ID   AL645941; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 71501 BP.
AC   AL645941;
DT   28-NOV-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   24-JAN-2013 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 24)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone CH501-181M17 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-71501
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Sycamore N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-JAN-2013) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; e3ad4846bdbe94dc50ab0f31eef49666.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000052.
DR   EPD; EP74503; HS_HLA-DMA.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000204256; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000204257; homo_sapiens.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   CH501-181M17 is from a CHORI-501 human bac - PGF cell line library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..71501
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-501"
FT                   /clone="CH501-181M17"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 71501 BP; 20361 A; 15583 C; 15885 G; 19672 T; 0 other;
     gaattcataa gggtagggcc atgattcaat aggattaatt caataggaag agaaaccagg        60
     gtatgctctc ttgctctttc tccctcccag ccttcctctc tctttctctc tcactctgcc       120
     cccagaagat ggcaactctc tctataagcc aggaagagcc cttaccagaa gctgaccatg       180
     ctggcgcctt gatctcagac ttccaacctc cagaactgtg agagaatata tttctgttgt       240
     ttaagccacc tagttttatt ttgttatggc accccaagct aatacatata tcaataatta       300
     cattattcct aatacaaaga aatgataaat tcttgaggtg gtagatgccc caattactct       360
     gatttggtca ttgcacattg tatgcctgta actaacatca catgtacctc actaatatat       420
     acaacggttg tgtacccata ataattaaac ataaaaatta agaaaaaaaa ttacactaaa       480
     tgcaaatgat ctaaatacct caattaagaa acccagttca ggccaggcat ggtggcttac       540
     acctgtaaac ccagcactct acaaaaaaaa acaaacaaac aaaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca       600
     aaaaaaaacc cagttcaaat ataacaatat aggccaggct cagtggctct cagcactttg       660
     ggaggctaag ccaggtggat aatttgaggt aggtcaggag ttcgagacca gcctggccta       720
     catggtgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaatac aaaaattagc caggcatggt ggtgtgcacc       780
     tgtggtccca gctactcagg aggctgaggc aggagaatcg cttgaccctg gaagacagag       840
     gttgccgtga gcagagattg tgccgctgca ctccagccta ggtgacaaga tgagactttg       900
     tctcaaaaaa aacacaaaac aaacaaaaac aacaataaaa ccacacaaat ataacaacat       960
     aggcaggtta aaagtaaaag gatggaaaaa gacacaacat gttttcctta attagaggaa      1020
     tacaggagtg agtgtactac tctcagataa ggtaaacttc agagccaaaa caaaaaaaat      1080
     taccagagaa agataaggac gttttataat aatagaaggg tcagtctatc aagaagacat      1140
     tgcagtcaga aatgtttatg cccaaaacac cagagctgta aaatatgtga agcaaaaact      1200
     gacggaactg aaagaaaaaa tagaaaatcc acaattataa ttggagacat caacacaact      1260
     ctcacaacta ttaataaaac tagaaagaag gcagggagtg gtggctcagg cctgtaatcc      1320
     cagcactttg ggaggccgag gggggtggat cacgaggtca ggagatcgag accatcctgg      1380
     ctaacacggt gaaaccccga ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa attagctggg cgtggtggcg      1440
     ggcgcctgta gtcccagata ctcgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg aacctgggga      1500
     cggagctttc agtgagctga gatcctgcca ctgcactcca gcagcctggg ggacagagca      1560
     agactctgtc tcaaaaaaaa taaaaataaa aaaataaaaa ctagaaagaa aatcagcaaa      1620
     gatgtagaag agctcaataa caccatcaac caacaggatc aaatccacat ttacaggaca      1680
     ctccacccat caatagcaga atacacattg gctctttttt gttgtttttc ttttccggtt      1740
     ttactaggtg caaggggtac atatgcaggt ttgttacatg ggtaaattgc gtgtcacaag      1800
     ggtttggtgt acagataatt ttaaaagaat ttaaattata caaacttttc tctgactaca      1860
     atggaatcaa attagaaatc aataacggaa agacagcaga ggaaaaatca tcagcataat      1920
     acccgatagg tgctttttca atcatcactg tcctcccacc ctccaccctc aaataggccc      1980
     cagtgtctat ttttcccatc tttgtgtcca tgtgtatgca attagctggt tttttgctcc      2040
     tgcggtaatt tgtttaggat tatggcctcc agttccatct atgttgctgc aaaggccatg      2100
     atcccatttt ttatagctgt gtagtatttc atggtgtata tgtaccacat cttctttatc      2160
     cagtgcactg ttgatgagca ctggataaag aaatctaggt tcattccatg tctttgctaa      2220
     cgtgaatagc agtgtgatga acatgcatgt gcatgtgtct ttatgacaga acaatttata      2280
     ttcttttagg tatataccca acaatggaat tgctgggttg tatgggaatt ttgctttaag      2340
     ttctttgaga aatctccaga ctgctttcca cagtgcctga actaatttac attaccccca      2400
     atagtgtaca agtgttcctt tttctccaca accttgttag cacctgttgt ttttgacttt      2460
     ttaacaatag ccattctgac tggggtgaga tggtgtctca tcattgtttt gatttgcatt      2520
     tccctaatga ttagttatac tgagcatttt tttcacatgc ttgttggccg cacagaatat      2580
     acattctttt gaagtgtcca tgcaacatat accaagttgg actatatcca gggccataaa      2640
     acaaatattg ataaatttaa aagaatataa attatacaga atgtgttctc tgactacatt      2700
     ggaatcaaac tagaaataaa taacagaaag atgacagagg aaagtcaaga aactaagcga      2760
     aaacttttaa atactctacg agtcaaaaaa taaatctcaa aggaaattta aaaatacact      2820
     gaattgaaag aaaataagaa tacaacatat caaaaatttc taggagagac aacccacaga      2880
     atgagagaag atatttgcaa actacccctc taacaaagga ttaataacta gaatatataa      2940
     ggagttcaga caactctata ggaaaaaaga gttcaatagt ccaaacaaaa aatgagctga      3000
     tctgaataga catttctcaa aagaagacat acaaatggca atcaggctta tgaaaggtgc      3060
     tcaacattat gaatcatcag agaaatgcaa atcagaagtt caatgagata ttatctcact      3120
     tcagttaaaa tagcttgtat gcaggctgga cacggtggct cacacctgta atcccagcac      3180
     tgagggaggc cgaggcgggc agatcacctg aggtcaggag ttcaagacca gcctggccaa      3240
     tatggtgaaa ccctgtctct actaaaaata caaaaattag ctgggcatgg tgggccatgc      3300
     ctgtagtccc aactacttgg gaggctgagg cagaagaatc gcttgaacct gggagatgga      3360
     ggttgcagtg agcagagatt gggccactgc actccagcct gggcaactga gtaagactcc      3420
     atctcaaaaa aaaatggctt gtatccaaaa gacaggcaat aacaagtact ggtgagtatg      3480
     tggagaaggc tttgtacact gttggcagga atataaatta gtacaaccac catggagaac      3540
     agcttggaag ttcctccaaa aaaattaaaa ttgagctacc atatgatcca gcaatcccac      3600
     tgctgggaat atacccgaaa gaaagaaaat tagtatttca aagagatatc tgcactccta      3660
     tgttaattgc agcattgttt acaatagcta agacttcgga gcaacctaag tgtctatcga      3720
     cagatgaatg gataaagaaa atgtggtaca tacatacaat ggagtactat ttagctagaa      3780
     aaaagaatga tatccagtta tttgcaacaa catagatgga actggagatc attatgttaa      3840
     gtgaaataag ccaggtacag aaagacaaac atgacatgtt ctcatttatt tgtgggatct      3900
     aaaaatcaaa acaattgaac taatggacat agtgagtaga aggatggtta ccagagcctg      3960
     agaaaagtag tggatagctg agcggggagg tggggatggt taatgggtac aaaaaaagta      4020
     gaaagaatga atatgaccta ctatttgata gcacaataga gtgactatag tcaaaaataa      4080
     cttaattgta tatttttaag ttacttaaag aatgtaattg aattgtttgt aactcaaagg      4140
     ataaatgctt gagggaatgg ctaccccatt ctccatgatt tggttatttc acattccagg      4200
     cgtgtatcaa aacatctcat gtaccccata aacatataca cctaccatga acccacgaaa      4260
     tattttcaaa ataataaaaa aaattatagg acacagctaa accagtgctg aaagggaaat      4320
     ttatagcatt aaatgcatac attaaaaaga agaaaaactg ggtgctactt gggaggctga      4380
     ggcaggaaag gatcacttga gcccagtagt tcgaggccag cctgggcaac ataaggagac      4440
     cttgtctctt taaaaaaaaa aaaaagtaca caaattaata attcaaactc tcatctcaag      4500
     agcccagaaa aagaagatca aaatacatcc aaagaagaaa ggaaggccga gcactgtggc      4560
     tcacgcctgt aatcccaata gtttgggagg ccaaggcagg tggatcactt gagctcagga      4620
     gttagagacc agcctgccca acatggtgaa tctctgcttc tactaaaatt acaaaaaatt      4680
     agccaaatgt ggtggcaggc gcttgtagtc ccagctacct ggaaggttga ggcaggagaa      4740
     tcacttgagc ccaggaggcg gaggttgtag tgaggtgaga ttgcaccact gcactccagc      4800
     ctgggccaca gagtgagaca caaaaagttg cttctttgaa aagatcagtc aactgatgaa      4860
     cctctagcag actacactga caaagaagaa agaaagaata tagaaatgtc cacagggaat      4920
     atccctacac accctgcaga catcggaaaa acataaatgg tgctggaaca attgaacatt      4980
     caagggccat aggaggagag aaagacaaca aggaggaaaa gaaggaggag cagcagttta      5040
     atctaagact cataccttct gcaaaaattg actcaatatg gattacaaac ttctatgcaa      5100
     aatgtaaaac tataaaactt ttagaataag ataggggaaa atcttctgaa tctagatctg      5160
     ggcaacaagt tcttagattt gacaccaaaa acatgatctg taaaatgaaa aaatggatat      5220
     attagacctg attaaaacta aaaactgttg ctctgtgaaa gacttgtaaa ggaatgaaaa      5280
     ggcaagctac ataatggaag aaaatatttg caaatcatgt atccaacaaa ggactagtat      5340
     ctagaatata taacaactta tcaaaactca ggccaggccc cctggctcat gcctgtaatc      5400
     ccagcacttt gggaggctga ggcgagtgga tgacttgagg tcaggagttt gagaccagcc      5460
     tagccaacat ggtgaaactc tgtctctact aaaaatacta aaaattagct gggcgttgtg      5520
     gcacacgcct gtaatcccag gaggtagagg ttggggtgag ccgaggtcat gccactgcac      5580
     tctagcctga gtgacagagt aagactccat ctcagaaaaa aaaagaaaaa aaatcaacag      5640
     tttgaaaaaa attaattaga aaatgggaaa aattcatgaa gagacatttc attaaaagga      5700
     tatacagatg gcaaataagc acatgaaaag atgttcgata tcattagcca ttaaggaaac      5760
     gcaaattaaa accacaataa gatctcacta cacacatatt agaatggctg aaataaaaaa      5820
     tagtgacaat aagccaggcg cagtggctca tgcctgtaat cccagaactt tgggaggctg      5880
     aggcaggcgg atcatgagga caggagattg agaccatcct ggctaacatg gtgaaacccc      5940
     atctctacta aaaatacaaa aaattagccg ggcgtggtgg cgggcgccta tagtcccagc      6000
     tacttgggag gctgaggcag gagaatggcg cgaacccggg aggtggagct tgcagtgagc      6060
     caagatcgca ccactgcact ccagcctggg caacagtgca agactccatc tcaaaaaaaa      6120
     taaaaaaaat agtgacaata ccaaatgcct gtgaggatgc agtaaaacaa tcactcgcac      6180
     attgctggtg caaccactct ggaaaacact ttgacagttt atttaaaaaa ctaaaaatgc      6240
     aaccaccata caattcagca ggtacactcc tgggcatttg ctccagagac attaagactt      6300
     atgtccacac aaaaacttat attcatatca gccaaatctg gaaacaaccc agatgtgatg      6360
     gacagatggc taaactaact gtgctatacc cataccatat aatacaacta ggcaataata      6420
     aattattgat atatgcaaca accttgtatg atctccagag aaatacattg agagaaaaaa      6480
     aagtcaatcc caaaagtgta tatactatat gtttccattt attaatcatt tgttttaaaa      6540
     tgacaaaaaa aaatttgtct tgaagtgaca aagtcataga aatggataag agattagtga      6600
     ttgctagaca ttaaggaggg tatgggatgg tagggaagtg ggtgtgtcta gaaaagggca      6660
     aggtgaagaa tccttgtgat catagaagtg ttctgtattg tggctgtatc catgtatcct      6720
     aattgtgata ttgtaccata gttttgcaaa atgttaccat caagggaaac tgggtaaagg      6780
     atacacagga ttgtttttat tatttcttac cactgcatgt gaatctacaa tatacagcaa      6840
     aatttatact taatggagaa tatttaggtt tatttccttt aagagtaatg ctcattatca      6900
     ccctactgtt tgacacagca ttgaagatcc tagtcaacaa catgaaaaat aaaacactaa      6960
     ggattaagag ggaaaacaca aaacaatgct cgcagatgat actattatct acctggaaaa      7020
     agagagagac agagagaata tcaataacaa caatgacaac aacaacaaca aaaaccccac      7080
     taaaaccaat aagaggatcg agcaaggttg tcccatataa gatcaactta caaaaattat      7140
     taatttctaa tatttgaaaa tcatatatca gtatttgaat atcatatatc caataaaggg      7200
     ttaatattca gaatatgtaa agaactcata aaacccaaca ataattgttt atacaaacag      7260
     ttaaaaaggg ggcaacaaac ttcaacagac atttttccaa agatgatata caagtggcaa      7320
     acacacatat gaaaagatgc tcagcattac ttattattag agaagtgcaa attaaaacca      7380
     taacatcatc taattctcat tagcatggct actataaaaa tgaaaggaaa aaggaaagaa      7440
     gggagggaat gaaggaggga gcaaatgaag gaggaaagga aagaaggaag gaaggaagga      7500
     agggagagag ggagggaaga aataagtgtt ggtgaggatg tagagacatt agaaccttta      7560
     tatgcaatgt tcgtgggatt gtaaaatgtg taactgctat gggaaacagt acggcagttc      7620
     ctcaaaaaat cagtagtaaa actactatat gacccaagag tccacttctg ggtataaatg      7680
     caaaagaatt gaaagcaggg acttaagcag atattttccc ccatattcat agcagcacta      7740
     ttctcgatag ccaagaggtg gaagcaacaa agatgtccat agacagatga atgggcaaac      7800
     aaaatatggc atatacatac agtagcttat tattcagcct aaaaaggaag aaagcactct      7860
     tacatgctgc aacaagtatg aattttaagg acattaagct aagtgaaata agccaatcgc      7920
     caaaagacaa aaactccatg attgcacttg tacagggtat ctgaagtagt cagattcata      7980
     gaaacagaat gtagagtgat agtagccagg ggctagagga agagagaaat gaggagttgt      8040
     tgtttaatgg gtgtagagtt ctggttttgc aaggtgaaaa ggagttctgg agattggttg      8100
     cacaaaaatg tgaatatact taacactgct gagctgtaca cttcaaagtg gttaagacgg      8160
     taaatgttat ttttttaacc acaatttttt aaattagata cattcttcta catcagaaat      8220
     tactgattca aaagtagaat tgcaataaga taccaatcac aatagcagca aaagctacaa      8280
     catgcctaag aattaactga gcatactcag gactactatg aaaaagtaaa gtttaaaaac      8340
     cataataaag agcaaacaaa atgatttcaa taaatgagaa aacatcctgt ttttgcatgg      8400
     tatgatttag taataaaaac aagtcagtta accccaaatt tctataaatt cagtataacc      8460
     acaatcaaaa ttcaagtggg gaagacagaa ctagaagtga gtgtcctccc aaactcccca      8520
     gtaggaaact acaaacttag tttctgttgc tactatgcgc ttgtcattgt ccaaggccaa      8580
     aagaagccca gattttgcac ctctctctcc accccacaac attgacgttt ttccttcttg      8640
     ttgtgaatgt acttcctgtc ctccatctgt ccttctggac ccactctcaa tacttctgca      8700
     cctggggtct gcctcaggtg ctgacctgca tgacattgaa tggctcccat gctccctggc      8760
     ttcttcttgc ttccagcatc agcctaagag cagagggaag aggggagtga ggtcagtgtt      8820
     tctaatccct tggcttcctc cctacaaggt caccttaagc tgttgtgtcc cttgactgaa      8880
     gggcactgcc cttggcaagg tggtgactgt acagggcttg ctgtccttct gagtcctgat      8940
     aaccccttct gtccccggcc tctttggacc ttggggtagt aacagctatc ctccacccag      9000
     ttctttgtaa atactttgct aataaataaa ctttccttga aatgtcctat ttcgagtatg      9060
     ccatctgttt tctgttgaga ctctgataca ataaaagcca tttctttatt ccctgcccca      9120
     gaccagcacg gccaggggcc tcttagaagc ctcatatgaa atggaagagg aagggtctgg      9180
     agaaacaagg agccccccat ctgggagtag tctctatagg tttggggcct ctccactctc      9240
     tgaaacccct ggagactggt ctggccaagt agtggcagga agcaccacgg agaaatcccc      9300
     catgccttgc ttcaaggcag ttggagggct cttgggaatg acagacactc aagccaaaaa      9360
     aaaaaaagga tttgaggatg gggttgaact ccaccctcgt ttttcatctg atttgcccaa      9420
     ttttactttg gaaagagaaa aacttgagaa aatggcctaa agataatttt cataaataga      9480
     cattgggatt aaatgtcaat cttgtctgtt tctttcacat gcatgtgttc gtgggtaggg      9540
     aggcaaagag aacctggaac ctaggaacat gctctccctc agggaaaaaa aaaatgccaa      9600
     ggataccacc tcccgtggtg tatttgagat ttattctcat tgtctttaat ggtcaaaaga      9660
     agaagctcaa atgtgggctc aacgcgtttc tctaaaatat tgttatctgc cccaagtgtt      9720
     gaaggaactc cctgcactgt gtgtgccctt gttaacacag gcccagttct ttcatgggag      9780
     gggaggtgga ctagatgacc tttaaaacca attctagctc caagttcagc ttttaaaaca      9840
     acaagacatt gaagggcgaa aacaattctt tgtgcagctt ggattatgta taacccgaaa      9900
     gtccagctct ctctctcttc ccccgctccc ctccctccct ctctctatgt ccctctcctt      9960
     ctttctccca ctccacttct ctcctctcac ccttttgctc cctctctctt actctcttcc     10020
     actccttctc tttttttcct ctctttctct cacatgtgct caagtgcaca cacacacaca     10080
     cacacacgca ctcctttttt ggcaatccat tatgtttaca ttccattctc ctcatgcagc     10140
     atccattctc ttctcctcat cctcctacaa ttggtgcacc atcacccttc ttccaccttc     10200
     ctttcaagta ccactcattc ccctgtgtaa gaactcccct ttctacctat agtattctga     10260
     ttttctggat cctaggagac ctacatatac ttttccctat tccttacctg aaaggggaca     10320
     gcctttccta taaaacaaaa aacctacaaa gttagggcag agaaaagcct gcactgggaa     10380
     tctctagaaa aggaactgga agccgtccca ttagctaact ctctacttcc tttctctggg     10440
     atcctgccac tttgattccc actgctgtga ctagaactag acccttcaga tctgcagctt     10500
     ctcctttaaa actgtccaga taggcctagt gcggtggctc acgcctgtaa tcccagcact     10560
     ttgggaggct gaggcaggtg gatcacttga ggtcaggaga tcgagaccag cctgaccaac     10620
     atggtgaaac cccatcccta ctaagaaaat acaaaattag ccaggcatgg tggtgcacgc     10680
     ctgtaatctc agctacttgg gaggctgagg caggagaatc gcttgaacat gggaggcaga     10740
     agttgcaata agccgagatc acgccattgc actccagcct gggcaacaag agcaaaactc     10800
     tgtctcgaaa aaaaataaat aaataaaata aaaataataa ataaaactgc ccagatatag     10860
     acaaggccca aagcccccca ttcctagact aaactagaat ttcaaaagga atttgctttg     10920
     tcaaacaaac aaaaataaaa acaaaaacag tgaatagaaa aaaatgaaaa tgaaacataa     10980
     aaatggtaaa atgtagagat taagttcctt ccactgactt cttctgttaa ccccttccag     11040
     aagagatgct ctaattccaa ggatgcttct gaagaaatta tggaggtgtt ccaaatcaac     11100
     tcatttcttg gtttcttttt cttacccata ttctagtatc tagctctaat tccaaaaaca     11160
     attccacacc ctaggtttct gtgtccagca ggtgtcgccc ttcgtgggac aacaaaccac     11220
     cagccagcat cctctcttcc ttagggtgga gtccattccc ccaaagggct ctccttggtc     11280
     ttggggtaga agggaatgga acggtggctc tgaagagatg tgtgctcacc agcatgaggg     11340
     tcttcagaat aaagtaatct gctacttcca gctcaggtag acaaacatcc tacagaaatc     11400
     tgttctttga ccttggacaa gtcacttaaa tgtctctgag cctcacatct tttgtctgta     11460
     acatagaggg aaacaatctg tcccttgtgt ggttattgtg agaagagaat gagctacaaa     11520
     tataaaggtc tgagaccagt gcctaagaca taataatcac tcaagctatg ttcccttctg     11580
     cattcagggt atggaagaaa taactgtcta gaactcaatc tggagttaag ctctgtcccc     11640
     tgaatcctga ggggtatgag gggtctgcct tacggttgtg atgaggatca aagcacctgg     11700
     tacaatgcct ggccagaaag ttgaataatc gaatatagct aacgtcacta ttgcaggctg     11760
     gctatgtgcc tggcggtgtt cttagccatt tacaagtatg aactcattta atcctcataa     11820
     gatcctgtat gaggtgagta agctgttaat tcccttcctt gcccatactc tgtgactcca     11880
     acccaccaca gttgaatttc tccttatgaa ttataaatca gaaaacggcc ccaaattctg     11940
     tcatgtctaa gtgggaaaat ggaagaaggc attgatttct cccctactca agcagaagag     12000
     aattaacctc agtccctgct ttgcccatat tccttcccca gggccccagg aagaagacat     12060
     ggaaaaacaa tatttccacc aaagtttatt tctctgaaac aatcaccagt tgctgtcctc     12120
     tatggcacac tgagagcccc aggagggtct ttaactccct tcctcagatt atattcatcc     12180
     cagaaatata gccttggaca ataatttggt tacagcatag tcccaggaat gaggtccccc     12240
     aagttgctaa gttttacata ggggagactg ggaaattcaa agaattggat ggagaaacca     12300
     taggatccaa gataatgtca gggggttgaa gatgttggag aggcatggta gcatcattga     12360
     gtttgaatct ccttctcact tggagtggaa gttgtaggat tctgcctcta ggaaatgtgc     12420
     catcctacag aataaataaa agggagataa tgaggcttca acccaacttg cccccatcgt     12480
     ttgtcactgt aaccatccca tgccttaata cagtgatact gaaaactcca gggcaccaac     12540
     aactaataca aaggaagcac cttcagcctc ctctccacag acatcccact tggtagaaga     12600
     ggaggatgct ccttcctgct cttaatccta gcaatggcag cttaaatcat gcccttgcct     12660
     agatcctcat ggaagctcac ccatataata atcaagatta gttgaaccca acactgaccc     12720
     ctctaacccg cacccctacc aaagggcaag tagggaaaca gaccaacaga gatgttacct     12780
     tctgaataat tggacccagg aagaggagtg taacctaaga gaggaagata cttgattata     12840
     ccagtctttg tggatgaaaa tatctagcag tattcatagc aaatgcagta ggaaggagag     12900
     agttaatcac aaacagaaag taagcagaga gtgggaccaa gagtggggat gggagttcag     12960
     cgagtcactc actagagtgg ccagctctcc gccagctgat cacaccaaga gagaagatga     13020
     tgaggcccag gcccagagtc actgcagaca cagaaacctt cagggtctgc atgggggaca     13080
     gcccaggtgc tgcaaaaaat agaaacttac ttgacccagt ttctgttgct cacccccagg     13140
     gcaattccat ttattgcagc cacctctcag tgggttaaaa ggtcctttat cccagctcca     13200
     agggtctagc tcacaccacc cactcccaag aaaatgatct ttctcaaatc aaaccctcgt     13260
     cccatggacc tctactccta gagtaagcct ggggaaccca tctccccaga attagcatcc     13320
     tggcttccag gtcctctcta atacagtggg gcctctcaag gcatcctctt tccttccttt     13380
     accccaaagc cacccttatc aggataaagg gctcctcact gtcctctcca ttgcccccac     13440
     ggtaacaatg tttgcttcct tactttctcc aactgagcag cttcctatta cactgtctta     13500
     ccacatgtct taacctccag tggatccatc ctgtgagtta tcctactact tgtgtacctc     13560
     ctacatctag atctcccatg tgtcctttca gagcttgtct ccatcccact ccacagcccc     13620
     tgcacttcct tgggccggtc ctgttctgaa tcatgtccca ctcagattct tttcccatga     13680
     taaaatgaac actccatttc taaagggagg ctcttgtgca cgctgtgagg agacgttccc     13740
     caggaaagtt caagtgagca tgtgatttcc actctcttct ctgttctcca ttcccttccc     13800
     aactgcccag caagaaacaa cacttcccac aaggggaaac ctggttacag cagctgatct     13860
     gagatcctgt tctctggccc tttgtagaca cccttcctct tcctcatttc ttcctctttc     13920
     ttttccaaga gtccccaaag ctgtgtgcaa cttctcacga tacctttaac tactcccgac     13980
     actgagttca aacagtgttt gaactgtaag taattcttta tccactggcc cctgagcatg     14040
     catgccaaat ggtctgccag ccgtggcttt actactcccg tatgcttggt agagcaggcc     14100
     aaatgcagta ctgccccaca ccaagaaaag ccccccttct tcaaccttca tcattccttc     14160
     agctcccatc tgcttctggc accagaatag ttgaaatcta aggaggctag aatagtgtat     14220
     tacaatttgg ggttctgaaa atatgattgc caaatttaca gcctcatttc aaagcaagca     14280
     cgctcccctc tcaccctcaa acatagacgc agcaacatca gccacaccac cagagcagca     14340
     atagcacaga ctaaatatta aactggtgca aaagtaattg cggtttttgc cactgaaagt     14400
     aatggcaaaa actgcaatta cttttgcacc aacctaaata tttccatttc tttatcccat     14460
     ttccccattc tggtcctaag ccccccgtaa gttcctccag actcagtccc cattttcagc     14520
     acttcgctgt ctaccatgta ccatgtatcg atccacatct cattttctct gctttgaccc     14580
     taattccatc catctgccat acacttactc cagtcccgaa ggatgggctc aggagcccca     14640
     gtgtgctcta ccacacaggt gtaagtgtcc ccgtaagagg gggttaaggc taaatgggag     14700
     agggtctggt atgtccagtc tccattgggc tgggcagtct tgtgcgcact gctgtgaggc     14760
     atgacaagct tcccgttctt cctccacgtg atagtcactt ctgctggata gaagccccac     14820
     acatagcagg ccagcatcac aggctccctc gtgttaaaag gagtggtttt ggctacttgc     14880
     acagatggtg gccctgcata ggagaaaaaa acatgtttag gaaggagggt gacattctgg     14940
     ctgcttcctc aacctggttt cttccctatc gcaactcttc gtagattttg caacccactt     15000
     tccaccccag ccccctctgc catgctgccc cttgaagggg aaccgttaga atgtattcct     15060
     gcattactct ttcttctctc ccattccttc attgcccctt tctttctttc ctcctccaga     15120
     attatgtttg attacaatta gtaaaagcca gatctgaact gcaagctgtt ctagaagttg     15180
     ttgtatttat ttcaagtaca taaactggaa agtatttgaa ataaggaagc taagagtaat     15240
     ccagagttgt acattgggtt tttttaaggt ggaaaaggaa tttttctcca aatcttgttt     15300
     aatacgttct tttgctagtt aaagcttttt ctcctcacat agttcaagga aacaagccta     15360
     acttaggact cactcttaaa tttggaatga atgtagtcaa actaatgaga ttgctaatac     15420
     tgccatcttt tactaattta ctctcctagg tgatcctctt gcttgcctct atcttgacat     15480
     ttttcaaaca caatcttaaa taaaaatcca aggaattatg ttaaaatgca gatttcctag     15540
     gctgtatccc cagatacttt ctttcaacag atctggagtg gtactaaggg gcttgcatct     15600
     ttaacaagca cctcctccag gcaattctga gaaaggtggt tcagaaacca cccttgagac     15660
     acactgttct gtactgtgga gatcttcaag tttactttca caaacttcaa gccattgtca     15720
     atgcaagagt ttaagggtga gaaaaagcat gtgtcagaat cccctgggat tccaaatatt     15780
     cccatgcctg ggcccacatc agatctggaa catcaaaatc tgggataaca aggcaagaac     15840
     atcttgggta tgcatcctga gatgccccag cctctgcata agctccccac atggcacctc     15900
     gcggttcaag cctcacctcc ccttctttac tcctgttcca ctcacgtcag ccaccttgtt     15960
     ccccttgagg ttcaatcctc cgtctttcta catttcagat ccacacattt tctcttattt     16020
     gctgctcaaa tctcaaaccc ctgggccact gtgggatcct ccctggcctg ccctcctaac     16080
     tgcacttcct ggtagcccct ctgcacccct ctctcctcac gtgtcctgtt ggtcagtgat     16140
     ccccagaagg gctgggtgtg tgtggcacaa ttctgaagcc cattgcgcaa gcgctgcatc     16200
     agggtgtctt tttggttgag gtgctgtgag aggacattcg ccaagctatt cagcacccca     16260
     aattcgcaag gggccatctt attctcctct ggatcccagc aggtcagcag atccttgttg     16320
     aaggagatgc agtatgtgaa atcctttgga gtcccagcat catccaacag acaggtgctt     16380
     tccacatggg ccacgaagcc acctagagga gccagggaag ggagaacagg tcaatgtctt     16440
     ctactggcct ggcaataaat aaataaatat ataaataata aatatacaca aataataaat     16500
     atataaaaca tacagacgta tatttaggag ctctgcacag agctttgtct ttgaccctgg     16560
     ttcctgacat agagtgccta atcgcttaga atttcctaga taacaggagt gtcttttgtt     16620
     ctaatgaggt actcttggtg ggctcctgca ggaggggctg gtcaccagaa agaccaagtc     16680
     atgattagaa gtctggaact tttagtccca tcccccatac tccctgaagg ggaaggggct     16740
     ggagattgag ttaataatca gtcatgccta catgatgaag cctccataaa aatcccggaa     16800
     ctatggagtt cagagaactt ctcagttggt aaacacatcc acatgccagg aggtgaagta     16860
     ccccaattct gtggggacag agctcctgtg attgggaccc ttccagatct ggtatctctt     16920
     catctggatg ttcctttgta tgctttaaaa tatcctttgt taaaggatgc aaaattatga     16980
     tctagtgttc tataccactg tgggatgact gtcattaaca ataatacttt atatcatttc     17040
     aaatcgctag aagaaggata tggaatgttt ccaacacaaa gaaatgataa atgagatgat     17100
     gatctgatct gatcactgta cattacatgt actaaaacat cattatccac cccatgaata     17160
     tttataatta ttattatcaa ttaaaatatc ctttgtaaaa aatctacaat aataagtaaa     17220
     cttttcctga gttccataag ccactttagc aaattaccaa ccccaaggag ggggtcatgg     17280
     gaacctctga tttgtaggca agttggacag aagatgtggg taatttggga acctactact     17340
     tgtgattggt gtctgaaatg gaggcagtct tatgggactg agtctttaac ctttggtgtc     17400
     tatgttaact ctagttaatg tcacaatgga attgaattat aggatatcca gctaatatag     17460
     gagaattggt tggtatgagt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacctc acacagttgg tcaaagaagt     17520
     gttgagtgtg agcatataga agaaaaaaag ttgatttttc ctatattcag ctcagaacct     17580
     aagccttggt gacatccagc tagtctggca cagatttcct gctcagggaa catctactga     17640
     ccaagctcat acactgaagt ttctgaaagt ctgatttgag ggagtcagta gaagtagtag     17700
     ataagttttt agatccagtc tcctctttat gcaagactaa gcacagggat aggagtagcc     17760
     ccccgagatt atttgcatgt ttaaacatga caatttgccc agaacacaga ccttcagtaa     17820
     ggcaaattat tgagagagaa aaagggtcaa gagaaagagt cagccttgta ttgtgctgga     17880
     aatattaaat attcacttcg cacatattta tgaagcactt gctgcatgca aggcactgtg     17940
     ctaggagctg aggaggcagc aataaataag atgaacattg tccttgccta tattccagca     18000
     gggaatatac actgcacaga taattataca gattaattac attaaaattg ctacaaagta     18060
     caaagtgcta taggaatgta taccagggag acaaactatc tggggtgtca aatgcaatta     18120
     caaaacggaa cacccttacc ctgaaacagg agcaggggaa gggagagtcc ccagaagaag     18180
     tgtccttacc tgctcctgtg cagcccaggc tgagccccag cagcagcggc aggaatgtga     18240
     tcatgctctg ctctgtaaag atgccgggag ttcagtcccc tggaccagct cttccagggt     18300
     ccgtgggtcc tcgcctgtcc cagaagcccc agcctgggta gatgatctcc agacactgag     18360
     cagaatacta tattgcccgg gtcccttgac cccccaaatg agtgatgtgg ggatacccag     18420
     cccctagata ttaaatctgt tccttccagc tcacgggagt ccagtgtccc aaacagggac     18480
     agattggcta ggtaggcagg gacaaatgta gagacaaatc actgagtgcc tcagcctagc     18540
     atcatcagtt actaggtaaa cgtcatcctg ccttagtctt agacaacagg tctccttgtc     18600
     tctcttaatt ctttttctgc agaacaacca gtagatttcc gtagattact ggagagaata     18660
     atcgcaatat tcccaggatg tatgcagcct gggctgccca ctggtttaac tttttcttct     18720
     caatgctctc ccaaaagacc aggaccagat aacctctcct attccttaca gggaggttac     18780
     ccaagaagat aattacaaaa acccttgtct gtcctgagat gagaggaccc agagcccttc     18840
     tggggcaggt ggcagaggca gggctgctga gaaggaagaa ggcacagaca gagtacagaa     18900
     ttgtctggtc tcaaagcaag actgcagaat aagggaagca gcgccaccat ggagatcagg     18960
     aataggggcc tggaaaatcc ctccatgggc ctccattgtt gcttctgttc tagccagtca     19020
     agcttcattt cctcctcagt tataatagct gctttccgga gctagtaaac catatcctcc     19080
     tacactctga gcaatctcac ggggtagacc gcaggttaac acctctcaga ctccttgaaa     19140
     aatagctggt gacgggtcag tgcccagagc tcacctgcct ttcgccaaac tctaaacacc     19200
     cctgtgtgtt tcccctacta taccctgttc cctgggggca ggtccctgca ttatgaagcc     19260
     actaggaaaa tgagataaag ctttcctact tttcttcccc tgaaaagaca gattttgttt     19320
     tttatttttt gagaatacca agtaagattt tattttttat ttattttaaa ttattttaac     19380
     ctttgtttta ggttcaaggg tacacatgca ggtttgttat ataggtaaat tgtgtgtcat     19440
     cgggatttgg cgtaaaaatt tatttcatca cccaggtaat aagtatagta tctgataggt     19500
     agtgttttga tcctctccct cctcccatcc tccaccctca agtagggccc agtgtctatt     19560
     attccctttt ttgtgtccat gtgtactcaa tgtttagctc ccacttataa aagtgagaac     19620
     atgcagtatt tcattttctg ctcctgtgtt agtttgccta ggataacagc ccccagctcc     19680
     atccatgatg ctgcaaaaga cgtgatctcg tccttttttg tctgtggagt attccatggt     19740
     gtatatgtac cacattttct ttatacagtc tactgttggt gggcatttag gctgattcca     19800
     tgtctttgct attatgaata ctgctgcagt gagcattcat gtgcatgtgt ccttatggta     19860
     gaacaatgta tactcctttg ggtatatgcc taataatggg attcctggga cgaatggtag     19920
     ctctgtttta aggttcttga gaaattgcca aactgctttc ctcaatggct gaactaattt     19980
     atgttcccac cagcagtgta taagccttcc gttttctctg caacctctcc aacatttgtt     20040
     attttttgac tttttaataa tagccattct gactggtgtg agacggtatc tcattatgat     20100
     tttgatttgc atttttctaa tcattagtaa tgttgaacat tttttcatat gcttcttggt     20160
     cacgtgtgtg tcttgaaaag gcagatttta tgtatttgcg tatttatttt tttcacaggt     20220
     tttttttttg aaagtctcac tctgtcgcct aggctggagt acagtgggat aatctcggct     20280
     cactgcaatc ttcgcctcct gggttcaaat gactctcatg cctcagccac ttgagtagct     20340
     ggggttacag tcatgtgcca ccactcctgg ttagtttttg tctttttttt ttttttggta     20400
     gagacagggt ttcatcatgt tggccaggct gttcttgaac tcctgacctc aagtgatcca     20460
     cccacctcag cctcctaaag tgctaggatt acaggcatga gccatcgtgc ctggcctgaa     20520
     aaagcagatt ttaaacggca attcattctt ctatcccatt gtgaactata cagttgatgg     20580
     attttccatc actaacttga aactctaaat tggcttcctt ctgctcccca gtaggtttca     20640
     gggctgcctc ttcacatctt agtttctgag aactcttgga ttttattaaa tagtgagcta     20700
     aacaaaagag gattgtggaa ggggcccctt gacaccacac ttacctgccc tccctcaaag     20760
     tccctgatct caggaaaatc taacacctat gaagaaaatg gggataaaaa atgcatacaa     20820
     agattattac caaaaacgaa agattcgttg tgtaactaat tgagattaac tgaagctctg     20880
     ccatagctcc cagccactgc ccccactcac cttgcttata tactctaact ctgctaacga     20940
     actgtcaagt gtgttggaat gggcagaata tggggtgggg agtgcataat ctgtagagct     21000
     tctacagata cagtgctagg taggtccttt ctataatatc tcatctcatc ttaaaagact     21060
     tgttggccgg gcatggtggc tcacgcttgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgaggaagg     21120
     catatcacct gaggtcagga gtttgagacc agcctggcaa acatggtgaa accccgtctc     21180
     tacaaaaaat acaaaaatta gctgggtgtg gtggcgcgtg cctgtaatcc cagctactct     21240
     ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cgattgaacc tgggaggtgg aggttgcagt gagccgagat     21300
     cgtgccactg cactccagcc tgggtgacag aatgagactg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     21360
     aaaaaaaact tgttaattgt cctcatttcc caggttggaa aacaggtcca aagattcaca     21420
     cccaaggtct aaaggctgta actcctcttc ttatacagct gttacacatg cacatgtgta     21480
     cacacacaca cacatacaca ctctcttgag catgcccaca cactcactac atcttggaac     21540
     tgggatggct caaataaagg gagttagtga ggcctccgct gagaaagaga gaaagagaag     21600
     agtcacaatc cataacccaa ttcacccaag tcttatcttt cctgtcctca gagttccttc     21660
     tgctctgaga accaccgtcc cttccacttt ctcttttgac aagtttcaaa actgaatttt     21720
     cccccacacc cccccaatac atttccccct cacattcctc cccatcctgc ccaggtaagc     21780
     tgttagccta accttatagg aaccaagtcc tgggatcctt ttcaatgtct acaaagccta     21840
     gccctggcaa gggagcactg gctgtgtggt cctgtgccag cactgaacat ggccctagcc     21900
     agtaacagtg gggctgaatg tagttccctc ttatgtctag atctctgctc cggcagtcaa     21960
     aggagatgtg aaaccttctg tgaggccaca acaggaaatg gtaggagagg atttcacttc     22020
     tctattaatt caaacactga gggagctttt tagaataaag aaggacagaa aacccagaca     22080
     cctgtgctca gcagtgtttt ccttcctctc ctcctcccaa cccttccatt tttacagata     22140
     tagctctgtc tttccacctc tagccaattc aaaataacat ttcagttgct ctgtccattg     22200
     ttacttattt gttaattatt gatatagcac cgggaccgaa gaggtatgga gccccaacca     22260
     ggttcccaca tgttgccttt cttttattgc ctctacacaa ccacccaaag agtgagtcct     22320
     ctcctttccc attgcctctg cccttagcct gaccaccaca tgcctgcagt aaactagtcc     22380
     cagggtttgt gtgcaaagca ttactgggaa aatacagagt gagaagatat ggattctgcc     22440
     cccatatcgc tttgcttgta cgtcaattgg ggagtgagaa caaacacttt aaatagttta     22500
     tattaaagta agtaagcaat aaggccagtg gtcttaaaag agaagagaga aatcaccatg     22560
     gacatggtag acagggagta ctctcagtcg agagggcctg gaatgagcct tgaatactgg     22620
     gctggatttg tgttggagag gaggaaggca gttggcattg taggtctggt gtatagctcc     22680
     acaagcttga caatgctgtg aggtgccatc agggaggagg tgtcctacga gagcctgggt     22740
     tagctaaaac aaagacaagc tacaataacg tcactggcac tgcacgttgg aggaagtcac     22800
     aaatgtgatt tcttgttttt ttctgagagt atggccataa taataaatct cttctaggca     22860
     cttcctaaag ttgctccatg tcagttcgca ggttcttggg gcagacggtt ttaactgaag     22920
     tctccatttt ataaacacaa aattgctcaa ccagttaatc acgcctcata gcataagacc     22980
     acattcgtga cttcagtgtc ttttcaaaac tacacacacc tacatcctgc caagattata     23040
     ttacttgccc aatctgtcca atccccaccc cacccctgcc atctacccct tacctcacct     23100
     ccgcccacac acacaccctc ctaccctgtc aggattcact gctctagacc ctgacctttg     23160
     gattatagtt tctgtagtca gttcaccatc cttccaacct acagtcaaat tatttgaact     23220
     actagggata gtctatctga tttgccacaa ctatttttcc ttttttaatt ttattttttg     23280
     ccaccacaac tattgaagaa tgctatcttc atcttaccca cgagaaaatg gaggcagagg     23340
     gaggttaagt ggttgcccag atttacccag atactaagta ataaaaccat tacttgaact     23400
     caggatttat tactttaaat cctgtattgc caataatcaa ttggaaaata actgaaaatt     23460
     gcctactatt tataataaca ataaaaacca tagcatattt atgaattaac atatcaaata     23520
     taagaatttt aagaaaaaag aaaactttat tgaagtgcac aaagacctga gaggtgtaga     23580
     gatataccat attcatggat aggccatgct aacataatga caacctctcc ccacatctct     23640
     aacctaaatg ctaccccaat taaagtaaca gtaggatttc aggagaattt aacaaactga     23700
     ttatagaatg tacatggaaa taaagtccaa gagtatctta gaatattttg ataaagaaaa     23760
     ggaaaataaa ttttttggga aggtggtgaa ggaatggaga ctagttctac taaatagtaa     23820
     cacatattaa aaagccaaaa taatcaaaca atatgatact gattagtaat gagagaaaag     23880
     caaattaaaa caacaaaata ccactctaca cccaccatgt tgccaacatt tgaaagtcaa     23940
     ataattacaa gcattagtga gcataaaggg aaatgtgaac tatcttgctc tgttgatggg     24000
     agtgtaaact gtttatgatc cctgaattat agaaattata aactagttgg gcgaaaaaat     24060
     taacatagga aataaagcgg catatcccaa tccttaggtt gagtgcttta agtcttggaa     24120
     gatttcaata aagagaaatt aggggcaggt tcatggaata agttgaactg gagttggacc     24180
     tatggagtgg gttaagacag gaacaagatg agcagaataa agaaagcatt cttgtgagag     24240
     gaaagagcct gggcaaatgc cctaaaccaa aaccagatat aatacctcaa ggaagagtga     24300
     ggaaaaaaga tttattcaag aatagcattc ctgctgggaa tagtgagtaa tattttttat     24360
     tagaaaaggg gcaccagact agagaggata ctgagtgctt ctagagtact taagtaacag     24420
     tatcatagaa ggtttcatca gagagcatct aatctaagcc catcatttta cagatgaaga     24480
     ctttgaggcc cagagagggg aagtgacttg tctaaagtca cacagcataa taaagcactt     24540
     ttaagtcttg cctgacagga aatatctaga taagttggaa aacagagaga cagagaaatt     24600
     aggaagaact agaaagcacc acatctagaa ttactaacat gagaataaaa agaaaaacat     24660
     ctaaaatgga gaaaatacaa tacttgaagc tagtattgag gtatatttca gaaaagagaa     24720
     agaagtctac gaggcaacta agttctcctc tgaagatcaa gaccaataat gataaggtta     24780
     ggttattcag cacattttct atgtgccaaa cactatttta agcattctgt aggtattaac     24840
     ttatttaagc ttcacagcat gaggatatgc tgccttattt cctatattaa ctttttcact     24900
     caactagttc ataatttctg taattcgggc atcataaaca gtttacattc ccaccaacag     24960
     accaagatat tacagttcac attttccttt atcctcgcta atacttattt gactttcaaa     25020
     tgttggcaac atggtgggtg tagagtggta agggggacac cattgttatc atcatccttt     25080
     tacagaaaat gacaccaaag cacaagttaa gtaacttgcc caagggctca cagctaaacg     25140
     ctgacagtta cgattgaatc cccagcagtc aggttccaga gcccatgctt cttaaccggt     25200
     acacatgatg ctgttagaaa tgagatggtt cagagacagt gcaacttctc ttagggagaa     25260
     tttaatattt tcttttagat tagactctag tacaatgcca agaacagaaa ctccctcacc     25320
     aaataattgc cctctcaact ttattgccac cctgtcatcc aaagcaactc ccagacccta     25380
     aggaatgcaa gaaagaaagc atatgcaaag caatttacca ccagtggtca tgtgctgcca     25440
     cctttcgtta tcttcccagg acagcacctg tgcagttctc cttggacagt tcactcaggc     25500
     caaggaacag attgtcagga aagacatgtg aattctttgc ccttccaggc tgttttcact     25560
     tcatgttagg ggcttcatga tactgttttc ccagaactga cataactgat tggtatagca     25620
     cttgggagct tattcttccc atccctgagc ttctgtttct cagttacggt gagggttgaa     25680
     gggagttata tgttcctcag ggcagcctat acgagacata aacattttca caaacagtaa     25740
     aatacacaac acacacacac acgcacaaaa cacacaagca gcttccttaa ccattttgta     25800
     agcagattat tagaaaataa ctctgccttc gtttctcaca tattttgcac aaaccgatag     25860
     atggaaaaac atcatgtacc gccaagacca gggaataaga gctcagctgg caaattaggg     25920
     gttttcccta tttccctccc taacgaggtc aagctgtgtt caggttaagg catgctgaat     25980
     ttgaaacgac aacccactca agttgagata tccagaaaca aataccatga gttaagaaag     26040
     aagccacact gatataaaga aatgagattt attgccttgt ggggggaagg gatgtggttg     26100
     tgataggcag gccactctgg gatccctggg atgcaagccc agggacagca gagtccccag     26160
     gtgggaaatc tacacacaca ccccagggat gtcccagaga cttctaccct aagaggagat     26220
     cctgggcagg atgtgagaaa tctgagcatc ctctgtttgg atggccgaag ctgctggcat     26280
     caaactctgg tctggaagaa tcagtctggg ggagagacag ggatggagga aaggcatcag     26340
     gggatccatc ctcctcctcc ttctcctcct cctcctcccc cacaaaggcc ttgctcgccc     26400
     tgcctgcacc acaccctgca gaagttgatc tctccttgtt cccaaatcat ctccaagcac     26460
     ccttcctaca gcaccccatg attccttttt tcactcaaag caattcttgt gacccataac     26520
     tgtgtgtgtg taactgggtc cccaactggg aagatgtgcc cccatggtgc tggatacagg     26580
     cccccacacc caagggcctg aggatcgcta tatgtccccc catgccacaa aataatcctg     26640
     acacatgcac gcatgcacca ctgtatctgg ctcccacagg ctcacccgcc ccctccagat     26700
     gacataccac ctgagcaagg cttccggaag tagatgatga gaacaatgcc cacgatgatg     26760
     cccagcacac ccaggccaaa ggccacgcca cacagcacat tctccagcag atctgagggc     26820
     agtgcgttcc ggggtactgg aggaaatgag tggctcagcc tggggaccta gttagggagc     26880
     ctcccaccca gggaaatgac gtgggtgtct gggatgacat gggagactgg gatgggctta     26940
     gggtaggaat ggactaaaca aggtaccagt ggagaaagaa gcctcctccc atggatctat     27000
     ccctttttgc ccccaaaagg accagaattc cagggagaaa gcctcacccc aataggcaat     27060
     tgctgtgtag cggtcaattt cgtgagtcac aatgcaggag aaaatgtcag aaggttctgg     27120
     tgtgaagttt aagtaagaaa aggcctggaa gctgagtcca tcgacagctg agacaaaagt     27180
     aggcccaaat ccttccacag ggacggaatg atgctgccag ttcactgtca gcatgggtgg     27240
     gaagagatta ctgacaaaac agaccaaagt gttgggcttg ccaaactcca ggggcttcag     27300
     cgtgaacact tcagcgatag gaaaccctgg tggggggatt gaagtgtagg gggaaaaaga     27360
     gactagttta gatggtatct ctgtgtttgg aggggccatg gcatatggag gggagggcag     27420
     agaagaacac agtgggtcag gctttgggag acagagatga gcgaggagct gggctctgaa     27480
     gggaggtctt cttccaggca aggactgcag ctagacatag aagcagagcc agatccaggc     27540
     tactctggac ccctccacca tgacttcctt cagcacttcc tgtctagagc tcacattgat     27600
     gtctaaccat gcactgtctt ctcactaaga catagtcacg tcatcagata tttccactct     27660
     tcccatccat cttgctgggc atagtagcac aagtgttaat attcagtagg tatcagttgg     27720
     tacctgttga attcatcaca ttcaatacat agttctgaat gcctactaca tgctaggtac     27780
     ttcggcccac caaaagaaca cagggtgcag accaaggctg gtggaaaaat taaggtgatg     27840
     aagagaacca gaaagtattt gagatgggga gctggtatca aggggaatta ttcagtgtac     27900
     agatcaatga ggttaatgca gccctcctcc cttcactccc cagaaaactc ctgacctctg     27960
     gacaccggga ttttcccatc aagttttggc cctatttgct ggatcatcca ctcgcagaac     28020
     tctttgtcaa ataaaatggc aggagcatct ccctgttcct gagcccagtc agcaaattcg     28080
     ggcaggcgag gcacccgagt gttctgggaa aagtcgaaga agaaaagctg gtcctcgtcg     28140
     taggcctcag agagtcccac actgggactc ccatcctggc agtacactgt gtgcaggaat     28200
     gtgtggtttt gcaggtcatc tggccacatt ggagtaggag ctgcaaagga cacagggtga     28260
     ggttcaggga ggtgggagcc ttctcctcca acttaaaaaa cagcaaggtg gggctaggcg     28320
     cagtggctca tgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggcca aggtgggtgg atcatgaggt     28380
     caggagtttg agaccagcct ggccagcatg gtgaaactcc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa     28440
     aaagtagctg ggcatgttgg catgcgcctg tagctactcg ggaggctgag ggaggagaat     28500
     tgcttgaacc agggaggcag aggttgccgg gagctaagat taagccactg cactccagcc     28560
     tgggtgacag agtgagactc tgtctcaaaa caaaacaaca aaaacaagca aggcctgctt     28620
     aaggagcgtg ggctgaggtg agaccctttc ctgtgtctgt tatttagact ccccctccca     28680
     aagggggtga agaacaaatt atggcatctc tccaagcttc ccctgcctat aaaaaggcca     28740
     gttggcaaaa gtaaagagtt ctactttcta aagtgacaga ttcaggccag gcatggtggc     28800
     tcatgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgaggcagg cagattgctt gagcccagga     28860
     gttcaagacc aacctgggca acacagcgag accctgtctc tacaaaaaat acaaaaactt     28920
     agccaggtgt ggtggcaaac acctgtggtc tcagctactc tggaggctga ggcaggagga     28980
     ttgcttgtgc ctaggaagtt ggggctgcag tgagccatga ttgtgccact ggactccagc     29040
     ccaggtgaca gaatgagccc gtctcaaaaa atatatatat aaaggccggg cgcggtggct     29100
     caagcttgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc caaggcgggt ggatcacctg aggtcaggag     29160
     tttgagacca gcctggcaaa catgatgaaa ccccatctct actaaaaata caaaaatcag     29220
     ctgggtgtgg tggcatgcgc ctgtaatccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg caggagagtc     29280
     tcttgaaccc cagaggcagg ggttgcaggg agccgagatc acgtcactgc actctaccct     29340
     gggtgacaga gcgagatgcc gtgtcaaaaa aaataaatta aatcaaataa aaaatttaaa     29400
     aatgtatata tataaaataa agtgacagat tcagagtcac tgttcattgt gtgtttgggg     29460
     gctgcacaaa gacacctagc caaagaagca agtgaaagcc tgcattctgc tcaccatgcc     29520
     atacatcctg gcatagggct gtatcctccc aaaggggatt cctttgtcta attcatacca     29580
     ggccactgta ttgactagag aaggccatgg atgggtttct cactcttaga agggaaagag     29640
     gaggaatggc tacagcctcc ccaagccata gatgggactg cctcccacta tccccagaca     29700
     caaatggtaa attggaaaac ctgtatccag acatttcttc agccacttca ttggcaccaa     29760
     gcgtctctca aaatgtcttc tgttccttaa cctaccaggc ctcccaaaga cagcaatggg     29820
     agaagtgacc ccataactgc ataaaataat ccctcttctt tgaagctctt ggcaggaatc     29880
     gctcagccag caggaaacct ttaacccaat acccagaaaa acagacattt ggaggaagag     29940
     ggatcttcca gattattctt ccattctgcc ccatcctcta cagagaagga aactaagaca     30000
     cttttcaaga atcacaagat aagttaatga tagaaagcag agtagaatct tgagtggagg     30060
     agtgaaaata acattcactt tgttcaaatc ccagctctac cactttccaa tggtgtgaac     30120
     ttgcacaaat aactctgagt ctcattttct tcatttgtaa aatggagaga acaatctccg     30180
     cttcaagaga ttgtcttaaa tggaacatgc aaagcatcac tgatatcgtt taccaaccac     30240
     acatagcagc tgtctttccc cactcccctg ttgtttccac tgcctcataa gacttcccac     30300
     cactcacaaa gcacagcgct tttcctcaca aagctgagtg ggctccctag gttcaggatg     30360
     gaagtaaata ggagtaccat cttaccttca gggacggccc aggagtgggg tagcagccac     30420
     agaagtggta acatctgtag cagcgcagct ccttggttct gttcatgacc cataccttct     30480
     tgccacacag taggtaggag ctaccaaccc agccaaccca gcttccccaa ctccctcccc     30540
     gagagggtgg ccttagatca tgttttgcca gatcatttcc aataggtgcc cttgtcattt     30600
     tgtctaaacc aatcagagaa gcgtagggtt taacatcatc agtcactggg gagacgcctg     30660
     gggccagtaa cctcctgaag acttggctgt ttgaccaggg cagagtatgg catgtaactg     30720
     ggctgggaag cccagtggag gaatgttgct tcctggtgga gttccctctt tggtttcaag     30780
     ctgtcagcct cagtctgtaa gcgaccagct ggctcttcag agcagtgcca cctcctggca     30840
     gaatgctgca atggggaacc gcatcttccc caagtaaacc cccagggctc ttcggaccct     30900
     gccttctcct ccctcctggc tcttcctctt tctcaaaaaa acttattctc cttcaggcat     30960
     tagctctaat tcatttggca gacatatatt gaaaatacaa gaaattctgg gtgttgggcc     31020
     cagggctaga aatacaaaga tgaataggca tagtctgcct tcaaagagct tagagtctag     31080
     tgctggggga gggggccaag ggataattac acaacaatgt aatgtattca aataagaatg     31140
     tgccaagtgt tttggaagtc gcagtaattt tatgaggatg cggaatagga ggaacataat     31200
     caggcaggct cctaagactt gaaggaaaaa caatttggcc agcagaacat gaaggaagag     31260
     aaaaacacgc cagggcaaag ggtaggcaga agtacaaaga tcacaggcat ccagaggtcc     31320
     tctttggaga ccctgtgtac tagttgatat gaatgttgtg aaggtcgctt gggtgttcct     31380
     gtataatagg aggtaatggg gggtagaagg atgttgtgat aagctacaaa ttctggcaag     31440
     ggccagatca cgtgggccct gctacgccac aaggaggagc ttgcttttac ttagcagatg     31500
     atagagatat taaaactggg gaatgacaat cattttagca ttttggaaaa aatgttctga     31560
     ttgatatttc aaacaatgaa ctggagcttt taaagaattg aggcaaaact gctgggcaag     31620
     agtctatagc ataccaagat gaacagttgc acatatacac accactcctg tagcaataca     31680
     gcaataattt aaatgacaga taataagagc ctgaattaag tcataataag aggaggcgga     31740
     ggagatagaa tatcaagata attaggaagt agaatctaaa gggtttggct actgattagc     31800
     tgtgggagtg ggaaggtgga ggagtcaaag atatctcaga tttccagcat gggtggctgg     31860
     gtgggtggtc agggatggac tgaattgaag cagaaaagaa tgccatggga gcaggtttac     31920
     agagagaaag agcttgattt tgtacatgtt gaatttgaaa tgccagtgga acagccagct     31980
     gaaactgcat gggagcgcag tgaggcgtgt gggtatggac cccaggtatg gtctgaagac     32040
     cctgatttga gagtcatcag cacaaatgtc gaagcagagg ccatgaataa gatcacccaa     32100
     gtaaactgtg cagaaggagt gggaagtgaa acaaggacaa aagcatgcat gggctcaaac     32160
     cccaaacctc ataccagtta tccaggatcc agtcaggagc atttaactac tttatgtgct     32220
     tcagactgaa agaatttaat atagagaatt ggttacaaag gtgttaaaag ggcaagaagt     32280
     acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg agagtcctag aaatgtacat tttaaaaaaa gattgctatc     32340
     tggaaatcag aagctgccat catccctgag ctggaatctg taaatctact cattgccttg     32400
     tgagagacac tgtcatagtc agttccaatc tactagaaag gtgccacctc cttcaaggct     32460
     agaatccttg agaaggtact tctgctcagg aggctggagt cctgagtctc ccattcttcc     32520
     tgctgctaca gctacagcca atagctacca gctattgcca gccaccgaca ctgtttagag     32580
     gctgaagcag gatgcttctc agtttctctt gccttctgat ctcccatcag tgcctcctac     32640
     tggcagaatc aaaaaggaag ccagatgtcc aggaaggctg ggaaatacac acctggctga     32700
     ctcctaagct aagcagttca aaacacagta gaggagggtg tgtgtgtcac tgagacaaag     32760
     ataataacga gtacactgaa ataccctggt ttgtaagaat ctggtggcac gaggaccatc     32820
     cagagcacta agaaaagacc aaggtagaag cagatcagag aaataaaaaa gaggtgtgcc     32880
     atgaaggagg gcaaggtcag catttttaaa tgctactcaa aagtcaagaa aggattgaaa     32940
     agtgtcctta gatttggtga ttatgagatg gctgacaaat ttattgagag cagtttcagt     33000
     gttgtagtgg gagtcaactc cagattgtgg tgggctgaga agtaagtggg aggtgaggaa     33060
     gaaactgtca gtgtacatgc ttcaagtttg ttagacaaaa gaaagagaaa gacagaaggg     33120
     gtgggggaag aggcagtgag aaagctctaa tgtggcaatc aagtaatctg agaaattaat     33180
     atatgtgaat attgtccaac agtgtttctg aggctttcaa aattcatacc ttccaccttt     33240
     tttttttttt tttttaagac aaagtttccc ctgttgccca gactggagtg cagtggctac     33300
     ttacaggtgc aatcataact cactccagtc ttgaaccccc gagttcaagc gatcctcccg     33360
     cctcagtagc tggggactat aggcacatgc cactgtgcct ggcttcatat cctcttttga     33420
     taaacaagta atagcagcag taatagccaa aaacaaaaac aactctatga cctcctagat     33480
     attctggaac agcaatgtgt atatatgtgt gtgtgtctgt gtggtggagg cagggtgcca     33540
     gggaaggact agggtttgga aatcatggta accctccaga aaacaaaaga acatttccca     33600
     gtatcccaac atttatgcac taacccatca gcggttctgg cagtggggag attcaggccc     33660
     ctggacagta gaaaagaagt ttatgagact accagtgggg agacatatgg gacacagcca     33720
     cctagagtcc taaaccaggg gttagcaaac tttttctgta aagggccaga tggcaaatat     33780
     tttagacatt gtgggctatc agatctctgt catgagtact caactgtggc acgaaagcct     33840
     ccatgcacaa tatgtaaatg aaggagagtg gctgtgttcc tagtttcctc ctagcttttc     33900
     ctcccacttc ttgagcatct ccttctcagt ctccttcata gactccttcc tttcagctac     33960
     tctttaaata ctggtgttcc ctggagtttt tgtcctcaac cctcttttta tttatggaca     34020
     ctaaaattca aatttcatgt aattttcatg tgtcacgaaa tattcttcat ttgctttttt     34080
     tttccctaac catttaaaaa tgtgaagacc attcttagct tttaggccat ttaaaaacag     34140
     gtggtaggca agattgtgct cacagcccat agtgtgctga atgatgctct acacgtggtc     34200
     agaattggta cgaaagcccc aaattaaacc cacccttcaa agaagaacct cagtcccctt     34260
     attattggat tggcaatcag ttaacaaaca ctttgtgcca gttacaccag tctatttgga     34320
     aggagatctg gggaagaaca ggagaaacta gactgggtgg aagggcatag gaataggtac     34380
     agcagacact gcaatttctc tgggtgagag gaacaaggca gaggggtcca agttctccat     34440
     agggagcaca gtgtagacaa gaccaaggtg aggacaaaca taaccatccc tcaccaagac     34500
     tgtggtgagg ggtggttaac tccattctcc ccttctataa tctcagttta aatggtaaca     34560
     agttcaaaca cttataacta ctcttccctc catgtaatcc ttccccacca ggacctccca     34620
     actacctcca tcataagtat ctcaggaata gtctctcatc agtttggaaa gtaataattg     34680
     tgggcaagag atgagcaagg cagccagttc tgctttgcag tagttcactg tctactttgt     34740
     cattagctat gaatgcctct gaaaataatg gcacagcacc ggtaaatcca ggaggctctg     34800
     gctttctaac actcagctct gccatccctt tctagcattt aaaaatggac tctatttggc     34860
     caggcgcagt gattcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccgaggg gggtggatca     34920
     cgaggtcagg agatcaaggc catcctggtt aatggtgaat ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa     34980
     aaaaaaaaat tagccaggcg tgatggcggg tgcctgtaat ccaagctact caggaggctg     35040
     aggcaggaga atcacttgaa ttcgggaggt ggaggttgca gtgagctgag atcgtgccat     35100
     tgcactccag cctgggtgac agagcaagac tccatctcaa aaaataaata aataaatata     35160
     taaaaaggac tctatttttt ttcccctagc agagtcagat ttcttggaaa agtcatgggc     35220
     aactgtggcc ccgctcccat tcttgccatt taatctttta actctcaaca atgcaattgt     35280
     tcaccaatac ttttgtgttg ccaaatcaaa tgaactagtc tctgcaacat ctgacactgt     35340
     tggccatacc ccatctccta aattggtcaa atttctggca tccctgatgg cactctctcc     35400
     tagttttccc tcctactttt ctggcgtccc cttttcagtc cctttgggac tcctttcttt     35460
     cagcaaccct ttaagtattg gtgttccctg gagttttgtc ctcaaccttt actcttctta     35520
     gactatacac ttgccctgga tggtcctctc atttactccc acatgccttc tgttaccacc     35580
     catttgctaa tgtcttccaa gcttacctct tcagctcaga tcttgctctg agttccacac     35640
     tacccatatc tgaaccactt ctggtcaaat ccacttggat gctatgcaat agcagttttt     35700
     tgtttttgtt ttttttttaa atatggaacg cttcatgaat ttgcatgttc ttaaactgta     35760
     ttcttcacaa tagcgttcct caagaaataa aaaaagtaag tttgatgata gcaatcattt     35820
     atttttgaat ttatttccac atagacataa tgcaacatca aacacattta tataatattt     35880
     tttattatgt aacaatttat tatatttaat aagtctattt attgcaagca atagaaacca     35940
     attctggcta acttacattt taaaaatgag gatttattgg aaagatactg atctaactca     36000
     tgaaatgaaa gtaatagttg aataagctag cctcaggtag aatagccaca gggaccttag     36060
     aagcaggggt tgagttgcca ttaatatgct cacctgcaaa ggcctcctgc ctctttatct     36120
     ttcaagtttt gctttgctgg gagagcctct ctcactggct cagcttgtat taggtgtgta     36180
     ccactggatt cattggttgt ggccaggtac agtattacct ctatggatta gagctattcc     36240
     tagagaaggg agaatcatat gaaaagtaac cacctcaata cagctatttt caacatatgg     36300
     catctcagac aattgtatga gatcatctga ggcataaaca taaggttaaa tctgtgtatt     36360
     aatgctcaaa cagcatttcc taactactca ggtgacatat gtcatctgct tgatgatctc     36420
     tggtcggtca cttgtcttat cacatattca aattacattt atcatgtgat tcaatattga     36480
     tttattaatt taaaattata tattccacga atttcctttg aatctctgac taaaaaggtt     36540
     tttttaattt tactttgaaa agctccaagc acacacagaa gagaagaatc taataaactc     36600
     caatgtactc tcatgaatgt caacaatttt caacatttaa cattcttcca ttcttgtttc     36660
     atctattgtt ctgcattttt tggagtattt taaacaaatt ctgtcattac atttcaccag     36720
     taaatacttt taggcatatc tataatagat aataaccttt cccttaacat aactataatg     36780
     ccatcaccac aaccaacaaa attaaaaatt acttaacttc atttgaccca atctgttcat     36840
     ttctcctagt tatctcaaaa atgtgtaaga gaatgaagtt ttaaatgaaa agcagtgtct     36900
     tataattttc aaaccgtgcc attagtttaa aaaaattggt gagttttcta ttttatgttt     36960
     cataagctat tgatggttca ataatgaatt ctaattaggt attccatagg caaataaagt     37020
     tagcaattgt tactctgaat gtatctccat ctcaagatta caagagtaca ctcatcactt     37080
     tcccttccca atatattcca actcctctct tatatttaag acttcagtga ataacaagat     37140
     gtccacccga gctacaaatg tgggtcatcg ttgatgaccc catcttcctc aaaccttccc     37200
     attcaattgt cctaacaatt ctacctttct aatagctctt gaatcttcct ttcttttcct     37260
     tccattccta ctggtccagg ccttcaatgg ttggttttca ctgattattg caactttctt     37320
     tataattggt ctctctctct ccaatcttat tattttccac agtgctgcca gaaggatatt     37380
     tttattatgc ttagttgatc atattatact tctgcatgaa aaccttccat gattgttaat     37440
     gatctacttt ccttgtcatg acccataatg acctgaagtc tacttaccta cttctatatg     37500
     tcttttcagg tgaaatctca ctcctctcag gaagccttcc ttgaacccag agttgagatt     37560
     aatagcctct tcagtacgtt tccaaagcac cctgtgttgg ccattatcac tgttttaatt     37620
     gtattattat cttccattta tatgtctgtt tcatagtcac ctcatctcta ctgcaaggtc     37680
     cttaggggag ggtgtactat atatatatat atctccacca agaggcccac taagtgacct     37740
     ttcactcgat gaacaaatgg gctaccagtc tctgaaggtg ctgaactgag aatggaagag     37800
     ccttcaggta ttagatgatg atggattgtc ccttctaaca gatgtttcaa aggtaaatct     37860
     tatcaggttt atctataagc cattcttttt tttttttttt tgagatggag tttcactctg     37920
     ttgccaaggc tggagtgcag tggtacggtg tccgctcact gcaacctccg cctcccaggt     37980
     tcaagtgatt ctcctgcctc agcctctgga gtatctggga ctacgggcac gtgccaccat     38040
     acccggctaa tttttttttt ttttttgtat ttttagtaga gatggggttt cactgtgtta     38100
     gccaggataa tcttgatctc ctgacctcgt gatccacctg gctcggcctc cctaagtgct     38160
     ttgattacag gcatgagcaa ccacacccag tctctatgag ccattttaca cctccacagc     38220
     cttccctata tactctacta cccttccaat tccattctag gcccttccca agctccttgc     38280
     caactaccat tttcttccta ctccctgcca cctcctgttt cagagagcaa acctagccat     38340
     ccagctccca catttactct tatttctacc tcagtacatt tctccatacc catattcatc     38400
     ctccctttta gtgacattac tatgatgcag caatccttac aactactcta caaggttata     38460
     atttattatc cccattatat aaacaagaaa actgggactc agaaaggttc atttatttag     38520
     caaatattta ttggccacct tctgtgtcta gcagtatgct ctgtatcaga tacctgccat     38580
     catcacactt aaagtctaat gaaaataaag agacattaaa caagaaaaca tacaaattta     38640
     taaactaaaa ggtccacaca cacacacaca caaaatctct tagaattgat aaattcagta     38700
     cagttgcagg atacaaaatt atcatataaa aattaatggt gcttctggat acaaacagta     38760
     aactagtggg aaaagaaatc aaagaaagta atcccattta caatagctac aacccctccc     38820
     cccaccaaaa aaacaaaata gaatacctag aataaaccaa ggaggtgaaa gatctctaca     38880
     aggaaaacta tgagacactg aggaaaaaaa ctgaagaggt cacaaaaaaa tagaaagaca     38940
     tcctatgtct tcggaagaat tcgtatcgtg aaaatgactg tactaccaaa agcaatctac     39000
     agatttgttg caattcctat caaaatacaa agatattcct tgcagaaaca gaaaaaacaa     39060
     acctaaaatt aatatggaac cacagaaaac acaaatagtc aaggtaattc tgaacaaaaa     39120
     gaacaaagct gtagacatca taccacccaa cttcaaaata tactacaaag ctacagtaac     39180
     taaaagagca cggtactggc ataaaaacag atacacagac caatagaacc gaataaagga     39240
     cccagaaata atagatccac atcttaacag ccaactgatt ttcaacaaag gtaccaagat     39300
     attcaatggg aaaaggacac actcttcatt aaatggtgct gggaacactg aataacaata     39360
     tgcagaaaaa tacaactaca cccccatctc tcatcaaata caaaaattaa atcaaaatgg     39420
     attaaaaact taaatgtaag acctgaaact ataaaagtta ctgtaagaaa atactgggga     39480
     aatgctcaag actttgagca aacatttttt ggtttaagac ttcaaaagga gaggcaatga     39540
     aagcaaaaat acacaaatgg gattacatca agctaaaagg cttctgccac agcaaaggaa     39600
     acaatcaaca gagtgaagag acaaccttca gaatgggaaa aaatatgtgc aaactatcca     39660
     tctgataagg gtttaataac cagaatatat aaggaactca aactcaacag caaaaatcct     39720
     ccaaataatc ccatttgaaa atgggcaaat gatctgaata gacatttctc aaaagacata     39780
     caaatggcca acaggcatat gaaaaaattc tcaacgttac taaccatcag ggatatgcaa     39840
     atcaaaacca caatgagata tcatctgaat ctaattaaaa tggctattat caaaaagaca     39900
     cagataagag atactggtga ggatgcaaag aaaggggaat gctcatatac tgatggtaga     39960
     aatgtaaatt aacatagcca ctatggaaaa cagcataaag gttcctcaaa caactaaaaa     40020
     tagatctact agatgattca gcaatcccac tgctgggtat atatccaaaa gaaaggaaat     40080
     cagtgtatca aagagatgtg tacatgccca tgtttatttc agcactaccc acagtagcca     40140
     agacatggaa tcaatctaag tgtctatcaa gtgactggat aaagaaaatg tggtgtatat     40200
     atatacaatg gatactagtc agccataaaa aagaatgaaa tcctgtcatt tccagcaaca     40260
     tggatggaac tggaagtcat tatgttaatg aaataagtca gacacagaaa aaaaaatatc     40320
     acgttctcat aagtgggagc taaaaaagtt gatcttatgg aggtagaggg tagaatgatg     40380
     gttaccagag actgggaaag ggagggggtg gaggggggat gaagagagat tcattaatgg     40440
     ttacaaaaat atagttaaat tgaaggaata aattctatag tgtttgatag cacagctggg     40500
     tgactacagt taacattaat ttactgtata ttccaaaata gctagtagat ttgaagtgct     40560
     cccaacagaa ggaaataata aatgtttgag gtgatggata tcctaattat cctgatttga     40620
     tcattacaca tcgtatgcat gtatcaaaat atcatatgta ccccataaat atgtacaatt     40680
     attatgtatc aataaaaaat aaaaaaaaac aattcagaag tccataaact tggatggaat     40740
     aaaaaaaagt caactttatt ttcaaaaaac tctcactgaa atctaatttt atgaatgtag     40800
     aaaataaatc tttgtagtac cagccagcag ctgtaacact gtcatcaata gaaaacacca     40860
     tcaattaata ttttcatatc acattatagt tgttacagac atcttaaaat atcacttaca     40920
     attatgggag ctgttaaact tgccaaaaaa tcatgctttt taatgtatta gtaaagaaac     40980
     actgtattgt attaatacag aaacacatac tactagatca tcacacgttt ctttgaatat     41040
     agtagtgtcc cccacacagc accaaatgtg attatacagt ttattcctat ccatagatat     41100
     acctatgata aagtttaatt tataaatttg cacaggaaga gattaacaac aaaataggac     41160
     aattatattg taataaaagt tatgtgaata tggtctttct gtctcataca caaagtatct     41220
     tattgtactt attttcagac caggttgacc ttgggtaact gaaatcacag aaattgaaac     41280
     tgcagttaag gggggaccac tgtattttga taactatagt ttatatttta ttttatgcat     41340
     ttacaaatat tatcagacaa gatccaaagg cttcaccaaa ctgccaaaaa agctaatggc     41400
     acataaaaag cttaaggagt cctgatttaa tcagtcattc aatgaacatg acatccttcc     41460
     tggaaccatc tcctgttcta gcttcctcac attatgttgc tctgcttctc cttgagatct     41520
     tccattggtt ccacttccta ttcttgcttc ctgtatgaag atgtaaccca aagctcaatc     41580
     cttcacccta aattgttttt ataccccctc ttttacaaac ctcagctacc ttcgtggctg     41640
     attcaaacat cacctcaaag gtgactctca aatctgcttt tcctaatctt ttttctctaa     41700
     cttcaatctt ggatcttaaa ctccctgctg tgcctagtaa acagaataat atgccaccca     41760
     gagtcagctg ggttcaaatc ccagttctgc tacttactaa aggtgtgacc ttaggtaaat     41820
     attacctgct atggtttgaa tctctcctcc aaaactcttg ttgaaaataa ttgccatttt     41880
     gacagtttta agaagtggga cctttaagag ttaattaggt catgagggct ctgctctcat     41940
     gaatggatta atgctactaa tgtaggtatg ggttcccatt taaaagggga cattctgagg     42000
     ccgggcacag tggctcacac ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg caggtggatc     42060
     atgaggtcag gagatggaga ccatcctggc taacacggtg aaaccccgtc cctactaaaa     42120
     atacaaaaaa ttagccaggc ttggtggcgg gcacctgtag tcctagctac ttgggaggct     42180
     gaggcaggag aatggtgtga acccgggagg aggagcttgc agtgagccaa gattgcacta     42240
     ctgcactcca gtctgggcga cagagcgaga ctccgcctca aaacaaacaa acaaacaaag     42300
     ggtacattct ggcctctatt ctctctccat ctcatgtgct tgtttgcctt tctgccgtgg     42360
     gatgatgcag cacaaggctc tcaccagatg ccaatgccat gctcttggac ttccaagcaa     42420
     ctggaactga gccaaataaa ctactgttta taaattaccc agtctgtggt attctgtgat     42480
     agcatcagaa aacagactaa gacgtccttt gcttctgttg tttcatttga aaactgaggg     42540
     tgataatatt agtattgact ttatagggtt ataaggatta aaagagttac tacatgtact     42600
     cattgcagta cctgacacat tttaactact caataaatgt tttgtatcac caatcacatc     42660
     tccttccaac cccgacattt taatttgatg tttattaaca tggacggtgc cagccactgg     42720
     aagacagagt ttctatctaa caacataatt ctgatcaagt cattagtcaa aaaatttcag     42780
     tggttcccca ctgattccaa acttaacagc actggaaacc ttctataatg tgttctctaa     42840
     tataaattta cctcccattt tctcttctcc tgctctactt cttgtagctt atgttctggc     42900
     cagactggac tagactactc tctgtgacaa taacctgtgc tgttctatgt ctgtctttcc     42960
     tcacataatt ctaatgtctc aggtttgaag gcaataattt tgtctatgat tattccccta     43020
     tacatggcac cccataaaac atacacattt caatcttacc taagtcacat acttacttac     43080
     acatcaattc acctccatat ttgctcaatt tgtgagaacc taatattggc cagatactgt     43140
     gctaggacct agggatatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagcaaa gcaagaaaaa gaatgcataa     43200
     tggccctgct ctcaaaatca aggtctagta ctagagagaa acatgtaatc acataaatgc     43260
     cattcactgt ggaaagtaaa atcataaggg gaagggacac caaagaatga gcagttagct     43320
     caacttgaac agtaacatta agcttttcag agatgttatt tgggcgtaca tagattgggg     43380
     aaaagtctac tccatataga aagtgcacat gtgtaaaaca cagaggcatg aaacaaaatg     43440
     atgtgtctgg gaaacagttc aatacagctg gaatataggg cccaagagga agtggttaga     43500
     catgaggctg gaaagctagg cagactgttt tggcaaacat aggaatttgg actttatcac     43560
     atagccaata aggaataaca cagagtttta aaaagagcta tggccagggc tatattttgg     43620
     aaagctctct cctggcagta ttgtggcaga ggcagagagg aaagtctaaa gcagcactgt     43680
     ccaacagaac ttcttgtaat gaggccgcgc gcagtggctc acgcctgtaa tcccagcact     43740
     ttgggaggct gaggcgggcg gatcacgagg tcaggaattc gagactaatt tggccaacat     43800
     ggtgaaaccc cgtgtctact aaaaatacag acactagccg ggtgtggtgg caggcgcctg     43860
     taatcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag aattgcttga acccgggagg cagaggttgc     43920
     agtaagccaa gactgcgcca ctgcactcca tcctaggcca cagagcaaga ctccgtatca     43980
     gggaaagaaa aaaacaactt cttgcaatga cacaaatgtt caataatctg tgctttccca     44040
     tatgacagcc actagtcaca tgtggctatt gagaacttaa aatgtggcta gtgtattgag     44100
     acactaaatt taaaattgta ttaatttaaa tccaaatagc catgtgtcta gcaaataatt     44160
     taggagactg ttggtatagc tcaggtgata gaattaggac agaagggtga gttgatggat     44220
     agttaagagg caaaattatg agtctgtaag ggtgtgagaa aaggaaatca agaacaggct     44280
     cccagattac agactttgtg gttaaacagc caccattact caggacaaca gaagagaaag     44340
     agcaggtcta gagtgtatag tgatttcatc aattttgaac atactggtgt ctgagagtta     44400
     tcccagtggg aatatttagt agaaagttta gcttagagag ctgtctgaac taaagattca     44460
     gacttcagag gctttgagcc atggagtcag attacctaga gaagttgaac aaaattagaa     44520
     gcaaacaaga atcacagcaa atatcaacac ataaaaaggg gctaaggaag aaaaatctac     44580
     tgagactgga gaggaacagt tacacaaata ggaaaagaaa caagtgagag tggtatagaa     44640
     gtcaagggta gagagaatgt caggaaggaa acatgatcaa atgtcgaatg cctcagaggt     44700
     caaataaagt gagaactgta aagtgcttcc tgactttgcc agttaggagg ttcttggtga     44760
     catctgccag aaaagttttg gtggtagcag cctgacagag gtagcttgaa gagtggggat     44820
     ggggaaagag aatgtgacaa agaattgaga tagtaaggat aatttcaatt tcaggtcttg     44880
     gctgtgcaag gaagccgaga gacatgagtc tctaagaggg cacgatattg agagggttgt     44940
     tatctttctg tcagcgggga aaccaagaga aaagtttaaa aaggtcaaaa gggggagaag     45000
     ggaagacagc ttccgggtaa cagagaaggt tgaccaggtc aatagtaaag gatttcctca     45060
     aaccgaaggg aggacctcta gtgaaatgag aaaggaatac acaattgacc cagtttgcag     45120
     gtgggaaatg ggaagccagt tctgcaaatt ggcctttctg ttctgtgaag tgccatctgt     45180
     cggtgaggag agattagggt ctgcagcgtg aaaatctgga ccatactctg ggtaatcaag     45240
     ggagaggtta tcggctaatg acaaattaaa ggcttacttt ttagctggca actgaatcac     45300
     cataacattt tatgttacca gttccaaaat tttgggggga attcactcaa gcttgggaga     45360
     ggagagatca taactttaag agtataagag gtttaaacgg tccactacga aataaataga     45420
     gaaggaaaag ttatcagctg gtaaatatcg tagaaggtag agcggtccag ggactcacag     45480
     gtctcactaa agaaaagtct agcgtaggtt cacggcacgg agagatttta aggctgccta     45540
     agactaaagc caaatacgaa gtccacatct gcggtccgca ccttatctct ccgcgcggca     45600
     ggcgcgacga gggcgagaaa ctccctctcc agtggtcgca ccacacgaca ccagggaagg     45660
     ggcccctctc tccagaccct catatctcca ggtccaggcc ccattttcct ccgctgacag     45720
     ctcagcagcg tgcgcttccg ctggattcag gccaggacca gcgaagccgc accttacacc     45780
     caccgaggag gaaacaagcc tggccacccg aggctacccc gctaggccgc gggtagtggg     45840
     ggagggggcg ctgaggcagg aggtcagcac ccgggcgcgg gctcccgccc cacgaaaagc     45900
     gcgcgctcca agccccgccg ccggagatgc ggttccggtc cggacgcctg cgcactacgg     45960
     ctctccccgc agcctctggc cctccttccc cctcccccag tcagggcgca cccttgcgcc     46020
     tgcgctgtgt gtgttcctgg tctgcggcag ccatgctgaa ctcgtatgga gaggcgagtg     46080
     ggggggacag agtccaggac tgcgggatag gaagctgggg atatggacaa gcagcagcgt     46140
     tatagcgctc tgggtttcgg gacataggcc tgggccatgc ggcccccttg gccccttggc     46200
     gcgaccccca ggaacgttcg gaaagctggt cctcgtggct gggggaaagg cggggggtgg     46260
     gggggaagcg ggcacgtgac cccggtcagc caatctgggt gctgctgacg tggccgcgcg     46320
     gccccgatgc tctccccacc cccccagccc gttcgggaag ggaggggctg ggggctacgc     46380
     cccctccccc agcacggctt cgttttctgg gggggggttg acaccccgga ttacataccc     46440
     cgtaccaagc cgagggcaac tttggaggcc ccctggaagg ctttaggatc caggtgagaa     46500
     ggggcccttg tggggcggag atgtcagtca agtgcttaac caatggtggg gagtccggga     46560
     gggggattct tggggttcag gaaagaatcc tgagagtggg aagatttgtc cttcaaacct     46620
     tttacagcca atgggagcgt ggaggggggg cgagcgggag agggccatgg ggggggaggg     46680
     gaatggccag cctcatgcct ccgtacccat tggagggcaa aggggttagg gggcggtgtg     46740
     gcccccccta ttccattcgt cccctggggg tacagcagcc gggagccagg tgagaaggga     46800
     tccatcggcg gccgagggag gggtgacctg gcggtgggct gaggagtggt ggctgtggcc     46860
     cctacccgtg gatgtgaatg ctttaggagt tggccaccca tgttgtgaac tgaggttgtt     46920
     cccaggcgcc aacttccttt ctccccagag cctctggagg gagcattgct gtgcgccctt     46980
     tgtgtccgcg gtaggggagc tccagtcgtc acaccgcagg ctggaggtta cgcttcgagt     47040
     cgcttaccga atttgtgtgc attcacgtgg acacggcctg tggggccttt tgcccctgta     47100
     gggtctttac tgagcacgtg tctactccag gctggggtgc ttacaagctg aaagcttgag     47160
     gtctgcttag gaacagaaac caggcccaag gtgggtgctg gcagtagggg gtctagacag     47220
     catggtctga gatgcgaggg aggctcggga cctggaatga tttcacagct cccaaggttt     47280
     cgggtttctc cagggtggcc tcttccatcg cctccctcat cccctccccc agtcctgaac     47340
     agttctctcc ttgtgtactg cgggggaggg aacggaaagg aggaaagagt tactttccca     47400
     aattactgag tagcagtagc ctccctggtg actcatgtgg gggaagggag gatagaggat     47460
     cgggaggcag tgattttccg gaatgcaggg aataaacgag agcaatgtct ggctgccctt     47520
     ttcctaaggc ctagtatttt ctcagcctcc taagttttta ttccatggcc ggccccctga     47580
     tgggcctctg tcctggcctg cagagccccg gtggagaaaa gcagatttgg gaggttgggc     47640
     cgctaggggg aggggaaaag gcctctgcaa agttgctgtg tcattgccct ccatgctgca     47700
     gccacccaaa cggggccgct tgtacttttg ggggccaggg cctgatccct ggctggggga     47760
     aggggactct gctctcctga cgctcatttt cccccgccct cccggggttt gccctactcg     47820
     gggggtcaga agacaggaga ttggcggcca ttttagacgc agtaaccgag gttggagttg     47880
     aagggctact gcagaggagg gagggtggcg tggttgcagc tcaaggacct aggcccttac     47940
     gagcccttcc ggggcgaggg ggaatcttac cgtatatttg ttcacctacg ttgattattt     48000
     ttcccagata cgtacacaag tttgttttct ccctggtagc gaagaaaggg gaaacggggg     48060
     aggggacgcc ccaccaaagc ccaggttttc tcgggtgggg gagatccttt cactctcttg     48120
     taagggggcg gggacggccc cagagatgct ctggagatcc tgactctggg ctctggttga     48180
     ttcacagagt ctgcaccctt atttagataa ccaagttagg aggaagactt aagagtaagt     48240
     tggggggagg gggcgaaact gagctcccaa aatggctcct gcccctcctc ggaggcggac     48300
     ggccgggggg aggggaggag gggaggaggg ggagggctag tctgagccgc agccgccgcc     48360
     tcctccgctc gccctcctcc ctggcgctga ccgatggacc agccgctccg tggggaggac     48420
     tccggaccct ggtggggggg cgggggggtt ctttcgcccc cgtggcggag ggcccctgag     48480
     aggcggatac gggtgtgcct ttgggggtga tgtggcgtgt ggggggaaag gtccgagctc     48540
     gcctggaggg ggagggtttt tcccttaagt catccctccc aggacttgct ttttctgctc     48600
     tgagccggac gccggaatgg agtttgagga agaggtgagg tgtgttgcat tgtatagggt     48660
     agatggatgc gtttggagat tttaatccca cttttagggt tgccgaggat ttttcgaacg     48720
     agcagaaatg tattggtaac tgtaggtgtg agtggggagg gattagaaag gtgcttggac     48780
     gtgcaaattt gggagacgta ttttagcttt tgtggtcttt gggactaaac agtagtaaat     48840
     aatgttttgc tcgtctttcc atcgtttggc ttgagggagg gagtggagta ttataagact     48900
     ctggcaacac tgttttagac tgtggggcat gggaacgtta gatcccctca tcgccgttct     48960
     gaagcccgta gctgttcgcc atagaggagc aggccgcggc ttctaagatg gcgtcttttt     49020
     cctcgtttca gattcttcgc tgctgctgcc ttaccgccga gaaccaccac ccgccaggcg     49080
     tcttgcggcc acacccctgg cgggttcagg caggctacgc ccacgcgacc cctcccgttt     49140
     ccctgctttg gccaatggag gagctacgaa tggcacgacc tgctcgagct tggcagtctc     49200
     cagttgggct gtgcatggaa gcttgggaag actttgttgg aaggggaggc ggggagagag     49260
     tgctggaggc tctggggcga tggcttccgc acctcttcca accaccctct ttccctggag     49320
     tcggcggacc acagctcagc caattggctt ggagatgtgg cgggttgcca cttccctgtg     49380
     ggtctctgcg gcactcttct gcctggtgac tgacaccttg gaaatgaagt ttatgacgtc     49440
     atcgttgcgg ctggccaata gaaaaagctc ccgcggagag gtgttccttc cccttcgact     49500
     cagcttcttc acccgcgtga gcgagcgcgc gcgcgcggag ggggtgggga aaagctcaag     49560
     cagggtggcg cgcatgagcg gcgaagctcc tcctccccgc ctatatataa agggctggcg     49620
     cggggctcgg cggcgccatt tcgtgctgga gtggagcagc ctctagaacg agctggagga     49680
     ttctgcctac cgatacagag ccttcgagtc gtccggggcc gccattacaa tccacctcca     49740
     tccgcttgga aatggccttc gtcccggcct atgactggtc ccagcgggca gtacagaccc     49800
     cctagaagcc cctggagctc ccctttttcg ggccccgccc aatcctcgga gtctgtccac     49860
     cccctctact ccgccctcaa gaggatttca aagatggagg cggcggctcc ctaaaccact     49920
     tttcgtgttc atccgcctcc atccgagatc gaaacgggac ctcgtcggcc ccgtaggggc     49980
     ccgacaagaa gagggaatcc ctgcagacca acagcgggct atattgacga cggtgtctga     50040
     gatcggggac cgtcttttga agagtcagtc cctccttagt tgcccgcctc agctgaggcc     50100
     gccgccattt tcttgctgtc cgccgtctgc agagcgcgcc aagctgcccg gagctctccg     50160
     agaggcccca aagagactgc tttcgtgccg gccaggcagg gggtttgtcg cctggaggcc     50220
     caagaggaac ggcctccccc caacttagcg ggttatgctg gaccgggcgg tgaggggaac     50280
     cgaggccacc cggactttcc gcggctgagg gcagcgccgg ttccttgcgg tcaagatgct     50340
     gcaaaacgtg actccccaca ataagtacgt ttccgcgagc cgcgtgtggg aaggggatgt     50400
     tgcagggcgg cggcacaggg gtgtggggcg ccgtgttggg agtactgagc ggccccggcg     50460
     cgctgctgtt gcggcgcagc tgtcgactcg gtcgcgcgga gggaattgag cgacggtttt     50520
     ggaacggtgg tggcggctcg gctactgctc gtggagggga atacaggttg tcaatttata     50580
     cgctattaat gccgccgtgg cccagtctta accgagtcag gcagagctag tttgacggtg     50640
     gagtggagtg aggttgaaca gcaggtttgg cgtttggtgg gtctggtatc tagcggcggt     50700
     ctgttagcct tttagggggg attcacggac acctctagcg ccctgtaggg ttgccatggt     50760
     gacggagcgc ttaagggact ggcaacgggg attcccagag aagggtaaag ggatcactct     50820
     cccgtgtgtg caggttccta atgcccaggg tatgtcatta aatcttttgc tttctttggg     50880
     tgggtgggtt gtgtgtggtg tttgttggtg cagggattgt tttttcctaa cattaaaagt     50940
     ttgattcagg gcaggagggt agagctaagg ttcctagttc agctctgcga tgtaaacaat     51000
     gagattccca tatgatgttt taattcttag gtggtaggaa agactgatcg gaggagcacc     51060
     agagggactg taaatgaacc actgttagcg tttggtgtcc ggagttggtg ctacaggggg     51120
     aactggtagt ggaatcgtgt tgtgtagtgg gtgggtggaa gggggctatc acttggtgac     51180
     cttgactgtt ttgtacggct ttttgacttc cttggagtga ggagactctg atttggtgcg     51240
     aataattttg agggcctgga agttacgggc tgtgaagtct gacaaattct tccttgtctg     51300
     aatttgtttt taagttgata tggttcttcc tctgggtttc tagtctatgt tctgttgtgg     51360
     cgtgaactac ccagaccttg tggaagatgg tgctctctct tctatctagg tggattattc     51420
     tgtgtcttat cagcatttta tggaattttt tatagccata atttgttctt ttcctcctta     51480
     ccggcgctca accaccatgg caaccaccaa acccctagtg aggaggaagc ttggggtttg     51540
     agtttcttaa ctccacccat tttgcttaag ccccatcccc atagggctgt agttctgaga     51600
     tgtcgtgcct tgtcagaaac aatttgggag ttttttaaaa tatgaaaaag aacagataga     51660
     gcctatcaga cttaagaagg tgggatctag atagtatact aaaaatatta ataaaaggaa     51720
     ggcggggcca gcaataaaag ctccacagat tgtttggata ttgtttctgc ttaagaagca     51780
     cttggcataa gcttaaccac ctcactaggg ccagcacctg gattcatcag actattgtgc     51840
     agatgcactt tttcctcatt tggacgatat tgccctaatt ttgttcccat ctttacaggc     51900
     tccctgggga agggaatgca gggttgctgg ggctgggccc agaagcagca gcaccaggga     51960
     agaggattcg aaaaccctct ctcttgtatg agggctttga gagccccaca atggcttcgg     52020
     tgcctgcttt gcaacttacc cctgccaacc caccaccccc ggaggtgtcc aatcccaaaa     52080
     agccaggacg agttaccaac cagctgcaat acctacacaa ggtagtgatg aaggctctgt     52140
     ggaaacatca gttcgcatgg ccattccggc agcctgtgga tgctgtcaaa ctgggtctac     52200
     cggtgagtag agacattgga gccggggagg tgtgggatga gcaagaatgc gtgtgaatgg     52260
     gggtggtctg cctagtgtag atgctgcggc ccctagggag ttcccatttc tcccctgtag     52320
     ggcagttagc taccagattt ctgggtatct tggtcctttg tgattgatcc gaccgcttgc     52380
     tgtaactatc ttggcatctt tccttgtgcc ctccatgtgt ccttccttaa cttttgtgcc     52440
     ctggctccat tttacagatt cccacctcgg gttgggagag gaccacggtg gccaaaattc     52500
     ttagcttctt cctttccctc atgcagccca tggatagcca gccccagagg taatgtcaca     52560
     ggatgggaag tttccagagt gggtgggagg tgggtggtta gagaaaggca gcaggggcct     52620
     ccctgtggat gtcaagaatc ttttttattt atttatttat tttgtcccac agtttaattg     52680
     gggccgcagt ttaagtaact gttcctttga tgcatagggg gggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     52740
     gtgtgtgaga gtcggggatc ggtagtctcc ctataagcat ttatttttct gtggttctga     52800
     cctaacattt ttttatttag gattatcaca aaattataaa acagcctatg gacatgggta     52860
     ctattaagag gagacttgaa aacaattatt attgggctgc ttcagagtgt atgcaagatt     52920
     ttaataccat gttcaccaac tgttacattt acaacaaggt gagtttttct gtgtgttcat     52980
     ttagtaggtg gggagaaaca gtaacttcta ttattgctgg atatgttgtc tacataaagt     53040
     ttaaatcctt tgctactgaa ggtgttatcc aggtagggta gtcggagtct taaaaacctg     53100
     actctagatg gtactattga acacagtgat gtgacttcag agctctagtt gaaggttatt     53160
     tagaacactt catacttggg ggtggtggtc ctgtttctta gaaatcacca gagacctgag     53220
     tagaccaggg atctgttttc ttgtcagctc tcaagttttt tcttctttcg aattttggga     53280
     gacagttagg agaaagtgga aattagtagt ggcctggagt aggaaatttt ctttaagatt     53340
     tgatgacaag atgactggtg ggggtatggt aatggcctag ggcctgaatg cctctgagaa     53400
     agatggtgtg tatctatctt ctgttggcat tttttaactt tctttattgc tgtctgtgtt     53460
     ctcatagccc actgatgata ttgtcctaat ggcacaaacg ctggaaaaga tattcctaca     53520
     gaaggttgca tcaatgccac aagaagaaca agagctggta gtgaccatcc ctaagaacag     53580
     ccacaagaag ggggccaagt tggcaggtag gaagagtggg agttttgcaa atggacaact     53640
     aaagatgggg aagagaatca aactacactt ttttcctttt ttctagcgct ccagggcagt     53700
     gttaccagtg cccatcaggt gcctgccgtc tcttctgtgt cacacacagc cctgtatact     53760
     cctccacctg agatacctac cactgtcctc aacattcccc acccatcagt catttcctct     53820
     ccacttctca agtccttgca ctctgctgga cccccgctcc ttgctgttac tgcagctcct     53880
     ccagcccagc cccttgccaa ggtatgatct gtggatttcc tctgggcagc agggaggcaa     53940
     gggtcttaag taaagtgggc ttggagtgac aggttcccta tcttgtttct ttctgcagaa     54000
     aaaaggcgta aagcggaaag cagatactac cacccctaca cctacagcca tcttggctcc     54060
     tggttctcca gctagccctc ctgggagtct tgagcctaag gcagcacggc ttccccctat     54120
     gcgtagagag agtggtcgcc ccatcaagcc cccacgcaaa gacttgcctg actctcagca     54180
     acaacaccag agctctaaga aaggaaagct ttcagaacag ttaaaacatt gcaatggcat     54240
     tttgaaggag ttactctcta agaagcatgc tgcctatgct tggcctttct ataaaccagt     54300
     ggatgcttct gcacttggcc tgcatgacta ccatgacatc attaagcacc ccatggacct     54360
     cagcactgtc aaggtaccca ctgcatgggg cagatgggat gctcaggcag tgatgggagc     54420
     ctaggtgcaa aacaataagt ctccttatgt gggcacacag cagtctttgg ttcttggcat     54480
     tttactttta taaaataata gtggaacaga aggtctggtg ttttgagaat ttgtatttct     54540
     tggagtttga aacagtaggg tggggtttct ttgtcttgag aaaaatactg tctataatta     54600
     agtactaatg tggcagtgtt gggttaagga agttataggg tggaaaaaca ggcataggcc     54660
     acctctctgt cacttagaaa tgatttcttt ttctagacat aaatatttct tcaacccacc     54720
     caaattcctt tgacttcaaa cttgaacccc agggcacaga tccttaaggt catccccact     54780
     gtgctctcaa gagagggctc ttcttgtggt gtctggggtt ggcagggaaa ggtgagtctt     54840
     cctgcctgtg cagcttctga tgctgcctcc ttctgcagcg gaagatggag aaccgtgatt     54900
     accgggatgc acaggagttt gctgctgatg tacggcttat gttctccaac tgctataagt     54960
     acaatccccc agatcacgat gttgtggcaa tggcacgaaa gctacaggtg agtggaaagg     55020
     ttggagtttg aaaaataaat ggtatgggga gttattttgt catgtgtgct gcatagcctc     55080
     aacgtgaggg tctcactgtt ctgtacagtt gtaaattgga gctatatcac ttggtggctg     55140
     ggtatgtagg gcactgttta tcagcatagt tttgagtttg tgcctctttg taggatgtat     55200
     ttgagttccg ttatgccaag atgccagatg aaccactaga accagggcct ttaccagtct     55260
     ctactgccat gccccctggc ttggccaaat cgtcttcaga gtcctccagt gaggaaagta     55320
     gcagtgagag ctcctctgag gaagaggagg aggaagatga ggaggacgag gaggaagaag     55380
     agagtgaaag ctcagactca gaggaagaaa gggctcatcg cttagcagaa ctacaggaac     55440
     aggtattttg tcactcttga aagtttttat tgggtaagag gttcatgccc tttgtcctca     55500
     ttttttcttc ttgttatttt atctttattt actttttcca cttcatgttt tttttccttt     55560
     agcttcgggc agtacatgaa caactggctg ctctgtccca gggtccaata tccaagccca     55620
     agaggaaaag agagaaaaaa gagaaaaaga agaaacggaa ggcagagaag catcgaggcc     55680
     gagctggggc cgatgaagat gacaaggggc ctagggcacc ccgcccacct caacctaaga     55740
     agtccaagaa agcaagtggc agtgggggtg gcagtgctgc tttaggccct tctggctttg     55800
     gaccttctgg aggaagtggc accaagtgag ttagagtagg aagcagagac tagtttggct     55860
     atttctgtct ctctggggga tgccatctct ctttgcaaag ataattctaa atggccagtt     55920
     aacagataca ataggctttg agcagtggtc cccaaccttt ttggcaccag ggaccagttt     55980
     cgtggaagac agattttacc acagacaggg tttgagggga tggtttttgg gatgaaactg     56040
     ttccacctca gatcattggg ccattggatt cccataagga gcatgcagcc tggatatgta     56100
     ccatgcgcac ttcacagtag ggttcatgct tctatgagaa tctaatgctt ctgctgatgt     56160
     gacaggcagt gatgcccaca tgccggctgt tcacctcctg cgtagcccag taacaggcca     56220
     cggactggta ctggtctggg ggttgggacc cctggctttg ggagtcaggg tgtttcacag     56280
     ctactctgac agtgaactca aagtagccat aaactagaaa catgaagatg gctgtgttcc     56340
     aaaaagactt tatttgcaaa gacacgtggc gatcagattt gttctctggg ccatatagtt     56400
     tgcctgttgc tctaaatcaa tgagtctaga cttgtttttc atggcgtagt agtttttggt     56460
     tttttggtgt ggttttgtgt tttgtttttt tttgttagtt tgttttttgt tttgtttttt     56520
     ttaaagactc caggctggag tgcagtggcg tgatctcggc ttactgcaac ctccacttct     56580
     cgggttcaag cgattctcct gcctcagcct cccaagtagc caggattaca ggcatgcgcc     56640
     accacgccca gctaattttt gtatttttag tgcgcagcta gtttatgtag ttttagtgga     56700
     gacggggttt cgccatgttg ggcaggctgg tcttgaactc ctgacctcaa gtgatctgcc     56760
     cgccttggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aaatctgagc cactgcagct ggcccatggt     56820
     gtagtttggt agtgtttaag ggagcagaaa gacccatgtc agtataccta aacaggtata     56880
     ccttgtttta ttgtgcttca ctttacggag ttttttttag atactacttt tttttttagt     56940
     tgaagatttg tgacaaccct gtgtggagca agtctttcaa cagtttttcc aacatgtttg     57000
     tgtgtcacat ttttagtaat attttttcat taaggtatgt acgtacattg tctttttaaa     57060
     gacatgttat tgcctactta cagtcgagca aaatgctctg tttcactata cagtgtccca     57120
     gtagcccacc tcttacttgg ccattgaatg gaaaaacaga agctccactc tgggcaggaa     57180
     ataggatcac tgaattataa cagtgggaac atactggaag aggttaatga agcttctttt     57240
     gctgacaact ctttttgccc ttaggctccc caaaaaggcc acaaagacag ccccacctgc     57300
     cctgcctaca ggttatgatt cagaggagga ggaagagagc aggcccatga gttacgatga     57360
     gaagcggcag ctgagcctgg acatcaacaa attacctggg gagaagctgg gccgagttgt     57420
     gcatataatc caagccaggg agccctcttt acgtgattca aacccagaag agattgagat     57480
     tgattttgaa acactcaagc catccacact tagagagctt gagcgctatg tcctttcctg     57540
     cctacgtaag aaaccccgga agccctacag tacgtatgaa atgaggttca tctcatggtt     57600
     ctgaggacag ttgaggaaag atggtggggt ctgtttgcat tcaggattgt cagctcccag     57660
     gataatggga tgtgttggtt ggcagctgac gttcaagaag ggaacttggg aaccttaggg     57720
     gcccataata agatgcttgg ggcaatctta atgtatcctg ataaatttct ttcattagcc     57780
     attaagaagc ctgtgggaaa gacaaaggag gaactggctt tggagaaaaa gcgggaatta     57840
     gaaaagcggt tacaagatgt cagcggacag ctcaattcta ctaaaaagcc ccccaagaaa     57900
     ggtgagtata tactttcatg ccactacaga ttgactccat cctgccttct tgactgtctt     57960
     ttattgacaa atgaagattc agacttgaac gtctttaact ttcgaatttg ttctgcagcg     58020
     aatgagaaaa cagagtcatc ctctgcacag caagtagcag tgtcacgcct tagcgcttcc     58080
     agctccagct cagattccag ctcctcctct tcctcgtcgt cgtcttcaga caccagtgat     58140
     tcagactcag gctaaggggt caggccagat ggggcaggaa ggctccgcag gaccggaccc     58200
     ctagaccacc ctgccccacc tgccccttcc ccctttgctg tgacacttct tcatctcacc     58260
     cccccccgcc cccctctagg agagctggct ctgcagtggg ggagggatgc agggacattt     58320
     actgaaggag ggacatggac aaaacaacat tgaattccca gccccattgg ggagtgatct     58380
     cttggacaca gagcccccat tcaaaatggg gcagggcaag ggtgggagtg tgcaaagccc     58440
     tgatctggag ttacctgagg ccacagctgc cctattcact tctaagggcc ctgttttgag     58500
     attgtttgtt ctaatttatt ttaagctagg taaggctggg gggagggtgg ggccgtggtc     58560
     ccctcagcct ccatggggag ggaagaaggg ggagctcttt ttttacgttg attttttttt     58620
     ttctactctg ttttcccttt ttccttccgc tccatttggg gccctggggg tttcagtcat     58680
     ctccccattt ggtcccctgg actgtctttg ttgattctaa cttgtaaata aagaaaatat     58740
     tattcaagtt ttgagttacc ttaatatttg cttttgtagt gtttcaaaag gaacatcata     58800
     agaattgtct tgataatttt gagggaaata ttactgcagt gagaaaaggc aatagctaac     58860
     ctataattgg attgtcttaa tttttaaacc agtaggcttt tgctgtgttt ttaataaagt     58920
     aaatatgact tttgtaaatt gagtccttag aagtaatctt taggtctaca atttgctctt     58980
     gtttaaatga aaaatagtac tgtggctcat tcatgcttta accaagaact caaaattttg     59040
     aggtaggctt taggtttttc cctgtggcac tggatgtgtg aattttctcc tgagcagact     59100
     taaaatatga gaaaagggtg ggaggtagcc gaacataagt actttatgca ttgagtttat     59160
     tgccttttaa aaggaaattg gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggcgggcaga     59220
     tcacgaggtc aggagatcga gaccatggtg aaaccctgtc tactaaaaaa aaattagctg     59280
     ggcgaggtgg cgggtacctg tagtcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag cagaatggcg     59340
     tgaactcggg aggcggggtt cagtgagccg agatcgcgcc actgcactcc agcctgggtg     59400
     gtagacactc cgtctcaaaa aaaaaagtaa ttgggcctac tacattgtta aacattgtta     59460
     aattttgctg ccatggtcac acacaaattt acagatagtt tattagtaga atactaaaga     59520
     gtattccaac gattaaatca caaaactgtg ctttctgcat acccccttgt cttgctaagg     59580
     ggagagaagg gttgtataaa aagtttaggg ggttgggatg tgtgcattct ggaatttggg     59640
     gctttaatac tggaaaagtg agacatttgc ttagtatagt gtaccatagt aggaaacctg     59700
     gatagagacg tggaaattag aatcaggaat gtagtaaagc aaatggttta ttttgctgta     59760
     aatgacacca caaactaagt gtagggcaac accacaaact aaatgtagga agcaataaat     59820
     tttactagtg atgctcagcc ctctttagga attccggcta aactggggct tgagcaacaa     59880
     ttttcaaaag ctcgggagat ggtaataaaa aattaggttt gtgaaccacc tgctactgtt     59940
     tgccaagcac ttagagggaa acaaaccctt gtttgggctt tcttgctaac ttgtgtgcac     60000
     cagtgaaagc tcttgagctc cctttgagct ctggttccct tttgagaata acagatgttg     60060
     aggattcgta agtacttaat agacacgcgt tgggcaatag gtgatgagat acaaattaaa     60120
     gttctgaaaa tcggagtaaa tagatttaag ctaagtgcat gtctatgtca aggattacat     60180
     ctcatttcag agggaattga aggatttagt tggattagtt ttgggacaaa atatagaata     60240
     ttttgtctga ctgcagcccc ttctgctcat gtacttttaa ggtttgtttt ctgtagttcg     60300
     gaaaaataaa agtttcaacc tgacattgga ggcccctgag tacttaattc cctgtaaatg     60360
     gaacccagac cgccctaaat gctttaagag agagaagggc tggctgacac aggggcttca     60420
     gacctgcctt aaaccaattg gactagtctc ttaattgact ttagtttgaa cttatttcaa     60480
     gcctgtctca cttagggatt gtaattgttt caggagtttg gttgagttcc atcttggttg     60540
     ccaaaggact ttattccaaa atagcagtct ccagcacaac tcaaaggact agtggagtcc     60600
     tgtgggcatt atttccccct atgctcctct cagctcttgg aatcatgggt tctattgctg     60660
     ctgctttttc cctctcccct catgctgcca tttactgcct tttattgcgt ccataggaag     60720
     ccttttgttg ggttgtgggg gaaggtgaga gtcggtctta tttactcagt cacacattta     60780
     ttgagttccc ttgattgcct tttcagcaaa ctgttaggcc tgtagacctg gacgttgcca     60840
     agccagaggg tataaggtga agataagaca aggtcttatc atggagtttg cttagcacga     60900
     atagggtgca attattaacc atcatggtgt ggtaattata ctgattgaat ccaagatata     60960
     ggcatgactt ggtcttcaca gaccatcctt attgtgcacc catatgtgga ccccagttcc     61020
     agcctgcctg taaccttccc caaagtcctg ctcttaggtt cactcgggac taccttgatt     61080
     ggaaggccct gcttccatga gtgaccagca tgaaggactc ccaggacaag gaccagaggt     61140
     gactggtgtt actctggggc ttagtgcaag actggaggaa gattttcctg agcaattaga     61200
     gagtggctgt aatggagagc tgggaaggag atgtgggaat ggtagcatgg aactaatgtg     61260
     ttgtcaccat gatttcattt tttcctgggt catcacccta aagatactca caaaatccca     61320
     ctagctggtc tccagcactg aatgagacga cagcttcttg ctctcaattt atattctagg     61380
     atcggggaaa ggggcagcat tagacaacta gtcacacgat ttttaacaaa aataagtaat     61440
     tctaacagga caatgtgcag aggtctagca agaatttaga aaagagggtt ctctggtcta     61500
     agctgagagc tattcagata tctcagaacg atgagttcct tcctgtttgt aaggggtgga     61560
     tgggtgggag cagggagtag tgaacattgc cagcagaaga aacagcaact gagaaggtaa     61620
     ctaggtgatg ctgaagcagc aaggatgaag gtgagtgctt tgagatgctt tgaatttaca     61680
     tctcaaagac taatagctaa catttattga gcacttactg tgtcccatgc actgtgctaa     61740
     ataaaaactt accctgtaaa ctcatttggt cctcactata atcctgtgag gtacatcttg     61800
     tctgcattta acagataaag aaatgaggca cagagagatt agtcaatttg cccaacatca     61860
     ccacattgtc agtgagcact ggaggtgggt tttgaaacca ggcgatctgg cttcagggtc     61920
     cacatttata actactgcac tagacttcca gtgctgtggg ccagtaggga gctaggagat     61980
     agacatgctt taaggaaatt gcactaggga caatcatgtt agggttggtg gggtgttgag     62040
     agtggatagt ttagaaagca attgcagcag ttaatcccag ccagtgagaa tagtggtgta     62100
     gaagagaaag gcagcaatgt agatgaagaa atgtagatag atttgagagc tatgtaggag     62160
     ttaaaataga tgggacttat tctcaaaagg ttcttgtctc cacacgttaa aggaacagca     62220
     gagcacacgt gcacttgcag acatacagct ctcagagtcc ctagcacaga gctttccaat     62280
     agtggaagct tgatattttg ttgactaaag gagtgccacc tggctgactg gcagatttga     62340
     atggagctcc ctccagcatg gcttgccgaa ggggcagggg ttctgaggct cttgtagact     62400
     gccactgaag gtatttggcg ccacctgttg ggcgtgttac ccacgattgc ctcctgaatc     62460
     tattgtcatt tttgtgtcct gcccccgagg ttaggtggtt cttcccttct tactttccta     62520
     aacttcaact cttaaaatgt gagccttcat ttttatgacc cagagggtca caaaagaagg     62580
     agattaggcc tttttagtcc ttatctccct ttacctctga agcatcccat ggggcttccc     62640
     tagcatttta ttttatattg atttatttat ttatttttaa gaaagaggat ttctgtcacc     62700
     caggctggag tgcagtggtg tgatcatagc tcactgtagc ttcgaccttc tgggctcaag     62760
     taatgctctt gcctcagcct cctgagtagc tgggattaca ggcatgagcc accgcaccct     62820
     gcatctcctg acttctttga cttgacacca cttgttccta gctctcatac ttttcagaca     62880
     gccatttctt agtctgcttc tttaaagtct ctgcctctgc ctcccataat atattgtccg     62940
     ttatgacacc tttctttgtc ctctttttat ttgcacagta tttttaagca agtttaccca     63000
     ttcctctgga ggcacctccc acccataaaa tctgtgtctc tgtttagacc ttgtattagt     63060
     ccattctcac atggctatga ggaaatacct gagactaggt gatttataaa ggaaagaggt     63120
     ttaattgact cacagttctg catggctggg gaggcctcag gaaacttaca atcatggcgg     63180
     aagacacctc ttcacagggt ggcaggagaa tgagtgccaa agtgaagtgg ggaagcccct     63240
     tataaaacca taagatctcg tgagaactca ctatcacgag aacagcatgg gggaaactgc     63300
     ccccatatca aaccttgagt caaagttcca agtgcctaat gcaatgccta atggcaaggt     63360
     cccataagct tgtgcacaca tttttagaaa agattctacc tttttcccca aacatgtccc     63420
     tcgcagtgag ttctctaagt cagcagtccc cagctttttt ggcaccaagg actggttttg     63480
     tggaagacaa cttttctatg gatggaggcg gggagaatgg tttccagatc aaactgttct     63540
     acttcagatc accaggcatt agattctcaa aaggagtttg caaccttccc tcgcatgctc     63600
     agttcacaat agggtttgca gtcctgtgag aatctaatgc cgctgctgat ctgacaagag     63660
     gcagagcttg ctcgctgctc acctcctgct gtgcacccca gttcctacca ggccacggac     63720
     tggtagtgtt cagtggccca gaggttgggg gacccctgct ataaggaaca agcacttata     63780
     tagagtttac tatgtaccag acacttatga gcacttttgc aatttagtct tcataataat     63840
     cctaagaggt aggtactcat caccatttta tacatgagga aacagacatt tagtaacagt     63900
     tctatagctg cctagtttct tccccttatt ctcccccaac tccctgttca gccattgagg     63960
     tctgttgagc cttcctctgt cccttctctc agtgcccctc atcagcctgg actctcacac     64020
     gactctgtca ctagtccatg tctttcagct atactgtgtt gtttcagggc ccatcactca     64080
     cctctccctt catgccctgc cctatcccca ccacaccagt gaagacctcc cttcctgggt     64140
     tatcatcaga cctgtcactt gcagtgaggc ctcacctcaa ctaaggaggt caaaataaga     64200
     ataacctctc atgtgagtaa gaggaactca tcatccttgc caagctttcc aaccaacccc     64260
     aaacttcaag tatttttgtg tccttgtaca gtaagtgaat atttctacat aataaaatat     64320
     ttctttcatc tctttgccaa atgaggacat tgctcatttt gtcagacaag ctaatgtttg     64380
     atttgagatt gaaggagaaa agggatttat tctccagcga taagcatttt tgctggtgtt     64440
     tgacaaacaa aaaaagagca gttcttctat tagctgccac tgtcagacct catggagtca     64500
     gttgctattc taattgctga gactatgaga aggtaacact ggttaattga tgaatacttt     64560
     cccctcttct gcccctgcag aagatgtgtt ggaactggct tctctatgaa ggcaggttgt     64620
     agagacaatg acagttcttc caagaaagac agttattacc ttgtcttcct gcatggtttt     64680
     gtttctcacc cagagttcct gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag agacattttg cagtttcatc     64740
     taccgatttt ctcctctctc tcaaaaataa tgtttttaaa gacagagtct tgctctgtag     64800
     cccaggcttg agtacagtgg cacaatcttg gctcattgca acctctgcct cccaggttca     64860
     agcagttctc gtgcctcagc ctcccaagta gctggagact acaggtgtgc accaccgcac     64920
     ccagataatt tttgtatgtt tagtagagat ggggtttccc catgttggcc agtctggtct     64980
     cgaacttctg atctcaagtg atccgatcca cccgcaactg cctccccaaa tgctgggatt     65040
     acaggcatga gccaccatgc cccacccaaa aataattgtt ttaaagcagt tctcaaggtt     65100
     ttctaagttt acttatactc ttttaactct taagtaaccc caggtaagtg gaagctgaaa     65160
     agttacaaaa tgatagttac aagggccaag cagtcctgca tccctgtcag agtgaaactt     65220
     cattctctct gatgcaaaat aaaatgatgc ttgttcttcc agatccatgg ttaccatgac     65280
     atattattct gtattcttga tttaagaaag cactggcact gcccaatctc tgtgcccttt     65340
     gattgctatg tcaagcttca ggttgcacac cctgccttct gtaaggaact ttccttactt     65400
     ggcccccaat tccctgatgt ctggtctgtg acctggtgtt gaaactggct atgacactgt     65460
     gcttagactt cctcttaaaa ttctgcattc tgttctggac ctgtttccaa ccacaataac     65520
     acaacccact gatttactgt tcttaaatcc atctctgcta ttcaggctga ttcccagtga     65580
     tctcatgtcc ttctatcact gcctttggtc ttgcaaatag accctacaga gccccacaac     65640
     tatttaacca atcatttggc cagggagtaa ggcaagagac aaaaattgag ggaaggagag     65700
     aatgatgagc aactgaggga gcagcttggg gttgaaaagc tacctcagaa agcagttctg     65760
     tgattgggag gaaggtggct gatgttactg cagggggtat caaaagcatc tgtcctgaac     65820
     ttcagagtca ggtagaaaac aaaacagaaa gaatcttctt ttcctctgag tctggggaaa     65880
     ctgagagaga aggagaaagc caaggaaagg gaactgacac tcactgagcc gttgctatct     65940
     gccaggtgta tattgatggg cacttttcat agtcatcttt tttggtccac atgacgttcc     66000
     taccacacat atgttattat ttttatttta gagaggagga aactctaagt taatgtgcat     66060
     aagatcacag agctagtgag acaagataag gctaatttca aagtttatat ctttacatac     66120
     caaacatttc tagttatatt ctagatataa gcaaacaagg aattcagaag taaaacttag     66180
     caaaaacttc cagatattgt taactccacc aacctgagct aaagaatgag gctagagatg     66240
     aacacacaca cacatgcatg cacacacata cacacagtca cacacacacc tcaatctttt     66300
     tagaacttta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttatttt gagacacagt     66360
     cttgctctgt cgcctaggct ggagtgcagt ggcacgatct cggctcactg caacctccac     66420
     ctcctgggtt caagcaattc tcctgcttca gcctcccaag tagctgggat tacaggcacc     66480
     tgccaccatg ctggactaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cgggttttcg ccatgttggc     66540
     caggctggtc tcaaactcct ggcctcaagc gatccgccca tctcagcctc ccaaagtgct     66600
     gggattacag gcatgaccca ccaggccgag cctagaattt tatttttatt atttttattt     66660
     cgatagcttt aggagtacag gtggctttta tttacatgga tgaattgtat agtggtgaag     66720
     tctgggcttt tagtgtaccc attacccaat agtgtatatt gtactcagta aataattttt     66780
     catccttcac cccactcccc acttctgtgt ctccaatgtc cgttatacta ctctgtatgg     66840
     ctttgcatac ccatagctta gctcctactt acaagtgagt gttaaattag gtttagccta     66900
     aagctgcttc cttacatgtt ttaagttcag cctaaaggtt tctccataca tagtaaactg     66960
     aaacctaact tgatgtgtaa tcagactgaa acctactcta gtgccaatca ctgagttttg     67020
     gccaatcaaa ggtgatcaac tgttcaaact gtgttcaaat aagacaaatg ccaagcttca     67080
     accaatcctg ctgtttctgt acctcatgtc tgttttctgt acatcacttt actttttctg     67140
     ttcataaata ttccaccact tggctgttct ggagtctctc agcctactct ggctcagaag     67200
     gctccccaat tcacaaattg ttctttgctc aattaaactc tgttgaattt cattcgtcta     67260
     aggttttttt tctttaacaa tgagaacacg tagcacttgg ttttctgttc ctgagttact     67320
     tcacttagga aaatggtcca gttccatcca agttgctgga aaatatatta tttcattctt     67380
     ttttatggat gagtacgatt tcatggtata tacacatcac attttcttat ccactcatca     67440
     gtttatgggc acttaggttg attccatacc tctgcaattg tgaattctat gtctttttga     67500
     tataatgact tcttttcttt tgggtagata cccaggagtg ggactgctag atcaaatggt     67560
     agaactactt ttagttcttt gagaaatctc catagtgttt tccacagagg ttgtactaat     67620
     ttacattccc accagcaatg tataagctat cccttttcac tgcatccttg ccaacatcta     67680
     ttgctttttg actttttaat atcaatgata ctggctggga taaggtagta tctcattgtg     67740
     gttttaattt gcatttccag gctgggcgcg atggctcacg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg     67800
     ggaggctgag gtgggagttc aagaccagcc tgaccaacat ggagaaaccc catctctact     67860
     aaaaatacaa aattagctgg gcatggtggc gcatgcctgt aatcccagct actcgggagg     67920
     ctgaggcagg agaaccactt gaacccagga ggcggaggct gcagtgagcc aagatcgcac     67980
     cactgcgctc cagcctgggc aacaagagcg aaactctgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     68040
     ttgcatttcc ctgatgatag tgatgttgaa catttttaca tatgtttctg gacatttgta     68100
     tatcttcttt tgagaaatgt ctgtcaatgt cgtttgctca ctttttaatg ggattattta     68160
     tttggttttt tttttctctc atttgtttga gctccttcta gattctggat attagtcctt     68220
     tgtcagatat ttgcaaatat tttctctcat tctgtggttg tctgtttaac tcttgattat     68280
     ttcctctgct gtgcagaagc tttttagttt aattaggtag gtcctattta tttatttttg     68340
     cttctgttgg atttgttttt gaggtcctat tcataaattc tttgcctagg ccaatattca     68400
     taagagtttt tccaaggttt cttccagaat ttttatgatc acaggtctta gatttaagtc     68460
     gttaatctat cttgagttaa ttttcgtata tgttgagaaa cagggatctg gtttcgtttt     68520
     attattttta tttttatttt tttttgagat ggagtcttgt ttgtcaccca ggctagagtg     68580
     caatggtacg gtctcggctc actgcaacct ccacctcctg ggttcaagtg attctcctgc     68640
     ctcagcctcc caagtagcca ggactacagg tgcacgccac cactcctggc aaaatcttgt     68700
     attttttagt agagacaggg tttcactatg ttggccaggc tgatctcaaa ctcctgacct     68760
     catgatccac ccacctcagc ctcccaaaat gctgggatta caggcgtgag ccaccacgct     68820
     cggccctagt ttcgttcttg tacctgtgtc aatccaattt tcccagcact atctattgaa     68880
     tagggtgtcc tttcttcagt gtattgtttt gtctgcttcg ttgaagatta gttggttgta     68940
     ggtatttggt tttatttctg ggttctctat tctgttccat tgatctactg tgtactttta     69000
     taccggtacc atgctgtttt ggttactcta gccttgtagt gtaatttgaa gttgggtaat     69060
     gtgatgcctc cagatttatt ctttttgttt aggattgctt tggctatcca ggcttttttt     69120
     gttgttgttc catatgaatt ttaggattgc tttttctaat tctgtgaaaa atgatgctga     69180
     tattttgata ggaattgcat taaacctgta gattgctttg ggcagtatgg tcatttttca     69240
     tattgattct tccaatctat gagcatggca tggttttcca tttgtttgtg tcatctatga     69300
     tttctttcat cagtgttttg tagttctcat tagggagatc tttcacctcc ttggttaagt     69360
     atattcctag acatttacaa ttttttttgt agctattgca agtgagattg agttcttgat     69420
     ttgattgtca ggttggtcgt tattggtata gagctgtgtt attgatttgt gtatgttgat     69480
     tttgtaacct gagactttac tgaattcatt tatcaaatct aagagtcttt tggaggagtc     69540
     tttagcgttt tctaggtata agattatgtt attggcaaac agagataatt tgacttcctc     69600
     ttttccaatt tgggtgtgct ttcccttgtc tgttttctct ggctaggact tccagtacta     69660
     tgatgaatag gagtggtgaa ggtggacatc tttgtcttgt ccagttctta gggggactgg     69720
     acaagttccc ctggacagtt tttgtttttt tgtgtgtgtg agacggagtc tcactctgtc     69780
     acccagactg gagtgcagtg gtgcgacctc agctccctgc aacccctgcc tccgaggttc     69840
     aagcaattct cctgcctcag cctcccaagt agctgggact acaggcatgc agtcccacca     69900
     tgcctagcta attttttttt tttttttttt ttttttagta gagatgaggt ttcactattg     69960
     ttgaccagac tggtgtcgaa ctcctgacct caggtgaatt gcccaccttg gcctcccaaa     70020
     ctgctggcat tataggcgtg agccactgtg cccggccggc tttcaacttt catccattca     70080
     gtatgatatt ggctgtgtgt ttatcatatc tgacttttat aattttgagg tttgttcctt     70140
     ctatgcctag tttgttgaaa ttttttatta taaagggata ctggatttta ccaaatgctt     70200
     tttatgcatt gattgaaatg atcatatgac ttcgttttaa attctgttta tgtggtgaat     70260
     cacatttatt gacttgcata tgttgaacca tccttgcctc cctatgatga aacccacttg     70320
     atcatggtga tttatcattt tgatgtgctg atggatttgg tttgttaata ttctgttgaa     70380
     gatttttgca tctatgttca tcaggaatat tgttctgtag ttttcctttt tgttgtgttc     70440
     tttcctggct ttggcatcag gtaacactgg cttcacagaa tgagttgggg aggattctct     70500
     ctttcttaat cttttggaat agtttcaata ggattggtac cagttcttct ttgaacatct     70560
     ggtagaattc agctgtgaat ctggtcctgg gccttttttt ttttttaaaa gattttttat     70620
     tactgattca atatcagtac ttgttactgg tttgttcagg atttctattt gttcctgatt     70680
     caagcttaga gggttgtatg cttccaggag ttcattcatt tcctctaggt ttgttcagga     70740
     tttctatttc ttcctgattc aagcttagag gaatgcttcc aggaattcat tcatttcctc     70800
     tagattttat agtttgtgtg cgtagaggtg tttatagtat tcttagatga tcttttgtat     70860
     ttctatagtg tcagttgtaa tgtctccatt ttcttctatg ttcttaaatg cagcttctac     70920
     acaagattcc tgcatactgt agaaaatttt atttttttca ccaagcccaa ttaatttagc     70980
     ttagctggag aactattaag aagtgtgaag acacaaataa gaaacgaacg acttcattcc     71040
     ataaatataa gtaaaggaaa ttccagtgat ggcttttgct gcacgaagag aaaccaggct     71100
     aagttgaact attaatattc gctttagact gcgtaatttc taaatggtaa ctattcatac     71160
     ctaccattca tcctaaccat accttcaggc ttggcttaga cactgggacc tttgtgaagg     71220
     aagagaggcc tgagggaact ggattgtagg agatggatgg tgagaggaaa gctgggggta     71280
     agggtaggcg tgcgtctggg cttgcgttga ctacataaga aggagattta aaaactataa     71340
     agacttttta agattttgga aacttagtac cttcttcatt tttacttttt ttttttttgg     71400
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgaaatgg agtctcgctt tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc     71460
     agtggcggga tctcagctca ctgcaagctc cgcctctcgg g                         71501