Gene Ontology Annotation (UniProt-GOA) Database

The UniProt GO annotation program aims to provide high-quality Gene Ontology (GO) annotations to proteins in the UniProt Knowledgebase (UniProtKB). The assignment of GO terms to UniProt records is an integral part of  UniProt biocuration . UniProt manual and electronic GO annotations are supplemented with manual annotations supplied by external collaborating GO Consortium groups, to ensure a comprehensive GO annotation dataset is supplied to users .

UniProt is a member of the GO Consortium

For fast access to the Gene Ontology terms and annotations, please use our  QuickGO   browser.

Release cycle

All UniProt-GOA Gene Association Files are released approximately every four weeks and can be accessed from our Downloads page. We aim to coordinate our release with the UniProtKB releases . In addition, we release our human and chicken Gene Association Files every two weeks to enable the GO Consortium Reference Genome project to use our most up-to-date annotations for curation of orthologous species. These interim releases can be downloaded from our ftp site .

Latest UniProt-GOA news

All the latest news and information relating to UniProt-GOA.

Date UniProt-GOA News
05 October, 2016 We are pleased to announce that the latest set of UniProt-GOA release files are available from



Current Funding:

  • EMBL
  • NIH-NHGRI [1U41HG006104-03]: UniProtKB Consortium
  • National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) [5P41HG002273-09]: Gene Ontology Consortium
  • British Heart Foundation [RG/13/5/30112]: The integration of biomedical research, describing the biological processes relevant to cardiovascular processes, into Gene Ontology, microRNA and protein interaction databases
  • Parkinson’s UK [G-1307]: The integration of biomedical research, describing the biological processes relevant to Parkinson’s disease, into the Gene Ontology database

Previous Funding:

  • British Heart Foundation grant [SP:07/007/23671] 'The Integration of the knowledge if genes involved in heart development and cardiovascular processes from biomedical research, using 
    standardised Gene Ontology'
  • Kidney Research UK Project Grant RP26/2008 - 'Integration of knowledge of genes involved in renal processes from biomedical research using the Gene Ontology'.
  • European Union grant number QLRI-CT-2001000015: TEMBLOR - The European Molecular Biology Linked Original Resources
  • European Union grant number QLRT-CT-2001-00981; BioBabel- Enhanced Interoperability of Biological Databases by Standardisation of Biochemical Terminology and Introduction of a Shared Ontology
  • BBSRC Tools and Resources Fund grant (BB/E023541/1) 'Further development of the QuickGO web interface for browsing and retrieving Gene Ontology Annotation Data'.


UniProt-GOA is also grateful to the developers and curators from the GO Consortium and GO associate member databases.