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11329279 Importance of internal regions and the overall length of tropomyosin for actin binding and regulatory function.
11901171 Tropomyosin inhibits ADF/cofilin-dependent actin filament dynamics.
11952834 Tropomyosin is required for the cell fusion process during conjugation in fission yeast.
12783868 Nat3p and Mdm20p are required for function of yeast NatB Nalpha-terminal acetyltransferase and of actin and tropomyosin .
12867499 Actin filament-stabilizing protein tropomyosin regulates the size of dendritic fields.
1436080 A new tropomyosin essential for cytokinesis in the fission yeast S. pombe.
14640678 Local destabilization of the tropomyosin coiled coil gives the molecular flexibility required for actin binding.
15269838 Histidine-proline rich glycoprotein (HPRG) binds and transduces anti-angiogenic signals through cell surface tropomyosin on endothelial cells.
15779917 Structural requirements of tropomodulin for tropomyosin binding and actin filament capping.
15888546 Specific features of neuronal size and shape are regulated by tropomyosin isoforms.
16420482 Thermal unfolding of smooth muscle and nonmuscle tropomyosin alpha-homodimers with alternatively spliced exons.
16765662 Tropomyosin isoforms localize to distinct microfilament populations in osteoclasts.
17298083 Myosin surface loop 4 modulates inhibition of actomyosin 1b ATPase activity by tropomyosin .
17556658 Dilated cardiomyopathy mutant tropomyosin mice develop cardiac dysfunction with significantly decreased fractional shortening and myofilament calcium sensitivity.
1836432 The calcium binding protein tropomyosin in human platelets and cardiac tissue: elevation in hypertensive cardiac hypertrophy.
18678705 Reciprocal interaction with G-actin and tropomyosin is essential for aquaporin-2 trafficking.
18823973 The nebulette repeat domain is necessary for proper maintenance of tropomyosin with the cardiac sarcomere.
19041430 Effect of actin C-terminal modification on tropomyosin isoforms binding and thin filament regulation.
19567471 Troponin I and Tropomyosin regulate chromosomal stability and cell polarity.
2022655 Four fibroblast tropomyosin isoforms are expressed from the rat alpha-tropomyosin gene via alternative RNA splicing and the use of two promoters.
20807799 The recruitment of acetylated and unacetylated tropomyosin to distinct actin polymers permits the discrete regulation of specific myosins in fission yeast.
2112608 Structure and complete nucleotide sequence of the gene encoding rat fibroblast tropomyosin 4.
21126519 Tropomyosin is an interaction partner of the Drosophila coiled coil protein yuri gagarin.
21817107 MicroRNA-21 regulates vascular smooth muscle cell function via targeting tropomyosin 1 in arteriosclerosis obliterans of lower extremities.
3018581 Tissue-specific expression of the human tropomyosin gene involved in the generation of the trk oncogene.
3384851 Characterization of 83-kilodalton nonmuscle caldesmon from cultured rat cells: stimulation of actin binding of nonmuscle tropomyosin and periodic localization along microfilaments like tropomyosin .
3525578 Intracellular localization of the 55-kD actin-bundling protein in cultured cells: spatial relationships with actin, alpha-actinin, tropomyosin , and fimbrin.
6799520 Immunoelectron microscope studies of membrane-microfilament interactions: distributions of alpha-actinin, tropomyosin , and vinculin in intestinal epithelial brush border and chicken gizzard smooth muscle cells.
7566149 Requirement for Drosophila cytoplasmic tropomyosin in oskar mRNA localization.
7606936 Assignment of the human beta tropomyosin gene (TPM2) to band 9p13 by fluorescence in situ hybridisation.
8886980 N-tropomodulin: a novel isoform of tropomodulin identified as the major binding protein to brain tropomyosin .
9113409 Mutations and expressions of the tropomyosin gene and the troponin C gene of Caenorhabditis elegans.
9473354 Tropomyosin in preimplantation mouse development: identification, expression, and organization during cell division and polarization.
9660825 Splicing of two internal and four carboxyl-terminal alternative exons in nonmuscle tropomyosin 5 pre-mRNA is independently regulated during development.
9765059 Subcellular localization and possible function of actin, tropomyosin and actin-related protein 3 (Arp3) in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

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