ID   AL022723; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 148834 BP.
AC   AL022723;
DT   27-APR-1998 (Rel. 55, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 34)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone RP3-377H14 on chromosome 6p21.32-22.1
DE   Contains the HLA-G gene for major histocompatibility complex class I G (HLA
DE   6.0) an MHC class I pseudogene, an RPL7A (60S Ribosomal Protein L7A)
DE   pseudogene, a gene for a novel MHC class 1 protein, an interferon-inducible
DE   protein 1-8U pseudogene, an RPL23A (60S Ribosomal Protein L23A) pseudogene,
DE   an HCGIX pseudogene, an MICB or PERB11.1 pseudogene,the HLA-F gene for
DE   major histocompatibility complex class I F (CDA12), and four P5-1
DE   pseudogenes. Contains EST, STSs, GSS and six CpG islands.
KW   CDA12; CpG island; HCGIX; HLA-F; HLA-G; HTG; MHC; MICB; P5-1; PERB11.1;
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-148834
RA   Williams S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: vega@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 68a8c4f9d7aaa4c58ec7eef4020aa1bf.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000137403; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000204642; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000206509; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000229698; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000235220; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000237508; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL022723.4.1.148834:1-148834; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000259951; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000334668; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000359076; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000376848; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000376861; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000383515; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000420067; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000434407; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000440590; homo_sapiens.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC116128; 11711622.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC129784; 12368479.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC311051; 11282967.
DR   IMGT/HLA; P*02:01:01:02; HLA02745.
DR   IMGT/HLA; V*01:01:01:01; HLA02801.
DR   RFAM; RF00019; Y_RNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: vega@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs of
CC   human chromosome 6, constructed by the Sanger Centre Chromosome 6
CC   Mapping Group.  Further information can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/HGP/Chr6
CC   RP3-377H14 is from the library RPCI-3 constructed by the group of
CC   Pieter de Jong. For further details see
CC   http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..148834
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /map="p21.32-22.1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-3"
FT                   /clone="RP3-377H14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    1..148734
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   polyA_site      complement(9388)
FT   polyA_site      complement(9396)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(9401..9752,10110..10142,10588..10704,
FT                   10827..11102,11702..11977,12204..12473,12603..12786))
FT                   /gene="HLA-G"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.2-001"
FT                   /product="HLA-G histocompatibility antigen, class I, G"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF071018 Em:AF071019 Em:AF196178
FT                   Em:AF226990 Em:X17273"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA053691 Em:AA075796 Em:AA100848
FT                   Em:AA102349 Em:AA121088 Em:AA133715 Em:AA147151 Em:AA151951
FT                   Em:AA152039 Em:AA157738 Em:AA158146 Em:AA160714 Em:AA188398
FT                   Em:AA190717 Em:AA224068 Em:AA243206 Em:AA310808 Em:AA318372
FT                   Em:AA335608 Em:AA365147 Em:AA437332 Em:AA477506 Em:AA488534
FT                   Em:AA522541 Em:AA527306 Em:AA535767 Em:AA604923 Em:AA622642
FT                   Em:AA663896 Em:AA874624 Em:AA977833 Em:AA993483 Em:AI123699
FT                   Em:AI124815 Em:AI365653 Em:AI557260 Em:C18310 Em:H60963
FT                   Em:H68295 Em:N24326 Em:R19052 Em:R68319 Em:W40489"
FT   regulatory      complement(9417..9422)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(10138..10142,10588..10704,10827..11102,
FT                   11702..11977,12204..12473,12603..12666))
FT                   /gene="HLA-G"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000017881"
FT                   /product="HLA-G histocompatibility antigen, class I, G"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P17693 Sw:P30377 Sw:P30515
FT                   Sw:P30517 Tr:O62903 Tr:O78132 Tr:Q30443 Tr:Q30445 Tr:Q30595
FT                   Tr:Q30716 Tr:Q30719 Tr:Q31012 Tr:Q31014 Tr:Q31016
FT                   Tr:Q95483"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:J3JRT1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001039"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR037055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:J3JRT1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAB46612.1"
FT   CDS             22090..22518
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.12-001"
FT                   /product="HLA complex P5 pseudogene 12"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q04490"
FT   misc_feature    25890..25970
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Single clone region"
FT   CDS             27824..27952
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.9-001"
FT                   /product="MHC class I polypeptide-related sequence G
FT                   pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Em:AAC39850 Em:BAB83887
FT                   NP_005922.1"
FT   misc_feature    30726..30846
FT                   /note="Due to low quality data, sequence confirmed by
FT                   AC004213"
FT   CDS             36529..37327
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.7-001"
FT                   /product="ribosomal protein L7a pseudogene 7"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O13672 Sw:O57592 Sw:O76732
FT                   Sw:P12970 Sw:P17076 Sw:P29453 Sw:P32429 Sw:P35685 Sw:P46223
FT                   Sw:P49692 Sw:P55200 Sw:P62425 Sw:Q29375 Tr:Q07880"
FT   CDS             complement(join(38073..38142,38293..38329,38742..38858,
FT                   38983..39258,39848..40081))
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.3-001"
FT                   /product="HLA (MHC) class I pseudogene (fragment, HLA-90)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P13599 Sw:P30377 Sw:P30515
FT                   Sw:P30516 Sw:P30517 Sw:Q61559 Sw:Q63678 Tr:O02941 Tr:O19683
FT                   Tr:O62903 Tr:P79597 Tr:P79609 Tr:Q06745 Tr:Q06746 Tr:Q30210
FT                   Tr:Q30221 Tr:Q30227 Tr:Q30228 Tr:Q30444 Tr:Q30716 Tr:Q30815
FT                   Tr:Q30816 Tr:Q30820 Tr:Q30824 Tr:Q30825 Tr:Q30871 Tr:Q30894
FT                   Tr:Q30895 Tr:Q30899 Tr:Q31014 Tr:Q31016 Tr:Q31265 Tr:Q31267
FT                   Tr:Q31275 Tr:Q31595 Tr:Q95460 Tr:Q95565"
FT   CDS             46492..46929
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.11-001"
FT                   /product="HLA complex P5 pseudogene 13"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q04490"
FT   CDS             complement(join(47436..47607,47866..48135,48267..48330))
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.4-001"
FT                   /product="HLA (MHC) class I pseudogene (fragment, HLA-75)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O15209 Sw:O43516 Sw:P01893
FT                   Sw:P01897 Sw:P01899 Sw:P01900 Sw:P02458 Sw:P04223 Sw:P14428
FT                   Sw:P15978 Sw:P17693 Sw:P18466 Sw:P27553 Sw:Q24141 Sw:Q99958
FT                   Tr:O02942 Tr:O15054 Tr:O19487 Tr:O19488 Tr:O19565 Tr:O19567
FT                   Tr:O46723 Tr:O62872 Tr:O62874 Tr:O62875 Tr:O62876 Tr:O62934
FT                   Tr:O62935 Tr:O62937 Tr:O75823 Tr:O77972 Tr:O78206 Tr:O78209
FT                   Tr:P87460 Tr:Q30713 Tr:Q30767 Tr:Q30768 Tr:Q30838 Tr:Q30869
FT                   Tr:Q31012 Tr:Q31060 Tr:Q31145 Tr:Q31151 Tr:Q31191 Tr:Q31263
FT                   Tr:Q31353 Tr:Q31388 Tr:Q31522 Tr:Q31629 Tr:Q90612 Tr:Q95417
FT                   Tr:Q95418 Tr:Q95483 Tr:Q95485 Tr:Q95558 Tr:Q95562"
FT   CDS             67852..68268
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.14-001"
FT                   /product="HLA complex P5 pseudogene 14"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q04490"
FT   CDS             89419..89838
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.10-001"
FT                   /product="interferon induced transmembrane protein 4
FT                   pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P13164 Sw:P26376 Sw:Q01628
FT                   Sw:Q01629 Sw:Q91499 Tr:O88728 Tr:Q14617"
FT   CDS             complement(92057..92278)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.8-001"
FT                   /product="HLA complex group 9 pseudogene 5"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q93065"
FT   CDS             join(94840..95095,95334..95595,95999..96301,96416..96559,
FT                   98713..98837)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.6-001"
FT                   /product="MHC class I polypeptide-related sequence E"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P15979 Sw:P17693 Tr:O14501
FT                   Tr:O19194 Tr:O19798 Tr:O46788 Tr:O46789 Tr:O46791 Tr:O60920
FT                   Tr:O60933 Tr:O78104 Tr:Q29927 Tr:Q95593 Tr:Q95601
FT                   Tr:Q99691"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(113284..113697,114537..114569,
FT                   115017..115133,115274..115549,116132..116407,
FT                   116653..116922,117053..117172))
FT                   /gene="HLA-F"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.1-002"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex, class I, F"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC009260.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI624853.1 Em:BM126271.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(113405..113697,114537..114569,
FT                   115017..115133,115274..115549,116132..116407,
FT                   116653..116922,117053..117116))
FT                   /gene="HLA-F"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000017879"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex, class I, F"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q95HC0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5JZ48"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001039"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR037055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5JZ48"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI20359.1"
FT   CDS             113441..113911
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.5-001"
FT                   /product="ribosomal protein L23a pseudogene 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O22644 Sw:O74391 Sw:P04456
FT                   Sw:P08792 Sw:P10143 Sw:P12732 Sw:P41165 Sw:P48045 Sw:P51997
FT                   Sw:P54016 Sw:P62752 Sw:Q07761 Sw:Q8LD46 Tr:O81229"
FT   polyA_site      complement(114056)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(114056..114177,114537..114569,
FT                   115017..115133,115274..115549,116132..116407,
FT                   116653..116922,117053..117153))
FT                   /gene="HLA-F"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.1-001"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex, class I, F"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC018925.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI829080.1 Em:AI978686.1
FT                   Em:AW512432.1 Em:AW513370.1 Em:BG331922.1 Em:BM762642.1
FT                   Em:BM842679.1 Em:BM917072.1 Em:BM985243.1 Em:BQ016533.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(114056..114177,114354..114401,
FT                   114537..114569,115017..115133,115274..115549,
FT                   116132..116407,116653..116922,117053..117213))
FT                   /gene="HLA-F"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.1-003"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex, class I, F"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:9665231"
FT   polyA_site      complement(114058)
FT   polyA_site      complement(114068)
FT   regulatory      complement(114074..114079)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      complement(114081..114086)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(114173..114177,114537..114569,
FT                   115017..115133,115274..115549,116132..116407,
FT                   116653..116922,117053..117116))
FT                   /gene="HLA-F"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000017878"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex, class I, F"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P33617 Tr:Q8WLP5 Tr:Q95IT2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5JZ47"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001039"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR037055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5JZ47"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI20360.1"
FT                   YSQAAV"
FT   CDS             complement(join(114173..114177,114354..114401,
FT                   114537..114569,115017..115133,115274..115549,
FT                   116132..116407,116653..116922,117053..117116))
FT                   /gene="HLA-F"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.1-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000017880"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex, class I, F"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P30511 Sw:P30511 Tr:P30511"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P30511"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:4963"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001039"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR037055"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:5IUE"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:5KNM"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P30511"
FT                   /protein_id="CAB46623.1"
FT   CDS             125828..126226
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP3-377H14.15-001"
FT                   /product="HLA complex P5 pseudogene 15, P5-1 pseudogene
FT                   (P5-15)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q04490"
FT   misc_feature    140707..140770
FT                   /note="PCR product only"
SQ   Sequence 148834 BP; 38942 A; 33672 C; 34501 G; 41719 T; 0 other;
     gatctgaact tctttttatt attattattt taaatatgag gtctcactat gttctccagg        60
     ctggagagca gtgactattc acaggtgtga ccatagcctc aaattcgtga gctcgagcca       120
     ttctcctatc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gactacaggt gcccaccaca gtgttcagcc       180
     acttttcatt gttattttac ttcaaatgtt ttattttgaa tgttaaaaat acatgtttct       240
     acattagaaa tatgaaaatg tatttgatta cagaagaatt taaaatgcac acatcaacac       300
     ctggttgaat tttaaagaaa aaaaaatgca gagaagaaag aaatatcacc caggcttccc       360
     ctccaaagaa ccactgctat catattattg aaacttcctg gactgcagtg tgaatggtca       420
     tccctggagc tatcttctgc agtgatgctg acttccattc ttttgttttc tatgtatata       480
     tttttatata tgctttcatt gtagaaagtt gcattcataa gttttggggt tttttttaag       540
     atggagtctc actctgtccc ccaggggctg gagtgcagtg gcatgatctc ggctcactgc       600
     aacctctgca tctcggatgc aagtgagtct tctgcctcag cccctcgagt agctgggatt       660
     acagatgtgc actaccacgc ctggctaatt ttgtgttttt aatatagatg gggttacact       720
     tgttggccag gctggttttg aacacctgac ctcaagtgat ccacccacct tggcctccca       780
     gagtggttgt gggttatttt gaagttgctt tttgaatgta ttattatgaa agtagttttc       840
     catgtcataa agtctgcata aaatttacac acttctagaa gctgcatccc atctcaaaca       900
     aggagaagtc accagggttc ttttagatcc atgtgctttc atcttgtctt ttggtaaaga       960
     atattttgac aagcatgttt gtacatgaag attcttctat ggttgtgatt ttaaaaattc      1020
     atagaacact caggatggac atggtggctc atgcctgtac ttccagcact ttgggaggct      1080
     caggctggca gattgcttga gcccctgagt ttgtgaccag cctaggcaac atagagaaac      1140
     cctgtctcta caaaaaattc aaaagaatta gccgggcttg gtggcacatg cctgtagtcc      1200
     cagctacttg ggtgtctgag gtgggagggt tgcttaagcc tggaagattc aggctgcagt      1260
     gagccatgaa caacactgca ctccagccag caagcccaat ctcaaaaaaa taaattatag      1320
     actactcaaa ttgtaagtat taaaccagtg tctgtgagag tttttctgga agggatgtga      1380
     gtgggtggac tggtggggaa gatgctctct cactgtgggc agccacagtc caatcaccta      1440
     gtggcccaga tagaacagaa aggtagatag aagtaaaatt tctctctgtc tctgtctctc      1500
     tgtctctctc tgtctctgtc tctctctctg gaactggggc tgggacaccc ttcttctcct      1560
     gccttggaca tcaaaactcc aggttcgatg atctttggac tctgactttt gcaccagtga      1620
     gcccctttat cctcctgttc tgtattctgg gtcctcaggg ctttgacttt ggactgagcc      1680
     acgctactgg cttttctagt tctccagctt ccagacagtc tatcatggga cttctcagcc      1740
     tccataattg tgtgagccaa ttagcccaat aaatcaccta tctatctgtc tgtctatcta      1800
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatcatcatc taacatctat ctatcatcta      1860
     tcatctatct atctattatc tatctatcat ctatgtacct atgctattgg ttctttcttt      1920
     cttggtaacc ttaataaatc aacagacaat aaacaaataa aacctgtcat agtatcactg      1980
     ataattgcca ttaagaaaaa tatgcttggg ttagaagatt ggtggcggtg gtgggaatgg      2040
     caggggatag atttcagaag aggtcactgg acaagacatt tctgaacact tgaccatggg      2100
     acatttaagc agggacctta atggtgtgag gagtgagcca tgtggatcac tgggcagcac      2160
     atgcatgtgg gagtcacagc aggggcaggt ggtagagaca gggtggagta gacaagaaac      2220
     tggtgtgagt ggagaagaat gagctaggct gagagtaatg ggatgaggcc aaagtggcca      2280
     gaggggaccc tgtgataagg agtgcatagg aaatggtggg aaactggggt ttccttgtgc      2340
     ctaagaaggg aaggagctgg agcgttcata ggatatgccc taattcccat tggaaaggca      2400
     cgctctctct gttgtgtggg tgatggacag tgggcatgag agtcagcagg cagcccagct      2460
     ggaaggccct tccggttttc tatcctagtg aggatggttc tggggtggag gtggcagagg      2520
     agtgagaagt gattggattt ggtgttgata tatattttta aaattgtggt aaaacacaca      2580
     tactatacga tttaccttct aacaattttt ttcagtgtac aattcattgg cattaagcac      2640
     atttacaatt gatggtggtt acacaaacac caacatgcat tttcagaaca ttttcatcat      2700
     cccaacagag actgtaccca ttaaatgaca gctgcccatt gttcctgcct tcagcccctg      2760
     gtaacctgta ttctactttc tgtttttgtg aatttgctta ttctaggtgc ctcatataag      2820
     tgaaatatca tatttgcctt ttttttggct tattttattt agcgtgtttt caaggttcca      2880
     tccaatccaa atattcttca cttttaaggc tgattaatat tccatgtgta tatgcaccac      2940
     attttgtttt tccaatcatc ctctgatgga cacttgggtt gcgtccacct tttggctatt      3000
     gggaatagca ctgctatgag catgactgta caattatctg tgtgcatacc tgctttcaat      3060
     ttttgggggg tatacaccca aaagtggaat tgttgcttca tatggaaatt ctatgtttac      3120
     cttcttgaga aagcgtcatc ctgtttccat gatggctgca ctgttgttca ctctcagcag      3180
     cagtgcacaa gcattccatt ttctccacat cctcaccaac acctggacta gtgaagctga      3240
     gcatattttc atgtccttat tggaattcct tatttttatg tccttactgt gtatcttctc      3300
     tggagaattg tctattcatg tcttttaccc atttttgaat gagattgttt tgctattgtt      3360
     aagttgtagt tctgtatgta gtctggatat taattcttta tcagatatgt gattggcaaa      3420
     tattttatct tattctatgc agtttctttt attttcactt tttttttttt tttttttttt      3480
     tttttttttt ttgagacgga gtctctctct gatgccccag ctggagtgca atggtgcaat      3540
     ctcagctcat tgcaacctct gcctcccagg ttcaagcgat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg      3600
     agtagctggg attacaggtg cccaccactg cgcccggcta atttttgtat ttttagtaga      3660
     gacagggttt tgccatgttg gccaggctga tttcgaactc ctgacctcag gtgatccacc      3720
     cactttggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcgtgagc cactgcgcct agcctctttt      3780
     cacctcttaa tagcgtcctt tgatgcaaaa aagtttttac attttgatga agtcttattt      3840
     gtcattttcc ttttattgct tgtacttttg gtcaccagcc aagaaaccac taccaattct      3900
     aatgaccata agactttccc tcagtatttt cttttaagag ttttacaggt ttaactctta      3960
     agattagttc tttaaggcat tctgacttaa tttttgaaaa gggtgtaatg gaagggcata      4020
     aattttgtcc agcatcattc ttttgcatgt ggatatccag gtttccagca ccatttgttg      4080
     atgcaccatc tgttgcagtg gggctgacac atttgtaaga tgcaatgagc acgaatacat      4140
     gggagcacca tgaatttatt tacatgtctt tacttcacag ttgttttgag gaggctttca      4200
     ctgagaaacc taacagaaat gaatacatat gacttcctat aaaatgaaat ttaagtaaaa      4260
     ttatactttt taaaatgtta agactggagc aagactggaa catcaccaga caaacagaaa      4320
     cataggctga aatgaagggt ttatgtttat cttgctacaa attctgttgg cccacaatct      4380
     cttatgctta ttgcataaga gagccacaga gtggggtgat agctcaaata accagtccct      4440
     ggttttctgc ttcagaaaca agtttaaatt ctctgcttag acaaagtaaa gaaaataatt      4500
     gaaagatgtt gaatgtgaag ttggcatcta caaagtcaaa gaagtgagta gtaaatgtaa      4560
     acatcaggaa tccaaggaga ttctatcttt ttacacagaa atggcctcac tatgcactgc      4620
     tgaagggaga aggtccctcc aggagaactt catgatgagg aaaaacccaa tatgatgtag      4680
     gggttttctg ctgcagccct aaattgaatt gtccttcgct ctaaatacag gtctcacaaa      4740
     gttttatgtc ttcaatgatt tcacctgggc cgagattttg ttttgttttt ggtgttgttt      4800
     gttttgagct gctgcctggg gcttagaaaa gtgacttgga tattttgcca aagttgtatt      4860
     tctttgatgg aattcgaaat ccatgaacac tctgctttcc tgctgtattc ccagagcggg      4920
     ttgagtacct tgcacttctt ttcagcactt ccctagaagt ggtagaagat ttggagttag      4980
     ggcctccctc aatctctgcc ctttctttaa ttcagaggat cacaaactgt tgggggaaga      5040
     gtggtatctt gggcccccag ttgatcggat gaatattaat atccaatgtc ctgtaatgaa      5100
     gtcatgtgtg catgtaacat cacttctgca cgcagtgtca tgggaaagtg ggttcgcgga      5160
     ccccaggtta aaagcctaag cactaaatgc acagagctag agctctagga ggggcgggat      5220
     ggctggggtg gaacgtcatc ttgtccttta gtcctggggc attttcactc ctcacatggt      5280
     gggtgctggg catctggcag gtactgatgt tgatggagtc gagggagggt actggccgga      5340
     actgggaaaa acagggttgg ggagataatt aaggtgaaca ttattttttc tgagtgtaag      5400
     tcatggcttg aaatctggag agcctgaagg agatcccgct acctaaaccc gttttccttt      5460
     tccctcaagc ctcatttggc cacaggccca gtgtcaacac cagggggcgc cacagaccat      5520
     gaaggcaccg cgcagctggg attgtttgtg gtgggctcct gggtccctga cttaaccagg      5580
     gaagccaaga ccctgcagcc aggtggcctg gattcaacct tcagctctgg tcctactgac      5640
     acttttcttc ctggtgcctc agtttcttaa tctgtgaaat ggtgaggaca ttacagcact      5700
     tacctctcgg gcgggtttct caacagcagc cctattaaga atttgagaca gagaatccct      5760
     tgtggtctgt cctgtgcatt gtgggaggtt tgccagcagc accccactca ccccctccca      5820
     ccaatcccca cgtgacaacc gaaaatgtcc caggattttt aggtctccct tgggtctaga      5880
     gctgcattta gtcaagcatt ttcccacctg acatttgagc tcatctctgc tttggtccac      5940
     ataaggccac tttaaaaaga tgttgtttct ttaaagattc taaccatctt ttaaacaaat      6000
     ctattttctt cctttatttc tgcattcagt taatccttcc aaacccttgg tttagtatat      6060
     ctcaaaatgt atcaactcca gttctagtaa ttaacatatg tgacttgcat gatatctgct      6120
     atgaccccta gtagagttct gattccttta gcacagggaa tgtgttctcg attctgctct      6180
     ggatgatgta aatcaattta ttttacttta cttgtctggg atgttgctcc tcacctgtaa      6240
     aatgtaaatg tggatatggc ttggattact aagtggtttt atttcttcat tcacctgaca      6300
     tttgttgtgt acctgctgca agtcaaatac atggtatgat attgtttcct tgttcacacc      6360
     acagcaaatg agaaaatgag acattatagc caggtgtggc ggcacaggct tctcgtccta      6420
     gctactcaga aggctgaggc aggagaattg cttcagccca ggagtttgag gttacagtaa      6480
     ggtctgatat caccattgca tttcaacctg ggcaacagac cctgtctctg aaaaaaagga      6540
     aaaagacact gtgagctgtc tacatgtact ctatgtctca ggagactcat gtgctgtaat      6600
     ttttctaaat ggcatctcca tgtggtcttt catgaatgtt tgtctggtat ttcttttcta      6660
     tctttttact ttcaactttt ctgtaccttc tactgaaatt atggcttttg taaatagcct      6720
     acggttattt atttatttac ttatttattt ttatccctct gcactatttg tcttgtaatt      6780
     ggagtgtctg agtccattac gtttaatgtc attgttgacc tcattgggtt taagtctgtc      6840
     cattttcatt tactgccttc taatattatc tttcttgctc aactattttt cttctgttgc      6900
     cttctttaga tgaataaaaa actttgcatt attgtggtct tctcagtaag tgttctagtt      6960
     acaaattctc ttattatttc tttaattatc tgagaaagca caataatctg tgacttatta      7020
     taaccaacag cagaccataa cttccctgac tttcacctac ctgtgcagac agcacagggg      7080
     agaatcaatg ctctggctct gagacacagg ggtggtggaa gtaggatagt gattggatga      7140
     tgaatctgta gctgcagagg catctgggcc cctcaccttc attcctcgta gatgtcacct      7200
     ccactggatg cctgcaatgc cctctcctct gtatgctcct gccagagtct ccccatctcc      7260
     attgacagca gctccaccct tctgctcact cagtccaata ctgtgggtgt ccttgattct      7320
     tctttctcac accacagata aatccattag caagtgctgt gaattcatcc agaatcccat      7380
     cacttcccac tatttcccct gctcacaccc cagtcaaggt aagcgacgtc tccatcctgg      7440
     aatactgcac tcctttccca ccgtttttcc cactgcctca ctagtccccc acctctcaat      7500
     tctgttctca gcacagcagc cagagagaag ctttcaaagg ataagtccta ccatgtccca      7560
     ctttccaaaa ctgtcctcta actccccatg tcattcagag caaaggtcaa catccttccc      7620
     acaccctcca gggcaacctg ctctgggcac acctctgact tcatttcagt ttctctctgt      7680
     tcaacacttc tggcctcttc ctccttccag gaacacagac aatttcctgc cctagtgcat      7740
     ctgcactgaa ggtttccctg cctgaaaaga actttctgag acatccgtgt agacaactcc      7800
     tcacatccct caaatcttta ctccaaggtc acatttgcaa caaggcccat gctgaccacc      7860
     cagcacaaca gccacctccc tgtacccaca gcccaccctc tggatcacct gccacacagc      7920
     acttgccacc ttctaactca agcattttct gttcctactc tgcttatact atatcatctg      7980
     cctgcagagg tgtccaatct tttggcttcc ctgggtcaca taggaagaag aattgtcttg      8040
     agccacacaa aaaatacact aatgacagct gatgagcaga aaaaaataga aaaaagaaaa      8100
     aaaatgcatg gataattttc atgatatctg ccactacaga taagcaaaaa aatcgtcaca      8160
     ttctaaagct gtcctgggcc acatgcatcc cgagagctgc aggttggaca agcttgcatc      8220
     tagaatgtat acacgacaag gccagaaatt tttctgtttt tactttaacg atgttttcta      8280
     aatgcaaaaa cagtcaaata cctagcagac aacaaatgcc acttgaatgg atgattactg      8340
     tagtgcgccc ccctattcta aaggcaatat ctttattaat gtagactcag gccaaatgtc      8400
     attttgtagc cgctgtggaa caatattatc tcatgtggat ataaatgcac cagtgctttt      8460
     ctcaccaggg ctgcttttgt gtcctccctc cctccctcct cccacaccaa tcctcctgca      8520
     cactgcagca cacaaccata tttgtctctt gaggaaagat aacccaaggc ttatggctcc      8580
     aattatccaa ccacatatga atctaaatta gactctgctt tacaaatcca tgagtttggt      8640
     ttggagccag caataggatt actacaactc agggcaggaa gaagagtagg agagagagca      8700
     gaagaggagt tccaacagaa agtaaactac aatgaaaaac tctgggacct ctcctctcgg      8760
     gaagtttcag aatctgcttc ctttaagaag gttggggaag ccaggcatgg tggctcacac      8820
     ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggcagagg cgggcagatc acaaggtcag gagatcaaga      8880
     ccatcctggc taacatggtg aaatcccgtc tttactaaaa atacaaaaaa ttagctgggt      8940
     attgtggcat gtgcctgtac tcccagttac tagggaggct gagacaggag aattgcttga      9000
     acccgggagg tggaggttgc aatgagttga gattgcacca ctgcactcca gcctgagtga      9060
     ggctccatct aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agatggaaaa tacaattgaa agagacctgg      9120
     aaggagggga agaggtgtag gggtctgaaa atttttcttc tgataacaca ggaacttcta      9180
     cgtgtaggga ccatcctagg tgatatccaa gtctatgtga tcacaggtcc tggtgggaca      9240
     aggttctact gaagggccaa ggacaatgga gcagcaaaga tgacccagct gagcagtgac      9300
     cacataaagt tcatggtggc ctgagcaccc actgggcgca gccccatcta ctctcctctc      9360
     ctgcaacaaa tcagcacaag aaacacgtgt actgtggaaa gttctcatgt cttccattta      9420
     ttttgtctct caaatttcag gaatcttctc ctttaattaa cccatcaatc tctcttggaa      9480
     ataatttgaa aaagtaaatt tatactcaga ttctaatttt aatacagaag taagttatag      9540
     ctcagtggac cacaaatttg agacagagac ggagacatcc cagccccttt tctggaacag      9600
     gaaaggtgat tggggaagga atgcagttca gcatgaggaa gagggtcatg gtgggcacag      9660
     gggtgggctg gtctctgcac aaagaggagt cagggttctt gaagtcacaa agggacttgc      9720
     cactcagtcc cacacagggc agctgtttca cactacagaa aaatattcat gaacaaattc      9780
     atatcagtca cagtgagggg tgacacttta aacagcccat cacatgctca atacattgaa      9840
     gtcaaagaaa cctcatagca cagctatgtc ccctgttccc ctcaacaacc cacacacatc      9900
     aggccccccg gggtgtcaca tttacaagcc gtgagagaca cattagagcc ctgggcactg      9960
     tcactgccta gagtagaaca aaaacagcac ctggtcagag accacaggag atgtggccag     10020
     aggaggaatt gtggggtggg tgagctcccc catgggctcc caaacacaag atcccaagga     10080
     tctcagggat cagcctcctt catacttact tgcagcctga gagtagctcc ctccttttca     10140
     atctgtggga agaaaatgtc ctgtgagagg ccagaaaggt ggcagggcca tgaggtccta     10200
     gaggaacctc ctagtcttgg accctcgaga agtttccaga aatgtgtgac tgcagaccca     10260
     gggcgggatc aggaaaaaca aggaaagcag atgtgggtcc tcgaccaact gccctcctaa     10320
     ggtctgtcct tagccaggga ccttctcctg acctgtgatt actgggatca ggtccccatc     10380
     actacaatca tcaaggtaat aaatctgtcc ttcattgtca caggtgcttt acaaaagaga     10440
     aggtgctggc acacagggcc caggctgggt aggcccatga gtgtggatgg tgcttcccag     10500
     taaccaggca gggcacactt ctacctgggg cttgaaaccc ccagtgggac aagaaaactc     10560
     agaccccact tgtcacccct tccttacctg agctcttctt tctccacagc acagcagcga     10620
     ccgcagctcc agtgactaca gctgcaagga caaccaggcc agcaacgata cccatgatgg     10680
     ggatggtggg cagggaagac tgctctggga aaggaggtga aggtgagggt ctctgacccc     10740
     cagccctcac caccgaccct gttaaaggtc ttcagagagg ctcctgcttt ccctaacaga     10800
     catgatgcct ccatctccct ccttactcca tctcagcatg aggggctccg gcagcccctc     10860
     atgctgcaca tggcacgtgt atctctgctc ctctccagaa ggcaccacca cagctgccca     10920
     cttctggaag gttccatccc ctgcaggcct ggtctccacg agctccacgt cctgggtctg     10980
     gtcctcccca tcccgctgcc aggtcagtat gatctccgca gggtagaagc ccagggccca     11040
     gcacctcagg gtggcctcat agtcaaagac agggtggtgg gtcacgtgtg tcttgggggg     11100
     gtctgaaagg aagagtcaga aaattcaagc actttgcatc tctcatggga cactccagca     11160
     gcacctggat gtgaccatcc taagaatgaa ccagatacct ggggtgggga agggagcaca     11220
     gaacccagac accagcctgg acacgggcac ctgggataat ctcctattcc ttggaaagtt     11280
     ctagtctctg agcgggggag cagggacctc cggttctgac ctgagtggag gccaagggac     11340
     tcagaggagc tggagtcaga cccccacaca cattgagtgt gaggcagaga acaaggcctg     11400
     aggggaaaag tcctggtgcc aaggctgctg tggggtcaaa gggaacccct gatcagtctt     11460
     ccagggattg tcttcccctc cactccctca gagacttcat cccttaattg tcccagagag     11520
     caggacggac cctcagaatc actctctggt acaggatctg gaaacccagg aggattcctc     11580
     tccctcagga ccagagggag ggcgatattc tagtgttggt cccattttcc tcctctcctt     11640
     gtgctaggcc aggctgagag gtctacagga gatcagggag gcgccccact gcccctggta     11700
     cccgcgcgct gcagcatctc cttcccgttc tccaggtatc tgtggagcca ctccacgcac     11760
     gtgccctcca ggtaggctct cctttgttca gccacattgg ccgcctcaca cttgcgcttg     11820
     gagatctgag ccgcagtgtc cgctgcggtc caggagcgca ggtcctcgtt cagggcgagg     11880
     taatccttgc catcgtaggc atactgttca tacccgcgga ggaggcgtcc gtcggacccc     11940
     aggtcgcagc caatcatcca ctggagggtg tgagaacctg gccccacccc ctcggtcagc     12000
     cccgcccacc gagcctcgcc ctcgcccgga cccacccgcg gggattttgg taaaggcgcc     12060
     ttggggttct cccaggtaga gggtctgggc gggtcccgcg gcctcggggt ggatcccaga     12120
     cccggagact cgggagtacc cgggccgtcc gtggggcatg gaggtggggg tcgtgatctg     12180
     ctccctgggc cggagttact cactggcctc gctctggttg tagtagccgc gcagggtctg     12240
     caggttcatt ctgtcagtct gtgcgtgggc cttggtgttc cgtgtctcct cttcccaata     12300
     ctccggcccc tcctgctcca cccacggcgc ccgcggctcc atcctcggac acgccgagtc     12360
     gctgtcgaac cgcacgaact gcgtgtcgtc cacgtagccc atggcgatga agcggggctc     12420
     cccgcggccg ggccgggaca cggcggcgct gaaatacctc atggagtggg agcctggggg     12480
     cgaggagggg ttgagacccg cccgaccctc ctcccggcgc ggctgccgag tcctgcgccc     12540
     ccgccgggcc ggcccctccc tcctccgcgc aggggctgtt tccctcctga ccccgcactc     12600
     acccgcccag gtctcggtca gggtcagggc ccccgagagc agcaggaaga gggttcgggg     12660
     cgccatgacc accatccttg gcgtctgggg agaatgagtc cgggtgggtg agcgaggact     12720
     ttagaaccag gaccgcggcg acgctgattg gcttctctaa aaacctgtca cctaatggga     12780
     gtgagaactg gggccgcccg gtgagtatcc aggaagaagg acccgacaca ggttaggaga     12840
     aggaggagag aatccccaac gcggggcctc cccaacccat acaccgcctg tggggcctga     12900
     gaccctgaga gccacgcttg aggccctggg acttcgccct gaccccgcta ctcttgtgcc     12960
     aagcgttctg tctcagtgtc tccctgagtc ttggcccagg agctgtctga gaaaccaggg     13020
     agaaaccctc ggcaaggtcc ctggccctct cccttcactt ttcatcccgg aatccctgtc     13080
     cctgaactgg actccctgcc tcccactcct tgcctgtcct cctgtactct tctagaagaa     13140
     aaatcacccc agggagcttg ttgccagaga gtgagctcgc cctgggattg taggtgtaaa     13200
     gacagggttt tttttccccc ttaaatctgg aaaagttgtg cctgagtgca tgagatagaa     13260
     tagagaccag tttgcttttt gtttattaac tatagtgggt agcataacct tggtaacccc     13320
     tgaatgatca ggaatctaat cggtaaaaaa tgtgactttg gcctgttggt atataaatgc     13380
     atctaaaagc attacaacac gactcacaaa gctcttaagt ttcactttcc cagacagtgt     13440
     atctgtgact cccgcttgtt ttattttaaa tttaccttca ttccgtagcc ctaagtttcc     13500
     gtgtgagtcc aggacatctc ctcaagacaa agtaccacac tatgttacta tatgttgcaa     13560
     ccaggagcca gcacaaactt tattcacctc acagttgtaa gtgttcagtg cagtcacaat     13620
     gcccctcact agtgctcacg cactgcctgt ttttaggaag tatccacatg tgagtggagt     13680
     gtatattttt taggaatact tagtattttt taaacctgat taacataaaa aacaattagt     13740
     ttctaggcag acccacataa gatattaaag gccaactgca aagaacaccc agcgaggctc     13800
     tgtagatgga tgtattaaaa tctataaaac aatgtgttta aacctaagag ttctgctgct     13860
     ttggaattct ttcctctgct ccttttcctc acctcctgct cctccagccc ttccctccgt     13920
     ccctctcatc cctcaggccc tcttctcccc ttaatcccca ccaccctctc actcctgaac     13980
     tgtggctcta gcactgttcc atgacctgct acatgagtgt tctctctata gtggtcctgc     14040
     tactatgagt cagagtgtgt catttctcca cctaaaacac tccagtggct ccacctcatt     14100
     cttgtgaagc ttctagaatg tcaggcactt gagcatatga gggcatacct ggttcattgt     14160
     agggactaaa ttattttttc ttggctgaat gaatgaatta tgagtgtatt aaattgcatc     14220
     acagaaaatt ataaaatgta aaacactaaa aaagttaaaa aagattttat tttatgtaac     14280
     tagtgtgcgt atcaattcat cagttcattc caggagtctt ttgagtctgt gtatgaattt     14340
     tataagactg ggtaacaaat tgtcacaaac attggcttta aacagcaccc atttattgta     14400
     ttcattgatt tatttttaga gacagagtct ccctctgtca tccaggatga agtgcagtca     14460
     catgatcatg gctcactgca gcctcaaatt cctgggctca agggaccctc ctacctcagt     14520
     cttcagagta gctaggactg caggcaagtg ccaccatgcc cagctaatta aaaagaaatg     14580
     tagagacgag tgtctcacta tattatccta gctggtctca aagtcctggc tgcaagtgtt     14640
     cctcctgtgt cagctcctca aatgttagga tacaggtgtg cactaccacg cctggccaaa     14700
     taacactcat ttgttgttta tagtttctta atcagaaatc tgggcatgat gtggatggaa     14760
     tctctgttcc ggtcttccta aacctgtgtt ttcattttga atcctccttc aggcttatac     14820
     agaggtggca gaatgcagtt tctggcagtt gtaagactga ggtccctgtt cctcactggc     14880
     tgtcactgta gagaacaggg agggctgcac tcaatgcatg gtgcccacca gcgtcctttc     14940
     ctacacagcc ccttcatttt caaagcccac agtggaggaa accccttatg ctgaatccct     15000
     ctcacactgt gaatctctat gctcaggaag aacccagtcc tttcaaggac tctccttatt     15060
     aggacagtcc aagcaggata aactcagcct aaagtcaact aattgaggcc cttaattata     15120
     tctgctaaat cccttcacag cagcacctac attagagttg gttgaataac tgggggaagg     15180
     tgaatgacca ggagctggtt gttgggagcc atgatagaat cagcccagga agggctggat     15240
     cttccttttg tgtttaattt ggacacagtt ggaaattgaa gttcaagtaa agtgatcatt     15300
     gtgaatagta ataaaataca tcctcttcag ccgtggaaat tctcctttcc ttttaaaact     15360
     aagttacatg tttaatatct tatagttaat ttagaccagg tgtggtggct cacgcctgca     15420
     atcctagcac tgttgaaggc agaggaaggc agatttgact ccagaagttc aagatcagcc     15480
     tgggcaacat ggtgaaaccc ccatctctac aaaaaaatta gaaaattagc caggcatgtt     15540
     aattcatgcc tatagtccca gctactcaag aggctgagat cagaggatcc cttgagccca     15600
     ggaggtcgac actgcagtgc atggtgatca tgccactgca ctccagcctg ggtgacagag     15660
     caagaccctg tctcaaaaat agtaatatga tgatgataaa tttagagcaa atgcaaatta     15720
     atgtgtaata atacatcctc tcttgtgaaa atgtattagt tatttactat tgtgtaacaa     15780
     attatgtaaa acttagcagc tcaaaacaac aaatattcat catctcccac agtttctaat     15840
     ggtcaggaat ccaggagcgg ttttcctgag tgcttctggc tcagggcctc tcacaaggtt     15900
     gcagtccagt tgtcagccta gggctgcatc gtctgagggc ttcactgggg ctagggattc     15960
     atgtgaaaca tggcttagtc acatggctgt tggaaaagcc tagttccttg ctgtctggtc     16020
     ccagggggcc tcagttctta gccacatgga ccttcctgca gggctgctta tggcacagca     16080
     gctgggtccc caagagctca tgatcccaga gacagagaga gagaaggtgg aagccatagt     16140
     gagtttcaca ttctacaccc agagtcacaa actgttatgt caacattact ctatcagtta     16200
     gaagttgtat tagtctgttc tcacactgct ataaagaaat acctgagact gggtaattta     16260
     taaaggcaag aggtttagtt gactcacagt tgtgcatggc tgaggaggct gccccaggaa     16320
     acttacaatc atggcagaag gggaagcaaa catgtcattc ttcacatggt ggcaggagag     16380
     aaaaatgcag agtgaagtgg ggaaaatccc cttatatggt acatatacac catggaatat     16440
     tatgcagcca taaaaaggaa tgagatcaag tcctttgcag ggatatggat gaagctggaa     16500
     gccattatcc tcagcaagct aacacaggaa caggaaacca aacaccacat gttctcactt     16560
     gtaactggga gctgagcaat gagaacacat ggacacaggg agaggaacat cacacactgg     16620
     agcctattat gggagggcag tgctgagggg agcattagga aaaataggtt caaccgctga     16680
     cttccacagc ttgggggaat catccccatg attcgatcac ctcccatgaa gtccctccgc     16740
     caatatgtgg ggattagaat tcgcatgaca attcaaaatg agatttgggt gggaacacag     16800
     agacaggcca tatcagaagt gcatcattaa gtccaagcca cacttaagag agggaattaa     16860
     gctgcacctc tgaaagagag ctgtactaaa ggacttacgt atatgttaaa agcaaaatta     16920
     aaactattgt ttcaggattt tgtaaatcaa agacttcttt tatctaatta tttttcttta     16980
     atgctttaag cttatctttt aatttaattt aatttaattt aattttaagt tccagggtac     17040
     gtgtgcagga tgtgcaggtt tgttacatag gtaatcgtgt gccatggtgg ttggctgtac     17100
     ctatcaaccc atcacctagg tgttaaccct ggcattcatt agctattttt cctaatgatc     17160
     cccccatcac tgccctcccc gaacaggccc cattgtgtgt ttttcctctc cctggttcca     17220
     tgtattctca ttgctcagtt cccaattata agtgagaaca tgcggtgttt ggttttctgt     17280
     tcctgtgtga gtttgctgag gataatggct tccagcttca ttcgtatctc tgcaaaggac     17340
     ttgatctcat tcctttttat ggttgcataa tattccgtgg tgtatatgta ccatattttc     17400
     tttatccagt tcctcatttg tgggcatttg ggttgattcc atgtctttgc tattgtgaat     17460
     agtgctgcaa tgaacataca catgcatata cctttataat agaatgattt atattccttt     17520
     gggtatataa cctttaatgg gattgctggg tcaaatggta tttctggttc taaatctttg     17580
     aggaattgcc acactgtctt ccacaatggt tgaaccaatt tacatttcca ccaacagtgt     17640
     aaaagccttc ctatttctct gcaaccttgc cagcatctgt tgtttcttga cttttaataa     17700
     ttgccattct gactggcatg agatggtatc tcattgtagt attgatttgc atttttctaa     17760
     tgatcagtga tgtttagctt tttttcttat gtttattggc cacatgtatg tcttcttttg     17820
     agaagtgtct gtttaggtcc tttgtccact ttttaatgaa gctttttttt tggtgtaaat     17880
     ttgcttaagt tctttgtagc ttctgaatat gagacctttg tcaggtggac agactgcaaa     17940
     aattttctcc cattctgtag gatgtctgtt cactctgata atagtttctt tcactctaca     18000
     gaagctcttt tgtttaatta gatcccattt gtcaattttt gcttttgtgg cagttgcttt     18060
     tggcattttc atcataaaat ctttgcccat ccctatgtcc tgattggtat tgcctagatt     18120
     ttcttccagg gtttttatag ttttgggatt tacatttaag tctttaatcc atcttaagtt     18180
     aatttttggg caaggtgtaa ggaaggagtc cagtttcaat tttctgcaga ttgctagcca     18240
     gttctcccag caccatttgt taaataggga atcctttgcc cattgcttat ttttgtcggg     18300
     ctcattgaag atcacagggt tttagatgtg tggtcttatt tctgagttct ctattctgtt     18360
     ccattggtct atgtgcctgt ttttgtacca gtaccttgct gtttcagtta ctgtagcctt     18420
     gtagtatagt tttaagtcag gtagcctcat gcctccagct ttgttctttt tgcttaggat     18480
     tcttctggct ataggagctc ttttttggat ccatatgaat tttaaaatag tttttttcta     18540
     attctatgat aagcttcact ttttaaatta atgactaaaa gtttgagaca tcacagagcc     18600
     ttaggtgttg aggggaaaac agtttgaggc agagaaagga gatacaacag tatctctgag     18660
     tttttcttgc caatatcttt aataacagca atgttctctt caatgagtta acacagttga     18720
     gaacatagaa taactagatc aaatagttcc aagactttag tgctataaaa ataatgcctt     18780
     gaaaataagt ctttgttttg tctaaaatgt ctcaaattta ggggaagtat gcccctagtg     18840
     ccagttttct tattgaaata tcgtcttcca aaaaacattt gcctacactt aaaaaaagaa     18900
     gtactgctct gtctctggag tagccatcct ttgtttcttt ctctaattaa cttgctttca     18960
     cttagaaaaa tattgcttaa tcagattgct tttcatttac aaagatgtga atctcatact     19020
     tcagtcaaca catctagcat gccaataact tcggtttgat gcagtatcac gaaattgtta     19080
     gctcgaattg agaaactagt tttttcaata actggctatt cgatcagcat tctataatac     19140
     acttaacatc ttttgttgtg atattgaatg atatgtgata gaagtgattt ggacaccact     19200
     atgattctaa atagcatgcc atcaggtgct tctgaagtgg ttttgtttgt ttctttgttt     19260
     tcgcagtcct attgtgtttt ctattcatat tgctattccg tcactggtta ttcctttcta     19320
     ctcttttctt gtttcattta ttttgatcaa tgatgtgcat ttccaattct gtaaaagttt     19380
     aattcagtgg tatgtgtggt agaatgtaac atcaaatcct ttgcaagatg gaattacctt     19440
     gcacatcaga ttgaagattg tatacatgaa aatctacaga gatgccagtg agccaaggat     19500
     caaatgacct atttgtagcc aaagccgttt tcatggcctc gtggtcctct ctgtcacatg     19560
     gctccttaca attctgtgtg gttttgttcc aatgtaagta gttcttgtta aggatgcttg     19620
     caatgaactt tggtattctt ttctctttca tttttataaa aaccaagcat attttacttt     19680
     gaaaaaatct gtttaaggaa ttaggaattt aagtcaattc tttcaactca atgttttcag     19740
     aacacatcat caacatcaag tattacacat ttattttaaa agttccattt taaaagggaa     19800
     tggatgatat gttgtttgga ctttagccag cactgttgta aaacacagaa cctgtaaact     19860
     accctgggct gctgcccatt cacatccccc aaaaggagac tccatcctga gtcttgtgat     19920
     tattattcct ttatttagat gtgtggtctt atttctgagt tctctgttct gttccattgg     19980
     tctatgtgcc tgtttttgta ccagtacctt gctgttttca taatatctat aaagaaatta     20040
     tagagtttct ttaaggattt gtgtaataag tatagatata tccccaatcc aaatattagt     20100
     tagttttgat ggtttttaag cttccagtac agcaaattcc tactgcattt attttcccat     20160
     gatgcacatt acatatagga gttatctgtg gtgtgggagg ctgtcattca ttcgttttta     20220
     ctgctgaagg tttacatttt atggttatac cataattgca ctagttttct attgatatat     20280
     atgtagctga ttccagttct tgccataaac attagtgtgc atgtctcctg ggcacatagg     20340
     caagaaagcc cgcagagtgt atgattagga gtgggatgat tggatgatat gttatatggc     20400
     ctttaaccat actagataat aataatatga tttccaaagt gattgtgcca acttaaactt     20460
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttttgaga cgaagtcttg     20520
     ctctgttgcc caggctgaac tgcagtggtg ctatcttggc tgattgcaac ttccacctcc     20580
     cagttcaagc aattctcctg cctcagcctc ccgagtagtt gggattacag gcatgcacca     20640
     ccacgcccag ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagtcgggg tattggaggc cgaaagaatg     20700
     agggtcgtga tcaactcagt ataccactgg aggctatatg agcaaacagc aaactgttct     20760
     catgaaagca ggatgttggc aaactgacaa actgagtttg ctgccagaag gaatcactag     20820
     aagcaagaag cccccgaccc cttcttttag aacagatctt tttgtctttg tctttatttc     20880
     tgtgttcatc ccccttcatt atatcccata gtaaccgatt gcgacaatgg ggttttacca     20940
     tgttagccag actggtcttg aactcctgac ctcaggtggt ccacccacct cagcctccca     21000
     aagtgctggg attacaggcg tgaaccacca cgcctggctt aaacttttga aataagtgcg     21060
     taatacttga tgttgatgat gtgttctgaa aacactgagt tgaaggaatt gagttgaaag     21120
     ccgctgtctt ggctgcagaa ttatagcagg catttttatt tagattctgt caataacttt     21180
     ctgttgttta cttgtttctc atataccgtg gcattgtact tttggcatac agattcagaa     21240
     aatgcttact tatagcacaa tcacataggg ttattttata tgttaggaaa ttttcataat     21300
     aaaaaggaaa aaatggagga agggagggaa agaaggagga agagaagaag gagtgaaaga     21360
     agaaaagaag gaaggggaag gggaagaaaa gggaaggaaa gcagagtaaa aaggagggaa     21420
     ggcgagaggt tgaatggaaa tagagaagaa agagagggag ggagggacag aaggaaggag     21480
     aaagggaagg aacaaaaaag aaaagaaact aaaataaaga aaagaataca cgttgagaaa     21540
     ctagaaaccc tacgtatggc caatattatg aaaatggaag gaaataaagc agatgtacgt     21600
     aacctgtata gaataatgga aatgtaagag ggcttcatta gttatccatt gctgcataac     21660
     aaactacccc caaatttagt gattaaatca acaaacattg acgaactcaa aaacataata     21720
     caaataccag caaaatggag ccaacgcaag tagaagaagt tgaataaaca aaaggatttt     21780
     acaaattgga ataagaggac actggtgtgt agatgaaaat gattttgtag tccaaatcct     21840
     ccaaaaagca agtgccatca tggggttaaa gttacagcat tttattaggg gacatacctg     21900
     tcagacgata ttgtgaggga gtcaggttac cctgggaaag gcaacaggcc gagatgcaag     21960
     tgtgaccccc agtgatggac agaaggagag aaggtttact ggatgtttcc tagaccacag     22020
     gcaatctaag gagagttgag caaggccatg gaggagaccc ggagccacca ttggccatca     22080
     gaggagtccc ctgtctccca ggaatgtcct gccttagtgt cactggtgtg agccatcact     22140
     gactgggaac agcccatggg aagcagggcc tccataccaa tgctactgag gatgtcagag     22200
     cacaggagca gggccttggg agattaccca ggagtgtgac tcaaacctgc tgcccagatg     22260
     ggtctgggtt cttggaaatc aaatcctctc aggctaaatt gctggatgat tctgctcaca     22320
     cttacaatgg ggcaagggga cccagaaggt tcccaggtgg atgtctggtt tccacacaca     22380
     cttctgccct cattgtgtga aagcagccat gcctcctcct ggggatgagg gcctattacc     22440
     tgggcctgga gagaaggaca ctcctcttct cacgatgtgg tctctgggaa catgctctcc     22500
     aaacttctct ggtgactaaa gtaatgtgta gttcaatggg ctctcttttg tctactttta     22560
     agggtaccct cctttggaaa ccaggacctc ctaacccgca cagcccattg ttgggagata     22620
     aaaaaggcaa aataccttag tggatgaatc taagagattg gacatggagc catacctgct     22680
     tccacctttt gatttctgga cctacatgtt cttccattga gaacacagca ccatagagac     22740
     atctctgatt caaacaatgt accatgttct gaaagatggc actttcagag tgcttcctcc     22800
     aggctggcac tgagttgtgc ctatagaaga cctgtccagc attccttgtg gctggtagct     22860
     cctgggtggt gcagatggtg ataggattag tggaacccac agccatggaa actttaaaac     22920
     tttccaggcc aaatgggtcc ttcaggcaga gaatgggcta ggagcaccgc ctagcctgca     22980
     gatcaggaat gtcaacagca cccggagagt ggtgctggct gagtgtcaga gcaagacagg     23040
     aaaacccacc catggaatat gggcctattt ctgtgaagat gaacctctgg cccttccagg     23100
     atggaagtag ctaaatgtag tcacttgtta cttagtggct ggtcgcctaa agaaatagcg     23160
     ccccactagg gcacatcatg ggctccaaat gctgacgagt tgacattcag gagtggcagt     23220
     agctggatct accttggtag ggctgggaga gtcagtgctg ctggcctcat acatagcctc     23280
     atgcctgcca ctgtggttgc tccattcatg cacccatcct accaggcctg ggctgaccca     23340
     tggtgaaggc tggctaactg ccatttgtct gtttggtagt tcagtgccac ttcagacttg     23400
     ggtgttttct gtgggtgtca gcaagggatt caagctcaac ccaggtggac cattttcacc     23460
     tgttgatgaa tgctgttggg cctgtgcaat ttatgacttt gtgggtcaca cagccacttg     23520
     gaaccacatt gttgtttggt gtcccatggt caagcattct atcaaatcag gacaagtaac     23580
     actaaatgtt gcttctaaca gggggcatat gtctctgctg tggatgacat gatcttactc     23640
     cagaatccca ggcccttcat tgtgactctc ccactggtgc ttggttcagc tccatcctgc     23700
     atctttcccc accactggca ccaccagccc caaggggtct gagggatgct ggctgcttgt     23760
     accatggcct ggatctgctg caaggtcctt tcctgtgtgg gccccacatg aaggtggcct     23820
     cctcctatgt cacctagagt gtgggccaaa gcaacacacc taaatgtgga atgtggtgtc     23880
     atcagaactc aaagaggctc atcaggcagt gtgcttcctt ccttctggtg aggatgcaag     23940
     atgaaacagt ttgtctttta ccttggaggg gacacacctg cattccccta aacacttggc     24000
     acttgttcac ccataaaact tcacttcagt ggccactctt gaagctctgt aaggtttacc     24060
     ttcaccttct ggagtgtgct tgttttgcca aggactccag tgcagtttct acctgctgct     24120
     catccacccc agtaaacatg aaattgtcaa tgaaatgagc tgatttaata tcctatagga     24180
     tatccagtat gtctagtgta gtcttaagac tatatactat agcgggcaga ggagttacaa     24240
     tagccctgag gcaaatgata aataaatgtg ttgtggatcc cacatgaatg tgaatcattc     24300
     catatcccct ttctaattgg agtggaaagg aatgcactca ccaagtctgc agctgcacac     24360
     tgtgggccca aggatttatt aatctgctct accagtgata tccagacaac ataaaagctg     24420
     caattataac tcctacttgg ccatacctag agtaatctca ttcattcttt aggcatcatc     24480
     aggctccctc agggacagtt tgctggatta cgtagagacg atagacagcc ccaacaccac     24540
     cccacatcct tcagctctct catggtgatg tgacccccac agtactttca gtgccttcca     24600
     caagacacat gaggttgcct ggttgctgtg gtgcccgctt tccaccccac cctcccgtac     24660
     ccccatgtca ctttcattgt gtcctgaata acagtttcaa gtttgtctat ggcttctgcg     24720
     aggagccagg acatccagat agaatgggcc acatgaatca attggtacgt gtttctcctt     24780
     tcaggcagag tctcactcac ttcacacaag cacagagatc cccatatagg caactagatt     24840
     atgagaaaca aacgcaccca tccaaaccca aagaatggac tctgagaccc agagaacagc     24900
     aaaagtgaga gtgttagtga cggttttgca atattgggtg tctggaatgc aggcacacca     24960
     gggagagttt caacaattta ttccctagtg cgcaactccc tcccccagtt gctcattagc     25020
     tgagtaccaa ggacttacga tcttcccgga tgtcacctat tggtagttta agacttcaag     25080
     tatgttcctt agggttttgt tttttttttt gctgcatttt gttgcagccc ataatgcatt     25140
     gtgattgtct caggactctt taaacatttg acttatgtcc ctaatggctg cacttagttg     25200
     ataagaaagg gtacaattat ctatgttgca agctagccta aactacattt tttggtgagg     25260
     tggggaaggg gtcgttgagg gggccccaac cgataggtgc ctggccagtg catgaaaggg     25320
     aaagcaagaa gtagggggga tggtggctta gtacattttc cttctttatc tctttatgac     25380
     catgtggcct gcttaaacct atactaaggc acatagaatt gaaaatgaac catcacatgt     25440
     aggttatttt ttacaccctt aagtcctgcc caagccaggg ctgggccaag gccctcgaac     25500
     atccagctgt ggcctcctcc tgctgcaggt gaggagtggg cagcagggag ggccgtggtg     25560
     cctgctttgt ccccatcccg gtctctgtct ctcaggctta ccaggtcgca tccaggtggg     25620
     tgagttggga attgcgtgct gattgctgag ggcctggatg atcactatct cagagggagc     25680
     aaatagtaaa ggcagatgtg atctagggag ggctagaaac tggagaggaa tccaaggaga     25740
     ggtggtgcct ctagtccctt cctctctgca tccccctccc ctgtttctcc agccatcagg     25800
     aggacatcaa gaaaaagacc cacgaggccc agaatgaggg cccccatgtg tacagcccct     25860
     ttgaggtccc cttgtaacag ggagagtcct gagtgcacat ggccatcctc tgtccacttt     25920
     gcagctcccc atatgcctca tctgggagct gtctcagggg tgtcacgtcc tctgggtccc     25980
     tcgagaccgt gctttttctg ggttcccacc atatggcccc tgtctccctg tgtttccttg     26040
     cagataatat ggaccagttg ataagcagat gtccctgggc tatttgggga gtggggacca     26100
     gccctctgtc agggcagctg tggtccctgt tttcatccca tgtccaggtg ttactttttc     26160
     cagcccccga gggtcatagt acccagtggg ctgttttttg ggctttgttc tgtgctctgt     26220
     ggcctcacct tgcctttcct gagccaatgt ttttgttctt agtgtagtcg ctgcctggta     26280
     agtttacaat aagagacagt cagaatcatt tcccccacag tcaggttgtt tgaggggaga     26340
     ggaaaagagc aagcagaaag ttttgagttt ctgcaaagac agaggcagtg caggggacag     26400
     tgagagtctg gggtgtccag gaaacccgag tctttctgcc atttctccac ttccgtgtgt     26460
     ctggccagtg aggtggtggt gactcatcct tgaacctaat tgcacagtta gttggccact     26520
     caggcctggg cagatgggac ggttcatccc ctgccctgca gcaagagggc cccgtccagg     26580
     aggcaaccac agcacgggca gtgcaggtct gtggttgctc ctgctctcac ctgcggtgtc     26640
     tcctatagag ggattgtcag ttctggttcc ctgtaggcag gaaaggtttt ctcgtaggtc     26700
     actgggacat tggccagaaa aaggcatgaa aattacatgt tagtttctca aaattcctgc     26760
     tttaagtatt ggtgtccatc aacataattt cagctggata atcttaatag gatttccccc     26820
     aatactgatg ttgtaaagga tgttgaatag aacaggaagt caaatttggg gcttcgtttc     26880
     tcagagggtc catgtgggag acagtgcctg tggcagtggc aatccccagg tgcagagggt     26940
     gcgtagaggc agcctcagga tgaggggtct gaagaaaccc cctactccac aggcgaagaa     27000
     gatcccctgt gagctgcgat ggcagtggcc tgggtggaat ccctgttagg aatgggacag     27060
     gaagggcttg cagcctcacc aagcagcagc cctggggtgg agctgcattt ccagggttga     27120
     gtggacaggc aggagcaagc acagcccaaa tgcaggttat ggggagggca ggctgggcct     27180
     ccttgagcaa gggggtcccc agcatcaggt caggtgcaga ctccatggca gccacatatt     27240
     tccatgcagg gcctgtgagc cccagggctt cctgatagga tctctagtta ggagctgtct     27300
     gctcagagct gggaggggag gaacagtgag ctgctggtgg agggcagaac ccacagcgtg     27360
     cagggcctgc cctggtatgc aggtgcctct gcaggtgaag agggcctggg gtctcaggaa     27420
     gagaaggact gtgtgtgact tggcccagac ctggaaggac atggagacag ggccagggcc     27480
     tctctttggg gaggcctctc actgtgtcag ggctggtcag gcttgagagg aggaggaaag     27540
     ggcactgagt ttcctcctgg gtcttgttcc ttagtcctgg gtcctttcac tcactgcaca     27600
     atggatggtg gacacagggc aggtgctgat gttgatggag tcacgggagg ggactggcag     27660
     gggctggaaa agtgcgatgg gagggagaaa aaagtgggga cgtcatcttc cgtcagagaa     27720
     agggtaaatc tgatttggga gtgactgagg agggagaact cctcagggaa taaaaagcag     27780
     cactctgcac ccaggggagc atttattggt ttctctcttt tttccagagc gcgtgagcct     27840
     gcaaggcctg ggtcaacacc tggttgggac aggagaccac cagggcagtg cacagctgag     27900
     atctcagtct ctggtgtcag ctcctgggtt cgctggctcc actgagggca actagactct     27960
     gcagccaggc gatctggatt caactccttg cctaggcctc accagcatgt tctctctttg     28020
     tgcctcattt tcctcatcta tgacatgggg aaactacgag catttatttc ttgtggttgg     28080
     atgaatgaaa agggttagta tatatggggt atttgcagct gtgccatatt atttttgtta     28140
     ttttgttatt ttattatatt ttgatatatt acatatgcag taattgtatt attataggtg     28200
     agcattatga gtgagtgtcc tgctgatggc tccttggtcc tggcccagca ccagctttcc     28260
     tggcaccttg aggtcctgtc atctctgtca tgctctcctg cattacccca ttctactctg     28320
     tcttcatatt ttatactata gatatttaac tcttaaatag acatttctgg tctgcgtttt     28380
     atttcaagtg tctgggaagg gatagtgtga ggttcaggag agaaggagag gtctgtctcc     28440
     atgctttgac acagcataaa gaaaccttcc ctcctccccc acatctcccc gccagttctc     28500
     agtgagggac agattcacag caacaccgaa agggctggga agggatgggg ggacatttgc     28560
     agccagtgtt caggggctga ccctgtgggg caacatcttc cctgcagagt tagagcccac     28620
     atatgatgat gtagagctga agggtgatat cagggagggg aaggagagtg ctttgtggtt     28680
     tcctgattac gaagagtaga ggtcagtcag cttctggggt gaagtgactg ctggggagat     28740
     tggattgaat taatgaagaa taagtgagct gggattgagg atgagtaaag caagcatcag     28800
     catctcccgc catcagttca gactgactgg ggaggtggga tagttcctga ccttgttgtg     28860
     tggttcctcc taacttcctg gtcttgggga cacagatggg tggtgctgtt cttggtcagg     28920
     gcagcctcag ctccatccag ataaagcagt ggtggcagag agagttaggg gagcacctgt     28980
     gaaacagacc aaggcaggga tgggagcctt ctgtgcagcc agagtggatg caggacctgc     29040
     ctggatgcaa gagaaggatg agggacccta gctgggtcct gttccctgac tccctgtgtt     29100
     cacagggcaa ccagtaaggg agctggggta gggaattcat tcataagcta tctatctaga     29160
     gatgtgttta tagacatatt atttcatgtt tgtattcagg tttgttgtca cagacacatt     29220
     tatccatgtg tgttttatgt ttaagttact ttggaatagc tcagtcacaa aatcttaatc     29280
     tcttaatttg tgctgcctct ctacacggaa acacacacac aggtggacac acacacacag     29340
     gcacacacac acattcacac acatgctata caaacatgtc tacctgtatc tataaagaaa     29400
     catgttatgt tattttattt tttatttctt agattcatat atattcatga ggcacaagtg     29460
     caattttgct acattgctat attggttgtg gtaaagtcag ggccttcaga gcatccagca     29520
     ctggagacaa gcacattgta cctatcaaga aacccctcta ttatacacca actgccaacc     29580
     cccttaccct tctgggtctc catggtccat catttcacac tctcctttta tgtatataaa     29640
     gagatattaa ccaaatacgg cagagtggta gcttgaattt taccgcacca ttctttcagc     29700
     ttctttgcac atttgaaaat ttatacagtt ataagttgga agaatgaggg aaaatagaga     29760
     gcaagacagt gctgaatagg aataggctag gggttgtgtc ccactaggaa ccataattga     29820
     tctttgccat tttgaaagtg tgtcccctga gcagccttca gagagtcctg gaggcagact     29880
     tgttttcaca gtaataccaa gatgccatct gcctgtttca ttgtgttgac ttttccatag     29940
     tgctgcaaat gccaaggtcg gtaacacacc cagcacctta gcagaaccag gcagtggctc     30000
     caaactgcag tcccatttaa gagtgtcttt gatggagcag taaaaaattt atgtggatta     30060
     aagtttgatc cttgagtata cgtgtttaat attctttgtg agaaaatggg aaatatgcat     30120
     aaaacactta ctgcacagag aagcaggatg gtagccttga gaaagggcac ttgtgtgact     30180
     cagttattat ttcaaccagc agatctcact cacctacgga aagacagttg tattaattcc     30240
     tgtttggggg tatcatgaat aaagctgcaa gagtatttgt gcacaggatt ttcgtgaaca     30300
     taaagtattc cctcgtttga aataagtgcc taggagggca attgctagtc ataaggtaaa     30360
     ttgcatgttc ggtttgaaga aaactacaat actcatttcc agagcggctg taccatttta     30420
     aaatacatcc ctaccagcaa tataagagtg tcccagttcc tctgcgtcct tgccagcatc     30480
     tgttgctacc tttattttgt atttcagcca ttctcatcac tgtggtttta atttgtattt     30540
     tcctactgga taatgatgtt gagcacctat tcatctgctt attagcccag tatttatcct     30600
     cttcagtgaa atgtctgttc atgtcttgct cattgcctgt tttgtatttg gatttcattt     30660
     ttattgttga gttttaaaat ttcttcatat attctgaata cagtctttac agaatatgtt     30720
     gcctgcaaat atcttctctc attctgtagc ttgtcttttt atgctcttca taggtctctc     30780
     acagaacaac agtttttagt gttgataaga tccaatttat taacttttat ggatcatact     30840
     tttggtgtta tgtttaagaa ctctttgtcc agtcttagct ctgatgactt tttcttaaaa     30900
     ggtttgtaat ttaaaaattt aaatttatta tttattttag aaaaaaaatt attgcctagg     30960
     ctggccttga actcctgggc tcaagggatc ctcccacctc agcttcctga gtagctgaga     31020
     gtacaggcct gtgataccac acctggctca atgtttgcca ttttaactct gtgctttaca     31080
     tgaaagcttg tgactcattt tgagttattt ttgtatgaag catgaggttt tggctcaggt     31140
     tatttttttt ccactgtggt tgtccagttg ttccatcacc atttgatgga aaagctctcc     31200
     ttccttcatt gaattgcttt tgtgcttttg taaaagtcag ttgagcatgt tttgctcatt     31260
     tttagttgag ttgctcatct tcttacattg agtttaagaa cttttcacat attctggata     31320
     catgttcttc atcacagatg taatttgtga taaattgtga aatattttct ctcaatctac     31380
     ggcttgtctt ctcattttct caatattgtc ttttggagca cttaagtttt aaattttaac     31440
     taagcccaat ttgtctctca cttttttttc atctgtagat catgtttttt gtattttatg     31500
     taagaatctt ttgcctaact actcaatgtc acaaaaattt tctcctatat tttcttttag     31560
     aaattttatg gttttaactt ataaatttta gctgtttagg tctctaattt gtttgagctt     31620
     atattttata tggcgataag tgtcacatca tattacctat gcaacttcat tgaagatcaa     31680
     ttgacaaaaa aatgtaagaa tgtctttcta gattctcact tctgttcatt aatctctgtg     31740
     tctctcgctt tcacactgtc tggattattg tagttttata tgacattcca ttttttttca     31800
     aatttgcgtt ggcttttctg catcctctgc attttcacat acatttttag gattaaattg     31860
     tcaattttcc ataaaatgcc tgctggggtt ttgatagaga ttgtactgaa cctatagatc     31920
     tcttggtgga gaattgtcat cttaacaata ttattgagct ttccaaccgc atctctccat     31980
     gaatttagac ctttaatttc tctcagtaat gttttgtagt tttcaacaaa ctctgctgtc     32040
     ttcctaaatt tattcctatt tctctctttt tgtaactact gtgataggaa agtttagatt     32100
     ttaattgctt gtatagagaa atatgttaat aatttttaat ttgattttat atcctatggg     32160
     agcttctgga ttcatttttt agtgctagca ggcttttatc tgcttgtgaa ttctacagac     32220
     aaggtcatgt tatctgtgaa tagagtttta tgttttcctt tttatctgga tgcctttaac     32280
     ttttaattat ttgccttatt gcaccagctg caatctccag tacaatgtta agtagaagtg     32340
     ttggattgga catccttgca ttgatctcca tcttaggaga aaagcattca gtctttcttc     32400
     agcaagcatg attttagttg tgggtttttt atagatgccc tttatcaggg tgaggaaggt     32460
     cccctccatt cctattttgt tgaaacttat gaacatgagt ggtgttaaca tttttgtcaa     32520
     ctgtttcttc tgtatctttt gagataatta tgtcttttat tcccttacta cagtgcattc     32580
     cattaattga tttctaattg ttaatccagc catatattcc tgggatgaat cccattggtc     32640
     atggaatgta atcctttttt acgtggcttt ctattgtctg ccaatgtttg ttaaggatgt     32700
     tttcatttat gtttattggt gacactggtc tatggtattc ttttcttgtc agtcttgctc     32760
     tgactttgat attagggtaa tgtcagttct gtaaatgagc tagaaagtct tgcctcctct     32820
     cttcttgtct gaaagagctt ttgaaatatt tgatagaatt caccagtgaa gatatctggg     32880
     ctttggcatt tctttgtgag aaggttttaa aattactgtc ttagtgtaca gttctcttca     32940
     gattttctat ttatttttga gtcagtttca gcaatttcta tctttgtata aatctgtcca     33000
     ttttatctaa gtggtctaac tgattggctt caggtttttc agagtattaa cttataatgt     33060
     tttttaactt ctaaagggtc attagtgata ctctctcttg tgttcacaat tttggtaatt     33120
     tatctcattt ctcatactgt ctgttttgac ttttggtcaa gaaaacagac agaggcagct     33180
     ctgtgacaga ttctgtagtg ggaagctttg atcattcata gctggcaagc cagactaatg     33240
     ccagcaaccc caaaggagct gccaatggat cttgacaggg aagtcactga ctctggattg     33300
     ggctatgatc aaccaggggt agatgtcaat gcttcaaagg ctatacaaga accagaaaaa     33360
     tggagattac accaatttgg actgttgagt cacatttctt tacacaagaa aacacacttt     33420
     acagccttaa aaagccaaca gtgcacaggg aaatgtacta ttcaggggaa actttgatag     33480
     aatattgaaa tggctgacca ggcacggtgg ctcatgcctg taatcccagc acttttggtg     33540
     gccgaggcgg gcggatcacc tgagtttagg agtttgagac tatcctggcc aatatggtga     33600
     aaccccgtct ctactgaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgcgtgt ggtggtgggc gcctgtatta     33660
     ccagctactc gggaggctga gacagtagaa ttgcttgaac ctgggaggca gaggttgcat     33720
     gagccgagat catactactg cactccagcc tgggcgacag agtgagactc catctcaaaa     33780
     aaaaaaagaa aaagaaatag tcagttgaaa cattggttgt ctaattgtct aaaaactgcc     33840
     aatataattg ttgggcaata taaacatgaa ggactggctt ttatatcttc atgaatgtgc     33900
     ttactgtcaa catgggtgga gctgcgaaac tgactccact aggtagcttc ctctcttttt     33960
     cctgatggat cagggtgatg ctgttatgac tgtacataca attcttctta aggggaggat     34020
     gctggaataa tgactacact tcatttctta tttctttttt tacacagggt gcagtggtac     34080
     caggaacagg gatgcaaatc gaactgccag aaacaggaat tatccctaag gaaaaaacca     34140
     taactatatt tttatacctt tatgtaagaa ttcccaagca aatcaaggat tgcgctgtgc     34200
     cttcatttca tctggcaaag tcgggattaa ctgtaagtag agctacgtag actggtggtc     34260
     agatagcctg cactagttcc taacctatgt aacctactgt ctatgatcaa gagtagatta     34320
     agagaagaca tggtagaata ctattgctgc atgcagtcta ggccagcaca gcagccaaac     34380
     ctaatgtcac ttctagaact ggaaaagact gatataaagg gacagaagga ggaatagtgg     34440
     ctgagggtag gtgaataaat caaagggtta tgtaatgagg aaaattcaat attagcttat     34500
     ctcctcaaaa gtggtgtgag caagagatgt tgtctcttag gtcaactata ctggatgcct     34560
     aaaagggtga agctgtatgt ccctgagacc attcttgttt ttggaacctg ataagattga     34620
     atggtgtctg caaagctgag tgatgtcatt ctgggagaca tattcataca agaggatgat     34680
     aaactggcct aattttgaat gaccgaatga gacttggata atatgccaat gcttctttac     34740
     tgttataatc cttttcgtat gaaaaatatg tggtcaaaga aaagggggta atatgagtta     34800
     tcacaaaaac atttagtttt gtccctggtt tctcctaaaa accttagaat ctcttgagtg     34860
     attagagtgt ctttagaata ctgaggaaag gactcttggc tgagaggatc ctggatacct     34920
     tgagaatggg ggctggctgc cacagacaca tacctatgat gagagggttg tcttattccg     34980
     ttttgtgttg ctataaagaa atgtctgaga ctgactaatt tatataaaca aggttcattt     35040
     ggctcaggat tctgatgtct ggaaatgttt gagcatttag cgagggcctc aggctgcttc     35100
     cactcatggc agaaggcaaa ggggagctgg tatgtgcaga agtcacgtgg taagagagga     35160
     acagagggag taggaaggtg cgagactctt ttaacaacta gctcttttgg aaactaatag     35220
     ggcaacaatt cattgactcc cgagagaggg cagtatctct ctgttcataa aagattggcc     35280
     cccaagaccc aaacgccacc cattaggccc taagtccaac attggggatc agattttaac     35340
     atgaggtatc tggggataaa tatttatatc attgcatcct gtccctagcc agccaaagct     35400
     cacattcttc tcacattgca aaagacaata atcttctccc aattgtccaa aatgtgttgg     35460
     gttgatccag catcaactct aaattccaaa gtctcatctg agactcaagg taagttctta     35520
     tagctgtgca cctgtaaaat taaaaaaagt tatttacttc taaaatatta atacaacagt     35580
     ggtagagaca tttcctatac atttccattc caaaagaaat aagtggacca aaagaaatga     35640
     atgcagtgtc ctcacaaggt tgaaactcat catggcagac attaaaactt aaagctctaa     35700
     aataatctcc tttgactcta tatcttgaac cctgagcaca ctggctggtg caagcaatgg     35760
     actcacaatg ccatcttcag cctcatatcc gtggctttgg tgaacataat ccatatagct     35820
     gctctcatgg gtgaacattg aatgcttatg gcttttccag gctgagcttg catattgcca     35880
     gtggctctat gatttagtag tcttggcagg ggtcctgttc ctgcagctcc actaggaatt     35940
     gtcctggata ttaaatttcc cctttaaata tcagttccag tttcaggtca tgtctttgct     36000
     cacacatatg tgcataggct attacaagca ggcaggccaa atctggaatg ctatgctgct     36060
     tagaaatttc ttccaccaga tacccttata catcactctc aagttcaaag ttctacagat     36120
     ccctagggag ggggaacaat gcctccaagt tatttgccaa tgcataacaa aagtgacctt     36180
     tcctctaggt cccaataagt tcctcatctc catgtgagac cttatcagcc tggactctat     36240
     tgtccatatc actatcagca ttttggtcac aacagcttaa caaatctcta ggaagttgca     36300
     aattttcccc cattttcttg tcttctgaac tctccaaact cttccaacct ctgcctgtta     36360
     cccagttcca aagctgtttc cacattttca agaattttta tagtaatacc caactcctgg     36420
     taccgatttt ctgaattagt tcattctcac acttttataa agaaatacct gagactgggt     36480
     aatttataaa gaaaataggt ttctttcttt ctcctcccac catccaagat gccaaaagga     36540
     aagaaggcca aggagaagaa ggtggctcca gcccctgctg tcgtgaagaa gcaggaggcc     36600
     aagaaagtgg taaatccctt gtttgagaaa aggcctaaga attttggcac tggacaggat     36660
     atccagccca aaagagacct cacccacttt gtgaaatggc cctgctatat caggttgcag     36720
     cagcagagaa ccatcctcta taagtggctg aaagtgcctc ctgagattaa ccagttcacc     36780
     caggcaccag acagccaaac agctactctg ctgcttaagc tggcccacaa tacagaccag     36840
     agacaaacca agagaagaag cagaggctgt tggcccgggc caagaagaaa gctgctggca     36900
     aaggggacat tccccactaa gagtccacct gtccttcgag caggagttaa caccatcgcc     36960
     accttggtgg agaacaagaa agctcagctg gtggtgattg cacatgatgt agatcccatc     37020
     aagctggttg tcttcttgcc tgtcctgtgt cataaaatgg ggtcccttac tgcattatca     37080
     aagggaaggc aagactggga catctagtcc ataggaagac ctgcaccact gtcaccttca     37140
     cacaggttaa ctcggaagac aaaggtgctt tggctaagct ggtgggagtt ctcaggacca     37200
     attacaatga cagatacgat gagatccgcc atcactgggg agacagtgtc ctgggtctca     37260
     agtatgtggt ttgcattgcc aagctcaaaa aggcaaaggg taaagaacat gccactaaat     37320
     tgggtgaaat gtatgctgtt gagttttctg tatgtaaaaa taattaaaat aatataaatt     37380
     ttccttcaaa aaacaaaaac aaaacaaaaa cagaaaagag gtttaaattg ggtcatggtt     37440
     ctgcaggcta tacagaaagt atgattctgg catctgctca tcttatgaga gggcctcagg     37500
     gaactttcga ttatgctgga aggctaaggg gaagcagaca ttacttacat gcctggagca     37560
     ggagggagag agagcaggga ggtgacacag atttttaaac accagatctt atgagaatta     37620
     tcacaagaat agcaccaaag agatggttct aaaccgttca tgaaggatcc atcctcatga     37680
     gccgatcacc tgccaccaga caccacctcc aaaattaggg attacaattg aacatgagat     37740
     ttgggtgggg acacagatcc aaacaatatc aggggtcatg gtggacatga ggatgggctg     37800
     gtctcccatt tcttacctgt tactgtagac atagacacat tcagaccctt tggcagaaag     37860
     agaagccaga ggctcttaat gtcacaaaga ggaggcatga acaaatcttg catctcagtc     37920
     cctcacaagg caatcttaga aaaaacatag tcataaacta atccaggtca gtcatagtaa     37980
     gttgtgacac tgaacagccc accacacctt gaaaaattcc aaatcaaaga atctccagag     38040
     cttagttgtg tcccctctgc ccaactcctc tttcacttca ggccctctaa ggtgtcactt     38100
     ttacaagcct tgagagacac atcagagccc tgggtactgt tcctgtttgg ggtggaacaa     38160
     aaacaaaatc tggtcagagc ccacaggtga tgtgactaaa ggaggaattt tggggtggct     38220
     gagctccccc atgggctcct gtctacacta tcccaaggat ctcagggatc actcttccca     38280
     cccctaccac acttacatga agcctgagca taactgcctc cttttccatc tgtggaaaga     38340
     aaacaaactg tgagaggcca gggaggaggc agggcatgag atcctagagg agtttccaga     38400
     actgtgacta cagacccagg tcaggatcag aaaacccaag ggaagaggat gtgttgaggc     38460
     tggaccaatt gtcctcctga ggtctgtcct cagcagggac cttcccctga cctgtgactg     38520
     ctgggagtca ggttcccatg accacaatca aggtgataaa tttgtccttc attttcacaa     38580
     gtgctttaca aaagagtaag cgttgataga cagggcctct gaacagggta aatgtgtgtg     38640
     gagatggtgc ctcacaacta ggcaagatat gagcctactc ctacctgggg cttgaaatcc     38700
     accaatggaa gaaggaaact cagagctcac ccctttccta cctgggatct tattcctcca     38760
     catcacagca gcgactacag ctacagtgat tacagcaact agaagaacca ggccagcaat     38820
     gatgcccaca acggggatga tgggctggga agacagctct aagaaaggag gtgaacgtga     38880
     ggggccctga cccccaggcc tcagccctga ccctgcttaa aggctccaga aggacttctg     38940
     ctttgcctga gaagagacat gacccctcat tcgtctcctt accccatctt agtgtgaggg     39000
     gctcaggcaa cccctcgtgc tgcacatggc atgtgtacct ctgcttctct ccagaagaca     39060
     ccactgcagc tgcccacttc tggaaggttc tgtaccctgc aagtctggtc tccacaaact     39120
     ctgcatcctg aatttggtcc tccccatccc gctcctgggt cagtgtgatc tccagagggt     39180
     agaagcccag ggcccagcac ctcagcgtgg cctcatagtt ggagatgggg tggagggtta     39240
     cctgtgcctt caggggatct gagggcaaga ggtagaaaat tcaggcactt tgcattcctc     39300
     atgagacaca gcacccatgt gaccatcctg agaatggatg ggacatctgg ggtggggaag     39360
     ggagcacaga acccagacaa cattctggac acaggcacct gggataatct cttattcctt     39420
     ggaaagttct agtgtctgag gcggaaacag agatttctgg tcctgacctg agtggaggcc     39480
     gagggactca gaagagctgg aatcagaccc ccacacacat tgagtatgag gcagagaaca     39540
     aggcctgaga ggaaaattcc tggtgcccaa ggctgctggg gggtcaaagg gtaccgcgta     39600
     tcagtattcc agggattgtc ttcccctcct ttcccgcaga gacttcatcc gttaattgtc     39660
     ccagagtgca gggcgggccc tcagtcactc tctggtatag gatttagaaa cccaggagga     39720
     ctcttctgcc tcaggacaag agggagaggg atattttagc gttggtccca ttttcctccc     39780
     cttcttttgg aaggtggctc agggatatct gcaggagatc agggaggcga cccgtggcct     39840
     ctggtacctg cgcattgcag cctctccttc tcattcttaa ggcctttgct gagccactcc     39900
     gcccaccttc ccggcaggta ggttttgagc agctctgcat gttcctcctc caaaacatct     39960
     gagccgcctt ttccgctgcg gtccaagaga gcagttcctg gtttaggacg aggtaactgg     40020
     cgccatcgta gggtatgttc atccccgcgc gaagaggctc cggtccgggt ccaggtcgca     40080
     gctgtgtatc cactggaggt gggagaccct gtccccaagc ccgcggtcag cctcagccac     40140
     tgagctcctc ctctgccccg atcaatcccc cggggatttg ggcctgaact gaaaatggaa     40200
     tcgggtatag gcacctgggg ttcttgtgtc gagggtctcc acgagtcccg cagcctcggc     40260
     gtgggtctcc gattgtgcta cagtgggtag cacaatcttg gtagcccctg aatggtcacg     40320
     aatctaattt gtaaaagaga tgatttttgg ccccattata tataaatatg tctaaacgca     40380
     ttgcaattag actcacaaag tgaagtttta ctttcccaga ctgtgtatct gtgactctgg     40440
     tctgttgtat ttttacagta tctttatttc atagctctga gtttgtgtgt gcgagtccag     40500
     gacatctcaa tacaaagcac aatgtattac cgtatattgc aaccaggagc ctgtacagaa     40560
     tttaattacc tcagaattgc aagtgcttaa tgcagccaaa gtgcccttcg ccagtgctca     40620
     tgcactccct ttattattaa tttttttatt ttttatttat ttacagacag ggcgtcactc     40680
     tgttaccctg gctaaagtgc agtggcacgc tcatgactca ctgaagcctc gacctccttg     40740
     gctcatgtga tcaatgctcc tccctcagcc tcccaagtag ctggcaccac aggcttgtgc     40800
     caccactcct ggctaatttt tctaaaaata atatttgtag agatgaggtc tccctaaatt     40860
     gctctggctg gtcttgaact cctgggctca agcaatcctc ccgcctcagc ctcccaaaat     40920
     gctggtatta caggcatgag ctataatggc cggcccatgc acttgcctat tattatgaat     40980
     tattcacatc taagctatgt gtatatttta ttgagacatt tggtattctt ttttaacctt     41040
     tttttttttt tttgagacgg agtctcgctc tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc agtggtgcaa     41100
     tctcgctcac tgcaagcacc gcctcccggg ttcacgccgt tctcctgcct cagcctccca     41160
     agtagctggg actacaggcg accgccacca cgcccggcta atttttttgt aattttttat     41220
     tagagacggg gtttcaccat gttagctagg atggtctcga tctcctgacc ttgtgatcca     41280
     cgcgcctcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccaccgcgc ccggcctttt     41340
     ttaacctttt tatcttagag aggcaattag cttttagaca gccccacaga atgcattaaa     41400
     gaccaaggtg caagtaacac tgtgccaggc tttgcggata aatgcattaa aaatctataa     41460
     aacactgtat ttaagtctga gaattccatt gctttagaat tctttctctc tgttccttta     41520
     cctcacctcc tgcttctcca gcccttctct ctgtccctgt catccttcag gccctcctct     41580
     ccccttagtc tctactactc tgtcactact gaattgtgtc cctagctctg tccctcgcct     41640
     gctgcccatg actgttctcc ccacaaaggt cagcaatcct gctaatgtga gtcagattgt     41700
     gtcatttctt cacttaaaag cctctaatgg ctccatctta ctctcaagaa gcctctagaa     41760
     tggaaggcac aagcacaggg gctttgggtt gctttgatca aagttgtatc tacagaatat     41820
     aaaagtatat ctgccacata gtaggcacta agttaatttt tgttgaatga atgaatgaaa     41880
     tataattgtg ttcaaaattg tatcacacaa aaatcatgaa atggaaaatg caaagcaagt     41940
     taggaaatat ttggttttat gcaactacta tgcatatcag ttcatgaatt cattccggtg     42000
     gagaaaatgt catatactta tcctttgaat ctgtttattt atttcctggc agtacataac     42060
     caattaccac aaacttagtg gctgaaaaca gcacccattt atttgtctac atttccttca     42120
     tcagaaatcc aggcctaatg tgatagactc tttgttcaga gtttcgcaaa gctgtatcct     42180
     catcttaaga ttggggttct cccccaagct tatgtagagt ttgttggcag aattcggttt     42240
     ctggcaattg taggattaag gtccctgttt ccttcgggct atcagagtag acagtgggga     42300
     gggcttctaa ttcctattgg ccaccagtgt tctttcccca tgatccctcc attttcaaag     42360
     cccaaagtgg aggaagcccc tcacgctgaa tccctctcac actgtgagtc tctattctca     42420
     ggaagaaccc agtccttttc agagcttacc tgattaggac cgtctaagca ggataatcct     42480
     catcttaaag tcaactgact ggggacttta aatatatctg caaaacctct tcacagcagc     42540
     acctgcttta gtgtcaactg agtaactggg gtaacctgag aaaccaaggg tggttattgg     42600
     ggtgtcatca tagaatcagc ctagctagcc tggatcttcc tttcatgttt aaatagaaca     42660
     tacaagttga agatcaaaaa atagatcatt gttaatgata ataaaatata tcttatatag     42720
     ccatggaaat ttttattaaa tattaaaagc aaatgacatg tttaatatct tataatgaat     42780
     ttagagcaaa tgaaaaagtt cagtgattca tcctctcttg tgaagctgta ttagttatct     42840
     actgctgcat aacaagtcac ctacaactta gcagctcaaa tcaacaaata tttatcatct     42900
     cccacagtta tccatggtca ggaatccagg agaagtttct ctgaatgctt ctggctcagg     42960
     gcctctcaca acgttgcagt ctagttgtct tccagggctg aatcatctga gggctcaaat     43020
     ggggccgggg attcacaaga cacaagaatc tctcacatgg cttttggaag aggctttagc     43080
     ttcttattgt ctggtcccag gaggactcac ttcctagtca catggaccac aggcctcctt     43140
     atgacacaac agccagcttc ccccagggct catgattcca gagaaagaaa gaaccaaagt     43200
     agaaacttca gtgagtctta tgttctacac ccagaatcac aaactattat gtcagcatta     43260
     ctctatcagt tagaagtgag tcattaagtc caggccacac gaacagggag ggaatgaagc     43320
     tgcacttctg gaaaggagga gtatcaaaga atttataaac atgttaaaag caaaattaac     43380
     attattgttt cagggttttg taaatcaaat acttcttgta tctgactttt tttaatactt     43440
     taaaattctc ttctgtaaag ttgattaaat atttgagaca gagaaagaag atacaacaat     43500
     atctcagatt ttttttgtaa atgcctttaa tattaatatt ctctttgata agttgcaaca     43560
     gagttgagaa aatacagtag ctaaattaaa gtgtcccaag actttggtgc catacaataa     43620
     tgcctttaca atcataacta cgtttgtttc tcttcagaag tttctaattc ggtttaagaa     43680
     tgcccaaaat gccaattttc ttactcaagc atctacaaaa atatttgcct aatcagggtg     43740
     ctttgcagtt agaaaaatgt gaatctcaca cctctgtcta tacactagct tagcatcatg     43800
     acaataattt gtttggctag ggtaggcaga aattgtttac tccaatctag gaacaagatt     43860
     tttcaataac tggctattca gtgggcatcc tatgaaagtt taacatcttt cactgtgttt     43920
     tttaattaga tgtggtagaa gtgatttgga ctcctgtatg attctgaaaa acactgttct     43980
     tttgtgctgc tatcattgct gtacaagcat ctctttcatg ttttccattc ttattgctat     44040
     ttcatcacta gttattcctt tatgtctttt catttaattt attttgctca acaatgcttt     44100
     ttttttttac tgtgtaaaag tttaatccac ttgtatgtgt ggtaaaatgt gagcaacata     44160
     tcacattctc aaattctttg caagatacaa ttgccttgca catcagattg aacactgtat     44220
     gccagacaat gtagagagtt gccaattagc ccagggtcaa atgacctctt tctagccaag     44280
     gctatttttc atgagatcct ggtcctctct gtcacatgac tctttacaat tggctgtggc     44340
     tttgttttaa cgtgtgtagt tattgctaag gatccttgag atgaactttg gtattttctt     44400
     ttctctttca tttccaaata atcagtcagg aatggcacac aaggtgcatt ttgaaaaatg     44460
     acactttaaa gatttgtggg ccgggaatgg tggctcatgt ctgtaatccc agcactttgg     44520
     aaggccgaag ttggcggatc acctgaggtc aggagtttga gaccaacctg gacaatatgg     44580
     tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa attacctggg tgtcgtggtg gatgcctata     44640
     attccagcta ctcaggaggc tgaggtagga gaattgcttg aacctgggag gcggaggttg     44700
     cagtgaactg agatcatgcc actgcactcc agcctgggca acaagaggga gactccatct     44760
     cgaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     44820
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     44880
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     44940
     aagaaagaaa gagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aaagaaggaa agaaggaagg aaggaaggaa     45000
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaagaa agaaagaaag atttatgatc     45060
     aagtaactta actacctgga catcccctcc tggcataaaa aacaaaacct atgaagccac     45120
     cctcggctgt tgtccaattc tattccccaa aaggaacttc tatcttgagt cttgtattta     45180
     ctattccttt tcattgtctc taaagatttt tacaataagt atatatatat atatccaaat     45240
     cacagtttga cctgcttttt ttaacttccc cgtacagaga actcacacaa tgtgcattct     45300
     tctgtgatgc tgatgcatgt tatgtgtagg agagttatct ctgatgtggg agggtgctgt     45360
     tcattcactg ttgctgctga agttttactt tttattatta tacgactatt ttgttaattc     45420
     ccattgatgt atatgtgatt gtttccagtt tttgccataa acattggtgt acatgtctcc     45480
     tggacacata gccaagaatg tccccagggg gtatgatcag gaggcagatg gtgggattat     45540
     atgatgtatg gacattaatc atactagata aggctaattt gatttctcaa gtgcttgtac     45600
     caagaatggg aaagagcttg tgttgctcat gtgttctgaa aacattcagt tggaggcaga     45660
     aattaaatgt taaaaggtac tgtcttggct atagaatcac cctaggcatt ttttcatatt     45720
     ccattaacaa cttccttttc tttactttta tattataaat tacggcatta tacttttagc     45780
     ataaagttca aataatgctt ccttttggcc taaacacttg gagtttatga aaaaaatgga     45840
     gggagggaga aagctctgag ggaggaaagg aggaaagaag gaaggaagga cagagaaaga     45900
     caaaatttaa aatgttcaaa aataggagga aagagttgga aacagcaagt atagctaatg     45960
     ttattaaaat gcaagggatt aaaagatatg tagataatat ccatggaata atggaaactt     46020
     aagaaagcct taatagttat caagtgctgt gtcacaaact acctcaaaat ttagtagctt     46080
     aatagaacaa atatctgtta actcaaagag atactacaca cacaagtaaa atagattctg     46140
     tgggggtggc agaagttgga taaagagaag gattttacag gttggaataa gagttattga     46200
     tatgcagatg gaaataattt ttagtccaag tccttcaagg agcagatgcc aagatgagct     46260
     taaagtctgc gacatcttat aaggggacac acccgtaagg gaatatggga agtgagccag     46320
     aaatccctga gaaaaggcgg cagaccacga tgcaagtgtg accccaagtg ctggacagaa     46380
     ggagagaaag tttgtttgac gcatcctaga gcacaggcaa tctaaggaga gttgagcaag     46440
     gccgtggagg agtcttccag ctacagttag ccatcagagg agtcccgtgt ctcccaggaa     46500
     tggcttgcct taatgcctgc tgtgaccagt cactggctgg gaacagccca tgggaagcag     46560
     ggctttgcac caatcctgct gaggatgtca gagcacagga gcacagcctt gggacattac     46620
     ctgtgagtat cactcaatcc ttccttcctg agggttctgg gctcttgaat atgaaaccct     46680
     ctcaggctgg gttgctggat gattctgctc acacttacaa caggacaagg ggaaccataa     46740
     ggtctccaag tggatctctt atttccacac acacatctcc tgccctcctt gtgtgatagc     46800
     agccctgcct cctcctcttc tcacctgctt gtatctggac acatactatt caaacatccc     46860
     tgggggcagc cataatgtgt atttccatgg actctcattt aaatgtctcc ttgccagggt     46920
     gccccctttg ggaaaccagg acctcctccc ctacagagcc cagatattgg agatgagaag     46980
     tgcaaaatca ccctgaaggt gaatataagg gtttagatat ggagccacac ctgcttctac     47040
     ttcttggttt ttggacccac gtattcttcc ttctgtaaac acagcactat agagacatct     47100
     ttgattcaat acatgcacca catcctgaaa gatggcaccc attcctcaga gggtttcatc     47160
     caagctggca ctaagttgtg tctgtagaga cctgtccatg actctgtgtg gctggcagcc     47220
     cctgggaggt gcaggtggtg ataagaccag ggggtgccat ggtcatggac cacgcttcat     47280
     cccctttcct ctgaggtgtg tcccgcgggc agataatgta ctgaaattct gagccagtgg     47340
     ctcaggaatg ccaatagtga tactggctga gggtctaaga gtagagagga aaaccacacc     47400
     acatctaata ggtgcctatc cctgtgagga tgaacctccg ccccccgggc cgcctcccac     47460
     ttgagctggg tgatctgagc cgccgtgtct gcggctgtca aggagcacag gtcctcgttc     47520
     aggacgatgt aatccttgcc atcgtaagca agctggtgat acccgcggag taggcgcccg     47580
     tccgacccca cgtcgcagac agacatcctc tagatgggtg tgagaccctg gccccgcccc     47640
     cgcggccagc cccgcccacc gagccccgcc ctcgccagga ccaacctgcg gggattttgg     47700
     ctgaaaatga aaccgggtaa cggctcctgg gcctctcccg ggtcaagggt ctccaggtcc     47760
     cgctgcctcg gcgtggatct cggacccaga gactcgggga gacccgggcg gtccgtgggg     47820
     gatgtggagg ggtagtgacc tgcgcccccg gccggtgtca ctcacaggcc tcactctggt     47880
     tgtagtagcc gctcagggtc cgcaggttca ctcggtaaaa ctgtgctttg gccttggcgg     47940
     tccctgtctc ctcttcccaa tattccggcc cctcctgctc catccacggc gcccgcggct     48000
     ccatcctggg actcgtggcg tcgctgtcga gccgcacgca ctgcgtgtcg tccacgtcgc     48060
     ccacggagag gaagcgggga tccgcgcggc cgggccggga catggtggtg tggaaatacc     48120
     tcaaggagtg gaagcctggg agcaaggagg gggctgagac cctcccgacc ctcctcccgg     48180
     caccgcaacc gggttcctgc gcccccgccg ggcaggcccc tagctactcc ccacagacgc     48240
     cgtttccctc ccgaccccgc actcacctgc ccaggtctgg gtcaggacca gggcccccga     48300
     gagcagcaga agcagggttc ggggcgccat gacaccatcc tcggcgactg ggaagaatcg     48360
     gagtcccggt gggtgcgtgg gaactttaga accgggaccg cggctacatt gattggcttc     48420
     tctagaaacc cgacactcaa tgggagtgag aactggggca gcccggtgag tacccaggaa     48480
     gaaggacccg acacaggttg ggagagggag aagagaaacc ctgcaaagat ggggaatgcc     48540
     cagcgctggg cctccccaat ccatacaccg cctttggggc ctgagatcct gagagccacg     48600
     cctgaggccc tgggacttcg ccctgacccc gctacttctg tgccaagcgc tctgtctcaa     48660
     tgtttccctg agtcttggcc caggagctgt ctgagaaacc agggagaaac cctcggaatg     48720
     ggccccgtcc ctctctcttc actttgcatc acggaatccc cgtcccagaa ctggactccc     48780
     tgcctcctac tccttacctg tccccgtgga ctcttctaga agaaaaatca ccccagggag     48840
     cttgttgcca gagagtgagc ttgccctggg aatggaggtg tagagacagg gttttttgtt     48900
     gttgttgttt gtttgttttt taaatctgga aaagttgtgc ctgagtgcat gagatagaat     48960
     agagaccagt ttgctttttg tttattaact acagtgggta gcagaatctt ggtaactcct     49020
     aatgatcagg aatctaatcg gccaaaaatg tgactttggt cccttgacat ataaatgtgt     49080
     ctaaaagcat tacaacagga atcacaaagc tcctaagttt cactttccca gacaatgtat     49140
     ctgtgactcc cgcttgtagt attttaaatt taccttcatt ccatagccct gagtttctgt     49200
     gtgagtccag gacatctcct aatacaaggt agccactgtg ttactatatg ttgtaaccag     49260
     gagccagtac ggactttatt catctcacag tggcaagcac tcaatgcagt cacaatgccc     49320
     ctcaccagtg ctcatgcact gcctgttttt aggaagtatc cacttctaag tgttgtgtat     49380
     attttatatg aacacttagt attttttaaa cctgattaac ataaaaaaat tagtttttag     49440
     gcagacccac ataaggtatt aaaggccaac tgcaaagatc accctgcaag gctctgtaga     49500
     ttgatgtatt aaaatatata aaacaatgtg tttaaacctg agttctgctg ctttcgaatt     49560
     ctttccctct gctccatttc ctcacctcct gcatctccag cccttccctc cattcctctc     49620
     atgcctcagg ccctcctctc cccttagtcc ccaccacctt gtcactcctt atttgtgaca     49680
     ctagcactgt cccattacct gctacgtgac tgttctctgc acagtggtcc tgctcctgtg     49740
     agtcagagtg tgtcatttct ccacctaaaa cattccactg gctccacctt ggtcttgtga     49800
     agcttctgga atgtcaggca cgtaagcata tgagggcaca cctggttcat tgtagggatt     49860
     aaattaattt ttcttgactg aatgaatgaa atatgagtct attaaattgc atcacagaaa     49920
     attataaaat gtaaaatact gaaaaagtta agaaatattt tattttatgt aattagtgtg     49980
     catatcaatt catcaattca ttcgtgcact accacgactg gcaaaacaac acccatttat     50040
     ctgcttatac ttccttggtc agaaatctgg gcaagatgtg gatagaatcc ctgttctggg     50100
     cttccaaaag ctgtgttttc attttgaatc ctccttcagg cttatacaga ggtggcagaa     50160
     tgcagtttct ggcagttgta agactgaggt ttctgttcct tgctggctgt caatacagag     50220
     aataggcagg gttgtgctca attcctggtg cctaacagtg ttctttccta cacagcctct     50280
     tcattttcaa agcccacggt agaggaaacc cctcatgctg aatccctctc acactgcaaa     50340
     tctctatgct cagaaagaac acagaccttt caaggactca ccttattagg acagtcaaag     50400
     caggataaac ccagcctaaa gtcaactaat tgaggccctt agttatatct gctaaatccc     50460
     ttcacagcag catctacact agagttgctt gaataactgg gggaaagtga atgaccggga     50520
     ggtggctgtt gggggccatc aaagaatcag cccagcaagg gttggatctt ccttttgtgt     50580
     ttaatttgga cacagttgga aattgaagtt caagtaaagt gatcattgtg aatggtaata     50640
     aaatgcatcc tcttcagcca tggacattct ccttaccttt taaaactaag ttacatgtgt     50700
     aatgtcttat aattaattta ggccaggtgt ggtggctcac acctgtgatt ctagcaccgt     50760
     ggaaggcaga ggaaggcaga tttgttgact ccagatgttg aagatcagcc tgggcaacat     50820
     ggagaaaccc ccatctctac aaaaaaattt agaaaattag ccaggcgtgg tgcttcatgc     50880
     ctgtagtccc agttactcag gacgctgaga taagagggtc ccttgagccc aggaagtcga     50940
     cactgcagtg catggtgatc atgccactgc actccagcct gggcgacaga gcgagaccct     51000
     gtctcaataa caataatatt aataataatg ataaatttag agcaaatgca aattaatgtg     51060
     taatactaca tcctcttttg tgaaaatgtg ttagttattt actattgcat aacaaattat     51120
     gtaaaactta gcagctcaaa atggcaaata ttcatcatct cccgcaggtt ccaatggtca     51180
     ggaatccagg agaggtttcc ctgagtgctt cttgctcagg gcctctcaca aggttgcagt     51240
     ccagttgtca gcctaggcct gcatcatctg agtgcttcac tgggactgag gattcacatg     51300
     aaacatggat gggtcacatg gctgttggaa aagccctagt tccttgtttt ctgttcccag     51360
     aaggccccag ttctcagcca catggacctt ccttcagggc tgcttatggc acagcaggtg     51420
     gcttccccca gagctcatga ttccagagac attgagagag aagggggagg ctgcagtgag     51480
     ttttatgttc tacacccaga gtcacaaact cttatgtcag cattaccagt tagaagttgt     51540
     attagtccgt tctcacattg ctataaagaa atacctgaga ctgggtaatt tataaaggaa     51600
     agaggtttaa ttgactcata gttctgcatt gctgagaagg ctgccccatg aaacttacaa     51660
     tcatggcaga agtggaggca aacacgtcct tcttcacatg gtggcaggag agagaattgc     51720
     agatcgaagt ggggaaaaat acctcataaa accatcagat ctcatgagaa ttccctcagc     51780
     atcataagag cagcatgggg gtaccatacc cgtgatccaa tcacctccca ggaggtccct     51840
     cccccgatac atagggatta caatttgcat gacaattcaa gatgagaatt tggtgggaac     51900
     tcagagccag accatatcag aaatgcatca ttaagtccca gccacactca agagaggaaa     51960
     ttaagcagca tctctggaag ggaacagtat taaaggattt gaatatatat taaaagcaaa     52020
     tttaaaactc ttgtttcagg attttgaaaa tcaaaatttt tttatctaat tatttttcgt     52080
     taaccctttt agcttgtctt ttaatttaat ttaattttaa gttccaggtt atgtgtgcag     52140
     gatgcgcagg tttgttacat aggtaaatgt gtgccatggt ggtttgctgc acctatcaaa     52200
     ccatcaccta tgtattaacc ctggcatgca ttagctattt tttcctaata ctcctcccac     52260
     cactgccctc ccccagcagg caccagtgtg tgatgttcct ctccttgtgt ccatgtgttc     52320
     tcattgctca tctcccaatt ataagtgaga acatgtggtg tttggctttc tgttcctgtg     52380
     ttagtttgct gaggatggct tccagcttca tccatatccc tgcaaaagac tgaatctcat     52440
     tcctttttgt ggctgcataa tattccatgg tgtatatgta ccatattttc ttaatgcagt     52500
     acatcattga tgggcatttg ggctgattcc atgtctttgc tattgtggat agtgctgcaa     52560
     taagcataca catgcatgta tctttataat agagtgattt attttccttt ggatgtatac     52620
     cctgtaatgg gattgctggg tcaaatggta tttctggttc taaatctttg aggaatcacc     52680
     aaactgtctt ccacaatggt tcaaccaatt tacatttcca gcaacagtgt aaaagccttc     52740
     ctatttctcc acaacctcgc cagcatctgg tgtttatgta gttttaaata attgccattc     52800
     tgactggcat tagatggtat ctcatttgtg gttttgattt gcatttctgt aatcagtgat     52860
     gttgagcttt ttttcatgtt tttttggcca catgtacatc ttattttgtg aaatgtctct     52920
     tcatgtcctt tgttcacttt ttaatgaagt ttttttcatg taaatttgct taagttcttt     52980
     atagattctg aatattagac ctttgtaaga tagatagatt gcaaaaattt tctcccattc     53040
     tgtagggtgt ctgttcactc tgatagtttc tttttctgtg cagatgctct tttgtttaat     53100
     tagatcccat atgccaattt ttgcttttgt ggcagatgct cttggcgatt tcatcataaa     53160
     atctttgccc atgcctgtgt cctgaatggt attgcctaga ttttctttca gggtttttat     53220
     aattttgtgt tttacattta agtctttaat ctatcttgag ttaatttttg tgtaaggtgt     53280
     aaggaagggg tctagtttca attttctgca tatggctagc cagttctccc atcaccattt     53340
     attaaatagg gaatcctttc cccgttgctt gtttttgtca ggtttgttga agatcaaatg     53400
     gttgtagatg tgcggacttt ttttgtgaat tctctattct gttccattgg tctatgtgcc     53460
     tgtttttgta ccagtatcat gctgttttgt ttactgtagc ctcacagtat acttttaagt     53520
     ggggtagtgt gctgcctcca gctttgttct ttttgcttag tattctcttt gctatatgag     53580
     ctcttattgg atccatatga attttaaaat agtttttttt tctaattcca cgataagctt     53640
     atcttttaaa attaatgatt aactgtttca gacatcacag agccttgggt gcttaggaga     53700
     aaacagtttg aaacagagaa aggatatgca acagtaactc tgaatttttc ttgtgaatac     53760
     ctttaataac aatgttgttt tcaattagtt aacacagttg agaacataga gtaactagat     53820
     caaatagttc caagacttca gtctgataaa aataatgtct tgaaaataag actttgtttt     53880
     gtctaagata tctcaaattt agtggaagca cgtcccaagc accaattttc ttattgaaat     53940
     atcatcttca ctaaacattt gcctacactt aaaaaaaaaa acaaaaactc cgctatatgg     54000
     agtagccatt cttttgtttc tttacttctc taataacttg ctttcactta ggaaaacatt     54060
     gcctaatcaa attgcttttc atttacaaaa gtgtgaatct catacttcag tcaacacatc     54120
     tagcttagca tgatgccaat aactttggtt tgatgcagta gcctgaaatg gttagctcaa     54180
     attgagaaac aagttttttt caaaagctag ctatttggtg ggcattacat aataaactta     54240
     acatcttttg ctctggtatt gaatgagatg tgatagaagt catttgcaca ccactatgat     54300
     tctaaataac acggctatta tgtgcttctg aagctttttt tctttttatc agtcctattc     54360
     tgttttccat tcatatttga tattccatca ctggttattc cttcctattc ttttcttgtt     54420
     tgatttattt tgatcaatta tttgcatttc caattccgta aaagtttaat tcagttgtat     54480
     gtgtggtaga atgtaacatc aaatcctttg caagatggaa ttaccttgca cagcagattg     54540
     aacattgtat aactgaaaat ctagagagat gccagtcagc caagggttaa atgacctatt     54600
     tttagccaag tccattttca tggcatcctg gtcctctctg tcacatgact ccttacaatt     54660
     ctctgtggtt tgcttccaat gtaagtagtt cttattaagg atccttgcaa ttaactttgg     54720
     tattcttttc tcttacattt ttttaaaatt atactttaag ttctatggta catgtgcata     54780
     acgtgcaggt ttgtcacata tgtatgcatg tgccctgttg gtttgctgcc ctctttaact     54840
     agtcatttac attaggtatt tctcctaatg ctatccttcc cccatcccgc cacctgacga     54900
     caggccccag tgtgtgatgt tccccaccct gtgtccaagt gttctcattg ttcaattcac     54960
     ctatgagtga gaacatgcgc tgtttgattt tctgtcttcg cgatagtttg ctcagaatga     55020
     tggtttcctg cttcatccat gtcactacaa aggacatgaa ctcatccttt ttatggctgc     55080
     atagtattcc atggtgtata tgtgccacat tttcttaatc tagtctatca ttgatggaca     55140
     tttgggttgg ttccaattct ttgctattgt gaatagtgcc acaataaaca tacatgtgca     55200
     tgtgtcttta tagtagcgtg atttataatc cgttgggcat atacccagta atgggatggc     55260
     tgggtcaaat ggtatttcta gttctagatc cttcaggaat tgccacactg tcttccacaa     55320
     tggttgaact agtttacagt cccaccaaca gtgtaaaagt gttcctgttt ctccacatcc     55380
     tctccagcac ctgttgtttc ctgacttttt aatgatcgcc attctaactg gtgtgagatg     55440
     gtatctcatt gtggttttga tttgcatttc tctgatggcc agtgatgatg agcatttttt     55500
     catgtgtctg ttggctgcat aaatgtcttc ttttgagaag tgcctgttca tatcctttgc     55560
     ccacttttta tggggttgtt tgatgggtag actgcaaaaa ttttctccca ttctgtaggt     55620
     tgcctgttca ctctgatggt agtttctttt gctgtgcaga agctttttag tttaattaga     55680
     tcccatttgt ctaatttggc ttttgttgcc attgcttttg gtgttttagt cacgaaatcc     55740
     ttgcccatgc tgatttccta agtggtattg cctaggtttt cttttgggtt ttatggtttt     55800
     aggtctaaca ttgaagtctt taatccatct ggaattaatt tctgtgtaag ttgtaaggaa     55860
     gggatccagt ttcagctttc tacatgtggc tagccagttt tcccagcacc atttattaag     55920
     tttcccagca cctttcccta ttgcttgttt ctgtcaggtt tgtcaaagat cagatgattg     55980
     tagatgtgtg gtgttacttc tgaggcctct gttctgttcc attggtctgt atctctgttt     56040
     tggtaccagt accatactgt tttggttact gcagccttgt agtatagttt gaagtcaggt     56100
     agcgtcatgc ctccagcttt gttcttttgg cttaggattc tcttggcaat gtggtctctt     56160
     ttttggttcc atatgaactt taaagtagtt ttttccaatt ctgtgaagaa agtcattggt     56220
     agcttgatgg ggatggcatt gaatctataa attaccttgg gcagtgtggc cattttcatg     56280
     atatggattc ttcctatcca tgaacgtgga atgttcttcc atttgtttat atcctctttt     56340
     atttcattga gcaggtttgt agttctcctt gaagaggtcc ttcacatccc ttgtaagttg     56400
     gattcctagg tattttattc tctttgtagc aattttgaat gggagttcac tcatgatttg     56460
     gctgtctgtc tgttattggt gtgtaagaat gcttgtgatt tttgcacatt gattttgtat     56520
     cctgagactt tgctgaagtt gcttatcagc ttaaggagat tttgggctga gatgatgggg     56580
     ttttctagac atacagtcgt gtcatctgca aacagggaca attttacttc ctcttttcct     56640
     aattgaatac cctttatttc cttctcctgc ctaattgccc tggccagaac ttccaacact     56700
     atgttgaata ggagtgatga gagagggcat ccctgtcttg tgccagtttt caaagggaat     56760
     gcttccagtt tttgcccatt cagtatgata ttggctgtgg gtttgtcata gatagctctt     56820
     attattttga gatacgtccc atcaatactt aatttattga gagtttttag catgaaggtt     56880
     gttgaatttt gtcaaaggcc ttttttgcat ctattgagat aatcatgtgg tttttgtcgt     56940
     tggttctctt taaatgctgg attatgttta ttgattttcg tatgttgaac cagccttgca     57000
     tcccagggat gaagcccact tgatcatggt ggataagctt tttgatgtgc tgctggattc     57060
     ggtttgccag tattttattg aggatttttg catctatgtt catcagggat attggtcgaa     57120
     aattctcttt ttttgttgtg tctctgcccg gctttgctat caggatgatg ctggcctcat     57180
     aaaatgagtt agggaggatt ctctcttttt ctattgatta gaatagtttc agaaggaatg     57240
     gtaccagctc ctccttgtac ctctggtaga attcggctgt gaatccatct ggtcctggac     57300
     tatttttggt tggtaagcta ttaattattg cctcaatttc agagcctgtt attggtatat     57360
     tcagagattc aacttcttcc tggtttagtc ttgggagggt gtatgcgtcg aggaatttat     57420
     ccatttcttc tagattttct agtttatttg catagaggtg tttatagtat tctctgatgg     57480
     tagtttgtat ttctgtggga ttggtggtga tatccccttt atcattttta ttgcatctat     57540
     ttgattcttc tctctttatt agtcttgcta gcggtctatc aattttgttg gtcttttcaa     57600
     aaaatcagct cctggattca ttgatttttt gaagggtttt ttgtgtctct atctccttca     57660
     gttctgccct gatcttggtt atttcttgcc ttctgctagc ttttgaatgt gattgctctt     57720
     gcttctctag ttcttttaat tgtgatgtta gggtgtcgat tttagatctt tcctactttc     57780
     tgttgtgggc atttagtgct ataaatttcc ctttacacac tgctttgaat gcatcccaga     57840
     gattctggta tgttgtgtct ttgttctcgt tggtttcaaa gaacctcttt atttctgcct     57900
     tcctttcatt atgtacccag tagtcattca ggagcaggtt gttcagtttc catgtggttg     57960
     agcagttttg agtgagtttc ttaatcctga gttctagttt gattgcactg tggtctgaga     58020
     gacagtttgt tataatttct gttcttttac atttgctgag gagtgcttta cttccaacta     58080
     tgtggtcagt tttggaataa gtgcggtgtg gtgctgagaa gaatgtatat tctgttgatt     58140
     tggggtggag agttctgtag atgtctatta ggtctgcttg gtgcagagct gagttcaatt     58200
     cctggatatc tttgttaact ttctgtctca ttgatctgtc cgatgttgac agtggggtgt     58260
     taaagtttcc cattactatt gtgtgggagt ctaagtctct ttatatgtct ctacggactt     58320
     gctttatgaa tctgggtgct cctgtattgg gtgcatatat atttaggata gttagctctt     58380
     ctcattgaat tgatcccttt accattatgt attggccttc tttgtctctt ttgatctttg     58440
     ttggtttaaa gtctgtttta tcagagagta ggattgcaac ccctgccttt ttttgttttc     58500
     catttgcttg gtagatcttc ctccatccct ttattttgag cctatgtgtg tctctgcacg     58560
     tgagatgggt ttcctgaata cagcacactg atgggtcttg actctttatc caatttgcca     58620
     gtctgtgtct tttaattgga gcatttagcc catttacatt taaggttaat attgttatgt     58680
     gtgaatttga tcctgtcatt atgatgttag ctggttattt tgctcattag ttgatgcagt     58740
     ttcttcctag cctcaatggt ctttactatt tggcatgttt ttgcagtggc tggtaccagt     58800
     tgttcctttc catgtttagt gcttccttca ggatctcttg taaggcaggc ctggtggtga     58860
     caaaatctct caggatttgc ttgtctgtca aggattttat ttctccttca cttacaaagc     58920
     ttagtttggc tggatttgaa attctgggct gaaaattctt ttctttaaga aagttgaata     58980
     ttggccccta ctctcttctg ccttgtagag tttctgccga gagatcagct gttagtctga     59040
     tgggtttccc tttgtgggta gcccgacctt tctctctgtc tttccttaac attttttcct     59100
     taatttcaac tttggtgaat ctgacaatta tgtgtcttgg agttgctctt cttgaggagt     59160
     atctttgttg tgttctctct atttcctgaa tttgaatgtt ggcctgcctt gctagattgg     59220
     ggaagttctc ctggataata tcctgcagag tgttttccaa cttggttcca ttctctccgt     59280
     cacttgcagg tacaccaatc agatgcagat ttggtctttt cacatagtcc catatttctt     59340
     ggaggctttg ttcatttctt tttattcttt tttctctaaa cttctcttct cacttcattt     59400
     cattcatttg atcttccatc actgataacc tttcttccag ttgatcgaat cagctactga     59460
     agcttgtgca ttcatcactt agttctcgtg ccgtagtttt cagctccatc aggtccttta     59520
     aggacttctc tgcattggtt attctagtta gccattcatc tcatcttttt tcaaggtttt     59580
     taacttcttt gtcatgggtt cgaacttcct cctttagctc ggagaagttt gatcgtctga     59640
     agccttcttc tctcaactca tcagagtcat tctccttcca gctttgttcc attgctagtg     59700
     agtagctgca ttcctttgga ggaggagagg cactctgatt tttagaattt tcagtttttc     59760
     tgctctgttt tttccccgtc tttgtggatt tatctacctt tggtctttga tgatggtgac     59820
     gtacagatgg ggttttggtg tggatgtcct ttctgtttgt tagttttcct tctgacagtc     59880
     aggaccctca gctgcaggtc tgttggagtt tgctggaggt ccactacaga ccctgtttgc     59940
     ctgggtatca gcagcggagg ctgcagaaca atgcatattg gtgaacagca aatgttgctg     60000
     cctgatcttt cctctggaga ttttgtctca gaggagtact cggccgtgtg acgtgtcagt     60060
     ctgcccctac tggggggtgc ctcccagtca ggctacttgg gagtcaggga cccacttgag     60120
     gaggcagtct gtctgttctc agatctcaag ctgcatgcgg gagaaccact actgtcttca     60180
     aagctgtcag acagggacat ttaagtctgc agaggtttct gctgcctttt gtttggctat     60240
     gccctgcccc cagaggtgga gtctacagag gcaggcaggc ctccttgagc tgtgtgggct     60300
     ccacccagct cgagcttcct ggccgctttg tttacctact caagcctcag caatggcggg     60360
     cacccctccc ccagccttgc tgccgccttg cagtttgatc tcagactgct gtgctggcaa     60420
     tgagcgaggc tctgtgggtg taggaccctg cgagccaggc atgggatata atctctcggt     60480
     gtgccgtttg ctaagaccat aggaaaagtg cagtattagg gtgggagtga cctaattttc     60540
     caggtgccat ctgtcacccc tttccttggc taggaaaggg aattccctga ccccttgcgc     60600
     ttcctgggtg aggcgtggcc tcgccctgct ttggctcaca cttggtgcac tgcacccact     60660
     gtcctgcacc cactgtctga cagtccccag tgagatgaac ctggtacctc agttggaaat     60720
     gcagaaatca ttcgtcttct gcattgctca ccctgggagc tgtagactgg agctgttcct     60780
     attccccaaa ttaatttttg ttgactgaat aaatgaaata tgagtgtatt aaaatttaat     60840
     ttcatcacag aaaattataa aataaacaat actggaaaag attgagaaag tttttatttt     60900
     atgtaactag tgtgcatatc aattcataaa ttcattccat ttgtctgttg agactgtacg     60960
     aattttatga ctgcataaca aattatcaca aatattggct ttaaacaata cccatttatt     61020
     taattaattc atttattttt agagaaatgg tctctttctc tcatccattt tgaagtgcag     61080
     tcacacagtc atggctcact gcagccttga aatcctgggc tcaaaggatc ctcctggctc     61140
     agtcttcaga gtaactagaa ctacaggcaa atgccaccac gcccagctaa ttaaaaaaaa     61200
     attgtagaga tgagggtctc attgcattac ccaggctggt ctcaaattcc tgagtgtaag     61260
     tgatcctcct gtgtaagccc ctcaaatgtt aggattgcag gtgtgtgcta ccacacctgc     61320
     ccaaacaaca tccactgatc tgtttacagt tctttaggca gaaatccagg catgatgtag     61380
     acggggtctc tattcagggc ttcccaaagc tgtgttttca ttttgaatcc tccttcaagc     61440
     atatatagag gcggcagaat tcagtttctg acagtcgtta agactgagtt tcctgttccc     61500
     tgctagctgt caaggtagag aggagggagg gctgtgctca atgcctggag ccaaacagca     61560
     ttcttttcta gtcagcccct tcaatttcaa agcccacagt ggaggaaacc cctcacactg     61620
     aatccctctc acactgtgaa tctctatgct caggaagaac ccagtccttt catgggctca     61680
     cctgattagg agtgtccaag caggctaaac ccagcctcaa gtcaactgat tgaggacctt     61740
     gattatatct gctaaatccc ttcacagcag cacctacagt agagttggtt gaataattgg     61800
     gggaaggtgg atgaccagga ggtggttgtt gggactatta tagaatcagc ctagcaaggg     61860
     ttggattttc cttttgtgtt taattgtgac acagttggaa attgaagttc aagtaaagcg     61920
     atcattgtga atgataataa aatacatcct cttcagccat ggagattcac cttacctctt     61980
     aaaatcaagt gacaggttta atagcttata attaattcat gccaggtgtg gtggctggca     62040
     cctacaatcc tagcactgtg gcgggcagag gaaggcagat ccattgactc caagagtttg     62100
     agatcagcct gggcaacatg gtgaaacctc catctctaca aaaacattag agtattatcc     62160
     aggcatggtg gttcatgcct gtagtcccag ccagctactc aggaggctga ggtcagagga     62220
     tatttgagca caggaagtca acacagcagt gaatggtgaa catgccactg cactctagcc     62280
     tctgtgacag agcaagatgc tgtctcaaaa atagtaataa tcatgatcat aaatttagag     62340
     caaatgaaaa ttgaagtgca ataaatcatc ctctcttatg aaaatgtatt agttatttac     62400
     tattgcataa caaattacat aaaacttagc agcgcaaaac aacaaacatc atctaccgca     62460
     gtttccaatg gtcaggaatc caggagcaag gtttccctga gtgcttctgg ctcagagcct     62520
     ctcacaaggt tacagtccag tccagggctg catcatctga gagcttcact agggcttggg     62580
     atttacaaga aacatggctc actcacatgg ttccttgttg tccggtccca ggaggcctca     62640
     gtttttagcc acatggacct tcctgcaggg ctgcttatgg cacagcagtt ggcttccccc     62700
     agagctcatg atcccagaga cagagagaga gaagctgcag tgagttttat gttctacacc     62760
     cagagtcaaa aactgttata tcagcactac tctatcagtt agaagttgta tttgtctgtt     62820
     ctcacactgc tataaagaaa tacctgagac tgggtaattt ataaaggaaa gaggtttaat     62880
     tgactcacag ttctgcatga ctgaagaggt ggcctcagga aatttacaat catggcagaa     62940
     ggggaaggaa gcatgtcatt cttcacatgg tggtgggaga gagaaatgca aggttgtcgg     63000
     gggcgggggt ggcagggaag actcttgcaa aaccatcaga tctcatagaa ctcactcact     63060
     atcatgagaa cagcatgagg gaaccatccc catgatctaa tcacttccca ccatgtcttt     63120
     cccctagcac gtggggatta caattcaaga tgagtttggg tggggacaca gggtgaggcc     63180
     atatcagaag tgcatcatta agtccaagcc gaactcacag ggaaggaatt aagctgcacc     63240
     attggaaggg aggagtatca agggatttgc atacatgttg aaagcaaaat taaaattatt     63300
     atttcaggat tttgtaaatc aaatgcttct ttcatgtgat tatttttctt taatgcttta     63360
     agcttctttt taatttttat tttaagtttc agggtacata tgcaggatgt gcagatttgt     63420
     tacataggta aacgtgtgcc atggtgtttt gctacactta tcaacccagc acctaggtat     63480
     taagcctagc atgaatgagc tatttttcct aatgcgcacc ccacctctgc ccccccccca     63540
     aaaggacaca gtgttcccct cccagtgccc atggattctc attgctcagc tcccaattat     63600
     cagtgagaac atgcagtgtt tgtttttctg tttctgcatt agtttgttga ggataatggc     63660
     ttccagcttt ttccatgtcc ctgcaaaaca tgatctcctt cctttttaag gctgcatagt     63720
     attccatggt gtacatgtca tatgttttct ttatccagtc tattgttgat gcgcatttag     63780
     gttgattcca tgtctttgct attgtgagtg gtgctgcaat gaacatacac atggatgtaa     63840
     ctttataata gaatgattta tatttctttg ggtatatacc cagtaatggg attgctgggt     63900
     caaatggtat ttctagttct agatctttga ggaatcgtca tattgtcttc cacaatggtt     63960
     gaactaattt acattcccac caacagttaa agcattccta tttccctgca accttgccag     64020
     tatctgttgt ttcttgactt tttaataatc accattctga ctggcatgag atggtatctc     64080
     attgtggttt tgatttgcat ttctctaatg accagtgatg atgagctttt tttcatatgt     64140
     ttgttggcca catgtatgtc ttcttttgag aagtgtctgt tcatgtcatt tgcccacttt     64200
     ttaatggggt tgtttgttat tttcttgtaa atttgcttaa tttccttgta gattgtggat     64260
     attagatctt tgtcagatgg atagattaca aaaattttct ttcattctgt aggttgtctg     64320
     ttcactctga tcacagtgtc ttttcctgtg cagaagctct ttagtttaat tagatcccat     64380
     ttgtcagttt ttgcttttgt ggcagatgct tttggcgatt tcatcataaa atctttgccc     64440
     atgcccaggc aaatggtatt gcctagattt tcttcttggg tttttatagt tttgggtttt     64500
     acatttaggt ctttaatcca tctagagtta atttttgtgt aagatgtaag gaaggggtcc     64560
     agtttcagtt ttctgcaaat ggctagcccg ttttcccaac atcatttatt aaatatggaa     64620
     tcatttccct gttgcttgtt ttcatcaggt ttgttgaaga tcagatggtt ttagatatgc     64680
     ggttttattt ctgagttctc tactctcttc cattagtcta ttaccatgct gttttggtta     64740
     ctgtagcctg tagtatagtt tgaaatcagg tagtctgagg ccgcctgctt tgttcttttt     64800
     gtgtaggatt gtccgggcta tatgagctct tttttggttc catatgaatt ttaaaatagt     64860
     ttcttctaat tctgtgataa gcttctcttt ttaaattaat gattaaaagt ttgagacatc     64920
     acagagcctt gggtgttgtg gcgaaaactg tttgagacag agaaagagga tacaatagta     64980
     tgtctgagtt tttcttgcaa atacctttaa taacaatatt ctcttcaatg agtcaacagt     65040
     tgagaaccca gagtaactag agcaaatatt ccaaagactt ctgtgccgta aaaataatga     65100
     cttgaaaata agtctttgtt tcaactaagg tgtctcacat ttagttgaag tatgccccaa     65160
     gtgccaattt tcttattgaa atatcatctt caaaaaacat ttgcctacac ttaaaaaaaa     65220
     gggctgttgt gtctattgag tagccattct tttgtttcct tacttctctc ataaacttga     65280
     tttcacttta aaaaatttgc ctaattggtt ttaatttaca aaaatgtgaa tctcatacct     65340
     cagttaacac atctagctta gcaagatgtc aatagctttg gttggatgca gtagcccaaa     65400
     atggttagct ccaactgagg cataagattt ttcaaaaact ggctatttgg tgagcattct     65460
     ataataaact taacatcttt tgttctggta ttgaatcaga tacgatagaa gtgatttgga     65520
     caccactatg attctaaatg gcactgcaat tttgtgcttt caagtttttt tgagcaatcc     65580
     tgttgtgttt tccattcata tttgctattc catcactggt tgttccttta tactctttta     65640
     ttgtttcatc tattttgatc aatgatgtgc atttccaatt ctgtaaaagt ttaattcagt     65700
     tgtatgtgtg gaatatgtaa caaatcaaat cctttgcaaa atggaattac cttgcacatc     65760
     agattgaatc ttgtatacct gaaaatctag agagatgcct gtgagccaag gatcatatgg     65820
     ccctttagcc aagggtattg tcatggcatc ctgtaaggag cctctctgtc atgtggctcc     65880
     ttacaattct ctgtggcttt cttccaatgt aagtagttct tgttaaggat ccttgcaatg     65940
     aactttgata tttttttctt tcatttttta agaaacaggt atattttagt ttgaaaaata     66000
     ctgtttaagg agttataatc tagtagttac ctgggttccc agcactggca taagacacag     66060
     aacccgcaaa gccaccctgg gctgctgccc aatcacatcc cccagaatga gaccccatcc     66120
     tgagtcttgt ttttattatt actttgtatt tctttaaata tttgtacaat aagtatatat     66180
     aatctcaaac caaatattag tttcactggt ttttaagctt cctgtacaga aattcctact     66240
     acatttcttt tctcatgatg cacattatgt ataggagtta tctgttgtgt gggaggctgt     66300
     cattcactca tttttactgc tgaaggttta cattttatgg ttataccaca atttcactac     66360
     tttgctattg atgtatagga ggctgattcc agtttttgcc ataaacatta gtgtgcatgt     66420
     ctcctgggca cataggcgag aaagccgcca gagtgtatga ttaggagtgg gatggttgga     66480
     tgatatgttg tatggccttt aaccatacta aataatgata atatgatttc caaagtaatt     66540
     gtgccaactt aagcttttac aataaatgtg taatatgtga tgttgatgtg ttctgaaaac     66600
     actgagttga aggaattaag agttaatagc aactgccttg gctgcagaat tatagcagat     66660
     tttttttttg acggagtctt gctctgtcgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc acaatctcgg     66720
     ttcactgcaa gctccacctc ctgggttcac gccattctcc cgcctcagcc tcttgagtag     66780
     ctggggctac aggtgcccgc caccacaccg gctaattttt tttttgtatt tttagtaaag     66840
     acagggtttc accgtgttag ccaggatggt ctctatcccc tgacctcgtg atccgcccgt     66900
     ctaggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg catgagtcac catgcccagc ctatagcagg     66960
     cattcttatt cagactctgt taataacttc ctgttgttaa cttgtatcct atataccatg     67020
     gctttatact tttaacatat agattcagaa aatgtttcct tatagtacaa acacataggg     67080
     ttattttata tgtcagaata tgtcataata aaaaagaaaa aaatggagga aaggagagaa     67140
     agaaggagag aggagtgaag gaagcaaaga aggaagggga agagaaggag ggagggaggg     67200
     caaatggaaa tagaaaagaa agagagggag ggagagatag aagtgagaag aaagggaagg     67260
     aataaaggag aaaagaaacg aaaataaaga aaaaaacagg cgtagagaaa ctaggaaccc     67320
     aatatatggc taatattatc aaaatgggag gaaataaaac ggatgtattt aacctctata     67380
     gaataacaga aatgtaagag ggcttcatta gttatccatt gctgtataac aaactacccc     67440
     caaatttagt gacttaaagc aacaaacatc gactatctca aaagcataat acaaatacta     67500
     gcaaaatgga gccaatgcag gtagaagttg aacaaacaaa aggattttac aaattggagt     67560
     aagtaagagg tcactggtgt gcagatgaaa atgattttgc attccaagtg ccatcatggg     67620
     attaaagtta caggatttta ttaggggaca cacctgtcag agatatagca acggaggcag     67680
     gttaccctgg gaaaggcaac agaccaagat gcaaatgtga cccccagtga tggacagaag     67740
     gacagaaggt ttactggatg tgtcctagac cacaggcaat ctcaggagag ttgagcaaag     67800
     ccatggagga gtctttgagc cactgctgtc cgtcagagga gtccctggtc tcccaggaat     67860
     gtcctgcctc agtgtcactg gtgtgaccca tcactggctg ggaacagccc atgggaagca     67920
     gggtctctgc accaatgaca ctgaggatgt cagagcacag gagtggggcc ttgggtgatt     67980
     acccaggagt gtggctcaaa cctcctgtcc tgagaggtct gggcccttgg aaatcaaatc     68040
     ctctcaggct ggattgctgg atgattctgc tcacatttac aaagggacaa ggcaaaccag     68100
     aaggccccca agtagatctc tggttctcac acacacactt ctgccctcat tgtgtgaaag     68160
     tagccatgcc tcctcctgga gatcaggatc tattacctgc acctggagag gaagagactc     68220
     cttttctcac cagctggtct ctgggcacat actgtccaaa cttctctggt gacaaccata     68280
     atgtgtagtt caatgggctg tcatgtgtct ctttttaagg acctcctgcc ctgaacagcc     68340
     caaagttggg agataaaacg tgcaaaatac cccagtgggt gaatctaaga gactggacat     68400
     ggagacaaac ctgcttccaa ctttcggttt ctagacccac atattcttcc tattgagaac     68460
     acagcaccgt agagatgtct ctgattcaaa caatgcacca tgtcctgaaa aacggccccc     68520
     acccctcaga gtgcttcctc caggatgaca ctgagttttg cctgtagaag acatttccag     68580
     cattccttgt ggctggcagc ccctgggtgg tgcagatggt gatcagatca gtgaaaccca     68640
     tagccacgga aacactggaa ctttccctgc caagtgggtc cttcaggcag atactgggtt     68700
     gggagcacca cctagcctgt ggatcaggaa tgtcaacagc acccagagag tggtgctggc     68760
     tgagtgtccg agagcaggac aggaaaactc acccatggaa tatgagccta cccctgtgaa     68820
     gatgaacctc aggcccttct aggatggaag tagctaaatg tagtcaactt gttacatagt     68880
     ggctagttag tcacctaaag aaatagtgcc ccactagggc acatggtggg cctcaaatgc     68940
     tgatgagttg gacattcaga ggtggcagca gctggatctg tcttgataat ggggagtcag     69000
     tacttctggc cccatatgta gcctcatgcc tgccactgtg cttgctccat tcatgtgccc     69060
     atcctaccag gcctgcattg acccatagtg aaggctggct aacttccatt tgtctgtttg     69120
     gttgttcagt gctgcttcag acttgggtgt tttctggggg tgtcaacatg ggattcaagc     69180
     acaacccagg tggaccattt tcacctcatg atgaatgctg ttgggcctgt ccaatctatg     69240
     actttctggg tcacacagaa gccaattcac acaggtactt ggaatcacat cgttgcttgg     69300
     tgtcctgtgg ttaagcattc tatcgaatca ggaccaggaa cactaaaagt tgcttctaat     69360
     ggggagccat gtctctgctg tggatgacat gatcttactc cagatcccag gccctccacc     69420
     atgactctcc cactgctgct tggttcagct ccatcctgca tctttcccca cccctgcccc     69480
     ttccagtacc aagaggtctg agggatggtg gctgcaccgc agcctgtatc tgctgcaggg     69540
     tgctttcctg tgtaggcctc acttgaagct ggcctcctcc tatgtcacct agagtgtggg     69600
     ccaaagcaac atttctacat gtggaatgtg ctgtcgtcag aactccaaga ggctcaccgg     69660
     agagtgtgct ttcttttttt gcagtaagga tgcaaaatgc aacactttgt aatttaccta     69720
     ggaggggaca cccctggcat tcccctaaac actggactca taaaacttca ctacagtgac     69780
     ctttcctgaa gctctgtaag gtttatcttc accttctgaa gtgcaaatgt tttgccaacg     69840
     atgccagtgc actttctacc tgctgctcat tcgccccagt caacatgaag ttgtaaatga     69900
     aatgagctga tttaatatcc tttaggatat ccagtatgtc tagtatagtc ataagactat     69960
     actatagagg acaggggagt tacaaaagtc ctgaggcaaa ctataattca atgtgttgtg     70020
     gatcccacat gaatgtgaat cactccatat cccctttgta attggaatgg aaagaaatgc     70080
     actcaccaaa tccacagctg cacactgtgt gcccaaggct ttgttaatct gctctaccag     70140
     tgatatccag acagcacaaa agctgcactt ataactccta cttggccata tctggagtaa     70200
     tctcattcat tctttaggcc tcactaggct tcctcaggga cagattgctg gattacacgg     70260
     agacaatagg cagcctcaac accaccccgc ctccttcagc tttgtaatgg tggtgtgacc     70320
     cccacaatac ttgcagtgtc cttcacaaga cccacgctgg gacacactat gatttttgat     70380
     ttggccagga tgggggcagt ttcagaggtt tccctttggc ctttggcatc aagagatccc     70440
     ttataccaca gactggggac ccagtgtggg ggtgactcca cttaccagag catcagtgtc     70500
     aattatgcac tcagggaatt ggaagataat cagggttggg tctatgcatc cagtggtccc     70560
     attgcgggcc ataatgtgtc caggtttact ccctggcctc cgtaagcccc actgtgatgg     70620
     agaagatgat tgtgctgtgg gcatctgggc atcaatatca gcttacatgc aatgaaaatg     70680
     atccccccta gttctgccta tttcccttcc ccaatgtaca gtctcctgag taaatggcta     70740
     taggttccct tgctgaaaga ctgagggaat tgtcccagcc atatatctcc atggtgtccc     70800
     agggtccttt ctctagggat atggactcct cctctgtcac tgagatctga gtctgaatct     70860
     tgattgaggt ctaggcattg agaaggggat catggctttg tatttggtcg aacaccctca     70920
     gtctcctgct cctcaattct tgctttctta tcatatatat caagcagtgc ccttgttggc     70980
     tgcctcttgt aaccctggtg tcctctctac taactttccc cacactccct gcagcttgag     71040
     tccccttggc tgctcctctg aggttgccat ggtaaccatg ccctccggct tttgcaggtc     71100
     actgccacca cttgttctca gtctcttcag gcccacattc tccccagaga tatgaataag     71160
     cacaactctg ggacctttac tatcatcccc cccagcctgc agaggataac accccgacac     71220
     ttcttagtga tgcaggtccc tctccacagc atgttcctga ggctctggtg gaaggtgtgc     71280
     cctctgggtc ctcttgtgga gcatggtcct ggtgggcctt catcacgccc acttccctca     71340
     gccttgttat tgcatcctct acatgttcca ggataactag gtcatatcta ccttgttgag     71400
     agttgggcat cattttttcc agtctatatg gactcacccc agtagtgggt ttaccccatg     71460
     tcctgggttc tttgataaac ccatgtcctg agaaagtgcc tccaagccaa aggattttta     71520
     ttcatccaga ctgaaattct agtttattga tcaaatgccc tcaaattcca atcccagaag     71580
     tgcaccccag gcccctatgg ggacatgctg gctagttcct gcaaagctcc tgagtgggat     71640
     tcctgctgca tcgtaggagt gaggcttctg tagcatcttt cagcatagga agtgggaacg     71700
     attactagag aagggtgagc ctcctctgca tgcccagggg ttcctggagg agggcaccca     71760
     tcagataact ctgttctagt ttgcagaatc tgaggttccc ccaccagggc cctgactttc     71820
     ctataaaagg cctgtgttgg ctgagtatca aacgtctctg gagcactgtg cccaccataa     71880
     tgatgttcag ctaccattcc atgctatctg ctcttttgat ccaggagata aaggcctctc     71940
     catgagacac tgcagagact ctcacacata gccagtgaca gctgttaaca acctgcagat     72000
     tctcattatc cttttataga gcatcaacac agctgggaag taaccagcca actccactgt     72060
     ctttgtgggt ttacccccaa ctccatcatt attgtgcagg gcattctatc accacatctg     72120
     ccatagcttc ccctaaccag agcatcttct caggttagca ctggtgagac ccacggcagc     72180
     tcagatgcaa cttctctatg gactttcttt gtcccccgct aacctagatg gcatcctctt     72240
     ggcctgacag gcagtgggaa agcttatttc aaatttccag ttttggtcat tttcatggat     72300
     cacccttgat accacttgtg atagctgcgg tcctgaactt agaccccaat acagtattaa     72360
     atgtgtaagg atttattagg ggaaatagtt gtgagagaaa atcaggatag agacagaaat     72420
     gctggaaaag ccatcagatc acaatgcaac tctgagtccc agtgaaggag agagggcagg     72480
     aaggtcagct ggaagcatcc tagaccctgt gtaggctaag ggaagctcag tagggatggc     72540
     agggagtcct ggagcctcag ccagccttca gagtaggaat attcttgcct tagttttcct     72600
     gctttggtca atcattggtt ggaaaaagct ggggcaggtg tggtctcaga tcaaatgtga     72660
     caatagattt caggctgcga cagctgggac atcatcaatt attcttcctc tacctgaggg     72720
     cctgggatgt gcatcctcat gagtgccaca atgatccact ggaataaaag gaaaagggat     72780
     gacaatagag ggaaaaaaaa ggtattaatt gatgaactaa cactttaagt agatgagaag     72840
     ggatgatgtt cagggcacca gcagaggaac tggctctggc tgggagcagg atggttaaca     72900
     cacagcaatc ccccatgtag taaaatgcct gacatgtggt gcagctgcaa atgcatgagc     72960
     agacggtggt ggaatctgtg aagttgtctt ctaaatgtgt tcagttttct cagtgaagta     73020
     ggaagcaaga tcatcagcgg aagtaagaat ggggaaggaa gattggatgt gtgaggacag     73080
     agagaaggta tgtaagagtc acccaggcca ggaggaggct gagagtgagc catgcaggga     73140
     gagggtgatt gctggctatg gtgggggctc cccatgaggt ttgggtcgtg aatgtagaga     73200
     gaacagtcag catgctgtgt gctgctctcc agcctcctgc agcttatggg ggcaggtgca     73260
     gtgtaggctg aggtggaatc cactagctgt gtagttttgc caggcaagtg tgacaacgaa     73320
     agggagaggc aagggaggga tggaaattat ttactacaga atccaaaatg gatgaggagg     73380
     gaggagagga caacaaacac taagggagaa ggaatagata gcagcatcac tggattggga     73440
     atttcaaggg ggtggaaaaa ttattggaat agatgtacta cagaatggac tccatgcctg     73500
     gaaagcaggc acacatgcaa tgagtggttc actgatgtta cattatagca tatgatcaaa     73560
     ttatagcatc agtgtcttca gagcctgtgg ctaccctgca aggggatgag tggaaagatg     73620
     gtcagagagt gggaagtgtg agattgagag tgtggaaggg ctggggttct ttgccatgat     73680
     gaggcctagg ggaggacaag gtcctgagat tccggcagag agaggagatg gtaatgaaga     73740
     aaaggagttc caggatctga gaggccaggg agtgagggca tcttctctgc tgtataggtg     73800
     tctattgctg ccataaaaat taccacaaac caagcagctt taaacagcac ctaattatca     73860
     tgtcacagtt gtgtgggttg caagtccacc cagtctcacg gggctaagat caaggtatgg     73920
     gcaggtctgt gctccttcct ggagaatctg gggaagagtc cacatccaag cttattcagg     73980
     ttcttgtctg aattcacttc ctgcagatag aactgagctt cccacttcct ttttgggagc     74040
     acccttagat cctagagact tctctctggt gcctaaagca catccaatcc tcctgcttgg     74100
     aaccactgat ctcccctttg ctgtgtctcc tctgccttcc ttctctgcag catgtgactc     74160
     catctagagc agattctctc cttttaatgg ctcatgtgat ttgatcgggc ccacacagag     74220
     agtccaggat gatctcccta ctttaaggtc ctttatcttc attacatgag taatgtccct     74280
     tttgccatgc aatgcaacct gttcaccgac tccaaggact aagactggat ctctttgggg     74340
     actagtactc agcccagcac atctgcatat gttgaagtca gaaagaatca aggagacagc     74400
     actgctggag agggtgacag tgatctagga gctacaagag ttaggattga caggaatggc     74460
     ttggggccca cagggaatgg ctacaatgag gggagcggcg ccttagtctg atgacagctt     74520
     aggggtttta gggaggaggg aggcagaaag gtctgagaac cacagtgaag agcaaggacc     74580
     ccacctcacc tctgaaccca ggggtataag ttgctgggaa actcccccat gtaggggaac     74640
     ttcagagcgg gtcacatcct caggaagacc tggttcctgc tagagcttcg aggtgaggga     74700
     gcatcctgag agagaatgag gaggttttgc tgatcatgga ctgaggattc cagattccag     74760
     ggagtacaga gggaagattt ctggagttag gtaggggaca tggtgggggg acagaataga     74820
     gcgtgcggag ccttgtgggg atgcaagtgc tgggtatatg ggggacccag tgtgactgac     74880
     acaaacaggg aaagggcatg aggagctcag tcctggtgga ctcgaggcag acgatggtgc     74940
     tgaggctgtg ggagatgagg gaggaggagc aggcgtggct gtcacctggg ctctctccat     75000
     ggaggtgaag acagtgaggt ggttgggtct tagtgctgtg tggaccttct gatgactgga     75060
     tggagtgtct gagggaggag gggtcttaga ggattcactc gtgaccctga gggagggtat     75120
     gttctcactt caggtctcag gtgtgccctg acacctttct ttgtggctta gggctcccta     75180
     ctgtaaatta ttggggatta gtaccttttg gaatttgtaa cttaaagcag aaactcagat     75240
     ggtcgaaatg tcattttcat gaaggtttgt tattagcgta tcatttagat tgtcttgcaa     75300
     aagtctcatt ttttgttgtt tttctaaagg gctgtcgatc ttgttttaaa tttacaaata     75360
     ttgataattt atctccactc ttaattggtt gggggttgtt taattttgta ctgcatagtt     75420
     ttacatatct ataacaacag tggtttgggc ctcttatgtt ctaataatta agactttaag     75480
     ctgtgtacac attgcaattc aagtatgagt catgcataac cctggcacta agagacaaga     75540
     gggaaagtcc ttctctccta aaattttgca aaggttctgg gttctttttc cactgagtgg     75600
     gaacaagtca gctagtgagg aacatgaggt ctttggcctc atcgaaaggt gattcatctc     75660
     ccaactgtga gaagcactga ccactaggaa gacctccctg cctggtccct ggacccctac     75720
     accatggtag aggctatctt ccctcccact gcagagtgat atcccagata gcaagctggt     75780
     tagctgctgc cagctcttgg gtagttttgt cttctaaggc atgggttttt atctgaaaat     75840
     cttccccttc ccagatgacc caaactgggg ccacccactc ttttctgagc cacctctgcc     75900
     cagagacctg tggctatgcc ctccagtcac aacagaacat cctttcagaa caccttgcag     75960
     gaagctgaga tctctacaga ctcacatgaa tggtgtgtgc acagagcttt ggttctagtt     76020
     caggaggtgt ggagtgaggc tcgctaatcc aacagagctt gaggctagta ctagtgtcat     76080
     atgccaggag gcaaggttac agggaataca aagtgtccag acctaccaga gaaggcaaac     76140
     ccctgtaaca ggcagggcta gacagggaca agaaacaagg tcattctggg ccagcaagaa     76200
     gagggaaagg gaaattacag acatatctca gagagattgc agatttggtt tcagatcatg     76260
     caaacaaaac aagtcacaca atttttttgt ttttgtagtg tacataaaag ttatatttat     76320
     actttagcct attaagtata caatagcatt atgtataaaa tagatatgta cataccttaa     76380
     ttaaaaatta cactactgct aaaaaatgct aacagtcatc tgaggcttca gctaatacta     76440
     atgtttttgc tggagtaggg tcttgcctca atgttgatga ctgctgactg atcacaaggt     76500
     ggctgctgaa ggctgctgtg gcaacttctt aagacaacaa agtttgtggc atggattgta     76560
     aagtgggaat tagtacataa gtaaggtcaa tatgagtttt caagtcaagt ggacctgaat     76620
     atgaaccctt caggcctttc caccagctag ctatagaacc ctgggcacat ctggcccaca     76680
     attggccctg acagacactt tcacagtgaa tgagtgctga atgaaaccat atgagtcagt     76740
     ttcctcatct gcaaaccagt gatgtaattc ctgccttgcc aattcagaag aatacatgag     76800
     aagaaacata gtgccaagaa aaacagacac aagacctgtg gaaggctggg caccagtgct     76860
     ctaaagcaag atctgcctaa actggcagga acatttttca cagcagacag gagttggtct     76920
     ggattctgtc tggggccagg ctgagaggga ggtgggggca gcagaacggg acaggggcag     76980
     gggcctatgc agggccaggc actgaagcaa agcccaggcc tggaagggcg ggctcctgat     77040
     gtctgctagg aaactcagac agctccctgc ctcacctgcc atggtgtttc ctcttccagg     77100
     atctctcgga gctgttgcct acacttttcc tgccttggaa agtggagatg ataacgaaaa     77160
     gctgttgcca aattaaagga ggctattgcc tcctctcccc tcctggtccc tagcactcca     77220
     ggactcacaa agatgctgct ctgaaaaccc caaggcaagc gtggaagagt agaacagctc     77280
     caggggcagt gggaagatga gggcaccccc gcatgttgac ggacaccaag ggtgggggtg     77340
     gaggagatga aggggatcag cacaggagtc tgggggaaat cctctaaatc ccaccctgca     77400
     ccaacctcac ccctgcagct ccttgggtag ttacagctct cagctctcag ctccttccca     77460
     accacacccc agcccagacc tcagggctcc tccctctccc caccccctcc agagcagcac     77520
     agtccacaga gcccttgaaa aggaattccc cctcatctaa cagttaatta tttcttagtg     77580
     gggagggaca gccggtcctc tctttccagt gaccccatat ctttgttcaa ggcatccagt     77640
     tatactccct gagccaggga tctctaggcc agctgggacc taacagcttc tccagttgct     77700
     caggggtcag cacttatgca acctggcatc tgtgcctggc acttccttca gatgtctggc     77760
     tgtcctcgga gggctggagt ccaaggagtt ggggcaagta gggggtaacc aggcaaagct     77820
     tgagttgcaa gaagacaggg atattggcca tcctggtcat tgtagtctta tcaggtcctt     77880
     gtcccttgtg gaggcagaat tcaccacatg ttagtttttc ctgctgtaat gaacatgaac     77940
     ttggggttgg tgcactgata caataaggtt tgctctgctg cagtagtgtt acctcagtgt     78000
     aagagaaaca aaggcttcaa tataacattt gcctgtgtat ctcacagcct aagggctaac     78060
     agagcatctg tgggaacaca gtggcccaca ccctagtcag gaccccacaa ggactgaacc     78120
     aaatgtaggg tcattagctt ttcctggcct caaataggag tctcaccctg ccttagccat     78180
     gactcccacg ccatgtacat gtggtagggg cctgtgtgcc cagcaaggac acagttcaga     78240
     gagctttctt cattacctag ggtgagtggc tggaaaaaaa aaaaagttgc ccacgcccat     78300
     gaggccctgg agggaagcat agaacctact actaaattct tctgggctga cccattcagg     78360
     catggtttcc tctgtatcaa agttgctctc tcactgatct actgacagct agctcttaac     78420
     aaaagagtgt gtggagcagt aaaactcatg tcggcctgag agggccccag acatgtaatg     78480
     atgtctggtg gctttggctc gggccacccc atggctgtcc tccttcttgg gcgttccccg     78540
     ctcccatctc actggagcca tggtgggttc acctgtcctc tcttctcact cccattcttc     78600
     agggtgggat gcagtggtgt gctcctctct ccccaacaga gcactgggtc ccttttggag     78660
     tctagtttct cttttcaccc ccaagcctgc tggggaggtc tcaattccag gaagttggct     78720
     gctgggcatc cactataggc tcgagccctg gaccacaggc gctgtcatat tttgggtgga     78780
     aaggaatttg tttcttttct gcaaagtaaa ggaaaatgga atgagggcaa ttaggttgat     78840
     ctcatgatgt ccatgggtcc atgggaactt gaaagactca tccccttccc cctgctttaa     78900
     gaagataaat ggagaaaagg agctcccatt aagggaaaac attgactcta ttcctattga     78960
     ctctatcctt gaaatggaat ttggattcaa cttcaaaatt gaattcattt ttagggatag     79020
     agtcaaattc aaatattgac tctatccctg aaattaaatc acgagcaaat aagaaattta     79080
     tgagatccaa actaagccat ttaagtaaac tattccagaa tttaaagctc agcaatgaca     79140
     agatatcagg aaacagtgac aattctccca ctccacaggt gagtccagtg agactggtca     79200
     gggcttgctg cctgctcctt ggtgctgtcc tggtactttg gaagcatcta tgattctgtg     79260
     aacctcaccc acagctgccc agcaacttcc ttttgcttat atgagccaga ctctgctttt     79320
     atggcttata ctcaaataat ttaagttatt tatttatgag ttatacgtcc catgtggaga     79380
     tagggaagga gagttaggta ctcttcaatg ttactacctg ctaagcatat atacatgatt     79440
     tttttttttt ttttttttga gacggagtct cactctgtca ctcaggctgg agtgcagtgg     79500
     catgattttg gctcactgca gcctctgcct cctgggttga agcaattctc ttacctcagc     79560
     ctctcaagta gctgaggtta caggcaccca ccatcatgcc cagctaattt ttgcattttt     79620
     agtggagaca gggtttcacc actttggcca ggctagtctc gaactcctga cctcaggtga     79680
     tccacccgcc tcggcctccc aaagtactgg gattacaggc gtgagtcatc atgcctggcc     79740
     gaaacgttgc tttttaaagg tataattttg gattagagca aatgctagtg tatttaagta     79800
     aattccatga agaatgtgaa cactgtaagc aagtgcatta ttctcagctt ccatctcctc     79860
     acagagccat catccactct cttccatcct gccccctaca ctgggaggca actatgacag     79920
     acagacgaca tggcctgtgc tccttcacca tctggcttgt gcttgggtgt ggatgataac     79980
     aggcacctgc aggagatggg agtgtgggag gaggagtaac tcagggtttt catttccctc     80040
     tcttactctg ggcagctctg tgattctgta atcacttcag gcctctatcc acagccatag     80100
     gcatgccggg ctgcccctag tgaaagctac agatttgccg gagttctaga aactgctccc     80160
     ttccttgctc tttcaagctc agaaatgcaa accatttcct gctacagatc atcccaggga     80220
     gcttcagtgc cccttgtgac tttcttagcc ctgccagaac ctctttaaaa cgtgtcttcc     80280
     ttctgtgcca tctctttcct gccaggaccc agaccacagg gtgctcccac agaaaaaggg     80340
     acaagaattt atttatgaca tggcaataac atatctattc acaatgcgaa ttcaatttgt     80400
     tttggaagag actgggtctt gttatgttgc cgaggttggt ctttaactac tggcctcaag     80460
     caatcccttt gccttagcct tcccaaagtg ctaagattac aggcgtgagt gagtgtgccc     80520
     aggccttaat tcaaaaattt gacttactac aataaaaggg aaacaataga agcattctgg     80580
     aaatggaaca ggaaagaagg cagaggtggg aacgatcaat ctgtgtcatc tgagaagccc     80640
     catgtgcaga ggctgtcctg ggtctttagg ggacgacaac aacaaagcac acaggatcct     80700
     ggtgtcaggg acagagcatg gccactgtgg gacatagcgg ctctcctaca aaataatgct     80760
     catatacatc ccttatgagg aggatcagat caacatataa aaatatgcca gataaagtgg     80820
     aggcgagggc aggatggaga gctgccagta tctgcccttg acctccatgg acttgaagaa     80880
     aggctcagcc tggagttgtg tgaggcctcc gacctggagc agcacccacc cctaaagacc     80940
     aggcaccaat cacaatgcaa ggagagatcc agacaaataa acaggaaatg accacagcag     81000
     gagctttgtt gagcacagag cgaggccaca caccactcag cacctggccc tccacccgcc     81060
     cttctctccc cacctgcccc tgccccagca cagcagatcc tcagaatcca aaaagagaac     81120
     ctaacctcca tgttttatta atggctgata atattttacc acagcttcaa agaaatgata     81180
     tgagaacaat aactaataga gtaagaagtc tattcagggt gagtgagtga caagggaaat     81240
     ctaggaggca gatattataa ccctttcatt cccagaaaag aaatgatggt ccagggagat     81300
     acaccaggcc tggatattga gattatgtgg aaggggttct ggggcatcag aggagtgggc     81360
     ctcactccca ccatcctccc cttgctatgc ttgggaggag atagagctca tcagctgcac     81420
     agctggggaa agagaagtca gggtcttcca agagacaagg ggagctgtga acaatctgtg     81480
     tcttgctggt ctgcacaagg cagctctcaa acagtggaga acatgctaat gagcagattc     81540
     agctcagcca ctctcagcct tgacaccctg agcattacag acagcccatg accaacccct     81600
     actttcaaat ccaaagatcc cctacagctt gaagctgctc cccggcctca actcctgttg     81660
     gtgttgggcc ccaagggtca tatttcagga agctgtgagc accacatcag catcagggac     81720
     ccggtcacca cctggagaat gataataaaa agacccagca gagcctgcag gaggagactg     81780
     tatttgaggc aggaccatgg gataagtgag gaatgagacg gtggctccat cctgtctatt     81840
     tcaggagtta gagatgagct gcccctaccg ccctttccat gctgcttttt attgagtaga     81900
     cccctcctga agttcttttg aggagggaag accctgttag gtgccatggt agagaggggc     81960
     cctgtgagtc ttaaataact ggttaatata gctacttagc tgaaattagg aaggtaaacc     82020
     caggattcag gagaggagaa agagacagca tgggatcctg cagtcaccct cctgtacatc     82080
     tgtttgcagg gagggtcttt cctgcagggt tgggagcacc cagtattgag gtcctctgag     82140
     tatggctacc ctattgttct catctgtgaa tggggccagg cctgtttctt cccccagtat     82200
     aaacagccag gggaatccat ccacaaaaca cctgctagct tcacattaat cctgtattag     82260
     tttgatttaa tatttcatat cttataagaa atgaaatgga aggatgatct ctttggtaaa     82320
     ggtaattcag atttctgggg ccctggatac cttatctcac tgtttaaaat cctcatggag     82380
     gatcaggaga gtacagagcc cagaaacagt cacgagacct gaagctccct ggtgtaaagg     82440
     accctccccc acaccctggg gcttagagtg aacagcacag ctgactccca gggtctgcaa     82500
     cctctggcct ctactgtcag cctgattgtt ctcagtcttc ctggctgcca agcttctggt     82560
     tcccagcagc ctcctctctc acccttcacc tcttctgact ggggtcattg gccacttgac     82620
     aggcagtgcc ctccttgtca gtcagcctgt ctacctggtt tcctctcagg gtgtgtggct     82680
     tgactgggtt aaccatcccc agccccagca gaaacaggga gaagtgactc agcaaatccc     82740
     ccaagagcag cgggatccct acatgtgaga tggggcaaag ccatcattct agtccctccc     82800
     atacctgaga acttcttgca catcacaagt ccaaggacca tagcaggaag tagctctaag     82860
     ccagagacaa gaacagagca gtgacaagag gctggtgtga atggagacca gcaagctcta     82920
     ttgagagtag tgggatgagg ccacagatgc cctgtgttga ggggctagta ggaaatggtg     82980
     ggagactggg atttcattgc actaagaaag gaagaggatg gagtgtctgt gggatgtgat     83040
     ggtgaggatg tgccgtaatt cccatttgaa aggctcgctc tgcctgttgc atgggtgatg     83100
     gacagcaggt gtgagaagca gcaggcagcc cagctggaag gcccatctga tttactatcc     83160
     tagagaggat tggctctggg gtaaagtagt agaggagtga gaagtgattg gatttggggt     83220
     caaatattta agatggtgtt agcaataagt caatggagaa tcacacattt atttacttaa     83280
     cttaattcta cagttcattc ccaggagttt acagcaacaa acccatggta ataaatatac     83340
     atgaattatt ttaaaaacaa caccaaggaa aatataaact ttagaatgtt aaggctgggg     83400
     taaagctagc acattgctag gcacgaagga gcatctgaaa catttgctga aatggtttac     83460
     tgtttaccta tccatggatt tgttggctca caattttatt gcatcagagc accatggaga     83520
     ggggtgacag tgcaggtcac caacccttag ttttctgctt caggaacagt tccttgttct     83580
     acacttagag tcaaagcaaa ttacgtaact gtaagatgtt caaagatgaa gtcaacgaat     83640
     gcaaagtcag taactaagta taaaacctcc cccaaggaga gtctacattt cttccccaga     83700
     aatggcctca ctgtgcactg ctgaagggag agggtctttt caaagagccc aagaagcagg     83760
     ggctactggg ctgcagctct aaatagagat gccattcttt ctacctgcag gtcctgccaa     83820
     gcctaacagc agacttcagt gatcccacct gaaccaggaa ttcgggattt ttgatgctgg     83880
     ttctatttga gccattgtgt aagcttaaaa atgtgacatg gagattttgc tgtaattgtt     83940
     tctttgctgg aatttgacat ccacggtgcc tctggcttcc tgtctggtcc caggagggaa     84000
     tggattgtcc agcacttttt ttcagcatct ctttgtggag gggggatcag gagatttgga     84060
     gtcaggggcc cctccaatct caccctcttc tctaatgcag agtcccttaa gctttctggg     84120
     gtgggggcgt tggcactctg cggatctgat gaataaaatt gttccagctc ctgaaataaa     84180
     ggcacaggtg cacataaata cactgactct tgcatgcagt gccaaggtga gaaagtttcc     84240
     tatgatagat gccgagttta gcactttgac tctccattaa cattcacaca gacacacaca     84300
     caagcgcgcg cgcacacaca aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacata     84360
     cagagccaaa gccagcgatg cgggaggggc tgacctcagg ggcggggtca caggcatccc     84420
     tcaggtcctt ctcagtggac tttgtctctt tttcctggag gtggaggagt ctgtacttca     84480
     tgagaagtcc tctgaagaaa gcaggagata cttaggagcg gggaagtgga gacaaagggg     84540
     agggggcgag gcaaggggga agcacgcaag aaatggggag gaggaggacc ttatagtggt     84600
     cagaaaagtc acacgcagaa tttggctctt ggtttttgtg tttcattagg atggacttag     84660
     aaaaccagac agagtgcgag ataaggagtc taccttgcaa aagacacgtc ttagtgtcct     84720
     cctagtttga actcatcagt agtagctggg agaagggagc cgggacgcct gtgtggggca     84780
     cgccctctct agttgttccc attctctgca ccccaccggc tggtgccctt caaccccaac     84840
     aggaaggaaa ggaaggaggg gtcggaaggc tttgggtctt ccctcgcgcg ccttcttcct     84900
     ctgccattta ttccctgagt gtccttgcct tccctccgct acctgatccc caccttaaca     84960
     aagcacactc tgcgctgttg ggccaggatt cctcctttgg cctctgactc actggtacaa     85020
     tttcgctgcg tcctgtcctt accgcagttg ctactgggta gagccggaga gagcatcgcc     85080
     cagacccgct agattcatgc agcgccactg cccgcacatt cttgacactt ctttagatcc     85140
     aaagtcagag cctgagtttt cagactagtt ccgaaagcct ttagccattg gaaaggggaa     85200
     atcaatactc taggaacaaa atttgcttcg actttgtctc aacccaaaga caccatgacg     85260
     gcgcagtttt caaagttgct ttgagtataa atggaacagg gtctcctgtg tcagactcga     85320
     ttttgcgttt ccctctttat tatagccctt ctgtaaattt tattacatgt atctctactc     85380
     cactaaaaac atttctgtca aagacactaa gaaagagtca atgccatgaa aatatgaagg     85440
     atactcttaa aagagagttt ctggtgttga gttttaatta acactttggt atttaaaaat     85500
     ctctaactat ttgggtttgg ggcttagctt cataatgttt caaactgaga tatactcttc     85560
     cttaacctcc atacaaattc aggtttattt ttatttttaa ttgcatttat ttttcttttt     85620
     ttgaaacaat gtctccattc gtcacccagg ctggagtgca gtaacacaat catagctcaa     85680
     tgcagcctcg aactcctggt ctcaagcaat tctgcctcac cttccagagc tgaaattaca     85740
     ggtacaaacc accgggccaa gccaaatcca agttaatact gtaatataaa attccaacat     85800
     ttcagagaaa gtgaaaatca ccaagttatt gtagtccctg gagtcactgt caagactttg     85860
     gtgagggctc agtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcactct gggaggctga ggcgggtgga     85920
     tcacctgagg tcaggagttc gagaccagcc tgtccaacat ggcgaaaccc catctctact     85980
     aaaaacacaa aaaattagat gggtatggtg gcgagtgact gtaattccag ctactaggga     86040
     ggctgaggca ggagaatcac ttgaaccctg gaggtggagg ttgcagtgag ccaagatcgc     86100
     accactgcac tccagcctgg gcgacaagag cgaaactccg tctcagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     86160
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggccag gcgcggtggc tcacgactgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg     86220
     ccgaggcggg cagatcacga ggtcaggaga tcgagactat cctggccaac acggtgaaac     86280
     cccgtctcta ccaaaaaaaa aaatacaaaa aaatacaaaa aattagtgtg gtggcgggcg     86340
     tctgtagtcc cagctactcg ggaggctgag gcaggaggat ggcgtgaacc caggagaatg     86400
     gcgtgaaccc aggaggcgga gcttgcagtg agccgagatc tcgccactgc actccagcct     86460
     gggcgacaga gctagactct gtctcaaaaa ataaataaat aaataaaact ttggtgagaa     86520
     atcttccagg tttttcccta cttaaaatat acattatgga agtggtatta ctggcattat     86580
     aattcagtgt atcctcatct tttaaaaaat ggttaaaagt atgagacgca cacatcttct     86640
     cataacaata cttaaaactg atcttacctc ttttattgac cctataaaat tgtattgcat     86700
     agcagctctt tggagtccga tggaaatgtt ctacatcttc attgtggtag tggagatgtg     86760
     ggtgtgtaca acagccaaaa cacaacgagc tatgcatttc aaatagatac attttagata     86820
     cattttattg tatgcaaagc aagtcccaat aaaatggctt ttaaaatata tcttctttga     86880
     gatttgtact ttgcttatgt aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa ccttgttttt gtgcccaaga     86940
     gacacaccct gacacatcgg caggtagagg cttacgtgta tatatattac tgtatattta     87000
     cagattcaga gagagagaca gagataaagc tatgttaaga atattcatac ataccaaaac     87060
     tagataaaaa ccaaaaataa aagttagaaa taataaaact ctatatttta aatgttattc     87120
     tcttcttcac cttttttctc ctctttcctt cctctctctt cccttttttc ttcaacacgc     87180
     tccccccacc cccacccccc agccatcctt ccctactttc tcccttctct gcacttgatc     87240
     cccggtgtat tccagcctcg aggccaacac acgtcaccgc gtccgcctgg ggcaggtcgg     87300
     ggaagggacg cgaggcggcg ctgtcaccgc attctgaggg ccgcagcgcc ctgcgcccct     87360
     gctggtcttg tatcatttca gtgaacgtcg ctccagtctt tgatggggcc acactcggga     87420
     tgtaaattta ggatcctcac tgaaggggcg ggaccctgag aggctttctc ctggcccctt     87480
     agttgtgagt tttcctgcag gcggaggagc cagtttccgt cagaaccgcc cagaggcagg     87540
     cgctgccttc ctggggtggc ggagcagctg gaagcgtttt cggatcctgg aatccgtggg     87600
     cggcccgtgg gaggggctga ggcgcatttc cctactcacc cggatccgaa tccaccgcgg     87660
     tgctgtttca agcgagtcag attccacatc gcgctccacc ccggactcgg aattcctgcc     87720
     ccacaggtct gcattttcat agcggcagct gtgagtgccc cgcggctgga gaccagaagc     87780
     ctgaaggcaa ctccgtcctc cccagcccac agcgccgtta ttccgtttct atatcagcaa     87840
     acacttgtag accagggcgg ggtaacgggt gatctcagtc ctcgcagtga actccgggcc     87900
     gcaggcttga aaacgcgcgc gggcgcccag cccaaccccg ccctgggttc tgtaagcgac     87960
     cgcactgggt cctttctctt tcttttccgg acccagcagt ggcgcctaaa gtctgtgagg     88020
     agaaagtcgc ctctgtgccc cggagttcag aggtctaagg cgagtcctga ggaagaaaac     88080
     gtagttgatg gggcagagca gaaggggctg gaggtggggt ggagggagag ggcattggac     88140
     agaaggcctg ggagacttgg tgggggatgg gcagccaggc cgggaccctg gggagtgcct     88200
     caccccgagc gagcggaaga ccatctgggc ttcccctagc ccagaaaggg tggattggct     88260
     tcacctctgc tggccatcac ctctacatgc cttggaacta accttgtata ttattattat     88320
     tgtcgttatt taagtattaa aagtattttt tgaggtgagc tgaatgagac cctttgctag     88380
     agctggcaca gggaggaagg tcgtcctgga gggagggtag acactgtgga gggaagggag     88440
     acctgtgtca ggagagctga gaccacctct ctgcccctca ctactcttgt aatctttagg     88500
     agtgtaaata atccccctaa ggtggggaca ggaccccagt ccctgctgtg cgcaatagat     88560
     tatgatgatc aaaataaata atcagtgaat gtggatggga aatctaagta attgttaaaa     88620
     ccctgtgatg cttaaatttt cactcacaga aatgtgtagg ctaggagttt taagaggaat     88680
     ggttagtaat tataggtata gttcagtttt aaaaaatgtt tgtaagagtg acaaagatag     88740
     aatgaacaca gttccagatc atggactgtt catcgtgtag tgagggatgg tacaagatgg     88800
     tagatgacag ctgggcatgg tggcactcac ctacagtccc aggtactcag gaggctgaag     88860
     tggctggatt gcttgggccc aggcatctga agctgcagtg agctgtgatc acactgatgc     88920
     cctccaactg gcggcagagt gagatctccc cctcttaaaa ataaataaat aaataaatag     88980
     tagatggagt tcaagaatgc aggcaaagtt ggtacccatc agggaggttc aaaccatggg     89040
     ctagaacagt ggttctaaaa cttgcctaca cattggaagc acgtagagag ctttaaaaga     89100
     tattgaagct taggtccaac ctagccttac tgattcaatt ggttttggct gtgacctggg     89160
     accgtggata ttaaaaactc tccaggtggt tctgtgaagt ggctaggttt gaggaccact     89220
     ggctagatgt tccaaagagt aagagacgtg tgtgttgggg acgagatgat tctttcagta     89280
     gaaagaggct tttgcatggt gttttattat cgagatataa tttatgtgcc acgtaattta     89340
     ccatttaaaa atgtacagtc cagggcccac tcagaaccat cccagcaacc tgaccacagc     89400
     tggtctttgc tggacaccat gaaccacact gcccaaacct tcttcattcc tgccaacagt     89460
     ggctgccctc ccccgccccc caaccccagc tatgagatgc tcaaggagga gcatgaggtg     89520
     gctgtgctgg gggcgcccca caaccctgct cccccaatgt ccaccatgat ccatatctgc     89580
     agcgagacct ccgtgtctga ctatgttgtc tggtccctgt ccaacatcct cttcatgaac     89640
     ccccactgcc tgggattcat agcattcacc tactccctga agtctaggga caggaagatg     89700
     gttggagacc tgactggggc ccaggcctat gcctccactg ccaagtacct gaacatctga     89760
     gccctgattg tgtgcatcat catgaccatt ctgctcaccg tcatcatcct agtgttgatc     89820
     ttccaagtct gtcgatagat caggaggcat catccaggcc aggagctctg cccatgacct     89880
     gtattccaca tactccaact tccattcctc gtcctggccc cagagctgag ttctgtatca     89940
     gcgctttatc ctcacacact cttctacaat ggcattcaat aaagtgcatg tgttcctggt     90000
     taaaaaaaaa aaaatgtact ggtcagtggc ttttagcata atcacaacat cgtgccacag     90060
     ttgctattat ctaattggga agattttctt tttttaaagg ctagtcaagt aaagcagtgg     90120
     gagcggagaa ggaaaaaaga aatctgtaat tggttgtgat caattagttg taaacaccac     90180
     tacactctga ccagcctaat tgggaagatt taaggatgtg acacggtcta atgggctcag     90240
     aggcagaagc gacagtaatc tggaagcagg agactgctta ggcagtggca tcccggtggg     90300
     acagggcaag gagattgggg agcccacttt tactgcaaca ctggaaagag ggatgtcacc     90360
     agaaaaatgg gggtggtgac agacaggagg ttgtggcagc tgtggcttcc atggtagaga     90420
     cctcacgtgt gacattcagc agatggggtg ctgtgggggt cttagagcac tctgactata     90480
     gctgggacag tcacagtgtt taggaagcct gtacagtgat ctaggctgaa tcttgtgcag     90540
     tgatctaggc tgaaagccga gactaaagta gtggctgtgg gatcaaaata gggttggagg     90600
     agctttgagt acttgagaag gaaaaggggg aaatcagaag gcaccacgga aagagaaaca     90660
     ggggaggaag agaggatgat gtcatgcgag acgtgtagag tgtccttgta gacctgtcac     90720
     attggaagct actatggtct cagaggtaca gatgtcctaa agcaggctgg aaaagggagt     90780
     ctggggagag cttggtgttg gagtggacac tggcaagctg cctccttggc cttttgatca     90840
     cccaggggct gaatagagag gcagccccgg gagacctcac acacttacag gaagtgacca     90900
     taagaaaggg gacctagctt tgagtaaaag ggaggagaag gagattgtaa agctgaaacg     90960
     tctaagagat ttgtcgtctt agcggatcag ctggggcagg tgctacagaa acagaggtag     91020
     ctgaggtctg gaaacaggtc tgcaaatctg gtcactggcc acatagccag taacgctgtg     91080
     cgcggctgag gggagtgtgt tggaagaata accaggcctc gtctcttctg taagtgtgtc     91140
     ctggaaagaa caagcgaatg acagtcagct tgatggggtg gctggcgaaa cggtcttggt     91200
     gaggcacgct atcctagggg tgggggtgcg gggatggggt ggtcgcaata cagggagggc     91260
     ggcagggccc aggtcgtgct catgcggttg gggctgtact ctcagctgct cggagccagt     91320
     ccccgcattt ggcggcgctt ccgcgcgctc ccccttttct gggctccagg tcccgccagc     91380
     caaagttctc caggtctcct gaccgctgga accttcccct tctgagtgtg gccccgccct     91440
     cccagctcgt gattggccct aagctgcggg cgccagtttt cattgggtga gcggtcgctg     91500
     gggtggggcc aggtgacagg aaatttctgg tgggccttcg cggctccgct gggttggcag     91560
     ccgcttgagc cactgcgagg aaagcaaagt ctgggccatg gagatgagcc tagtcctgct     91620
     gttcctgatc cgcactgccc tttttgcacc ccagggagct gctgctggta agtggggttc     91680
     ctggcggtcc tcggcggagc ggcagcggcg gggcgtttct gggggtccgg gtgggtagcg     91740
     gcgagcgctg tgcggccgag gcggggctca ggtgcgctgt cgggggtgcg gggagtggac     91800
     gcggcccgtt cccgccacac ctcaaccctg cttccacgtc tcttttcagt cctcctcggg     91860
     atcgctcatc acccgccccc tgcattttct ggtcttgtcc tgcactttct ctcctctcct     91920
     ctcctccgtc tcctctcact tttcggacaa accagtcttt ctgaggcccc tgggttcctg     91980
     ggctgctcct gtgaatggca ttcgagggcc cttccagcgc ggccgctgag gcagccacct     92040
     cccccggtgc tgggggcggc cctaaggtcc ctgaagccct gtcctctccc ggagccgacg     92100
     tgttctcagc tcctgggccg catctcctgg agttggggcc ctcctttctc gggacccgga     92160
     gctagtgctt cctgctgctg tggggactgt ggggctcctg accctcacgc tgaggggttg     92220
     gagtctgcag gctccgggca gaggattctt cctgcgactt ctctcatccc cagctcattc     92280
     tcccctggcc tcccgctgcc ggggatcctc tcttgtcttg catccttccc tgctactatt     92340
     aactccagtg atctaaggac accagattcc ctcccacctc ctcccctgcc ctcagggcac     92400
     cttgggtcct gttgccctcc cagctccctg ttaccccttc ctatctgcag ttctctgata     92460
     catttctagg atgtcctctg cctcatcccc tgcccccgcc accgcaggtc cctcctgcct     92520
     cccttatggg cctttcctag aagcagcctt aacccagggc tgcccctatg cctcccactc     92580
     ccaactctcc ctgaccctaa ctctctggtg ccgccttttg tcccagggtc ttccctccgt     92640
     cccactcccc tctagaccac ccaaggggag ccctagtgct aatgttggtt gggccttagg     92700
     cagggcacag ggcagggcag atgccccctc ccctctagtg caggtgcctg ctctgggccc     92760
     tgcctcacgg tggccccttc cctactcctt catcctcagc cccaccctct tgaggacccc     92820
     ccactccagc ccacgggtgc tggaccatcc ctccctggtc cctccgcccc tctccgcctt     92880
     gggaccttgt gctgctccta cctcttgccc agctgccttg ggccctcagc aagttctcat     92940
     ctttcccaag ccccaccctc actcagagca ccctcccctc ctgtcctcac cctaaccaaa     93000
     gttcccccag ggtcaccccc acaccatgct caccccatcc tccagtcctt gccctgcaca     93060
     tctgtcctcc tctacccaga cccaacacag gccgtgtgtc caactgcttc tttttttttt     93120
     tttttttttt tttttttttt agacggcgcc tccctctgtc gccaaagttg gagtgcagtg     93180
     gcgcggtctc ggctcactgc aagctccgcc tcccggattc aagtgattcc cctgccttag     93240
     cctcctaagt agctgggatt acaagtgccc accaccacac ccggctaata ttttgtattt     93300
     taatagagac tgggtttcac catgttgacc gggatggtct caatctcctg acctcgtgat     93360
     ctgcctgcct aagcctcccg aagtgctggg attacaggcg tgagccacca cacctagctg     93420
     gtaattcatt ttttaatttt tggaggaatc aacacactgt tttccataac aggtgcccta     93480
     ttttgtattt ccaaatgcat tacacaaagg ttccagtttc gcaacctgtt tgccaaactt     93540
     gatatttctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttgataata gccaaactaa     93600
     ttggtgtaaa gtaatagttc attgtggttt tgatttgcat ttccctaatg actgctgatg     93660
     ctgagcgtct tttcatgtgt ctgttggcca tttgtacatc ttgtttgggg aattggctat     93720
     gcaagtcctt tgcctacttt tgtattagtt gaatgtctcc tgtttgagtt gtaggagttc     93780
     tttatgtatt ctggatatta atctcttatc agatatatat gatttgcaaa tattttcttt     93840
     cattctgggg gttgcttttt cactgtgttt attgtgtttt taatgaactt ttttattttg     93900
     atgagtccaa tttatcaatt ttttctttgt tgttgtatct ttggtgttat atccaagaaa     93960
     gtgctatcaa attctatggc atgaagataa ttccctatgt tttattgtaa gagtttttca     94020
     gttttagttc ttgagtttag gtctttgatg tttttcttag ttaattttca tatgtggtgt     94080
     aagttaggga tccaacttca tttttttttt ttttggcatg tgaacatctg gttttcctag     94140
     caccatttgt tgaaaagatg cactgactct ttaagaccct tgccaccagc ccaccccagg     94200
     ggacaccaac tggtccatcc acctccctac ttggggcatt gccatgccac tctgaagccc     94260
     acaccattgc ttctccctgg gatacggacc tcgtagaaaa cgtctctggc accacagcct     94320
     acctgcccct cctgcctcac agccaagtct cccttgcccc caccttgtcc atgttgagcc     94380
     ttcctcaaag gcagtggacc ttgcctccat ctcaccctca cctgtgcacc acagccatgg     94440
     tggtcatggg tccctctgag cctgggtccc ttacagtttc tgctctcccc tctggcaaga     94500
     ccttccttcc accactgcct tcatgctcct cccttgaacc tgcagggcag ccccttccat     94560
     tggcctcctc cctatatcct gagggggcct gtggctgccc tgccctggca cctggcctac     94620
     aagtttgcca tccccattcc cccttcttct gttcctcagt cccctcctct atcctcccac     94680
     cttcccagtt ttccttgcgt ctgaaatcct cattcttgtc cctttgcccg tgtgcatttc     94740
     ctgcctcctc aggaaggtcg ggacagcaga cctgtgtgtt aaacattgat gtgaagttac     94800
     ttccaggaag aagtttcatc tgtgatttcc tcttccccag agccccacag tctttgttac     94860
     aacctcacgg tgctgtccca ggatggatct gtgcagtcag ggtttctcgc tgagggacat     94920
     ctggatggtc agctcttcct gctctgtgac aggcagaaag gcagggcagg gccccgggga     94980
     cagtgggcag aagcagtcct gggagctgag acctgggaca cagagactga agacttgaca     95040
     gagaatgggc aggagctcag gaggaccctg gctcatatca agggccagaa aggaggtgag     95100
     agtgggcagt gggcaagagt aatgggagag gccttttcca ggagagttgg gggcagagag     95160
     caggacctgt ctcttcccac tggatttggc tgtgagtagg ggtgaggaat ggtgctcagc     95220
     ggggctcagc ccacacaggg agggatggaa gagggccagg gaggggtcct tcctggtccg     95280
     agttcctcac ttggactgga atggagaagt cactgctggg taggggcagg cagccttgca     95340
     ttccctccag gagattaggg tttgtgagat caggaagcca gcagcaccag gggctttagg     95400
     catttctaca catatgggaa gctcttcctc tctcccaacc tggagactca gtaatggaca     95460
     gtgccccggt cctccagaac tcagactttg gctatgaatg tcacaaattt ctgggaggaa     95520
     aatgccatgc agaccaagac acactattgc cctgtgcagg cagactacat gcaaaagcta     95580
     tggtgatatc tgaaattctg gaggtatcag aaaaacaggt actgtgaaag tagtgggtcc     95640
     tcctatagaa gcctgaacct ggggtgggca ttaggcagga aaggaaggcc tcaaggccag     95700
     ggctgcctca tttgcctccc agcctgccca tcctggagag ctacctccta gccccacgac     95760
     ccaggagccc acccctgaca accctctcct cagcatcaaa gccggagtcc cagagtgtga     95820
     ggccacagtc ctgaggccca tcttccagca agcctagggg aattggaccc caggtaagga     95880
     ccgatttgca gaaggtctgg ggtcagtgtg ggtttcagcg agagtcagaa caatagagag     95940
     gaccagtcct gttccctgca tctcccttag aggggagaaa ggcttggcca catgcctcac     96000
     tggctctgcc cttttgtctc caatgacccc cacagtgaat gagatgcaca gtggggcctt     96060
     agaaggcaat gtcaccatga tgtgctggcc tccatcttct atccctggaa tatctctctg     96120
     acctggcatc aggatgaggc atctttgagc caggatgccc agcagtctag gggtgtcctg     96180
     cccaatggga atgggaccta ccagacctgc atggccacca ggattccccg aggagaggag     96240
     cagaggttca cctgctacat gggacacaga gggaatcaca gcactcaccc tgtgccctct     96300
     ggtgagcctg gggcaactct caagggtttc gacctaggga ggtcaggcca gggtggggat     96360
     agcagggacg gctgtggctt tgcgtgctca gtgtgtcaca aggccctttt tttagagaag     96420
     gccctggtgc ttcagagtca atggcagcca ttctgtatgc tgctattgct actgtcatta     96480
     ttattagtat tagtagtagt agtagtattc tctgtgtcct ttggtgcaag aagaagacaa     96540
     catcagctgc agagtccagg tgagaaaacg gggcagtggc tggagatgga aggactcctc     96600
     tctgggcagc agggtcccct catagctcct gcacagatag acatgtaggt aacaaggtcc     96660
     tggaacaggg gatggacatt ggggtatttg ggaggggaat gggagccaca tctccatcta     96720
     cacccctaag tcctgcccaa gccagggctg ggccacggcc ctcaaatgtc cagcggtggc     96780
     ctcctcctgc tgcaggtgag gagtgggcag cagggagggc tgtggcacct gctctgtccc     96840
     catcctggtc tctcttgttt cttgggctca ccacggtgcg tccaggtggg gtgagttgag     96900
     aatcacgtgc tgattgctga gggcctggat gatcatggct tcagtgggag taaatagtaa     96960
     aggcggctgt gatctgggga ggggctagaa actggagagg aatctgagga gaggcggtgc     97020
     ccctagtctc ttcctctctg catccctctc tcctgtttct ccagccatca ggaggacacc     97080
     aagaaaaaga cccacgaagc ccagactggg aggcctgcct gtgcagcccc tttgaggtcc     97140
     ccttgtaaca gggagggtcc tgagtgcaca cagccatctc tgtccacttt gcagctcccc     97200
     atgggcctcc tccaggagct gtcttggggg tatcatgtcc tctgcatcac tggaggttcc     97260
     caccacatgg ccctgcctcc ctgagtttct gtgcagatgt tatggaggag tatataagca     97320
     gacatccctg ggccatttgg gaagcaggaa ccagctcctt gtcagggcag ctgtggtccc     97380
     tattttcatc atatgtccaa gtgttacctt gtctagcccc caggaacaca gtccccagga     97440
     ccatgttttt tggggcaccc acagcagggg cagtgcaggt ctggttgctc ctgctctcac     97500
     ctgcagcatc tcccgtagag gaattgtcag ttctggttcc ctgtgggcag taaaggtttc     97560
     cttgtaggtc actggggcat tggccagaaa aaggttgtga aaatcacatg ctaatttctc     97620
     aaaattcctg ctttcaatgt tgatgtccaa taaagatgtt cataatttca gctggatatt     97680
     cttaatagga tttcctccaa taccgatgct gtaaagcata ttgaatggaa caggaattca     97740
     aatttgaaac tctctctcta gaagggtcca tgtgggagat ggtggctgtg gctgtggcaa     97800
     tccccaggtg cagagtgggc ggaggcagcc tcaggctgag gggtctcaag aaatccctta     97860
     ttccataggg agaagaagaa gatcctctgt gggtgtgagg gcagtggcct gggtggaatc     97920
     cctgctagga accagacagg aaggccttgc agcctcacca agcagcagcc ctggggtgga     97980
     gctggatttc cagggatgag tggaccaggc aggagcaggg catcccaagt gcaggtcatg     98040
     gacctgggtg tcaagggaag cagagccttc ttgagcaagg gggtctccag ggtcaggtca     98100
     ggtgcagacc ccatggcagc cacgtgtttc catcctgggc ctgacaggcc tgctgggctt     98160
     cctggtgggc tctccaggta ggagctgcct gctcaggact ggaaggggag gaacactgag     98220
     ctgtaggtgg agggcggaac ccacagtggg cagggcctgc cctggtgtgc aggtgcttct     98280
     gcaggaaagg agggcctggg gaaagaggga gagaaaggcc ttgtgtgtga cccagcccag     98340
     gcctggaagt acgtggagcc agggcctctc tctggggagg cctcccactg tgtccgagct     98400
     ggccaggctt gagaggaggg gagggcactg agtttcttct ggagtcttgt catttagtcc     98460
     tgcggccctt tcagtcctta cagagtgcat agtgggcaca gggcaagtgc tgatcttcat     98520
     gaagtcatgg gaggggactg gcaggggctg ggaaaagtgc cataggaggg agaaaaatgt     98580
     gggagcatca tcttccctca gagaaagggt gaatctgatt ttggagtgac tgaggaggga     98640
     gaaatcctca gggagtaaaa agcagcactc tgcacccagg ggagcattta ttggtttctc     98700
     tattttctgc agagcacgtg agcctgcaag gcccggatca acgcccggtt gggacaggag     98760
     accaccaggg cagtgcacag ctgggatttc agtctctggt gtcaactcct gggtctactg     98820
     gctccactga gggcagctac actctgcagc cagatggcca gaattcaact ccctgcccag     98880
     gtctcaccag cactttccca cttggtgcct cagtttcctc atctatgaaa tggggaaact     98940
     aacagcattt atttcttgtg gttgggtgga tgaaaagcgt tagtatatat gaggggtttg     99000
     cagctgtgcc acattatttt tgttatcatt tgattatatt ttaatatatt acatatgcgg     99060
     tcattgtatt attattataa atgagattta tgagtgagtg tcctggttac ggctccttct     99120
     ggggagccca ggaccagctt tcctggcacc ttgaggtccc ctcaccctgt cacactctca     99180
     tgcattacct catatctact atgtcttcat aattttatac tatagaaatt taccctttaa     99240
     gtagacattt ctggtctgtg ttttatttca agtgtctggg aagggataga gtatgaggtt     99300
     caagagagaa ggagaggtct gtcttcatgc cttgacacag cacaaagaaa tctccccacc     99360
     tcccccacat ctccccacca gttctcggtg atggacagat tcacagcaac acagaaaggg     99420
     ctgggaaggg atggaggggg acatctgcag ccagtgttta ggggctgacc ctgtgggaag     99480
     acacctgcct tgcagaggac ctctgcatct tgcagatgca gagctgaagt ctgatatgag     99540
     ggagaggaca gggagtgctt tggactttcc tgattaagaa gaatagagat cagtctgctt     99600
     ctggggttaa gtgacccctg gggagattgg actgaattaa tgaagaataa atgaactggg     99660
     aatgaggatg agtaaagcaa gtatcagcat ctcccattat cagttcagac tgattggtag     99720
     atggggaggt gggatagttc ctgaccctgt tgtgaggttc cttttaactt tctggccttg     99780
     gggcacagat gggtggtgct cttcttggtc agggtagcct cggctccact caggtaaggc     99840
     agtggtggca gggagagtta tgggatcacc tgtgaaacgg accaaggcag ggatgggagc     99900
     cctctgtgca gcaaaagtgg atgcaaggcc tgcctagaag caagaggatg aaggaaccta     99960
     gttgggtcct ggtccactgc ctgcctgtgt tcacaggtca accagtaaag gaggtggggt    100020
     agagaattca atcgtgggct atctatccag agatgtgttt acaggtgtat tatttcacat    100080
     ttgtgttcac gtttggtgtc aaaaacacat ttatacatgc ctatttcatg tttaagtatt    100140
     ttcacatttt agttaaccct taaatatcat tgttgaatgc ggttgtcatt agacataaac    100200
     ttgcatattc actgaagctt ttgtttttat tttaatcaaa tttataattg tgcacaattg    100260
     aaagagtcaa atatttgtgc agaatctctt gagaaaaatg agagtcctct ctgcctcttc    100320
     tcaatttctg cctttctagg ggccaaccac tttcaagttt tttagctgat tcttttgact    100380
     ttacttctgt atctctaact accatttctt tattattatt gcttgatttt tttcagatgc    100440
     acccattgtt gcacagcgca atggtggatg caacagttaa gagtacttgt tctctttcac    100500
     tcttcccagt atatttatat agtgattatg tttagttcag ccatctcttg tttcttttac    100560
     catgactaat cctctcatat gtcaactgga ctacttttca ctgcctgtac aacattggtt    100620
     cttcttggag ttaatacttg catttgtttt tgtttatttt attaactctc attaatttaa    100680
     gtttgatatc tcttttgttt gtatgattct ttcaagacgt tggacacttt ggacattctg    100740
     ttaattttat cttcttggaa atgtccctcc tgggcccttc tggctgctcc catctggact    100800
     ggaggcttct ccccgtggag cagagtcact gtcctaggat ctccctccat cactatctgg    100860
     gaaggtgctt tacatgcagt ggagccacct gggttccagc caaaatgcag actgattcaa    100920
     catgtcaagg ctgggcctgt gagcctttct gtctagtttc aggaggtgct gattttcctg    100980
     gttcatgggt gatagctggg gtagcaggga tctctctttt tgtctcatag ttttctgtat    101040
     ctaaggtaag cgcatactaa tatattttta atgaattcat gtactttttc cctaaattag    101100
     taacagggct aattagtctt ttccttgggc caaaaactac attatgtaaa atttggtatc    101160
     ttaactattt taaagtatac agtagtacag tattaactgt aaatacatag ttgtgcaaca    101220
     gatctctaga acttttcatc ttgcaacact gaaactctat gcccattgaa caaacattca    101280
     tccatccccc tcaccgagcc cctagcagcc attagtctac tttcagttta gacacctcat    101340
     ataaatggaa atgtgcagta ttgggttttc tttgtgattg gcttatttta cttagcagtg    101400
     tccttcaggt ttatccctgt tgcagcctgt gaccaggttt ccttcttaag gctgaatgat    101460
     attccgttgt cgatatatac cacattttct tcattcatgt gttggtgtgt gttgtcttgg    101520
     ctatcgtgaa taatgctgct ttgaatatgg gtatacaatg tttttctttt caaaccttcc    101580
     ctcactttgg tggaattaat cctttagtag ctacttctga cagcacatat ttaaagtatg    101640
     tttgtatggt tcaatttttc cattgttttt attctctcca ggaagaggag ataaatatat    101700
     gaaggtgctg tttggcacag aatttaatag ggaagaaaga gacagtataa ctcaccagtg    101760
     ctgggtctca tcatcctgca atttcagaac aactatgaat acaaaaagaa ttttaaaatc    101820
     ccagtcctgc ctagaaaggg gaagtcatct ctaaatatgg tggccctggg gcagctggcc    101880
     tccctgccag gcctcttcca tgggggccct ttctgcagtg actgtggttt cttcccattt    101940
     tactctgtcc tgtgtcctga ctgaagcgac aaggtgtgtc tgcagctgtg ctcacacctg    102000
     gaggaaacct caatggtgtg agtaaattgt aaatgtttac ttattatggg ttattttatt    102060
     atttatgaag tatgtatttt gatttcattc tactgacaac acaataaacc aggacatgat    102120
     gaccctagca gcacatcctc tttcctgtgt caagaagcat cgtccgggga ggtgagaaga    102180
     agacagtcct ccctagaatt gaagaaccag ggagaaccag atgggctggg caggtgggtt    102240
     ttcacctgga acctggagga tgagcaatga catctctcca ccctgagctc agccccggca    102300
     tccacctcct gggctcatga gcagtgcagt ggtgcctcct agtggtctct gctcttcctt    102360
     ttccagatca agcacaaacc tgagatccaa ctgtccctct tatgcgcctg ggtttcttca    102420
     ctggacacca gtatgagtca actttcctgt aaagcagaac aagcacgaga ttggaccatg    102480
     ttagaggagg aatggtgtca tctccacttc tggagagatc actgtccccg tgtttggggg    102540
     aaggaccaag cctcactccc atgcagagaa gaagctctga ctgtaactgc acctgtggag    102600
     aggtgaggac ctgtcccctc tacaccgatg gccagagcct ccagagtggg gccaggcttt    102660
     tccctcagct gtgtcctgtc aggtttatct aggcctcaaa gaatagaccc tggacattgc    102720
     ctctggcaat gtgagctgga cacacaccca gatgtaaggt agccctgcca agtatcctgg    102780
     ggttgccagt agttctgggt gctcagtgtc tggagcggag ggtgggaagg aggcttgatg    102840
     cagaacaaga accatatgtc acatactatt ttattcttta ttagtgtttt tgtcataaaa    102900
     aaccccacgg gtaccataaa agataaaaga tctaaaaatg gtgcccttta atcaaaagta    102960
     aacacccttt aaccatcaga gagagggaga agtttggcag ctgacctaga agccccatca    103020
     actgccccag ctcaatgata aactcttctc ttcttcaaat aaaagcacat cctggcttac    103080
     atggccatca cttctttgta caattttata tttttatcat ctaaagttat agtttagttt    103140
     tacctttaag agtatatttt tatcctcatt tattccatag attcctgctt gaaatttata    103200
     ttgtctggta gtttcctgtc ctttgcattt tgcagattgc accccaaggt gtggtttaat    103260
     gtatctctat gacctgtatt ttctgtaaat tggtagtttg ttatagaggt ttgcgtctat    103320
     tcagggtttt tttttttttt tttttttttg ccatgaggat tgatggtact atatcatgtt    103380
     tttcatcaag aggaagaatt caatactagt tatttctttt ttgtgatgtt aattgccatt    103440
     gctgttcagt ggctaaatct gttaattcat tacaaattgc aaaagtctca gtctttcatt    103500
     tcttttcata tactagctgc ataatttcta aaataaaaga tttaccctct tccaccagtt    103560
     atctattcag tagaaacttg ttttttgaga gactaaacca agtttctaat cacctatgac    103620
     ccagcaattc cactttttgt tatataccaa tagaaatgca tgcatttgtg tcccaaaata    103680
     tatgaaaata ttatttatag cagcacgatt tgtagactct gaatacaaca caaatgtcta    103740
     tcaacagtgg agagacaaga agtgtgagct atttataaag ctgagcacct gactgccacg    103800
     ggagtgatag tgaccacaca cagcaagacc tgggacatgg cagtgactgt gtccagaact    103860
     gacagaacta atctatcata ttagaaatca agaaagtgtc tgctctaggg ttggggaggg    103920
     tgatttatga ccaagtagaa cccaatggtg tttcctggag gctggaaatg ctattccttg    103980
     atgtggctgc tatttacctg agtgttcact ttgtgaaaat ccacggccca cttatggttt    104040
     gtccaccttt ctccatgcat gttgtccttc attcaagtat acatttctga tgttttgaaa    104100
     caattctctc taagctaata tagaatctcc attactgaaa gtccttagaa atgctgcatt    104160
     ggaaaaaatt agtccaatta ttaaaaatct atgaaataaa tgctgtgact cagacattaa    104220
     gaggagaatc tacaacaaga gcagtaggct tgggagctaa cgcaagaaca gctttggaaa    104280
     tggctgttga gccaggaact aggaatcaaa acccaaaaag gcccatgcaa ggtggagggt    104340
     gtgaaatgat gccccagtag tgcatgaatg aatgagtcat gggcagtggc tcatgggttg    104400
     cttggtcagt caggaacttg agcaaaataa agttggaaaa ctgggggatg gaagagagag    104460
     gtatgcacag acctcttgac atgggcagag cttcagaaga tggtggttgc aggtttcccc    104520
     aaatagagaa catcaataaa aaggtagaaa ttttacaaag agaccagata aaaagtttgg    104580
     agctgaaaag tgcaataact gaaatgaaaa attcactaga ggggctccag agcaaatttc    104640
     accatgcaga atggagaatc agcaagcttg aagataagac aattgaaatt ctctagttca    104700
     gtagcagaaa gaaaaaaaat tatgaagaaa aataaacaga actttaaaga tctgtgagac    104760
     aacatcaagc acatgcactt tgggagtcct caaagaaagg agagagagaa aggagaagaa    104820
     tgactattta aagaataact ccaaaccttc caaatttgat gaaaaacatt attcatccaa    104880
     caaacttgac aaattttaag cagcaaaaaa aattaaattt aaagaggtcc acaccaagag    104940
     aacattataa tcaacctgtc aaaagccaat gacaaacaga gcatattgaa atgaataaca    105000
     gagaaggaac ttttcaggtt caatggatcc tcaataagat tgcagcccag ttttcttcag    105060
     aaaccataga gttcagaagg cattggaatg ttgacaaatt tagaggtcag aaaaaaaaag    105120
     actgtcatgc aggaattgtg tgtctggaaa aactctcctt cagaaataat ggattttata    105180
     tatatataaa tatatatata tacacacata tatatacata tatatacata tatatgacta    105240
     tacatagtac tacatatata taactatata tagtactact atgaaattat atatatagta    105300
     ctatatatag tagtcatact ataaaagcta gtagtaatat gtatattttt ggtgtttata    105360
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcata tatatatagt actatatata gtagtcctat    105420
     aaaagctagt agtaacatgt atatttttgg tgtttaattc ttcctttgtt tttcctattt    105480
     ggtttaaaag aaaatgccca ttgactaatg aatgaataaa caacatgtag tgtatttcta    105540
     caatggaata tgatttagcc ataaaaggaa tgaaatactg atacatgcta caacattgct    105600
     gaatctcaaa aacatgataa gtgaaggaaa tcagctacaa aaggatacat atttcatgaa    105660
     cccatttttg tgaaatcttc agaagagacc aatctataga gaaagaaagc agacttgtgg    105720
     tgacagggtc tggtggcagg aggaaatgga gggtgactgc ttaatggtgc agagtttccc    105780
     ctgaggtgat gaaatactct ggaactagag agtgatgatg gctacataac attgcgaacc    105840
     tactaattgt cactgcattg tacacctatt gtacaatggg tacagtggta aattttgtgt    105900
     tcatgtatat tgtatcacag taaaaaagag gctgaagaat agattccaaa atcttttata    105960
     tggtaaactc ctgagtttgc ttgagcatct gcccatctgt ctttccccct caggatgtca    106020
     tctcctactc agagctcacc cttgttcttc tgtaagtaga aagcctttct tcacaacact    106080
     cccagatcag ccagacccaa cccccaaaat gactttctgt cttggatcca aatgctcagg    106140
     tgcaactctg gggcaatttc agtgggagtg aagagattat ccaactagga tgattcattt    106200
     ggagggaaat gtttgacctt atgttaggaa agtcatttgc tttcctaaaa aggatcctgc    106260
     ttaccagtga gtatataatt tttgtatgcc cggggtggag ttcacagcag aggaactaac    106320
     aatagctcta ggaacaccat acacctcatg cgtagctgac tcacccatct gcctccccca    106380
     gctgaaggaa ggagctggat tattaccttg gcccatccat caactgcatt tcactggatg    106440
     tgcaccctct acaagtgtga accttccagg gttctcagtt gctcttcctg ctgttgtgtg    106500
     gcctccactg gtgtggctca tgcccagggg gcctgcagga gactgagtgt ctcctaattc    106560
     tcaaggccaa cattttcagt gagctcaaat gaagatttta tgttctcagg gactcatatt    106620
     ttcatctgtg gaagggaaaa atccatctcg ctgtcttagg tgtgatggta attttacata    106680
     aatatatata taattatagt atttttatgt ctataaatga gataatcagt attttataaa    106740
     ttgatggtat tcttagcatt gacttcattg ctcagctaaa cgctgtaacc aaaggatgag    106800
     tcatggagtg gaggaagaat atttttctac tctctggagg tgccataatc ggcatttctg    106860
     ccctatggat ttcaaatgag aaatttgctt taggctgagg ttggaaggag atctgaactt    106920
     ctttgtatta ctattatttt agatggggtc ttgctatgtt gtccaagctg gagagaagtg    106980
     actattcaca ggtgtgataa tagcacacga cagcctcaaa atcctgggct caagtgattc    107040
     tcccatctca gcctcctgag tagctgggac tacaggtgtg cactcagcca cttttcattg    107100
     ttattttact tcaaatgctt tattttgaat attagaaatg tgaaaatcta tttgatcaca    107160
     gaagacttta aaatacacag atcaatgcct acttgaatta aaaaaaataa aatacacaga    107220
     agaaatacca cctaggtctc ccctcaaaaa tatcactgct attgtattgt tgaaccttcc    107280
     tggactcagt gtgactgttg gtccctggag ctgtcctttg cgtggtgctg atttccattt    107340
     tgttggtggt ggtttgtttt tgttttcgtt tttgtttctg aaacacaatt tcactttgtc    107400
     actgaggctg gagtgcagtg gtgcgacctc agctcactgc aacctccgcc tctcgggttc    107460
     aagtgatttc catgcctcag cctcctgagt agctgagatt acacgcatgc gccaccaggc    107520
     ccagcaaatt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cagggttttg ccatattggc cagtctggtc    107580
     tcgaactccc gacctcaagt gatccacctg cctcagcttc tcaaagtgct gggattacag    107640
     gaatgagcca aggcgcctgg cccattttgt tgttctctat gtatatattt ttataggtat    107700
     ctttattgta caaggttgca ttcatatgtc atgggttatc ttgaatgttg ctttttgaat    107760
     gtattatttt acaagtagtt ttccatgttg taaactctgt ataaagttta catgcttttt    107820
     tggccggcat ggtggctcac gcctataatc ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggtgggtgga    107880
     tcacttgagg tcaggaattc gagaccagac tggccaacat ggtgaaaccc catctgtact    107940
     aaaaaataca aaaaattagc caggagtcta ggcatgtgcc tgtagtccca gctactcagg    108000
     atgctgagcc aggagaattg cttgaaccca ggaggcagat gttgcagtga gccgagatca    108060
     ctgccactgt actccagcct gggtgacaga atgagactcc atctaaaaaa atttttaaat    108120
     ttaaaaagtt gacacacttt tacaagctgc atcccatctc agataaggag gtgatgtaac    108180
     tgagttcttt tagatccatc tgctttcatc ttatcttttt gtaggtaata ttttgacaag    108240
     catgtttgta cataaagatt ctcctgtggt tgggatttta aaaattcata gactactcag    108300
     gccaggtgcg gtgcctcaag cctgtaatct caacacattg gaaggccaag gagggtggat    108360
     tgtctgagcc cagaagttca agaccagcct gggcaacatg gcaaaatcct gtctctacaa    108420
     aaaatacaaa aaaaaattag ctgggcatgg tggcatgagc ctgtagtcct aggtacccca    108480
     gtgtttgagg tgggaagatt gttcgagcct ggaaggttga ggctgaagtg agctgtgatc    108540
     atgccactgc cctccagacc gggctacaga gtgagaattt gtctccaaaa ataaataaat    108600
     tcatagacta ctcaagtgat aaatattaaa ccagagactg ctttaaacat tttaaagcct    108660
     tattatactg tcatactgtg attgtactga catatttatt catttaacaa atacttactg    108720
     agagctattt actgattatg atggtgagaa acaatggtaa ggaaacagac cagatccctt    108780
     tatcaaagaa catacatttc agtgatactg actgtaatgg ttaattttag gtgtcatatt    108840
     gactgggtta agggatgcct agatagctgg tataacatta tttctgggtg tgcctgcgag    108900
     ggtgtttctg gaagggattg gcatgtgagt gactgagcgg ggaaaatcct ctctcgctgt    108960
     gggcagccac aatccaatca cctaggggcc cagatagaac aaaaaagcag aaaggagtca    109020
     aattttctct ctctctctct ctcaatctgg gacacttttc ctgcccttgg acatcagaac    109080
     tccaggttgt atggtctttg gactcttgag tgttgcacca gtcaaccctt tatcctccca    109140
     cctcctcctc tggcccctca ggcctttggc cttggactga gccaggctac tgtcttcctt    109200
     ggttctccag cttgcaggtg gcctctcatg gatcttatca gcctccataa ctatgtgagc    109260
     catttccact aataaatccc ctcttgtcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc    109320
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatgta tccatctact ctattgggtc tttctgtctt    109380
     ggtaaccctg atacaccaac agacaataaa caaatagaat ctgtcacagt atcagtgata    109440
     attgccactg ataaaaaata cacctaggct agaagattgg tgggagtggc gggaatggca    109500
     gggaatagat ttcagaaaag gtaactgggc atgacatttc tgagaacttg accatgggac    109560
     atttgaacag agacttgaat ggtgtgagga gtgagccatg tggacccccg gggagcaggt    109620
     gcatgtggga gtcacagcag gggcaggtag cagagacagg atggagcagt gacaaaaggc    109680
     tggtgtgagt ggagacgagt gagctgggct gagaatggcg ggatgaggcc acaggggtcc    109740
     tatgatgagg ggcttgtagg aaacggtgag agactgaggt ttcattgtgc ctaggaaaga    109800
     aaagggctga ggtgttcata ggatatgtcc taattttcgt ttgagaggct cactctgcct    109860
     ttgtgtgagt aatggacagt gggcatgaga ggcagcaggc agcccagctg gaaagccctt    109920
     ctggtttaca gttcttgaga gggtggctct cgggtggtgg caggagagga gtgaaaagtg    109980
     attggattta gtgttgatat acttgttaat attgtggtaa aacatacata ccatgtaatt    110040
     taccttctaa ccactttttc agtgtacaat tcggtggcct aaagcacatt tacaatgttg    110100
     tgtaaccacc accaatatgc atttccagaa cattttcatc atcccaacag aaactggacc    110160
     cattaaacca aagctgccca ttctccctac cctcaatttc tggtaaattc tattttactc    110220
     tctgtttcta tgaatttgcc tattttagct gcatcacata agtgaaatat tatatttgtc    110280
     tttttgtttc tggctcattt cacttatagt gttctcaagg ttcatccaac ctgaatttca    110340
     ttcactttta aggctgaata atattccatg ctatgtgcac catgggtcgt ttatctaatc    110400
     atcctccgat ggacactcgg ttgcttccac cttttggcca ttgggaatag tgctgctacg    110460
     agcatgagtg tacaattatc tgtgtgagtt cctgctttca attcttttgg gtatatgccc    110520
     aaaagtggaa ttgttggctc ctatggaaat tgtgttttta ctttcttgag gaagcatcat    110580
     actgtttttc atggtcgctg taccactgta cactctcacc agcagtgtac aagtgttgtg    110640
     acttctccac atcttcgcca acacttggac tagtgaagtt cagcatattt tcatgtgcct    110700
     attgcccatt tgtatatctt ctttggagaa ttgtctattc atgttgttca ctcatttttg    110760
     aatgagattg tttgtttttc tgttgttaag tcatagttct ttatgtattc tggatattaa    110820
     ttctttatca ggtatataat tggcaaatat ttcctcccat tctgtgcatt ttcttttaac    110880
     tctcttaata gtgtcccttg atatataaaa aaggttttta aattttgata gtctaattta    110940
     ttgtttttct tttattggtt gtgcttttgc tcaccagcca agaagccatt gccacatcca    111000
     atgttcctaa gattttcttc aatgttttct tctaaaagat ttataggttg aactcctaag    111060
     ttgagttcct tgaaccattc tgagttaatt gagttaattt ttgaatatgg tgtaaggtga    111120
     tgctatgaat tttgtccaac atcattattt tgtatgtggg tattaaggtt tcctggtact    111180
     atcagctgaa gtggggctga tacacttgta agatgcagtg agcactgata aatgggaaca    111240
     ccatgcattt atttacttgt ctttactcca caggtgattg gaggaggctt ttggtgacaa    111300
     acccaaaaga aatgaataca tatgaattct tattaaatca aaatcaaata aaattataaa    111360
     ttttaaaatg ttaagagtga ggcaagacta gaacatcact agacaggctg aaacatgctg    111420
     aaatggaggg tttactgctt tccttgcttt aaattttgct ggctcacaat ggcttatgtt    111480
     tattgcataa gggggccaca gggagggttg cttgctcaca taaggagccc ctggttttct    111540
     tcagaaacaa gttcaaattc tccacttaga gccaaaaaaa attaattgca agatgttcaa    111600
     actgaagttg gcttctataa agtcaaagaa taagcagtaa gtgtaaaata aacctcagga    111660
     atccaaggaa attctacctt tttacctaga aatggcctca caatgcgtcg ctgaagggag    111720
     agggtccctt ccaggaaccc catgatgtag gggtttctgc tgcagtccca aattgagttg    111780
     tcccttctct ctaactgcag gtcccacaag accttactgc agcttcaata atttcacctg    111840
     gtctaagatt tgaggggttt aatgcttttt attttgagct gctgtctggg acttagaaag    111900
     gtgacttgca ttttttgtca aaatattatt tctttgatgg aatttgacat tggtggacac    111960
     tctgccttcc tgtgtggttc ctacaagggc agatgacctt gcacttcttt ttggcacttc    112020
     actagcagtg atagaaggtt tgaagttagg gcctccctca atctttaccc tctctctaat    112080
     gcagaggatt gcggcctgtt ggcagaagag tagtgtcttg ggccccagct gacctgatga    112140
     atatcaacat ccaatgccct gtaatgaagt catgtgtgca catatcatca cttctgcatg    112200
     cagtctcatg ggaaggtggg ttcctggacc ccaggttaca ggcctaagca ctacaggcat    112260
     acagatggag ctccagggaa gggagagatg actggggtgg gaccacactt ttccttcagg    112320
     gtgtccctca gttcaaggaa gcttgtactc aagggagaga aagtcctggc aggcctcctt    112380
     acccttggca atcttggtat tggggctgga taattatctg ttatgtgggt gattgggctg    112440
     acttgtgcac tgcaggatgt tcagcatccc tggtcattcc ccacaagatg ctggtagcac    112500
     ctcctcctca ctccagtcat ggcaacaaaa catttttcca gacatagcta atgtcctctg    112560
     gtgggaaaat tgctcctgga tgagaatact tgtttgagag gtagagacac tcaggagctg    112620
     ggcctgtaga gggaaagtga tccggaagta gatacaaagc agagtggggc tggagaagac    112680
     aggaagggag tctaggtctg gaggggcctg gcctgatggt tgaaggtctg gagctcagaa    112740
     cctcagggta tggggaacta aagctcgtga ggaatgggga gagtggcaga acctcctatt    112800
     gccagaatat cacactcata cccactaaac acccagccca tggttctgca tctctgggaa    112860
     gtcaggataa atttggctgt atggggtcag aaagagtcct ggtaacccta ggctttgtgt    112920
     gcctcctgat gtgatgaatg tgcggtcaca gctcctcctg taaacattgc tgccaaatgt    112980
     ttaacccaga gctacatagg tccttaggag gcatagcagt tagaggaaaa aagttaaagg    113040
     catcagggga aataatatga taaattcagt gtggagaaga ttccacaggt atttggcctc    113100
     atctctgaaa caggtaatgc cattctaaaa gaaaaaagat gggttgattg ttatagattg    113160
     taggtaatta aagaaacata accaaaggca acgagtggac attttaagaa aacaagctat    113220
     aaaaaatagg tacaaaaatg tactgaaaga agtggagata tttgaacata aaaggacttt    113280
     aaataatatt atggaattat ttattttctt tggtgtgata atgttggttc ttattcttag    113340
     gaggtgtgtg atgaagtatt tagtggtcta gtatcatggg tcttgcaact tactttagaa    113400
     tgactcagtc aaaaatctta atctggaccc ttttcataag atggtgccaa gaacgaagaa    113460
     ggaagctcct gcccctccta aagccgaagc caaagcgaag gctttgcaag gccaagaagg    113520
     cagtgttgaa agatgtccac agccacaaaa aaaacaagat ccacatgtca cccaccttcc    113580
     ggcggcccaa gacactgtga ctccggaggc agcccaaata tccttggaag agcaccccca    113640
     ggagaaataa gcttgaccac catgttatca tcaagtttcc gctgaccact gagtaggctg    113700
     tgaagaagat agaaaacaac agcctacttg tgttcactgt ggatgttaaa gccaacaagc    113760
     accagatcaa acaggctgtg aagaagtttg tgacattgat gtggccaaag tcaacactct    113820
     gattcagtct gatggagaga ggaaggcata tgttcgactg gctcctgact acgatgcttt    113880
     ggttgttgcc accaaaattg ggatcaccta aactgagtca agctggctag ttccaaatat    113940
     atgtatatct tttcaccatt aaaagaatct taatctctct attcactctt tctcttcaca    114000
     cacacacaca cacacacaca tttacgtgca tgctataaaa acatatctac ctgtatctat    114060
     aaaaagatat atttttattc tttattttta aaatttatgt atgttcgtga ggcacaagtg    114120
     caattctgct acattgatat cttgcttctc agtcccacac aaggaagctg tctcacacta    114180
     tagagaaaat attcatgaac aaattcgtat cagtcacagt gagaggtaac actctaaata    114240
     gcccatttca tgctcaagac atccaagtca aagaaaccca atagcacagc tgagtcccct    114300
     ctgttccccc ccaacacccc actcacatca gggcccctgc cctggagtgt cacctttatt    114360
     agctgtgaga gacaccccag agccctgggc actgtcagtg attggggtag aacaaaaaca    114420
     ggacctggtc agagcccaca gatgtggcta gaggaactgt ggggtgggtg agctccctca    114480
     taggctcctg accacaatat cccaacaatc tcagggatca gcctccttca tcttacctgc    114540
     agcctgagag tagctccctc tgtttctatc tatgggaaga aaatgtcctg tgagaggcca    114600
     gaaaggaggc agggccataa ggtcctagag caaaccccta gtctttgatc ccagagaagt    114660
     ttccagaaaa gtgtaactgt agatccaggg caggatcaag aaatatgaag aaagcagatg    114720
     tgggtcctgg accaactgcc ctcctgaggt ctgtcatcag cagggacctt cccctgtgat    114780
     ttgtgactgc tgggatcagg tcccatcacc accataatca tcgaagtgaa gaatctgtcc    114840
     ttcattttca caggagcttt acaaatgagt aggtgctggc acacagggcc caggctgggt    114900
     agacccatga gtgtggatgg tgcttcccag taatgaggca gggcacactt ctacttgggg    114960
     cttgcaaccc ccagtgggac aagaaaactc agactccact cctcacccct tcctacctga    115020
     gctcttcttc ctccacatca cagcagcgac cacagctcca gtgaccacag ctccaaggac    115080
     aacaaggcca gcaacgatgc ccacgatggg gatggtgggc tggggagact gctctgggaa    115140
     aggaagggaa ggtgaggggc cctgatctcc aggcctcagc cctgaccctg ctgaagagct    115200
     ccagaagggc tcctgctttc cctgagaaaa gacatgaccc ctcgttcccc tctttaccca    115260
     tctccctcct taccccatct caggatgagg ggctggggca gcccctcgtg ctgcacatgg    115320
     catgtgtatc tctgttcctc tccaggaggc accaccacag cggcccactt ctggaaggtt    115380
     ccatcccctg caggcctggt ctccacaagc tctgtgtcct gggtctgttc ctccccatcc    115440
     cgctgccagg tcagcgtgat ctccgcaggg tagaagccca gggcccagca cctcagggtg    115500
     gcctcatggt cagagatggg gtggtgggca acgtgtgcct ttggaggatc tgagaagagt    115560
     cagaaaattc aggcactttg cactcctcat gggaaacccc agcagcaccc atgtgaccaa    115620
     cctgagaatg gacaggacac ctggggtggg gaagggagca cagaacccag acaccagcct    115680
     ggacacagac acctgggaaa atctcctatt ccttggaaag ttagagtctc tgagggggga    115740
     gcagggactt ctggccctga cctaagtgga ggccgaggga ctggaatcag agcctcaaac    115800
     acattgagtg tgaggcagag aacaaaactt gagagaaaag tcacggggcc caaggctgtt    115860
     ggagggctca aaggggaccg cggatcggta ttccagggac tgtcttccct ccattccctc    115920
     agaaatttca tcccttaatt gtcccagaga gcagggcgga ctctcacagt cactctctgg    115980
     taccggatct cgaaagccag gaagattctt cctactcagg actagaggga gggcgatatc    116040
     ctagcattgg gtccactttc ctcccaacct tgtgcgaggc catcccaaga gatctacagg    116100
     agatagggaa ggcgcccatg gcccctggta cctgcgcgct gtagcgtctc cttcccattc    116160
     tccaagtatc tgcggagcaa ctccaggcac tcgccctcca ggtaggtcct gaactcctct    116220
     gcatattcct ctgcctcata gaagcgctgg gtgatctgag ccacggtgtc cgccgcggtc    116280
     caggagcgca ggtcctcgtt cagggagatg taatccttgc cgtcgtacgc gtgctggtga    116340
     tacccgcgga ggaggcgtcc gtcgggcccc atgtcgcagc cattcattcc ctggagggtg    116400
     tgagacccta gccggtcccc gcagtcagcc ccgcccagct agccccgccc cctccccgcc    116460
     caacccgcgg ggattttggc ctaaactgaa aatgaacctg ggtaaaggcg cctgggactc    116520
     tcccgggtgg agggtctggg cgggtcccgc tgcctcgggg tagatttcgg atccggagac    116580
     tctgagggac ccgggcggtc cgtggcggat ggggggtggt cgtgacctgc gcccccggcc    116640
     gggttcactc accagcctcg ctctggttgt agcggcggag caggttcctc agggccactc    116700
     ggtcagtctg tgcgttggcc ttggcgtacc ctgtggtcca ctcccaatac tgcggcccct    116760
     cttgctccac ccacggctcc cgcggctcca tcctcggaat cgcggcgtcg ctgtcgaacc    116820
     gcaggaattg cgtgtcgtct acgtactcca cggcgatgta gcggggctcc ccgcggccgg    116880
     gccgcgacac agcggtgctg aaatacctca aggagtggga gcctgggggc gaggaggggc    116940
     tgagacccgc cagaccctcc tccggaggcg gctccctgag tcctgcgccc ccaccgggcg    117000
     ggcccctcac tcctccccac agaggccgtt tctctctgga ccccgcactc acccgcccaa    117060
     gtatcggtca gggccagggc ccctgagagc agcaggagga ggcttcgggg cgccatgacc    117120
     ccaacctccg cgtctgggaa aaatatgagt cccgcggggt gcgtgggact ttagaacctg    117180
     ggaactgcgg cgacactgat tggcttctct agaaacgcga cgcccaatgg gagtgagaaa    117240
     tggggccgcg ttatgagtat ccaggaagaa ggacctgaca cgggttggga gagaaagaga    117300
     aactctgggg agatggggaa ttctcaatac tgagcctccc aaccccagac accgcctcgg    117360
     ggcctgagcc cttgagagcc actcctgggg ccctgggact ttgccctccc cctccccctc    117420
     cccctcctgt gcagggtgtg tctcaatgtc tccctgagtc ttcgcccggg ggctgagaaa    117480
     ccagggagaa accttcggca tggacccagt ccatctccct tcattattca ttccgaaatc    117540
     ccagtccctt gattgaactt tctgcctccc attccatacc tggactcccc ggactctttt    117600
     ggaagaaaat tcaccccaag gagcttggtg ccagacaatg aacttgtcct gagaatgaag    117660
     gtgtagagac agtttcttct tcttcctttt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    117720
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    117780
     cttcctcttc ctcttcctct tcctcttcct ctccttctcc ttctccttct ccttctcctc    117840
     cttctttcct cctcctcctg ctcctccccg cccccctcct cttcttctct ggaaaagttg    117900
     tacctgagca tatgaaatag gacagagacc agtttctttc tttctttttt ttttttatta    117960
     gctgcagtga gtagtagaat cttggtaacc cctgaattat caggaacctt tttttttttt    118020
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttgagacgga gtctctctct gccgcccagg    118080
     ctggagtgca gtggcgcgat ctcggctcac tgcaagctct gcgtcccggg ttcacgccat    118140
     tcttctgctt cagcctcccg agtagctgag actacagatg cccgccacca cgcccggcta    118200
     atttttttgt agagacgggt ttcaccgtgt tagccaggat ggtctcgatc tcctgacctc    118260
     gtgatcctcc cgcctcggcc tcccaaagtg ctgcgattac aggcatgagc caccgcgccc    118320
     gaccaatcag gaatcttatg tgtaaaaact gttactttgg ccccttgata tataaatgtg    118380
     tctaaatgca ttacagttgt acaactctca gagctcctaa gttttgcttt cccagactat    118440
     gtatctgtga ctcttgttgt attctaaaat taccttcatt ccatagccct gagtttctgt    118500
     gggagtccag gacatctcct gacaatacaa agtagcacaa cgtgtgattg tatattgcaa    118560
     ccaggagcca atacattcat tcacctcaaa gttgcaagtg ttcaacgcag tcacaatgcc    118620
     cctcaccagt gctcatgcac ttcctgtttt taggaagtat ccgcatctaa gtggtgtgca    118680
     tgttttattg gaacacttag tattttttta aacctgaaaa aaagcagaaa aagcaattaa    118740
     tttttaggca gtcccacata aggtgttaaa ggccaaatgc aaggaacacc ctgctaggct    118800
     ctgtagatgg atgtattaaa aatttataaa acaatgtgtt taaagctaag aattctgctg    118860
     ctttcaaatt ctgtccctct gctccttctc ctcacctcct gcttctccag cccttccctc    118920
     cgtccctctc atccctcagg ccctcctctt cccttagtcc ccaccactct gtcactcctg    118980
     aatagtggct ctagcactgt tccattacct gccacctgag tgttctctcc acagtggtcc    119040
     tgctactgtg agtcaaagtg tgtcgtttct tcacctaaaa cactccagtg gctccacttc    119100
     ggtcttgtga agcttctaga atgtcaggca cttgagcata tgagggcata cctggttcag    119160
     cataggcact aaattaattt ttgttgtcta gttgaatgaa atatgattgt ataaaaattt    119220
     aatcgcatca tggaatatta taaaatgaaa aatactggaa aaaggaaata ttttatttta    119280
     ctcatgtagt gtgcttatca atttataaat tcattccatg tgtctgttga gtctgtgtat    119340
     gacttttgta tgactgcata acaaattacc acaaacactg gctttaaaca acacccattt    119400
     attgtattta tttatttatt tttagagaca tggtctccct ctgttatcca cggtgaagtg    119460
     cagtggcatg atcatggttc cctgcaacct caaactcctg gcctctagag gtccccctgc    119520
     ctcagtgtct ggagtacctg ggactacagg caagtaccac cgtgctcagg taaattaaaa    119580
     aaaaaaaaaa ttcctttttg tagagaggaa ggtctcctca aattgcccag gctagtctca    119640
     ctcctggctg caagtaatcc tcctgtgtca ttcccacaaa ccttaggatt acaggcatga    119700
     gctaccatgg ttgaccaaac aacacttatt tatttattta cagttcctta gtcagaaatc    119760
     tgagcatgat tggagggttc tctgtttagg gtttcccaaa actgtgtttt cattttgagg    119820
     gcctccttca ggcttataca gaggcgacat aattcagttt ctgccagttg taggactaag    119880
     gttcctgttc cttgcctact gtcaaggtag agagaggctg ctctcaattc ctggtgccca    119940
     ccagcattct ttgccacaca gccccttcat ttttagaatc cacattggag gaaccccctc    120000
     acactgaatc cctctcacac tgtgaatctc tctgatcagg aagaacccag tcctttcagg    120060
     ggctcgccag atgaggacag cccgaccagg gataatccct gtcttaaagt caattgattt    120120
     aggaccttaa ttatatatgc aaaaatccct tcaaggcagg acttacatta ttgttggttg    120180
     aataactggg gtcaggtgaa tgaccaaggt tacacgtcta tcatgggggg gatgatagaa    120240
     tcagcctagc aaggcttggg tctttctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttatt    120300
     ttttattttt tattttttat ttttattgat cattcttggg tgtttctcgc agagggggat    120360
     ttggcagggt cataggacaa tagtggaggg aaggtcagca gataaacaag tgaacaaagg    120420
     tctctggttt tcctaggcag aggaccctgc ggccttccgc agtgtttgtg tccctgggta    120480
     cttaagatta gggagtggtg atgactctta acgagcatgc tgccttcaag catctgttta    120540
     acaaagcaca tcttgcaccg ccctcaatcc atctaaccct gagtggacac agcacatgtt    120600
     tcagagagca cagggttggg gataaggtca cagatcaaca ggatcccaag gcagaagaat    120660
     ttttcttagt acagaacaaa atgaaaagtc tcccatgtct acttctatcc acacagaccc    120720
     cgcaaccatc cgatttctca attttttccc cacccttccc gcccttctat tccacaaaac    120780
     cgccattgtc atcatggccc atccccaatg agccgctggg cacacctccc agacggggtc    120840
     gtggccgggc agaggggctc ctcacttccc agtaggggcg gcccggcaga agtgcccctc    120900
     acctcccaga tggggcggct ggccgggagg ggggctgacc cccccaccgc cctcccggac    120960
     ggggcggctg gccaggcaga ggggctcctc acttcccagt aggggcggcc gggcagaggc    121020
     gcccctcacc tcctggatag ggcggctggc cgggcggggg actgttcccc ccacctccct    121080
     cccggacggg gcggctggcc gggcagaggg gtcctcactt cccagtaggg gcggccgggc    121140
     agaggcgccc ctcacctccc ggacggggcg gctggccagg cagggggctg atccccccac    121200
     ctccctcccg gacggggcgg ctggccgggc ggggggctga cccccccacc tccctcccgg    121260
     acggggcggc tggccgggca gaggggtcct cacttcccag taggggcggc cgggcagagg    121320
     cgcccctcac ctcccggacg gggcggctgg ccaggcaggg ggctgatccc cccacctccc    121380
     tcccggacgg ggcggctggc cgggcggggg gctgaccccc cccacctccc tcccggacgg    121440
     ggcggctggc cgggcagggg gctgaccccc cctcccccct cccggacggg gcggctggcc    121500
     gggcgggggg ctgacccccc acctccctcc cggactgggc ggctggccgg gcggggggtt    121560
     gaccccccca cctccctcct ggacggggcg actggccggg cagaggggct cctcacttcc    121620
     cagtaggggc ggccgggcag aggagcccct cacctcccgg ccggggcggc tggccgaccc    121680
     cccccccccc cgcctccctc ccggacgggg cggctggccg ggcagagggg ctcctcactt    121740
     cccagtaggg gcggccgggc agaggagccc ctcacctccc ggacggggcg gctggccggg    121800
     cggggggctg acccccccca cctccctccc ggacggggtg gctgccgggc ggagacgctc    121860
     ctcacttccc agacggggtg gttgccagac ggaggggctc ctcacttctc agacggggcg    121920
     gttgccaggc agagggtttc ctcacttctc agacggagcg gccgggcaga gacactcctc    121980
     acctcccaga cagggccgcg gcccagcaga ggcgctcctc acatcccaga cagggcggtg    122040
     gggcagaggt gctccccaca tctcagacga tgggcggccg ggcagagacg ctcctcactt    122100
     cctagatggg atggcggcgg ggaagaggcg cttctcgctt cctagatggg atggcggccg    122160
     ggcagagacg ctccccactt tccacactgg gcagccaggc agaggggctc ctcatatccc    122220
     agacgatggg tggccaagca gagacgctcc tcacttccca gacggggtgg cggccgggca    122280
     gaggctgcaa tctcggctcc ttgggaggcc aaggcaggcg gctgggaggt ggttgtagcg    122340
     agccgagatc acgccactgc actccagcct gggcaccatt gagcactgag tgaacgagac    122400
     tccatctgca atcccggcac ctcgggaggc cgaggctggc ggatcactcg cggttaggag    122460
     ctggagacca gcccggccaa cacagcgaaa ccccatctcc accaaaaaaa aacgaaaacc    122520
     agtcaggcgt ggcggcgcgc gcctgcaatc gcaggcactc ggcaggctga ggcaggagaa    122580
     tcaggcaggg aggttgcagt gagccgagat ggcagcagta ccgtccagct ttggctcggc    122640
     atgagaggga gagggagacg ggagagggag agggagacgg gagagggaga gggagacggg    122700
     agagggagag ggagacggga gagggagagg ggagagggag agggagacgg gagagggaga    122760
     gggagacggg agagggagag ggagacggga gagggagagg gagacgggag agggagaggg    122820
     agacgggaga gggagaggga gacgggagag ggagagggag acgggagagg gaggcttggg    122880
     tctttctttt gagtttaatt gggacacagg tggaaattga agttcaaata aagcaataat    122940
     tgtgaatgat aataaaatac atcctattta gccatggaaa ttcctcttac ctcttaaaac    123000
     caaatgacat gtttaatatt ttataattaa tttaggttgg gtgtggtggt ggctcatgcc    123060
     tgtaatccca gcacttttgg agatggagtc aggcagagag cttgatttca tgagttcgag    123120
     atcagcctag gcagcatggc aaaacccttg tctctaccaa aaatacaaaa attttagcca    123180
     ggcatggtgg tgcatgtctg tactcccagc tactcagaca gctgaggtgg gaagatcaca    123240
     tgagcctagg aggtcgaggc tgcagtgagc tgtcctcctg ccacagcact gcagcctgag    123300
     tgacagagca agaccctgtc tcaataataa tgatgataac aataacacta ataaatttag    123360
     agcaaatgaa aattaaagtg caactattca tcctctcttg tgaagctgta ttttttttta    123420
     ctgttacatt acaaattact gaaaatgtaa cagctcaaag caacaaatat ttatcatctc    123480
     ccacagtttc caatgctcag gaatccagga gaggtttccc tgagtgtttc tggctcaggg    123540
     cctctcacaa ggttgcagtc cagttgtcag ccagggctgc atcatctgag ggctcaactg    123600
     ggctggggat ttgcatgaaa aatggctcac tcacatggct attggaaaag gcctcagttc    123660
     cttgttgtct ggtcccggga ggcctcggtc ctagccacat ggacctttcc acaggtctgc    123720
     ttatgacaca gcagctggct tcccccagag ttcatgatcc cagagacaga gagagcaaag    123780
     gtagaagcta cggtaagttt tttgttctac accaacagtc actccatcag atagaagtga    123840
     atcattaagt ccaggccaca ctcacaggga gggaatgaac ctgcacctct gcaaagtgga    123900
     gagtatcaaa gaatttgcat atatgttaaa agcaaaatta agcaaaatta aaattattgt    123960
     ttcagaattt tataaatcca aagctgcttt catctgatta taattcttta atgctttaaa    124020
     cttctctttt taaagtaatg attaaaattt gagacatcac agagccttgg gtattgaggg    124080
     gaaaaaagtt tgagacagag aaaggagata ctatagtatc tctaagtttt tcttgcaaat    124140
     acctttaata acaatgttct ctttaatgag ttgcaacaca gctgagaact tacagtaact    124200
     agatcaaata gttccaagac ttcagtgcca taacaatagt gccttaaaaa taagtatttg    124260
     ttttgcctaa gatgtctcaa atttagttta agaatgtccc aaatgccaat tttctcattc    124320
     aaatatcatc tttaaaaata tttgccaaat cagattgctt ttaaggtaga aaaaatgtga    124380
     atctcatacc tcagccaaca catctagctt agcatgatgt cagtaacttt ggttggatac    124440
     agtagcccaa aatgcttagc tccaacttag gaacaagatt ttccaaaaac tggctactgg    124500
     gtgggcattc cataataaac ttgacatctt tcgctctggt ttttaatgag acgtggtaga    124560
     catgatttgg acatcactat gattctaaat agcactgcta ttctgtactt ctacagtatt    124620
     ttttaagcaa tcctattgtg ttttccattc ctatttgcta ttctatcact ggttattcct    124680
     atataatttt ttcctgttta atttattttg atcagtaatg tgcatttcca attctgtaaa    124740
     agtttaattc aggtgtgtgt gtggtagaat gtaacatcga atcctttgca agatggaatt    124800
     accttgcaca tcagaccgaa cattgtacac cgaaaatcta tggagatgtc aatgagccaa    124860
     ggatcaaatg acctatttct ggtcaaggcc actttcatag cattctggct ctctccatca    124920
     catggatcat tacaattggc tttggtccaa tgtgaatagt tcttggtaag aattattgta    124980
     atggcaaaaa ctgcaattat ttttgcatca gcctgtaaga gttcaaagtc actgtcttgg    125040
     ccgcagaatt acaccaggca ctttttactc agactctgtt aataacttcc tgttctttac    125100
     ttgtatccca tacactgtgg cattaaactt ttaacataca gattcagaaa atgcttcctt    125160
     atatcataac cacatagggt tattttatat gttaggaata tttcatgaga agtaggaaaa    125220
     aatggtggga aggaaaagaa aaatcaagaa gagaataggt ggagagaaac gggaaacatt    125280
     atgtatggat aatattataa aaatagaagg aaataaatca gatgtagata accactatgg    125340
     aataatcgaa acataagaga ggtttattag ctatctgttg ctgtgtaaca aactacccca    125400
     agacttagtg acttaaaaca gtgaacatca atttactcaa agaaaacaac acaaatacca    125460
     gcaaaactgg agcaggtgga agaagttgga taataaaaag gattttacaa actggaaaag    125520
     taagaggtca ctggtgtgta aatggaaatg attttgttgg tccatgttct ccaagaagca    125580
     gatgacatga gattaaagtt gcagtatttt attagaggac tcacctgcca gaaaatatgg    125640
     gaaaagatcc aggaaaccct gggagagaca gcagactgag atgcaagcgt gacccccaag    125700
     tgagggacag gagaggaggt ttgttggaca catcctagac cacaggcaat ctaaggagag    125760
     ttgagcaagg ccatagagga gtcctctagc cacagttggc ccttgtcttc cagacatagg    125820
     cctcccttag tgtccctctt gtcacccatc actggttggg aacagcccat gggaagcagg    125880
     gtgtctgcac caatgctgct gaggatgtca gagcacagga gcagggcctt gggagattat    125940
     ctgggagcat ggttcaaatc ttccttcctg aggtttctgg gcccttggaa atcaaattcc    126000
     ctcaggattg gttgctggac aattccacta acacttacaa tgggacaagg ggaaccagga    126060
     gacccctcaa gtggatcact gggttccaca cacattcctc ctgccctcat tgtgacagca    126120
     gcccaacctc ctcctggaga ttaggatcta ttacctgtgc ctggagagga ggggactcct    126180
     cacttgctgg tctctgggca catactgtcc aaatctctct gggggcaata gtaatgtgtt    126240
     cttcagtagg ctctcatttg tcctgattta agagtacctt cctttagaat ccaggacctt    126300
     ctaccctgca gagcacaggt ttgggagatg agaagtgcaa aatcccacag caggtgaatc    126360
     taaggaatga gacatggagc catacccact ttcactcctt agtttctgga cccacatgtt    126420
     cttcctactg agaacacggc actgtagaga tgtctctgat ttaataaatg caccatgtcc    126480
     cgaaagacag cacccacccc tcagagtgct tcctccaggc tggcactgag ttgtgcctgt    126540
     agaagacctg tccagcattc ttagtggctg gcagaccctg ggtggtgcag atggtgatag    126600
     aaccagtgga tcccatggcc atgaaaatgc tgcacctgct tccctgtcaa gtgggttcca    126660
     ccaggaagac agtgtgctaa gagcaatgcc atgcctgtga atcaggaatg tcaacagtcc    126720
     ctggagagtg gtgctgactg agggtctgag agcaggacag gaaaacccac tcatggaatg    126780
     gtgcctaacc ctgtaaagat gaacctctgg cccttccaga atggaagtgg ctcaactaat    126840
     cacttagcag cgagtgttgc tttagtcacc taaagaaata tagccccact gaggcacatc    126900
     attggcctca aatgctaatg agttggacat tcagaggtgg cagcagctgg atctgtcttg    126960
     gtaggtggta gtcagtgctt ctggacccat atttagcctc attcctgcca ctgtgcttgc    127020
     tccattcatg aactcatcct gccaggcctg ggctgcccga tggtgagggc tggctaactt    127080
     caatttgtct gcttggttgt ttagtgccac ttcaggtttg gatgttttct ggaggtgtca    127140
     acataggatt catgctcaat ccagatggac catttctatc tcatgatgga tgctttgggg    127200
     tctgtccgat ctatgacttt ctgagttaca gaagccaatt catatgggca tttgaaatca    127260
     catggttgtt tgatgtccca tggcaaggat tctatcttat caaggccagt aacataccaa    127320
     aagttgcttc taacaggggc atatgtctct gctgtggatg acatggcctt actccagaat    127380
     cccaggccct ccgtgtgact cccccactgg tgcttgtttc agctccatcc tgcatctttc    127440
     cccacgactg acacctctag gtgggtctga gggatggcgc tgcctcatgg cctgaatctg    127500
     ccagtgtcct ttcctcagca ggcctaattg aagcaagtcc cctcctattt ctcctagagt    127560
     gtaggtcaaa gcaatagatg tgggatgtgg tgttgtcaga attcaaagag gctcaccagg    127620
     cagtgtgctt ccttccttgt agtgaggatg caagatgcaa cactttgtct tttactgtgg    127680
     aggagaaact cctggatgtc ctcaaccact ggatgaataa aacttcacca cagtggccac    127740
     tcctgaatct ctgtgtggtt tatcttccat ctgctggaga gcacgtgttt tgccaaggcc    127800
     ttcagcatac ttcccatctc ctactcatcc atcctagtca acatgatgtt gttgatgaaa    127860
     taagctgatt taccattcta taggatgcca ggttcttcag atctcttaag actatactat    127920
     agagggcagg tcagttacaa taaccctgag gccaattatc aataaatgtg ttgtggatcc    127980
     cacatgaatc acttcatgta tagtttttct cattggaatg gaaaggaatg cactcaccaa    128040
     atccacagct gcacactttg tgcctgaggc cttatcaatc tgctctacca gtgatatcca    128100
     gccagcatgg cagctgcaat tatgactcct actttttcaa gtctgaagta atctcattca    128160
     ttctttaggc cccatcaggc ttccttgggg acagattgct ggattacgtg aagataacag    128220
     gcaactccaa cagcacccct catccttcag ctctctaatg gtggtgctac acctaaaata    128280
     cctacagtac ctttcataag actcaccctg ggactcaata tcatttttta tttggccagg    128340
     atgaagtcag ttgcagaggt ttccctttgg ctttcagaca atgacagccc ttattccaga    128400
     gacttgggac ccaatgtggg ggttactcca gctgccaggg catcaatgcc aattacacac    128460
     ttggagaatg gggagataaa cagggctggg tctgtggacc cagtagtccc tttgtgatgt    128520
     gtccagattt attcccagct tctgtaagcc ccactgtggt agggacataa tggtgctgta    128580
     ggcctgtagg catcaatatc agctcacacc caatgtcaac actcccccaa attctgcctg    128640
     tttccctttc ctagtgtaca gtcccctgag taaatgactg taggctcctt tgcagaaaga    128700
     cagagggaat tgttccagca tatacttgcc atgaggtttc agggtccttc ctcctggaat    128760
     agggactcct tctctgtaac tgggatctga atctgaaact tggttgacgt ttaggaattg    128820
     agaatgggat catgactttg tattgagtta aacaccctca gccccctgct catcaattct    128880
     tgctttctca tcacagatgt caagcagtgc ccttgttggc tgctgcctgt tctgacacca    128940
     ccgtctatta accttcccca caactccctg cagatcaagc tgcctcagct gctcctctga    129000
     gattgtcaag ttaaccgtgc cctctggctt ttgcaggcca ctgtcaccat ttagttctct    129060
     gccttttcaa ggccacactt tcctcaggaa tatcaatgag cccaactata ggacctcctt    129120
     cctgccatca cacccagcct gcagaggaca ccaccccgac gcttcttagc catgcaagtc    129180
     cctctcaccg gcacattcct gaggctctgg tggaagttgt gccctatggg tcctctgtgg    129240
     agcatggccc tagtgggcat tctggttcac atgatgtctc catcccacac acccacttcc    129300
     ctcagcctca ttgtccatcc tctacatgtt ccaggacaac taagtcatgt ctaacttact    129360
     gagagttgga catcattttt tccagtctac atgggtccac cccagcagtg ggtttgcccc    129420
     atgccctgag gtccttgata aacccatacc ctgagaaagt gctcccaagc caaaggtgtt    129480
     tttttttaat ttatccagct tgattctggc cctttgatca aacaccctta aattccaatc    129540
     ccagaactgc tcctcaggct cctacgggga cataacggct gttactgcaa agctcctgag    129600
     tggaattccc actgcatcat aggggtgagg tttctgcagc atcttccagt gtaggaagtg    129660
     ggaaccatta ctagagaagg gcgagcctcc tctgcatgcc cagagagttc taaagggcac    129720
     ccataggata accctgttcc agtttgcaga atcttaggtt tccgcaccaa ggccttgact    129780
     ttcccacagc aggtctgcct ctgatgagtg tccaaacatc tctgtagtac tgtgactttt    129840
     aaaatgatgt catcagctat cattccactc tgcaagggga gaggggcaga tgcccctcct    129900
     cggtctgtct ccaccaggcc ctgtgagggt gggtggaggc tctctccaag ccctcgtttg    129960
     gccccacccc agcatgtctc caggttcctc tcagccctgg ttccttttgg ccctgcagtc    130020
     acaatgggca acactgtgac gcaccctgtc ctgtgtcaca gtgtcataca ctcaggctca    130080
     cattgcccct aggccacttg ccagccaagg gacatggcca cattttgtgt cttctgcacc    130140
     tcagccttgc tttcaagtgc aggtgatgat ggcacccacg cagaacaaat gttatttgct    130200
     atcttcgtcg agtttagtca tccaattttc caaccctcac tgggcaagga agagtgtggt    130260
     ttccaccaga aggcaggatg tcagcagtca caggggcaac caacagggaa agccactgga    130320
     aaatagaccc cacaggaagc acaggtgtcc agtggagatg ggaaccctgc agatttgacc    130380
     gtctttaagc agattagaga gattaccatt actaacaact tagccataaa agtttattag    130440
     ctattttcaa aaagcataaa attatgtaat ataatttttt tttaatttcc atcaatacaa    130500
     aactaatctg ggcactgcaa cttctggtgg gcaactggga taggcggcat catcaggaag    130560
     gcgagccctg ccgtgcccca tgtgccagtg ccccagatgg cggcagcctc cccagaagca    130620
     ccttgtatct cccctgcaca gggccagggt cccagcttcc catacacctt ctcctgcttt    130680
     ttcttttctg tcctttcctt tttcaataaa ccacctgcaa aaaggaaaaa ccattctgag    130740
     gacaagaaac atgtcaatgg gaaatacaca gttgccagag ggtaaaaggc cctgttcatt    130800
     ctcattgaaa agctcaggta tttctgttaa agtctctcct tttactttag gatgctgact    130860
     cctgcgtcca tctcaacctg ggcatcgtgc caccaccttc aagaagagaa aaactaagta    130920
     gtgctttgca aaggggcagc agcatttctc atttctgacc atgtcaggca cacggccatg    130980
     cagatgagca ggtgggggac acaggtgagt ctccagacct gctctcctcc cacagtacat    131040
     tcttgagtct ttttaaacag ttgtgaaaat gccacagatg caagcacctg tgggccactc    131100
     ccatggggac cgttgcacaa ggcagtgcca ctcattctca gaacctccta ccatgggcta    131160
     tgcttagtga cccgaggcca agccaaggaa gacgccagcc acagggtgcc atcctcaggg    131220
     gcatgctgcc agcaggggca aagttatccc tagcaacaag atacagaaag aaagaaaaaa    131280
     ggaaggaaat gtagccaatg ggccggttca ggttcttgac tttgccacac aaaagaattt    131340
     gagagcaagt ccaaagtaaa agtcagcaag agaatttatt gcaaagtgaa agtacactct    131400
     gacagctgat cagagcagct gctcaaaaga gagacagtac cctcccctca cgggagtctt    131460
     acatgattat tcatgaatag gtgggaaggg gtattgtttt aagcatgttc tgtggtctct    131520
     tgaacgtgca tgcactgtgg ttgtacatat cagcacacac atcttacgtc tcattagcat    131580
     cttaacttcc ctctcagagt tgtgtttgct actattgtaa tgagcatagg tcagcccaag    131640
     gacgctattc atgggtttct gggcttcctc agatgtgggg atgcctccct tggctcttct    131700
     acctctttgc tgcaggatgt tctaaccaca agcccaggat atggtttgcg cactgtcgaa    131760
     cagcttgttc tctccatcaa cctgacaagt ctcttgtttc ctttcaagtg aggctgtgaa    131820
     caccctatct cactgacctc agaaggacag tacagcagta gccaccatga ccaaaaagat    131880
     gattccagaa gtgcaggaca actccctacc cagaggctgt ggctgtgcag taacacacca    131940
     agaggggagt ccagctggct ctcagggtgc tcactaccct catctggggg cctggaggac    132000
     gtcaattcct gagaacgcca cgttctagtg agtagaatga actaagagat acacagcaaa    132060
     gctccacata cttttccttt tctttgtgcc cgcagtgttc ttcatcagtg tgctctcgct    132120
     tttcagctac tactgttggc tggctggaaa aaatagaaca atagtaaaaa ttagagacca    132180
     gtctttggtg atgaagagaa atattggcta cttccagtat tttctagctt tggttatggt    132240
     tgcagttttc cagctcacct tgtggggatg aattcagaaa aaagttacaa attgaaatga    132300
     acatgccaga agtattggct caaatcaacg ttgtcctatt aagccactta gtgaatcaaa    132360
     agaccgcttg ttggactgtt aatctcggtg gccagagaaa ggagctgaag aaggtgttgc    132420
     cagatcagga acaaataatt acagcggcaa tagaaaatgg aagaccactt gttcataacc    132480
     atttgaataa gggcaaggtg tatggaaaca cattatgaac tgatattttc agttttgttt    132540
     gcaagaaaat gattaataag gtgaaataat tgaagtatca cggaagatac attaaaaaaa    132600
     aaaaaaagcc tttgtacagt ttgctggagc cacagatgtc ctactccaga gcagaacaat    132660
     gcctgaatct tcagggtcca tttgtgccgc attcactagc aaccacaaat gtgacttaat    132720
     tttactttgg aaataatgct tacctattgt gagatgctgt aatatgaacc atcattacat    132780
     gttaacatgg cacatggaat tttgagtgtc taagttacat ttttagagtt gtttcttagt    132840
     agccatgtga gtttccactc caaaaacaca agctaaaaac ttgttttgag tgaaggacat    132900
     ctagggcaaa tggtggctga aagtgaatga gatcccaatt actctttctt gtactgtata    132960
     aggaaaagaa aataagtgct tttcttgttg ggtgtttgct aatttataat taccgtttta    133020
     tgcttttcaa catttttaat aaagtttttt attgttggct ataaacgttt taaaaggatt    133080
     ctcttcctct agaatcactc taagtaccaa aatctgtatt attctggatt caacagagaa    133140
     acagaaccaa taaggggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt    133200
     gttttattcg tgttatgaaa ctgactcatg caattattac ggtggcaagt gtgaaatctg    133260
     taggatacgc cagcaggctg aaaatgcaga cagaagttga tatggtagtc ttaagacaga    133320
     atttcttctt ttctgggaaa ctgtagtttc tgctcttaaa gccttctact gattggatga    133380
     ggtccatcta cattattgag ggtaatttcc ttttcataaa gtcaactgat tgtaaatgtt    133440
     aaccacatgt actaaatatc ttcacagcaa catctagatt aggttttgat taaatgactg    133500
     ggtactatgt cctagccaag tttattggca ttgactctgg gtcaaggcac cgtgtctccc    133560
     tcccatcgag ttttccatca tctacacgag acctagatga ctactttgat atctactgca    133620
     ggccacagcc ttgtcaaagc cagccccagc tgaaatgcac tcacctgcat tcccacacaa    133680
     ttttacatac aattcggggg aggttatggg atctatgaag accaagggtc tgtggtcctg    133740
     tgacactttc tctcagaggg tgaagaagga gttccttggg gcagcaactc cccaggggtc    133800
     tcctgcctgc ctctcctccc ctctcagccc caatcctctt tcctgctgtt gatcatcatg    133860
     cagtttttaa atccctactc cctgccccac caaggttggg ctctaggacc tgcctattgg    133920
     gaacctgcgg ttgggagaaa gtatgaagtg acccacctga atttagagga gggaagtgag    133980
     gaatttggag acatctaaaa acattttgtc cctgtggttt gacttcaaat tattatctat    134040
     ttttattgga gatttgtttg aaattataac cggtatctca tgattattca gcatatgcca    134100
     tgccccctgg taaccctggt tcttattttt ttaaacttgt acaaatattt taagcaaaca    134160
     cagaagtaga cagaagagta aagtgacctt cactgtaccc ttcactcagt aacacccact    134220
     cttgatttat ctacatcctc aaccatagcc caacaccagg ttattttcaa ctaaatccta    134280
     gacaatatat tatttcacat gttagcaatt ttcttttgaa ggtgccaatg ttcagcttct    134340
     ttaaaaagag aaacagagac gggcaggaga aggattgaac tgacaaaata tattttcaaa    134400
     tgcaattaag gcagaggaca atgcaggaac ccttgagtcc cgttttaact gaatgctcag    134460
     cacctcttag attctcaata aaagaaagca gcagcccaga gccaaggagc ccagggaggc    134520
     acatcatggt ttgattttgt gactgttttc agggcagtat ctgtcatctc tgaatggtta    134580
     cactggacat ttctattccc acccttgcaa tgggactccc cagctcagag aaagggaaat    134640
     tatcacccat tctcatttat acctttaatg ccttcatcca ttcccttggt cctgactttc    134700
     cggttggagg agggggagga aaagcagagg cacgaaattg aaatgtcttc tctgccatct    134760
     gctggggata tgcttgaata acaggaaagg cctacataaa agatatgcag cgaggaatag    134820
     aggttccttt tcctgtttcc ttcaggaaat ttcccctagg gcagacagag caagagcgat    134880
     ggacagagga atgggagcag gacccagggg gaggtctggt catatgtgtg cctttctgcc    134940
     tccccgtctg tcattgtcct tcctcaccag gcctgcagac cacctgcgat gacctggcct    135000
     cttgccatcc ctagctgggc caaaattcca tcacagggac acacaggatg gcagaagcgc    135060
     aaggcctcat acccgctggg gcagcctcct ggagatggcc tcagaagggc ttctgggagc    135120
     ttctttaaaa cctgcactac aggcaccaat ttccccagtt atcccatcct taagtgaaaa    135180
     atcaaccaca gagatgattt attgtaatag ccttatttca gtacaagcag acgaaaagtg    135240
     tttctcttca ctggcccgtt agttacaatg gggaggggtc actgagtgag cagcgggtgg    135300
     tggcagtgac gaccacaccc tctcactgcg gcccaacact tttgagacaa gttcccacct    135360
     ctccattaga cgtgtcttct ccacatgcag aaaatgtggt ctcgtagctt cccttctcag    135420
     tgctggattg ctggcatttc ttttctttat cagagacatg aatatctttt ttctttatgg    135480
     atttctaaga cttcagggtt tttcagggag aagttgctta aggaggctcc tgcgtggacc    135540
     gagtccttcc tgagggtttg ctggatgccc ccggacactg tgcagctgtg tcctccgggg    135600
     tccctaaagc tggcacgttc tgctgtgtac ccagaggtgg ggacagatgc tgccagctcc    135660
     accttacagc tgctacatga aatttgaggt cagagaattc tcttgtcttt aagggcaccc    135720
     acatttgcct tcttcgatgt ttcaggaaat cataactgaa tttagaaagg ttcccttttc    135780
     agtttactct ctggaaggaa atatactgaa aattcagttt attttcaggt attgaataga    135840
     attgaaaagt caaactgtca gtttgcttgc agtgcacaca gagaaattga gtgttccaag    135900
     ccattgggac atttctagaa atccatcctt ttccagtagg acatgagtaa agtcagtgag    135960
     gagcgaacct gcagtccacg ggcacctcca ggattgtggg aggagacgca catgtctttc    136020
     tgatgtgtgg agtcctgagg acagaggctg agaccctgca tttcccaaag tacttgtttt    136080
     ctaagcaagt gtttctgcta cttgaaataa acttgggggt gtggaagcca ccttgcaacc    136140
     aaccaaacac aggtgagaaa atgaatatga agtgttctgg gagaaagcag aaaaccccat    136200
     tgccatcatg tttccttatt tttacaattc tcttaaacaa cgtgcctaag gttataaccc    136260
     ctcccgtttg taacaacttc taaattgaaa gggcattagt aagtgtggat acagaataaa    136320
     tgctgaaaat cagtgcttta ttcaaagtag cgatagagtc tcccaggtgt caatagagag    136380
     gtgggccagg gacttttccc agtgaccaga aacaagagcc tcagggagat gaggatgtct    136440
     cacagccagg gacgggacag tgaagggcat cccaggacgg gagtgcatcc caggggtctg    136500
     ttcctgttta gactccaatg ctcagcaccc agtgcggcac gtggcaagac ctcagcaaat    136560
     atgtcagttg gctggatgaa ggagggcagg tgtgagccaa aaaaagattt ttgctggggc    136620
     ataaatgtaa aagtgttgat gaacctacct tgcaaggaga tagaaaggtg gatgggtgga    136680
     tgggtggatg ggtagatgga tggatggatg gatggataga tggatggatg gatggatgga    136740
     tattcatttt ctctatgtgt gtgtgtacgt gtgtatctat ctctgtctgt ctctctgctc    136800
     tttctctcca tttgccattg ttccttcaca atcatgattt cactaacttt tttttttttt    136860
     ctttgagaca gagtctcact ctgtcgccca ggctggagtg caatgtcaca atctctgctc    136920
     actgtagcct ccacctcccg ggttcaagcg attatcctgc ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg    136980
     ggattatagg cacatgccac cacgcccggc taaattttgt atttttattt tgattttttt    137040
     tgtagagatg gggtttcacc atgttggcca ggctggtctc aaactcctga ccttgtgatt    137100
     cgcccacctc agccttccaa agtgcatcag taacatcttt tacctggtct tacaggacct    137160
     tgcctgtcta ttctattcgt ggtcacaaga cagaaaaaga aaaggagtgt gtggaaaaca    137220
     agataaggaa acatgcttct gatctggggc agtggggaga caggggctgc gcctcactgc    137280
     agagtccatc ctgctgaaca cagaggggca aaagcgccca gacagccata cctgtgctga    137340
     tcagaaggga gggctgcgcc tcgcgatcct tctacctgtg tctttcaggc tttgctgtct    137400
     aggtccaagt tactgctatg aaaagagatt tgagaattcc cagaggggcc tttcagcctc    137460
     tttccatggc tcttcctgcc ctttcgaaag cacagccaga gacatcagaa atgaaattgt    137520
     acataattct tttggacttt gatgcaatct ttggaaagaa tttttgtaaa tgccaagcta    137580
     cattttggca accccatcaa gagtcaggtg tgcccagggc agtcaaccca ggccctggac    137640
     tctcattcta gttggattct atgacagcta ttttgccata agaattctag agccagatct    137700
     tgctacacca caattgcctc acgttgcaag acaaacaaat ctaacctgag tcctgtggat    137760
     tccagaggtg ctcaggagga acctccgtct cagcgtggtt gacctcaggt tcagccccgt    137820
     ctgcccattc agcccgcagc cccgtcccgg agagcactca gaatccgaga gcagcgcagc    137880
     ggcgcccccg tgtggccaca gggccgagga cagagacccc gctccccttt ctccctagcc    137940
     aggacctccc aggctctcct gttcccagca cctggacagg gctctgcata caagggggtt    138000
     cccgatctca agtcaggctc tgagtccatc cagcttccca aaatccatgt tgacactgac    138060
     gtttcctccc accactgagt gactctggat tttggcttta gggaagagat acctccaggc    138120
     caaaacagtg ggatcatatc tggggctcat ccacccccaa accattgcta ccacatgacc    138180
     tagtccctca gcctccaaaa tggggccttg ccctcctgtc ccctcccttg ttcctgctgc    138240
     tgctcctgca ggtggaggct gctcatccca ggaatcagcc tgtgagctcc aagcctggag    138300
     tccgggcctg gggccttggt ccagagagca gaagggagat gaaatggatc ataagagaag    138360
     ggggagagtg gaaggaacca ggggggagag aaaaacgaga agggccctgt tagaagttgt    138420
     gtgtgcatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtagatca ggagggggtt tctagggacc tggggaaagg    138480
     agagctaagg gcaggtgcta aggggcccag ccctgttaat tccaaggtcc ggaattaatt    138540
     ccaggatact gcacttccta cagtaccact ttatggccat atccaagtcc agccctgagc    138600
     agcctatggt cacagaaaat cgtgagaata atcagagaaa aatgacacgt tacatacatg    138660
     agaacaatta tgagaatgac cagtccatgt gttcataatt tgtcatcaga aactatggtg    138720
     gtcagaagac aatgaaatgg catttttttg agtgctgtaa gaaaacaacc taactcagaa    138780
     ttgcacatcc agtaaaaata ttttcaggga agaaaaatga aaaggtgtct ccagataaaa    138840
     taaaactagg ataatttgtt gcaaacataa ctctactgca agaaaaatac tgaaggagtt    138900
     tcccaggttg aaagaagtca taccagatgg taacttgagt cttcagatag gagtgaccaa    138960
     cactggaaat gccaaatata tggtgggaag ttaaagatgc tctatttttt cttagttttt    139020
     tttttattaa tttttttttg agatggagtt tcgttcttgt tgcccaggct ggagtgcaat    139080
     ggcacaatct ccgctcactg caacctctgc ctcctgggtt caagcgatta tcctgcctca    139140
     gcctcccgag tagctgggat tacaggcatg caccaccacg cccagctaat tttgtatttt    139200
     tagtagagac gtggtttctc cacgttggtt aggctggtct cgaactcccg acctgaggtg    139260
     atccacacgt cttggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg cgtgagccac cgcgcccagc    139320
     tttttcttag ttttttaaaa atacaaatga acaacactat caaccgtctt gatctgacat    139380
     ttacagtcac tgtgttcaac agctccagaa tatatatttt gtaaagtgaa tatggtacat    139440
     tcactaacac aggtcatatg ttgagacata aaacaagtaa caacatattt caaaggactg    139500
     aaatcataca gaatatgtac tctgaccaaa atagatttta ttggaaatca ataataagtt    139560
     gtctaggggc aaaaaagtat tgaaaatttt aaatcttcct tctaaataac ctacggatca    139620
     aagaagaaaa cataagggaa gttagataat attttcaact gaatgatgat gaaaacatac    139680
     ctttcaaaat tattagatac tatttccagt ctttctgcaa aggacagtga tcaagagagt    139740
     gtggtattgg caaaaggaca gacacataga tcaacagaac agaatggaga ggccagaaat    139800
     ggaaggacaa aaatagagtc acttgatttt gaatacaagt acaaaggtca tccaatgaag    139860
     aagggaatct cctttcaata atgatgctga aacaattggc atccatctac tttgggaggc    139920
     tggggcaggt ggatcacttg aggtcaggag tttgagactg gcttggccaa catggtgaaa    139980
     ccctgcctct actaaagtta caaaaattag ctggtgtggt ggctcatgcc tgtaatccca    140040
     gctactcggg aggctgaggt agaagaatca cttgaacctg ggaggcagag gttgcagtga    140100
     gcagagatca cgccattgca ctccagcctg ggccacaggg taagactcaa tcacaaaaaa    140160
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacttgaca atacttcaca cctataaaaa agtaactcaa    140220
     aatgtatcat agacttaaaa ataatatgca cagccataaa acttctggaa gaatataaag    140280
     gagaaaatct taaccttgag tttgagtttt tagataaaac accaaaaata caatccatga    140340
     aagagaaaac aaatcaatta gactttatca taattaatag tttttgcttt acaaaaacac    140400
     tggtaagtga atgaaaagaa gacaaggcac agactggaag aaaatacttg tcaaaaaact    140460
     ggaagttata gatgtgacaa aggacttgta aagataatat gtgaacaaaa ttaaaacaca    140520
     ataattgggg aaaaaaatct tgattttaga agtgggtgaa agatctcaac agacaccacc    140580
     aaagaagata tatgggtggt aaataatact tgaaaatatg cttaagatca tctgtcatta    140640
     gggaaatgcc aacagggtgc agtggctcat gccttcaatg ccaacacttt ggtaggctaa    140700
     ggcagaagga tcacttgagc ccaggagctc aagaccagcc tgggtaacat ggcgagacaa    140760
     tgtctcaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacattaacc aggtgtggtg gcatgcgcca    140820
     gtgattccag ccacttggga gagtgagacg ggaggattgc ttgaacctgg gaggtggagg    140880
     ctgaagtgag ctgtgatcgc accactttac tccagcctgg gcaacagagt gagactctgt    140940
     ctcaaaaaac aaaacaaaac agaacaccaa aacaaagtac tgctacacta ttagagtagc    141000
     taaaattttt taaacttaca ataaaaaatg ctgaaaatat acagagcaac aagaattccc    141060
     actcactgct aatgggaatg gaaaacggta aagccacttt gaaagacagt ttagaagttt    141120
     cttataaagt taaggagaga cttaccatca atcatgctct taggtattta cccaagttaa    141180
     ttcaaggttg atatccacac aaaaacctgt acatgaatat ttatagcagc tttacatatg    141240
     ttcactaaaa actgtaaaca accaagatat ctttcagcca tgcaagacta agcaaactgt    141300
     ggtataacca tatggatcat aagaaatgag ctattgtcag gccagatgag gtggcttaca    141360
     cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggctgag gcaggtggat cacctgaggt caggagtttg    141420
     agaccagcct gggcaacatg gcaaaactcc gtctctagta aaaatacaaa aagaaaaaat    141480
     tagctaggcg tggtggcgag caactgtagt cccagctcct cgggaggctg aggcaggaga    141540
     atcacttgaa cctgggaggc agaggttgga gtgagccaag actgcatcat tgcactctag    141600
     tctgggcaac agagcaagga tctgtctaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagctgttgc cctggtgcag    141660
     tggctcattt tgggaggcca aggtggaagg atcgattgtg gccagggttc aagaccagtc    141720
     tgggcaacat accgagatgc tgtctatgtt tatttaaaaa aaaaaacaaa ttggccaggc    141780
     gcagtggctc acacctgtaa tcccagcact ctgggaggcc gaggcatgtg gatcacctga    141840
     ggtcaggagt tcgagacaag cctggccaac atgaagaaac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac    141900
     aaaattagcc gggagtggtg gcgcatgcct gtaatcccag ctactcagga agctgaagca    141960
     gaagaatcat ttgaacctgg gaggcagagg ttgcagcgag ctaatatcgc gccattgcac    142020
     tccagcctgg gcaacaaggg caaaactctg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atatatatat    142080
     atatatatat gtaaataagc tattaatcca tacatcaatt aatcttaaat gcgttttacc    142140
     aggtgaaaaa aatgtcagac acaaaaggct tcattttatc tgactcaatt catataccat    142200
     tctggaaaaa gcagatctat ggggacagaa aacaggttaa tggttatcaa aggttggagg    142260
     gagaagggat aaagaacatt caaagggaaa tttttaggat gaaggaactg ttgtagatgg    142320
     tactagggta gtggatatat gattctatac atttttcaaa atccaggctg ggtgtggttg    142380
     ctcatgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggcgg gtggatcacc tgaggtcagg    142440
     ggttcaagac cagcctggcc aacatggtga aaccccgcct ctaccaaaaa tacaaaaatt    142500
     agccgggact gttgatggac gcctgtaatc ccagctactc gggaggttga ggcaggagat    142560
     ggaggttgca gtgagcccag atagcaccat tgcactccag cctgggccac aagagtgaga    142620
     cttcatctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag tcattgttgt aaaaagggca caggctttgc    142680
     tacagatttt tctaccagtg aaaagatgta tacacttgcc tggcctcatc attcagacca    142740
     attcataaaa taacaaatgc atggaaaaaa aaacttaaaa acacaatcat catgtgactg    142800
     acttccaaat tagattctcc ttcaaatcag agagtattgc ttgttaatag tgtttataaa    142860
     ttttaattcc tgattgctga gacaatatgt acataaaata tttagccaaa gagttcaaaa    142920
     tgaaattacc caaattacct atttgttatt ttatacatag taattatttt ttaaaaatca    142980
     tttggctggg tgcggtggtt catgcctgta atcccagcat tttgggaggc caaggcgggc    143040
     ggatcatgag gtcgggagtt cgagaccagc ctgaccaaca tggtgaaaca ctgtttctac    143100
     taaaacaaca aaaattagcc gagcatggtg ttgcgcgcct gtaatcccac ctacttggga    143160
     ggctgaggca ggagaatcgc ttgaacccag gaggcagagg ttgcggtgag ccgagatcac    143220
     accattgcac tccagcctgg gcaacaagag caaaactcca tctcaaaaaa atttttttaa    143280
     aaagcataaa ttaaaaaata aaataaaact tttaagatgt taagcccctg aagctccaac    143340
     tacaaagtag ggtaaaaggc tgcctaaagc agtgaagatc aaggagtgac cttggaggca    143400
     gcagagggag actgtattag tccatttgcg ttgttgtaaa ggaatacctg ggtttaagta    143460
     atttataaag aaaagagatt tatttggctc acagttctgc aggctgtaca atcatggggc    143520
     cagctccact aggattctgg tgaagtctca ggaagctttt acttgtggca gaaggcaaag    143580
     gaagagcagg tgtgtcacat ggagagagaa agagcaagag agctgctagg ctcttttaaa    143640
     taatcagctc tcgtgtgaac gaatagagtg aaagctcact cattaccatg ggcagggtac    143700
     taagccactc aagagagaac cggtcccatg acccaaacgc ctcccactag gccccagctc    143760
     caacactggg gatctttcaa catgagattt ggaggggaca aacacccaaa ccttatcaga    143820
     gatgatccca gccacaggtc tcagagaacc agcagagggc actcctccag ggcccagcct    143880
     gagtgtggaa atagctgtca gaatcacatc agaatgtttc agaactcatg gggaaaagct    143940
     gagacagaaa aaaagaagaa agtaagaagc tggcagaaat cagctaggaa ccttgagaga    144000
     cttggtattt cattgaaagg taagatagga gtgttttgac tcccgtcgtc cctaaggaag    144060
     accaccagta tctgaactgt cggagagctc ctctgccctc acaaagccaa acactgatgt    144120
     gcatggcgat ttgggaactt ctggagggca tcacaccaga caaccaactt gcgctgggtc    144180
     acttgtccct cctccagact cgggcagtgt tggcagggtg ccatattagg agtgtagcca    144240
     tcaggggact gtgtccttcc cagggaaccc caacctttgt atattcacat cacagaagct    144300
     cctgcagcca tgcccccagt gcccacttgg attgtggcag ccacacaggg ctggctggac    144360
     ccagtggagc tgcagggttc ccagtggtct agccatcagg gattgctgct cctaaggaaa    144420
     gggagactgc agtacacaaa aaaagtacca gttgggacaa aggaggccag accatgtact    144480
     catctgtgtc caagagctcc ttgtttgtgg gctgagtgac tgcaccactt ccagcagagt    144540
     cgtggacact gtgttcagct ctgcgctgaa ggagtgtagt tccatcccag cagccaagca    144600
     gccccagtgc ttagaatcag gcatggaaag gggaaattct cctgcccttc ccccatccac    144660
     cactgcttca aacacagcat ggccactccc atgggaaatt ggcacgtgtg ccagagaaga    144720
     gcctttctag ggctatcagg ggtgactgtg tttccactgg cagtgtggcc atttgggcca    144780
     ggcttgtgtg aaagacaggg ccctttcccc tctctacagg gagtgctagc attcctgcag    144840
     tggagagcag gaaagctgaa aagctatgtg caggccaggc gcggtggctc acgcctgtaa    144900
     tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggtgggcg gatcatctga ggtcaggagt tcgagaccag    144960
     cctgaccaac atggagaaac cctgtctcta ctaaaactac aaaaacaatt agccaggcgt    145020
     ggtggcgcat gcctgtaatc ccaggtactc gagaggctga ggcaggagaa ttgcttgaac    145080
     ctgggaggtg gaggttgcgg tgagctgaga tcacgccatt gcactccagc ctgggcaaca    145140
     agagcaaaac tccatctcaa aaaaaaaaag aaaaagaaaa gctatgtgtt tggggttgag    145200
     ggaggatgct ctgcaccaaa gacatttaaa tggtgagctg aggagaagac atctttaatg    145260
     agtctcaact acattgcagt tggagataga gagtagtgtc tggtcaattt gagtttcccc    145320
     gatgccagga ctagggaatg acagggaaat ggatggcatt cctgcctggc caggtcatga    145380
     agctggggca gccctctcct catctgtgga gacctaggca cgtttcacca gaagtttccc    145440
     atgccatcac tcctgcctga aagctgctgc ctgtgctcac cattgtgggg caggcttggg    145500
     gatccagctc tactcagcta tgtccccctc tctggtgctg agcagggagc ccaggctgct    145560
     gtacattcca cttaccagca catttcctga ggcaacagag aacttttcta ggtatacaat    145620
     gatgaagcat atactcacgt gcttctgcca cataggcttt taggcataag cccacctact    145680
     gttctggagg ctgaaccacg cacctcaata caaatcagtt gacaaaaggg cacatgagtg    145740
     gaaataaact tctcatctct tccaaaagag gaaatgagat aaacttctta aacctctgcc    145800
     atcctggccc tgcaggaggc tgtgagcctg ttcacactcc cagtacatca ccaccacaac    145860
     tggcatttga gaaagccacc atacaaaggc tatctataac caggggacaa ctacagcgtc    145920
     tttgccactg aaagcattca caaccaaatg caaaggacct taaacaacat acattatagt    145980
     cacatagtaa agggaaaaaa aaatcctgcc caaatgaaat aaattcaaaa ataagaagag    146040
     aaagtttcta cagatgagaa ggaaccaaag aaatgattct ggaactctct atgttttcta    146100
     ttttttaagt aagtcctttg tttctctgtt gaaaacagta gaatgttttg aaaacatact    146160
     ctgaaaaaag agtgttatga catccccaaa acattacact aactttctag caatagatcc    146220
     taacaaaaat aaaatctttg aaataccaaa taaataattc aaaataatga ttataaagaa    146280
     gctcaatgaa atccaagaga aagttgaaaa caacacaaag aaatgtaaaa aatcaattca    146340
     gcatatgaat aaaaaattta ccaagagata aatattttta aaaaagtaaa ccacctgggc    146400
     tgggcgcggt ggctcatgcc tgtaatccca gcattttggg aggctgaggc gggcagatca    146460
     cgaggtcagg agatctagac catcctggct aacacagtga aacctcgtct ctactcaaaa    146520
     tacaaaaaat tagccgggcc tggttgcagg cgcctgtagt cccagctact caggaggctg    146580
     aggcaggaga atggtctgaa cccgggaggc agagcttgca gtgagccgag attgcgccac    146640
     tgcactccag cctgggcgac agagcgagac tccttctcaa aagaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat    146700
     taaaccacct ggaaataaaa aattcatcaa agtagttcca aatgcagctg aaagctttaa    146760
     caatagacta gaccaagcag aagaaagaat ttcagagctt gaagacaggt ctttcaaatt    146820
     aacccagtca gacaaaaaga aagaaaagag aattaaaata tgaacaaagc cttcaggaag    146880
     tatggggtta tgtaaaacat ctgtacccat gaatcatagg tattcctaag ggagaatgaa    146940
     gggtaaaaag tgtggaaaat ctacttgagg aaataattga ggaaaacttc cctaaccctg    147000
     gctacagatt taaaatccag atagaagata cttagagaac tcctggaaaa tacattgcaa    147060
     gatggacttc accaagacaa atagtcatca gacaatctaa actcaatgta aaggaaaaaa    147120
     aatcttaaaa tgagcaagag aagagaaaaa gtgtcctaaa aacctatata ggaaattcca    147180
     tcagtctaac agtggatttt tcaggccggg cacggtgggt cacgcctgta atcccagtac    147240
     tttgggaggc taaggtgggt ggatcacgag gtcaggagat cgatactgtc ctgggtaaca    147300
     cagtgaaacc ccgtctctac taaaaataca aaaaattagc cgggcgtggt tgcaggcgcc    147360
     tgtagtccca gctactcccg aagctgaggc aggaaggaga atggcgagaa cccgggaggt    147420
     ggagcttgca gtgagccgag atcgcgccac tgcacgccag cctggacaac ggagcgagac    147480
     tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagcactgtg aaaatcccta tcctgtttgt    147540
     tccgatctaa ttactgggac atgcagcccc tagtcacata acccctgctt gctcaatcga    147600
     tcacggccct ctcaagcgca cccccttaga gttgtgatcc cttaaaaggg acagaaattg    147660
     ctcactgggg gagctcggct cctgacacag gagtcttgcc gatgcccccg gccgaataaa    147720
     cccattcctt ctttaactcg gtgtctgagg agttttgtct gcggctcgtc ctgctacaat    147780
     atggcgccat tgcactctag cctgggcaac aagagccaga ctccttctca aaaaaaaaaa    147840
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aattgcggcc gggcgcggtg actcacacct    147900
     gtaatcctag ctctttggga ggctgaggtg ggcggatcac gagatcagga gttagagacc    147960
     agcctggcca gtatggagaa actccacctc tattaaaaat acaaaaatta gctgggcatg    148020
     gtggcacgca cctgtagtcc cagctgctca ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cgcttcaacc    148080
     tgggaggcgg agcttgcagt gagccgagat cgtgccactg cactccagcc tggctgacag    148140
     agcgagattc tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaagaaaag aaaaaaagaa aaacaagcaa    148200
     agagtggtga tgaaatttga aagaagggac taggccgggc gaggtggctc acgactaatc    148260
     ccagcgcttt gggaggctga gacaggcaga tcacctgaga tcaggaattc aagaccagcc    148320
     tggccaacgt ggtgaaaacc tgcctctatt aaaaatacaa aattagccgg gtatggtggt    148380
     gcgtgcctat aaatcccagc tacttgggag gctgaggcag gagaatcgct tgaacccagg    148440
     aggcagaggt tgcagtgagc ccagatcgcg ccattgcact ccagcctggg cgacaagagt    148500
     gaaattccct ctcaaaaaaa acaaaaaagt aaaggaaaag aaaagaaaag aaatagcata    148560
     tagtagcata taaattccca aacattaaac aattgccttt gttcatataa acaataaaaa    148620
     gttaaaattt ttgtgaggcg ataacctcat atataataga aacaaaaagg tttttaatga    148680
     aaaaattact aagaagtgtg caaactttaa atgaaaacat taaaacacat ctgaaattta    148740
     aaaattagat atgaacaaat cgggccgggt gcggtgtctc acgcctgtaa tctcagcact    148800
     ttggcaggct gaggttggag gatcacctga gatc                                148834