ID   AL662796; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 130102 BP.
AC   AL662796;
DT   15-DEC-2001 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   24-JAN-2013 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 21)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone CH501-290C9 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-130102
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Almeida-King J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-JAN-2013) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; c6f29ac7598ad38db902f37e92e9d56d.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000052.
DR   ENA-CON; KI270758.
DR   EPD; EP07121; HS_HLA-DRA.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000204287; homo_sapiens.
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DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; P01903; DRA_HUMAN.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   CH501-290C9 is from a CHORI-501 human bac - PGF cell line library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..130102
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-501"
FT                   /clone="CH501-290C9"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 130102 BP; 38738 A; 25300 C; 26794 G; 39270 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaatg aacacataga cttactgatt gtgtgaggat gcgatctgac tgaaaaacaa        60
     gcaaagatac tttttgttac ccctttcttg tttcttttcc tactcatttt tttttctatt       120
     ggtaaattta ctagtgatat acttgcttga acattttttt ttttaatcaa aggcactaga       180
     aatttccaga aaactaatta tcagctggtt gaattctgga taatggaaaa acaaaaggct       240
     gagaaaatag aacttcaagt tccatgttgc aactcaagtt ccaatagaca tcagtggact       300
     ttgataagtg caccacagag aaacaaataa ataactgact aattgcctgt atagatgact       360
     tatctagaaa gcagaaatgg atctatatca tttttctgtc attttttttc cttctgcatg       420
     gaaagttcct aacattcttt agagtcatgt aaaaactttt ttctcaggtc tttatttttt       480
     atgcgagtca gtgaatgttc tagaaactta ttaataattt atttatgcct ttctgcccat       540
     ggatgccatg gaagaagcat cattaaagtc tctcttctcc tggccgtctt atctaagtca       600
     gagtctccta aagagccaga acaactgagg aagctcttca ttggagggtt gagctttgaa       660
     acaactgatg agagcctgag gagccatttt gagcagtgag ggacactccc ggacagtgtg       720
     gtcatgagag atccaaaccc aagcactcca ggggctttgg atttttcaca tatgccactg       780
     tggaggaggt ggatgcagcc gtgaatgcaa ggccacacaa ggtggatgga agagctgtgg       840
     aaccaaagag agctgtctca agagaagatt ctcaaatacc aggtgcccac ttaactgtga       900
     aaaagatata tgctggtggc attaaagaag acactgaaga aatcacctaa gaaattattt       960
     tgagtagtat ggaaaaattg aagtgattga aaacatgact gaccgaggca gttgcaagaa      1020
     aaggggattt gcctttgtaa cctttgatga ccatgactcc gtggataaga ctgtcattca      1080
     gaaataccac agtgtgaatg gccacaactg tgaagttagg aaagtctgtc aaagcaagag      1140
     atggctagtg ctccatccag ccgaagaggt cgaagtggtt ctggaaactt aggtggtggt      1200
     catggaggtg gtttcggtgg gaatgacaac tttgatcatg gaggaaactt cagtggttgt      1260
     ggtggctttg gtggcagctg tggtggtggt ggatatggtg gcagtgagga tggctataat      1320
     ggatttggta atgatgggag caattttgga ggtggtggaa gctacaatga ttttggcaat      1380
     tacaacaatc agtcttcaaa ttttggaccc atgaagggag gaaactttgg aggcagaagc      1440
     tgtggcctct atggtggtgg aggccaatac tttgccaaac catgaaacca aagtggctat      1500
     tgtggttcca gtagcagcag tagctatggc agtggcagaa gattttaatt aggaaacaaa      1560
     gcttagcagg agaggagagc cagagaagtg acagggaagc tacaggttat aacagatttg      1620
     tgaactcagc caagcacagt ggtggcaggg cctagctggt acaaagaaga catgttttag      1680
     acaaatactc atgtgtatgg gcaaaaaact cgaggactgt atttgtgact aattgtataa      1740
     caggttattt tagtttctgt tctgtggaaa gtgtaaagca ttccgacaaa gggttttaat      1800
     gtagattttt ttttgcaccc atgctgttta ttgctaaatg taatagtctg atcgtgacac      1860
     tgaaaaaaat atatatttgt gttctgagta atggaaaaat aagggaccaa ggaaattgga      1920
     acattatcat atcacaatgt ggatgcatac attttggctt aagatatgtt agacactgct      1980
     ggagataatt gagtttcact catgaaggga aatggtcaaa cttacaagag gatcctgtag      2040
     ctgaaaaaca aagataaatc aacgtgtaca gcctgctgaa agaggagcta gttttcgtac      2100
     tactttcctg aaaggaaata tcagaaatgg caatggaaga aacatccttc ttaggtcagg      2160
     ggcatagagc gctgtgctgg ggaatatacc tgccatcatg ccttgtgggg attctgcctt      2220
     ctgcttagta taggaggctg caggaaaggg agatgattga tctcttccct ttttgcagtg      2280
     agtggttact gctggaaatc ctgcagggga ttggtaattt ctttaaactg tgctgccttt      2340
     acctttcttc tccctatttc tgccatcctg tgaaagcttt catttattca tacaaatatc      2400
     cttcccttcc cttgttgaca agtcactata aactttgggt agtttccgaa ctttatctct      2460
     ctattttggg tttggtattc tcctttattc attccttata ggagtggagc agcagctaaa      2520
     tagaggaata agcaaaagaa atgaagaaat gtgagtttct acacacacaa gacagaaatg      2580
     agcagagagg aaaagtatgc caggccctat aggaagccaa aggcagctat catacaatag      2640
     acatggaact taaccagtca tttctgaagt ttcatctggt ggtaaaaaac ggaaggaaca      2700
     caaaatggag aaatcaacat gtgtagaacc aagtgaattc agttctccct tgataggctt      2760
     aaagagggta actgcagaga ggatatgggg ggccctaaaa tctgacagct cagtgcatgt      2820
     ccggccttac gtgccttact ttgtgctttg tagcctcaga cctgtttctg ctggtctgag      2880
     gcaggagatt ggctataaag tggtaaagtg aggctttgtt cttccttctc atttcattta      2940
     gggacagtag atgcttgaaa cacttctaga ggttcataat gtcttaaact tatatgtact      3000
     tttgtcagtc taattttctt tttctttttt tttttctttt tgagacagag tcttgctctg      3060
     ttgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcatgacc tcagctcact gcaacctctg cctcccaggt      3120
     tcaagcgatt acaggtacct gccacgaagt ctggctcatt tttgtaggtt tttttttttg      3180
     agacggagtc ttgctctgtc acccaggctg gagtgcggtg gcgtgatctc ggcttactgc      3240
     aagctctggc tcctgggttc atgccattct cctgcctcag cctcccaagt acctggaact      3300
     acaggcaccc gccaccatgc ccgacttatt attatttttt tttttttgta tttttagtag      3360
     agacagggtt tcactgtgtt agccaggatg gtctccatct cctgacttcg tgatctgccc      3420
     accttggcct cccaaagtgc tggattacag gcgtgagcca ccagtgcgcc gggcctaatt      3480
     tttgtatttt taatagaggc gcggtttcat catgttggcc aggctggtct tgaactactg      3540
     accttaagtg atctggctca cggggcctcc cagagtgctg ggattatagg cgtgagccac      3600
     tgcgcccggc ctcatttttt tttgtgtgtg tttttgagac agagtctcgc tctgtcgccc      3660
     aggctgaagg gcagtgacac gatctcggct cactgcaacc tccacctcct gggttcaagc      3720
     gattctcctg cctctgcctc ctgagtagct gagattacag gcgtgcacca ccacgcccag      3780
     ctaacttttg tatttttttt ttttagacag agtctcactc tgtcacccag gctggagtgc      3840
     agtggtgaga tctcggctca ctgcaatctc cacctcccaa gttcaagtga ttctcctgcc      3900
     tcagcctccc aagtagctgg gactacaggc atgcgctacc atgcctggcc aattttttgt      3960
     atttttagta gagacgaagt ttcaccatgt tggccaggct ggtcttgaac ttctgacctc      4020
     aagtgatcca cccaccttgg cctcccaaag tgctaggatt acaggcatga gccaccttgc      4080
     ctggccaaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cggggtttca ccatgtttgt caggctggtc      4140
     tcgaactgct gacctcgtga tccacctgcc tcgggctccc aaagtgctga gattacaggc      4200
     atgagccacc atgcctggcc ctggcctcat tttctttagt cactcttgtt cactaacctt      4260
     ttaattaatt aattatattt aagaggtaca agtacagatt tcttatgtca tatatggcat      4320
     agtggtgaag tctgggcttt tagtgtaccc attacccaaa tagtgaatat tccacccaat      4380
     aatttttatt gacttgaaaa gctttcttcc tactcttctt tactagggct gttgcgagcc      4440
     actaattttt gttaaagtca tttaaatttt aatcagttca ttttgcactt tctccaaatc      4500
     gcttataact taggggaaag ctagaaagga ataaaatagc aatatatttt tcatttatac      4560
     actatcatat ttttaaattg tttacacata agggagaggg agtcaagcag gggagaaaag      4620
     ggaaagggaa ttcatgtatc catgtagatt ctctggcaca tggtggctat tagggaactg      4680
     tggaccagat gtgacccttc ctttagcccc agtgagatcc tctgaggtga gctggcttat      4740
     gtttatcctc cctgtaataa ttatgagaac ttccaaggct ataagtcttg gcaatctgtg      4800
     agtactgaga aaagcagtct tgattcaggg gaatagtcaa taacaaatgg ctcttattca      4860
     ttcacaaaaa ggatagttag aaccagaatt cagggcagta aatatccagt tttaatggtc      4920
     gtagtgtggt tgtgtgggat gctgcctgcc ctctacacat tttgggtttg ttttcccaag      4980
     ttatcttata ggactgtaaa ctccatggcg tcagtgacca accatatctt tctctccctt      5040
     attcatgact ttatcctcag tgctcagctt agtatcagat acatggtagg agctcagcta      5100
     gatgaaggaa tgtttgtttg aatatatgtg acttgccctc tgataattct tcctgcttga      5160
     cttaaacttt ctaatgctat cccttaattt ctagattcag aatttcccgt gtcctggggt      5220
     tggttcgatg ccctagattt taacaccagt ttctccctag ctcgtcacaa tatgaacttt      5280
     cactttattc tcttccatat gtgatgcttc tgccagttcc tgtaaattac agcccaatta      5340
     ctgttatatc ctgttccatg aggtgctctg tcctatcttt cttttcctct ctctttgtcg      5400
     tgcgtgtgtg tgcgcgcgcg cacgtgtgtt ggggatgttt ggagatagtg agccggatag      5460
     gacatgagga aagagaaagg cctttggaga gaaaactgta gaactcaggt tagactagac      5520
     cctgcatagt atttcctgtt aaattttgtt gtcttttctc ccttttgtat ttattcttaa      5580
     aatttgattt tcttttctca tttcctcctc attgtctcct ccattatctt tgagtaggcc      5640
     ctttagaaac tacaaagcac ttcagaactg gaaagctgcc cttattattc tctctctgct      5700
     actttagaaa attcttgtat attgttatag aagacattat gactatttct ggggacattt      5760
     tcttactctt tttcttttaa aaaaaatagc cctggagaat tctcagtagg ttgaaatcag      5820
     gaagcataaa aacatgtgta aaataactgc tcttatggca gtgagacaca tctagggcat      5880
     ttgagacagg gaacaggccc tctagacact gtagaagatc aaggaacctg gagggagaag      5940
     gatagataag gtacttacca ttggatccag gatattgtac taaaaaatag aaacaaacaa      6000
     attaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacttcta ttttttgaga      6060
     cagagtctct cactctgtcg cccaggctgg agtgtggtag ggtgatcttg gctcactgca      6120
     acctccacct tctgggttca agggattctc gtgcctcagc ctcctgagta gcagggatta      6180
     caggtgcccg ccaccatgcc tggctatttt ttgtattttt agtagagatg gggtttcacc      6240
     atgttggcca ggctggtctc gaactcctga cctcaggtga tccttggcct cccaaagtgc      6300
     tgggattaca ggtgtgaacc actgcgcctg gccccaaaac acctctatta gtgatatttt      6360
     ccaaaggcaa gcagtgaaaa tgattttctc aggaattact aaatctcagt attcaggatt      6420
     aaatattttt cactgcactg ctgctgtact ctagcctctc cataagaacc agatcttctt      6480
     ttaggagatt attaaccctg ttttagcata accacttcat tcttgctttt cattgtaggt      6540
     gttggagatg agatccttaa ttgtattcct ttccatattc ccccagtgtt tttcctcaga      6600
     tcactctgtt tcactctcag ctatctttat gttcttgttc atttcttata ttcttttcca      6660
     gattcgatta cacctttgcc ttaggaagtt attctaatga ttactgacaa gccactataa      6720
     tcattattag aacaatgcct atctattatg aattttaagg taatggaatt tccattttct      6780
     aaaatataat tggttgccca gagagatggt tagtgttaat ccaaactgca ccattttgta      6840
     agcctccagc aatttgaaga ccttggtaaa agtgaaacat tccacggggg ttcgggctgt      6900
     gagaaacatt ctgcctaacc acctgaacac aaggtggaca aagggccaac taaagaaaca      6960
     tccctgtcat attcagctgg gagaaagtgc aaggaacact acattctgca ggaacaaggg      7020
     ccagaacccc ctcatcatgg gaacatctta tcaatatcct gccggccagc aagccatact      7080
     acccagaccc ctcccgccta tacctataag tacccccagc ctgtaagcag cagtgggcac      7140
     tggcattagg ctggttcccc acttctgtag gtcttatgct ggacgtaaag cctacatttg      7200
     ctgtacagcc gccactctct ctgtgtcttt tctttaaccc tcgccttccc tccaaaacct      7260
     aacagttacg atatggggaa atgaaagtct aagaaatatg attttcagct tctttaaccc      7320
     agatacttaa acagttggag ccagtctcct tcagacatag taagaagcca gtagagataa      7380
     gttgatatat acaggcagct taccaatagg tcctggagtt tgcactaaaa agaaattcaa      7440
     attggcatat tagtacagtt atttggagag tgtatttttc actaatttta tcctagaagt      7500
     gaggctttga gaggtagagc aggggagagg aagtgatatc agttatgaga tcattaggga      7560
     gacttaatcc aactatatta actatagaaa aaaggaaaaa ggatatttag catttactgc      7620
     aatatttcag cccaaggtga aggtttttat aggatccttg ccaacctaag ggatactagg      7680
     gaaaggcaaa actttgttat taggtattaa cattactgat ggtagggaaa ggtgaaacac      7740
     ttcctgtcag taagagtaga agatatttct ttctcaaggg actgttcttt cactaaaatc      7800
     tttatttctg atcaactaat atgttccaga ggtagacatt agaataggag gtaagaatct      7860
     agtttcttct tctcacagct tccagcttat tggagagtga tagagcagtg actgctgctt      7920
     tgattagctt tagagtctgt gagcaaagag tcaacaaaac cttctgtttt tttttgtttt      7980
     gttttgtttt gttttttgag ataaggtctc actctgtcac ccaggctgga atgcagtggt      8040
     gcaatcctag ctcactacag tctcgacctc ctgggctcaa gtgatcctcc cacctcagcc      8100
     tcttgagtag ctaggactac agctgcatgc cactattcct ggctaattaa aaaaattttt      8160
     gtagagatgg ggtcttgctc tgttgttgct caggctgatc ttgaactcct ggtctcaagt      8220
     gatcctcctg ccttagcctc ccaaagtgca gaaattacag gtgtgagccc atgcctggcc      8280
     aaaaccttca gtttttaatg agaatttggc cttcagttga ttttctagct ctgatcgcct      8340
     ggtgacctga taaatatcga aagcctgtta tgtttttttt gttgttgttt tttttttaga      8400
     cagagtctta ctctgtcgcc caggctggaa tgcagtggca tgatctcggc tcactgcaac      8460
     ctctgcctcc tgggttcaag cgattctcct gccttagcct cctgagtagc tgggactgca      8520
     ggcgcacgac accacaccca gctaattttt gtattttttt aagtagagat ggggtttcac      8580
     catattggcc aggctggtct caaacttctg accttgtgat cccctggtct tagcctccca      8640
     aagtgctggg attactgcac ccagccgaaa gcctgttatg ttatttagca acactgctta      8700
     cataagaatg atccttgatg ttagactgca tctgaactgg gagaattgta aatatgtatt      8760
     aagaagccat aactttgggc ttccctgagt gtagtgaccc atgtatttgg tcatattcct      8820
     tacgggatcc ctgcaggtaa tgtgtatggg gttcttatag gagattttag ttcctggtgg      8880
     atctgtgggg tttctaagct aggtcagctc ccaactcaac tgacagaagg ccaaacagaa      8940
     taggtcctag gtggctatgt ggacacctgc atagatcatg gcgagtacta ctcccacagc      9000
     agagggatag ctgttaatgc ccttgctggc aaactgtgct tcctccctta ggtcctactg      9060
     agtagactgt tcccagatga gagctatggt aatcttctaa gtctgcgtgg ttagttgaat      9120
     ctaaaaagac catatcttca cccagtgggc attgcagtta ataatccttc acttcagtgt      9180
     cactcagaat gagaaatatc cacattttga tcaataatcc tcgaactttt aactctgaat      9240
     tttttttttc ctgtgtaaaa cacctggaag atggctttcc agatctggat acccttggct      9300
     atgagcagta aaccagttac acatttagat attatgctaa cttaatagtt gctttgcctg      9360
     tatctacaaa tatgtatctt tgattctgaa gtagaagtct tatgatacct gccctcttga      9420
     cataagttac taaatccttg gataggtgat cacttcaaaa ttttgtttct tcagtttttc      9480
     tatattttct tccttccttt ccggtttcaa tttgtgactt tttgtacctt tatttttatt      9540
     ctctttctca acatactcat ttcccttctt tattctctta tgtgccaatt cacttactct      9600
     ttctgcttcc aattttcttc ctacttttgt tctttttaaa ttttctccta tttatctctc      9660
     tctaaactgc atcttcattc tgtatctgtt attatttgtg ttactcattc tctcactttt      9720
     tctcctctag gcctttacta ccctttaatc tcaatattag aacttcattt tattcattgt      9780
     taataacctg ttataacacc caaaaatgat agtggaaaga atgaagagtt agtaaaactt      9840
     cagtcttaat tttattaact aacccatcct cttatttttt tgagaaatga ctcctgaccc      9900
     tcagtttcct catctctaaa tatggggata ataactgcct tactcattgc catttgaatg      9960
     ttgtttagat gcaacaaagt aatgtacgcg agggttaaaa aaacagtagt aagacattat     10020
     agggatcact caaagaatgt gactaggttg ctaaaagttg ctgaaaatag agcctaactc     10080
     ttctggagag aacttttcag ggcaattaga aaggaaagga aggccaggcg cagtggctca     10140
     cgcctgtaat cccaacactt tgggaggctg aggcgggcgg atcacgaggt caggagatcg     10200
     agaccattct ggctaacaga gtgaaacccc atctctacta aaaatacaaa aaaattagcc     10260
     gggcgtggtg gtgggtgcct gtagtcccag ctactcggta ggctaagaca ggagaacggc     10320
     ttgaacccac gaggtggagc ttgcagtgag tggagatcat gccactgcac tccagcccgg     10380
     atgacagagc gagactccat ctcaaaaaaa ataaagaaag gaaacttaaa atttgcatta     10440
     ttttacaaag tgaagataat ctaataatgg aaaaattatt tgcatggaaa gcacagcagg     10500
     aagtttaggt gctgggttct aagtctttat taagtattgg ctctacagag ctagattata     10560
     tgctgaagtg gaaacagctt aggaccatct ctagcaggat atttttcact ttgcatttca     10620
     gcttcatagt taatatattt ttattgcaga acctggatga gtccaatctg gagtactggg     10680
     tgagattatg aggtggcaga aggacttgat ccttgagtcc ttgggcatga ataattgaaa     10740
     taaaaataga ttgatgttct aagtaaagta ctaaaaggca ttataattga gaatcagatg     10800
     acttaccaat ggttttttga gagagctcta aaaaaaaaag agaaaagaaa tcagtagcta     10860
     tatatatatt ttatatatac tttttattta tatactttaa tttgtatact ttccctagta     10920
     ggaatctgca tcactattgt caagttcagc tgcagttgag tagtagaaat ggtgactttc     10980
     ttgctatggc aaactagtac atataagggc ctcctcatct aaaaatccct tgtgtgatgc     11040
     tgagaagcca ttggaaatct gcaagggttc attctccact ttgtagtttg tttttattgg     11100
     tgaggtgtac attcacacag ctaatcatga cttactgaaa tgctaggttg aagaaaaata     11160
     agggttgaag aaaatgtgaa ctccaaaccc ttgaaatccc aacatggaaa ccaggtagcg     11220
     atccctaaga tactgcagga aagtaaaatg ctcactgtgg agaatcagag agcaaactta     11280
     ctgataggtc ctgtagctcc ggctgtgaga gagaaagagg gagaaagaaa aagatatcag     11340
     tatgcttcac cactgtgaag gaaatttcca tttcccaaca ctcgctctag ggagtatcat     11400
     aaatagaaac aacgggaaga tcaagagttg cttgtatggc gagcctcagg caggctccct     11460
     gcacaatata agggacctac aggaatggag gcctcctcct gctttcagtg atggttgaaa     11520
     atcttcagag ggttgggaaa gactcactcc atattaatct gttatgcctc tatttttctt     11580
     cttacatttt cttgcccctt gcccctagtt tccttagaga catggtttat ttgaaaggtg     11640
     taccttccct tgctgatgga tcattatgac tatttctaag agggctgttt tggtttatat     11700
     ttttaaatgt tagcctgtga gatttcttaa cacttcgtgc atggcctctt tggaaactat     11760
     gtaataggaa tgccagggga gttgagaaag acagtgttaa aaaagcaagt cacccctaaa     11820
     cctcagcatc acacaatata cccattagca aacctgcata tgcaccaccg gaatctaaaa     11880
     taaaagttga aattattttt aaaaatgcag ggcagatcag gccccaagac cttgtaggtc     11940
     agatatcaaa gggaccagag tggaaaaaca aacttgatac ttacgaatag gggctgtgaa     12000
     ttgcactgaa atacaaaaag gaggaaagtg tggtttgaca ttaatagaat tttcatttta     12060
     ccagtattgt ttctaaagaa actatgaagc aattcaacca gaggagaaca actactgtgg     12120
     gactgcagat gatcttagcc tggaagctgc ataaccctcc taccagatca aatcattcag     12180
     catccatctt aaatgagaaa tttaagtaac taaaaataat aaatataaat aattaaaata     12240
     aactacagtt ttaaacatga attatttggc tttcccttgt cctaaactca gtagcaattc     12300
     aggatattgt gtctgattgc ttgggcatca gaaggtgtca gaagatttga atacaattaa     12360
     gaagtatgag tgagaaatcc tgcaggggta gaaatggtaa cagttaggat gtggagagga     12420
     ccctatatcc tacagaaggc caaagaacat tagaggaaac agaaaaggaa ctcacttata     12480
     ggtctaatag ttccagttaa aatatggaaa aaacaaaata gaactaatga gaaaatactg     12540
     tttgcattta aattcttcct gggaaaacat cacaaatgta gacaccagga gcaaaatttc     12600
     cacttcagtg gaggaacaaa ttaagtttat aaatgcttct ttcttcatct tggaggatcc     12660
     cggttactgg tggaatctgc cagctggaac tgtggagacg cacatttggt caggcagcgt     12720
     tccttcccct ttccccacgg gtgtcctgct tgtatctcag gagattacac aggccattgc     12780
     ctgtcttcca gctggctaat ttgaacttgc ttagctagaa tctatagcct catctgaagg     12840
     agacagtggg aattgctgtc tctgtagtga ttttggccct tattcaacag agtaacttgg     12900
     cctgccatgt aaaagggaat agaaactgct aggttgactt aagacattta taggtatgag     12960
     tgttgggcaa aggaattgag acactagacc cacatacttg ttaataatgc agtaacagtc     13020
     ttcttcttta tgaccacaca cacacataca catacacaca cacacacccc accacacctc     13080
     tctacacctc ataggctata agtgattctc tcaccttggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta     13140
     catgtatgag ccactgtgct tggcctaata tgtgctttta tgatacctac ccagtatttg     13200
     ctctcaaagt ttgacttgat tattttaata atgttccatt tgtgtaaata ctccaagagg     13260
     agtagacaca ggatgtgata taccatgagc tttaattatc aaatcacttt ttttctcctt     13320
     ccttcagagt tagtcctgtc tcaggggctc aagctctgaa catcctcaaa aatgaaggat     13380
     agaaatgtgt taagaagtga atgaaaccct gatgagtttc atctttcttg tctttggctt     13440
     taaggtcact cttggtgtgg ggaatctgca gggctggaaa agctggttaa atttggacca     13500
     agtgcattca tctttttatt tcctctctca gggcagagaa ttaaaatcct gtagagcaat     13560
     ggttcttaaa cgttggtatg cacgcaaatc acctgggaat cttattaaaa tgcagagtct     13620
     gatttagtag gtcggggtgg gcaataggct gagactctgc atatctaaaa ctccagggtg     13680
     acgttgatgc aggcccttgg acccacttta agcatcaagg ccataaaggg ctggcaaaat     13740
     ctcagatcat ataaaagtca ttgtttccat ttaccatttt ttttcctttt taaatcaact     13800
     tcctctcact tattccttat tctctattcc caaccagtgc ttcttccaga gatatatgct     13860
     acagtttcat ttaaaattct atctggatac ttatttcaga tttattcttt gttcataaca     13920
     ggggatatac atcccacaca aacatcagtg acagtctggg atcctcggtc agtgagctgg     13980
     gactcactgc atgtcactga aattttcttg gcgggtctta agtagaatgg ccaccatcaa     14040
     gcctctttct ttgagtgtta ctgggttttc tcacagggga atctttcttc ctttcacttg     14100
     accatttttt gttcttcact cttttccctt tgctgttgaa tctcaagatt tcggaaaagt     14160
     taaaggcaat agtactttct tacagaggca ccccagttta ttaagataag aatagggaat     14220
     aaacaagggg aaaggaatgg acaatttgtg aaagaaataa aaaaatctag gaatatgagt     14280
     gtcttacata ttctaacagt ttagtaaagc aaagcacatg agaattaaag ggcagaaaaa     14340
     gaacttactc atggctcctg cagttctggc taaaatacaa acaaaaaagg tgagtttgaa     14400
     gagagcatga ctcaagggtg tttatctcag ggagtttcag atcaagcatt tactacatat     14460
     ttgatttaca tggaaaggca gcaagaaggt aagtaggcat tttccttttt tccttaggag     14520
     actgttaaaa tcatactccc tgcagttatt tttcttattc ttcattttca ttatcttcct     14580
     gctgtcaaat ccttctaaag ttatagataa ttttccctgg ccccagaatc tttttcacaa     14640
     tttcattaat taatctagtt tttattataa gaatttccac tttgttaaat gaaaaaatta     14700
     atcagtcact tagaggatct tgaaatcagt ctcaaattcc tcacactggt aaaagagaga     14760
     acagtaaaat tgcaagtttt tctcctttcc tccatcttta tgtgctttct caccaccttc     14820
     cccattcctc tggtagcagg cacattatag aatatcaaaa tcattacaca tggtatgcat     14880
     gtatcaaaat atcacatgta tcccataaat ttgtacaatt attaggtgtc agtaaaaaaa     14940
     ggactgagtt gtatatatgg gaaacttaca aggaggttct tcagttgttt gtaaacattt     15000
     tatactacct ataataaaaa ttgaaaagtg taacattatt tagatttaga ctttcagaag     15060
     gcatggagat agacaatccc attccctcct ccccctcctc aggtgtggta caaacagtct     15120
     tgaggttaaa gagctgagtc cgacttttgc tattctctag ctctgtgatt ttgggcaagt     15180
     cactaaatgt tttgaacatt aatttcctca tctctaaaac agaagttgtg tcctctgtct     15240
     tacctatatt gtgaagttgc agtgaaaaat caggagtaat aacagaaggg aaagatgaaa     15300
     agttgtatta gaaatgttat ggaaagaaat attcagtaac tataaatgaa tgaaacactt     15360
     cggcaaagta gtaagctact ttatatttta cttttttctg ctttaatttt tcctcttatt     15420
     tctgactgtc ctttggaaag ttctgagtcc tgacagcaga gtattataat gtgcacttaa     15480
     ttctgttttt atttttgatt tattaatttc tgttatttta atctttaaaa caaccctatc     15540
     ttcttgtgta ccttagtacc ttaattatgt cattttaatc tctgttgctt ctgtcttgag     15600
     aaataaccaa tcatatttta agatgttgaa aattttgcaa ttttttttct taaaataatt     15660
     gaataatttg tttccttctt tgtgtataat tatttttcgc ttatttgtta ctttgctgtt     15720
     ttggggaggg aaatagtagc tttccccaga aatgacagga tctaccctca gcatttggga     15780
     agagatgtct gtttttctat gtggtatttt aggccgtcaa tcactgaact gtcagtttct     15840
     tgagaaggtg aagccactcc taccaccaaa taaagataat tttaaaagga cagttttcat     15900
     atacttaatt ttttaagatt taagatatta acctatgtta ggagtgacaa gtatacttga     15960
     gttatgcata tttaattttg atcaattatt aatgactatc tggagatgac aagaatttta     16020
     ggatacatgt gagctgagca ggaaagagaa tcatgataaa ttactgattt ctgccacagg     16080
     caaaggcatg agcagaaatg taacacaggt catatatatt ccattcctga cctaaagtaa     16140
     tatggaataa tgaggagaaa ggaatttttc tttctttttt tttttgagac aatctctctc     16200
     tgtcacccag actggagtgc agtggcacag tctcggctca ctgcaacctt cacctcctgg     16260
     gttgaagtca ttcttgtgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gattacaggc atgtgccacc     16320
     acgcccagct aatttttgta tttttagtag agatggggtt tcgccatgtt ggccaggctg     16380
     gtctcaaact cctggccttg agtgatcccc tcacctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta     16440
     caggtgtgag cctccatact gggccaagaa aggaaattct tgaactgagt attttgtggc     16500
     gtttcccagc tgaagacaaa taagcagggc agtggaaggt atttacttgt tgccttacag     16560
     agtaaagaag aagataaaaa aaacttacga tgtacatatc ctgccaaaat actgaatatt     16620
     gtgtgttttg gattaaggac attgtctctg tggatattct tcctaatggg agcatcagag     16680
     ttagttcttt tagagagtac cacattttcc ataccagaca gaattcctga ttatctctgt     16740
     ggggatcgat cacaaactca gttgcattaa ggggcccagc aggtctcatg attgtgaatc     16800
     tgctagttat aagggataga gatggtgaaa agtccatgcc ctacccagag gcattcaaat     16860
     tcaaaattta aagtaatacc atcctgacca aacaaaacac atctataggt ggcaccgggc     16920
     tagtggtggc taatttggga gctctgtttt cagatgagaa gagatttaag tgagcaccat     16980
     ctatacttca acaacagtgc actttgaaat cagtatcata tggttgtggc ctgagttggg     17040
     atagggcaag tgaatccctt ccttttcgtt actttaagga taggtattgg ttggatcaca     17100
     tttaattaaa acctgtgagt aataaacttg ttcagattgt gaagcatctg gaagttttga     17160
     taccttttag aaaaaataat gaaatatgat atatttaatt ccatctttga acaagaaaca     17220
     actttgctag taggaaatgt gaccctaata tgcaaccaca aatgtaatag tcagtatgaa     17280
     aacttttgta ggaaaagcac atagatcaga aaaaaaaccc tgtccagtca ggattatctg     17340
     ttttggattt tttgccgatt tcctcacttc cctcctcctc attcctgtca cagtcttccc     17400
     ttcatttaga aaatgtgttc tttttttttt tttttgacaa tcaattgaaa tcagttccag     17460
     aaggtttatt taaactttac ctctttggtt ttcctccctt ctccattcat tttttccagc     17520
     ttccctcact tctctgttct tttttttttt ttgagatgga gtctcactct gtcacccagg     17580
     ttggatggca gtgttgcgat cctggctcac tgcaacctcc tctcccaggt tcaagcaatt     17640
     ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gtagctggaa ttacaggagc ataccaccac gcccagctaa     17700
     ttttgtattt ttggtagaga cggggtttca gcaggctggt ctcgaactcc tgacctcagg     17760
     tgatccacct gcctcagcct cctaaagtgt catgattacg ggcatgagcc atggtgccca     17820
     gcctcttctc tgttctttta tttgattaat tttcaactgg ttgttgaaat tagttatgta     17880
     acggacttga aattttaatg agagattaaa taacttgcct atgttcaaat aaatagtaag     17940
     tagggagctg ggatacaact ccagttagcc tggctctaga gtctgcatac ttaactgcta     18000
     ggcaatactc ctctgtaaat tgaaaataat taacaagcaa atttatttta aaagtgattt     18060
     tttagtaggt cttattatat tattctcaat tcatggagaa atagtgtata gttcagatac     18120
     gaagtgagca ataacttttt cctaagccta cagtcagagt gtacagcata atttcctccc     18180
     ttgaaggtag gctgtgatta gagagggaca tagtcaaggg aggatctgtt taagatggaa     18240
     gaaaatcaaa cctgttctat accttaagga gaagcagtta aaggaaggaa aatatttaaa     18300
     gatgtagaag agagaagaaa tgacttctga agaaataagg gggtgagagg atgtggtcaa     18360
     aggcaagaat aaaataattt gcttaagcaa ggtgggaggt ctcattgtct tagagagggg     18420
     gaaatgtgag aaaggtgggc atgatccagt taagatggct aatgaaggac aaggtggaga     18480
     attatgagtc ttaagccctt tcaccctgac atagcaggaa acaggaaata gttaagacag     18540
     ggagaagtcc tctgcctagc ataggagccc aacaacacca gagtttgaaa caagaagata     18600
     aacttactca tggatccttg aggtaaagct aaagaacaat aacaattatt caagtcagtc     18660
     taaagtttca ataatccatc aatttcccaa aagtcttccc agaaatagtg tcctccctca     18720
     ggttattaga ctttccattc ccctgtaggt aggctcataa agtggccaca cttgcaagtg     18780
     atcccatgtc ttttccccct tagacactat gcaggagtga aagtttcagg ggaatattca     18840
     gctttactat atttccaata ttctgatttc attcaccacc tttctcctgt cttttccgtt     18900
     tctccctccc tctttctttc atcttttcag tttggagagt cttctttccc taatgtgata     18960
     gcctcaagaa ccaaagaaag gcaatgttac aaaggttcta gttttataag aaaagaaaac     19020
     cgagattgag aaagggaagg gctgtgcctg agtatgcaaa aaattaaagg cagttttagc     19080
     ttccagtttg cttgacttta agttcagcac gttttccttc atattcttta caattttctc     19140
     ttctttctga atattcctta aacatttttt tctttaacgt actgaccatc ttccctctcc     19200
     aacattttgt ttctgttctt tttgttcagc tctaaaatgt ttctcttgta aaataaccta     19260
     aattctaggg caagacttgt agaaggttta atgatattaa ctttgatagt aatttgtaca     19320
     agctaccata gaatgaaccc tcactatatt cagtggagaa agtctgggca ttagtcttat     19380
     ttgtcttaca ttgactgtta aatgactatg caaagtttga taattctcac catcttttgg     19440
     aactgcattt atttaattta atttatttat ttattttatt ttattattat tgtactttaa     19500
     gttttagggt acatgtgcac aatgtgcagg ttagttacat atgtatacat gtgccatgct     19560
     ggtgtgctgc atccattaac tcgtcattta gcattaggta tatttcctaa tgctatccct     19620
     cccccctccc cccacccccc accctccacc ccacaacagt cgatcaatga caggatttaa     19680
     taatttttct tctgctcaac ttttatgatt caatgaggct aaattcacaa actaaagccc     19740
     tgtgttcttg ggccttttag ccttagggta agttttggta ggagaagcaa aaaggctgac     19800
     tttctagaaa tagggcctgc ctagaaagag gtaaataagg aggacaaggt ccctagacaa     19860
     acaagcgttt atggtactga aacaaccaag aacttgctca attcccttgt aaattgtgct     19920
     agatacccac atctctaagt gcacgccaat tgcttaaaag catcagcgtt aatccccctt     19980
     tgaaaagaag atcagaaaaa aaatccctca cactaccctc accagggagc atcaaatcct     20040
     ctatgccagc tgtagtgtga ttttttcatg gattgtttag gcatcttata ttttggtggt     20100
     gtggccgagg cccagaatga catgtaggac tgatgatgag cagagaaggt gattcccttt     20160
     tccttttctt ctcagccttt gtaaagactg aaactgttaa ggaaacttgg aagaccttag     20220
     gttttttttt tggggctggg gtggggggga cagggtttca ctctgttgcc caggttgaag     20280
     ttcagtggtt gcatagctca ctataacctc tcactactgg gctcaagtga tcctcccaac     20340
     tcagcctccc atgtagctag gactacaggc atgccaccat gccctactaa ttcttttaat     20400
     tgttctgtag agacagagcc tcactatgtt gtccaggctg gtcttgagtt cctggcctcc     20460
     aggatcctcc tacttcggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggtgtaagc caccatgctt     20520
     ggcccttagt cttttttttt ttttttcttt ttcctctact tgcttttagg aggtggagga     20580
     ccttagtctt gattaaactt tccttagttt ccctatgtgc tcccttctta ttatctgttt     20640
     gctctcattt ctctttccta aattgagaaa tagaaaataa actgaaatat ggttcctgga     20700
     attggcactg aggaataata ataaaaatcc acatcagtct gagttaattg gtttataaag     20760
     tatataattc tcaccgaaat cattttagaa aggggaccct tgattaggtc tcattaagta     20820
     caatgggcca tcaactacta gaatgcttgg gtttgaattc tggttcctct acttactagc     20880
     tgtgttactc tgcctgtttt tttttttatg cctaagttta ttcattttaa aaataggatt     20940
     tataatatct actttctagg attattatga agaaaaaatg tttaggacag agcctggagc     21000
     ataatgctca acacatatta ttatatcatc atttcagatt gcagtcctta tctgtttata     21060
     catgtatggg taatggacca tagtctcctc tatcttgggc actacgctag ttcaagattt     21120
     tcaaggaaat aataggatca agtcctttga ggtcctggtt tgagaggccc tttctcgagt     21180
     tatcacagtc cagtgaattg cctatgagaa ttatctctca agagggcctc atccattctg     21240
     taggagcaca cgtcatcttg agcttcaggg atgaatagct tcctgtggcc ctatgcatct     21300
     ttcagctaaa tactctacat aactaattac tcatcatcct ttgagattaa tcccaaaatg     21360
     tgtcatatcc tcattttttt tttttttttt tttttgagac ggagtctcgc tctgtcgccc     21420
     aggccggact gcggactgca gtggcgcaat ctcggctcac tgcaagctcc gcttcccggg     21480
     ttcacgccat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg agtagctggg actacaggtg cccgccacag     21540
     cgctcggcta atttttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt ttcaccttgt tagccaggat     21600
     ggtctcgatc tcctgacctc atgatccacc cgcctcggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac     21660
     aggcgtgagc caccgcgccc ggccgtcata tcctcattta atttactcac catccaaaga     21720
     caattcctca tcttaaggat gcttattatc ataatgcttt ttataattcc taatcggacg     21780
     ttccttccac ctctccttac tccctaaaac acaccatgct gtctgaaatt catatcagca     21840
     aattttcctg tatctttaac ttctccaaac gttttcttca ccgtcttgct ttaatattcc     21900
     tgtcttttaa aatactgtat ctcaagcctg ggtgcggtgt ctcatgcctg taaccccagc     21960
     aatttgggaa gccggggagg gcaaatcact tgaggccagg agttcaagac cagcctgggc     22020
     aagatggcaa aaccctgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggtat tgtggtgcac     22080
     gcctgtaatc ccagctgctt gggtggctga ggcacaagaa tcgcttgaac ccgggaggtg     22140
     gagttgcagc gagccgaggt tgcaccctgc actccagcct gggtaacgga gtgagattct     22200
     atctcaattt tttaaaaaaa tactgtatct cagatgttgc tcaaagcata caaaattgca     22260
     gttagatggg aggaatactt tcaggagatc tattgtataa catggtgatc gtagttaata     22320
     atgtgttata tttgacattt gctaagagag tagattttaa gtgttcttac cacaaaaagt     22380
     atgtgaggaa atggatatgt taacagcttg atttagtcat tctacaatgt atacatatat     22440
     caacacatta tgttgtatac cataaatata tacaattttg tcaattaaaa attataacat     22500
     ttttaaaaaa ccatgtctct tacagccctc ttagattttt tttttttttt tgagacaggg     22560
     tctcactctg tcacccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgtaatc acaattcact gtagccttga     22620
     cctcttgggc tcaagtgatc ctcccacctc agccttccaa gtagctggga ccacaggtgc     22680
     acaccaccat gccagctaat tttttattca ttgtagagac agggtctcac tctgttgttg     22740
     aggctgtgat gtctggtttt ttgtatgttt gttttagaaa aaatccatac ccatatacat     22800
     gcctgaatgt aggtaaatgt catttttgct ccccattgct gtttccgaac agtcttctcc     22860
     agtagaaact cctgttgtct ttgaagcaca tatgagactt tactctgtac ctctctcctt     22920
     cttgccatca taaataaata tgatggtcat tctctcccat ttcattctct accagaagcc     22980
     agggttgcct ttttaaagca taaatgtggc tttatccctt ccctgatgaa aacaatggct     23040
     tattgtggtg ctcagaattg ttctccatat tttattctaa aagacttttt gtaatctgga     23100
     ctctccctac ctttcaaact cctccacgat ctttcacaac tggccttcct gcaatctctc     23160
     atacatgcta ctcttcttcc cctctcagga acttggtgtt ctttctgcct gagatactct     23220
     tccctaagat cctcctgtgg ctgccagctt ttcgccattc agagtcagtt cagatatctc     23280
     ctcagggaaa tttcttctaa tctcctagct aaaggccctt acttcttggt cttgctctat     23340
     catattatct taatttgttt tctccgtaga atttactatg atagtctagt aatcatagta     23400
     ggaattatct agaaagggaa atcattgtat ttgtttgctt atgtgtttat tttctgtctt     23460
     acctcactag aatctatgct gtctgtgaaa tacttatgtt gtcttaggta tagcagctgc     23520
     agtgctctaa atgatttccc ctttggaggg tttttatggc aagcctgcct cacatgggtc     23580
     ctctgcagat tttgctgaag aaactgaata tttgagttta ttgtttagca tgtttcaact     23640
     cccaaatatt ttaccctttc cataagttag atgcaaacaa agtaaaacta gataaaacat     23700
     gttttaatta taaaagtaat aaaatattga gcttgatagc tttctaaggg cacctgttca     23760
     cagttgtata tacaacaaaa cagccttatt catgggataa ggttatggca cagtattgga     23820
     ttagcacact aagtctgata ttttatatta atttacattt taagattttc aaattacatt     23880
     ttaaaaattg aagtaatata tttttaacat atgcatgatt ttctaaattc cttggaacaa     23940
     acattttatt tccaaagaat actttggatt ggaagagtaa acacatttaa tgatgtcctg     24000
     ggggtagttg gacaacctca ggacttggag tccaaaggcc agtgtttaga acctcagttt     24060
     tactcttttg ctagctatat gccttgggtc aagttaaata atatctttaa atttcatttt     24120
     ttcctcatgt gtaatatctg taaatagtca agaaagatga cttgctttaa ttacaaacct     24180
     ctccttgtcc cctactccca ttccctgatc tcttcacaag cctctctctt cttccctcct     24240
     attcctaagt taatgaattt attactgttt tgctgaaact atgattgcca gctaaaacca     24300
     ttttaatcct ctctttattc tttaatcggt ggacttctca ttcttcgaag ttctcattaa     24360
     ttttagacaa aatgctcaat gatggggaag gaaaaggagg tgagggacaa aatctcagca     24420
     gggttaggga atgttcctta gttctgtgac acactaaaga gacttagaat ttggaaatat     24480
     gaaatttccc tccttgctct cctaaaagta aatataaaca aaaaattcat gtggttgtct     24540
     ggctcaaaaa ctatccattt ctttcttttt tttttttttt ttgcagggga cagggcagga     24600
     atgagtatca gaaccaggaa cgcctgggag caccaaaccc ttagtgtcag ttgcagctca     24660
     gggggatagg gaattagcca tctcttccat tgctgccagc ctgacttggg gatgcctcag     24720
     ggaaggctgc cctttcgtgc tagccatgta aagctttaaa attctgagga cacagctaat     24780
     atcatttatc cctcattcta tattatcttc atcctcatct tatttttctt actaactttt     24840
     tgctcttatc ctttatttac tctgtttttc caacacttca ggtttggaaa ttgctctctt     24900
     catgtcatca taataaacca ctagaaactt gcatttactt ttgactgatt attgaagtgt     24960
     ctggttatgg agaacaaaga aattggagaa atgtgaagct taagcttctg ctgtgctgca     25020
     gcgaagaagt ctgggaagtt taggaagata tcctcttgat taaatggggc taaatgtcag     25080
     cagaattgaa gaaaagtaaa ggaacttacc aatacttgat cgagacagtg ctaaaataaa     25140
     acacatcaaa agaagaatga gttctgtttg tcccagggag aacttagatg ccatagacac     25200
     tatattgcag aaaggttgtg gaaaagagga tagaaatgag tcacaactta tttcctggta     25260
     tcaattgcaa tgcaatgtgg tgagcagctg gatatctaca tatggattcc aatacttttg     25320
     tggtaaggtg ggactacaag atctatgcaa cctgtctttc aattttggta agagaataaa     25380
     aatatttttg gagattgcta gtttctcaat ctgaggacat ttttctgtcc ctataagtct     25440
     tctttcattg gtgattctgc tgctctgttc tttccttctc tacctttcct ccacctcttc     25500
     ctctctctcc ttaattttct ttctgttttc cctttgttcg aaaagatttt ttgttacacc     25560
     aaacaattac cacctaactg cttcaacagg ggtttccact ttccaaaatt cacttgtgcc     25620
     ctatggagat gaagaatagc aagagaccaa atcaggaagt tcttgaataa tattagaagc     25680
     taaagagtca aagtagtgaa agtatttaga acctcggggc ttactgaaag ggtgcttgct     25740
     attgagggga atatttcatc ctctccttta agtgattact ttgaacatgg tattttttaa     25800
     agtttataaa gtagagctga gcttgaaaac taaaaagaga agtaatatat tcaagaaaaa     25860
     tatatcaaga aggaacccat attcttggta atgaatgaga agttttacca cccatgtgat     25920
     accttattgg gggactgagg cttaaacacc tgatcaccag cagaaatcaa ggccataggc     25980
     ctcatgcatt gtaagaacct gggattatct tcctgtttaa tatgttaggt tacatggaaa     26040
     aagggaatta atattgcaga tgaagttaaa gttgctaatc agctgacctt aaaataggat     26100
     gatgattttg gtatatctga gtgggcctaa tataatcaca aagattttta agagtgggag     26160
     agggagataa aagagagtaa gagaaagagg tactacagtg gaggaagggc agaatggtgt     26220
     gatgtgagga cttgattcat ttttgttcac tttgaagata gaagaaggga gccatgaacc     26280
     aaggaatgtg gccagcctct agaagctgaa aaagcaagga aacagatttg ttcctagaac     26340
     ctccagaaag aatgcagtct tgctgacaac ctgattgttg tccagggaga catatatgac     26400
     agatttataa cctatggaac tgatagataa taaatttgtg ttgttttaag ccattaagtt     26460
     tgtggtaatt tgttagagca gctatagaaa actaatacaa cgtggttgac tatttcccca     26520
     aaattccctt gtagttaggt gtggctatat gcttgagttc tagccaatct aatgttgtta     26580
     gaagtgatat gaaagtcatc caggcttgtt tgtaaagtca tccactcatg atcttcaagc     26640
     ttttttcttt ctgttcactt aaggtggact aacatgatga acttaggagc cattatttga     26700
     agatggtgga gtcattagtt aagatgaatt tgagtgccta agacactgct gagagaaggg     26760
     ccatccgcca atctggaatt cctgttttgg acttctcata agtaagaaat aaaattctat     26820
     tagggaaaac cactgagatt ttaagatccg gggctaactt aatcagtgca gataagaaat     26880
     ataaaagaga agtcacaaga tctgaaagat ggaaggaaaa tctttacata catagtaatt     26940
     ttagaagtag agactacagt ttgttgttag atatagatac aaatatgggc aaaattcata     27000
     gcaattaaag ttaaattttt ctgtaattag aaagattgag tccacagaat ggaaactctt     27060
     gaatgtttat gagtgtgaga ttaacttcat ttatcctgct cagagtaaat ggaagcattc     27120
     aggattttcc attgtgggtg tgagattcac ttcatttatc ctgctcagga taacctcaca     27180
     ctcataaaaa gttaatctca cacctataaa cattataatt aaatgcagag cacaaaaata     27240
     aagagaatct tgaaaatata tttacttagg aacaaacatc aaactagtga tagattctta     27300
     tcaacaataa taaataataa acaacaagca aatggaataa atcttcaaag tacagaggga     27360
     aaataatgtt caattctata cctagctaaa ttttcattta aggctgaagg tgaagtaaag     27420
     ctattttcag ccatatgaag gcttagaaaa tttttcacat acatgtagag tttaaagaac     27480
     cagtaaagga ttgtatttgg gcaagaaata gaagagaaaa gacacaggat gtagcaaata     27540
     atgttaagca aaaacaatgc tgaaatattg ttgtaagtct aagtaataat taattgtgaa     27600
     aataaataat tattttgtct ttaaaaagaa taccacaaac aagatggaga atttggaaag     27660
     agtagtttgg agggaagatg gtcaaataaa agttattatc tagtcttgga agaagatacc     27720
     gattatcttt aatttttaaa gaaaagttaa atagtacaca tgttacaaat atcaggatac     27780
     ataaaacaaa atccagaaaa acactaagta aaacaaaaga aacaaggaat tctaatatac     27840
     cagcagaagg tagaaaagaa gatttaaaaa tgaaagaaca gagcatagta ctgtaagttg     27900
     aaaacacaat ataaattgga aacatttaga taaacatata acaattcaca atataaaatg     27960
     aactaaattc atctattagg aaacagaaaa ttttacattg ttaatatgaa caaagtcaag     28020
     caatatgcca tttaaaaaag acacaagaca aaaacaaact tttaaggttc aaaataaaag     28080
     gatgaaaaat aggcaaatac taattaaaac aaaggtgtta gaacaatgct aatatcagag     28140
     tgtagaattg aagtaaaaaa atagtcatga ggatatgagt ggatatgagg atatgagttt     28200
     cagcagcatt tagaagttac ttagatactt atattagaaa ataagagcgc ccactttggc     28260
     agcatatata ctaaaattgg aatgatacag agaagattag cgtggcccgt gtgtaaggat     28320
     ggcatgaaaa ttcatggtgt cccatataaa aataaaataa aaaaagaaga tgagaaagtc     28380
     tggaaattga ttaagagttt catacagcaa gctagaaaaa ggaacaaaaa taaagcaaaa     28440
     gtaaagagaa ggaattttac ccatagatat acatagccca agctatgaca agaaaatggt     28500
     tttaagaatt ggaaaaggaa actcaagatt atcagatttt gcagatgaca tgatttttta     28560
     catatagaat tcaaaagaat ctgaaaatta ttagaactct aagagcacag cagggtggct     28620
     agatacaaaa tctactctca aatatacaac atataactta tattccaaca ataattattt     28680
     gtaaaatcca tgtagagaga tagtattcac atccgaaaca aaaaacaagt atgtgtataa     28740
     gaattaatgc agcaaaagac atgcaagacc tttctgaaga aaattatatt acattattga     28800
     agggtatatg agaaaatttg aatagtaggc aaccatgtta atgcatggga ataattgatt     28860
     ttaccaatta atctacaggc tcaatgaaat ttcaatgaaa tcctaatatg actcatagat     28920
     tttgagaaat tatgaaattc ttgtgtaaga gaaaaggtca aagaatagcc aacacatttc     28980
     tgaaaaagaa caaagataat gtgctatttt ttgtaataaa tgttataaag ttttagtagt     29040
     gaaagcaatg gagtattggt tcagtaaaag acaaaagatc actggaacag aaaataaaat     29100
     ccacggaaaa acgaaatata taagatgaag atggcattac aaatcagcag agaaagaatg     29160
     caccagtcaa taaatctagt tggaacaaga tgagacgaaa tccctctagt tggttttcca     29220
     gatgaaagga aaattagatc tcacctgtat tattactaaa atcactcacc aaaaccaaaa     29280
     aacaattaac aaagccccat ttggattaaa gttctatatg tagaaaggga aatttcaaaa     29340
     ctattaagag aaagtattag ataaaatctt tgtgataccc agataaggcc aaagaaacta     29400
     aaaagcagaa actctaaaag aaaacaagag attgacaaat tttattacaa taaattgtgt     29460
     ggtgttgggg gagagtgagt agaggccttc taaaagtcaa gagacagcat aaaaatttaa     29520
     agctaagaga cagaattgga tgagataatt gcagatattt aacataacat ataaaagttg     29580
     atctttcata ataataaaga attactacag atcaataact aatagataaa tgggtaaagt     29640
     aaatgaacaa gcaatttata tagggtgaag cctcactagc tagtaagcct atgagaagat     29700
     actcaatttc aggagtgagc agggaatgca gattttaaaa attgtatacg tattcaagtg     29760
     gcaataatag aaaaatatga caaaatctgg gattgttact aatgcagaga aattggaaat     29820
     atttatttat ttttgtatgc ctctatgtaa ctaccaagga gcttaattaa tagctactaa     29880
     aatttaaaat atgcataaat tacataaatg ctcatataca atgtgaacac taatcctact     29940
     tcagggtatg taccccggat aaactctttt ccatctactt aaggactgtc tttgcagcat     30000
     tatttgtgat agcagaaatt ggaaatattg agaatgcatc ggtagtagaa ataatagaaa     30060
     aacattgtat attcataagg tggaatatta ttcaacaaag tgtataacct ggatttcaaa     30120
     actacatttt gagagaaaaa tgcaaatcgt aatgatacta tcagacagat gccattttag     30180
     taaaattaaa cattaaaaaa agatactata ttttgttcag tgataggtag agactataaa     30240
     tatatgtaaa tagacttaaa tatttaaaat atattaataa gcctttggga agaagggagt     30300
     ggaatatgtc tatgataact tgagaaatat gacaagaata ttatcaattt gtcacatcta     30360
     aggtgtgata tacaagtgtt aattattttt atacttaatt ttaaaaactt tcttaaaaga     30420
     gaaaaaatac agaaaaaata gggcttgcaa accagatgac agtagaattg aaagaaaacc     30480
     acaaagcact tacctagaga gttggttgat ggtgctaaaa tacacacaca gaaaacatga     30540
     ggtgaatcat gagagtttgg atccctaatc tttacatatc agcttcagtt gctgtcaccc     30600
     ccttctcagg agttaaagtc taggccccgg gagtcatcac tgatctggtg atgggtactg     30660
     acagccactc ccaccagcta ctgcatatgc tttccatctc taaaaatggg tttaattttt     30720
     agtaggcaga tgccattcct actgccctaa ttcctccctc ccttttttcc ctctctattt     30780
     tcttctctct ctccctttta tctttattac tttccttttc tcttgctcat cacttctatt     30840
     gttttccttt tctcccagcc agatcattct aaaccagcac tagaaaactt tatctattgc     30900
     ttagtattca tatgacttga catatgacag gatttctctt tcctccaaag catttacaat     30960
     ctagggaaat gttactaata ggaagcaaat ttttgttaag aagcaagata atacttactg     31020
     taatctcttt tggatctctc tgaaaacata aacaaaagaa agaaaaatca atttggatat     31080
     tctatttctg tagttttggt atcactacag aggattaccc aatcaacacc ctcaaatatc     31140
     cagttaggca agaaactgga gacaaaatct cctcatggct taatttataa gtttaatgac     31200
     attaaaaaaa caggcagagt ttaattaagg taaatacatg tagtgagaag aaataataaa     31260
     ctatacatgc aaacattgaa acagaagaat gtatagttat aaggtaagtt gaggtcaaat     31320
     aaaagaagga atggcaagat atttactcag ctgactgaga attcaagttc agtgacaata     31380
     tggcaaatta taatgaatgc aaatgtgtat attgattgcg attgaatgtg catcctatga     31440
     tctaaaactt gtttcttagt gatgtcatgg aaacagactt tctaaaagat ctggagacaa     31500
     agcaaattac atggaaaact agtcatgtta tcactgttgt tttcataaaa gtgtaaaagt     31560
     aaatagtaat attgatactt tgtagttgat ttaaattatg ttgaatcata atatcatttg     31620
     ctatttcact aaagtatagt taaagatata ctcagaaatg tgaagacaat agtatttttt     31680
     tttcagcttc ttttctgaaa atgagtgctc tccttccata cttggcagtc attgtgatgg     31740
     gaattaagta caaaacacat tctctgtttt ataataatgt ttcttgtttc tcatggttct     31800
     atggggattt taaaaacggt gtctcaagcc tgtagtccca gcactttggg aggccgaagt     31860
     gggtgtgtta cctgaggtca ggagttcgag accagcctgg ccaacatggt gaaaccctgt     31920
     ctctagtgaa aatacaaaaa ttctctgggc ctggtggtac acgcctgtaa tcccagctac     31980
     tcaggaggct gaggcaggag aattgcctgt gcccgggaga cggagattgc agtaagccga     32040
     gatagtgcca ctgcactcca gcctggccca cagagcaaga ctctgtctca atgaaaaaaa     32100
     aaagggaaaa tatatcaaga tgttaataga gttgccacaa aaatggaaaa taccactgaa     32160
     atgccgaaca ttttaatatg ctgcacttga aatttgttat aaaaactttc atgcgctgca     32220
     cttaacattt gctagaaaaa tactaagaat aaatttaatt tcaaaaaaat tttggaataa     32280
     ccatggcagc ttttatatgt gatatattta agttaaacta aactttgagt actaaatttc     32340
     atgtacctaa actaacataa tgaccttacc taatattaat atcttcctgc cagaagattt     32400
     ctatagtctc aagttgacca gtacatttat attcctatgt ctagaaataa tggagggaag     32460
     actagcaggg cgtgggaacc tagaaactta ggatgactga gatttatagg ttatgttagg     32520
     gggactggaa agtcagagaa atagtcattt gggtttatga attttaaagt atgacttatt     32580
     gaaacaacaa taaaatgttt actgattcaa gtttttcctt aagaatgcaa gggagcccag     32640
     attagaaaga tactaagatt gtaggcttgt acactaaaga tctgtaaaca ggaaattaaa     32700
     aattaagata ttactaaatt acataagaat aaactctctg actgcctaaa atttggaatt     32760
     agacaattct aaattcctat ccaggttgtc acttccaagt cctgtggcct tgggcaagtc     32820
     attaatgttt tttaagcata agtttctctt ctgtaaatta gggataacaa tagtaaatta     32880
     ctttattcat ttaagaggta cttattaagg atctccctcg ctgtggtgag gtgaatagac     32940
     tataagaagg caagaggagt atcaaggaaa caaggtagga ggcaagagat attggtgttt     33000
     gggcaaggat tgtcatggtg gtggaaggtg gtttgatttg gagtataatt tgaaagcatc     33060
     agagatggga tttgatggtg gattggatga agagagtagg aaaggagtta aatatcattc     33120
     caaggtagat agtctgagca attaggtgaa tacaggtgct agcaccagtg tgtagaaggg     33180
     attagggctt gggttttaga catgctaaga gtgagatgcc tttcatatat cttcaggaca     33240
     cgtgtgctat gattatatag gttggctcac tgcacaaagg gttaagggaa ctgaaatccc     33300
     cagcagtgtc tctggggtgg ggctgcattc acttgcagga aggaacacct tttcctaata     33360
     tgcaccaaag caacctgtag gctactggag gccttggaca gccagggagg gatttttggg     33420
     tagctcacct ttgtgtggtt gacagggttg tttgtagata ttcaatatta ataaaatgaa     33480
     aaaatgctca ccagaatgac taacatatag taggtgctga gtacatgtta attctcctcc     33540
     cttcttatag tgtgtagttt tattttgctt atccgtgtac ccttaaattc ctaacactga     33600
     ggtagcttct tgcactggtt aaatctggta ttctggtgga ctgttactgg agaggttttt     33660
     tcccaagaaa tatgagatgt aaatgacaac agtagacaac agcagtattt ctttgcaccc     33720
     ttggaatttt attgcacaag tcatatctta atgtgatgaa cttttaagaa tttattcctt     33780
     gatttctttt tattattatt atactttaag ttctagggta tatgtgcaca acgtgcagtt     33840
     ttgttacata tgtatacatg tgccatgttg gtatgctgca cccattaact cgtcatttac     33900
     attaggtata tctcctaatg ctatccctcc ccgctcccct caccccacaa caggccccgg     33960
     tgtgtgatgt tccccttcct gtgtccaagt gttctcattg ttcaattccc acctgtgagt     34020
     gagaacatga ggtgtttgat tttttgtcct tgcgatagtt tgccgagaat gatggtttcc     34080
     agcttcatcc atgttcctac aaaggacacg aactcatcct tttttattgc tgcatagtat     34140
     tccatggtgt atatgtgcca cattttctta atccggtgta tcattgatgg acttttgggt     34200
     tggttccaag tcttggctgt tgtgaatagt gccgcaataa acatacgtgt gcatgtgtct     34260
     ttatagcagc atgatttgtt ttattattat tattattatt attatacttt aagttttagg     34320
     gtacatgtgc acaatgtgca ggttagttac atatgtatac atgtgccatg ctggtgcgct     34380
     gcacccacta actcgtcatc tagcattagg tatatctccc aatgctatcc ctcccccctc     34440
     cccccacccc acagcagtcc ccagagtgtg atgttcccct tcctgtgtcc atgtgttctc     34500
     attgttcaat tcttctttgg gtatataccc agtaatggga tggctgggtc aaatagtatt     34560
     tctagttcta gatccctgag gaatagccac actgacttcc acaatggttg aactagttta     34620
     cagccccacc aacagtgtaa aagtgttcct gtttctccac atcctctcta gcacctgttg     34680
     tttcctgact ttttaatgat cgccattcta actggtgtga gatggtatct cattgtggtt     34740
     ttgatttgca tttctctgat ggccagtgat gatgagcatt ttttcatgtg tcttttggct     34800
     gcataaatgt cttcttttta gaagtctctg ttcatatcct tcacccactt gttgatgggg     34860
     ttgtttgttt ttttcttgtg aatttgtttg agttctttgt agattctgga tattagccct     34920
     ttgtcagatg agtagattgc aaaaattttc tcccattctg tagtttgcct gttcactctg     34980
     atggtagttt cttttgctgt gcagaagctc tttagtttaa ttagatccca tttgtccatt     35040
     ttggcttttg ttgccattgc ttttggtgtt ttagacatga agtccttgcc catgcctatg     35100
     tcctgaatgg tattgcctag gttttcttct agggttttta tggtttcagg tctaacattt     35160
     aagtctttaa tccatcttga attaattcaa tgagtagtta gcatttgtga gatctgggat     35220
     gttgaatttc tcttgactac tcagattatt tttttctttt ctttagcttt attgaggtat     35280
     aattataaaa attatatata tttaaggtat tacagtgtgc gattctaata tatgtataca     35340
     ttgtgaaatg attgccacaa tcaagctaat taacatatct accacttcaa atacttactt     35400
     ctatttttca ttttgtgatg agaatatgta aaacctacac tcttagtaaa tttcaagtgt     35460
     ataatacatt atagtcacca tgctgtacat tgggtctaca taacgtattt gtcataaaac     35520
     tgcaagtttg taccctttgg ccaacttctg cccatttctt ccacccccta acttctggta     35580
     atcacctttc tgctgagttc aactttttaa ggttccatat atacatgaga tcatgtagta     35640
     tttgtctttc tatgcgtggc taattatact tagcctaagg tcttccaggt tcatccatgt     35700
     tgtcacaaat ggcaagattt ctttcttttc ctaaggctgt ataatatttc attgtgtgtg     35760
     tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtctgtgta tcacattttc tttatccatt catccactga     35820
     tggacaccta gtttattcct ctatcccggg tattgtaaat aatgctgcaa tgaatatggg     35880
     agtgcaaata tctcttcagg ataatgattt ttatttcctt tgaatatatg cccagaagta     35940
     gcattcctga atcatatggt agttctattt ttaatttatt ggaggaacca caatactgtt     36000
     ttccataatg gctgtattac tttacattcc taacaacagt gtacaagggt tcccttttct     36060
     ccatatcctt gccaacactt gttatccctt gacattttga atgcatccta tctggtgtga     36120
     ggtgcatttc cttgatgatt agtgatattg tgcaccttta tttattagtt ggctgtaagt     36180
     cttctctgaa aaaatgtcta tttaggtcct tagtccattt tattttattt tattttgttt     36240
     ttttctctct ctcttttttt ttattatact ttaagttcta gggtacatgt gcacaatgtg     36300
     caggtttgtt acatatatat acatgtgcca tgttggtgtg ctgcacccat taactcgtca     36360
     tttacattag gtatttctcc taatgctatc cctccctgct tcccccaccc cgcaacaggc     36420
     cccagtgtgt gatgttcccc accctgtgtc caagtgttct cattgttcag ttcccaccta     36480
     tgagtgagaa catgcagtgt ttggttttct gtccttgcaa tagtttgctg agaatgatgg     36540
     tttccagctt catccatgtc cctacaaagg acatgaactc atcatttttt attgctgcat     36600
     agtattccat ggtgtatatg tgccacatat tcttaatctg gtgtatcatt gatggacttt     36660
     tgggttggtt ccaagtcttt gctattgtga atagtgccac aataaacaca cgtgtgcatg     36720
     tgtctttata gtagcatgat ttataatcct ttgggtatat acccaataat gagatggctg     36780
     ggtcaaatgg tatttctagt tctagatcct tgaggaatca ccacactgtc ttccacaatg     36840
     gttgaactag tttacactcc caccaacatt gtaaaaacat tcctatttct ccatatcctc     36900
     tccagcacct gtttcctgac tttttaatga ttgccattct aactggtgtg agatggtatc     36960
     tcactgtggt tttgatttgc atttctctga tggccagtga tgatgagtat tttttcatat     37020
     gtctgttggc tgcgtaaatg tcttctttta agaattgtct gttcatggac taaggttcat     37080
     gaacagatat gaaccttagt ccattttaaa atcagcttat ttgtttcagc tgtattttga     37140
     gttgtatctt gcttttgagt tgtatgagtt ccttatatat tttggatatt actgtggttt     37200
     taatgtcctc tccgaaactc atgttgaaac ttaatcctca atgtgacagc attgagaagt     37260
     gaggccttaa agaggtgatt atatcatgag ggttctaccc acataaatgg attaatccac     37320
     taatggatta atgagttgtc aggcaagtgg aactggtggc ttcataagaa gaggaacggg     37380
     ccgggcgcgg tggctcaagc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg tgggcggatc     37440
     acgaggtcag gagatcaaga ccatcctggc taacacggtg aaaccctgtc tctactaaaa     37500
     atacaaaaat tagccgggcg tagtggcagg cgcctgtagt cccagcaact cgggaggctg     37560
     aggcaggaga atggcgtgaa cccgggaggc agagcctgca gtgagccgag atcgcgccac     37620
     tgcactccag cctgggcaac agagccagac tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaga     37680
     ggaacgacct aagcacagca tgttagccac cttgccatgt tatgccctgt accacttcag     37740
     gaatctgcag agagtcccca gtagcaagaa ggctctcttg cgccacatgc gccccctcag     37800
     ccttggactt tccatcctcc ataactgtaa gaaataataa tacatttctt ttctttataa     37860
     attacccagt ttcagatatt ctgttataag caacagaaac agattaagac aaatattaac     37920
     cacttatcag atatatggtt tgcaaatatt ttctcctatt ctgtgagttg gctttcattt     37980
     tgttgattgt ttcctttgtt gtccagaaac aattttgttt gacgagatac cacttatttt     38040
     tgcttttgtt actgtgtttt tggtgtcatc taaaacaact tgcaaagacc aatgtcatgg     38100
     aacttttcac tgttttatta taggagtttt atagtggcaa gtcttacatt aaagtcttca     38160
     atccattttg aattgatctt tgtgtatggt atatgataag ggccaatttc tttttgtttt     38220
     tgcatatgga tatccggttt tcccaataac atttatcctt tccctattgg gtattcttgg     38280
     taactttatt ttctcccatg ttaattttct gtgtggatgc tctattcatt gtcaataatg     38340
     ggttactgaa gtccgctacg gttattatat tgctgtttct cccttcagtt atgtaaatat     38400
     tatatattta ggtgctctga cattatgtgc atatgtactt ataattttta tatcctcttg     38460
     atgaattagc cctttataat tatatagtga gctcctttgt ctcttgttat aatttttgac     38520
     taaaagtcta ttttgcctga tgtaagtata gccaccccta ccgtcttttg ttttccattt     38580
     gcatggagca tcttcttttc atccctttac tttcattcta tatgtatcct tagagctgga     38640
     gtgtgtctgc tacaggcagc atagatagtt gcaacttgtt tttaaataca tttagctact     38700
     ctgtgtcttt tcattagaaa atttaatcca tttacgttca agtaattatt gatagttaag     38760
     gacttaatat agttattttc ttggttgttt tttggctgtt ttgtatatcc tttcttcctt     38820
     tcttcctgtc tttctttgtg atttgctgat tttctgtagt ggtatgcttt aatatctttc     38880
     tgttttgtgt atctagtata ggtttttggt ttgtggttac cataagctta cataaaacat     38940
     ggtttcaaca gtctatttga agctaataat aacttagatt attaaaatag attacataca     39000
     aaaactctac atattattct ccctactttt tacattctca gtgtcaaaat ttacatttaa     39060
     aaaaattgta tattcattaa caaattatat acttttaata ttttgtcttt taacttttat     39120
     attagcatta aaagttattt atataccatc attacagtat tagaatattc tgaattgact     39180
     gtatatttac cttaccagtg aattttatac ttggatatgt tttcatttta ctaattattg     39240
     gcctttcatt tcagcttgaa gaacattctc tagcatttct tgtaaggcag atctattggt     39300
     gataaactcc ctcagctttt gtttgtctga taaagactat ctctttctca gatctgaaaa     39360
     acagctttac gggtaaagag ttattggttg gcagtttttt tctttcagca aattgaatat     39420
     atcatcccac tatgtactgg cctagaaaat gtctgcatag aagtgctaat atccttttga     39480
     tgtaccttta aatgtgatat gcttctttca agattctctc tttaactttg attattgaca     39540
     atttgacata atgtcttgga gaagtcttct ttgggttaaa tacaattgga gagttttgag     39600
     tttcatatat cgagatgtct atatctcttc acagatttgg aaagttttta gcaattatgc     39660
     cttaaataag catttattct attttatttc tcttttcctc tgagactcca ataatgcaaa     39720
     aagttagctc ccttgatggt gtcccataaa tcttgtacat atttcttcat ttcttttctt     39780
     tgtggttttt tttttttttt gtactctgac tagataattt taaatgattg gtctttgact     39840
     tctcttattc tttcttgtac ttgatccatc atcttggaag ctctctattt cctttttgtt     39900
     ttagtttagg cattgcaccc ttcagctcca aaatttgtat ggctctgttt tgtttttttt     39960
     tctctttgtt gaacttctac ttttgttctt gtgttgtttt cctgatgtca ttatattgtt     40020
     tgtgttgtct tgtagctcac tgagctttct tataacaatt gttttggatt tttttgtcag     40080
     gcaactggtg gattgatttt taggcaaacc ttcatttttg ggggttagtt actgaaatat     40140
     tattgtgttc ttttagtggt gtcatgtttc cttgattttt atgaccttga agtcttgtct     40200
     tgtgttttca catttgaaga aacagtcacc ctgttcaata tttgtttgtg cctacttcac     40260
     aggtgggatt ttttcccttt tttgagagaa aatctcactc tgctacccag agtggagcag     40320
     tggcatgatc gtggctcact gcagcatcaa actcttgggc tcaagcaatc ctcccacctc     40380
     agcctcctga gtagctggga ctgcaggtgt gcaccgccac atccaactga tttttttttt     40440
     ttttagagac ggagtctcac tatgttgccc aggccagtct cgaactccta gtctcaagaa     40500
     gtcctcctgc ctcggcctcc caaagtgctg ggatttcagg catgaactac cacacccagg     40560
     gtagatggga tttctaagat tgtgctttct ctcaatcctg caaagccagt ccaggttctg     40620
     agagccttcc ctttgttttc cctagggtgg tgctctggaa ttctcaagtt tgtgtccttt     40680
     tttccaatcc cacaaagtca aactgactgt gagatgtttc cttttgttgt ccatggtggc     40740
     tcatttgggg actcagccta gatgggagag tgaaatgtgt gaaaggcatg cctgtgggtc     40800
     agtagtgcaa ggagcatagg tcacgcatct caaatggcag gctttctgat gaggctttct     40860
     gatgagtggg ttctgcagtc tcttttccct gctcccagcc tctcctaacc attcaactat     40920
     gctgatcatc tcaatgttct gggtggagtg agaaataagt gggcttatcg gacagcatcc     40980
     tgaatggctg ggggatgtgg gcactcatta agttctgcac attttttctg tgggagaaat     41040
     tgtgggccaa gtgggtctgt ctcagcattg agttgtgcca ccttggggga ggagtgatgt     41100
     gggtaaagtg aaactgttct tcttaccctc tttaatacat ctgttctagg attttataac     41160
     ctgacagcgt gctggaactt ctctgctgga ctcctggact cccacaatgg tattgtctca     41220
     tctgtggata gttgtctaaa ttgatgcttc tgtgtgggaa gaaagctcct attctactat     41280
     tttgctgatg cctttctctc atattacttt tgttaaataa ttaggagttg gataggagag     41340
     gaattgcata gctttgggga aaatggtgcc tcatagcgtg atggtgaaca tttgtgaaca     41400
     tttctcagaa tattctgtaa ctactttgat ttcttcttct tttttaaatt ttggtcagtt     41460
     tttatagcct tttatgttgt ggcaggaaga agcctgattt tcctttaatt ttacaaaaat     41520
     ctctacatat acttacctcg gttatcatat gaagtgtcta gagaattgaa gaaaaattat     41580
     aagattctta atttctcata aacagactcc tatattaatt tcttagcaat acaataattt     41640
     accactttgt gttgaatatg catgtcggga tcctaaaaga gaagataaaa acataatgag     41700
     attttacttc aacaagtgag tctatattat tttttgttag atagaaatct gtttacctct     41760
     tcctctttta gatctctgag aagaaaaatc ttttaggaaa gaaaaaaaca tattaacttt     41820
     accaacagtt catgaaaaaa taagtttatc gggccgggcg tggtggctca cgcctatgtt     41880
     cccagcactt tgggaggccg aggcgggtgg atcacgaggt caggagatcg agaccatcct     41940
     ggctaacacg gtgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaacacaca aaaaaattgg ccgggcatgg     42000
     tggcaggtgc ctgtggtcac tgctcagaag gctgagagag gagaatggcg tgaacccggg     42060
     aggcggagct tgcagtgagc cgagattgcg ccactgcact ccagcctggg cgacagtgcg     42120
     agactccgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagttt atcattagtc tcaatccaac     42180
     tactaaaaga tttgctagtt tcccagatat tcccattttc tttaggttcc atttcagaaa     42240
     ataaagaggg aatgccatgg cactgtgctc ttcactcttg ttgttcatga tagatgaatc     42300
     atagaggtaa gaaggagaag gatggaccaa gagtccaagt gtggggcatg gacagcaagc     42360
     gaagtgactg agttactttc tcttttcttt cctcaactct cagggatcta tatgcttgta     42420
     gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtaa ttatttccac atccacaatc tcataacctt     42480
     atagttctgg tgtagctggt gggcctggtg tggacaactt tagtggcttc cagcaagaat     42540
     gagaggtagc tctagtggtt cttgttgagt tctggagata ggactagtca gaaagagaga     42600
     aagagggaag gaaagagaga gagagagaga gagaaagaga gagagagaca gccgagggaa     42660
     catctatagg cagccctggt gagtggatac tgaaagagaa cattgagtgt tggggcgtga     42720
     gggttaggga tagccatggt acattgaaat tagtggtact ggtgtgtccc ttcaaaaaag     42780
     tagacagcgc attgccgtct tctcataact ctcacgtttc aaaacctgaa tttgatatcc     42840
     agctccctcc tcagctaggt gaacttgagt aagtctcaat cttttgagca taaatttcat     42900
     cttcttaaat ggggataagc tttgtttacc tcttctactg tatggctttc aaagtgtatt     42960
     ttcacatata ctattccatt tcatattcat tttatccaca ttttaaacat ccaggaaatt     43020
     gtttcggagc ggttccttaa cctttctaat atcttggaag tagacagaag atggaaatga     43080
     attcttttga tggtcttaag aaggagaact atttaccttt tctgagaaaa atgcacaatt     43140
     tttcttgaga aagagaggag tgataagcat ttgaatatta taaaaacgaa agatatgctg     43200
     actcaacaaa tcatgctcaa atggagatga gttgattcac actctaaaga gtatattcct     43260
     tcattaactg tctagtagtt cctaatctat ttacctctac catcctcata gtccagaagt     43320
     ctagcaccta gaaaaaaagg gagagcacat gattttgctt cttgattatt aaatgaggct     43380
     ttatttaaga ctctgagaac taatgtaaac atgaactcct aatggtgaat aatgatgtga     43440
     attaatttac tttgcaggaa ctaggaattg tgcataagct acaagagctg acgatgataa     43500
     gtgactgtgt caatcaccaa ttttataata ttagccaggc taaatgatag tcagaaggag     43560
     tttcagagtt tcttttacct cttgatactt cagcagctag tctcctggtt tttgcctcat     43620
     accaatcctg tgctatcttt cttaacaact ttggcatctc tccagacctt tccatggaaa     43680
     gtcttcttca attcttcaca tcctgaagtt ggtactcttg tcaatcataa ttaccctaac     43740
     tgtgttcact ctcgttattc taggatacat tatatttttt ggtccggcca cttcactaag     43800
     gccatcttca tgaatggatt taggcttttt actgaaccat ctgttccagt gcctgaactg     43860
     gaacagttct ctgttgctgc tctcagacca caggaagcat ctgaagggag cctcagaatt     43920
     atgcaggcct acccagtatt aattaattct ccccaactcc agtttggcat tcagtactgc     43980
     tcagaaatct ctggtagatt tctcccactc acttagaagc agttcagttc atgcaatggt     44040
     gcactatgca aggttctgga aacacaactg taaacaagac agatttcttt cctgacttgt     44100
     gaaaattcta taagtactat atttattttt ctcatgagta taagtactta ctttgttctg     44160
     aactgtatct ggagatatac atttctgtgg aagaattagg caaaatgttt ttattagtta     44220
     cttaggagaa gtgttcttcc tctgatcaaa ctcttctcac tctaagctat gcttcttgct     44280
     taccaaggtg gtcctcctga tataatgcat tgttgttctc acccattttc cacatctccc     44340
     atcagccctg ttttacctat cttttcacac tacttatgct ttgagggctc acaggcattg     44400
     aggatgggaa acagggaggg aatacagctg attagaaagt tgtgggagag aaacagaaaa     44460
     atccaggaaa gagagacctt atggcataga aataggtctt agcttttatg agctccatct     44520
     ctatttcatc gacaagtact actctgtatt tgtctcttct tatcatctcc ccaaattaag     44580
     tcactaaaag tctccaattc tttttatata atactagata ctggtgttta gcaacatact     44640
     gtcttctcac ttctattttt tttttttaaa ctcaggtaat ttcccttgga gctcaggtaa     44700
     ttttctttta aaatattctt attacttttg ctaaactctg tgattttttt ttttttttga     44760
     gatggagtct tgcactgtca cccaggctgg agtgcaatgg cgtgatctcg gctcactgca     44820
     acctccgtct cctgggttca aacaattctc ctgcctcagt ctcccgagcg gctaggctta     44880
     cagttacctg ccaccatgcc cagctaattt ttgtattttt agaagagaca gggtttcacc     44940
     attttggtca ggctggtctt gaactcctga ccttgtgatc cgcccgcctt ggcctcccaa     45000
     agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccaccgc tcccggcctg tgactttttc tttgacatta     45060
     ttgataatgt aaaccttggg agttaaaagt gcagggacaa tcactaatag gtcagagatt     45120
     ctttgactca agtattgaaa cagattccca gaatattggc aaagtctcta gctgtttgat     45180
     gagtgagatg aactcagact gaatcttggc atccctccct ccgtggtttt cacaggaaat     45240
     cttcattttg actcattatt actcaccact ttgcttacat cgtgcccatc ttgttaacaa     45300
     aatagccagg atggcaagtc ccagtagagt caggatgaca gccaaagtta tttctgaaaa     45360
     caaaaactca cctgtaaaca tgcttattta gaccaggaaa ttaccagaaa caacttctga     45420
     tcacctctta ctatccacca gatagacttt ttttctttcc cctttctgct acttcaactc     45480
     ctttattctt ttatttgccg catattactg tcctcacatt cccgcccctg cccattttta     45540
     gctcttacat tggttctttg gtcgtatact aagaacctca gatgctgtgt acccttggtt     45600
     tagagttgga aatctgacag atttcctcct cagttgaacc ctttactccc caggcaggaa     45660
     gaatgttaaa gggaatcagt ggtctacgaa gctatccact ggggtatggg gaaaatatta     45720
     gaacttctat tttctgtgta attttaactc atacctttaa agttgcaaga ttttctgtat     45780
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatggctat aaataagatt tataaatata     45840
     cttttatagg caatgcatac tcaaaacatt tttatgagtg agtgatcaaa aaactttcag     45900
     caccttgact gaagggtgct gactgaaggt ggttttatta atgaaagcca cagcaaagga     45960
     cagaaatttc ttgtcacaga aaaacctttc agccatcact tgccaacctc ctgatgataa     46020
     gatggatatt tgcgaggttt gttattgtgg ttagtaggat aaaatatgct gggattgctt     46080
     aacttgtgtt tgtttatgtg tcattgatct gcattcaatt gatgtaagat agagtcttgc     46140
     agtcatagga gagaaaaatc ttagacaata tcatatggtt ataaagggca gtggctatga     46200
     aggatcgggg gagaaaaaaa agaaaagaga gagagagaga aaggaaagaa gaaaaaaaca     46260
     accataaaac tgcctgtgaa agtaaaaact ctgaagaata ttgagctctg aaagactagg     46320
     aaagtagatt acacccacat taagactact tcaaacgaac aataggtgaa tccatctcaa     46380
     gatataataa cacacctcca accagggcag attaggcatt tgtctactga gtcttctagg     46440
     tgtttggtcc tgtgagaaaa ttctcctgcc aaatcaactt ttggagattt tctactaatg     46500
     tacctctaaa atgaacagca agtagtcaat atgccctcta ttatgtgaat tttttttttc     46560
     tagtgttaaa taactcatcg gggaggaaag gataactaga tggtgtactc agtactactg     46620
     tatattcctt ttcttccttt agtgtctgaa atgccctgtc tatagggcag ttagaagatg     46680
     gtccacccta ttaataggga aaatgagagg aaatcattat ttctgagttg aggcagatta     46740
     tatagagtga ccatgctaca ggaagtgaga taatgggcta aggaattttt cctagtgcta     46800
     cggaggatgg ttattttctt tgttcagttt aaactctaga aaccaaagga gaaaccagca     46860
     ctatcagcct agagcttagt taactgtggg ttgtttcccc caggcttcca gaggaatcaa     46920
     taagagtgaa agaaaaaata ctgaatttga aaaggaagca ggcaaggaag ataaagcagt     46980
     tgtgttaaag tccctaagtc cctaagagga gactcctgaa ctactagagt tgaggaagcc     47040
     tcaaagaggg agttagtcca tacccaagac tgtcattttc catgtattgt cttcatcagg     47100
     tctcgcatca tctggatttc tttgtcagag agagatcaag gtaaaacgaa aaactcaagt     47160
     tcactgtttc tgagcaatat gaacttgggt gtcagggagg cccttgtagg cagagatgca     47220
     gaggatcact gagaaattgt gtggagcaga ttgatcagac ctaagcaaat gatgggagtg     47280
     tggcctgtga aggttctaga atctgtgtca taacagagac ttagaacatt agtgaggcag     47340
     gagaaaaggc agaggatcaa aaggctagga agatttaata atgctttgga ggaccttgaa     47400
     cttgtatagg atactggaag ggaactcact ctttctgggc tttagaatta tttctagttt     47460
     ttcagagatt tttaaggcca gagattgtac atcattaatc tttgtaactc ttttttttaa     47520
     ttttttttga agatagagtt tcactcttgt tgcccaggct ggagagcagt ggcaccattt     47580
     cggctcactg caacctccac ttcctgggtt taagcaattc tcctgcctca gcctcccaag     47640
     tagctgggat tacaggcatg cgccaccaca cccagctaat tttgtatttt tagtagagat     47700
     ggggtttctc catgtcggtc aggctggtgt caaactccct acctcaggtg atccacccgc     47760
     cttggcctcc cagagtgctg ggattacagg cgtgagccac cgtgcccagc ctaatgtttg     47820
     taactcttga ggcagagaac cttccacaga ataagcattt tataaatgtt tgataattaa     47880
     aaatgagaaa aatgactata tttaaaaaga ggcagactgg ataaagaaaa tgtggtaaat     47940
     atacaccgtg gaatactaca caaccataaa aaataatgag atgatgtcct ttgcagcaac     48000
     atggatggag gtggagacca ctattctaag caaactaaag caggaacaga aaaccaaata     48060
     ccatatgttc tcacttataa gtgggagcta aacaacaaga acacatggac actaagaggg     48120
     gaacaacaga cactggggcc tacttaaggg tggaggctag gaggagggag acagcatatc     48180
     tcttgggttt tatgcttatt acccaggtga ctaaagaatc tgtacaccaa acccccacaa     48240
     cacacagttt acccatataa caaacaatta catacatgta cccttaaaac taaaagttaa     48300
     aaaaagaaga gccttgaaac aaatgaaggt gaacaaagga agtcaagttg ttggagttag     48360
     atagcaagaa gaaatccagt ccagaggtct atggtgctag gaagagtgag ccagtaaatg     48420
     ggatctcata agccactgtg gagaacaagg aagagtaata acacctttta ttgagtgtct     48480
     attgactaca aagttctata gtgggtacct tataagcaca aacttgttta atccctaata     48540
     aactgtacga tgaaattctt tgagatggag agagacacta gaagttaccc agccaacaaa     48600
     tggcagagtt tctgactcca aagcccacac tgtattcaca aagccacatt ttgtttcagt     48660
     cttctatgca tcctgtggtg gtgatttcta agttaagaag tcagtcactt gaagaggaag     48720
     gtgatgactt ctagttttag gatgctccac ctgccaaaaa taatctcaaa attgttgaga     48780
     ttatttttcc ataagtgttt tatgcatact tatggaacac catcaaacat acaaatatat     48840
     gaattatgga agtaccaaaa gaagaaaaag aggaaggggc agtaagctta atcaatggaa     48900
     tattatctga aaattttcca aatcttgaga gggatatgaa catccggatt gaagacgatc     48960
     aaagcatccc aagcaagttc aattcaaaaa agacatactc caagatatat tataatcaaa     49020
     ttgtcaaagg tcaaacacaa agagagaatt ctgaaagaaa catcatgtgt aagagatctc     49080
     ccataagtcc attaccagac ttctcaacgg aaaccttgca agtcagtatt tttaacctgc     49140
     agaattgcta tttatttcta taatttctcc ttctgatatt ctcaaattgc tgagacatca     49200
     ttcttatact ttatttttta gacatgtctt attctgctaa ttacaatgtc tgggcttctt     49260
     cagaaacagt ttctttttat tattttctgt gcatgggtca tgatttcttt tctctttaca     49320
     tgcttcatta ttttttgctg aaatctagac attttgaata ttataatgtt gcaatttaga     49380
     aaccagattt cctccctcta cagagtttgc tgttgttgca tttgttgtat tactacttgt     49440
     ttgtttgttt gtttaaagat ttttctgatc taattttata aagtctccat tctttcctga     49500
     atgtaacgtt tgatgtttct gcccggttag cttagtcatt agctaatgat tgaacagaga     49560
     caatgcctag aaccaaagca aacactatgc tagtctgtgc caaggaactc tgtgtgtgtg     49620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttgagg tacaccttca acattcaacc     49680
     agtctcactt ttgcccctcc aacaaatgcc cagtgaattt gcgcccagta aggtccaggt     49740
     caccttcttc ctacaggatt taaagcaaac caagggggat cttggcaagc tttcagatga     49800
     cccttataga tatatagagg ttttccagac tttcacccat atatttaaac tctcctggag     49860
     agatgttatg ctacttttga atcagaccct gatggacact gagaagcagg ccgctctgca     49920
     agcagtaaag agatttggga atgagctttg tatcacatat ggcatcaggg aagggagcaa     49980
     acattatcca actggaagag aagcagtaaa agtgaatgac cctaagtggg atcccaatga     50040
     caggtggaag actggaagag gagacgcttt cagatgtgca taatggaagg cttttgtagg     50100
     actaagacca agcctctcaa ttatactaag ttgtccatga tcgacgaggt atttgatgaa     50160
     aatcctgctg ccttcctgga gagactaaga gaggccttgg taaagcatac ctgtctatct     50220
     cctgattcag tagagggaca gctaacccta aaggataaat ttattactca ggcagctcct     50280
     gacctcagga ggaagttgca gaaacgggcc ctgggaccgg atagtacatt agaggacctt     50340
     ctgaaagtgg ccaccttggt cttttataat acagacaggg aggcccagga aagagagagg     50400
     aaatacagga aagacacaga agctttaatg gccaccaggc aagcccacaa accccagaat     50460
     tcccagggta cacctgttaa ctactaaaga tatggccaga acagttatct cattctaaaa     50520
     gtttatccac tcccatacaa ggtttaattt ctttcaccag ggtgaaacat ctcagggtac     50580
     aatgttgttg ttagtatatt tcacttctta tctctgtaat ctttggcact aatttttttt     50640
     ccttgtataa tacacgtatt tattatagta tgtatagtat gtatgtatgt agttacagtg     50700
     tgtataactt gggtatacat acccaagtat atataatcca tgcatactta accttataaa     50760
     acttgttttt tctctcacac ctggaagcca tcaacctcca aatggtcagg gaaccggagc     50820
     cttggatgat ggctcccctt tgctaggaac ccttatatag acctctggga agaatctgac     50880
     tgccgttttc cccaaaacga tgcccctatc agcaggaagc agctaagacc cgtcatcatc     50940
     catattcgaa cagcagttag atgtacctct tcagacaggg gaggtgatat agaagagggg     51000
     cagggaagtg ctggtaaggg aagggcatgg tccctggcta aggctccacc cctgggcctg     51060
     tgcccacaga cctaggtaag gacagacact cctgccttca tgcccaaatg ttgcatttcc     51120
     caagaccacc ctggcctgcc atgcccccat cctgtgcctg taaaaatcct gagaccctag     51180
     caggcaggga cagaagcggc tggacgtcaa aaggaacaca tcagtggaag aacacacaag     51240
     tggctggatg tcaagaggga cacatcggtt aaagatcatg ccaacaggaa ccagcagatg     51300
     ctggcatgct ggcaggccat tgaccagcgg aacaaaatgg agtttggcca gggcagttgg     51360
     aggggaaccc agctgctgag cagcctgact ccaggggaaa accaccttcc cactccatct     51420
     cccttctggc tcccccatct gctgagagcc acttccactc aataagacct tgctctcatt     51480
     cttcaagccc acatgtgatc tgatttttct ggtacaccaa ggtaagaacc tgggatacag     51540
     aaagccctct gtccttgcaa taaggcagag ggtctaattg agctagttaa cactagctgc     51600
     ctatacatgg caaaactaaa agagcacaca gtaacacatg cccactgggg cttcaggaac     51660
     tgtaaacata cacccctaga tgctgccgtg aggccagagc cccacatcct gtccgtctgt     51720
     atgctctccc tagaggtttg agcagcaggg cactgaagaa gtgagccact cccgctgttg     51780
     caagccctgt gagggggaca agaagacctt tcccatttca gtatcttaga aggtggtaac     51840
     tgctgtgaaa agtgaaaaag caagtcagtg aaagagaact actggcagct gcagtgggat     51900
     ttcgatttaa atagattatc ctggatatac ctctgtgaga aggcaatact tgggggaagt     51960
     agggtagaca tctaagtgga tttctgagtg aagagttttc caggcagaga agacaactac     52020
     agcaaagacc gtaagatagg aatgtgtctg gtgttttcaa ggaatatgaa gtggccagtg     52080
     tcactggtat gaactgatcc aggaaaacaa cagtaggaaa ataagttaga aagataatgg     52140
     atcagccagg catggtggct catgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc caaggtggga     52200
     agaccccttg aacctaggaa ttcaagacca gctggggaaa gatggcaaga ccccgtctct     52260
     acaaaataat aaaaaaatta gccaggcatg gtggcatgca cctgtagtcc agttactcag     52320
     aagactgagg caggggaaga ccctttgatc ccaggaggtt gaggctgcag tgagctatga     52380
     ttgttccact gtactccagc ctgggcaaca gagcaagacc ccgcctcaaa aaaaattgta     52440
     acatctagtg agctactgac aggactttga ttttaacttg aatgaaataa agagataaga     52500
     tgggtcatta tgtaggcaaa tgacacgttt ttacctatgt ctgcataaag acataaaaca     52560
     attttgctgc tgtgttaaga aaagacagta gtgggaggaa aagaagaagc aaggagacta     52620
     ctgttaagag ttatccaggc aatcattgac agtacctttg tctagtttgt gaactactaa     52680
     agtggtgaaa tgcatttaaa tttgtagcag tattttcccc actggggata agggaatgac     52740
     tgccaaagat tgccaatacc taggcattaa ggagaacata aatataagta tggaatttca     52800
     tgcagaccag ggttaaaggg tctaaggata cacctgagac aatgtctgaa aactaaggaa     52860
     gggaagaaaa gtgaacagaa atagagttaa gtgggagtag ttgtcagaaa agaaagtaat     52920
     gtctaattat acagctgttt attgattaac agagggcttc taaagggcag ttatttagat     52980
     aagaacttct tagatgagag tgcaacttcg ctgagcgtag tagattctaa tcttaggccc     53040
     tttgccatag acattttctt tccctgatga tttttttaaa tccatatttt atatctgcaa     53100
     acacattttt ctttccctca ggttccagaa tctgtgtctc aagcctacgt ggcttagatg     53160
     ggatctaaca agaaaagtct gtcccctctc tgggttactg ggtccaacca gttggcaagt     53220
     tttagctctg attttgtttc ttaacttcta gaataacaga aatatagggt atcttagtat     53280
     ttcaatgaca aactctgaca aaaggatata tatcagaggt ggggactttc aacaaatatt     53340
     ggactagagc aaataaaact gtcatatgca gttggcatta ttgtgtattt agaaattgca     53400
     agaaatacta cagctaaatt tttggaatta ataagtttac caaggttatt aaatacaaga     53460
     ataatatcca agaaccaaca catttttata agacagaaat gaagagaaca tacaatttga     53520
     aaagaaaata caattcacat tatcatcaaa attacacact acctaggaat acatcttttt     53580
     aaaaagttca aaatatgtgg attaaatgta aaaaaacttt gtcttataga tatccagata     53640
     tagctatagc tctctataaa taaagaggca tgtatagttt ttagagtaaa aataaataca     53700
     tattttattt tattttattt gcttgctgca aaacttttgt gacatattgg ctccttaagc     53760
     aatatttgga aacagggtaa tactgttgag aaaacaaaca tattacattt agagattcga     53820
     aatgagaata tatactttac aaattaaacc acatactttg acattttctt taaaaactac     53880
     atttataaat tgtatggtaa caccaatgtt tatctattcc ctgggccaat ctactaaatt     53940
     atcatgatat ggataataat cctccatggc aatgtcaaag atggtattta aatagacatt     54000
     tgatagatag atagatagat agatagatga tagacacaca cataaaattt gtttgatttt     54060
     gtgtttttat tatttctata cctggagtca aggggttaac tgagctaggt gcaatctgat     54120
     tctttttatt ctaagtaaaa tagccaggca cagaaagaca aatactgtga tctcacttat     54180
     acatggaatc taaaaagtca gactcatagg agtggagagc agaatggtga ttacaggctg     54240
     gggaagtggg gcgaatatgg ggaagatgag aagatgttgg tcaaagagta caaggtttca     54300
     gttacacaag agcaatatgt ttttgaaata tattgctaat aataatgtat attttacaaa     54360
     ttacaaagag gaaatttcag tctgttaacc aaaaaaaatt gataagcatg tgaagtgatg     54420
     attatgttaa tcagtttaat tcaatcattc actatatagc ttaatttaat aattccacta     54480
     tatataatat atagatttat ttttatactt ttatatattt gtatatagtt atatatatct     54540
     atgaatatgt agttatatat tatttatata tagttacata ttagtatata tatttatagt     54600
     ctataaatat atgtaatata taatatacat tatgttgtac ataatatata tgctgtgtat     54660
     gaaatatata taaatagttt tgaggtacat atatctgtca aaacttgata ttatgcctca     54720
     taaatatata tattattttc tattataaaa gaaaatatta aatataaatc aaatttattt     54780
     atataccagt aaagcatata aaattatata aatattgaaa acaaacctat gtaaatatag     54840
     atatacctct ttatttaaaa gacttcctac agccatggat tggaaaactt aatattacta     54900
     aggtgacaat attatccaat gtgataggga gattcaatgt aattccttac caaaatctta     54960
     atggcattat tttttggata gaaatagaaa aatctctctt aaaattcatg tggaacataa     55020
     aaggacctca agtaaccaaa acaatcttga aaaacaagaa acaaatttgc aggactctca     55080
     ctccccagtt tcaaaactta atacaaagtt acagtaatca agagcacatg cagcactggt     55140
     ataaagaaaa atacagagac aaatggagaa gcattgagag gccagaagtg aactctcaat     55200
     tcatttacca cgggtgccaa gaccattcaa tggggaaacg gtggtctttg acaaatggtg     55260
     ttgggaaaat tagacaccca catgcaggaa gaatgaagtt ggattcttac tttaagccat     55320
     gtgcaaattc aatcaaattg aaccaaagac ctaaatttaa gtgataaaac tgtaaaactc     55380
     ttaaaagaga acaagggaaa aatcttcatg actttggatt aggtaatggc ttctttaaaa     55440
     tgacaccaaa agcacagacc acaaaagaaa aattacataa attgggcttc gtaaaaatta     55500
     aaaacttttg tgcatcaaaa tacacttatc aagagagtga aaagaaaacc tacagaattg     55560
     tttgcacaga tgcaaagatt ctaattaaaa cagtaagata aatctagtaa aaaatacata     55620
     taattaagtg tagtttaatc ttaaaaatat aaattttgta atacattaat acaattatga     55680
     aattatatac ctaatataaa gcaaaaacaa aattaaaaac aagaaaataa aaactatata     55740
     atcttagatg gcacaaacat tttaaaataa aagttaatat ccactcatga ttttaaaaat     55800
     aaaacaacag cagcaacaat atcctctagc aatgtaagaa tagaagaaaa ttttctgagt     55860
     ctactaaata gtgccaggga agaatcaaaa gctaacatca ataacagtag tgttgtattg     55920
     ctcactttac ccctaaaatc gagaacaaga aaagaatgtc ctctattagt acttccagta     55980
     gtgaggagga cctggccaga agaataaagc aaaataatta attaattaaa agtaataaag     56040
     attggaaaga aagaacacag tattgtcatt cacacataat gtgcttaagt acttagataa     56100
     tcgaatggaa tctataaaac caccaaactt ctagaataat taatcaggga ttttagcaag     56160
     gtctcagtgt acaaaattaa taatgaaaat aaattttatt tccatacatt agtaattaac     56220
     atttggaaaa tgaatatatc acttacaata gaatcaaata gtataaaatt cttaagaata     56280
     tagttaacaa agtatatgca agatacctac actgaaaact gcaaaaccct tcagataaaa     56340
     atttaaaaat acctacataa aggaagagac ctaacaaaag tgttgtatct agactatttg     56400
     aagaatttct tcaacttcat aaaaatatta aataatgcaa caaaatagaa caaagatttg     56460
     aatgaatatt tcataaatga agatagatga ctaaagaatt caacataatc atcaggaaaa     56520
     tgcaaaccaa aatgagttat tactttacac tcactgacct ggatataatt taaaaggctg     56580
     aaaatatcaa ttattggtta tgtggagtca ctgaaactct catacattgc ttatttgaat     56640
     gtaaaatagt gcagccactt tggaaaactg atttgtagta ttttataaaa ttaaacacat     56700
     acctactctt tgacccagac attgtatatg gaatgaaaag tataaaagaa atgaaatatg     56760
     tgtccacaat agacttgaaa gagaatgttc atagcaattt tattaataat agcccaaacc     56820
     tagaaacatc caggtatcca tcagcagaaa aatgagtgga aaaaactgaa gcatattcat     56880
     aaaatgaaat tcaacttaaa atattaaaag aacatacaca gcaatataca tgatctcaac     56940
     attatattga atgaaaaaaa ttagatacaa cagagcaaat agtgtattat taccatatga     57000
     agttaatgaa aaggcaaaac taaactttga tgatgggaat cagactactg gttgcctgtg     57060
     aaaaattaat gttctttgtt tggattaagg tatgaattac ttgggtgtat tcaattgtta     57120
     atacttataa tctgtgcttg taaaaataca tgtctgtaaa ttatacttca atcatttaaa     57180
     aaagagagat tacaaaattt tgagtttgag agtagaaatt caagcctaat cttcttgagc     57240
     cttttaagac tactgggttg aaagggagac agaccctagc ttactttata acactgatga     57300
     tatagatttg aggtgagaga aaaaaaatat ttttcatcat cctaatgaaa tttatgtctt     57360
     ctcacatcca caattttttt caatctcatg tctttggaaa atcctgcttc gcaaatatgg     57420
     aagagaaagc tataccctcc cctctaggaa tcagaggttg tcctaacgtc ctctttcaca     57480
     tcattctctt ctataaaccc agtgtcctta aaattagtta ggcctatagt caagtaagcc     57540
     tgtaataata aatatagtaa gtggaactgc caaccctgtc tttcctaatc ttttgaatta     57600
     gcaaaatatc ctttatccaa agggaagaaa agaaatcctg tgtcaggagg acataattgc     57660
     tatctctcca gaaaagaatg ccaatccatg tatctctctc tttgtttttt tagagagaga     57720
     gacagggtct ctctctgtca cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg tacagacatg gctaactgca     57780
     gcctctatct cccaggctca agcaatcctt gtcctcctgc ttcagcctcc tgagtagctg     57840
     ggactacagg catgtgccac caaactcagc taattttttg atgtgtgtag aaatggggcc     57900
     tcactatgtt gcccaggctg gtctcaaatt cctgtcctta agctaccctc ccatcttggc     57960
     cttcgaaagt gctcggctgt tgggattaca ggcttgagtc accacaccag cctccctcta     58020
     tctagaaaca gaataaaggt gagggggtag gtaggcagga ttaaacaaac aaaaaacact     58080
     gtcctctgtg aatgatcgat tcaaccaaat taaagaccat gtatcaaaac cctgcaccat     58140
     tctctctact gacaatcaca ctcttgcata gtccctcaca ctatagcagg agtggtctgt     58200
     atgaccagtt gacaacagca gaaattatgg tatgttactt cctatattag gtcatgaaaa     58260
     cattaaagtc ttccttcttc tcccccactt ccctcccctc ttctctctct ctcatcatct     58320
     gttctggggg aagtcagctg ccaaatctta aagacactca ggtggctcgg tggagaggcc     58380
     tattggtgag gaactgaagc cttcagtcaa cagccatgta atgagccttc ttgtaaagag     58440
     acccccaacc ccagtcaagg attcagatgg ctgcagcccc agccaatggc ttcactgcaa     58500
     cctatgagag actgagccag agctacccag ctaagctgct ccaaaattcc tgacctgtaa     58560
     gataatatgc aattgttgtt ttaagccact aagtttccag gtaatttgtt accagtaata     58620
     aataattaat tcactaagaa tctgtcataa gtgtggcttc tctctggatt atgattactc     58680
     acttactaca gtggttccca aaatgcaagc ctaagctgaa tcctagtagt tcttctttga     58740
     atgcagcagc tttgcccttg atacatgact ttctctcagt tcaattgtat taaatatttg     58800
     aaacacagaa atgcctgcct ggaccctcac catgaatccc catcccttct gataccggaa     58860
     tctggttgct atttctagaa catttctcat caagacatta tcctaactta tggtttcatt     58920
     gctaattcat agacacttgt cccattatag agatctagtg atttccatgt gagatttttg     58980
     ccctcacaca tgccaattcc ccttgttcta cctgtttacc taacatcaat cagatgtcaa     59040
     taatggaaaa gaaaaaaatc aagaagtagg agcttaagac actgtgtact ggcagggcta     59100
     ttgcttattt ctgccgtacc cctctttctt gtcatctctt agttcagatg ccttggccct     59160
     gtgcatagtg tgctctatct catgaatctg aagtaaagag aatcaaaagg atgaagagct     59220
     ttaaatcttt tgacaacatt taagagagaa caggaaattt tcctcccttt tcctggaagt     59280
     ctttgctgat gaatgaaaaa ttgggtttcc tttatgtaac ctgtcgatgg ggaggcaaaa     59340
     cttgtccaga aaaaataaaa atgttctcac tgtgctatgt tactagaatt gtgatctgaa     59400
     gcctggagca gaacttacct atgctactca tctcaatcct tttaggcagt ggcactagga     59460
     gccttactct gttcaaattt ggtgccttcc taccgttatg gaaggaagct ctgtattctc     59520
     cttactttct caacctttga tcctaacaga ggcagtttct ttttcttttt ttttttaatt     59580
     gatcattctt gggtgtttct cgcagagggg gatttggcag ggtcacagga caatagtgga     59640
     gggaaggtca gcagataaac aagtgaacaa aggtctctgc ttttcctagg cagaggaccc     59700
     tgcggccttc cgcagtgttt gtgtccctgg gtacttgaga ttagggagtg gtgatgactc     59760
     ttaacgagca tgctgccttc aagcatctgt ttaacaaagc acatcttgca ccacccttaa     59820
     tccattcaac cctgagtgga cacagcacat gtctcagaga gcacagggtt gggggtaagg     59880
     tcacagatca acaggatccc aaggcagaat ttttcttagt acagaacaaa atgaaaagtc     59940
     tcccatgtct acttctttct acacagacgc ggcaaccatc cgatttctca atcttttccc     60000
     cacctttccc ctctttctat tccacaaaac cgccattgtc atcatggccc gttctcaatg     60060
     agctgttggg tacacctccc agacggggtg gtggccgggc agaggggctc ctcacttccc     60120
     agtaggggcg accgggcaga ggcgcccctc acctcccgga tggcgcggct ggccgggcgg     60180
     ggggctgacc ccccacctcc ctcccggacg gggcagctgg ccgggcgggg gactgacccc     60240
     cccacctccc tcccggacgg ggcggctggc cgggcagagg ggctcctcac ttcccagtag     60300
     gggcggccag gcagaggcgc ccctcagcta ccggaccggg tggctggccg ggcggggggc     60360
     tgaccccccc acctccctcc tggacggggc ggctggccgg gcggggggct gaccccccac     60420
     ctccctcccg gacggggcgt ctcgcctggc ggggggctga cccccccacc tccctcccgg     60480
     actgagcggc tggccaggcg gggggctgac tcccccacct ccctcccgga cggggcggct     60540
     ggccgggcgg ggggctgacc cccccacctc cctcccggac ggggcggctg gccgggcaga     60600
     ggggctcctc acttcccagt aggggcggcc gggcagaggc gcccctcacc tcccggacgg     60660
     ggtggctggc cgggaggggg ctgacccccc cacctccctt ccggatgggg tggctgccgg     60720
     gcggagacgc tcctcacttc ccagacgggg tggcagccag gcggaggggt tcctcacttc     60780
     tcagatgggg cggccgggca gagacgctcc tcacctccca gacggggcgg cggggcagag     60840
     gcgctcccca catctcagac gatgggcggc cgggcagaga cgctcctcac ttcctagatg     60900
     ggatggtggc cgggaagagg cgctcctcac ttcctaggtg ggatggcggc cgggcagaga     60960
     cgctcctcat tttccagact gggcagccag gcagaggggc tcctcacatc ccagacgatg     61020
     ggcggccagg cagagacgca cctcacttcc cagacggggt agcggccggg cagaggctgc     61080
     aatctcggca ctttgggggg ccaaggcagg cggctgggag gtggaggttg tagccagccg     61140
     agatcacgcc actgcactcc agcctgggca ccattgagca ctgagttaac gagactccgt     61200
     ctgcaatccc ggcacctcgg gaggccgagg ctggcggatc actcgcggtt aggagctgga     61260
     gaccagcccg gccaacacag cgaaactccg tctccaccaa aaaaatacga aaacccgtca     61320
     ggcgtggcgg cgcgcgcctg caatggcagg cactgggcag gctgaggcag gagaatcagg     61380
     cagggaggtt gcagtgagcc gagatggcag cagcacagtc cagagggaga ctgtggaaag     61440
     gggagaggga gagggaggag agggagaggg ggagggggag ggggaggggg agggggaggg     61500
     ggagggggag ggggagaggg agagggagag gagagggaga ggtctaattt acaaatacaa     61560
     attcttatga gaaaaatttt aattactgag gatgtttggt ttgaaaagaa gattagttac     61620
     taccagtatt agtactattg ctactatcac ctctgctatt agtgttacta taaatattgg     61680
     aagctaaaat gaaccaagtg ttcatcacag agaagtcata gtattaagtt ccctatacgc     61740
     tatctcattt atttctcaca atagtcctgt gctgaatgcc ataattattt gcattattat     61800
     gagagttagg tgtgcctgaa agaagcaagg taacgtcacc aagatcagag ctactaaaga     61860
     aagagcaatt atcaagattc agatcttttt gactacaagg cctgggattt caatcactag     61920
     aaataaaggt gtatgagaag tggatggccc agttattaca taaacccaca gaaaatgaaa     61980
     atgaagaggc ttaaatgaaa gtggacacac catgactgga aatactatag gacttaattt     62040
     taagaacaag caataacgta acaggcgttt gaagaatagg caggacccca tcctgaaaac     62100
     cttaccctgg aacactttca ggtgtgacag ccatcctggc tagacagtcc tagcctggct     62160
     ggaatagatg gttactgaag atcttgccca accctagcct tctaggactt acacatcgtg     62220
     tatctcctag gacggaccac agttttacct aaccttccag ttttctccct cttgtttttc     62280
     tccattctgc cttcccagta tttgcagctt tcctcctttt tttttttttt ttttccaact     62340
     atacatgcag tggctgtttc tctggatcca gatgcagctc atcccaacct catccgatct     62400
     gagggtagaa gatacacttc ttcaacggag aatgttcccc gaactgggat gcccccacac     62460
     accaaggaca aggggaatcc aaaaccatct tcagtgttct gggtttacca caggggagac     62520
     attactttac cacaggggag acagacatta ctgggaggta gaagtaaata atggggacag     62580
     aagttggacc aggaacgaga tgagctctgg gtgtttgttc agcacaatga agagagagtg     62640
     gtggtttgta gaaagtccag agaagaattt ctgcatggtg acatgtgaag aaggaagggt     62700
     catggctctc acttcctgcc cagagactct gtcaggagcc tccctgtccc cctagaaggt     62760
     ttccaggaca gcaaggctgg agacgtgtct tttcacaacg aggtcgatta gtcccacatc     62820
     tattctctta ctggaatcac cttctgtggg attttccatc cttattctag ccttcagagt     62880
     gctggcacat ctgtgacctt ctgcttagat catcatgaaa attgtcctga ttcttttcca     62940
     gttacccctg taacttcttt aacgagttgt gatagagatg ttgcccagga agctaatgtt     63000
     ctattagcat aataagcagc gaagtgttgg cacctctgct gtctccactg gagcatcttc     63060
     taggtacatt caccaggaaa gctgtccttg gatggtgagt aggtcagttt cactaggtgt     63120
     gatttcactt tctgtcaaag aggaagaggc agaaagtgaa gtgagagaac tggaaaatgt     63180
     ccagggagat ttcctccggt gctgctattg gggaaataca gtctctttgt gggcagcaac     63240
     tatttctcac aagaaaactc caaacaagtt catggatttc tcatctgttt tcatgctgag     63300
     tgtgtgttga agtatataat tttaaagcta catttacagg gaaatctctt cttactattt     63360
     ttgttatcaa atatggagga ggggaggcgt ttgaagggaa gtattgcagt agagtgaatt     63420
     ctcacttcca ttaccactgt tggagatgca taggaatctg tccaagtcct ttaatagctc     63480
     agcgtgtttg ctcttcaggc tctagtgtac aatcaactgc taatcttgga ctttgacaag     63540
     ggacggagaa ggctcatgaa taattgtaaa taattggagg aggagcccaa gccttctgga     63600
     aggaaagagc ccttttcttt aataagttct cactggtcag caagtccaga attgtgtcct     63660
     atgtgagaat gtgaatgaaa gaggagtcaa tgttgcagtt tatactttag gagagaaagc     63720
     agtaaagtag aaataaagaa acatctgtac caagagtcat tgctaacatt aacattcttt     63780
     ttcttcctga cctgttctgc ccactgttga gggtttccct tgtccttgct gcatgtaaga     63840
     cttctccagc tgtttatcat caagttgtct tcaaggatat agaatatgag cttctcctgc     63900
     tttttgtttg tttgtgtatt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt ttctttgacg gagtctcgct     63960
     ctgtcaccag gctggagtgc tgtggcacca tctctgctca ctgtaacctg cacctcccag     64020
     gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gactataggc atgtaccacc     64080
     acgcccagct aatttttgta ttttttttaa tactttaagt tctagggtac atgtgcacaa     64140
     cgtgcaggtt tgttacacat gtatacatgt gccatgttgg tttgctgcac ccatcaactc     64200
     atcatttaaa ttaggtattt ctcctaatgc tatccctccc cgctcctccc accccacgac     64260
     agaccctggt gtgtgatgtt ccccgccctg tgtccaggtg ttctcattgt tcaattccca     64320
     cgcagccata aaaaaggatg agttcatatc ctttgtaggg acatggatga acctggaaac     64380
     cacaattttt gtatttttag tataagagag agggtttcac cgtgttggcc cagatggtct     64440
     ccatctcttt accttgtgat ccacccgcct tgtcctcaga aagtgttggg attacaggcg     64500
     tgagccaccg cacctggccg agcttcttct gttaaatgaa ccctttcttc ctgatgatgg     64560
     aagagatccc cttagttttt cttctacagt atttgcagat ctgtaaacca caagtgcctc     64620
     taacaatctg tcctgtagat gtatctcctt ggtgaaattt cacgtcacac actaagtggc     64680
     aaagacagta ttcgaagcca ggaagaatca agccagagcc tagtcctaat ttcactgacc     64740
     ctaaagggag gcttacatat ttcatcaaga aataatcaag gcaggacaga ggtaaataaa     64800
     tggtgataaa atattaatag ttataatcaa atggacatgg tggatgagaa gggatttctg     64860
     gacatgcgag ccctaaacat gggggtaaca acaaaacagg aacaaatggg gtggaactgt     64920
     ggtatagaac acgaaatgta acaggttcag ccttagacat tttacttttt tatacactta     64980
     ggacattcag catgaggttc aagaggagtt tttactatct ctttttcaga gtctaaattc     65040
     atattttttc tacaacaaga ttcttaaact tgtcacttct ttactcattt taatgggtgt     65100
     ttgtccttct aagcttagag attggggagc agtggctgca ggtggacatg gtagaaaacg     65160
     tgaaggtgga tggttgattg gactcagagc tttagacctg tcagggataa cagtgtccat     65220
     cttattttca tttgtagctt tgagtaaatc aataagtagt gcagggtctc caagtagcct     65280
     atcctttctg gaaaagtgaa ttcaccacct ggctacatca attaattctt tattgctgga     65340
     ctactctggc actcccattt ttagtaaagt ttatgaaggt ataataagac attccaaaaa     65400
     cagagtgact ccactgcaaa aaagaaagac ctgagggcag gaattatgtc ttattaagga     65460
     ttgtatctct aggccttagc atagtacatt caacaggtaa gatattcaat aaatatcact     65520
     ttatgagaca attcatgcat tttacaaatg tttattgata atcaatgtat gtcattttta     65580
     caggttgtgg ggctagacaa gaaggaaaaa aatcactgtc ctcatggaag ttaaattgta     65640
     ctgacaaagg aggaaaatgt cagggagtta acaattcagt ctctgtggct tcctcctgtc     65700
     ctctccctga aactgagatc cagccaatct gcacatttat tctgagagtg gccccacttt     65760
     aatgactaca cccagctgtc tacacaccag gaggggaggg aactgtatcc tgaggcacca     65820
     acccgattac ccacccaaca gccacaggga cttccagtga ctggggcatc atcctcaatg     65880
     ccaccaaccc ctctccttcc tgtggctttt ctaactggaa ctggaactca gaaagtacat     65940
     taatcaccaa tttgggaagc tataggaaag tatgttttct aatatacagt gagagaatgt     66000
     gactgataaa accaattttc ttgagacttt ctccctggaa agtgaatata tgtattcata     66060
     gggccttcac aagcacagac taacaagcaa agagctacat tcactgggaa ggaagactca     66120
     aaagtaagtg aaaaataata gttaaccttt agatgttgtg caataaatta tttttaatta     66180
     cattaaatca aaatagtgtt aaaatatttt caggtaaacc tagtatattt actaataaat     66240
     ttaagtcttc ataaatataa agatagatca atgtaaatgt aaaaatcatt tgttaaactc     66300
     cagagattat ataaacaaaa ggtgaaccta atgtaaaact gtggacttta gttgaaaata     66360
     atgtgtcact attctttcat gggttgtaac aaatgtgcca cactaatgta agatgttaat     66420
     aatagcagaa atagggggga gagaggaggg atctaggagc tctctggatt ttccatttta     66480
     ttttgttata aatctaaaac tgttcttaaa aataatgtct gttaattttt tttttaaaaa     66540
     ggaaagaagc actgatacat gctatgacat ggaagaactc taaaaatatt aggctaaggg     66600
     aaagaagcca catacacata cacatacaca gatagtttat ggttccattt atataaaata     66660
     ttcagaatag aaaagttcat agggacagaa agtagattac ctggggagta gggggtgaaa     66720
     aatgggtagt aactgcttaa tgggtatgaa gtttcgttta gggcgatgaa aatattctgg     66780
     aactagaaag tgatgatgat ggtcacacag caatgtcaca tatacaatac cacagaactg     66840
     tacactttaa aatggttaaa gggttttatt ttatgttatg tattttacca caattgaaaa     66900
     aaatgtttat taaaattaat gtgtaaacat ttgtggaaga ataatgtgta gtttctaaca     66960
     tttatgtgtt taaatttatg agtttaaaaa tagaaaaaaa aatgatggcc cagaagagca     67020
     agttcagagt gctgttcatg agtgatccgc atgggaccgc gatgcctctg acgtctgcca     67080
     tcctggagag cagcagagcg tcactagcag gtcctcgtct tctcacttca taacattctt     67140
     tccaaaagtc ttgttgacat tcttctgtct tccacatata gtttatcttc ttgaactcat     67200
     tataacttta aaatattttt actgtgttac atgtactgct tatatttgtt tattttataa     67260
     ttattaattt taaattgtgc actttatttt gctctaacaa taaaattgac atgttcgtat     67320
     agatgataca taatttttcg cttggatcgg aaagtgtaaa atttttttcc tgactcaatt     67380
     tcctgtatca actttctcaa aaagtctgga ggagggattt tacaacactt cataagattt     67440
     tcaagattat attttagtga tcagattttt ctccccctta tgcagctgta ttttctttca     67500
     ctttttttta actgtatata tatatttttt attttctcag ttccacctat gtggacaatt     67560
     aattgtcacc atcttaaata aactgatcag gccaggtgtg gtggctcatg cctgtaattc     67620
     cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcgagtggat catttgaggc cagaagtttg agaccagcct     67680
     ggccaacaaa gtgaaacccc atctctacta aaaatacaaa aataggctgg gcatggtggc     67740
     acatgcctgt aatcccagct actcatgaga ctgaggcaag agaattgctt gaacccggga     67800
     ggcagaggtt gcagtcagct gagatcatgc cactgcactc cagcctgggt gacagagtga     67860
     gactttgtct cagaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     67920
     aaactgacca aatccttgat tattcctttc atttcttcct gtaggctaaa ttgtatttcc     67980
     catgggattt tctaagggtc cttgattatc agatgtcaga ttgtgattga taggccggat     68040
     ctcagagaac ctggaacagg ataggtctct gaaaagatca gtctccagca gattttcctg     68100
     agtagaatta aaacaccttg agttagtact tcaatgatca tggcagcccc cttcaagcag     68160
     ttagagaaat gagaaatgat caggactcag aatatcattc tggtttccag aatcccagat     68220
     tgttattttc ctgatacgtt ggagatgttc ttgtgggtac agaaaaaatg tccagagaac     68280
     ctacattagg gaaccaaaga atgaagcggg gtgcagagtc ccagagaagg aagttttggg     68340
     gaaggtgtag atagggcact tgccaatcat gttataagag gagaggtatt cagaggcacg     68400
     gtcaggggga ttctgacttg ttcaggggcc accttcaagg ggatggggct tggaagagag     68460
     gggatggccc agaactcatt tcttttgcaa tccattgcct aaaactcact gtcaggtgac     68520
     acagagatga ctctttcttt gcaacatgtg cttggcaacc tccgggaccc atcgcgccct     68580
     gttcccagtc tccacctctc agtaccagct ccctgacagg agttccctct ggcccataga     68640
     gcagatagtc agatctctgt gggatatctg gctgcctgaa tgtccatgga tcacacgctt     68700
     gttctgttca gaagaaatca gtctcaggtg agctgtgttt gaagccaatg tcacattcac     68760
     tgtaaagaaa gagaatccat tctgataatt aatcaatata atttcattct attaacagcc     68820
     aaacaggaag acaagtgttt cacggacata agaaatttaa agtggaagca ctttctagag     68880
     cacacaaaac agcctcccta acacatgaga agtcaccagc aacacagaaa tcaccaacaa     68940
     gtaggtcacc acatttttaa agatcatagg aaattgttca cgccaacaaa tctcagtgaa     69000
     cctcagctct cagccttgaa aacaaggatg gctgtactac tcactttttt cttcttcttc     69060
     cctaaccaga tcactgggga atgggcagca ggaaatcaaa tcattatctt ttaatcattt     69120
     tgcttctatt acaagtggaa acactgacct catgcatcac tgagcctgga ttgcatgata     69180
     agccctgggc tttcctgttt ctcatgtttc cttagttact ggatattcac tgactgcctc     69240
     ccataggtga cttgtgaaaa gggaggctcg gggaagtacg cagtacggtt cccactgcag     69300
     tgtgctccgc tgtttctgtt tccctgactt acctcttttc agctcctctt cctgggcagg     69360
     cctacagcca cagcaagaag caatccccaa acaagcagtg ttttccacaa aaacgtcatc     69420
     ctggactcta aaatggaaac ccaagaatcc cttgaaactg tgaaactggg acaatattaa     69480
     gattgtactt ttcatctgag cagcttctag gctggagaga agggagagaa tttggcctcc     69540
     caggaagcag ttggcctgct cctccctgct ctggagatgc agaggagaga atgcaagtat     69600
     ttcatgtttg ctcgtctcag aaatgtacac atgcacagac aagttttccc ttctctcttc     69660
     caactatatc acacaatcac tggaatgact tgaggaggaa aggataaaat tactcaagcc     69720
     gcaaccatga agatggtatt aataaaaatc agtttctaat ccagaagaaa atcctccatg     69780
     agggggaaaa cacaaagttc tgtaatttaa ttgttttcac atcagaagaa gagaatttaa     69840
     agagagagag tgaaaacagg gtcaattacg agaatttagt gtgtatccaa tgataaaaat     69900
     aattgcaggg cgctagttga gggtgtcaga gagaaactca gaggagtaga atccctgggt     69960
     gtcctgaaaa ccagctttgc agaggatagc aggagacctc gtcagagatc agcaaataaa     70020
     aatcacaaag gaagaagagc aatacaatga gtaagtctga gttggtcttc atatttattt     70080
     tccaaacctg aaggaacata aggaatcacc aacctgagag agaaaaagtt gcgattttct     70140
     cctcgcccaa aaaggggatg ctgatggaac aagtgacgtc cacagcggag atgtttgtga     70200
     cccttagcaa tgtctgcacg tggaacagcc cgtggctgcc ttgagtcagg gcctgggaag     70260
     atgatggtat cgtctttcct tccatgtccc tccatggcac gtggggctgt gggaaccacc     70320
     catctgaaga gcacatcggc tgcatttctc catcttcttg cccctccaca gtgatcagtg     70380
     gggaagaacc cagacctggg gcagagaaag caaccaaagc ctggggtcct ttcaagtgga     70440
     tgagtgggca gcaatttcac tgggaggaaa gaaggggatg tggagggctt ggggaaggga     70500
     gaaaagctta agggggattg cactccactt agggatgagg ctggctggag cattttctta     70560
     ttttgtttgt ttgcttattt ttattctttg tattcctaaa tcattctggg atgattaaga     70620
     ggtaaggtaa atgttcaaat ccaacattta ttctgtccct gagaacaaaa taacttcggc     70680
     cagggcatgg gtcacatgga caggattaac atacggagta ggaggatatt ctcaaaaatc     70740
     gaaaccttat aaatatctac gtccaatggc agaaaatacg aggctcatga aacttctcaa     70800
     catgcgctcc catggctaaa cgtgtttatt aatttagaat caaaatccgt gggagaaaca     70860
     cgtagcatat ccaagacttg ggcctatatg tactcaatgg catctgctaa ccttggacgt     70920
     ttcaattctc acacacacgg acagtgggaa atgatgctgc agggagtgat ttcatctttt     70980
     ctcccctgtc cctgccaaaa ctgtcaatat ttataatttt ggtttacaca gtggatccag     71040
     tttagtcttc agatgattac agtttctaga attttattgc atttctcaga attctaataa     71100
     cacactgtga aacaatgagc cttttgtaaa atatgtagta agatactcag atttccttaa     71160
     agatatggtc aatttttgaa gatactggaa aagatacaag ttatatgccc aaataattaa     71220
     atttcatcca tttgagtttg tggattttaa gtaactatga cagtttcaca cactggagga     71280
     tttgatataa atttgatgat gaataagcat taagaaaatt tcaaatgtca gagaaattgt     71340
     ccaggaacta gcatattaaa gtggcaggag caggtattga atacaaaata tctatctaga     71400
     attcttactt accaccttca gatccaaact ggcctcctgg tagacatcat ctttttcaaa     71460
     aaggcagcgg tactgcccgt cgtccgaagg tctggcactg agtatctgca gggtcagtct     71520
     gccctcgtca atggcgtcac tcaccagtac agtcctccct ctgtactctg ccatctgctc     71580
     tccagccaca tggtccccat ccatatacac atgcacagca gggtaacggt gggatcggtc     71640
     ccacctcacc tccatgctct gtgcattcgc cttgggggac aggtaacagg ttagctgtat     71700
     atcttctccc actctgacga ggatgggctg ggaaggtcca ttcactttta aagaagctgt     71760
     taaatagagt ggacaaaaca caatgaaaga atcaaaatgg aaccaataat gtcatctcta     71820
     agaacagctc cattggagtt tagaaaccat gagcatccca gggttgctgt gaggctcagg     71880
     gtcatcctta ggtgaggtgg gggtttcatg gactcagaat agaggttgct cttctttaag     71940
     gaggaatcat tccatgatgt gtgtcagtct gagtaaaaca gtaattgaat ccctacctgc     72000
     ttctacctgt atttttttca gtttacagac caataataaa ataattttgc aattaaaact     72060
     cccagatagg ctgggtgtgg tggctcaagt ctataatccc agcactttgg gaggccgaag     72120
     cgggtggatc accagaggtc aggagttcaa gaccagcctg gccaacatgg tgaaaccccg     72180
     tctctacaga aatacaaaaa ttagtcgggc atgatggtgg gtgcctgtaa tcccagctac     72240
     tcaggaggct gaggtggaaa aattgctcga acccgggagg cagaggttgc agtgagctga     72300
     gatcatgcca ctgcactcca ggctgggtga caaagcgaga ctttaaaaac aaacaaacaa     72360
     aaaacaccca gaataaagtg aacagtttat aaatttggcc ccagatgcct ctgtacctga     72420
     ctccttatgt aacaaactgc aatttaactt agtacgtcaa ctactgaaag cctaacttag     72480
     gttgcagttt gttacataag cactcaggta cagaggcatc ctggggccaa atttataaat     72540
     tgctcatttt attctgagag ttttaattgc aaaattattt tatgaataag cctaacttag     72600
     gagctaaggc taacttagga gtacactttt gtaataaata gctgagtagc agctgctgca     72660
     cttctgttag ttgcaggcag ccaactgttg aaaccctgtt caaatcggca aacgccaggc     72720
     tgcaaccaat agagctgtct ctgtacctca cttctgtttt ctgtacctca tttccatttt     72780
     ctgtccataa atgctgtctg accaaattgc tgctttgaat tctctgaaac cgttctgatt     72840
     ctgagggatg gcttgtttat gagtcatcct tttctcagtt agactctgct aaatttagtc     72900
     tgtctaaagt ttttcttcta acacttcaat tctgtatgat tttaaactac ttcttaatct     72960
     gtcttaaact acttcttaat gcctcagttt cttaaactgt aaatttgcta tacaactacc     73020
     aaaatcataa tgtttcagag ttgaacaaaa tagtttgcat taagtgcctg gaagaccctg     73080
     cagcgtgagc agaggtgcac agacctgtga gacttgaagg cgttggagcc atccccaccc     73140
     tctgacgtgg taatagggag gggtttaaaa acatgtctca tgtggacttt tggtaatgat     73200
     atttgaagaa gctttcctct aggtggactt tatagtacct tgtaagtctg gtccagccgc     73260
     tatattttat ttccccaatg ctccacatag gtggagttat agacacacac cagttgaatg     73320
     tcctcaaata attttgaaaa ttaaaattaa cattttaaga tcaataattg gggaagtcgg     73380
     caaagtacaa attgtgaaac aatgatgaat gtaaaaaagg ggtctaattc tctcactgtg     73440
     caaagtgggg aaagatgttc tctgagggct ttcctgggcc caagctatat tacattttcc     73500
     attctcatca ggccctgccc gtgccatttt ttctctattc taaattaagt gtcgtccttt     73560
     tctgttaaat gataagaatg gttttgcata aggtgtgatc atttataata gaaacacaag     73620
     cataaaattg ttggttctct gcatagagtc actggccaaa ggcgttaaca tcccattatg     73680
     tcattggccg aaaactgcca gctacctttg tagagaggaa agtccctgtc aacacaattt     73740
     gaattttcag attattacct tccattccag gtaacagttg actcccagtt atttccagca     73800
     ttttgtttgc tttgtcctgt aattttacct aaaacaatat tattttcctc tcctatgtat     73860
     ctattaaagt ctgaagacaa gaatcagaaa aaatggacta gggattagtt tggggctgtt     73920
     tctgcatcca catggcttac ggtaaattac ttaataaaac agactgtttc ctcatctcct     73980
     ttatccatat gaggatttta ttccctgtcc gtgtgtgacc tgtgcacata ttagatctta     74040
     aactggcttg ccctgcctga cataggtaat taagagctaa aattgacttc aatggagact     74100
     gaaggaagca aaatgtaagt atggagattc aattaatttg atgcattaca gatacagaca     74160
     aaactccttt tgtccagaat ccaagtaaaa ctaaagttta aagtgctaaa aaaatcatgc     74220
     agccctgttt gttaataatt gatgttctac tagaatacaa gctccttggg agccactatg     74280
     cctaacccac tttttttttc tttcaatttt aagttccggg gtacatgtgc aggatgtgca     74340
     ggtttgttac ataggtaaac atgtgccatg gtggcttact gcacaggtca tcccatcacc     74400
     caggtgttaa gcccagcatc cattagctgt tcttcctgat gctctccctc ccccatcccc     74460
     caacaggtgt ccagtgtgtg ttgttccctg ccatgcatcc atgtgttctc accaatcagc     74520
     tcccccttat aagtgtgaac atgcagtagt taacctcctt tttctatacg gttttgtaca     74580
     cagccttcca gacaattttg tgctgaaatg tattgctttg ttttgttttg gttattgttt     74640
     gtatgttctg aatgccttct gaatatccac tgaaaaatta attcccttct ggagcgtgaa     74700
     gtacactgaa ttatacactg attccttgaa acctgataat ctcatcatca taccacataa     74760
     tcctctttca atcagcatat tcaattaatg cactatctca tttctcaaat atgctaagtt     74820
     atatctaatc tcttagaact ggacactaca ttagagatta aattcaacct gttcacttta     74880
     aagatgagaa aaatagagat gaatgagctg acaaagtcac acataagtaa ttaaggactt     74940
     gcactgttaa gttagataga tgtagattag aaggtaaaca tcaccatttc ttcctgattt     75000
     ttggcaaacc atgtatgtct ctaagattgt ttcttagctg taatatgagg ataaagcaat     75060
     taaactttat aattattgta agaaaaaatg aaataattcc cataacatat tcagcatcgt     75120
     gcctggcata caattaatat ttttaaaaac tattattttt ataaatgaaa aacattattt     75180
     gtaagactac aagcagtgat ttcagtctta ggacttccat agagagctgg gtgtcccatc     75240
     attagagctc acctgcaaag cttccgtgcc cagagccctc ctctcccacc tgacaggaag     75300
     caaagggaag ctccatcttt ccgtgttggt taattgtggc cccggaggtt accatgactt     75360
     aggaacaaca ggacatgggg tcgtattgtg tgtgctgggt ctccagtggg tctcagagaa     75420
     ctcagaggag tgactcttct cctaaaacct tcttgagaga cagacttgtg tcaacctgcc     75480
     ccaaacactg gctttacttc ctgatctcag aagggtaaga tacacaggtg tgtgtctctc     75540
     ctcagattgt ggagttactt tgcgccttcc agggaccctt ccctttatgt ttatggccta     75600
     atggggttga aggtgccata gtagactctg gtagagattg ggttgtgttt gttaccctga     75660
     ttttcctcaa aaactctttt gtgggctgaa aggtgtgctt aagctcacct aaagcacaca     75720
     catggataca cattcctgga gcaggtgact tgatggagag caaggaattg atggaaagag     75780
     cacataaggg atccacgttc tatgcaccta ggcagggagg caggctggtt gccttgggct     75840
     gggagaagag gccataaaaa ggagggagct agtaaggagg taaaggggaa actcaaaggg     75900
     gctcagccat cggctggtta tgttttaaac cacttatctc aggtgcagca aaataatacc     75960
     ctcagtccaa ctccgagatt taaaaaacaa aaattaggct gggtgcagtg gctcatgcct     76020
     gtaatcccag cacctttggg aggccaaggc cggcggatca tgaggtcagg agatcgagac     76080
     catcctggcc aacatggtga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaattagctg     76140
     ggtgtggtgg cgcatgcctg tagtcccagt tactcaggag gctgaagcag gagaatagct     76200
     tgaatccagg agatggaggt tgcagtgagc caagatggcg ccattgcact ccagcttggg     76260
     caacagagcg agactccgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaatgcc cggcgtggtg gctcacgcct     76320
     gtaatcccag cactttggga ggctgaggtg gggggatcac gagatcagga gatcgagacc     76380
     atcctggcta acacggtgaa atctcgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agccgggcgt     76440
     ggtggcggtt gcctgtagtc ccagctactt gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tggcctgaac     76500
     ctgggaggcg gagcttgcag tgagccaaga tcgcgccact gcactccagc ctgggcgaca     76560
     gagcaagact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaattgcta     76620
     cactcacagt atcccaggtt gcactcagaa agtaacagct ccctcccaat agtgattagc     76680
     ttaggggtgt actggggtga ggagcaggtg caggacccca tagcagagtt gagcagggag     76740
     gtgctgggtg caacccaggt tgtcataatg atgctgccct tgttcacact tgaaatgttt     76800
     tcaaagggcc tccaggcccc ggccagctgt ctgctgtcat cccccacaca ttctgaggca     76860
     gctccctttc ccctcaacac atagaacaga gatgatgcca tgcttcctat aggtgtccat     76920
     ctgatgctca ctggaatctc catgagcccc caaagtgtca ggtaacacag ctgcaacctc     76980
     cttgaatgag gccattactt tgctggtctc ctctggtatt taatgaacat aggacctggt     77040
     aaaatcgtgc ctcagttttt cctctgggtc acatggtctc gtggtagctc ccctccctct     77100
     gctggggagg gcagaggctc cctccacagg tgtgtgccag cacctcgtac ttacccagct     77160
     cagtctggag tttctctgga aaaagaacaa gaataacata ttaaggaatt tggtgtaagg     77220
     gaaaggagag aaactatttt ttaaaaaaga aagcaattta tacattatat agggaagctc     77280
     aattcattaa aaaaatgaaa tgcagaaaaa tactgattct ttcccacaga ttacccaatg     77340
     atacagcttt ttttcctttt ctctgcacaa caaaaatgct gtcacttcta tctccccatg     77400
     attctgttgg tttcttctga tatttacagc ataaatactt agctatcagc atgaaaataa     77460
     catatgttcc ttttatagat acacagaaag tacaaaatta tatggacata aacagtatca     77520
     cctaaattac aaagtagaga gacgaattat atgtaatata caatcagctt catttaaaat     77580
     taaaatgtaa cattaacttt aaagtttttt taatctatcc atttatatga ataactgtat     77640
     acttatatcc aaatgtggag ggtatcctga aagttttagt gcagttataa gttatttaag     77700
     gccagtaact tttatgtgat tggaaatgtc aatttatagg tagatgtcat gtttatcatt     77760
     gaatagtgca tcatgaggat ttttttcaac cattaaaatt atttaaaaat atctttttat     77820
     taatgctata atgtatagta agacaagatt ccacactgta ctgttgtatt ggggggttgg     77880
     ttgtttttgc tgctatttat aaataaggcc ataattaata ttctattatg caaatagttg     77940
     tctacatctc tgattatctt catatgatag atttctagaa gtaatcagca caagacagca     78000
     taggaaaaca tttcagttga agaaatatag ctttattttc tttacaatgc aatgaatact     78060
     tgtgagtaaa aacaatcaat gcagaagaag gaaaggtaga actcaaaaat aacgcaggcg     78120
     ccataacagc tattcaagta aaatgtagtg cgtatatttc cagtcataaa tgttttatgg     78180
     ctttcaatac atattgctat atgatagata atgtctcttg ataaaaatac gaggtgctat     78240
     ggtgcagtcc ctgggacctc tcctgctgat ctgagcatgt gggtcctaga ggcagagcac     78300
     tgacctggga ggctgatgac cgaccccttc tcctcagtga ggacggggtt gtggaccaag     78360
     caggacacag actctgcaga ggcgttcctg accaccaggg tggcttccgc atagaacagg     78420
     ccatctttat cttggatgcg atgctcagac acggccagca gcttctctcc ccggatgtct     78480
     tcccaataca cctggggctc tgggaaccag ccccttgcag tgcacacaag ctggactcca     78540
     ctctccccag gtccctccat gtggatgcta ggggcagacc ccagacctgc agagggaagc     78600
     cacagctctg acacccagag cccacagagg cagaaatcac agaggctgag atcccagtga     78660
     cgttgctcac agggaggtgg ccggagttca ggagtctgag gagcagaaag tcgacctcag     78720
     tctccccatt caaatgtgag ttcagataca ctttatttgt tccccagtct gggtctttac     78780
     attttagcat ctgaccagta cttttctcca gatccagaaa ggggaatcgg agaaggggga     78840
     catcatgaca ttttgcaacg cctctagcac tgcaaacaga gatgagctgt aatttattca     78900
     ttaattcctc tgtgccatga actctgcctt tttcatctta aaattatctg tattgggcac     78960
     attgtctggt attttagatg atgtcttgaa ctccaatttg attgaagatt taacacaaag     79020
     tcagaaatca ctccccaggg gcctgttctt cctgcatctt ttgctggtgg ctgtgatctt     79080
     cggaagcaag tggataaacg ggagcatgtg aaatgcgaat ctccacgagg cgttatttgt     79140
     agctaaatat tctattcaat gggtaagatg gttttgagaa atcctagttt acaacagttt     79200
     atgaaatcat gaattttttt tctctattta acgtgaaact cccacaccca aactaagggg     79260
     actatatttt ccataaatgg gaattctgtc ttaatcactt gctggtaaaa gagagatcca     79320
     ctcccttccc ttggaccctt agaaaatgtg tgacttattt gtaaatgttc ctgatattga     79380
     aatacatcag tacgttccct gtccccccat gtcagaaata tatgtattcc tccatccatt     79440
     ttgaatcacc ttgaacacag taacagtaat ggatgttaag aaaaaaaaag gtattaggaa     79500
     acagcctccc agggaagtaa agaaggaagc agtatcagct ggagacgtta acatctccag     79560
     agaactattt tccccatttg ccttagtaat tggatttact tgattttctc tttagagcat     79620
     ggagaagtta gccctgtcag ggaatcatat gatagtttac ttttcataag acagatccat     79680
     tcttcagttg tccccttctt ccctactcct tcctgcttag ctaatacaac agcaatatga     79740
     agaaccttcc cattcacaga gggtgtgtcc aaaagcatct gtgagtcccc aattcattga     79800
     acactagtat ataacaatct ccaaagcacg acattcttag ccttttcagt cttgttgata     79860
     gctttctaac tgagggcatt tcacaaggaa agaacatttt cacgtctcag tttctgcata     79920
     gatgggattg ggtagagaaa aaccaatgcc ctgagataca gatgccggac gtcagctggg     79980
     ctcattcatg cagcaattgg tttgctcttg cgcaccagcc ttaggtagca caaatgtgtg     80040
     tctcagcaaa attgctaaag actgcatgtc atggattcca aataatcctc aagaacagtc     80100
     aaaactgtgc aaattaaatt tgggaaaata ttttaacact aagcttgaag actccagaac     80160
     cacttatttt taaatcaatc agggtagagg actaagcatt aggaattacc ttgatgattc     80220
     aaaaggattt cctcaactgt cacaaagctt accacaaatt aatatatctc tgcctcttga     80280
     gaccctgtgt ctttccccag atattcacct gctactttga gcagcaagct tgtttctcca     80340
     cagtagttcc catcctggaa atggcaccag tattgtccat tgtcggaggg ctggatgttg     80400
     tgtatcttca gtgccacatt tccctttgca atgccattct ctatccactc tacccagcct     80460
     ctgtactcct ccatctgcat ctcagtcacc tccactccat ccctgtgcac aaacacaggt     80520
     gtgctgggct ctgagcggta ccacctcacc tccacgtgca ttgtggtcct cttggggagt     80580
     agctggcagg ttaacagggc atcttcccca accccggcca ggataggatg agcagggcca     80640
     atgactctaa agtcttctat aaaataagtg aaaaagagga acgaggaaat gccaatcaga     80700
     aaatcatatg catgctttgg ggtgtccagc ctgtcaaaat ggaggcaact agaagaggga     80760
     gagatatatg tttaatgttt tagagaaatc cagcatgatg atttgcacat ctgtttgtta     80820
     cagagtcaat tttgtgtact gaaaacaaat gcagttcaaa aatgtgggtg aggttgctgt     80880
     ctgtcaccta ccagctatgt gattcggtgg caaatctatt actcttggta agattttgag     80940
     atttgaagtc ctaatttctt catcttcaag atattaatac cagcatacct gggttgtttt     81000
     tattctcaag taaattattt attccttgag tcatttattc tcatgtaaat tgacttttta     81060
     aattggaaac cttattcttg ttattaacat tttattttcc tgaagtttag ataataaatc     81120
     catttattag ctttttttag cctttcagga ttcctcttct cttagatata aaaactgttt     81180
     tttttttgtt ttttttttgt ttgttttttt cccgtctgga gttggcagga ggccaattac     81240
     tgggactatg tacaatgcag ttttcacaag gacattttgt gctggattaa ggacactggt     81300
     ttgtctagag atttttgggt cttccaaaca aattctaaga catgtctgat ctcttccttg     81360
     ttatctgcaa attgaagaga tgtttaacag ttatgtatgt tattatgttt gatcatttta     81420
     tgtcatgtat gatatgttct ttctcattct aaatgctccg gggccatttg ctctttctct     81480
     gtgcagatcc aatcctgcta ggaagaacct caccctactt agctgctgct gggtatcaaa     81540
     tagatgctgc tcaaaaggtg gctaaagagc ctaagtggag atctgcttgt attcttcatt     81600
     gatgaagtct aaatatgaag ctagaactga agacattcca tcagattgac tgttacaggg     81660
     tagggagctg cagcacaagc acagagaagc cagcagcttc atcacatcac accagctctg     81720
     cagcgccaag gcagacacac cagctctgcg gcaccgaggc agacacacca gctctgcggt     81780
     gccgaggcag agcctgcgcc ctctgatgct ctgtgtcgtg ttttttccca cttcgccatg     81840
     ctgcattttc cttagggctc tgacatctcc ttctgacact gatttttttt ttttgacact     81900
     gaatttttaa ataattattt ttcaaggtgc aacattttga cgtcaaaatt cagctagtga     81960
     gatttccaaa gtccctttct tctaatttct tatttccaag tatttttttt aattgcagct     82020
     taatttatga taagaagcag ctgcatttct tgaccccaaa gtactagagt gaattaataa     82080
     tttaacgtgg tgcaaccact gattcaagtg cttttaatgt ctcatttaat cctaaagcct     82140
     gtgctggcct ctgagatgta gttactgctg ttattctcat taaaaagatg aaagaactaa     82200
     ggtatgaggt gctcaagtaa ctttccaaag gtgactcagc taggagtgga ggagctcctg     82260
     ggagtggagg agctcctcaa aagtgaggag ttcctttttg gatacaggtg gcttggcccc     82320
     agacttacac tcttagatgt tgttctcgac ctttggaccc agactagctc actgggacat     82380
     tagactatac agtaaaggga gaagggaatc ctacctgact gcttcattgt cagcaggatg     82440
     aataggaagg aggcgactgc accagacaga ttgtagcctg gaaaatccac catcctccct     82500
     ggaacaaaga caaggaaacg ctgtgcctaa gtgaggctgt gacacacccg gcacactcca     82560
     tggcttccat tggttatgca gtcttagcag agaatccaca tcaacccctg cacagtcagt     82620
     gaaatgggct tggctccatt tctctgcaat tactgatcac atccaaccct ttacctaacg     82680
     tgttatattg tgagacaatg tagcaaatgt aagaagcctt gcttgctcat ttcggcttgc     82740
     tagcatactt tcacaaagcc cctgctgtga tgacctgcag ttctccagaa agatgcttca     82800
     aagacaaaac aagattgagc acacggcctc ccatctctct tgcctgagtc actctactcc     82860
     ttaaaagata agcaataata gtccttgcct tttcctacac ataagataac gtctgattga     82920
     aggatacctc tgtaacctat aaccagatct gctcatacac ccaaacgttg atgtagttcg     82980
     gcttcaatgt agcttctgag ctaatttgat gtagtggtta atatgtaacc tcctgacatc     83040
     gaaaaggata tggatttgtt tctgaatcat aaagttttac tgattgtttt gtgcatgaaa     83100
     tattttagtc tatatattgt catctgtgtc caatgattgt aacctctgta ttgtaccctc     83160
     cagtgaaaaa agacaactcc aatatgaaga gcccctttct ttctgcctga acttccttac     83220
     aaaagccttc caacttgtaa cagactttgg accaccctca acttcgttgg tgtgtcttcc     83280
     tacatcagtc ctgacatttg ccttccaata gaactttatg aaattattcc tgcctcagca     83340
     accctaattt catgagacaa tattttaagc aattttttag gtgtaaggaa gtcttgtgac     83400
     tgaaatgaaa aaacacttga ggtaaaggaa caataatatt aaaaaaaccc caaaccaaac     83460
     caaagcaaac aaaactcctt aggttcatct gttgtgagct tgcaaaactt atagagcaag     83520
     attcaaatat tttttcctgt cctcctccca actcctcctg caaagccttt ctttaccact     83580
     gttttctaca catggaggaa agggcaggaa ggctctgcgt ctccacactg cagccagaaa     83640
     gccaacattc agtgctagcg ctcagagaac ccgggacaca gagatgccgt ggaaagtgaa     83700
     agaaagagta gtagaaagat agtcgggaaa atatctgtaa gtggcctttt agaatagact     83760
     taaaaacacg aatgaattaa aaaaacaaaa agcccaactg gcagaaactg gcaaacccag     83820
     caaccccact gtcccagctg aacaaaaata cttcacacag ctaaaaactt taaaacttac     83880
     caggacaagg atagaaggct agttttacca ttgaaaaata caaacttcag agtgaaagaa     83940
     gtctaagact tattatatgt gatgtgtcaa gtattttatt gaaagaaaac ttgcttcaca     84000
     caaagtagag aaaccagctc aggagcaatg tcaagtcaat tacagtttcc ccctttccaa     84060
     gaaactactg ctagtaagat tttatgggac aggggtaaaa atcaacattc tgaaatggag     84120
     atttaacaat caaatgagtc aggagattgt tgttacacaa atattgccca tttgctttat     84180
     aaaaaatatg tactttcata taagatatct ctaaggaaac ttatatgagc ccattcacaa     84240
     tacctagatc gaaaagggca gtatgatatt tatgtgaaaa tggggttggg tgttagaaga     84300
     cagtgcagac catgagcacc ttgccacctg aaacttacca gtcacctccc cttagactga     84360
     agggtgttgc tgatgcctcc ctgactcctt ttgtgaaaag caggaacatt tttttccacc     84420
     aagtaagagt aaagaaagcc ccacaacatc cataccaagc atgatttctc agccttgtga     84480
     actaaaatga actcacactt gctacagacc acttcagagg cttgcgttcc tgtaggtctt     84540
     tcatgtcaaa gcggtgggag ggaaaatcta caagtgaact ctcaaaaaaa ttgctcaaat     84600
     caatgaagct ttcgaagaat gttgggagaa tccatctcca gtgctcagat agactgtgag     84660
     agaatatatc agggaggata accaccttgg accagggttc ttaatgggca aagaggctgt     84720
     tttgccctta gaggacattt ggcaatgtct gggaacattt tcagttgtca cgactggggg     84780
     aggggacata tattgagtag aaaccagggg tgttgctaaa cattctatga ggcacgtggc     84840
     agcccccaca acaaagagtc atccagccca gaaggccggt ggtgccgagg aaatgccctg     84900
     ccacagggtt tgctgtcagg atgctgaaaa gctttggcac attttttgaa aatagataac     84960
     tagacttaaa ttgccatctt taagtaaaaa ccttttaaaa tgataagctt ttgacccctc     85020
     cgttttacta tttggatgta atgcaagaat cttctgaaac tgctgttcct attaaatata     85080
     gtaaattttg gtgttgtcaa gatatatgat ctaatatgca aatgtatcat caaattctca     85140
     aaaacccatg tttaatttaa tttaattttc tggataaagt ttaagtgtta aattgtaata     85200
     ataagtggta gcttatgttt aggcattaga tgatgaacaa ttctgaattt caaggcctat     85260
     cctgcactgc taaaactcat atcaaagaaa attgcaaatt actacgtatc atgcatgggt     85320
     cattagaact tttttcagta aaagcctcaa atgttgctcc tcaaaatgcc aagcagccat     85380
     agtaactgac tggtaagaat aaattaactt agttcacgaa gttgaaagct tatgtatctt     85440
     agttcacgaa gttgaaagct tatgtatcta tgtagacatt aaaaacagct atagtttgtt     85500
     tttttcttgt aaatttgttt gagttcattg tagattctgg atattagccc tttgtcagat     85560
     gagtaggttg cgaaaatttt ctcccatgtt gtaggttgcc tgttcactct gatggtagtt     85620
     tcttttgctg tgcagaagct ctttagttta attagatccc atttgtcaat tttgtctttt     85680
     gttgccattg cttttggtgt tttggacatg aagtccttgc ccacgcctat gtcctgaatg     85740
     gtaatgccta ggttttcttc tagggttttt atggttttag gtttaacgtt taaatcttta     85800
     atccatcttg aattgatttt tgtataaggt gtaaggaagg gatagactgg attaagaaaa     85860
     tgtggcacat atacaccatg gaatactatg cagccataaa aaatgatgag ttcatatcct     85920
     ttgtagggac atggatgaaa ttggaaacca tcattctcag taaactatcg caagaacaaa     85980
     aaaccaaaca ccgcatattc tcactcatag gtgggaattg aacaatgaga tcacatggac     86040
     acaggaaggg gaatatcaca ctctggggac tgtggtgggg tcgggggagg ggggagggat     86100
     agcattggga gatataccta atgctagatg acacattagt gggtgcagcg caccagcatg     86160
     gcacatgtat acatatgtaa ctaacctgca caatgtgcac atgtacccta aaacttagag     86220
     tataataaaa aaaaaaaatt aaaaaaaaaa acagctatag tttatcatat gttaaaacaa     86280
     tacattttta tagagaaagc taaaataaga tttctaggag acaaagtgaa ttgggttttt     86340
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgacctt ggacatcttt ctttactttt ttgagcctgt attttctctg     86400
     ctgtgtggtg gagacaatca tcctaatgtt ttccaagctg tgtcatgacc atgtgacata     86460
     agaagacgtc aaggctcagg gacacatgcc ccacatcatc catgacaaat gaaaatgtga     86520
     tcctggtttt ctcgttttta atttcgtgct tcttcctcac tcagcctgct tcacaagaac     86580
     actgtgaggg tcaaatgggc tacaatcgca ctttgaagac tgcgcagtgg gatataaatg     86640
     taagtgggag gcagtgtaac aggtggcagc atttccctaa aggacattga ttctgtccgt     86700
     atgtcctact ctgtaatctg agacaatgtc cccagcttcc cgtggccatc cttcaccagg     86760
     gaatccaaac cactcacgtg tctccctctc tcctttgggg cgaaacctgg tgctactggg     86820
     tcttctcact tagccccaga tgtatcttca tccacatagc aggtggtcag aaacaggtca     86880
     gagccctggg gtgtgctgat caaagacaga actgtgggag agccagagag tgtggaggcc     86940
     tcctccagga ctttgggtga aggaggattt aagccgtctc accccagttg aaggcagagc     87000
     caaatcccgg aggccctgtg aaaatgagat tgcattctga aaatcagaat agcacattca     87060
     cctcctaaca gctataatcc tctcaacagt gaaactccgg ggacaagtgg actttggctg     87120
     ggttcagttg tgaattctgc agacgtgcac acaaaatcat gacactggca attctcacct     87180
     tccccagaaa gccaaggcct tcatggaggc ctcatctgca accccccagt taggtcctca     87240
     cacagacccc accgtcccac acatcagcgg gtgctatcca cccttccctc caccttgcca     87300
     cacatcaaag attcccaact agtgccaagt ctccaccaga gcatggcact catcgggctg     87360
     gagttggaag caaaactgaa tatcaaacgt gccatccctc attccactga tgagaaaaca     87420
     gagacccaga gaaaggaact gccctctcca ggatcagagc tctgggccaa ggtcccttgt     87480
     gggctacttt attgctcttt ttactcaggt actttatctc cctttgctga gtaataaaag     87540
     gtttaattac tctcagatgt ttaccaaaga aatgtaataa ccttctcagc ataatatttg     87600
     ggcatgaaga gtataatgat aggcatattt tgtgtgtgtt tttgtttctg ccagattttc     87660
     ctttacgttc cccttaagtc tgtgttcctt gagctagagg gggtctcaga tatagtctca     87720
     ggatttcaag agttctccag aacaattttt aatttaattg cagattttca tgtcaatgta     87780
     atgataaaag catatgcagc attatgatgt tacaaggttt gagccgattt tttccttaag     87840
     tttctttccc tcccattatg agcagcccat aattgggtcc cctgacttac ggttacgatt     87900
     cttaatgtaa gggtttcccc ctccatcctt cagtctagac aaagaccctc ccctcactgt     87960
     agaggatgag agatttggag agaagagaaa cataattaaa catggacgag gataggaggg     88020
     tctctttacc ctggttctct ctcaattgga gtagagggga atgaacccca cttcacctcc     88080
     ggttcccaga atggtagcga tgcccacaga tgtccctctc agagtggcag caaaggaaaa     88140
     gttctccaag gcaagaagtg gcagactctg gaaggctcca acagtgggat gaaagtttgc     88200
     tgcctaaaat gctgggatgg aatgttccag caagaggaga gtggcatcaa ggacataaca     88260
     gtgatcgtca ccactgtggg aaggacagtg acgaccagga aacacgacgc gatagtgaca     88320
     tattgtggga gctgatgatg caaatgtgag gagagacttc tacaccagcc ctgctccgcc     88380
     tcccacctca gaacttagaa atcacacggc aggtgaagga gaggctgcta ttaaattaat     88440
     tgtgtgaaag cccctgaatt tatctggaaa ttaccagatg aactcctctg tcagaagaca     88500
     taataatgct tggcatacaa attaaaatcc gtaataggaa aatatagaaa tttactttat     88560
     acacctgaat gtgtgaaaag atgccgctca ttgcatgcat tctgtagtat catctctatg     88620
     gtaccaaatg ctgcaattat ttgaattttt tatggtcagt cacatcagcg ccaactcacc     88680
     gcgtaaagaa gctccgttta cactcgcgtg tgtgtgttct cacaaatcat ctgcatacac     88740
     tttctcagag gtctgcctgt gctgagaact gtgtcctaaa ttatgctaca tattatggga     88800
     ggtcattttg tgcaggaaga tgttggtgtg tgggagagaa aaaaaggagt cacaatctct     88860
     gcattctgac tagagtccac ctccaggaga agcgggaaaa caaggcataa gctgctagaa     88920
     ctgaggagag ggaaaaacaa gcatccggcg agggcaggag gaacaggaga ggggagtcat     88980
     ggatctgcct ggccaccaga gggcagcaga gacgggctca ctgtcggctt caaggatgtt     89040
     ccgcaagtcg attcacttac agactcttct tcaaatgcgg cggtcacctg tgacccacat     89100
     tcataactcc ctcagccact agacgacaaa agaagccctg agtttaggct gactgagatt     89160
     ttcattctag ctttgctata catttgggca agctttactt tgggtaagtc tgttctttcc     89220
     aggggtctca attttcttag tttttacaca gggatagtat gtgggtggct cacattaaag     89280
     tatcgttgta aggataaagt aagaatataa tcatgataca aaatcccttt atagctatta     89340
     ggtgtcatta ctgggaatgg aaggtcttgg aaagaaggtg gatagaaaaa tagaggagat     89400
     tagaaatgaa gataagaaat caaggtcaat ccaagaaatg tcaggaaagt gttgctatga     89460
     atatggagaa gttcaggcga cgccatcagc tgtttcttgg ggacctggtt gaaagatgtt     89520
     ttgagagctc ttagatcaac tcaccagaaa gatgattact ttgtggagtc tcccagcagt     89580
     gagacttata caggtatcgt ttcctcaggg aaaggaaaga aaaatcagca gctctcatct     89640
     cctggaggca cagtggcttg tcctccacag tcccctcggt ttgctgactg actggaggag     89700
     agagagcacc tgcagaagcc ctgcgactcc tcccccagat gtgagtgggg ggcctgggat     89760
     tcccgaggcc agtgagggga gggtggtgct cacaggacgg aggcctttcc tcacagcgtg     89820
     gccacggttc aatctgcacc tctggccatt tttcttgatt ggcaaaaaga aggaaagaag     89880
     aaaggaagaa agggaggaag ggagggaggg gggaggaagg agggagggaa agaaaagaaa     89940
     agaaaaaaga agaaaagaaa gaaaagagaa gaaaggagga agggcaggca gtagaacttc     90000
     tgaataggaa aatgcccaaa catttaggga tggaggactg aggtattctt agttctggct     90060
     gacctacagt ctaagttgag ctctttacat acatggctgt catatacttt acaaaaagtg     90120
     tctgacaaac cagttcctct aaaactttta attttaaaaa atttaggttg ggtgtggtgg     90180
     ctcacacctg taatttcagc actttgggag gccgaggcat gtgaatcacc tgaggtcagg     90240
     agtttgagac cagcctgggc aacatggtga aaccccgttt ttactaaaaa tacaaaaatt     90300
     agctgggcgt ggtggtgcac gcctgtaatc ccagctactc cagaggctaa ggtaggagaa     90360
     tcacttgaac ctgggaggcg gaggttgcag tgagctgaaa ttgcgccatt gcactccagc     90420
     ctgggcaaca gagtgagact ctgtctcaaa aaataaataa aataaaataa aataaatttt     90480
     tacttttaaa tttactttta tgaaagagtt acagaagttt aagacaatca caatgatcat     90540
     ctattatttt ttgaaaatga tgaaattacc taaaattgat tctactgcag gtgggagcct     90600
     ataagactaa agttcccagg aagagatgta agcttcggtg aaacccacct cagttgactc     90660
     caaaactaat gcagatgccc ccttggggaa ttgcggggag agggtgtaca gaatgtgtta     90720
     ataccatcac actcctccca ggaccccaaa gaagctgcac tcacagagat atccgggcat     90780
     gtctcacact ggaaataggg gacccttcca aatattggga gaaagaaggc aaagaaaatc     90840
     ataccgatat actaagcctc ctgcatttgc acccatccag cctgccattc atcctgggtt     90900
     cttttacttg gtcctcttgg ggcctctgag aggatctcca tctctgcgaa gtgcattccc     90960
     caccgggctg ttgcagttcc acacatggcc agtagatgac aggtttgttc aagaaccgcc     91020
     tccaagattt tactactgca ccgcgatttc agagtggcgg gaaggactga gagtcccatt     91080
     tagaaacttc ccaaatctta actgccaata tctttctttc taaaattgtg tttttgtatt     91140
     tcgtggtaaa ctcagttcaa agccgcggat gggggcagga ataggaaaac tgctgctgct     91200
     gctgaatatg cttctctctc ttaaaggtcc cagcagaatt ctgccactga accaccctgg     91260
     gagaatgcgg gggaaagaga ggaggagaga aggacagaga gagagagaga gccagagagg     91320
     atatgaggga gatagggaga gaggactgct tcattgtctt aaattcgttg taatcacgtc     91380
     gcaataccag gcactcattc ttaaggtagc aaagcagaaa atattataag ttcagttatt     91440
     aatgtcattt gcacttttga gagtagagaa cataggcact aatattataa taattcaata     91500
     actatgaagg aatcaagaca atcttcaggg aggatgtggt gcatggaatg gaatgtaagg     91560
     aatcgttcat acttcatgta ggtttagcat ttcttgatta caagctaaat aaggggtgga     91620
     ttactcatga gttttccggg aaggtggtgg gcaattcctg gactaagggc ttctctcctt     91680
     tttagaccat atagggtaat tttggatgtt gccatggcat ctgtaaactg tcatggcgct     91740
     ggtgggagtg tcttttagca tgctaatact ttataattag catataatga gcagtgagga     91800
     tgaccagagg tcactcttgt ggccatgttg gttttggtgg gttttggccc gtttcttaac     91860
     tgcaacctgt tttatcagca aggtcttcat gacctgtatc ctgtgcagac ctcctatctc     91920
     atcctgtgac tgaaagtgcc ttaacctcct gggaatgcag cccagtagct ctcagcctca     91980
     ttgtacccag cccctattca agatggagtt gctccggctc aaacacctct gacatttgtg     92040
     gacacgtaga aaaggataat taatgggtta gcaggatgaa aggaaaacta taccccaaag     92100
     gatagcctag ccattgaaat tgatatgaac tggaatatga aaataattgg ggacaattta     92160
     gtttcatgac catatataaa acatttaact atgtctggtt gtattttaac ataaaattgg     92220
     gcatgggaaa ctatttttaa aatattcttt attttttaaa ttgacctgga tttttctttc     92280
     aacttttatt attttaaaaa ttagtttaag cctagcagat ttcacataat ttcagactcc     92340
     ttttggcaaa cagtaaacat tacagcctgg aaagcttgat tgcttatata taaaacccta     92400
     agagagctat tgaaaatgcc tagaatgtgt gaatttaaca atggtaaaat acaaaaacaa     92460
     attgtaattc tatacaccac agcagaatat catatataaa atttaaaaat cacttcatta     92520
     tgacagcaat aaaaacataa aatacttaga cataaactga accgaaagat gtgtgatgtg     92580
     aaactataaa atactgatga gagaaactga taaaattcta aatgtgtaaa gagatataat     92640
     atattttgat ttgggaagaa ttgatatttt tgaaataaca gttctcaaca cgatcttgat     92700
     caatattccc actgggtttc tttgtggcaa tagacaattc taaaatttat atgaaaatac     92760
     aaaggatcta caatagccaa aacttatttg aaaaaggaca gaagaaatat gcaaagcttg     92820
     gtttcaagtc atgcttcaaa gctatgggca acatgtcaag gctagtaatg taagttagag     92880
     aaacttcaac aaagaattgt gcttagttgt gggaatccat gggagattct ggaatgaaga     92940
     tgcataggaa acaaatgcaa gagatgagtc ctgggccctc agtcatttag aagttgggaa     93000
     gatgggagac ttggcaaggc aggctgagat ctggctgtta ttctcgtgtg atgagaatct     93060
     caagacagtg aggtttagta acaagtcaag aaaatacatc aatgatgcag tagtggttaa     93120
     ctacataaaa tgcttctgat atgatgaata aaatgacatc ctagagatga ccattggatt     93180
     tggcaacatg gagctaacac atgtcagtga caaggagttc agttaaagat gtggactgta     93240
     gcctgatctg tgaagagtgg aagaagaatg gggaggaatg gaaataacag gtgcagccca     93300
     atatttttaa gagtttcctt cagattagaa gtaaaaattc attagcagag ttggatttag     93360
     ggaaaaggaa atgccgtggc atgtttatat gctgattgga atcactcact agagagagga     93420
     aatttttttg gtaaactgga taaagatact tacaacatat taaaccatga aaaggattag     93480
     tacccagaac atagaaaggc ctcctacaaa tcaattagta aaggactata tttttctgag     93540
     aaaaaaaatg gtaaaggcaa gaagaaacat tttatagtaa catgtataaa tgacatgtga     93600
     atatgtgaaa aaatttcaaa ctcttcatta taagtcagag aaatgtaaat aaacgccaca     93660
     ctgaaaaaac aataaaaata tcaaaaccta gcaaggatgt gggtcaatgt ttctaccaac     93720
     agacttctga aggaaataga aattgttagg atcattttgg aaaacaagtc agcataacat     93780
     agtaaggttg aaaatatata tacattatca tactacatta ctactacaat gctactctag     93840
     aacatacatc aagaactatt gcaagttcat tacaacttca ttcctaatag caaaacatca     93900
     aaacaactta agtatccatt aacaactgaa taactttata tattttcata tcaattatag     93960
     ttatttatac tatatagtta tttatagtta aattcataaa tggaaatagc tttttttttt     94020
     gagacggagt cttgctctgt tgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcatgatct cggctcactg     94080
     caagctctgc cttccgggtt cacaccattc tcctgcctca gccttcccag tagctgggac     94140
     tacaggcgcc cgccaccacg cccggctaat tttttgtatt tttagtagag acgaggtttc     94200
     accatgttag ctagggtggt ctcgatctcc tgaccgcgtg atcctcccgc cttggcctcc     94260
     caaagtgctg ggattacagg cgtgagccac cacgcccggt cagaaatagc ttttttaggg     94320
     ctggtaaaat ggccttcatc tagattttct catgcttgtt tgtgaattgg ctcccctctc     94380
     gatgagctgg tgcactatca ttatgagttt tgtgcaacat tgagttcttg cttggcaagt     94440
     tttgtagaat ttctttcctg ggttttgcat gctgaaaaca tggcttcatt gggcattggt     94500
     aaatcaaacg gagaggaggc agtgcggcaa gtacaaagac catagttaca atactctaaa     94560
     ccaaaaatat ctgagacaga tctcaatcaa tttagaagtt tattttgcta gggtttaaga     94620
     caatgcccag aagacaagtc tgtggctttc tccaaagatg atttagaagc cttcaatatt     94680
     taaaggtgaa aagcagactg gagggagaat tgaatagctc caatagtgta ctttccttgg     94740
     taattttcac tcttccttgg actatcacat aggttgaaac tctgatatat gtcaaggttg     94800
     taaaccaaaa agtgtctgag acaggtctta agcaatttag aagtttattt tcccaaggtt     94860
     agggacatgc tggaaagaaa aaatcatcaa atgacacagg caatctggtc tgtgtctttc     94920
     tccaaagatg atttcaatat ttaaagggga aaagtgggct gacagggaaa gagagaaggt     94980
     atggcaatcc acatgttgca aggaaaaagg ggcaggtagg ggaagagtca gttatgtatt     95040
     catcttgctc tcagtaaatc atcgctttgc atatgattag gtgaacatag agtagctacc     95100
     ggtggggata tttttaacct tttatctgta gctatctgct tggaaaccaa aggaaaggca     95160
     atttcttgcg tgactcagct ttcaccttaa ttctttcctt ttgacatggt gaattggggt     95220
     gccaaatttt tagtttcctt tcacaattta tacaaaacac aactcaacag acatcctcat     95280
     atcccagtgt atgtggcggc tctggattct attcctgctc acctggacct gattgatctg     95340
     atataggcag cttggaaact acttaggtag atggtgggga gggaaacgtt ccagctaacc     95400
     atgagcaagt aaaatacaac ttcacatcca tcattatcca gccccaaatc atccaacatc     95460
     tagataattc cttagagtaa gggaacaaga taatggccac aaccaagtag gaaagaatca     95520
     cgtatacaga cgattttcat tcccaaagat cagaagatgt aaatgcaaag agaaaaagtg     95580
     cttcctacga tgccagctcc agcttgataa gaatatatgc tatttattat gtgaggggga     95640
     aacatgttca atacagctag ctgcttcagc ttccatgtgg tgtttgatac ctgtgttcct     95700
     tttcatttgg ctcaacttcc attaagcaca aaaaccccac aaaatgttca aagggctaga     95760
     gggacaaatt tggatttcat gcctcacaaa taaaggaagg actccataag ataaaaatac     95820
     gctttccata gaaaccttgg aagtctaata tgtggaataa ggtgaaacag aaacagatca     95880
     tccttcatag gaactgaatc ctgagttcta actaactaat cctagactag atttgggtga     95940
     tttgagatat taatgacctt agcctcatag cctcattgcc tgacacaagc aaaactaaat     96000
     aacctctaga gaaatataat atttcctgga gcctcaaatt atcactcata tttttcttct     96060
     gcatggcatc aattaaaaaa tatataagaa aacaaaaaat aataaaatcc aagaaaaaca     96120
     taacagaaca taaatatatg actttgactt ctctgtggga tactgctaga ttaactcaac     96180
     actcccagta caccagctag aaaagttaaa aatttaaaac acaaaattcg tactttaaag     96240
     gaaaaggaga gctgtggaag caacatgcac tagatgaaat acaattgcag agaataggtg     96300
     atccttttga ggtgagctga caatcacagc tcttcccctg ccacccatgg ggcatttgcc     96360
     aattcattgt tcatacagaa gaggtgtcat gggctcagga gggaatctgc tggagaaagg     96420
     gaaaccaagc aagggacaca gggacagact aagaaattag atatttgagg ttctcaaatt     96480
     ctcaaattca tggcgtgatt tccccacaag atatttcttg agctgtggtg cagcactgag     96540
     ctatgagcca ggccccaaac tccaaaggca gaatgaggac tcctccatgt tgcttgtgtt     96600
     caggacacgg agaactgcct tcagcctggg tctgtcgagc acaaggtggg tctccccgtt     96660
     ttcacatgtg cctgctcctg aagccacctg agaaggaggc cagggagctg ggccagcaag     96720
     tactgaagtt cagggctgaa tctctcactg acatttgtag gaacagagac ctacctgggt     96780
     cttaattaaa agctctggaa ggagagtcat ggcctctggt attgacggag tagtttgtat     96840
     tgaaataccc ctcttgctgg taacaatgat aaattctgga ccaccttcat tttccaattt     96900
     atttcattgt gttgtgataa gaacacctta catgaaatat accctcttta caagttttta     96960
     actacaacac agtattgtta actataggca caatgttgta tagtagatct ctagaactta     97020
     ttcatcttgc ataactaaaa tgttatattg gttgaacagt aactccccca tttaccttgc     97080
     ccccagtctc tggcaaccac caacctattc tctgtttcta tgagattggc tacctagaca     97140
     cctcatataa gtgggattga agcagcctcg tttgtctggg gtgacctgag gtttgttgtc     97200
     tcgtggccat agagatcaag gatgcagaca cacaaaaagt aaggctaaga gtggaaattt     97260
     aaagaatgtc tttattcctg tcttcgtttt gttatttacc cagtagtcat tcaggagcag     97320
     gttgttcagt ttgcatgtat ttgtgtggtt ttgagtgact ttcataatcc tgagttctaa     97380
     tttgattgca ctgtggtctg agaaactgtt atgatttcca ttcttttgca tttgctgagg     97440
     agtgttttac ttccaattat gtggtcaatt ttagaacaag tgcgatgtgg tgctgagaag     97500
     tatgtatatt ctgttgattt ggggtggaga gttctgtaga tgtctattag gtctgcttgg     97560
     tccagagcta agttcaagtc ctgaatatcc ttgttaattt tctgtcttgt tgatctgtct     97620
     aatattgaca gtggagtgtt gaagtctccc actattatta tgtgggagtc taagtctctt     97680
     tgtagatctc taagaacttg ctttatgaat ctgggtgctc ctgtattggg tgcatatata     97740
     tttaggatag ttagctcttt ttgttgaatt aatcccttta ccattgtgta atgccctctt     97800
     ttgtctcttt tgatttttgc tggtttaaag tctgttctat cagaggtgtt tatagtattc     97860
     tctgatggta gtttgtattt ctgtgggatc agtggtgata tcccctttat catttttatt     97920
     gcatctattt gattcttctc tcatttcttc tttattagtc tggttagcgg tctatctatt     97980
     gatctttttt tacaaaaaaa aaaaaaccca gctcctggat tcattgattt tttgaagggt     98040
     ttttcatgtc tctatctcct tcagttatgc tctgatctta gttatttctt gccttctgct     98100
     agcttttgaa tttgtttgcc cttctctagt tcttttaatt gtgatgttag gatgttgatt     98160
     ttagatcttt tctgctttct cttgtgggca tttagtgcta taaatttccc tctacacact     98220
     gctttaaatg tgtcccagaa attctggtat gttgtgtctt tgttctcact gcctgaaagg     98280
     aatttaaccc ataaggaggc caagtcaatg ctagctttca aggcttttaa gtacagataa     98340
     cggtcttgct tgagggcaat gttgcaggct acaaattaaa gccctttgtg atccagcaag     98400
     gtgaaaaccc caggaccttc ctttaagaat ataaaaagag gccagatacg gtggctcacg     98460
     cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gtgggcggat cacgaggtca ggagatcaag     98520
     accatcttgg ctaacacagt gaaaccctgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa gttagccggg     98580
     tgtggtggtg ggcacctgta gtcccagcta ctcaggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggtgtg     98640
     aatctgggag gtggagcttg cagtgagccg agatcatgcc actgcattcc agtctggaag     98700
     acagagctag attccataaa aaaaaaaaat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     98760
     atatatatat atatataaag tatatcctgc cagtacacta caggtgtaat aaaacatcat     98820
     ggatgaccca tctcctcttc catgattaca tcctaaattg ctatgccaga gaaatagaga     98880
     ggcattgtct gaaaaatacc ataactttca agattttgtt tatggttatt tgttctcctg     98940
     cacatcctcc tgttattaat gatctttatc ccaatatcga agtggtgctt ctccctcttt     99000
     aatccaacca atggatcaag gaattatagc agcttttaag gtttactatc tgaagagggc     99060
     ctttgcccat gttattatgg taactcagga agacactgag aagacagtga tgcaattctg     99120
     gaaggataac aacagctatg gctacatcaa gaaccttgct tgggatgggg atgatgtcac     99180
     cgaggagtgt gtgaatggca tctggaagaa gacactcagg aggtttgtct gtgagttcaa     99240
     agggtttgcc aaggatgagg agattgcaaa aatctacaag gctttggttg agatggcaaa     99300
     caactttaaa ctgagtacgg atgaggatgg cattaggagc tcctagaggt agttccttgg     99360
     aattgactaa tgaggagttg ttggaactga gacaggaatg catagttgaa gtagtggtca     99420
     gaaaaaaagg aaactgaagg agaagaagaa gaagaacccc aaataaaatt ccctgtgcag     99480
     ggtttagcag gagcttttgc agacctcaac aagctcctta aaaatttgaa aacatgaacc     99540
     ccagcacaac aaggttttca ttaataaaga ggaatgttca cggtgaatca tctgcttata     99600
     agcaaatcta tgatgaaaaa aggaaaccaa gcaaaccatc atggacctgt ttctgaagag     99660
     tgacacctcc tcaagaagag cctcaagcag gtccttcagg aggaattcca gaagaaagtg     99720
     tagttatcat aggagatggc ctctccatgt gtgctatggc ccctgaagac attttggtag     99780
     gacaagatgt ggaagtggga aacagtgata ttgatgatcc tgactctgag taggcctagg     99840
     ctaatgtgtg tgtttcttag attttttttt aagtttaaaa agtgaaaaaa aaaaattaag     99900
     tagaaaaaag ctcatagtat aaggatataa agaaaatatt tttgtatagt gtttgtgttt     99960
     taagctgtgc tattacaaaa cagtcaaaaa gttaaaaaat taagtatata aagtttaaaa    100020
     agttagagta agctaaggtt aattattgta gaaaaacatt tttcataaat ttaatgttgt    100080
     cttagttaca gtatttataa agtctacagt aatgtatagt aatgccttag gcccttgcat    100140
     tcactcacca ctcactcact gactcatcag ggcaacttcc agttctgcaa gctccattca    100200
     tggtaagtgt cctagaaaga tctaccattt aaaaatcttt catatggtat tttcaccaca    100260
     ccttttgtat gtttagatac ataaacagtt agcattgtgt tacaattacc aatagtattc    100320
     aatacagtca catgctgtac aggtttgtcg cctaggggta atagggtgta ccatatagcc    100380
     taaatgtata gtaggctata acatctagtt tgcgtaagga cactctgtga tgttcacaca    100440
     aagatgaaat cacctaatga cacatttctc agagcttgtc cctttagcta agtgatgcct    100500
     gacttcagtt ttgccccatt tctagagcat agtcctccat gactttcaat gaaaaacccg    100560
     atagctttca tctcctcaat cctgaagagc tgaaggagat ttaggctgaa cttaaagaaa    100620
     ttttcagctt agctcattag tcttctactc catacatctt caacatttaa caagtgtttt    100680
     gaaaaagaca cctacaaagt gcttgaagtc atcaactctc aaatcttgtc attgcagcac    100740
     cacgtcaaat gacaaaacac ttgctatttt cttagtccac tggaggagcc tattgtcaga    100800
     ggccaaacct ggattattag ctccaaagaa gcactcagat cagtaagtgt cctcaggtga    100860
     taagtggttg ttgctacttg gcatcaattc accagttctt ctgaaactta cgtctgtttt    100920
     gttttagggc ccttatcaat ggtaggtctt tgtttcctca acaccactgg acagtgaaag    100980
     attttgcact gcctttcaga agttgacact ttagtttttt gttttacctt ctaccgtagc    101040
     atcagaagtt aaccaacgtg ttttgaagaa accagagtgt ttgagatgcc tcagttttct    101100
     agttacatca cactggcccc ataattgctg ctgatttctt tcttacagca gaaaactgta    101160
     ggaaaattgt agcagaaaac ttttctacag cagaaaacgg tagcagaaaa atggcactaa    101220
     aacgcagcgt acacttgcaa acagcaaatg ctaccaagag aaacagtgat gtccaaacgt    101280
     cagcttacat ttgcatggtt cttctttgga atttttattc atctagtcct atttactttc    101340
     ttagctaaac aatgcttttt aaaaatatac ctttaaaatt ttatcctatt tttgtagttg    101400
     ttgccagtgg gacaatttgt cctactgtga ccctaatgca tcttatactg tggtggaaaa    101460
     aagaataaga ttttaaattg tgctttctga aaaactggat atagaaacag acaatggcca    101520
     gaccatatat aaaaataggc ctggctgggc atggtggctc acgcctgtaa tcccagcact    101580
     ttgggaggcc aagcggatgg atcatgaggt caagagatca agaccatcct ggccaacatg    101640
     gtgaaacccc tgtctctact aaaaatacaa atttagctgg gcatggtggc acgcagctgt    101700
     agtcccagct actcgggagg ctgaggcagg aaaatcactt gagcccagga ggtggaggtt    101760
     gcagtgagct gagatcgtgc cactgcactc cagcctggcg acagagcaag actccatcta    101820
     agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatag acctttgacc cacagcctac agcagcctgc ctggggaacc    101880
     aattccctta tcttcaataa acaatacagc aaggtagtct gcttaagtcc gacttgcagg    101940
     aagtcagatt gctgtctcta gtaacaatcc aggaggctaa ataataactt ttataacaat    102000
     tgttttaaaa tggccaggac ttgattaata actgacagtt cccccaatat ttgtgcctgc    102060
     ttccaactta ggaccaacca gggaaagcta aatatgcatc ctacccaatt acataggata    102120
     ctccacttcc agttacccct taagcattcc ccatgccaac agcctccaat caggtccctt    102180
     ttaaccacta taaagtttcc tacttctttg cctgtctttg agtctctgcc aaaatgcaaa    102240
     agatggtggc tgactccttt gttatagcaa tttgtgaata atttttgctc ttttcatttg    102300
     gttgatcttc atgtattttc acattattaa gctttatata aattaaaatc caagaggcta    102360
     acatttaatt aatgacattt aagatcttct atatcggata atgctataca ttatattagg    102420
     tttaatattt ctattaagta tagatttagt aaattactaa aaatgctaaa aattcatcaa    102480
     atatatatgt aagtacaaat aaggagaatg caaagagaga tattagaaag gggtaatata    102540
     ttcaggaata aatattcaag atattttaag ttggagatat tgtctgttgg tactaaatca    102600
     atttccccct gttttgtgct tttttccaca tcacttgggg ttgaagcctg gacaccactt    102660
     cttccagagt ccctttctta ggaaggcact cacttgcgat tagaaggcag tggaaaattg    102720
     ctgtcattct gcttctgaca gcaagtagca gcagctgcca ggagtgtggg tttgtttagt    102780
     gctgcagggc caatagtagc ttcctgcagt tcctgacctt tggaagcaca attttgcttt    102840
     ttctgtcctt acaaaacttt tgcaatgcac ttcactgtat tacatctctc tgggcttaaa    102900
     ataccttgag tgtgtttttt cccccttgta aatctgggct agactgaata atcttgtaag    102960
     tatgtaaata taagcaacta ttttaaaata acctgggttt ttaaatgtaa tacagatgct    103020
     cttcaactta tgatggggtt aactcccaat aaatccattg taaattgaaa atattgtgag    103080
     ttgaaagtgt agagtataag ttgttcacct tcatgatcat gtggctgagg ctgcctggca    103140
     ttgtgaaaga gtatcttact gagtatcgct ggtctggaat aagatcaaaa tttaaagtat    103200
     ggtttataca gaatggatat tgcttttaca ccattgaaaa gtcaaaaaat cctaagtcaa    103260
     accatcttaa gtcaggtgtg tctgtagttt aaaaaaaatt acaaataaag aatatccaat    103320
     gttgttggga gtgcagagaa gatttacaag gtaaacattg atttgtttaa agtttgagag    103380
     aaaaaattag ataatatgct ttatgatttt taaatgttaa tttcaaaata attatacatt    103440
     cacaggagtt gatgaaaata gtacagagag gtcccttgta cccttcaccc agtttccccc    103500
     aatggttaca tcatacataa ctatagcaca atatcgaaac aaggaaatcg acactgatac    103560
     aatgtatttg cagttttcta ctttatcaca tgtgtagatt catgtaacca ccactgtgat    103620
     caaaatacag aactatattc catcaccaca aagatcttcc tcatgccact cgccctcctt    103680
     aagagtcaca ccattccccc accccccacc atccctacac tgtgccaacc actaatttga    103740
     ttttcatctg tataatttta tcatttagaa aatgttatat aaatggaatt atactatatg    103800
     tgaccttccg agactggcat tttgtactca gaataatgcc cttgggatct gtattaggtg    103860
     ctccagagca gttgtactaa caggatatgt atatatagaa agatacttct tttaaagaat    103920
     ttgctcacat gattgtggaa gcttactgag tccaaattct gatggaagag gccagcagtg    103980
     gaggagactg ggacagagtt gcagtttgag cccaaaggta gtctgctgtg gaaccaggaa    104040
     gagccaggat tgcagatgga gtctgagaca atctgttgga gagttccctc ttatgctaat    104100
     caggcattca actgattaaa tgaggggaac ccagttatgg agggcaatgt actttactta    104160
     aaatctactg acttaaatat gtaactctca ccccaaaact gccagatgat gtgaaattcc    104220
     atgtcctcta cttggctcca ttgacactca gatggagtag attaaacaac agacatttac    104280
     tgaaagtcct cacttaacat catcaatagg ttcttagaag ctgtgacttt aagcaaaatg    104340
     acatataata aaactaattt gaccataggc taattcagcg atccccaaca tttttggcac    104400
     cagggactgg ttttgtggaa gaaaattttg ccatggatgg gggttgggga ctagcggtgg    104460
     cagggagtgg gatggcacaa cctagatccc tcgcatgggc agtccacaat acagttcaca    104520
     aaggtttgca ctcctgtgag aatccaatgc ctctgccgat ctgacagcag gccattagtg    104580
     gtctgtggcc caggggttgg gaacccctgg gctaattgat gcgaacaaga tttaagttcc    104640
     tgtggcttat ttctggtcac aaacacatca ccaaactcct aaataaagac tcagaacact    104700
     tctaatatta aacattaaaa taaatgggaa ctatatatac atttaaggta ggtttataat    104760
     aacaagtaag ataattaatt atccagtttt tggtgaatta gtgagtgatg gtggtcacag    104820
     tggtggtggg ttacattaag gaacaaatgt ttgtaaaatg aaaatggtaa ggagcacctc    104880
     ctgccaccac acagctcaaa cacaaagaag aacaaatacg ttgaactcac tgagtacttt    104940
     tgtaccccat tgtttactat tgtacagttg tatgaatatc atgtacttta caaattttta    105000
     ttttagaaac atttctattc attcgcttat tcattttcca acctgcttat tccagttcaa    105060
     ggtcatggat gactggagcc tatcccggca gctcaaggac aagagaggaa ccaaccttgt    105120
     ataggatgcc atcccatcca ttgtgggatg cagacacaca cacacataca cacaaagtca    105180
     ctctgctggg acaatttaga ctcaccaatt aacctaacat gcatgtcttt gggatgtggg    105240
     ataaaactca aatacacaaa gaaaacccat gcggacgtgg ggagaacaca caaactcctc    105300
     atggacagtg gccctggcca ggaacctatt tattttctca ccaacattgt aacaaaacgt    105360
     tgaacaaaac aatgctgtag gaggaccctc tgtgtttctc acagtcctgg aggctgggaa    105420
     gtccaagatc aagatgctga caggttcaat tcctggtgaa cttagaactg aaggctctct    105480
     ggcaggggtg ccttgtggct gcaggctggg tatagaaact caggctcccc actaggcctc    105540
     cacttacaga atcctgactg ggagggagag ggtctcatca gcgctcccac atggcctcta    105600
     ctgacaccag gaagggagaa gtgcctcctt acacctggac agtggtgaaa gtcccagctt    105660
     tctacttggc ctcctctgac aacaccttgg caaagtgggt gaggagtgct tccttgcaac    105720
     agggcaggtg gaagtccagg ctcttcacat gggcttcact aacaccacag tgtggaggtg    105780
     gctgattact gataggcagg ggcaaaagtc ctaggtcccc agttggcttc ctctgacata    105840
     agcctgatgg gtctaggtag tgtctcatta tcgccaggca atgggataag acaaagctcc    105900
     tcactcagtg tttgctgact gaggcgggat ggaagcccct gatttttctg tatttgactg    105960
     gagtagtgcg gttactgtca gttatctgcc tggtaggctg ctctttcttg ttcccttgga    106020
     tagagaaaca tgctttcctt aggatatttt tgtctgtgac tactgatgtt tcctgttttc    106080
     cagtttctcc agcactcatt cctggatata ttaggcagaa agaagaccta tgaaactcac    106140
     cactctgtca ttccccaatc ccatggtctg aggccaacct gcttctcctc tccatcattc    106200
     aagggctttt tatgtctgtc tgtagctgta cttagcagga ggaataggaa gaattgtacc    106260
     tacttcatct tgtcttagaa ccagaaatct ctcaccatat tttttaaaat atgtttttgt    106320
     catatattaa aatattatac ctctatcctt agatccttaa ataaacatat aatgtatcct    106380
     tagagttaag ttaatttggt aacaaaaata aaacaagact aaaactatta attatgttaa    106440
     agccataaaa atatgcaaat tttttcccaa aatatgggaa atgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    106500
     atctcctatg tatacacata taccatatga catatacaca taaaaaaaga cataaaatga    106560
     aaattgccga tgtatcaata cccgggggca gggagtattc tcaggtttaa ctaaatactc    106620
     atattcaagt ttttaccata ggccacacct ggctctcaga ttcacttaga aggatattag    106680
     acaggagtca aagtatgcca aagtgctgaa tcaggtcttt ttcttcagtg ggagaagttc    106740
     ttgaaacagt ctataattta ttccaggtgc tagtttcatc ctctgccccc atcccccaag    106800
     tgacaactca ggtacaagga gctgaattta cacctgtgga agttgtgtcc accctagctt    106860
     agaatcctca tgtcatctac gagctagtac ctcttataac aaacccatgg gcacagcttc    106920
     cagagtccct gtaaagggca tgctcagtta caagggtcac tgcatttgga aatacccaaa    106980
     ctatgggtcc ccgtcatttg ttacggttca tgaaatattc ttcccagtaa agatacaaaa    107040
     tgccaaccag aagccatttg tgccataagc aatgttgtct aaaaatccag ctgacattct    107100
     tcctccatca ggtttccaga aaacagctag aaaattagcc taagattaaa tacatcatgg    107160
     agaagtagaa agggtgttat aaagcattta tccacaagat tcaaaatgaa atacagttaa    107220
     ttttgtccgt tttaagacat tatttcaacc ttcaaattat ttaaaagaag tacatcctat    107280
     attttgtgtg cttattcaaa aaaggcatgg taatacttat aaaaagactt taaatatttt    107340
     tataagtttt aaatatttta taagtaattt tataaataaa attacaaacc atttaagtga    107400
     cctaattaaa tcaaacacac tttgagtatg cacataagaa aaaaattagt tgaagcatcc    107460
     tgacttaaga aatccttgat ctttcataag gtgtctgaat actcaatgtc aaaaacactt    107520
     atgaagaatt aaacactgtt gaccacaaga gggaaaccta gtcccagtta tactataaat    107580
     tagaaaatca agggaaaaat atgtgtcctg agaacttttg aaatagtcac atataaacat    107640
     agtatacaag aaaaaaccaa ccgtcatccc tacccaagga catgtttgtg gtatgagtgg    107700
     ttttagtgtt ttgagtggac tggttcttgg actccacata ttattggcta cagagataga    107760
     gacttgattt agaaaatcac agttgccact ttctaagtaa gcccttgacc aaaagactag    107820
     atttctttaa acccagtttt ctcaggtaaa atggaaatac aactattatc taataaatat    107880
     aagtaagctt tagtgtcata gtcatagcag tagtattttc aattggtaaa aagaaactgg    107940
     accccaaaaa agaatttcag tgaaagcagt aacagtcttc tggcatattt ctcacctttc    108000
     tttctacctt aaaggttcaa agttcctaag taatctcaga aacctaaaat agtttattct    108060
     ctatcctcac tattggtttt taaaaaacat tttgcagcat ggaccactgc tcgtgtacag    108120
     atgctctcca acttaacaat agggttatgt cccaataaac ccattataac ttgaaaatat    108180
     cttaagctga aaatgcattt aatacaccaa taaacccatc ataaagttga acaatcataa    108240
     gccaaattat aagtcagaga ccatctgtat tagcttaagt cttggaatgg tttatttttt    108300
     agatgccatt tagccactta tattctcttc tattttattg tgagaactaa ttcccctctt    108360
     acattctgtg cttgacccat gctatactta gtgtgaacaa gagccacctt cttctcatga    108420
     cttctatttt tttgtgaaaa tttccttcac tcattcacga catttggatt tgaaatctta    108480
     cctacttaag tactttaaaa aatcattttc taccatcttt cttatcagga ggctctagtg    108540
     attccttctc cacacttcta acttctcatc ttcacactcc ttgtcttcct aacttcacta    108600
     cagtaagtgt tttacatgtt tagaactcag ctcctttact atgattgcta accatgtacc    108660
     ttaaataaac catcttctag ttttttgttt cttactctca attatacctt ttagaaaaga    108720
     attaagagta gaaaaagact gctacataga cattcttatg atcttcagaa atgagcacag    108780
     atcatgctta atgaaaaaag atttccaaac aatgctgcat atgtccagag aaaaggtggc    108840
     agaaatgact gtcgtttggg ggcactattg tctggacatg gccagttctc agaactccag    108900
     tccctaaatt cccttctaac taaaggaaaa gcctcttaag ggtcttatag aaatcctgcc    108960
     actttcacct gaaagaataa tcttcagtta tgtggcacat ggccaagagt aaaagtcttt    109020
     agtcacttgg aagcagacag acactgtaat gctaaataat tggacataac atggaactta    109080
     ctgaggcctc aaatatcaat tttactttgg gaaaaagagc agcatcctta aaagtgattg    109140
     aaagtaactc aagtttattc cttaacagag tgatgcttaa tctaacaaaa aacatgttat    109200
     atgcacactc ttctccatta ccttgtaaga aaactggact aggaaacaca gctgaaatgg    109260
     ccagttctgc ctccatttcc taaaccgtgt tataattatg tctatgtgac cagtaacaga    109320
     caatgaccat gatttatact ttttcatatg tttgttgttt tgttttcaat gtttgtggtc    109380
     tttcctcagt atcagctaag aggccattaa cacagatatc tgtttatgga catgcgacac    109440
     tgttgttcac ctcttttgca gaattcataa agaaatgatg gggaaaacac atcaaagata    109500
     gagtggataa agcaaatgtg ccacatatac accatggaat actatgcagc catgaaaaag    109560
     aatgagttca tgtcctttgc agggacatgg atgaagctgg aaaccatcat tctcagcaaa    109620
     ataacacagg aacagaaaac caaacactga attttctcac tcataagtgg gagttgaaca    109680
     atgagaacac atggacacag gggcctgttg ggggggtggg gggcaagggg aggagagcat    109740
     taggacaaat acctagtgct tgaggagctt aaaacctaga tgacgggttg atgggagcag    109800
     aaaaccacca cggcacatgt atacctatgt aacaaacctg catgttctgc acatgtatcc    109860
     cagaacttaa agtagaataa aataaataag taaataagga atgatgggac aaacaagttt    109920
     ctgttattgt ctctctactg accaaagggt ggtcagagag tataggatga agcagatttg    109980
     tgatatcctt gaatagatct gctctttact atgaattcta tcatctactc ccagcgtatg    110040
     tgggaaaggg accaacttac ttgcctggaa tttagtgaaa ttgttttcta gggggaccaa    110100
     gagtttcctc tacttgatat gaagttgggt ggttgaagat gataggattg gcttctgctt    110160
     ccatcagaat cctaaagggc agggtatatg gactagttgg tattggatct tggaaactgt    110220
     gatgcattgg gaatggtcac actcccagag tttgtggaca caaagaatgt tttagtgtcc    110280
     cctacacacc agacacgggc catgaaggaa tctgaagagc ctaccaaacc ttgcacaaga    110340
     gaaaagcttt acttggaaca tcatccaggc tcagagaaca caaatatttc atttccagta    110400
     agacgtttct ggtctttttc tcttcctccc cttccctgaa cctaccctag atgagctatg    110460
     gcctcaaagt gccagtagaa cgtaagaagg aaggagaacc acactcattc ctgccttcaa    110520
     caatttacac agggatagaa agagatttat attaaatcaa gttgggactt tcaattatta    110580
     tatagtacca aacaatctaa ttgctgaact aagatatact tgtgcaattt aagggaattg    110640
     tagaatagca tattaattag aatcaagaaa ataattcatg aagtatgcta taattcctac    110700
     ccaagcgcag gggaatagca tctctaatga aattctctaa agaggcaaga gcaggcacaa    110760
     tgagtttttg tttgattaaa gattccattt agtgcttatc caacctagca attacatttg    110820
     tatgcttcag atgttttaaa aaaataaaca aaagaaagta ccttaaataa agaataggat    110880
     caaatagtat ttaaacaatt gagtaaatta aaaaattata tgaattagat tgattgaaat    110940
     tgatactttc ctaattctcc tccttcaaca cacagacaca cacacacaca acacgtatgc    111000
     atacaaacac atctgaattc tataaaatca ttctgacctt gatgagattc catagtttac    111060
     tcatgcaaca gaacataatg tctaaatgaa gtttctggtc tctgttttac atggatgatt    111120
     gagtaaaatc attccctatt cctggaagaa tagctaagaa aggattcaca ggtgaggaca    111180
     tgcgtttttt cagaagatga gaacaaagat gagaagatga gagcaacaga atgtcctata    111240
     tcctaattct ctgtgctgac ttcggagtgg ccaatatgat agagatggaa ggaactctga    111300
     aaacaaattg ccagaatttc taaggaacag gagatgttga gtgagtgaat caagccatgg    111360
     actggctgta tgggggcagc tattagagac aactaccctt agacttcttt ggtgattggt    111420
     caagctaatc ttttccttca gagtctctca attataagac ttagcttgtg ccatttagaa    111480
     cagacaagaa cacagagaat tatagaacaa tctgactaca ggttctcaag ttaaagcaat    111540
     gaaacttgta gttggccggc aggaaaatat tctgagatgt ggattcaaag tttctaagtg    111600
     tgcacacgta cacacacaca cccctacctg catgcatttt gtaatttaca aagactagtc    111660
     aagtaaagag gggtaatttc acaccccagg aggtctgtat aaagataact ctggtcttta    111720
     aagcatcagg tttcaggtag aggtgaagag agaatgaatc aaactcaaac tgccatcctc    111780
     ccaggttaaa gatgagtcca gtcatcgtgg aggcctctat taacacagga catgctagga    111840
     aggcccatta acccactgcc ctagcacatt tgttaacgtc ctagtgcatt tgttgatatc    111900
     aacagttcac agtttttatt ctgataggga tctattccag cagaccagct tctgtgacct    111960
     ctcaggatga gaaaaagtaa cacaagaaaa gcttcttatg tagtgaattg agaaggaaat    112020
     acctagatca atattccctc agcacctctg gtaggaagtc cttagtagga gaaaaacacc    112080
     atgaagaccc ttagtgcaga aggaaaaggg ggtagggggt ggtggaaggg aagctaaaag    112140
     aaggggctgg aggttctcag aattcaaacc acacaaacaa atgaagtatt gaggtcccag    112200
     acttgatctg ggcccagtgt gaaagcccta acttatttct ccagaagaat atgtcctctg    112260
     gttttagact tggcactgtg gggagaacca gagtgatcta tggtggatat acacacaaac    112320
     atagacacac atatttgcat ttagtaattt ttgtaaaatt tccatttgct tctctgatcc    112380
     tgtctgtatc tttgggaata gatgtaagaa tattacatct ctcaggcttg ctctgcccca    112440
     ggtttctgaa catggaatac atttctccag tgaaactcag tattatgaga tttgggaggt    112500
     ggaagttagg ccacagccat ctcagggaca ggtttcacag acatgagttt tggcagcagc    112560
     cttgtgttct aaagacattt actcctaggg gctctagagg atctgcaaca tcagcagagg    112620
     cttcctgtgg gttcctgatc ttttaaaatt aggggtctgc agtgacttgt gctcctccag    112680
     accccctaac agttttaagg gctaattccc tgtaatatat tcagttctgc ttagactgat    112740
     tacagggatt cctatttctt gactgaattc tcatggctat agtgtctcgt caccatttga    112800
     catcaccaag aagtcctcat tcaggtgcct ttggaaattc cctcaaacac acaggaaatt    112860
     agagtttgaa agaaaacgga gaaccatgag cactgtccaa ataggaactt ctctcctatc    112920
     acagagaaag ggaactgaaa gtcatttctc aagtgtccca aatttagtaa tctcacaaga    112980
     agaaccaatc agtgttctag gactaaacag tgtcataagt tgctgagcaa caacttggat    113040
     tgaagatgct attataatat atgaaatgtc tttgaattta ccatgttttt ctcaagcacc    113100
     atttaagaac aaggcattat ggcagccagc aaagggcaga catagaaaat tatacatggt    113160
     tttgcctcta aaagaggaga tgacaagctt aaatcatagg atcagactct tagcacagac    113220
     tgataccata ggctctcatc tggcccattc tcctgactct ttaactttca ggaaaggtat    113280
     tcctgaaaaa ttgcaggaga gaccatgctg taggtctctt tctagcgatc taggagttaa    113340
     tgccacagtg tgttcaaagc cctttgatgc gatcagataa tcagtaatgt atggaatatt    113400
     tgtgttcata acttgtgaga acggctgcat ggcaggacaa gaccccagca caacagtatg    113460
     gaaaatccac cctaagcaga catgtcatga ctgatgttga acaatggact caccagccag    113520
     gcacggtggc tcatgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg cagaagcagg cagatcacga    113580
     ggtcaggaga tcaaaaccat cctggttaac atggtgcaac cccgtctcta ctgaaaatac    113640
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa attggccggg catggtggcg ggcgcctgta    113700
     gtcctagcta ctcgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg aacccaggag gcagagcttt    113760
     cagtgagccg agatcgtgcc actgcactcc agcctgggcg acagagcaag acttccgtct    113820
     cgaaaacaaa acaacaacaa aaaaaaacaa tggattcacc atccgatggg ctccctcact    113880
     gccaggtcac tcttcatgga agtatttgta ttccagtcct ttctgtggaa agaaattaac    113940
     attctccttt tcataacact gtatcttcag aaacaagaga gtcgaagtct cctaattttc    114000
     aggactgtct atgttgaaca tcaaaatata ttctttagag cagatcttta ataatcatat    114060
     gacaaaagaa aaactttcat aatcttatga catgagggaa ggaatattaa agccgttctg    114120
     tgggttatta tctctaacgt tcccaataga ataggctttg ccagctgggt gtggtggctc    114180
     atgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgcgaggcc aaggcgggca aatcacgagg tcaggagtct    114240
     gagaccagcc tgaccaacat ggtgaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaattatccg    114300
     ggcatggtgg tgggcgcctg taatcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcag gagaatcgct    114360
     tgaacccggg aggcggagat tacaatgagc tgagatcacg ccaccaactc cagcttgggc    114420
     gacagagcaa gactccgtct aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaatagg ctttgcccac    114480
     tatactctct catattcatt gacctgaatc ctcaaatgag gtgtgtccat tagtcaactc    114540
     caatctcttg tcatatataa gatggtagag atgagaagaa ggtagctcct ttacagccca    114600
     ctatttccac taactactac ctgtgtttca agatacagcc tttcatcctt ctccagtgtt    114660
     gagagtgttg aacctcagag tttctcctct cattttctct aaatgagata caatgccagc    114720
     catcccaagc tcttggcctg agttgatcat cttgaagtct aggactccaa gaagcatgaa    114780
     agagcttctt tagtgaagct atgtcctcag tactgccaaa attcagacaa tctccatggc    114840
     ctgacaattt accttctatt tgggtaattt attgtccctt acgcaaactc tccaactgtc    114900
     attgcacaga catatgatct gtatttagct ctcactttag gtgtttccat tgattctatt    114960
     ctcactaatg tgcttcaggt atatccctgt ctagaagtca gattggggtt aaagagtctg    115020
     tccgtgattg actaacagtc ttaaatactt gatttgttgt tgttgttgtc ctgtttgttt    115080
     aagaacttta cttctttatc caatgaacgg agtatcttgt gtcctggacc ctttgcaaga    115140
     acccttcccc tagcaacaga tgcgtcatct caaaatattt ttctgattgg ccaaagagta    115200
     attgatttgc attttaatgg tcagactcta ttacacccca cattctcttt tcttttattc    115260
     ttgtctgttc tgcctcactc ccgagctcta ctgactccca acagagcgcc caagaagaaa    115320
     atggccataa gtggagtccc tgtgctagga tttttcatca tagctgtgct gatgagcgct    115380
     caggaatcat gggctatcaa aggtaggtgc tgagggaatg aaatctggga cgatagacta    115440
     cgaagcattg gagaaaagac ctatggacat ttggaagata atgtgtggag tgaaagaata    115500
     gtgtgacagg tattatgtgg tctcgacaga aagtataaca aattgtggtt tggtggagtt    115560
     cttccctcac cacaaactga agtaagtcaa atttggttta gagggtcaaa actgagttgt    115620
     gtattgatga atagcaaggt cctgctacaa gccaaactgg gggtgggggt gggggtgggg    115680
     gaggaagaat attttctggc aagcattaac aagttatatt tctgggcttt aattattctt    115740
     tctggaaaat tagtaaaatt aaaaactaaa aaccacacat agttttgcta gaattaaatg    115800
     aaaaaaaaaa agttattagc cctgttctta tctgaataca tgatacagta gttatttttt    115860
     ggagtgtaaa tcctgtcggt atatattgag cacatatatt gtgttgaaga ttactagaag    115920
     gaaaagtcat caaaaagcaa caatttaccc caggaaaagg ggagggaagg catgctgata    115980
     tgagttgcct catgggacag tgatagccat tccctgcctt cccatctcca tggtacagca    116040
     gatcttatat catgttaact tagtaatatt tccaagagag tagaaaaata agtaaggaaa    116100
     tggggaatct gatattattc tctctcatct ccagagcaac attggtgctg ttgtaaagat    116160
     gtactgtaga aaagtattct tcacccagcg tgacccccac agaaggtgtc aggtagactt    116220
     gaaataagca aagtaataac ccagctccca tacccatagt ggcaattgta gatttctatt    116280
     gccccaaaag agccatacat agggatactt acctagaaag acagaggatc ttcccttggt    116340
     ttgtgaagag gcagctagta tatttgtgtg tgtttgcata gatgcaaacg gtaaataaat    116400
     tcctaggttt atcaatacac agtcaaacat taaaatctct catcttggct gggcacggtg    116460
     gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggcg ggcggatcat gaggtcaaga    116520
     gatcgagacc gtcctgggca acatggtgaa accccgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt    116580
     agctgggtat ggtggcacac gcctgtagtc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagga    116640
     ttgcttgaac tcgggaggcg gaggttgcag tgagctgaga tggtgccact gcactccagc    116700
     ctggcgatag agcaagactc cgtctcaaac aaccaaacca aaacaaaaca aaatatctca    116760
     ccttatcttt gaagactaag gaaaaaaaaa atctcccact catcgataca ctccacagag    116820
     gcagcatact ctcccagtgt agctttctct tttcatgttc attattccct tggtgttggt    116880
     tattctcaat gtcaatcata acagaacatc ttccataata acagtcccaa tttaaggagc    116940
     attaagataa aaggtggaat tgccaaggtc aatccagacg agaaccttct catagaggta    117000
     accaccgtgt gggtttggat gctgggaagc agggggacta tgacgctaca aggtctcagt    117060
     cttaattttt ggagtacttc agtccccagg tatattttcc atagatttgg cccttaaata    117120
     aagagaagct tctgactcta aaatgtaaac agtgcttgtt acagtcttgt tgatatatta    117180
     agaaattact caccttatct catttaatct taaaaacaaa cccctgacag gatcaaaacc    117240
     acagcagggc tacataatag gaaaactata cataaatagg tagaataatc tgctcaggat    117300
     cactaggtaa gttgctgaat aagaattcaa gatgtttttg atcccagagt ttaaaaccca    117360
     acctttcaaa cagcgtttct ttcttcttag agtacaatgt tctgagaaag agatcctctg    117420
     gaattctggc ctaagtgtat ttaatgcccg ggtaaagaaa gtgagagaac atttctcttt    117480
     aggggctgct gctggatttc taaaaagaaa ataatttctc agctagtaac atggagccaa    117540
     acaacagctt cacaagactc tgggttcttt agccctcatc tccttcaatc caccctcttt    117600
     ataaccagtc cttcttgttt ttcccctccc agctttgttc agcagcatgc ccttcaccca    117660
     gaccttgtct tgtcactcat ccctactcgc catcattctt tcattcctct tggcccaatc    117720
     tctctccact acttcctgcc tacatgtatg taggttattc atttccctct cttgattccc    117780
     cccacccaac tctctttctc catttcttgc ctttcagaag aacatgtgat catccaggcc    117840
     gagttctatc tgaatcctga ccaatcaggc gagtttatgt ttgactttga tggtgatgag    117900
     attttccatg tggatatggc aaagaaggag acggtctggc ggcttgaaga atttggacga    117960
     tttgccagct ttgaggctca aggtgcattg gccaacatag ctgtggacaa agccaacctg    118020
     gaaatcatga caaagcgctc caactatact ccgatcacca atggtacctc cctctctgct    118080
     gcactcctgg acatgggaat ccatagtttg aaagtagttg cttcagctct ttgtgttaga    118140
     ttattgtaac tgattttccc tccaagggtc taaccttgcc attaacaagc cccaaattct    118200
     catgccagag gtctgagaac tttatgggtt tgatcctatc ttgttgtgct caagtcttgt    118260
     ctctgtcatc catggtctcc tacgaagtca ttgccctaag ttcatgctgg gggagccaga    118320
     agggaagtcc ttggatatct tatacctcaa tattggctca atttcttggg gagggggtgc    118380
     tgtcagagat tgttatctga ggatgtgaca tagatttctc agggcacaat ttcaactact    118440
     ttttcagctt tagggttttt agatacgttt gtaccacaat tgagcatggg agggagaggg    118500
     gtgagcctaa gcagtgatgg ctgatttctg tcatgtctgt catgtgtccc ccagtacctc    118560
     cagaggtaac tgtgctcaca aacagccctg tggaactgag agagcccaac gtcctcatct    118620
     gtttcataga caagttcacc ccaccagtgg tcaatgtcac gtggcttcga aatggaaaac    118680
     ctgtcaccac aggagtgtca gagacagtct tcctgcccag ggaagaccac cttttccgca    118740
     agttccacta tctccccttc ctgccctcaa ctgaggacgt ttacgactgc agggtggagc    118800
     actggggctt ggatgagcct cttctcaagc actggggtat ggaccaacac tcaatctcct    118860
     ttatttcaag gtttcctcct atgatgcttg tgtgaaactc ggtgttctaa ctgtttcata    118920
     atatctgcta caattaatat aactgtcttc tcctactatc cagcttcctc ctttttttaa    118980
     tctgtaattc tctcaataca tcattctgtc ttcctcttct ttaatctatg aataactttt    119040
     ctctttatta agaaccctac atttgattct gagtgttact tcttcccaca ctcattacca    119100
     tgtactctgc cttatttccc cccagagttt gatgctccaa gccctctccc agagactaca    119160
     gagaacgtgg tgtgtgccct gggcctgact gtgggtctgg tgggcatcat tattgggacc    119220
     atcttcatca tcaagggatt gcgcaaaagc aatgcagcag aacgcagggg gcctctgtaa    119280
     ggcacatgga ggtgagttag gtgtggtcag aggaagacgt atatggagat atctgaggga    119340
     ggaaaacagg gtggggaaag gaaatgtaat gcatttaaga gacaaggtag gaacagatgt    119400
     ggctcttgat ttctctttgc tagaacgaat cagacattcg tatcatctgg tatcccaaag    119460
     cttcagggtc tgtcatccct ttctatagac gggcaccttg atcacggctc cagtcttaga    119520
     aatcatctcc agtacctaaa accattgttt cacattagaa tactgagtct agggatctag    119580
     aaaatacatt agaatatgga gtctagggat ctagaaaata ctgagtctag ggatctagaa    119640
     aaataagcct caagatttgg gcacatccta gcttgtattt cctggggcag gtcatcagtt    119700
     cagaagcatt tccagatcct ggctcctttc aggttagggt caattcattg catgaaatgg    119760
     gaatctctta gaggccaatg cctgcttttg cttctttagt ctcaaatgta gtatgagaaa    119820
     ctctaaaaaa aggtaaagca tggttgctta ttatgttcag ttggagagta gggtatacag    119880
     ttagttcatg ttggaaaggt tagatgaaca ttgaaagaat tttgcaaagt caaaggatta    119940
     agagagaaga ggaaggaatc tgaagcaagg agctcaaaac tgatcttcaa ctccttggta    120000
     actatgtgtg tcttgctata ggtgatggtg tttcttagag agaagatcac tgaagaaact    120060
     tctgctttaa tggctttaca aagctggcaa tattacaatc cttgacctca gtgaaagcag    120120
     tcatcttcag cattttccag ccctatagcc accccaagtg tggatatgcc tcttcgattg    120180
     ctccgtactc taacatctag ctggcttccc tgtctattgc cttttcctgt atctattttc    120240
     ctctatttcc tatcatttta ttatcaccat gcaatgcctc tggaataaaa catacaggag    120300
     tctgtctctg ctatggaatg ccccatgggg catctcttgt gtacttattg tttaaggttt    120360
     cctcaaactg tgatttttct gaacacaata aactattttg atgatcttgg gtggaatttt    120420
     tggtgtttaa gccagttctt tgggtggcgg tggggggtgg ggagtcggtc ctggggaata    120480
     tatgtgatcc tttcccggta aaatatctga atgttgaatt tatcttataa attctagaat    120540
     tcatcagaca tatcccggtt catttgggct tggtctcatt ttgtgcatct gcaggcaacc    120600
     ctcttgttgt ggtctagtcc tcatcaggaa aacctaaagt gggattggtt tgttgggaga    120660
     tctctactga gcaatgatat aactctatct tcagtagagt gaatctgaaa ccccaaggta    120720
     tggatctcag aatgcatggg atggagggga gcagatgggg ttagagtggg gagaaggaag    120780
     acagaagaat ccataaacat tgcaggattt acatatcaac atcgttcatt ccagatttaa    120840
     tgagcaaaga gattggacac tgaagactgg ccttacccat tctgttagac atagtctcag    120900
     atgcctattg tattaccgag agagtagtct gactgattct tgaaaccacc ttatatttga    120960
     agatgtgtct ttgagtggaa aagctgagtg aaatttgggg ttggggagaa agatatgaca    121020
     ttaagatgag aggaaggaat atttgaaaca cgatgaactg ttgctcattt gtctataaaa    121080
     ctatgacttg atatttatct ctaaaatagt ttctagaacc tgccataaac cactaaggta    121140
     aactattcat gatagtgtgg tagactgcaa ataaatgctg ttgaaatgag ttaggcttgg    121200
     gtttcatctt ggctgtatca tttactagct atgttttcac tggtatctta cttaacttag    121260
     cctcacatta ctcatgaaaa tactggtgtt aatttttact acattgaatt aatatcagaa    121320
     ttaaaaggaa aacgcaagca aagtaattag atacatgctt agtgataata aaatattgca    121380
     aaaaattata cattctgttg tttttctcaa aatttctata gagtgatgat aaaaatctaa    121440
     gagaagctaa acaaaacaag gataaaccaa agcatcatga ccttctaagc cttactaata    121500
     aataagaagt ttctcggctg ggcacggtgg ctcacgcctg taatccagca ctttgggagg    121560
     ccgaggtggg cggatcacaa ggtcaggaaa tcaagaccat cctggccaac atggtgaaac    121620
     cccatctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc caggcgtggt gataggcgcc tgtaatccca    121680
     gctactctgg aggttgaggc aggagaatct cttgaatccg ggaggcagag gttgcagtga    121740
     gccgagatcg caccactgcg ctcctgcctg gcaacagact gagactccgt ctcaaaaaaa    121800
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtttct ctactgttgg ttcagagaat caaagcagaa tcttgagact    121860
     actgatggta gaataggtat gaatgtcttt cttacatgac tacaaacttt attataaaat    121920
     aaatagctta acacagagaa tacactaaaa cttagacaag catggattaa gaaagcaaaa    121980
     agtaaaccca tatactacca tgtaagaaaa ccgtttttgg ccaggcgcgg tggctcacgc    122040
     ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg cgggcggatc acgaggtcag gagatcgaga    122100
     ccatcctggc taacatggtg aaaccccgtc tctattaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaaaattag    122160
     ccgggtgtgg tggcgggtgc ctgtagtccc agctactcga gaagttgagg caggaaaatg    122220
     gcgtgaaccc aggaggcaga gcttgcagta agccgagatc gcaccactgc actccagcct    122280
     gggcgacaga gcgagactcc atctcaaaaa aaagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggaa    122340
     aaccatttta atagactttt atttttagag ctgttttaag ctaacagaaa aattgcagaa    122400
     attgtataca gagctccccc acccccagtt tctacaatgc ttaacatcct gtattaatgt    122460
     ggtacacttg ttacaattga tgaaccaata ctaataatta ttattaacta aaattcatag    122520
     ttatacgagg gttcactctg tattacacag ttatatgggt tctgacaaat acataatatc    122580
     atatatccac cattacagga ttaaacaaaa tagcttcact gatctaaaaa tgacccaggc    122640
     tccatctact catccttcct tcctccctct gagccattgg cattctctga gctatttact    122700
     attgttttgc ctttttcaga atgtcacata cttgtaatca tacagcatag agctttttca    122760
     gatgagattc ttttgcttag ccatatgcat acaggtttcc tgcgtatatt gtcatagctt    122820
     gatagcttat ttttctttaa tgttaaataa tactccattg tataaatgta ctatggttta    122880
     tttacccatt aatctattga aggacatctt ggttgcttct aatttttggc aattatgaat    122940
     aaagctgcta taaacatcca tgaacagatg tttgtgcaga cacaagtttt ccactttgga    123000
     taaatacata gaagggcaat tgctggatca tatggtaaga gtatgtttag ctttgtaaga    123060
     aacaactaga atatcttcca aaatggctgt atcattttgc attcctacca gcaacgaatg    123120
     agagtccctg ttgttctata tccttgccag catttggtat tctggggttt gggatttcag    123180
     caagaaagcc attttaatat ttttttattt taaaataatt atagattcag gggaaattgc    123240
     aaagacagta tagagacatt ctgcatacgc cttcacccag tttctccaaa tgtttatatt    123300
     ttaagtaatt atagcacagt agcaaaacca agaaaatacc ttgatacaat gtgtatgtat    123360
     agttttatgc atatgtctta tcacatttgt agattcatgt aaccaccacc acaatcaagc    123420
     acagagctat tccatatcac agagatcttc atcatgcttc cctttatagc caaattcccc    123480
     ccacacaatc accttaacaa cttaaaacca ctaatttctt tgctattaat ctctagaata    123540
     gtgtcatttt gaaaatacta gttaaatgga atcatgcagt atgtgactgg tgtttttcac    123600
     ttagcataat acccatgaga tccatccaag ctgctgcata tatcaacaat cttttttttt    123660
     tttattgcta agtagtattc catggtctaa atgcagcaca gtttgcttaa ctatttgcct    123720
     attgaaggac attttggctg tttctagttt ggggtcacta taaataaggc tgttttgaac    123780
     atgtgtttaa ggtttttcta tgagcatgag ttcatgagtt ttcatttctc tggtataaat    123840
     gtctgggata taattcatgg gcatatggaa atatatgttt agtttttcaa gaaactgcca    123900
     aacttagcca agtatgatgg cttatacctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccaaggaag    123960
     aaggataaat tgaggccagg aatttgaggc cagccccagc gtctacactt tttttttttt    124020
     ttgagacaga gtctcgctct gttgccagac tggagtgccg tgatgcgatc tcggctcact    124080
     gcaacctccg cctcccaggt tcaagcaatt cttctgcctc agcctctcga gtagctgaga    124140
     ctacaggtgc acaccaccac gcccaattaa tttttgtatt tttagtagag acagggtttc    124200
     accatgttgg ccaggatggt cttgacctca tgacctcgtg atccgcttgc cttggcctcc    124260
     caaagtgctg agattacagg catgagccac cgtgcccggc caaatgtttt gttttgtttt    124320
     tgttttttgt ttttttgtca ggtggatgag gtggcatgcc cctatagtca cagctacttg    124380
     ggaggctgag gtgggaggat tgcttgagcc caggaattcg aggctgcagt gagccactgc    124440
     acttcagcct atctgacaga gcaagatcct gtctccaaaa ggaaggaagg gagggaagaa    124500
     gcaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa    124560
     ggagaaaaaa gaagggaggg agggaggaag gaagggaggg agggaggaaa aaagaaagaa    124620
     gaaaggaagt taaaaagaag ggagggaggg aggaaggaag aaaggaaaga tggaagaaag    124680
     gaaggaaggg agggaggaga aagagaaaga aaaagaagga aggaagaagg gaaggaggga    124740
     gggaagggag gaagggaggg agggtgaaag gaaggaaaga aggaaggaag gagaaagaaa    124800
     aggaagagag aaagagaaag aaaaaagaaa gaagaaagaa gaaagaaaga gagagaagga    124860
     aaggaaagaa ggaaggaaag gaaagaaaga aaaagaaaaa ggaaggaagg aaagaaggaa    124920
     ggaaggaaga aagaaaaaga aagaaagaag gaaggaaaga aagaaagaaa gagaaagaaa    124980
     gaaaccgata aactattctc taattgcttt gtgggagtat ggccactttc atcatattga    125040
     tttttccttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gcgatagagt ctggctctgt cgcccaggct    125100
     ggagtgcaat ggcgtgattt cggctcactg aaacctctgc ctcctgggtt caggtgattc    125160
     tcctgcctca gcctccctag tagctgggat tacaggtgca caccatcacg cctggataat    125220
     ttttttgtat ttttactaga gatggggttt caccatgttg gccaggttgg tctcaaattc    125280
     ctgacctcag gtgattcgcc tgccttggcc tccggaagtg ctaggattac agatgtgagc    125340
     caccgcgccc agacaatatt gattcttcct tttccatgaa catgatattt ttttccattt    125400
     atttgtgtca tctctgagtt ctttgagcag tggtttgtag ttttccttgt agagatcttt    125460
     ctcctcccta gttagctgta ttcctaggta tttcgtgtgt gtgtggcaat cgtgaatggg    125520
     attacgttcc tgatttggct ctcagcttga ctgttgtggt gtataggaat gttagtaatt    125580
     tttccacatt aattttgaat gccaagactt cgctgaagtt gttaattagc ttaaagagct    125640
     tttgggctga gactatgggg ttttcttgat ataggatcat gccatctgca aataggcata    125700
     gttcaatttc ctctcttcct gtttggatgc ctttaattct ttttcttgcg tgttgccctg    125760
     gccaagactt ccaatactat gttggatagg agtagtgaga gagggtatcc ttgtcttgcg    125820
     ctggttttca aggggaatgc ttctagcttt ttcccattta gtatggtatt agctgtgggg    125880
     ttgtcacaga aggctcttat tattttaagt tatgttcact tactactcag tttattaaga    125940
     gtttttaaat gaagggatat tgaattttat caaaaaccat tcctgcatct attgagctaa    126000
     tcatgtggct tctgtcttta gtactgctta tgtaatgaat caaatttatt gatttgcata    126060
     tgttgaacta accttgcatc accaagataa agcatacttg atcattgtag attagctttt    126120
     taatgtactg ctggattcag tttgccagta ttttgtggag gatttttgca taaatcttca    126180
     tcaataatat ttgcctgaag ttttcttttg tgtgtgtgtc tgccaggttt tggtgctgat    126240
     cctgatgatg ctggcctcat agaatgagtt agagaggtat ccctcttcct caattttttg    126300
     gactaattat aacaggaatg gtaccagctc ttctttgtac atcaggcaga attcagctgt    126360
     gaattattct agtcctaggg gttttttttg tttggtagtc tacttattac tgatttaatt    126420
     tctgagatca ttatcagtct gttcagggat tgaatttctt cctggttctg tcttgggagg    126480
     gtgtacgtgt ccagaaattt atcaatttct tctagttttc ctagtttatg tgcatagagg    126540
     tgtttttaat attctctgat ggttatttgt gtttctgtgg ggtcagtggt aatatcccca    126600
     ttgtaatttc tgagtgtgat tatttgaatc ttctctcttt tcttctttat tagtctaact    126660
     agaggtcttt tttttttatt aatttttttt taggaaacca attcctggac tcattgatct    126720
     tttgagtgtt gttttttttt ctgtctcaat ctcctttagt tcagctctga ttttggttat    126780
     ttcttgtctt ctgctagcct tgatattggt ttgtacctgg ttgaccagtt cttttagttg    126840
     tgatgttagg ttgttaaatt gaggtctttc tttttcatgt gggcatttga tgcataaatt    126900
     tcccacttaa cactgcctta gctgtgtccc agagattctg gtatgttgta tcgttgttct    126960
     catcagtttt aaagaacttc tcaatttctt ccttaatttc attatttaca caaaagtcat    127020
     tcaggagcag gcggttcaac ttccatgtaa ttgtagggtt ttgaatgaat ttcttagtct    127080
     taatttctaa tttgattgca ctgttgtctg aaagattgtt ttttatgatt tcagttcttg    127140
     tgcatttgct gaggagtatt tgacttccga ttatgtgatc aattttagag tacatgccat    127200
     gtggtgatga gaagaatgtg tatactgttg ttttggtgtg gataattcta tagatgtcta    127260
     tcaggtccat ttgattcagt gctgagttca agtcctgaat atctttgtta attttttgtc    127320
     tcgatgatct gtctaatatt atcagtgagt tgttaacatc tccaagtatt attgtgttgg    127380
     agtctaagtc tctttgaagg tccctaagaa cttgctttat gaatctgggt gttcctgtgt    127440
     tgggtgctga tctggtttgg ctgtgttccc attcaaatct caccttgaat tgtagctccc    127500
     acaattctca catgccacgg gaggcacctg gtgggaggta attgaatcat gagtgcgggt    127560
     ctttcccatg ctattctcat catagtgaat aagtctcatg agatctgata gttttataaa    127620
     gaggagtttc cctgcacaag ttctcttgtc ttgtctgcca ccatgtgaga tgtgattttc    127680
     accttccatc atgattgtga ggcatcccta gccatgtgga actgtcagtc cattaaattt    127740
     ctttcttttg taaattgccc agtctcaggt acatctttgt cagcagcata acagactaat    127800
     agaggagagt ggagcactgc tgaaaagata tctgaaaatg tggaagtgac tttggaactg    127860
     ggtaacaggc agaggttgga acagtttgga gggctcagaa gaagatagga aaatgtggga    127920
     aattttggaa cttcctagag acttgttgaa tgcctttgcc caaaatgctg atggtgatgt    127980
     ggacaataat gtccaggcta aggtagtctc agatggaaat gaggaacttg ttgggaactg    128040
     gagcaaaggt gactcattat gctttagcaa agagactggt ggcattttgt ccctgtccta    128100
     gagacttgtg gaactttgaa cttgagagag atgatttagg gtatctggca gaagatattt    128160
     ctaagcagca aagcattcaa gaggttactt gcgtgctgtt aaagccattc agttttataa    128220
     gggaagcaga gcataaatgt ttggaaaatt tgcagcctga caatgcaata gaaaagaaaa    128280
     tccaattttc tgaggataaa ttcaagctgg ctgcagaaat ttcatgggta acgaggagct    128340
     gaatgttaat tattaagaca atggggaaaa tgtctccaag gcatgtcaga ggtttttttt    128400
     ttttttttcc agagtctcgc tctgtcgccc aggctggagt gcagtggtat gatctcagct    128460
     cactgcaagc tctgcctgcc aggttcatgc cattctcctg cctcagcctt ccaagtagct    128520
     gggactacag gcatccgcca ccacacctgg ctaatttttt gtatttttag tagagacggg    128580
     gtttcaccat gttagccagg atagtctcga tctcctgacc tcatgatcca cccacctcgg    128640
     cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggtgtga gccaccatgc ctggccatgt cagaggtctt    128700
     gatggcagcc ctgcccatca caggcctgga ggcctaggag gaaagaatgg tttcttgggc    128760
     tgggcccagt gtccccgtgc tgtatgcggt ctttggactt ggtgccctgt gtctcagcca    128820
     ctccagctgt gactaaaagg ggccaacata gagctcaggc cacggcttca gaggatgcaa    128880
     gccccaagcc ttggcagctt ccatgtggtg ttgagcctac gtgtacacag aagtcaagag    128940
     ttgaggtttg ggaacctcca cctagatttc agaggatgta tggaaatgcc tggatgtcca    129000
     ggcagaagtt tgctgcctgg gcagggcact catgtggaac ctctgctagg gcagtgcaga    129060
     agggaaatgt ggagtgggca ccctcacaca gagttctcaa tggggcagtg cctagtggag    129120
     ttttgaaaag aggaacacca tcctccagac tccagagtga tggatccact gacagcttgc    129180
     atcatgcact ggaaaagctg cagacactca atgccagccc atgaaagcag cttggaggga    129240
     ggctatatcc tgcaaagcca caggggcgga gctgctcaag accaggggaa cccacctctt    129300
     gtatcagtgt gacctggatg tgagatatgg aatcaaagga ggtcattttt tggagtttaa    129360
     gatttaagtg ctctgctgga tttcagagtt gcatggagcc tttaagtccc ttcattttgg    129420
     ccagtttctt ccatttggaa tgggtacatt tattcaatgc ctgtaccctc attgtgtcta    129480
     agaagtaact agcttgcttt tgattttaca ggctcatagg cagaagggac ttgccttgtc    129540
     tcagatgaga atttggactg tggattttga gttaatgtag aaataagact ttggggtact    129600
     cttgagaagg catgattggt ttgaaatatg agggcatgag atttgggagg ggccggtggt    129660
     ggaatgatat ggtttggccc tgtccccacc caaatctcac cttgaattgt aggtcccgta    129720
     atacccacat gttgtgggag ggacctggtg ggaggtaatt taatcatggg gtaggtcttt    129780
     cccgtactat tcttgtgata gtgaataagt ctcatgagat ttgatggttt tatgaagggg    129840
     agtttccctg cacaagtcct cttctcttgt ctgctgccat gtgagatgtg cttttcacct    129900
     tccaccatga ttgtgaggcc tccccagcca tgtggaactg cgagtccatt aaacctcctt    129960
     cttttgtaaa ttgcccaatc tcaagtatgc ctttattagc agcatgataa tggactaata    130020
     taaatgaata tatatttaag aaatggataa attcctggac acatacaccc tctcaagact    130080
     gaaccaggaa gaaactgaat tc                                             130102