Video tutorials on the use of QuickGO

QuickGO is a fast web-based Gene Ontology browser designed to view GO term information and GO annotations to proteins. QuickGO has recently undergone a redevelopment and has many new features;

  • sets of annotations can be tailored for each user by powerful filtering capabilities
  • annotations can be downloaded in a variety of formats
  • an inbuilt identifier mapping feature allows viewing of annotations for a range of sequence identifiers

The aim of these four short tutorials is to show the basic functionality of QuickGO as well as some of the more advanced operations that can be performed.

Introduction to the Gene Ontology browser QuickGO

(duration 2 min 41 sec).

This first tutorial will introduce you to the QuickGO browser and give an overview of its capabilities as follows:

  • searching for GO terms
  • searching for protein annotation
  • filtering sets of annotations and downloading
  • creating/using GO slims

QuickGO: Simple searching

(duration 5 min 16 sec).

This tutorial will cover in more detail the following:

  • searching for GO terms
  • searching for protein annotation
  • composition of GO term pages
  • composition of protein annotation pages
  • downloading annotations

QuickGO: Customising sets of GO annotation and downloading

(duration 3 min 37 sec).

This tutorial will cover in more detail how to customise a set of annotations including:

  • using filtering options
  • viewing statistics calculated on-the-fly for a particular annotation set
  • downloading annotations

QuickGO: Using GO slims

(duration 5 min 54 sec).

This tutorial will describe GO slims, what they are used for and how to use QuickGO for:

  • creating a custom GO slim
  • using a pre-defined GO slim
  • obtaining GO annotations to a GO slim
  • customising a set of slimmed annotations
  • using statistics calculated by QuickGO to generate graphical representations of the data
Please send comments, suggestions or bug reports to Click here for details of how to cite UniProt-GOA and QuickGO.