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1002715 Isolation of eukaryotic ribosomal proteins. Purification and characterization of the 60 S ribosomal subunit proteins L4, L5, L7, L9, L11, L12, L13, L21, L22, L23, L26, L27, L30, L33, L35', L37, and L39.
10623794 Cutting edge: heat shock protein 60 is a putative endogenous ligand of the toll-like receptor-4 complex.
10860732 Four crystal structures of the 60 kDa flavoprotein monomer of the sulfite reductase indicate a disordered flavodoxin-like module.
11027668 Heat shock protein 60 is a high-affinity high-density lipoprotein binding protein.
11786382 Dual role of the tyrosine kinase GTK and the adaptor protein SHB in beta-cell growth: enhanced beta-cell replication after 60 % pancreatectomy and increased sensitivity to streptozotocin.
11807771 Heat shock proteins 70 and 60 share common receptors which are expressed on human monocyte-derived but not epidermal dendritic cells.
12070120 Cytosolic heat shock protein 60 , apoptosis, and myocardial injury.
12487451 Effect of electric and magnetic fields ( 60 Hz) on production, and levels of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1, in lactating, pregnant cows subjected to short days.
12496435 Identification of heat shock protein 60 as the ligand on Histoplasma capsulatum that mediates binding to CD18 receptors on human macrophages.
12505167 Different heat shock protein 60 species share pro-inflammatory activity but not binding sites on macrophages.
12668771 Deletion of a chaperonin 60 beta gene leads to cell death in the Arabidopsis lesion initiation 1 mutant.
12952082 Chaperonin 60 and mitochondrial disease in Dictyostelium.
1347275 Isolation and characterization of genes encoding chaperonin 60 beta from Arabidopsis thaliana.
15078877 Ebp2p, the yeast homolog of Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 1-binding protein 2, interacts with factors of both the 60 S and the 40 s ribosomal subunit assembly.
15371451 Lipopolysaccharide-free heat shock protein 60 activates T cells.
15507531 Enhanced rat beta-cell proliferation in 60 % pancreatectomized islets by increased glucose metabolic flux through pyruvate carboxylase pathway.
15528184 Rea1, a dynein-related nuclear AAA-ATPase, is involved in late rRNA processing and nuclear export of 60 S subunits.
15946952 Cell surface expression of CD147/EMMPRIN is regulated by cyclophilin 60 .
16095611 Deletion of EFL1 results in heterogeneity of the 60 S GTPase-associated rRNA conformation.
16148103 Heat shock protein 60 activates B cells via the TLR4-MyD88 pathway.
16204379 Heat-shock protein 60 is required for blastema formation and maintenance during regeneration.
16579988 Heat shock protein 60 modified with O-linked N-acetylglucosamine is involved in pancreatic beta-cell death under hyperglycemic conditions.
16803892 The NUG1 GTPase reveals and N-terminal RNA-binding domain that is essential for association with 60 S pre-ribosomal particles.
17150954 Heat shock protein 60 or 70 activates nitric-oxide synthase (NOS) I- and inhibits NOS II-associated signaling and depresses the mitochondrial apoptotic cascade during brain stem death.
18229457 Plasma heat shock protein 60 and cardiovascular disease risk: the role of psychosocial, genetic, and biological factors.
18256024 The Saccharomyces cerevisiae 60 S ribosome biogenesis factor Tif6p is regulated by Hrr25p-mediated phosphorylation.
20667000 Molecular detection and characterisation of fungal heat shock protein 60 .
21347364 Histoplasma capsulatum heat-shock 60 orchestrates the adaptation of the fungus to temperature stress.
21854881 Heat shock protein 60 protects skeletal tissue against glucocorticoid-induced bone mass loss by regulating osteoblast survival.
22984288 Human family with sequence similarity 60 member A (FAM60A) protein: a new subunit of the Sin3 deacetylase complex.
22995916 Yeast ribosomal protein L40 assembles late into precursor 60 S ribosomes and is required for their cytoplasmic maturation.
23840630 Identification of Heat Shock Protein 60 as a Regulator of Neutral Sphingomyelinase 2 and Its Role in Dopamine Uptake.
27320834 Crystal Structure of the Golgi-Associated Human Nα-Acetyltransferase 60 Reveals the Molecular Determinants for Substrate-Specific Acetylation.
3044828 Reconstitution of the active rat liver 60 S ribosomal subunit from different preparations of core particles and split proteins.
3366245 Topography and stoichiometry of acidic phosphoproteins in rat liver 60 S ribosomal subunit.
3988767 Neighboring proteins in rat liver 60 S ribosomal subunits disulfide-linked by hydrogen peroxide oxidation or cross-linked with dithiobis(succinimidyl propionate).
621213 Isolation of eukaryotic ribosomal proteins. Purification and characterization of the 60 S ribosomal subunit proteins La, Lb, Lf, P1, P2, L13', L14, L18', L20, and L38.
7096359 The primary structure of the acidic phosphoprotein P2 from rat liver 60 S ribosomal subunits. Comparison with ribosomal 'A' proteins from other species.
7525102 Surface staining and cytotoxic activity of heat-shock protein 60 antibody in stressed aortic endothelial cells.
7780001 Expression of mitochondrial heat shock protein 60 in distinct cell types and defined stages of rat seminiferous epithelium.
8486604 Purification of a 60 kDa nuclear localization signal binding protein in rat liver nuclear envelopes and characterization of its properties.
8569188 Coexpression of heat-shock protein 60 and intercellular-adhesion molecule-1 is related to increased adhesion of monocytes and T cells to aortic endothelium of rats in response to endotoxin.
863909 Isolation of eukaryotic ribosomal proteins. Purification and characterization of 60 S ribosomal subunit proteins L3, L6, L7', L8, L10, L15, L17, L18, L19, L23', L25, L27', L28, L29, L31, L32, L34, L35, L36, L36', and L37'.
8670124 The cDNA for the ubiquitin-52-amino-acid fusion protein from rat encodes a previously unidentified 60 S ribosomal subunit protein.
8675995 Possible association of chaperonin 60 with secretory proteins in pancreatic acinar cells.
8882520 Presence of Chromatium vinosum chaperonins 10 and 60 in mitochondria and peroxisomes of rat hepatocytes.
9243807 Cell surface localization of the 60 kDa heat shock chaperonin protein (hsp60) in mammalian cells.
9256426 Significance of chaperonin 10-mediated inhibition of ATP hydrolysis by chaperonin 60 .
9786894 Mak21p of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a homolog of human CAATT-binding protein, is essential for 60 S ribosomal subunit biogenesis.

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