ID   AL133414; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 159169 BP.
AC   AL133414;
DT   10-DEC-1999 (Rel. 62, Created)
DT   02-AUG-2013 (Rel. 117, Last updated, Version 9)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone RP5-60P11 on chromosome 19
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-159169
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Heath P.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (02-AUG-2013) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 9338ccfd0ddc7610a5c3e6200ac84607.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000209.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000235631; homo_sapiens.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   RP5-60P11 is from the library RPCI-5 constructed by the group of
CC   Pieter de Jong. For further details see
CC   http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..159169
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="19"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-5"
FT                   /clone="RP5-60P11"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 159169 BP; 43978 A; 35443 C; 38565 G; 41183 T; 0 other;
     gatcagcttt ccctttgaaa tcagagtact aatctgactc attgttccct gaattttaga        60
     ggcaggacct caggaggagc taagaatcct accccaggaa aattaccaat atcagaaagg       120
     aaacaatgac atcagtacag atcctacaga attcaaaaga ttctaagtgg acattatgaa       180
     gacattattc agcttagatg aagtggtcac atatcacaag aaaacaaact gtctaaaaca       240
     atctctgaaa tacctagaca ttccctgaat cattgagtta ttaaataaaa tacattttaa       300
     aattaaactc ttttcaggaa ataaacttca atgtccccta gtgcactctc caaaacatgt       360
     agataggaat aaatactgtt ctgaaagaca tttccctgga attacaacca ttcaatatat       420
     tttaaaaggc aatcataaaa atataaaaag gatatatcag gagaagaaat gtaaatggcc       480
     taaattcccc acataaaagg catagagtgg caacgtggat aaaaagccaa gagccaactg       540
     cctgctgtct tcaagagacc catctcacat gtaatgacac ccacaggctc aaagtaaaag       600
     gatgaagaaa tatttactag gcaaccagga aacaaaaaaa aggaaggcat tcctattctt       660
     atatcacatg aaacacactt taaatcaaca gcaatcagga aggacaaaga agggcattac       720
     aaaatgataa agggttcaat ttgacagaag acttaactat tctaaatata tatgcaccca       780
     aatttggagc actccgattc ataaaacaag ttattcttca cctatgaaaa gagttagaca       840
     gccacacaat aatagtaagg gacttcagta tcccactaac aacgtcagat gaatcactaa       900
     aacagaaaac taacaaagaa attctggtct taaagacaac acttgaccaa ttggacctca       960
     tagacatcta cagagtactc cacccaacaa ctgcagaata tagattcttc ttatctgcac      1020
     acacaaaaaa catatcatat tctaagactg gccacaaagc aagtctcaat aaattcaaag      1080
     aatcaaaatc ataacaaggc acacaataaa aatagaaaaa aataccaaga tgatctctca      1140
     aaactacaga aaaacatgga aatttaacaa cttgtttctg aatgaatatt aagagccatc      1200
     tatgacaaat ccacagccaa catcatattg aatggtcaaa agctggaact gtaccccttg      1260
     agaactcttg ggtgaacaat gaaattaaag cagaaatcac aaaacattat ttaaaattaa      1320
     taaaaataga aacaaactta ccaaaacctt tgggatgcag ttaaagcagt gataagagga      1380
     aaatttatag caatacatgc ctcatcagaa gtttagaaag atctcaaatt agtgacttaa      1440
     cactgcatct agaggaacta ttaaaaaaaa ggaacagtcc aaacccaagg ccagcaaaag      1500
     atgagaaata actaaagtca gagagaactg aataaattga gaccaaaaag tccatacaag      1560
     agataaataa aaccaagagt ttttctttga aaaaaaataa acaaaattca tagactgtta      1620
     gctagattaa caaagaaaaa gagaaaagat ccaaataaac acaaatagaa ctgacaaaac      1680
     aatgttacga acaatcccac agaaatagaa aagatcgtca aagactatta tgaacacctc      1740
     tatacaaaca agctagaaaa cctagaagaa atggataaat tcctggtaac acaaaattta      1800
     tcatatttca accaggaaga aagtgaaaac ctgaacagac caataacaag ttcagaaatt      1860
     taatcagtaa taaaaaccct actaactaaa aatagcccag gaccagacgg attcacagcc      1920
     aaaatccaac agccatacaa agaagaactg ataccgatct tactgaaact tttggaaaaa      1980
     atcaaggagt gggggcttct tcctaactca ttctatgaag ccatcatcac catgatacca      2040
     acatctgtca gagacataat gaaaaaaaga aaactacaac taaatatcct taatgaacat      2100
     agacataaaa tcctcaacaa aatgctagca aattgaatct gtcagtgcat caaaagttaa      2160
     ttcacatgat caagtaagct ttatttttgg gatgcaaggt tggttcaacc tacaaagtca      2220
     acgaatgtga ttcacctcat aaacataatt aaaaacaaaa actatatgat catctcaata      2280
     gatgcaaaaa aagctttctg taaaatccaa catcccttca tgataaaaac tgtcaatagg      2340
     catcaaagga acatacctca aaatattaag agccatctat gacaaaccca cagccaacat      2400
     catattgatg ggcaaaagct ggaaccatac cccttgagaa ccgaaacaag accaagatga      2460
     ccactcccgc cattttaatt caacatggta ctggaagtcc tagccaaagc aatcaggcaa      2520
     gagaaggaaa taaaaggcat taaaattgga aaagaagtag tgatactgtc tctctttgct      2580
     gatgaaataa ttttatacat agaaaaccct aaagactctg tcagaaggct cctgaaactg      2640
     ataaacaaat tcaataaagt ttcgggatta aaaaaatgta cacaaattag taacatttct      2700
     atgcaccact aacattctag ctgagaacta aatcaagaac acaattccat ttacactagc      2760
     cacaaagaaa ataaaatacc taggaatcca tctaaccaag aaggtgaaaa ttctctacaa      2820
     ggagaactac aaaacacttc tgaaagaaat aagaaatgat acaaacaaat ggaagaatat      2880
     tccatgctca tgaattagga gaacaaatag ttaaaatcgc catacttcca aaaacaaatt      2940
     gcagagtcaa tgctatccat ttcaaaatgc aatgtcattt ttcacgaaat tataaaaatt      3000
     tattctaaaa tgtatttggc accaaaaaaa gagcctgaat acacatagga atcctaagca      3060
     caaagaacaa agcccaggca tcacattacc caacttcaaa ctatactaca atgctatagt      3120
     aacccaaaca gcatgatact actacaaaaa cagacacata gaccaatgag acagaataga      3180
     gaacccagaa atgaggctac atacctacaa tcatctttga aaaaattgac aaaaacaagc      3240
     aatgtggaaa gtaccctttc ttcaataaat agttctggga taactgacta ctcatatgca      3300
     aaataataga actggacccc taactctcac tatatacaaa aattaaccca agatagttta      3360
     aagatttaaa tgtaaaacct caaaatatta aaattctaga agaaaaccta ggaaatatcc      3420
     ttctcaagat agactttggc aaagaattta tggctaactc cccaaaacca attgtgacaa      3480
     agacagaaat tgggacctaa ctcaactgaa gagcttctgc acagcaaacg aaagtatcaa      3540
     cagagtaaac agataaccta cagactggga gaaaatattt gcaaactatg catctgacaa      3600
     agttctaata tccagaatct ataaggaatg taaacaaatc aacaagcaga aaaccaaaaa      3660
     acctcaatta agtatgacat gaacagacac ttctcaaaag aagatgtaca catggccaaa      3720
     aaacatatga acaaatgctt attatcagta atcatcagag aaatgcaaat taaaaccaca      3780
     gtgagatacc atctcacaac aatcagagaa gcagaagcaa ttactaaaaa gttttttgtt      3840
     ttttttaata acagatgctg acaagattgt ggagaaaagg gaacacttat acactcttgg      3900
     tgggaatgtt aactagttca gccaatgtga taagcagttt ggagacttct caaataactt      3960
     aaaatagaac tactattcaa tcaagcaatc ccactactgg gtatatacca aaaggaaggt      4020
     aattaactat gtcaaaaaga cacatgcact agtatattca ttgctgtgca attcagaata      4080
     gcaaagattt gcagtcaacc taagtgctca ccaacagtgg attagttaaa gaaaatgtgc      4140
     tacatataca catggaacat tacatggcca taaaaaataa tgaaatcatg tcctttgcag      4200
     caacatgaat gtagcaggag gtcaatctcc taagtgaact aacccaggaa cagaaaacca      4260
     aataccacat gttatcactt ataactgaga accaaacatt gaatacacat gaacataaag      4320
     atggaaacaa cagataccga ggactacaga tggggggagg agtagggagg tataggctga      4380
     agaaacacct gttggattct atgctcattg cctgggtgat ggcattgttg gaaccacaaa      4440
     cctcagagtc acacaatatg cctatgtaac aaacctgcat gcataccttt aatctacagt      4500
     aaaggttgaa gttatttaaa aataggaaga agaattaccc tatacctaaa gctaagattt      4560
     ttccctttga atattcgttt cttcatcact gtagataagc agggaaagaa aaattattat      4620
     actatactag ccttttatgt gaccatgagg atttggggta ggtaggtgga cagcttagat      4680
     aattcaccag gatattgata caggctccat ggctggaaat aaccaaggat gagtgctgtg      4740
     ttttgagtgg tctcccccag aaacgtttgt tgaaatccta acccctggta tgtatgaatg      4800
     tgaattcata ttatataaaa aggaataaat agcctgagca cagtggctca cacctgtaat      4860
     cccagcactt tgggaggcca aagcaggtgg atcatttgag gtcaggagtt ctggccaata      4920
     tggcaaaact tcatctctac aaaaaaaaaa tacaaaaaaa aaaattggct gggtatggtg      4980
     gcgcatgcct gtagtcccag ctactcagga ggctgaggca ggaattgctg aaacctggaa      5040
     ggcagaggtt gcagtgagcc aagatcatgc cactgcactc cagcctgggt gagacggcaa      5100
     gatattctgt caaaaataaa taaataaaaa acagaagaag aaatacaaga atgacagcaa      5160
     actttgtatt caaaactatg aaagtaagaa acaggtggac caacattttt aaagtgctac      5220
     aagaaaatat ttcaaactag aatctttcaa cctgaaaagg aaaacatttt cctgcaataa      5280
     aggtgccatt aaaaatgtct cacaatttat tacatgaagc attgttctac aataaatgtt      5340
     aagctcttga agcaaagatt aatgatacca tttagtaact tgaaattcaa aaaagtggaa      5400
     gtatcccaag aggcaaatac gtgtgcaatt attaaatgtt tcatatcaac acccaacctt      5460
     atgctgtcta cataagctgc acttcaaata ctaatccaca agatgtaaat attgaaagaa      5520
     tgacattacc ttgtcatgat aatgcccagt gcaaaatatg cttctagtca gttgtataca      5580
     tagaataggt aaatgtttgt aataaaaagt attcctcaat agaagtttct taactcaaag      5640
     aatgaaatat ttcaccatgc acatacaaag aagagatata tggagatatg aagaggagta      5700
     cttcataatg acaaagaggc aaattcataa ataagacata atcatcctaa atgcctacac      5760
     acttaaagct ggaacctcaa aacacattaa attaaaggca taattcaaaa cataatcaat      5820
     cacatccaaa ttgcagctag agatagcaac attcacctca cttccagaac aagtacacag      5880
     aaaattatta agcatatgaa agacttgaaa aacatttgtg taggcggcgg gtgcataagg      5940
     ttgggtgttg atatgaaaca tttaataatt tcaataatcc tagcactttg ggaggccaaa      6000
     atgggaggat cacttgaggc caggagtttg agaccagcct gggcaccata gtgagacccc      6060
     gtctctattt tttttaaata aagaaaaaca tttgaatgat ttttttctta actgacattt      6120
     agaaaacatc cacctcaaat cttcctaatc cacaaacttg tctagcaccc ctggaacatt      6180
     caccaaaata aatttttaaa tgctgaatca taggtaatat gatagatgaa acagttgaat      6240
     taaattataa atgtacaaca aggaaatgct ggggaaatta tcaaatattt taaaattaat      6300
     aaacacacat agcaataaac aatgagtgga agaaaaacat ttcaaagaaa ggtggaaaat      6360
     attttgtatc aattaaaaat gaaaacacat ctcggcaaat gactggggat acagatagaa      6420
     cagcgttaag ggacaataag cctcaaatgt ctgtgttaga aaagaaggaa gagctgagta      6480
     aataggtaac tttcacttgc agaaatacta cacatcagca aattaattcc aaagtaacgt      6540
     cgaggaaaaa cataaaatgg caagcaaata tatacgtgca tatgtacata cattcataaa      6600
     tgacaaacag gacagaaaaa tcagtgacat caattttgtt ccttagaaga aacaggaaaa      6660
     ttgaccccaa aaaactttcc aggccacatt tggtcatgat ggaaatattt tggcacttcc      6720
     tggttaagct caacaccaac ttgcacccaa aaccaataat ttcatttcta ggtaaatatg      6780
     tctaattaat tcagcatatg tatgcaaggg atcacacaga aacacgatta tcaaggcccg      6840
     agttataaaa gagaaaatcc ggaaacaaca caaatgtcca tgataaaaag aatggataat      6900
     tacatgttga taaagttatg catggactat taaactgcaa tccaaaagaa taaaatagag      6960
     ctataaaatt caatatgtat atggtgtcat agaaacacaa atgtgagaaa aagaaagaaa      7020
     aatacaaaat ttatattttt taaaatttga aacaactata tatgtgagtg cttagggtgt      7080
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtataacc atatgtatat aaatgcacac atacgcacac      7140
     atatagaatg tcccggccag gcatggtggc tcacacctgt aatctcagca ctttgggagg      7200
     ctgaagtaga cagatcactt gaggttagga gttcaagacc agcctggcca acatggagaa      7260
     acctcctctc tactaaaagt acaaaaatta ggtgggcgtg gtggtgggtg cctgtaaatc      7320
     cagctactta ggaggctgag gcacgagaat tgcgtgaacc tgggaggtgg aggctgcaat      7380
     gagccgaggt ctcaccactg cattccaaac tgggtgacga agtgagattg catctcaaaa      7440
     aaaaaaaaag ttctaaaagt tgtgacttgg gtgtggcaga ttgtgacata ctgccagctg      7500
     ctagaaatgc tggggcagga ggattgcttg aactctgaag tcaaagaaca gcctggggaa      7560
     aatagcacat gaagaagagt ttgaatctca gataaaaaca acaaaaatac atcaaaagtc      7620
     tttaatgtaa gccaagcatt cagtcatctc ctgtatgaga gattggatct gagacgtgtt      7680
     ttgagttggt tatagtgaag gatgcaaggt gtcaattcta gttggaacaa tttccaggaa      7740
     gccatgttct gctcttgacc aaacagccac tgggcctcat gcaaggtaga aatagcctgc      7800
     atacgtcatc ctcccatgat gtggtcagca tgtaaactgc atgagcccct cacaacatcc      7860
     tgtgtgctgc tgaactgagc tggggcgcag ccgcctgtct gcaccggcag caccatgtcg      7920
     ctcatggtcg tcagcatggc gtgtgttggt gagtcctgga agggaatcga gggagggagc      7980
     ggtggggtgg agatctgggc ctggagtgga gatatgggcc tggagtggag atatgggcct      8040
     ggagtggaga tataggcctg gagtggagat atgggcctgg ggtggagata tgggcctgga      8100
     gtggagatat gggcctggaa ctgtagatat gggcctgaag tagagatatg ggcctggagt      8160
     agagatatgg gcctggaact gtagatatgg gcctggagtg gagatattgg cttggagtgc      8220
     agatatggac ctggaattga gatacgggcc tggaggtgga gatatgggcc tagagtggag      8280
     atatgggcct ggaggtggag atatgggcct ggaactgtag atatgggcct ggagtagaga      8340
     tatgggcctg gagtggagat gttggcttgg agtgcagata tgggcctgga atggagacac      8400
     gggcctggag gtggagatac aggcctggag gtggagatat gggcctggag tgtagatatg      8460
     ggcctggagt agagatatag gacagaggtg gagatatagg cctggagtgg agatatgggc      8520
     ctggagtaga gatataggac ggaagtggag atatgggcct ggagtggaga tatgggcctg      8580
     gaggtgatgt acagatggat catccatcat gatctttctt tccagggttc ttcttgctgg      8640
     aggggccctg gccacatgtg ggtgagtcct tcccccaaac cttaggttgt catctcccca      8700
     cataagatga tgttcctgaa acgggaggca ggcgacacag ggggttgact gatgggctga      8760
     ccatgggaag ccatgtggga atctctcatg aactaggaaa aggaagccag gggaagcttc      8820
     gccacagttc tgtcctagcc ctccccggcc tttctttccc ttggctgagt ctgtggggac      8880
     ccagggggag actgaagtgc tcaaaggagt ggtgtgcagg gaggaagtgg tgtcaccggc      8940
     agaggaaggg agagaagcag tgcaaggaac aacaggcctc tgaggacaag agcataactc      9000
     acaccctcca gcgtttccat gacggtaggg gctgcaatgt ggctgctgtc attctaccta      9060
     agaggtgggg gaaccacagt catgaccctg acattccaga tcttctaata ggggctcagt      9120
     tgtttattat ggttcatgca ttagctgatc atgccctcca tcctgtgtct accttgtgtt      9180
     cttttatgta agtaattttg cagtgttaaa atctagtaag agtcgcttct tcagcacctg      9240
     ctcaaagttc tcagctgaca cttgctgtag ggagacgcca tgtctatgcg ggatgggtcc      9300
     ttcctgtagc cctgggcacc caggtgtggt aggagcctta gaaacgtgga aatgggagaa      9360
     tcttctgagc acagggaggg aggggcggct ccacatcctc ctctctaagg tagtgcctcc      9420
     ttctccccca ggtggtcagg acaagccctt cctctctgcc tggcccggca ctgtggtgtc      9480
     tgaaggacaa catgtgactc ttcagtgtcg ctctcgtctt gggtttaacg aattcagtct      9540
     gtccaaagaa gacgggatgc ctgtccctga gctctacaac agaatattcc ggaacagctt      9600
     tctcatgggc cctgtgaccc cagcacatgc agggacctac agatgttgca gttcacaccc      9660
     acactccccc actgggtggt cggcacccag caaccctgtg gtgatcatgg tcacaggtca      9720
     gaggctttct gtctgggctt ctcactgtcc cacctcctga atcccagagc ttctggtggg      9780
     ggtgtccatc agggtccaat catccaggcc cagactgtat ttggggtaaa gggggattca      9840
     gtacagagaa atagttgctg tggtgggaag aataattgtc cccagtgatg gctacatggt      9900
     aatccatgaa ccctgtgact atttatgtca tagggcaggg gactgaaggg gaagatggag      9960
     ctcaggttgt tgatgggttg accttgcgat ggggagacag cctggactgt cctgctgtgc     10020
     tcagagtaat cacaagggtc ctcatgagag gaggaggaag aggaaagtgg ggttagagca     10080
     acgtcgtggg agggagactc catcagccac agcgggcttt gaagatgggg gaaggccatg     10140
     agccacaaag gcagttggcc tctaagggct ggagaagtca agggaactga ttcttccctg     10200
     agtctccaga ggaaacacag ccctgtagat gccttgattt tagcccagag agaactgggt     10260
     ccgatttctg ttctccagaa gtggaagggg tcattgtatt ctctcttgcc ccatgtttgt     10320
     gacaattttc tccagcagca acaggaaacc aacacaggaa cccaggtgaa gcacaagtta     10380
     agaaaccaaa caaggagaag gttggctaca ctgattttag catgggtggg atactgatgc     10440
     taccaccagg ctcgatccac atagggaggg gttgatgctc ctggaaccag caccaggggc     10500
     caccctatgg aagctggggc catggagaag gcacagacat gacaggagag gctcccaatc     10560
     cccatcagga acagggacac tgatgcctgc cttactgatg agttcgtacc tcctgccagc     10620
     ctttccaatc tgtccaaaag agattgattc aggctgctaa gagcctggac atgcagcctg     10680
     tcgtggttcc tcttccaccc ccacataaac accaggaaag agattagtgg gaaacagata     10740
     caacagcata agaggtgaca ctgagcacag tgggaaggga atcagggcta ctagagacag     10800
     agagacaggg aagagggagg gagacagatg gagggacctg caacaggggt tatgggcaca     10860
     aaagaacacg gagacacaga gaggaaggag agagatagac accatggagg ggaagcctca     10920
     cttatttcag gtcccatgaa tgggatgaga aagggagacg ccttctgaac tcacaacctc     10980
     tcttcttagg agtccacaga aaaccttccc tcctggccca cccaggtccc ctggtgaaat     11040
     cgggagagac ggtcatcctg caatgttggt cagatgtcag gtttgagcgc ttccttctgc     11100
     acagagaggg gatcactgag gaccccttgc gcctcattgg acagctccac gatgcgggtt     11160
     cccaggtcaa ctattccatg ggtcccatga cacctgccct tgcagggacc tacagatgct     11220
     ttggttctgt cactcactta ccctatgagt tgtcggctcc cagtgaccct ctggacatcg     11280
     tggtcgtagg tgagagaata cagacctgcc tctcaccctt gctgggagat ggagtgaatg     11340
     atctaggact ggaagcccca ggtggtcatg aggaagatga gtgtggggtt cctatggaga     11400
     gaaagtgact tggtgaggtc tgtaccaaca aaggcagaga aacaggagac acaagtacag     11460
     acctcatgtc ataacataga agccagacac aggggccata caaggtgtta gaaaaagaga     11520
     taaagaggta aagaagacac agagagacag atatatccca gagagaggtg tccttctatg     11580
     ctgactttgt tcagagacca ggcacaggtt agaaggttcc attctgtttt acctctacaa     11640
     agtgttctct cccaggagaa cccaaagaga cacatctatc tggcctgagt tgggccgtgt     11700
     ggccccaggc tggtggcacc tacagatgct gtgtttattc ttaaacctct gccttccgtg     11760
     cagtggagct gtcgtcgtcg caggacacca tggccccagg tgagggagca gaacaccaac     11820
     ccctgtatgt tgtgagttcc tggagtcccc atactggatt ctgaggctca tattcaaata     11880
     gcaccacatg ttataggatt actgagaaca aaagcccaca gagagacacg gagtgaaatc     11940
     agggaaatca aaaagcaaag acatgaacac acacacagaa tgagccagaa gaagggaatt     12000
     gagagactca cagacacata aagagataga aaaagagggc agagaagtgg agcgtatgat     12060
     ggaaggaagc agagaaaagc cctaaaatca gagccctgag ggaggggcac aaagacaggg     12120
     aaagataaag atgtggggat ggattgcaga gactccaaaa gggaactaga gagactgaga     12180
     ggcagagaaa gacaaggaga tggagagaga cagatgatag atggatagat agatatagat     12240
     agatgaaaga taaaaggtag atgatagata atagagagac aggtgataga caaatagatg     12300
     atgaatgact gatagatgat atagatagac aagtagaaag acagacagat gatatataaa     12360
     tagatataga gagatagaaa gataaacaca tgatgataga tggatagatg catacataca     12420
     tacattgatt gatagatgat agataacaga gagataggtc atagatacac agatgatgat     12480
     agatgataga tacatacata gataaatgat agatcgatca atagatagta gatagaaata     12540
     tgcagaaagt tatgagcaag acagaaagtg agagactcag aattaaagaa agaggaagat     12600
     caagtcaacc agtccaagga gggtcagaga gaataaaatg gtacaaaaaa agaaaacata     12660
     gctagggatg gagaagtgag gtcagagacc tagagagaca gagaaggtgg aaggaggaaa     12720
     tagacatgaa gagagatggg ggtggagggt gagagagaga aagagagcat taagtcatag     12780
     agcaggggag tgagttctca gctcaggtgt gaggagagct gtgacaacga agaacctccc     12840
     tgaggaaacc acctcttctc cttccaggtc tatatgggaa accttctctc tcagcccagc     12900
     cgggccccac ggttcaggca ggagagaatg tgaccttgtc ctgcagctcc cggagcttgt     12960
     ttgacattta ccatctatcc agggaggcag aggccggtga acttaggctc actgcggtgc     13020
     tgagggtcaa tggaacattc caggccaact tccctctggg ccctgtgacc cacggaggga     13080
     actacagatg cttcggctct ttccgtgccc tgccccacgc gtggtcagac ccgagtgacc     13140
     cactgcccgt ttctgtcaca ggtgagaaaa caccatgcct gtcccatgtc ttgtgatcct     13200
     agagccatag ctgaggagct tcctgctgat gatggagaga agcatggaca gatgccgaga     13260
     cagaacacac agcatgggtg taagggcggg gtcagggggc aggatggcag acagggcacc     13320
     tccaaaccct cctgtatggc ctgcaaggag gcccttgatc agggttccag gcacccaggc     13380
     agatggagaa agaggtcaga acagacccag aggagggaga ctgggctctg cctggggaga     13440
     tcagaggttc tctcagcccc tcaaccttac ccacttccca gaagcccatc ctggcctgtc     13500
     acccacagag agatgtcatc accagcaacg cctacaccct tttctttttg tttgaagaaa     13560
     tatttattga ggtgaaatat acctatgtaa tttaccacct ttaccatttt taagtgtgaa     13620
     gtctactgtt cataaataca tttataggct gggcacggtg gctcactgtt gtaatcccaa     13680
     cactttgaga ggccaaggca ggtggatcat ttgagatcag gggctcaaga ccaccctggc     13740
     caacatgggg aaaatccatc tgtactaaaa atacaaaata ataataataa tgataataat     13800
     tagccgagca tggtggcaca tgcctgtagt cccagctact tgggagggtt gggcaggagt     13860
     tgcacttaat tgcaggaggc ggaggttgca gtgagctgag atcatgccac tgcactgcag     13920
     cctgggcaac agagagagac actctctcaa aattaattaa ttaattaatt agtattcttt     13980
     tttttttacc ctccaccctt cccttcctgg cctctggtag ccaccattct actctctacc     14040
     tttgtgagat ccacctttta gctcctgcat atgagtgaga aatggaaata cttgtaatga     14100
     cctccagttc cattcatgtg gctgtaaatg acaggatgtt actctttcta tggatgagtt     14160
     gtccctattg tgtgtgtgta ccacattctc tccatccatt cacccactga tgggcaggta     14220
     ggttgatcca catcttggct actgtgaaca ctgctggaac agtcatggga gtgcagatgt     14280
     cacttcgata cgctgatgtc ctttcctttg ggtttacacc cagtcatgga attgctagat     14340
     cctctggaag tgtcttttta cattttgttt tatggttttt gtttttgttt ttgttttttt     14400
     tagacagttt cactcttgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gtgccatctg ggctcactgc     14460
     aacctccacc tccaggattc aagagattcc ccagcctcag cctcccaagt agctgggtta     14520
     ctggctccca ccaccacact cggctaattt ttatattttt agtagagaca gagtttcgct     14580
     atattggcca ggctgctctt caactcctga cctcaagtga cctacccacc tcggcctccc     14640
     aatgtgctgg gattacaggc atgaaccact gtgcccgacc tcattttatt ttttgaggaa     14700
     cttccatact cttctcctct gtaatggctg tactaatttg cattcgtatc agcagtgtac     14760
     cagatgcaac cctggttgac tcagcagagc aagagacgtg cagtaagaga gaatttagct     14820
     tatttatgca cacgacactt ccactcactc actcgttcag ccaatgcccc atgctctggc     14880
     tgtgcagtgt ggaatctttt cctattgttg ccataacaaa tttccacaag cttcgtggat     14940
     gaaaacatgt ttttcttaat tatctcacag tgctgtaact cagaagtatg aactgcattt     15000
     cactgggctg atatcaaagg gacagtaagg ctggatttct ttttaaggtt ccaagcaaga     15060
     atctgctcct taacgtttcc cagctcctag aggctcccac gttcctgggc ccctggtccc     15120
     cttcctcctt cctccttcct caaagcccac aaaggctggt cacgtctcac atggcatcat     15180
     tcagactctt cttctttacc catacctttt tctctgaatc ctgctctgcc ttcttcctca     15240
     tcttttaagg actttgggat tctattgggg tcaccaagat aatccatctc aatctcccta     15300
     aaatcatcca gcgtaccctc tttttaagtt cagctgatta gcaaccgtaa tgccatctgc     15360
     aatcttcatt cctcctttcc tgtaaaataa catattcaca agctatggag gctaagacag     15420
     ggacattttg ggggtggggc agcattctcc tgccttccac aaatggtaaa caggatgcat     15480
     ttggcctctg ctcttgggac gctgatattg cagatgggta aatgcgaggg cagagaatga     15540
     atgcacaagg gtaccaataa atgaatgatc cattgggaag catctgtgca ccaaatctgg     15600
     ggttttttgt gtgtgtgtgt gttttttgtt ttcttttttt tttttgagta gagtctctct     15660
     ctgttccaca ggctggagtg cagtagcaca atctcagctc attgcaacct ctgcctcctg     15720
     ggttcatgca attctcctgc ctcagcctac cgagtagctg ggattacagc tgtgcgccac     15780
     cacactcggc taattttttt ggtatatttt ttagtagaaa tgaggtttca ccatgttgtg     15840
     caggctgtct caaactccca atctcaagtg atcccaccgc cttagcgtcc ctaagtgcaa     15900
     agattacagg cgagagctac tgcgcccagc caggatttaa aataagtaat agataatgct     15960
     gagtatataa tttcaggtga cagagaaggt ctcactgatc agataatatt tgtgacctta     16020
     atggaaaaaa tggattcaac ccttggaaga ttggcggaag gattttccac actgagctct     16080
     cagccgtgaa ggcacaaagg tggaaacatt cttagttcaa ggaagaggct ctgcctcaaa     16140
     tgctgggaat gagatgggga gaatgacaag acaactgtag agagatggag agcacactgg     16200
     gtacacagga aactaaggag gaacaaggag catgtttttg atactcacag cccttggatt     16260
     caactcagag ctaactagga atccctacct gattaacagt gaccgacatg aaaataaggg     16320
     aggcccaggt gcgtaactgg aatctaggag accgtggaaa aggcaattcc cgccccactg     16380
     gtgaaacgta gggttgattt acacactaaa tgaatgaaag atggatataa gctatgcttg     16440
     tgaggtagaa tcatttgcag ggagggcttg ctgggtttga tttttcctag tagtttaatc     16500
     cttgtttcat taatttcttt ctgagatgtg ttttttttct acatctaaat caatacctgg     16560
     cagaggagcg atagacacat gaggggtggt gcaaatgaag ggacctagta taatataata     16620
     tacaagactg tggatggggg ctcacacctg taacccaaca ctttgggagg ccaaggcggg     16680
     tagatcactt aagggtagga gtttgagacc agcctggcca acatggtgaa accccgtctg     16740
     tactaaaaat acaaaaatta gcctggtgca ttggcacctg cctgtaatcc cagcgactgg     16800
     ggaggctgaa gcagaagaat ggcttcaacc ctggaggcag aggttgaact gagatcgcat     16860
     cactgcactc cagcctgaca cagggggact ctgtctcaaa aaataaaaat aaaacataca     16920
     taattatgac acacagaaat tacaaaggca actggatacc aaccatcatt tttctatttc     16980
     tctgtgttta attctttgac cctttatctt atccattaaa caatcaggtt aaacctcttc     17040
     cttatttggc tttctgtgag cttgggatca tatggaaaat gtgaaagcct cctgaaccca     17100
     ccagcacagg tcctggaata gagaacatgc tctgttcatg gcataaaact tgccccttca     17160
     cccaaatccc ccaattcatc tctacttcca atcacctatg gagatacaga tagatcatgg     17220
     ggaggtaaac actaatactc tttggagtga gctcagatct tggactcaga gaccagtgcc     17280
     agcactagcc cctggtcaca tttcgtacta actcacagaa ggacaggctg tattgaaaca     17340
     ataaacgacg gagagggcgg tccttccccg tgcttctcgg gtggaatagc agcctaatat     17400
     atgtctcagc agatcacaaa aagtagcatg ttgttcctgg gctacatcat tatttcatgg     17460
     ctgtttgatt taagtcagtt ctacttcact ttttttatct tgatttcatt ttttctttct     17520
     tttcttggag aatgtaattt ttttgagtca agagggttgt ggtggtagaa actgtaaagc     17580
     acattcgctg tgtatcaatc ccaatccagt cttcccagag aagactctaa acacctcctg     17640
     gaatgtacct gggcctatac caattcctat cactcaccgt cactccaggg agacagaaca     17700
     cacagagaac acattacaca ggcaggttca ttactaacag ataagcagcg agtgacaaca     17760
     gaagcctaca tttcaatgtg agccagtccc tcaaggctca gaaaagctgc tcgagacatg     17820
     tggagtcacc ccatatgcag tgtatctggg ggaaatcaaa aagcagccca gcctgggttt     17880
     tgtaccctgg agccacagga agcactcagc taaagcactg catgacgtcc tcctccagga     17940
     agaacaggaa gacagcccag gctgttctgg gatgttcctc ctgatctcag gactttgctg     18000
     tcttagtcca tttttgttgc tctaaaggaa cacttgagcc tgggtaactt ctaaagaaaa     18060
     gaaatgtgtt tgcctcacag ttctgcaggc tgtactggaa gcatggcacc agcatctatt     18120
     tcttgtgacg gcctcaggct gctcccgctc tggcagaagg gaaggagggt ctatctgtgc     18180
     agagaccaca gagatcacac ggcaagagag ggagcaaggg ggagggggag cgatggagct     18240
     tccaagttct ttttaacaac cagctctcca ggaactaata gagggggaac ttgctaaccc     18300
     catctccttg ggacagcatt gatctgttca tgatggatcc acctccatga cccaaacacc     18360
     tcccaagagg cccaacctcc caccctgggg gttacatttc aatgtgaggt ttgaagtggt     18420
     caaacatcta aactaaagca gttgtatcct cagcacgttc tatggttact acaactgaga     18480
     aagcaggagg aagctaggtc tcccgccatc tgggtgcttg tcctaaagag acgttgtatg     18540
     tggttacctg tcaatcaaga aatgtgagac aattcatata gaggaactgc tatgattagc     18600
     ttcttattgg tgtcttgtct tcctccaggt aactccagat acctgcacgc tctgattggg     18660
     acctcagtgg tcatcatccc ctttgctatc ctcctcttct ttctccttca tcgctggtgt     18720
     gccaacaaaa agagtaagtc tcacgaagca gaagccagag agctcagggc catgtgggga     18780
     agcaggatgg gagcactcag gtgtgtgttc cttacaggca ggatggtccc tgacccaagg     18840
     caggagccac agaggcagga ctttctagag agagcaccag actccctgcc cctgccttca     18900
     gctcacagac cattgcctga ttctgaacca tatcctcaca tcccctgcag ccactcacat     18960
     ccaggagaag gttccatgac aggcagaaag tgggagacag aatcaatggg atgggaactc     19020
     agagctattc atgggatggg tccttgagct cagagagata gaatgtctga gtctgctgtt     19080
     ggcaactgag ggacctcagg cacctatggc ctccccctgc atgttggtat ctgcttatga     19140
     aatgaggacc cagaagtgcc ctccgagctg ttttgacgac ttccgtcttc tacagatgct     19200
     gttgtaatgg accaagagcc tgcagggaac agaacagtga acagggaggt aggtgctcct     19260
     cagcccagcc tcatggctag tcttattccc aaagagtcct gaaaaatgtg agcaccctcc     19320
     ctcactcagc atttccctcc ctccaggact ctgatgaaca agaccctcag gaggtgacat     19380
     acgcacagtt gaatcactgc gttttcacac agagaaaaat cactcgccct tctcagaggc     19440
     ccaagacacc cccaacagat accagcgtgt aacacggaac ttccaaatgc tgagcgcaga     19500
     tccaaagttg tcttctgtcc accagcacca cagtcaggcc ttgatgggat cttctaggga     19560
     gacaatagcc ctgtctcaaa accgggttgc cagctcccat gtaccagcag ctggaatctg     19620
     aaggcgtgag tctgcatctt agggcatcgc tcttcctcac accacgaatc tgaacatgcc     19680
     tctctcttgc ttacaaatgt ctaaggtccc cactgcctgc tggagagaaa acacactcct     19740
     ttgcttagcc cacaattctc catttcactt gacccctgcc cacctctcca acctaactgg     19800
     cttacttcct agtctacttg aggctgcgat cacactgagg aactcacaat tccaaacata     19860
     taagaggctc cctcttaaca cggcacttag atacatgcta ttccaccttt cctcatgttg     19920
     ttccaccttt cctcagagta tctttcagcc ttctgtcagc agtaaaactt ataaattttt     19980
     tttataattt caatgtagtt ttctattctt caagtaaaca tgtctgccct catggtttcg     20040
     tcaatgggac tcttttcttg cctaaggctt ccggtgttat cattaccacg tccacataac     20100
     cccatctgtt ctccgctggg ttctcacccc tggactctga gcttctggaa gcagggtgga     20160
     gcctgaattg tctctgagac tccagtttcc atccaaagat gcagcacata ggaggttcca     20220
     aggatggtga atcagatgaa caagtgatat tcttactctc tgcagatctg gaaagctggc     20280
     agagtcattc cacgatgaaa catttgtaga gtcataggcc ttgttagtct catctccaca     20340
     gggacacgta tcaacacatc atctttcata ctactataaa tagacagtca ctcctccata     20400
     tctctggggt ttacacatgt ttattgaatc agcaataaat caaaaatatt ttgagaaaaa     20460
     aaatccccga agtttcaaaa agcaaaaaac tatgttgaat cgacacaaat tgagtggcgt     20520
     gtaggctgtg tcaggaatta taagtaatca agagatgatt tcatgtatac aggaggatgt     20580
     gcatgggttc tatgcaattg ctatgctatt tttttttttg agacagtctc actctctcac     20640
     ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc gtgatctcaa ctcactgcaa cctccgcctt ccaggttcaa     20700
     gcgattctct tccctcagcc tcctcagtag cctcccctag gattacaggc acgtgccacc     20760
     ctgcacagat aaattttttt gtgtgtgtat ttttagtaga gacggggttt cagaatgttg     20820
     gaccagctgg tcttgaactc ctgaccttgt gatctaccca gctcagcctc ccaaagtgct     20880
     gggattacgg gcgtgagcca cggtgcccag cttcactatg ccatttcatg caaggggctt     20940
     gagcatctgc agattttggt atctgaatgg ggatcctgga accaatcacc caggtatagt     21000
     gaaggaccat ggtatataat ttttatttgt caatcttaaa aataaagcat aaaaaattta     21060
     caacaacaag ataaaaaata agaagtgttt ttatagtgtg aggataagtt tagatttatt     21120
     ttttcctacg tgtaacccta tggtcctgtg ttatttgttg agaaaatatt ctattccacc     21180
     ttaaactaca tggcagcctt tgtcaactat aaagggactg tgtatccaca gatgtatttt     21240
     agacacagtt ttctgtccag tggttctctg tatcccctct catgaggatg ctgcatttta     21300
     tataaactta tagaacccct taaaatttgg taacctgagt cctctgattt gttattatag     21360
     gttatttagt ttgctttttt ttttttcttg agacagactc ttcctctgtc acccaagctg     21420
     gagttcagtg gcttgagctc agctcactgc aacctccgcc tcccaggttc aagctattct     21480
     gatgcctctg gtttagtact agaaactcaa gcaggaaaat tagaatggct tcttgtcaca     21540
     attactctga taatgttaat aatacctgtt agacattttg cacattacat atgaagaaga     21600
     gtttgaatct cagataaaaa caaaaataca tcaaaaatct ttaatgtaag cacagaattc     21660
     aatcatctcg tgtatgagag gttggatctg agacgtcttt tgagtctggt cgtagtgaag     21720
     gacgcaaggt gtcaattcta gtgagaacaa tttccaggaa gccatgttcc gctcttgagc     21780
     gagcacccac tgggcctcat gcaaggtaga aagagcctgc gtacgtcacc ctcccatgat     21840
     gtggtcaaca tgtaaactgc atgggcaggg cgccaaataa catcctgtgc gctgctgagc     21900
     tgagctgggg cgcggccgcc tgtctgcaca gacagcacca tgtcgctcat ggtcgtcagc     21960
     atggcgtgtg ttggtgagtc ctggaaggga atcgagggag ggagtgcggg gatggagatc     22020
     ggggcccaga gttggagata taggcctgga agtggagtta tgggcctaga gatggagtga     22080
     tgggcctaga agtggagatc tgggcctgga gtggagatat gggcctggag gttgagatat     22140
     gggcctgcag tagagatatg ggcttgtagt ggagacatgg gcctggagat ggagatatgg     22200
     gcctggagat ggagatatgg gcctgcagta gagatatggg cctggagtgg agatatgggc     22260
     ctggagtgga gatatggatc tggaggtgga gatacgggcc tgcagtagag atatgggcct     22320
     ggagtggaga tatgggccag gagtggagtt atgggcctag aggtggatat ctgggcctgg     22380
     agtggagata tgggcctagg aaggagatat gggcctgggt gtggagatat gggactggag     22440
     aggtgatatg ggcctggagt ggagatatgg gcttagggtg gagatctggg cctggggcag     22500
     agatatggga ctggattgga gatatgggcc tagggtggaa atatcagcct ggagtggaga     22560
     tatgggcttg tggtggggat ctgggcctgg aaactgggtc tctgcacagc cgacagccct     22620
     gttcttgggt gcaggtaggc actgagggtg agtttaactt cagcccagga agggcctggc     22680
     tgccaagact cacagcccag tgggggcagc aagggagtcc tggtttgcct gcagatggat     22740
     ggtccatcat gatctttctt tccagggttc ttcttgctgc agggggcctg gccacatgag     22800
     ggtgagtcct tctccaaacc ttcggttgtc atctccccac ataagaggat tttcctgaaa     22860
     caggagggaa gtcctgtcag ggagtctctc ataaactggg aagagaggac cctggggtgc     22920
     tcggcccaca tttctgacct tgcctccctg gcctctcaac cccttggcag agtcaagttc     22980
     tgtggggacc agggttagac tggggtgctc aaagctgggg tgtgtggtgg ggaagtggta     23040
     ggaacagcag atcctctgag gacaaaggtg ttactcacac acttcagcgt ttccatgatg     23100
     gtaggggctg cagtgtggct gctgtcattc taccagaaga ggtgggaaac cacagccatg     23160
     gccctgacat tccaaatcct ctgatggggg ctcagttgtt tattttcgtt caggcatccg     23220
     ctgatatcca ctcacaaagg acatgccctc cacctcatgt ctaccctgtg ttgttttatg     23280
     tgagtaatct tacagtatta aaatctagta ggagtctctt tactcagcac ttgctcaaag     23340
     ttctcagctg aggcttttgt tgtagggaga caccatgtct ttgcgggatg ggtccttcct     23400
     tcagccctgg gcaccaaggt gtgatagtag ccatagaaac gtggaaagcg aggagaatct     23460
     tctgagcaca gggagggagg ggcagttcca catcctcctc tctaaggcgg cgcctccttc     23520
     tccccaaggt ggtcaggaca agcccttgct gtctgcctgg cccagccttg tggtgcctct     23580
     aggacatgtc attcttcggt gtcactctta tcttgggttt aacaacttca gtctgtacaa     23640
     ggaaggtggg gtgcctgtcc ctgagctcta caacagaata ttctggaaca gccttttcat     23700
     gggccctgtg acccccgcac aacagggaca tacagatgtc ggggttcaca cacacactcc     23760
     cccagtgggt ggtcagcacc cagcaacccc ctggtgatcg tggtcatagg tcagagggct     23820
     cctgtcttgg attctccttg tcccacctcc tgaatcccag agcttctggt gggcatgtcc     23880
     ttgagggtcc catcacgcag gccctgactg tatttgtggt aaagggggat tgaatacagg     23940
     gaaatgggtg ctgtggtggg aagaataatt gtccccagtg atgactacat tctaatccct     24000
     ggagtctgtg actatgtatg ttatagggga agggactgaa ggggaagatg gagctcatgg     24060
     ggagacagcc tggactgtcc cactgggctc agtgtaatca caagggtgca catgaaagga     24120
     ggaggaagag gggagtgggg attagagcag tccagtggaa gtcttcacca gctttgaagg     24180
     tggaggaagg ccaagagcca tgaatgcagg tggcctatag aggctggaaa agtcaaggaa     24240
     ctgattctcc agagtctcca gaggaaacga agccctgcag atgccttgat tttagcccag     24300
     gaaaaatagg gtccaatttc tgtctccagt actggaaggt gtcagtgtgg tctctcctgc     24360
     ttccatgctt ctgataattt tgtacagcag caacaggaaa ccaacactgg aacccaggtc     24420
     aaggacaagt taagaaacaa cccaaggaaa gccaggcatg gtggcaggcg catgtaatcc     24480
     tagcgactca ggaggctgag ggcaggagaa tcacttgaac ccaggaaaca gaggttgcag     24540
     tgagcctaga ccacaccact tcactccagc ctgggtgaag gagtgagact ctgtctccaa     24600
     aattaattaa ttaattaaag aaaccaaaca aggagaaggt tggctaccct gagatcagca     24660
     agggtgggat gatgatgcca ccaccaggct ccatccacat agggaggggt tgatactcct     24720
     ccaaccagca ccaggagcca gcctatggaa gctggcacca tggagaaggc acaggcatgg     24780
     caagagtggc tcccagtccc caccaggaac agggtgtgtg gacactggtg cctgccttat     24840
     tcatcagttc ataccttctg ccaaggattg caattcatcc aaaagagatt gaacaaggct     24900
     gataagagcc tggatgtgca gcctatcctg gttcctcttt cacccccaca taaacagcag     24960
     gaaagacgtt agtgtgaaat agatacaaca ccccaagaga tgaggctaag cccagtggga     25020
     agggaatcag aggctactag agacagaggg acagagaaga gggagggaga cagatggaag     25080
     gacctgcacc aggagttatg ggcacagaaa agaacatgaa gacacagaga ggaaggagag     25140
     agacagacac cagcaagggg aagcctcact cattctaggt gccatggatg ggatgataaa     25200
     gagagacacc ttctaaactc acaacctctc ttcttaggag tccacagaaa accttccctc     25260
     ctggcccacc caggtcccct ggtgaaatca gaagagacag tcatcctgca atgttggtca     25320
     gatgtcaggt ttgagcactt ccttctgcac agagagggga agtataagga cactttgcac     25380
     ctcattggag agcaccatga tggggtctcc aaggccaact tctccatcgg tcccatgatg     25440
     caagaccttg cagggaccta cagatgctac ggttctgtta ctcactcccc ctatcagttg     25500
     tcagctccca gtgaccctct ggacatcgtc atcacaggtg agagtgtccg gacattctca     25560
     ttgtcattgg gctgcagagt gaatgatcca cgacttggaa cccccaggta gttgtaagga     25620
     agatgagctt ggtattctta tggagagaga ctgacttgct gaggtttgta ccaacagaga     25680
     cagagaaaca ggagacacaa gtacagacca ggtgtcataa cggaggacag acacaggggc     25740
     catacaggga gttagaaaag acagaaagag ttaaaggaga cagacagaca gacatgtccc     25800
     agagagaggt gtccctccat gctgactttg ctcacagacc tggcacagga tagaagtttc     25860
     atttctgttt tacctccaca aagtgttctc taccaggaga acccaaggac acccatattt     25920
     ctgacctgag ttgggccctg tggcctcagg ccttgtggca cctacaggcc atgtttattc     25980
     tgacacctct gccttccatg taatggagag taaccgtccc aggatatcat ggccccagaa     26040
     caccaacccc tgtatgctgt gtgaacttgt ggtctccaga ctggattctg aggctcacat     26100
     tccaaataac cccacatatg aaaggatcac tgagaggcac agagagaaat caggaacacc     26160
     aaaaagcaaa gacataaaca cacagagaat gggccagagg aaggagattg agagactcac     26220
     tgacacataa agagagagaa aagagggcag aggagtggtg agaatgatgg aagggagcag     26280
     agaaaagcac taaaattaga gtcctgaggg agaggcacaa ggacatagaa agatggagat     26340
     gtggggatga actgcagaga ttccaaagag aactagagag accgagaggc agagcaagac     26400
     agatgataga tggatagata tagatagatg ataaataggt agatgataga taataggtta     26460
     aagatacata gatgatgatt gattgattca ttaatagata atacatagag atgatgatga     26520
     tgaagacaga tagataatac gtacagatag agaggcagac agaaatcata gagagagaga     26580
     tgatacatac atataaataa cagatgattg atggatagat agacaactga tagatacata     26640
     gatgatatat agatatagat gacaggtaga gaatttgtag ataggcaccg aatagataaa     26700
     tagatagatc gacagataat agatagaaat atgcagaaag ttatgaacag gacacaacgt     26760
     gagaaactta gaatttaaaa aagtaacatc aagtcaacca atccaaggag agtcagagag     26820
     aataaaagaa tccaaaaagg gaaaacatat ctagaggtgg ggaagcgagg tcagagacct     26880
     agagagacag agaaggtgga aggaggaaat agacatgaag agagatgggg tggagggtga     26940
     gagagagaga gagagagcat taggtcatag agcaggggag tgagttctca gctcaggtga     27000
     agggagctgt gacaaggaag atcctccctg aggaaaatgc ctcttctcct tccaggtcta     27060
     tatgagaaac cttctctctc agcccagccg ggccccacgg ttttggcagg agagagcgtg     27120
     accttgtcct gcagctcccg gagctcctat gacatgtacc atctatccag ggagggggag     27180
     gcccatgaac gtaggttctc tgcagggccc aaggtcaacg gaacattcca ggccgacttt     27240
     cctctgggcc ctgccaccca cggaggaacc tacagatgct tcggctcttt ccgtgactct     27300
     ccctatgagt ggtcaaactc gagtgaccca ctgcttgttt ctgtcacagg tgaggaaacc     27360
     ccatatctgt ctcatgtcct atgatcctag agccttagct gaggagcttc ctgctgatga     27420
     tggagagaag catggacaga tgcagagaga agacgaagct tgggtgtgag ggagggatca     27480
     gggcacagga tggcagacag ggcacctcca aaccctccta cacggcctgc atgaaggccc     27540
     gcggccaggg ctccaggcac acaggcagat ggagaaaacg gtcaggagag acccagagga     27600
     gagagactgg gctcagtttg ggaagatcag aggttccctc agcccctcaa cattatccat     27660
     ttcccagaag cccatcctgg cctctcaccc acacagggat gtcatcacca gcaaccccta     27720
     caccctttac ttttgtttga agaaatattt attgaggata aatataccta tatagcttac     27780
     cacctttaac attttttttt tttttgaggc agagtctagc tctgtcccct atgctggagt     27840
     gcagtggcac aatctcagct cactgcaatt tccgcctcct gggttcaagc gattctcttg     27900
     cctcagccac ctgagtagct ggtgctacag gcgcgcacca ccacgccagg ctactttttg     27960
     tatttttagt agagaggtgg tttcaccatg ttggtcgagc tggtctccaa ctcctgacca     28020
     cgtgatccac ccgcatgtgc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcatgag ccaccacgcc     28080
     cagccacatt taccattttt aagtgtaaag tctagtggtc ataaatacat ttatatatat     28140
     atattttttt tttttttttt taccctccac ccttttcttc ctggcctctg gaagccatca     28200
     ttctactctc taccttcatg agatccacct tttagctctg tatatgggtg agaaatggga     28260
     atctttgtaa tgacttccag ttccatccat gtggctgcaa atatcaggat gttattcttt     28320
     ctatggatga gtagtctcca ctgtgcgtat gtactacatt ctctctatcc attcatccac     28380
     tgatgggcag gtaggttgac tccacatctt ggctactgtg aacagtgctg caccaatcat     28440
     acgagtgcag atatcacttc gatatattga tttactttcc tttggatata aacccagtag     28500
     tgaaattgct ggatactatg aaagttctct ttttagtttt tcgtttgttg ttttgttttt     28560
     gtttttgaga cagtttccct ctgtgcccag gctggagtac aagtgatgtc atcttggctc     28620
     attgcaacct ctgcctcctg ggttcaaatg attttcctgc ctcagcctcc ctagtagctg     28680
     ggattacagg tgcacgccac catgcctggc tactttttgt tttttttagt atagatgggg     28740
     tttccccatg ttggctgggc tgctctcaaa ctcatgacct caactgagat gcccgcctca     28800
     gtctcccaaa gtgccgggat tacaggcctg atccaccaca cccaacctct ttttagttct     28860
     ttaaaggact tccatacttt tctccgtaat cgctgtacta atttacactc ctcccaacag     28920
     ggtaccaggg ttctcctttc tctaccacct tgccagcatt tcttttgcct gtcttgcagc     28980
     taaaagccat tttattttat ttcattttat tttgagatgg agttttgctc ttctcaccca     29040
     ggcaggagtg cagtggcgct atctcggctc accacaacct ccacctccca ggttcaagcg     29100
     attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg gaattacagg cacactccac cacgcccgac     29160
     taatttttgt atttttagta gagacagtgt ttctctatgt gggtcagact ggtctcaaac     29220
     tcctgacctt atgagattca cccacctcag gctctcaaag ttctaggatg acagacgtga     29280
     gccaccacgc ccggcctaaa agccatttta atggggtgag atgaaaactc actttgattt     29340
     taatttgcgt ttctctgatg atgagtgata ctgagcactt tttagtatgt ggggaaattt     29400
     catgtcttct gctccttttt caattaaatc atttgtttta ttgagttgtt tgagcttctt     29460
     atatttctag ttattaatcc catctcagat gcatagtttg cacatatttg ctcccaatct     29520
     gtgggttgtc tcttcacttt gttggtttat ttttagcagt gcagaagttg cttagtttga     29580
     ggtaatccca atggtctatt tttgcttcga ttacttgtgt tttcaaggtt taaaacaaaa     29640
     tgtctttctt cagacaaatg tcctggagca tttccccaat attttgttct acgtgtttca     29700
     taggttcagg ccttagactc acatctttaa tccattttca tttgattttt gtgtatggtg     29760
     acaggtagag gtgcagtttc attcctctgc atgtcgatgt ccaggtttcc ctgcactgtt     29820
     tattgaaaag actgtccttt cctgattgtg agttcttggc acctttgtca aagtccattg     29880
     gatgggctgg gcttggtggc tgacacctgc aatttcagca ctttgggagg ccgaggcggg     29940
     tggattacct gaggccagga gttcaagatc agtctggacg acgtgatgaa acatcgtctc     30000
     cactaaaaat ataaaaatta gctgagcatg gtggtcagca cctgtaatac cactactcag     30060
     gagtttgagg caagagaatg attgaaccca ggaggctgag gttgcagtga actgagattg     30120
     cacctctgca ctccagcctg agtgacagag caagactcca tctcaaaaga aaaaataaaa     30180
     aaccattgga tgtaaatgca tggaatatat ctgtgttatt cattctgctc cgttgttcta     30240
     tgtccctttc tttatgccaa tgtcatgctg ttttgcttac tacagctctg taacatattt     30300
     tgagatcagg tagtgtgatg ctcctgtttt ctctttatac cttgaagtct caagacagtg     30360
     ggcgtcacat aaaaaaatta tggaaaaaag gatcccagga ctcccagggc ccaatattag     30420
     ataacagagt gttggccatg aaccatcctc aaagatttcc actgagtaga ggacagacac     30480
     cctcatttcc tcacctctct cctgtctcat gttctaggaa acccttcaaa tagttggcct     30540
     tcacccactg aaccaagctc caaaaccggt gagtacagaa ccctcttata tccgcttttg     30600
     gaaacctggg gaggtggaaa ccttggattc aggcgttgac tcagcatctc acagctctga     30660
     cattgtaccc ctgtcttcca ccatctccga actccagata ctcctacagc gaaagggatc     30720
     tgggtccaac acagggctca gtgaaatctc ttcatctctc attttatgga gctgagactt     30780
     cctacaagct agaagaatga ttgccaatct gacatccttc tcaggaaaaa tgcaatgttt     30840
     gttctgcctg cattcctaac tggaggataa attcctggag acttgagaga gggaagggaa     30900
     gggaacatct gatgagggcg aggtgtttta gagaagttcc acttgccaag gaatgagctc     30960
     ctataggtca tgaagcaacc ctggctgact cagcagagaa agagccttgc tgtaacagag     31020
     aacagagctc atgcacgcac acttcgactc actgactcat tcagccacgg ccccatgctc     31080
     aggctgtgca ctgtggaagc ttttcctatt gttgccataa caaatttcca caagattcgt     31140
     gggtgaaaac aaaacggttt tttaattatc ttacagtgct gtagctcaaa gtatgaagtg     31200
     catctcactg ggctaaaatc aaggtgacag caaggctgcc ttccctctga ggattccagg     31260
     caagaatctg cttctcactt ttctcagctt ctagaggctc ccacattcct tcgctcctgg     31320
     tccccttcct ccttcctcaa agcccacaaa gactggtcac atctcacatg gcatcactca     31380
     gacccttctt ccttaccaca cctctttctc tgaatgctgc tctcccttct tcctcatctt     31440
     ttgaaaactt ggggattcta ttgggttcac caagatgaaa atccatcata atctcccgga     31500
     aatcattcag gatacccttg ttttaagttc agctgattag caaccataat tccatctgca     31560
     atcttcattc ctcctttcca tgtaaaataa gatattcaca agctatggag gctaggacag     31620
     ggacattttg gggtgggaca gcattctcct gccttccaca aacagtgaac aagatgcatt     31680
     tggcctctgc tctttggaca ctgatattgc agatggttaa atgggagggc agaaaatgaa     31740
     tgcacaagtg gaccaataaa tgaatgatcc attgggaagc atctgtgtat gaaatctatt     31800
     tgtttgtttc ttcatttgtt tattgagaca gtctccctct gtcttccagg ctacagtgca     31860
     gtgtcaccat cttggctcac tgcaacctgc accttctgga tccaagtgat tctcctgcgt     31920
     cagcctctca agtagctggg attacaggca actgccacca tgcccggcta attctttttg     31980
     tatatttttt gtagaggatg tttcaccatc ttcgccaagc ttctctgaaa ctcccaacct     32040
     caagtgatcc gaccgtctca gcatcctaaa gtactgggat aactggcgtg agccactgtg     32100
     cccagccaga atttaaaata aataatacat aatgctgagt gtatgatttt gggtgacaga     32160
     gaagatctca ctaatcagat atttgtgaca ttaatgaaaa acacggattg aacccctgaa     32220
     agattggcgg aaggattttc cacacacagc tgtcagccgt gaaggcagaa agctgaaaac     32280
     aatctgatgt ggaaggaaga ggctctgcct caaatgctgg gaatgaggtg gggagaatga     32340
     caagacgact gtggagagac ggagagcaca ctgggtacac aggaaactaa ggagcaacaa     32400
     ggagtgtgtg tttgacactc acagccattg gattcacctc ggggtagcca ggaatcccta     32460
     catgattaat agtgactgac atgaaaataa gggaggccca ggtgcgtaac tggaatctag     32520
     gagactgtgg aaaaggcaat tcccgcccca ctggtgaaat gtggtgctga tttagaccct     32580
     aactgggtga agcagatgga tataagctat gcttgtgagg tggaatcatt ggctggaaag     32640
     gcttgctggg tatgattttc ctagttgtct aatcctcgct taatttcttt ctgagcttta     32700
     ttcctactac acataaatca atacctggca aaggagtgac agatatatga ggggtggtgg     32760
     aaatgaaggg acctattata gcataatata caagtctgtg aacggtggct cacgcctgta     32820
     acccagcact gcaggaggcc aaggcgggtg gatcacatga agtcagcagt tcgagaccag     32880
     cctggccaac atggtgaaac cctgtctcta ggaaaaacac aaaaattagc cgagcatggt     32940
     ggtgcatccc tgtaatccca gctcctactc tggaggatga agcaggagaa tgacttcaac     33000
     ccaggaggtg gaggttgcag tgagtggaga ttgcatcact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca     33060
     caaggagact ccgtctcaaa aaataaaaat aagaaatgca taaatataaa tataatataa     33120
     cacatgcaaa tgagaaaggg acctgaattc caatcatgat ttttctattt ctctataatt     33180
     acttctttga tcctttatct tatccattag gcaatgagcc taaaacctct tccctatttg     33240
     gctttctgtg agcatgagat catatagaaa atgtgaaagc ccgctgaatc ctccagcaca     33300
     gatcctggaa tacacaaagt gctctgttca tcacaagaaa acatgccctc tcacccaaat     33360
     cccccacctc acccctactt ccaatcatct gtggagattc agataggcca tggggaggta     33420
     aattctaata ctccttggag tgagtccaga tcttggaatc agagattagc gtcagcagta     33480
     gctcctgctc ccctttccta ctaattcaca ggaggacagg tggtattgaa gcaatagatg     33540
     gccgaggggg tggtccttcc cccagcctct cgggtagaac agcaacctaa catgtgtctc     33600
     ctgagatcac aaagagtagc acgtttcaca tgggcttcaa cactgtttcc tggccatttg     33660
     acataagaga attctacttc gcttttttta tcttgatttc acttttgttt ccttttcttg     33720
     gagaatgcaa gttgtttgac tcaagaatgc cgtggatgta gaaatcctaa agcacagtcg     33780
     ctgtgtatca atcccagtgc agtcttccca gagaagactc taaacacctc ctggactgca     33840
     cctgggccta tgccaattcc tatcactcac cgtcactcca gggagacaga acacacagag     33900
     aatacattac acaggcaggt tcattactaa cagataagca gcgagtgaca acagaagcct     33960
     acatttcaat gtgagccagt ccctcaaggc tcagaaaagc tgctcgggac atatggagtc     34020
     accccatttg cagtgtagct gggggaagcc agaaagcagc ccagcctggg ttttgtaccc     34080
     tggagccaca ggaagcactc agctaaagca ctgcatgacg ccttcctcca ggaagaacag     34140
     gaagacagcc caggctgttc tgagacattc ctcctgatct caggtcgttg ctgtcttagt     34200
     tttttttttt gttgctctga aggaacactt gagcctcggt aacttctaaa gaaaagagat     34260
     cggtttgcct cacagttctg caggctgtac tggaagcatg gcaccagaat ctatttctcg     34320
     tgatggcctc aggctgctcc cactctggca gaagggaagg agggtctgtc tgtgcagaga     34380
     ccacagagat cacacggcaa gagagagagt aagggggaga gggagcaatg gagcttccaa     34440
     gctcttttta acaaccagct gtccaggaac taacagaggg ggaacttgct aaccccgtct     34500
     ccttgggaca gcattgatct gttcatgatg gatccacctc catgacccaa acacctctga     34560
     agaggcccaa cctcccacaa tgggggtgaa atttcaatgt gaggtttgaa ggggtcaaac     34620
     atctcaacta aagtagttgt atcctcagca cgttctatgg ttactatgag agctataatt     34680
     gagaaagcag gggaaagcta ggtctcccgc catttgggtg cttgtcctaa agagacgttg     34740
     tatgtggtta cctgccaatc aagaaatgcg agacaattca taaagaggaa ctgctatgat     34800
     tagcttctta ttggtgtctc ctcttcttcc aggtaacccc agacacctgc atgttctgat     34860
     tgggacctca gtggtcaaaa tccctttcac catcctcctc ttctttctcc ttcatcgctg     34920
     gtgctccaac aaaaaaagta agtctcacga agcagaggcc agagagctca gggccatgtg     34980
     gggaagcagg atgggagcac tcaggtgtgt gttcctcacc agcaggatgg tccctggccc     35040
     aagacaggag ccacagaggc aggactttct agagagagca ccagattccc ttcccctgcc     35100
     ttcagctcac agaccgttgc ctgattctga actgtaccct cacgtcccct gcagccactc     35160
     acatccagga gaaggttcca tgacaggcag aaagtgggag atagaatcaa tgggatggga     35220
     actcagagct attcatggga tgggtccttg aactcagaga gatagaatgt ctgagtctgc     35280
     tgttggcaac tgagggacct caggcaccta tggcctcccc ctgtttgttg gtatctgctt     35340
     atgaaatgag gacccagaag tgccctccga gctcttttgt tgacttccgt cttctacaga     35400
     tgctgctgta atggaccaag agcctgcagg gaacagaaca gtgaacagcg aggtaggtgc     35460
     tcctcggccc agcctcgtgg ctagtcttat tcccaaagag tcctgaaaaa tgtgagcacc     35520
     ctccctcact cagcatttcc ctctctccag gattctgatg aacaagacca tcaggaggtg     35580
     tcatacgcat aattggatca ctgtgttttc acacagagaa aaatcactcg cccttctgag     35640
     aggcccaaga cacccccaac agataccagc atgtacatag aacttccaaa tgctgagccc     35700
     agatccaaag ttgtcttctg tccacgagca ccacagtcag gccttgaggg gatcttctag     35760
     ggagacaaca gccctgtctc aaaaccgggt tgccagctcc catgtaccag cagctggaat     35820
     ctgaaggcat cagtcttcat cttagggcat cgctcttcct cacaccacga atctgaacat     35880
     gcctctctct tgcttacaaa tgtctaaggt ccccactgcc tgctggagag aaaacacact     35940
     cctttgctta gcccacaatt ctccatttca cttgacccct gcccacctct ccaacctaac     36000
     tagcttactt cctagtctac ctgaggctgc aatcacactg aggaactcac aattccaaac     36060
     atacaagagg ctccctctta acacagcact tagacacgtg ctgttccacc tcccttcaga     36120
     ctatctttca gccttctgcc agcagtaaaa cttataaatt ttttaaataa tttcaatgta     36180
     gttttcccgc cttcaaataa acatgtctgc cctcatggtt tcggtaacga gactcttctc     36240
     ttgcctaagg cttccggtgt tatcattacc atgtccacat aaccccatct gttctccatt     36300
     gggttctcag ccctggactc tgagcttctg gaagcagaat ggagcctgaa ttgtctctga     36360
     gactccaatt tccatccaaa gatacagcac ataggaggct ccaaggatcg tgaatcacat     36420
     gaacaagtga tattcttact ctctgcagac ctggaaagct ggcagagtca ttccacgatg     36480
     aaacatttgt agagtcatag gccttgttag tctcatctcc acggggacac atatcaacat     36540
     atcatctttc ataatataaa tatacagtcg gtcctccata tctgtggggt ttacaggtgt     36600
     ttattgaacc aacaataaat caaaaatatt ttgagaaaaa aatccccgaa gtttcaagaa     36660
     gcaaaaaact atgttgaatc gacacaaatt gagtggcgtg taggctgtgt caggaattat     36720
     aagtaatcaa gagatgattt catgtataca ggaggatgtg catgggttct atgcaattgc     36780
     tatgctattt tttttttttg agacagtctc actctctcac ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc     36840
     gtgatctcaa ctcactgcaa cctccgcctc ccaggttcaa gcgattgtct tccctcagcc     36900
     tccccagtag cctcccctag gattacaggc acgtgccacc atgcacagat aaattttttt     36960
     gtgtgtgtat ttttagtaga gacggggttt cagaatgttg gaccagctgg tcttgaactc     37020
     ctgaccttgt gatctaccca gctcagcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacgg gcgtgagcca     37080
     cggtgcccag cttcactatg ccatttcatg caaggggctt gagcatctgc agattttggt     37140
     atctgaatgg ggatcctgga accaatcacc caggtatagt gaaggaccat ggtatataat     37200
     ttttatttgt caatcttaaa aataaagcat aaaaaattta caacaacaag ataaaaaata     37260
     agaagtgttt ttatagtgtg aggataagtt tagatttatt ttttcctacg tgtaacccta     37320
     tggtcctgtg ttatttgttg agaaaatatt ctattccacc ttaaactaca tggcagcctt     37380
     tgtcaactat aaagggactg tgtatccaca gatgtatttt agacacagtt ttctgtccag     37440
     tggttctctg tatcccctct catgaggatg ctgcatttta tataaactta tagaacccct     37500
     taaaatttgg taacctgagt cctctgattt gttattatag gttatttagt ttgctttttt     37560
     ttttttcttg agacagactc ttcctctgtc acccaagctg gagttcagtg gcttgagctc     37620
     agctcactgc aacctccgcc tcccaggttc aagctattct gatgcctctg gtttagtact     37680
     agaaactcaa gcaggaaaat tagaatggct tcttgtcaca attactctga taatgttaat     37740
     aatacctgtt agacattttg cacattacat atgaagaaga gtttgaatct cagataaaaa     37800
     caaaaataca tcaaaaatct ttaatgtaag cacagaattc aatcatctcg tgtatgagag     37860
     gttggatctg agacgtcttt tgagtctggt cgtagtgaag gacgcaaggt gtcaattcta     37920
     gtgagaacaa tttccaggaa gccatgttcc gctcttgagc gagcacccac tgggcctcat     37980
     gcaaggtaga aagagcctgc gtacgtcacc ctcccatgat gtggtcaaca tgtaaactgc     38040
     atgggcaggg cgccaaataa catcctgtgc gctgctgagc tgagctgggg cgcggccgcc     38100
     tgtctgcaca gacagcacca tgtcgctcat ggtcgtcagc atggcgtgtg ttggtgagtc     38160
     ctggaaggga atcgagggag ggagtgcggg gatggagatc ggggcccaga gttggagata     38220
     taggcctgga agtggagtta tgggcctaga gatggagtga tgggcctaga agtggagatc     38280
     tgggcctgga gtggagatat gggcctggag gttgagatat gggcctgcag tagagatatg     38340
     ggcttgtagt ggagacatgg gcctggagat ggagatatgg gcctggagat ggagatatgg     38400
     gcctgcagta gagatagggg cctggagtgg agatatgggc ctggagtgga gatatgggcc     38460
     tgaagtggag atatgggcct ggaggtggag atatgggcct ggaggtggag atatgggcct     38520
     ggagtggaga tatgggtctg gaggtggaga tacgggcctg cagtagagat atgggcctgg     38580
     agtggagata tgggccagga gtggagttat gggcctagag gtggatatct gggcctggag     38640
     tggagatatg ggcctaggaa ggagatatgg gcctgggtgt ggagatatgg gactggagag     38700
     gtgatatggg cctggagtgg agatatgggc ttagggtgga gttctgggcc tggggcggag     38760
     atatgggact ggattggaga taggggccta gggtggagat ctgagcctgg attggcgata     38820
     tgggcctagg gtggaaatat cagcctggag tggagatatg ggcttggggt ggggatatgg     38880
     gcctggaaac tgggtctctg cacagccgac agccctgttc ttgggtgcag gtaggcactg     38940
     agggtgagtt taacttcagc ccaggaaggg cctggctgcc aagactcaca gcccagtggg     39000
     ggcagcaagg gagggctggt tcgcctgcag atggatcgtc catcatgatc tttctttcca     39060
     gggttcttct tgctgcaggg ggcctggcca catgagggtg agtccttctc caaaccttcg     39120
     ggtgtcatct ccccacataa gaggattttc ctgaaacagg agggaagtcc tgtcggggag     39180
     tctctcataa actaggaaga gaggaccctg gggtgctcag cccacatttc tgacctcgcc     39240
     tccctggcct ctcaacccct tggcagagtc aagttctgtg gggaccaggg ttagactggg     39300
     gtgctcaaag ctggggtgtg tggttgggaa gtggtaggaa cagcagatcc tctgaggaca     39360
     aaggtgttac tcacacactt cagcgtttcc atgatggtag gggctgcagt gtggctgctg     39420
     tcattctacc agaagaggtg ggaaaccaca gccatggccc tgacattcca aatcctctga     39480
     tgggggctca gttgtttatt ttcgttcagg catccgctga tatccattca caaaggacat     39540
     gccctccacc tcatgtctac cctgtgttgt tttatgtgag taatcttaca gtatcaaaat     39600
     ctagtaggag tctctttact cagcacttgc tcaaagttct cagctgaggc ttttgttgta     39660
     gggagacacc atgtctttgc gggatgggtc cttccttcag ccctgggcac caaggtgtga     39720
     tagtagccat agaaacgtgg aaagcgagga gaatcttctg agcacaggga gggaggggca     39780
     gttccacatc ctcctctcta aggcggcgcc tccttctccc caaggtggtc aggacaagcc     39840
     cttgctgtct gcctggccca gccttgtggt gcctctagga catgtcattc ttcggtgtca     39900
     ctcttatctt gggtttaaca acttcagtct gtacaaggaa ggtggggtgc ctgtccctga     39960
     gctctacaac agaatattct ggaacagcct tttcatgggc cctgtgaccc ccgcacaaca     40020
     gggacataca gatgtcgggg ttcacacaca cactccccca gtgggtggtc agcacccagc     40080
     aaccccctgg tgatcgtggt cataggtcag agggctcctg tcttggattc tccttgtccc     40140
     acctcctgaa tcccagagct tctggtgggc atgtccttga gggtcccatc acgcaggccc     40200
     tgactgtatt tgtggtaaag ggggattgaa tacagggaaa tgggtgctgt ggtgggaaga     40260
     ataattgtcc ccagtgatga ctacattcta atccctggag tctgtgacta tgtatgttat     40320
     aggggaaggg actgaagggg aagatggagc tcatggggag acagcctgga ctgtcccact     40380
     gggctcagtg taatcacaag ggtgcacatg aaaggaggag gaagagggga gtggggatta     40440
     gagcagtcca gtggaagtct tcaccagctt tgaaggtgga ggaaggccaa gagccatgaa     40500
     tgcaggtggc ctatagaggc tggaaaagtc aaggaactga ttctccagag tctccagagg     40560
     gaacaaagcc ctgcagatgc cttgatttta gcccaggaaa aatagggtcc aatttctgtc     40620
     tccagtactg gaaggtgtca gtgtggtctc tcctgcttcc atgcttctga taattttgta     40680
     cagcagcaac aggaaaccaa cactggaacc caggtcaagg acaagttaag aaacaaccca     40740
     aggaaagcca ggcatggtgg caggtgcatg taatcctagc gactcaggag gctgagggca     40800
     ggagaatcac ttgaacccag gaaacagagg ttgcagtgag cctagaccac accacttcac     40860
     tccagcctgg gtgaaggagt gagactctgt ctccaaaatt aattaattaa ttaaagaaac     40920
     caaagaagga gaaggttggc taccctgaga tcagcaaggg tgggatgatg atgccaccac     40980
     caggctccat ccacataggg aggggttgat actcctccaa ccagcaccag gagccagcct     41040
     atggaagctg gcaccatgga gaaggcacag gcatggcaag agtggctccc agtccccacc     41100
     aggaacaggg tgtgtggaca ctggtgcctg ccttattcat cagttcatat cttctgccaa     41160
     ggattgcaat tcatccaaaa gagattgaac caggctgata agagcctgga tgtgcagcct     41220
     atcctggttc ctctttcacc cccacataaa cagcaggaaa gacattagtg tgaaatagat     41280
     acaacacccc aagagatgag gctaagccca gtgggaaggg aatcagaggc tactagagac     41340
     agagggacag agaagaggga gggagacaga tggaaggacc tgcaccagga gttaagggca     41400
     cagaaaagaa catgaagaca cagagaggaa ggagagagac agacaccagc aaggggaagc     41460
     ctcactcatt ctaggtgcca tggatgggat gataaagaga gacaccttct aaactcacaa     41520
     cctctcttcc taggagtcca cagaaaacct tccctcctgg cccacccagg tcgcctggtg     41580
     aaatcagaag agacagtcat cctgcaatgt tggtcagatg tcaggtttga gcacttcctt     41640
     ctgcacagag aagggaagtt taaggacact ttgcacctca ttggagagca ccatgatggg     41700
     gtctccaaag ccaacttctc catcggtccc atgatgcaag accttgcagg gacctacaga     41760
     tgctacggtt ctgttactca ctccccctat cagttgtcag ctcccagtga ccctctggac     41820
     atcgtcatca caggtgagag tgtccggaca ttctcattgt cattgggctg cagagtgaat     41880
     gatccacgac ttggaacccc caggtagttg taaggaagat gagcttggta ttcttatgga     41940
     gagagactga cttgctgagg tttgtaccaa cagagacaga gaaacaggag acacaagtac     42000
     agaccaggtg tcataacgga ggacagacac aggggccata cagggagtta gaaaagacag     42060
     aaagagttaa aagagacaga cagacagaca tgtcccagag agaggtgtcc ctccatgctg     42120
     actttgctca cagacctggc acaggttaga agtttcattt ctgttttacc tccacaaagt     42180
     gttctctacc aggagaaccc aaggacaccc atatttctga cctgagttgg gccctgtggc     42240
     ctcaggcctt gtggcaccta caggccatgt ttattctgac acctctgcct tccatgtaat     42300
     ggagagtaac cgtcccagga tatcatggcc ccagaacacc aacccctgta tgctgtgtga     42360
     acttgtggtc tccagactgg attctgaggc tcacattcca aataacccca catatgaaag     42420
     gatcactgag aggcacagag aaaaatcagg aacaccaaaa agcaaagaca taaacacacg     42480
     gagaatgagc cagaggaagg agattgagag actcacagac acataaagag agagaaaaga     42540
     gggcagagga gtggtgagaa tgatggcagg gagcagagaa aagcactaaa attagagtcc     42600
     tgagagagag gcacaaggac atagaaacat ggagatgtgg ggatgaattg cagagattcc     42660
     aaagagagct agagagaccg agaggcagag caatacagat gatagatgga tagatataga     42720
     tagatgataa ataggtagat gatagataat aggttaaaga tacatagatg atgattgatt     42780
     gattcattaa tagataatac atagagatga tgatgatgaa gacagataat acgtacagat     42840
     agagaggcag acagaaatca tagagagaga gatgatacat acatataaat aacagatgat     42900
     tgatggatag atagacaact gatagataca tagatgatat atagatatag atgacaggta     42960
     gagaatttgt agataggcac cgaatagata aatagataga tcgacagata atagatagaa     43020
     atatgcagaa agttatgaac aggacacaac gtgagaaact tagaatttaa aaaagtaaca     43080
     tcaagtcaac caatccaagg agagtcagag agaataaaac aatccaaaaa cggaaaacat     43140
     atctagaggt ggggaagcga ggtcagagac ctagagagac agagaaggtg gaagaaggaa     43200
     atagacatga agagagatgg ggtggagggt gagagagaga gagagagagc attaggtcat     43260
     agagcagggg agtgagttct cagctcaggt gaagggagct gtgacaagga agatcctccc     43320
     tgaggaaaat gcctcttctc cttccaggtc tatatgagaa accttctctc tcagcccagc     43380
     cgggccccac ggttctggca ggagagagcg tgaccttgtc ctgcagctcc cggagctcct     43440
     atgacatgta ccatctatcc agggaggggg aggcccatga atgtaggttc tctgcagggc     43500
     ccaaggtcaa cggaacattc caggccgact ttcctctggg ccctgccacc cacggaggaa     43560
     cctacagatg cttcggctct ttccgtgact ctccatacga gtggtcaaac tcgagtgacc     43620
     cactgcttgt ttctgtcaca ggtgaggaaa ccccatatct gtctcatgtc ctatgatcct     43680
     agagccttag ctgaggagct tcctgctgat gatggagata agcatggaca gatgcagaga     43740
     gaagacgaag cttgggtgtg agggagggat cagggcacag gatggcagac agggcacctc     43800
     caaaccctcc tacacggcct gcatgaaggc ccgcggccag ggctccaggc acacaggcag     43860
     atggagaaag cggtcaggag agacccagag gagggagact gggctcagtt tgggaagatc     43920
     agaggttccc tcagcccctc aacattaccc atttcccaga agcccatcct ggcctctcac     43980
     ccacacaggg atgtcatcac cagcaacccc tacacccttt acttttgttt gaagaaatat     44040
     ttattgagga taaatatacc tatatagctt accaccttta acattttttt tttttttgag     44100
     gcagagtcta gctctgtccc ctatgctgca gtgcagtggc acaatctcag ctcactgcaa     44160
     cttccgcctc ctgggttcaa gtgattctcc tgcctcagcc acctgagtag ctggtgctac     44220
     aggcgcgcac caccacgcca ggctactttt tgtattttta gtagagaggt ggtttcacca     44280
     tgttggtcga gctggtctcc aactcctgac cacgtgatcc acccgcatct gcctcccaaa     44340
     gtgctgggat tacaggcatg agccaccact cccagccaca tttaccattt ttaagtgtaa     44400
     agtctagtgg tcataaatac atttataaat atatatatat atatatatgt atgtatatat     44460
     atatacacac acatatatat acatatatat atgtgtatat atatatatat atatatatat     44520
     atatatatat atatatatat tttttttttt tttaccctcc acccttttct tcctggcctc     44580
     tggaagccac cattctactc tctaccttca tgagatccac cttttagctc tgtatatggg     44640
     tgagaaatgg gaatctttgt aatgacttcc agttccatcc atgtggctgc aaatatcagg     44700
     atgttattct ttctatggat gagtagtctc cactgtgcgt atgtactaca ttctctctat     44760
     ccattcatcc actgatgggc aggtaggttg actccacatc ttggctactg tgaacagtgc     44820
     tgcaccaatc atacgagtgc agatatcact tcgatatatt gatttacttt cctttggata     44880
     taaacccagt agtgaaattg ctggatacta tgaaagttct ctttttagtt attcgtttgt     44940
     tgttttgttt ttgtttttga gacagtttcc ctctgtgccc aggctggagt acaagtgatg     45000
     tcatcttggc tcattgcaac ctctgcctcc tgggttcaaa tgattttcct acctcagcct     45060
     ccctagtagc tgggattaca ggtgcacgcc accatgcctg gctacttttt ggttttttta     45120
     gtatagatgg ggtttcccca tgttggctgg gctgctctca aactcatgac ctcaactgag     45180
     gtgtccgcct cggtctccca aagtgccggg attacaggca tgatccacct cacccaacct     45240
     ctttttagtt ctttaaagga cttccacact tttctccgta aaggctgtac taatttacac     45300
     tcctaccaac agggtattag ggttctcctt tctctaccac tttggcagga tttcctttgc     45360
     ctgtcttgca gctaaaagcc attttacttt atttcatttt attttgagat ggagtttcgc     45420
     tcttgtcacc caggctggag tgcagtggtg cgatctcggc tcaccacaac ctccacctcc     45480
     caggttcaag cgattctcct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tggaattaca ggcacacgcc     45540
     accacgcccg actaattttt gtatttttag tagagacagt gtttctccat gtgggtcaga     45600
     ctggtctcaa actcccgacc ttatgagatt cacccacctc aggctctcaa agatctagga     45660
     tgacagacgt gagccaccac gcccggccta aaagccattt taatggggtg agatgaaaac     45720
     tcactttgat tttaatttgc gtttctctga tgatgagtga tactgagcag tttttcgtat     45780
     gtggggaaat ttcatgtctt ttgctcctgt ttcaattaaa tcatttgttt tattgagttg     45840
     tttgagcttc ttatatttct agttattaat cccatctcag atgcatagtt tgcacatatt     45900
     tgctcccaat ctgtgggttg tctcttcact ttgttggttt atttttagcg gtgcagaagt     45960
     tgcttagctt gaggtaatcc caatggtcta tttttgcttc gattacttgt gttttgaagg     46020
     tttaaaacaa aatgtcttcc ttcagacaaa tgtcctggag catttcccca atattttctt     46080
     ctacgtgttt cataggttca ggccttagac tcacatcttt aatccatttt catttgattt     46140
     ttgtgtatgg tgacaggtag aggtgcagtt tcattcctct gcatgtagat gtccaggttt     46200
     ccctgcactg tttattgaaa agactgtcct ttcctgattg tgagttcttg gcacctttgt     46260
     caaagtccat tggatgggct gggcatggtg actgacacct gcaatttcag cactttggga     46320
     gcccaaggcg ggtggatcac ctgaggccag gagttcaaga ttagtctggc cgacgtgatg     46380
     aaacattgtc tccactaaaa atatataaat tagctgagca tggtggtcag cacctataat     46440
     accactactc aggagtttga ggccagagaa ttgattgaac ccaggaggct gtggtggcag     46500
     tgaaccgaga ttgcacctct gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gagcgagact ccatctcaaa     46560
     agaaaaaaga aaaaaacatt ggatgtaaat gcatggatta tatttgtgtt gttcattctg     46620
     ctccattgtt ctatgtgcct ttcttcatgc caacatcatg ctgtcttgct tactacagct     46680
     ctgtaacata ttttgagatc aggtagtgtg atgctcctgt tttctcttta taccttgaag     46740
     tctcaagaca atgggcgtca catacaaaaa ttatggaaaa aaggatccca ggactcccag     46800
     ggcccaatat tagataacag agtgttggcc atgaaccaac ctcaaagatt tccattgagt     46860
     agaggacaga caccctcatt tcctcacctc tctcctgtct catgttctag gaaacccttc     46920
     aaatagttgg ccttcaccca ctgaaccaag ctctaaaacc ggtgagtaca gaaccctctt     46980
     atatccgctt ttggaaacct ggggaggtag aaaccttcga tgcaggcatt gactcagcat     47040
     ctcgcagctc tgacattgta cgcctgtctt ctaccatctc cgaactccag atactccaac     47100
     agcgaaaggg atctgggccc aacctagggc tcagtgaaat ctcttaatct ctcattttat     47160
     ggagctgaga cctcctacaa gctagaagaa tgattgccaa tctgacatcc ttctcaggaa     47220
     aaatgcaatg tttgttctgc ctgcattcct aactggagga taaattcctg ggggcttgag     47280
     agagggaagg gaagggaaca tctgatgagg gcgaggtgtt ttagagaagt tccacttgcc     47340
     aaggaatgaa ttactgttgg tcatgaagca accctggctg actcagcaga gcaacagcct     47400
     tgccgtaaca gagaacggag ctcatgcacg cacacttcga ctcactgact cattcagcca     47460
     cggccccatg ctcaggctgt gcagtgcgga accttttcct attgttgcca taacaaattt     47520
     ccacaagatt cgtgggtgaa aacaaaacgg ttttttaatt atcttacagt gctgtagctc     47580
     aaagtaggaa gtgcatctta ctgggctaaa atcaaggtga cagcaaggct gccttccctc     47640
     tgaggattcc aggcaagaat ctgcttctca cttgtcccag cttctaaagg ctcccagttc     47700
     cttggctcct ggtccccttc ctccttcctc aaaacccaca aagactggtc acatctcaca     47760
     tggcatcact cagtgccttc ttccttacca cacctctttc tctgaatgct gctctccctt     47820
     cttccttatc ttttgaaaac ttggggattc tattgggttc accaagatga aaatccctca     47880
     taatctcctg gaaatcatcc aggataccct tgttttaagt tcagctgatt agcaaccgta     47940
     attccatcta caatcttcat tcctcctttc catgtaaaat aacatattca caaggtatgg     48000
     aggctaggac agggacattt tggggtggga cagcattctc ctgccttcca caaacagtga     48060
     acaagatgca tttggcctct gcccttggga cactgatatt gcagatggtt aaatgggagg     48120
     gcagaaaatg aatgcacaag tggatctata aatgaatgat ccattgggaa gcatctgtgc     48180
     atgaaatcta ttttttgttt gttcttttgt ttattgagac agagttgccc tctgtcttcc     48240
     aggctacagt gcagtgtcac gatcttggct cactgcaacc tgcttctcct ggattcaagt     48300
     gattctcctg cctccgcctc tcgagtagct gggattacag gcaactgcca ccgtgcccgg     48360
     ctaattcttt ttgtatattt tttgtagaga ggatgtttca ccacgttggc caagcttgtc     48420
     tgaaactccc aacctcaagt gatccgaccg tctcagcatg ccaaagtaat gggactacag     48480
     gcgtgagcca ctgtgcccag ccagaattca aaatcaataa tagataatgc tgagtgtatg     48540
     atttcaggtg acaaagaagg tctcactatt cagatatttg tgacattaat gaaaaacacg     48600
     gattgaaccc ctgaaagatt ggcggaagga ttttgcacac acagctgtca gccgtgaagg     48660
     cacaaaggtg aaaacaatct gatgtggaag gaagaggctc ttcctcaaat gctgggaatg     48720
     atgtggggag aatgacaaga tgactgtgga gagacggaga gcacactggg tacacaggaa     48780
     actaaggagg aacaaggagt gtgtgtttga cactcacagc cattggattc acctcggggt     48840
     agccaggaat ccctacatga ttaatatgac tgacatgaaa ataagggagg ctcagttgca     48900
     taactggaat ctaggagacc gtggaaaagg caattgccgc cccactggtg aaatgtggtg     48960
     ctgatttaga cactaaatga atgaagtaga tggatataag ataggtttgt gaggtagaat     49020
     cattgactgg aaaggcttgc tgggtttgat tttcctactt gtttaatcct cgcttaatta     49080
     atttctttct gagatttatt catcctacac ataaatcaat acctggcaaa ggagtgacag     49140
     atatatgagg ggtggtggaa atgaagagac ctattatagc ataatataca agtctgtgaa     49200
     cggtggctca cgcctgtaac ccagcactgc aggaggccaa ggcgggtgga tcacatgaag     49260
     tcagcagttc gagaccagcc tggccaacat ggtgaaaccc tgtctctagg aaaaacacaa     49320
     aaattagccg agcatggtgg tgcatccctg taatcccagc tcctactctg gaggatgaag     49380
     caggagaatg acttcaaccc aggaggtgga ggttgcagtg agtggaggtt gcatcactgc     49440
     actccagcct gggtggcaca aggagactcc gtctcaaaaa ataaaaataa gaaatgcata     49500
     aatataaata taatataaca cacgcaaatg acaaagggac ctgaattcca atcatgattt     49560
     ttctatttct ctataattac ttctttgatc ctttatctta tccattaggc aatgagccta     49620
     aaacctcttc cctatttggc tttctgtgag catgagatca tatagaaaat gtgaaagtcc     49680
     gctgaatcct ccagcacaga tcctggaata gagaaagtgc tctggtcatc acaaaaaaaa     49740
     cttgcccact cacccaaatc ccccacctca cccctacttc caatcacctg tggagattca     49800
     ggtagaccat ggggaggtaa acattaacac tccttggagt gagtccagat cttggaatca     49860
     gagatcagcg acagcactag ctcctgctcc cctttcctac taattcacag gaggacaggt     49920
     ggtattgaag caatagatgg ccgagggggt ggtccttccc ccagcctctc gggtagaaca     49980
     gcagcctaat atgtgtctcc cgagatcaca aagagcagca ggtttcacac gggcttcaac     50040
     actatttcct ggccgtttga cataagagaa ttctatttcg ctttttttat cttgatttca     50100
     cttttgtttt ctttccttgg agaatgcaag ttgtttgatt caagaatgct gtggatgtag     50160
     aaaccctaaa gcacattcgc tgtgaatcaa tcccagtcca gtcttcccag agaagactct     50220
     aaacacctcc tggactgcac ctgggcctat gccaattcct atcactcacc gtcactccag     50280
     ggagacagaa cacacagaga atacgttaca taggcaggtt cattactaac agataagcag     50340
     cgagtgacaa cagaaaccta tatttcaatg tgagccagtc cctcaaggct cagaaaagct     50400
     cctcgggaca tatggagtca ccccatttgc agtgtagctg cgggaagcca gaaagcagcc     50460
     cagcctgggt tttgtaccct ggagccacag gaagcactca gctaaagcac tgcatgacgt     50520
     cctccaggaa gaacaggaag acagcccagg gtgttctgag acgttcctcc tgatctcagg     50580
     aagttgctgt cttaggccat ttttgttgct ctaaaggaac acttgagcct cggtaacttc     50640
     taaagaaaag agattggttt gcctcaccgt tctgcaggct gtactggaag catggcacca     50700
     gcatctattt ctcgtgacgg cctcaggctg ctcccactct ggcagaaggg aaggagggtc     50760
     tgtctgtgca gagaccacag agatcacacg gcaagagagg gagcaagggg gagggggagt     50820
     gatggagctt ccaagctctt tttaacaacc agctctccgg gaactaatag agggggaact     50880
     tgctaacccc gtctccttgg gacagcattg atgtgttcat gatggatcca cctccatgac     50940
     ccaaacacct ctcaagaggc ccaacctccc acagtggggg tgaaatttca atgtgaggtt     51000
     tgaaggggtc aaacatctca actaaagtag tcgtatcctc agcacgttct atggttacta     51060
     tgagagctat aactgaaaaa gcaggagaaa gctgggtctc ctgccatctg ggtgcttgtc     51120
     ctaaagagat gttttatgtg gttacctgtc aatcaagaaa tgcgagacaa ttcataaaga     51180
     ggaactgcta agattagctt cttattggtg tctcatcttc ttccaggtaa cccccgacac     51240
     ctgcacattc tgattgggac ctcagtggtc atcatcctct tcatcctcct cttctttctc     51300
     cttcatcgct ggtgctccaa caaaaaaagt aagtctcacg aagcagaggc cagagagctc     51360
     agggccatgt ggggaagcag gatgggagca ctcaggtgtg tgttcctcac aaacaggatg     51420
     gtccctggcc caaggcagca gccacagagg caggactttc tagagagggc accagactcc     51480
     ctgcccctgc cttcaactca cagaccgttg cctgattctg aactgtatcc tcatgtcccc     51540
     tgcagccact cacatccagg agaaggttcc atgacaggca gaaagtggga gacagaatca     51600
     atgggatggg aactcagagc tattcatggg atgggtcctt gagctcagag agatagaatg     51660
     tctgagtctg ctgttggcaa ctgagggacc tcagccacct atggtctccc cctgtatgtt     51720
     ggtatctgct tatgaaatga ggacccagaa gtgccctccg agctgttttg ttgacttccg     51780
     tctcctacag atgctgcggt aatggaccaa gagtctgcag ggaacagaac agcgaatagc     51840
     gaggtaggta ctcctcggcc cgggctcgtg gctactgtta ttcccaaaga gtcctggaaa     51900
     atgtgagcac cctccctcac tcagcatttc cctctctcca ggactctgat gaacaagacc     51960
     ctcaggaggt gacatacaca cagttgaatc actgcgtttt cacacagaga aaaatcactc     52020
     gcccttctca gaggcccaag acacccccaa cagatatcat cgtgtacacg gaacttccaa     52080
     atgctgagtc cagatccaaa gttgtctcct gcccatgagc accacagtca ggccttgagg     52140
     gcgtcttcta gggagacaac agccctgtct caaaaccggg ttgccagctc ccatgtacca     52200
     gcagctggaa tctgaaggca tgagtctgca tcttagggca tcgctcttcc tcacaccaca     52260
     aatctgaatg tgcctctcac ttgcttacaa atgtctaagg tccccactgc ctgctggaga     52320
     aaaaacacac tcctttgctt agcccacagt tctccatttc acttgacccc tgcccacctc     52380
     tccaacctaa ctggcttact tcctagtcta cttgaggctg caatcacact gaggaactca     52440
     caattccaaa catacaagag gctccctctt aacgcagcac ttagacacgt gttgttccac     52500
     cttccctcat gctgttccac ctcccctcag actagctttc agtcttctgt cagcagtaaa     52560
     acttatatat tttttaaaat aacttcaatg tagttttcca tccttcaaat aaacatgtct     52620
     gcccccatgg tttcggtaat gggactcttt tcttgcctaa ggcttccggt gttatcagta     52680
     ccatgtccat ataatcccat ctgttcccca ctgagttctc atccccggac tctgagtttc     52740
     tggaagcagg gtggagcctc atttgtctct gagactccaa tttccatcca aagatgtagc     52800
     acataggagg ttccaaggat cacgaatcat atgaacaagt gatactctta ctctctgcag     52860
     acctggaaag ctggcagagt cattccacaa tgaaacattt gtagaatcat aggccttgtt     52920
     agtctcatct ccatggggac acatatcaac acatcatctt tcataatata aatatacggt     52980
     cactcctcca tatctgcggg gtttacaggt gtttattgaa ccaagtataa atcaaaaata     53040
     ttgagagaaa gtatccacag agtttcaaaa agcataacta tgttgaatgg acacaaatga     53100
     agctgtgtgt aggctgtatc aggaattata agtaatctag agatgatttc atgtatacag     53160
     gaggatgtgc ataggttatt tgcaaactct gtgccatttc atataagagg cttgagcatc     53220
     tacagatttt ggtatctgag tggagatctc aaaaccaatc acccacgaat agtgaaggat     53280
     gaccgtatat gacttttatt tctcaaattt aaatataaat cataaaaaat gtacaactag     53340
     ataaaaacta agaagtgttt ttatagtgtg agttagattt attttttcct aggtgtaacc     53400
     aattggttta atattattta ttgagaagac attctatgcc accttaaacc acacggcagc     53460
     ctttgtcaac tctaaaggga ctgtgtgtac atggatgtat tttagacact gtttctgcta     53520
     aggggctctc tgtgtccaca ctcttgatga tgctgcactt tatgtagcct tatagaaccc     53580
     tttaaattta gtagccagag ccctctaatt tgttattata ggctgtttgc tttttttttc     53640
     ttgaggcgga gtcttgctct gtcgcccagg ctggactgca gtgacacaat ctcagctcac     53700
     tgcaacctcc gcctcccagg ttcaagcgat tctcgtgcct cagcctcttg agcagctggc     53760
     gttacaggtg cctgccacca ggcacggcta atttttggat ttttaacaga gacacggttt     53820
     cactatattg gccaagctgc tctcaaactc cttatctcag ttgatccgcc cacctcggct     53880
     tcccaacgtg ctggggaaaa cttgattttc tatagcatta tgttactgga tatttctgta     53940
     aaatttaaaa cgagggaggg agagagacag acagagagca aactccagag ttgggactct     54000
     ggaatcttgg gtcatgagac aaattttaga ttaaactaca aaactccaga atttacaggt     54060
     gtggtttttg ctgataaagt acaattctaa gattgtaaat aattgcataa tccttccctg     54120
     ggaatttaaa tcattttagc tggttctgct gtaatactag aaatacaagc atgaaaaatt     54180
     ctaatggttt attagtcaca atgactccga aaacattaat aatacctatt agatactttg     54240
     catattacac aggaagaaga gtttgaatct cagataaaaa caaaaaaaat acatgaaaag     54300
     tctttcatgt tagcacagat tttaggcatc tcgtgttcgg ataaaaatac atgaaaagtc     54360
     tttcacgtta gcacagattt taggcatctt gtgttcggga ggttggatct gagacgtgtt     54420
     gtgagttggt catagtgaag gacgtgaggt gccaattcta gtgagaacaa tttccaggaa     54480
     gccgtgttcc gctcttgagc aagcatccac tgggcctcat gcaaggtaga aagagcctgc     54540
     gtacgtcacc ctcccatgat gtagtcaaca tgtaagctgc atgggcaggg cgccaaataa     54600
     catcctgtgc gctgctgagc tgagctgggg cgcggctgcc tgtctgcacc ggcagcacca     54660
     tgtcgctcat ggtcgtcagc atggcgtgtg ttggtgagtc ctggaaagga atagagggag     54720
     ggagcgcggg gatggagatc tgggcccaga ggtggagata taggcctgga ggtggagtta     54780
     tgggcctgga gtggagatct gggcctggag tggatatatg ggcctggaga tggagtgatg     54840
     ggcctagaag tggagatctg ggtctggagt ggagatatgg gcctggaggt ggagatatgg     54900
     gcctggagtg gagatctggg cctggagtgg agataggaac ctggagggga gatatgagcc     54960
     tggagtgaag atattggcct gggatggaga tatgggcctg gagtggagac atgggcctgg     55020
     aggtggagat atgggcctgg aggtggagac atgggcctag aggtggatat ctgggcctgg     55080
     agtggacata tgggcctagg atggagatat gggcctgggt gtggagatat gggcttgggg     55140
     tggagatatg ggcctggatt ggagatatgg gtctagggtg gaaatattgg cctggagtgg     55200
     agatatgggc ctggagtgga gatatgggct tggggtgggg ataggggcct ggggtgcgga     55260
     tatgggcctg caggctgggt ctctacacag ccgacagccc tgttcttggg tgcaggctgg     55320
     cactgagggt gagtttccct tcagcccagc aagggcctgg ctaccaagac tcacagccca     55380
     gtgggggcag caagggagtc ctggtttgcc tgcagatgga tggtccatca tgatctttct     55440
     ttccagggtt cttcttgctg cagggggcct ggccacatga gggtgagtcc ttctccaaac     55500
     cttagggtgt catctcccca cataagagga ttttcctgaa acaggaggga agcccggtgg     55560
     gggattttct tataaacaag gatgaggaga ccctggggtg ctcagcccac agttccgacc     55620
     ttgccctccc cagccttcct ttcccttggc tgagtcaggt tctgtgggaa cccgggaggg     55680
     tagactgggg tcctccaagc tgggctgtgc ggctgggatg tggtgtcact ggcagaggaa     55740
     gggagcaaag cagtgctagg aacagcaggc ctctgaggac aaaggtgtaa ctcacaccct     55800
     ccagcgtttc catgacggta ggggctgcag tgtggctgct gtcattctac ctcagaggtg     55860
     ggggaacccc agccagggcc ctgaccttcc aaatcctctg ttgggggctc agttgtgtat     55920
     tgtggttcac acattggctg atattccatt cacaaagaac atgccctcga ctccatgtct     55980
     atttgtgttg ttttatgtga gtaatcttgc aggattaaaa tctagtagga gtcccttact     56040
     cagcacttgc tcaaagttct cagctgacac ttttgttgta gagagacgcc aagtctatgc     56100
     ggggtgggtc cttcctgtag ccctgggcac ccaggtgtgg taggagcctt agaaagtgga     56160
     aatgggagaa tcttctgaca cgtggaggga ggggcggctc cacatcctcc tctctaaggt     56220
     ggcgcctcct tctcccccag gtggtcagga caagcccttc ctctctgcct ggcccagccc     56280
     tgtggtgtct gaaggagaac atgtggctct tcagtgtcgc tctcgtcttg ggtttaacga     56340
     attcagtctg tccaaagaag acgggatgcc tgtccctgag ctctacaaca gagtattccg     56400
     aaacaccgtt ttcataggcc ctgtgacccc agcacatgca gggacctaca gatgtcgggg     56460
     ttcacaccca cacttcctca ctgggtggtc agcacccagc aaccccctgg tgatcatggt     56520
     cacaggtcag agggctcctg tctgggattc tccttgtccc acctcctgag tcccagagct     56580
     tctggtggga gtgtccacca gcgtcccatc atccagaccc taactgtatt tggggtaaaa     56640
     ggggattgaa tacagggaaa tgggtgctgt ggtggaaaga ataattgtcc ccaatgatga     56700
     ctgcattcta atccctgcag tctgtgacta tttatgttat aggggaaggc actgaagggg     56760
     aagatggagc tcaggttgtt gagttgacct tgagatgggg agacagcctg gactgtcctg     56820
     ctgggctcag tgtaatcaca agggtgcaca tgagaggaga aggaagaggg gagtggcgat     56880
     tagagcagtg caatggaagt ctccatcagc tttgaaggtg gaggaaggcc atgagccatg     56940
     aatgcaggtg gcctatagag gctggaaaag tcaaggaact gattctcctg ggtctccaga     57000
     gggaacgcag ccctgcagat gccttgattt tagccctcaa aaaacagggt ccgatttctg     57060
     tctccagaaa cggaaggggt cagtgtgctc tctcctgctg ccatgcttct gataattttc     57120
     tacagcacca acaggaaacc aacactggaa cccaggtcaa ggacaagata agaaaggaca     57180
     caaggatagc cgggcgtggt ggcaggtgca tgtaatccta gcaactcagg aggctgaggg     57240
     caggagaatc acttgaaccc aggagacaga ggttgcagtg agcctagacc acaccacttc     57300
     actccagcct gggtgaagga gtgagactct gactccaaaa ttaattaatt aattaaagaa     57360
     accaaacaaa gagaaggttg gctacaccga gatcagcaag ggtgggatga tgatgccacc     57420
     accaggctcc atccacatag ggaggggttg atactcctca aaccagcacc agaagccagc     57480
     ctatggaagc tggcaccatg gagaaggcac aggcatggca agagtggctc ccagtcccca     57540
     ccaggaacag ggtgtgtgga cactggtgcc tgccttactg atcagttcat accttctgcc     57600
     aaggattcca attcgtccaa aagagattga accagtctgc taagagcctg gacgtgcagc     57660
     ctatcctggt tcctcttcca cccccacata gaagcaggaa agacattagt tcgaaataga     57720
     tacaacagcc caagagatga ggctgagccc agcggcaagg gaatcaggag ctactagaga     57780
     cagagggaca gagaagaggg agggagacag atggaaggac ctgtaccagg agttatgggc     57840
     acagaaaaga acatgaagac acagagagga aggagagaga taagacacca gcgaggggaa     57900
     gcctcactca ttctaggtgc catggatggg atgataaaga gagatgcctt ctaaagtcac     57960
     aacctctctt cctaggagtc cacagaaaac cttccctcct ggcccaccca ggtcccctgg     58020
     tgaaatcaga agagacagtc atcctgcaat gttggtcaga tgtcatgttt gagcacttcc     58080
     ttctgcacag agaggggaag tttaatgaca ctttgcgcct cactggagag ctccatgatg     58140
     gggtctccaa ggccaacttc tccatcggtc gcatgacgca agaccttgca gggacctaca     58200
     gatgctacgg ttctgttcct cattccccct atcagttgtc agctcccagt gaccctctgg     58260
     acatcgtgat tacaggtgag agtgtctgga cattattctc attgtcactg ggacacagag     58320
     tgaatgatcc acgacttgga ggcccaggtg gttataagga agatgagctt ggtattctta     58380
     tggagagaga ctaatttggt gaggtctgta ccaacagaga cagagaaaca ggagacacaa     58440
     gtacagacca ggtgtcataa cagaggacag acacaggggc catacaggga gttagaaaag     58500
     acagaaagag ttaaaggaga cacagacaga catgtgccag agagaggtgt ccttccatgc     58560
     tgactttgct cagagacctg gcacaggtta gaagtttcat ttctgtttta cttccacaaa     58620
     gtgttctcta ccagaagaac ccaaggacac ccatatttct ggcctgagtt gggccctgtg     58680
     gcctcaggcc ttctggcacc tacagatgcc gtgtttattc tgacacctct gccttccatg     58740
     caatggagag taatcgtccc aggatatcat ggccccagaa catcaacccc tgtatactgt     58800
     gtgaacttgc ggtccccaga ctggattctg aggctcacat tccaaataac cccacatatg     58860
     agaggatcac tgagagacac agagagaaat cagggacacc aaaaagcaaa gacataaaca     58920
     cacagagaat gagccagagg aaggagattg agagactcac agacacataa agagggagaa     58980
     aagagggcag agaagtggag agaacaatgg aagggaacag agaaaagcac taaaattaga     59040
     gtcctgaggg agaggcacaa ggacatagaa agatggagat gtggggatga attgcagaga     59100
     ttccaaagag aactagagag accgagaggc agagcaagac agatgataga tggatagata     59160
     tagatagatg ataaataggt agatgataga taataggtta tagatacata gatgatgatc     59220
     gattcattca ttgattaatc gatgatacat agagatgatg aagatgaaga tagatagata     59280
     atacatagag atagagaggc agacaaagag aaatcataga gagagagaga tgatacatag     59340
     atatagataa tagatgattt ttggatagac aattgataga taaatagatt atatatagat     59400
     atagatgaca ggtagagaat ttgtagatag gcaccagata gataaataga tatatcgata     59460
     gataatagat agaaatatgc agaaagttat gaacaggaca caaagtgaga aactcagaat     59520
     ttaaaaaaag taacatcaag tcaactagtc caaggagagt cagagagaat aaaacaatcc     59580
     aaaaagggaa aacatatcta gaggtgagaa agtgaggtca gagacctaga gagacagaga     59640
     aggtggaaag aggaaataga cataaagaga gatggtgtgg agggtgagac agagagagag     59700
     agcattaggc catagagcag gggagtgagt tctcagctca ggtgggaggg gagttgtgac     59760
     aaggaagaac ctccctgagg aaactgcctc ttctccttcc aggtctatgt gggaaacctt     59820
     ctctctcagc ccagccgcgc cccatggtta aggcaggaga gagcgtgacc ttgtcctgca     59880
     gctcccggag ctcctatgac atctaccatc tatcaaggga cggggaggct catgaactta     59940
     ggttccctgc agtgcccaag gtcaatggaa ccttccaggc caactttcct ctgggccctg     60000
     ccacccacgg agggacctac agatgcttcg gctctttccg tgactctccc tacgagtggt     60060
     cagaccttag tgacccactg cttgtttctg tcacaggtga ggaaaccagt ctgttcccca     60120
     aatagtggga ctcagatgga ctacaatggc cacattcagg ggagcctcag atggaggggg     60180
     tggccatggg ggtgtcagcc agagatgctg gacagaagag acacaaagca aacatacaga     60240
     aagaggcata gacagacaga cagagcgagg cagacagatc acattagggt ttggggtggt     60300
     aactgcaacc ctacctgaag cttgcagata gagcacaggc cacataaacc acttcccagt     60360
     ctttgtacag aagcccacct gggacacatg taaacagcat caatgctgac tcaggagcat     60420
     gaaaggccgg gctcagattg gaaagactag aggtagcatt ggccgcccgc cattgcccat     60480
     ttccagaagc ccccacctct caccaaagag tgatttccac atggggggca cagatgcaac     60540
     catcgttggg ggagccccaa tgtctcttga tgggaggcat tttccaccct agatgttttt     60600
     tgctctctcc acaccttgga gactcagtgg gggagtcttc tctggggact cggggagggc     60660
     ctccctggga ctcgcaggat ttccaagcta gatgacaaca tgacaggtgg aaacaggccc     60720
     attccttcgc caggggcccc aagctccatc ccaggagatg agaagaggct cttctcattg     60780
     gtcagtggat ccctgagggg acagaggctc agcactgaag gctgagaagg atctgccact     60840
     tcgctcagtg gcctcaagcc agacatcttc cctacagact tgcagtgatt ctccatcagc     60900
     atttagggct gtggccacca acctgggtgt tggtctgtag gaacttttca tttctgacct     60960
     tccataactg agttctcttc ctaaatgtgg aatgccttgt actccatgtt actctctccc     61020
     cagaaagaat gtgtggcttg tctgctctcc agccctgtca tggagattga taatccttag     61080
     ggagcaagag gagagggaaa gaacaaagta tgagaccacc taggtgctac tggttgaggt     61140
     tccatttgcc agtgaaggga cttcactcag ccgagggggc aactcaggga agtcagccga     61200
     gggagggcat tagagtagag agaactgagc tcacccagta aatgacccct tcactaactc     61260
     attcatctaa tatttatttc acacctacca tcagttctct ctgtttcatg gccaggagta     61320
     gacagcacgg ccaagctcct gggttcatga tgctcacatt gctgtggggt gggagagaga     61380
     ggcagaacat gaatgaatga atgagagaat gaatgaatga gtgaatgatg gaatgagtga     61440
     atgaatgaat gaatgaatgt atgaattagt gagtgaatcc ttagcacttg gtgaaagtgc     61500
     catgcacaga atgaaatgaa tgaacgtgga acgttgtcat ttggagtgta caggagggaa     61560
     cgtctcactg agacctcatc agagagatca catttaaact ccgatcttag agacaagagg     61620
     gagtgagccc tggggagtgt gttgaaagga actttcatgg acttaggaca ttggggatga     61680
     ccctaatgtg agaatgagct tggtgtgttc caagaagtcc atggacctgc catatggtga     61740
     gggctggtca gaatccagag agatttctaa atgcccttgt gcttgtaagg aaagtgagtc     61800
     ctgtggttgg gagtggactt ataccttggg tcaggtccag caattatctt tctaaatcct     61860
     ctctaattgc ctgaaccact tctatcaaca actgagaaaa gaggagtgtt aaacacccca     61920
     ctgtggccgt ggatttgcct acctgtccat ttatttccgc gactcttcct ccatgtatat     61980
     ttgcaggaat attactggga gtggttaagt gtaaactgat tatatattcc tggtaaattt     62040
     aaaatgctat aaatttacct gcttttttcc tacattttat gcttaatgtt ttccgctgat     62100
     ttttcccaaa gactaatttt gtctaatttt aatatagtta taccacattt ctaacagtga     62160
     ttgcttggta tatttctaca ttgtttaatt tcaaactcca tgaattgtta acattgagat     62220
     gtgtcctttg taaatttcaa acaattcgcc ttagaaagta agactttctg acaatctttt     62280
     gttcatgttt gagcagttct tccaatcata tttttgttat tattacgttg tgttttcctg     62340
     attccctttt tttcccactg acttctgtgg ttttctattt caaacattct atttttgatc     62400
     tatgtcgttt aggaatacat atatggtgta ctcatcctga agttgttaca tatttttaaa     62460
     attgaaatta atcatttcag agattaaact gcaaatataa aaacatattt ccactcttcc     62520
     tgtgtaagaa caggatttta gagcatattt agtacatatg tttgtattta cttatatgat     62580
     gttttgtttt gtggtataca taattctatc tttttcagaa attacacagg ggcatgtttt     62640
     catacactat cgtatggtcc atattcattt ttggcatagc catattttta gttcttcctc     62700
     tgctcttagt tattgtcaga atcttcgaca ccccatctgg tttcactttc tttatctttg     62760
     aggcacggtc atcagaattt cctttagggt cagtgagaaa agctttcttt gcccttttgt     62820
     ctttcagttc tgtttctttc ctgcgttgat cttggacagt aactgtacta tgtaaggaat     62880
     tgtcggtggc tggcgacggt atcttagctg ggtaaagatg ctattctact ggcttatgtt     62940
     ttcctttttt ctgtggggaa gacaatgctt ggctccctat aaatccttac cagctgatcc     63000
     ttttcctctg gctaatttta agggttggtt gtgcttttat gctgcttttc tgtaatgttg     63060
     aacgtgaggt gtgtttactt cattctgcct ggcattcact ggatttcttg aacctgtgga     63120
     ttgatggatg tgtctacttc ctccaaataa tcaacaattg cctctttaaa gattgcttct     63180
     gacctgtttt ctcgttcttt ctttttggaa ctcaagttag gagcattcta aaactgttgt     63240
     caatttttac cctgtcacaa aactgctctt tcttgtttca gttatttgct ttttctgtgc     63300
     attaatattg atggtttcct ctgtcataga ggataaatac tctcttcact gttgtgtaca     63360
     caacatttta actagttatt ctggtttaaa tttaatattg actttatcta catatcacaa     63420
     ttgattactg tgtacagact ttcttttcta ttagtataaa tttatgaggt acacttgtaa     63480
     ttttgtgaca tgagtatgtt gcagagtagt gaagtcagga cttttactat atccatcacc     63540
     caaataccgt acattgtact cattaagcaa attctcatca ctcacccacg tcccgccacc     63600
     ctccagcctt ctagcctccg ctgtccgtca ttccacactc tacgtccata tgtacacatt     63660
     actcccctcc catgtagagt gagaagatgt ggtatttgtc tttctgagtg gttttatgta     63720
     aaataatggc gtccagctcc atctatgttg ctgcaaaaga catggtttta tttttatgac     63780
     caaatagtat ttcgttgtgt atacacgcat ccttttttta atccaatcat tcattcacag     63840
     acacttagat tgatttcata tctttgctat tgcaaacagt gctgcaataa acatacaggt     63900
     gcagatattt tttgagtaga tacccagcag cgggacccct agatcgaatg gtgcttctat     63960
     ttttggttct ctgccaaatt tccatactgt cttccataga ggctatacta atttacatac     64020
     cggccaacag tgtataagag tttccttttc tctgcatcct tgccaacacc tgttatatgt     64080
     ttcacttttt ctttttttct ttttgagatg gagtcttcca ctgtcaccca ggctggagtg     64140
     cagtgccgcc atctccacgc gctgcaacct ccaccaacca ggttcaaatg attctcctgc     64200
     ctcaacctcc tgagtagctg ggattacaga accacaccac catgcccagc taatcttttg     64260
     tatatttagt agagatgggg tttcactatg ttggtcaggc tggtctcaaa ctcctgacct     64320
     catgatccac ccgcctcagc ttcccaaagt gctgggatta caagcgtgag ccaccactcc     64380
     ccaccagcat ttttagtaat agccattctg actactgtaa gatgatatct cattgtggtt     64440
     tcaatttgca tttctctgat gattagtgat gttcatacgc tgtttggcca ttcgtatgtc     64500
     ttcttttgaa aaatgtctat gtatatccct ttgcccactt tttaatgcta ttatttgagg     64560
     ggttatgttt agttgtttga gttgcctaga aattctggat gttagtcccc tgttgggtgc     64620
     atagtttgca aacatttcca ttcattctgt gggttgtctg ttcaccctgc tactatttcc     64680
     tttgcttggc agaagctctt tcgtttatta agtcccattg gtctagtttt atttttattg     64740
     cctgtgcttt tgaggtctta gtgatgaatt ctttgcccag accaatgccc agaagagttt     64800
     ctctttgggt ttccaccggt gattttatag ttctggattt acatttaagc tgctaattac     64860
     cttaagttaa tttatgtgta tgattacaga tacaggtcca gttttattct tctgcatatg     64920
     gctatttagt tttcccagca ccttttattg aaaaggaaat ctttctccag ggtatgtttt     64980
     gttaacgtcg tcaatgatta ttcactgtag atatgaggct gtatttctgg gctctctatt     65040
     ctggtctatt gatctctgtt tctgtgtcta taccagcact gtgctattta agttactata     65100
     gccttagagc atagtttgaa gtcagatagc gtgatgcctc caggtttcta cattcaccta     65160
     gaattgcttt ctctattagg atcttttttg gttctgtatg aattttagga ttgctttttc     65220
     taattctgtg aaaactggtg ttactatttt catataagaa ttgcactgaa tctgtagatt     65280
     gctttaggca gtatggtcat tttaacaata ttaattctta tgatccatga gcgtgggatt     65340
     ttttttcttt tttttttttg tattatctat aattgctttc attggtgtct tacacctttc     65400
     ctggtacaga tctttcacca ccttggttaa atgtattcct gagtgtttta attttgcgta     65460
     tctattgtaa acggcattgc cttcttgatt tggttctcag ctagatcatt ataggtgtag     65520
     agaaatgcta ccggctttta catattgatt ttgtattctg aaactttact tagttcattt     65580
     atcaatcata agaatttttg gcagggtctt taggattttc tagatttaag atcatagcat     65640
     cagaaataaa aataatttta cttcctcttt tctaatttgg atttttactt cttcctgttg     65700
     cccaatagct ctgacaaggc ttccagtact atgttgatag gaagtggtgg atgtccgtgt     65760
     ccttgtcttg tgccagttct cagaggagtg cttttaactt ttcctgttca gtatgatgtt     65820
     gactctagat atgtcatcta tggcttttat tattttgagg tatgttcttt ctatgcctaa     65880
     gtttttgagg gttttcatca ggtaaggatg ttgaatttct tttcagatgc ttttctttat     65940
     gtctattgag atgatcatat ggtttttgtt ctggattctg ctcgttcttc taagtggatg     66000
     agacatgcca gaaaagcatt tagtcagcca tcttggaaac aagcatctca gatgttttct     66060
     ttctctatag ctcattcttt cttaccagtg ttttcaattt tgtacttaat tttgtaaaga     66120
     gagtaaatga tataatttcc acatatgttt cctctgccaa atcagactca ctatgcttcc     66180
     tttccttgta tgcataacct acccagcaat acacacaaac atttattgct ttggagaatt     66240
     agtttgggaa catttttgaa atgtacaaaa aaatgtatat cttcaaaaga aatttctttt     66300
     tgtggcaaaa gacttctgaa ggtgctcatg atgatatagg gagaagaggg gttctggaca     66360
     ggaagaattt tatgaaggtg agatggggaa atagctccat ttcagagctt ctggggagag     66420
     aggggcctgg cccacatgga aaggtctctg atcttacccc caccctccag cccctgttct     66480
     ccagaactat actgtggaga gttccatcag gattgttgtg gctggtctgg tcttcctggc     66540
     tcttttggca atgctggcta agacctggtg gagacatgag gggccacagg tggaaatgga     66600
     agaaacatga ctgaagctgg ctggagtgaa tggcgcgaca ttctgtctgt gggagattgg     66660
     ccagatgggt ttcaagtgtg ttgtatcagc tgtgactttt agtaatgttc ttgctaccac     66720
     aatatccact cgtccatccc gaataattgt gatgaaatat tgtccttggg ataatattca     66780
     tttgctaaag acagggatga tacctcaagg tgccactata tacatcgagg ggatccacaa     66840
     aagtccattc agtaaaatgt agttggcatc ttagggtagg ttgattccac ctctaaaaaa     66900
     gtaggtacaa catcaggttg atttttccga agaaaagtgg tgattggcca tctttagtct     66960
     caatgtaaac ggtaatactg atgagtgtgg aaaaggcagg gaagaggatt gacaataagt     67020
     gacactcatt gttttcatct gagctttgag actgaaagag gaacacagga gtgagatgta     67080
     tgggaacaaa ccccttcttt ttccagctaa acagagtgga agttggacac tgagttttgg     67140
     cgtacagcaa aatcctaagt ccattgttgg gttgaacacg gccatgttgt acatcctggt     67200
     ttcacagcag acactggagg aaaacagcct gtattcataa gaggctgtcc ctcgggtcac     67260
     tgcccagaat atccggagtt ggtgctcaca gggttgggaa ctctcctgga ccagacaggc     67320
     tctggatatg ggggggtacc aagctccccg gggccatgcc tccacagctc tcttctcacc     67380
     tcattcttga ccatttccca aacctctgac ctcaccttca ttcatccatg gtgaacacgc     67440
     taaagctggc cttcaaagct tgagacagag gaaaattggg cttcatctct gggaactaaa     67500
     ttggggagtg gagactcagt tctggcctga caggagggag aagaccctgg atcccagtgt     67560
     ggatgggaag aagtatgtgt ttctcttttg tgcttggacc ctgtgtccaa gcatgtctga     67620
     gatgtgatga agatgaatct tcctttcctt gtctattttc tcatgccaga gaattggaat     67680
     cttatattcc attaactctt tctgttctgt tcatccagat tctatgaagg agaaaggaaa     67740
     agatgtgata ctgtaatttt gctccatttg tctaaaatga gtaggctgca actcctcttg     67800
     aagtgatacc ttttctagct cttgttggag gtgtctcagg actcattact tcggggaacc     67860
     tgcaactgtg tcagtctggg gaaactgcaa atattcttgt cttacatttg tctccagcca     67920
     attgtgatgg actccagtga cctgcaattg ctgttattgc aggtaaaatg tacctgagtc     67980
     aggccacagt tctcctggac tatgagcccc tggccatgtt cctgaggcaa ttctgttcat     68040
     ctaaatataa taataataac acactaaaaa tggcaagcca ttgttaattc ctgaagtctc     68100
     atttgaaaat tactaaatgt ctgttatttt ttggtgttta cattatatgt agacagataa     68160
     actacacaca cacacacaca cacacatgca cacagaagaa tggattggtt catgtagaaa     68220
     agtaaataat tcaagatgaa aggatgaaat gtcatggcac ctactattct attttagata     68280
     aagggtctat gaaaagattg atttcttttt atgttttatt tgttgacatt tgaacacaaa     68340
     ctatgtaagt gagggagtcg atttgaaagg gagaagagca agttcaaaca cattcaggtg     68400
     aggtcatgct ttacatgttt taattgaaat gatccatctt gggagtagat caataactga     68460
     gatggtgcca ggaatgttaa aaagcttttg tcagtcctaa atattgacaa ataaaattta     68520
     attaaagtct tagaagaaaa cacaaaggaa aacttcacaa catcggattt ggcagtgatt     68580
     ctttagatgt gacaacaacg gcacaggcta ctacagaaaa aataaacaag ttagacttta     68640
     tgaaaatttt gaaatattgt gactcaaaag acaacatcag ttacttcaca tggcaaggaa     68700
     aaagaacttt taagacgata ttatcaaagt aaaaagacaa cccacagaat gggagaaaat     68760
     gttttcaaac cacaccacct gtaagggatt aacatccaga atatacagac aactcctaaa     68820
     actcaatcac aataaactca attcaaaaat gggcaaagta ctgaaacaga catttctcca     68880
     aagaacatac gcatgaaaag atattcagca tcacgaatca ttagggaaat actaactaaa     68940
     actacaccag atgccatttc atacccctta ggatgggtat catcaaaaca acaacaacaa     69000
     caacaacaaa gtttctatac attaacaaca aactatccaa aaaagtttac aagaaaataa     69060
     gcccatttgc aataactaca gaaaacaaaa catgcaggaa taaattcacc caaggagtag     69120
     aaagatctgt atgcaaaagc tataaaacat tgatgaaaaa actcaagaaa taaacaaata     69180
     aatcgaaaga tattccatgt tcacggatca gaaggattaa tgttgttaaa atgtccattc     69240
     tatccaaagt gattcaatgc aaccattatc aaaaatccaa tgacattttt tttacagaaa     69300
     tagaaaaaac agtcctaaaa ttcatgtgga accacaaaag atctcaaata accaaagcca     69360
     tctagaggga aaggaacaaa gttggaagca tcacattacc taaacacaaa ctacattaca     69420
     aaattacagt aattaaaaca acacagtact tgcataaaaa cagacacata gaccaatgga     69480
     agtgattcat agcccaggaa aaaaatgcat gcatttaggg tcaaacaatt tttgggatgt     69540
     gtcaagaaca cacaatggag aaggaacagt ctctttaata aatgggattg ggagactgca     69600
     tgtccacatg cagaagaatg gaagtggaca tttgcctcac aaaacataca aagtcaactc     69660
     aagatagatt aatgacttaa atgtaagatg aaagactata atcccagcaa tttgggaggc     69720
     caaggtgggc agatcaccta aggtcaggat tccaagacca gcatggccaa catggtgaaa     69780
     tcccgcctct actaaaaata caaaaacagc tgggtgtggt tgtgggtgcc tgtaatctca     69840
     gctactcggg aggttgagac aggagaatca cttgaaccca ggaggtagag gttgcagtga     69900
     gccgagatcg caccactgca ctccagccgg ggcaacacag tgagactcca tcttaaaaaa     69960
     aaaaaaaaaa ctactaaaag aaatcaaggg aaaactccac tggcttgggc aaaaccattt     70020
     tggatattaa cccaaaggcc caggcaacaa aagcaaaagt agacaaataa cattatatca     70080
     aattgaaagt ttctgcaaag aaaaaaaaaa ctcaacaagt ggaaagacaa cctatggaat     70140
     gggagaatat atttgcaccc atacatctaa taaggaatta atatccaaaa tatataagaa     70200
     actcaaacaa ctcaatggta agaaatcaaa taacccaact taaaaaaatg ggcaaagtat     70260
     ctgaataaac atttctaaga ataagacaaa tcaccaaaag gtatatgaaa aaatgattag     70320
     cattactaaa catcagctaa ataaaaatta aaactagaat gagatatcac ctcacacctc     70380
     ttagaatgac cattaacagt ctgggcatgg tggctcatgc ctgtaattca ggcactttgg     70440
     gaggccgagg cagggagatt acctgaggtc agcagttcga aaccagcctg gccaatatgg     70500
     tgaaacccca tccctactaa aaatacaaaa attagcagag tttggtggcg cacacttgta     70560
     gtcccagcta ctctggagac tgaggcaggg gaatcgcttg aacccaggag gcagaggttg     70620
     cagtacaccg agattgtgcc actgcactcc agcctgggtg acagagcaag actgagtctc     70680
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag accattatca aaaacataaa aaataacaag ggttaacgag     70740
     gatgtggaga aaagggaaca tttgtatgca gttgatggga atgtaaatta gcacaaccat     70800
     tatggaaaac agtctggaag ttcctgaaaa aattaaacat agaattccca tatgtgtctg     70860
     caatccaact actgcgcatg tatccaaagg aagtggaatc agtatgttga agagatatct     70920
     gcattcccat gtttacagcc gcattattca taacagccaa gatgtggaat cacccttact     70980
     gcccatctat gggtgcatgg acaaagaaaa cgtggtatac gataggaacg taatgaagta     71040
     ctatacaacc tttacaacaa agaaggaagt cctctcattt gtgacaatgt gaaaaaactt     71100
     agaggacatt atgttaaggg aaacaatcca ggcacagaaa gacaaatgcc acatgatctc     71160
     atgtgtggag tgtaagaagt ggaacctaga ggaacagtaa aatggtcgtc gaaagaacct     71220
     gggatggaga gagattgaag agatgttggt caaaggatgc aaaatttcag ttagaagaaa     71280
     tcggttcaag agatctattg tatgtcttgg tgactccagt taatagcaac atatggtgta     71340
     ttgaacatta ctaagagatt agattttaca tgttctcacc acacacacaa aacatacaag     71400
     tatgtgaaaa aataaatatg ataaagaggt tgtttcatcc attccacaat gtgtacctat     71460
     atgaaaacat catgatggac accacaaata cccttttcct cattaattaa atttgttttg     71520
     gttttttttt tgagatgcag tttcactgtt gttgcccaag ctgaggtgca atggcgtgat     71580
     ctccgctcac tgcaacctct gcctcccagg ttcaagcggt tctcctgact cagcctccca     71640
     agcagctggg actacagttg cgtaccaccc cgtccggcta tatttgtgtt tctagtagag     71700
     acagggtttc gccatgttgg ccaggctggt ctcgaactcc agacctcagg tgatccaccc     71760
     gcttcgccct cccaaagtgc tagatttcag gctgagacac cacacccagc ctgtacattg     71820
     actttctgcc cttaaactgt gctgaagttt gtttctcaga tgtaggagcc tttgggcaga     71880
     gactatgggg tttctaggta tagaaattat ctcatcttca aacagaggta atttgactac     71940
     ctctctctgc tactctcttc ttacttggat gccttataat tctttctctt tcctgatggc     72000
     tctgtctagg acttcaagta ctatgttgaa taggatggtg agagtgggca ttcttgtctt     72060
     gtttcactta tgaagggaac ttcttccagc ttttactcat tcagtatgat gttggttgtg     72120
     ggtttgtcac aggcggctct tattatattg agttatgttt cttcaatgct tagcttgttg     72180
     agggctttta acatgaagaa atgcttagta aaaagtatgt tctacatgtg tgttgagaag     72240
     atcatgtggt ttttgttttt agttttgttt aggtgatgaa tcacatgtat tgattgtgta     72300
     tgttcaacca accttgcacc ctaagaataa agttgacttg atcatggtgg attcactttt     72360
     tgatatgctg cgggattcag ttcttagtat tttttgtgga tttttgcctc tatgttcatc     72420
     aggaatattg gcatgtagtt ttcttttgtt taatgttctt ttctgtcttt agtatcaggg     72480
     tgatgccagc cttatagaat gagtaaaggc caccctgggc aaacagtgag acccatccct     72540
     ttttaaaaat tatgagtttt acaaatttaa aatgcatagt gaaaaagttc ttacaaactc     72600
     cagaaaggta ggtgtaaata agagacattt gtaagaatga cagcacatta aatgtgtaga     72660
     tttcaacctt cagttattgc aatattccag tatcaagttg gaggatgtta tcagtctgat     72720
     attttttcct caaatgagag agagaaagaa agacacacaa acaacacagg gagaaaaaaa     72780
     gcacacgtta cagagagaca aaaagggaga cagggaactg tgaatttgga ctcttgtgtc     72840
     ataagacaaa ttctagataa cacgaccaga ccttcaattg acatattgtg tttttgctaa     72900
     taaggtggaa ttctatgatg cgaaataact atatagtctt ttctactggg atttaaatca     72960
     ttttatctgt ttctggctta acaggaaaaa tacaaccatg gaaaattatg atgatttatt     73020
     taatacgatt gctctatagt gttaataaaa cctattaggt attttgcata ttacatatca     73080
     aggagagttt gaatctcagg tagaaacaaa aaaaaataca tcaaaagttc ctcatgtgag     73140
     tgcagaattc aatcgtcccg tgcaggggta agtgagtctg agatgtgttt tgagcctggc     73200
     cgttgcgcat gatgtgaagt gacaagtcta gtctgcagtt ttcagaaacc ctcattcctc     73260
     ccttgactga ttcaccactt gaacctcata tgacgtagaa gaagcctacc tatgtcccct     73320
     tcacatgttg tggtcaatgt gtcaactgca cgatccgggc ccctcaccac atcctctgca     73380
     ccggtcagtc gagccgagtc actgcgtcct ggcagcagaa gctgcaccat gtccatgtca     73440
     cccacggtca tcatcctggc atgtcttggt gagtcctgga agggaaggag caccagggtt     73500
     acactatggg cctgcagatt gggtgtctcc ccagcagaga gccatgttct gaagcaagtg     73560
     agtggtgagg atgagttaat tttcagtcca gcgtggcgcc cagtggctca ggaggaaagg     73620
     gtaggttgct gccgagatga atagttcctc atgatctttc tttgcagggt tcttcttgga     73680
     ccagagtgtg tgggcacacg tgggtgagtc cttccccaaa tgatgggttg ccatcttcac     73740
     cccaatacaa gtgaattttc cggaaatggg agggaggcag cacagagggt gggctgatgg     73800
     gctgaccatg ggaaggcctg gggggagtct ctcatgaact agtaagagga gatcctggga     73860
     gtctctcatg aactagtaag aggagatcct gggagtctct catgaactag taagaggaga     73920
     tcctggtatg ctcagccttc tgttttgtct tagccctccc cagcctttct tccccatggc     73980
     tgagttgagc tctgtgtggc ccaggcggga tactgaggtg ctcaaagctg gggtgtgtgg     74040
     ggggatgtgg tgtcaccgac agaggaggga agggtagcag tgttaggaac agcaggtcct     74100
     ctgaggacaa gagggtaact cacaccctcc agcgtttcca tgacggtagg ggctgcagtg     74160
     tggctgctgt cattctgcca gaagaggtgg gggaaccaca gccacgaccc tgccattcca     74220
     aatcctctga tggagctcag ttgtttattg tggttcaggc attagctaat attccattca     74280
     caaaggtcat accctccacc ccatgtctac tttgtgttgt ttggtgtaac taatcttgca     74340
     gtattaaaat ctagtaagag tcccttactc agcacctgct cagttctcaa ctgacacttt     74400
     tgttgtaggg agacgccacg tctatgcggg atgggtcctt cctgtagccc caggcaccca     74460
     ggtgtggtag gagccttaga aagaagaaat ggggagaatc ttctgagcac agggagggag     74520
     gggcagctca acatactcct ctctgaggcg gcatctcctt ctccccaagg tggtcaggac     74580
     aagcccttct gctctgcctg gcccagcgct gtggtgcctc aaggaggaca cgtgactctt     74640
     cggtgtcact gtcgtcgtgg gtttaacatc ttcacgctgt acaagaaaga tggggtccct     74700
     gtccctgagc tctacaacag aatattctgg aacagtttcc tcattagccc tgtgacccca     74760
     gcacacgcag ggacctacag atgtcgaggt tttcacccgc actcccccac tgagtggtcg     74820
     gcacccagca accccctggt gatcatggtc acaggtcaga gggctcctgt ctgggcttct     74880
     ccttgtccca cctcctgagt cccagagctt ctggtggggg tgtccaccag agtccgatca     74940
     tccaggcccc aactatattt ggggtaaagg gggattgaat acaggggaat gggtgctgtg     75000
     ttggaaagaa taactgtccc catcgatggc cacattgtaa tccttggagc ctgtgactat     75060
     gttatagggc aggggactga aggggaagat ggagctcagg ttgttgatga gttgaccttg     75120
     agatggggag atggcctgga ccctcccact gggctcagtg taatcacaag ggtccatatg     75180
     agtggagaag gaagaggaga atggggatta gagcagcatc gtgggatact ccaccagcca     75240
     ctgtgggctt tgaaggtgga ggaagaccac gagccacgaa ggggctggag aaatcaatgg     75300
     aactgattct cccgagtctc cagagggaat gcagccctgc agatgccttg attgtagccc     75360
     aggaagaaca gggtctgatt tctgtctcca gaagtggaag gggtcagtgt gttctctcct     75420
     gccgccatgt ttgtgataat tttctccagc aacatcagga aaccaacaca ggaacccagg     75480
     tgaaggacaa gttaaaaaac caaacaagaa ggttggctac cctgagatca gcaagggtgc     75540
     actgctgatg ccaccaccag gctggaacca catagggagg gatcgacagg aagagttggg     75600
     ggtggagggt gagagagaga gagagagaga gagcactagg ccatagagca gggcagtgag     75660
     ttctcagctc aggtgggagg ggagctgtga caaggaagaa cctccctgag gaaactgcct     75720
     cttctccttc caggtctata tgagaaacct tcgcttacag cccggccggg ccccacggtt     75780
     cgcgcaggag agaacgtgac cttgtcctgc agctcccaga gctcctttga catctaccat     75840
     ctatccaggg agggggaagc ccatgaactt aggctccctg cagtgcccag catcaatgga     75900
     acattccagg ccgacttccc tctgggtcct gccacccacg gagagaccta cagatgcttc     75960
     ggctctttcc atggatctcc ctacgagtgg tcagacccga gtgacccact gcctgtttct     76020
     gtcacaggtg aggaaagcca atgtctgtcc catgtcctat ggtcctagag ccttagctga     76080
     ggagcttcct gctgatgatg gagagaagca tggacagatg tggagagaag atgcagcatg     76140
     gtgtgagggt gggatcaggg cacaggatgg cagacagggc acctccaaac cctcctgcat     76200
     ggcctgcatg gaagcttgca gtaagggctc cgggtaccca ggcagatgga gaaagtggtc     76260
     aggacagacc cagaggaggg agactgggct cagtttgggg agatcagagg ttccctcagc     76320
     ccctcaacct tacccatttc ccagaagccc accctggcct ctcacctaca cagagatgtc     76380
     atcaccagca acccctacac tttttctttt cctttgaaaa aatgctgatt gaggttaaat     76440
     atacctatat aatttatcaa ctttaccatt tttaagtgta aaatctaggg atcataaata     76500
     cctttatatg ctgtgtgcgg tggctcacgc ctgtaatctc agcattttga gacgccaagg     76560
     caggtggatc atttaaaatc aggggctgga gaccagcccg gccaacatgg gggaaccaat     76620
     ctttactaaa aagacaaaaa aaataaaatt agccaggcat ggtgccaggc gcctataatc     76680
     ccagcaactt gggaggctga ggcgggagag tggcttaaac ccaggaggag gaggttgcag     76740
     tgagctgaga tcatgccact gcactgcagc ctggtgacac agagagactc tgtctctaaa     76800
     taaataaata aatactttta tattcttctt ttgttaccct ccaccccttc cttcctaacc     76860
     tctggtatcc accattctac tctctacctt catgaggtcc accttttaca tcctgcatgt     76920
     gagtaagaaa tggcaatcct tgtaatgacc tccagtccat ccatgtggct gcaaatgaca     76980
     ggacgtttct ctttgtatgg atgagttgtc tccattgtgt gtatgtacta cattctctct     77040
     atccattcat ccactgatgg gcaggtaggt tgactccaca tcttggctac tgtgaacagt     77100
     gctggaacag tcatgggagt gcagatgtca cttcaataca ctgaagtcct tttctttgca     77160
     tttacaccca ctagtggaat tgctagatcc tctggatgtt ctctttttag gttttgtttt     77220
     atgctttttg tttttttgac atagcgtttc actcttgttg cccaagctgg agtgcaatgg     77280
     caccacctgg gctcactgca acctctacct ccaggattca agtgattctc cagcctcagc     77340
     ctcccgagta gttgggatta ctggtgcccg ccaccacgcc tggctgattt ttgtattttt     77400
     agtagagacg gggtttcacc atgttagcca ggctggtctc gaactcttga cctccagtga     77460
     tctgcccact tcagcctccc aaggtgctgg gattacaagc gtgagccaca gtgcctaatc     77520
     tctttttagt ttttaaggaa cttccatatt cttctcctct gtaatggctg tattaattta     77580
     cattcctatc aacagtgtat cagggttctc ctttctccac caccttgcca acatttgttt     77640
     tgtctgtctc tgagataaaa cccattgtaa tggggtgaga tgatagctca ttgtgacttc     77700
     atttgcattt ctctgatgat tagtgatact gagcactttt tcatatatgc aatgtatata     77760
     tgttcatttg tatgttttgt tcattgagaa atgtctgttc aggtctttta ctaattttat     77820
     aattaaatta ttagttttat tgaggtgttt gagcttcttt tatattctag ttattaatcc     77880
     catctcagat gcatagtttg caaatatttg ctcccattct gtgggttgtc tcttcttcac     77940
     ttcattggtt gcttcctttg cggtgcagaa gctgcttgat ttgatataat cccaatggtc     78000
     tatttttttg ttgttgttgt gattacttgt gtttttgagg ttttaaacaa aatgtcttcc     78060
     ctcagacaaa tgtcctggag catttctcca gtgtttcctt ttagacattt aatggattca     78120
     ggtcttaagt cattaatcca ttttcatctg atttttgtgt atggtgagag gtagaggtgc     78180
     agtttcatcc ctctgcatgt agatatccag ttttccctgc accatttatt gaaatgactg     78240
     tcctttccag attgtagatt cttcgaacct ttgtcaaagt ccattggatg taaatgggtg     78300
     gattacatcc gtgttcttca ttctgctcca ttgttttatg tgcttttctt tatgccaatg     78360
     tcatgttgtt ttgcttacta cagctctgta acatattttt aagtcaggta gtgtgatgct     78420
     cctgttttct ccttatacct tgaagtctca agatagttgg tgtcacctac aatgattatg     78480
     gagaatggga tgccaggact cccagggccc aacattagat aatagaatgt tggccatgaa     78540
     ccaacctcaa agatttccat tgagtagaag acaggcatcc tcattgccac acctctctcc     78600
     tgtcccatgt tctaggaaac ccttctagta gttggccttc acccactgaa ccaagcttca     78660
     aaactggtaa gtgaaggacc cctcttatct ctgcttttgg aaacctgggg aggtagaagc     78720
     cttggattca agcgttggct cagcacctgc cagctctgtg attgtgggcc tgtcttccat     78780
     tgtctctgaa ccccagacac tccaacagcg aaagggatct gggcccagca cagggctcag     78840
     tgaaatctct taatctctaa ttttctgctg ctgagacctc agggtagaag gatgagtgca     78900
     aatcagacat tcttctcagg aaaaatgctg tgtttgttct gcctgcattc ctaactggga     78960
     ggacaaatgc ctgggggctt gagaagggga aggacgggga acatttttga gggtggtgta     79020
     tttgtagaga agttctactt gccaaggaat gagctcctgt ctgtcatgat ccaaccctgg     79080
     ttgacttagt ggaacaagag ctttgcggta agagagaacg tagttcatcc gtgcacatga     79140
     cacttccact tactcgttca gccactgccc catgctcaga ctgtgcagtg tggaaccttt     79200
     tcctatgttg ccataacaaa tttccacaag cttcgtggat ggaaaccaca ttttaaaaaa     79260
     atatctcatg gtgctgtagc tcagaagtat gaaatgcatc atctcactgg gctaaaatca     79320
     aggtgacagc aaggctgcct tccctctgaa tgttccaggc aagaatctgc ttcctcactt     79380
     ttcccagctc ctagaggctc ccacattcct tggctcctgg tccccgtctt cctccctcaa     79440
     agtccacaaa ggctggtcac gcctctcaca cggcatcact cagacccttc ttccttgtcc     79500
     acacctcttt ctctgaatgc tgctctgcct tcttcctcat cttttaagga ctttggcatt     79560
     ctattggaaa caccaagata atccatcata atttccctaa aatcatctag gataccctcc     79620
     ttttaaggtt agctgattag caaccgtaat tccatctgca atctgcattc cttttttcca     79680
     tgtaaaataa catattcaca agatatggcg actaggacag gaacattttg gggtggggcg     79740
     gcattcttat cctttccaca aatggtaaac aaggtgcatt tggcctctgc tcttggacac     79800
     tgatattgca aaggattaaa tgggagggca gaaaatgaat gcaccagtgg accaataaat     79860
     gaatgatcca ttgggaagca tctgtgcatg agaatgattg attgattggt tgtttttatg     79920
     agacggtgtc tccctctgtg ccccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcgggatctc ggctcaccgc     79980
     aacctccacc tcccaggtta aagcgattct ctacactcag cttcccgaga ggctgggatt     80040
     acacccatgt cccaccacgc ctggctaatt tttttttggt attttttttt tagtacagac     80100
     aaggttttac catgttgccc aggctatctc aaactcccaa ccttaaggga tccgcccgtc     80160
     tcagcctccc aaagtgctga gattcgaggc gtgagccaag gcgccgagcc gtattttaaa     80220
     agaaataata gataatgctg agtgtataat ttcgggtgac agagaagttc tcactgatca     80280
     aataatactt gtgaccttaa tgaaaaaaat agatcaaccc ctggaagatt ggcggaagga     80340
     ttttccacac agctgtcagc cgtgaaggca caaaggtgaa aacaatgtta tgtggaagga     80400
     agaggctctg cctgaaatgc tgggaatgag atggggagaa tgacaagacg actgtggaga     80460
     gacagagagc actctgggta cacaggaaac taaggaggaa caaggagcgt gtgtttgaca     80520
     ctcacagcca ttggacttac ctcggggcta actgggaatc cctacatgat gaatagtgac     80580
     tgacatgaaa ataagggagg cccaggtgca taactggaat ctaggagact gtggaaaagg     80640
     caattcccgc ccccctggtg aaatgtggtg ctgatttaga cactaaatga atgaaagatg     80700
     gacacaagat gtgtttgtga ggtagagtaa tttgcaggga gggcttgcct gctttgattt     80760
     ttcctaattg tttaatcttc acttcattga tttctttctg agatttattt ttcctacatg     80820
     taaatcaata cttggcagag gagtgagaga tacatgaggg gtggtgcaaa ggaagagacc     80880
     tattataata taacacacaa ggttctgaac ggtggctcac acctgtaacc caacattttg     80940
     ggaggctgag gaggctggat caagtgagat caggagttcg agatcagcct ggacaacatg     81000
     gtgaaacccc atctctacta aatatacaaa aactagctgg gggtggtggc gcatgcctgt     81060
     aataccagct attcgggaag ttgaagaagg agaatggctt caaccaggga gggagaggtt     81120
     acagtgagcc aagatcgcgt cattgcactg caccctaggt gacagagtga gactccatgg     81180
     caaaaaataa aaataaagaa tacataaata taatataaca tacacgaatg acaaaggcac     81240
     accaattcca atcatcattt ttctatttct ctataatgac ttctttgatc ctttatccta     81300
     tccataagaa aatcaggcga aaacatcttc cttatttggc tttctgtgag catgagatca     81360
     tatggaaaat gtgaaaccca ccagcgcagg tcctggaata gagaacgtga tctgttcatg     81420
     gcacaaaact tgccccttca cccaaatccc ccacctcacc cctacttcca atcacattaa     81480
     tgatacagat agatcatggg gaggtaaaaa ctaatattct ttggagttca gatcgtagac     81540
     tcagagacca gtgccagcac tatctcctgg tcaccttttg gagtaattca cagaaagaca     81600
     ggctgtattg aagcaacaga tgatggaggg ggtggtcttt cccccagact ctcgggtgga     81660
     acagcagcct aatatctgac tcccaagatg acaaaagtag catgttgccc acgagcttca     81720
     tcattatttc ctggctgttt gatataagac agctcaacct cacttatgtt gatttcaatg     81780
     tcactgtttt ttccttttct tggagaatgt aatttgtttg agtcaagagg gttgtggatg     81840
     tagaaactgt aaagcacatt cactgtgtat caatcccagt ccagtcttcc cagagaagac     81900
     tctaaacacc tcccatactg cacctggggc tgtgccaatt tctatcactc accatcactc     81960
     cagggagaca gaacacacag ggaatacatt acataggcag gttcattact tatagataag     82020
     cagcgagtga caacagaaac cttcctttca gggtgagcca gtccctcaag gctcagaaaa     82080
     actgctcagg acacatggag tcacttcatg tgcactgtag ctgggggaag ccagaaagca     82140
     gcccagcctg ggttttgtac cctggagcca cagggaacac tcagctaaag cactgcatga     82200
     tgttctcctc caggaagaac aggaagacag cccaggctgt tctgagacgt tcctcctgat     82260
     ctcaggatgt tgctgtctta gcctattttt gttgctataa aagaacactt gagcctgggt     82320
     atcttctaaa gaaaagagat gtgtttggct cactgatctg cacgctgtac tagaagcagg     82380
     acactaccat ctatttctgg ctgcggcctc aggctgctcc cacactgaca gaagagaagg     82440
     gggtcctgcg tgtgcagaga ccacagagat cacatggcaa gagagggaga aagggggtgt     82500
     gatggagctt ccaagctctt tttaagaatc aactctccag ggtactaata gagggagaac     82560
     ttgctaaccc cgtcctctgg ggacagcatt aatctattca tgatggatcc acccccatga     82620
     ccaaaacacc cctcccaata ggcacaacct cccacactgg ggattaaatt tcaaagtggg     82680
     gtttggaggg gtcaaacatt gaaacaatag cagttgtatc atcagcacat tctattgtta     82740
     ttatgaaaac tataacggag aaagcaggag aaagctgggt ctcccgcctc gtgggtgctt     82800
     gtcctaaaga ggtgttttat gtggttgcct ggcaaccaag aaatgagaga caatccacaa     82860
     agaggaactg ctatggttag cttcttattg gattctcatc ttcctccagg tatcgccaga     82920
     cacctgcatg ctgtgattag gtactcagtg gccatcatcc tcttcaccat ccttcccttc     82980
     tttctccttc atcgctggtg ctccaaaaaa aaaagtaagc ctcacgaagc agaggccaga     83040
     gaactcaggg ccctgtgcgg aagcaggatg ggagcacgca ggtgtgtgtt cctcactggc     83100
     aggaaagtct ctggcccaag gcaggagcca gaggcagagc tttctagaga gagcaccaga     83160
     caacctgccc ctgccttcag ctcacagacc attgcctgat tgtgaactgt atcctcacgt     83220
     cccctgcagc cactcacatc caggagaaga ttccatgaca ggcagaaagt gggagataga     83280
     atcaatggga tgggaactga cagctattca tggaatgggg tcttgcactc agagagatgg     83340
     aatgtctgag tctggctgtt ggcagctgag ggacctcagg cacctatggc ctccccctgt     83400
     gtgttggtat ctgttcatga aatgaggacc cagaagtgcc ctcccagctg tttcgattgc     83460
     ttccgtctcc tacagatgct gctgtaatga accaagagcc tgcgggacac agaacagtga     83520
     acagggaggt aggtcctcct agcccagcct catggataca gtcttattcc ctaatagtcc     83580
     tgaaaaatgt gaacaccctc cctcactcag gatttccctc tctccaggac tctgatgaac     83640
     aagaccctca ggaggtgaca tacgcacagt tggatcactg cattttcaca cagagaaaaa     83700
     tcactggccc ttctcagagg agcaagagac cctcaacaga taccagcgtg tgtatagaac     83760
     ttccaaatgc tgagcccaga gcgttgtctc ctgcccatga gcaccacagt caggccttga     83820
     tgggatcttc tagggagaca acagccctgt ctcaaaccca gcttgccagc tctaatgtac     83880
     cagcagctgg aatctgaagg cgtgagtctc catcttagag catcactctt cctcacacca     83940
     caaatctggt gcctgtctct tgcttaccaa tgtctaaggt ccccactgcc tgctgcagag     84000
     aaaacacact cctttgctta gcccacaatt ctctatttca cttgacccct gcccacctct     84060
     ccaacctaac tggcttactt cctagtctac ttgaggctgc aatcacactg aggaactcac     84120
     aattccaaac atacaagagg ctctctctta acacggcact tagacacgtg ctgttccacc     84180
     ttccctcgtg ctgttccacc tttcctcaga ctatttttca gccttctggc atcagcaaac     84240
     cttataaaat ttttttgatt tcagtgtagt tctctcctct tcaaataaac atgtctgcct     84300
     tcattcttta ggtgactctt tttttggctg aaagtttcca gtgttatcat taccatgtcc     84360
     aaataactcc aactgttctc cactgggttc tcacccctgg actctgagct tctggaagca     84420
     gggtggagcc tcatttgtct ctgagactcc aatttccatc caaagatgca gcacataaga     84480
     ggttccaagg atcgtgaatc acatgaacaa gtgatattct tactctctgc agacctggaa     84540
     agctggcaga gtcattccat gatgaaacat ttgtagagtc ataggccttg ttagtctcat     84600
     ctccacgggg acacatatca acacatcatc tttcatacta taaatataca gtcggtcctc     84660
     tgtatctgtg ggatttacag gtgtttattg aaccaaatat aaatcaaaaa tattcagaga     84720
     aaaaatccac aaagtttcaa aaagcaaaac tatgttgaat ggacacaaat gaagctgtgt     84780
     gtaggctgta tcaggaatta taaataatca agggatgatt tcatgtacac aggaggatgt     84840
     gcatgggtta tttgcaaatg ctgtgccatt tcatgtaaga ggcttgagca tctgcagatt     84900
     gtgctatctg agtggagatc ctgagaccaa tcacccacga ataatgaggg atgactgtat     84960
     ataattttta tttctcaatt ttaaatataa aacataaaaa aattacaata acaagataaa     85020
     ataaacaagt gttttatagt gtgagaatac ttttagatat atttttctcc atgtgtaacc     85080
     cttgggccca tgttatttat tgagaagaca ttctattcca ccttaaacca catggcagcc     85140
     tttgtcaact ataaagggac tgtgtgtaca cggatgtatt ttagacactg ttttctgctc     85200
     agtggctctc tctctgtcca ctctcttgag aatgctgcat tttatgcagc cttatacaac     85260
     ccctaaaatt tggtagctgg agtcctctag ttatttatta taggctattt gctatgcttt     85320
     ttttattttt cttgaggcag agtctcgctc tgttgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcacga     85380
     tctcggctca ctgcaacttc tgcctcccag gttcaaggga ttccgtgcct cagcctcttg     85440
     aatagctggc attacaagtg cctgctacca ggcatggcta atttttgtat ttttagcaga     85500
     gacatggttt cactatattg gccaggctgg tctcaaactc ctgacctcgg ttgatcactc     85560
     acctcggctt ccaaagtgct ggggaaattg attttctata gcattatgtt actggatatt     85620
     tctgtaaaat ttaaaatgag ggaggcagag agacagagag agagcaaacc atgagttgga     85680
     actctggaat cttgggacat gagacaaatt ctagataaat ctacaaaaat ccagaattta     85740
     catgttgtga tttttgctga taaagtacaa ttctaagatt gtaaataatt gcataatcct     85800
     tccctgggag tttaaatcat ttgaactggt tctgctgtaa tactagaaat acaatcatga     85860
     aaaattctaa tggtttatta gtcacaattg ctctgaaaac cttaataata cctattagat     85920
     attttgcata ttacacagga agaagagttt gaatctcaga taaaagcaat aaaaatacat     85980
     gaaaagtctt tcatgttagc acagatttta ggcatctcgt gttcaggagg ttggatctga     86040
     gacgtgtttt gagttggtca tagtgaagga cgcgaggtgt caattctagt gagagcaatt     86100
     tccaggaagc catgctccgc tcttgagcga gcacccactg ggcctcatgc aaggtagaaa     86160
     gagcctgcgt acgtcaccct cccatgatgt ggtcaacatg taaactgcat gggcagggcg     86220
     ccaaataaca tcctgtgcgc tgctgagctg agctggggcg cagccgcctg tctgcaccgg     86280
     cagcaccatg ttgctcatgg tcgtcagcat ggcgtgtgtt ggtgagtcct ggaagggaat     86340
     cgagggaggg agtgcgggga tggagatctg gacctggagg taaagatatg ggcctagagg     86400
     tggagttatg ggcctggagg tggagttatg ggcctgaagt ggagatctgg gcctggagtg     86460
     gagatctggg cctggagtgg agataggggc ctggggtgga gatatgtgcc tggagtggag     86520
     atctgggcct ggagtggaga tatgggcctg gggtggagat atgtgcctgg ggtggagata     86580
     tgggcctgga ggggagatat gggcctggag gggagatgtg ggcctagagg tggagtgatg     86640
     ggcctagaag tggagcgatg ggcctggagt ggagatatgg gcctggaggt ggagttatgg     86700
     gcctgcagta gagatatggg cctgaagtgg agatatgggc ctggagtgga gatatgggcc     86760
     tagaggtgga gttatgggcc cggaggtgga gttaagggca tgaagtggag atctgggcct     86820
     ggagtggaga tatgatcctg gagtggagat atgggcctgg ggtggagata cgggcctgga     86880
     gcagacatac aagcctggaa aggagatatg ggcctggaga ggagatagaa gcctggagtg     86940
     gaaatatggg cctggagtgg agatatgagc ctggagtgga tatatgagcc tggagttgag     87000
     ataggagcct ggagtggaga tatgggcctg gagtggactt atcagcctgg agaggagata     87060
     tgggtctgga gtggagatac ggacctggag tggagatctg ggcctgttgt gtagatctag     87120
     gcctggaggt agagatctgg gcctggaggc tgagtctctg cacagccgag atccttgttc     87180
     ctgggggcag gtaggcagcg agggtgagtt taccttcagc ccagcaaggg cctggctgcc     87240
     aagacgcaca acccagtggg ggcagcaggg tgccctggtt tgcctgcaga tggatggtcc     87300
     atcatgatct ttctttctag ggttgttctt ggtccagagg gccggtccac acatgggtga     87360
     gtccttcccc aaaccttagg gtgtcatctc cccacataag aggattttcc tgaaatggga     87420
     gggaagtcct gtcggggagt ctctcataca ctaggaagag gggaccctcg gatgctcggc     87480
     ccacatttct gaccttgccc tccccggcct ttctttccct ttcctgagtc aagctctgtg     87540
     aagactgggg tgagactagg gtgctccaag atgggtgtgc agggaggaag tggtgtcagc     87600
     agcagagaaa gagagggaag cagtgctagg aacagcaggt cctctgagga caaaggtgta     87660
     actcacaccc tccagcgttt ccgtgatggt aggggctgca gtgtggctgc ggtctttcta     87720
     ccagaaaagg tgaggaaacc acagccatgg ccctgacatt ccaaatcctc tgatgggggc     87780
     tcagttcatc aattggctga tattccattc acataggact tgccctccat gccgtgtcta     87840
     ctttgtattg ttttatatga gtaattttgc agtattaaaa tctagtaaga gttgcttctc     87900
     cagcacttgc tcaaagttct cagctgacac ttgttgtagg gagacgccat gtctatgcag     87960
     gatgggtcct tcctgtagcc ctgggcaccc aggtgtggta ggagccttag aaagtggaaa     88020
     tggggagaat cttctgggca ctgggagtga ggggcggctc cacatcctcc tctctaaggc     88080
     agtgcctcct tctcccccag gtggtcagga caagcccttc ctgtctgcct ggcccagcgc     88140
     tgtggtgcct cgcggaggac acgtgactct tcggtgtcac tatcgtcata ggtttaacaa     88200
     tttcatgcta tacaaagaag acagaatcca cgttcccatc ttccatggca gaatattcca     88260
     ggagggcttc aacatgagcc ctgtgaccac agcacatgca gggaactaca catgtcgggg     88320
     ttcacaccca cactccccca ctgggtggtc ggcacccagc aaccccatgg tgatcatggt     88380
     cacaggtcag aggctttccg tctgggcttc tcactgtccc acctcctgaa tcccagagct     88440
     tctggtgggg ctgtccgtca gggtcccatc acccaggccc tggctgtatt tggggtcaag     88500
     ggagattgaa tacagggcaa atgggtgctg tggtgggaag aataactgtc cccaatgatg     88560
     gctacattgt aatccctgga gcctgtgact atttatgtta tagggcaggg gactgaaggg     88620
     gaaggtggag ctcaggttgt tgatgagttg accttgagat ggggagacag cctggactgt     88680
     cccactgggc tcagtgtaat cacaagggtc cgcgtgagag gtggaggaag aggggagtgg     88740
     ggattagagc agtgtagtgg gagggagacg ctatcagcca ctgcgggctt tgaaagtgga     88800
     ggaagaccac tagtcacaga atgcaggtgg cctctaaggg ctggagaagt caggagaact     88860
     gattcgctga ttctccagag ggaacgcagc cctgtagacg ccttgatttc agcacaggga     88920
     gaactggatc caatttctgt ctccagaagt ggaaggggtc agtgtgttct ctcctgctgc     88980
     catgtttgtg gtaattttct gcagcagcaa caggaaacca acacaggaac ccaggtcaag     89040
     gacaagttag gaacccaggt caaggacaag ttaggaaacc aaacaaggac agccaggtgt     89100
     ggtggtgggc gcgagtaatc caacgactgg ggaggctgag gcaagagaat cacttgaact     89160
     ggggaggcag aggtttcagt gagccaagac aacaccacta cactccagcc tgggtgaaaa     89220
     agtgactgtc tcaaaaataa attaattaat caattaatta aagaaaccaa acaaggagaa     89280
     ggttggctac cctgagatca gcaagggcag gatgctgatg ttaccaccag gctccatcca     89340
     cataggaagg ggttgatgct cctggaacca gcaccagggg ccaccctatg gaagctgggg     89400
     ccatggagaa ggcacagaca tggcaggaga ggctcccaat ccccatcagg aacagggtgt     89460
     gtggtcactg atgtctgtct tactgatgag ttgataccac ctgccagaga ctccaatttg     89520
     ttcaaaagag attgattcag gctgctaaga gcctggacat gcagcctgtc ctcttccacc     89580
     cccatataaa cagcaggaaa gagattagtg ggaaacagat acaacagccc aagagatgag     89640
     gctgtcttca cagtggcaag ggagtcaggg gctactggag acagagggac agagaagagg     89700
     gaggaagaca gatggaggca cctgcaccag gggatatggg cacagaaaag acacggagat     89760
     gcagagaggg aggagagaga cagacacggg gaggggaacc ctcactcatt ccaggtgcca     89820
     tggatgggat gataaagaga gatgccttct aaactcacaa cttctctttc taggaaacca     89880
     cagaaaacct tccctcctgg cccacccagg tcccctggtg aaatcaggag agagagtcat     89940
     cctgcaatgt tggtcagata tcatgtttga gcacttcttt ctgcacaaag agtggatctc     90000
     taaggacccc tcacgcctcg ttggacagat ccatgatggg gtctccaagg ccaatttctc     90060
     catcggttcc atgatgcgtg cccttgcagg gacctacaga tgctacggtt ctgttactca     90120
     caccccctat cagttgtcag ctcccagtga tcccctggac atcgtggtca caggtgagag     90180
     tgtctagaca ttgttctcat tgtcactggg acacagagtg aatgatccag gacttggaac     90240
     ccccaggtgg tcatgaggaa gataagtgtg ggattcttat ggaaagagag tgacttggtg     90300
     aggtctgtac caacagagac agagaaacag gagacataag tacagaacag gtgtcataac     90360
     aggggacaga cacaggggcc atacagggag gtagaaaaga gagaaagagg taaaggagac     90420
     actcagacag acagacatgt cccagagaga ggtgtccttc catgctgact ttgctcagag     90480
     acctggcaca ggttagaagt ttcatttctg ttttacctcc acaaagtgtt tctaccagaa     90540
     gaacccaagg acacccatat ttctgacctg agttgggccc tgtggcctca ggccttgtgc     90600
     cacctacaga tgccgtgttt attctgacac ctctgccttc catgcaatgg agagtaatca     90660
     tcccaggata tcatggcccc agaacaccaa cccctgtatg ctgtgtgaac ttggggtccc     90720
     cagactggat tctgaggctc atattccaaa taatcccaca tatgatagga tcgctgagag     90780
     acacagagaa aaatcaggga caccaaaaag caaagacata aacacacaca aaatgagcca     90840
     gaagaaggag attaagagat tcacagacac ataaaaagaa agaaaagagg gcagagtgga     90900
     gagaatgatg gaaaggagga gagaaaagcc ccaaaatcag aaccctgagg gagggacaca     90960
     aagacagaga aagataaaga tgtggggatg gattgcagag attccaaata gaactagaga     91020
     gactgagagg cagagaaaga caaggagacg gagagagaga gatgatagat ggatagatag     91080
     acgtagatag atgataaata ggtagatgat agataatgga ttggttatag atacatagat     91140
     gatgactgat agatgataca tagagatgat gatgatgacg atgatgatga tagacacata     91200
     gatatataca tagatgatac ataaatagag acagagaggc agacagagag gtaatagaga     91260
     gagagataga tgatacatat atagataata gatgattgat ggatagatag acagatagac     91320
     aattgataga gagatagata agtgatacat aaatatagat gatagataat ttgtagatag     91380
     acacaaaata gataaataga tagatcgata gataatagat agaaatgtgc agaaagttat     91440
     gaacaagaca gaaagtgaga gactcaaaat taaagaaaaa ggaagatcaa gtcaaccaat     91500
     ccaaggaggg tcagagagaa taaaacaatc caaaaaggga aaacatacct cagggtgggg     91560
     aagtgaggtc atagacctag agagacagaa aaggtagaag gaggaaacag atatgaagag     91620
     agatggggtg gagagtgaga gagagagaga gagcattagg tcatagagca ggggagtgag     91680
     ttctcagctc aggtgtgagg ggagctgtga caaggaagaa cctccctgag gaaactgcct     91740
     cttctccttc caggtctata tgagaaacct tctctctcag cccagccggg ccccaaggtt     91800
     caggcaggag agagcgtgac cttgtcctgt agctcccgga gctcctatga catgtaccat     91860
     ctatccaggg aggggggagc ccatgaacgt aggctccctg cagtgcgcaa ggtcaacaga     91920
     acattccagg cagatttccc tctgggccct gccacccacg gagggaccta cagatgcttc     91980
     ggctctttcc gtcactctcc ctacgagtgg tcagacccga gtgacccact gcttgtttct     92040
     gtcacaggtg agaaaagccc atatctctct catgtcctat gatcctaaat ccttagctaa     92100
     ggagcttcct gctgatgatg gagaaaagca tggacagatg cagagagaag acacagcagg     92160
     tgtgagggcg gagtcagggc gcaggatggc agacagggca cctccaaacc ctccttcatg     92220
     gcctgcatgg aggcctccga tcagggctcc aggcacccag gcagatggag aaagcggtca     92280
     ggacagaccc agagaagggg agactgggct tagtttgggg agatcagagg ttccctcagc     92340
     ccctcaatct tacccatttc ccagaagccc atcatggcct ctcacccaca cagagagata     92400
     tcatcaccag caacccctac acccttttct tttcattttc aaaaatattt attgaggtta     92460
     aatgtaacta tataatttac cacctttacc atttttaaaa gtaaaatcta gtggtcataa     92520
     atacctttat atgctgggcg tggtggttca cagttgtaat ctcggcgctt tgagaggcca     92580
     aggaaggtgg atcatttaag atcaggaact cgagatcacc ctggccaaca tgtgggaaat     92640
     tcatctttac taaacagaca agaaaaatta gccgagcatg ctggcatgca cctgtagtcc     92700
     tagctacttg ggaggctgag gcaggagaag cacttaaagc caggaggccg aggttgcact     92760
     gagccgagat catgccactg cactgcagcc tgggagacag agagagactc tgtttctaaa     92820
     taaataaata catctatatt cttttttttg ttaccctcca cccttccctt cctggcctct     92880
     ggtgtccacc attgtattct ccaccttcat gagatccacc ttttatctcc tgcatgtggg     92940
     tgagaaatgg gaatctttgt aatgacctcc agttccatcc atgtggctgc aaatgacagg     93000
     atgttattgt ttctatggat gagtagtctc cactgtgtgt gtgtaccaca gttctctatc     93060
     cattcaccca ctgataggca ggtaggttga ctccacatct tggctactgt gaacagtgct     93120
     ggaacagtca tatgagtgca gatatcactt cgatacactg atgtcctttc ctttggatat     93180
     aaacccagta gtgaaattgc tggatactat gaaagttctc tttttttttt ttttcttttt     93240
     tgagaaagag tttccctcct tagtccaagc tggagtctaa gtggtgagat cttggctcat     93300
     tgcaacctgt gcctcctagg ttcaaatgat tgtcctgact cagcctccct agtagctgtg     93360
     attacaggtg catgccacca tgcctggcta atttttgtat ttttttagca cagacgggat     93420
     atcccaattt tgggcaggct gctctcaaac tcctgacctc aagtgaggtg cctgcctcgg     93480
     tttcccaaag tgctgaaatt acaggcataa gccactatgc ccagcctcct tttagttttt     93540
     taaagaattt ccatactttt ctccataata gttgtactaa tttacattcc taccaacagg     93600
     gtaccagggt tctcctttct ctaccatctt gccagcattt gttttgcctg tcttgcagat     93660
     aaaagccatt ttactttact ttattttatt tatttattta tgttgagatg gagtttcact     93720
     catagtcgcc caggctggag tgcaagggtg tgatctcagc tcactgcaac ctccgcctcc     93780
     cgcgttcaac tgattctcct gcctcagcct ccaaagtagc tgggattaca ggcgtgtgcc     93840
     accacgccta gctaattttt gtatgtttag tagagaggga gtttctccat gatggtcagg     93900
     ctggtctccc gacctcaggt gatccgccca cctccgcttc ctgaagtgcc ggaattacag     93960
     gcgtgagcca ccggcctaaa aggcatttta atgggatgag atgaaaactc atcgcgattg     94020
     taatttacat ttctctgatg atgagtgatg ccgagtactt tttcatatac gtgatcgcca     94080
     tttctatgtt ttgtttgtgg agaaatgtct cctcatgtct tttgctcgtt ttttaattaa     94140
     attgttttat tgagttgttt gagcttctta tatttccagt tattaatccc gtctcagatg     94200
     aatagtttgc aaatatttgc tcctattttg tgggttgtct cttcactttc ttggtttatc     94260
     ttttgtggtg cagaagttgc ttggtttgat gtaatcctaa tggtctattt tttgctttga     94320
     ttacttgtgt tttgaaggtt ttaaacaaaa tgtctttcgt cagacaaatg tcttccccat     94380
     tattttcttc tacatgtttc ataggttcag gccttagact catgttttta atccattttc     94440
     atttgatttt tgtttatggt gacaggtata gatgcagttt tattcctctg catgtagata     94500
     tccagttttc cccacaccat ttattgaaaa gactgtcctt tcctgattgt gagttcttgg     94560
     cacctttgtc aaagtccatt aaatgggctg ggtatggtgg ctcacacctg caattccagc     94620
     actttgggag gccgaggcgg gtggatcacc tgaagccagg agttcaagac caggctggcc     94680
     aacagagtga aacctcgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgagcat ggtgaccagt     94740
     gcctgtaata ccactactcg ggtgtttgag gcaagagaat tgcttgaatc caggaagtgg     94800
     aggttgcatt gagctgagat tgcacctctg cactccagcc tgcatgacag agcaagattc     94860
     catcacacac acacaaaaaa aagccattgg gtgtaaatgc atggatcata tccgtgttct     94920
     ccattctgtt ccatttttta tgtgcctttc tttatgccaa tgtcatgctg ttttgcttac     94980
     tacagctctg taacatattt ctaagtcagg tagtgtgatg ctcctgtttt ctctttatac     95040
     cttcaagtct caagacagtg ggcatcgcac acaaaaatta tggagaagag gatcccaaga     95100
     ctcccagggt ccaacattag ataacagagt gttggccatg aaccaacctc aaagatttcc     95160
     attgagtaga ggacaagcac cctcatttcc tcacatctct cctgtcccat gttctaggaa     95220
     acccttcaag tagttggcct tcacccacag aaccaagctc caaatctggt gagtaaagga     95280
     cccctcttat ctctgctttt ggaaacctgg ggaggtggaa gccttggatg caagcgttgg     95340
     ctcaaacctc ccagctctgt gaatgagggc ctgtcttcca ccatctctga actccagaca     95400
     ctccaacagt gaaagggatc tagggccacc aaagggctca gcgaagtctc ttaaccttta     95460
     atgtcctgca ggtgagacct cctacaagct agaagaatga ttgccaatct gacatccttc     95520
     tcaggaaaaa tgcagtgttt tttctgcctg cattcctaac tggaggataa attcctgggg     95580
     acttgagaga gggaagggaa gggaacatct catgagggtg ggtgttttag agaagttcca     95640
     cttgccaagg aatgaattac tgttggtcat gaagcaaccc tggctgactc agcagagcaa     95700
     gagccttgcc gtaacagaga acagagctca tgcacgcaca cttcgactca ctgactcatt     95760
     cagccacggc cccatgctca ggctgtgcag ttggaatcct ttcctattgt tgccataaca     95820
     aatttccaca agattcgtgg gtgaaaataa agcggctttt taattatctt acagtgctgt     95880
     agctcaaagt atgaagtgca tctcactggg ctaaaaacaa ggtgacagca aggctgcctt     95940
     ccctctgagg gttccaggca agaatctgct tctcacttgt cccagcttct aaaggctccc     96000
     agttccttgg ctcctggtcc ccttcctcct tcctcaaagc ccacaaagac tggtcacatc     96060
     tcacatggca tcactcagac ccttcttcct taccacacct ctttctctga atgctgctct     96120
     cccttcttcc ttatcttttg aaaacttggg gattctattg ggttcaccaa gatgaaaatc     96180
     catcataatc tcccggaaat cattcaggat acccttgttt taagttcagc tgactagcaa     96240
     ccgtaattcc atctgcaatc ttcattcctc ctttccatgt aaaataacat attcacaagc     96300
     tatggaggcc aggacaggga cattttgggg tgggacagca ttctcctgcc ttccacgaac     96360
     ggtgaacaag atgcatttgg cctctgctct tgggacactg atattgcaga tggttaaatg     96420
     ggagggcaga aaatgaatgc acaagtggac caataaatga atgatccatt gggaagcatc     96480
     tgtgcatgaa atctatttgt ttgttcgttc atttatttat tgagacagag tctccctctg     96540
     tcttccaggc tacagtgcag tgtcacgatc ttggctcact gcaacctgcg tctcctggat     96600
     ccaagtgatt ctcctgcctc accctctcga gtagctggga ttacaggcaa ctgccaccat     96660
     gcccggctaa ctctttttgt atattttttg tagagaggat gtttcaccat gttggccaag     96720
     cttgtctgaa actcccaacc tcaagtgatc cgaccatctc agcaacccaa agtactggga     96780
     ttacaggcgt gagccacttt gcccagccag aattcaaaat caataataga taatgctgag     96840
     tgtataattt tgggtgacag agaaggtctc actaatcaga tatttgtgac attaatgaaa     96900
     aacacggatt gaacccctga aagattggcg gaaggatttt ccacacagct gtcagctgtg     96960
     aaggcacaaa ggtgaaaaca atctgatgtt gaaggaagag gctctgcctc aaatgctggg     97020
     aatgaagtgg ggagaatgac aagacgactg tagagagacg gagagcacac tgggtacaca     97080
     ggaaactaag gagcaacaag gagtgtgtgt ttgacactca cagccattgg attcacctcg     97140
     gggtaaccag gaatccctac atgattaata tgactgacat gaaaataaag gaggcccagg     97200
     tgcgtaactg gaatctagga gactgtggaa aaggcaattg ccaccccact ggtgaaatgt     97260
     ggtgctgatt tagaccctaa gtggatgaag cagatggata taagctatgc ttgggaggta     97320
     gaatcatttg cagggagggc ttgctgggtt tgagtttcct agttgtttaa tccttgctaa     97380
     attaatttct ttctgagatt tattcctcct acacataaat caatacctgg caaaggagtg     97440
     acagatatat gaggggtggt ggaaatgaag ggacctatta tagcatagta tacaagtctg     97500
     tgaacggtgg ctcactcctg taacccagca ctgcaggagg ctaaggccag tggattccaa     97560
     gaaatcagga gttcgagacc agcctggcca acatggtgaa accctatctc tacatggtga     97620
     aaccctatct ctcctaaaaa tacaaaaatt agccgagcat ggtggtgcat ccctgtgatc     97680
     ccagctcctg ctctggagga tgaagcagga gaatgacttc aacccaggag gtggaggttg     97740
     cagtgagtgg agatcgcatc actgcactcc agcctgggtg acacaaggag actccgtctc     97800
     aaaaaataaa aataagaaat gcataaatat aataaaacac acacgaacga caaaggcacc     97860
     tgaattccca tcatcatttt tctatttctc tataattact tctttgattc tttatcttat     97920
     ccattagaca atcagcctaa aacctcttcc gtatttggct ttctgtgagc atgagatcat     97980
     atagaaaatg tgaaagcccg ctgaatcctc cagcacaaat cctggaatag agaaagtgct     98040
     ctggtcatca caaaaaaaac ttgccccctc acccaaatcc cccacctcac ccctacttcc     98100
     aatcacctgt gcagatacag atagaccatg gggaggtaaa tgctaatact ccttggagtg     98160
     agtccagatc ttggaatcag agatcagtgc cagcactagc tcctgctccc ctttcctact     98220
     aattcacagg aggacaggtg gtattgaagc aatagatagt cgagggggtg gtccttcccc     98280
     cagcctgtca ggtagaacag cagcctaaca tgtgtctccc gagatcacaa agaatagcac     98340
     atttcacacg ggcttcaaca ctattttctg gctgtttgac ataagagaat tctacttcgc     98400
     atttttgatc ttgatttcac ttttgtttcc ttttcttgga gaatgcaagt tgtttaactc     98460
     aagaatgccg tggatgtaga aatcctaaag cacattcgct gtgtatcaat cccagtccag     98520
     tcttcccaga gaagactcta aacacctcct ggactgcacc tgggcctatg ccaattccta     98580
     tcactcaccg tcactccagg gagacagaac acacagagaa cacattacac aggcaggttc     98640
     attactaaca gataagcagc gagtgacaac agaagcctac atttcaatgt gagccagttc     98700
     cccaaggctc agaaaagctg ctcgagacat gtggagtcac cccatttgca gtgtagctgg     98760
     gggaagccag aaagcagccc aacctgggtt ttgtaccctg gagccacagg aagcactcag     98820
     ctaaagcact gcatcacgtc ctcctccagg aagaacagga agacagccca ggctgttctg     98880
     ggactttcct cctgatctca ggacgttgct gtcttagtcc atttttgttg ctctaaagga     98940
     acacttgagc ctgggtaact tctaaacaaa agattttggt ttgccttaca gttccgcagg     99000
     ctgtactgga agcatggcac cagcatctat ttcttgtgac tgcctcaggc tgctcccact     99060
     ctggcagaag ggaaggaggg tctgtctgtg cagagaccac agagatcaca cggcaagaga     99120
     gggagcaagg gagaggggga gtgatggagc ttccaagctc ttatgaacaa ccagctctcc     99180
     aggaactaat agagggagaa cttgctaacc ccgtctcctt aaaacagcat tgatctgttc     99240
     atgatgtatc cacccccatg actcaaacac ctcccaagag gcccaccctc ccacactggg     99300
     gggtaaattt caatctgagg tttgaagggg tcaaacatct caactaaagt agtggtatcc     99360
     tcagcacgtt ctatggttac tatgagagct ataactgaga aagcaggagg aagctgggtc     99420
     tcccgccatc tgggtgcttg tcctaaagag acgctgtatg tggttacctg tgaatcaaga     99480
     aatgcaagac aattcataaa gaggaactgc tatgattagc ttcttattgg tgtctcctct     99540
     tcttccaggt aacctcagac acctgcacat tctgattggg acctcagtgg tcaaaatccc     99600
     tttcaccatc ctcctcttct ttctccttca tcgctggtgc tccaacaaaa aaaagtaagt     99660
     ctcacgaagc agaggccaga gagctcaggg ccatgtgggg aagcaggatg ggagcacacg     99720
     ggtgtgtgtt cctcaccagc aggatggtcc ctggcccaag acaggagcca cagaggcagg     99780
     actttctaga gagagcacca gattcccttc ccctgccttc agctcacaga ccattgcctg     99840
     attctgaact gtatcctcac gtcccctgca gccactcaca tccaggagaa ggttccatga     99900
     caggcagaaa gtgggagata gaatcaatgg aatgggacct cagagctatt catgggatgg     99960
     gtccttgaac tcagagagat agaatgtctg agtctgctgt tggcaactga gggacctcag    100020
     gcacctatgg cctccccctg tttgttggta tctgcttatg aaatgaggac ccagaagtgc    100080
     cctccgagct cttttgttga cttccgtctt ctacagatgc tgctgtaatg gaccaagagc    100140
     ctgcagggaa cagaagtgaa cagcgaggta ggtgctcctc ggcccagcct cgtggctagt    100200
     gttattccca aagagtcctg aaaaatgtga gcaccctccc tcactcagca tttccctctc    100260
     tccaggattc tgatgaacaa gaccatcagg aggtgtcata cgcataattg gaacactgtg    100320
     ttttcacaca gagaaaaatc actcgccctt ctcagaggcc caagacaccc ccaacagata    100380
     ccagcatgta catagaactt ccaaatgctg agcccagatc caaagttgtc ttctgtccac    100440
     gagcaccaca gtcaggcctt gaggggatct tctagggaga caacagccct gtctcaaaac    100500
     tgggttgcca gctcccatgt accagcagct ggaatctgaa ggcatcagtc ttcatcttag    100560
     ggcatcgctc ttcctcacac cacaaatctg aatgtgcctc tcacttgctt acaaatgtct    100620
     aaggtcccca ctgcctgctg gagaaaaaac acactccttt gcttagccca cagttctcca    100680
     tttcacttga cccctgccca cctctccaac ctaactggct tacttcctag tctacttgag    100740
     gctgcaatca cactgaggaa ctcacaattc cacacataca agaggctccg tcttaacgca    100800
     gcacttagac acgtgctgtt ccaccttccc tcatgctgtt ccacctcccc tcagactagc    100860
     tttcagcctt ctgtcagcag taaaacttat atacttttta aaataacttc aatgtagttt    100920
     tccatccttc aaataaacat gtctgccccc atggtttcgg taatgggact cttttcttgc    100980
     ctaaggcttc cggtgttatc agtaccatgt ccatataatc ccatctgttc cccactgagt    101040
     tctcatccct ggactctgat cttctggaag cagggtggag cctcatttgt ctctgggact    101100
     ccaatttcca tccaaagatg tagcacatag gaggttccaa ggatcgcgaa tcacatgaac    101160
     aagtgatact cttactctct gcagacctgg aaagctggca gagtcattcc acaatgaaac    101220
     atttgtagag tcataggcct tgttagtctc atctccatgg ggacacatat caacacatct    101280
     tctttcataa tataaatata cggtcactcc tccatatctg cggggtttac aggtgtttat    101340
     tgaaccaagt ataaatcaaa aatattgaga gaaagtatcc acagagtttc aaaaagcata    101400
     actatgttaa atggacacaa atgaagctgt gtgtaggctg tatcaggaat tataggtaat    101460
     ctagagatga tttcatgtat acaggaggat gtgcataggt tatttgcaaa tgctgtgcca    101520
     tttcatataa gaggcttgag catctacaga ttttggtatc tgagtggaga tctcaaaacc    101580
     aatcacccac gaatagtgaa ggatgaccgt atatgacttt tatttctcaa atttaaatat    101640
     aaatcataaa aaatgtacaa ctagataaaa actaagaagt gtttttatag tgtcagttag    101700
     atttattttt tactaggtgt aacccattgg tttaatatta tttattgaga agacattcta    101760
     tgccacctta aaccacacag cagcctttgt caactctaaa gggattgtgt gtacatggat    101820
     gtattttaga cactgtttct gctaaggggc tctctgtgtc cacactcttg atgacgctgc    101880
     actttatgta gccttataga accctttaaa tttagtagcc agagccctct aatttgttat    101940
     tataggctat ttgctttttt tttcttgagg cggagtcttg ctctgtcgcc caggctggac    102000
     tgcagtgaca caatctcagc tcactgcaac ctccacctcc caggttcaag cgattctcgt    102060
     gcctcagcct cttgagcagc tggcgttaca ggtgcctgcc accaggcacg gctaattttt    102120
     ggatttttag cagagacacg gtttcactat gttgaccagg ctgctctcaa actccttatc    102180
     tcagttgatc cgcccacctc ggcttcccaa cgtgctgggg aaaacttgat tttctatagc    102240
     attatgttac tggatatttc tgtaaaattt aaaacgaggg agggagagag acagagagag    102300
     atcaaactcc agagttggga ctctggaatc ttgggtcatg agacaaattt tagattaaac    102360
     tacaaaactc cagaatttac aggtgtggtt tttgctgata aagtacaatt ctaagattgt    102420
     aaataattgc ataatccttc cctgggaatt taaatcattt tagctggttc tgctgtaata    102480
     ctagaaatac aagcatgaaa aattctaatg gtttattagt cacaatgact ccgaaaacat    102540
     taataatacc tattagatac tttgcatatt acacaggaag aagagtttga atctcagata    102600
     aaaacaataa aaatacatga aaagtctttc acgttagcac agattttagg catcttgtgt    102660
     tcgggaggtt ggatctgaga cgtgttgtga gttggtcata gtgaaggacg cgaggtgcca    102720
     attctagtga gaacaatttc caggaagccg tgttccgctc ttgagcaagc acccactggg    102780
     cctcatgcaa ggtagaaaga gcctgcgtac gtcaccctcc cgtgatgtgg tcaacatgta    102840
     aactgcatgg gcagggcgcc aaataacatc ctgtgcgctg ctgagctgag ctggggcgcg    102900
     gccgcctgtc tgcaccggca gcaccatgtc gctcatggtc atcagcatgg cgtgtgttgg    102960
     tgagtcctgg aaaggaatag agggagggag tgcggggatg gagatctggg cccagaggtg    103020
     gagatatagg cctggaggtg gagttatggg cctggagtgg agatctgggc ctggagtgga    103080
     tatatgggcc tggagatgga gtgatgggcc tagaagtgga gatctgggtc tggagtggag    103140
     atatgggcct ggaggtggag atatgggcct ggagtggaga tctgggcctg gagtggagat    103200
     aggaacccgg aggggagata ggagcctgga gtgaagatat tggcctggga tggagatatg    103260
     ggcctggagt ggagacatgg gcctggaggt ggagatatgg gcctggaggt ggagatatgg    103320
     gcctagaggt ggatatctgg gcctggagtg gacatatggg cctaggatgg agatatgggc    103380
     ttggggtgga gatatgggcc tggattggag atatgggtct agggtggaaa tattggcctg    103440
     gagtggagat atgggcctgg agtggagata tgggcttggg gtggggatag gggcctgggg    103500
     tgcggatatg ggcctggagg ctgggtctct acacagccga cagccctgtt cttgggtgca    103560
     agcaggcact gagggtgagt ttcccttcag cccagcaagg gcctggctac caagactcac    103620
     agcccagtgg gggcagcaag ggagtcctgg tttgcctgca gatggatggt ccatcatgat    103680
     ctttctttcc agggttcttc ttgctgcagg gggcctggac acatgagggt gagtccttct    103740
     ccaaaccttc gggtgtcatc tccccacata agaggatttt cctgaaacag gagggaagcc    103800
     cggtggggga ttttcttata aacaaggatg aggagaccct ggggtgctca gcccacagtt    103860
     ccgaccttgc cctccccagc cttcctttcc cttggctgag tcaggttctg tgggaacccg    103920
     ggagggtaga ctggggtcct ccaagctggg ctgtgcggct gggatgtggt gtcactggca    103980
     gaggaaggga gcaaagcagt gctaggaaca gcaggcctct gaggacaaag gtgtaactca    104040
     caccctccag cgtttccatg acggtagggg ctgcagtgtg gctgctgtca ttctacctca    104100
     gaggtggggg aaccccagcc agggccctga ccttccaaat cctctgttgg gggctcagtt    104160
     gtgtattgtg gttcacacat tggctgatat tccattcaca aagaacatgc cctcgacccc    104220
     atgtctattt gtgttgtttt atgtgagtaa tcttgcagta ttaaaatcta gtaggagtcc    104280
     cttactcagc acttgctcaa agttctcagc tgacactttt gttgtagaga gacgccaagt    104340
     ctatgcgggg tgggtccttc ccgtacccat gggcacccaa gtgtggtagg agccttagaa    104400
     acgaggaaag tggggagaat cttctgagca ctggcaggga ggggcggctc cacatcctcc    104460
     tttctaaggt ggcgcctcct tctcccccag gtggtcagga caagcccttg ctgtctgcct    104520
     ggcccagcgc tgtggtgcct cgaggaggac atgtgactct tctgtgtcgc tctcgtcttg    104580
     ggtttaccat cttcagtctg tacaaagaag atggggtgcc tgtccctgag ctctacaaca    104640
     aaatattctg gaagagcatc ctcatgggcc ctgtgacccc tgcacacgca gggacctaca    104700
     gatgtcgggg ttcacaccca cgctccccca ttgagtggtc agcacccagc aaccccctgg    104760
     tgatcgtggt cacaggtcag aggactcatg tctgggcttc tccttctccc acttcctgaa    104820
     tcccagagca tctggtgggg gtgtccacca gggtccaatc atccaggccc tgactgtatt    104880
     tggtgtcaat ggggattgaa tacaggggaa tgggtgctgt ggtggaaaga gtaactgtcg    104940
     gcagcatggc tatattgtaa tccttggagc ctgtgactat ttatgttata ggacatggga    105000
     ctgaagggga agatggagtt caggttgttg atgagttgac cttgagatgg ggagacgacc    105060
     tggactctcc cactgggctc agtgtaatca caagggtcca catgagagga ggaggaagag    105120
     gagagtgggg attagagcag cgtagtggga gggagagtcc accagccact gcgggctttg    105180
     aaagtggagg aaggccagaa gccacggaat gcaggtggcc tttaggggct ggagaagtca    105240
     atggaactga ttctcccgag tctccagagg gaatgcagcc ctgcagatgc cttgattgta    105300
     gcccaggaag aacagggtct gatttctgtc aacagaagtg ttctctcccg ccgccgtgtt    105360
     tgtgataatt ttctgcagca acaacaggaa acaacacagg aatccaggtc aaggacaagt    105420
     taaaaaacca aacaagaggg ttggctaccc taaggtcagc aagggtgcac tgctgatgcc    105480
     accaccaggc tggagccgca tagggaggga tccacaggga gagtcggggg tggagggtga    105540
     gagagagaga gagcattagg tcatagagca ggggagtgag ttctcagctc aggtgtgagg    105600
     ggagctgtga caaggaagaa cctccctgag gaaactgcct cttcttccag gtctatttgg    105660
     gaaaccttca ctctcagccc agccgggccc cacggttcgc acaggagaga acgtgacctt    105720
     gtcctgcagc tccaggagct catttgacat gtaccatcta tccagggagg ggagggccca    105780
     tgaacctagg ctccctgcag tgcccagcgt caatggaaca ttccaggctg actttcctct    105840
     gggccctgcc acccacggag ggacctacac atgcttcggc tctctccatg actcacccta    105900
     tgagtggtca gacccgagtg acccactgct tgtttctgtc acaggtgagg aaagcccatg    105960
     cctgtcccat gtcctgtgat cctagagcct tagctgagga gcttcctgct gatgatggag    106020
     agaagcatgg acagatgcag agagaacacg cagcatggtg tgagggaggg atcagggcac    106080
     aggatggcag acagggcacc tccaaaccct cctgcacggc ctgcatggag gcccgcggcc    106140
     agggctccag gcacccaggc agatggagaa agtggtcagg acagacccag aggagggaga    106200
     ctcggctcag tttggggaga tcagaggctc cctcagaccc taaaccttac ccatttccca    106260
     gaagcccata ctggcctctc acccacacag agatgtcatc accagcaacc cctacaccct    106320
     tttctttccg tttgaaaaaa catttattta ggttaaatgt aactatataa tttgccacct    106380
     ttaccatttt taaaagtaaa atctagtggt cataaattcc tttatatgca gggtgcagtg    106440
     gctcacagtt ataatctcgg tgctttgaga ggccaaggaa ggtggatcat ttaagatcag    106500
     aggctcgaga tcagcctggc caacatgagg gaaattcatc tttactaaac agacaagaaa    106560
     aattggctgg gcatgctggc atgcacctgt attcctagct acatgggagg ctgaggcagg    106620
     agaagtacgt aagcccagga ggcagaggtt gcactgagct gagatcaggc cactgcactg    106680
     cagcctggga gacagagaga gattctgtct ctaaataaat aaatacatct atattctttt    106740
     ttattgttgt tgttacactc caccctttac ttcctgccct ctggtagcca ccattctact    106800
     ctctaccttc atgagatcca ccttttagct cctgtatatg ggtgagaaat gggaatcttt    106860
     gcaatgacct ccagttccat ccatgtggct gcaaatgtca ggatgttatt ctttctacgg    106920
     atgagtactc tccactgtgt gtgtgtacta cattctctct atccattcac ccactgacgg    106980
     gcaggtaagt tgactccaca tcttggctac tgtgaacagt gctgcaccaa tcgtatgagt    107040
     gcagatatca cttcgataca ctgatgtcct tccctttggg tttacaccca gtagtggaat    107100
     tgctagatcc tatcaacagg gtaccagggt tctcctttct ctaccacctt gccagcattt    107160
     attttgtctg tgtttcagat aaaagccact ttaatgggat gagatgatag ctcactgtga    107220
     tttcaattgg catgattagt gatactgagc actttttcat gtacatgttc gccatttgta    107280
     cgttttgttt gttgagaaat gtctgttcag gtcttttact aattgttaaa ttaaattcat    107340
     tgttttatac cgttgcttga gttttatgta tattctagtt attaatcccc tctcagatgc    107400
     atacttcaca aatattttct cccaatttgt ctcttcttca ctttgttggt tgcttccttt    107460
     gcggtgcaga agctgcttac tttgatgtaa tcccgaaggt ctattatttt gttttgattt    107520
     cttgtgtttt tgagatttca aataaaatgt ctttcctcag acaaatgtcc tggagcattt    107580
     ccccactctt tccttttaga cgcttaatgg tttcaggcct taagtgtttc ttccattttc    107640
     atttgatttc tgtgtatggt gagaggtaga ggtgcagttt catcaactgc atgtagatac    107700
     cagttttccc tgctccattt attgaaaaga ccgtcgtttc ctgattgcag gttcttggca    107760
     cgtacaatcg tcaaagtcca ttggatgtga atgcatgaat tatatctgtg ttcttcattc    107820
     tgctccattg ctctaagggc ctttatgcca atgtcatgct gttgtgctta ctacagcttt    107880
     gtaacatatt tttaagtcag ggagtgtgag gcctccagca cctgttttgt ctttatacct    107940
     cgaaatctca ggacactggg catcatttaa caatgatgat ggagaagggg acgccaggac    108000
     tcctagggcc caacattaga taacagagtg ttggccatga accaacctca aagatttcct    108060
     ttgagtagaa gacaggcatc ctcatttcct cacctctctc ctgtcctgtg ttctaggaaa    108120
     ctcttcaagt agttcatctt cacccactga accaagctcc aaaactggtg agtaaagatc    108180
     cctcttatct ctgcttttgg aaacctgggg aggttggtat cttggattca agcattggct    108240
     cagcacctcc cagctctgtg attgtgggcc tgtcttctaa catctctgac ccccagacac    108300
     tacaacagcg aagggtatct gaggacagca aagggctcag tgaagtctct tcatttcaaa    108360
     tttctgcagc tgagacctcc tccaagctag acggacgagt acaaatctga catccttctc    108420
     agggataaag tggtgttttt tctgcctgca ttccaaattg gaggataaat ttgaggggac    108480
     ttgagagagg gaggggaagg gaacatctga tgagggaaag gtgatttaga gaagttccac    108540
     ttgccaagga atgagcccct gttggtcatg atgcgacctt ggctgagtca gcagagcaag    108600
     agccttgcag taagaaggaa cgtagttcat ccacaaatat gacacttcca cttactcact    108660
     tattcagcca ctgccctgtg ctctgactgt acagtgtgga accctttcct gctgttgcca    108720
     taataaatct ccacaatctt catggatgac aacaacacag cttttaaaat tatcttacag    108780
     tgttatagct cagaaatatg aaatgcattt cactgggcta aaatcaaggt gactgcgagg    108840
     ctgccttttc tctgaaggtt ccaggcgaga atcggctttt cacatttccc agctcccaga    108900
     ggttcccacg ctccttggca tctggtcccc atcctccttc ctcgaagccc acaaaagctc    108960
     atcacatctc tcacgtggca tcactcagat ccctcttcct tacctcacct ctttctctaa    109020
     gtgttgctct gactttttct tcctctttta aagactttgg gattctattg agtttaccaa    109080
     gataatccat cacaatctcc ctaaaatcac ccaagataac ctctttttaa gttcagctga    109140
     ttagcaacca taattccatc tgcaatcttt attcctcctt tcatgtaaaa taacatattc    109200
     acaagctatg gaggctagga cagggacatt ttgggggtgg gccagcattc tcctgccttc    109260
     cacaaatggt aaacacgatg catttggcct ctgctcttag gacactgaca ttgcagatgg    109320
     gcaaatggga gggcagaata tgaatgcaca agtggaccag taatgattga tccattggga    109380
     agcatccgtg catgaaatct atttacctat ttatttatct atttatctat ttatgtattt    109440
     atttatttgc ggcgaagtca ttctctgtcc ccgggctgga gtgcagtggc atgacctcag    109500
     ctcaccacaa cctccgcctc ccgggttcag gcgattctcc tgcctcagcc tcctgactag    109560
     ttgtgattcc agtcccctcc accacaccca gctaatattc ttttatattt tttagtagag    109620
     atggagtttc accatgttgc gcagattgtc tccaactccc aacctcaagt gatccgaccg    109680
     tctcagcatc ccaaaatgct gggactcaag gtgtgagcca ctgcgcccag ccgaaattta    109740
     aaataaataa taaagaattc taagtgtata atttcaggag acagagaaag tctcactaat    109800
     cagataatat ttgtgaccat aatgaaaaaa aaaagtagat tcaacccctg gaagattggc    109860
     ggaaggattt tccacacaca gctgtcagcc gtgaaggcac aaatgtgaaa acaatctgat    109920
     gtggaaggaa gaggctctgc attcaaatgc tgggaatgaa gtggggagaa tgacaagacg    109980
     actgtggaga gacggagagc actctgggta cacaggaaac taaggaggaa caaggagcgt    110040
     gtgtttgaca ctcacagcca ttggattcac ctcggggtag ccaggaatcc ctacatgatt    110100
     aatatgactg acatgaaaat aaggacgccc aagtgcgtaa ctggaatcta ggagaccgtg    110160
     gaaaaggcaa ttcccgcccc actggtgaaa tgtggtgctg atttagacac taaatgaatg    110220
     aagtagatgg gtataagata tgtctgtgag gtagaatcat ttgtagggag ggcttgctgg    110280
     atttgataat gcctacttat ttaattttga atatattaat ttctttctga gatttatttt    110340
     tcctacatgt aaatcaatat ctggcagagg agtgattgat agatagatga ggggtggtgc    110400
     aaatgaaggg acttattata gcataatata caagtctgtg aatgggagct tacgcctgta    110460
     acccaacact ttgggaggcc aaggcgtttg gatcacttga ggtcaggagt ttgagaccag    110520
     cctggccaac atggagaaac cccatgctct ttttagcaac cagtcctagg gacctcatgg    110580
     agaacttgcc aaccacgtct catggggaca gcattaatgt attcatgatg gatccacccc    110640
     cataactgga acgtctctca ataggcccag cctcccacac tgcgagataa gtgtcaacgt    110700
     gaggtttggc ggggtcaaac atccaaacta tagcagtggt atccccagca tgttctctga    110760
     ttattttgag aactataact gagaaagcag gagaaagctg ggtatcctgc catcggggaa    110820
     cttgtcctaa acagatgttg tatgtgctta gctggcaacc aagaaatgag agacaatcca    110880
     taaagaggaa ctgctataat tagcttctta ttggattccc accttccccc aggtatccgc    110940
     agacacctgc acattctgat tgggacctca gtggctatca tcctcttcat catcctcttc    111000
     ttctttctcc ttcattgctg ctgctccaac aaaaagagta agtctcacga agcagaggtc    111060
     agagagctca ggaccatgtg gggaagcagg atgggagcac actggtgtgt gttcctgact    111120
     ggcaggatgg tccctggacc aaggcaggag ccacagaggc agggctttct agagagagca    111180
     ccagacaccc tgcccctgcc ttcagctcac agaccattgc ctgattctga actgtatcct    111240
     cacgtcccct gcagccactg acatccagga gaaggttcca tgacaggcag aaaggggaga    111300
     cagaatcact gggatgggaa ctcagagcta ttcatgggat gggtccttga gctcagagag    111360
     atagaatgtc tgggtctggc tgatgacagc tgagggacct caggcaccta cggcctcccg    111420
     ctgtgtgttg gtgtctgctc atgaaatgag gacccaaaag tgcccttcca gctgttttga    111480
     tgacttctat ctcctacaga tgctgctgta atggaccaag agcctgccgg ggacagaaca    111540
     gtgaacaggg aggtaggttc tcctcagccc agcctcatgg attgagtctc attccctaat    111600
     agtcttgaag aatgtgagca ccctccctca ctcagcattt ccctctctcc aggactctga    111660
     tgatcaagac cctcaggagg tgacatatgc acagttggat cactgcgttt tcacacagac    111720
     aaaaatcact tccccttctc agaggcccaa gacacctcca acagatacca ccatgtacat    111780
     ggaacttcca aatgctaagc caagatcatt gtctcctgcc cataagcacc acagtcaggc    111840
     cttgagggga tcttctaggg agacaacagc cctgtctcaa aaccgggttg ctagctccca    111900
     tgtaccagca gctggaatct gaaggcatca gtcttcatct taggggatcg ctcttcctca    111960
     caccacaaat ctgaacatgc ctctctcttg cttacaaatg tctaaggtcc ccactgcctg    112020
     ctggagagaa gacacactcc tttgcttagc ccacaattct ctatttcact tgacccctgc    112080
     ccacctctcc aactgaactg gcttacttcc tagtctactt gaggctgcaa tcacactgag    112140
     gaactcacaa ttccagacat acaagaggct ccctcttaac atggcactga gacacgtgct    112200
     gttccacctt ccctcatgct gtttcacctt tcctcagact attttccagc cttctgtcag    112260
     tcagcagtga aacttataaa attttttgtg atttcaatgt agctgtctcc ttttcaaata    112320
     aacatgtctg ccctcattgc tttaggtaat gtgacactat ttgctgaaag aaaccgctgt    112380
     tatcattacc atgtccacat aaccccatct gttatccact gggttctctc ccctggactc    112440
     tgagcttctg gaagcagggt ggagcctcat ttgtctctgg gactccaatt tccatccaaa    112500
     gatgcagcac ataggaggtt ccaaggatca tgaatcacat gaacaagtga tattcttact    112560
     ctctgcagac ctggaaagct ggcagagtca ttccacgatg aaacatttgt agagtcatag    112620
     gccttgttag tctcatctcc atggggacac atatcaacac atcatctttc atgctatata    112680
     tatatataca gtcgctcctc cgtatctgtg gggtttacag gtgtttattg aaccaactat    112740
     aaataaaaaa tattcagaga agaaaatcca caaactttca aaaagcaaaa ctatgttgaa    112800
     gggacacaaa tgaagcagtg tgtaggccat atcaggaatt ataagtaatc tagagatgat    112860
     ttcatgtata caggaggatg tgcatgggtt atatgcaagc gctgtgccat ttcatgtaag    112920
     aggcttcagc atctgcagat tttggtatct gagtggagat cctgaaacca atcacccagg    112980
     aatagtgaag gatgaccgta taaaactgtt atttctaaat tttaaatata aatcataaaa    113040
     aaattataaa ctagataaaa acaagaagtg tttttatagt gtgagaataa gtttagattt    113100
     attttttcct acgtgtaacc ctttggttta atattattta ttgagaagac attctatgcc    113160
     accttaaacc acagggcagc ctttgtcaac tctaaaggga ctgtgtgtac acggatgtat    113220
     tttagacact gtttctgcta aggggctctc tgtgtccaca ctcttgagga tgctgcactt    113280
     catgtagcct tataaaaccc tttaaattta gtagccagag ccctctaatt tgttattata    113340
     ggctacttgc tatttttttt ttcttaaggc ggaatcttgc tctgtcaccc aggctggact    113400
     gtagtagtgc aatctcagct cactgcaaac tccgcctccc aggttcaagc gattctcgtg    113460
     cctcagcctc ttgagtagat ggcattacag gtgtctgcca ccaggcacgg ctaatttttg    113520
     aatgtttagc agagacacgg tttcactatg ttggccaggc tgctctcaaa ctcctcatct    113580
     cagttgattc gcccacctcg gcttccaaac atgctggggg aaacttgatt ttctatagca    113640
     ttatgttact ggatatttcc gtaaaattta aaatgaggga gggacagaga cagagaggga    113700
     gcaaactcca gagttgggac tctggaatct tgggtcatga gacaaattat agataaaact    113760
     ataaaaatcc agaatttaca tgtgtggttt ttgctgataa agtacaattc gaagattgta    113820
     aataattgca taatcctttc ctgggaattt aaatcatttt aactggtttt gctgtaatac    113880
     tagaaataca agcatgaaaa attctaatgg tttattagtc acaatgactc cgaaaacatt    113940
     aataatacct attagatact ttgcatatta cacaggaaga agagtttgaa tctcagataa    114000
     aaacaataaa aatacatgaa aagtctttca cgttagcaca gattttaggc atcttgtgtt    114060
     cgggaggttg gatctgagac gtgttgtgag ttggtcatag tgaaggacgc gaggtgccaa    114120
     ttctagtgag aacaatttcc aggaagccgt gttccgctct tgagcaagca cccactgggc    114180
     ctcatgcaag gtagaaagag cctgcgtacg tcaccctccc gtgatgtggt caacatgtaa    114240
     actgcatggg cagggcgcca aataacatcc tgtgcgctgc tgagctgagc taggggtgcg    114300
     gccgcctgtc tgcaccggca gcaccatgtc gctcatggtc atcagcatgg cgtgtgttgg    114360
     tgagtcctgg aagggaatag agggagggag cgcggggatg gagatctggg cccagaggtg    114420
     gagatatagg cctggaggtg gagttatggg cctggagtgg agatctgggc ctggagggga    114480
     tatatgggcc tagagatgga gtgatgggcc tagaagtgga gatctgggtc tggagtggag    114540
     atatgggcct gcagtggaga tatgggcctg gagtggagag aggaacctgg agaagagata    114600
     ggaacctgga tgggaggtag gagcctaggg tggagatatg ggactggagt ggagatatgg    114660
     gactggagta gagatatggg cctggagtgg agttatgggc ctggagtgaa gttatgggcc    114720
     tggaggtgga gatatgggcc tggagtggag atatgggcct ggaggtgcag atatggacct    114780
     ggagtggaga tatggccctg gagtggagat gtgggtctgg agtggagata tgggcctgga    114840
     ggtggagata agggcctgga gtggagatat gggcctggag tggagatatg agcctggaga    114900
     tggagatatg ggcctggagt ggagatatgg gcctggaggt ggagatatgg gcctggagtg    114960
     gagatatggg cctggagtgg agatatgggc gtggggtgga gatatgggcc ttgagtggag    115020
     atatgggact gaagtggaga tatgggtgtg gggtggagat atgggactgg agtgcagata    115080
     tgggcatggg gtggagatat gggactggag tggagatatg ggcgtggggt ggagatatgg    115140
     gactggagtg gagatatggg cgtggggtgg agatatgggc ctggagtgga gatatgggac    115200
     tggagtggag atatgggcgt ggggtggaga tatgtgcctg gagtggagat atggacgtgg    115260
     ggtggagata tgggcctgga atggagatat gggcctggag tggagatatg ggcgtggggt    115320
     ggagatatgg gactggagtg gagatatggg cctgttgtgg agatatgggc ttggagtgga    115380
     gatatgatcc tggagtgtag ttatgggcct ggaggtggag atctgggccc ggggtggaga    115440
     tatgggcctg gagtggagat atgggcctgg ggaggagata tgggcctgga gtggagatat    115500
     gggcctggac tggagttatg gacctagggt ggagatctga gcctggattg gagatgtggg    115560
     cccagattgg ctatatgggc ctagggtggg aatatcagcc tggagtggag atatgtgcct    115620
     ggagtggaga tatgggcttg gggtagggat atgggaatgg aggctgggtc tctgcacagc    115680
     cgagagccct gttcttgggt gcaggtaggc actgagggtg agtttccctt cggcccagga    115740
     agggcctggc taccaagact cacagcctag tggggatagc aaggaaggcc tggtttgcct    115800
     gcagatggat ggtccatcat gatctttctt tccagcgttc ttcttgctgc agggggcctg    115860
     gccacatgag ggtaagtcct tctccaaacc ttaaggtgtc atctccccac ataagaggat    115920
     tttcctgaaa cgggagggaa gtcctgtcag ggagtctctc ttaaactaga aagaggggac    115980
     cctggggtgc ttggcccaca gttccgacct tgcctccctg gcctttcatt tccttggcag    116040
     agtcaagttc tgtggggacc agggttacac tagggtgctc aaagctgggg tgtgtggtgg    116100
     gaaagtggta ggaacagcag atcctctgag gacaaaggtg ttactcacac acttcagcgt    116160
     ttccatgacg gtaggggctg cagtgtggct gctgtcattc taccagaaga ggtgggaaac    116220
     cacagccatg gccctgacat tccaaatcct ctgatggggg ctcagttgtt tattttcatt    116280
     caggcatctg ctgatattcc attctcaaag gacatgccct ccaccccatg tctaccctgt    116340
     gttgttttat gtgagtaatc ttacagtatt aaaatctagt aggagtctct tactcagcac    116400
     ttgctcaaag ttctcagctg acacttttgt tgtagggaga cagcttgtct ttgtgggatg    116460
     agtccttcct ttagccctag gcaccaaggt gtgatagcag ccatagaaat gtggaaagtg    116520
     gggagaatct tctgagcaca gggagggagg ggcggctcca catcctcctc tctaaggcgg    116580
     cgcctccttc tccccaaggt ggtcaggaca agcccttgct ttctacctgg cccagccttg    116640
     tggtgcctcc agaacatgtg actcttcggt gtcactctaa tcttgggttt aacaacttca    116700
     gtctgtacaa ggatgatggg gtgcctgtcc ctgagctcta caacagaata ttctggaaaa    116760
     gccttttcat gggccctgtg accccgtcac acacagggac ctatagatgc cggggttcac    116820
     acacacactc ccccagtggg gggtcggcac ccagcaaccc cctggtgatc gtggtcacag    116880
     gtcagagggc tcctgtctgg gattctcctt gtcccacctc ctgaatccca gagcttctgg    116940
     taggcatgtc cttgagggtc ccttcacgca ggccctgact gtatttgggg taaaggggga    117000
     ttgaatacag ggaaatgggt gctgtggtgg gaagaataat tgtccccagt gatgactaca    117060
     ttctaatccc tggagtctgt gactatttat gttatagggg aagggactga aggggaagat    117120
     ggagctcagg ttgttgatga gttgaccttg agatggggag aaggcctgga ctgtccccct    117180
     gggctcagtg taatgacaag tgtccacagg aaaggaggag gaagagggga gtggggatta    117240
     gagcagcgta atgggagtct ccatcagctt tgaaggtgga ggaaggccag gagccatgaa    117300
     tgcaggtggc ctatagaggc tggaaaagtc aaggaactga ttctcctgag tctccagagg    117360
     gaacgaaacc ctacaggtgc cttgatttta gcccaggaaa aacagggccc aacttctgcc    117420
     tccagaaatg gaaggggtca gtgtgctctc tcctgctgcc atgctgctga taattttcta    117480
     cagcagcaac aggaaaccaa caccggaacc cagctcgagg aaaagttaag aaaggacaca    117540
     aggatagccg ggcgtggtgg caggtgcatg taatcctagc gacttgggag gctgagggca    117600
     ggagaatcac ttgaacccag gagacagagg ttgcagtgag cctagaccac accacttcac    117660
     tccagcctgg gcaaaggagt gagactctgt ctccaaaatt aattaattaa agaaaccaaa    117720
     caaggagaag gttggctaca ccaagatcag caagtgaggg atgatgatgc caccaccagg    117780
     ctccatccac atagggagcg gttgatactc ctccaaccag caccaggagc caggctatgg    117840
     aagctggcac aggcatggca agagtggctc ccagtcccca ccaggaacag ggtgtgtgga    117900
     cactggtgcc tgccttactg atcagttcat acctcctgcc aaggattcca attcgaccaa    117960
     aagagattga accaggctgc taagagcctg gatgtgcagc ctatcctggt tcctcttcca    118020
     cccccacata tacagcagga aagacattag ttcaaaatag atacaacagc cgaagagatg    118080
     aggctgagcc cagcggcaag ggaatcagag gttactagag acagagggac agagaagagg    118140
     gagggagaca gatggaagga cctgcaccag gagttatggg cacagaaaag aacatgaaga    118200
     cacagagagg aaggagagag acagacacca gggaggggaa gcctcactca atccaggtgc    118260
     catggatggg atgataaaga gagacacctt ctaaattcac aaactctctt cctaggattc    118320
     cgcagaaaac cttccctcct ggcccaccca ggtcccctgg tgaaatcaga agagacagtc    118380
     atcctgcaat gttggtcaga tgtcatgttt gagcacttcc ttctgcacag agaggggacg    118440
     tttaaccaca ctttgcgcct cattggagag cacattgatg gggtctccaa gggcaacttc    118500
     tccatcggtc gcatgacaca agacctggca gggacctaca gatgctacgg ttctgttact    118560
     cactccccct atcagttgtc agcgcccagt gaccctctgg acatcgtgat cacaggtgag    118620
     agtgtccaga cattcttctc attgtcattg ggatgcagag tgaatgatcc aggacttgga    118680
     ggcccaggtg gttgtaagga agatgagctt ggtattctta tggagagaga ctgacttggt    118740
     gaggtctgta ccaacagaga cagagaaaca ggagacacaa gtacagacca ggtgtcataa    118800
     cagaggacac acacaggggc ctttccgaga gttagaaaag acagaaggag ttaaaggaga    118860
     cagacagaca gacatgtccc agagagaggt gtccctccat gctgactttg ctcagagacc    118920
     tggcacatgt tagaagtttc atttctgttt tacctccaca aagtgttctc taccaggaga    118980
     acccaaggac acccatattt ctgacctgag ttgggcccta tggcctcagg ccttctggca    119040
     cctacagatg ccatgtttat tctgacacct ctgccttcca ggtaatggag agtaatcgtc    119100
     ccaggatatc atggccccag aacaccaacc cctgtatgct gtgtgaactt gtagtctcca    119160
     gactggattc tgaggctcac attccaaata accccacata tgaaaggatc actgagaggc    119220
     acagagaaaa atcaggaaca ccaaaaagca aagacataaa cacacagaga atgagccaga    119280
     ggaaggagat tgagagactc acagacacat aaagagagag aaaagagggc agaggagtgg    119340
     tgagaatgat ggaagggagc agagaaaagc actaaaatta gagtcatgag ggagaggcac    119400
     aaggacatag aaagatgaag atgtggggat gaattgcaga gattccaaag agaactagag    119460
     agaccgagag gcagagcaag acagatgata gatggataga tatagataga tgataaatag    119520
     gtagatgata gataataggt tatagataca tagatgatga ttgattgatt cattaataga    119580
     tgagacatag agatgatgat gatgaagaca gatagataat acatagagat agagaggcag    119640
     acatagagaa atcatagaga gagagagatg atacacagat atagataata gatgattgat    119700
     ggatagatag aaaattgata gataaataga tgatatatag atatagatga caggtagaga    119760
     atttgtagat aggcacggaa tagataaata gatagatcga tagataatag atagaaatat    119820
     gcagaaagtt atgaacagga cacaaagtga gaaactcaga attaaaaaaa gtaacatcaa    119880
     gtgaaccaat ccaaggagag tcagagagaa taaaacaatc caaaaagaga aaacatatct    119940
     agaggtgggg aagtgaggtc agagacctag agagacagag aaggtggaag gaggaaatag    120000
     acgtgaagag agatggggtg gagggtgaga gagagagaga gagagcatta ggtcacagag    120060
     caggggagtg agttctcagc tcaggtgaag ggagctgtga caaggaagat cctccctgag    120120
     gaaaatgcct cttctccttc caggtctata tgagaaacct tctctctcag cccagccggg    120180
     ccccacggtt ctggcaggag agagcgtgac cttgtcctgc agctcccgga gctcctatga    120240
     catgtaccat ctatccaggg aaggggaggc ccatgaacgt aggctccctg cagggcccaa    120300
     ggtcaacaga acattccagg ccgactttcc tctggaccct gccacccacg gagggaccta    120360
     cagatgcttc ggctctttcc gtgactctcc atacgagtgg tcaaagtcaa gtgacccact    120420
     gcttgtttct gtcacaggtg aggaaagccc atggctgtcc catgtcctat gatcctagag    120480
     ccttagctga ggagcttcct gctgaggatg gagagaagca tggacagatg cagagagaag    120540
     acgcagcctc ggtgtgaggg agggatcagg gcacaggatg gcagacaggg cacctccaaa    120600
     ccctcctaca tggcctgcat ggaggcccgc ggccagggct ccaggcaccc aggcagatgg    120660
     agaaagcggt caggagagac ccagaggagg gagactgggc tcagtttggg gagatcagag    120720
     gttccctcag cccctcaaca ttacccattt cccagaagcc catcctggcc tctcacccac    120780
     acagagatgt catcaccagc aatccctaca ccctttactt ttctttgaag aaatatttat    120840
     tgaggataaa tatacctata tagcttacca cctttaacat ttttttttga ggtggagtct    120900
     agctctgtcc cctatgctgg agtgcagtgg cacaatctca gctcactgca acctccgcct    120960
     cctgggttca agcgattctc ctgcctcagc cacctgagta gctggtgcta caggcacgca    121020
     ccaccatgcc aggctacttt ttgtattttt agtagagagg tggtttcacc atgttggtcg    121080
     agctggtctc gaactcctga ccacatgatc cacccgcatc agcctcccaa agtgctggga    121140
     ttacaggcat gggccaccgc acccagccac atttaccatt tttaagtgta aagtctagtg    121200
     gtcataaata catttatata tatatatata tacatttttt ttaccctcca cccttttctt    121260
     cctgtcctcc agtagccacc attctactct ctaccttcat gagatccacc ttttagctcc    121320
     tgtatatggg tgagaaatgg gaatctttgt aatgacctcc agttccatcc atgtggctgc    121380
     aaatgacagg atgttattct ttctatggat gagtagtctc cactgtgcgt atgtactaca    121440
     ttctctctat ccattcaccc actgatgggc aggtaggttg actcctcatc ttggctactg    121500
     tgaacagtgc tgcaccaatc atacgagtgc agatatcact tcgatatatt gatttacttt    121560
     cctttggata taaacccagt agtgaaattg ctggatacta tgaaagttct cttttttttt    121620
     tttttctttt ttgagaaaga gtttccctcc ttagcccaag ctggagtcaa agtggtgcga    121680
     ccttggctca ttgcaacctc cgcctcctgg gttccaatga ttttcctgcc tcagcctccc    121740
     tagtagctgg gattacaggt gcacgccacc atgcctggct actttttggt ttttttagta    121800
     tagatgcggt ttccccatgt tggctgggct gctctcaaac tcatgacctc aactgaggtg    121860
     cccgcctcag tctcccaaag tgccgggatt acaggcctga tccaccacac ccaacctctt    121920
     tttagttctt taaaggactt ccatactttt ctccgtaatc gctgtactaa tttacactcc    121980
     tcccaacagg gtaccagggt tctcctttct ctaccacctt gccagcattt cttttgcctg    122040
     tcttgcagct aaaagccatt ttattttatt tcattttatt ttgaggtgga gtttcgctct    122100
     tgtcacccag gctgagtgca gtggtgcgat ctcggctcac cgcaacctcc acctcccagg    122160
     ttcaagcgat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg agtagctgga attacaggca cacgccacca    122220
     cgccctacta atttttgtat ttttagtaga gacagcgttt ctctatgtgg gtcatactgg    122280
     tctcaaactc ccgaccttat gagattcacc cacctcaggc tctcaaaatt ctaggatgac    122340
     agacgtgagc cacctcgccc ggcctaaaag ccattttaat ggagtgagat gaaaactcac    122400
     tttgatttta atttgcgttt ctctgatgat gagtgatact gagcagtttt tcgtatgtgg    122460
     ggaaatttca tgtcttttgc tcctttttca attaaatcat ttgttttatt gagttgtttg    122520
     agcttcttat atttctagtt attaatccca tctcagatgc atagtttgca catatttgct    122580
     cccaatctgt gggttgtctc ttcactttgt tggtttattt ttagcagtgc agaagttgct    122640
     tagtttgagg taatcccaat ggtctatttt tgcttcgatt acttgtgttt tcaaggttta    122700
     aaacaaaatg tctttcttca gacaaatgtc ctggagcatt tccccaatat tttgttctac    122760
     gtgtttcata ggttcaggcc ttagactcac atctttaatc cattttcatt tgatttttgt    122820
     gtatggtgac aggtagaggt gcagtttcat tcctctgcat gtcgatgtcc aggtttccct    122880
     gcactgttta ttgaaaagac tgtcctttcc tgattgtgag ttcttggcac ctttgtcaaa    122940
     gtccattgga tgggctgggc ttggtagcta acacctgcaa tttcagcact ttgggaggcc    123000
     gaggcgggtg gattacctga ggccaggagt tcaagatcag tctggacgac gtgatgaaac    123060
     atcgtctcca ctaaaaatat aaaaattagc tgagcatggt ggtcagcacc tgtaatacca    123120
     ctactcagga gtttgaggca agagaatgat tgaacccagg aggctgaggt tgcagtgaac    123180
     tgagattgca cctctgcact ccagcctgag tgacagagca agactccatc tcaaaagaaa    123240
     aaataaaaac cattggatgt aaatgcatgg aatatatctg tgttattcat tctgctccat    123300
     tgttctatgt gcctttcttt atgccaatgt catgctgttt tgcttactac agctctgtaa    123360
     catattttga gatcaggtag tgtgatgctc ctgttttctc tttatacctt gaagtctcaa    123420
     gacagtgggt gtcacataaa aaaattatgg aaaaaaggat cccaggactc ccagggccca    123480
     atattagata acagagtgtt ggccatgaac catcctcaaa gatttccact gagtagagga    123540
     cagacaccct catttcctca cctctctcct gtctcgtgtt ctaggaaact cttcaaatag    123600
     ttggccttca cccactgaac caagctccga aaccggtgag tacagaaccc tcttatatcc    123660
     gcttttggaa acctggggag gtggaaacct tggattcagg cgttgactca gcatctcaca    123720
     gctctgacat tgtacccctg tcttccacca tctccgaact ccagatactc caacagcgaa    123780
     agggatctgg gcccaacaca gggctcagtg aaatctcttc atccctcatt ttatggagct    123840
     gagacctcct acaagctaga agaatgattg ccaatctgac atccttctca ggaaaaatgc    123900
     aatgtttgtt ctgcctgcat tcctaactgg aggataaatt cctggagact tgagagaggg    123960
     aagggaaggg aacatctgat gagggcgagg tgttttagag aagttccact tgccaaggaa    124020
     tgagctcctg taggtcatga agcaaccctg gctgactccg cagagaaagc gccttgccgt    124080
     aacagagaac agagctcatg cacgcacact tcgactcact gactcattca gccacggccc    124140
     catgctcagg ctgtgcagtg tggaagcttt tcctattgtt gccataacaa atttccacaa    124200
     gattcgtggg tgaaaacaaa acggtttttt aattatctta cagtgctcta gctcaaagta    124260
     tgaagtgcat ctcactgggc taaaatcaag gcgacagcaa ggctgccttc cctctgaggg    124320
     ttccaggcaa gaatctgctt ctcacttgtc ccagcttcta gaggctccca cattccttcg    124380
     ctcctggtcc ccttcctcct tcctcaaagc ccacaaaggc tggtcacatc tcacgtggca    124440
     tcactcagac ccttcttcct taccacacct ctttatctga atgctgctct cccttcttcc    124500
     tcatcttttg aaaacttggg gattctattg ggttcaccaa gatgaaaatc catcataatc    124560
     tccaggaaat cattcaggat acccttgttt taagttcagc tgattagcaa ccataattcc    124620
     atctgcaatc ttcattcctc ctttccatgt aaaataagat attcacaagc tatggaggct    124680
     aggacaggga cattttgggg tgggacagca ttctcctacc ttccacaaac agtgaacaag    124740
     atgcatttgg cctctgccct tgggacactg atattgcaga tggttaaatg ggagggcaga    124800
     aaatgaatgc acaagtggac caataaatga atgatccatt gggaagcatc tgtgtatgaa    124860
     atctatttgt ttgtttcttc gtttgtttat tgagacagag tctccctccg tcttccaggc    124920
     tacagtgcag tgtcaccatc ttggctcact gcaacctgca ccttctggat ccaagtgatt    124980
     ctcctgcgtc agcctctcga gtagctggga ttacaggcaa ctgccaccat gcccggctaa    125040
     ttctttttgt atattttttg tagaggatgt ttcaccatct tcgccaagct tctctgaaac    125100
     tcccaacctc aagtgatccg accgtctcag catcctaaag tactgggata actggcgtga    125160
     gccactgtgc ccagccagaa tttaaaataa ataatacata atgctgagtg tatgattttg    125220
     ggtgacagag aagatctcac taatcagata tttgtgacat taatgaaaaa cacggattga    125280
     acccctgaaa gattggcgga aggattttcc acacacagct gtcagccgtg aaggcagaaa    125340
     gctgaaaaca atctgatgtg gaaggaagag gctctgcctc aaatgctggg aatgagatgg    125400
     ggagaatgac aagacgactg tggagagacg gagagcacac tgggtacaca ggaaactaag    125460
     gagcaacaag gagtgtgtgt ttgacactca cagccattgg attcacctcg gggtagccag    125520
     gaatccctac atgattaata gtgactgaca tgaaaataag ggaggcccag gtgcgtaact    125580
     ggaatctagg agaccgtgga aaaggcaatt cccgcctcac tggtgaaatg tggtgctgat    125640
     ttagacccta actgggtgaa gcagatggat ataagatatg cttgtgaggt ggaatcattg    125700
     gctggaaagg cttgctgggt atgattttcc tagttgtcta atcctcgctt aatttctttc    125760
     tgagctttat tcctactaca cataaatcaa tacctggcaa aggagtgaca gatatatgag    125820
     gggtggtgga aatgaaggga cctattacag cataatatac aagtctgtga acggtggctc    125880
     acgcctgtaa cccagcactg caggaggcca aggcgggtgg atcacacgaa gtcagcagtt    125940
     cgagaccagc ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc ctgtctctag gaaaaacaca aaaattagcc    126000
     gaacatggtg gtgcatccct gtaatgccag ctcctactct ggaggatgaa gcaggagaat    126060
     gacttcaacc caggaggtgg agtttgcagt gagtggagat tgcatcactg cactccagcc    126120
     tgggtgacac aaggagactc cgtctcaaaa aataaaaata agaaatgcat aaatataaat    126180
     ataatataac acacgcaaat gacaaaggga cctgaattcc aatcatgatt tttctatttc    126240
     tctataatta cttctttgat cctttatctt atccattagg caatgagcct aaaacctctt    126300
     ccctatttgg ctttctgtga gcatgagatc atatagaaaa tgtgaaagcc cgctgaatcc    126360
     tccagcacag atcctggaat acacaaagtg ctctgttcat cacaaaaaaa acatgccctc    126420
     tcacccaaat cccccacctc acccctactt ccaatcatct gtggagattc agataggcca    126480
     tggggaggta aattctaata ctccttggag tgagtccaga tcttggaatc agagatcagc    126540
     gtcagcacta gctcctgctc ccctttccta ctaattcaca ggaggacagg tggtattgaa    126600
     gcaatagatg gccgagggtg tggtccttcc cccagcctct ggggtagaac agcagcctaa    126660
     catgtgtctc ctgagatcac aaagagtagc acgtttcaca tgggcttcaa cactatttcc    126720
     tggccatttg acataagaga attctacttc gcttttttta tcttgatttc acttttgttt    126780
     ccttttcttg gagaatgcaa gttgtttgac tcaagaatgc cgtggatgta taaatcctaa    126840
     agcacattcg ctgtgtatca atcccagtgc agtcttccca gagaagactc taaacacctc    126900
     ctggactgca cctgggccta tgccaattcc tatcactcac cgtcactcca ggaagacaga    126960
     acacacagag aatacattac acaggcaggt tcattactaa cagataagca gcgagtgaca    127020
     acagaagcct acatttcaat gtgagccagt ccctcaaggc tcagaaaagc tgctcgggac    127080
     atatggagtc accccatttg cagtgtagct gggggaagcc agaaagcagc ccagcctggg    127140
     ttttgtaccc tggagccaca ggaagcactc agctaaagca ctgcatgacg ccttcctcca    127200
     ggaagaacag gaagacagcc caggctgttc tgagacattc ctcctgatct caggacgttg    127260
     ctgtcgtagt ttttttttgt tgctctaaag gaaaacttga gcctcggtaa cttctaaaga    127320
     aaagagatcg gtttgcctca ccgttctgca ggctgtactg gaagcatggc accagaatct    127380
     atttcttgtg acggcctcag gctgctccca ctctggcaga agggaaggag ggtctgtctg    127440
     tgcagagacc gcagagatca cacggcaaga gagagagtaa gggggagggg gagcgatgga    127500
     gcttccaagc tcttttgaac aaccagctct ccgggaacta atagaggggg aacttgctaa    127560
     ccccgtctcc ttgggacagc attgttctgt tcatgatgga tccacctcca tgacccaaac    127620
     acctcccaag aggcccaacc tcccacagtg ggggtgaaat ttccatgtga ggtttgaagg    127680
     ggtcagacat ctcaactaaa gtagttgtat cctcagcacg ttctatggtt actatgagag    127740
     ctataattga gaaagcaggg gaaagctagg tctcccacca tttgggtgct tgtcctaaag    127800
     agacgttgta tgtggttacc tgtcaatcaa gaaatgcgag acaattcata aagaggaact    127860
     gctatgatta gcttcttatt ggtgtctcct cttcttccag gtaaccccag acacctacac    127920
     gttctgattg ggacctcagt ggtcaaactc cctttcacca tcctcctctt ctttctcctt    127980
     catcgctggt gctccaacaa aaaaagtaag tctcacgaag cagaggccag agagctcagg    128040
     gccatgtggg gaagcaggat ggtagcacgc gggtgtgtgt tcctcacagg caggatggtc    128100
     cctggcccaa ggcaggagcc acagaggcag gactttctag agagagcacc agattccctt    128160
     cccctgcctt cagctcacag accattgcct gattctgaac tgtaccctca cgtcccctgc    128220
     agccactcac atccaggaga aggttccatg acaggcagaa agtgggagat agaatcaatg    128280
     ggatgggaac tcagagctat tcatgggatg ggtccttgag ctcagagaga tagaatgtct    128340
     gagtctgctg ttggcaactg agggacctca ggcacctatg gcctccccct gtttgttggt    128400
     atctgcttat gaaatgagga cccagaagtg ccctccgagc tgttttgttg acttccatct    128460
     tctacagatg catctgtaat ggaccaaggg cctgcgggga acagaacagt gaacagggag    128520
     gtaggtgctc ctcggcccag cctcgtggct agtcttattc ccaaagagtc ctgaaaaatg    128580
     tgagcaccct ccctcactca gcatttccct ctctccagga ttctgatgaa caggaccatc    128640
     aggaggtgtc atacgcataa ttggatcact gtgttttcac acagagaaaa atcactcccc    128700
     cttctcagag gcccaagaca cccccaacag ataccagcat gtacatagaa cttccaaatg    128760
     ctgagtccag atccaaagct gtcttctgtc cacgagcacc acagtcaggc cttgagggga    128820
     tcttctaggg agacaacagc cctgtctcaa aaccgggttg ccagctccca tgtaccagca    128880
     gctggaatct gaaggcatca gtcttcatct taggggatcg ctcttcctca aaccacgaat    128940
     ctgaacatgc ctctctcttg cttacaaatg tctaaggtcc ccactgcctg ctggagagaa    129000
     aacacactcc tttgcttagc ccacaattct ccatttcact tgacccctgc ccacctctcc    129060
     aacctaactg gcttacttcc tagtctactt gaggctgcaa tcacactgag gaactcacaa    129120
     ttccaaacat acaagaggct ccctcttaac acagcactta gacacgtgct gttccacctt    129180
     ctctcatgca gttccacctc ccctcagact atctttcagc cttctgtcag cagtaaaact    129240
     tataaattgt ttttagtaat ttcaatgtag ttttccctcc ttcaaataaa catgtctgcc    129300
     ctcatggttt cggtaatggg actcttttct tgcctaaggc ttctggtgtt atcattacca    129360
     tgtccacata accccatctg ttctccactg ggttctcacc cctggactct gagcttctgg    129420
     aacagggtgg accctgactt gtctctgaga ctccaatttc catccaaaga tgcagcacat    129480
     aggaagttcc aaggatcgtg aatcacatga acaagtgata ttcttactct ctgcagacct    129540
     ggaaagctgg cagagtcatt ccatgatgaa acatttgtag agtcataggc cttgttagtc    129600
     tcatctccac ggggacacat gtcaacgcat catctttcat actataaata tacagtcgct    129660
     cctccgtatc tgtggggttt acaggtgttt attgaaccaa gtataaatca aaaatattca    129720
     gagaaaaagc ccacaaagtt ccaaaaagca aaactgtgtt gaatgcacac aaatgaggtg    129780
     gtgtataggc tgtatcagga attataagta atcaagagat gatttcatgt atacaggagg    129840
     atgtgcatgg gttatatcca aatgctgtgt cattttatgt aagaggcttg agcatctgca    129900
     gattttagta tctgagtgga gatcctgaaa ccaatcaccc atgaatagtg aaggatgacg    129960
     gtataggact tttatttctc aaatttaaat ataaatcata aaaaatgtac aataactaga    130020
     taaaaactaa gaagtgtttt tatagtgtga gaataagttt agatttatta tttcctatgt    130080
     gtaacccttt ggtttaatat tatttattga gaagacattc tatgccacct taaaccacac    130140
     ggcagccttt gtcaactaaa aagggactgt gtgtacacgg atgtgtattt tagacactgt    130200
     ctctgctaaa cggctctctg tgtccacatt cttgaggatg ctccacttta tgtagcccca    130260
     tagaaccctt taaatttagt agccagaggc ctctaatttg ttattatagg ctatttgcta    130320
     tttttatttt cttgaggcgg agtcttgctc tgtcgcccag gctggactgc agtggtgcaa    130380
     tctcagctca ctgcaacctc cgcctcccag gttcaagcga ttctcgtgcc tcagcctctt    130440
     gggtagctgg tgttacaagt tcctgccact gggcacggct aatttttgga tttttagcag    130500
     agacacggtt tcactgtgtt gccaggctgc tctcaaactc cttatatcag ttgatccgcc    130560
     cacctcggct tcccgacgtg ctgggggaaa cttgattttc tatagcatta tgttactgga    130620
     tatttctgta aaatttaaaa tgagggaggg agagagacag agagagagca aactccagag    130680
     ttgggactct ggaaacttgg gtcatgagac aaattttaga taaatctaca aaaatccaga    130740
     gtttaaatgt gtggtttttg ctgataacgt acaattcaaa gattgtaaat aattgcataa    130800
     tccttccctg ggaatttaaa tcattttaac tggttctgct gtaatactag aaatacaagc    130860
     atgaaaaatt ctaatggttt attagtcaca atgactctga aaaccttaat aatacctatt    130920
     agatattttg catattacac aggaagaaga gtttgaatct cagataaaaa caataaaaat    130980
     acatgaaaag tctttcacgt tagcacagat tttaggcatc tcgtgttcag gaggttggat    131040
     ctgagacgtg ttttgagttg gtcatagtga aggacgctag gtgtaaattc tagtgagaac    131100
     aatttccagg aagccgtgtt ccgctcttga gcgagcaacc actgggcctc atgcaaggta    131160
     gaaagagcct gcgtacgtca ccctcccatg atgtggtcaa catgtaaact gcatgggcag    131220
     ggcgccaaat aacatcctgt gcgctgctga gctgagctgg ggcgcggccg cctgtctgca    131280
     ccggcagcac catgtcgctc acggtcgtca gcatggcgtg tgttggtgag tcctggaagg    131340
     gaatagagga agggagtgtg gggttggaga tctgggccca gaggtggata tataggcctg    131400
     gaggtggagt tgtgggcctg gagtggagat ctgggcctgg agtggatata tgggcctaga    131460
     gatggagtga tgggcctaga agtggagatc tgggcccaga ggtcgagata taggcctgga    131520
     ggtggagtga tgggactgta gtggagatct gggcctggag tggagatagg aacctggagg    131580
     ggagatagga acctggaggg gagatatggg cctggaggtg gagatatggg cctggagtgg    131640
     agtcatgggc ctggaggtgg agttacgggc ctgcagtaga gatatgggcc tgaagtggag    131700
     acatgggcct ggagtggaga tatgggccag gagtggagat atgggcctag aggtcgatat    131760
     ctgggcctgg agtggagata tgggccagga gtggagatat gggcctagag gtcgatatct    131820
     gggcctggag aggagatatg tgcctaggat ggagatacgg gcctgggtgt ggagatatgg    131880
     gactggagag gatatatggg cctggagtgg agatatggga ctggagagga gatatggacc    131940
     tggagtggag ataagggcct ggattggaga tatgggccca gggtggagat ctgagcctgg    132000
     attggagata tgggcctgga ttggcgatat gggcttaggg tggaaatatc ggcctggagt    132060
     ggagatatgg gcctggagtg gagatatggg cttgaggtgg ggatatggac ctggaggctg    132120
     ggtctctgca cagccgacag ccctgttctt gggtgcaggt aggcactgag ggtgagttta    132180
     ccttcagccc aggaagggcc tggctaccaa gactcacagc ccagtggggg cagcaagggt    132240
     gccctggttt gcctgcagat gggtcatcca tcatgatctt tctttccagg gttcttcttg    132300
     ctgcaggggg cctggccaca tgagggtgag tccttctcca aaccttcggg tgtcatctcc    132360
     ccacataaga ggattttcct gaaatgggag ggaagtcctg tcagggagtc tctcataaac    132420
     taggaagaag ggaccctggg gtgctgggcc cacatttctg accttgcctc cctggccttt    132480
     cattcccttg gcagagtcaa gttctgtggg gaccagggtt agactacggt gctcaaagct    132540
     ggggtgtgtg gtggggaagt ggtaggaaca gcagatcctc tgaggacaaa ggtgttactc    132600
     acacacttca gcgtttccat gacggtaggg gctgcagtgt ggctgctgtc attctaccag    132660
     aagaggtggg aaaaccacag ccatggccct gacattccaa tcctctgatg gggactcagt    132720
     tgtttatttt cgttcaggca tcggctgata ttccattctc aaaggacatg ccctccaccc    132780
     catgtctacc ctgtgttgtt ttatgtgagt aatcttacag tattaaaatc tagtaggagt    132840
     ctcttactca gcacttgctc aaagttctca gctgacactt ttgttgtagg gagacacctt    132900
     gtgtttgcgg gatgggttct tcctttagcc ctgggcacca aggtgtgata gcagccatag    132960
     aaacttggaa agcgaggaga atcttcagag cacagggagg gaggggcggc tccacatcct    133020
     cctctctaag gcggtgcctc cttctcccca cggtggtcag gacaagccct tgctgtctgc    133080
     ctggccaagc cctgtggtgc ctccaggata tgtgattctt cagtgtcatt cttatcttgg    133140
     gtttaacaac ttcagtctgt aaaaggaaga tggggtgcct gtccctgagc tctacaacat    133200
     aatattctgg aacagccttt tcatgggccc tgtgacccca gcacacgcag ggacctatac    133260
     atgtcggggt tcacaaccac actaccccag tgggtggtcg gcacccagca accccctgga    133320
     gatcacggtc acaggtcaga gggctcctgt ctgggattct ccttgtccca cctcctgaat    133380
     cccagagctc ctggtgggcg tgtccttgcg ggtcccatca tgcaagtcct gactgtattt    133440
     ggggtaaagg gggattgaat acagggaaat gggtgctgtg gtgggaagaa taattgtccc    133500
     cagtgatgac tacattctaa tccctggagt ctgtgactat ttatgatata ggggaaggga    133560
     ctgaaggaga agatggagct caggttgttg atgagttgac cttgagatgg ggagacaacc    133620
     tggactgtcc tgatgggctc agtgtagtca caggggtcca caggaaagga ggaggaagag    133680
     gggagtgggg attacagcag cataatggga gtctccatca gctttgaagg tggaggaagt    133740
     ccaggagcca tgaatgcagg tggcctatag aggctggaaa agtcaaggaa ctgattctcc    133800
     tgagtctcca gagggaacga agccctgcag gtaccttgat tttacccacg acaaacaggg    133860
     tccgatttct gtctccagaa ttggaagggg ttagtgtgct ctctcctgct gccatgcttc    133920
     tgataatttt ctacagcagc aacaggaaac caacactgga acccaggtca aggacaagtt    133980
     aagaaacaac acaaggatag ccaggcatgg tggcaggtgc atgtaatcct agcgacttgg    134040
     gaggctgagg gcaggagaat cacttgaacc caggagacag aggttgcagt aagcctagac    134100
     cacaccactt cactccagcc tgggcaaagg agtgagactc tgtcgccaaa attaattaat    134160
     taattaaaga aaccaaacaa ggagaaggtt ggctacactg agatcagcaa ggctcggatg    134220
     atgatgccac caccaggctc catccacata gggagcggtt gatactcctc caaccagcac    134280
     caggagccag gctatggaag ctggcactgg catggcaaga gtgtctccca gtccctacca    134340
     ggaacagggt gtgtggccac tggtgcctgc cttactgatc agttcatacc tcctgccaag    134400
     gattccaatt cgtccaaaag agattgaacc aggctgctaa gagcctggat gtgcagccta    134460
     tcctggttcc tcttccaccc ccacacagac agcaggaaag acattagttc gaaatagata    134520
     caacagccca agagatgagg ctgagcccag cggcaaggga atcagaggct actagagaca    134580
     gagggacaga gaagagtgag ggagacagat ggaaggacct gcaccaggag ttatgggcac    134640
     agaaaagaac atgaagacac agagaggaag gagagagata agacaccagg aaggggaagc    134700
     ctgactcaat ccaggtgcca tggatgggat gataaagaga gacaccttct aaactcacaa    134760
     cctctcttcc taggagtcca cagaaaacct tccctcctgg cccacccagg tcgcctggtg    134820
     aaatcagaag agacagtcat cctgcaatgt tggtcagatg tcatgtttga acacttcctt    134880
     ctgcacagag aggggatgtt taacgacact ttgcgcctca ttggagaaca ccatgatggg    134940
     gtctccaagg ccaacttctc catcagtcgc atgaagcaag acctggcagg gacctacaga    135000
     tgctacggtt ctgttactca ctccccctat cagttgtcag ctcccagtga ccctctggac    135060
     atcgtgatca taggtgagag tgtccagact ttcttctcat tgtcattggg atgcagagtg    135120
     aatgatccag gacttggagg cccaggtggc tgtaaggaag atgagcttgg tattcttatg    135180
     gagagagact gacttggtga ggtctgtgcc aacagagaca gagaaacagg agacacaagt    135240
     agagaccagg tgtcataaca gagaacagac acaggggcca taccgggagt ttgaaaagac    135300
     agaaagagtt aaaggaaaca cacagacaga catgtcccag agagaggtgt ccctccatgc    135360
     tgactttgct cagagacctg gcacaggtta gaagtttcat ttctgtttta cctccacaaa    135420
     gtgttctcta ccaggagaac ccaaggacac ccatatttct gacctgagtt gggccctgtg    135480
     gcctcaggcc ttgtggcacc tacagatgcc atgtttattc tgacacctct gccttccatg    135540
     taatggagag taatcgtccc aggatatcat ggccccacaa caccaacccc tgtatgctgt    135600
     gtgaacttgt agtctccaga ctggattctg aggctcatat tccaaataag cccacttatg    135660
     agaggatcag tgagaggcac agagagaaat cagggacacc aaaaagcaaa gacataaaca    135720
     cacagagaat gagccagagg aaggagattg agagactcac agacacataa agagaaaaga    135780
     gggcagagaa gtgagaatga tggaagggag cagagaaaag cactaaaatt agactcctga    135840
     gggagaggca caaggacatt gaaagatgga gatgtgggga tgaattgcag agattccaaa    135900
     gagaactaga gagaccgaga ggcagagcaa gacagatgat agatggatag atatagatag    135960
     atgataaata ggtagatgat agataatagg ttatagatac atagatgatg attgattgat    136020
     tcattaatag atgagacata gagatgatga tgatgaagac agatagatag ataatacata    136080
     gagatacaga ggcagacata gagaaatcat agagagagag agatgataca tagatataga    136140
     taatagatga ttgatggata gatagacaat tgatggataa atagatgata tatagatata    136200
     gatgacaggt agagaatttg tagataggca ccgaatagat aaatagatag atcgatagat    136260
     aatagataga aatatgcaga aagttatgaa caggacacaa agtgagaaac tcagaattaa    136320
     aaaaagtaac atcaagtcaa ccaatccaag gagagtcaga gagaataaaa caatccaaaa    136380
     agagaaaaca tatctagagg tggggaagtg aggtcagaga cctaaagaga cagagaaggt    136440
     ggaaggagga aatagacatg aagagcgatg gggtagaggg tgagagagag agagagagag    136500
     cattaggtca tagagcaggg gagtgagttc tcagctcagg tgaagggagc tgtgacaagg    136560
     aagatcctcc ctgaggaaac tgcctcttct ccttccaggt ctatatgaga aaccttctct    136620
     ctcagcccag ccgggcccca cggttctggc aggagagaat gtgaccttgt cctgcagctc    136680
     ccggagctcc tatgacatgt accatctatc cagggaaggg gaggcccatg aacgtaggct    136740
     ccctgcaggg accaaggtca acggaacatt ccaggccaac tttcctctgg gccctgccac    136800
     ccatggaggg acctacagat gcttcggctc tttccgtgac tctccatacg agtggtcaaa    136860
     gtcaagtgac ccactgcttg tttctgtcac aggtgaggaa agcccatggc tgtcccatgt    136920
     cctatgatcc tagagcctta gctgaggagc ttcctgctga tgatggagag aagcatggac    136980
     agatgcagag agaagacgca gcctcggtgt gagggaggga tcagggcaca ggatggccga    137040
     cagggcacct ccaaaccctc ctacatggcc tgcatggagg cccacggcca gggctccagg    137100
     cacccaggca gatggagaaa gcggtcagga gagacccaga ggagggagac tgggctcagt    137160
     ttggggagat cagaggttcc ctcagcccct caaccttacc catttcccag aagcccatcc    137220
     tggcctctca cccacacaga gatgtcatca ccagcaaccc ctacaccctt tacttttctt    137280
     tgaagaaata tttattgagg ataaatatac ctatatagct taccactttt aacatttttt    137340
     tttgaggtgg agtctagctg tgtcccctat gctggagtgc agtggcacaa tctcagctca    137400
     ctgcaacctc cacctcctgg gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagccacct gagtagctgg    137460
     tgctacaggc acgcaccacc acgccaggct actttttgta tttttagtag ggaggtggtt    137520
     tcaccatgtt ggtcgagctg gtctcgaact cctgaccaag tgatccaccc gcatctgcct    137580
     cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcatgggcc accgcgccca gccacattta ccatttttaa    137640
     gtgtaaagtc tagtggtcat aaatacattt atatacatat atatatatat acattttttt    137700
     taccctccac ccttttcttc ctgtcctcca gtagccacca ttctactctc taccttcatg    137760
     agatccacct tttagctcct gtatatgggt gagaaatggg aatctttgta atgacctcca    137820
     gttccatcca tgtggctgca aatgacagga tgttattctt tctatggatg agtagtctcc    137880
     actatgcgta tgtactacat tctctctatc catttaccca ctgatgggca ggtaggttga    137940
     ctcctcatct tggctactgt gaacagtgct gcaccaatca tacgagtgca gatatcactt    138000
     cgatatattg atttactttc ctttggatat aaacccagta gtgaaattgc tggatactat    138060
     gaaagttctc tttttttctt tttttctttt ttgagaaaga gtttccctcc ttagcccaag    138120
     ctggagtcaa agtggtgcga ccttggctca ttgcaaccta cgcctcctgg gttcaaatga    138180
     ttttcctgcc tcagcctccc tagtagctgg gattacaggt gcacaccacc atgcctggct    138240
     actttttggt ttttttagta tagatggggt ttccccatgt tggctgggct gctctcaaac    138300
     tcatgacctc aactgaggtg cccgcctcag tctcccaaag tgccgggatt acaggcatga    138360
     tccaccgcac ccaacctctt tttagttctt taaaggactt ccatactttt ctccgtaatg    138420
     gctgtactaa tttacactcc tcccaacagg gtaccagggt tctcctttct ctaccacctt    138480
     gccagcattt cttttgcctg tcttgcagct aaaagccatt ttattttatt tcattttatt    138540
     ttgagatgga gttttgctct tctcacccag gctggagtgc agtggcgcga tctcggctca    138600
     ccacaacctc cacctcccag gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc gagtagctgg    138660
     aattacaggc acacgccacc acgcccgact aatttttgta tttttagtag agacagtgtt    138720
     tctctatgtg ggtcatactg gtctcaaact cccgacctta tgagattcac ccacctcagg    138780
     ctctcaaagt tctaggatga caaacgtgag ccacctcacc cggcctaaaa gccattttaa    138840
     tggggtgaga tgaaaactca ctttgaattt aatttgcgtt tctctgatga tgagtgatac    138900
     tgagcagttt ttcgtatgtg gggaaatttc atgtcttttg ctcctttttc aattaaatca    138960
     tttgttttat tgagttgttt gagcttctta tatttctagt tattaatccc atctcagatg    139020
     catagtttgc acatatttgc tcccaatctg tgggttgtct cttcactttg ttggtttatt    139080
     tttagcggtg cagaagttgc ttagtatgag gtaatcccaa tggtctattt ttgcttcgat    139140
     tacttgtgtt ttcaaggttt aaaacaaaat gtctttcttc agacaaatgt cctggagcat    139200
     ttccccaata ttttgttcta cgtgtttcat aggttcaggc cttagactca catctttaat    139260
     ccattttcat ttgatttttg tgtatggtga caggtagagg tgcagtttca ttcctctgca    139320
     tgtagatgtc caggtttccc tgcactgttt attgaaaaga ctgtcctttc ctgattgtga    139380
     gttcttggca tctttgtcaa agtccattgg atgggctggg cttggtggct aacacctgca    139440
     atttcagcac tttgggagcc cgaggtgggt ggatcacctg aggccaggag ttcaagatta    139500
     gtctggccga cgtgatgaaa catcatctcc actaaaaata taaaaattag ctgagcatgg    139560
     tggtcagcac ctgtaatacc actactcagg agtttgaggc aagagaatga ttgaacccag    139620
     gaggctgagg ttgcagtgaa ccgagattgc acctttgcac tccagcctga gtgacagagc    139680
     aagactccat ctcaaaagaa aaaataaaaa accattggat gtaaatgcat ggaatatatc    139740
     tgtgttattc attctgctcc gttgttctat gtgcctttct ttatgccagt gtcatgctat    139800
     tttgcttact acagctctgt aacatatttt gagatcaggt agtgtgatgc tcctgttttc    139860
     tctttatacc ttgaagtctc aagacagtgg gtgtcacata aaaaaattat ggaaaaaagg    139920
     atcccaggac tcccagggcc caatattaga taacagagtg ttggccatga accatcctca    139980
     aagatttcca ctgagtggag gacagaaacc ctcatttcct cacctctctc ctgtctcatg    140040
     ttctaggaaa cccttcaaat agttggcctt cacccactga accaagctcc gaaaccggtg    140100
     agtacagaac cctcttatat ccgcttttgg aaacctgggg aggtggaaac cttggattca    140160
     ggcgttgact cagcatctca cagctctgac attgtacacc tgtcttccac catctccgaa    140220
     ctccagatac tcctacagcg aaagggatct gggcccaaca cagggctcag tgaaatctct    140280
     tcatctctca ttttatggag ctgagacctc ctacaagcta gaagaatgat tgccaatctg    140340
     acatccttct caggaaaaat gcaatgtttg ttctgcctgc attcctaact ggaggataaa    140400
     ttcctggaga cttgagagag ggaagggaag ggaacatctg atgagggcga ggtgttttag    140460
     agaagttcca cttgccaagg aatgagctcc tgtaggtcat gaagcaaccc tggctgactc    140520
     agcagagcaa gagccttgcc gtaacagaga acagagctca tgcacacaca cttcgactca    140580
     ctgactcatt cagccacggc cccatgctca ggctgtgcag tgcggaacct tttcctattg    140640
     ttgccataac aaatttccac aagattcgtg ggtgaaaaca aaacggtttt ttaattatct    140700
     tacagtgctg tagctcaaag taggaagtgc atcttactgg gctaaaatca aggtgacagc    140760
     aaggctgcct tccctctgag gattccaggc acgaatctgc ttctcacttg tcccagcttc    140820
     taaaggctcc cagttccttg gctcctggtc cccttcctcc ttcctcaaag cccacaaaga    140880
     ctggtcacat ctcacatggc atcactcagt gccttcttcc ttaccacact tctttctctg    140940
     aatgctgctc tcccttcttc ctcatctttt gaaaacttgg ggattctatt gggttcacca    141000
     agatgaaaat ccctcataat ctcctggaaa tcatccagga tacccttgtt ttaagttcag    141060
     ctgattagta accataattc catctgcaat cttcattcct cctttccatg taaaataaca    141120
     tattcacaag ctatggaggc taggacaggg acattttggg gtgggacagc attctcctgc    141180
     cttccacaaa cagtgaacaa gatgcatttg gcctctgccc ttgggacact gatattgcag    141240
     atggttaaat gggagggcag aaaatgaatg cacaagtgga tctataaatg aatgatccat    141300
     tgggaagcat ctgtgcatga aatctatttt ttgtttgttc ttttgtttat tgagacagag    141360
     ttgccctctg tcttccaggc tacagtgcag tgtcacgatc ttggctcact gcaacctgct    141420
     tctcctggat tcaagtgatt ctcctgcctc cgcctctcga gtagctggga ttacaggcaa    141480
     ctgccaccgt gcccggctaa ttctttttgt atattttttg tagagaggat gtttcaccac    141540
     gttggccaag cttgtctgaa actcccaacc tcaagtgatc cgaccgtctc agcatgccaa    141600
     agtaatggga ctacaggcgt gagccactgt gcccagccag aattcaaaat caataataga    141660
     taatgctgag tgtatgattt caggtgacaa agaaggtctc actattcaga tatttgtgac    141720
     attaatgaaa aacacggatt gaacccctga aagattggcg gaaggatttt gcacacacag    141780
     ctgtcagccg tgaaggcaca aaggtgaaaa caatctgatg tggaaggaag aggctcttcc    141840
     tcaaatgctg ggaatgaggt ggggagaatg acaagacgac tgtggagaga cggagagcac    141900
     actgggtaca caggaaacta aggagcaaca aggagtgtgt gtttgacact cacagccatt    141960
     ggattcacct cggggtaacc aggaatccct acatgattaa tatgactgac atgaaaataa    142020
     aggaggccca ggggcgtaac tggaatctag gagaccgtgg aaaaggcaat tcccgaccca    142080
     ctggtgaaat gtggtgctga ttttgacact aagtggatga agcagatgga tataagctat    142140
     gcttgtgagg tagaatcatt ggctggaaag gcttgctggg tttgattttc ctacttgttt    142200
     aatcctcgct taattaattt ctttctgaga tttattcatc ctacacataa atcaatacct    142260
     ggcaaaggag tgacagatat atgaggggtg gtggaaatga agagacctat tatagcgtaa    142320
     tatacaagtc tgtgaacggt ggctcacgct tgtaacccag cactgcagga ggccaaggcg    142380
     ggtggattcc atgaagtcag gagttccaga ccagcctggc caacatggtg aaaccctatc    142440
     tgtactaaaa atacaaaaat tagccgagca tggtggtgca tccctgtaat cccagctcct    142500
     actctggagg atgaagcagg agaatgactt caacccagga ggtggaggtt gcagtgagtg    142560
     gagattgcat cactgcactc cagcctgggt gacacaagga gactccgtct caaaaaataa    142620
     aaataagaaa tgcataaata taataaaaca cacacgaatg acaaaggcac ctgaattcca    142680
     atcatcattt ttctatttct ctataattac ttctttgatc ctttatctta tccattaggc    142740
     aatgagccta aaacctcttc cctatttggc tttctgtgag catgagatca catagaaaat    142800
     gtgaaagccc gctgaatcct ccagcacgga tcctggaata gagaaagtgc tctgttcatc    142860
     gcaaaaaaaa acttgcccac tcacccaaat cccccacctc acccctactt ccaatcacct    142920
     gtggagattc agatagacca tggggaggaa acattaatac tccttggagt gagtccagat    142980
     cttggaatca gagatcagcg acagcactag ctcctgttcc cctttcctac taattcacag    143040
     gaggacaggt ggtattgaag caatagatgg tggagggggt ggtccttccc ccagcctctc    143100
     gggtagaaca gcagcctaac atgtgtctcc cgagatcaca aagagcagca catttcacac    143160
     gggcttcaac actattttct ggctgtttga cataagagaa tcttgcttcg ctatttttaa    143220
     tcgtgatttc acctttgttt cctttccttg gtgaatgcaa tttgtttgac tcaagaatgc    143280
     tgtggatgta gaaatcctaa agcacattcg ctgtgtatca atcccagtgc agtcttccca    143340
     gagaagactc taaacaaatc ctggactgca cctgggccta tgccaattcc tatcactcac    143400
     cgtcactcca gggagacaga acacacagag aatacgttac ataggcaggt tcattactaa    143460
     cagataagca gtgagtgaca acagaagcct gcatttcaat gtgagccagt ccctcaaggc    143520
     tcagaaaagc tgctcgggac atatggagtc accccatttg cagtgtaact gggggaagcc    143580
     agaaagcagc ccagcctggg ttttgtaccc tggagccaca ggaagcactc agctaaagca    143640
     ctgcatgacg tcctcctcca ggaagaacag gaagacagcc caggctgttc tgagacattc    143700
     ctcctgatct caggatgttg ctatcttagt ccatttttgt tgctctaaag gaacacttga    143760
     gcctgggtaa cttctaaaga aaagagattg gtttgcctca cagttctgca ggctgtactg    143820
     gaagcatggc accagaatct atttctcgtg atggcctcag gctgctccca ctctggcaga    143880
     agggaaggag ggtctgtctg tgcagagacc gcagagatca cacggcaaga gagagagtaa    143940
     gggggagagg gagcgatgga gcttccaagc tctttttaac aaccagctct ccaggaacta    144000
     acagaggggg aacttgctaa ccccgtctcc ttgggacagc attggtctgt tcatgatgga    144060
     tccacctcca tgacccaaac acctctgaag aggcccaacc tcccacaatg ggggtgaaat    144120
     ttcaatgtga ggtttgaaag ggtcaaacat ctcaactaaa gtagttgtat cctcagcacg    144180
     ttctatggtt actatgagag ctataattga gaaagcaggg gaaagctagg tctcccgcca    144240
     tttgggtgct tgtcctaaag agacgttgta tgtggttacc tgccaatcaa gaaatgcgag    144300
     acaattcata aagaggaact gctatgatta gcttcttatt ggtgtctcct cttcttccag    144360
     gtaaccccag acacctacat gttctgattg ggacctcagt ggtcaaaatc cctttcacca    144420
     tcctcctctt ctttctcctt catcgctggt gctccgacaa aaaaagtaag tctcacgaag    144480
     cagaggccag agagctcagg gccatgtggg gaagcaggat gggagcacgc ggatgtgtgt    144540
     tcctcaccag caggatggtc cctggcccaa gacaggagcc acagaggcag gactttctag    144600
     agagagcacc agattccctt cccctgcctt cagctcacag accattgcct gattctgaac    144660
     tgtatcctca cgtcccctgc agccactcac atccaggaga aggttccatg acaggcagaa    144720
     agtgggagat agaatcaatg ggatgggacc tcagagctat tcatgggatg ggtccttgaa    144780
     ctcagagaga tagaatgtct gagtctgctg ttggcaactg agggacctca ggcacctatg    144840
     gcctccccct gtttgttggt atctgcttat gaaatgagga cccagaagtg ccctccgagc    144900
     tcttttgttg acttccgtct tctacagatg ctgctgtaat ggaccaagag cctgcaggga    144960
     acagaacagt gaacagcgag gtaggtgctc ctcggcccag cctcgtggct agtcttattc    145020
     ccaaagagtc ctgaaaaatg tgagcaccct ccctcactca gcatttccct ctctccagga    145080
     ttctgatgaa caagaccatc aggaggtgtc atacgcataa ttggatcact gtgttttcac    145140
     acagagaaaa atcactcgcc cttctgagag gcccaagaca cccccaacag ataccagcat    145200
     gtacatagaa cttccaaatg ctgagcccag atccaaagtt gtcttctgtc cacgagcacc    145260
     acagtcaggc cttgagggga tcttctaggg agacaacagc cctgtctcaa aaccgggttg    145320
     ccagctccca tgtaccagca gctggaatct gaaggcatca gtcttcatct tagggcatcg    145380
     ctcttcctca caccacgaat ctgaacatgc ctctctcttg cttacaaatg tctaaggtcc    145440
     ccactgcctg ctggagagaa aacacactcc tttgcttagc ccacaattct ccatttcact    145500
     tgacccctgc ccacctctcc aacctaactg gcttacttcc tagtctacct gaggctgcaa    145560
     tcacactgag gaactcacaa ttccaaacat acaagaggct gcctcttaac acagcactta    145620
     gacacgtgct gttccacctc ccttcagact atctttcagc cttctgccag cagtaaaact    145680
     tataaatttt ttaaataatt tcaatgtagt tttcccgcct tcaaataaac atgtctgccc    145740
     tcatggtttc ggtaacgaga ctcttttctt gcctaaggct tccggtgtta tcattaccat    145800
     gtccacataa ccccatctgt tctccattgg gttctcagcc ctggactctg agcttctgga    145860
     agcagaatgg agcctgattt gtctctgaga ctccaatttc catccaaaga tacagcacat    145920
     aggaggctcc aaggatcgtg aatcacatga acaagtgata ttcttactct ctgcagacct    145980
     ggaaagctgg cagagtcatt ccacgatgaa acatttgtag agtcataggc cttgttagcc    146040
     tcatctccac ggggacacat atcaacatat catctttcat aatataaata tacagtcggt    146100
     cctccatatc tgtggggttt acaggtgttt attgaaccaa caataaatca aaaatgtttt    146160
     cagaaaaaaa tccccgaagt ttcaagaagc aaaaaactat gttgaatcga cacaaattga    146220
     gtggcgtgta ggctgtgtca ggaattataa gtaatcaaga gatgatttca tgtatacagg    146280
     aggatgtgca tgggttctat gcaattacta tgctattttt tttttttgag acagtctcac    146340
     tctctcaccc aggctggagt gcagtggcat gatctcagct cactgcaacc tccgcctccc    146400
     aggttcaagc gattgtcttc cctcagcctc cccagtagcc tcccctagga ttacaggcac    146460
     gtgccaccat gcacagataa atttttttgt gtgtgtattt ttagtagaga tggggtttca    146520
     gaatgttgga ccagctggtc ttgaactcct gacctcgtga tctacccaac tcagcctccc    146580
     aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacg gtgcccagct tcgctatgcc atttcatgca    146640
     aggggcttga gcatctgcag attttggtat ctgaatgggg atcctggaac caatcaccca    146700
     ggaatagtga aggaccacag tatataattt ttatttgtca atcttaaaaa taaagcataa    146760
     aaagtttaca acaacaagat aaaaaataag aagtgttttt atagtgtgag gataagttta    146820
     gatttatttt ttcctacgtg taaccctatg gtcctgtgtt atttattgag aaaatattct    146880
     attccacctt aaactacatg gcagcctttg tcaactatga agggactgtg tatccacaga    146940
     tgtattttag acacagtttt ctgcccagtg gttctctgta tcccctctca tgaggatgct    147000
     gcatttcata taaacttata gaacccctta aaatttggta acctgagttc tctgatttgt    147060
     tattataggt tatttagttt gctttttttt ttctttcttg agacagactc ttcctctgtc    147120
     acccaagctg gagttcagtg gcttgagctc agctcactgc agcctccgcc tcccaggttc    147180
     aagcaattct cgtgcctcag gtttagtact agaaactcat caggaaaatt agaatggctt    147240
     tttgtcacaa ttactctgat aatgttaata atacctctta gatattttgc acattacaca    147300
     tgaagaaaag tttgaatctc agataaaaac aaaaatacat caaaagtctt taatgtaagc    147360
     acagaattca atcacctcat gtgtgagagg ttggatctga gacgtctttt gagtctggtc    147420
     atagtgaagg atgcaaggtg gcaattgtag tcacaacaat ttccaggaag ccatgttccg    147480
     ctcttgagcg agcacccact gggcctcatg caaggtagaa agagcctgcg tacgtcaccc    147540
     tcccatgatg tggtcaacat gtaaactgca tgggcagggc gccaaataac atcctgtgcg    147600
     ctgctgagct gagctggggc gcggcctcct gtctgcaccg gcagcaccat gtcgctcact    147660
     gtcgtcagca tggcgtgcgt tggtgagtcc tggaagggaa tagagggagg gagagtgggg    147720
     atggagatct cggcctagag gtaaagatat gggcctggag tggagatatg ggcctggagt    147780
     ggagatatgg gcctgggtgt ggagatatgg gcctggaggt gtaaatatgg gcctggagtg    147840
     gagatatggg cctggagggg agatatgggc ctgggtgtgg agatatgggc ctggagtgga    147900
     gatacgggcc tggagtggag atatgggcct ggagtggaga tatgggcctg caggtggaga    147960
     tctgggcctg gagtggagat atgggcctgg agtggagata tgggtctgat gtggagatat    148020
     gggcctggag tggagatatg ggcctggagt ggagatatgg gcctagaggg gagatctggg    148080
     cctggagtgg agatatgggt ctgatgtgga gatatgggcc tggagtggag atatgggtct    148140
     gatgtggaga tatgggcctg gagtggagat aggggcctgg agtggagata tgggcctgga    148200
     gtggagatct gggccaggaa gtgttgatct gggcctggag cctgggtctc tccacagctg    148260
     agagccctgt tcttggcagc aggtagcagg gaggctaagt ttaccttcag cccagcaagg    148320
     gcctggctgc caagacacac agtgcagtgg gggcagcagg gtgccctggt ttgcctgcag    148380
     ttggatcgtc tatcatgatc tttctttcca gggttcttct tgctgcaggg ggcctggcca    148440
     ctcatgggtg agtccttccc caaaccttag ggtgtcatct ccccacataa gaggattttt    148500
     ctgaaacagg agggaagtcc tgtcggggag tctctcataa actaggaaga ggggaccctt    148560
     ggatactcgg cccacatttc tgacctcgcc ctccccggcc tttctttccc tttcctgagt    148620
     caagctctgt gaagactggg gtgagactgg ggtgctccaa gctggggtgt gcagggagga    148680
     agtggtgtca gcagcagaga aagagaggga agcagtgcta ggaacagcag gtcctctgag    148740
     gacaaaggta taactgacac cctccagcgt ttccgtgacg gtagggactg cagtgtggct    148800
     gcggtctttc taccagaaga ggggggaaac cacagccatg gccctgacat tccaaatcct    148860
     ctgagggggc tcagttcatg aattggctga tattccattc acataggaca tgccctccat    148920
     gccgtgtcta ctttgtgttg ttttatgtga gtaattttgc agtattaaaa tctagtaaga    148980
     gtcacttatt cagcacttgc tcaaagttct cagctgacac ttgttgtagg gagacgccat    149040
     gtctatgtgg ggtgggtcct tcctgtagcc ctgggcaccc aggtgtggta ggagccttag    149100
     aaagtggaaa tgggagaatc ttctgagcac agggagggag gggtggctcc acatcctcct    149160
     ctctaaggca gtgcctcctt ctcccccagg tggtcaggac aaacccttcc tgtctgcccg    149220
     gcccagcact gtggtgcctc gaggaggaca cgtggctctt cagtgtcact atcgtcgtgg    149280
     gtttaacaat ttcatgctgt acaaagaaga cagaagccac gttcccatct tccacggcag    149340
     aatattccag gagagcttca tcatgggccc tgtgacccca gcacatgcag ggacctacag    149400
     atgtcggggt tcacgcccac actccctcac tgggtggtcg acacccagca accccctggt    149460
     gatcatggtc acaggtcaga ggctttctgt ctgggcttct cactgtccca cctcctgaat    149520
     cccagagctt ctggtggggg tgtccatcag ggtcccatca cccaggcccc aactgtattt    149580
     ggggtcaagg gggattgaat acaggggaaa tgggcgctgt ggtgggaaga atcactgtcg    149640
     ccaatgatgg ctacattgta aaccctggag cctgtgacta tttatgttat agggcagggg    149700
     actgaagggg aaggtggagc tcaggttgtt gatgagttga ccttgagatg gggagacagc    149760
     ctggactgtc ctgctgggct cagtgtaatc acaagggtcc gcgtgagagg tggaggaaga    149820
     ggggagtggg gattagagca gtgtagtggg agggagacgc tatcagccac tgtgggcttt    149880
     gaaggtggag gaaggccact agtcacagaa tgcaggtggc ctctaagggc tggagaagtc    149940
     aagagaactg attcgctgag tctccagagg gaacgcagcc ctgcagatgc cttgatttca    150000
     gcacagggag aactggatcc aatttctgtc cccagaagtg gaaggggtca gtgtgttctc    150060
     tcctgctgcc atgtttgtga taattttctg cagcagcaac aggaaaccga cacaggaacc    150120
     caggtcaagg acaagctagg aaaccaaaca aggatagcca ggtgtggtgg tgggcacgag    150180
     taatccaacg actggggagg ctgaggcaag agaatcactt gaaccgggga ggcagaggtt    150240
     gcagtgagcc aagacaacac cactgcactc cagcctgggt gaaaaagtga ctgtctcaaa    150300
     aataaattaa ttaatcaatt aattaaagaa accaaacaag gagaaggttg gctaccgtgg    150360
     gatcagcaag ggtgggatgc tgatgccacc accaggctcc atccacatag gaaggggttg    150420
     atgctcctgg aaccagcacc agggaccacc ctatggaagc tggggccatg gagaaggcac    150480
     agacatggca ggagaggctc ccaatcccca tcaggaacag ggtgtgtgga cactgatgtc    150540
     tgccttactg atgagttgat acctctgcca gagactccaa tttgttcaaa agagattgat    150600
     tcaggctgct gagagcctgg acatgcagcc tgtcctcttc cacccccaca tagacagcag    150660
     gaaagagact agtgggaaag agatacaaca gcccaagaga tgaggctctc ttcacagtgg    150720
     gaagggagtc aggggctact ggagacagag ggacagagaa gagggaggaa gacaaatgga    150780
     gggacctgca ccaggggata tgggcacaga aaagacacgg agacacagag agggaggaga    150840
     gagacagacc tctgggaggg gaaccctcac tcattccagg tgccatggat gggatgataa    150900
     agagagatgc cttctaaact cacaacttct ctttctagga aaccacagaa aaccttccct    150960
     cctggcccac ccagggcccc tgctgaaatc aggagagaca gtcatcctgc aatgttggtc    151020
     agatgtcatg tttgagcact tctttctgca cagagagggg atctctgagg acccctcacg    151080
     cctcgttgga cagatccatg atggggtctc caaggccaac ttctccatcg gtcccttgat    151140
     gcctgtcctt gcaggaacct acagatgtta tggttctgtt cctcactccc cctatcagtt    151200
     gtcagctccc agtgaccccc tggacatcgt gatcacaggt gagagtgtcc agacattctt    151260
     ctcattgtca ttgggacaca gagtgaatga tccaggactt ggaaccccca ggtggtcatg    151320
     aggaagataa gcgtgagatt cttatggaga gagactgact cggtgaggtc tgtaccaaca    151380
     gagacaggga aacaggagac ataagtacag accaggtgtc ataacagagg acagacacag    151440
     gggccatacg gggaagtaga aaagagagaa agaggtaaag gagacactca gacagacaga    151500
     catgtgccag agagaagtgt ccttccatgc tgactttgct cagagacctg gcacaggtta    151560
     gaagtttcat ttctgttttg tctccacaaa gtgcttctac gaggagaacc caaggacacc    151620
     catatttctg acctgagttg ggccctgtgg cctcaggcct tgtggcatct acagatgcca    151680
     tgtttattct gacacctctg ccttccatgc agtggagcca taattatccc aggatatcat    151740
     ggccccagaa caccaacccc taaatactgt gtgtacttgg tgtccccaga ctagattctg    151800
     aggctcatat tccaaataat cctacatata ataggatcac tgagagacac agagataaat    151860
     cagggacttc aaaaagcaaa ggcataaaca cacagagaat gagccagagg aaggggattg    151920
     agagactcac agacacacaa aaagaaagaa aagagggcag aggagtggag agaatgctgg    151980
     aagggaggag agaaaagccc caaaatcaga accctgaggg aggggcacaa agacagagaa    152040
     agataaagat gtggggatgg attgcagaga ttccaaatag aactagagag actgagaggc    152100
     agagaaagac aaggagatgg agagagacag atgatagatg gatagataga tatagataga    152160
     tgataaatag gtagatgata gataatggat aggttataga tacatagatg atgattgata    152220
     gatgatacat agagatgatg atgatgatga tgatgaagat agatagatag aagacacata    152280
     tataaatata tagatacata gatgatacat agagactgac aggcagacag agaggtaata    152340
     gagagagaga gagatgatac atagatacag ataatacata gatgattgat ggatagacag    152400
     atagacaatt gatagataaa tgatacatag atatagatga cagataattt gtagatagac    152460
     acaaaataga tagatagata atagatagaa atatgcagaa agttatgaac aagacagaaa    152520
     gtgagagact cagaattata gaaaaaggaa gatcaagtca accaatccaa ggagagtcag    152580
     agagaataaa acaatccaaa aagggaaagc atacccaggg gtggggaagt gaggtcagag    152640
     acctagagag acagagaagg cggaaggagg aaatagacat gaagagagtt ggggtggagg    152700
     gtgagagaga gagagagcat taggtcatag agcaggggag tgagttctca gctcaggtat    152760
     gaggggagct gtgacaagga agaacctccc tgaggaaact gcctcttctc cttccaggtc    152820
     tatatgagaa accttctctc tcagcccagc cgggccccac ggttcaggca ggagagaacg    152880
     tgaccttgtc ctgtagctcc tggagctcct atgacatcta ccatctgtcc agggaagggg    152940
     aggcccatga acgtaggctc cgtgcagtgc ccaaggtcaa cagaacattc caggcagact    153000
     ttcctctggg ccctgccacc cacggaggga cctacagatg cttcggctct ttccgtgccc    153060
     tgccctgcgt gtggtcaaac tcaagtgacc cactgcttgt ttctgtcaca ggtgaggaaa    153120
     acccgtgtct gtcccatgtc ttatgatcct agagccatag ctgaggagct tcctgccgat    153180
     gatggggaga agcatggaca gatgcagaga gaacacgaag actgggtgtg aagggggggt    153240
     cagggtgcag gatggcagac agggcacctc caaaccctct tgcatggcct gcatggaggc    153300
     ccatggtcag ggctccaggc acccaggcag atggagaaag cggtcaggac agacccagag    153360
     aaggggagac tgggctcagt ttggggagat cagaggttcc ctcagcccct caaccttacc    153420
     catttcccag aagcccatcc tggcctctca cccacacaga gagatgtcat caccagcaac    153480
     ccctacactc ttttcttttc attttcaaaa atatttattg aggttaaatg taactatata    153540
     atttaccaac tttaccattt ttaaaagtaa aatctagtgg tcataaatac ctttatatgc    153600
     tgggtgtggt ggttcacggt tgtaatcttg gcgctttgag aggccaagaa aggtggatca    153660
     tttaagatca gggactcgag atcagcctgg ccaacatgcg ggaaattcat ctttactaaa    153720
     cagacaagaa aaattagcca agcatgccgg catgcacctg tagtcctagc tacttgggag    153780
     gctgaggcag gagaagcact taaagccagg aggcagaggt tgcactgagc cgagatcatg    153840
     ccactgcact gcagcctggg agacagagag agactctgtt tctaaataaa taaatacatc    153900
     tatattcttt tttttgttac cctccaccct tcccttcctg gcctctggta tccaccattc    153960
     tattctctac cttcatgaga tccacctttt atctcctgca tgtggtgaga aatgggaatc    154020
     tttgtaatga cctccagttc catccatgtg gctgcaaatg acaggatgtt attgtttcta    154080
     tggatgagta gtctccaccg tgtgtgtgta ctacagttct ctatccattc acccactgat    154140
     aggcaggtag gttgactcca catcttggct actgtgaaca gtgctggaac agtcatatga    154200
     gtgcagatat cacttcgata cactgatgtc ctttcctttg gatataaacc cagtagtgaa    154260
     attgctggac actatgaaag ttctcttttt tttttttctt ttttgagaaa gagtttccct    154320
     ccttagtcca agctggagtc aaagtggtgc gatcttggct cattgcaacc tctgcttcct    154380
     aggttcaaac gattctcctg actcagcctc cctaatagct gtgattacag gtgcacgcca    154440
     ccatgcctga ctaattcttg tattttttag cacagacggg atatcccaat tttgggcagg    154500
     ctgctctcaa actcctgacc tcaagtgagg tgcctgcctc ggtttcccaa agtgctgaag    154560
     ttacaggcat aagccactat gcccagcctc cttttagttt tttaaagaat ttccatactt    154620
     ttctccataa tagttgtact aatttacatt cctaccaaca gggtaccagg gttctccttt    154680
     ctctaccatc ttgccagcat ttgttttgcc tgtcttgcag ataaaagcca ttttacttta    154740
     tttatttatt tatttattta tgttgagatg gagtttcact catagtcgcc caggctggag    154800
     tgcaagggtg tgatctcggc tcactgcaac ctctgcctcc cgcgttcaac tgattctcct    154860
     gcctcagcct ccaaagtagc tgggattaca ggcatgtgcc accacgccta gctaattttt    154920
     gtatgtttag tagagaggga gtttctccat gttggtcagg ctggtctccc gacctcaggt    154980
     gatccgccca cctccgcctc ccaaagtgct ggaattacag gcgtgagcca ccggcctaaa    155040
     aggcatttta atgggatgag atgaaaactc atcgcgattg taatttacat ttctgtgatg    155100
     atgagtgatg ctgagcactt tttcatatac gtgatcgcca tttctatgtt ttgtttgtgg    155160
     agaaatgtct cctcatgtct tttgctcgtt ttttaattaa attgttttat tgagttgttt    155220
     gagcttctta tatttccagt tattaatccc atctcagatg aatagtttgc aaatatttgc    155280
     tcctattttg tgggttgtct cttcactttg ttggtttatc tttggtggtg cagaagttgc    155340
     ttggtttgat gtaatcctaa tggtctattt tttgctttga ttacttgtgt tttgaaggtt    155400
     ttaaacaaaa tgtctttcgt cagacaaatg tcttccccat tattttcttc tacatgtttc    155460
     ataggttcag gccttagact catgttttta atccattttc atttgatttt tgtgtaaggt    155520
     gacaggtata gatgcagttt tattcctctg catgtagata tccagttttc cccacaccat    155580
     ttattgaaga ctgtcctttc ttgattgtaa gttctcggca cctttgtcaa agtccattaa    155640
     atgggctggg catggtggct cacacctgca attccagcac tttgggaggc cgaggcgggt    155700
     ggatcaccta aagccaggag ttcaagacca ggctggccaa cagagtgaaa cctcgtctct    155760
     actaaaaata caaaaattag ctgagcatgg tgatcagtgc ctgtaatacc actactcagg    155820
     agtttgaagc aagagaattt cttgaatcca ggaagtggag gttgcattga gctgagattg    155880
     cacctctaca ctccagcctg catgacagag caagattcca tcacacacac acaaaagaaa    155940
     gccattggat gtaaatgcat ggattatatc tgtgttctcc attctgttcc attttttatg    156000
     tgcctttctt tatgccaatg tcatgctgtt ttgcttacta cagctctgta acatatttct    156060
     aagtcaggta gtgtgatgct cctgttttct ctttatacct tcaagtctca agacagtggg    156120
     catcgcacac aaaaattatg gagaaaagga tcccaagact cccagggtcc aacattagat    156180
     aacagagtgt tggccatgaa ccaacctcaa agatttccat tgagtagagg acaagcaccc    156240
     tcatttcctc acatctctcc tgtcccgtgt tctaggaaac ccttcaagta gttggccttc    156300
     acccacagaa ccaagctcca aatctggtga gtaaaggacc cctcttatct ctgcttttgg    156360
     aaacctgggg aggtggaagc cttggatgca agtgttggct caaacctccc agctctgtga    156420
     atgagggcct gtcttccacc atctctgaac tccagacact ccaacagtga aagggatcta    156480
     gggccaccaa agggctcagc gaagtctctt tacctttaat ttcctgcagg tgagacctcc    156540
     tacaagctag aagaataatt gccaatctga catccttctc aggaaaaatg cagtgttttt    156600
     tctgcctgca ttcctaactg gaggataaat tcccgggggc ttgagagagg gaagggaagg    156660
     gaacatctga tgagggtggg tgttttagag aagttccact tgccaaggaa tgaattactg    156720
     ttggtcatca ggcaaccctg gctgactcag cagagcaaga gccttgccgt aacagagaac    156780
     agagctcatg cacgcacact tcgactcact gactcattca gccacagccc catgctcagg    156840
     ctgtgcagtg tggaagcttt tcctattgtt gccataacaa atttccacaa gattcgtggg    156900
     tgaaaacaaa acggttattt aattatctta cagtgctgta gctcaaagca tgacgtgcat    156960
     gtcactgggc taaaatcaag gtgacagcaa ggctgccttc cctctgaggg ttccaggcaa    157020
     gaatctgctt ctcacttttc tcagcttcta gaggctccca tgttccttgg ctcctggtac    157080
     ccttcctcct tcctcaaagc ccacaaagac tggtcacatc tcacatggca tcactcagac    157140
     ccttcttcct taccacacct ctttctctga atgctgctct cccttcttcc ccttcttttg    157200
     aaaacttggg gattctattg ggttcaccaa gatgaaaatc catcataatc tcccggaaat    157260
     catccaggat accctccttt taagttcagc tgactagcaa ccataattcc atctgcaatc    157320
     ttcattcctc ctttcatgta aaataacata ttcacaagct atggaggcta ggacatggac    157380
     atttttgggg tgggacaaca ttctcctgcc ttccacaaac agtgaacaag atgcatttgg    157440
     cctctgttct tgggacactg atcttgcaga tggttaaatg ggagggcaga aaatgtaggc    157500
     acaaggggac caataaatga atgatctatt gagaagcatc tgtgcatgaa atctatttat    157560
     ttatgtattt acctacttgt ttattgagac ggagccttgc tctgtcgtcc aggctagagt    157620
     gcggtggcat gatctcggct cactgcaacc tccacctcct gggctgaacg gatctcctcc    157680
     ctcagcctct ccagtagctg ggattacaga ccacaaccac cacgcccggc taactctttt    157740
     tgcatatttt ctgtagagag gatgtttcac catgttggcc aggctggtct caaattccca    157800
     acctcaggtg atccaatagc ctctgcctcc caacacgctg ggataagagg catgagccac    157860
     ggggccaagc caaattttca aatcaataat agataatgct gagtgtatga tttcaggtga    157920
     cagagaagtt ctcactaatc agatatttgt gacattaatg aaaaacacgg attgaacccc    157980
     tgaaagatgg gcggaaggat tttgcacaca cagctgtcag ccgtgaaggc acaaaggtga    158040
     aaataatctg atgttgaagg aagaggctct gcctcaaatg ctgggaatga cgtggggaga    158100
     atgacaagac gactgtagag agacggagag cacactgggt acacaggaaa ctaaggagca    158160
     acaaggagtg tgtgtttgac actcacagcc attggactca cctcggggta accaggaatc    158220
     cctacatgat taatatgact gacatgaaaa taagggaggc ccaggtgcgt aactggaatc    158280
     taggagaccg tggaaaaggc aattcccgcc ccactggtga aatgtggtgc tgatttagac    158340
     actaaatgaa tgaagtagat ggatataaga tatgtttgtg aggtagaatc attggctgga    158400
     aaggcttgct gggtttgatt ttttcctggt agtttaatcc tcgcttcact aacttatttc    158460
     tgagatttat ttctcctgca tctaaatcaa tacctggcag aggagggaga gctagatgag    158520
     gggtggtgca aatgaaggga cctagtatag cataatatac aaggctgtga acggtggctc    158580
     acgcctgtaa cccagcactt caggaggcca acgcgggtgg atcacatgaa gtcaggagtt    158640
     cgagaccagc ctggccaaca tggagaaacc ctatctctac taaaaataca aaaattaaac    158700
     aggcatgatg gtggtgcatg actgtaatcc cagctactct ggaggaggaa gcaggagaat    158760
     gacttcagcc ctggaggcag aggttgcagt gagtggagat cgcgtcactg cacaccagcc    158820
     tgggctacac agggatactc tggctcaaaa aataaaaata aaaaatacat aaatataata    158880
     atatacacaa atgatgcagg cacctgaatt ccaatcatca tttttctatt tctctataat    158940
     tacttctttg atcctttatc ttatccatta gaaaatcagc ctaaaacctc ttccatattt    159000
     ggctttctgt gaacatgaga tcatatggaa aatatgaaag ccccctgaac ccaccagcac    159060
     aggccctgaa atagggaaag tgctctgttc atcacaagaa acttgccccc tcacccaaat    159120
     cccccacctc acccctactt ccaatcacct gtggagatac agatagatc                159169