In addition to the Rebholz web pages, you find latest information on project work and novel developments on these web sites.


Whatizit will undergo maintenance changes over summer 2008. The output formats of Whatizit will be harmonized and standardized to IeXML (Rebholz-Schuhmann et al., BioLINK, ISMB 2006) and we will be moved to a Tomcat 6 server. Please register to our mailing list, if you want to receive update information from us. For registration, please send an e-mail to with the e-mail address you want to be registered with.
You can also check our Web pages at frequent intervals. The old version of Whatizit will be kept for an additional transition period.


Access to the BioLexicon
The content of the BioLexicon is available in different formats:

  1. XML interchange format (XIF): The collected terms are contained in special XML-formatted files and the whole set of files are called the term repository. The different XIF files of the term repository can be accessed here.
  2. The BioLexicon will also be available as dump of a relational database (MySQL). While the database dump has already been generated, it requires still some maintenance to produce the most efficient lean version of the database.



BOOTStrep is a paneuropean and interdisciplinary project in the IST program ...