gtaaaggaat taatgtgctc actggggtaa ttggtagtga ttaccaaggt     33780
     gagatattgg ttatgatgga atgtaaaggt ctgaatattc ttccccctgg atcaaagata     33840
     gctcagttac tgattttgcc atactgggtc cccagtgccc acggaaagga aaggggaaag     33900
     gaagttttgg gagcacagga gccacaggag tatatgggaa tcaattaatc actgatcaga     33960
     gacccatgat tatcttaaaa attggaaata ataattttac tggcttattg gacacagggg     34020
     tggacgtttc aatcattagt gatcaaaact ggctagaaat ttggccttgg gtcactcaga     34080
     aataaaaaat tgtctgcatc agggaagcac acagagccaa gcagagcatg cactccctaa     34140
     cctgttgcaa ttcagaagga agaaaggcag ttatacaacc cgtaagcatg cgcatccctg     34200
     ttaatctttg gggacaggat ttattagccc aatgcgggag gggtgactct cagccccctt     34260
     tataacaatg gccactgtta ttattcctcc cctacccccg tcgtagctct ctcaagatcc     34320
     aatttgagta gaacagtggc ctctgaaggg agagaaatta caaaaagcct gtgaattagt     34380
     tgaagagcaa ttaaaagctg ggcatgtaga accatctatt tgtccttgga atttgcccat     34440
     tttcatcatt cccaaaaagt ctgggaaatg gagattttgc atgacctatg tgctgttaat     34500
     gctaatttgc aacctatggg accccttcaa cagggcctcc catcccctgt ggcgattcct     34560
     cgagattggc ctataatcat tattgactta aaggactgct tttatatgat tcccccagca     34620
     gaacaggaca gagaaaaatt tgcatttaca ataccagcta tcaataatga aaggccagct     34680
     tgttgatttc attggaatgt gcttcctcaa gggatgctaa acagtcctac caagtgtcag     34740
     tatcatgtaa atcaagcttt gctcccagta gaaaagaatt tcctaattgc aagattattc     34800
     gttttatgaa tattttacca gcaaccccaa cagagccaat acttttaaat ttatatacct     34860
     ctgtcataaa gaataaacag ctaagaggtt taatcattgc acctgaaaaa gtacaacttt     34920
     ctctccttgg aaatatatct tgggtacatg ctaacttcct ggtcagtaag acctcaaaat     34980
     gttaaattaa atactagcaa cttacattcc ttaaatgatt atcagaaatt actaggtgat     35040
     atcaactggc tctgccccac tttaggcatt cctacttata agctgcaaaa cctgttttct     35100
     atcttaaagg gcaatatagc cctgaattct cccagatatt taaaccctgc agcaaaaagg     35160
     gaaattgagg aaatagaaca agccatctct cagaggcaac tagatcacat agacacccat     35220
     tatttcatcc agttgtttat tttccccacc aaacactccc cttcaggatt aataggaccg     35280
     atgaccccag gactgcgctt tctagaatgg attttttttt gctcacatac caggactaaa     35340
     acactctttc cctacattca gttaattagt aaagtcgtat attcaggcct caaacaatgc     35400
     agtcagttgc taggctatga tcctgatatc ctgaaatcat caggattcct ttaagtaaaa     35460
     agcaattaga agcagttttg tccctattgt tagatctgca aatagctctc tctgattaca     35520
     caggacaaat agagcatgtt cttcctgctg ataaattcct tcatttctta tctcatactc     35580
     ctgtgatctt gcctacaaaa atagttcact cctccatacc taatgcttta acattgtttt     35640
     ctgatgattc aggcaaacat ggaaaggcgg caatctggtg gagaccacat aattcactca     35700
     ctcaatctgg gtttactagc attcagagag gtgagatcgg ggccctgata ttggccttgg     35760
     aaactttttc tactcagcca tcaatatagt tagtgattct gcctactttg tttatttatt     35820
     gcaaaatctt gaagcagccg taattaagtc cactctggag cctgccctgt gtgctctttt     35880
     tctctgattt cagcaattgc tagatcaatg tacacatcct atttttatta cacacattcg     35940
     agtccacagc tcactgcctg gcccactggc ttatggcagt gatcaaggag accttcaggt     36000
     gatgacatca ctgcttgacc aaaccaccca atcgcatcaa tttttccacc aaaattggag     36060
     aaacttatct aagcaatttc aacttaccca gagactggct aaacaaatta tcccacaatt     36120
     ctcaaattgc cagctaacag gcatgtcccc tccttcaaaa ggtgttaacc ctagaggatt     36180
     agaacctaat cagttatggc aaatagaagt tacatccctg aaattggaaa actaagatat     36240
     gtacatgtat ccattgatac cagcactcat ctaattagtg cacacgctct tccttggaga     36300
     gtccactcaa tatgtcatta aacatcttct ttcaactttt gcatgtatgg ggcggcccat     36360
     aaaaattaaa actgataatg gtccagttta tgccagctca caatttcaac aattttgtca     36420
     cacgtggaat atccaacgtt ccataggcat cccgtataac ccccaaggac gggccatagt     36480
     agaacgtgcc cactccagcc ttaaaaatat gctcaaaaaa cagaaaaggg ggagtatggg     36540
     taaagaccct gcaacactat tggcacaagc cttatttacc cttaattttt aaaatgtaga     36600
     tgacaaattt caatcaacta tagagaaaca ctttttgcta aaacctctca agacataaaa     36660
     cctgcagttt tatggaaaga tgtaagcagt aatgtatggt gtggtccaaa tgaattgtta     36720
     acttggagaa gagggtatgc ttgtgtccac accccctcaa gtcctctttg gattccagca     36780
     agacacatca aaccatacca tgacatggct aggactcaac ccggtaccag aaatgaagga     36840
     actaaccctg caggacccac ggtcccggat gatgcagctt ccgtggatga cacaaaccct     36900
     agacattact gggggatgct gaagaggaca actcaggagg ctgaatgaac cctgctctgg     36960
     acacagacac cattcactcc agataatttg ctccttgcta tgatttctgt tgtacattgc     37020
     aactcatgta gggtattgat cctttttatg ctcgtgcttt gtctgcaacc tgttcctgct     37080
     acactctatt gggctcatat cttagatccg cctttctttc accctgtcac ctaggcagac     37140
     actcccttcc caacttttaa taacataact gcttggctag gagggataga tttaccccca     37200
     gtggggtccc tcgataatgg catacactgg actaacgtgc cagacacact acatatcact     37260
     ccactatcct cccactgtgt gtaagttata aagattataa cccttactgt gtacctgccc     37320
     aaacacaatt atggctacat catggcaaaa gaaatgcctt taaagtctta gctgcaggta     37380
     gcttcaaatc aggtaatgca atcaatgatt ctttcccgaa cattccttcc tgtgctaaag     37440
     aataaagctg ggaaagtaat ggattccact ttagctggga ggtctgtcac ggggaataag     37500
     cttgtagcct ccagctaggc cattataata ccttagactg gagcccccac ggccattttc     37560
     agggcatcct tactgatgtc ctcatctatc atggtgttaa tcacagtttt gtagcctcat     37620
     cacgttcccc tatgatttag gccaatgggg gggatgggtt atcccatacc ccaagtaaag     37680
     tccatgctac ccaagacact ttacggtacc tgggacatct tagcacctcc ttttcacctg     37740
     gcatgggaca tatcataatt ccagtggcaa atacactata acctttattc ataatcacac     37800
     tgatcagtgc ctaatttata ctacccatac atatattttc cttatggaaa ctgatacttc     37860
     cattacaccc caaaactccg catttgtgac ccaggtgcag gaacaggctt ggtttgcctc     37920
     atgtatcact aattataata catctaattt aaatattact agtgtcatgg tattaaggag     37980
     acaatctgag gcattcctac ccagtcaatt tgacatgcga ttggcaaagt tcctctgccc     38040
     ttgccaccta agaatgtgcc ctgtcctagg ccagacccaa aagatacata ggcacactta     38100
     cagcctttat agtctcagcc acagtcatcc tagcaactgc tagtgtggct gtagcagcta     38160
     ttactgaatc actacaaata ggtgcttttg tagataattt ggccagaaac gtgtctaatg     38220
     aacttctctt acagcagggt ctagagcaaa agattcttgc acgtctgcaa gcccttgagg     38280
     tccttgaggc tgccctggaa tatatggggg agtaacaaga tgcactggca ttctaacagc     38340
     aattaaactg cgactgggcg cataaacata tctgtgtcac ttctctatca tagagtcaat     38400
     caatacatag ttgggatgaa gtgaaacaac acctctgggg aacaattcat gacaatttaa     38460
     tagcagatgt aaagcaactt caaactaaaa ttttagaatc ccttcccact atagatctac     38520
     acacccaaca aacagccata tggaagggtg tgcaagatca tcactcctgg ttagaccccc     38580
     gctcctgggg ttcactcttt gactggaaaa gaatattgct aattattctc atgattgtct     38640
     tatgttattt gctaattcta ggatgcaaag ccggaataaa agcgatgact gccttgcctg     38700
     acagacgtgt tgctgcacac aactgtacac ttcagtcaac agaagagtgt gtgcactaat     38760
     tagataagtg ttcgtatcaa tggatacatg tacatatctt agttttccaa attcagggat     38820
     gtaacttctg tttgccataa ctgattaggt tctaatcctc tagggttaac accttttgtg     38880
     ttagaacctg tgaagtagaa gtaactcaga agtgctcctc agagagtaga cagctctttc     38940
     tctaaccatt tccagctcag tagaatttag aaaggcttct aggaggccaa ccagtctttt     39000
     tgatccaaca ttgaattgta aaaccggata tggaagccaa atttcacagt ggatctaaca     39060
     aagtagctaa tgggtactat gcttctgaga acctgaacag gcatctgaga gctgtaacta     39120
     gaagaaaagt aaagactccg gactccagca ccaagcaggt tttccttagc aatttacaac     39180
     ctgaagctcc aaggaaaaac tattttagca tacaccaaaa ctattcccat gtgccaacag     39240
     gtaaggagac ttgtacttat attctgtttt attcttctct aactcgtttc tgtgcactat     39300
     ttctatgttt tctccttagt tttaccttgc ctgggtttgc ccatttgtta ttcatatcta     39360
     tttatcaatc ccaaaatact aaaaggatcc aggcagggca gctttaattg gtggctgcac     39420
     agagtgctac ttcctgtgag gcagcaattc taaccctagt tggcatacac ttcagatttt     39480
     ctcaacagca gaagatgtaa ccttcccaag aacccacttc aaccctcagt tctctcactt     39540
     ctatgtccac gtgacactct gatacatttt cccactatga aaagaactgt tctcttgata     39600
     gcatgccata cctctccctt ctctgcaact cactcaggac aatctcagta cctttattac     39660
     ctggtcacaa gtgaggatgc ttcacactca aatctcattg gctggaggga aagtcattaa     39720
     gcagaagtga taattcttgt catcacagct ttctccaaac cttctccatc ggcattttac     39780
     tctcactctt agagcttagc ttcaaccatc aaacagacag ttgagtgttc aacagtccct     39840
     ttatgggaca gattttttta gttgactgtg tattctaacc ctgagcaatg gggcccctgg     39900
     ctaagagaga gaagggaaag cagagaggga agtgttgcaa tgctaccttt tcagagagga     39960
     aatagagaca aatagttttt atgggtgtaa tacacagcct ccactgtccc acaataagag     40020
     caattgagct taaataccaa aaagggcttt tctatgtgag ctgaaaacag aaagagagag     40080
     caaatgggag gatgggctgg agtaatcttg tttgaagttc tctcatccta aggaagaacc     40140
     ttttcttcct ctgtcataca cgagtgctta gggcttacat aagccccatc tgcacgctgc     40200
     taggagcaga tcatcctact caagacaata aaaaaggaat catcatgtac cttacatatt     40260
     tagagatacg tgcgtacact tttctcataa ataaagcaac acacccctgc ctgacctcct     40320
     aggacctcca tagttgaggt atagttattt ggagtcagag attcttaaac caatcctggt     40380
     tctgcttttt tcacttcacc aaaccaaact tgaccagatt ctttaatggc tccaaaatca     40440
     caaccctttg aactatttta ctcctgtttt ccattttcct ttatacctct gtccaggtgg     40500
     tacagatttt tcttaaaaat ctatgtctga gtgtacagag cttcaagtaa agttcaagaa     40560
     gggaatagga gatctatcac cttccttatt acagaaatat tgctgatatt aatgcaggct     40620
     aatgttatat taagtccctt gacaggtata tcaaactatt tggtcttatc cagttggtgg     40680
     tcaaccagat agttataagt gagatggaga gacaggtcat tctcttccca tagccctctc     40740
     ttccttaccc tatttacccc aaaacgctga ggcaggaaat aatgcatact cctttgtgca     40800
     ctgctcctcc atttcccatt tttaaatgga gacatactta aggcataatc ttcagccctt     40860
     tgctcatctc tctacactca ttctcctgca gatctcagtc accctcatgg catcaatcat     40920
     gatgccacag aaaaacccat tagtgtatag tctctggctt catctcagta tatgtactgg     40980
     gcacatccgt ctggatgttc cgtcattacc tcaaactctg tccttaattt ttttgttaga     41040
     aacatctctt ctctacaaac catgctttgt gttcagcatg ctcatctggc atccagttta     41100
     agaaggatat cttctggcca tgatttgatt tttgtatgaa aaaaatcttt gttgtagaaa     41160
     tcagcatact attttttttt tattattatt attttattga tcattcttgg gtgtttctcg     41220
     cagaggggga tttggcaggg tcacaggaca atagtggagg gaaggtcagc agataaacaa     41280
     gtgaacaaag gtctctggtt ttcctaggca gaggaccctg cggccttccg cagtgtttgt     41340
     gtccctgggt acttgagatt agggagtggt gatgactctt aaggagcatg ctgccttcaa     41400
     gcatctgttt aacaaagcac atcttgcacc acccttaatc cattcaaccc tgagtggata     41460
     cagcacatgt ttcagagagc acagggttgg gggtaaggtc accgatcaac aggatcccaa     41520
     ggcagaagaa tttttcttag tacagaacaa aatgaaaagt ctcccatgtc tacctctttc     41580
     tacacagaca cggcaaccat ccgatttctc aatcttttcc ccacctttcc cccgtttcta     41640
     ttctacaaaa ccgccattgt catcacggcc cgttctcaat gagctgttgg gtacacctcc     41700
     cagacggggt ggtggcgggg cagaggggct cctcacttcc cagtaggcgc ggccgggcag     41760
     aggcgcccct cacttcccgg atggggtggc tggccgggcg gggggctgac ccccccacct     41820
     ccctcccgga cggggcggct ggcggggcag ggggctgacc ccccacctcc ctcccggacg     41880
     gggcggctgg ctgggcagag gggctcttca cttcccagta ggggcggccg ggcagaggcg     41940
     cccctcactt cccggatggg gtggctggcc gggcgggggg ctgacccccc cacctccctc     42000
     ccggaggagg tgactgccgg gcggagacgc tcctcaattc ccagacaggg tggctgctgg     42060
     gcggaggggt tcctcacttc tcagacgggg cggttgccag gcagagggtc tcctcacttc     42120
     tcagacgggg cggccgggca gagacgctcc tcacatcccg gacggggcgg cagggcagag     42180
     gtgctcccca catctcagac gatgggcggc caggcagaga cgctcctcac ttcccagatg     42240
     tgatggcggc cgggaagagg cgctcctcac ttcctagatg ggatggcggc cgggcagaga     42300
     cgctcctcac tttccagact gggcagccag gcagaggggc tcctcacatc ccagacgatg     42360
     ggcggccagg cggagacgct cttcacttcc cagacggggt ggcggccggg cagaggctgc     42420
     agtctcggca ctttgggagg ccaaggcagg ctgctgggag gtggaggttg tagcgagccg     42480
     agatcacgcc actgcactcc agcctgggca ccattgagca ctgagtgaac gagactctgt     42540
     ctgcaatccc ggcacctcgg gaggccgagg ctggcggatc actctcggtt aggagctgga     42600
     gaccagccca gccaatacag cgaatcccca tctccaccaa aaaaatacga aaaccagtca     42660
     ggtgtggcgg cgcgcgcctg caatcgcagg cactcggcaa gctgaggcag gagaatcagg     42720
     cagggaggtt gcagtgagcc gtgatggcag cagtatcgtc cagcttcggc tcggcatcag     42780
     agggagactg tggaaagaga gggagaggga gaccgtgggg agagggagag ggagagacac     42840
     tattttttaa aatatggaga gaagatattc tggtggctga aagtgtggtc tggtgtcaga     42900
     tataaatgtg caaatgcctt cttgctgtcc tgtcggtctc agtacattca ccttgtagct     42960
     gctggaaata tcgaaggttc cttttttgtt tgtgtaaact ctaatttcta tcaaggtgtc     43020
     atggactttt aaaattagta tttcattaca aatgtctcag cattggtcaa tttttgccag     43080
     gaccattatt gatcaagcaa ataaatgtat tatatagtta atagtttcat ttatatagaa     43140
     tgcatagaaa ctgttcacag aatgtccagc attttgtatt tttgcagtag ggaacatttc     43200
     ttcactgaat tccactttca cattagataa tttaatagtt ttatggagaa agtaaaatgc     43260
     ccgcccccct cccccaccca aaattgaaaa tttcagttgt tggttttcat ggacacacct     43320
     tatcaggtaa ttccttttta ttcctagttt tctaggactt tttatcatga atgagcaaat     43380
     gcctttttct gcatccattt acataattac ataatttttc ttttgtattc tgttaagatg     43440
     tggaatcaca ttgatttttt gcatgttaaa catgccttcc attcctggca taaactttta     43500
     tgatcatgtt atatcatcct ttttaatata ttattgaatt caattttaaa aaatattttg     43560
     ttaaacattt tcatggctat gtttgtgtgt ctttagtttc cttttctttt aatgtcattg     43620
     tttgatgtta gtatattgga cttgtaaatt attgggatgt gttttcttct gctcttttgt     43680
     tgaaagagtt tgtattgagt ttgtattgtt tcttccttaa atgtataata gaattaatca     43740
     tacagacatt aaaagtatta tgacagtatt atgacagaat actatggatt aatcaatgaa     43800
     gccatctgac ctggaaacca tttggccttc tctgtgagaa ggatttttaa aattacaaac     43860
     ttaatttctt ccattgacag agatttcttc ttgatttagt tttggtaatt tgaatcgttc     43920
     aagaaatgtt tctatttcat gttgttaaaa taaaaatttt agagaagttg aatttaacag     43980
     agtttattta gcaaagaaca attcatgaat tggggagccc tcagaaccca gaaagattca     44040
     gaaagctctg tccagcaaca tgtgaaggca gtgtttatag ataaaaacag gaagtgatac     44100
     tcaaaaccag ccaatttatt acagctcagt gtttgcctta tatgggcatg gcgtgatgag     44160
     gcatttgcct tatgggggac ataatatgat cacttggcag cctgtgattg gctgagactc     44220
     agctatttat tacaacactc ttaagttagg ctgtagtttg tttgcataac gcagttatgt     44280
     taagttgggt tagtttgcta tgtaggaatt taagatatgg agaaagcttt acaccaaatt     44340
     taatttaatt taacaatgta aattgtcaaa tttattgtca tttttgttta ttggcatttt     44400
     catagcattc tgtcataata cttttaatgt ctgtatgatt tgttgtgacg tacccacttc     44460
     catttctgat attggggatt tgagtcttat ctctttttct tgatccatct acctagagat     44520
     tcatgaatgt attgagcctt attgaaaacc agcaattgac tttgtttatt ttctttattg     44580
     tttgtccatt ttattgcatt tatttctgat cttattaatc ttgggattca tttgactttt     44640
     tttttctagc ttcttaagat gggaacatag atggttgatt ttagagtttc cctcctttcc     44700
     aattatgtaa agttataaat tattctctaa ttagtgtatc atactaattt tgatagtgtg     44760
     ctttcatatt cactcagttc aaaatatttt ctaattttcc ttctgactct ttttaaatcc     44820
     aggtgctgtt tagcagtata ctttttaatt tctaggtatt tgggactttc aaggtatttt     44880
     tctgttattg gtttctaatt taatgctatt gtggtccgag aatgtattct gtatgatttc     44940
     aatagagaca tttatttatt tagacattta tttatatgtg tttatgaccc agtgtatagt     45000
     ctgtcctgtg gaatattctt gagcatttga aaataatgtg tattctgcca ctattgggtg     45060
     gaatattcta cagatcttga ttagatcacg ttggttcatt gataatgtta tttaaatcta     45120
     tcatgtcctc atgaagtttt ttcctaaata ttttattgtt tactgagtgc tagaatacta     45180
     aaatataatt gtgaatttgt ctatttctga tttattttta tcatttttgg tataatgtga     45240
     tttaagacat attttctaag aacaaacaca tttaggattg ttatatgttg ataataaaat     45300
     gatcctttta tcattatgaa ctatccttct ttctccttgg taatatttct gagtcttata     45360
     tttctgatat taacacagcc accaatactt ccatggttgg cattattttc gttttttttt     45420
     tttttacttt aagttctggg atacatgtgc agaatgtgca ggtttgttac atagttatac     45480
     atgtgccatg tggtttgctg catctatcaa cccatcatct aggttttaag ccatgcatac     45540
     attcggtatg tgtcctaatg ctctccctcc ccttgctccc catgccctga cagaccctgg     45600
     tgtgaggtgt tcccctccct gtgtccatgt gttctaattg ttgaactccc acttacgagt     45660
     gagaacgtgt ggtgtttggt tttctgttcc tgtgttagtt tgctgtgaag gatggcttcc     45720
     agcttcatcc atgtccccac aaacaacatg aactcatttt tttatggctg catagcattc     45780
     cacggtatac atgtattttc ccattctttt actttttacc tgtctttgcc ttcatattta     45840
     aagagggcat tatgtagaga gcatgaagtt ggcctgtaga tttttttgtg cattctgaca     45900
     atctttccct tttcattaga atatttaggc catgtgcatt taattcaatt attagtatgg     45960
     ttgttttaaa ctctaccatc ttacagtttg ttttcttttt gtcttaccag actttccctt     46020
     ttttatttct ttattttgaa ttaattatgc ttagtgttct attttatctt ctccattggc     46080
     ctcttggcta tacctctttt tttttcaata gttatcagga gcttaaaata ttcatcttaa     46140
     tacattctac cttcaaataa taacacacca cttaacatgt ataagaaact tacaacatta     46200
     tacttccatt tctcccttct attctttgtg ccattgtcat catattttac ttctgggtat     46260
     gttataaacc cccaaataat ttttacttta aacaattcct tttttaactt aaaaaaaact     46320
     agagaacatg tttttatatt tatctgaatt tttaccattt catgcttttt tcatcgtaat     46380
     atctaatgaa cactcataaa gaaacaaaat ccttgctcaa ataagatatt tttcttcata     46440
     atcatcacta ttctcaaacc tttgaaagct ctggtaatca tgatttaagt tctcccacat     46500
     ggagtgacta tggctggtaa aaattgcaat gaattagggc attttaaaaa ttttatttct     46560
     tggctcttag tttatcatgt agaaaaatcc tccatgaaat attgctataa ttacaataca     46620
     gccttgggaa ggaagctcag gggctgtgaa tggaatccta atctgcctga aatcttgatc     46680
     cagacagacc aaatctcttc cctcagagac ttcaaacact gcagtcttca aactacatcc     46740
     aagaaaatct tcatccaagt aaaatttccc ccaaatatcc tttctctacc ccaccctatc     46800
     ctgtagttag ggaaaaaccc aggactgaat caatatcctc agacctttcc gttcaagtgg     46860
     gatcagaacc tttagtaacc acatcggcaa cagaggttga aaccacacct tcaagaaata     46920
     gtattcacat gtgacctggt cctagacttc cagtaagaat gactcagagt ctccccgctc     46980
     tgaaatactg aagtatttat tggtcttagg gtattctcgg gaaggtgaca gtgaggggtt     47040
     cttcaaagga gaacagagga taaaaggctc aatgaaagga taatctccat attagtgcta     47100
     ccaaagtgtc attaatttct atttgttgga aactttacta aggaatgact gctttgaggt     47160
     aatggataag gacagagctt gaagggtcag caattcagtc agccactgga gtagttttca     47220
     catgaagtga gaagaaaagc tgagatggag tttgtagggc agctggagtt cagatctctc     47280
     ctaagtcctc ttctgttcag atattttgtc acctgcagca acacacacag ttattgtcat     47340
     tcctgggttc agtactgtaa gcccggaccc atcttcccca ctccctttgc acccgagctt     47400
     cccatttctc tgccctgttc aggtcccagg gagaaggtgg tcatccctgc acatgccctg     47460
     gtcctccagg tgaagagcac ataggagcca aggagttcac gaaagtcatt gaatttcacc     47520
     ctcaaacccc agctgactgt gaggccatcc cacatgcttc atgtctccaa aatatacaga     47580
     caaggggaag ggccacatta ctgagggcag agaagaagct taaccctgga atgagaattg     47640
     gaagggacaa atatccaaac catatcaatg acggcaatga acgaaggata cttgctcaca     47700
     ttgtgtatac tgctctttga aaggatttca aaaaccaagg taaattttct aaaatgacct     47760
     ctgttgaaca tctgacagca gtacttcctc cttcctgaat tctttaattc cttggctcat     47820
     gtgacagcat attctcctaa ttcttctgct tctctgcttc tccatttttg ttaaatactc     47880
     ctctttggat gttttgttaa tcatgtatct ttgcattaat tttgcctttt caagatattt     47940
     cattaaaata tgatttatta ctgagttctt ttggtatccc ccaaattttg cacctaagcc     48000
     aggtgcatcc cctacatcac cctagtccca gccctctttt ccattcttcc tcttaacatc     48060
     tgacattcta cattcacttc actctgttac aaatcattat agatataatt ataaatgtgt     48120
     gtgaactaag aaaaataaac aagaatttgt cctactggat actaacacac actacaatgt     48180
     catagtaatc aaaatactag gacactggca caagaagaga caaacagaac agtggaacaa     48240
     gatggaactc agacacaggc ccacctataa tgggagcttt cagtatagca aaggagacac     48300
     tactaaccta tggggaaaag gtgaactatt tagtagttgt gggaacacac tggcccatta     48360
     tataaagaaa aataaaacat gatccccatc aaacacaaag atgaatccca gatgaattaa     48420
     agtagtaaat gtgaaattta aaactgtagg agatgtttta agagtatctt tgatatctca     48480
     gtatagggaa gacttctttt aaaaaagaca cacaaacaaa aatacagttg atggacttca     48540
     ttacaaaata ttaaggattt ctcttcaata aaggaaacca aggagacagt tgccagaagt     48600
     cagattagag gaaaacattt gcaatgccta aaactgacaa gggactacta gcaggactat     48660
     ataaggatca cctgcaaatc aataagaaaa tgatggaagc acatagtaca aaaatggaca     48720
     atgaatgtga acaggcaatt tatagaaaag gaacccccaa gtggctaatc agtcctaatt     48780
     atagccccaa ttattagtaa ttaaagaaat gcaaaataaa acagcatatt tctttatgca     48840
     catgaaattg gcaaaagtta gaaaactgga taatgtccag tgttgaagtc catttaggag     48900
     ttgcaggaca attagagtac tgacaaagga agttcagatg agtacagcca ttctgatgag     48960
     aagatgagca gtgtttagtc aaattaagga gctgcatctc cagcaaccct gcaacccctt     49020
     tctaggatac atacattcca gggatgcagg tcaggcccac atgtatatgc agttccatgt     49080
     gagatacaag cattgcttgc aatagtagag aaccaggaat gatccaggta tcccaggagc     49140
     aatgtagata tgtggattaa tatgatttgg atatttgtca cttccaagtc tcatgttgaa     49200
     aattgatccc cagtgttgca ggtggggcct ggtgggaggt atttgaatca tggaggagac     49260
     cctcatgaat ggctttgtcc cctctccggg taatgagtga gttctcactc tattagtgca     49320
     catgaaacct ggttgttaaa aagaggctgg cacctctttc tatgtctctt tctccctcta     49380
     tgaccatgtg atgcactggc tccacttgcc ttccaccatg agtaaaagct tccagaatcc     49440
     cccaacagaa gcagatgcta gtgccatgtt tcgcgtacag cctgcagatc tgtgagccat     49500
     ttaaagctct tttcttcgta aattaggtaa cttcagatat tcctttatag caatgcaaaa     49560
     tggactaatg catggacata taaagtaaaa tactatggaa gatttggaag aaacaaactg     49620
     gatgtacaaa attagatcta taatttaatg ccattttggt taattaaaaa tacatgtaca     49680
     ctggacacta ctacatatta cagaggatct atgcaaataa aaggaaacat caaattcatt     49740
     aaaatgttta cctatgaggt aggggtaaga ggttagatat gggagtaagg actggagata     49800
     aaagggacca aataaatcaa gggagagaga gagagctcgg aggcaccaat gatgatcata     49860
     taatgaactg agaagttctt aaccttttgt acctgaggtc cagcatgaat aacaataata     49920
     ataatgaatt agatgtggtc atctgcatgg aagttcactg tctaatgcta agagaattcc     49980
     caaaacatat aaaaatataa agcatggtga gtgttatgat aaatagaaac ctgtaagatc     50040
     tctggagggg cattttttgt gtgaacattg ccatggaatg agtccaagta gagacagtaa     50100
     gtagttacag gcacccacca cactgtgttg taattatgta tagaaatata gatctgactc     50160
     cattatttgg caatggactc tggagaattt gaacttggtc ttttccttca caaaataggg     50220
     tgaataggac agtggataaa cagtcttgga tccagacttt ctggattgga agctagccct     50280
     actacttcat agctgtggga acttgatcaa agtgcttaaa gtctctgtgt atgtaaaaag     50340
     atgtaagtat ctctcatgtg aaatagtgaa aataatagta cctacctcaa agactatgtg     50400
     tgagaataaa gtgagttaat aaatgtaaat cctcagaata gcgcctgacc atattaacta     50460
     ctcagttagt tatcggtgtt gttgttgtta tgtggctgaa tgcttttaac ccattagaag     50520
     atcaatgaac acttatcaga ttgaattttt cctcccttcc ttacattcta caaatcctag     50580
     ggcctcctct ttacattccc acctttacag tatttcacag ggtcccctgg gcccgggggt     50640
     catggccaga acgcagagac tttatgatga ggacggtgcc cacgatgatg ccgactaggc     50700
     ccagcaccag gcccagggca cagagcacag tctccgttgt ctcaggcatc tggattggct     50760
     cttgggcctc tgggggaaga atgaagagat agggtcagga ggtgcagtga gggtggtgat     50820
     ggcctgggat ggttgtggga attgaaggtt atggaccagt taattggatg ttaggacgag     50880
     gagaggactg agacccagcc agtgcggaaa gctggtgcag aggacaccag gtctttggaa     50940
     tagaggatgc caggagatta tggagagaaa agcagttgca taccccagtg cttgaggagc     51000
     ggctggtcca agccccagtg ctccaccctg cagtcataga agtcctctgc tgagggcaca     51060
     aaggtcaggt aatggaactt gtggaagctg taatctgttc tgggcaggaa gaggctctca     51120
     gcgacaccct cagtgaccag ctccccgttg cacagccacg tgacgttgag cactggtggg     51180
     aagaacttgt caatgtggca gatgagggtg ttgggctggc ccagctccac aggctccttg     51240
     ggaaacacgg tcacctcagg gggatctgga aggagacagc accaggttag gcccctcttc     51300
     tgggatgaat cacaaaggct ccacctctta ggggagggtg gtcctctacc tcagccttag     51360
     attttatggc agctctgaat cacagagagg ggtatcacac cactgaccag cctcactctg     51420
     ctcacctttc tctctcctga gaagagagga tgcaagccct tgctgtagtg ggatcagccc     51480
     atggccacta ggggaagagg atcacacagc agggggcact taggcttcct agtctgaggg     51540
     tggcagagag gccctctcat cccttccagt tgggctacag aggaagaggc aaagataggg     51600
     cgtaccgttg gtggcctgag tgtggttgga acgctggatc aaggtattca agttgttgtt     51660
     caatatagca atgttagcca gcccgccctg agcctcaaag gaaaaggctt ggccaaactc     51720
     ctccagatgc cagacggtct ccttcttgtc cagatccaca tagaacatct catcttcatc     51780
     aaattcaaac ataaactccc ctgttggtct atgcgtctgt acaaacgcgg cataagttga     51840
     cacatggtcc gctgcataaa gacagtagag aaaaacacga caaaatgtca gtttgaatat     51900
     gcaagtggtc aaagctagag aatgaataaa gacttatgaa tataaaaagg aagaaggtaa     51960
     gaggtcaaag gaaggacata tggggaagaa gaaggagcaa caccataaag gaaataatac     52020
     agagcagatg agcagttata aaaagaaagg agcaaagaac aaaatgaaaa gtttatcact     52080
     gataagtcaa gctgcttcct ggtctttgaa agtctgggca tcctgaccct acacaatagt     52140
     aatagtaaca atgacagcta acatttgttg agcacttact tgtgccaggc atccttctaa     52200
     atactttaca tatttcactc gctgaattgt cacaataacc ctatgaagca aatacatatc     52260
     atacatttta caggtaagga aatgcaggga agttacatat taataacttg ctaaggtcat     52320
     acggctactg gcggaactag tagagaggtt ttctctccca ttaagatctt aatttttcta     52380
     tgacacagat gtaaaattgt ttttagagtc atgggggtgg gggaatggac attttctttt     52440
     tcttattata gaaaaggtag aaaaaaatac aaaattgaga ggaagaagaa aatatccttc     52500
     aaattttagg gctcttgaca gttttaaagt ttctgtctta gtttatgaac atgaaactgt     52560
     agaatgtata gctttgttga taatattttt catttggggc atataaattc aaaagtacag     52620
     tacagttatt ttggcatttg ttccaaactt ttgtttcctt tttaaaaata tttcaacatt     52680
     tattttatgt tcaggagtac atgtgcaggt ttgttgtata ggtaaactca tgacttgggg     52740
     gtttagtgta cagattattt catcacacag gtactaagca ttctaaactt ttcttacatt     52800
     tatattttga tttttgtttt agaggccaac tagaaattat tgctgagttt ggaacacctg     52860
     taggatttaa tttattttgt ttcttagtct ttattagttt gtaagaatta gcaaagataa     52920
     gaggataaaa gcaactatta tcatgaaaga aaacgatgaa tgtgtatgtg aaagtctggg     52980
     tttagaatga taaatgcatc agagtgagaa ggaactacgg gactcttctg ctctcacctc     53040
     ccaactcaca gatttccctg tgagttttca gccctgacat gtggggaccc agtctgtgct     53100
     tggccactta cagtgacagg agaatgactc cttgccactg taattgtaag tgtctagagg     53160
     gtatgacctg tgtcttattt ttcactgaga atgactccct gacacagtaa gtggccaagc     53220
     aaagagtggt atttgaaact aaacaaaaca aatcctatag gtatttcact aggaaactta     53280
     gcttgctcct cagtttaaag gactcaaagg actcatcagg aaaaagaggg taaaataaaa     53340
     agacacaaag tcctctagca gttattggaa actcatcttc ttaatacatg aatgtccctt     53400
     gtacttttta aaatgctttt taaaaaacac tttcacaagt tctgcagtcc aaagatcagc     53460
     cagctatgga acagattatt tttcttcaaa atatcatttc cattcagaca aaaatatgta     53520
     ttaaaagact actatatgtc aaacactgtt agatgctaaa tacccaaata aaaataatac     53580
     atacgtcctg ttctgcagac gcgtataagt cacagaagga aacacaagtg acaggacaac     53640
     agcaggttca gaaggataag tgcagatacg taggtataca caagatgcga ccaaacagca     53700
     catcagggaa ggcttcctgg ggaacagatg gcttcaatgt aggcattcag aaaacagggc     53760
     aaaagccact tctctcaggg aagacagcct gaccgggaga agatactgag tttactgtgg     53820
     ggctattgca cttagaagac ctgaaagtca tctaaggaga aataatacat agatatttgt     53880
     ggattatggg tggtctcagg agaggaattt aggccataga actgagagtc attagtggca     53940
     ggtgcaggtt aaataagatt ttccaggaag agtgccaaaa atcagaattg ccgagatctc     54000
     agggtataat gagagaacat gatagttaag aggtggttta aaagatgata aggaggatcc     54060
     aggtaaacag gagaaaaata aggacagggt agttcatcag aaagaagtgg attatagtgc     54120
     aaatgttatt agtaactcaa gtcagaggca ctgagaagaa cccactgaat ttgaccttct     54180
     gtagaggttc ctgatggcca agatgagagg atcctcaggg atgtaccaga gacaagtcag     54240
     aagcttagct ccacgtgtga ggacacaaag aaagtgtctc tgggacagga tgcagactga     54300
     aggcaaggtt gttttttatc agttggtttg cacttatgtt tttaaggtaa atgacatgtt     54360
     taaatgttaa gagactgggc agggaagccc tgaagagaca gctgagctca ttaggaattt     54420
     ctaccaagaa tactaaaaag tatttgcatc tatgaagaga agcctattgt ggtgtttatt     54480
     ataacataac attagaaata actcaggtga ccgcgaacag ggcaatagat acttctggtt     54540
     ctacccagcc tgacctcctc tttattctac acatcttaaa taaaactgtc tgaagccagt     54600
     gtgcatcttg tacgttatgg attctaacct tccccatcac tagattttgg aatgacagca     54660
     tcatgcacag gcttgatgtc attctccctg atttcagcta caggaaaaag gagcattcac     54720
     tacggtccat ctctggctga gtccttgcag ctatcaaaag tctaggcctc ccttgcagtc     54780
     ctgaatctct cagaacccga atcacaaggc tatcaagacc atgcaaccct gctgtcttga     54840
     gagaggaaag cttgtgacca cccacaaaga cccaggaaga gccctagggt cctagaagag     54900
     agggaggata cagaaacact ctttgcactt cgtctcctaa tgcagagtcc atagctcgga     54960
     gttcctgtaa agcagccaca aaagatagag gctggggatc ccagagagat aggagggccc     55020
     tgatagtagg tcactgtgtg caggaatctg gggaaggcag tgtatgaccc tcagagctgg     55080
     gtctggactt caaacttggc tcgttgatct gctgtgtaac cttggaaaac ttattcatct     55140
     ttttgagctt cagttttttc aaaataattt ctaaataaaa ggaataattt ctaaatgaat     55200
     ggaatattat cttcattgaa gattcctgtg agatgtaaat ggggaaagaa aatatgcagg     55260
     agtctcataa attctggctg ttattgctgt tattattatg agggccagag ggaacataga     55320
     ctatgaggac cagatagatc aatgagcccc taaaatctgt gatccctgaa gcagcaattg     55380
     atgtgaacca ccccatcact caccccgacg ctcctgcgtc ctcctgagca ctcacccttg     55440
     atggccccag ctcctcggag actcagcagg aaagccaagg agagggctct caagatcaca     55500
     gctctgatat ggaacattct gtcttcaggg cgcatgttgt ggggtctata attgatgact     55560
     gtgagcacag gaacagtgat gaggaactga ggccgagtgg aggcagatga gactgaaact     55620
     gtgggcctct agcactggaa atgggtggag aggaatcagc atggctggga ttcacctatc     55680
     agagaaatca tagagctgac attctctgtt gctgggtaaa gaggacgctg gaaggtgctg     55740
     gggaagagat gggagaattt taggtaccag cgtggtcaag agagctccag ttcacagttc     55800
     attttcagag ttagagaaag agatgtaaaa agataagtta caccttcttc tgacggcaaa     55860
     tgttttccat tatgttcctt ctcccgagcc ccacccccat cccagacagt cagatgatct     55920
     ttgatgtttt ttggtcacta tattttaaat catgttttat gttatgttgt caatatttta     55980
     caaaaatatt ctgctgataa ttaagaatga atgtgctatc taataaaata tataattaat     56040
     ctttctttca ggtccacctc cctgagatac ctccttttta tttaatcatt tctgcagaag     56100
     tgttataatt tctatttaga ggttttaatt aacttgaatg aagttgatct ttaattgttt     56160
     atctattcct ggttaccttt gttagtgaaa tttctagata atttttattt ttcagatttc     56220
     ttagtatttg atttttcctg gtatttaaac agtgtaataa catttttatc tttaaattac     56280
     tagtcttgtt atttcatttt catataagaa tacccaggac agcattacct gtggtaacaa     56340
     tgtgcgccca tattttgatc ttgtttttaa gaagggtttc tctaatgttt ttctgttaca     56400
     ggtaatgtta attttttatt ttatattctc tttaccatat ttaagaaata cttttctagt     56460
     ctcattttaa atatttcaat tttgagctat ttatttgata ctcatagaga aggtcacaaa     56520
     acatttacta tttaatgtaa tgatgaagta catatattac gttaatattt tatcttattt     56580
     gtggtagcct taccttgcat aaataataat tactaacaga ttaggacatg agagattctg     56640
     ttattagtgc tttgcatgca ttacctcatt taaacctcat attaaacctg agggaggtat     56700
     tattaatgtc tactgtaaaa ataaattacc tgagacatcg aggaagtatt tgtctaatta     56760
     tctatggcag gtaaatgaca aggagaaaag tcccacccag gcagttacta aaaaaactga     56820
     gtttttctcc acaatcctct cctggcccct taatcctact agacaccttc tactacataa     56880
     ttattttctt ctcttgcatt ttacatgcta gccttctatt tacattttaa tattgattta     56940
     aagaaatgat gccaatttga ttttttttga aattagaatt ggtggtccaa caggatcaca     57000
     tttataagtg tctaaagtaa gaagtaatgt tctttgaaag tttgtaaaaa tattcactct     57060
     aaacaaaata gaatcagatg ctttgaagga ggtggggtct ttgatgattt tttttcactt     57120
     tcttccttat ttaccagtca atttatattc tctatggact ttatttttcc aaagcaattt     57180
     cagacctatt gatctcattt gatcttaaga gctttgctat aaggcaggtt atatcatccc     57240
     catattgaag acaaggaatc gaagtccaag agaggcagtg tcgttaaagc tgcatattta     57300
     catggtaggg taggtggtgt gtccacgctc ccagtgtaag gtccctagac tgagccctcc     57360
     tgaccctgat gacagtcctg tggaagaacc tggtaactcc tgcacatcgc aggactcaca     57420
     gacctctggg agaaagtaaa tatgaatggg tgctaatctt aaacacaccc ttggacaaag     57480
     gcaagacaga cagactcaga cctcatttga gttctgagat gggtactcta atccctctaa     57540
     gtcatgccac tgaatgacct tttacacact aagatagcac tttttccaca acagaccatg     57600
     tcctgtgggt gtgtgaggtg tggcagaatt ggggaaatga taatccctgt agatgggcca     57660
     gcagaatatt tgagatcacc ttcagagcaa agaaaacgca taatctcccc aaacatcatg     57720
     acttatctga ctggttaaaa tgagtatcac tgtctttcct ccgtcatctt aagtgcatca     57780
     caggctttat attttcagac ctttcatact aactttctgc ctagtgagca atgactcata     57840
     caaagctcag tgtccattgg ttcttttctc agactctgtc caatcccagg gtcacagaag     57900
     actacttggg ttcatggtct ctaatatttc aaacaggagc tccctttagc gagtccttct     57960
     tttcctgact gcagctcttt tcattttgcc atccttttcc agctccatga tggttctgca     58020
     ggtttctgcg gccccccgga cagtggctct gacggcgtta ctgatggtgc tgctcacatc     58080
     tgtggtccag ggcagggcca ctccaggtaa gagccgaact gccattcttg gagggtctgg     58140
     ctcagggaac aattcctagg ggacgttatc tttaagggat caaattctga gacaggctgc     58200
     gggggctcct gccctaaggc agtgtcctct cttcccagct agagaaagag gttcatcccc     58260
     tataggatag cttgctaccc tactggccta ttctctctcc aaggacatgg gtacagtaaa     58320
     cagagagagg tgcccagtgg tcagtgtctt tggggaaaat gggaccaaga ggtcctggat     58380
     aaccttggac agacaaggtt tgcagagaga gaagttggca agtgcaggct cctgggcgtg     58440
     ttcatgtctg catccagcct ggaggggact caggcagaga gccctaagct ggagtgtcca     58500
     ggctctgagg atcactgagg attcagtgct cacgaagaat gcctcttatt ccccagggtg     58560
     gagcaggagc ccacatccct tggacaatta aggagagaag ggagggaggg ggataggttt     58620
     tagcccctga aggcattctc attaaaggta cttctcccag cctccccaga acttggttag     58680
     ggtactagag tgggttgcga cttgtaggaa gaatgagatg aggttgtgtg ggtgcatgac     58740
     agggattgag tgtaggttat cagacagcca aggaagcagt aaccaagtga aaaatctctt     58800
     cttcctgctg cctccctgtg gctggtgtaa tattatggca tctatgatcc attgtttttc     58860
     tctcaggata ctctcaggat atttcttttt atatatatat atactttaag ttctagggta     58920
     catgtgcaca acgtgcaggt ttgttacata tgtatacatg tgccatgttg gtgtgctgca     58980
     cccattaact cgtcatttac attaggtata tttcctaatg ctatccctcc cccctccccc     59040
     caccccacaa caggccccgg tgtatgatgt tccccttcct gtgtccatgt gttctcattg     59100
     ttcagttccc acctatgagt gagaacatgt ggtctttggt tttttgtcct tgcaatagtt     59160
     tgctgtgaat gatgatttcc agcttcctcc atgtccctac aaaggacatg aactcatcct     59220
     tttttatggc tgcacagtat tccatggtgt atatgtgtgc attttcttaa tccagtctat     59280
     cactgatgga cagttgggtt ggttccaagt ctttgctatt gtgaatagtg ccgcaataaa     59340
     catatgtgtg catgtgtctt tatagcagca tgatttataa tcctttgggt atatatccag     59400
     taatgggatg gctgggtcaa atggtatttc tagttctaga tctttgagga attgccacac     59460
     tgtcttgaga taccatctca caccagttaa aatggcgatc attaaaaagt caggaaacaa     59520
     caggtgctgg agaggatgtg gagaaatagg aacactttta ctctgttggt gggactgtaa     59580
     actagttcaa ccattgtact ctcaggacat ttctagtcca aatttacacc aacactctga     59640
     gaggaaggac tgcaaagtag gtaccttagt tttccactga cttccacttt tcctgcttac     59700
     acccttcctc ctagacctct ccacacccct cctaggacac acctagaagg tactgacatc     59760
     atgtcacctc ctcatctttc agggtagcaa ggttggaatc tcctgaatac agcccctcaa     59820
     gccctaaaac ctcttatcta ttaccttggg ttcattgtcc aggaagggga ggagaacttg     59880
     aacttgtagt cacagaaggg tgctgagaac taaccagcag gacggctcag ccctgggaac     59940
     tgcagagggg tgaggctggg gagagaggag gctggagcag cactggtgac actgaacagt     60000
     gtcaggagga agtgacggat gcagcgcccc catcccatag gcagagctgt catgtgggat     60060
     gagggacagt gttgggagcc accaaggaaa cccagaggtg ggggagcaga gagcagaagg     60120
     gggcatgtga tgctgggcag tgaaagggag gacgggcaaa ggctgggttg aggtttgtag     60180
     ggggaatgag atgaggcagt ggagccatgt gacagggact gagggtagat tactggagct     60240
     ccctgcgtag aatgaatgtt caatcaaaac ctgctggagg gagagctgga gccatagggg     60300
     agtgggtaaa gtgggcaggg ctgattccac aattccctgc atgctccccc aactccacac     60360
     acatccccaa cctcaaacag ggcacaagac caaagggctg aggagccagg ctatagctta     60420
     aagaggctgg gggagaaaag cttggctgag acaacccata gggagctaga ggtttttaat     60480
     atatcctatt ctgaataaga gacgaattca ttcagatcag tggtttcaaa ccgtgctctg     60540
     ggcaactcaa ttgctaaggg ttccacaaac aggataaagt ttcttatata caaaaaaaat     60600
     gaaggtttca aattacacca taaaacccct cattgcttat gtctacttgg caggtaaaat     60660
     tccatttcaa aagttaaatg tacttaaaaa attacctaag actgggtaaa ttaaaaaaat     60720
     taaatgttgc aaagaaaaaa ttcaaaattc ttattcttga atgaaaaacg ttctcttact     60780
     ggtgattgag gaggagaaac aaagactaac aaatgaaaat gggagaatcc acactcagag     60840
     tggggcaatt gaacaggcag gggcggatgg atggcagagg aggaggaatc tggactcaag     60900
     gagctggggg gccctgggcc tggaatttca gggtctggcg cccaaggcac caggagaaga     60960
     ggcaggtcag gatatctgag tcaagacctg ggatcttgcc ttagcaatga cactggagac     61020
     taaaggtgga ctccatggtg cccttgagcc cagccctacc ccatctccac tatcctctgc     61080
     caccagctgt gcaacttctg caaggggtga ggttaataaa ctggagaagt taatttgtgg     61140
     agcatgaaac agatgagcag aacaatcaca gcaccttaat ttccccagtg tgcccaagaa     61200
     cagagcaggc ctgaagacac tcaaacagaa acaaacatgt gccgtgtcac tgataattct     61260
     gtgtagacac acacctgcca gacactgctc atggcactcc ctaggaagaa cagcatgtgg     61320
     gaaaggctgc caaaattgtt catgtaaaaa ttacatcaat gctgtcttcc tcggtgctgc     61380
     ctatgcagct ggcagccatc tcttcctcca catcatggcc tccctcagac tcctcatgaa     61440
     ggataagatc ctcaaaaaga ggaccaacaa gttcatgagg caccaatcag actgaaatgt     61500
     caaaattaag cataactggc ggaaacccag aggtcttaac agtagggttc gtagaaggtc     61560
     caagggccag atcttgatgc ccaacattgc ttatgggagc aacaacaaca acaaaaaaca     61620
     catgctgccc agtggcttcc agaagtttct ggcccacagc ctcaaggagc tgaaagtgct     61680
     gctgatgtgc aacaaatctt actgtgctga gatcgctcac aaaatttcct ccagaactgc     61740
     aaagtcatca tggaaagagt cacccagccg gccatcagag tcaccaaccc cagtaccacg     61800
     gtgcacagct aagaaaatga gtagaaagtt catgtccacg ttttgtgtgt aaataaaacc     61860
     ataaaaactg ccaaaaaaaa ttacatcaat gcctctaaac ccaaaggact ctacccccac     61920
     aggtccctgg ttgttgtggt gattttcatt gtgtaaaata ctttccacat cttttgacac     61980
     caagtctttc tgcagccatg tttgaaaatt aactttcagg ctacagagtc tttcttatac     62040
     caaagttgaa gaaagtttta agaaatatat ttctacatct cctacatgca aaacaacagg     62100
     agcaagttga ggaattctca agaaactggt cgagaagaga gagcgcttag ctatggaaaa     62160
     gagaaagaag gaagggaggg cttcctggag gaggtggcat ttgaaccagg actgacatca     62220
     ggatggaaat gtcagtcagg gagttaagta gggggagcag ctccgccctc cacgtcccca     62280
     gctcctcctg cccctgtttt ttctcccagt gaccccacgt gaaacgtctc cgcctcctcc     62340
     agccaccagc agaagggact gccttcccct cagtgctcgc ccctccctag tgatcactca     62400
     gtgcccctga gctcattctt ttcagtaaat tctctctctg cgtggtgaga aaacaggcct     62460
     ggagaggctc tgcgacccgc ttaggaccac agaactcggt actaggaaaa ctcctatttt     62520
     aaaatccagc cctgggtggg aagatttggg aagaatcgtt aatattaaga gagagaggga     62580
     gaaagaggat tagatgagag tggcgcctcc gctcatgtcc gccccctccc cgcagagaat     62640
     tacgtgtacc agttacggca ggaatgctac gcgtttaatg ggacacagcg cttcctggag     62700
     agatacatct acaaccggga ggagttcgtg cgcttcgaca gcgacgtggg ggagttccgg     62760
     gcggtgacgg agctggggcg gcctgatgag gactactgga acagccagaa ggacctcctg     62820
     gaggagaagc gggcagtgcc ggacagggta tgcagacaca actacgagct ggacgaggcc     62880
     gtgaccctgc agcgccgagg tgagtgaggg ctttgggccg gcggtcccag ggcagccccg     62940
     cgggcccgtg cccagggcgc aggagcagcc gggttggcct aagggacctt agtgccgggc     63000
     ggaaagggga ctttgggttg gggattcatg gggggagccc atctggagct tgtcagggga     63060
     gcgagcgcgg ggacctggac tgggctgagc atggagtgag gaggacgaga gcagagagac     63120
     ccccgggact tcatcaggcc tggcagctga ctgcatgtgg ggtgaaaaaa ggaagccaca     63180
     ggacagcgca caagggtatg gtgtggagat ggaggtggag atggcacagc aggccacaca     63240
     gagaagaaac ctacagggag gtagctgggt ttgaggtgct tgaggggcag atgggtggtc     63300
     tgatgggcag gtagacagaa gggtctgcag ccggggagga gactgagata catgagacca     63360
     tccagggaga ggggacccag ggggaagagc aaaggactgg atcctgggaa ctggacagtt     63420
     gtgatttggc caagacagaa aagcctgtga aagagaccaa aaaaacccaa gtgcagtgtg     63480
     aggagaggcc cgcagagaag agtcttggaa gctgagggga ggtgacctca gcagcacagt     63540
     ggacagcggt gccagtgact tgggaaggtc agaaaacaga agatggaaag tgggtttgga     63600
     aaccagggag acctggggag agcaggttgg ccgcagcggc aggagctgga atgggagggg     63660
     gtgcatgagg ctgagtgtgg cgcatcctcc tcggggctga gatggatttt acttgtcttg     63720
     ggttccccac ggctgtcaca gggcagtgtc tcagttcatt cgtctttttc cttcaggaag     63780
     tctgggtgta aagggatgga gagaggtgag gtgtgtgcag taagaggatt tctcaaggat     63840
     gggacaggaa ggccttggag ctttggcttc ctcctgtgaa cttgtggggt ggggagcctg     63900
     gtgcaccaac ctgagggact tgagggagta gtatcaggat gtgggattga gccctggacc     63960
     ttttttctag aaagaggaaa aaaatgaagg gaggaggagg aggaagctgg ggagatcaca     64020
     cctttgattt tcttgttcct ggaaagtgaa aggaagttca cctgctatga gtgagaaggt     64080
     ggacacactg ggtggggatg aggtgagtga catgagctta ggaaagttgc tgaggtaatt     64140
     ggttgagaga ggtgttcaaa taaaagtaat gcaattggca aaaactgtta ctaagacttt     64200
     gtagaggcac aaatcagtga cacggcagca tcttctttca cagtaatcaa ctgccagatt     64260
     gcagggagcc ttgataccag cctaaggagt gtgagtttct cctctaggcc cacaggtccc     64320
     caacctcact tctccgaaga ctctcctgga gatcatctgt gatgcgcaga tacccagact     64380
     cactgccccg agactcagat tccctgggta gggaggtcgg gggatctctg cttgtaatca     64440
     gctccctaga ggttcccatg tagccggata agtattgtca gaacactgaa gatttttgaa     64500
     aaatgaaaaa gcgaaggttg gagatgtgtc ttcagaagac tactaagggt gctgggtaga     64560
     ggagggacca gaggcaggga aatgaggtag gaaactgcta ttatttgtca gggaaattgc     64620
     aatcaagaaa tgagttagaa cagggaaaag acagaggcag gggagaggtg gaagggggag     64680
     gaaaggagta gtgacaattc cagggtgtat gctcacccaa atctagaagt aattgagcaa     64740
     atgttttctg ggcattagag aaggcaacta gaacaaacag gaatccttgc cttggtgaaa     64800
     tgtatttgaa ctgggtcaga aatgaggcca ttgggtatca agccttaact ccagcgcccc     64860
     ctggaggtcg ctgatgtggc tccaggctga cctgctcctg tcaaagaata ttgagcaaga     64920
     tgcctctcat ggaatgttct gggaccttaa aacagatacc caagtattcc ccctgatttc     64980
     atggttccca gaagctctat ggggaagaaa ttgtacgtaa ttcacaactg agatttagac     65040
     ataagttgaa tagtgtaatg gacgttgagt taaccgaggt aatgaagtag tgagacacag     65100
     gtgcccctga aataaactca cattgaggga agaggctgac aatgtggatc agtctgtaaa     65160
     caaggcaaaa atacaatagg gagtaagggt tgtgtgtcag ttcaagactg tacttttacc     65220
     tggcccagcg ccatgttggg gtatttgtgt tctccaggaa gtagaaagga aagaactgag     65280
     tgattaggga cctagaagac taatttgaga cattcctctt gatgaactgt tctctagggt     65340
     agtcctctga aagagctgtt ctctagtgga tctccctgaa tgaactgttc tctaggagca     65400
     cttgaccctt ttctgtgttt gttttttgtt ttgtgtttgt gtttgttttt gagacaggtt     65460
     ctcgctctgt ctcccaggct ggagtgctgt ggcgccatca tgactcactg cagcctcaac     65520
     ctcctgggct caagtgatcc tcctgcctca gcctcccatg tagctagaac tacagataca     65580
     tgtaccacca tgtctggcta atttattttt ctttttagag atgggttctc actatgttgc     65640
     ccaggctggt ctcgaaaccc tgggctcaag tgatcctcac gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc     65700
     taagattata ggcatgacca ccatgcctgg ccttttctgc cttccgagaa ggaaaaaggt     65760
     actggtggca gagatccaaa agaaaagttg ccagtggcag tgtggaaatt gacctgagaa     65820
     caacagaaca agctggggca caaatgcaaa gatgcagagg gaggcaacat ctggttatct     65880
     gtgagacctt catgggacct gaagacacat ccttttggaa aaggatggga tttctactac     65940
     tcaagcatgt aggggctcag gatattatgt aaatatgaag attttgagtt tttgtaagtg     66000
     aggtaaaaaa aatacctagg ttatttacag aataagacat gtcaagctct cttcattttc     66060
     tttgtatttt catgaaataa aggtattaga ttaacaggcc accataatgc cattgtctgt     66120
     atatcttaat ttcaagatat tatttgagta atttttgcat cctttgtatc aagatagaac     66180
     tttgaaaaga caggtaattt cacagttgat taaatattct ttgcccaaat tacttttggt     66240
     taaaatttct cctatatgtg ctacagagtg caaactctgt ctccctgcca ttccgctata     66300
     tacttactaa ttattatttt attcaagatc atgcatgctc tacttgaagg tctatctttt     66360
     cagtgctacc cttacccact agcctaatca cattatatct attttcaaca tctaggaatc     66420
     aattacgtag tgaacatgcc taagaaataa taatctgggc agatgcagtg gctcaggcct     66480
     gtaatcccag cactttgaga ggctgagcgg gtggatcact tgaggtcagg agttggtcaa     66540
     gtgctcctag agaaccagcc tgaccaacat ggagaaacct tgtctctact gataatacaa     66600
     aaattagcca ggtgaggtgg caggcaccta taatcccagc tattcgggag gctgaggaag     66660
     gagaattgct tgaacccctg aggtggaggt tgcagtgagc caatattgcg ccactgcatt     66720
     ccagacttgg caacagagcg acactccacc tcaacaaaaa gaaagaaaga gcgagattac     66780
     gtctcaaaaa aggaaggaag gaaggacaat ctcaaatgct atttcattat tttccttccc     66840
     cactcgtagt ccagcctaag gtgaacgttt ccccctccaa gaaggggccc ctgcagcacc     66900
     acaacctgct tgtctgccac gtgacagatt tctacccagg cagcattcaa gtccgatggt     66960
     tcctgaatgg acaggaggaa acagctgggg tcgtgtccac caacctgatc cgtaatggag     67020
     actggacctt ccagatcctg gtgatgctgg aaatgacccc ccagcaggga gacgtctaca     67080
     tctgccaagt ggagcacacc agcctggaca gtcctgtcac cgtggagtgg agtgagtctc     67140
     tgatgaccgt ctagacccca cctctgaaga gcaggggact ctctggctct ggggtccact     67200
     catcttatct tctgcatcta taccctgggg ccatgtccaa accccatctt tcttctatac     67260
     cagctcctga gcatagtttg aagccagggc aatggagact tcctgacctt ggcttagggg     67320
     ttcctgaaga ttcatagttc tcccccttgt cagagaatct agggacactg gctgatctcg     67380
     aaaccctcac acacaggaac tgacctcaca cataggaaca gttctcttct ttcagcattt     67440
     tagcctcttc tcaggcattt tgagaggcaa cttctagaat cagcatttgc caccttgttg     67500
     aggtcacacc cctgttccgg acatgagggt ggctctttct gaatttcctc ttagcaagct     67560
     ttttcccctg cactgtcttc atcccgatat tctgcatcac gctccagaat ctcagacagg     67620
     acatgagtag ggatgcagct ggtggaggtg acactaaacc tgggtctgtc cttcccagag     67680
     gcacagtctg attctgcccg gagtaagaca ttgacgggag ctgggggctt cgtgctgggg     67740
     ctcatcatct gtggagtggg catcttcatg cacaggagga gcaagaaagg tgagaaagcc     67800
     tgcaaggtga gcgggactta ccttcccctg gcatattcac acttactcca tgatgagggt     67860
     tcagacagaa aagaaatgtc agaaagctct agagaccact gaaatcagat agtcggggaa     67920
     caaacatgac ctatggcgag agggggatcc caggctggga tcttaatgca gccagatgca     67980
     tgaggtccca ggtgctcaga ctcctgcggg gcatccattg agtggtggtc aatggaattt     68040
     ggtgggatgg aaatgtttct ctaactatct gaggtggttt caatggctga atacataacc     68100
     tttcctcttt catttcagtt caacgaggat ctgcataaac aggtaatatt cctgctttga     68160
     tttccttggg gggtgggtta caggaggata tgactctttt ctgtgcattg taatactgag     68220
     gctcctccag gaagggaatc tcaggcatga acccctcttt caacctcggc tctcgggtga     68280
     gtggggaaaa agcattgcac ggctccattg ctgaaggaag cagagatcag ttctgttctt     68340
     tatcagccta agatgcagcc tctcaccata atttttctct cctggactta aaggaaggag     68400
     gccagcaacc tgggataact tgtcctttac ccccacaggg ttcctgacct caccgaaaag     68460
     actaatgtgc cttagaacaa gcatttgctg tgttttgtta gcacctggtt ccaggacaga     68520
     ccctcagctt cccaagagga tactgctgcc aagaagttgc tctgaagtca gtttctatcg     68580
     ttctgctctt tgattcaaag cactgtttct ctcactgggc ctccaaccat gttcccttct     68640
     tcttagcacc acaaataatc aaaacccaac ataagtgttt gttttccttt aaaaatatgc     68700
     atcaaatcgt ctctcattac ttttctctga gggttttagt aaacagtagg agttaataaa     68760
     gaagttcatt ttggtttaca cgtaggaaag aagagaagca tgaaagtgga gatatgttaa     68820
     ctattgtata atgtggcctg ttatacatga cactcttctg aattgactgt atttcagtga     68880
     gctgccccca aatcaagttt agtgccctca tccatttatg tctcagaccg ctattcttaa     68940
     ctattcaatg gtgagcagac tgcaaatctg cctgatagga cccgtattcc cacagcacta     69000
     attcaacata tatcttactg agagcatgtt ttatcattac cattaagaag ttaaatgaac     69060
     atcagaattt aaaatcataa atataatcta atacacttta accattttct ttgtgtgcca     69120
     tcacaaatac tacttaacca aatacggctt ggacttttga atgcatccag tagacgtcat     69180
     ttgtcgtcta agtctgcatt cgtccaccag cctaggcctc ctgtcttaat tttcatacag     69240
     acagagatga ctccccactg gggaaagagc aaagcaatac gtgtagcact ctttttcaaa     69300
     cactggtctt tttttttttt taacaatcca acattgttat gtgttttgcg tctcatattg     69360
     acacctttcg gtcaaggtag aggacatgtt tgttgtaagc tttttttgtg taaaggatgg     69420
     attctttact cctgatacac ataatcagtg cacagcagct ctctgataca tccagttgat     69480
     gccttaagtc tccctggctt cttacaagta tcttctgggc cttgtgtgtc cctgggcgcc     69540
     tgtccctggt caattcccga aagctactgt gctcctcttg cccatctccc cttgcaaata     69600
     atatcctcca tctggggact ggcttcctcc aattccagga gaggtggggc tgaaggtaca     69660
     gacttgggcg tcactggcac agatataagt aaatacagct ggagtctgca gagaggctgg     69720
     actaagtcag ggagtcagga aagagaagcc acacacaagg acaaccaatc atgtttctca     69780
     taatcttaac ctagggaata ggacacaatc attttttctt tttaaaacat ctttatccct     69840
     gatcagcctc atttcctcaa aaactataaa ggaaaatgct gctgacttgt ttttgtgtag     69900
     taatttcagc tgtcacataa taagctaagg aaggcagtat atagtaaata aggacccttt     69960
     gtcttatttt cccttttggc ttcacaggaa acttgtgaga aacctatgca acataaaatt     70020
     aatatgattt caatccaggg attcaacgat ggaaggaagt catgagaata gcagaaagtc     70080
     ttcaaatcga gatcattatg aaatcctcag acccagagca cataaatcct accctcagag     70140
     tcactgagca gttaacatta caaattacaa accatatcca atcagagtca ttctctttcc     70200
     tgcttgtcgc ctgtactcat gttacaggtt agggcagtac cccgagtgga gtgaacaatc     70260
     tctggactaa cttgtcagga tcagaagctg aggtatctgc acccacatta caggaatagg     70320
     atatgtgctc ctagggaact gagggtgtca ggagatgagg aaagtccctg gagtcacaga     70380
     aagaaggtat cagatgtgtc tcactctgac atatgcaggt gtttatgaaa ctctgggatt     70440
     tctaaggaag gatgcagtgc agagacaggt cccagaggag acaagagctg agagaccatc     70500
     caaactgggg accactttgt cactagactt caaattttca atatttatag agtgttttct     70560
     aagagtcagg ccctttgctg agtgctatgt gcagcaggat caaaggcagc caggaggtag     70620
     aggagtcttg aggtacatca gtcattggag ttgaagagca gagattcaaa ggaaagctgg     70680
     aactggagct ttaaaggaga tgtgaagtgg gtgactcaac ctctgactca gaaaaattga     70740
     tacctgcaga agaaaaaacc cggcgggctt aggactccca gctgagtgtt gtatcctcca     70800
     tccccttcca cctggtccct ttattttcta cccctcacag tcccctaagg agaaggtggc     70860
     ccacccaaca gatgatgctg cctcagatgg ttatcaaggg gtaccctaag aagaaatcat     70920
     ctcaccctct ctttgtcccc atttgtcaag tagcagtgag gccgagccag gggatggtga     70980
     aagtggaagg aggtgggagt tgggcattgg gtgtgaagat gctctttaaa ggggttttaa     71040
     taaccacttg ctaccaggcc agtgaacact taccatagtt gatgcctttt gagcatgttg     71100
     cattgtaaac tgtccctgaa attcctgtgc acttggctta tgggatgaaa catcctccta     71160
     gttctcttgt ctctcagctt ctctgaagtc tcattgagca ccttctcttc aatttctttt     71220
     acacagtaag aataggatca gctgtgctaa actaacaaat acccagatat ccaggtttgg     71280
     ctcatgctac acgtccaaag taagtcatcc aggaagctct gcttatcatc gtactcagga     71340
     agccaggctg acaggctttc tcctgcacat ctgctcccag aacctcccca gcagaatgaa     71400
     gggaacctaa gaatttattc actggctttt aatgatccct cctagaaaga acacacttct     71460
     cgcatttcat tttccaatgt aaatcatatg gctgcaacta acttcaaata agtgggaata     71520
     cttgaaggtg gaaaacattt aagaagtaca tactaaataa ataataaaat acttctacaa     71580
     gagatattta tggaggacct actgtgtacc aggagcaatg ctggcattat ggatatcagc     71640
     agcctttggc tcctgaaaag cttacacact acctcctggc ctaaggaggg gcacagggat     71700
     gctggcaaca gtctatttct tcacccgggt actagttaca tgggtgcttg cggtgataac     71760
     tattcaacat acattctatt ggtttgtgtg tttcttccaa atgtccccta gttcacaata     71820
     aaaagggctt aaatagagaa gtaaaggaga atttgggaat ttgaagcaaa agcaagaagc     71880
     cactgaatca agcacaaata ttgagctttg ataaagattg gaataagaaa cataataaat     71940
     gagataagaa ataggacttt tgcaactgaa gtgtaattaa taaacaaaaa gccaaactga     72000
     gaaactgtcc caaggacaat atgatcgagt aaacaataga aaatgtaaag gacaagtgaa     72060
     gagaaatgaa ggatagaaac agacatctga catcttaata attagacgtc tagaaagtca     72120
     gggaaatagt ggaggaagag gaaataactg aaaacataat agatgtttag tctttataga     72180
     aagatgaaat aagttcattc aaaatgctgc atagaatgtc agattgttaa acaattttgt     72240
     tagagtaaaa tgactgtaaa caaatgagct aattatgtga attaagagga tggaaaagca     72300
     gaaaaacagc aaaaagaaaa tacatgtaaa taataaggac aaaagctgaa ttcaatgaaa     72360
     tataaaaata gagaagacaa aatcaaattt tgaggcaatg aaaactttaa tgagacctct     72420
     ggcaagactc ctaaggaaaa tacaggagat tcagaacgaa aagggtaaat gacatttata     72480
     cacattttaa aatgcaaaat cttacgacca actctataca tataaatttg aaaatttaga     72540
     taaaaaggat acgtttctag aaagatataa aggtcaaaac tacaggaaga aatagaaaac     72600
     taaaatagag tagagaatat caaagaaatt gtcatgggaa gcaaagaatc gccttccaaa     72660
     gggccctgtc ctgatcttat tgcagatgag ggcgtcctcc cacatttcca ggagcagatc     72720
     atgcctctta cacgtgtgat tctagaacat agaatggaac agaatttttg agatcatttt     72780
     atgaggttgg ttcatttata tttccagagc cagctaagaa tagtacagga gaacaggatt     72840
     gtggactaat tttagccatg tcactgaatc caacagtaca ttacaaaaac aatacgtttt     72900
     gaccaatttt agatttattc taggaatgca atgattcttc agtgtcagaa aatatataat     72960
     gtggttaaca cattagtgga ctctgcaaaa ttcatattaa tttaaactga attcagctca     73020
     agacatagac agaatttaat caatttcatg acatgttaaa ggtagtgaac caaaaatcta     73080
     tagcatatat atttcaaaga aatgaggtgg attgcctttg agattgtgca aaagatagga     73140
     tgtccttcgt tgctggaaat gtttaacata gcattggaag ttctgaacat cactctgcgg     73200
     gcagaagaaa attaaggctg tgtaaaatgt aggaagacag atagtgactg cagatgaaat     73260
     aatctaaata ctggacaaga ctgcagccac tgcaggccca aagcctgggt ttaaatccaa     73320
     gctttgcact ttgaagctgt gtggtcttca cctctcccgg tgtctgattc ccgctctgta     73380
     acatgaaata aataagaacc aacctccaga tgtaaataag tgaacacatg agaagcactt     73440
     agaatcgtgc ctagaacata gtaagcaact caatgaatgt catttctcat tacatttgtt     73500
     aatgttttta tccagcccaa tggcagtaaa acatcaatgc tcaaagagcc cctggtgaag     73560
     tgtttctctt tcccactctt cacccctaac ttgttacctc gtcttttcca ctctgtccct     73620
     aatacaccta taggatgact cataggagcc cctggacccg gggatgctgt cagatcgctt     73680
     ggtctttgag acaatggtgc cattaaggac ccccgccagg cccaccagca ggcccagggc     73740
     acagaccagc atctccatgg tctcaggcac ctggattagt tcatggacct ctggggcacc     73800
     aagggaagac agagttataa ggtacagaga gcaggggctg gccttggatg tgggaggtgt     73860
     tgggtattcg aaaccatgag atggtgaaat ttggataaag tgaccgtaaa acatgggatt     73920
     gaggaaggca ggtgctgagg ggcgatgggc ccaggaaata aaggtggtgc caaggccgtg     73980
     agggcagagg gagggcgctc cataccccag tgcctgagga gaggctggtg caggccccag     74040
     tgctccccct ggaggtcaca ggtgtcctcg gccatgggaa cgagggtcag atagtggaac     74100
     ctgtggaatc tgagtttctt gctgggcagg aagatggtct ctgcaatacc ctcaatgact     74160
     ggctccccat tgcacagcca cgtgatgttc agcactggtg ggaagaactt gtcaacatgg     74220
     cagacgaggg tgttgggctg gcccagatcc acaggctcct tgggaaagac gcttacctcg     74280
     gtgggggctc caaaagggga tagaacccaa ggagcctact gccattggct gattcttaaa     74340
     ggttccacca ccccaagtcc tatattcacc agattagggg ccacctctcc caggcccatc     74400
     ctcctgctcc cctagggctc ctggacaggg tcacagcttc tcgtgctcct gacctggccc     74460
     cctcagccca gcctttctct tgagtaagaa gaaaatgcct cctcctctgc tgtcctaaga     74520
     acccagctgt gtggacccaa gatttctcgc tctcagggaa ggggctcatt catgagtggg     74580
     catcatggcc tctagttcta tgtgtggcag agaggccctc ccatccctcc agctggactc     74640
     tagaggaaca ggcagctata ggcagtgcca tttgtggccc aagtctgttt ggaccattga     74700
     tccgggtgtt caagtgcttc cttgccatga cgatgccagc aatacccctc tgagaggaac     74760
     aggcagctat aggcagtgcc atttgtggcc caagtctgtt tggaccattg atccgggtgt     74820
     tcaagtgctt ccttgccatg acgatgccag caatacccct ctgagcacca aagtcaaagg     74880
     tgtgaataaa ctctggtaga ggccagacca tctccttctc atccaggttc acgtagaact     74940
     gctcctcctc atcaaattca aacatatact ccccagaggg tctgtgcgtc tgcacaaact     75000
     ctgcatatgt tgacacatgg tctgctgcat gaaggagaag atggagaatg ggtgaatatg     75060
     taggatgcta cacagaatgc aggaagcaaa caggtaacag gaaggttatt gggaacatga     75120
     aggaataaca cagaaaatga gaaatgcaaa tgaaagaaaa gaaaaggagt gagaagaaac     75180
     aaagacagaa atgacccatg gacgatatag gttgtttccc ttgtccctga agacttaaca     75240
     tccgtctatg ataatggtaa tgctgaatac agtaagataa tatttattgg gcacttacta     75300
     tgtgctaaac ttactcattg aatcttcaca cccccatgca gaagaactta ttttccatag     75360
     tagggaactg accccagagg taaagtaact tgtccaagtc acacaactcc tggtagaaac     75420
     aatattgagt agtcctccta cctcattcct gtaggatctc agaaacccta caggacaata     75480
     cattaaaaat tactgatata gccataaagc aaggcaggga agtggaagga tggaataaat     75540
     atttcagagt ggaacaaaat cgtgaaggac atgaaaatac ctccagagtc ttagtgacat     75600
     ttatagactt caagttacat tcttactttt agaagaaaaa tgataccttc tataatttta     75660
     tccacaacac ttacatttta ggcagagtaa atttaaaagt attatcattc acataacatt     75720
     cacaaaattg tcttgaggag tgtagttttc aagtgtagtt tcacctggaa atacaagttg     75780
     ttggcatttg aaagacctac gggatagtat cttagcttta cctgatacat aagaagcagc     75840
     aactggttga taacaaaaag tgaattatta ttacagtgaa ttacagagag tttagggttc     75900
     ggcctggaag aggaagtgaa gccaaatgac actgcatggt tggtggtccc taagtgagga     75960
     tttcccctcc cagcccagca cggggagaac cagtcctcta cttagatgca tagtgtgaca     76020
     gcaggttcag tgccgcacac ggatggtgag ggtccctcac tgagtttagg gtctagagga     76080
     ttactcacct acagaaatga atcccaaagg aaaaagaaaa atacatggtg tatagactgg     76140
     gctacacagc ttaggtcact ttgtatttat tatatttaca aaatctgaaa actaaaggtt     76200
     ggcacatttt gaagcaaatt ccacacttca aatgttaatt ttcattcagt taataaatgc     76260
     tttttgtgaa ctttcactct ctaggtaata aggatgaaac tctaaagatg ggaactttgt     76320
     ccttaatcta cttgaaattc aagaataaaa cagacaaaga aaagatgatt gctacatgtg     76380
     tggtttgatc accactgagt atcacaaggt atacacaaga gctactcagg agcaaaatta     76440
     aaatacgatt taggaaaggt tcctagggac agtgttcacc tgcagatagc aaaacagaga     76500
     aaggggaaat ggcatttcca gcaggagaag caggctcagg agcagagagg catgaagttg     76560
     caaggagaac tgcagttctt cagtgtgact gaagccaggg gagatgtggg ccaggcagca     76620
     ctgtaacctg ccttgtgtgc tgatggcagg tgttcgcatt ttatcccaca ggacacagga     76680
     aattgtgaag tatcttaagc aggagagtaa cacggtcaga tttgtgtttg gatggggcac     76740
     ctgtaggaag gatgggctgg aggaggctgg actcaaggca agaccagtag cacttttaag     76800
     ccctctggta ggaagtaatg aaggcgtagg ccagggcagg aacatggggt gaggaggaca     76860
     gcagatggat ttgatggcag taatgacatg agaggccaca ggaatcacta aatcacgtgc     76920
     cagaagtagg gatatgaaga agtcgagaat aaccacgcaa cgtggagaat tgtggcatcc     76980
     gtgactgcaa aggtgataat taagtgattg agagaaggta aaattttctg tttgagacat     77040
     actgaattta aacttctagg ggaaaacata cagttgattt gaaggcagtg aaataaatgg     77100
     atgagtgtca tgctacatta ggttagtgac ataaactgga aggaggctca tggtgggtga     77160
     agttctaatt ttgggtcagg tcactcaaga aaagtacaca aagtcaggat agcagggatc     77220
     tgagtgtgtg ctcctgcatc cagacaaaca cagacatgaa gaaagaggct gaaaagcaga     77280
     ggactagaaa gtggtaggaa aacagagagg aagcgggttc ataaaagaca acagacagga     77340
     gaaaacttcc aggaaagagg agaggatgca tctcaaacac actaatgaca cacataagac     77400
     agaaacagaa cagtgaccac tggcttgagt tgtataaaag tcattagttg ccaccctgag     77460
     aggagcatca gagatgaggg aaagaaaaag agagagtgca ttgggttgag gactgaatga     77520
     aatgggagaa aatcgataat aggctgggca cagtggccca tacctgtaat ctcagtgatt     77580
     tgagaggccg agacaggagg atcacttgag gccaggagtt tgaaagcagc ctaggaaaca     77640
     tagtgagagt ccatctctaa gaaaacaatt ttggattccc tgccttccat gagcaacaca     77700
     gcaaacataa gctctgcaga tgtgctcaga cttgagcctg actcactgaa gagagtgtgg     77760
     tgctgccagg cctcagacac cagattataa tcagcctctt cccaggccct gcacaggaga     77820
     ggcccactct gtggggcata cagtgcccag gggtggtaca ggccctgcag agaccacaga     77880
     ctgttcacct gacaagaaat atcttgagga actcacttca cagatccctc aagaaaggaa     77940
     ccactgcagg agaataccca gaaaatcgaa agaattcaca gatcctttta aagaagggag     78000
     gggccactgc aaactccacc agacaggtga aaaactgtgc gttcccaaag cgtgagaggg     78060
     gaaaaacctg cctccggacc catgtcccca ctggggaact cgaaaatcca gattacagga     78120
     aaaggattta actttaccta gacctgaaac agatttagca tgaaatacaa aagtacgccg     78180
     ggcgctgccg ctcacacctg taatcccggc actttgggag gccgaggcgg gcggattaca     78240
     aggtcaggag attgagacca tcctggctaa cacgatgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaaata     78300
     caaaacaatt agccaggcgt ggtggcgggc gcctgtagtg ccagctacta ggaaggctga     78360
     ggcaggagaa tggcataaac ccggaaggca gagcctgcag tgaaccgaga tcgcgccact     78420
     gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gagtgagact ccgtcgcaac aaaaagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     78480
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     78540
     atatatggta gatgcagcag tgagaagagc cttgtaggca cgcccagtct ttagctcaag     78600
     cccaaggaag ccatccctga ctatatctca caagggccct gggggaaggc agacggcaaa     78660
     atttggaagg ggtcacagtg tgaaaggagc gtccaactga aatttgttat aattctgact     78720
     gggcacaaat cctctggagc agaatctggg ggcgaacgta actgctggag aaagagcaga     78780
     agttactgcc aacattgtgg gcagacaggg aggcacatgg cctgaaagct gtgcttgctt     78840
     tctcagcagg aaacttatag cctggagtga ggtctgagtc catcctgaag gctgcaggga     78900
     gataaattca atgctgttag tgtggcacag caggagcaag acctgcctca ccaactgcat     78960
     gggagctggg tgaagcctat tgctaccagg tttcccctac ttctctggtg acagaggcag     79020
     ccataatgcc ctctggaaca taattccatt ggctggagaa aaaccctcca ccccatccct     79080
     cacagtggct gccgcaagcc ccccgcccga ggagagtctg agctcagacc tgcctaaccc     79140
     tgtccacacc tgagggcatt tctctaccca cctggtagcc aatcacaaaa gacgtaaact     79200
     cttgggagct ttatgacacc actcattgcc tgagaaactg aatatttatc ttggccaact     79260
     tagggcaagc ttatatccac cttctactat tgtagctggt gccctcttga aagcaccaca     79320
     tcctggctgg aggccaacca actcaggaca ttacaacaat tcacgacaga ataactgctc     79380
     taagaaagga gaaaacagct aattccactg gctgaaaaat cttgactaac cagtggtctt     79440
     cggtctgttc acatgacaac tgcactgcta gcataaccag catttgagaa agccaccaca     79500
     ctaagtctat ctacaaccaa ggattctcac agagtctact tcactcccct accacctcca     79560
     cactggaccc cagcaataga tccaaactaa gaagaaatct ctgaattgct agatagagaa     79620
     ttcagaaggt tgattttaag ctactcaaaa agataccaga gaaaggtgaa aaacaactta     79680
     aataaatttt ttaaaaacac aggatatgga ttaaaaatgc cccagggacg tagatatcat     79740
     aaagaagaaa caatccaact tctggaaatg aaagacacac ttagagaaat acaaaatgca     79800
     ctggaaagtt tcaacaatag gatccaacag gtagaagaaa gaacttcata gctcaaacaa     79860
     caagactttc gaattaaccc agtcagacaa agacaaagaa aaaagaactt taataaataa     79920
     acaaagcctc caagaaattt gggattatgt taaatgacct aagaataatt ggcattcttg     79980
     aggaagaaca aaaatctaaa agtttggaaa acatatttga gggaataatc aaggaaaact     80040
     tccctggcct cgctagagat ctacacaacc aaatacaaga agctcaaaga ccacctggga     80100
     aatttatcac agaaagatta tcgcccaggc acatagtcat caggttgtct aaagtcagga     80160
     caaaggaaag aatcttaaga gctgtgaggc aaaagcatca ggtaacctat aaaggaaaac     80220
     ctatcagatt aacagcagcc tataagccag aaaagactgg ggtcttatct ttagcctcct     80280
     caaacaaaat aatttccagg caagaatttt gtatccagca aaactaagct tcataaatga     80340
     aggagagata aagtcttttt cagacaaaca aatgctgaga gacttcacca ctaccaatcc     80400
     agcactacac aaaatactaa aaggagttct aagtcttcaa acaaaactcc aaaatacacc     80460
     aaaatagaac ctccttaaag cataaatctc acagggccta taaaacagta atgcaaagga     80520
     aaaaaataag gaattcaggc aacaactagc atgagaaata gaacagtact tcacatctca     80580
     atattaacac tctccactta aaagatacag aatggcagaa aggataaaaa ttcaccaacc     80640
     aagtatcttc agtcttcaag agtcatctaa tgtgtaagga ctcacaaaaa cttaaggtaa     80700
     aggagtggaa aaagatattc catacaaatg gaaaacaaaa gcaagcagga gtagctattc     80760
     ttatatcagt caaaacagat tttaaagcaa caacagttaa aaaagacaaa gagggacatt     80820
     atacaatgat aaaaggataa ctccaacagg aaaatatcac aatcctaaac atatatgcac     80880
     ctaacatggg agcttccaaa tttataaaac aattattact agacatgaga aatgagatag     80940
     acagcaacac aataatagtg gggacttcaa tactccactg acagtactag aaagtcatca     81000
     agacagaaag tcaacaatga aacaatggac ttaagttaca ctagaagaaa taaacttaac     81060
     agatatttac agaacattct actcaacaac tgtagaatat acattcttct catcagcaca     81120
     tgaaacatcc tccaagatag accacataat aggccacaaa acaagcctca acaaatttaa     81180
     ggtaatcaaa attatatcaa gtcccctctc agaccacagt ggaataaaat tggaaattaa     81240
     ctccaaaaga aaccttcaaa actatacaaa tacatggaaa ttaaataatt tgctcctgaa     81300
     tgatctttgg gtcaacagtg aaatcaagat gcaaaattct ctgaactgaa tgataatagt     81360
     gacataactt gtgaaaacca ctcggacaca gtaaaaacag tcctaagagg aaagttcata     81420
     gcattaaatg cctacatcaa aaagtctgaa agagcacaaa tacaaaatgt aaagtcacac     81480
     ctcaaggaac tagagaaaca agaacaaacc aaacccaaac ccagcagaag aaaagaaata     81540
     acaaagagag cagaagtaaa tgaaattgaa acaaaaaaat acaaaagata aatgaaacat     81600
     gaagctgatt ctttgaaacg atacataaaa ttgatagacc attagtgaga ttaaccaaga     81660
     aaagagagga tccaaataac ctcaattaga aacaaaatgg aagaaaatgc cactgatatt     81720
     acagaaatat aaaatatcat tcaaggctaa tatgaacaca ttcacaggca caaactagaa     81780
     aacctagagg agacagattc ctggaaatat acaaccttcc tagaataaat caggaagaaa     81840
     tagaaactgt gaacagacca ataaaaagca gaaagattga aatggtaatt tttaaaaaac     81900
     tgccaatgat aaaaaatcac aggttcacat ggactcacag ctgaattcaa tcagacattc     81960
     aaagaagaga attggtacca atcctactga aactattcca aaacagagaa agagagaatc     82020
     ctccctaaat tattctatga agccaggatc accctaatac caaaaccagg aaaggacata     82080
     ataaaaaaga aaactacaga ccaatatctc tgatgaaaat agatgcaaaa atcctcaaca     82140
     aaatacaagc taacataatc caacagcata tcaaaaagat catacatggt gataaattgg     82200
     gtttcatgcc agggatgcaa ggatgattta atacacacaa gtcaataaat gtgatagatc     82260
     acataaacag atttgaaaac aaaaatcata tgatctcaat agatgcagaa aaagcatttg     82320
     acaaaatcca tcatcgcttt tttattaaaa ccctcagcaa acttgacata caaagatcat     82380
     aacttaaggt aataaaaacc atctatgaca aacccacagc cgaccttata ctgaacgggg     82440
     aaaagttcaa agcattcccc ctgagaactg gaacaagata aggatgccca ctctcaccac     82500
     ttctattcaa catagtactg gaaatcctag ccagagcaat cagacaaatc agtaaatagg     82560
     aagtcaaact gtcactgttc accaatgata tgactgtata cctagaaaac cataaatact     82620
     tatccaaaaa gctcctagat ctgataaatg aattcagtaa agtttcagga tacaaaatca     82680
     atgtacacaa atctgtagca ctgccatata ctaacagtga ccaagctgag aattaaatca     82740
     agaactcaac cccttttata gtagctgcaa aaaaataaaa tacttaggaa tatacctaac     82800
     caaggaggtt tactggggga accagccccc aatatttcaa agtatgttct tttctatttt     82860
     ccctaagtgt gggccagtct gagaaataaa gagaaagagt acaaaagaga gaaatttaca     82920
     gctgggtctc cgggggtgat atcacatgtc agcaggttcc atgatgccca cctgagccgc     82980
     aaaaccagca agtttttatt acggatttca aaaggggcag gggtctatga atagggaatg     83040
     ggtcacaggg atcacatgct tcagagggca ataaaagatc acaaggcaga gggcaaaact     83100
     agaatcactg atgaggtgcc acatcccgct gggcacacat tgtcattaat aagcatctta     83160
     acaggaaaca gggttcgaga gcagagaacc agtatgacta gaatttgcca ggctggaatt     83220
     tcctaatcct agcaagcctg agggcactgc aggagaccag ggcatatttc atcccttatc     83280
     ttcaaccatg taattcagac actcccagag tggccatttt agagacctcc ccctgggaat     83340
     gcattctttt cccagggcta ttccttgctg acaaaagaat tcagcgatat ttctcctatt     83400
     tgcttttgca agaagagaaa tatgactctg ttctgcctgg ccctgcaggc agtcagacct     83460
     tatggttatc tcccttgttc cctgaaaatt gctgttatcc tgttcttttc aaggtgccca     83520
     gatttcatat tgttcaaaca cacatgcttt acaaacaatc tatgcagtta acgcaatcat     83580
     cacagggtcc tgaggtgaca tacatcttca gcttacaaag atgacaggat taagagatta     83640
     aagtaaagac aggcatagga agttataaga gtattgattg gggaagtgat aaatgtccat     83700
     gaaatcttca caatttatgt tcttccactg tggcttcagc cggtccctcc attcagggtc     83760
     cctgacttcc cgcaatagag gttaaacacc tgtacgagga aaattaaaaa cactgccgaa     83820
     agaaattata gatgacacta acaagtagaa ccacgtccca tgctcatgga agggtagaat     83880
     caacattgtg aaaatgacca tactgccaaa agcaatctac aaattcaatg caatccccat     83940
     caaaatgcca tcatcattct ttacagagct agaaaaaaac aatcctaaaa ttcatatgga     84000
     actacaaaag agcccacata gccaaagcaa gattaagcaa aacgaatgaa tctggagcat     84060
     cacattacct gacttcaaaa tatactgcaa ggctatagtc accaaaacag catgggaatg     84120
     gtataaaaac aggcacatag acaaattgaa cagaatagaa gtcccagaaa taaaaccaaa     84180
     tacttacagc caactgatca aacaaaaaca taaagtgggg aaaggacagc gtattcaaca     84240
     gatggtactg gggaaattgg cagtccacat gcagaagaat taaactggat cctcatctct     84300
     caccttatac aaaaatcaac tcaaggtaga tcaaagactt aaatctaaga cctgaaacca     84360
     taaaaattct agaacattgg aaaaactctt ctagacattg gcataggcaa agagttcatg     84420
     accaagaacc caaaagcaaa tgcaaaagaa acaagataaa tagatgggac ctaattaaac     84480
     taaaaagttt cttcaaagga aaagaaataa tcatcagagt aaacagccca cagagtggga     84540
     gaaaatattc gcaagctata catacaaaaa aggactaata tccagaatct acaaaaaact     84600
     caaacaaatc agcaagaaat aaacaaatac tcccatcaaa aagtgggcta agcagaggaa     84660
     cagacaattc tcaaaagaaa atatacaaat ggttgacaaa catatgaaaa aatgctctac     84720
     atcactaatt atcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa aaccactatg tgataccaac ttactcctgt     84780
     aacaatggtc ataatttaaa aataaaaaaa aatagacgtt ggggtaggtg tgatgaaaag     84840
     agaacacttc tatgctactg gtgggaaatt aaactagtac aaccacgatg gaaaacagta     84900
     cagagatgcc ttaaagaact agaaatagat ctaccatttg atccagcaat cccactactg     84960
     gaggaaaaaa gtcattatat gaaaaagaca cttgcacaca catgtttaca gcaccatgat     85020
     tcacaattgc aaaaatatgg aaccacccca aatgcccatc aattaatggg tgaatgaaga     85080
     aaatgtgata tatatatata tgtgatatat atatatgtga tctatatata tagatcacat     85140
     atatatatga tctatatacc ttagaatact actcagccat aagaaagaat gaaataacat     85200
     ttgcagcaac ctagggggaa ttagagacca ttattttaag ggaagtaact caagaatgga     85260
     aaaccaaata ttgtatgttc tcacttataa gtgggagcta agctatgaag acacaaaggc     85320
     ataagaatta tataatggac tttgaggact tccaggtatg agtaggagct gggtaaggga     85380
     taaaagacta cacactggat acagtgtaca ttcgtcaggt gatgggcgca ccaaaacctc     85440
     agaaatcacc actaaagaac ttatccatat aaccaaacac cacctgctcc ccaaaaacta     85500
     ttgaattaat ttttcaaaat gattttttaa aaaactttta ttggaaggac cctccggagt     85560
     tctgaggagg aggcctgagc atatgtgggg aaggcacaga tgaacacata ggagggatct     85620
     ctaagaaaac aatggccacc aggtcactgc tagactcacc acagggcctt ctaaaccagg     85680
     gggcccctcc aagagcatac cctgtggagt caaaggttaa aactcacagg tgacagggcc     85740
     agcacactaa accccacttg cttctcctct ttccaccacc tcagccctgt gaccagcata     85800
     acttacaggt tccagcactg caggctctct cttctctccc ttcagacccc ggggcccatg     85860
     ggcagcctga gggagacaca catgtaaccc cagtggggcc catgagcagc caggacacca     85920
     ggcctgcccc catctcaact ccaacctcga ttttgggtcc tctggagacc agaccagccc     85980
     tacccacaag ccccacaggc ttcctctaaa tacttctgtt cacaaaactc tcatgcctgc     86040
     caaggagatc tcagggttcc ctgcacccca gttcccagtc ccacctcagc aaacacaacc     86100
     tctccaaatc ctgaagagcc tctttcagaa agaggacttt gagtctttca gtctttctcc     86160
     aaaaaagaaa aggtatatgc ccttatgcac aaaattttat ttagaatttg aaggagttca     86220
     aaaatgtaaa aaccctgcac aggttaagta tccatactcc aagtaaattt ggagagcatt     86280
     tcccagagat attccaaact caggcctcat aactgccttt tgcaaaacat atagttcttg     86340
     ggctcagtta tccaagctcc agagcagccc cctacaatac accccacagt tcctctccca     86400
     gcaggatgct ttgcccttct tctggccctc atgtacactc caagccaacc agttccctcc     86460
     cttgcacacc tccattcaga tgcctgttcc caaatccagg ccatagccaa gataagggtg     86520
     gggagaaggt gaaacattca ccaccacccc aactccccaa aacaaagatc ttcagaatgc     86580
     ccctctccac cttcatcctg acagcaatga tccgtttcaa aattctccca gatcccacat     86640
     caaccccaaa gacccagaca gcagcataaa ggaaaggcag cagaagctca cgggtgccaa     86700
     gagcaggagg tgtgggatgc agcagcaggg tagaaaaggc agccataact gcaaggcagg     86760
     cagaagatgt agcagagtag acaggaagca gtccaactga cagagaatac tggaagatat     86820
     tagaacaact aagggacaca aaataaaatg acaaacactt ggatgcaaga gtgatgccag     86880
     ggccaaggaa aattaaacat ggccaagatg gccacaaaac aaactggaca aacaggaagt     86940
     ggctgtaccg acaggaagca gctgtacaga caggaagcag ccaagaaaag aggatctggg     87000
     aagtgaacct tcaacaatat ggctaccatg acccagagtg aaaagaaagg cacaaaacag     87060
     gtacaatggg actcctgcag agggaattat gcatgcaagg cttagtgggt agatgagcgg     87120
     gaggtacaga gtagatggaa tcagatgagt gaatagatag atgggtggaa ttgaatacgt     87180
     ggttgaatga acggttggat gtgaagtgag tgggtgagga gatgggtgca tgagtgtatt     87240
     gaaggagaga gtggttgagt tccaggaagg ataatggata gatgggtggc tgaacagatg     87300
     catgcatcct tgtatgcatg ggtagatggg gtgtgtgagt gggtgggtga gtgaatagat     87360
     ggatggataa gttgaagagg acagatgaac aaaagcatag tcgaatagat gtgtgtaaag     87420
     aaggggagag tcgttaagca gggggaggat ggacaggtga gtggatataa gccttcatgc     87480
     atgagtagat gggtaagttt gtgatgcata ggtgggtaaa tggttgcggg agtgggtggt     87540
     ggatgtgtgc ataggtggac tggtgaatga gtgaatggat ggggtggatg aggagagaga     87600
     taggttcaag ggatggatag atggaaagat gaagactgaa ggatagaata agtggctgtg     87660
     gacagtcctg ccacataagt ggacatctag ttattctgca gagatcagca gtcctgaaga     87720
     taggaaatgc aaatcaaaat tcacaagaaa aaaaatgaag gcttaggaaa taggaacatt     87780
     gcatactggg gccagaagag gagtgggcac aaaataaggg accagaagtc actcctttct     87840
     ctgatttttg tggtaacctc aaagactttc ttcatctggg atacaggcac caacaattat     87900
     caccccacag gtgtccaaca ctggactagt tcttcagggg agaggccggg tgactcacat     87960
     cttgcagtca acaatgaggg tgacagactg gcccttcatg gccatagcca cacggtgcca     88020
     cctggtcatg gagtgagagg ttcaagtgac tgactgaagc aggggcgtca acagggttgg     88080
     agatctgttg atgagagttg aaaccaatga cgatgagagc agtaatcaca atagctgcca     88140
     tttatcaagt gcttacagtg caacaaacac tgtgccatca ctttctcact tgtttgtgcc     88200
     aattctattt actgtccatc ctaagatgta gaaactgagg ctcaaaaaat ttaagtaact     88260
     tgcccaaggt acaggctaac acaacttgca gagaaggatg cactctaagc ccaaactctg     88320
     ggctagaagt gactgaactt tgggcagtgc gtaggtgtgt tgtggccaaa agaaggaaca     88380
     gggtttcaca gtttagagtg tacaggttct agggcacttt ctcacaaaag tgtgggccag     88440
     gcagaccaga ggagcaaaca gacttacttg ccaactacta gggtgaggcc tcagaagacc     88500
     ggctaagcag gttgaagtcg tccagtctga tcctcataca ggaagctgac aagttggcct     88560
     ggctccaggc tcaactgttg gacacctggg cactgcagag aatcaggagg ggagcttgga     88620
     gaccaggacg ggtccagaaa acagtcagga gaaagaaatc tttaggaaat cctcctggtg     88680
     cccgagagaa atacacacag agtgagaggc aaagagagcc acaacccctt tcctcctggt     88740
     gtctgattcc agaccccacc ccattacctc cctcaccgtg tcactacact taggaagagg     88800
     tagagggtgg gtgtgctaag ttcggcagtt tatgacactc agtagataga cagatacccc     88860
     ttgccctcca gacaccatca gggaagtagg ggaaactcag gcccaggagc aaatccacag     88920
     ggggtgcacc tgggagagtc catgagggtc aggggaaggg acatgccctc aggagggaat     88980
     aaatggggga ctttgtctca gaagggagtg caacttgcgc ttgtggtcac agagggctgc     89040
     taagaactcc tcaacaggac agttcagtta tgggaactgg gaaggggtaa gactaggaag     89100
     agaggaggct ggagaagtgt gtgatgtcgc tgaacagtgt gcagcaggag ggaaggggtg     89160
     cagatgagaa gagaacttga agggtcagca attccatcag cctttggggt agagagcaca     89220
     tgaattgaga aagaaagctg agatatagct tgtaaaacag ctggaattca gatctctcct     89280
     aagtcctctt cctttcacat attttgtcac ctgcctcgag acacacacag ttactgtcat     89340
     ccctgggttc agtactgtaa gcccagaccc atcttccctg ctccctttat acctgatcct     89400
     cctatttctc tgccctgttt aggtcccagg cagaagctag gtggtcatct ctgtgccctc     89460
     tctggtcctc caggtgaaca gaacttagca ttcaaggagt tccctaaagt caattaattt     89520
     cacccccaaa ccccagctga ctttgagggc atctgcatgc atcatgtcgc caacatatcc     89580
     tgacaagggg aagggccaca tttctgaagc cagagaagaa gctcaattct ggaatgatgg     89640
     ggatgaagga gaaataattg ctcacattat gtaaaactgc tctctgaaag gatttcaaaa     89700
     ccaaggtaag atttctgaaa tgacttctgt tgaacttctg actccgctct acttcctcct     89760
     tcctggaaat ctttacttcc ttggcttatg tgccagtata ttctactaat tcttctgcct     89820
     ctctgcttct ccattttctt tgaatagttc tcttttgaca ttttgttcat tatatatttt     89880
     ccattaattt agatttctta agatatttca ttaaaatatg attgactttt attactgagt     89940
     tcttttggta tcctcctaaa ttttgcacct aaggtaagtg catccctagt cccagcctgg     90000
     ctttccacac tgtctcttaa tatctaacat tctctattta tttcattcat ttcatgtaaa     90060
     taattgtaaa tccttataga tagaattata aatgtgtgta aacaatgaaa aattgaaaac     90120
     agagagaata tatcctatgt cctactggat attaacatat actacaatgt catagtaaaa     90180
     aaatagtatc aaaagcctac aatatgtcga acattgttag atgctaaata ttcaaataaa     90240
     agtaagacat aggtcttgtc ctgatgttta cagttcacag aagagaacac aagtgacaag     90300
     acaacagcag gcccagatgg ataagtgcag atatggggca ggcacaagat gctgctgtca     90360
     aggcatcagg gaaggcttcc tggggaacag atggcttcaa tgtaggcagt ccgaaaacag     90420
     ggcagaagcc acttctcaca caggaggaag caggttcaaa agtgtgggcc cagtgtggca     90480
     atgacatatc tgaagaactt cagctgcttc agtatgaatg gagccagctt tggatgtgga     90540
     acagcagcaa gaaaaaagga aaaatagaca ggcaggggct ggatcatgac agatgttaca     90600
     tgcaaagctc aggagtggct actctgtcct ggaagtcata aggaatcatt gaaggatttt     90660
     aagcaggaga gtgatggcgc atttgcaatt taggaagatc actacggcaa cagtgggcag     90720
     catgagtgaa agaagttggt tcaagaggca agactaatag tgcctgaaca aagagtgagg     90780
     aaatgggcat aggagtaaaa tgatggaaga agaggactta atttgattga cattaaaggg     90840
     attattggtg agtgatgtcg gtggcatccg acttagaaaa ctcccagata actcttattc     90900
     ctagactggc caatgcaatc atctcttttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtaagtgtg tgtcactttt     90960
     ctaaattatt ttgattgaca aaaattattt atatttatca tgtataatat gttgttttga     91020
     aatgtatgta catcatggac cggctacatc aagctaaaga acttatggct cacctcacat     91080
     acttattttt tgtggtgaga acacttaaaa tccacccttt tagcaatttt caacaataca     91140
     ttgttagcaa ctatagtcca tgttatacaa taaaactctt aaaattattc ctccaatcta     91200
     aatgaaatgt atcttttgaa atgtatccta aatgaaatga aatggatgta tcctttgacc     91260
     aacatctccc caacccaatg caaacatctt gattccattc attaaaaagg gtaatgagag     91320
     aagacagcct gactgagaga agagactgag ttcagtgtgg ggctattgca cttagaatat     91380
     ctaaaagtta tctaaggaaa aataatatgt aaacattttt gtatgatggg tggtctcagt     91440
     agaggagttt aagccagaga actgagagtc atcaagcata ggtgcaggtt agatgagctt     91500
     ttccaggaag agtgccaaaa atcagaaatg cagggatctc agggtatgat gagagaacat     91560
     aataattaag aggagatttc aaaggatgat aaggaggatt cagtaaatag gagaaaaata     91620
     aggacagagt agctcattag aaagaagtgg attatggtgc aaatattatc agtaactcaa     91680
     gtcagaggca ctgacaagaa cccactggat ttgaccttct acagaggttt ctgatggccg     91740
     tgatgagagg atcctcaggg gtgtactgga gacaaaagtc agaagcttag ctccaagtgt     91800
     gaggacacag agagagtgtc tctagggtag gatgcagact gaaggcaagg ttgtttttta     91860
     ttagttggtt catggttatg ttgctttttt cccccgtagg ttatagtggt acaggtagta     91920
     tttggttaca tgagtaagtt ctttagtgat gatttgtgag attttggtgc acctatcacc     91980
     tgagcagtat cccttgcccc ctcccacctt tcctctcagg tccccaaagt ccattgtatc     92040
     attcttatgc cttttcatcc tcttagctta gctcccacat atcagtgaga atatatgttt     92100
     agttttccat tcctgagtta gttcactcag aataatggtc tccaatctca tccaggtcgc     92160
     tgcaaatgcc attaactcat tcctttttat ggctgagtag tattccatca tatatatatc     92220
     acagtttctt tacccactcg ttgattgatg ggcatttggg ttggttccat aatttgtgat     92280
     tgtgaattgt gctgctataa acacgtatgt gcaaatatct ttttcatata atgacttatt     92340
     ttcctctggg tagatgccca gtagtgggat tgttggatca aattatagtt ccacttttag     92400
     ttctttaagg aatctcctca ctgttttcca cagtggctgt actagtttac attcccacca     92460
     gcagggtaga agagttccct gatcaccaca tccacaccaa tatctactgt ttttttattt     92520
     ttttatcatg gccattcttg caggagtaag gtggtatcac attgtggttt tgatttgcat     92580
     ttccctgatc attagtgatg ttgagcattt tcttatgttt cttggccatt tgtatatctt     92640
     cttttgagaa ttgtctatgc atgtccttag cccacttttt gatggggttg tttgtttttt     92700
     cttactgatt tgcctgtgtt cattgtagat tctggatatt agtcctttgt cagatgtata     92760
     gattgtgact actctgtggg ttgtctgttt attctgctga tggttccttt tgccgtgcaa     92820
     aagctcttta gtttaattaa gtctcaacta tttatctttg tttttattga atttgctttt     92880
     gggttcttgg ccatgaaatc cctgcctaag ccaatgtcta gaagggtttt tccaatgtga     92940
     tcttctagag cttttatagt ctcaggtctc aggtttaagt ccttaatcca tcttgagttg     93000
     atttttgtat aaggtgagag atgaggaccc ggtttcattc tcctacatgt ggatagccaa     93060
     ttatcccagc accatttgtt gaaaagggtg tctttcccca ccatatgttt ttgttcgctt     93120
     tgtcgaagat cagttggctg taagtatttg ggtttatccc tgggttctct attctgttcc     93180
     ctttgtctat gtgcctattt ttataccagt accatgctgt cttggtgact atggcaggga     93240
     acgtgagctt tttccccgca atcctatact ggccccttct actgcataat tattttcttc     93300
     tcttgaattt tacatgctag tcttctattt acattttaac atttatataa acaaatgatg     93360
     ccacttttac attttcttta ttagattagg aggtcgtaca ggatcacatt tataggtctt     93420
     taaattaagg agtaatattc tttgaaagtt tatgaaacta ttcagtataa acaccacaga     93480
     atcagatgtt ttggaaaatg tagggtcttt tatgacattt tttcatttct tcctcattca     93540
     ctgtataatt tttagtctca tttttccaaa gcaattacag atccgttgat ctaatttgac     93600
     cttaagagcc ctgctgtaaa ggcaggtcat atcatcccca tactgaagac aaagaactga     93660
     agtccaagac aggcagtgtc cttcaagctg catacttcca tggtagtgta ggtggtgtgt     93720
     ccatgctccc aggtgtaagg cccctagact gagccctgct gaccctgatg acagtcctat     93780
     ggaaggagcc agtatccccc gcacatctca ggactcacag acatgtggga ggaagaaaat     93840
     atgaatgtgc actaatctga agcacggcct tgaacaaagg caaaacagac tccaggcctc     93900
     attttcagtt ctgggatgga tactctaatc tctctaaatc atgccactga atgacctttt     93960
     acacattgag atagcatttc ttccacacca ggccatgtcc tgtgggtgtg tgaggtgtgg     94020
     cagaattggg gaaatgataa tccctgtagg tgggccagca gaatatctga gatcaccttc     94080
     agagcaaaga aaacacatca tctccccaaa actcatgact ctgactggtt aaaatgagtg     94140
     tcagtgttct ccatctgtcc tcgtaacagc atcactggct ctatattgtc agatctttaa     94200
     tactaacttt ctgcccagtg agcaatgact catacaaagc tcagtgccca ttggttcttt     94260
     tctcagagtc tgtccaatcc tagggtcaca gaagactgct tgggttcatg gtctctaata     94320
     tttcagacag gagctccctt taatgagttc ttgttttcct gactgcagct ctcttcattc     94380
     tgccaacctt ttccaactcc atgatgatcc tgcaggtttc agggggcccc tggacagtgg     94440
     ctctgacagc attactgatg gtgctgctca tatctgtggt ccagagcagg gccactccag     94500
     gtaagagcag agctgctatt cctggagggt ctggctcagg gaacaattcc taggggactt     94560
     tctctttatg gaaccagact ctgagacagc atgtggggct cctgccacgg cctagtgtcc     94620
     ttctatcaca gctggagaat caaactcacc tcctatagga taggttgcta tccaccaggt     94680
     ctattctctc tccaggaaca tggacacagt aaataagggg aggtgctcag gggtcaagtt     94740
     gcttgtctat ggggaaatgg ggccaagagg ttcaggataa ccttggacag acaaggtttc     94800
     agagagagag gttggcaagt gcagactcct gggtgtgctc acatctgcat ccaaccttga     94860
     ggggactcag gcagagagcc cttagctggt gtgtccagac tacaagtatc actgaggatt     94920
     cagtgctcac agagaatgcc tctcattctc cagggtggag caggagccaa tgctccctgg     94980
     acaatgaagg caagatggga gggaggggga caggttcgag cccctaaagg cactcttgtt     95040
     gaaggtattt ctcccagcct ccccagaact tggttagagt attaggatgg gttgaaacct     95100
     gtcagaagaa tgagataagg atgtgtgagt acgtgaaaga gattgagtgt aggttatcag     95160
     acagccaaga aagcagtaac caagggaaaa acctctgtct cctgctgtct ccttgtggct     95220
     ggtgtaatat tatggcttct atgacccatt gtttttctct caggatgttc ttacttttct     95280
     ggtccaaatt tacaccaaca ccctgagagg aaggactgca gagtaggtgt cttagttttc     95340
     cactgacttc cacctttctg catagaccct ccctctgaga cccttccaca tccacctagg     95400
     acacccctag aaagtgctgt tctcatgtca cctcctcatt ttccagggta acagtattcg     95460
     aatctcctga ggacagcccc tcaaacccca aagcccctca cctattacct caggttcatt     95520
     gtccgggaaa gggtggacaa actgcacttg tagtcacagg ggtgctgaga actaaccagc     95580
     agaatggctc agccctggga actggagagg ggtgaggttg gggagagagg aggctggagc     95640
     agcgctggtg acactgaaca gtgtccagca ggaggtccat agcaacagtg tccataggca     95700
     gagttgtttg taggatgagg ggtggtgttg ggaaacgcca tggaaaccct caaggtgcgg     95760
     ggtagcagaa agcacaggag ggagcgtgat gatggtgggc agtgaacagg tggacgggca     95820
     aagactgggt tgaggttggt aggggaaatg agatgaggca gtggagccat gtgacaggaa     95880
     ccgagggtgg gttaccagag ctccccgtgt agaatgaatg tccaatcaaa acctgctgga     95940
     gggagagctg gagccatagg ggagtgggta gagtgggcag ggccaattcc acaattccct     96000
     gcatgctctt ccaactccac acacatctcc atcctcagag cacaagagga aaggcacaag     96060
     gagccaggct gtggcttaaa gtgagagagg ggagggtgga gaaaagcttg gctgagacaa     96120
     cacctaggga gcaggagatg acacggcagg tgaaaaaacc agactcctgg aggcaacacc     96180
     cttttgtctc tgacaagctt taaaatgggc tttttacagc tgagtttctt acctcacccc     96240
     acccactacc ccaagcatta gggccacact cccgagtcct cctgtcacac cagctgggca     96300
     cttgcagaag ctcattgtgc atttgagtct ttgggtactc actcttctgt taatctaact     96360
     cctcaaataa aatccctagc acaaaagaga ggggggaaga tccagtcagc aaacagccaa     96420
     caaacacttt tcaaccatta agatctggtg cccatggaaa gtcttcttga ggttttccag     96480
     tagctcataa gctgatccag ttcctctttc atatgcattt atttagaatt ttgctcctat     96540
     tcaaacaggt cacacagtga aaagaggaag ggaactaaca tagattgagc agtaacagat     96600
     acaatactat gtatttgaca tatgtgagct catttggttc tcacagcagt tttgcaaggt     96660
     aaatagtatt attactattt tgcctttcaa gaaatggaga gttagaaggt tgtttcttgt     96720
     ccaagataac ttagtaatca gtcgtagtgc aagaactgga atccctacct gtgacatgtt     96780
     ccttttctta cccatatgga ctccattata tctttctgca attatatttt aatataacct     96840
     attctgagtg agagatgaat tcactcagat cattggtttt caaattgtgc tctgggtaac     96900
     tcaattgtca aagattccgc aaacaggata aagttttcca tatacaaaaa aaaaatgaag     96960
     tttcaaattc caccatatac tcatcactta tatctgcttt gcaggtaaaa ttccgtttaa     97020
     aaagttaaat gttgcaaaag aaagttttga aattcttact cttgactaaa acatgttctc     97080
     ttattggtga atgaggaaga ggaacaaaga ctaacaaatt aaaatgagag gatacacact     97140
     cagagtgggg cacttgaata gggaggggca gactaaaggg gctgggggcg atgggcctgg     97200
     gtgtttaggg ggctggagcc caaggcacta ggagaagagg cgggttaaga tatctaaagt     97260
     cctgggatct tgccttagag atgacactgg aaactacagg ccgagtctac ggtgccgctg     97320
     tgcccagccc caccccttct ctactgtcct ctgccaccag ctgtgcatct tctatgaggg     97380
     gtgaggttaa taaacgtgag ttgctaattt gtagaacatg aaacaggtgt ccaaaacaaa     97440
     ccttaatttg ctgtgtgcaa atcacagcac cttaatttcc ccactgtgac caggaacaga     97500
     tcaggtctga agaggctcag acatgtgctg ggtcattgct acttctgtat acacatgcac     97560
     ctgccggaca ctgcccatgg tgctccctag gaagaactgc aggtggaaaa ggctgccaca     97620
     tttctttatg taaaaatgac accatcaatg cctctaaacc taaaggagtc cagtcactta     97680
     gctttctggt tgttctggtg attttcattg attaagatat tttccaggtg ttttgagatc     97740
     aagtctttct acagccatgt ttgaaagtga aaattaactt tcaggctata tagtctttct     97800
     tatggcaaac ttcaagaagt tttaagaaat gcatttctgg ccaagtgcgg tggctcacgc     97860
     ctgtaatctc agcactttgg gtggccgagg agggcagatc tcgaggtcag gagttcgaga     97920
     ccagcctggc caacatggtg aaaccccatc tctactaaac atacaaaaat tatctgggcg     97980
     tggtggcgca cacctgtaat cccagctact caggaggctg aggcaggaaa actgcttgaa     98040
     ccctggaggc ggaggttgca gtgagctgag attgcaccac tggactccag cctgggcgac     98100
     agagtgatac tctgtagaaa gaaaggaaga aaggaaggaa ggaagggagg gagggaagga     98160
     tactccattg aaagaagaaa gaaagaagga aggaagggag ggagggaggg agggaggaat     98220
     gcatggaaat gcatttctgc atttccagca tgcagagatg tccagcatgc agaacagcaa     98280
     gagcaacttg aggtattctc aagaaactgg cagagaagag agagaaccta gctgtagaaa     98340
     gggaaagaag gaatggaggg cttcctggag gaggtggcat ttgagccagg actgacatca     98400
     ggatggaaat gtcaggcagg gagttgggta gggggagcag ctctgccctc caggtcccca     98460
     actcctccta tccctactgt ttctctgcct gagggaccct ccccctgatg agattctgct     98520
     cctccctgag actccgcgtg aaatgtctcc ccctcctcct ccagccgcca gcagaaaggg     98580
     ctgctttccc ttcagcgtgc gcccctccct aatgatcact cagccaccct gagcagtgag     98640
     tctcattctt ttcagtaaat cctctcgctg cgtggtgaga aaactgatgc ctggagtctg     98700
     tgacctgcct aggaccacag aactcggtag taggaaaaat cgtattttta aatccagtcc     98760
     tgagtgggaa gatttgagga aatagctcat attgaggagg ggggtgttgt tgggagtggc     98820
     accaccccca tctctccctg ctcttcacag agaattccgt ctaccaggaa cggcaggaat     98880
     gctatgcgtt caatgggact cagcgcgttg tggacgggct catctacaac cgggaggaat     98940
     acgtgcattt tgacagcgca gtgggggagt tcctagcagt gatggagctg gggcggccca     99000
     taggcgagta cttcaatagc cagaaggact ttatggaacg gaagcgagcc gaggtggaca     99060
     aggtgtgcag acacaagtac gagctgatgg agccactcat ccggcagcgc cgaggtgagg     99120
     gctgtggacc agggctcctg gggcagccgt gggggccggg cccagggagt aggggcagcc     99180
     gggccggcct aagggacctt agtgccagga gggaagggga ctttgagctg gggattgatg     99240
     ggaggagccc aaccggagct tgtcaggagg gtgagcacgg agattgggct gagcatggag     99300
     tgaggaggat ggagggagag agacccctgg gacttcatca ggcctggcag ctgactgcat     99360
     gtggggtgag gggaaacgag gccacaggac atcgtgcagg ggtgcggtgt ggagatgaag     99420
     gtggagatgg cacagcaggc cacgcagaga agaaacctgc agggagatgg ccgggtttga     99480
     ggtgcttgag gggccagatg ggtggtctga tgggcaggtg agagaagagt ttgcagcggg     99540
     gaaggggcct ggcctacatg agaccaccca gggagagggg acccatcggg aggagcatag     99600
     gactggatcc tgggaactgg acattgtgat tttgtaacgg ctccattgtc tggggtatat     99660
     accctggttc tttgtcatgg ccgagaaaat tcacgacaca gacacacgtg aggagtgggt     99720
     ttgggagtgg aaagtttaat agaaaagaaa agagagaaaa aatccttcct cgtgctcaga     99780
     aagtgggttg cccaaaagag ggtctgcggt ttgtggtgga atgcagtcgg ttttgtacag     99840
     aggttgagga ggcggtgatt gatttacaca gcgctcaggg aattggtttg accagttgtg     99900
     tcatttacat agcccacgaa aagactgact ctcccaccct agtcttttat tattcaaata     99960
     cggtctctaa ctggtggtgg acaggatacc tgtacatgtg gttttacctg gaggctgcca    100020
     tgacacttgt aaacgtggtg acaaggaaaa gagagtggga accgccatat tggatgtacc    100080
     tgacttccag gtacagctgc cagcatttac atataaaagc ttctagtttg cacatctatg    100140
     cctgagtttt caggctgctt tctgttagag aagaaatggt ttggggctgc tttttattaa    100200
     aggaaaattc cactgagaat ttttaccctt tctagctgcc taaaaataat ttcttaataa    100260
     ctcctgtatt atttcctccc tcaggagacg taaccataac tgctgttagg gggtgttgga    100320
     cgacgattct ttctggctac ttcctgctga aaaggggcgt cgtgttgggg ggctgcagtt    100380
     ggggctcctc ctgaggttga tctaaggctt cttggaagaa tggcatgtcc atgtgtggct    100440
     ttgtttgcag caccatttga agtttgattg cttctaggca aaaagagata aattttacaa    100500
     gaaggtttaa aatatagggt taccatatga gtattaagat taccacctat agactgtaac    100560
     tatgacagta gagtttgata cctgttacac caatggattg taatactggt ttgtctccac    100620
     tagatgtcgc tgtacattac cagaaacgtt aatataaaag catcatttcc tttgagaaaa    100680
     acatgtttcc cccttgactt gctattaggg cataattttt ggtttaggcc attctttata    100740
     acttatgata tgattgggag aaaaacgtta ttgggtggct aaaataactt tggtgttaat    100800
     cttggcaatt cctttccttt aattattaaa tttcttaatt attaaattct ttcatgactt    100860
     tcacagaccc tcttacaatg tactcaactt tctgacttgt cttaaacaac cagtcatttc    100920
     cttttaggac aagaatttac tatacaagat cctttcttat ataaaatccc tttatttgta    100980
     accttctttc catagcttag agtgcaccat ttaccaatct tcaataaaaa agtcctatca    101040
     aacttagtga tagtaaaatt ttcatgctta cttcttgtct gtaactatta ctcctgctat    101100
     aagcaaaaca aacttgacca aatccttcct gcaattatta attctgtcat aaagatgata    101160
     attaggcaaa atattacagg aattagaatt ttacaaccag aattccacat tgtgggtgcc    101220
     acagtataca gttctattgc aaataacagc atgatgataa caattcccac aaaagtgacg    101280
     tagtaaataa tttccattta aaactttact tgccaagata taatgtttcc ctttggggat    101340
     ttacaaagta acaaatgcag tcccatgtat aattaaaatc tctctgcaaa tatgcattaa    101400
     aaaaaagttc taatactgag cagtgaattt tgagaggaaa ggtagaaatg ataaagagta    101460
     cctggtgagg taggaatggc gctaaggcga gtagccctca ctcatttact taccttttat    101520
     gattttcagc ttaagatctt ctatatctcc acattgatat tcaggatgtt cctctgggct    101580
     gtcaaaggtt gctccctcag cttttcaggc tttgacttga gtgtgatata ttcagaggtt    101640
     gatacttgta acttttactg ctgggggggt tgaaagaaga attgtgtagg gcccttccca    101700
     gcctggctta gggaaggaga gagagatgag ttttcaccaa taccaaattt tctggctaag    101760
     taaaggtggt ccaatttcct ggggttggcc tttggctagt tgtgtcaatt tctgttggaa    101820
     gtgagctaga gaggttacat ttttaaacaa cttagaggtt ttctgcctga aaacaatctc    101880
     tgagcacact gatgataagt tttatccttt cctatgtgaa aaagcttggt gaaggatttt    101940
     aaggactttc cattgactgg aggccagtaa atggagtttg tcatcctcag ggctggaata    102000
     cccttaagaa gtggcttatt ttatttctgc aggggaatac tgaggtttaa tttcttttat    102060
     ggaggcttcc gagattaaaa gggcttgaag tgtgttaatg ccttgaggct tccctgccgc    102120
     ctgcttagct ccctgctcag ctaacctatt tcctttggct acttcatctg ttcccctttg    102180
     atgttcccta taatacatta ctgctatttt tcgtgaaagg aaaactgagg ataataacct    102240
     gttaatttcc tggtgatatt ttataggaga tgctttagtg gtaaaagaat gtctttcctt    102300
     ttaaatagca gcatgagcat ggagaactaa aaaagcatac ttggagtcag tggaaatgtt    102360
     agctatcttt cccctgctta atttaagtgc acttgcaaga actattagtt cagctaattg    102420
     agtgcttgtg tctggggaga gacattagag tgactattgc ttgtcctgcc ttatgtattt    102480
     cttgctttac ctgctgtttg ttagctaaag tctcccctag aggacagtaa tcctgctaca    102540
     ttatgtgggg tgtaaacagt taaattattt cctagggtta atttggaggc ttttttgact    102600
     agtagagcca ccgtggcaat ggcttggaag catgtgtaaa caataggtcc tcctaactgc    102660
     aattaggagg ttgagaaaaa tattggaata gagtttttcc tgagacaccc cttacactca    102720
     tgctatggga agaagagagg cctggattaa agaggagaaa agagagagag actggctcga    102780
     gtgtttagaa ggaggtctac tttccttcct tcaatttcca gaatcacctg gtggctcccg    102840
     tgctgtaatg gcagtttgag ccactggagc tggggtttga gccccgggac ccatcagtcc    102900
     tgctggacca tctgtgagac tggttctgac tccagtgacc tccgtctccg ggggcagttt    102960
     gatttccagt ggtctccacc acaggctgga tagggttgag gtggcttcct cttgctgttt    103020
     gggcactcct ttttaaaatg ccctggcttg ccacactgat agcaactagc ggatgcacct    103080
     cagaaatctt ggactttgca agcttgcaaa gctgctacta gagcctctgt ctttctcctg    103140
     agctttctct ctctctgggg ggcctcctcc tggtccctat tataagtggc caccctcagg    103200
     aggttcccca aggtgctatc tggtcctata gcttgcttct acagtttcct tctaatatca    103260
     agagctgcct gtgtaataaa cttgtccttt acaatgagcc atcccttgac tgaattaggg    103320
     gctaaagaag tgtgctctat tagtgcctct ctcagccttt ccataaaagc tgcaggattc    103380
     ccatctggct tttggtctat catagacagt tgagaggaat taagaggtca ggccttagtt    103440
     cttcacagac cctctaatat gtatatttta aaaatgcttc catttctatt catttgcaga    103500
     gctattgggg tcccagttgg ggttgtcgag aggaactgct tcccttccta ctgggaatgg    103560
     tgtttctgct attttttttc actttcccta tctcttttct tcccttttgg tgtattatag    103620
     gagatatgtt gctcatctcc aaaattatct gctgcctgca gagctgcctg cttttcaact    103680
     gcggttagag tttggtttag gagcagcata acatccttcc atgtgaggtg aaacacctga    103740
     gttaaattct ggaaagcttc tatataccta ttggggttat cagaaaatta gcataagtct    103800
     tcctttgttt gcctaaggtc ctgtaatgaa aagggagctt gaggttgaag ggggccagcc    103860
     cctccacacc tgtgggtatt tctcatcagg tgggacgaga gactgagaaa agaaataaga    103920
     cacagagaca aagtatagag aaagaacagt gggcccaggg gaccagtgct cagcatacag    103980
     aggacctgtg ccggctctgg tctctgaatt ccctcagtat ttattgatca ctatctctat    104040
     catctcagtg agggggatgt ggcaggacta tagggtaatg gtgggaagag ggtcagcagg    104100
     aaaacgtgag caaaggactc tgtgtcataa ataagtttaa ggaaaggtgc tgtgcctgga    104160
     tgtgcacata ggccagattt atgtttgact ttacacaaac atctcagtgc agtaaagagc    104220
     agtattgcca ccagcatgtc tcacctccag ccataaggcg gctttctcct atctcagtaa    104280
     atagaatgta cgatcgggtt ttacaccgag acattccatt cccagggatg agcaggagac    104340
     agatgccttc ctcttatctc aactgcaaag aggccttcct ctttcactaa tcctcctcag    104400
     cacagaccct ttatgggtgt cagccttggg gacagtcagg tcaggtccct tcccacaagg    104460
     ccatatctca ggctgtctct ctcagtgggg ggaacccttg gacaataccc aggctttctt    104520
     gggcagaggt ccctgcggcc ttccacagtg cattgtgtcc ctgggtactc gagactggag    104580
     aatggcgatg actttcacca agcatactgc ctacaaacac atttttaaca aagcacagcc    104640
     tgcacagccc taaatccatt aaaccttgag tcaatacagc acaggttttc tgcgagcaca    104700
     gggttggggc tagggttaca gattaacagc atgtcaaggc agaagaattt ttcttagtac    104760
     agatcaaaat ggagtttctt atgtcttcct ttttctacat agacacagca acagtctgat    104820
     ttctctttac ttcccccaca ttggcaaccc taaataaggg gaattctcag atggttccct    104880
     tggaaactgc ctttctaatt ctgggggatt attttctata ggcctacctg atatgcctat    104940
     ttaaaaagct gggctgatct tacaacgctt gcagaggttt agtaaaaaag ccatgccctt    105000
     gtgcaaaaga aaatgagtca cttttctctt caaagtcctg aggttaaagg agttccagtg    105060
     tttcagactg cactccagag gggtgcaagc tgaagctggt ctgtcaccca tctagaaaaa    105120
     gaagtgagaa taaaagtatc ctttcgtccc cattctttca ctgtgaccca gggtggagga    105180
     gaagatagtg gaagtgtcct ccctactgtt ttctctcctt ggttcctggg tcctggcaac    105240
     gtgttaaatg taccacccac ggttgtaggc gtggtcctcc aagccgtgga actggataaa    105300
     ctaagtgatg ggattaacca tactttaccc acacaacctt agcttatcca ccttatgtga    105360
     tcccctttga cgtcctaaat ttgtgtgatc tgcctggctc ccagaaaaat ggatctccag    105420
     agagactatg tcatctttgg gtaggctcct ttaacggagg cagtgtgcta gattgcctgc    105480
     cattacggcc catgctaaaa catttaccct tagcaaaatg gctctggtta acttccgaac    105540
     ctaaaatccc cttgctaatt aagtactatc ctaattggag acggaaatga acgtaggaac    105600
     ctaatggctg tttttcctgc tgatgagaca gtatcagaac taaaatttca ctacagagga    105660
     cattttactc caaactgttg aagacagtgc tttctcgttc acagaagagg cttttctagc    105720
     ggcacgaaag aatttggaag cggcagtgtt acggtaaaaa accgacaagg tgcctgatga    105780
     agaggatttt tatttccact aggtggtgct gttggcttag cactaccatg tgctcgccag    105840
     agaggataga gagtaacagt tactgcctgt ggcatttgcc gatcttccct aacaggagtg    105900
     tttccctgaa ctgtaaaact tcccgcaaat tgcacacaca gagagagagg acaggagaca    105960
     cagtgaccac ggatacaaag gaaaggaaaa ttttgcaacg ggttagctgg agatccatta    106020
     ccaacacctg gacaggctgt cggaggctgc gttcagtcca gaagcctttg aataacacca    106080
     gggtgtgccc tggccagaaa ttttcagttg ccccaagact ttcccagcct catgcgatgg    106140
     tgaagttctc catgaaagga aactggtatg aagagatcct tgagattaaa gaacagattt    106200
     gacgtttgct ctatactcac cactccgatg tttctatctt ccattctgat ttggatcccg    106260
     gatgagctcc caaaatgaaa cagctccact gtctagggta tataccctgg ttctttacca    106320
     tagccgaaaa agaattcaca gcacggacac acacaaggag tgggtttagg agcggaaagt    106380
     ttaatagaaa agaggagtga gaggaaaagc ttcctaatgc tgataaggca ggtcacccaa    106440
     gagagggtct cctgtttctg gtggaaagca attggttttg tacagaggct tgaggaggca    106500
     gtgattgatt tacatagggc tcaggggatt ggtttgacca gatgtgtcat ttacataacc    106560
     tgcaaaaaga ctggccctcc caccctagta ttttattata caaatgcggc ctccacctgg    106620
     tggcggccat gatacctgta cacgtgcttt aacctggagg ctgcctcgac acctgtaaac    106680
     gtagaaggaa aagagggtga gaacagccat attgaattac ctgacttcca ggaacagctg    106740
     ccagcattta cataaaagct tctagtttgc atatctatgc ctgagttttc aggctgcttt    106800
     ctgttagaga aaaaatggct tggggctgct ttttattaaa ggaaaattcc acccagaact    106860
     tttacccttt ttagctgcct aaaaataatc tcttaataac tcgtgtatta atttggccaa    106920
     gagagaaatc ccgtgaagga gaccaaaaag caccagtgag cctctcacta aacaaggacc    106980
     tttgtcctag agaagaggaa agaatgaagg gggaggagga ggaggctcag gaggtcacac    107040
     cattgatccc tctgttcctg ggaaagtgaa aggaaggtca tctgataaga gggagaagat    107100
     gcacacattg agtaaggatg aggagagtga catgggttta ggaaagttgc tggcgtaatt    107160
     ggttgagaga ggtgtccaaa taaaagtaat acaatttgca aaatctgtca ctaagacttc    107220
     atagaggccc aaatcagcga catggcagca ttttctttca tggtaatcag ctgccagatt    107280
     gcagagaccc cctgatgcca gactaaggag tgtggatttc tcctctaggc cagcaggtcc    107340
     ccaacctcac tgctcagaag actctccttg agatcctctg tgaagcaaag attcccccag    107400
     actcactgcc tagagattca gattccctag gtggggaagt ctggagatct gtgtttttaa    107460
     tcagctccca agtgattccc atgtaaccag ataagtgtca gaacactgaa gatttttgaa    107520
     aatcttcaga aatcttaaaa tgacaaggct ggaaatctgt tttcagaaga ctgtgaagtc    107580
     agttggagag agcaggaacc agaggcaggg agatgagata agaaactgct attattgtcc    107640
     agggaaatca taataagggc atgaattaga ataaagaaaa acacaggggt aggggagacg    107700
     gaggaaagag gaggatagaa gttctggcca ttccagtgtg gatgcccacc caaatctaga    107760
     attaactgag caaaggcaac tagaacaaac aggaatcctt gccttggtga aatatatttg    107820
     aactgggtca gaaatgaggc cactgggtat caagccttta gctgcagcgc cccctggagg    107880
     tctctgatgt gctccaggct gaccagctcc cgtcaaagaa gatggagcaa agtgcttctc    107940
     atggaatgtt ctgggacctt aaaacagaca accatatatc ccatgacttt catgcttccc    108000
     aggacaccta tggggaagaa gttccactta atctacagtt gggattcaga catgggttga    108060
     ccagtctgat ggacgttgag tttatggagg tggttgaagt agaacgagag ccaagtgcct    108120
     ctgaaataaa atcacatcga gggaagaggc tgtgaatgtg aataatcctg gacacaaggc    108180
     aaaaatacca tagggagtaa gggttgtggg ttagttcaag actgttcatt tacctggccc    108240
     aggcccatgt cagtgtattt gtgttctcaa gaacagagta aataaggacc tagaagctct    108300
     gatttggaac attcctgtaa ttgagctgtt ctctaggggc agttggccct tttctgcctt    108360
     ctgtggagga aaagggtact agtggctgag gtccaaagga aaagctgcag gtggtagcgt    108420
     ggaaattgat ctgtaagcgg cagaaaaaga gggggcaaaa acagagaggt gccaaggcac    108480
     agccaacacc tggttatctg agaacctcaa tggatgtggc aacacagtgc agaggaggaa    108540
     cttagggaaa aggatgggat ttctactatt taagcatgta ggggctcagg atattatgta    108600
     aataggacga ttttgagtgt ttgtaggcga ggccaaaaaa tccataggtt acttgcagaa    108660
     taagtcatgt caagctcact ttattttctt gatatattta tgaaatatag ttattggatt    108720
     aatagaccat gagaatgtcg tttatatata tattaatttc aagaaatcat ttgagcaaat    108780
     ttttcatctt ttgcatcagg atagagcact caaaagataa ggtagtgtcg ctgctgatta    108840
     aatattcttt gtccaaaggc tgttaatcag tggctgatag ataagatttc ttttaaatgt    108900
     gctacaaact ggtaagtttg tgtgcctcct attcttctca atactatttc tatagtttca    108960
     atactcccct tatccgctga cctaatcaca tcattcctac tttttttttt tttttttttt    109020
     tttttgagat ggagtttcac tcttgttgtc caggctggag tgcaatggtg cgatcttagc    109080
     tcatgcaacc tctgcctccg gggttcaagc gattctcctg cctcagcctc ctgagtagct    109140
     gggattacag gcatgcacca ccacacccag ctaattttgt atttttagta gagacagggt    109200
     ttctccatgt tagtcaggct ggtctcgaac cacctgcctc agcctcccaa agtgctggga    109260
     ttacaggtgt aagccactgc gcctggccat cattcctatt ttcaacatct aaaaatcaat    109320
     tccataatga gcatgtctaa gaaataataa actcaaatgc tattccactt ttccacttcg    109380
     ccactcctag tccagcctag ggtgaacatc ccccctccaa gaaggagccc cggcagcacc    109440
     acgacctgct tgtctaccac gtgacagatt tctacccagg cagcattcaa gtccgatgct    109500
     tcctgaatgg acaggaggaa acagctgggg tcatgtccac caagctgatc cgtaatgaag    109560
     actggacctt ccagatcctg gagatgctgg aaatgatccc ccagcaggga aacatctaca    109620
     cctgccaagt gaagcacccc agcctggaca gtcctgtcac cgtggagtgg agtgagggtc    109680
     tgatgaccct ctagactcca cctctgaaga gcaggggact ctctggctct ggggtccact    109740
     catctggttt tatgtgtcta taccctggga ccatgtccga ccccattttt cttctataca    109800
     agaccctgag tgtagtttta acctggggac aatggagact tgcctgcccc cggcctagga    109860
     ggtcctaagg attcatagtt cctctccttg tccaagaatc tagggatgca gacaccttcc    109920
     tgaactgacc ttacacatgg gaactgttgt cttccttcag ccttttagct tattctaagt    109980
     tattttgaga ggcaactaat tgaatctgaa tttgtctgtt gttgaggtca caccctctgt    110040
     tctagaattg agagagtgac tgtttctcaa tttcctgtca tgcaaggtgt attcccctcg    110100
     ctctcctcgt gccaatattc tgcatcaggc tgcaggatct cagacaggac atgagcaggg    110160
     gtgcagctgc tggaggtgac tctgaacctg agcctgttct tcctagaggc acagtctgat    110220
     tttgtgcaga gcaagatgct gacaggagcc aggggcttca tgctggggct catcatctgt    110280
     ggagtggaca tcttcacgca cagaaggagc aagaaaggtg agaaatcctg tgaggtgacc    110340
     gatacccacc tttctcctga cttgctcacc cttcttccat gatgaggggc tgagacaaaa    110400
     aagcaatgcc agagagcttg ctgaaatcac atagtcagga aacaaagaca gcttctaagg    110460
     agagaggaat cccagcctgg catcttaatg cagccagatg cataaggtcg cagttactca    110520
     ggctcctgca gagcgtccat tgagtgatgg gcaatggaag tgtgatggaa acatttctct    110580
     aattgtctga ggtggtttca gtagctgaat acattctctt tcttcctttc atttcagttc    110640
     aacaaggatc tgcataaaca ggcaatattc ctgctttgat ttccttgttg ggggagttac    110700
     aggaggacat aagtcctttc tgtacattgt gacactgagc tcctctagga agagagtctc    110760
     aggcctgaac ccctgtttca acctcagccc tggggtgagt ggggaaagag cattgcatgg    110820
     ctccattgct aaaggaagct cagatcaact ctgttcttta tcagcctgag attcagcctc    110880
     tcaccgttgt ttttctctcc tgggtcttaa aggaaggggg ccagcaacct gggattactg    110940
     tttttacctc cacagggttc ctgaccttgc ctaaaagact aatgtacctt ggaacaagca    111000
     ttttctgttt ctttagtccc agtatctgct tcgaggacag acccccagcc tcccaagagg    111060
     atgctgctgc tgagtagttg cactgaagcc agtttctatg attctgttcc tggattcaat    111120
     gcatgatttc tctcatgggg cctccaacca agttcctttc tccttagtgc catgaataat    111180
     caaaacccaa catgattgtt ttctgttaag aatatatacc aagtcatgtc tcatcacttt    111240
     tttttcttga gggttttggc aaacagtaag agttaataaa gaagttcatt gtggtttaga    111300
     cataagaaag aagaaaacca tgaaaatcca tccaaactat tgtataaggt ggcccgttgg    111360
     acatagacct ctcctggatt tactatattt cagtgagctg ccccatcatc atgtttggtg    111420
     tcttcatcca tttaggtctg aaaccactat tcttagctat tcagtggtga acagactgca    111480
     aatctgtgtt atagggccca tattaacata gcactgattc aacatataac ttactaagag    111540
     catgttttag cattactgtt aagaaattaa ataagcatca gaatttaaaa caataaatat    111600
     aatctaacac actttcaaca ctttctttgc atgccatcac aaatactcct taaccaaatg    111660
     ttgcttggcc ttttgaatgc atcaagtaga cgacatttat cctctaagtc tgcattcatt    111720
     caccagccta gacctcctga gctaataatt catacagaga gaaacgcctc cccattgttg    111780
     aaagtgcaaa gcaataggtg tggcactctt tcaaacactg atcttttttt tacaatccaa    111840
     aattgttatg tgttttgcat ttcatattaa gttactgtaa atcaaggtag aagacatgtt    111900
     tggtctaagc tttccttttc gtgtagagga tggattctta actcctgata cacataatga    111960
     gcactcagtg gctctctgat acatccagtt gttggcttcc ttctccctga cttctcacaa    112020
     gcagcttctg ggccttgtgt gcccctgggc acctatccct ggtcagtttc ccagagctac    112080
     ccatgttcct ctcactatcc aatcagagtc atctccttcc atttttgtcc cctggacaca    112140
     tgctgtaggt gtcagcagta cccagagtgg agtaaacaat ctccagacta actcttgcag    112200
     gatgcaaaac tgaggtatct gcacccataa tgcacctgta tcctacaatt acaagtccag    112260
     gatatgcatt cctaggaaac tgagaatata aggagtcaca gaaaggcatc agatgtgtct    112320
     agctctgaca tacacaggta tttattgaac tctgggattt cttaggaaaa atgcagtgca    112380
     gagaaaggtt cctgatgaga ccacagcata cagaccatcc agtgtgggca ccaccttgtc    112440
     actacacttt aaattcttca tattgattga gggctatcta aatgtcagac cctttgctga    112500
     gtgctaggtg caggaggatc ataggcagcc aggaggtaga ggggtcttgg ggtacataag    112560
     tcattgtggt tgaagagcag agattcaaaa aaaagttagg cctggagatt taaaggagac    112620
     caaagctggt gacttcctta tgtcaacttc tgactgagaa agtttgacac ctggagtaga    112680
     ataaacacag tggggttagg actgccagct tagtgttttg tcccccatcc ctttccatcc    112740
     ctggtccctt cattttctgc ccctcacagt gtgaataaac tgtcacagat gccagaccat    112800
     ctccttcttg tccaggtgca caaataactg ctcatcttca tcagattcaa acatatactc    112860
     cccagagggt ctgtgtgtct gcacaaactc tgcatacgtt gacacatggt ctgctgcttg    112920
     aaagggaaga agactgcaga atgaggaaca cataggaaag tacacagaat acaagaagca    112980
     agcaggtaat gggaaagttt ttaagaatgc aagggaataa cacagaaaat gagaaatgca    113040
     aaaatgaatg aaaagaaaag gaatggggat aaacaatgat agaaatgact catagaagat    113100
     ttcagttgtt tccctggtct ctgaagactt acacaaccct cacatcattc caataatgat    113160
     aacactgaac acaatcagaa aatattcact gaacatgtac catgtgctca acttattcat    113220
     tgaatcctca cacttccacg tagaagtgtt caaagaaggc cgggcgcagt ggctcacgcc    113280
     tgtaatcagc cgggcatggt ggcaggtgcc tgtagtccca gctactcagg atgctgaggc    113340
     aggagaatgg cgtgaacccg ggaggtggaa cttgcagtga gccgagatcg cgccactgca    113400
     ctccagtctg ggagatagag cgagactcct tcccaaaaaa aaaaaagtgt tcaaagaaaa    113460
     acttctggcc aggcacggtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggca    113520
     ggtggttcac ttgaggtcag gaattcaaga tcagcctggc caacatggtg aaaccccttt    113580
     gtctctacta aacctctttg tctctactaa agatacaaaa attagccagg catgctgtct    113640
     gtagtcccag ctacttggga ggctgagtca ggagactcac ttgaaccggg aggaggaggt    113700
     tacagtgggc tgagattgcg ccactgcact ccagactggg tgacggagtg agactctgtc    113760
     tcgaaaaaaa aaacagaaaa aagaaaaaaa gaaaacttca gctgaattca atttaaaaga    113820
     gtcaaattga gcaatgaacg attcgtgaat caggcagcct cccgaggcag agtaggctca    113880
     gagactccat tgcaggcatg tggtggaaga tttatggaca gaaaaaggaa agtgacatac    113940
     agaaaacaga agtgaggtac agaaacaccc aattggttac ggctgggtgt atccttattt    114000
     gaacacagtt tgaacagttg gctacatatg attggccgaa acttggtgat tgacacaagt    114060
     gtaggctgtt tacacctcca cttgttatag ttcacgatgt acagagaaac ctttaggcca    114120
     aacttaaaat atgtaaggag gcagctttag gctaaacttg atttaacaat tttcctcttt    114180
     tggtaatctt ctcaattttt agagatttac caaaacttta gtcatcgatg ccactatcac    114240
     cattgtaaat gtacttattt ggtcttgaaa ccccctggga aatagcagaa caatgagttt    114300
     tgtaaggggg aacaaggatt tcaggttatt ttattttatt ttaattttat ttttgtaagg    114360
     gttagattac agggtacctc cttttgttgg aacattctgt ttataggaga aaaaaacaaa    114420
     acctggtctg ttttaggatc tatgtgtttc cttaaagtct tagtttaatc atgtcacatt    114480
     tagcacaagt gactccattt tggtttggtc tggtctgttg gggcttagtg catttagcct    114540
     ttcattaaag tccaaaacaa tggcctccca tgattttgtt taaaaatgtc ccctttttgg    114600
     tcaggttctc acttaggtga gaatgtgacc aaagcttagg gccttagcgc cactctcagt    114660
     taccatcatt ttgggtttcc agtctcaaca catcattcat aggttaaaat gccatcatgg    114720
     tcacacattt ctttcaatct tgtcattcta gttgaagaga gacaatttga cattctagag    114780
     atggctgcat gcaaacattt aaaactttcg agagaataca gtgcaccagg tagactacta    114840
     ttatgactat caggaggata ataccaagag tttggagtat gcgccttaca cagggtcccc    114900
     ataaaccaaa ccacccaaaa ttaaatagat caaagaatga gctaaataaa gagtttactc    114960
     atttaagcag tctcttcatt aattacctac aactgaatct ctgtacacct gacgtgatgt    115020
     atttctccat aggccacaag tgccagcagc tgcacagata cttctctgtt taaccagtaa    115080
     gtaatctaca gcaatcctac tattaagcat aactttcaca aaagaatgta aaatctgttg    115140
     tgtaaccatc gcccttacag tagactctgt ttagagccta tcatgaggga tacatttcta    115200
     atcattgcct gttttactcc aaatcatggt aaaaaggacc taaggaaaaa tgcccttcta    115260
     gaagactgaa ggcctcctgg caatgttctc tttaacccat gatgtggaat aggggagtga    115320
     atcaatgttc tgtttctgac tgattatgag gcaacctatg taccattaaa atttctcacc    115380
     tacactgggc cttcatcttt catctgtcaa ggtgtgaggt tatccatgta taaggctggc    115440
     tgcaaaaccc ttcaccaata aaagtatacc taccccataa gtgcacacaa cagaccccct    115500
     tttcacttct actgttcata gaggcataag caagggaaaa aatactcaga gataagagcc    115560
     tccatatagc agagaagtct tgatctgtga tcttggtgaa agctgttcac atcaaggata    115620
     ccatcttctt ctgggaagaa acttccctgg ttagctttac cttacgggtt ccaatgggtg    115680
     tatatttcca agaatgtgga gggatccttc tcagttgtga gatcatgaag ccaaagttca    115740
     cggttctgat gtttactgca gtgtggatgg caagggcagt ctttctctga tgttctcaga    115800
     agatccagtc ttcaggttct agattgtgaa ggggttgatt gtcctcagtc agtgaaccat    115860
     aaaaagcttt ctttacctgg tgaaaataca ctgtgaaata ataatctact gttataacat    115920
     cagttcactt gtataggaaa gcttttacac aaccagaaaa catgcattga aaatgacaat    115980
     tgactgaaat ctcttcataa atgtttaaat ggctcatgag gtagcagaat gtacctgaag    116040
     ctttgattgt cttcccagga atatgggttt ggcaaaccaa acattggtca taaactattt    116100
     tagcaattta gaagtcacca caccaatatg catttaactt ggatcatttt atcttttcca    116160
     tgatgagtca tggaatgcag aactttaaat tataaaagct ttaaaagctc aggaaggata    116220
     aggcagccac cttggttctc catgagtcca tgcttgacac ggttgtttct ccaattgagg    116280
     tgcatagcac tgataactga tgggttatca taggtaattt gagttagacc acagagttta    116340
     ttcaaattgt gtatctaaac aatttcagta ttgggtgatt tagcatgaaa gacttgcaaa    116400
     gtattttctt ggtattcaat taatttgtgt tctacttggg atggcagttt tataaaccag    116460
     tcagtctttt aagctccagg aagcaggaga atggcgtgaa cctgggaggc ggagcttgca    116520
     gtgagccaag atcgtgccac tgcactccag cctgggtgac agagtgagac tccgtctcaa    116580
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagctcca ggaattctta cccagtaaaa atgatatgat tctaaagtta    116640
     tcagaaacct gtaatcaaga atactttttg gggtcctttc catcctttca ggaacctcct    116700
     aaaagacacc atattctaga attgtgccta cttgtgaagt tttcagaaat tgcaccagca    116760
     ttaagcaatt aactgtggaa atgaccttcc ttccttccct ccttccttcc ttccttcctt    116820
     ccactctctc tctctctttc tttctttcct ttattttgag acagagtatc actctgtcac    116880
     ccatgttgga gtgcagtggt gcaatctcgg ctcactgcaa ctccgccttc caggctcaag    116940
     caattctcat gcctcagact ctccagtagc tggaactgca ggtgtgcagc actgcaccag    117000
     gctaattttt gtatttttag tagagactgg gtttcaccct gttggccatc cccaaaagga    117060
     tatttagcct tagattttga gagggatcta tctgcttttg attcctggtg tttcaggagg    117120
     aaaaccgagt tatatcccaa agcaggatcg tagtgcctcc tctgtttttc ccaaggagtc    117180
     ccaggctgtt agaagttacc ttaggtcctc tcatgtgtgc aacaaaagtg gcaagaagac    117240
     aaaatggaga aaaacaattc agttggctaa aaagaaaaaa ataattaaaa aaaaacaaag    117300
     atccaagaag agaaaaaacc aaaaggccct ttaaatatac ctatagcttg gatatccact    117360
     tttaattaag ctgactttta actatagcgc tctttctaaa aaaaaaaaaa aattatttgg    117420
     ttgtttttag agacagagtc ttgctctctt gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gttcaatctc    117480
     agctcactgt aacctccgcc tcccaggtta aagcgattat cctgcctcag cctcctgaat    117540
     aggtgggact accagtgcga gccaccacat ccagctaatt tttgtatttt tagtagagac    117600
     agggtttctc catgttggtc aggctggtct cgaactcctg acttcaggtg atccatcctc    117660
     cttggcctcc caaagcgctg ggattgcagg catggaccac tgcgcccagc ctaaaataat    117720
     cattttaaat ctctcattac ttgactttag ccaggccaaa cagccaatat gtctggcttt    117780
     tgaactttac caaaggtaat ctcccaggtg aaaccaataa gctttaacaa ggttatgact    117840
     taaccacaag tgtacgaagt attttcaaaa aggtagcaag caatttttac aaactctaga    117900
     atttccaaac gtagctcaga gaaaggaaaa ttcaagacga gagtcagaag ttgttcatga    117960
     ggggaagaga atcagcaaat agcaaagatc agaaagatat caaaccaaac aggtctcatt    118020
     ccctgagctg gaattgaacc ctgcctggct gccatcataa gatggcaaag cttagccact    118080
     aagctacacc gttggtggtt tccattgttc ctcccagaag gaggagccta agagcagcca    118140
     attttcagct tgcaaaggct tttaactgct caagataatt tttagagcta actatgacat    118200
     gaactccaaa attcctgtcc tccagagggt ggagaccaaa agaaagtacc atcatgtgat    118260
     tataaggtca agctcccaat gacataaaac aagatgacag ggaaacctta tccagtgttt    118320
     ttttgtttca gggacctgca gtttgtaact gaccagtttg ccaggctggc ttgaacagca    118380
     gacttctgag agtcctaggc ccacatttta tcctatttaa ccccttttat gaccaaatga    118440
     cacagaaaga ccaatttata gcacaaagca caccagattt gctacagctt aagattggct    118500
     cacaaatacc tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgagac ggagtctcgc    118560
     tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcgcga tctcggctca ctgcagacta cgcccccggg    118620
     gttcacgcca ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc gagtagctgg gactacaggc gcctgccacc    118680
     tcgcccggct aattttttgt atttttagta gagactgggt ttcactgtgt tagccaggtt    118740
     ggtcttgatc tcctgacctc gtgatccacc cgcctcggcc acccaaagtg ctgggattac    118800
     aggcgtgagc caccgcaccc agcctcacaa atccttttta tcattaatta aaattttgca    118860
     gaggagacag tgatttttac tactcctaca accgtttcca cacagagaga gaggccagaa    118920
     gtctgactgc taagaaattc ttaccctttt gccagcatgc caggcttctg ggttccctct    118980
     ttctgagtgg ccctagcgac cctgttagct gcacatagcc tgggggccaa gacacaacac    119040
     aaaggaaaat catcttttct gatttcaggg aaccataggc aaaagcctct caattttgta    119100
     agatgctgcc cgagagattg catgagggaa ctgaattaac attttccctt ccagccacac    119160
     caaaatacat gtgacaaaac atagacatta gccactctgc ttagtgccca atattgaact    119220
     ggtaaggctt aaacttgccc ctggtggggc tctgctatct ttaatctatt caaagtgggg    119280
     tggaatgacc tccagccaga agtttcaaca tgtgatctct agacaagata taatagaaag    119340
     ctggaaaaag gaggccgggc gtggtggctc acgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc    119400
     gaggtgggca gatcacgagg tcaggagatc gagaccattc tggctaagac ggtgaaactc    119460
     cgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaattagc caggcgtggt ggcgggcgcc    119520
     tgtggtccca gctactccgg aggctgaggc aggagaatgg cgtgaccctc ggaggcggag    119580
     cttgcagtga gccgagatcg caccactgca ctccaggctg ggtgacatag caagactccg    119640
     tttccaaaaa aaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga tagaaaaagg aaagaagaga aagggagaaa    119700
     gaaaagcatt gtctgcagca gggtggggaa ggcaaagagt tcagggagga cagagaagga    119760
     cccacctatt gcagtgacac taaattaaaa gttcagggcc aggtgcggtg gctcatgcct    119820
     ataatcacag cacttgggga ggccaaggtg ggcggatcac ctgaagtcag gagttcgaga    119880
     ccagcctgac caacatggtg aaaccctgtc tctactaaat acaaaaaatt agccgggcat    119940
     ggtggtgggc gcccgtaatc ccagctattc gggaggctga agcagaagaa tcacttgaac    120000
     ccaggaggcg gaggttgcag tgagctgaga ttgtgccacc gcactccagc ctgggagaca    120060
     gagtgagact ccctttcaaa aaaaaaaaaa agttcaggca gctgcttgtc agtcatgaag    120120
     gatcttttcc agccgtctca tcagctctca agtttcccgc tttggggaga aaaaagttcc    120180
     ccatgtccca tgatcctgta catacctaat cctgtcacac acagccatca gcaaaaagcg    120240
     caaggcagat ttaatttttt aaatcaatta gttgtttaag ctttttaatt cttttttgta    120300
     aagtctttaa atgcaaatat tgaaattttt tagaagcttc tgcatatcaa taggcatccc    120360
     tacatgagac tgtacatgag actaatttgg gagccctcat tttcaaatgc acttcagtgc    120420
     agtgttgttc ttttggaatg ttctactgca agttatcttt agtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatt    120480
     ttttatttga gacacagtct ctgtcaccca ggctggagtg cagtattatg atctcagctc    120540
     atggcagcct ccacctcctg ggttcaagtg attcttgtgc ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg    120600
     gaattacagg cacatgccac cgtgcctggc taattttttt tttaattttt agtacagaca    120660
     gggtttcaca gtgttggcca gcctggtctc aaactcctag cctcaagcaa tctacccacc    120720
     ttggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggt gtgagccacc acgcctggac aatttctgta    120780
     agacgttgct ccttccaggg cctaatactt atgcatgtat aatccagaag gaactcagtt    120840
     cttcagaaat tcagtatcac attttttacc tcaaatactg gctttgctct caggtccctt    120900
     gttcaactta gccaatgatt ttttttccta cctaagtgca caagaaaaat aaaggagtag    120960
     aacacaaaaa tctctgtgaa tttccaaaag ccaaatttta cacctttgca atattgccat    121020
     ttaatactgg tttctttctg atccagttag atgtaagagg tctctaaccg gatccaagcc    121080
     agttaattac tggagccaat ccgatcctgg actcagttca atttctttcg cgactttcaa    121140
     acccaatcag gatcagaaat ttactcaaag aaactcagag agctcaacac acaaatctgt    121200
     ggagcttcgg aatctgcaag agaacttacc acgatcccca gctgctccga gagagaaaga    121260
     gacacaatgc ctggagggta cctcgctagg tcactcagcg cttctggggg tcattagaag    121320
     ctctacttcc aaccccactt ctgacaccac ctgataaaag aaaaacttca gccgaataaa    121380
     ttttaaatga ggttaattgc acaataaaca attcacaaat cgggcagcct cccaagccag    121440
     agtatgctca aagtctccag cacagctgcg tggtggaaga aagtttatgg acagaaaaag    121500
     aaaagtaaca tacagaaaac agaagtgagg tacagaaaca gccagattgg ttacagctca    121560
     atgtttgcct aacttgaaca cagttcaaac agttagctac atatgattgg ccaaaactca    121620
     gtgattggca caagtgtagg ctgtggtctg tttacacctc cacttgttat agttcatgat    121680
     gtacagagaa acctttaggc caaacttaaa atatgtaagg aggcaacttt aggctaaact    121740
     tgatttaaca gaggaaatta ttttacatat tggggaactg accacagaag taaagtaact    121800
     cacccaagtc acacaactcc tggtagaaac aaaattgcgt agtcccccta ccccattcgc    121860
     ataggatctc agaaccccta caggaccaga cataaaaaat actgatatag ccacagagaa    121920
     aggcagggaa gtagggagat gaaataaaaa tctttcaggg aaaaaaataa tgaaggacat    121980
     gaaaagacct ccagagtctt agtgctattt atagacttca agttatgttc ttacttttag    122040
     aataaaaatg gtaccttata taattttatc aaaacacttt cattttaagg catagtaaat    122100
     ttaaaagtgt tgtcatgcgc ataacattca caaaatgttc ttgttgaatg tatattttca    122160
     agtgtagttc tacctggaaa taaaagttgt tgcatttgaa acacctatgg gatagtatct    122220
     tagctttacc tgatgtataa gacgcagcaa aaggttgaca acaaaaaagt ctattactat    122280
     tacagtaaaa gaataaagat gagagagcat ggagtccagc ctggaagagg aagtgaggcg    122340
     aaatgacact gcatggttgt tggtcctaag caaggatttc ccctccaagc ccaacacggg    122400
     gaaaaccagt cctctccttg gatgcgtcaa gtgacggcaa gttcagtgtc acacacggat    122460
     gttgagggtc ctccactgag tttatgggct agagaattac tcacctacag aaacgaagcc    122520
     caaagaaaaa acagatgaaa aacatgatat acaagctgtg ctacagagat gtcgtttgtt    122580
     caccttaggt tactttgttt ttattatatt cacaaagcct aaaactaaag gtccgtgcat    122640
     tttaaagcaa attccacctt caaatgtaaa ttttcattct gttaaataaa cactcattgt    122700
     gaattttcac tctttaggca ctaaggatgt aactcagaag acctgggcct tgtcctcaag    122760
     ctgcttgaaa tccaaaatcc aaagagacaa agaaaagaag attgctacat gtgtatttta    122820
     ttttgtgttt tttaatcttt tatttccata ggttattttg atcaccactg agtaccataa    122880
     gatatacact ggagccactc aggagcataa agagggcatt tttgaaaaat gagatttagg    122940
     aaaggttcct agggatagtg tttacctgag gttagcaaaa cagagaaagg ggaaatgaca    123000
     tgtccagcag gagaagcagg ctcaggagca gagaggcatg aagttgcaag gagaactgca    123060
     attcttcagt gtgactgaag ccaggggaga tgtgcgccgg gcggcactgt aacctgcctt    123120
     gtgtgctgat ggcaggtgtt tgcattttat cccacaggac ataggaagtt gtgaagcatc    123180
     ttaagcagga cagtaacatg atgagatttg tgtttgcagg gggcagcagt agggaggatg    123240
     ggttggagga ggctggtttg aaagcaagac caataggact cttcagccat cagatgggaa    123300
     gtcatgaggg tgtaggcagg ggcaggaaca tggggtgagg cggacagcgg atgggtttga    123360
     atggcaataa tgaaatgaaa agccacagga atcactaaat catgtgccag aagtagggat    123420
     atgaaggagt ccagaatacc caacgtggag aactggggca tcagtgactg caaaggtgat    123480
     gaaaaatgaa ataatcggga gaaggtaaga tgttctgttt ggaacatgct tagtttgaat    123540
     ttctgtggga acaaatggag ttaatccgag gatagtgagc taaatggatg ggtcccaggc    123600
     tacgctaggt tagtgacaca gactggaagg aagttcatta taagtgaagt tctaaatttg    123660
     gatcgggtca ctcaagaaaa gtacataaag tcagaatagc aagggtctga gtgtgtgctc    123720
     ctgcatccag acaaacacag acatgaaaaa agaggctgaa aaggagaaga ctagaaagta    123780
     ggaggaaaac aaagaggaag tgggttcata aaagacaaca gacaggagaa aacaaccagg    123840
     aaagaggagc ggacgcatca caaacacact catgacacac aagagataga gacagagaag    123900
     tgatcactgg tttgggttgt ataaaggtca ccctgagagc agcatcagag acatggggaa    123960
     gaaaaaggga gaatgcagtg ggttgaagac tgaatgaaat gagagagagt cactaacggg    124020
     ctgggtgtgg tgacccacac ctgtaatctt agtgctgtga gaggctgaac aggaggatca    124080
     cttgaggcca ggagtttgag accagcctag gaaatacagt gagactccat ctctaagggg    124140
     aaaaatatat atatatatct atatatataa ttatccaggt gtagtgacag acacctgtag    124200
     tcccagttac ccaggaggct gaggtgtgag gatcccttga gcctgggagt tcaaggttgc    124260
     agtgaactgt gatcacgtga ttgcactcca gcctgggcaa cagagcagga ccctgtcaag    124320
     agagagagag aggagagaga gagagaaaag aagaagaaga agaaaaaaaa gaagaagaag    124380
     aggaggagga ggagggagaa aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaaaaacccc acattgcaga    124440
     ctcctatttg aggaagctga cctctacaat ctacgagaga atctccagag gaggttgcca    124500
     agccctggct cttctttctt cagcgagagg acgtggggga aaggagacat ttatgaatct    124560
     ctttgagtct cagtcttttc atttctaaaa ttgtgttaat aaaagccttt ctgaaaatgg    124620
     tgttgtgagg aaggacatga ggtttggcac ttaggaggtg ttcagtaaat ggtggttatt    124680
     attgttagaa tgagagaaag caaaagagag cctcaggcaa aacagtaaag aacagagaaa    124740
     agagaacagg aaaggaaaca gcatctgtgg gctccagaag cgcccagagc ccccaccctc    124800
     cctcgcccac ctgcgcactc acccctgatg gcccaggttc cgagaggctc agcagggcag    124860
     ccagggccat ggctcgcagg aggatcctgg ctctgcgctg gctccttcag tcttcagggt    124920
     gtattgcaat ggccactgtg cgccagaccc caaggagaaa atgaggcagc gcagggacgg    124980
     aggagctccg aatccagcac tcctttccct acccctgtcc agggagaaag gctggagatg    125040
     aaacagcctg atggggctca accaaccaga atacatcaga agggacgcgt ctgtggctgg    125100
     ggaaggaaga tgctagagct gctgggagga agtgggagaa ttgtcaggca ccagcatggc    125160
     ccaggaagtc cctgactact gcagagtgta ggggtaagtg aagaaaacga aaattaggac    125220
     atcataatcg ccttcttctt aatgaggaaa tacattacac aagttgggat tttttatttg    125280
     tagttacttc tgtgaatgga tgatatttct tcacaatttt acattgattc tttgcatcat    125340
     aaaggaatta atttgttacc atttgatatt atattgactc ttttatagct atgataattt    125400
     tggagaaaat ctttgatgtt ttcaaacata taaggagaag gaaataatat ttaattattt    125460
     aattagtaat tattatttta tttcttcttc atataaaaat gtggtgaggc tgggcgcaca    125520
     gctgaatgaa atttaaaaga gtcagctggg cacggtggct catgcctgta atcctagcac    125580
     tttgggaggc tgaggcgggt ggatcatctg aggtcagtag ttagagacca gcctggccaa    125640
     catggtgaaa ccccatctct actaaaaata caaaaattag ctgggcatgg tggcacgtgc    125700
     ctgtaatccc agatactcgg gggggctgag gcaggagaat tacttgaacc caggaggtgg    125760
     aggttgcagt gagccaagat cacaccattg cagtccagcc tgggcaacaa gagcaaaact    125820
     ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaat gtggtgatac aaagaacccc actttaaatt    125880
     ttatgtttaa gaacaatttc tttttctcct ttattttctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    125940
     tgtgtgtgtg agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaaagacag acagggtctc    126000
     attctgttaa ccaggctgga gtgcagtagt acgatctcag ttcaccgtag cctgcacctc    126060
     ctgggctcaa acaatgctgc cactcagcct gcccagtagc tggcaccaca ggcacatgcc    126120
     accatgtgcc tgcatgttaa ttcatgtact tcctctttcc caagttctct agtttatagc    126180
     atgtcctttc ctgaggaaca taaatcacat gttattgtct gcctttcatc ctgagaggaa    126240
     ggagataatc acatggccat tttatgcttg aaggatttgg tgatcactgg gtccaatgaa    126300
     gagcctcagg atgagtcagt gtggttttac ccaggcatgg agaaattaac ttcttgatga    126360
     tgatcaagtc tccttattaa ataggagtgc aactgataga ggattttctt acatttgctt    126420
     tatttcatgt tgctgcccaa attcatgctg taccctcagc agcaaggatt gggaccatta    126480
     ctcctggcgt tcccagatgg aacagacacc aagcctggct ttgccactga acacaataca    126540
     ggactgataa aggtcagttc ttaggaatat gcttcccaaa tgtagaaatc aacataagat    126600
     cccaatttta aataataggt ataatagcat aatatattat tttattttat ttatttagag    126660
     atggagtctc actctatcac ccaggctgaa atgcaatggc atgatctcag cttactacaa    126720
     cctctgcctc cagggttcag gtgatcctcc catctcagtc tctaaagtac ctgagagcta    126780
     attttttgtt tttggtagag atgaggtttt accatgttgg ccaggctggt cttggactcc    126840
     tgagctcaag taatccaccc acctcagcct cccaaaatgc tggcattgca gaagtgagcc    126900
     accatgccca gccgcataat acattatcat tctctttata tataatttgt actaagttat    126960
     agatacacac ttattccata actctatgtt caccagatca cctcttgcag gttgtacagt    127020
     gaaaatacat ccttagtttc aaaagatgtg tgtataccag atttttcaga catacgcttg    127080
     gttttagaat acagtttact atgatttttg taattcatct taattgatgt ttaataccga    127140
     gagagaagtc atattgtctc cagtcatttc atgttatgat gtgccactaa gtccaaattt    127200
     tatataatag taatcaggag gccgggcaca gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg    127260
     ggaggccaag gcaggcagat cacctgaggt cgggagttca agaccagcct gaccaatatg    127320
     gtgaaatcct gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aattagctgg gtgtggtggt gggcacctgt    127380
     aatcccaact acttgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcgctt gaacccagga ggcggaggtt    127440
     gcagtgagct gagaccacac cattgcactc cagcctgggc aacaagagcg aaactccatc    127500
     ccccactccc caaaaaaaaa aaaaagttat caggaaaact tatagttgct acaatattat    127560
     tagattaata cgaattttca aaaatggcag agccttaacc aagcttaaag agtttttctt    127620
     tcttaactga acttcttgga tgtgactaca tgaaattttg atgaaatatg gtcataaatt    127680
     atgatgacaa gttagttttg ggggatttta tatattacca gataccaatg ccagaggaag    127740
     agctatgtta ggggtcctca gagccacccc aggtgagatg atgccctagg aggactcaca    127800
     gggctcatca tatggtccta ctcagggctc tgattcatta cagtaaaagg atgcaaagca    127860
     aactcagcag agggaaaggc acacggggca aagcctgaga gaaaccaggc tcaggcttcc    127920
     aaggatcctg tccccctgga gccacacagg acacacttaa ttcctcccac aaggagctgg    127980
     gatgccatgt gtaaaatatc gtctaccagg aagttcgtaa cagaccagca ctagggcctt    128040
     tgggggcttt gggggccttt gggggccttt gggggctgaa gaagtcagac ttcttcagag    128100
     aaacagaatt tattggatat atataggtag atagatgagt ggggatttat gctggggatt    128160
     cgctccctca actatggagg ctgaggagtt ccacgttagg ccttctgcaa gctgctgaga    128220
     caggggagcc tgtagcatgg ctcagtccaa gtctgaaggg ctgagaaccg ggggagctgg    128280
     tggagtaact ctgagtccaa gaccaaaaac ctggggggct gctggtgcaa gtccctgagt    128340
     gtgaaggcca gagaacctgg agatctgatg tccaagggga ggagaatata ggactcccta    128400
     ctccaaaaca gagagagagt gaattcacct tttttctgcc tttttgttct atccaggcct    128460
     tcggccgact gaatggtgca gtgagctgaa atcacaccac tgcactccag cctgggcaac    128520
     agagtgagac tctgtctcca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aaagaaagtc atatattggt    128580
     acagaagata ctcttaaatc ctacttttct ggaaatattg gttattatag aagatatagg    128640
     actaaattca ttttaaaatt tttattttga aattattatt acaaatgttt tatgaatcat    128700
     attagcatat aggcaagttt tggaaagcca aatttacaaa ccagggattc agatgagtgt    128760
     tctgtgaaat ttttaatttt tgcagaacgc catgagaaat tacacatttt ctattctata    128820
     tttcttgtag gaaatagagg ctgcccatct ctcagtgcca cacatgagaa agggaagttg    128880
     tcattttata tatccactgt taagcatctt ggtaaaacag aagaaagcag gctgggcctg    128940
     gtggctcatg cctataatcc cagcactttg ggaggccaag gagggcagat agcttgacca    129000
     gcatgggcaa catggcaaaa tcccgtctct acaaaaaaat aaaaaaaaca aaaaataaat    129060
     gtagtcccag gtactgagga agctgaggca ggaggatcac ttgagcctgg gaggtaaagg    129120
     cttcagtgag ccgtgataat gccactgcac tccagcctag acagcagagt gagaccctgt    129180
     ctcaagaaaa agaaaaacaa gagggaggca atctactttg tacccagaga attttacatg    129240
     caaggaattt gactatgaat gagcctccat tgcttaagag agacttcact atttgggatt    129300
     ttaagaaaga aatacacaaa caagcaaatc tcatcagcag aggactgaga aaccagtgtt    129360
     tataataccc agtgattaat gtaatattgt cttcagtcat cattaaaagg gacttagttt    129420
     aaaagtcatt tcgattgatc gccaactcag agtcctcaac atttcacctt ttgctttatg    129480
     aaaagaacta gtagattaat ttagagtttg acaaggagaa gcaggtctcc cttgattttc    129540
     tgtttggcca agaatttatc ctaacatggt accatcagaa tactgtcaga aagctgtgaa    129600
     tcaactcaga tttctcacca ttgagtcaag ccgtgaagcc agctgtcttg ggggtaagga    129660
     tttccataca gaaacactgt aagtaaataa tttagcactt gtttcctatt cctttttatt    129720
     ggataactac agagaattaa aactgtgggt tgttttgaat tcacaaaaga aacgttttaa    129780
     agctttcgag gaaaaagcca gattatccat tgcaaagcat cgaaattcaa aatcatgtta    129840
     aggctataga gagataggaa cctatcccca cctagtggcc aacactgaaa tctgggctta    129900
     gaacaggaaa caagggaatt tgtcaacaat ttgggaatac tccagcattc tttacaaaaa    129960
     aaagttagag aaaaagttaa gcacacaaag aaacacaagt caaaataaat acgaccaaat    130020
     acataggttt tggcagcaca tagatttctg tggttttgct ctgcttttag cagcggctgt    130080
     aaaaagcatt gcacactaag cattgctaga ctgccaaaca aatctaatta catttttttg    130140
     tttggttttt tgtttttttc aaaacctcct aacctctgtg acctaattat gtttttaatg    130200
     agttgaatgt aaaaacaaac taacatcaac gaatacaaaa tttcagttag acaggaggaa    130260
     taaattcaag atatgtactg tacaacatgg tgactctagt taataacaat gtactgtgta    130320
     cttgaatatt gctaagtgaa taattttaag tgttctcacc caacacaaaa aatatgtaag    130380
     gtaatgcaca tattaattag cttgatttag ccattaaaca atgtgtgtgt gtatatatat    130440
     atatatatat atatatcaaa acatcatatt gtataccata aatagattca atttttgtca    130500
     attaaacaaa gaattaaatg aatacatata tttttgttgt acagatgtat gagggattga    130560
     tcaataaaga ttctaaaata tttgttaaaa gttacaaact gagggaaagc cttcgacatc    130620
     gtatttgcaa gaaagaaagt gtacatagtt agacagtcct agtatctgta aagtgggtgt    130680
     gatcatcgga gagcaatccc ttgagcagtg ctgtcctata caatgttctg ctgttaggga    130740
     gatgttctat atctatccaa ccgagccgcc actagccaca ggtggctctt gagcacttaa    130800
     aatgctagca gctggtgaga cgaaggggct gaagttttca tttaatttca aattaaggca    130860
     gaaccaccta taagagaaag tgctaaagaa ttggaaaaat gaaaaagaat ttgagaaccc    130920
     agtgggaatg gagctaaagt gtatggtcat ggctcattag atttggggat atcggaatcc    130980
     caacagcaca atgggctcat tagaaaatta acaaggttac aaaacaggtt aaaggaagta    131040
     tcaaaaatag tccaatttta gcagatacag aagctgcaaa tttagcagta gttttggcaa    131100
     atcctcaatt catgtaattt aacagtgcta gggaccaaac cgaaggggaa tgccaagaca    131160
     aaaagcttat aaacgttaag agctcatttc tcttagaaca tacagaaaca gggcacttcc    131220
     acaccttcga ttcattctcc aagcttaaag agctttgccc taaaaccaga tcctctcata    131280
     cgatgggaca aacagcccca atgttcttcc ctccagatct gttccaacct gtgtctggag    131340
     acactctgca ctcacgttaa aacagtttag acaaaggaca atgtttagga attccagaaa    131400
     ctttgggata taacatcaat ggcaactttt aattaggaaa acccaatcta ataagaaggg    131460
     ctattttgaa taccagggta tgtggagggg aaagtatgaa ggtggaaggt tatgaaacat    131520
     taatgggaga tacagagaac caagaaagct tctatggtga tttctcctgc ccctgggcat    131580
     gttatctgaa cttacgattg caactgtggg agctggaaaa gctcttaaga acctctagaa    131640
     ttccacttcc ccacaaaaca acgtaatatg aaatagtgac aaatccctag gagaatatgt    131700
     aaaataacaa ttatgataac attgttggag aaatctgaga taaagagtag gactctttaa    131760
     caactcattt tggccagtca aaaggtaggt ggagcttgga agtgaattgt gaattacacc    131820
     gatattaaga aaagcagcta attctgaagt agtattaagt ggcagtgact attctaatca    131880
     ctttaaatat ttaactcaat tatgaaaaaa atgtgattag cactgtacat gatattattt    131940
     ccttagtaga agatcttgct aaatcaaccc ttgattagca ttcatgcatc aatctggctg    132000
     atgtatcctt ttcaatccca ataaattata ttcaccaaca gtctgccttc acttggcagc    132060
     cccaaccttt actaagttgc cagagtaaat tctcccacct ccgaggtaca atccattgag    132120
     caaaatttaa acagcctaaa tccaattcaa gaattaacat tgttttatta tcctaatgac    132180
     acattaacca ggagtgactt gaaaaaagct gtgtccatga ggaaactttt tggggtaata    132240
     gaaatattat cttcattgta gtagtagtta cacaatgaat atgtttgtca aactcataaa    132300
     caactgtaca gctatggttt cactgtattt aaattatatc tcagtaaacc tgattttatt    132360
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tttgagatgg agtctcactc    132420
     tgttacccag gctggagtgc agtggcgcaa tcttagctca ctgcaacctc cccctcccag    132480
     gttcaagcaa ttctcctgcc ttagccccaa gtagctggga ttatagatgc gcaccaccat    132540
     atccagctaa tttttgtatt tttagtagag acggggtttc accatgctgg ccaggctggt    132600
     ctcaaactcc tgacctcaga agatccgccc acctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca    132660
     agtgtgagcc actgtgcctg gcctgaacct ggtttttttt aaagcaactg catcaaaaac    132720
     ctctgtcttc cattattaat tttatgagtt aaaaggaaca gactataaaa gagcacaaat    132780
     tttggtaaaa ttttggggag aaaaattctg cccaagacca ggtaaaagcc tttgtgcttg    132840
     aaagccccca acttgaaaaa gaggaacaga aattaattgg cgtgtttgaa ttatgaagac    132900
     tgcatatccc acatctgtat taaacttggg tctcttcatt gaattatgtg ggtccttaaa    132960
     agagcctcag agctgtgctg tctaatatgg tagcactagc tagctacctg tggccattta    133020
     aattaaataa aattaaaatt gaatttcaaa ttgagtttct tagtgcacta gccatgtttc    133080
     aagtgctcaa tagccacatg tgaatagtgg ccaccacatt aaattgcata aatgtagaac    133140
     atttccatca tcacagaaag tgctcacaga cttagaggcc aaactgtctt agaggccaaa    133200
     caggtatata gaccactgga gtttaatgac ttaagtattg aatacaaaat taggtggcat    133260
     atgtctctga aaattcaatt ggctgatatt tctaaccatt aaaaccatct tgagatggcc    133320
     aggtgcagtg gctaatgcct gtaatcccag cattttggga tgctgaggcg ggtggatcac    133380
     ctgaggtcag gaattcgaga ccagcctggc caacgtggca aaaccctgtc tctactaaaa    133440
     acacaaaaaa attagctggg catgtatctg gggaacccac ccccaatatt tcaatgcagg    133500
     ttctttctat tttccctaag tgtcggccag tctgagaaat aaagagaaag agtacaaaga    133560
     gaggaatttt acagctgggc cgccaggagt gacatcacat atcagtaggt ccatgatgtc    133620
     cacctgagcc acaaaaccag cagcttttta ttaaggactt caaaagggga gggggtgtac    133680
     aaacagggag taggtcacaa agatcacatg cttcaaaggg caataaagat cacaaggcaa    133740
     aaggcaaagc aaagatcaca aggcaaaggg caaaattaga attactgatg agggtctatg    133800
     ttcagctgtg cacatattgt cttgataaac atcttaaaca atagaaaaca gggttcgaga    133860
     gcagagaacc ggtctgacct caaattcacc agggtggggt ttttccccac cctagtgagc    133920
     ctgagggtac tgcaggagac cagggcatat ttcagtcctt atctcaaccg cataagacag    133980
     acactcccag agcggctgtt tatagacctc ccccccagga atgcaattat tctcccagag    134040
     tattaattat caatattcct tgctaggaaa agaatttagc gatatctctc ctacttgcac    134100
     gtctgtttat aggctctctg caagaagaaa aatatggctc ttttagccca accccacagg    134160
     cagtcagacc ttatggttgt ctttccttgt tccctaaaat cgctgttatt ctgttcattt    134220
     tcaaggtgca ctgatttcat attgttcaaa cacacatgtt ttacagtcaa tttgtacaat    134280
     agtggccctg aggtgacgta catcctcagc ttgtgaagat aacaggatta agagattaaa    134340
     gtaagacagg cataagaaat tataagagta ttacttggga actgataaat gtccatgaaa    134400
     tcttcacaat ttatgttcag agattgaagt aaagacaggt gtaagaaatt ataagagcat    134460
     tattagggaa gtgataaatg tccatattaa atgaaatctt cataatttat gttcctctgt    134520
     ctcggctcca gctggtccct ccatttgggg tccctgactt cctgcaacag gcatggtggc    134580
     aggcacctgt aatcctagct acttgggagg ctgaggcaga agaatggctt gaacctggga    134640
     ggcagaggtt gcagtgagct gagattgtgc cactgcactc caacctgggt gacagagaaa    134700
     gactccatct caaaaaaatt aaattaaatt aaattaaatt aaaaagtctt gatccacgtt    134760
     gcaaatatcc tagtggtgta ctaacaaagc cagaggcctc ctcagacagc cagacacctc    134820
     agaggcagac atatatgcag aggtaactaa tggtggcctc acgaggaaag ggggcagcta    134880
     ctccatgagc acaagctcta gatacttagc cttcaaatac ttcaaaaaac aaaacaatcc    134940
     ctcggggaga gatttccgag caaaacaaaa cagcccattt gtttttagac tcctgctata    135000
     atgctttgcc taaaggtatt ggccaaggca ggtggatcac ttgaggtcag gagtttgaga    135060
     ccagcctgac caacgtggtg aaactccatc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat tagccaggca    135120
     tggtggcaca tgcctgtaat cccagctact caggaggctg aggcaggaga atcgctagaa    135180
     cctggggagc ggaggttgca gtgagctgag atccactact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca    135240
     gagcaagact ccctctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaaaacg aaaaaaaaga ggggttgtcc    135300
     ttatttcccc tttctccttc agctgactgg aacacaaaca tgaaagctgg aattcaagca    135360
     gtcatattgg acctgagaga gaagagctat gttgaggctg gtggaagaaa aagatagata    135420
     gaaggaacct gagtctctga cacttaaaca ctacaccagc cctagggttg catgtgagag    135480
     agaaatgaac ttctatcttg gtggagacac tgttgttttc agggttttct gtttctcaca    135540
     gctgaagcta atcctaacca agcagaacaa gcacaaagtc atcaaaacat aaactggagt    135600
     ttgcaaagca catgtcactt ccaagcatca gatacagtaa aatgatgaga tgtttttccc    135660
     aagccctggc tcaggaccct ccctaacagc tccccgacaa gccctttgtc ttcttagtaa    135720
     tcatgccttg catggtgcct tttccaacat catgcccctc cgtggagctc attagtaagg    135780
     agcaagtgag attcttttta tttatctaat cagtgaattc caaaaactga caaacaggat    135840
     aaagaaggaa taccagccac tgttatgaat gtcaataaga catttgttca gttcaggacc    135900
     atctcaattt cagaagggac ctgcatagat ttatttgcag taataaatca ataacacaat    135960
     tcagtggcaa ttatacttcc cagtttccca cactgcatct atagcttcca ggtgcaagtc    136020
     ttagtatctt caaagcattt gcaatagcca taaaatggct ctttcatgac agcaaagtgg    136080
     tggcaggcat ttctacagct aaggggtgcc gaacacgtct catgcgtctt ttctttattg    136140
     gtgaatgtca tgtttgacag tgatgtaaat ggagcagcta ttatgaaaaa cgtgcttata    136200
     gtttagccaa agaaaatatg taagggtaac attgtaggag ggtggagtgt aaacatatga    136260
     agagtctgga accctgatgg catcattaaa tgctcaaacc aatgctggaa gctgtcatcc    136320
     tcagatttct tatgagaaaa atgaattcct gtttatttta gcccctgttt tttgggttgt    136380
     ctgggcctgc acttgcaagc atttctgctg gatgcagcag gtcccaggag gccctttcag    136440
     acctagggca tttggttgcc tttcccactc tgtgcctttg cttatttctt tttttttttt    136500
     tttttttttt gtgacagagt ttcactcttg ttgcccaggc tggagtgcaa tgccgtgatc    136560
     ttggctcacc gcaacctctg cctcccaagt tcaagcgatt ctcctgcctc agcctcctaa    136620
     gtagctggga ttacaggcat gtgccaccat gcccgactaa ttttgtattt ttagtagaga    136680
     tggggcttct ccatgttggt caggctggtc tcaaactcct aacctcaggt gatccgcccg    136740
     cctcagcctc tcaaagtgct ggtattacag gtgtgaggca ccacacccgg ccatcttttc    136800
     ttatttcctt ttttttcttt tctttttttt tttttttttg agacagggtc tcattctgtc    136860
     taccagactg gagtgcagtg gcatgatctc ggttcactgc aacctctgct tccctggttc    136920
     aagtgattct cctgcctcag cctccccagt agctgggatt acagacacgt gccaccacac    136980
     ctggcgaatt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga caaggttaca ccatgttgaa caggctgatc    137040
     tcgaactcct gacctcaagt gatccacctg ccttggtccc ccaaagtgct gggattacag    137100
     gcatgagcca ctgcacctgg ctgcttattt cttacgggat ctctccagtt tagagcagag    137160
     gttctcaaca cagcctgcac tttggaattg cctggggaaa ttttacacaa gtccctttgc    137220
     tcacgcccca aatgggttga atccagatct ctaagggtga gcacaggtgg gcatgactat    137280
     ttttaacagt tcttctagat tagtgattcc caattttttt aaatctcaat ttgaaaaaaa    137340
     tctctcaatg ttttaagagt ataaacccct taaattactg aaaacactga aaagctttac    137400
     ttacaatatt gttattgata tttactgtat tcaaaattag aactgaaaaa gatttttaac    137460
     atgtattaat tctttttaag atagcaataa caggcaaggc tcagtgggtc acgcctgtaa    137520
     ttccaacact ttgggaggcc aagatgagca gattgcttga gctcaggagt tggagaccag    137580
     cctggacaag atggcaaaac cctgtctcta caaaaaatac aaaaattagc cgggcatggt    137640
     ggctggcgcc tgtagtccca gctacttggg aggctgaggc tggagcatcg cttgagcctg    137700
     ggaagcggat gttgctgcag tgagttgaga tcgtgccact gtgctccagc ctgggcgaca    137760
     gagcaagacc atctcaaaaa aaaaaaagca ataataaacc acttttgtat atgcttaaat    137820
     ttgtccataa taaaagtaaa caaaaaggac tttaaataaa ttatggaaaa tgtagatctt    137880
     taaagaatta gaagaccatc aactttattt ggatcatgag tcaaacacac acacacacac    137940
     acacacacac acacacacac acaaaaccta caaaacaatc ttggaaatct gaacactgac    138000
     tggatatttg atgacaatag gaatgattat taaaattgtg gtaacagaat tgtgattaca    138060
     ttttaagagt aaaccagtaa aatctttaac aaagacacaa ggagggccca tggatccatt    138120
     atgtacagta gccacagtgc ctagggccca caatactccc atggcaatgt ttacatttct    138180
     tttaaaatag aaaaaaaatt aaggttgaag aaaatatttt aatatataat attaatatag    138240
     ttgcctgtgt atcaacacaa tcataagtat gatttcaaat ttattgttta gaaaagtgca    138300
     tagggcccgc agaagtcaca atgcagccct ggatataatg gccatgaaag tttatgtgct    138360
     gaatcacaaa gtggcaaaat atgaactggc agagatgtcg gcctctgagg ttagagaggt    138420
     catggccaca gctgctgaat gtgactttgg gttgcccatc caggagattg ggtggcaggg    138480
     agagcaaatg tgatcatgaa ggggctggtt gtatcacgct ggtcaaatgc atacaaacga    138540
     gtctgtttag acagaagcga agaagggaaa gcaagcggac acctcctggg ggcctcagga    138600
     tcccacatta tctggaaaca gtgcccccaa cacccctcca cctccaccaa aaggcatcct    138660
     acatacctct tggttggtac actgggccct cagccacaga aaattggttc tcagggacag    138720
     agataaccca agctaagcca atcagattgt ctctccatga ctttgaacca tggggcccag    138780
     agacacagag gtcaagagca gctctgctga gcggtgggta tccacactcc agggacaaag    138840
     tccatgagcc cctgaggttc ccagaactgc tctcagtctt ccctattgag tcaactctgt    138900
     cttcaaatcc tgagaaaccc aatattttta caatcaattc cttttggagc ttaagctatt    138960
     ctgaatcaga ttttgcgatt tgtaacaaga aaataataat agtaagtata gagttttaac    139020
     agcactaaaa tcaaaagtgg aaaagggaca gcagcatgcc ccagacaccc gcgtgtcagc    139080
     aataaccaag acatggagat ggaaccaaga cagcttgtca ggtccctccc ctcactttcc    139140
     attgcaaagg ctgtcactaa agggggaatt attcctttac agagcaagta ttatcccact    139200
     ttgcaggtga agaaactgat gctgaggtta agtgtgcaac tcagaagcaa agcatccctg    139260
     acaagctaag ggaaggagaa ctctcagttg gaaatacaga gaggcctgct gccagctaga    139320
     atcagtgcca cctttggccc taagtctgct caacccaccc aaaactagac cacctgccac    139380
     tcaaactctt ttgtctgagt ccctctctcc ccagggcccc aatcaaacag ggtgctattt    139440
     ctcatcttct ccctaaccct aatgtctctg aaacatgttt gttgggtttg gggtttgttt    139500
     gtttctatag atttgcagtt ctaaaagtaa ggaaaacctg caggtattaa tacaaataac    139560
     cacaactggg aagggatgga attataagaa atctctccca gcattagtaa taccagtatg    139620
     ccttatttca tgaggagagc aggccgatta cctgacccaa caatatagcc caggcccggg    139680
     ggagatgtga acacaatgag gactatatct ctatgaccca cattctttgg cctgaggctc    139740
     tgccggagtc caagcctgtt ataggtgaag tggccaagac ctggaacatg acctttacat    139800
     gagctgctgt acagccaatg tggcttttat ctgttgtact ttgggaaatc atccatgcct    139860
     caggaaccaa aagtccttca acctagagta aggcgttttt aatagaaaca gaggccagat    139920
     aggccaggcg cggtggctta cgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggccg aggcgggtgg    139980
     atcacgaggt caggagatcg aaaccatcct ggctaacacg gtgaaacccc gtctctacta    140040
     aaaataaaaa aaaatagccg ggcgtggtgg cgggcacctg tagtcccagc ttctcaggaa    140100
     tctgaggcag gagaatcgct tgaacccggg aggcggaggt tgcagtgagc cgagattgtg    140160
     ccactgcact ccagcctggg cgacacagcg agactccatc tcaaaaaaaa aaaagagagg    140220
     ccagataatc ccagcacttt aggaggctga ggcaggggga tctcttgagc ccaggagttt    140280
     gagaccagcc tcggcaacat ggagaaacca cgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaaattagct    140340
     gggcatggtg gcactcgcct gtagtcccag ctactcagga ggctgagggg gaagaatcac    140400
     ctgagcataa gaagtcaagc ctatagtgag ccatgattgc accactgcat gctagcctag    140460
     gcaaggggag tgagacccta tctcaaaaac aaaaaacaaa caaaaaaaga gaggccagag    140520
     cgaagtacac aaactggatt gacctgctcc tgccaactga gggaaagcca gacagggtga    140580
     tatgctggct ctcgctgaag ctgagagctg tgttcattct accatcctgg ccgtgtgggg    140640
     agagccctaa aggagaagcc catgtagata tccttggtct ttattcaagg actagcagga    140700
     caggtcttcc ctactgagat ggcagtctgc tgtcagtgcc agttcccatg aaactactct    140760
     gaagatgaaa gaaaagataa cagaaggcca gttataagca cttaaggtga cttctgctta    140820
     ctctaggttt gagttgagaa acatagctat ggcctacaca tgtacagtct gtgaactgca    140880
     cagctcgaca gaaagaagct ccagtgtggc cctgatgctc cctgctgacc acaccacact    140940
     tgcaggaaaa tgggctaaac aaccacaaaa caaggtggcc accagctact acacagaaac    141000
     ttatttctga ggcagctgga gccctttgtt tgtttgtttg tctgtttgtg atggggtatc    141060
     tctctgtcac ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc aagagcatag ctcactgcaa cctcaaactc    141120
     ctgggctcaa gtgatcctcc tgcctgagtc tcctgagtag ctgcaactac aggcacatgc    141180
     caccatgccc agctaatttt taaattattt ttttgtagag aaaaagggcc gtgcgtgatg    141240
     gctcatacct gtaatctcag cactttggga ggccgagatg ggcagatctc ttgagcccag    141300
     gagttctaga ccagcctggg aaacagggca aaatcccatc tctacaaaaa atacaaaaac    141360
     tagtggtaca tgcctggaga cccagctact cgggaggctg aggtgggagg atggctggaa    141420
     cccacggagg tcgaggctgc agtgaaccat gatcttgcca ctccactcca gcctgagtga    141480
     cagagaccct gtctcaaaga aagagagaaa gagagagaga gaaggagttt tgctttgttg    141540
     cccaggctga gagccttgtt ttgactcact ccctcctctg tctcatctcc acccccacct    141600
     gtcctggtcc attcaaaact acaaacctca gcatgcaaga cagccaaggg agggcaagaa    141660
     cagctctgtg tagcccatgg ccttctagga tatgtggtgc tcccaggtac agtgatataa    141720
     gtggtctgta agttattttt attttatttc acaagttatt ttttaaccat aagttacaga    141780
     tgctaaaaat ataagcccaa agctgaaaag cagctccaag ggtgtgacag gccagaggac    141840
     ccaccccaca gccctccctc tatacatgat ctcccacgcg gtggctcacg cctgtaaccc    141900
     cagcagttgg gagaccgagg cgggaggatc atgaggtcaa gagatcaaga ccatactggc    141960
     caacgtgagg aaaccccgtc tctattaaaa atacaaaaat tagccaggcg tggcagtgca    142020
     cacctgtagt cccagctatc cgggaggctg aggcaggaga attgcttgaa cctgggaggc    142080
     aggggctgca gtgagccgag atggcgccac tgtactccag cctgggcgac agagcgagac    142140
     tctgtctcaa aaaacaaaaa aaaacatgat ctccctgtgc gccccatccc aaaccctcct    142200
     ctccttcgcc accatgccag cgcacaattc catcatatca cttgcctttt caaacaccat    142260
     ctatgactct tagtttttgg gttcaagttc aactccttcc ataagcagtc aatacttttc    142320
     agaatttggc ccctccaaca agagtttatg ttctgcccca atcaaaccca aagtagttcc    142380
     ctaaagcctc tgcctttctc ttccctatct cctcccaccc cacccagaag cctccattgc    142440
     ccaccagcca atggagacac tgccactacc cacaggccca gaggcctggg cacttgccct    142500
     gttcacaccc agccccaccc caaaaccccg cctctacagc cctgccctta aacccctccc    142560
     acccttcctt agagcctggc tctagctttc tggaggggag gaagaagtta gctgccaaga    142620
     gaaggctgtg ggcctggcct cctcaacagc aacttggcac agactccctc gtgaaactgt    142680
     tagatggggt tggttggcag cactgtgtaa ttaaataggc ttttgtggat tggcctgggg    142740
     acttagccgc cgtatataaa tgttattcga gtgactgtac agcattgttt ccatgcagaa    142800
     aagccctcgg aactcagagc atctgaccaa acgtgacctt tgggaaagtc ctcttgctgt    142860
     tcggggggcg acctctgcgg gtttggctcc agctgcagaa agagcgccaa agaaacctca    142920
     actccagccc ggctaggctg ggagtgggtg cgggagaaac agatgggggg cacctattta    142980
     gatctgatct tctcttaatg tgaccctgag agggagggaa gggggtgtct gaagcccctg    143040
     ggccttggat attgagatgg agagcatggg tgatcccaga aaacctatcc accaccggac    143100
     ccctgacaga tgagatcagg ggcttcttcc tccattcggc cttcggggtc agggggttca    143160
     gcgggtgaca agggagaggc gtctgaggga ccgggattat tcagctgacc cggtgcgggg    143220
     ccgcgttctc agcgcgggca ctagggggcg gcagaggcgg aggcgccagc gccgaggaga    143280
     ggcttccacc ctcgagaagt ttttccgcgc acccgcccgg gccagagtgg ccgtctagac    143340
     gcccacgtgg ggcttcctgc gatcgagaat gggttgggac cgggacggcc aagccgatgc    143400
     tgtcggggac acgctgggag gaagaagtac ggggaggagg ggcgggggcg cagcctaccc    143460
     gggctcgggc tcggggtgaa gggcagccct gccaggcccg ccccgaggcc gcggatgcga    143520
     aaccgggaca caaaggcacg cactcttgat tctggcgccc gcgaggaaga gggttgagga    143580
     agaggaaatt gggatgaggc cctggaacac gttttaatgc agcgccctga caggcaggag    143640
     ccaggcaata ctgcttggga atgtgaagcc ccatgggcac cagctagggg gtcccggctg    143700
     cgcggccagc cttggaagag aggacttctt ggacacctaa cccggaggga gcagagcttc    143760
     tgagtgccca ggagagggag gctagggaag tgggggacag tcaagagtgg ggggacacag    143820
     gcagggactg tgcgactcca cccaacacaa agactcaacg agtatgcacg tgactacacg    143880
     tgagtgtgga gggcttggcc acagccctgt cttcatgaca gcacagcaca aggctgatgg    143940
     ggagggataa ggtgaccaga ggtacagatg cagtaaatgt cttggaagtg ggcctcagcc    144000
     tccccattta cagagattag actgggctat gtagcaccgt cccacccaca cccagaagca    144060
     atcgcacacc ggtgtcagaa actggagcca tagggacccc aaacccctac ctggtgtccc    144120
     tggggcattg tttgtaattt tatgctagtc acccaggctt tgtaaactct gggccctgac    144180
     accccagctg gacagggctt gcagggtatc tggattaagc catacaattc tggtaaccac    144240
     ttagctggga agaggaagca tcagatgggt gtcgggggag actgaaataa caacacaagc    144300
     agtgacacag acacctggga ggagacaatc acattattta accatcagtc agcatggaag    144360
     ctgggcacag ggtcctggga gtcccttcca tatgccacac attaaccctt taattgcagg    144420
     atcagggaaa gtgaggggtg cccaggggag ggacaggggt ggcaatgaac atactcagtg    144480
     gctcagggcc atggcaattt accagccaat atagaagaat tttaatattc cagccatctg    144540
     cgggatgcag ccctgcacac accccacact attccgtttc ttccctgggg gagcatcctg    144600
     gccctcaagt agcaggcagt gcctgccaaa cccagaccaa gtggaagaga cagtgggcac    144660
     atgggccagg cagccaacac ctgtgggtta gagagcccca ccctggcaga gtcagagccc    144720
     tgaggccagg gagaccacat attccaactt tcacagtggg tgcgacaggt gaggtgggag    144780
     gaaggtggga gggaggtggg gttcagccct gaaacccccc tacacacagt cactgaggaa    144840
     agtcctgact ccaggatgtg ggtgccggag cccacccccg agacccctgt cttcaacatc    144900
     tgctgatttt tgttggcgtt tctctttttt gttattttgc tttccacact ttaaataatt    144960
     aatacaatta cttttaaata caaaatacgc catgtccttt ctcttctctt ccatttgttt    145020
     ggggtgattg ggaggtgagt tttaaataag ggtctcagct ctctaacggg taacaggctc    145080
     caggtgggag ggccaagagc cccagatgcc actcctcccg tggggtgtcc aggcaaccac    145140
     ttcacccctc ccctggcctg ccccgactga gggctctcca cgccctggcc cagggctccc    145200
     tagatagtga ggagccctct tgggaggtgg cacagagctg atgttgtggg attccaggtg    145260
     ggcctggttc cgaatggaca ggatcagaca gagacggtcc tatcccatga agcagacagg    145320
     ccccagcagc acccctcccc gcctcggtgg ggctcccagg tctgagaagg aggcatccag    145380
     cactggcagc tgctccagca caggcgttcg cacctccagc accgtccggc cttgctgtgt    145440
     cttcaggggg agacaaggaa gaaagtgtga gcaggatgga ggcacccccc accctctaac    145500
     ctcaggccca ggctcacctc tcctctgagc accttggccc catcagggtg actcaggatg    145560
     tacagactgg cagtgtctgt gtgcccatgc gtgtgtgttt gcttctcccc caccgtgtgc    145620
     ctctgctggg cagccatgtg ccagtctgtg tacacgtctg cattaacctg tgtgacgctg    145680
     gtgtttgtac ccaagtgaac ctcacccgat ggcttccatc ctttccacct tcctcaccgg    145740
     cttttgagct ccctcaggca tccctgacaa tccagcagga cggactcctc cctgctcccc    145800
     ctgggtgccc tgcccaaggg gtcttcccac ctccttcctc cagcctgagt ctgagatcag    145860
     cccccaaccc agctcttcct gttcccacct ggcagccatc tctgaattct ttgacatagg    145920
     ggctagtctc cgggctcagc tcatcctcat tggccccacg gagtctcagg ggaccgtcac    145980
     gggctgctcc agagcagggg taggagacgt cctggtgggc tgagacgctg agcagccgca    146040
     ggaaggtgag ctggaccaca cccactgggg agccctctga gtccacgtaa gagaactgga    146100
     aggagagaga gggctggcct cagaggggga gagagagggc tggcctcaga gggagacaga    146160
     gacgggcctc aggagcatct acagcaccag gacagctgag ccagagtcat gagcagggaa    146220
     tggctggaag gcaagggctg ggaaagaagt gaggggctga gtgggagcca ggagactggg    146280
     ggtacacgaa aggcaaagtg agcatcagag gaccggtgaa aaggaaaaga agaaagagct    146340
     aagaagtgga gaaggggtgg caggctccgg ggggggcaac agccagggga ctgtcaccaa    146400
     aacccagaaa ccactaagcc ctgagggggt gcactatggg gcaggggagg ggcagcgagg    146460
     ggccagctct cacctgcgtg acgtcatccc taggcgtcac acaggtctca ccccctgctg    146520
     tgaagttgca gaaaactcgg aaggcatccc gagcacagcc ctggttgggg tcgacccagt    146580
     actctcctgt tgggtgaggg agaggggagg tcagggccac ctaggtccag gctccaagat    146640
     gctctttgcc cccacattcc ctcttccctc ccagccctcc ccatcatgct cttagtctcc    146700
     tggtcctcct ccctcccaga gccctagaat ctagccctac tgctggattc tactgcagca    146760
     tcctactgct gcagctcact ttcatcacgt gacacctctg cccccaacag taaccccagg    146820
     ccctctgact ggaggaggtc cgagtatgga cagcctcata ctgggacaac atgtggttgc    146880
     aggcgctcac acagattcat ctgttcaggt gcaaacaggt gtgtgcacgt atgtatgttt    146940
     atctgctcct gcagacactg ggctgataac caactggtac acactgaccc agatcagttg    147000
     ctaaagtatt gggatacttc tgacctggtt agtaaatagc tgcagttccc agcccctcag    147060
     ccctcaccct taacccaaca ccttcaccaa gactccccca gcatccattc tgcttgttca    147120
     gtacccatgc tgttggggag atgtttgtgc accctgaggc tagcactgac catcgggaag    147180
     ctctgggtgg cacagcttca ggtcctggca ggtgcgagca gggctgtcct gggtccctgt    147240
     tggccgcctc atctgctcga tctcctcccg cagggagtcg agtgagccaa agatctcctc    147300
     cagcccccca ggactgccgg gggctccccc ggtcggtatg gcctcatctt cctgcatcag    147360
     acggcttcca tccaccgagc gccgagtctt cttgggcatc tgaatgggca gtggctggat    147420
     cacctcgcct gggggaccct gggtgcaggg acagatggag agggcaagag acaaggttgg    147480
     tgtgagggtg aagtgtggca gcagtggagc agaggggtac ggccctggga gcagccctga    147540
     ctcctcactc accgggtgtc ctggagggcc ctgcacaccc ttctctccct tgggtccgcc    147600
     tgggccctga caaggaataa atcaggtcat ggaggggtca agaggtcaag catggatcaa    147660
     ggtcacagaa agatcaaatc agcctcctgg ctggaataag gggctccttg gggggagtct    147720
     atttgtcctg gagagacatc atcaagtcca gagggggtgg agcaaaggtc agagctgaag    147780
     ggggtcactc actgtggctc ctttggctcc tttggggcca gcaggtccct gtgaaatgag    147840
     gaacaagaaa gagacggtca ctgcagggga aggacaggac tcagaggagc ggggaggcaa    147900
     ggtcccaagt ccacaggagc ctcgggttac tacaggaggg gcagtcctgt gggaatacta    147960
     ggacattcag agccctggaa gtatggggag gaggtactgg tggtgacagg acaaatgggg    148020
     gaccctgagg actatgcttg ttaggctggt agttccatgg aagtcgttgg gaggctgtgg    148080
     gtgggcagca gaggggttta ggggattttg tggaggaaca gaggcagtac tcacggggag    148140
     gccgggggga cctccaggac caatggggcc ggatgctcct gggataccct aggaagggta    148200
     gtggctggtt caactgggtc ctcctcccac accctcatga gcacctgctc gcttacccac    148260
     agctgagtcc caactccaac tccacccctc tccaccccac tctcaacccc cacaacttcc    148320
     gggaccatgc cctctactca ccatctcacc cttctgccca ggggagccct gaggcccagg    148380
     aagtccccga tctcccttct ctccctgctc acccgggggc ccaatcagtc caatgagacc    148440
     tgggtggccc tagagaaggg tgcaggcagt caagagaatg caaagaggag tcatgtggat    148500
     gggggagaag ggccaagagg acatggagag ggagccgggc acagggtccg tgagtggccc    148560
     tcactgagca gggactccct gggactggct gccggaggcc tgaagcagag cagtgggcac    148620
     ttgggtccca caggtttcag gggcgagggt gatgggagag acacctggcc acgtgtctgt    148680
     ctgtcactca ccttctctcc cttggctcca gcatcgcccc ggagaccagg cagccctggg    148740
     ggtccctgtg gagagatggg aagtcattct cttaagggag aggtgggacc aagttctccc    148800
     caacagcctc cacttcctcc agggcttcag ctctgtccca gggcactgcc ctcacccctc    148860
     actcagccca atcccagtca ctcaccacag gacctggggg cccagcctgg cctgtagctc    148920
     caggtcggcc ttgctgaccc tgaagatttg agggggccac aggggtcagg aggagcatcc    148980
     ccacactgca cccctcccat ggcccctcac tcccacccca gcccagccct tccctgcagt    149040
     gactcaccac tgagcctggg agccccctca gaccatcagg gccaggtttc cctgctgggc    149100
     ctgcaggacc caccgggcct gtcttccccg gggcacctat agcgccagga tctccctgaa    149160
     acacacacaa ggaatgtgtc ctgaatggca gaggagtggg gtgtgggcag ggggcagagg    149220
     gtccaaggtg ggaggtggga ggcagggagg aagggccaaa ctctaggagc ccctagcgca    149280
     ggaacaagta cagggaacgc ctgtccccat aagggcccaa catgggagag gtggagatgg    149340
     ggtgggcatc tggagacgga ggcatctgag gggtgggagg cggaggggat gctccagcac    149400
     tagggcagcc tgtccctcac cttggctccc ttccctcctt gtcgcccctc ggaaccaggc    149460
     gagccagcag gaccctgcag gtggagtggg aaggaagagc acatgaggcc gtgggcagcc    149520
     aggctcaact cttccccctt cctgtcctag acacacacat acacatgcac acacacacgt    149580
     gcatacacag ggacacgcgc cgagggccga ttcacagatg tgcagaacag atacagctgt    149640
     gacagttgtg aaaatactgg gtagtctgta catttggtga agggccactt gcccacaccc    149700
     tacctggtgg cccgtctcct gccccagaaa ctaaaaaggt tcacccctgg cccacagaaa    149760
     agctggccag cccctcctcc agtttccatt ctgctttgtc agtaaccacc actacccctg    149820
     gtgaaaacat acacaccaga acccaggaac aaacatgccc gagataccgc acacccatca    149880
     acccaccagc tcctgcacac acactcgccc agtgcaatga gataccgcat acccttaaac    149940
     ccaccagctc ctgcacacac accctgcccc gggcaatgag ataccacaca cccttaaacc    150000
     caccagctcc tgcacacaca cacacccagg gcaatgcaga caccaggcac ctccccaccc    150060
     atcccacctg ccattgccca gcctccaccc acacagccca gggactgcct cccaaggtct    150120
     caggggtcca cctcacttac tcgctttcca agtggccctg ggggtccatt ctccccggtg    150180
     ggaccagggg atccctaggg agagaggaat tggggtggct gagtgtttat cctccagcca    150240
     agggacccct caggagtggg gcacagaaga ggggtaaaga ggatgaggct tgggctcagg    150300
     ggggtggtgg ggtcaccagg cactcacagg ctgtcctggc tcaccatcct cgcctcggtc    150360
     acccttagca ccatcctggc cctgcagaag tgaagcaagg tcagaggtgg gcccccaact    150420
     tggctggcat cacctccaaa actgtcaata ccccatcccc ttgcccaccc tgccataccc    150480
     ccagcttccc aatacccaag cccagcggcc acacagagga ccccccccat agaagcccca    150540
     ccctttttgc cccttccctt ctctgagtaa gactcacccg agggccacct tctccagggg    150600
     ggccagggtc accaggaaaa ccaacaggac cctgatccag atggagaata agagtcaggg    150660
     tcacagctcc ctaagcccac ccagcacaga cgcccacagg cacacgccac tgcctctcta    150720
     gaggcagtgc ccaccagtac cccccaggaa gaggtctcct gcaccccttt ccctaccacg    150780
     tgcactgcgt gttgtctaat tcctcaaggt attaactgca gggcatctct cactttctct    150840
     ccggatccta gaccccaggc atccctctgg atgccccatt cccagagcat cccccaaact    150900
     cccgggctcc ccacactcca agatcctccc tcacacacac ccatattccc aggtctgtca    150960
     ttcacagggc ctgagaggac tcagccccca ctgccccaaa ctcacagggt tccctttggg    151020
     gccatcatcg cctgtggggc ctttaggccc tggtggccct ggctctcctg gctgccccga    151080
     ctctcctttc tctccacgtt ccccgcgtgg accctgcaga acaagcggag gacacagatg    151140
     gcccagggaa tcttgaagat cagggatgca gcctctgctt ccgagacacc ttcagccatc    151200
     ccctactccc ctcagtgaca atgggacata cacagaaagt caagcctata aggggagttc    151260
     cctagtcccc ttcccttcaa gaaaggggaa gaagggctca ctcagaccag ggatcaggcc    151320
     tcatagagga tggcagggag cagagactct tgctgcagag gagttccagc tcaaggaggt    151380
     cacaggaaaa gtggaggcag ggttgaggcg ggtgacgggg actggggagt aaggccttgg    151440
     agctgtcact caccttgaca cctggctcgc cctggatccc tggagatcct gactctcctg    151500
     gttccccctg caaagagatt agagtcaaaa acctcctctc cttccccagc caaaaaattc    151560
     tgatattccc catatctcat tctcttttgt ctccccaccc aaaattggca gaaatccaac    151620
     tcccatcccc cacttccatg actggtccac tcaccccctt cccagttacc ttctctccag    151680
     ggggacccag gttcccaaca cctcctgggg gaccttgtgg gccctggaag aggaacagaa    151740
     ataggtgtca ttgcttagga tggaggtgcc atttcagggg caaagtccca gatgagcagc    151800
     ccaaggttac agcagtgagg cagtggaggc ctcccgggag taagggcttc tcttggcccc    151860
     tgagacgata ctagagttta tggtctggga aagggaggca gaagaccaga cacattggtc    151920
     tcaagggaca ggggctgaga tgactcacat cagcgccatt gggtccagct ggacctcgag    151980
     gtcctggggg gccaggtggt ccctggggga aacagataca ccacagatga ggaagggaag    152040
     tgagatggct gagcatgaat ggtggagaga ggaggaggag cagccaggcc agggagttgg    152100
     cagtggggtg tggggtgggg gctggccagg gaggggggtg actagtatgg tggctagggt    152160
     cagtaggggt cacactcacc ataggaccca catctcctgt ttctcccttc tccccagagg    152220
     ggcctggcaa accctgtgca agtatacaaa acatgggccc aggtgacgac cccacccaaa    152280
     gcacagccct aggcagatag gccccacagt cccctcccct cagactccgc aggccctcca    152340
     gtccgcatcg gcaggctgct ggcagagtct ggggcaaaac atcaccccat cctgacccca    152400
     cctctcagcc cctgtcctat cccccaacac acctgtaggc caatgggtcc tgggggccca    152460
     ttgaatcctc ttgttccttc atcacctttg gctccaaagt gtccctgggg tccccgagct    152520
     ccgggctccc catctgctcc ctgcagggtt gagggaaagc agagacaagg acacagggat    152580
     gggtcatggg tcggtgttct ctatccacaa ataccacaca cagctgggtg ccaggcccag    152640
     agcccctgct cccactccca gccacaaggg cagaggggag ctgtgggagg accagaggct    152700
     gctgggcctt cggtgggggt ggaggggtca ctcaccgctg ctccaggctg ccccacagga    152760
     ccaatgggtc cagggggtcc aggagggccc tgggtaagaa aagagagtca gagacaccaa    152820
     aacagggaga gagatcaggt gggactgagg ttaaaggcca ggaggtcaga agtcaaggtc    152880
     atggacactt acatgttcac ccttgttccc tttggtgccc ttctgtccgg ggtcccccac    152940
     ctcaccctgg gaggagaagg cagacaagat attagagaaa ggtgatgggt agagtgggaa    153000
     ggatgacatg acaggggcca ggggtcatgc ccaggtcagc catctcatct ggaaagaaga    153060
     ttggtcgggg tctgtggggt cccctcacct tgtctccatc ctctccagcc acacctggag    153120
     gcccagcagg accaggaagc cccacaggac cctgcactcc atctcggcca gttgggccaa    153180
     tggggccctt ctcaccctgt gggacaggag gaaggagtca tggcctggag gtgaccctca    153240
     ccctcaaaca ccccacagga aacttgtcat agcccatcaa ccctaggctc acagacccct    153300
     ccccagtacc cctccccaag acccccacac tcactgggac acctttctct cctgctgctc    153360
     cagggggacc ctgcgggcct gggcgccctg gcggaccaat gggtccccct gatcctgctg    153420
     cacctcgttc cccaggggag ccctgagaaa gcagatggtc agacccccag gaaggagaca    153480
     ccagcccgcc cataccagag aacctcggac cacaattccc aaaagctccc aaaatcagat    153540
     gcattctggc tgtccctgga cagcctctgc ccagccccac agcccctggt ggtatcagaa    153600
     tgccactccc acccttcctc acccacccct ttcccgggtc cttcctacca cttccggaac    153660
     cccagactca ctgcagggcc aggggggcca gacggacctt cattcccctt caaaccaggt    153720
     ccaccctatg aaccagacat ttggggaaga tgagacttca cgaaaagaga agggtgagag    153780
     ctggagaggg aagacaggct ccaaaagatg gaagtgggga gtgacatgga gggggtcagg    153840
     gacagggtcg ggggggggac tcaggatgct tggtgcttgt gacaggcagg ggtctgggag    153900
     tcacactcac agcagtgcct gggaggcctc tctctcctgg gaatcccctc agaccagcag    153960
     gaccatcctt ccctggggcc ccagggggac cagggtcacc ctaaaaggaa aggagaggtg    154020
     atgagccaca gccatgctcc caaattaaac agagagctct ccagcccccc ctcaaatctc    154080
     caactacctg ttcctttcag caccccaatc cccagctccc ccacttcccc tctgcctggc    154140
     ccctcactga cctttgttcc ttcttttcca gctgtcccag gtagtccctg ctctccaggg    154200
     ggccccgggg ggcctgggtg acctctctcc cccatagggc cggtttctcc tgctgctccc    154260
     tagacaaaag cagagagagt tcctgctctc aggcccttca tctcgctgtc tgccagaaga    154320
     gcccaccctg gccaccctaa aacactcctt cagaacccct ttatccctgc cccaaagctc    154380
     ctgggaaatt ccccggcatt cctgggccac tgctgggttt tctcctgccc catgtggagt    154440
     aactacacca ccttgtgtct ctgttgggga actgcctctc ctgggggaca agacgatgag    154500
     aatgcgcccc aaaacagact gaagttcagg acccctgcct gaaatcccag cccccaccat    154560
     tgaccccagc cccaggagtc tgggtcaggt ggaccggggc aggggcgtgt gaccgagaga    154620
     agaggggcag acagactaat gctagggtca ggggtccatt ctctcctagg gacaaaccta    154680
     cctgaggtcc caccactcct ggaggaccag gggggccggt cttcccttgg aaaccctagg    154740
     cgaggaagag aggagaatgc agtgaaagca ggtgtgggcg ctgtggggca gattcccagg    154800
     aggaaggatc ccaggcagga tcacaccgag ccctgggccc tgggtctgag cagcaccagg    154860
     gcaggctcca ctctgccagg agaacgtccc tgtgggcttt ccagacagct ctggggttaa    154920
     agggtctgat ggagccccct gagaatgggt agccaggagc atcactcacc acttctcctc    154980
     tttggcctgg gtgtcccggc agcccgtcct tcccaggggg gccctggaag gggttcagtt    155040
     gtcaggtgaa ctctcagctg gaaagcaggt agggaagaag gactcagaga agcgaggtgg    155100
     gtcagagctc ggggtcaact taccaggggt cctttcggtc caggaaaccc gttgggaccc    155160
     tgaggtccag ggaggcccta gagacagagg tggggggagt caggagaatg ggggcagggg    155220
     ctgagtgggg gaactcagct tccttcctgg ggtgaggagg gagctggctc acccaggctc    155280
     cctggggacc tcaggggaag gggactttcg atccacactc accctctctc cagggggccc    155340
     atgggggcca tcaccaccag atgttccctg tggggggaaa cagagtcaag gagtgggaag    155400
     agctgctttc cagctgtccc cgaggtcagg atgttgaggg agagctgggg ctgagtgggc    155460
     agggggcagt tggagccttg tagagaccat tcaccttagc tccagacttc ccagtggcac    155520
     ctcggggtcc ccgctgaccc cgtggaccct acagagggaa gaggagttgt cagagaaacc    155580
     caaatgcccc cctctggacc ttgagccacc tgtttctctc ccctgcactc accgtggggc    155640
     cccgttctcc ccgaggccct gacttccccg acaggccctg gtgggaatga agcagagaga    155700
     acattaccca gggtgagact ccccacagac cccctctaca cctctccagc ccttcccttc    155760
     tcaccccctc ccacccccca gcttacccgg gctcccttct ctccactggc accaggaaag    155820
     ccaggaaatc ctagggaccc ctggtgagaa cggagaaggg ggaaattgag aagttatgaa    155880
     aggtagggtt caggaagggg caaagggggt caggagaggc cacaaaggca gtggccaggg    155940
     agacccgagc tctgccaaga actaagtggc cttggacaaa cccctgctgc tctctgggcc    156000
     tctttaggtc atctgtaaaa tgggggtcag ctaaattccc tctggggtcc cccactgccc    156060
     tgcatctgtg ctttctggaa tcagggatca gggaagggaa gaggaggagg gaagaggagg    156120
     aggggcacgt atggggcatg gcatcacctt gggtccctga cgtccaggat agccaggcag    156180
     accaggaaca cccagcttgc cctgtggagg gacaggaagc agttaggagt gagaggaggc    156240
     ccagatgcca ctccacccct ggagacctca accctcacat ataacagcca gcccccaccc    156300
     agcaacacac cccacacacc ccagcctcta gcccctcatt gcttgcccca cagctgcctg    156360
     acttttgttg tctctccttc ccgtgagtgg attttcccca attctagtgc tgggatccca    156420
     cctcccctgc gcctacagag gtatcaggtc cttcagggtc actgtgatct agctgcttcc    156480
     cacatgtcaa cctcagctcc atctacccca tgagggaggt gggatctacc ccagcaccca    156540
     ctcctgcttc accaagacca atccccctgc aggccctttg cccaccacac cccgactccc    156600
     gtgcatgccc ccttccccag aggctccagg gctcatcctg cccaggcagc tgcagagcag    156660
     ggcttagaag cagagattct gaagccagac tgcctgggca taacccctgg ctctgccctt    156720
     cactggccat gtaatcaaca agcatccctg tgcctctgta aaacctcagc aaaacagtac    156780
     gtcacatgcc tacctcatag gatagatagg acgcatcagc acagcacctg gcatagggca    156840
     agtgctgggg agagtcagct ctggagacca cagacctcac tgctattaga ctctctcatc    156900
     tcagaactcc tgctgcttgg agtccgaacg catgttcact ctgccttgaa gcaacagcta    156960
     ctctctaagc ttcgtctcca tccaactctt cgtgtcaggg acttttccct gacttcttat    157020
     atatcccctc tgcccatcag cagctgagag atgccattta cacagacaga agtatgacta    157080
     atgcatggcc atcttcaact gactggctga cttcagcggc gggcacccat gcccatcctg    157140
     accccagtgc ccacaccccc agaggaccca ggcacagaac cctcatccca tcaccttctc    157200
     gcccatgagc cctgggggcc cagggtctcc agtcggtcca gtgcgtccct ttggcccctc    157260
     aggaccatcc tctcccctgg aaccagggac tccaacttcg ccctgtgtga gagggaagga    157320
     caggtgagtg ctggggactg gaggtgggct ctgggcccag aggagaaatg ggcaacagtg    157380
     aggctgagga gggctagagg ggtcccagga gccactgcag gacaggaagc ccacagggta    157440
     gggatagtgt agtgatggga gggcaggcat gacacagacc atggggctat catcctgtag    157500
     gggtcaggct cccaagggaa cacagcactg gaactgtgga gtctggagac tcaggagaat    157560
     aaaccggtgc ttggcgtctc cagagtggag gctcagtagg acacggaatt ggggccagtg    157620
     tggggtctct actcaccctg tcacctttca cgcctatgtc acctttgaac ccaggaaagc    157680
     catcctcacc ctgagaaaga tagaggtgag agggcaccac agatgacaga gggctggggt    157740
     tctaatggga attctgagaa cataggtgga agcaggggct cgggagctgg agggcagtgc    157800
     ggggcaggct ggagggaagg cagtgaagag aggagatggc aggactgagg tgctgggaag    157860
     ctgggggcat ggtgctcacc ttctcaccct tatgaccctt cagaccccga attccgtcca    157920
     caccctagaa ttagagaggg gatagaagta gactgatcag gggatggagg tgggttggaa    157980
     ggaccaagct cctaagaccc catatagctc ccctgaccac agccctttgt ctcccagcct    158040
     ggtggtcagt taccttgacc cctcgaggtc ctgggtatcc tagaggaccc tgaggtccag    158100
     agggaccctg gaagataaaa gagaggcatt tataaagggg cctcagagtg tcactgtggg    158160
     ggcctccagg ggtggaagaa atggaagtaa caacattgct gtctgggtag ggttacaggg    158220
     cacaggaatt gagaatgtgg cagagccata tgaataatga gacaagggaa tcccaaggac    158280
     tttgaggctc tagagtctga gtggagactc cctcagggga taaagacatg gaagatctca    158340
     cctggtttcc tttggttcca gggggacctt ccttccctgg gtgaccctgg gagtaaggga    158400
     tagaaaatgt gaccagtggc ccctgtcacc ctctctgcac ccctccctac acttcttcca    158460
     acccaaattt cctgtgacct agtgaagcca actgtccatg gacaagcacc accagtgacc    158520
     tttcagtgca agggtcacta aaggagctct gaggtcatgc actggggtgg aaggccaagg    158580
     ggaactggat tcggaagtgg ggtcccactc accgggggtc cgtctgagcc aggcatgccg    158640
     gggagccctg gcttcccttg aggaccctgc aggaagacaa agaggctcag ggtcactaga    158700
     ggggtcatgt ctggacacag acaaaatccc agcagacatt tagggttctc cctacatccc    158760
     cactctaaac cccctgtcct ccaaatcact tagtcactta ccttctctcc atgagggccg    158820
     atggcaccct ggggcccggg aagaccctac atacagggaa agagaagtca caggggcctc    158880
     ccagggtctc ttctatccag cctcccggat tcaaagcatg agcaacaagg gcctgaaacc    158940
     cttaatttcc tgtatccttc cagggtctca cccattgtgg aagcccaagg gaagtcatga    159000
     aaattgggga acggagtagg ggcaccgctc acctgggtcc caggggtgcc ctgttgtcca    159060
     ggaggtcctg gctctccctg gggtccctag aaacaggtga ccaggcacag gtcagaagga    159120
     gatggagata gaacacattt agagcatgga gctgagtccc agcagcgata gccaagaagg    159180
     caagagcagg aagcaggcag gggtcaaaat ggcggccaac aggatgctgg cagggacctc    159240
     gggggataag aatgggggtg ggatctccta tccatcactc accaagctcc ctttggggcc    159300
     ctggggacca tccatgcctc ggacgccctg aaacacaaga tgggtgtgag cagcctgaag    159360
     gtggcccgga gggacctgtg gttttcagag gcccggccat tcccgagggt gtgacggtca    159420
     gacctccaat ccatcccaaa cccaagcaaa cacagctggc ccaggcctgc agtgtgtggg    159480
     actgtggatc tgtgggcttg tgggctttgg ttttgttttt cttgaagatt tatttcctat    159540
     gcccagagcc ctcggggcac cacgccacat ggccctccct gtgcacgggg agcgaatgct    159600
     gaggcagggc agtgtggggc cagagcaggg ggagctcaca gggaatggga agcatgccga    159660
     gagaggagag ggagcaggaa ggcagctaga aaggtggaga gttggagagg tcaaggggtc    159720
     acctcagggt cagaagtcag ggagtcactt acagggggtc caggaatacc aggtgggcct    159780
     ttggggccaa ggagacctcg aggtccctgc attcatggtg aggggaggag acggcatgaa    159840
     tggataaaac tgtgtccctt tagtgctcat gtccccctcc tggcttcccc agagccgcct    159900
     cccccagcac cagcccttgg acactcaccg actctccagg cagccctcga ggcccaatct    159960
     ccccgtcatc tccctggagg aggaggacac ggtaaagctg ctgtgccttc tagacctccc    160020
     ctgcacccag cccctacatt tgccactaca cttaccctct ctccatcctc accaggggga    160080
     ccaggaaggc cctgggcacc agtatcaccc tgcaaaatgg gggaactcat aagaggggct    160140
     tcagagcccc caacacaggc agacaccgaa cctctgcact tagcccatcc attactttca    160200
     ctgagctcct gccaagcctc cagcctccct tccctaccta tcctcactcc catagaagat    160260
     ctatccccaa ttacaacaca cacccactaa tgtactcacc ctatggccct tctctccagg    160320
     gagccctggg agtccatcaa aacctcggtc accctaggag gaggaaggat agccagagtg    160380
     aggacacgac cctgtccaag cccacccctc cctactgcac cctgagctgg gggggtgctg    160440
     atcctgggga agcctggaga actaggtcat ccccaagaaa caactgagcc cagcgtgggc    160500
     tgaaggctac aggcttcagg gaggggccca agcctgttac cttcactcca ggatctccag    160560
     gcatccctcg ggctccatca gcacctgccc ggccctggga gaacaaggga agtgtcagaa    160620
     caagcagggc cgcagtcccc taccctgcag gccctgtctc cccacaacac ccatccaccc    160680
     ctggggcact cacccttcgc ccagccttgc caggagggcc tgtgaggccc tgaggtcctc    160740
     tggggccctg gtgagaggag agatggggtg gggttaggag gcatagggag gggagtgagg    160800
     gagactgagc tggtgaacag atatgggggt gcagtggagg aaagtggtca cctgaggtcc    160860
     taagtctcca gactctcctt tcaggccagg gctcccaggt tggccctggg agagagaaga    160920
     gaggatggcc gtaaggaagg acacagccaa cagtggcctc ggagtgttcc ccaaaagaag    160980
     cccctttcca gaactatcca caccccacac acaattaaag catcctccac ccgagcaccc    161040
     tgctcactca ccaagggtcc agggcgccct gtgtatccca tggggccagg gggtccacgg    161100
     agcgccagct aggggagcag ggggacagca gagctgaggg acaggcagtg ggaaccccca    161160
     gccccagcac tctccaaatt cacccttcct ctcctgatcc tcatccactg cccaggattc    161220
     tccccaacct ccctgttaac cccaaaccaa cccaggcctc ccctgccgca cactcactcc    161280
     agccaaccct tccagtgccc cccagagcct tccctttcca gggaagcagc cccactcacc    161340
     ctcgcctgct gcaggatcgc ctgggcctga gcctcctggg ccgccaccac agggcccttg    161400
     tcacccccac cactgccaaa ccggaactga gggcaaggag agaaggtcca ggttctcttc    161460
     caagaaagcc atgggaccct cccagccaga ggctttctcc agcgtttctg ccccttgccc    161520
     caggttctgc ccatccagca tttcccatgg cttccagata atcacttaga ggattccaga    161580
     aactcaactc ctgccctcct ccactgtcca gcctctgcct ccagaaagac tctcttttgg    161640
     ttctagagct cctgaaatat aggctgttct gcccagtcct agaagactgg tgttttgttc    161700
     taggtcacct aatgaggccc catctcccca accccaaaga cgaatccctt tggagtgatg    161760
     atctttgatg atctttagag actcctccat atctttcctg cccatctggt tcttggtaac    161820
     atgacacaat tccttgtctt ccccatcagc atgttccaaa acccaagaga caactcactg    161880
     ggagcatgag agatgtgcca ggaggaccag gagccccatc tgatccaggg agccctgctc    161940
     ggccaggggg gccctggagt gggaagagaa tgcaaaagat ggggtgaaag ataaggggac    162000
     atcaagatct tagcatgatt ttgaaatatc ctcttcaaca gaataagtgt agattgctct    162060
     agctctttcc tgagtctccc acccccatgg ggaaaattga gggtgagaaa ccagatcagc    162120
     accctcccca accagagtct gccctccttt ctggttgctg ggaagcacaa ccatcccctc    162180
     attcattaac aagccaccta acaggaaatt actgggcatg gtagcccccc gcttggatac    162240
     cactagctcc cccgaagctc ccccgtcaca tggaggacac ccccttaccc tctctccagg    162300
     gtctccaact gggcctgggt tcccctggat gccaggggga ccaatcaatc cctgaggaac    162360
     aaaagagtag gggtcaggtg tgggcattca gacaggtgtg gacactcagc ctgtggctga    162420
     ggagtggtct gtgcagaaca gatctgggaa tctgggaagc gttgattgga gggatgctcc    162480
     cgagttctga ggaggaggcc tgggcatatg tggggaaggc tcagatgagc acatagaagg    162540
     ggtttctaag aaaagaatgg ccaccaggtc actgctagac ttaccgcagg gccttctggg    162600
     ccagggggcc cctccacgag cataccctgt ggagtcaaag gttaaaaatc agaggcgaca    162660
     ggaccagcac actcaacccc acttgcttct cctatttcca ctgcctcagc cctgtgacca    162720
     gtataactta caggttccaa cactgcaggc tctcctttct ctcccttcag ccctcggggt    162780
     ccatgggcag cctgaaggag acacacatgt agcccccagt ggggcccgtg agcagccagg    162840
     acactaggcc tttctccatc tcaactccaa ccttgattct tagatcctct cgagaccact    162900
     tcagccctac ccgaaagccc cacagccctc ccctaaaact ccctcttcac aaacctttca    162960
     agcctgccaa ggagacctca gggttccctg cccccgcagt tcccagcccc acctcagcaa    163020
     acacaacctc tccatctccc tgagagcctc tttcaggaag gtccccagaa acttccagtg    163080
     tttttgtttg tttgtttgtt tttctttttt tttgagacga agtcttgctc tgtcacccag    163140
     gctgaagtat aatggcgcga tctcggctca ctacaacctc tgccttccag gttcaagtga    163200
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc aagtagctgg gattacactg ggattacaga tgtgcaccac    163260
     catgcccggc taatttttgt atttttatta gagatggggt ttcaccgtgt tggccaggct    163320
     ggtctcaaaa tcctgacctc aggtgatccg cctgccttgg cctcctaaag tgctggaatt    163380
     acaggcgtga gccaccacac ctggcccctt tcagggattt taaaccaccc accttcccaa    163440
     accctcttct agaggaccct atcccatctc ccaaactccc tccctagaac cttaagaaac    163500
     cttccacaca tttaccccaa tacatcataa aagaatctct ctaagattgt gggtagattt    163560
     ttatttgggg taagaggagg gcatggaccc acatgagaac ctgataaaag ctaggccggg    163620
     cgaggtggct tacgcccata atcccagcac tttgggaggc ggaggcaggc agatcacctg    163680
     aggtcaggag tttgagacca gcctgaccaa catggtgcaa ccccgtctct aataaaaata    163740
     caaaattagc tgggtgtggt ggcacatgcc tgtaatccca gctacttggg aggctgaagc    163800
     aggagaatag cttgaaccca ggaggtggag gttgaagtga accaagatta tgccatcgta    163860
     ctccagccta ggcaacaaga gcaaaactcc atctcaaaga aaaaaaagaa tctgatgaaa    163920
     gctgtgagtc tttctccaga aatgaaaaag tatatgctat tatgcacaga attttattta    163980
     ggatttcaaa gggttcacaa gtttaaatat gccccaaagg ttaagcatcc atactctaag    164040
     taaatttgga ggccaggcac ggtggcgcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gtggggccga    164100
     aacaggcagc tcatttgagg tcagtagttt gagaccagcc tggccaacat gtgaaacccc    164160
     gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aaatagccgg gcgcagtggc acatgcctgt aaccccagct    164220
     actcgggagg ctgaggcagg aggatcgctt gaacccagga ggcagaggtt gcagtaagcc    164280
     aagatcctgc cactgcactc caacctgggt gacagagtga gaccctgcct caaaaaaaaa    164340
     aaaaattgga gagcagtccc cactgaatgc attgcccttc ctctggccct caagtacatt    164400
     ccaagcccac cagttccctc ccttgcacac ctccactcag atacctgttc ccaactctag    164460
     ggccagaaac aaaataagaa catggagaat gggagacatt caccaccacc ccaactcccc    164520
     ccaacaaaga tcttcagaat gcccctctcc accttcattc tgaccaaaca gcaatgatcc    164580
     gtttcaaaat tctctgaaat cccatatcaa ccccaaatac ccagagagca gcataaagga    164640
     aaggcagtag aagctcaagg gaggcaagag aggggaggta tgggatgcgg cagcagggta    164700
     gaggaggcag ccagaactgc aaggcaggca gaagacggag cggagtagac aggaagcagt    164760
     cccactgaca gggaatactg gaagatatga gaacaactaa gggacacaga acaaaatgac    164820
     aaacacttgg aagcaagaat gatgccaggg ccgaagaaaa ttaaacatgg ccaacatggc    164880
     tagaaaacaa actggacaaa caggaagtgg ctgaacagac aggaagcagt gaaggaaaga    164940
     ggatccagga agtgaacctt caacaacaac atggctaccg tgacccagag agaaaagaaa    165000
     ggcacaaaac aggtagaatg tgactcctgc aaagggaatc atgacagtga agggtaattc    165060
     ttccagaaaa cacaaacatc aaggctagga cacacaggaa gtagccatga gaaatatcga    165120
     ggcccacaat ggaaacttta tgatttaaat gacctgagac atacaggaag tggcttattg    165180
     tcaaaggaaa ttgtcacaag atagcatgaa aaactagagc cagaacagaa ataataaatc    165240
     ctttgcagtc caacctgaca cagttaccaa gatggatgcc acagctggag aaggcaggaa    165300
     gggacagata ataagtggcc tgtaggttaa aaaaaggtga cataggaagt tagatcgttt    165360
     ggtagaaaca tgaacaaaaa attatttcac caagaagaaa tgatagagaa acactgaaaa    165420
     tggacacaag gtagtagttt attgaccaaa agctttatga aatccagctt cagttagaca    165480
     ggaagtgatc aagaaagaca ggaagtggct acatattttt tttttttaat tcccaattgc    165540
     cctgagcttc agaagtatcc acaagagtca caaggtaaga catttggcaa aggaaggcag    165600
     gtagtaatct tttcaagcaa catatacatc atatgtgaac agaaaatgac aagtcacaga    165660
     tgggaaatag ctcacagcca acagccaagg atcgaaacca acaagaagca attcttgtag    165720
     ctcccactgg tagtcaagaa tgaaagagaa gctcctttca cttacggctc ctgagtgggc    165780
     tgtctccgca gagagggcag ggccaagctc tgtctcctca cgataatcat ccccatagcc    165840
     ataggtgtaa tcgtagggcc cttcaggggg gtctgtgcca ccctccccat attcctctgc    165900
     ctggaacctg tcggctgtgg gggggacctg gagatctgtc tgctccttcc cagggatggg    165960
     gagggagagg ggtagatggg gatgttaggg ctgagaggag gcttaccctg gaccccaggg    166020
     tgtgacaact tctagcccaa aggattccaa ggttaatcag aactggattt tttctcccaa    166080
     gaatagccat gggagtggtt gtatataaat ggaagggcca tcaaaggcca aaaatgggga    166140
     gagatgtcca gaaagtgggt ccagtgggaa gaagtggtgg ataaaatgaa gggtggccag    166200
     aggactggat gcagagtgga cagtccatgg acacaatgac agacaaagga gtccaggaat    166260
     gaccaaagag atagggaaga caaaaggtga caacactgga cagaaagtgg ctcccgggaa    166320
     cagaaatagg acatagaaag taagaccatt agacaccaac atggagacga agtcactcag    166380
     gaatcaaaga atcatggaag gaggcctgga tactgaaggg aacgggctgg acttagagag    166440
     tcaagcaggc ccatagttct agagtgaccc aaagacagag gccatcgatg gaaatgagga    166500
     agaaccctcc ggccagagga ggggctggtc catcaagacg tcatgggctg aggggagtga    166560
     gtcacaggtg cccactgccc ccagatgggg tgagggtggg gcatagagtt acctcctcaa    166620
     ggggtggcaa gaggctcgac tccaggattt cttcctcttc acctggggtg gggtcctgac    166680
     cccaaggaga gaaggagaag agtagcacgg ggtgggaagg aaggagaaag gttagcagaa    166740
     gggaggcaaa gcagcacctg tcccccgagg gcagggtctg tctgtgctgg gggatggggg    166800
     aaatctcaga tcttgcagcc cctttggagg gggatagttt ggggagagtg aacctccaag    166860
     gtcatagagg tttgggggca gagatctgga tgccccggct ctacctgccg gtaactgctg    166920
     cctctggtcc tggggcgggg ccaggcagtg ggggaagctg ccctcggagc tgggcatcgg    166980
     gaaaggggag gctgctccca tgctgggtca aagcctgcag ttggagaggg cctccggcct    167040
     ggtgaggggg acgcctgcca ggtcattgac ctcttggcag gtggggtagg ctttcaggga    167100
     ggggtccgat gccccctagg ggaaggggga ggcctgtggt gggggctccc agggcgctgc    167160
     agcagagaga cagggagggg gcaggaacta agtaaatccc cataatctaa acacactgtg    167220
     cctctcccca cggcatgggg gaggggagga aggtgtccta ggagatgatt gctgggggtg    167280
     ctgggagaaa gggaagaaat gaaggggtcc cttgagttta cctgataatc aggggttgtc    167340
     cccgtagtca tcacatcata ataggggggc tcgtagtcat agtagagaga ctcagtgggc    167400
     tgggattggg gggtgggcat agacaggaag gggatggggt aattggaagg tgtggggtga    167460
     agggcgggag agggagatat aaagatggtg tgggagttgg gaaacggggg aggtgtggag    167520
     ttgggaaaca gagagttgaa gatgaaagga gaggttgagg gtcaggaggg aggtggggag    167580
     aggtggaaca gagggaaggg gttccacatg tggggcagaa gcagacatga ttaagagatt    167640
     gaccctctga tctttagacc actgacccca gagcctgtct gtattctaac tctccagacc    167700
     ccatccaacc caggctccct tcccttccct tcccttccct tccccctact acctcccctt    167760
     ttcctgcccc tccaggtagg tgggggccag agactgggtt ccccactccc acacttctgc    167820
     agacccaccc ctcctttgat attccctcca tccctactcc ttcccattcc tcctccttgg    167880
     tctcaccatc ccgactgctt tctcctggct tcagtcccct ctcctacctg cctccccagc    167940
     tctcacccct ctcccactgt ctcccaatct cttaattcaa agaaggaagg gaaaacccag    168000
     ggacacagtt ccaggaagac tggaagagga gacgcagagc agggaacaca gctcccagcc    168060
     acaaattctt cataacaact ctttttattt ttagatgaaa ataaaaaggc tgatgaatga    168120
     ggactaggag gagggggtga tgggaatagg gagatgaggg tggggaggac aactaaggag    168180
     gagagatgcc tgggtgtctt ccctctctgg ggtgtgctgc acttgggggt tctcccagct    168240
     ccctcacctg gctctggggt tcctgatttt gtggcctgtg aagtcttgat ggttgctgct    168300
     gtggagatct ctgggctctg tgaggctgtt ggttttgggg tctttccctc tggcccccct    168360
     cgcattccag ctccttctgt tcacatgatt cataggctgc ctggacccct gggacaatgg    168420
     ccagctcctg gacatcaccc tgcaaagaca tgagagagat ggagcggaga gattcagaga    168480
     gaggcagagg gtatcatcca ggagaaagag tataggaggc caatcctagg taaaacccta    168540
     agatgggaga aggtcactgt cagtcctcca tatgcatagc ccttttcagt tttcaaggga    168600
     tctcatagga ccttcataac aaccaggaaa gttggcagaa caaggatctt tctttctacc    168660
     catttttcag atacgttcca ttcagaaaag cccaaaaagg caatgactgc cccaaggtca    168720
     cccagagtgg cagaatcagg accagatccc aggccttcca gaattctttg cctcccctct    168780
     gcgctttgtg gcaatgcatg agcccttcca cagtggcttc cagagacagg gctcagcttt    168840
     agatgccttg gccttccaat ggcagtgatg atgagaattc tctggacctc tagaaatgga    168900
     gtggggagaa cccattcctg agttccaatg gcatttactt ttgcccacac atggtgctta    168960
     gcatactctc cattgcaccg taatttaggg atgttgtctc atttccagag cccacctggg    169020
     agctcttggg ggtgatagag actttatatt ctcttctttg ttctccttgt ccagcaggta    169080
     ttcagaaaat gttgactggc ttggagggtg aatggaggga tgggtgaatg gagggatgga    169140
     tgaatggata gatgagtgga tgggtggctg ggggcttaca tgcattaatg aatgggagca    169200
     ttgataaata gtgaatgaat aaatgtacgt atgggagggt ggactggtgg gcagatgaac    169260
     aggggttaca gagtagatgg aagcaaatgg gtgaataggt agatgggtga acttatgtgg    169320
     gtgaatgact ggtcggatgg gaagtaagtg ggtcaggaga tgggtgagtg agtatattga    169380
     aggagggagt ggttgagttg gtggaaggat aatggataga tggtggctga atggatgcat    169440
     gcatctttgt gtgcatgggt agatggggag ggtgggtggg tgagtgaata gctggatgga    169500
     ggagttgaag aggatagatg ggtggaagca tagatgggtg gtttgaaggg gagagtggtt    169560
     aagcaggggg aggattgaca ggtgggtgga tataagcctt catgcatgac taggtgggcg    169620
     tgtgatgcat agatgagtaa atagatgggg gagtgggtgg tggatgtgtg cataggttgg    169680
     ctgaggagtg agtgaattga tgggtgggtg aggagagaga ggggttgaaa ggatggatgg    169740
     atgagggaac tgatgaagac tgaaggacag agtaagtggc tgtggacagt cctgccatat    169800
     aggtaggcat ctagttctcc tgcagagaac agtagccctg aagatagaaa atagaaatga    169860
     aaattcataa gaaaaaaaaa tgaaggccta gggaatagga agatgacatg ctggggccag    169920
     aagggtagtg ggcacaagat aggggaccag aagtcaatcc tgcctctgat tgctctggtt    169980
     acctcaaaga cttcttcatc cagaatacgg gcaccaaaga tgatcactcc atgggtgtcc    170040
     aatactggac gagcacttcg ggggagaggc cgggtgactc gcttcttgca gtcaacaatg    170100
     agggtgacag actggccctt cacagccaca gccacacggt gccacctgga aatggtggaa    170160
     gaggttcaag tgaactcttg gctgactgaa gtaggggagt caacatggtt ggagagcagt    170220
     gataagagtt gaagccaatg gtgataagag cagtaataac aatggctacc atttattgag    170280
     tgtttacagt gcaccagaca ccatgccgtc actttcttat ttgtgccaat tctatttaat    170340
     gtctatttta cagatgtaga aactgaggct caaaaatttt aagtaacttg cccaaggtac    170400
     aggctagttc aacatgcaga gaaggctgta cactctaaag cccaaactct ggactagaag    170460
     tgactgaagt ttgggcagtg ggtaggtgtg gtgtggccca aagggtctca agggtttcac    170520
     agtttagagt gtaggggttt gggggcactt cctcctgaaa gtgtgggcca ggcagaccag    170580
     aggagcaaac aaacttactt gccatctgct aggctgaggc ctcggaagac tggctgagag    170640
     ggaggttgag gccgcccagt ctggtcttca tacaggaagc ggacaggtcg gcccagctcc    170700
     aggcccagct gtcggacacc ctgggcactg tagagagtca ggaggggagc ttggagacca    170760
     gggcgggtcc ggacaacagt cagcagagag aaatctttgg gaaatcctcc tagtaaccga    170820
     gagagataca cacagagtga gaggcaaagg gagccgccac aacccctttc ctcctggtgt    170880
     ctgatcctag gccccatccc attacctccc cccaggccta ccccaccatg tcacccatac    170940
     ctgggaaaag ctggcgagtg ggtgcactga gctgggcagg tcgtgccact cggtaggcca    171000
     catcagctgg acagatgcct ttcgctctcc ggacaccatc agggagggag gggaacctca    171060
     gggcccggag cacatccaca gggggtgcac ctgggagagt ccatgattat caggagaagg    171120
     gacatgccct caggagggca taaatagggg acatttggga tctagaactc agctttccag    171180
     ggctcaaact ccctgcaagg gaaaggtcac ctcaccctca cttgcttctg aacagtacct    171240
     gaatggatgg gaaatgcaaa ggtacctgga ggcagggcag catcagctgg cattcaaccc    171300
     catgacactc ctgcccctgt ctctcctagc atctgcctct cttacgctct ctctttgtct    171360
     tttagcttat gaatctgtct ctctctgtac tctctgaata cttctctcaa ctcttcatct    171420
     gtctcctgtc tctctcactc tcttactctc tctgtctctt tatgttggtc tttctgtctc    171480
     tgtctcttct gtcttcctcc atttctctca cattctgtcc atctttttct ctccctcgct    171540
     ctcactctct ttccatatct ctcactctct gggtctctgg catctgtccc gtctccagca    171600
     caaacaacat ctgggcaatc gatcatcctg gacacaggag gtgcaggggg gccacgagga    171660
     agagatcaga gaagcagctc tatgagaggg gcttcaagca gctacagatc ccaggtttgg    171720
     gggatggggt gggaacaacc ctgagcatgc tgaggaaaaa gatacaagaa agctctccca    171780
     ggagtctgtg cctcctggtt taggagatga gttggggagg ggtggaggaa tggggggcag    171840
     gggctgaagc tgccacgagg atccggaaca ggtccagggc cctgagccac acatctgtgg    171900
     atcccatcag agtgcttgcc cagaacccag gcaagctccc cacacctgga acctcaatcc    171960
     tgtctcacca cccccaccaa ccccaccacc tgggacccaa agattcaaga tccagcccac    172020
     cagccctgtc tacctagaac tcagcttcct agggctcaaa ctccctggaa aacaaaagat    172080
     caccttgccc tcacttgctc ccctatacac atactcttca caccatcagc tccagattgg    172140
     aaaaatccca aagagagttc cagcaaaact ttcatagaag tgtggggcag ggcagaggcc    172200
     agagcaatca ggagagtgga gctgggtggg gtgggtgagg tggggcgggc aggcagagaa    172260
     aaggcccttt gagtccagga gccgggaaac cacggccttc ccccccaacc cccacctaag    172320
     cctggcccct gcgcgtgtgg cagctccgca aacaccaaca cacaagggcc gctttgagag    172380
     acgaagggtg agtgagacag agacacagag actcacagag accccaggcc aaggagacct    172440
     cggaggtccc caccctccac caaatcccaa gggagtacaa ttcgatcata tggacaacct    172500
     acccacaggt ccgcccacca tcttcccaca ccaggccaca tacttgcccc cctgtatcca    172560
     gcctcatctg ccccacaggc tctccactgg tagccccatt accctccacc actctacctc    172620
     tggcccccca aatgccttat tctctaacct taggaattct acagtaactc atttccctaa    172680
     agtcccatct ctacccactc agcccctgaa ataagaaaca gtcatcttag ccatccccct    172740
     gcctccatgc cagaggatcc ctcttccccc taagaaagac tcctagagtc tacaggcacc    172800
     atacgcctca atttcctggc cctgggcttc actgtcctca catcttggaa gttcttcctt    172860
     ctgtaatcta atctaaatct tttgtgctgc cattctgacc attttctctc taaagcagag    172920
     aagaattgaa tagtcaagtt aaatataaat cagccctcag tgtctccaga aatgggcttt    172980
     ttccagcctg ctgaggacct ggtgctcaca gccccctcct tgacatcaaa tcccctttcc    173040
     tagaagccag gaattctggg tcctgggaaa aagaaggaaa agatcagggt tgtgggcacc    173100
     agggtcccag gggagcctgg ctggccagag ggaggagggg ctaggcagga atgcaaagag    173160
     ttggctctgg cctcagacac ctgatcctgg cctgtccgga gggccgtcct gttggcagcc    173220
     agccccagtg ctccccagag ccagctgcgt ggcagcatcg agggcacagg gagggggagg    173280
     gggaccctgt ccaggaggcc aatgagacag gtagtcaagg cttcctttct ttctgggctt    173340
     actgggctct gctctgaatc acaggtgctc accccttatc ccagagatat cgacagaaag    173400
     gccataagac acacacgcct cacccatcaa cattggcgtc taccatcccc acaccagcaa    173460
     tgactggacc gggctggccc tggccatctt cagctcttcc caaggactca agacaagcat    173520
     ccatccccat tcagggtctc taaagtggtc ctccaccttt cagccctatc tgccctcccc    173580
     cagtcacttc aaggacaaag agattcctac cctgatgcca aggaacacag gtgtcctgcc    173640
     ctccagcctg tagccttgaa gccccaaatc tccttgttag actcagaagc tgctgcccca    173700
     ggcatcagct ggccccttcc cagagacact cagagctcca gcctgactcc gaggacccag    173760
     gcatcaggac tcctcttacc tgcccagcct ggggccgcgc tcagccccag caccagaggt    173820
     aggaggagga ggaggcgatg gcagcggctg caccgctcca tggctgagaa gccgaaacgc    173880
     cgggtcccag ggacccaggt cggcctgaga cgctggatgc cctgaggctg acagaagaca    173940
     gggagcagac tatgagcctc agacgccggg gtcccaggga ggtcagaggc tgcgggcagc    174000
     gacagctgtc agcggcccag ctccatgcag caaggcgccg tcggggctcc cggcactgct    174060
     ccctcctcgg tggctgccgc ttctgtgtgt ccccggccac cctggcgccc agagccccca    174120
     cctcgccccc gcccccggcc cggcccccgc ctccagccgc ccgcccacag ccaccgaagg    174180
     gaaaccccac cctcagtctc cacctgggga gggaggcggg aaccctccct ctatcgctcg    174240
     ctctctcctg ccccttgtag gtctcaactg cctgtaccct aagattctct tttcgggaac    174300
     cccaatatct tccctagccc cttccttttc taggacccaa acgtccagtc acacacactc    174360
     cctcccattc cctccctctt gggggcccag agcccccttt cagcagaggc ctgggcggga    174420
     tttagggcac agtgggaggg ggagaggcgg gcctgggggt cgcagtcccc accccaccca    174480
     taatcaggtc tccataatta cttccctcac cccgccccgt gtaattacag agccgggccg    174540
     gggcgggggt atttatagac aaggctatag atagcgacga actggggcgg gggatgtggg    174600
     ggaaggtgtt ctacggagag caagaggcca gagactggga cccaccgaca aacacaggat    174660
     agtcaggtcc aaggagatgc aaatggggga cgcggttagg gagtcccaga gccgaggtag    174720
     agggggagca gtggtaagat gagcgagcag tcgactctgg ttggaagggt ccagggaaat    174780
     ggggtcactc ggggacgtgg gccgcctccg ggcgggcaac gcctgagaag cacgcagcgc    174840
     tcggcgccca gtgcgccccc acgagcgggc acggcgccgg gtctgcccgg agcccgcagc    174900
     gcgcccggag ggaaggccgc agcgagccga ggcgccgccg cccgctggcg cggagagggc    174960
     acgagcgaac aaggcgcctt tgagaatcca ccgccccccc ttcctcctcc ggccggcccc    175020
     gcccccagcc tggcacaccc tctccccccc tccccgacaa agcttgcctt gtgtccccca    175080
     ccctgcgtgc acctcttggg ccccatggaa cctcggcggc ggcgtccagg gatcgcgtcc    175140
     ggagctccca accggatacc ccccccaagc ccgaaacggc gctgcccatc ctcatacagt    175200
     cacctcagtc cagaaaacag cgattttaat ttgaaagcga ttttatgtat gagaggggaa    175260
     aggagcccca aagagaaggg acgcagggca aaaatcatgc agccccagca ccccacctct    175320
     gcgggctggc cacctcccct caattctcag gccaggatcc tgtgtcccca gcctatgcta    175380
     tgtgcccagg gctggaggag agctgtaaag ggaaggcctc cgggactaca ctcgtgaaac    175440
     catcccctgt gggggccctg tcctcacagc ccaggcccct tccccaagtt agacaggaag    175500
     agatgggggg ggcggcggga agctgggaag gctagtgctt ggagagccct agggacaggc    175560
     catttcaggg ccctgccttt cccaaacacc cacctccacc actggcattt cttagtcaac    175620
     ctgggaaagt acagtacttc tttgagtcta actgcaagtc tctatcctca caggaaatta    175680
     aaaatagcag atcggttcct acatctccac cagccccttc accaccacca ccaccttttt    175740
     tatatttcag tctgactgca gaaggaggtg aagtgtaaaa agagactctg gacagtgaca    175800
     gggcccctcc ctcttccaga gaggccccca tctgccaggt ttgagaggag gaaggcctgt    175860
     cagggcccta ctctcatgtc catcagcttg ggaggcctgc cccccagtat ccacctctgg    175920
     gggagttccc catttccact cttcagatgg gaagcaaaat gaggcaagat gagaaggaag    175980
     caaggtcctg gaggcaaggc cagtgctttg tgctggggga aggacagagg gtgagaaatc    176040
     accccaaatc atgggagacc ccgacaaatt cagagactca aggccaccga agagagacaa    176100
     ccagtcctca caggtatctg gggtcccttc caacttggga tatcaagcag atcccttgga    176160
     gggtttatgt tcttggttct gccctgtact tctcacccca tcaaggttct gggaacatgg    176220
     ccccccaccc tgccccaggg cttggagtcc ctcttggatg tgtgctcctc cagtgtgaga    176280
     agcaccacgt ctgggtctga gctcaggcca gttgatgggg agcctcaagc atctccatga    176340
     ggaaggtgtc gatgggggtg tcaccaatga gcttgaagaa aaacagatgc tctagacact    176400
     taaggccaat ggaccggagg gcaggaagac gtagcagcag cttggcaaac ctggggtgga    176460
     ggtgggagaa ggggattgag agctggaagc acacgggccc tgaacacatc ctcatagcac    176520
     tccccacccc caagggagcc tcagtgcccc ccagccccat ctcaccgtcc ctgctgctca    176580
     gggtacttct gtttgcagta ggtctccagt gatgcataca ctttctcccg caggacctcc    176640
     acctcactag ggttggagag gcccttggca tctgggatgg cagggaagag aggaggaaga    176700
     gaaatgaaga caaaccaaat caggatggcc atgcagatgt gagccacagg atgccccttt    176760
     tgggctgcac ttgcttgccc tttaccagag gcctggcaag ggaagcaggg cccactgggt    176820
     ttgtgggatg gatccgtgga tgtgggtttt tcctcggcca gttgggagat ttccaggttg    176880
     agggtcttac tgagggggat agctgggtaa cttaggagtc tcggagaaga ggaggctcca    176940
     aggttgcctt ggccttgaga gacaaaggta atcctcctct tacctggatt aaacagaatg    177000
     attgccctca ggcagccaag ctctgtcttg tccatcctca tgtcacgcat tttggacact    177060
     agctctgtca gcaccctgga gagggacctg caggtcactc aaaggtcaca gctcagccag    177120
     ccttggacac ggaccagcct atagccccac cccctctatc tacatgccag cctagccgag    177180
     ggccactgac cgatcaaaga tggctcctac tcctgctgaa tgggctgagt tgcggtgcac    177240
     gtgaagacct gtggcaagga ggatgccatc tcgaacatca atggatcggt gtgaaaagga    177300
     ggcaatgagg agttcattcc agcctgggtg gggcagcaag ggtcaggagc cagaaatcag    177360
     gccaagggat tcaaagcaca tcagtggaag agaaggagaa aagaggtggc gaggtcagca    177420
     agtttggctc cctgggtacg caaggtaagg ccactggggt cactaaagat cgggaagtca    177480
     aagaggggtc aaatgtcaag aagtcaaagg gatccaaggt cactgacctg cccgcagcaa    177540
     tatgacctga tcatccagag gcaaggagga aaagtgtggg atcctcttcg cccactcaac    177600
     aagcgtgaat agctgtttgt cagctgcctg acagatgtta gtcacagggt catttggctg    177660
     caggggacgg gggtaagagt tatggaagat tttgagatat gctgggagcc cccttgtaag    177720
     aggcttttga caccccctcc ttacatatag tcttcctgtg agccccatcc aaaccaatcc    177780
     ctgtaagtga gtcttctctt ctggcattag tgcaaacaat tatttatttg ggacatgcct    177840
     atggttctgc cagtgggttg tttggggagt ggagacagaa ggagctatca catccacctc    177900
     agatgtttga aagaccttgt ttggcagcac ctccagtccc aagtagtgtt aggaaggtta    177960
     tgaggggaaa ggagggggag gggatgtaga acagacctag actgcctccc ccaaccccca    178020
     tcacgaagga gagtggattg accccaacac tcacgctgct gccgctaccc ccggttcccc    178080
     caggaccctc aacgccctgg tcactcttct gttccacagc aagctctgcc tccaggatcc    178140
     tgtccacagg catctcctcg ggggctcccc cagccccctc cccatcccca tccttgtcct    178200
     ttccccgctg acgctcctcc tgtaccgctg cagggggaag ggggagagaa aaaatggaaa    178260
     gtcagcagcc agccatgaag gggttccaca aatatcctta cggcctcatc aggatctcat    178320
     ggcccttggg agatatttat aggaattggg gaagtcacta gaaagggtgg actgggggca    178380
     gccctgaagg aagggttata aaagggcagg taagtcagtc gggaagggtg aggtaggtaa    178440
     aagaattagg gaggaattta aatggagagc ctactacatg gttaaaaaaa acatgccaag    178500
     attcaacctg agaaagctga ttgaaaaaaa aaattttttt aaataaaata tgccaagaaa    178560
     catgctaagc acattttaac attcactcaa ttatcataat gatgctggaa gcatttattc    178620
     tcatttttaa gatgaagaac tcggggttca aagagattag tttgcttaaa ttcatataat    178680
     acatggcagg tcatacaact gactctaagt gtgtctgagt gcaaatcttg tgctcttctg    178740
     actcaacaaa taggcagtga aaggagcact ggcctaggtc tttgaagatg tgggttctga    178800
     tcccaaacct gcctgccact cctttgttgc atgaccttgg gaaagccaag cctcaggctc    178860
     atcttctcta aagtgggtgt tttgaccaag atatgctcta aagtgtctct cagaatccta    178920
     ggaatctgac ttaagaagat aagatggaga cacagaagaa ggaagggaag ccctgaggtc    178980
     ttcagtaaag tctgtaagct taagagtgcc cagtcccagg agttagagga aagatcacag    179040
     ataacaggag acagagacca gagaaggtcc atggaatcag aggaggaacc actcaggtta    179100
     gaaatgggga gacagcccat catggctaag gaaaagttat cctatcctag gatcagtcta    179160
     gggaggggtc atatgtgcag gccacagagg cctaaccatt aagaaggaaa ctcaagggcc    179220
     agaacagggt aacagggagg agagctgcga agggagagag aaatcaaata tcgccctcta    179280
     gaggagagag agcagtccac ccttccagag aggtacacag tctgagtggg ataagggaga    179340
     agggcatgtg gtctaagacg cctgggcagg gcgggtcctt accctccctc ttcatgccag    179400
     tggccaggca cttctgatag cggcagtact gacagcggtt ccgctggcgc ttgtccactg    179460
     tgcagtcttt gttgtcccgg caagagtatg taaggtcttt gcggatggtg cgtttgaaga    179520
     agcccttgca accctcacag ctgtaaaccc cgtagtgttt gcctacaggg aaaggggagg    179580
     agcaataaga aggttgcatg gagacacctt caccatttag tctgtttcca atctccccct    179640
     agcaaaactt aaagtcctcc ctgtttgcca aatacagaga tagggaacca ggagctgagt    179700
     gatgatccag tcccagtctc ctcactgttc agaaacccta cacgctgctt ccttttccct    179760
     ctgaccttcc ccccaatcgc gtcctacatc tcagcttcag cttctttact cccatcaggc    179820
     ctcccccagg tcacttgctc tgaccaaact ccataagccc tgggaatccc acaggtggtg    179880
     atacatggcc cagactctcc ctctctgttc atcctctgag ccacatacct gagcttctgt    179940
     ccccgcagat tgcacatagc cgtttgccag ccccagggcc acctggaggg ggtggacagt    180000
     gcaggccccg gacccctaag actggtggct tcacatcttc aggggggcca gacccacccc    180060
     cagggagtga cactgttgag ttaatctggg atgggggaaa tagggaagtc acaggaagac    180120
     ttattgggaa gcagaatgtc acagaagtga tggaaatcat tccctaccac taagcaaggc    180180
     cctgcaatgc acattccaga ggctgtcatt tacactgcag tctatgtgaa aggccatccc    180240
     tggagcacaa ccccaaagtg aataaacagg ccccccctga aattgtgcaa cacagtgacc    180300
     ctgaagggca ggtgtcttgg gaaagcagat gggatcaaaa gggcagaaaa tcagatagat    180360
     gaaaaggaca tcaagaatat cagaattagc cgggcgtggt ggtaggcacc tgtaatccca    180420
     gctactcagg aggctgaggc aggagaattg cttgaaccca ggaggcagag gttgcagtga    180480
     gctgagattg tgccactgca ctccagcctg ggcaacagag caagactcca tctcaaaaaa    180540
     aaaaaaaaaa aaacacacac acacacacaa aaacaaagaa tattagagtt cttttagggg    180600
     aggaagcatg cactgaaaga tcagtcacct caggaaaggc aaggggtctc ataaagacca    180660
     caggcctgac aaggttagag gattggaagg tcaatgggcc atggggaagt tcacacaagg    180720
     atctggggtt acaaggaaaa caagaaaatg aaagtggcca ggcagtaagt tggtcacaac    180780
     ctctcacctg ggggctgctg acaggcccgg agaatcctgg gggagctgga gggggcagac    180840
     caggggaccc catggaagaa ctgatgactg gaaagggaga gcccagtggg ggtggtggca    180900
     tcgggggtgg gggtggggcc ccagagcctc caagggatgg agctgttgaa gggggtaggg    180960
     gtggcccagg aggagaaggg ggagggactc cctggggaag gggatttggg gaggagctgt    181020
     ctgggcttcg ggagtctgag ggaggggtat gtacaggcac acagacacac aagagacaga    181080
     agagacaaaa aaagaaaatg agtcttcaaa catccaacta gagactttaa ttctctaata    181140
     ccccaccgtg ccggacccag cccactccac ccatccccaa gttcagagac accctgctgt    181200
     caaacaacag tgtaactccg gctggtccga tggtagtggg ttatcagaac ttattaacat    181260
     ttgtgtcact aaaattggta tacaacctcc cactgctata tttgactggc taaaaaaacc    181320
     caaaaacagc gtaactcctc attgtggtga gaggagggag ttgacaagga gaggaggata    181380
     gttcaggtga ggaaaatttt ccaaccaatc catttgaatg aataccaggt catcccaaag    181440
     ccacacctgt ctcgtgggtg gggcagcacg tggggtagac catcgagccc ctctattccc    181500
     agcgtaaagc caggtagcca gagcgtgcaa gggaaagaga caggcaggag agacccctcc    181560
     taagacgcag gatctgcctg taaacgccca aagtcctgag gtttaagagg aatcgtgccc    181620
     ttcccaggcc cgcgacctcc ggtgcccaag gcctcaagcg gtcacagcta ggagggcgga    181680
     agctcccctt ccccgccccg ccccgggggg gagggtgcta aggccctcgg gagggagggg    181740
     acgcgtgttt acaaacaagg gggcgggagc gcaaggaaaa gagcaccggg ggagggtgtg    181800
     ggggaggggt cgcagataaa gcggtcactg gctcgcctgc ccttctgctg gggcactcac    181860
     cccgcccgct gtcgcccatc ccgtcccgtc cagcctcccc tggctccggc tccggggttt    181920
     gttgttctcc gcctgccacc gccgccgccg ccgccgctgc gggatccagc cagggccgtc    181980
     gccgccgcca ccgggacgcg accccacaat gcatttcttt tcgcaccccc accggcccac    182040
     actgccctgc ggcatgccgc tgagggagga agggcgggcg agcggcccaa gacatgatcc    182100
     ctggctgaga gtagggatac cgaagaggtc ccagggattc ccaaggattg atcggaggat    182160
     tagctgagca cgaggaagcc cctgagagaa agactctggc ctggattggg tcgaattaag    182220
     cccgtcgctc tgctcagtac caaaatgaca gcgccaatgt ggcagccatc tttgtacaga    182280
     cgggaagtct cggcgcgagt tcccgccccc tcgtctagtt ggaaaccgag gaggcggtct    182340
     cctccggcct gttagcccgc ctcgcccacc ctcccctcaa atcacctcca cactcgcgca    182400
     tgcgtgtcag tgcaggatgg attcgtcgct accggagtgc cgccatattg gtaaaggcat    182460
     tagggcgaag gtggaacgga acttcctgtt ctcgcgggat ctaaaggcgg gactgccacg    182520
     tccaagcaaa ccgggaaagg agaggatccc ggagccggtg agaattctct gttttttctc    182580
     taccatcctt tccaggcctt ttcctcacct aatgagtcgt agagacgagg gcccagagag    182640
     tctgtaaagt ggctggtgaa agattagtgt cccagggccc tacatccggg aggtggttcg    182700
     ggataaagag aactagtctt gggaacaatg taggtgggaa cttaagggaa tgggagagcg    182760
     gcccatagag gtggacggag ggcgcgattg gagtaaagcg gaccctgtgt aggtatagag    182820
     ttgagtcaag tggagtcact gcctctgtcc ctctggtcag cgtgatggcc agaggcctgg    182880
     gggcccccca ctgggtggcc gtgggactgc tgacctgggc gaccttgggg cttctggtgg    182940
     ctggactcgg gggtcatgac gacctgcacg acgatctgca agaggacttc catggccaca    183000
     gccacaggca ctcacatgaa gatttccacc atggccacag ccatgcccat ggccatggcc    183060
     acactcacga gagcatctgg catggacata cccacgatca cgaccatgga cattcacatg    183120
     aggatttaca ccatggccat agccatggct actcccatga gagcctctac cacagaggac    183180
     atggacatga ccatgagcat agccatggag gctatgggga gtctggggct ccaggcatca    183240
     agcaggacct ggatgctgtc actctctggg cttatgtgag tctccagggg atgggagaga    183300
     gaagggctgg ttctggattg ttgggaaact ccacagtact tgaccttgac tctccctcac    183360
     caggcactgg gggccacagt gctgatctca gcagctccat tttttgtcct cttccttatc    183420
     cccgtggagt cgaactctcc ccggcatcgc tctctacttc agatcttgct cagttttgct    183480
     tccggtgggc tcctgggaga tgctttcctg cacctcattc ctcatgctct tggtaagtaa    183540
     cctctgactt ctacctcaaa tctaacctat ttcgttcttt ggaggaaaag ggttctttct    183600
     cctttatgat ccctgacctt tcgatattcc cccaaataca cactcattgt gtcagatatt    183660
     ccctcatctg gttttccccc cttcttccag aacctcattc tcaccacact ctggagcaac    183720
     ccggacatgg acactcccac agtggtgagg aagagacaga tggggatggg agttggggtg    183780
     ctggggaagg tccgtctctc cctattcctc acctcccgca cttgaggagg aggagtctgg    183840
     aatgcacatc tcccttaatg tctcaatgcc tccattccca ggccagggcc ccattctgtc    183900
     tgtgggactg tgggttctca gtggaattgt tgcctttctt gtcgtggaga aatttgtgag    183960
     acatgtgaaa ggaggacatg gtcacagtca tggacatgga cacgctcaca gtcatacacg    184020
     tggaagtcat ggacatggaa gacaaggtga gcccaggaac aactttcctg aaagctgact    184080
     tgcctgcctc agaatctcct catcttatgg ccctcaggag ggagaggaca tgttggaaga    184140
     tctgttctcc actctgacca actcttttct tccctcagag cgttctacca aggagaagca    184200
     gagctcagag gaagaagaaa aggaaacaag aggggttcag aagaggcgag gagggagcac    184260
     agtacccaaa gatgggccag tgagacctca gaacgctgaa gaagaaaaaa gaggcttagg    184320
     taagggccag agttggtgat aaatttgggc aagggacatc atcacaaatc acatggaata    184380
     tgtgctgtgg gtaatggcag gtatctgaga aacactaaag gactgggtgt aaagtggtct    184440
     ctgaggggag gtgtgagaat agctgaccaa gactggaaca agtggtgatg gaagcctctg    184500
     atcattttct cttcttgtcc tgtacaagac ctgcgtgtgt cggggtacct gaatctggct    184560
     gctgacttgg cacacaactt cactgatggt ctggccattg gggcttcctt tcgagggggc    184620
     cggggactag ggatcctgac cacaatgact gtcctgctac atgaagtgcc ccacgaggtc    184680
     ggagactttg ccatcttggt ccagtctggc tgcagcaaaa agcaggttgg tgatgtctgc    184740
     caaacacagc tgcctcaaac cctttatctc tcctcactca ccctaaaccc aaacagcctc    184800
     ttattagttc caaacaattc atactgtcat tgacaagtcc tctagaaatg agggggaaga    184860
     agttctggtt actttgtcct ttagctcagt atttcttaaa ctggtctata aaccatctga    184920
     atggtttagt ggagtcttac acacacacgc ctactcaatc agaaagtctg tggaaaggac    184980
     ctctgatctc ttaagatttt tcagaaattg tctattctag actgctccct cttctctttt    185040
     tattttgatg tttagtttcc aaatccatgt cccctatacc tataccccac cagccacttc    185100
     taaaccactg ataatcttta gctattggtg agtgcctttt tctcttttct gcccatcagg    185160
     cgatgcgtct gcaactactg acagcagtag gggcactggc aggcacagcc tgtgcccttc    185220
     tcactgaagg aggagcagtg ggcagtgaaa ttgcaggtgg tgcaggtcct ggctgggtcc    185280
     tgccatttac tgcaggtggc tttatctacg tagcaacagt gtctgtgttg cccgagctgc    185340
     tgagggaggc atcaccattg caatcacttc tggaggtgct ggggctgctg gggggagtta    185400
     tcatgatggt gctgattgcc caccttgagt gaggggtgga taaactaccc ctgccccaaa    185460
     cctctacccc taactccagg tcaggggtgc gtagaggttg ggggccctgg ccagggacat    185520
     ctgccaaagg aaggaactgt agcctgggag aatggttact ttggcattag ggccttcaag    185580
     ggctggcagt cttacagagg ctggagcggt gagaatgaga ggccagaggg accatagtgt    185640
     tgggcactgt ctgaccatgt tgcatttgga aggctaaatg gggccatgaa gaaggctgga    185700
     agggacaggg ggtgatggca gcctacctgg tgtcccctac cccacctgtt ctcggagaac    185760
     caagttgcta cacaggaagt tctccaaggt ccagtttcct ttctcccacc agttggtgga    185820
     ggcttcaggg aagaccagag tcctggacag agagggtaac aggaggagtc ggggataaac    185880
     atcaaacatc aatcgtgtgt cctgatttgg gagtgattgg ggggatgggg tgggagaggg    185940
     ttagttggta ttctcatggc ctgatttttt ttgtttctat tccttttata tcactgtgtt    186000
     tgaatcgagg gggaggggtg gtaaccggaa ataaagacct ccgatcttcc gccccacatg    186060
     cagtctttgt ctttttgggg ggaatggggc cccttgtctt ctccacaccc ggggccccta    186120
     agcagcagtg tcgggccacg ccccctcggt gggaggtcgg cctgcgctgg tggccgcaga    186180
     tggcctaagg ctggcgggcc tttgattggc cccggctttg cccttgccac gcccctctgc    186240
     gctgggattg gcttagtgct gggattccca cccacccaca gcccgccatg gcgtctcagc    186300
     tccagaaccg actccgctcc gcactggcct tggtcacagg ttgagggggt tctttccccg    186360
     ggcggtttgg ggtattggag tgaggtcagg ggcgtgccct tggagtgcgc ggccgctgtg    186420
     acctctggcc ccttacccac attttacttt ctgccctgtg acctctgatc cctgccctct    186480
     cctccccgtg cccggtccgg cgtgttctgt cctacctcag gtgcggggag cggcatcggc    186540
     cgagcggtca gtgtacgcct ggccggagag ggggccaccg tagctgcctg cgacctggac    186600
     cgggcagcgg cacaggagac ggtgcggctg ctgggcgggc cagggagcaa ggaggggccg    186660
     ccccgaggga accatgctgc cttccaggct gacgtgtctg aggccagggc cgccaggtgc    186720
     ctgctggaac aagtgcaggt gaacgccagg ccactttccc cctctaaagc tctaatattg    186780
     cctccactgc cccggctttt tgtggggggt ttttgatgcg taacctcccc ctcccatagg    186840
     cctgcttttc tcgcccacca tctgtcgttg tgtcctgtgc gggcatcacc caggatgagt    186900
     ttctgctgca catgtctgag gatgactggg acaaagtcat agctgtcaac ctcaaggtgg    186960
     cgatctctga acctgcgacg tttggccccc ttagcctggg gagggagttg gaggagggct    187020
     gtcaccccag ctgatctttt ctcccttgtt accctttccc gccagggcac cttcctagtc    187080
     actcaggctg cagcacaagc cctggtgtcc aatggttgtc gtggttccat catcaacatc    187140
     agtagcatcg taggaaaggt caggttgagt tggacgaggt cagccagcca agtggtatag    187200
     agaggagaac ccctccttga gactcctgac tcattccaca tctctgactc acctataggt    187260
     ggggaacgtg gggcagacaa actatgcagc atccaaggct ggagtgattg ggctgaccca    187320
     gaccgcagcc cgggagcttg gacggttggt cagatgcttg agggtgctgg ggagcacctg    187380
     gggggtctga gggaggtacc agcattcagc cctctccaga atcggcagcc actctccttc    187440
     ccacagacat gggatccgct gtaactctgt cctcccaggg ttcattgcaa cacccatgac    187500
     acagaaagtg ccacagaaag tggtggacaa ggtaggaggc tgtgggtgga gggcagaatc    187560
     attcagagac tcaatctctc tgggcttcac agagagagag agagagagag agaatactgg    187620
     gcacagttcc tggcaaacat taaatattca atgaatgtat gagaaatgaa gacaaaaaaa    187680
     ggtcacagac tcagtcttca aaaaaatcca taaaagaagc tttcacccac atgagtattt    187740
     ccttacagat tactgaaatg atcccgatgg gacacttggg ggaccctgag ggtgagcact    187800
     gaatgtagtg gggtccctgg gaagggggcc tgaatgaaga gatccccaaa gtttggggat    187860
     tttctagggg actggtggtt ggtgtctgtg gagaggtttg tggggaggga tgtctttggt    187920
     gggagattat ggctgttttg ggtctatggg agtgagcaga attc                     187964